IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2008-05-16

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NaviAnyone have a link to fennec handy?00:01
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penguinbaitAh, then end of another hard day at work!!!!00:03
KotCzarnyyou are ircing from work?00:03
penguinbaitwhat else am I supposed to do?00:03
penguinbaitI work for a sales org, if they dont sell, I just sit and wait for systems to configure00:04
JackCrowIf I couldn't IRC from work, I wouldn't IRC at all!00:04
penguinbaitmostly I configure nokia devices :)00:04
penguinbaitwe dont sell those :)00:04
penguinbaitand KDE just finished installing on my new partition, how timly00:05
summatusmentishow well does KDE work on the N810?00:05
penguinbaitits a tad slow to start new apps, but they all run well00:05
Blasturis it normal that the N810 stops reponding to pings whenever it doesn't use the wifi connection?00:06
penguinbaitno its your AP00:06
KotCzarnyblastur: probably you have wifi idle on?00:06
Blasturhow can i disable wifi idle?00:06
KotCzarnyin connections window00:07
JackCrowyou can set an idle time00:07
Blasturi have "unlimited"00:07
penguinbaitI had to buy newer AP00:07
summatusmentiswhat hildon? the backend WM?00:07
KotCzarnytry lowering pwoer saving then00:07
Blasturpenguinbait: ive tried 2 APs now, both were flashed with OpenWRT00:07
BlasturKotCzarny: where do i control that stuff?00:07
penguinbaitI had 810.11b linksys, always had problems even with dlink firmware, I got a netgear 802.11b/g and its working perfectly00:08
KotCzarnyblastur: when you configure ap, next all the way to the end and click advanced00:08
penguinbaitno more ping scripts00:08
penguinbaitIf its an old AP, you might not be able to fix it00:08
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Blasturhow significant impact does completely disabling power saving on wifi have?00:10
JackCrowcould try openwrt if there is an image for your AP.  If the manufacturer is not suporting it anymore, replacement firmware might be the way to go00:10
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BlasturJackCrow, im running kamikaze 7.0900:10
KotCzarnyblastur: hmm, sometimes it just hangs00:11
KotCzarnyie. wifi in my n80000:11
KotCzarnyusually when moving much data via sshfs00:11
Blasturhangs as in unrecoverable?00:11
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KotCzarnyi have to reconnect via systray00:11
KotCzarnywifi only, sshfs resumes automatically00:12
Blasturwell, the power savings trick seems to do a lot of good00:12
Blasturi think it is confusing for other parties of the n810 goes away for a while00:12
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zapUnfortunately, mplayer cannot play audio without timer sync :(00:13
KotCzarnyzap: try another -ao ?00:13
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zapKotCzarny: -ao null, in vain00:14
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zapaha, -ao pcm writes to a file00:15
Blasturhmm, ok.. so its significant then00:15
Blasturwhat do you guys recommend as a "stable" AP for n810?00:15
Blasturone that can handle the aggresive power saving features00:15
tank-manwhats the original problem? can't ping the n810?00:17
zapOkay, so benchmarks shows that mplayer is "only" 42% faster than gstream: 46.7s vs 32.8s00:17
Blasturthe original problem is that the wifi connection stops working after a while (even though it says "connected" and signal strength is good)00:17
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Blasturand i cant browse the web on my n81000:18
KotCzarnyzap: so it's not 100x :)00:18
cjohnsonBlastur, sadly, I know quite a few wireless devices that cause that. Many wireless adapters, and even many waps cause it00:18
zapI'd say if somebody could speedup ogg decoding by 42% by using, say, DSP, everybody would say "Yahoo!"00:18
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Blasturcjohnson, how do you mean? is it the n810 thats causing it, or my other wlan equipment?00:19
JackCrowMy thinkpad was like that at school, but worked fine at home.  I think you can just run into inconsistencies when mixing vendors00:19
Blasturcause wifi is kindof very critical to this device ;)00:19
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tank-manmaybe your router's firmware needs updating00:22
Blasturmaybe.. though, the router runs an opensource system called openwrt, which is pretty well maintained and active in bug fixing etc00:24
Blasturim gonna sleep on this ;) gnite! and thanks for your thoughts00:24
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alechHi, anyone responsible for here?00:29
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hagnacan I develop for maemo to see if I can write stuff for a nokia tablet before I actually buy one?00:33
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NullM0demyes with the SDK00:33
KotCzarnymaemo sdk00:33
KotCzarny~maemo sdk00:33
KotCzarnybot died?00:33
infobotSoftware Development Kit00:34
hagnainfobot: thanks00:34
infobothagna: no problem00:34
NullM0demjust slow00:34
NullM0dembot needs tea00:34
KotCzarnybot needs prodding00:34
NullM0demsic beastie on it00:34
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KotCzarny3, i win00:39
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n800ndoes maemo do alsa?00:39
KotCzarnykind of00:39
n800nhow come00:40
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n800ni mean00:41
n800nis it a bitch?00:41
NullM0demit was a few years back on any machine00:41
n800ncairo works right?00:42
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n800ncanola doesn't do gif ?00:52
KotCzarny /join #canola ?00:53
kenneonly if you compile efl with support for it00:53
KotCzarnythough they are after work by now00:53
* lardman is concerned that what was nice clean code, is now messy00:53
KotCzarnylardman: as long it works.. ;)00:53
KotCzarnymake many comments though00:54
n800ni think i've reached kot's limit of noob questions.00:54
lardmanWell that's the big question; I have to do lots of bit shifting to handle what was a buffer of 8bit chars but it now 16bit chars00:54
KotCzarnyn800n: i just don't know :)00:54
NullM0demIm guilty of noobness, i started working too much overtime and im retarded at this time....    no time for my n810 :-(00:54
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Knirchfind a way of making the n810 part of your job00:55
KotCzarnysalesman? :>00:55
zapIs there a normal version of gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg-osso ? It looks like the package from Nokia is very castrated, decodes only MPEG100:56
zapperhaps due to legal issues00:56
KotCzarnyzap: ?00:56
pupnik810i want a job crawling under secretaries desks again00:56
KotCzarnymaybe they have packages for armel00:56
zapwill it work?00:56
KotCzarnyas long it's armel, sure00:56
NullM0dempupnik810:who doesent00:56
* KotCzarny doesn't00:57
pupnik810prob is when the boxen run windos00:57
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pupnik810sounds like a typical person on irc eh01:00
KotCzarnypupnik, heh, read the whole story01:00
NullM0demgood story01:01
pupnik810yaay for internets and computers01:03
KotCzarnythough i would like her to go somewhere else than msn01:03
pupnik810she types better than most kids on youtube01:04
pupnik810might be a fake story of course01:05
GeneralAntillesYouTube is disturbing01:05
n800ni've heard of that before01:05
GeneralAntillesI'm amazed at the levels of stupidity that can be found there.01:05
summatusmentislardman: you used to use Zauriii right?01:05
lardmanAnyone fancy looking at some changes made to an SBC encoder to handle 16bit rather than 8bit chars?01:05
lardmansummatusmentis: yes01:05
summatusmentisdo you still? why'd you change?01:06
pupnik810sbc ?01:06
lardmansummatusmentis: larger screen, built-in wifi01:06
lardmancome on infobot!01:06
KotCzarnyinfobot is sloppy today01:06
summatusmentislardman: and has the NIT been everything your Z used to be?01:06
lardmansummatusmentis: yes, though in the first instance I missed the software available from OE01:07
lardmansummatusmentis: but we can now build for Maemo from OE, so that's not an issue01:07
pupnik810update yer ssh btw01:08
summatusmentislardman: so do you think that had you used OE for your Z, you would've kept it?01:08
lardmansummatusmentis: The only other minor issue is that any other GUIs aren't so well developed; presumably people are partly put off by the closedness of some components01:08
lardmansummatusmentis: I did and although I still have it, I wouldn't think of going back01:09
summatusmentisinteresting. The reason I'm interrogating you, considering switching over from my 320001:09
lardmanMy latest model was a c75001:09
lardmanthe N810, with keyboard which was a major pita on the 770/n800, is ideal imho01:09
summatusmentisyeah, that's what I'm looking at01:10
lardmanwell, obviously things could always be better - PowerVR driver for example ;), but not too bad01:10
summatusmentisand you've never had issues with software?01:10
summatusmentisapplications for the NIT, etc.01:10
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lardmanhw video accel was not as good on the cxxxx machines as on the cxxx machines, but you may take another step back01:11
summatusmentisvideo accel is bad on the N810's?01:11
lardmansummatusmentis: I don't tend to use much, I rather tend to fiddle with things. The PIM is as good, I have anything OE will build01:11
KotCzarnywhat video accel?01:11
GeneralAntillesNon existent at the moment.01:12
summatusmentislol, oh01:12
lardmanscreen is also larger, so can suffer from bandwidth issue01:12
*** bigup has joined #maemo01:12
summatusmentisso.. mamona isn't a distro, instead it's just building OE stuff? or am I confused?01:12
lardmanit might be a distro, is not compatible with the standard Maemo install01:13
n800nhow much space would a KDE install take?01:13
lardmanthere is a config option to build for maemo though (in standard OE conf file)01:13
GeneralAntillesMore than is on the built-in flash, n800n.01:13
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC01:13
summatusmentislardman: interesting01:13
n800ni boot off sd card01:13
lardmansummatusmentis: difficult I know01:14
n800ndoes it need its own partition or does it run inside maemo?01:14
summatusmentislardman: what's difficult? I know how to use OE :)01:14
n800nfound it01:14
GeneralAntillespenguinbait's got a deb intsall up.01:14
summatusmentiswait.. .debs?01:15
summatusmentison maemo?01:15
GeneralAntillesIt amounts to mobile-debian.01:15
GeneralAntillesUses apt.01:15
summatusmentisso then, why are people putting debian on it?01:15
lardmansummatusmentis: the decision I meant01:15
summatusmentisshouldn't we just be able to point it to debain ARMEL repos?01:15
GeneralAntillesBecause it only amounts to mobile-debian01:16
summatusmentislardman: yeah... I love my Z :)01:16
GeneralAntillesit isn't actually Debian.01:16
GeneralAntillesI wish, summatusmentis.01:16
KotCzarnydependency would kill you01:16
KotCzarnyand there is some breakage lurking01:16
summatusmentisGeneralAntilles: yeah, I misunderstood01:16
KotCzarnyif you replace some system packages01:16
GeneralAntillesOne large issue is having Busybox instead of GNUtils01:16
pupnik810we must spread linux to handhelds01:17
summatusmentisugh... not a fan of Busybox01:17
KotCzarnyit's small01:17
GeneralAntillesMeh, we've only got so much space and RAM to work with.01:17
summatusmentiswe should really just take over the world, and get rid of these stupid closed source corps01:17
*** hfwilke has quit IRC01:17
summatusmentisGeneralAntilles: 2GB for space, 128Mb ram?01:17
GeneralAntilles256MB internal flash01:17
KotCzarny2gb if you boot off it01:17
GeneralAntilles128MB RAM01:17
KotCzarnyby default it's vfat01:17
GeneralAntillesThe 2GB is a soldered-on SD card.01:18
pupnik810that is a problem01:18
summatusmentisoh, but that's possible to boot off of?01:18
pupnik810yes with changes01:18
summatusmentiscan you create a loop image to boot from?01:18
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo01:18
summatusmentisyeah, a loop-back file01:18
KotCzarnywhat for?01:18
*** hfwilke has quit IRC01:19
pupnik810i would suggest 2x micro sdhc for n900 with boot from sd by default01:19
summatusmentisso that you don't need to reformat the entire 2GB to ext201:19
KotCzarnyyou can partition that 2gb01:19
GeneralAntillesPartition it. . . .01:19
KotCzarnyit's seen as regular sd card01:19
summatusmentisoh, hrr01:19
summatusmentisand then there are extra microSD ports?01:19
summatusmentisok, that's fine01:20
KotCzarnyvs 2 regular size sd slots on n80001:20
KotCzarnyn800 ftw!01:20
summatusmentisthe n800 didn't have 2GB though?01:20
KotCzarnybut has 2 slots01:20
pupnik810CF forevah!01:20
KotCzarnyand 2gb is like 9$01:20
summatusmentisdoes the n810 have usb host?01:21
KotCzarnyie. 100mA01:21
summatusmentislike the Z, ok01:21
*** mrlanrat has joined #maemo01:21
GeneralAntillesIt's OTG01:21
summatusmentishpw does that differ?01:21
GeneralAntillesYou can switch modes with a properly grounded cable.01:22
KotCzarnyor software01:22
summatusmentisoh, host vs "slave"(don't know what it's called)01:22
summatusmentisthat would make sense01:22
summatusmentissee, I don't know if the Z had that. The software seemed to think it did, but I don't know for sure01:23
summatusmentishow do people get around not having a tab key?01:24
pupnik810mapping tab to fn+space for me01:24
summatusmentisand one doesn't need to hold down the fn key for it to register?01:25
*** l7_ has joined #maemo01:25
*** matt_c has quit IRC01:25
summatusmentislike, <press>fn<release><press>space<release>01:25
*** TimRiker has quit IRC01:25
MajMin7hey i just noticed that the N810/800 repositories  at are down01:26
MajMin7anyone know what this is about?01:26
summatusmentisI'm heavily leaning towards buying an n810... anyone want a Zaurus c3200? :-D01:26
KotCzarnytry #zaurus ?01:27
MajMin7is there an alternate location for repositories?01:27
GeneralAntillesMajMin7, his website is having trouble.01:27
summatusmentisKotCzarny: that's a dead channel. :D01:27
MajMin7this is terrible timing!01:27
MajMin7has this happened before?01:28
GeneralAntillesIt's been down before.01:28
Navisummatusmentis, don't sell your thing01:28
GeneralAntillesWhat are you after, anyway?01:28
GeneralAntilles95% of the stuff you need is in Extras.01:28
summatusmentisNavi: but... but... then i won't be able to afford the n810?01:28
MajMin7i need to get ssh-server and also gainroot01:28
MajMin7thats it01:28
MajMin7are they in extras?01:28
summatusmentisNavi: I'm going through the 'poor college student' phase of my life right now01:28
GeneralAntillesExtras and nitapps.com01:28
GeneralAntillesUse easyroot01:28
Navisummatusmentis, :P01:28
sp3000pupnik810: ohh don't make me google for it01:29
MajMin7ahh lifesaver01:29
NullM0demsummatusmentus: I love my n810 it has almost a 2week uptime :)01:29
MajMin7let me try that01:29
tank-manif you are poor, you should be looking at the n800 instead of the n81001:29
NullM0demi am poor, i saved up01:29
pupnik810sry sp300001:29
summatusmentistank-man: hardware keyboard is a must01:29
* KotCzarny has igo ultra slim01:30
tank-manusb keyboard :)01:30
pupnik810bt ftw01:30
summatusmentisalso, going to a workshop where I can get the n810 for $38001:30
* KotCzarny got n800 for 150$01:30
summatusmentiswell lah-di-dah! :)01:31
KotCzarnyand bt kb for 25$01:31
summatusmentisbt kb doesn't work when you're walking around though, unless I'm not understanding what this thing looks like01:32
KotCzarnythen you can use osk01:32
KotCzarnyit's hard to type when you walking with hw kb too01:32
NullM0demosk is decent01:32
*** l7_ has quit IRC01:32
KotCzarny*you are01:32
KotCzarny    "Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber."01:33
KotCzarny    - Plato, Greek philosopher (424 - 348 BC)01:33
summatusmentisis ebay down for others?01:33
*** benh has joined #maemo01:33
*** CrashandDie has joined #maemo01:33
summatusmentiswait, fixed01:33
KotCzarnyworks for me01:33
NullM0demnice quote01:33
summatusmentisKotCzarny: well, yeah, but easier thank a bt keyboard01:35
sp3000pupnik810: s'ok ;)01:35
* sp3000 finds /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/nokia_vndr/rx-44 and wins01:35
*** alech has quit IRC01:36
*** mrlanrat has quit IRC01:36
summatusmentisKotCzarny: now you've gotten me all confused... I knew what I wanted, and now you've made me re-think it!01:36
MajMin7hey, is it possible to copy ssh-server off of one N810 and onto another?01:38
sp3000dunno, built in hwkb wins for me01:38
lardmansummatusmentis: go with built-in01:38
pupnik810best for ultraportable01:38
sp3000also, sun-compatible screen01:38
*** mrlanrat has joined #maemo01:38
tank-manthe soft case for the n810 is better than the one included with the n800 too01:38
pupnik810but bt is better if you have a table01:39
sp3000onscreen fkb is fine ebough to type on, but the way it takes you out of the context of the app is annoying01:39
KotCzarnybt is reusable01:39
KotCzarnywith a phone/laptop etc01:39
lardmanpupnik810: full size kb & x2x or the like ;)01:39
NullM0demMajMin: that would be rough, you would have to know what the deb installs and where, also need to regen your keys. Im not sure if the n810 stores the .deb you may be able to just copy theat01:40
*** christefano has quit IRC01:40
MajMin7i was afraid of that01:40
lardmansp3000: going back and using the onscreen job on the n800 while doing some dev work is stepping back a fair few steos; for me at least01:40
*** jeez_ has quit IRC01:40
MajMin7the only source I know for ssh-server is  I havent found it elsewhere yet01:40
MajMin7is there another source?01:40
GeneralAntillesIt's in Extras, MajMin7 . . . like I said. :\01:41
NullM0demgoto extras;01:41
MajMin7oh wait01:41
GeneralAntillesgronmayer isn't a source for anything.01:41
MajMin7i over looked it maybe01:41
*** f_moh1 has quit IRC01:41
GeneralAntillesIt's just a list of maemo repos.01:41
KotCzarnymajmin: enable extras01:41
* sp3000 sleeps01:41
KotCzarnythen just install it with app-man or apt-get01:41
MajMin7sorry sorry .  im a bit out of it today01:41
*** sp3000 has quit IRC01:41
*** djcb has quit IRC01:42
*** alextreme has quit IRC01:42
*** f_mohr has joined #maemo01:42
MajMin7enable extras?01:42
MajMin7i dont know what that means01:43
KotCzarnygo to app-man01:43
GeneralAntillesOpen Application manager01:43
GeneralAntillesTap the menu01:43
GeneralAntillesTap Tools01:43
GeneralAntillesTap Application Catalogs...01:43
GeneralAntillesEdit maemo Extras01:43
GeneralAntillesUncheck disable01:43
MajMin7oh crap01:43
MajMin7i forgot about this01:43
MajMin7there it is.01:44
MajMin7thanks so much01:44
*** Kt_ has quit IRC01:45
*** bigup has quit IRC01:45
*** Synchronicity has joined #maemo01:45
*** SDuensin has joined #Maemo01:46
KotCzarny'now with less lead & toxins'01:48
*** ricko73 has joined #maemo01:48
*** zap has quit IRC01:49
summatusmentislardman: coding w/ osk is a valid point01:49
n800nless lead and toxins01:49
*** k-s has joined #maemo01:50
*** PhosphoricX has joined #maemo01:51
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC01:52
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC01:52
PhosphoricXHey, I'm thinking about upgrading to OS2008. Any idea how much space it takes when installed?01:53
KotCzarnyit reformats the flash01:54
*** briand has quit IRC01:54
KotCzarnyyou can expect ~80-120mb free after that01:54
PhosphoricXKotCzarny: I'm just wondering if my flash is big enough, I have the default on the N80001:54
KotCzarnywhen cloned to sd card it takes ~200-360mb01:54
*** briand has joined #maemo01:54
KotCzarnyPhosphoricX: don't worry01:54
KotCzarnybut do a backup of your stuff01:55
PhosphoricXKotCzarny: great thanks!01:55
