IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2008-07-20

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GAN800How's Phonelink these days? Last time I tried it it broke things.00:11
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churl1anyone familiar with the problem of gizmo5 users not getting sound on the n800?00:18
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GAN800churl1, NAT issue.00:19
sin18is making kismet pkg for diablo simple about compiling kismet source in scratchbox ?00:20
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sin18RST38bis : any suggestions how to go about it then ?00:38
JamieBennettRST38bis needs to be more verbose ;)00:39
RST38bisyou should start by hacking closed source nokia wifi driver to support monitor mode00:39
RST38bisand/or promiscous mode00:40
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RST38bisif i remember correctly, n8x0 has a standard prism chip plugged into the system via i2c interface, with some extra firmware in the controller00:41
sin18thanks for the info.00:43
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GeneralAntillesOK, "Upgrading tablet OS" is a terrible article name00:50
GeneralAntillesSuggestions for a better name?00:50
GeneralAntillesI was thinking "Flashing"00:50
GeneralAntillesOr maybe "Flashing a tablet"00:50
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JamieBennett'flashing firmware'?00:51
RST38bisflashing is even worse00:52
JamieBennettagreed but what is the 'general term' for flashing?00:52
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RST38bisUpgrading Your Tablet Firmware00:52
GeneralAntillesUpgrading doesn't work anymore00:52
* ||cw opens his trenchcoat to the tablet00:52
JamieBennettMaybe your downgrading?00:52
GeneralAntillesAs upgrading implies things about SSU00:53
RST38bisUpdating then00:53
GeneralAntillesNo different00:53
GeneralAntillesLet's see how Nokia describes it00:53
GeneralAntillesI can't believe Nokia doesn't test their site with WebKit00:53
GeneralAntillesIt's completely broken00:54
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JamieBennettBut to be fair who is using webkit? The more geeky minority?00:54
GeneralAntillesJamieBennett, only all S60 phones.00:54
GeneralAntillesand almost all Mac users00:54
JamieBennettlets discount the mac users as troubled souls ;)00:55
GeneralAntillesJamieBennett, bite me. ;)00:55
RST38bisnokia uses fl00:55
RST38bisazh for the website00:55
JamieBennettGeneralAntilles: Only if your at the summit :D00:55
RST38bisso its broken by design00:55
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GeneralAntilles"software update"00:56
JamieBennettJust had a chat and sat with Jeremy Allison, uber cool and a really down to earth guy.00:57
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RST38biswho is Allison?00:58
BlafaselI'm really looking forward to the sumit.. ;) Sounds awesome so far.00:58
JamieBennettguy who now works for google and has worked on samba for more than 10 years00:59
BlafaselJamieBennett: Chat as in "in person" or just chatting online?00:59
JamieBennettin person00:59
JamieBennettsat as in sat next to01:00
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Traveler01ello all01:00
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BlafaselReally great. He's far up the the linux interoperability heroes list.01:01
GeneralAntillesFlashing being the term used by the community and by the software01:01
RST38bisoh, the samba guy01:01
GeneralAntillesI'd say it's the way to go01:01
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Blafaseli.e. making the system useable ;)01:01
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Name_Spamok fineally >.<01:01
RST38bisga: I would avoid term flashing in the title01:01
BlafaselGA: Imo flashing is quite technical, so depending on the target audience I'd go for the other options.01:01
GeneralAntillesUpgrading and updating don't work.01:01
RST38bisga: it is a special term01:02
JamieBennettAlso met some other really cool guys but Jeremy stood out, Rufus Pollack was very enthusiastic and Matthew Garrett  was as sarcastic as usual :D01:02
GeneralAntillesFlash, flasher and flashing is used throughout the article.01:02
BlafaselInstalling/Changing the firmware software? (if you don't like updating)01:02
Name_Spamhey guys any of you use the nokia n800 or n810?01:02
RST38bisga: updating is fine01:02
JamieBennettflashing is an alien term to non-geeks (apart from the obvious 'flashing' ;))01:02
GeneralAntillesBut updating implies things about SSU.01:02
RST38bisusing flashing in the article is fine01:02
RST38bisbut not in the title01:03
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RST38bisupdating firmware <> updating packages via ssu01:03
BlafaselI agree. You can use flash(ing) in the article as much as you want. Introduce the term and go ahead.01:03
BlafaselBut using it in the title seems awkward, if you want to target the casual user as well.01:04
jottsomething like "Installing new firmware"01:04
GeneralAntillesWe'll see what dneary thinks.01:04
GeneralAntillesSince the current title is his. . . .01:04
JamieBennett'Updating Device'01:05
* Name_Spam sighs01:05
jottflashing flashy flashes using the flasher :P01:05
Blafaseljott: That's what I though. Installing or Changing the firmware (since you can really downgrade as well)01:05
Blafaseljott: Let me flash you. ;)01:06
RST38bisyou can of course use "flUshing"...01:06
BlafaselNope, the term is bad.01:06
GeneralAntillesName_Spam, pretty much everybody in here uses one or both. . . .01:06
RST38bisgiven the possible outcome...01:06
Name_Spami am contemplating getting a pda and i like both of them.. but, i'm having trouble decided on one or the other01:07
Name_Spamor either really >.<01:07
BlafaselDefine your expectations.01:07
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Name_Spami mostly need something to take notes01:08
Name_Spamsomething to help me organize things01:08
Name_Spamhowever i would also like something with a web browser01:08
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Name_Spamand if possible01:08
Name_Spamthings i can work on code with01:08
Name_Spami would like to get into programming01:09
Name_Spamso it would be nice to just sit down at a hotspot and check email without having to boot up my laptop01:09
GeneralAntillesYeah, it fits the bill.01:09
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GeneralAntillesN810 is cheap at CompUSA right now.01:09
GeneralAntilles$280 if you use PayPal.01:09
Name_Spamis it going to stay cheap or is it a temporary deal?01:09
GeneralAntillesIt might jump up a little01:10
GeneralAntillesUsually they go down a lot, jump up a little, then go down again and bounce back and forth.01:10
* JamieBennett is hoping the n900 is announced at the summit so I can jump the n810 (from my n800)01:10
* Dekaritae is hoping it's a little closer in size and UI to the iPod Touch01:11
GeneralAntillesI'll probably pick up an N810 once they go under $20001:11
GeneralAntillesJust to have one.01:11
Name_Spamthe n800 is about 220 at best buy01:11
RST38bisno such luck01:11
GeneralAntilles3.5"? gross.01:11
Name_Spamso i am wondering if i should stick with it.01:11
JamieBennettWhat was the processor you think is in the n900 GeneralAntilles?01:11
GeneralAntillesThere wouldn't be any point in owning one if the screen were any smaller.01:11
BlafaselName_Spam: Differnt opinions in here. Some like the N800 better, some te N810.01:12
RST38bisnokia will start using it in s60 phones first01:12
JamieBennettTalked to a couple of guys from the Beagle board project today. They use the omap35x and it's very impressive01:12
RST38bisso, no cookis for now.01:12
BlafaselWtf do I fail to spell "Different"?..01:12
GeneralAntillesName_Spam, three questions: Do you need lots of storage? How do you feel about virtual keyboards? and will you use it outdoors a lot?01:13
GeneralAntillesJamieBennett, basically the same chip01:13
jottName_Spam: short: if you want an integrated keyboard and a better display (and internal gps) go for an n810, if you want to save some bucks and want more flash memory go for a n80001:13
GeneralAntillesOMAP35xx is just targeted smaller batch sizes.01:13
DekaritaeI went and bought a 32GB Touch. I can't find many reasons to keep the N800 now01:13
DekaritaeI mean, I will keep it to play around with, but it won't be an EDC item now01:14
Name_Spami don't need a lot of storage but, its a bonus01:14
JamieBennettGeneralAntilles: I don't know enough about the specifics but seeing a 1080i video (Big Buck Bunny) running on a board not much bigger than a square credit cards was pretty mind-blowing01:14
Name_Spamvirtual keyboards i am indifferent to. and i will not use it out doors a lot.. some possible01:14
GeneralAntillesDekaritae, sell it and move on.01:14
BlafaselName_Spam: See jott's definition as well.01:14
GeneralAntillesJamieBennet, yeah, that's pretty damn cool.01:15
DekaritaeThat is sadly what I probably will end up doing01:15
Name_Spamhm. thx for the help guys01:15
RST38bisdeka: sell it before it depreciates further01:15
GeneralAntillesDekaritae, sell it before we have to hear a anymore about your iTouch.01:15
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Name_Spamwait.. the 800 doesn't have the gps? 0.o01:16
JamieBennettGeneralAntilles: I'm trying to get my hands on a board to play with because they seem so damn cool, kind of a miniaturised mini-itx board :D01:16
GeneralAntillesJamieBennett, so am I.01:16
GeneralAntillesAugust, I hear.01:16
jottName_Spam: no, internal gps is n810 only01:16
BlafaselName_Spam: If you want to see them compared you can find lots of reviews online. Or click on the site on the Nokia N810 Walkthrough link (to the right, quite at the top). You can see the N810, the n800 and the N770 in that video01:16
GeneralAntillesName_Spam, just attach a Bluetooth GPS.01:16
Name_Spammisleading add at compus lol01:16
jottName_Spam: but you can connect any bluetooth gps01:16
Name_Spamone more question i suppose >.<01:17
JamieBennettGeneralAntilles: watch this space ;)01:17
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jottName_Spam: oh and the n810 is a bit smaller01:17
Name_Spamhow hard is it to use the keyboard on the n800?01:17
Name_Spami mean you can use your fingers?01:17
GeneralAntillesName_Spam, depends.01:17
RST38bisyou can.01:17
GeneralAntillesI use the finger keyboard and get about 40-60 wpm01:17
GeneralAntillesI really like it.01:18
GeneralAntillesOther people can't stand it01:18
GeneralAntillesFind a local CompUSA and try it out.01:18
RST38bisthere are 3 input methods01:18
Name_Spami don't tink we have a local comp usa..01:18
RST38bisstyluus kbd, finger kbd, handwriting01:18
GeneralAntillesMaybe call Best Buy and see if they have any display units you could try.01:19
Name_Spamgood idea01:19
Name_Spamif only i could get a discount for being a college student lol01:19
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Name_Spamalright thanks guys appreciate the help. hopefully in a paycheck or two i can get one or the other >.<01:21
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JamieBennetton a completely unrelated subject what are peoples thoughts on non-plain text on the mailing lists, especially maemo-developers?01:23
darken_czHi, was anybody successfull with Xephyr and stylus control?01:24
JamieBennettI would of thought potential open source developers would of realised html mail is a no-no?01:26
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BlafaselJamieBennett: I second that. Bah01:31
BlafaselUnfortunately it's more and more common and hard to reject these days01:32
JamieBennettI see alot of it, maemo-users you could understand, maemo-developers I would of though would 'get it'01:32
BlafaselJamieBennett: In the end it's still just a matter of taste..01:32
JamieBennettIts a matter of choice01:32
JamieBennettwe can all make the 'wrong decision' ;)01:33
asys3can anyone help me in what's the intention of the Lightning talks at maemo summit?01:33
BlafaselAlthough I agree with your preference, I fear that it's not that simple, no ;)01:33
asys3meain: what should be presented - developer content or as well user content?01:33
JamieBennettBut it is, outlook, tools, preferences, mail options, message format, plain text (or something similar)?01:34
BlafaselJamieBennett: Don't start with that one. I can share a sh!tload of problems with outlook and then there's stuff like gmail, the bat, pegasus, evolution, whatever..01:35
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zfigzanyone know why my sound wouldnt be working on the n81001:43
zfigzits totally silent and ive  made sure the sound was on01:44
zfigzreally weird01:44
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zfifzanyone know why my sound might not be workiing?01:46
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zfifzthanks guys for all your help01:57
zfifzi really am liking this more than the iphone01:57
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rm_youjott / lcuk_afk: bah01:59
rm_youright as i said "ok, i'll code that up, hope to have UPC info pulling in an hour"01:59
jottrm_you: oO02:00
rm_youmy power died to the entire apartment complex02:00
rm_youi sat around for a while hoping it would go back on02:00
rm_youand now i drove to a friend's02:00
jottwhy not use your n8x0 to code?! ;)02:00
rm_yougood thing my build box is in a different state :P02:00
rm_youjott: no internet <_<02:00
*** lcuk_afk is now known as lcuk02:00
rm_youand all my code is on a different computer02:00
rm_youso anyway, will start on it *now*02:01
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rm_youi was right about the line "#include <curl.h>"02:01
* lcuk smiles at local code stash and gcc on device02:01
rm_youi may set that up now02:01
lcukit takes more to get things on device - theres no click once entire 8x0 SDK for it02:02
*** ralann|mbp has joined #maemo02:04
jottlcuk: well for basic development you won't have to install much :)02:04
rm_youhrm k well02:04
rm_youi will work on barcode in a bit02:04
rm_youdoing stuff with friend :P02:04
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*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo02:05
lcukjott, its the libraries that are a killer and finding enough free space to put them on - it was fun finding space for the gstreamer stuff this barcode uses02:05
lcukthough, it was quite nice and easy to uninstall skype02:06
jottlcuk: mh i still have 620mb free ...02:06
jottwith gcc and gtk and qt4 dev packages installed :P02:06
lcukyer, im still on internal for a short while longer02:06
jottthat's... gross :O02:06
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*** ralann|mbp is now known as ralann02:09
rm_you?? <_<02:10
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churl1yay!!  i heard voice while trying to make an internet call!  ive been at this for 3 days now, 411 heard my voice, but a call to a friend hung up after he said," hello?"  (but that's leaps and bounds of headway!)02:14
churl1ok everyone, party at my house tonight!02:14
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zapWhat prefix to use in a package name to make it obvious that it's maemo-only? Using 'maemo' is explicitely prohibited in packaging policy.02:17
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lcukmaemo-mapper is official?02:21
jottbut probably old enough :)02:21
zapbut it was given a name before 7 May 200702:21
*** Luria has joined #maemo02:21
zapwhich is the official date from which it's prohibited :)02:21
lcukthat would explain it02:21
zapshould we invent a trademark on our own?02:22
zapand prohibit Nokia from using it?02:22
jottit's funny that the packaging policy explicitly forbids maemo but does not propose an alternative :/02:22
lcukyou cannot call yourself an offical product, but didnt many things call themselves "blah for windows"02:23
lcukie, would "blah for maemo" work?02:23
zapor WinBlah02:23
zapwell I'm doing a stripped version of bash to put into extras02:23
