IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2008-07-16

zaprm_you: but it's really called osso-software-version-unlocked-rx34|rx44 ?00:00
rm_youit is generic00:00
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rm_youyou can not worry at all about the hardware version, the package deals with it00:00
rm_youjust installing "osso-software-version-unlocked" provides the correct unlocked package00:01
zaphmm, cool00:01
rm_youand automatically removes the locked version00:01
zapthat's how its called on my n81000:02
rm_youand osso-software-version-rx34-unlocked on n80000:02
zapProvides: osso-software-version-variant00:02
zapmaybe it should depend on osso-software-version-variant ?00:02
zapI can't get it how it works00:02
rm_youit's complicated00:02
zapit shouldn't be00:03
rm_youright but it ia00:03
rm_youand theres nothing we can do about it00:03
zapwell I just want to understand :)00:03
rm_youright so I'll try to explain how my package works00:03
zapProvides: osso-software-version-variant | Conflicts: osso-software-version-variant00:03
zaphow cool00:03
rm_youyeah it is dumb00:03
rm_youI think I will add it to -devel and post on ITT about it00:04
zapso if a package depends on osso-software-version-unlocked, it automatically installs osso-software-version-rx??-unlocked?00:07
zapcan you try apt-get -f install after that?00:07
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rm_youyes and it is perfectly finr00:08
rm_youwhat it actually does00:08
rm_youand this is sort of a hack, but works excellently...00:08
zapI don't understand how it works, and this makes me worry00:09
rm_youit installs my package, osso-software-version-unlocked, which then looks at your system and decides which REAL package to install00:09
zap*your* package00:09
rm_youand the debs for both ship with my package00:09
zapnow I got it00:09
rm_youso you install osso-software-version-unlocked, it puts osso-software-version-rx34-unlocked_4.2008.23-14_all.deb and osso-software-version-rx44-unlocked_4.2008.23-14_all.deb in /usr/share/osso-software-version-unlocked/00:10
rm_youand then in the postinst, it looks and sees which one you need, and dpkg installs it00:10
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zapok wish you luck and g'night :)00:12
rm_youand since REALLY the only thing that block the installation of newer system packages is osso-software-version-rx#4 (the locked thing), since my package REPLACES that, it is forced to be uninstalled, and the -locked package isnt actually required at that stage of install00:12
rm_youand can be put back in place later :P00:12
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rm_youlardman|gone: yo?00:23
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jottrm_you: what's the problem with installing a specific -unlock package? i think it's not a good manner to install packages with dpkg in the maintainer scripts...00:34
rm_youyes it is horrible BUT00:34
rm_youthis allows it to be automated00:34
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rm_youfor instance, i recompiled xserver-xomap with a higher version string00:35
rm_youand with Requires: osso-software-unlocked00:35
rm_youand then i just did "apt-get install xserver-xomap"00:35
jotti think it's not that bad to force users installing the unlock package to make them aware what is going on..00:35
rm_youand it automatically removes the locked one and installs the correct unlocked one00:35
jotti would hate when this happens..00:36
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jottwhen apt-get does something unpredictable00:36
rm_youI just know how many people have been complaining about not being able to automatically select the unlocked package for installation00:36
rm_youhow is it unpredictable?00:37
jottnormally apt-get shows me what it does beforehand (which packages it will install and remove)00:37
rm_youit says: "installing extra packages: osso-software-version-unlocked"00:37
rm_youand also "removing packages: osso-software-version-rx#4" (locked)00:37
jottyeah but it does not do that..00:37
rm_youno, it does00:37
jottit also install other packages00:38
jottno matter if one or 100000:38
rm_youbut it is just the non-generic version of the package you DID tell it to install00:38
jottthat's why i want apt-get to tell me the truth00:38
rm_youit is not possible to do that :(00:38
jotti can't see what's hard about installing the -unlocked package if you want an unlocked device..00:39
rm_youwell for instance i am making a package called "rotation-support"00:40
rm_youi want it to automatically switch to unlocked when they install that00:40
rm_youbecause there is no way for me to make apt explain how to fix the problem if they try to install it and it says can't install" because of deps00:40
rm_younormal users will be clueless00:41
rm_youit needs to smoothly switch over to unlocked00:41
jottit should say "need either osso-software-version-rx34-unlocked or osso-software-version-rx44-unlocked"00:42
rm_youit doesn't00:42
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rm_youinstead it just says random stuff about depends and how it cant install00:43
jotthm? why not? thos should be in Required for every package breaking osso-software-version-rxXX00:43
rm_youbut you can't do that00:43
rm_youor can you?00:43
jottmh? Require: osso-software-version-rx34-unlocked | osso-software-version-rx44-unlocked00:43
rm_youdont think you can require "X or Y"00:43
rm_youbut how does the device know which to install?00:44
jottit will cry :P00:44
jottbut should state what options there are00:44
jottthat is "unlock your device if you want to mess with it"00:44
jottmaybe some wrapper package could be made..aka "unlock-n800" which just requires osso-software-version-rx34-unlocked00:45
jottto make it transparent00:45
jottor atleast more transparent00:46
rm_youi suppose you could do it that way <_<00:46
rm_youpersonally I appreciate the automation, and yes it is a hack, but not a horrible one, as it does exactly what you want00:46
jotti admit the "osso-software-version-rx34-unlocked" package name is rather confusing for a normal user ;)00:46
jotti think it's horrible00:46
jottbecause it's not how a deb should work00:47
rm_youwell, this is not how the entire dependency system should work00:47
rm_youbut that's how it does00:47
rm_youare there even any differences between rx34 and rx44 unlocked? >_<00:48
jottmh ;)00:48
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jottoh and it might be good to actually use an extra package for the rotation xserver that Provides the normal xserver00:49
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jottthis way it's easier to uninstall00:50
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rm_youso that to uninstall, you just reinstall "xserver-xomap"?00:50
rm_yousec i will do that right now00:51
jotti think you also have to "Replace" it..00:51
jottwell needs obviously some testing ;)00:51
rm_youReplaces: xserver-xomap; Provides: xserver, xserver-xomap00:52
rm_youi believe00:52
rm_youor maybe just00:52
rm_youReplaces: xserver-xomap; Provides: xserver00:52
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rm_youI think replaces is fine, things that depend on xserver-xomap should see that and be ok00:52
jotti think both..?!00:52
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Veggensip over openvpn was a *little* chatty for gprs from a small village in alps.00:56
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Talus46_n810how can i enable execution of a.out files in the n810?00:58
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jottVeggen: hah just a "little"? ;)01:01
Veggenjott: no - it was seriously affecting everything else .)01:02
solmumahaTalus46_n810: ./a.out in xterm01:02
wndTalus46_n810, are you really talking about a.out executables and not just executables in general, or elf-executables named a.out?01:02
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fnordiansliphmm.  i'm looking through the syslogs from my attempts to boot with my custom kernel and I'm wondering if the following is the reason for the reboot ...01:12
fnordianslipJul 15 21:05:36 Nokia-N800-23-14 DSME: '/usr/sbin/wlancond' spawning too fast -> reset01:12
fnordianslipJul 15 21:05:36 Nokia-N800-23-14 DSME: Here we will request for sw reset01:12
lbtanyone know about xgettext?01:13
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fnordianslipany ideas on my reboot issue ^^^01:20
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fnordianslipah, itT search shows that is indeed the cause of the reboot. now to figure out what's going on with wlancond I guess.01:26
crashanddieGAN800, n810 been running for 6hours 20 minutes, and battery manager still displays 3hours of uptime left01:26
rm_youwith gpsd?01:28
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ShadowJKdoes gpsd access the gps even if no applications want a gps fix?01:32
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rm_youhrm i believe so?01:36
rm_youit would need to be able to respond instantly to a request01:36
rm_younot have to ON REQUEST take a while to initiate connection, and do a cold-start >_>01:37
*** Atarii has joined #maemo01:37
crashanddierm_you, yeah01:38
*** blkno1 has joined #maemo01:39
ShadowJKgpsd is running when you've got "enable gps" ticked in control panel?01:40
crashanddieno, don't think so01:40
crashanddiefrom what I gather, "enable gps" is only to activate the link to the gps device, but it's "on"01:41
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* lcuk3 gets frustrated02:24
*** lcuk3 is now known as lcuk02:24
lcukyes, im calling a line of code which is locking up my nit so hard ive gotta pop the battery02:25
lcukit started last night but ive not had a chance to debug it till now02:25
*** lopz has joined #maemo02:26
*** lele has joined #maemo02:26
jottlcuk: you could renice the process while debugging so it will be a more multi-task friendly..02:26
*** Raffaello has left #maemo02:27
*** benh has quit IRC02:27
lcukits the first time this has ever been a problem02:27
jotti was only hit by oom problems ...02:27
lcukits seriously locking the machine - im pretty sure it will be cured in a few minutes (ive got it down to a single call :))02:27
lcuki'd rather not mess with nicing02:28
lcuktheres not been a need till now, i tihnk im sending an invalid pointer and the function is writing all over the wrong memory02:28
lcuk:D heh, yer thats what it was02:29
lcuk.... , (JSAMPARRAY) buffer , ....                   instead of  .... , (JSAMPARRAY) &buffer , ....02:30
jottyieks :)02:30
jottglad you found it02:30
lcuki would never let anything like that out without testing. i try to test everything and dont do much until code is stable :)02:31
lcukinfact - this is the first time ive gone to sleep with a broken function02:32
lcukas in known bad BOOOOOM broken, not just doesnt do what i want02:32
lcukit works ;)02:34
lcukliqbase can now load (greyscale) jpegs :D02:34
*** __t has joined #maemo02:35
jottnice ;)02:36
jottwith your own jpeg decoder? ;)02:36
lcuknahhh, using jpeglib, a few weeks ago i made the colorblit and allowed blitting of arbitary in memory bitmaps, i just needed a way to load and save them02:37
lcukit shouldv been in last night nice and quickly, but for that damned &02:37
lcukits bugged me all day wondering why it was such a heavy crash02:38
*** sin18 has joined #maemo02:44
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC02:44
jottbleh and i was just hit by non-unique keys in a pixmap cache .. another 20 minutes lost :P02:47
lcukthese things pop up at the worst times02:48
*** Grackle_ has joined #maemo02:50
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crashanddieupdate: n810 been running for 9 hours with the gps enabled and tracking, and still reports 1 hour of battery life02:57
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo02:57
*** behdad has quit IRC03:01
t_s_oit seems microb have gotten kind of a issue. it wants to continually reload whatever pages i open, either ending in a classical firefox error about a reload loop, or a small html plage that reads RELOAD: with a link to the page i was trying to open under it...03:02
Kegetysdo you happen to have the automatic redirection setting disabled03:08
t_s_oi turned it of after the first time i had this issue, but nothing changed. it even tries this on the start page while in offline mode...03:09
*** _freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu03:09
*** danilocesar has quit IRC03:09
t_s_othe strangest thing is the url line for that last page: data:text/html,<title>Reload</title><h1>Reload:</h1> and so on03:12
t_s_oits as if the html of the page spills into the url line...03:12
lcukwhats the site03:13
t_s_oit do not tell, its as if its a local page, stored on the tablet itself03:13
lcukis this when you open ANY url from favorites list, or just the index.html03:14
t_s_oit also seems that browserd no longer wants to run at startup. and when started via terminal it spills a whole lot of export stuff onto screen03:14
t_s_olcuk: any from favorites03:14
*** m-c has left #maemo03:15
lcukremove any addins you have03:16
lcukseems logical thing to try at least: they end up in the page content of every page dont they03:17
t_s_odint have any03:17
*** ssvb has quit IRC03:17
wizat_s_o: that's normal data uri03:18
wizat_s_o: just not widely used since ie doesn't support it03:18
*** slomo_ has joined #maemo03:19
*** Sargun has quit IRC03:19
*** befr0d_ has joined #maemo03:21
*** benh has joined #maemo03:22
t_s_ohmm, should browserd autostart if its not running and a browser window is opened?03:26
*** befr0d_ is now known as bef0rd03:28
t_s_obah, this is like poking a windows box with a stick...03:30
*** slomo__ has quit IRC03:32
*** __t has quit IRC03:32
*** dholbert has quit IRC03:38
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*** qos has quit IRC03:48
t_s_ointeresting, it seems that maybe is no longer run as it should. it seems to deal with the export stuff that i see spilling my screen whenever i use easyroot, something i didnt see until i had the other problem...03:48
*** crashanddie has quit IRC03:48
t_s_oah, another piece of the puzzle. browser dies with signal 11 if i try to stop it while reloading...03:50
*** alex-weej has quit IRC03:51
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo03:52
t_s_oheh, opening multiple browser windows basically kills all of them with a error message about a internal error :S03:53
booleancan anyone tell me how to install Xephyr for the diablo SDK?03:55
booleanoh brother .. nevermind :{03:56
lcukewwww why would you want to emulate?03:56
booleanwell I am following the howtos/tutorials for coding maemo apps03:56
booleanone has to start somewhere ... why do you compile right off the n8x0 ?03:57
lcukyou only need to work with the x86 portion if you want to emulate - if you are gonna copy to device (or map via sshfs or something) then its nicer03:58
lcuki dont like vmware03:58
lcukand i dont have a "full" linux system available here03:58
lcukplus, its better this way03:59
lcuki get to compile while im out havin a cig03:59
lcukor on the train03:59
lcukor the bus03:59
booleanheh ...03:59
booleanok ... how long does it take to compile the kernel?03:59
lcuki dunno, i only compile my stuff03:59
booleani find doing simple find / -type f |xargs grep -il <someting> take forever ...04:00
t_s_ough, seems im looking at a reflash, i cant nail down the problem :(04:00
lcukt_s_o, give a clearer description (with maybe a vid/pictures?) and ask people in itt04:00
lcukits only 1 application, surely doesnt deserve a reflash04:01
lcuki wouldnt reformat my computer cos firefox went on a benny04:01
t_s_owell its the browser, without it the tablet is nearly worthless04:01
lcuktheres a browser on it?04:01
*** Atarii` has joined #maemo04:01
lcukdifferent things for different people04:01
* boolean doesnt like the browser that much ... first port I will try will be links :)04:02
lcuk:) i understand then, if you feel you have to then go for it04:02
t_s_owell i tried the obvious, a reinstall of both browser and browserd, didnt fix a thing...04:02
*** Atarii` is now known as Atarii04:02
lcukits probably just one setting thats got wrong data in04:02
lcukask on itT04:02
crashanddieI use ssh -X firefox04:03
t_s_oi was just hoping some of the itt regulars where active here...04:03
booleanwhat is browserd exactly ?04:03
crashanddiet_s_o, only the IRC regulars are here :P04:03
crashanddieboolean, a backend for the browser04:03
t_s_ocrashanddie: there is a bit over a overlap iirc04:03
lcukits hard with obscure problems to find the right person: i mean daytimes timely is normally in, the guy whos working directly on the browser04:03
jottwow i had just nice big *WTF* starting gitk:
lcukask him tomorrow04:03
lcuktimeless? timely? sameperson i think04:04
lcukbut i know hes never on at this time04:04
booleancrashanddie: as in sharing backend ?04:04
crashanddiejott, looks good :)04:04
*** harry has joined #maemo04:04
jottcrashanddie: tablet ready ;)04:04
crashanddiejott, at least you won't miss a commit with that :P04:05
*** harry is now known as Guest4847804:05
*** Guest48478 is now known as kcome04:05
lcukjott :) i approve of your desktop by the way (apart from the header panel)04:06
lcukand push git more :P04:06
jottthe header panel is a calculator and a launcher ;)04:07
* jott probably needs some sleep04:09
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo04:09
jottso much stuff in the mind and so in need of sleep. this sucks :/04:09
*** zpol has joined #maemo04:10
lcuk:) jott i feel the same04:10
*** lopz has quit IRC04:11
*** netx303 has joined #maemo04:14
crashanddiejott & luck: you need modafinil04:18
*** rev` has quit IRC04:20
crashanddieor orexin A04:20
GAN800that was incredible. non-stop thunderstorm for 300 miles.04:20
lcuk? crashanddie04:20
crashanddielcuk, modafinil allows you to sleep 3 hours a night, and never feel sleepy04:21
crashanddielcuk, orexin A resets your brain chemical balance so that you don't need sleep anymore04:21
lcukthen, no i dont need it04:22
lcuksleep is better04:22
lcukjott, are you awake04:22
jottlcuk: yes, even without orexin A :)04:23
lcukGAN800, did everything go off?04:23
crashanddiethough, orexin goes around £1000 per gram, so not exactly that cheap :P04:23
lcuklol if you rotate the display which way does the tearing go?04:23
GAN800No, the detonators were trash. :(04:23
*** zerojay has joined #maemo04:24
GAN800lcuk, the grain rotates too--hardware.04:24
zerojayGAN800: Hiya.04:24
lcuk!!!! :D04:24
*** slomo_ has quit IRC04:24
crashanddieI'm out04:24
jottlcuk: yeah, the rotation actually changes the memory mapping of the display04:24
GAN800Any good news about the discount code? :(04:24
lcukjott, have you examined whether its possible to rotate without kernel04:25
lcukgnite crashanddie :)04:25
jottlcuk: it's not possible to use hardware rotation.04:25
zerojayGAN800: Let me guess, that's become a bit of a joke in the community or something? ;)04:25
jottif you implemented software rotation into the xomap xserver it would work without kernel patches04:25
lcuki am sure i managed it with some hacking right at the start,but my pattern wasnt formed (it was almost snow)04:25
GAN800Nah, just concerned. ;)04:25
* boolean sighs04:26
zerojayGAN800: No... still no luck. The latest codes I were given about a month or so ago just don't work... so... guess I'll just wait until it comes down to my price range like everyone else.04:26
booleanhow does one close a scratchbox session?04:26
*** slomo has joined #maemo04:26
lcukclose the console?04:26
GAN800Canada really got the short stick.04:26
jottlcuk: <- just look at the patch04:26
crashanddieGAN800, n810 been running for 10h20m, still reports 1hour of battery life, with GPS tracking activated, that is04:26
*** Atarii has quit IRC04:26
booleanhmm but each time i start again, it dumps me into an existing session04:27
GAN800crashanddie, that sounds pretty workable as an 'always on' GPS.04:27
zerojayGAN800: I just got an e-mail about the sponsorship and made me think about coming back to see how things are going here... if there's even anyone still here that I remember.04:27
GAN800zerojay, there's tons more activity lately.04:27 is really taking off nicely.04:27
zerojayGAN800: I heard about the early Diablo hacks and stuff, but I feel so out of it these days.04:27
crashanddieGAN800, I will do a second run tomorrow night, so we don't have a "one test only" result. It would be nice if someone else could do it too, as to have a pretty accurate reading04:28
zerojayGAN800: So... were all those times I told people that things were getting better right? :)04:28
lcukcrash, is it sat connected or not04:28
crashanddielcuk, yup04:28
GAN800zerojay, I'd say so.04:29
crashanddielcuk, I've had to open maemo mapper though. Couldn't get the gps to stay on all the time otherwise04:29
GAN800Things are definitely heading the right direction.04:29
lcukjott, thanks i might install and check a few things out.04:29
crashanddielcuk, the trick for it to not compromise the battery/cpu usage, is to ask it to show a part of the map you are not, so it doesn't have to update the view04:29
zerojayGAN800: I'm glad to hear that. Maemo is still a project that I really believe in and want to see do well.04:30
crashanddiein order to have a pretty accurate reading, I wrote a small shell script that touches a file every minute, so I know when the n810 gives up and shuts down04:30
booleanyou would think this was easy ... *sigh*04:30
GAN800it's too bad they screwed the pooch si hard on the discount codes. :(04:30
booleanin order to switch targets in scratchbox, I have to close the previous session04:31
zerojayGAN800: Well, so long as most everyone else got theirs...04:31
booleanso ...04:31
boolean[sbox-DIABLO_ARMEL: ~] > sb-conf cu04:31
boolean[sbox-DIABLO_ARMEL: ~] >  sb-conf select MaemoKernel04:31
booleansb-conf: You must close your other Scratchbox sessions first04:31
GAN800Maemo Software'd been better off handling the whole thing directly.04:31
booleanlogin out and running scratchbox brings back into DIABLO_ARMEL04:31
lcuk:D heh jott - i might just be able to do it at the app level as well04:31
GAN800yeah, I'd say it worked out in the end for most. but it took a while to get there. . . .04:32
*** Crfrodf has joined #maemo04:32
crashanddieboolean, check you don't have another console running in scratchbox, also, check that there isn't any file manager/console sitting within the scratchbox environment (e.g.: /scratchbox/users/you/home/you/*)04:32
zerojayGAN800: If the project is still going strong, it couldn't have been that bad.04:32
zerojayIn fact, judging from the amount of people here, I'd say it's stronger than I ever remember.04:32
lcukit looks similar to the method i used before and because i can choose resolution earlier, i can just choose to be in a 480*800, then mark it as rotated.  it would be a hack, but it might just work04:32