KotCzarnyas the 256mb is wiped over01:55
PhosphoricXKotCzarny: Good to know, I surely will.01:55
*** pupnik has joined #maemo01:58
*** pupnik810 has quit IRC01:58
*** PhosphoricX has quit IRC01:58
lardmansummatusmentis: not even coding, just typing in a term - so much easier with a physical kb02:00
*** vcgomes has quit IRC02:01
lardmanand as was said before, some apps resize their view when the on-screen keyboard is used (gnumeric for example) which is sooo annoying02:01
lardmanlate, bed time for me02:01
lardmannight all02:01
KotCzarnylardman: try xvkbd ? :)02:01
lardmanKotCzarny: would be better, but still lose screen space02:02
KotCzarnycan be moved out of sight02:02
KotCzarnyand layout can be changed02:02
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC02:02
lardmanif it were transparent like the kb in the original debian build for the sl5500, then perhaps :)02:02
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo02:02
KotCzarnyi was thinking about it02:02
lardmanI coulnd't go back to a device without a physical kb now though02:03
KotCzarnybut i haven't found a code to do it02:03
*** eton has joined #maemo02:03
lardmanKotCzarny: that was actually vnc iirc02:03
lardmankdrive was compiled to output as a vnc server02:03
*** mrlanrat has quit IRC02:05
*** PhosphoricX has joined #maemo02:06
lardmananyway, night all02:06
*** lardman has quit IRC02:07
*** hugolp has joined #maemo02:13
*** hugolp has left #maemo02:13
*** hagna has quit IRC02:19
*** rsalveti has quit IRC02:19
*** nelson has joined #maemo02:19
*** eton_ has joined #maemo02:22
*** eton has quit IRC02:25
*** fab has quit IRC02:25
KotCzarny    "Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."02:26
KotCzarny    - Robert A. Heinlein, sci-fi author (1907 - 1988)02:26
pupnik good stuff02:27
*** ac7ss has joined #maemo02:32
*** etrunko has quit IRC02:33
*** vcgomes has quit IRC02:33
pupnikAAAAAAGHGGG i cat > instead of cat >>02:37
KotCzarnybad cat!02:38
KotCzarnybut not as bad as:
pupnikat least i remember most of it02:38
*** k-s has quit IRC02:38
*** matt_c has joined #maemo02:42
*** kenne has quit IRC02:43
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo02:44
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*** turbo has joined #maemo02:52
*** briand has quit IRC02:53
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo02:57
*** Sargun has quit IRC02:57
*** matt_c has quit IRC02:59
*** eton_ has quit IRC03:00
*** brlancer has left #maemo03:05
*** bilboed has quit IRC03:05
*** eton_ has joined #maemo03:06
*** turbo has quit IRC03:10
*** turbo has joined #maemo03:15
*** trbs has quit IRC03:17
*** db48x has joined #maemo03:22
*** eton has joined #maemo03:22
*** lindever__ has quit IRC03:24
*** corq-FL has quit IRC03:26
*** tortoise_ has quit IRC03:29
*** eton_ has quit IRC03:30
*** jsullivan has quit IRC03:32
*** BabelO has quit IRC03:32
*** NullM0dem has quit IRC03:33
*** harry has joined #maemo03:33
*** behdad has quit IRC03:34
*** eton_ has joined #maemo03:35
*** PhosphoricX has quit IRC03:37
*** mrlanrat has joined #maemo03:38
*** _berto_ has quit IRC03:46
*** Mousey has quit IRC03:47
*** l7_ has joined #maemo03:48
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo03:49
*** corq-FL has joined #maemo03:51
mrlanratwhat was the final flasher arguments that wont make the IT go into a reboot loop? (for diablo)03:51
GeneralAntillesflasher-3.0 --set-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset03:52
GeneralAntillesOtherwise the watchdog will kill it when the connectivity drivers get updated.03:52
*** dougt has joined #maemo03:53
*** ustunozgur_ has joined #maemo03:54
*** briand has joined #maemo03:55
*** eton has quit IRC03:55
*** turbo has quit IRC03:56
*** ustunozgur_ has quit IRC04:00
*** flo_lap has quit IRC04:01
*** benh has quit IRC04:01
mrlanratI did that, now how do i get it to load the new image over to it?04:07
mrlanratHow do i load a new chinook image onto it in linux04:09
*** Gracana has joined #maemo04:09
mrlanrativ always used the windows flasher...04:09
GracanaYay, vtwm on the n800. :)04:09
* Gracana == Grackle04:10
GeneralAntillesDo you have a custom kernel or initfs installed, mrlanrat?04:10
*** eton has joined #maemo04:10
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo04:10
GeneralAntillesOK, then: flasher-3.0 -F <FIASCO image> -f -R04:11
*** ustunozgur has quit IRC04:11
GeneralAntilles-F points to the FIASCO image04:11
GeneralAntilles-f tells it to flash it04:12
GeneralAntilles-R tells it to reboot when done.04:12
mrlanratso i enter that command after the 1st one?04:12
*** n800n has quit IRC04:14
KotCzarny800, i win04:19
mrlanratthat was random.....04:19
KotCzarnytoo late04:19
mrlanrat42!!! I win!!!!04:19
GeneralAntillesNo, this is IRC.04:19
*** Sho_ has quit IRC04:20
*** Pio has left #maemo04:20
Navithunar wasn't removed when I autoremoved xfce404:22
*** Crfrodf has joined #maemo04:23
*** eton_ has quit IRC04:27
ds3has anyone seen a case in OS2008 where it suddenly reverts to a tiny font for everything? rebooting fixes it and I had no idea how it got there04:27
ds3wonder what i am doing unique as I seem to be having these odd problems (there is another one where the combine backlight/sound applet dies and suddenly things revert to the original sound/screen applets)04:29
GeneralAntillesErm, that's hildon-desktop crashing.04:29
GeneralAntillesBut it's not adv-backlight causing it.04:29
ds3is hildon-desktop prone to crashing if things run low on memory?04:30
GeneralAntillesIt crashes sometimes under very high CPU load for me04:31
GeneralAntillesor when reconnecting a bluetooth keyboard about once every ten times.04:31
GeneralAntillesYou have virtual memory enabled?04:31
ds3I also have a problem the osso-mail thing crashing and breaking its POP polling04:31
Naviosso-mail isn't recommended04:32
Navimodest makes a much better email client on the nits04:32
Naviyou could go with claws-mail too if you want04:32
NaviI hate the current wiki04:33
Navithe editing controls keep disappearing04:33
*** rm_you has joined #maemo04:34
Navithey were too low and I tried to move them up a little04:35
*** guenther has quit IRC04:35
Naviand they flew off the display area04:35
mrlanratThis is going to sound really weird....04:35
ds3do any of them integrate with the flashing bluelight and the icon thing on the lower left side?04:35
mrlanratmy n810 is talking to me04:35
mrlanrati just reflashed it and i was inatalling my 1st app04:35
mrlanratand it started talking04:35
mrlanratit says hello something....04:36
mrlanratits hard to make out...04:36
Navids3, email?04:36
ds3Navi: yeah04:36
Navids3, modest notifies you using the led, yes04:36
ds3Navi: right now the blue LED flashes when I have new mail and if I am just looking at screen, the icon flashes and tapping on it gives me the subject line04:36
GeneralAntillesModest is replacing osso-email in Diablo, ds3.04:37
GeneralAntillesIt supports everything osso-email does.04:37
ds3not thrilled with osso-mail but I like consistancy and integration more04:37
ds3Oh nice04:37
ds3is it in a repo or just a garage project?04:37
GeneralAntillesgarage for now04:38
GeneralAntillesLike I said, it's shipping with Diablo.04:38
*** eton has quit IRC04:38
ds3I'll look into installing it tonight04:38
GeneralAntillesYou install flite, mrlanrat?04:38
NaviIt's about as integrated as osso-mail is04:38
ds3so far I am very very happy with how well integrated the rtcomm beta stuff is04:38
Navimrlanrat, haha, your tablet is sentient04:39
NaviHello Dave.04:39
Navidneary, ping04:39
*** rm_you| has joined #maemo04:39
*** Crfrod has quit IRC04:39
NaviI'd be really sad if nobody got the 2001 reference04:41
NaviOh, nevermind, GeneralAntilles is here :/04:41
ds3anyone other users of the rtcomm stuff here?04:41
NaviI had it04:41
ds3had? what made you get rid of it?04:42
Navia lot of people do04:42
NaviOh, I reflashed and never bothered to reinstall04:42
ds3are there known problems?04:42
Navia google search for "imap gmail claws-mail" comes up with ITT as the second hit :/04:42
Navids3, I've never had any problem with it other than buddy icons not working for myself04:43
NaviI see other's icons though04:43
ds3the only want it could be better is if there is a nicely integrated VPN package so I can send/receive IM's over a VPN04:44
KotCzarnyuse ssh ?04:46
ds3got a package to restart ssh on network connect? conceptionally that is a simple dbus listen and act thing04:47
KotCzarnyhmm, while (1) do { ssh something; sleep 1; }04:48
KotCzarnyor something04:48
ds3network changes do not always kill the process :(04:48
*** n8k`d|elibom has joined #maemo04:48
ds3I don't suppose there are ifup scripts?04:48
KotCzarnyi think they are04:48
Naviclaws is nicer than I remember it04:49
Navidoesn't look completely ugly anymore :P04:49
johnxsummatusmentis, still around?04:49
Navizomg, eetz johnx04:50
johnxbehold! I leeeeeeeev!04:50
Navisummatusmentis: yes, I'm still around04:50
Navijohnx: okay, bye tyeh04:50
infobotNavi meant: johnx: okay, bye then04:50
johnxthat was live actually just kinda stretched out04:51
johnxjust woke up04:51
KotCzarnyit could be also streched 'leave'04:51
*** rm_you has quit IRC04:51
johnxyeah, just realized that04:51
NaviGeneralAntilles, when's your hava coming in?04:53
Navijohnx, openbox is nice on debian04:54
NaviI bound the menu to the menu key to make up for the lack of a right click04:54
GeneralAntillesGotta talk my mother through setting it up. :<04:54
Navijohnx, at the moment, it's only taking up 55MB RAM/12MB swap04:55
Navithis is with claws mail and urxvt open04:55
johnxvery nice04:56
johnxI think I'll sacrifice my menu key to the keyboard app04:56
johnxhaving it bound to center-dpad is too annoying04:56
KotCzarnycentre dpad is naturally enter04:57
NaviI'm going to bind F6 to it04:57
Navithe dpad is also enter04:57
Navithe center button of the dpad is also enter04:57
johnxyeah, it looks like just a quick hack04:57
Naviso if you hit that, the enter keyboard event will still be sent to the app04:58
GracanaHey johnx, I have vtwm running on debian. I ended up using your tarball.. Getting it going from scratch was beginning to take more effort than I wanted to put in.04:58
summatusmentisjohnx: yep, what's up?04:58
GracanaAnyway, I only see a couple fonts. Any idea how I would get more fonts to be recognized?04:58
johnxah, I just saw you pinged me...then I read the rest of the discussion. any more questions?04:58
*** Foe has quit IRC04:59
Naviclaws mail tiny screen mode is pretty useful04:59
johnxGracana, I think debian uses defoma for font management ... but I was always kind of fuzzy on that subject myself04:59
summatusmentisjohnx: well, what's you take on N810 vs. Z 3200?04:59
johnxwell I have an N800 and a C1000...but the N810 is noticeably more powerful and 128MB of RAM is nice to have05:00
johnxplus not having a wireless card sticking out the side...05:00
johnxN810 more powerful than a Z...the N810 and N800 are equally as fast of course05:01
summatusmentisthat's partially the reason I'm considering switching05:01
*** herzi has quit IRC05:01
summatusmentisI'm not sure how much ram my 3200 has05:01
johnxwhat are you mainly interested in doing with it?05:02
summatusmentisoh, yeah, I guess that makes sense. Is there anything your Z did that you wish your N8x0 did?05:02
summatusmentisMostly web/email/IM/irc05:02
Gracanajohnx, do you see many fonts in your font selection dialog? It seems that I have vastly less fonts once I got rid of xfce05:02
summatusmentisbut I want to have a terminal, and I want ssh05:02
NaviGracana, install fonts from the repos05:02
Naviwhen you removed xfce4, you removed the ones it installed as well :P05:03
summatusmentisgotta head out, bbl05:03
*** herzi has joined #maemo05:03
GracanaNavi, do you know this for a fact?05:03
GracanaBecause I don't think I did.05:03
* Gracana looks at logs05:03
*** CrashandDie has quit IRC05:03
*** CrashandDie has joined #maemo05:03
*** Synchronicity has quit IRC05:04
Naviobconf is really heavy :/05:04
NaviGracana, actually, nevermind05:04
NaviMy fonts are still all installed05:05
johnxsummatusmentis, an N810 is probably worth it. Web browsing on a z will never be that great simply because of memory05:05
Naviwhich reminds me05:05
Gracanahmm Navi05:05
NaviWe should try to get fennec working05:05
GracanaI think xfce just knows something that my session doesn't05:06
GracanaThat is, xfce knows where my fonts are.05:06
GracanaAnd vtwm/rxvt don't05:06
GracanaROXTerm can find fonts.05:08
GracanaYeah, there they all are. Hmm.05:08
johnxrun xlsftonts05:09
KotCzarnyxlsfonts usually doesn't know about freetype fonts05:10
*** benh has joined #maemo05:10
Gracanaall my windows disappeared and I'm staring at an empty root window and can't move my cursor :P05:10
* Gracana tries to ssh in05:10
GracanaAh, it shut down completely.05:10
*** skibur has quit IRC05:11
GracanaAw, it booted but didn't like my .xsession05:13
* Gracana boots from flash to fix things05:13
GracanaBlinking d-pad light and it shut down o.o05:13
NaviDoes rxvt itself even support freetype fonts?05:13
johnxdunno...on my desktop I use rxvt-unicode but that's kind heavy05:14
NaviI'm using rxvt-unicode right now :P05:14
GracanaWow, this thing sure is fucked. :X05:15
Naviurxvtd and urxvtc is great05:15
* Gracana notices charger not connected05:15
GracanaI wonder if that has anything to do with it.05:15
GracanaSeems unlikely.05:15
Navimight be out of power :P05:15
GracanaI hope that's all.05:16
johnxNavi, when yours shut down from "out of power" in debian what did it do?05:16
Naviblink out05:16
GracanaI have been dicking around with it for a while05:16
johnxno blue light?05:16
Naviat least, not that I remember05:16
* johnx eats breakfast (back in a bit)05:17
*** [pcfe] has joined #maemo05:18
*** Tuco has joined #maemo05:20
KotCzarny    "When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear."05:21
KotCzarny    - Mark Twain, humorist and author (1835 - 1910)05:21
*** rm_you|wtf has joined #maemo05:26
*** rm_you| has quit IRC05:26
Gracanajohnx, did you make xfce do anything out of the ordinary when it started?05:28
GracanaSomething that other window managers might need to do?05:28
GracanaErm, nevermind, it seems to have worked.05:29
Gracanaaside from needing to run xsetroot05:29
GracanaHmm. Booted up and I see a white screen. Taps register (I hear sound), but there are no graphics. I've heard of this problem before.05:33
Navijohnx, you should consider switching to a wm as a default05:34
*** mk500 has joined #maemo05:35
GracanaIt's not the WSOD, because other graphics do show up. Just a strange problem.05:35
Navijohnx, could you build transset for me?05:35
*** foka has quit IRC05:36
*** behdad has joined #maemo05:36
KotCzarnywith wsod you won't be seeing initial 'nokia' logo05:36
GracanaDoes anyone else have the problem where the charging screen comes up after they've made a bootloader selection?05:36
NaviThe reasons for not doing it myself is not so great05:36
NaviI don't see it as a problem05:37
GracanaBut you do see it?05:37
GracanaI seem to have lost keyboard control.05:38
* Gracana having all sorts of fun05:38
GracanaAre there any modules I should have loaded to use a usb keyboard?05:39
mrlanratits all built in :)05:41
Gracanacrap :/05:41
GracanaI don't suppose I could damage my device by attaching it to my computer while it's in host mode..05:41
Navipoor Gracana05:43
* Gracana plugged in the wrong cable05:43
GracanaNavi, I'm not so sure that's the problem though.05:43
mrlanratI just found an easter egg in OS 200805:43
*** Sargun has joined #maemo05:44
*** benh has quit IRC05:44
KotCzarnyeaster egg or a bug?05:44
mrlanratthis is most defenetly an egg.05:45
GracanaOkay, now this sure is weird. *hits power button and shutdown dialog comes up*05:45
mrlanratyha, what he said05:45
GracanaBut I still have the white background.05:45
mrlanratrecreating this egg is difficult....05:46
penguinbaitmrlanrat, did you install the boot from sd deb?05:46
mrlanratbut id now done it sevral times...05:46
penguinbaitany problems?05:46
mrlanratu know what im talking about?05:47
mrlanratwell, my N810 started talking to me....05:47
penguinbaitits from the boot from SD deb05:47
mrlanratwhy did u put that in there?05:47
penguinbaitMy name is Linus Torvalds, and I pronounce Linux, Linux05:47
penguinbaitI wanted play a wav for notification05:48
mrlanrato, i thought it was an egg...05:48
penguinbaitso I used that one, I used to hear it on RedHat all the time05:48
mrlanratthere is only 1 problem.....05:49
penguinbaitafter installing the boot from SD deb, if you boot to flash, it will search for ext2 partitions on /dev/mmcblkXp2 and fsck them05:49
penguinbaitit plays a wav when complete05:49
mrlanrati still hear it even after i have removed my sd card, reflashed my N810, and booted off flash....05:49
penguinbaitNo you dont05:50
penguinbaitif you reflashed its gone05:50
mrlanratwell, my sd card is on my desk right now and everytime i boot i hear it.05:50
mrlanratlet me try again....05:51
penguinbaitso you have my deb installed right05:51
penguinbaitthen it will play that wav when you boot to flash05:51
*** MajMin7 has quit IRC05:52
mrlanratI thought u meant only to SD.05:52
penguinbaiteven if no SD cards are inserted05:52
penguinbaityou cannot fsck a filesystem that is running05:52
KotCzarnypanguinbait: maybe you have booted to flash by mistake and did some changes while there?05:52
KotCzarnyand didn't noticed the mishap?05:53
penguinbaitso after any crash while running from SD, you should boot to flash, and it will fsck the filesystems on the SD card and play a wav when complete05:53
penguinbaiteven if you uninstall my deb, that will stay :)05:54
mrlanrati noticed.....05:55
mrlanratany way to remove it?05:55
penguinbaityou can remove it if you like05:55
*** turbo has joined #maemo05:55
penguinbaitrm -rf /root/.linus/05:55
mrlanrati use my n810 in school a lot, random sounds are not good.05:55
penguinbaitalso you can cat /tmp/fsck.txt to see fsck info05:55
penguinbaitwhile in flash of course05:56
penguinbaitits only on boot05:56
penguinbaitone time05:56
penguinbaitand only boot to flash05:56
*** briand has quit IRC05:56
penguinbaitlike I said you can remove the wav file05:57
mrlanratyha, i will05:57
mrlanratbut it was funny.05:57
penguinbaitthen you could just watch /tmp/fsck.txt if you want to see if fsck is finished05:57
johnxNavi, which WM do you think?05:57
*** f_mohr has quit IRC05:57
Navijohnx, E17? :D05:58
penguinbaitxfce 4.4.205:58
johnxpenguinbait, heh...I'm already doing that05:58
johnx*I* like it, it is kinda heavy05:58
*** n800n has joined #maemo05:58
penguinbaitits like nothing on mine?05:58
johnxtoo much memory usage compared to *box05:59
johnxor icewm or fvwm05:59
penguinbaitXFCE is pretty configurable though,without too much effort05:59
johnxthat's why I included it06:00
GracanaThe N800 and 770 use the same battery, right?06:03
*** penguinbait has quit IRC06:03
GracanaCool, I've got a spare then.06:04
GracanaOh, phew, host mode works.06:05
GracanaAt first it wasn't going. :X06:06
* Gracana clicked frantically06:06
Gracanaback to debian06:06
GracanaHrm, I need to re-install the boot menu, don't I..06:08
johnxhmm? how did you get to debian without boot menu?06:09
GracanaI didn't.06:10
GracanaRe-flashing overwrites some pieces though06:10
GracanaSo I need to re-install it06:10
johnxaaah...I misunderstood "back to debian"06:10
johnxhah...speaking of which...I just made my copy of debian unbootable :D06:11
GracanaOh, right, I was attempting. :P06:11
GracanaWhoops, what did you do?06:11
*** jpuderer has quit IRC06:12
johnxI think I put something in rc.local that didn't return :(06:12
Gracanaoh hehe06:12
*** turbo has quit IRC06:13
NaviIs it just me or does the matchbox keyboard set itself as a dock?06:14
