IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2008-05-27

lardmanshould be 0xff8000 - 0x027fff bytes accessible00:00
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ssvblardman: and we need some free space in addition to frames in order to exchange data between ARM and DSP (half-processed idct coefficients, motion vectors, subtitles data, ...)00:01
lardmanssvb: I'm off to LinuxTag tomorrow, and at a wedding at the weekend, but will see how far your've got and start helping again next week00:03
lardmans/LinuxTag/Berlin in anticipation of LinuxTag :)00:04
ssvblardman: also there is a nasty effect of memory fragmentation, when I tried to add extra section to task's .cmd file, it worked fine after reboot, but started to fail after some device use00:04
ssvblardman: the memory can be reserved according to dspgateway docs, but in this case it is 'lost' to the rest of the system00:05
lardmanssvb: extra MEMORY sections or variables within exisiting MEMORY sections?00:05
ssvblardman: extra memory section00:05
ssvblardman: ok, I'll commit the first initial revision of video accelerator dsp task to mplayer SVN repository soon00:08
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lardmanssvb: well there's presumably no telling where it will be placed in the main memory, but fragmentation too?00:08
lardmanssvb: cool :)00:08
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ssvblardman: if I understand it right, we need a physically contiguous block of memory to map it to dsp, and the memory may get fragmented00:09
ssvblardman: this test dsp task just performs some basic tests and benchmarks: arm-dsp roundtrip time measurement, dsp memory bandwidth benchmark, calculation of idct using imglib (hw accelerated)00:10
lardmanI'm not sure; from the diagram in the spec pdf it looks like non-contiguous areas can be mapped, but there is also a function to reserve contiguous areas at boot time (e.g. for the framebuffer) iirc00:11
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ssvblardman: nothing of practical value yet, I'll try to make some use of dma if it is possible and experiment more with pointers wrapping at page boundaries00:12
ssvblardman: after that I will try to make an optimized color format conversion (and probably scaling)00:13
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ssvblardman: I can try to post a preliminary draft of this video accelerator roadmap to maemo developers list00:15
ssvblardman: I have a feeling that Nokia 770 has a good potential for flawless playback for practically any MPEG4 ASP videos that the users may encounter :)00:19
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mza-So is wayfinder worth it?00:30
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mza-$140 for 3 years doesnt seem so bad00:30
lardmanssvb: well that's certainly good news. Please let me know how I can help with it00:31
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ssvblardman: sure, there are a lot of things to do00:33
ssvblardman: for example, investigation how to turn dsp task into installable .deb package00:33
lardmanthat shouldn't be too bad with a bit of post-inst script magic to add the task to the conf file00:35
ssvblardman: yes, but nevertheless it will need to be done (if we manage to get this dsp task useful of course)00:36
ssvblardman: also checking what's wrong with the kernel and why it is rebooting, trying to reduce arm-dsp turnaround time, etc.00:37
lardmanwith the rebooting, try running dmesg just before it reboot and you may get an inkling00:37
lardmanluck & timing is everything though00:37
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pH5ssvb: did you have a look at the dsp-flac package? they have an installable .deb00:38
Atariiany of you guys got canola2 working on 2008he?00:38
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ssvbpH5: no, do you have a link?00:39
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ssvbpH5: ok, googled for it00:41
pH5I think they just kill dsp_dld when they could do /etc/init.d/dsp-init stop|start instead, but the basics are there.00:41
mza-will that work to hook usb devices to my N810?00:42
mza-er wait, isnt the N810 micro-usb?00:42
pH5mza-: no, that's mini-A. n810 is micro00:42
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mza-does anyone sell these off the shelf?00:43
summatusmentisn810 has a micro usb port?00:43
pH5I didn't find any, so I bought one of those and a micro-usb cable and frankensteined them together.00:45
mza-i dont think that will stay in very well00:47
mza-rather have something flexible00:48
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patohthat is expensive :P00:50
pH5mza-: those are also mini, not micro00:50
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timelessanyone here have aneeepc00:51
timelessineed  help..00:52
* timeless needs the apt pgp key for xandros00:52
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summatusmentistimeless: isn't there an ubuntu version for it?00:53
RST38htimeless: any idea wh microb would hang for 10-15 seconds on startup?00:53
RST38h[i have adblock installed]00:53
patohRST38h: its mozilla, that is a feature :P00:53
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timelessis this abnormal00:55
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timelesstypically there00:55
wolfspiritthree questions.. is microb the default browser for the n800 os2008 and is minimo available for os2008, plus is minimo  any better?00:55
timelesss a  hang while loads libxul00:55
timelessyes.dunno .  random00:56
RST38hbut it did not take that long before, I think00:56
timelessminimo is dead00:56
timelesss alsonot arelease just random snapshots00:56
timelessmicrob is an oldsnapshot00:56
timelessminimocould be older or newer00:56
timelessmicrob has better integration00:57
summatusmentisminimo is incredibly slow on my Zaurus00:57
summatusmentisor, was, haven't used it recently00:57
timelessbut a bleedingminimo could have somefeatures00:57
timelessi would try fennec instead00:57
wolfspiritis that the browser with os2008?00:57
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timelessbutpeople say itis slower00:57
timelessmicrob shipsw 200800:57
summatusmentistimeless: you might look into fixing your spacebar00:57
timelessnot mine00:58
timelessnot mine toz00:58
summatusmentisI thought the eeepc was yours00:58
timelessi bought it for a friend00:58
timelessand am configuringit00:58
timelessbut it isn00:58
timelesst mine00:58
wolfspiritThe browser im using is good but there are no tabs just new windows00:58
timelesstechnically microb could be tabbed00:59
timelessbut t is poinzless00:59
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summatusmentisscroll down a bit, that'll give you the pgp key00:59
timelessthe ui for maemo IS tabs#00:59
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timelesssorrz,i did that01:00
timelesst addpgpkez01:00
timelessjust the errorfor it01:00
GAN8001X-Fade_, pong.01:01
GAN8001timeless, I still want tabs for fullscreen. :P01:01
wolfspiritI dont think it's pointless   just ny opinion though01:01
timelesspress the homekez01:01
summatusmentistimeless: this is all I'm seeing01:02
wolfspiritI know that01:02
timelesswolf, anzwaz there is support inmost pieces although we maz have disabled it01:02
timelesszes i added that kez01:02
GAN8001Home key is far away, and the home menu sucks.01:02
guenthertimeless: Typing on a German keyboard? ;)01:02
timelesshome kez gives zou task switchingC+01:02
timelessin the dark...01:03
wolfspiritI don't think it suckss but it would be nicer to see the tabs01:03
guentherHey, we do have a space, though. ;)01:03
timelessido too ... sometimes01:03
GAN8001The option for tabs would do me good.01:04
wolfspiritNo major complaints here so far the n800 and the maemo platform have been vey nice01:04
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timelesszouC$d opentoo man7 windows and complain when the device reboots01:05
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wolfspiritanother question pertaining to java  is it possible to get awt working?  I would like o try and get moneydance working01:06
timelessoh adblock may do a blocklist uodate...01:06
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GAN800Anybody else brave the 21-4 waters succefully yet?01:20
timelesseh !01:21
summatusmentis21-4? as in, rootfs size?01:21
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GAN8001Latest Diablo update.01:22
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wolfspiritDoes that suck up a lot of battery life01:23
*** playya has joined #maemo01:24
wolfspiritIs that diablo the game?01:24
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GAN8001No, Diablo == Chinook+101:26
GAN8001Next OS2008 release.01:26
wolfspiritn800 newbie here01:27
GAN8001Bone up, wolfspirit. ;)
lcukshurrup gan, not everyone knows (or cares :P)01:29
* GAN8001 throws dead fish at lcuk.01:30
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guenthers/amelly/smelly/   # gar01:35
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pupnikhey lcuk01:36
pupnikhope we have a table to sit at01:36
lardmannight all01:37
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lcukso do i01:38
GAN8001They're gonna sit you on the floor.01:38
lcukpupnik, since food is on your mind more often than anything, you can arrange the seating for us, doing ninja missions into the room to fix things01:39
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* guenther waves01:45
pupnikhello guenther01:45
guentherhah :)01:45
guentherhey pupnik01:45
guentherI was about to leave for the night, not say hello...01:45
guentherI just misspelled "quit".01:46
GAN8001'night, guenther01:46
guenthernight general, folks01:46
*** guenther has quit IRC01:46
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lcukpupnik, has your camera been good enough to make any movies01:49
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pupniklcuk: yes it's sorta ok02:07
pupnikno idea if it works ok doing a live output via hdmi02:07
lcukfair enough, have you checked you mail recently, linuxtag people have sent an info pack and ticket etc02:07
pupniki got an e-ticket with a schematic of the place02:08
lcukthey say there is a projector but you are expected to take own laptop02:08
pupnikyeah it'd be nice to actually play around with the stuff live02:08
GAN8001One of you needs to bring a USB-to-VGA adaptor to do a presentation with02:09
lcukim not even sure if the xv overlap would be sent..02:10