GAN800Most definitely.04:33
crashanddiezerojay, and it's 330 AM in Europe :P04:33
lcukgnite folks04:33
crashanddieyeah, good call, out of here04:33
GAN800later, lcuk04:33
crashanddie*damn you for being interesting*04:33
*** lcuk is now known as lcuk_zzz04:33
booleancrashanddie: logout, found a scratchbox proc, killed it and /scratchbox/users/me/home/me/* still there ..04:34
booleanany suggestions?04:34
booleannope .. kill -9 the proc worked ..04:35
booleansorry for the noise04:35
crashanddieeh ?04:35
* GAN800 goes to fix a 20-year-old outboard.04:36
dougtdoes anyone know how to calculate idle time on maemo?04:48
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo04:48
*** Crfrod has quit IRC04:48
dougtusually you use libxss but that isn't installed for obvious reasons.04:48
*** zpol has quit IRC04:49
*** erstazi has joined #maemo04:59
ShadowJKwhat idle time?05:03
*** inherited has quit IRC05:04
*** lopz has joined #maemo05:05
*** inherited has joined #maemo05:06
*** inherited is now known as inherited_tot05:07
dougtShadowJK: the time between user inputs05:07
ShadowJKoh that kind of idle time05:08
*** red-zack has quit IRC05:14
*** blkno1 has quit IRC05:16
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC05:20
*** herz1 has joined #maemo05:22
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo05:27
*** Sargun has joined #maemo05:28
yigalare there keys to press to poweroff the n800 if it isn't shutting down nicely?05:28
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC05:30
yigalhard power off05:30
yigalpowerkey has no effect05:31
yigalholding or hitting05:31
yigalit just has bootsplash "NOKIA" in blue05:32
GreyFoxxHeh I wish my810 would power on :)05:32
mikedep333hello, the repo file-linked to on canola's web site doesn't work05:32
GreyFoxxjust got a new battery and still nothing05:32
yigalGreyFoxx: I'm sorry to here05:32
GreyFoxxlooks like this puppy is going back tomorrow :/05:32
yigalGreyFoxx: can I take out the battery?05:32
mikedep333oh, nm05:32
mikedep333anyway to override that so it looks for chinook rather than diablo?05:33
GreyFoxxyig: In the 810 is'd dead simple, I would assume the same with the 80005:33
yigalGreyFoxx: open up back05:33
yigalthere's a case05:33
GreyFoxxNot sure what you mean by a case in that context05:34
GreyFoxx I've tried to seperate Batteries in this now, and so far I've never seen a thing appear on my screen05:35
yigalGreyFoxx: the original is a grey battery?05:35
GreyFoxxyeah, both are05:35
yigalthe enclosure is tight I don't want to hurt anything by taking it out, what do you think should I?05:35
GreyFoxxI'd just take it out05:36
*** SDuensin has quit IRC05:36
yigalshould I need a special tools?05:36
GreyFoxxIt'll just slide right out05:36
*** herz1 has quit IRC05:38
*** herz1 has joined #maemo05:38
yigalnot so easy over here :(05:39
yigalwhat side do I pry from, on the inside or the edge?05:40
*** herz1 has quit IRC05:41
*** herzi has quit IRC05:42
yigalGreyFoxx: you can't be serious this battery isn't moving05:44
yigalI just bench pressed 300lbs so hopefully I can get this battery out of its enclosure05:46
*** matt_c has joined #maemo05:47
*** SDuensin has joined #Maemo05:48
yigalah at least I'm not the only one05:51
yigalI gave it the old wack on palm treatment, very refined I must say, out it came05:53
*** lopz has quit IRC05:54
*** lopz has joined #maemo05:55
yigalthey should give those instructions, "to remove battery lightly bang n800 on palms battery will shoot out05:55
yigalas long as I get my jokes I'm ok05:58
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo06:02
DaniloCesarIs e2fsprogs in bora extra repository?06:03
DaniloCesar* Diablo's extra06:03
mikedep333hey, I'm trying to get canola2 to run on diablo. What arguments do I use with canola-cleaner (or canola-cleanup-launcher?06:10
*** dougt has quit IRC06:16
*** dougt has joined #maemo06:17
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC06:19
*** gentooer has joined #maemo06:19
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo06:30
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC06:32
*** nab has quit IRC06:36
*** Grackle_ has quit IRC06:38
*** Grackle_ has joined #maemo06:40
*** lopz has quit IRC06:40
yigalmikedep333: what problems are you having with canola2?06:40
*** SDuensin has quit IRC06:43
rm_youlcuk_zzz: >_> damn, missed you06:46
johnxrm_you, are you just getting up to?06:46
rm_youi woke up at 6:30 am here06:46
rm_youit is 8:46 now06:46
rm_you*pm obviously06:46
rm_youbeen on most of the day06:47
rm_youbut went to costco06:47
rm_youi came up with one solution to the -unlocked issue06:47
rm_youneed opinions tho, it works very smoothly but breaks all sorts of packaging rules06:47
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo06:48
johnxrm_you, what's it do?06:49
rm_youIE, you install a package named "osso-software-version" which "replaces: osso-software-version-rx34, osso-software-version-rx44", and it comes with both rx34-unlocked and rx44-unlocked debs... then during postinst it forks, figures out which hardware it is on, and waits for dpkg / apt to exit and then installs the correct deb06:50
rm_youand it works very nicely, but GAH06:50
rm_yousuch a hack06:50
rm_youinstalling extra packages in the background06:50
rm_youand has to wait for any package manager to close06:50
johnxeer...why can't you just "Provide" osso-software-version-rx34 and rx4406:50
rm_youbecause that doesnt solve the issue06:51
rm_youTHOSE packages are not needed by anything06:51
*** smackpotato has left #maemo06:51
rm_youthey just have a bunch of their own deps06:51
*** sin18 has quit IRC06:51
rm_youto keep the default software in a sane state06:51
johnxok, let me think about this, but I'm gonna make coffee first06:52
rm_youi wanted lcuk or lardman or one of the people who like... have this problem, to be on06:52
johnxand why exactly do you need "unlocked"? because it doesn't depend on set version numbers?06:53
*** douwen has joined #maemo06:53
rm_youso what this does06:53
rm_youis let us properly name the xserver-xomap package (for example) in which we added rotation support06:53
rm_youto a higher version06:53
johnxand you tried doing on 'or' depend on unlocked-rx34 and rx44?06:54
rm_youand the maintainer for THAT puts my package "osso-software-version-unlocked" in as a "Depends"06:54
rm_youso it pulls in that, which kicks out the locked one, and puts back the -unlocked06:54
rm_yousee, the problem with that is06:54
rm_youit isn't smooth06:54
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo06:54
rm_youit will go "error! cannot install, depends on X or Y"06:54
rm_youbecause it doesnt have the intelligence necessary to choose06:54
johnxbecause app manager is kind of a lame apt frontend I guess...06:55
rm_youand since technically the osso-software-version packages are never in "depends", they only block installs, it is ok to remove one during the install and put it back after06:55
rm_youeven apt can't do it06:55
rm_youi mean06:55
rm_youwe could write a fscking PATCH for apt maybe, but that would be SUCH a hack06:55
rm_youi mean, i KNOW i could write a patch for apt06:56
rm_youcause they already did it06:56
rm_youto do sort of the same thing06:56
johnxwait, why can't apt satisfy an | depend?06:56
rm_youbecause the two packages are exactly the same06:56
johnxit should just pick the first then06:56
rm_youthat would be bad06:57
rm_youcause then on n810 you would get rx34-unlocked06:57
rm_youbut it has no idea what the logic is for that06:57
johnxright, but what I'm wondering is why it isn't behaving like normal apt06:57
rm_younormal apt doesnt do that either06:57
johnxwith an | depend?06:57
johnxit just picks whatever is a available06:57
rm_youif there are multiple packages that satisfy a dependency, it says "woah, here are your options, i'm bailing"06:58
johnxuhm, no?06:58
rm_youit's happened to me within the last week in Sid06:58
rm_youthat's when i became acutely aware of why people were complaining06:58
*** secureendpoints has joined #maemo06:59
rm_youapt would need to know that "oh, on this hardware, we need the rx34 package, but on this hardware we need the rx44 package"06:59
*** Tuco has quit IRC06:59
rm_youI should write up the patch and submit it upstream really...07:00
GAN800rm_you, figure out the unlocked?07:00
rm_yousince they apparently are perfectly fine with hacking up apt for proprietary stuff07:00
rm_youGAN800: sort of07:00
rm_youyou install a package named "osso-software-version" which "replaces: osso-software-version-rx34, osso-software-version-rx44", and it comes with both rx34-unlocked and rx44-unlocked debs... then during postinst it forks, figures out which hardware it is on, and waits for dpkg / apt to exit and then installs the correct deb07:00
rm_youit  let us properly name the xserver-xomap package (for example) in which we added rotation support to a higher version and the maintainer for THAT puts my package "osso-software-version-unlocked" in as a "Depends"07:01
*** mikelds has quit IRC07:01
johnxrm_you, that is a *scary* hack with a huge potential to go wrong07:01
rm_youyes i knpw07:01
rm_youon the bright side, the WORST POSSIBLE OUTCOME07:01
rm_youis that the unlocked package doesnt get pulled in07:01
johnxyeah, there is that07:01
rm_youfor which the solution is.... do it manually07:01
rm_youor run "enable-unlocked"07:01
rm_youwhich is the script i use07:01
rm_youand stays in /usr/bin/07:01
johnxrm_you, actually, I'm not so sure that making it easy is the best idea07:02
rm_youalso, disable-unlocked >_>07:02
rm_youjohnx: yes, there are arguments on either side07:02
GAN800For rotation? I'd say it is.07:02
rm_youGAN800: anyway, i tested it, works great here... i put a modified rotation package and that package in my own repo07:02
rm_youadded it to apt, apt-get update, etc07:02
rm_youthen apt-get install xserver-xomap07:02
johnxGAN800, for enabling the replacement of core libs with 3rd party stuff? I'd have to disagree07:02
rm_youand it pulled in the higher version with the osso-software-version-unlocked07:03
rm_youand everything was dandy07:03
johnxrm_you, can you just tell people: N800 users, click _here_ , N810 users click _here_07:03
rm_yousec i will do the operation again and pastebin the apt interaction07:03
rm_youjohnx: don't think so?07:03
johnxdo this install to unlock *THEN* install the rotation package07:03
rm_youwell yeah07:03
mikedep333hey, a while ago I said:07:03
mikedep333hey, I'm trying to get canola2 to run on diablo. What arguments do I use with canola-cleaner (or canola-cleanup-launcher?07:03
rm_youi am putting together a package called "rotation-support"07:03
mikedep333yigal: my problem is that the videos doesn't show up in the main menu07:03
rm_youwhich is, hopefully, a ONE CLICK07:04
*** Gracana has quit IRC07:04
rm_youmikedep333: why are you using canola cleaner?07:04
rm_youmikedep333: i think you need to go to settings first and set up watched video directories, and then do a scan07:04
*** Grackle has quit IRC07:04
rm_youmikedep333: i believe canola-cleaner is designed to REMOVE canola (i thought)07:04
mikedep333rm_you:I have youtube plugin installed07:04
mikedep333and I have one video in a watched directory07:04
mikedep333the default OS 2008 one I think07:05
rm_youyou may want to just do "dpkg --purge canola*"07:05
mikedep333good idea, thanks07:05
rm_youand reinstall it all07:05
johnxrm_you, I know...but I agree with Nokia that I think it's important for people to realize "gee, I'm replacing core libraries with other stuff, maybe if I have no idea what I'm doing this isn't the best idea"07:05
rm_youGAN800: anyway, your thoughts?07:05
*** ralann has joined #maemo07:05
GAN800It doesn't bother me for the rotation stuff07:06
rm_youjohnx: yes, but annoying as heck for developers who are trying to make cool stuff available for users that are like "this is so confusing WTF please just let me click something so i can rotate!"07:06
mikedep333it doesn't like canola*07:06
GAN800everybody installs it without knowing what it is anyway.07:06
rm_youmikedep333: you probably have something that matches that regexp in the current directory07:06
mikedep333how do I list all the canola packages so I can use dpkg --purge with them?07:06
rm_youdpkg --purge "canola*"07:06
rm_youwith the quotes07:06
mikedep333no luck07:07
rm_youwith the dpkg command?07:07
mikedep333I used dpkg --list07:08
mikedep333I wil specify them manually07:08
GAN800johnx, for certain things I'd agree, but for rotation support, well, how many people have had real issues with it?07:09
mikedep333is there a way to dpkg --purge canola2 (and have it remove everything that depends on it?)07:10
rm_youwell,t he problem is, once you opent he door for that07:10
rm_youwow, having issues with my spacebar07:11
GAN800Meh, I think packagers are generally responsible enough.07:11
GAN800what's the procedure on a real distro?07:11
johnxGAN800, but unlocking doesn't just apply to rotation support07:11
johnxGAN800, they don't have set version depends. but they also don't have much need for 3rd party repos07:12
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo07:13
GAN800Well, people providing and using 3rd party repos should experience negative effects.07:14
*** Grackle_ has quit IRC07:14
johnxyeah, but ubuntu tends not to reboot-loop and if all else fails you can pull your hard drive and read it on a different computer or boot from CD07:14
johnxthe embedded world is a little different, and OS200x is a fragile distro07:15
rm_youi sort of see that being bad...07:15
rm_youbecause once you install unlocked for rotation, the next time they update, EVERYTHING unlocked will get pulled in07:16
johnxeveryone just needs a "Step 0: You need to unlock. Click here for the explanation, then click here for N800 or here for N810"07:16
johnxeveryone can cut and paste the same line in their instructions07:16
johnxhell, we could make a wiki page about it07:16
johnxI'll even write it07:16
rm_youbut i think the point is that anyone that installs my package or any package that requires it, WANTS that package, and will be unlocked anyway, we may as well make it easy07:17
*** aloisioj1 has joined #maemo07:17
rm_youits not like we're making it install stealthily on every random package07:17
rm_youonly the ones that REALLY require unlocked07:17
johnxsometimes an explicit step is enough to make people realize "maybe this is out of my depth"07:18
rm_youso if we figure, user A wants to install rotation support, user A will try to install it on apt, it won't work due to locked, they'll spend 20 minutes on IRC or forums, find out how to fix it, and unlock manually07:18
rm_youor we may as well just do it for them07:18
*** secureendpoints_ has joined #maemo07:18
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC07:18
rm_youmost users won't care07:18
johnxit's one line of text at the top of each post...not that hard07:19
*** Grackle has joined #maemo07:19
*** freelikegnu is now known as _freelikegnu07:19
rm_youi know when i was in that stage, i was less likely to actually read those dialogs than i am now that i actually know what's going on and really MEAN "yes go ahead"07:19
*** secureendpoints has quit IRC07:19
rm_youbut we dont want it to need to be a post, we want it to be "apt-get install rotation-support" and be done07:19
*** secureendpoints_ is now known as secureendpoints07:19
rm_youi agree there are some issues, and that the way it is done is *JUST PLAIN WRONG* from a debian packaging point of view (I think a hardcore debian packager would strangle me to death while having a heart attack)07:20
rm_youbut i think in the end, it is what needs to be done07:21
rm_youunless someone hacks apt07:21
rm_youwhich, like i said, i may just do :P07:21
rm_youapt-get source apt07:22
johnxI see your point, but I think most people find apps on itt or where there is some way to tell them, you have to unlock first, click here:07:22
johnxand they don't use apt anyways, they click install files07:23
rm_youi still think 100% of the users who want any of the packages that would auto-install it WOULD manually install it anyway and be slightly annoyed at the requirement07:23
johnxadding one more click won't kill them and it makes it clear that unlocking is an explicit choice07:23
johnxand by doing that they explicitly accept the problems it may cause07:24
rm_youor we just say you explicitly accept the consequences for this next to the link for the package that includes it :P07:24
khertan_and multiple dialog in pre-install script package ?07:24
rm_youoff-topic thought: i'm thinking if I do go to the summit, I can do a lightning panel on "Getting Involved: Everyone is an Asset"07:25
johnxrm_you, but the point is to make them realize "hey this is something different, maybe my problem is with this  "unlocked" thing, not something rotation support did"07:25
*** tjafk1 has quit IRC07:25
rm_youon how anyone, anywhere, with any amount of knowledge, can get involved in helping with maemo tasks07:25
*** zwnj has joined #maemo07:25
*** tjafk1 has joined #maemo07:25
rm_youand give morale boosting examples based on my own experience on how easy it is to get involved, and suggestions for things people of different knowledge levels and skillsets can start with07:26
rm_youthe only problem i forsee with this, is this may be the kind of summit where the only people there ARE the people already involved >_>07:27
rm_youso i'm not sure07:27
rm_youit's just a thought i'm playing with07:27
rm_youotherwise, not sure what i'd talk about07:27
johnxmaybe a talk on how to help others get involved?07:27
rm_youyeah :P07:27
rm_youthough my track record with that may not be too good07:28
* johnx makes coffee, will consider the unlocked problem more07:28
rm_youconsidering everyone i meet i try to get involved in maemo stuff (like, literally everyone, 100+ people) and so far i've gotten one person to buy one, and he doesnt really do anything07:28
rm_youi tried to talk a cel phone salesman at the mall into buying an N800 :P07:29
rm_youhe was at the nokia booth so i was like, what the hell why not :P07:29
*** sch has joined #maemo07:29
rm_youjohnx: I love milk tea, so much <_<07:29
rm_youand CC Lemon07:29
rm_youI should have you ship me cases of CC Lemon07:30
rm_youit's soooo cheap there compared to here with import inflation >_>07:30
johnxI'll have to find where to get it in bulk07:30
rm_youwell, milk tea... CC lemon i could only find in those TINY bottles that are sold as like, health drinks07:30
rm_younot in the big bottles07:30
rm_youso it is ridiculously and prohibitively expensive :(07:30
rm_youMilktea is 4.69 for the 100ml bottles that we were buying there for like 120Y07:31
*** netx has quit IRC07:31
johnxnah, it was still 200Y+ for those :P07:32
johnxwait, 100 or 1000?07:32
derfI was never a big milktea fan.07:34
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC07:34
derfBut CC Lemon = <307:34
johnxI miss lemon/lime slice a little though07:35
derfBut the real problem is this country does not have enough Beard Papa's.07:35
johnxwhich is funny cause I miss dunkin donuts07:36
johnxand krispy creme07:36
rm_youCC Lemon was amazing... I drank like 3 cartons of that a day sometimes07:36
derfGo to Tokyo, they have Krispy Kreme.07:36
johnxderf, yeah, I know, I must be broken :P07:36
rm_youI actually liked Mister Donut >_>07:36
derfThey are _exactly_ the same as in North Carolina.07:36
rm_youI must be odd07:36
derfMister Donut is awesome.07:36
* derf <3 maccha doughnuts.07:37
johnxI do like mister donut07:37
rm_youIIRC johnx and company didnt like em?07:37
johnxmacha-choco old fashioned FTW07:37
rm_youok.. apparently i remember incorrectly07:37
derfjohnx: YES!07:37
johnxrm_you, I didn't used to, then I found good donuts there07:37
derfThe angel heart crullers or whatever they were called were pretty damn good too.07:38
johnxnow I have a freaking point card ...07:38
rm_youjohnx: errr 1.5L07:38
derf_I_ have a freaking point card, and I've been in the country a total of 3 weeks.07:38
rm_youPointo Cardo? :P07:38
rm_youDaijobu :P07:39
johnxthey put a mister donut right next to where I work ... truly dangerous07:39
rm_youlol nice07:39
rm_youi remember one of the girls in the bakery at the main store we went to that would get very embarrassed and flustered because she knew i didn't understand her so she didn't know what to do :P07:41
derfThe first time I was there, there was a Beard Papa right next to the train station by where I was staying.07:41
derfMeaning I'd pass it at least twice a day...07:41
rm_youand then i'd just hand her money for what the register said and she would snap out of it :P07:41
*** atul has joined #maemo07:41
rm_youdont think i ever saw a Beard Papa07:42
derfYou missed out.07:42
johnxI'll try beard papa next time I see one07:42
johnxwhat should I try there?07:42
derfKyou no higawari kudasai!07:42
derfjohnx: They only serve like five things. They are all delicious.07:43
derfWell, at least in Japan.07:43
derfThe Beard Papa I found in Melbourne had a whole bunch of non-cream puff things on the menu.07:44
derfAnd at least one of the ones in New York was like an entire Japanese restaurant, with just the cream puffs off to one side.07:45
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo07:45
derfBut in Japan they've all been just cream puffs.07:45
*** bef0rd has quit IRC07:45
johnxyeah, that reminds me why I haven't bought anything there yet. I'm not too big on cream puffs...07:45
johnxI'll try it though07:45
* johnx tries anything once07:45
derfYou're right, you must be broken.07:46
GeneralAntillesrm_you, love the "Getting people involved" idea.07:46
rm_youaww... <3 cream puffs07:46
rm_youi need to go back for Beard Papa alone :P07:46
rm_youGeneralAntilles: though I am very afraid that at a Maemo Summit, it will be all major contributers already <_<07:46
GeneralAntillesSeems likely.07:47
derfI'll probably be back to hike Fuji-san at some point, but Beard Papa will definitely be involved somewhere.07:47
rm_youit's not like the generic ones that have a bunch of random people07:47
GeneralAntillesThe "getting people involved" direction would be more useful for the Maemo Summit audience.07:48
GeneralAntillesAs hard as I've worked on that, I can't really say I have any good suggestions. :\07:48
rm_youwould need to come up with some actual material for that07:48
GeneralAntilles"Get a random whacko to edit wikipedia"07:48
GeneralAntilles^ that'll generate interest07:48
rm_youin 5 minutes of thinking i had a decent plan for a 9 minute setting on Getting Involved07:48
rm_youthat would actually be pretty awesome07:48
rm_youbut, yeah...07:48
GeneralAntillesBut that's about the extent of my successes07:48
GeneralAntillesThe rest of them are just people that were headed that direction anyway, I just gave them a little kick in the pants.07:49
GeneralAntillesI've had plenty of success selling the things.07:49
GeneralAntillesI'm up to . . . 7 people or so07:49
