IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2008-07-19

lcukwhat happens if the compass is null?00:00
rm_youbah i will just do pixel/pixel00:00
rm_youNO idea what the compass even IS00:00
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lcukDmtxImage dtmx_lard;     dtmx_lard.pagecount=1;  dtmx_lard.width=320; dtmx_lard.height=240; dtmx_lard.pxl = malloc(320*240*sizeof(DmtxRgb)); dtmx_lard.compass=NULL;   then fill in RGB data(is it a color barcode format?)  then pass address of this into the function00:02
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lcukremember to free the pxl afterwards00:02
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rm_youlcuk: err00:03
rm_youlcuk: take a look at svn00:03
lcukdtmx_lard.pxl[ y * 320 + x ] [0] = redpixelatxy;    dtmx_lard.pxl[ y * 320 + x ] [1] = greenpixelatxy;    dtmx_lard.pxl[ y * 320 + x ] [2] = bluepixelatxy;00:03
lcukyou would rather it was formatted wouldnt you00:03
lcukfrom the glance that is how i would expect to fill it in anyway, reformat it, lay each stmt out on seperate lines, make sure caps are right and see if it looks like a proper init to you00:04
smyowsi run minicom but he says: No termcap entry for xterm00:04
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qwerty12_N800apt-get install ncurses-base00:05
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rm_youlcuk: hrm00:06
lcukwhats  the decode function called00:07
rm_youlcuk: just checked in the datamatrix code... can run make datamatrix00:07
lcukim sortin it for you00:07
lcukwell you showed me a structure and svn wasnt working so i filled the structure in00:07
rm_youtheres a new file00:07
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rm_youapologize for horrible indentation00:08
rm_youi didnt ever bother to fix it00:08
lcukso if the code is already there why did you ask me how to put data into it?00:09
rm_youcause i don't know how to put the pixbuf data into it >_>00:09
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rm_youi've never worked with pixmaps00:09
rm_youthought you might know something about how they work00:09
lcukyou dont have a pixbuf, you have a greyscale char array[y*x]00:09
rm_youpixbuf = gdk_pixbuf_new_from_data(...)  not a pixbuf? >_>00:10
lcukyes, but why when above there you have "static unsigned char buffer[320*240];"   which jott wrote code to initialize last night00:10
rm_youerr lardman recommended pixmap :P00:11
rm_youbut i think i may have given him bad initial information00:11
lcukor you could use the interleaved YUV buffer (called data[]) in that function00:11
rm_youimaging is not what I am good at >_>00:12
lcukthe jott quick test code has been commented out but it worked well and i wrote a scanner for it last night to identify arbitary guardbars00:12
rm_youI once tried to write a png encoder... which was cool and all, but I dont really understand imaging <_<00:12
rm_youI just need to figure out how to shove the image data into their little proprietary structure thing, and then we're golder00:12
lcuki dont understanda gstreamer, im currently trying to strip out the whole GTK automatic display portion of the stream00:12
lcukbut when i do its not popping the event saying image ready00:13
rm_youok I will give this another shot00:13
rm_youmaybe I should sleep first, been up for about 22 hours again00:13
rm_youthird day in a row00:14
lcukput that into static gboolean analyse_image(unsigned char *data, AppData *appdata)       its not working cos i wrote it in notepad, but thats how i would expect to use it and init it00:17
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jotthey folks00:21
lcukhi jott00:22
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jotthow is the barcode progressing? ;)00:25
lcukseems quite productive actually, lots of new stuff has gone in00:25
lcuki started to draw to the screen to indicate where i found guardbars00:26
lcukbut have encountered a bit of a prob removing the lines i draw00:26
lcukso im just seeing if theres an alt way00:26
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lardmanrm_you: no, I just copied in the main fns from the various test programs00:33
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lardmanno idea if they will work or not00:33
rm_youheh k sec00:33
lardmansorry for the lag00:34
lardmanthe thing we will probably need to do it work out what type of barcode it is, and quickly00:34
lardman1D can be done in real-time, not sure about 2D, though if we drop the framerate to 5fps then it might be better00:35
lardmanand still fast enough to see what's going on00:35
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jottcamera limits to 8fps so we probably could just skip frames00:36
RST38bisdon't you only need 1fps for barcodes?:)00:36
lardmanjott: as minimum?00:37
jottlardman: yes00:37
lardmanRST38bis: yeah00:37
lardmanjott: what are we running at atm00:37
lardmanoh, ok00:37
lardmanwell make sure the 2D code is quick then ;)00:37
jottwhen it's set lower then it complains ;)00:37
rm_youjott: look at the svn i am just checking in00:39
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rm_youi KNOW a bunch of stuff is broken00:40
rm_youit crashes right after 479... which is where i would expect00:40
rm_youI think I get what he is doing... but there is virtually no documentation for libdmtx >_>00:41
jottwhat's datamatrix vs barcode?00:42
jottah ok just stupid c&p :P00:42
rm_youyeah :P00:42
rm_youlibdmtx is in extras now00:42
rm_youand -dev00:42
jotthas it to be rgb?00:42
rm_youthis is the only info i have:00:42
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guentherAnyone experienced with the internal GPS receiver (diablo, a-gps) versus a decent, but not-so-pricey external receiver?00:43
guentherIt seems the a-gps update really makes a difference.00:43
guentherI'm wondering though, how much more I can expect using an external receiver.00:44
* guenther ponders fixing some OpenStreetMap's :)00:44
RST38bisguenther: external still locks faster00:46
RST38bistested with gpslim240 from holux00:47
fnordianslipi've got a holux m1200 to use with my N800.  It is great.00:47
guentherRST38bis: most likely, yes ;)00:48
guentherI'm mostly wondering about the accuracy.00:48
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RST38bisabout the same00:48
guentherIn particular in the urban jungle -- not standing on top of a hill.00:49
guentherRST38bis: You mean the position accuracy is about the same with an external receiver?00:49
guentherIs the tiny internal one really that good?00:50
guentherOr rather... Do external ones suck just the same? ;)00:50
RST38bisno idea but it is the same00:51
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fnordianslipthey wander about a bit, probly about 10m spherical error00:51
guentheryes, exactly00:51
guentherpretty much what I found while doing some testing out there :)00:52
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guentherActually sometimes it was surprisingly accurate. But then it jumped straight into the house 10m away...00:53
RST38bismaemomapper does not swallow this error unfortunately00:53
rm_youjott: any thoughts?00:53
lardmanI've noticed that, but they it doesn't know where roads, etc., are to try to stick to them00:54
lbtany other suggestions for an external BT GPS for the N800?00:54
lardmanotherwise you just get damped movement, which is annoying - too laggy00:54
fnordianslipRST38bis: perhaps some form of DGPS might work00:54
RST38bisyou can do it without sticking to roads00:54
RST38bisit won't00:55
RST38bis'cause it needs infrastructure00:55
lardmanwhat do you do then?00:55
lardmanuse "inertia"?00:55
fnordiansliphow about a distributed differential GPS with stationary users multicasting correction data to nearby moving ones00:55
lardmanfnordianslip: i.e. DGPS00:56
fnordianslipno. D-DGPS00:56
lardmanbig processing task00:56
RST38bislardman: yes. compute from the last 3-5 readings00:56
fnordianslipyeah. post processing was always easier00:57
guentherSo... An external receiver would not be worth it?00:57
lardmanthey are good as they have good battery life & can be stashed somewhere exposed00:57
lardmanthen connected to when needed00:58
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* guenther nods00:58
rm_youjott: eh? :P00:58
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jottrm_you: sorry not looked at it yet01:03
rm_youAtarii: :P01:06
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Atariiso 13-7 works woo01:06
Atariiand im a noob tester booo01:07
Atariialthough the graphical bug remains01:09
GeneralAntillesguenther, everything about a good external GPS (MTK or SiRF IIIc) is better than the internal.01:09
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AtariiGeneralAntilles does 13-7 work for you?01:10
GeneralAntillesHaven't tried it yet01:10
GeneralAntillesJust got back from dinner01:10
rm_youGeneralAntilles: 0.14-101:10
GeneralAntilleslbt, I like the i-Blues a lot01:10
guentherGeneralAntilles: Any real life experience? :)01:10
GeneralAntillesAnything MTK-based is good these days.01:11
Atariiwhats changed?01:11
rm_youAtarii: :P01:11
rm_youupdating changelog now01:11
guentherheya General, btw ;)01:11
GeneralAntillesHi. :)01:11
Atariichangelog is for non-lazy people01:11
GeneralAntillesusuk for being gone for so long. :P01:11
GeneralAntillesguenther, lots of GPS experience with just about everything except the N810.01:11
guentherGUADEC, plus a few days of recreation needed ;)01:11
GeneralAntillesBut, seriously, the N810's internal is about the cheapest chipset imaginable.01:12
*** Atarii770 has joined #maemo01:12
GeneralAntillesEVERYTHING is better than it. ;)01:13
guentherI'm pondering an external one -- preferably rather small. Good accuracy is the main concern, though.01:13
guentherlardman: haha :)01:13
guentherGo create a map using that device. ;)01:13
lardmanand a ship full of limes01:13
GeneralAntillesi-Blue 747 might be a good choice.01:14
rm_youeveryone test the -devel 0.14 advanced backlight so i can push it to extras TODAY!01:14
GeneralAntillesIt has internal point storage01:14
GeneralAntillesso you can generate a track without having to involve the tablet.01:14
* rm_you waits for it to show up in devel01:14
GeneralAntillesLet's see, hildon-desktop is dead, I've got an infobanner that's just showing a blue i-circle and xterm can't decide if it wants to be windowed or maximized01:15
rm_youjott: it hurts because it is so close to actually decoding datamatrix, i just know it :P01:15
rm_youjott: but i am way too tired at this point to think clearly01:15
RST38bisVoters to decide on naming sewage plant for Bush01:15
RST38bishell, yes!01:15
lbtta - I was just ebaying and found the holux 1200 at about £30 - the i-Blue 747 is about £4001:16
GeneralAntilleslbt, i-Blue is better.01:16
Atarii770how long till it is in devel?01:16
rm_youprolly 5 min or less01:17
*** Deka has joined #maemo01:17
guentherGeneralAntilles: btw, what's that "c" in "SiRF IIIc"? A typo?01:17
*** ssvb has joined #maemo01:18
RST38bisc is a chipset modification01:18
RST38bisand it is no mtk.01:18
GeneralAntillesguenther, lower consumption01:18
* guenther sighs01:19
GeneralAntillesI would just go with MTK. ;001:19
guentherI have been googling for these today...01:19
infobotGeneralAntilles meant: I would just go with MTK. ;)01:19
*** lardman_ has joined #maemo01:19
guentherNever seen a the "c" variant mentioned though...01:19
* RST38bis suspicious about mtk01:19
guentherThe "reviews" (or actually, useless blabber) are just confusing me.01:20
GeneralAntillesi-Blue 737, 747, or 757.01:20
GeneralAntillesProblem solved. ;)01:21
guentherah, I've seen that one, right...01:21
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RST38bisdoes iblue ccall 'em after boeing planes?01:28
GeneralAntillesguenther, has andre chatted with you about Garage Tracker -> Bugzilla yet?01:28
guentherAnything in particular?01:29
guentherYou know, we're chatting and discussing things outside the channel, too. :-P01:29
GeneralAntillesYes, I know, but I don't know what. ;)01:30
GeneralAntillesNothing in particular, it's just something that I'd really like to see happen01:30
*** Grackle has joined #maemo01:30
guentheryes, me too01:30
GeneralAntillesand we probably need to get together about it at some oint.01:30
guentherI'm pondering filing maemo-mapper bugs.01:30
GeneralAntillesgnuite's hitting the road for the next month or two01:31
guentherOr actually, I'm pondering if I really want to use garage tracker... ;)01:31
GeneralAntillesprobably a poor candidate.01:31
GeneralAntillesAh, well, no.01:31
GeneralAntillesYou don't want to use the Garage tracker. ;)01:31
GeneralAntillesIt sucks ass.01:31
guentherI know.01:31
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rm_youshit, lol, 14-1 is broken, 14-2 coming through01:37
GeneralAntillesAnyway, guenther, probably two things that could stand to be poked at in the short term. The template for new bugs ( and adding a couple of search links to the front page for, say, recently filed bugs, recently updated bugs and, maybe, top-ten by number of votes.01:37
*** Zetx| is now known as Zetx01:38
rm_youZetx: :)01:38
Zetxrm :p01:38
ZetxI couldn't find where you nickbeep'd me01:39
guentherGeneralAntilles: Why the votes one?01:39
rm_youZetx: LONG time ago01:39
guentherI don't want to encourage "me too"s.01:39
GeneralAntillesguenth, no particular reason01:39
Zetxi figured01:39
GeneralAntillesI'm just pulling ideas out of my ass. ;)01:39
rm_youZetx: you aren't active enough01:39
GeneralAntillesYou'll know what would be a better set than I, we just need a set.01:39
guentherAdding some *useful* quick searches shouldn't be a problem.01:39
rm_youZetx: port something :)01:39
rm_youZetx: maintain something :)01:40
guentherThough it can be done easily on a per user basis..01:40
rm_youZetx: document stuff in Wiki :P01:40
rm_youZetx: do bug triage on bugzilla01:40
GeneralAntillesguenther, my original thought was to modify the default saved search set.01:40
guentherZetx: File bugs. Triage later. ;-)01:40
GeneralAntillesBut timely had a good argument against that.01:40
GeneralAntillesJust adding a couple of search links to the front page should be good.01:41
Zetxyeah, so i want to buy a thinkpad tablet, camera and bluetooth keyboard01:41
Zetxmy wallet01:41
rm_youAtarii: well, technically 14-1 is only broken for NON-770s :P01:41
ZetxAnt: point & shoot01:42
GeneralAntillesPoint and shoot sux.01:42
rm_youam I missing something? :P01:42
guentherFrankly, all these queries are really easy, and can be explained using a few words only.01:43
rm_youalso, Comix on n800 is cool :P01:43
rm_youoh someone needs to update mediabox for diablo01:43
guentherI'd rather like to add something like this to the Bugtriaging wiki pages.01:43
rm_youand put it in extras01:43
rm_youwho is the main dev?01:43
rm_youis he/she still around?01:43
GeneralAntillesguenther, you see the new bugzilla plugin?01:43
guentherBy that, users learn how to use the Search.01:43
guentherWhat do you mean?01:44
GeneralAntillesrm_you, he was just moaning about something stupid on itT01:44
GeneralAntillesMaster of Gizmo, I think.01:44
GeneralAntillesFor some reason ours doesn't look like that yet. . . .01:45
zapAre there any special requirements for the XB-Maemo-Icon-26: field? I can't get my icon to display, whatever I do with it01:45
rm_youzap: uuencode? >_> dunno01:47
lbtdata logger stuff for the iBlue 74401:49
lbtunder linux01:49
zaprm_you: I encode into the same place another image, same resolution, same color depth -> it works01:49
*** ssvb has quit IRC01:49
*** _freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu01:50
rm_youjott: whatcha doin? :P01:50
*** ssvb has joined #maemo01:50
guentherI just need a perfect GPS receiver. ;)01:51
*** lardman_ has quit IRC01:51
*** chenca has quit IRC01:51
lbthave to say GeneralAntilles' suggestion of the 747 looks good. Does data logging and BT connection.01:52
lbtnegs: BT is 1.2, not 2.0 so download is slow (apparently)01:52
zapomg, it worked01:52
lbtcan't datalog and use BT at the same time01:52
guentherThe review mentions "poor plastic" though...01:53
lbtand only available from ebay hong-kong :(01:53