Naviresizes all of my maximized windows06:14
johnxit sets strange window properties06:14
johnxit works best with matchbox wm of course :)06:14
NaviI wish it set itself on the bottom06:14
Navithe top is retarded06:14
Naviit's pushing all of my windows down06:15
*** FreeNom has joined #maemo06:15
NaviI'll show you in a sec06:15 of the screen or top of the stack?06:16
Navitop of the screen06:16
johnxwell, the answer is still devilspie06:17
Navijust give me a second.06:17
Navinote that GNOME ALSA Mixer is maximized06:18
NaviIt does that to all of the maximized apps when it's opened06:19
*** turbo has joined #maemo06:19
johnxwaiting for the screenshot to load...06:19
Naviit's responding to pings all right06:20
Naviwonder why it's so slow06:20
*** n800n has quit IRC06:20
*** rm_you|wtf has quit IRC06:21
NaviThis is an example of why you shouldn't go with bluehost :P06:21
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo06:21
johnxyeah I think I'll just pay personalsites more money and have them up my bandwidth06:21
NaviAre they a reseller?06:22
johnxthey just offer nice small plans06:22
johnxhmm? VPS?06:22
Navishared hosting is all right for small sites06:24
johnxyeah, this is shared I think06:24
Naviwow, that link tells you nothing06:24
KotCzarnyi think the vps is a virtual machine06:24
KotCzarnythat even gives you root sometimes06:24
KotCzarnyand shared is just.. shared06:25
johnxyeah, Navi, it's trying to sell me on why vps is better than dedicated...06:25
KotCzarnywith account in /home/user06:25
*** matt_c has joined #maemo06:25
Navistill not loading?06:26
Navibleh, I can't use photobucket anymore06:27
johnxyeah, they've gone downhill :/06:27
KotCzarnyTCP connection to '' failed: Connection reset by peer.06:27
NaviNot only that, but I can't get it to work anymore.06:27
johnxI have to use their "old upload method" or whatever06:27
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo06:27
Navibut that still doesn't  work for me :/06:28
KotCzarnyjust run httpd on your pc/laptop ?06:28
*** rm_you has joined #maemo06:28
KotCzarnyor n80006:28
johnxthe one thing about personalsites is they spam the hell out of you when you're above 80% of your transfer limit ("Someone downloaded another 100K from your site! OMG!")06:29
Navibleh, I'll just  throw it at imageshack06:34
*** behdad has quit IRC06:36
Navi <- direct link06:37
johnxyeah, would be better on the bottom06:37
*** matt_c has quit IRC06:38
*** rm_you| has joined #maemo06:41
*** rm_you has quit IRC06:42
Navijohnx, get an mplayer build running?06:43
johnxyou mean a serge/ssvb release?06:43
johnxI think I'll do an xserver build with dpms first06:43
johnx...but that will have to wait til I get back from work.06:47
GracanaOkay, N800 all back in working order. xlsfonts shows all of six fonts :P06:48
Gracanacya johnx06:48
*** dmsuperman has joined #maemo06:49
ds3wheeee just installed modest06:49
*** rm_you|wtf has joined #maemo06:50
GracanaWhat's that do, screen rotation?06:50
ds3what's what do?06:50
Gracanaoh I read that as modeset06:50
dmsupermanI keep getting an error about a package not fully installed, and every time I do a sudo apt-get install or anything then the process ends with this:
ds3oh :) that is a mail client06:51
Gracanaright *remembers*06:51
GracanaAny other errors, dmsuperman?06:51
dmsupermanGracana, none06:52
dmsupermanGracana, sorry06:52
dmsupermanI misread, let me just pastebin the whole process06:52
dmsupermanThat's it06:52
GracanaI don't really know what to tell you, perhaps someone who knows what's going on/has time to look into it can help06:54
dmsupermanThanks anyway06:55
GeneralAntillesTry purging the package?06:56
*** n800n has joined #maemo06:57
*** TheNewAndy has joined #maemo06:58
dmsupermanwhich package?06:59
dmsupermannope :(07:01
dmsupermanIt thew the same error as I was purging it07:02
dmsupermanThen again as I reinstalled it07:02
dmsupermanthen again as I tried to install another patckage07:03
dmsupermanIt's really odd07:06
dmsupermanIt's saying that it's not a symlink, dangling symlink07:06
GracanaDo you need portmap? Does something require it?07:06
dmsupermanapt-get install tries to run it07:06
dmsupermananytime I do apt-get install ANYTHING it ends with that error07:07
Gracanaoh I see07:07
*** rm_you| has quit IRC07:08
Gracanaxfsinfo: no font server defined07:08
GracanaThis could be why I see only six fonts.07:08
KotCzarnyit's because xserver is compiled without external fonts07:09
KotCzarnyie. it has builtin fonts07:09
KotCzarnyand doesn't look anywhere else07:09
*** iomari has quit IRC07:10
KotCzarnygtk apps use freetype lib for font rendering07:10
KotCzarnywhich is independent of xserver font management07:10
GracanaOh. So is there any way to fix that?07:13
KotCzarnyrecompile xserver?07:13
Navidmsuperman, apt-get -f install07:13
GracanaAre all the pieces necessary to recompile Xomap open source?07:13
KotCzarnygracana: yes07:14
KotCzarnyit recompiles nicely with fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage07:14
NaviGracana, leave a message for johnx07:14
Gracanaoh good07:14
NaviHe's going to recompile Xomap when he gets back from work07:14
KotCzarnybut beware that if you fail to configure it properly on tablet it will haunt you with reboots07:14
GracanaWell I might as well try to do it myself07:14
GracanaKotCzarny, I think I'll try to grab the source package and modify only what I need. Does that sound reasonable?07:15
dmsupermanthis is retarded, how can i be the only person in the world with this error07:15
Navidmsuperman, apt-get -f install07:15
KotCzarnygracena: apt-get source xserver07:15
KotCzarnyor something07:15
Gracanaah ok07:16
KotCzarnythen hack debian/rules in resultant dir and then fakeroot line i have mentioned before07:16
KotCzarnyand you will get shiny new .deb file :)07:16
Navibroken portmap package07:17
dmsupermanNavi, I did apt-get remove --purge portmap07:17
Gracanawow, the air coming out of my graphics card is hot07:17
dmsupermanand then reinstalled it07:17
dmsupermanstill no good07:17
Navijust remove whatever depends on it07:18
Gracana65C, I guess that makes sense. That's not too hot.07:18
NaviI'd worry if it's cool air coming out :P07:18
Naviwas coming07:19
Naviafter some use that is07:19
dmsupermanNavi, I can't, when I try to apt-get remove --purge portmap07:19
dmsupermanI get that same error07:19
GracanaI guess it makes sense. The thing can draw up to 350W or so07:19
dmsupermanIt's preventing me from executing any apt-get commands07:19
* Gracana has a pair of 8800GTSs :X07:20
Naviis portmap installed?07:20
Navidpkg -R portmap07:20
GracanaThe second one is currently doing nothing. *uses dual monitors (and therefore no SLI) in linux*07:20
Naviwaste of a card07:21
Naviyou should give it to me for free07:21
*** slomo has quit IRC07:21
dmsupermanNavi, again, it tries to invoke portmap during the process, so it bombs07:21
GracanaHmm, you can have my geforce 4mx with factory installed heatsink that doesn't seat properly07:21
Gracanawhat a shitty card07:21
NaviThat'd still be an improvement over an intel chipset :P07:22
GracanaIt has a tiny passive heatsink that is held on loosely by two little spring nubs, and it sits on the die at an angle07:22
NaviWell, not counting the newer ones07:22
GracanaIt is highly unreliable07:22
KotCzarnyjust get one with passive cooling07:22
NaviMy University lists POP3 and IMAP as unsupported methods07:23
Gracanawtf /is/ supported?07:23
Navithe "supported" methods are Outlook Web Access, MS Outlook, and MS Entourage07:23
*** trollasaurus has quit IRC07:23
NaviMeaning they only support MS Exchange07:23
KotCzarnyi wonder what would happen if suddenly m$ died07:23
dmsupermanscrew it i'm just going to reflash it again07:24
GracanaI need some cereals. *goes off to hunt some cheeriobeasts*07:24
NaviThe OIT here is very MS-centric07:24
NaviBut the CSE department professors all run Linux or OS X07:25
*** tjafk has quit IRC07:26
*** tjafk has joined #maemo07:26
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo07:31
dmsupermanis this channel logged?07:40
KotCzarnytry /topic07:41
GeneralAntillesAny, this link, dmsuperman:
dmsupermanthanks :D07:42
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo07:42
*** FreeNom has quit IRC07:44
*** rwhitby` has joined #maemo07:44
dmsupermanAlright, maybe it's my hardware now. I just got this n800 monday, and I just now reflashed it not 10 minutes ago07:45
dmsupermanI'm in the application manager, and randomly it seems, after installing an app the manager will just close07:45
dmsupermanis that normal?07:45
*** shackan has quit IRC07:45
*** rwhitby` has joined #maemo07:46
GracanaMine doesn't do that. What happens when you install from the terminal?07:46
dmsupermanhaven't tried yet07:47
dmsupermanthe app installs07:47
dmsupermanjust that the app manager closes afterward, and only randomly07:47
dmsupermanevery few apps07:47
GeneralAntillesIt's a bug07:49
GeneralAntillesFixed in Diablo.07:49
*** sm00th_trac3r has quit IRC07:50
*** rwhitby has quit IRC07:50
*** rwhitby` is now known as rwhitby07:51
GeneralAntillesNext OS2008 release.07:51
GeneralAntillesOS2007 was Bora07:52
GeneralAntillesOS2008/maemo 4.0 is Chinook07:52
GeneralAntillesOS2008/maemo 4.1 is Diablo07:52
dmsupermanis there somewhere that lists the new features or changes?07:52
GeneralAntillesThere's a news article on the front page of ITT which covers it a bit.07:52
GeneralAntillesMostly it's a bugfix release.07:53
dmsupermanthat's cool though07:53
GeneralAntillesBiggest thing is SSU (Seamless Software Update)07:53
GeneralAntillesWhich means Nokia'll be pushing system updates over the air07:53
GeneralAntillesinstead of with FIASCO images.07:53
*** jnettlet has quit IRC07:54
*** jitu3485 has joined #maemo07:55
jitu3485Can somebody please help me to know how maemo-mapper is displaying maps07:57
*** ameng has joined #maemo07:57
jitu3485downloading everytime or storing a high resolution map on device and using it07:57
jitu3485alyough it takes a lot of memory?07:57
amengDoes n810 support YUV at hardware level?07:58
*** else58 has left #maemo08:05
*** VimSi has quit IRC08:06
summatusmentisjohnx: didn't mean to skip out on you earlier, my GF called, said she was outside08:06
*** VimSi has joined #maemo08:06
summatusmentisI suppose he went to work08:08
*** nycllam1 has joined #maemo08:11
*** Dregs has quit IRC08:11
RST38hA 23 year old Canadian college student was killed when a crashing helicopter struck and dragged him as he was walking to his mailbox.08:11
Navisummatusmentis, yeah, he went to work.08:11
summatusmentisfair enough08:13
pupnikameng: yes08:14
summatusmentisI'm wondering if I can scrounge up ~$400 for the n81008:18
*** Tobotras has quit IRC08:19
dmsupermanI'm trying to install erminig for gpe-calendar, only apt-get install python2.5-gtk can't find the package08:20
dmsupermanany idea what repo it's in?08:20
pupnikis back up?08:21 whatever08:21
Navipupnik, looks like it08:21
Navistill erroring out08:21
Navicurl is borken :/08:22
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC08:22
*** BTobotras has joined #maemo08:23
*** konttori has joined #maemo08:26
n800nwhat is the theme with the smallest font?08:33
pupnik12 or 14 point fonts are avail afaik08:35
*** dneary has quit IRC08:35
*** lopz has quit IRC08:35
*** hwilke has joined #maemo08:36
*** sm00th_trac3r has joined #maemo08:36
*** nycllam1 has left #maemo08:37
*** rwhitby` has joined #maemo08:39
*** n800n has quit IRC08:47
summatusmentisrwhitby`: do like, half of the oe devs have NITs also?08:48
GracanaHuzzah. I have a shitload of X fonts now.08:48
rwhitby`summatusmentis: probably08:48
*** z72ka has joined #maemo08:48
GracanaKotCzarny, the X server I compiled is a lot slower. :|08:48
*** konttori has quit IRC08:48
*** rwhitby has quit IRC08:49
summatusmentisrwhitby`: fair enough. I wish I had that much expendable income08:49
*** hfwilke has quit IRC08:51
rwhitby`summatusmentis: some of the devs (not me) got them on the Nokia developer program.08:51
*** jeddy3 has joined #maemo08:52
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC08:52
summatusmentisrwhitby`: oh, I guess that would make some sense. You just have it because you love embedded linux devices so much, huh?08:52
rwhitby`I got it for portable voip.08:54
*** hfwilke_ has joined #maemo08:54
summatusmentismm, makes sense. Works well?08:55
oraklehey. I have a 770 that I don't know what to do with.. how can I make this thing useful?08:55
orakleI haven't touched it in months08:55
*** rwhitby` is now known as rwhitby08:55
oraklecan I run OS2008 on it?08:55
orakleRight now I have a 2GB sd card in it.. and if I remember right I have OS2007HE on the 2gb card and it boots from it08:56
orakleor.. RS-MMC rather.. not SD.08:56
oraklecan I use this thing for voip reliably?08:57
*** slomo has joined #maemo09:00
*** TheNewAndy has quit IRC09:01
*** TheNewAndy_ has joined #maemo09:01
*** BabelO has joined #maemo09:02
orakleIs there a faster OS that I can run on it?09:03
*** christefano has joined #maemo09:03
*** jukey has joined #maemo09:05
*** k-s has joined #maemo09:06
*** jukey has left #maemo09:06
*** ustunozgur has joined #maemo09:07
*** jukey has joined #maemo09:07
*** jukey has left #maemo09:07
*** jukey has joined #maemo09:08
*** jukey has left #maemo09:08
*** hwilke has quit IRC09:14
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo09:15
term-sigit's any how-to install Diablo on 810?09:23
GeneralAntillesITT wiki09:23
*** trickie_ has joined #maemo09:23
GeneralAntillesYou just need a partition to untar it into.09:23
qwerty12Diablo or Debian ;)09:24
KotCzarnyis it released already?09:24
*** f_mohr has joined #maemo09:24
*** hfwilke_ has quit IRC09:24
GeneralAntillesRight, Diablo09:24
GeneralAntillesnevermind then.09:24
qwerty12term-sig, Check the big forum thread. The methods are longer than before though.09:24
qwerty12Actually Maba told me a way it works with chinook apt-get, you just have to add the password to the repo line in sources.list.09:25
term-sigqwerty12: i`m just trying.. but its over 50 pages.. ;/09:25
GeneralAntillesterm-sig, all things considered, it's probably not worth the effort. ;)09:26
GeneralAntillesThere really isn't anything very exciting.09:26
*** k-s has quit IRC09:26
KotCzarnyand eats your battery like hell09:27
term-sigthen fuck it. ;>09:27
qwerty12Like GeneralAntilles says, nothing new really. The only thing I <3 is the finger recognition thing actually working. MicroB is worse in DIablo than chinook.09:27
qwerty12term-sig, PLEASE! I'm not desperate :p09:28
GeneralAntillesYeah, the current MicroB build is still very buggy.09:28
term-sigbut i`m ;P09:28
qwerty12To those who backed up the diablo folder the first time round before the update, make sure you keep it ;)09:31
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo09:32
qwerty12They've removed FTD for sure, I'm not sure if anything else is gone yet. :)09:33
*** CrashandDie has quit IRC09:33
KotCzarnythey killed ftd, those bastards!09:33
KotCzarnythanks for warning09:33
KotCzarnybut i would keep it safe anyway09:33
qwerty12lol. you touch ftd. mafia touch you09:33
RST38hNew Diablo release?09:33
qwerty12RST38h, an update was available via SSU a ~few days ago09:34
KotCzarnyi wonder if it's copyrighted etc09:34
RST38hOh that09:34
qwerty12Lets do a thing like that hd-dvd key thing. Who's gonna go first to uuencode their folder :p09:35
KotCzarnyactually only ftd is worth uuencoding09:35
KotCzarnythe rest would be available anyway i think09:35
trickie_damn, wish i grabbed ftd when i could have09:36
*** f_mohr has quit IRC09:37
* RST38h knew and warned about ftpd ;)09:38
RST38hftd, sorry09:38
qwerty12I've been warning people against STD :p09:39
qwerty12They are very expensive phone calls to make.09:39
KotCzarnywho has std?09:41
RST38hqwerty: have been passing the word? =)09:41
KotCzarnyword and something extra..09:42
qwerty12No not me :P09:42
RST38hBTW, Ubuntu powertop utility is cool09:42
KotCzarnyit's not ubuntu09:42
KotCzarnyit's intel :P09:42
qwerty12 RST38h , you can compile it for N8*0 but getting the kernel to work for it is fun...09:42
* RST38h tried to hide his marketing plot but wasn't successful ;)09:43
Gracana woot!09:43
RST38hqwerty: If I understand things correctly, it is Intel specific09:43
RST38hStuff it shows is definitely Intel specific09:43
Gracanahaving a large virtual desktop like that is very nice on this tablet09:43
* Gracana opens up windows willy-nilly and just moves the viewport over them09:44
KotCzarnyrst: but works using linux kernel stats09:44
KotCzarnyworks on another cpus too09:44
RST38hActually, finger-dragged virt desktop should rule on N8x0 ;)09:44
*** christefano has quit IRC09:44
qwerty12I like emjayes work on lockable desktop applets and switchable sets of applets.09:45
RST38hswitchable sets - probably not needed unless there is a natural way to switch 'em09:45
qwerty12Nah, the desktop is too small.09:46
RST38hlike tapping screen edges to slide out the next set09:46
RST38hbtw, any progress on Conky? =)09:46
summatusmentisI wish gronmayer would come back up, that might be the final straw to make me purchase, if I can tell what software is available09:47
qwerty12No, I've given up until I actually pick up a programming book of some sort :/ . Real coding is out of my depth :/09:47 summatusmentis09:47
summatusmentisGeneralAntilles: oh... hrm09:48
GeneralAntillesqwerty12, don't bother with a book. :P09:48
GeneralAntillesThe internet is your book.09:48
qwerty12Hehe, ok, <loads up favourite warez ebookz site :P>09:48
GeneralAntillesYou don't even need that09:49
GeneralAntillesPython and C tutorials are all over the place for free. ;)09:49
*** rwhitby`` has joined #maemo09:49
qwerty12But where is the fun in getting something for free! :p. Nah, thanks for that, I'll take a look :)09:49
*** monkeyiq has joined #maemo09:50
GracanaOh, hey KotCzarny, I don't know if you heard me mention that I got X compiled.. Anyway, it's a lot slower now. Do you think external font support did that?09:50
*** rwhitby has quit IRC09:51
qwerty12If you don't mind me asking, how can it be slow with that desktop?09:52
KotCzarnygracana: how did you compiled it?09:53
summatusmentisGeneralAntilles: is that all software available?09:54
Gracanaapt-get source xserver-xomap, removed --enable-builtin-fonts from the control file, fakeroot debian/rules binary09:55
KotCzarnygracana, interesting09:55
KotCzarnytry compiling with that switch09:56
GracanaIt is acting as its own font server, isn't it?09:56
GracanaWhen I compile it with that switch, it's builtin fonts only09:56
KotCzarnyand if you can observer the same effect09:56
summatusmentisGeneralAntilles: does a terminal come native?09:56
Gracanaoh, right09:56
GracanaI'll give that a shot09:56
KotCzarnybut i wonder if they use some tricks when compiling etc.09:56
GracanaActually, I'm going to sleep right now. I should have gone to bed three hours ago. This is good progress though. *makes note to try a vanilla compilation tomorrow*09:57
summatusmentisalright. Now it's just a matter of whether or not I can justify spending the money. Thanks GeneralAntilles09:57
KotCzarnygracana, please let me know about the result09:58
* Gracana notes that too09:58
summatusmentisGeneralAntilles: a thumb board is almost crucial for me09:58
GeneralAntillesProbably not as crucial as you think.09:59
KotCzarnysummatusmentis: can you try it at store?09:59
GeneralAntillesand it's certainly not worth $20009:59
KotCzarnyor something?09:59
kulveGracana: DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS affects the building. You can select either VFP or thumb with it. Dunno which one is used by Nokia when building the official version.09:59
summatusmentisKotCzarny: well, I suppose09:59
summatusmentisGeneralAntilles: I've gotten used to my Z thumb board09:59