GeneralAntillesThat I've directly sold07:50
rm_youyeah, just sold one :/07:50
GeneralAntillesmore indirectly, probably.07:50
rm_youI had three other people thinking...07:50
rm_youbut none bit07:50
rm_youtwo went eeePC07:50
johnxrm_you, did I tel you to buy one or not?07:50
rm_youone just bought a plasma TV :P07:50
johnxI don't remember07:50
rm_youjohnx: i think you suggested it yes :P you can go ahead and count me07:50
t_s_oheh, anyone familiar with browserd?07:50
rm_youi think if you hadnt told me it existed and that you had one, i wouldn't have been so enthusiastic about getting one07:51
rm_youi like hacking with you :P07:51
GeneralAntillest_s_o, what's the question?07:51
*** matt_c has quit IRC07:51
GeneralAntillest_s_o, never seen that. . . .07:53
*** aloisioj1 has quit IRC07:53
t_s_othing is im not sure if its browserd, or something deeper. that list of exports im seeing is whats confusing me, that and my attempt at reinstalling browserd to no effect...07:57
johnxt_s_o, did you install a different shell? what have you installed recently?08:01
t_s_ojohnx: nope, using the default diablo one08:02
GeneralAntillesYeah, that's a good step one. What was the last thing you did before it started happening.08:02
t_s_owatched browser crash on a webpage?08:02
GeneralAntillesYou've rebooted, I assume?08:03
t_s_obeyond that its personal launcher, but noone else is reporting anything like it so...08:03
t_s_omore then ones to see if i could get browserd back up08:03
GeneralAntillesPurge ~/.mozilla ?08:03
t_s_ohave not gone that far yet, but i have tried to move the microb sub-dir, no effect08:04
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo08:06
t_s_ojust purged .mozilla, no change08:07
* GeneralAntilles got some great shots tonight.08:08
GeneralAntilles Did a night version of that.08:08
t_s_obtw, im seeing 2 browserd processes in load-applet, thats common, right?08:09
*** shackan has quit IRC08:09
*** sch has left #maemo08:10
t_s_ohmm, i may have killed both at some point, but im not sure if i did it before or after the problem showed up. i think i did it after to see if it would help...08:10
*** hfwilke has quit IRC08:10
johnxanyways, that shouldn't do it08:12
johnxit sounds like something is really wrong08:13
*** dholbert has joined #maemo08:13
johnxcan you put up the pastebin result of what happens when you run "root"08:13
johnxI'd be surprised if these weren't related08:13
*** unixSnob has quit IRC08:14
*** cjohnson__ has joined #maemo08:18
johnxbut everything else works ok?08:19
johnxmaybe some problem with the profile for root?08:19
t_s_owell i noticed just now that i got a similar amount of text on screen when logging in via ssh, but this time for user08:19
t_s_obut yes, everything else seems to work as it should08:20
*** cjohnson_ has quit IRC08:20
johnxmaybe /etc/profile then?08:24
t_s_omay be08:24
t_s_othat seems to point mostly to af-defines.sh08:25
johnxuhm, it shouldn't I think08:26
johnxhmm, let me check mine08:26
johnxnm, mine does too08:26
johnxhere's my /etc/profile
t_s_olooks the same as the one here...08:28
GAN800Maybe is messed up?08:28
Proteousgot some NES controllers for my diabolical project, MUHAHAHAHAA08:28
t_s_omay be, looking at tablet-browser-daemon in init.d it seems to call on the same file08:28
t_s_ough, that file is "huge"08:29
*** Tamagotono has joined #maemo08:30
GAN800Coerced johnx into putting his somewhere where you can do a diff. :D08:30
johnxt_s_o, I'll md5sum mine08:31
infobotGAN800 meant: Coerce johnx into putting his somewhere where you can do a diff. :D08:31
t_s_ohrmf, seems i dont have it available or something...08:32
johnxaaah, er right08:33
t_s_oone moment08:35
t_s_ogah, forget that. i did a quick search of apt, it pointed med to coreutils, but installing that would rip out a lot of osso packages :P08:36
johnxyeah, you probably don't want that :)08:36
GAN800and make it unbootable08:37
*** befr0d_ has joined #maemo08:37
* GAN800 really hopes switching to coreutils will happen by Fremantle.08:38
johnxah well, here it is on pastebin:
johnxGAN800,  yeah, you probably don't want that :)08:38
t_s_oheh, copied the file from tablet to pc, checksum looks the same...08:38
johnxah, ok08:38
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC08:38
t_s_ojust had to do the scp from pc not tablet...08:38
GAN800The reasons for using busybox are gone.08:39
Italodance:) morning08:39
*** pleemans has joined #maemo08:39
johnxGAN800, uhm, what? small amounts of flash? not that much memory? a processor with finite speed?08:39
*** gentooer has quit IRC08:39
ItalodanceIT MUST BE THE SAME PSP!08:39
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC08:40
ItalodanceWe Need game developers08:40
GAN800johnx, for the 770 that applied, but for OMAP2 and 3? No.08:40
johnxGAN800, run debian for a while. :P08:40
*** Stskeeps has joined #maemo08:41
GAN800johnx, as soon as the DE works as well as OS200808:41
johnxplus, the next tablet will be aimed even more at consumers. There's no reason to switch to coreutils really. I'd be happy with a sane system for diverts though08:41
johnxGAN800, what I'm saying is it is noticeably slower08:41
johnxItalodance, so learn to program and make a game. :P08:41
GAN800is that due to coreutils?08:41
Italodancejohnx why us!  maemo and nokia are lazy!08:42
* GAN800 eyeroll08:42
GAN800Italodance gfto of here with that trash.08:42
johnxItalodance, Nokia made games and Maemo is Nokia *and* us...08:43
johnxGAN800, yeah, bash and coreutils are slower and bigger. and 600MHz and 128MB of RAM is still a "small" system by today's standards.08:44
t_s_oanyways, im running out of ideas here...08:44
GAN800Freaks me out that a handheld will have a faster CPU than the iBook on the shelf here.08:45
t_s_oand use less battery at peak ;)08:46
Italodancejohnx that's not enough08:46
Italodancewe need professional games like psp08:47
GAN800For an internet tablet? . . .08:47
t_s_oItalodance: if so, it also need more game-friendly inputs...08:47
johnxItalodance, ok. What is your plan to solve this problem?08:47
t_s_oand no, a thumbs keyboard dont really count...08:47
GAN800t_s_o Wiimote is pretty cool for that in a geeky sort of way. :D08:48
Italodancejohnx we need psp (sony) Designers08:48
Italodancemaybe they can help to nokia08:48
GAN800lol. . . .08:48
johnxItalodance, they aren't in this channel. Maybe you should talk to them08:49
rm_youkeep sony away from my device!08:49
Italodancenokia can have a deal with them08:49
* rm_you gets out his crosses and garlic08:49
t_s_oGAN800: read about the new addon that the wiimote will get? extra sensors so that it really knows where it is in 3d space ;)08:49
Italodancejohnx i am talking about nokia08:49
GAN800t_s_o, gyroscopic accelerometers?08:49
rm_yousony will help make another company's device into a direct competitor? doubtful08:49
GAN800That'd makes it so much cooler.08:50
johnxItalodance, look at the Sony Mylo. It's a similar device by sony, and it has no games.08:50
t_s_onot sure GAN800, all i know it that it will be a small box thats plugged into the back of the wiimote08:50
Italodancethat's a nice idea08:50
rm_youI really need a USB stick install of ubuntu for my tablet08:51
johnxrm_you, I was about to stab you until I realized you meant your TabletPC08:51
Italodancerm_you is it possible?08:51
GAN800Ubuntu? . . .08:51
Stskeepsjohnx: that's not insanely impossible though08:51
rm_youforgot where i was :P08:51
Italodancewell i called my device as TabletPC too08:51
GAN800We all got out our knives.08:51
Stskeepsbootmenu supports booting off usb hdd so and i have a ubuntu image08:52
johnxStskeeps, it's not impossible, but I just got tired of people on ITT asking for ubuntu and ignoring debian08:52
rm_youi'm glad we weren't all in the same room, i might be dead by now08:52
GAN800rm_you == ganked08:52
Italodancejohnx do u know the official chan of psp?08:53
GAN800 #008:53
johnxItalodance, I have no idea08:54
Italodancebtw on MPlayer 1.0rc1-maemo.29.n8x0 was FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!08:54
johnxItalodance, no it wasn't08:54
Italodanceyes FAKE!08:54
rm_youwtf though, ubuntu is lieing to me on my tabletpc, says i have sound drivers up and working, but i'm trying my hardest to get even a peep out of the speakers08:55
GAN800MPLAYER IZ UH PHONEY!!!!!!!!!!08:55
ItalodanceFAKE! we don't have 29 yet,even 28!08:55
*** BabelO has joined #maemo08:55
Stskeepslate night crazies on #maemo? :P08:55
johnxI knew it would happen eventually. GeneralAntilles finally flipped08:55
GAN800Stskeeps, I'm in an evil mood. ;)08:56
johnxrm_you, install gamix and play with it08:56
johnxrm_you, latest ubuntu seems to have some sound issues or something08:56
rm_youwow the gamix interface looks horrible08:57
johnxyeah, quite painful, but it works08:58
rm_youwow no, nothing08:59
rm_youi should go back to gutsy, it worked way better IMO08:59
rm_youhardy was a big disappointment for me in general09:00
johnxworks fine here09:00
* johnx shrugs09:00
GAN800There was a charger in this room 2 months ago. . . .09:01
*** minti has joined #maemo09:04
rm_youhow can i find out what is using a module so i can rmmod it?09:06
rm_youi need to reload my snd-hda-intel module >_>09:06
rm_youi wonder if i can boot from SD card on this thing... that would be ideal09:07
johnxrm_you, prolly pulseaudio09:07
*** koyote has quit IRC09:07
rm_youstill more using it09:09
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo09:09
rm_youqwerty12: yo09:09
qwerty12hey rm_you09:09
GAN800qwerty12, announcement yet? :D09:10
qwerty12GAN800: Will do soon, I'm just not sure that the install file is working >.<09:11
GAN800Extras is getting fairly win lately.09:11
GAN800Ah, yeah, that's a pain. :/09:11
rm_youqwerty12 / GAN800:
GAN800I bet X-Fade could probably stick on up manually if it came to it.09:12
qwerty12The install file works on my computer but not on my tablet >.<. I'll try again and see if it works now :)09:13
qwerty12rm_you: nice :)09:13
rm_youso, that is the reason it is a bit ugly...09:14
rm_youit installs the correct unlocked package, but as you can see, it is done in the background, not via apt09:14
rm_youso it doesnt notify you of a package it is technically installing as part of that operation09:14
rm_youscroll to the bottom of the second paste to see the new stuff09:14
GAN800I'm suprised there's not an existing method for hardware-based logic. . .09:14
rm_youGAN800: the other option is I make a patch for apyt09:15
rm_youthat maybe gets pushed upstream09:15
rm_youspecifically to make that choice09:15
GAN800I mean, this situation can't have never been encountered.09:15
GAN800Did you check with any knowledgable Debian packagers?09:16
rm_youdon't really know any09:16
rm_youjohnx mentioned some things he thought were supposed to work, but they haven't worked that way AFAIK, so i dunno09:16
rm_youexplaining the situation precisely so they know what i'm talking about may be above my head09:18
rm_youand i keep being tempted to fall into the "Any deb packaging experts here?" trap before trying to explain what is probably three screens of text >_<09:18
rm_youi keep thinking "JUST ASK THE QUESTION!" but i can't help but think that yes, this situations is one of the unique ones >_>09:19
rm_youbecause i would probably have to give the explanation in a pastebin or else get accused of spamming :P09:19
rm_youbut anyway, you think the current method COULD be workable?09:20
GAN800Well, can't hurt to try.09:20
rm_youi want to ask a few more of the hardcore dev people here, like lardman and lcuk, when they wake up09:20
GAN800maybe con johnx into doing it for you.09:20
johnxI just think there should be a way to do this09:20
GAN800don't ask lcuk09:21
johnxbut I can't think of another package that does it...09:21
GAN800He don't do packaging. ;)09:21
rm_youyeah but09:21
rm_youwhether he thinks the solution is acceptable09:21
GAN800Talk to X-Fade and Jaffa.09:21
rm_youthat's what i want to ask :P09:21
rm_youjust if they think they could use it09:21
rm_youall you do is make your package Depend on osso-software-version-unlocked and it works automagically09:21
rm_youi should possibly name it different tho09:22
rm_you"osso-software-version-unlocked-chooser" or "osso-software-version-generic-unlocked-"09:22
GAN800Like that09:23
qwerty12All I know is that Nokia depend on osso-software-version-variant because their osso-software-version-rx*4 provides that.09:23
rm_youhrm time to find out if i can boot from mmc09:24
qwerty12If the problem is that apt doesn't show the osso-software-version-rx*4-unlocked being installed, can't you just fake the lines that apt would display?09:24
johnxheaded out for a while, rm_you: I'll think about this for a while, just give me a little time09:25
rm_youqwerty12: LOL09:25
qwerty12(I would :P)09:25
rm_youqwerty12: I want it to be doable in app manager09:26
rm_youwhere they would see much of anything anyway, i guess09:26
*** sxpert has quit IRC09:30
*** guardian has quit IRC09:30
*** vik has joined #maemo09:32
befr0d_this is probably not completly related to maemo, but is there a way to 'mute' a flash app?09:32
qwerty12Ah, the rootsh install file is working when I'm using http instead of https to access Not sure why that is but anyway...09:33
*** sxpert has joined #maemo09:33
*** dneary has joined #maemo09:33
*** eichi has joined #maemo09:37
*** GNUton has quit IRC09:38
rm_youI just thought it...09:39
rm_you"Wow, my n800 is working perfectly! ... Wow, it is working way too well... There are no problems at all."09:40
rm_youNow it is doomed to explode.09:40
qwerty12Tick Tock09:40
GAN800rm_you's electronics hate him.09:41
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo09:41
rm_youi need a pic of my current setup :P sec09:41
rm_younot as awesome as my last setup :(09:47
rm_youbut i like it09:47
qwerty12Yep, an "Forbidden" setup sounds soo good09:47
rm_youyou're down to 4 screens GAN?09:47
*** Sho_ has quit IRC09:47
GAN800No, I'm up to 5.09:48
qwerty12"You don't have permission to access /current_desk.jpg on this server." :P09:48
*** onion has quit IRC09:49
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo09:50
rm_youyou can *almost* see my aim contacts :P09:50
rm_youalmost :P09:50
tank-mani have the same software as CSI09:50
tank-mani can zoom in and enhance09:50
rm_youeven they don't have that software :P09:50
*** trickie|away is now known as trickie09:51
GAN800What would Hollywood do without their flawed understanding of technology?09:51
StskeepsGAN800: start a UI design company?09:51
rm_youthey really should09:53
rm_youI *still* look forward to a UI like in Minority Report09:54
*** tbf has joined #maemo09:54
GAN800Wii has that sort of feel09:55
qwerty12Mine doesn't :(09:55
GAN800I wish they would let you type with two controllers.09:55
*** Ave has quit IRC09:55
*** Ave has joined #maemo09:55
*** eocanha has joined #maemo09:56
rm_youqwerty12: have you looked at the mplayer rotation issue at all?09:59
*** avs has joined #maemo09:59
qwerty12rm_you: I'm not a programmer, I'm just a very simple patch porter :)09:59
*** netx303 has left #maemo09:59
t_s_ohmm, wii uses bluetooth right? does it support hid?10:00
qwerty12mplayer works in inverse mode fine though :/10:00
rm_youI guess I will...10:00
GAN800t_s_o, should.10:00
t_s_oi think logitech have a interesting keyboard then ;)10:00
qwerty12Anyway, bye.10:00
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC10:00
GAN800Hadn't considered that.10:01
GAN800That would be nice.10:01
*** oilinki3 has joined #maemo10:01
GAN800Hopefully cheaper than the Apple board.10:01
*** mbuf has joined #maemo10:02
*** benh has quit IRC10:02
t_s_oheh, maybe not the cheapest tho ;)10:02
tank-manthe mini keyboard?10:02
t_s_oaltho i guess one could go for one of the fullsized ones to10:03
GAN800that would be so cool if only ut were under $10010:03
RST38hga: got a bt keyboard?10:04
*** L0cutus has quit IRC10:05
RST38hga: comment on bug 3359 please10:05
GAN800already did10:05
RST38hor they will close it10:05
*** simon_ has joined #maemo10:05
GAN800Eh, they're not dictators. ;)10:05
tank-mankey repeats?10:05
GAN800You can always reopend.10:05
t_s_oheh, glibc was it?10:06
*** guardian has joined #maemo10:07
RST38htsnk: delays and lost keys10:11
RST38hI suspect that the lost keys come from the small buffer size in apple kbd + delays10:11
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo10:14
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw10:14
RST38hehlo hrw10:15
*** jpetersen has quit IRC10:15
hrw250 PIPELLING RST38h10:16
*** oilinki has quit IRC10:17
*** douwen has quit IRC10:20
*** doc|home has quit IRC10:20
*** doc|home has joined #maemo10:21
rm_youmaybe I should port some more things10:28
rm_youwhat is something that people want10:28
rm_youporting an app should be interesting10:29
rm_youand a good learning exercise10:29
hrwrm_you: indeed10:29
hrwrm_you: port Openmoko Dates to hildon10:29
rm_youk will look into it10:29
RST38hport conky properly10:30
RST38has a desktop applet10:30
*** XTLi has joined #maemo10:30
rm_youhrw: looks nice from screenshots, but where is the source held!? >_>10:33
*** hellwolf-n8001 has joined #maemo10:34
rm_youoh, it is pimloco10:34
rm_youi thought there was already a pimloco port10:34
rm_youtheir site already has a .install for os2008 >_>10:35
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo10:35
GAN800Hildonize Epiphany!10:40
befr0d_what's pimloco?10:40
GAN800~google pimlico10:41
GAN800too bad10:41
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo10:41
t_s_orm_you: their page say the latest version of contacts is 0.9, but the latest for maemo is 0.8, and i recall the release announcement said something about them not prioriticing maemo, they didnt even care about maemo specific bugs...10:42
befr0d_I actually searched on google before asking, could not find a software related entry. going to try other keywords :P10:42
rm_youepiphany? pfft10:42
rm_youwait, are you NOT talking about the web browser? :P10:43
rm_youi recall there being two "epiphany" apps10:43
Stskeepswhy is it again that python-avahi doesn't port?10:43
GAN800web browset10:43
GAN800I'd like a MicroB alternative with tabs and such that doesn't suck.10:44
*** lbt has joined #maemo10:44
rm_you... and you choose epiphany? >_>10:44
GAN800Meh, I don't know Linux browsers.10:45
GAN800Pick whatever you like. ;)10:45
GAN800But preferrably something WebKit10:45
rm_youi want to start out with something easy,,,10:46
rm_youso maybe i will try pimloco to start10:46
XTLiI think fixing the task switcher would be more useful than tabs10:46
*** opendeep has joined #maemo10:47
XTLiSince the wm isn't wimp crap10:47
*** mk8 has joined #maemo10:47
rm_youfixing the task switcher?10:47
aquatixyeah, i don't miss tabs in microb, while i use a lot in my desktop firefox10:47
aquatixrm_you: no, it doesn't need fixing :)10:47
aquatixthat's why we don't need tabs in microb10:48
t_s_oi would love to see a option to open external links in new windows tho...10:48
aquatixt_s_o: long tap, open in new window?10:48
t_s_oaquatix: that works from inside modest?10:48
GAN800Meh, I don't like the fiddling involed in switching to a new window10:48
GAN800Way too many presses.10:49
aquatixt_s_o: er, modest already opens a new window i think10:49
aquatixbut i might be mistaken10:49
aquatixthe rss reader doesn't though10:49
t_s_onor do modest in my experience10:49
aquatixhm, could be10:50
t_s_obut then right now i dont have a working browser at all so...10:50
aquatixclaws mail does though10:50
aquatixso it's of course possible10:50
aquatixfile a feature request :)10:50
t_s_oi think there is one allready10:50
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo10:51
*** hellwolf-n800 has quit IRC10:51
*** hellwolf-n8001 has quit IRC10:53
*** hellwolf-n800 has joined #maemo10:55
*** gfcs has joined #maemo10:56
*** gomiam has joined #maemo10:56
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo10:58
*** vims0r has quit IRC10:58
*** vims0r has joined #maemo10:58
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo10:59
*** lpotter has quit IRC11:01
*** MishaS has joined #maemo11:03
*** fab has joined #maemo11:04
*** benh has joined #maemo11:05
rm_youwell, right when i decide to do some work, i lose my connection to my buildbox >_>11:05
*** vik_ has joined #maemo11:06
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo11:07
*** juergbi has joined #maemo11:08
*** rafl has quit IRC11:08
*** dholbert has quit IRC11:09
rm_youwow, so yeah, great... the server I tunnel through to get to my buildbox is down. >_<11:09
*** huats has joined #maemo11:13
aquatixrm_you: :(11:15
*** darkterror46 has joined #maemo11:15
rm_youOMFG, Ultima Online in 1st person, with the Iris 3D Linux Client11:16
darkterror46could someone tellme how can i enable the execution of a.out files in the n810 term?11:18
*** hellwolf has quit IRC11:18
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC11:18
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo11:18
aquatixrm_you: neat11:18
aquatixdarkterror46: make them executable?11:19
aquatixchmod +x a.out11:19
aquatixi guess that'd work11:19
rm_youdid you ever play UO? :P11:19
aquatixrm_you: no, actually, but i thought it interesting11:19
* aquatix refrains from playing such addictive games11:20
aquatixi've got enough computer-related addictions :)11:20
darkterror46nope that doesn't work aquatix11:21
darkterror46i still get permission denied11:21
aquatixcompile them to a sensible binary? ;)11:21
*** prometoys has joined #maemo11:21
rm_youwhile [ true ]; do mplayer 01_nightwish-escapist_unreleased-amrc.mp3; done11:21
rm_youis that bad? >_>11:21
rm_youthat's been running for like 2 hours :/11:22
*** vik has quit IRC11:22
rm_youman I am bored when I don't have my buildbox >_>11:22
darkterror46aquatix ok what is a sensible binary? do i need to cry? :)11:22
aquatixhm, is that a new track from them?11:22
rm_youI really should install scratchbox locally11:23
rm_youaquatix: was on ... errr11:23
aquatixas i don't have it :)11:23
aquatixah yeah11:23
rm_youlol does EVERYONE in this channel listen to nightwish? :P11:23
aquatixi don't have an album from them since they switched their lead singer11:24
rm_youI like her11:24
prometoyshi, i tried to install scratchbox, but have this problem: "Scratchbox command '/scratchbox/sbin/sbox_adduser' is not executable."11:24
aquatixdidn't hear her yet11:24
sibbeactually the effect of while [ true ] is exactly same as while [ false ] or even while [ maybe ] :)11:24
rm_youshe isn't an opera singer, obviously, so their style changed11:24
rm_youbut Amaranth is an excellent song11:24
sibbeit evaluates as a string11:24
rm_yousibbe: ah right, should have been `true` :P11:24
rm_youi think11:24
sibbejust "while true"11:24
rm_younot enclosed in test11:25
XTLiNice that Marco sings these days11:25
sibbeseen that, it's even on maemo initfs :D11:25
rm_youyeah, While Your Lips Are Still Red was him, right?11:25
rm_youthat is a good song11:25
t_s_oi wonder if timely is active right now...11:25