guentherthat one is a killer :)01:53
lbtwhich means if it dies you get to bin it since the return postage is usually a joke...01:53
lbtOTOH, most modern electronics live forever if they last a week...01:54
lbtNah, not a killer. small risk.01:54
guentherIt's been a while since you bought a HDD, eh? ;-)01:55
GeneralAntillesAvailable from Amazon here. :p01:55
guentherAlso, I've seen RAM dieing recently...01:55
lbtI have 7 RMA-ed 1 Tb disks in a box behind me....01:55
*** churl has joined #maemo01:55
*** red-zack has quit IRC01:55
guentherBut they can't be that old. ;)01:55
lbtmmm - not the word I'd use...01:55
lbtno, they all died within a month01:56
guentheroh :/01:56
guentherWhat did you mean by "RMA"?01:56
churlMaemo mapper died!!!01:56
lbtfaulty, they sent me a replacement01:56
guentherI see...01:57
lbtSamsung may not have the best HDDs01:57
guentherLet me take back the "nice". ;)01:57
lbtbut in the UK they're the only one to do advance replacement01:57
lbtnah - no data loss (I do linux-raid in another life)01:57
lbtall for the MythTV box.... <sigh>01:58
guentherYou had the disk returned 7 times?01:58
lbtI have 9 disks...01:59
guentherOr actually all in the video box?01:59
lbtwell, 5 in one box, 4 in another01:59
GreyFoxxlbt: Gotta keep the recordings safe :)01:59
GeneralAntilles1TB drives are getting cheap02:00
lbtyup <£100 each02:00
guentherSo you started collecting videos that will last until you retire? ;)02:00
GreyFoxxWith 1TB drives coming down I'm tempted to merge my slave backend into a single master02:00
lbtwe have TV shows from 3 years ago02:00
GreyFoxx1 less box to heat my house :)02:00
lbtyes - that's another good thing about them - more storage, less heat/power02:00
GeneralAntillesMy 7 drives total up to only 1.4TB02:00
lbtif $ not an issue then you get 3x1Tb, more space and resilience, and less heat02:01
lbtAnd they also store the NFS roots for all the frontends (Bedroom, lounge, bathroom)02:02
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC02:02
*** churl has left #maemo02:02
GreyFoxxheh yeah02:03
guentherbathroom frontend...02:03
lbtit was mrs lbt who wanted it....02:03
lbtI said no02:03
lbtclearly she won02:03
GreyFoxxThat's yours? I've seen that photo before02:03
*** Luria has quit IRC02:03
lbtit is02:04
guentherThat's yours?02:04
guentherThat's actually pretty cool.02:04
lbtGreyFoxx: I used to do more on myth users - I setup the original wiki...02:04
guentherAnd makes a whole more sense for the tub than... say, the loo.02:04
lbtit's a £50 Dell from eBay in the loft02:04
lbtand a super cheap LCD02:05
GreyFoxxlbt: ahh the one that got moved to wiki.mythtv.org02:05
GreyFoxx<<-- one of the crazy people with commit to mythtv02:05
lbtso you've seen mythtomer then?02:06
GreyFoxxI'm writing in support for dvd changers and streaming them from the backend. So my 200disc dvd changer in the basement (firewire connected) can be streamed to any remote FE02:06
lbtI still walk over and stick it in the slot...02:06
GreyFoxxlbt: Not yet. Still waiting for a working N810 to arrive :/02:07
GreyFoxxthe first wouldn't power up02:07
lbtmythtomer is a nice idea - needs to be much smarter though02:07
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo02:07
GreyFoxxmy first project with the n810 was gonna be a remote using the telnet interface to the FE. But if someone already has one started, then cool :)02:07
lbtadaptive to what myth is doing at the moment...02:08
lbtyes indeed - but he seems to do it by simulating X events...02:08
*** ralann has quit IRC02:08
lbtwhich is ...... interesting02:08
GreyFoxxheh ah a little odd :)02:08
lbtbut it's a bit like X10 .... too stateless02:08
GreyFoxxat least with the avialability of the telnet controls02:08
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC02:12
*** whycode has quit IRC02:13
*** Deka is now known as Dekaritae02:15
*** svu has quit IRC02:18
*** pppoe_dude has joined #maemo02:18
lbtbought a 747 :)02:18
lbt'night all ...02:19
pppoe_dudehello. quick question about the n810 and GPS. Do I need a subscription to get maps?02:19
*** rsalveti has quit IRC02:19
pppoe_dudeand also, are there alternatives02:19
guentherThe "map" application that comes with the n810 features free maps.02:20
pppoe_dudeguenther, ok that's what i was wondering02:20
guentherYou only need to pay for additional services, like navigation.02:20
pppoe_dudeeurope and north america included?02:20
pppoe_dudeguenther, you mean driving directions and such?02:20
*** ralann has joined #maemo02:21
guentherEurope is split up in separate maps.02:21
guentherUsually a country, sometimes more than one.02:21
pppoe_dudeguenther, ok but all included with the map application?02:21
guentherpppoe_dude: Any particular country? I could check the available maps...02:22
pppoe_dudeguenther, well right now i'm thinking UK and canada02:22
Atariiso 14-2 installs and works fine, but has no icon02:22
Atariiapart from when volume is 002:22
guentherSeparate download required for most of them. But it is free.02:22
rm_youAtarii: working on it02:22
pppoe_dudeguenther, ok that answers my question thanskl!02:22
rm_youAtarii: what theme02:22
guentherAlso, there s maemo-mapper (using images, no vectors), but it is cool.02:22
rm_youAtarii: yeah02:22
rm_youAtarii: give me a minute02:23
rm_youfound more bugs02:23
Atariiall themes02:23
rm_you14-3 should be there soon02:23
rm_youDefault should work :/02:23
pppoe_dudeguenther, like aerial view?02:23
Atariino its the same, no icon apart from when volume is 002:23
Atariibrightness works like a charm though :)02:23
pppoe_dudeguenther, also, would you know how the n810's gps compares with the nokia n95;s?02:24
rm_youi just can't win02:24
guentherCanada, UK & Ireland -- available for map02:24
guentheraerial view?02:24
Atariiis brightness "0" visible on 770/n800 in bright sunlight?02:24
pppoe_dudeguenther, oh never mind about that02:24
GAN800Yes, Maemo Mapper can use satelite maps.02:24
guentherWell, maemo-mapper can use bitmap based maps.02:24
pppoe_dudeguenther, yes i thought you meant aerial photos :)02:24
*** Deka has joined #maemo02:24
GAN800Atarii, not really.02:25
guentherGoogle (Satellite, Street, etc),, ...02:25
guentherPersonally, I love mapper.02:26
guentherPopulating maps can be a little bit work to get in a lot of resolutions, but it is just great.02:26
pppoe_dudeim really conflicted between n810 and n9502:26
pppoe_duden810 is sweet coz it's linux and it has keyboard02:27
guentherReally nice and clean view, because it is not rendered.02:27
pppoe_duden95 is sweet because i can get it real cheap02:27
guentherThe display isn't the same either. ;)02:27
*** jahor has joined #maemo02:27
GAN800N810 is down to $29902:27
pppoe_dudeGAN800, ? where from02:27
Knirchpppoe_dude: n95 or n95 8GB ? :)02:27
guentherThe n810 display just rocks"02:27
pppoe_dudeKnirch, n9502:28
Knirchpppoe_dude: :(02:28
rm_youAtarii: OK, so *NOW* a new version is going to -devel that should be fixed02:28
rm_youI really hope no one upgraded to the 14-1 in extras <_< 14-3 will be there soon02:28
pppoe_dudei think i wanna get the n810, but so far i can only find it for around $400 with shipping in canada02:28
Knirch(why nokia didn't rename it is beyond me, the difference between coworkers n95 and gfs n95 8GB is night and day)02:28
jahorGAN800: my n810 is down all the time... but not becouse the price, because its randomly rebooting ;(02:29
pppoe_dudeGAN800, do they ship to .ca?02:29
*** behdad has quit IRC02:29
GAN800jahor, then something is broken.02:29
GAN800jahor, I'm gonna call it a corrupt internal card.02:30
GAN800pppoe_dude, doubtful. Road trip?02:30
jahorGAN800: it looks so. i reformated the internal flash, did a reflash, but after diablo upgrade it's not stable02:30
pppoe_dudeGAN800, :S02:30
GAN800Something you installed, then.02:31
jahorGAN800: but it's not only rebooting.... response to lock key/fullscreen key is sometime realy realy slow and keyboard is sometime not working at all02:31
jahorGAN800: vanilla diablo. nothing special installed. i will try chinook againe to tray if it's problem only with diablo.02:32
*** flo_lap has quit IRC02:33
*** svu has joined #maemo02:35
* guenther feels like taking mapper out for walk02:36
guentherlater guys02:36
*** setanta has quit IRC02:39
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo02:39
*** ssvb has quit IRC02:39
zapwhat the application manager will do if an app depends on a virtual package, and there are two packages providing it?02:40
*** dougt has joined #maemo02:40
rm_youzap: give an error and return02:41
*** __t has quit IRC02:41
sp3000tested or guessed or documented?02:41
*** Dekaritae has quit IRC02:41
lcukrm_you, go to bed mate02:43
rm_yougotta wait to push this to extras02:43
lcuki thought i was bad sleep pattern wise02:43
*** Andy80 has quit IRC02:43
rm_youi do 24 awake -> 14 asleep02:43
rm_youand loop.02:43
lcuklike i had to compile last night :)02:43
*** anryx has quit IRC02:43
lcuki used to drift like that :) lock yourself onto a time and stick to it or you wont get a job :P02:44
lcukmy algorithm for barcodes was wrong, but ive got a testbed now that i can draw over the top of the image :)02:45
rm_youi am still sad that that datamatrix code is so close and i can't finish it02:45
lcukunfortunately ive had to drag the rest of liqbase in to do it ;)02:45
rm_youi can barely think02:45
rm_youi just pushed a BROKEN package to extras >_>02:45
lcukoh no, whats wrong with it?02:45
rm_youso i hafta wait for this to build and push before i can sleep02:45
rm_youlcuk: oh, well, just that the advanced backlight applet doesn't, in this particular release, CHANGE THE BACKLIGHT LEVEL.02:46
rm_youthe slider moves nicely from side to side though :P02:46
rm_youcompletely lag free!02:46
rm_youand SOMETIMES it even displays the correct icon!02:46
* rm_you kries02:46
lcukthats like making rice pudding and forgetting the rice :D02:46
rm_youit works on 770! :P02:47
lcuk(my nana did that once :D)02:47
rm_youit works ONLY on the platform it never worked on before02:47
rm_youi forgot to remove the test code that forced it to the 770 update mode <_<02:47
rm_youI blame GeneralAntilles for the hell of it :P02:48
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo02:48
Atariihaving a slider that moves and does nothing? now you know how we feel!02:48
Atariifelt* :p02:48
* GAN800 shakes his fist at rm_you.02:48
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC02:49
lcukGAN800, :) well done02:49
*** sp3000 has quit IRC02:50
rm_yougah that datamatrix stuff is just sitting there taunting me02:53
rm_youok, one more shot02:53
rm_youlibdmtx0 is in extras now BTW if you want to test :P02:54
rm_youwith the whole nothing it will do as it crashes02:54
*** corq-FL has joined #maemo02:56
rm_youAtarii: 14-3?02:58
rm_youworks GREAT on my end02:58
rm_youoh, didnt make it to chinook yet02:58
rm_you... wtf02:58
*** dougt has quit IRC02:58
Atariiits here02:59
*** jahor has quit IRC02:59
*** Mousey has quit IRC02:59
rm_youGAN770: ?03:00
GAN800One sec03:02
GAN800I guess I need to put some info on the website for the 77003:02
GAN800changelog in the deb in good shape?03:03
rm_youi updated it a bit03:03
Atariiworks great03:03
rm_youlook at it first03:03
rm_youmost of the stuff should be there03:03
Atariii needed to reload via "Panels" in control panel for it to show03:03
* rm_you was very bored waiting three times for the autobuilder03:03
rm_youGAN800: oh, need to update the links to point to -303:04
rm_youthats pretty much it03:04
GAN800Installing. . . .03:04
*** ianf-h has quit IRC03:04
GAN800Yeah, it's fine.03:06
rm_you770 and N800?03:08
*** lbt has quit IRC03:09
GAN800Yeah, fine.03:09
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC03:10
rm_youto sleep03:13
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC03:20
*** freelikegnu is now known as _freelikegnu03:30
*** Raytray has joined #maemo03:30
*** henrique has joined #maemo03:30
GeneralAntilles. . .03:30
GeneralAntillesGarage Tracker is so bad03:30
GeneralAntillesIs there no way to delete custom field items?03:31
*** zap has quit IRC03:32
*** alex-weej has quit IRC03:43
*** Luria has joined #maemo03:45
*** etrunko_lap has quit IRC03:46
*** booiiing_ has joined #maemo03:46
derfOf course, I get off work, and they all go to bed.03:47
*** EspeonEefi has quit IRC03:53
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo03:54
*** Grackle has quit IRC03:55
*** hircus has quit IRC03:57
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo03:58
GeneralAntillesGarage iz ded03:59
*** TimRiker has quit IRC03:59
*** booiiing has quit IRC03:59
*** Atarii has quit IRC04:01
*** dholbert has quit IRC04:02
*** gentooer has quit IRC04:05
lcddhow to stop kernel from running 'modprobe -q -- usb0' every second after I unplug phone from computer?04:07
*** hircus has joined #maemo04:11
*** EspeonEefi has joined #maemo04:13
*** Luria has quit IRC04:13
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC04:14
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo04:15
lcddi wouldn't care if it didn't use 5-50% of cpu time to no end04:16
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC04:16
*** dneary has joined #maemo04:23
*** F-i-G has joined #maemo04:27
F-i-GI need some help with flashing my new N810 using OS X04:27
F-i-GI'm really confused04:27
F-i-GI downloaded the latest Diablo update04:27
F-i-GI can't find any helpful instructions04:27
GAN800~flashing is
infobot...but flashing is already something else...04:29
infobotwell, flashing is covered at
GAN800That article title sucks.04:30
johnxyeah, it has no love from google04:30
GAN800It implies using SSU now, too.04:30
*** Dekaritae has joined #maemo04:30
GAN800'Flashing' might work.04:31
F-i-Gthis is sooo confusing04:31
F-i-G./flasher-2.0.macosx: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'04:31
F-i-G./flasher-2.0.macosx: line 2: `<html>04:31
F-i-Gi suck04:31
GAN800Just use 770flasher. :/04:31
F-i-GI tried04:31
F-i-GIt wouldn't recognize the usb device04:32
F-i-Gsudo ./flasher-2.0.macosx -F RX-44_DIABLO_4.2008.23-14_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R04:32
F-i-G./flasher-2.0.macosx: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'04:32
F-i-G./flasher-2.0.macosx: line 2: `<html>'04:32
F-i-GI suck04:32
GAN800Did you follow the instructions?04:32
F-i-GI sure did04:32
F-i-Gto the T04:32
johnxI think something happened when you copied and pasted :)04:33
johnxtry just typing the command out by hand04:33
*** slomo__ has quit IRC04:33
*** alex-weej has quit IRC04:34
wizathere could be also something said in the wiki that it only works on PPC macs04:34
GAN800wiza, no, because that would be a lie.04:34
wizawhich is weird since most of the macs I currently ran into are all intel macs, might be something to do with the fact that apple only sells intel macs04:34
GAN800Like I told you the last time, Safari mangles the download sometimes.04:34
wizaumm, I tried it, it just wont work04:35
GAN800wiza, it's not weird, the binary was corrupted04:35
F-i-Gsame thing04:35
wizasays that wrong cpu type stuff04:35
GeneralAntilleswiza, like I said04:35
*** slomo__ has joined #maemo04:35
GeneralAntillesThe binary is corrupted04:35
GeneralAntillesThousands and thousands of people use flasher-2.0 just fine under Rosetta04:36
GeneralAntillesIncluding me.04:36
GeneralAntillesF-i-G, just use 770Flasher.04:36
F-i-Gok guys04:36
F-i-Gwhat's the home button?04:36
F-i-GI just got this04:36
F-i-Gsays to turn it on while holding the home button04:36
GeneralAntillesIf you don't know where the Home button is, then you didn't follow the instruction "to the T"04:37
F-i-Gyou're right04:37
F-i-Gwhere's the home button?04:37
GeneralAntillesIt's the lowest button on the front04:37
GeneralAntillestwo overlapping rectangles.04:37
GeneralAntillesSomebody want to volunteer to upload the Swap and Home key pictograms onto the wiki?04:37
GeneralAntillesIf anybody is up for a laugh:
*** juergbi has quit IRC04:43
F-i-Ghey guys04:47
*** Grackle has joined #maemo04:47
F-i-GAny idea how to see what vers of the firmware i'm running?04:47
F-i-Gjust wanna be sure everything went thru etc04:47
GAN800If it rebooted, it's fine.04:48
