IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2008-02-02

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fysaCptnodegard: if you check the repo for alternate themes, you can find some that have smaller system text.  This affects menus and such.00:07
rm_youAnyone here know much about fan bearings?00:07
rm_youMy options appear to be Sleeve Bearing, Ball Bearing, or Double Ball Bearing00:07
rm_youthe price differences seem to be very minor or even non-existant...00:07
Cptnodegardfysa: ah, still doesnt explain why mine did it by itself, weird shit00:08
BlafaselAgain probably just me failing to use the UI: How can I remove a network definition (the permanent entries in the connection dialog)?00:08
fysacontrol panel I think.00:09
fysaConnections (?)00:09
lcddrm_you: ball bearings tend to whine but generally last longer00:09
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lcukcontrol panel/connectivity area/connectivity -> connections button00:09
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rm_youlcdd: ok...00:10
rm_youlcdd: i'm deciding which to put into my projector...00:10
rm_youany idea what "double ball bearings" even means?00:10
rm_youi thought a ball bearing already had.. well.. a lot of ball bearings00:10
lcukprojector cooling fan?  choose based on cooling vs noise00:10
rm_youdoes it mean theres like, two rings of them?00:10
lcukdouble = 2 sets00:10
rm_youwouldnt that be bad from a point of failure standpoint?00:11
rm_youmore of them to go bad?00:11
lcukis this for cooling fan?00:11
lcuk2 sets along shaft = more stable, less wobble00:11
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rm_youbasically, i'm looking at and trying to pick ones that won't suck >_>00:12
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lcukdepends upon load, the different types arent usually that different - some are just noisier than others usually00:13
lcukbut best for noise is slower/larger blades - the higher cfm fans are noisey buggers00:14
lcukfor the price of them just get a couple and find out for yourself, the one you dont use you will need at some point for a desktop pc00:14
rm_youi think i'm gonna go with a couple of these:
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lcukdo you need 2?00:14
rm_yougood batch discount as well00:15
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rm_youat least 2 for my projector... but a lot of my case fans are going out too, so i'll prolly buy like 6 at once00:15
lcukdepending upon where you purchase some shops will let you into their test area and let you listen yourself00:16
lcukwhat is the cfm requirement for your projector00:16
rm_youi didn't decide one :P00:17
lcukbecause i know if you run with lower cfm fan, it might sound quieter but the extra heat will cause bulb to burn out MUCH quicker00:17
rm_youi built it out of 1/2 and 1/4 inch MDF and spare parts :P00:17
rm_youand a nice 10.5" LCD00:17
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lcukOHP lens ;)00:17
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rm_youheh, i actually was looking... but i ended up just buying one of the lumenlab lenses because all the OHP ones i found were scratched or icky >_>00:18
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fysanice, rm_you.00:21
lcukhave you had first light yet - or still planning00:21
rm_youstill planning00:21
lcukahhhh - not yet00:21
rm_youdone *planning*00:21
rm_youbox is built00:21
rm_youparts are all here and in the box...00:21
rm_youbut not hooked up00:21
shackanI wish ultrabright leds were powerful enough to light a projector00:21
rm_youyeah :/00:22
rm_youI went with a ceramic metal halide00:22
lcukhow much a pop are they?00:22
fysathey are, you just need 500 of them. ;)00:22
rm_youlike $35 >_>00:22
shackanyou didn't consider leds at all did you ?00:22
rm_youi did actually00:22
rm_youbut they just arent bright enough00:22
lcukthey are, but only for a small throw00:23
rm_youthere's a huge thread with the debate / research on them on the lumenlab forums00:23
rm_youwhich i read most of00:23
shackanrm_you: not even for a small wall?00:23
fysawhatever you end up with, I *highly* suggest you consider a Da-Lite HighPower screen.00:23
rm_youshackan: i don't have a small wall :P00:23
rm_youfysa: linky?00:23
fysait gave another year of life to my last projector.00:23
rm_youI have a *large* wall :P00:23
lcukprojection friendly paint is better than a rolldown screen ;)00:24
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rm_youand it needs to be bright, because lighting conditions here are not ideal00:24
rm_youlcuk: not if you don't own the walls >_>00:24
fysaUnless it's the HP, lcuk. :)00:24
fysaIt's a retroreflective screen -- like stop signs.00:24
fysaThe light is sent back to the source, so it's very good at rejecting ambient light.00:24
rm_youfysa: screen was the last thing i was going to buy.... so i'm still looking around. linky for that one?00:24
fysaThe only caveat is the projector should be mounted as close as possible to eye level.00:24
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lcukheh, like an old model lcd display00:25
fysayou'd think..00:25
fysabut not quite.00:25
fysait's 2.6 gain from the center position.00:25
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fysaand down to 0.8 - 1.0 at the very edges, so still watchable.00:25
fysaThe best part is that the brightness is uniform from where you sit.00:25
fysaone sec.00:25
lcukrm, what res if the lcd00:25
rm_youlcuk: 1280x80000:26
fysaI've seen them used for $200ish..00:26
fysaI just sold my 720p Sanyo Z2 and 106" High-Power (manual)00:26
rm_youlcuk: and the controller board has VGA + DVI + SVideo + Coax + Component00:27
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fysamoving to 119" electric High-Power and the Panasonic AX200 soon..00:27
fysathe screen is almost too bright, but that's a very nice problem to have with a projector.00:27
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lcukjust give out sunglasses00:28
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rm_you$20 for 6 of these fans including shipping00:28
rm_youshipping is like half of the cost >_>00:28
lcukdont you have shops nearby00:28
rm_younot that i know of00:28
rm_youand not that would sell fans this cheap00:28
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rm_youalso, i don't have access to a vehicle at the moment00:29
lcukim surrounded by them, ive got em near work, near home and in any other direction00:29
rm_youlcuk: heh, i wish. where are you?00:29
lcukmanchester england, yourself?00:29
rm_youSan Antonio, Texas >+>00:29
fysado you have an avsforum account, rm_yo?00:29
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rm_youif i wanted to go find some farm equipment or sports gear, this would be my city >_>00:30
lcukheh :) think i had family over that way once upon a time00:30
rm_younot so much for electronics00:30
rm_youfysa: avsforum? i don't think so :/00:30
rm_youlumenlab <_<00:30
fysano prob.  one sec.00:30
lcukrm, can you rig up a test with fans scavenged from computer00:31
rm_youlcuk: yeah00:31
fysaionic breeze ;)00:31
lcukor would your pooter overheat :P00:31
rm_youi have 5 computers in this room i could strip fans from...00:31
rm_youbut they all need them fairly badly... it *is* Texas....00:32
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lcukmust be noisey in your room00:32
rm_youalso, many of them are dieing somewhat, thus why i need like 6 more00:32
rm_younot too much00:32
lcukim considering moving everything downstairs00:32
rm_youthat or i'm used to it00:32
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lcukit must sound like a space ship - constant hum00:32
lcuki remember when computers were almost silent00:32
lcukthe only noise was the transformer hum00:33
rm_youi've got a fileserver, my MythTV, two desktops, and... oh. right. well, my tabletpc, but i can't really strip fans out of that :P00:33
rm_youand my n800 :P but no fans there, lol00:33
lcukwith a reflector and a bundle of fibre you could get the brightest projector light for free (as long as its daytime ;) )00:35
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rm_yourun a lightpipe down through the ceiling from the roof :P00:36
rm_youstraight into the back of the projector ^_^00:36
|tbb|where can i see the boot sequence after a device started00:36
lcukabsolutely, you only have to keep the air cool for the lcd, no chance of burnout00:36
fysaOK, here are comparison shots between a matte 1.0 gain screen and a 2.8 gain "HighPower" screen:00:39
fysasame images compared, one is diagonal, the other has them 'striped' over eachother00:39
rm_youi wish i could get >_>00:40
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fysaI get mail meant for the Florida Youth Soccer Association all the time. ;)00:40
fysastupid catch-all mail.00:41
rm_youa) which is which00:41
rm_youb) wtf why does the #1 have weird lines00:41
fysathis is someone's tivo paused on a frame of Monsters.00:41
rm_youand #2 has a big diagonal seperation00:41
fysait's a composition00:42
fysaof two individual photos00:42
fysaso you can see the difference in brightness..00:42
fysaget it?00:42
fysathey took a dark one (from the matte)00:42
rm_youi didn't00:42
fysaand a light one (from the HP screen)00:42
fysaand photoshopped them together.00:42
lcuki thought the wall was wonky00:42
fysathat's pretty close to best-case, i.e., one of the 3-5 best seats in however large your room is.00:43
fysait's best for table/shelf mounted projectors00:43
rm_youi do need it visible from all over... >_>00:43
rm_youthe projector will be sitting on a tablet at approx eye level tho00:44
fysahere's the cool thing -- as you walk out of the main seating area, you will slowly lose gain00:44
fysaso someone sitting off at a corner may only get 1.5 gain..00:44
fysabut it's still better than matte 1.000:44
rm_youstill waiting for you to link me to where i can buy one :P00:44
fysaand they don't see a gradient00:44
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rm_youoriginally i was just planning on getting this one:
rm_youbut it would probably be good to shop around00:45
fysaThis might seem like an odd place to get it..00:46
fysabut they have very excellent prices and are a real distributor:
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fysabecause of the reflectivity of the material, waves aren't very noticeable while the projector is on.00:47
fysathe light is sent back to the source regardless of the angle of waves formed on the screen00:47
fysathe "Model B" is fine for up to 106" or so00:47
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fysawhich is that 52"x92"00:48
