IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2008-01-12

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jottanyway.. i'll play around with vala a bit now :P00:02
Takhaha, have fun00:02
jottmaybe you should upgrade to chinook ;)00:03
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Taknot until the hacker edition is on chinook00:04
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Tester_for the 770 ?00:04
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blahdeblahN800Does maemo support wpad.dat style autoproxy? I've tried leaving the configuration URL blank, and that doesn't work.00:05
Takthen I will remove my bora toolchain, and all will be well00:05
jotthmm.. (from the hildon_hello sample) /usr/share/vala/vapi/hildon-1.vapi:595.19-595.28: error: Hildon.BreadCrumb: Interfaces cannot have multiple instantiable prerequisites (`Gtk.Object' and `GLib.InitiallyUnowned')00:06
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jotti bet it depends on a newer hildon than chinook ;p00:07
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Takactually, that's probably for the pre-chinook hildon00:08
*** florian_ is now known as florian00:09
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jottmh patching the .vapi seemed to work..00:09
jottbut the result looks gtk-ish not hildon-ish ..hm00:10
* Tak => home00:10
juergbijott: it's fixed in svn, was an issue with an older binding generator00:10
jottjuergbi: vala svn?00:10
juergbiTak: it's for 1.99.0-200:10
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juergbijott: yes but your fix in the local .vapi should work the same, i guess00:11
jottyeah still the result uses the gtk theme not the hildon ui.. :/00:11
juergbiprobably not a vala issue00:12
jottjuergbi: are you involved in the development?00:12
* juergbi still hasn't really started with hildon programming :/00:12
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jott(of vala that is)00:12
juergbijott: i'm the maintainer00:12
jottah i see..00:13
florianVala bindings for Hildon?00:13
* florian missed the start of the discussion00:13
jottcan i generate the intermediate c file to see what's going on?00:14
juergbiflorian: yes, vala has hildon bindings for quite some time00:14
juergbijott: sure, valac -C00:14
* jott needs to read some documentation :)00:14
florianjuergbi: Sounds like I should take some time for learning :)00:15
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jottflorian: i made debs for chinook if you like to test
jottok there is just a know bug in it ;).. will fix this later..00:17
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florianjott: oh nice - many thanks00:18
* Jaffa will have to play with that tomorrow.00:18
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* florian got a nice piece of motivation today :-)00:18
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florianbut noone donates time to me ;)00:19
jottflorian: you need to edit /usr/share/vala/vapi/hildon-1.vapi:595.19-595.28:  and remove all but the Gtk.Widget00:19
* Jaffa has a long queue of maemo related activities to do - and not enough time with family, work and sleep.00:20
jottjuergbi: seems something borked here.. the executable works fine on the device as it seems00:20
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ustunozgurwhich one is the most efficient ad blocking system? adblock seems to slow things down a lot. does /etc/hosts work better?00:21
* jott forgot :/00:21
ustunozgurprivoxy seems to be connection dependent.00:22
florianJaffa: same here...00:22
GeneralAntilleshosts + css works well for me.00:22
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ustunozgurGeneralAntilles: css? how do you use that?00:23
GeneralAntillesfind yourself an adblocking css file, then figure out where to put it00:23
GeneralAntillesgoogle it00:23
GeneralAntillesit's buried somewhere in a microb chrome directory.00:24
milhousenokia really should have put a little touch sensitive pad where the camera/light sensor is located - would have been excellent for "thumb scrolling" :)00:24
milhouseor maybe a wheel...00:24
GeneralAntillesA wheel on the top right of the N800 would be perfectly00:24
ustunozgurGeneralAntilles: ok thanks00:24
GeneralAntilles. . . if it weren't for the stylus.00:24
milhouseGA - are you a leftie?00:24
milhouseI'm a righty, and I wouldn't want it on the right as I hold the device in my left hand00:25
GeneralAntillesMake for a perfect two-handed grip00:25
GeneralAntillesd-pad for link selection00:25
GeneralAntillesright wheel for scrolling00:25
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florianjott: What does the doc package contain? Some language documentation in html or better some ebook format for fbreader would rock.00:26
GeneralAntillesWish they had cloned the keys on the left over to the right.00:26
milhousei don't know why they flipped the return and task keys - i'm always pushing the wrong one00:26
GeneralAntillesBecause they hate their users00:26
GeneralAntillesNokia doesn't actually want maemo to be successful.00:26
milhousei think that's it. :)00:27
GeneralAntillesIt's too much work for them.00:27
jottflorian: uhm that is what debian provides (some html files)00:27
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florianjott: is there any language documentation in a compilable format such as docbook?00:28
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jottflorian: ask juergbi :)
pc_speakerHi everyone.00:28
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florianhi pc_speaker00:29
pc_speakerAm I only think that os2008 development is slow?00:29
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pc_speakerOs we already have "final release"? :)00:29
juergbiflorian: no, not available in such a format at the moment (unfortunately, vala documentation is sparse in general)00:29
GeneralAntillesIt's running at about exactly the same pace as every other OS update.00:29
GeneralAntillesLittle less time in beta than OS2006.00:30
pc_speakerDevice will be 10 times better if it will be 2 or 3  times faster.00:30
pc_speakerThat is the point.00:30
GeneralAntilles2 or 3 times.00:30
GeneralAntillesThat's a tall order.00:30
pc_speakerSomeone mentioned here that it's software problems mostly.00:30
GeneralAntillesEh, partly.00:31
GeneralAntillesI'm ready for OMAP3430. :(00:31
pc_speakerI was scared after switching from windows mobile.00:31
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pc_speakern800 just feeeeeeled slow :)00:31
pc_speakerIt's very feature rich but damn slow.00:32
GeneralAntillesYou can't do half the shit with a WinMob device that you can do with an N800.00:32
pc_speakerI know.00:32
GeneralAntillesDamn slow is hyperbole.00:32
florianjuergbi: well ok, but my guess is right that the tutorial is not handcrafted, right? :)00:32
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GeneralAntillesCompared to similar devices, it's actually a little faster.00:32
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pc_speakerTry to shange font size in browser on heavy page :)00:32
GeneralAntillesIt certainly loads most webpages faster than an iPhone.00:32
BugBlueI don't want all the features from WinMob.. I don't want to spent 20 minutes to search where to change from fixed-ip to dhcp on wireless00:32
pc_speakerWhile fit to page mode on...00:32
GeneralAntillesThat's a MicroB issue.00:33
GeneralAntillesGecko was never designed for a mobile platform00:33
pc_speakerBut it's master application on the platform :)00:33
GeneralAntillesso mobile-platform features will take a little time to implement.00:33
pc_speakerOpera wasn't fastest thing on the device too.00:33
pc_speakerBetter on fitting pages but not faster.00:34
juergbiflorian: the tutorial in the wiki is just in the wiki. the language doc html is generated from some simple xml00:34
blahdeblahN800the only thing that's slow for me is this Stupid text recogniser00:34
GeneralAntillesPersonally, it's plenty fast for me.00:34
pc_speakerAnd where is fucking 3d support? :)00:34
GeneralAntillesFaster than any other mobile web browser I've used.00:34
pc_speakerPowerVR anyone?00:34
GeneralAntillesI want to blame the 3rd party LCD controller.00:35
GeneralAntillesblahdeblahN800, then turn it off.00:35
* Jaffa 'd rather they got the basic UI right, before spending time & money on 3D games/fx.00:35
pc_speakerBlame the hardware designers :)00:35
florianjuergbi: ah ok...00:35
* florian needs more time00:35
blahdeblahN800GeneralAntilles: i wish00:35
pc_speakerN800 screen was to big for built-in LCD controller...00:35
pc_speakerThey just added other one.00:36
JaffaOS2008 is a similar step up to OS2007 as 07 was to 06, in many ways. But some stuff's just so backwards...00:36
GeneralAntillespc_speaker, they didn't really have a lot of options.00:36
JaffaAnyway, time for bed - not moaning :)00:36
milhouseGA - that's probably part of the problem but adding PowerVR support to the N8x0 would ensure full support by the time the "N900" arrives... leaving it out until the N900 means it's going to be the usual shit show for the first two releases00:36
GeneralAntillesIt was either smaller screen or 3rd party controller.00:36
pc_speakerThey used smartphone chip, I know :)00:36
GeneralAntillesblahdeblahN800, seriously, turn it off.00:36
GeneralAntillesThere's a setting in Control Panel.00:36
GeneralAntillesI hope not.00:37
pc_speakerMenlow, silverstone...00:37
GeneralAntillesOMAP3430 is what I've got my money on.00:37
milhousepc_speaker: n900 - successor to the N8x0 (N900 is a working title)... x86? doubtful unless Nokia start using x86 in volume in their smartphones00:37
pc_speakernano-Itx from VIA?00:37
blahdeblahN800GeneralAntilles: and do what instead?00:37
GeneralAntillesbuilt-in LCD controller can do 1024x76800:37
pc_speakerIf they won't user x86 they will fail.00:37
GeneralAntillesblahdeblahN800, you complained that it was slow, so turn it off!00:37
pc_speakerTo other MID devices.00:37
pc_speakerI love my n800 :)00:38
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GeneralAntillesx86 is still a big power hog in the mobile space00:38
blahdeblahN800then i can't write!00:38
pc_speakerNever turnedit off...00:38
* GeneralAntilles gives up.00:38
pc_speakerYes, but intel is working in this.00:38
milhousepc_speaker - don't agree with you on x86. The processor choice won't be the downfall of Nokia Internet Tablets, plenty of other factors to choose from first! ;)00:38
pc_speakerSo "built-in LCD controller can do 1024x768"?00:39
pc_speakerWhy they decided to use other one?00:39
GeneralAntillesWith OMAP343000:39
GeneralAntillesBecause it didn't exist in 2006.00:39
pc_speakerWe need to invent time machine faster.00:39
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jottjuergbi: svn does not compile (with "--enable-vapigen --enable-gen-project"): i get "No rule to make target `valaprojectgenerator.c', needed by `valaprojectgenerator.o'.  Stop."00:42
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svucould anyone please tell me how to switch layouts on n810?00:43
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juergbijott: hm, works fine here, will recheck with a clean build00:44
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Tama-rroyou mean themes? :)00:45
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juergbiTama-rro: keyboard layouts00:46
Tama-rroah, I see00:47
juergbijott: still works fine here00:48
juergbi(even parallel build)00:48
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jottjuergbi: with --enable-gen-project? (what automake/reconf version?)00:49
jotti'll do another clean build on my host00:49
juergbi./ --prefix=/usr --enable-vapigen --enable-gen-project00:49
juergbiusing system installed vala 0.1.500:50
juergbimost current stable releases of autotools00:50
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hachiokay, do I have a bad nokia 810 here?00:54
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hachiI just had it reboot on its own00:54
*** tjafk1 has joined #maemo00:54
hachiI think I've had every app crash as well00:54
*** tjafk1 is now known as rkaway00:54
pc_speakerMy n800 self-rebooted few times I think :)00:55
GeneralAntillesHardware resets happen if a major process crashes.00:55
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hachiit's got to be the email client... dangit00:55
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pc_speakerBTW where is this webkit based browser promised long time ago?00:57
pc_speakerJust want to try.00:57
pc_speakerMaybe it will be more lightweight...00:57
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fysaanyone messed with esd and maemo?01:02
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo01:02
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fysaI'd like to play from media player toward an esd running on the OS2008 device, so I can connect to a stream of what the device is listening to.01:03
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fysa-ao esd:
fysaexport ESPEAKER= %U01:07
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fysamplayer -ao esd,alsa:default %s01:11
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*** blahdeblahN800 has quit IRC01:27 seems to be hosted on an N770 again today.01:37
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*** zagor is now known as andrea01:39
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hachiI wonder if running perlbal on an n810 would be feasable01:49
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DelioQuestion: I am looking for the source of 'icd' (connection daemon) is it available or not? (I cannot seem to find it)02:00
Deliook I found the answer, it is not open sourced02:01
rm_youGeneralAntilles: you there?02:03
GeneralAntillesSadly, yes. :P02:03
rm_youGeneralAntilles: you have "/usr/lib/hildon-desktop/", right?02:03
rm_youlike, that's where it is?02:03
*** pdz has joined #maemo02:03
GeneralAntillesIf that's where your put it, then yes.02:03
rm_youtoday, all the sudden, it is acting very odd for me when i want to test changes...02:03
*** andrea has quit IRC02:04
rm_youi replaced that file with the new one, and it didn't take the changes...02:04
rm_youlike, it was using the old one, even when i disabled/enabled it a few times02:04
rm_youso i removed the .so entirely02:04
rm_youand it still works >_>02:04
rm_youso i renamed it to and changed the .desktop to point to that02:05
GeneralAntillesMaybe it eats .so's like a chipmunk02:05
rm_youand it won't load either the old or new one >_<02:05
cizarrothey normally eat something else than .so's?02:05
GeneralAntillesHaha . . . time to reflash. :P02:05
cizarromore food for chipmunks?02:05
*** sp3000 has quit IRC02:05
GeneralAntillesrm_you, you're saving starving chipmunks.02:06
giskardguys why i get 401 from
GeneralAntillesakamai is buggered02:06
rm_youwhew, reboot fixed it02:07
* cizarro calls the chipmunks02:07
rm_youi just hate rebooting cause i have to redo all my network crap >_> which takes like 10 minutes02:07
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo02:08
shackanwrite a script..02:08
rm_youwindoze <_02:10
*** rkaway has quit IRC02:11
rm_youi'm running via windows internet sharing over an ad-hoc wireless connection >_< it's icky. every single time the device connects ONCE, i have to clear the entire setup and start over again, or windows won't actually run any of the correct things on the next connect02:11
*** rkaway has joined #maemo02:12
rm_youIE, dhcp, and whatever it uses for routing02:12
rm_youit's basically the worst network setup ever02:12
shackanmmm, last week I had to use windows and tried to setup adhoc networking to use the tablet a second02:13
shackanapparently I didn't try hard enough, since after 20 minutes it still wouldn't work02:13
rm_youit's VERY... tricky02:14
rm_youand retarded02:14
*** mazzen has joined #maemo02:15
*** pdz- has quit IRC02:16
GeneralAntilles. . . WHY, rm_you? :P02:18
rm_youno wireless router :(02:18
rm_youmy WRT-300N is in another state >_>02:18
GeneralAntillesPick up a cheap Buffalo02:19
GeneralAntillesDD-WRT, etc.02:19
rm_youi used to have TWO WRT-54Gs running openwrt / wrt-X02:20
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo02:20
