IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2008-07-21

zapwhat a mess really00:00
jottyeah i have it too00:00
jottsounds like a cjk font ;)00:00
zaplooks like yet another badly designed patch00:01
* lcuk_codin has 25 mini mes on screen. 00:01
zapor even like a bug in freetype00:02
zapthis statement shouldn't imho result in a new virtual font appearing00:02
zapit just tries to disable hinting for certain font, which is not present in the system00:02
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo00:02
jottzap: yeh, well it's an actual font00:03
*** mange has quit IRC00:04
zapis it installed?00:04
jottzap: /usr/share/fonts/chinese/MHei18030C5.ttf00:04
zap%-O ah ok00:04
jottjust a bit... erm... creative naming ;)00:04
*** mk8 has quit IRC00:05
m-cI am trying to troubleshoot a battery draining very fast.  The only issue I see is that every time the touch screen is pressed, there is a static through the speakers for several seconds.  The static is more audible when headphones are used.  Could this explain why the battery drains so fast?00:05
*** simon_ has quit IRC00:07
zaptry to reflash the device, if this persists - go to repair00:07
m-cOkay, the nokia 1-800 repair did not know the answer.  I think there might be some short inside the circuitry.00:07
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo00:07
zapthat could be00:09
jottm-c: is that with a vanilla flashed diablo image?00:09
m-cYes, plain old OS200800:09
jottwithout any apps installed?00:09
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC00:10
m-cI have the Ogg Vorbis compatibility package installed and Gpodder00:10
m-cBut I have reflashed the device a couple times and the static - it is more like a hiss - is still there.00:11
jottmh yeah well bring it to service as long as it has warranty ...00:11
m-cI am afraid they will just reflash it and then send it back, after saying it passes all their tests.00:12
jotthow long does the battery hold?00:12
m-cDepends on the use, but about 24 hours with moderate use with 30 mins of music.00:13
jottin offline mode?00:14
lcuk_codinturn the brightness down as far as you feel comfortable,  you wont miss much00:14
m-cAbout a quarter of the time it is in offline more and the brightness is turned down.00:14
lcuk_codinand you will extend your battery life by a long way00:14
jottm-c: you are not using adhoc wifi are you?00:15
lcuk_codinbut why does it need to be bright any of the time?00:15
m-cI know most would say that it is not a problem, but I have another unit that lasts 4-5x as long.00:15
m-cNo adhoc wifi00:15
rm_youlcuk_codin: database STILL importing00:16
lcuk_codineugh not feasible that way then00:16
rm_youpossibly looking at 2 hours00:16
rm_youbut yeah, import requires:00:16
jottm-c: hmm well, if you think it's noticeable worse then check with service.. or ask qwerty12 he has the nokia service software :P00:17
*** lbt has quit IRC00:17
m-c:-)  Okay, thanks for your thoughts, jott00:17
rm_yoused 's/\(.*\)/insert into items values(\1);/' items.csv > items.sql00:17
rm_yoused -i 's/\(insert into items values([0-9]*\),\([^",]*\),/\1,"\2",/' items.sql00:17
rm_yoused -i 's/,\([^",]*\));$/,"\1");/' items.sql00:17
rm_yoused -i 's/\\/\\\\/g' items.sql00:17
rm_youneed to work on combining those00:17
rm_youor not worry about it00:17
rm_youeither way :P00:17
rm_youlcuk_codin: IT FINISHED00:18
*** RST38bis has quit IRC00:18
lcuk_codindont delete that file now ;)00:18
*** benh has joined #maemo00:18
jottand now the stresstest: select elephant from africa;00:19
*** m-c has quit IRC00:19
lcuk_codinwhere earsize>25 group by tusklength;;00:19
rm_youthrow a UPC at me00:20
rm_youfrom anywhere around you00:20
rm_youlets test this db00:20
jottheh it failed for stuff i tested :P00:20
*** yigal has joined #maemo00:20
jottbut i added it00:20
rm_you5x50 Rizla green rolling papers multipack00:20
jotti guess a big part of it are us products00:20
rm_youlcuk_codin: :P00:21
lcuk_codinits the only barcode nearby00:21
rm_yousqlite> select * from items where upc="5410133831153";00:21
rm_you5410133831153  5 x 50      Rizla green rolling papers multipack00:21
rm_youok, time for coding00:21
rm_youI will save this DB to my server so it is DLable00:21
yigalhello I'm getting: /scratchbox/login --> permission denied: /scratchbox/login, help :)00:21
lcuk_codindamn glad i didnt give you the code from the other packet00:21
rm_youlol??? :P00:22
jottyigal: check you are in the sbox group00:22
yigaljott: I am00:22
jottyigal: have you logged out/in?00:22
jottyigal: or started a new session?00:22
yigaljott: by starting a new session, does that mean opening a new shell, ${z,ba}sh ?00:23
jottlcuk_codin: now we are curious ;O00:23
*** frade has quit IRC00:23
yigaljott: I'm in a 32bit chroot, in a 64bit system00:23
jottyigal: "ssh localhost"00:23
jott(as in new parent pid)00:24
yigaljott: first have to install it in the chroot :), 1 min.00:24
rm_youonly thing near me:00:24
rm_yousqlite> select * from items where upc="0022100001701";00:24
rm_you0022100001701              PABST 24/12 OZ 2/12 CANS00:24
lcuk_codinadmit it.   you just hunted through the database for something manly :P00:25
rm_youpft nope :P00:25
rm_younot that I drink this pisswater00:25
rm_youmy roommate does :P00:25
yigaljott: when I ssh localhost it takes me outside of the chroot00:25
jottjust chroot again ;)00:26
lcuk_codinrm_you, we know you really meant to show us "0000014248573,,"pink heart shaped dish with ""BE MINE"",""HUG ME"", ""TRUE LOVE"" on each corner"00:26
jottyigal: or just log out and relogin...00:26
*** flavioribeiro has joined #maemo00:26
rm_youall the other shit i have here is japanese and most of it is not in the DB :P00:27
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC00:27
yigaljott: ok, now it says Scratchbox is not properly set up!00:27
lcuk_codinyeah yeah00:27
jottyigal: mmmh..00:28
lcuk_codinOMFG damn!00:28
lcuk_codinrm_you, you shouldnt have put your camera on the internet00:28
lcuk_codini just found what it scanned00:28
lcuk_codin0000014122996,,"Fleshlight Insert: Vagina - P/N: PVSW"00:28
jottyigal: maybe you need to make sure it's properly installed :/ .. i never tried it in a 32bit chroot...00:28
lcuk_codin:D that database is a goldmine00:28
rm_youyeah all kinda of hilarious products :P00:29
yigaljott: should I have scratchbox-devicetools installed?00:29
lcuk_codinyeah jott, he should make sure its properly installed00:29
rm_you-rw-r--r-- 1 adam adam 100322304 2008-07-20 14:27 upc.db00:29
rm_you-rw-r--r-- 1 adam adam 33765290 2008-07-20 14:17 upc.db.gz00:29
rm_you-rw-r--r-- 1 adam adam 26438747 2008-07-20 14:28 upc.db.bz200:29
rm_youlcuk_codin: making the bz2 available00:29
jott6417182799310 is missing :/00:30
lcuk_codinim just readin the csv00:30
yigaljott: after doing a dpkg -l scratch*, the one package that isn't installed is scratchbox-devicetools00:30
jottyigal: you should just follow the manual. .:/00:30
yigaljott: I just used the script00:30
rm_youlcuk_codin: heh00:30*00:31
* Jaffa beds00:31
jottyigal: what distribution?00:31
lcuk_codinrm_you, lookup 003190192548200:31
yigaljott: I'm using debian testing00:31
jottlcuk_codin: wtf :P00:31
rm_youextra wide :P00:31
lcuk_codinits extra wide!!00:31
yigaljott: should I make a ubuntu chroot00:31
rm_youlcuk_codin: you are so horrible :P00:32
lcuk_codinok im officially needing the toilet00:32
lcuk_codin:O 003190192548200:32
rm_youyour brain *is* the toilet00:32
jottyigal: mmmh well might be worth a try but debian should actually work00:32
yigaljott: this is what I thought?00:32
jottyigal: sorry no further ideas atm...00:32
lcuk_codinwell after that first one i had to see what else i could buy00:32
rm_youlcuk_codin / jott:
jottyigal: maybe check/write to itt or the mailing lists..00:33
yigaljott: thanks for the time, will revisit the problem another day00:33
*** yigal has left #maemo00:33
lcuk_codinhow the hell did that last one get into the system?00:33
rm_youSQLite v2.8 db, works with libsqlite0 and sqlite00:33
lcuk_codin0070847812968 <<< that one i mean00:33
rm_youno idea00:34
rm_youprolly someone submitted it to be an ass00:34
jottlcuk_codin: it's a public database00:34
jottgo to and submit your dream product ;)00:34
jottstop grepping for nasty words lcuk_codin  :P00:35
lcuk_codinok, ill search for good words00:35
lcuk_codinso if i printed out some barcodes with these items onto stickers and stuck them randomly around the shopping centre will the checkout ladies get a shock?00:36
lcuk_codinit will at least give lbt a shock if i choose the store carefully00:37
zapanybody can suggest an application which has a font selection dialog?00:38
*** practisevoodoo has joined #maemo00:38
* lcuk_codin needs one of those as well00:38
jottzap: xfontsel? :)00:39
zapno, I mean a gtk app00:39
jottxorunal probably too00:40
zaphmm, none of them in diablo-extras00:41
bef0rdXterm has a font selection dialog00:41
zapxterm does not qualify, it shows just 4 fonts00:41
zapno idea why, thats what I want to check00:42
lcuk_codin4== a selection00:42
lcuk_codinnot a great selection, but a selection all the same00:42
practisevoodooim trying to instal PyGTKEditor on my n810 and it needs python-pygtksourceview which in turn needs kernal-diablo-flasher and libxml2juuiiii. Anyone know where i can get these/00:42
bef0rdzap, Notes App? Format -> Fonts..00:43
*** snowmoon has joined #maemo00:43
zapcool, thanks00:44
zapdamnit, 4 fonts too00:44
* zap is confused00:45
jottwhich font are you missing?00:45
zapI made my own dejavu package and installed it00:45
zapstill can't get any app to show it00:45
zapalthough fc-list does00:46
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo00:46
*** red-zack has joined #maemo00:47
jottzap: tried to reboot? ;)00:48
zapnot yet00:48
zapbut I would like to get it working without reboot00:48
*** Wikier has quit IRC00:50
zapthis tutorial lies ->
*** tufei has joined #maemo00:51
lcuk_codinpractisevoodoo, are you sure you need kernal-diablo-flasher, it sounds liek a heavy package00:55
lcuk_codini never needed anything like that when i installed it00:55
lcuk_codini believe it was only the main package and sourceview00:56
terbo    400:56
practisevoodoosays i need python-pygtksourceview00:56
practisevoodooand when i try to get that it says i need flash-and-reboot00:57
practisevoodoo, initfs-flasher00:57
practisevoodoo, kernal-diablo-flasher00:57
practisevoodoo, libxml2juuiiii00:57
GAN800apt-get -f install00:57
lcuk_codinsounds a bit extreme00:57
*** p| has quit IRC00:58
GAN800A google search will turn up the explanation.00:58
Veggenwell. a week of n810 on vacation is over. it *is* really useful when travelliing.00:58
lcuk_codinmornin gan00:58
lcuk_codinveggen :) i loved having mine with mt00:58
practisevoodoothats weird, managed to download and instal it this time00:59
Veggenlcuk: three travel/hotel-confirmations stayed on n81 and was never printed.01:00
VeggenI'm up to date on mail,, after having used it at least twice a day to read mail.01:00
Veggen..and mapping applications are useeful, although this time, my needs in that direction was very simple :)01:01
practisevoodoowhat is the default catalogue list?01:07
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo01:14
* RST38bis explodes in diabolical laughter01:15
RST38bishohohoho, the pokemon problem is FIXED!!!01:15
bef0rdI'm not into pokemons01:16
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo01:16
*** megabyte405 has left #maemo01:16
RST38bisare you into unaligned arm memory reads then?01:16
wazdRST38: that phrase should be bookmarked :))01:17
zapo_O %-O01:17
zapafter reflashing I can't find maemo-get-passwd tool on the device %-O01:18
zapand this is the second time I get this01:18
zapmmmh, is it in some package?01:18
wazdRST38, BTW, Marat, is that you?)01:19
RST38biswazd: well, I am one of Marats, thar is for sure.01:19
*** mazzen has quit IRC01:20
bef0rdThat was a reference to xkcd :P01:21
wazdRST38: Sometimes I can't trust my eyes :) When I was a kid with Rover P3+ I was playing your emulators :)01:21
zapso similar to FreeRunner01:21
RST38bisanother sshot of the tube?01:21
RST38biswazd: that is me+Aaron Oneal01:22
wazdRST38: yep, the author of MorphGear01:23
RST38bislcuk: the funny thing is, it is not even an nseries phone01:24
zapanybody can do "dpkg -S /usr/bin/maemo-get-passwd" on his tablet? I don't understand anything.01:24
RST38biswazd: well, you can now play it on n8x0 as well.01:24
zapRST38bis: are they in diablo extras already? :)01:25
RST38bis~ $ dpkg -S /usr/bin/maemo-get-passwd01:25
zapand the result?01:25
RST38bisopenssh-server: /usr/bin/maemo-get-passwd01:25
zapthank you01:25
zapsurprise :-\01:25
wazdlcuk: Well, I think it has too wide screen :)01:26
RST38biszap: not yet - get em from chinook extras for now01:26
*** canyouscore has joined #maemo01:28
wazdRST38: pitty that Aaron left the project without sharing sources, morphGear was the only playable Genesis Emu on handhelds :(01:28
RST38biswazd: he has shared sources01:29
wazdRST38: I have "sources" link there not working01:30
*** InHuMan2 has joined #maemo01:30
RST38bisAs for him abandoning the project, it is mostly because of RL and unhealthy affliction with .net01:31
*** kkrusty has quit IRC01:31
RST38biswazd: there should be information about svn01:31
wazdI've found this:
wazdRST38: well, then it was right choice01:33
rm_youwow the SQLite 2.x API is HORRIBLE01:33
rm_youwhy does anyone still use it01:33 or rl?01:33
RST38biswhat is horrible about it?01:34
MangoFusionwazd: sounds like a great opportunity to write a better playable Genesis Emu for handhelds ;)01:34
wazdRST38: If RL = Real life then RL :)01:34
*** threethirty has joined #maemo01:35
wazdMangoFusion: I'm the last person on the whole planet to ask to make a port :)01:35
wazdMangoFusion: there are animals after me :D01:35
*** hircus has quit IRC01:35
RST38bismango: i would port my stuff to winmobile if i had winmobile01:36
threethirtyahoy hoy all, where would be the best place to go to find info on syncing the GPE calendar (os2007) to evolution?01:36
RST38bisbut it is so horrible that i can't make myself get even a debygging unit01:37
wazdRST38: why not to try iPhone? It's a nice market01:37
RST38biswazd: there is no market for iphone01:37
wazdRST38: official - maybe :)01:38
wazdRST38: But guys like Rus project got their money for actually pirate soft :)01:39
RST38bisyou either write stuff for hacked handsets (and nobody will buy it) or you pay to jobs and he tells you to fuck off (no virtual machines allowed)01:39
*** hircus has joined #maemo01:40
*** RST38x has joined #maemo01:40
wazdRST38: Well, the situation with App Store is ridiculous, I aggree01:40
RST38xwazd: i am not making money pirating soft01:40
Veggenthe only way apple is better than MS, is that Apple things tend to work.01:40
MangoFusiondon't need a debugging unit. just need to spend some megabucks on visual studio. or if you want a cheaper solution, waste some time making a gcc cross-compiler. of course, this is all irrelevant if you don't have a winmobile device. :D01:40
timelyxVeggen: tell that to my ipod01:41
RST38xwazd: I do not really care about Apple01:41
timelyxi have half a dozen apps that all broke at the same time01:41
wazdVeggen: you probbably haven't used macbook :)01:41
Veggenwazd: you are right :)01:41
MangoFusionbtw, anyone here tried that pwnage tool with an iphone/ipod with the 2.0 firmware?01:41
RST38xmango: to reiterate: can't fully debug stuff on the simulator.01:41
timelyxyuck, why would i want to void my warranty ?01:41
wazdVeggen: Apple products are 8told" to be seamless and shiny, bounded to work01:42
*** InHuMan2 has left #maemo01:42
MangoFusionRST38x: that may be true, but then why would you want to debug winmobile stuff in the first place? i thought bugs were meant to be part of the experience!01:42
VeggenI teend  to favour more oen platforms, alas it's Linux (and the BSDs) for me.01:42
*** InHuMan2 has joined #Maemo01:42
RST38xmango: for winmobile maybe, for my stuff not.01:43
wazdHope they'll do something new in WM701:44
*** overflok has joined #maemo01:44
wazdbecause now WM is really like an overmakeupped 120 yeared granny01:44
*** overflok has left #maemo01:45
*** jag_ has joined #maemo01:45
RST38xthere won't be anything new01:45
jag_hello im confused which platform to develop on..maemo or openmoko?01:45
RST38xand it won't magically start working.01:45
jag_any ideas to make it portable for both platforms too?01:46
wazdjag_: Maemo01:46
RST38xjag: what device do you own?01:46
jag_actually i dont own either..but i want to and can buy only 1 :(01:46
jag_to develop on01:46
wazdRST38: Well, they promise new core, maybe it will chage something :)01:46
wazdjag_: Maemo is way more spread01:47
lcuk_codinanyone know which library i need to link to to support: init_sockaddr()      or in a more general case, how do i find a library from a named reference?01:47
RST38xwazd: will add bugs.01:47
wazdRST38: let's be optimists :)01:48
RST38xwazd: with wince?01:48
wazdRST38: yep01:48
RST38xno, i will rather be a realist.01:48
jag_im looking to develop software musical instruments and the like..i can write good c/c++...can i go close to the metal with maemo?01:48
*** threethirty has left #maemo01:48
*** fab has quit IRC01:49
RST38xjag: no, but as there is no fm hardware in maemo, you will be fine01:49
zapjag_: its not about maemo but rather about the N8x0 device01:49
*** unixSnob has quit IRC01:49
RST38xwave output is perfectly accessible.01:49
zapjag_: notably N8x0 has no native ALSA capabilities :-(01:49
lcuk_codinbut its got a gstreamer chain i believe01:50
RST38xlcuk: nm01:50
zapyes, a slow laggy gstreamer chain01:50
jag_hmm i usually use portaudio on gnu/linux01:50
jag_ is my gpl project01:50
RST38xno portaudion on arm devices01:51
zapcool stuff01:51
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo01:51
Andy80hi all01:51
jag_i want todo a tap drumming realtime synth on moko or maemo01:51
zapjag_: with N8x0 you will get variable touchscreen pressure01:51
RST38xthat will work01:51
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo01:51
zapnot so sure about freerunner01:51
lcuk_codinmutlitouch can be an issue for drumming01:52
jag_you are right lcuk01:52
zapdoes freerunner have multitouch?01:52
jag_no it seems01:52
jag_only iphone has :(01:52
wazd lcuk: oh! Another descent use of multitouch! :D01:52
jag_there is a synth called kaossilator by korg which basically does what i intend to do but i suppose i can get some nice sounds01:53
wazdSo now we got fancy zooming and drumming!)01:53
lcuk_codini have been playing with the camera and have 25 mini mes visible01:53
lcuk_codinall in scrolly display ;)01:53
zapjag_: I'd rather get a N8x0 though01:54
jag_also is it possible during a voice take the voice from the mic, add some fx to it..(think SAW movie voiceover) and then output that to the output?01:54
wazdlcuk: yaya :)01:54
zapjag_: if you patch the phone program01:54
lcuk_codinim just trying to connect to a server to make it 25 mini yous01:54
lcuk_codinanyway, back later01:54
RST38xall right, sleep.01:55
*** RST38x has quit IRC01:55
wazdjag_: n8x0 is not a phone, you know?)01:55
wazdjag_: Well, not a GSM/UMTS phone01:56
jag_yes wazd01:56
jag_im fresh from the youtube demos :)01:56
wazdjag_: ok)01:56
jag_u mean n810?01:57
wazdjag_: i think you should think of what you actually need01:57
*** EvilGuru has quit IRC01:57
wazdjag_: a phone or an internet surfer01:57
jag_basically i need a phone with touchscreen/single or multi touch with good audio for my synths01:57
jag_and the software i write should be migratable to the new phones as they bcome available01:58
wazdjag_: then buy Moko :)01:58
wazdjag_: Can't tell you bout it's audio quality but i'ts a phone for 100% :)01:59
*** ralann|mbp has joined #maemo01:59
jag_if it plays mp3s well that is good enough for me01:59
zapon the other hand, n8x0 has very good speakers for their size01:59
zapeven stereo :)01:59
wazdzap: n8x0 have many attractive features but it's not a phone)02:00
jag_think it plays mp3s and wavs too which is CD quality02:00
zapwazd: actually it's a Internet Phone :)02:00
jag_actually i rarely use my phone :D02:00
wazdjag_: then buy Tablet :)02:00
zapwazd: I payed 100RUR on and now my n8x0 is a real phone ;)02:00
jag_which tablet?02:01
wazdzap: oh hell, Russians everywhere :)02:01
zapn8x0 is positioned as "Internet Tablet"02:01
zapwhatever that means :)02:01
*** RST38bis has quit IRC02:01
wazdjag_: n800 is cheaper and have 2 SD slots and better speakers02:01
*** ralann|mac has joined #maemo02:02
jottbetter speakers?02:02
wazdjott: well, for me - yes :)02:02
*** ralann|mac has quit IRC02:02
jag_im assuming nokia will soon add apple style multitouch, accelerometer etc and if hopefully they will run maemo and my programs will just need a recompile right? thats what i hope02:02
wazdjag_: why the hell do you need multitouch :)02:03
zapthey may change the api again, like they did with 770 -> 8x0 transition :)02:03
rm_youapple style multitouch is patented. by apple. >_>02:03
zapwazd: to play accords02:03
jottthey'll change the toolkit ;>02:03
zapoh no, please no trolls02:04
jag_playing chords02:04
jag_also in drumming02:04
jag_will be handy02:04
wazdjag_: You want to make real time playing software or recording?02:04
jag_realtime playing02:04
*** Grackle has quit IRC02:04
zapand recording :)02:04
jag_imagine the phone as a musical instrument02:05
jag_yeah recording is possible02:05
wazdjag_: Weeeeellllll :))02:05
zapwell, we already have Pyano here02:05
zapso no need to imagine :)02:05
