IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2008-07-17

Atarii770fanoush' site says it goes to 12700:00
rm_youyeah i dont think 770 includes 000:00
rm_youdoes *off* work?00:00
Atarii770no just checked00:01
Atarii770that makes sense00:01
qwerty12_N800"# General: SenseSurface sticks knobs onto screens (0) by jpramlak - 36 mins ago" - i lolled.00:01
rm_youAtarii770: it CRASHES on 126, or works on 126?00:06
*** overflok1 has quit IRC00:08
*** leandroal has joined #maemo00:14
Jaffalcuk: pong00:14
GeneralAntilleslol, thoughtfix seems a little pissy about people's thumbing behaviors. . . .00:16
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GeneralAntillesThough this is fairly awesome:
GeneralAntillesI had no idea negative karma was possible.00:16
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JaffaGeneralAntilles : heh00:17
Atarii770rm_you: 0 work on 13-100:17
Atarii770works *00:17
* GeneralAntilles thumbed all of Aisu's posts for Donate button spam and general lameness.00:17
JaffaGeneralAntilles: -ve overall karma's gotta smart. Especially when you're trying to make it your business00:18
GeneralAntillesI've never seen his blogs get thumbed down that hard.00:18
GeneralAntillesKinda impressive, actually.00:18
lcuk~lart the "thumb" icon for looking like a comment speech bubble00:18
* infobot shoots the "thumb" icon in the head for looking like a comment speech bubble00:18
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GeneralAntilleslcuk's so blind00:18
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* lcuk swings for GeneralAntilles but punches the wall instead00:19
lcukjott, are you still floating around00:20
GeneralAntillesthoughtfix just doens't target the crowd.00:20
qwerty12_N800~lart watchdog and crap cpufreq00:20
* infobot squeezes watchdog and crap cpufreq till watchdog and crap cpufreq turns blue like papa smurf00:20
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lcukqwerty12_N800, ??00:21
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qwerty12_N800the cpufreq didn't work great enough and watchdog decided to  reboot my n800 for being too slow.00:22
lcukahhh, but the watchdog works faster as well00:22
fnordianslipwhen I have my custom kernel installed, which breaks wlancond, by the way, i can no longer boot from my SD card using the boot menu. it tries but falls back to booting from flash.  when i reflash my stock kernel, i can boot from sd again.  any ideas why this might be? now i've nobbled wlancond to stop it from segfaulting until the device reboots, i need access to the dev tools on the sd card.00:22
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qwerty12_N800wlancond broke for me when i used a custom version string. i really should apt-get source osso-wlan and see what it's problem is.00:26
*** solarion has joined #maemo00:26
fnordianslipits sgefaulting in get_we_device_name() in dbus-handler.c for me00:28
fnordianslipsegfaulting, even00:28
jottlcuk: yeah i'm here00:28
lcukhave you looked at the talk page, fanoush says the SRAM buffer is used already by the built in media player00:29
qwerty12_N800fnordianslip, you may wish to ssh in when bootmenu is running and trying to pivot_root etc manually. alternatively, boot into flash and chroot to the sd card.00:29
qwerty12_N800and your dev tools will be there etc00:29
fnordianslipqwerty12_N800: i wonder why it is different though with the custom kernel.  good point about the chrooting00:30
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qwerty12_N800what have you added/removed/changed in the custom kernel?00:31
*** TeringTuby has joined #maemo00:31
fnordianslipi've added support for AX.25 networking00:31
qwerty12_N800Don't see why that would cause problems :/. what .config file are you using?00:32
fnordianslipthe stock one.  the diff is minor, but i did change the version string.00:32
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo00:33
fnordianslipdid it segfault for you?00:33
jottlcuk: mh no. interesting. so it is usable indeed?00:33
lcukwell, if nokia are using it privately then yes it does mean its usable and useful, i would therefore like to know how we could use it00:34
qwerty12_N800fnordianslip, different version strings cause problems with wlancond but did you use nokia_2420_defconfig as your base .config?00:34
fnordianslipqwerty12_N800: yep00:35
lcukeven if all this just ends up being a gaming engine00:35
lcuki just dont see how fanoush knows its there - he isnt nokia internal as far as i know is he?00:35
lcukand the source to the media player isnt open00:35
qwerty12_N800lcuk, knows what is where?00:35
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jottlcuk: well you can draw you conclusions if you invest some time00:35
*** lardman|r6vegas is now known as lardman00:35
fnordianslipqwerty12_N800: the freshly built stock kernel works fine and the diff to my own .config is only about 10 lines00:35
lardmanlcuk: I'm not so sure the 5Mbit buffer is *required* for the PowerVR00:36
jott(either by simply reverse engineering or by looking deeper into the kernel source)00:36
qwerty12_N800fnordianslip, i'm all out of ideas, sorry.00:36
*** pupnik has quit IRC00:36
fnordianslipqwerty12_N800: i'll try with the default version string00:36
lcuklardman, it might not be required but it will surely help speed things along if all memory access is internal to the omap package for as long as possible00:37
lcuki want maximum performance00:37
lcukand it exists so why not try to use it?00:37
lcuklook at the boost you got by moving your dsp buffers internally instead of accessing sdram00:37
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lardmanlcuk: sure, just the wording00:40
lcukagreed, i do not know how to put myself over that well00:41
RST38bisback, somewhat00:42
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lardmanI've changed the wording00:44
lardmandon't think it's lost anything00:44
*** Grackle has joined #maemo00:45
RST38bisstill editing that wiki page?00:47
*** huats has joined #maemo00:47
lcukyes RST38bis :)00:47
xnthey guys i have penguinbait's android deb installed but how do i rotate the screen?00:48
xntand is a terminal app available00:49
*** svu has joined #maemo00:49
fnordianslipqwerty12_N800: i think it works with the default version string ;-)  now to check that the kernel really does have the right features ...00:52
RST38bishey, lardman, have you opened a bug about a2dp integration?00:52
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xntok brb i going next door to subways00:54
*** xnt is now known as xnt|away00:54
qwerty12_N800cool. i'll probably try and have fun with osso-wlan. i feel like 2.6.21-omap1-qwerty12 :p00:54
fnordianslipchange you name ...00:55
*** leandroal has quit IRC00:55
fnordianslipyour name, even00:55
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*** zpol has joined #maemo00:59
lardmanRST38bis: no01:00
*** denny has quit IRC01:00
lardmanRST38bis: But I had some worrying news today from rm_you, video + a2dp-dsp doesn't work01:00
RST38bisshould i open one?01:00
*** leandroal has joined #maemo01:00
lardmanprob not until I work out what's up01:00
RST38bisah, video is also using dsp?01:01
*** matt_c has quit IRC01:01
lardmanno, but if you use mplayer to play video & use dsp-sbc for output, the audio is fine, but the video is <1fps01:01
lardmanlooks like it might be some sort of memory copy contention issue; as a first guess01:02
lcuklol lardman - you both might be getting the same SRAM ;)01:02
*** user__ has joined #maemo01:03
RST38bisit sounds too drastic for copy contention01:03
lardmanlcuk: not the same, but perhaps the MMU isn't happy with the hit rate. I don't know01:03
lardmanDSP does lots of 512byte copies01:03
lardman512bytes -> DSP; 76 bytes-> ARM01:04
*** zpol has quit IRC01:04
lardmanso not optimimum in the grad scheme of memory copy things01:04
*** zpol has joined #maemo01:04
lcukwas mediaplayer using all arm before - ie no dsp?01:04
lardmanmplayer was01:04
lardmanas the built-in won't do a2dp output01:05
lcuksorry yes.  what cpufreq is it set to - is mplayer being severly hit by the throttling?01:05
lcukwhen dsp in use*01:05
lardmanno, set to 400MHz01:05
lcukahhh, this is the custom kernel thing isnt it01:07
lcukwhat if you reencoded the video to something really low?01:07
lardmanusually it's pulled down to 330MHz so the DSP can run at 220MHz, but the kernel patch allows the DSP to run at 133MHz & ARM at 400MHz01:07
lardmanhe tested with a video which worked with ARM SBC encoding01:08
*** xnt|away is now known as xnt01:08
lardmanso if you can't beat that, you're not doing so well :(01:08
*** lardman is now known as lardman|r6vegas01:08
lcukcya later lardman|gone01:09
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*** Medic119 has joined #maemo01:26
Medic119Why does sync have to be so difficult?01:26
Medic119I have re-written my calendars like 3 times this afternoon..01:28
Medic119BTW, anyone else using openSUSE 11?01:29
*** lardman|r6vegas is now known as lardman01:29
*** u1106 has joined #maemo01:29
lardmantoo much adrenaline for this time of night01:30
GeneralAntillesWhat are you playing on?01:30
RST38bisthe tablet?;)01:31
lardmanRainbow Six Vegas01:31
lardmanah no01:31
lardmanNice dual core 2GB machine with 7900GTX01:31
*** jegp has joined #maemo01:31
lcuklardman, yes thats the specs of the tablet01:31
GeneralAntillesGive it another 5 years. ;)01:31
lardmanwith PowerVR enabled ;)01:32
lcuki wonder what it would take to make the tablet into an aux pad for gaming - showing weapon selection/maps etc01:32
lcukwith what?01:33
lcuklike the optimus maximus doofer01:34
RST38bislcuk: not a lot of things01:34
GeneralAntillesWeapons for what?01:34
GeneralAntillesA game of some sort?01:34
GeneralAntillesThat'd be highly dependent on the game.01:34
RST38bislcuk: 1. find pc program that lets you control pc over wifi01:34
GeneralAntillesBut any q3-based stuff would be a good candidate.01:35
GeneralAntillesEasy to hook into01:35
*** __t1 has quit IRC01:35
RST38bislcuk: write compatible client for the tablet01:35
*** juergbi has quit IRC01:35
lcukoptimus maximus has some windows based editor to assign keycaps to locations - something similar and feed it keystrokes01:35
lcukahhh cool01:35
GeneralAntillesBe cool as a moving map for X-Plane01:36
lcuki use mine as a very basic tv remote now01:36
*** blkno1 has joined #maemo01:36
* lardman was thinking of Optimus Prime01:36
GeneralAntillesAs the 2nd-screen moving map nukes my fps01:36
lcuklol lardman01:36
GeneralAntillesI use mine as a TV. :D01:36
lcukits a bit cramped01:36
RST38bisi am sure ootimus maximus has a special valve to let excessive vapor out01:36
*** jegp has left #maemo01:36
lardmanGeneralAntilles: X-plane will output UDP data so no need to nuke your framerate01:37
GeneralAntillesThe Optimus keyboard is such a joke01:37
lcukwhat i might REALLY want but never given it enough thought is playback of big pc movies through the speakers on 81001:37
RST38bisthere is a us company that made such keyboards for years01:37
GeneralAntillesGood luck with the audio sync.01:37
lcukjust audio01:37
lcukGeneralAntilles, mplayer has a sync adjustment option01:37
RST38bisfor professional musician market01:37
GeneralAntillesI can't imagine paying that kind of cash for silicone dome board.01:37
lcukonce configured it should stay01:37
lcukim gonna vanish anyway, been a long day01:39
lcukgnite chaps (i think)01:39
*** lcuk is now known as lcuk_zzz01:40
RST38bissame here01:40
*** RST38bis has quit IRC01:40
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*** philn_ has joined #maemo01:42
philn_how can i set the default gstreamer audiosink to use?01:43
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo01:43
lbtShopper's just gone beta :)01:44
lardmanby the built-in media player?01:44
lardmanif so, not quite sure, but you ought to be able to fiddle with the metadata somehow01:45
philn_lardman: i've got my BT headphones working with the gstreamer sink: "sbcenc ! a2dpsink device=..." .. but how to make the other apps using that?01:45
lardmannot very helpful I know01:45
lardmanah, well mplayer can use it, as can anything else that uses an ALSA backend01:45
lardmanhow exactly you fiddle the built-in media player to do it I don't quite know01:46
philn_i'm quite confused... alsa gst plugins doesn't seem available on my n810 (i'm using diablo)01:46
*** Churl has joined #maemo01:46
lardmanalsa directly01:46
lardmannot through gstreamer01:47
philn_is there a doc somewhere explaining the maemo "media framework"?01:47
lardmanbug for this sort of configurability is what it needs01:47
lardman has some clues on the metadata you might be able to edit01:47
philn_because between mplayer, oms, etc...01:47
*** mardi__ has quit IRC01:48
*** Medic119 has left #maemo01:49
lardmanto get it working with a plain alsa backend, try johnx's a2dp deb01:49
philn_esd... OMG01:49
lardmanweird, IP address not a real name01:50
*** jpetersen1 has quit IRC01:50
philn_i found that but the deb didn't install01:50
lardmanWhat are you running on?01:50
*** dneary has joined #maemo01:51
ChurlI just got a updated canola youtube plugin notice, so I tried to update, problems!  so I uninstalled, reinstalled the plugin, as well as canola, the youtube plugin no longer works, missing some stuff (canola2 2.0.0~beta9-maemo2; flash-and-reboot =3; initfs-flasher .95?????????? maemo2 kernel-diablo-flasher =2.6.21)  is there an easy fix to this?01:51
philn_eh wait, no it's another thing that failed to install..01:51
*** leandroal has quit IRC01:51
lardmanphiln_: hmm, worked for me01:52
Churlit was working fine01:52
lardmanChurl: dpkg -f01:52
lardmanperhaps, to fix your dep issues?01:52
*** user_ has quit IRC01:53
*** huats has quit IRC01:53
Churllardman trying it01:54
GeneralAntillesapt-get -f install01:56
GeneralAntillesGoogling the error will turn that right up01:56
GeneralAntillesIt's a minor glitch with SSU01:56
Churllardman ok only thing missing now canola2 2.0.0 beta9 maemo201:56
Churlyeah, it propted me to apt-get -f install01:56
Churlvery nice01:56
lardmanthanks GeneralAntilles01:57
lardmantime for bed, see you chaps on the morrow01:57
*** lardman has quit IRC01:57
*** sp3000 has quit IRC01:58
*** iomari has joined #maemo01:58
AtariiGeneralAntilles, that convo earlier, check out touch buddy:
Atariiwindows software which uses a touch screen for additional controls for games etc01:59
*** xnt has left #maemo01:59
glasson windows screen?02:00
glassa little bit of tweaking and how about just using something like vnc02:00
Atariilinux only via wine though :(02:01
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC02:02
*** befr0d_ has joined #maemo02:03
Atariicheck out the vid, it just shows controls on teh screen02:03
*** jeward has joined #maemo02:05
jewardCan you tether the n810 to Treo 755p?02:06
*** gnuSnob has quit IRC02:06
*** alex-weej has quit IRC02:06
rm_youyeah that would be neat, using n800 like certain zelda for gamecube used the Gameboy Advance02:07
rm_youalso, I use my n800 as a tv remote too :P02:07
ChurlGeneralAntilles: hate to bother you again, no luck with googleing "canola2 (>=2.0.0~beta9-maemo2"  my last missing dependency02:08
*** u1106 has quit IRC02:08
*** canyouscore has joined #maemo02:09
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*** mardi__ has joined #maemo02:13
rm_youoh, didnt one of the people from the canola team say that the youtube plugin for diablo canola isnt working yet?02:13
Proteousthey always say that02:18
fnordianslipwhats the best place to pull deb sources from upstream for diablo? i've just built libax25 with debuild for arm on my nslu2 from debian etch (which it runs) and want to try building it in scratchbox.02:19
Proteousand the masses always cry, "YouTube! YouTube! YouTube, seriously, we neeeeeeeeed to watch more vvvviiiiiddeoooooos of stupid stuff!!!"02:19
rm_youfnordianslip: i generally grab debian etch02:21
rm_youfnordianslip: or debian sid if I REALLY need something new, but usually i run into dependency problems with sid02:22
fnordianslipthat'll be "deb-src etch main non-free contrib" then?02:22
rm_youi believe02:22
fnordianslipk. thanks02:22
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*** netx has joined #maemo02:28
*** qos has joined #maemo02:29
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Andy80hi all02:31
*** zpol has quit IRC02:32
*** zpol has joined #maemo02:32
ChurlProteous: I agree with you about youtube but I do like neat plugins02:37
Churlstill no luck with canola2 (>=2.0.0~beta9-maemo2 (I can find maemo1 while googleing)02:40
Churlok I have canola2 2.0.0 beta9 maemo 1 installed, where can I get maemo2?02:45
Churldifferent repo?02:45
Andy80what are the differences between maemo1 and maemo2 in that canola package?02:51
Churlgood question!02:51
*** dholbert has quit IRC02:51
*** jeward has quit IRC02:52
*** jeward has joined #maemo02:52
Churlit's ok if no one knows, im not sure it exists02:53
qosi would like to know that too...02:53
Churlbut it is a dependency for the youtube plugin02:54
qosperhaps it not release yet02:55
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*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]03:50
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*** [yzf600] has joined #maemo04:44
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[yzf600]I'm trying to create a really simple app for my n770 (maemo 2.2)04:45
[yzf600]I'm familiar with GTK stuff, as I've created some GTK apps at work with perl GTK API04:46
[yzf600]I've got a GTK table, that I'd like to stuff a icon into a certain box04:46
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC04:46
[yzf600]instead of a button, label etc04:46
*** EspeonEefi has quit IRC04:47
[yzf600]What type of GTK object would the icon be read into?04:47
*** gentooer has joined #maemo04:47
[yzf600]I saw gtk_pixmap_new in the regular GTK+ API docs04:47
*** eton_ has joined #maemo04:49
[yzf600]but the docs say it's been depreciated04:49
*** benh has joined #maemo04:51
[yzf600]silly me04:53
[yzf600]  image = gtk_image_new_from_file("available.png");04:53
GAN800Churl, Diablo Extras-devel04:53
[yzf600]  gtk_table_attach(GTK_TABLE(main_table), image, 2, 4, 0, 2, GTK_FILL, GTK_FILL, 5, 5);04:53
*** jackg has joined #maemo04:54
*** Navi has joined #maemo04:54
*** Navi has left #maemo04:54
*** inherited_tot has quit IRC05:01
jackghi guys~ now i use the N800 as a server and monitor the connnect from the pc. The fault is "bind error : Address already in use"05:02
jackgI add the SO_REUSEADDR and setsockopt function in my program.But it also have the same mistake.the same program in pc has no fault,why in n800 have  these mistake?05:02