rm_youthey left me for another man :(02:20
rm_youi guess I wasn't good enough... or didn't pay them enough attention... i don't really know :(02:21
GeneralAntillesGot a couple early-gen WRT-54Gs and a WHR-G125 covering my parents' house.02:21
rm_youyeah, my main WRT went to my former roommate, and my other WRT went to my father's apartment02:22
rm_youweird... the plugin was crashing my UI, so i commented out the four lines i thought were causing it... and no crash, ok... so i uncommented them one at a time... and no crashes all the way through... and now it's back to what it was before, and no crashes >_<02:27
rm_youi *hate* inconsistency02:28
GeneralAntillesIt sounds like you still have too much suck.02:28
rm_youthere's like an AURA of suck hovering around me >_>02:28
rm_youI need to go get some Suck-be-Gone (tm)02:29
Andy80does anyone of you use python-bluetooth library?02:30
GeneralAntillesYou should go fight some ninjas in a pirate costume or something.02:30
Sho_the "The power on/off enigma.." 17 page thread over at ITT is very confidence-inspiring, too ..02:32
shackanAndy80: is it just a python stub to the bluez dbus api ?02:32
Andy80shackan: I think so... anyway the library is this:
GeneralAntillesSho_, I'm still blaming that one on the n00bs. :P02:34
Andy80shackan: the problem is.... look this simple script: it replies "found 0 devices" even if there are two devices with bluetooth on and visible by all.02:34
shackanAndy80: oh, but there's documentation :P02:34
Sho_GeneralAntilles: How so?02:35
*** Mousey has quit IRC02:35
shackanAndy80: this is on the device ?02:35
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo02:36
shackanAndy80: dumb question, is the bluetooth interface up?02:36
Andy80I've just modified the script. If I do: devices = bluetooth.discover_devices(lookup_names = False), it's able to find 2 devices02:37
*** lcuk has joined #maemo02:37
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC02:37
shackanmmm, I don't remember what protocol is used for name resolution02:38
Andy80to speak shortly: it looks like name resolution doesn't work fine02:38
shackanI don't remember if names are resolved over SDP or not02:39
shackananyway, pybluez shouldn't be needed at all since there's a dbus api02:39
*** henrique is now known as henrique-bbl02:39
shackanunless pybluez just calls into this api underneath02:39
shackan(which wasn't the case when Huang wrote it)02:40
Andy80you mean I haven't to use that lib?02:40
shackanI think has python examples which use dbus directly without other libraries02:40
shackanof course that may not be what you want02:41
Andy80I found the link to that code in this page:
acydlordman, hopefully nokia will get some n810s and the discount working in the us store within a week or 202:42
lcuki thought the US was all sorted before anyone else (paid full price for mine tho, so wasnt waiting for devine intervention)02:43
*** zarkos has quit IRC02:43
shackanAndy80: looked at it?02:43
acydlordwhen i tried my code before it didnt work02:43
acydlordand the us store has been out of stock for about 3 weeks now02:43
lcuk:( acyd02:43
Andy80shackan: yes, that link brign me to this page :)02:43
Andy80shackan: for this reason I did think it was a working example02:44
acydlordnokia is probably being greedy and waiting for the dev program to end before tey restock02:44
rm_youGeneralAntilles: i think it works for non-modified kernels02:44
lcukello rm02:44
rm_you!!! :P02:44
rm_youlcuk: sup :P02:44
lcuk:O rm - are u on about what i think you are on about02:44
rm_younow i need someone who DIDN'T help me test last time02:44
*** pH5 has quit IRC02:44
* lcuk wears sunglasses at night still02:44
rm_youIE, has an unmodified kernel02:44
shackanAndy80: what link? I said and it's not a csail link02:44
lcuki was just gonna say02:44
rm_youlcuk: well, yes you can help me test :P02:44
lcuki finally got root sorted02:45
rm_yougive me a sec to package this a little bit02:45
lcukand know how to do more02:45
* lcuk is a ninja in training02:45
* lcuk will mess his box up soon tho :S02:45
Andy80oh wait...02:45
lcuki found out how to get pressure data direct from python without extra libraries :)02:46
* lcuk is relieved at that02:46
lcukrm - if you upload a new version i will test for you02:47
acydlordhmm, apparently i got a link for the nokia US shop thismorning02:47
acydlordaround the time my mail server crashed02:47
lcukthey sent you 4gazzilion links to make sure you got it ;)02:48
acydlordand my code isnt working02:49
lcukthats not good02:49
Sho_GeneralAntilles: What did you mean about being n00bish being the cause, btw?02:49
GeneralAntillesI don't buy that all of the power issues aren't user-related.02:50
*** Jeff1f has joined #maemo02:50
*** Sargun has quit IRC02:50
lcukgen - power issues? i hope you aren't meaning 810 draining almost instantly02:50
*** Jeff1f has quit IRC02:51
Sho_GeneralAntilles: Well, I don't get the impression that it's user-related from the threads02:51
floriangood night02:52
*** florian has quit IRC02:52
Sho_GeneralAntilles: Or, if the software is so fragile that for such a large number of people it's possible to easily wind up in the same cul-de-sac of not being able to turn on the device without waiting ten minutes after shutting it down, there's a systemic problem that they're not to blame for, IMHO02:52
*** truent has quit IRC02:59
giskardguys why all repo give me a 401 unauthorized?03:01
mazzenhm.... sry, but... does anyone knows what i have to do, that the media player on the n810 starts to play one of those song which are shipped with the nokia? i always get "nothing to play" when i press on the play button.03:01
giskardmazzen, i got the same problem03:02
giskardi fixed it using the en locale and not the italian03:02
mazzengiskard: thats strange!03:02
GeneralAntillesIt's the akamai mirror.03:02
giskardi'm from italy03:02
Deliowhere in italy? :P03:03
Delio:) I'm from Bergamo, but live in New Zealand now :P03:04
lcukrm_you, you ready for a test, ive got a sleep cycle coming soon03:04
mazzenok, then i have to confess that i'm from germany. but it is not so bad :)03:04
rm_youlcuk: hang on like 5 minutes so i can finish this install script03:04
lcuklol okies03:05
* lcuk does more python03:05
GeneralAntillesI've got a couple more guinea pigs I can throw at it, rm_you.03:05
GeneralAntillesSho_, it seems very unlikely that it's a software thing, as I haven't had a single problem with my N800 and neither of my three friends has had problems.03:06
Deliolocale affecting media playback, weird things you see these days.. :)03:06
GeneralAntilless/single problem/single power problem03:06
Sho_GeneralAntilles: Well, if it's not a software thing it's a hardware thing, and then it's surely not n00b-related03:06
GeneralAntillesI still think some people are confused about the charger and booting03:07
GeneralAntillesas that can make things a little weird at times.03:07
Sho_GeneralAntilles: They're only talking about the charger as it relates (or doesn't) to fixing their core problem, though - they power off the device, and cannot switch it on again without waiting from 10 to 30 minutes. It sure sounds like there's something during shutdown that doesn't get done properly and when the RTC battery is drained and the device is really fully "off", then it will start again.03:08
Sho_GeneralAntilles: And sure, there's n00bs in that thread, but also a number of competent people with the same problem03:09
rm_youtry it with an unmodified kernel03:14
rm_youit is a little bit laggier than the mod version, but it should work fine03:14
rm_youi'm cheating >_>03:14
rm_youwhich is ok for now but will probably want to change maybe at some point to increase speed :/03:15
rm_youalso, it *probably* has at least one small memory leak, as I'm not used to C so i'm not sure if I need to be deleting certain things03:15
rm_youIf anyone here is good with C memory management and wants to look at my fairly simple program and tell me if/where I forgot to free memory, the source is here:
rm_youI would appreciate it very much :)03:16
rm_youlcuk: go ahead and try that :)03:16
GeneralAntillesI'm prodding my guinea pigs over here.03:16
rm_youlol k03:16
rm_youwho/what would those be? :P03:17
lcukrm okies :)03:18
GeneralAntillesN00bs I know with N800s. ;)03:18
mazzengiskard: thanks for that hint. it works know.03:18
*** Sargun has joined #maemo03:18
* elb notices the marks of a scarred C++ or Java programmer03:19
giskardmazzen, yes. but this is a bug03:19
giskardi can't install any packages.03:19
giskarddunno why i have a broken apt03:19
rm_youGeneralAntilles: oh hey03:19
rm_youGeneralAntilles: second bootup with the UNSIZED nokia logo from that thread, and it works fine03:20
rm_youfirst time it didn't03:20
mazzenaehm... guess this time a lot of thinks didn't work out well at nokia03:20
GeneralAntillesI changed mine after the first boot thinking it was corrupted or something.03:20
rm_youi think you said you had to resize it or summat, but i didn't03:20
rm_youheh yeah03:20
GeneralAntillesYeah, I was wrong.03:20
giskardi get 401 to all reopo03:20
*** alterego has quit IRC03:20
giskardfrom all03:20
GeneralAntillesakamai mirror is messed up, giskard.03:20
*** gopi has quit IRC03:21
giskardah ok03:21
giskardso it's not my fault if i have 12 installable application and no-one can be installed03:21
GeneralAntillesMaybe try and force it to use:
GeneralAntillesNo, giskard.03:21
giskardhow? if /etc/apt/sources.list is ?empty? and with what app?03:22
Delioand when are they going to drop akamai?03:22
GeneralAntilles /etc/apt/sources.list.d03:22
GeneralAntillesWell, Delio, the idea was to ADD akamai to prevent downtime issues03:23
GeneralAntillesbut I guess that plan went out the airlock.03:23
elbrm_you: newfile and oldfile being static arrays of 66 characters is suspicious03:23
giskardGeneralAntilles, with what app?03:23
*** djcb has quit IRC03:23
giskarduhm.. it's installed by default?03:23
rm_youelb: they are VERY exact length strings03:23
GeneralAntillessources.list.d is a directory03:23
giskardi know03:23
GeneralAntillesOn, like, every unix system on the planet03:23
*** oil_ has joined #maemo03:24
elbrm_you: I also note that newfile is only ever used in a local fashion, so it need not be global03:24
GeneralAntillesbut if you're not familiar with it, you're gonna have some trouble.03:24
rm_youelb: that is ok, right?03:24
rm_youelb: err, yes I will fix that, dur :P thanks for pointing it out03:24
*** gp has joined #maemo03:24
elbrm_you: they may be *now* -- but if those files move, then someone could well change the strings and start getting crashes for reasons they don't immediately notice03:24
*** GAN800 has quit IRC03:24
rm_youok... how would you recommend i do it? I'm *horrible* with calloc/malloc :/ I'm a Java programmer, not a C programmer :(03:25
elbrm_you: it's generally a good idea to make static buffers large enough for all contingencies (e.g., MAXPATH), or use dynamic buffers; on very small embedded devices or in very rigid environments violating this is OK, but Hildon is a bit less constrained than that03:25
lcukrm - installed vis ssh, old version still existed, clicked the icon and a window appeared to maximise but it minimised my other term window and appears to have messed up hildon03:25
giskardinstead of what should i use?
elbI can tell you're a java programmer by all the meaningless comments ;-)03:25
lcukactually, not messed up, just closed itseldf03:25
rm_youI was trying to be thorough so even a n00b like me could understand :P03:25
lcukand it minimised everything so the titlebars all moved03:26
elbrm_you: I'd use g_strdup() and just make them allocated strings; the only thing is, when you do strncpy(oldfile,newfile,66), you'll do g_free(oldfile); oldfile = newfile; instead03:26
rm_youlcuk: yeah, try unloading/loading it again like three times or so03:26
rm_youit does that the first couple times for no reason i can figure out03:26
lcukit took out my cpu monitor thing03:26
elbrm_you: generally speaking, you don't want to comment a line if the comment says basically the same thing the line says, only in prose03:26
elbrm_you: it just makes it harder to read, because of the noise03:26
*** greentux_ has quit IRC03:26
lcukcomments are best when they give an overview without doing the actual work03:27
rm_youlcuk: yeah, it restored the statusbar to factory, but when you disable my plugin, it will come back03:27
rm_youand then try enabling it again03:27
lcukbut i use that03:27
*** greentux_ has joined #maemo03:27
rm_youwhen it *works* it won't do that03:27
rm_youi'm still not sure WHY it does that the first time or two :/03:27
lcuklol i know im only jokin03:28
GeneralAntilleslcuk, that's called "crashing the desktop"03:28
lcuki backed up last night03:28
lcukim shocked - i moved from windows to get rid of explorer.exe restarting and doing this ;)03:28
GeneralAntillesRestart will restore everything03:28
elbrm_you: you *might* have a leak with the gtk_button_set_image and gtk_image_new_from_file, but I'm not sure -- I'd have to read the GtkImage docs03:28
GeneralAntillesIt's a "feature"03:28
lcukafter hearing about all these restart problems i aint ever turning this bitch off again...03:28
rm_youelb: hrm, ok03:28
elbrm_you: you're probably OK, it's refcounted, but I'd check the docs to make sure :-)03:29
rm_youelb: as long as I don't use malloc/calloc, and just do static sized arrays, i don't have to free anything, right?03:29
elbrm_you: well ... unless you use Gtk/etc. functinos which allocate memory03:30
lcuk:O i have fadiness03:30
elbbut so far, other than that Gtkimage, I've not seen anything03:30
elbyeah, you look OK to me03:30
rm_yougood :)03:30
elbhow frequently can that system() be called?03:31
lcuknow, is this fading just "now" as in not changing defaults?03:31
elbis it called as the user drags the slider around?03:31
rm_youi thought about removing some of those comments, but i hate to REMOVE information :/03:31
rm_youelb: yes03:31
elbif so, you might want to put in some hysteresis -- system() is kind of expensive03:31
rm_youelb: yes, it is fairly laggy when i drag back and forth03:31
elb(like, only call system() if it's been n ms since the last update)03:31
elb(I realize that means mucking with timers and stuff, but ...)03:32
rm_youelb: but in the future it should be doing the stuff internally, not with a call to another program03:32
rm_youi just have to figure out how to do it :P03:32
rm_youi have some test socket code, but it doesn't work :/03:32
lcukrm - look at the range update policy03:32
lcukThe "value_changed" signal is emitted when the user releases the mouse button, or if the slider stops moving for a short period of time.03:32
rm_youhrm k03:32
lcukits a halfway house :)03:33
giskardGeneralAntilles, i have to switch in rd mode for edit this file right?03:33
elbrm_you: ahh, that'll speed things up considerably03:33
GeneralAntillesNot, just install becomeroot.03:33
giskardGeneralAntilles, if i do sudo vi blablabla.  i get  user user is not allowed03:34
giskardhow can i install it?03:34
giskardif i do sudo gainroot i have to be in rd mdoe03:34
*** ttmrichter has joined #maemo03:34
rm_youelb: yes. ..... .... do you know much about sockets / dsme? :P03:34
GeneralAntillessudo gainroot03:34
GeneralAntillesvi /whatever03:35
lcukrm_you, is this scroller is changing just the "current" setting for now?03:35
giskardsudo gainroot is doable only in rd mode03:35
giskardtry to get this file03:35
rm_youlcuk: yes03:35
elbrm_you: sockets, yes, dsme, I don't even know what that means :-)03:35
GeneralAntillesYou have to install becomeroot first, giskard03:36
rm_youThe water passed my head a few days ago, and at this point, if I look up I can barely see the surface. >_>03:36
*** oil has quit IRC03:37
rm_youI've taken pretty much every class in the CompSci department at this point, and they never covered anything even CLOSE to the stuff I've been doing in the last two days >_<03:37
lcukrm - my system lighting now has no difference between first notch and second03:37
lcuklol rm - i know how you feel03:37
rm_youlcuk: yeah... disable the standard applet and just use mine :/03:37
rm_youit's useless anyway03:37
lcuklol - i was comparing and seeing it it goes dimmer03:37