*** jpetersen has quit IRC02:05
*** gnuSnob has joined #maemo02:05
jottand milkytracker runs great too.. ;)02:05
wazdjag_: I think you can go far from ordinary musical instruments02:05
wazdjag_: like portable beatbox02:06
jag_yeah i agree wazd02:06
*** neithan has joined #maemo02:06
jag_new interfaces02:06
zapuse n8x0 like a termenvox02:06
zapwith a Wii controller or something02:06
wazdjag_: Synth some weird groovy sounds :)02:06
jag_zap, din is actually a theremin... if u saw my project page..02:06
jag_briefly: x is mapped to pitch, y is mapped to volume and notes are marked on the can move between notes for microtones02:07
jag_yes wazd im excited02:07
wazdjag_: Or maybe you can even make some DJ interface?)02:07
zapjag_: is it wireless like a real termenvox?02:07
jag_no zap; it uses the mouse02:07
rm_youlcuk_codin: nah i am gonna use libsqlite302:07
jag_like a bow02:08
rm_youlcuk_codin: it is fine02:08
rm_youlcuk_codin: it is already in extras02:08
jag_u can hear some music ive created with friends on sound samples page02:08
zapI'll listen :)02:08
jag_wazd: yes, like tonium pacemaker..that costs $100002:08
wazdlcuk: oh, btw, will you show some awesome liqbase stuff on the Summit?)02:08
jag_that pacemaker, you load 2 tracks...and mix between them..pitch bend / tempo mod...crossfade...02:09
jag_we can use the touchscreen for the gui and will be nice i think02:09
wazdjag_: yep, cool idea!02:10
wazdjag_: But!02:10
Andy80does anyone use maemo-pt-connectivity with diablo and n810?02:10
wazdjag_: the main pro against iPhone are buttons!02:10
jag_u mean?02:10
wazdjag_: any DJ software will suck on the iphone02:11
wazdjag_: cause you can't do something blindly02:11
zapno buttons there02:11
jag_blindly? example?02:11
wazdjag_: you always need to look at the screen02:11
wazdjag_: phone a number :D02:12
jag_that is true but djs are always looking at their laptops/turntables no?02:12
jag_also u can design certain controls smaller and some larger for gross manipulation02:12
wazdjag_: actually no02:12
wazdjag_: Anyway, you can easily bind d-pad for example to quick access to some menus02:14
jag_yeah a keyboard is always an advantage02:15
wazdjag_: Like "up-tracktor, down-mixing" and so on :)02:15
wazdjag_: i'm not a DJ so forgive my weird examples :)02:15
jag_nor am i02:15
wazdjag_: thats very good!02:16
zapyep that definitely ressembles a theremin02:16
jag_ohh u listened?02:16
wazdjag_: you can make some sampling software that will be fun for ordinary people02:16
rm_youlcuk_codin: LOL02:16
*** Edgester is now known as edgester|away02:16
zapsure I did, I told you I'll do :)02:16
rm_youlcuk_codin: my build-box downloads the UPC database from my server at 10MB/s02:16
rm_you13:21:53 (10.04 MB/s) - `upc3.db.bz2' saved [26677051/26677051]02:17
jag_zap: if u were going to i would have suggest the best of the worst that is there :D02:17
rm_youi love my mirror server's bandwidth02:17
*** ralann has quit IRC02:17
wazdrm_you, lcuk: are you summoning Lucifer?))02:17
*** juergbi has quit IRC02:17
*** hircus has quit IRC02:17
zapjag_: what are the faint bleeps and blops in the background?02:18
jag_that is a another instrument played by a friend02:18
wazdWell, g2g2 sleep :)02:18
jag_which samples the melody i play and converts them into those bleeps and blops..he calls them rhythms..polyrhythms in fact02:18
wazdSee ya soon :)02:18
jag_thanks wazd for ur advice02:19
zappretty avantgarde :)02:19
*** unixSnob_ has joined #maemo02:19
wazdjag_: no problem, thats my job :D02:19
jag_zap: that software is called variseq and causes feedbacks02:20
jag_sometimes the rhythms can go uncontrollable02:20
jag_sometimes they go on for a long period of time with many subtle variations too02:20
jag_u wont know what u would get though ;)02:20
wazdjag_: you can write me to [drew.zhilin (at) gmail com] so we'll discuss this further :)02:20
jag_write what wazd?02:21
jag_what further?02:21
wazdjag_: anything :D02:21
*** Grackle has joined #maemo02:21
pupnikshare some code jag_ -- feedback can lead to interesting things02:21
jag_i would love to develop avant garde :D synths02:22
wazdjag_: well, if you'll decide to buy n8x0 and make a samling software, I can help you with UI designing :)02:22
jag_din is free software, u can download it...if u like..02:22
jag_compile it02:22
jag_make music with it :D02:22
pupnikah i found it in scrollback - ty02:22
zapsometimes it's close to a violin02:23
jag_wazd: i would like to do stuff with peoples voices02:23
*** MangoFusion has left #maemo02:23
*** ralann|mbp has quit IRC02:23
jag_zap: wow! thank you mate02:23
jag_zap: work in progress but thanks :D02:23
zapoh my, that's a real violin? just read the description :)02:23
pupnikbtw wazd for some reason generator wouldn't work on my tablet - forgot what's broken - if you get it running let me know pls02:23
jag_yeah on that track my volume was really low02:24
zapjag_: no offence :)02:24
wazdpupnik: I am the LAST man on the planet to deal with compiling, porting or coding :D my hands are growing in the wrong direction :)02:25
jag_zap: i have layers of thick skin now02:25
pupnikwow there's a new turn of phrase for me02:25
pupnikgot pictures of your hands? :)02:25
jag_wazd: i would like to sample voices of people and do processing with it in realtime02:26
jag_conver that into rhythms02:26
lcuk_codinpupnik, be afraid.  if he reaches out to scratch his groin he will end up touchin his own ass02:26
jag_there could be predefined beat patterns which change with feedback02:26
zapjag_: how you control the volume of the instrument?02:26
jag_so they dont repeat all the time02:27
wazdpupnik: I think your breakfast would be on your carpet :D02:27
jag_zap: x is pitch, y is volume...see the screenshots...02:27
* lcuk_codin ponders touching his 810 with greasy fingers02:27
GrackleDon't do it!02:27
lcuk_codinjag :) I was gonna code something like that today02:27
GrackleUse the napkins! The naaapkiiins!02:27
wazdjag_: can you post a link to your project again please?) I've lost it in logs(02:28
jag_lcuk_codin: oh cool, u can look at the code if u like02:28
lcuk_codindoes it go down to 10hz?02:28
lcuk_codini know jag_ :)02:28
lcuk_codinor some silly hz figure02:28
jag_10hz audio?02:28
jag_u cant hear it02:29
jag_maybe if u were a dog :D02:29
jag_or a cat02:29
wazdjag_: ah, compilling, I surrender :)02:29
jag_or a bat02:29
*** flo_lap has quit IRC02:29
jag_it can do the whole audio range02:29
*** unixSnob has quit IRC02:29
jag_20hz to 20khz02:29
wazdlcuk: you should deffinetely show some crazy awesome 4D liqbase interface stuff on the Summit :)02:29
lcuk_codinisnt 25mini mes in a scrollable displayport enough?02:30
* lcuk_codin has lots of little things which should be ready02:31
jag_wazd: if u want to listen to some 'music' :D02:31
zapjag_: what kind of synthesis you're using? plain FM?02:31
wazdthat reminds me that:
jag_zap: its actually a new (forgotten, rediscovered) synthesis technique called bezier synthesis02:32
jottjag_: is your din supposed to compile with gcc 4? ;O02:32
jag_but it is additive synthesis02:32
jag_hi jott: maybe someone had a problem with a lower compiler i think02:33
zapjag_: I remember Yamaha bought an awesome method from some university to synthesize strings02:33
jag_zap: instead of summing sine waves to produce a complex waveform, you just draw the waveforms as bezier curves like you do in inkscape02:33
zapjag_: it was in their YMF7x4 audiocard drivers02:33
jag_zap: that is 80s stuff :)02:33
zapbut it was the best software synth I ever heard02:34
crashanddiejag_, 10hz would be noticeable02:34
zapthe acoustic guitar was just real02:34
jag_i dont know zap i havent heard dx702:34
*** benh has quit IRC02:34
crashanddiejag_, the biggest problem wouldn't be feeling/hearing it... It would be producing it... It's kinda rare to have an acoustic system that is able to produce a 10hz sounds02:34
jag_maybe u r right :)02:34
zapits not dx7, it was XG02:34
jag_maybe cras...i have tried going below 20hz but the speaker just pops02:35
jag_and its silence02:35
jag_at around 30hz02:35
crashanddieexactly what I'm saying :P02:35
jag_the volume is already quite low02:35
jag_and u can only 'feel' it02:35
lcuk_codinsilence is good02:35
wazdjag_: that is quite like a violine :)02:35
lcuk_codini want feedback tiny haptics02:35
wazdjag_: very close, nice work!02:36
lcuk_codinsee if its possible to use the speaker02:36
jag_wazd: there is violin on 2 tracks02:36
jag_so watch out wazd02:36
jag_if u want to hear a track with just din hear this:
wazdjag: I've heard 145.mp302:36
jag_wazd: yeah that is just din :D02:36
jag_and variseq on rhythms..u can hear his intro02:37
jag_lcuk: use the speaker?02:37
jag_after popping it?02:37
lcuk_codinwhip it one way to the other with a square wave02:38
lcuk_codingive maximum movement possible to see if the user can feel it02:38
zapjag_: have you tried with a good mouse? It could make a difference02:38
jag_zap: yeah the mouse is very light it is..clean it is..the surface!02:39
jag_but more money doesnt buy a better mouse though as far as ive seen it02:39
zapsomething like a infrared-laser 1600dpi 2.4GHz beast02:39
jag_zap: get me 1 zap, get me 1 :D02:39
jag_yeah have to try ..but the mouse has to be light02:40
lcuk_codinmy ball mouse suddenly feels very old02:40
jag_actually lcuk that is very good02:40
lcuk_codini know, i hate optical02:40
jag_the mouse in din is the bow02:40
lcuk_codinmechanical ftw :)02:40
jag_and bow is very important02:40
jottjag_: adding #include <math.h> to vector2d.h and compiling with -fpermissive worked :)02:40
jag_cool jott02:40
lcuk_codinjag, have you actually had it on a touch device yet02:41
jag_i will be pleased if u can get it running..u need opengl drivers too...02:41
jag_not mesa..something hardware accelerated02:41
lcuk_codin..need opengl hardware..02:41
lcuk_codincough drivers02:41
jag_non-free i know ;)02:41
*** edgester|away is now known as Edgester02:41
lcuk_codinbut why does it need gl?02:41
jottjag_: what is it using lg for?02:41
lcuk_codini tohught it was audio02:42
jag_gl is the ui02:42
jag_on the screen the notes are marked02:42
jag_notes of the mode (called raga in indian classical music)02:42
jottnow i need to find a way to make it sound :)02:42
jag_they are like guitar frets02:42
jag_*dont* make install02:42
jott1-4 cycles through some curve modes02:42
jag_goto src and run din02:42
jag_those are the beziers02:43
jag_press esc from one of the curve modes02:43
jotthow do i start the sound? ;)02:43
jag_u will come to the screen02:43
*** hellwolf has quit IRC02:43
jag_where u see notes marked02:43
jag_S g m d n S02:43
jag_if u place ur mouse in the bar u should get a sound do u get it?02:44
jottno :(02:44
lcuk_codinwhat mouse do we have?02:44
jag_goto data directory02:44
jag_vi globals02:44
jag_and change SAMPLE_RATE 48000 to SAMPLE_RATE 4410002:44
jag_be careful cos i dont do xml parsing so ... :D02:45
rm_youhow do i include glib02:45
rm_you#include <glib.h> should be correct but fails?02:45
rm_youI hate C <_<02:45
rm_youi know its there somewhere02:45
lcuk_codinlook at the makefile to the barcode stuff02:45
rm_youJava / python doesn't have this problem <_<02:45
*** inherited is now known as inherited_tot02:45
jottjag_: hm still no sound :/02:45
jag_u have to restart the program...i assume u have done it02:46
jag_do you have portaudio?02:46
jottkilled some apps02:46
jag_no mp3s in the bg02:46
jottthat might have blocked the audio..02:46
jag_dont pause the bg audio apps02:46
jag_u have to kill them yes02:46
jottno it makes weird sounds ;)02:46
*** gnuSnob has quit IRC02:47
jag_u r probably the first person that compiled it02:47
jag_and ran it02:47
jag_im close to tears now lol02:47
lcuk_codinjott is a superhero02:47
jag_the instrument is over 3 octaves02:47
lcuk_codinjott, binary linkage?02:47
jag_ie S g m d n S g m d n S g m d n S02:47
*** hellwolf-n800 has joined #maemo02:47
jag_is what u should see on the screen02:47
lcuk_codininfact, doesnt matter02:48
lcuk_codinim goin 2 bed02:48
jottyeah i see one octave...02:48
jag_the 1st S g m d n S is lower octave, then middle octave and high02:48
jottso S..S02:48
*** lcuk_codin is now known as lcuk_zzz02:48
jag_S is tonic02:48
lcuk_zzzgnite folks02:48
jottnite lcuk_zzz02:48
jag_m = perfect fourth02:48
jag_just try to hit the notes marked and play the melody02:48
jag_for vibrato shake ur mouse in X02:48
jag_to change dynamic..move the mouse higher in the bar..the volume increases..02:49
jag_you basically make melodies..improvise...with these notes...S and m are sort of 'rest' notes02:49
jag_where u can pause when you improvise02:49
jag_resolve etc02:49
jotthehe i can see, it would be fun with a stylus ;)02:51
jottis there a way to edit the curves?02:51
jag_actually you can edit the curves02:52
jag_its a bit hairy tho :D02:52
jag_the triangles u see at the bottom of notes in lower and middle octaves02:52
jottheh hit the control points in subpixel accuracy? ;)02:52
jag_are sympathetic strings02:52
jag_they will vibrate in sympathy to your melody02:53
jag_just play a note and if u come down and out of the bar02:53
jag_the note will stop playing but the symps will be vibrating for some time02:53
jag_no curve editors have help02:53
jag_on 1, 2, 3, 4 and 502:53
*** sp3000 has quit IRC02:53
*** BabelO has quit IRC02:53
jag_1 = map editor (edits the resonators),02:54
jotthehe wasd for panning ;)02:54
jag_yep :)02:54
jag_i dont forget my roots02:54
jag_q & e for zooming02:54
jag_2 = waveform editor (this is the bezier waveform)02:55
jag_3 = channels editor (L and R you can change what is going into them for more spaced out sound)02:55
jag_4 = sympathiser response02:55
jag_5 = sympathiser waveform02:55
jag_its quite hairy i told u :D02:55
jag_the help will appear on the console...use ins/del to scroll up/down02:57
jottoops now it seg faulted :P02:59
jag_it does sometimes02:59
jag_with the curve edits02:59
jag_not when playing i can assure you ;)02:59
jottwhen playing without recording :P03:00
jag_when playing it segfaulted?03:01
jag_it never does on me :D03:01
jag_yeah you can record phrases too have u tried that03:02
jag_dont go on for a long time though as stl vector can quickly fill up :D03:02
jottheh yeah funny project... start removing a bit of the gl gui stuff and port it to maemo ;)03:02
jag_could do03:03
*** wazd has quit IRC03:03
*** neithan has quit IRC03:03
jag_basically will remove the editors once it is mature...joe user doesnt need all that sphaghetti03:03
terboanyone else heard of millenicom?03:04
jag_thanks for compiling and taking it for a spin jott03:04
jag_hope u liked it too!03:04
jag_jott:what sort of system do u have?03:05
jottjag_: yeah it's a nice start, a bit unintuitive but that can be worked on ;)03:05
jag_what is unintuitive..?03:06
jottjag_: ubuntu hardy on a q6600 ..03:06
jag_jott:opengl drivers?03:06
jottjag_: well not so obvious what to do when you are not instructed ;)03:06
jag_hehe just like a real musical instrument u mean ;)03:07
jotthah ;>03:07
jag_yeah the curves etc03:07
*** TheAlien has joined #maemo03:07
jag_the musician doesnt have to think about once its done03:07
jag_the cos the instrument will be in tune03:07
jag_so he will see the 'notes screen' only03:08
jag_of course if he wants he can go down editing03:08
jottyeah true03:08
jag_the thing now for me is03:08
jag_what sort of processing power i have with maemo/n81003:08
jag_to port03:08
jag_im happy i can code in c++03:09
jag_so most of the code goes unchanged03:09
jottwell 400mhz arm...03:09
jag_also its all synthesised so no samples and calculations in memory access etc..03:09
jottbut this can't be too processor hungry ;)03:09
jag_im glad you got that impression :)03:09
jottwell running on a 2.4ghz quad core atleast :P03:10
jag_how smooth is a stylus03:10
jag_the stylus03:10
jag_on n81003:10
jottsmooth enough for sliding around03:10
jag_nice machine...eventually i will have 1000s of resonators running in multiple cores03:10
jag_that will be lot of fun03:10
jottyou could add a boxwave screen protector and get some extra sliding03:10
jag_what is that?03:11
jottbasically  just some plastic foil ;)03:11
jag_did u know u could wsad to scroll around that playing screen as well..i assume u would have03:11
jotti figured that ;)03:11
jag_the quake idiom03:11
jag_its my small homage to JC03:12
jag_im so glad u got it...ive showed it to many ppl...and they didnt pick that out03:12
jottyeah your code needs some cleanup to be a bit more standard conform ;)03:12
jag_like where?03:12
jag_what are u looking at03:13
jottuh nothig in particular i looked at but tons of warnings while compiling03:13
jottand the need of -fpermissive ;)03:13
jag_yeah mostly casts03:13
jag_from floats to ints i guess03:14
jottand template stuff03:14
jag_ah yes templates i use a bit03:14
budmananyone have any fingerboard hacks? higher sensitivity different templates/layouts?03:14
*** zap has quit IRC03:15
jag_is it possible to run my synth while a call is in progress?03:15
jottjag_: uhm again, the n800/n810 does not have a gsm unit .. :)03:16
jottbut it's a linux system so it supports multitasking ;)03:16
jag_its not a phone?03:16
jag_i thought it was03:17
jottyeah well i guess lot's of people think that it is due to its nokia brand :/03:17
jottbut it's still a gorgeous device03:17
jag_surely  in the near future a phone with maemo should come out from nokia03:18
jottfor now i doubt that (with the near future at least)03:19
pupnikvgba on n810 is faster than visualboyadvance on my laptop :) RST38h03:20
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC03:20
jottvgba runs great, i agree03:21
pupnikdoes the new version have scaling or xsp?03:21
jotthm the last i tested had 2x scaling03:21
pupnikok i try ty03:21
jottbut afair RST38h talked about working on 3x ..03:22
*** myosound has quit IRC03:23
*** Atarii770 has quit IRC03:23
* unixSnob_ uses his n800 as a phone... an internet phone, that is.03:23
pupnikoh right - forgot how low res vba is03:24
pupnikin germany all the umts data packages (flatrates) say they forbid skype/voip03:24
*** red-zack has quit IRC03:24
pupnikthe ones i saw at least03:25
unixSnob_in fact, it could be used as a video phone03:25
unixSnob_yeah.. it sucks in germany.  I think they're extra heavy on the net surveillance there too.03:27
unixSnob_I don't recall the context, but I was talking to a German and we came to the conclusion that we would have to tunnel our connections out of the country if we lived there03:27
*** corq has quit IRC03:28
*** corq-FL has joined #maemo03:28
pupnikcheers unixSnob_03:32
pupnikyes with the new data spying directive all your connections will be logged, and possibly tunneling/vpn/mix (tor)  will be illegal in 200903:32
*** benh has joined #maemo03:34
*** greentux__ has joined #maemo03:34
*** gnuSnob has joined #maemo03:39
rm_youjott: sweet got it03:44
rm_youjott / lcuk_zzz : now to integrate into the UI03:44
lcuk_zzzim asleep, tell me tomorrow ;)03:47
* lcuk_zzz thought he would get some peace n quiet03:47
*** booiiing_ has joined #maemo03:47
*** Sargun has quit IRC03:48
*** Toni has quit IRC03:48
*** ds3 has quit IRC03:48
*** chouse has quit IRC03:48
*** BugBlue has quit IRC03:48
*** lcdd has quit IRC03:48
*** `0660 has quit IRC03:48
*** Blafasel has quit IRC03:48
*** nslu2-log has quit IRC03:48
*** huehner has quit IRC03:48
*** shd has quit IRC03:48
*** [mbm] has quit IRC03:48
*** kulve has quit IRC03:48
*** summatusmentis has quit IRC03:48
*** fuz_ has quit IRC03:48
*** wiza has quit IRC03:48
*** k`sOSe has quit IRC03:48
*** joshin has quit IRC03:48
*** dragorn has quit IRC03:48
*** akv has quit IRC03:48
*** herwood has quit IRC03:48
*** deejoe has quit IRC03:48
*** maddler has quit IRC03:48
*** dougb has joined #maemo03:49
*** nslu2-log has joined #maemo03:49
dougbis there an alt browser than the mozilla browser for os 2008?03:50
*** greentux_ has quit IRC03:50
sven-teklooks like i broke my dns system. once i edited /etc/resolv.conf, it seems to stay at its setting and doesnt change to what dhcp delivers.03:51
jag_jott: thanks for compiling and run my app03:51
jag_g2g thanks all.03:52
*** jag_ has quit IRC03:52
*** Edgester is now known as edgester|away03:52
sven-tekcan someone post normal settings in /etc/resolv.conf please?03:52
terbosven: mine seems to be set to usually, since it uses a cache03:52
*** [mbm] has joined #maemo03:53
*** huehner has joined #maemo03:53
*** lcdd has joined #maemo03:53
*** k`sOSe has joined #maemo03:53
*** deejoe has joined #maemo03:53
*** wiza has joined #maemo03:53
*** herwood has joined #maemo03:53
*** akv has joined #maemo03:53
*** Blafasel has joined #maemo03:53
*** BugBlue has joined #maemo03:53
*** Toni has joined #maemo03:53
*** shd has joined #maemo03:53
*** chouse has joined #maemo03:53
*** summatusmentis has joined #maemo03:53
sven-tekthanks, localhost works03:54
*** kulve has joined #maemo03:54
*** maddler has joined #maemo03:54
GeneralAntillesdougb, all the other browsers suck currently.03:57
terbowell. im digging links2. xlinks has some promise too.03:58
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC03:58
terboi really want w3m-img and will try and compile it soon..03:59
*** Sargun has joined #maemo03:59
*** skibur has joined #maemo04:00
*** joshin has joined #maemo04:01
*** kcome has joined #maemo04:02
*** booiiing__ has quit IRC04:02
*** crashanddie has quit IRC04:02
*** ds3 has joined #maemo04:04
*** unixSnob_ has quit IRC04:04
*** unixSnob_ has joined #maemo04:05
*** gnuSnob has quit IRC04:06
*** Angie has joined #maemo04:18
*** flavioribeiro has quit IRC04:18
*** dougb has quit IRC04:20
GeneralAntilleslol . . .
