IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2008-05-13

lcukif you can change your algo to output 4 lines normal and 1 whole line black you get minimum pattern00:00
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lardmanyeah I can do that, am using octave to generate an input file which I then send over00:01
lcukif you are writing too much data to the screen the line will not start/end at the ends, it will spiral00:01
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lardman(original goal was to convert & display YV12->YUV420, but have had to take a few steps backwards as only garbage came out)00:01
KotCzarnyreminds me of planar fun on ami00:01
lcuki started by creating an incrienting greyscale00:02
lardmanok, hang on a few00:02
lcukKotCzarny,  :) i think that every day00:02
KotCzarnylcuk: how about writing memory visualizer?00:02
KotCzarnyshould be very simple00:02
lcukwrapped to the screen or a full plane horiz/vertic scrolling00:03
KotCzarnyconfigurable width00:03
KotCzarnywith +/-00:03
KotCzarnyand movable with dpad00:03
lcukentirely plausable00:03
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lcukdpad? feck of - kinetic works fucking wonders00:03
KotCzarnyahm, sure :)00:04
lardmanOctave is chugging along00:04
KotCzarnyforgot about it for a moment00:04
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lcukback soon, my shed is calling00:05
qwerty12_N800lcuk, hiding fugitive? :p00:05
lcukKotCzarny, one thing, could you just try somethin for me00:06
lcukwhat happens if you compile liqbase on normal machine?00:06
lcukcan it run00:06
lcukback later...00:06
KotCzarnyif you use regular sdl00:06
KotCzarnyand not hw/hildon specific things00:06
nelsonis the button on the earphones / microphone visible in userspace?00:07
KotCzarnyyou should ifdef the code00:07
lcukall x, this vmware box wont let me and im not diagnosing now, it was just a side thought00:07
KotCzarnyfor nokia specific parts00:07
lcuktheres nothing specific hildon00:07
KotCzarnytouchscreen code?00:07
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KotCzarnyfb code?00:07
KotCzarnythen should work00:07
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KotCzarnywithout any changes00:07
lcukit uses xv over x00:07
KotCzarnyassuming your x can do 800x480 mode00:08
lcukcould you just see while im codin :)00:08
lcukthx :D00:08
KotCzarnychanged pass on ftp?00:08
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RST38h[suddenly waking up] Octave runs on Maemo?!?00:11
KotCzarnyrst: why shouldn't it?00:11
MajMin7I am now able to compile the GPS hellworld code.  but it doesnt seem to do anything00:11
MajMin7has anyone ever used this code before?00:11
RST38hKot: no,no, just getting excited about it00:12
KotCzarnylcuk: no Xsp on my laptop00:12
RST38hit is os2006 only though00:12
lcukMajMin7, no - you baked it yourself from a recipe you found on the net :)00:13
KotCzarnyand not available in slack packages00:13
lcukok kot, ill do it another time00:13
KotCzarnyi will commend xsp code00:13
lcukit was just a ponder00:13
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lcukhmmm ftp is up and things havent changed00:14
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lardmanRST38h: yes, but was actually running it on the desktop00:14
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KotCzarny530 login or pass incorrect00:15
lcukyer i see, i just pasted it back into the box, try again00:15
KotCzarnyok, worked00:15
lcuk0O mixup?00:15
KotCzarnydon't know, i just use a bookmark00:15
KotCzarnythat worked before00:16
lcukhow bizarre00:16
lcukit should still work now00:16
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lcuklatest is obviously today00:16
RST38hlardman: eh...00:16
KotCzarnyi hate us date format00:17
RST38hKot: you are not alone00:17
czryou have to date yourselves in a specific way KotCzarny?00:18
* RST38h constantly finds himself wondering which part is the month00:18
KotCzarnyczr, i'm talking about us locales00:18
* czr prefers the chinese date format00:18
RST38hIt's low in fat, low in food miles and completely free range. In fact, some claim that Sciurus carolinensis - the grey squirrel - is about as ethical a dish as it is possible to serve on a dinner plate!00:18
* lcuk prefers stardate format00:18
qwerty12_N800british dates for me00:18
KotCzarnyi like 2008-05-1200:18
RST38hjapanese date format has some basis behind it00:18
RST38heasy to sort00:19
czrKotCzarny, that's the chinese00:19
* RST38h has switched to British locale too00:19
czralthough obviously they use additional characters.00:19
KotCzarnyi would love unixtime date format00:19
KotCzarnyif i had math skills00:19
czrKotCzarny, and more than 32-bits ;-)00:19
RST38hI have been using Russian one for a while, but then Maemo tries to display days of week and months in Russian- rather ugly00:19
KotCzarnyunixtime could easily be converted to 64bit00:19
lcukkot, for the kinetic test, you need to copy liqed.c00:19
RST38hKot: In hex, I hope?00:19
lcukthats the fixed file it uses to view00:20
KotCzarnycopy what from where to where00:20
lcuksrc folder to where your running it00:20
KotCzarnyahm, ok00:20
KotCzarnyalso, you depends on fb00:21
KotCzarnyor maybe not yet00:22
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czrheh, funny koreans:
czr(that's from a datasheet I'm reading atm)00:22
KotCzarnyyeah, lcd is poisonous00:23
* qwerty12_N800 smashed up screen on n-gage00:23
czryeah but why do they want me to crush them?00:24
qwerty12_N800i still have the bits in drawer :/00:24
KotCzarnyfor easier lcd removal?00:24
czrKotCzarny, it still doesn't make sense :-)00:24
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czr"it is recommended to crush unnecessary LCDs"00:24
lcukno, they want the liquid out of the crystals00:24
KotCzarnythere is probably a method in this madness00:24
lcukcontext will help though, wheres the rest00:24
czrah, lcuk that would explain it00:24
KotCzarnycrystals ARE the liquid00:25
czrthat's all that there is to "safety"00:25
lcuka small cell containing something which can expand can also explode00:25
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lardmanRST38h: talking about Octave; sorry for the delay00:25
lcukunder the wrong conditions they could be mini bombs?00:25
lcukdont worry lardman, any light yet?00:26
lardmanwas chatting to gf, so not sure :)00:26
lcukahhh, the mysterious lardwoman00:27
RST38hwho wants to crush LCDs? Samsung? I know why.00:27
lardmanthat will certainly get you in trouble :D00:27
lcuk:P  omg she will kill me00:27
czrRST38h, yes.00:27
lcukyou chose the wrong name00:27
czror actually DISPLAYTECH.00:27
lardman'tis true00:27
lcuki think i need to put a bit of a video together00:28
lcukim not gonna get everything i wanted done so will have to sorta stop with what i have00:28
lardmanright, so I'm writing one black line when the line number is divisible by 4, and the lines are a bit jagged00:28
lcukok, look at the first one, does the black stop before the end of the pysical first line00:29
lcukor does it appear to extend over past the end00:29
KotCzarnylardman: photo pls00:29
lcukor just look at one specific line00:29
lardmanhmm, hard to tell as I'm writing lots of frames quite quickly00:29
RST38hczr: If old LCDs are not destroyed, nobody will buy new LCDs00:29
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KotCzarnyor screenshot00:29
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MajMin7so for the GPS device, do I need to start it with gpsmgr_start(...)  before I can   use the device?00:29
czrRST38h, Har :-)00:29
KotCzarnylardman: write one frame00:29
RST38hthus, old LCDs are impediment to commerce00:29
czrI'd like to use OLEDs actually00:30
czrbut they're too expensive.00:30
RST38hOLEDs degrade00:30
czrso I'm stuck with crappy LCDs.00:30
lardmanI know, I know; need to alter the code to not destroy the X window immediately00:30
czrRST38h, everything degrades!00:30
lcukor just keep it going until you manually stop it00:30
RST38hBut LCDs with LED backlights are a serious problem - LEDs do not degrade as quickly as old backlight tubes00:30
lardmanthat requires some sort of X events, wasn't going to bother with those00:31
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lcukok then, repeat frame 0 1000 times or long enough to give you a chance00:31
czrRST38h, problem for samsung you mean?00:31
lardmanlcuk: I know, just can't type that fast :)00:31
RST38hczr: yep00:32
lcukhow do you run the code you just compiled?   are you in an ide with a go button, or do you save and run script00:32
lardmanlcuk: me?00:32
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czrRST38h, well, the display I'm looking at atm has no backlight. at all.00:33
lardmanI have to compile it for the dsp, then sftp it over, then run it again00:33
KotCzarnylardman: mount your dev dir via sshfs ? :)00:33
lardmanthough in this case I can just alter the arm side code, so scratchbox + sftp + run over ssh00:33
lcukill show you the script i use, you may be able to adapt to help you00:33
lardmanKotCzarny: I've got a graphical sftp window so works as well00:33
KotCzarnybut with sshfs mount you don't have to copy anything00:34
KotCzarnyjust run as from local dir00:34
KotCzarny+ you can write a debug to the same dir directly00:34
lardmanah, I see, well I manage to crash the machine every other go, so not sure mounting it is the best idea00:35
lardmanbut I will bear it in mind, thanks00:35
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lcuk     i just run that, it makes copies executes and forces a killall when i press ctrl+C from my big keyboard00:35
KotCzarnylardman: ssh key with no pass + S99-local in rc00:35
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KotCzarnylcuk, pm00:40
*** rwhitby` is now known as rwhitby00:40
lardmanright, so I have black lines every 10 lines or so now; the ends are jagged. The curious thing is that it looks like I've not written enough data to each line00:44
lardmani.e. the right hand end of the black lines is one pixel above the rest of the line00:44
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lardmanis there a screenshot tool for Chinook?00:46
lcukyes but doubful it will work using directfb00:47
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lcukeasiest will be camera if its available00:47
lardmanyeah, will see what I can manage00:47
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Cptnodegardwhat does openSSH client do?00:51
*** erruin has left #maemo00:52
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lardman~lart Firefox3 for randomly locking up00:52
* infobot judo chops Firefox3 for randomly locking up00:52
lardman it's pretty big - 1.8Mb00:53
KotCzarnyYou don't have permission to access /enpsgp/nokia770/dsp/PICT0047.JPG on this server.00:53
lardmanhmm, I just got that too00:53
lardmanhang on a minute00:53
lardmantry now00:55
qwerty12_N800works :)00:55
lardmanit had execute permissions for some reason00:55
Cptnodegardlooks like what mplayer does when you press random buttons00:56
*** Gnuton has quit IRC00:56
KotCzarnylooks like a half res00:56
KotCzarnyor something00:56
* qwerty12_N800 thought my w810 camera was bad... :p00:56
lardmanIt's set to be 400x24000:56
KotCzarnybut screen is set to 800x48000:56
lardmanso that I could see if it overran at the edges00:56
*** luck^ has quit IRC00:57
lardmanI'm only writing into the top lefthand corner of the fb00:57
*** Gnuton has joined #maemo00:57
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lardmanthe step position migrates towards the left as new frames are drawn01:02
MajMin7can anyone tell me why this code doesnt work:01:02
MajMin7The signal handler that I register never fires01:02
lardmanyou've entered your own loop, rather then the gtk event loop?01:03
MajMin7that sounds plausible01:03
MajMin7is it possible to use the GPS without using GTK?01:04
lardmanof course01:04
lardmanjust without a gui, or at least without a maemo-ized gui01:04
MajMin7all of the example code uses glib01:04
MajMin7im not familiar with glib01:04
MajMin7i know pthreads etc01:05
lardmanin that case: s/gtk event loop/glib event loop01:05
lardmanwhat do you want to do?01:05
*** sp3001 has quit IRC01:08
MajMin7right now im just trying to demonstrate that I can poll for my gps location01:08
MajMin7and print it01:09
lcuklardman, your initial offset is off, you are either starting -40 bytes too soon (off and above) or you are starting +200, the +200 is less likely because you dont have a bare patch in very top left (both approx)01:09
*** behdad has joined #maemo01:09
lcukif your line lengths were off, the black line would spiral, so it feels more like your initial offset01:10
lcukis it your input data?01:10
qwerty12_N800rm_you, good news about your n800 (mostly :p) :)01:10
lardmanlcuk: strange, I'm starting at 0 (i.e. the address of the start of the framebuffer), unless there's something at the start of it?01:10
lardmanno, input data should be fine (he says)01:11
KotCzarnytry writing smaller chunks01:11
KotCzarnyie. 100px blue01:11
KotCzarny10px black01:11
KotCzarny100px blue01:11
*** Sargun has quit IRC01:11
KotCzarnywell, 20px black01:11
lardmanok, will tweak the code01:11
KotCzarnyor something more dividable01:12
*** red-zack has quit IRC01:12
lcukhey, you say it drifts to the left01:12
*** gnuSnob has joined #maemo01:13
lardmanthe other confusing thing is that I was trying to make the screen red01:13
lardmanwriting 0xf80001:14
lcukthat would put a dampner on your day01:14
lardmanI only just noticed that was what the Octave code was supposed to be producing :)01:14
lcukhow many bytes does octave output per frame01:14
lardmanunless I'm being stung by some endianness thing01:14
lardmanwhich I probably am now that I come to think about it01:15
lardmanhmm, though 16bits values are supposed to be littleendian01:15
lardmantoo late in the evening to think that thought01:15
lcukare they 2*400*240 and does octave put any kind of header information on them01:15
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo01:15
lardmanno, I'm just writing with fwrite as a uint16 value01:16
KotCzarnywrite it to a file first01:16
KotCzarnyand see what's inside01:16
lardman00 F8 ad infinitum01:17
MajMin7so a different question01:18
lardmanfirst 00 00 starts at offset 0x384001:18
MajMin7the maemo website says that the device which we connect to the GPS  has the following members:01:18
MajMin7    * device->online: Whether GPSD is connected to a GPS or not01:18
MajMin7    * device->status: The GPS status01:18
MajMin7    * device->fix: The GPS fix information01:18
MajMin7    * device->satellites_in_view: The number of satellites that the GPS can see01:18
MajMin7    * device->satellites_in_use: The number of satellites used in fix calculation01:18
MajMin7    * device->satellites: An array of satellite details01:18
*** Gnuton has quit IRC01:18
MajMin7where can i find this documented formally?01:18
MajMin7it doesnt tell me the types of these pointers01:18
lardmanit's in the gpsd source iirc01:19
*** vivijim has quit IRC01:19
lardmanat least the Nokia patched version (iirc = if I remember correctly)01:19
*** matt_c has quit IRC01:19
MajMin7i can read their source?01:20
lardmanKotCzarny: so looks like the file is ok01:20
MajMin7where's that01:20
KotCzarnyone point of failure less then01:20
lardmanKotCzarny: Will write 10 black, 90 blue/red, repeat01:21
MajMin7i found this once but it looked too cryptic at the time01:21
KotCzarnytry diff color codes01:21
KotCzarnydepending on some counter01:21
KotCzarnykind of color cube to expect and see the effect01:21
lcuki can has colorcube?01:21
lardmanMajMin7: When in doubt, or you don't find something, look under o for osso01:22
lcukps, dont try drawing on < 800*48001:22
lardmanlcuk: why not?01:22
* KotCzarny throws a rubik's cube for a lcuk01:22
*** EruditeHermit has quit IRC01:22
lcuksorry lardman not you, ive got a 256*256 colorcube in liqbase and its a bit frisky about resolution changes01:23
lardmanok :)01:23
lcukyour lines remind me of it :)01:23
*** borism_ has joined #maemo01:24
*** p| has quit IRC01:24
lardman something like this would be good for LinuxTag01:25
lardmanor indeed in general01:26
*** dougt has quit IRC01:26
lcuki wanted to have a bluetooth radar for linuxtag :( time is against me01:27
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo01:27
lcuki was gonna have an app running on my laptop and on my 810 and have then ping all nearby bts01:28
lardmansounds like it would have been pretty cool :)01:28
lcukusing signal strength i was gonna pick them up01:28
lcukyer, time.01:28
*** borism has quit IRC01:28
lcukat least ill be able to read while im there :)01:29
lcukand draw01:29
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC01:30
*** Synchronicity has joined #maemo01:30
NaviRead and draw? laaaammmmmeee01:31
NaviYou should be going around with a video camera and asking people what they like to do in their free time01:32
lardmanI meant to ask, do we need to buy an entry ticket?01:33
*** henrique has joined #maemo01:33
NaviAnyone try out mediabox yet?01:33
NaviThe sound keeps resetting to 50% every time a song changes :/01:34
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC01:35
lardmanweird, I did 10 black followed by 90 red/blue repeated 8 times across the screen01:36
KotCzarnypic pls01:36
lardmanI then get black lines going down the screen as expected, but the whole lot moves sideways as each new frame is displayed01:36