GeneralAntillesrm_you, I'm loading the stock kernel.03:38
rm_youheh k03:38
GeneralAntillesI don't feel liking explaining scp to my guinea pigs.03:38
lcuki can get the backlight fully off - only working with transreflective03:38
rm_youlcuk: heh you are on n810?03:38
* lcuk has installed scp03:38
* lcuk is editing python now on windows and auto uploading to device for quick testing03:38
rm_youI finally did put a check in to make sure you can't turn it entirely off on an n800, only n81003:38
*** fri has quit IRC03:39
rm_yougood to know it WILL turn off on n810, as I can't test without one :P03:39
*** thoughtfix has joined #maemo03:39
rm_youand the icon is updating correctly? :P03:39
*** fri has joined #maemo03:39
rm_youhrm... how do I get at the GtkRange inside the GtkHScale? >_>03:39
rm_youI need to do gtk_range_set_update_policy on it03:40
giskardnow in normal mode it doesn't wont connect to my wifi ad.hoc net..only in rd mode? permissions are changed?03:40
rm_youelb: thanks for the help, BTW :P03:40
GeneralAntillesOne reboot reloads them, rm_you?03:41
*** gp_ has joined #maemo03:41
elbrm_you: CS classes are like that, by the way03:41
elbrm_you: CS classes teach you how to learn, and where to begin -- the real world is a very different thing, but in a good program it's at least prepared you :-)03:41
lcukrm - its subclassed, cant you just call it03:42
thoughtfixWhat'd I miss?03:42
GeneralAntillesHowdy, thoughtfix.03:42
rm_youGeneralAntilles: I just open the panels thing, disable it, click ok, open panels again, enable it, click ok03:42
rm_youand that reloads it03:42
GeneralAntillesrm_you is just putting together an awesome new brightness applet.03:42
*** booiiing has quit IRC03:42
GeneralAntillesJust gonna load the stock kernel03:42
lcukrm - i think you could make your install script disable the old one first03:42
lcukwhich might explain the first time crash03:43
rm_youerr, yes i could :/03:43
rm_youi should do that03:43
rm_youjust remove the desktop file and it will go away03:43
lcukdoes that stop it running?03:43
lcukkill -9 in this os?03:43
* lcuk wants to kill things03:43
rm_youi can't kill it, because it runs as a sub-thing of maemo-launcher03:44
lcukyou can swear if you want - i know you wanted to say dll :P03:44
rm_youbut removing the .desktop unloads it03:44
*** booiiing has joined #maemo03:45
*** mankod has quit IRC03:45
lcukhave you figured out enough to make it open the control panel "display" applet? or have you not looked03:45
GeneralAntillesAlright, seems to work fine over here.03:45
lcuki ask because i use that to change policy every now and then03:45
*** thoughtfix has quit IRC03:46
rm_youlcuk: like the second menu option in the main display applet?03:46
rm_youlcuk: i could probably do it03:46
lcukactually now i did it its less used nm03:46
rm_youi was going to set it up actually... as soon as I figure out how to put my HildonControlbar into a nice little popup like the original display applet, instead of this goddamned window03:46
lcukonce i got it right i havent played since - but ive been in and out of the network one a lot tonight03:47
GeneralAntillesHow many containers are there you can try, rm_you?03:47
unique311see the requirements for skype with video for linux03:47
rm_youlike two >_>03:47
GeneralAntillesYou ought to just start going through one-by-one.03:47
GeneralAntillesOh, and neither work?03:47
ds3HID bluetooth keyboard is nice03:47
ds3(on os2008)03:47
rm_youGeneralAntilles: well, take a look at what i've got:
rm_youand of course, the gtk ones:
rm_youin Hildon, i have... Window :/03:48
rm_youI thought maybe Banner, but it won't let me put it in there :/03:48
rm_youI *think* theirs use a GtkMenu03:49
GeneralAntillesWhat happens when you use that?03:49
rm_youbut to get a HildonControlbar into a GtkMenuItem, I have to put it in a GtkHBox, which is fine, but then i put that into the MenuItem and that into the Menu03:49
rm_youand what happens is that I SEE it there, in the menu, all nice...03:49
rm_youbut if I click on it, it *selects* it like a menu option, and closes the menu03:50
rm_youit isn't *usable*03:50
GeneralAntillesStart at the top and work your way down.03:50
lcukcant you disable the events from triggering on the menu once you get hold of it03:50
rm_youlcuk: i thought so, and i tried03:50
GeneralAntillesStart with Quim.03:50
rm_youit didn't work for me tho... maybe i just did it wrong?03:50
GeneralAntilles"Gimme the source, or I'll eat your parents!"03:51
GeneralAntillesNo, no, no.03:52
GeneralAntillesThat's your e-mail to Quim. :P03:52
rm_youI lose at knowing who Quim is :(03:52
GeneralAntillesMr. maemo03:52
rm_youlol nice03:52
rm_youyeah, i don't see why the source for that isn't public03:53
rm_youit CHANGES THE BRIGHTNESS >_<03:53
GeneralAntillesOne wonders03:53
rm_youIs anyone here a GTK ninja? :P03:53
GeneralAntillesI think it still goes back to Nokia not actually wanting maemo to succeed.03:53
GeneralAntillesIs there a #hildon?03:54
rm_youI will paypal you $10 if you can tell me how to sucessfully get my HildonControlbar into a menu-looking thing like the original Nokia brightness app :P03:54
rm_youOH durr, yeah ok i get it now, GtkHScale *is* a GtkRange >_> i hate my life03:56
rm_youit's taking forever for this Gtk object hierarchy to sink in03:57
GeneralAntillesSomebody needs to re-work the maemo (and related devices) wiki pages.03:58
*** gp has quit IRC03:59
*** jprieur has quit IRC04:00
*** mazzen has quit IRC04:03
*** eton_ has quit IRC04:04
*** n800tuvix has joined #maemo04:05
*** mankod has joined #maemo04:06
*** lophyte has joined #maemo04:06
lcuki need sleep - rm - ill let you know tomorrow if its dimmer than it was - finishing Foundation series04:06
lophytehey all.. is xchat available for os2008?04:07
Delioxchat is available04:07
*** xbmodder_ has joined #maemo04:07
lcukrm_you, ill also look at hildon windows at toolbars tomorrow and see if anything is jumping out04:08
lophyteah, there it is04:08
*** gp_ has quit IRC04:08
*** lcuk has quit IRC04:10
*** Sargun has quit IRC04:10
giskardGeneralAntilles, if i force that ipaddress i get a 400 bad request04:10
GeneralAntillesDunno, then.04:10
GeneralAntillesWait it out.04:10
giskardwill wait04:10
*** n800tuvix has left #maemo04:10
lophytejust flashed os2008 on my n800... its so much nicer looking and more responsive04:11
rm_youhrm ok well, i need to head out04:11
rm_youso i will be back :P04:11
*** trickie has quit IRC04:12
*** lophyte has quit IRC04:12
*** KaKaRoTo has quit IRC04:14
Deliogiskard: "Locale and language change is communicated through environment variables. As applications and their libraries also cache locale state (messages etc), changing this to use e.g. Gconf wouldn't help. Therefore changing the device locale or language requires restarting all applications and processes involved in application invocation."04:15
Delioif it is of any help...04:15
giskardDelio, nah04:15
giskardi re-fleshed the n810 and not seems work even with the it_locale04:16
*** cecil_ has joined #maemo04:20
*** cecil has quit IRC04:20
*** doc|work has joined #maemo04:26
*** henrique-bbl is now known as henrique04:26
*** xbmodder_ has quit IRC04:28
*** l7 has quit IRC04:29
*** jprieur has joined #maemo04:30
*** l7 has joined #maemo04:32
*** Andy80 has quit IRC04:32
*** DuneSandWorm has joined #maemo04:36
*** thefool has joined #maemo04:38
thefooldoes anyone here use maemo mapper?04:38
thefoolI can't figure out how to use route points as a destination for my is quite annoying04:39
*** doc|home has quit IRC04:40
*** cecil_ has quit IRC04:41
*** cecil_ has joined #maemo04:41
*** DuneSandWorm has left #maemo04:41
*** DuneSandWorm has joined #maemo04:41
GeneralAntillesSomebody want to think up a heading for a category filed with thinks like: BlueZ, E-D-S, Telepathy, Avahi, GStreamer, Matchbox, GConf, GnomeVFS?04:42
GeneralAntillesReworking the software stack table on wiki.04:42
thefoolConnectivity...but then people would be thinking phone/wifi...04:42
GeneralAntillesMatchbox doesn't really work for that04:44
GeneralAntillesbut whatever.04:44
*** behdad has joined #maemo04:45
thefoolthat sounds good I guess04:46
*** Sulis has joined #maemo04:46
GeneralAntillesIf somebody wants to fix it up, they're more than welcome to.04:47
thefoolDarn it, I can't figure out how to add a route point as a destination in maemo mapper. This is trully driving me nuts. And it seems my google-fu is weak04:48
GeneralAntillesTap-n-hold on the point?04:48
GeneralAntilles"Navigate to here"04:48
GeneralAntillesOr somesuch.04:48
*** Ivan_Chelubeev has joined #maemo04:49
DuneSandWormI am trying to intall the sdk on cygwin, but am havinng trouble setting up deb on it, root is ok scratchbox installed ok, but cannot execute the binaries, I give up, Ill just vnc to my deb box. easier.. cygwin is succh a pain04:49
GeneralAntillesAnybody have a screenshot of the default OS2006 desktop?04:51
*** Ivan_Chelubeev has quit IRC04:52
thefoolwell that sure was simple enough thanks04:52
GeneralAntillesOr OS2007 for that matter.04:52
cizarroGeneralAntilles, what about 'components' or 'sw components'?04:52
cizarroor sw services maybe.04:53
cizarrosounds ok04:53
cizarromuch better than connectivity, since a lot of piece have nothing to do with that.04:54
GeneralAntillesOK, table's kinda there04:54
GeneralAntillesnow I need some meat for the article. <_<04:54
thefooldoes POI downloading work yet? I have never actually seen it work04:54
* cizarro looks around him04:54
DuneSandWorm just upgraded the 770 to 2007, should be some stock photos on google.. here ..,0.jpg&imgrefurl=
GeneralAntillesI want a screenshot.04:55
GeneralAntillesThey've got OS2005 on there04:55
*** behdad has left #maemo04:55
GeneralAntillesbe kinda cool to have the whole evolution in 4 frames.04:55
GeneralAntillesI've got the devices to take the shots myself, but not the patience.04:55
cizarroyou could outsource it04:55
cizarroask someone on the mailing list to do it :-)04:56
cizarroat least it would be a fun change to all the "my code still doesn't work"-emails04:56
* cizarro looks for another movie to watch04:57
cizarroalthough I should probably be going to bed instead..04:57
*** |tbb| has quit IRC05:01
*** henrique has quit IRC05:05
thefoolah it seems the problem is there is no longer a cgi script at
thefoolI guess it was too much for his servers or something05:06
*** eton has joined #maemo05:06
*** eton_ has joined #maemo05:09
*** corona_ has joined #maemo05:16
*** corona has quit IRC05:19
*** thefool2 has joined #maemo05:25
*** slomo has joined #maemo05:26
*** thefool has quit IRC05:26
*** jmspeex has quit IRC05:26
*** jmspeex has joined #maemo05:27
*** eton has quit IRC05:27
penguinbaitanyone know if you have to pay taxes on donations from paypal05:30
penguinbaitin usa anyway :)05:30
GeneralAntillesNot as long as it's under a certain limit05:31
elbthat question is nonsensical05:31
elbit doesn't matter the manner in which you receive "donations" (or any other income)05:31
elbonly the amount of the income, and the status of the recipient05:32
*** guardian has quit IRC05:32
penguinbaitso its income05:32
*** Esworp has joined #maemo05:40
*** thefool2 has left #maemo05:51
*** cecil_ has quit IRC05:51
*** cecil_ has joined #maemo05:51
acydlordit's taxable unless you are registered as a NPO05:52
acydlordall the information is on paypal now05:52
*** doc|work has quit IRC05:57
*** jmspeex has quit IRC06:00
*** jmspeex has joined #maemo06:01
*** gopi has joined #maemo06:03
*** cecil_ has quit IRC06:10
*** cecil_ has joined #maemo06:10
*** johnx has joined #maemo06:13
*** WorkingOnWise has joined #maemo06:18
*** Sulis has quit IRC06:20
*** jmspeex has quit IRC06:25
*** cecil_ has quit IRC06:28
*** cecil_ has joined #maemo06:29
*** cecil_ is now known as cesman06:36
*** zodman has quit IRC06:38
*** matt_c has joined #maemo06:40
*** zetheroo has joined #maemo06:41
*** zetheroo has left #maemo06:42
*** K-Fox has joined #maemo06:45
*** jsmith_mobile has joined #maemo06:50
*** Delio has quit IRC06:54
*** zodman has joined #maemo06:56
*** Esworp has quit IRC06:58
*** jegp has left #maemo07:00
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo07:05
*** WorkingOnWise has left #maemo07:06
*** cesman has quit IRC07:08
*** cesman has joined #maemo07:08
*** dolske_ has joined #maemo07:08
*** dolske has quit IRC07:09
*** DuneSandWorm has quit IRC07:10
*** rm_you|n800 has joined #maemo07:15
*** jmspeex has joined #maemo07:15
*** chakku has joined #maemo07:16
*** chakku has left #maemo07:16
johnxrm_you, hrm?07:16
rm_you|n800i guess one nice thing about having a remote buildbox is that i can use it no matter where i am with no extra setup ;p07:17
johnxyes, and compiling big things doesn't slow down your desktop07:17
johnxI have a "remote buildbox" ... except that it's a 416MHz XScale w/ 64MB of RAM07:18
*** chakku has joined #maemo07:18
*** mbuf has joined #maemo07:18
*** Raistl|n has joined #Maemo07:19
*** jsmith_mobile has quit IRC07:19
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo07:21
johnxrm_you|n800, ask me about my debian chroot on my N800 :D07:23
acydlordlol, mine is a 500mhz celeron with 256mb of ram07:23
johnxacydlord, well the important aspect of mine is that I don't have to cross compile07:24
johnxnative armel eabi FTW07:24
acydlordi use mine to compile for more than arm procs07:25
*** matt_c has quit IRC07:26
johnxI have different build boxes for other stuff07:27
dragorni just threw it in a vmware on my build system07:27
johnxdragorn, vmware emulates ARM?07:28
dragornno, but scratchbox does07:28
johnxI'm not using scratchbox07:28
johnxI'm decided to just start compiling natively on a debian armel chroot07:29
dragornI've yet to encounter a problem with crosscompiling so I don't see the advantage.  And I'm not, yet, so masochistic as to want to write code on the 810 :P07:30
* dragorn wrote code on a palm pilot, that was enough torture07:30
zorangcc is concidered stubborn on some cases07:30
johnxdragorn, that's what ssh is for07:30
ds3a Zaurus C3200/C3100 is a better dev. platform then the 810/80007:31
johnxds3, mine's a C100007:31
ds3a local hard drive is rather useful for compiling07:31
K-Foxis it possible to listem in on n81007:31
ds3johnx: does that one have hte microdrive?07:31
johnxds3, no micro drive07:31
johnxI compile on a USB stick07:31
johnxK-Fox, look for vagalume07:32
ds3johnx: I was thinking more of having a swap device; you can swap to flash but that can be a lot of wear07:32
johnxds3, my sd card has a lifetime warrany07:33
*** pupnik has quit IRC07:33
johnxif they didn't want me to swap to it it would have said on the box :D07:33
ds3but then again, I suppose it is possible to use a USB to IDE device and have a hard drive on the 8x007:33
ds3johnx: =)07:33
johnxvagalume = client07:33
K-Foxoh good07:33
K-Foxthanks ~~07:34
ds3johnx: wouldn't the price of postage negate the value of the lifetime warrantee?07:34
zorands3, some lag should be expected with so remote hdd07:34
johnxds3, it didn't last time07:34
johnxit might not be worth it this time07:35
ds3I would think shipping is around $2-$307:35
johnxnext time I'll just put it in a plain envelope though and if it doesn't get there then meh07:35
ds3zoran: it is better then Swap over NFS via bluetooth ;)07:35
zoranor swap partition on memory card07:36
ds3actually a NSLU2 might be even better07:36
*** user_ has joined #maemo07:36
user_i guess one nice thing about having a remote buildbox is that i can use it no matter where i am with no extra setup ;p07:36
zoranI thought about snlu2 recently07:36
ds3thesedays, how does writing to SD or CF compare to writing to a microdrive?07:36
*** Luria has joined #maemo07:36
zorands3, it should be more power consuming07:37
ds3probally the biggest drawback with the Z or the slug is they can only natively run v5te tool chains so you can't test v6-vfp specific stuff07:37
*** user_ is now known as rm_you|wtf07:37
ds3zoran: what about speed?07:37
zoranhm, dunno07:37
zoranhdd should be faster07:38
zoranand lives whole the time with power on07:38
johnxI think SD access on the Zaurus is pretty slow, but it's close to the max speed the card supports on the N8x007:39
zoranbtw, someone got yahoo imap on any device?07:39