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fysayou can order it with custom drops/extra border on the top/bottom00:48
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fysaand I believe they can get you a sample.00:48
fysaanyway..  I had mine for a couple of years and had it been the electric version, it would have outlasted many projectors to come ;)00:49
rm_youi may be starting off with a white bedsheet >_<00:49
rm_youuntil i get money to buy a decent screen T_T00:50
rm_youunless i go with something cheapish like the lumenlab one00:50
fysaI had a DIY screen first -- polywall/laminate/waterproof wall paneling.  $8 a sheet.00:50
* lcuk is going out to a party dressed in a bedsheet tomorrow night00:50
fysabuilt a frame, worked very well.00:50
fysabedsheet doesn't work so hot -- it lets a lot of light bleed through.  you can get blackout cloth for dirt cheap from a fabric store.00:51
fysathat will give you an easy/cheap 1.0ish gain00:51
fysaeither way, you need a projector first :)00:52
fysathat is the old setup..00:52
fysahad mythtv switching between the CRT and the projector through the remote00:53
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rm_youyeah... my problem is my workspace... i need to use the engineering mechanics lab to work... which means I need to convinve my engineer friends to help :P00:57
rm_youwhich means I never get anything done because they are busy 24/7 with... engineering :P00:57
rm_youso it's been sitting in this nearly completed state for like a month00:57
rm_youor two.00:57
lcuktell them they can watch superbowl if they help00:58
lcukor just bribe them with beer00:59
|tbb|again, could anyone tell me if there is a log file of loading sequence and where to find00:59
lcuktbb, never seen a log and would be just as interested as you00:59
lcukactually, bit of a lie, when i first started i saw someone doing boot stats with a recompiled kernel01:00
sibbe<- someone01:02
lcuk:O yes it was01:03
lcuki was very impressed by what i saw.01:03
sibbei'm still too lazy to blog my maemo stuff..01:05
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fysathat's hot.01:12
fysaI want to print that and keep it on my wall.01:12
|tbb|and the optimize it ;)01:13
rm_youwtf *IS* dsme?01:14
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elbhaHA, jed on OS200801:25
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ferndHey, I am looking for a way to disable the onscreen keyboard.  I am trying to develop some data entry screens with special buttons that adjust the entry fields and the onscreen keyboard keeps getting in the way.  When you have 20 or more entry fields this can be annoying.01:28
*** red-zack has joined #maemo01:29
elbhmm I could get 80x25 if I could ditch the osso-xterm scrollbar01:30
ferndSomething like this might work... <Alt>k=!maemo-gtk-im-switch xim, but I read that maemo-gtk-im-switch isn't in OS 200801:30
lcukif you have custom input why not use labels instead of textboxes01:30
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thoughtfixGood afternoon01:42
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ferndlcuk: So something like <label class="inputlabel" id="test">test</label> And then use CSS to draw a box around it and javascript to highlight the active label with an onclick event.... Yes, something like that might work... and I would never have to mess with the hilden input stuff....01:44
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lcuki just use buttons to indicate i can click on something, but whatever flaots your boat01:45
lcukyou can make your own button to look however you like01:46
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ferndlcuk:  What I was going to do was use text inputs and use buttons to increment the values in the inputs, but everytime you click on the inputs it pops up the keyboard.  I suppose I could use buttons or labels.... i doesn't really matter as long as I can pull the on click so I know what the last focus was..01:48
dphil9000_can i create either an applet for the desktop or a menu item that executes a shell script?01:49
lcukyou should be able to keep the text boxes if you require but lock them.  when locked no user input is accepted so no keyboard brought up...01:50
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lcukdphil9000_, which language?01:50
dphil9000_applet would be java, i assume.01:50
dphil9000_are there any other kind?01:51
lcukassume different then, java isnt really used on maemo01:51
lcuktry python or c01:51
dphil9000_ok, i can do python or c01:51
lcukthats not great, but it gives a starting point01:52
dphil9000_i thought the word applet(tm) belonged to sun01:52
dphil9000_oh man, all that gtk stuff.  how gnomish.01:53
dphil9000_so i need a dev environment set up on my linux box to compile for armel?01:54
ferndlcuk: hey thanks for the advice I think that will help...01:55
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lcuknp fernd01:55
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dphil9000_all this to create a link to a shell script01:56
lcukos2008 used to have an applet which did it01:57
lcuknot sure if anyones recompiled it01:57
lcuki think it was the load-applet - someone else will confirm01:57
dphil9000_well, as a programmer, this is all very educational01:58
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lcukdphil9000_, ive come from a windows environment and its been a mission to get everything in place.  so much to learn02:00
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dphil9000_hmm ... scratchbox on gentoo amd64 ...02:01
dphil9000_this stuff is going to pull me back into debian02:02
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a-l-p-h-ais there lynx for maemo?02:10
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dphil9000_i'd be better off installing gcc on the n81002:16
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fysapython seems to be a usable solution for doing dev without scratchbox02:20
dphil9000_but i like c :)02:21
dphil9000_maybe get into some of that qt4 c++ goodness02:22
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ds3battery drained :(02:42
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fysaI wonder if I can compile webkit from git:// - WebKit Debian packaging, to use their control files.03:12
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rlaagerHas anyone used the prelink utility on the Maemo platforms (or more specifically, the N810)?03:31
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k-s[WORK]canola2 uploaded to repository03:41
k-s[WORK]should be available in some minutes :-)03:41
*** VimSi has quit IRC03:42
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|tbb|k-s[WORK]: does this means no more beta then?03:45
*** etrunko has joined #maemo03:46
etrunkojust uploaded new canola2 to extras03:46
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo03:46
etrunkoand it works on 77003:47
etrunkoplease upgrade03:47
*** Zetx has joined #maemo03:47
k-s[WORK]|tbb|: it's still beta03:48
k-s[WORK]bora is working already03:49
k-s[WORK]chinook is pending server update, hope it happens soon03:50
etrunkosame for gregale03:52
etrunkofor 770 HACKER you must03:52
etrunko1) disable all repositories03:52
etrunko2) add deb gregale free non-free deb gregale free non-free03:53
etrunkoupdate list03:53
etrunkoinstall canola03:54
etrunkoremove gregale repositories03:54
etrunkoand have fun03:54
*** etrunko has quit IRC03:55
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jga23anybody able to pull contacts from a phone over bluetooth?04:11
jga23via PBAP04:12
jga23I was able to connect, but not sure what to do next04:12
*** |tbb| has quit IRC04:12
GeneralAntillesI just use vcards.04:12
jga23directly from your phone?04:14
GeneralAntillesOr from the computer.04:15
jga23is there any way to do bulk vcards? or do you have to import them one at a time?04:15
GeneralAntillesDepends on the phone, I guess.04:16
GeneralAntillesMy computer does bulk.04:16
GeneralAntillesPhone doesn't.04:16
jga23and on the tablet?04:16
*** murrayc has quit IRC04:17
GeneralAntillesI've only done to the tablet.04:18
jga23do you have to import on the tablet one at a time?04:18
k-s[WORK]canola2 beta2 should be now available for chinook04:20
GeneralAntillesNo, jga23, it'll import from a bulk vcard file.04:24
*** t_s_o has quit IRC04:24
*** Dregz has quit IRC04:24
*** Dregz has joined #maemo04:24
jottif the bulk vcard file is <500kb :(04:24
acydlordi'm about to go gordon freeman with a crowbar on letstalk04:25
*** n6hgg has joined #maemo04:27
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo04:29
rlaagerdisq: Are you the maintainer of the rdesktop package?04:40
*** unique311 has joined #maemo04:42
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disqrlaager: yeah04:57
*** rproenca has quit IRC04:58
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scibotHi, has anyone worked out how to do pixel doubling in pygame yet?05:01
rlaagerdisq: Is there any way to specify the connection information from the command line, as with the normal rdesktop?05:05
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KggkHello, all. I'm the owner of a Web-Operating system project (like a desktop, on the internet). This works with all PCs, mobiles, iPhones, and Nokia tablets ;). I was curious as to if someone would create an application (that simply opened an "iframe" or somethign similiar to the free website)05:11
rlaagerKggk: A bookmark?05:12
KggkIt would be a normal icon (perhaps, saying the name of the program :P), that when clicked opened NOT in the web-browser, but acted like an actual application05:12
jotti suppose something without scrollbar and without the urlbar (just a plain gtkmozembed hello-world ;-)05:13
shackanoh, the Kggk invasion05:14
KggkNotice, Shackan, these people didn't rape me with troll posts :P05:14
shackanI didn't either05:14
KggkNever said you did :P Just showing there won't be any soft of "invasion" here. No wars to begin :P05:15
shackananyway, you want something like vnc, but with a browser window?05:15
KggkJott: Not sure what all that would take to complete, but if you'd be willing to develop a small amount of time i'd be glad to thank you in the credits (its a community-based project)05:15
KggkNot sure what you mean, shackan, but that sounds nothing like what Im trying to accmoplish05:16
elbwhy are you set against the web browser05:16
shackanvnc is a remote desktop client05:16
*** mankod has joined #maemo05:16
Kggkyes i'm aware05:16
elbon a limited device which is likely to have the wb browser already open, I think the browser is the obvious choice05:16
elbyou just wnat ot be able to hide extraneous widgets for your window05:16
KggkAh, no your missing what i'm saying.05:17