*** wesdoobner has joined #maemo04:26
*** kcome has quit IRC04:27
*** canyouscore has quit IRC04:27
*** harry has joined #maemo04:29
*** harry is now known as kcome04:29
johnxyeah, GeneralAntilles, it's pretty awesome, calls me an amateur then asks me to elaborate...heh04:30
GeneralAntillesitT is seriously in the shitter.04:30
GeneralAntillesI'm just waiting for Mutiny32 to reopen his stupid PVR bug again.04:31
*** TheAlien_ has joined #maemo04:34
GeneralAntillesReggie should just drop the banhammer on his ass and be done with it04:34
*** Dekaritae has quit IRC04:37
*** Pio_ has quit IRC04:40
*** TPC has quit IRC04:40
*** TPC has joined #maemo04:41
*** sven-tek has quit IRC04:41
*** Angie is now known as AngieQ04:42
*** inherited has joined #maemo04:43
*** blkno1 has quit IRC04:45
*** slomo__ has joined #maemo04:46
*** edgester|away is now known as Edgester04:49
*** TheAlien has quit IRC04:51
*** slomo_ has quit IRC04:55
*** inherited_tot has quit IRC04:56
terbotell me how that millenicom works out :) Im´looking at a slug right now04:58
*** terbo is now known as terbot05:04
*** Edgester has quit IRC05:04
*** Grackle has quit IRC05:05
*** mikkov_ has joined #maemo05:07
*** corq-FL has joined #maemo05:17
*** herz1 has joined #maemo05:20
*** wesdoobner has left #maemo05:24
*** Andy80 has quit IRC05:28
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo05:31
*** herzi has quit IRC05:37
GeneralAntillesOK, so far I've crashed the iPhone twice trying to browse the AppStore.05:46
GeneralAntillesSo much for being so much more reliable than the tablets. . . .05:46
johnxThe grass is always greener...05:47
GeneralAntillesI don't get the "it's so much faster than the tablet" people, I've always found it to be on par or even somewhat slower than the tablet. . . .05:49
johnxI find their push messaging to be a very interesting idea05:50
*** eichi_ has joined #maemo05:52
*** eichi has quit IRC05:54
*** alex-weej has quit IRC05:54
*** Dekaritae has joined #maemo05:54
GeneralAntilleslol, all the games on here are old Mac games from 4 years ago that've been ported.05:54
gramulhaozinhey guys05:55
johnxhey gramulhaozin05:55
gramulhaozinbought a n810 today :P05:55
johnxGeneralAntilles, i dunno. Monkeyball looked kinda fun *shrugs*05:55
johnxgramulhaozin, congrats. Liking it so far?05:55
gramulhaozinbut it's coming the mail :P05:55
GeneralAntillesjohnx, maybe, but it's also $1005:56
gramulhaozinI want to get a toolchain and make a software for my business on it05:56
infobotSoftware Development Kit05:56
GeneralAntillesWish the categories were sortable. . . .05:56
gramulhaozinjohnx: how long does it takes for an 810 to bootup ?05:56
johnxgramulhaozin, from cold power off: ~30 seconds. From normal standby: basically instant05:57
gramulhaozindoes it comes with a car charger ?05:57
gramulhaozinI'm going to leave it in the car05:57
*** rwhitby has left #maemo05:57
gramulhaozinhope it likes the hot florida weather 60 degres inside the car05:57
gramulhaozin30 seconds is good05:58
gramulhaozinI'm going to get it for the customers to sign their "service orders"05:58
johnxit'll stay on standby for a long time, so there's not much need to ever turn it all the way off05:58
gramulhaozinjust like UPS does with the packages05:58
johnxthat's pretty cool05:58
gramulhaozinI would need a jelly skin for it05:59
gramulhaozinto make a little bit more solid05:59
gramulhaozinand would try to make it talk with my metropcs phone to get internet05:59
GeneralAntillesI wouldn't leave it in the car05:59
GeneralAntillesYour battery will be shot by fall.05:59
gramulhaozinGeneralAntilles: If I don't leave in the car I will forget it at home so I have no other choice06:00
johnxleave it in the glovebox if you need to06:00
GeneralAntillesGet in the habit of keeping it in a pocket. ;)06:00
johnx...I think that might be a little cooler06:00
gramulhaozindoes anyone had it working with Bluetooth internet from the cell phone ?06:01
johnxlots of people06:01
gramulhaozinI am going to try to pair it with my motorolla cell and use dialup from the cell phone06:01
johnxnot me though. no bt on my cell phone06:01
johnxif your moto supports BT DUN you should be fine06:01
gramulhaozinyep it does06:02
*** AngieQ has quit IRC06:02
*** freet15 has joined #maemo06:09
*** dragorn has joined #maemo06:18
johnxjeez, I forgot how fast sd could be06:28
*** atlas95 has quit IRC06:28
*** rwhitby has joined #maemo06:28
summatusmentisgramulhaozin: google around, depending on your cell provider, you might need to hack your handset a bit so it doesn't show up as DUN traffic06:30
summatusmentisbut I use DUN from my centro just fine06:31
gramulhaozinI used it before with my laptop06:32
gramulhaozinIt was really slow, but worked06:32
summatusmentissome carriers will cancel contracts if they find people using DUN06:33
terbotim on sprint pam right now .. its not bad, good enough for irc and some web browseing06:34
*** eichi_ has quit IRC06:34
summatusmentisI'm using sprint and USBModem06:34
summatusmentisno pam plan >_>06:34
*** dmsuperman has joined #maemo06:35
terboti dont have pam either but am thinking about it. kind of .. testing it out.06:36
*** snowmoon has quit IRC06:38
*** _freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu06:40
gramulhaozinI use metropcs cheapass06:40
terbotcheapass? lol06:44
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC06:46
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo06:48
*** ttmrichter has joined #maemo06:52
ttmrichterAnybody present that can help me figure out an application manager problem?06:57
johnxwith using app manager? or hacking on it?06:57
ttmrichterWell, with getting the OS2008 update to work.  It's listing well over a dozen applications that it can't find for the upgrade.06:59
ttmrichterLooking at gronmeyer's (sp?) repository list, I can't find *ANY* repos that have the apps in question.06:59
johnxare you in chinook trying to install the diablo "feature upgrade" through app manager?07:00
*** freelikegnu is now known as _freelikegnu07:00
ttmrichterI'm in Diablo trying to install the Diablo feature upgrade.07:00
johnxwould you mind running apt-get upgrade from the command line and putting the result on
ttmrichterDammit!  Now I can't connect to the device either.  :(07:02
ttmrichterThat's what I was just trying to do.07:02
johnxah :|07:02
ttmrichterNo path to device.07:02
ttmrichterAlthough I'm browsing *OUT* from the device no problems.07:02
johnxtry running a ping from the device, then sshing to it07:03
ttmrichterUmmm.... What?07:03
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC07:03
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo07:04
johnxsometimes the power savings on the device seem to prevent it from receiving packets07:04
johnxthe CAM timeout is very agressive07:04
ttmrichterSo what exactly am I supposed to do?07:04
johnxon the device, run ping google.com07:04
GeneralAntillesDid you turn Red Pill on?07:04
johnxon your desktop, try to ssh to the device07:04
GeneralAntillesWhy do people see a feature upgrade with Diablo. :\07:04
ttmrichterYes, Red Pill is on.07:04
GeneralAntillesTurn it off. <_<07:04
* ttmrichter sighs.07:05
ttmrichterPing wants root.07:05
GeneralAntillesI wish people wouldn't recommend Red Pill.07:05
ttmrichterSu wants root.07:06
GeneralAntillesI doubt 1 in 10 of the people that turn it on actually need it. . . .07:06
ttmrichterSo to get root access -- su -- I need to be root.07:06
ttmrichterWho the HELL makes this stuff?07:06
infobotrumour has it, rootsh is an easy way to get root and it's found here:
johnxttmrichter, you have ssh installed? ssh root@localhost07:06
johnxttmrichter, Nokia :/07:06
johnxbut seriously, I know what you mean07:06
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo07:06
ttmrichterOK, I'm out of red pill.07:07
ttmrichterStill not able to connect inbound, even though I'm hitting outbound just fine (not with ping, mind).07:08
GeneralAntillesIs the update still visible.07:08
ttmrichterIt's in the installed apps list, but not in the installable.07:09
johnxas it should be :)07:09
johnxttmrichter, ok, here's what's up: your router likely isn't playing well with the aggressive power savings on the tablet. to test if this might be the problem, try starting a ping. This will keep the powersavings from kicking in long enough for you to test whether you can ssh into it or not07:09
johnxif that doesn't help it may be that ssh isn't running for some reason or there may be another problem07:10
*** khertan has joined #maemo07:10
khertanHi !07:10
ttmrichterWell, getting to the ping is a bit of a problem right now.  ;)07:10
ttmrichterI'm still working on that.07:10
johnxttmrichter, you have ssh. ssh root@localhost07:10
khertanmy n810 don't boot ... again !07:10
khertanblank screen ...07:10
ttmrichterThat's what I'm trying.  I was concentrating on getting rid of red pill mode first.07:10
khertantired of flashed it07:11
GeneralAntilleskhertan, install bootmenu07:11
ttmrichterOK, ssh doesn't like the host key of the device it's installed on.07:11
GeneralAntillesThen you can ssh in with usbnet and fix it.07:11
ttmrichterHead.  Meet desk.  Repeatedly.  "Hi there."07:11
rm_youjott: >_>07:11
khertanGeneralAntilles: so i suppose it s available now for the firmware, if you suggest me :)07:12
johnxttmrichter, hmm? it says "unknown key" or conflicting key?07:12
GeneralAntilleskhertan, has been since about Diablo week 2. ;)07:12
ttmrichterConflicting key.  I got rid of it.07:13
ttmrichterI HAVE ROOT!  YAY!07:13
GeneralAntillesWe should send a team of baby sitters over to fanoush's place so he can finish up all the cool bootmenu features he's got in the pipeline.07:13
ttmrichterI am pinging google.  I still can't ping IN to the device.07:13
johnxttmrichter, alright, try ssh -v user@your-tablet07:14
ttmrichterSo while ping is live, ssh says "no route to host".07:14
johnxah, ok07:14
khertanwhen i try to download the last firmware i get a 27.7Mo07:14
johnxttmrichter, and you're 100% sure that you have the IP right (not trying to be a jerk, just wondering)07:15
ttmrichterI'm positive.07:15
ttmrichterOh, hang on.07:15
khertannokia should really do something with their server...07:15
ttmrichterNo, I don't.  What the connection manager is reporting and what ifconfig is reporting are very, very different.07:15
ttmrichterThe connection is configured as and ifconfig is reporting
johnxthat's pretty strange07:16
GeneralAntilleskhertan, works fine here.07:16
budmananyone have any fingerboard hacks? higher sensitivity different templates/layouts?07:16
ttmrichterIt's even stranger, johnx.07:17
ttmrichterThe network manager applet is set for static IP.  /etc/network/interfaces is set up for dhcp.07:17
ttmrichterWhy the radical disconnect there?07:17
johnxttmrichter, I think /etc/network/interfaces isn't used on OS200x/maemo07:18
ttmrichterIt appears it is.07:18
ttmrichterBecause the 200 is where my DHCP server starts handing out addresses.07:18
ttmrichterI reserve the lower 100 addresses for static wire IP and the second 100 for static wireless IPs.07:19
ttmrichterSo any address that's 200+ in the final digit is DHCP-served.07:19
ttmrichterSo it's going by the settings in /etc/network/interfaces instead of by the settings specified in the connection.07:19
johnxor it's getting the dhcp thing from somewhere else07:20
*** _freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu07:20
johnxttmrichter, my /etc/network/interfaces has no entry for wlan007:21
johnxonly for eth0 and usb007:21
*** fuz_ has joined #maemo07:21
ttmrichterOh, it's eth0 I was looking at.07:23
ttmrichterMy mistake.  I conflated eth0 with wlan0.07:23
johnxright, so either you have static set for another wireless network and dhcp set for this one or the connection manager isn't paying attention to your settings07:24
johnxthe connection manager being flaky is definitely a possibility07:24
ttmrichterOK, I've deleted the wireless entry and re-entered all the data.07:25
ttmrichterSee if that works better.07:25
*** tjafk2 has quit IRC07:26
ttmrichterNope.  Still getting the wrong address.07:26
*** tjafk2 has joined #maemo07:27
johnxanyone else having a problem with your tablet using dhcp when set to static? I can't check on mine right now...07:27
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC07:30
*** eton_ has joined #maemo07:30
ttmrichterOK, now it's going right.07:31
johnxdid you change something?07:31
ttmrichterI deleted the entry.  Rebooted the tablet.  Re-entered the connection entry.07:31
ttmrichterIt looks like this was an artifact of my upgrade to Diablo.07:32
johnxah, maybe07:32
johnxI bet that static IP setups don't get the same kind of testing as DHCP07:33
ttmrichterMost people probably just use the DHCP, yeah.07:33
ttmrichterI use static because I have to connect to the device all the time and it's a pain in the ass to try and track down which IP it has this week.07:33
khertanFIASCO subimage data length mismatch07:33
ttmrichterOK, this gets us back to the initial problem.  Which was solved by turning off Red Pill Mode.  :D07:34
khertanwrong md507:34
johnxttmrichter, same here. I staticly assign DHCP addresses on my router to certain MAC addresses07:34
ttmrichterThanks guys.  You're a credit to the community.07:34
johnxttmrichter, glad everything's figured out07:34
ttmrichterI did that for a while, but my router sucks and occasionally gets confused.07:34
khertanfirmware server suck !07:34
ttmrichterI need to get a dd-wrt capable router.07:34
johnxin the future you might want to use apt-get instead of re-enabling red-pill mode07:34
ttmrichterI can't even remember why I turned on red pill.07:35
GeneralAntilleskhertan, try downloading with a different client?07:35
ttmrichterIt was kind of a reflex thing.07:35
johnxsome package probably needed it to install07:35
khertanGeneralAntilles: done07:35
*** Italodance has joined #maemo07:35
*** minti has joined #maemo07:35
khertanwget and firefox07:35
ttmrichterSo...  What is new in Diablo anyway?  :D07:35
khertannow link07:35
johnxttmrichter, there's a new bug with static IP addresses :)07:36
ttmrichterWow!  What a coincidence!  I think I may have spotted that one just a few minutes ago!  :D07:36
johnxttmrichter, new email client, in place upgrades after this, some various bug fixes and tweaks07:36
ttmrichterNew email client?07:36
infobotmethinks diablo-changelog is Announcement: Version chart: Bugzilla:
*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo07:37
ttmrichterOH NO!  They took away bme-dbus-proxy.  :(07:37
ttmrichter(What is bme-dbus-proxy?)07:37
johnxttmrichter, and replaced it with something better :)07:37
johnxbme-hald-addon wins :)07:37
ttmrichterThis was a joke.  ;)07:37
GeneralAntilles~no diablo-changelog is Announcement: Version chart: Bugzilla: Wikipedia:
ttmrichterOoh!  Proper Chinese font support!07:38
infobotokay, GeneralAntilles07:38
johnxttmrichter, actually made life difficult for me and Stskeeps a couple days back :)07:38
ttmrichterThat's actually useful for me.  (Guess where I live....)07:38
ttmrichterDo they have Chinese input yet or is that coming Real Soon Now?07:38
ttmrichter(If they had full Chinese support I could sell a hundred of these things -- all my students love it!)07:38
GeneralAntillescjk input is provided by 3rd parties07:38
johnxthere was a third party CJK setup, but I don't know if it caught up to diablo yet07:39
*** shackan has quit IRC07:39
johnxit's usable, but not that fun :/07:39
ttmrichterI tried the 3rd party CJK.  It was not...good.07:39
*** mbuf has joined #maemo07:39
ttmrichterOoh.  Proper GPG now too.07:39
ttmrichterNokia, however, seems to be losing its marketing edge.07:40
*** shackan has joined #maemo07:40
ttmrichterFor years it was THE brand name to trust in mobile phones in China.  Now it's slipping fast.  Not releasing high-profile devices with proper CJK support is a major factor in this.07:40
ttmrichterSamsung is now kicking Nokia's ass all ways to Sunday over this.07:41
johnxthe tablet project isn't very close to the phone department07:41
ttmrichterThe phones have the same problem.07:41
johnxright, but that's a different problem :)07:41
ttmrichterThe big multimedia smartphones had delayed CJK support.07:41
ttmrichterIt's like Nokia is resting on its reputation in China instead of going after the market.07:41
johnxentirely possible07:42
johnxI wouldn't really know07:42
* ttmrichter sighs.07:42
ttmrichterSo now I have to watch flash crap on my tablet?  :D07:42
johnxnah, turn it the heck off07:42
* johnx stabs flash07:42
ttmrichterI quite enjoy the flash-free web.07:43
*** Churl has quit IRC07:43
ttmrichterI use NoScript on my desktop and will be turning flash off on my tablet as soon as I figure out how.07:43
johnxturn it off or install flashblock07:43
ttmrichterThis is the new mozilla browser, right?07:44
unixSnob_no worries ttmrichter, most of the flash content out on the web is not compatible with that of OS2008 anyway07:44
ttmrichterIt's just a plug-in?07:44
GeneralAntillesWhat exactly is the appeal of Fring?07:44
GeneralAntillesFlash is always a plugin. . . .07:44
GeneralAntillesunixSnob_, Flash works fine here.07:44
* GeneralAntilles eyeroll07:44
johnxttmrichter, well, it's the same mozilla based browser as we've had for several months, but yeah, flash is just a plugin07:44
ttmrichterThe chinook browser was mozilla?07:44
GeneralAntillesSame Mozilla-based browser we've had for almost a year now07:45
ttmrichterWow.  I never even noticed.07:45
GeneralAntillesJust upgrade from your pre-Chinook release. <_<07:45
gramulhaozinhey guys07:45
unixSnob_check out bbc news.. none of the content works in OS2008 -- along with every other site I've visited since I updated to the latest version07:45
ttmrichterI can't check out BBC news: it's blocked.  :D07:46
ttmrichterI can get it on my desktop through my SSH tunnel, but I don't have such a tunnel set up on the tablet.07:46
ttmrichterHmmm...  Sounds like an applet to me: simple SSH proxy tunnel that I can turn on or off in the status bar.07:47
*** CosmicRay has joined #maemo07:48
GeneralAntillesTalk about an orgy of the worst advice ever in the Fring thread. . . .07:48
*** eton has quit IRC07:49
CosmicRayhi folks.  I recently reflashed my n810 using the latest official nokia firmware (diablo).  I wanted to install gpg on it.  when I ssh'd in and ran apt-get install gnupg, it complains about osso-softare-version-rx44 depending on flash-and-reboot, initfs-flasher, kernel-diablo-flasher none of which are installed07:49
CosmicRayapt-get -f install offers to install them07:49
CosmicRayshould I?  is it normal to have the missing?07:49
CosmicRaywill it hurt to install them?07:49
CosmicRayincidentally apt-get -f install also will *remove* osso-software-version-rx4407:49
Italodanceis this diablo?