*** svu_ has quit IRC01:37
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC01:37
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lardman is better actually01:45
lardmannow displaying at 800x480, but note the gap at the bottom of the screen01:45
GeneralAntillesCool stuff01:46
KotCzarnyso maybe you are starting waaay befor screen?01:46
KotCzarnytry moving starting offset by 800 bytes untill you see black at the top?01:46
*** m3mberman_ has joined #maemo01:46
*** svu_ has joined #maemo01:46
lardmanworth a go01:46
lardmanaargh, bloody Ubuntu taskbar has locked up01:47
*** etrunko has quit IRC01:47
KotCzarnymaybe the fb is centered on some region01:47
lardmanany ideas how to change desktop using the keyboard only?01:48
KotCzarnyctrl-arrow ?01:49
KotCzarnyctrl-alt-arrow ?01:49
KotCzarnyalt-arrow ?01:49
lardmangood call, ctrl-alt+arrow01:49
KotCzarnyswitching to console and killing offending app can work too01:50
lardmanoffending app is the desktop though01:50
KotCzarnyacroread hangs everything for me sometimes01:50
KotCzarnybut killing it from console is enough01:50
KotCzarnythen kill the desktop01:50
lardmanok, so you reckon to change start_x to 800?01:51
KotCzarnybuf+offset ?01:51
KotCzarnyyou are already writing to it directly01:51
KotCzarnythen just write at higher position01:51
*** jegp has joined #maemo01:52
KotCzarnyblit some digits instead of pixels for optical recognition could help too01:52
lcukyes, skip the first 10 or 20 lines01:52
KotCzarnyor even better01:53
KotCzarnymake a code that will react to key presses01:53
lcuklol no xevents01:53
lardmanKotCzarny: yeah, I'd need to write some code to get the data for that though01:53
*** Tuco has joined #maemo01:53
KotCzarnylcuk: but hw keys should be accessible01:53
KotCzarnyi guess01:53
KotCzarnyas a scancodes from a kernel01:54
lardmanAnyway, I'm shattered, time for bed01:54
*** zap has quit IRC01:54
KotCzarnylardman: :)01:54
lcukat least you know you are writing the correct length lines :)01:54
lardmanI'll have another look tomorrow lunch time and let you know what I find; thanks for your help chaps01:54
lcukits progress, good night01:54
lcuki have all this kind of messing to do whenever i change the blitter01:55
lardmanstrange, closing an xterm took down 4 more + some "explorer" (Galleon?) windows and freed up my desktop01:56
KotCzarnyprobably started from there01:56
lardmanyeah, will do more experimenting tomorrow when I can think straight :)01:56
*** lardman has quit IRC01:56
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*** Tuco has quit IRC01:57
*** Tuco2 is now known as Tuco01:57
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dougbarrettnokia is awesome!03:09
*** trickie has quit IRC03:11
*** trickie has joined #maemo03:11
GrackleJust in general, or have they done something noteworthy lately?03:12
*** eton has joined #maemo03:19
dougbarrettwell I lost the back battery cover to my N800, and they are going to send me a replacement for free03:20
dougbarretti was about to drop $21+s/h to buy one03:20
*** blkno1 has quit IRC03:21
*** gnuSnob has joined #maemo03:21
*** blkno1 has joined #maemo03:22
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Gracklewhee that's nice of them03:41
*** _freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu03:41
*** blkno1 has quit IRC03:41
GrackleHonestly I was hoping for something revolutionary and amazing, but that's still good to hear.03:41
dougbarrettwell that, and they saved me $100 on my car insurance03:42
Livingroomthey saved you $100 on car insurance?03:43
Livingroomi thought they only could save 15% or more03:43
dougbarrettit's nokia, they can do whatever they want to03:43
dougbarrettexcept make a decent video chat app for the n800 i guess :-/03:43
Livingroomhow about a video chat app for the desktop?03:44
Livingroomnobody i know can see me. hear me, yes, but not see me03:44
Livingroomand i ask you, ladies and gentlemen, what is the point of video chat, if it only works with other n800s?03:44
Livingroomwhat about it?03:44
Livingroomnobody i want to talk to uses it03:44
*** BabelO has quit IRC03:44
Livingroommost everyone is on gtalk/jabber03:45
*** eton has quit IRC03:46
GrackleDamn I wish my friends used jabber03:48
GrackleEveryone I know uses AIM. *hork*03:48
GrackleAIM with its OSCAR "we're going to add random features and change things without sharing the spec" protocol.03:48
GrackleWhile I'm ranting about things, the contrast between the internal link font and the background on the internettablettalk wiki is insufficient.03:50
KotCzarnyi never use page colors03:50
KotCzarnyi set them to black bg and white fg03:51
GrackleWell that works for you, but what about everyone else? I think it's reasonable to ask that the site be designed correctly in the first place.03:52
KotCzarnyi just don't want to send email to every html author in the world03:52
*** greentux has quit IRC03:52
KotCzarnyso i just ignore their styles and use mine03:52
KotCzarnysome people think light gray on white is nice03:53
KotCzarnybut it's completely unreadable03:53
*** myosound has left #maemo03:53
GrackleI don't mind slightly off-black on white, but the problem with that is that the contrast varies widely from monitor to monitor.03:54
*** eton_ has quit IRC03:54
KotCzarnythat too03:54
GrackleSo what's readable on one monitor might look like ass on another.03:54
GrackleI honestly really hate web design and web pages in general. I wish content was provided in a form more like rss. Data is provided for you, and your reader formats it however the hell it wants.03:55
GrackleThat would solve so many problems. Accessibility and small device support would be provided entirely by the browser.03:55
*** harry has joined #maemo03:55
KotCzarnythat's what css is for03:55
GrackleSort of.03:55
GrackleRight now, CSS is for making some really awesome designs, and a lot of broken web pages.03:56
GrackleLuckily, CSS allows me to fix people's web pages with my own stylesheets. :P03:56
* Grackle makes one for ITT03:56
*** smackpotato has quit IRC03:59
*** evaryont_ has joined #maemo03:59
* gnuSnob wonders where to get cheap pull-out hard drive rails04:01
*** jegp has joined #maemo04:02
*** dougbarrett has quit IRC04:07
*** evaryont has quit IRC04:11
*** evaryont_ has quit IRC04:17
*** lopz has quit IRC04:20
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo04:26
*** jpuderer has quit IRC04:37
*** matt_c has quit IRC04:39
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo04:40
*** lopz has joined #maemo04:47
*** playya__ has joined #maemo04:56
KotCzarnynite nite05:01
* lcuk goes to sleep happy05:01
*** herz1 has joined #maemo05:02
*** behdad has quit IRC05:03
*** _alex____ has quit IRC05:09
*** gnuSnob has quit IRC05:09
*** kcome has joined #maemo05:11
*** playya_ has quit IRC05:12
*** koyote` is now known as koyote05:14
*** herzi has quit IRC05:17
*** harry has quit IRC05:20
*** Synchronicity has quit IRC05:21
*** Sargun has joined #maemo05:24
*** jegp has left #maemo05:24
*** mbuf has joined #maemo05:35
*** mk500 has joined #maemo05:44
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo05:46
*** grape has joined #maemo05:46
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo05:47
*** BTobotras has joined #maemo05:48
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC05:51
*** kcome has quit IRC05:51
*** kcome has joined #maemo05:51
*** codeguy has joined #maemo05:58
*** codeguy has left #maemo06:02
*** Zetx has joined #maemo06:07
*** dougt has joined #maemo06:16
*** Navi is now known as Purin06:19
*** Purin is now known as Navi06:19
*** Zetx| has quit IRC06:20
*** BTobotras has quit IRC06:26
*** trickie has quit IRC06:28
*** trickie has joined #maemo06:30
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC06:30
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo06:30
*** netx has quit IRC06:31
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC06:40
*** GenucoBadmatray is now known as Dregs06:44
*** trickie has quit IRC06:47
*** wishvmwareworked has quit IRC06:52
*** trickie has joined #maemo06:54
*** s1d has quit IRC06:59
*** BTobotras has joined #maemo06:59
*** Zetx| has joined #maemo07:06
*** sovotiDDC has joined #maemo07:09
*** corq-FL has quit IRC07:13
*** trickie has quit IRC07:15
*** Italodance has joined #maemo07:15
*** corq-FL has joined #maemo07:16
*** trickie has joined #maemo07:16
RST38hGentlemen, has anyone found his Canola broken recently, after doing apt-get upgrade?07:17
RST38hWait, found the problem07:20
*** sovoti has quit IRC07:20
*** geaaru has quit IRC07:23
*** tjafk1 has quit IRC07:25
*** tjafk1 has joined #maemo07:26
*** Zetx has quit IRC07:26
Proteousmy 770 got teh WSOD :/07:29
* Proteous creis07:29
* Proteous cries too07:29
KotCzarnytry shaking07:29
Proteousshaking what07:29
*** trickie has quit IRC07:32
*** trickie has joined #maemo07:32
RST38hshaking wsod.07:33
*** lopz has quit IRC07:35
KotCzarnyshaking wood, lol07:37
GeneralAntillesProteous, time for an N800.07:40
KotCzarnynah, wait for n90007:41
Proteousmaybe the 810 will get a price drop when the 810w comes out07:41
timelyhello world?07:50
NaviHey timely07:50
timelywhat's the latest official release?07:51
timelybug 3153 is using 42 which is kinda odd07:51
*** trickie has quit IRC07:52
NaviThe one in the diablo repos was 5007:52
timelynot diablo, chinook07:52
Navior something07:52
*** trickie has joined #maemo07:52
Navilet me check real fast07:52
Livingroomok so07:52
Livingroomskype on the n800 doesnt support the camear07:52
timelyand the one in diablo should be something between 10 and 20. but thanks07:52
Livingroomwhat the hell then is the point of the camer?07:52
timelyLivingroom: Gizmodo07:52
Livingroomit seems totally useless07:52
timelyor Flash07:52
*** minti has joined #maemo07:53
timelyi can't remember which release enabled the camera in flash, it might be diablo07:53
Livingroomgizmodo, flash, etc, it's totally f*ckin useless07:53
Livingroommy dream of VoIP video-enabled is shattered.07:53
timelythe camera hardware is another story07:53
timelygizmodo is a lot closer to standard VoIP than skype..07:53
Livingroomgizmodo is a blog ...07:54
timelyNavi: also, can you possibly07:54
timelysomething like that07:54
timely... figure out why this guy is filing bugs in "opera engine" ? :(07:54
NaviAbout says "Tablet browser 0.2.2 RX-34+RX-44_2008SE_2.2007.51-3"07:55
timelycan you comment in one of those bugs telling the reporter he should *really* upgrade to the latest07:56
timelyinclude the version number and the url for updating07:56
*** dougt has quit IRC07:57
NaviWhat's one of the bug numbers?07:57
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo07:58
mintii installed qt4 packages inside the scratchbox  and tried to build hello-world using qmake but it says bash: qmake: command not found ...07:58
GeneralAntillesNavi, make yourself a "Recent" search that covers all the bugs created in the last 2-5 days07:58
Italodanceplease tell me USB Control is better than USB Host/Otg?07:58
GeneralAntillesThere's one of them.07:58
mintidoes it need other pkg07:59
*** Kt_ has quit IRC07:59
*** Kt_ has joined #maemo08:00
timelyquery: creation date changed in 5d08:01
timelyor something08:01
timelyGeneralAntilles: thanks08:01
timelyminti: qt4 or qt4-dev?08:01
timelybecause they're not really related08:01
mintii installed qt4-dev08:02
GeneralAntillesI like how nobody can figure out to delete that stupid (always/sometimes/once) suggestion08:03
mintitimely: i did =>  apt-get install qt4-dev-tools08:04
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo08:05
mintitimely: but if i do  apt-get install libqt4-dev   libqt4-dev: Depends: libmysqlclient12-dev but it is not installable  Depends: libsqlite0-dev but it is not installable E: Broken packages08:06
*** harry has joined #maemo08:10
Livingroomanyone know of a dhcp server i can download for the n800?08:11
*** Livingroom has left #maemo08:12
*** Livingroom has joined #maemo08:12
*** corq-FL has quit IRC08:12
*** corq-FL has joined #maemo08:13
*** bradd_ is now known as bradd08:15
*** VRe has quit IRC08:15
*** trickie has quit IRC08:15
*** eton has joined #maemo08:16
*** konttori has joined #maemo08:18
*** z72ka has joined #maemo08:19
*** konttori has quit IRC08:20
*** netx has joined #maemo08:21
*** eton_ has joined #maemo08:21
*** L0cutus has quit IRC08:22
*** chibiAcyd has joined #maemo08:22
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo08:22
*** zchydem_home has quit IRC08:23
*** L0cutus has quit IRC08:24
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo08:24
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC08:24
*** kcome has quit IRC08:27
*** BTobotras has quit IRC08:27
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC08:28
Livingroomis there a dhcp server built into the n800?08:30
*** dougt has joined #maemo08:31
Livingroomor one built /for/ the n800?08:31
*** harry has quit IRC08:33
*** eton has quit IRC08:37
*** geaaru has joined #maemo08:40
*** mbuf has quit IRC08:41
KotCzarnyjust grab/build one08:42
KotCzarnythat's what sdk is for.08:42
grapeeverything was built for the n800... just haven't figured out how to get it all to install yet ;-)08:42
Stskeepsif i'm not mistaken, doesn't dnsmasq have a dhcpd?08:42
*** mbuf has joined #maemo08:43
*** livinroom has joined #maemo08:45
livinroomi wouldnt know where to begin08:45
livinroomi am not a programmer :P08:45
KotCzarnyyou don't have to program anything08:45
KotCzarnyjust install.08:45
*** jeddy3 has joined #maemo08:46
livinroomyeah, i would have like, no idea.08:49
*** f_mohr has joined #maemo08:49
chibiAcydthere is a pretty extensive wiki about the sdk08:49
*** iDS has joined #maemo08:50
livinroomyes, but08:50
livinroomi'm totally clueless08:50
livinroomi've never done anything like that08:50
*** eton_ has quit IRC08:50
KotCzarnytime for some education then?08:51
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo08:52
*** parolkar has joined #maemo08:54
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo08:56
*** b0unc3__ has joined #maemo08:58
*** Cptn-N800 has joined #Maemo08:58
*** guenther has joined #maemo08:59
*** Livingroom has quit IRC09:00
*** BTobotras has joined #maemo09:01
*** Italodance has quit IRC09:02
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC09:04
*** legind has joined #maemo09:05
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo09:06
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC09:10
*** netx has quit IRC09:12
*** Zic has joined #maemo09:13
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC09:14
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo09:15
*** hfwilke has quit IRC09:15
*** shackan has quit IRC09:17
qwerty12I beat you, my spaces were bigger :p09:19
*** mk500 has quit IRC09:19
Cptn-N800I dont care about your myspace ^^09:20
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo09:20
*** dougbarrett has joined #maemo09:25
*** b0unc3__ has quit IRC09:27
*** b0unc3__ has joined #maemo09:28
*** rmoravci1 has joined #maemo09:29
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo09:29
*** trickie has joined #maemo09:30
Navitotal fail09:31
*** Zic has quit IRC09:31
*** Blom has joined #maemo09:32
*** f_mohr has quit IRC09:35
*** b0unc3___ has joined #maemo09:35
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC09:36
*** harryslamm has joined #maemo09:39
dougbarrettwhat is fail?09:43
*** harryslamm has quit IRC09:45
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC09:45
*** b0unc3__ has quit IRC09:48
*** livinroom has quit IRC09:50
*** |R has quit IRC09:53
qwerty12quadruple fail.09:55
czr"because failure is always an option"09:55
czralthough I should've written 'becuase'09:55
Cptn-N800Try not. Fail, or fail not09:55 has too little stuff going on09:55
forge(Can you see i'm bored at work)09:56
NaviI hate it when people try to tell me that the S60 platform is open :P09:56
qwerty12At least it's hacked now09:56
forge(Oh but it is, you can install your own software for it ^^)09:56
Naviforge, are you being serious?09:57
forgeGuess ?09:57
Naviqwerty12, hacked?09:57
forgeYeah they hacked it09:58
qwerty12Yes, extended years certs09:58
qwerty12Full access to C:...09:58
KotCzarnyyeah.. i have read it..09:58
forgeAlthough were a long way from getting any real benefits from it09:58
KotCzarnysomeone selling hacked 770 on craigslist..09:58
KotCzarnyinstalled hacked os or something09:58
qwerty12It had bootmenu installed? :p09:58
KotCzarnybetter than 2006!09:58
KotCzarnyyou imagine?09:59
qwerty12I could get quite a bit selling my N800 with Diablo on it.09:59
KotCzarnyno, you wont10:00
KotCzarnywon't ?10:00
NaviHacked N800 with diabloooooozzzz10:00
qwerty12hehe, gtg, got an exam :/10:00
NaviI got my tablet for 160 with Diablo on it in March10:00
Navisomeone's beating you out, qwerty1210:01
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC10:01
NaviBye qwerty12. Good luck10:01
*** Gnuton has joined #maemo10:01
*** guardian has quit IRC10:02
*** rm_you has quit IRC10:03
*** luogni has joined #maemo10:03
*** rm_you_ has joined #maemo10:03
johnxhey rm_you_10:04
NaviOoh, eetz johnx10:05
forgeRegarding eetz, i'm hungry10:05
johnxyeah, have to clean up sound and make a nice little hack to make suspend work :)10:06
NaviReleasing soon?10:06
johnxwell that's the plan10:06
johnxI really want to figure out why sound is distorted10:06
johnxthey really screwed up sound with this kernel/alsa/gstreamer release is what I'm thinking10:07
NaviEh? Diablo can suspend to memory?10:07
johnxwell it worked in chinook kernel + debian10:07