zapI would like to call it bash-something rather than something-bash02:24
zapbecause somebody looking for bash will look at 'b' first02:24
zapin the list02:24
zapnope, I have a n81002:24
zapbesides N800 could be a registered trademark as well02:24
zaphow about 770 owners?02:25
lcukn8x0 wont be02:25
lcukcant officially run your softwar ecan they702:25
zapif I will compile it with 770 sdk - why not02:25
lcukcompiling for it is not the same as what your targetting02:25
zapconsole progs are easily portable between 8x0 and 77002:25
lcukif someone is goin to the trouble of compilin it they can repackage it as whatever they want02:26
zapno, I don't like the idea to tie it to hardware02:26
jottzap: why not just call it "bash" or "bash-static" etc like debian?02:26
zapI would rather tie it to platform02:26
lcukthen just call it bash02:26
lcukcos thats what it is02:26
*** Sulis has joined #maemo02:26
zapbecause there's already a 'bash' in sdk/tools02:26
zapbut it can't be installed on maemo because it wants to remove busybox :-D02:26
lcukwhich is the real thing02:26
lcukwhere are you getting it from then - is it the standard debian src02:27
zapjott: yes that's what I was thinking about, bash-somthing02:27
jottzap: just use a more recent bash ;)02:27
zapwhy, I think 2.05 is fine enough, 3.x is has more unuseful bloat02:28
jott2.05.. whee that's OLD02:28
zapcan you specify the difference between bash 3.x and 2.x? :)02:29
jottbetter bash completion ;)02:29
zapI've stripped off completion anyways02:29
zaponly standard completion is there02:29
jottuh why use bash at all?02:29
zapbecause mc needs it02:30
zapit works badly with default shell02:30
*** lbt has quit IRC02:31
*** corq-FL has quit IRC02:31
zapbash-emo :)02:33
jottmc also supports tcsh ;)02:33
zapjott: I'll leave tcsh as a exercise for you :)02:33
jotti would still follow debian naming schemes and push a 3.x version to extras ...02:33
*** blkno1 has quit IRC02:34
zapI don't see a reason to use 3.x02:34
zapif you can point to even a small one...02:34
jottbash completion....02:34
zapthats all?02:34
jottwell probably bugs fixed and other stuff02:34
*** blkno1 has joined #maemo02:34
zap:) vaporware02:35
jotthow much bigger is the footprint?02:35
zapbugs fixed == bugs introduced, you know :)02:35
zapabout twice02:35
zapbash 3.x is ~800k while 2.x is 400k02:35
jotthow about bash2 then?02:36
jottas package name02:36
*** p| has quit IRC02:36
zapthat would be fine if you could install bash2 and bash3 at once02:36
jottfor those who want an vintage version they can choose this02:36
zapbut thats not the case02:36
jottwhy not? just make the package proper to use update-alternatives or so02:37
zapdo you really think somebody on tablet will want two bashes?02:37
jottwho knows?02:37
jotttesting/debugging what ever02:37
zapok, let it be bash02:39
jottor bash-vintage :P02:40
zapit will be bash-2.05, and if somebody will port bash-3.x, it will just upgrade it02:40
zaphmm, which is bad, suppose I want bash2 and don't want bash302:43
*** TheAlien has quit IRC02:43
*** Medic119 has joined #maemo02:44
jottjust make bash2 either with alternative methods or with provides: bash ..02:44
*** inherited is now known as inherited_tot02:46
*** Blastur has quit IRC02:51
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*** greentux has quit IRC03:38
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*** DHR has joined #maemo03:59
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*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo04:28
*** zfigz has joined #maemo04:28
*** rm_you has joined #maemo04:28
zfigzdoes the n180's sound turn off when you close it ?04:28
zfigzbecause idont get soound when its closed04:29
zfigzreally annoying04:29
*** Medic119 has quit IRC04:30
rm_youit may automatically mute04:33
rm_yousorry, no insight as to why :/04:33
zfigzthats annoying04:34
zfigzwhat about it ringing in my pocket?04:34
jottzfigz: is the volume really muted?04:37
zfigzwhen its closed04:37
zfigzreally annoying04:38
zfigzwhen its open it works fine04:38
*** gentooer has joined #maemo04:38
jottcan you ssh into it?04:38
jott... if so look at what " gconftool-2 -g /apps/osso/sound/master_volume  " returns04:39
*** slomo_ has joined #maemo04:40
jottrm_you: so you have power again? ;)04:41
rm_youstill at friends house04:41
rm_youwas going to go see batman with someone but he is an idiot, so instead i just laughed at him and am going to sit and code UPC lookup :P04:41
zfigzim out downtown but yeah i need to look into it04:42
jottrm_you: :p.. with the cvs database?04:42
zfigznew batman is  awesome04:42
*** zfigz has quit IRC04:42
rm_youjott: cvs database?04:42
rm_youthought about using the database here:
rm_you12mb, local04:42
rm_youmysql dump04:42
rm_youcould convert to sqlite04:43
rm_youbut meh04:43
*** slomo__ has quit IRC04:43
rm_youwould be neat as an option, since you prolly wouldnt have internet at the store :P04:43
*** sp3000 has quit IRC04:43
jottoh there is also ..04:44
rm_youthis is built from that04:44
rm_youso thoughts?04:45
jottabout what?04:45
rm_youshould i begin work on parsing from the local database?04:45
rm_youor assume a connection and start on internet lookup parsing04:45
jotti guess offline mode is better04:45
rm_youok, will start on that04:45
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo04:45
*** jegp has joined #maemo04:46
*** terbo has joined #maemo04:46
*** Edgester is now known as edgester|away04:49
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC04:53
jott~lart warner bros for releasing dark knight sooooooooooo late in germany04:56
* infobot teaches warner bros that M$ Access is a database. No, really, a database. A real live multi-user... well, ok, not multi-user, but a database. Yeah, that sounds right. for releasing dark knight sooooooooooo late in germany04:56
rm_yougah gotta build my own libsqlite3-004:56
* rm_you pouts for like 3 seconds04:57
*** inherited_tot has quit IRC04:57
rm_youcause it took all of 3 seconds to build :P04:58
johnxrm_you, it's in repository04:58
johnxwith the -dev package04:58
johnxrm_you, always check before assuming something doesn't exist :P04:59
rm_youapt-cache policy says no :p04:59
jotthm dark knight made it to #1 of imdb top 250 :O04:59
lcuki use it04:59
rm_youi see04:59
rm_youit is just the wrong version04:59
*** ralann|mbp has joined #maemo04:59
rm_yousqlite3: Depends: libsqlite3-0 (>= 3.4.2) but 3.4.1-1osso3 is to be installed05:00
rm_youE: Broken packages05:00
johnxapt-cache policy libsqlite3-005:00
rm_youit is too low05:00
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC05:00
rm_yougotta build a higher version myself05:01
*** ralann has quit IRC05:01
*** ralann|mbp is now known as ralann05:01
rm_youor build a lower version of sqlite305:01
johnxwhat about seeing if there is a matching version for one of those?05:01
terbohmm page up doesnt work ..05:01
*** inherited has joined #maemo05:01
*** inherited is now known as inherited_tot05:02
terboanyone have a tomtom?05:03
rm_youjohnx: possibly05:03
* lcuk jokes wiv the missus he has a tracytracy05:03
*** koyote has quit IRC05:03
lcukshe holds the 810(or paper map) and guides us05:03
*** edgester|away is now known as Edgester05:03
*** budman has joined #maemo05:07
*** fnordianslippers has quit IRC05:11
*** guenther has quit IRC05:12
rm_youwtf can't build sqlite3 itself >_> confused05:12
rm_youit will build the libs but not the main app05:12
rm_youwhatever sqlite (1) is in there correctly, will use that05:13
*** benh has quit IRC05:13
*** lcuk is now known as lcuk_zzz05:14
*** [pcfe] has joined #maemo05:14
*** _pcfe_ has quit IRC05:20
*** cool has joined #maemo05:28
*** Atarii has quit IRC05:29
*** flavioribeiro has joined #maemo05:33
*** herzi has quit IRC05:38
*** herzi has joined #maemo05:39
*** rm_you| has joined #maemo05:39
*** rm_you has quit IRC05:40
*** rm_you|wtf has joined #maemo05:45
*** terbo has quit IRC06:00
*** koyote has joined #maemo06:01
*** Sulis has quit IRC06:03
*** rm_you| has quit IRC06:04
rm_you|wtfwtf why is the sqlite3 source only building the libs (libsqlite3-0 and libsqlite3-dev) and not sqlite3 itself?! >_>06:06
*** benh has joined #maemo06:08
rm_you|wtf*sigh* dependency hell every time i try to build something >_>06:11
rm_you|wtftotally worth it06:11
*** wesdoobner has joined #maemo06:12
rm_you|wtfwhat package is aclocal part of?06:16
rm_you|wtfdpkg -S is failing inside scratchbox <_<06:16
rm_you|wtfis it automake?06:17
*** red-zack has quit IRC06:18
*** Edgester has quit IRC06:18
*** jegp has left #maemo06:19
GeneralAntillesIs this a serious bug report?
GeneralAntillesHe's saying, "Move the directory that contains the plugins and the plugins will no longer be installed, this is a bug"06:28
*** corq-FL has quit IRC06:28
*** wesdoobner has left #maemo06:31
*** corq-FL has joined #maemo06:31
*** TheAlien has joined #maemo06:34
GeneralAntillesHe's got several bad bugs lately.06:43
*** jay_ has joined #maemo06:46
*** rm_you|wtf is now known as rm_you06:52
rm_youso i create a table with 3 fields in SQLite06:52
rm_youand try to import this file06:53
rm_yousqlite> .import items.csv items06:53
rm_youitems.csv line 23: expected 3 columns of data but found 406:53
rm_youso i drop the table and recreate it with 4 fields06:53
rm_youand get this:06:53
*** jay__ has joined #maemo06:53
rm_yousqlite> .import items.csv items06:53
rm_youitems.csv line 23: expected 4 columns of data but found 306:53
rm_youthe CSV has three columns06:53
rm_youfsck this is stupid06:59
rm_youthoroughly failing to import a CSV to an SQLite db06:59
*** zerojay has quit IRC06:59
*** john has joined #maemo06:59
*** rm_you has quit IRC07:03
*** Guest41950 has joined #maemo07:03
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo07:06
*** jay_ has quit IRC07:08
*** tjafk2 has joined #maemo07:09
johnlooking for help on building mapper under scratchbox07:09
johngetting "Your intltool is too old.."07:09
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC07:18
*** churl1 has quit IRC07:21
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo07:24
*** john has quit IRC07:25
ol_schoolahey gang07:25
*** Italodance has joined #maemo07:25
ol_schoolaplayed about with the tablet all day, thought i figured it 'all' out07:26
ol_schoolathe light at the end of the tunnel was definately a train07:26
*** tjafk1 has quit IRC07:26
ol_schoolafinallt rebooted after i'd thought i'd straightened out my repos and ended up with a white screen after the hand grab07:28
*** henrique has quit IRC07:28
ol_schoolajust thought i'd check here before reflashing, anyone?07:29
ol_schoolaaiiight, reflash it is then07:30
*** sin18 has quit IRC07:35
*** corq has joined #maemo07:36
*** corq has joined #maemo07:36
*** chrisak- has joined #maemo07:37
*** gentooer has quit IRC07:39
*** TPC has quit IRC07:40
*** corq has quit IRC07:40
*** corq has joined #maemo07:40
*** TPC has joined #maemo07:40
*** chrisak- has quit IRC07:42
*** benh has quit IRC07:45
*** Guest41950 has quit IRC07:46
GeneralAntillesol_schoola, "straightened out my repos". . . .07:51
GeneralAntillesWhat's to straighten out? :\07:52
*** corq-FL has quit IRC07:52
GeneralAntillesYou enable maemo Extras.07:52
*** benh has joined #maemo07:53
ol_schoolaahh, sorry. just saw your msg. yeah, i enables mExtras, and followed a whole lot of other threads and whatnot in the forums07:57
ol_schoolai've been away from the IT for a few months. the n95 will do that to ya07:58
ol_schoolaat one point or another, this thing got all fouled up. but i made a tremendous amount of progress before it bellied up07:59
ol_schoolato be hon est, it was running a factory 2007 os, upgraded by sheer force, intimidation and eventual outright torture to 2008, miraculously bumped to -34 and finally crapped out. and it survived a complete submersion in a hot tub, to boot08:01
*** Grackle has quit IRC08:02
*** gramulhaozin has joined #maemo08:05
gramulhaozinthat's nice to see so many people here :P08:05
*** rm_you has joined #maemo08:07
ol_schoolaGeneralAntilles: you know anyhtingh about a maemo/extras repo with the diablo/tools directive?08:08
ol_schoola<oops> afk for a min....08:09
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo08:23
qwerty12*yawn*, good morning08:30
GNUtonhey qwerty12! :)08:30
GNUtonqwerty12:  are you just got up?08:30
qwerty12hey :)08:30
*** __t has quit IRC08:30
budmanhow can i make my keyboard more sensitive?08:30
budmanto act like the instinct08:31
*** ab has joined #maemo08:43
*** harry has joined #maemo08:48
*** harry is now known as Guest8079608:49
*** Guest80796 is now known as kcome08:49
*** eton has joined #maemo09:02
qwerty12Anyone willing to help a bash noob out?09:13
Stskeepsdepends on the question :P09:13
qwerty12It's an easy one :) (well, for everyone else :D), running cat /proc/led on my router returns: . How do I get echo to send the CR's and the rest of the text?09:14
ol_schoolaWhat's to straighten out? :\09:15
ol_schoolaYou enable maemo Extras.09:15
* ol_schoola ducks for cover09:15
Stskeepsqwerty12: "send the CR's and the rest of the text"?09:15
ol_schoolaGA, I'll pick a beef with ya tomorra. 'Til then, good day, sir.09:16
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC09:16
qwerty12Well, I'm not a good explainer >.<, but there are new lines, would it possible for me to echo it all in one line. :/09:16
Stskeepsqwerty12: FOO=`cat /proc/led` ?09:16
Stskeepsecho $FOO09:16
Stskeepsoh, you want the \n's removed?09:17
qwerty12Ahh, great, thanks09:17
StskeepsFOO=`cat /proc/led | sed "s/\n//g"` prolly then, or maybe / /g if you want a space instead of a newline :P09:17
GAN800lol, 'pick a beef' . . .09:18
Stskeepsmm. it's morning and i already feel like having beef09:18
*** iDS has joined #maemo09:19
GAN800I'm always ready for beef.09:19
qwerty12In London, having beef is fun to watch09:19
*** Italodance has quit IRC09:20
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC09:23
qwerty12~lart sed09:24
* infobot sends a legion of lawyers after sed's head09:24
*** TheAlien has quit IRC09:25
*** qwerty12_1 has joined #maemo09:27
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC09:27
*** qwerty12_1 is now known as qwerty1209:27
qwerty12Seems like my router is fussy over line breaks :/09:28
qwerty12All I want to do is disable the leds on it >.<09:28
*** p| has joined #maemo09:28
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo09:39
*** iDS is now known as Italodance09:46
*** befr0d_ has joined #maemo09:49
*** timelyx has joined #maemo09:50
*** befr0d_ has quit IRC09:51
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo09:51
*** Sho_ has quit IRC09:51
*** dougt has quit IRC09:52
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC09:54
*** nga911 has joined #maemo10:01
*** oilinki has quit IRC10:01
*** nga911 has quit IRC10:02
*** oilinki has joined #maemo10:03
*** eton has quit IRC10:03
*** eton has joined #maemo10:06
* timelyx sighs10:13
timelyxX-Fade, GeneralAntilles, andre___: ping10:13
*** eton_ has joined #maemo10:14
*** flavioribeiro has quit IRC10:17
GAN800timelyx, pong.10:18
timelyxso, i'm thinking of just migrating the garage products to bugzilla <now>10:21
timelyxeven if i do it manually10:21
timelyxi'm sick of people filing browser-extras bugs in bugzilla:browser10:21
timelyxi could also just enable browser-extras, but that'd be a /wee/ bit of an abuse :)10:22
GAN800Well, uh, I, personally, don't have a problem with it.10:22
GAN800browser-extras would make a good pilot.10:23
*** eton_ has quit IRC10:23
*** zwnj has joined #maemo10:24
timelyxare you ok w/ everyone seeing the enter_bug page as is, or should we at least blog about it?10:24
GAN800The new bug templates are the only thing that worries me.10:24
*** user__ has joined #maemo10:24
* timelyx nods10:25
* timelyx sighs10:25
GAN800I mean, there's nothing terribly wrong with them, but people are easily confused.10:25
GAN800and that's a very visible and significant change.10:25
* timelyx sighs10:25
timelyxqgil attacked my mailbox by triaging bugs.maemo10:25
user__this n810 doesnt work so hot10:26
user__the gps aint all that i should say10:26