*** Deka has quit IRC04:49
*** hircus has quit IRC04:49
*** dneary has quit IRC04:50
*** doc|home has quit IRC04:50
*** doc|home has joined #maemo04:51
*** Luria has joined #maemo04:52
*** Edgester has joined #maemo04:52
*** hellwolf has quit IRC04:57
*** inherited_tot has quit IRC04:59
*** inherited has joined #maemo05:02
*** inherited is now known as inherited_tot05:02
*** Atarii has joined #maemo05:02
*** hircus has joined #maemo05:03
*** budman has joined #maemo05:05
budmananyone else having issues with updating/using the email client in diablo?05:05
F-i-Ghaven't tried05:14
F-i-GI just got one05:14
F-i-Gone sec05:14
F-i-Glemme try05:14
*** mouser- has joined #maemo05:15
*** Edgester is now known as edgester|away05:20
*** edgester|away is now known as Edgester05:20
GAN800johnx, your avatar is perfect for that thread.05:21
johnxI think it adds a feeling of piece and tranquility to an emotional situation :)05:21
johnxI half wanted to just type "lulwut?" and leave it at that05:22
GAN800I love the 'submersion cooler PC' bit.05:22
GAN800That's the cherry on the beautiful ice cream sunday.05:23
johnx"installs operating systems for a living"05:23
GAN800Wow, you work at Best Buy?05:23
johnxthat or he's a junior windows tech at some company05:23
GAN800Damn, what do they pay you $8, $10 an hour?05:23
*** legind has joined #maemo05:26
GrackleWhat thread is this?05:28
johnx"Does diablo support A2DP?" or similar05:28
johnxthe link is in the scrollback05:28
GAN800I like blacknight's crosspostings between the lists and itT05:29
guentherF-i-G: You probably figured it out already, but...05:29
guentherThe "home" button s the *top*most button (unlike GAN told you, hey General ;-) on the front.05:30
guentherWithout sliding out the keyboard.05:30
guentherThe overlapping "window" rectangles.05:30
lcukcant we get a picture of an 800 and 810 with a big highlighted area for the home key of both?05:31
GAN800Right, right, they're inverted from the N800.05:31
GAN800lcuk, I said pictograms for the wiki05:31
lcuklink it when someone asks what key05:31
GAN800Like they have in the manual.05:31
guentherF-i-G: Settings / Control Panel / About Product05:32
GAN800Better to solve it at the source.05:32
guentherthat's ^^ where to see the version05:32
guentherdiablo == 4.2008.23-1405:32
lcukdo you always wanna dig into the box and grab the notes for things?  if it makes life simpler - they are here asking already05:32
* lcuk looks for pics05:33
guentherGAN800: frankly, the "hold home button" seriously confused me, too...05:33
*** BabelO has quit IRC05:33
guentherit changed place and icon05:33
GAN800guenther, lol05:34
GAN800The pictogram should be on the device somewhere.05:35
guentherIt's not... :/05:35
GAN800er, software-wise05:35
GAN800It's in the manual pages.05:36
guentherThe first googlinh hits told me about "looks like a home"...05:36
*** hellwolf-n800 has joined #maemo05:36
guentherThat's N800.05:36
*** herzi has quit IRC05:36
guentherThe N810 does show the overlapping window rectangles only.05:36
GAN800Right, which is why we need to pull the pictogram off the device from the Help pages to stick in the wiki.05:37
guentherAlso, I glimpsed the manual PDF.05:37
GAN800Yes, I know. ;)05:37
guentherDidn't find it in there.05:37
guenther2 minutes of googling more proofed to be better results ;)05:37
GrackleOkay, that guy is indeed a bit of a rambling idiot, but I would agree with what he's getting at about the Nokia IT's not being terribly useful for the average noob.05:37
GAN800Well, somebody open up InkScape and pen one up.05:37
GAN800Grackle, bs05:38
*** herzi has joined #maemo05:38
GAN800Lots of nubs use them just fine.05:38
Proteousdamn n000000000bs05:38
GAN800They're great browser/IM/solitaire machines.05:38
GAN800But that argument has been played out a thousand times.05:38
GAN800See itT for details.05:39
GrackleThey're passable browser/IM/solitaire machines.05:39
* guenther takes a "home button" note05:39
Proteousvnc and ssh in my pocket!!05:39
Proteousserver admin on the go05:39
GAN800Grackle, passable compared to what, exactly.05:39
ProteousIN MY POCKET MAN!!05:39
Proteousdon't forget that part05:39
GAN800My sister's a nub, she uses hers all the time.05:39
ricko73don't feed the troll...05:40
ProteousNOM NOM NOM NOM05:40
johnxhey cool, earthquake05:41
GAN800Hide under the ceiling fan!05:41
johnxGAN800, damn! I need to turn it on first or it won't help05:41
GrackleMe? I'm not trying to troll. I have an N800 and I think it's a pretty neat device, but I'm quite painfully aware that it is difficult to use without the stylus, the RSS reader doesn't fit nicely on the screen, flash support is terribly flaky, and many applications and features are pretty ugly.05:41
johnxProteous, here :)05:42
Lurianub nub nub05:46
guentherProteous: japan ;)05:46
* johnx waits for the quake to show up in the usual places online, wonders if maybe it was just a passing truck05:48
GAN800we had a small quake one time here, my mother was yelling at my sister to stop jumping in the bed.05:49
budmananyone else having issues with updating/using the email client in diablo?05:49
infobotGAN800 meant: we had a small quake one time here, my mother was yellong at my sister to stop jumping in the bed.05:49
GAN800gj, infobot05:50
johnxbudman, what do you mean "updating"? getting a new version?05:50
GAN800~slap infobot05:50
* infobot slaps infobot, keep your grubby fingers to yourself!05:50
johnxinfobot, stop hitting yourself05:50
* infobot leaps to his feet and stops hitting yourself05:50
GrackleSpeaking of passing trucks, the southbound section of the interstate passing through my area (I-95) is shut down for reconstruction. All the traffic is detoured onto route 201, which is the road I live on. That's an additional 1500 cars per hour at 45mph. Wheee.05:50
GAN800Throw rocks at the cars.05:51
guentherGAN800: An RE applies once. First match. ;-)05:51
Gracklehahah yellong *just read up*05:51
GAN800He should be cool and assume whole word for irc.05:51
lcukGrackle, take a lawn chair out. sit near the road and point a hair dryer at the cars.05:51
Gracklehaha lcuk05:51
GrackleThere are already assloads of cops05:52
GrackleBut... That would be amusing.05:52
GAN800Grackle gets to have his picture taken tonight!05:52
lcukand a lovely trip "down town"05:52
* GAN800 really hates the harsh orange toolbar in bugzilla.05:53
guentherGAN800: just add a space if you mean words :)05:55
* guenther sighs05:55
guentheryeah, the branding isn't my preferred color either05:55
GAN800Yes, guenther, I know how to use it, I'm lazy and on a finger keyboard here, though. :P05:56
GAN800It's irrelevant now, though, as it'll all be changing soon enough.05:56
guentherYou're dealing with a dumb bot.05:56
GrackleSo, random subject.. I rebuilt my laptop battery with larger cells and an extra chain of batteries (it was originally 3 2200mAh cells, now I have two series chains of 2600mAh cells in parallel). I wonder if it's possible to modify the battery's controller to have it report the new configuration.05:56
guentherKeep that in mind. ;)05:56
*** Deka has joined #maemo05:57
GrackleGAN800, I've gotta say, I'm impressed by your abilities with that keyboard.05:57
GrackleThat's the N800 onscreen keyboard, right?05:57
GAN800Maybe three steps towards white wouldn't hurt, though. . . . (like the wiki mainpage)05:57
johnxwoo! usgs got me the quake info. It was a 6.6 off the coast O_o05:58
GAN800I've been practicing since the middle of 200605:58
Gracklewow johnx05:58
derfAlso, GA talks a lot.05:58
Grackleirc taught me to type fast >.>;05:58
guenthernice speed with the device :)05:59
GAN800derf, gotta whore for that discount code. ;)05:59
derfGAN800: Damn straight.05:59
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]05:59
guentherAnyway, I really should get some sleep. Later folks...05:59
johnx'night guenther05:59
*** guenther has quit IRC06:00
Proteousn810 for $300 US
*** madhav has joined #maemo06:01
GAN800I momentarily considered that this morning, but then I remembered the N810 is just an N800 with less storage. ;)06:01
derfThey have 8GB cards for reasonable prices now, right?06:04
derfFor MiniSD or whatever the crap it uses.06:04
GAN800But they also have 16GB cards for more reasonable prices now, too. :D06:04
derfIt's not 32GB, but it's pretty good.06:05
Proteousdepends if like a keyboard or not06:05
derfReally, the transreflective screen is the big winner for me.06:05
GAN800I'm ready for 32GB cards to be under $10006:05
derfThe keyboard kind of sucks.06:05
derfBut being able to read it in full sunlight = <306:06
mouser-derf: The keyboard isn't ideal by any means, but I prefer it over not having anything.  Also, the transreflective screen is amazing.06:06
derfmouser-: Well, the advantage of the onscreen keyboard is I can move keys around and add the missing ones back.06:09
*** Tuco has quit IRC06:10
*** Edgester has quit IRC06:10
mouser-derf: You mean remap the keys, like adding the tab key?06:11
mouser-I'm in the process of installing Diablo on it and hopefully getting the USB f-f adapter to work so I can attach flash drives and a keyboard to it.06:11
*** Dekaritae has quit IRC06:14
*** Luria has quit IRC06:17
*** GDE has quit IRC06:19
*** harryl has joined #maemo06:20
budmananyone else having issues with updating/using the email client in diablo?06:24
mouser-budman: not yet, but give me a few minutes and I'll try it out.  I'm in the process of restoring the backup.06:25
*** Medic119 has joined #maemo06:25
budmanforgot if i recently asked :)06:25
budmanits driving me nutz though webmail works nice. i like the client06:25
johnxbudman, what do you mean "update." sorry if you answered me before, but I didn't see it06:26
budmanit says modest email has update06:26
budmanthen goes through the update and wont update06:26
budmanerrors every time06:26
budmanI have 3 n800s all the same.06:27
GAN800Remoce the Modest beta repo.06:27
budmanEmail client was working tho all of a sudden account was removed and now say device full06:27
infobotGAN800 meant: Remove the Modest beta repo.06:27
johnxif you saved your repos from chinook, the old chinook modest repo is interfering (like GAN800 said)06:28
budmanall flashed fresh.06:28
budmanbut i used that website to add all repos06:28
budmanprobly shouldnt have?06:28
GAN800lol . . .06:28
johnxso much no06:28
GAN800Why do people think that's a good step.06:28
budmanha :)06:28
johnxsomeone suggested it a long time back06:28
budmanwe are a rook06:29
GAN800gronmayer should make the warning text 10x bigger.06:29
budmanrooks happens.06:29
budmani did it the day of wasnt text i believe06:29
GAN800Or just be shut down entirely with Extras picking up.06:29
johnxdid it have a lot of updates for you besides modest?06:29
johnxGAN800, it has a place still06:29
GAN800johnx, hopefully not for too much longer.06:31
GAN800The list needs cleaning anyway.06:31
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo06:31
mouser-budman: The e-mail client didn't seem to restore my e-mails, and I didn't find any updates for it.06:32
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC06:32
Medic119I hate Modest, osso-email, et al.  So far GMAIL has been the most stable..lol06:33
johnxI like where modest is *going*06:33
johnxit just hasn't quite got there yet06:33
mouser-What was the name of the former default e-mail client?06:34
Medic119I say port Evolution to Maemo and be done!  Email, and PIM all in one06:34
*** herzi has quit IRC06:34
johnxmouser-, osso-email or similar06:34
johnxMedic119, could be possible. Have you looked at claws or the ubuntu-mobile version of claws?06:35
GAN800Evolution is a little . . . heavy.06:35
johnxGAN800, I tested it. it runs06:35
johnxand if you cut out a lot of stuff it might even run well06:35
Medic119Claws-Mail borks Backups on the NIT06:36
Medic119Evolution is lighter than say.. KDE 3.5.8 or Debian06:36
GAN800I like Modest06:36
Medic119If Modest was just reliable..06:37
johnxMedic119, well, yes, but that's not exactly a shining recommendation06:37
GAN800Just wish some of the major issues would get ironed out a bit faster.06:37
Medic119lol.. johnx I understand, but remember EDS is ALREADY in Maemo, so we just need the front end06:37
budmani cant find a beta modest repo06:37
GAN800Well, part of eds06:37
budmanbut ill try a fresh install with no extra repos06:37
Medic119and Gnome is the Backend for MAemo with Matchbox WM, so UI support is there06:37
GAN800budman, purge your repository lidt.06:38
GAN800You've got tons and tons of shit in there that'll break your system.06:38
Medic119And the NIT is in desperate need os a decent PIM/Email client06:38
GAN800and probably already has if you've been installing updates.06:38
Medic119You might be better off just reflashing, NOT adding back your repos and starting fresh06:39
GAN800Reflash and don't do stupid things like adding every repo on the planet.06:39
johnxGAN800, hey now. that's a little harsh06:39
GNUton´Morning guys!06:39
GAN800I wish the Modest devs were actually involved Bugzilla.06:39
Medic119Be back in a bit06:40
GNUtonWhere can I find the documents about the  extra-devel repository policy?06:40
GAN800johnx, gentle has never been my forte. ;)06:41
GNUtonand how it works?06:41
GNUtonGAN800: thanks06:41
GAN800Has links to the info you want.06:41
GAN800GNUton, -developers or -community are probably the best places for additional clarification.06:42
*** befr0d_ has joined #maemo06:46
*** TheAlien has joined #maemo06:46
GNUtonGAN800: ok :) thank you very much!06:50
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC06:50
GeneralAntillesGNUton, you can also bug X-Fade about specifics once he pops up in here.06:52
* GeneralAntilles whittles a Team Member Annoying Stick and hands it to GNUton.06:52
GeneralAntillesUse that for greater effect. ;)06:52
*** gentooer has joined #maemo06:54
*** wesdoobner has joined #maemo06:56
GAN800Howdy, wes.06:57
*** yigal has left #maemo06:58
GNUtonGeneralAntilles: :)06:58
wesdoobnerjust checkin in07:00
GNUtonI´m just waked up.. and i´m in my bed.. I think that I should get up... at least for whashing my face!07:04
* GNUton ... laziest07:05
GAN800The tablets are such lazy enablers.07:07
doc|homeman, what is with the apps that are available still not working, gpodder *and* mpcc :(07:08
johnxit's usually food (or work) that gets me out of bed07:08
johnxbut now I'm off to akihabara. later all :)07:08
*** tjafk1 has joined #maemo07:09
*** _freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu07:10
*** ccooke has quit IRC07:11
*** ccooke has joined #maemo07:12
*** herzi has joined #maemo07:13
*** Luria has joined #maemo07:23
*** tjafk2 has quit IRC07:25
*** freelikegnu is now known as _freelikegnu07:30
*** henrique has quit IRC07:36
*** TPC has quit IRC07:40
*** wesdoobner has left #maemo07:40
*** TPC has joined #maemo07:40
*** Italodance has joined #maemo07:45
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*** Luria has quit IRC07:56
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*** Gracana has joined #maemo07:59
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*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo08:08
*** Grackle has quit IRC08:10
*** dougt has joined #maemo08:19
*** gentooer has quit IRC08:21
*** legind has quit IRC08:31
*** mbuf has joined #maemo08:31
*** DaCe|ge is now known as DaCeige08:46
*** befr0d__ has joined #maemo08:46
*** Zet has joined #maemo08:52
*** befr0d_ has quit IRC08:55
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo09:11
*** Zetx has quit IRC09:11
*** Gracana has quit IRC09:14
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC09:17
*** secureendpoints has joined #maemo09:18
*** Grackle has joined #maemo09:23
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC09:25
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo09:27
*** Grackle has quit IRC09:35
*** befr0d__ is now known as bef0rd09:38
*** behdad has joined #maemo09:42
mouser-I'm looking for a list of the original maemo repositories that are pre-installed in Diablo.09:50
*** Sho_ has quit IRC09:51
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo09:54
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC09:55