GeneralAntillesI'm used to a real keyboard. ;)10:00
KotCzarnykulve: do you know what DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS are used by maemo builders?10:00
Gracanathanks for the tip, kulve, that sounds like useful information10:00
kulveKotCzarny: no10:00
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC10:00
KotCzarnykulve: that's a nice question to have answered, if you spot maemo devs :)10:01
kulveStone could probably answer that10:01
KotCzarnydoes he do irc?10:01
kulveI think not10:01
summatusmentiswell, I'll think on it, but I'm most likely(if I can find money) to get teh N81010:01
kulveKotCzarny: but he's on the mailing lists10:01
kulve  * Add VFP support (fixes: NB#61340).10:02
kulve  * Don't use thumb when also using VFP.10:02
kulvethose could indicate that they are using VFP, but who knows..10:03
KotCzarnyso that's a yes for vfp in opts10:03
KotCzarnyi think comparing binary sized could give a hint10:03
kulveyes, most likely10:03
kulvethe size difference with thumb is easily noticed10:04
summatusmentisgoodnight all10:04
*** calvaris has joined #maemo10:04
ds3for OS2008, did Nokia reduce or strip down the SSL support?10:04
*** sergio__ has joined #maemo10:05
ds3can't seem to get jabber to work to a private server and the server is complaining about ciphers as if they were removed in OS200810:05
*** sergio__ has quit IRC10:09
*** mrlanrat has quit IRC10:11
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo10:13
*** calvaris has quit IRC10:14
*** livinroom has quit IRC10:16
*** red-zack has joined #maemo10:21
*** sergio_ has quit IRC10:22
*** pupnik has quit IRC10:26
*** guardian has quit IRC10:28
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo10:37
*** rwhitby`` is now known as rwhitby10:37
*** matt_c has joined #maemo10:38
*** luogni has joined #maemo10:39
*** matt_c has quit IRC10:41
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo10:42
*** l7 has quit IRC10:44
*** Tuco has quit IRC10:46
*** hugolp has joined #maemo10:48
*** starkmjolk has joined #maemo10:51
*** ab has joined #maemo10:52
starkmjolkguessing channel names ftw, lo ppl :)10:52
JaffaMorning, all10:59
Jaffalo starkmjolk10:59
*** mk8 has joined #maemo10:59
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo11:00
starkmjolklo Jaffa11:00
starkmjolkI ordered a n810 this week, will be some time before it arrives though :)11:00
*** RST38bis has quit IRC11:04
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo11:06
*** guardian has joined #maemo11:06
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw11:07
aquatixstarkmjolk: start looking forward already ;)11:10
* aquatix is happy with his11:11
starkmjolki've played some with a n800, n810 seem perfect for me :)11:11
*** ameng has left #maemo11:11
* aquatix gets some coffee11:11
starkmjolkjust started encoding the star wars triology for usage with the n810 ;)11:11
pupnik_what settings?11:12
starkmjolkhave my own mencoder script11:12
starkmjolkit's a mess, but works11:12
pupnik_i'll show you mine if you show me yours11:12
starkmjolk400x240 res, lavc with lame11:12
pupnik_ah sounds perfect11:13
*** dneary has joined #maemo11:13
starkmjolkI have no reason to hide mine, besides the public health. I'll probably clean it up nicely when I have more time, I'll share it then :)11:13
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo11:13 starkmjolk11:13
pupnik_so ovc lavc and vcodec=mpeg4 ?11:14
Jaffasuggestions and patches welcome on mediautils :)11:14
pupnik_i was wondering if xvid might be better - looked more aggressive with smoothing at low bps11:14
pupnik_oh yeah Jaffa is *the* guy for encoding11:15
starkmjolkGeneralAntilles: I saw it earlier, though I had this script since earlier11:15
*** andre___ has joined #maemo11:17
starkmjolkpupnik_: and a good bunch of other switches, yes. :)11:19
starkmjolk-lavcopts threads=3:autoaspect=1:vcodec=mpeg4:vhq:bitrate=400:vpass1/211:19
pupnik_looks good what good does the 'threads' do?  multicore?11:20
starkmjolkdon't know if it is really good, I've done much more optimizing for x26411:20
pupnik_i can't remember which of my scripts is the best, need to take better notes11:20
starkmjolkpupnik_: yes, it does 3 threads (cores+1 is a good rule)11:20
*** msanchez has joined #maemo11:20
*** huats has joined #maemo11:21
*** fab has joined #maemo11:21
starkmjolkfrom what I see in cpu usage lavc doesn't do threads that well, x264 works better in loading both cores11:22
starkmjolkAnyone else seen these Aluminium cases for the n810? Looks cool:
*** Salumu has joined #maemo11:23
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo11:27
*** hannesw has joined #maemo11:33
*** gnuton has joined #maemo11:34
aquatixpupnik_: you have a good mencoder script?11:39
* aquatix wants11:39
Jaffaaquatix: what's wrong with ?11:40
aquatixi guess nothing :)11:40
* aquatix should do more research on garage ;)11:40
aquatixdoes that do cli?11:40
pupnik_i footled around with em, based on jaffa's work.  'improvements' depend on matching parameters to the source material11:40
aquatixJaffa: besides, tablet-encode isn't in debian by default iirc ;)11:42
pupnik_there was for e.g. an encode from an analog tv-rip of a cartoon11:42
GeneralAntillesaquatix, look at the USAGE section on that page. :P11:42
pupnik_mencoder Kleines_Arschloch__TVRip_German_Inc.avi -o Kl770xvid.avi -srate 44100 -channels 1 -oac mp3lame -lameopts lowpassfreq=10500:mode=3:vbr=0:br=64 -af volnorm,channels=1 -ovc lavc -xvidencopts bitrate=400:vhq=4:lumi_mask:cartoon  -vf-add hqdn3d=09:0:10 -ofps 12.511:42
aquatixGeneralAntilles: yeah, noticed11:42
aquatixguess i need more coffee and more reading11:42
pupnik_but that's trying to crunch down a noisy analog rip of a cartoon11:42
aquatixoh, it's perl11:44
* aquatix downloads to his mediaserver11:45
aquatixshould work out of the box then :)11:45
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:45
GeneralAntillesJaffa, nicely enough, my EyeTV recordings seem to have started working at some point.11:46
GeneralAntillesToo bad I can't skip past the commercials.11:46
JaffaGeneralAntilles: cool11:47
GeneralAntillesActually, that's on my Bloaty Feature Requests for Teh Fewchar list, a front-end on the device that'd let you skip around, provide more interesting library browsing, searching, etc.11:49
*** alech has joined #maemo11:52
*** lovebug356 has joined #maemo11:53
*** andre____ has joined #maemo11:54
*** foka has joined #maemo11:57
*** andre____ has quit IRC12:05
*** andre____ has joined #maemo12:05
*** jukey has joined #maemo12:05
*** andre___ has quit IRC12:06
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo12:09
*** florian__ has joined #maemo12:09
*** jeddy3 has quit IRC12:11
*** povbot has joined #maemo12:16
*** RST38h has joined #maemo12:16
*** l7_ has quit IRC12:17
*** keesj has quit IRC12:17
*** k-s has joined #maemo12:17
*** script has quit IRC12:17
*** keesj has joined #maemo12:17
*** script has joined #maemo12:17
*** X-Fade has quit IRC12:17
*** Veggen has quit IRC12:17
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo12:18
*** Veggen has joined #maemo12:18
*** ChanServ has joined #maemo12:18
*** msanchez has joined #maemo12:18
*** dneary has joined #maemo12:18
*** guardian has joined #maemo12:18
*** BTobotras has joined #maemo12:18
*** sovotiDDC has joined #maemo12:18
*** booiiing__ has joined #maemo12:18
*** lnx^_ has joined #maemo12:18
*** VRe has joined #maemo12:18
*** gpd has joined #maemo12:18
*** ||cw has joined #maemo12:18
*** rafl has joined #maemo12:18
*** jaska has joined #maemo12:18
*** dieman has joined #maemo12:18
*** Jon has joined #maemo12:18
*** sets mode: +o ChanServ12:18
*** ChanServ has quit IRC12:18
*** ChanServ has joined #maemo12:20
*** sets mode: +o ChanServ12:20
*** guardian has quit IRC12:20
*** summatusmentis has quit IRC12:23
*** summatusmentis has joined #maemo12:23
*** Dar has joined #maemo12:23
*** florian__ has quit IRC12:24
*** florian has joined #maemo12:24
*** smancke has joined #maemo12:27
*** andre____ has quit IRC12:28
*** gnuton has quit IRC12:31
*** andre___ has joined #maemo12:32
*** m3mberman has joined #maemo12:39
*** zap has joined #maemo12:39
*** m3mberman has left #maemo12:39
*** m3mberman_ has joined #maemo12:43
*** m3mberman_ has quit IRC12:47
*** alech has quit IRC12:49
*** L0cutus has quit IRC12:52
rm_you|wtfWha? someone's made progress on an SBC-DSP task!?12:53
*** rm_you|wtf is now known as rm_you12:53
rm_youjohnx: !!12:53
GeneralAntilleslardman's looking for help with DSP stuff if you want to provide it.12:56
rm_youwe talked about it like... 4 months ago12:56
rm_youi set up the toolchain but never got time to work on it :/12:57
* GeneralAntilles is really tired of retarded bugs that should've been solved forever ago. . . .12:57
rm_youplus I didn't really know where to start... though I've seriously been thinking about doing it for a while. I was going to try to get one of the profs here to let me do it as a class so I could get credit for it :P12:57
*** Synchronicity has joined #maemo13:00
*** andre__1 has joined #maemo13:04
pupnik_definitely get a prof interested in it13:04
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo13:04
pupnik_i found some profs enjoyed creative projects13:04
rm_youoff-topic question... anyone know how to make a wireless Draft N device connect to a wireless Draft N router and ACTUALLY USE Draft N!?!?!?13:05
rm_youpupnik_: yeah, they do :)13:05
glassrm_you: shouldn't be more than just enabling draft n on both ?13:05
rm_youmy laptop (using intel proset driver) and my router (linksys wrt-300n) seem to both be in N mode, as the laptop even displays it on the list as a G/N capable router... it just never connects at more than G speed13:06
rm_youand it says its using the 802.11g band <_<13:07
hrwrm_you: do you have other bt/wifi networks near?13:08
*** playya__ is now known as playya13:08
*** rm_you has quit IRC13:08
*** rm_you has joined #maemo13:08
rm_youwell, that reset my wireless.... wasn't expecting that :P13:08
*** andre___ has quit IRC13:10
glasscan't force it to use only n?13:11
rm_youdunno :/13:11
rm_younever used N before13:11
rm_youah wtf13:18
rm_youi guess i HAVE to use WPA2 security to get N speed13:18
*** JackCrow has quit IRC13:19
*** sovoti has joined #maemo13:19
*** balrog-k1n has joined #maemo13:19
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo13:20
*** JackCrow has joined #maemo13:20
*** rm_you has quit IRC13:21
GeneralAntilles#2400 pisses me off so much13:21
*** rm_you has joined #maemo13:21
GeneralAntillesI'm just glad I'm not emotionally invested in #303. . . .13:21
rm_youSWEET! got it13:21
rm_you130MBps :)13:21
rm_youmy wireless is now faster than my wired. woot.13:21
glassin practice too?13:22
JaffaGeneralAntilles: I've given up on 303 :-/13:22
GeneralAntillesMaybe it's just too early in the morning, but I'm feeling way more depressed about this stuff than usual. :<13:22
rm_youwell, i paused an SCP transfer that was going steady at 1MB, now it's going steady at 1.8MB when i resumed it on 802.11n13:22
rm_you#303? what did i miss :/13:23
GeneralAntillesDon't bother reading it13:23
GeneralAntillesIt'll just piss you off and leave you depressed.13:23
*** matt_c has joined #maemo13:23
Veggenpupnik: I did that, once (about getting professors to accept alternative things). I did an IRC-service instead of an assignment, once, because the assignment was about interfaces/protocol-stuff, but it was *dead boring*...13:24
*** christefano has joined #maemo13:25
Veggenpupnik: And I told him it was *dead boring*, and that the IRC-service was more advanced than the assignment and much more fun ;)13:25
Veggenpupnik: luckily, he agreed.13:25
Veggen(else, the assignment would not have been done on time, cause I was gonna do the irc-service instead anyways ;)13:26
*** foka has quit IRC13:27
*** k-s has quit IRC13:29
*** sovotiDDC has quit IRC13:30
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman13:31
*** Sho_ has quit IRC13:32
aquatixrm_you: hm, i do about 10MB/sec on my 100MBit wired13:33
rm_youheh yeah... i wrote a java IRC client for fun one day two years ago :P13:34
aquatixbut scp is another story of course13:34
aquatixnfs is quite fast though13:34
rm_youaquatix: yeah... just comparing the speedboost from 54mbps to 130mbps really...13:34
kulveaquatix: scp can do >10MB/sec too on a new computer13:34
rm_youi think that SCP is the problem tho...13:34
*** balrog-kun has quit IRC13:34
aquatixrm_you: interesting that it really is about twice the speed13:34
kulveyou can use -c blowfish to use lighter crypto13:34
rm_youit does tend to be about half as fast (or less)13:34
aquatixkulve: yeah, my laptop isn't quite up-to-par ;)13:35
aquatixblowfish is lighter?13:35
rm_youi'm using WinSCP in windoze <_<13:35
aquatixthat's new for me13:35
aquatixi thought it was quite heavy13:35
kulveaquatix: it seems not to be compared to the default one13:35
rm_youthis is my work laptop, so no linux for me :/13:35
aquatixmaybe aes2 is heavier indeed13:35
aquatixrm_you: :(13:35
kulverm_you: maybe you can select those in winscp too13:36
rm_youhave to code in ... .... ... VB6 <_<13:36
* rm_you kries13:36
* aquatix pats rm_you awkwardly on the shoulder13:36
aquatixthat sucks...13:36
*** matt_c has quit IRC13:36
rm_youGeneralAntilles: you're right. that's depressing13:41
rm_youmakes my issue with the statusbar code issue seem... petty <_<13:42
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo13:42
GeneralAntillesBugzilla is a depressing place13:44
GeneralAntillessjgadsby keeps reminding me of more depressing things with his damn bugzilla weekly updates. <_<13:44
*** Synchronicity has quit IRC13:45
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: The added visibility will help, I'm sure of that.13:45
aquatixmeh, locales13:46
X-FadeBugzilla tends to have the problem that the only one working on it is the developer that is assigned to the bug..13:46
X-FadeNow managers can see the bug too, so they can push it..13:46
rm_youSINCE OS2005!?!??! wtf >_>13:47
GeneralAntillesThankfully that's probably the absolutely worst example.13:47
rm_youthere should not be simple stupid bugs like that when they were reported 3 YEARS ago <_<13:47
GeneralAntillesEverything else is less depressing13:47
GeneralAntillesif only marginally so in some cases. :P13:47
* aquatix uses the locale en_DK on his pc13:47
aquatixbut that wasn't available on my tablet13:48
andre__1GeneralAntilles: from now on guenther and me will also take a look at bugzilla to get this going again13:48
GeneralAntillesYes, things are looking up for the future.13:48
GeneralAntillesThere's still a lot of built-up frustration that has to be bled off for a lot of us still, though. :P ;)13:49
aquatixthere, voted for #30313:49
GeneralAntilless/There's still/There's/13:50
infobotGeneralAntilles meant: There's a lot of built-up frustration that has to be bled off for a lot of us still, though. :P ;)13:50
aquatixaside from that, having a working wifi at my university would be cool too13:50
aquatixeduroam thingee13:50
aquatixit appears that user and pass are getting mangled somehwere13:50
andre__1same eduroam problem here, yeah13:51
lardmanX-Fade: wrt bugs, if the component is open, community members could work on it too13:51
X-Fadelardman: I'm with you man ;)13:51
X-FadeDon't worry :)13:51
lardmanwhether they will or not remains to be seen ;)13:51
*** hannesw has quit IRC13:51
X-Fadelardman: My optimal solution would be to let community members have commit access on the svn repository..13:52
GeneralAntillesPutting together some sort of wikipage to help focus community efforts would be good.13:52
lardmanX-Fade: I doubt that would be acceptable13:52
lardmanX-Fade: but if we could add patches that might possibly be considered, and if not a comment as to why not, that would be a good start13:53
X-Fadelardman: Well, yes and no. Not everybody would have it..13:53
X-FadeBut some established community gateway people perhaps..13:53
lardmanyes, I see what you mean13:53
X-FadeBut either way, you would need to have the sources in that svn in the first place ;)13:54
lardmanyep :)13:54
X-FadeIt would be interesting to test this out on Modest for example..13:54
X-FadeSee what can happen when community people join that garage project.13:55
X-FadeAnd actually contribute.13:55
X-FadeI'm sure there are all kinds of little tasks community members can do without altering the general course/planning of Modest.13:56
aquatixwhy didn't have modest a weekly snapshot lately btw?13:56
aquatixbecause it's included in the os2008 upgrade now?13:56
GeneralAntillesYou mean W18?13:56
GeneralAntillesW19 was just released.13:56
X-Fadeaquatix: All kinds of holidays?13:56
GeneralAntillesW18 was skipped for some reason or the other.13:56
aquatixGeneralAntilles: oh ok13:56
aquatixGeneralAntilles: ignore my remark then ;)13:57
aquatixX-Fade: fair enough13:57
GeneralAntillesW19 was 9 days ago13:57
aquatixwas just wondering :)13:57
GeneralAntillesSo I guess we're kinda getting close to due again.13:57
* aquatix is just paranoid13:57
GeneralAntillesWhile it's on my mind, anybody want to take a stab a fleshing this out? :P
*** eichi has joined #maemo13:57
lardmanIs Modest in Garage?13:58
lardmanSo if a community member wanted to, they could probably produce a weekly snapshot....?13:58
X-Fadelardman: Sure, although you have to package tinymail too..13:59
lardmanX-Fade: well whichever of the Modest devs has to do that too13:59
Cptnodegardanyone here use a nokia e51?13:59
X-Fadelardman: Well, the packages are in svn and you can see who uploaded them ;)14:00
lardmanX-Fade: I'm just thinking of a thing a (relatively) non-programming community member could do to help the devs14:00
aquatixbtw, do any of you too have the problem that modest not always [read: almost always not] does mark email messages `read' ?14:00
lardmanX-Fade: rather than expecting the Modest devs to code + build + check the built packages, etc.14:00
GeneralAntillesA number of people have reported it, aquatix.14:01
GeneralAntillesI haven't paid close enough attention to notice.14:01
aquatixjust wondering14:01
_berto_what's up with modest ?14:01
aquatixit's one of the reasons i don't use it that much14:01
GeneralAntillesIt's awesome.14:01
aquatixwhile modest is awesome indeed14:01
_berto_thanks :)14:01
aquatixbut claws at least marks my mails read when i read them :)14:01
_berto_uh :)14:02
_berto_i think we fixed that long ago14:02
aquatixGeneralAntilles: that's my bug :)14:03
GeneralAntillesGuess you didn't need to be linked to it. :P14:04
aquatixheheh, you are no psychic :)14:04
*** sergio has joined #maemo14:04
aquatixbut that means it's not fixed14:04
_berto_so it only happens when opening mails from the notification box?14:04
aquatixerm no14:04
aquatixevery single mail14:04
aquatixsometimes several are read when it's left open for a while14:05
aquatixso i guess the periodic refresh does some good14:05
aquatixbut mostly, that doesn't help either14:06
sergiothe periodic refresh does not mark the new messages as read14:06
aquatixno, emails that i just read14:06
aquatixmodest shows them as read, but that's not updated at the server14:07
sergioyou mean POP or IMAP?14:07
aquatiximap4, secure14:07
aquatixdovecot, to be specific [but shouldn't really matter ;)]14:07
sergioif you mark a header as read14:07
sergioit won't be updated in the server14:07
sergiountil you select another folder14:08
sergioor close the program of course14:08
sergiobecause we delay that update until that14:08
aquatixi will play around with that for a bit then14:08
aquatixbut iirc, that doesn't always work either14:08
aquatixi have folders by subject14:08
sergiowell I remember that we had some bugs about that in the past14:08
aquatixand even when i've visited various folders, the emails stay unread at the server14:08