GAN8001Just for a powerpoint-style things.02:10
infobotGAN8001 meant: Just for a powerpoint-style thing.02:10
pupniklcuk: well if you set up synergy and usb networking, it might be possible to demo stuff live with my camera02:10
pupnikbut i wouldn't count on it02:11
lcukmy camera doesnt operate as a webcam, its either movie mode unplugged, or when i plug it in its a memorystick02:11
pupnikyes i dunno about using it as a webcam.  but if the projector has hdmi input, one could display the tablet screen on the projector02:12
pupniklcuk: i didn't get the mail you spoke of - afaict.  i got two  from simon pickering - was that it?02:12
*** jmc93739653 has quit IRC02:12
lcukno, it only arrived a few minutes ago02:13
sp3000oh, wow, another dariusgram, now with 100% less content02:14
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo02:14
sp3000just the spammy part please sir02:14
lcukcrap, pup, pm your email addy, gmail isnt giving me any hints and id have to close mail02:14
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practisevoodooanyone got any idea why i cant copy files to my memory card?02:16
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t_s_ohmm, im starting to suspect that powerlaunch is a battery drain...02:26
*** tmpsantos has quit IRC02:27
lcuklots of things are a powerdrain, the only way i can get my 810 to stay on overnight and not have it totally flat by morning is to switch cpu to powersave02:27
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GAN8001lcuk, something's wrong, then. :P02:32
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t_s_owell, i guess ill "know" in a few days. at the very least, my N800 should last longer on standby if the last couple of hours are a indication...02:34
t_s_oonly thing i used powerlaunch for anyways was the reboot option :P02:34
summatusmentiswell, it's official, I just signed up for ITT02:37
briandwelcome aboard.02:37
GAN8001summatusmentis, get away while you still can.02:37
summatusmentislol, well, thanks. Hopefully my N810 comes tomorrow02:37
summatusmentisGAN8001: why? I don't spend that much time on forums02:37
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GAN8001itT is descending into darkness these days. . . .02:38
GAN8001t_s_o, /etc/systemui/systemui.xml02:38
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC02:39
t_s_osorry GAN8001, thats one hint i dont get ;)02:39
summatusmentisGAN8001: what was the link you linked me to a while ago, with user storeis?02:40
GAN8001t_s_o, open the file02:40
GAN8001summatusmentis, blanking, dunno.02:40
summatusmentisit was on the wiki, it was what people do w/ their N8x0s02:41
summatusmentisright, thanks!02:41
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t_s_oheh, figures. thanks GAN800102:43
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* Cymor is back (gone 07:12:54)02:53
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myschi all03:25
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unixSnobwhat's the inner and outter size of the DC power connector?05:27
*** slomo__ has joined #maemo05:30
* unixSnob suspects 2.0mm05:35
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NaviPretty quiet in here06:17
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*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]06:32
* Cymor is away: sleep06:38
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khertanHi !07:25
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*** tjafk2 has joined #maemo07:27
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lcukkhertan, good morning :) even though its raining here it feels like a good day08:05
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*** rsalveti has joined #maemo08:18
lcukRST38h, what?08:24
RST38hjust saying hi08:25
RST38hyou have probably got our rain, moving south-west08:26
lcukits been a loooooooooooong night..08:26
lcukive got a day of work, then a snooze and im off to linuxtag08:26
*** Zic has joined #maemo08:27
*** mysc has joined #maemo08:27
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*** febb has joined #maemo08:43
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pupnikhey lcuk - no sleep for me either08:49
myschow do you know what destination and object path to use for different apps in maemo? i.e. for the desktop systemnote you use org.freedesktop.Notifications08:50
*** gopi_ has joined #maemo08:51
*** jeddy3 has joined #maemo08:52
*** Dar has joined #maemo08:53
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo08:53
mysci.e. can you easily get interface/object info from things?08:54
*** Blom has joined #maemo08:59
myscnever mind, found it.08:59
*** guardian has quit IRC09:04
pupnikcan you post the answer mysc?09:08
*** l7_ has quit IRC09:16
*** gopi has quit IRC09:16
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo09:17
*** gopi_ is now known as gopi09:17
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*** ab_ is now known as ab09:23
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*** simboss has quit IRC09:28
*** krau has joined #maemo09:29
* RST38h just found (again) that MSVC does not provide opendir()/readdir() functionality09:30
RST38hSo much for "POSIX compatibility"09:30
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo09:30
*** trickie has joined #maemo09:30
*** else58 has quit IRC09:31
lcukthey also dont have memory mapped files09:35
lcukpupnik, ive just been out in the middle of nowhere seeing what part of my notes works and what doesnt09:35
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo09:37
*** bergie has quit IRC09:43
*** foka has joined #maemo09:44
*** else58 has joined #maemo09:44
*** BabelO has joined #maemo09:45
*** Masca has quit IRC09:49
*** gomiam has joined #maemo09:50
myscsorry pupnik, was afk. i read here:
*** febb has quit IRC09:51
myscjohnx, you're a tough man to locate. congrats on the debian, i like it a lot.09:52
johnxsorry, have been offline the last couple days09:52
johnxbusy at work and a friend is staying with me09:52
johnxmornin' Khertan_theReal09:53
mysci got everything working nicely had it bootable and also chrootable. i never got the wifi working though :( and the card it was on died.09:53
johnxwhat kind of encryption do you user on your network?09:53
johnxme too09:53
*** guardian has joined #maemo09:53
johnxthe sample config in /etc/network/interfaces didn't behave?09:54
myscit didn't!09:54
johnxhmm :/09:54
mysci was about to try out wifi-radar and the card died.09:54
johnxthat's too bad09:55
johnxcorrupted FS or completely dead?09:55
myscdeader than jimmy hoffa. nothing recognized it.09:55
*** beford has joined #maemo09:55
myscit was a cheap one so i am not surprised.09:56
befordhallo, is there any way to change the DNS servers ip address through GUI on os2008?09:56
johnxI lost a 1GB card using it for / on my zaurus back when 1GB cards actually cost something :/09:56
johnxbeford, yup, in advanced settings under connectivity09:56
*** rsalveti has quit IRC09:57
myscyeah, its a pain. anyways, bought some cheap ones. so i will re-install your debian tomorrow. all you do is use the /etc/network/interfaces you have on your wiki? nothing additional (except the forcing of the MAC)?09:57
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo09:57
befordI can see the current dns, but I can't change them09:57
johnxcontrol panel -> connectivity -> connections -> select your ap from the list -> next, next, next, advanced, -> ip addresses09:59
jldiazwell, more or less NBVNç10:00
myscoh, does anyone here have problems with bt keyboards unpairing after some idle time? i thought pinging it with a "keep alive" script would work, it does keep replying to ping but the pairing is still gone.10:00
myscstrange thing is hci reports the connection is there. and the kb replies to pings. so i'm guessing it's an OS bug.10:02
befordthanks that worked johnx10:03
*** mk8 has joined #maemo10:04
befordthere are some problems with my isp dns server. i'm using opendns nameservers atm :P10:04
*** fab has joined #maemo10:04
myscno one else suffers this weird bt kb behavior after some idle time?10:05
* johnx has a usb kb10:05
* beford doesn't have an external kb10:07
*** l7_ has quit IRC10:08
lcukhas an 810 and a usb kb and an apple kb10:08
*** sbodo_w has joined #maemo10:08
lcukthe apple is amazing :)10:08
*** eocanha has joined #maemo10:09
*** benh has quit IRC10:10
*** bergie has joined #maemo10:11
*** rsalveti has quit IRC10:13
mysci am using the apple (apple bt). you don't have the problem lcuk>10:13
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo10:13
lcuki tend to use my kb in bursts, an hour or two, then off for a few days - i always have to reconnect it, i just figured it had gone to sleep10:13
lcukjust press the power button on the kb and bash a few keys and it comes back to life10:14
lcuki never have to touch the 81010:14
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo10:14
myscyes, that's what i have to do. i thought it was a problem with the pairing.10:14
*** sergio has joined #maemo10:15
myscsince the pinging continues. it even provides info to hci calls. so it's not totally asleep.10:15
lcuki just assumed that was the same for all bt keyboards, never been a problem10:15
befordwhat does the blue led indicator mean?10:15
*** sergio has quit IRC10:15
*** sergio has joined #maemo10:15
mysclcuk, maybe i should just deal and not worry. oh, do you ever get repeated letters? there seems to be a firmware patch but you need a mac.10:16
lcuki dunno, i disabled everything on that throbber after it looked like i haad a ghost in bedroom at night10:16
*** simon_ has joined #maemo10:16
johnxbeford, on an n800? "Hey, pay attention to me!"10:17
lcukthe repeated letters appears to ONLY occur at the specific moment an event occurs and the cpu is either busy or switching speeds10:17
befordyea, on a n810.10:17
lcuki tend to run most of the time tethered and in performance cpu mode so dont encounter this often10:17
johnxah...I don't know what "blue" means on an n81010:17
mysclcuk, i don't just have to press the on button, i have to keep it pressed to turn it off then turn it on.10:18
lcukthere is a similar issue if you try to do too much work whilst stroking the stylus - you dont get a stylus up message and so 2 strokes stick together10:18
lcuk(low cpu + regular fullscreen blits make this occur more)10:19
lcukmysc, i dunno, i just press the button till it works, its like activating a wiimote10:19