prometoyshi, is here somebody to like to help me with the scratchpad installation?11:25
rm_youSEE?! EVERYONE!11:25
XTLiI know someone who sounds just like Tarja. Haven't seen her in a while, though11:25
rm_youNightwish is coming to TX in September...11:26
rm_youI am excited...11:26
aquatixrm_you: if you like Nightwish, you should try some Within Temptation11:26
rm_youACK I hope it isn't the same weekend of the Maemo Summit :P11:26
aquatixdutch band, quite cool11:26
rm_youNightwish always reminded me of Blind Guardian, but I think they actually started at about the same time, lol11:26
aquatixrm_you: the silent force is nice, for example11:26
rm_youNightwish just had a more operatic feel, thanks to Tarja, obviously11:26
rm_youaquatix: will check it out11:26
XTLiThere's female singer popmetal bands dime a dozen today11:27
rm_youyou should grab Dark Passion Play11:27
prometoysis there another maemo channel for developers or sdk support?11:27
rm_youand the bonus discs, Escapist is an excellent track11:27
rm_youdunno why it didnt make the main CD11:27
rm_youthey must have been like, pft, this CD has too much awesome, we must remove some11:27
aquatixXTLi: true, so it's nice when you find an actually good one :)11:27
rm_youprometoys: no, that's us11:27
rm_youprometoys: do you mean Scratchbox?11:27
aquatixnot listened to the new nightwish yet11:27
prometoysrm_you: yes11:27
rm_youprometoys: I believe the new wiki page is fairly up to date?11:28
* aquatix fires up rtorrent11:28
rm_youprometoys: are you in linux or windows11:28
rm_youaquatix: i run uTorrent in WINE >_>11:28
rm_youit is flawless now in wine 1.0 >_>11:28
rm_youand actually uses comparable resources to rtorrent, even in WINE <_<11:28
* aquatix likes deluge torrent11:28
prometoysrm_you: linux11:28
rm_youis it like uTorrent?11:29
rm_youor non-gui?11:29
aquatixbut i'll not download at work, so i'm firing up rtorrent at home ;)11:29
prometoysrm_you: i tried the script, but there was not enough space on /11:29
aquatixit's quite like utorrent11:29
rm_youtorrents is the one thing i like GUI for11:29
rm_youprometoys: hrm11:29
*** prometoys has left #maemo11:29
aquatixrtorrent is cli11:29
*** prometoys has joined #maemo11:29
rm_youprometoys: well, you have another partition that has space?11:29
rm_youaquatix: i know11:29
rm_youi used it11:29
prometoysrm_you: even simpler, I use LVM and extended /11:29
rm_youbut am running uTorrent specifically so i get a GUI :P11:29
rm_youprometoys: err, and there is not enough space?11:30
rm_youprometoys: then you need to make space? :P11:30
aquatixrm_you: try deluge :)11:30
prometoysrm_you: then I was forced to delete /scratchpad11:30
aquatixor azureus if you like ;)11:30
rm_youright, is it GUI?11:30
rm_youick no11:30
prometoysrm_you: then the script failed again11:30
rm_youazureus = java = EXPLODE11:30
aquatix10:29:12       aquatix | it's quite like utorrent11:30
rm_youprometoys: so... how much free space do you have on / ?11:31
*** Dar has joined #maemo11:31
aquatixrm_you: ;)11:31
prometoysrm_you: 800mb11:31
aquatixeven has a web gui11:31
rm_youaquatix: installing now, is in Sid repos11:31
rm_youprometoys: you need much more11:31
aquatixyeah, it's in sid and ubuntu11:31
rm_youpython based?11:32
aquatixit's my primary bt client11:32
aquatixbut it's snappy :)11:32
rm_youyeah :P11:32
XTLiNot much you can do with little shy of a bit :)11:32
rm_yousome people dis on python for being slow... I don't :P11:32
prometoysrm_you: how much?11:32
aquatixrm_you: me neither :)11:32
rm_youprometoys: I can't get to my buildbox to check right now, unfortunately :(11:32
aquatixi saw some snappy python stuff on my n810 too11:33
XTLiI remember Grail11:33
rm_youI think possibly 2.0+ gigs11:33
darkterror46great ! now i can compile in the n810 but can't execute it11:33
aquatixXTLi: eek, python with tcl/tk?11:33
aquatix``Grail supports full HTML 2.0, including images, forms and imagemaps, and many HTML 3.2 features'' <- yay!11:34
prometoysrm_you: but it didn't mention this on the error, apt runs fine, but then the script fails, because there is no /scratchbox11:34
* aquatix squints at tiny jpg11:34
aquatixItalodance: that's good?11:34
rm_youE: Scratchbox command '/scratchbox/sbin/sbox_adduser' is not executable.11:35
*** denny has joined #maemo11:35
rm_youprometoys: scratchbox is actually missing?11:35
prometoysrm_you: maybe i better create a new partition only for scratchbox11:35
rm_youor just not executable?11:35
prometoysrm_you: yes11:35
prometoysrm_you: not there11:35
prometoysrm_you: before the script didn't work, because it exist11:36
rm_youok well11:36
*** murrayc has joined #maemo11:36
aquatixItalodance: i quite like the e7111:36
rm_youapt-get remove "scratchbox*"11:36
rm_youand then start from the beginning11:36
rm_yousounds like something broke earlier on11:37
rm_youhopefully the packages will still be in your apt cache so it wont have to DL them again11:37
prometoysrm_you: ok, thanks for your help, i will try this11:37
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo11:38
prometoysrm_you: can i create a extra partition /scratchbox or will the scripts fail because the directory exist?11:40
prometoysyes, I can ;)11:42
*** florian__ has joined #maemo11:42
*** florian__ is now known as florian11:43
rm_youyeah :P11:44
*** atul has quit IRC11:44
*** gfcs has quit IRC11:45
prometoysrm_you: "You now have Scratchbox 1.0.8 'apophis' release installed." Yeeha. :) Thanks alot11:50
rm_younp, glad it was that simple :P11:50
*** zap has joined #maemo11:51
opendeepI installed one package, menu Icon is coming but  tool bar Icon is not coming, it's giving  hildon-desktop[9585]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Application - Menu did not provide valid .desktop file11:51
*** MishaS has quit IRC11:54
opendeepChecked .desktop file  against hello-world package .desktop but no difference, hello-world icon is coming in tool bar? what's wrong ?11:54
rm_youcan you copy the .desktop file to a pastebin?11:55 www.pastebin.ca11:55
Stskeepsnewest Linus quote: "I think the OpenBSD crowd is a bunch of masturbating monkeys"11:58
XTLiUrl? :D11:59
*** vik__ has joined #maemo12:00
rm_youonly thing I can think of is that it doesnt like the "!"12:02
rm_youbut that is kind of dumb...12:02
*** lpotter has joined #maemo12:02
*** onion has joined #maemo12:02
rm_youopendeep: is this a statusbar program, or is it launched from the menu?12:03
XTLiSeems to be missing most of the sentence, too12:04
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo12:04
opendeeprm_you:It is launched from menu12:05
*** gomiam has quit IRC12:06
t_s_ownd: nice one12:07
aquatixStskeeps: whoa, that quote is out of context :)12:11
t_s_oah, finaly, got syslogd installed. so now i have some nice logging of whats going on behind the scene with browser and browserd :)12:13
*** atul has joined #maemo12:13
aquatixXTLi: indeed12:13
aquatixbookmarked it so i can throw it into someone's face when i come across the quote again ;)12:14
zapAnybody knows if there is documentation on OMAP2420 available somewhere? Not speaking of the PowerVR, but at least the basic stuff12:20
*** vik_ has quit IRC12:21
*** gomiam has joined #maemo12:21
rm_youopendeep: have you tried removing the "!"? :/12:21
rm_youthat is really all i can think of12:22
opendeeprm_you: In .desktop Name ?12:24
rm_youyeah :/12:24
rm_youotherwise it looks perfectly fine <_<12:25
rm_youbut really that shouldnt cause a problem :(12:25
aquatix <- *g*12:26
*** secureendpoints_ has joined #maemo12:28
*** Chenkai has joined #maemo12:34
*** Chenkai has left #maemo12:35
*** Chenkai has joined #maemo12:35
*** Chenkai has left #maemo12:36
*** Chenkai has joined #maemo12:36
*** Chenkai has left #maemo12:36
*** Chenkai has joined #maemo12:36
johnxhello Chenkai12:36
Chenkaihi, it is my first time to use IRC ;-)12:37
johnxwelcome :)12:37
*** Chenkai has left #maemo12:38
*** Chenkai has joined #maemo12:40
*** Chenkai has left #maemo12:41
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman12:46
*** secureendpoints has quit IRC12:48
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC12:50
rm_youjohnx: well? thoughts? :P12:50
johnxrm_you, my hair is shorter. :P12:51
johnxthat's my only thought12:51
rm_youI should do that >_>12:51
*** neithan has joined #maemo12:51
rm_youI shall go have hair surgery next week, have them surgically remove about 3 inches12:51
johnxI still say you're better off making it an explicit step. I can't think of any debian package that does it this way12:51
rm_youit will be glorious12:52
rm_youI can't think of any other similar situation >_>12:52
johnxmy health plan doesn't cover hair-ectomy, so I pay someone in a sketchy little shop :S12:52
rm_youI got a coupon when I bought hotdogs :P12:52
johnx"buy some sausage, lose some hair" ?12:53
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo12:53
rm_youpoor sachin00712:53
rm_youhe's been trying and failing to get a2dp to work for like 6 months IIRC12:53
johnxthat's why I told him not to buy bt headphones12:53
rm_youI feel bad for the guy12:53
johnxI do too, kinda12:54
* johnx is more of a jerk than rm_you 12:54
rm_youonly KINDA feel bad :P12:54
*** andre____ has quit IRC12:54
XTLiI do my own hair surgery.12:55
XTLiHaven't had bigger ops done in over tes years :)12:55
*** borism has joined #maemo12:55
lardmanrm_you: it's not that hard?!12:55
rm_youwell I think I will sleep soon... and possibly sushi in the morning :P12:56
rm_youlardman: AH!12:56
rm_youyou're here12:56
rm_youah yeah12:56
lardmangetting a2dp to work12:56
rm_youno it isn't :(12:56
rm_youyou feel bad for him too? :P12:56
johnxhey, I had problems with it at first too, so did both of you :P12:56
lardmanbut the cryptic bluez error messages can be annoying12:56
rm_youjohnx: less so than most :P12:56
lardmanjohnx: absolutely12:56
rm_youjohnx: i think i may have been one of the first to get video playing? >_>12:57
johnxyeah, that's three people who should have been able to figure it out, but none of us have :|12:57
rm_youi did submit the patch for it... >_>12:57
*** eichi has quit IRC12:57
johnxhere's my theory: it registers the capabilities that both devices support on first pairing and stores it somewhere12:57
*** Tamagotono has quit IRC12:58
lardmanrm_you: with the dsp?12:58
rm_youlardman: no, not with DSP yet12:58
johnxsince the tablet doesn't support a2dp at that point, it's not a capability...12:58
rm_youthough i havent tried the new release12:58
lardmanjohnx: we could always ask on the Bluez lists12:58
*** secureendpoints_ is now known as secureendpoints12:58
johnxsure, I'll test something first though. Maybe I'll do a reflash...12:58
lardmanrm_you: please do give it a go, you need to flash the kernel then echo 0 (iirc) into /sys/power/something_or_other_DSP_related12:58
*** red-zack has joined #maemo12:59
rm_youhrm i was just about to sleep12:59
rm_youbut what the hell :P12:59
t_s_ohmm, ferroelectric nand...12:59
lardmanthe instructions are in the release notes anyway12:59
rm_youi'll cook up a couple pimpsteaks and get crackin12:59
rm_youlinky? :P12:59
*** lcuk_zzz is now known as lcuk_work12:59
lardmanhang on a ticky13:00
lardmanrelease 1.1.013:00
rm_youlardman: did you see my solution for osso-software-rx*-unlocked?13:01
*** vik__ has quit IRC13:01
lardmanrm_you: I think I saw it but didn't get round to reading it13:01
lcuk_workrm_you, you never sleep13:01
rm_youlcuk_work: what did YOU think13:01
rm_youi need opinions13:01
rm_youit's apparently either love or hate13:02
lcuk_workopinions to what? ive just vnced in and looked at irc since ummm a while back13:02
* lcuk_work still doesnt know what you are on about :P13:03
rm_younevermind... if you didn't ever struggle with that issue, then it wouldnt mean much to you13:03
rm_youi know lardman does13:03
*** vik has joined #maemo13:03
rm_youwhat is there that acts like a .bashrc / .bash_profile in busybox/sh?13:04
*** red-zack has quit IRC13:04
zap/etc/profile ?13:04
lardmanrm_you: this is the thing about upgrading packages which the OS relies upon?13:05
rm_youlardman: yes13:05
XTLiDoes it read .profile, too13:05
lardmanrm_you: linky? ;)13:06
rm_youlardman: err, it's more of a proof of concept / explanation13:07
crashanddiehey everyone !13:07
rm_youlardman: i have a demo set up in my own repo13:07
rm_youbasically... ugh lemmie see if i can dig this out of the logs, its like three paragraphs13:07
johnxrm_you, ~/.profile13:07
* johnx makes dinner13:07
rm_youlardman: so.13:08
crashanddieLADIES AND CUCUMBERS !13:08
lardmanrm_you: was it on IRC?13:08
crashanddieI have the official results of the first gps battery test !13:09
lardmancrashanddie: :)13:09
rm_youyou install a package named "osso-software-version" which "replaces: osso-software-version-rx34, osso-software-version-rx44", and it comes with both rx34-unlocked and rx44-unlocked debs... then during postinst it forks, figures out which hardware it is on, and waits for dpkg / apt to exit and then installs the correct deb13:09
rm_youit  let us properly name the xserver-xomap package (for example) in which we added rotation support to a higher version and the maintainer for THAT puts my package "osso-software-version-unlocked" in as a "Depends"13:09
*** red-zack has joined #maemo13:09
*** avs has quit IRC13:09
crashanddieThe n810 managed a whopping 12 hours and 27 minutes in its first run !13:09
*** secureendpoints has quit IRC13:09
rm_youcrashanddie: O_o13:09
rm_youcrashanddie: idle, + gpsd?13:10
lardmanrm_you: ah, ok13:10
crashanddiewith the occasional tap on the screen13:10
crashanddieoh, and btw, I got a reply from Wayfinder support13:10
rm_youlardman: so, bad things about this: HAAAACK! dpkg postinst is installing an extra package stealthily without notifying the user (technically, though the user is notified essentially that this is happening, since they are installing a generic version of the real package)13:11
*** Grackle has quit IRC13:11
rm_youlardman: there is a possible point of failure, if the package manager is never closed and the device dies from something like battery, etc, where it is a hard-shutoff13:11
crashanddieYou remember I emailed them because I couldn't get through the downloading process of some maps ?13:11
rm_youlardman: on the up side, the WORST POSSIBLE OUTCOME is that you need to run "enable-unlocked"13:12
*** mbuf has quit IRC13:12
rm_you^^^ the script it installs to handle the installation of the correct unlocking package13:12
crashanddiethis is the reply I got:
rm_youlardman: it makes the process VERY easy, as all a package maintainer (like you for bluez) must do is increment their package version like they wanted to in the beginning, and add one thing, "osso-software-version-unlocked" to the Depends of their package13:13
crashanddieyou'll note that the link she gave was non-existent at the time of writing of the email... :D13:13
crashanddieI've been a sucker for version number13:14
crashanddiehow do you define you're at version,5 ?13:14
wndrm_you, I sorry to jump in like this, but what exactly are you trying to accomplish?13:14
rm_youwnd: no please do, i am looking for opinions13:15
rm_youtrying to decide if this method is even remotely acceptable as a solution to the problem13:15
*** Stecchino has quit IRC13:15
lardmanrm_you: it sounds interesting13:15
rm_youwnd: the problem is that the devices use a package to maintain the correct system packages, as part of the SSE thing with diablo. the package is different for n810 and n80013:16
lardmanrm_you: and would probably do the job13:16
rm_youwnd: ex, osso-software-version-rx3413:16
rm_youwnd: ex, osso-software-version-rx4413:16
lardmanwhat happens with upgrades?13:16
*** Stecchino has joined #maemo13:16
rm_youwnd: so, it locks down the EXACT versions of packages to that which was installed stock on the device13:16
lardmanjust replaces your packages I guess?13:16
rm_youlardman: it updates as if you had installed it normally13:16
lardmanrm_you: sounds like a plan; won't happen for a while though as I'm away next week13:17
crashanddierm_you, so the idea would be to create transition packages per device ?13:17
rm_youwnd: they provide another package, osso-software-version-rx34-unlocked which allows for >= instead of == on the package deps13:17
rm_youcrashanddie: i think they wanted to be prepared for offering different versions of certain system libraries depending on the hardware13:18
lardmanwhat about combining hacks? I suppose that will be troublesome?13:18
rm_youcrashanddie: at the moment, i'm not sure there is a difference. the packages are only meta-packages....13:18
rm_youlardman: ??13:18
lardmanor have you done s/=/>=13:18
rm_youlardman: I don't depend on it13:18
lardmansay your xerver + my hacked Bluez-utils13:18
wndso far so good I guess. what do you want to do?13:18
rm_youyou just depend on "osso-software-version-unlocked", no version, thats it13:19
rm_youand my package has no depends of its own13:19
*** mk8 is now known as mk8[afk]13:19
rm_youwnd: so, the problem is, when installing an updated version of a system package (say, xserver-xomap with rotation support), the "locked version" (osso-software-version-rx34) blocks it13:20
lardmanI can't copy& paste :(13:20
rm_youwnd: so, what your package would need to do is depend on the -unlocked version of the same package13:20
lardmanlcuk_work: ok, found it; we'll see13:21
rm_yousince you can't do any kind of complicated logic in package dependencies, there is no way to decide in the deps of your package whether it is going to be installed on an n800 or an n810, except by making two separate releases13:21
rm_youwnd: since you need to install the -unlocked package specific to the hardware13:21
*** gomiam has quit IRC13:21
rm_youwnd: that's pretty much the problem13:21
* wnd nods13:22
*** secureendpoints has joined #maemo13:22
rm_youwnd: my solution was to make a generic version of the unlocked meta-package that would perform the logic necessary to choose which to install, and do that as seamlessly as possible13:22
rm_youlardman: just run the script13:24
rm_youlardman: and then i also have to do the kernel flash and reboot?13:24
wndand you really want to create a package that installs osso-foo-unlocked without user's explicit action?13:24
rm_youwnd: user's explicit action would be necessary to have it install the new version of xserver-xomap13:24
crashanddieGeneralAntilles, they've updated the downloads on the website as I request in my email.13:24
rm_youand if the user explicitly tells it to install that, then yes13:24
rm_youotherwise apt will, because of the locked software-version, hold back the upgrade13:25
rm_youso it does not just do it "automatically"13:25
wndimho it would be better to instruct user to "unlock" his copy of maemo, and only then install randr-enabled xserver13:25
lcuk_workcrashanddie, :) nice result13:25
rm_youwnd: yes, opinions seem to be split right down the middle13:25
crashanddielcuk_work, I concur :)13:26
lcuk_workyou are on a roll13:26
crashanddieI'll post something on itT13:26
rm_youit seems that if a user WANTED to install a package that required unlocking, and they specifically tell apt to do it, then why make them do an extra step?13:26
crashanddie~updatedmaps is at
infobotcrashanddie: okay13:26
lcuk_workwhat if the user didnt know and just thought it was like every other package13:27
*** muzz2k has joined #maemo13:27
rm_you99% of the people who try to install it and see it fail due to locked software-version will spend 5-30 minutes on IRC or forums looking for solution, find out they need to install some unlocked package, and do it anyway13:27
wndI tend to think unlocking as kind of "no warranty -- if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces" kind of action13:28
rm_youif the user is using apt...13:28
lcuk_workhow sure are you its stable13:28
rm_youthe package should not install without red-pill...13:28
rm_youor using apt directly13:28
rm_youso again, red-pill is the same warning already13:28
rm_youas is gaining root on the device13:28
rm_youreally at that point it is more an annoyance than an obstacle with a reason to be there13:29
lcuk_workpeople see that as a way to get round nokia and not to do dangerous stuff to their device13:29
lcuk_work"heh look i got root" kind of mentality13:29
rm_youlardman: what all does this kernel include? xrandr? mmc speed?13:29
rm_youlcuk_work: and if they know how to use apt13:29
rm_youthey are ready to break their device (or not) anyway13:30
lcuk_workor read it from irc or a forum13:30
lcuk_workno, they want rotation cos its a cool hack13:30
rm_youin which case they will continue to read the same thing about how to do the unlock in the same irc or gorum13:30
rm_youyeah, in which case they will still ignore any warnings13:30
trickiejust thought i would let anyone know... cannot do much on the community kernel side of things until i get a net connection at my new apartment, then i intend on puttin some time into it13:31
lcuk_worki mean, from my side i can see rotation as a simple package being great, but since it requires more than a normal app im a bit nervous13:31
rm_youlcuk_work: I am currently working on a meta-package called "rotation-support"13:32
rm_youand I have actually been CONSIDERING having it automatically flash the kernel in postinst >_> which I *do* think is horrible13:32
rm_youwait, not emphasized enough13:32
rm_youbut yet i am still considering it >_>13:33
wndI see "unlocked" package as kind of acknowledgement, much like red-pill mode, that user agrees that he knows what he's doing.13:33
rm_youfor ease of use13:33
rm_youand red-pill is required to install it13:33
rm_youso i dont see the point13:33
XTLiThis message has been marked as spam13:34
lcuk_work"rotation_kernel_upgrade.metapackage" :)13:34
darkterror46anyone here compiling in the n810 ?13:34
rm_youit's like the "Are you sure?" messages...13:34
lcuk_workrm_you, is there a difference between 800 and 810 kernel?13:34
lcuk_workdarkterror46, yes13:34
rm_youonce you click yes to the first one, no way in hell are you going to even read the next 5 in a row13:34
rm_youlcuk_work: i dont believe so, no13:35
lcuk_worknot right now mind you, ive left mine at home today13:35
lardmanrm_you: the one on the sbc garage page is vanilla + dvfs patch13:35
lardmanrm_you: qwerty did an all-in-one though I think13:35
rm_youlardman: >_> so no rotation for me? >_>13:35
darkterror46:) lcuk_work could you tell me how can i enable execution for the compiled files?13:35
rm_youOH i grabbed his13:35
rm_youi ahve it! yay13:35
rm_youchmod +x a.out13:35
lcuk_workdarkterror46, where is the compiled binary stored.  the chances are you have it on the FAT mmc213:35
lardmansee if you have the /sys/power/op_dsp file13:35
rm_youOH yeah that too13:35
*** opendeep has quit IRC13:36
darkterror46in the mini sd13:36
lcuk_workgcc marks binaries as  +x automatically doesnt it13:36
darkterror46it does13:36
darkterror46i get permission deniad13:36
rm_youit may be on a filesystem mounted noexec13:36