*** eton has quit IRC05:03
*** inherited has joined #maemo05:05
*** inherited is now known as inherited_tot05:05
*** secureendpoints has quit IRC05:06
*** [yzf600] has left #maemo05:07
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*** eton has joined #maemo05:11
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*** eton_ has joined #maemo05:26
*** freelikegnu is now known as _freelikegnu05:29
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ChurlGAN800: already in my repositories05:30
*** k-way has quit IRC05:31
*** lopz has joined #maemo05:31
*** k-way has joined #maemo05:31
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*** Capn_Fish has joined #maemo07:11
Capn_FishCould somebody tell me what the trick is to get a USB mouse working under Diablo (N810)? I'm hoping to gain some hint as to how to do it under Debian. Thanks07:11
daperlas in I'm a newbie07:13
Capn_FishIs there a problem, then?07:16
daperlno, I thought I was sending a command to the server07:17
daperldid your dmesg say anything interesting?07:18
*** Churl has left #maemo07:19
Capn_FishIt mostly just detected a moust. There was the quirk that when you took it out and put it back in, it moved from //dev/input/inputn to /dev/input/inputn+1, then n+2, etc.07:20
Capn_FishI suspect it's an Xomap bug07:20
Capn_Fishor problem07:20
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC07:21
tank-manmaybe you have to prove /dev/input = /dev/inputn+1 first ;)07:21
*** lopz has quit IRC07:22
* Capn_Fish writes long, drawn out mathematical formula07:22
Capn_Fish...and as you can see, they are the same.07:22
Capn_FishDoes anybody know how it works under Maemo?07:24
Capn_FishI'm guessing that it may take an Xomap rebuild07:24
*** tjafk1 has quit IRC07:25
rm_youGeneralAntilles: GAN800:
rm_youshould auto fix permissions issues07:25
rm_youi think you may need to reboot, but test to see :P07:26
*** eton has quit IRC07:26
GeneralAntillesIt's still in my backpack07:27
rm_youGET IT07:27
*** eton has joined #maemo07:27
rm_youworth it now :P07:27
daperlrm_you: 13-5? you guys are fast and furious07:28
rm_youdaperl: this is basically my full-time occupation ATM >_>07:28
rm_youthis one has a couple of your patches in it :)07:29
Capn_FishDoes anybody even have a USB mouse working?07:30
daperlare things running well?07:30
*** lopz has joined #maemo07:31
daperlsorry, rm_you07:31
rm_youyeah :P07:31
rm_youdecided not to use the threaded queuing for the volume though, as it made it jump oddly07:31
rm_youbut works great for brightness07:32
rm_youand 770 support should be complete07:32
daperlreally? it just has an initial pause07:32
daperlthe 1st time only07:33
rm_youno, it literally made the bar jump oddly07:33
rm_youif you moved it back and forth07:33
rm_youprobably due to gconf updates07:33
rm_youerr, GConfNotifyFunc stuff07:34
*** mbuf has joined #maemo07:34
daperli no opped debug07:34
*** eton_ has quit IRC07:35
*** eton_ has joined #maemo07:35
daperli #defined debug to a no op function07:36
daperlalso, i think you're suppose to use async dbus communication07:36
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC07:37
*** johnx has quit IRC07:37
*** johnx has joined #maemo07:37
Stskeepsmorning Capn_Fish07:38
rm_youdaperl: can you test the latest?07:38
rm_youbefore I promote it07:38
rm_youI think it seems to be working very well07:38
Capn_FishStskeeps: Or good night :P07:39
daperli can't seem to copy in xchat07:39
Capn_FishI was just asking about getting a USB mouse working (how else am I supposed to play Marathon?)07:39
daperlnever mind, i got it07:40
rm_youGeneralAntilles: eh?07:41
GeneralAntillesIt's in my backpack07:41
GeneralAntillesI'll test it later.07:41
rm_youI want to promote it07:41
rm_youit'll take you like 30 seconds to go get it >_>07:41
StskeepsCapn_Fish: either way, coffee is the solution .. with mouse, doesnt it make sense that it's some HAL thing?07:42
GeneralAntillesNo it wont07:42
*** rsalveti has quit IRC07:42
GeneralAntillesBackpack is in the car.07:42
rm_you45? :P07:42
Capn_FishStskeeps: Well, it's recognized07:42
Capn_FishI think that Xomap just doesn't know how to use it07:42
daperlthe stuff i had in there for brightness label change isn't working07:42
rm_youcar is in the shipping crate? shipping crate is in the atlantic on a freighter? :P07:42
StskeepsCapn_Fish: do you have package x-nokia-keyboard-support?07:43
Stskeepsor  /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/10osvendor/10-x11-input.fdi?07:43
Capn_FishDoes that work/go under Debian?07:43
Capn_FishOh, yeah07:43
Capn_FishI have that07:43
Capn_FishTHat made the HW keyboard work07:44
daperlyou're right about the volume07:44
rm_youdaperl: hrm let me see07:44
rm_youlabel is changing here07:44
rm_youyou on 0.13-5?07:44
daperlif you catch the release you don't07:44
daperlneed the other thread07:45
daperlyes, 13-507:45
StskeepsCapn_Fish: the wiki page (on mentions something about a dbus permission error and refers to Xorg hotplugging07:45
rm_youboth labels are updating perfectly here07:45
daperlwhat i meant was07:45
StskeepsCapn_Fish: try add the /etc/dbus-1/system/xorg-server.conf thing from there07:45
daperlit's not changing while i'm moving the bar07:46
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo07:46
Capn_FishStskeeps: Add what?07:46
rm_youwas it supposed to? I guess that would make a lot of sense07:46
rm_youI could fix that in a sec07:46
rm_youput it on a different event07:46
rm_youor rather, take it out of the queue07:46
daperlyeah, it looks cool07:46
rm_youwell, i'll push that to the next release07:46
rm_youwe need SOMETHING to work  on later, right? :P07:47
*** mikedep333 has quit IRC07:47
daperlno, put it before the queue push07:47
*** Tuco has quit IRC07:48
*** eton has quit IRC07:48
daperlanyway, you have stuff to work on07:49
daperlthose A's have to go!07:49
Capn_FishStskeeps: So I'm supposed to add the stuff that's about 1/2 of the way down the page to /etc/dbus-1/system/xorg-server.conf?07:50
daperltake the 770 scalable icon and rotate it 3 times07:50
Capn_FishAnd does the current Xomap build have HAL support?07:50
daperlthat would look good07:51
rm_youdaperl: as long as it isn't ambiguous07:52
rm_youdaperl: you have a link to that icon? i'll grab it and do the first bits of work on that now07:52
daperllet me take a look07:53
*** lopz has quit IRC07:54
*** user__ has quit IRC07:54
Capn_FishStskeeps: Still here?07:55
rm_youah it is already on there07:56
*** lmoura has quit IRC07:56
StskeepsCapn_Fish: the stuff after cat /etc/dbus-1/system/xorg-server.conf07:57
Capn_FishStskeeps: OK07:57
daperldid you slip that label change in there?07:57
Capn_FishI need to get some sleep now.07:57
Capn_FishThanks a lot!07:57
Capn_FishI'll let you know how it goes (I updated the wiki a bit, BTW)07:57
rm_youyou can just create a pixbuf with that and then use gtk functions to rotate it, yeah?07:57
*** Capn_Fish has left #maemo07:57
daperlyes? sure? :)07:58
daperlprobably gDk07:59
daperlor gimp07:59
rm_youeasier to just use the one icon that is already on the system and rotate it in software than to ship with 4 icon files >_>08:00
*** lmoura has joined #maemo08:00
rm_yourather, ok... maybe not easier. definitely more efficient though :)08:00
daperlmy only concern would be if it wasn't a square08:01
rm_youthen i would have to fix in gimp and ship just one08:01
rm_youbut i think it is... most all of their icons are square08:01
*** lmoura has quit IRC08:02
daperlwell, what would another 3 matter? :)08:02
rm_youjust not necessary :)08:02
daperli agree08:03
daperlhere's a problem:08:04
daperlthe ABSA is on my 2nd row up top08:05
daperlthe menu goes below my screen08:05
*** roue has joined #maemo08:05
daperlmaybe tighten it up vertically08:07
daperlsorry, i'm pretty stupid08:09
daperli just got why you're using the "A"s08:09
daperlat least choose a different letter08:10
rm_youyeah, you can just read it08:10
rm_youwhichever way you rotate :P08:10
rm_youwhat's wrong with A?08:10
rm_youis B inherently better than A somehow? :P08:10
rm_youAlphabet wars!08:10
daperli thought you were using the A's as arrows08:11
daperlyeah, rotating text makes more sense than rotating a device08:13
daperlyou need a nice, cursive ttf08:14
daperla lower case a08:14
*** dick-richardson has joined #maemo08:14
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo08:16
*** harryl is now known as kcome08:20
*** henrique has quit IRC08:22
rm_youpossibly yes08:22
daperlif you're not going to change the brightness08:22
daperluntil the release you can yank the other thread too08:23
dick-richardsonanyone know of a media extender that can stream from an nfs share?08:23
daperli like that you don't change the brightness08:24
daperluntil the release08:24
daperli wouldn't release this if you don't fix the brightness label thing08:26
daperlyou would have an inconsistency between the 2 sliders08:27
daperli'm going to sleep08:28
*** shackan has quit IRC08:28
*** jeward has quit IRC08:28
*** daperl has quit IRC08:28
*** daperl has joined #maemo08:31
*** dick-richardson has quit IRC08:31
daperli take it back, you should put the thread back in the volume stuff08:32
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo08:32
daperlit's really smooth when you're in a media player08:33
daperlit's too jerky the way you have it08:33
daperltoo many cooks :)08:33
daperl...and good night08:35
*** daperl has quit IRC08:35
Mikhowould anyone know if there's a way to control which dbus hcid connects to?08:36
*** daperl has joined #maemo08:46
daperlrm_you: you still there?08:47
rm_youwas afk for a bit08:47
rm_you<daperl> it's really smooth when you're in a media player08:48
rm_you<daperl> it's too jerky the way you have it08:48
rm_youseems smooth in general to me08:48
rm_youall its doing is updating gconf <_<08:48
*** overflok has quit IRC08:48
daperlbut it's blocking08:48
rm_youbut you can complete 10+ gconf calls in a second <_<08:49
rm_youit shouldnt impact performance08:49
rm_youit is a TINY bit less smooth than with the threading08:50
rm_youbut with threading it jumps08:50
rm_youwe think it is better this way08:50
daperllisten to me08:50
rm_youi am :P you haven't really said anything yet08:51
daperlyou had a last gconf call that i commented out08:51
daperlit made the difference08:51
daperltry my demo08:52
rm_yousend me the patch08:52
rm_youpastebin works08:52
daperlcan i do this tomorrow?08:53
rm_youerr, k?08:53
rm_youi will be on08:54
rm_yougoing to push this to extras tonight though08:54
*** dneary has joined #maemo08:54
rm_youafter I fix the label thing08:54
daperldo problem, i just don't think you've felt the complete power of your battle station yet08:55
*** Sargun has joined #maemo08:55
daperldo -> no08:55
daperlis that geeky enough for you?08:56
*** pleemans has joined #maemo09:00
*** Dar has joined #maemo09:02
*** roue has quit IRC09:04
*** eton has joined #maemo09:04
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC09:04
*** secureendpoints_ has joined #maemo09:05
*** secureendpoints_ is now known as secureendpoints09:05
*** eton_ has quit IRC09:06
*** t_s_o has quit IRC09:06
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo09:09
*** christefano has quit IRC09:10
*** daperl has quit IRC09:12
*** Wikier has joined #maemo09:12
*** daperl has joined #maemo09:13
*** AStorm has quit IRC09:13
*** ralann has joined #maemo09:13
*** dneary has quit IRC09:18
*** macoute has joined #maemo09:20
macoutehave someone used tablet-encode with subtitles?09:20
qwerty12mplayer recognises subtitle files separately anyway.09:21
macouteqwerty12: i want to stream them too :)09:21
macoutethe videos, that is09:22
qwerty12Oh :)09:22
macouteso i am basically using mediaserv09:22
macoutemencoder should do the trick but somehow i havent managed to do that09:22
rm_youah yes i do09:23
*** eton_ has joined #maemo09:23
rm_youis it a separate subtitle file, or like, mkv with a subtitle stream?09:24
macoutea separate file09:24
rm_youyou can do some magic if the file is named the same09:25
rm_yousec, sorry, busy09:25
macouteso it should be basically -msubfile -mfile.srt09:25
macouterm_you: yeah, that should work with mencoder09:25
macoutethat option is something like -sub-fuzziness or something09:25
*** vik has joined #maemo09:27
*** juergbi has joined #maemo09:28
*** XTLi has joined #maemo09:31
*** guardian has joined #maemo09:33
*** fab has quit IRC09:39
*** jegp has left #maemo09:39
*** eton has quit IRC09:39
*** sllab has joined #maemo09:42
sllabhi, anyone awake?09:42
sllabhow do you flash and reboot using xterminal?09:45
*** Sho_ has quit IRC09:48
*** simon_ has joined #maemo09:49
*** AStorm has joined #maemo09:49
*** lbt has joined #maemo09:50
*** zap has joined #maemo09:53
sllabI'm trying too add the rotate option, but I'm lost at the last step09:53
*** eton_ has quit IRC09:54
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC09:54
sllabwhere its says '4. Open up "X-Terminal" and run flash-and-reboot.'09:54
sllab5. enjoy!09:55
macouteso you cant enjoy? :)09:55
macoutethats out of this channels scope, i think09:55
*** BabelO has joined #maemo09:56
*** netx303 has left #maemo09:58
XTLiWhat, no profit?09:58
sllab no enjoying yet :'(09:59
rm_yousllab: just open the xterm on the device10:01
rm_youand type "sudo gainroot"10:01
*** oilinki3 has joined #maemo10:01
rm_youand then "flash-and-reboot"10:01
sllabthanks, rm10:02
*** oilinki has quit IRC10:02
Khertan_TheRealHi !10:02
*** geaaru has joined #maemo10:02
sllabhow do enable 'RD MODE' ? ...sorry :)10:02
sllabhi, Khertan10:03
*** lnx^_ has quit IRC10:03
*** lnx^ has joined #maemo10:03
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo10:04
*** jaska has quit IRC10:04
*** jaska has joined #maemo10:04
*** benh has quit IRC10:05
AStormsllab: with the flasher10:06
AStormbut it's pointless, just install easyroot10:06
AStorm(unless you really need that nice changed logo ;P )10:06
daperlrm: so, i'm staring at the latest code, do want to hear the irony? At least I think it's irony. If you don't I won't bother.10:07
*** eocanha has joined #maemo10:10
*** chmac has joined #maemo10:10
*** Lodd has joined #maemo10:14
*** mk8 has joined #maemo10:14
*** [newbie] has joined #maemo10:15
*** Lodd has quit IRC10:15
*** guardian has quit IRC10:18
*** daperl has quit IRC10:18
*** daperl has joined #maemo10:19
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo10:20
*** sergio has joined #maemo10:21
sllabokay *sigh* I've gain root10:24
sllabbut flash-and-reboot is not working10:24
*** Wikier has quit IRC10:26
*** gtb has quit IRC10:27
*** sllab has quit IRC10:27
*** fab has joined #maemo10:27
*** trickie has quit IRC10:38
*** benh has joined #maemo10:40
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw10:40
*** trickie has joined #maemo10:41
*** jsullivan has joined #maemo10:42
johnx'mornin hrw10:42
johnxwere you working on getting hildon stuff into poky?10:42
GeneralAntillesAStorm, forget easyroot10:46
GeneralAntilleseasyroot sucks10:46
GeneralAntillesyou want rootsh10:46
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: It looks like work started for the mysql upgrade, so it is looking good for your plugin ;)10:47
*** guardian has joined #maemo10:47
AStormGeneralAntilles: what is that? :)10:47
AStormeasyroot works fine, although I'd prefer sudo :>10:48
AStorm(yeah, I know, easy to configure)10:48
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, sweet, I'll get with andre and sjgadsby and bring the awesome.10:48
GeneralAntillesAStorm, qwerty12's version of easyroot that's in Extras10:48
GeneralAntillesSo it's the new favored method for root access10:48
GeneralAntillesas it's in Extras and qwerty12's the man. ;)10:48
*** mbuf has quit IRC10:49
*** Wikier has joined #maemo10:49
infobotrumour has it, rootsh is Alex Paulo Laner - mailto: - São Paulo / Cerquilho - SP10:49
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: yeah the bugjar can look a lot sweeter this way ;)10:50
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, I'm thinking this'll be a decent way to generate some overview pages without having to backport all of GNOME's bugzilla, too.10:50
GeneralAntillesI need to ask guenther about getting a couple more default searches. . . .10:50
X-FadeYeah, the plugin is still in active development. So there may come some more cool features for free ;)10:51
timelyX-Fade: what's up w/ bug jar?10:53
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo10:53
*** jsullivan_ has joined #maemo10:54
GeneralAntillestimely, that's sjgadsby's domain.10:54
GeneralAntillesIt's currently on -developers and itT10:54
timelywhat's the url to bug jar anyway? :)10:54
GeneralAntillesBut I think he and I will be pushing it to the wiki with the new plugin10:55
GeneralAntillestimely, URL. ;)
*** VimSi has joined #maemo10:56
*** vims0r has quit IRC10:56
*** manga has joined #maemo10:57
mangaso I messed up somewhere10:57
mangaI have the options to rotate the screen10:58
mangabut it doesn't rotate10:58
mangawell it does10:58
timelyGeneralAntilles: confused10:58
mangajust everything messes up10:58
timelyis itt showing it in pieces, if so, why?10:58
mangathe screen doesn't actually rotate10:58
GeneralAntillestimely, he breaks them up due to post-size limitations10:59
rm_youmanga: n800? n810?10:59
hrwjohnx: I was10:59
mangarm, n810, diablo10:59
GeneralAntillesand to Thanks! whore, I think. . . . :D10:59
johnxhrw, did you get anywhere? I'm working on modest10:59
rm_youmanga: this is what i did to get it working:11:00
rm_youas root, in an xterm:11:00
rm_youtar xvzf rotation_support.tar.gz11:00
rm_youcd Rotate && dpkg -i *.deb11:00
GeneralAntillesMissing kernel if everything rotates but is messed up.11:01
rm_youtar zxvf kernel_flasher.tgz11:02
mangaGen, and how do we fix the missing Kernal?11:03
rm_you./kernel_flasher/kernel_flash zImage-qwerty-20080715-dsp+mmc+rotation11:03
rm_youtype yes when it asks, and then reboot11:03
*** dneary has joined #maemo11:03
GeneralAntillesrm_you. wtf?11:04
GeneralAntillesfiasco-flasher . . . .11:04
GeneralAntillesIt's bundled.<_<11:04
GeneralAntillesHi, dneary.11:04
rm_youi asked how to use that earlier, and no one responded :P so i used that11:04
rm_youit kept saying my image was broken11:04
GeneralAntillesrm_you, exactly like flasher-3.0 . . . .11:04
rm_youbut it flashed fine with kernel_flasher11:04
hrwjohnx: I have base libraries and few components11:05
mangaokay so do I follow rm's way? :)11:05
GeneralAntillesUse Nokia's flasher.11:05
rm_youeither works11:05
rm_youit doesnt really matter11:05
GeneralAntillesI don't know what rm_you is doing wrong.11:05
GeneralAntillesbut it's wrong11:05
GeneralAntillesand if it's not wrong, he should file a bug. :P11:05
