IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2008-02-04

braddbranyone know if theres a .bmp editor for os2008?00:00
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EsworpScrew it.  I'm reflashing.  Dammit.00:01
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acydlordbraddbr, tux paint?00:13
braddbrok, i'll give it a shot.. thank you00:13
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lcddmaybe one in five of the feeds i'd like to subscribe to work at all in the os2008 rss reader00:13
lcddare there any better?00:14
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daveu2So I tried ripping a dvd to avi and playing it on my n810, but I get 1fps.00:22
daveu2Should I transcode to ogg/mpeg instead? Should I try encoding at lower quality?00:23
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cesmandaveu2: what is it you are using to transcode?00:24
|tbb|hi together00:24
daveu2mplayer using dvd::rip00:25
cesmanthere is a program specifically for transcoding so it is easy to playback on the IT00:25
cesmandvd::rip using transcode00:25
daveu2Really? Which program?00:25
cesmanbut I digress00:25
daveu2Are there instructions somewhere?00:25
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|tbb|anyone knows if the wlan adapter of the tablets going to power save mode while doing an adhoc connection?00:28
GeneralAntillesTry for on-demand.00:29
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BlafaselThere's not a nice way to play audio via the network, the host is windows?00:34
cesmanBlafasel: install a upnp server on Windows00:35
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lcddhnngh. the rss reader doesn't handle Content-Encoding: gzip00:36
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Blafaselcesman: And which player on the maemo side supports that?00:36
lcddlooks like I need to figure out how to set up a deflating proxy00:37
cesmanBlafasel: mediastreamer00:37
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BlafaselThanks a lot, will give it a try00:47
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acydlordcanola does a decent job of playing over the network as well01:02
acydlordas does webot01:02
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Alenditi've got mokopedia working on my n800 ^^01:06
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Alendithi, super_cas01:08
Super_Casok n800 or archos 60501:08
Super_Cascan n800 go to stage6.com01:08
shackanI've never tried actually01:09
Alenditwell, yes ;)01:09
shackanit does?01:09
Alenditbut i don't think you can watch movies online01:09
shackanwell, DUH01:09
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Alendityou should download them and run mplayer or something like that01:09
shackanAlendit: well, most of stage6 is HD, and the rest is fullscreen quality01:10
shackanyou're NEVER going to get decent playback on the tablet01:10
acydlordi've tried stage6 on the n800, doesnt work01:10
Alenditnever tried, but i think use could with -fast option01:11
acydlordyou'd need to add gstreamer-divx01:11
Alenditi watched house streamed with vlc after it was dl'ed from stage601:11
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fysamplayer is 2343242 faster than gstreamer bullshit01:15
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fysaI regularly watch standard DVD rips *without reencoding* using mplayer.01:16
Alenditca. 2343242 times faste ;)01:16
fysaas long as you play from the SD card and not try to stream -- the TCP/IP load is just enough to cause skipping in video.01:16
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fysai.e., Ratatouille, the two disc XVID (~600mb .avi x2) works perfectly.01:18
fysanot that I know about such things. ;)01:18
LinuxCodefysa, on the n810 ?01:19
fysawith OS200801:19
fysait was absolutely gorgeous at the dpi of this screen.01:19
LinuxCodeok moonlander sucks01:19
LinuxCodeif you dont edit the keymap01:19
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Alenditn800 is just as fast as n810, isn't it?01:21
nomisAlendit: no01:21
nomisah sorry.01:22
Alenditlink plz01:22
nomisFor some reason I read "just as fat as..."01:22
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fysalink to?01:23
Alenditlink to info that n800 is slower than n81001:24
nomisAlendit: it isn't, ignore me  :)01:24
LinuxCodetuxpuck = shufflepuck01:24
LinuxCodeits too hard though01:24
Alenditj0, i know, it wasa funny01:24
Alenditanyone got 1gb free space and want to test wikipedia on n800?01:25
Alenditor n81001:25
Alenditoffline wikipedia = mokopedia01:25
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LinuxCodedoes the n800 have IR ?01:28
*** Super_Cas has quit IRC01:28
cesmanno, it doesn't01:28
LinuxCodetheres a ir remote here01:28
lcuk_2LinuxCode, moonlander prefs - with the onboard i couldnt find the keymap, where is it01:28
LinuxCodelcuk_2, its tells you in the app01:28
LinuxCode~/.moonlander or so01:29
LinuxCodecant recall01:29
LinuxCodeI had to reboot01:29
lcuk_2i looked but couldnt see it01:29
LinuxCodecouldnt esc01:29
* lcuk_2 is blind01:29
lcuk_2fullscreen button works nicely01:29
LinuxCodewhite print bottom screen01:29
LinuxCode2/3rd down01:29
*** gopi has joined #maemo01:29
LinuxCodelcuk_2, it does ?01:29
LinuxCodeon the N810 ?01:29
lcuk_2oh crap yer i think so - quake just started at full volume01:30
lcuk_2the missus isnt happy!01:30
*** |tbb| has quit IRC01:30
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lcuk_2LinuxCode, yer, escape quits (lower button on front left pad ;) )01:31
LinuxCodedidnt here01:32
* LinuxCode tries again01:32
LinuxCodelcuk_2, didnt ou say the new fbreader was borked ?01:32
lcuk_2yes but it got updated01:32
LinuxCodeahh ok01:32
*** behdad has quit IRC01:32
LinuxCodeI updated it works01:32
LinuxCodeso I wondered01:32
LinuxCodekohlenmunk, shut up!01:32
lcuk_2it now works nicely going forewards on my big books01:32
kohlenmunkpoor Linuxcode01:33
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo01:33
lcuk_2backwards is a bit sluggish now01:33
lcuk_2but not enough to file a bug report, i cant be sure it was like that before01:33
LinuxCodeseems ok ish here01:33
kohlenmunkpoor LinuxCode01:33
*** |tbb| has quit IRC01:34
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*** krzlou has joined #maemo01:35
LinuxCodelcuk_2, it wont let me get out mate01:35
LinuxCodemenu key mate ?01:36
lcuk_2it just let me out a few seconds ago01:36
LinuxCodefull screen key dont work01:36
lcuk_2escape key01:36
*** krzlou has quit IRC01:36
lcuk_2left hand side01:36
*** dskippy has quit IRC01:36
LinuxCodelcuk_2, am I blond ?01:36
LinuxCodewhere is the esc key lol01:36
*** danilo_ has quit IRC01:36
lcuk_2there are only 2 fudgin buttons on the left hand side, press each one and try ;)01:37
LinuxCodelcuk_2, I am lol01:37
LinuxCodethis thing hates me01:37
lcuk_2lol you broked it01:38
LinuxCodecan somebody remove kohlenmunk ?01:39
kohlenmunkpoor LinuxCode01:39
*** Niacin has joined #maemo01:39
Niacindoes the n770 have a built in serial port?01:39
Niacinlike inside? or through expansion?01:39
LinuxCodeNiacin, no01:39
LinuxCodeohh 77001:39
LinuxCodenot sure01:39
LinuxCodethe n810 doesnt01:39
kohlenmunkpoor LinuxCode01:39
Niacin;\ has anyone broken it open and checked?01:40
kohlenmunkpoor LinuxCode01:40
LinuxCodelcuk_2, are you on the N800 and you have got an esc key ?01:40
kohlenmunkpoor LinuxCode01:40
*** k`sOSe has quit IRC01:40
johnxLinuxCode, it's the curly arrow on the left01:40
kohlenmunkpoor LinuxCode01:40
johnxif it doesn't work with a tap hold it down01:41
LinuxCodethe yen sign ?01:41
*** gopi has quit IRC01:41
lcuk_2no, on 810 and i have a brightness sensor, a camera eye, then a home button and finally an escape key01:41
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo01:41
johnxLinuxCode, you're on an N800, right?01:41
*** k`sOSe has joined #maemo01:41
LinuxCodetheres keys!01:41
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:41
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:41
LinuxCodethe manual didnt mention them01:41
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:42
LinuxCodeok so the bottom thing is the esc key ?01:42
lcuk_2but you needed one of them to update your flash when you first got it...01:42
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:42
*** fab has quit IRC01:42
elbhah that *is* ESC01:42
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:42
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:42
elbor at least, osso-xterm treats it as ESC01:42
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:43
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:43
elbwhich is good enough for me ;-)01:43
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:43
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:43
lcuk_2i use it to exit quake01:43
johnxLinuxCode, ok from top to bottom: curly arrow = escape, menu = menu, and home = home01:43
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:43
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:43
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:43
*** Tama^2 has quit IRC01:43
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:43
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:43
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:44
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:44
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:44
*** denny has joined #maemo01:45
lcuk_2am i just being totally thick or does ASCII stop way 273?01:45
lcuk_2way before 27301:45
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:45
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:45
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:45
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:45
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o denny01:45
kohlenmunkPOOR LINUXCODE01:45
LinuxCodedenny, appreciate it01:45
*** denny sets mode: +b *!*n=WP-Gast@*.dclient.hispeed.ch01:45
*** denny sets mode: -o denny01:45
dennyeww, sucky banmask01:46
*** dphil9000 has joined #maemo01:46
* denny reconfigures x-chat01:46
LinuxCodedenny, hehe01:46
elbthank you, denny01:46
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o denny01:46
*** denny sets mode: +b %*!*@77-56-70-119.dclient.hispeed.ch01:46
*** denny sets mode: -b *!*n=WP-Gast@*.dclient.hispeed.ch01:46
*** denny sets mode: -o denny01:46
lcuk_2the troll was right tho, it is linuxcode who didnt know about buttons01:46
LinuxCodelcuk_2, so the bottom key is esc ?01:47
LinuxCodelcuk_2, bahaha01:47
LinuxCodewhats the top key ?01:47
lcuk_2system menu01:47
lcuk_2hold it down for a couple of seconds and all programs will be minimised01:47
LinuxCodeand then id assume the bottom left key is menu ?01:47
johnxLinuxCode, you're on an N800, right?01:47
lcuk_2quick tap just opens it01:47
*** kohlenmunk has left #maemo01:47
LinuxCodejohnx, N810 mate01:47
*** JussiP has quit IRC01:48
elbLinuxCode: the key with the same icon as the title bar is menu, yeah01:48
LinuxCodeIm sure it didnt mention them in the manual they give you01:48
elbI trust you noticed the fullscreen and +/- buttons ;-)01:48
*** denny has left #maemo01:48
LinuxCodeor im blind01:48
LinuxCodeelb, course01:48
elbthe manual doesn't mention a lot of things01:48
LinuxCodehence I thought lcuk_2 was taking the piss haha01:49
lcuk_2i almost backed out of this when i saw how few buttons were on the front - i liked the front of the 800 but was desperate for the keyboard01:49
elbit's pretty clearly still a hacker's device01:49
LinuxCodelcuk_2, I love the keybaord01:49
LinuxCodeelb, I kinda agree01:49
LinuxCodebut it does all I wanted01:49
LinuxCodeand more is still happeneing01:49
lcuk_2its good for some things, but i am getting a bluetooth one in (17) days01:49
LinuxCodeas long as amsn, xchat, fbreader etc.. work01:49
elboh, yeah, if you're willing ot futz with it, it's an amazingly powerful idea01:49
elbbut the documentation is thin, and a lot of things don't quite Just Work01:50
LinuxCodeand I can get my email01:50
LinuxCodetheres still problems I need to sort01:50
LinuxCodelike syncing with gpesyncd01:50
LinuxCodedunno why it wont sync atm01:50
LinuxCodeit appeared to do it once01:50
elblcuk_2: I've been trying to decide if a bluetooth keyboard would mean I could not carry a laptop some significant percentage of the time01:50
elbI think with a better terminal application, it would01:50
LinuxCodeelb, I want bash!01:51
elbLinuxCode: so install bash01:51
LinuxCodethis ash non-sense01:51
LinuxCodeelb, true could do01:51
lcuk_2the tiny keyboard is perfect for day to day and entering web addresses etc is ok and maybe a few quick mails, but for coding i need a main board01:51
elbit's in maemo hackers or maemo extras or one of those01:51
LinuxCodelcuk_2, true01:51
LinuxCodefor me its mainly a ssh device01:51
LinuxCodeif something goes wrong on a server01:51
LinuxCodeand I need to organise01:52
LinuxCodewhich is why I must get gpesyncd sorted ;-|01:52
LinuxCodenon of you fellas happen to use it ?01:52
*** behdad has joined #maemo01:52
lcuk_2ours is a jack of all trades, from games to dev to chatting to music to movies *and* its also now our remote control (ive ditched our infra-red one and hacked a TCP pad together01:53
LinuxCodelcuk_2, haha01:53
lcuk_2i havent configured mail - i use gmail01:53
LinuxCodea little warning01:53
LinuxCodeif you, by chance, like me have 6000 messages in your inbox01:53
LinuxCodeN810 != good01:53
LinuxCodebut theres an option to only get the last 10 messages01:53
dphil9000Gmail pop or imap work well01:54
elbLinuxCode: there are several other mail clients which you might find handle that better01:54
LinuxCodeI need to find out how to kill the email01:54
elbclaws, modest, etc.01:54
*** rkabir has joined #maemo01:54
LinuxCodeelb, yes I need to experiment01:54
johnxLinuxCode, seriously stay away from the built-in email app01:54
Alenditi need testers01:54
LinuxCodeI have them installed ..problem is I require certificates01:54
LinuxCodeI cant get the damn certs to work01:55
LinuxCodejohnx, I figured that bit01:55
LinuxCodestill need to test more01:55
johnxAlendit, what would I be testing?01:55
lcuk_2its no wonder linuxcode, to get the certs to work you have to hold down the esc key01:55
LinuxCodeI need to figure how to flash my device to the latest OS2008 build01:55
Alenditportable wikipedia01:55
LinuxCodelcuk_2, you kidding ?01:55
* LinuxCode smacks lcuk_2 01:55
Alendit1gb big image that contain whole german wikipedia01:55
elbLinuxCode: you can install your CA certificate for the system, that might do the job01:55
Alenditor 3,2gb image with english01:56
LinuxCodeelb, already did mate01:56
elbthat's in the control panel, I think01:56
lcuk_2ah alen, its just gone from being w00000t to "oh" - im english so i cant test01:56
LinuxCodeproblem is thawte exports as p1201:56
LinuxCodeI converted to pem/crt01:56
elbahh you can use opessl to ... never mind01:56
LinuxCodeimported fine..but cant seem to sign email01:56
LinuxCodeAlendit, I speak german, but I dont see why I would want a german wikipedia ;-|01:57