johnxit just died after 60 seconds :/10:07
NaviI heard10:07
KotCzarnyjohnx: probably wrong configuration? (asound.conf)10:07
johnxKotCzarny, nah10:07
KotCzarnyit helped for me10:07
johnxI copied the asound.conf from chinook10:08
KotCzarnytry fiddling with it?10:08
johnxI'm having the same problem people are complaining about with mpd under chinook10:08
johnxapparently routing sound through esound cleans it up or some such magic10:08
johnxI have to see if nokia patched esound though10:08
johnxso I'm supposed to have it go mpd -> libao -> esound -> oss emulation? -> alsa I guess10:10
johnxwhich sounds kinda dumb but apparently works10:10
*** opendeep has joined #maemo10:10
KotCzarnymore than dumb.10:10
*** konttori_work has quit IRC10:10
KotCzarnycan you just use mplayer as a backend?10:11
johnxI should install it, but I can't use it as a backend for mpd10:11
*** Tuco has quit IRC10:11
johnxI agree, it's dumb, help me figure it out and I'll help you get slackware running :)10:11
KotCzarnyi have never used mpd10:12
johnxI've never used slackware :P10:12
NaviI've used both10:12
NaviI win!10:12
* Navi runs10:12
*** pupnik has joined #maemo10:12
johnxnoooo, heeeelp uss!10:13
*** dougbarrett has quit IRC10:13
*** ssvb has joined #maemo10:16
*** NetBlade has quit IRC10:16
*** smancke has joined #maemo10:18
*** BabelO has joined #maemo10:19
* johnx waits for his sd card to die from all the abuse10:20
NaviOff to sleep10:20
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo10:20
johnxcheater :P10:20
NaviHow am I teh cheatingz?10:20
*** Kt_ has quit IRC10:20
johnxnot having to stay awake until the next debian release10:21
NaviYeah, seriously10:21
Navican't even contribute constructively either10:21
johnxit's ok though, I'll just release as soon as you log off :)10:21
*** VRe has joined #maemo10:21
NaviThat Navi really sucks10:21
NaviOh, you whore.10:21
*** Livingroom has joined #maemo10:22
* Navi thinks of a way to get around this10:22
johnxmy bandwidth will probably be gone in hours too10:22
Livingroomi hate my AP10:22
Livingroomso much10:22
johnxNavi, just go to sleep. the release probably won't happen before you wake up anyways10:23
johnxjust don't sleep too long10:23
*** johnx has left #maemo10:23
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo10:23
NaviI don't t...10:23
*** johnx has joined #maemo10:23
NaviI don't trust you, johnx10:23
johnxwell that makes two of us...who don't trust me10:23
NaviI'll be taping my eyes open and sleeping in my chair10:24
Livingroomi dont trust you either10:24
*** mbuf has quit IRC10:24
Livingroomi've got the death sentance on 12 systems!10:24
Navithat way I'll wake up when you release it10:24
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC10:24
johnxtell me how that works for you10:24
*** mbuf has joined #maemo10:24
Naviyou'll see10:25
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo10:25
NaviNight .o/10:25
*** sergio_ has quit IRC10:25
johnx'night Navi10:25
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo10:25
*** trickie_ has joined #maemo10:28
johnxwell hot sauce, mplayer playback is perfect O_o10:34
*** msanchez has joined #maemo10:34
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo10:34
johnxheh...maybe I'll just bundle canola with debian10:34
Cptn-N800What alternate universe is your mplayer from?10:34
johnxmplayer *audio only* playback10:35
johnxand my mplayer is from the debian universe10:35
Livingroomi have a standalone, USB powered AP that freezes after 25 seconds unless it is plugged into an actual ethernet wire (it must be connected on both ends) why do you think that is?10:35
Livingroomthere's nothing on google about it10:35
forgeIt's crap10:35
Livingroomnothing model specific10:35
Cptn-N800Retarded design10:35
johnxI would go with "your AP is broken, buy a wrt54gl10:36
Livingroomi dont want a wrt54gl10:36
forgeWhy not ?10:36
Livingroombecause the ap i have now is this big: <>10:36
johnxand doesn't work10:36
Livingroomand the wrt54gl is <====> this big10:36
Livingroomoh now,10:36
johnxand works10:36
Livingroomit does work10:36
Livingroombut only when plugged into wired connection.10:36
forgeYou just said it doesn't10:36
KotCzarnyi would assume it tried to autoconfigure10:36
KotCzarnyand fails10:36
forgeHence it's not working :p10:36
Livingroombut dhcp is off10:36
KotCzarnywith wrong route10:36
Livingroomhere's the thing10:36
Livingroomfor the first 25-30 seconds after power on10:36
KotCzarnynvm, it still can fail setting proper route10:37
Livingroomit will work Just Fine10:37
forgeStupid drivers10:37
Livingroomafter 25 secs, you cannot connect to the wireless network. even though it's broadcasting. and all traffic halts10:37
*** calvaris has joined #maemo10:37
*** monkeyiq has joined #maemo10:37
KotCzarnysome security setting10:37
Livingroomit is, i assure you, very aggrivating10:38
Livingroomi'm goign to try a loopback connector on wednesday10:38
Livingroomall it seems to care about is power down the line10:38
Livingroomthe other end doesnt have to be active or sending10:38
KotCzarnyjust browse the config options?10:39
Livingroomnot very many10:40
Livingroomand none that seem to apply10:40
Cptn-N800Fucking google docs slow shit10:46
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw10:48
*** red-zack has joined #maemo10:50
*** balrg has joined #maemo10:51
balrgi'm livingroom10:51
*** balrg is now known as livinroom10:51
livinroomok so10:51
livinroomi'm uploading a screenshot10:51
livinroomthe last thing i saw was 'just browse the config options?'10:51
*** trickie_ has quit IRC10:51
*** trickie_ has joined #maemo10:52
*** huats has joined #maemo10:53
KotCzarnyssid iphone?10:53
KotCzarnyget out of here10:54
livinroomit's for sharing my iphone connection10:54
KotCzarnyand options you need are in access control10:54
livinroomthats the whole reason i'm doing this10:54
livinroomaccess control only has settings to input MAC addrs for connection filtering10:55
trickietried that on the weekend10:57
livinroomthis damn thing is giving me fits. i'm going to bed. nite10:59
*** Cptn-N800 has left #Maemo11:00
*** parolkar has quit IRC11:02
hrwtrickie: so it looks like 2.6.25 require nokia work11:02
trickiehrw: yeah :(11:02
trickieunless my kernel config is not correct11:03
trickiebut I don't quite understand the whole softmac stuff, and if that requires certain config options11:03
*** Livingroom has quit IRC11:04
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo11:04
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo11:04
*** ab has joined #maemo11:04
jdiazmelmoth: anyone knows any on-line dictionary where I can look-up how is the past form of english verbs?11:07
*** fab has joined #maemo11:07
jdiazsorry for addressing to melmoth, that was not intended11:07
jdiazI probably hit Tab key11:08
*** monkeyiq has quit IRC11:08
*** sovotiDDC has quit IRC11:08
*** NetBlade has quit IRC11:09
jdiazI've peeking at code, and found that it simply writes some predefined strings ("host", "peripheral", "otg") in a special file (/sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/mode)11:11
jdiazI tried to perform the same action from a shell script11:11
jdiazbut it has to be run as root11:12
*** Cwiiis has quit IRC11:12
*** jebe_ has joined #maemo11:12
jdiazhowever usbcontrol is run a normal user11:12
jdiazand it does not have the "s" bit11:12
jdiazhow is that?11:12
KotCzarnymaybe it has some helper11:12
*** borism has joined #maemo11:12
jdiazbesides, I tried to chown root my script11:13
jdiazand chmod +s it11:13
KotCzarnyyou can't +s script11:13
jdiazand it still doesn't work if run as a normal user11:13
KotCzarnyie. it won't work11:13
*** jebe has quit IRC11:13
jdiazso, what is the solution?11:13
*** trickie_ has quit IRC11:13
KotCzarnywrite a helper11:13
jdiazhelper? do you mean in C?11:13
KotCzarnyor read sources11:13
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo11:14
*** trickie_ has joined #maemo11:14
*** sovotiDDC has joined #maemo11:16
*** guardian has joined #maemo11:18
jdiazapparently the trick used by usbcontrol is in the usbcontrol.desktop file11:19
jdiazExec=sudo /usr/bin/usbcontrol11:19
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo11:20
*** borism_ has quit IRC11:20
jdiazand the .deb postinst added a line to the sudoers file11:22
jdiazuser ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/run-standalone.sh11:22
jdiazis this good practice?11:23
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo11:23
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo11:23
KotCzarnynokia already ignored few good practices11:23
KotCzarnyso it doesn't matter11:23
inzjdiaz, well, it should allow running /usr/bin/usbcontrol11:23
jdiazbut, having that line, allows me to execute anything as root11:24
KotCzarnyno wildcards11:25
inzActually having only /usr/bin/ allows you to run, nothing else11:25
KotCzarnyso not anything11:25
jdiazoh, right11:25
jdiazI misread the sudoers line11:26
jdiazI thought it was simply11:26
jdiazoh, waut11:26
jdiazI read it right11:26
jdiazthe sudoers line allows me to execute the script run-standalone11:27
jdiazbut this script accepts any command as parameter11:27
jdiazso I can do now: whatever11:27
KotCzarnybut sudo won't11:27
KotCzarnytry it11:27
jdiazwhy then does it allow to execute " usbcontrol" ?11:28
KotCzarny<jdiaz> Exec=sudo /usr/bin/usbcontrol11:28
KotCzarnyerm, sorry11:28
KotCzarnyjust look for that line in /etc/sudoers11:28
jdiazwell, I've just tried:11:29
jdiazsudo umount /dev/mmc111:29
jdiazit worked11:29
KotCzarnyi don't see your sudoers.conf11:29
KotCzarnycan't comment then11:29
jdiazI mean /media/mmc111:29
*** sp3000 has quit IRC11:30
*** sp3001 is now known as sp300011:30
jdiazI also tried11:32
jdiazsudo my-usb-script11:32
jdiazand it worked also11:32
jdiazso I was right, is now a workaround for sudo11:33
jdiazsudo whatever would run whatever with root permissions, without asking me a password11:33
*** trickie__ has joined #maemo11:35
*** trickie_ has quit IRC11:35
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:35
jdiazI have to tell this to konttori11:37
jdiazthe proper sudoers line should have been11:37
jdiazuser ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/ /usr/bin/usbcontrol.py11:37
*** mbuf has quit IRC11:38
*** Gnuton has quit IRC11:41
*** ramo102 has joined #maemo11:43
*** Gnuton has joined #maemo11:43
*** rmoravci1 has quit IRC11:47
jdiazthe sudoers.conf is modified by usbcontrol*.deb11:48
jdiazand a line is added11:48
jdiazuser ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/run-standalone.sh11:48
jdiazbut it should be11:49
jdiazuser ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/ /usr/bin/usbcontrol.py11:49
*** rmoravci1 has joined #maemo11:50
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo11:52
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo11:52
*** trickie__ has quit IRC11:53
jdiazanother question. Yesterday, I put my n810 in host mode, and plugged a SD card reader. After a while, the card got mounted, but then the tablet got irresponsive11:53
*** iDS has quit IRC11:53
johnxmetalayer crawler going crazy maybe?11:53
johnxwhat was on the card?11:53
jdiazthe screen blanked (in an unusual way, as if it were fading out from left to right)11:53
jdiazand the tablet rebooted11:53
*** trickie__ has joined #maemo11:54
johnxpower spike maybe?11:54
KotCzarnymaybe swap11:54
jdiazI don't think so, johnx, I deactivated metalayer-crawler11:54
jdiazI repeated, and the same occured again11:54
jdiazthree times11:54
jdiazthen I stopped trying :-)11:54
KotCzarnydo you have swap on?11:54
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:54
johnxthe way you describe that unusual fadeout makes me think too much power demand from the card reader after a while11:54
jdiazjohnx, that was I thought too11:55
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo11:55
johnxsimilar things can happen on my zaurus under too much power load11:55
jdiazI should try again through a self-powered hub11:55
*** Italodance has joined #maemo11:55
jdiazBut supposedly, the tablet should deactivate the usb device if it detects too much power consumption...11:57
johnxdid you have wifi on and screen bright?11:57
johnxwas battery mostly charged or getting low?11:58
jdiazI don't remember about wifi, but the screen was dim11:58
jdiazabout the battery, it was charging at that moment11:58
johnxI don't know then11:58
jdiazand it was mostly exhausted11:58
johnxmight be worth trying with a fullish battery just to rule that out11:58
jdiazWell, I can try now. The battery indicator reports me 5 hours of use11:59
johnxgood luck11:59
johnxand remember to run sync first11:59
jdiazsame behaviour12:01
jdiazthis time, was even faster12:01
jdiazthe hanging occured even before the card got mounted12:01
*** greentux_ has quit IRC12:02
jdiazjust after inserting it12:02
jdiaztrying again with self-powered hub12:03
solmumahajdiaz: are you using usbcontrol?12:03
*** ch4os has quit IRC12:04
solmumahafriend of mine had similar issues when he tried to use ntfs-3g, switching to usb-otg-plugin fixed it12:04
jdiaz:( same behaviour again...12:04
jdiazso the card reader is unusable...12:04
jdiazhowever, it works in my ubuntu desktop12:05
jdiazsolmumaha, yes I'm using usbcontrol12:05
solmumahayou can find it from garage12:05
solmumahainstall, enable and maybe reboot just in case12:06
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC12:08
jdiazHmm... I'm reading usb-otg-plugin source code12:08
jdiazit doesn't do any different than usbcontrol...12:08
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo12:09
jdiazit opens /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/mode12:09
jdiazand writes the string "host" on it12:09
solmumahai know, that's why it was odd that it worked better12:09
jdiazthe same can be done even from command line, with an echo12:09
*** ch4os_ is now known as ch4os12:09
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman12:09
lardmanmorning all12:09
solmumahabut it's also more handy than running a separate python app just for that12:10
*** hugolp has joined #maemo12:11
jdiazoops... things are getting worse..12:14
jdiaznow my tablet rebooted even without inserting the SD card12:14
jdiazOnly the hub was connected12:14
jdiazand, 5 min after putting the tablet in host mode, it rebooted12:14
*** greentux has joined #maemo12:17
jdiazafter putting the tablet in host mode, the reported status was a_suspend. Is this normal?12:17
jdiazshouldn't be a_suspend status only for otg?12:17
JaffaMorning, all12:17
*** simon_ has joined #maemo12:18
jdiazsolmumaha: this is incredible...12:20
jdiazusb-otg-plugin apparently solved the problem!12:21
lardmanhi Jaffa, how was your Java conf?12:21
*** yerga has joined #maemo12:21
solmumahajdiaz: told ya!12:21
jdiazthe card got mounted, and (until now) the tablet did not reboot12:21
jdiazand now, ,the reported status is "host"12:22
jdiazwhile before was "a_suspend"12:22
*** NetBlade has quit IRC12:24
*** Khertan has joined #maemo12:27
KhertanHi !12:27
*** sven-tek has quit IRC12:28
jdiazdefinitely solved. I was browsing the card and copying files without problem12:29
jdiazthank you solmumaha12:29
jdiazNow about usb keyboards :-)12:30
jdiazdo you know some portable usb keyboard?12:30
jdiazI do not mean foldable, but at least not too big12:30
jdiazI was searching, but without much result12:31
glasslaptop kb size usb keyboards are pretty common12:31
solmumahai guess the new apple keyboard isn't huge12:31
solmumahabut prolly not the smallest either12:32
jdiazglass, not at the stores in my town. I guess I should go a buy one through internet12:32
glassjdiaz: the stores over here have em..12:33
jdiazwhat abouth those flexible (membrane) keyboards? Are they too uncomfortable?12:33
glassi'd say they suck12:33
glassand the projected laser thing too12:33
glassproper buttons are proper buttons..12:34
jdiazyes, the laser is even worse12:34
*** geaaru has quit IRC12:34
johnxI have this:
johnxbut there's other stuff on ITT that people have had luck with12:35
jdiazbtw, I plugged a usb keyboard with spanish layout, and had to tell the tablet about it under the "bluetooth keyboard" configuration12:35
*** slomo_ has joined #maemo12:35
jdiazand I have to reconfigure this setting every time I plug it12:35
jdiazis there some way to automate this configuration?12:35
*** foka has quit IRC12:36
jdiazany CLI command?12:36
johnxfor layout?12:37
johnxmaybe there's a gconf key?12:37
*** lnx^_ has quit IRC12:37
jdiazI'll search12:38
johnxah, I think dealextreme might list small keyboards too12:39
johnxyou can look there, find something reasonable, and buy somewhere else if you want :)12:39
KotCzarnyand wait 2 weeks for a delivery from hong kong12:41
*** lnx^ has joined #maemo12:41
johnxwhich is why I said find something there and buy somewhere else...12:41
johnxunless you live in Hong Kong, then it should be rather quick :)12:41
KotCzarnyor china12:42
KotCzarnyi don't remember exactly12:42
johnxHong Kong sounds right12:42
KotCzarnyi'm still waiting for a usb sound card12:42
*** trickie__ has quit IRC12:42
jdiazthanks, johnx12:42
*** trickie__ has joined #maemo12:42
*** slomo has quit IRC12:45
*** philn__ has quit IRC12:45
*** Synchronicity has joined #maemo12:48
*** tobmaster has joined #maemo12:48
*** philn_ has joined #maemo12:48
*** nrktk has joined #maemo12:49
*** matt_c has joined #maemo12:51
glass  anyone tried that with nits?12:53
jdiazdoesn't seems much more comfortable than the n810 built-in keyboard :-)12:55