lcuki dont expect keyboard to maintain an always on connection for days at an end and im shocked it tries to10:20
lcukcrap, need to go to work10:20
befordI suppose its the same johnx, I have screen + irssi running, maybe that's what makes it 'blink'10:21
*** zap has quit IRC10:21
johnxusually on my n800 it's new email10:21
johnxor a new IM10:21
*** borism has joined #maemo10:21
lcukif anyones interested, heres my notes for the discussion im giving at linuxtag on thursday10:21
johnxirssi would have to have specific code to blink the light10:21
*** behdad has quit IRC10:22
lcukoh crap - i just woke the house by printing it out!10:22
befordactually its not even running on it, I'm sshing to another box10:23
befordprobably ssh client has that ability(?)10:24
myscdot matrix?10:24
johnxbeford, I kind of doubt it...10:24
*** rsalveti has quit IRC10:24
lcukno, just more noise than the silent theres been all night :P im not a luddite10:24
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo10:25
johnxhow would it know that the new message you received is worth blinking the light?10:25
lcukbecause it has the evil bit set10:25
X-Fade_I already have that with my gmail and modest. Only inbox mails blink, mails that are tagged do not blink.10:26
befordi've no idea. it seems to blink all the time :| going to close everything to check10:26
mysclcuk, ok, i have a dirty workaround.10:26
*** atlas95 has quit IRC10:27
mysci kill the con, cli, then a keypress forces a recon10:27
*** fab has quit IRC10:28
lcukso you mess with 8x0 as well as keyboard10:28
befordhmm it's still blinking, going to restart it10:29
myscyes, this is assuming i'm ssh'd in which i normally am. if i were in bed i'd use the old no n8x0 method10:29
*** eichi has joined #maemo10:29
lcukKISS approach, i dont see it as a problem requiring resolution10:29
befordit still blinks. maybe because wireless is enabled?10:31
*** trickie has quit IRC10:31
myscif there were a way to poll the sleep status, i could cron it10:31
* beford removes home screen applets and checks again.10:33
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo10:33
*** rsalveti has quit IRC10:35
lcukright, off i go10:35
lcukback tonightish10:35
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo10:35
*** else58 has quit IRC10:38
myscoh john, i am used to my desktop's xorg.conf. where do i edit things in your debian? roxterm for example extend below the viewable desktop - wanna fix that.10:38
*** ken has joined #maemo10:38
johnxxomap only accepts a couple command line options...10:39
johnxare you trying to change the resolution?10:39
mysci want the apps to be constrained to viewable area10:39
johnxthat's a window manager thing10:40
johnxyou'll want to switch to matchbox I guess10:40
myscwhere do i edit xfce's config then?10:40
johnxit's in .config/xfce4 I believe10:40
*** else58 has joined #maemo10:41
myscok. will check it upon install.10:41
*** trickie has joined #maemo10:41
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC10:41
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo10:42
befordits still blinking :{10:42
myscbefore n800 or n810?10:42
myscmaybe you have something pending: email received, im received, etc. why don't you just switch all the led things off if it bothers you?10:44
*** rsalveti has quit IRC10:46
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo10:46
*** jpeterse1 has joined #maemo10:47
myscturn off alerts in control panel10:47
befordok.i've just restored original settings, gonna see if that fixes it10:49
*** luogni has joined #maemo10:49
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw10:50
*** zwnj has joined #maemo10:51
befordit seems to be white. although it looks kinda blue to me, and its normal, lol, it means that the device is turned on but the screen is off10:53
*** rsalveti has quit IRC10:53
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo10:54
*** eocanha has quit IRC10:56
*** greentux_ has quit IRC10:58
*** l7_ has joined #maemo11:00
*** eocanha has joined #maemo11:00
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo11:01
*** jpetersen has quit IRC11:02
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:04
JaffaMorning, all11:04
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo11:05
*** sm00th_trac3r has quit IRC11:05
hrwhi Jaffa11:09
*** pdz- has joined #maemo11:12
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC11:13
hrwguys: is it possible to brick tablet with flashing?11:14
hrwNOLO is part of flash process so in theory...11:15
qwerty12If you are unlucky and pull out cable during bootloader flash which only takes a few seconds to do :P11:15
hrwor your battery will die during that11:15
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo11:15
qwerty12I plug mine in anyway, one guy killed his by writing to the bootloader while he was booted in maemo by accident :/11:16
qwerty12s/mine in anyway/plug my charger in anyway/11:16
infobotqwerty12 meant: I plug plug my charger in anyway, one guy killed his by writing to the bootloader while he was booted in maemo by accident :/11:16
ralannhey qwerty1211:16
ralannow goes aleph one?11:17
qwerty12I tried and tried but in the end, I can't get it to work at all. I even tried compiling with gcc 4 and that wont do it either :/11:17
ralannmmmm, bummer11:17
ralanni may give it a wack this summer on my days off11:18
*** bedboi has joined #maemo11:18
qwerty12When it looked like it was gonna work, it complains about a *.a file and I should ranlib it, I do so and it still complains :/11:18
*** lool has joined #maemo11:18
qwerty12Best way to start is to get the Mesa3D headers and move them manually to /usr/include/ and disable open-gl at configure time.11:19
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC11:19
ralannyeah, that's what i thought i erad you had talked about before11:19
*** trickie has quit IRC11:19
qwerty12Because I wasn't doing that and I had a thousand other errors too :/11:19
qwerty12Then Cptn_Fish pointed me onto it and I can't deny I got more further11:20
ralanni tried marathon in basklisk ii but it needs 256 colors to run and the n810 doesn't do that so i figured id be back onto the porting idea11:22
*** lovebug356 has joined #maemo11:24
*** trickie has joined #maemo11:24
ralanni was hoping it would be easier than it appears it is going to be.11:24
*** fab has joined #maemo11:24
*** pdz has quit IRC11:25
qwerty12I hope so too, I hope you get more far, I'm definitely not the best person.11:25
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:25
ralannneither am i the best person for the task, but at a minimum i can try11:26
ralannanyway, goodluck if you try again, and goodnight11:28
qwerty12Thanks, goodnight (although it's morning here :p)11:28
*** krau has quit IRC11:29
*** krau has joined #maemo11:32
*** Sho_ has quit IRC11:35
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:37
*** gopi has quit IRC11:38
Khertan_theRealralann> maybe you can try with minivmac and rom color enabled11:43
Khertan_theRealbut i don't know if 4Mb ram is enough for marathon11:44
*** mk8 has quit IRC11:44
*** l7_ has quit IRC11:50
Mikhohas anyone made a program for N810 which utilizes Bluetooth?11:50
MikhoI'm trying to use Bluez, but can't find any example code11:51
qwerty12In what sense? wiicontrol is python program and it uses bluez bindings to pair and use a wii controller for example.11:51
qwerty12ah, just saw 2nd example11:51
Mikhoplain C program11:51
*** atlas95 has quit IRC11:52
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo11:52
MikhoI'm trying to run this but get the following error: Failed to discover devices: The name org.bluez was not provided by any .service files11:53
qwerty12Try with nokia. in front11:54
qwerty12I think :/11:54
VudentzMikho, then hcid is not running11:54
Mikhothe connectivity guide has total of 4 lines of help for using Bluez11:54
kulveMikho: why do you want to use bluez?11:54
kulveMikho: I don't think that's really supported in ITOS200811:54
Mikhoaccording to ps aux | grep hcid it is running11:55
VudentzMikho, try sudo hcid -dnx11:55
MikhoI'm really starting to lose interest in using bluez11:55
Mikhowhen sudo hcid -dnx outside scratchbox: hcid[11652]: Could not become the primary owner of org.bluez11:56
Mikhoinside scratchbox hcid[11671]: Can't connect to system message bus: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.11:56
VudentzMikho, then sudo killall -9 hcid11:56
MikhoIt seems hcid was running, and killing it and restarting it didn11:58
Mikho't change much11:58
Khertan_theReali have same problem using bluetooth discovering in python :(11:59
VudentzMikho, what bus are you using11:59
qwerty12Khertan_theReal, look into wiicontrol, jldiaz and konttori have done it11:59
Vudentzbluez uses system bus11:59
Vudentzif bluez doesn't then the bluetooth applet wouldn't work too12:00
Vudentzsince the latter uses the first12:00
Mikhoit says in the connectivity guide that bluetooth software of maemo is based on bluez12:02
Mikhoso it should work12:02
VudentzMikho, put your code in a pastebin like site and paste the link here12:03
hrwkulve: maemo use bluez12:03
hrwMikho: you try inside of scarybox? good luck then12:04
Vudentzmy bet is that you are using session bus instead of system bus12:04
MikhoI don12:04
Mikho't have anything else than the C example from
Mikhoyes, I'm trying to run the code from inside scratchbox12:05
hrwMikho: bluez started inside of scarybox? dbus started too?12:06
Vudentzderr, scratchbox uses qemu and it probably can't emulate bluetooth dongles12:06
Mikhocpu transparency is turned off for X86 targets12:07
MikhoI guess dbus is started, as maemo environment is running in X server alright12:07
kulvehrw: it still doesn't mean it provides all bluez interfaces that a "normal" linux environment with bluez does12:08
Vudentzthen why you are using scratchbox if you target is x8612:08
MikhoMy intention is to switch the target when I want to install in N81012:08
hrwkulve: sure - nokia could destroy it easy12:08
Mikhoisn't that what the targets are for?12:09
*** greentux has joined #maemo12:09
kulveMikho: I find it easier to just directly use the ARM target for compiling and then copy the stuff to the device and run it there. SB is always different from the real target environment12:09
Mikhoit's much easier to use the emulator12:10
qwerty12But if it doesn't work?12:10
hrwMikho: there is no full emulation of tablets in qemu12:10
*** TPC has quit IRC12:11
Mikhoit's worked until now12:11
hrwMikho: even the one which is now in qemu svn is not complete12:11