GeneralAntillesapt-get -f install07:50
johnxCosmicRay, gnupg should be installed with diablo07:50
GeneralAntillesGoogling for those will give you some background07:50
*** freelikegnu is now known as _freelikegnu07:50
CosmicRayah.  so it is.07:50
johnxCosmicRay, actually hang on a second07:50
gramulhaozinhey guys07:50
*** AngieQ has joined #maemo07:51
gramulhaozinN810 or HTC 9685 (att tilt ) ?07:51
GeneralAntillesItalodance, that's Debian hacked up into some sort of chroot insanity.07:51
johnxgramulhaozin, yes07:51
johnxGeneralAntilles, he doesn't want to remove osso-software-version-rx44 :)07:51
johnxCosmicRay, did you try and install gnupg with a .deb file?07:51
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo07:51
GeneralAntillesapt-get -f install souldn't be removing it. :\07:51
CosmicRayjohnx: no.  I was considering it.07:51
johnxGeneralAntilles, read his message07:51
CosmicRayGeneralAntilles: that may be because of a libbz2 newer version, not sure.07:52
CosmicRayjohnx: I have gnupg 1.4.6-2maemo107:52
GeneralAntillesYou can reinstall it later without issue07:52
johnxfair enough I guess07:52
CosmicRayI wouldn't know where to find gnupg for maemo.  wasn't on  was going to get it from mdebian if I couldn't find it there.07:52
CosmicRayodd that gnupg shows up in apt/dpkg but not the gui package manager.07:52
ItalodanceGeneralAntilles tnx07:52
johnxgnupg is included with diablo I think07:53
* johnx checks07:53
CosmicRayI did google for the packages in question07:53
CosmicRaycame up with 1 hit, in -- apparently -- russian07:54
johnxbut you didn't check to see if they were installed already? :P07:54
CosmicRayso my need for apt-get is gone in this instance, so I can safely ignore this I guess07:54
CosmicRaynot gnupg, no.  it never occured to me that it might be, I guess07:54
CosmicRaynot used to computers coming with gpg preinstalled ;-)07:54
johnxstill, you'll want to get flash-and-reboot so that apt-get doesn't complain in the future07:54
johnxapt-get -f install should be safe if all that it wants to remove is osso-software-version-rx4407:55
CosmicRaythat is indeed all it wants to remove07:56
CosmicRaythere is also some gstreamer updatage occuring07:56
*** dmsuperman has quit IRC07:56
CosmicRayI'm a debian developer so I am good enough with apt to be quite dangerous, but bad enough with maemo to have no clue what these packages do07:56
johnxyeah, the first rule is: maemo is not debian :)07:56
johnxI found that out painfully07:56
*** `0660 has joined #maemo07:56
johnxnot all packages are in repositories (and available for easy reinstall)07:57
CosmicRaywhich, incidentally, is a pet peeve of mine about the packages listed in the package manager.  It seems 80% of the packages on say "Maemo version of frotzbangbaz" without telling me what that is07:57
CosmicRayjohnx: this is why I stopped by this channel ;-)07:57
johnxthere's a ton of semi-incompatible releases07:57
rm_youjohnx: woot :P07:57
johnxand repos all over the place07:57
johnxrm_you, w00?07:57
rm_youjott / lcuk_zzz / lardman: got it pulling UPC codes from the database07:57
GeneralAntillesWell, SSU should largely solve the packages-not-available issue07:58
rm_youchecked in r3707:58
rm_youcan now scan things and it will say what they are :P07:58
johnxGeneralAntilles, I was pretty sure there was still some unavailable stuff07:58
CosmicRayquestion #2 is, and I *have* tested and googled for this... Why does the retrieve "messages and attachments" option in the diablo mail client not actually retrieve message bodies until you click on a message?  (Dunno if it did in previous releases, that mail client sucked too much to use)07:58
johnxCosmicRay, anyways, check which repo those gstreamer updates are coming from07:58
GeneralAntillesjohnx, sure, not everything has been updated07:58
GeneralAntillesGive it time07:58
CosmicRayyes I do have a handful of 3rd-party repos07:58
GeneralAntillesOnce every package has had an update pushed via SSU. . . .07:59
johnxGeneralAntilles, You're so optimistic it's heart warming :)07:59
GeneralAntillesNot optimistic07:59
GeneralAntillesThat's just the way it has to be07:59
GeneralAntillesIf an update is pushed via SSU, it has to be in a repo.07:59
GeneralAntillesThere's no way around that.07:59
*** gentooer has quit IRC08:00
nelsonis it just me, or is Diablo all fucked up?08:00
johnxif by all fucked up you mean delicious, then no08:00
nelsonby all fucked up I mean that you can't install (e.g.) camera because /tmp is too small.08:01
GeneralAntillesJust you.08:01
GeneralAntilles They have got to be shitting me.08:02
GeneralAntillesSDK repo _ON DEVICE_?08:02
GeneralAntillesHello, reboot loop. . . .08:02
johnxCosmicRay, sorry, not booted into OS200x right now. can't check the mail client. Just make sure that the gstreamer packages aren't the ones conflicting with osso-software-version-rx4408:02
gramulhaozinanyone wants to buy an N810 NEW IN THE BOX NEVER TOUCHED for 317 ?08:02
CosmicRayjohnx: pretty sure not08:03
CosmicRayI think it's two separate issues08:03
johnxthen go for it I guess08:03
CosmicRayI'm in the "don't fix what ain't broken" camp08:03
johnxfair enough08:03
CosmicRaymy n810 is working fine, gpg is there, I won't touch it ;-)08:03
nelsonreboot FTW08:04
*** atul has joined #maemo08:04
*** briand has quit IRC08:04
*** briand has joined #maemo08:04
johnxCosmicRay, I just think it's easier to deal with it now then wait until you want to install something else only to have apt-get complain at you... Your choice of course :)08:04
CosmicRayI am used to dealing with apt-get complaints.08:05
CosmicRayI run sid on my workstations. ;-)08:05
CosmicRaynelson: your name sounds *very* familiar but I can't quite place it.08:05
nelsonCosmicRay: google for "russ"08:06
johnxnelson, if you still have problems after reboot you might want to see if something is hogging all your /tmp space08:06
nelsonCosmicRay: context: packet drivers, freemacs, qmail, open source initiative.08:06
CosmicRaynelson: it appears you make people happy, own a restaurant, and are a cultural phenomenon in Norway ;-)08:07
nelsonjohnx: the reboot fixed it.08:07
nelsonCosmicRay: all of the above!08:07
nelsonZOMG I'm not on the top page anymore.08:07
nelsonoh, how the mighty have fallen!08:08
johnxkeep hanging out here. The maemo irc logs show up on google a lot :)08:08
CosmicRayI suspect I used your packet drivers and maybe talked with you when I was on the SPI board?08:08
CosmicRayor maybe I just read your mails during the Nth Great Unpleasantness ;-)08:08
nelsonCosmicRay: probably the latter.  Yep, likely.  :-)08:09
CosmicRayincidentally, googling for john will not find me.08:09
GeneralAntillesThe ASSIGNED practice in Bugzilla seems really random. . . .08:09
CosmicRayI am also confused about the "last updated" field in the new mail client08:10
CosmicRaysend & receive doesn't seem to make it update08:10
*** iomari has joined #maemo08:14
nelsonshould /tmp be only 512k?08:19
*** yigal has joined #maemo08:20
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC08:20
rm_youi dont even make the front page of google for my LAST name >_<08:21
rm_youand i dont really have a common last name :/08:21
*** CosmicRay has quit IRC08:26
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo08:26
GeneralAntillesWoo second hit08:28
*** derf_ has joined #maemo08:29
*** shackan has quit IRC08:31
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC08:43
*** derf has quit IRC08:45
*** derf_ is now known as derf08:45
*** unixSnob_ has quit IRC08:46
*** InHuMan2 has quit IRC08:57
*** tbf has joined #maemo08:58
*** Wikier has joined #maemo09:03
*** mib_4wlxyu has joined #maemo09:03
mib_4wlxyuanyone have the iphone keyboard working?09:04
tank-manwrong channel?09:05
mib_4wlxyufor the n80009:05
mib_4wlxyuis there a different channel that i might be better suited asking in?09:05
tank-mani dont know what an iphone keyboard is09:06
mib_4wlxyuits just the iphone keyboard but on the n800, the iphone is a popular cell phone going around.09:06
mib_4wlxyuwhich has its own touch screen keyboard layout.09:07
johnxit was never released. apparently it didn't work out too well09:08
mib_4wlxyuare they any other alternate keyboard layouts? I installed ukeyboards09:09
*** ttmrichter has quit IRC09:09
GAN800Jaffa, poke.09:11
*** XTLi has joined #maemo09:12
*** eocanha has joined #maemo09:14
johnxmib_4wlxyu, well there's a dvorak layout here:
johnxand you could always make your own *hint, hint, poke, poke*09:14
*** mib_4wlxyu has quit IRC09:16
GAN800Hrm, who added a captcha to the wiki?09:16
*** zap has joined #maemo09:20
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo09:22
GAN800if anybody wants to jump in.09:26
gramulhaozinhey guys09:27
*** ttmrichter has joined #maemo09:28
*** AngieQ has quit IRC09:37
*** fab has joined #maemo09:37
atulHi facing "/scratchbox/tools/bin/misc_runner: SBOX_CPUTRANSPARENCY_METHOD not set" Inside Scratch-box. Why so ? and How to fix ?09:42
*** benh has quit IRC09:43
*** Sho_ has quit IRC09:48
XTLiI guess that isn't  set by the target..09:48
*** fab has quit IRC09:49
XTLiWiki says it overrides a conffile setting09:49
atulXTLi, so how to do it ?09:49
XTLiIt shouldn't be an error, I think09:50
*** juergbi has joined #maemo09:50
XTLiBut you can just set (export) it if you wnt09:50
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo09:50
XTLiUnless your target really doesn't have cpu transparency set.09:51
*** vik has joined #maemo09:51
*** BabelO has joined #maemo09:52
*** trickie has joined #maemo09:59
gramulhaozinis it easy to get online from blueetooth dun ?10:03
johnxgramulhaozin, it should be, yes10:03
*** oilinki3 has joined #maemo10:04
gramulhaozinjohnx:  do you use it ?10:04
johnxnope. but a lot of other people do10:04
*** sergio has joined #maemo10:06
*** behdad has joined #maemo10:08
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo10:11
*** oilinki has quit IRC10:20
*** simon_ has joined #maemo10:22
*** lbt has joined #maemo10:23
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw10:27
johnxmornin' :)10:27
Jaffagramulhaozin: BT DUN is supposed out-of-the-box.10:30
gramulhaozinJaffa:  got it10:31
gramulhaozinit's nice10:31
gramulhaozinI was thinking about it10:31
gramulhaozinand saw a video on youtube about it10:31
gramulhaozinJaffa:  is the GPS still really slow ?10:32
JaffaA-GPS helps10:36
hrwa bit10:37
gramulhaozinJaffa: no the regular GPS on the N81010:38
gramulhaozindoes it takes 5 minutes to find the sattelites still ?10:38
hrwgramulhaozin: n810 gps is a-gps10:39
hrwgramulhaozin: and for Diablo there is application to fetch satelite datas for agps.10:39
hrwbut it looks like each time when gps is started it do cold fix instead of trying to reuse data from last fix10:39
*** greentux__ has quit IRC10:40
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo10:40
gramulhaozina-gps is different from GPS ?10:40
johnxAGPS = assisted GPS.
gramulhaozinJaffa: but why does it take 5 minutes to get gps lock on the N810 ?10:44
johnxgramulhaozin, it has a crappy GPS chipset and/or antenna and you're not using the A-GPS support10:45
gramulhaozinjohnx: you mean on the N810 ?10:45
gramulhaozinmy old ass gps locks in about 30 seconds10:46
gramulhaozinit's and old ass navman10:46
johnxthat's nice10:47
gramulhaozina-gps uses the internet right ?10:47
johnxit can use different methods to assist the GPS10:47
johnxit's a whole bunch of technologies10:47
gramulhaozinjohnx: so without a-gps how long does it takes to lock ?10:48
*** fab has joined #maemo10:48
johnxI don't even have an n810, but it would depend on the situation10:49
johnxno offense, but this has all been covered before. Try searching.10:49
hrwgramulhaozin: with or without it can takes eons or seconds10:49
hrwusually longer then shorter10:49
gramulhaozinpeople are saying 5 minutes10:50
gramulhaozin3 minutes10:50
johnxgramulhaozin, well those are certainly between seconds and eons, so I'd be inclined to agree that those are possible numbers10:52
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo10:53
gramulhaozinbut that's slow ass10:53
qwerty12zap: if you want to be really geeky, keyboard + fb_update_mode would let you enter a password :/10:53
gramulhaozinneed to go to Home Depot, okay wait 10 minutes to find satellite lock10:53
gramulhaozinthat's alot10:53
*** Wikier has quit IRC10:53
X-Fadegramulhaozin: With a-gps I normally get fixes in about a minute.10:54
johnxit depends on the conditions10:54
hrwX-Fade: lucky you10:54
gramulhaozinso I would not think about n810 as a GPS10:54
johnxgramulhaozin, having a clear view of the of southern sky helps, using A-GPS helps, getting a warm fix helps10:54
hrwmy n810 usually starts from 0/0 satelites even if I use a-gps ui before10:54
XTLiHaven't tried very recently10:54
pupnikright gramulhaozin10:54
hrwI think that it should start from 0/11 0/12 after agps-ui use... or after older fix10:55
X-Fadehrw: With a-gps I get my 12 sats info in about 30 seconds.10:55
*** Wikier has joined #maemo10:55
gramulhaozinI will try that10:55
pupnikusually i only get 4 and no lock (trees, germany)10:55
gramulhaozinI wanted to trow away my old ass navman10:55
pupnikno not with a n81010:55
gramulhaozinbut looks like it will need to stay10:55
pupnikdepends on your location and enviro though10:55
johnxpupnik, maybe try climbing one of the trees10:55
pupniki really have no problem walking out into the middile of a park10:56
pupnikand holding my n810 up towards the sun and freezing in that position for 5 minutes10:56
*** VimSi has quit IRC10:56
pupnikif anyone asks i'll mumble something about facing the sleeper beneath the sea10:56
gramulhaozin5 minutes dude10:56
gramulhaozinthat's unusable10:57
*** VimSi has joined #maemo10:57
pupnikand like the shoggoths10:57
aquatixdoes the gps subsystem remember the last lock?10:57
gramulhaozinI hate to have 300 gears in the car10:57
gramulhaozinmy car doesn't have any space for anything10:57
X-Fadeaquatix: Only within 2 minutes orso.10:57
XTLiNot woth that shifter, I'm sure10:57
*** florian has joined #maemo10:58
johnxXTL, that's exactly what I was thinking :D10:58
pupnikX-Fade: will agps 'learn' about wifi spots as it passes by them?10:58
florianhi all10:58
johnxmy car only has 6 gears (including reverse) :/10:58
X-Fadepupnik: I don't think so.10:58
X-Fadepupnik: That is why there is a request for GeoClue -> a-gps ;)10:59
johnxpupnik, that might make a neat thing to do with dbus-scripts though in the reverse order10:59
pupnikah ty10:59
johnxon connect -> add a tag to the current network with it's lat/lon10:59
pupnikjohnx: how reverse?  if gps has a lock and it sees a wifi, it would be nice to save that info10:59
pupnikoh i see yes11:00
pupnikthat would be 3rd party doable :)11:00
johnxmake a database of wifi point locations :)11:00
pupnikwell i think kismet can do this11:00
pupnikand it's preferable to active scanning11:00
X-Fademaemo-plazer :)11:00
* johnx really needs to get a bt gps11:01
gramulhaozinjohnx: frustrated with the built in gps ?11:02
johnxjohnx has an n80011:03
johnxno GPS for him :/11:03
johnxpupnik, and kismet is pretty shaky even in the best situation11:03
johnxmonitor mode isn't exactly awesome on the cx3110x11:05
pupnikon 770 it was solid for me.  haven't used much on n810, but i remember some problems initializing11:05
johnxthere are some...issues on the n8x0 systems11:05
johnxit seems like it's working but it seems to create hundreds of "ghost" access points or something11:06
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:06
johnxanyways, I don't want a db of thousands of locked down, non-public access points. All I want to add are places where I've successfully used an AP11:06
johnxthe maemo-plazer thing looks nice for that11:07
gramulhaozinjohn ?do you ever drive somewhere just to get free internet ?11:08
johnxheh...definitely not11:08
johnxmy car is sitting parked in another country right now :)11:08
pupnikfunny lwn (lkml, linus, and funny comments)11:08
qwerty12Be careful what you say here, this channel is logged and I send a copy to the government every week.11:08
johnxqwerty12, :P11:09
derfThis channel's logs _do_ show up often in Google searches.11:09
qwerty12Meh, I'd probably get incriminated with some of the stuff I've said on here :P11:10
pupnikjohnx, you do understand that my original query was about collecting snapshots of wlans at various locations for storage in a local cache that can be searched (quickly) for currently-in-range wlans and thereby retrieve their gps locations for the assist.  just to be clear.11:10
johnxpupnik, aaah, nope, I read it the same way x-fade did11:10
johnxnevermind, actually I just only thought of half of why it would be cool11:11
johnxbut I get it now11:11
pupnikthat database might be quite large... depending on how often/far you travel11:11
johnxthe only hard part would be feeding it back into A-GPS11:11
pupniki could also make a nice algo for the cache11:12
johnxbut an additional field that confirmed that a certain AP in that db was an open, public AP you'd successfully used before would be nice too11:12
pupnikoh sure11:12
johnxit's surprising how bad the N810's GPS/AGPS is. My free-with-contract phone takes at most a minute to get a lock even in rather dense downtown areas11:14
GAN800Any reason the bootmenu d initfs_flasher couldn't go in Extras or Extras-devel?11:15
pupnikpossibly it was designed for a plastic case?11:15
pupnikmaybe it's too haxxorish?11:15
*** hrw is now known as hrw|afk11:15
XTLiI think it's the case/form not being the best for rf comms as well11:15
johnxpupnik, I think the same GPS isn't exactly working well for the N95 either...11:15
pupniksomebody take it apart and test it without the case :D11:17
XTLiUndoubtedly Nokia has good antenna people etc, but you do get constraints on a device like this.11:17
pupnikmaybe I could try without battery cover?11:17
qwerty12You should have got AStorm to try when he disassembled his N810.11:17
johnxalso having the keyboard open or closed might make a difference11:17
XTLiIf the nit was a "real" navigator, they'd propably try harder or compromise elsewhere.11:18
XTLiOf course they might just have picked poor (cheap, small) parts11:18
johnxI think A-GPS must work a lot better for cell phones11:18
johnxXTL, I think that both parts are likely11:19
johnxThe marketing for the GPS chip they chose screamed "bargain basement"11:19
pupnikwhat about a project bourse for maemo projects.  subscribers pledge donations to a completed task.  indy developer does it, releases it to the site - then after a quick check the site admin awards the project bounty11:19
GAN800Anybody have some input for me on that '/usr on sd' article on the wiki?11:19
*** wazd has joined #maemo11:20
GAN800I really want it gone. Bad article, bad info.11:20
pupnikcause auto-learning wlan agps assist could really help my device11:20
X-Fadepupnik: Do you move around more than 100KM a lot?11:20
pupnikX-Fade: no11:20
X-FadeThen it wouldn't matter ;)11:20
XTLiI still thing filesystem overlays and per-process fs namespaces would be a neat way to install sw11:20
pupnikbummer ok ty11:21
wazdmorning all :)11:21
pupnikGAN800: will look11:21
X-FadeThere is no need for accurate a-gps info.11:21
XTLiWouldn't have to worry about fs space when each app could be whereever11:21
X-FadeIt needs to generally know what satellites to expect. But margin of error can be as much as 100KM.11:21
johnxXTLi, it would mainly help for games I think11:21
johnxotherwise everyone would have to repackage all the same dependencies11:22
X-FadeProblem is that the gps feature doesn't remember where it was the last time. Or at least doesn't use that info correctly.11:22
GAN800That method offers no advantages to full-on sd booting and lots of disadvantages.11:22
XTLiDeps would have to be mounted first, yes11:22
XTLiOr be builtin to each image or root11:22
*** secureendpoints has joined #maemo11:23
johnxGAN800, does it work at all?11:23
XTLiUnlikely to come up on Linux anytime soon, though11:23
GAN800X-Fade you catch my proposal for a Bugzilla meeting after the sprint review?11:23
XTLiNot a dist with legacy anyway.11:24
GAN800johnx, sure, but not well.11:24
X-FadeGAN800: Nope.11:24
johnxGAN800, then leave it in place and stick a big warning at the top11:24
pupnikGAN800: perhaps the article should refer to the alternative of installing the full FS to flash and multibooting?11:24
GAN800You're much better off using sd booting and that article will just confuse people.11:24
pupnikmaybe some people don't want to mess with the bootloader for some reason11:24
GAN800That's one option, but even with a health warning the article is in terrible shape. . . .11:25
pupnikthough i have no idea why the howto mentions reflashing11:25
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC11:25
GAN800and I'm not going to put any effort into making it not suck.11:25
GAN800X-Fade, hit the sprint3 talk page.11:25
GAN800If I'm not going to put the effort in, I doubt anybody else will.11:26
pupnikoh it already has 'what else you should consider'11:26
pupnikright near the top11:26
GAN800So the article is doomed to suck for all eternity.11:26
johnxGAN800, yeah, kill it11:26
GAN800and only serves to confuse people.11:26
johnxanyone who would benefit would figure this all out on their own11:26
GAN800johnx, put a comment to that effect on the talk page.11:26
GAN800Lacking good speedy deletion guidelines, I need some sort of concensus.11:27
pupnikwhere in the wiki are the guidelines outlined concerning what level of linux-user the wiki must address?11:28
JaffaGAN800: BTW, I'm suggesting we start the election process in the next timebox^Wsprint.11:28
X-FadeGAN800: Where should I read that on the Sprint3 page?11:28
*** christefano has joined #maemo11:29
GeneralAntillespupnik, I think the idea is to address as large a group as possible.11:29
GeneralAntillesJaffa, too.11:30
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC11:31
*** jku has joined #maemo11:32
X-FadeGAN800: I don't see any other bugzilla mentions other than the plugin? :)11:32
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Ah doh.. The talk page ;)11:33
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo11:33
* GeneralAntilles pokes andre___.11:33
*** tufei has quit IRC11:34
johnxnow unionfs might be a really cool thing :)11:35
*** tufei has joined #maemo11:35
JaffaX-Fade: how's it going in getting's SSL cert fixed? Wasn't going to raise an issue since you said it was being worked on, but it's still b0rked.11:36
X-FadeJaffa: All people I need are back from holiday today ;)11:36
X-FadeJaffa: So I'm optimistic now..11:36
johnxHas anyone played with unionfs for the tablets?11:38
*** __t has joined #maemo11:38
GeneralAntillesFor anybody who missed it the first time around:
GeneralAntillesJaffa, lifted some stuff from your article.11:40
onionwhere can I find gstreamer-tools for diablo ?11:41
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Bugjar + bugzilla wiki plugin can be a good tool for better visibility..11:42
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Nicer reports at least :)11:42
*** vik_ has joined #maemo11:43
XTLiRe unionfs, there's also mhddfs11:44
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo11:46
XTLiI'm guessing there's no fuse in the kernel though11:48
johnxXTLi, but there's a nice fuse package11:48
johnxonion, XTLi : look on :)11:49
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo11:49