*** p| has joined #maemo09:56
*** doc|home has quit IRC09:57
mouser-lpotter: that brings me back.09:59
lpotterheh. thats just wrong :)09:59
*** DaCeige has quit IRC10:02
*** oilinki has quit IRC10:02
*** oilinki has joined #maemo10:02
mouser-From a comment there: "Aah, I sort of miss it! I just know it's the sort of nostalgia where you have good memories that have absolutely nothing to do with how it actually was."10:02
*** zap has joined #maemo10:15
*** doc|home has joined #maemo10:16
aquatixmouser-: :)10:20
aquatixi kinda liked it too10:20
aquatixi thought win95 was more ugly in retrospect10:20
aquatixi liked the pixel-artness of win3.1110:21
doc|homeok, which of you is responsible for win 3.1 on the n810? who do I stab?10:22
GAN800thoughtfix, actually/10:23
*** ralann has left #maemo10:23
aquatixdoc|home: why stabbing people? i think someone may waste his time any way he wants :)10:24
doc|homeit was you, wasn't it?10:25
GAN800of all the cool things it can do, it's sad the running Windows is the one that makes engadget.10:27
aquatixheh :)10:30
aquatixdoes it run wolfenstein3d?10:30
GAN800I'm pretty sure this one's INVALID based on the current description, somebody want to try to get some real steps to reproduce and better clarification from him?10:30
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo10:38
*** behdad has quit IRC10:39
*** zwnj has quit IRC10:39
*** fr01 has quit IRC10:39
*** Stecchino has quit IRC10:39
*** ShadowJK has quit IRC10:39
*** alump has quit IRC10:39
*** Gary has quit IRC10:39
*** hap has quit IRC10:39
*** glass has quit IRC10:39
*** Jaffa has quit IRC10:39
*** zorrolero has quit IRC10:39
*** mpeterson has quit IRC10:39
*** Robot101 has quit IRC10:39
*** behdad has joined #maemo10:40
*** zwnj has joined #maemo10:40
*** fr01 has joined #maemo10:40
*** Stecchino has joined #maemo10:40
*** ShadowJK has joined #maemo10:40
*** alump has joined #maemo10:40
*** Gary has joined #maemo10:40
*** Robot101 has joined #maemo10:40
*** mpeterson has joined #maemo10:40
*** glass has joined #maemo10:40
*** hap has joined #maemo10:40
*** zorrolero has joined #maemo10:40
*** Jaffa has joined #maemo10:40
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC10:42
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo10:43
*** eichi has joined #maemo10:53
*** juergbi has joined #maemo10:55
*** cool has joined #maemo10:56
*** VimSi has joined #maemo10:57
*** vims0r has quit IRC10:58
*** lbt has joined #maemo10:59
*** TheAlien has quit IRC11:06
*** mouser- has quit IRC11:18
zapX-Fade: is there anything special about the automatic builder? If I build my own package, the executable 844160 bytes, and if it builds in the autobuilder, it's 778688 bytes11:19
zapand it is stripped in both cases11:19
*** ssvb has joined #maemo11:21
Italodancecan Android work on N800?11:21
aquatixzap: do you know whether they use the same compiler?11:22
aquatixItalodance: yes, sort of11:22
Italodanceaquatix did u tried?11:22
aquatixfriend of mine did11:22
aquatixlet me find his tutorial...11:22
qwerty12I got the touchscreen working in N800 btw11:23
aquatixit's for n810 but i guess it's similar for n80011:23
Italodanceaquatix and it hadn't any damage for device! i afraid :(11:23
aquatixqwerty12: with android?11:23
aquatixcool, as that friend of mine didn't11:23
qwerty12I ported the touchscreen fixes to the N80011:23
aquatixItalodance: it didn't damage his device11:23
Italodancehi qwerty1211:23
aquatixhe's flashed os2008 back on it11:23
Italodanceaquatix oh flashed os2008 again! :o11:24
Italodanceaquatix tnx for still afraid :'''(11:24
aquatixqwerty12: ``touchscreen doesn't work. The patch on the android-on-n8xx site made my tablet stop booting'' [from his site]11:24
aquatixItalodance: ?11:24
qwerty12aquatix: he mustn't have done it right ;)11:24
qwerty12or used an old patch :/11:24
aquatixit was just that android wasn't much use11:25
aquatixqwerty12: i think the latter or something11:25
aquatixas he's quite good in that kind of stuff11:25
qwerty12I dunno, I even have a youtube of the n800 touchscreen working in android :)11:25
Italodanceyes we should wait for the future....maybe new version!!!!11:25
zapaquatix: I suppose they use the same SDK they made available for download11:26
zapbut the difference is way more than could be because of compiler version11:27
Italodanceguys the cpu for diablo is still 400 mhz?11:27
aquatixItalodance: yeah, you don't get a hardware upgrade with software ;)11:28
aquatixzap: yeah :/11:28
Italodanceaquatix well how much is ur cpu now?11:28
aquatixhow do i check?11:29
aquatixbut it's still a 400MHz omap11:29
aquatixdon't know about the throttling11:29
GAN800CPU throttles between 165 and 400MHz. . . .11:30
Italodanceaquatix i didn't updated my chinook to diablo yet...tell me all os2008 apps can work it on?11:30
Italodanceinfact afraid one more time :(11:30
aquatixItalodance: works fine here, yes; most just work11:30
* qwerty12 N800 is always at 400Mhz. I prefer to keep it locked because the cpufreq is crap on this device.11:31
Italodanceaquatix i need to flash it again or just update it?11:31
aquatixfrom chinook -> diablo it's a flash11:32
aquatixafter that, only update11:32
aquatixno more flashing \o/11:32
Italodanceaquatix tnx11:32
Italodanceaquatix but i will wait for next IT version os200911:32
GAN800There's no OS200911:32
GAN800and that's a long wait11:33
ItalodanceGAN800 are u sure? no!?  yes the future will come11:33
GAN800Yes, I'm sure.11:33
ItalodanceGAN800 yep a long wait but no problem....more cpu will be better!11:33
GAN800It's called 'Maemo 5'11:33
aquatixwell, if it gets along, we can just update, and you will have to flash anyway11:33
ItalodanceGAN800 SURE???? N900 will release with os200911:34
GAN800Maemo 5 will not give you more CPU.11:34
aquatixItalodance: if you get a new version of your linux distro on your pc, it doesn't get a faster cpu either, does it?11:34
GAN800No, N900 will release with Maemo 5.11:34
Italodanceaquatix don't know and agree with u but IT maybe can change it!11:35
qwerty12New OS != More CPU. End of.11:35
ItalodanceGAN800 where is the page of n900 with maemo 5?11:35
*** Wikier has joined #maemo11:42
*** fab has joined #maemo11:52
zapthe builder is buggy like I don't know what11:59
zaprejects already the 3rd package, no problems on my side11:59
GAN800Most people seem to be using it just fine.11:59
GAN800but note that any real bugs should go to bugzilla.12:00
GAN800and what do you mean by 'rejects'12:00
GAN800Does the build fail due to bad depencies?12:01
zapit fails because cannot connect to some proxy host12:01
zapno idea what's that12:01
qwerty12What package are you building?12:01
zapright now - terminfo12:01
qwerty12Logs look ok to me, unless you are uploading another version?12:02
zapI just got a email telling of the failure12:02
*** p| has quit IRC12:03
zapone package was rejected due to "mismatch file size" although dput told me everything is ok12:03
zapactually two packages12:04
zapI understand these are not really builder bugs, but it's so annoying to wait a hour just to get three reject messages12:07
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo12:11
*** red-zack has joined #maemo12:15
qwerty12~lart microb extension building12:16
* infobot takes a big bite out of microb extension building's jugular vein12:16
RST38hmore steps in the submission chain -> more things to go wrong12:16
RST38hqwerty: stop poisoning infobot!12:17
qwerty12I think it's too late :O12:17
GAN800RST38h, it also means more chances to catch bad packages.12:18
aquatixqwerty12: i gather it's not easy to port firefox extensions to microb?12:20
GAN800One goal is to get to the point where Extras is high enough quality for Nokia to feel good shipping it enabled.12:20
aquatixas it lacks xul12:20
aquatixGAN800: that'd be cool indeed12:20
qwerty12aquatix: You can run the ones that don't use xul, it's more about how the packaging works :/12:21
aquatixhm, k12:22
* aquatix would like a foxmarks port to microb12:22
*** p| has joined #maemo12:27
*** simon_ has joined #maemo12:34
RST38hga: I do not see direct relation between these two other than keeping dependencies consistent12:36
RST38hga: but this can be done with a static repository check12:36
RST38ha script that pulls all dependency lines from all repo packages, computes the closure, and analyzes it for missing packages or two versions of the same package12:39
*** felipec has joined #maemo12:40
RST38hactually, not even a closure just plain union12:41
GAN800The other thing we get out of this is source packages for everything, which makes upgrades easier.12:44
qwerty12Any way of stopping gcc from using -msoft-float when I specify "-mhard-float -DCONFIG_FORCE_HARD_FLOAT=y". And yes, it must be hard float.12:48
*** F-i-G has quit IRC12:53
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo12:54
*** simon_ is now known as nihil12:55
*** nihil is now known as simon_12:55
*** Italodance has quit IRC12:57
*** bef0rd has quit IRC13:01
RST38hqwerty: have to find and remove the option13:02
Stskeeps <- some screenshots from NIT-debian with matchbox and network-manager applet etc :)13:02
qwerty12RST38h: Yeah, I grepped for msoft-hard and couldn't find anything so I succumbed  to the powers that be msoft-float :)13:04
*** foka has joined #maemo13:08
*** lardman has joined #maemo13:10
qwerty12g'morning lardman13:10
lardmanhi qwerty1213:10
* qwerty12 tests out an shell and hopes I don't require an reflash :)13:12
* lardman wonders why it takes so long to go from chester to Bath13:12
lardman~lart British railways13:13
* infobot stamps British railways on the forehead with the official Troll marker13:13
lardmanlcuk: you about?13:14
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo13:19
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo13:21
aquatixStskeeps: is that the same matchbox theme as default os2008 or something?13:25
aquatixlooks familiar ;)13:25
aquatixor is it some chroot?13:25
Stskeepsaquatix: copied matchbox theme to debian installation, no chroot13:27
Stskeepsi actually feel like debian is actually usable as something else than a toy by now :)13:28
Stskeepssince we have power save, network manager, dimming, etc13:28
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo13:31
*** corq-FL has joined #maemo13:32
*** foka has quit IRC13:32
*** frade has joined #maemo13:32
*** GNUton has quit IRC13:33
* qwerty12 really has to apply kernelpanics' b_idle fix patch13:36
*** inherited_tot is now known as inherited13:40
*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo13:44
*** iomari has joined #maemo13:45
fnordianslipqwerty12: i was just thinking about powertop and the kernel tweaks required to support it. have you tried it?13:47
qwerty12fnordianslip: yes, with bad results. The tablet would crash when wifi was enabled.13:48
*** Mikho has quit IRC13:48
fnordianslipthats with the modified kernel and powertop running or just the kernel.13:49
*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo13:49
qwerty12just the kernel.13:49
qwerty12Although I could make the initfs echo 0 to /proc/timer_stats and let the user echo 1 after they have disabled to wifi.13:50
*** _pcfe_ has quit IRC13:50
*** timelyx has quit IRC13:51
*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo13:51
infobotqwerty12 meant: Although I could make the initfs echo 0 the /proc/timer_stats and let the user echo 1 after they have disabled to wifi.13:51
*** BabelO has joined #maemo13:52
fnordianslipnot much point though, if you can only use it while disconnected,  especially as it is experimental networking stuff i want to monitor.13:52
*** [pcfe] has joined #maemo13:52
*** efleury has quit IRC13:52
*** efleury has joined #maemo13:53
qwerty12doesn't make it worthless in general as people can monitor battery problems when their wifi is off.13:53
*** _pcfe_ has quit IRC13:53
*** [pcfe] has quit IRC13:53
fnordiansliptrue. i've been dabbling with Delay Tolerant Networking (see
*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo13:54
*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo13:55
*** _pcfe_ has quit IRC13:57
*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo13:57
*** blkno1 has joined #maemo13:59
fnordianslipqwerty12: do you have a problem with 404s from the maemo diablo repo? extras and extras devel are ok14:04
qwerty12fnordianslip: on the device or in scratchbox?14:04
fnordianslipon the device14:04
qwerty12The dist structure of the diablo sdk repo is different, took me a while to figure it out :/14:05
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC14:05
*** pH5 has joined #maemo14:07
*** t_s_o has quit IRC14:09
*** GNUton has joined #maemo14:11
lardmanwhere do we say what the costs for the Berlin trip are?14:14
lardmanon the wiki page?14:15
*** iomari has quit IRC14:18
*** iomari has joined #maemo14:19
jottlardman: i just made some little changes to the maemo-barcode code14:20
jottlardman: it now displays the buffer next to the camera image14:20
jott(currently i just added a threshold filter)14:20
jottand a slider to change the threshold value14:20
jottshould make testing of filters easier ;)14:21
lardmanI've found some things to do to the logic to make it actually work :)14:23
lardmanI'll reboot to Linux and have a go (have been using MATLAB in Windows)14:23
jottah not matlab linux at hand? ;)14:24
crashanddiedoesn't it work in wine ?14:24
lardmannever tried wine14:24
jottthere is a native linux version14:25
lardmanyeah, I don't have it though14:25
jotthm do you need an extra license for it?14:25
jottprobably... :/14:26
lardmanlicensed separately I'd have thought14:26
lardmanI'll see if the Uni have a Linux version too14:26
jotti thought the key was just mac address based..14:27
aquatixyups, seperate licenses14:27
aquatixthey had to deactivate a windows one to enable a linux one at work14:27
aquatixso... :/14:28
aquatixhm, it stopped pouring from the sky, time to get some groceries14:28
*** behdad has quit IRC14:34
lardmanRight, I'm all booked14:35
*** smyows has joined #maemo14:36
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo14:37
smyowsHi o/14:37
* crashanddie gives smyows a right arm14:41
smyowsos2008 do not have tun.ko?14:42
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo14:49
*** Italodance has joined #maemo14:49
*** lardman has quit IRC14:49
*** eichi has quit IRC14:55
*** benh has quit IRC14:56
*** Grackle has joined #maemo14:59
*** zwnj has quit IRC14:59
*** pupnik has quit IRC15:00
*** lnx^ has quit IRC15:00
*** vinilios has joined #maemo15:03
*** lnx^ has joined #maemo15:03
JaffaMorning, all15:07
smyowsI create swap file at sdhc xD15:09
smyowsAnyone have tun.ko module to send me?15:10
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo15:14
smyowsWere are .config of my current kernel?15:21
fnordianslipint he kernel source package?15:21
*** p| has quit IRC15:22
*** eichi has joined #maemo15:22
qwerty12_N800apt-get source kernel-source-diablo; cd kernel-source-diablo<tab>; make nokia_2420_defconfig15:22
smyowsfnordianslip: what is the name of package15:22
smyowso/ thanks15:23
qwerty12_N800for more .config fun, find fanoush's patch to enable make menuconfig15:23
fnordianslipiterative configuring is no fun15:24
anders_Oh noes. I flashed diablo. And now I notice there is no maemo mapper for diablo.15:25
fnordianslipchinook is diablos friend15:25
qwerty12_N800add chinook extras15:25
smyowsI think my sources.list is incomplete15:26
qwerty12_N800if it's chinook sdk; kernel-source-rx-3415:26
fnordianslipsmyows: this assumes of course that you are running the stock kernel15:27
smyowsI neeed to put source and extra on maemo extra15:28
*** sven-tek has quit IRC15:29
*** Tuco2 has joined #maemo15:31
fnordianslipanyone else got problems with a non-updateable libxml2 update in app manager on diablo?15:32
*** smyows has left #maemo15:32
*** zap has quit IRC15:32
*** Tuco2 has quit IRC15:33
*** Tuco2 has joined #maemo15:33
*** zap has joined #maemo15:33
*** Tuco2 is now known as Tuco15:33
* lcuk yawns and stretches15:34
fnordianslipfart next?15:34
qwerty12_N800hi lcuk15:34
* lcuk lets rip15:35
lcuk:D good mornin qwerty12_N80015:35
qwerty12_N800good afternoon :P :D15:35