LinuxCode+ I have not enough space01:57
LinuxCodeI still havent ordered the 8GB sdhc card01:57
lcuk_2alen, if you had a smaller test version people would be more willing to see01:57
elb3.2GB of poorly researched articles, politically skewed maunderings, and outright lies01:57
elbI'm so excited01:57
johnxAlendit, sadly I don't speak German and I don't have 3.2GB of space :(01:57
lcuk_2elb, why are you describing my wikipedia page?01:57
Alenditi'll make smaller test image tomorow01:58
LinuxCodefor you who didnt see my warning!01:58
lcuk_2does it load from internal browser01:58
LinuxCoderss reader applet...dont enable scrolling01:58
LinuxCodeits a battery kiler, cpu killer01:58
Alenditit runs lighttps daemon01:58
LinuxCodeand a pain in the arse01:58
lcuk_2cool Alendit, when you become happy with system whats the chances of extracting from english DB?01:59
lcuk_2or would it be something the user could do.  ie follow links given a few base articles and areas of interest02:00
Alenditwell, i'm not the developer of it, i just ported it (quite poorly) from openmoko..and you can use any image of wikipedia02:00
lcuk_2"i want to see all supermodel articles which include pictures and links to their playboy pages"02:00
Alenditjust run scripts from on wiki dump02:01
Alenditand it has no pictures02:01
LinuxCodelcuk_2, glad to see you get your priorities right ;-p02:01
lcuk_2no linux thats not my priorities, its just i already have that search result saved, so i can do some ermm fact checking02:02
lcuk_2yes, fact checking02:02
Alenditit's my howto on it, you can try it with some smaller image, just make it with mksquashfs-tools02:02
Alenditi'll go sleep, cya02:02
LinuxCodelcuk_2, i see!02:02
LinuxCodenn Alendit02:03
*** Alendit has quit IRC02:03
lcuk_2wasnt there a competition earlier last year about compressing a wiki extract02:03
*** pdz has joined #maemo02:03
LinuxCodeclaws email mmm02:03
lcuk_2ahhhh, bit longer - 16th august 200602:03
elbmake [citation needed] 1 bit on a huffman tree and you're ahead of the competition02:03
LinuxCodeno idea how to import certs02:03
LinuxCodethis whole cert thing will be a problem..I can say so much02:04
lcuk_213th *02:04
*** alex-weej has quit IRC02:06
|tbb|alendit any screenshot how it looks like on n8x002:07
*** becksbier has quit IRC02:07
lcuk_2tbb, hes gone, but it should look wikipedia enough just without any images02:07
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC02:08
*** pdz- has quit IRC02:08
lcuk_2ok, found moonlander keys in scp earlier. tell me if this makes sense:02:08
lcuk_2# Enter the ASCII decimal code02:08
|tbb|hmmh, so better than the sdict viewer version then02:08
lcuk_2im not sure02:09
lcuk_2ask him tomorrow02:09
lcuk_2ASCII is 7 bit, even 8 bit extended ASCII is still max of 255.    how the heck is 276 a valid ASCII code?02:10
LinuxCodeis it maybe the keycodes for the errm what was it called again02:10
LinuxCodelcuk_2, were you here when i made a pipekey ?02:10
LinuxCodefor the shell02:11
johnxlcuk_2, well it's not x11 keycodes...02:11
lcuk_2no but i know what you mean02:11
lcuk_2you enter them on the console just under the warp manifold just at the other end of that jeffries tube02:11
*** fysa has quit IRC02:12
LinuxCodemeh I thought I had the key list bookamrked02:12
lcuk_2ive got it somewhere, eyes and fingers just a bit busy at the mom02:13
* lcuk_2 doesnt know how the extra m got in there02:13
LinuxCodefor osso-xterm I just omitted the VK_ bit02:14
lcuk_2well have you altered your keys for moonlander?   if so dig them out and tell me what you have used and what codes they are02:15
lcuk_2plz ?02:15
LinuxCodehehe no02:15
LinuxCodebut now I can esc02:15
lcuk_2then how do you play it02:15
LinuxCodeit says02:16
hachidoes anyone know why the jffs on nokia devices is mounted though an mtd driver layered on top of an ide device?02:16
LinuxCodeedit ~/.moon_lander02:16
LinuxCodeedit ~/.moon_lander_keys02:16
lcuk_2i have done02:16
johnxhachi, IDE device?02:16
* LinuxCode starts terminal02:16
LinuxCodei see02:17
hachiI... thought I was looking at the boot options for maemo on my nokia and it says something like mtd[something]=hda root=/dev/mtd02:17
johnxhachi, I'm pretty sure it's an ordinary NAND chip. No IDE interfaces at all inside the tablet I think...02:17
hachihmm, I'll look again, I'm asking this question from memory :\02:17
johnxyou have me curious :)02:17
johnxI'll look through dmesg02:17
lcuk_2where is that held john?02:18
johnxlcuk_2, just run dmesg02:18
LinuxCodelcuk_2, be nice if we knew the key valuees of the joypad ;-|02:19
johnxit holds the kernel messages in a smallish buffer in RAM02:19
johnxmaybe 64KB at most?02:19
hachijohnx: part of why I'm asking is because the mtd website is down and so I can't read all the docs they have up there :)02:19
*** lophyte has joined #maemo02:20
lcuk_2wicked!    thanks johnx :) [34471.882812] slide (GPIO 110) is now open02:20
lophytehey all, is it possible to configure an n800/os2008 to act as a wifi bridge?02:20
lophytebetween usbnet<->wifi02:20
johnxhachi, I'm looking at dmesg but I don't see any references to hda02:20
jotthehe is almost playable on a n810 :)02:20
*** EnigmaCurry has joined #maemo02:21
lcuk_2wow, thats total time since boot on the left hand side isnt it02:21
johnxit would appear so02:22
hachias reported by gettimeofday02:22
johnxlophyte, is specific kernel support required for bridging?02:22
LinuxCodelcuk_2, hey!02:22
LinuxCodeyou know what..02:23
lophyteyeah I just saw it in the wiki...02:23
lophytehave to compile your own kernel modules to do NAT02:23
LinuxCodethe ascii values were in the list I had02:23
LinuxCodefrom the source02:23
LinuxCodebut I didnt bookamrk it02:23
* LinuxCode googles02:23
johnxlophyte, you could do bridging instead I think02:23
lophyteyeah, maybe02:23
lophyteI don't recall how, I'll have to look it up02:23
johnxbut you'd have to do lots of scripting when interfaces appeared and went away02:23
|tbb|anyone knows if the wlan adapter use much power while doing a adhoc connection (not connected to another pc)02:23
johnxunless you *need* a bridge, I would do NAT if I were you...02:24
dphil9000johnx: several kernel options required for iptables to bridge or nat02:24
johnx|tbb|, I'm pretty sure ad-hoc is a lot more power hungry than infrastructure mode...02:24
johnxdphil9000, thanks. that's what I thought02:24
dphil9000Just finished bridging bluetooth to ppp on my laptop02:25
|tbb|ah k02:25
dphil9000To get the n810 to the net02:25
johnxI've never had terribly good results with bridging interfaces that came and went as they pleased...but I'm willing to call it user error...02:25
|tbb|jott isnt lemmin java based02:25
jott|tbb|: yeah..02:26
jottit is02:26
dphil9000Actually nat is better than bridge for dynamic interfaces02:26
lophytejohnx, os2008 has no brctl...02:26
lophyteno bridging either02:26
johnxthat's easy enough to get I would assume02:26
|tbb|java available to chinook02:27
johnxlophyte, both should be doable02:27
dphil9000I ended up using nat without brctl02:27
johnxdphil9000, aaah. ok. When you said "bridge" I thought you meant "bridge" :P02:27
Niacinanyone got pictures of the inside of a 770?02:27
dphil9000Wish i could build a custom kernel for the tablet02:28
jottthe unstable repository supports swing02:28
johnxNiacin, lots of pics on google "nokia 770 disassembly"02:28
johnxdphil9000, you can rebuild the Nokia kernel at least with your own options02:29
dphil9000Like iptables and nat?02:29
johnxyeah, sure02:29
johnxthose are easy cause you can build them as modules02:29
johnxyou just need a scratchbox and nokia's kernel source.02:30
dphil9000Then your nat might work, it doesn't need brctl02:30
lophyteI just don't feel like doing it, lol02:30
lophytewas hoping there'd be a more simple solution02:30
*** petergunn has joined #maemo02:31
*** Niacin has quit IRC02:31
jotti wonder if there is a vm supporting jazelle02:31
dphil9000Haven't finished setting up scratchbox on gentoo02:31
* johnx stabs metalayer-crawler02:31
johnxstupid thing, crawlin' all over my system...02:31
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo02:33
LinuxCodelcuk_2, click is on now on BBC News 2402:33
|tbb|how many watts a n770 will eat when its on full power02:35
|tbb|is that known02:35
|tbb|jott thx02:35
*** murrayc has quit IRC02:37
*** jackster has quit IRC02:39
*** johnx has quit IRC02:47
*** smackpotato has quit IRC02:50
*** felipec has quit IRC02:52
*** tbf has quit IRC02:52
*** sssshhhhhhhhh has joined #maemo02:53
*** EnigmaCurry has quit IRC02:53
sssshhhhhhhhh /msg NickServ help02:55
*** johnx has joined #maemo02:57
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC03:00
*** Luria has joined #maemo03:03
*** jegp has joined #maemo03:04
*** cyberbillp has joined #maemo03:06
cyberbillpIs anyone live here?03:07
*** cyberbillp has quit IRC03:07
Luriawatching superbowl03:08
*** cyberbillp has joined #maemo03:08
rkabiri'm here03:10
cyberbillpCool. I'm looking for a bit of advice on installing the SDK for OS2008.03:11
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC03:11
johnxcyberbillp, What's the question?03:11
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo03:12
cyberbillpThe install file says to install as "root". Yet the script specifically checks and prohibits "root". I'm not sure what to do.03:12
cyberbillpsudo fails as "root" users as well.03:12
johnxiIRC, one of the scripts needs to be run as root and one needs to be run as a user03:14
cyberbillpI'm on step 1.03:14
johnxcan you link me to the specific guide you're following03:15
johnx(it seems like there are a million sdk howtos floating around...)03:15
*** jeff1f has joined #maemo03:15
cyberbillpI'm actually at step 2.1 which is first for a new install03:16
johnxso, "sudo ./" complains that it doesn't want to be run as root?03:16
jottthe scratchbox installation needs root privileges and the maemo sdk installation has to be run as user03:16
cyberbillpYes, sudo errors about being root. And it's the scratchbox install script.03:17
jottcould you pastebin what you did and the output of it?03:17
cyberbillpAll of it?03:18
cyberbillp[bill@cyberbillp~]$ sudo ./maemo-sdk-install_4.0.sh03:19
cyberbillpThis script will install maemo SDK 4.0 chinook release to your computer.03:19
cyberbillpInstall options03:19
cyberbillpDo not download or install Nokia EUSA binaries (no)03:19
cyberbillpForce remove of existing targets (no)03:19
cyberbillpAlternative sources.list ('')03:19
cyberbillpTarget configuration for armel (CHINOOK_ARMEL)03:19
cyberbillpTarget configuration for i386 (CHINOOK_X86)03:19
jottpastebin != paste to channel :P.. but ok ;)03:19
cyberbillpChecking for prerequisites03:19
cyberbillpwget tool in path... /usr/bin/wget03:19
cyberbillpChecking for dpkg tool in path... which: no dpkg in (/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/opt/bin:/usr/local/games:/opt/kde/bin:/usr/lib/qt/bin:/opt/xfce4/bin:.:/usr/X11R6/bin:/opt/xfce4/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/opt/xfce4/bin)03:19
cyberbillpnot found.03:19
cyberbillpRunning outside of scratchbox... yes03:19
cyberbillpScript not run as user root... no03:19
cyberbillpE: This script should NOT be run as user root.03:19
cyberbillpoops. Never been big on irc.03:19
infobot[~pastebin] A "pastebin" is a web-based service where you can paste anything over 3 lines without flooding the channel. Here are links to a few : , , , ,
jottcyberbillp: you ran the sdk install not the scratchbox install ;)03:20
jott(scratchbox => sudo , sdk => user)03:20
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC03:21
johnxcyberbillp, it's ok. Everyone is new to IRC once. :)03:21
*** greentux_ has joined #maemo03:21
jottcyberbillp: and you have to run the scratchbox install first03:22
cyberbillpThanks tons, I knew it was something stupid I was doing.03:24
jottyou're welcome ;)03:24
cyberbillpThanks for the pastebin info too.03:24
*** |tbb| has quit IRC03:25
*** jegp has left #maemo03:28
*** Zetx has joined #maemo03:30
*** leo2007 has quit IRC03:34
*** greentux has quit IRC03:37
*** joshin has joined #maemo03:40
*** VimSi has quit IRC03:42
*** VimSi has joined #maemo03:42
*** Luria has quit IRC03:45
*** kuzew is now known as admin_03:45
*** admin_ has joined #maemo03:45
jott hmmmm interesting03:46
*** Andy80 has quit IRC03:48
*** kuzew has joined #maemo03:48
*** Luria has joined #maemo03:49
lcuk_2jott, has anyone confirmed this?03:50
jottnot yet, but the report sounds plausible03:50
*** admin___ has joined #maemo03:50
jott(confirmed as in "not me".. ;)03:51
jottwill try tomorrow..03:51
lcuk_2nice, let us know.  if i knew enough i would attempt myself tonight03:52
jottjust install the packages and see if it works ;)03:52
lcuk_2just atarting a backup now :)03:54
jeff1fdoesn't that just mean that sync times would only be slow in jan and feb 08?03:55
jeff1fI know the gps was still very slow in december03:56
lcuk_2thats maybe what i read and its all one guy giving info and patches and his results may be anecdotal (different location for tests, inteference or other things)03:57
lcuk_2its never locked for me when sat on my window sill, so i will install patch and see03:58
*** b0unc3_ is now known as b0unc304:00
jottlcuk_2: as far as i understood this patch will not help for the first fix but only for the following (if it helps at all)04:07
lcuk_2i know because if the timing is off then where it thinks each sat is in the sky is incorrect04:08
lcuk_2the stored info may still be off until after a full cycle04:09
lcuk_2or thats how i read it04:09
*** admin___ has left #maemo04:12
sssshhhhhhhhhhopefully quick question : does anyone know where to find libassa for granule?  ( os 2008 - n800)04:13
johnxI have no idea04:17
johnxmaybe the one from bora will work?04:17
sssshhhhhhhhhdidn't think about trying that one.   I found a .deb on sourceforge, but wasn't sure if it was related.04:17
johnxwhat's link to the .deb on sf?04:18
sssshhhhhhhhh(scroll down)04:18
johnxit might be04:19
johnxthere's only two things that end in "armel.deb" : packages for maemo and packages for debian armel04:19
sssshhhhhhhhheh, what would it hurt - I can try it and see if it works.  I could just wipe & re-install if it goes south.04:20
johnxgo for it. :)04:20
johnxtell me how it works04:20
* johnx should really start using a flash card program to study04:20
*** ustunozgur has joined #maemo04:21
sssshhhhhhhhhokay - I'll try it in a bit & let you know.04:21
*** jeff1f has quit IRC04:23
*** fysa has joined #maemo04:30
*** Dregz has quit IRC04:33
sssshhhhhhhhhincompatible application package.04:36
johnxback in a bit04:41
johnxhave to flash BIOS :|04:41
*** johnx has quit IRC04:42
sssshhhhhhhhhgood luck04:42
cyberbillpgotta reboot. My /tmp was to small (tmpfs) to install scratchbox. Thanks again for the help.04:46
*** cyberbillp has quit IRC04:46
smackpotatoanyone a expert on kdrive04:59
smackpotatodoes it have a virtual core pointer05:00