XTLiRight. How didn't I think of that..11:49
onionjohnx: thanks11:50
johnxI hadn't heard of mhddfs though11:50
johnxI'll look at it11:50
*** hellwolf-n800 has quit IRC11:50
johnxI think it might be really ideal for games with lots of data that want to look for it in a common place11:50
XTLiIt was just what I needed on some system11:50
johnxand if it's fuse it doesn't need root permissions11:50
XTLiHaven't seen an unionfs since bsd forever ago11:50
*** t_s_o has quit IRC11:51
*** smancke has joined #maemo11:51
johnxthere looks to be about 3 current unionfs implementations for linux...craziness11:51
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo11:51
*** hellwolf-n800 has joined #maemo11:52
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo11:52
johnxmhddfs looks like it wouldn't make a good rootfs though :/11:53
johnxthat's always the problem...11:53
XTLiHeh, no. I don't think it would11:53
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo11:54
johnxqwerty12, have you ever heard of unionfs?11:55
qwerty12johnx: yes, I did a 1/2 port to the N80011:56
qwerty12(The module itself works, the scripts don't :/)11:56
johnxI was toying with the idea of trying to setup some kind of common framework for packaging games and other sometimes-used big programs as an fs overlay11:57
qwerty12I know pipeline is using iso images that are mounted.11:58
johnxah, right11:58
johnxthat's who it was11:58
* johnx searches11:58
Khertan_TheRealHi !11:58
qwerty12Hi Khertan_TheReal11:58
johnxhey Khertan_TheReal11:58
Khertan_TheRealnoone have made a new magical tool that can made source package to enable me to made package onboard to update it onboard to maemo extras ?11:59
qwerty12I believe that magical tool is called dpkg-buildpackage12:00
johnxKhertan_TheReal, you could try to install the debian packaging tools from the maemo-sdk repository (dpkg-dev dpkg-buildpackage)12:00
Khertan_TheRealyes the same one that don't work on the device :)12:00
*** vik has quit IRC12:01
Khertan_TheRealand once i ve successfully install all depandancies ... the device don't boot anymore ...12:01
johnxwhy don't they work?12:01
Khertan_TheRealsh: bad signal 's'12:01
Khertan_TheRealbusybox powa ...12:01
johnxyeah, no luck I guess12:01
Khertan_TheRealso i ve install many thing :)12:01
Khertan_TheRealand at the end ... crash12:02
Khertan_TheRealjohnx > no luck ... yes it s the word12:02
Khertan_TheReali think i ll take less time to do my own repository and auto upload website12:02
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo12:02
Jaffaamirullah seems to be having real problems getting his logo entries to display.12:06
*** oilinki has joined #maemo12:06
*** hrw|afk is now known as hrw12:11
GeneralAntillesOK, emailed -community about the meeting.12:13
GeneralAntillesHopefully we'll be able to get some real traction going on some of these tasks tomorrow.12:14
qwerty12~lart git12:15
* infobot whips git with a wet and grimy noodle just because12:15
*** oilinki3 has quit IRC12:18
* sp3000 is sure git can handle noodles just fine12:18
*** mk8 has joined #maemo12:22
qwerty12Does gitweb have an option to download a tarball then? is messing me around :/12:22
MangoFusionbah, i just use github. easy as pie there ;)12:25
qwerty12This isn't my projects :P, I'm trying to grab a few12:26
*** bilboed-tp has joined #maemo12:26
qwerty12Anyway, just figured it out :/12:26
*** red-zack has joined #maemo12:29
*** benh has joined #maemo12:31
hrwis there a documentation on how to make own dictionary for predicting input?12:35
*** red-zack has quit IRC12:36
*** tobmaster has joined #maemo12:41
*** red-zack has joined #maemo12:41
GeneralAntillesqwerty12, awesome: <_<12:45
qwerty12GeneralAntilles: Fuck that guy, poom don't even know what he is talking about.12:46
GeneralAntillesHe posts shit like that all the time.12:46
GeneralAntillesSo irritating12:47
zapGeneralAntilles: I know what dependencies he meant, kernel-flasher & company12:53
GeneralAntilleszap, likely.12:53
GeneralAntillesBut the actual dependencies are rather less relevant than the fact that he's an idiot denigrating a perfectly good package for no good reason.12:54
*** Italodance has quit IRC12:55
GeneralAntillesNokia should just go ahead and push something trivial through SSU so we don't have to deal with that stupidity anymore12:55
zapyes, rootsh hadn't broken any devices :) it even saved my friend's device12:56
johnxGeneralAntilles, something to kill^H^H^H^Hfix annoying users?12:56
GeneralAntillesjohnx, think we can reliably determine whether somebody's an idiot in 10 questions or less? :D12:57
zapI just think that guy was pissed off when he tried to apt-get rootsh and failed12:57
qwerty12How do you apt-get rootsh without having root access :P12:57
zaphe did not understood that it's not rootsh's problem12:57
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo12:57
zapqwerty12: perhaps he had becomeroot or something installed12:58
johnxor ssh12:58
zapor that12:58
GeneralAntilleszap, he has a history of idiocy.12:58
qwerty12True. If he had becomeroot installed, then it would have showed up as an conflicting package. There I can see his dependency problem.12:58
zapwell, thats another story :)12:58
GeneralAntillesHrm, the missing flash-and-reboot stuff will show up for any install on a clean Diablo, right?12:59
qwerty12Yeah :/12:59
* GeneralAntilles doesn't feel like digging out a USB cable to flash his sister's N800 to confirm.12:59
GeneralAntillesOK, good, I'm filing a bug now. ;)12:59
qwerty12I know if I flashed my sister's k750, she would kill me :P13:00
GeneralAntillesqwerty12, feel like grabbing as many of the "What are theses missing depencies threads" off itT as possible while I hit the mailing lists and finish up the bug?13:00
qwerty12GeneralAntilles: Ok13:01
JaffaGeneralAntilles: got OS X up & running yesterday so will try and rename and iron out a few bugs in 770Flasher.app13:01
zapit's a known problem, Nokia have explained it on the mailing list13:01
GeneralAntillesMaybe a list of 2 dozen threads will convince them to hurry up with an SSU update.13:01
GeneralAntillesJaffa, awesome!13:01
GeneralAntilleszap, yes, I'm well aware13:01
GeneralAntillesThe bug is for them to hurry up and push an SSU update.13:01
GeneralAntillesExplaining to newbies that they have to run apt-get -f install is getting a little old13:02
GeneralAntillesand is leading to a lot of misconceptions13:02
zapwell if it's a newbie he won't get root access :)13:02
andre___GeneralAntilles, pong (but I guess that I'm too late now that I've read your mail already. Sounds good to me)13:07
JaffaGeneralAntilles: might even try to get 0xffff as the underlying flasher and so remove the dependency on Nokia13:07
GeneralAntillesBeautiful. Thanks, qwerty12.13:07
qwerty12No problem. Thanks for filing the bug, Nokia need to get a move on :P13:08
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo13:08
*** pdz has joined #maemo13:08
*** foka has joined #maemo13:10
atulHi, [sbox-CHINOOK_RAMEL: ~] >  fakeroot apt-get install maemo-sdk-runtime   => Error loading /usr/bin/apt-get13:18
atulHow to fix ?13:18
GeneralAntillesIt's, of course, not going to have any effect13:18
GeneralAntillesBut we can hope.13:18
*** Wikier has quit IRC13:21
*** zap has quit IRC13:21
*** Wikier has joined #maemo13:22
GeneralAntillesqwerty12, you, if anybody, might have poked at this, but any idea how to cleanly get Application manager to follow the theme's text color?13:22
Khertan_TheRealJaffa > osx ... do u have a mac ?13:22
qwerty12GeneralAntilles: No, sorry, I've never actually noticed.13:23
crashanddieGeneralAntilles, IIRC, the theme is hard coded into the appman13:23
crashanddieGeneralAntilles, just needed to add support for it13:24
Khertan_TheRealabout the post of suduser and white screen ...13:24
qwerty12I'd offer a recompile but my last recompile of the application-manager killed it off. apt-get install --reinstall hildon-application-manager saved my ass :/13:24
Khertan_TheRealdo u know what the problem with the white screen ?13:25
GeneralAntillesThey switched to Cairo for rendering the list in Diablo.13:25
Khertan_TheRealas i get the same thing :)13:25
GeneralAntillesKhertan_TheReal, it's waiting for a password.13:25
Khertan_TheRealah ...13:25
Khertan_TheRealso mine prob is different :)13:25
*** skibur has quit IRC13:25
XTLiDidn't rpm have an option to repack an installed package into .rpm?13:25
XTLiEvil, but funny.13:26
* qwerty12 keeps meaning to try out fedora :/13:26
johnxXTLi, you might be interested in dpkg-repack :)13:26
crashanddiedebian packager for .rpm ?13:26
crashanddienow that's evil13:26
XTLiI was jus wondering about that :)13:26
johnxcrashanddie, nah, that's alien13:26
johnxdpkg-repack is pretty useful though13:26
crashanddiejohnx, isn't that the same thing ?13:26
* qwerty12 <3's alien13:27
johnxcrashanddie, dpkg-repack and alien? no totally different13:27
XTLiMaking rollback packages was the intended use I think13:27
*** pleemans has joined #maemo13:29
*** lnx^_ has joined #maemo13:30
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC13:31
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, ping re #347713:33
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Yes?13:33
GeneralAntillesWhat are your bits?13:33
GeneralAntillesYou're seeing the classification page, right?13:33
GeneralAntillesWell, normal users shouldn't be seeing that.13:34
GeneralAntillesSo, the bug is mostly irrelevant for the time being.13:34
GeneralAntillesIt'll be one of the bits your account has set that's making that show up for you.13:35
X-FadeAh, well..13:35
*** freet15 has quit IRC13:35
GeneralAntillesWe're mostly waiting to get with ferenc or guenther to update the templates.13:35
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: I just saw a new 'All' option show up, and I _hate_ those ;)13:35
GeneralAntillesWhich is one of the things we'll need to discuss during the Bugzilla meeting tomorrow.13:36
atulhi apt-get update is failing why so ? Anything going on web site side.13:37
atulIt is unable to download the things/13:37
GeneralAntillesBut, uh, the plan at the moment is to move the website into its own classification, and move the current components up to products.13:37
X-FadeYeah, that would be a good thing.13:38
*** TPC has quit IRC13:40
*** TPC has joined #maemo13:40
*** lnx^ has quit IRC13:41
GeneralAntillesMy current idea for the template would be something along the lines of: <h1>'s for Maemo Software, Nokia, and Website with descriptions and a list of their components under each, and an <h1> for Garage with a description down at the bottom that takes you to a page with all Garage products.13:41
GeneralAntillesSo there _probably_ wont be a need for All13:42
X-FadeGoood :)13:42
GeneralAntilles /we can just make "All" small.13:42
timelessi'd stick all in small at the +bottom+13:43
JaffaKhertan_TheReal: not exactly, just wanted enough of a dev environment on my primarily Linux box to update the flasher etc13:43
GeneralAntillesJaffa, you need a new, more generic icon.13:45
GeneralAntilles512x512 preferably. ;)13:45
JaffaIndeed. Provisions welcome :)13:45
Jaffa...and a name. Tablet Flasher's a bit boring. "Flasher for Maemo" I did think of with the new TM/brand guidelines13:46
GeneralAntillesI like Tablet Flasher myself13:46
JaffaBut "Flasher" is a technical term. "Updater" might be better. I'll also want beta testers with varying versions of OS X and a willingness to reflash devices13:47
GeneralAntillesBoring, but it gets the point across with little ambiguity.13:47
GeneralAntillesFits with things like tablet-encode and tablet-browser, too.13:47
GeneralAntillesThe community uses "flash", "flasher" and "flashing" extensively enough that you're probably better off just using that.13:48
GeneralAntillesMy personal feeling is that "Updater" is mildly confusing in light of SSU.13:48
qwerty12The OS X/Linux flasher itself is called flasher too :/. Although you could argue that the windows one says update.13:49
Jaffaqwerty12: yeah, it was the name of the Windows one which prompted that thought13:50
*** minti has quit IRC13:51
GeneralAntillesMaybe if it were officially sanctioned by Nokia13:51
GeneralAntillesand appeared on the support pages13:52
GeneralAntillesBut seeing as it's going to be community tool that's community supported. . . .13:52
GeneralAntilless/it's going/it's/13:52
infobotGeneralAntilles meant: But seeing as it's to be community tool that's community supported. . . .13:52
qwerty12It wouldn't appear on for sure. maybe, but they seem to be pretty stringent about it by the fact that you have to accept an license agreement.13:53
*** m-c has joined #maemo13:55
*** Khertan_n810 has joined #maemo13:56
* qwerty12 thinks the flasher features of the OS X/Linux and the Windows flasher needs to be unified.13:56
Khertan_n810Hi again :)13:56
* Khertan_n810 think windows flasher isn t needed13:57
GeneralAntillesandre___, FTV == Fit width to view13:57
qwerty12Khertan_n810: It is when the update servers are bogged down and the windows flasher can do load balancing :/13:57
* RST38h thinks linux fanboys should go screw a penguin, while windows firmware updater stays13:57
andre___FTV? WT...? :-)13:58
Khertan_n810qwerty12 > before load balancing we need real server13:58
GeneralAntilles#1884 is resolved. ;)13:58
GeneralAntillesAlso, if you were seeing library packages in Chinook, then it wasn't "broken", you had Red Pill enabled. :P13:58
Khertan_n810today i must download 4 time firmware13:58
Khertan_n810as firmware file was truncated 3 time13:59
GeneralAntillesKhertan_n810, keep the image on your hard drive this time. ;)13:59
GeneralAntillesThat'd be a caching network issue, anyway.13:59
XTLiTorrent :)13:59
Khertan_n810yes but my hard have failed recently13:59
Khertan_n810Torrent without seed ?14:00
andre___yeah, i probably was on red pill. never realized, though14:00
Jaffa"Tablet Flasher" probably wins then. I'll await GA's new icon with baited breath :)14:00
GeneralAntillesRed Pill is mildly evil14:00
GeneralAntillesJaffa, you'll be waiting until at least the end of August.14:01
Khertan_n810do u know why application manager try to use the disabled proxy and apt-get update in cmd line work ?14:01
GeneralAntillesI'm not trying my hand at anything until I get back to my rig. ;)14:01
Jaffas/is mildly evil/the most wildly propagated piece of bad advice in the history of the world... ever/14:01
qwerty12Jaffa: In14:01
JaffaFair enough. I'll try and do something abstract and shiny.14:01
*** wms has joined #maemo14:01
GeneralAntillesThe Application manager icon on the Home view in Application manager probably needs to change to an exploding bomb when Red Pill is enabled.14:02
JaffaIt's either that, or write code in XCode which isn't ObjectiveC. Probably Ruby, but dunno how well that works in non-10.5.14:02
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC14:02
Khertan_n810jaffa > i can help u in objc if u need14:02
GeneralAntilles10.4 should ship with it.14:02
Khertan_n810i ve made many dev in objc in the past14:03
crashanddieI'll stfu14:03
Khertan_n810particulary some driver14:03
*** atul has quit IRC14:03
RST38hmacos uses drivers written in objc?14:04
Khertan_n810it can14:04
* GeneralAntilles has an uncontrollable urge to thumb all planet posts with "Spam my stupid blog everywhere, pls!!!!!" links at the bottom.14:04
RST38hkhertan: ah, the horror...14:05
JaffaKhertan_n810: I'd hoped ObjC was more like C#/Vala/Java... it appears to eschew standard syntax to Just Be Different[TM]. I've no real desire to fight through syntax. I may stick with the current Perl app with Platypus wrapper, TBH; with the Perl app wrapping up a 0xffff executable if possible.14:05
RST38hga: you know there is only one solution, dont you?14:06
RST38hjaffa: it is more like smalltalk14:06
GeneralAntillesStart spamming bug reports to have their feed removed from syndication?14:06
RST38hjust because it is not like c++ does not mean it is nonstandard14:07
RST38hga: of course not14:07
RST38hga: the right answer is KILL ALL PEOPLE14:07
Khertan_n810all is standard in this  world look at xml office document14:07
XTLiNot like c++ is a big ++ in my book14:07
RST38hTHAT will stop those pesky brats for good...14:07
pupnik   oh yes!  evil!  :) (sfw)14:08
crashanddie[slashdot troll] But why use another language than C++ considering you can do everything with it ?14:09
RST38hdefine everything14:10
JaffaRST38h: yeah, I don't like C++ much either. There're other languages I'd rather get more to grips with (e.g. Vala) than ObjectiveC given my now limited Mac usage.14:10
crashanddie#define everything *14:10
Khertan_n810(applefanboystyle) because it s more simple to use objc14:10
Khertan_n810goto++ powa !14:11
crashanddiegoto++ ,14:11
crashanddielol, Khertan_n810 you french propagand artist14:12
*** snowmoon has joined #maemo14:12
*** Khertan_n810 has quit IRC14:13
crashanddieKhertan: that's about as ridicule as Jayce with his MultiDeskOS14:14
johnxStskeeps, did you do something to make the temp sensor work in debian?14:15
Khertan_TheRealre :)14:16
*** lcuk_zzz is now known as lcuk_work14:17
crashanddielcuk_work, that was about time :P14:18
lcuk_work:D indeedy14:18
lcuk_workbeen busy14:18
johnxso busy you slept at the office? :)14:18
lcuk_worklol merely in a rush this morning :P14:19
* lcuk_work got up late14:19
crashanddieno shit, you woke up in time for lunch :14:19
lcuk_worki dunno why i went to sleep earlier than usual14:19
crashanddielcuk_work, cuz you were tired ?14:20
crashanddieor do I sense a lack of comma there ?14:20
lcuk_workone minute i was reading the next i had missed my alarm clock14:21
lcuk_worki did have the good sense to actually lock my 810 and put it away though14:21
* lcuk_work cant remember how14:21
* lcuk_work makes mental note not to drink red wine again14:21
*** SDuensin has quit IRC14:23
pupnikbuild good n810 habits for those 'special' times when you're not all there14:23
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo14:23
*** setanta has joined #maemo14:23
mikkov_Hi everybody. I am uploading blobwars to autobuilder14:23
pupnikyaay blobwars finally14:24
*** jpetersen has quit IRC14:24
pupnikhow much work was it?14:24
mikkov_but isn't there dput in maemo-sdk?14:24
qwerty12_N800great! i failed in getting that to run :)14:24
qwerty12_N800mikkov_, you are meant do it outside sdk14:24
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo14:24
mikkov_made two changes to source and couple to makefile14:25
RST38hlcuk: I dont remember, have you found how to check what library a symbol belongs to?14:25
mikkov_it would be easier if dput was in sdk, because I don't run debian or ubuntu and I don't wan't run any vmware stuff14:26
qwerty12_N800it may be easier for now to use the web interface14:27
*** Atarii has joined #maemo14:27
*** tkharju has joined #maemo14:28
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo14:28
mikkov_yeah that's what I used. let's hope that package builds14:28
*** zap has joined #maemo14:31
*** LoCusF has quit IRC14:33
Stskeepsjohnx: err.. what temp sensor?14:35
johnxStskeeps, the internal one :)14:35
johnxthe one that can tell the temperature14:35
johnxthat one14:35
Stskeepsjohnx: is it n800 or n810 specific? but no, i did not14:35
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, ze i2c  one :p14:35
johnxah well, I think it works14:35
johnxmust be standard hal stuff14:36
Stskeepsor hald-addon-bme14:36
Stskeepsor -gpio14:36
qwerty12_N800cat /sys/devices/platform/i2c_omap.1/i2c-1/1-0048/temp1_input14:37
Stskeepssounds like a thing to use on my "temperature in stskeeps' pocket" graph14:37
GeneralAntillesOMWeather is adding an entry for that sensor14:38
GeneralAntillespretty cool14:38
qwerty12_N800ripped from internal-temp : cat /sys/devices/platform/i2c_omap.1/i2c-1/1-0048/temp1_input | sed -e 's/\(.*\)\(..\).$/\1\.\2C/'14:38
GeneralAntillesI can't imagine what sort of operation those Fring guys are running14:38
*** m-c has quit IRC14:39
*** benh has quit IRC14:40
RST38hjudging from how shitty fring is on s60, they are running it out of a barn14:40
RST38hand use cheap undergraduate workforce14:41
qwerty12_N800Their install procedure is quite unprofessional.14:41
GeneralAntillesChinook Extras and Chinook SDK under Diablo.14:43
GeneralAntillesI love how everybody on itT is totally enabling it, too.14:43
GeneralAntillesWhat are they after, anyway?14:43
GeneralAntillesDoesn't rtcomm/Pidgin provide the same stuff?14:43
RST38hthey are after skype14:44
RST38hbut they will never become skype14:44
*** guardian has joined #maemo14:45
XTLiWhich of course is nice14:45
RST38hit is neither nice nor bad14:46
RST38hjust how things are14:46
*** guardian has quit IRC14:46
*** solmumaha has left #maemo14:46
lbtI'm waiting for a telco to provide a SIP gateway with a billing/payment interface14:46
mikkov_you can now try blobwars from extras-devel. tell how it works for you14:47
qwerty12_N800thanks, updating repos now14:48
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo14:48
RST38hwhere are fring guys based anyway?14:49
qwerty12_N800Tel Aviv14:49
christefanois there a utility that creates a menu of recently opened applications and documents?14:50
RST38hso fring/skype thing is roughly like icq/irc but there wontt be a coconut this time14:51
lbtseems more like pidgin vs AOL/MSN/Yahoo14:51
* timelyx notes that icq was also from israel...14:51
lbtbut closed14:52
RST38hicq used irc for handshaking14:52
RST38hcaused a lot of controversy once14:52
wndspeaking of sip/voip, have I missed something or is it really not possible to use the default pim-framework on diablo to talk to users on platforms other than maemo? separately started applications such as skype do not count.14:53
lbtby talk do you mean speech?14:54
wndyes, which is why I mentioned voip14:54
*** matt_c_ has joined #maemo14:55
RST38has long as you use gtalk it should work14:55
*** matt_c has quit IRC14:55
RST38hor standard sip14:55
wndso far I've tried using gtalk and jabber, but I still can't start a voip-call to my wife's mac. she has tried both ichat and adium.14:56
lcuk_workwnd, is that a bug though?14:57
wndI don't really know14:57
wndI've only managed to create a voip call between two n810s, so I kind of started drawing conclusions14:58
lcuk_work"im sorry hunny, i cant connect"    *back to the pub and the game14:58
crashanddiewnd, I use sip all the time, I can call anywhere14:58
lcuk_workback later14:58
wndcrashanddie, and you're talking about this "New Internet call", and not some third party application?14:59
*** pupnik has quit IRC14:59
*** Italodance has joined #maemo15:00
wndin that case I guess I'll just have to continue trying. I'd better try this between the device and my linux-box when I get back home. thanks.15:00
crashanddiewnd, the SIP I use is provided by my ISP... I can tell you what exactly the settings are if you want15:01
wndI guess that wouldn't do any harm15:03
crashanddieok, hang on15:05
wndno hurries15:05
crashanddieI'll PM them15:05
*** pupnik has joined #maemo15:08
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC15:08
*** snowmoon has quit IRC15:11
ShadowJKmy ISP has a voip/sip service that lets me move my landline number to it if I wanted, haven't tried it though15:11
christefanocan anyone recommend a utility that populates a menu with recently opened applications and documents?15:13