*** TPC has joined #maemo12:11
Mikhoso what you're saying that it's impossible to develop bluetooth programs in the emulator?12:11
hrwI wonder why you insist on using scarybox for such simple things?12:12
hrwMikho: write it for your desktop, test on desktop and then build for tablet and check does it works12:12
*** mysc has quit IRC12:13
kulve"Maemo SDK is not an emulator"12:13
*** Cptn-N800 has joined #Maemo12:15
*** EvilGuru has joined #maemo12:15
*** Cptn-N800 has left #Maemo12:17
Mikhowell, so far everything has worked pretty much allright. The Xephyr window contents have been more or less the same as in N810 screen, and everything has worked the same in both12:17
MikhoIf I just could access bluetooth from the development environment, it12:18
Mikho'd be great12:18
*** zap has joined #maemo12:18
*** CptE51 has joined #maemo12:18
*** red-zack has joined #maemo12:20
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo12:20
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo12:20
RST38hkulve: QEmu is though12:20
*** sp3000 has quit IRC12:21
*** sp3001 is now known as sp300012:21
MikhoI guess I'd somehow need to get the bluez service inside the maemo dbus12:21
*** Tobotras has quit IRC12:22
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman12:22
*** tkharju has joined #maemo12:23
qwerty12hello RST38h12:25
Mikhosure enough, the code works perfectly outside scratchbox12:25
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo12:26
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo12:26
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo12:27
RST38hMikho: Solution: Do not use scratchbox, debug on a real device12:29
RST38h[that should be in some FAQ section, because Nokia does not make it obvious for developers that scratchbox does not provide complete emulation environment]12:29
MikhoRST38h, is there an easy way to do that?12:29
RST38hMikho: install ssh server to device, compile on scratchbox, copy to device with scp, login to device with ssh and run the program12:30
*** CptE51 has quit IRC12:33
X-Fade_The maemo jobs section seems to be getting alive already ;)12:33
*** Knirch is now known as Fatal12:35
* qwerty12 has to learn to develop and grow up :p12:35
X-Fade_qwerty12: And willing to move to Finland ;)12:35
qwerty12Heh, I could do that :)12:35
*** crashanddie has quit IRC12:36
RST38hX-Fade: If dollar falls for another two years, I will be willing to =)12:36
RST38hX-Fade: Btw, this page looks terrible in IE. You may want to check that, if it is not done on purpose of course12:37
qwerty12It weeds out the wrong people for open source ;) :p12:37
X-Fade_RST38h: Yeah, I noticed that too. IE messes up again ;)12:37
RST38hyea, that is what I suspected12:38
*** calvaris has joined #maemo12:38
RST38hXFade: How much are the taxes btw?12:39
X-Fade_RST38h: I have no idea.12:39
qwerty12Man, I thought Norway was only Nordic country with tax rates coming out of their ass12:40
Mikhohow could you gain root access with N810?12:40
solmumahaand it's cold in here12:40
infoboti guess easyroot is an easy way to get root access on OS2008 and can be found at http://nitapps.com12:40
qwerty12heh, I live in UK. Cold doesn't surprise me.12:40
zakharydepends on how much you earn12:40
*** EvilGuru has left #maemo12:41
RST38hsolm: not colder than here12:41
qwerty12Ooh, they have Russian too. I wonder how much Russians go to Finland :/12:41
solmumahaRST38h: where is that?12:41
kulveMikho: ssh12:42
hrwsomeone remember which public stations are best for linuxtag?12:42
RST38hsolm: Moscow12:42
RST38hqwerty: A lot12:42
RST38hAt least judging from our last visit a few years ago12:42
Mikhoqwerty12, easyroot worked perfectly. thanks!12:43
zakhary40ke/year income would be 26,5%12:43
RST38hzakh: that is without dependents?12:43
zakharyI only filled yearly income to the calculator12:44
RST38hlanguage seems to be more of a problem than weather though12:45
*** eichi has quit IRC12:46
Mikhoall right, the example code works in N810 too12:46
RST38h28% for singles in 100-150k bracket12:47
*** bergie has quit IRC12:48
RST38hIsn't that bad really12:48
RST38h(unless there is some OTHER tax not included into this form)12:48
RST38hNo, wrong, 51%12:49
solmumahawell we have all sort of taxes12:49
solmumahai'm sure they'll start to collect gps tax soon :)12:50
RST38hin principle, they should start with UK on that =)12:50
qwerty12Agreed, we have a shitload of taxes :/12:50
zakhary100ke is 38,5%, and 51% for bonuses and if you go over 100k annually12:50
zakharythat form should include everything12:51
RST38hthat is single, no children though12:51
RST38hI guess it gets a bit better if you have got a family12:51
zakharylanguage not a problem, ppl understand english12:51
qwerty12Taxes = incentive to get some :p12:51
RST38hzakhary: yes, but what language children will speak?12:52
zakharyyour children if you move? they can go to an english speaking school12:53
RST38hStill, it is either isolation or learning Finnish (which looks HARD)12:54
*** atlas95_ has joined #maemo12:54
glassmost exchange students etc don't bother to learn finnish at all12:55
kulvesuomi on helppoa kuin mikä12:55
qwerty12I only understood first word :/12:55
X-Fade_kulve: I guess that is Findland's second language.12:55
kulveenglish being the first?12:56
X-Fade_Ehm I meant "I guess there is also Finland's second language"12:56
X-Fade_Being Swedish..12:56
RST38hThere should be a third one, right?12:57
RST38hyea, right12:57
*** MikaT has quit IRC12:57
kulveand savoish12:57
RST38hRussian probably does not qualify12:58
X-Fade_Finland has been occupied by a lot of countries ;)12:58
RST38hJust two12:58
RST38hIf we discount Germany of course12:58
Mikhofinland occupied by germany?12:59
*** calvaris has quit IRC12:59
*** msanchez has joined #maemo12:59
RST38hWell, was it considered occupation or friendly annexation in WWI?12:59
RST38hWWII, sorry12:59
*** calvaris has joined #maemo12:59
solmumahathey just didn't want to leave12:59
qwerty12Nokia is so vain :
solmumahaso we ran them out, but they did manage to get santa :(13:00
qwerty12(yes, I know Nokia is town)13:00
*** fredix has joined #maemo13:02
RST38hsolmumaha: As long as they got molested by Rudolph the reindeer at the end...13:04
hrwRST38h: but even if Finland was with Germany during ww2 they tried to not make russia angry too much13:04
*** MikaT has joined #maemo13:04
Mikhonice! I got bluetooth working inside scratchbox13:04
RST38hhrw: well, they just had a satisfactory war with Russia13:04
Mikhoit seems the automatically launched hcid interfered with the hcid launched inside scratchbox13:05
RST38hhrw: Finns won, Russians reduced the border length, each side took their corpses and walked away happy13:05
hrwRST38h: during Lenningrad siege Finns do not helped Germans and tried to not make problems for Russian trucks with supplies13:06
RST38hhrw: Afaik they could not, for geographic reasons, but I may be wrong13:06
RST38hOne way or another, the subject never came up13:07
MikhoVudentz, thanks for the tip13:07
*** atlas95 has quit IRC13:09
VudentzMikho, no problem13:10
*** slomo__ is now known as slomo13:10
*** slomo has quit IRC13:12
jumpulaafaik there was some pressure for the german leadership to attack leningrad, but mannerheim (the supreme commander of the finnish army) refused up to the end13:15
jumpulawhich, i guess, partly convinced staling that finland is in the end mostly harmless and more trouble than it's worth..13:16
RST38hthe guy was an officer in Russian Imperial Army =)13:16
RST38hanyways, lunch time13:17
jumpulaand he did fight for russian empire in his time, too :)13:17
*** krau has quit IRC13:18
*** jott has joined #maemo13:20
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo13:31
qwerty12Does anyone have a libgsl compiled already for ARM/Maemo? Would save me a shitload of time :/13:32
*** mib_kls7zf has joined #maemo13:33
*** atlas95__ has joined #maemo13:34
*** atlas95_ has quit IRC13:35
*** bergie has joined #maemo13:36
*** guenther has joined #maemo13:36
*** tentacle3376 has joined #maemo13:38
*** mib_kls7zf has left #maemo13:38
*** krau has joined #maemo13:39
*** herwood has joined #maemo13:43
*** sbodo_w has quit IRC13:43
*** ijon_ has quit IRC13:48
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo13:49
*** tobmaster has joined #maemo13:50
lardmanqwerty12: I think I've compiled that before, I just took the standard debian source package13:53
qwerty12Thanks, but no matter, I've compiled it now and packaged up the cvs version :)13:54
lardmanqwerty12: it was before the time of extras (well of easyish access to extras)13:54
lardmanqwerty12: push it to extras ;)13:54
qwerty12Adding stuff to extras scares me & I'm sure I've versioned it wrong :/13:54
lardmanI know the feeling :)13:55
X-Fade_qwerty12: Try to upload it to the autobuilder ;)13:58
qwerty12X-Fade_, Where is that?13:58
X-Fade_qwerty12: We can always use more testers :D13:58
keesjX-Fade_: let me first write software13:58
X-Fade_qwerty12: Try the assistant for example.13:59
qwerty12Ok, it sounds cool but where is step 2? :p13:59
X-Fade_I guess you don't have rights yet?14:00
X-Fade_It should tell you where to get those.14:01
qwerty12I think my cookies are messing up, it says I am logged in but another page says I am not. Trying in Opera...14:01
X-Fade_qwerty12: It uses the garage cookie, I guess.14:02
qwerty12Ok, trying again :/14:03
qwerty12I logged into garage and I still only get step 1.14:04
X-Fade_qwerty12: What does it say in the yellow bubble?14:04
qwerty12Don't get a yellow bubble :/14:04
*** slomo has joined #maemo14:05
qwerty12The moblock is disabled and it does in firefox and opera (no ad blocking things installed)14:05
X-Fade_qwerty12: And now? :)14:07
Khertan_theRealarg .... i ve lost my gpg private key again !14:07
qwerty12Still the same :/. I'll try logging in again (thanks btw :))14:07
*** guaka has left #maemo14:08
Khertan_theRealmaemo maintainer will finish by hating me to ask again and again invite ...14:08
X-Fade_qwerty12: Nah, reload the page now?14:08
qwerty12Wait, it's working!14:08
qwerty12Thanks :)14:08
X-Fade_Khertan_theReal: That would be me ;)14:08
Khertan_theReallol :)14:08
Khertan_theReali ve receive a mail from another person too ... how many are you ?14:09
* X-Fade_ thinks khertan needs public flogging ;)14:09
* Khertan_theReal thinks ... bah ... this my fault :)14:10
Khertan_theRealyes yes yes again !14:10
X-Fade_Khertan_theReal: invitation is on the way.14:10
Khertan_theRealnow i ll test my backup tool before :)14:10
* qwerty12 hates having to do dirty hacks to package programs :/14:11