dnearyHi GeneralAntilles11:05
mangagen, where do I find the Nokia flasher?11:06
rm_youit is installed if you followed my...11:06
rm_youbah here11:06
GeneralAntillesmanga, it's bundled11:06
rm_youi'll make it a ONELINER11:06
GeneralAntillesRun it with:11:06
GeneralAntillesfiasco-flasher -k <kernel image> -f11:06
rm_youwget && tar xvzf rotation_support.tar.gz && cd Rotate && dpkg -i *.deb && wget && fiasco-flasher -f -k zImage-qwerty-20080715-dsp+mmc+rotation11:07
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:07
rm_youhappy now GA?11:07
rm_youkernel_flasher still does work fine, BTW, worked fine for years before fiasco-flasher, and nothing has changed11:08
GeneralAntillesYes, but it's additional software that isn't bundled and isn't necessary anymore.11:08
rm_youit isn't WRONG, it's "sub-optimal"11:08
rm_youthere's a difference11:08
GeneralAntilleseasyroot also works fine, and has been around a lot longer than rootsh, but which one do you think I'm going to recommend? ;)11:09
rm_yourecommend, sure11:09
rm_youbut don't say it doesn't work :P11:09
GeneralAntillesIf fiasco-flasher can't flash your kernel, then there's something wrong with the kernel or a bug needs to be filed against fiasco-flasher.11:10
GeneralAntillesand I didn't say kernel_flasher didn't work.11:10
MikhoHA, found a way to run hcid as a root on scratchbox dbus! In your face, security paranoids! \o/11:11
GeneralAntilles"Aaaawwwww" @ fanoush's baby pictures.11:11
mangarm_you thanks :)11:11
*** jsullivan has quit IRC11:11
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Knock yourself out, the plugin works :)11:12
rm_youwhich plugin is this?11:12
rm_youI keep waiting for bugzilla garage components :P11:12
X-Faderm_you: Bugzila integration in mediawiki.11:12
rm_youcool :)11:12
X-FadeOk there are still a few bugs ;)11:16
GeneralAntillesNo mouseover. :(11:16
GeneralAntillesNeed formatting, too11:16
*** nab has joined #maemo11:16
GeneralAntillesprobably a common.css thing. . . .11:16
*** overflok has joined #maemo11:16
X-FadeNice, the votes one is cool.11:17
*** scour- has quit IRC11:18
X-FadeMore info about the plugin here:
timelyGeneralAntilles: what does the "+" before a lock mean?11:19
GeneralAntillestimely, not a clue11:19
GeneralAntillesWe should plainlink the formatting to get rid of the locks11:19
timelyalso, could you add the resolution?11:19
GeneralAntillessince those are irrelevant11:20
X-Fadetimely: We have it working for 10 minutes. Haven't been able to look into it yet ;)11:20
XTLiHeh, my first non-test voice call from the nit11:20
X-Fadetimely: You can add columns etc.11:20
timelyX-Fade: yeah well.. i'm not doing it :)11:20
X-Fadetimely: I mean in the wiki text, so it should not be that hard :)11:20
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC11:22
GeneralAntillesTime for bed11:22
GeneralAntillesI'll look at this more tomorrow night.11:23
X-FadeNight ;)11:23
Khertan_TheRealSomeone live in portugal ?11:24
XTLiI guess a few people do11:25
*** zap has quit IRC11:25
Khertan_TheRealXTLi > yes i know there is about 10 945 870 people living in the country ... but i mean here and not away :)11:26
XTLiCouldn't resist, sorry :)11:27
*** jpetersen1 has joined #maemo11:28
*** secureendpoints has quit IRC11:29
JaffaMorning, all11:30
*** avs has joined #maemo11:31
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo11:33
*** pupnik has joined #maemo11:35
*** Getkeys has joined #maemo11:35
hrwjohnx: you are interested in maemo poky packages?11:38
*** eton has joined #maemo11:39
johnxhrw, yeah11:39
johnxI copied the hildon stuff over from OE, and it seems to have built11:39
johnxpackaged tinymail and it built as well11:39
johnxI'm working on the deps for modest, but that's kind of a a lot of stuff...11:39
johnxI wonder if hildon stuff will look ok with the sato theme...11:40
RST38hehlo johnx,hrw11:41
*** XTLi has quit IRC11:41
RST38hjohnx: porting modest to OE?:)11:42
*** |t_s_o| has joined #maemo11:42
johnxRST38h, well, poky actually, since I like the poky image for my zaurus these days11:42
*** XTLi has joined #maemo11:42
johnxI'd like to get the things I want from OE working nicely in it11:42
rm_youis it pronounced pocky or pokey?11:42
*** florian__ has joined #maemo11:43
RST38hjohnx: scary11:43
aquatixhm, that new nightwish album is quite good11:43
*** jpetersen has quit IRC11:43
johnxRST38h, what, pocky or poky?11:44
*** Kegetys has quit IRC11:44
RST38hkohnx: porting modest to anything sounds almost like sabotage to me11:44
*** jsullivan_ has quit IRC11:44
hrwjohnx: OE recipes for maemo stuff are broken11:45
*** vik_ has joined #maemo11:45
hrwjohnx: poky/branches/experimental/meta-maemo/ has much better ones11:45
johnxhrw, great, I'll start there11:46
johnxRST38h, sabotage to OS2008 or modest? sorry, I'm confused11:46
*** florian__ is now known as florian11:46
*** huats has joined #maemo11:47
hrwjohnx: share recipe11:48
johnxhrw, for tinymail? it's pretty trivial, but I haven't tested it11:48
johnxfor modest, I'm still working through it's dependencies11:49
hrwjohnx: btw - Poky has claws-mail which can be used instead of modest11:49
johnxI know. but I prefer modest, and I figure it's a good test of a hildonized app11:49
RST38hjohnx: pocky11:50
johnxRST38h, is delicious11:50
RST38hjohnx: given how "well" modest works...11:50
rm_youjohnx: porting modest to any platform is kind of like sabotaging the platform you port it to :P11:50
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo11:50
johnxwhatever. it will improve and it beats the hell out of having to poke at tiny buttons with a stylus11:51
RST38hprobably true too...11:51
RST38hAlthough for me nothing beats pine11:51
johnxto each, his own11:51
rm_youmutt :P11:52
rm_youpine uses pico :/ eww11:52
RST38hpico is nice11:52
hrwRST38h: pine is not open11:52
johnxplain old mail ought to be enough for anyone!11:52
XTLiMutt sucks less, mostly11:52
RST38hgives you arrow buttons. does not try to be smart.11:52
hrwXTLi: but still suxx11:52
RST38hhrw: alpine is11:52
XTLiMm.. Mail with ed11:52
XTLihrw: ahs, ass11:53
hrwRST38h: I used pine then mutt then YAM (AmigaOS)11:53
RST38hhrw: and as a user I dont care how open it is11:53
rm_youmutt lets me mail with VIM. pure win :P11:53
hrwrm_you: pine can use vim too11:53
rm_youRST38h: maybe you should :/11:53
*** hellwolf-n800 has quit IRC11:53
XTLiRe: pine -- two letters should be enough: WU11:54
*** hellwolf-n800 has joined #maemo11:54
XTLiOr UW?11:54
hrwXTLi: indeed11:54
RST38hrm: my past experience shows that unless you work for a company looking to quickly ste^hreuse some code, openness does not matter11:54
XTLiI've seen too much closed stuff become dead and buried not to care about openness or freedom11:55
RST38hhappens, yes11:55
RST38hhappens to open sourced stuff too11:56
rm_youRST38h: as a user, using open software lets me know several things. for one, it isn't going to mysteriously lock itself unless I pay for it at some random point in the future. two, if development stops and it is orphaned, it can easily become maintained again in the future....11:56
XTLiWill be kind of interesting to see if Nokia can get past the Cobalt tarpit here11:56
rm_youthose two things alone guarantee i use nearly 100% open software, unless I am physically forced to use closed11:56
RST38hrm: well, not all closed source software locks itself or even requires you to pay11:56
hrwspeaking of openess... thats why I like Debian and its DFSG11:56
XTLiSometimes just RTFS is indispensable11:57
hrwif something is in Debian/main then I can hack it in any way as it has license which allows it11:57
RST38hrm: as to orphaned stuff, oss stuff gets orphaned as well11:57
rm_youbut if it is good software, it can easily be picked back up11:57
XTLiBy you or me even11:57
RST38hrm: you can of course pick up the support yourself11:57
XTLiI used tirc for ages, for example11:58
rm_youor request someone else to do it :P11:58
RST38hrm: but as you grow older you find out that it is theoretically possible but not practically feasible11:58
XTLiEventually dropped it to get multiple servers etc.11:58
XTLiBut irssi doesn't have vi input.11:59
*** guardian has joined #maemo11:59
*** vik has quit IRC11:59
XTLiOh! And open stuff can be ported11:59
XTLiNot just emukated (if you have that luxury)12:00
*** befr0d|N810 has joined #maemo12:00
XTLiTirc on Aix. There wouldn't have been a business case for that <312:00
johnxRST38h, if modest wasn't open I wouldn't even have a place to start with this project. (and yes, I know how you feel about modest...)12:01
*** t_s_o has quit IRC12:01
XTLiI've also been in several places where admins kept alive their own distros and custom DE's12:02
XTLiSeemed feasible for them12:02
XTLiBetter get out of this dead system reverie and back to this millennium.. ->Coffee12:04
*** guardian has quit IRC12:08
Khertan_TheRealabout modest ... someone can explain me why it doesn't get anything from my google imap account, don't display error message, and clicking on sync toolbar button ?12:09
Khertan_TheRealand clicking on sync toolbar button do nothing ?12:09
RST38hjohnx:  well, I kinda doubt the utility of porting modest, but guess you are right. you could write your own client though12:10
hrwtime for some new maemo bugs12:10
RST38hless broken than modest12:10
*** tbf has joined #maemo12:12
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo12:12
*** smancke has joined #maemo12:13
*** eichi has joined #maemo12:14
johnxyes, I could hypothetically write a whole mail client from scratch, or I could ya'know not reinvent the wheel12:14
*** scour- has joined #maemo12:15
Stskeepsstylus operated mutt ftw.12:15
hrw~curse libhildon for hardcoding MAEMO_CHANGES12:15
infobotMay the fleas of a thousand camels infest your most sensitive regions, libhildon for hardcoding MAEMO_CHANGES !12:15
hrw~curse libhildonfm too for hardcoding MAEMO_CHANGES12:16
infobotMay the fleas of a thousand camels infest your most sensitive regions, libhildonfm too for hardcoding MAEMO_CHANGES !12:16
RST38hjohnx: not that complicated unless you feel fanatical about imap support12:16
johnxyes, a client without imap is useless to me12:16
RST38himap is a bitch though - seriously bloated standard12:17
RST38hthey could have just used a networked file system instead12:17
johnxwhich is why I don't want to waste my own time working on it12:17
*** benh has quit IRC12:19
*** jsullivan has joined #maemo12:20
jott~curses GTK+ too for its MAEMO_CHANGES12:21
jott~curse GTK+ too for its MAEMO_CHANGES12:21
infobotMay you be reincarnated as a Windows XP administrator, GTK+ too for its MAEMO_CHANGES !12:21
Khertan_TheRealRST38h> Right ;) ... and concurrent access ?12:22
hrwjott: s/gtk+/maemo gtk+12:22
RST38hkhertan: to your mail folder?12:22
Khertan_TheRealyes :)12:23
RST38hwell, put cvs on top of it!:)12:23
Khertan_TheRealhum ... anyways ... imap protocol is not so bad, it s server implementation which is bad12:23
Khertan_TheRealRST38h > lol12:23
* jott eradicates gtk_window_set_is_temporary12:23
RST38hor just use old good locking12:23
aquatixRST38h: s/cvs/svn i hope? ;)12:24
XTLiIf rou already have a daemon watching, shouldn't be hard12:24
RST38haquatix: ohyess12:24
XTLi9p for everybody12:25
hrwjott: modest?12:26
* RST38h pleads Cthulhu to make Nokia produce successor to e7012:26
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo12:26
RST38hguess it wont work without a human sacrifice...12:26
XTLiYum yum12:27
jotthrw: advanced-backlight - it's necessary to make the status bar menu close properly.. :(12:27
*** vik__ has joined #maemo12:27
hrwjott: maemo...12:29
*** atul has joined #maemo12:29
johnxRST38h, the E70 looks pretty useful, but ugly as hell O_o12:30
RST38hjohnx: it is ugly but once you use it you cant go back12:31
RST38hthat is the main problem I am having - any other phone feels inadequate now12:31
johnxfair enough. I'd still like to see a phone in the same style as the zaurus 550012:32
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman12:35
*** minti has joined #maemo12:35
lardmanhi RST38h12:35
RST38hfound what caused that fps drop?12:38
lardmanno, haven't had a chance yet12:38
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo12:39
*** vik_ has quit IRC12:43
RST38hdoes fake university degree spam qualify as penis extension12:45
*** mbuf has joined #maemo12:46
*** guaka has joined #maemo12:46
*** atlas95 has quit IRC12:46
*** rmrfchik has joined #maemo12:49
johnxok, just tried my libtinymail wanted to include /home/pvanhoof/personal.h ... WTF?12:49
pvanhoofeuh? that should have been removed almost 1.5 years ago12:50
johnxaaah...I think I pulled the wrong SRCREV12:50
johnxmy bad12:50
pvanhoofyeah, quite likely :)12:50
johnxthanks for the quick response. sorry to bother you12:51
pvanhoofThat was code that was put there I think 1 month after the first line was written12:51
pvanhoofSo .. you are working with tinymail pre pre pre pre pre alpha pre pre alhpa pre pre pre 112:51
johnxright, I think I'll switch to grabbing the latest, like I intended to originally :)12:51
rmrfchikHi, I'm newbie with n810 :)12:52
johnxhi rmrfchik12:52
rmrfchikI've configured usb-networking to my linux box, but application manager want to connect to wifi/bt.12:53
rmrfchikis there way to make manager to use my proxy on linux box over usb network?12:53
johnxyeah, I think I heard of something called dummyiap, but I'm not sure if that's still "the right way" to do this12:54
rmrfchik"Connections" in control panel listed "USB" (along with wifi/bt) and allow to configure the proxy, but "Connections" in applet only listed wifi/bt :(12:55
johnxmaybe look here:
rmrfchikis there Diable changelog available?12:56
johnxcan anyone say whether USB networking is working ok in diablo?12:56
johnxrm_you, not so much a changelog, but there is a list of changed packages12:56
johnxsorry rm_you :P12:56
rmrfchikdo not rm me!12:57
rmrfchikjohnx: usb networking is working (at least ping)12:57
* Khertan_TheReal pray Hermès for a working modest with google imap gmail ...12:58
johnxKhertan_TheReal, uhm, what's wrong with it right now?12:58
Khertan_TheRealdon't know :)12:58
X-FadeKhertan_TheReal: Works for me?12:58
Khertan_TheRealno sync, no errors12:58
Khertan_TheRealno emails12:58
johnxworks here except when modest decides to sit there at 100%CPU12:59
X-Fadejohnx: yeah, and that ;)12:59
Khertan_TheRealhum :)12:59
johnxI'm beginning to think it's related to offline mode12:59
Khertan_TheRealit have work before on chinook12:59
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC12:59
Khertan_TheRealand since diablo ... nothing12:59
Khertan_TheRealsync toolbar button show a progress bar which disapear the micro seconde later13:00
Khertan_TheReal(no restore from backup)13:00
Khertan_TheRealhow can i launch it from xterm to see maybe some error ?13:01
Khertan_TheRealTHX A LOT JOHNX !13:03
Khertan_TheReali ve just made a stupid try ...13:03
Khertan_TheRealgoing to offline ... and launch sync13:03
Khertan_TheRealand it s work ...13:03
lardmanWhere are people staying in Berlin?13:03
Khertan_TheRealbut if i launch sync and i m already connected, no sync is made !13:03
Khertan_TheRealgreat !13:04
johnxKhertan_TheReal, my reference to offline mode was about modest using 100% CPU but I'm glad it works for you13:04
*** red-zack has joined #maemo13:04
Khertan_TheRealyes i now it was for that ... but i want to see it eating cpu :)13:05
Khertan_TheRealand instead of that i see it asking for connection and retrieving mail !13:05
Khertan_TheRealmodest, the unexpected action generator software13:06
*** zap has joined #maemo13:09
*** rwhitby has joined #maemo13:10
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo13:15
*** Atarii has joined #maemo13:17
*** guardian has joined #maemo13:18
rm_youAtarii: yo?13:20
lbt  :D13:21
hrwalso xournal update13:23
hrwmaybe this time it will run13:23
rm_youwow lots of deps, lbt13:23
*** guardian has joined #maemo13:24
hrwfinally Xournal which works13:24
rm_youk... doesn'tappear to run?13:25
lbtshould dep on the gtk C++ libs13:25
lbtrm_you: can you try from cmd line and see what libs it fails to load?13:25
rm_youNezumi:~# shopper13:26
rm_youshopper: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:26
rm_youNezumi:~# ls /usr/lib/*13:26
rm_you/usr/lib/      /usr/lib/
rm_youi can symlink it in13:26
rm_youk, now it is asking me to open a file13:26
lbtI need a virgin tablet image...13:26
hrwlbt: then fetch it from nokia13:27
lbtpress cancel if you didn't get the sample13:27
rm_youooo, cheese! :P13:27
lbtspecially for you ;)13:27
hrwrm_you: hildon icons in adv-bl are nice13:27
hrwrm_you: but I stay with default ones13:27
Khertan_TheRealthere is a unnamed application on in fresh section : '(updated 2008-07-16 21:09 UTC) '13:28
jotthrw: credits go to qos :)13:28
rm_youyeah, qos was nice enough to donate that set :P13:28
rm_youI really hope to push 0.13-7 today >_<13:29
rm_youso many cool improvements13:29
rm_youlbt: cool :P13:29
jottlbt: barcode scanner support would be nice ;)13:29
rm_youlbt: it is in dire need of some usability improvements, tho :P13:30
rm_youalways more work :P13:30
X-FadeKhertan_TheReal: lol, nice ;) I'll check what happened.13:30
lbtsuggestions really appreciated though...13:30
rm_youyeah... i could possibly compile a list of usability improvements to the GUI, but it would all just be personal preference >_>13:31
Khertan_TheRealX-Fade :)13:31
rm_youalso, aren't I the enemy? :P13:31
* rm_you is developing PyShop on the side :)13:31
Khertan_TheRealPyShop ?13:32
*** darkterror46 has joined #maemo13:32
rm_youShopping list utility :P13:32
*** darkterror46 has quit IRC13:32
rm_youalso, and I believe this is THE best part... It sounds like Pie Shop :P13:32
aquatixhmmm... pie13:33
* jott needs to get some food now ....13:33
*** darkterror46 has joined #maemo13:33
* Khertan_TheReal i ve suspended mCalendar dev as i m focusing on a new version of PyPackager due to extras diablo repository limitations13:33
lbtok - l8r :)13:34
timelyKhertan_TheReal: are these bugs in diablo-extras, or features?13:34
Khertan_TheRealthis is no bug ... but as pypackager source package don't create source package that can be rebuild with dpkg-buildpackage13:35
Khertan_TheRealand scp upload can't be done since the new diablo repo :)13:35
*** __t has joined #maemo13:36
Khertan_TheRealgoing to eat ...13:36
Khertan_TheRealsee u later13:36
*** pcfe has quit IRC13:37
*** micko_21 has joined #maemo13:37
zaprm_you: good idea, I always forget what my wife told me to buy 'till I get to shop13:38
Atariirm_you: 13-5? that jumped up quickly!13:38
rm_youzap: for now you can check out lbt's port of zaurus Shopper ;P13:40