pupnikthat's an interesting feature request - an option to automatically repopulate My selection15:15
pupnikor maybe another category for recent15:16
christefanoyup, that's just what I was thinking15:16
pupniksounds like a great project15:17
christefanoa separate category for recent items15:17
pupnikdid you web search for it?15:17
crashanddieShadowJK, yeah, I have the same, I use it sometimes, works nice15:17
*** boolean has joined #maemo15:18
christefanoI did and didn't find anything. the search was basically for "(apps, programs, documents) menu"15:18
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo15:18
*** rm_you has quit IRC15:19
GeneralAntillesNo, christefano, nobody has made anything like that yet.15:19
XTLiDo the requests to open go through dbus?15:19
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo15:20
christefanoGeneralAntilles: I thought so. :(  thanks for the corroboration.15:20
XTLiMaybe that would allow trapping them and adjusting the menu15:20
*** rm_you has joined #maemo15:20
XTLiMight even use that dbus scripts package15:21
XTLi(This is just hamdwaving)15:21
GeneralAntilleschristefano, probably better off just installing personal-launcher and sticking all the applications and documents you need on your desktop15:21
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC15:22
christefanookay, that's what I'll do. hopefully someone will find time to put into it15:23
*** __t has quit IRC15:28
*** Cptn-N800 has joined #Maemo15:28
*** Sargun has quit IRC15:29
*** harryl has joined #maemo15:29
*** user__ has joined #maemo15:30
*** luck^ has joined #maemo15:30
*** user__ has left #maemo15:32
*** tolou has joined #maemo15:34
*** Cptn-N800 has left #Maemo15:38
*** Cptn-N801 has joined #Maemo15:39
*** Cptn-N801 has left #Maemo15:39
*** henrique has joined #maemo15:40
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo15:40
*** hellwolf_ has joined #maemo15:40
*** minti has joined #maemo15:45
*** christefano has quit IRC15:45
*** kcome has quit IRC15:47
*** bstock_ is now known as bstock15:48
*** m-c has joined #maemo15:50
*** briand has quit IRC15:53
*** briand has joined #maemo15:53
*** hellwolf has quit IRC15:55
*** ravious has joined #maemo15:56
raviousAnyone know of any os projects working with the n770's other than maemo?15:57
johnxravious, are you interested in working on nit-debian for the n770?15:58
*** Wikier has quit IRC15:59
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo15:59
raviouseh, i prolly wouldnt be much help, not much of a dev15:59
zapwhat LED is controlled via /sys/class/leds/cover/ ?15:59
johnxeven being able to test it and say "works" "doesn't work" would be helpful. if you're interested you should give it a shot15:59
johnxif you're not interested, that's fine too15:59
*** chenca has joined #maemo15:59
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC16:00
XTLiI might be if I had a 77016:00
raviousmay as well, im always lookin for an excuse to reflash16:01
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo16:01
johnxravious, great, do you have a clear rs-mmc card? if so, how big?16:02
*** RST38h has quit IRC16:02
raviousi've got 64mb on this one, i could prolly get another one if needed16:03
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo16:03
*** harryl is now known as kcome16:04
johnxer...sorry if I got your hopes up, but debian needs a little more space than that16:04
*** RST38h has joined #maemo16:04
RST38hmoo, all16:04
*** SDuensin has joined #Maemo16:05
lophytemorning all16:08
johnxhey lophyte16:09
lophytewhats up?16:09
johnxnot too much16:09
johnxjust saying hi16:09
summatusmentismmph... I should wake up earlier16:09
lophytecool :)16:09
* lcuk_work w00ts for no particular reason16:10
JaffaLooks like Google Calendar is going to get offline mode using Gears - a small app to read the offline database and generatealarems on the tablets would be cool16:10
lophyteI'm waiting (im)patiently for my BT GPS16:10
lcuk_workjaffa, but gears is tied into the webcache in their format and not in a portable format is it?16:10
hrwJaffa: does gears is available in other form then browser plugin?16:10
* hrw does not use gears as there is no 64bit firefox plugin16:10
RST38hlcuk: isnt it using standard sqlite?16:11
lcuk_workactually, i shouldnt get involved with this discussion.  back later after work16:11
*** turbo has joined #maemo16:11
* RST38h periodically has to spend time removing gears when some sneaky google applet installs it16:11
lcuk_workRST38h, might be, but i thought the data was internal formats rather than public sml type formats - sincei ts internal and not expected to be used by apps behind the gears framework?16:12
RST38has long as it is relational you can cook it any way you like16:12
lcuk_workarghh back later16:12
RST38hand sqlite = relational16:12
*** fab has quit IRC16:13
*** briand has quit IRC16:13
*** efleury has joined #maemo16:13
RST38hanybody else sees a background process from google when gears is installed?16:13
*** LoCusF has joined #maemo16:13
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo16:16
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo16:16
*** sjgadsby has joined #maemo16:19
RST38hrm_you, are you here?16:20
*** minti has quit IRC16:23
*** EspeonEefi has quit IRC16:23
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC16:25
*** sxpert has quit IRC16:26
*** Astro has quit IRC16:26
*** bilboed-tp has quit IRC16:26
*** rsalveti has quit IRC16:26
*** sxpert has joined #maemo16:26
Khertan_TheRealRST38h ? google gear ? background process ? sneaky applet install it ??? with Windows Google Desktop ?16:28
*** turbo has quit IRC16:28
*** turbo has joined #maemo16:28
*** vik__ has joined #maemo16:29
MangoFusionis it a bad background process?16:30
*** jegp has joined #maemo16:30
Khertan_TheRealbackground process are always evil ...16:31
Khertan_TheRealelse they won't be hide in background ...16:31
johnxthat's why I hate init16:31
johnxit's always messing with me16:32
*** lele has joined #maemo16:32
johnxstarting other stuff16:32
johnxdie init, die16:32
*** jpuderer has quit IRC16:32
Khertan_TheRealrm it ... :)16:32
johnxi would but I didn't trust rm so I deleted it :/16:33
MangoFusionjust wget or curl it from a reputable maemo repository16:34
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo16:35
crashanddiewe're lucky something like background processes exist16:36
*** Astro has joined #maemo16:36
crashanddieI don't know about you guys, but I don't want a terminal for each and every of the services/apps that run on my computer16:36
XTLiTrusted computing with MS-DOS - no background processes16:39
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo16:40
* jott installs a tsr onto XTLi :P16:41
RST38hkhertan: apparently16:41
RST38hkhertan: I installed google earth plugin and after that found that a background process is always running on my mahine16:42
*** matt_c_ has quit IRC16:42
RST38hlooked closely and found that it comes from google dir and is marked with google gears related signature string16:42
RST38hkikled it dead but then it somehow appeared again16:43
*** vik_ has quit IRC16:43
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo16:44
*** turbo has quit IRC16:45
*** povbot has joined #maemo17:01
nelsonShould diablo's /tmp be only 512kb?   Because I can't install maemo-mapper as the install file won't fit in /tmp17:03
*** Atarii has joined #maemo17:03
XTLi<3 tmpfs17:05
XTLiI'd suggest using apt/appmanager to install it17:06
*** bef0rd has quit IRC17:06
XTLiAlternatively, you could use something ele to dl the installer. I presume it's a browser putting it to /tmp17:07
*** turbo has quit IRC17:07
*** turbo has joined #maemo17:07
*** hellwolf_ has quit IRC17:11
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo17:11
Tu13eshm, I just got my n800 back after not having it for over a year. is there any good resource for repositoris or a good list of apps?17:19
crashanddieTu13es, maemo extras is where all the fun happens17:19
Tu13esi like fun!17:20
XTLiThere's repo lists in somewhere17:20
XTLiFor a given os vintage17:21
Tu13esyeah, i looked briefly but couldn't find it17:21
Tu13esthough I am an idiot17:21
XTLiI'm sure you'll come across them17:21
crashanddieyou're using a n800, you can't be that much of an idiot17:21
*** sbodo_w has joined #maemo17:22
crashanddienow, if you had an n810, it would be even better17:22
crashanddieI know, that's a bold statement17:22
crashanddiebut it is easily proved17:22
crashanddieby lcuk's IQ and mine combined hitting the 300 easily :P17:23
*** ravious has quit IRC17:23
*** minti has joined #maemo17:24
summatusmentishah, then I picked the right model :)17:24
Atariijohnx would debian for 770 fit on a 1gb card?17:26
*** minti has quit IRC17:26
*** minti has joined #maemo17:26
*** briand has joined #maemo17:26
XTLiI'd say it should fit17:27
XTLiThat's a fair bit of space on any base system17:27
Blafaselandre___: That page is great imo17:27
*** turbo has quit IRC17:28
*** eocanha has quit IRC17:28
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC17:28
andre___Blafasel, thanks! just a first version, mostly copied and stolen from other places. :)17:29
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo17:30
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC17:31
*** Dar_LAB has quit IRC17:31
*** zap has quit IRC17:31
Jaffalcuk_work: can't be that hard to reverse engineer a date & time, compared with - say - DSP access ;-)17:32
X-FadeJaffa: wiki cert fixed.17:33
Blafaselandre___: Read that remark, but it's a nice start anyway.17:34
andre___yeah. that was the triagers' part. now to the reporters themselves...17:36
*** tkharju has quit IRC17:38
*** minti has quit IRC17:39
*** tufei has quit IRC17:40
*** tufei has joined #maemo17:40
Tu13eswtf, trying to instal python 2.5, says to run apt-get, when I run it it says "blahblah problems, you may want to run apt-get to fix these problems"17:43
sp3000read more carefully17:44
Tu13esyeah, apt-get update17:44
Tu13esis what I ran and what it tells me to do17:44
*** trickie is now known as trickie|away17:45
Stskeepsapt-get -f install? :P17:45
lophyte"fixing problems" is usually ap...yeah what Stskeeps said17:45
sp3000sounds different, I guess17:45
sp3000but, pastebin17:45
lcuk_workjaffa, :) of course its not, but the date and time is a tiny part of the way it all fits together.  it might just be extractable simply but it would be a lot more difficult getting something bi directional: we would be just as good looking at the xml feed for a calendar?17:47
*** briand has quit IRC17:48
*** briand has joined #maemo17:48
*** harryl has joined #maemo17:49
*** lmoura has joined #maemo17:50
Tu13eshm, pb:
*** pleemans has quit IRC17:51
qwerty12That's nothing. ignore it.17:51
Tu13esdoes it not fail apt-get update then?17:51
qwerty12No, apt-get ignores the message and carries on getting the list of Packages of the server. It only fails when there is an error (E:), not a warning (W:)17:52
Tu13esah, gotcha17:52
Tu13esthx qwerty12 :)17:52
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:53
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:54
*** VimSi has quit IRC17:57
*** eton_ has joined #maemo18:00
*** churl has joined #maemo18:03
*** VimS has joined #maemo18:04
*** XTLi has left #maemo18:04
*** jnettlet has quit IRC18:04
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo18:04
*** kcome has quit IRC18:07
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo18:07
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC18:07
*** briand has quit IRC18:08
*** briand has joined #maemo18:09
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo18:11
Jaffalcuk_work: don't want bidirectional though: with Gears the offline app would be the same as the online one; the only question is how to make it function as a reminder tool in addition to a review/edit/maintain tool18:14
*** jpuderer has quit IRC18:16
*** zfigz has joined #maemo18:17
zfigzanyone know how to replace the apps in the communications tab the web tab18:18
*** eichi has joined #maemo18:18
zfigzer the tab below the web tab18:18
*** eton has quit IRC18:18
*** ccooke has joined #maemo18:18
qwerty12Oh, the communication tab? Search for personal menu.18:18
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo18:19
mikkov_How do I get sdl application name to show up in task switcher? I have tried all the tricks I could think/find of and only got <unnamed>...18:22
rm_youRST38h: yo18:22
rm_youlcuk_work: yo18:22
rm_youjott: yo18:22
jotthey rm_you18:22
Jaffamikkov_: ExecWMClass IIRC18:22
rm_youjott: you try out the UPC database thing yet? :P18:22
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo18:23
qwerty12Hmm, is it possible to extract an msi in Linux? I don't feel like rebooting into Windows.18:24
RST38bisrm_you: got a little suggestion18:24
mikkov_Jaffa: that's how I got to that <unnamed> part. I've tried couple of other sdl apps and none of them show real app name in task switcher18:24
rm_youqwerty12: wine?18:24
JaffaX-Fade: yay, SSL cert fixed! :-)18:25
zfigzqwerty, search for personal menu?18:25
qwerty12rm_you: Yeah, I'll have to install universal extractor in wine >.<18:25
qwerty12zfigz: google18:25
zfigzn810 personal menu?18:26
*** turbo has joined #maemo18:26
jottrm_you: not found an item that is in the db yet :P18:27
* jott does not have all this vagina stuff18:27
rm_youjott: did you actually GET the db? :P18:27
rm_youjust checking :P18:27
rm_youI linked it a couple times18:27
*** eton_ has quit IRC18:28
qwerty12mikkov_: tried SDL_WM_SetCaption?18:28
*** briand has quit IRC18:28
jott~lart nokia for not providing md5sum18:28
* infobot beats nokia senseless with a 50lb Unix manual for not providing md5sum18:28
qwerty12penguinbait has a binary available18:29
Khertan_TheRealjott > i can send u an python md5 version if u want :)18:29
rm_youis there a more complete UPC db?18:30
jottrm_you: no i don't think so18:30
jottwould be great to support xmlrpc for it to submit entries18:30
jottKhertan_TheReal: heh yeah well not that important ;)18:30
jottthanks anyway18:30
rm_youi will start on an amazon scraping for ISBNs18:30
*** eton has joined #maemo18:30
rm_youi think18:30
mikkov_qwerty12: yeah I have that. If you know any sdl app which can show other than <unnamed> in task switcher, I could take a look from there18:31
rm_yougetting data for any book/cd would be good18:31
jottrm_you: there are mainly uk/us products in the db..18:31
qwerty12UK's good for me ;)18:31
rm_youyeah, noticed...18:32
mikkov_I have tested tyrian, hex-a-hop and fred18:32
jottqwerty12: just try it out and have some fun waving items in front of your n8x0 ;)18:32
rm_youbarely saw any items with german or any other language names18:32
rm_youqwerty12: download these two files:
qwerty12Thanks rm_you, grabbing now :)18:32
rm_youthe bz2 unpacks to about 100mmb18:33
rm_youyoull have to put it on an sd card and symlink it into place18:33
qwerty12Ouch, I've only got 50 MB left :/18:33
rm_youtotal, on every storage device?18:33
qwerty12Well, I threw away my 1GB because dmesg was reporting IO errors on it, and my 8GB's only got 50MB left. Got nothing else, I'll see what I can delete off it.18:34
*** eton_ has joined #maemo18:36
*** wnight has quit IRC18:36
hrwqwerty12: high-speed mmc kernel?18:36
*** wnight has joined #maemo18:37
*** mbuf has quit IRC18:37
qwerty12hrw: Yeah, but the card was failing anyway.18:37
hrwmikkov_: icebreaker?18:37
*** hellwolf-n800 has quit IRC18:38
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo18:40
*** __t has joined #maemo18:41
mikkov_hrw: icebreaker seems to use that games startup screen, so it's not pure sdl18:43
*** turbo has quit IRC18:44
*** turbo has joined #maemo18:44
__tnee, ich habe vorgestern zuletzt mit random gequatscht und der hatte die zugangs daten noch nicht18:45
jottmikkov_: see "Application name"18:46
crashanddieReading a CV, I see: "Married with two children aged 9 and 12."18:46
crashanddienow that's ambiguous :D18:46
*** jegp has joined #maemo18:46
__toops, wrong window18:46
jottmikkov_: important part is the desktop file with "StartupWMClass="18:47
hrwcrashanddie: english is strange sometimes18:47
jottmikkov_: and putenv("SDL_VIDEO_X11_WMCLASS=....");18:47
mikkov_jott: thanks, but with those instruction I got <unnamed>. Are those really supposed to work?18:48
crashanddiehrw, agreed18:48
mikkov_I have also osso_initialize()18:49
jottmikkov_: yes18:49
jottmikkov_: SDL_WM_SetCaption("title", NULL); for the title18:49
jottmikkov_: the wmclass for the task manager18:49
jottugly but true18:49
*** Sargun has joined #maemo18:49
jottoh and when changing video modes yo usually have to set the caption again..18:50
*** dougt has joined #maemo18:50
*** RST38bis has quit IRC18:50
rm_youcrashanddie: lol, I think he needs a comma :P18:51
rm_youqwerty12 / jott: eh?18:51
hrwcrashanddie: imagine comma after 'Married' and it will sounds better18:51
qwerty12rm_you: I don't remember saying anything :/18:51
crashanddieyeah yeah, I know18:52
crashanddiebut it's just funny18:52
rm_youyeah, asking for progress :P18:52
mikkov_what it has to be exactly ("title",NULL)? what's the point, i wonder. but thanks I try that18:52
rm_youneed someone else to test UPC thing, so far has only worked for me :P18:52
qwerty12rm_you: My progress is null as the shitty kernel seems to have a problem with power to the usb when my battery is low :/18:53
rm_youplug in? :P18:53
qwerty12I'll have to wait for the battery charge to go up as well :/18:53
*** Sargun has quit IRC18:53
*** eton has quit IRC18:54
*** wazd has quit IRC18:55
*** Sargun has joined #maemo18:56
*** eton has joined #maemo18:56
zfigzso is there no way of putting apps into the communications tab?18:57
zfigzi only use mail  inside of it18:57
jottzfigz: take a look at personal menu18:58
zfigzis that an app?18:58
jottrm_you: i have yet to find an item that is in the db :P18:58
jottzfigz: yes18:58
rm_youjott: lol, and you actually have the correct DB file? :P18:58
jottyeah i checked with upcdatabase.com18:59
rm_youjott: i found out that i had misplaced it the first time so nothing i scanned came up ;P18:59
jotti just fetched it from the above url again18:59
rm_youjott: scan something on your monitor? :P18:59
rm_youit works18:59
rm_youalso, i think scanning was working very reliably before, but recently it got much harder for it to scan something :/18:59
jottyeah i know18:59
rm_younot sure why18:59
*** eton_ has quit IRC19:00
jottwhat have you broken? :P19:00
rm_youalso, still annoyed about camera not flipping :P need to figure out how to fix that bug19:00
rm_youit scans upside down :P that is neat BTW19:00
rm_youn800, rotate camera = image upsidedown19:00
jottyeah it should do 0,90,180,270 degree rotations just fine19:00
rm_youvery annoying for trying to arrange camera19:00
* jott installs kbarcode19:03
jottyour lookup does not really work :P19:03
*** alextreme has joined #maemo19:04
jottjust picked randomly 0000416010778 and it just shows two blank lines..19:04
jottGot UPC data. filling strings...19:04
*** danilocesar has joined #maemo19:05
*** zap has joined #maemo19:05
*** dannym has joined #maemo19:05
rm_youis it in the DB?19:05
jottyeah i just picked something from the db19:06
lcuk_workRST38h, no i havent.  i might have got it working last night but its a bit hazy :S19:06
rm_youhrm worked here19:06
rm_youjust scanned this page19:06
lcuk_workrm_you, will test later19:06
rm_youlcuk_work: k19:06
rm_youthat barcode scanned properly19:06
lcuk_workhey, rm_you - do you have rizlas as well :D19:07
rm_youlol no :P19:07
rm_youstill had page open from you :P19:07
lcuk_workonly pullin ya leg, i kremember that par tof the conversation, and what i searched for after :D19:07
* lcuk_work will print out some special barcodes to take to the maemo summit19:07
rm_youjott: i am able to hit the "random item" link a lot19:08
rm_youand they all scan here19:08
*** turbo has quit IRC19:08
rm_youjott: did you bunzip the db? :P19:08
rm_yousounds like it is just finding blanks19:08
*** turbo has joined #maemo19:08
lcuk_workjott, are you shooting blanks then?19:09
RST38hrm: returning to the topic, can you add two more sliders?19:09
rm_youRST38h: ?19:09
rm_youfor what, in what?19:09
jottrm_you: yes i unzipped it :P19:09
rm_youjott: lol19:09
rm_youjott: well19:09
RST38hrm: min/max cpu clock? in adv backlight or a new applet that shows cpu temp?19:09
rm_youRST38h: hrm19:09
rm_youCPU now...19:10
*** ab has joined #maemo19:10
lcuk_workand when it gets to 100deg can we make it whistle like a kettle?19:10
*** lindever__ has quit IRC19:10
rm_youseems like that is something that should be handled maybe by osso_statusbar_cpu?19:10
RST38hlcuk: 100oF I assume?19:10
RST38hyou: I dont think so19:10
rm_youjott: that is very odd19:10
jotthehe all-in-one-statusbar :)19:11
lcuk_workc more like19:11
rm_youlcuk_work: you have n800?19:11
RST38hstatusbarcpu is unlikely to add it any time soon19:11
lcuk_workno, what would i type  on?19:11
rm_youdownload these two files:
*** zfigz has quit IRC19:11
rm_youyou can shove the upc3.db file on an mmc and symlink it into the directory with the executable19:11
rm_youas it is 100mb unpacked19:12
RST38hlcuk: what do you do to omap to get it this hot?=)19:12
jotti guess something like cpu temp/clock would be fine in load applet or so19:12
lcuk_workill just run the binary from mmc19:12
rm_youok 71mb19:12
rm_youheh ok19:12
lcuk_worklater when im home that is19:12
lcuk_workhow confident is the scanning ow?19:12
lcuk_workis it better than my typing?19:13
rm_youscanning from my LCD monitor and it is working instantly and accurately19:13
rm_youdepends a lot on lighting19:13
RST38hrm: so any chance of that?=)19:13
lcuk_workk, ill wait for a storm to test19:13
rm_youRST38h: seems like that is out of the scope of our project :/19:14
rm_youLike, it would be neat, yes19:14
RST38hrm: maybe a sister applet?19:14
rm_youwe are not only getting a larger than intended memory footprint, but also RUNNING OUT OF SCREENSPACE! :P19:14
lcuk_workan info/status applet would be more practical19:14
lcuk_workinfact, personally wouldnt temp guages and stuff be better as simple desktop thingies19:15
rm_youwhat about an applet that lets you add "modules" in the form of oneliner shell commands19:15
rm_youand then you can check/uncheck them in options, and it just tiles them (two labels each, identifier and result)19:15
RST38hyou: it already exists19:15
rm_youwhat is it called?19:15
lcuk_workinstall this cool extension to rm_yous applet:    "rm -rf /"   or whatever syntax is19:15
jottbut probably not with my status bar menu framework :P19:15
RST38hyou: statusbarcpu or some clone of it lets you do that19:16
lcuk_workcatchy name dont you agree? :D19:16
qwerty12I'm waiting for it to be added to liqbase :P19:17
jottlcukapproved? ;)19:17
RST38hneeds dashes19:17
rm_youRST38h: does it display whatever shell command you give it?19:17
RST38hyou: think so. nosliders though19:17
lcuk_workqwerty12, other way round, ive gotta make an extension framework, but i want cpu freq throttling and clock and brightness and other stuff ;)19:17
andre___eeks, who created the Advanced Backlight product in Maemo Bugzilla?19:18
* lcuk_work hopes to simply replace x11 in the longrun and use the precreated extensions19:18
jottandre___: i think timeless19:18
*** vik__ has quit IRC19:18
X-FadeLol, nice ;)19:18
jottwe approved it though ;)19:19