KggkI've done the same thing here I have with windows. My WebOS is a web-application, and on Windows i made a simple C app that opened an "iframe" in a window (acting like an application). I'd like to do the saem on the Nokia tablet05:18
*** behdad has quit IRC05:18
*** Crfrod has quit IRC05:18
KggkSo the Nokia tablet would have a button alongside "for example" Notepad, IM, WebOS, MP305:18
elbyes, I understand05:19
Tama^2Kggk: probably you already know but there is an app for OSX that does what you need for intel macs05:19
elband I'm saying that on a device with severe resource constraints, using the existing web browser is the Right Choice05:19
elbITOS doesn't have a native "web" widget like Windows does05:19
shackanelb: no gtkmozembed?05:19
jottsure there is gtkmozembed05:19
Tama^2cannot recall the name though..05:20
jottand there is also webkit05:20
elbshackan: ... which would be loading a SECOND web browser!05:20
shackanelb: I know05:20
elbthe point is, most people *already* have MicroB open05:20
elbor are likely to at various points in time05:20
*** rojero has joined #maemo05:20
shackanelb: but most of that memory would be shared between the two05:20
elbmaybe, maybe not05:20
elbgecko isn't known for being svelte and memory-efficient ;-)05:20
shackanheh, very true05:21
*** rghos1 has joined #maemo05:21
*** rghos1 has left #maemo05:21
jottyeah hopefully we have a useable webkit hildon interface soon :)05:21
shackanjott: until webkit becomes the default browser, it means having two browser open anyway05:22
pupnikjott: hi05:22
shackanwhich isn't better05:22
jottpupnik: hi05:22
pupniki built the 1.2 and it segfaulted after failing to fork the midi player05:22
pupnikdo you have an idea what might be needed?05:23
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:23
jottpupnik: hmm.. maybe it's due to my full sdl_mixer?05:23
*** jprieur has quit IRC05:23
pupnikah yes05:24
pupnikotherwise, are all your changes in debian/patches?05:25
jottshackan: yeah anyway i'll cheer when i can completely dump mozilla off the IT ;)05:25
jottpupnik: yes..05:25
*** chenca has joined #maemo05:25
pupnikunique311: looks fun but i don't think it will be usable for anything that needs speed05:26
shackanjott: and off my desktop too05:26
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC05:26
jottyeah i barely use it there anyway ..05:27
pupnikunique311: might be worth trying out with a 2d game like secret maryo war05:27
jottpupnik: hmm well with pixel doubleing this could be reasonable fast (if the es implementation is good)05:28
unique311pupnik, i was thinking armagetron also.05:30
unique311the he has a port of neverball in the repo.05:31
*** Kggk has left #maemo05:31
infobotunique311 meant:  he has a port of neverball in the repo.05:31
pupnikjott: i'll just add --enable-music-ogg to the libsdl-mixer1.2 debian/rules yes?  or is there something else05:31
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:31
rlaagerDoes anyone know what is stored in /home/user/MyDocs/.games?05:32
disqrlaager: not at this point. you can write shell scripts to switch over the config files (or i think it was gconf?) though05:33
pupniki wouldn't touch it unique311 . look at how slow glxgears runs05:33
jottpupnik: afair this should be enough (given you have vorbis/ogg dev packages/headers installed)05:33
unique311its for bora, might have to compile it for chinook..05:33
unique311too lazy.05:33
jottpupnik: have you tested this with vfp?05:34
rlaagerdisq: Would it be easier for me to just fix it correctly? Is this rdesktop based off the real rdesktop?05:35
*** m3mberman has quit IRC05:37
jottcould give a 4-5x boost and plus pixel doubling would maybe even make it usable for some more or less simple stuff05:37
pupnikbtw i take that back about maryo world - tried it with mesa on an athlon 2800xp and it got maybe 0.3 fps05:40
*** slomo__ has joined #maemo05:40
pupnik jott: notes on vfp05:42
unique311it worked for the n80005:42
unique311super maryo world built and worked for bora.05:43
pupnikthe opengl version?05:44
unique311sdl i think05:45
unique311runs really nice.05:46
jottpupnik: yeah.. i guess everything heavily gobject based will suck..05:46
jottpupnik: lower level libs will imho not cause such drastic bottlnecks in criticial inner-loop operations05:46
pupnikyes the article is just interesting, not applicable to one-off sdl builds05:47
jott(maybe some libs need to be rebould)05:47
jottpupnik: yep..interesting article anway05:47
pupnikunique311: i was talking about the OpenGL version of Maryo World.  I'll bet you that no opengl game will run playably using that OpenGL es library.05:49
unique311you right.05:49
unique311i'll give it a try, when i'm feeling live.05:50
unique311see how the game he makes available work on the n80005:50
jottare there actually any floss gl-es gamesß05:50
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo05:52
disqrlaager: you can do it i guess. it's got some hacks, so would be better if you worked on the maemo port's sources. they sould be in the garage svn05:53
*** slomo_ has quit IRC05:54
*** k-s has joined #maemo05:58
*** seraph1 has quit IRC06:04
*** kaie has joined #maemo06:04
*** povbot has joined #maemo06:15
*** tchan has joined #maemo06:16
*** Veggen has joined #maemo06:16
pupniki'm thinking your fake RMB key F7 is probably the best choice06:17
*** unique311 has joined #maemo06:18
*** vims0r has joined #maemo06:18
*** zumbi has joined #maemo06:18
*** skibur has joined #maemo06:18
*** xan has joined #maemo06:18
*** Jonashdsf has joined #maemo06:18
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo06:18
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo06:18
*** E78C8EE4BABA has joined #maemo06:18
*** kala has joined #maemo06:18
*** Dar_LAB has joined #maemo06:18
*** nslu2-log has joined #maemo06:18
*** nomis has joined #maemo06:18
*** gilad has joined #maemo06:18
*** derf has joined #maemo06:18
*** thoenig has joined #maemo06:18
*** seraph1 has joined #maemo06:20
*** Mousey has joined #maemo06:21
*** ||cw has joined #maemo06:22
*** fysa has joined #maemo06:22
*** simon_ has joined #maemo06:23
*** rlaager has joined #maemo06:23
*** naba has joined #maemo06:23
*** skler` has joined #maemo06:23
*** tjafk2 has joined #maemo06:23
*** oil has joined #maemo06:25
*** E78C8EE4BABA has quit IRC06:25
*** E78C8EE4BABA has joined #maemo06:25
*** bmidgley has joined #maemo06:25
*** nick_fn has joined #maemo06:26
*** Kggk has joined #maemo06:27
KggkWill anyone test my webOS on their tablet?06:33
*** mankod is now known as mankod106:33
GeneralAntillesOnly if you give me a dollar.06:34
KggkWill you accept 3 quarters, two dimes, and a nickel?06:34
*** petergunn has quit IRC06:34
*** kaie has quit IRC06:39
elbKggk: do you need extra software to do this?06:39
elbI'm happy to load a web page06:40
KggkYou shouldn't (runs with basic AJAX). The URL is (account creation is a matter of choosing your username and password)06:40
*** atlas95 has quit IRC06:40
Kggkit'd be very appreciated, elb!06:40
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo06:42
GeneralAntillesHorizontal scroll on the index page. :(06:42
GeneralAntillesThe new user dropdown goes off the page.06:43
*** kaie has joined #maemo06:43
elbyeah, quite a bit of horizontal scroll even in full-screen06:43
Kggkwhat about when logged in?06:44
GeneralAntillesWont accept my info06:44
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo06:44
Kggkits case sensitive06:46
elbyeah, the create button is disabled06:46
KggkTry clicking either the image or the text06:46
GeneralAntillesCreated on a desktop, it worked then.06:46
elbneither works06:46
Kggkits a wee-bit buggy06:46
GeneralAntillesDesktop icons stack on eachother by default.06:46
Kggki'm assuming thats the fault of the Tablet06:47
unique311How do you say fullscreen in french? anyone06:47
elbthe tablet is Mozilla06:47
unique311i tried the babelfish, and came up with nothing06:47
GeneralAntillesHow do I close the calculator?06:47
elbahh, I see, the 'new user' field is not visible on the tablet06:48
Kggkthe button at the top06:48
elbthe rendering bugs are different on my desktop, so I can see it there06:48
pupnikunique311 "plein ecran"06:48
elbit's still not right06:48
Kggkalso, can you tell me which tablets your on?06:49
elbthe login button doesn't work on my tablet, either06:49
elbn810, OS200806:49
elbactually, it doesn't work on my desktop *or* my tablet06:51
elbahh shift+reload fixed it on the desktop06:51
*** Tuco has joined #maemo06:52
elb... and then on the tablet06:52
*** jacques has joined #maemo06:53
*** seraph1 has quit IRC06:54
pupnikman -03 does take time06:55
elbKggk: not all keys on the calculator render, and the buttons (including the close button) don't seem to do anything06:56
Kggkon the calculator only?06:56
*** mankod1 is now known as mankod06:56
elbsome buttons work, some don't06:58
elbI can open the calendar, for example, and I can create schedule events by clicking ... but I can't change them in any way, and the little x doesn't destory them06:58
*** X-Fade has quit IRC06:58
elbwait, maybe it does -- the clicking area is just *way* too small to hit reliably06:59
*** blassey has quit IRC06:59
KggkOverall, would you deem it usable?07:00
elbdepends on your definition07:00
elbit's really not prepared for a display with the dot pitch of the tablet07:01
elbthe controls and widgets are *tiny*07:01
elblike, 1mm x 1mm for icons and buttons07:01 In destructor `Face_stats::~Face_stats()':07:01 internal compiler error: in verify_local_live_at_start, at flow.c:54607:01
pupnikPlease submit a full bug report,07:01
jottpupnik: yeah seen a couple of those ;)07:02
jottgcc 3.4.4 is really buggy07:02
jottyou can work around a copule of those bugs07:03
pupnikit's related to my cflags perhaps07:03
pupnikbut i want to use these cflags :(07:03
*** blassey has joined #maemo07:03
elbit's much more usable on my desktop07:04
pupnikgoogling it ... any ideas jott?07:04
elbactually, it's pretty impressive07:04
KggkIs there anyone here I could persuade to work along with the community in "sizing it up" for some smaller tablets? (somewhat of a Resolution) option07:05
KggkThank you, elb :)07:05
jottpupnik: not adhoc.. in the end it would be so nice to use gcc 4.x.. or atleast have a patched 3.4.4 :)07:06
KggkAlso, thank you General Antilles for your help07:06
GeneralAntillesCool stuff.07:07
GeneralAntillesThe browser-OS stuff just doesn't really appeal to me much. ;)07:07
pupnikhey jott, i just reran the g++ line without -03 and it compiled!07:07
jottah nice07:07
jotteasy solution ;)07:07
KggkAh, as it doesn't along with maaany others. Trust me, i've heard it all ;)07:07
jotti had some which where not that trivial ;)07:07
pupnikbut when i go back to 'make' it, it tries to recompile Face_stats07:07