*** gopi has quit IRC07:39
Luriadoes the class 2/4/6 matter on the nokias?07:39
rm_you|wtfwoo sup johnx07:40
ds3yes, but the nice thing about the Z is it has a CF slot too ;)07:40
*** rm_you|n800 has quit IRC07:40
zoranis there any diff sd - cf now?07:40
johnxds3, mine is taken up by wireless :/07:41
johnxrm_you|wtf, hey07:41
ds3for a Linux 2.4 based device, I think CF is going to be faster07:41
zoranI found 770 fast enough for the tasks I gave it to it07:41
rm_you|wtfjohnx, so the applet works on a nonmodified kernel now07:42
johnxrm_you|wtf, really?!07:42
*** rm_you|wtf is now known as rm_you|n80007:42
johnxthat's craziness07:42
rm_you|n800i'm cheating though, so it's a little slow07:42
*** Jalen has joined #maemo07:42
Luriacf is still faster in devices that can use it07:43
Lurialike pro slrs07:43
johnxI think the latest rev of CF has support for DMA07:43
Luriaplus its just a mini ata port07:44
johnxthey're working on an sata based version of CF I hear07:45
dragornNew CF standard is sata.  Nothing that uses it yet though.07:45
*** jacques has joined #maemo07:45
ds3actually, is the lag that significant on the 8x0? it should be USB207:47
zoranthe device like that shouldn't be a sprinter07:48
ds3btw, anyone tried getting those USB VGA things to work on the 8x0?07:49
johnxactually, I'm confused: Will the N8x0 *host* at 480Mb/s or 12Mb/s?07:50
dragornds3: Ask me later this weekend07:50
dragornds3: and I'll test it, if I can be arsed to compile the modules07:51
ds3480Mb/s unless the TUSB6110 is different from the MUSB stuff07:51
* dragorn just got it going on some other hardware and it's not quick :P07:51
dragornactually I take that back07:51
ds3dragorn: you got one of those ?!07:51
dragornI'd have to build a power injector07:51
dragornds3: I have several07:51
johnxdragorn, what about a powered hub for testing?07:51
ds3I was just thinking of setting up one of those and have a VGA to NTSC converter attached to it07:51
dragornjohnx: in theory, no07:51
dragornjohnx: otg is single-device only07:52
dragornjohnx: I haven't tested to see if the 8x0 actually enforces that.  Tho os2008 final broke usb pretty badly07:52
dragornmost devices cause a kernel panic during enumeration07:52
dragornif they're not plugged in during boot anyhow.  And then they cause a kernel panic on device close.07:52
ds3the musb subsystem is pretty screwed up anyways07:52
* dragorn nods07:53
dragornThe kernel in the betas worked, the final release not so much07:53
dragornhaven't bothered to diff them07:53
ds3I am at a lost as how they could have screwed it up more07:53
johnxthat's unfortunate07:53
johnxI figured since it worked so perfectly on the Zaurus it wouldn't be much of a challenge07:54
ds3i wonder why they didn't compile gadget zero as it can work around some of the "problems"07:54
johnxand for the record, the zaurus kernel doesn't enforce "single device only" or any kind of "whitelist"07:54
dragornjohnx: is it OTG?07:54
ds3johnx: Z uses a stock OHCI setup and only does FS at best07:55
dragornjohnx: i mean the 770 didn't, either, but it was a proper USB host07:55
dragornthe 8x0 devs are both OTG which is a different USB standard07:55
*** Sho_ has quit IRC07:55
ds3or was it UHCI07:56
ds3<--- gets nightmares about MUSB ;)07:56
johnxzaurus is ohci, havent dug into n8x0 yet since I don't have a combination of cables07:56
rm_you|n800johnx, go back to akiba and buy one of those things i bought :P07:59
johnxrm_you|n800, probably early next month :D07:59
ds3actually, the PXA otg go is in a questionable state in 2.608:00
ds3at least on the gumstix08:00
johnxds3, really? I've been compiling for multiple days over it on my c100008:01
ds3johnx: what ROM?08:01
johnxangstrom with debian armel chroot08:01
acydlordhaha crap, i just found out that i know the founder of gOS08:02
ds3have you tried using it in gadget mode (USB net or mass storage)?08:02
johnxds3, it's pretty flakey in that mode08:02
johnxI never use that stuff though so it's not an issue08:03
ds3johnx: OTG == Host + Gadget functionality08:03
johnxds3, fair enough08:03
Luriasigh, just rebooted a machine with 145 days of uptime08:03
johnxI'd rather have host if I had to choose though08:03
rm_you|n800it's really weird programming in a non-object-oriented language >_>08:03
rm_you|n800i at least want C++ <_<08:04
ds3I suspect MUSB can be forced (compile time) into host mode for some more reliability but the lack of power on the pins of the 8x0 makes that a problem :(08:04
johnxI'm still not getting why a powered hub won't work if the "single device only" is just an arbitrary software thing08:05
rm_you|n800i do really need to get/make a usb host cable that works in the n800 (mini.. b?)08:05
ds3johnx: IIRC, strictly speaking, that is illegal per the USB spec08:05
rm_you|n800i can't imagine why someone isnt selling them on one of those doityourself selling sites yet08:05
penguinbaitwhy not just make a menu item to switch to and from host08:06
ds3the host is suppose to supply power for a pull up/pull down on the signal lines and the spec calls for it to be driven by the power lines08:06
rm_you|n800penguinbait, there is a way to do that08:06
johnxds3, I don't think many people here will lose sleep over breaking USB spec on their own device08:06
ds3and back driving is ilegal08:06
rm_you|n800penguinbait, that is what i'm doing now, with osso-statusbar-cpu and a scripti08:06
rm_you|n800ts on the wiki08:06
penguinbaitits just an echo?08:06
ds3johnx: but the devices are designed to not violate the spec so you'd have to modify the hub08:06
rm_you|n800not QUITE but basically08:07
ds3I know i had it working with 1 (no name, $4 special) USB2 hub but another one in identical case won't work (this is on the 770)08:07
penguinbaitI just do one echo, and I have usb disk, cdrom/dvd joysticks08:07
pupnik_best 4GB miniSD card seems to be Transcend mini Secure Digital Card SDHC - from the rated speeds08:07
penguinbaitmodules all preload on boot08:07
johnxds3 I thought the N8x0 was different in that regard than the 77008:07
penguinbaitit is08:08
penguinbaitusb host mode on 77008:08
penguinbaitnot OTG08:08
penguinbaithubs work great on 77008:08
ds3thought the 1710 can do OTG08:08
ds3no biggie, I can borrow those 2 USB connector Y cables from those USB drive cases08:09
penguinbaittrying to run a hard drive08:09
ds3no, just using the Y cable; it has a MiniB and 2 USB A connectors...08:10
dragornthe 800 is broken but you can control it from sw08:10
ds3one USB A can be used to feed power from those phone USB charger AC adapter thingies and the second one can be used witha A to A adapter08:10
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC08:11
dragornis a stupid C program to mode-toggle the 80008:11
dragornyou can do it w/ shell too if it makes you happy08:11
*** Raistl|n has quit IRC08:12
ds3dragorn: do you know if the 8x0 has the device/host ID pin routed to the connector?08:12
penguinbaithere is my adapter08:12
dragornds3: it does08:12
penguinbaitnice and small08:12
dragornds3: however the 800 is invalid because it uses a B shell mini08:13
dragornds3: which uses different shells for a and b modes08:13
ds3but the pin is there?08:13
dragornds3: the 810 uses micro, and you can get a micro-a for about $8 on amazon08:13
dragornds3: in theory.  I jsut toggle it w/ software.08:13
ds3so I can build some crazy adapters to work around it?08:13
dragornyou'd have to shear off some of the shell from an A connector08:14
ds3dragorn: on other MUSB platforms, loading and unloading a gadget driver can force a OTG host/device detection08:14
dragornmy problem isn't device detection08:14
dragornthough I do have hw that just won't detect08:14
dragornmy problem is the system locks up dead and the watchdog kicks it 30 seconds later08:15
dragornduring dev enumeration/opening08:15
*** penguinbait has quit IRC08:15
ds3ah the "other problem"08:15
ds3so sysfs works around this lockup?08:15
ds3(I just change it at compile time to avoid issues like that)08:15
dragornDidn't happen under beta 2008.  Get all my code rewritten and hildonized, get the hw vendors psyched... and 2008 release doesn't work at all.08:16
dragornThere is no solution for the lockup08:16
dragornthat I know of08:16
dragornother than rebooting the device w/ the USB hw plugged in w/ a host-mode cable08:16
dragornthen it sometimes doesn't crash until you close the device08:16
dragornbut often, it does.08:16
cesmanhello hello08:16
ds3know where it faults?08:17
cesmanis anyone else seeing slower performance on thier n800 w/ os2008?08:17
dragornds3: no idea, I don't have a serial cable for it08:17
ds3and if it happens if you disable DMA?08:17
cesmanmine seem sluggish08:17
dragornds3: How would I do that?08:17
ds3dragorn: there is a sysfs to do it... but I don't recall it. I usually do it at compile time08:17
dragornin musb?08:18
ds3dragorn: also what kind of device (specifically, what type of endpoints)08:18
dragornds3: n8x0 (800 and 810 exhibit the same behavior flaws), wispy2 HID device08:18
ds3yeah, there is a menuconfig option for disable pio. disable that will disable DMA08:18
dragornds3: which is a custom usb device that gets driven by libusb from userspace08:19
ds3oh HID... that's interrupt. i had some fixes for ISO endpoints08:19
dragornyeah it's an iread off the usb2 device08:20
dragornit's a feature get off the usb1, but that doesn't enumerate at all anyhow08:20
ds3I'd be very interested to know if DMA effects it. ISO was broken for in and out in DMA mode08:20
dragornwell, hopefully theres an option for that in sys08:21
dragornsince I can't expect users to recompile their kernels08:21
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo08:21
*** mbuf has quit IRC08:21
ds3let me see if the board is up and I can check08:21
dragorni'm poking in /sys now08:21
*** eber_ has joined #maemo08:24
*** chakku has quit IRC08:24
ds3there is use_dma for plat_uds variants (module paramater)08:25
dragornnot modular on the nokia kernels08:26
ds3oh :(08:29
dragornthat was my first thought08:30
ds3Mmmm it is controled by a single static variable... a proper write to /dev/kmem....08:31
dragornhah, wow, no :P08:32
*** tjafk2 has joined #maemo08:33
*** suehtnilaP has joined #maemo08:34
*** Palintheus has quit IRC08:35
*** suehtnilaP is now known as Palintheus08:35
*** ha1f has quit IRC08:40
*** ha1f has joined #maemo08:40
*** ha1f has joined #maemo08:40
*** ha1f has joined #maemo08:41
*** rkaway has quit IRC08:51
*** Zic has joined #maemo09:01
*** johnx has quit IRC09:05
*** Sargun has joined #maemo09:10
*** dmadd has joined #maemo09:13
*** dmadd has left #maemo09:18
*** r2d2rogers has quit IRC09:22
*** r2d2rogers has joined #maemo09:25
*** Tuco has quit IRC09:30
*** Zic has quit IRC09:32
*** juergbi has joined #maemo09:33
pupnik_  <<< speed test for internal flash (change to /media/mmc1 to test sd/sdhc card)09:35
*** Gnuton_afk has joined #maemo09:36
*** matt_c has joined #maemo09:38
rm_you|n800i shall try that in a min09:43
rm_you|n800it takes 100mb free?09:44
pupnik_close other apps, run several times09:47
pupnik_there's the thread for people's test results09:48
*** Gnuton_a1k has quit IRC09:48
pupnik_looks like 4gb miniSDHC are the best deals right now ~ 22-24 euro09:49
unique311hey pupnik_ got a sec09:55
unique311lunapaint links.09:55
unique311it builds really quickly,  but segfaults in SB and on the device09:56
pupnik_good post.  a good painter is one of the big things missing still.09:57
unique311faints developer, says he doesn't have anytime.09:58
unique311and mtpaint is proving very difficult to hildonize09:59
unique311mtpaint = faint09:59
pupnik_have you used lunapaint on the pc yet?09:59
unique311thats a relief for me.09:59
*** kaie has joined #maemo09:59
unique311i thought i just sucked.  but after reading his update, feel kinda better about hildon.10:00
pupnik_rgbpaint looks way too primitive10:00
unique311i know....not enough tools10:01
unique311lunapaint is just right.10:01
unique311but i'm not sure why i'm getting the segfaults when i try to start it.10:01
pupnik_well i'll give it a try on the PC10:01
*** dolske_ has quit IRC10:02
pupnik_it looks like a bit of work to get those multiple windows into one gtk/hildon window10:02
unique311you mess with sdl alot, so i figure you would figure out the problem.10:02
pupnik_lunapaint is sdl?10:02
unique311well mypaint has multiple windows, and it opens all of them.  3 to be exact.10:02
LynoureI could not find evince for os2008 yet. Does it exist?10:03
unique311Lynoure, saw a post on ITT about evince and os200810:03
Lynoureunique311: I'm looking at one now on ITT forums... 3 pages of how people miss evince...10:04
unique311don't think it made it to os2008 yet10:04
unique311same thread i just looked at10:04
pupnik_where's the lunapaint source unique31110:05
LynoureThe new build-in pdf reader is better than the old build-in, but it pausing to think so long between pages, and it being quite easy to accidentally switch pages when scrolling with the buttons makes it a bit pain for me, still10:05
pupnik_checked homepage and lunapaint.berlios.de10:05
pupnik_MAKE: cBrush.h:49: error: extra qualification 'cBrush::' on member 'getCurrentColor'10:07
pupnik_did you get that error on make, unique311 ?10:07
unique311i think a couple of warnings.10:08
unique311but no errors10:08
pupnik_ok i'll look at it later10:08
pupnik_gotta run - tytl10:08
*** derf has quit IRC10:11
*** derf has joined #maemo10:11
*** Tama-rro has joined #maemo10:13
*** Disconnect has quit IRC10:14
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo10:15
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo10:15
*** dolske has joined #maemo10:24
*** Luria has quit IRC10:27
*** xbmodder_ has joined #maemo10:29
*** xbmodder_ has quit IRC10:32
*** booiiing has quit IRC10:32
*** xbmodder_ has joined #maemo10:35
ds3Hmmmm maybe the USB port does provide power of some level10:38
Tama-rro 100 mA it seems10:39
ds3if that is the case...10:40
*** Sargun has quit IRC10:41
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC10:44
ds3that works! and the UI did the right thing. I am amazed10:48
*** kbsingh_ has joined #maemo10:50
*** kbsingh has quit IRC10:50
*** L0cN800 has joined #maemo10:50
*** L0cN800 has quit IRC10:53
*** L0cN800 has joined #maemo10:54
*** L0cN800 has quit IRC10:55
*** L0cN800 has joined #maemo10:56
*** blassey has quit IRC10:58
*** L0cN800 has quit IRC10:58
*** blassey has joined #maemo10:58
*** L0cN800 has joined #maemo10:59
*** blassey_ has joined #maemo11:03
*** blassey has quit IRC11:03
*** L0cN800 has quit IRC11:03
*** L0cN800 has joined #maemo11:04
*** freakingtux has joined #maemo11:04
*** L0cN800 has quit IRC11:07
*** L0cN800 has joined #maemo11:07
*** staulkor_ has joined #maemo11:08
*** L0cN800 has quit IRC11:09
*** L0cN800 has joined #maemo11:11
*** L0cN800 has quit IRC11:12
*** maddler has quit IRC11:13
*** L0cN800 has joined #maemo11:13
*** maddler has joined #maemo11:13
*** staulkor has quit IRC11:19
*** pH5 has joined #maemo11:20
*** b0unc3_ is now known as b0unc311:21
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC11:22
b0unc3good morning11:22
*** L0cN800 has quit IRC11:22
*** L0cN800 has joined #maemo11:23
K-Foxto watch high capacity of video(*.avi), n810 have to encode ?11:26
*** ssvb has joined #maemo11:27
*** L0cN800 has quit IRC11:28
*** L0cN800 has joined #maemo11:29
*** JussiP has joined #maemo11:30
*** pc_speaker has joined #maemo11:31
K-Foxn810 must convert to see video?11:31
*** Luria has joined #maemo11:32
*** khertan has joined #maemo11:34
K-Foxn810 must convert to see video?11:35
unique311yes and no11:36
unique311some video play well, and others need convert11:36
*** Jalen has quit IRC11:37
Cord(ftr: my n810 just arrived.)11:38
Cord(germany, standard, parcel service dropped it off in the neighborhood without notice)11:39
khertani see that postal service is poor everywhere in the world ... :)11:44
khertanFailed to fetch  Size mismatch11:44
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo11:46
*** fab has joined #maemo11:48
b0unc3khertan: apt-get update may help11:49
khertanmaybe someone could help me ... i m trying to bypass the default python2.3 in the arm target in the sdk to use python2.5 ... i ve replaced the symlink /usr/bin/python ... it doen't seems to be enought11:49