rm_youzap: or multilist is also good13:40
rm_youAtarii: purge, install, test, reboot, test :P13:40
* jott want barcode support for shopping lists :P13:41
hrwand barcode scanner?13:42
Atariiooo reboot then test, this sounds promising!13:42
micko_21Hello, I upgraded my N810 to diablo, and installeg a-gps. How this a-gps application is supposed to work? Should I click on a point, or does it find the location by itself? And what is needed then? Any link to the source code of a-gps?13:42
*** ddenis has quit IRC13:42
* Khertan_TheReal want something like this for maemo with a stylus free interface :
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo13:43
jotthrw: camera should do fine13:43
hrwmicko_21: run, click on point. net connection is needed. no sources13:44
rm_youjott: doing some image recognition work would be fun13:45
rm_youI have been reconsidering that morse code application we were joking about :P13:45
micko_21So, is it possible to zoom-in the window? It is hard to click the exact pixel ;(13:45
*** ddenis has joined #maemo13:45
jottrm_you: ;)13:46
jottrm_you: would be a really funny app indeed ;)13:46
rm_youas if I don't already have enough projects13:46
hrwmicko_21: no zoom, ~300km location is given13:46
jottrm_you: you could start porting this to c/c++ ;)13:47
rm_youwell, if I do get accepted for the summit, I will start work on it so we can communicate across the rooms and make fun of people in morse code :P13:47
micko_21And should I do it before i start my internal gps? (by running maemo-mapper for example)? Or after?13:47
*** pcfe has joined #maemo13:47
rm_youheh, well I *do* know Java, so at least I will be able to properly interpret the code as it is now :P13:47
aquatixmicko_21: the idea is before13:47
aquatixmicko_21: so the gps knows which satellites it will have to look for13:48
micko_21OK, and do I have any indication that a-gps really worked, or did something?13:48
aquatixa faster gps fix13:48
rm_youoh, porting this barcode reader could be very good13:49
micko_21Yeah, but no sign of it in a-gps?13:49
rm_youjohnx: you could finally scan all those barcode things that are everywhere, with your n800! :P13:49
XTLiLook for monsters13:49
aquatixmicko_21: a-gps is `assisted gps', it will give the gps a clue about where you are located13:50
johnxrm_you, :P13:50
rm_youjohnx: and it could load the browser automatically even :P13:50
johnxrm_you, it needs to load a translating dictionary too13:50
micko_21aquatix: yes, I know the idea of assisted gps, just wanted to know what to expect from the application itself.13:51
lardmanrm_you: I've started on a barcode reader13:51
*** Atarii` has joined #maemo13:51
rm_youlardman: with the camera?13:51
lardmannot using Java though, uurgh13:51
rm_youright we would have to port this13:51
rm_youdo you have a garage page?13:51
johnxrm_you, uhm, I thought I already saw a shopping list app, if you're interested13:51
rm_youjohnx: multilist / Shopper13:51
lardmanno, I've not produced anything other than the example_camera app pretty much13:52
rm_youah :/13:52
lardmanI'm porting my MATLAB 1D decoder to C13:52
lardmannearly done13:52
rm_youjohnx: i currently use multilist, it works nicely13:52
lardmanbut been busy with other things, like SBC ;)13:52
jottlardman: ah nice with EAN support? ;)13:52
rm_youI just wanted a python project :P been doing too much C13:52
*** lcuk_zzz is now known as lcuk13:52
jottlardman: how good does your matlab code work?13:52
*** lcuk is now known as lcuk_work13:53
lardmanrm_you: I don't want to have to write a 2D decoder, not immediately anyway, and there are working C decoders about13:53
jott(and have you tested the zxing btw)13:53
lardmanjott: dunno yet ;)13:53
lardmanjott: that's Java13:53
lardmanjott: MATLAB works on clean-ish images anyway13:53
lardmanjott: I've not tested the boundaries, but I can't see it being very hard13:53
lcuk_worklardman, is the matlab code your own undertaking or an algo already there13:54
rm_youisn't MATLAB for solving math equations in a pseudo-programming environment? >_>13:54
lardmanlcuk_work: I wrote it13:54
jottlardman: so? would not run great on the device but to test it on the desktop and compare recognition rate ...13:54
lcuk_work:D wicked13:54
jottrm_you: matlab is great for computer vision13:54
lardmanlcuk_work: looks like it's a pretty standard approach though, after looking at zxing, etc.13:54
jottatleast for prototyping13:54
* lcuk_work wrote a mountain and valley scanniong algo in basic on a 28613:54
atulHi when I trying to ssh in to N810 it is giving me this Error "Permission denied (publickey,password)" How to resolve this ?13:54
rm_youonly seen it used in math classes in our compsci department13:54
rm_youi started thinking of it as "MAThLAB"13:55
lardmanShall we create a project then?13:55
*** befr0d_ has quit IRC13:55
jotti only used it a digital image processing course ;)13:55
lcuk_worklardman, does orientation matter or is it free13:55
*** befr0d_ has joined #maemo13:55
lardmanas long as you can draw a line across the 1D barcode and get every line in, it doesn't matter13:55
micko_21One more question: The "Preferred connection" in a-gps settings gives only option of my GSM carrier. The wifi connection cannot be "preferred" here, right? Is it getting some info from BTS?13:55
lcuk_worknice then.13:56
lardmanlcuk_work: so partially-diagonal is fine, it just slightly increases the width of the lines (b & w) so no issue13:56
lardmanlcuk_work: with a bit more effort it could scan them in any arbitrary direction, I've just not bothered as the MATLAB was proof of concept13:57
jottlardman: is it affine invariant?13:57
lcuk_workbest way to start with everything13:57
micko_21atul: you probably changed your keys. Remove the N810's entry from ~/.ssh/known_hosts (or equivalent)13:57
lcuk_workjott, he just answered that13:58
atulmicko_21: ok Thanks am trying the same ! Thanks for reply13:58
* lcuk_work performas an affine transformation on the cows13:58
lardmanjott: probably not, but presumably as you change the angle of the camera wrt the barcode, you'll go out of focus anyway13:58
*** hellwolf-n800 has quit IRC13:58
lcuk_workwho wants sandwiches? im goin across the road13:59
jottme! me! me!13:59
darkterror46debian support really suxs13:59
lcuk_work:D ok, back later - ill bring you bacon13:59
darkterror46bye lcuk_work14:00
atulmicko_21: I removed keys using this command "sudo rm -rf ~/.ssh/known_hosts"14:00
atulIs it right14:00
aquatixlcuk_work: please get me some14:00
*** ddenis has quit IRC14:01
jottlardman: a lightweight barcode decoder library in c would be really great..14:01
micko_21not really.... I just edit this file with vi and delete just one line. But deleting it entirely isn't that harmful - you will be asked to accept keys for all ssh servers...14:01
lardmanjott: I can stick the code up later on today if people are interested14:01
darkterror46jott just lib?14:01
darkterror46using std c?14:02
micko_21speaking of barcodes... 2D codes (like QR-code) would be really cool ;)14:02
darkterror46no gtk stuff?14:02
lardmanyeah, there are some libraries out there which do that14:02
jottdarkterror46: no, by all means this would be bad..14:02
jottthe application using the lib can use gtk though..14:03
lardman is some old code, I've converted more since then14:03
jottlardman: i never found one supporting EAN in a relaible fashion :/ most are for 2D-codes14:03
darkterror46i was just talking about the barcodo lib14:03
atulmicko_21: Yes I think I did big mistake14:04
jottlardman: thanks14:04
darkterror46someone did a barcode reader for android using the camera14:04
lardmanjott: I'll be heading home for some lunch in an hour or so, I'll freshen that link then14:04
jottdarkterror46: yeah that's probably the zxing i linked earlier ;)14:04
lardmandarkterror46: yes, that's what we're talking about14:04
jottyeah i need some lunch too14:04
darkterror46aahhhh :)14:04
darkterror46just a petty n810 doesn't have a camera in the backside14:05
*** guardian has quit IRC14:06
*** Atarii has quit IRC14:08
jottdarkterror46: yeah we would have to use audio feedback like a cash register *beep* ;)14:08
crashanddieatul, what big mistake ?14:10
atulcrashanddie:  I removed keys using this command "sudo rm -rf ~/.ssh/known_hosts"14:11
lardmanmight want to turn the screen brightness up full when taking the shot too14:11
crashanddieatul, and ?14:11
lcuk_workif(user==jott){ barcode.range="Lingerie"; }14:11
crashanddieatul, you didn't do a lot, really14:11
atulcrashanddie: when I trying to ssh in to N810 it is giving me this Error "Permission denied (publickey,password)" To resolve this I remove14:11
lardmanthat camera example is too slow atm though, very laggy, lcuk suggested it's because the res is set too high atm14:11
lcuk_workyes it is14:12
crashanddieatul, first of all, you don't use sudo when you try to remove something in *your* directory. It's yours, why use super user to remove it ? Very dangerous behaviour14:12
jott320x200 should actually be fine if you are near the code i guess..14:12
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk14:13
* jott is afk too14:13
lcuk_workalso, when its that high and slow focusing is a problem14:13
lcuk_workit smears14:13
lcuk_workcrashanddie, any more word on your housing14:13
atulcrashanddie: Now can you guide me how to fix this problem14:13
crashanddieatul, second, known_hosts is only a dump of all the hosts you've ssh'd into. In other words, it is a security check, in order to "see" if a host changes its identifier (happens when you reinstall a system, or when an attacker tries to do a man-in-the-middle attack)14:14
crashanddieatul, removing ~/.ssh/known_hosts should not have impacted your ability to SSH in *any* way14:14
micko_21atul: does your ssh work now?14:14
atulmicko_21: No14:15
atulcrashanddie: ok14:15
crashanddieatul, how does the problem appear ?14:15
crashanddieatul, when you try to ssh into your computer from the NIT, or from the computer to your NIT14:15
atulcrashanddie: when I trying to ssh in to N810 it is giving me this Error "Permission denied (publickey,password)" To resolve this I remove14:15
*** avs has quit IRC14:15
micko_21do "ssh -v yourhost". And are you sure the password is correct?14:16
crashanddiemicko_21, it's a keying problem14:16
timelyinfobot capture-root?14:16
infobotfrom memory, capture-root is
timelycrashanddie: why doesn't he just use capture-root ...14:16
crashanddietimely, dunno, wouldn't even know what capture-root is14:17
crashanddieatul, ok, I'm going to need a bit of information14:17
rm_you>_> anyways, sleep time. later14:17
atulcrashanddie: ok14:17
darkterror46atul: maybe your target as some security configuration that requires a public key14:17
johnx'night rm_you14:17
micko_21Description: Copies SSH authorized keys from user to root  This package copies your /home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys file to  /root/.ssh/authorized_keys at *installation* time (postinst).  .  This is used to enable ssh root@localhost.14:18
atuldarkterror46: But previouslly it was working just device Ip get change14:18
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC14:18
micko_21(taken from
darkterror46can ou connect from another machine?14:18
crashanddieatul, first of all, what are you trying to do, ssh user@IP, or ssh root@IP ?14:18
atulcrashanddie: ssh user@IP14:19
crashanddieatul, ok, you might want to do ssh root@IP14:19
atulcrashanddie: yes14:19
timelyatul: where are you coming from? a desktop?14:19
timelydo you have /home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys ?14:19
crashanddieatul, considering user doesn't have a password by default, and you don't appear to have any authorized_keys file14:19
Khertan_TheReali m back14:20
crashanddieSSH is american14:20
timelyatul: desktop:~/.ssh/authorized_keys using usb to device:~/.ssh/14:20
micko_21right, I always do ssh root@n81014:20
timelycrashanddie: did i typo?14:20
crashanddietimely, what the hell was that supposed to me ?14:21
*** lopz has joined #maemo14:21
timelyhrm, i probably lost "copy" at the beginning of my line to atul :)14:21
Khertan_TheRealsommeone have try to install rtcomm beta on diablo ?14:21
timelyin my defense, i haven't slept or eaten recently14:21
crashanddietimely, yeah, it would be "copy ~/.ssh/ using usb to device:~/.ssh/authorized_keys14:21
lcuk_worktsk tsk timely14:21
* lcuk_work emails timely some bacon14:22
timelylcuk_work: not kosher14:22
crashanddielcuk_work, no, no new news on the housing14:22
timelybut the thought is appreciated14:22
* lcuk_work emails timely some kosher food stamps - you can get your own14:23
timelyheh, thanks :)14:23
crashanddiekosher, that's jewish, right (sorry, I suck at religion)14:23
crashanddieno pun intended14:23
timelypoorly asked, but essentially yes14:23
timely(thinking, that's human, right?)14:24
crashanddiewhat's the difference between kosher and halal then ?14:25
crashanddieis there a difference ?14:25
timelyhalal says no wine, and kosher says don't mix dairy w/ meat14:25
timelyat least, that's the short answer14:25
timelythe long answer is a bit longer :)14:25
XTLiWikipedia has fair articles on those iirc14:25
lcuk_workno wine?? how do they run microsoft programs?14:25
XTLiAnd for many religions14:25
crashanddielcuk_work, they run windows14:26
timelylcuk_work: same way most eastern societies do, just install windows from some random disk :)14:26
timely(please don't kill me now)14:26
lcuk_workthats the same as western countries as well ;)14:26
crashanddietimely, isn't that the whole world ? :P14:26
* johnx finds a random disk and attempts to install windows on timely...14:26
timelyno, in the rest of the world, the computers come w/ it preinstalled14:26
lcuk_workif you go east far enough you arrive back where you started :)14:27
timelyand you pay a tax for it with delivery14:27
crashanddientfs_resize <314:27
lcuk_workso eastern countries dont want AOL offers, or dell support or free antivirus?14:28
aquatixtimely: quite a huge tax indeed14:28
Khertan_TheRealand an other one because it s preinstalled ...14:28
aquatixlcuk_work: `free' antivirus14:28
timelylcuk_work: i don't think aol pays shipping for free offers14:28
timelykinda expensive :)14:28
Khertan_TheRealand you must bye an other copy if you need to reinstall it as you don't have install cd14:28
timelybye :)14:28
crashanddieI bye copies all the time :P14:29
crashanddie(copies of windows, that is14:29
micko_21Back to maemo ;) Do you (or know anybody who) use other linux distro than debian/ubuntu for maemo development?14:29
aquatixbyebye ;)14:29
Khertan_TheRealmicko_21> i use maemo :)14:30
aquatixmicko_21: there are other distro's?14:30
* aquatix ducks14:30
crashanddieIRC, or how to go from kosher to illegal windows and AOL bashing14:30
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo14:30
aquatixcrashanddie: and back to maemo linux hacking again14:30
johnxmicko_21, do you mean developing for maemo with scratchbox?14:30
*** Atarii` has quit IRC14:30
lcuk_workAOL bashing is a sport whichever country/religion/organisation/gender/race you are14:30
crashanddieaquatix, kubuntu, edubuntu, xubuntu14:30
aquatixcrashanddie: *g*14:30
lcuk_workits a universal constant14:30
micko_21Khertan: so you are programming in python, I assume?14:30
johnxI think someone used fedora and scratchbox, but I don't remember who...14:31
Khertan_TheRealmicko_21 > yes :)14:31
crashanddie~wtf *g*14:31
infobotusage: wtf <foo>.14:31
lcuk_workhe sits inside a big snake every day14:31
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman14:31
aquatixcrashanddie: sounds like `gee', from *grin*14:31
aquatixfyi ;)14:31
*** corq-FL has quit IRC14:32
Khertan_TheRealmicko_21 > but you can use windows if u want ... but with vmware :)14:32
crashanddiemicko_21, someone wrote a shell script in order to get scratbox onch any .rpm based distro14:32
lcuk_work86 minutes until torture14:32
aquatixlcuk_work: ?14:33
micko_21I tried to develop on archlinux, but getting scratchbox to work is really a pain... Do you know any LiveCD with all that is needed for maemo development? And no, I am not interested in vmplayer, and I dont't use windows...14:33
aquatixmicko_21: build one with morphix?14:33
lcuk_worki have an appointment in a torture chamber in about an hour and a half14:33
lcuk_workand im not looking forward to it14:33
crashanddielcuk_work, then I'd be guessing the wait is part of torture14:33
hrwmicko_21: grab vmware image with maemo sdk14:33
aquatixlcuk_work: dentist? ;)14:33
hrwmicko_21: easiest I think14:33
lcuk_workaquatix, mmm :(14:34
*** scour- has quit IRC14:34
micko_21hrw: I would prefer the native speed of linux instead of vmware emulation :(14:34
Khertan_TheReali ve error with application manager on all catalog saying it can't resilve ... and all other repository ...14:34
Khertan_TheRealbut if i apt-get update from xterm14:34
Khertan_TheRealall work fine14:34
lcuk_workmicko_21, to get you started and learn what the niggly bits are, use the vmware.14:34
crashanddieKhertan_TheReal, because doesn't exist ?14:35
lcuk_workonce you understand how it slots together put it on your native system14:35
Khertan_TheReal(with a warning on tableteer repository)14:35
lcuk_workalways easier to get to install something after seeing it work somewhere else14:35
lcuk_workhi hrw btw14:36
Khertan_TheRealhum ... this ip is false ...14:36
micko_21lcuk_work: after many days I finnaly installed xubuntu to my spare partition, and found it to be the best solution... (But still I would prever LiveCD/LiveUSB).14:36
Khertan_TheRealwhy application manager use this one14:36
infobotmicko_21 meant: lcuk_work: after many days I finally installed xubuntu to my spare partition, and found it to be the best solution... (But still I would prever LiveCD/LiveUSB).14:37
Khertan_TheRealputain ! this is orange which filter data connection !14:37
*** herzi has joined #maemo14:37
*** scour- has joined #maemo14:37
lcuk_workhi hrw btwbut if you arent sure how scratchbox sits within a linux isntallation, then get to know it for a few days by trying vmware14:37
Khertan_TheRealbut it s work with apt-get update14:38
lcuk_workffs @ upkey14:38
Khertan_TheRealso this is something else14:38
lcuk_workheh: when software wont install: isntallation,14:38
*** lopz has quit IRC14:39
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC14:40
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo14:40
lcuk_workanyway, bbl14:41
*** eocanha has quit IRC14:42
*** lardman is now known as lardman|lunch14:44
*** zap has quit IRC14:44
*** zap has joined #maemo14:47
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo14:48