wndor fat(32)13:36
darkterror46even when executing as root13:36
rm_you/dev/mmcblk1p1 on /media/mmc1 type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,uid=29999,fmask=0133,dmask=0000,codepage=cp437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,utf8)13:36
lcuk_workdarkterror46, try copying the binary to your ~ folder and giving it +x rights. the memory cards are usually formatted as FAT which does not have execute permissions13:36
darkterror46can i enable execute permissions to the fat partitions? like in fstab?13:37
lardmanlcuk_work: the fact it's fat and the noexec are separate13:37
lcuk_worki have reformatted my mmc1 to be ext2 and work directly from there (look guys, i did something linuxy :D)13:37
rm_youlcuk_work: yay! :P13:37
lcuk_workso i could have made fat work?13:38
rm_youlardman: fiasco-flasher -f -F zImage ?13:38
lardmanyes, i think so13:38
lardmanrm_you: no13:38
darkterror46thank you very much for your tip lcuk_work13:38
lardmanrm_you: you're flashing qwerty's kernel?13:38
lardmanrm_you: flasher -k zImage -f -R (iirc)13:38
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo13:38
lcuk_worklardman, where is the +x stored in FAT file info? there isnt any space for it13:38
rm_youwhat package provides that13:39
lardmanah, fiasco flasher, is that on-device?13:39
rm_youlcuk_work: usually all files on FAT are assumed +x13:39
rm_youlardman: yes13:39
rm_youlardman: last kernel flash I did was on-device13:39
lardmanrm_you: ok, I've never used that, I was giving instructions for the flasher-3.0 from maemo.org13:39
rm_youah >_>13:39
lardmanyou can safely ignore me ;)13:39
darkterror46yep thats it :) thank you very much lcuk_work13:40
rm_youanyone know how to do on-device kernel flash?13:40
lcuk_work:) well thanks for that nugget of conflicting information.  does this mean that i could have kept FAT formatted memory card for windows access but also execute from it?  or is this an in theory the noexec flag can be removed on this device?13:40
rm_youlcuk_work: i believe you could13:41
rm_youlcuk_work: would need to edit the fstab to remove noexec13:41
rm_you/dev/mmcblk0p1  /media/mmc1 vfat rw,noauto,nodev,noexec,nosuid,utf8,uid=29999 0 013:41
lcuk_workmight have been less painful in the longrun if i had a card with data on it13:41
rm_you/dev/mmcblk0p1  /media/mmc1 vfat rw,noauto,nodev,nosuid,utf8,uid=29999 0 013:41
darkterror46lcuk_work: i do execution in fat partitions in my linux box so it should do the same in n81013:41
rm_youin /etc/fstab13:41
lcuk_worki just heard it wouldnt and had to format as something that would13:42
* lcuk_work shrugs anyway13:42
rm_youlcuk_work: :(13:42
darkterror46no worries13:42
lcuk_workthanks anyway - i really do learn something new everyday13:42
RST38bismoo, gentlemen13:42
RST38bisI think it is still not possible on n80013:43
*** red-zack has quit IRC13:43
RST38bisit's not using standard fstab13:43
rm_youRST38bis: ?13:44
rm_youcmon, no brick :P13:44
rm_youcmon, no brick :P13:44
* lcuk_work bangs his head against a brick wall13:44
RST38bisrm: can't exec from fat partitions13:45
rm_youfsck, rebootloop :P yay, time to boot to internal, chroot, and fix it :P13:45
rm_youRST38bis: I can on my desktop13:45
RST38bisfsck fsck fsck...13:45
Mikhohmm, I have a GError and it's code is 32. How can I find out which macro it refers to?13:45
RST38bisonly on desktop13:45
*** red-zack has joined #maemo13:46
RST38bismaemo does it differently13:46
lcuk_worksrst, so i was ... right ... in what i said?13:46
* lcuk_work gets ready to faint13:47
*** L0cutus has quit IRC13:48
*** yerga_bed is now known as yerga13:49
RST38bislcuk: yep13:49
*** herzi has joined #maemo13:50
rm_youif i chroot into my SD card rootfs, and run kernel_flasher there, will it flash the kernel for THAT system?13:51
RST38bisadvanced backlight with hildon theme is cool13:52
RST38bisany chance to add temperature and brightness gauges as two extra applets?;)13:55
aquatixtemperature would be interesting as tooltip or something13:57
rm_youyeah, brightness gauge is in there, just not used yet13:58
RST38bisgauge! make it  a gauge!13:58
rm_youif someone helps me recover from a bad kernel flash, i'll work on it :P13:58
RST38bisrm: i mean external brightness of course13:58
* RST38bis prays about rm to Cthulhu13:59
aquatixrm_you: make that settable too, please ;)13:59
* aquatix would love a slider for external brightness13:59
hrwrm_you: flasher -f -R -k zImage14:00
*** opendeep has joined #maemo14:01
XTLiGauges that don' spend your cpu time and battery when you don' need them would be nice14:01
rm_youi was using fanoush's kernel_flasher14:01
rm_youwhere do i get that one?14:02
crashanddieXTLi, than ask people to stop doing them in python14:02
XTLicrashanddie: :D14:02
*** RST38x has joined #maemo14:02
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo14:03
*** Khertan_n810 has joined #maemo14:03
Khertan_n810Hi !14:03
crashanddiebest way, I reckon: activate them for 10 minutes (or any configurable amount of time) when they're tapped14:03
XTLiMaybe rrdb logger thingy if that could run economically14:03
rm_youit may not have been the kernel that was the issue14:03
rm_youi think it may have been something did14:03
*** RST38bis has quit IRC14:03
Khertan_n810someone have already try to install debhelper on it device ?14:03
Khertan_n810i ve some problem with14:04
Khertan_n810dpkg : « ldconfig » introuvable dans la variable PATH.14:04
rm_youlardman: ....14:04
crashanddie"introuvable" *shudders*14:04
Khertan_n810oups ... sorry message in french14:05
rm_youi think he reads french :P14:05
lardmanrm_you: yep?14:05
Khertan_n810cannot be find in varaiable PATH14:05
rm_youlardman: have to verify... it wasn't the kernel14:05
crashanddiekhertan, ldconfig is in libc6, not debhelper (iirc)14:06
rm_youlardman: it was either your bluez-utils or something did that put me in a rebootloop14:06
crashanddiekhertan, cava, tu galeres pas trop avec les accents sur le clavier de ton n810 ? :P14:06
rm_youverifying and isolating now14:06
Khertan_n810crashanddie ? what does it mean ?14:06
lardmanI did try adding qwerty's become root business in the script14:06
rm_youdont think so14:06
rm_youi mean14:06
rm_younot the problem14:06
aquatixKhertan_n810: that it couldn't find the ldconfig program14:07
crashanddieKhertan_n810, oh, you mean you get "ldconfig introuble" during the post-installation of debhelper ?14:07
Khertan_n810crashanddie no, i use chr key pressed and the letterr14:07
rm_youlardman: to fix the reboot loop i chrooted into the rootfs and undid the script manually14:07
crashanddieKhertan_n810, I gave up accents :P14:07
lardmanrm_you: it doesn't do anything else in particular14:07
rm_youlardman: can tell you in one second14:07
rm_youlardman: oh, did notice a bug14:07
Khertan_n810crashanddie in the post install script, yes14:07
rm_youlardman: the script does not check to see if the sbcenc.o is already in the dsp tesk list14:07
rm_youit just appends it again14:07
crashanddieKhertan_n810, you running diablo or chinook ?14:07
rm_youthat could be it14:08
rm_youit was in there twice when i went in to remove the line14:08
Khertan_n810crashanddie : diablo14:08
lardmanah, yes that is true14:08
lardmanthat could screw things up14:08
rm_youthat is easy tho14:08
Khertan_n810i m trying to make dpkg-buildpackage useable on my device14:08
rm_youjust an if [ `grep` ] check14:08
rm_youok, bluez-utils installed, still booting14:08
crashanddieKhertan_n810, could you "dpkg -l | grep libc6"14:08
rm_younow to check after the script14:08
crashanddieHa ! No pipe on n810 :/14:09
opendeepCan any body seen this error before?14:09
opendeepNokia-N810-50-2:/home/user# bablu14:09
opendeeppython2.5[1555]: GLIB MESSAGE default - don't know how to handle audio/x-raw-int, rate=(int)44100, channels=(int)1, endianness=(int)1234, width=(int)32, depth=(int)16, signed=(boolean)true14:09
* RST38x breaks into diabolical laughter14:09
crashanddieopendeep, you're probably missing a gstreamer plugin14:09
RST38xopen: yes14:10
rm_youlardman: ran script...14:10
rm_youlardman: still booting14:10
Khertan_n810ii  libc6           2.5.0-1osso9    GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone d14:10
rm_youis possible that it being in there twice exploded it14:10
crashanddiekhertan, sudo gainroot, then "ldconfig"14:11
opendeepI am running .ogg files , what plugin I need to download?14:11
Khertan_n810not found14:12
RST38xx-raw-int is ogg???14:12
crashanddieKhertan_n810, that's bad14:12
Khertan_n810yes i know14:13
crashanddieKhertan_n810, apt-file tells me ldconfig comes from the libc6 package, you have libc6 package, but still ldconfig is missing14:13
crashanddiekhertan, try reinstalling libc614:13
lardmanrm_you: you up and running yet?14:14
X-FadeKhertan_n810: sudo gainroot; ldconfig14:14
*** RST38x has quit IRC14:14
X-FadeKhertan_n810: Works for me?14:14
crashanddieX-Fade, not found14:14
crashanddieX-Fade, works here too14:14
X-Fadecrashanddie: Not on my stock install.14:14
Khertan_n810arg i understand now it s a bug with path and script rootsh14:15
Khertan_n810trying by ssh work14:15
crashanddieKhertan_n810, ls /usr/bin/ldconfig14:15
X-FadeIt is in /sbin/ldconfig14:15
crashanddieoh yeah, that's the one14:15
*** tbf has quit IRC14:15
*** tbf1 has joined #maemo14:15
Khertan_n810ouf !14:15
*** tbf1 is now known as tbf14:16
*** lopz has joined #maemo14:16
crashanddieKhertan_n810, Mhuwhahahaha, tu te sens soulagé là hein :P14:16
JaffaIs there a bug raised in Bugzilla for the SSL cert on expiring?14:16
rm_youlardman: got me some pimpsteaks14:16
rm_youand now i will try14:16
X-FadeJaffa: We're already working on it.14:16
timelessjaffa: should be easy to query :)14:17
timelessx-fade: if there isn't a bug, please file it14:17
Khertan_n810thx a lot for the help14:17
timelessthe reason for a bug tracker is to have a central point of contact14:17
timelessirc is nice, but it's better for people to learn to check bugzilla first14:17
rm_youwithout irc i would go mad!14:18
crashanddiegod I hate hate the french language14:18
crashanddierm_you, poor you14:18
rm_youcrashanddie: lol? :P14:18
rm_youyou speak it natively? :P14:18
crashanddieno, I don't14:18
rm_youthought you did14:18
crashanddieIt's nearly my mother tongue, yet, it isn't14:18
*** prometoys has quit IRC14:18
rm_younative english?14:19
crashanddienative dutch/flemish14:19
Khertan_n810must come back to work14:19
Khertan_n810and thx14:19
*** Khertan_n810 has quit IRC14:20
*** vik has quit IRC14:20
rm_youlardman: still not quite there yet for video :/14:20
rm_youlardman: slightly better14:20
rm_youerr wait14:20
rm_youi forgot some kind of echo!14:20
rm_youwhat was it14:20
*** secureendpoints_ has joined #maemo14:20
*** borism has quit IRC14:20
rm_youlcuk_work: i use liqbase every day....14:21
rm_youlcuk_work: primarily as the fastest way i have of turning on performance mode :P14:21
rm_youvery convenient14:21
crashanddiedon't we all ? :D14:21
lardmanrm_you: and with the decoupling?14:21
rm_youlardman: trying to find the echo command14:22
rm_youlost in scrollback <_<14:22
lardmanecho 0 > /sys/power/op_dsp14:23
*** hellwolf-n800 has quit IRC14:23
Jaffatimeless: it was *very* easy to query [here] ;-)14:23
rm_youslightly worse i think :/14:23
rm_youfor video...14:24
timelessyeah yeah... if you can reach irc. not all of us can. i can't often enough :(14:24
rm_youtimeless: you should fix that :P14:24
lardmanrm_you: I'd be surprised14:24
rm_youlardman: i still dont know WHY14:24
rm_youit shouldnt be a processing issue at this point14:24
timelessi switched from using corporate network to a wifi w/ a stupid login page14:24
timeless(i'm here now, aren't i?)14:25
lardmanrm_you: are you doing objective measurements woth mplayer output?14:26
lcuk_workrm_you, :) it works well.  just wait until i add brightness applet to it14:26
rm_youlardman: well...14:26
lardmanor subjective (like my sbc testing ;) )14:26
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo14:27
rm_youvery subjective, but VERY clear14:27
rm_youlardman: with software encoding, video plays FLAWLESSLY with a2dp audio14:27
rm_youand the very same video with dsp encoding gets about .25 FPS14:27
rm_youthat's 1 frame every 4 seconds14:27
lardmanoh, really knackered hey?14:27
rm_youpossibly less14:27
lcuk_workliqbase_adv_backlight_cpu_audio_hildon :P14:27
rm_youaudio is still good tho14:27
lardmanhmm, perhaps some sort of MMU contention then14:28
rm_youlardman: yeah, i'm not exaggerating, or just saying "well, i THINK this performed better..."14:28
rm_youit is very unusable with video14:28
rm_youaudio seems flawless tho :P14:28
lardmanrm_you: ok, that's interesting, I'll have to do some testing14:28
rm_youthat is my test video14:29
lcuk_worklardman, that sounds like the cpu is throttling back down14:29
rm_youany time i need benchmarks14:29
rm_youI put CPU on performance?14:29
lcuk_workrm_you, have you tryied in in  performance for this test14:29
rm_youcan i LOCK it at 400mhz?14:29
lcuk_workahhh right14:29
rm_youor does performance do that14:29
rm_youi have not ever tried it in ondemand actually >_>14:29
lcuk_workno, you can put it in performance, but doesnt the max speed get lower when dsp in us14:30
lardmanperformance does that, and equally with the DSP running it should also lock14:30
rm_youok well...14:30
lardmanif you do the echo command14:30
lcuk_worktry in powersave - its what ondemand slows down to, but its consistant14:30
rm_youlardman: try playing the video i linked14:30
*** denny has quit IRC14:30
lcuk_worklardman, the echo command is what liqbase does :)14:30
lcuk_workif its the same echo14:31
rm_youlardman: it is VERY excellent with mp3 tho <_<14:31
rm_younot to get you down :P14:31
lardmanlcuk_work: different target14:31
lardmanrm_you: no, that's fair enough14:31
lcuk_workwhich are you altering?14:32
lardmanecho 0 > /sys/power/op_dsp14:32
rm_youlardman: in powersave, it still plays mp3 perfectly :P14:32
lardmanrm_you: it's probably not in powersave anymore though ;)14:32
lardmanrm_you: check the actual cpu freq14:32
rm_youi tried to put it in powersave14:32
zapI remember I've seen somewhere a page with some very low-level details about kernel booting, flashing etc. Anybody remembers it?14:32
lardmandsp running probably overrides it14:32
rm_youwhere is cpufreq14:33
zapin cat /proc/cpuinfo ?14:33
rm_youthere is another place14:33
rm_youisnt there?14:33
zapsomewhere under /sys maybe14:33
rm_youNezumi:~# cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq14:34
lardmanor similar14:34
lardmanis there another?14:34
rm_youah no14:34
lardmanI think that says what the scaling should make the cpu speed14:35
rm_youyou are right14:35
rm_youit does switch14:35
rm_youto 400mhz14:35
lcuk_workit shouldnt do 400 when the dsp is in use should it?14:35
lardmanthe other option is to just enable the DSP for low power mode and see how low it can be pushed14:35
lardmanlcuk_work: yes, with the kernel patch14:35
* lcuk_work goes for lunch14:36
rm_youwell my real hope would be that the DSP could run and the main cpu could scale down14:36
rm_youand maybe save power? >_>14:36
*** secureendpoints has quit IRC14:37
lardmanrm_you: iirc there are popping noises if you change the DSP cpu freq while it's running14:38
lardmanrm_you: you might need to preset the speed you want to run at14:38
rm_youwell heres whats happening with the CPU:14:39
rm_youwith software SBC, mplayer is at 45-55 average CPU14:39
rm_youand plays smoothly14:39
*** mattimo has joined #maemo14:39
rm_youwith DSB SBC, mplayer averages about 3514:39
rm_youbut like 1 frame every 6 seconds :/14:39
rm_youmight i mention that the AUDIO is still 100% perfect14:40
lardmanah, playing video14:40
rm_youall of my tests are playing video...14:40
rm_yousince that is what is broken14:40
rm_youwhy would i test what works? :P14:40
mattimowhat dhcp client does, the maemo use?14:40
lardmanThe DSP requires lots of little data transfers, the video updates also require lots of transfers, I wonder if there's some contention issue here14:40
*** Atarii has joined #maemo14:40
rm_youmake that 1 frame every 15 seconds14:40
zapinteresting, how he does it14:41
lardmanrm_you: you were talking about mp3 and low power, etc.14:41
rm_younot for test data :P14:41
rm_youjust a sidethought14:41
rm_yousorry it confused you :P14:41
lardmannp, doing some work at the same time :p14:42
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo14:44
*** __t has joined #maemo14:44
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo14:48
rm_youas a comparison point, playing the same video with esd audio out, mplayer uses ~35%14:50
rm_yousame as with DSPSBC14:50
rm_youexcept with esp it plays right....14:50
rm_youso, yeah. weird.14:50
lardmanrm_you: do you fancy posting to the maemo-developers list14:50
*** nikosapi_ has joined #maemo14:50
rm_younot really14:51
rm_youit is very hard for me to send email ATM14:51
rm_youespecially from the account that is signed up14:51
lardmanah ok, well I'll see if I can do some benchmarking and get some feedback14:51
rm_youi will post on ITT all day long tho :/14:51
rm_youdid you get that video?14:51
rm_youthe one i sent for testing14:52
rm_youthat plays perfectly with esd and software a2dp14:52
lardmanno, I've not seen anything14:52
lardmandid you email it to me?14:52
rm_youkeep linking it in channel14:53
rm_youpretty much every day14:53
rm_youit is good for benchmarking14:53
lardmanah ok, I've not really been paying much attention14:53
rm_youhas some slow scenes and also ones with lots of movement14:53
rm_youand is only like 3 min long14:53
rm_youand a somewhat enjoyable song, depending on what you're into14:53
rm_youas a bonus since you'll be listening to it all day :P14:53
RST38hI hope it does not contain tentacle rape scenes though14:55
rm_youLOL no :P14:55
* RST38h cant check from the phone14:55
rm_youonly one anime girl taking off her shirt <_< but she has a bra :P14:55
rm_youso it's all good :P14:56
* lardman can't even download it on WinXP14:56
aquatixrm_you: good? how's only one taking off her shirt good?14:56
rm_youi wonder why the battery meter displays 3/4, when i've been using it for ~4 hours now without charging, in performance mode mostly, and it says i have one hour left14:56
lardman~lart WinXP14:56
* infobot stabs WinXP14:56
rm_youaquatix: lol, more like, SFW :P14:56
rm_youlardman: is my link bad?14:56
aquatixah :P14:57
* aquatix downloads14:57
rm_youno, works :P14:57
aquatixyou know it by heart? ;)14:57
rm_you~lart WinXP angry bees14:57
lardmanrm_you: no, my PC has been running for too long14:57
* infobot whacks WinXP angry bees upside the head14:57
RST38hsorry for caps14:57
rm_youRST38h: :P14:57
aquatixlardman: er, that's only possible with windows :P14:57
aquatixrunning a pc for too long...14:58
rm_youmy usage is pretty much constant :( and it *is* in performance mode? :P14:58
lardmanyeah, needs a reboot every 4 months or so14:58
mattimook i'll ask again, does anybody know what dhcp client the maemo uses?14:58
aquatixdoesn't it crash after 42 days anymore?14:58
aquatixor was that win98 :)14:58
RST38hrm: who knows what it uses to measure load...14:58
lardmanmattimo: must be some apt command to tell you14:58
rm_youi cry every time i see a tablet screenshot posted here that doesn't have adv-backlight running in the statusbar :P14:58
aquatix[something to do with the uptime clock rotating after 16 bits int was full]14:58
mattimolardman: thanks I'll try14:59
rm_youmattimo: udhcpc14:59
* aquatix pats rm_you on the back14:59
RST38hmay be doing WAIT if there are no tasks to run even in perf mode14:59
rm_youi wonder why not ALWAYS use perf mode <_<14:59
zapit does14:59
* RST38h knows he would do something like this14:59
mattimoudhcpc could that be?14:59
wndbased on "dpkg -S $(which dhcp6c)"15:00
aquatixmattimo: that's what rm_you just said, yeah :)15:00
wndhmm, interesting15:00
*** pupnik has quit IRC15:01
rm_youmost embedded devices use that15:01
rm_youi guess it must be lightweight15:01
rm_youZaurus used it15:01
wndfirst of all I totally forgot udhcp, and second, dhcp on ipv6? eww.15:01
rm_youNezumi:/lib/dsp/modules# apt-cache search udhcpc15:01
rm_youudhcpc - very small DHCP client15:01
*** nikosapi has quit IRC15:01
mattimorm_you: sry I didn't see it15:01
rm_youwnd: yeah, breaks Vista machines constantly >_>15:01
rm_you:P np15:01
rm_youwnd: and i have to fix them <_<15:01
mattimois there a dbus interface to the udhcpc??15:02
rm_youdunno :/15:02
rm_youwell, it is time for me to SLEEEEEP15:02
rm_youwas gonna do it *4 hours ago*15:02
rm_you... thanks guys. really. >_<15:02
lardmanrm_you: thanks for the testing15:03
rm_youi'm back on my old sleep schedule now... and I worked SO hard to wake up at a normal hour :P15:03
rm_youlol np15:03
rm_youi want it working prolly more than you do :P15:03
wndudhcpc doesn't depend on dbus so I'd say no, at least not on maemo15:03
lardmanrm_you: I can't do anything for another week & 1/2 at least15:03
rm_youmattimo: what do you need to do?15:03
rm_youlardman: :(15:03
lardmanrm_you: am away, sorry15:04
mattimoI am trying to port the networkmanager used on most desktop systems to the maemo15:04
*** CptE51 has joined #maemo15:04
rm_youlardman: maybe I will hack at mplayer, see if theres anything i can do on that side15:04
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC15:04
rm_youlardman: compiling mplayer used to be my *hobby* :P15:04
rm_youbefore maemo15:04
lardmanrm_you: I'll try to post the benchmark to the list though so people can have a think about it15:04
rm_youmattimo: ah :/15:04
mattimoand the networkmanader depends on dhcdbd15:04
rm_youmattimo: you could *maybe* try porting a different dhcp client15:04
*** GreyFoxx has quit IRC15:04
mattimowhat is a dbus interface for the dhcpd from isc15:04
rm_youbut that could get very messy very quickly15:04
*** GreyFoxx has joined #Maemo15:04
rm_youand might not be what people want15:05
mattimorm_you: I know15:05
rm_youyeah :/15:05
mattimois not what people want15:05
rm_youwell, gl.15:05
* rm_you sleeps15:05
*** booiiing_ has joined #maemo15:06
Makeghohmh, does mysql-python fail if it's given an empty string as a parameter to execute?15:08
Makeghowhops, wrong channel15:08
*** opendeep has quit IRC15:09
*** m-c has joined #maemo15:13
*** benh has quit IRC15:15
*** hellwolf-n800 has joined #maemo15:20
*** booiiing__ has quit IRC15:21
*** CptE51 has left #maemo15:23
*** overflok has joined #maemo15:25
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo15:25
*** lardman is now known as lardman|lunch15:27
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: It seems you will get your plugin working tomorrow afternoon ;)15:27
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC15:30
*** Sargun has quit IRC15:33
*** lardman|lunch is now known as lardman15:35
*** befr0d_ has quit IRC15:36
*** SDuensin has joined #Maemo15:39
lcuk_worklardman, thats the quickest lunch on record15:40
lcuk_work8 minutes, you will give yoursel indigestion :P15:40
lardmanlcuk_work: yeah, I couldn't be bothered to walk home15:40