khertanb0unc3:only if repository don't fails ... :)11:50
*** red-zack has joined #maemo11:54
*** Luria has quit IRC11:54
*** Luria has joined #maemo11:54
*** l7 has quit IRC11:56
*** Tama-rro has left #maemo12:00
*** freakingtux has quit IRC12:00
*** freakingtux has joined #maemo12:00
*** qnr has quit IRC12:02
*** Tama has joined #maemo12:03
*** Tama is now known as Delio12:03
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC12:04
khertanmaybe someone could help me ... i m trying to bypass the default python2.3 in the arm target in the sdk to use python2.5 ... i ve replaced the symlink /usr/bin/python ... it doen't seems to be enought12:07
khertani ve do it in the past ... but ... don t forget ... :(12:07
*** L0cN800 has quit IRC12:13
*** zodman has quit IRC12:14
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo12:15
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo12:16
*** LoCusF has joined #maemo12:18
*** sparrw has quit IRC12:19
*** sparrw has joined #maemo12:20
*** freakingtux has quit IRC12:20
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*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo12:24
*** michele_ has joined #maemo12:30
*** red-zack has joined #maemo12:31
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo12:32
*** michele_ has quit IRC12:33
melmothkhertan: i know its dirty, but i hard code the path to pyhton2.5 in the beginning of the scripts.12:38
*** Lahiru has joined #maemo12:45
tank-mando you have any advice for xorg.conf modifications needed for Xephyr?12:49
melmothi never had to change anything in xorg.conf to have Xephyr working.12:50
*** djcb has joined #maemo12:50
*** torito has joined #maemo12:52
*** torito is now known as eltoro12:52
*** eltoro is now known as torotorito12:53
torotoritohi! im trying to remove scratchbox so i can install from scratch but i get opperation not permitted, im trying to remove /scratchbox and not even with root i can do it, any ideas?12:54
torotoritoi get "rm: WARNING: Circular directory structure."12:56
Lahiru hi anyone installed KDE on OS2008 using debs?12:57
tank-manok, my distro has xorg server 1.3 built without Xephyr, so i recompiled xorg server 1.3 with .configure options to inclued Xephyr and installed to some other dir to not conflict with what came with my distro and made a sym link to Xephyr in my path somewhere ... when i try to run Xephyr, i get complants about fonts missing12:57
inztorotorito, have you stopped scratchbox before trying to remove?12:57
djcbtorotorito: be careful there12:57
torotoritoyes i was not running it12:58
djcbcheck mount -v12:58
tank-manpretty interesting error message there torotorito, never heard that one before12:58
djcband make sure nothing sbox-related is still mounted12:59
torotoritowell i didnt run scratchbox since a long time ago12:59
djcbit's quite easy to nuke the wrong thing when remove /scratchbox12:59
djcbie, something useful that is mounted there somewhere12:59
torotoritomaybe i backup first then13:00
djcbthe reason you couldn't delete it, might be that some pseudo dir is mounted there somewhere13:01
djcblike /proc or /dev13:01
djcband some ppl have /home/foo mounted there too, and you you might want to keep that13:02
torotoritorm: cannot remove `sys//class/tty/ptyte/uevent': Operation not permitted13:02
djcbfirst unmount /sys13:02
djcbfrom sbox13:02
djcbcheck mount -v13:02
torotoritooh yes its mounted13:03
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo13:07
Luriaanyone own an eee?13:09
*** torotorito has left #maemo13:10
tank-manget out of here traitor !13:11
Lahirueverything was gone well.. but I cnt install kdesup-3.5.8.deb :(13:12
Luriawho me?13:15
Luriawhy cant i have both?13:15
Luriaand a cloudbook13:15
Luriamore hardware hacking fun on the eee too.13:15
Luriai want to do that touchscreen mod13:16
*** alterego has joined #maemo13:16
Luria(if i get one)13:16
tank-mani was going to trade my nintendo wii for a eee pc but decided to give away the wii and buy the eeepc later13:18
Luriathat's not a good deal as you describe it.13:18
tank-manreally? lol13:19
Luriai saw a black 4g (non surf) for $379 on local CL13:19
Luriajust emailed the dude13:19
Luriai gotta say, id hit it.13:19
Luriajust wish there were decent gps nav wares for linux13:20
Lurialol compiz on an eeepc13:22
Luriaholy crap thats fast13:22
*** frade has joined #maemo13:23
Luriarm_you: so, more of a mv than an rm, huh? :-)13:24
rm_you|n800yes, heading home :P13:25
*** bilboed has joined #maemo13:25
Luriawell, go mv .  ~13:25
Luria(that was geeky, i will admit)13:26
* rm_you|n800 leaves13:26
*** rm_you|n800 has quit IRC13:27
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo13:28
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo13:29
*** netx has quit IRC13:29
*** Lahiru has quit IRC13:31
*** Gnuton_afk has quit IRC13:41
terraceskhertan: here ?13:41
*** gnuton has joined #maemo13:45
*** atlas95 has left #maemo13:47
*** assasukasse has joined #maemo13:49
assasukassei have a question about the menu system and editor13:49
assasukassein particular, how do the menues work in maemo? are they regenerated each time debian style? or?13:50
alteregoMmmm .. This is a damn fine omlette13:52
*** sparrw has quit IRC13:52
tank-manassasukasse, what do you mean regenerated?13:53
tank-manyou can organise the menu if you want from control panel13:54
assasukassetank-man: actually i am interested in how they work...because we are trying to have your drag and drop menu in elive linux13:54
assasukassewe are rewriting from scratch a menu editor13:55
tank-mani think the menu editor is already drag and drop capable13:55
*** Zic has joined #maemo13:56
*** Delio has quit IRC13:56
*** jnettlet has quit IRC13:56
*** DeLe0n has joined #maemo13:57
*** zwnj has quit IRC13:58
*** zwnj has joined #maemo13:58
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo13:59
*** Sulis has joined #maemo14:00
*** shackan has quit IRC14:00
*** netx has joined #maemo14:02
*** fri_ has joined #maemo14:03
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo14:04
*** fri has quit IRC14:04
assasukassetank-man: in maemo yes, in linux no14:07
*** slomo has quit IRC14:10
alteregoWow, maemo leading the way ;)14:12
*** freakingtux has joined #maemo14:12
*** Abulafia has joined #maemo14:17
assasukasseits a good idea14:19
assasukassewhy not14:19
assasukasseanyone willing to answer my question? :D14:23
assasukasseor is a secret14:23
alteregoThat aspect is not OSS unfortunately.14:23
alteregoOh, actually ..14:23
alteregoLet me just check something.14:24
alteregoI believe it uses files in /etc with the format 'XXNN-app.desktop'14:25
alteregoWhere XX is the group/sub-menu and NN is the position in that group.14:25
alteregoAnd those files should really be symlinks to the applications .desktop file I believe14:26
melmothalterego: is it this you are looking for ?14:27
alteregoI was just checking the filesystem on my tablet ..14:28
alteregoBut that might help assasukasse14:28
b0unc3guys, where are the wireless-tools for OS2008?14:32
*** Luria has quit IRC14:34
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo14:34
*** amrileria has joined #maemo14:38
*** Pio_ has quit IRC14:41
*** Tester_ has quit IRC14:41
*** pcfe has quit IRC14:41
*** nick_fn has quit IRC14:41
*** bmidgley has quit IRC14:41
*** thopieka1 has joined #maemo14:41
*** pc_speaker has quit IRC14:44
*** Tester_ has joined #maemo14:45
*** pc_speaker has joined #maemo14:48
*** zwnj has quit IRC14:53
*** zwnj has joined #maemo14:53
*** j0tt has joined #maemo14:57
*** jott has quit IRC14:58
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo15:00
*** bmidgley has joined #maemo15:00
*** nick_fn has joined #maemo15:01
giskardwhy i get this when i do an apt-get update?15:03
*** pcfe has joined #maemo15:03
|tbb|how can i ssh login to the n8x0 as user is there a password set? should i set one?15:05
*** thopieka1 has quit IRC15:06
*** freakingtux has quit IRC15:07
*** michele_ has joined #maemo15:07
*** geaaru has joined #maemo15:09
*** amrileria has quit IRC15:09
*** amrileria has joined #maemo15:09
Abulafia|tbb|, the user account is passwd -l 'ed15:12
*** Abulafia is now known as Luria15:12
Luriaalso, not recommended to set one, as it can interfere with the gui package manager15:12
Luriabest option is to add another user account15:13
|tbb|the syntax wont work for me15:14
|tbb|passwd -l 'ed15:15
sp3000use ssh keys15:15
kuriiriai nii15:16
|tbb|sp3000: what does it means15:16
sp3000giskard: there's a few bugs on people from some places getting 401'd15:16
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo15:18
sp3000one apparently due to using a local proxy, some from italian isps15:18
*** geaaru has quit IRC15:18
sp3000someone speculated about something possibly shunning something due to too much traffic shoved through one ip or something15:18
Luria|tbb|, you mean you dont know what "passwd -l"  is? (just asking, i'd be happy to explain)15:19
sp3000giskard: see bugs 798 1896 2319 264315:19
|tbb|N84U:~# passwd -l user15:20
|tbb|Password changed.15:20
|tbb|i dont wanted to change it i wanted to know it15:20
Luria"passwd -l" removes the passwd15:20
Luriathere is no default passwd15:20
|tbb|ah k15:21
*** fsmw has joined #maemo15:21
Luriatechnically, it sets the passwd hash to something that can't be entered with a keyboard15:21
*** Sulis has quit IRC15:21
sp3000giskard: I don't see in particular mentioned, you might want to file a bug with your details ...or in one of the above if one seems a good match15:21
Luriaor rather computed by keyboard input15:21
sp3000er, s/it/net/15:21
*** [AD]Turbo has joined #maemo15:22
|tbb|adduser doesnt seem to be there15:22
Luriato securely ssh, either use ssh keys or add another user15:22
Luriai saw one a while back15:22
sp3000|tbb|: "ssh keys" means the same as "passwd -l", i.e. "google it"15:22
Luriassh keys does not necessarily mean the same thing15:23
sp3000to the extent of "google it before trying" it does :)15:23
sp3000in other senses , indeed not15:23
Luriayou can have an account which supports local interactive passwords but only ssh key login15:23
Luriawhich is the more common use15:23
|tbb|is it possible to login as root and then change to user15:24
fsmwsomebody here is related to n810 discount program? i've some questions about it :-/15:25
sp3000sure, iirc su - user15:25
alteregoAnyone use ssh-agent on their tablet?15:25
*** shackan has joined #maemo15:25
|tbb|sp3000 thx15:25
alteregoThat's interesting, it just started working O_O15:25
[AD]Turbohi all15:27
sp3000alterego: that's the point of asking on irc (or irl for that matter), things magically start working15:28
sp3000just to spite you15:28
assasukassethanks alterego15:29
alteregoAh, no. Still doesn't work.15:30
alteregoCould not open a connection to your authentication agent.15:30
*** jpt9 has joined #maemo15:30
alteregoAh, so I have to add it to an init script.15:31
rm_you|tbb|: brightness app works on default kernel now15:34
|tbb|wow also replace the old one?15:34
|tbb|mean the default one15:34
rm_youyou add mine, and disable the default one15:34
rm_youit's not *finished* yet because it still looks crappy, IMO15:35
rm_youwhole window, instead of a nice little popdown15:35
|tbb| >_> <- what does this means15:35
giskardsp3000, argh! thank you.15:37
rm_youit's like... shifty eyes :)15:37
rm_you>_> <_< >_>15:37
rm_youi use it as an emote, similar to the emotion represented by ":/"15:37
*** tyrionlannister has joined #maemo15:37
tyrionlannisterFor some reason, I thought the channel would be smaller15:38
Luria#maemo rules freenet.15:38
alteregoDid you think it would be smaller because you're using a tablet?15:41
alteregoHello Luria :)15:41
*** jegp has joined #maemo15:41
tyrionlannisterhaha, must be15:41
Luriaactually, considering there are 290 here and only 59 in #eeepc...15:41
Luriait is pretty impressive.15:41
jpt9has anyone ported the terminal/console version of Nethack to maemo?15:41
*** michele_ has quit IRC15:41
jpt9I know there's a graphical version, but I find it quite annoying to play.15:42
*** rdorsch has quit IRC15:42
Luriathe graphical one has ascii sets15:42
Luriai know, its not obvious15:42
jpt9i know15:42
jpt9i like the keyboard commands.15:42
jpt9it's annoying having to use random icons and dig through menus for stuff.15:42
Luriaah... most keyboard commands work15:43
Luriabut i do know what you mean15:43
*** magicrobotmonkey has joined #maemo15:43
jpt9except I have a 770.15:43
Luriathe extended stuff is not so great15:43
jpt9with no physical keyboard.15:43
Luriaand i have a n800 :-)15:43
magicrobotmonkeydoes anyone else have problems with the browser hanging in os2008 when using about:config15:43
Luriaseriously, i play slowly or i pull out a bt keyboard.15:43
Luriathat said15:44
Luriamaybe i can compile it later15:45
*** scibot has joined #maemo15:45
* scibot rocks out.15:45
Luriamagicrobotmonkey, about:config is known to be real slow for some on os200815:45
magicrobotmonkeyso there's nothing i can do about it?15:45
Luriai didnt have a problem, but ive heard times exceeding 5min to load15:45
Luriai would search ITT and see what others have reported15:46
magicrobotmonkeyyea thats basically what im seeing15:46
pc_speakerabout:config works fast15:46
pc_speakerJust set 100% font size15:46
pc_speakerAnd not auto-size for webpages15:46
pc_speakerAnd closo all other browser windows15:46
Luriaah, i forgot, i never touch those (though i have had other browser windows open)15:47
magicrobotmonkeyyea the only way i can get it to open is with no other browser windows open15:47
scibotTwo more days to go.15:47
jpt9Luria: in case it matters, I'm running OS2007HE on my 770.15:47
Luriathen i cant help15:47
*** marileria has joined #maemo15:48
Luriawell, im not sure i can15:48
*** amrileria has quit IRC15:48
Luriai only have 4.0 installed15:48
Luriaon my scratchbox box15:48
Luriait probably will work tho, as its just ncurses15:48
alteregoWell, hopefully this bootscript will add ssh-agent under user and get it to work properly :)15:48
*** playya is now known as derfreibierfred15:49
rm_youSo, I'm having a problem with my statusbar applet that is very difficult to diagnose...15:49
rm_youThe first time or two (possibly three, not sure) it is enabled, the UI crashes15:50
rm_youafter that it works fine15:50
rm_youCode: for reference, if anyone wants to put forth a guess or two as to why :P15:50
*** monkeyiq has joined #maemo15:50
alteregoNope :/15:51
fugitivoany idea if a version of 2008 HE for the 770 will be released soon? I don't know when the discount code will work for USA and I need to test some apps I'm developing15:51
alteregofugitivo, you can use the SDK, or maybe supply debs and get someone else to test them.15:51
*** bedboi has joined #maemo15:51
bedboihi there15:51
rm_youfugitivo: yeah, i am generally willing to test when i'm around :) though I realize it isn't the same :?15:51
fugitivoalterego: yes, i'm using the SDK but I need to test it on a real device15:51
alteregofugitivo, get someone else to test it, or be patient.15:53
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo15:53
rm_yougah FSCKing hell15:53
|tbb|anyone knows whats the grep -m option in osso-xterm? it doesnt work on osso-xterm15:53
rm_youso, i was using a bluetooth keyboard on my n800 in os2008...15:53
rm_youso it disabled all the virtual keyboard stuff15:54
fugitivoalterego: MORE patient :)15:54
rm_youand when i disconnected it, it never RE-ENABLED the vkeyboard15:54
rm_youand i *locked* the device's keys/screen, right?15:54
alteregoNo, just patient.15:54
rm_youbut apparently it entirely disabled the middle dpad button... so i can't unlock it15:54
rm_youanyone know what key that is? maybe i can reconnect the bt keyboard and use the bt keyboard to hit it15:55
hugolphow can I acces the memory cards from the N800 X-term?15:55
hugolpwhat directory are they?15:55
rm_youah sweet, it's enter15:55
alteregohugolp, ls /media/mmcX where X = 1 for external and X = 2 for internal.15:56
|tbb|i need something like that ps aux | grep -m 1 osso which just only returns 1 and first result15:56
hugolpalterego:  thanks15:56