*** lopz has joined #maemo14:50
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo14:50
hrwlcuk_work: maybe, but I prefer to not populate my host system with scratchbox stuff14:53
lcuk_worklol hrw, i wasnt directing that at you (you know plenty about how it all fits together) i was trying to backup what you said about vmware being a simple entrance.  once the guy understands how it works he can put it on his main system14:55
XTLiHow about usermode linux14:56
hrwXTLi: I prefer virtualbox as it is simple to use14:56
hrw~curse h-a-m14:56
infobotMay the fleas of a thousand camels infest your most sensitive regions, h-a-m !14:56
XTLiHaven't looked at that yet14:56
* lcuk_work gets confused by all the recursion14:57
|t_s_o|hey lcuk_work, know if timeless found anything interesting?14:57
*** eichi has quit IRC14:57
*** |t_s_o| is now known as t_s_o14:57
lcuk_work|t_s_o|, i know even less that you14:57
XTLiI thought it would mbe much more intrusive and/or heavy14:57
micko_21I know how things work (I did install SDK last year), it is just too much work (with another partition), and too much overhead (with vmware) for me, so I wondered what others are using... And why there is no LiveCD/LiveUSB ;)14:58
*** pupnik has quit IRC14:58
hrwmicko_21: which other partition? I use disk images14:59
*** lardman has joined #maemo14:59
micko_21hrw: I just wrote that I have created a new partition for completely new xubuntu, and found it as the best solution for me...14:59
XTLi<3 LVM14:59
*** eichi has joined #maemo15:00
micko_21I had problems with qemu, and vmware was too slow for me...15:00
lardmanjott: updated the code15:00
lardmanjott: I'm still only about 1/2 way through converting it (untested, so probably lots of errors)15:01
*** whycode has joined #maemo15:01
*** krau has quit IRC15:01
*** guardian has joined #maemo15:02
*** whycode has left #maemo15:05
*** guardian has quit IRC15:08
lardmanRight, I've just submitted a Garage project proposal for maemo-barcode15:08
*** SDuensin has quit IRC15:10
*** XTLi has left #maemo15:10
lcuk_worklardman, does it scan your test cases?15:15
lcuk_workcrap, customers, back later15:15
*** m-c has joined #maemo15:15
lardmanlcuk_work: no, the barcode recognition code is not ported to C yet15:16
*** douwen has joined #maemo15:16
lardmanlcuk_work: Using MATLAB it scans ISBN numbers for test cases (jpegs downloaded from the interweb)15:16
*** whycode has joined #maemo15:16
*** andre___ has joined #maemo15:20
*** hellwolf-n800 has joined #maemo15:21
dnearylardman: I saw a thing from the author of the Delicious Library (do you know it?) where he talks about doing a very dumb barcode scanner15:21
*** smyows has joined #maemo15:21
smyowshi all15:22
lardmandneary: no, I'll Google now though15:22
dnearylardman: He took 1d splines from a 2d photo, and tried to parse them as a barcode using a very basic algorithm. If the algo gave a "might be a barcode" match, he did something quicker15:22
dnearyResult was that whereas a 2d analysis was taking 2 - 3 seconds, he got his scan time + feedback down to under 0.1 seconds15:23
lardmanmy analysis is 1D atm, simply a line scan across; should be pretty quick15:23
smyowspidgin is not available to diablo?15:24
lardmanpg5 for those reading15:25
*** setanta has joined #maemo15:25
*** luck^ has joined #maemo15:26
johnxsmyows, did you try the chinook version?15:26
smyowsjohnx, sorry i'm new user how do this15:26
*** MikaT has joined #maemo15:26
lardmandneary: I'll get the 1D code working in C and see how fast it is, but I hope it will be able to run in real time as frames are delivered15:26
smyowson os2007 works installation from maemo site, but os2008 not15:27
johnxsmyows, application manager -> tools -> catalogs, select maemo extras, click edit, put "chinook diablo" in the distribution field, and save/close15:28
*** eichi has quit IRC15:28
*** setanta has joined #maemo15:28
lardmandneary: looking forward, being able to do quick perhaps/no decisions on the 2D barcodes would allow near-realtime scanning15:28
*** setanta has quit IRC15:29
*** setanta has joined #maemo15:30
smyowslet me see :)15:31
*** zwnj has joined #maemo15:31
dnearyAh - here's the story of the scan thing:
lardmanI started that barcode decoder as I wanted a quick way of cataloguing my books :)15:33
*** boolean has joined #maemo15:33
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo15:34
*** setanta has quit IRC15:35
*** Sargun has quit IRC15:35
lardmanyes, I like his thinking, do it fast then you can do it repeatedly until the user gets the position/lighting/etc. right15:35
smyowsit's possible to plug usb modem 3g at n800?15:36
johnxsmyows, only if the modem takes less than 100mA15:37
*** setanta has joined #maemo15:37
jotthm looks like this delicious library just uses some static scanlines which you have to align the code to..?!15:37
JaffaInteresting fact I just learnt from the summit attendance list (now up to 68! woohoo!): gnuite works at Google; I wonder if that makes Maemo Mapper's use of the map data more official :)15:37
johnxif you have one already it's worth a try, if you're thinking about buying one make sure you can try it first and return it if it doesn't work15:37
lardmanjott: seems fair enough15:38
lardmanJaffa: that's interesting15:38
*** guardian has joined #maemo15:39
smyowshow i see if my modem is less than 100mA?15:39
smyowssorry my bad english15:39
johnxsmyows, if you already have it, just plug it in and see if it is detected15:39
johnxit won't hurt the modem or the n80015:40
smyowsokay, i need to buy adapter before15:40
*** guardian has quit IRC15:42
*** whycode has left #maemo15:42
jottlardman: yes, it's a bit harder on the n810 though because of the camera orientation...15:42
johnxjott, it's the same problem with delicious library on the mac but it doesn't seem to be too difficult to use15:42
jottjohnx: but you can see the camera image on the mac ;)15:43
johnxaaah, you're not going to display the image you're capturing?15:43
*** befr0d|N810 has quit IRC15:43
*** befr0d|N810 has joined #maemo15:43
*** __t has quit IRC15:43
lardmanjott: true, if it can be done very quickly then just bleeping when it's been recognised will be ok, and we can hope the next tablet has cameras facing both ways...!15:43
jottwell, the camera on the n810 is just  front oriented.. on the n800 it's much easier15:44
jottlardman: yeah15:44
jotti guess for start this approach would be sufficient..15:44
smyowsjohnx, os2008 do not have usbserial module?15:44
johnxsmyows, you'll need to find it somewhere or compile it15:44
jottmaybe one could even do some randomzied angles if the speed is high enough15:44
lardmanX-Fade: thanks for the quick turn around on the project :)15:45
*** vik__ has quit IRC15:45
johnxsmyows, you might want to search on for info about 3G modems15:45
*** vik__ has joined #maemo15:45
*** guardian has joined #maemo15:45
jottlardman: could you also put up the raw matlab code please, i guess it's easier to read than the c translation ;)15:46
lardmanjott: yeah, that's my C for you ;)15:46
smyowsjohnx, thks i found usbserial but do not accept vendor or product id oO15:46
jotthas anyone actually tried using something like opencv on the tablets?15:47
zaplardman: do you use any of the opensource barcode recognition libs as basis? Or it's a ground-up project?15:47
lardmanzap: ground up15:48
lardmanzap: they appear to use similar methods though, not that many ways to do it after all15:48
zapI've seen some libs in Java for this15:48
zapare you going to recognize 1D or 2D barcodes too?15:49
lardmanlcuk_work: you about?15:49
lardmanzap: 1D in the first instance (I did it for fun), am quite happy to use external libs for the whole lot (not Java though if poss!)15:50
lardmanzap: would be good to be able to do any barcode in the end though :)15:50
smyowsjohnx, so, if i buy a hub with external power supply works my usb modem 3g if it have more than 100mA?15:51
johnxyes, I think that will work15:51
lcuk_worknot really lardman, just about to go into the torture chamber15:51
johnxbut that's a lot to carry :)15:51
lcuk_workat least my code is online15:52
lardmanlcuk_work: np15:52
smyowshere in Brazil do not have wimax15:52
smyowsonly 3g15:52
johnxsmyows, no place has wimax yet :)15:52
*** geaaru has quit IRC15:52
lcuk_workill b possibly back afterwards15:52
lcuk_work~lart evil dentists15:52
* infobot runs at evil dentists with an origami Swiss Army knife, and inflicts a nasty paper cut15:52
smyowsxD right15:52
lardmanlcuk_work: yow, good luck15:53
lardman~lart Gnome15:54
* infobot lowers Gnome's priority15:54
johnxthat might help, actually15:54
* johnx has made his peace with gnome15:55
*** geaaru has joined #maemo15:55
*** Atarii has joined #maemo15:55
Atariirm_you: don't think 13-5 is doing anything for the brightness15:56
jottAtarii: what do you mean?15:56
lardmanwhat does "svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/svn/maemo-barcode'" mean?15:56
lardmannot setup yet?15:56
jottiirc missing repository/wrong path15:56
lardmanok, it probably takes some time to setup the svn then15:57
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo15:57
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo15:57
*** m-c has quit IRC15:57
lardmannp, will import the files later15:57
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo15:57
*** guardian has joined #maemo15:58
lardmanjott: I've uploaded the MATALB code too15:58
jottsweet thanks..15:58
jottah with references ;)15:58
lardmanextravagant use of arrays of course (mainly for debugging), should be able to pare that down for the C code15:59
lardmanan even some comments ;)15:59
jottyeah c is just not meant for nice and readable math code ;)15:59
derf"Nice readable math" and "code" are contradictions.16:00
*** guardian has quit IRC16:00
lardmantrue :)16:00
derfMath becomes nice and readable by being able to leave out huge globs of details.16:00
jottderf: well c is an particularly bad example ;)16:00
johnxall hail scheme! :D16:01
derfIt could be worse.16:01
lbtperl kicks scheme's ass16:01
jottwell it can almost always be worse..16:01
derfYou could be using the C port of LAPACK.16:01
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:02
lardmanjott: anyway, please do join maemo-barcode and get hacking16:02
*** jpetersen1 has quit IRC16:02
lardmanand anyone else who's interested16:02
derfFORTRAN array indexing and calling conventions and incomprehensible function names, but in C!16:02
lardmanderf: my nice code? ;)16:02
derflardman: Now, if you could get it to decode those Japanese cell phone blocks, I might be interested.16:03
lardmanI would like to do that next, could do with a working app for 1D codes at least to keep motivation high though16:03
jott1d allows much easier and faster processing :)16:03
derfSince my actual Japanese cell phone is too old to have a decoder for them.16:03
lardmanare they the QR ones?16:04
lardmanno source for that is there16:04
derfI have no idea.16:04
*** lopz has quit IRC16:04
lardmanI've looked into it, would be interesting to take a crack at16:04
derfIt seems like it would be a lot easier to buy a new phone.16:04
lardmanthat's boring though :)16:05
johnxQR codes sounds right16:05
lardmanin the same way it would have been easier for me to buy a barcode scanner than write the code16:05
derfYes, Google agrees with QR codes.16:05
johnxI can send samples :)16:05
derflardman: But that's extra crap to carry around.16:05
lardmanderf: yeah, and cables16:06
lardmanjohnx: let's not jump the gun ;)16:06
* johnx jumps the gun16:06
derfN810+keitai is already a lot.16:06
lardmanWe get lots of datamatrix codes over here, and there is a library or two to decode those16:06
*** lopz has joined #maemo16:06
johnxderf, you need bigger pockets16:06
lardmanstacked 1D codes would also be useful16:07
derfOh, plus BT GPS.16:07
lardmanjott: added, will create the SVN repo this evening, hopefully the server will be setup by then16:07
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo16:08
jottyes, nice.16:08
lardmanback to work, bbiab16:09
*** lardman has quit IRC16:09
*** Tuco1 has joined #maemo16:09
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC16:11
derfThere's an ISO standard specification for QR codes.16:11
*** atul has quit IRC16:12
*** draco_ has joined #maemo16:13
derfAnd Denso Wave claims they won't exercise their patent on it (whatever that claim is worth).16:13
johnxfrom a Japanese company I might actually believe it16:14
Khertan_TheRealderf > but there is other same looking barcode which is also ISO standard ... datamatrix is iso standard too :)16:14
derfKhertan_TheReal: I'm not the one making the codes, so I don't get to decide which standard is used.16:15
derfI was just trying to figure out if I'd get sued for writing a decoder.16:16
derfSomeone else can write the ISO 16022 decoder.16:16
*** Dar has quit IRC16:20
*** florian has quit IRC16:20
*** florian has joined #maemo16:23
*** matt_c has quit IRC16:24
johnxgah! finally passed configure on libtinymail16:25
*** wms has joined #maemo16:26
johnxholy crap! it built16:28
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo16:28
smyowsmaemo have ppp dialer like kppp?16:28
*** atul has joined #maemo16:31
zapdo you have a modem on your n8x0?16:31
zapI guess the 'connect via mobile to internet' thing is close to kppp16:32
atulI got this error message "[sbox-CHINOOK_X86: ~/prjName/trunk] > ./prjName /scratchbox/tools/bin/misc_runner: SBOX_CPUTRANSPARENCY_METHOD not se"16:32
*** lardman|lunch is now known as lardman16:32
atulAny Idea ?16:33
lardmanX-Fade: ping16:33
JaffaYay, three of us in the Mercure for the summit now.16:34
lardmanI'll book there later today too16:34
lardmanhow much is it for 2 nights?16:35
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo16:36
*** jsullivan has quit IRC16:36
*** SDuensin has joined #Maemo16:37
X-Fadelardman: Pong16:38
Jaffalardman: I got it at erm, 89EUR per night. TimSamoff's just got it at 99EUR per night16:38
lardmanJaffa: thanks16:39
*** ralann has quit IRC16:39
lardmanX-Fade: When someone asks to join a project, an email is sent to the project admin, it would be good if the email could include the username as well as the normal name16:39
*** jsullivan has joined #maemo16:40
lardmanX-Fade: bugtracker job?16:40
X-Fadelardman: That is pure gforge. So ;)16:41
*** lopz has quit IRC16:41
lardmanX-Fade: ah, so can't be altered?16:41
X-Fadelardman: Sure, it is just php code.16:41
*** lopz has joined #maemo16:42
lardmanX-Fade: would just make it easier to know who's trying to join16:42
*** andre___ has quit IRC16:42
derfI'm not sure I like "TODO: Fix bugs in implementation on Reed Solomon error correction" ... but that part should be relatively easy.16:43
*** andre___ has joined #maemo16:45
lardmanderf: it's Java though isn't it?16:46
derfYeah, and?16:46
*** draco_ has quit IRC16:46
derfJava is fairly easy to convert to C.16:46
derfCertainly much easier than the other way around.16:47
lardmanyep, I just don't want to use Java if I can avoid it16:47
derfGood God no.16:47
derfDon't get me wrong, I've been using Java since version 1.0 (I still downloading 1.0.1 and finding out it broke all my code because they changed the scoping rules for for loops).16:48
derfBut not on an NIT.16:48
derf*still remember16:48
*** leandroal has joined #maemo16:53
lcuk_workwould the under utilized jazell instructions help?16:53
lardmanlcuk_work: that's asking to get sued16:54
johnxlcuk_work, already setting your sites on new encumbered hardware to get working?16:54
lardmanlcuk_work: Don't bother, it's been done16:54
lcuk_workim merely asking :)16:54
* lcuk_work wont stir all the hornets16:55
lardmanNo, Java still doesn't appeal16:55
lcuk_workhow much of the equation is compatible though?16:55
lcuk_workie is it small enough for someone to just dive in and give it a reworking16:55
lardmanWhat, the qrcode decoder?16:56
lardmandunno, I've not looked16:56
* lcuk_work looks for something to take the pain away16:57
lardmango for it16:57
lcuk_workdamn dentist made it worse, and then says "nope, nothin i can do right now"16:57
lbtI see the wiki's https cert still hasn't been updated...16:58
*** prometoys has joined #maemo16:58
lcuk_workno lbt, on your shopping list can you add an entry: fix certificate16:58
lbtdo they do them at Sainsburys?16:59
lbtwhich aisle?16:59
lcuk_worksecurity and veg16:59
lcuk_workgood, i was looking last night, you will have to update your profile with link17:00
lcuk_workat the moment, "Shopper" is self referential and links back to itself17:01
lcuk_workill give it a hammering this evening and let you later :)17:02
lbtplease do - I'm aware of quite a few buglets - but it's mainly useable so I released it17:02
Khertan_TheReallcuk > tommorow i ll go to dentist too ... for 2 extraction ...17:03
lcuk_work:( khertan, ive just had a discussion about implants and bone pegs17:03
lcuk_worktry to save all your teeth - dont let them take them out!17:03
lcuk_work~lart dentists17:04
* infobot crushes dentists with a full height scsi disk17:04
*** lopz has quit IRC17:04
lcuk_workthats not nearly enough pain to  inflict, infobot - you obviously never go to the dentist17:05
*** lopz has joined #maemo17:05
lcuk_worki best get back to work anyway, back later17:05
Khertan_TheRealit s for some teeth that are too heavy and take too many place ... and are pushing bones of the mouth ...17:05
* jott remembers the b horror-movie "The Dentist" :>17:05
lardmanall this talk of dentists is making me feel queasy17:06
Khertan_TheRealin french it s the 'dent de sagesse' ...17:07
Khertan_TheRealwisdom tooth17:07
Khertan_TheReal ?17:07
* lbt remembers punching his own two front teeth out whilst skiing...17:07
* lbt thinks about them both shearing off at the root and then needing stitches in his lip17:08
* lardman wonders about leaving the channel17:08
* lbt recalls the sledge ride down the mountain17:08
* lbt fondly remembers skiing the next day :)17:08
lardmanlucky there are no flies on mountains17:09
lbtthe snow saw to that!17:09
lbtI ruined the snow apparently17:09
*** atul has quit IRC17:09
lbtI was on my hands and knees, concussed, and shuffling round, spitting blood and then looking for a clean patch of snow17:10
lbt2 root canal drillings - didn't hurt though.17:10
lardmanI meant you'd not be a ble to catch them on your front teeth while skiiing at high speed17:10
lbtwent over a 4' drop and compressed17:11
lbtmy aluminium pole didn't17:11
lbtI was followin a certain Martin Bell at the time...17:11
lbtapparently he turned round and thought "David's not going to make that drop"17:12
lbthe was right...17:12
*** etrunko has joined #maemo17:12
lbtgoddamn ski instructors....17:12