GAN800user_, buy a heating element and stick it in the battery bay.10:26
timelyxuser__: did you forget to configure agps w. diablo?10:27
*** foka has joined #maemo10:27
user__how long does it take to find a location10:27
user__i installed diablo10:27
user__but thats about it10:27
user__using maemo mapper10:28
user__but the fix never works10:28
GAN800I think we'd be pretty much good to go if that template were fixed.10:28
timelyxGAN800: check out the url from bug 224310:28
*** user__ is now known as thor10:29
timelyxGAN800: i think the best i can offer is to change the description for Maemo Software10:29
thori thought the gps was suppsosed10:29
timelyx"You probably want to file bugs here"10:29
thorto work with the n18010:29
thorwhats up w that?10:30
timelyxwhat's an n180?10:30
timelyxis it like an n360?10:30
GAN800timelyx, shouldn't you have local access or something to be able to fix stuff like that?10:30
thormyyy misssstake10:30
timelyxGAN800: well, um, i don't think i do :)10:30
thorbut ya the gps isnt so hot10:30
timelyxLinux maemo-midgard 2.6.16-xenU20060830 #1 SMP Wed Aug 30 11:35:40 EEST 2006 i686 GNU/Linux10:30
timelyxis that box ?10:31
GAN800Should I file an enhancement request? :D10:31
thorhow do i see if the diablo installed properly10:31
GAN800Don't know.10:31
GAN800Doubt it, though.10:31
*** eton_ has joined #maemo10:31
thorer diablo update that is10:31
*** eton has quit IRC10:31
GAN800Install agps-ui in Application manager.10:31
thori just th10:31
timelyxactually, i think it is10:32
timelyxanyway, i have an account10:32
timelyxhrm,... so... i'm actually in sudo'rs afaiu10:33
timelyxbut i don't  know my password10:33
GAN800So, I'm thinking something along the lines of the mockup I put on the wiki, but with h1/h2s with a description for Maemo Software, Nokia, Website with their products listed underneath and Garage at the bottom like it is in the mockup.10:35
GAN800assuming that's workable.10:35
thoragps-ui eh?10:36
GAN800That's the one.10:36
timelyxtheoretically workable10:36
thorinstalling now10:36
timelyxbut w/o www-data access to the box, i definitely can't do it :)10:36
thormaemo mapper doesnt work so well10:36
*** thor has quit IRC10:36
timelyxwww-data is limited to ferenc10:37
GAN800I guess the other part of my worry with launching too early is having more than one major interface change in bugzilla.10:37
timelyxwhich is the other?10:37
*** lpotter has quit IRC10:37
timelyxdid i forget to blog some other announcement?10:37
timelyx(probably/quite likely)10:37
GAN800So, launching now with the current templates and changing them again in a week or two when we get improved ones in place would be confusing and bad.10:38
GAN800timelyx, re: 2243, no ugly error anymore, but it seems to just be an empty page. :/10:39
GAN800~lart MicroB's attention whoring10:40
* infobot runs at MicroB's attention whoring with an origami Swiss Army knife, and inflicts a nasty paper cut10:40
*** zap has joined #maemo10:41
GAN800Anyway, guenther's back in-channel, I told him we need to have a bugzilla meeting.10:42
GAN800I was thinking after the next sprint (22nd) might be good if it doesn't run as long as the last time.10:42
*** foka has quit IRC10:42
timelyxum... 22nd's the latest possible :)10:44
timelyxi'm heading for the new world at the end of this week :)10:44
timelyxi'll be there for a while10:44
GAN800I'll get with him today about it.10:45
rm_youGAN800: anything reported with 0.14-3 so far? all looking good?10:46
GAN800No issues, rm_you.10:46
timelyxanyway, if you want to suggest a bunch of other guys to convert for a demo, i could do that10:47
zapHow I can tell from a postinst script if the package is being installed for the first time, or upgraded?10:47
timelyxzap: iirc there's an argument10:47
GAN800timelyx, advanced-backlight will volunteer.10:47
*** lbt has joined #maemo10:48
rm_youYES! we volunteer!10:48
rm_youwhat is it? :P10:48
rm_yougarage bugzilla components? :P10:48
GAN800Garage tracking on bugzilla.10:48
rm_youYES! we volunteer!10:49
GAN800I bet Jaffa'd be up for it with mediautils and mud-builder.10:50
rm_youthough we're running out of bugs :P10:50
* rm_you knocks on wood10:50
GAN800Just wait until we had the light sensor. ;)10:50
infobotGAN800 meant: Just wait until we add the light sensor. ;)10:50
timelyxnot such a great page10:52
timelyxdo you have something against that page?10:52
timelyxok, browser-extras is called that, do you want to be Advanced Backlight or advanced-backlight ?10:53
timelyxi'd rather the former (and someday i'll probably force Browser Extras to get a rename)10:53
GAN800That reminds me, do we want to use the short 'unix' names (adv-backlight, browser-extras) for the products or the full names (Advanced Backlight, Browser Extras)?10:54
GAN800Er, stuck in fkb.10:54
*** VimSi has quit IRC10:54
GAN800Well, I'd prefer consistent.10:55
timelyxi'm all in favor of full10:55
timelyxand i'll rename Browser Extras now ...10:55
GAN800So I guess that'd be adv-backlight.10:55
GAN800Sounds good, full is much less confusing.10:55
rm_youi wanted a short name >_>10:55
rm_youi wonder if i can / should get X-Fade to rename my garage project >_>10:56
*** p| has quit IRC10:58
*** eton_ has quit IRC10:58
timelyxbtw, i think my notes need an update10:58
*** VimSi has joined #maemo10:58
timelyxbecause i had the votes fields wrong10:58
timelyxok, for histerical reasons, hrm10:58
*** Italodance has quit IRC10:58
timelyxshould groups be hyphenated or user friendly?10:58
GAN800I'm generally in favor of user friendly.10:59
*** mange has joined #maemo11:01
timelyxGAN800: do you remember if i disabled mail for the browser-extras qa contacts?11:02
GAN800Erg, dunno.11:03
timelyxi'd have told you11:03
* GAN800 pulls out a laptop.11:03
GAN800Gotta ssh into my box, one sec.11:04
*** eton has joined #maemo11:04
timelyxrm_you: bugzilla id?11:06
rm_youask GA11:07
GAN800What email do you use for bugzilla?11:07
timelyxtry loading
timelyxif things look normal, then good, and we can fix that when someone answers the question11:07
* timelyx considers creating a preview account11:08
*** overflok has joined #maemo11:08
*** overflok has left #maemo11:09
timelyxGAN800: ok, a-b should appear in enter bug11:10
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo11:12
timelyxqwerty12: do you own any garage projects?11:12
timelyxi'm starting to offer bugzilla product support for garage owners :)11:12
qwerty12timelyx: I'm registered in one, but I don't own any :)11:13
timelyxrm_you: ok, reload enter_bug11:15
GAN800it would figure . . . the box/internet/power is down, can't get to the logs where you've told me.11:15
*** mbuf has joined #maemo11:15
GAN800timelyx, Community Kernels might be another good one.11:16
timelyxGAN800: i presume you can see a-b?11:16
*** whycode has joined #maemo11:16
timelyxlook ok?11:17
*** Italodance has joined #maemo11:17
*** whycode has left #maemo11:17
GAN800Asside from a lame description, it looks great. ;)11:18
timelyxyeah um "i'm accepting proposals"11:18
timelyxyou get what you pay for :)11:18
*** lpotter has joined #maemo11:18
Italodancewhere is the GBA Emulator ?11:19
* timelyx kicks the indt team11:19
timelyxno obvious presence in bugs.maemo11:19
GAN800I assume product owners will be able to set their own descriptions?11:19
GAN800I was gonna say Canola, but that's non-free.11:20
timelyxat the present time they have to ask someone to fix it11:20
rm_youwill I be able to add things like target milestones, components, versions?11:20
timelyxby filing a bug against me :)11:20
GAN800and they don't seem super gung-ho about in general.11:20
timelyxrm_you: a roadmap url is appreciated11:20
timelyxi'll import all versions+milestones from that for you for free :)11:20
timelyxrm_you: fwiw, browser extras has 3 components (the third is "suggestions" because they let people ask them to add other packages)11:21
timelyxthe 2 you have are essentially "boilerplate"11:21
rm_youtimelyx: don't think we have a roadmap ;P lol11:21
timelyxyeah well... make one :)11:22
rm_youheh k, will be a good exercise11:22
timelyxjust so long as it lists your previous releases11:22
timelyxideally it should predict the one next release11:22
rm_youfirst time running an open source project ( ... or any real project)11:22
timelyxGAN800: does CK have a web site?11:22
* timelyx needs to figure out if the sync finished11:23
timelyxi.e. "no" :)11:23
GAN800But, yeah, I guess no Garage page yet.11:24
* GAN800 might volunteer for that.11:24
timelyxoh no11:25
* timelyx cries11:25
timelyxi think i messed up the a-b product11:25
timelyxi'm probably going to destroy it now :)11:25
timelyxyou haven't put anything into it yet, right?11:26
rm_youjust one bug :P11:26
rm_youbut it is fine11:26
rm_youit was a test :P11:26
rm_youwell, it was a real bug :P but i can add it again11:26
timelyxno..i wouldn't do that11:27
rm_youits fine11:29
timelyxnah, personal policy, no deleting bugs11:29
timelyxi'll just have to figure out what i did(n't) do11:30
zapmaemo-devel repository is update once in 24 hours?11:30
*** zfigz has joined #maemo11:30
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo11:31
*** cool has quit IRC11:33
*** zfigz has quit IRC11:33
*** simon_ has joined #maemo11:33
timelyxGAN800: ck should exist11:35
Stskeepssometimes i wonder about debian dependancies.. it's installing "A description of Finnish morphology written in Malaga"11:36
GAN800It does.11:37
qwerty12timelyx: yep, great, it's there, thanks :011:37
timelyxqwerty12: err, which is there?11:38
qwerty12community kernels11:38
aquatixStskeeps: :)11:38
timelyxum... i don't think i added you to ck. did GAN800?11:38
aquatixStskeeps: i think i had it installed yesterday or something too11:38
aquatixshould uninstall11:38
GAN800I did nothing.11:38
timelyxum, that's *bad*11:38
crashanddie"Finish morphology" ,11:38
qwerty12Now I need lardman to come on, dsp-sbc discriminates against East London grime music :P11:38
crashanddieBecause Fins have a different morphology than us humans?11:39
timelyxqwerty12: you can see it in enter_bug ?11:39
GAN800 :P11:39
qwerty12timelyx: no, I can only see it in search11:40
timelyxGAN800: i believe i gave you grant users for ck11:40
timelyxqwerty12: ah11:40
timelyxGAN800: feel free to give qwerty12 membership :)11:40
aquatixcrashanddie: fins have a weird language ;)11:41
timelyxrm_you, qwerty12, ... the products won't be public until someone fixes the page template11:41
timelyxor until we decide we have enough content and use that it's too late to wait for it11:41
timelyxuntil then, people will need a special bit to file bugs against you guys11:41
timelyxin the interim, if you own a product, please visit edit user prefs, go to mail prefs11:41
timelyxand add your general@ and www@ addresses to the watch field at the bottom11:42
timelyxthis will let you get mail for your components11:42
GAN800qwerty12, you should be a Community Kernel group member, now.11:43
oilinkiFinnish language can be a bit complicated. here are all the word-form of noun kauppa (shop)
timelyxoilinki: i bit complicated?11:45
* timelyx raises oilinki a few bits11:45
qwerty12The swear words in Finnish any good?11:45
timelyxbut the finns are proud of them anyway11:45
timelyxqwerty12: did you setup watching?11:45
qwerty12timelyx: not yeat11:46
infobotqwerty12 meant: timelyx: not yet11:46
qwerty12(I'm not an admin of Community Kernels, just a project member if that makes a difference)11:46
timelyxqwerty12: not really, *someone* needs to make sure that new bugs get triaged11:47
timelyxif you don't want to be that person, find someone else :)11:47
oilinkiqwerty12: Hattuvatti and Kaalisoppa are to common swear words11:47
infobottimelyx meant: if you don't want two be that person, find someone else :)11:47
* timelyx kicks infobot11:47
qwerty12timelyx: you got it right first time :P11:47
timelyxoilinki =~ s/to/two/11:47
timelyxdumb bot11:48
qwerty12timelyx: ping jott/lardman/trickie :P11:48
timelyxqwerty12: um... i'm initial setup and changes. once something's created, you guys should finish up the setup w/o me :)11:49
timelyxGAN800 can give membership to those people11:49
zapAnybody knows if it's possible to refresh the "Packages" file in maemo-extras more often than once per day?11:50
zapthe metafiles were updated at 01:01 and my package got into extras-devel at 01:21 so I must wait 24h to be able to install it...11:51
timelyxok, any other projects to import?11:52
* GAN800 wishes editusers would search real name.11:52
timelyxotherwise, i go back to learning python11:52
timelyxGAN800: open a random bug, in the cc field, enter: @<space>{first}<space>{last}<space>{nick}<space>{domain}11:53
GAN800timelyx, the others are missing maintainers for the next month or three.11:53
timelyxthen hit enter11:53
timelyxsummer vacation?11:53
GAN800That and some non-Finnish vacations, too.11:54
GAN800gnuite is roadtripping.11:54
* zap sighs and reanimates his private repository11:55
GAN800zap, that sounds wrong. Probably has something to do with the non-updating that was, evidently, 'fixed' a few days ago.11:58
*** frade has joined #maemo11:58
oilinkido we have maemo-mapper developers here?11:58
qwerty12It took me about 1 and 1/2 hours for rootsh to be uploaded and Packages to be updated. Not bad imho.11:59
GAN800oilinki, no.11:59
oilinkiGAN800: ok. thanks.11:59
*** juergbi has joined #maemo12:00
*** Atarii has joined #maemo12:00
*** ralann|mbp has joined #maemo12:01
*** ralann|mbp has joined #maemo12:01
*** shackan has quit IRC12:02
BlafaselWee.. That finish language link is crazy ;)12:04
*** eton_ has joined #maemo12:04
timelyxBlafasel =~ s/finish/finnish/12:05
aquatixthat nokia has a nice finnish12:06
* aquatix runs12:06
oilinkieton_: from Thailand?12:06
* qwerty12 finnish's off aquatix 12:06
qwerty12Anyway, the only Finnish things I need to know are Sauna and Nokia :P12:07
oilinkiqwerty12: and.. the most important. Santa Claus :)12:07
qwerty12Ooh, yes, Lapland looks nice12:08
BlafaselNa.. The girls are nice as well. I derive that from the sample set I know (one). ;)12:08
aquatixsounds like a great sample12:09
qwerty12That sentence sounded totally different12:09
* aquatix likely doesn't want to know12:09
qwerty12You probably don't ;/12:10
qwerty12So, will anyone put pipeline's transmission in extras?12:15
GAN800I'd hope pipeline.12:16
*** ralann has quit IRC12:17
GAN800But he seems to be idiotically anti-maemo.org12:17
* GAN800 lost a lot of respect for him during the itTSS nonsense.12:17
qwerty12It doesn't seem that to me, I just don't know if he knows how to package properly. Like in his packages, his dependencies are always libc6, when there should be more. Of course, he may be doing on device compilication (spelling?).12:18
*** eton has quit IRC12:18
*** __t has joined #maemo12:19
*** eton has joined #maemo12:19
qwerty12Menu bar could do with hildonising. Maybe this is an good opportunity for me to learn...12:19
*** iDS has joined #maemo12:20
*** Italodance has quit IRC12:21
*** pH5 has joined #maemo12:23
iDScan i change screen size for gba games on n800?12:27
rm_youGAN800: a strange amount of people seem to be anti maemo-org <_<12:29
qwerty12I'm against the speed of maemo.org12:30
*** iDS is now known as Italodance12:30
GAN800rm_you, yeah, I don't get it.12:31
Stskeepssometimes i think gentoo is popular because apt-get install just isn't very bloody verbose, compared to a compilation process12:33
Stskeepsand it's just bloody boring to watch apt-get install :)12:33
rm_youwith gentoo you're like, OH there goes part of KDE!!! I wonder if it is going to break12:34
rm_youthere's always a level of suspense cause it might just FAIL in the middle12:34
qwerty12Think it is time to get laid?12:34
* qwerty12 runs like shit12:34
*** eton_ has quit IRC12:35
GAN800It's funny because qwerty's 15. :p12:35
Stskeepsi thought he was 12 :P12:36
*** ralann|mbp has quit IRC12:37
*** Italodance has quit IRC12:39
*** ralann has joined #maemo12:40
*** borism has joined #maemo12:40
* aquatix feels old12:43
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo12:46
Stskeepssome very interesting NIT Debian screenshot..