*** harryl has quit IRC15:35
aquatixhey lcuk15:35
qwerty12_N800lcuk, lardman was asking for you in the *morning* :p15:36
lcukhi aquatix15:36
lcukmy next sentence was "anyone know what lardman wanted"15:36
qwerty12_N800didn't say, i'm sure he'll ask later, just thought i'd mention it :)15:37
lcukyer i have a big red batsignal thing on this15:37
lcukJaffa, i see you also think its the morning15:39
* qwerty12_N800 wants xchat to blink the IT's led instead of the taskbar icon15:39
fnordianslipmake it so15:39
qwerty12_N800can't think of any ways to do so. using dbus-send is a little dirty.15:40
*** ab has joined #maemo15:41
fnordianslipyou could send an email to yourself15:41
*** lnx^ has quit IRC15:41
lcukisnt there a proper interface where you can get the leds doing whatever you want15:41
*** lnx^ has joined #maemo15:41
qwerty12_N800lcuk, i know jott wrote a python script. no use to me, n800 only has a blue led.15:42
*** EspeonEefi has quit IRC15:43
lcukdoes the same thing though doesnt it? just without control of the red n green15:43
qwerty12_N800from memory, it can be controlled from sysfs or mce15:43
qwerty12_N800probably, haven't tried it :)15:43
* lcuk goes n does stuff15:44
*** lcuk is now known as lcuk_15:44
*** EspeonEefi has joined #maemo15:44
*** lardman has joined #maemo15:48
*** harryl has joined #maemo15:50
*** harryl is now known as kcome15:50
* qwerty12_N800 looks at mce and modest source to see how it's done15:52
inzHmm, maybe you could create a small daemon that would enable some pattern if there's a window with urgent hint set15:52
jottlcuk_ / qwerty12_N800 - the proper way within maemo is to use dbus. you can control it manually via sysfs
zaphmm, anybody knows why maemo-get-password does not work from a postinst script when installing the .deb through package manager, and works if you manually dpkg -i it?15:52
zapsame about maemo-confirm-text15:53
jottqwerty12_N800, to qoute myself: self.mce = dbus.SystemBus().get_object('', '/com/nokia/mce/request')   self.mce.req_led_pattern_activate("PatternError") <- or anything else self.mce.req_led_pattern_deactivate("PatternError")15:54
qwerty12_N800brilliant, thank you jott15:55
jott(just check the mce.ini for available patterns)15:55
Atariiman the "A small utility program to soft reboot your tablet" thread on itt is painful15:55
jottor override it via sysfs and do much fancier stuff ;)15:55
qwerty12_N800what can you do with a monochrome led :p15:56
jottnothing :P15:56
jottyeah go with mce on a n800 ;)15:56
inzjott, or edit mce.ini and add your own patterns15:56
jottinz: yeah for local tweaks thats also an options.. :p15:58
inzjott, even automating the addition of a pattern is quite easy via glib's g_key_file_*15:58
jottstill not as flexible as manual override ;)15:58
inzBut it won't be overriden by mce15:59
*** hellwolf has quit IRC15:59
qwerty12_N800yarr, modest uses mce. so i move onto chinook's mce source.16:00
*** jj- has quit IRC16:00
inzThere's only mce-dev source :/16:01
qwerty12_N800nah, i found a leaked copy in rtcomm repo16:01
*** jpuderer has quit IRC16:01
*** eichi has quit IRC16:02
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo16:05
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo16:06
qwerty12_N800ironically it seems mce uses sysfs too for led control, but i guess it has no choice...16:08
inzWhy shouldn't it?16:10
jottit just does not use the "direct" mode..16:14
*** andre___ has joined #maemo16:15
zapstrange, it started working16:15
*** Wikier has quit IRC16:20
qwerty12_N800zap, i like sudser btw16:21
lardmanmorning rm_you16:23
lardmanjott: you clobbered calling my code! ;)16:25
zapqwerty12_N800: does it show you the password change dialog?16:26
* lardman notices error in MATLAB code, which luckily worked16:26
*** juergbi has quit IRC16:27
*** eichi has joined #maemo16:27
qwerty12_N800zap, yes, but i used apt-get to install16:27
zapI reflashed today a couple of times, and the previous time it did not work16:27
zapand not it works (after a reflash)16:27
zapcan't understand what it means16:27
lardmanmmm, poppyseed roll with ham & cheese16:30
lardmansorry, going slightly off topic there16:31
rm_youjott / lardman: did either of you glance at the datamatrix code while I was asleep for 12 hours? :P16:31
lardmanrm_you: no, I was asleep for 816:31
*** juergbi has joined #maemo16:33
*** pleemans has joined #maemo16:33
*** mbuf has quit IRC16:36
lardmanhmm, I thought I'd made the barcode recognition better, but apparently I've broken it :(16:37
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo16:41
lcuk_lardman, thats what you get for designing barcode scanners whilst browsing pron.  your code can now recognise boobies perfectly16:41
lardmanI think you're the one who was writing hill following code.....16:41
rm_youscanner returns: "Fake"16:41
qwerty12_N800lardman, it must be some good code to recognise lcuk_'s boobs16:42
lardmansomeone showed a graph the other day of the inverse of a Gaussian, with circles around the peaks, I was trying hard to not snigger16:42
lardmanactually it wasn't a Gaussion, I'll go back to sleep; but you know what I mean16:43
lcuk_i now officially hate gtk by the way16:44
*** Tuco has quit IRC16:44
lcuk_and i also think you may need to go back to 640*48016:44
crashanddielcdd, why ?16:44
*** alex-weej has quit IRC16:45
lcuk_it smells of wee and keeps asking for matlock16:45
crashanddieyou fail :P16:45
lardmanas in a gun?16:46
lcuk_no, its just the c interface and all the casting16:46
jotti also found it amazing that people actually *like* gtk ;)16:46
lardmanit's C16:46
lardmanthat must be the reason16:46
crashanddieit's like any UI toolkit16:46
derfThere's no one who actually _likes_ GUI programming.16:46
crashanddiebe it Qt, GTK, or even Win3216:46
* zap likes gtk and glib16:47
derfAnd anyone who tells you they do is lying.16:47
lcuk_if you can get by without horrendous casting prefixes (ie mainly using ++) then its fine16:47
jottcrashanddie: well imho qt is much cleaner and *much* better documented.16:49
jott(and it's not an ui toolkit alone ;)16:49
rm_youhrm, so now it seems to be copying in the right stuff (with basically lcuk's code) but it actually segfaults on the decoding part, which makes me think it is copied in WRONG. :(16:52
LoCusFhmm I get no sound from canola2, I did change the atabake config but I didn't remember to take the backup :/16:53
LoCusFso what the heck was the original fallback audio?16:54
LoCusFin ~/.atabake/config?16:54
rm_youlardman: ah, it doesnt segfault it just closes now... how were you making it loop?16:54
rm_youlardman: was the look in GetBarCodeData() ?16:55
rm_youthe thing that made it not stop after one decode attempt :P16:57
lardmanI think jott removed the code from the analyse_image() fn16:57
lardmanit's just called everytime that fn is called16:58
rm_youoh doh16:59
rm_youi left in an exit(0) from the test program lol16:59
rm_youdidnt notice last night cuz i was ridiculously tired16:59
rm_youthis is why sleep is good :P16:59
rm_youmore progress in 5 minutes than i made in 4 hours yesterday17:00
derfYes. If you had enough sleep you would have used exit(EXIT_SUCCESS)17:00
rm_youhey, that wasn't my code :P shh17:00
*** behdad has joined #maemo17:00
*** behdad has quit IRC17:03
johnxrm_you, hey :D17:03
*** behdad has joined #maemo17:03
rm_youjohnx: :P17:04
rm_youdamn, not it is just like, locking up on the region identification17:05
rm_youlets see how long this takes to execute17:05
*** Grackle has quit IRC17:06
rm_youhrm... like 60 seconds17:07
rm_youthat isnt good.17:07
*** pipoka has joined #maemo17:07
rm_youand i dont think it updated the image17:07
rm_youfor the next one17:07
*** pipoka has left #maemo17:07
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo17:07
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo17:09
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC17:09
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo17:10
rm_youlardman: gah you vertically flipped the camera on my n800 <_<17:18
lardmannot me17:19
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo17:19
lardmanI've not touched the GUI/camera code17:19
rm_youwonder who did17:19
*** behdad has quit IRC17:30
*** behdad has joined #maemo17:32
*** behdad has quit IRC17:34
rm_youlardman: hrm, i can't actually get THEIR utility to decode a picture I took with the normal camera application >_>17:39
lardmannot ideal17:40
rm_youi think maybe my test datamatrix that i printed out may have been broken :P17:42
rm_youprinting new ones from better examples17:42
rm_youalso, is there a simple way to scale the image on the camera down to like half size?17:43
rm_youwill make processing MUCH quicker, as i dont think it really needs the resolution17:43
*** cool has quit IRC17:43
lardmanI think it's already scaled isn't it?17:44
lardmancaps = gst_caps_new_simple ("video/x-raw-yuv", "width", G_TYPE_INT, 320, "height", G_TYPE_INT, 240, NULL);17:44
lardmanset what you want there I think17:44
*** borism has quit IRC17:46
lardmanjott: ping17:46
*** borism has joined #maemo17:47
*** cool has joined #maemo17:48
rm_youlardman: wow17:49
rm_youso yeah17:49
rm_youi am dumb and didnt choose a good sample for my tests >_<17:49
rm_younot yet17:49
rm_youbut at least their actual real programs that THEY wrote can decode these pngs i took with the camera17:50
rm_youand fairly quickly17:50
rm_youok that is crazy17:51
rm_youi have a picture taken on the n800 where the barcode is in the middle of the image and only takes up about 10% of the screen... and I scaled the image to 128x96... and it can read it perfectly17:51
*** eichi has quit IRC17:53
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo17:53
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo17:55
jottlardman: pong17:55
lardmanjott: I was just going to ask about the data stream17:57
lardmanjott: it's 16bit isn't it?17:57
jottuhm the initial yuv is 16(u)+16(v) bit17:57
jottthe grayscale image is 8bit17:58
lardmanis the grayscale data passed to the analyse_image() fn?17:58
lardmanwhere does the conversion happen?17:58
jottin analyze_image17:58
jottdo ... while..17:58
lardmanok, so that might explain some issues :)17:59
jottthe loop should fill the static buffer field17:59
lardmanthe data argument for analyse_image() is unsigned char*, should probably be unsigned short*17:59
jottyeah well even "short" is not correct due to the yuv layout18:00
lardmanoh, is it packed?18:00
lardmanI thought it was a planar format18:00
jottyeah but it UYVYUYV etc..18:01
lardmanit's interleaved then?18:02
lardmanThe FOURCC code indicates that it should be planar...?18:02
jottjust grab every second byte to get the luminance ;)18:03
lardmanok, that explains why I've never managed to read any barcodes :)18:03
lardmandoes the code in analyse_image() read odd bytes?18:05
rm_youlardman / jott: soo close >_> i have to go to some actual work somewhere so i can eat this week, but if you want to see how tantalizingly close I think datamatrix codes are, svn up, install libdmtx-dev, make datamatrix, and print this image:
lardmanah yes18:05
lardmanrm_you: good stuff :)18:06
rm_youerr just committed, r3118:06
*** pH5 has quit IRC18:09
*** pH5_ has joined #maemo18:09
*** pH5_ is now known as pH518:10
*** Blastur has joined #maemo18:12
Blasturthere is something seriously wrong with power management in Diablo, isn't it?18:13
macoutewhy do you think so?18:13
macoutei havent noticed any difference18:13
Blastursince i upgraded, it seems to draw an awful lot more power in standby mode18:13
Blasturpreviously it could sit for days, now it is nearly empty, and it has been on since this morning (about 10 hours now)18:14
*** Grackle has joined #maemo18:14
Blasturi only have the wifi connection up, but i could have that in chinook too18:14
macouteyou have some program draining the battery18:14
Blasturare there any tools i can use to diagnose power usage?18:14
Blasturim thinking maybe that new mail app is the bandit18:14
Blastureh, dont remember its name.. modest?18:15
Blasturso, is it possible to downgrade to the old mail client and see if there is any improvement in power usage?18:15
johnxnot easily I bet...18:18
Blasturor, simply downgrade to chinook altogether?18:18
macoutedo you even have that mail-client running by default?18:19
macoutei need to start it to get it fetching the mails automatically18:19
Blasturwell, it pops up an notification whenever i get email :) so something is running18:19
Blasturin the bottom-left corner18:20
qwerty12It always runs for me, even with no accounts configured.18:20
Blasturcan i disable it somehow? to see if it improves my batterytime18:20
macouteive always wondered how does it work18:20
Blasturso that it only fetches mail whenever i want it (like macoute described)18:21
macoutebut i dont ge a notification of a new mail after restartin the device if i dont start the mail client (and shut it down afterwards)18:21
Blasturi do macoute18:21
Blasturif i just power it up, dont touch anything, it will popup mail notifications18:21
macouteBlastur: something like kill - 9 'pidof modest18:22
macouteshould work18:22
* qwerty12 can't figure out how it runs on startup, i've checked /etc/rc2.d and /etc/osso-af-init :/18:23
ShadowJKhm, i dont think I get more than 12ish hours with chinook18:31
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC18:33
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo18:34
zapBlastur: one of my friends got same problem18:35
zaphe thinks its the desktop plugin that shows free disk space, don't you have it installed?18:35
zaphe doesnt use modest at all18:36
fnordiansliphmm. have problem building hamlib in scratchbox.  its from etch source, but I'm manually building whilst exploring deps issues. its a problem with rpcgen, as below:18:36
zapas below -> to dpaste.com18:36
qwerty12zap: Python applets use a lot of memory and cpu18:36
*** sin18 has joined #maemo18:37
zapqwerty12: yes but that plugin in particular seems sometimes to hog the cpu18:37
qwerty12Well, it does query for the disk space every few seconds18:37
zapin top it shows hildon-desktop taking 20-40% CPU when the tablet is doing nothing18:37
qwerty12I actually prefer using conky but it's not an applet and it flashes so...18:38
zapbut not always, just sometimes it goes mad for some reason18:38
fnordianslipmy pastebin -
fnordianslipalien_bin doesn't exist18:39
qwerty12How come you are building 1.2.5?18:40
qwerty12There is 1.2.7 now.18:40
fnordianslipits from etch18:40
fnordiansliphave been there first?18:40
fnordiansliphave you, i mean18:40
*** kcome has quit IRC18:40
qwerty12I went straight to sourceforge :/18:40
fnordianslipso you have hamlib built?18:41
qwerty12No :)18:41
fnordianslipfail ?18:41
qwerty12Never tried, I have no need for this :). I'm just trying now to see if I can :P18:41
qwerty12ffs I run one configure which takes a while then configure runs configure again >.<18:43
fnordianslipoften the way18:43
qwerty12Not in qwerty12 land18:43
fnordianslipmultiple dependent packages18:43
oilinkigreat. I have now n810 and maemo-mapper enabled scooter :)18:45
lcuk_jott / lardman ..   jott - i see you have reverted the greyscale extraction to within analyse_image and are now allowing  "static unsigned char buffer[320 * 240];"   to store it into :)18:46
oilinkiit was a great help while trying to find out new placeses an routes in huge bangkok.18:46
qwerty12motherf***, I have toooooooooooo much errors when compiling /hamlib-1.2.5 >.<, I guess I need to compile the other ham libs, but I can't be arsed18:46
Blasturzap, nope.. all i run in the background is clock18:47
qwerty12(I've never even seen this much errors when compiling dodgy kernels)18:47
fnordiansliplol.  i just rpgne to work.  i've built most of the deps from source.18:47
fnordiansliprpcgen even18:47
lcuk_lardman, does you routine work on horizontal scanlines at a time?   if so even though it will be slower you may need to up back to 640*480 resolution.  at 320, the guardbars and other details do not have enough resolution and aliasing occurs quite often.  and when you move the code closer you lose focus18:48
oilinkiexample of the exported track of maemo-mapper today.