*** pigeon has quit IRC05:01
*** pigeon has joined #maemo05:02
*** matt_c has quit IRC05:03
*** matt_c has joined #maemo05:03
*** s1d has quit IRC05:10
*** s1d has joined #maemo05:13
*** smackpotato has quit IRC05:16
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo05:18
smackpotatowow what a difference that gspd patch makes05:19
smackpotato20 seconds and 7 satalites lock on05:19
smackpotatoinside even05:20
elbwhat gpsd patch is that?05:20
elbmaybe this explains why my gps works fine, and all I hear from others is crying about how slow it is05:20
LinuxCodesmackpotato, thats greatnews05:21
smackpotatoits over at inttabelttalk05:21
elboh, so it's not simply the latest os2008 or anything05:22
elband my GPS apparently just remains freakishly fast ;-)05:22
LinuxCodei need to put the latest os2008 on05:22
LinuxCodei dont even know what the latest is05:22
smackpotatoaperently its  very simple it saved thw wrong date or something05:23
smackpotatowher are you elb05:25
elbIN, USA05:25
LinuxCodeim using latest05:26
smackpotatothats not the different results then05:27
* LinuxCode is kinda disappointed05:27
*** mankod has quit IRC05:27
smackpotatohow so LinuxCode05:27
*** legind has joined #maemo05:28
LinuxCodedunno was hoping for more goodies ;-p05:28
LinuxCodeand some fixes05:28
smackpotatoi havent got the thumbboard figered out05:28
*** mankod has joined #maemo05:28
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo05:29
*** Luria has quit IRC05:30
LinuxCodewhat a disgrace they only out the winblows flasher online05:30
LinuxCodepublic I mean05:30
smackpotatoi wish the light sensor was not under my finger half the time05:30
LinuxCodeif I hasnt asked here I wouldnt have the linux flasher05:30
LinuxCodesmackpotato, chop it off hehe05:30
LinuxCodeI just use the stand05:31
LinuxCodeand grab it from undeneath05:31
LinuxCodeso it wont fall out but its comfy05:31
dphil9000Me too, left handed with the stylus05:31
LinuxCodesmackpotato, wheres the patch ? you got a direct lik ?05:31
smackpotatoone minute05:32
*** smackpotato has quit IRC05:36
elbthe light sensor on my tablet doesn't appear to do anything05:37
elbmy brightness level never changes05:37
*** jacques has joined #maemo05:37
LinuxCodeput ya finger over it05:37
LinuxCodedoes the keybaord light up ?05:37
elbthe keyboard lights up any time I open it05:38
LinuxCodeit should only come on when its dark05:38
LinuxCodeand when you are typing05:38
elbnope, comes on any time I open the device05:39
elband goes out after 20-30 seconds, unless I hit a key05:39
elbbut covering the sensor doesn't re-light it05:39
LinuxCodemaybe some settings option ?05:39
elbI dunno, I assumed it was just disabled by default, but I haven't seen a way to turn it on05:39
elbmaybe it doesn't work on this tablet05:39
elbnothing there about the light sensor05:41
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo05:41
LinuxCodegot the forum link too ?05:41
smackpotatoyou need to be in redc pill mode fvor it to install05:42
LinuxCodehow do i set it into red pill mode ?05:42
smackpotatoopen app manager05:42
LinuxCodek ..then ?05:43
elbLinuxCode: I am assuming you *do* have a light sensor setting in the display prefs?05:43
LinuxCodeno mate05:43
LinuxCodejust brightness and all05:44
LinuxCodejuster wondered if yours was off05:44
LinuxCodehence akward behaviour05:44
smackpotatomenue tools app cadalog05:44
elbI have my brightness set to the lowest setting05:44
elbI wonder if that's involved05:44
LinuxCodesmackpotato, k05:44
LinuxCodeahh ok05:44
LinuxCodeI did that manually in apt-get05:44
*** heywire has joined #maemo05:45
smackpotatoreplace http\\   with matrix05:45
smackpotatopress cancel05:45
smackpotatopress red pill05:45
LinuxCodethats pathetically funny05:46
LinuxCodewhich pill lol05:46
elbit totally is05:46
elbif I set the brightness to something higher, the light sensor does something05:46
oilwhat is the blue pill ?05:46
smackpotatodont forgetg to changbe itg back to blue pill aavter05:46
smackpotatoblue pill is normal05:47
oilit will give a longer uptime for the tablet? ;)05:47
oilthanks. so it will disable the red pill mode?05:47
elbno, it just restricts some settings in the application manager05:47
elbor rather, red pill *un*restricts some settings05:47
smackpotatored pill,is exta pakages that can screw things05:47
LinuxCodesmackpotato, k05:47
LinuxCodeits installed05:47
smackpotatoyou will have one last poor gps preformance05:48
LinuxCodegotta reboot huh ?05:48
LinuxCodeI try it tomorrow05:49
LinuxCodeI better got to bed05:49
LinuxCodeI have a meeting at 11.3005:49
LinuxCodeits 3:4905:49
diemanis there any good maemo developer primers?05:49
diemani just finished watchign superbowl etc05:49
diemanwell, and doing work for oncall :|05:49
oilsmackpotato: by installing only this one?
LinuxCodeoil, yes05:50
LinuxCodethe one is debug05:50
LinuxCodethe other is the headers05:50
LinuxCodethanks smackpotato05:50
oilok. great. I'll try that one as well.05:50
LinuxCoderight I better swing my bum into bed05:51
LinuxCodemaybe get 5 hours kip05:51
oilin asia we have a brand new day already :)05:51
smackpotatoya u guys always get,to bee first05:52
oilhmm.. ssh to the tablet is really handy.. but there is a disadvantage as well.. every now and then need to wonder around the house to look for the tablet :)05:52
smackpotatoget two05:53
oilhave already05:53
oilsmackpotato: what did you do to the gpsd?05:54
smackpotatother is a link to the patch it is someone elses work. it was saving the wrong date05:55
smackpotatoso,was acting as a cold start every time05:57
LinuxCodeim off to bed guys05:58
LinuxCodenn all05:58
LinuxCodeand thanks again for many good discussions and insigts05:58
*** slomo has quit IRC06:00
*** LinuxCode has quit IRC06:00
*** slomo has joined #maemo06:00
*** smackpotato has left #maemo06:02
*** rm_you has joined #maemo06:09
*** petergunn has quit IRC06:11
*** ustunozgur has quit IRC06:25
*** rkabir has quit IRC06:30
*** heywire has quit IRC06:35
*** doc|home has quit IRC06:42
*** maszo has joined #maemo06:43
*** Tama^2 has joined #maemo06:50
*** mat has quit IRC06:53
*** jacques has quit IRC06:54
*** eton has quit IRC07:01
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo07:04
*** dieman has left #maemo07:20
*** t_s_o has quit IRC07:23
*** masz1 has joined #maemo07:31
*** maszo has quit IRC07:33
*** slomo_ has joined #maemo07:53
*** sssshhhhhhhhh has quit IRC07:59
*** k-s has joined #maemo08:00
*** Luria has joined #maemo08:01
*** Luria has quit IRC08:04
*** Luria has joined #maemo08:07
*** slomo has quit IRC08:07
*** Sho_ has quit IRC08:11
*** pupnik has joined #maemo08:11
GeneralAntillesDo I want to reflash. :<08:17
*** matt_c has quit IRC08:18
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo08:21
*** jacques has joined #maemo08:22
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC08:23
hachiI'm trying to ping my n810 on the network08:23
hachilooked at the address it believes it has,
hachiin a default setup does pinging it work?08:23
oilhachi: might be difficult to find people with default setup here :) Anyway I suppose it should work.08:25
hachiI'm trying it from many nodes on my network, none of them can ping it... and it can ping them just fine08:25
hachilsmod doesn't show iptables as being loaded08:26
*** maszo has joined #maemo08:26
hachino rules in place... I see no filtering system in palce08:27
*** s1d has quit IRC08:27
*** Zic has joined #maemo08:28
*** masz1 has quit IRC08:28
hachinetstat -ln shows listening just fine08:28
hachinmap from another node says no reply when I do a TCP scan on 22 on the node manually08:29
oiland your netmask & default gw are ok as well?08:29
hachimy other machines on the network can't get an arp for the deivce08:29
hachidhcp assigned netmask, gateway is irrelevant because of that fact08:30
hachiWTF, my laptop can't get arp requests to the device08:33
hachisomething in the middle?08:33
hachiit's just wifi-to-wifi08:34
hachiI found one device that can, it's fine from there08:34
hachia mac mini08:34
hachimy ibm laptop finds it impossible to arp for the nokia08:40
*** johnx has joined #maemo08:48
*** maszo has quit IRC08:51
*** maszo has joined #maemo08:51
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo08:56
*** hfwilke has quit IRC08:58
*** matt_c has joined #maemo09:02
*** skibur has joined #maemo09:06
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC09:10
*** ch4os__ has joined #maemo09:10
*** spirytusick has joined #maemo09:10
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo09:11
*** Lurianic has joined #maemo09:15
*** Luria has quit IRC09:15
*** skibur has quit IRC09:17
*** Alendit has joined #maemo09:19
Alendithi all09:19
legindhallo Alendit09:24
Alenditwanna test offline wikipedia?09:25
Alenditfor n80009:25
Alenditi need testers09:25
Alenditit works on my n800, but i have no clue if it will work for someone else ^^09:26
*** juergbi has joined #maemo09:31
*** spirytusick has quit IRC09:31
*** tontsa has left #maemo09:34
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo09:35
*** Luria has joined #maemo09:35
*** fab has joined #maemo09:39
*** alterego has quit IRC09:39
*** rkabir has joined #maemo09:40
*** kaie has joined #maemo09:41
*** naba_ has quit IRC09:42
braddbrAlendit, is it easy to test? I will if i can do it fairly simply09:45
Alenditwas afk, sry09:48
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]09:48
Alenditread that
Alendithope you'll not have too much difficulities with my english ^^09:49
pupniki see someone built gtk1.2 armels.. might be fun to try building 'dillo' web browser09:49
BugBlueAlendit: can't you build a torrent of those files?09:50
Alenditi could, but there not so many people who want to dl it09:50
Alenditand these file are quite old09:50
Alenditnew ones will be build soon09:50
solmumahapupnik: can you put that ja2 to your site?09:51
solmumahaand maybe announce it on itt?09:51
solmumahaif it's not too much trouble09:51
braddbrok, where do i put .ko files?09:53
Alenditit doesn't matter09:53
braddbrand i imagine I have to modprobe it before running the app?09:53
Alenditput it in your home folder or something09:53
Alenditno, modprobe doesn't work :(09:53
Alenditinsmod + path09:53
Alenditmodprobe is buggy in os200809:53
Alenditthere no depmod09:54
braddbrok to put it all on my memory card?09:54
*** masz1 has joined #maemo09:54
*** legind_ has joined #maemo09:54
Alendityes, sure09:54
Alenditthen just insmod the file09:54
*** Lurianic has quit IRC09:55
*** maszo has quit IRC09:56
braddbrok, alendit, what do i do with the .img file?09:57
Alenditmount -o loop -t squashfs {path-to-wiki-image}/wikipedia_de_april_mini.img /media/squashfs09:57
Alenditjust save it somewhere and mount then09:57
braddbrok, its mounted.. now what?09:59
fysaslick, Alendit09:59
fysajust reading your mokopedia deal10:00
Alenditsry for my english, it's the best i can ^^10:00
*** guardian has quit IRC10:00
fysait all looks very good.  thanks for your work!10:01
fysamaybe I should order the 32GB SD now ;)10:01
Alenditno probs, i always wanted to port it to n800, even as i didn't have it ^^10:01
Alendit^^ i heard new wikipedia image is in working, this one is almost 1 year old10:02
fysahave you benchmarked squashfs at all?10:02
Alenditit need a plenty of time though10:02
Alenditabout 3 week10:02
Alenditno, i didn't10:02
fysanow that I think about it, someone mentioned that I/O is faster with higher CPU load (possibly due to processor scaling10:03
fysait's possible that squashfs would actually be faster because of that ;)10:03
Alendityeah, i heard about this bug (?)10:03
Alenditbut squashfs is fast enough for wiki now10:04
fysaI mean, the calculation required for squashfs compression may cause the CPU to scale higher sooner, making it faster than a 'normal' filesystem ;)10:05
Alenditwould be funny ^^10:05
*** legind has quit IRC10:05
braddbrAlendit: , maybe i will try again later when i find the depot for the libpcre* stuff10:06
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo10:06
Alenditit's in maemo extras repo10:06
Alenditi'll post the link in article10:06
*** florian has joined #maemo10:08
*** greentux_ has quit IRC10:09
Alenditadd deb chinook free non-free to /etc/apt/sources.list10:09
Alenditand run apt-get update10:09
*** naba has joined #maemo10:09
b0unc3good morning10:10
Alenditstrange, libpcre3 should be in normal maemo repository10:12
Alenditcan you send me your /etc/apt/sources.list ?10:12
Alenditor /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*10:12
Alendithi, b0unc310:12
braddbri am getting duplicates in apt-get update..10:13
floriangood morning10:13
Alenditit means you already have extras there10:14
Alenditsure, you can't install libpcre3 with apt-get?10:14
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw10:14
Alendithi, hrw10:15
braddbrapt-get  install libpcre3 needs dependencies.. you figure apt-get would find these..10:16
Alenditsry, i didn't understand that. libpcre3 need some dependencies and apt-get can't find them?10:18
braddbrapt-get install lighttpd says lighttpd : Depends: libcre3 (>=4.5) but it is not going to be installed10:20
braddbrapt-cache search libpcre3 shows that it exists10:20
Alenditdo apt-get install libpcre310:21
Alenditand then install lighttpd with dpkg -i lighttpd.deb10:22
braddbrI did tthe apt-get and it still says 'lighttpd: Depends: libpcrecpp0 ....' .. and lighttpd isn't even on the apt-get command line..10:23
braddbrdoes apt cache the packages for install?10:25
Alenditlighttpd isn't in repositories10:25
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC10:26
Alenditshould download it, there the link in article10:26
braddbrgimme a minute10:26
Alenditi updated post and pasted commands to install dependencies10:28
braddbri am going to reflash.. i did too much without understanding.. give me 5 mins to reinstall10:28
Alendityou don't really need it10:28
Alenditjust copypaste the dependencies line10:29
solmumahapupnik: thanks10:30
pupnikif you find pretter regions to screenshot please do so - i won't be able to test it for a while10:34
pupnik(no space on SD)10:34
*** Zenton has joined #maemo10:34
hrwsomeone have docs how to add locales, keyboard layouts to maemo?10:34
JaffaMorning, all10:35
*** Alendit_ has joined #maemo10:36
*** bilboed has joined #maemo10:37
*** cizarro has joined #maemo10:38
pupnikit's wonderful how 640x400 doubled dos games fit perfectly in the available non-fullscreen window space :)10:38
*** SudoMakeMeSamich is now known as Proteous10:40
*** Luria has left #maemo10:43
Tama^2Anyone using big (>8Gb) sd cards?10:43
tank-manwhy do you ask Tama^2 ?10:44
Tama^2I'm using 2x16Gb and would like to know if anyone else noticed they consume heaps of power10:44
pupnikthat's a very interesting question10:45
Alendit_braddbr, still here?10:46
braddbryup, installing ssh10:47
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo10:47
tank-manTama^2,  is that your situation now? you have 2x16 and your battery life is lower or are you just asking?10:47
Tama^2apparently even if I umount them and lock my n800 power isn't cut to the sd cards10:47
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo10:48