qwerty12Is that the maemo version of flash?12:48
Stskeepsno gnash12:49
qwerty12Work any better then in microb? :)12:49
Stskeepsdidn't test it extensively, but it worked which is quite an effort :P12:49
Stskeepswas quite easy porting actually12:50
bef0rdadobe recently released flash 10 beta, it includes support for v4l2 video camaras12:51
qwerty12How easy is it to use on an N800? I remember switching to the chroot stuff because I found xfce awkward and gksu wanted me to enter a password which I could not as the gksu window took priority...12:51
*** eichi has joined #maemo12:51
Stskeepsqwerty12: as in NIT-debian or the flash thing?12:53
*** crashanddie has quit IRC12:53
*** geaaru has joined #maemo12:53
Stskeepsqwerty12: well we're moving close to an actual release - it'll be a tar.gz with a installer that debootstraps the whole system and adds tablet specific things - and the end user environment is a deb too so if you get tired of it, you can edit it or remove it12:54
*** fab has joined #maemo12:54
Stskeepsqwerty12: my goal is a debian that's more or as usual as maemo :P12:55
qwerty12Great :)12:56
Stskeepsthe current environment is a bastard child of matchbox and xfce412:57
aquatixStskeeps: looks interesting!12:57
AtariiStskeeps: does your debian work on the 770? itt says to nudge you on here about it12:59
StskeepsAtarii: well i haven't tried it out, as i don't have a 770 :)13:00
StskeepsAtarii: people are more than welcome to download the SVN and try it out and see what happens13:01
* GAN800 doesn't really want to shoot down somebody willing to contrinute articles to the wiki, but that new /usr on Ext2 article is pretty bad. . . .13:01
qwerty12Ouch. I much prefer the existing article. (sorry)13:02
StskeepsAtarii: it requires fanoush's bootmenu atleast, and may need some things from chinook, but i guess we'll find out when it errors :P13:03
AtariiI need to install the bootmenu again, rm_you killed my setup recently lol13:05
rm_youlol I did? :P13:05
Atariiu oh13:05
* Atarii runs13:05
*** bef0rd has quit IRC13:06
Atariitesting adv-backlight killed my mmc install :p13:06
qwerty12Should have kept a backup :P13:06
Atariithere was nothin on there anyways13:07
Atariiit was half dead from me trying to compile drivers on it13:07
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo13:08
*** benh has quit IRC13:09
qwerty12Atarii: That is what scratchbox is for :P13:10
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC13:10
* GAN800 sighs.13:15
GAN800if you would be embarrassed handing it to your boss, then the grammar and capitalization aren't up to snuff.13:16
*** yerga has joined #maemo13:17
GAN800The article has stuff like 'power consumption [...] goes way up [...] it will not be able to work once the charge is too low' and he wonders why I want it gone. . . .13:18
*** eton has quit IRC13:19
*** eton has joined #maemo13:22
*** AStorm has quit IRC13:23
*** shackan has joined #maemo13:23
AtariiGAN800 is that guy not natively english?13:24
Atarii"so this setup DOES shorten your autonomy... I did consider stepping back"13:24
GAN800Atarii, doubt it.13:26
*** eichi has quit IRC13:27
GAN800it's a really bad way to extend the rootfs that I wouldn't recommend to anybody13:27
*** kkrusty has joined #maemo13:27
GAN800Which immediately makes me want to delete it.13:27
Atariii agree it sounds like it is just going to cause problems13:28
GAN800and the fact that he can't find the shift key just exacerbates that13:28
yergaGAN800, I have a package for if you want it13:28
GAN800Even if it had a red <h1>DO NOT USE THIS METHOD, IT WILL KILL YOUR MOTHER, USE [[Booting from a flash card]] INSTEAD!!!!</h1> I still wouldn't feel good about it.13:30
*** BabelO has joined #maemo13:30
GAN800It is open source, isn't it?13:30
GAN800Nah, not too concerned about it personally, just something I'd like to see implemented in the future.13:31
GAN800Badass patch, though. :D13:31
yergayes it's opensource13:31
yergamy first C patch ;)13:31
GAN800andre___, X-Fade, timelyx, Jaffa, milhouse, anybody else interested
timelyxcan you fix that?13:39
timelyxthe link for "bug #630" is bad13:39
timelyxthe syntax is show_bug.cgi?id=XX#cYY not XXc#YY13:40
*** overflok1 has joined #maemo13:40
*** geaaru_ has joined #maemo13:42
*** AStorm has joined #maemo13:43
*** inherited_tot is now known as inherited13:47
Stskeepsyou know you're going to hell when you do a to trick something into believing it has a tiny bit of hildon..13:49
Stskeeps.. especially when it works13:50
* lcuk_zzz falls out of bed with a thump13:53
*** lcuk_zzz is now known as lcuk13:53
lcukrm_you, did you get sqlite compiling?13:54
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo13:58
*** geaaru has quit IRC13:58
*** jay__ has quit IRC13:59
lcukqwerty12, why is the powervr not used?14:08
qwerty12lcuk: Well, it's not enabled is it :/14:08
lcukcant you compile up a patch or somethin?14:08
qwerty12Wrong words, maybe14:08
lcuki know :D14:09
qwerty12Hah, me? :P14:09
qwerty12pH5 wrote a patch that can power up the chip but that is it.14:09
lcukyou seem to manage to find everything else14:09
lcukyer i saw that once on my travels14:10
GAN800Gawd Mutiny32 is such an idiot14:10
bef0rdGAN800, You removed easyroot from however there is a link on the R&D section that points to it14:11
GAN800"I think I'm hip and rebellious because I don't let 'bullshit' slide, but I'm really just an asshole'14:11
RST38hga: Did HE say it?14:11
GAN800Sarcasm quote14:12
GAN800bef0rd, it is a wiki. ;)14:12
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo14:12
RST38hthen he is not anything unusual14:12
RST38hlcu,qwerty: btw any luck using omap3 datasheets to access omap2 hw?14:13
bef0rdGAN800, orly? :P I'm going to remove 'Use easyroot instead.' then.14:13
GAN800bef0rd, fixed.14:13
bef0rdheh ok14:13
lcukGAN800, after seeing what he posted i tend to agree14:13
qwerty12RST38h: I'm not working on this. I wouldn't know where to start :)14:13
RST38hoh, ok14:13
qwerty12I know I'm going to get flamed for saying this, but with the LCD Controller being so shit, is it worth having PowerVR?14:14
*** eichi has joined #maemo14:15
lcukqwerty12, is that you asking14:15
lcukor a post from the forum14:15
GAN800qwerty12, anything is worth having over nothing.14:15
RST38hqwerty: maybe not, difficult to say14:15
qwerty12No, it's me asking :)14:15
GAN800We've got the hardware, might as well be able to play with if, even if the results turn out to be largely useless.14:15
lcukok, then ill answer properly: i can see a real use for it.  i really do think we can get a VERY fast and stable 640*480 gaming interface out of the powervr14:16
*** Wikier has joined #maemo14:16
RST38hI would start by researching whether internal omap buffer can be displayed14:16
qwerty12I just can't decide what Nokia were thinking with the lcd controller. It's connected using an Low Speed serial connection, if that was me, I know I'd want an high speed connection...14:16
lcukat the moment the LCD framebuffer is in main memory.  ANY hardware can fill that memory and get it rendered onto screen.  currently the only hardware filling that memory is the CPU.  i want to use the powervr and/or the IVA to fill it14:16
RST38hthey were catching flaming monkeys flying out of their ass14:17
lcukthe LCD controller principle comes from the older OMAP1 chip used in the 770.  it does not have any kind of framebuffer internal and NEEDs the external lcd chip14:17
lcukwhen the 800 came out engineers went the simple way and carried on with the framebuffer because the internal one in the powervr was more difficult to setup and could not natively support 800*480 (the framebuffer inside the omap is confirmed as VGA)14:18
lcukinside the omap2420 was ^14:18
*** m-c has joined #maemo14:19
GAN800lcuk, I really object to people who want to abuse Nokia engineers over Nokia management decisions.14:19
lcuki agree GAN, im not against the design they have used - i just want documentation and drivers so i can see what we can come up with14:19
GAN800We want to welcome engineers into the community, not drive them away.14:19
GAN800@Mutiny32's stupidity.14:20
qwerty12I like his cause but I don't like the way he is doing it.14:20
qwerty12Evince sucks, so badly. Must get Linux Adobe Acrobat Reader...14:21
GAN800qwerty12, best (free) Windows sftp client?14:21
lcukMaking full use of the hardware inside our machines is paramount to me.  i hate seeing things go to waste.  We *NEED* the help of those engineers hes threatening to get us documentation.14:21
m-cSomeone looking for more open specifications, GAN800 ?  Maybe you would recommend the Freerunner14:22
GAN800m-c, no, just somebody being an idiot.14:22
m-cOh, sorry, I came in late to the conversation.  :-)14:23
GAN800and I wont be recommending the Freerunner to anybody until it can idle for more than half a day. ;)14:23
GAN800Thanks, qwerty12.14:23
qwerty12At this moment in time, Freerunner features don't appeal to me. Get me an S60 phone any day.14:23
timelessgan800: yeah, winscp14:24
lcukomg facepalm14:24
lcuk"Roma wasn't built in a day"14:24
*** cool has joined #maemo14:25
m-cVery happy with the NIT here.  Although I think one my units has crummy battery.  Need to get it replaced.  I bought the NIT as a laptop replacement, and not only has it excelled in that task but it is becoming a cell phone and desktop computer replacement, too.14:25
lcukRoma is a little italian cafe just down the road from where I work.  its just been rebuilt and that was a little joke14:25
m-cgood joke14:25
GNUtonW Italy!14:25
* GAN800 gets out his Extra-Sharp Team Poking Stick.14:27
* lcuk goes pussy hunting14:27
* GAN800 pokes andre___ 14:27
qwerty12lcuk: aww14:27
GAN800lcuk'a such a player.14:28
infobotGAN800 meant: lcuk's such a player.14:28
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC14:28
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo14:29
Atariiwhat is the point in a progress bar which doesn't show progress, instead just wizzes left to right14:30
GAN800Atarii, to indicate that something's happening which may take an unkowable amount of time?14:30
infobotGAN800 meant: Atarii, to indicate that something's happening which may take an unknowable amount of time?14:30
GAN800Like establishing a connection to a server.14:31
Atariihmm ok point taken14:31
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo14:33
aquatixsometimes you it first wizzing left to right and back, then change to a proper progress bar14:35
aquatix[like with the application manager]14:35
*** kcome has quit IRC14:36
*** Italodance has joined #maemo14:43
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo14:48
GAN800ugh, bug #347314:50
RST38haquatix: there is a reason why it happens in app manager14:51
RST38hit shows progress separately for each repo but does not show which one14:51
wizahmm, something's not right, n810 battery goes to 0 in a day while it's idle14:53
RST38hwiza: modest.14:53
wizait hasn't done it before14:54
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo14:54
RST38hwiza: check process list every now and then14:54
RST38hmost likely modest, but could be metacrawler or some other critter14:55
*** cool has quit IRC14:55
wizaI installed a2dp stuff14:55
*** eichi has quit IRC14:56
RST38hare you using it though?14:57
m-cwiza That is the same problem I have with one of my batteries14:57
m-cwiza And I have another one that will last well over a week in idle14:57
wizawell, if it's a battery problem that's easy, I can get that changed14:58
wizasince this is only couple of months old14:58
m-cHmm - As an experiment this week, I am switching the batteries between the units.14:58
RST38hI would suspect the battery last14:59
m-cA day and a half of use, and the "good" battery still says full in the "bad" unit, so I think it is the battery14:59
m-cWhat is a2dp ?14:59
qwerty12_N800meh, maemo's battery status applet is dodgy at best15:00
wizam-c: stereo audio to bluetooth headset15:00
*** pupnik has quit IRC15:00
GAN800~wikipedia a2dp15:00
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "{{vagueintro|February 2007}} A 'Bluetooth profile' is a wireless interface specification for Bluetooth-based communication between devices. In order to use Bluetooth technology, a device must be compatible with the subset of Bluetooth profiles necessary to use the desired services. A Bluetooth profile resides on top of the Bluetooth Core Specification and (optionally) add15:00
m-cWell, someone here told me that putting the NIT into offline mode helps save the battery.  Might check into that, too15:00
Italodanceguys linux deb files like _i386.deb can work on IT?15:01
Italodancepossible to install and run?15:01
*** ab has quit IRC15:01
GAN800Italodance, like we've told you a thousand times already, no.15:01
ItalodanceGAN800 but possible to install or totally install is not too15:02
RST38hnot possible to install15:03
Italodanceand can it harm my device?15:03
RST38harch mismatch15:03
*** [pcfe] has quit IRC15:04
*** overflok1 has quit IRC15:05
RST38hmutiny32 is cool15:05
RST38hfaking ignorance now15:06
*** geaaru_ has quit IRC15:06
GAN800zap, I see bash2, was that what you added this morning?15:06
*** geaaru_ has joined #maemo15:07
GAN800Well, it's less than 24 hours, anyway. ;)15:07
qwerty12_N800zap, for the best mc experience, should i install terminfo + bash2?15:07
zapqwerty12_N800: absolutely15:07
zapespecially if you're using ssh15:08
qwerty12_N800ta, grabbing now :)15:08
zapGAN800: its not the package I was talking about, I was talking about mc in maemo-extras15:08
GAN800oh, zap, the reason you need rootsh's stuff is because a bunch of scripts depend on sudo gainroot.15:09
zaperr.. in extras-devel15:09
zapI don't touch sudo gainroot15:09
zapit's absolutely separate from sudser15:09
GAN800and most all of the howtos use that method.15:09
GAN800Right, you asked why you'd need rootsh if you had sudser on itT, though.15:10
GAN800That's why.15:10
*** rlifchitz has joined #maemo15:10
zapno, I asked what could be merged between sudser and rootsh15:10
*** vinilios has quit IRC15:10
GAN800They each have distinct features sets. Add the sudoers modification to rootsh.15:15
*** liri has left #maemo15:16
*** liri has joined #maemo15:16
* qwerty12_N800 personally has both installed15:16
GAN800I'd like to avoid unnecessary user confusion.15:16
*** red-zack has joined #maemo15:26
*** eton_ has joined #maemo15:27
*** Zetx| has joined #maemo15:28
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo15:35
*** oilinki3 has joined #maemo15:36
*** oilinki has quit IRC15:40
* lcuk facepalm15:44
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC15:44
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo15:46
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo15:46
*** Zet has quit IRC15:47
*** eton has quit IRC15:48
*** eton has joined #maemo15:50
fnordianslipis noexecstack a bad gcc option on arm? i have a package that builds for x86 in scratchbox, but not for arm, and it seems that the arm compiler barfs on that option. it builds ok on arm without it.15:50
*** darken_cz has quit IRC15:53
lcukfnordianslip, what does the option do?15:57
fnordianslipi dunno.  if was failing the "does gcc work" test in configure.  seems that noexec stack is in the AFLAGS and the LDFLAGS, and that dropping it from the LDFAGS allows the build to proceed. I'm not sure what the ramifications are.15:58
*** bef0rd has quit IRC15:59
fnordianslipi mean it, not if15:59
Stskeepsfnordianslip: i don't think arm has exec stack protection16:00
fnordiansliper. pk.16:01