lcuk_i got round the slowness problem by getting the camera to work at 640*480, but only scan every 4 vertical scanlines18:48
zapBlastur: install the cpustats plugin and watch cpu load18:48
zapBlastur: if you see the load is above zero when the tablet is idle, open process list and check who's that18:49
sin18i havent been able to find kismet for diablo, is it simply a matter of compiling kismet from source in scratchbox or am i missing something ?18:50
*** lardman|away has quit IRC18:52
Proteousa couple of socks maybe19:03
Proteousdamn dryer eats them I swear19:03
*** gentooer has joined #maemo19:09
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC19:10
derfOkay, I think I've got the Reed-Solomon code and BCH code both fixed.19:11
derfAs an added bonus, the R-S code is almost 4 times faster.19:11
derfAnd the BCH code is like, leaps and bounds faster.19:11
derfNow to look at the rest of the qrcode stuff.19:12
fnordianslipdoh.  just out of curiosity, i opened up my linux box to see why it was making squeaking noises, and found the fans seized on the graphics card.  ouch.19:14
derfThat's okay, I went to replace a CPU once and the fan just fell off as soon as I touched it.19:15
derfIf I had so much as kicked the box hard before that, it probably would've fried.19:15
fnordiansliplol.  monitors are for noobs anyhow.19:15
fnordianslipderf: funny that you should say that though, as the heatsink just fell of the northbridge. bugger.19:22
derfMaybe it's time to upgrade.19:22
fnordianslipi do need a northbridge.19:22
derfYou didn't need a graphics card?19:23
*** harry has joined #maemo19:23
fnordianslipnot really.  i do most of my work on my MacBook Pro and use ssh and remote X when required.19:23
*** harry is now known as Guest2059519:24
derfYeah, but a lot of motherboards have this annoying habit of not booting when they can't find one.19:24
derfI don't understand it myself.19:24
fnordianslipi we'll see.  i do have a spare graphics card, but i now have to find the thermal epoxy for the heatsink, and i bet its gone off.19:25
fnordianslipmight get new motherboard. glad i use software raid19:26
*** gentooer has quit IRC19:26
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s19:30
lcuk_fnordianslip, graphics card fans are diabolical19:31
lcuk_ive not had one alst the life of the graphics card. most have older cpu fans welded on19:31
fnordianslipyep.  i'll go fanless this time.  i'm off to pc world.  what's the consensus, ATI or NVIDIA these days?19:32
fnordiansliplast one was NVIDIA19:32
fnordianslipspare is ATI19:32
lcuk_newest top of the line ati seem to have it, but if you are going middle of the range just get what you fancy19:33
lcuk_last card i got though was a 7600, i dont see a need for anything more19:33
fnordianslipi was thinking of the compiz bling.  if i have to have a monitor, i want bling on it.19:33
*** beavis has joined #maemo19:34
lcuk_just get the best you can afford with the best drivers rep for what you need :)19:34
fnordianslipk.  back soon with new bits.  need to keep scratchbox going.19:35
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC19:37
*** hellwolf_ has joined #maemo19:39
*** secureendpoints has quit IRC19:40
*** hellwolf has quit IRC19:40
*** eichi has joined #maemo19:46
*** pupnik has joined #maemo19:47
*** guerby has quit IRC19:48
*** red-zack has quit IRC19:49
*** guerby has joined #maemo19:49
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]19:50
Stskeeps nit-debian with matchbox+keyboard, and xfce4 panel and xfce4 desktop19:50
qwerty12Nice, looks a lot better than the screenies this morning :)19:52
Stskeepswas just trying out stuff so :P got tired of the odd look of echo19:52
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s19:53
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:56
pupnikJohn Yoo and David Addington should experience the torture they advocate20:02
pupnikoh sorry wrong channel20:02
* qwerty12 gets back into router modding20:03
*** ssvb has quit IRC20:05
*** F-i-G has joined #maemo20:05
*** yerga has quit IRC20:05
johnxqwerty12, trying to see what the disagreement is between your n800 and your router?20:05
F-i-Ghi, anyone know how to delete applications you don't use on the n810?20:05
F-i-Glike all the stupid apps i don't want like marbles etc20:05
johnxhow do you feel about the command line?20:06
qwerty12johnx: Yeah, I keep forgetting theres a telnet running on it >.<20:06
johnxF-i-G, yes, the only way I can think of is with apt-get from the command line20:07
qwerty12You will also have the added bonus of messing up osso-software-version too :)20:07
F-i-Gjust as long as i can clean it up...i really don't want these stupid apps like gizmo etc20:07
F-i-GI wish there was a way to just uninstall them20:07
Stskeepswb johnx20:08
johnxhey Stskeeps :)20:08
johnxnice looking screenshots :)20:08
qwerty12Best I can say is to go to /var/lib/dpkg/info and say you want to delete gizmo, run vi and delete the files mentioned.20:08
johnxqwerty12, O_o20:08
Stskeepsjohnx: yeah.. now for the bloody difficult task of making it packageable20:08
F-i-Gwow, surprised there's not an easier way20:08
Stskeepsjohnx: xfce4 and matchbox doesn't always play nicely together20:09
johnxF-i-G, well it is. just "apt-cache search marbles" then apt-get remove marbles-package-name20:09
*** sin18 has quit IRC20:09
johnxStskeeps, you could package something that adds files to /etc/skel20:09
Stskeepsjohnx: yeah.. that's one of my thoughts20:10
F-i-Ghmm. said it was unable to lock the admintstration directory20:12
qwerty12need to be root20:12
F-i-Gsudo root right?20:13
johnxsudo gainroot20:13
F-i-GEnable RD mote to gain root privileges it says20:14
infobotsomebody said rootsh was Alex Paulo Laner - mailto: - São Paulo / Cerquilho - SP20:14
*** hellwolf_ has quit IRC20:14
johnxnot that rootsh20:14
johnxhang on a sec...20:14
johnxinstall this first:
johnxinfobot, rootsh is an easy way to get root and it's found here:
infobot...but rootsh is already something else...20:15
johnxinfobot, I don't care20:15
infobotYou don't care?20:16
ShadowJKinfobot, forget rootsh20:16
ShadowJKinfobot, no, rootsh is an easy way to get root and it's found here:
infobotokay, ShadowJK20:16
ShadowJKinfobot, rootsh?20:16
infobothmm... rootsh is an easy way to get root and it's found here:
ShadowJKinfobot, who's your daddy?20:16
infobotYOU are, Mr Sexy Pants!20:16
johnxthanks ShadowJK :)20:16
johnxI was about to try the "die in a fire" command...20:17
qwerty12If someone has problems with rootsh, I'm not here...20:17
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo20:17
RST38hga: actually, if xfade just copied chinook extras to doablo, with a few grossly broken omissions, and20:18
RST38hshit, this has been typed eons ago20:18
F-i-Gwell i installed rootsh20:19
*** RST38h has quit IRC20:19
F-i-Gsudo root?20:19
qwerty12root, sudo gainroot20:19
qwerty12take your pick20:19
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:19
*** matt_c has quit IRC20:19
*** RST38h has joined #maemo20:20
*** churl1 has joined #maemo20:20
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:20
F-i-Git's not working20:20
F-i-Gunable to lock the administration directory20:21
johnxdo you have app manager running?20:22
johnxfor very good reasons, only one thing can mess with packages at the same time :)20:22
F-i-Gah ha20:22
johnxclose app manager if you want to use apt-get20:22
johnxalso, if it asks you if you're sure, really think before answering yes20:23
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo20:24
Andy80hi all20:24
johnxhi Andy8020:24
*** matt_c has joined #maemo20:24
F-i-Gi deleteed all the packges but it's still here and everything20:24
johnxF-i-G, hang on, I'm testing the same thing20:25
johnxyou did "apt-get remove osso-lmarbles osso-graphics-game-lmarbles"?20:25
F-i-Gwhat's the command to view contents of a directory?20:25
*** ralann has joined #maemo20:25
*** guenther has joined #maemo20:25
F-i-GI did20:26
johnxF-i-G, ls20:26
johnxF-i-G, the icon disappeared for me20:26
*** yerga has joined #maemo20:26
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo20:26
F-i-Gstill here for me20:27
johnxwhat happens if you click on it?20:27
F-i-Git opens20:27
johnxok, and did apt-get complain about removing the package?20:28
F-i-Gsays someinth about depends etc etc20:28
F-i-G"but it is not going to be installed20:28
johnxcould you put the whole output on please20:29
johnxI don't think it removed it at all20:29
F-i-Gmarbles still loads20:29
johnxright, because it didn't get removed, because osso-software-version depends on it20:29
*** ralann has quit IRC20:29
johnxyou have to decide whether you're willing to live without it or not20:30
guentherhmm, updated to diablo, and on the first apt-get use it complains about 3 missing debs?20:31
guentherneed the full error message...20:31
F-i-Gsee it johnx?20:31
guentherBut it sure sounds like the known packaging issue.20:31
johnxF-i-G, sorry, what was the link? I don't see it...20:32
johnxguenther, apt-get -f install seems to solve it20:32
guentherjohnx: I know. :)20:32
guentherthe marbles is new to me...20:33
johnxguenther, he wants to remove it to save space20:33
johnxF-i-G, If I were you I'd do this:20:33
johnxapt-get -f install && apt-get remove osso-software-version-rx44 osso-lmarbles osso-graphics-game-lmarbles20:34
guentherThe first 3 are known, yes.20:34
johnxF-i-G, but keep in mind that might make some packages unhappy in the future if they assume osso-software-version-rx44 is still there20:34
johnxF-i-G, you have to decide how badly you want to save some space20:34
F-i-Git's not the space20:36
F-i-Gi just don't want to crowd shit up20:36
johnxthe menu?20:36
F-i-Glike i don't want gizmo either20:36
F-i-Gor these games20:36
*** Edgester has joined #maemo20:36
johnxah, I ended up making a folder called "unused" in my menu :)20:36
johnxand putting it at the bottom20:36
F-i-GI'll do that20:36
johnxbut you're right, it's super annoying20:36
*** geaaru has joined #maemo20:36
F-i-Gand these communication apps20:38
F-i-Gbecause Chat only supports jabber and gtalk20:38
F-i-Gkinda annoying20:38
F-i-Gand should i just use the email app that's on here?20:38
F-i-Gi updated to diablo last night20:38
johnxF-i-G, it depends on your preference20:38
johnxthe other choice is claws (or something on the command line)20:38
F-i-Gis this email app the best?20:38
fnordianslipaargh. i just bought vista by accident.20:38
F-i-Gno command line :P20:39
johnxfnordianslip, O_o20:39
F-i-Gno fnord20:39
F-i-GHow is claws?20:39
johnxF-i-G, claws is nice, but the buttons are a bit small20:39
johnxit's more than I need20:39
F-i-GI'll just stick with this email app20:39
F-i-GDo you ever use the chat/Internet Call apps?20:39
F-i-GI use fring and skype20:39
fnordiansliphas anyone got any good virii to try on it before it gets wiped?20:40
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC20:40
F-i-Gnope, sorry fnord20:40
johnxfnordianslip, move the WINDOWS directory and see how long it lasts before dying on you? maybe try del *.* in C:\20:41
* johnx doesn't follow virii these days20:41
*** ||cw has quit IRC20:41
lcuk_viruses arent made like they used to be.20:42
johnxlcuk_, I was about to say the same thing20:42
johnxthings have changed so much in the last 10 years...20:42
lcuk_in my day they were elegant tightly coded blocks of pure ASM.  nowadays you are lucky if you can download a virus with dialup20:43
Blasturwell, they do alot more today20:43
johnxalso, I remember them being more prankish than "big business"20:43
F-i-Ghey john20:43
Blasturlike botnets :)20:43
F-i-GDo you ever use the chat/Internet Call apps?20:43
johnxF-i-G, nope, but I keep them around. dunno why20:44
F-i-Gtime to download apps20:44
F-i-Gcan you guys recommend any?20:44
johnxvim, alpine, rsync, screen, less20:44
summatusmentiswait, for the NIT?20:44
johnxthen just maximize your terminal and you've got a nice unix shell :)20:45
lcuk_F-i-G, theres a neat program called ARMEL.wipeyourdrive.b somewhere.  ill send you an email20:45
johnxF-i-G, you have to tell us what you want to do. everyone has different ideas of "cool"20:45
johnxbut you should check out numptyphysics and canola20:45
lcuk_i keep pondering whether to put box2d into liqbase20:46
summatusmentisand liqbase20:46
summatusmentisyou should check out liqbase too20:46
lcuk_its not really feature complete yet though summatusmentis20:46
summatusmentisit's still really cool20:46
F-i-Gwell communcation apps, gps, etc20:46
lcuk_yes, you should look and see what it can do, but note its a demo at this point20:46
johnxF-i-G, pidgin, maemo mapper20:46
F-i-GARMEL.wipeyourdrive.b eh . . . very funny20:47
* summatusmentis finds himself not using pidgin nearly often enough20:47
* lcuk_ finds himself not using lots of programs most of the time20:47
lcuk_most used apps on my nit are liqbase, gcc and make20:47
summatusmentis"look at me, I'm lcuk, I compile things on my NIT, la dee dah" :-P20:48
lcuk_actually, is there any real way to log and monitor app usage over the whole device?20:48
johnxlcuk_, top?20:48
johnxaaah, like you mean how often you use them20:48
*** matt_c has quit IRC20:48
johnxyou'd have to have something logging file access (read: slow)20:49
lcuk_johnx, i mean global overall counting of apps used: length of time and how often etc20:49
lcuk_even if it just hooked into the elf loader?20:49
lcuk_not interested in general data files, just when a binary is opener20:49
johnxwouldn't that place it in kernel space?20:50
johnxthat's as ugly as running as root all the time :/20:51
* lcuk_ whistles quietly20:51
summatusmentisoh really? oof20:52
summatusmentislcuk_: why do you run as root? bad!20:52
johnxsummatusmentis, be nice to him. He's trying to recreate the comforts (perils?) of his past experience with windows :)20:52
summatusmentismaemo allows you to!20:53
lcuk_im not, i just couldnt find a way to write to cpufreq stuff without20:53
lcuk_i would gladly call a user cpufreq interface if someone would show me how20:53
* summatusmentis averts his eye20:54
summatusmentisI know nothing about cpufreq20:54
johnxrootsh echo performance > /sys/.../scaling_governor20:54
summatusmentisis that qwerty12's thing?20:54
johnxyup, it's a qwerty12 package :)20:54
summatusmentisreplacement for easyroot, right?20:55
johnxlcuk_, semi-recent20:55
johnxputting something in sudoers was always an option, but this is easier20:55
lcuk_probably why then - after i added myself to sudoers i forgot all about it20:55
johnxlcuk_, you added yourself to sudoers, but still run compiles as root? you can just run "sudo echo foo > bar"20:56
*** geaaru has quit IRC20:56
lcuk_yes, but at the time my lack of knowedge left me trying to "echo blah > ///cpufreq"  after i added that line to sudoers20:57
lcuk_i forgot i needed to call "sudo ..." as the shell line20:57
lcuk_yes, i know20:57
*** __t has joined #maemo20:57
johnxlcuk_, no worries. :) I'm just giving you a hard time20:58
lcuk_no you arent :) you have just given me the way to do it cleanly :)20:58
johnx$deity knows I didn't learn linux quickly20:58
lcuk_talking through a problem helps, id just forgotten it was a problem20:58