X-Fade_But please, this must be the 10th time orso.14:11
Khertan_theRealwhy do u make dirty hack14:11
Khertan_theRealX-Fade_> yes this should be 11 if i remember ...14:11
*** simon_ has quit IRC14:11
qwerty12Some programs compile fine with ./configure & make but when dpkg-buildpackage tries ,it messes it up totally so I stop it from cleaning the package. And just now, I made a package by symlinking to it's old name :/14:12
Khertan_theRealthe first third key was made with an algo that can"t be used from a nit14:12
X-Fade_qwerty12: I ported a few libs by just grabbing the debian source package, set myself as maintainer and make a source package to upload to the builder.14:12
qwerty12Brilliant, I've already compiled gsl now and I've versioned that wrong so I won't upload that one :/14:13
Khertan_theRealX-Fade_ > your auto builder is publicly available now ?14:13
X-Fade_Khertan_theReal: Sure, to more testers the better.14:13
Khertan_theRealgrat !14:13
Khertan_theRealgreat !14:13
X-Fade_Khertan_theReal: You now also get status mails.14:13
*** SDuensin has quit IRC14:13
Khertan_theReali ll try it with gtksourceview :)14:14
Khertan_theRealill go eating ...14:14
*** L0cutus has quit IRC14:14
*** k-s has joined #maemo14:14
*** wms has joined #maemo14:15
qwerty12Anyone know the right values for -march and -mtune?14:16
*** atlas95__ has quit IRC14:17
*** tortoise_ has joined #maemo14:18
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo14:18
RST38h-march=armv5te -mtune=arm926ej-s14:18
qwerty12Thanks :)14:19
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC14:22
lardmanRight I'm off, see some of you in Berlin14:24
*** lardman has quit IRC14:24
X-Fade_I still have some free LinuxTag tickets left, anyone interested?14:25
*** playya_ has joined #maemo14:25
*** playya has quit IRC14:26
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:28
*** summatusmentis has joined #maemo14:38
*** trickie has quit IRC14:40
*** sbodo_w has joined #maemo14:46
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo14:47
*** setanta has joined #maemo14:53
*** tentacle3376 has quit IRC14:55
*** qwerty12_N800 has left #maemo14:56
*** luck^ has joined #maemo14:57
*** JussiP has joined #maemo14:58
*** Zombie3 has joined #maemo14:58
Zombie3greetings programmers15:02
Zombie3there's a bunch of patches for dbus-glib in
Zombie3is Kimmo or whoever around?15:02
*** luogni has quit IRC15:03
Zombie3I'm here to nag people to report those upstream to Debian/D-Bus15:03
*** fr01 has left #maemo15:03
*** luogni has joined #maemo15:03
Robot101Zombie3: a few of them are from upstream anyway15:04
*** foka has quit IRC15:04
Zombie3not the one I just bumped into in Debian, and the Debian and D-Bus guys don't seem to know about them15:04
*** fr01 has joined #maemo15:05
Robot10108-fix-pending-call-remove.patch looks like it causes leaks15:05
*** slomo has quit IRC15:06
*** luck^ has quit IRC15:07
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo15:10
*** Khertan_theReal has quit IRC15:11
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo15:11
*** tmpsantos has joined #maemo15:14
*** sakdsdfe has joined #maemo15:17
*** simon_ has joined #maemo15:18
JaffaAww, how sweet - Darius is posting his CV to maemo-dev asking for a job at Nokia :-)15:18
JaffaOh, and he's "already contacted Chairman of the Board at Nokia, ...@15:19
X-Fade_Lol ;)15:19
RST38hshow me show me15:19
*** luck^ has joined #maemo15:19
* RST38h is bored, testing stuff15:19
RST38hthanks =)15:20
JaffaI'm fairly sure most of his content is drivel, but it's so hard to read I'm not entirely sure15:20
*** k-s has quit IRC15:21
X-Fade_I'm thinking we just have to add a html filter to the mailinglist and be done with it ;)15:21
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo15:22
*** guardian has quit IRC15:22
RST38hWants to be a think tank15:22
X-Fade_But he now signs with this 'real name' ;)15:22
RST38hSo, any bets whether it is the weed or the mushrooms?15:22
RST38h"But I am afraid, Nokia has no department I could negotiate IP transfer with,15:23
RST38has no Think-Tank position is established"15:23
GAN800He's so cute!15:24
*** guardian has joined #maemo15:24
RST38hHe's abusing substances, that is for sure15:24
RST38hOR he is a high school student15:24
*** Crfrodf has joined #maemo15:25
X-Fade_English is not his first language.15:25
RST38hnot mine either15:25
*** crashanddie has quit IRC15:26
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo15:26
* GAN800 wants a Darius Think-Tank.15:27
Khertan_TheRealhuhu with have an flood at my work in the server room15:27
RST38hGAN: Maybe to participate in a battle-bot contest?15:27
GAN800Go play in the puddles!15:27
*** Tobotras has quit IRC15:27
GAN800Bingo, RST38h! :D15:28
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo15:28
Khertan_TheRealthe community is in permanent competition ???15:29
Khertan_TheRealwhere does it see that ?15:29
*** gomiam has quit IRC15:29
* GAN800 challemges Khertan to a duel.15:29
Khertan_TheReala duel ?15:31
Khertan_TheReali choose sword ...15:31
Khertan_TheRealchoose your weapon ...15:31
summatusmentisso... _hopefull_ my N810 will come today15:33
Khertan_TheRealoh ! i understand it talk about this :
*** Sargun has quit IRC15:33
*** jeez_ has joined #maemo15:34
Khertan_TheRealburies  7.515:35
Khertan_TheRealfavourites 215:35
Khertan_TheRealhum ...15:35
pupnikRST38h: what sound backend do you use for iNES?15:35
pupnikspeaking of CV's, /me thinks RST38h's cv is awesome15:37
* pupnik is turning into a bit of a fanboi15:37
pupnik(a symptom of not being productive myself perhaps)15:38
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC15:38
*** eichi has joined #maemo15:39
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC15:43
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo15:44
*** Crfrod has quit IRC15:44
* GAN800 chooses a Howitzer.15:44
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo15:44
Jaffapupnik: I must update mine, since I'm meeting with Head of HR tomorrow after moaning a bit about being underappreciated on my evaluation15:46
RST38hpupnik: EMULib SndUnix hacked to use ESD15:46
*** tkharju has quit IRC15:46
RST38hpupnik: The source code can be found inside ColEm src distro15:46
* RST38h never really worked on his CV, it just happened that way, sorry15:47
RST38hpupnik: It will play arbitrary waveform buffer or do Sound(Channel,Frequency,Volume) thing15:47
GAN800By the bye, Jaffa, did you notice #3161? :D15:48
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo15:49
*** tentacle3376 has joined #maemo15:49
*** eichi has quit IRC15:50
*** MikaT has quit IRC15:51
*** trbs has joined #maemo15:55
*** SDuensin has joined #Maemo15:58
*** MikaT has joined #maemo15:59
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo15:59
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo16:00
*** Sho_ has quit IRC16:01
*** andrunko has joined #maemo16:02
*** MikaT has quit IRC16:02
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo16:05
*** rsalveti has quit IRC16:05
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo16:06
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo16:06
*** MikaT has joined #maemo16:07
*** qwerty12_N800 has left #maemo16:08
hrwI removed my CV long time ago16:10
hrwnow I mostly point to my resume and linkedin16:10
summatusmentishow does a CV and resume differ?16:12
infobotsummatusmentis meant: how do a CV and resume differ?16:12
*** simon_ has quit IRC16:12
*** oilinki3 has joined #maemo16:12
*** vivijim has joined #maemo16:15
RST38hsumma: European CV = American resume16:16
RST38hCV usually includes more personal details16:16
andre___yupp, my CV includes more personal info than my resumé - probably a cultural thingy16:17
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo16:18
hrwsummatusmentis: my resume is technical - nothing personal, just knowledge and where did I worked16:19
hrwthat stuff16:19
*** Tuco has quit IRC16:20
*** dakylla has joined #maemo16:23
dakyllahi there16:23
dakyllawhare can i download maemo garage source code, if tehre are any16:24
summatusmentispersonal info? like, what your interests/hobbies/etc. are?16:24
GAN8001dakylla, for a garage project or for the garage itself?16:24
dakyllathe garage itself16:25
hrwdakylla: thats gforge16:26
hrwsummatusmentis: that sort16:26
dakyllaok, i did not know16:26
dakyllaand what about the project webpage ?16:26
dakyllai read somewhere the source where available too16:27
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo16:27
dakyllaim asking cause we have a project a creating an open wireless board, and we would like not to start from level 016:28
*** oilinki has quit IRC16:29
*** asedeno has joined #maemo16:34
*** slomo has joined #maemo16:35
*** sm00th_trac3r has joined #maemo16:36
*** asedeno_work has quit IRC16:37
*** asedeno_work has joined #maemo16:38
*** beford has quit IRC16:38
*** asedeno has quit IRC16:38
JaffaGAN800: yeah, saw that: woohoo :-)16:39
GAN8001We'll see if anything actually gets rolling Nokia side, though.16:39
GAN8001At least we have a place to put stuff.16:39
*** beford has joined #maemo16:40
*** oilinki3 is now known as oilink116:42
*** Spakman_ has joined #maemo16:42
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC16:43
VRenice, hello-world-app does not compile in scratchbox installed with maemo-4.0.1 -scripts .. config.sub points to cs2005q3.2-glibc and cs2005q3.2-glibc2.5 is installed by default16:44
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo16:45
*** Spakman has quit IRC16:46
*** foka has joined #maemo16:47
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo16:47
*** dakylla has left #maemo16:56
*** msanchez has quit IRC16:56
RST38hsumma: more like details on schools and activities16:57
RST38htoo much peronal stuff is harmful, especially in a resume16:57
*** msanchez has joined #maemo17:00
summatusmentisRST38h: yeah, that makes sense17:01
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC17:03
*** JussiP has quit IRC17:04
*** RP has quit IRC17:05
*** RP has joined #maemo17:07
*** solmumaha has quit IRC17:11
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo17:12
*** greentux has quit IRC17:13
*** vik_ has joined #maemo17:15
*** ||cw has quit IRC17:18
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo17:18
*** ||cw has joined #maemo17:21
*** Dar has quit IRC17:22
*** bergie has quit IRC17:24
*** bergie has joined #maemo17:37
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo17:37