lcuk_workoh cripes yer, still no tyre?15:41
lcuk_workor do you normally walk15:41
lardmanI've got a new tyre (£100) and bought a spare wheel too (~£40 second hand)15:41
lardmanI try to walk when it's sunny15:42
*** matt_c has joined #maemo15:42
lardmanand it was this morning, cold now though, so I've no desire to go out in it15:42
lcuk_workheh, if i tried that it would take me all day15:42
johnxlcuk_work, eating lunch?15:43
lcuk_workwalking, it would be a 20mile roundtrip15:43
aquatixhm, /me works 65km from home15:43
aquatixthat's... to far to walk ;)15:43
* lardman consults a map15:43
* johnx only knows how long the train takes15:44
aquatix60 minutes by car :/15:44
aquatixmaybe 5515:44
lcuk_workgoogle earth has a great point to point plotting thing, before i had gps i would use it to see where i had been15:44
lcuk_workaquarius-, get a faster car15:44
aquatixlcuk_work: i should get a faster road15:45
lcuk_workaquatix even15:45
aquatixmy car is fast enough15:45
aquatixbut there's no highway in between15:45
lardman0.8 miles15:45
lcuk_workobviously not :P15:45
lcuk_workget a delorian from the future and fly15:45
lcuk_workor a personal helicopter15:45
* lardman apparently walks at 4mph uphill15:46
aquatixlcuk_work: even google agrees -,+1967+Heemskerk,+Heemskerk+(North+Holland),+Netherlands&daddr=Den+Helder+(North+Holland),+Netherlands&sll=52.493292,4.691448&sspn=0.009642,0.018003&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=1015:46
* lcuk_work thinks about nicking his dads microlite15:46
aquatixlcuk_work: hm, helicopter15:46
aquatixthat'd be interesting15:46
lcuk_workgoogle might agree, but my eyes dont15:46
lcuk_worklardman, uphill both ways?15:46
lardmanwell it takes 12min up and 10min down15:47
lcuk_workbig links blind15:47
johnx20km by train but it takes 43 minutes (more at night)15:47
lcuk_workget a skateboard15:47
aquatixlcuk_work: yeah, sorry for the huge uri :/15:47
lardmanlcuk_work: 12min up, 1min down, 4hours in casualty ;)15:47
lcuk_worktakes me about 15mins one way, round the ring road15:47
lcuk_workis the hospital down past work by any chance?15:48
lardmantakes me about 10min in the car what with getting it out of the Garage then walking from the far side of the car park after I park15:48
lardmannah, hospital is on the other side of town, so no savings there either ;)15:48
lcuk_worki get told ill have a closer parking space if i turn in earlier15:48
lardmans/Garage/garage - nothing special here15:49
lcuk_worklol @ llardman secret cave15:49
lcuk_workomg, you have turned welsh15:49
lardmanyeah, can't use the afterburners in town either!15:50
* aquatix would like to have some foreburners15:50
aquatixstupid people that drive too slowly15:50
crashanddieLardman and Ewan: Fightings the bugs for justice !15:50
* lcuk_work wouldnt like burners near his after or fore15:50
lardmancowcatchers s/cow/slow vehicles ?15:50
*** minti has quit IRC15:50
lardmanI see I am officially a layman in railroad terms :)
lcuk_workheh - i nearly fell for that: dont let xchat auto select the url, it cuts off the (...) at the end15:53
lcuk_workmgedmin posted a link explaining what a bob session was and it went to article about bbc birds of a feather sitcom15:53
lcuk_workim sat there wondering  why hes gonna be talkin about essex girls15:53
lcuk_work:P good point15:53
lcuk_workhi mgedmin \o15:54
*** matt_c has quit IRC15:55
lardmanhas anyone else tried the camera_example code?15:56
lcuk_workin python yes15:56
lardmanit seems to run a lot slower than the other camera enabled apps15:56
lcuk_workthe gstreamer stack was a bit hairy at the time15:56
lcuk_workno, lower the resolution15:56
lardmanhi mgedmin15:56
lardmanlcuk_work: ah, so the others run at lower res do they?15:57
lcuk_workmore than likely :)15:57
lcuk_workbest results come from lower res AND lower framerate:  lower framerate allows more signal to noise15:57
*** hellwolf_ has joined #maemo15:58
lcuk_workthere is also a limit to resolution where if you go above it, all the X stuff REALLY slows down disproportionally to expected15:58
lardmanlcuk_work: hmm15:58
lardmanDoes the framerate really affect the camera integration time?15:58
lcuk_workif i had my 810 with me id post the tweaked and twiddled code15:58
lcuk_workeffects how long the virtual shutter stays open15:59
lcuk_worki went from dark mostly grainy images to almost valid ones (at its lowest 10/15 fps)15:59
crashanddieMy own little part of paradise:,-95.677068&sspn=29.992289,76.992187&ie=UTF8&ll=42.506998,3.005871&spn=0.00085,0.00235&t=h&z=1915:59
lardmanlcuk_work: ok, I'll have a fiddle with it15:59
lardmancrashanddie: no way I'm typing that beast in by hand!16:00
crashanddielardman, I'll tinyurl it for ya16:00
lcuk_workuse the python one, its quicker to play.  you will find if you try nonstandard resollutionsor framerates it will just lock and not give errors16:00
lardmanlcuk_work: I want to do barcode recognition, so will stick with C I think16:00
lardmanI've nearly converted my MATLAB code to C anwyay16:00
lardmancrashanddie: thanks16:01
lcuk_worklardman, im thinking just for testing the camera caps - at least then you will have POC to know it works16:01
lardmanlcuk_work: yeah, perhaps16:01
lcuk_workbut if you get it working nicely in a little self contained module i would like to try that: i got image loading working last night from jpeg, i would like to scroll real live video16:01
lardmancrashanddie: you live in a ravine?16:02
crashanddielardman, nope, that's where I'm going to spend the day tomorrow :)16:02
lardmancrashanddie: I hope you back in rather going head first ;)16:02
crashanddieTaking a day off coding and work, jumping in very cool water, that's coming out of the frigging mountain :)16:03
lcuk_worklardman, i never attempted the gstreamer stuff in c because i didnt know enough about the api to boil it down, but i know the camera gives raw images as yuv :) which is prefect for me16:04
lcuk_workperfect as well16:04
*** hellwolf__ has joined #maemo16:04
* lcuk_work must really get image scaling working16:04
lardmanlcuk_work: I think the pipeline does an RGB conversion, but then I might be able to eliminate that as I only need B&W16:04
lcuk_workyer you would be better getting it before its done RGB16:05
lcuk_workthe more time you save then the higher resolution you will be able to get16:05
*** hellwolf has quit IRC16:05
*** hellwolf__ has quit IRC16:05
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo16:05
lardmanres isn't a big issue for a full-screen barcode16:05
lardmanbut yes16:05
lcuk_workwhen you were talking the other day i did some quick examinations and could get barcodes in focus quite easily and quickly16:05
lardmanalthough the lower the resolution the less data I need to manipulate :)16:06
crashanddieyou probably don't need the full res16:06
lardmanwith N810?16:06
crashanddiecan the camera scan in a lower res ?16:06
lcuk_workstill - if its YUV initially, why convert to rgb to then convert back to Y16:06
crashanddieI don't know if contrast will be good enough, but you might want to lower the res to speed up analysis16:07
crashanddie(btw, camera won't work on my n810 anymore... it yells "can't open camera" and then quits)16:07
lcuk_workin which application?16:07
*** vik has joined #maemo16:08
lcuk_workyou've been screwing with your gstreamer stuff though16:08
crashanddieI've completely broken my bluetooth card in my laptop, so it seems xD16:09
lcuk_workthe bluetooth module from mine has been physically ripped off the motherboard :)16:09
crashanddieI've been messing with the source code of bluez, in order to try to get more information about why the mouse didn't work16:10
*** hellwolf_ has quit IRC16:10
lcuk_workgod knows why someone would do that, but i opened the flap underneath and theres a trailing wire and the connector is ripped off and the module is missing16:10
crashanddietried a few things, didn't really work, tried reverting back to the ubuntu provided packages16:10
crashanddiedevices doesn't show up anymore16:10
crashanddiedoesn't work in Windows either xD16:10
lcuk_workput a livecd in and see what happens. it could all be you messing16:10
crashanddieI did16:10
crashanddieubuntu 7.10 spots there's a bluetooth something16:11
crashanddiebut can't lock on the device (hcitool dev doesn't show anything anymore)16:11
crashanddieI don't care though, didn't use it a lot16:11
crashanddiegave the mouse to my mom, she'll make better use of it anyhow16:11
lcuk_workapart from for your mouse16:11
crashanddieI'm going to open up the MX 1000 and make it work again16:12
lcuk_worki hope you have a vets license16:12
crashanddiebut I have a soldering iron and an electronics degree :P16:12
lcuk_worktsk tsk, surgery on little animals is cruel16:12
crashanddieit's been drowned in petrol16:13
crashanddiecan't get much worse than that16:13
lcuk_workit could, but you havent got windows vista so i wont mention that16:13
crashanddie(I though my laptop didn't have any symptoms from that episode, the petrol lamp falling on the desktop... Figures my DVD drive is dead)16:13
lcuk_workanyway, must dash, got stuff to do16:13
crashanddieyeah, same here16:14
lcuk_workback later16:14
lcuk_workcya lardman16:14
lardmanbye lcuk_work16:14
lardmanI could do with a scheduler so I can see which talks are on at which times at a conference, any thoughts?16:17
lardmanfor about 4 parallel sessions16:17
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo16:18
*** Vudentz_ has joined #maemo16:18
*** mk8[afk] is now known as mk816:18
*** XTLi has left #maemo16:24
*** m-c has quit IRC16:24
*** m-c has joined #maemo16:26
*** etrunko has joined #maemo16:26
*** vik_ has joined #maemo16:27
crashanddieRepaired my MX 1000 :D16:27
johnxwhat was wrong with it?16:28
crashanddieshort circuit16:28
crashanddiedraining battery16:28
crashanddiekept scrolling up16:29
crashanddieI paid 50euro for a new mouse I'm not using :/16:29
johnxThat's nothing. I once paid 80yen for coffee that wasn't very good :/16:30
glassyou still used the coffee tho, no?16:30
johnxwell, yeah, but only cause I couldn't put it on ebay16:30
ShadowJK80 sounds kinda cheap16:31
darkterror46well guess that taking of the noexecute in fstab didn't help16:31
crashanddie80yen is like less than half a euro16:31
crashanddieno ?16:31
crashanddie1 Euro = 165.471365 Japanese yen16:32
johnxand yeah, it was really cheap coffee16:32
johnxmost of the stuff at ~120Y is actually pretty good (to my inexact taste)16:32
*** solarion has quit IRC16:33
lcuk_workjohnx, you have spoilt your taste buds, you must pay at least 900016:33
johnxbut yeah, Pokka coffee. even the logo screams cheap.16:33
crashanddieI'm pretty sure they have recycled coffee there16:33
crashanddie"extra light"16:33
lcuk_workdownstream from starbucks even16:33
derflardman: Use a piece of paper?16:34
lardmanspeaking about coffee, that ip -over-dns sounds cool16:34
crashanddiethat's old16:34
lardmanderf: yeah, I've got that atm, but it's 23 pieces of 2-sided paper16:34
* darkterror46 go get a really tasty short black16:34
lcuk_worklardman, derf is right: the paper they had for linuxtag schedule was great (of you can wait and see what scrolly goodness i come back with soon ;)16:35
crashanddielardman, nstx still works pretty good, but the speeds are godawful16:35
*** eton has joined #maemo16:35
lardmanI don't have a server though16:35
johnxlcuk_work, starbucks is pretty bleh. I'll take Tully's any day...(They're nicer there too)16:35
lardmanI'll just reply on the conference having free wifi somewhere16:35
lcuk_workprint to pdf and take that with you16:36
crashanddielardman, well, from my tests, I managed about 3KB/s using NSTX16:36
lardmanlcuk_work: paper's better than pdf though imo16:37
lardmancrashanddie: would do to download email headers while drinking a coffee16:37
lcuk_workdepends on the device, but yer i agree on the whole16:37
lardmancrashanddie: I'll have to look into it later in the summer16:37
crashanddielardman, if you need help16:37
lcuk_workis it a masssssssive conference with lots of tracks?16:37
lardman4 tracks 5 days long16:37
lcuk_workis it worth just getting the sched into  notes and just use almost unformatted text?16:38
lcuk_workhey :D you could get 1 n8x0 for each track16:39
overflokHi guys16:39
lcuk_worklay them side by side16:39
lardmanwould be a bit od a pita entering all the paper titles tbh, I may just stick with paper anyway16:40
lcuk_workhi there overflo16:40
lcuk_workuh huh, sometimes a non technical solution works16:40
lcuk_workright, back to it agian, i think i might shut off vnc again, i  actually got some work done yesterday ;)16:42
*** mardi__ has quit IRC16:43
*** vik has quit IRC16:44
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo16:46
*** solarion has joined #maemo16:46
*** mbuf has joined #maemo16:48
*** mattimo has quit IRC16:50
*** dneary has quit IRC16:53
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo16:54
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo16:56
*** k-s[AWAY] has quit IRC16:59
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo16:59
*** behdad has joined #maemo17:01
DekaritaeSo, the Presence icon is gone. I have two accounts set up17:09
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo17:10
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC17:10
DekaritaeAlso, I cannot install Canola2, my device is mising the flash-and-reboot (=3) package and I cannot find it17:10
johnxDekaritae, for the second problem, try to run apt-get -f install17:12
johnxfor the first problem, maybe you disabled the presense icon. I thought there was a way to do that17:12
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo17:12
DekaritaeI think the problem is related to there being no Presence check item under Panels -> Status bar17:13
summatusmentisdoes anyone have suggestions on getting better gps?17:16
summatusmentiseven with agps, it takes upwards of 10 miutes17:16
*** konttori_ has quit IRC17:18
*** povbot` has joined #maemo17:21
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo17:21
melmothsummatusmentis: using a 3rd party bluetooth gps ?17:23
melmothi have been told they are some cheap ones17:23
*** neithan has quit IRC17:24
summatusmentismelmoth: :-/ that sort of defeats the purpose of having the gps internally doesn't it?17:25
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo17:25
MangoFusionwhat you need to do17:26
MangoFusionis form a local internet tablet users group17:26
MangoFusionso whenever you need a gps lock17:26
MangoFusionand you get bored waiting17:26
johnxwaiting 10 minutes for a lock sort of defeats the usefulness of GPS in a lot of situations17:26
MangoFusionjust rant with them17:26
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:26
MangoFusionand time will fly by17:26
* ShadowJK tries to get a lock indoors17:26
ShadowJK3 minutes and counting :-)17:26
MangoFusionwent to rome the other week. only got a lock once on my n9517:28
MangoFusionafter about half an hour17:28
ShadowJKsince you were roaming you probably didn't have data and then didn't have a-gps...17:28
summatusmentisjohnx: exactly17:28
* johnx is going to get the most killer bt gps he can find 17:29
*** atlas95 has quit IRC17:29
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC17:29
summatusmentisjohnx: I don't wanna have to carry around a dongle(thing)17:29
johnxtape it to your body?17:30
ShadowJKI have a insmat SirfIII bluetooth gps dongle too, it's superfast and gets a lock in like half a minute as long as you don't touch it with your hand or move it17:30
johnxthey're really small17:30
ShadowJK6 minutes and N810 doesn't seem to have even managed to download almanac17:30
mgedminno surprise17:31
*** penguinbait has quit IRC17:31
mgedminyou might get something sufficiently fix-like in an hour or two17:31
ShadowJKbut it sees two birds, one at strength 35 and other at 32 according to maemo-mapper17:31
bmryeah, that sounds about right for the n810 internal :)17:31
ShadowJKtbh, the sirfIII isn't getting anythign either17:32
* johnx feels no buyer's remorse over being an N800 early adopter17:32
lcuk_worklardman|gone, jaffa, and others re: hardware/3d/iva/audio etc quim has asked for a page/info to give to his nokia colleagues.  ill get a draft together later and we shall hammer out some more bits if you are around17:33
lcuk_work(unless someone else can do a 1st draft before i get back)17:33
mgedminonce I opened maemo mapper, saved an existing track, and then saw that it got a fix almost as soon as the save was complete17:36
mgedminthat was under 30 seconds17:36
mgedminI was very surprised17:36
*** zap has quit IRC17:36
mgedminI had last used the gps a day before17:36
mgedminand a few km from where I was then17:36
*** povbot has quit IRC17:37
*** fab has quit IRC17:40
*** user_ has joined #maemo17:41
*** hellwolf has quit IRC17:44
*** TeringTu1y has joined #maemo17:45
*** ralann has quit IRC17:45
*** ralann|mbp has joined #maemo17:45
fysaanyone used Internet Connection Sharing from a MacBook to an IT via AirPort?17:46
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo17:47
atulHi I return bc; bc =  gpscwp but while collecting in caller it is \xe8gps\xe8c\xe8swp like this why so ? why extra character like \xe8 coming every time17:48
*** eton has quit IRC17:50
*** ralann|mbp has quit IRC17:51
*** Crfrodf has quit IRC17:51
atulHave a look onto code base
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo17:53
*** TeringTuby has quit IRC17:55
*** ralann has joined #maemo17:55
Khertan_TheRealSomeone can explain me what can wake this error -> sh: bad signal name 's'17:56
*** pleemans has quit IRC17:56
Khertan_TheRealit s when i try to build a package with dpgk-buildpackage on my n81017:56
qwerty12Post the full log17:57
Khertan_TheRealhum :)17:58
Khertan_TheRealright ... i ll rewrite it :)17:58
qwerty12It's easier because I can see which part is failing :)17:58
melmothcrappy shell ?17:58
qwerty12busybox = crappy shell :P17:59
*** eton has joined #maemo17:59
pyhimysit tries to kill something17:59
pyhimys"kill -s"17:59
Khertan_TheReali get /usr/bin/fakeroot: line 70: debian/rules: Permission denied sh: bad signal name 's'17:59
qwerty12sounds like the busybox kill sucks. I'd try and extract the proper one from procps18:00
qwerty12 - From nokia's default busybox config, me doesn't like :(18:01
RST38hnow, who you wanted to kill?18:04
qwerty12Begins with R and ends with h18:04
* RST38h does /names18:04
RST38hbtw, if anyone has an example of using xv to get omap yuv buffer, I would appreciate it ;)18:06
*** henrique has joined #maemo18:06
qwerty12Hmm, which is more preferred, -msoft-float or -mhard_float?18:08
qwerty12Thank you18:08
RST38hthere should be two options though18:09
RST38hlemme check18:09
*** eton_ has joined #maemo18:09
*** jurop88 has joined #maemo18:11
RST38hqwerty: here you go18:11
*** jurop88 has left #maemo18:11
qwerty12Cool, thank you, reading18:12
RST38hit is somehow not obvious, dunno why18:12
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone18:13
*** minti has joined #maemo18:13
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo18:14
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo18:14
smackpotatow32codecs where.18:15
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo18:15
RST38hGerman spam. Do they really spam in German now?18:17
johnxRST38h, they spam in every language known to man. I get spam in Chinese, Spanish, and 1337 speak18:18
johnxI really love the fake news ones18:19
*** befr0d_ has joined #maemo18:19
*** vik_ has quit IRC18:19
*** eton has quit IRC18:20
MangoFusionjohnx: what, like "Nokia announces new N900 internet tablet! Click here to pre-order!" ?18:20
RST38hjohnx: sure sign of the world ending. yes.18:20
smackpotatoi was at a hyudi site and punched in my postal code for my winter adress, afrench nebourhood. google started serving me ads in french18:21
RST38h"Extend your penises (penii?) with an internet tablet from nokia"18:21
johnxMangoFusion, nah, like "pope assassinated" and " Queen Elizabeth abducted in Tibet" classic18:21
johnxsmackpotato, automatic ad localization is often hilariously bad18:22
*** jsullivan has joined #maemo18:22
MangoFusionah yes, got one here18:22
qwerty12RST38h: is that the reason for buying yours? :P18:22
MangoFusion"Hillary suffers horror car crash"18:22
johnxoh no! here horror-car crashed?18:22
MangoFusion"Warred Buffett taken to hospital by private jet"18:22
RST38hqwerty: definitely - two of mine were somewhat shorter than the rest and needed extension18:23
*** behdad has quit IRC18:23
RST38hHillary, Obama, and McCain all suffer horror car crash"18:24
johnxman, everyone has a horror-car but me :/18:24
*** fab has joined #maemo18:25
RST38hI am still getting equipment-defiling arab cancer.18:25
RST38happarently, it hasnt defiled that nigerian cyber cafe yet18:26
*** danilocesar has joined #maemo18:26
*** ralann has quit IRC18:27
ShadowJK"compelling page", what does that page say?18:28
RST38halso getting lots of russian mail-order ladies - looks like spammers aint aware I can get those from retail18:28
smackpotatohas anyone got sound from a bloomberg video on mplayer. is there codecs i should be installing18:28
*** sjgadsby has joined #maemo18:29
lcuk_workRST38h, what are you looking for?18:29
* lcuk_work 's batsignal was flashing18:29
johnxsmackpotato, run it from the command line and see what codec it tries to use18:30
RST38hlcuk: a code sample that shows how to init xv , get scr buffer, and show it18:30
* qwerty12 licks base. now what?18:30
RST38hyes but you did not publish the src yet18:30
lcuk_workits in the garage18:30
qwerty12It's in the svn18:30
mk8Hi to all .... since 1 week I have problem to see video on my N810 device. In the multimedia viewer the video is with wrong colour, size while the audio is ok. If I open the menu the video became ok. Any suggestion?18:31
qwerty12lcuk_work: just out of question, did you make any improvements in svn compared to your last binary test release?18:31
mk8I not know which package I update 'cause the previous week worked fine18:31
lcuk_workfixed a couple of bugs, changed a few little things and started to re-put in all the test modules i took out for cleaning up.18:32
lcuk_worki hated stopping to sort out svn though18:33
smackpotatocan i past it here18:33
qwerty12skeen, may compile a copy later :)18:33
smackpotatoTrying to force audio codec driver family dspmp3...18:33
smackpotatoTrying to force audio codec driver family libmad...18:33
smackpotatoRequested audio codec family [wma9spdmo] (afm=dmo) not available.18:33
smackpotatoEnable it at compilation.18:33
smackpotatoRequested audio codec family [wma9spdshow] (afm=dshow) not available.18:33
smackpotatoEnable it at compilation.18:33
smackpotatoCannot find codec for audio format 0xA.18:33
qwerty12smackpotato: www.pastebin.com18:33
qwerty12or (before crashanddie gets a MAC-10 on me :P)18:33
ShadowJKYeah I don't think wma3/9 is supported18:34
qwerty12You wouldn't be able to use w32codecs anyway on a tablet.18:34