jdiazis it possible to compile for maemo applications which require motif/lesstif?13:00
jdiazI'm trying to compile xpdf13:00
jdiaz./configure complains about lacking motif13:00
*** Gnuton has left #maemo13:00
KotCzarnythen compile motif too13:00
*** GnutoN810 has joined #maemo13:00
KotCzarnyor lesstif13:00
jdiazapt-cache search motif/lesstif only lists libxt613:01
jdiazxpdf also complains about freefont, but I have the package (and the development version) installed13:02
KotCzarnybed time, bye people13:03
*** florian_ has joined #maemo13:04
lardmandoesn't the built in pdf viewer use xpdf as the backend?13:05
*** GnutoN810 has quit IRC13:05
*** trickie__ has quit IRC13:05
jdiazprobably yes...13:05
jdiazI installed evince, because I read it was far superior to the builtin one, but I was disappointed13:05
lardmanI seem to remember seeing that; might be worth updating its backend rather than recompiling using motif13:05
*** trickie__ has joined #maemo13:05
jdiazin fact, it is slower13:05
jdiazso I was searching for alternatives13:06
*** florian_ is now known as florian13:07
jdiazas for the built-in pdf reader, it is ok, but the gui have some misfeatures which bother me13:07
lardman the source is there13:07
lardmanadd patches, etc.13:07
jdiazfor example, after I zoom to a level in which the printed area fits horizontally the screen13:08
jdiazand use the horizontal scrollbar to put the whole text in view13:08
*** JackCrow has quit IRC13:08
jdiazI can use space to scroll down13:08
jdiazbut when the end-of-page is reached and a new page loaded, the horizontal scroll is reset to the left13:08
jdiazforcing me to fine-tuning it again13:08
*** JackCrow has joined #maemo13:09
jdiazwhy doesn't it remembers the horizontal position across pages?13:09
lardmanlooks like it's based on Xpdf 3.00 (Jan 2004)13:09
lardmanis there nothing later than that?13:09
jdiazI think I could patch that13:09
jdiazXpdf 3.02pl2 was released 2007-nov-0713:10
lardmanmight as well, and add your patches to the bug tracker as enhancements. Best way to get features added13:10
*** balrog-k1n has joined #maemo13:18
*** pcfe has joined #maemo13:22
gpdDoes anyone have an opinion on the Nokia E51? I am considering purchasing...13:24
glassit's ok13:24
glasshow much would you pay?13:24
gpdNow it is online SIM free for 189 GBP.13:24
glassgpd: how much for 6120 classic? it's a fresher phone, about same specs13:25
glassand about same form factor13:25
gpdThat one is 155 GBP I think13:25
glassi'd rather get that one myself13:25
gpdbattery life reviews are bad on that - otherwise looks good. no wifi but I guess I can use the N800 for that13:25
gpdjust want BT2 and HSDPA to tether to the N80013:26
glass vs
gpdSamsung Soul or a Blackberry are other options... but more cash13:26
gpdexcellent links - thanks13:26
glassoh scratch that.. get the e5113:26
glassmuch more ram13:26
*** Trbs810 has quit IRC13:27
glassi remembered that e51 wouldn't have been fp1..13:27
gpdAnything else I should consider?13:27
glassnot in that price range afaik13:27
glassn81 maybe.. it's been pretty cheap lately too13:27
gpdwhat about higher prices? N95 I guess... but that is a brick13:28
glassyeah it's different form factor13:28
glassi use n95 myself still13:28
glassthe firmware upgrades made a huge difference in usability13:28
gpdi would wait for the N96 in that case13:28
glassi wouldnt13:28
glassn96 is different hw13:28
glassno 3d in hw nor video outut(iirc)13:29
glasswhen compared to n95's13:29
glassn95 8gb is maybe what i'd ask for now13:29
*** balrog-kun has quit IRC13:29
gpdhmm N81 8GB is 270 GBP...13:29
glassit has more ram than the classic13:29
glassanyways, is much better for the specs than the consumer site13:29
gpdok - thanks glass will continue looking :)13:30
*** evaryont has joined #maemo13:30
glassn95 has also acceleration sensors if you're into hacking to that kind of stuff13:30
glassi recommend to going someplace where they have them on display13:31
glassbecause button placement and such is higly matter of taste13:31
*** balrog-k1n is now known as balrog-kun13:32
gpdyeah - very true. cheers.13:32
*** trickie__ has quit IRC13:41
*** trickie__ has joined #maemo13:42
*** p3t3r__ has joined #maemo13:43
*** ramo102 has quit IRC13:43
*** trickie__ has quit IRC13:44
*** gatestone has joined #maemo13:47
*** p3t3r__ has left #maemo13:55
*** wom- has quit IRC13:56
*** wom- has joined #maemo13:56
*** Synchronicity has quit IRC14:04
*** philn__ has joined #maemo14:05
*** gnuton has joined #maemo14:08
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC14:08
*** philn_ has quit IRC14:12
*** rm_you_ is now known as rm_you14:13
johnxrm_you, mpd works right in debian now :D14:13
*** sovotiDDC is now known as sovoti14:13
rm_youmpd < --- > sound14:13
johnxmpd plays nicely on debian/n800 even during high load14:14
johnxyes, sound14:14
johnxspeakers, headphones, the whole deal14:14
johnxI'll release something "real soon now" (TM)14:14
johnxhopefully before the next time I sleep14:15
rm_yousound == how?14:15
johnxstolen libs from OS2008 :/14:15
johnxyeah, I don't much care *how* it works either, only that it *does work*14:15
johnxand it sounds fine14:15
*** Dregs has quit IRC14:16
rm_youa2dp? :P14:16
*** henu has joined #maemo14:16
johnxgot that working a long time ago in debian14:16
johnxbut it had *really high* cpu usage14:16
lardmanjohnx: you got the DSP running then?14:16
rm_youwithout sound?14:16
*** Trbs810 has joined #Maemo14:16
rm_youjohnx: well, i'll install debian again in a bit then :P14:16
johnxrm_you, uhm...a2dp doesn't depend on the "system" sound at all14:16
rm_youI think i formatted the card... lol14:16
johnxlardman, yup.14:17
lardmangood good14:17
johnxjust a matter of copying lots of stuff14:17
rm_youso... i could have played music on debian a long time ago if i used my BT headphones!? :P14:17
johnx*after* I release this I'll make a nice big one shot script for arbitrary "other" distro support14:17
johnxrm_you, yeah, but the CPU usage was 80%+14:17
rm_youglad I got my n800 working again14:18
johnxso it's reliable/stable again now?14:18
johnxwhat did you do? hit it?14:18
rm_youi think the flash memory is corrupted towards the last bits14:18
rm_youso as long as I keep it below like 90% full14:18
rm_younothing bad happens14:18
lardmanrm_you, johnx: any ideas which bluez release these fabled sbc optimisations are in?14:18
johnxyou should find a jffs2 or mtd tool for marking those14:18
rm_youthe problem always shows up after I install stuff and fill up the drive14:18
rm_youjohnx: yeah :/14:18
johnxlardman, no idea here...but I might read through the changelog later and see where it pops up14:19
rm_youlardman: been out of the loop too long, sorry :(14:19
rm_youbut now that I have n800ness again... :P14:19
lardmanI'm just looking for a changelog in the cvs now14:19
johnxthey're up to 3.31 now?!14:20
johnxwhen the did that happen?14:20
lardmanwhat version are we running?14:20
lardmanver 3.29: Add more SBC optimizations.14:20
johnx3.28 too :)14:21
rm_youevery update since 3.20 has had SBC optimizations >_>14:21
johnxwe're on like 2.24, right?14:21
lardmanver 3.16: Add GStreamer plugin with SBC decoder and encoder.14:21
lardmanjust needs to be plumbed into the default player14:21
johnxnm, 3.28 in diablo14:22
johnxwasn't it 2.xx in chinook though?14:22
lardmanwe're on 3.2014:22
lardmanin Chinook, at least that's what's in the pool14:22
johnxah, ok, I'm just confused obviously14:23
*** SDuensin has quit IRC14:24
rm_youi see 3.22 possibly?14:24
lardman3.28 in Diablo should be a reasonably improvement14:24
johnxand should be possible to upgrade "unofficially" without too much pain14:25
*** legind has quit IRC14:25
* rm_you does a clean a2dp setup on his machine14:25
*** setanta has joined #maemo14:27
lardmanIf anyone is running Diablo, I'd be interested to hear what the CPU useage is when doing a2dp14:27
lardmanor is that what you're doing rm_you?14:27
rm_younot on diablo yet14:28
johnxlardman, gah...booted into debian right now, hacking14:28
rm_youi'm being nice to my just recently working n80014:28
johnxI'll check later14:28
lardmanjohnx: thanks14:28
johnxrm_you, so why do you think it was only rebooting when you moved it?14:28
rm_youno idea? *maybe* coincidence all 8000 times i tested that theory?14:29
rm_youmaybe I fixed part of the problem when i disassembled the whole thing and dusted all the connectors and reassembled? :/14:29
johnxuhm yeah, right...anyways for problems with your flash it should be totally possible to mark those as "bad"14:30
rm_youlol johnx, i love your popup :P14:31
rm_you"rock on" :P14:31
johnxthere is *no* other option :D14:31
johnxit is only a matter of how long the user waits before choosing to "rock on!"14:32
rm_youits playing perfectly thru mplayer with my videos...14:32
rm_youi thought i was supposed to need to change some cpu setting :/14:32
lardmanno, just that it uses more cpu to encode, so you might run out if you have complex videos to decode too14:33
rm_youthese videos are *complex* >_>14:33
lardmanwhat's your cpu usage?14:33
rm_you90% it looks like14:34
hrw~curse for lack of sensible hosting14:34
infobotMay you be reincarnated as a Windows XP administrator, for lack of sensible hosting !14:34
lardmanI should add that mp3 decoding also has to be done on the ARM for the a2dp case, so even more overhead14:34
lardmanhi hrw :)14:34
lardmanrm_you: praise to ssvb for mplayer optimisations then :)14:35
rm_youit's just interesting because it never worked this well before right off the bat. things appear to have gotten better while i was away :P14:35
rm_youi wonder why my first instinct is to QUESTION why things are working *well*14:35
johnxyou'll end up as a sys admin at this rate...14:36
rm_youdoes canola use mplayer?14:36
johnxfor some videos14:36
johnxit can use it for everything with the right config14:36
johnxbut I haven't tried14:36
lardmanwhat are the BlueZ libs called, I can't seem to find them14:37
johnxbluez-utils and bluez-libs maybe?14:37
lardman2.9.2 though14:38
rm_youi think?14:38
johnxrm_you, correct14:39
rm_youwe're on 3.2214:39
johnxlardman, apt-cache policy libbluetooth214:39
lardmanah, ok14:39
lardmanpackage and lib versions are independant14:40
johnxit's 3.28 for me in diablo, and shows 3.22 for chinook...14:41
*** opendeep has quit IRC14:41
hrw - what for it is used?14:42
johnxopen source maemo stuff it looks like14:42
*** foka has joined #maemo14:44
lardmanlooks up to date at least. E.g.
*** ramo102 has joined #maemo14:45
johnxshould be14:45
hrw~curse for shitty ssl cert14:45
infobotMay the fleas of a thousand camels infest your most sensitive regions, for shitty ssl cert !14:45
*** Tobotras has quit IRC14:47
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo14:47
lardman slightly later version14:48
grapesome serious curses your bot has...14:48
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo14:48
*** Tobotras has quit IRC14:48
*** sovoti has quit IRC14:49
*** lardman is now known as lardman|lunch14:49
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo14:49
*** Tobotras has quit IRC14:49
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo14:49
rm_youooo someone posted mplayer 1.0rc2 :P14:52
*** Salumu has joined #maemo14:54
grapeanyone know which repo has e2fsprogs?14:55 says: deb chinook free non-free14:55
*** smancke has quit IRC14:56
lcuklardman|lunch, what time this evening?14:56
grapesweet thanks... i had completely forgotten the name of that site14:56
johnxyeah...doesn't exactly stick in the brain well14:57
grapeonly the senseless things seem to stick14:58
lcukcan that maemo repo be trusted?14:58
johnxdefine "trusted"14:59
grapecan any of the repos be trusted?14:59
lcukwell it sounds like a dodgy fly by night site14:59
johnxlcuk, ahaha14:59
grapeoh that is just the maemo part of it ;-)14:59
johnxyou mean yeah, I agree. and who are these "Nokia" guys? never heard of them...15:00
*** calvaris has quit IRC15:00
jaskathey make rubber boots and tires?15:00
grapethey must be spies trying to get RPMs to work15:01
johnxjaska, I think all the tread on mine wore down then. :/ and it barely keeps my feet dry...15:01
lcukthen get some firestone shoes15:01
johnxnah, I hear they explode if you run too fast15:02
lcukonly if you do lots of cornering - if you run in a straight line in dry weater (thats not so humid) with medium compound then you can get all the way around the world15:02
johnxso they hydroplane so bad I could run across two oceans?15:03
lcukit depends on how fast you are running, i believe you have to be jogging at over 60mph to hydroplane15:04
RST38hNo no15:05
*** dneary has joined #maemo15:05
RST38hThey make tires of live fish. That is why their tires hydroplane.15:05
*** b0unc3___ has quit IRC15:05
RST38hIn fact, the Rabid Fish (tm) has been on Nokia's logo for ages15:06
lcukbut fish don't scale well.  you can't exactly use trout as the basis for a (for instance) tank15:06
*** bradd has quit IRC15:06
*** bradd has joined #maemo15:06
RST38hFish scales wonderfully. Them, fishes, have a LOT of scales15:06
*** luck^ has joined #maemo15:06
lcuka beofish cluster?15:07
grapehah clustering the 770...15:07
RST38hyou forgot "of these"15:07
* lcuk hands in his geek card15:07
lcukIRC: talking bo**ocks since 197315:08
grapea cluster of 770s runs gimp better15:08
lcuk1 pixel at a time15:08
grapeprobably a scheme to get more productivity out of those of us who's clients/bosses/wives think we should be working on other things15:10
grapea ploy to keep those lil cpus busy15:10
lcukwell, depending upon your cpu mode it wont be as busy as you hope15:11
rm_youanyone know what comes with?15:12
johnxwhat package?15:12
johnxdpkg -S
rm_youoo :P i always knew there needed  to be a way to do that15:13
johnxheh...looks like Gigabytes MID is starting at $1,199AUD15:14
johnxso much for N810 competitor15:14
lcukcan you use real money ;) AUD doesn't parse15:15
johnxAUstralian Dollar15:15
johnxthink .94x$1USD15:15
lcuk580.326095 British pounds15:15
lcuk(give or take)15:15
RST38hthat is a smaller number indeed15:15
RST38hbut my guess is, it will be cheaper in gold ounces =)15:16
johnxI'm sure companies will find a way to make it cost more in the UK...15:16
RST38hVAT, sir? =)15:16
lcukim not VAT, im on a diet15:16
rm_youwtf... gronmayer says libungif4g exists in the main maemo chinook repo.... but apt-get/apt-cache can't find it15:16
RST38hwhich OS?15:16
johnxrm_you, you need the main maemo repo, not just extras15:17
lcukrm_you, i believe the lib* stuff is only opened up for direct install via redpill?15:17
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo15:17
RST38hapt-get should pick it15:17
rm_youwait... i think johnx is right15:17
rm_youbut... WHAT?!15:17
rm_youwhy does it include extras by default but not the main repo :/15:17
* lcuk is still learning15:17
lcukisdoes redpill just remove the filter from the GUI list then15:18
johnxbecause you already have everything in the main repo that you need15:18
johnxand/or "Nokia moves in mysterious ways."15:18
johnxkind of a strange lurching, flailing motion15:18
rm_youso it wants to REMOVE osso-software-version >_>15:19
lcukwhich is still miles ahead of lots of other companies :)15:19
johnxalso, not everything in that repo is "safe"15:19
rm_youthat's just apt-get -f install15:19
lcukback later15:19
rm_youis it ok to let it do that?15:19
trickierm_you: IIRC there  are side affects... cannot remember what though15:20
*** trbs has joined #maemo15:21
trickieso unless you have the skills to restore/fix it i would get a second opinion first15:21
johnxrm_you, why does it want to remove osso-software-version15:21
rm_youit's the osso-xterm that i installed15:21
rm_youthe maemo-hackers edition15:21
rm_youjohnx: wow, this guy's mplayer1.0rc2 compile works very well15:25
rm_youxv seems to work much better15:25
rm_youand it comes with mencoder %_%15:25
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo15:26
*** Sargun has quit IRC15:27
*** andrunko has joined #maemo15:29
*** Trbs810 has quit IRC15:31
rm_youand i guess serge is going to look into importing the rc2 stuff into the official build soon15:32
*** Trbs810 has joined #Maemo15:32
* Navi dies15:32
johnxNavi, got mpd working right!15:33
*** l7 has quit IRC15:33
johnxdid you just sleep for like 4 hours?15:33
NaviI'm a college student, so I'm used to it15:33
johnxbut broke X, will have that back up momentarily, then I should release after that...unless I can think of some other reason to hold off15:33
johnxwell, me too...but I don't do it on purpose...15:34
NaviI woke up with no alarms15:34
rm_youisn't sleeping today15:34
rm_youthat was supposed to be an emote.15:34
rm_youyeah. i'm tired >_<15:34
grapeplenty of time to sleep when you are dead ;-)15:34
johnxsleep is for the weak15:35
johnx...and coffee is for me15:35
grapemmm coffee15:35
rm_yoummm can't wait to go to beth's again15:36
rm_youon the subject of coffee :P15:36
*** harry has joined #maemo15:36
grapeso is debian on the n800 chroot only, or can it boot?15:36
johnxit boots15:36
johnxit has sound, touchscreen, usb and n810 keyboard support, and 10,000+ packages15:36
Naviis wifi working?15:37
johnxof course15:37
grapeoh baby!15:37
johnxI wouldn't bother releasing if it didn't15:37
rm_youis the vkb easier to use than the old one?15:37
johnxit worked in january15:37
trickiejohnx: sounds awesome well done15:37
johnxrm_you, nah, it's the same15:37
johnxsomeone will have to poke at that for me *hint*hint*15:37
rm_youBT keyboard support?15:37