andre___jott: hmm, okay. then i will not complain, he knows what he does :)19:19
lcuk_workback later19:19
*** sbodo_w has quit IRC19:19
jottandre___: garage projects should use bugzilla in the future if they want to..19:19
andre___just wondering whether having a category-kind-of product would make more sense instead of having a product for each module19:19
jottwe are one of the pet projects / beta testers ;)19:20
andre___jott, sure, i can only underline that :)19:20
*** eton_ has joined #maemo19:20
andre___ok, if the community wants this, here we go. was just wondering :)19:20
rm_youIt is exciting, yes? :P19:20
rm_youDid you nearly have a heart attack? :)19:20
andre___not really. :-)19:21
dougtis there any way to get the osso_context_t from a random bit of code, or do you have to pass it everywhere you want to use it?19:21
andre___the more community, the less i have to work ;-))19:21
*** zfigz has joined #maemo19:21
zfigzCan you guys recommend the best dictionary for maemo?19:22
andre___uff. bug 3474 is another techy report that i don't get. i should have become a hacker... :-)19:22
*** mk8 has quit IRC19:22
jottzfigz: as an application stardict does a pretty good job. the dictionary quality itself depends on your language and the availablilty of a free dictionary ..19:23
zfigzenglish :P19:23
zfigzand there isn't a torrent downloader yet is there?19:24
jotti thought someone packaged transmission?19:25
rm_youzfigz: there is a port of transmission19:26
*** ab has quit IRC19:26
Jaffaandre___: the use of garage projects in Bugzilla shouldn't be restricted to only having a single component, though. For example, "mediautils" is a single garage project but having 2 components: mediaserv and tablet-encode.19:26
zfigzwoo, gonna have to find it19:27
andre___Jaffa, sure, i fully agree19:27
rm_youit will be interesting19:27
rm_youI wish we had gotten into bugzilla a few weeks ago though...19:27
rm_youback when we actually HAD bugs :P19:27
* rm_you knocks on wood19:27
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo19:29
*** briand has joined #maemo19:29
*** turbo has quit IRC19:30
oilinkiis there an application which would improve the home-button on tablet? I'm looking for something  that would give both the running applications and a list of 'my selection' applications at one go?19:32
* Jaffa really wants to see a simplified bug creation form: I've /always/ hated Bugzilla, and some of the recent problems we've had (alias, target milestone, priority etc. set on creation by the reporter) show that it should be simple to capture bugs, and then enrichment can use the current monstrosity ;-)19:32
andre___rm_you, haha... we still have bugs. we do. :)19:32
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC19:35
*** hellwolf-n800 has joined #maemo19:35
*** eton has quit IRC19:36
hrwoilinki: hildon-desktop is opensourced - feel free to hack it19:40
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo19:40
hrwhave a nice evening all19:41
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone19:41
oilinkihrw|gone: well yes. if I just knew how :)19:41
rm_youjott: can you look at the datamatrix code?! >_>19:42
*** eton has joined #maemo19:42
jottrm_you: hmm :/ i'm not that motivated :P19:42
rm_youjott: i am still sad that it is broken when it is so close19:42
rm_youjott: so, it did not scan UPC/EAN from the upcdatabase site?19:43
*** jegp has quit IRC19:43
*** tobmaster has quit IRC19:43
jottrm_you: it did but the lables where set correct or what ever19:43
rm_youjott: right..19:43
jottit found something but it just showed blank lines19:43
jottwhere not set*19:44
jottnot looked at the code yet ;)19:44
rm_youyou need to install libsqlite3-019:44
rm_youforgot that19:44
jottit's installed :)19:45
*** t_s_o has quit IRC19:45
*** lindever__ has quit IRC19:45
jottas i said the db lookup *seems* to be performed19:45
jottbut the labels are just blank19:45
*** yerga has joined #maemo19:45
jott(it would not even launch with a missing lib ;)19:45
jottGot UPC data. filling strings...19:45
*** eton_ has quit IRC19:45
jottas i said not looked at the code and i don't think i'll manage it today.19:46
rm_youerr yeah but it should work19:46
rm_youany text after "filling strings"?19:46
jottupc: 114338030419:46
jottpackage: 5 x 5019:46
jottmmh it's empty there too19:46
*** overflok1 has joined #maemo19:47
rm_youpick a different item19:47
rm_youdo they all do that?19:48
jotti think so19:48
overflok1hi to all19:48
*** turbo has joined #maemo19:49
*** Mousey has joined #maemo19:50
*** briand has quit IRC19:51
andre___GeneralAntilles, - what depends on those three packages? how to get these warning messages too?19:52
*** danilocesar has quit IRC19:53
Blafaselandre___: Use the command given in the report19:54
Blafaselapt-get -f install as root19:54
crashanddieI have a 2 year degree I obtained after the equivalent to my A-level... How would I translate this ?19:54
crashanddieBachelor of Engineering ?19:54
crashanddie(I'm not really translating it, just want to give a rough idea)19:55
crashanddieHigher National Diploma ?19:55
*** churl has quit IRC19:56
*** dannym has quit IRC19:56
*** hfwilke has quit IRC19:57
*** hellwolf has quit IRC19:58
*** __t has quit IRC19:58
*** eton has quit IRC19:59
terbotportable cellular video camera anyone?20:03
*** jegp has joined #maemo20:04
Tu13escrashanddie: what's it say on your diploma? :P20:05
crashanddieBrevet de technicien supérieur - Informatique et réseaux pour l'industrie et les services techniques20:05
Tu13esno hablo francais20:05
crashanddieI wrote that, and said under it (Diploma in Computer Science and Network Engineering)20:05
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:06
crashanddieTu13es, sound good enough ?20:07
*** terbot is now known as terbo20:07
*** turbo has quit IRC20:07
Tu13esI'm confused20:07
Tu13esare you not in the US?20:07
*** turbo has joined #maemo20:07
Tu13eshere we generally have Associate, Bachelor, or Master programs20:07
crashanddiewhy would I be in the US ?20:08
Tu13esI figured that'd be the source of my confusion20:08
crashanddieno, I'm in France ATM20:08
*** EspeonEefi has joined #maemo20:09
rm_youjott: ok can you try a new executable? fixed some random stuff20:12
rm_youjott: redownload -O maemo-barcode20:12
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo20:13
*** TheAlien_ has quit IRC20:14
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:19
*** housetier has joined #maemo20:24
*** mgedmin has quit IRC20:24
*** hellwolf-n800 has quit IRC20:25
*** TheAlien has joined #maemo20:26
*** turbo has quit IRC20:27
*** jpuderer_ has joined #maemo20:27
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo20:27
housetierhello, I am from the c-base and will lurk around if you don't mind :)20:28
*** jpuderer has quit IRC20:29
*** florian has quit IRC20:31
*** hellwolf-n800 has joined #maemo20:31
terboportable internet camera anyone?20:31
Blafaselhousetier: Welcome ;)20:32
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo20:33
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo20:33
housetierwe are rather excited about having the summit happening at our place :)20:34
BlafaselI'm rather excited taking part (probably) and lurking offline..20:35
housetierif you are in berlin, you should come by anytime. it's a very cool place20:36
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC20:36
BlafaselYep, the homepage looks quite interesting. But it's Cologne for me..20:36
housetierBlafasel, I do recall your nick from somewhere else though...20:39
*** smyows has joined #maemo20:39
*** jegp has left #maemo20:39
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo20:40
BlafaselNo idea, I'm lurking in lots of places.. ;)20:40
*** dannym has joined #maemo20:43
*** dneary has joined #maemo20:43
*** dholbert has joined #maemo20:43
jotthousetier: i only have been at the bar a couple of times, never been on the other floors :)20:45
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo20:45
*** lcuk_work is now known as lcuk_eating20:48
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC20:49
housetierjott, when you come by next time, just ask a member if he/she would be willing to show you around20:49
housetierif you want to hear LOTS of stories, ask for "hein-c", he's been around from the very beginning20:50
* jott will try to keep that in mind :)20:50
jotthousetier: do you know where the main area for the summit will be?20:50
*** lsobral has joined #maemo20:50
jott(looking at :)20:51
Tu13esanyone remember what file I edit to enable the thing that locks the n800 and turns off the screen?20:51
Tu13esi forget what ti's called20:51
*** jpuderer__ has joined #maemo20:52
*** jpuderer_ has quit IRC20:52
housetierjott, the loungy stuff will happen in the mainhall. as for the talks and lectures, we rented extra rooms from the acting school next door. there will be plenty of room for 3 parallel tracks, chairs, flipcharts and wireless internet20:53
housetieralso we'll have a wardrobe, where you can drop your coats, bags, and stuff20:54
housetierthat'll be in the "ceminarraum"20:54
*** fab has joined #maemo20:56
*** Churl has joined #maemo20:56
mikkov_hey, does doxygen work for you in scratchbox armel target. I am getting segmentation fault20:56
jotthousetier: ah i see. just wondered how this all could fit in the main c-base area ;)20:58
housetierthat was the first problem we had to solve when Quim wanted to "book us"20:59
AtariiTu13es i was literally just reading your post on itt regarding chumby on 77020:59
Atariiis it still a no-go?20:59
*** ||cw has quit IRC21:00
Tu13esAtarii: *shrug*21:01
*** ||cw has joined #maemo21:01
Tu13esI finally got it working, but it could use a bit of work21:01
||cwchumby OS or just the applications?21:03
*** atlas95 has quit IRC21:04
*** herz1 has quit IRC21:04
*** budman is now known as budmang21:05
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo21:06
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo21:06
*** herzi has joined #maemo21:06
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo21:07
Stskeeps <- can I get some comments on this? :)21:07
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo21:07
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo21:07
*** jpuderer__ has quit IRC21:07
*** harryl has quit IRC21:08
lcuk_eatingStskeeps, its a url21:08
lcuk_eatingit has nits21:08
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, feature set is v.impressive :)21:09
Stskeepslcuk_eating: mm. nits21:09
*** lcuk_eating is now known as lcuk21:09
qwerty12_N800i've got an spare 3gb ext2 partition on my sd, must grab21:09
sjgadsbyIn the goal statement, it should be "...that is just as functional..." rather than "...that are just as functional..."21:09
Stskeepssjgadsby: ta, was wondering about that myself21:10
*** InHuMan2 has joined #maemo21:11
*** eton has joined #maemo21:11
lcukStskeeps, on that line, the whole tail end of the opener reads wrong a bit21:11
lcuksjgadsby, :) we havent spoken in irc from what i can recall21:13
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, just a note, in diablo, you don't have to remove the extra stuff.21:14
sjgadsbylcuk: I believe you're right. Hi!21:14
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: extra stuff?21:14
qwerty12_N800yep :)21:14
* lcuk is smiling today21:14
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: changed21:15
* lcuk can see nice fast nokia graphics soon21:15
lcuk(well, as much as someone outside nokia can see)21:15
* qwerty12_N800 quite liked the response from nokia21:16
lcukyer i do as well21:17
rm_youlcuk: WTF21:17
rm_youlcuk: if I have an int pointer and i need to set an int to the VALUE of that pointer21:17
rm_youit is like21:17
rm_youappdata->last_upc_value = *(resultlist[vote]);21:17
dannymStskeeps, you might want to change the link saying "" to <> for convenience :)21:18
lcukis resultlist an int *?21:18
rm_youassuming appdata->last_upc_value is just an int21:18
lcukor is resultlist an array of int *21:18
dnearyhey ho21:18
rm_youint *resultlist[MAX_VOTES];21:18
lcukshow me the definition line for resultlist21:18
lcukan array of int pointers21:18
lcukwhat are you expecting it to be21:18
rm_youan array of int pointers21:19
*** sergio has quit IRC21:19
dnearyWhen's the sprint meeting? I'm not in my usual timezone21:19
lcukwhy do you need an array of pointers to int (int==32bit value, a pointer==32bit value) just make it an array oif ints?21:19
lcukdneary, :)21:19
rm_youlcuk: blame jott21:19
rm_youlcuk: it is not my dealie :P21:19
lcuklol is latest in svn?21:20
rm_youin a sec21:20
lcukit will help with context21:20
rm_youmaemo-barcode.c line 545ish21:20
dannymrm_you, "the VALUE of that pointer" is the address that is in the slot of the variable? I guess you mean "the value of the slot that is referenced BY the pointer":)21:20
Stskeepsdannym: done, ta21:21
rm_you*(resultlist[vote]) should get the VALUE of the int thats pointer is in resultlist[vote]21:21
rm_youi thought21:21
rm_yousomething there isn't working right21:21
*** GNUton has joined #maemo21:21
rm_youlcuk: i HATE pointers <_<21:21
lcukthat should work21:22
lcuki believe, its dirty but is legal c as far as i know, lemme just see it in context21:22
rm_youlcuk: then tell me why it ISNT21:22
lcukwhats actually going wrong though21:22
rm_youline 56221:22
dannymrm_you: which repository?21:22
rm_youdannym: maemo-barcode21:22
rm_youlcuk: if i replace21:23
rm_youappdata->last_upc_value = *(resultlist[vote]);21:23
rm_youappdata->last_upc_value = 5;21:23
rm_youit prints 5 when i do printf("Last upc: %d\n", appdata->last_upc_value);21:23
rm_youif i leave it as is, it always prints 021:23
lcukok, what value does "vote" hold21:23
rm_youerm, some int21:24
rm_youappdata->label_text = (gchar *) number_to_string (resultlist[vote]); <---- works21:24
rm_youstatic const char * number_to_string (int *number);21:24
lcukok readin code now21:25
*** housetier has quit IRC21:25
lcukfirstly, there are bugs where you can go beyond the MAX_VOTES array limit21:25
lcukahhh no, just silly indenting ;)21:26
rm_youjott! all jott! blame jott! :P21:26
rm_youi have no idea about his stuff21:26
rm_youall of my code is within that one if block21:26
*** __t has joined #maemo21:27
jottit's a list of ints..21:28
rm_youjott: ! :P21:28
jotta list of chars would be equally fine21:28
rm_youjott: it's a list of int pointers21:28
rm_yougetting the value of the right one should be: *(resultlist[vote])21:28
jottthis should give you a pointer to a int[13] array..21:29
jottthe first value of it21:29
rm_youGAH what!?21:29
dannymrm_you, as I read the code that would get you the first digit :)21:30
rm_youit isn't just an int?!21:30
rm_youwill write a converter function21:30
jottas it's 13 digits not one  number21:30
rm_youit CAN be one number21:30
dannymah, the C array / pointer ambiguouty... gotta love C :)21:31
jott000001 != 121:31
*** TheAlien_ has joined #maemo21:31
rm_youyeah well, the database doesn't discern21:31
rm_youit was unavoidable21:31
rm_youunless i wanted to spend like 5 more hours generating it21:31
rm_youand it takes less space21:31
lcukthats because your database contains a char[255] for the key :P21:31
rm_youno, it contains varchar(13) as the key21:32
rm_youbut it apparently IGNORED that when converting from sqlite2 -> sqlite3 via .dump21:32
rm_youbut it takes less space this way anyway21:32
rm_youand doesnt matter21:32
rm_youdrop leading zeroes21:32
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC21:32
rm_youwon't change anything21:32
rm_youjott: i still hate your indentation method. so used to tabs <_<21:33
rm_youand so much less backspacing <_<21:33
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC21:33
jottpft.. i would indent differently with c++ or java code :P21:33
jottif that helps you ,)21:33
* lcuk noticed the indenting as well. thank god for having a decent ide21:34
summatusmentisyou indent with spacing?21:34
jottyes, tabs are evil :P21:35
dannymrm_you, depending on how long you need the value of "last_upc_value" to be valid, it may suffice to just change the type of "last_upc_value" to "int*" having it store the beginning of the array in resultlist :)21:35
infobotsummatusmentis meant: you indent with spaces?21:35
summatusmentisjott: gross21:35
rm_youdannym: yeah i just didnt understand what exactly was in the resultset apparently21:35
rm_youit is nasty21:35
rm_youand he converts all the code he touches :P21:35
rm_youi should start converting it back :P lol21:35
||cwtabs are better for spacing, lets the viewer choose how many "spaces" for na indent, and uses less file space too21:36
BlafaselI stick to spaces as well21:36
dannymhaha the eternal spaces vs. tab issue :D21:36
* rm_you agrees with ||cw 21:36
lcukreal men dont indent21:36
rm_youlcuk: then real men don't code python? :P21:36
dannymwrite all the code in one line ;)21:36
jott||cw: actually the compressed file size is usually smaller with spaces :P21:37
lcukrm_you, i agree, its only girls that code in python for a long time :P21:37
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo21:37
||cwjott: code doens't live compressed21:38
lcukyes it does.  svn compresses doesnt it?21:38
lcukor git?21:38
*** dneary has quit IRC21:38
jott||cw: sure it does, every .tar.gz is compressed21:38
lmouralcuk, rm_you: real men code in relays:
*** InHuMan2 has quit IRC21:39
||cwlcuk: those are archives, not live21:39
lcukrelays, isn't that what young shipper snappers use in place of valves?21:39
Churllcuk: my girl codes c++21:39
||cwand svn and git do more than compress, they delta as well21:39
lcukChurl, you're girl is intelligent then :)21:40
Churlbut I have trouble programing my TI-85 graphing calculator21:40
dannymlmoura, wow that thing must be really loud when operating... *click*  *click* *click* argh :)21:40
*** smancke has joined #maemo21:40
Churlshe has math tattoos21:40
lcukand reads xkcd no doubt21:40
Churloh yeah21:40
lcukask her if she will marry me21:40
Churlhold on, want me to get her to join?21:40
Churllol hold on21:41
derfTell her C++ is an awful language.21:41
* lcuk will run away screaming if he ever meets a girl for real21:41
*** skmurphy has joined #maemo21:41
rm_youwhat is MAX_LONG on tablet?21:41
lcukc++ on the tablet is awful, it takes about 5x longer to compile simple little modules21:41
skmurphyI was summoned for a marriage proposal?21:41
lcukskmurphy, you have a trigger for people getting married?21:42
Tu13esmine reads xkcd but no code :P21:42
rm_youlcuk: called out :P21:42
lcuksome people have the strangest things programmed in21:42
lcukrm_you, i wonder how my real woman would feel :P21:42
* rm_you just hopes this channel doesn't turn into A/S/L spam21:43
lcukrm_you, we dont need to: we know you are 21/f/usa21:43
skmurphya/s/l/programming language of choice?21:43
rm_youlcuk: lol21:43
jaskaasn.1 spam21:43
rm_youmy pride, it almost felt that :P21:43
Churl26/M/ATL TI-8521:44
lcukreally, just no21:44
jaskaactive template library?21:44
rm_youI did TI-BASIC on 83... and 89... 85!?21:44
skmurphyIs there a difference between the 89 and 85?21:44
Churlit's what I had in middle school21:44
skmurphyI just used it to cheat on tests =/21:44
Churlyeah my bro had one21:44
rm_youwell, I knew the 89 existed, that's one difference21:44
skmurphyI never wrote anything neat21:44
lcukmy god if this is what its gonna turn out like im not gonna code up my maemo-spy program21:45
Churlit was better in a few ways21:45
sp3000the xx in TI-xx is the a in asl rather :P21:45
skmurphychurl, I know that - I meant as far as programing stuff on it21:45
rm_youlcuk: compiling profiles on all irc members via intelligent log parsing? :P21:45
sp3000through some obscure mapping21:45
Tu13esanyone know how to add Sleep mode or whatever the n800 lacks?21:45
lcuki was *hoping* to build up a tiny video wall of maemo users live cam images, but if you are all gonna get hot n steamy i wont bother21:45
*** TheAlien has quit IRC21:45
rm_youheh... hrm21:46
skmurphyi thought we'd moved past hot and steamy and on to Texas Instruments (they do say there's a fetish for everything on the internet, though)21:46
qwerty12_N800lcuk, nice pun21:46
rm_youmy convert_number function fails, hard21:46
lcuki have my camera showing me 25mini video images in a scrollable wall: i wanted a semi frequently updating view to allow a group to interact21:46
lcukRule 3421:46
Churldinosaur comics!21:46
* lcuk facepalms21:47
*** gentooer has joined #maemo21:47
rm_youmy convert_number function fails, hard.21:48
rm_youerr damnit21:48
rm_youanyway, what is max long?21:48
rm_youapparently, less than 13 digits <_<21:48
lcuk2^32-1 or somethin21:48
lcukmuchly so21:49
rm_youis there an int64?21:49
*** shackan has joined #maemo21:49
lcukyes, but are you sure you can handle it?21:49
rm_youtoo much int?21:49
lcukMOAR int21:49
jottrm_you: something like x=0; for(i=0;i<13;i++) x+=10*i+num[12-i]; ?21:49
lcukim not sure if long longs compile on this system21:50
lcukand i havent used them for a while21:50
||cwbecareful when overclocking your int's21:50
lcukyou would be better keeping the UPN key as a string21:50
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo21:50
dannymrm_you, yes, "unsigned long long" ...21:50
rm_youwould that be %lld in printf? :P21:50
lcukdannym, im not so sure it compiles properly, i tried using it in a loop: so i could copy 64bits at a time21:51
lcukit blew chunks21:51
* lcuk watches with interest tho21:51
dannymrm_you, yes21:51
* lcuk goes and tries somethin21:52
rm_yougah now WHY is it doing THIS21:53
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC21:54
*** _freelikegnu has quit IRC21:54
*** _freelikegnu has joined #maemo21:54
lcukdannym, pointer math should work with ull as normal shouldnt it?21:55
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo21:56
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo21:57
dannymlcuk, hmm... it doesn't work here...21:58
lcuki didnt think i was going mad21:58
lcukso ull values can be held but not copied?21:58
*** pH5 has joined #maemo21:58
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: you playing with debian?21:59
lcukdannym, this code fails to work no matter what i try for the 64bit copy (ive tried doubles and ull)
dannymlcuk, I meant that "unsigned long* position", then "(char*) (position + 1 - position)" is 1... weird...21:59
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, i'm setting it up. i've installed initfs, i'm getting svn now21:59
lcukif i remove the entire 64bit section it works properly, but with 64bit it cocks up22:00
*** wms has quit IRC22:01
lcuk(this is the core blitter within liqbase btw)22:01
RST38hlcuk: Are you doing it on ARM?22:02
lcukso is rm22:02
derfWhat's wrong with using memcpy?22:02
RST38hlcuk: then you are doing it slowly22:02
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: k, if there's any issues, just prod me22:03
rm_youlcuk: look at latest svn22:03
rm_youi am using long long22:03
RST38hlcuk: whatr is the smallest amount of data you would like to transfer?22:03
rm_youand it works great22:03
lcukok rm, will do soon.22:03
RST38hrm_you: Your bus is no wider than 32bits22:03
rm_youlcuk: no, i mean, for you :P everything is working perfectly22:03
RST38hrm_you: what the hell are you gonna win form using uuls? =)22:03
lcukbecause it goes upto 800 bytes22:04
RST38hlcuk: sure about 1byte thing?22:04
rm_youRST38h: ?22:04
lcuk]it takes arbitary width bitmaps/glyphs and copies them22:04