*** dougt_ has left #maemo17:12
*** dougt has joined #maemo17:12
Khertan_TheRealabout crash ... look at this video ...17:13
* lardman feels happy he's never been skiiing17:13
Khertan_TheRealoups wrong video17:13
*** arot has joined #maemo17:13
lbtlardman: it's great fun - really exciting!!17:14
lardman:) sounds it!17:14
Khertan_TheRealthe good one :
Khertan_TheReallook at this ... i hope it s a fake17:16
lbtthe second boat isn't moving in the water - it's a drone target... clever idea to splice them though17:18
*** fab has quit IRC17:18
Khertan_TheReallike this one too ... :
Khertan_TheRealspecially like how the cam move at the end :)17:19
*** lopz has quit IRC17:19
*** lopz has joined #maemo17:20
*** avs has joined #maemo17:20
*** pleemans has quit IRC17:20
*** arot has left #maemo17:20
*** atul has joined #maemo17:22
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo17:23
summatusmentisdoes anyone know of a good spanish-english dictionary for maemo?17:23
qwerty12You could try stardict17:24
*** atul has quit IRC17:24
* johnx uses sdictviewer for translating17:26
summatusmentisd'you ever run into words that don't translate?17:27
johnxall the freaking time17:27
johnxbut that's a function of the dictionary you use...17:27
summatusmentisheh, so it's even worth looking at?17:27
summatusmentiss/it's/is it/17:28
infobotsummatusmentis meant: heh, so is it even worth looking at?17:28
johnxwell, english<->Japanese is a little different than english<->spanish17:28
johnxyeah, it's worth looking at I think17:28
johnxI like it a lot and you can get a smallish wikipedia data base to add to it as well17:28
johnx(smallish is relative here)17:29
summatusmentiscare to define smallish?17:29
johnxa couple gigs17:29
summatusmentisdon't have that kind of storage yet17:29
johnxsmallish compared to the whole dataset :P17:29
summatusmentiswell, sure17:29
summatusmentisdid you compile sdictviewer? it's not in extras17:30
qwerty12You can get it off google17:30
johnxI thought it was...17:30
summatusmentisthen maybe the searching sucks17:30
*** churl has joined #maemo17:30
johnxhit up
qwerty12johnx: Wouldn't Gjiten be more useful for English (British :P) <-> Japanese?17:31
Andy80hey ppl, who is coming to Maemo Summit in Berlin?17:31
*** Deka has joined #maemo17:31
johnxqwerty12, it depends on the situation. for a basic english word -> japanese, sdict works just as well17:31
churlany one know the difference between canola2 2.0.0 beta9 maemo2 and canola2 2.0.0 beta9 maemo1 ?17:32
qwerty12maemo1 is older.17:32
qwerty12I'd guess anyway.17:32
*** Dar has joined #maemo17:33
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:33
churlqwerty12: well, thats the only one i can find to download, but the plugins require maemo217:33
johnxI have the maemo2 version...17:34
qwerty12churl: I see maemo2 here:
johnxit moved to non-free it appears, and finally showed up in diablo17:35
churlcool, ill try that17:35
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:35
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:36
lardmanjohnx: I had great fun translating the ARM Technical manual from Japanese using Google17:36
johnxlardman, heh...yeah, that's always fun17:36
X-FadeYes, we moved the closed parts of canola to non-free. So at least we don't lie about their openness ;)17:36
*** dsullivan has joined #maemo17:37
lardmanjohnx: actually worked very well, as long as I removed any line breaks that copy& paste from the pdf had inserted17:37
dsullivanmorning all17:37
lardmantook a while to work that one out17:37
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo17:37
*** dsullivan is now known as lophyte17:37
lophytejust started playing with my n800 again, I got one of those USB OTG adapters and a miniKEY thumb keyboard, works great :)17:38
*** eichi has joined #maemo17:38
* qwerty12 will probably get an usb keyboard. RST38h's experiences with bluetooth keyboards don't inspire me with much hope.17:38
*** geaaru has quit IRC17:39
lardmanqwerty12: use ssh ;)17:39
qwerty12lardman: if I could ; I would ;)17:39
lophyteqwerty12: site called Yobango had a sale on the minikey's... $10 CAD instead of $3917:39
lardmanqwerty12: why can't you?17:39
lophytethat's where I got mine17:39
johnxqwerty12, what is it? an ssh allergy? secure-shell-phobia?17:39
qwerty12lophyte: thanks, i'll check CAD -> GBP rates in a min :)17:40
qwerty12lardman, johnx: my router sucks. I set timeouts to high, disabled the firewall and a lot of other stuff I can't even remember with failed results.17:40
lardmanfair enough17:40
qwerty12I'd plug in an D-Link that rests on my desk via ethernet but then it starts messing with my wifi connection etc.17:41
lardmannew router costs about as much as usb keyboard17:41
lophytejust bought a GlobalSat BT GPS receiver too... can't wait to try it out17:41
johnxrouter trouble sucks. Always buy a good linux-based router :)17:41
Khertan_TheRealipcop :)17:42
qwerty12johnx: This router is linux based but not good :P :). I remember posting a firmware I modified somewhere...17:42
johnxqwerty12, there's no openwrt release for it?17:42
lardmanbroke it yourself! :)17:42
*** jsullivan_ has joined #maemo17:42
qwerty12johnx: No :(, the Atheros chipset isn't supported. The funny thing is that the model worse than this one is supported <.<17:43
qwerty12Does anyone know which program/library handles the dialog for bluetooth pairing? If it's OSS, I'd like to patch it to support letters too. Curse NAVMAN.17:43
*** guaka has quit IRC17:43
lardmanqwerty12: does anything support letters?17:44
qwerty12lardman: my gps does, K610 does, K800 etc does :?17:44
*** eichi_ has joined #maemo17:44
lardmanqwerty12: fair enough17:44
qwerty12I need it to pair the N800 with my navman gps :/17:44
lardmanI didn't think my phone did, but then I've probably not tried hard enough17:45
lardmanoh, that's a pita17:45
lardmanyou could do it from the command line probably17:45
*** matt_c_ has joined #maemo17:45
qwerty12lardman: good point actually, I'll grab bluez-utils-test later :)17:45
lardmanadd that code to the conf file, set it to auto (iirc) and pair, then change settings back17:45
churlqwerty12: ok it seems that im just lacking that repository, it seems to be one ive over looked??  i was thinking it was in
*** eichi__ has joined #maemo17:45
*** jsullivan_ has quit IRC17:45
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk17:45
*** jsullivan_ has joined #maemo17:46
qwerty12churl: Name: Maemo Extras-Devel Address: Distribution: diablo Components: free non-free17:46
qwerty12iirc anyway17:47
churlk :)17:47
*** smyows has quit IRC17:48
*** Dekaritae has quit IRC17:48
* qwerty12 goes to install games. I have the data for duke nukem 3d, why not have the game installed on the N800 :P17:48
lophytelol nice17:49
churlok, i had that but called "testing" somethingorother and chinook,  i guess changing that around will be a different repository with the same http?17:49
churl"the more you know..."17:51
*** mardi__ has quit IRC17:51
*** smancke has quit IRC17:52
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:53
*** andre___ has quit IRC17:53
johnx"the more you know, the more you regret ever having asked"?17:53
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman17:53
churlhaha not quite!17:54
churlthat would mean i know more than i really do!17:54
qwerty12Which file is it to blacklist a module again? (I want to kill pcspkr before it drives me crazy and forces me to go into an institution).17:55
*** sven-tek has quit IRC17:55
johnxqwerty12, something in /etc/modprobe.d maybe?17:55
johnxadd blacklist foo to a file17:55
qwerty12That's it, thank you.17:56
churlmore like:  the more you know about how some of these apps work,  the less stumbling you'll do17:56
johnxor just do it the inelegant way and move pcskr.ko to pcskr.bak :)17:56
*** Zetx has joined #maemo17:56
johnxqwerty12, you might also be interested in setterm -blength 017:56
*** zap has quit IRC17:57
*** mbuf has quit IRC17:57
qwerty12Thanks but I'm one of those people who think pc speaker is only useful for the POST. Now I'm booted, it can shove off :)17:57
johnxbut what about using it as an audio out? talk to other people in the room in a crackly disembodied voice?17:58
johnxor play fm synthesis midis :)17:58
* johnx didn't plug in the physical PC speaker in his current computer...17:59
*** jsullivan has quit IRC17:59
qwerty12Well, I only listen to mp3s so using it as an audio out is out for me and I'd attract an barrage of dirty looks if I used it to say stuff :P17:59
churlqwerty12: thank you!  everything is fine, i guess i should make sure my repo's are up to snuff now and then18:01
* qwerty12 has too much repos :/18:01
*** Tama has joined #maemo18:02
*** eichi_ has quit IRC18:03
*** eton_ has joined #maemo18:03
*** jsullivan has joined #maemo18:03
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC18:04
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone18:04
qwerty12RST38h: How's vGB coming along? Otherwise, I'm gonna recompile gnuboy with optimisations :P18:04
*** Tama has quit IRC18:05
*** eichi has quit IRC18:06
*** mk8 has quit IRC18:09
*** henrique has joined #maemo18:09
*** Zetx| has quit IRC18:11
tank-mananyone know how to make the camera image flip when you rotate the camera on the n800 to face away from you18:12
tank-manimage is upside down18:12
*** minti has quit IRC18:12
tank-mantrying to use the camera with gstmjpg18:12
*** leandroal has quit IRC18:12
lardmanin software is probably the answer18:13
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo18:13
johnxlardman, are you still on chinook?18:13
derfI know the built-in app flips it upside down for you.18:13
derfThey may also be doing it in software.18:13
johnxthere seem to be some problems with the n800 camera in diablo...18:13
qwerty12Mine works fine in Diablo.18:14
lardmanjohnx: only for some people, works for me18:14
johnxright, about half of the people have problems :)18:14
johnxlike me18:14
tank-mani dual boot chinook+diablo18:14
qwerty12johnx: Does "camera-test" return anything interesting?18:15
johnxhang on18:15
lardmanI wonder if it's a hw version thing again18:15
*** Kompo has quit IRC18:15
lardmanooo, just seen a QR code in the Times! :)18:15
qwerty12Sorry, I didn't hear that, I was fixated at The Sun :P (joke)18:16
johnxcamera test rebooted my n80018:16
johnxno output on the console18:17
qwerty12Ouch. Does a syslog return anything good?18:17
johnxI'm not logging18:17
johnxI'll run it again and poke at dmesg before it reboots18:17
*** matt_c_ has quit IRC18:17
johnxhad canola running, it started skipping badly right before the reboot18:18
qwerty12Oh. Any funky stuff done to the tablet or did the problem occur from stock diablo?18:18
johnxit's not really stock, but it's nothing too wild I think18:18
qwerty12If it turns out to be an kernel thing, I'd try using flasher-3.0 to boot an chinook kernel and see if it works with that.18:19
johnxI think it was a memory thing18:19
johnxBTW, this time the picture flipped, too :/18:19
johnxcanola is just a really big app :)18:20
*** jsullivan_ has quit IRC18:20
* qwerty12 doesn't like big apps written in python :)18:20
johnxbut qwerty12 does like python18:20
johnxhe just wishes other people would write their apps in C :P18:21
qwerty12Indeed :P18:21
*** eton has quit IRC18:21
mangahi qwerty18:23
*** befr0d|N810 has quit IRC18:23
qwerty12hello manga18:24
*** trickie is now known as trickie|away18:24
mangaare you the same person who wrote the mini tutorial on screen rotate?18:24
*** Sargun has joined #maemo18:25
qwerty12I didn't write the wiki article if that is what you mean but I did provide those debs if you are reading that post :/18:25
mangayea, I was reading the steps18:26
mangaI was following through but ran into a little problem18:26
mangai have screen rotate option18:26
mangabut its all messed up18:26
qwerty12The kernel isn't flashed then.18:27
mangasomeone mentioned that the kernal hasn't been flashed18:27
qwerty12running flash-and-reboot should do it18:27
mangahwo do I do that last part?18:27
mangain real newbie terms? :)18:27
qwerty12Just run "flash-and-reboot" in the X-Terminal program that is in Utilities :)18:28
mangajust type that in after  ~ $ ?18:29
mangai get this then:  -sh: flash-and-reboot: not found18:29
qwerty12Are you on diablo?18:30
qwerty12Then it should be present.18:30
manga810 diablo18:30
*** draco_ has joined #maemo18:30
johnxqwerty12, hmm, I think I needed to do apt-get -f install before I had it18:30
qwerty12Ahh, good point, johnx, thanks.18:30
qwerty12Should go through the steps of doing apt-get install and running flash-and-reboot etc18:31
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo18:31
Atariithink ill have a go at gettin the rotation in the 770 kernel this weekend18:31
Atariigraduation tomorrow though, woo18:32
qwerty12ha, congrats18:32
Atariiit's so pointless, ive got my results, i dont want to go back just to spend more money on travel, outfit, photographs etc etc :(18:33
johnxAtarii, it's not for you. It's for your parents :)18:33
mangaworking on it, brb18:34
Atariiah, true :p18:34
* lardman got his certificate, opened it up, and it said something about an unpaid library fine18:34
lardmantake note!18:34
qwerty12lardman: Still got your DSP Programmers Manual from that library? :P18:35
Atariii kept away from the library, I should be fine (no pun intended) ;P18:35
lardmanIt's difficult reading while walking, I was thinking how crap the cert looked :D18:35
lardmanqwerty12: nah, I'm a mechanical engineer18:35
qwerty12Ah, cool :)18:35
qwerty12Ok, dodgy cflags time, what needs to be removed? . Thanks.18:36
johnxqwerty12, what's the error?18:36
johnxor is this a quiz? :P18:37
*** jsullivan has quit IRC18:37
qwerty12No error, it's just I'm not sure on all those CFLAGS and I don't feel like burning out the wittle cpu on the N800 :P18:37
lardmanDon't think I've ever seen -fweb before, what's that for?18:37
lardmanqwerty12: well removing optimisation will help it18:38
qwerty12lardman: no idea.18:38
qwerty12lardman: but then I will burn out from the slowness18:38
*** manga has quit IRC18:38
lardmanthe universe may well end with gcc swapping to your SD trying to use -O3 though18:38
qwerty12Haha, 8GB SD with 48Mhz speed, let the games begin :P18:40
qwerty12Or not, as it's the only 8GB I have. /me sets it to 0218:40
lardmantry and see I guess is the answer18:40
lardmanthe -O flags are supposed to use much more memory during compile though afaiu18:40
johnxO2 is pretty standard, IIRC18:41
johnxO3 is "gentoo" :)18:41
crashanddie03 is useless on the NIT18:41
lardmanstandard and only 128Mb in which to run OS+GCC are probably different though ;)18:41
crashanddiesome might even argue that 03 is useless on a desktop18:42
johnx'night all18:44
qwerty12night johnx18:44
summatusmentis'night johnx18:44
lardmannight johnx18:45
lardmanDon't the -O flags do different things on different platforms anyway?18:45
*** GDE has joined #maemo18:46
*** legind has joined #maemo18:46
GDEit worked, thanks a lot!18:46
qwerty12Well, gnuboy compiled with the optimisations, time to see if it plays cokemon faster (no not a typo...).18:47
*** danilocesar has joined #maemo18:50
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo18:50
GDEThanks, Qwert's18:53
qwerty12Np. /me thanks nemo for making that excellent guide :)18:54
GDEyea, that guide was a breeze18:55
lcuk_workcrashanddie, O3 is great  on the paltform, its bloated though18:55
GDEwish everything was as easy18:56
crashanddielcuk_work, bigger executables, longer loading times, useless on minimalistic devices, you need optimized programming, that's all18:56
*** __t has joined #maemo18:59
qwerty12Seems like the optimisation failed here, now it runs even slower :P. Time to remove some cflags.18:59
*** lele has quit IRC19:00
*** befr0d|N810 has joined #maemo19:00
lcuk_workcrashanddie, but O3 does all the nice inline stuff, without it you dont get that19:01
*** Sho_ has quit IRC19:03
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo19:03
*** kcome has quit IRC19:04
*** kcome has joined #maemo19:04
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:05
*** alex-weej has quit IRC19:08
*** Mousey has joined #maemo19:12
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo19:12
*** Mousey has quit IRC19:12
*** Mousey has joined #maemo19:13
*** Mousey has joined #maemo19:14
*** Mousey has joined #maemo19:14
*** crashanddie_ has joined #maemo19:16
*** churl has quit IRC19:17
*** henrique has quit IRC19:19
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo19:21
*** draco_ has quit IRC19:21
*** beford has joined #maemo19:22
*** Wikier has quit IRC19:22
*** befr0d|N810 has quit IRC19:24
*** EspeonEefi has joined #maemo19:26
*** douwen has quit IRC19:27
*** daperl has joined #maemo19:29
daperlrm_you: you here?19:32
*** micko_21 has left #maemo19:37
t_s_ohmm, im starting to suspect that my browser issue have something to do with javascript. at least things seem a bit more stable if i turn javascript off. not much more but a bit...19:39
*** gentooer has joined #maemo19:40
summatusmentisthe maemo tar doesn't have a -j option?19:42
*** Dar has quit IRC19:42
qwerty12blame nokia for not including it in their busybox config. you could apt-get source busybox and recompile it to include -j option. Or add xarchiver repo and use gnutar.19:42
*** lopz has quit IRC19:44
summatusmentisor just bunzip2 first, then untar :)19:44
qwerty12Ha, yeah :). I'm just used to tar doing everything so I install gnutar and replace the crap busybox one with that :)19:45
*** legind has quit IRC19:45
* qwerty12 really should get around to pimping out busybox19:45
summatusmentisI might do that sometime19:45
summatusmentisqwerty12: if you pimp out busybox, I'll love you long time19:46
daperlI'm currently ONLY using the debian chroot to avoid busybox.  Night and day.19:46
qwerty12That's an incentive... :P, nah joke. But I patched the busybox source to let me make menuconfig and the amount of options scared me. 0.019:46
*** lopz has joined #maemo19:46
*** fab has joined #maemo19:47
daperlHaving a real find command is essential for me19:47
*** madhav has joined #maemo19:48
qwerty12Someone's done a pimped busybox here: but it's outdated now.19:48
overflokhi to all19:49
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo19:50
*** danilocesar has quit IRC19:50
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:52
darkterror46going home now19:52
t_s_ogah, a reinstall of micrb-engine later and suddenly things seems to work normally again :S19:53
darkterror46cheers everyone19:53
*** darkterror46 has quit IRC19:53
t_s_osometimes its the simplest of things...19:54
*** eton_ has quit IRC19:54
*** zap has joined #maemo19:54
overflokhi lcuk19:55