johnxrm_you, should be the same support as debian15:37
johnxI have no way to test of course15:38
NaviGUD JOKE15:38
* Navi shrugs15:38
johnxunintended pun :P15:38
grapei'll install it after I make some coffee :-D15:38
NaviBlack, no sugar or cream?15:38
johnxgimme a couple hours to clean it, then I'll need to find a lucky mirror15:38
Navicuz I could use some too15:38
rm_youjohnx: I can mirror it15:39
NaviI have a megaupload account :o15:39
johnxrm_you, you have space now?15:39
rm_youthe ACM account I use for my debs has no quota >_>15:39
Navijohnx, how big is it?15:39
johnxunpacked it's just short of a gig15:39
johnxmaybe 800MB15:39
Navigod damn man15:40
NaviWhy is it so big?15:40
grapei have some space for a mirror as well if you like15:40
rm_youit's a full debian system? :/15:40
johnxwell it's a whole $*&%ing debian+xfce desktop install15:40
Navirm_you, a basic netinstall can fit in less than four hundred megs :/15:40
rm_youi might be able to trim that down a lot actually15:40
Naviwith X and light WM15:40
rm_youi have a LOT of experience with that from making liveCDs15:40
johnxyeah, it can be trimmed15:40
johnxsynaptic pulls in gnome stuff15:41
*** jeez_ has joined #maemo15:41
johnxnot *a lot* of gnome stuff15:41
johnxI was sensible to a certain extent15:41
johnxbut I want this to be usable out of the box15:41
rm_youwell, if you get it somewhere to start, I can DL and set up the mirror15:41
Navistaying awake for quim later?15:41
johnxI'll do a minimalist release later if enough people ask15:41
johnxNavi, of course...what time is that?15:41
rm_youoh when is quim's thing today?15:42
Naviduuuhhh... hmm...15:42
trickie6 hours from now15:42
trickie10pm helsinki time IIRC15:42
NaviJust idle in the channel he's going to be in15:42
Naviwhatever channel it was15:42
*** crashanddie has quit IRC15:42
*** Tobotras has quit IRC15:42
rm_youdamn, i have a presentation right then >_>15:42
NaviOoh, Linuxtag coming up in a few weeks15:43
rm_youi really want to go to something like one of those events :/15:44
rm_yousomeday <_<15:44
rm_youmaybe if they do one in Seattle or nearby :P15:44
NaviI've been to a few comic cons, but that's all15:44
johnxwhew, X11 works again15:44
NaviThey're full of weird people :P15:44
johnxhopefully it won't be as sensitive to upgrades now15:44
* rm_you is one of the weird people at anime cons15:45
johnxI went to a sci-fi con once...weirder than an anime con15:45
johnxmostly because it was all older adults15:45
rm_youinstead of jailbait? <_<15:45
johnxfans of anything in general are scary15:45
grapeminimalist release eh? it would mean I would have no packages to remove on my flight this week!15:45
NaviAre you sure? I had a few Naruto fanboys/girls attack me after I said Naruto sucked15:45
*** freelikegnu is now known as _freelikegnu15:46
rm_youseems like anime cons these days are 50% 12-18 year olds15:46
grapethat's one way to get famous15:46
NaviGet attacked by people trying to do sexy jitsu?15:46
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo15:47
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo15:48
NaviOne of my friends has friends who are huge anime/manga fans15:48
Navihe opened his trunk once15:48
glassthe people who go to cons are generally kids/teens15:49
Navithere's a small collection of manga in there :P15:49
NaviHe tells me he doesn't read it, just buy it15:49
johnxglass, except sci-fi cons where it's mostly older adults...15:49
NaviI know better, of course.15:49
Naviglass, what about Linux cons?15:49
glassjohnx: hehe15:49
glasswell scifi and linux cons are mainly old men then15:49
johnxlinux cons seem like they might be more fun15:50
johnxit's largely people who...actually do something15:50
glassi just go to demoscene events every now and then15:50
NaviA lot of technology conventions are for adults :P15:50
glassand then through work to some tech days and stuff like that15:50
NaviWhat was the channel Quim was going to be in again?15:52
Navi#maemo-something :P15:52
johnxhrw, have some things you're going to ask?15:53
hrwjohnx: 1. will maemo core provide list of maemo components with their open/close status + reasons for each component why it is closed15:54
rm_youi *still* want to know why the backlight applet is closed >_>15:55
hrwjohnx: 2. will Diablo allow to install i18n/l10n stuff without 3rd party hacks like ukeyboard15:55
hrwjohnx: those two are most important15:55
Navirm_you, eh15:55
hrwjohnx: as this also cover dsme, bme, umac etc15:55
johnxhrw, I agree. I'm looking forward to their answers.15:55
rm_youor the status of fully officially supported a2dp they keep claiming they're working on15:55
johnxrm_you, not in diablo seems to be the answer15:56
*** lopz has joined #maemo15:56
grapebut if you give away all your secrets, you aren't cool any more!15:56
* rm_you still wants an a2dp DSP driver15:56
rm_youI still kinda want to try that as a thesis project15:57
* hrw wants to remove 'maemo is opensource' from all pages in internet15:57
rm_you1.5 years of study, coding, testing and then a bunch of whitepapers15:57
rm_youi think i could do it15:57
rm_youplus i'd make the department buy me an n810 :P15:57
grapefunny that debian goes on there so nicely15:57
johnxit was a PITA at times15:58
Navihrw, it's better than "S60 is open" :P15:58
hrwgrape: as long as few binaries from maemo initfs are running?15:58
hrwNavi: I do not have device with s6015:58
hrwbut I do have two devices with maemo15:58
grapejohnx: it wouldn't be fun if it weren't a PITA once in a while15:58
hrwand can not use other system without using maemo components15:58
glassNavi: yeah.. the way s60 is locked with capabilities currently sucks big time..15:58
johnxyeah, but this is a PITA for stupid reasons15:58
NaviYeah, but Nokia markets S60 being open >_>15:58
glassyeah :\15:59
glassmajor pita to find right guys to get manufacturer caps and shit15:59
NaviTheir definition of open is pretty loose15:59
grapethat seems to be in vogue these days15:59
* glass should be submitting some stuff for symbiansigning atm...16:00
grape"pretty much" open16:00
kaatisyou can code in 'Open C' ;)16:00
grape"except for the juicy bits" open16:00
johnxand I'd like to see maemo on other devices, to stop the fracturing of handheld linux...16:00
Navifracturing is fun16:00
hrwopenvoid main() { openprintf("hello world\n"); openreturn 1}?16:00
NaviReinvent the wheel, sixty billion times16:00's aaaawesome16:00
hrwjohnx: I do not like to see maemo on other devices. it is limiting, it is closed, it is nokia16:01
derfAn openvoid can have the value 1?16:01
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo16:01
NaviHi cmarcelo16:01
johnxwell, if it were a little more open it would be fine, iMNSHO16:01
glasskaatis: haha.. open c is one of the shittiestly marketed developing libraries ever. 99% of people misunderstand what it should be used for16:01
Naviin my not so honest opinion?16:01
*** lsobral has joined #maemo16:03
cmarceloNavi: hello :-)16:03
*** greentux has quit IRC16:04
Navicmarcelo, gunna be in with the Quim thing?16:04
*** huats has quit IRC16:07
*** huats has joined #maemo16:08
*** sp3000 has quit IRC16:09
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo16:09
lcuki still dunno what time this meeting is meant to start16:10
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo16:10
*** minti has quit IRC16:10
johnx10PM helsinki time16:11
*** vivijim has joined #maemo16:11
NaviWhich is either +12 or +1316:11
*** minti has joined #maemo16:11
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo16:12
Navi4:11PM in Helsinki right now16:12
*** lmoura has joined #maemo16:12
*** sovotiDDC has joined #maemo16:12
johnxhopefully I'll still be coherent16:12
Navilots of it16:12
*** z72ka has quit IRC16:13
lcukthx john16:13
*** huats has quit IRC16:13
*** Spakman has quit IRC16:14
cmarceloNavi: not sure. but I'm asking someone from our the team to be there :-)16:16
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo16:16
johnxafter removing unnecessary stuff and cleaning up it's down to 755MB with xfce and epiphany-webkit for browsing16:17
grapeI got a 4G SD card just to put Debian on :-)16:18
NaviI have a 1GB card16:18
*** huats has joined #maemo16:18
johnxnot as great16:18
lcuknavi, thats a small one16:19
lcuk(mind you, ive got same)16:19
NaviI know :P16:19
MajMin7does anyone have experience programming the N810 without using glibc?16:19
grapeautoremove works wonders16:19
johnxit does, also cleaning out all the audio players I tested O_o16:19
MajMin7I want to design a GPS program using pthreads and such16:19
grapelol johnx16:19
grapei like moc the best16:20
Navimoc is my second favorite16:20
grapewhat is your fav?16:20
RST38hMaj: So, what is the problem?16:21
MajMin7im trying to use the GPS device and all of the example code is using glibc16:22
MajMin7which i know nothing about16:22
MajMin7im on a tight deadline and I just need to get data from the gps16:23
MajMin7is there a way to register unix-style signal handler to catch coordinates?16:23
MajMin7or must I learn how to use glibc?16:23
lcukMajMin7, it sounds like you are going way ott for a feasibility study, have you managed to get the gps test working ?16:25
*** minti_ has joined #maemo16:26
lcukif not, what appears to be wrong with the example on meamo.org16:26
RST38hMaj: you register unix style signal with signal()16:26
MajMin7nothing works yet16:28
MajMin7i had to stop working on this at 7pm last night though16:28
MajMin7so im behind by a few hours16:28
MajMin7i have pasted the code in from:
RST38hwhat are you rushing for? a school project?16:29
MajMin7and it doesnt work16:29
MajMin7im designing the course project for a class16:29
MajMin7the student's begin their project at the end of the week16:29
MajMin7and i need to implement it by then16:29
RST38hDo they all have N800s?16:30
MajMin7we have 21 N810s16:30
*** minti_ has quit IRC16:30
MajMin7the students know unix semantics16:30
MajMin7most dont have experience with glibc16:30
lcukthe signal you are listening for is not to do with glibc or pthreads or anything16:30
MajMin7i get that16:31
RST38hA moment.16:31
trickieMajMin7: how do you connect the device? usb, bt ?16:31
MajMin7im ssh-ing16:31
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo16:31
RST38hCould you please do cat /dev/gpsd?16:31
MajMin7its on our wireless network16:31
lcukMajMin7, one thing, make sure the gps is not in use by any other app at the time you are testing16:32
RST38hWhen you cat /dev/gpsd does it show data?16:32
MajMin7in my scratchbox environment?16:32
RST38hNo, stupid :)16:33
RST38hOn your real device16:33
MajMin7hang on16:33
lcuknot unless scratchbpox can emulate gps16:33
MajMin7oh yea16:33
MajMin7i had tried both16:33
*** greentux has joined #maemo16:33
MajMin7doesnt exist16:33
RST38hThe idea is to ignore whatever you have been trying to use and read cooridnates directly from /dev/gpsd16:33
RST38hAnd monitor that file for changes too16:33
MajMin7well the file doesnt exist...16:34
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo16:34
RST38hA moment, let me see how gpsd is started16:34
*** gnuton has quit IRC16:35
*** k-s has joined #maemo16:35
*** skibur has joined #maemo16:35
hrwhow to loose 1.6GB of ram?16:36
*** shackan has joined #maemo16:36
johnxrun firefox16:36
hrwsvn co
johnxsvn went crazy?16:36
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo16:37
hrwjohnx: yep16:37
hrwMajMin7: use libgps?16:37
RST38hMajMin: try running gpsd &16:37
hrwjohnx: good that 4GB ram was quite cheap week ago16:37
RST38hthen see if the device is back there16:38
MajMin7it says that it "cant run with neither control socket nor devices"16:39
RST38hprobably need serial device name as an argument16:40
*** etrunko has joined #maemo16:40
MajMin7whats the device name?16:40
RST38hlooking it up16:41
*** SDuensin has joined #Maemo16:41
*** blafasel is now known as Blafasel16:41
*** minti has quit IRC16:41
RST38hTry /etc/init.d/gpsdriver start16:42
MajMin7it ran when i gave it a random socket filename16:42
RST38hand /etc/init.d/gpsdriver stop16:42
RST38hthis should do the job16:42
*** skibur has quit IRC16:42
MajMin7so there is definitely a gpsdriver process running16:43
MajMin7its... /user/sbin/gpsdriver16:44
MajMin7but the /dev/gpsd dir does not exist16:44
*** gatestone has quit IRC16:44
MajMin7could this be because the device doesn't have sky view?  or are we not that far yet?16:45
trickieMajMin7: its not a dir, it would be a device node, if it existed16:45
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo16:45
trickienot that far yet i think16:45
MajMin7well i cant cat it16:46
trickiehow does the gps unit connect to the tablet?16:47
MajMin7this is an N810 with a built-in gps16:47
trickieah ok16:48
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC16:48
trickiedid you have gpsd running when you tried the liblocation stuff?16:49
*** matt_c has quit IRC16:49
trickiei don't have a n810, so probably not much help16:49
*** Spakman has joined #maemo16:50
trickiei thought you had an external gps uit16:50
MajMin7i used the following two lines of code:16:50
MajMin7LocationGPSDevice *device;16:50
MajMin7device = g_object_new (LOCATION_TYPE_GPS_DEVICE, NULL);16:50
MajMin7and when you create that device, it spits out a bunch of valid-looking last-use information16:50
trickieyep, and that device pointer should have a field 'online' or something16:51
trickiethat tell you if it is connected to gpsd IIRC16:51
MajMin7so i tried to print that field out16:52
MajMin7device->online: Whether GPSD is connected to a GPS or not16:52
trickieyeah that one16:52
MajMin7i did a:  printf("device->online = %s", device->online);16:52
MajMin7and it printed "device->online = (null)"16:53
trickieis gpsd running?16:53
MajMin7that's old information though16:53
MajMin7i did that sometime yesterday morning16:53
MajMin7im certain that gpsd was running16:53
MajMin7it seems to always be in the background unless i kill -9 it16:53
trickieIIRC there are people who have said it can take quite a while to get a fix16:54
MajMin7so what i did was open the map program and let it acquire a fix16:55
MajMin7then, when that was working, i closed it16:55
MajMin7figured the gps unit was up and working16:55
MajMin7then i ran my program16:55
*** lardman|lunch is now known as lardman16:55
RST38hbtw, when you are running a map program, can you cat /dev/gpsd ?16:55
MajMin7good question, RST16:55
MajMin7let me try that16:55
*** Sveinung has joined #maemo16:57
MajMin7so im sitting in my offic16:57
MajMin7no sky view16:57
*** VRe has quit IRC16:57
MajMin7it's trying16:57
MajMin7lol, it says its tracking16:58
MajMin7thats a joke16:58
*** _k-s_ has joined #maemo16:58
*** k-s has quit IRC16:58
MajMin7new processes are:  /usr/bin/navicore16:59
MajMin7and /usr/libexec/navicore-navigator16:59
MajMin7and also /usr/libexec/navicore-gpsd-helper16:59
trickieyeah thats the app bundled by nokia - navicore (the Maps app IIRC)17:00
*** rev has quit IRC17:00
RST38his there /dev/gpsd?17:03
trickieMajMin7: what does 'lsof' of the process id of navicore-gpsd-helper say?17:05
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo17:06
trickiemight have to emerge lsof, i am not sure if it is there by default17:06
trickiei mean apt-get install17:06
MajMin7hang on.....17:06
johnxor just look it up in /proc...17:07
johnxsomething like ls -l /proc/$(pidof navicore)/fd/17:08
trickieMajMin7: did you try maemo-mapper?17:08
trickiefrom im reading in the archives it seems to provide a better view of what is happening on the app level17:08
trickienever used it myself though17:09
jdiazI'm trying to compile osso-pdf-viewer (I plan to develop some patches for improving the reading experience)17:09
jdiazHowever, I'm unable to (compile, that is :-)17:09
jdiazwhen I run, I get an error17:09
jdiazchecking for GDEPS... configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-2.0 >= 2.217:10
MajMin7i keep loosing my ssh connection to my device17:10
MajMin7so i keep doing this on the device itself17:10
MajMin7output sucks!17:10
jdiaz...) were not met:17:10
jdiazNo package 'comapp' found17:10
RST38h"Marvel at its quad-core processor! Gasp at its one-hour battery life!"17:11
MajMin7btw, what is maemo-mapper?17:11
*** eton has joined #maemo17:12
fysathat 'server' laptop catching your eye, RST38h? ;)17:12
RST38hMajMin: Google?17:12
jdiazMajMin7, it is an application which downloads maps from internet and allow you to browse them, with gps support17:12
RST38hfysa: Yep.17:12
RST38hWe are reading the same rss feed...17:12
*** simon_ has quit IRC17:12
johnxMajMin7, a neat little map showing program that can use google maps or open streetmap and uses the GPS for location info17:12
MajMin7i downloaded the source17:13
jdiazbasically, it shows your location and track on maps downladed from public sources17:13
RST38hand it does use gpsd17:13
fysaRST38h, Google Reader shared:
nomishmm. Maemo-Mapper currently has problems for me communicating with the gpsd. Does anyone know anything about that?17:14
jdiazbut it is an incredible experience to have the GPS on, and see in the screen the aerial view of the places you are travelling17:14
fysaif you're into that sort of thing.17:14
jdiazbecause one of the sources it uses is google maps, satellite view17:14
jdiaznomis, I own a n810, which has built-in gps receiver, and never had any problem with maemo-mapper17:15
RST38hjdiaz: now, we only need the bomb-with-stylus feature...17:15
jdiazRST38h :)17:15
jdiazyep, the experience is kinda spy hunter17:16