aquatixok, i'll try with the latest in a few hours then14:09
_berto_yes, I remember we fixed them some time ago14:09
*** hendry has joined #maemo14:09
sergiothat sounds weird indeed14:09
X-FadeI can confirm it with W19 and google imap too.14:09
hendryi have my sb2 chinook setup. I need to install some build deps. how do i do that?14:09
X-FadeSwitching between maps doesn't help either..14:09
*** jebe has joined #maemo14:09
aquatixoh, whatever, i'm hooking up my tablet with my phone now14:09
* aquatix plays around a bit14:10
aquatixdon't want to wait to get home ;)14:10
X-Fade_berto_: Only closing the application updates it..14:10
_berto_(sorry, meeting)14:12
*** pcfe has joined #maemo14:13
_berto_we'll look at it14:13
jukeyhi, ist that the right place for bugs in modest:14:13
GeneralAntillesYes, jukey.14:13
aquatixjukey: yes, just choose the modest component on that page14:13
*** mbuf has joined #maemo14:14
jukeyyesterday i have put a bug into the modest project page bugzilla14:14
jukeyi think nobody is reading the bugs there? :)14:15
sergiojukey yes14:16
sergiobut we hadn't many time recently14:16
jukeynp, i only want to know where to report bugs :)14:16
sergioand regarding the read/unread status14:16
jukeyand now i know14:16
sergiomaybe it's just a problem of GMail synchrono14:17
sergiosynchronizing that I mean14:17
sergiowith the Web interface14:17
X-Fadesergio: No, closing modest does update it..14:17
X-Fadesergio: but going to other folders doesn't..14:17
X-Fadesergio: As soon as I close modest, I see the webinterface change instantly.14:18
sergio:m interesting14:18
*** trbs has joined #maemo14:18
sergiomaybe it's something that we added recently14:19
X-FadeHmm scratch that.. Doing it a second time, it doesn't update it..14:19
sergiowhat version are you using BTW?14:19
X-Fadesergio: Latest and greates released packages on garage..14:20
*** andre___ has joined #maemo14:20
sergioX-Fade I have just marked as read an unread mail and changed to another folder14:21
sergioand it was updated properly in the web interface14:21
X-FadeI clicked on the message to actually read it..14:21
X-FadeAnd nothing happens..14:21
sergiobut it does not work properly the other way around as you say14:22
X-FadeManually marking as read in modest and switching maps doesn't update.14:23
*** jebe_ has quit IRC14:23
X-FadeHmm funny, I get the impression that it only worked one time. After a fresh reboot.14:23
*** mazzen has joined #maemo14:26
aquatixreading a mail in my dovecot inbox, then switching to another folder doesn't mark it as `read'14:26
sergiook, I understand the problem14:27
sergioI'll take a look this afternoon14:27
*** Dregs has joined #maemo14:28
sergioit's weird because we're using the same command to do that14:28
*** SDuensin has quit IRC14:28
sergioit's just a SYNC for those of you that know IMAP14:28
aquatixweird indeed14:28
aquatixdon't hesitate to ask me for assistance :)14:29
sergiomaybe we're leaking a reference of the folder and thus the sync do not happen14:29
aquatixglad to be of help debugging14:29
aquatixsure thing14:29
GeneralAntillesThanks for looking into it, it's an issue that has irked a number of users for a while now.14:29
aquatixyeah, it's a shame14:30
aquatixas i now use claws instead of modest14:30
aquatixwhile modest is nicer on the tablet14:30
*** alech has joined #maemo14:32
_berto_X-Fade: did you check why vagalume didn't build correctly ?14:34
sergioit's definitely because we leak a reference of the folder somewhere14:34
sergiobecause the call is made correctly14:34
aquatixsergio: might be of help - most of my folders are within a directory14:34
sergioI have just checked that14:34
aquatixi have folders like 2008/mailings14:34
X-Fade_berto_: I asked the dev that has access to the box. He will get back to me this evening.14:34
aquatixwhere 2008 is a physical dir on the server14:34
sergioaquatix this does not change14:34
sergiobut thx anyway for the report14:35
X-Fade_berto_: We will try to add more logging and mailing this weekend ;)14:35
sergiocould you please upload a bug to the bugzilla?14:35
_berto_ok, don't worry :)14:35
_berto_just curiosity14:35
sergioI'll review them again this weekend14:35
X-Fade_berto_: You and me both ;)14:35
sergiobecause a lot of them are already fixed14:35
*** giskard has joined #maemo14:40
*** slomo has quit IRC14:46
*** tobmaster has joined #maemo14:47
sergioX-Fade, aquatix I know the reason why that is happening14:50
sergioand it's not really a bug, although you could find it annoying14:51
sergiothe thing is that tinymail won't synchronise that status until the object that represents each account is destroyed14:51
sergioand that only happens when modest is finished14:51
sergioso due to tinymail design it couldn't be fixed14:52
X-Fadesergio: But it remains active on close?14:52
*** yerga has joined #maemo14:52
sergiomodest window is closed but some tasks keep running in the background14:52
sergiojust for a while14:52
X-FadeSo it doesn't update at all at that point.14:52
sergioin the server yes14:52
sergiobut your local cache is updated inmediatly14:52
sergioso you'll see them as read in Modest14:53
johnxso will it update the copy on the server later? or not at all?14:53
*** harry has quit IRC14:53
sergioit's updated in the server when modest closes14:53
jukeyhm what i have to delete before i install modest again? I delete always /home/user/.modest and /var/lib/gconf/modest but after installing again i don't see the assistant for account creation but my old account name. a fews seconds later modest crashes an every few minutes i get the message "internal error e-mail will be closed"14:53
sergiojukey you don't need to remove .modest14:54
*** rm_you has quit IRC14:54
*** jebe_ has joined #maemo14:54
sergioand you see your old accounts14:54
sergiobecause the account configuration is saved in Gconf14:54
jukeybut it crashes every time i start it14:54
sergionot in .modest14:54
sergiojukey: which version?14:55
jukeyat the end14:55
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo14:55
sergionobody told us before14:55
jku_jukey your settings aren't in /var/lib/gconf/modest...14:55
X-Fadejukey: Did you create a core-dumps dir on your mmc?14:55
jukeywhen i start it in xterm after a few minutes i saw "segmentation fault"14:55
sergiohow do you start it?14:55
*** _freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu14:56
sergiomodest showui I guess14:56
*** simboss has joined #maemo14:56
jukeyi will try it again14:57
sergiobut why don't you start it using the menu?14:57
*** _berto_ has quit IRC14:57
jukeyit crashes14:57
sergiomaybe you have another problem14:57
jku_jukey, if you want to get rid of your settings (accounts and such) do "gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/modest"14:57
X-FadeFor those of you using the atom feed for planet maemo, it should be fixed now..14:58
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo14:58
simbossguys, sorry to bother anyone there knows anything about gdal on n800?14:59
sergiogtg now, ping me later if you have problems/questions14:59
jukeythx jku_15:00
johnxsimboss, what exactly is gda1?15:00
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo15:00
simboss*the* open source GIS toolkit :-)15:00
simbossI am trying to build it right now on the scratchbox15:00
johnxwhat problem are you running into?15:00
simbosswell, the compiler choked with a strange message15:01
simbossand I had to remove a supported format15:01
simbosshopefully this time15:01
simbossI will get it working15:01
simbossanyway I might get back to that error later on15:01
simbossis there a mailing list where I can post such questions?15:02
johnxI think maemo-developers would be the right place if you want a mailing list15:02
johnxasking here wouldn't hurt either15:03
aquatixsergio: hm15:04
aquatixsergio: can't you tell tinymail to sync?15:04
simbossjohnx: thx15:05
*** rm_you has joined #maemo15:05
johnxsimboss, sure15:05
johnxhey rm_you15:05
rm_youhey johnx15:05
rm_youjust about to sleep again15:05
rm_youanyway, <--- excited about lardman working on DSP-SBC :P15:05
johnxalways sleeping *shakes head*15:06
rm_youlol, its 7AM :P15:06
johnxyeah, time to wake up!15:06
rm_youi need to go to lunch at 1pm >_>15:06
rm_youpfft lol15:06
johnxmoving out work out ok?15:06
*** JackCrow has quit IRC15:06
*** jebe has quit IRC15:06
rm_youi moved all my crap across to my suitemate's room15:06
rm_youand then today i moved most of it to a friend's condo15:07
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC15:07
rm_youso now i'm pretty much set15:07
simbossjohnx: here is a quick question :-). Does this error sound fmiliar to you?
rm_yougot to ship my compy and stuff today tho15:07
rm_youwell, l8r :P15:07
johnxlater rm_you15:07
aquatixrm_you: cya15:07
johnxsimboss, I guess libdb isn't installed in scratchbox or not where the compiler was looking for it?15:08
johnxgah...misread that15:08
*** k-s has joined #maemo15:09
*** JackCrow has joined #maemo15:09
*** luck^ has joined #maemo15:09
simbossthere is a typo15:10
simbossmy bad15:10
simbossit was -lidn15:10
johnxthat's ok...I misread it a different way, as well15:11
johnxlibidn I guess15:12
*** hendry has left #maemo15:12
jukeyafter "gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/modest" i was able to start modest15:13
jukeyi have creat an account and see the inbox :-)15:13
jukeythx a lot15:13
johnxsimboss, you might beed to install libidn in scratchbox15:13
simbossk, I'll give it a try15:13
simbossthx for the help15:13
johnxGIS stuff would be great to have on the tablet15:14
*** greentux has joined #maemo15:15
*** k-s has quit IRC15:16
simbossany ideas where to start looking ?15:16
simbossfor libidn I mean :-)15:16
johnxyou might just want to grab the debian source package from and see if that compiles15:17
*** k-s has joined #maemo15:17
johnxdo you know how to compile something from a debian source package?15:18
simbossI was hoping to avoid that step :-(15:18
johnxit's not too bad15:18
simbossI have not done it in a while15:18
johnxjust dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot15:18
simbossapt-get install is my friend :-)15:18
johnxsomeone will chime in and say their own personal favorite way to do it I'm sure15:18
simbossfound it
johnxlooks like debian has a source package for gdal as well...15:20
simbossyeah, the debian gis project15:20
johnxanyways, grab the 3 files listed on the source package's page, a .diff.gz, a .dsc and a .orig.tar.gz15:20
johnxput then in the same dir and type dpkg-source -x foo.dsc ; cd into the directory it makes and type dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot and that should do it15:21
simbossabout to try15:22
*** hannesw has joined #maemo15:22
*** lopz has joined #maemo15:23
*** huats has quit IRC15:23
*** iomari has joined #maemo15:24
*** huats has joined #maemo15:24
*** jitu3485 has quit IRC15:26
*** rm_you has quit IRC15:27
*** mazzen has quit IRC15:32
*** ijon_ has quit IRC15:35
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo15:35
*** luck^ has quit IRC15:36
*** sm00th_trac3r has quit IRC15:36
*** sm00th_trac3r has joined #maemo15:37
*** lirakis_work has joined #maemo15:38
*** luck^ has joined #maemo15:38
playyais maemo also affected by the openssh/ssl vulnerability?15:39
* aquatix is curious to that too15:40
johnxssh-vulnkey would give you the answer15:40
lirakis_worki tried to install streamplayer on my n810 .. it said "failed to install"15:41
lirakis_worknow i cant uninstall it15:41
lirakis_workor reinstall it15:41
lirakis_workit shows up under my installed apps15:41
lirakis_workbut it shows it as 0kb15:41
lirakis_workand it doesnt show when i search for installable apps now15:41
simbossjohnx: done :-)15:41
lirakis_workhow did i get stuck in this limbo .. and how can i fix it?15:42
aquatixlirakis_work: maybe try apt-get remove?15:42
johnxsimboss, libidn?15:42
simbossI have built libidn even though I had to build it manually (configure --> make --> make install)15:42
aquatixas root in a shell?15:42
simbossthen I rebuilt gdal15:42
lirakis_workaquatix: tried .. apt doesnt seem to be able to find it15:42
simbossand now I can use its utilites in the scratchbox15:42
simbossI am going to test it on some data now :-)15:42
johnxthat's pretty darn cool. What are you planning to use it for on the device?15:43
simbossI have been contracted15:43
johnxsay no more15:43
simbossto port a JPIP client to n80015:43
simbossI can talk about it15:43
simbossit will probably be OS15:43
simbossor at least parts of it15:44
simbossJPIP = jpeg2000 streaming15:44
lirakis_workah! it showed up in updates.. but it failed to update  .. but now it shows up in m extras menu and lauches15:44
lirakis_workwtf ..15:44
simbossI am planning on building a small GIS client15:44
lirakis_workim glad its working but wtf happened ?15:44
aquatixlirakis_work: voodoo ftw ;)15:44
simbossbesides the contract15:45
simbossin python15:45
johnxpretty neat15:46
johnxI bet the n800 will work great for that15:46
*** benh has joined #maemo15:47
johnxoverall it's a pretty nice little device as long as you're reasonable with your expectations...I really can't think of anything the same size that can run python well15:48
*** mardi__ has quit IRC15:49
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo15:51
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo15:51
simbossyeah, it's pretty nice15:51
simbossI think java support is pretty bad15:52
simbossand that is a shame :-(15:52
simbossbut I like python as well and I have mobile java15:52
johnxyeah...someone was working on that but I don't know how far they got15:52
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo15:55
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC15:56
*** andre___ has quit IRC15:57
johnxjalimo is the name of the java project for maemo if you haven't already seen it15:58
*** ab has quit IRC15:59
*** n800n has joined #maemo15:59
*** slomo has joined #maemo16:00
n800nwhere can i get nuvo black?16:00
simbossjohnx: yeah, I hve tried  few JVM16:09
simbossI also tried to play with phoneME16:09
Veggenit just has to get better, sooner or later...16:09
simbossbut I got stuck16:09
*** Blastur has joined #Maemo16:09
VeggenWith fully open source java on the way and an open source mozilla-based microB, things should get easier.16:09
*** kenne has joined #maemo16:11
*** k-s has quit IRC16:11
BlasturAnyone have difficulties with microb crashing the entire tablet?16:11
*** fr01 has left #maemo16:12
*** k-s has joined #maemo16:12
*** andre__1 has quit IRC16:12
johnxdoes it just turn off? or is it slowing down then flashing the blue light at you?16:13
johnxmaybe running out of memory?16:13
X-FadeBlafasel: I seem to have that too, more and more lately..16:13
X-FadeBlafasel: 10 seconds of freeze and then the display gets 'washed out' and it reboots..16:14
RST38hthat is the watchdog timer16:14
BlasturJe exactly that16:14
X-FadeEhm should have been to Blastur ;)_16:14
BlasturSometimes blue light16:14
BlasturSometimes washed screen16:14
* RST38h has never seen N810 show a yellow light by the way. Does it ever happen?16:15
X-FadeRST38h: Well, you can mix it yourself? :)16:15
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo16:15
VeggenRST38h: java *is* actually useful for something.16:16
*** giskard has quit IRC16:16
RST38hVeggen: Selling faster CPUs and more memory? =)16:16
BlafaselRST38h: It supports default RGB codes. Make it yellow or pink or whatever ;)16:16
BlasturWhat does blue light mean16:16
*** benh has quit IRC16:16
RST38hX-Fade: I still have not found a way to do it, although LED config file lists some really funky light patterns16:16
X-FadeRST38h: There is a led API, I think..16:17
BlafaselAdd a pattern, add yellow16:17
johnxBlastur, I have an N800 so the light is *only* blue16:17
johnxI take it as "Hey! pay attention to me!" (repeat, ad infinum)16:17
RST38hX-Fade: There should even be a utlity that triggers a given predefined pattern16:17
X-FadeMauku uses orange..16:17
RST38hbut I do not know th ename16:18
BlafaselWrote that some time ago16:18
BlafaselContains the info in more detail and the command to switch to other patterns16:18
RST38hBlafasel: Ahaaaa!!!!! Thanks!16:18
BlasturBtw how to put it in energy save ? When i woke up today it was discharged even though i charged it yesterday (got it yesterday)16:18
BlafaselWrote that for someone in here, quite old as you see16:19
*** Zenton is now known as Zenton_16:20
*** andrunko has joined #maemo16:20
johnxBlastur, was it connected to wifi the whole time?16:20
BlasturWell i didnt disconnect it but it is set to max energy save for wifi16:21
BlasturDamn this keyboard is small16:22
johnxsome apps that you leave running in the background can wake the CPU up a lot from "deep sleep"16:22
johnxthe RSS applet is often accused of this16:22
*** z72ka has quit IRC16:22
BlasturEven when set to refresh only every hour or so ?16:23
johnxI'm not sure actually, I don't use it myself16:24
*** etrunko has joined #maemo16:24
RST38hRSS applet only does it when scrolling16:24
RST38hpretty harmless otherwise16:24
johnxso how much did you use it and how many hours did you leave it idle?16:25
BlasturOk but i dont have any apps running16:25
*** SDuensin has joined #Maemo16:25
BlasturI left it over night with approx 3 days of idle battery left16:26
johnxand when you woke up it was powered off?16:26
BlasturYes and it could not power up due to no battery16:27
johnxhave you installed many apps yet?16:28
johnxanything that might have a part that runs in the background?16:28
*** benh has joined #maemo16:28
BlasturHmm a few apps but no bg apps...16:29
GeneralAntilles3 days of idle battery isn't much.16:29
BlasturMaybe i accidentally left skype running16:29
GeneralAntillesThat more or less amounts to %33. . . .16:29
johnxyeah I don't know if they mean "idle connected to wlan" or "idle with all radios and screen off"16:29
BlasturBut that shouldnt consume all resources and drain battery right16:29
GeneralAntillesConsidering that you'll only get about 3 days connected to wifi at 100%, it sounds about right.16:30
* sp3000 guesstimates skype would16:30
johnxit depends on how it's written16:30
GeneralAntillesidle is totally idle.16:30
GeneralAntillesRadios off, CPU sleeping, screen off.16:30
johnxeither way, just put it in offline mode overnight if you can't plug it into a charger16:30
* sp3000 doesn't know how well it idles but using it sure warms things up nicely :)16:30
BlasturWell i guess i hsve to try again16:30
GeneralAntillesIt idles really nicely on wifi.16:31
sp3000("it" being skype)16:31
GeneralAntillesNo, it being the NIT.16:31
GeneralAntillesI don't use Skype16:31
GeneralAntillesEr, yeah.16:31
sp3000right, in your statement, which is why I wanted to clarify :)16:31
GeneralAntillesBut, like I said, 3 days of idle time is actually not much battery life.16:31
GeneralAntillesThat's maybe ~24 hours idle on wifi16:32
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo16:32
X-FadeMy N800 can idle for at least 2 weeks.16:32
johnxon wifi or off?16:33
GeneralAntillesMilhouse did a rundown16:33
GeneralAntillesGot 12 days.16:33
*** Blastur has left #Maemo16:35
lcddi would guess the idle time with wifi depends somewhat on the network activity. stuff always enters the network stack even if it's not something the system cares about16:35
GeneralAntilleswifi idle time varies a lot with signal quality and router16:36
lcddthat too16:36
GeneralAntilles1-4 days16:36
johnxthat is something to think about...ever time something else spews a broadcast it wakes up the tablet, huh?16:37
*** matt_c has joined #maemo16:37
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC16:41
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo16:43