RST38hrm_you: Imagine what OMAP CPU looks on the inside22:04
rm_youi just wanted to store a 13 digit number in one int22:04
lcuksingle pixel glyphs22:04
lcukletter i22:04
RST38hrm_yous: It has a 32bit bus going to SDRAM22:04
rm_youit's cool, it works with long long22:04
rm_youi dont care about speed / etc22:04
RST38hMost likely even 16bit22:04
rm_younot calculating on it22:04
lcukits 3222:04
rm_youjust storing22:04
RST38hSo when you are using 64bit data it still gets copies in 32bit incremenets internally22:05
rm_youRST38h: don't care, it is only for storage22:05
lcukRST38h, totally understood22:05
RST38hthen there is no need to write such complicated code22:05
rm_youi'm not using it for math <_<22:05
rm_youit is very un-complicated now, due to use of long long :P22:05
lcukbut technically i can replace the 64bit block with SIMD instructions22:05
lcukand move 128bits22:05
RST38hyou can't22:05
RST38h32bit bus, lcuk22:06
RST38hyou are moving 32bit data22:06
lcukand? if i use 1 instruction instead of 2 and remove 1 add and remove 1 test to loop i save work22:06
RST38hok, should I tell you how to do it?22:06
lcukby all means show me the faster way.  at present it only does 32bit22:07
dannymlcdd, tried that code here and it works fine...22:07
RST38hall right, listen here:22:07
dannymdamn Xchat completion22:07
Tu13eswow, soft poweroff is broken in diablo? lame22:07
RST38hFirst of all, if it unaligned addresses or small amount of data, default to memcpy22:07
lcukit doesnt matter - ive tested on and off boundary22:08
lcukits negligable22:08
RST38hNow, if it is aligned src/dst addresses and largish amount of data...22:08
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo22:08
RST38hdo __asm {22:08
RST38hand in there, assign src and dst to two ARM registers and do ldmia/stmia in a loop22:08
RST38hthat will be the fastest it can get. on an arm. with 32bit memory bus.22:09
lcuk100% agree22:09
rm_youooo inline asm :P22:09
RST38hLet us see how much you can transfer in one pass of the loop:22:09
lcukbut then i cant use the code on x8622:09
RST38hlcuk: fuck x86, use memcpy there22:09
rm_youlcuk: yeah can optimize...22:09
RST38hx86 will survive22:10
lcukwhy? that works plenty quick enough22:10
rm_you#ifdef ARM22:10
RST38hlet us see...22:10
rm_youand do asm22:10
RST38hYou can make use of R1..R1222:10
rm_youdo memcpy22:10
RST38hR0..R12 rather22:10
RST38hbecause you are not using any local data, R12 is ok to trash22:10
lcuki know i can make use of an awful lot - the asm is very muchly like 68k22:10
RST38hR0..R3 are temporaries anyway, R0=dst, R1=src, R2=cunt22:10
RST38hcount, sorry :)22:10
derfI mean, seriously, have you tested memcpy()?22:11
RST38hR4..R11 you will have to save22:11
RST38hwhich gives us R3..R11 = 9 registers to play with22:11
derfIt should check for alignment and do something not too unreasonable on all platforms.22:11
RST38hhere is what you do:22:11
*** skmurphy has left #maemo22:11
smyowshave alternative for wayfinde maps?22:11
lcukderf, no22:11
RST38hldmia r1!,{r3,r4,r5,r6,r7,r8,r9,r10,r11}22:12
RST38hstmia r0!,{r3,r4,r5,r6,r7,r8,r9,r10,r11}22:12
lcukRST38h, if i am using asm i will just use the SIMD instructions22:12
smyowswayfinder is so expensive to brazilian people22:12
lcukthats way to ragged22:12
RST38hsubs r2,r2,#(9*4)22:12
RST38hbne ==> to ldmia22:12
lcukand too much work for a genereal function that doesnt know specifically how much data it has22:12
RST38hlcuk: Once again: your SIMD instructions are no use22:12
lcukand is called for every single glyph on the screen22:12
lcuki would waste time loading it up for no reason22:13
RST38hlcuk: you are NOT using 64bit or 128bit data bus22:13
tank-mansmyows, there is maemo-mapper, but that doesnt do offline routing, but maybe you can use a palm os mapping app to generate routes and export to .gpx format and import that into maemo-mapper22:13
lcukno,but i ask it to move 128bits it will move them22:13
lcukeven if it takes 4 passes through the buss22:13
smyowstank-man, :) cool22:13
lcukthats handled in 1 instruction22:13
sp3000speaking of which, my browser complains about having too little memory every now and then with maemo-mapper running22:13
crashanddiedid anyone notice stop stuttering on a bluetooth earpiece on the n810 ?22:13
RST38hlcuk: It will, but here I have just asked it to move 288bits in 2 instructions22:13
RST38hlcuk: and it moved 'em!22:14
smyowsor get  the route on net before22:14
sp3000I sort of get the feeling it's being a bit eager about keeping a memory tile cache around or something22:14
* sp3000 should read code22:14
lcukRST38h, you are right of course :)22:14
RST38hlcuk: And I didn't even use SIMD which isn't very kosher anyway22:14
lcukyou are right, i think SIMD instructions are catholic22:15
RST38hSIMD isn't present on low-end ARMs22:15
RST38hFor example, GameBoy Advance can't SIMD22:15
* lcuk ponders22:15
RST38hOMAP1 can't SIMD for all I know22:16
dannym*reads <>* cool :)22:16
lcukeven supposing i dont attempt to use all spare regs (cos i dont want to clobber them)22:16
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, - i have zap's bash2 installed. i'll edit py to install with --force-all :)22:16
lcukhmmm RST38h :)22:16
rm_youlcuk: tested barcode yet?22:17
lcukno, my mind has just gone wandering in the trees22:18
rm_youheh k keep doing whatev22:18
RST38hlcuk: btw, if you want to copy from unaligned addresses or short portions of data, it can also be done elegantly in ARM assembly22:18
* lcuk likes RST38h's idea22:18
rm_youi will find someone to test22:18
lcukunaligned didnt actually make that much difference on here22:18
RST38hThen restrict your function to aligned stuff22:18
RST38hBut you said you wanted it to copy single bytes, etc?22:19
jottssvb did some test a while ago
lcukno, it should work still, ill run some tests, ill start small with 64bit :)22:19
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: alright, isn't fatal, it's good it checks it first ;)22:19
jott(unaligned memcpy)22:19
lcukthanks RST38h22:19
RST38hSome "Oksana" is offering "hot assholes filled to the top"22:20
RST38hFor the 5th time today.22:20
lcuksurely they should be filled to the bottom?22:20
RST38hIs anybody biting, I wonder...22:20
zapqwerty12_N800: do you really want both bash2 and bash3?22:20
crashanddieRST38h, I'm trying, but I fail to see how one can bite an asshole22:21
zapX-Fade: what will happen with packages in extra-devel if they aren't moved to extras? Will they clutter the -devel repository?22:21
RST38hlcuk: well, the spam is in Russian, and I am somewhat ignorant about linguistic correspondence in THIS particular part of the vocabulary22:21
qwerty12_N800zap, debian installer wants me  to install. i must listen or penguin will put my face in "hot assholes filled to the top"22:22
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo22:24
* GAN800 facepalms at ' web services'.22:25
zapdebian installer could depend on bash2 | bash322:25
GAN800andre___, poke. . .22:25
*** __t1 has joined #maemo22:25
*** __t has quit IRC22:25
sp3000why, is the asl database down22:26
andre___GAN800, pong22:26
sp3000oh noes, the asl database is down!22:26
sp3000oh, there it is.'22:27
GAN800andre___, normal users shouldn't have been able to see the classifications page.22:27
andre___GAN800, err what? where?22:27
GAN800Now, I think, you kinda pushed an early launch22:27
GAN800X-Fade's bug.22:27
GAN8003477 or whatever.22:28
andre___Well. People don't need to choose22:28
andre___what's the issue, and where? :)22:28
andre___we can always revert...22:28
GAN800and that should be 'Website', not ' web services'.22:28
*** p| has joined #maemo22:28
GAN800'' is _never_ capitaziled, anyway.22:29
andre___it is Website now :-D22:29
Stskeepszap: i only found bash3 initially.. is bash2 in extras?22:29
andre___hmm. that capitalization debate... hmm22:29
GAN800Could a normal user tell me what they see when they hig new bug in bugzilla?22:30
GAN800andre___, it's not a debate. It's a fact.22:30
sjgadsbyGAN800: What do you need to know?22:30
sjgadsbyGAN800: All, Garage, Maemo Software, Website.22:31
GAN800sjgadsby, does it ask you to select a classification?22:31
andre___oh oh. no cookies for little andre today. ;-)22:31
sjgadsbyGAN800: Yes.22:31
Stskeepscan anyone explain to me what "ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.22:31
Stskeepsin tech terms :)22:31
GAN800sjgadsby, you have editbugs?22:31
sjgadsbyGAN800: I don't think so.22:31
sjgadsbyI've never been told I do.22:32
andre___GAN800, garrr... done. thanks for the comments22:32
andre___sjgadsby, you should have i think22:32
* sp3000 doesn't see it22:32
sjgadsbyHow would I know if I have editbugs?22:32
GAN800andre___, there's some template work that needs to be done before we can deploy.22:32
GAN800sjgadsby, pref -> permissions22:32
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC22:33
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo22:33
andre___sjgadsby, now you have :-P22:33
sp3000meh, my picks are too heavy22:33
sjgadsbyAh, I have canconfirm and editbugs. Nevermind.22:33
andre___just gave them to you.22:33
GAN800timeless has been shuffling some stuff around while keeping as many of the changes as possible invisible.22:33
andre___sjgadsby, use them wisely. common sense blah blah :)22:33
andre___GAN800, yeah, that's cool22:34
sjgadsbyI will strive to use my powers for good instead of evil.22:34
RST38hsjgadsby: why?22:36
sjgadsbyRST38h: Sadly, I tend to be lawful good. I'm terribly unfun.22:37
*** briand has joined #maemo22:37
GAN800andre___, anything you can do to push #3478 more directly?22:37
sp3000sjgadsby: so I'm not the only one that is too tempted to click on random numbers :P22:38
sjgadsbysp3000: I blame GAN800 for creating tempting clicky things.22:39
* sp3000 has an excuse, his client is nice enough to linkify things like "bug 3478" usefully22:39
* GAN800 had put together a bug bot until it generated 101GB of logs in 24 hours.22:40
dannymStskeeps, it means that the loader tried to load something that was mentioned in the environment variable "LD_PRELOAD" and it couldn't...22:40
*** TPC has quit IRC22:40
*** TPC has joined #maemo22:41
dannymStskeeps, probably need to use the complete path else it wouldn't find it half of the time and be a security leak the other times :)22:41
dannymsecurity problem*22:41
GAN800andre___, another facepalm @ 3472. I don't think you should even be able to see that. . . .22:41
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, you really need to clear the screen before running cfdisk. i have no idea wtf i am doing :/22:43
RST38h(what the hell is this 3472?)22:43
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: i think cfdisk does clear the screen itself22:43
GAN800RST38h, bug number.22:44
GAN800You shouldn't be able to see it22:44
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: are you sshing in or on tablet?22:45
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, on tablet22:45
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: ah, that's evil :P try full screen and ctrl-l22:46
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: i always ssh in, i guess it would be a nightmare on tablet22:46
qwerty12_N800hehe, thanks, trying now :)22:46
*** bilboed has joined #maemo22:46
RST38hGA: It is an advanced backlight bug22:46
*** eton_ has joined #maemo22:47
Stskeepsfor the UI designers among you.. NIT-Debian, Flash, and (done with import -root nit-debian-fullscreenflash.jpg)22:47
RST38hWhy would it have anything to do with Nokia staff? =)22:47
GAN800RST38h, can you see it? . . .22:47
Stskeepser, import -window root22:47
GAN800damn. . .22:47
GAN800It doesn't22:47
GAN800andre___ fails at seeing products. :P22:48
qwerty12_N800RST38h, shouldn't have told. now where will we get our evil from :p22:48
*** andrewfblack has joined #maemo22:48
*** guerby has quit IRC22:49
RST38hqwerty: I will gladly make a daily human sacrifice for you22:49
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo22:49
RST38hqwerty: When provided with material and disposal facilities of course22:49
qwerty12_N800Wow, you would do that for me?22:49
* qwerty12_N800 sheds a tear22:49
*** s0nted has joined #maemo22:49
*** andre____ has joined #maemo22:50
*** inhuman_ has joined #maemo22:51
RST38hqwerty: In exchange, I expect you to talk rm_you into creating a a cpu temp / clock control applet =)22:51
lcukRST38h, i freeze everytime i attempt that opcode or attempt any copy over 32bits.  it may be because of unaligned offsets but when i was first testing it i forced font glyphs to be 4 pixels wide all starting at 0, and had same results.22:52
qwerty12_N800rm_you, create a cpu temp / clock control applet :p22:52
lcuki have a speed test which draws 1000 lines of a single string, then tells me how many FPS it would get22:52
*** svu has quit IRC22:52
lcukmy routine comes out with 7fps22:52
lcukmemcpy comes out with 3.522:52
*** svu has joined #maemo22:53
lcuk64bit freezes22:53
*** andre___ has quit IRC22:54
*** briand has quit IRC22:54
*** inhuman_ has quit IRC22:55
*** andre____ is now known as andre__22:55
qwerty12_N800if kerecv is doing its job right, my cards should be unmounted when removing back cover. lets see...22:56
RST38h;cuk: Show me your code22:58
GAN800lcuk, who wants to bet mutiny32's going to claim responsibility for the driver progress? :D22:58
RST38hlcuk: shoe mr your code22:58
RST38hShit, I forgot how to type on a real keyboard after these two weeks22:58
lcukhe better not GAN80022:58
lcukRST38h, 2 mins22:58
qwerty12_N800lcuk, don't worry, we'll sort 'im out northern style :p22:59
rm_youGAN800: ??22:59
rm_youdriver progress?22:59
GAN800Somebody be cool and reply to my bugzilla meeting note on maemo-community to up the visibility. :P23:00
GAN800rm_you, pay attention to the wiki. :P23:00
rm_youtoo much stuff to pay attention to23:00
qwerty12_N800so get a bigger attention span then init23:01
rm_you/etc/init.d/bigger_attention_span start23:01
*** flavioribeiro has joined #maemo23:02
qwerty12_N800sh: /etc/init.d/bigger_attention_span not found23:02
*** skibur has joined #maemo23:02
lcukand that freezes.  it never completes a blit23:03
lcukinfact, it might not even get to a blit, because i think its something to do with stepping ouit of thumb23:04
RST38hlcuk: let me see first23:04
RST38husing gcc inline assembly in such a broken way23:05
*** yerga has quit IRC23:05
*** eton has quit IRC23:06
RST38hlcuk: I can't guarantee this will work23:06
lcukwell that was on the link you provided23:06
RST38hdon't use inline assembly, make a separate .s file23:06
lcuknor can i23:06
*** eton has joined #maemo23:06
RST38hNo, I did not provide you a link with that23:06
lcukthat was from
lcukhmmm some1 did lol23:07
lcukthe thing is: this has the exact same effect as if i use any kind of 64bit value23:07
lcuki think its a thumb issue23:07
*** camcorder has joined #maemo23:08
lcukahhh, was jott :)23:08
RST38hthe assembly that is given is arm3223:09
RST38hit is not thumb23:09
*** eton_ has quit IRC23:09
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, I'm too lazy to make a swap partition, is it possible to use the .swap already present on my vfat partition?23:09
lcukyes so it will lock up my program if i use it and im compiled to thumb...23:09
lcuki cant remember offhand whether the optimisations did or not or the default is or not23:10
*** guerby has joined #maemo23:10
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC23:10
zfigzhey guys23:10
zfigzanyone know if you can get skype to use the light on the n810?23:11
zfigzso it blinks when a call is coming thru23:11
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: prolly, we dont use it in installer23:11
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: just that it might come in handy later23:11
*** lindever__ has quit IRC23:11
lcukRST38h, if i put the code into a .s that has its own cpu opcode model (changing is at a functional/file level)23:12
Stskeepsso it was advice for installation since its hard to be undone, qwerty12_N80023:12
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, sfdisk and cfdisk are finding  ways to piss me off. i'm not going to risk 5gb worth of data for a swap partition :)23:12
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: hehe, just ignore it then :)23:12
Stskeepsand add a swapon somewhere in rc scripts when time is23:13
terbozfigz: i just started using skype .. it doesnt seem to be very extinsable/feature filled23:13
*** andrewfblack has quit IRC23:13
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, good idea, i'll just get it to share my maemo one :)23:13
zfigzterbo, yeah...but it's better than fring.23:14
RST38hlcuk: it should generate a correct BLX opcode for calling it23:14
terbofring? i mean on the n800, specifically23:15
*** eton_ has joined #maemo23:16
GAN800Gizmo is better than both. . . .23:17
zfigzOh ok23:17
GAN800Fring is about the worst piece of shit I've ever seen on the tablets.23:19
RST38hIt is much worse on S6023:19
crashanddie"(GAN800) Fring is about the worst piece of shit I've ever seen" <-- fixed23:19
RST38hTakes 1 second to move selection bar between contacts23:20
zfigzIt was kinda cool on the iPhone but that's because the IPhone doesn't have skype23:20
crashanddieRST38h, that's because there's network access everytime you highlight a new contact23:20
RST38hcrash: WHY?23:20
crashanddieRST38h, IIRC, err, check the actions available for a given contact, check if the contact is still online, stuff like that23:21
crashanddiein other words: very poorly designed23:21
lcukhow do you check if a user is online without going online23:21
lcukchecking the network ^23:21
crashanddielcuk, because usually, most protocols integrate a server issued message that tells you when someone goes offline23:22
crashanddielcuk, and clients don't ask for it *everytime* they want to23:22
lcukservers push status to clients?23:23
lcukahhhh, for example:   * yerga has quit ("bye bye bye...")23:23
lcukand * eton_ ( has joined #maemo23:24
crashanddieeasiest way to implement this would be the publish-subscribe design pattern23:24
crashanddielcuk, now you're talking about IRC, I'm talking about MSN/Skype23:24
*** s0nted has quit IRC23:24
lcukcrashanddie, the principle is there, freenode tells us when someone enteres or leaves23:24
crashanddielcuk, but yeah, your example still stands23:25
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, thought about running swapoff before unmounting? "umount: cannot umount /media/mmc2: Device or resource busy" "umount: cannot umount /dev/mmcblk0p2: Invalid argument"23:25
zapStskeeps: yes, its in extras23:26
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: add as a ticket - i didn't think of swapoff in the whole cover-installer-ass-in case something is mounted :)23:26
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, hah, lol will do soon23:26
practisevoodoohas anyone managed to instal PyGTKEditor on diablo?23:27
Stskeepszap: ta, one less package to host :P23:28
lophytepractisevoodoo: there's a thread on ITT about that23:28
practisevoodooTO THE INTERWEB!23:28
lophytelet me see if I can find it23:28
Stskeepszap: and it doesnt screw up /bin/sh busybox?23:29
qwerty12_N800Well, it is set as default to my annoyance...23:30
zapStskeeps: of course not23:30
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo23:30
Stskeepszap: both chinook and diablo extras?23:31
*** Jiten has quit IRC23:32
practisevoodoothanks (pending success)23:32
*** Italodance has quit IRC23:34
crashanddiepractisevoodoo, that's kinda rude, actually23:34
*** wazd has joined #maemo23:34
crashanddiepractisevoodoo, someone dug up a link, and you'll only thank 'em if it works ?23:34
crashanddieThey took interest in your problem, they should be thanked regardless of the results23:35
lophytehe could've just left and not said anything :P23:35
practisevoodoowell it was supposed to be more jokey than serious, should have put a smiley in there23:35
*** zchydem has quit IRC23:35
*** zchydem has joined #maemo23:35
practisevoodoosorry lophyte23:35
lophyteno worries :)23:36
*** smyows has quit IRC23:36
*** TheAlien_ has quit IRC23:37
camcorderadblock extension ported to maemo, didn't it?23:38
qwerty12_N800it sucks on maemo23:38
GAN800Yes, but's about as slow and crappy as they come.23:38
GAN800css/hosts is the way to go.23:38
practisevoodootry flash block though, that worked quite well23:38
camcorderthanks to advertisers flash block might be enough23:40
*** GNUton has quit IRC23:40
*** TheAlien has joined #maemo23:40
*** kad_ has joined #maemo23:41
*** kad has quit IRC23:41
zfigzhey guys23:41
*** eton_ has quit IRC23:41
zfigzwhat's the best dictionary for the desktop?23:41
m-ccamcorder: Have you heard how you can add a list of names to your hosts file to block those malicious websites?23:42
zfigzstardict isn't for the desktop it seems23:42
*** eton_ has joined #maemo23:42
camcorderm-c, not head, but I'd probably prepare a hosts file from filterset.g23:42
camcorderm-c, though it might not be very accurate :P23:42
m-cYeah, I have one that I use that is very extensive.  I can let you have a copy, if you are interested23:43
*** eton has quit IRC23:43
camcorderm-c, why not? can you put it somewhere?23:43
m-cI will PM you the link23:43
m-cSure thing - if you find any more then let me know so I can add them23:43
*** overflok has joined #maemo23:43
*** sjgadsby has quit IRC23:44
m-cYou may see where the page looks like it is still loading because it cannot reach the malicious servers.  If that bothers you, then you can use proxy software that resolves those lookups quickly and without error.23:44
m-cPrivoxy - I believe that is the best one23:45
zfigzThanks Jott23:45
m-cAnd because it is a hosts file, you can be sure no program - even outside your browser - will get to those domain names23:45
* GAN800 doesn't get people who sign forum posts.23:48
camcorderanyone tried profiling adblock?23:48
zfigzjott, which do i want to download? the debian vers?23:48
*** u1106 has joined #maemo23:52
*** SDuensin has quit IRC23:52
zfigz"Unable to update stardict. Incompatible application package"23:52
*** lindever__ has quit IRC23:52
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: going to bed, if there's any issues just leave some info in /msg to me and i'll take a look :)23:53
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC23:53
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, same here, i don't know if i will be able to finish the install today :)23:54
Stskeepshehe, just let it stand and do it's job :P23:55
*** slomo__ has quit IRC23:55
*** eton has joined #maemo23:55
qwerty12_N800my router gets turned off :/23:56
*** opacheko has joined #maemo23:56
jottzfigz: depends on what distro you are using..23:56
zfigzjott, i downloaded the stardict from the app manager23:57
jottah on the tablet?!23:57
jottyou asked for a desktop version..23:57
*** opacheko has quit IRC23:57
zfigzI have it on the N81023:57
zfigzsorry about that23:57
jottthe tablet version is in chinook extras, the official desktop versions are on the google code page..23:58
zfigzchinook extras?23:58
zfigzvia the application manager?23:58
zfigzI have the app on the n81023:58
zfigzjust not sure how to get dictionaries into it and where i go to find the dictionaries23:59
*** flavioribeiro has quit IRC23:59

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