pupnikhow can i tell 'make' that i compiled the .o already?07:08
pupniki thought it would skip it with the new timestamp07:08
pupnikor does it detect "ahh i want to build face_stats with different cflags ?07:08
jottno.. depends on how the makefile is written07:08
*** seraph1 has joined #maemo07:10
jottyou could add the face_stats file to the makefile07:11
jottit will be prefered07:11
*** K-Fox has joined #maemo07:11
pupnikit's already in the gumps/Makefile as a dep_file07:11
K-Foxis it possible to connect internet to USB,   Desktop <-usb--> n800  network?07:12
jottthen add a -O0 or whatever behind the $(CFLAGS) ;)07:12
K-Foxi am serious07:13
K-Foxanyone there?07:13
jottK-Fox: sure07:14
jott(it's possible)07:14
jottgoogle usb networking maemo 407:14
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo07:15
*** dolske has joined #maemo07:18
pupnikbtw that right mouse button stuff was embarassingly simple07:18
pupnikpathetic i didn't include it last year07:19
pupnikjott: i'd like to do a proper xsp scaler-addition if possible07:19
jottyou are always wiser afterwards ;)07:19
pupniknot just a set-res hack07:19
jottlibsdl based?07:20
pupnikso when selecting scalers in menu, you can still choose scale2x, 2xsai and then xsp as a new alternative07:20
jottor without touching the core?07:20
pupnikit uses the x extensions07:20
pupnikno this would change the source07:20
pupnikby adding a user-selectable hardware scaler07:20
pupnikso before each blit, there's essentially a stub scaler routine, along with a call to Xsp set pixel-doubling07:22
pupnikalso what fps did you select while playing?07:22
jottuhm did not choose any..07:23
pupniki don't understand how it affects gameplay yet07:23
jottit ran farliy well..07:23
jotti haven't been in a fight yet so i can't tell for sure ;)07:23
pupnikyou know there's a walking and running mode?07:23
pupnikwhen you move with stylus, does it walk, or run, or choose to walk or run based on distance of stylus click from avatar?07:24
*** smackpotato has left #maemo07:24
jottbased on the distance from the avatar..07:24
pupnikok perfect07:24
jottthe arrow gets longer07:24
pupnikis the threshold for longer-arrow acceptable?  or should we shorten/lengthen the minimum distance?07:25
pupnik(still building....)07:25
jotti think it's actually quite ok..07:25
jottbut ymmv...07:25
jottyou make an optimized build?07:26
pupnikright now the final link fails because i pulled out Face_stats from the gumps/Makefile07:26
jottyieks ;)07:27
pupnikbut i try to manually override the final link07:27
pupniklater i'll just build with -O207:27
pupnikok that worked07:28
*** seraph1 has quit IRC07:28
pupnik-O3 junkie here07:28
*** seraph1 has joined #maemo07:30
rojeroIs it possible to test *.vkb in the scratchbox? And if yes what should i google?07:32
*** eton_ has quit IRC07:32
*** mankod is now known as mankod107:34
pupnikargh, toggle works but avatar no movee07:35
pupnikgotta check my event.button.buttons07:36
pupnikfound it :)07:44
K-Foxwhat does it need to install xterm? i cannot install it osso-xterm_0.13.mh24bora1_armel.deb07:44
K-Fox using n80007:44
pupnikhow are you trying to install it?07:45
K-Foxi did try to copy it to n80007:45
pupnikand then?07:45
GeneralAntillesYou on OS2008, K-Fox?07:46
GeneralAntillesIt's installed by default07:46
K-Foxon 200707:46
K-Foxafter click double,   unable to install some packages required for the installation are missing07:47
K-Foxthis message is out07:47
pupnikok this is normal when you 'install from file'07:47
pupnikif you do not have the dependencies in your repository07:48
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC07:48
pupnikK-Fox, easier if you open this webpage on N800
pupnikthen select device OS = OS200707:48
pupnikthen enter xterm and search07:49
K-Foxi did copy it to default memory card07:49
*** seraph1 has quit IRC07:49
pupnikthen you can click to install the maemo-hackers repository07:49
pupnikif you install from file, and the package requires dependencies that are not in your repository list, the install will fail07:49
*** ol_schoola_ has quit IRC07:53
rm_youinz: you there?07:55
GeneralAntillesK-Fox, just flash OS2008.07:56
rm_youthe entire maemo community really needs to just be forced to upgrade <_<07:56
rm_youto os200807:57
k-srm_you: if they had updated 770/HE to use chinook base, including kernel, it would help07:57
k-salso, flash support for web browser07:58
K-FoxHow to update the N800's firmware08:00
K-Fox <-- os 2008?08:00
*** kaie has quit IRC08:03
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]08:05
*** Lynoure has quit IRC08:09
*** Lynoure_ has joined #maemo08:09
*** Lynoure_ is now known as Lynoure08:09
*** corevette has joined #maemo08:11
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo08:11
pupnik_jott: well there are some differences in i'm not accounting for08:11
corevettewhen was the latest 770HE released?08:12
oilcan you recommend a good music player for linux (ubuntu laptop) ? I currently have rythmbox and I do not like it08:13
fysaif you like WinAmp.08:14
oilok. could try that one. how about amarok?08:14
oillooks quite nice
corevetteoil: amarok08:14
fysaamarok is nice, but for kde I think.08:18
oilcorevette: thanks. I think the problem is that there is way too many players currently. therefore need to ask from real people which is good :)08:18
oilfysa: how does it matter that it's for kde and not for gnome? any functionalities, just don't look so nice?08:20
corevetteoil: honestly though from personal opinion08:20
corevetteoil: rhythmbox is too simple for me, amarok is coming out with a new version soon and i don't want to use the old version08:21
oilI'm downloading the amarok now. let's see how it looks like.08:21
corevetteoil: this is what i use at the moment:
fysa"Listen" i sanother08:21
fysais another08:21
fysaamarok will run in gnome, just uses a different set of libs.08:22
*** pupnik has quit IRC08:22
*** Zic has joined #maemo08:23
fysaanother amarok-clone for gnome08:23
fysaor GTK08:23
*** seraph1 has joined #maemo08:32
*** Kggk has left #maemo08:34
K-Foxwhere is os 2008?08:34
* pupnik_ bangs head on desk08:47
pupnik_afk conosolation pizza08:48
*** Raistl|n has quit IRC08:48
*** seraph1 has quit IRC08:49
*** vcgomes has quit IRC08:50
*** hrw|gone has quit IRC08:50
*** hrw|gone has joined #maemo08:52
*** seraph1 has joined #maemo09:01
*** mankod1 has quit IRC09:12
*** skler` has quit IRC09:12
*** skler` has joined #maemo09:14
*** kbsingh has quit IRC09:18
*** Tuco has quit IRC09:19
*** v-vN800 has quit IRC09:21
*** v-vN800 has joined #maemo09:22
*** kbsingh has joined #maemo09:22
*** seraph1 has quit IRC09:24
*** rojero has quit IRC09:25
*** p| has joined #maemo09:32
*** lexiyntax has quit IRC09:35
*** mk8 has joined #maemo09:35
*** Sargun has joined #maemo09:36
*** juergbi has joined #maemo09:45
*** ssvb has joined #maemo09:46
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo09:56
*** E78C8EE41ABA has joined #maemo09:59
*** E78C8EE4BABA has quit IRC09:59
*** IRSeekBot has quit IRC09:59
*** IRSeekBot has joined #maemo10:02
K-Foxi did try to install openssh on n800 (os 2008) but cannot ,  error message is " unable to install openssh some application packages required for the installation "are missing10:08
GeneralAntillesIs there a details button?10:08
GeneralAntillesIt's either before or after you attempt the install.10:08
GeneralAntillesBut it'll tell you what packages are missing10:08
GeneralAntillesthen go over to and search for the missing packages10:09
GeneralAntillesthen add those repositories.10:09
GeneralAntillesA pretty fair number of dependencies can be solved by adding Bora Extras10:09
GeneralAntillesI wish gronmayer weren't so script-driven. <_<10:11
GeneralAntillesIt's an index of all the repositories.10:11
johnxGeneralAntilles, bora extras on OS2008?10:13
GeneralAntillesSolves a lot of dependency issues10:13
GeneralAntillesWell, it did.10:13
K-Foxafter adding bora extras , do it install openssh?10:13
GeneralAntillesI'm not sure how much stuff is actually in chinook extras now.10:13
GeneralAntillesIt may.10:13
GeneralAntillesCheck the details button for information about missing packages, K-Fox.10:14
johnxopenssh should depend on next to nothing...10:14
johnxK-Fox, Did you use a "click to install" link for openssh? Where did you find it?10:15
johnxso you just downloaded a .deb file?10:15
K-Foxhere ..10:15
K-Foxmy n800 dont work network10:16
johnxI see10:16
johnxdon't get the dependencies from bora extras10:16
K-Foxi am trying  to set usb network10:17
johnxchinook extras10:17
johnxchinook = OS200810:17
johnxbora = OS200710:17
K-Foxoh ~~10:17
johnxthe depends for openssh-server is:10:18
johnxDepends: libc6 (>= 2.3.5-1), libssl0.9.7, zlib1g (>= 1:1.2.1), openssh-common (= 1:4.6p1-5.maemo1), dpkg (>= 1.9.0)10:18
*** Vytas has joined #maemo10:18
johnxso just grab openssh-common and maybe libssl0.9.7 from chinook extras10:18
b0unc3good morning10:19
GeneralAntillesK-Fox, next step is to get yourself a wireless router. :P10:20
*** Vytas has quit IRC10:20
*** Vytas has joined #maemo10:20
*** Vytas has joined #maemo10:20
b0unc3hi johnx , how proceed your work on debian ?10:22
*** Vytas has joined #maemo10:22
*** Vytas has quit IRC10:22
johnxwell there was the newer release a couple days ago10:22
*** Vytas has joined #maemo10:22
johnxhaven't done much since then10:22
*** Tama^2 has quit IRC10:23
*** legind has joined #maemo10:24
b0unc3uhm... newer release... I have not yet tried it...10:24
b0unc3i will try...10:24
johnxit has the new debian hildon packages installed10:24
*** keesj has quit IRC10:25
*** keesj has joined #maemo10:25
b0unc3johnx: some news about 'powersave' ?10:27
johnxb0unc3, I'll probably try to look at that next10:28
johnxif you turn off watchdog you should be able to suspend-to-ram no problem10:29
GeneralAntillesjohnx can we get Debian to the point where we can just install ITOS packages?10:29
b0unc3johnx: yeah... I tried hibernate... but with watchdog on ... :(10:30
johnxb0unc3, the first time I tried it I resumed in <10 seconds so I thought it worked fine10:30
johnxGeneralAntilles, probably not10:31
johnxmany of them can just be repacked in an automated way, some of them might need to be recompiled, and some might need to be modified to not depend on Nokia closed-source stuff10:31
johnxalso, it should be possible to make packages that work on both10:32
johnxfor simple apps it's just a matter of saying "Depends: libhildon1 | libhildon-1-0, ..."10:33
b0unc3johnx: hibernate works great... but when I tried it for the first time when the tablet wakeup it reboot itself and the hibernate files result to be broken...10:34
johnxhibernate as in "suspend to disk"?10:35
b0unc3johnx: to ram :P10:35