fnordianslipok, even.  damned fingers16:01
lcukWe can either patch each source file written in assembler and send the fixes upstream, or we can be lazy and simply force the package build system to assemble the source files with the GNU as option --noexecstack (but this is highly discouraged).16:01
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo16:01
lcukits fully supported in gcc 4.1, but im betting you are still using the older 3.416:02
fnordiansliper. ok. hang on16:02
lcukor rather, that page says its fully supported16:03
fnordianslipyep, 3.4.  default for diable scratchbox?16:03
qwerty12_N800unless you have cs2008 toolchain, by default sbox uses 3. gcc 4 is good, i had to use it for aircrack16:03
fnordianslipwell, i'm on the tools for diablo.  how come it didn't install gcc 4 ?16:04
lcukfnordianslip, are you just buildign for your private use, or are you going to take over maintaining this package for maemo?16:04
fnordianslipnot sure.  perhaps the latter16:05
fnordianslipi'm wading through a bunch of ham radio stuff right now16:05
Stskeepshm, wasn't there a swf player or something for maemo? does it use gecko and use libflashplugin that way?16:06
lcukjust take the flag out of the make process for now, deal with it again in the future16:06
fnordianslipworks for me, well it builds.  will find out if it works later ;-)16:07
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, the getting started application?16:07
lcukexactly, not worth learning a whole new set of things which noone else bothers about on this device (since the feature doesnt seem to work on the toolchain we use)16:07
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: that's prolly closed source isn't it?16:08
qwerty12_N800yeah :(16:08
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: i just have the perverted idea to make a flash UI thingie16:09
lcukis there an oss standaline flash player anywhere?16:09
qwerty12_N800How do i set a program suid?16:09
Stskeepsthere's prolly gnash, but since i got flash working under Debian it could be -neat- to use it ;)16:09
lcukStskeeps, :) you arent the only one.16:09
qwerty12_N800lcuk, gnash (not available for maemo)16:09
lcukwhy not... ?16:09
*** eton_ has quit IRC16:10
lcukdoes it depend on a toolkit not avail?>16:10
qwerty12_N800~lart the north. can't believe i'm going oldham >.<16:10
* infobot flings poo at the north. can't believe i'm going oldham >.<16:10
lcuknothin wrong with oldham.   ok maybe theres plenty wrong with oldham16:12
lcukwhat you comin to my hometown for?16:12
qwerty12_N800got to go to a wedding16:12
lcukwhich end of town is it in16:13
qwerty12_N800no idea :/16:13
*** EvilGuru has joined #maemo16:13
lcukheh, i could tell you if you need to electrify your car or not :P16:13
*** mbuf has quit IRC16:14
* lcuk launches a coin high in the air16:14
lcukheads i code, tails i read a book16:14
lcukhuzzzah! im codin for the afternoon16:15
EvilGuruHi, I have the problem of pdflush and jffs2_gcd_mtd4 taking up a large amount of CPU time. My root file system has 100MiB free and I have disabled the weather/RSS desktop applets. Are there any other suggestions?16:15
lcukback later16:15
* qwerty12_N800 bets lcuk cheats16:15
lcukdidnt actually, i had to chase it around cos it rolled16:15
lcukEvilGuru, is pdflush installed by default and do you use it?16:16
qwerty12_N800let it come to it's proper home in the south: the bank of england :p16:16
EvilGurulcuk: I do not believe I have a choice, AFAIK it is a system task16:17
lcukim so gonna watch the motorway sliproad and if i see some non conformist hacker bod sitting in the back of the car playing on an n8x0 im gonna egg it16:17
qwerty12_N800~lart  gtk for whining about setuid16:17
* infobot takes out a cattle prod and gives gtk a good jolt for whining about setuid16:17
*** rlifchitz has left #maemo16:17
lcukwelcome to manchester :P16:17
* qwerty12_N800 yawns16:18
*** eton has quit IRC16:18
lcukwhen are you comin this way then?16:18
lcukjust so, like i dont have to setout a deck chair for weeks on end16:18
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo16:18
qwerty12_N800i'm setting off in about an hour and it takes a few hours to get there16:19
shackandid anyone install fring on the n800? it doesn't start16:19
lcukqwerty12_N800, bit of a late wedding isnt it?16:19
lcukor are you the bride being fashionably late :P16:19
qwerty12_N800yeah :/16:20
qwerty12_N800maybe in manchester things work like that... :p16:20
fnordianslipi'm wondering if i should remove noexecstack from the AFLAGS aswell as the LDFLAGS, even though the package builds ok with it?16:20
lcukfnordianslip, take it out, put a comment that it doesnt work on maemo and have done16:21
fnordiansliproget that16:21
fnordianslipbugger.  roger even.16:21
lcukhave you asked roger if he wants to be buggered?16:21
fnordianslipdamned macbook pro keyboard16:21
fnordiansliphe always wants it.  there's a guy at work called Roger Brown.  he was unimpressed when I told him that his name was an anal sex joke.16:22
yergahey guys, have you problems entering in
lcukfnordianslip, i bet he was.  just hope he never becomes your boss16:23
lcukmaemo has bugs?16:23
yergalcuk, only one or two ;)16:23
summatusmentisqwerty12_N800, lcuk: are there a lot of things to do in the UK that would appeal to all age groups?16:24
qwerty12_N800fnordianslip, meh, roger brown is nothing. i'm a perv by name...16:24
summatusmentisif this is OT, we could go off the channel too16:24
fnordianslipqwerty12_N800: you name seems kinda global16:26
fnordianslipis it entirely of one origin or a bit multinational?16:27
fnordianslipnot that it matters, but i did wonder when i saw it.16:28
lcuksummatusmentis, what do you mean?   as in outside activities - themeparks fairs playgrounds events ?16:30
fnordiansliphmm.  i'm hoping i haven't inadvertently made myself look like a rascist or something.  not intended.16:31
lcukno, why would you think that16:32
* lcuk needs hitting with a cluestick, cos i dont see where you think you were offensive16:33
fnordianslipi felt i was perhaps digging myself a hole, and the channel went oddly quiet for a bit16:33
lcukit does that for a multitude of reasons :) dont beat yourself up about it16:33
*** kcome has joined #maemo16:36
* lcuk really should pay attention to names16:36
lcukfnordianslip, nope, not personally bothered at all - your cow orker might take offense though16:36
fnordianslipoh.  eventually misunderstood.  i was doing the " am i bothered?" gag.16:37
lcuknahhh, you have to have a london accent to do that, when qwerty12_N800 tries it it works cos hes a chav16:38
fnordianslipleave my cow orker out of this.16:38
lcukqwerty12_N800, is it tough getting andlinux and scratchbox to work nicely on the pc?16:40
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC16:42
liriI've just seen the irreco application, that one is simply a must have :)16:44
*** __t has quit IRC16:48
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo16:48
*** __t has joined #maemo16:50
summatusmentislcuk: d'you mind if I pm you?16:54
lcuknot at all :)16:54
*** geaaru_ has quit IRC16:55
*** Italodance has quit IRC16:55
*** __t has quit IRC16:56
*** Italodance has joined #maemo16:59
Atarii/scratchbox/compilers/bin/host-gcc: Too many open files17:01
Atarii:s how do i fix that?17:01
*** xe|| has joined #maemo17:03
jottAtarii: increase the number of file-max or close some other apps?17:03
Atariihow do you increase the file-max?17:04
jotteither sysctl -w fs.filemax=NNNNNN or cat NNN > /proc/sys/fs/file-max17:05
jottmight check to what it is set now ;)17:05
Atariithanks :)17:05
jotterm fs.file-max17:05
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo17:06
jottAtarii: cat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr   should tell you current and max value17:07
Atariiright: 2048 0 5009617:07
jottso this is not the problem :P17:08
*** __t has joined #maemo17:10
crashanddie[Off Topic] "Some U.S. motorists sick of getting clobbered at the pump seem willing to do just about anything for free fuel, from giving up the right to name their children to stealing from day-care centers to donating blood."17:10
lcuk"my car runs on O- blood, I get 300 miles to the gallon."  - dracule, 1847 at a vampire conference.17:11
jottanyone tried a recent owb (this webkit "fork") yet?17:12
lcuknot yet it needs building from source doesnt it17:13
jottyep that's why i am asking ;)17:13
lcukgive it a try jott17:14
lcukhows qt coming by the way17:14
*** m-c has quit IRC17:14
*** m-c has joined #maemo17:14
jottlcuk: looks quite nicely17:14
jottstill waiting for a reply from tt legal to make some bigger commits :/17:15
jottor "Qt Software" who knows :P17:15
lcukahhh yes, are you doing this under strict gpl, or are you happy with the part commercial aspect17:15
jottit's fine for me.17:16
GAN800now he's resorting to bugzilla spam.17:16
GAN800What an idiot.17:16
lcukjott :) why didnt you tell me that when i was talking along these lines with liqbase :P17:16
jottlcuk: what?17:16
lcukthat part commercial is ok17:17
aquatixcrashanddie: US motorists should drive less or buy a smaller car17:17
aquatixfuel here in europe is a lot more expensive even17:17
jottlcuk: it's your ip and as long as you hold the full ip, you may choose what ever license is feasible ...17:17
lcuksometimes no way to get by without a car, and since everyone has big cars a tiny one stands no chance.  thankfully the price increases and money troubles makes smaller cars more viable17:18
ShadowJK"stands no chance"?17:18
lcukyou are right jott, anyway, keep us informed and i would really like to see a nice clean easy route to qt on the device17:18
crashanddieShadowJK, it's commonly accepted Europe motorists drive a bit better than US ones :P17:18
crashanddieShadowJK, or rather, that the exam is quite harder17:19
lcukcrashanddie, ahhh, but are european WOMEN drivers any better than american women drivers?17:19
ShadowJKI've heard from people who visited france and benelux, that the drivers are batshit insane17:19
jaskatakes a few months to get a license here.. and then you have a learning period of 2 years17:19
crashanddiejaska, US ?17:19
crashanddiejaska, what age ?17:20
crashanddie18 I guess ?17:20
BlafaselYep, 2 years "probation" time17:20
jaskai didnt bother till 20 or so tho :)17:20
crashanddieit's up to 3 years probation here in France17:20
ShadowJKfinland has the advantage that winter tames drivers... well, had, winter isn't winter anymore17:20
crashanddieSee, I don't get how anyone could give a 16yo a full blown car17:20
* GAN800 facepalm
fnordianslipso they buy fuel?17:21
jaskayeah i often laugh when i see people in warm countries fail horribly at driving on snow/ice17:21
BlafaselGAN800: Let me guess: The guy that is talking class a stuff in the forum as well?17:22
wndand yet, when the first snow falls, lots of cars are wrecked. as newspapers put it, drivers are caught by surprise. to me it isn't much of a surprise that winter comes once a year...17:23
aquatixGAN800: ``othe Nokia Symbian platforms fully17:23
aquatixsupport the same chipset, so the Maemo implementation should have it as well''17:23
lcukwnd, its the same after a dry spell and you get rain17:23
aquatixwnd: :)17:23
lcukthe worst one was what i saw on slashdot - some car manufacturer is planning on putting a HUD display showing the edge of the road so old drivers get help whilst driving in fog etc17:24
ShadowJKI don't think I regress from winter conditions enough to ever even notice rain17:24
GAN800I feel kind of sorry for the people that are going to have to talk to him at OSiM.17:24
lcukjust drive at a safe speed in the conditions you are in17:24
crashanddielcuk, hey, that could help you drive again !17:24
ShadowJKGAN800, hope alcohol is available17:24
GAN800Worst? That was awesome!17:24
crashanddielcuk, with HUD and all that !17:24
lcukcrashanddie, it would have to be scrollable17:24
GAN800airvraft have HUDs like that, so should cars.17:25
lcuki want a real HUD on my glasses17:25
BlafaselI hope I didn't feed the troll on the board..17:25
lcukanything else would be wrong cos moving head to the side would move the image17:25
crashanddielcuk, I guess you'd just use a pencil to try to pan it around, and then start muttering about the lack of openness in the car mobile computing industry17:25
lcukwhich did you reply to Blafasel17:25
ShadowJKThe issue with adding technological help to drivers is that drivers will drive faster, and so they're back at being as incompetent/competent as in the beginning, except they now have more kinetic energy than before...17:25
aquatixif old people can't see well anymore, they should simply be disallowed to run a car17:25
Blafasellcuk: The PowerVR guy17:25
crashanddieaquatix, agreed17:26
lcuknot at all, id spend a few months hacking it about and getting it to refresh properly before going to the manufacturer telling them that there IS a way to do it properly and if they opened themselves up a bit we might be able to use it17:26
lcuk<Blafasel> lcuk: The PowerVR guy        <<<<<<< yup, thats me :)17:26
aquatixi already see too many dangerous situations in which some elderly couple or whatever is driving way slow on a road17:26
ShadowJKPeople already hack on the chips in their cars today17:26
ShadowJKI believe hacking the engine control chip is particulary popular :-)17:27
aquatixor just barely miss pedestrians or people on bikes17:27
Blafasellcuk: No, the "sue for PowerVR guy". Still you?17:27
GAN800Ahaha, 'Now I feel emotionally damaged.'17:27
crashanddieA few days ago, I got cut off from a roundabout, I was in it, signal on and everything, lights on, hard to miss... Some old frog just didn't even look at me, and engaged into the roundabout... Had to break as hell... When I hit the horn like mad, the guy was pissed, and gave me the finger...17:27
BlafaselGAN800: Mine is the one before that (DarKlajid), but still I gues answering just makes the discussion longer17:27
lcukaquatix, i see plenty of (young/old/male/female) people HIT pedestrians or people on bikes, and they have perfect vision17:27
aquatixlcuk: true, true :(17:27
aquatixi was not singling out elderly people17:28
crashanddieBut they are a risk17:28
lcuksure you were: you find GILFs hot :P17:28
ShadowJKcrashanddie, so was he slowing down or not when he was approaching the roundabout? :-)17:28
aquatixmost of the dangerous acts i see in traffic are from people aged 20-5017:28
crashanddieShadowJK, yeah, he slowed down, and maybe when I was at 5m from him, just started going again17:28
lcukmost dangerous fast driving is <30.   most dangerous cautious drivers are >6017:29
lbtaquatix: most of the dangerous acts I see are from people in vehicles...17:29
AStormwell, old people usually cause danger by driving too slowly17:29
crashanddieI'm thinking *everyone* should have a test every 3/5 years, short test, 10 minutes or so, but just to see if you're still able to drive correctly17:29
aquatixcrashanddie: my gf was almost hit by a lady [30, 40yr old] that didn't even looked around while entering the roundabout; gf yelled, lady still didn't react17:29
AStormcrashanddie: good idea17:29
aquatixjust drove on17:29
AStormaquatix: either stupid or ignorant17:29
AStormthat's why you have a horn17:30
Blafaselcrashanddie: Agreed. Something like that is mandatory here for trucks already, I'd like to see it for cards as well.17:30
aquatixAStorm: not on a bicycle17:30
lcuki think we should be able to "Digg up/down" drivers on the road.  see someone cut you up - just click on their license plate.   when a person gets so many downmods they get pulled in for a retest17:30