*** stuwyatt has joined #maemo19:56
*** hellwolf has quit IRC19:56
stuwyattHi guys. Im looking for xchat (or another irc client) for a nokia770. No weblinks seem to work for me, and I cant see xchat in any of the repositories. Can anyone help?19:57
summatusmentisirssi ftw19:57
stuwyattI tried looking for that earlier without luck... Will search again. Thanks19:58
overflokI use pidgin19:58
Atariistuwyatt what OS?19:58
Atarii2006, 2007HE or 2008HE?19:58
stuwyattI think its the original 2006 OS... I did upgrade to 2007HE, but I think its back to 200619:58
stuwyattDoes pidgin do IRC?19:59
summatusmentisstuwyatt: pidgin does, but nto well19:59
summatusmentisI use irssi + screen + ssh19:59
stuwyattok thanks... I saw some good reviews of the xchat port, but it seems to have dissapeared19:59
Atariixchat is there for 200619:59
stuwyattIts listed, but the install is offsite (if its the same link I tried already)... and its down20:00
stuwyattOOoohhh, no, I've not been here20:00
stuwyattThanks Atarii... Will give this a go20:00
Atariiit appears to be there, visble here:
*** muzz2k_ is now known as muzz2k20:02
*** smyows has joined #maemo20:02
stuwyattAtarii> Works perfectly. Thanks for your help! Bye.20:05
*** stuwyatt has quit IRC20:05
*** matt_c has quit IRC20:06
*** matt_c has joined #maemo20:06
*** lcuk_work is now known as lcuk20:09
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC20:09
lcuklol yes20:09
*** henrique has joined #maemo20:11
* lcuk cuts RST38h up and makes a leather jacket out of his hide20:12
smyowshave ppp software for os2008?20:13
Atariirm_you wake up20:13
* qwerty12 cuts up lcuk and finds nothing useful there :P20:13
lcukevicts qwerty1220:13
* lcuk evicts qwerty12 20:13
mgedminapt-get moo20:13
*** danilocesar has joined #maemo20:14
qwerty12no no, it's apt-get install cowsay. Maybe you can contribute to that ubuntu bug :>20:14
mgedminqwerty12: are you talking about
lcuk~lart dentists20:14
* infobot shoots dentists in his sleep20:14
qwerty12mgedmin: yep >.<20:15
qwerty12My ITT profile has a visit from the devil.20:16
jottlcuk: dentists also want to earn money - the easiest way is to inflict pain on an healthy patient ;p20:16
*** overflok has quit IRC20:18
*** pH5 has joined #maemo20:19
*** overflok has joined #maemo20:19
daperljott: with the current environment, how do you guys run the ABSA stand alone?20:19
*** beford has quit IRC20:19
* lcuk laughs20:20
jottdaperl: just compile it with -DTEST_PLUGIN20:21
lcukjott, i work above a dentists, i see people come in looking healthy and  leave looking like dribbling nervous wrecks20:21
jottdaperl: gcc -g -o ab advanced-backlight.c $(pkg-config gtk+-2.0 hildon-1 libhildonwm libhildondesktop --libs --cflags) -DTEST_PLUGIN  -Wall  -lXrandr -DGETTEXT_PACKAGE=\"advanced-backlight\"20:21
jotti use the above ^^20:21
*** beford has joined #maemo20:22
*** vik__ has quit IRC20:23
*** hellwolf-n800 has quit IRC20:23
daperlSo, nothing in the make/config files, you just command line it, I see20:24
jottdaperl: yes at the moment. it's just for testing purpose anyway20:24
*** lmoura has joined #maemo20:24
*** lbt has quit IRC20:25
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo20:25
*** lbt has joined #maemo20:25
*** hellwolf-n800 has joined #maemo20:25
daperljott: that's easy, thanks20:27
melmothis it me or did the maemo wiki ssl cert expired yesterday ?20:27
MouseyIT'S A TRAP!20:28
* Mousey hides20:28
qwerty12Mousey hides to find my glock pointing at him. Game over.20:28
Mouseyyou have a glockinspiel? i love that sound!20:29
lcukffs qwerty12 what have we told you about pointing guns at people20:29
qwerty12Mousey: Ha :P20:29
*** Andy80 has quit IRC20:29
qwerty12lcuk: what have you told me?20:29
*** lmoura has quit IRC20:30
lcukok im not doing that again, there is far too many results on google for qwerty12 weapons20:30
qwerty12wtf, the first result isn't me :/20:31
qwerty12the se-nse stuff is :/20:31
lcukits ok qwerty, i died in an industrial accident according to google :)20:32
*** lardman has joined #maemo20:32
lardmanjott: I've added those files to the maemo-barcode svn now20:33
qwerty12lcuk: :/ :P20:33
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:33
jottlardman: ah good. i just started playing around with gst.20:33
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo20:33
lardmanthe code compiles and shows an image ok20:34
lardmanas lcuk said, need to work out how to reduce the framerate and the resolution20:34
lardmanas atm it's rather laggy20:34
lcuknow im home lardman, ill pastebin the python code and show you - it should be simply telling the gstreamer camera stage what res you want it20:35
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:35
lardmanjott: the other thing is that we don't even need the RGB conversion part of the pipeline, the Y of the default YUV output is B&W anyway isn't it20:36
lcukwheres your c repository lardman, whilst im connecting i might just be able to spot it in there20:36
jottyou can just set the resolution in the camera->ffmpeg connection20:37
jottquite easy20:37
jottand just set yuv as default20:37
*** danilocesar has quit IRC20:37
*** danilocesar has joined #maemo20:38
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo20:38
lardmango for it, I'm going to continue converting the matlab code20:38
jottah still missing the example_bla.h .. i'll just fix that20:39
lardmanI can add that, hang on20:39
lardmanor you can20:39
*** mardi__ has quit IRC20:40
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo20:41
lardmanah, you set it in there, I see20:42
jottlardman: ok commited20:43
jottit's much faster now ;)20:43
lcukwheres the svn?20:43
lardmanhow do I checkout, surely I don't need to give the url again?20:44
lardmanmaemo-barcode in Garage20:44
jottsvn co
jotterm lcuk20:44
lardmanhmm, I'm surprised it doesn't remember20:44
jottsvn up20:45
*** kcome has quit IRC20:45
jottif you have alread checked it out20:45
lardmanah, ok20:45
lardmansupper time, bbiab20:47
*** lardman is now known as lardman|cooking20:47
*** florian has quit IRC20:48
*** geaaru has joined #maemo20:48
*** crashanddie_ has quit IRC20:48
lcukthanks jott20:48
jottmh looks like cheese would make a decent framework for proper camera init stuff20:48
*** huats has quit IRC20:49
*** dholbert has joined #maemo20:49
*** Zet has joined #maemo20:52
Stskeepsanyone ever had networkmanager going properly on debian?20:54
*** Andy80 has quit IRC20:55
lardman|cookingI should add that I tacked onto the end of the maemo-barcode.c file, the main() fns for a dmtx decoder, etc.20:58
*** t_s_o has quit IRC20:59
lardman|cooking or
lardman|cookingIf we can find code that does 1D then I'm happy to use that21:00
lcuklardman, when i come across stuff like that, to keep it together i put a link in the code :)21:00
lardman|cookinglcuk: yeah, I forgot in this case, was for personal use until lunchtime21:01
* lcuk is doing that with the libjpeg stuff21:01
lcuki know21:01
lcukeven for personal memory though - if i dont i think "where the ** did i get that21:01
jottgoogle :)21:02
lcukdoesnt always help21:02
lcukand is a great waste of time21:02
*** eton has joined #maemo21:02
*** lmoura has joined #maemo21:02
lcukill bbl anyway, tea time21:03
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo21:03
*** qwerty12-N800 has joined #maemo21:03
* zap wonders why Nokia hardcoded the password to diablo repository in /usr/lib/apt/methods/http21:03
*** danilocesar has quit IRC21:03
*** sergio has quit IRC21:03
jottzap: legal reasons i suppose...21:03
zapwell there were no problems with chinook?21:04
zapand I thought Nokia goes to more openness?21:04
jottwell chinook did not have most of the base debs available at all21:04
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo21:05
*** L0cutus has quit IRC21:07
lardman|cookinghmm, I don't see much that will do 1D barcodes, I'll try and see if I can get my code converted to C asap21:09
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC21:09
derflardman|cooking: I've started converting qrcode to C.21:10
*** Zetx| has joined #maemo21:10
derfIt'll take a while longer than I thought, because a lot of it needs to be rewritten.21:10
*** Zetx has quit IRC21:13
*** lopz has quit IRC21:14
*** lopz has joined #maemo21:15
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo21:19
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC21:23
*** qwerty12-N800 is now known as qwerty12_N80021:24
*** Zet has quit IRC21:26
lardman|cookingderf: great :) (the converting, not the time)21:27
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:27
*** overflok1 has joined #maemo21:28
*** eton_ has joined #maemo21:29
*** Free_maN has quit IRC21:30
*** smyows has quit IRC21:31
lardman|cooking lots to do ;)21:32
*** overflok has quit IRC21:32
lardman|cookinglooks fun to me - lots of challenges to overcome, but it can be done bit-by-bit21:33
*** befr0d|N810 has joined #maemo21:34
*** qwerty12-N800 has joined #maemo21:37
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC21:37
*** qwerty12-N800 is now known as qwerty12_N80021:37
*** beford has quit IRC21:38
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo21:40
*** danilocesar has joined #maemo21:40
*** bilboed has joined #maemo21:40
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC21:41
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo21:42
*** nab has quit IRC21:42
*** neilpwc has joined #maemo21:43
*** ralann has joined #maemo21:44
*** eichi__ has quit IRC21:44
*** danilocesar has quit IRC21:46
*** shackan has joined #maemo21:46
*** eton has quit IRC21:47
*** GNUton has joined #maemo21:48
*** krau has joined #maemo21:48
summatusmentishi GNUton21:49
GNUtonHi summatusmentis! :)21:49
qwerty12_N800Hello, you in Finland now? :)21:49
pupnik_ uses an invalid security certificate.21:50
pupnik_The certificate expired on 07/16/2008 01:59 AM.21:50
GNUtonqwerty12_N800: yes I´am21:50
qwerty12_N800nice :)21:51
GNUtonqwerty12_N800: where are you?21:51
qwerty12_N800I'm in London21:51
jotthello GNUton21:52
GNUtonqwerty12_N800: great! :) I´m never been in Ij.21:52
RST38bismoo, gnuton21:52
GNUtonHi jott, how are you?21:52
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo21:52
GNUtonhey RST38bis! :)21:52
*** richieeee72 has quit IRC21:52
GNUtonjott: do u have update the style?21:53
jottGNUton: yeah fine, waiting for response from tt legal ..21:53
jottGNUton: no, not yet. i wait for response first.21:53
*** povbot has joined #maemo21:57
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC21:58
*** lopz has quit IRC21:58
daperljott: so, here's the problem with the volume change stuff: you're getting notified of a volume change when you're making the volume change.  Bad.21:59
daperlyou only want to be notified when some other app makes a change22:03
*** henrique has quit IRC22:03
RST38bisdaperl: add a lock.22:03
lcukor learn to ignore when its the interactive user has the stylus pressed on the scrollbar (or keypress)22:03
jottAtarii: g_object_freeze_notify should be there..22:03
jottdaperl: ^^22:03
jottmaybe it's missing in some spot?22:03
jottfeel free to make a patch against svn head :)22:03
daperlno, 'cause you'll just yank my code again :)22:03
RST38bisfound a bug in microb22:04
jottwhat are you talking about?22:04
RST38biswhen image loading is disableed, it will not load ANY images22:04
RST38biseven ones that you open directly22:05
RST38bisit should only skip inlined images instead22:05
lardman|cookingjott: just pulled22:07
*** lardman|cooking is now known as lardman22:07
*** Atarii has quit IRC22:07
jottlardman: i set the framerate to 8 fps and analyse_image should be called all the time now..22:08
jott(8 fps is the minimum as it seems)22:08
*** whycode has joined #maemo22:10
daperljott: the thaw _sends_ all the notifications.  how do i subsume them?22:11
*** u1106 has joined #maemo22:11
jottdaperl: ah indeed22:12
daperlI think then i would have to play with the event queue when a separate thread is much easier22:12
jottdaperl: not sure how to remove them.. it might be easier to just disconnect the signals?!22:13
daperli commented out the sig connect and it dumped. i could try again22:14
lardmanin MATLAB I can do this: elseif sum(code== [1 1 0 1 0 0])==6; it was suggested I use memcmp() to do this in C, can I memcmp() against a static value?22:15
jottwe just would need to store the connection ids... and maybe wrap it in an helper22:15
lardmanmemcmp(code, {1,1,1,1,1,1}) or similar?22:15
jottlardman: i think this should work (with the right syntax ;)22:16
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo22:16
nomisjott: no, that won't work.22:16
*** alex-weej has quit IRC22:16
lardmanhmm, perhaps strcmp then?22:16
nomisjott: you cannot pass struct-style definitions as arguments.22:17
lcukbut you can pass a predefined char array22:17
lcukpreinitialized ^22:17
nomislardman: I am not sure what you actually want to do.22:17
lardmanyeah, I need 9 then22:17
jottnomis: yeh that's why i said "with the right syntax" ..22:17
lardmannomis: I'll get you a linky22:17
lcuklardman, what exactly is this meant to do  sum(code== [1 1 0 1 0 0])==622:17
lardmanI want to check that a set of 6 values in an array is correct22:18
nomisjott: ok, we probably disagree on what "syntax" means  :)22:18
jottnomis: yeah well in this particular case it's arguable ;)22:18
lardmannomis: see url above, in the file *.m, in fn decodeParity()22:18
lcukbut what datatype is the array22:18
lcukand it contains 1s or 0s22:19
jottlcuk: that's matlab magic ;)22:19
lcukstrcmp wont work (ends at nulls if i remember rightly22:19
*** whycode has quit IRC22:19
lardmanI could add \0 to the ends22:19
lcukjust write a quick simple func passing 2 char *s and a length22:20
lcukyou could lardman, but strcmp will stop at the first \0 encountered22:20
nomislardman: you *can* do  char foo[] = { 1,1,0,0,1,0 }; memcmp (data, foo, sizeof(foo));22:20
lcukor did you mean '0' and '1'22:20
lardmanI still need to statically define them then22:20
nomisnot sure about the sizeof thing at the moment.22:20
lardmanlcuk: ah yes, true22:20
lcukmemcmp :)22:20
lardmannot as neat, but what did I expect!?22:20
lcuknomis :) knowledge of the std lib will probably save me a lot of time i see22:22
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo22:22
lcukjott, is matlab another one of your superpowers?22:23
jottlcuk: na not really, i just did some basic cv stuff with it and forgot probably half of it.22:23
*** overflok1 has left #maemo22:23
*** lopz has joined #maemo22:23
lcukahhha a weakness ;)22:24
jott(image recoginition etc.)22:24
jottbut i am aware of the basic vectorization concepts it implies ;)22:24
jottstrange in the first moment, but can be really sweet.22:25
jott ah that seems to be the yuv the camera spits out22:26
lardmaninterleaved, yuck22:26
jottmmh well either we use the rgb output or just grab the luma.. i don't know how big the perfomance impact would be in this case...22:27
lcukif you think thats bad, look at what the LCD accepts ;)
lardmanssvb might be able to do us a nice optimised memcpy which pulls out the luma22:29
daperljott: you know what makes it run much better? when no other applets are running when you're runnint it stand alone.  Nothing like removing the sound and ABSA from the statusbar to help things along22:30
lcukjott is latest in svn?22:30
lcukill grab and see if i can give you a plane22:30
jottlcuk: yes.. look at analyse_image at the bottom.. the data[] should contain it...22:31
RST38biswhat are you trying to find in those images?22:31
jottthough the format looks really trivial ;)22:31
jottwhite noise22:31
lcukyes, just ignore every 2nd byte22:31
jottRST38bis: barcodes ;)22:31
jottlcuk: yep ;)22:32
madhavtransparency + gtk fixedconainer/viewport ? any idea how to get it working??22:32
lardmanthey're everywhere, I even saw one in the Times today22:32
RST38bisah! i would grab the luma then22:32
jottRST38bis: yep hat's the plan for now22:32
RST38bisyou will need   bw image anyway22:33
jotti hope the format is right :)22:33
lcukim gonna pop the output into a planar YUV anyway and get blittin it around22:33
jottRST38bis: yeah22:33
madhavlcuk: got any idea?22:33
lcukno idea madhav, look at gtk documentation22:33
lcukok, you need cylon/knight rider scanner for this barcode thing22:34
lardmanthanks lcuk22:35
lcukand it has to play muzak via a2dp, perhaps the scanner needs to be 3d?22:35
*** overflok has joined #maemo22:36
lcukyw lardman :)22:36
jottok this should get the Ys :)22:36
*** benh has joined #maemo22:38
RST38bislcuk: as long as it has the deathray, you can skip on muzak, a2dp, 3d...22:38
* lardman tries to work out what the hell he was thinking in his MATLAB code :S22:38
lcukyer i suppose you are right, but we also need a button on screen to call for a supervisor22:38
lardmanonly if you scan alcohol though22:39
lcuki wish we could make the keyboard ping out like arkrights22:39
*** madha1 has joined #maemo22:41
*** madhav has quit IRC22:41
* GAN800 should probably stop leaping down the throats of poor Nokia engineers on Bugzilla. . . .22:41
*** solmumaha has quit IRC22:41
lcukyour turn to get out of bed on the wrong side?22:42
*** overflok has left #maemo22:42
*** TimRiker has quit IRC22:42
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo22:43
RST38bisgan: go for the testicles, more painful this way22:43
*** wms has quit IRC22:44
*** m-c has joined #maemo22:44
*** Atarii has joined #maemo22:45
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC22:45
*** penguinb8 has joined #maemo22:46
*** pusling has joined #maemo22:47
jottlardman: ok it seems to work now.. i can output a scanline of the image with a simple threshold filter22:47
*** ianf-h has joined #maemo22:47
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo22:47
puslingare there extra modules, like usbserial.ko in binary form somewhere trustful on the internets - like for   2.6.21-omap1 ?22:47
jotta big hacky atm but for now thats fine22:47
* lcuk wonders why he goes through the trouble of dev on tablet22:48
*** daperl has quit IRC22:48
*** solmumaha has joined #maemo22:49
lcukdoes andLinux support scratchbox22:49
*** daperl has joined #maemo22:49
*** henrique has joined #maemo22:49
GAN800Nah, not quite that bad, and he deserved it more.22:50
*** gentooer has quit IRC22:50
RST38bislcuk: apparently it does but just barely22:51
Stskeepspusling: - not so trustworthy but we use it in the NIT debian project :P22:51
lcukRST38bis, lots of messing?22:52
Stskeepspusling: wrong url.. sec22:52
jottlardman: and we are below 20% cpu atm..22:52
GAN800An ENHANCEMENT should be closed a  invalid because their functionality is broken? Please.