nomisjdiaz: yeah, I have the N810 as well. But I prefer an external receiver, since the internal one not even remotely works as good.17:16
jdiaznomis, I know, I know... :-)17:16
*** jegp has joined #maemo17:16
jdiazwhat is the package commap? I can't find any reference to it17:18
jdiazand apt-cache doesn't know either17:18
jdiazbut apparently it is required to compile osso-pdf-viewer17:19
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:20
*** b0unc3__ has joined #maemo17:21
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC17:22
*** |newbie| has joined #maemo17:23
*** eton has quit IRC17:24
|newbie|kde roxx ;}17:24
trickie <- interesting reading considering tonights IRC meeting17:25
trickieis there any specific agenda for the meeting that anyone knows of?17:25
*** Navi_ has joined #maemo17:25
*** |newbie| has quit IRC17:25
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo17:26
* Jaffa isn't sure he's going to be able to make it :()17:26
RST38hwhat is today's meeting?17:27
jdiazhm, I tried to manually reomve the comapp dependency, and then ./configure had success17:28
trickiethe link johnx pasted before:
jdiazbut after a while compiling, I got a file #including comapp_system.h, and the compilation failed17:29
jdiazgoogle knows nothing about comapp_system.h17:29
jdiazAh! Found it17:32
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC17:32
hrwinternal n810 gps...17:33
hrwthat reminds that I had to blog what I think about n810+maemomapper as car navigation17:33
*** Navi has quit IRC17:34
jdiazI think it is not for car navigation...17:34
*** luizirber has joined #maemo17:35
RST38hhrw: bad things? =)17:36
*** Kt_ has joined #maemo17:36
*** sovotiDDC has quit IRC17:36
hrwRST38h: during 2x250km trips it got lost too many times. mostly reboots17:36
RST38hhrw: urgh. weird.17:37
hrwRST38h: and try to route detour without network...17:37
*** foka has quit IRC17:37
*** Blom has quit IRC17:37
hrwor enter street name using fingers17:37
RST38hWait, you were trying routing in maemo-mapper?17:37
RST38hlooks like we are just one hour ahead of Helsinki. Cool17:38
hrwRST38h: I did route at home, stored to card and used just to see am I on track (after comparing it with normal maps)17:38
*** luizirber has left #maemo17:38
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo17:38
hrwRST38h: and then in one city I had to spend 30 minutes to drive in a long queue between tracks17:39
RST38hwell, the reboot part is strange17:40
hrwbut I got used to it17:40
RST38hbut as far as typing in an address on the go, I can feel your pain17:40
hrwthats why I will rather buy wince navigator then hh-12 car mount17:41
lardmanhrw: have you tried Navit?17:41
hrwlardman: once at home17:42
*** Tobotras has quit IRC17:42
lardmanI'm having troubles getting any maps to show up17:42
hrwlardman: osm maps are useless in Poland17:42
*** Atarii has joined #maemo17:42
*** b0unc3__ has quit IRC17:42
lardmanbut it does have in-built routing17:42
*** JackCrow has quit IRC17:42
lardmanhrw: ah, that's a slight problem then17:42
*** JackCrow has joined #maemo17:44
*** fab has quit IRC17:44
lardmanhrw: are Garmin maps available for Poland?17:46
lardmanRoadmap has an interface for them, not sure if it does routing though17:46
*** liquid217 has joined #maemo17:47
hrwlardman: there are - in misc quality17:47
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC17:49
*** netx has joined #maemo17:52
RST38hhrw: wince navigator will basically be the same shit17:53
RST38hhrw: the physical obstacles (small size, no decent keyboard) are not being eliminated17:53
jdiazI didn't know about navit... interesting17:55
jdiazis osm useful in Spain?17:55
hrwjdiaz: check on their website17:56
hrwRST38h: at least onscreen keyboard with prediction is usable17:57
RST38hosm isn't useful at all17:57
RST38hno matter what country you are in17:57
RST38hit is "open" though :)17:57
hrwRST38h: holland has nice maps17:57
*** eth01 has joined #maemo17:57
RST38hUS maps are crap17:57
johnxRST38h, it looks nice around Seattle17:57
X-FadeRST38h: We have good maps in OSM. (NL)17:57
RST38hNot on the east coast though :)17:58
elbthe osm maps near here are OK17:58
elbthey're not great, but they're passable17:58
lardmanRST38h: why do you say it's not useful? Seems to be pretty good coverage in the UK17:58
elbthe rendering is ugly, is the biggest problem ... font labels are unfortunate at many zooms17:58
RST38hhrw: Diablo is said to have finger kbd fixed17:58
RST38hlardman: Well, I tried it at the US east coast and it is pretty empty17:58
* qwerty12 can vouch for Diablo on that point17:58
lardmanqwerty12: do you happen to have an a2dp headset?17:59
Navi_it's even better now :P17:59
RST38hI think it has TIGER-derived dataset, but it is far from being sufficient17:59
qwerty12lardman, a2dp isn't supported17:59
qwerty12I tried :(17:59
Navi_You can make it _always_ launch the finger keyboard17:59
lardmanRST38h: US?17:59
RST38hFor Russia, OSM is just empty, most of the time17:59
RST38hlardman: yes17:59
lardmanqwerty12: enable it in the standard manner17:59
jdiazwell, I can see that in osm, the map of my city is very detailed and up-to-date17:59
lardmanRST38h: I don't tend to go to Russia much so I can live with it ;)18:00
qwerty12lardman, I can't be bothered atm. I'm finishing off a long PM, give me time and I'll do it later :)18:00
RST38hyou are just lucjy18:00
elbfor Russia, *everything* is just empty, most of the time :-P18:00
RST38hlardman: well, the US wasn't very good as well18:00
elbit isn't like you can fire up Google Maps and navigate around Russia18:00
lardmanqwerty12: np, I'd be interested to compare the cpu usage with your new version of bluez18:00
RST38helb: The rest you don't normally go to18:00
elbI do18:00
*** jeddy3 has quit IRC18:01
RST38helb: I *can* fire up google maps and navigate around russia18:01
johnxRST38h, I'm looking through Seattle and surrounding areas and it looks fairly complete...18:01
elbI've spent a grand total of three nights in Moscow ... and a few months total in Tyumen18:01
RST38hTyumen should be quite an experience =)18:01
elbyou can fire up Google Maps and take the highways18:01
elbbut that's about it18:01
RST38hGMaps also works outside highways18:02
elbRussia needs to get their crap in gear with some openly available GIS information18:02
RST38hWorks pretty well in fact, I did not expect to see a lot of places it shows18:02
lardmanhow good is Google maps routing in Russia?18:02
elbany place I care about in Russia is worthless18:02
elbTyumen, Omskaya Oblast', Nefteyugansk18:03
qwerty12I know a Russian. He moved to Denmark :p18:03
lardmanbecause the OSM coverage is better there?18:03
RST38helb: umgh18:03
qwerty12lardman, lol, he hates Nokia :P18:03
*** netx has quit IRC18:04
RST38hsatellite map is quite detailed though =)18:04
elbyeah, the satellite maps are good18:04
elbeven in the butt end of nowhere in omskaya oblast' where I go18:04
elbyou can see individual houses18:04
MajMin7hey RST18:04
elbbecause there's a swath along the border of kazakhstan with awesome resolution, and it's caught in that swath18:05
MajMin7i got the cat to work18:05
MajMin7cat < /dev/pgps18:05
qwerty12Kazakhstan = borat ?18:05
RST38hNajMin: cool18:05
RST38helb: you know what...I have checked yandex map for Tyumen and I think I know what the problem is18:06
RST38helb: damn place just has 6 streets or so =) that is why it is not very detailed on a map18:06
elbno it has a million streets18:07
elbit's over half a million people18:07
RST38hthe satellite view also shows about 10-12 large city blocks18:07
elbbut Russia has craptastic public GIS data for Siberia18:07
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk18:07
RST38hoh, the military has very nice high res maps ;)18:08
RST38hand if you search for them on the net, you may have them too18:08
elboh, to be sure there are a few main thoroughfares and a ton of little crappy streets18:08
elbbut if you're staying on the main thoroughfares you don't *need* a map, they're really simple18:08
elbwhat you need a map for is all the crappy little streets18:08
elbNefteyugansk is even worse18:09
RST38hBut the place is pretty much an end of any road18:09
elbbecause their addresses are Japan-style18:09
RST38hSame goes for Nefteyugansk18:09
RST38hit wasn't a city to begin with, that is why addresses are Japan-style18:09
elbthe map data sucks, regardless -- and declaring Siberia a wasteland doesn't make it better ;-)18:09
elbno, it was *planned* that way18:09
elbsomeone thought it would be a good idea, apparently18:10
MajMin7nice!  it look like I need only start the /usr/libexec/navicore18:11
MajMin7and then read from /dev/pgps18:11
MajMin7RST38h: i could develop my whole app off of these gps strings, right?18:12
MajMin7RST38h: just as long as I know how to parse them18:12
RST38hyes, although I suggest finding some other way to start it up18:12
RST38hnavicore is a third party app18:12
MajMin7but all i gotta do is fork-exec navicore, no?18:13
MajMin7whats the down-side?18:13
RST38helb: Here, consider it a personal gift:
elbMajMin7: why don't you look to see what maemo mapper does?18:14
elbRST38h: nice18:14
RST38hAnd Tyumen GIS data is here:
elbthat's the best online map I've seen18:14
*** hugolp has quit IRC18:14
*** Italodance has quit IRC18:14
*** eth01 has quit IRC18:15
Khertansomeone have some experiences with gpe source code ?18:15
MajMin7elb:yea, thats next18:15
Khertanor does know how recurring event are managed in the gpe database ?18:15
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo18:17
*** harry has quit IRC18:21
* qwerty12 goes off to compile mtd-tools. fanoush gave me his version source ^-^18:21
*** VRe has joined #maemo18:22
*** eton has joined #maemo18:22
florianKhertan: I have some experience with gpe source code... but I don#t know offhand about recurring events.18:25
*** red-zack has quit IRC18:25
*** calvaris has joined #maemo18:26
*** sovoti has joined #maemo18:27
*** eton_ has joined #maemo18:28
*** eichi has joined #maemo18:28
*** Sargun has joined #maemo18:28
*** eton_ has quit IRC18:30
*** foka has joined #maemo18:31
*** behdad has joined #maemo18:31
*** giskard has joined #maemo18:33
*** eton_ has joined #maemo18:33
*** GeneralAntilles has left #maemo18:34
*** eton_ has quit IRC18:35
*** Navi_ is now known as Navi18:35
Khertanflorian > i m looking for how they manage their reccuring event, as i ve some problem in my own calendar to do it in sql.18:36
Khertanand as i believe it seems that gpe use a sql database to store event18:36
florianKhertan: Yes that's right, the functionality is abstracted in libeventdb. This has all the sql code for accessing and table creation too.18:39
qwerty12goddamn, I hate nokia. I spent 3 hours modifiying diablo initfs to fit and then they release a fixed one via SSU. Just my luck... :( :P18:39
*** eton_ has joined #maemo18:39
*** tjafk1 has quit IRC18:44
*** tjafk has joined #maemo18:44
*** tjafk has quit IRC18:45
*** tjafk has joined #maemo18:45
hrwqwerty12: ;(18:45
*** _k-s_ is now known as k-s[AWAY]18:46
*** eton has quit IRC18:46
RST38hHo! Ho! Ho!18:46
RST38hSo, is Diablo officially out now?!?18:46
qwerty12Nope :)18:46
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone18:46
qwerty12Just some packages updated18:46
qwerty12RST38h, no need to insult me :P18:46
RST38hnot insulting ;)18:47
qwerty12Lol, bad joke :)18:47
* RST38h killed canola a few days ago with apt-get upgrade18:47
RST38hSome shared library got upgraded18:47
qwerty12RST38h, libeet missing? symlink it ;)18:47
qwerty12Bundyo posted instructions18:48
RST38hyep, seen his solution18:48
MajMin7so RST, what do you do with these devices?18:49
* qwerty12 is trying to appletise conky but I'm unsure as to what I am doing. I've unpacked sample applet (thanks RST38h) and I'm gonna reconfigure and recompile Conky and try and mix code :)18:49
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo18:49
*** juergbi has joined #maemo18:49
RST38hqwerty: basically, you want to create a gtk widget (like button created in that example), extract X11 window handle from it, and feed that handle to Conky18:50
RST38hThat should do the job more or less18:50
qwerty12Ah, ok, thanks :)18:51
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman18:51
*** briand has quit IRC18:52
lardmanMajMin7: look at libgpsmgr for how to start/stop gpsd which in turn starts gpsdriver18:53
*** briand has joined #maemo18:53
qwerty12Has anyone here compiled any GNOME app for Chinook? I would love a port of gnome stones but I get so much headers missing...18:54
*** Atarii has quit IRC18:54
qwerty12lardman, as soon as I find my headphones, I'll try johnx/only method of a2dp :)18:54
lardmanqwerty12: cool, hopefully cpu usage will be ~5%18:55
*** ab has quit IRC18:55
*** vims0r has quit IRC18:56
*** vims0r has joined #maemo18:56
qwerty12I just realised I don't have my XMMS anymore :(. I'll have to use mplayer.18:57
*** hugolp has joined #maemo18:58
*** foka has quit IRC18:58
*** shackan has quit IRC18:59
*** shackan has joined #maemo19:00
*** Zic has joined #maemo19:01
*** Zetx has joined #maemo19:01
*** fab has joined #maemo19:03
*** pH5 has joined #maemo19:04
*** eton_ has quit IRC19:06
*** legind has joined #maemo19:06
qwerty12lardman, so far not so good. I'm rebooting.19:08
lardmanI was about to ask how it was going19:08
qwerty12I'm a mind reader muhahahaha19:08
*** geaaru has joined #maemo19:09
qwerty12w00t, it works nicely :)19:11
lardmangood to hear19:11
qwerty12load applet =2 bars19:11
qwerty12one skip for one second.19:11
qwerty12Uploading screenshot :P19:12
qwerty12Scratch the screenie, I can't be arsed :p19:12
johnxwhat does top say?19:12
qwerty12Load average 1.27 1.04 0.5019:13
qwerty12bluetoothd = 0.1%19:13
qwerty12mplayer  = 45%19:13
lardmanor strange even19:16
lardmani don't suppose your headset is one of the fancy ones that supports mp3 decoding directly?19:16
qwerty12It is come think of it19:16
lardmanwhich, strange or fancy?19:16
qwerty12lardman, strange :p. MSI Blueplayer support knockoff. Chinese strike again :p19:17
lardmanso probably uses SBC then19:17
*** giskard has quit IRC19:17
lardmanwhat's the mplayer top output if you output to wired headphones/speaker?19:18
qwerty12For £10 though, I ain't complaining.19:18
qwerty12Not sure, let me check19:18
*** dforsyth has quit IRC19:18
czrdamn, my sub-100 bug is still alive.19:19
*** Zetx| has quit IRC19:19
czrthe comments are funny read though. it's just been mostly reassigned between versions :-)19:19
lardmanwhat number is this one?19:19
czr_berto_, that's the openssl+debian issue?19:19
qwerty12lardman, mplayer version?19:19
czrit's evil. ssh keys and ssl certs need to be considered as compromised :-)..19:20
*** Sveinung has quit IRC19:20
lardmanqwerty12: sorry, that was aimed at czr19:20
qwerty12ah, sorry, my bad :)19:20
czrlardman, 97 methinks, let me check19:20
czr95 sry.19:20
czrall of my other under-100 bugs have been closed a long time ago..19:21
qwerty12top output. load average - 0.12 0.49 0.47. mplayer 19.8%19:21
qwerty12esd is taking 1.8%19:21
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC19:21
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo19:22
_berto_czr: yes it is19:22
lardmanqwerty12: so ~25% cpu assuming the sbc encoder is running in mplayer19:23
*** kpel has joined #Maemo19:23
lardman~25% for the sbc encoder that is19:23
qwerty12Ah, cool.19:23
lardmanDoes that work - mplayer links to alsa which links to bluez-utils which pulls in the sbc encoder?19:23
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:24
qwerty12lardman, I'll take your word for it :). I have no idea what is happening.19:24
lardmannor do I, just wondering19:25
*** ramo102 has quit IRC19:26
lardmanI don't know how much better that is than before19:28
lardmanI'll try when i get home & charge my headset19:28
qwerty12The N800 is more responsive and skips are much more better, last less (~1 sec?) than they did before.19:29
qwerty12I want to see INDT's version of Bluez :p19:29
lardmanhmm, are these patches to bluez-utils the patches that INDT were talking about though?19:29
Stskeepsis this testing a video or an mp3?19:29
qwerty12lardman, not sure. I don't *think* it is though :/19:30
qwerty12Stskeeps, mp319:30
lardmanqwerty12: if not, someone else has been adding patches to bluez too19:30
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo19:31
qwerty12 :/19:31
*** Dregs has joined #maemo19:32
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as _k-s_19:33
*** _k-s_ is now known as k-s[AWAY]19:33
*** unixSnob has quit IRC19:34
lardmansee you chaps in ~2hrs for the meeting19:35
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:35
*** geaaru_ has joined #maemo19:36
pupnikwhat meeting?19:36
*** dforsyth has joined #maemo19:38
acydlordthat one19:38
*** huats has quit IRC19:38
*** Mousey has joined #maemo19:38
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo19:40
*** konttori has joined #maemo19:40
*** wms has joined #maemo19:41
qwerty12~curse firefox for random crashes and ubuntu for including it with hardyon19:42
infobotMay you be reincarnated as a Windows XP administrator, firefox for random crashes and ubuntu for including it with hardyon !19:42
*** gfc has joined #maemo19:43
*** b0unc3__ has joined #maemo19:45
*** henu has left #maemo19:45
acydlordas ubuntu keeps becoming more mainstream i keep wanting to switch to another deb based distro19:45
*** luogni has quit IRC19:45
qwerty12Try the original, debian :/19:46