*** mbuf has quit IRC16:44
*** mbuf has joined #maemo16:44
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo16:46
*** FreeNom has joined #maemo16:46
*** calvaris has joined #maemo16:46
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo16:53
*** monkeyiq has quit IRC16:55
*** jebe has joined #maemo16:56
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:56
*** ricko73_ has joined #maemo16:56
trickie_ke-recv is open source16:58
trickie_as of now16:58
KotCzarnywhat's that?16:59
Jaffake-recv - Program for receiving kevents from the kernel etc.16:59
trickie_check maemo-dev, but it interacts with sysfs and HAL for mmc and storage stuff17:00
KotCzarnysounds like another udev replacement17:01
trickie_higher up the stack than udev17:02
*** setanta has joined #maemo17:02
*** ricko73 has quit IRC17:03
*** fr01 has joined #maemo17:03
*** jebe_ has quit IRC17:03
*** benh has quit IRC17:04
*** huats has quit IRC17:05
*** Blastur has joined #maemo17:07
Blasturhey, is there a tool that can take an arbitrary ogg or avi video file and optimize it for N810 playback? like resize it, perhaps re-encode with a more suitable codec17:07
*** bradd has quit IRC17:07
vililikkuBlastur: What OS do you use?17:08
RST38htablet-encode but it produces shitty quality with default settings17:08
vililikkuWindows, Mac. Linux?17:08
RST38hOn Windows, you can use Nokia Video Converter but it is a pig17:08
Blasturvililikku: windows, but i also have ubuntu17:08
RST38hSo, just get yourself mencoder and play with settings17:08
Blasturokay, cool17:08
KotCzarnyfor geeks:
Blasturis there a GUI for that, or do i have to commandline on its ass? :)17:09
RST38hno gui for mencoder17:09
*** bradd has joined #maemo17:09
X-FadeBlastur: Just try Nokia Video Convertor on windows..17:09
Blasturwhat settings do you recommend for videos on the n810? resolutions, bitrate etc17:09
RST38hvililikku: NOOOOOooo!17:09
||cwthere are 3rd party gui's17:09
vililikkuRST38h: :)17:09
vililikkuRST38h: mencoder is hard for newbies17:09
Blasturi have used mencoder before17:10
X-FadeAnd if you are using windows, you are already lost, so .. :)17:10
vililikkuBlastur: And
Blasturi just remember it was a bitch with all the parameters17:10
KotCzarnycolor of #F1A5C0 is pink :)17:10
vililikkuBlastur: Default settings is often good17:12
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo17:12
trickie_hmm ke-recv does alot more than i thought it did17:13
*** jumpula has joined #maemo17:13
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC17:14
*** lirakis_work has left #maemo17:15
*** Dar has quit IRC17:18
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo17:18
*** beavis has joined #maemo17:19
*** ricko73_ is now known as ricko7317:19
*** rwhitby has quit IRC17:20
*** Kt_ has joined #maemo17:20
*** rwhitby has joined #maemo17:21
*** hugolp has quit IRC17:21
*** snake_mountain has joined #maemo17:22
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo17:22
*** hugolp has joined #maemo17:22
*** guardian has joined #maemo17:23
*** Dar has joined #maemo17:25
*** fab has quit IRC17:25
*** red-zack has quit IRC17:32
*** Zic has joined #maemo17:33
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC17:34
*** cktakahasi has joined #maemo17:37
*** qwerty111 has joined #maemo17:37
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC17:38
RST38hvili: Nokia's software just does not work well17:38
RST38hSlow by itself and slows computer to a crawl17:38
johnxKotCzarny, that's an interesting script :)17:39
johnxI wonder what the difference is between standby and mem17:39
KotCzarnyjohnx: yeah, i'm wondering about it's purpose :)17:39
johnxaah...I thought you wrote it17:40
Blasturis it possible to replace the internal memory card of the n810?17:40
johnxBlastur, not without a soldering iron17:40
Blasturwith a bigger on that is17:40
KotCzarnynah, just some nice tricks in it that i felt like sharing17:40
*** krau has quit IRC17:40
Blasturok, .. im pretty good with the soldering iron though17:40
johnxwell its purpose is pretty obvious17:40
*** |zeus| has quit IRC17:40
KotCzarnyjohnx: but, it looks like it's a deeper sleep than regular idle sleep17:41
johnxBlastur, that's good cause this should be a real challenge for you17:41
johnxyeah, definitely17:41
qwerty111KotCzarny, that script was posted somewhere on ITT17:41
qwerty111I think with explanation17:41
johnxI just don't know the difference bettween standby and "mem" in terms of what parts are running17:41
KotCzarny(i should be sleeping)17:43
johnxyou sleep?17:43
johnxevery couple days or what?17:43
qwerty111KotCzarny, if you are like my ex-cat, you would be sleeping 24/7 :p17:43
KotCzarnycats never sleep17:44
qwerty111Oh believe me, my one did...17:44
KotCzarnythey just trick us that they do17:44
*** behdad has joined #maemo17:46
Robot101timeless: btw, I'm the Rob you just met :)17:47
Robot101thanks for the cookie17:47
JaffaMmmm, cookies.17:48
*** smancke has quit IRC17:49
KotCzarny3rd party cookies are suspicious17:49
KotCzarnybe aware jaffa17:49
qwerty111Get them from my repo! They have been personally tested...17:50
*** TheNewAndy_ has quit IRC17:50
KotCzarnypersonally tasted?17:50
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo17:50
qwerty111:P :)17:50
KotCzarnywho wants bitten cookies17:50
aquatix``they are good, i tasted them''17:50
aquatix*looks at dewy cookie*17:50
* qwerty111 is reminded of candy lyrics17:50
* qwerty111 is happy. I just got pulseaudio compiled for ARMEL. But I'm gonna crap myself trying to set it up for N800...17:53
johnxyeah, it was kind of a pain17:54
johnxit looks more complicated than esd so I have up and made sound work directly in debian17:54
Gracanajohnx, I recompiled Xomap last night17:55
qwerty111Nice :). I like sound playing from headset and speaker at the same time :D17:55
johnxGracana, cool! with dpms?17:55
GracanaI disabled builtin-fonts-only.17:55
*** cktakahasi has quit IRC17:55
KotCzarnygracana: try adding vfp to DEB_PKG_OPTIONS17:55
GracanaSo I could have external fonts.17:55
KotCzarnyor something17:55
KotCzarnyforgot the variable name17:55
johnxqwerty111, works fine in debian17:56
KotCzarnyyou should find it in the rules though17:56
johnxmight be able to do it on os2008 as well17:56
qwerty111johnx, I mean in debian :)17:56
GracanaWhere is DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS (I see it referenced in debian/rules) defined?17:57
KotCzarnyit's an env variable17:57
KotCzarnydo you can set it with: export DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="vfp"17:57
KotCzarnythen running build17:57
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo17:58
* Gracana tries17:58
*** krau has joined #maemo18:00
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC18:02
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo18:03
Naviforgot the hildon libs were there18:08
Naviin the debian repos18:08
NaviI just installed a bunch of them by accident18:08
johnxyeah, they're working on tinymail18:08
KotCzarny'installed by accident'18:08
johnxI want to try and get modest working for the zaurus18:08
johnxmaybe not the whole maemo environment but there are a lot of nice apps written w/ hildon18:09
Naviugh, damn it18:10
GracanaOkay, here's the latest test of xomap.
NaviI forgot that sdl was one of the packages debian splits up into nonsense18:10
KotCzarnyversion string is bad18:10
johnxis this built with debian dependencies or os2008 dependencies?18:10
KotCzarnyyou have to keep it the same as original one18:10
NaviGracana, compile it with dpms!18:10
KotCzarnyotherwise apt-get would bitch18:10
KotCzarny(when you try to install anything else)18:11
GracanaKotCzarny, me?18:11
KotCzarnygracana: yes18:11
johnxGracana, is this for debian?18:11
KotCzarnyafair there is b0rkage in maemo that some system packages depend on EXACT versions18:11
GracanaI've been installing with dpkg. Does that make a difference?18:11
Gracanayeah johnx18:11
johnxKotCzarny, doesn't matter then18:11
Naviwhat does libxsp0 use?18:12
Naviwhat _is_ libxsp0?18:12
RST38hall right, going home18:12
KotCzarnyi though you are doing it for maemo?18:12
Navino :P18:12
KotCzarnynot you18:12
johnxall the cool people are packaging for debian these days :D18:12
qwerty111osso-software-version bitches and remember jott had version problem with xserver. apt-get will still bitch regardless if it is installed via dpkg.18:12
johnxNavi, something about omap specific scaling code I *think*18:13
NaviI'm going to set up that debian chroot now >_>18:13
johnxqwerty111, in debian-land we don't have none of your "osso-software-version" nonsense18:13
qwerty111Oh, is this for debian? :)18:14
qwerty111Sorry, my bad.18:14
KotCzarnybut you have some other nonsense in debian land ;)18:14
johnxI'm free to install software with a version string of "zebra"18:14
NaviDamn, we're going in circles18:14
*** snake_mountain has quit IRC18:14
johnxI should bind "It's for Debian" to something...18:14
qwerty111Does scratchbox come with gtkmm by default?18:14
johnxI think not...let me check18:15
NaviI don't know where I left the debian tarball18:15
KotCzarnyask google18:15
*** tortoise_ has joined #maemo18:15
* KotCzarny remembers the trick with lost keys18:15
johnxGoogle: Where are my keys?18:16
johnxif google knows that I'd be kinda scared18:16
johnxjust a *little*18:16
*** dougt has joined #maemo18:17
KotCzarnybut then you would be happy18:17
* qwerty111 remembers my friend tricking teacher with peteranswers....18:17
KotCzarnynot needing to remember it anymore18:17
GracanaXomap is still slow.18:17
johnxthe bus the LCD controller sits on is slow18:18
GracanaTime to try a normal build.18:18
*** hannesw has quit IRC18:18
GracanaHaha, well, it's slower than normal. :P18:18
*** Synchronicity has joined #maemo18:19
Blafaselwth are peteranswers?18:20
MangoFusionconceptually the bus the LCD controller sits on could be likened to a cart towed by a dilapidated tortoise18:20
NaviBlafasel, it's a prank site people like to use18:21
* qwerty111 for one18:21
KotCzarnythat's because accel available on the chip is not used18:21
KotCzarnyfor this or other reason18:21
johnxstill doesn't help the total number of fullscreen refreshes you can do in a second18:22
lardmanKotCzarny: what accel is this?18:23
lardmanThe LCD controller scaling can and is used afaik, I don't think there's any other accel available18:23
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC18:24
KotCzarnylardman: iva ?18:24
lardmanyeah, but it's a separate chip so does it count?18:25
lardmanbut I suppose yes18:25
johnxisn't that just for video?18:25
KotCzarnybut contained in the same package?18:25
* Navi listens to "King of Spain"18:25
johnxnot normal screen draws?18:25
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo18:25
NaviIVA's a vide/audio decoder.18:25
lardmanjohnx: presumably could do whatever, depending on what tasks you send it18:25
johnxNavi, it will steal your *life* away!18:25
Navijohnx, I bought the album :P18:26
* johnx shakes his head...It's already too late18:26
*** trickie_ has quit IRC18:26
GracanaWell, if it turns out that using external fonts is too slow, then hopefully I can at least include some sane internal ones.18:26
qwerty111Oh yeah, thats' that dodgy song in Debian18:27
Navijohnx was using it to test his sound18:27
Navitar errored out18:27
johnxdodgy indeed!18:27
* Navi checks his disk space18:28
lardmanhome time18:28
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone18:28
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo18:29
BlafaselQuick survey: - any suggestion which ebook format I should pick for my device/fbreader?18:29
qwerty111"* FBReader: FB2 file18:30
qwerty111(Thanks, B. Ross Ashley!)18:30
johnxor the fb2 reader of course18:30
Navioh yeah18:30
johnxI like html cause it works anywhere...18:30
Navifbreader is in the debian repos too18:30
Blafaselqwerty111: Stupid me.18:31
NaviI hate APT18:31
Gracana<3 apt18:31
johnxapt is awesome18:32
NaviHate it :P18:32
qwerty111I think China has fake market covered :
* qwerty111 rolls eyes18:32
KotCzarnyusing courier as system font?18:33
* KotCzarny vomits18:33
johnxit's probably just part of a Chinese font18:33
*** sven-tek has quit IRC18:33
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo18:34
*** wms has joined #maemo18:34
*** VimSi has quit IRC18:34
Gracanajohnx, is there any chance of getting mice to work in debian?18:34
*** foka has joined #maemo18:34
johnxthat's all a question of xomap I think18:35
GracanaKotCzarny, do you know what modifications have been made to make Xomap omap-y?18:35
GracanaIt's just modified TinyX, right?18:35
KotCzarnyit you want buzzword it's Kdrive18:35
KotCzarnyor whatever it's spelled18:36
KotCzarnyyou have the sources, peek inside18:36
* Navi np: Gulf War Song [Moxy Fruvous]18:36 might even be able to pass another -mouse to it and have it look at /dev/input/mice18:36
Navibleh, it changed18:36
KotCzarnyjohnx: it should be enabled by default :/18:37
*** VimSi has joined #maemo18:37
*** chenca has left #maemo18:37
*** summatusmentis has quit IRC18:37
johnxit is or it *should*?18:37
Navijohnx, this is your fault.18:37
KotCzarnyin maemo18:37
KotCzarnyi haven't tried debian yet18:37
johnxthen why are people complaining about mouse stuff?18:37
johnxjust set a cursor and you're fine, right?18:38
GracanaMice should? Mice don't work in ITOS18:38
* KotCzarny doesn't have a usb adapter18:38
Navino usb mouse support in either18:38
KotCzarnycan't check18:38
*** fysa has quit IRC18:39
KotCzarnychosen one?18:39
qwerty111Someone made unoffiical mice support for OS200818:39
qwerty111Works *ok*18:39
qwerty111(not tried by me)18:39
*** alex-weej has quit IRC18:39
*** fysa has joined #maemo18:39
johnxqwerty111, what does it do?18:39
Navithe cursor updates pretty slowly18:39
GracanaI should make a tslib package so I don't have to keep editing the control file of the generated debs18:40
GracanaBetter yet18:40
Gracanajohnx, can I have your fake tslib?18:40
johnxI don't think I have it anymore18:40
johnxit had conflict issues...just edit the control of the *source* package :)18:40
qwerty111johnx, Can't remember exactly.  udev file and some pollers afaik. Not the greatest of support however.18:41
GracanaI can't, it automatically generates that dependency18:41
GracanaIf I remove tslib from the source package, then it has no tslib18:41
Gracanaor maybe I am making that up18:41
johnxchange it to libts with no version18:41
*** jeddy3 has quit IRC18:42
Gracanaoh, okay, I'll do that nex time18:42
*** Blastur has quit IRC18:45
GracanaStill seems slow.18:47
GracanaI should load up the old Xomap just to make sure.18:47
*** juergbi has joined #maemo18:48
*** Dar has quit IRC18:48
*** summatusmentis has joined #maemo18:49
* Gracana would probably benefit from having less than 35 tabs open18:49
*** murrayc has joined #maemo18:49
*** zwnj has quit IRC18:50
*** NetBlade has quit IRC18:50
Gracanahaha *WHAM* "Um.." *everyone is just shocked*18:52
KotCzarny'seemed like a good idea at the time' ;)18:52
Gracanahaha I bet it did18:53
johnxbasic geometry here folks18:53
KotCzarnythough my first thought was, wait, that tree is too tall18:53
*** kad_ has quit IRC18:53
johnxwhat were they expecting to happen?18:53
KotCzarnyi like the silence after the 'bam'18:53
Gracanayeah hehe18:53
summatusmentis*sigh* I hate being the obsessive type18:55
KotCzarnysummatusmentis: try lsd18:55
KotCzarnyit will make or break you18:55
KotCzarnyeither way your problem will end :)18:55
summatusmentisKotCzarny: that seems like a bad solution to the problem18:56
qwerty111Nah, a true linux geek would have fun with esd.18:56
KotCzarnyesd sucks18:56
qwerty111I know, I use Pulse with alsa :)18:56
summatusmentis*gasp* don't tell raster that18:56
KotCzarnythe idea of having multiplexed audio input is nice18:56
summatusmentisoh wait.... sorry, wrong channel18:56
NaviOSS4 by itself here18:57
KotCzarnybut it sucks too much cpu18:57
johnxesd was a necessary solution before alsa/dmix18:57
KotCzarnyIt would have cost them about $20 to rent a chainsaw from Home Depot.18:57
KotCzarnyThat might have ended up with a funnier video too.18:57
*** cmarcelo_ has joined #maemo18:58
GracanaUm. Well, okay. Apparently my performance issues were entirely made up.18:58
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo18:58
NaviGracana, liar18:58
GracanaThe old Xomap is jus as slow.18:58
KotCzarnygracana: lol18:58
KotCzarnyxbench ?18:58
KotCzarnythere was gtk testing app too18:59
Gracanahow to I made fast?18:59
GracanaSeriously though, I don't think it's this slow in ITOS.18:59
*** sergio has quit IRC18:59
NaviGracana, what's slow?19:00
GracanaScreen refreshes19:00
*** birunko|away has joined #maemo19:00
NaviIt was that slow19:00
*** sergio_ has quit IRC19:00
*** rsalveti has quit IRC19:00
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC19:00
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo19:00
NaviYou just didn't get to see it's slowness because apps were designed to hide it :P19:01
johnxno moving of windows in ITOS19:01
GracanaIt might not even be so bad if the refreshes were just *uniform*, instead of seeing tearing19:01
Navijohnx, not much horizontal movement either19:01
Navithat's where you notice it the most19:01
*** zap has quit IRC19:01
KotCzarnydisable opaque moving windows?19:01
johnxthe tearing is pretty much unavoidable from what I understand19:01
johnxonly move very small windows?19:02
*** abner has quit IRC19:02
GracanaI don't have opaque moving windows, I just have outlines, and the outlines tear.19:02
NaviIt's unavoidable if you turn off the LCD19:02
GracanaWould double buffering work? Or is that just stupid?19:02
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone19:03
*** greentux has quit IRC19:03
*** luogni has quit IRC19:03
johnxhere's the problem: (framebuffer) <----slow LCD bus------> (LCD controller) <----> LCD19:03
GracanaHow does video work then?19:04
Navijohnx, oh yeah19:04
Navidmesg fires off a message when something is jacked into the headphone port19:04
*** cmarcelo_ is now known as cmarcelo19:04
*** L0cutus has quit IRC19:05
johnxGracana, it's drawn at 400x240 and scaled x2 on the LCD controller for the most part19:05
johnxor drawn at 500x2xx and scaled19:05
johnxor whatever19:05
GracanaThat's clever19:05
*** b0unc3_ is now known as b0unc319:05
johnxwhich is why video over about 6xx X 3xx starts to get slow19:05
*** sovoti has quit IRC19:06
GracanaWell, if this is unfixable, I'll stop worrying about it.19:06
Gracanaer wait a second19:06
GracanaIs it updating the whole screen even when I drag an outlined window?19:07
*** dholbert has joined #maemo19:07
johnxit shouldn't be I would think19:07
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo19:08
*** fab_away has joined #maemo19:08
GracanaI would think it'd be able to do that without tearing then19:09
johnxwell I think there isn't vsync either for some reason19:10
johnxlikely related19:10
*** octal_sio has joined #maemo19:11
Gracana hmm19:11
*** renato_ has quit IRC19:12
*** Vudentz has quit IRC19:12
*** vcgomes has quit IRC19:12
*** krau has quit IRC19:12
*** kenne has quit IRC19:12
*** setanta has quit IRC19:13
*** renato_ has joined #maemo19:13
*** andrunko has quit IRC19:13
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo19:13
*** luck^ has quit IRC19:13
*** kenne has joined #maemo19:13
*** krau has joined #maemo19:13
*** setanta has joined #maemo19:14
*** lsobral has quit IRC19:14
*** andrunko has joined #maemo19:14
*** luck^ has joined #maemo19:14
*** lsobral has joined #maemo19:14
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo19:14
johnxanyways, that's it for now...I need to catch some sleep19:14
johnx'night all19:14
summatusmentisthe NITs probably won't ever be cell phones directly huh?19:15
qwerty111neva muhahahaha19:15
GracanaI hope not19:16