*** cool has quit IRC20:58
lcuk_so if i exec("sudo blah")    will the exec() return whether it failed ?20:59
johnxrunning as root is just like running with scissors: it's not a problem. It just has the potential to make other problems worse20:59
lcuk_or will it return whether sudo itself failed20:59
johnxaaah, now that's a good question20:59
*** ||cw has joined #maemo21:00
summatusmentiswhy should sudo fail?21:00
lcuk_not in sudoers21:00
johnxsummatusmentis, or wrong password (if set that way)21:00
lcuk_and will sudo wait in a silent window with no way to enter password if i call exec21:01
johnxlcuk_, potentially21:01
summatusmentisI would assume so21:01
johnxthere is a section of the man page on return values21:01
lcuk_at least with the fopen("/.../cpufreq")    fputs(...)   code i know at what point it failed21:01
lcuk_i might just make a small self contained liqbase_cpufreqchanger   helper app21:02
lcuk_add that to sudoers and shell to that as required21:03
lcuk_but that doesnt really help solve the problem21:03
*** ||cw has quit IRC21:03
johnxof adding people to sudoers?21:03
lcuk_no, of the priviledge escalation issue21:03
*** fnordianslippers has joined #maemo21:04
johnxlcuk_, yeah, that might be nice to have at a user level21:04
johnxespecially on a single-user device21:04
*** ||cw has joined #maemo21:04
johnxI think there's a way to add file paths to sudo21:04
lcuk_heh, my device is multi user21:04
* johnx tries to remember21:04
lcuk_actually it doesnt matter, if a user installs a malicious program they would just go to the throat anyway and not bother replacing my binary21:05
johnxlcuk_, run man sudoers on a machine with manpages installed (not tablet) or feed that to google21:05
lcuk_since i can read the performance stats as user from code (with fopen) ill just sudo a helper script and then re-read afterwards to confirm it changed21:06
lcuk_its not a major performance lag because its an interactive single run process21:07
johnxthat seems reasonable21:07
johnxstill a pain to code up21:07
lcuk_well ive got all the cpufreq code done nicely21:07
*** Andy80 has quit IRC21:08
lcuk_     look down there for the cpufreq_governor_*21:08
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC21:09
*** patco444 has joined #maemo21:12
johnxgrr...the smallest typos are always the hardest to spot...21:13
patco444Proactol™ is a groundbreaking development in weight loss treatment, and is exactly what over weight people have been waiting for -
*** patco444 has quit IRC21:13
lcuk_i have a typo?21:13
lcuk_]or you?21:13
johnxlcuk_, not you. me :)21:13
johnxhad a typo21:13
johnx+= instead of =+21:14
lcuk_that wouldnt compile for me21:14
lcuk_what language21:14
lcuk_cool, what does =+21:14
DHRI just installed Diablo on my N800.  "su" doesn't work (it's not Set-UID, and should not be since it is just a symlink to busybox).  I installed rootsh package but am dismayed that it doesn't require a password.  Is there something like su (i.e. works, but requires a password)?21:14
*** gourdin_ has joined #maemo21:15
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo21:15
RST38has for roorsh I suggest installing ssh instead21:15
johnxlcuk_, adds something to a list of other somethings. my grasp of python is somewhat loose :)21:15
DHRsudo is in sudser package, I guess21:15
*** L0cutus has quit IRC21:15
lcuk_you gotta hold the snake tightly round the neck21:16
*** iomari has quit IRC21:16
johnxor just let it go21:16
lcuk_and run like hell21:16
johnxjust did, seemed to work well :)21:17
* Stskeeps runs another debian-installer process21:20
johnxStskeeps, I bought more sd cards today. hopefully enough to play with all the distros I want on my ARM devices :)21:20
*** Edgester has quit IRC21:20
*** gourdin has quit IRC21:20
Stskeepsi have considered getting a third one which i use as source for the debootstrap so i dont have to do it again all the bloody time :P21:21
Stskeepsor one for my actual debian system that i can hack to bits21:21
johnxyeah, I kept avoiding trying things because it meant either having to sacrifice my "music and books" card for space or potentially being without a working system21:23
johnxmodest runs on poky, BTW :)21:24
Stskeepsoki - didn't try poky21:24
Stskeepsi was pretty satisfied with claws on debian, seemed quite nice21:24
johnxmmm...for the N8x0 I'm not sure it's worth it21:24
johnxpoky I mean21:24
johnxbetween os200x and debian I think most use-cases are covered21:24
Stskeepsjohnx: btw once we have the diablo fixes in, a fillin for hald-addon-bme (diablo), and a small thing in boot-basics to handle the bootreason 'charger', i think we could do a "release" of nit-debian for people to use21:27
johnxStskeeps, I fully agree21:27
Stskeepsi'm trying out a .deb for my "environment" right now21:27
*** borism has quit IRC21:27
*** borism has joined #maemo21:27
johnxmetacity or something else?21:27
Stskeepsit's a bastard child of matchbox, xfce4, and matchbox-keyboard21:28
Stskeepsit works quite well actually21:28
johnxs/metacity/matchbox ... dur21:28
* johnx should sleep soon21:28
johnxpeople rebelled the last time I handed them matchbox :)21:29
Stskeepsi dislike some parts but the WM isn't that bad21:29
johnxI actually like it a lot21:30
Stskeepsas in the matchbox-desktop launcher or?21:30
johnxthe window manager mostly21:30
RST38hjohnx: can we have a mpbile version of windowmaker though?21:30
johnxRST38h, as soon as you write the code for it21:31
johnxStskeeps, but some people seem to want things to fit on their screen, but don't like everything maximized21:31
johnxRST38h, I actually like wmaker quite a lot, but it doesn't seem to work too well without a real right click21:31
Stskeepswell since this'll be a .deb, people are more than able to do alternative environments :)21:31
johnxStskeeps, that seems like a good way to do it then21:32
Stskeepsi just wish matchbox-keyboard was smaller21:33
johnxI should send you Navi's layout for it at least21:35
johnxit's a lot better than the default21:35
DHRwhen I reboot my n800 with diablo (only done it a couple of times after the first), it stays at a white screen for a long time (maybe forever).  This is after the hand-hand Nokia screen.  Anyone else see this?  WAG: maybe OpenSSH server is waiting for enropy for its RNG (openssh installation took a long time, and I put it down to that)..21:35
johnxDHR, I haven't seen that actually. What command are you using to reboot?21:35
DHRThe first reboot was find (Openssh-server had not been installed).21:35
* johnx has openssh installed as well...21:36
Stskeepsjohnx: quite interested in that - it makes the on screen size smaller as well? (didn't look into the layout format)21:36
DHRjohnx: first time: holding the button down for long enough. ; the second time, I gave up waiting on the first & removed the battery to try again.21:37
johnxStskeeps, it keeps the size, but uses it more effectively by making the letters big enough to thumb type21:37
*** borism has quit IRC21:37
johnxDHR, aaaah. I see. It seems to work when I type "reboot"21:37
johnxbut it hasn't hung on boot when I've had to pull the battery, so I really have no idea21:38
*** eichi has quit IRC21:38
DHRjohnx: Openssh client might not need entropy at boot but ssh server may well.  Do you have server and client installed?  I admit this is a WAG (wild-assed guess).21:38
johnxserver is installed...21:38
*** borism has joined #maemo21:40
DHRjohnx: OK.  So WAG is likely wrong.  Is there any way to recover from a white screen?  Holding power-etc button (don't know its name) doesn't do anything.  Touching screen generates clicks as if it is accepting them.21:40
johnxDHR, you might have wireless at that point. have you tried sshing in?21:41
DHRI will reflash if that is necessary, but something more subtle would be nice.21:41
DHRgood idea.21:41
johnxDHR, just think back to what you've installed. Does anything else run at boot?21:41
shackandid anyone install fring on the n800? it doesn't start21:41
DHRWaitI've installed camera, gpe filemanager, maemo map + NA maps, openssh (c&s), fmradio, rootsh, sudser, removed rootsh.  Thats about it, and in that order, (subject to mistakes).21:43
johnxbut it boots sometimes?21:44
DHRI don't think sshing in will work since OS seems to shut off radio when it thinks that it is idle.  Have I got that wrong?21:44
johnxor not at all anymore?21:44
johnxDHR, it doesn't shut it off, but sometimes it can seem like that if your router doesn't cope with the power savings well21:45
DHRNo, it won't boot by holding customary button.  I remove battery to reset it.21:45
johnxso there's no way for you to get back into the OS?21:46
johnxmaybe a problem with /etc/sudoers based on the most recent software you've installed21:46
DHRI've not tried everything.  I don't even know what everything would be.  I'm pretty inexperiences with the N800.21:47
johnxif you can't get back into the OS it's probably easiest to reflash, unless you need to retrieve data first21:47
*** beavis has quit IRC21:47
DHR[I wish I typed better.  Sorry.]  I've invested very little in this load.  I flashed to diablo and was building up the applications portfolio.21:48
johnxI'd suggest a reflash unless you want to try and recover it21:49
johnxyou could flash a modified initfs with a telnet daemon included and use usb networking to log in and poke around21:49
DHRjohnx: thanks for your help.  I think that I'll take the brute force route.  It's nice to know that it isn't something embarrassingly obvious.21:51
johnxmy money is on a bad interaction (or uninstall problem) with rootsh and sudser (?) that messed up sudoers (or something else)21:51
DHRwhere this started was that fm-radio could not switch between speakers and headphones.  It complained "audio output switching failed".  Googling suggested that a reboot might help.21:52
Stskeepsokay, i'm getting a 404 on
Stskeeps.. where is this these days?21:53
johnxmaybe 4.0.1 ?21:53
Stskeeps(looking at
DHRjohnx: what do you consider best practice?  openssh + sudser was what I'm thinking.21:53
johnxDHR, what is sudser?21:53
johnxI've never heard of it...21:53
GAN800A comletely untested pakcage21:54
GAN800modifies sudoers. :/21:54
fnordianslipcool.  my RAID1 set happily installed in my new crappy Core-2 Quad machine, and scratchbox lives on.  less than 2 hours down-time21:54
Stskeepsjohnx: worked, ta21:54
DHRjohnx: sudser seems to be the package with sudo and something with some of the functionality of su (but not all, I guess).21:54
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:54
*** borism_ has joined #maemo21:54
johnxDHR, sudo is installed by default21:55
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo21:55
DHRsudser was offered to me from diablo feeds.21:55
fnordianslipsoftware raid is the way21:55
johnxI think I'd suggest rootsh21:55
Stskeepsjohnx: going to try and see if i can patch g_ether.ko so i can get XP RNDIS back again :/21:55
DHRjohnx: rootsh doesn't seem to ask for the root password.  I don't really like that.21:56
fnordianslipanyone want a 380GB sata disk with Vista running PC World promotional material?21:56
RST38bisssh gives you an option to get root remotely and you can also use it for local root a cess21:56
RST38bisand ssh does allow to set root password21:57
GAN800lol, worried about a root password on a mobile Linux device. . . .21:57
DHRopenssh installation seems to set the root password.21:57
*** yerga has quit IRC21:58
* johnx gives up on modest for tonight, sleeps21:58
Stskeepsnini johnx21:58
DHRjohnx: thanks again21:59
*** borism__ has joined #maemo21:59
*** borism has quit IRC22:00
*** RST38bis has quit IRC22:00
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo22:01
*** _pcfe_ has quit IRC22:01
*** borism_ has quit IRC22:05
*** jga23 has quit IRC22:07
lcuk_RST38bis, :) hi, do you know off the top of your head where any c+embedded asm code might be used   (ie, have you got any examples in your code) or around where you look?22:10
*** philipl has quit IRC22:12
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo22:12
*** AStorm has quit IRC22:12
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:12
*** AStorm has joined #maemo22:13
*** Xamusk has joined #maemo22:14
*** k`sOSe is now known as Oxbaadf00d22:14
Xamuskwhy won't Nokia keep selling the N800?22:15
jottlardman: lcuk_: i just commited a quite working version of an EAN13 recognition.22:15
lcuk_! neato22:15
GAN800Things eventually get discontinued.22:15
jottit still gives some false positives sometimes but otherwise it worked with nearly all barcodes i tested ;)22:16
*** RST38bis has quit IRC22:16
jottits mainly based on (java)22:16
lcuk_jott, false positives as in pass the logic test for the values returned?22:16
Xamuskthough I believe the price/feature ratio is much better for the N80022:17
jottchecksum is correct, number is not the one on the code ;)22:17
jottbut works well even with 320x24022:17
Xamuskand unfortunately Maemo won't work in the Sony Mylo22:17
lcuk_jott, is that working from an image or from live data?22:18
GAN800Xamusk, N810 is down to $299. Give it a few months.22:18
lcuk_i see the batoo code you included works from a pbm22:18
jottlcuk_: yeah live data22:18
lcuk_wicked :)22:18
jottthe pbm was just for debugging ;)22:19
lcuk_i think my camera might be out of focus then, cos there was lots of aliasing from my camera at 32022:19
Xamuskoh, $299, that fair enough22:19
lcuk_i changed to 640 and do a scan every 4 lines22:19
jottah a bit aliasing is not problematic22:19
Xamusklast time I checked it was still almost 40022:19
jottit currently runs at 320x240 with every two lines22:19
lcuk_reasonable enough22:19
jottand cpu is < 50%22:19
lcuk_especially considering you are sitting there requesting barcodes22:20
lcuk_maybe you could do even less lineage22:20
jottmaybe i need to extract some error metric so false positives are reduced22:20
lcuk_but you want best chance really22:20
jottyeah it would work with more scanline22:20
lcuk_im surprised you can get past the checksum22:20
jotterm less22:20
Xamuskha, in amazon only the Palm TX passes the N81022:21
jottmaybe even in some different angles22:21
jottbut it's really funny ;)22:21
*** philipl has joined #maemo22:22
lcuk_happy to see your code is still in place to do the copy: but i optimised it last night to read longs instead of bytes and write words22:22
*** budman has quit IRC22:22
lcuk_oh, i was looking on garage22:22
jottlcuk_: ah yeah should give a little boost22:23
jottyeah its in svn22:23
jottthis is the executable22:23
jottso wget && chmod +x maemo-barcode    on the device22:23
jottand you can test it22:23
lcuk_its ok ill just svn up22:23
lcuk_i found a way to write onto the surface by the way22:24
jottah it's in there too22:24
jottthe code22:24
jottit's just commented out as i did not need it anymore :P22:24
lcuk_:( i had to throw away gtk though after being frustrated22:24
lcuk_so now i can have a live camera in a floating bitmap in liqbase22:24
jottyeah it's a bit tricky with gtk..22:24
*** ralann has joined #maemo22:24
jottmost important part is - signals are not thread safe :p22:25
lcuk_helped me to understand a bit more about gstreamer at least22:25
jottalso nice22:25
lcuk_liqbase reads the bitmap, camera code writes it22:25