ShadowJKIt's amazing how some people think that every other driver is incompetent, yet the same people themselves /drive/ like everyone else was competent drivers :-)17:30
AStormaquatix: ah, yeah, people tend to ignore cyclists17:30
crashanddielcuk, hate-crime would be easy17:30
Atariilol that's awesome lcdd17:30
AStormit should be done in a test17:30
*** yerga_tablet has joined #maemo17:30
AStormI mean, specific bicycle questions17:30
AStorm(for drivers)17:30
aquatixShadowJK: so true :(17:31
*** gentooer has joined #maemo17:31
lbtmake everyone ride a motorcycle for a year - the survivors are allowed cars...17:31
* aquatix is a good driver though17:31
lcukcrashanddie, thats fine - modding people down randomly causes the modder themselves to be metamodded (sounds more like slash)17:31
AStormlbt: no17:31
ShadowJKI have this bad habbit of rarely using the brake, but I should atleast touch it, especially when there are cars behind me, so that they get alerted that I'm slowing down. On the other hand, maybe they shouldn't drive so close17:31
lbtAStorm: yes17:31
lcuklbt, have you seen the startings of the barcode project.  i keep thinking how cool it would be to integrate into your shopper to allow automatically ticking off required items17:31
AStormgetting my mom onto a motorcycle would be hard enough ;P17:31
*** m-c has quit IRC17:31
AStormlcuk: :D17:32
AStormbut you'd need a db of items17:32
lbtI just bought a GPS so I can get directions to the correct aisle...17:32
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC17:32
crashanddieShadowJK, I make a point at having cars drive far away from me...17:32
AStormlbt: which proggy? maemo mapper?17:32
lbtno idea yet - the GPS is still in China...17:32
aquatixcrashanddie: cars tend to show up close to my front bumper though17:32
AStormlbt: pfff17:32
ShadowJKgps doesn't have the precision for aisle to aisle navigation, especially not indoors...17:32
AStormShadowJK: it does, if you're moving17:32
aquatixcrashanddie: especially those darn tourists17:32
lbtShadowJK: that's half the fun :)17:33
AStormin place, not17:33
*** overflok has joined #maemo17:33
lcuklbt, once you get shopping and logging barcodes though you can follow your trace through the market:   for instance you could stay in the wine isle for about 45 minutes17:33
lbtIt's a '51' GPS - much better - said so on the tin...17:33
crashanddieShadowJK, one nice technique, is (in full daylight) to just put your lights on very fast, and accelerate. Most of the time, the change of movement in your car, and the lights popping on, will be translated in their brain as "BRAKE !"17:33
ShadowJKIt's illegal to not have lights on.17:34
lbtI'm not sure how the barcode thing will work when shopping... I was thinking about it17:34
crashanddieshackan, oh, well... You need something else than :P17:34
aquatixShadowJK: i wish it was here too17:34
crashanddieerr, ShadowJK ^17:34
*** zfigz has joined #maemo17:34
lcukonce you start to gather barcodes in a mini database/sml file you can start to automatically add items with the full UPN number17:34
aquatixShadowJK: by day i mean17:34
lcukas key17:34
lbtWe have a barcode reader here that I got from ebay17:34
crashanddieShadowJK, where do you live ?17:34
AStormlcuk: what abt sqlite? :)17:34
lbtwe use it read ISBN numbers17:34
crashanddieaquatix, depends where17:34
*** Grackle has joined #maemo17:34
AStormlbt: trick is n810 is more portable17:35
GAN800illegal in Canada17:35
lbtyes - that's the point17:35
ShadowJKon my corolla the lights come on by themselves once the engine is running and the alternator is supplying power17:35
aquatixcrashanddie: the netherlands; we had some pretty bad weather lately in which still a lot of people drove with their lights off17:35
zfigzman...why is the n810 gps so bad at getting a fix?17:35
aquatixwheren't all that visible17:35
lbtno need to drag things to the PC to scan them :)17:35
AStormShadowJK: good thing :)17:35
crashanddieaquatix & ShadowJK: it's stupid in some countries... It really is. Lights during daytime should be reserved to bikers, as it allows motorists to spot them easily17:35
lbtzfigz: it's a tiny, cheap unit.17:35
GAN800Some people really hate drl.17:35
aquatixShadowJK: i just turn on the lights myself ;)17:35
lbtzfigz: I hear that Diablo may make it better17:36
aquatixcrashanddie: that's a good point i guess17:36
lcukAStorm, sqlite is great17:36
zfigzlbt, i guess so...17:36
jottlbt: lcuk there is already a database with about 1mio upc/ean codes17:36
aquatixcrashanddie: but when it's darkish and it rains, you should turn on your lights17:36
lbtzfigz: I have an N800 so no clue :)17:36
aquatixcrashanddie: and still people didn't do that17:36
ShadowJKcrashanddie, the most annoying thing is in darkness when you're meeting someone with a light out, you can't tell if it's a bike or what :-)17:36
AStormlcuk: btw, I want to know how to make my n810 say something about GPS navigation ;P17:36
crashanddieaquatix, agreed, that's why it's necessary to point out the location of such a law. Not *everywhere*17:36
lcukjott, im thinking for davids shopper - once he has shopped a few times and looked up the codes it will be easy to add "4 pack of beans"17:36
aquatixShadowJK: just drive by real close, you'll notice ;)17:36
lbtOur supermarket (Sainsbury) uses 'scan and pack'17:37
crashanddieShadowJK, that's probably why it's illegal to only have 1 light working :P17:37
aquatixcrashanddie: yeah, good point17:37
AStormI know gps is sucky, but the map is so much better than my TomTom's17:37
jottit would be nice to integrate this somehow (rm_you started something)..17:37
lcuklbt, most do now17:37
AStormany idea how to make it so?17:37
lbtso we have a portable barcode scanner that we use as we shop17:37
aquatixcrashanddie: would be stupid to do in sunny countries17:37
jottlcuk: yeah and prices could also be stored17:37
AStormmaybe A* over bitmap?17:37
lcukyes i know, for offline use it will be good17:37
AStormplus add some flite17:37
crashanddieaquatix, I'm in southern france atm... Pretty pointless to add such a law here :P17:37
lcukjott - the normal big database wont know prices17:37
aquatixcrashanddie: :)17:37
jottlcuk: yeah, those have to be entered locally anyway17:37
ShadowJKWell right now where I live in .fi, I wouldn't need headlights at all, 24/7. It doesn't get dark17:38
lcukAStorm, whoooosh, i see you asking something interesting but i dont think i can read enough with all this going on17:38
jottbut with a big touch friendly interface this would be nice17:38
jottso you could easily compare prices..17:38
ShadowJKThe opposite is true in winter, though, it never gets light enough :p17:38
aquatixcrashanddie: i like what audi does btw; they added a strip of led lights that act as light-by-day, making them more visible too without having to turn on their real lights17:38
jottspinning off, you could even use the gps location to automatically tag the shop where the price was recorded ;)17:38
Atariihow can i find out which scratchbox version is installed?17:38
lcuklbt - scan the isle label, get the barcode and the pricing info17:38
lcuktake a picture of the pricelabel thing17:38
lcukocr it later and grab the prices easily and simply17:39
lbtlcuk: I'm wondering what use it would be...17:40
lbtit's cool and all that17:40
jottlbt: price comparision17:40
GAN800barcode doesn't have price17:41
lbtI go to the supermarket and buy what they sell17:41
jottjust tag your data and the shoppinglist will tell you where to shop17:41
aquatixjott: scan the ticket you get at the checkout?17:41
GAN800have to enter that by hand. . .17:41
jottGAN800: yes, sure17:41
lbtI don't drive 8 miles to the next one if the bread is 10p extra17:41
*** skibur has joined #maemo17:41
lcuklbt - how do you know which specific things are rising in price at your own supermartket17:41
GAN800prices change week to week here.17:41
jottGAN800: lcuk just had the idea to take a picture of the price tag and associate it with the upn automatically17:41
lbtsame here17:42
lcukwould it be interesting to see that last week you paid 34p for something and now its 97p17:42
lbtbut scanning doesn't help there17:42
crashanddieGAN800, soon you'll be exchanging salt17:42
lcukyes it does because you scanned last week as well17:42
lbtbut scanning doesn't give me the price17:42
lbtit *does* give me a unique id for the item17:42
* jott has atleast 8 different shops in the direct vicinity :P17:42
Atariisurely the supermarket price labels will be easy to ocr with the camera17:42
lbtbut this week I buy  Hovis bread (it's on offer)17:43
jottso price comparision is feasible here ;)17:43
lbtnext week I buy Wharburtons17:43
crashanddie"easy"... Herm... Have you ever tried taking a picture of something in front of you with the n810 ?17:43
lbtjott: but scanning doesn't help17:43
*** eton_ has joined #maemo17:43
GAN800price comparisons would involve more work than the saving's'd be worth.17:43
lbtyou need to manually enter the price17:43
jottlbt: scan the code get an id -> scan the price or manually enter it17:43
lbt'scan the price'17:44
crashanddieanother solution17:44
jottit's usuall just 3 digits (in contrast to the 13 of ean13 ;-)17:44
lbthow does that work?17:44
jottlbt: take a picture17:44
jottor enter the 2-4 digits manaully ..17:44
lbton the shelf edge?17:44
*** koyote has quit IRC17:44
jottlbt: yeah for example17:44
* jott thinks manually entering it is not that problematic17:44
crashanddiewould be to have a generalised server, and store/compare prices there directly ? maybe select per country/shop/city17:44
lbtuk - just understanding where you're coming from :)17:44
jottwith a fingerfirendly interface17:45
jott(as an alternative)17:45
jotti mean just have really big  0-9 and "00" keys and you can enter every price in an blink of an eye...17:46
jottlbt: just check out the barcode project.. the code works pretty nice17:47
lbtlink - I've not noted it yet :)17:47
*** eton_ has quit IRC17:47
lcuksvn trunk version for you :)17:48
lcuki wish i could make c++ compilation faster17:48
jottlcuk: compile on the host?! ;P17:48
lbtscratchbox mate ;)17:48
*** xe|| has quit IRC17:48
lcukscratchbox doesnt help me when im sat on the steps outside the office17:48
jottlcuk: you don't have internet outside the office? :)17:49
lcuki dont have wireless INSIDE the office17:49
lcukbut i dont actually do work inside there17:49
jottthen just convince you boss you NEED one ;)17:49
lcukbut when im out havin a cig i will flip things about and tweak and adjust stuff17:50
jottfor testing your killer mobile applications17:50
lbtpafff--- warning: implicit declaration of function `round'17:50
jott~lart math.h17:50
* infobot DoSes math.h17:50
t_s_ohmm, it cant be right that a N800 should go from half a battery to empty in the space of maybe 12 hours in offline mode?17:50
lcukmy killer mobile applications are not commercially viable and so i am stuck coding vb17:50
crashanddiet_s_o, if there's an app running, sure17:51
lcukt_s_o, it is if something is running17:51
lcukinfact, i could probably drain it much faster17:51
t_s_oshould not be, only some desktop applet17:51
lcukcrashanddie, we have to stop that17:51
JaffaMorning, all17:51
JaffaGAN800: what'll I be up for?17:51
lcukmorning jaffa o/17:51
crashanddielcuk, we have to stop what ?17:51
lcukanswering the same things17:51
crashanddieyeah, we do :P17:51
crashanddielcuk, stop copying me17:52
* lcuk slap17:52
GAN800Jaffa, a couple of bugzilla products for your stufd.17:52
JaffaGAN800: oh, aye - definitely17:53
lbtyeah - just scanned some biscuits17:53
lbtshould beep when it gets a fix17:53
crashanddiesome_dude: "you there?" me: "aye" some_dude: "define:aye" some_dude: "woops, wrong window"17:53
jottlbt: blinks when gets a fix ;)17:53
GAN800I'd like some  input here on whether this article should be deleted:
jottlbt: and yeah it's just a testing framework, waiting to be integrated in a shopping app ;)17:54
lbtI do not blink when I get a fix and I resemble that remark!!!17:55
* lcuk likes testing frameworks17:55
GAN800The process is both significantly less useful and less reliable than straight SD booting and offers no advantages.17:55
lbtOK - why not.17:55
jottlbt: do you have n800?17:55
jottlbt: hmm when using normal webcam apps, does the led go on?17:56
lbtbut there's clearly an sme message to start the camera app17:56
jottwell we might have to choose an other pattern then that works on the n800 ;)17:56
lbtwhich wants subverting17:56
lcukjust make it beep17:57
jottlcuk: yeah but beeping in a shop is not the best thing you can do ;)17:57
*** overflok has left #maemo17:57
lcukthats what volume control is for17:57
lbtthe scanners beep all over the place nowadays17:57
jottyeah we need an real scanner beep sample ;)17:58
lcukcan we actually get rumble iwth our devices?17:58
lbtOK - gotta go. It's my wedding anniversary today... not allowed on here for too long...17:58
lcukif we send out a 10hz signal to the speaker too low to be heard would we feel it17:58
lcukcongrats on surviving lbt17:58
jottlcuk: hm try it out ;)17:58
lbtlcuk: 17 years (I think)17:58
lcukyou best be sure17:59
lcukim sure mrs lbt will know, why dont you ask her17:59
*** Edgester has joined #maemo17:59
GAN800lcuk, speaker isn't large enough to handle 10Hz17:59
lbtwhat, again?17:59
lcukGAN800, it should still move though17:59
lcuki know we wont hear it17:59
GAN800Wont generate 10Hz17:59
* lcuk makes a signal generator to see what he can do18:00
lcukhorizontal = frequency, vertical = power18:00
jottlcuk: just use audacity and generate a sample.. ;)18:00
lcukwhy, i wanna play tunes18:00
lcukfullscreen strokes for an instrument18:01
* jott shuffles lcuks todo list18:01
lcukoh grnnngngngnrngrnne you and your sensible things18:01
lcukits all needed anyway cos im trying to arrange a widget framework and different kinds of interaction are needed18:01
lcukbut i could just setup a quick gstreamer chain and push data out18:02
jottheh make a "blast device speaker" button ;)18:02
* GAN800 pushes the brown note to lcuk's tablet.18:02
sxpertdepending on the music, it could be "destroy device speakers"18:02
lcukGAN800, now THAT wont move, your guts wont resonate with a tiny speaker (unless you shoved it up your .... ermm thats a bit offtopic isnt it18:03
*** zfigz has left #maemo18:03
sxpertlcuk, unless nokia secretely added a vibrator motor within...18:03
GAN800You hope they wont, anyway. ;)18:03
lcuksxpert, well that was the effect i was thinging off, not for that purpose, but some way to give feedback to the user holding the device that there has been a successful scan18:04
*** lindever__ has quit IRC18:04
jottmaybe generating brown notes is the hidden n810 gimmick :)18:04
lcuka low frequency hum would work i think18:04
GAN800Nokia's just waiting for the right moment to destroy the world.18:05
sxpertlcuk, those would be proably out of the speakers' frequency range18:05
* jott must think of the atmos device in doctor who ;)18:05
lcukwell find a resonant frequency that DOES match and see if it can be made to work.  hence a little program to test frequency/power combinations18:05
sxpertthat's not particularly low frequency18:05
GAN800Low enough18:06
GAN800Somebody be useful and comment here:
*** inherited is now known as inherited_tot18:11
*** eichi has joined #maemo18:18
*** inherited_tot is now known as inherited18:18
lcukcrashanddie, the best one is the multiple function18:20
lcukmultiply even18:20