*** dougt has joined #maemo17:37
*** seraph1 has quit IRC17:38
*** fab has quit IRC17:40
*** zap has quit IRC17:43
*** Vudentz has quit IRC17:43
*** else58 has quit IRC17:44
*** b0unc3__ has joined #maemo17:47
*** krau has quit IRC17:48
*** GAN800 has quit IRC17:48
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC17:49
*** greentux has joined #maemo17:50
*** kenne has joined #maemo17:50
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo17:52
*** alextreme has quit IRC17:53
johnxhey qwerty12 :D17:53
qwerty12hello johnx :)17:53
johnxquiet in here tonight O_o17:53
*** jeddy3 has quit IRC17:54
qwerty12Yeah :/ and for me, it's only afternoon :/17:54
*** ijon_ has quit IRC17:54
johnxwell it's night here, but I just got off work :/17:55
summatusmentishopefully my N810 comes, and then I can bug you guys17:55
*** MikaT has quit IRC17:55
johnxso what other linuxy ARM system do you have. I see you on #angstrom from time to time :)17:55
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo17:56
* qwerty12 has a Pocket PC with Linux, does that count? :p17:56
johnxqwerty12, sure, which one?17:56
summatusmentisme? I've got a 3200, and a 5500, Zaurus17:56
johnxheh...similar purchasing habbits to me :D17:57
johnxcollie -> akita -> n80017:57
qwerty12Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX. I use Linux in the loosest sense as I have to reformat flash each time to use it :D17:57
qwerty12*Pocket Loox 72017:57
summatusmentisI'm probably selling my terrier, so I can justify my n81017:57
summatusmentisalthough, we'll see :)17:57
* qwerty12 goes off to modify latest diablo image :/17:58
summatusmentisI'd like to get collie viable again17:58
johnxdifferent for me I guess since my n800 has no physical included keyboard17:58
johnxme too. :/17:58
johnxcollie was such a nice form factor17:58
summatusmentisyeah, that would make the difference to me17:58
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC17:58
summatusmentisit could be such a nice device, if ithe 2.6 effort would speed up17:58
summatusmentisknow anything about kernel hacking?17:59
johnxnot even much about regular hacking17:59
summatusmentiswell, that's no fun :) Me neither, hopefully at the end of the summer I will though, because otherwise google won't pay me17:59
* qwerty12 knows a bit about hacking the N800 but when it comes to programming or disassembling, thats when I run :p17:59
johnxsummatusmentis, nothing like sink or swim to motivate you, eh?18:00
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo18:00
summatusmentisjohnx: I guess so... I kinda jumped in, got accepted, and then decided I should've picked a different project :)18:00
johnxqwerty12, does that "boot from usb hard drive" thing work?! O_o18:01
qwerty12No idea, don't have a usb adapter to try it with18:02
johnxah, sadness18:02
qwerty12The original initfs (ie unmodified) has the same option too18:02
johnxI guess I should be a guinea pig then18:02
qwerty12Just no menu to select it with18:02
*** t_s_o has quit IRC18:03
qwerty12(set-root-device:sda or usb should do it though)18:03
johnxI suppose so since everything is actually in the kernel18:03
johnxI guess I'm used to zaurus altboot18:03
*** Blom has quit IRC18:04
summatusmentisis the n8x0 series similar enough to a zaurus boot sequence?18:04
summatusmentishow easy would it be to port altboot to maemo?18:04
johnxsummatusmentis, that's what bootmenu does18:04
johnxbootmenu seems quite a bit simpler too18:04
*** Zombie3 has quit IRC18:04
* qwerty12 uses a modified bootmenu18:05
summatusmentiswell, from what i understand from CoreDump, altboot was a bit hackish anyway, as it's not a bootloader18:05
johnxneither is bootmenu18:05
johnxboth are just tools to pivot_root and run an alternate initfs18:05
infobotjohnx meant: both are just tools to pivot_root and run an alternate init18:05
*** Okkadu has joined #maemo18:06
summatusmentisoh... I should learn what I'm talking about before I just start spitting words out of my mouth18:06're mostly on the right track18:06
qwerty12Actually, choosing to boot from another source is actually a feature of the original initfs. Fanoush made it into a menu and some other stuff (mmcblk files etc)18:06
*** mk8 has joined #maemo18:07
* qwerty12 is so glad I took the time to find out the diablo password18:09
summatusmentisqwerty12: is there a reason to run diablo over.... chinook(?)18:09
qwerty12Yep, I'm running initfs version 2008-20, latest is 2008-21.18:09
johnxsummatusmentis, bug fixes :/18:09
qwerty12Not really :/18:09
qwerty12newer flash is great though18:10
summatusmentisjohnx: big bugs?18:10
summatusmentisqwerty12: what do you mean?18:10
qwerty12Well, it can actually play videos of youtube now18:10
johnxsummatusmentis, small annoying bugs18:10
*** Okkadu has left #maemo18:11
summatusmentisjohnx: fair enough, but bugs that manifest themselves pretty often.18:11
johnxsome browser text input stuff18:11
johnxprobably doesn't affect the n810 much since it has a hardware keyboard18:12
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo18:12
* qwerty12 instantly notices lag after modprobeing mtd2ram with 88MB :/18:13
johnxqwerty12, I'd be interested to hear if it works with a smaller value, like 10MB or so18:13
*** khertan has quit IRC18:14
qwerty12I tried total_size=65536 but it wouldn't work but I wasn't sure what I was doing then.18:14
Khertan_TheRealhome connection drops ....18:15
qwerty12I know for sure I wouldn't have been able to do this on my old computer :p18:15
*** lopz has joined #maemo18:15
*** krau has joined #maemo18:16
* qwerty12 has it. The latest initfs mounted. (BTW: I can share a tarball if you don't have the memory, time whatever to mount it)18:16
qwerty12You don't need a truckload of memory to run mkfs.jffs218:17
*** Navi_ has joined #maemo18:17
*** Sargun has joined #maemo18:17
johnxqwerty12, nah. I'm happy for now. I don't really want to tempt fate here since I use my n800 every day18:18
*** Navi has quit IRC18:18
johnxmaybe I'll poke at it on thursday when I have some time18:18
Navi_Woo, tempting fate \o/18:18
*** summatusmentis has quit IRC18:18
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC18:19
johnxheeey, fate! yeah that's right, over here. *lightning strikes*18:19
*** Navi_ is now known as Navi18:19
* qwerty12 really hopes fanoush or pancake reverse engineers CAL18:19
qwerty12Best I can do with CAL =
*** juergbi has joined #maemo18:21
johnxyou mean just edit the version string?18:22
qwerty12Yeah, but CAL stores so much more18:23
johnxsuch as?18:23
qwerty12RD flags, MAC address etc -
qwerty12WLAN channels are there too18:24
johnxdo you know if CAL sets that stuff or wlancond?18:24
qwerty12wlancond will get values from CAL18:24
johnxok, I'll shut up and RTFM now :)18:24
* johnx reads the thread18:24
*** summatusmentis has joined #maemo18:24
*** thopiekar has quit IRC18:25
*** krau has quit IRC18:27
*** ||cw has quit IRC18:27
johnxI'm glad debian doesn't have to pay attention to wlancond/CAL18:27
*** zwnj has quit IRC18:27
*** ||cw has joined #maemo18:27
*** fab has joined #maemo18:28
GAN8001X-Fade_, ping.18:28
*** GAN800 has joined #maemo18:29
qwerty12w00t, linuxrc is same. Much less work for qwerty18:30
hrwok - I go to linuxtag18:30
*** greentux has quit IRC18:31
johnxhave fun, hrw :)18:31
qwerty12Show off N800 emulation :)18:31
X-Fade_GAN8001: Yep.18:31
GAN8001Need some retardation assistance with Downloads.18:31
GAN8001Trying to create a listing for Advanced Backlight18:31
*** k-s has joined #maemo18:31
hrwqwerty12: that would require taking laptop with me18:31
GAN8001It's not in Extras yet, so what to put for the .install?18:31
qwerty12hrw, Ah :)18:31
hrwqwerty12: I plan to take only required stuff - laptop is not one of those18:32
X-Fade_GAN8001: A link to a .install file, or put the info in editable .install.18:32
hrwn810 with maemo-mapper filled with berlin maps +_ garnet-vm with metro18:32
*** rsalveti has quit IRC18:32
*** ken has quit IRC18:33
qwerty12hrw, nice18:33
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo18:33
pupnikthank you RST38h i will like to look at that later sometime.  feeling very weak atm18:33
qwerty12GAN8001, Your package needs to be in a repo before an install file is of any use18:33
GAN8001Right, it's not in a repo, so where do I point to the .deb?18:34
pupnikcommunication breakdown?18:34
*** zwnj has joined #maemo18:34
pupnikGAN8001: just host the .deb somewhere until you put it in repo18:35
qwerty12Or turn your garage page into a repo :p18:35
qwerty12The mytube guy does that :/18:35
GAN8001So I'm creating an entry for Advanced Backlight, I don't see a field for a link to a .deb18:35
GAN8001just the .install18:35
pupniki keep reading GANBOOl18:35
GAN8001So where do I put the link to the .deb?18:35
pupnikon a webpage?18:36
GAN8001Rather, an entry for Downloads.18:36
qwerty12I'd say leave it out (from what I know, its optional) and set the homepage to the deb and edit the page when you have it in a repo18:36
pupniksorry i'm not understanding18:36
X-Fade_GAN8001: Well, a bad hack is to add the link to the deb in the .install field ;)18:36
GAN8001OK, that's what the theme guys seem to do18:36
GAN8001That, for example.18:37
X-Fade_But it is better to just upload it to extras ;)18:37
qwerty12konttori! :O18:37
GAN8001X-Fade_, rm_you's job18:37
GAN8001and he's lazy.18:37
johnxGAN800, as rm_you's representative I authorize you to do it :D18:38
X-Fade_GAN8001: Presure him :D18:38
GAN8001Whew, communications breakdown for sure, pupnik. Glad that's cleared up. :P18:38
johnxif he gets cranky over it, tell him it's my fault18:38
GAN8001I have been18:38
GAN8001I'm the official Developer Annoyer for Advanced Backlight. ;)18:38
*** msanchez has quit IRC18:39
* qwerty12 hopes rm_you gets round to doing some of those todo's...18:39
*** sbodo_w has quit IRC18:40
GAN8001X-Fade_, is the any documentation on the Downloads submission process? I'd like to have two pages (or one page) that I can throw at developers when they do things like creating their own repos. Got the one for Extras, but I haven't seen anything for Downloads.18:40
*** Khertan_n810 has joined #maemo18:41
Khertan_n810Hi again18:42
X-Fade_GAN8001: There is this:
X-Fade_But it needs updating ;)18:42
Khertan_n810how can i debug a problem with an app that work when launched from xterm and not from program menu ?18:43
Khertan_n810i suppose that it s a problem with .desktop18:43
qwerty12Khertan_n810, You aren't using DBUS by any chance are you?18:43
Khertan_n810but don't see why18:43
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo18:44