jottyou could allow video annotations22:25
lcuk_it tears occasionally but it was enough to test22:25
jottor atleast some pictures from a slide or so22:25
lcuk_yes, audio is the next piece of unutilised hardware :)22:26
lardmanhey chaps22:26
* jott needs to find more barcodes to tst22:26
jottlardman: hey22:26
jottlardman: check out the svn code ;)22:26
lcuk_i want multi user - im setting up a screen for user info: name sig and picture22:26
lardmanwhat do we have?22:26
jottor wget && chmod +x maemo-barcode && ./maemo-barcode22:26
lcuk_hi there lardman :)22:26
jotton the device22:26
jottlardman: quite good working EAN1322:26
lardmancool :)22:26
lardmanwhat's batoo?22:27
lcuk_you had a nice day lardman? or have you been cursing at code22:28
lardmancursing code this morning22:28
jottsome java based algorithm22:28
jotti ported to c22:28
jott(some glitches still in there  i guess, and maybe even leaks... but it works for now )22:28
lardmanbloody MATLAB code, works really well, not so well in C22:28
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC22:29
lardmanjott: good work :)22:29
jottheh yeah only problem are false positives for now22:29
jottit seems to detect almost all ean codes i tested22:30
jottbut sometimes there are a few wrong numbers22:30
lardmanyeah, just noticed that22:30
*** Xamusk has quit IRC22:30
lardmanI wonder, are the false positives actually correct - crc & all?22:30
jottcrc is correct22:30
lardmanI've not looked too hard at the code, but does it do multiple scan lines?22:31
*** red-zack has joined #maemo22:31
lardmancould do majority voting22:31
rm_yoummm back22:31
rm_youtasty ramen22:31
jottlardman: yeah it takes one scanline22:31
jott(and in the main code it passes every second line to the algorithm)22:32
*** F-i-G has quit IRC22:32
jottits really fast22:32
lardmanmight be worth looking at multiple lines, see if we can remove that false positive thing22:32
lardmanyes, it sure is :)22:32
jottlardman: ah.. ok just collect the lines and weight them?! hmm22:33
jottyeah could workd22:33
lardmanjust see which comes out most often22:33
jotti think there is maybe some similar code in the original algorithm22:33
jotti just ported the scanline part22:33
lardmanI see it uses floating point22:33
rm_youlardman / jott: how goes it? status? :P22:33
jottrm_you: EAN13 works quite well22:34
lardmanrm_you: jott's converted some 1D code which works well22:34
rm_youI will test :)22:34
jottand when we implement lardmans idea i guess we get a really high detection rate22:34
rm_youah neat22:34
rm_yousoon you will have time to look at datamatrix? :P22:34
lcuk_im genuinely surprised at the crc pass22:34
rm_youit is really simple supposedly with the library and everything, i am just dumb :P22:34
lardmanjott: the alternative is to use a time based averaging22:34
lcuk_just grab the numbers from each scanline and return the one which it found on most lines22:35
jottlardman: yeah well i bet collection about 10 numbers and using the one that comes most often should do it22:35
jottlcuk_: yep22:35
jottthat's the idea22:35
lardmanjott: yep22:36
lcuk_how does it handle upsidedown scans?22:36
lardmanmight still be worth looking at a time based one though - 1s acquisition is fast enough to process ~10 frames, then one would only need the scanline in the middle22:36
lcuk_i found out by the way :$ i was holding it upsidedown22:37
lardmanso more chance of the user getting it rightr22:37
lardmanlcuk_: I found out I wasn't skipping the U & V data :S22:37
lardmanI might test my original fp code again with the correct input data :)22:37
lcuk_oh crap - i posted up there this morning about that:   jotts byte based copy works well22:37
lcuk_but i converted it to read longs (2 yuv pixels at a time) and write greyscale words.22:38
lardmanyep, I thought it was test code so commented it out originally - oops22:38
rm_youlcuk_ / lardman / jott: the datamatrix handles color codes... sooo >_>22:38
lcuk_it helped a lot when i was doing blitting and general memory copies so leaves more time for processing22:38
lardmanrm_you: really? Is that a valid encoding?22:38
lcuk_rm_you, the camera color information is SO noissey22:39
rm_youlardman: maybe22:39
lardmanrm_you: go for grayscale first, colour data is easy enough to extract, even if too noisy22:39
rm_youit is craziness <_<22:39
rm_youdunno if that is any official encoding scheme but it DOES support it :P22:39
lardmanI'm off tomorrow at the crack of dawn, but ping Jaffa to look at some website scraping to get back info about these EANs22:40
rm_youi could start on that also22:40
rm_youTHAT is more my forte22:40
lcuk_theres a cuecat info lookup page i saw somewhere22:40
lardmanIn the Simon_1D.c file there's a fn which will do ean2isbn() which might be of use too22:40
rm_youi dont do image processing22:40
lcuk_it is basically a webapi22:40
lardmanrm_you: go for it :)22:40
rm_youbut i can do web scraping :)22:40
rm_youi will look at that22:40
rm_youdunno about in C tho <_<22:40
*** Guest20595 has quit IRC22:40
rm_youpython i am good at it :P22:41
lardman also22:41
lardman might do location data from QR codes22:41
rm_youQR codes normally just encode a url or something directly into them22:42
rm_youno lookup tables22:42
lardman and similar for ISBN lookups22:42
rm_youk i will poke at datamatrix a tad more22:42
lcuk_just request that url with the code and it returns an info page22:43
rm_youand then move to that22:43
rm_youvery simple22:43
lardmananyway, there's lots of possibilities :)22:43
lardmannice to see that will cooperation an idea like this can get off the ground quickly :)22:43
lcuk_deffo :) lardman, glad you started this.. i know it felt a bit grrr that other platforms have simple things like this22:43
rm_youCan I have C just run a python program and store the results? :P22:44
lardmanrm_you: cheating!22:44
rm_you*sigh* fine22:44
rm_youwill look up curl for C22:44
rm_youI have used it before, so shouldnt be too bad22:44
lcuk_just exec wget?22:44
rm_youwish i knew of decent regexp for C strings22:44
rm_youlcuk_: same amount of cheating :P22:44
lardmancan you chaps produce some binary builds as you go along, I'd like to keep up to date on my travels22:45
rm_youlcuk_: may as well run my pthon :P22:45
rm_youlardman: latest binaries always at
lcuk_lardman, how will you keep upto date if you have no database to lookup with..22:45
lardmancool, I'll note it down22:45
rm_youlardman: it automatically builds them to there22:45
*** henrique has joined #maemo22:45
lardmanlcuk_: db? I'll have web access22:46
lcuk_it would be nice to have barcode scanner store an image of the item along with an image of the barcode using the barcode number as reference22:46
lardmanI hope22:46
lcuk_you get to date/time stamp stuff as you go along22:46
lcuk_"hmmm, at 3.15 i was in the cheese isle, then spent 35 minutes in the wine isle"22:47
lardmandepends what you want to use it for22:47
lardmanright, time to go and finish packing, see you chaps in a week or so22:47
lardmanunless I can sneak online next week :)22:47
lcuk_alright lardman :) where r u going?22:48
rm_youyou got rid of my datamatrix entry in makefule?22:48
lardmanChicago, conference22:48
lcuk_nice :) have fun then22:48
lardmanrm_you: wasn;'t me!22:48
lardmanbye chaps22:48
*** lardman has quit IRC22:48
rm_youit was nice and out of the way on purpose <_< sigh22:48
*** Blastur has quit IRC22:48
rm_youwhatev, will just check out an old revision of it22:48
lcuk_rm_you, see jott, he keeps stomping on things :P22:48
rm_youjott: pfft22:48
lcuk_you wont includet he new file from lardman22:48
lcuk_or jott22:49
rm_youyeah i'll fix it22:49
lcuk_how do you handle versioninig - is it all manual22:49
rm_youwhat do you mean?22:49
lcuk_i mean for backlight - i notice in your build folder you have individual binary debs22:50
lcuk_0.14.1 etc22:50
rm_youit is all manual22:50
rm_youi just change the version in my changelog whenever i build22:50
lcuk_can i see what version i have installed from within the binary itself - or is the version not compiled into the program22:50
rm_youlcuk_: apt-cache policy advanced-backlight22:51
rm_youit will tell you22:51
lcuk_but what if the package name != the binary name, how would someone know22:51
lcuk_in windows im used to being able to get version info directly from the software binary itself22:51
rm_youapt-cache policy `dpkg -S $(which binaryname)`22:52
*** andre___ has quit IRC22:52
lcuk_its compiled in and available for displaying on about screens or titlebars etc22:52
*** andre___ has joined #maemo22:52
rm_youslightly more compicated as a oneliner but22:52
lcuk_so if i was showing an about screen in liqbase ive gotta shell out and grab the version info22:52
rm_youdpkg -S `which binary` tells you what package installed it22:53
rm_youand then you do apt-cache policy22:53
*** BabelO_ has joined #maemo22:53
rm_youoneliner isnt too bad...22:53
lcuk_ive kinda got a half solution but i dont like the way ive done it22:53
lcuk_20:53:27 Welcome to liqbase ver 0.1 build 80 date 20080718 00305622:54
rm_youapt-cache policy `dpkg -S $(which ls) | awk -F: '{ print $1 }'` | awk '/Installed/ { print $2 }'22:54
lcuk_ive had to fudge a load of stuff to do it22:54
rm_yougives you the version22:54
lcuk_well - i cant even do that, ive not even got a package22:54
rm_you<3 awk22:54
rm_youi stopped using sed and grep almost entirely in favor of awk, lol22:55
jotthm i added some very trivial voting22:56
jottseems to help a bit22:56
lcuk_cool jott22:58
*** BabelO has quit IRC22:58
jottgrr i have to disable this red light when the camera is on :P22:59
jottit reflects on most surfaces22:59
lcuk_thats good - i was using it last night because my main light was off22:59
jottmaybe turn it into green when something was found ;)23:00
*** Luria has joined #maemo23:00
lcuk_100% agree with that23:00
lcuk_you would instantly know to pull away23:00
lcuk_feedback is lacking at the moment - which was why i needed lines23:00
jottah for now it display the number it detected on a very big label ;)23:02
*** Raytray has quit IRC23:02
lcuk_i saw but there was no indication that it was valid23:02
lcuk_since it dances around randomly23:02
*** harry has joined #maemo23:03
*** harry is now known as Guest4195023:03
*** mange has joined #maemo23:09
*** mange is now known as Blastur23:09
*** Oxbaadf00d is now known as k`sOSe23:12
*** user__ has joined #maemo23:15
*** user__ is now known as zfigz23:15
zfigzanyone where to find maps for  mapper?23:16
*** lmoura has joined #maemo23:16
zfigzor hell how to just get maps into its...23:17
zfigzi wish you could overlay google maps over it23:17
GAN800zfigz, read the help? . . .23:18
GAN800It tells you everything you need to know.23:18
zfigzanyone know how to do that ?23:18
GAN800Reaf Maemo Mapper's help.23:19
infobotGAN800 meant: Read Maemo Mapper's help.23:19
zfigzcool thanks for the tip gan80023:19
*** Italodance has quit IRC23:20
*** alex-weej has left #maemo23:21
*** wesdoobne1 has joined #maemo23:22
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:22
zfigzim trying to figure out how to get the gps to work23:22
*** puwei has joined #maemo23:22
zfigzhmmm on by default i wouuld thinkk23:22
*** puwei has joined #maemo23:23
*** Guest41950 has quit IRC23:24
*** puwei has left #maemo23:25
*** lmoura has quit IRC23:26
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo23:30
*** Deka is now known as Dekaritae23:31
*** p| has joined #maemo23:34
rm_youjott / lcuk_ : can't get the latest maemo-barcode to output anything23:35
rm_youdid you guys actually commit the working code23:35
lcuk_i didnt commit anything23:35
lcuk_im not even a member :P23:36
lcuk_but i compiled and got numbers out of it23:36
lcuk_your camera might not be focusing properly or something23:36
*** DaCe|ge has joined #maemo23:38
rm_youwhat do you set the slider to23:39
rm_youfor yours23:39
jottrm_you: there is no slider in svn head :p23:39
GeneralAntillesEr, RST38h, X-Fade didn't copy anything. . . . :\23:39
rm_youjott: i see one <_<23:39
GeneralAntillesGet your facts straight before you denigrate people. ;)23:39
jottthen you are not on head ;)23:39
rm_youit plays with the black and white image...23:39
GeneralAntillesAh, nevermind23:40
rm_you[sbox-DIABLO_ARMEL: ~/maemo-barcode2] > svn up23:40
rm_youAt revision 33.23:40
GeneralAntilles"just copied"23:40
jottmake? ;)23:40
GeneralAntillesAgain, the idea was to start fresh.23:40
Luriaa number of n8?0s here23:40
Lurianice to see23:41
rm_youjott: hrm odd23:41
rm_youwell anyway, awesomesauce23:41
Luriaso many eees... its like i've bought a mc23:41
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo23:41
rm_youi will get it pulling book titles23:42
rm_youand UPCs23:42
rm_youhopefully within an hour23:42
*** lbt has quit IRC23:42
*** lbt has joined #maemo23:42
jottan online price check would be awesome ;)23:44
jottah and integration in shopping lists of course ;)23:44
*** ralann|mac has joined #maemo23:44
*** zfigz has left #maemo23:44
*** simon_ has quit IRC23:46
*** lcuk_ has left #maemo23:48
*** lcuk_ has joined #maemo23:49
* lcuk_ hates falling out23:50
*** teamcobra has joined #maemo23:50
teamcobrahi all.... I'm about to buy a non wimax n810, and I was wondering if by using usb host mode, I could hook up a usb wimax dongle at a later date if I need it... good or bad idea?23:51
jottlcuk_: i added some code that turns on the led for 3s if a code is detected ;)23:52
GeneralAntillesteamcobra, search for wimax usb on internettablettalk.com23:52
GeneralAntillesIt's been discussed a lot.23:52
lcuk_better would be hooking with a bluetooth version, usb is fine but you cannot use it with the stand closed - going mobile is tough23:52
GeneralAntillesguenther, what's the status on the guided submission form for people without canconfirm?23:53
teamcobraahh, so there are bluetooth wimax dongles?23:53
lcuk_nice jott ill look later, watchin a movie now back later23:53
teamcobrawow, I've been googling for an hour or so, couldn't find any23:53
teamcobraand thanks antilles :)23:53
jottso who integrates this in a shopping list now? ;)23:53
lcuk_dont know, but wouyld assume once sorted it will be23:53
guentherGeneralAntilles: "I took some notes" probably describes it best. ;)23:53
GeneralAntillesIt's been floating around since 2007.23:54
guentherI plan to work on it soon.23:54
jotthave fun lcuk_23:54
GeneralAntillesI'm really tired of people failing at using the current template. <_<23:54
*** lcuk_ is now known as lcuk_afk23:54
jottworking quite nice now.. all ean13 i tested where recognized23:55
guentherGeneralAntilles: I should get back to you re this topic the next days, for some discussion. :)23:55
*** greentux has joined #maemo23:56
GeneralAntillesand, actually, I think the Guided form is mostly where it needs to be, it just needs to be turned on for the right group.23:56
*** sm00th_trac3r has joined #maemo23:56
GeneralAntillesguenther, we need to have a pow wow about bugzilla sometime soon.23:56
guentherI'd love to23:56
GeneralAntillesThe sprint might be a decent time to have everybody in the same palce23:57
GeneralAntillesBut if it runs over like it did last time. . . .23:57

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