*** philn_ has quit IRC18:24
*** lcuk is now known as lcuk_codin18:26
lcuk_codinback later18:26
*** philn_ has joined #maemo18:29
*** flavioribeiro has joined #maemo18:30
*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo18:32
*** myosound has joined #maemo18:33
*** terbo has joined #maemo18:35
*** jegp has joined #maemo18:36
*** jegp has left #maemo18:36
*** terbo has quit IRC18:43
*** terbo has joined #maemo18:45
terboso my problem with the mcom evdo bundle is the wifi router, when i'd rather use bluetooth18:48
terboin the us at least .. the bt would last longer.18:50
terboanyone ever use w3m? :) xlinks2 is .. ok18:51
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo18:51
terboits not bundled anymore, but you could get a battery powered AP with a usb port, for the cdma modem18:54
*** yerga_tablet has quit IRC18:55
* terbo is thinking .. wrt router with linux/usb? a battery pack 18:56
*** Edgester is now known as edgester|away18:59
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo19:01
ol_schoolajumping in without seeing more than two lines of your thoughts, could  a Fonero fit your needs?19:02
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo19:06
ol_schoola  fun little things they are19:06
*** yerga has quit IRC19:08
*** pH5 has quit IRC19:08
* terbo looks around19:09
* terbo sludges along19:09
*** behdad has joined #maemo19:10
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo19:11
* ol_schoola chugs last bit of coffee dregs19:11
terboi dunno, don't see how to add usb .. i think two ports19:12
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo19:19
*** Italodance has quit IRC19:20
ol_schoolaoh, sorry. didn't see you were looking for a USB<>AP solution. there IS a header on the Fonera FOR a USB ports and they did run a proto of the 2.1 with said USB port but AFAIK nobody's successfully modprobed it in the production models19:20
*** renato_ has quit IRC19:22
*** krau has quit IRC19:22
*** rsalveti has quit IRC19:22
*** Vudentz has quit IRC19:22
terboI might just use this wrt54 if I could put usb on it19:22
* terbo just wants internet allthewhere19:23
terbootherwise I'm going to have to have my laptop powered up all the time . . . .19:24
*** dougt has joined #maemo19:26
lcuk_codindoes anyone know of a concise list of important file locations for a software application.  ie where are binaries meant to live, where to store configuration options, where user files should live.  ive managed to find one in the past but my google foo is failing me this afternoon19:30
ol_schoolai see. i bit the bullet and got the n95 and the 15/month add-on with ATT19:30
ol_schoolalcuk_codin: in the redaht world, you would examine the spec file for the RPM. my debian knowledge is less than stelllar....19:32
ol_schoolaor dpkg for that matter19:32
*** WorkingOnWise has joined #maemo19:32
lcuk_codinyer, i can recall the page im thinking off - i know it exists but i think my terminology is a bit off so google is failing me19:33
ol_schoolai have really bad google foo myself19:33
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo19:33
*** edgester|away is now known as Edgester19:37
*** behdad1 has joined #maemo19:38
ol_schoolaGeneralAntilles: i flashed that n800 to diablo.23-14 last night and am starting fresh. care to chime in throughout the day as I uncover foibles? i'll gladly update wiki entries as appropriate.19:38
*** behdad has quit IRC19:39
*** eton has joined #maemo19:42
*** beav1s has joined #maemo19:43
zaplcuk_codin: maybe you're meaning the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard?19:43
*** dougt has quit IRC19:43
zapthis one, for example:
lcuk_codinlol yes19:43
*** red-zack has quit IRC19:44
*** beav1s is now known as red-zack19:44
lcuk_codini eventually found my way to what i needed :) thanks zap yours is just as useful19:44
zapFHS is the standard, LDP contains just a intro for beginners19:44
ol_schooladar! didn't see the forest in the trees there. no wonder my goo-foo sux19:45
* lcuk_codin is a beginner19:45
*** dougt has joined #maemo19:45
* ol_schoola has been a beginner since he took up mythtv in 200419:46
lcuk_codini just need lite details so i can plan where things should go - gotta get the "install" branch of the liqbase package ready and its reminded me about a few nonos ive hard coded in19:46
*** efleury has quit IRC19:47
zaplcuk_codin: if you have doubts, ask here19:47
ol_schoolai'd still unwrap another known good pkg and see where others have successfully placed the bits. just a thought19:47
lcuk_codinexactly, but i would at least like to plan where I think it should go19:48
ol_schoolawell thats very kind of you lcuk_codin19:48
*** flavioribeiro has quit IRC19:48
lcuk_codin:) i do try to help myself first19:48
*** dougt has quit IRC19:49
ol_schoolasomeone has read ESRs suggestions ;)19:49
lcuk_codinol_schoola, i did that to find out what was required for the /debian folder and looked at other projects using similar libraries and features, but the programs I looked at didnt want to touch as much of the os as i have in mind19:50
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC19:50
lcuk_codinim already on the backfoot by releasing liqbase as it was, people are already creating data with it in a format and location I'm gonna have to import and convert.  i wanna get it right :)19:52
ol_schoolawell then with that, i'll step down as i am wading into deeper water than i should ;)19:52
*** behdad has joined #maemo19:56
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC19:57
*** behdad1 has quit IRC19:57
*** efleury has joined #maemo20:01
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo20:04
rm_youlcuk_codin / jott : yes20:10
rm_youi have the database of UPC/EAN in SQLite format now20:10
rm_youit was kind of ... a bitch20:10
rm_youbecause the import was totally broken due to CSV with embedded commas in the text >_>20:11
rm_youbut i know regexp :P20:11
*** behdad has quit IRC20:16
* RST38h is debugging that Pokemon bug20:16
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s20:17
RST38hThought it was wrong shoft-by-constant implementation in the ARM core but apparently thats not it20:17
skiburhas anybody had problems udating libd4.2, libglade2-0 and python2.5-dev?20:17
*** JamieBennett has quit IRC20:18
rm_youRST38h: the one with the corrupted pokemon involving surfing around off cinnibar isle? :P20:18
* rm_you wonders why he knows this20:19
pupnik_RST38h: did you see someone wrote a dynamic recompiler for dosbox x86->arm?20:19
pupnik_or rather, implemented a simple one within the dosbox dynrec framework20:19
*** JamieBennett has joined #maemo20:21
*** wazd has joined #maemo20:22
*** kcome has quit IRC20:22
RST38hrm-you: no, the color bug20:23
RST38hpupnik: no, is it true?20:24
pupnik_as far as I can tell yes, i haven't had time to try it on the tablet20:24
*** efleury has quit IRC20:27
*** Grackle has quit IRC20:27
*** yerga has joined #maemo20:30
EdgesterIs there a recommended distro and version for developing for N8x0? Debian or ubuntu? sid or etch? gutsy or hardy?20:31
*** Grackle has joined #maemo20:32
*** _pcfe_ has quit IRC20:32
RST38hpupnik: somehow, I suspect it will not be much faster....20:32
RST38hedgester: hardy20:33
EdgesterRST38h: thanks20:33
pupnik_yes the author says as much.  but maybe someone who knows x86 and ARM asm would see something to improve? :)20:33
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik20:34
wazdhi everybody :)20:34
pupnikjust plantin seeds...20:34
EdgesterI'm wondering if my build environment is pooched, so I was thinking of rebuild my dev VM20:34
Edgesterbut I get similar errors from the autobuilder :(20:34
Edgesterso it might not be my box20:34
RST38hpupnik: x86 address translation is a bitch. no way around it.20:35
EdgesterIs the maemo devel vm updated for diablo?20:35
wazdGeneral, can you please give me a link to the advanced backlight theme archive?20:35
*** Tuco2 has joined #maemo20:35
RST38hin theory you should be able to use chinook sdk just fine20:36
rm_youwazd: most of them are in the base package20:36
wazdoh, hi rm_you :)20:36
rm_youwazd: the only one I know of that isn't is one of my custom ones that looks like shit, but it is posted on the forum :)20:36
* RST38h is dangerously close to having to write trace loggers and compare utiluty20:37
EdgesterRST38h: I must compile diablo kernel modules20:37
rm_youwazd: yeah, we really need to start a theme archive, as such...20:37
RST38hedgester: oh20:37
rm_youand I need to split out the extra icon themes into a package called advanced-backlight-icons20:37
wazdrm_you: nono, I just wanted a pack of files to create my own :)20:37
rm_youwazd: look at benson's post on ITT20:38
RST38hrmyou: its really better to keep themes for diff apps together somewhere20:38
rm_youwazd: he has an excellent script to get started with that, and that will give you the full set of icons20:38
*** hellwolf has quit IRC20:38
rm_youwazd: the spec is now at 70 icons <_< though you can get away with 4220:38
rm_youRST38h: ?20:38
*** Tuco2 is now known as Tuco20:39
RST38hrmyou: like they have themes for gnome etc20:39
RST38hevery theme contains stuff for many different applications from different authors20:39
*** eton_ has joined #maemo20:40
*** Atarii has quit IRC20:40
rm_youRST38h: right, we tried for integration like that, but it doesn't really work for us20:40
rm_youRST38h: because we have iconsets that have no relation at all to what theme you are in20:40
wazdrm_you: thanks, already got it :)20:41
rm_youwazd: :)20:41
wazdI've found some funky stuff today :)
wazdI'm feeling like Tyler Durden from the Fight Club :)20:42
rm_youemacs icons?! >_>20:43
wazdA guy with same name and surname is a designer in opensource too :)20:43
rm_youah lol20:43
wazdbut thats not me, I don't remember me dealing with Emacs :)20:44
*** unixSnob has quit IRC20:44
*** t_s_o has quit IRC20:45
wazdI want to make something like that:
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo20:46
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo20:47
wazdrm_you: what do you think?)20:47
*** dougt has joined #maemo20:47
rm_youwazd: that is cool i think, though you would have to really get used to which is volume and which is brightness20:47
rm_youwazd: benson's script CAN be used to make that though20:48
rm_youwazd: but you would need to increase the number of bars in one section as there are more brightness levels than volume20:48
wazdrm_you: I was thinking to make color definition :)20:48
rm_youI agree, was going to suggest that :p20:49
rm_youomfg yes20:50
rm_youbeen massaging this CSV to get it to import correctly to SQLite for like 4 hours20:50
*** DarkenCZ has joined #maemo20:52
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo20:53
wazdrm_you: and talking about gradations, maybe if i'll siplify grightness that would not be big crime ^^20:54
rm_youheh i suppose you could20:54
rm_youpeople might revolt20:55
rm_younot jott tho20:55
rm_youhe thinks there should be no icon for brightness :P (since, you know... you can just LOOK and see how bright it is) :P20:55
*** eton has quit IRC20:55
wazdrm_you: actually I think so too ;)20:56
rm_youwell, you can do whatever you want, it's your iconset20:56
*** eton has joined #maemo20:56
wazdrm_you: When i've switched theme I suddenly got icon dissappeared. That was cool, mabe you can add an option to remove icon at all?)20:57
lcuk_codinwhere is the host csv from rm_you ?20:57
rm_youlcuk_codin: upcdatabase20:57
lcuk_codincos i thought csv was a standard format - link?20:57
rm_youlcuk_codin: it is, but sqlite isn't designed to import this20:57
rm_youlcuk_codin: sqlite doesn't understand quoting20:57
lcuk_codinit does - if it understands csv it should anyway20:58
rm_youlcuk_codin: i really should have imported it into something else that is full featured and understands quoting, then exported it as like, SQL20:58
rm_youlcuk_codin: but i was, again, very tired when i started this process20:58
rm_youso i didnt think of that till this morning20:58
rm_youbut i was already pretty much dome20:58
*** lindever__ has quit IRC20:58
rm_you-rw-r--r-- 1 adam adam 82374656 2008-07-20 10:57 upc.db20:59
rm_you-rw-r--r-- 1 adam adam 30914724 2008-07-20 10:57 upc.db.gz20:59
*** eton_ has quit IRC20:59
rm_youwe will need BOTH options21:00
* lcuk_codin considers putting down the IDE. coding and wine aren't the best combination21:00
rm_youuse local db, or if not present, use internet21:00
lcuk_codinjust use local anyway - saves a whole doubling up on code21:00
lcuk_codinjust warn them if its out of date?21:00
wazdlcuk_codin: try cola :)21:00
rm_youlcuk_codin: but if they dont want to download and store 85mb >_>21:00
lcuk_codin01 Jul 2008  upcdatabase-2008.07.01.tar.gz  17.32MB21:00
rm_youlcuk_codin: that is plaintext21:01
rm_youlcuk_codin: in SQLite it doubles21:01
rm_youbut crazyfast lookup21:01
lcuk_codinyes, that is all they have to download though.  even after this - it gets smaller because they have diffs21:01
rm_youlcuk_codin: that isnt sqlite21:02
wazdAh, BTW, can anybody finaly explain the situation in A2DP in Diablo?) i got it working in Chinook but can't do it in Diablo(21:02
lcuk_codini KNOW it needs converting21:02
lcuk_codinbut thats the maximum download required.  once they have it, its done and ready21:02
rm_youlcuk_codin: in what way21:02
rm_youlcuk_codin: that isnt usable for sqlite21:02
lcuk_codinhaven't you just written an import?21:03
rm_youabout 8 different sed lines21:03
rm_youused in various orders21:03
rm_youand manual tweaking21:03
lcuk_codinis the data contained in that file now inside an sqlite database?21:03
lcuk_codinthen you have written an import21:04
lcuk_codinno matter how inefficient it is at the moment21:04
rm_youa lot of it was by hand >_>21:04
rm_youmanually changing the text21:04
rm_youi dont consider that "writing an import"21:04
lcuk_codinok, i just looked inside the file, it does follow standard csv guidelines?21:05
rm_youSQLite doesn't >_>21:05
*** zs has joined #maemo21:05
rm_youlike i said, would have been faster to import to a better SQL system and re-export as something else21:05
lcuk_codininsert into tblUPN values( $linefromfile )21:06
lcuk_codinsql quoting uses the same syntax for quoting characters i believ21:06
rm_youi shall check21:06
DarkenCZDoes anybody know where I can find source codes of xomap?21:07
rm_youlcuk_codin: omg i think i hate you :P21:08
DarkenCZcvs, svn or some src-deb ?21:08
lcuk_codinrm_you, it might blow up on empty fields in this example, not sure of the specfifics of how it will work21:08
lcuk_codinim used to filling each field in21:08
rm_yoused -i 's/\(.*\)/insert into items values(\1)/' items.csv21:09
rm_youit is now in SQL syntax21:09
*** __t has quit IRC21:09
lcuk_codindoes it work though?21:10
rm_yousqlite3 upc.db < items.csv21:10
rm_youappears to21:10
rm_youfuck. it's working,21:10
* rm_you strangles lcuk_codin21:11
BlafaselCheers ;)21:11
rm_youi am going to make a rule21:11
rm_youno coding after i have been up for more than 10 hours21:11
rm_youit'll be tough, but worth it21:11
*** Edgester is now known as edgester|away21:11
lcuk_codinrm_you, everybody has similar moments21:12
lcuk_codin // lcuk: damn all this time i have been calculating planes and offsets and sizes i could have used21:12
lcuk_codin // properties from the XVImage itself.21:12
lcuk_codin // what a plonker i am, ahhh well too late to adjust right now, that will come later21:12
BlafaselNice ;)21:13
rm_youplonker :P <3 brits21:13
*** etrunko_n810 has joined #maemo21:13
lcuk_codinthere is something wrong with a person who appears perfect.  Everybody makes mistakes.21:13