Tama^2yes lower, like 10 times lower in idle mode10:48
Tama^2I have run some tests and writing up about it10:48
*** mk8 has joined #maemo10:48
*** Alendit has quit IRC10:49
*** greentux has joined #maemo10:49
Tama^2but basically the punch line is that regardless of the mmcs being mounted or not when they are inserted I get x10 power consumption in dle mode10:49
Tama^2offline mode, no app, not desktop applet, no metalayer crawler, no rss, no email10:49
pupnikis there a /proc entry i can cat for power consumption info?10:50
*** monkeyiq has joined #maemo10:50
Tama^2you can indirectly see how much the battery is drained over time10:50
Tama^2no amperage info available AFAIK10:50
Tama^2On the bright side I found that in the above configuration *without* any sd card inserted the battery really lasts 10 days in idle mode10:52
Tama^2not bad10:52
fysaS3 storage could be useful.10:52
*** Cptn-N800 has joined #Maemo10:53
braddbrok, fresh install :) what libs do i need to install Alendit_ ??10:53
*** _collin_ has joined #maemo10:54
|tbb|Tama^2: are you telling about n810 or n800 or both10:55
pupnikTama^2: real time current consumption would be very interesting.  If you find anything (proc or dbus) let us know10:56
Tama^2I tested with an n80010:56
Tama^2ok pupnik :)10:56
johnxTama^2, do you think the difference between SD cards might be related to metalayer-crawler?10:56
johnxyou already answered that10:57
Tama^2johnx: that was my first bet and the reason I started testing... but it turns out that mt ot no mt makes no difference (after the indexing takes place)10:57
Tama^2I will finish the writeup and paste the link in here10:58
Tama^2at some stage...10:58
*** simon_ has quit IRC10:58
johnxJust thought of it because when I have my SD card with Debian in tn while OS2008 is running metalayer crawler goes crazy10:58
|tbb|Tama^2: do you have some symlinks to the cards?10:58
Tama^2|tbb|: nope, and it happens even with the cards unmounted10:58
*** rkabir21 has joined #maemo10:59
Tama^2again, the tests were run with and without metalayer crawler10:59
*** rkabir21 has quit IRC10:59
Tama^2so the poor crawler is not to blame ... for once10:59
Tama^2johnx: it appears the crawler has a known bug with symlinks (the bug was fixed at some stage but then resurfaced in a later version in some different form)11:00
johnxthat would make sense11:00
Tama^2johnx: I was reading about it on bugzilla today...11:01
Alendit_braddbr, sry was afk11:01
Alendit_copy&paste the line with dependecies11:01
|tbb|how to stop crawler, do it have a stop command? or just killing it11:01
fysamaybe I could store my music collection at S3, and then mount it from the N800 ;)11:01
johnxthe best part is that I'm having issues with trackerd (another indexing system) on my desktop ubuntu box11:01
johnxno matter where I go I can't escape O_o11:01
Alendit_apt-get install libpcre3 libpcre3-dev libpcrecpp0 perl perl-modules11:01
fysaThat would be $15 per month for 100GB.11:01
*** EruditeHermit has quit IRC11:01
johnx|tbb|, as root, /etc/init.d/metalayer-crawler0 stop11:02
johnx(or something like that)11:02
braddbrok, sources.list is empty.. sources.list.d/hildon... has deb chinook free non-free11:02
braddbri did a apt-get update.. apt-cache search libpcre3 finds nothing..11:02
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo11:02
Tama^2|tbb|: /etc/init.d/metalayer-crawler0 stop11:02
Alendit_add deb chinook free non-free11:03
Alendit_to sources.list11:03
*** maszo has joined #maemo11:04
*** maszo has quit IRC11:04
braddbrok, updating.. what is the diff between sources.list and the files in sources.list.d??11:05
Alendit_sources.list.d is a directory11:05
Alendit_all listes in source.list.d are quite the same as sources.list11:05
braddbrdoes application-manager use only sources.list.d/* ??11:06
Alendit_no, also sources.list11:06
Alendit_i think11:06
Alendit_quite sure11:06
hrwguys: is it "normal"  that n810 does not want to start when charged to full?11:07
hrwbraddbr: sources.list and sources.list.d/ entries are both correct11:07
hrwbraddbr: APT use both11:07
hrwand application-manager do not use 'sources.list' but it use APT (and APT use sources lists)11:08
Alendit_yeah, and since app manager is only a apt backend (i think) it should also use both11:08
Alendit_oh, didn't know tha11:08
hrwbut I do not know does it edit sources.list directly or handle it via APT11:09
braddbrok, dpkg -i lightttpd seems to set something in the apt-get stuff.. i did dpkg -i lighttpd.. its said libbz2 was a dependancy.. so i apt-get install libbz2.. it says replaced by bzip2.. so i did 'apt-get install bzip2' and that apt-get says 'lighttpd: Depends: libbz2...'11:10
hrwwhy not simple 'apt-get install lightttpd'?11:10
Alendit_cause there no lighttpd in repos11:10
hrwI know that maemo suxx when it comes to repositories but11:11
Alendit_do apt-get -f install11:11
braddbrwell i was using the version Alendit_  posted..11:11
hrwrumours say that os2011 will have feeds done right11:11
braddbrok, i got it :)11:11
Alendit_or i should say, i didn't find any lighttpd in repos11:11
|tbb|does the crawler runs (eat cpu power) while display is off and in flight mode?11:11
|tbb|Aendit_ do you got some screenshoots about mokopedia on n8x011:12
Alendit_mom, there are a screen cast (not from me)11:12
Alendit_mom = moment11:12
Tama^2|tbb|: it runs but does not necessarily use too much of your CPU11:13
braddbrAlendit_: lighttpd did not install a /etc/lighttpd.conf11:13
Alendit_i know11:13
Alendit_it's in mokopedia.tar.gz11:13
Alendit_just make tar xvf moko* -C /11:13
*** RP has quit IRC11:14
*** masz1 has quit IRC11:14
Tama^2I think my media library is to HUGE for canola Beta211:14
Tama^2it reboots the device O.o11:15
|tbb|how does it look like on n810, fullscreen or 240px width?11:15
*** Fang64 has joined #maemo11:17
*** bergie has joined #maemo11:19
*** Dar has joined #maemo11:20
*** simon_ has joined #maemo11:20
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:21
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:22
AD-N770bon dia / good morning11:23
braddbrAlendit_: I get mokopedia home page..  i added the small .img.. /media/squashfs/a/* exists, but when i search for 'a' nothing shows up11:24
Alendit_strange, let me think11:26
Alendit_|tbb| sry, i'm not registered11:26
*** Alendit_ is now known as Alendit11:26
*** atlas95 has left #maemo11:27
braddbrmaybe permission problems?11:28
Alendityou need only read permission11:28
*** Alendit is now known as Alendit_11:28
*** Alendit has joined #maemo11:29
*** Alendit is now known as Alendit_11:29
*** NetBlade has quit IRC11:29
*** RP has joined #maemo11:30
*** rkabir has quit IRC11:30
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo11:31
*** rkabir has joined #maemo11:32
*** Fang64 has quit IRC11:32
massoudhi there11:33
Alendit_braddbr, hey still there?11:34
braddbryeah.. i was looking at lightppd log.. i get /../../: No such file or directory at /src/www/htdocs/wiwk/mokopedia.cga line 110.. maybe i started lighttpd in the wrong dir?11:35
Alendit_cga = cgi?11:35
braddbryup, sorry11:36
Alendit_it should be srv/www11:36
Alendit_do you have src?11:36
braddbri have the cgi script..11:37
Alendit_do you have /srv/www/ directory?11:38
*** atlas96 has joined #maemo11:39
Alendit_wait a minute11:39
*** murrayc_ has joined #maemo11:39
|tbb|anyone knows how many watts or milliwatts a n770 will consume while its on 100% cpu and display on, was this checked before?11:39
Alendit_test image is corrupt11:41
Alendit_my fault11:41
Alendit_i'll upload new one11:41
*** guardian has joined #maemo11:47
Alendit_braddbr, have some probs uploading it to box11:47
braddbrok, just use my nic 'braddbr' when you are ready so i can hear the 'click'11:47
*** guardian has quit IRC11:48
*** guardian has joined #maemo11:49
*** atlas95 has quit IRC11:49
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC11:52
*** pcfe has joined #maemo11:54
Alendit_braddbr, done11:57
Alendit_should work now11:57
*** guardian has quit IRC11:57
*** guardian has joined #maemo11:57
solmumahahrw: still doesn't start?12:00
*** Cptn-N800 has left #Maemo12:01
*** atlas96 has left #maemo12:02
*** ken_ has quit IRC12:03
hrwsolmumaha: yep12:04
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo12:06
Alendit_braddbr, does it work?12:08
braddbrnope :( search for 'aaa' results (in /var/log/lighttpd/errors.log) can't opendir /media/squashfs/a/a/a/: No such file or directory12:10
*** atlas95 has quit IRC12:10
Alendit_do ls /meedia/squashfs/a/a12:10
braddbrno directories, only files 'AAA', 'AAAA' ... and there is a links.list12:11
Alendit_sure you use the new image?12:11
*** mat has joined #maemo12:11
*** Cptn-N800 has joined #Maemo12:12
braddbrdid a tar xf  mokopedia.tar -C /12:12
*** eton has joined #maemo12:12
Alendit_i mean the test.img12:12
braddbrno :)12:12
Alendit_redownload it12:12
*** rkabir has quit IRC12:12
solmumahahrw: sounds to me something is broken12:12
solmumahait should start if you plug in the charger12:13
*** rkabir has joined #maemo12:15
braddbrAlendit_:  werks :) (well i tried 'aa' and 'aaa')12:15
Alendit_now you can dl real wikipedia image and just mount it12:15
braddbrwhen i get a bigger SD card :)12:16
braddbrbtw, whats the biggest SD a n800 will support?12:16
Alendit_you should start lighttpd, insert squashfs module and mount image on every start12:16
Alendit_8gb i think12:16
Alendit_but i don't see why a 16gb shouldn't work12:17
braddbrits a nice little app. is this the first version?12:17
Alendit_i'll contact the developer and ask him if i can help develop it12:18
braddbrgood work12:18
Alendit_not sure he still work on it12:18
Alendit_it's not mine12:18
Alendit_i just ported it12:18
braddbrwell, its another app to add to the repo (when you get the .deb files working good)12:19
braddbrwell off to the other virtual desktop..12:20
Alendit_oh wait12:21
Alendit_ah, nevermind :)12:21
*** pcfe has quit IRC12:24
*** lardman|away is now known as lardman12:25
lardmanmorning all12:25
*** GnutoN810 has joined #maemo12:26
lardmanme is impressed with Ubuntu, except that grub had to be manually installed, and it still doesn't have a clue about multi-head setup or indeed remembering the one working screen's res and freq settings12:28
lardmanme should type a /12:28
*** Masca has quit IRC12:28
*** pcfe has joined #maemo12:29
*** Masca has joined #maemo12:29
Alendit_does anyone know how i can insmod on startup?12:32
Alendit_ok, thx12:33
*** pcfe has quit IRC12:35
ccookelardman: ... manually install grub? that doesn't sound like Ubuntu - unless you're using an odd install method12:36
pupnikgreets lardman12:36
lardmanhi pupnik12:37
lardmanccooke: it tried to install it and failed12:37
pupniklardman is a cute sdl demo (voxels) - will be very fast soon in full 800x48012:38
lardmanccooke: I've no idea where it tried installing it for that matter. I've got sda, sdb and an hda, I wonder if it thought that hda was first in the boot order while it's actually last12:38
pupnikand so tiny :) 8780 Feb  3 19:48 newvox12:38
lardmanpupnik: I'll have a look in a minute :)12:38
lardmanI can't believe Linux still has troubles with multihead though12:39
ccookelardman: that's not a big problem in Ubuntu anymore12:39
ccookealthough it's not as good as it *will* be12:39
lardmanbut it is! I installed it yesterday and it doesn't work ;)12:39
GeneralAntillesIt's hard to believe Linux still has troubles with a lot of things.12:39
ccookelardman: System -> Administration -> Screens and Graphics12:40
*** pcfe has joined #maemo12:40
ccooke(next release, when it goes live, *should* be automatically configured for multicast as soon as you plug the monitor in on most cards)12:40
lardmanyep, everytime I boot it doesn't remember the settings, and when I go to enable the extra screens it kills the xserver and either doesn't come back (alt-ctl-back space job) or just screws up the main screen res and doesn't enable the other screens12:41
ccookeWhat version are you running?12:42
lardmanperhaps I have something strange - 7900gtx w/ single main screen, 7300gs with two additional screens12:42
lardman7.10 iirc12:42
johnxlardman, are you using nvidia drivers or nv?12:42
ccookelardman: that's well outside the curve, yes. Are you using the nvidia... what johnx said :-)12:42
lardmanjohnx: nvidia12:43
lardmanso unsupported of course12:44
lardmanbut still, it shouldn't really matter as we're just talking about xorg.conf here12:44
johnxunsupported? you turned it on with Ubuntu's little "restricted driver manager" right?12:44
johnxah, so you said it forgets the settings?12:45
johnxdid you use nvidia's little control panel?12:45
lardmanAnother minor annoyance, should the Display & Screens applet actually work, is that is appears each card has to run/serve a separate Xserver. I.e. It says I can have a separate one on the 7300, but can't be the same as the 790012:45
ccookelardman: That's the way t works, yes12:45
lardmanjohnx: I just found that, yes I've tried it, but it doesn't seem to hold the changes12:46
lardmanjohnx: it can see all the monitors, etc, but the conf file it writes doesn't actually contain them12:46
johnxright, it gets run as user by default and it doesn't seem to have the good sense to complain that it can't write the changes to xorg.conf12:46
lardmanyeah, I wondered about that; it complains about not being able to open a gtk window when run as root12:46
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo12:46
johnxgksu nvidia-settings12:46
lardmanah, thanks :)12:47
johnxtook me long enough to figure WTH it was up to ...12:47
lardmanand yes, the built in applet seems to forget the monitor res and/or freq12:47
johnxyeah, I don't like that thing12:47
johnxevery time I run it, it breaks my *very simple* setup12:48
lardmannow the interesting thing is that after lots of effort I had a nice working 3 screen, single xserver setup on my Mandrakiva12:48
lardmanbut I obviously forgot to save the xorg.conf12:48
lardmanand Ubuntu doesn't seem to offer to span a single xserver over more than one card12:49
lardmanstrange (imo)12:49
johnxdo you remember if it was with twinview, xinerama or seperate x screens?12:49
lardmanyeah, this is where my terminology gets lost12:49
lardmannot xinerama - didn't maximise across screens12:49
johnxah twinview maximizes across screens12:49
johnxxinerama doesn't12:49
lardmanprobably a twinview style thing, but with 3 screens, all the same xserver12:49
lardmanah, other way round then12:49
johnxcan someone correct me if I'm wrong here? I was under the impression that multihead was always *one x server*12:50
lardmanyou can have a single xserver for each screen12:50
johnxand that in fact there is no good, simple way to have two x servers on two seperate VTs running12:50
lardman"start menu" on each window12:50
johnxlardman, right12:50
johnxthat's multiple "screens" on one x server12:50
johnxif I understand correctly12:51
lardmanhmm, the screens can't interact12:51
lardmanno copying across screens, etc.12:51
johnxsounds right12:51
johnxbut: ps auxc | grep Xorg12:51