*** red-zack has joined #maemo19:48
*** gpd has quit IRC19:49
*** tortoise_ has joined #maemo19:49
*** simon_ has joined #maemo19:50
*** geaaru has quit IRC19:51
*** geaaru has joined #maemo19:51
kpelthat beta firefox was a silly idea indeed19:52
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC19:52
*** kpel has quit IRC19:52
*** gfc has quit IRC19:53
johnxfor them it means not having to switch browsers midway when firefox2 is obsolete and no longer patched19:53
acydlordi used to use the vanilla debian19:53
johnxbut in the short term it kinda sucks19:53
acydlordinfact i still use debian on most of my servers19:53
johnxI just went back to vanilla debian19:53
johnxhardy had serious issues with my hardware and I didn't feel like tracking them down19:53
*** sovotiDDC has joined #maemo19:54
acydlordone of my systems still has gOS built on top of ubuntu19:55
qwerty12is there a way to slow down the output of make?19:55
johnxso you can see it as it flies by?19:55
qwerty12yes, I'm missing a lot of headers19:55
johnxjust redirect to a file: make &> make.log19:55
qwerty12ta, that did it.19:56
*** ftr588 has joined #maemo19:56
qwerty12I ran without & and it would put the output I didn't want to the file19:56
*** geaaru_ has quit IRC19:56
johnxah, the normal output?19:56
johnx&> puts everything in19:56
qwerty12I guess :/. Thanks.19:56
johnx1> is stdout and 2> is stderr, IIRC19:57
johnx&> is both19:57
qwerty12Ah :). I really <3 gnome-stones and am racking my brains out :)19:57
*** eton has joined #maemo19:59
lcukdon't you linux people have "more"20:00
lcukeven i remember that from dos days20:00
inzbut less is more20:00
pH5does the TLV320AIC33 have some kind of analog gain after the DAC in the headphone path?20:00
qwerty12I know about less and more, my problem was that I wasn't getting all output20:01
pH5the noise level on the n810 is uncomfortably high with 13Ohm headphones :(20:01
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC20:01
*** pleemans has quit IRC20:03
*** lardman has joined #maemo20:04
pupnikpH5: there is distortion which appears to be software based20:05
*** sovoti has quit IRC20:05
pupnikpH5: or are you talking accurately about noise20:05
lcukhey pupnik20:05
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo20:05
pupnikhi lcuk.20:05
pH5pupnik: I'm talking about the noise level20:06
* lcuk is on final almost countdown for linuxtag20:06
lardmanlcuk: scratch the video problem; I was tired & forgot that MATLAB/Octave writes in columns rather than rows20:06
pH5for example when I touch the screen I get that clic and then ~1s of noise until the DAC powers down20:06
*** barisione has quit IRC20:06
lcuklol lard20:07
*** barisione has joined #maemo20:07
* lardman could do with a week off next week too :)20:07
lcukbut your first test appeared correct, or was that just unlucky choice of sizes20:07
lcuki could really do with swapping20:07
lardmanyep, the sizes were just about close enough20:07
lcukive go so much to do and to just switch off is gonna be...20:07
lardmanI'm actually away to a conf next week, but could probably do with either having the week off or being at work to get stuff done20:08
lardmanwhat am I saying :D20:09
lcuki will get time to think at least - ive got enough little pieces in place to know what i want to achieve20:09
lcuklardman, so is your blit blitting now correctly20:10
*** unixSnob has quit IRC20:10
lardmanlcuk: the test rgb565 data, yes; so the conversion routine is probably screwing up the YV12->YUV420 stuff20:11
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk20:13
*** TimRiker has quit IRC20:13
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo20:13
*** z72ka_ntb has joined #maemo20:16
*** guardian has quit IRC20:16
*** dholbert has joined #maemo20:17
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo20:18
pH5hm, in the datasheet there are HPLOUT/HPLCOM output level control registers that does 0dB..9dB gain.20:18
*** TimRiker has quit IRC20:18
pH5Is there anything more than the digital PCM volume made accessible anywhere? I couldn't find any useful alsa controls.20:19
qwerty12Not sure on a technical POV but aumix exists for tablet. Can't remember if more volume ctrls was added.20:20
*** gpd has joined #maemo20:20
*** JussiP has joined #maemo20:20
*** eton_ has joined #maemo20:24
*** Salumu has quit IRC20:24
*** eton_ has quit IRC20:25
*** eton has quit IRC20:27
pH5qwerty12: amixer only shows a single PCM volume control20:28
johnxselect the "master" mixer device20:28
qwerty12pH5, ah, my bad. Sorry.20:28
johnxfor example: alsamixer -D master20:28
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo20:30
*** tobmaster has quit IRC20:30
pH5johnx: ouch, thanks. that looks much better. now if I can find the analog volume..20:31
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:32
johnxpH5, I didn't see one when I was poking around20:32
johnxbut then again, I wasn't looking for it ;)20:33
*** guardian has joined #maemo20:33
*** gpd has quit IRC20:36
pH5johnx: 'DAC_to_HP'20:36
pH5thanks again, too bad it doesn't decrease the noise level significantly20:37
johnxah :/20:37
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo20:38
*** Sargun has quit IRC20:38
*** jegp has left #maemo20:38
*** Sargun has joined #maemo20:43
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC20:44
*** dmsuperman has joined #maemo20:44
dmsupermanHow can I rearrange my menus?20:44
*** gnuton has joined #maemo20:45
dmsupermanFor example. a ton of stuff is put in the Extras menu, but I want to move them into other more logical menus (or perhaps even add new categories20:45
dmsupermanI can't seem to find it, is it a configuration file somewhere?20:45
johnxcontrol panel -> navigation -> organize20:46
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC20:46
*** florian has quit IRC20:47
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:48
*** gnuton has quit IRC20:49
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as _k-s_20:50
*** _k-s_ is now known as k-s20:50
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo20:52
johnxDoing some final sanity checks on Debian beta3. Anyone who's willing to mirror it can have first dibs20:53
Stskeepswhy not bittorrent it? :P20:54
*** behdad has quit IRC20:54
johnxI'd like to have it up on plain http or ftp for people who can't download things through bittorrent quickly/easily20:55
johnxbut I would not be adverse to seeing it end up on bittorrent20:55
Stskeepswell, there's always http seeding in bt20:55
johnxmaybe I'll give that a try20:56
johnxright now I'm just getting it up to my host20:57
*** t_s_o has quit IRC20:57
johnxit's taking approximately forever on this DSL connection20:57
johnxmy upload is pitiful20:57
Navimine is 30kb/s20:57
johnxmine too20:57
NaviI want Verizon FiOS20:57
johnxand it's 201MB compressed20:57
Navitheir package plans have excellent upload speeds20:58
johnxI *can* get FIOS here but the landlord/rent terms don't allow it20:58
johnxit would almost be *cheaper* too20:58
NaviStill sane? Only an hour more 'till it starts20:59
johnxand happy with the state of the debian release too20:59
*** konttori has quit IRC20:59
*** konttori has joined #maemo20:59
johnxrotation is awesome :D20:59
Stskeepsever got sound working?21:00
johnxcomes with mpd/gmpc by default21:00
johnxplays nice and crisp through speakers and headphones21:00
Stskeepsso what's not working these days? the closed source stuff?21:00
*** dholbert is now known as dholbert_afk21:00
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo21:00
johnxI had no luck with the camera21:00
johnxbut I think it should work with the right parameters given to mencoder/vlc21:01
johnxI just didn't try very hard21:01
johnxalso, lots of powersaving stuff isn't automagic yet21:01
johnxit all "works", but it needs to be done from a terminal21:01
Naviwhat needs to be done?21:02
johnxjust some wrapper scripts really21:02
johnxmaybe a nice brightness adjust app21:02
johnxa recompiled x server with dpms support21:02
*** jku_ has joined #maemo21:03
*** behdad has joined #maemo21:03
johnxfor some reason suspend to mem stopped working for me21:03
johnxit suspends and then comes right back21:03
johnxI think some process or driver is preventing it from working21:03
johnxI'd *really* like that fixed, because that would make battery usage acceptable for day-to-day use21:04
*** rmoravci1 has quit IRC21:05
*** BTobotras has quit IRC21:09
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo21:13
johnxhey, qwerty12_N800, apparently I just pulled a new kernel down through ssu O_o21:13
qwerty12_N800johnx, same here :)21:14
johnxthe good news is debian still works with it at some level21:14
qwerty12_N800false alert about initfs though - i'm still running my stripped version21:14
*** foka has joined #maemo21:14
qwerty12_N800johnx, I thought debian runs separate :/21:14
johnxit does21:15
johnxbut it includes its own modules :(21:15
qwerty12_N800ah right :)21:15
johnxso that kind of failed just now21:15
johnxanyways, that's an easy fix..."You can't use the Diablo kernel with debian. EOF"21:16
*** b0unc3__ has quit IRC21:16
*** jeddy3 has joined #maemo21:16
qwerty12_N800I'm gonna modify bootmenu to work with the diablo initfs. I don't think there will be much space to do though. I'm probably gonna rip out rx-48/810w stuff too.21:17
*** hugolp has quit IRC21:18
Stskeepsjohnx: got a page anywhere that documents the debian stuff for n800?21:18
*** Sho_ has quit IRC21:19
johnxglad you asked :)21:19
Stskeepswe use the n8x0 series for research so a more "flexible" OS can be interesting21:19
johnxyou might enjoy this quite a bit then21:20
*** red-zack has quit IRC21:20
Naviyou brought it down to 682MB21:21
Navier >_>21:21
acydlordcrap, i dont think my favicons saves correctly21:21
NaviWhere did I get that number from?21:21
* acydlord facepalms21:21
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo21:21
johnxNavi, I have *no* idea21:21
Navineither do I :P21:21
StskeepsNavi: that's Ubuntu XP Ultra Mobile Fancy Dancy Edition you're thinking about21:22
johnxstill not bad at all with what it includes I think21:22
johnxthat's a 300MB premium over nothing but a console21:22
qwerty12_N800so, no change of jffs2 rootfs? :p21:23
johnxqwerty12_N800, correct21:23
johnxstill correct21:23
johnxseriously, the effort/reward value is waaay to low for me to even consider21:24
johnxespecially considering that *I'm* keeping OS200x on the flash21:24
qwerty12_N800lol. I wonder what flash chip is used. I'd like to replace mine and do cold flash.21:25
*** booiiing__ has joined #maemo21:25
qwerty12_N800256Mb is rubbish amount :p21:26
*** qgil has joined #maemo21:26
Stskeepsjohnx: if you give me an url for the beta3, i'll put it up on somewhere that maxes out about 60-70mbit, no quota21:26
qwerty12_N800we would all be royally screwed if jffs2 wasn't used21:27
johnxno URL yet21:27
johnxI'm putting it up on my host first21:27
Stskeepsjust say when21:27
lardman|afkqwerty12_N800: My Zaurus 5500 had 16Mb iirc21:27
johnx200MB @ 30KB/s21:27
*** sm00th_trac3r has quit IRC21:27
*** msanchez has quit IRC21:27
johnxscp says 1hr 25min21:27
qwerty12_N800lardman|afk, can I change my statement then? :p. 256mb is lovely amount21:27
lardman|afkqwerty12_N800: people always want more :)21:28
*** Sho_ has quit IRC21:28
johnxyeah, the 16MB root was seriously difficult to cope with21:28
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman21:28
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo21:28
*** sm00th_trac3r has joined #maemo21:28
lardmanespecially when using the original Sharp sw which gave us ~8Mb to play with mounted rw (iirc)21:29
qwerty12_N800if my soldering skills were actually good, i'd have fun trying to replace flash chip. nokia provided us with tool to set it up.21:29
lardmanworse on the 5000D which only had 8Mb total I think21:29
johnxit had less root space too?21:29
lardmanI seem to remember that, 1/2 the RAM too21:29
lardmanI didn't have one though, before my time21:30
johnxI remember the 32MB of RAM part21:30
johnxsame here21:30
qwerty12_N800Lies.... :p21:30
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo21:31
lardmanWhat, you mean palmtops used to have monochrome displays!? No, never!21:31
qwerty12_N800Lol, I once had old old old palm. smashed it and bought ppc. never looked back :p21:32
johnxppc as in wince?21:32
*** booiiing_ has quit IRC21:32
qwerty12_N800os2003se :/21:32
qwerty12_N800i wrecked that too21:32
*** Zword has joined #maemo21:33
johnxI loved my prism visor21:33
johnxbut I overclocked it for a while and it whitescreened on me21:33
*** X-Fade changes topic to "development platform for Nokia Internet Tablets | | | | |"21:33
qwerty12_N800X-Fade, thanks for heads  up21:34
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo21:34
* lardman just joined to make sure he gets a good seat :)21:35
X-FadeHehe, everybody has front-row seats :)21:35
lcuktoo late lardman21:35
lcukthe front row is already taken21:35
qwerty12_N800so, are diablo q's allowed to be asked?21:35
lcukfor everyone except you, yes21:35
lardmanMy irc client doesn't seem to give me a list of those in the channel21:35
X-Fadeqwerty12_N800: Sure..21:35
qwerty12_N800cool :)21:36
X-Fadelardman: /who21:36
qwerty12_N800lcuk, :p21:36
Andy80what is Diablo?21:36
lcuklard, get xchat quickly21:36
qwerty12_N800lardman, x-chat ftw21:36
qwerty12_N800lcuk, beat me21:36
johnxbetter question: is it productive to ask diablo questions or will the answer just be "You'll see when we release it."21:36
lardmanI've got xchat-gnome21:36
lardmanX-Fade: thanks21:37
lcukand you dont know where your list has gnone?21:37
johnxAndy80, the OS2008 "feature upgrade" with some bug fixes and modest as the email client21:37
Andy80johnx: cool :)21:37
lardmanlcuk: I don't think it had one to begin with; even my windows client has a list! ;)21:37
lcukeven my 810 client does :P but it takes up half the screen21:38
johnxxchat != xchat gnome21:38
lardmanAh, "Users" menu item, also takes up half the screen21:38
lardmanjohnx: fair enough21:38
johnxthe non-gnome xchat has more "hacker-y" features21:38
Stskeepsjohnx: you can add to mirrors of beta2 if you so desire (don't have an ITT account so :P)21:38
lardmanlcuk: disappears as soon as I do anything else21:38
dmsupermanSo I try to do apt-get install samba, then it complains that samba-common isn't the latest version (3.0.22-3 vs needed 3.0.22c-losso6) when I try to apt-get install samba-common, it says I have the latest version. Is there a way to get the samba-common package that it's requesting?21:38
lcukat least you can get an overview when you need21:39
lcuki barely use the one on here - too many users21:39
johnxStskeeps, will do, but I doubt beta2 will see much download action from here on out :)21:39
Stskeepshehe, just testing the upload/download speed anyhow21:39
lcukdo i dare step back into vmware?21:39
Stskeepswas able to upload with 1mb/s from university, so i guess that was good enough ;)21:40
*** z72ka_ntb has quit IRC21:42
* qwerty12_N800 should go Sweden. I hear internet speeds are brill there.21:42
Stskeepsor just a danish dorm that's connected to the national research network21:43
qwerty12_N800or that too :p21:43
lardmanI get ~350kb upload & 6Mb/s download21:44
lardmanat home21:44
*** solarion has quit IRC21:44
johnxkbits or kbytes?21:44
*** pleemans has joined #maemo21:44
lardmanbits, is that B?21:44
qwerty12_N800My uploads bad but I have 8MB dl21:44
johnxbits is b, bytes is B21:44
lardmanah, always wondered about that21:45
johnxpeople do it wrong all the time it really doesn't mean much21:45
lcukits ok, companies have even started to change the numbers involved ;)21:46
lardman1GB = 1000MB, etc.21:47
dmsupermanwhich is always lame21:47
dmsupermanbut at the same time, aren't they technically both right?21:48
dmsupermanit's really up to the filesystem21:48
dmsupermanit just so happens that all existing filesystems are base 221:48
lardmanin the same way that a billion dollars should actually be $1,000,000,000,000 :)21:48
lcukno, it should actually be ... mine21:49
*** juanjo has joined #maemo21:49
X-Fadelardman: Ehm no?21:49
*** andre___ has joined #maemo21:49
qwerty12_N800forget dollars, my faith is in pound21:49
lardmanX-Fade: billion = million million?21:51
lardmanUS (and now UK billion) = milliard iirc21:51
X-Fade :)21:52
*** konttori has quit IRC21:52
*** konttori has joined #maemo21:52
X-Fadelardman: They can't even agree on that ;)21:52
X-FadeWell, I'll settle for both.21:53
lardmantoo big to worry about most of the time21:53
johnxback in a bit21:53
X-FadeNot when it come to bytes and recording HD movies ;)21:53
lcuktell you what, lets just split the difference,  i keep one part, i keep the other21:54
lcukdamn, what a time to notice a bug in my program21:55
johnxlcuk, I know the feeling...I just realized I introduced a bug into my debian release at the last second :|21:56
lcukits always the way21:56
*** dholbert_afk is now known as dholbert21:56
johnxsame with the last release too21:56
johnxglad I did the sanity check though21:56
*** dholbert is now known as dholbert_lunch21:58
*** matt_c_ has joined #maemo21:59
*** qgil has left #maemo21:59
*** konttori has quit IRC21:59
*** konttori has joined #maemo21:59
qwerty12_N800extremely off topic, but as we are quiet, anyone know any good scummvm games? wasn't around then.22:04
johnxmonkey island :)22:05
*** geaaru has quit IRC22:05
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo22:06
dnearyThere's a maemo meeting on in #maemo-meeting. Don't tell anyone, it's a sekrit22:06