summatusmentisI would love one device that has phone and browsing capactiy(embedded linux a must)19:16
summatusmentisI don't wanna have to carry two devices aroung19:16
*** etrunko has quit IRC19:17
* Jaffa doesn't want a phone as big as a NIT, though.19:17
Jaffa...and doesn't want the NIT to be any smaller19:17
* KotCzarny has original n-gage, still19:17
KotCzarnyand uses it19:17
*** guardian has quit IRC19:18
*** etrunko has joined #maemo19:18
summatusmentisKotCzarny: ew19:18
octal_siohmm.. am I the only one having trouble accessing ?19:18
summatusmentisKotCzarny: does the osk work?19:18
qwerty111KotCzarny, I smashed up my n-gage :p19:18
X-Fadeoctal_sio: We are doing work on it at the moment.19:18
octal_siooh, ok..19:19
*** jukey has left #maemo19:19
KotCzarnyqwerty: accidentally?19:19
KotCzarnyi hope?19:19
qwerty111nope, on purpose :/19:19
*** crashanddie has quit IRC19:20
qwerty111I have W810, N80 and P1i and few buttons didn't work on it. so...19:20
*** Synchronicity has quit IRC19:21
*** juke1 has joined #maemo19:23
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo19:25
*** greentux has joined #maemo19:26
JaffaX-Fade: planned work?19:27
X-FadeJaffa: Updates to gforge.19:28
X-FadeWhich is always a pain ...19:28
JaffaX-Fade: so, would it be churlish to ask where the maemo-* mailing list announcement of the downtime was (especially if it's always a pain)?19:28
X-FadeJaffa: I thought Ferenc already wrote a mail to the list.19:29
*** k-s has quit IRC19:29
*** k-s[WORK] has joined #maemo19:29
*** kad has joined #maemo19:29
*** Mousey has joined #maemo19:29
X-FadeAnd this Debian SSH thing isn't helping either ;)19:29
JaffaX-Fade: not on maemo-{developers,users,announce} according to Gmail or a quick scan of the archives19:30
X-FadeJaffa: yeah, weird.19:31
JaffaNow, looking at it seems that maemo2midgard is now the general discussion for all "maemo web content" (certainly there've been some references to it recently which didn't seem anything to do with a midgard migration) - perhaps a name change is needed there? maemo-website or something?19:32
JaffaAh, but I can't check that anyway - it's hosted on garage :-)19:32
*** jpuderer has quit IRC19:32
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo19:33
JaffaX-Fade: as the new bastions of community involvement, this has the slight taste of you having joined a cabal of Nokians and fallen into their bad habits ;-)19:33
X-FadeJaffa: I'm not doing the work..19:33
X-FadeAnd this is because of the security issue that a lot of sites have now.19:34
JaffaX-Fade: Sorry - I therefore make it a general "them" ;-)19:34
X-FadeAnd a lot of our users too, so it seems.19:34
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC19:35
JaffaX-Fade: I'm not bemoaning the fact it's down, I'm saying I'm disappointed there's no change to the topic here, no announcement on the mailing lists etc. Out-of-hours in Finland is still mid-afternoon in the UK and mid-morning in the US; and as a global community "out-of-hours maintenance" doesn't make much sense (assuming that's why it's being done now)19:35
* Jaffa has had a bad day, btw, so may be being overly critical. Feel free to say "Shuddup, Jaffa"19:36
X-FadeJaffa: Security issues need to be addressed when they appear.19:36
*** jukey has joined #maemo19:36
X-FadeAnd that is now.19:36
JaffaOK, so it's not been planned for out-of-hours? It's just being done ASAP.19:37
X-FadeJaffa: The mail has arrived in my mailbox.19:37
*** krau has quit IRC19:37
X-FadeBut it was to maemo2midgard it seems ;)19:37
JaffaRight. So it *was* communicated (that's good), but badly (that's bad).19:37
* Jaffa was still surprised to see so maemo2midgard being used so much - I thought it was a mailing list for a migration project (which was now completed)19:38
*** guardian has joined #maemo19:39
JaffaX-Fade: OK, so apart from being sent to the wrong place (how many garage project owners are on maemo2midgard? Should they be?) it also doesn't say when it's going down (I assume "now") or how long it's expected to be down ("major upgrade" != apt-get -u upgrade ;-))19:39
JaffaBTW, it's either moan about this or do some deeply involved code review, hence why moaning is winning :)19:40
*** henrique has joined #maemo19:41
* unixSnob is bummed to hear that MS managed to get Windows into the one-laptop-per-child program :<19:43
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo19:43
KotCzarnyone-window-per-child ?19:43
qwerty111Smash it and use as weapon19:44
qwerty111window that is19:44
*** jukey has quit IRC19:44
*** greentux has quit IRC19:44
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC19:44
*** ac7ss has quit IRC19:44
*** Trbs810 has quit IRC19:44
*** AStorm has quit IRC19:44
*** Navi has quit IRC19:44
*** nrktk has quit IRC19:44
*** tlax has quit IRC19:44
*** liia has quit IRC19:44
*** Jaffa has quit IRC19:44
* qwerty111 throws KotCzarny's computer into them19:44
KotCzarnyqwerty: which one? ;)19:45
*** jukey has joined #maemo19:45
*** greentux has joined #maemo19:45
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo19:45
*** ac7ss has joined #maemo19:45
*** Trbs810 has joined #maemo19:45
*** AStorm has joined #maemo19:45
*** Navi has joined #maemo19:45
*** nrktk has joined #maemo19:45
*** tlax has joined #maemo19:45
*** liia has joined #maemo19:45
*** Jaffa has joined #maemo19:45
||cwKotCzarny: cool.  CF's in my ceiling fan sometimes blink softly as the fan spins19:45
qwerty111hell all of them, the fields big enough19:45
||cweven with the lights off19:45
KotCzarny||cw: spooky19:45
||cwyeah, esp since not all blink and it's not always the same one either19:46
*** efleury has quit IRC19:50
*** efleury has joined #maemo19:50
unixSnobWhat's spooky is the wood tick I just roasted on my shin.. the son of a bitch jumped while it was on flames and landed on my chest.. damn that was freaky19:53
unixSnobThat blood sucking parasite poofed out like a balloon.  I've never seen a tick bloat out like this19:54
unixSnob('cept when full of blood)19:55
*** juke1 has quit IRC19:55
KotCzarnyyou should watch some human worms vid on youtube19:55
KotCzarnyTHAT is spooky19:55
*** mk8 has quit IRC19:55
unixSnobwhat's a human worm?19:56
KotCzarnythere are a few..19:56
*** ustunozgur has quit IRC19:57
*** ustunozgur has joined #maemo19:57
*** Jaffa has quit IRC19:59
*** liia has quit IRC19:59
*** Trbs810 has quit IRC19:59
*** jukey has quit IRC19:59
*** greentux has quit IRC19:59
*** ac7ss has quit IRC19:59
*** tlax has quit IRC19:59
*** nrktk has quit IRC19:59
*** AStorm has quit IRC19:59
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC19:59
*** Navi has quit IRC19:59
KotCzarnyunixsnob: for example this one:
*** gnuSnob has joined #maemo20:01
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC20:01
KotCzarnyunixsnob: for example this one:
*** jukey has joined #maemo20:01
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:01
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo20:01
*** ac7ss has joined #maemo20:01
*** Trbs810 has joined #maemo20:01
*** AStorm has joined #maemo20:01
*** Navi has joined #maemo20:01
*** nrktk has joined #maemo20:01
*** tlax has joined #maemo20:01
*** liia has joined #maemo20:01
*** Jaffa has joined #maemo20:01
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC20:01
*** RST38x has joined #maemo20:02
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo20:03
unixSnobwhy would so many folks quit and rejoin simultaneously like that?  does it mean one of the freenode servers went offline?20:03
KotCzarnyhave you seen the vid?20:04
*** rev has joined #maemo20:04
unixSnobi'm on a slow connection.. hasn't even drawn the still image yet20:04
NaviIt's a netsplit20:05
NaviWell, that was two netsplits20:05
unixSnobwhat's a netsplit?20:05 is back again btw.20:06
*** gnuSnob has left #maemo20:08
*** db48x has quit IRC20:09
unixSnobNavi, since you were on the other side of the split, did it look to you like I disconnected and rejoined?20:10
NaviYes :P20:10
KotCzarnynear death experience20:10
KotCzarny'been on the other side of the split'20:10
*** sovotiDDC has joined #maemo20:11
*** summatusmentis has quit IRC20:15
*** murrayc has quit IRC20:15
GracanaunixSnob, netsplit is when one (or multiple) networked irc servers become disconnected20:15
Gracana-or- *that* was a netsplit :P20:16
JaffaX-Fade: cool, thanks.20:16
*** Salumu has quit IRC20:17
GracanaSo, I have decided that my tearing problem is due to the framebuffer being updated too quickly. That is certainly how it appears.20:17
GracanaIs there any way to enable vsync/tearsync?20:17
*** tobmaster has quit IRC20:18
*** lmoura has joined #maemo20:19
*** jpuderer has quit IRC20:21
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo20:21
unixSnobI'm so bummed I didn't get one of the 10 dollar 120GB portable HDDs at officemax today.. I had one in the cart.. but some bastard snatched it out of my cart since  was on a slow dialup connection20:21
Gracanaaw that sucks20:22
GracanaWhy so cheap?20:22
qwerty111S***! £5?20:22
unixSnobguess it's being discontinued.. it was on clearance20:23
unixSnobit was a 2.5 inch drive, USB2, and sata internally20:23
*** zwnj has joined #maemo20:24
*** mancha has joined #maemo20:24
manchahey all, was maemo's openssh port subject to the security problem of debian's?20:24
Gracanao.o unixSnob20:25
GracanaI would have put that in my laptop20:25
GracanaAnd put my laptop HD in the case20:25
*** cjohnson has joined #maemo20:25
X-Fademancha: It is not part of the default firmware image.20:26
cjohnsonI'm trying to mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 to /extfs, but it says that the mounting failed. How can I determined what caused it to fial?20:26
X-Fademancha: But the one in extras might be affected.20:26
cjohnsoncd /20:26
unixSnobpeople flocked at the deal.. the site was slow.  Someone in the forum ordered 70 units20:26
n800ni thought it was 1720:27
n800noh nm20:27
manchaX-Fade, i see. does the devel team of the openssh port know about the security flaw?20:27
X-Fademancha: I'll ask him.20:27
*** simboss_ has joined #maemo20:27
X-Fademancha: It is just a community member doing that, so ;)20:28
manchaah, i am new to this, still figuring out how this is all organized.20:28
X-Fademancha: And on your tablet the problem probably won't be that bad ;)20:29
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo20:30
manchaif maemo is affected then the session key would also be weak which means any outgoing (or incoming) ssh chat could be easily sniffed20:30
X-Fademancha: Yep.20:30
X-FadeBut that would require MITM and that is always a bit more difficult than public key ssh login compromises.20:31
*** db48x has joined #maemo20:34
cjohnsonDoes anyone know where I could get fdisk for maemo?20:34
*** geaaru has joined #maemo20:35
*** krau has joined #maemo20:36
*** simboss has quit IRC20:40
manchai guess it depends on whether he ported it from openssh stock or debian. i'll wait to hear before installing. is there a list for openssh discussion?20:41
*** florian has quit IRC20:43
_berto_try to download openssl from the maemo repo and read the changelog20:44
*** n800n is now known as l23456789012345620:44
*** l234567890123456 is now known as n800n20:45
n800nnice, 1620:45
n800nquality free20:46
*** qwerty111 has quit IRC20:51
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo20:52
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo20:52
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo20:54
* penguinbait slaps penguinbait around a bit with a large trout20:54
smackpotatoshould i bike or should i goof off with my n81020:55
||cwturn on the gps and do both20:55
penguinbaitsome excuse to try to make the GPS work20:55
cjohnsonIn the n800, which memory device is internal vs. external?20:56
cjohnsonmmcblk0 and mmcblk1, which is which20:56
smackpotatowhen ever i use gps i end up in some farmers field20:56
penguinbaitOn my n800 mmc1 is external and mmc2 in internal20:57
cjohnsonnot the mount points, the devices themselves20:57
cjohnsoni have both unmounted20:57
penguinbaitmmc1 = 0 mmc2 =120:57
cjohnsonalright thanks :D20:57
*** juke1 has joined #maemo20:58
penguinbaitthats only if both have cards20:58
cjohnsonthey do20:59
cjohnsonbut they're both 2GB so I couldn't really figure out which was which20:59
*** mancha has quit IRC20:59
penguinbaitwhat are you trying to do?20:59
cjohnsonExtend my filesystem again21:00
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC21:00
cjohnsonI can't get my one partition to mount though :(21:00
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo21:00
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC21:00
cjohnsonnevermind I'd forgotten to give the partitions filesystems :P21:01
penguinbaitthat would help21:01
penguinbaitI made a deb to partition, and clone the OS for you21:02
penguinbaitbut you have no control over filesystem sizes21:02
*** k-s[WORK] has quit IRC21:02
cjohnsonwell as long as it works with a 2GB SD card then I'd appreciate it :D21:03
penguinbaiton 2GB card, it makes 128mb fat, at the beginning and 128mb swap at the end, and a 1.5gb ext2 in the middle21:03
cjohnsonI like that21:03
*** pcfe has quit IRC21:03
cjohnsonCan I have it?21:03
n800nwhat ahout the other 25621:03
penguinbaitok, I cant add21:04
penguinbaitits about 1.7 in the middle21:04
cjohnsonIt uses the remaining space for the middle i'm assuming21:04
cjohnsonWill it use the internal flash card over the external?21:05
penguinbaitit will partiton any size card, and uses percentages to create the swap and fat the left over goes to ext221:05
penguinbaitit will use either, but you can only have 1 sd card installed when you run it21:05
*** k-s has joined #maemo21:05
n800nwhat would it be for 16 gb21:05
cjohnson12.5%, 75%, 12.5% probably21:06
*** smackpotato has left #maemo21:06
penguinbaitno wait, I think it would be 1000/13.5/100021:06
penguinbaitbut yes cj the % is actully correct21:07
cjohnsonHow can I right click and save as from the n800 itself?21:07
penguinbaittap on the screen next to the link, then tap and hold on the link21:07
penguinbaitselct save target as21:07
*** lovebug356 has quit IRC21:08
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo21:08
cjohnsonI'd been saving them to my desktop then sending via web server to the n80021:08
cjohnsonbecause some deb files would try topen in the browser lol21:08
penguinbaityop it just displays the text, they should fix that21:09
cjohnsonit's up to your server21:09
cjohnsoni think anyway21:09
*** BTobotras has quit IRC21:09
cjohnsondoes it send a different mime type?21:09
*** JackCrow has quit IRC21:09
cjohnsonI just used my webserver to send it and force a download21:10
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo21:10
*** FreeNom_ has joined #maemo21:10
thopiekarhi @ all21:11
cjohnsonI tried opening it in the application manager, and it said 0 KB download, corrupt file21:11
penguinbaithmm, should be about 4.8 MB21:12
cjohnsonyeah, the .deb is 4.8MB21:12
cjohnsonbut the application manager says21:12
*** L0cutus has quit IRC21:12
cjohnsonInstall application? install-tools.deb 0kB21:12
cjohnsonUnable to install install-tools.deb. Installation file corrupted.21:12
thopiekarif you want you can download it from my ftp-server21:13
thopiekarthere are the debs I used21:13
penguinbaitpenguinbait is pretty slow, but solid, I just downloaded it fine?21:13
cjohnsonI dunno. File Manager reports it as 4.8MB21:13
cjohnsonhow can i make an md5 checksum?21:14
penguinbaitget md5sum21:14
*** christefano has quit IRC21:14
penguinbaitI copy it over from SDK and use it in KDE installer21:15
cjohnsonWhat repository is md5sum in?21:15
cjohnsonI'm on windows for my desktop by the way21:15
penguinbaitnot sure it is in one21:15
*** henrique has quit IRC21:16
penguinbaitI am double checking the deb now21:16
penguinbaitwhen loading in application manager it says 5.0MB21:16
*** henrique has joined #maemo21:16
*** mbuf has quit IRC21:16
penguinbaityou also must install this from flash, do not save it to and SD card21:17
penguinbaityou also must install this from flash, do not save it to "any" SD card21:17
thopiekarif you wanna compare user: KDEos2008 pw: kde21:17
penguinbaitthopiekar, that has install-tools.deb?21:17
thopiekarnot just the easy install debs...21:18
thopiekari was unable to install install-tools.deb, too.21:18
cjohnsonI got it21:19
cjohnsonsomething got messed up21:19
cjohnsonI was saving it to internal flash21:19
cjohnsonbut through n80021:19
cjohnsonI just did the same thing21:19
cjohnsonsaved from windows21:19
cjohnsonput in web server21:19
cjohnsonand saved to n800 from there21:19
cjohnsoninstalling now21:19
cjohnsonwould have just been wireless here, but i dunno...i downloaded it twice21:19
*** jeez_ has joined #maemo21:19
cjohnsonoh well21:19
*** t][s][o has joined #maemo21:20
cjohnsonUnable to install install-tools :'(21:20
cjohnsonIs there a log somewhere?21:20
*** rsalveti has quit IRC21:20
*** lmoura has quit IRC21:20
penguinbait1 sec21:20
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo21:20
*** efleury has quit IRC21:20
*** pcfe has joined #maemo21:20
penguinbaityes the Log is in the Menu21:21
penguinbaitTools > Log21:21
*** JackCrow has joined #maemo21:21
penguinbaitdoes it show up and say 5MB when installing?21:21
penguinbaityou only have 1 SD card installed?21:21
penguinbaityou can only run it with one installed21:22
*** NullM0dem has joined #maemo21:22
penguinbaitit will find it and clone to it21:22
penguinbaitalso Virtual memory can not be enabled on the card you want to install to21:22
*** jukey has quit IRC21:22
cjohnsonthat already is21:22
thopiekar<is somebody, how has experience with "compiling" kernel modules??>21:22
thopiekar<*is there>21:23
*** k-s has quit IRC21:23
*** k-s[WORK] has joined #maemo21:23
penguinbaitdoen it a couple time for maemo21:23
qwerty12_N800I've done it a few times but alas I cannot do it now :/21:24
*** konttori has joined #maemo21:24
penguinbaitcj?  status?21:24
thopiekarthanks for the link and kde^^ pb21:25
*** t_s_o has quit IRC21:25
penguinbaitit takes about 5 min21:25
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo21:25
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo21:26
*** booiiing_ has joined #maemo21:27
penguinbaityou should be hearing Linus Torvalds voice soon21:27
qwerty12_N800thopiekar, are compiling modules that are part of kernel or 3rd party modules?21:27
*** FreeNom has quit IRC21:27
*** unixSnob_ has joined #maemo21:27
thopiekari want to compile a module for my usblan-adapter21:27
thopiekar*Vivanco Fast Ethernet Adapter21:28
penguinbaitThop, I created a new install method, which sets up boot from SD for you, 1 deb, and 1 deb to install KDE for you (the newer version I put together)21:28
cjohnsonIt does say Updating, not installing, which I'm assuming is because I was trying to it before21:28
qwerty12_N800Have you seen usblan package? It *may* have right module in it21:28
cjohnsonDo you foresee a problem with that?21:28
penguinbaitthats ok cj21:28
*** unixSnob has quit IRC21:28
penguinbaitits just because it failed the forst time21:29
*** qwerty12_N800 has left #maemo21:29
cjohnsonThis is so much easier than the other methods haha21:29
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo21:29
penguinbaitHOW TO: Simplest and Complete Cloning of OS to MMC; Dual-Booting21:29
penguinbaitI love that thread title21:29
*** alech has quit IRC21:29
penguinbaitNOT ANYMORE its not21:30
qwerty12_N800o rly21:30
penguinbaityes really21:30
thopiekarpenguinbait, can you please upload the deb, if it is "bugless"21:30
qwerty12_N800no wai!!!21:30
penguinbaitupload it where?21:30
thopiekar user:KDEos2008 pw:kde21:31
penguinbaitto your FTP?21:31
*** zap has joined #maemo21:32
thopiekaryou can use it then as a mirror^^21:32
cjohnsonOk I heard him21:32