lardmanthe display applet talks about a separate xserver for my second card, was why I thought that was true12:52
lardmanjohnx: at work atm12:52
* johnx risks running the display applet O_o12:52
lardmanI wonder if my multiscreen wonderfulness was a specific setting on the nvidia driver, I seem to remember there being some12:53
johnxhonestly, I would read a howto and craft an xorg.conf by hand. I think we're still 1 or 2 Linux releases away from completely automagic handling of arbitrary multi-monitor setups...12:54
johnxthe display applet is only talking to me about a "secondary screen"12:54
johnxnothing about x servers12:54
lardmanI know, that's what I did last time (was ~3 years ago though), just a bit disappointed that things haven't moved on yet12:54
johnxme too :(12:54
lardmando you have 2 cards?12:54
johnxone card12:54
johnxa lowly geforce 660012:54
johnxwhich is just fine for me :)12:55
lardmanyeah, it asks me about a second screen (which it may think is on the second output of my first card - but it has no monitor), then asks about a second card & xserver12:55
lardmanI used to have 2 screens, needed more space12:55
lardmanI think the applet is getting confused12:56
lardmanLast question...12:56
lardmanwhere is the current screen res & freq stored?12:56
*** Cptn-N800 has left #Maemo12:56
lardmanxorg.conf saves multiple possibilities, but does it save the chosen one?12:56
johnxthe current screen res?12:56
Alendit_are all files in rcx.d executed on runlevel x?12:56
johnxAlendit_, all files beginning with Snn (where nn is between 01 and 99) are executed as long as they're executable12:57
johnxAFAIK :)12:57
johnxlardman, it chooses the default based on what's first in the list of Modes12:58
johnxand the current one isn't saved at least I don't think it is12:58
lardmanah, ok, I'll do some tweaking there then12:58
johnxyeah, I need to fix my setup too12:58
lardmanok, one more question ;)12:58
johnxgo for it12:58
lardmanhow does one generate the random numbers for the screen res/freqs?12:59
lardmanwell I'm sure they're not random - modelines12:59
johnxfind a modeline generator12:59
lardmanyep, Google has sorted that out12:59
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo12:59
johnxif you can't find a modeline generator settle down for a couple weeks of research about how CRTs work13:00
* lardman wishes for Windows like simplicity with setting up displays13:00
johnxme too13:00
lardmanjohnx: :(13:00
johnxbut I prefer Linux's error messages when things don't work13:00
* johnx wrote his own modelines at one point13:00
johnxnever again13:00
lardmanoh yes, I prefer Linux in general, just some little (annoying things) :)13:00
johnxthe two monitor, no hotpluging setup is fine at least13:01
johnxtoo bad I don't want to waste CPU/GPU/RAM on drawing to my TV when it's off13:02
*** blafasel is now known as Blafasel13:02
lardmannever looks good on a tv out13:02
johnxlooks fine here, except my TV is horrible13:02
lardmanbut I suppose LCD tvs may be better13:02
glass_if it's clone mode to tv it shouldn't really take cpu/gpu/ram13:03
glass_lcd tv's are better off run through dvi. looks heaps better, doh.13:03
johnxglass_, the max res the nvidia card wants to run for TV out is 1024x768 ...13:03
glass_johnx: well the real reso with tv out is 720x480 or so13:03
glass_it just samples it13:03
lardmanmay be why my one looked nasty13:04
lardmanwas an old card, probably rubbish sampling13:04
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo13:04
glass_like, it can't overdrive svideo or composite...13:04
johnxlardman, standard TV resolution is just horrible is all :)13:04
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo13:04
lardmanesp if you're American ;)13:04
glass_720x480 is the optimum reso about if you can create custom resolutions13:04
johnxyeah, but my nvidia card won't agree to have the "native X11 resolution" for the TV out head be anything more than 1024x768 (I think)13:05
johnxso clone is kind of a non-starter...13:05
johnxwhat I need is some clever metamodes...13:05
*** fugitivo has joined #maemo13:05
*** barisione has joined #maemo13:05
glass_windows side i just use the "overlay to tv" thing13:06
lardmanall this fiddling is the kind of thing that stops me doing useful work :)13:06
glass_it zooms the overlays to a properish tv res(720x480) into the tvout13:06
lardmanwindows drivers have more love me thinks13:06
glass_because tv is rubbish for anything else than videos anyhow13:06
glass_yeah probably13:07
*** simon_ has quit IRC13:07
glass_mostly i just play vids with xbox tho to be honest13:07
johnxyeah...I used to have an older athlon as a dedicated media center but a smaller apartment meant some consolidation13:08
lardmanI've got a "showcenter" for that13:08
lardmananyway, thanks for your help chaps13:10
X-FadeHehe, I finally received a correct NL version N810 :)13:10
glass_old xboxes are great media centers13:10
glass_when modded13:10
glass_too bad they lack power for hd13:10
johnxglass_, yeah HD plays great here...gets nicely downscaled to 740x480 :)13:11
glass_and too bad the network chip broke in mine.. only works in 10mbit and only when passed through a 10mbit hub connected to a switch..(yeah it's freaky)13:11
*** Zenton has quit IRC13:11
glass_i just got a regular tv so i don't care about hd yet that much13:11
johnxnetwork problems tend to be that way...13:11
glass_the chips have a habit of breaking13:11
glass_10mbit is enough to play most stuff over the network13:12
*** Zenton has joined #maemo13:12
GeneralAntillesHD on the computer is the way to do it.13:14
GeneralAntillesTuners are a dime a dozen.13:14
lardmanwhat do you tune into though?13:14
lardmando you have HD broadcast for free in the US?13:14
GeneralAntillesOf course.13:15
GeneralAntillesAll OTA stuff is gonna be digital in 2009.13:15
lardmanah, fair enough13:15
lardmanneed to pay for satellite/cable here to get HD13:15
GeneralAntillesIt's basically PBS/FOX/ABC/CBS/NBC13:16
GeneralAntillesplus a few random other channels.13:16
GeneralAntillesJust fine for me.13:16
*** GnutoN810 has quit IRC13:16
GeneralAntillesI get it from the unencrypted QAM from the cable company, though.13:16
GeneralAntillesLittle easier than fiddling with an antenna.13:16
lardmanI emailed a chap at Nokia (from the headers) about the GPS data files, but no reply13:19
*** z72ka has joined #maemo13:20
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo13:22
GeneralAntillesIsn't disturbing to think about what could be done with these things if the platform were completely open? :(13:22
lardmanvery much so, but it might cost more to make then13:23
johnxGeneralAntilles, all the freaking time :(13:23
GeneralAntillesWhen are all the dinosaurs at TI gonna die off so their open their ish up?13:23
infobotGeneralAntilles meant: When are all the dinosaurs at TI gonna die off so they open their ish up?13:23
johnxGeneralAntilles, don't hold out for that. Sharp killed off the zaurus line long ago, and buried the source for lots of stuff with it13:24
*** guardian has quit IRC13:24
lardmanImgtech is of more interest13:24
lardmanthe PowerVR is probably the biggest unused feature13:24
ccookejohnx: "Long" ago? They only killed it last year...13:24
johnxccooke, well they've seemingly been trying to kill it since ~2003 or so...13:25
johnxbut I was referring to the US Zauruses, like the 5500 and 560013:25
johnxlardman, the long term though the battery charing stuff will be the "most wanted" feature I think13:25
*** guardian has joined #maemo13:26
ccookejohnx: no, not really. It's just that you or I weren't their customers - they wanted to sell to Japanese people who wanted an easy-to-use device that was more than a dictionary13:26
*** rkabir has quit IRC13:26
ccooke(have you seen the number of electronic dictionaries on sale in Japan?)13:26
johnxccooke, yes :)13:26
johnxccooke, did you have a zaurus at one point or another?13:27
ccookejohnx: the Zaurus fit into the product lines there as a "top of the range" thing. Problem was, they didn't make the interface as nice as the competition...13:27
Khertan#debsums -s dpkg13:27
Khertandebsums: checksum mismatch dpkg file /usr/bin/dpkg13:27
LynoureI can understand a need for a PIM... it seems the internet tablet cannot yet unfortunately replace one.13:27
Khertannice firmware13:27
johnxI understand that13:27
ccookeI had a C750, C860, C3100 and a C3200.13:28
ccookeand I bought the N810 as a next-closest-model upgrade :-)13:28
solmumahafor me n800 was everything zaurus never was, but i had only collie13:28
*** guardian has quit IRC13:29
johnxSharp's "community outreach" for the 5500/5600 consisted of closing their official forum without warning and a complete lack of communication13:29
solmumahazaurus was lacking in hardware so it was only a toy imo13:29
johnxsolmumaha, it had plenty of was always a problem of getting a critical mass of developers13:29
lardmanit was a pretty cool toy at the time13:29
ccookesolmumaha: ... you know the zaurus was more powerful than the N8x0 by quite a margin, right?13:29
johnxccooke, not the 5500...13:30
solmumahai only had sl-550013:30
lardmanhmm, how do?13:30
ccookewith a better keyboard, more expansion than the n800...13:30
glass_that sl-5500 was pretty powerful for it's time13:30
johnxit really was13:30
glass_opera with zooming with it was awesome coupled with the first gprs phones13:30
johnxI loved mine too13:30
*** guardian has joined #maemo13:30
ccookesolmumaha: ahh. But you can't compare a - what? four? five? - year old palmtop with a new one :-)13:30
lardmanccooke: but not in terms of the hardware then, built in BT, GPS, WiFi13:30
solmumahayes, a normal upgrade cycle13:31
glass_my bro had(has) a sd bt13:31
lardmanThe built-in wifi was the big thing for me, dsp was added bonus13:31
lardmanglass_: sdio wasn't hooked up on the Zaurus iirc13:31
ccookelardman: The n8x0 isn't anything like as good at video/audio as the later Zaurii, unfortunately.13:31
glass_lardman: it is13:31
solmumahahow many models had bluetooth/wlan built-in?13:31
lardmanccooke: what spec were the later ones then?13:31
ccookelardman: it was, but the driver never got into the standard kernels13:31
*** guardian has quit IRC13:32
lardmanccooke: oh right, the other issue was the lack of drivers for the SD IO cards iirc13:32
johnxlardman, 416MHz xscale / 64MB RAM / 6GB microdrive / CF slot / sd slot13:32
ccookelardman: 64meg RAM, built in 6GHDD, 416Mhz arm-based processor, with video players that could clock it up on demand to 620Mhz, IIRC...13:32
*** simon_ has joined #maemo13:32
Khertanccooke > the later zaurus ? it was only a 416Mhz XScale13:32
Khertanand this is the same proc as Palm TX ...13:33
lardmanjohnx: shouldn't really be better for audio/video then, though XorA did a good job with mplayer13:33
*** guardian has joined #maemo13:33
Khertanat 612Mhz it was ok for 320*480 video ...13:33
ccookeKhertan: my last two Zaurii (C3100 and C3200) could play 640x480 video that I used on my TV.13:33
Khertanbut it s the limit13:33
lardmanjohnx: should have been aimed at ccooke, sorry13:33
johnxand without software and marketing and community outreach that awesome hardware got sharp nothing13:33
ccookenot re-encoded.13:33
Khertanso at 640x480 ... they should be drop frame13:33
ccookeKhertan: not enough to be noticable13:34
lardmanthey have video acceleration too iirc13:34
Khertanlardman > ok ...13:34
ccookethe n8x0 could do about as well, if it had acceleration working13:34
solmumahawell i don't miss my collie after n80013:34
lardmanindeed, bring on the IVA....13:34
johnxcollie was great for PIM stuff13:34
johnxI still have mine sitting herer..but it won't turn on right now :(13:35
ccooke(don't get me wrong - the n8x0 is a better device. It has better networking, a vastly better browser and screen, lovely speakers and great battery life. But it's not all positive :-)13:35
lardmanyeah, my batteries all died13:35
johnxccooke, yeah. I really wish I could mix and match features from all my Linux handhelds13:35
lardmanccooke: of course, and don't get me wrong, I had a 5500 and sl75013:35
johnxlardman, I think mine must have too13:36
johnxI was just using it earlier today ...13:36
solmumahai tried to offer my collie to freebsd-arm project13:37
ccooke(Still - I haven't yet seen a palmtop as good for heavy use as the Psion 5mx I used to have ;-)13:37
lardmanhear hear13:37
lardmanI was using mine yesterday for scrabble13:38
ccookeheh. Mine both have cracked screens13:38
johnxI kind of want one of those to complete my collection13:38
lardmanthat's the size I'd like to see now13:38
lardmanbacklight's gone on mine13:38
ccookeone terminally dead, one with just the touchscreen broken13:38
johnxthat and an IBM z50 workpad13:38
*** _collin_ has quit IRC13:40
braddbrto compile in scratchbox, can i simply 'sb-conf select CHINOOK-ARMEL' then build the app, then copy it to my nokia and execute it to test it on the tablet?13:40
braddbrok, thanks13:40
pupnikbooo 27fps13:44
braddbra quick question.. how can i setup inside my scratchbox environment to use debian's eth0 interface and ip_address (so I can scp or ftp to my tablet)13:47
johnxI think i could scp out of scratchbox without any additional settings13:47
johnxdid you try it yet?13:48
braddbryup, it tells me 'no route to host'13:48
johnxbut it can get out on the internet and do an apt-get update, right?13:49
braddbroh, you mean scp the other way.. i didn't try that..13:49
braddbri was scp'ing from insdie scratchbox13:50
johnxright...which should work13:50
johnxand I was asking "Does apt-get update work in scratchbox?"13:50
johnxas in does any networking stuff work inside it?13:50
braddbrscratchbox/tools/bin/misc_runner: SBOX_CPUTRANSPARENCY_METHOD not set is what I get13:51
*** zwnj has joined #maemo13:51
florianjohnx: yes it does13:51
johnxflorian, I was asking braddbr :P13:51
braddbr(i'm as CHINOOK_ARMEL target)13:51
*** guardian has quit IRC13:52
florianjohnx: ok, don't worry... I take that back and mention that I can't help you ;)13:53
braddbrwell apt-get update works fine as CHINOOK_X86 target.. trying scp..13:53
*** guardian has joined #maemo13:53
braddbrok, scp works in X86 mode13:55
johnxI don't know what causes that other error message but other people seem to have had that problem too13:55
johnxI don't have it, so I don't know what it is13:55
braddbrok, another question if you know, chmod a+x test (which is my ARMEL-compiled file) will not set execute permissions..13:56
braddbrcan i execute this from a ssh'd session to my tablet?13:56
johnxyou mean, can you copy test to the tablet, then ssh to the tablet and run test? yes13:57
lardmancan't set permissions on the IT or in scratchbox?13:57
braddbrok, i did that.. but on the tablet i can't set execute for test13:57
lardmanyou know the SD/MMC/whatever they are these days cards have no execute permissions13:57
*** jegp has joined #maemo13:57
braddbr(its on /media/mmc2)13:57
pupniklocked up vi here lol13:57
johnxgood guess lardman :D13:58
lardmannot a guess, a know :)13:58