qwerty12_N800johnx, cool, thanks i'll check it out :)22:06
*** Zic has quit IRC22:06
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:06
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo22:07
*** Silicium has quit IRC22:09
*** czr has quit IRC22:12
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw22:13
*** towo has quit IRC22:13
*** czr has joined #maemo22:14
*** chelli has joined #maemo22:14
tank-mannot so sekrit now22:14
*** benuski has joined #maemo22:17
*** juanjo has left #maemo22:17
*** pleemans has quit IRC22:18
*** thp has joined #maemo22:19
*** sergio_ has quit IRC22:21
*** gnuton has joined #maemo22:26
*** sovoti has joined #maemo22:34
*** felipec has joined #maemo22:34
*** moe25 has joined #maemo22:35
unixSnobha, and in fact this channel is logged and published on the web!22:35
KotCzarnyo, rly?22:35
unixSnobNothing in here closely resembles a secret22:35
moe25does anyone know how to get java to work in a maemo browser?22:35
unixSnobyeah, I've seen it.  i think you can google stuff that people say in here22:36
unixSnobanyway.. gotta go22:36
unixSnobhmm.. WTF?  My NIT just rebooted spontaneously22:37
unixSnobah, I think I see what happened.. ran out of battery i think..22:38
unixSnobI saw the nokia logo and thought it was booting22:38
*** unixSnob has left #maemo22:38
*** towo has joined #maemo22:39
*** Sulis has quit IRC22:39
*** vismund has joined #maemo22:39
*** mazzen has joined #maemo22:41
*** ssvb has quit IRC22:42
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo22:43
*** l7 has joined #maemo22:44
ricko73what's the recommended image for use on an n810 RX-44_2008SE_2.2007.51-3 looks like the latest22:45
*** jebe_ has quit IRC22:46
johnxricko73, yes, that's correct22:46
*** konttori has quit IRC22:46
ricko73cool.  First upgrade I've done22:46
*** felipec has quit IRC22:46
ricko73I'm moving from what shipped with the device22:46
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC22:47
qwerty12_N800can anyone tell me how to change user agent in microb, i've found little hole...22:47
NaviHeh :P22:47
KotCzarnyqwerty: the same way as in firefox22:47
*** sovotiDDC has quit IRC22:48
moe25anyone know how to enable java support in microb22:50
NaviYou can't22:50
*** Sulis has joined #maemo22:51
moe25is it possible to run java applets at all in maamo?22:51
*** sovotiDDC has joined #maemo22:51
KotCzarnythere were some tries afair22:51
KotCzarnybut independent from browser22:51
KotCzarnyand limited funcionality22:51
qwerty12_N800another question, does \q\n\  mean anything or it is like return value for other code?22:52
Naviin what?22:52
fysaanyone ask about the 3D driver? :)22:52
moe25ok thanks navi and kotczarny22:52
KotCzarny\r is line break and \n is line feed22:52
KotCzarnyin ascii22:52
qwerty12_N800thanks :)22:52
*** dholbert_lunch is now known as dholbert22:53
KotCzarnyor something similiar22:53
Navifysa, quim doesn't know22:53
KotCzarny3d driver is a taboo22:53
fysathanks, sounds about right22:53
KotCzarny1/ no one knows about 3d driver22:53
qwerty12_N800Navi, don't really want to say. it's not my code and i've already fucked this guy over once22:53
KotCzarny2/ no one talks about 3d driver22:53
NaviHe's just the marketing guy, after all22:54
NaviThough, you'd think it'd be important :P22:54
KotCzarnynavi: he knows the right people22:54
fysahow often does he meet?22:54
Navifysa, this is the first time22:54
KotCzarnyfysa: go to linuxtag22:54
KotCzarnyyou will meet him :)22:54
Navifysa, it's still going on if you want to join in22:54
fysayes, lurking22:54
fysacame in late so didn't want to waste his time with a question that had been asked.22:54
johnxfysa, want me to dcc you my log?22:56
*** sovoti has quit IRC22:57
*** mk8 has joined #maemo22:58
*** dholbert has quit IRC23:00
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo23:00
*** calvaris has quit IRC23:01
*** sovoti has joined #maemo23:02
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo23:02
*** hugolp has joined #maemo23:03
*** hugolp has left #maemo23:03
*** turbo has joined #maemo23:03
* Jaffa turns up late as well. Damned work drinks.23:03
Navifun fun23:03
Stskeepsjohnx: that file uploaded yet? :)23:03
*** _berto_ has quit IRC23:04
Navihe was offering to dcc it23:04
Naviunless you were talking about Debian23:04
johnxnah...I did a sanity check as it uploaded and realized I screwed something up23:04
KotCzarnydcc debian23:04
fysaI'll wait until it's up somewhere.  I'm subscribed to maemo planet, so I'm sure it will appear.. ;)23:04
*** MangoFusion has joined #maemo23:04
Navijohnx, damn23:04
KotCzarnyjohnx: seed via bittorrent23:04
johnxfixed and 30% uploaded now23:04
johnxKotCzarny, no23:04
Navijohnx, why not?23:04
KotCzarnyit's made for that purpose23:04
johnxbecause that wouldn't be a very effective use of bandwidth23:05
Navihttp seed = win23:05
*** briand has quit IRC23:05
KotCzarnyjohnx: not?23:05
johnxI have 30KB/s upload on my home connection23:05
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC23:05
johnxif I seed all that will happen is most will be eaten by overhead23:05
johnxjust wait til I upload to my webhost23:05
johnxthen someone will be able to mirror it quickly23:05
johnxfrom there you can do whatever you want with it23:06
*** Sulis has quit IRC23:09
*** jeddy3 has quit IRC23:09
*** leandroal has joined #maemo23:10
Jaffajohnx: dcc of the log would be appreciated.23:10
johnxJaffa, dcc'ing23:11
*** sovotiDDC has quit IRC23:13
JaffaXDCC LIST23:13
NaviJaffa, lol.23:13
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC23:14
*** vcgomes has quit IRC23:16
*** shackan has quit IRC23:17
*** moe25 has quit IRC23:18
*** dholbert has joined #maemo23:21
*** hyphn has joined #maemo23:21
*** lcuk is now known as lcuk_afk23:22
*** leandroal has left #maemo23:22
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo23:23
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo23:23
*** vismund has quit IRC23:24
*** guenther is now known as guenther|afk23:24
*** hyphn has quit IRC23:25
*** freality has joined #maemo23:27
*** benuski has quit IRC23:29
*** dholbert has quit IRC23:29
*** behdad has quit IRC23:29
*** sovotiDDC has joined #maemo23:29
Cptnodegardsince its OT in the meeting channel...any way of making the RSS reader have a smaller font? imnot blind and woul dprefer more items rather than havign it adapted for old people :)23:33
KotCzarnyswitch theme?23:33
X-FadeEdit your gtkrc?23:33
Cptnodegardedit my what? *puts on noob hat*23:34
*** jukey has joined #maemo23:34
johnxthe gtkrc file in the theme you're using23:34
johnxor something like that23:35
* johnx is tired23:35
sp3000the feed reader zooms doesn't it?23:35
Cptnodegardbasically i take it theres no option to do it for only the rss reader without venturing into stuff im scared of :)23:35
sp3000not the list pane though23:35
Cptnodegardoh sorry i meant the desktop rss reader23:35
*** Sho_ has quit IRC23:36
lcddthe rss reader is useless until it stops choking on compressed feeds23:38
qwerty12_N800lardman, bb5 = baseband 5. it is security system used in nokia phones (unlocking etc).  N8*0 has bb5 stuff in it, e.g retu and tahvo which can be found in phones like n70 e.g. 810w will use bb5 security to generate random number. dsme, bme etc interface with it but they are closed because phone hackers would get ideas...23:38
*** dmsuperman has quit IRC23:38
*** Kt_ has quit IRC23:38
lardmanqwerty12_N800: ah, I see23:39
lardmanqwerty12_N800: the random number gen stuff is buried in there too isn't it, plus the encryption stuff23:39
lardman~lart Ubuntu for keeping repeating the letter hhhhhhhhhh no matter which keyboard I use!23:40
* infobot duct-tapes Ubuntu to the floor and drools on him for keeping repeating the letter hhhhhhhhhh no matter which keyboard I use!23:40
qwerty12_N800yes, i saw a peek in diablo initfs. bb5-random generates random number and sends it to urandom23:40
qwerty12_N800it uses libb5 which i can only understand must "talk" to bb523:41
Cptnodegardlcdd: choking? never experienced that. i use it for keeping track of new tv shows and also track postal packages with a php thingy i wonders for that in any case23:41
*** Blastur has joined #maemo23:42
Blasturhello! im considering getting a n810, but i'd like to know if it can support a bluetooth keyboard?23:42
Blastursince the built-in keyboard seems quite small23:42
lardmanqwerty12_N800: well it's good to see we're getting something more out of the hw23:42
lardmanBlastur: built-in is not too bad23:43
*** sovoti has quit IRC23:43
Blasturvery cool! can you recommend any specific bluetooth keyboard model that will work 'out of the box'?23:43
KotCzarnyany bt should work23:43
NaviAnything that supports the standard HID bluetooth spec?23:43
KotCzarnyeven some serial ones with some twiddling23:43
johnxigo stowaway seems to be popular but I use a usb keyboard23:43
qwerty12_N800lardman, :), just wish it was oss. omap will also be more secure with "security" modules having to be loaded23:43
NaviI'd use one too if I weren't lazy23:43
Blasturjohnx: it has a usb port?23:44
*** JackCrow has left #maemo23:44
johnxyes, but it can only run things that take less than 100mA of power23:44
johnxand it's not technically a "Nokia supported" function from an official standpoint23:44
Blasturoh ok.. so stuff like a 3G modem is out of the question?23:45
NaviBlastur, you have to get an adapter to use full USB plugs with the microusb port though.23:45
ricko73about how long does it take to flash the n810?23:45
johnxyou're better off with a bluetooth keyboard, both in terms of support and portability23:45
*** Grackle has quit IRC23:45
Naviricko73, few minutes23:45
Blasturstuff like my digital kamera though, which has that small usb connector already, that should plug right in for uploading pics, right?23:45
johnxonce you have the file, less than 5 minutes23:45
Cptnodegard[22:45] <ricko73> about how long does it take to flash the n810? <- depends on how big your boobs are (sorry couldnt resist)23:45
ricko73hmmm.  Then it must not be flashing correctly23:45
NaviCptnodegard, >_>23:46
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC23:46
johnxricko73, is this under windows?23:46
Cptnodegardricko73: remeber it has to download the files first, that takes longer23:46
ricko73johnx: linux23:46
ricko73files are downloaded23:46
johnxis it spitting out progress info?23:46
*** juergbi has quit IRC23:46
X-Fadericko73: Less than 30 seconds orso.23:46
Navijohnx, how far along is debian?23:46
ricko73no progress.  the cli flasher-3.0 immediately exits after the device is turned on23:46
*** skibur has joined #maemo23:47
qwerty12_N800use -f -F to flash23:47
johnxNavi, 63% uploaded23:47
johnxeta 40min23:47
ricko73when I go into the Control panel after restarting the device, there is <unknown> shown under the version23:47
Naviyeah, I figured from when you said 30%23:48
ricko73(under about product)23:48
*** turbo has quit IRC23:48
johnxNavi, and unless you're offering to mirror it, you'll need to wait until after that :P23:48
*** turbo has joined #maemo23:48
NaviI was going to stick it on megaupload :P23:48
Blasturif i purchase a n810 today, will i be eligible the diablo upgrade when it is released, for free?23:48
BlafaselOtherwise Nokia is going down in flames23:48
qwerty12_N800ricko73, mine is like that but i can always flash. which file are you flashing?23:49
johnxeveryone who has an N800 or N810 is "eligible"23:49
*** f_mohr has joined #maemo23:49
*** Grackle has joined #maemo23:49
*** f_mohr has left #maemo23:49
X-Fadethp: You are a few months too late for that..23:49
BlafaselBlastur: The stuff is freely available as download. You just need the compatible hardware23:49
qwerty12_N800ricko73, the bin image23:49
Blasturthats cool23:49
ricko73qwerty12_N800: yes the bin image23:50
Blasturso whats the catch with getting a n810? it seems so good :)23:50
Blasturcan you tell me some of the things you may want it to improve on23:50
qwerty12_N800ricko73, what is your full cmd you are using to flash23:50
KotCzarny3d drivers23:50
BlafaselBlastur: Some don't like that it has only one SD slot, compared to the N80023:50
ricko73./flasher-3.0-static RX-44_2008SE_2.2007.51-3_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R23:50
BlafaselOthers don't like the dpad23:50
NaviChinook browser isn't as responsive as Diablo's23:50
qwerty12_N800use -f -F23:50
ricko73per the instructions on
NaviBlastur, there's a five way rocker on the slider23:51
KotCzarnyblafasel: it's not a sd slot, but sd micro/mini ?23:51
ricko73qwerty12_N800: I'll try that23:51
BlafaselThe directional pad, the "stick" stuff..23:51
BlafaselKotCzarny: Right, sorry for simplifying ;)23:51
NaviBlastur, it's very tough to use for long amount of times23:51
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo23:51
KotCzarnythat's a difference in availability and price23:51
johnxricko73, flasher -f -F image -R23:51
qwerty12_N800-R isn't needed for me :/23:51
BlafaselKotCzarny: Yeah, but that's minor imo, the most complains I've seen are about the reduction from 2 to 1 slot23:52
BlafaselBlastur: I own one and I'm happy with it, mind you. But everything could need improvement.23:52
ricko73johnx: thanks!  it's working now23:52
BlafaselBlastur: Especially if you plan to use the GPS: Beware ;)23:52
ricko73someone should correct that web page23:52
Blasturhow is the n810 recharged? is there like a dock station so i could put it in and use it as a stationary skype phone when im at home?23:52
ricko73flashed and rebooting23:52
*** sovoti has joined #maemo23:52
BlafaselBlastur: No, standard Nokia connector23:53
Blasturis the quality of gps bad?23:53
Blafasel(the newest one, very tiny)23:53
johnxBlastur, it has a "kick stand" though23:53
johnxBlastur, the GPS is not that great. but you can use a good bluetooth GPS with it23:53
Blasturyou mean the accuracy, or is it the software that fails?23:53
*** SDuensin has quit IRC23:53
ricko73I ordered a ProClip mount for my equinox23:54
BlafaselBlastur: Yes, it's bad. It hardly get's a connection and takes ages if it does get one accidently.23:54
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:54
*** matt_c_ has quit IRC23:54
NaviBlafasel, it takes a while to get a fix for some23:54
BlafaselBlastur: The accuracy is not the problem. Getting a signal/fix is it.23:54
Blasturoh.. that sounds serious23:54
Blasturwhat are we talking here? 5 minutes?23:54
ricko73btw, I appreciate the friendly non-elitist attitude in here23:54
Blasturto get a fix23:54
*** matt_c has joined #maemo23:54
BlafaselNavi: Yeah. Zurich suburb, clear sky, gave up after ~ 15minutes23:54
ricko73it's not all that common in many irc channels23:54
KotCzarny1-60 minutes23:54
NaviBlastur, anywhere from a few minutes to forever23:54
*** ftr588 has quit IRC23:54
NaviSome people can't get a fix even after hours23:55
acydlordit usually takes me 5-20 minutes from inside my bedroom23:55
johnxBlastur, the software isn't up to the same level as many standalone GPS units either23:55
acydlordand this is after letting it connect once a day23:55
johnxricko73, sure, glad to help. BTW, I think you missed a -F when you were copying from the wiki :)23:55
ricko73johnx: oh yes23:56
*** mat has quit IRC23:56
ricko73I did miss that23:56
johnxno worries23:56
Blasturjohnx: well, ok.. do you know if i can use this for projects like i contribute a lot to that project by tracing roads and such, it'd be sweet to have software inside the gps unit that can upload and edit the maps directly 'from the field'23:56
Blasturnow i have to get home first to edit the maps23:56
GeneralAntillesMaemo Mapper23:56
Navimaemo mapper has support for OSM, I believe23:56
*** p| has joined #maemo23:56
GeneralAntillesIt'll work with just about anything bitmap.23:56
NaviZOMG GeneralAntilles23:56
GeneralAntillesDie, besh!23:56
* GeneralAntilles stabs Navi.23:57
Blasturok, im ordering one now ;-)23:57
* Navi dies a painful death23:57
ricko73it's chugging along with the restore far so good23:57
qwerty12_N800Goodbye, Navi.23:57
ricko73has anyone used the roadmap GPS program?23:57
Blasturthe only thing i miss is 3g connectivity23:57
GeneralAntillesJust tether a phone. . .23:57
BlafaselWhy? Because you have to carry a phone as well..23:57
acydlordi went out and bought a centro just to use as a bluetooth evdo modem23:57
ricko73I knew one of the original devs on that project and found it to be very good when I had a PC in my car23:58
BlafaselAnd charge two devices. I constantly face one dying ;)23:58
acydlordpalm centro23:58
Naviricko73, I have, but not with a GPS23:58
acydlordwell the n810 isnt a cellphone,       so you'll still have to carry your cellpone anyway23:58
ricko73Navi: hopefully I can get it to install now that I've updated the firmware23:58
ricko73I had issues before with some missing deps23:58
Blafaselacydlord: Yeah, the point is that if you'd have 3g you'd probably have a phone anyway and - if not - could be always-on (and replace the cellphone with voip)23:59
*** tortoise_ has quit IRC23:59
BlafaselBut the "It's not a phone" discussion is old, I give you that ;)23:59
*** tortoise_ has joined #maemo23:59
Blasturby the way, can i SSH with this? to get to my work email i usually have to put up SSH port forward tunnels into the office network, can I do this on the n810? like ssh -L <localport>:<remotehost:port> blah@blah.com23:59
acydlordvoip is kind of problematic over 3g in my experience23:59

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