*** Alendit has joined #maemo10:37
Alendithi all10:37
Alendithave anyone some experience on setting up scratchbox + maemo on a x86_64 machine?10:38
Alendittried it with chroot10:38
Alenditand with howto from
Alenditbut when i start i get 1) dbus error (missing /var/lib/dbus/machine-id, 2) "can't get address for localhost:6002" -error10:41
*** mk8 has quit IRC10:41
pupnik_i'll try 64 in 5 years10:44
johnxactually...does anyone know how much powersaving stuff is actually outside the kernel?10:46
Alenditsome funny commentars on errors? :)10:46
GeneralAntillesI want to say "a lot"?10:46
*** blassey has quit IRC10:46
johnxGeneralAntilles, that's what I thought too10:47
GeneralAntillesI'm just thinking about the overclocking haxing that was going on.10:47
johnxGeneralAntilles, all the clock stuff is in the kernel...10:47
johnxI'm really not so sure though...dsme does basically not that much10:48
johnxif we ignore it we can just forget it exists it seems10:48
Alenditok, dbus error is no more - copied machine-id from chroot10:48
*** eber_ has joined #maemo10:52
*** booiiing has joined #maemo10:55
pupnik_madness  madness10:57
johnxyou called?10:57
*** seraph1 has joined #maemo10:58
pupnik_the event loop is driving me mad.  i removed all references to right mouse button, but it still works10:59
pupnik_there's a whining sound in my brain10:59
pupnik_the walls are bending10:59
johnxyeah, I'm looking at power management so I'll probably join you shortly...11:00
*** _collin_ has joined #maemo11:01
Alenditf$#!, just a /etc/hosts problem -.-11:04
Alenditin default installation localhost wasn't bound to
Alenditit works now11:05
_collin_can any one test something for me?11:07
johnxwhat is it?11:07
_collin_install of an app11:08
_collin_people report it says incompatible11:08
*** K-Fox has quit IRC11:10
johnx"Unable to install iphone" "Incompatible application package"11:11
pupnik__collin_: did you make sure sectionL was user/???11:11
_collin_works on my n80011:12
*** Vytas has quit IRC11:12
solmumahapupnik_: can you help me out? do you have ruby-packages in your n810?11:13
pupnik_i have ruby installed11:13
johnxah, hang on there were two search results for iphome11:14
_collin_yes I know11:14
johnxboth give the same result though11:15
*** atlas96 has joined #maemo11:16
johnx_collin_, uhm...this might be me being dumb but is the install file supposed to say repo_deb_3 or repo_deb_4 for chinook?11:16
*** ttmrichter has joined #maemo11:16
*** jprieur has joined #maemo11:17
*** shackan has quit IRC11:18
*** atlas95 has quit IRC11:22
*** zwnj has quit IRC11:24
_collin_deb_4 right11:28
solmumahapupnik_: sry, power failure. you don't have the debs in /var/cache/apt/archives?11:30
solmumaharuby-maemo site is always down and i my n800 went into a reboot loop so i had to reflash it11:31
pupnik_no sorry11:32
pupnik_why do we even have /var/cache/apt/archives on tablets11:32
_collin_johnx: can you try again11:32
*** skibur has quit IRC11:32
solmumahapupnik_: k, thanks11:33
_collin_I never use  just way to slow11:33
johnxsometimes it actually times out on me...11:34
_collin_yes I have this quite often11:34
johnxwhen I search for it I still get two results. Does each one have the updated .install file?11:35
_collin_no I guess only the first one with 10 downloads11:35
_collin_I'm trying to remove the second one11:36
johnxit still shows up as repo_deb_3 here11:36
_collin_page still looooooooooooooding11:37
_collin_so I guess Im fixing it later11:37
_collin_need to go AFK11:37
_collin_thanks johnx11:37
*** mk8 has joined #maemo11:38
*** _collin_ has left #maemo11:38
*** Sho_ has quit IRC11:41
*** fab has joined #maemo11:41
JaffaMorning, all11:41
*** chenca has quit IRC11:56
*** Mousey has quit IRC12:03
pupnik_BOB SAGET12:06
*** rhesus-negative has joined #maemo12:08
*** rhesus-negative has left #maemo12:12
*** seraph1 has quit IRC12:13
*** rhesus-negative has joined #maemo12:14
*** rhesus-negative has left #maemo12:17
*** pH5 has joined #maemo12:17
*** rhesus-negative has joined #maemo12:19
*** rhesus-negative has left #maemo12:20
*** tjafk3 has joined #maemo12:25
*** rhesus-negative has joined #maemo12:27
*** rhesus-negative has left #maemo12:27
pupnik_does scratchbox vim support parenthesis matching hilighting12:34
pupnik_my eyes are starting to blur12:34
*** JussiP has joined #maemo12:36
b0unc3pupnik_: it depends on the .vimrc... though..12:38
pupnik_i don't think it does12:38
pupnik_i may be adding the wrong options to .vimrc12:38
b0unc3uhmm... maybe you are right... it seems not to support parenthesis matching...12:41
*** tjafk2 has quit IRC12:43
pupnik_ok found it by commenting-out chunks12:44
*** ryoohki_ has joined #maemo12:44
johnxhas anyone rebuilt a kernel with CONFIG_TIMER_STATS12:46
johnxseems to fail badly for me...12:46
*** frade has joined #maemo12:53
*** mk8 has quit IRC12:59
*** polac has joined #maemo13:02
*** oil has quit IRC13:05
*** booiiing has quit IRC13:09
braddbranyone use arch linux for building n800 apps?13:09
braddbri'm trying to find xephyr for it13:10
*** oil has joined #maemo13:10
*** lardman has joined #maemo13:11
lardmanmorning all13:11
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnikafk13:12
*** oil_ has joined #maemo13:19
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo13:19
*** oil- has joined #maemo13:24
*** oil- has quit IRC13:26
*** chenca has joined #maemo13:26
*** oil- has joined #maemo13:30
*** v-vN800 has quit IRC13:33
*** krau has quit IRC13:34
*** oil has quit IRC13:35
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo13:36
*** oil- has quit IRC13:37
*** oil has joined #maemo13:40
*** oil_ has quit IRC13:42
*** oil has quit IRC13:46
*** pupnikafk has quit IRC13:49
*** sergio has joined #maemo13:49
*** oil has joined #maemo13:50
*** felipec has joined #maemo14:00
*** oil_ has joined #maemo14:00
lcuk_2hmmmm, my battery is at near top (after leaving for a night without charging) for only the second time since i bought it14:10
lcuk_2"by jove, i think i've got it!"14:10
lcuk_2in vmware maemo box - am i supposed to still be able to run the zephyr emulated maemo thingy when i switch the target to chinook-armel.   it runs if i switch target to x86 (which is to be expected) but should it actually fail on armel?14:16
*** naba_ has joined #maemo14:17
*** mazzen has joined #maemo14:17
*** naba has quit IRC14:17
*** oil has quit IRC14:18
*** johnx has quit IRC14:20
*** oil has joined #maemo14:20
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC14:24
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo14:25
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo14:25
*** sergio has quit IRC14:25
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC14:25
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo14:25
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo14:26
*** thopiekar has quit IRC14:27
*** skler` has quit IRC14:30
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo14:34
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo14:34
sp3000afaiui that's expected14:34
*** oil_ has quit IRC14:39
thopiekarhi @ all14:40
*** Jeff1ff has joined #maemo14:50
*** Sargun has quit IRC14:53
*** philn_ has joined #maemo14:54
thopiekarhas anybody installed the canola2 update?14:55
*** oil has quit IRC14:55
*** thopiekar has quit IRC14:57
*** ab has joined #maemo14:58
philn_i'm looking for gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad package..15:00
*** ken has joined #maemo15:00
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo15:00
philn_i added maemo-extra repository but doesn't seem to be there15:01
*** tjafk2 has joined #maemo15:01
*** Jeff1ff has quit IRC15:02
*** _thopiekar_ has joined #maemo15:02
*** Alendit has quit IRC15:05
thopiekarI've got a question ... is the main Nokia repo really down?? there is a message about an MD5-Sum which fail... any solution(s)??15:08
*** Alendit has joined #maemo15:08
lcuk_2thopiekar, it seems to be a problem with the akemia cache in different countries (from what i read)15:08
thopiekarso.. can i fix that problem??15:09
lcuk_2im not sure...15:09
*** Alendit has quit IRC15:11
thopiekari will try i with: |sudo gainroot|apt-get clean|apt-get update|...15:12
*** Vytas has joined #maemo15:13
*** Zic has quit IRC15:15
*** tjafk3 has quit IRC15:17
thopiekar chinook Release.gpg > Connection time out..15:20
*** Zic has joined #maemo15:23
*** thopiekar has quit IRC15:24
maddlerhey all15:25
*** Pinguozzz has joined #maemo15:26
*** blassey has joined #maemo15:26
*** djtansey has joined #maemo15:30
djtanseyhow can i find some of the basic debs for my n810? like metalayer-crawler0?15:31
*** p| has quit IRC15:34
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC15:35
lardmandjtansey: should be in the main repo15:36
hahlodoes this bootmenu decrease battery life?15:37
djtanseylardman: it isn't. apt-cache search metalayer just gives libmetalayer0 (when run after removing metalayer-crawler0)15:37
lardmanhmm, fair enough, I don't know then15:37
lardmanhahlo: I can't see why it would15:37
djtanseylardman: thanks anyways.15:37
hahlolardman: just full battery drained fast afterwards when tried to boot from card15:38
hahloit didn't boot from card15:39
hahlojust tried and went back to flash15:39
lardmanWell I'd expect running from the card to certainly drain the battery, not sure about your case though15:39
*** Pinguozzz has quit IRC15:43
*** ab has quit IRC15:47
GeneralAntillesThere's no way the initfs would decrease battery life unless you let it sit at the boot menu forever.15:51
GeneralAntillestimeout is 30 seconds by default, so that's not really possible.15:51
*** djtansey has quit IRC15:51
hahlook and after boot mmc fails it drop in normal boot?15:51
*** leo2007 has joined #maemo15:53
*** skler` has joined #maemo15:54
*** skler` has joined #maemo15:55
*** alterego has joined #maemo15:55
GeneralAntillesOut of interest, has anybody tried booting from an external hard drive?15:56
hahloi got two sd cards mmc1 split in two partitions for some reason only first partition mounts automatically15:57
hahloi even did mount point for it /media/mmc3 didn't help15:59
*** chenca has left #maemo16:00
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:01
*** Raistl|n has joined #Maemo16:05
*** alterego has quit IRC16:17
*** jprieur_ has joined #maemo16:18
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo16:18
*** jprieur has quit IRC16:18
*** jprieur_ has quit IRC16:19
*** jprieur has joined #maemo16:19
*** alterego has joined #maemo16:20
*** hugolp has joined #maemo16:26
*** trevarthan has joined #Maemo16:34
trevarthanHello... Has anyone written a facebook notifier for the system tray? I'd like for my led to blink when I get a new message.16:35