johnxmk8, did you mess with seeing boot messages? did you flash a different kernel?18:34
lcuk_workqwerty12, does crashanddie have shares in slexy?18:34
qwerty12lcuk_work: no idea, all I know is that he knows the owner :P18:35
RST38hlcuk: going to get the src tonight, when I get to real internet18:35
*** madhav has joined #maemo18:35
qwerty12RST38h: if you want, I can tar.bz2 you a copy?18:35
lcuk_workRST38h, no prob what you aiming for?18:35
mk8johnx: I not see any interesting message using dmesg18:37
qwerty12mk8: did you install android?18:37
johnxmk8, what I mean is: Did you try to make the device show boot messages at startup? Did you flash a kernel?18:38
mk8qwerty12: yes18:38
qwerty12Use my kernel v2 then.18:38
*** Sargun has joined #maemo18:38
mk8johnx: I use ssh connection to connect my laptop to the device and use dmesg to see the kernel message.18:39
johnxok, enabling boot messages can cause the same problem :)18:40
* qwerty12 really needs to fix the N800 android patch >.<18:41
mk8qwerty12: ... the installation of android change the maemo kernel? So I suppose that the only choiche is reflash the device right?18:41
RST38hqwerty: phone. gprs. but will be able to get it tonight so thankd :)18:41
mk8johnx: I not enabled anything .... but I not check it before try to install android on it18:41
qwerty12mk8: No no, just flash this :)18:42
RST38hlcuk: if you check my site there is something called emulib18:42
qwerty12RST38h: Ah :/18:42
RST38hlcuk: it is kinda like thin sys friendly sdl18:42
lcuk_workcool, but you are in for  an uphill slog if ts geared for rgb18:43
mk8qwerty12: I have N810 not N80018:43
qwerty12I have seperate kernels for both18:43
RST38hI am aiming to add yuv buffer support to emulib maemo version so that all emulators run faster18:43
*** lele has quit IRC18:44
RST38hlcuk: I do not care what the color space is - using palettes anyway18:44
lcuk_workits not just for maemo though :) theres lots of devices with nice quick yuv but slow general graphics ;)18:44
lcuk_workpalettes will leave you needing to write 3 seperate locations per pixel18:44
RST38hlcuk: then I will also add it to unix version18:44
RST38hlcuk: why?18:44
RST38hyuv mode is bitplane based?18:44
lcuk_workyuv is full 24bit color range with lower physical pixel density for chroma channels18:45
lcuk_work3 planes18:45
RST38hoh shit18:45
lcuk_workhence RGB is uphill..18:45
lcuk_workhence me originally saying greyscale x11 would be doable18:45
RST38hok. is there a chunky mode in which I can use direct screen buffer, rgb or yuv?18:45
lcuk_workwithout hardware conversion18:45
lcuk_worksdl uses mmaped region using 16bit rgb18:46
RST38hyuv by itself is ok but planar buffers suck18:46
lcuk_workplanar rocks :)18:46
RST38haaaaaargh..they are taking me away!!!18:47
lcuk_work1*256grey + 2*256 color18:47
RST38h3 reads per pixel for hw though18:47
lcuk_work3 writes per pixel to write it18:47
*** secureendpoints_ has quit IRC18:48
lcuk_workif you used the native epson YUV mode it would be even worse... thats interleaved in a really strange way18:48
*** mbuf has quit IRC18:48
crashanddielcuk_work, I paid for the domain name18:48
crashanddieqwerty12, and I don't have a MAC-1018:48
lcuk_workim aiming to get a flat 16/24bit buffer inside the omap2420 SARAM and use the IVA to convert that directly from RGB to correct YUV data in main memory18:49
lcuk_workflat 16/24bit RGB18:49
lcuk_workahhh crashanddie so you do have shares in it18:49
crashanddielcuk_work, it's non-profit for all I know, atm18:50
crashanddieso no, I don't have shares in it18:50
crashanddieI will when he starts making some money out of it18:50
lcuk_workyou do: 50% of 018:50
lcuk_workor whatever your share is ;)18:50
lcuk_workanyway, back afterwards.18:51
*** zwnj has quit IRC18:52
*** lele has joined #maemo18:53
*** zwnj has joined #maemo18:54
*** lopz has quit IRC18:54
*** minti has quit IRC18:55
*** dneary has joined #maemo18:55
*** Tuco1 has joined #maemo18:56
*** sergio_ has quit IRC18:59
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC18:59
*** atul has quit IRC19:01
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo19:02
*** alex-weej has quit IRC19:05
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC19:05
*** wms has joined #maemo19:10
*** ralann has joined #maemo19:10
*** EspeonEefi has joined #maemo19:10
*** lardman has joined #maemo19:10
*** fredix has quit IRC19:11
*** darkterror46 has quit IRC19:13
*** lopz has joined #maemo19:14
*** snowmoon-work has joined #maemo19:15
*** kcome has quit IRC19:19
*** fredix has joined #maemo19:19
*** borism has joined #maemo19:23
*** kcome has joined #maemo19:23
*** Raytray25 has quit IRC19:24
*** guardian has quit IRC19:24
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo19:25
*** mk8 has quit IRC19:25
* qwerty12 can't believe that this was filed : :/19:26
*** secureendpoints_ has joined #maemo19:28
*** secureendpoints_ is now known as secureendpoints19:28
johnxI just don't understand how much attention it got O_o19:28
Stskeepsbored geeks?19:28
johnxyeah, I guess, but I thought the guy would get shot down pretty quick19:29
Stskeepscows are a fetish of many geeks19:29
Stskeepsand when it's ascii cows..19:29
*** overflok1 has joined #maemo19:30
*** Dar has quit IRC19:30
*** zap has joined #maemo19:30
*** overflok1 has left #maemo19:30
*** zwnj has quit IRC19:31
*** Khertan_n810 has joined #maemo19:37
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo19:37
Khertan_n810Hi again !19:37
Khertan_n810qwerty12 are u here ?19:38
Khertan_n810hi johnx19:38
qwerty12Khertan_n810: sure19:38
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC19:38
jotthaha @ubuntu bug19:38
jottcomments are great too ;) "In theory, cows can not speak either. Which is probably why they're so tasty."19:38
Khertan_n810u said tomorrow that u have successfully use dpkg-build package on n8x019:39
Khertan_n810but i get some strange error19:39
qwerty12I've never said that.19:39
johnxqwerty12, you'll say it tomorrow :)19:39
Khertan_n810ah oups19:40
qwerty12Hehe johnx.19:40
Khertan_n810i mean yyesteterday19:40
Khertan_n810but maybe it someone else19:40
Khertan_n810don t remember19:40
johnxsorry Khertan_n810. I couldn't resist :)19:40
Khertan_n810walking and writing at the same time is very easy19:41
qwerty12If you are getting that sh bad signal message, I'd just extract kill from procps.19:41
johnxon a cell phone link?19:41
jottKhertan_n810: if you tell use the strange error we might be able to help you..19:41
*** overflok1 has joined #maemo19:41
lardmanjohnx: lol19:42
*** overflok has quit IRC19:42
lardman@ cow19:42
johnxcow: lol @ lardman :P19:43
*** user_ has quit IRC19:44
Khertan_n810/usr/bin/fakeroot: line 70: debian/rules: Permission denied19:44
jottin fact i really like oldschool ascii art ;)19:44
*** dougt has quit IRC19:44
jottchmod +x debian/rules ?19:44
X-FadeDid anybody receive the mail about the summit twice yet? :)19:45
qwerty12Khertan_n810: what's the first line of debian/rules?19:45
Khertan_n810it s already +x19:45
Khertan_n810#!/usr/bin/make -f19:46
*** __t has quit IRC19:47
*** dougt has joined #maemo19:49
*** lcuk_work is now known as lcuk19:49
*** _freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu19:49
lcuk\o/ super rocket turbo boost power journey home19:49
jottX-Fade: i did not even get the first one :O19:49
X-Fadehehe, well they were sent out twice :(19:50
*** gtb has quit IRC19:50
lcukjott, aint that because the flight from your house (which practically overlooks c-base) would take longer than just rolling out of bed and going downstairs?19:50
*** pH5 has joined #maemo19:51
*** gtb has joined #maemo19:51
jottlcuk: an helicopter to c-base would be very appreciated.19:51
lcukill bring my RC one if you like, but since I know you aint a midget i think you will have to go on a diet19:52
lcuknote: would an umpta-lumpa consider the nokia as a UMPC?19:52
*** henrique has quit IRC19:52
*** XNT has joined #maemo19:53
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo19:54
Khertan_n810what is strange is the bad signal 's'19:54
*** XNT has left #maemo19:54
lcukKhertan_n810, i have dpkg-buildpackage on my 810:  it works i think, but i had to clear out the clear script it uses _dh_clear i think19:56
lcuki say it works: its found all the info, has built my package but is stuck at the "make install" bit, but thats because my makefile doesnt have an install section yet19:56
JaffaCor, zerojay's resurfaced on ITT19:57
*** dholbert has joined #maemo19:57
mgedminwaah, the ssl certificate expired today19:57
mgedminnow firefox 3 is punishing me19:57
Khertan_n810do u mean dh_clean ?19:58
lcukKhertan_n810, yes19:58
Jaffamgedmin: X-Fade said they were working on it19:58
lcukit fails because find on the n810 doesnt have the required params19:58
* mgedmin prods X-Fade19:58
lcuki can live with a few extra tmp files19:58
johnxthe one thing to be careful of is to manually clean compiled binaries/objects and do a fresh build before release19:59
*** florian has quit IRC19:59
lcukjott, would it be wise then to call make clean instead of running the full thing, i just vaped it instead of checking and removing the specific bits20:00
X-Fademgedmin: The ssl certificate didn't expire. The wiki.m.o one did.20:00
lcukor does it get cleaned before building anyway - i noticed it did do a full rebuild when i ran it20:00
Khertan_n810hum ...20:01
Khertan_n810this is not that20:02
lardmanIs the General about, or off on hols now?20:02
*** solarion has quit IRC20:02
qwerty12lcuk: why not point dh_clean to use a gnu find?20:02
lcukGeneralAntilles, PING20:04
Khertan_n810do u use fakeroot ?20:04
lcukKhertan_n810, no, real root im on device.20:04
Khertan_n810hum maybe that20:05
*** guardian has joined #maemo20:07
*** pupnik has joined #maemo20:07
*** Zetx| has joined #maemo20:08
*** eocanha has quit IRC20:09
lcukqwerty12, lack of knowledge was big and i just wanted to get past to sort the rest out.20:09
t_s_ohey lcuk, you think timeless found anything interesting?20:09
jottlcuk: but it should be just one line to change.. :O20:10
jottand you already found the line :)20:10
lcuki know i did jott, ill put it back another time20:12
*** lpotter has quit IRC20:13
overflok1Hi lcuk20:13
lcukhi overflok1 :)20:13
overflok1Could I sen you some files20:13
lcukthrough here or email?20:14
overflok1i don't know if this file can help you for IVA20:14
*** jsullivan has quit IRC20:14
*** jsullivan has joined #maemo20:14
lcuknor do i.20:14
lcukgo for it, but i dunno if i can open any other ports20:15
*** huats has quit IRC20:15
* lcuk sets virusscan to paranoid, prepares the grenades and hides in a bunker20:15
lcukwhere are you from overflok120:15
*** mouser- has joined #maemo20:15
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC20:15
*** lardman_ has joined #maemo20:16
overflok1I'm overflo20:16
overflok1And you ?20:17
lcuki know you are - you called in this afternoon as well, nice to see you20:17
lcukim in england20:17
lardman_hi overflok120:17
qwerty12(lcuk's in the part where the accents are dodgy :P)20:17
* lcuk slaps qwerty12 and send him to his room20:18
* qwerty12 pulls out the knife20:18
lcuknot amusing20:19
qwerty12Nah, only joking, /me don't carry a knife anyway :)20:19
*** herzi has quit IRC20:19
qwerty12'Tis London mentality.20:19
*** henrique has joined #maemo20:20
lardman_lcuk: in the mail to you20:20
qwerty12Anyway, think I'd start on someone from the North? :P :). That's why I got involved with zontar that time when he said you sucked :P20:20
lcukiva failed, i think the arm one will as well.  overflok1 do you wanna mail them20:20
lcukie properly to liquid@gmail.com20:21
*** lcuk is now known as lcuk_mashingspud20:21
lardman_mmmm, bangers and mash :)20:21
lardman_How do I create a new page on the wiki?20:22
*** herzi has joined #maemo20:22 ?20:23
lardman_where's GeneralAntilles when you need him!? ;)20:23
lardman_oh, just type it in?20:23
jottshould do it20:23
*** Italodance has quit IRC20:23
lardman_cool, easy as that, thanks20:23
overflok1Give me some feedback20:24
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC20:24
overflok1i will play tennis20:24
overflok1See you later20:24
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC20:24
*** Stskeeps has joined #maemo20:24
lardman_overflok1: have fun20:24
Khertan_n810hum lcuk still same error with root20:24
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo20:25
qwerty12Anyone built the gstreamer bad plugin set?20:25
* qwerty12 would kill for xvid20:25
*** smackpotato has left #maemo20:25
*** Zetx has quit IRC20:26
Khertan_n810what is the benefit of the 'sponsorship program' for nmaemo summit ?20:27
Khertan_n810Does they pay for travel and hotel ?20:27
*** lcuk_mashingspud is now known as lcuk20:27
lcuksimon :) excellent ill do similar as you suggest for the 5mbit information - i dont think this needs drivers, just documentation20:28
lardman_well you could stick it on the same page20:28
Khertan_n810hum could be interesting if i can have an holiday20:28
*** user_ has joined #maemo20:29
lardman_also people, pleas feel free to add suggestions to that page20:29
qwerty12johnx: like your avatar :D20:29
lardman_it is a wiki so you can edit, but it would be easier for me if you just add comments20:29
johnxqwerty12, had it for a long time :D20:29
johnxI only just remembered to apply it20:30
* qwerty12 didn't notice :)20:30
lcukyes, people in the channel.  this is a very important document.  we aim to document clearly the hardware and resources we need to allow full functionality of our devices.
Khertan_n810is there a ftp gui port for maemo ?20:30
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:30
mgedminhm, I got two invitations to register for the maemo summit today20:30
lcuki cant get on with https20:30
*** lardman has quit IRC20:30
mgedminI've registered already20:31
lcukmgedmin, it got sent twice20:31
lcukdont worry20:31
mgedminand somehow I'm sure I'll get another two :)20:31
jottlardman_:  i just s/OpenGL/OpenGL ES/20:31
jottotherwise it's a good start20:32
lcuksimon, should i send a mail to the dev list?20:32
lardman_might as well, also link to the ITT page where Quim asked where this was20:32
jottmgedmin: 18:45 < X-Fade> Did anybody receive the mail about the summit twice yet? :)20:32
lcukthe more eyes that look the better it will be20:32
*** |kki| has joined #maemo20:33
* lardman_ goes for a quick bit of Rainbox Six Vegas therapy, bbiab20:34
jottanother question is the phrasing "Opening drivers".. maybe "deliver" or "supply" or something along the line would be more appropiate20:34
jott(so we do not imply in first instance that we want the source but only in second ;)20:34
lardman_yeah, bit stuck with that now though as it's the page url20:35
lcukagreed jott, documentation and implementation details are more important than source20:35
jottit can be renamed ;)20:35
jott(and redirected) though i am not a wiki guru to know offhand how to..20:35
lardman_perhaps just to "drivers_justification" then20:35
*** __t has joined #maemo20:36
lcuklardman_, :) go shoot some stuff20:36
jotti wonder how alt software fits in the whole puzzle ..20:36
Khertan_n810hum maemoftp isn t really usefull can t change folder20:37
lardman_craftily hidden in the "Move" tab ;)20:37
Khertan_n810error : can't change folder20:37
*** mouser- has left #maemo20:38
*** lardman_ is now known as lardman|r6vegas20:38
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo20:38
*** befr0d_ has quit IRC20:39
fnordiansliphiya.  is there a good cure for the dangling symlinks quirk with apt-get in diablo? or even a known cause?20:41
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:42
*** eichi has joined #maemo20:43
*** lpotter has joined #maemo20:44
*** L0cutus has quit IRC20:44
*** bilboed has joined #maemo20:48
*** secureendpoints has quit IRC20:48
*** secureendpoints has joined #maemo20:49
*** pupnik has quit IRC20:51
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC20:51
*** __t has quit IRC20:52
*** __t has joined #maemo20:52
*** hellwolf has quit IRC20:53
penguinbait<fnordianslip> take a look at this
*** kcome has quit IRC20:54
penguinbaityou can also get GNU find from
Atariilcuk how did you say to fix "make: *** /lib/modules/ No such file or directory, Stop." ?20:57
penguinbaitand do this find / -follow -type l20:57
Atariia while ago, think you said to symlink it to somewhere20:58
lcukyou sure it was me - i dont know the first thing about symlinks20:58
Atariioh man, lol maybe not :p20:59
lcuklast time i tried i almost blew my device up (i tries to symlink /dev to /media/mmc120:59
lcukpenguinbait, are you comin to the summit?20:59
penguinbaitI really cant afford it even if the travle and hotel are paid21:00
fnordianslippenguinbait: thanks.  I've already tried the tweak posted by reiv, but it seems to make no difference.21:00
*** pupnik has joined #maemo21:00
jottAtarii: "build" is usually a link to the kernel headers (or sources)21:00
lcukpenguinbait, :( shame21:01
penguinbaitmaybe Maemo Summit 2009, Las Vegas?  Hawaii?21:01
lcukmaemo summit 2009: martian winds21:02
penguinbaitHonestly Berlin is not on my list of places I want to visit, not to offend anyone21:02
lcuki was underwhelmed about going before linuxtag, but i had the most amazing time: Berlin really surprised me.  and the location is totally unimportant anyway - its the company you see21:03
lcuki think linuxtag occured on the best days of this year so far: hot and sunny the whole time.  it was amazing21:03
Atariijott: aha, ill try the headers instead, thanks21:03
jotti wonder if it is good to ask for so much at once..21:04
jottpenguinbait: i feel offendend :P21:04
penguinbaitThe whole spending a day flying to spend 2 days in Germany, then another day flying back,,  Its just not that enticing to me.  Its also kind of short notice21:05
*** hfwilke has quit IRC21:05
lpotteri could go for hawaii21:05
lcukpenguinbait, you can stay for 5 days21:05
penguinbaitSorry jott,  I dont want to go to New York or LA either :)21:05
lcukcan we at least get a life sized cardboard cutout of these people and maybe use a projector to render a skype call onto the head?21:06
jottlcuk: have you actually tried to investigate accessing the sram?21:07
lcukwhere is it... ?21:07
lcukthis is what documentation is all about21:08
jottlcuk: drivers/video/omap/dispc.c atleast reads "#define OMAP2_SRAM_START 0x40200000"21:08
lcukwell thats a start :D ill try there21:08
summatusmentisjohnx: was it you who was excited about Android?21:08
johnxsummatusmentis, more excited about it on a phone, but yes21:08
lcuki thought all that was invalid though jott21:08
summatusmentisjohnx: have you seen ?21:09
lcukas in, not used for our device21:09
johnxsummatusmentis, not yet21:09
* johnx reads21:09
Khertan_n810does we can use dpkg-buildpackage on it ?21:10
jottlcuk: i just stumbled upon this.. but so to say, the kernel source seems to reveal atleast some of the stuff ...:)21:10
johnxsummatusmentis, I'll read it in depth later, but it sounds like the same thing as Nokia pretty much anyways21:10
Khertan_n810if no, it doesn t interest me21:10
johnxthings will either get more open after launch or I won't buy an android phone, simple as that :)21:10
summatusmentiswell, I'm not sure how Nokia works, but it's disappointing nonetheless21:10
lcukjott, im putting that in the discussion page, until its confirmed ill leave it there21:10
jottotoh i wonder if it is good to propose a list of things and not just target one specific thing (like only powervr)21:10
lcukim testing now by the way21:11
johnxsummatusmentis, well, they had to give the SDK to skype before they gave it to users, otherwise there wouldn't always be a version of skype ready to launch with new firmware21:11
summatusmentisand how many users use skype? :)21:12
johnxthat's not the point :P21:12
summatusmentislol, I guess it's fair. I was hoping Google would be more open though, you know?21:12
johnxthe same is true with gizmo and wayfinder maps21:12
johnxgoogle isn't really that open though21:13
johnxthey don't release source to their desktop apps either21:13
*** sergio_ has quit IRC21:13
*** Cobi has joined #maemo21:13
johnxif they live up to their claims and put the whole thing under the Apache license after launch, then it's good enough for me. If not, I'll have to decide whether I want a different phone...21:14
CobiI seem to have managed to corrupt maemo's email cache (or maybe an email config file) by hard resetting it.  What do I need to do to reset the email app?  (Right now it just segfaults)21:14
summatusmentisjohnx: I know, but they should :-/ I want OpenMoko to succeed, and then it can be put on better hardware21:15
*** cjohnson__ has quit IRC21:15
*** guardian has left #maemo21:15
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo21:15
johnxsummatusmentis, well, no point in getting worked up now. There's nothing we can do to google except vote with our wallets (and later with development)21:16
summatusmentisjohnx: no, I agree, still disappointing21:17
*** krau has joined #maemo21:17
johnxyeah. The article acts like it doesn't happen all the time though21:17
johnxif you watch Nokia, even Canola gets the short end of the stick compared to skype/gizmo/wayfinder21:18
summatusmentiscanola is a much better app than all of those :)21:20
rm_youawake again :)21:21
* johnx attempts to build modest for zaurus21:21
johnxrm_you, headed to sleep myself in a couple minutes21:21
*** |kki| has quit IRC21:21
lpotterzaurus hey21:21
johnxyeah, we'll see how it goes21:21
johnxright now, not so well21:22
lpotterall my zaurus are gathering dust ;(21:22
johnxmy 5500 is gathering dust, but I think I'll get it working soon as a dictionary/ebook reader/mp3 player21:22
johnxmaybe get a new battery for it if it works out well21:22
summatusmentismine are both sitting on my dresser21:23
fnordianslipi'm trying to make a debug build of wlancond so i find out why it segfaults with my modified kernel, but getting bogged down building it due to difficulties with its dependency on cx3110x-module-src. does anyone have any tips for building wlancond in scratchbox?21:23
johnxfnordianslip, get the cx3110x source. It's open21:24
fatal-Cobi: find the folder where it stores it's stuff and delete / rename it, maybe21:24
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo21:24
fnordianslipjohnx: i\ve got the source, but get build errors when i try 'make modules' ... does the cx3110x-module-src-2.0.15 source have to built anywhere specific, or will my home dir do?21:25
CobiYeah, that worked, and what I was planning on doing.  What I was asking for was the location for that folder :)  - ~/apps/email/ is where it is by the way.21:25
johnxfnordianslip, Uhm, I don't think it needs anything special. I built it a couple months ago21:26
rm_youjohnx: well, night then >_>21:26
rm_youjohnx: i'm sort of regretting moving to a "normal" sleep schedule21:26
johnxrm_you, I'll be on for a couple more minutes21:26