*** monkeyiq has quit IRC15:59
*** murrayc_ has joined #maemo16:00
*** [AD]Turbo has quit IRC16:02
alteregoHmm, looks like I need to figure out how hildon logs you in.16:03
Luriayou know. the mmc1/2 thing throws me16:03
alteregoLuria, why?16:04
Luriai always expect 1 to be internal16:04
alteregoYeah, me too.16:04
alteregoI suppose I've gotten used to it now.16:04
|tbb|anyone got an idea how to do this, in osso-xterm16:04
Luriasee, thats a admin/dev thought.16:04
Luriabut they must have thought write/read from the external would be more common16:05
*** assasukasse has quit IRC16:05
alteregoWho knows what they were thinking :P16:05
Luriabut i doubt many simple users will even know about that idiom, so im not sure wtf they were thinking16:05
JaffaMorning, all16:05
*** assasukasse has joined #maemo16:05
Luriakree and all16:05
alteregoHey Jaffa16:05
JaffaLuria: :)16:05
Luriasorry, dhd is gone. no going home from here.16:06
alteregoTek is hello I think.16:06
alteregoIn Jaffa :P16:06
Luriachrist, this turned into a convention16:06
JaffaSG1 geeks the lot of you. My nick predated it by many years ;-)16:06
* rm_you just watched the new episode of Atlantis a few hours ago16:07
JaffaOh, it's back?16:07
Luriayeah, two weeks now16:08
JaffaCor, excellent.16:08
* Jaffa fires up Azureus ;)16:08
Luriascrew that, i want bsg back16:08
rm_youBSG was overrated IMO16:08
JaffaRazor was good.16:08
*** [AD]Turbo has joined #maemo16:08
* rm_you managed to both start and end that line with a TLA16:08
JaffaWhat's happened to the two SG1 direct-to-DVD movies?16:08
Luriaeverything rdm touches is gold16:09
fugitivo|tbb|: that version of grep doesn't have the -m option, so you should find another way to do it16:09
Luriaone leaked16:09
rm_youJaffa: Ark of Truth got leaked16:09
rm_youbut it comes out officially in... March?16:09
Lurianot unfinished16:09
alteregoJaffa, they come out in a few months.16:09
*** derfreibierfred has quit IRC16:09
alteregoLuria, did you watch it?16:09
JaffaAh cool16:09
Luriaok, the end credits werent done16:09
rm_youunfinished special effects and sound in some scenes16:09
alteregoAnd some of the SFX16:09
* Jaffa 'll wait.16:09
*** petergunn has joined #maemo16:09
Luriait was like 99%16:09
alteregoYeah, I enjoyed it.16:10
Lurianot like the atlantis preproduction leak16:10
JaffaHmm. Tempting.16:10
rm_youlol yeah16:10
Luriathat was funny16:10
rm_youi watched that16:10
rm_youit was horribly disconcerting to have them touching things and not have beeps come out16:10
Luria(insert sfx here)16:10
* petergunn waves hi to maemo peeps16:10
rm_youand no music / background humm from stuff >_> just dead silence16:10
alteregoOkay, does anyone know where I should stick 'ssh-agent' to make it available in all my terminal sessions without having to start it around another instance of the shell?16:10
Luriathat was odd, but i still liked the cues for the space battle from the sound techs16:11
alteregoIf I do that, it'll lose all keys.16:12
alteregoI want something that will be there when I open a new terminal. So I don't have to keep retyping my passphrases.16:12
*** playya has joined #maemo16:13
*** svu has quit IRC16:13
alteregoHmmm ..16:13
|tbb|fugitivo: hmh, a workaround for a workaround for a workaround ;)16:14
fugitivo|tbb|: why you need to do that?16:14
Luriacant you stick it in a if/fi to check with ps if it's already running?16:14
fugitivo|tbb|: maybe you can find a way to not use that :)16:14
fugitivoyou need to check the pid of a process or if a program is running?16:15
|tbb|no this was just example16:15
|tbb|was looking for the -m option16:15
Luriawhat's the m option?16:16
|tbb|stop grepping after one result16:16
petergunnhmmm... no pidof command?16:16
Luriaps |grep |head -1?16:18
Luriaor -2, i guess from the output16:18
*** barisione has joined #maemo16:19
K-Foxthere is a good info here
|tbb|Luria: thx, i think that work16:19
K-FoxHow to turn your WM6 phone into a WiFi router16:19
bedboianyone has any news/info about the GPS module? It seems that it always do a "first fix" procedure16:19
Lurianp, i like pretending i know how to use linux.16:20
petergunnfor pid in `pidof ssh-agent`; do ls -al /proc/$x/exe; done16:21
alteregopetergunn, you've got ssh-agent to work?16:22
petergunn nope havent tried, but its easy to check if its running16:22
alteregoI know it's running, it's just not connecting.16:23
petergunnkey probs?16:23
|tbb|rm_you: what about combinate your backlight tool with the keyboard backlight?16:23
*** mankod has quit IRC16:23
alteregoI've already explained here what the problem is ..16:23
*** t_s_o has quit IRC16:24
rm_you|tbb|: what?16:25
|tbb|the lower brightness you set the  lower  the keyboard backlight should go16:26
rm_you|tbb|: lol, THAT I have *NO* idea16:26
rm_you|tbb|: I have an n800 too, so I can't really test16:26
|tbb|ah k16:27
rm_youis that even possible? does the current backlight thing do it?16:27
|tbb|it should16:27
rm_youor might it just be an on/off thing?16:27
Luriaso, when is too early to call on saturday about a CL eeepc ad?16:28
alteregopetergunn, that's great thanks.16:30
alteregoI was just thinking about doing something similar myself :)16:30
* petergunn :)16:30
alteregoI'm just trying to work out what the startup file for ash is though ;)16:31
petergunnI think it sources /etc/profile then $HOME/.profile16:32
alteregoThat's just for login shells.16:33
alteregoI think it might be .ashrc16:33
alteregoOkay, maybe it isn't.16:33
* alterego checks.16:33
alteregopetergunn, yah, it does source .profile.16:34
Luriaoh thats just handy code16:34
alteregoIt is, I imagine you can use that paradigm for a few things.16:35
|tbb|rm_you: ive seen it on channel days ago but doesnt found it anymore16:35
*** mat has quit IRC16:35
Luriai might use something similar for openvpn16:35
alteregoThat's a good idea.16:36
Luriaactually, i should stop being lazy and just do that frontend ive been meaning to do16:36
rm_you|tbb|: if you find reference of how to do it, i could try16:36
|tbb|will a applet while its not active on the topbar, consumes memory anyway? like if i replace built in brightness control with rm_you`s one16:37
rm_youunfortunately, I need to pack up this computer tomorrow (today now, lol... within like 12 hours, at least) and ship it off... but fortunately my build-box is remote anyway, so I can still do devwork on my lame-ass debian machine sitting around here16:37
rm_you|tbb|: i don't believe so16:37
rm_you|tbb|: also, if you EVER see a UI crash that you think might be related to my applet, please post about it in that thread16:37
*** yerga has joined #maemo16:38
rm_youI haven't really seen any, but since it causes weird issues on set up sometimes...16:38
rm_youi am on the lookout16:38
alteregoNot I've got funky ssh-agent :)16:42
Luriai dunno,  i dont like ssh keys16:43
*** blahdeblah has quit IRC16:43
jeddy3Luria, um, why?16:43
*** blahdeblah has joined #maemo16:43
Luriai dont like copying/carrying keys around, i like the ability to use a trusted, but previously untouched machine16:44
alteregoI have too many passwords to remember then all. Considering they're all 12 character random strings of upper and lower case alphanumeric characters :/16:44
Luriaand if it is a know roving machine (like a n800) id sooner use openvpn16:44
Luriaor the like16:44
*** giskard has left #maemo16:44
Luriawhich i do use revokable keys for16:44
Luriaalterego, fair enough16:45
Luriai didnt say it was pointless; i understand the need16:45
Luriabut what do you do if you are at a buddies place and you *need* to kill some process?16:46
*** Lahiru has joined #maemo16:46
alteregoI look up the password on my N81016:46
jeddy3Luria, ok ok, valid points :)16:46
*** murrayc_ has quit IRC16:46
alteregoOr I use my cellphone :P16:47
Luriayou have ssh on your cell phone?16:47
alteregoNo, my cell phone is a modem for my tablet.16:47
rm_youI wish I had ssh on my cell phone :P16:47
* jeddy3 also uses ssh on cell phone sometimes :16:47
*** pc_speaker has quit IRC16:47
rm_youBlackberrys have SSH :P16:47
alteregossh on mobiles is rubbish :P16:47
jeddy3Nokia S60s have putty also16:48
alteregossh on tablets is okay. Especially with HW keyboard.16:48
LahiruDo anyone knows the root password for KDE 3.5.8 ?16:48
Luriablackberrys can suck my nuts16:48
Luriathey remind me or palm circa 199816:48
jeddy3alterego, what about cellphone with HW qwerty?16:48
alteregoYeah, I don't like the blackberries either ..16:48
alteregojeddy3, the screen is just too small for my liking.16:48
alteregoNot enough characters ..16:48
jeddy3alterego, yes of course, but for those moments you really need it :)16:49
JaffaLahiru: KDE doesn't have a root password, it's a desktop environment - not an OS.16:49
alteregojeddy3, then I'll use my N810 :P16:49
alteregoThat's why my phone is crap. It's just a cheap 3G modem :P16:49
jeddy3alterego, fair enough, haven't used putty on my E61 since i got my n800 :)16:49
Luriain fact i just decided not to go work for a guy because he wanted me to do his IT infrastructure (for the start up phase) and then bought a blackberry despite my warnings16:50
LahiruJaffa: ah sorry.. then can I find root password for my N800?16:50
Luria(not the only reason, but it was a bad sign)16:50
JaffaLahiru: what OS?16:50
jeddy3alterego, and true...the absolute first thing my e61 serves as is 3g modem :)16:50
Luriamostly cause "its what all the hedge fund people have and i want to be compatible"16:51
petergunnIm thinking of booting from MMC to run KDE - I see Millhouse's booting guide but do I want a 1.5/.5Gb partitions or just one big 2Gb partition for KDE?16:51
LahiruJaffa: OS200816:51
* alterego doesn't support CrapDE16:51
alteregoThe only Mini SD card I have is the 128M one that came with my N800.16:52
alteregoI'm using that to store all my keys and password list text file.16:52
alteregoGonna encrypt the filesystem on it now.16:52
LahiruI installed KDE on N800 OS2008 using debs, and working really well.16:53
petergunnhow slow? would it be better booting from MMC?16:53
|tbb|anyone running a iodine16:53
*** [AD]Turbo has quit IRC16:53
Luriahey i forgot about iodine16:54
Luriai meant to do that when i was tweaking white russian16:54
Lahirucan I find root password on OS2008?16:55
LuriaLahiru, there is no default password for os200816:56
Luriauser or root16:56
LahiruLuria: Thanks I'll try16:57
LuriaLahiru, what are you trying to do?16:58
LahiruLuria: I want to change some settings using KDE16:59
jeddy3no default password means that you can't login, right?16:59
Lahiruit's asking root password16:59
Luriathats not good16:59
Lahirupassword for 'user' is 'user'16:59
Lahiru'root' ?17:00
Luriaoh then the defaults dont apply17:00
Luriapersonally, i would boot into maemo and zero the password hash:-)17:00
Luriai havent played with kde on the IT17:01
*** playya has quit IRC17:01
Lahirucan we change the password on maemo?17:01
Luriabut then again, i like playing with hammers when a google search would do, i suppose17:01
LahiruLuria: can I change my root password on maemo shell?17:02
Luriainstall openssh is the easiest way17:02
rm_youLahiru: just curious, could you not install becomeroot package like you probably did on your non-kde setup?17:03
Lahirurm_you: they all were their17:04
Lahirurm_you: when I typed gainroot it worked17:04
Luriarm_you, if he's dual booting whatever goes on in maemo shouldnt affect kde, no?17:04
LahiruI'm not dual booting.. installed from .debs17:04
Luriai have no idea then, go with god.17:05
rm_youLahiru: then type sudo gainroot, and then set the password yourself17:05
Lahirurm_you: just now did it17:05
*** playya has joined #maemo17:06
rm_youit's 7am... i have to go to sleep! >_<17:06
Lahirurm_you: cool :) THANKS17:06
Lahirurm_you: Bye17:06
rm_youbbl :)17:06
zoranLahiru, what pass did you actualy change: root of user?17:06
Lahiruzoran: root17:07
zoranu could confirm that using ssh17:07
*** VimS has quit IRC17:07
LahiruI confirmed tht using KDE :)17:07
*** Pinguozz has joined #maemo17:07
*** assasukasse has quit IRC17:07
*** VimS has joined #maemo17:08
*** assasukasse has joined #maemo17:08
|tbb|rm_you: gnite17:10
* petergunn is downloading KDE debs17:10
*** gnuton has quit IRC17:12
Lahirupetergunn: I reflashed my device three times while trying install KDE debs17:13
petergunnany reason or did the install just hang?17:15
* petergunn has to lock his n800 in the refridgerator after each flash to pair his cell phone17:15
*** Sho_ has quit IRC17:16
LahiruI got breaked the last package.. it didn't get installed several times.. and when it's broke I couldn't boot my device..17:17
petergunnanyone got md5sums for the debs?17:18
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo17:19
Lahirupetergunn: letme check17:19
*** marileria has quit IRC17:19
*** RushPL has quit IRC17:19
*** zodman has joined #maemo17:20
*** zodman has left #maemo17:21
*** bedboi has quit IRC17:26
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo17:26
*** geaaru has joined #maemo17:26
khertanHi again17:28
*** petergunn has quit IRC17:30
*** petergunn666 has joined #maemo17:31
*** mankod has joined #maemo17:31
*** mat has joined #maemo17:32
*** henrique has joined #maemo17:34
* Jaffa rants - again - on bug #303 still not being fixed.17:35
*** mbuf has joined #maemo17:35
* dhd|gone is ircing from his new N81017:37
*** rproenca has joined #maemo17:37
*** Lahiru has quit IRC17:39
terraceskhertan:  ?17:39
hugolpanyone can tell me wat file do I have to edit for user user to become a sudoer?17:39
terracescan I message you khertan (about n810 french discount codes) ?17:39
hugolpI allredy have changed the user and root passwords17:40
*** zodman has joined #maemo17:41
alteregoHmmm, this was probably a bad idea. I've not setup a maemo SDK yet ^_^17:41
*** Lahiru has joined #maemo17:41
*** zodman has left #maemo17:42
*** scibot has quit IRC17:42
melmothhugolp: as root type visudo17:43
khertanterraces: yes i m here17:44
khertanand of course u can :)17:45
K-Foxis it possible to use palm os's appl on n81017:45
khertanK-Fox: it s possible with the emulator provided by access17:46
hugolpmelmoth:  and what do I have to change in that file?17:47
khertanK-Fox: but it s an emulator ... not all program will run...17:47
khertanspecially those who use library created by Palm and not integreted in the system ... treoweather for example17:48
khertanbut most of palm program will run17:50
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:51
*** Pinguozzz has quit IRC17:51
*** Pinguozz has quit IRC17:51
khertansomeone have try to compile python-hildondesktop ?17:52
khertan./configure --prefix=/opt/hildon17:52
khertanoups ww17:52
K-Foxporting to maemo17:53
melmothhugolp: try adding "user ALL=(ALL) ALL"17:56
*** lcuk has joined #maemo17:56
melmoththen user could launch any command as root with "sudo command" (he will still be prompted for the user password though)17:56
melmothi think you can append a NOPASSWORD or NOPASS (man sudoers, the worst man page ever :-) for more info)17:57
K-Foxis it possible porting most of x86 application to maemo?17:58
lcukfox - which os is the original wrote in17:58
K-Foxubuntu  suse gentoo debian redhat18:00
keesjkhertan: perhaps this is also fun/usefull
keesjK-Fox: yes, and usualy it is really only a recompile18:01
keesjK-Fox: but porting apps that have a UI is a different story18:02
keesjK-Fox: yes, what are you thinking about?18:03
khertankeesj: hum ... maybe ... but i'm trying to finish the hildondesktop binding for maemo18:04
lcukFox - yes apps can be ported, but some dont work well in the environment because of being designed for desktop rather than tablet18:04
khertanas noone seems interested in it18:04
khertanthe purpose is to be able to create hildon home screenlet in python18:05
khertaninstead of c18:05
*** Tuco has joined #maemo18:06
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo18:06
keesjkhertan: for on maemo or on the desktop?18:06
khertanfor on maemo ... on the tablet18:07
khertanat this time ... python widget can't be used18:07
khertanon os200818:07
keesjyou want to do something likeÂildon-desktop/18:08
khertanthere is a project made by luca18:08
khertanbut is a bit abandonned18:08
K-Foxwow n810 is unlimited than PDA18:08
khertanand i m trying to build it ... with a simple modification18:08
lcukfox - its linux - the penguin has super powers18:08