Khertan_n810app have a d-bus services file18:44
X-Fade_bbl, need to do some last minute shopping :)18:44
Khertan_n810file seems the same as my other file18:44
qwerty12Check if everything is right. I made a dodgy dbus setup and after 15 seconds, the app would crap out on me18:44
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo18:44
Khertan_n810it s seems right but i think it just a simple thing i ven t see (many time)18:45
*** _berto_ has quit IRC18:45
hrwok - first maemo talk in on thursday 12:00?18:45
Khertan_n810and i m a bit tired to read it again and again :)18:45
*** b0unc3__ has quit IRC18:46
Khertan_n810it s why i ask if there is a log somewhere18:47
qwerty12*cough* is sisusbvga.ko the name of the module by Graham Cobb for his USB VGA thing?18:48
qwerty12Seems like Nokia have been a little naughty then :p18:50
qwerty12They have included it in Diablo initfs18:51
*** alextreme has joined #maemo18:53
*** jnl has joined #maemo18:54
JaffaNo, it's a normal Linux driver18:57
JaffaIt's good they've included it18:57
*** lmoura has joined #maemo18:57
qwerty12Ah, cool, thanks18:58
*** greentux has joined #maemo18:58
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone18:59
*** skibur has joined #maemo18:59
*** n800m has joined #maemo18:59
*** danilo_ has joined #maemo19:04
qwerty12well, my latest rip of the latest diablo initfs works. But my CAL is one flash away from corrupting: "RX-34+RX-44+RX-48_DIABLO_4.2008.21-4_PR_MR0�����{�|19:04
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo19:06
*** danilo_ has quit IRC19:06
*** greentux has quit IRC19:06
*** andre___ has quit IRC19:08
*** andre___ has joined #maemo19:08
*** crashanddie has quit IRC19:08
hrw|goneqwerty12: fiasco image?? give me ;D19:09
qwerty12no fiasco image, sorry :p19:09
*** danilo_ has joined #maemo19:10
* qwerty12 really should run 0xffff sometime to make a rootfs...19:10
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC19:11
*** zwnj has quit IRC19:11
hrw|goneqwerty12: install diablo, remove crap (videos etc) and share rootfs ;)19:12
* hrw|gone -> really away now19:12
qwerty12hrw|gone, Toooo late for that19:12
*** sergio has quit IRC19:12
* qwerty12 starts making moblock packages for maemo. Seeing as we have transmission and gtk-gnutella thanks to pipeline...19:12
Khertan_n810this .desktop will make me crazy !19:12
GAN800How would that be any different from redistributing the repo packages?19:12
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo19:12
qwerty12I don't plan on distributing the rootfs19:13
GAN800Licensing issues there, you wont avoid a take down doing that.19:13
*** zap has joined #maemo19:13
qwerty12you would still need linux/mac to flash a rootfs anyway :/19:13
*** harry has quit IRC19:14
*** kcome has joined #maemo19:15
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo19:16
*** gopi has joined #maemo19:16
Khertan_n810can i reproduce the program menu launch process from xterm ?19:17
MangoFusionjust got a new iphone today19:17
MangoFusion</sad joke>19:18
*** kcome has quit IRC19:18
johnxI always forget how comparitively low the iphone screen res is19:18
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC19:18
GAN800MangoFusion, poor thing's trapped in your N800 (or is it, your poor N800 has an iPhone trapped in it? :D).19:20
johnxGAN800, they'll have to operate19:20
johnxhow that iphone got in there, we'll never know O_o19:20
GAN800'I slipped and fell'19:21
MangoFusionthrough the wonders of vnc19:21
Fatalin case of turtleneck accident, break n800?19:21
GAN800or "It was a million to one shot, Doc--million to one!"19:21
johnx"Well i had a couple beers...and then I woke up and there it was!"19:22
*** mk8 has quit IRC19:23
*** Kt_ has joined #maemo19:25
*** krau has joined #maemo19:26
*** luogni has quit IRC19:26
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo19:28
MangoFusionbit too slow over vnc to see all the snazzy effects though19:29
Khertan_n810raw pdflush problem again !!!!19:30
NaviMangoFusion, your N800 needs to be checked19:30
NaviIt has a nasty virus on it19:30
MangoFusionreally? i thought IT's couldn't get viruses! ;)19:30
NaviApparently, it can19:31
NaviYour N800 has an iPhone on it19:31
Naviscan it immediately19:31
MangoFusionwhat with? can you recommend anything?19:31
*** k-s has quit IRC19:31
Navinorton antivirus is the only thing powerful enough to remove an iPhone19:32
Naviyou must beg them for an N800 port19:32
Khertan_n810there is virus for n800 metalayer-crawler and an other on that make pdflush eating your cpu !19:32
MangoFusionshit. does that mean i'll have to install windows?19:32
GAN800Norton wont do it. I recommend hyrdochloric acid.19:32
GAN800I blame this 'keyboard'. :P19:33
NaviOh, complaining about the nippleboards again?19:33
Naviat home again?19:33
GAN800Nah, finger keyboards.19:33
GAN800Haven't left.19:34
*** k-s has joined #maemo19:35
* qwerty12 <3's the moblock-deb team 19:35
*** Mousey has joined #maemo19:38
*** tobmaster has quit IRC19:41
*** Mousey has quit IRC19:45
*** beford has quit IRC19:45
*** ac7s1 has joined #maemo19:47
*** ac7s1 has left #maemo19:49
*** geaaru has joined #maemo19:50
*** Mousey has joined #maemo19:51
*** kenne has quit IRC19:51
*** andre____ has joined #maemo19:52
*** Dregs has joined #maemo19:53
*** andre___ has quit IRC19:53
*** greentux has joined #maemo19:54
*** gopi has quit IRC19:55
*** guardian has quit IRC19:55
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo19:58
*** calvaris has quit IRC20:00
*** kenne has joined #maemo20:03
*** eocanha has quit IRC20:03
*** booiiing has joined #maemo20:05
*** JussiP has joined #maemo20:06
GAN8001It's the counting game.20:07
Khertan_n810u lost20:08
GAN8001Everybody get out your machetes. Time to kill qwerty12. :P20:08
*** nn800n has joined #maemo20:08
Khertan_n810hum ... u loose20:08
* Khertan_n810 equip his double axe 20:09
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo20:10
*** l7_ has joined #maemo20:10
*** jeddy3 has joined #maemo20:10
*** tich has joined #maemo20:10
*** nn800n has quit IRC20:10
RST38hHave I missed a massacre?20:11
* Mousey is ded20:11
*** wasabi has left #maemo20:12
*** Khertan_n810 has left #maemo20:12
jaska hitchhiking to qwerty20:12
*** Zic has quit IRC20:13
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo20:14
*** bergie has quit IRC20:15
*** booiiing_ has quit IRC20:19
*** greentux has quit IRC20:19
*** gopi has joined #maemo20:20
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo20:21
lcukdoes anyone know why powerpoint wont handle mjpg movies from my camera?20:21
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC20:22
penguinbaitI am looking for a tool to show me the disk size, not partitions but the disk itself, any suggestions?20:22
glasslcuk: windows missing codec?20:23
GAN8001lcuk, powerpointfail?20:23
lcuki can play them in media player fine20:23
*** n800m has quit IRC20:23
lcukbut gan is right, powerpoint fails20:23
* GAN8001 really wants somebody to try USB2VGA for a presentation at LInuxTag. :P20:24
GAN8001penguinbait, commandline or gui?20:24
*** VimSi has joined #maemo20:24
penguinbaitcommand line20:24
*** vims0r has quit IRC20:25
*** pupnik has quit IRC20:26
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:26
*** kenne has quit IRC20:27
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo20:27
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:27
penguinbaitnevermind, found a way20:28
*** kenne has joined #maemo20:31
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:32
*** SimoHillo has joined #maemo20:34
*** dholbert has joined #maemo20:35
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo20:37
*** eocanha has joined #maemo20:41
*** WorkingOnWise has joined #maemo20:42
*** Tuco1 has quit IRC20:42
*** sxpert has quit IRC20:44
eocanhais here someone being a package mantainer in Extras repository?20:44
*** sxpert has joined #maemo20:44
*** trickie has joined #maemo20:44
*** sxpert has quit IRC20:45
*** sxpert has joined #maemo20:45
GAN8001He's prepping for LinuxTag at the moment (as far as I'm aware, anyway), so he'll probably be a little hard to get ahold of for the next 5 days or so.20:46
eocanha(I mean someone having published a package there, not the one who gives access rights)20:48
mza-prolly the wrong place to ask20:49
mza-anyone know if the E71 will have UMA?20:49
GAN8001Yes, there are a number of people in here who maintain packages in Extras.20:49
*** leandroal has joined #maemo20:50
eocanhaI'm reading the instructions at
eocanhaand they say: Change to SDK_PC target: 'sb-conf select SDK_PC'20:50
*** red-zack has quit IRC20:51
eocanhaand I was wondering if that really refers to CHINOOK_X8620:51
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC20:51
eocanhaSomeone has just told me that I'm right: they are referring to CHINOOK_X86 and CHINOOK_ARMEL20:52
*** guardian has joined #maemo20:54
*** lovebug356 has quit IRC20:55
fnordiansliphi all.  just (re)installed scratchbox via synaptic on Ubuntu Guyst.  Last time, had to use /scratchbox/login - now seems I just prefix commands with "sb2"20:56
fnordianslipis that notmal ???20:56
fnordianslipnormal, even ...20:56
*** svu has quit IRC20:58
*** sxpert has quit IRC21:00
*** yerga has joined #maemo21:01
*** L0cutus has quit IRC21:02
*** leandroal has quit IRC21:03
*** greentux has joined #maemo21:04
penguinbaitcan someone else test this on their tablet `expr 2000000000 + 1`21:04
penguinbaitand  `expr 4000000000 + 1`21:05
*** zwnj has joined #maemo21:08
*** pH5 has joined #maemo21:10
*** sergio_ has quit IRC21:10
*** svu has joined #maemo21:12
*** zap has quit IRC21:13
*** zap has joined #maemo21:13
*** zap has quit IRC21:15
*** behdad has joined #maemo21:15
TPCpH5, sure21:15
TPCpenguinbait, sure21:15
pH5TPC: thanks for the assurance though21:15
TPCfirst one gives 2000000001 second one gives -214748364821:15
penguinbaityeah thats what I got too21:16
penguinbaitits broken21:16
*** Tuco11 is now known as Tuco121:16
penguinbaitI guess I need to include my own in the package21:16
* jott slaps penguinbaint with 31 bits21:16
penguinbaitstupid busybox21:16
tichhey man thanks for the cloner deb21:19
*** tich is now known as n800n21:19
*** sxpert has joined #maemo21:19
*** vik_ has quit IRC21:19
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC21:20
penguinbaitno prob21:22
*** bedboi has quit IRC21:23
*** kabtoffe_ has quit IRC21:30
*** gnuton has joined #maemo21:31
gnutonhi there21:32
*** SimoHillo has quit IRC21:33
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo21:34