johnxI want this damn thing to compile :|21:26
fnordianslipjohnx:  get the following kind of thing, which is odd, as the directory is there ...21:27
fnordianslipmake: Entering an unknown directory21:27
fnordianslipmake: *** SUBDIRS=/home/darren/cx3110x-module-src-2.0.15/src: No such file or directory.  Stop.21:27
*** __t1 has joined #maemo21:28
*** lele has quit IRC21:28
*** lele has joined #maemo21:29
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo21:30
*** hellwolf-n800 has quit IRC21:32
*** hellwolf-n800 has joined #maemo21:33
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo21:33
*** eton has joined #maemo21:35
*** hrw|gone_ has joined #maemo21:35
summatusmentishi RST38bis21:36
*** hrw|gone has quit IRC21:36
*** matt_c has quit IRC21:37
RST38bisehlo summa21:37
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:37
RST38bislcuk: so,returning to that topic of screen buffers...21:38
fnordianslipjohnx: might be a stupid question, but more likely to be a stupid me.  i'm trying to build the cx3110x source with "make modules" in scratchbox.  should i be doing something else instead?21:39
johnxhonestly, I don't remember quite how I did it21:39
fnordianslipk. no worries.21:39
johnxthere's a guide up on compiling kernel modules, though I thought I remembered using Debian tools to compile21:39
lcukRST38bis, ive got my head in about 30 files at the moment21:39
johnxalright, now I really need to sleep, night all21:41
RST38bisif yuv mode keeps 3 tables and not one, using it for dynamic content is unfeasible21:42
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC21:43
lcukwhat do you mean dynamic content?21:43
RST38biswhich leaves us with mmapped rgb buffer...21:43
*** __t has quit IRC21:43
RST38biscontent that changes at 25fps21:43
lcukRST38bis, read that - in the long run that may be better for you21:44
lcukBUT, dynamic content as in needing to read pixels modify them and write back, or dynamic content as in clear screen and blit loads of sprites onto it21:44
*** kkrusty has joined #maemo21:45
RST38bislcuk: generating images pixel by pixel at 25fps21:47
RST38bisnot needing to read tthem of course21:47
RST38bis16bpp rgb will be faster21:47
*** Stecchino has quit IRC21:48
lcukRST38bis, even 16bit you wouldnt have enough oooomph in the cpu to do more than a small screen per frame21:48
*** Stecchino has joined #maemo21:48
lcukwhy pixel by pixel by the way: most games etc use sprites dont they?21:48
* lcuk can only think of things like fire and plasma type displays which need per pixel updates21:49
RST38bislcuk: emulators21:49
jott3d engines? :)21:50
RST38bislcuk: I write emulators.21:50
derfBasically everything _except_ sprite-based games.21:50
lcukyes, but dont emulators emulat machines which used to have very limited graphics capabilities and used blitters and stuff to throw sprites around?21:50
lcukjott, 3d rendering is newish :P21:51
RST38bisyes but you still generate screen in pixels21:51
derfNewish as in 30 years old?21:51
*** t_s_o has quit IRC21:51
RST38bisanyways, planar mode won't do :( what do you know of that mmapped rgb mode? is it any good?21:52
lcukuse sdl and find out21:52
derflcuk: Lots of the old games would do fun stuff like represent sprites by the asm code needed to blit them to the screen.21:52
derfSo, you know, not exactly easy to pick apart and translate into a high-level blitting operation in an emulator.21:53
lcuknice :D they used the same kind of hacks back then as we need to do for this device :D21:53
*** eton_ has quit IRC21:53
derfOf course. You thought this stuff was new?21:53
lcukRST38bis, if you absolutely need a wholescreen pixelmap its gonna be slow whichever way you go about it21:54
RST38bislcuk: the wiki page does not provide any valid justification21:54
jottlcuk: emulators usually do not need 800x480..21:54
lcukno derf, i started with spectrums and character based sprites21:54
lcukunderstood entirely jott - i said that up there ^^^^21:55
RST38bislcuk: well, i wanna it to be as fast as possible ;)21:55
lcukRST38bis, if theres no justifications then add some, or notes on the discussion page21:55
RST38bislcuk: i can write justification and a plan, but feel that it will be somewhat of time waste:(21:56
GAN800Guess Canola made it to Diablo Extras.21:56
lcukRST38bis, why?  if we get a fast full resolution RGB bitmap available wont you be happy21:56
RST38bisbasically, ine has to emphasize value to nokia not to community21:56
RST38bislcuk: no21:57
lcuki hope to use the IVA to translate that once per frame wholesale into YUV and out to the epson21:57
RST38bislcuk: i don't think we will get anything out of this21:57
*** murrayc has quit IRC21:57
RST38bisok, i will try.21:57
lcuki think its better to try than to sit on our arses doing nothing21:57
*** Khertan_n810 has quit IRC21:57
overflok1Lcuk have you program IVA?21:58
*** Churl has joined #maemo21:58
RST38bisga: with or without source code?21:58
mgedminGAN800: really?  I thought only packages with sources could make it21:58
lcukpackage source is included: they rebuild the package but one step says "copy this binary"21:58
GAN800X-Fade set up a non-free queue a few days ago21:58
lcukoverflok1, not yet, but i hope to21:58
* mgedmin is still trying to decide whether to stay for 3 or for 5 nights in berlin...21:58
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo21:58
RST38bisga: does it let you dput?21:59
GAN800lcuk, you sure about that? ;)21:59
lcuklol mgedmin if you arent going to the osim thing is 5 needed21:59
lcukGAN800, that was the last info i heard21:59
mgedminthat's the thing: I don't know if I'm going to the osim thing21:59
GAN800RST38bis, as far as I'm aware.21:59
GAN800lcuk, there's an actual process for submitting non-free stuff now.21:59
lcukso map andskype can go through as well then i gather22:00
*** asedeno has quit IRC22:01
GAN800They're not Extras.22:01
GAN800Those are handled through tableteer.22:01
*** RST38bis has quit IRC22:03
*** oilinki3 is now known as oilinki22:06
*** matt_c_ has joined #maemo22:06
summatusmentislcuk: I just tried the liqbase playtest.... I love you22:07
lcukyou should22:08
summatusmentisit's beautiful... I want editing capabilities :)22:09
*** ralann has quit IRC22:09
*** johill has joined #maemo22:09
johillhas anyone attempted to build gphoto2 for maemo?22:10
lcukheh, theres so many things that i am trying to get time to put in :) ive worked with vectors and strokes for ages, just think of it like a jott pad for now and write notes legibly and you might discover a new use for them in the near future22:10
lcukevery single stroke is saved and given a large enough sample size your own hwr will emerge :)22:11
summatusmentishmm... intriguing... still, very exciting22:12
jottjott pad :O22:12
GeneralAntilleslcuk, what did you need me for?22:12
lcuksummatusmentis, i use it every day and make notes and ideas - my graffiti wall stretches back to before linuxtag22:12
GeneralAntillesAwesome, X-Fade. :D22:12
lcukGeneralAntilles, lardman wanted to start a wikipage and didnt know how22:12
GeneralAntillesThat process is probably too simple for its own good.22:13
lcukyes, its ok22:13
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:14
lcukGeneralAntilles, see if you can work a bit of magic:
*** chrisak- has joined #maemo22:14
summatusmentislcuk: cool, I'll play with it some more. Excellent job22:14
GeneralAntillesYeah, just went through the recent changes, one sec.22:14
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:14
rm_youGeneralAntilles: pushing 0.13 through autobuilder22:16
jott0.13 ooh :)22:16
rm_youjott: yeah, decided that even though we didnt REALLY release a 0.12, it existed as distinct22:16
*** madhav has quit IRC22:16
rm_youAtarii: soon will have a test package for you22:17
*** matt_c_ is now known as matt_c22:17
rm_youAtarii: i put in a workaround for 124+ crash22:17
Atariiah nice :p22:17
rm_youit *was* 124+ right?22:17
rm_youyou are just limited to [01]-123 now :P22:18
*** xnt has joined #maemo22:18
Atariisimple enough22:18
jottrm_you: have you implemented the on-release stuff?22:18
*** chrisak- has quit IRC22:20
xnthello i want to mod the init_fs to have a boot menu using fanoush's bootmenu hack and i want to embedd my name into the initfs, but before i start i want to know what would happen if the init_fs was courrpted? and would i be able to recover it by reflashing it?22:20
*** jsullivan has quit IRC22:20
*** jsullivan has joined #maemo22:21
rm_youxnt: yes a reflash will overwrite initfs22:21
rm_youxnt: i believe you can also JUST reflash initfs from the flasher-3.022:21
etrunkoanyone willing to try canola in diablo?22:21
rm_youetrunko: sure22:21
etrunkoit's already available for testing in the extras-devel repository22:21
rm_youetrunko: i will grab it22:21
xntso if i somehow mess up the initfs i can recover?22:22
rm_youxnt: yes22:22
rm_youit is very hard to brick these devices :)22:22
xntyes canola 2 works in diablo22:22
etrunkookz... for some strange reason the youtube and last-fm plugins don't work atm22:22
*** jsullivan has quit IRC22:22
xntyea i installed youtube but it didn't show up22:23
Atariirm_you: what's the best way to set the permissions on the backlight-level file at boot-time, making sure it is executed before the adv-b applet is initiated?22:23
*** maddlah has joined #maemo22:24
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC22:25
RST38hga: Sorry, I missed part of the discussion, how did Canola get committed to extras?22:25
RST38hDid they have to hack it to "build22:25
RST38h" binaries from binaries?22:25
xntbtw i flashed diablo yesterday & i found some wimax/xohm icons in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/26x26 and /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable22:25
rm_youxnt: :P22:26
GeneralAntillesRST38h, talk to etrunko.22:26
GeneralAntillesrm_you, the option you're looking for is --flash-only=initfs22:26
rm_youjust saying, it is possible22:26
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo22:26
*** christefano has joined #maemo22:27
*** Salumu has joined #maemo22:27
*** netx has joined #maemo22:28
etrunkoRST38h: there is a non-free queue22:30
xntok i just found some 7 pin pads behind my n810s battery, and i just did a google search and i saw that it's a serial port22:30
etrunkoin dput.cf22:30
*** shacka1 has joined #maemo22:30
etrunkoincoming = /var/www/extras-devel/incoming-nonfree/diablo22:30
xntanyone have a clue on how to use them22:30
xntand is minicom ported for maemo22:31
etrunkoRST38h: it also applies to extras22:31
etrunkothanks to X-Fade22:31
fnordianslipxnt: i'm sure it is, but screen works ok, for certain things22:32
xnti just read that it needs a ttl level converter22:33
xnti might use carman + serial port + level converter22:33
xntand i also have a obd2 scan dongle22:34
*** Churl has left #maemo22:34
xntbut its from china but it has an elm327 chip22:34
xntso im hoping it'll work22:34
RST38hetrunko: I see. Thanks!22:36
xnthis site is down22:36
RST38hetrunko: Looks like I will be able to continue placing stuff there22:36
GeneralAntillesRST38h, I told you it would work out. ;)22:37
RST38hlcuk: I have added some stuff to wiki discussion22:37
RST38hGA: It is not considered to be worked out until I successfully place a package there =)22:37
RST38hlcuk: Check it out22:37
etrunkoif you're successful you package may be somewhere in
lcukRST38h, those are very interesting points on the discussion page22:42
* GeneralAntilles thinks it's quite indicative of the problem when somebody from Maemo Software doesn't know anything about the external bugzilla. . . .22:43
RST38hetrunko: and you can promote it to extras non-free using www interface?22:44
etrunkodon't think so22:44
etrunkoyou upload to the extras non-free directly22:44
lcukyou are right to point them out, but we are not really looking at this point for nda level access, just clear documentation and binaries.   (obviously if work comes from it its a bonus)22:45
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo22:45
lcuki gotta dash, handing computer to the kids for a bit.22:45
lcukill be back later jott / overflok122:45
RST38hlcuk: A lot of times you can only do it via NDA22:45
RST38hSo I suggest we always mention the NDA option22:45
lcuki do agree with you however22:46
RST38hNo need to be extra valiant here22:46
lcukuh huh22:46
lcukill catch up with you after ive had a think n stuff later22:46
RST38hetrunko: even easier then22:46
*** lcuk is now known as lcuk_afk22:47
etrunkoRST38h: indeed22:47
*** shacka1 is now known as shackan22:50
* RST38h is fighting the urge to try it right away22:50
GeneralAntillesAh, another 4 pages of uselessness from itT22:53
*** hrw|gone_ is now known as hrw22:54
GeneralAntillesHi, hrw. :)22:54
hrwGeneralAntilles: you read itt still?22:54
*** Tuco1 has quit IRC22:54
rm_youoh dear god22:55
RST38hwhat is wrong with itt?22:55
*** netx has quit IRC22:56
GeneralAntilleshrw, I can't help it.22:57
GeneralAntillesIt's like a horrible drug.22:57
*** netx has joined #maemo22:58
hrwRST38h: users, like always22:58
RST38hitt users have been relatively decent22:58
GeneralAntillesThere's still a little inertia left over from back when itT was cool and useful that generates interesting threads every once and a while22:59
GeneralAntillesbut those threads are few and far between.22:59
karbashas any had problems with n810 touchscreen23:00
rm_youas it turns out, theres a whole group of devs i didnt even know existed because they hang out on ITT not IRC! :P23:00
karbason my n810 it just stopped working without any warnings23:00
rm_youor so i discovered from qgil's post on the maemo summit thing about all the ITT users that should go :P23:00
GeneralAntilleskarbas, I've got a friend who went through two of them with bad touchscreens23:00
GeneralAntillesHis first one was just straight up defective23:00
rm_youGeneralAntilles: and I still can't believe he said basically "GeneralAntilles would be instantly accepted" and you still aren't going to go23:01
GeneralAntillesthe second's panel connection probably wasn't seated properly23:01
GeneralAntilleskarbas, RMA it ASAP23:01
karbasGeneralAntilles, oh.. so some kind of typical problem23:01
*** Salumu has quit IRC23:01
karbasGeneralAntilles, ok23:01
GeneralAntilleskarbas, not typical23:01
rm_youkarbas: yeah if it was bumped fairly hard and the connector was already loose, maybe it came unplugged <_<23:01
rm_youthough I have taken my n800 apart a few times and the lcd connection always seems very solid23:01
GeneralAntillesI've heard of exactly two, now three, cases.23:01
karbasrm_you, ok23:02
GeneralAntillesrm_you, scheduling, scheduling, scheduling. ;)23:02
rm_youerr, well that would make the entire LCD fail if it was COMPLETELY unplugged... but loose, maybe weirdness23:02
GeneralAntillesNext year!23:02
karbasis there any warranty seal inside n810:)?23:02
RST38hGA: 90% of anything is fecal matter.23:02
RST38hThe Sturgeon law applies to ITT as well23:02
rm_youGeneralAntilles: FSCK your old family, WE'RE YOUR FAMILY NOW! :P23:02
GeneralAntilleskarbas, don't believe so.23:03
GeneralAntillesBut don't try and fix it apart.23:03
GeneralAntilleser, don't try to take it apart to fix it.23:03
*** denny has joined #maemo23:05
qwerty12_N800N810 service manual mentions no warranty seal but like GA  says, don't open it up.23:06
*** wms has quit IRC23:07
GeneralAntillesMobile devices aren't designed for their repairability.23:07
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo23:07
GeneralAntillesYou WILL mess something up and you WILL be out $400. :P23:07
*** dneary has quit IRC23:09
karbasGeneralAntilles, ok23:10
khertan_ Can't exec "debian/rules": Permission denied at /usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage line 340.23:10
JaffaGeneralAntilles: lo23:10
khertan_Re and Hi !23:10
karbasnormally opened phones for some fixing23:10
karbasbut not any slider models23:10
GeneralAntillesHey, Jaffa.23:10
GeneralAntilleskarbas, it's just not worth the risk when you've got a perfectly good warranty. ;)23:11
JaffaGeneralAntilles: seen the "TinyAVI Converter" thread on ITT?23:11
karbasGeneralAntilles, jeah:)23:11
GeneralAntillesJaffa, I've hovered over it, but never got up the energy to click on it.23:11
qwerty12_N800Jaffa, the creator of that proggie is on #maemo, fight it out live :p23:12
rm_youis it decent? >_>23:12
* qwerty12_N800 gets popcorn ready23:12
rm_youkhertan_: probably need to do "chmod a+x debian/rules"23:12
RST38h[but don't forget to PLUNDER first]23:12
GeneralAntillesHehe, Jaffa, exactly what I feared it was going to be. :<23:14
*** jpetersen1 has joined #maemo23:14
Jaffaqwerty12_N800: I'll probably either one of 1) try getting some semblance of machine features working together on OS X, 2) watch some telly or 3) sleep after spending far too much time *last night* on (1)23:14
karbasGeneralAntilles, gave just a tiny hit to other end of device and touch screen started to work.. but i'll take this to RMA some day23:14
*** jpuderer has quit IRC23:15
*** jpetersen has quit IRC23:15
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo23:15
RST38hNASA sent a memo to its employees at the Johnson Space Center asking for their urine so they, NASA, could use it to test the Orion space capsule. How much urine? 30 liters per day, including weekends.23:16
RST38hAre they using it for fuel?23:16
RST38h"It's difficult to come up with a faux urine, explained NASA's Jim Lewis"23:16
StskeepsRST38h: they sell it to pervs on ebay to gain funding for the space programme23:16
RST38hSts: Not sure they will find buyers for THIS MUCH23:17
Stskeepsyou never know.. it might be good enough for fields23:17
*** xnt has quit IRC23:20
*** lmoura has joined #maemo23:21
*** Salumu has joined #maemo23:23
*** xnt has joined #maemo23:24
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo23:25
GeneralAntillesJaffa, poor Victor just can't get anybody to bite. . . .23:25
*** simon_ has quit IRC23:26
JaffaGeneralAntilles: indeed :-(23:28
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:28
qwerty12_N800"Display is controlled via LCD controller using LOSSI interface (Low Speed Serial Interface)." :@23:28
*** tbf has quit IRC23:29
*** tbf1 has joined #maemo23:29
*** danilocesar has quit IRC23:29
*** tbf1 is now known as tbf23:29
*** Churl has joined #maemo23:30
Churlcan you charge the n8x0 through the usb port?23:30
hrwno, you cannot23:31
Churltoo bad, thanks!23:31
*** murrayc_ has joined #maemo23:31
*** dougt has quit IRC23:31
*** dougt_ has joined #maemo23:32
Cptnodegardusb port on the 810, np, usb port on a pc, yes23:32
Cptnodegardnp = no23:32
Churlso the n800 does not accept power to it's usb?23:33
Cptnodegardbut there is a cable to charge it from a usb port, plugs into the normal charge port of the 81023:34
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC23:34
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone23:35
Churlah sound fun, I have an old nokia phone charger and an extra ipod charger....23:35
Cptnodegardbuy the original cable23:36
Cptnodegardso you wont fry shit23:36
Cptnodegardgoogle ca-10023:36
GAN800rm_you, did you fix the permissions issue yet?23:36
rm_youGAN800: still no :/23:36
rm_youGAN800: that comes next23:36
rm_youGAN800: I am thinking :/23:36
GAN800Ah, then I'm not gonna bother to get the 770 out of my backpack. :P23:37
rm_youi need to know if it works tho23:37
*** Churl has left #maemo23:37
*** secureendpoints_ has joined #maemo23:38
*** henrique has quit IRC23:38
*** Atarii770 has joined #maemo23:40
rm_youwin :P23:40
* rm_you bows to GeneralAntilles :P23:40
rm_youM'lord :P23:40
*** murrayc_ has quit IRC23:40
lcuk_afkGeneralAntilles, why are you unzipping your fly?23:41
Atarii770rm_you: installed 13-1 , works fine23:41
*** secureendpoints has quit IRC23:41
*** secureendpoints_ is now known as secureendpoints23:41
rm_youAtarii770: coolness23:43
qwerty12_N800rm_you, got a link for that kernel I compiled for you? :p23:44
*** sjgadsby has quit IRC23:44
Atarii770why do shared folders on the network only show up randomly?23:44
rm_youqwerty12_N800: err, no, but I have the kernel and I can host it :P23:44
rm_youqwerty12_N800: give me a sec23:44
rm_youwhat do you want me to name it23:44
rm_youbesides just zImage23:44
rm_youAtarii770: because windows shares are unstable and random :P23:45
qwerty12_N800call it whatever :p23:45
Atarii770ah sucks23:45
*** penguinbait has quit IRC23:45
rm_youqwerty12_N800: give me a version string! :P23:45
*** Vudentz_ has quit IRC23:46
*** Salumu has quit IRC23:46
*** lcuk_afk is now known as lcuk23:46
lcukqwerty12_N800, is that build 1 or 2?23:47
*** overflok has joined #maemo23:47
qwerty12_N800no idea, ill take a punt on zImage-qwerty-pimped-kernel-diablo-rotation-48mmc-dsppatch-9mm-ak47-l337-qwertyp!mp-build223:47
Atarii770qwerty12_N800: can the rotation changes be put into the 770 kernel?23:48
XTLqwerty12_N800: sounds good23:48
qwerty12_N800Atarii770, It's provided by the lcd controller :/23:48
qwerty12_N800XTL, thanks :p23:48
Atarii770but it half works :(23:49
GAN800Atarii, good question. It works for OS2005. . . .23:50
qwerty12_N800Atarii, do you have an xrandr xserver installed?23:50
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC23:50
qwerty12_N800haha, thanks rm_you! :p23:51
Atarii770i have the xserver-xomap meant for n8*023:53
qwerty12_N800Nokia have a machine called trice. I've heard it all now :(...23:53
Atarii770qwerty12_N800: fancy whipping up a quick 770 kernel to try?23:54
rm_youthat has dvfs or whatever too right?23:55
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo23:55
Atarii77024mmc also; my mmc cant handle 48 :(23:55
qwerty12_N800Atarii770, I know nothing about 770 kernel compiling :/. I also can't compile a kernel on an n800 :p.23:56
GAN800Be nice if Application manager would tell you what repo stuff is from.23:56
hellwolfwe'll have maemo sashimi in September, isn't it23:56
qwerty12_N800rm_you, well, if it didn't, your n800 would be a nice paper weight :p23:56
Atarii770ah poop, anyone else able to?23:56
GAN800That'll be particularly important moving forward with Extras-devel. . . .23:56
Atarii770GAN800: seconded23:57
qwerty12_N800rm_you, nah, i know what you mean and it does have the patch.23:57
GAN800poop? Yes.23:57
rm_youqwerty12_N800: also23:57
rm_youif you want something more dignified :P23:58
qwerty12_N800GAN800, poke the hell out of m-vo :p23:58
GAN800qwerty12, have been. ;)23:58
rm_youi should really regiser a maemo-esque domain23:58
qwerty12_N800rm_you, hehe, too late, i've already wgetted the old one23:58
infobotrm_you meant: i should really register a maemo-esque domain23:58
GAN800just make sure it doesn't contain the word 'maemo'.23:58
Atarii770rm_you: i just checked the 12-4 and max ==126 sorry23:58
qwerty12_N800GAN800, cool. i think that's a nice feature request.23:59
rm_you*THAT* makes much more sense23:59
rm_younow I might know why that bug exists23:59
lcukjaffa, ping23:59

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