braddbrso what good is a SD card if i can't execute from it?13:58
lardmanfor storing things?13:59
lardmanyou could always remount the card13:59
johnxbraddbr, it's not the card, it's the filesystem13:59
braddbroh ok13:59
lardmanno it's the mount options13:59
johnxor rather, it's the options the filesystem is mounted with13:59
lardmanbraddbr: I just tend to sftp to /home/user13:59
braddbrok, i'll do that for now then.. thank you14:00
*** guardian has quit IRC14:00
braddbrwoot! my first app 'draw 1000 random squares' works.. thanks for the help guys14:01
*** mardi_ has joined #maemo14:03
lardmanpupnik: what does newvox actually do? Pretty picture but no movement I can see14:05
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC14:05
*** simon_ has quit IRC14:05
pupnikhit dpad14:05
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo14:06
lardmancool :)14:06
pupnikafter 1993 when comanche was released, a ton of people wrote voxel (heightmap) demos.  this is the best one i found14:06
* lardman dreams of a working powervr14:06
Alendit_braddbr, i packaged mokopedia stuff, it's lot easier to install now14:07
*** bergie has quit IRC14:07
braddbrcool, i'll try later when i'm out of programming mode :)14:08
*** NetBlade has quit IRC14:08
Alendit_someone else who wants to try offline wikipedia? you should have 1gb free space for german version or 3,2gb for the english one14:09
GeneralAntillesWont if be great 8 months from now, when we have a wonderful new N900 without the crippled LCD controller, tons of CPU powers and lots of hardware acceleration? :]14:10
*** guardian has joined #maemo14:10
johnxand we'll all get one for free and then fly into the air on rainbows?14:11
Tama^2GA: it's getting old ;-P besides what makes you think that the errors of the past wont be repeated?14:11
GeneralAntillesand they'll run on the hopes and dreams of little children.14:11
*** guardian has quit IRC14:11
*** _k-s_ has joined #maemo14:11
JaffaGeneralAntilles: only if there's another discount programme ;-)14:11
GeneralAntillesTama^2, TI has kind forced them into a corner, they don't really have any options for screwing up.14:12
Tama^2you are such an idealist ;)14:12
GeneralAntillesTama^2, dreaming never gets old.14:12
lardmanGeneralAntilles: not including the LCD controller, we already have tons of hw accel, etc. We just can't use it14:12
johnxGeneralAntilles, so you think the wimax tablet will have the newer OMAP?14:12
GeneralAntillesI dunno about that.14:12
GeneralAntillesWiMAX doesn't appeal to me at all, anyway.14:12
johnxso you think they'll launch a next gen tablet and a wimax tablet based on the current mainboard?14:13
*** guardian has joined #maemo14:13
GeneralAntillesWiMAX is supposed to be Q2 or so, no?14:13
lardmanlimiting factor must be battery life14:13
lardmannot sure what the mips/watt is for the higher end OMAPS14:14
GeneralAntillesThe OMAP3 is supposed to be a lot more efficient than OMAP2.14:14
johnxefficient != lower power usage14:15
GeneralAntillesYeah, yeah.14:15
lardmanbut it's a start14:15
johnxwell if it's 4 times faster and twice as efficient...14:15
lardmanI don't think they need OMAP3 levels of performance really14:15
lardmanI would like it, but it's not what the tablet's for14:15
johnxthey just need a webkit browser14:15
lardmanGive us OpenGL accel for pretty interface, and some improvements to the video player and people will be happy14:16
johnxand they need it to be released one year ago14:16
GeneralAntillesI'm ready for the ultimate Linux-powered hand-sized laptop.14:21
johnxI think the problem is we all have a different definition of 'ultimate'14:21
GeneralAntillesWhich is why Nokia needs to get around to diversifying the product line.14:22
braddbrcan't forget how14:22
johnxGeneralAntilles, a whole product line all based on a 800x480 screen and similar mainboard would be a great idea for Nokia I think14:23
lardmanGeneralAntilles: we are but a small demographic14:23
johnxOT: I'd *really* like to know the sales numbers on the N800/N810 vs the Zaurus line14:24
X-FadeHehe, it took me 30 minutes to apply a screen protector on my N810 without trapping dust. What a pain ;)14:24
GeneralAntillesThat's nothing X-Fade.14:24
GeneralAntillesTrying doing it for 3 units. ;)14:24
GeneralAntillesjohnx, random number I read somewhere was in the rough 300-500k range for the N800.14:24
GeneralAntillesSeems like it was before the holiday rush, though.14:25
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Well, I decided that is was OK. There is still some dust between screen and protector, but that will be for another day :)14:25
johnxah, before they swung down to $200 for a while and we got that rush of ... ahem "new users" on itt...14:25
pupniklardman: want to hack the voxel demo?  i haven't been figure out how to make it render non-rectangular screens :/14:26
*** k-s[AWAY] has quit IRC14:26
pupnikdon't understand the main render loop yet14:26
lardmanpupnik: I've never done SDL14:26
* GeneralAntilles starts in on the PTSD flashbacks.14:26
lardmanpupnik: I think I've got enough to do with fixing my build machine then the DSP stuff14:26
pupnikoh it's just a little puzzle - no sdl needed :)14:26
pupnikoki :)14:26
*** Luria has joined #maemo14:28
Alendit_what do you use to take screenshots on maemo?14:28
*** ch4os__ is now known as ch4os_14:28
lardmanAlendit_: I think there's also an application14:30
lardmanthat you can install14:30
*** guardian has quit IRC14:31
*** guardian has joined #maemo14:32
*** Luria has quit IRC14:32
lcuk_2load-applet includes a screenshot menu function14:32
pupnikwoohoo i did it :D14:32
*** guardian has quit IRC14:34
lardmanpupnik: fixed your voxel demo?14:34
lardmanpupnik: isn't a voxel sound anyway?14:35
pupnikyeah almost ready for 800x480 test14:35
pupnikvoxlet is sound14:35
lardmanah, ok14:35
*** guardian has joined #maemo14:36
lardmanpupnik: is your SDL stuff compiled using vfp?14:39
lardmanstatic libs built in?14:39
lardmanah, so on my machine it will be slower as I'm using the default libs (assuming they do some of the floating point arithmetic)14:40
jottsdl does not gain much with vfp as there are barely any floatingpoint operations.14:40
lardmanoh right, ignore my comment then :)14:40
jottand most non-opengl graphic effects use fixedpoint anyway ;)14:40
lardmanah ok, just a random thought14:42
pupnikok try this one14:43
lardmannice :)14:46
lardmannow can you do textured terrain?14:46
pupnikno i still have a problem with Andrea's core render routine14:47
*** jamey has joined #maemo14:49
*** _collin1 has joined #maemo14:53
*** _collin1 is now known as _collin_14:54
*** Tak has joined #maemo14:56
*** jbowes has quit IRC14:56
*** Luria has joined #maemo14:58
solmumahais there a way to do right mouse click with sdl on tablet?14:58
pupnikno, you need to implement a toggle14:58
*** lardman is now known as lardman|lunch15:02
*** ttmrichter has joined #maemo15:05
*** felipec has joined #maemo15:05
*** simon_ has joined #maemo15:06
*** lophyte has quit IRC15:07
*** hugolp has joined #maemo15:08
|tbb|fantastic four using our tablets ;) - >
|tbb|so if you dont know what to do with your n770, now you know, save the world!15:09
X-FadeLet me guess. Displaying a JPEG in photoviewer ;)15:10
*** booiiing__ has joined #maemo15:12
TakI'm using mine to destroy the world.15:14
*** ttmrichter has quit IRC15:14
jottwhy not use it, to TAKE OVER the world :) .. "SEE I CAN LAUNCH ATOMIC WEAPONS WITH THIS DEVICE! [Insert nice red button JPEG] Fulfil my demands!"15:17
*** guardian has quit IRC15:20
solmumahais click and hold for right mouse a wm thing on maemo?15:21
*** guardian has joined #maemo15:21
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo15:25
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo15:27
*** booiiing_ has quit IRC15:27
Takhaha, I made a "Red button" app with rubygame15:28
X-FadeHmm we are hitting the 10K active users on!15:28
X-Fade9995 at the moment..15:28
*** guardian has quit IRC15:29
_collin_X-Fade: this would account for the bad performance15:29
X-Fade_collin_: We are working on that.15:29
_collin_X-Fade: I hope so :)15:30
*** eton_ has joined #maemo15:30
Takgive them a break; the entire site's being served from a 77015:30
X-Fade_collin_: Next week we will do a sprint to fix a lot of performance issues.15:30
_collin_|tbb|: I use my 770 as a an internat radio for my kitchen15:30
X-FadeTak: Beowulf cluster of 770s ofcourse ;)15:31
_collin_X-Fade: including the rest of or just garage?15:31
*** guardian has joined #maemo15:31
|tbb|listen internet radio != save the world but anyway good choice15:31 and garage..15:31
_collin_X-Fade: nice!15:32
X-Fade_collin_: But I think needs it most ;)15:32
_collin_X-Fade: are you one of guys to ask for upload permissions for extras repo?15:32
_collin_my "customers" repo users keep bugging me to put my stuff on extras15:33
X-Fade_collin_: I think I can do that for you, yes. I haven't done that yet, so it would be a nice test :)15:33
*** smackpotato has left #maemo15:33
X-FadeWhat is your username?15:34
X-Fadeobvious question ;)15:34
X-Fade_collin_: I _think_ I have just invited you ;) Check your mail..15:35
_collin_got it15:36
X-FadePlease let me know if you run into problems. I'm currently working on new proposals for extras.15:36
_collin_X-Fade: arg my gpg key is at home15:37
_collin_will do signup tonight15:37
X-FadeI'm going to push all required changes to make extras the way the community wants it..15:37
_collin_X-Fade: your email address15:37
Takhah, the community doesn't know what it wants, for the most part15:38
*** Alendit_ has quit IRC15:39
X-FadeTak, well. Let's try to figure that out and make it work :)15:39
X-FadeTak: Andrew Flegg had some nice points and I think we should work them out..
Takyes, he did15:40
* Tak followed that thread closely15:40
TakI'm levi bard, btw15:41
X-FadeNokia gave me time to work on things like that, so I intend to make things work..15:41
X-FadeI'm Niels Breet, the front page announcement one ;)15:41
johnxthat's really good news15:41
GeneralAntillesHave any N810 user's tried the gpsd patch that's in bugzilla?15:46
* |tbb| dont15:47
lcuk_2i was gonna try it last night but it would stioll  have taken time, ant i will put 810 in postition this evening and run 2 test: time to first wake, then power down and a few minutes later do it again.    then i will repeat after installing.  all from same location15:48
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: I just had my first fix after about 10 minutes. Let me see how long it takes after a cold boot now.15:48
*** eton has quit IRC15:48
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Without that patch..15:48
GeneralAntillesITT seems to be reporting positively.15:48
lcuk_2as in marked as FIXED?   or just a feeling that its better15:49
GeneralAntillesPeople who have applied the patch are reporting much better results.15:49
* lcuk_2 wonders if he will be able to get to local shop with gps now15:50
* GeneralAntilles is thankful for his i-blue.15:50
|tbb|my fix isnt that bad like all reported, if i use it often15:50
|tbb|but it might be better after that patch, which will be fine15:51
Tama^2not sure who was interested in this before:
GeneralAntillesWhere's the graphs? :P15:52
Tama^2no time!15:52
Tama^2but will get there :P15:52
*** pigeon_ has joined #maemo15:52
X-Fade4 minutes to fix after cold boot, without the patch.15:54
*** skibur has joined #maemo15:54
Takpupnik: I want you to know that I'm not flaming you... ;-)15:55
GeneralAntillesafaik, the device will cycle in and out of idle mode quite rapidly.15:55
Tama^2yes, it should15:56
Tama^2but to avoid waking it up too often I set the sampling interval to 60 minutes15:56
*** calvaris has joined #maemo15:56
pupnikbut lookit... i'm getting 20fps now :P
GeneralAntillesThat is disturbingly high power usage for the SD cards.15:57
|tbb|pupnik: whats that newvox?15:57
Tama^2GeneralAntilles, they are 2x16Gb15:58
pupnika little demo program |tbb|15:58
TakTama^2: wow, that is disturbing15:58
GeneralAntillesI want some comparison tests from other people on that now. :<15:59
TakI'm almost sure it's not that way for 77015:59
* GeneralAntilles is way to much of an addict to let his idle for 10 hours.15:59
|tbb|could anyone know a guide which show me how to use internet on a tablet while its connected to nix box via usb cable15:59
Tama^2well, IF the OS put them sleep when going idle the power consumption would go down dramatically (10 times)15:59
Tama^2I am going to try with other SD cards16:00
Tama^2I am sure the ones I used are hogs...16:00
Tama^2they were the first 16Gb I could get my hands on16:00
GeneralAntillesIs there something to log to watch if they switch on and off?16:00
Tama^2I will try the one that comes with the device and a 4Gb one16:00
Tama^2GeneralAntilles: They do not because I have unmounted them in test #4 nd verified at the ned they were stiull unmounted16:01
GeneralAntillesTama^2, you might get in touch will Milhouse for some more data.16:01
Tama^2still I will augment the script to log: lsof, ps aux, dmesg and mmc presence flags16:02
infobotGeneralAntilles meant: Tama^2, you might get in touch with Milhouse for some more data.16:02
*** ryoohki_ has quit IRC16:02
Tama^2Who's Milhouse? :)16:02
*** pigeon has quit IRC16:03
|tbb|oh bad cant using mmc1 card content when i am using the device with usbnet ;(16:03
*** matt_c has quit IRC16:04
Tama^2GeneralAntilles: thanks16:04
*** guardian has quit IRC16:06
*** guardian has joined #maemo16:08
*** Luria has quit IRC16:09
*** leo2007 has joined #maemo16:09
*** monkeyiq has quit IRC16:11
*** michele has joined #maemo16:12
*** Luria has joined #maemo16:12
*** michele has quit IRC16:16
*** Dar has quit IRC16:17
*** michele has joined #maemo16:19
*** guardian has quit IRC16:22
*** tobmaster has joined #maemo16:24
Tama^2nite, ciao16:24
*** Tama^2 has quit IRC16:25
*** guardian has joined #maemo16:33
*** jga23 has joined #maemo16:35
*** calvaris has quit IRC16:38
*** skler` has quit IRC16:38
*** matt_c has joined #maemo16:41
b0unc3guys, <- someone has confirmed(tested) it ?16:41
cizarrosilly question. how do I support both WPA1 and WPA2 (PSK)?16:41
cizarrois psk2 enough?16:41
X-Fadeb0unc3: I'm testing it at the moment, but it doesn't seem to be doing much for me..16:44
*** michele has quit IRC16:44
*** blahdeblah has quit IRC16:44
*** blahdeblah has joined #maemo16:45
Solarionwhat needs to be done to have maemo do dynamic WEP?16:45
Solarion'cause it's probably easier than convincing my university to switch their assinine infrastructure16:46
pupnikSolarion: perhaps you fan find an answer there
pupnikor on the wiki16:47
cizarroheh, I just now noticed that this was completely wrong channel :-)16:47
Solarionpupnik: Maybe I didn't make it clear; I'm willing to hack16:48
SolarionI've done some c and g*, and want to make this happen16:48
pupnikok well i don't know what that is16:48
*** jga23_ has quit IRC16:48
*** lubyou has joined #maemo16:48
Solariong* is gobject, glib, gtk, etc.  I'm a novice, but I've done a bit16:49