khertanbut at this time ... i'm trying to build it without18:08
hugolpmelmoth:  thanks, that worked18:09
keesjkhertan: When I saw that post I did not understand how that was supposed to work. will a python interpreter be initialize for every widget?18:09
hugolpmelmoth:  have another problem, dont know if you can help me too18:09
khertankeesj: there is a launcher in c18:10
hugolpIm trying to run "./configure" as root but I get a sh: ./configure: Permission denied18:10
hugolpI dont see how I can be denied as root18:10
khertanand a interpreter is run only when widget is refreshed18:10
khertanhugolp: configure isn't suffisant ... :)18:10
hugolpwhats suffisant?18:10
khertandpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b18:10
*** kaie has quit IRC18:11
khertanit should build the package ... but as scratchbox use python2.3  .... its fails ...18:11
melmothhugolp: sounds like you are doing this on a partition where you cannot execute stuff...18:11
hugolpkhertan:  you are saying that I have to do dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b instead of ./configure?18:11
melmothyou are not trying to compile stuff on your tablet's memory card, are you ?18:11
khertannow but i don't want to paste all line :)18:12
*** zumbi has joined #maemo18:12
melmothhugolp: its vfat, not executable if i recall correctly18:12
khertanbefore do an autogen18:12
hugolpmelmoth:  ok, Ill compile in the internal memory18:12
melmothi would use scratchbox if i were you.18:12
*** dick-richardson has joined #maemo18:12
khertanthe problem is that when i try to compile with python2.5 using scratchbox i get sem_post: Function not implemented18:13
khertanso i'm trying to correct this18:13
melmothwhat are you trying to compile ?18:13
hugolpmelmoth:  gnet18:14
tyrionlannisterPython is a scripting language..18:14
khertantyrionlannister: serious ?18:14
hugolpIve compiled some things in scratchbox but I wanted to check how to do it in the N800 directly18:14
melmothhugolp: see
tyrionlannisteryouam: shouldn't really need to compile anything, unless you're using python with a second language18:14
melmothsee comment from the 16th of november : Installing qemu-arm-eabi patch into Scratchbox18:15
*** mbuf has quit IRC18:15
khertanit s python binding for hildondesktop lib18:15
hugolpmelmoth:  I think I read that is better to compile it directly in the N800 than to do it by emulating it with qemu18:15
khertanthx melmoth it s why i m searching fo18:15
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo18:17
khertanarg ... stupid french ubuntu repository ... down again18:17
Luriasomeone must have threatened it.18:17
*** Lahiru has quit IRC18:18
*** jpt1 has joined #maemo18:19
unique311luria you don't like the french or something.  that was a low blow.18:19
melmothkhertan: "deb etch main" is working here18:20
Andy80khertan: use another mirror :)18:20
* melmoth waves a "vive la france" flag :)18:20
khertanyou are talking about debian ... not ubuntu :)18:20
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo18:20
Andy80khertan: I use ubuntu too :)18:21
Andy80khertan: you can choose any other mirror18:21
khertanthe ubuntu french mirror is a bit undersized ... but other mirror work18:21
*** mbuf has joined #maemo18:21
Andy80khertan: substitute with or something else18:22
melmothhmm, funnyly enough i just realised i m using belgian repo on my ubuntu box :)18:22
khertanyes it what i ve done ... thx18:22
unique311melmoth, you wave the flag, but yet took that low blow luria deakt...about someone threatening  the french repo.18:23
khertanmelmoth: belgian repo is robust ... good server under ...18:23
melmothhugolp: recompiling gnet worked out of the box here.18:23
melmothhugolp: i apt-get source gnet from etch, then i just dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot in scractchbox.18:24
melmothit just worked.18:24
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC18:24
melmothlets try with armel18:24
Luriaactually, it was a well timed preemptive strike.18:24
*** jpt9 has quit IRC18:24
khertanhum ... do you know an gtk ftp program with a light gui that could be easy to use on maemo ?18:25
Luriabut when the defense is maginot line...18:25
khertanwe can't say nothing about this great and beautiful maginot line18:25
fysahow well does gngeo run?18:26
khertannoone passed it ... it s robust ... and noone destroy it18:26
fysadoes biomotor unitron run?18:26
Lurianope. no need to destroy a defense that you can drive around.18:27
hugolpis it true what I read that its better to compile the armel package directly onto the N800 and not with the emulator or its just nonsense?18:27
khertanLuria: yes this was a joke18:27
Luriai know :-)18:27
*** fsmw has quit IRC18:27
khertanhugolp: you ll most the time be out of memory ... and take many time to do this18:28
melmothhugolp: i got libgnet2.0-0_2.0.7-1_armel.deb and the dev package for armel without having to chaneg anything18:28
hugolpmelmoth:  good18:28
tyrionlannisterWhy not just use pluthon if you're developing a python app?18:28
khertanLuria: but everybody now that chirurgical strike doesn't hurt anyone18:29
hugolpso basically compiling directly on the N800 is a no way?18:29
melmothi dont know, i never had to compile on it.18:29
Luriawhat's really sad is that napoleon was the one who famously chewed out a adjutant for suggesting a broad line deployment as a defense... asking whether he was looking to defend territory or interdict smuggling.18:29
khertantyrionlannister: i m not developping a python app ... i m finishing a python module to be able to write my python app18:29
melmothhugolp: would you like me to upload the packages and sources somewhere ?18:30
melmothotherwise, i ll just delete them :)18:30
tyrionlannisteraCiDBaSe: new module, or are you adding an existing one to your emulated environment?18:30
tyrionlannisterThis autoreply sucks18:30
khertanLuria: hum ... 200 years ago18:31
khertantyrionlannister: lol18:31
hugolpmelmoth:  Ill just compile them myself. Thanks anyway18:31
khertanhugolp: it s ok for small app... but more difficult for large project18:31
*** Locutus6711 has joined #maemo18:32
hugolpkhertan:  ok, so the proper way is to compile it in scratchbox with armel target right?18:32
hugolpI read somewhere that the emulator could have mistakes and that for the final version it was better to compile it with the N800 natively18:33
Luriayeah, thats the paranoid way18:33
Luriawhich is probably good18:33
Luriacause they *are* out to get you.18:33
Luriayes, you hugolp.18:33
Luriathey are watching.18:34
khertanhugolp: right18:34
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:35
khertanhugolp: there is for a example a problem when u try to compile python module .... but it seems there is a solution that i m trying :
Andy80khertan: uh... that is my blog :)18:35
hugolpkhertan:  ok18:36
Andy80hugolp: I can assure it works, after you install the patch18:36
hugolpAndy80:  fine18:38
hugolpgoing to try now18:38
khertanAndy80: thx for the post !18:39
*** matt_c has quit IRC18:39
*** k-s has joined #maemo18:40
*** dick-richardson has quit IRC18:40
fysamaybe this is a good project.18:40
fysa - uses id Tech 2 (Q2) engine18:40
khertando u know how i can replace python (2.3) from scratchbox by python2.5 ?18:40
*** fr02 has joined #maemo18:41
Andy80khertan: yes.... look here:
jeddy3hmmm, why doesn't mediaplayer want to play my tablet-encoded moviefile...? :/18:42
fysacould translate well to touchscreen18:42
khertanAndy80: it install python2.5 ... but dont replace the original18:42
tyrionlannisterI like pluthon better than scratchbox for Python development.. Are there any added benefits to using scratchbox for python development?18:42
fysajeddy3: you try mplayer yet?18:42
fysaworks much much better than mediaplayer18:42
khertanso when a autogen is run it always include python2.318:42
fysaI don't have to tablet-encode 'standard' XVID/DIVX files18:42
jeddy3fysa, no, i can't find any mplayer packages for os200818:42
khertanand the autoconf fails18:42
tyrionlannisterMaybe I'm missing out on something, pluthon just seems a lot easier18:43
Andy80khertan: uhm... right infact I started python2.5 :\18:43
khertani ve replace the /usr/bin/python and make a symlink ... but doesn't seems to be enougth18:43
jeddy3fysa, well i find it on, but when i try to run the one click install, package manager says it's not there :P18:43
lcukfysa - ive not had much luck with mplayer - it is more unstable than builtin for the movies i have tried18:43
khertanAndy80: a idea ?18:44
fysaI don't know where you find your package from, but mine is rock solid..  but haven't updated since the pre-christmas beta18:44
* lcuk wanted it to work18:44
Andy80khertan: really not :\ I didn't care about that thing...18:44
*** mbuf has quit IRC18:44
jeddy3yeah, builtin player seems pretty ok, but still, it down right _refuses_ to play this file18:44
khertanAndy80: snif18:44
melmothjeddy3: it worked on mine.18:44
Andy80khertan: you could try to ask on pymaemo mailing list18:44
lcuki had one converted from the nokia converter which just would not play with either18:45
* lcuk shrugs18:45
fysaproblem with builtin player is it's only half as capable as mplayer, bitrate-wise18:45
fysamaybe that's improved with os2008..18:45
lcukdoes nokia converter actually change the codec or just downgrade the res using the movies builtin codec18:45
tyrionlannisterkhertan: Why are you setting up the emulated environment to run python when you can develop straight to your tablet with pluthon?18:45
lcukfysa - but using nokioa convert it should make any movie work on on nokia at playable bitrate18:46
fysayes, but wh y?18:46
fysaI can encode from DVD to standard XVID for TV18:46
fysaand play the same file on N800 without any change18:46
* lcuk sees now18:46
fysathat's the advantage of the extra efficiency of mplayer..18:47
lcukbut it wont player hdtv movies i got18:47
fysanot that I officially support such things..18:47
lcuk(none of them will)18:47
fysabut standard SD-rips you find on usenet and bittorrent will mostly play18:47
fysafor HD, I recommend mediaserv18:47
fysaif you have a linux server..18:47
lcukstandard sdtv rips are harder to find - less seeds18:47
fysaif spawns a mencoder instance that will transcode in real-time18:47
lcukdo the ipod encoded files (mp4) work on nokia?18:48
fysauses tablet-encode in real-time18:48
fysafast enough for me to stream 720p x264 from my Athlon 64 3200+18:48
lcukcos they show up quite high on torrent searches18:48
fysathey probably work with mplayer18:48
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC18:48
fysamplayer on the tablet can basically play anything that mplayer on any other platform can play..18:49
lcukcanola uses mplayer for movies doesnt it18:49
fysabut x264 isn't very optimized yet for arm18:49
fysavideocenter can18:49
fysabasically, mediaserv creates RSS feeds for each folder on your media server18:49
alteregoI lost a damn stylus >:(18:49
fysathen you use videocenter to 'subscribe' to the feeds18:49
lcuk:O alter - i dread the day i do that18:49
alteregoI now only have one.18:49
fysaso all media automatically shows up in videocenter, organized by TV/,  Movies/, etc18:50
alteregoI'm sure it'll turn up eventually.18:50
fysathen you can configure videocenter to launch mplayer..18:50
*** mbuf has joined #maemo18:50
fysaI've yet to have something that doesn't play this way..18:50
lcuki lost the specific one for my pda and cursed every time i used a generic18:50
fysaeven 1080i HD .ts18:50
alteregoI guess it's karma telling my I should have a spring clean.18:50
lcukspeaking of karma - i havents seen any name is earl recently18:51
* lcuk goes hunting the torrents18:51
Luriaumm strike?18:51
lcukur right18:51
Luriasigh. dcau got replaced with this kids crap. sigh.18:52
Andy80I've to try a thing when I've time.... I want to install the upnp server on my dreambox and try to view the recorded videos from the n810 :)18:52
lcukhahaha - i have an episode avail18:52
*** jsmith has joined #maemo18:53
tyrionlannistercalm down, friend18:53
tyrionlannisterIt's just your computer18:54
jeddy3melmoth, nope, it says cannot install: cannot find package18:54
jeddy3melmoth, although something is wrong with my package-manager, it also cannot upgrade some packages, as map application18:54
* lcuk compiles a module for khertan (chillpill.ko) and installs it onto his bios18:55
tyrionlannisterI was trying to help you towards your goal of " to be able to write my python app"18:55
khertansorry ... a bit stressed by this thing called 'scratchbox' ...18:55
* Jaffa belatedly points out that files for the iPod (obviously without DRM) work very well in the built-in Media Player18:55
Jaffa(on OS 2008 at least)18:55
Jaffalcuk: Nokia's ITVC has loads of licenced codecs (e.g. MPEG-2 etc.) for reading and then encodes to MP418:55
* khertan kernel panic18:55
lcukJaffa - just what i wanted to hear - theres loads of tv shows encoded for ipod18:56
JaffaAIUI, mplayer doesn't do MP4 that well on maemo18:56
* khertan kernel panic : scratchbox overflow18:56
Jaffassvb's concentrated on DivX/Xvid/MP4 video with MP3 audio18:56
Luriayou know what's sad? the eeepc is probably better for gaming than this laptop18:56
tyrionlannisterYou don't need scratchbox or an emulated environment to write a python app, thereby ending your need to get the c module compiled18:56
k-slcuk: canola does, but it maybe be slower than regular mplayer due different VO usage18:56
*** kaie has joined #maemo18:56
k-slcuk: we use XV, while regular mplayer uses Nokia_77018:56
jeddy3does anybody have an idea why this videofile doensn't work, what are built in mediaplayers limitations? is it picky about resolutions in video?18:57
tyrionlannisterGet the eclipse plugin Pluthon, which will SCP your files to your nokia and then run it, letting you develop live18:57
lcuktyrion - if the guy is trying to compile some c source (whatever the use) he needs to target it to the ARM.  whether or not he wants to use that final module within python18:57
*** yerga has quit IRC18:58
* lcuk edits python files using windows box and uses SCP to transfer back to the n810 after editing and just runs with a single command line18:59
* lcuk will need much more to be able to compile c source code into ARM assembly18:59
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo18:59
khertantyrionlannister: i prefer to use PyGTKEditor to dev onboard ...19:00
*** unique311 has quit IRC19:00
*** gonp has joined #maemo19:01
lcukk-s i will bear that in mind and try all environments when movies give me problems (hopefully never...)19:01
* Luria is off looking at reports on how eclipse runs on an eee19:02
alteregoIt was in the flippin' kitchen.19:02
lcukkhertan - i like pygtkeditor, but do you know a way to allow it to open python files from file manager?19:02
JaffaLuria: I've not tried on mine yet, probably want a memory upgrade over the default 512MB RAM19:02
Luriajaffa, which one do you have?19:03
jeddy3ok, please don't beat me now...but how did you "fix" your maemo repositores? I though i did that but still generates an error with apt-get19:03
*** fr02 has quit IRC19:03
khertanlcuk: yes ... in the next release :)19:04
lcuk:D bonus19:04
khertanlcuk: the current dev version i have can do this :)19:04
* lcuk wipes his brow. i was gettin frustrated at that19:04
lcukare you the main dev? or just beta testing19:05
JaffaLuria: 701. 4GB SSD, 512MB RAM. White. Very nice, cheap laptop. Not as exciting as N81019:05
* Jaffa pubs.19:05
Luriasurf or non surf?19:05
Luriaim thinking about a 4gb non-surf19:05
Luriato supplement my n80019:05
*** jeff1f has joined #maemo19:06
Luriai just wish the screen resolution werent so go awful.19:06
Luriagod awful19:06
lcukon which device?19:06
Luriaon the eee19:07
Luriasame resolution as a nokia19:07
lcukyer - its same as 8x019:07
lcukfor a larger device i can see it being frustrating19:07
Jonthe keyboard is the most annoying thing about the eeepc, imho. the screen I can live with19:07
Luriaim surprised one of the carpc guys hasnt ripped apart the lcd and replaced the panel19:08
*** rlifchitz has quit IRC19:08
khertanlcuk: i'm the main dev19:08
Luriawhats wrong with the keyboard?19:08