*** pH5 has quit IRC16:42
*** blahdeblah has quit IRC16:45
*** blahdeblah has joined #maemo16:46
*** spirytusick has quit IRC16:46
*** sibbe has quit IRC16:49
*** inz has quit IRC16:49
*** colinl has quit IRC16:50
*** sxpert has quit IRC16:50
*** sxpert has joined #maemo16:54
*** simon_ has quit IRC16:59
*** oil has joined #maemo17:00
*** leo2007 has quit IRC17:00
*** Vytas has quit IRC17:02
alteregoI wonder if Nokia moving to Qt for Series 40/60 is to bring more open source developers to Symbian, there really isn't much free open software out there for that platform yet.17:04
maddleralterego: true... true...17:04
maddlerand also Qtopia could bring some resh air...17:05
maddlerI would be really curious about a QT based Nokia phone17:05
alteregoThough, my personal preference toward Gtk+ aside. Having an open source OS on my phone would be awesome.17:05
maddlerthat could also bring easier sync with Linux PCs17:06
alteregoShame I'm stuck with S60 3rd really :D17:06
maddleralterego: yeah...17:06
alteregoOh, and my distaste for C++ ..17:06
maddlerI mean... I'm happy with my n95-2... but... having QT apps on it... could make it even better!17:06
alteregoI somehow doubt that our generation of phones will be able to run this new platform they're devising.17:07
alteregoAnd we probably wont see it for a year or two.17:07
*** barisione has joined #maemo17:07
alteregoI think half of the Symbian problem is the lack of a native Linux SDK, from what I remember setting up the SDK under Linux was a pain in the ass.17:07
alteregoI am however tempted to get back into development with Series 60, now I can use a paravirtualized windows guest on my machine to do the development in.17:08
alteregoWell, to do the testing in :)17:08
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:08
maddleralterego: true... true...17:10
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:11
maddlerI think first QT based phones won't be released before 201017:11
alteregoI'm gonna have a play with Python S60 for a few minutes :)17:11
maddlerhehehe... downloaded it... but never played :)17:12
alteregoHmm, actually I'll see how the Ruby port is going ;)17:12
alteregoWow, it's actually endorsed by Symbian now ..17:13
alteregoOh, this is going to be fun.17:13
* alterego gets wicked plans of Ruby on his phone talking to Ruby on his tablet.17:14
* maddler 's watching ITA-IRE rugby match :)17:15
alteregoI can effectively export the entire API from the phone to the tablet. So it can use the services the phone offers more effectively.17:15
alteregoWhat channel?17:15
maddlerI'm in ITA :)17:15
alteregoAh, okay ;)17:15
maddlergreat match btw17:16
maddlerat least we only are -7 :)17:16
maddlercould be WORSE playing against Ireland :)17:16
a-l-p-h-ais there a way to format an mmc card inside the 770 from teh CLI?17:16
alteregomkfs a-l-p-h-a17:16
maddleror mkfs.vfat iirc17:17
sp3000hmm, the comments in mce.ini seem off17:17
*** trevarthan has left #Maemo17:17
sp300000 seems to be 1 step, not 0 steps17:17
*** pleemans has joined #maemo17:17
a-l-p-h-atrying to test this rs-mmc card I bought off ebay.17:17
sp3000for one, otherwise it would be weitd to pad patterns with a bunch of 00s17:18
sp3000also, 105f and 202f last the same time, whereas 1060 and 2030 don't17:18
*** greentux has joined #maemo17:19
*** simon_ has joined #maemo17:19
sp3000or, perhaps one of the steps just always is a nop (non-inc/decrementing) step17:20
sp3000that sounds most plausible I suppose17:20
alteregoYour email has address has been rejected as we do not accept registrations from publicly available email domains (e.g. gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc).17:20
alteregoThose bastards.17:20
* sp3000 just finds it annoying to try to keep led colors with different values in sync when 40/2 != 20 etc17:21
*** Raistl|n has quit IRC17:24
*** lindever__ has quit IRC17:26
*** lardman has quit IRC17:26
*** jackster has joined #maemo17:28
*** Tuco has joined #maemo17:30
*** johnx has joined #maemo17:30
alteregoJeez, you still have to use MSVC for symbian dev? Horrible ..17:32
*** spirytusick has joined #maemo17:32
alteregoOkay .. Maybe not.17:34
*** eton has joined #maemo17:35
*** frade has quit IRC17:36
*** mankod has joined #maemo17:43
*** blassey has quit IRC17:44
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo17:46
derfFinally got my N810... delivered to me (by a friend) in Japan.17:48
derfCan't seem to get it to work with my external BT GPS.17:48
derfJust repeats "Searching for GPS receiver" forever.17:48
*** K-Fox has joined #maemo17:49
johnxtake it to a southward facing window and give it a *long* time17:49
derfjohnx: Huh?17:49
johnxderf, the first fix apparently takes forever17:49
johnxnever mind17:49
K-Foxjohnx: are you robot?17:50
johnxdidn't read what you wrote properly17:50
johnxK-Fox, yes17:50
johnxI am the channel's factoid bot17:50
onionderf: in the GPS control panel ?17:50
derfIn maemo mapper.17:50
onionderf: you must have bluetooth enabled17:50
derfI do.17:51
onionderf: from the control panel as17:51
derfI've got a bluetooth icon that is now bright blue.17:51
onionderf: then it should work17:51
derfAnd a satellite icon.17:51
*** leo2007 has joined #maemo17:51
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo17:51
johnxderf, have you tried it with the built-in maps application?17:52
derfjohnx: No.17:52
onionderf: have you selected to use external gps from the gps control panel?17:53
derfonion: Yes.17:53
derfAnd from within maemo mapper... which is relatively confusing.17:53
derfIf mm is accessing it directly via BT, what does it need the GPS control panel for?17:53
derfOkay, I got it to work.17:54
onionderf: maemo mapper uses the gps framework now only afaik17:54
fatal-has anybody else seen the same behaviour: the battery on n810 dies in less than 24 hours17:54
derfonion: It should probably not have settings for the other things, then.17:54
fatal-I just keep wondering does the gps stay up and running even it's claimed to be dead17:54
derfI'll have to bug John about it when I get back to the states.17:54
derf(he applied my caching patch, apparently, which was nice, though)17:55
lcuk_2Fatal- yes17:55
derfAnyway... I had to disable GPS in the control panel, and then re-enable it, before it would work.17:55
lcuk_2ahhh dont know to second question17:55
derfI have no idea why.17:55
fatal-lcuk_2: do you have any explanation why this happens?17:55
lcuk_2battery on my 810 would normally be flat if i left it overnight17:55
lcuk_2i seem to have abated it by changing the display settings17:56
zoranbackground process?17:56
sp3000I should make my incremental top script suck less17:57
lcuk_2i had it set as such:    brightness period: 2 minutes, swithc off display: 5 minutes.    i noticed it stayed illuminated when locked with the slider on top.  i have set both to 2 minutes and it now goes fully off when i lock it.  the last 2 days i have done this the battery has been in same place as it was left17:57
lcuk_2before the battery would have been flat17:57
johnxso you think the screen was staying lit for hours off of power?17:58
*** barisione has quit IRC17:58
lcuk_2dont think so, it did appear to disable itself after 5 minutes17:58
zoranwhat if you sift through ps?17:59
*** shackan has joined #maemo18:00
lcuk_2ive tried that but its not easy, i want to get some stats built up about whats happening when screen is off18:00
lcuk_2i need a good chart history18:00
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:01
zoranbigger number, newer process18:01
lcuk_2i have been pondering if the screen refresh for the load-applet itself might be doing it18:01
zoranand shutdown -r now could help, if you have hidden processes18:01
lcuk_2there is no real perfmon/regmon/filemon for maemo is there18:02
johnxon a related note, I tried to get powertop working earlier but it needed a kernel with CONFIG_TIMER_STATS and when I built the kernel with that option wireless didn't work in OS2008 and also I couldn't boot from SD...18:02
lcuk_2wireless involves you copying over the custom nokia .ko doesnt it?18:03
lcuk_2as in build kernel, replace stock wirelessdriver with the one from your device18:03
johnxwireless driver is module18:03
johnxI built a kernel of the same version and dropped just the kernel image in place18:04
lcuk_2not sure then, i just spotted something talking about it18:04
johnxI think it was something more though18:04
johnxit kernel panic'ed booting from SD...18:04
johnxhmm...I might actually need to rebuild the other modules to match that kernel...maybe?18:05
johnxah well, another time18:05
*** zaheerm has quit IRC18:07
VReSomething I have installed few weeks ago really eats battery.. now standby lasts only day.. other symptom is that when no near wlan the wireless search box pops up. Anybody had similar problem?18:09
VRemaybe cpu-time will expose that bastard..18:10
johnxno, but it must be an app that wants access to the network18:10
VReYeah, that I figured too :)18:10
VRejohnx: hows your debian port advancing?18:12
johnxVRe, a bit at a time18:12
johnxI'm trying to investigate exactly what's going on with power management, how much if it is in the kernel and how much we need to rely on dsme/bme18:12
johnxalso the pkg-maemo guys finally got the basic hildon stuff into debian proper, which makes things very interesting18:13
*** JussiP has quit IRC18:15
*** kpel has joined #Maemo18:15
kpelhi all18:15
johnxVRe, you could disconnect your tablet from wireless at home and then wait for this mystery app to connect it and run netstat18:15
johnxyou could probably automate the check with dbus even :)18:15
VRewith the binary wrapper around the wlan driver the power management might be the biggest obstacle now18:15
K-Foxwhere is
VRejohnx: I was thinking of listening on dbus18:16
K-Foxi am trying to install the openssh18:16
johnxK-Fox, openssh client or server or both?18:16
johnxVRe, does wlancond handle all of the power saving?18:17
johnxick :(18:17
K-Foxi did fail to install client or server by double click18:17
K-Foxon n800 ( os 2008)18:18
johnxright, which one are you trying to install right now?18:18
K-Foxi dont know some application packages required for openssh18:20
*** seraph1 has joined #maemo18:23
zoranK-Fox, what is an error message?18:24
*** lubyou has joined #maemo18:25
K-Foxmessage is " unable to install openssh-server. some application packages reuired for the installation are missing "18:25
zoranno, ssl missing?18:26
zorangoogling a little found libpam as culprit on one debian list18:27
K-Foxunable to install  openssh-server.  application packages missing: openssh-common(=1:4.6p1-5.maemo1)18:28
zoraninstall it18:28
zoranif compiled with WITH_OPENSSL_BASE ...18:29
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo18:32