lardmangood to hear22:52
GAN800Don't lie, close it as WONTFIX22:52
fnordianslipwoot.  just added a third RF interface to my N800 (after BT and wifi), comes AX.25 networking on 144MHz with a USB attached Terminal Node Controller.  So far, I've received 129 packets.  That took a custom kernel, and three packages - one library, one set of system tools and one set of user apps22:52
lardmanI'm nearly done on the first pass through my code22:52
RST38bislcuk: somebody (qwerty?) has been using it, but it was messy22:52
*** gentooer has joined #maemo22:53
lcukprobably, ill ask him22:53
puslingStskeeps: thanks. maybe I should look at NIT debian as well - now I just have debian on a flash card and have hacked the init system to mount the flashcard, bindmount dev, mount proc and chroot into debian ;)22:53
lcuki cant bear vmware22:53
lcukomg im getting worse22:53
GAN800and you cam bear the tablet? . . .22:53
puslingStskeeps: I get a nice 404 ?22:54
Stskeepsgah.. that's what i get for not taking some coffee..22:54
RST38bisand I can't understand why there is no windoze based sdk22:54
*** frade has joined #maemo22:54
GAN800RST38bis, too much work.22:54
puslingStskeeps: now I get files at least ;)22:55
GAN800Besides, there is, it's called 'vmware'22:55
qwerty12_N800lcuk, it does, but it's a bit awkward transfering files and copy and paste as non-root in andlinux (essential for sbox) is a little funky22:55
lbthas anything happened to I can't find anything on gdb/ddd and I'm sure I wrote something about ddd22:55
Stskeepspusling:  NIT-debian is proceeding nicely, we have wifi power save and such working already, - still needing some Diablo fixes from johnx but beyond that it's a cute little debian install22:55
RST38bisgan: vmwaare != native22:56
lcukeven scratchbox itself is emulated isnt it22:56
RST38bisgan: bug 3436 was just destined to be rejected22:56
lcukso vmware is 2 levels of abstraction22:56
qwerty12_N800fnordianslip, have you tried editing debian/control for your deb problem?22:56
lbtlcuk: scratchbox isn't emulated - it uses emulation sometimes but it nativel22:57
lbty cross compiles22:57
RST38bisthey will not fix stuff that relies on 3rd party software for proof22:57
lcuklbt, ok then: its a system within a system within a system22:57
GAN800RST38bis, it doesn't rely on anything 3rd party.22:57
*** andre___ has joined #maemo22:58
RST38bisgan: adv backlight22:58
lcukadv backlight or root22:58
*** prometoys has quit IRC22:58
lbtyes... and?22:58
zaplcuk: if your CPU supports virtualization extensions, you can run ubuntu in qemu-kvm at about 70% of your native CPU speed22:58
*** qwerty12_N800 has left #maemo22:58
lcukits mindboggling22:58
GAN800Get over it, Windows sucks. Move on. ;)22:58
fnordianslipqwerty12_N800: not yet, i was just wondering about what to hack at next.  that sounds like the place to look.22:58
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo22:58
lbtnah - you just need to think about boxes22:58
lcuki have done: if i had enough disk space i wouldnt bother using anything other than directly native22:58
GAN800RST38bis, read the comments, you can get the exact behaviour with dsmetool.22:58
RST38bisno, really, why no crosscompiler on windows?22:59
lbta box is a box in a box or out of a box22:59
GAN800Which is most certainly 1st-party.22:59
puslingStskeeps: so I should get started and package qtopia for debian ? ;)22:59
lcuklbt, i often write compiler compilers (yacc wasnt forthcoming for vb base..)22:59
lcuki have no problem with it at certain levels, but for entire systems it hurts my head.  its like chrooting22:59
RST38bisgan: yea, and if you kept adv backlight out of it, they would have no reason to refuse;)22:59
Stskeepspusling: hey, why not :P23:00
puslingStskeeps: ENOTIME ;)23:00
GAN800RST38bis, tried to make things easier for everybody, tried to be reasonable.23:00
lcukdont you need root for dsmetool?23:00
GAN800lcuk, so?23:01
lcuktherefore not out of the box23:01
RST38bisgan: close this bug, open new one without adv backlight see what happens23:01
lcukyou have to do none standard stuff and void warranty :)23:01
*** madha1 has quit IRC23:01
qwerty12_N800lcuk, no, sudo is out of the box23:01
*** ||cw has quit IRC23:01
GAN800Meh, R&D is still first party.23:01
GAN800RST38bis, that's stupid.23:01
RST38bisgan: if they tag it as same as, argut that it is not the same23:02
lcukqwerty12_N800, whats the root password?23:02
GAN800I'd mark the second as dupe and reopen the first if somebody did that. ;)23:02
RST38bisgan: that is how corporate softw. dev works23:02
GAN800RST38bis, that's not how Bugzilla works.23:03
RST38bisbugzilla is just a web app for tracking bugs23:03
qwerty12_N800lcuk, no idea, i've never bothered to crack an default /etc/password. but that is a feature of sudo, you can add programs that you wish to run as root without an password prompt23:03
RST38bisin addition to bugzilla you have to deal with their internal support guidelines23:04
lcukyes i know: user ALL = NOPASSWD: /media/mmc1/liqbase-0.0.1/liqbase23:04
GAN800i.e., doing stupid bug contortions for stupid Nokia engineers is not a behaviour I'm willing to put up with on b.m.o23:04
*** penguinbait has quit IRC23:04
lcukbut to write sudoers you need root dont you..23:04
qwerty12_N800which nokia has to give with the provided application manager23:05
RST38bisgan: no need to confront, just stubbornly follow procedure23:05
RST38bisok, i'm out for now23:05
*** Tuco1 has quit IRC23:05
lcukqwerty12_N800, the aim is not to bypass any of the nokia disclaimers.  once you do that you are in uncharted water23:06
*** greentux has joined #maemo23:06
lcukbut it doesnt matter, i got about 10,000000 things to try and fit onto a tiny memstick23:06
zaprm_you: are you here?23:06
*** RST38bis has quit IRC23:06
qwerty12_N800lcuk, ok, my bad, maybe i should read this bug ;p...23:06
lardmanjott, lcuk: I've uploaded my first pass at C-ifying, still lots to do - malloc'ing, fn arguments (pointers rather than returning arrays, etc.)23:08
* qwerty12_N800 couldn't give two craps about what has root access on a tablet personally23:08
lardmangoing to have a TV break, will get back to it later23:08
lcukok lardman :)23:08
jottwell at that pace we have the app ready tomorrow ;)23:11
jotteven with tv breaks ;)+23:12
penguinb8off to vacation, see everyone in a couple weeks :P23:12
*** penguinb8 has left #maemo23:12
* ianf-h is getting his N810 today23:13
ianf-hwoot woot23:13
*** simon_ has quit IRC23:14
*** zwnj has quit IRC23:14
zapoh sh*t23:16
zapmy n810 reboots forever23:17
zapboots to half, and reboots again :( good byte lots of installed packages23:17
* qwerty12_N800 has had that experience *lots* of times23:17
zapand how you reinstall your stuff? by hand each time?23:18
qwerty12_N800yep :(, but diablo's app restore is more reliable23:19
qwerty12_N800^ now23:19
*** Atarii` has joined #maemo23:20
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik23:20
GAN800zap, that's why you install fanoush's bootmenu.23:21
fnordianslipi apt-get  installed devscripts on my N800 yesterday, hitting y a couple of times without paying attention to what it was saying.  it uninstalled everything including busybox.  good-bye world.23:22
* qwerty12_N800 will probably attempt to make a stripped down of maemo that has the sole purpose of running mtd-utils to backup the rootfs :/ 23:22
* zap shutters remembering how many thousand times he passed the 'doctor sequence' on pocketpc23:23
pupniknice work Stskeeps23:23
GAN800qwerty12, couldn't that be provided as23:23
GAN800a 'backup' mode in the initfs?23:23
*** frade has quit IRC23:24
jottmaybe even a ready rescue initfs23:24
GAN800Heck, with rsync I bet you could set it up to run on boot every x days23:24
lcukmake a maemo live mmc :D23:24
qwerty12_N800GAN800, very good point actually, i could compile mtd-utils and shove it in the initfs and write a quick script to mount the mmc and run  mtd-utils and dump the rootfs.23:25
jottso e.g. fanoushs initfs as redistributable file23:25
jottplus some extra utils23:25
Atarii`that sounds a really good idea GAN80023:25
GAN800Set it up to either back up to a computer with usbnet or to a card.23:26
GAN800Heck, you could provide something like this through Extras-devel, probably.23:26
Atarii`need a way to choose internal vs card to backup23:26
GAN800OK, now that I've provided my idea, the rest of you go out and make23:27
GAN800it happen!23:27
* GAN800 sits back and sips lemonade.23:27
puslingStskeeps: yay. got ttyUSB0 with your tarball.23:27
* qwerty12_N800 reads up on how to compile uclibc toolchains. been years since i compiled one for my router ;)23:27
GAN800Years. . . . stfu 15-year-old. :P23:28
qwerty12_N800:p, i'm actually serious :/ :p23:28
lcukGAN800, didnt you know, qwerty12_N800 was the boy out of the linux adverts23:29
lcukibm *23:29
*** lopz has quit IRC23:31
lcuk(in all seriousness, there was a little blond kid at linuxtag who was hacking away in the basement with little robots and stuff and looked happy to be there - reminded me of this linuxkid)23:32
*** snowmoon-work has quit IRC23:32
*** znarf has joined #maemo23:32
GAN800The fkb seems to be randomly deciding to send enter when I type too fast these days. . . .23:32
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC23:32
*** herz1 has joined #maemo23:32
*** znarf has quit IRC23:33
lcukis it normal for my syslog to be 10mb?23:36
qwerty12_N800well, a lot  of crap is outputted by default (when sound is on, eac mode: play enabled, rec disabled etc)23:38
lcukyer, but this goes back to before i was at linuxtag23:38
lcuki kinda think its a bit overkill23:39
*** oilinki3 is now known as oilinki23:39
pupnikso is there syslogd.conf active?23:39
lcukthats odd, i just did a standard google search for the file /var/log/logs/syslog and it gave NOTHING.  i find that a bit odd23:39
qwerty12_N800iirc, a new syslog is made on each boot and the old one moved to syslog.old23:40
AStormlcdd: if you're not running logrotate ;P23:40
AStormqwerty12_N800: that depends on the config, default syslog configuration doesn't do that23:41
qwerty12_N800ah, i only use the nokia syslog.23:41
AStormthis one is the default syslog ;P23:42
lcukWTF?   i put "/var/log/logs/syslog" with quotes, it says nothing found, but there are there without quotes.  i remove the quotes and i get nothing23:42
lcukthis is a googlism23:42
GeneralAntilleslol, lcuk, think you could break up the discussion on the Drivers page into clearer sections with proper threading?23:42
*** neilpwc has quit IRC23:43
lcukGeneralAntilles, if i knew how to i would (and i guess the same could be said for fanoush lol) neither of us appear to be able to get it to indent - every time i tried i got some stupid framed box23:44
GeneralAntillesJust edit an existing talk page for examples. :P23:44
GeneralAntillesYes, one space gets you a codebox23:45
GeneralAntillesStep one is to break up the discussion into sections23:45
GeneralAntilles== Stuff About SRAM ==23:45
lcukso, to get code i put space and to get space i put :23:45
GeneralAntillesSteps two is to fix the threading23:45
lbtOK, I just ran application manager and tried an update - failed... :(23:45
GeneralAntillesReplace your space with a colon23:45
lbtlibdb4.2, libglade2-0 and Operating System23:45
lbtis this a known issue?23:46
lcukok gen :) thanks23:46
GeneralAntilleslcuk, it's easy once you learn the basic syntax. ;)23:47
GeneralAntillesI'd clean it up, but I don't have the energy to read through that wall-o'-text to figure out what's what.23:47
GeneralAntillesand don't want to step on toes.23:47
GeneralAntilleslcuk, bookmark this one:
*** herzi has quit IRC23:48
*** jott has quit IRC23:49
fnordianslipsysklogd does the rotation thing.23:50
*** jott has joined #maemo23:52
lcukGeneralAntilles, can i indent and box?23:53
zapWhat package contains the termcap files?23:53
lcukfnordianslip, any idea why it doesnt run on my device?23:53
GeneralAntilleslcuk, :<pre>code here</pre>23:54
fnordiansliphave you rebooted since installing it?23:54
fnordianslipi don't think it started logging until i did that23:54
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s23:55
lcukive never installed it - i wondered why ive got a massive syslog23:55
lcuknow i know23:55
fnordiansliphow big?23:55
*** jga23 has joined #maemo23:56
*** u1106 has quit IRC23:56
jga23anybody know where I could find a statusbar clock for diablo?23:56
* lcuk knows everything he did since jun 423:56
lcuki can safely delete it cant i23:57
fnordianslipthats not big23:57
*** u1106 has joined #maemo23:57
lcukon a small 256mb device it is23:57
fnordianslipecho /dev/null > /wherever/syslog23:57
GeneralAntillesjga23, it's in Extras23:57
GeneralAntillesor should be23:57
lcukfnordianslip, :) thanks23:58
lbtfnordianslip: no,   just   > /..../syslog23:58
*** hircus has joined #maemo23:58
lbtotherwise it will contain the text "/dev/null"23:58
fnordianslipoh, is it cat, i've forgotten23:59
lbtcat would work23:59
lbtcommon idiom is just >23:59
fnordianslipstill, its only one line23:59
sp3000jga23: chinook extras probably23:59
lbt> file23:59
lbtoh yes... just FYI23:59

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