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo16:49
*** smackpotat1 has joined #maemo16:51
Blafaselb0unc3: Just testing it.16:52
BlafaselLooks neat, though16:52
*** Zetx has quit IRC16:52
*** _k-s_ has quit IRC16:52
BlafaselGive me 5min16:52
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo16:53
b0unc3Ok people, let us know! :P16:54
*** Dar has joined #maemo16:55
BlafaselJust started the default maps app16:55
TakSolarion: unrelated to dynamic wep, you should check out
*** RushPL has quit IRC16:57
johnxSolarion, I'm not that familiar with Nokia's wireless setup, but maybe I can at least give you some search terms to start on and a couple links16:57
massoudHi there, my N770 screen is doing weird stuff16:58
johnxwlancond appears to be their wifi handling daemon16:58
*** RushPL has joined #maemo16:58
johnxmassoud, that does't look good at all :(16:58
massoudjohnx : thanks16:58
massoudit happened suddenly16:59
Takeek - does it persist after reset?16:59
b0unc3massoud: wosd16:59
*** lardman|lunch is now known as lardman16:59
massoudwsod ?16:59
X-FadeLooks like display connector problem..16:59
johnxSolarion, might help a little as well16:59
lardmanxinerama was the way17:00
_collin_Wsomthing Screen Of Death17:00
b0unc3massoud: white screen of death :(17:00
johnxlardman, ah, glad to hear it :)17:00
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone17:00
massoudxinerama ?17:00
massoudI hope it was not a WSOD17:00
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo17:01
lardmanmassoud: had to reinstall Linux, trying to get my 3 monitors working17:01
*** z72ka has quit IRC17:02
johnxSolarion, and if you can't make Nokia's stuff play nice there is a patch to the wireless driver (cx3110x) that enables enough of Linux wext to make normal wpa_supplicant work. From their any network that can be accessed with wpa_supplicant is fair game17:02
massoudlardman : and after reinstall went back well ?17:02
lardmanyep, after lots of fiddling about with the modelines :(17:02
dragornSolarion: there were patches floating around the cx3110 mailing list to enable wpa_supplication in some fashion.  You're going to have to do something like that and rebuild the OSS part of the wifi drivers, and use that to configure things instead, right now the advanced wireless stuff is all inside closed source blobs17:02
*** behdad has quit IRC17:02
johnxSolarion, patch for wext here:
johnxthe patch that dragorn is talking about is the one I just linked :)17:03
johnxlardman, hey, at least you didn't have to write a modeline :P17:03
BlafaselSeems to work for me, b0unc317:04
*** oil has quit IRC17:04
b0unc3Blafasel: really ?17:05
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo17:05
massouddo you think I have a WOSD then guys ?17:06
DaniloCesarIs there a way to put "Brightness Period" = Infinite in N800 (OS2008) ?17:06
*** oil has joined #maemo17:06
DaniloCesarI need that bright period last forever... ;)17:07
lardmanjohnx: there was a handy tool available already to calculate them17:07
johnxDaniloCesar, will you settle for arbitrarily long?17:07
X-FadeDaniloCesar: If you connect the charger, it is easy. Otherwise you need a script to keep the timeout busy..17:07
massoudit seems that when I plug the power cable I get the screen back at the boot at least17:07
smackpotat1massoud i disasempled the 770 to check conections for a problem i eventually had to send for repair17:07
massoudis there a clue with the amps delivered by the batt ?17:07
DaniloCesarX-Fade, without the charger....17:08
*** atlas95 has left #maemo17:08
johnxDaniloCesar, there's a way to add other arbitrary timeouts with gconf17:08
massoudsmackpota1 : with/without waranty ?17:08
johnxso you could at least set it for 24 hours ...17:08
*** Alterego has joined #maemo17:09
smackpotat1it washedwarantyed17:09
DaniloCesarjohnx, hummmmmmm...... 20 minutes is good for me ;)17:09
*** renatofilho^_ has joined #maemo17:09
smackpotat1it was warrented17:09
DaniloCesarjohnx, is there a tutorial?17:09
johnxjust a couple lines to run in the terminal17:09
DaniloCesarperfect =)17:09
johnxsomething called acmonitor is also in that thread but I believe it won't work with OS2008. the gconf settings work fine in OS2008 however. :)17:10
dragornb0unc3: Significant improvement on my unit17:10
massoudNice :)17:11
massoudat least17:11
dragornb0unc3: of course, it's still a fundamentally broken version of gpsd, but that makes the internal gps usable17:11
b0unc3dragorn: good news17:12
dragornb0unc3: Thanks for the link17:12
DaniloCesarjohnx, acmonitor is one of pupnik's toys, right?17:12
dragornb0unc3: If you're doing GPS stuff tho, beware:  GPSD shipped by nokia in os2008 doesn't work :/  (it doesn't properly parse NMEA)17:12
dragornb0unc3: You can still use it in debug mode (r=1) and parse nmea yourself17:13
johnxDaniloCesar, it would appear so :)17:13
DaniloCesarI used to use it on os200717:13
johnxme too17:13
johnxI tried it in OS2008 without any luck17:13
johnxit kept randomly waking up the display17:13
DaniloCesarI think in to do something like that on my app....17:14
johnxusing dbus-scripts you might be able to write up a quick replacement17:14
johnxI haven't looked at it yet17:14
johnxand it's far past my bed time :)17:14
DaniloCesarmaemo-mapper have something like that... its wake the screen sometimes.... I need to do that on my chord/tabs-app17:15
*** bilboed has quit IRC17:15
johnxDaniloCesar, mplayer would also have an example of how that's done17:15
b0unc3dragorn: ok... but I'm not doing any stuff with GPS... ;)17:15
dragornb0unc3: Well then you won't care :)17:16
johnxbut anyways, I need to catch some sleep17:16
johnx'night all17:16
DaniloCesarbut my code is on python (I'm refactoring pychord code), maemo-mapper and mplayer is writen in C.....17:16
b0unc3dragorn: anyway.. thanks for your info/test ..17:16
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo17:16
* DaniloCesar wake up some minutes ago =)17:16
b0unc3night johnx17:16
*** bilboed has joined #maemo17:17
Takhaha, inz's inside my brain17:17
*** atlas95 has quit IRC17:18
*** legind_ has quit IRC17:19
TakAlterego: is rubyx up yet?17:19
Takor is there an alternate email address? ;-)17:20
TakDaniloCesar: or  ‽17:22
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo17:25
smackpotat1for massoud17:27
smackpotat1any kdrive xperts in the room17:29
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC17:29
*** ustunozgur has joined #maemo17:31
*** greentux has quit IRC17:35
AlteregoTak, tomorrow. I need to go to my new data centre to sort some new IP allocations then I'm set :D17:36
X-FadeOk, guys. What predections about the next device can we make if we look at a commit message like this?
*** skler` has joined #maemo17:38
*** matmo has joined #maemo17:38
mgedmineither no bluetooth, or built-in gsm17:38
*** Cymor-Work has joined #maemo17:39
X-Fademgedmin: I don't think no bluetooth is an option nowadays..17:39
mgedminwhat about a hypothetical low-end crippled version of the tablet?17:40
Takcrap, are they integrating a phone?17:40
*** mardi_ has quit IRC17:40
matmosigh, huff, just exactly *what* is needed to get an app icon up in the task switcher?17:40
X-FadeOr an internet watch ;)17:40
zoranwimax, as I see on the net17:40
inzmatmo, a .desktop file17:40
matmogot one17:40
matmoicon, got one, service file, got one, update icon cache, done it17:41
*** guardian has quit IRC17:41
X-Fadezoran: Wimax is an option indeed. But I don't think Wimax is global, so why would one remove phone pairing.17:41
inzmatmo, do you use a wrapper script to start your program?17:41
matmonope, do I need one?17:41
inzmatmo, or, does your .desktop file have proper Exec= -line17:41
inzmatmo, no, you don't, but they cause problems with the icons17:42
inzmatmo, what language is your program written in?17:42
matmobtw this is in SB17:42
inzmatmo, and gtk+?17:42
GeneralAntillesObviously that's for the WiMAX tablet.17:42
inzmatmo, hmm, dat is weird17:42
inzmatmo, the icon should appear, if the WMClass of a window/program matches that of a .desktop file17:42
*** guardian has joined #maemo17:43
inzmatmo, and if a .desktop files doesn't explicitly define a WMClass, it is derived from the Exec -line17:43
massoudsmackpotat1 : thanks, I have my n770 dissambled now and trying to see if I can repair something :(17:43
inzmatmo, and Gtk+ does it from the program file as well, so if you have Exec=/path/to/your/binary, it _should_ work17:43
inz s/file/name/17:44
matmoI swear it came up once, last week, but never again. Also I do have the WMClass in the desktop file but not sure exactly what to set it to. Yep I have the exact path in the exec entry (the app does start)17:44
inzmatmo, the app starts even if the exec entry is broken, if you define a dbus service name in the .desktop file17:45
matmoinz: one mo, just answering the phone17:45
inzmatmo, in that case D-Bus is responsible for starting the program (based on the .service file)17:45
||cwrx-48... interesting... according to this R means mobile computing device and X means ETACS based devices, which is a 900Mhz network17:46
*** vbattsAtWork has joined #maemo17:46
X-Fade||cw: Nah, rx-34 = 770 and rx-44 = n800..17:46
||cwthinking the X means something new to nokia though17:46
inzX-Fade, SU-18 = 770, RX-34 = N800, RX-44 = N81017:47
||cwX-Fade: that site says the 770 is SU-1817:47
X-Fadeinz: Uhm yeah, brain fade..17:47
X-FadeInz is right..17:47
inzas always ;)17:47
X-FadeYes sir!17:47
inzat ease17:48
||cwso what's a TME-4?17:48
matmoinz: I think I have thrown everything possible in the desktop file. If I remove the dbus service lines and StartupWMClass for now should I still get an icon showing?17:48
GeneralAntillesWonder how different the WiMAX tablet will be.17:48
Takohh, wimax17:49
Blafaseldragorn: What's the matter with the wrong NMEA parsing?17:49
GeneralAntilleslol, Tak.17:49
TakI hope it's wimax and not gsm or some BS17:49
*** Alendit has joined #maemo17:50
||cwunless it has a headset port it would still need bluetooth17:50
dragornBlafasel: Look at the output of PAVM or W=1, alt and fix aren't returned by gpsd properly17:50
GeneralAntilles||cw, the phone wizard.17:50
||cwbut I guess wouldn't need phone pairing17:50
GeneralAntillesSeems like you should still be able to pair it17:50
GeneralAntillesEDGE in rural areas, etc.17:50
||cwbut wimax isn't nearly widespread enough that pairing wouldn't still be useful17:50
dragornBlafasel: But the data is there in the R=1 nmea stream.  Which means everyone has to implement local nmea parsers anyhow and gpsd is just acting like a TCP serial mux17:51
*** Alendit is now known as Alendit_17:51
*** jott has quit IRC17:53
Blafaseldragorn: I'm not really into gps, just read out of curiousity17:54
dragornBlafasel: Having to rewrite my GPS handler, again, to handle yet another buggy gpsd variant, makes me cranky :P17:54
matmoanyone, how to dump something in pastebin?17:55
lardmanmatmo: open webbrowser, copy & paste, click submit17:55
*** jacques has quit IRC17:55
X-Fadedragorn: I have already been trying to reach the person responsible for gpds inside nokia, to speed things up.17:55
dragornBlafasel: If the version strings are to be believed, it's a fairly old gpsd.  There have been a number of nmea parsing issues in the past, I'm going to guess nokia just grabbed an old version and never updated it17:56
lardmandragorn: so this is definitely a problem with gpsd then?17:56
X-Fadedragorn: So I hope it is possible to give the process a push..17:56
matmolardman: is there not a way to do from IRC?17:56
dragornlardman: Looks like it to me.  It's not parsing nmea fix/alt strings which are there in the NMEA stream17:56
lardmandragorn: ah, I see17:56
dragornlardman: now I'll admit I've been too lazy to try to backtrack what version of gpsd it really is and look at their svn tree forward to see what rev fixed the bug17:57
*** guardian has quit IRC17:57
dragornlardman: It only hits people using O=1 and PAVM (well, AM) polling17:57
lardmandragorn: curious they chose such an old version17:57
lardmandragorn: assuming their versioning corresponds that it of course17:58
*** rlaager has quit IRC17:58
dragornlardman: anyone who does R=1 debug mode and locally implements NMEA avoids it since they're not counting on gpsd to do anything but mux nmea to multiple apps.  A lot of code uses R=1 anyhow if it predates gpsd supporting sat position reporting.17:58
X-Fadelardman: probably because someone started working on it a long time ago..17:58
dragornX-Fade: that's my guess17:59
*** guardian has joined #maemo17:59
dragornI don't believe the version string that says 1.0-foo17:59
dragornBut it does say protocol v218:00
* mgedmin fondly remembers angband 2.4-frog-knows18:00
*** jegp has left #maemo18:00
dragornX-Fade: if you have a fast-track to the maemo devs, hassle them about fixing the usb otg interrupt read dma issue too :P18:01
lardmanin TODO it says: "*** There's a report that RoyalTek support broke between 2.25 and 2.28 "18:01
*** simon_ has joined #maemo18:01
X-Fadedragorn: I don't think I have a fast-track, but who knows..18:02
lardmandragorn: First entry in the debian/changelog is "Thu, 16 Mar 2006 12:18:56 +0200"18:02
lardmanah-ha, same file: osso-gpsd is now forked from gpsd-2.3218:03
matmoanyone else see what's wrong with that desktop/service file?18:04
lardmanDoesn't the Exec line have to be a single binary name, no path?18:05
*** naba has quit IRC18:05
matmolardman: one mo, I'll try that variation18:05
dragornlardman: i don't recall anything in the late 20s until 34 actually working for any hw I had :P18:06
dragornlardman: but that's anecdotal18:06
lardmandragorn: I've not looked into gpsd since ~200418:07
matmolardman: u r a superstar! ty ty18:08
lardmandragorn: this mean anything to you? "Last saved report now contains accumulated value for "set" field."18:08
lardmanmatmo: np18:08
*** Tuco800 has joined #maemo18:08
lardmanmatmo: you might want to place your binary in /usr/bin though as /usr/local/bin is not in the path; that or use a symlink/script to call it18:08
dragornlardman: not offhand18:08
lardmandragorn: I'm just wondering what those files contain, other than lots of 0x00 in the case of the last saved report18:09
*** atlas95 has quit IRC18:10
dragornlardman: Honestly, the latest GPSD release has issues with fix, too, since it can report a lat/lon field with no fix (since that NMEA sentence doesn't include 2d/3d fix info) and then report it again with a fix when it sees another NMEA sentence two lines down, so it jitters all over.  They have a fix for it, but requires every app be modified since it's a per-connection enable.18:10
*** michele_ has joined #maemo18:10
matmolardman: ok18:11
lardmandragorn: but the file it writes should be ok as long as the fix does actually become a decent 3D one before gpsdriver is closed18:11
dragornlardman: File it writes to?18:12
* dragorn does no file interaction with gpsd18:12
lardmandragorn: ah, /var/lib/gps/18:12
dragornlardman: News to me18:12
lardmandragorn: these are written by gpsdriver18:12