K-Foxright now, i did try to install(openssh-common(=1:4.6p1-5.maemo1), an error message is " unable to install openssh-common. Incompatible application package18:33
Andy80on my N810 there's a process that is takin up 98% of cpu: telepaty-gabbl :(18:34
K-Foxi dont know how to xx. at all18:34
Andy80I can kill it... but this should not happen! I imagine the average user trying to understand with all is so slow...18:34
zoranK-Fox, maybe the wrong repo18:34
zoranupdate it18:34
zoranapt-get update18:35
zoranit is so easy to get stranded in dependencies mud...18:36
*** Zetx has quit IRC18:37
*** matt_c has quit IRC18:42
*** pleemans has quit IRC18:50
*** beavis_ has joined #maemo18:52
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo18:55
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:55
*** pupnikafk has joined #maemo18:56
*** pupnikafk is now known as pupnik18:58
*** _collin_ has joined #maemo18:59
pupnikin exult19:01
pupniki have to increase the radius for click on character conversations19:01
pupnikat 200 dpi it's too hard to target them19:01
*** sneakk has joined #maemo19:01
*** sneakk has left #maemo19:01
*** chenca has quit IRC19:01
*** matt_c has quit IRC19:01
*** tjafk3 has joined #maemo19:05
*** red-zack has quit IRC19:06
*** barisione has joined #maemo19:06
*** K-Fox has quit IRC19:08
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:11
*** behdad has joined #maemo19:11
*** s1d has joined #maemo19:12
*** matt_c has quit IRC19:13
*** tjafk2 has quit IRC19:21
*** legind has quit IRC19:23
*** barisione has quit IRC19:27
_collin_who to contact for problems regarding  ???19:28
_collin_does anyone know19:29
sp3000what sort of problems?19:29
sp3000if it's a problem with the service, find/file a bug,, website::repositories19:30
sp3000er, not repositories19:30
sp3000website::downloads rather19:30
_collin_I need to delete one of my apps.19:30
_collin_there are two versions in their databbase19:31
_collin_and it somehow fucksup the install file19:31
_collin_actually the app exists 3 times because there is still the old version in OS2007 ... such a mess19:32
sp3000dunno, I don't see other contact details, so I guess bugzilla applies19:35
* sp3000 doesn't do downloads from the provider side19:35
sp3000so there's probably docs I haven't seen or something19:35
*** killfill has joined #maemo19:43
killfillcannot find a vnc server to install19:43
killfillis there one?19:43
lcuk_2yes there is, but i havent found it since i reflashed - it was available right at the start19:44
killfillme neither..19:45
*** pcfe has quit IRC19:46
*** ttmrichter has quit IRC19:47
sp3000PatternBatteryLow used to do stuff19:48
* sp3000 would like a PatternWtfWokeMeUp19:48
sp3000I even made 10;1;30;105f105f41df41df7f830000;301f301f439f439f7f830000;0000, it looks pretty19:49
sp3000(and added in LEDPatterns, and set enabled in /system/osso/dsm/leds)19:49
sp3000(neither of which helps if nothing wants to use it these days of course)19:50
*** jackster has quit IRC19:52
*** Masca has joined #maemo19:53
*** lardman has joined #maemo19:53
lardmanevening all19:53
lardmanany subversion gurus about?19:53
pupniknot me19:54
pupniklardman: is there a gcc 4.x for chinook?19:54
pupnikthe benchmarks seem to indicate it is better than 3.4.x19:54
lardmanYou could use one built using OE19:55
lardmannot sure how well things would like running with it though19:55
jottpupnik: there is also a codesourcery gcc 4.2.1 toolchain19:56
jottbut OE should be better ;)19:56
lardmanHmm, I've done a checkout of my empty repo, now I want to add some files19:57
pupnikok ty19:57
pupnikjott i found the error today - playtested the exult patch19:57
lardmansvn add /some/path/here results in "svn: '../..' is not a working copy"19:57
pupniktargeting people for conversation was too difficult - needs a larger radius19:57
pupnikotherwise very nice19:57
*** pH5 has joined #maemo19:57
sp3000where'd you get ../.. ?19:58
lardmanyeah, slightly different path19:58
sp3000ah, files you add maust be in the working copy19:58
sp3000must even19:58
lardmanit would say /some/path is not a working copy19:58
lardmanhow do I add them to the working copy?19:58
sp3000so you'd copy them into the wc and then add19:58
hahlois this howto still up2date
sp3000(where working copy is ~where you did the checkout)20:00
lardmanah, so just a normal copy operation20:00
lardmanI see20:00
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo20:00
hahloat least this didn't work mkdir /opt/20:01
lardmansp3000: Thanks :)20:01
pH5lardman: is there any example code using the SIO_create call somewhere?20:01
pH5I have implemented the DSP_CMD_INIT_STATE/DSP_CMD_INIT/DSP_INIT_CLOSE socket commands, and the EAP_RequestStream works. But SIO_create always returns NULL.20:02
lardmanpH5: In the Ti device driver writing documentation20:02
pH5ah, thanks.20:02
lardmanpH5: search for "55" on this page for the right section, then scroll down:
sp3000that reminds me, one day I need to figure out branches in git20:02
sp3000I just make more clones now :)20:02
pH5there was some DSP/BIOS driver developer's manual20:03
* sp3000 doesn't trust himself+git with branching otherwise :)20:03
lardmanyes, that may be the one, I can't remember, lots of docs there20:03
* pH5 loves branching in git20:04
* lardman avoids using any sort of repo, though they are useful20:08
* lardman wishes he'd used one for his code during PhD, would have made life soooo much easier20:09
derfI didn't use one during mine... never missed it.20:09
*** seraph1 has quit IRC20:09
pupnikwell i made a tiny little fix to one package today20:09
lardmanderf: I think it would have been good to keep track of code versions and why I made certain changes20:10
b0unc3guys there is any way to set the pkg dependencies (on the control file) depending on the os-version ?20:10
pupnikjott, so should i make an installer that overrides default libsdl with yours and runs ldconfig?20:10
pupniki mean, seriously nokia has broken libsdl and you FIXED IT20:10
*** mazzen_ has joined #maemo20:12
johnxb0unc3, you can use a '|' to mean 'or'20:16
*** Deformative has joined #maemo20:19
DeformativeWhat is the name of the alternate browser?20:19
johnxDeformative, there were a couple: owb, minimo and ... something else I don't remember20:20
lardmanhmm, I just commited my files, but I can't see them in the SVN web browsing tool20:20
b0unc3johnx: ok, thank you20:21
lardmanhmm, if svn couldn't find a file which I'd added when I tried to do the commit, would it stop the commit?20:23
lardmanwhich I'd added then deleted (without doing svn rm) before the commit20:24
*** pH5 has quit IRC20:25
*** pH5 has joined #maemo20:26
lardmanyay! code in the repo20:26
*** ken has quit IRC20:27
*** mazzen has quit IRC20:27
pH5lardman: yay :)20:30
killfillhey guys.. i still cannot hear ogg streams with canola (beta2)20:33
killfillanyone can?..20:33
k-s[AWAY]killfill: just hear (play) or they're not recognized?20:35
* sp3000 ports inctop from perl to sh20:42
sp3000it's only 200x slower20:42
sp3000...what you get for having to invoke 10*n processes ;)20:43
*** ken has joined #maemo20:44
|tbb|whats better of beta2 instead of beta version of canola?20:47
*** tjafk2 has joined #maemo20:47
k-s[AWAY]|tbb|: 770, bug fixes, optimizations, .rm, .wma, .wmv20:48
*** _collin_ has quit IRC20:48
*** ustunozgur has joined #maemo20:48
*** tjafk1 has joined #maemo20:49
*** ustunozgur has joined #maemo20:49
*** sibbe has joined #maemo20:50
*** colinl has joined #maemo20:50
*** inz has joined #maemo20:50
killfillk-s[AWAY]: it says its not a valid stream20:51
killfillif i open then same with mplayer it works fine...20:51
lardmanpH5: I'll email the list with the current status20:52
lardmanthe garage one that it20:52
killfill"no feed avaible for this URL"20:53
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo20:53
lardmanpH5: let me know if you can't find the SIO stuff and I'll check the docs I've got here20:53
k-s[AWAY]killfill: how about mamemo media player?20:53
*** lardman is now known as lardman|tv20:54
killfillk-s[AWAY]: it works. very slow. and take some minutes to start playing but it does..20:54
killfill(thats why i dont want to use it... :)20:55
b0unc3johnx: uhmm... the | seems not to do what I want...20:55
alteregoGod damn the N80 takes a long time to start up ..20:56
sp3000oh, it's only 70x slower than the perl on the device20:56
* sp3000 giggles20:56
|tbb|if i run a program from xterm and hit ctrl + c it says Quitting and the programm is closed then, but if i run the program from xterm using myprog & how can i stop the program like ctrl+c do it? is there then the only way to close it with kill pid?20:59
killfillCtrl+C sends a signal to the program when its in foreground20:59
killfillkill send signals too...20:59
sp3000|tbb|: jobs, fg21:00
*** jackster has joined #maemo21:01
k-s[AWAY]killfill: it's weird media player works and canola don't21:01
k-s[AWAY]killfill: do you have any special settings in ~/.atabake?21:01
b0unc3... it's really annoying to do two deb for the same pkg because the dependencies depend on the ITOS version...  :(21:01
johnxb0unc3, what are the differences?21:02
b0unc3johnx: the nfs module21:03
*** tjafk3 has quit IRC21:04
*** tjafk2 has quit IRC21:04
*** tjafk2 has joined #maemo21:04
pupnik  i'm an artist21:05
|tbb|killfill, ctrl c is not a proper way then21:05
*** tjafk1 has quit IRC21:06
|tbb|okay i think i will kill it by kill pid21:09
b0unc3|tbb|: have you tried killall myprog21:10
|tbb|works also but i was thinking this is not a good thing to do, dunno why ;)21:11
|tbb|is it possible to run a console app  so that i cant start it twice, so always one instance is running?21:12
pH5lardman|tv: ok, found it. it's in the TMS320 DSP/BIOS User's Guide (SPRU423F).21:12
Sho_Cord, tableteer: One of you around?21:12
*** me__ has joined #maemo21:12
*** tjafk3 has joined #maemo21:13
Sho_Cord: Say, you were one of the guys who got the N810 for 0€ in the discount program, right? Did Nokia charge your CC yet?21:15
CordSho_: not afaik.21:16
Sho_Cord: Mine neither, although there would theoretically be 5€ shipping costs left ... guess their shop software dropped it somewhere at 0€ order price21:16
*** ken has quit IRC21:17
pupnikyou know at standard rates in germany, a n810 is worth about 5 hours of developer time21:18
Cordmy printout from the shop shows 5EUR shipping, the sheet in the delivery 459EUR, Discout 459EUR, Sum 464EUR21:19
pupnikhah like i work for that21:19
Cordpupnik: if my employee lends me to an external party? 2.5h afaik.21:19
infobotCord meant: pupnik: if my employer lends me to an external party? 2.5h afaik.21:20
pupniki remember those rates21:20
Cordwe normally don't do that.21:21
killfillk-s[AWAY]: is this special?