*** skibur has quit IRC21:14
rm_youyeah i thought I already made my horrible mistake for this week ;P21:14
rm_youah well21:14
BlafaselI'm curious how much I understand from all the different accents during the maemo summit21:14
rm_youoh god, mistake #3: not redirecting the output of that command to /dev/null21:14
* rm_you has to wait through the terminal spamming every SQL command it just ran21:14
lcuk_codinBlafasel, :) i heard more accents at linuxtag than ihave done in a longtime. i came back home thinking with an accent and hoping i got to do it again.  im going to the summit and am looking forward to it immensely21:15
*** WorkingOnWise has left #maemo21:15
Blafaselctrl + z and bg21:15
BlafaselAt least doesn't annoy anymore.21:15
rm_youpretty sure it will still output to stdout in that terminal? >_>21:16
Blafaseldisown %% && exit21:16
BlafaselNope ;)21:16
lcuk_codinpush it to dev/nul?21:17
rm_youlol, i really hope i can go to the summit <_<21:17
rm_youi may have to try to raise the money myself <_<21:17
rm_youmaybe i will do a bakesale21:17
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]21:18
rm_you... or go stand up in the engineering department with a sign "will code C for $25 an hour"21:18
lcuk_codinsell copies of bitbake and some wine?21:18
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s21:20
rm_youlcuk_codin: and somehow the database file is even smaller21:20
rm_youoh i know why21:21
lcuk_codindoes it now only contain 1 copy of each line21:21
rm_youno it's because i had fixed the empty fields to read "Not Available" *in* the db21:21
rm_youwhich that should just be done in the app when it gets a blank response21:22
rm_youi wasnt sure how it would take blank fields tho21:22
rm_youbut in this method it works fine21:22
rm_you.import is sketchy <_<21:22
lcuk_codinjust skipping it with a blank item   "field1ok",,"field3ok"21:22
*** Italodance has joined #maemo21:22
rm_you.import didnt like it tho21:22
rm_youbut meh :P21:23
rm_youawesome, time to move to step 221:23
rm_youcoding :P21:23
lcuk_codindoes the version of sqlite that you have used require explicit installation or can you recompile it using the standardly available one21:23
rm_youi will check21:23
lcuk_codinobviously if would be better with the standard one21:24
Blafaselrm_you: Where're you're from? Long way to Berlin?21:26
rm_youBlafasel: Texas :P21:26
lcuk_codingoogle maps says it will take you 3 months to get to berlin.  some of which involves a peddlo21:27
*** ralann|mbp has joined #maemo21:28
rm_youlcuk_codin: ok, also wrote a script called that will do everything, from having the original csv in the directory to having a nice database, using the shipper version of sqlite21:32
*** edgester|away is now known as Edgester21:33
lcuk_codinhow long does an import take?21:33
rm_youa while.21:34
rm_youwant me to time it? >_>21:34
rm_youmultiple minutes21:34
rm_youi know that much21:34
rm_youon my 2.4ghz PC21:34
lcuk_codinon device yer, we would know then if it can be something the user is asked about at startup or an explicit action21:35
*** eton_ has joined #maemo21:35
lcuk_codinhmmm, i wonder if a desktop app would help then21:35
lcuk_codinthe desktop downloads and converts for the tablet app?21:36
lcuk_codinnot vital yet, you have a standard base import anyway21:36
rm_youlcuk_codin: tempted to say "Option 1: download the finished database from here (35mb, less CPU time); Option 2: download the database from here and import it (17mb, multiple minutes CPU time)"21:37
rm_youi know i would choose option 121:37
rm_youi have ridiculous bandwidth21:37
rm_youbut 56kers could choose option 2 :P21:37
lcuk_codinyes, agreed, some people have no bandwidth issues21:37
Blafaseli.e. unlimited. ;)21:37
rm_youbut 56kers could choose option 2 :P21:38
lcuk_codinim wondering if this is needed at all ;)21:38
lcuk_codinthe software should try to work iwthout anythinganyway21:39
rm_youwell right21:39
rm_youwhy i said, provide both, internet lookup and local DB21:39
lcuk_codinthis is just fancy save your fingers a tiny bit of work21:39
lcuk_codinand an interface for "oh crap i still cant find the description"21:40
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC21:40
rm_youpops google? :P21:40
rm_youlcuk_codin: 8 minutes and counting on my DESKTOP....21:41
rm_youlcuk_codin: still not nearly done21:41
rm_youthough *possibly* flash memory would drastically improve time21:41
rm_youas, it doesnt actually looks to be CPU intensive but for 1/10th of the time21:42
rm_yourest is disk access i think21:42
rm_youi will test on tablet21:42
*** ralann has quit IRC21:44
*** Tuco has quit IRC21:44
rm_youthat is start time for ease of remembering :P21:47
rm_youwill see when it ends21:47
rm_you4 minutes to go from .csv -> .sql21:48
rm_you11:47 starting on import21:48
rm_youthis is going to take at least 30 more minutes on my deskto21:49
rm_youso i will start on coding21:49
derfrm_you: How's the barcode stuff coming along?21:50
rm_youderf: datamatrix is almost there i think with the use of libdmtx, 1d looks excellent, right now i am working on database lookup of UPC to display product info21:51
rm_younever got to the QR stuff :(21:51
derfAw well.21:51
derfI personally got totally distracted by polynomial root finding in finite fields.21:51
derfBut on the plus side, R-S decoding should be loads faster if there are few errors.21:51
*** eton has quit IRC21:53
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo21:55
*** lindever__ has quit IRC21:56
*** ralann|mac has joined #maemo21:57
*** eton has joined #maemo21:58
*** red-zack has quit IRC21:59
*** JamieBennett has quit IRC21:59
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo21:59
zapAnybody knows who uploaded ttf-dejavu to extras? It cannot be installed.21:59
*** ralann|mac has quit IRC22:01
*** ralann has joined #maemo22:02
*** Edgester is now known as edgester|away22:02
rm_youReading state information... Done22:02
rm_youttf-dejavu is already the newest version.22:02
*** man has joined #maemo22:03
rm_youactually, i dont see it in extras22:04
*** eton has quit IRC22:04
zapttf-dejavu depends on defomap22:05
zapand defomap is not in extras, it's in sdk22:05
zaphere's it in extras:
*** eton has joined #maemo22:06
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo22:06
rm_youweird it isnt showing up in apt-cache policy, and i just updated22:10
*** eton_ has quit IRC22:11
*** DarkenCZ has quit IRC22:12
*** atlas95 has quit IRC22:12
*** zwnj has quit IRC22:12
*** EspeonEefi has quit IRC22:12
*** SDuensin has quit IRC22:12
*** jott has quit IRC22:12
*** jaska has quit IRC22:12
*** phunguy has quit IRC22:12
*** LoCusF has quit IRC22:12
*** MikaT has quit IRC22:12
*** cy3o3 has quit IRC22:12
*** timeless has quit IRC22:12
*** forge has quit IRC22:12
*** pierlux has quit IRC22:12
*** DarkenCZ has joined #maemo22:13
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo22:13
*** zwnj has joined #maemo22:13
*** EspeonEefi has joined #maemo22:13
*** SDuensin has joined #maemo22:13
*** jott has joined #maemo22:13
*** MikaT has joined #maemo22:13
*** jaska has joined #maemo22:13
*** forge has joined #maemo22:13
*** timeless has joined #maemo22:13
*** phunguy has joined #maemo22:13
*** cy3o3 has joined #maemo22:13
*** LoCusF has joined #maemo22:13
*** pierlux has joined #maemo22:13
zaprm_you: apt-cache policy ttf-dejavu works for me22:17
rm_youzap: i mean, it shows up, just not as being in extras22:17
zap     2.15-1osso1 022:18
zap        500 diablo/free Packages22:18
zapthats how it shows for me22:18
*** ralann|mbp has quit IRC22:18
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo22:18
rm_youlcuk_codin: wait, nm, looks like it broke on an odd symbol... will have to do a LITTLE more work with sed, but looks simple22:21
rm_youlcuk_codin: it doesnt like unquoted strings, which that includes22:25
rm_youprolly why it was taking forever22:26
rm_youit was trying to deal with them gracefully and failing22:26
lcuk_codin0000000235525,"5.5 Oz.","""Trader Joe's"" Tuna for Cats"22:26
lcuk_codinwhich code fails?22:26
lcuk_codinsorry not answered, been grabbin a brew22:27
lcuk_codinahhh i see, items without spaces are unquoted22:28
lcuk_codin0076795141815,5X7,"IC FRAME 5X7 PEWTER W/BEAD"22:28
lcuk_codini didnt get that far down, damn22:29
*** Churl has joined #maemo22:29
rm_youworking on it22:29
rm_youfirst one is22:29
rm_youdont like that tho22:29
lcuk_codincant understand that anyway22:30
rm_youneed to include symbols not just alphanumerics22:30
crashanddiethat's fugly22:30
crashanddie* is way too greedy22:30
rm_you:alphanum: wasnt working22:30
rm_youno that is fine22:30
lcuk_codinlol crashanddie you sound like a girl sayin that22:30
crashanddiehow long max ?22:30
lcuk_codinmy missus talks about shoes bein fugly22:30
rm_youcrashanddie: we're dealing with CSV22:30
crashanddielcuk_codin, yeah, but your missus married you22:31
lcuk_codin0076795141815,5X7,"IC FRAME 5X7 PEWTER W/BEAD"   would fail22:31
lcuk_codin0074305060038,2.8oz,"Bragg All Natural Herb Seasoning"22:31
lcuk_codinthat i mean, damn laggy c&p22:31
rm_youi know22:31
rm_youneed to include symbols, like i said22:31
rm_youneed a good premade group22:31
rm_youi forget what they are22:31
lcuk_codini wonder just how long it would take to manually scan and insert those at runtime without trying to do a full db22:32
rm_youi thought [:alphanum:] was one22:32
AStormrm_you: alnum :)22:32
lcuk_codinturbo read lines with a single index tree built up from the primary key22:32
rm_youthats it thanks AStorm22:32
AStormrm_you: actually, [:graph:] is best22:32
rm_youAStorm: cant include quotes22:32
AStormmost alnums don't grab diacritics22:32
AStormrm_you: then what about [^"]22:33
rm_youwas using that22:33
AStormwhich means everything except quote22:33
rm_youi know22:33
rm_youactually if i could get ^" && ^, working...22:33
rm_youis it [^",]22:33
AStormit is22:33
rm_youor [^"^,]22:33
AStormthe first option22:33
rm_youit wasnt working for some reason22:33
lcuk_codinis it legal to allocate a single block of memory of 47mb on this device ;)22:34
rm_youwell works now22:34
AStormlcuk_codin: well, pushing it, but should work22:35
rm_youlook decent?22:35
lcuk_codinok, just load up an index table generated form the file22:35
lcuk_codinthe index just stores the offset into the file for a particular ID22:36
lcuk_codinno need to convert and is just available always22:36
rm_youalso s/,\([^",]*\));$/,"\1");/22:37
rm_youfor the end of line ones22:37
*** mk8 has joined #maemo22:38
lcuk_codinrm_you, sounds reasonable, that will convert it to include blank quotes?22:38
rm_youi believe so22:39
rm_youran into a problem tho, sec22:39
rm_youi messed something up in my original testing22:39
rm_youneed to reset the file real quick22:39
lcuk_codinback later on22:40
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo22:41
qwerty12_N800~lart weddings22:42
* infobot shoves a crumpet down weddings's throat, happy now?! Huh? Want some JAM with that?22:42
rm_youGAH was missing an important bit of that regexp22:44
* jott hands rm_you an handcrafted parser22:45
*** zwnj has left #maemo22:46
rm_youmy brain parses limited regexp :P22:46
*** hellwolf-n800 has left #maemo22:46
GNUtonHi there22:47
*** etrunko_n810 has quit IRC22:47
GNUtonhello rm_you! :)22:47
GNUtonjott:  do u have update qgtkstyle in the repository?22:49
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC22:49
jottGNUton: no not yet22:50
*** jegp has joined #maemo22:51
*** wazd has quit IRC22:53
*** andre___ has quit IRC22:53
*** oilinki3 is now known as oilinki22:53
GNUtonjott: ok22:53
*** andre___ has joined #maemo22:53
GNUtonMek the guy that works on plasma for N810 and Openmoko22:54
GNUtonhad contacted me this morning  and...22:54
GNUtonthis is his RMB code
*** bef0rd has quit IRC22:55
GNUtonunfortunatelly it doesn´t work fine, and it should be reviewed.22:56
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo22:56
GNUtonI´m going to port it when I´ve a bit of free time.22:57
GNUtonthis week (I hope) I´ll move Qt4 in extra-devel22:58
Churlspeaking of hope, isn't the last hope soon? or did I miss it22:58
*** p| has joined #maemo22:59
rm_youGNUton: that would be handy, then porting sqlite-browser would be much easier :P23:00
*** mazzen has joined #maemo23:03
rm_youbbl, afk for a bit while i wait for this database to import23:04
GNUtonrm_you: yes I thin that having Qt in extra-devel is very handly.. I hope to see more Qt app in extra-devel soon.23:06
*** t_s_o has quit IRC23:09
BlafaselChurl: The last Hope was mentioned on /. recently. Yesterday?23:09
GNUtonWhich last Hope?23:12
*** unixSnob has quit IRC23:13
BlafaselHackers On Planet Earth23:13
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo23:14
RST38bismoo, all23:14
*** Italodance has quit IRC23:15
jottljp / lpotter: how is the right mouse button handling in qtopia solved?23:17
jotthm RightOnHold23:18
zapttf-dejavu should be in user/themes, in user/office, user/support or in user/other ?23:19
jottGNUton:;a=blob;f=src/libraries/qtopia/qtopiaapplication.cpp look for RightOnHold and PressTickWidget23:21
*** RST38bis has quit IRC23:22
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo23:22
*** jegp has left #maemo23:23
*** ssvb has quit IRC23:25
jottlooks quite handy..23:25
JaffaWoot! Typing this on a networked OS X box :-)23:26
jottwow! os x has network support nowadays?23:26
BlafaselRegarding git: I really like the git bisect stuff. Wish more SCM tools would support something similar (or maybe I just need to learn more about them)23:27
Jaffajott: Depends on the err, hardware, you, err, use.23:27
* Jaffa wants to rename, and that's about it23:28
MangoFusionis there a 770Flasher for intel macs yet?23:29
JaffaApparently it works as-is, but never having had an Intel Mac, I've no way to check.23:30
JaffaAlso might be interesting to try porting 0xffff to OS X23:30
MangoFusionwell i tried it on my intel mac, doesn't work23:36
RST38bishi, jaffa23:37
terbohmmm.. any info on the flash 10 beta?23:39
*** wazd has joined #maemo23:41
*** zs has quit IRC23:42
*** Atarii770 has joined #maemo23:45
GNUtonjott: this code is very interesting!23:46
jottGNUton: yes looks reusable and works fine on my greenphone ;>23:46
GNUtonjott: have you a greenphone? :)23:46
jottyes ;)23:46
GNUtongreat! :)23:46
*** yerga has quit IRC23:47
GNUtonjott: Do you know other interesting code to take from Qtopia?23:47
jottuhm probably there are some parts. depends on what you want to achieve..23:48
*** edgester|away is now known as Edgester23:51
jottthe virtual predictive keyboard is nice ..23:51
*** m-c has joined #maemo23:51
jottbut i guess many parts do not match with desktop qt applications23:52
GNUtonhey I´m very very tired..23:53
GNUtonI´ll go to sleep!23:53
jottok, sleep well and see you around!23:53
GNUtonjott: I´m going to be there every evening! :)23:54
jottmy client should be always on anyway ;)23:54
GNUtonjott: thank you for your idea.. and let me know when you update qgtkstyle in the repository.. you can add also your patch.23:54
GNUtonthank you and hav a good night.23:55
zapHmm, if I invoke the terminal font selection dialog, I can see a font called "MHeiGB18030C-Medium", it looks like garbage. Is this present on all systems, or I broke something on mine?23:55
*** GNUton has quit IRC23:56
fnordianslipflasher-2.0 works ok on my MacBook Pro23:59
jottzap: ask google: ;)23:59
zapjott: have you got the same font?23:59
zapah indeed23:59

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