dragornlardman: All the code I've seen talks sockets18:12
dragornlardman: You really don't want all your code thrashing a file open per second to get gps state18:13
lardmandragorn: my interest is in why the locks take so long, so the file that gpsdriver (presumably) writes the last saved location to when it shuts down is of interest18:13
lardmandragorn: not sure this would be affected by the leap year problem though18:14
dragornlardman: Ahh.  Well, the gpsd patch regarding the leap year thing sure evened out the lock time on my unit.18:14
dragornlardman: The problems I have with gpsd are runtime, in that it doesn't work as a gps daemon :P  They're all post-lock.18:14
dragorn(by whatever mechanism it determines lock with independent of how it reports lock, it would seem)18:15
lardmandragorn: I'll see what results I get with the new gpsd18:15
lardman~lart closed source components18:16
* infobot gives closed source components an extra strength ACME sleeping pill, sending closed source components to sleep for 150 years, and awakening to seven strange dwarfs and a large apple18:16
*** darkip has joined #maemo18:18
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo18:19
*** thopiekar has left #maemo18:19
*** pH5 has joined #maemo18:20
*** guardian has quit IRC18:21
*** astro76 has quit IRC18:21
*** guardian has joined #maemo18:22
*** astro76 has joined #maemo18:22
*** rkabir has joined #maemo18:23
*** astro76 has quit IRC18:27
*** astro76 has joined #maemo18:27
*** sabotage has joined #maemo18:29
*** JussiP has joined #maemo18:34
*** red-zack has joined #maemo18:38
*** red-zack has quit IRC18:40
*** blast007 has left #maemo18:40
lardmandragorn: Looking at that NMEA doc ( I see mention of an FAA mode indicator, does this not differentiate between a 2D and 3D lock?18:41
lardmandragorn: or is dead reckoning something other than a 2D lock?18:41
*** jackster has joined #maemo18:41
*** Luria has quit IRC18:43
dragornlardman: GPGSA, field 3.  Sat status sentence, the gpsd mode appears to be directly derived from this when available and indirectly somehow when not18:43
dragornlardman: in newcore, and in kismet-stable svn with R=1 mode in the gps code, I use gpgsa to get the fix18:44
Blafaselkismet. *sigh*18:45
lardmandragorn: what do you use to look at your NMEA data, other than telnet?18:45
dragornBlafasel: Hm?18:45
dragornlardman: on the 810?  telnet localhost 2947 then issue gpsd commands18:46
Blafaseldragorn: Ah, nothing. Just reminds me of my wild "Let's get this toy and run around with kismet and aircrack" dreams. Hrmpf..18:46
lardmandragorn: ok, that's easy enough18:46
dragornBlafasel: Aircrack, no18:46
dragornBlafasel: Kismet, yes, if you build it out of svn18:46
BlafaselYeah, but that kind of defies the purpose for me ;)18:46
massoudGuys, how much roughly costs a WSOD repair/fix operation you think ?18:46
dragornBlafasel: after much kluging around the device being a pain in the ass, it works18:47
dragornBlafasel: aircrack would require injection-capable drivers to be reasonable.  Or a USB wireless NIC.18:47
* Tak suspect more than a new 77018:47
Blafaseldragorn: Yep, I know. That's what the *sigh* expressed in one emote ;)18:47
*** felipec has quit IRC18:47
*** rkabir has quit IRC18:48
*** tobmaster has quit IRC18:49
*** blassey has quit IRC18:50
*** blassey has joined #maemo18:51
pupniki think i found yet another crazy problem with SDL and Xsp.18:51
*** jott has joined #maemo18:51
pupnikwb jott18:51
*** Luria has joined #maemo18:52
Takwhat's the problem?18:52
*** michele_ has quit IRC18:52
*** Blafasel is now known as blafasel18:52
pupnikwhen i set video mode to 400x240, i only get a 400x240 window18:53
pupnikand the stuff inside that is pixel doubled18:53
pupnikwhen i set video mode to 800x480 and then just updaterect a 400x240 portion of that (my game screen) sdl is blitting the whole 800x480 window18:53
pupniki can tell because it's about 1/2 as slow as when i do a 400x240 window without xsp18:54
Takiirc it depends on the order in which you enable doubling and set the video mode18:54
*** wusel__ has joined #maemo18:54
Takalso, if it were actually blitting the entire window, it would be at least 4x as slow18:55
Takmaybe there's some overhead on the hardware side?18:55
pupnikwell there's game stuff happening also18:56
*** michele_ has joined #maemo18:56
pupnikTak that did it thanks!18:58
pupniknow up to 60fps18:58
*** blassey has quit IRC18:58
*** blassey has joined #maemo18:59
smackpotat1massoud: even though mine was a warrenty repair they stated $110 on the import papers18:59
Taknow fix my gngeo buttons on os2008 :-P19:00
*** jackster_ has joined #maemo19:00
*** Dar has quit IRC19:00
*** jackster has quit IRC19:00
*** jackster_ is now known as jackster19:01
*** Luria has quit IRC19:01
*** _collin_ has quit IRC19:01
*** smackpotat1 has left #maemo19:02
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:04
*** Alterego has quit IRC19:05
*** sabotage has quit IRC19:05
matmowhat size application icons does hildon actual need?19:05
*** wusel_ has quit IRC19:07
pupnikok now the doubling breaks again, running a second time19:07
*** andrunko has joined #maemo19:09
*** SmackPotat has joined #maemo19:10
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC19:10
SmackPotatcan someone take a look at some code which is my beginning for a virtual trackball to see if I'm barking up the right tree19:11
*** rlaager has joined #maemo19:13
*** vbattsAtWork has quit IRC19:13
*** jegp has joined #maemo19:19
*** michele_ has quit IRC19:19
*** michele_ has joined #maemo19:19
*** eton has joined #maemo19:22
*** Luria has joined #maemo19:22
*** michele_ has quit IRC19:28
massoudsmackpotat1 : it s then worth buying a new one on ebay and get started again :)19:28
*** geaaru has joined #maemo19:29
*** michele_ has joined #maemo19:29
*** Zic has quit IRC19:30
SmackPotatmassoud here is something else you can try leave the battery out for 24 hours. but this is just s guess19:34
SmackPotatif your buying anouther id go for the n80019:35
*** eton_ has quit IRC19:36
*** florian has quit IRC19:36
*** SmackPotat has quit IRC19:37
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo19:37
*** thopiekar has left #maemo19:38
*** michele_ has quit IRC19:38
*** eichi has joined #maemo19:41
eichii have internet connection with wlan to my n800. can i give internet connection to my handy, connected by bluetooth?19:42
*** s1d has joined #maemo19:43
keesjeichi: in theory yes, but I don't think there is a ready made packages for that (the moost obious missing feature is iptables i think19:43
keesjI even guess that doing the "server part of" might be a good start
*** |tbb| has quit IRC19:45
*** mk8 has quit IRC19:45
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo19:46
* Tak flame lazy bastards on ITT19:47
pupnikTak: i can take a look at gngeo now - maybe i find something19:48
Tak is the current code19:49
Taksoft_init() in src/blitter/soft.c19:50
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:55
*** s1d has quit IRC19:56
pupnik is the xsp version ... 60+ fps :)19:57
*** zwnj has quit IRC19:57
*** s1d has joined #maemo19:58
pupnikTak: configure: error: conditional "HAVE_LIBXSP" was never defined19:59
pupnikdo you know what this is?20:00
Tak--enable-n770 --enable-cyclone --enable-drz8020:01
*** andrunko has quit IRC20:01
massoudSmackPotat : I try this one :)20:02
*** jackster has quit IRC20:02
pupnikTak: do i need to have an env variable for XSP_CFLAGS set?20:03
pupnikchecking for XSP... configure: error: The pkg-config script could not be found or is too old.  Make sure it20:03
pupnikis in your path...20:04
pupnikwhich pkg-config20:04
pupnikpkg-config --cflags "xsp" returns blank20:05
*** timelyx has quit IRC20:06
*** smackpotato has left #maemo20:06
pupnikgot all the *xsp* packages installed too20:06
*** timelyx has joined #maemo20:06
*** matmo has left #maemo20:07
*** matt_c has quit IRC20:08
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:09
*** Alendit__ has joined #maemo20:09
*** Sargun has quit IRC20:10
*** Sargun has joined #maemo20:13
*** xan-afk is now known as xan20:13
*** leo2007` has joined #maemo20:14
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:16
*** konttori has joined #maemo20:18
*** EnigmaCurry has joined #maemo20:19
*** Alendit_ has quit IRC20:26
*** leo2007 has quit IRC20:29
*** kabtoffe has quit IRC20:31
*** kabtoffe has joined #maemo20:31
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo20:32
*** legind has joined #maemo20:32
*** richieeee72 has quit IRC20:32
dphil9000eichi: i just set up bluetooth networking almost the same way you described20:34
Takerr, nvm, that's not right20:35
Takyeah, the pkg-config cflags for xsp are empty20:35
Taktry --libs20:35
*** Disconnect has quit IRC20:35
*** greentux has quit IRC20:36
*** red-zack has joined #maemo20:37
b0unc3uhmm... my menu open up at random time without any touch... might the screen protector cause this?20:39
*** blasse1 has joined #maemo20:39
lcuk_2check you have not got any grit caught in the gutter at the side of your screen20:40
mgedminmy menu sometimes pops up when I'm touching something on the other side of the screen20:40
mgedminchecking for grit might be a good idea -- I'm sure my n800 has plenty20:40
lcuk_2this is especially if its a new occurance, however if its done it since you got screen protector that might also be the answer20:41
*** guardian has quit IRC20:41
*** Zenton has quit IRC20:42
b0unc3I think is the screen protector... it's not placed very well...20:42
*** eber_ has joined #maemo20:42
b0unc3btw I will check for grit20:42
b0unc3also the touch is acting strange...20:43
lcuk_2if its still doing it after taking off the protector and recalibrated, it might be busted20:44
*** florian has joined #maemo20:45
*** Zenton has joined #maemo20:46
*** seraph1 has quit IRC20:46
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo20:47
*** X3N has joined #maemo20:49
*** Blain has joined #maemo20:50
X3NWhere can i find python-gtk for os 2008 ?20:50
b0unc3damn!! it was the screen protector!!.. incredible...20:53
BugBlueyou have to pull that off...20:53
b0unc3already pulled off... now I'm just burning it :P20:55
*** kabtoffe has quit IRC20:56
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo20:56
*** X3N has left #maemo20:56
*** RushPL has quit IRC20:56
*** blassey has quit IRC20:57
*** RushPL has joined #maemo20:57
*** blasse1 has quit IRC20:59
*** leo2007` has quit IRC20:59
* Alendit__ is still looking for mokopedia (offline wikipedia) testers21:00
*** Alendit__ is now known as Alendit_21:00
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo21:03
*** xan is now known as xan-afk21:03
*** Luria has quit IRC21:04
*** Alterego has joined #maemo21:06
* Alendit_ is sad because noone wants to test mokopedia :(21:08
elb... in 8 minutes21:09
*** X3N has joined #maemo21:10
X3Nwoo i've only had my n800 for a week and i've already broken it21:10
X3Nsoftware wise21:11
Alendit_it's what a linux device made for ;)21:11
darkipanyone else tried the new gpsd fix for the n810?21:11
*** Lateralus has quit IRC21:11
X3NAlendit_, yeah i guess so21:12
*** pleemans has joined #maemo21:12
X3Npain in the arse though21:13
X3NI think there is something wrong with the repositories with libsqlite3-21:14
*** me__ has joined #maemo21:14
*** jackster has joined #maemo21:16
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:17
*** Lateralus has joined #maemo21:17
*** doc|home has joined #maemo21:19
*** guardian has joined #maemo21:19
*** philn_ has quit IRC21:20
*** lubyou has quit IRC21:20
*** greentux has joined #maemo21:23
*** kabtoffe has joined #maemo21:24
*** Alterego has quit IRC21:26
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:26
*** madar__ has joined #maemo21:29
*** Zword has joined #maemo21:33
*** mazzen has joined #maemo21:35
*** geaaru has quit IRC21:35
*** geaaru has joined #maemo21:36
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo21:37
*** renatofilho^_ has quit IRC21:42
*** _collin_ has joined #maemo21:44
*** guardian has quit IRC21:44
*** madar_ has quit IRC21:46
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo21:50
*** mardi has joined #maemo21:51
*** hugolp has left #maemo21:52
*** blassey has joined #maemo21:54
*** skibur has quit IRC21:55
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo21:57
*** blassey_ has joined #maemo21:58
*** pleemans has quit IRC21:58
*** konttori has quit IRC21:58
*** blasse1 has joined #maemo21:59
*** behdad has joined #maemo21:59
*** yerga has joined #maemo22:00
*** dolske has quit IRC22:04
*** atlas95 has quit IRC22:09
*** blassey has quit IRC22:14
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo22:15
*** yerga has quit IRC22:18
*** dolske has joined #maemo22:24
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo22:34
*** mardi has quit IRC22:34
timelyxanyone here know wazd?22:36
*** _collin_ has quit IRC22:42
keesjhow does the package-dbg magic (not) work?22:43
*** pigeon_ is now known as pigeon22:44
timelyxyou need maemo-debug-scripts22:45
timelyxor else it doesn't work in sbox22:45
*** bilboed has quit IRC22:51
*** jeff1f has joined #maemo22:52
*** blassey_ has quit IRC22:57
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo23:00
*** sp3000 has quit IRC23:04
*** Alterego has joined #maemo23:06
zeenixtimelyx: you got a mail23:06
X3Nare admins aware of the site problems ?23:07
JaffaX3N: which site problems? (And probably not given it was OK at the CoB UK time, so well-past CoB .fi)23:09
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC23:10
timelyxzeenix: thanks23:10
timelyxJaffa: it's only past 11pm localtime23:11
timelyxwhy wouldn't they be awake 6 hours after business hours? :)23:11
JaffaThey may be awake, but they may well be drinking a beer; having a sauna; doing some Finnish23:11
*** jackster has quit IRC23:11
timelyxzeenix: got it, thanks23:12
* timelyx tries to decide how to parse "doing some Finnish"23:12
keesjperhaps carnival23:12
infobotJaffa meant: They may be awake, but they may well be drinking a beer; having a sauna; doing Â$&thing Finnish23:12
*** jackster has joined #maemo23:12
Jaffabah, infobot doesn't parse regexps properly ;-)23:12
timelyx^A $ & eh?23:12
JaffaThe ^A was a mistyped &pound;. Shift-3 & Shift-4 are remarkably close23:13
X3NJaffa, I'm getting a very slow connection when i do, and sometimes i'm just getting squid errors23:13
suihkulokkiconsidering that this winter isn't good for ice fishing, "doing something finnish" means sauna or/and beer23:13
timelyxJaffa: oob23:13
Jaffasuihkulokki: I was in Iceland the other weekend; much fun drinking vodka. Rotten shark: not so good.23:14
JaffaX3N: any URL in particular? - for example - works for me23:14
timelyxfwiw, i've made
timelyxin case people have nothing better to do than install a deb to change a pref :)23:15
X3Nthat url is fine, it's mainly though it's working now for me23:15
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X3Nw00t just got my google calendar to sync with gpe calendar :)23:56
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