k-s[AWAY]killfill: I'm not that familiar with it, MoRpHeUz is, need to ask him later when he's online21:23
k-s[AWAY]killfill: but maybe you can change audio to mplayer21:23
Cordthe deal was 100EUR+p&p. if Nokia comes back to that, no problem. If they don't ... other peoples problem.21:23
killfill(nope. still same message with that change)21:25
*** Zword has joined #maemo21:26
k-s[AWAY]killfill: talk to morpheuz when he's online21:27
*** lubyou has quit IRC21:27
pupnikplease nokia please make a better dpad for the n9x021:28
pupnikbut we must sing and dance for the tablets as they are21:29
pupnikthey are glorious and shiny21:29
pupnikthey help the planet21:30
*** tjafk2 has quit IRC21:30
*** tjafk3 has quit IRC21:32
*** tjafk3 has joined #maemo21:32
*** L0cutus has quit IRC21:38
|tbb|whats the easiest way to get the current time in osso-xterm21:42
b0unc3|tbb|: date ?21:43
*** mattsqz has joined #maemo21:43
* sp3000 reformulates: what's the easiest way to get a date in osso-xterm :P21:45
* sp3000 sobs21:45
mattsqzits always creepy seeing someone else use one of your old nicks21:46
mattsqzmine was sq000s a long time ago21:46
mattsqzor not use one, but someting similar21:46
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:47
|tbb|b0unc3: thx21:47
mattsqzcauses a double take21:47
* sp3000 is reminded of the "how did you make that reverse d?" quote21:47
sp3000(or b, whichever it was)21:48
guru3that one, iirc21:48
sp3000also, I keep sucking at perl21:48
*** skibur has joined #maemo21:49
*** Zic has quit IRC21:49
*** matt_c has quit IRC21:49
*** Pio has quit IRC21:52
*** blasse1 has quit IRC21:52
*** Pio has joined #maemo21:53
*** ustunozgur has quit IRC21:55
*** zwnj has joined #maemo21:56
*** simon_ has quit IRC22:02
*** Zword has quit IRC22:03
*** hugolp has quit IRC22:03
skiburdoes the tablet support mp4?22:09
lardman|tvshould do, depends on the extension though I imagine22:14
lardman|tvpH5: Glad to hear it22:14
*** ustunozgur has joined #maemo22:14
pH5lardman|tv: and I've even recognized why the SIO_create doesn't work. I got the name parameter wrong because I misinterpreted the disassembly.22:15
lardman|tvsounds like you're making good progress :)22:15
pH5s/good/slow/, but what can we do :)22:16
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo22:16
lardman|tvpH5: it's all relative :)22:17
proteousmuahahah, buy combining too many beans with too little water I have created the strongest coffee ever!22:17
proteousbuy huh22:17
pupniktv :/22:18
pupnikwell i hope you're watching something decent22:18
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo22:18
*** jacques has quit IRC22:18
lardman|tvnot really, I was watching Primeval22:18
*** lardman|tv is now known as lardman22:19
pupnik:/  i've been enjoying M*A*S*H, Poirot, Cowboy Bebop and WKRP in Cincinnati22:19
*** EruditeHermit has joined #maemo22:19
*** EruditeH1rmit has joined #maemo22:19
pupnik Got to buy the old 'Taxi' episodes someday when they're cheaper22:20
pupniktheme song by Bob James22:20
* lardman has no clue22:20
*** me__ has quit IRC22:21
*** lubyou has joined #maemo22:21
*** skibur has left #maemo22:24
*** slomo__ has quit IRC22:30
lardmanI just sent an update for the vorbis dsp plugin debugging progress to the dsp-tremor list for anyone who might be interested22:30
*** skibur has joined #maemo22:30
lardmanlooks like it might take a little while to turn up in the archives22:30
lardmanah good, there now:
lardman(just on the off chance anyone is interested)22:31
*** lardman is now known as lardman|scrabble22:32
*** fugitiv1 has quit IRC22:33
*** mardi____ has quit IRC22:36
*** ustunozgur has quit IRC22:36
* sp3000 slaps notes with a dead chicken for not zooming plaintext22:37
*** Kggk has joined #maemo22:40
Kggkanyone here with an n800?22:41
*** mankod has quit IRC22:45
*** zwnj has quit IRC22:48
*** zwnj has joined #maemo22:49
*** Disconnect has quit IRC22:49
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo22:50
*** smackpotato has quit IRC22:50
*** JussiP has joined #maemo22:53
*** seraph1 has joined #maemo22:54
*** beavis_ has quit IRC22:58
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC22:59
*** Pio__ has joined #maemo23:01
*** Pio has quit IRC23:01
*** David__ has joined #maemo23:05
pupnikgirls love my tablets23:06
pupnikjust don't let them see the xterm23:07
David__newb question: How can I change the icons on the top left ? Panels>Task navigator. lets me move them, I want to change them.23:07
|tbb|would it not better girls love you instead of tablet? ;)23:07
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo23:08
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo23:08
pupnikthat is not possible23:08
David__no? so I am stuck with just those three?23:09
pupnikDavid__: do you want a different theme?23:10
David__no, essentailly I dont like the contacts icon there. I am using a differnt email client than the resident one and I'd like to delete that icon  from the left menu23:10
smackpotatowhats with the endless redirection message in the browser23:11
pupnikok i don't know how to change it.  it is all changeable of course23:11
*** ken has joined #maemo23:11
smackpotatodo i have to reflash23:11
David__of course. just how much learning!23:11
pupniki feel bad when people ask questions i can't answer23:12
David__ok, how would i get that contacts icon to refence the email client i am  using. 'modest'.23:12
pupnikcheck forums - much user info and searchable forums23:13
pH5lardman|scrabble: does "MOV AR1,*+AR3(#0001h)" do the same as "MOV AR1,*+AR3" ?23:13
pH5(and if yes, why does the compiler encode *(++my_string) = my_char; as the first instead of the second, which is two bytes shorter?)23:13
*** seraph1 has quit IRC23:13
pH5I'm trying to understand this snippet of code from pcm2.o:
pupnikpH5: you learning DSP?!?!!23:14
pH5pupnik: now that I've got one, I just have to, right? :)23:14
pupnikcan I send you beer or do you need any computer parts?23:15
smackpotatohmm clicked the wrong box when i changed home page23:16
pupnikdosbox is very close to usable speed for 385 based programs.  just needs sound blaster /adlib FMOPL on DSP, and a dynamic recompiler23:16
pupniki got doubled speed in DOOM with some wack-ass cflags yesterday23:17
pupnikcaused some graphics errors, but fsck that23:18
David__is there a theme repositry somewhere?23:20
pH5pupnik: could the sound blaster emulation just interface with the existing pcm gstreamer modules?23:21
*** Pio__ has quit IRC23:21
lardman|scrabblepH5: no idea, I've not done any DSP assembler yet23:22
pupnikpH5: the cpu intensive part is the fm synthesis module23:23
*** ken_ has joined #maemo23:23
pupnikthe dsp passthrough is not really such a CPU hit23:23
pupnikbut the trigonometry to synthesize 8-16 voices is serious23:23
pupnikit's not a simple dsp project :/23:24
pupnika straight codec would be much simpler/cleaner  (speex, ogg, etc)23:24
*** guerby has quit IRC23:24
*** David__ has quit IRC23:25
spirytusickpupnik: i am keeping my fingers crossed for you.23:31
pupniki am just a cheerleader spirytusick.  i'm not the football team.23:32
pupnikgo! go! gooooo... somebody else!23:32
*** Dregs has quit IRC23:33
*** |tbb| has quit IRC23:35
pH5lardman|scrabble: I see. I have neither, and it shows :) Trial and error, then.23:37
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo23:37
*** matt_c has joined #maemo23:41
*** Pio__ has joined #maemo23:42
*** SmackPotat has joined #maemo23:42
*** Dregz has joined #maemo23:44
spirytusickpupnik: you've contributed enough :)23:46
pupnikhey 10 months later we might get a playable Ultima 723:47
pupnikit's almost there23:47
*** ken has quit IRC23:48
spirytusickguys, gotta go... new episode of lost to watch...23:49
*** spirytusick has quit IRC23:49
*** alump_ is now known as alump23:51
*** seraph1 has joined #maemo23:51
*** Esworp has joined #maemo23:52
*** sp3000 has quit IRC23:53
*** simon_ has joined #maemo23:53
EsworpSeems to me the videochat is underused, can we only vidchat amongst other maemo users, or are there other clients that will accept connections?23:57
*** becksbier has joined #maemo23:59

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