cjohnsonThen it will just boot off my internal SD card?21:32
penguinbaitthop, all I have in front of me is vista, with IE running21:32
penguinbaityou can get all three debs at penguinbait.com21:32
cjohnsonBoot from mmc2 failed, booting from flash ..21:32
penguinbaitdid the menu show the available card?21:33
cjohnsonI hit the center button21:33
cjohnsonit said that21:33
penguinbaitand it was mmc221:33
thopiekari'm a little bit confused...21:33
cjohnsonand I just booted and he was talking again21:34
thopiekarwhat's the new package21:34
penguinbaitinstall-tools.deb install-tools-N810e.deb and kde-installer.deb21:34
penguinbaitthree new debs21:34
penguinbaitok, cj, can reboot and bring up the menu21:34
penguinbaitstop and tell me what you see?21:35
cjohnsongive me a sec21:35
*** calvaris has quit IRC21:35
penguinbaitthop -
penguinbaitthats the clone deb thread21:35
*** t][s][o is now known as t_s_o21:36
cjohnsonInternal Flash; Internal MMC card, partition 2, ext2; (EXTERNAL SD CARD N/A); Power off (when not on charger);21:36
penguinbaitthat is the kde-installer thread21:36
penguinbaitok, and you select Internal card, right21:36
penguinbaitand it fails and boots to flash21:37
cjohnsonthen it flash something about mmc2 real quick, now says Boot from mmc2 failed, booting from flash ...21:37
penguinbaitSometime the partition wont work until after a reboot21:37
cjohnsonThis is the second time I've rebooted21:37
*** hugolp has quit IRC21:37
penguinbaitif you remove the package and reinstall it one more time, it should be working21:37
penguinbaitThis happens only sometime with some cards, the first time you partitions them21:38
cjohnsondpkg -r install-tools ?21:38
penguinbaitor using the application manager, either way21:38
cjohnsonthat could have been it, I know the card was partitioned already from my own attempts21:39
penguinbaitJust so you know, once installed, when you boot to flash, it will fsck all cards in all slots, then play the Linus Torvalds wav when complete21:39
penguinbaityou can also see fsck output in /tmp/fsck.txt21:40
n800n heh nice21:40
cjohnsonAh, as sort of an alert to let me know I'm in the wrong one?21:40
cjohnsonOr just because you wanna21:40
penguinbaitNo, see if you are booting from SD, everytime your system crashes, or battery taken out or whatever, you SHOULD run fsck to avoid filesystem corruption21:41
penguinbaitthis is just an automated way to fix that isse.21:41
penguinbaitboot to flash, hear wav, boot back to SD21:41
*** booiiing__ has quit IRC21:41
penguinbaitsaves you the hassle of bringing up xterm and doing it manually21:42
penguinbaitit has to be done while its not booted to the SD card21:42
cjohnsonso if I get a system crash or take out the battery, you suggest me to boot to flash, then after the wav reboot back to SD as normal?21:42
penguinbaitlazy :)21:43
penguinbaitTrust me everything I do benefits me :)21:43
cjohnsonwell everybody else as well though21:43
penguinbaityeah, but thats not important ;)21:44
penguinbaitstill installing?21:45
*** vivijim has joined #maemo21:45
cjohnsonand "Installing" this time, not "Updating" :D21:45
cjohnsonI have a good feeling21:45
penguinbaityou already had bootmenu installed before installing the first time right?21:45
cjohnsonThe only thing I had done was partition the SD card21:46
penguinbaitok, just wondering21:46
cjohnsonI was trying to mount it to make sure it worked21:46
penguinbaitdid you have reason to believe it might not work? or is it new?21:47
*** l7 has joined #maemo21:47
cjohnsonto believe what might not work?21:47
penguinbaitthe card/mount?21:47
cjohnsonno, i was just testing it21:47
cjohnsonit's new21:47
*** _berto_ has quit IRC21:48
thopiekarhey penguinbait.. is just one deb required to install kde!?21:49
penguinbaitone deb, once you are booting from SD21:49
penguinbaitthe install-tools.deb clones 800 either slot or 810 internal, the install-tools-N810e.deb clones to external SD card on 810 only21:50
thopiekarwow... without any other packages... like the KDE3** on easy install??21:50
*** lmoura has joined #maemo21:51
cjohnsonhe's amazing21:51
penguinbaitit even downloads the KDE tarball, does md5sum and installs21:51
thopiekaryes he roxx^^21:51
cjohnsonBooting from mmc2 (mmcblk0p2 ext2)21:51
penguinbaitI was getting sick of the crappy hosting, so I found a way around my problem21:51
cjohnsonI love you :D:D:D21:52
cjohnsonIn a total heterosexual way of course21:52
penguinbaitsweet, easy as pie21:52
*** l7 has joined #maemo21:52
penguinbaitYeah thats scary from "see johnson"21:52
penguinbaitno thanks :)21:52
thopiekarso what deb package do I need to install KDE on the internal slot??21:52
thopiekaron the N80021:52
octal_sio\j #freenet21:53
octal_sio-_- blah21:53
cjohnsonSo here's a more general question (2 actually)21:53
penguinbaitis 800 already booting from SD on internal slot?21:53
cjohnson1: Do you have a suggestion for positioning my desktop applets just right? I can't get it with my thumb, it moves as soon as I lift my thumb21:53
*** vivijim has quit IRC21:53
cjohnson2: Is there a way to rotate the display?21:53
*** Zic has quit IRC21:54
penguinbait1, not sure?21:54
cjohnsonI figured21:54
cjohnsonI can't get it though, I tried for like 10 minutes haha21:54
thopiekarno i've go the easy install method on my n800..21:54
penguinbait2 the sliderotate package will allow KDE to bu turned upside down, but not sideways (cleanly)21:54
penguinbaitthop, if you are running the easy install method, you need to completely remove it before installing this way21:55
penguinbaitperhaps wait for the next OS upgrade, it must be coming shortly?21:55
n800nyou think?21:56
cjohnsonwhat about without kde? is there any for hildon?21:57
penguinbaitseems like its been a while, must be something coming? perhaps not?21:57
n800nyou think so?21:57
thopiekarok then i format my sd-card... and then??21:57
penguinbaitthers no telling21:57
*** octal_sio has quit IRC21:58
*** etrunko has quit IRC21:58
penguinbaityou have to remove the easy install debs21:58
penguinbaitall of them21:58
penguinbaitreverse order they were installed21:58
thopiekardon't i have to reflash my n800?? i read it anywhere in your howto's21:59
penguinbaitthen you just need to place the one SD card in either slot, and run install-tools.deb21:59
penguinbaithow big is your card thop?21:59
penguinbaitthen yes probably21:59
penguinbaitit will install on a 2GB card, but if you have a bunch of apps, KDE wont have enought room to finish install on a 2 gig card22:00
penguinbaitif its a fresh flash, the 2gb card will be fine, and KDE will fit, after its wdone installing it will leave you about 330MB for other apps22:00
thopiekarthis will take a time ... backup my files and email.. i will feedback if it works22:01
*** henrique has quit IRC22:01
penguinbaitYes. please post any issues or success22:01
*** henrique has joined #maemo22:01
*** giskard has joined #maemo22:03
cjohnsonpenguinbait, How can I access my external card from windows? I connect the n800 with usb cable, and windows gives serious looking errors about the disk, and maemo says "Unable to connect via USB. Memory cards in use: Internal... External..."22:03
n800ncard reader, i think i had that too22:04
cjohnsonI have no card reader anywhere :(22:04
*** f_mohr has joined #maemo22:04
*** f_mohr has left #maemo22:05
penguinbaitonly the in use partition should be not available22:05
penguinbaitthe 128mb fat partitions should be accessible22:05
penguinbaitnone of them can be seem in windows?22:05
qwerty12_N800cjohnson, check fanoush's site. you cannot mount partitions kde is running off but you can mount others22:05
cjohnsonpenguinbait, Correct, none can be seen22:05
cjohnsonqwerty12_N800, I don't have KDE22:06
*** eichi has quit IRC22:06
qwerty12_N800Ah  but you are using mmc boot?22:06
cjohnsonI want to mount the external SD card, which is empty and not really being used22:06
penguinbaitso boot from SD is running on /dev/mmcblk0p2, but /dev/mmcblk0p1 should be able to mount22:06
qwerty12_N800cjohnson, check fanoush's site22:06
*** pcfe has quit IRC22:07
cjohnsonpenguinbait, I want to mount mmcblk122:07
cjohnsonqwerty12_N800, will do22:07
penguinbaitno you want to mount /dev/mmcblk0p122:07
qwerty12_N800he mentions thread with fixes for usb mounting22:07
cjohnsonyeah that's what i mean22:07
penguinbaitnot mmcblk122:07
penguinbaitcj, mine also error  on IT, but if I go to my computer, I can see partitions as removeable disk22:08
cjohnsonqwerty12_N800, to make sure I'm reading what you mean, this is going to have me edit /usr/sbin/ right?22:08
penguinbaitmine are unmounting fine22:09
penguinbaitand remounting when I reconnect22:09
qwerty12_N800yes. afair22:09
cjohnsonpenguinbait, They show up as letters in My Computer, but whenever I try to open them it says insert disk22:09
penguinbaithow many cards are inserted22:09
thopiekarback to the kernel-compiling... i've got a problem in "Getting Kernel Sources" point 2...22:09
thopiekar[sbox-MaemoKernel: ~] > apt-get update22:10
thopiekarbash: apt-get: command not found22:10
penguinbaitcj, how many cards are inserted22:10
qwerty12_N800thopiekar, don't make new target22:10
qwerty12_N800use chinook_armel22:10
qwerty12_N800it don't work22:10
qwerty12_N800chinook armel is fine22:10
thopiekarthe standart when logging on??22:10
cjohnsonqwerty12_N800, that fixed it, thanks :D22:11
qwerty12_N800no problem :)22:11
penguinbaitI am still confused22:12
penguinbaitoh, well its not the first time22:12
*** efleury has joined #maemo22:12
qwerty12_N800pb, about what? :)22:12
thopiekarhow is the right compiler called?? qwerty12_N80022:12
*** kpel has joined #maemo22:12
*** rm_you has joined #maemo22:13
qwerty12_N800thopiekar, no idea. Chinook armel target works, i didn't have to mess around with compilers22:13
thopiekar*( I installed all available in Synaptic22:13
thopiekarbut i need to change the right target, back..22:14
thopiekarthe sb-menu wants me now to select one..22:14
thopiekarI'm at a loss what to do.22:16
penguinbaitsb-conf select CHINOOK_ARMEL22:16
*** dougt has quit IRC22:16
thopiekarit works^^ .. big thanks22:17
*** lmoura_ has joined #maemo22:20
* penguinbait slaps penguinbait around a bit with a large trout22:20
*** db48x has quit IRC22:20
penguinbaitsomething smells fishy!22:20
*** db48x has joined #maemo22:20
*** lmoura has quit IRC22:21
*** giskard has quit IRC22:22
*** dougt has joined #maemo22:23
*** setanta has quit IRC22:25
*** setanta has joined #maemo22:26
*** denny has joined #maemo22:30
cjohnsonSo which mapping program is it that everybody seems to suggest over the other?22:31
cjohnsonI want to install that, and just get the maps for Ohio22:31
Stskeepsmaemo mapper or what?22:32
cjohnsonI dunno, I remember reading quit a few times where people say X program sucks, and Y is awesome22:32
thopiekarpenguinbait , are you there??22:32
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo22:33
thopiekaror qwerty12...22:33
n800ni got nokia maps22:34
thopiekarwhich package do i have to download??22:34
thopiekar"Linux For Linux kernel 2.6.14 ~ 2.6.22"?22:34
*** Kt_ has quit IRC22:34
thopiekarwhere do i have to unzip the files??22:35
thopiekar* into sb??22:35
GracanaStupid xsession scripts. They seem to act different on every system, and they never act the way I would expect.22:36
* Gracana finally kludged something together that works22:36
qwerty12_N800thopiekar, yes22:36
thopiekarwhats the path to sb??22:37
Jondoes anyone know if the ssh packages at are updated or if they were exempt from the debian stuff?22:37
qwerty12_N800/scratchbox/users/<user name>/home/<user name>22:38
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:38
thopiekarthanks again ;)22:39
*** gnuSnob has joined #maemo22:39
thopiekarwhen using the make command... how can i set up the path of the sources?22:40
*** matt_c has joined #maemo22:40
qwerty12_N800thopiekar, post me error message22:41
thopiekari have none... my just asking foreward^^22:41
JonI don't understand the question22:42
Jondo you mean, the library and include paths for your C source?22:42
Jonthe defaults should be correct22:42
Jonif you are chrooted into the scratchox environment properly22:42
qwerty12_N800thopiekar, I cannot remember. i symlinked the kernel source to a folder in /usr/include22:42
qwerty12_N800just read make error to see where exactly to link to22:43
thopiekar[sbox-CHINOOK_ARMEL: ~/AX88772] > make22:45
balrog-k1nhow do you force a n810 to power down/reset without plucking out the battery?22:45
thopiekarmake -C /lib/modules/2.6.24-17-generic/build SUBDIRS=/home/thopiekar/AX88772 modules22:45
thopiekarmake: *** /lib/modules/2.6.24-17-generic/build: No such file or directory.  Stop.22:45
thopiekarmake: *** [default] Error 222:45
*** playya has quit IRC22:46
thopiekarhow can i fix this?22:46
qwerty12_N800symlink your rx-34 kernel source folder to that folder mentioned22:46
qwerty12_N800I have no idea of your set-up so i cannot give exact cmd lines22:46
thopiekarhow is the command to "symlink"??22:46
balrog-k1nman ln22:47
*** playya has joined #maemo22:47
Jonwhat are you building?22:47
qwerty12_N800my battery is low so i may drop out :/22:47
Jonyou don't build kernel modules with "make", generally, you need to supply arguments22:47
*** Masca has quit IRC22:47
*** msanchez has quit IRC22:48
qwerty12_N800balrog-k1n, power button works for me. but halt, shutdown are available from root22:48
balrog-k1nqwerty12_N800: the problem is maemo isn't booted, i was counting on some button combination RETU recognises in hardware22:49
*** unixSnob_ has quit IRC22:49
qwerty12_N800balrog-k1n, ah. I've never found way to do that :/22:49
qwerty12_N800I should modify bootmenu to do that sometime...22:50
balrog-k1nok, i removed the battery :)22:50
thopiekarthe sources are stored in  ~/maemo_kernel/kernel-source-rx-34-
qwerty12_N800hehe :)22:51
balrog-k1nwhoah, it can flash the LEDs using backup battery apparently22:51
thopiekarlike in the howto22:51
*** t_s_o has quit IRC22:54
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo22:55
*** wms has quit IRC22:55
*** lopz has quit IRC22:55
*** lopz has joined #maemo22:55
*** jebe has quit IRC22:57
*** scibot has joined #maemo22:59
scibotYou know, GIMP is still pretty easy to use without being hildonised. =/22:59
*** philn__ has left #maemo23:02
*** db48x has quit IRC23:04
*** scibot has quit IRC23:08
*** dougt has quit IRC23:09
*** dougt has joined #maemo23:10
*** BabelO_ has joined #maemo23:12
*** turbo has quit IRC23:12
*** f_moh1 has joined #maemo23:12
*** turbo has joined #maemo23:13
*** FreeNom_ has quit IRC23:14
*** practisevoodoo has joined #maemo23:16
practisevoodoocan you enable the webcam in skype on the n810?23:17
KotCzarnynot with current version23:17
KotCzarnymaybe some day..23:17
practisevoodoowhat about pidgin?23:18
KotCzarnyi only know that gizmo can drive it23:18
*** mancha has joined #maemo23:19
thopiekarcu @all23:20
*** thopiekar has quit IRC23:20
*** lsobral has quit IRC23:20
*** ReKlipz has joined #maemo23:25
zapIs there some way to force N810 to look as a Ethernet-over-USB gadget rather than a mass storage device?23:26
*** BabelO has quit IRC23:26
qwerty12_N800"the most attractive women in our government,"23:26
KotCzarnyzap: google for usb-net ?23:26
ReKlipzis there anyway to ditch the maemo ui and run straight gnome on a device running maemo 4?23:26
zapKotCzarny: I know the underlying details (e.g. rmmod g_file_storage; modprobe g_ether), but it looks like when I insert the USB cable, g_file_storage is autoloaded back23:27
KotCzarnyrst: the last paragraph is the best23:28
KotCzarny"compared to other State women, Ms. Stewart is considered a centerfold!"23:28
*** db48x has joined #maemo23:29
*** turbo has quit IRC23:30
*** mancha has quit IRC23:31
*** calvaris has joined #maemo23:33
*** turbo has joined #maemo23:34
zapUmm, I can't find how to use the hildon-status-bar-usb package?23:36
zapcan't find it either in Control Panel or on the status ba23:36
RST38hKot: A centerfold indeed.23:37
ReKlipzanyone have any success running a ui other than the maemo ui on the n810?23:40
zapIs there any reason to do that?23:41
zapMaemo is the best UI I have seen for pocket devices23:41
KotCzarnyreklipz: yes, debian23:41
ReKlipzwell, maybe you can help me then.23:41
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo23:41
thopiekarhi @ all23:42
KotCzarnyreklipz: or less radical, kde23:42
thopiekarpinguinbait are you there23:42
ReKlipzKotCzarny: anyway I can get a development environment for that or do i need the device?23:43
KotCzarnyreklipz: i don't understand the question23:43
ReKlipzwell, I don't have the device, i'm currently using the sdk and scratchbox and xephyr23:44
*** LowRadio has joined #maemo23:44
ReKlipzKotCzarny: aka, is the only way to develop and test for that to actually put debian on the device, and then test on it, or can i setup some sort of environment on my pc? (other than the debian os that is running...23:45
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC23:45
penguinbaitwhats up23:45
*** henrique has quit IRC23:45
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo23:45
thopiekarthe install-tools.deb seems to be corrupt23:45
KotCzarnyreklipz: no23:45
KotCzarnyreklipz: you can do in any way you like23:45
*** db48x has quit IRC23:45
penguinbaitwhy do you think this?23:45
thopiekar*that's what my packagemanager says23:46
KotCzarnyreklipz: it's a nearly regular linux box23:46
penguinbaitit says its corrupt?23:46
ReKlipzwell, can i get your opinion/ideas on a project that I'm working on?23:46
thopiekarsize to install: 0KB23:46
penguinbaitit shoudl say 5MB23:46
*** db48x has joined #maemo23:46
KotCzarnyreklipz: if you are asking me, then answer is not now23:47
KotCzarnyi got up only recently23:47
ReKlipzKotCzarny: ah i see23:48
thopiekarok 1min plz23:48
qwerty12_N800hehe, i'll be going to sleep soon23:48
*** murrayc has joined #maemo23:49
*** SDuensin has quit IRC23:49
ReKlipzWe need to make a device that will be used in the field to catalog information (simple measurements. lengths, temperature, the like.). Basically, the user needs to be limited to one fullscreen application, where they can create and edit records, and thats it. Is there an easy way to do that with os2008? I was thinking about just installing debian, installing x, and then running a single app that fills the whole screen, basically a replacement for maemo,23:50
thopiekarpinguinbait , i redownload but... it says 0KB23:51
KotCzarnyreklipz: pygtk23:51
KotCzarnyyou can do it in maemo23:51
KotCzarnyassuming you know python or willing to learn23:51
*** p| has joined #maemo23:51
thopiekari will try now the *.deb i downloaded ~ 2h ago...23:51
ReKlipzKotCzarny: I plan on writing the app in c++, but I dont see the need to run it on top of maemo is all.23:51
NaviYou're not limited to just pygtk23:52
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo23:52
KotCzarnybut pygtk is simpliest and fastest approach23:52
NaviReKlipz, if you care about battery life, run it on top of maemo23:52
ReKlipzNavi: why's that?23:52
Blafaselhrhr.. Whoever suggested me to explosm here lately: Thanks a lot. Really. made my day, weekend and the rest of May ;)23:52
NaviThe power saving components are proprietary23:53
NaviDebian drains the battery all the way down in 2-3 hours23:53
ReKlipzNavi: ouch...23:53
NaviWell, with wifi23:53
*** penguinbait has quit IRC23:53
*** sven-tek has quit IRC23:54
NaviYou can limit the screen to just the one fullscreen app though23:54
Navijust have it launch fullscreen and don't bind a fullscreen toggle to a button :P23:55
*** mysc has joined #maemo23:56
n800nis explosm british?23:56
*** gnuSnob has quit IRC23:57
*** matt_c has quit IRC23:58
*** briand has joined #maemo23:59

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