*** kabtoffe has joined #maemo21:36
*** GAN800 has quit IRC21:39
*** seraph1 has joined #maemo21:42
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC21:46
*** kkrusty has joined #maemo21:47
*** skibur has quit IRC21:49
*** l7_ has quit IRC21:50
*** kimrhh has joined #maemo21:53
kimrhhhi, does anyone know what driver in the linux kernel that is supposed to pick up the N810 when you plug it into the USB port?21:54
kulvesome usb gadget driver? (the storage thing?)21:54
pH5usb_storage (as long as g_file_storage is loaded on the n810)21:54
kimrhhthe device should be turned on when you want to flash it?21:55
*** bilboed has joined #maemo21:56
kulvekimrhh: flash the fiasco? Turn off, plug the cable, run the flasher, turn on21:57
kimrhhkulve: well, to be able to flash anything I would expect my Linux OS needs to find the device first?21:57
kimrhhi'm not running ubuntu or Debian, so I need something specific :) like, what kernel version works with it21:58
kimrhhi'm getting "[-813283440]: host clock rate change request 78 -> 141" and similar in dmesg21:59
kimrhhwhen I plug it in21:59
kulvelooks odd..21:59
*** kkrusty has quit IRC21:59
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo21:59
kulvebut the kernel in the device is never started when flashing, so the device doesn't do anything comples (like show up as a mass storage device)22:00
kimrhhso it should be turned off when you use the flasher tool? the guides doesn't really mention that :)22:00
timelythe windows flasher makes it *very* clear22:01
timelyit also specifies unplugged22:01
timelybecause while it's plugged in, it isn't actually off22:01
qwerty12_N800windows flasher sucks. I also have to install bb5 drivers :p22:01
pupnik_hi lcuk where ru22:03
*** GAN800 has joined #maemo22:03
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo22:04
* qwerty12_N800 gets to dumping my rootfs22:04
kimrhhtimely: ok :)22:06
GAN8001How many of you have had the dubious pleasure of actually using a iPhone Safari? I hadn't really invested time in it until today . . . goddamn does it suck compared to MicroB. <_<22:06
*** lopz has quit IRC22:08
pupnik_nice to hear GAN800122:09
*** lopz has joined #maemo22:11
kimrhhtimely: it should be turned on, right after one have started the flasher tool :)22:11
*** MikaT has joined #maemo22:12
timelyyeah that's explained in the windows flasher :)22:13
GAN8001The hardware dpad (corrects to "road" <_<) is such an unbelievable blessing.22:14
*** l7_ has joined #maemo22:15
GAN8001kimrhh, most of the guides I've seen mention that fact.22:15
GAN8001If you're worried about battery, you can always turn it ON using the charger. Just make sure USB is plugged in, hold down Home/Swap and plug in the charger.22:16
GAN8001Works the same as if you had turned it on using the power button for the purposes of charging.22:17
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC22:17
disqanybody having problems with tinymail/imap (gmail) attempting to download all the headers instead of the latest 50/100/whatever?22:17
timelydisq: err, i thought all imap clients were that stupid22:17
timelydo you actually know of *any* that aren't?22:18
timelythey typically do an initial message index retrieval22:18
timelywhich for my imap mailbox actually historically killed the imap server ;) (oom)22:18
disqi got 5.2 gigs of a message archive on my gmail account22:18
disq3000+ headers22:19
timelynot many messages22:19
timelyYou are currently using 2321 MB (34%) of your 6766 MB. 1 - 50 of 172129 <- that's my medium sized gmailbox22:20
disqbut i don't want to see the listview cluttered with headers from 2006 and 200522:20
disq1-50 of 10068 here22:20
*** kkrusty has joined #maemo22:20
timelyYou are currently using 2903 MB (42%) of your 6766 MB. 1 - 100 of 546446 <- large gmailbox22:21
timelyi also have a non gmail box which is a couple of gbs22:21
disqYou are currently using 5227 MB (20%) of your 25600 MB. <- larger in size but not in message count22:21
timelyimap clients just don't handle such mailboxes very well :)22:21
timelyactually, nor do file systems22:22
timelymaildir is about the dumbest thing imaginable for a mailbox like mine :)22:22
GAN800tinely, while you're about, is there a simple explanation for the 'Connecting...' status bar that sometimes bounces back and forth for about 10-20 seconds before getting on with actually loading the page?22:24
infobotGAN800 meant: timely, while you're about, is there a simple explanation for the 'Connecting...' status bar that sometimes bounces back and forth for about 10-20 seconds before getting on with actually loading the page?22:27
*** jeddy3 has quit IRC22:30
timelyGAN800: it might be a dns request...22:30
timelynot sure offhand22:30
*** Mousey has quit IRC22:32
GAN8001Hmm, maybe. It crops up for me every once and a while and I usually cycle the wifi connection with good results (though I've been paying less than perfect attention to it). A lot of people seem to run into it, though.22:32
*** Mousey has joined #maemo22:32
*** eocanha has quit IRC22:32
lcukpupnik_, im here just about22:33
lcukyou can't be poorly!22:33
*** yerga has quit IRC22:33
*** avs has joined #maemo22:34
lcukquestion: powerpoint thiny doesnt handle movies does it?22:38
*** danilo_ has quit IRC22:39
GAN8001Ha, who put this in the quips? "No really, it's _intentionally_ broken by design."22:39
* lcuk has broken his laptop22:40
lcukthat wasnt intentional22:40
GAN8001Your new one?22:41
lcukmy second user one i got instead of wasting money on an eee22:41
lcukeee woulda fit as well22:41
lcukmy god, chaos in 6 hours22:42
GAN8001Only 6?22:42
lcukyer and im expected to sleep22:42
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC22:43
*** borism has quit IRC22:43
*** j0tt has joined #maemo22:44
*** jott has quit IRC22:44
*** j0tt is now known as jott22:44
RST38hGAN: Seen a fortune database entry once that gave a German word for "broken through improvement"22:45
GAN8001We've got that, too. <_<22:46
GAN8001LinuxTag people, do you guys have anybody planning on setting up a live webcast yet? :D22:47
lcukif there is a movie and i bottle it, don't laugh too loudly22:48
*** captainigloo has joined #maemo22:50
GAN8001lcuk's N810 is going to explode on stage.22:50
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo22:50
lcukits better fluffin not do22:51
lcukanyway, time to sleep - ill be back on sat/sunday22:51
*** red-zack has joined #maemo22:51
*** lcuk has quit IRC22:51
n800nnot that one22:54
n800nmisfire :x22:54
*** Sargun has quit IRC22:54
{abo}Hi again :)22:55
MoRpHeUzanybody played with maemo + certs ?22:56
{abo}Uhm... I have an ext3-formatted partition on the MMC. tune2fs says "has_journal". But mount -t ext3 fails, -t ext2 works. The kernel module is loaded.22:56
{abo}Any ideas?22:56
*** l7__ has joined #maemo22:56
{abo}MoRpHeUz: X509?22:56
MoRpHeUz{abo}: yeah...22:57
qwerty12_N800{abo}, pastebin me ur lsmod output22:57
*** Pio has left #maemo22:57
MoRpHeUzI took a look @
{abo}qwerty12_N800: ok hang on22:57
MoRpHeUzbut it says that you need to generate the key and install ssl..I would like to know if there is not a default user certificate generated...22:58
MoRpHeUzby the device...22:58
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo23:00
qwerty12_N800hmm, you have the right modules inserted. does dmesg say anything after trying to mount?23:01
{abo}nothing that looks relevamt. "EAC mode: play enabled", "Setting voltage" and so on23:03
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo23:04
{abo}Btw, what's a good filesystem to use on a micro SD card? I'd like something journaled so I don't have to hook in an fsck in the startup. But maybe I should just go with ext2 and make sure i run fsck.23:04
*** seraph1 has quit IRC23:06
*** bergie has joined #maemo23:06
*** jeez_ has quit IRC23:07
*** koyote` has joined #maemo23:10
{abo}bah, computers :/23:11
*** behdad has quit IRC23:12
{abo}Now it works, after a reboot. But it still mounted my / as ext2 even though it has a journal.23:12
KotCzarnywith ext3 you don't have to run fsck23:13
{abo}Yeah that's what i'm after23:13
Tuco1anyone know why modest will notify you of new emails but will not send pending emails when you get back online?23:13
*** konttori has joined #maemo23:14
*** thopiekar has quit IRC23:14
*** koyote`` has joined #maemo23:14
*** borism has joined #maemo23:15
qwerty12_N800Anyone know how  to make tar go into each subfolder and tar up *.ko files with the folder name (like fanoush's module pack)?23:18
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC23:19
*** dougt has quit IRC23:20
*** dougt has joined #maemo23:20
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo23:21
*** mazzen has joined #maemo23:21
*** wms has quit IRC23:22
*** koyote``` has joined #maemo23:24
*** kkrusty has quit IRC23:25
{abo}qwerty12_N800: for d in $(find /some/folder -type d); do tar -cf $d.tar -C $d '*.ko'; done23:25
{abo}or something23:25
wndqwerty12_N800, how about just using find for that task, e.g. "tar -cf foo.tar $(find /path/to -name '*.ko')". if the list goes too long, "find /path/to -name '*.ko' | tar -cf - -T -" or something23:25
qwerty12_N800thanks both! :)23:25
*** koyote has quit IRC23:25
wndfor loops break far too easily with whitespaces23:25
wnderm, actually I just realised I missread your question23:26
*** philipl has quit IRC23:27
*** koyote` has quit IRC23:27
*** jeez_ has joined #maemo23:29
*** philipl has joined #maemo23:30
*** simboss has joined #maemo23:32
*** jpeterse1 has quit IRC23:34
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo23:34
*** trickie has quit IRC23:36
*** benh has joined #maemo23:37
*** koyote`` has quit IRC23:38
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo23:40
practisevoodooanyone got any idea why i cant copy files to my removable memory card of the main memory?23:42
practisevoodoowhenever I try I am told "Unable to continue. Folder not found."23:42
*** koyote``` has quit IRC23:43
*** Mousey has quit IRC23:44
*** Mousey has joined #maemo23:44
*** Sargun has joined #maemo23:46
||cwpractisevoodoo: characters in the name that arne't valid on fat32?23:49
*** atlas95 has quit IRC23:49
practisevoodooactually that is a distinct posability23:50
practisevoodoostupid :23:52
*** bergie has quit IRC23:53
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo23:54
*** JussiP has quit IRC23:55
*** penguinbait has left #maemo23:56
*** SDuensin has quit IRC23:56
*** konttori has quit IRC23:59

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