lcukive seen touchscreen added to eee19:08
Luriayes, i saw the touchscreen, hsdpa, and bluetooth hacks19:08
khertanlcuk: for the next release i ve include auto-indent19:09
khertanand some other things19:09
lcukkhertan :) then may i say thank you - i couldnt type on 810 without it19:09
lcuk(has no tab key :()19:09
*** rlifchitz has joined #maemo19:09
khertanouch ... not fun the no tab19:09
*** sxpert has quit IRC19:10
LuriaJon, what's up with the keyboard. im thinking about seriously buying one today19:10
khertanso it why someone ask me to add an icon that emulate a tab in the toolbar19:10
*** K-Fox has quit IRC19:10
lcukits ok - im seriously thinking about remaping either the centre D pad, or the Q key19:10
* lcuk cant think of many commands with Q in their name in python19:10
khertanlcuk: if you wait a minute i can send you the dev version :)19:10
lcuki would like that very much, but i cannot test until the football starts (missis has nicked it for mahjong!)19:11
* lcuk goes and gets it19:11
*** We has joined #maemo19:12
Wehi guys19:12
Wei find a problem19:12
JonLuria: it's just very small. Mind you I'm used to a thinkpad X40. I expect you could get used to the eeepc one with time; I only borrowed it for a week or so19:12
Weplease help19:12
lcukkhertan, have it now - its hard work sometimes getting it back from her19:13
*** dhd|gone is now known as dhd19:13
Luriait doesnt look too bad19:13
lcukwe - it helps if you let us know the problem - no1 is going to offer blindly help ;)19:14
Weplease read here19:14
Wethis problem19:14
Wefor n810 left speaker19:14
Weis it true?19:14
khertanlcuk: i send u in dcc ?19:15
* dhd has stuff running on the DSP and actually working19:15
dhdvery exciting19:15
lcuki dunno what dcc is  but ive got a download request thing up19:15
khertanit s that :)19:16
khertandoesn't seems to pass ... firewalled ?19:16
blast007DCC rarely works19:16
lcukonly *cough* standard windows19:16
*** Tahitibob has joined #maemo19:16
* lcuk is ashamed19:16
*** mbuf has quit IRC19:16
*** khertan is now known as Bart_Simpson19:17
Bart_SimpsonCARAMBA §19:17
*** Bart_Simpson is now known as Khertan19:17
Khertanhi Tahitibob19:17
Wecan u someone tell me this?19:18
KhertanWe: don't have one...19:18
Khertanlcuk: u can get it here :
Khertanit s an alpha not official19:19
lcukgot it :)19:19
lcukthanks ill copy it on now19:19
We[20:45:40] [We]: ok19:19
We[20:45:50] [We]: please read here19:19
We[20:45:51] [We]:
We[20:45:56] [We]: this problem19:19
We[20:46:05] [We]: for n810 left speaker19:19
We[20:46:08] [We]: is it true?19:19
lcukdo i need to uninstall19:19
lcukold one first19:19
KhertanWe: we can't say as many dev still waiting her n810 !!!19:19
Khertanlcuk: no need19:20
Khertanthere is now a prefs menu ... not all thing works yet19:20
Khertandefault language for example19:20
lcukwe -  it might be an acoustic issue with design of 810 itself - you have a thread on ITT already so ppl are reading, theres no point in shouting for an instant answer19:20
lcukill try it out and let you know19:21
lcukdid you put the virtual tab in or is that on the todo19:21
*** becksbier has joined #maemo19:21
Khertanlcuk: not yet19:21
lcukokies - ill prob end up remapping dpad key19:21
Khertanthe tab and defaultlanguage not working is the main reason why it s not release :)19:22
lcukis it wrote in python itself?19:22
Khertanit s write in python in the device itself with pygtkeditor as editor :)19:22
lcukthis why you wanted the c module compiling earlier - for use inside here19:22
We:) thank u guys19:22
Khertanand it s packaged in19:23
*** Blain has joined #maemo19:23
Khertanonboard with pypackager :)19:23
*** sxpert has joined #maemo19:23
melmothif you are coding on the device itself, i underestand why you are so eager to get a n810 with a _keyboard_ :)19:23
*** atlas95 has left #maemo19:23
Khertanlcuk: the module i try to compile is more for making home applet in python :)19:23
melmothit must be horrible to code with stylus or thumb kb19:23
Khertanno really choice :) 3h30 of train by day19:24
lcukkhertan - there is a guy in here comes on late night called rm_you who is getting a brightness applet up and running and i know hes using C19:24
lcukmight be an idea to find him :)19:24
*** mbuf has joined #maemo19:24
lcukkher have u got a BT keyboard19:25
Khertanlcuk: my problem isn't the lib hildondesktop ... but more using python2.5 in scratchbox :)19:25
Khertanlcuk: no btkeyboard19:25
lcukthen your app is all the more impressive19:25
lcukyour thumbs must be super thick19:26
Khertanin fact all the app you can found on my site is onboard dev... also the palm applications :)19:26
*** Blain has quit IRC19:26
Khertani come back in 5 min19:26
tyrionlannisterThat's a lot of work19:26
lcukok :)19:26
tyrionlannisterI've told you already you don't need the emulated environment to develop from your PC.. Just check out pluthon, you'll see what I mean if you try it19:27
* lcuk bookmarks khertans site and has a rummage around19:27
lcuktyr - he has his own dev env already - written in python itself, not a plugin for another ide19:29
tyrionlannisterI know, it's an onboard environment19:29
lcukso he wants to allow continued development using his editor19:30
lcukbut not directly on the device itself19:30
lcuki think19:30
tyrionlannisterAh, I see19:30
lcuknot really19:30
lcukif you put work into your own ide (which pygtkeditor is) then why should he have to use competing product to work on his own?19:30
tyrionlannisterIt's definitely something to be proud of, but it seems to have been made for a specific use and it has limitations19:31
lcukonly has limitations for now because scratchbox config is a little out of his reach - its something that if a scratchbox guru sat down with him i am sure he will overcome19:32
tyrionlannisterI use the editor onboard myself.. On my desktop I like something with project management tools, like Mylyn, and auto-completion and method lookups19:32
lcukwe rip microsoft for not eating their own dogfood, theres nothing more satisfying than developing code using your own tools19:32
* lcuk thinks khertan likes the taste of his dogfood19:33
Weyes right19:33
tyrionlannisterI can see that. The app would be out of it's scope but I guess the sense of achievement might be worthwhile19:34
alteregoAnyone used a Class 6 SD card with the N810? Do they work at 6Mb/s19:34
Khertantyrionlannister: are u the dev of pluthon ? because you are repeating this word all the time you heard the word python ...19:36
Khertanmaybe you are a bot ? or havent understood that i can't use pluthon on the device ...19:37
Khertanas i dev in the train19:37
Khertanand it s not really train but mainly metro19:37
lcukkherton, you have a long commute, which city do you work in19:38
Khertani work in the south of Paris ... but i live 50km in the north of Paris ... :)19:38
lcukwow - how long have you been doing that run?19:39
Khertan2 years now ...19:39
zoranconcidered buying the plane?19:39
*** ssvb has quit IRC19:39
lcukcant you convince your boss to let you tele-commute, infact forget that - make him move you further so you dev faster ;)19:39
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:40
lcukand make you work weekends19:40
zoransometimes is the very presence necessary19:41
lcuki have a friend who lives in (hope i get this right) st ettienne suburb of paris19:41
Khertanit s a choice ... instead of living inside Paris ... for the same price of a small 60m2 Apartment, where i am ... i ve a 160m2 House19:42
Khertanwith a nice garden :)19:42
lcukand big treetrunk thumbs from working on n80019:42
* jsmith wanders away...19:43
*** jsmith is now known as jsmith-away19:43
zoranKhertan, does it mean 2 x 3.5 hrs?19:43
*** EY_ has joined #maemo19:44
*** DuneSandWorm has joined #Maemo19:44
lcuki would hope not, 50km in 3.5 hours is cycling speed19:45
lcukcan you code and ride at same time?19:45
DuneSandWormI can not find any application to  capture video with the n800 camera.. any ideas...19:45
lcukdune, using os2007 still or os200819:46
*** Moox has joined #maemo19:46
Mooxhi there. Using mediaserv and videocenter, os2008, I got an 'invalid service address' when I add the RSS feed in videocenter. Using the browser, the url is correct. any idea ?19:47
Khertanzoran: 2x 1h4519:47
*** frade has quit IRC19:48
lcukdune, not sure - i know some ppl had success with 2007, but havent heard anything yet for '0819:48
* lcuk hasnt looked tbh19:48
DuneSandWormlcuk, thnx19:48
lcuktry a google search nad theres some hits - followups and comments might give some more concrete answers19:49
*** Moox has quit IRC19:50
nick_fnDoes anyone know if Abiword and Gnumeric are actually available for OS2007? All ports I find are too old.19:50
Khertan for more information about controlling19:51
Khertanoups ww19:51
lcukright, im gonna go and take a look at khertans beta :)19:51
lcukooh speak of the devil ;)19:51
*** jegp has left #maemo19:52
DuneSandWormlcuk, looks like I need to port an app myself to get one 2 wrk, what abot a better voice recorder than "recorder", recorder is ok, bt surely, there is another, I hate reinventing the wheel. looks like the Kde port would give me more apps though.19:53
*** jpt9 has joined #maemo19:53
*** l7 has joined #maemo19:54
lcukkhertan, i cannot install - updates sourceview component required19:57
*** fri_ has quit IRC19:57
*** fri_ has joined #maemo19:57
Khertanbash: /scratchbox/tools/bin/chmod: No such file or directory19:58
Khertanlcuk: oups ... get the sourceview on my site :
lcukwill that one be correct - i could just add your repo - latest is dated 26 dec from what i can see19:59
lcuktis ok i can see19:59
Khertandon't use my repository ... it is broken19:59
lcukthanks will get them lol19:59
Khertani'm not an expert of debian repos :)20:00
Khertansomeone have the same problem ? chmod don't exist in armel target in my sbox ...20:00
lcukits ok im not an export on anything... just have willing to try20:01
*** doc|home has joined #maemo20:01
* lcuk runs back across the room to test (will get fit somehow...)20:02
*** jpt2 has joined #maemo20:02
*** jpt2 has left #maemo20:02
Khertanchmod disapears from scratchbox when i retrieve python .... pffff20:05
Khertan /s/retrieve/remove20:05
*** Lahiru has joined #maemo20:06
Lahiruanyone tried to run firefox on KDE? :)20:09
*** jpt1 has quit IRC20:10
timelypeople do it20:11
*** jsmith-away is now known as jsmith20:13
lcukwow - on os008, can someone confirm if you double tap on a menu item from the main app menu does the second tap open the app from the respective place in "my selection" - ie trying to open "Utilities/file manager" from the menu actually opens Filemanager and map.20:14
timelytypically, yes20:14
*** dolfun has joined #maemo20:14
timelymap was the most common example20:14
timelyi'm not sure anyone bothered to file a bug in bugs.maemo.org20:14
timelyif you can't find one, please file it20:14
lcukwell thats a load of bunkum! its been bugging me as to why it opens20:14
dolfunwow, dent in n810 after day one on the road (in soft case)20:14
lcuki certainly will20:14
lcukright back to it now - i got pygtkeditor installed and updated :)20:15
*** dolfun has left #maemo20:15
lcukkhertan, doesnt start at all now, will attempt diagnose after my dinner, unless you have any ideas.  it shows the "starting "gtkeditor loading" thing then does nothing20:17
Khertanopen a term and type : pygtkeditor20:17
Khertanpaste me the result20:18
*** jpt9 has quit IRC20:18
*** hugolp has quit IRC20:18
Khertanoups ... i see ... i upload the wrong package ....20:19
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC20:20
Lahirudose anyone know how to install firefox on KDE ? :) OS2008 n80020:21
*** |tbb| has left #maemo20:23
Khertanlcuk: sorry i ve upload the wrong package :
oil_I wish to promote IRC on maemo and also S60 platform. do we have good clients for these platforms?20:25
*** shackan has quit IRC20:25
oil_xChat looks quite ok on N810, but it's still not quite there.20:25
tyrionlannisterXChat is great for maemo20:25
Jonpidgin does IRC20:26
tyrionlannisterHaha, beat me to it.. I would look at polishing xchat over building a new client.. There is also Pidgin and the RTCOMM plugin20:26
oil_the client should be more like google talk.. look and feel20:26
Jonxchat is better if IRC is your thing20:26
oil_I'm looking something which would look good for the masses. to the people who has never used irc before20:27
*** t_s_o has quit IRC20:28
*** Locutus6711 has quit IRC20:29
oil_eg. if we think how the skype and google did get so popular. those things did look nice and also work well.20:29
oil_there is sitll no good chat programs available for mobile devices.20:29
tyrionlannisterRTCOMM might be good for that, as it's very simple. Regardless of the client, you'll face the hurdle of educating customers on configuring it to join a server20:29
oil_tyrionlannister: everything should be preconfigured.20:30
*** kaie has quit IRC20:30
corona_why shouldn't "the masses" use any old jabber server?20:30
tyrionlannisterYou can setup RTCOMM to auto-join a network but I don't think it auto-joins a channel yet20:30
oil_corona_: why not? correct. the irc has still some userbase and therefore it would be good example of the chat.20:31
tyrionlannister*auto-join when your tablet connects to the internet. No need to even start the application20:31
oil_if you do a jabber only thing. there is no people waiting for your connection20:32
tyrionlannisterIf the RTCOMM devs could get channels on specific servers added directly to the Contacts menu, it would fit your need ideally20:33
oil_how could that be done?20:33
tyrionlannisterI'm not certain.. It's still in beta.. Right now to get on IRC, it's "Contacts -> New Chat -> Instant messaging menu -> Chat -> Enter Chat room or Chat Rooms list"20:35
oil_where I can get that? I'd like to try.20:36
tyrionlannisterIt's one of the items on the front page of ITT20:36
oil_my first idea would use for example IRCnet and pre-configure some channels to the client. so that when user first starts the client, there would be some live channels already active20:37
*** NeoStrider has joined #maemo20:37
NeoStriderhello folks!20:37
*** shackan has joined #maemo20:38
Lahirucan we get more debs for KDE on N800? any repository please?20:39
tyrionlannisterHmm.. If you're doing this on your own it might be possible to create a custom XChat package that strips out every server except yours20:39
NeoStrideranyone knows what key corresponds to the "menu key" of the devices?20:40
NeoStrider(I know F4 is for Fullscreen)20:40
oil_tyrionlannister: actually there could be other servers as well. most important would be to make sure that the end user (not expert) would find the chat usage as easy as possible20:41
oil_tyrionlannister: now I see the new im menu on the itt.20:42
*** zumbi_ has joined #maemo20:43
*** sxpert has quit IRC20:44
tyrionlannisterWhat kind of access will you have to your users' devices?20:44
*** juergbi has quit IRC20:44
oil_tyrionlannister: I'm thinking of an packet which would be installed to the devices.20:46
*** VimS has quit IRC20:46
*** pdz- has joined #maemo20:46
*** hugolp has joined #maemo20:47
*** Spakman_ has joined #maemo20:47
NeoStrider"a little less conversation...a little more action..."20:48
*** Mousey has joined #maemo20:48
*** dhd is now known as dhd|gone20:52
*** Mousey has quit IRC20:52
lcukKhertan, I have installed and can confirm the indenting works nicely :) i have a further suggestion however.  If you press return at the end of a definition line ":" could it increase the indent automatically?20:52
lcuki am aiming to reduce the amount I have to use my tab key and this would remove a lot of them now you have indenting working20:53
*** NeoStrider has quit IRC20:53
*** svu_ has joined #maemo20:53
*** zumbi has quit IRC20:54
*** skibur has joined #maemo20:56
*** amrileria has joined #maemo20:57
*** zumbi has joined #maemo20:59
*** pdz has quit IRC20:59
*** xbmodder_ has quit IRC21:00
*** Sargun has joined #maemo21:00
*** gopi has joined #maemo21:01
*** moontiger has joined #maemo21:06
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]21:07
moontigerhi guys ... i have a question if anyone is around21:07
moontigermy n810 file manager can see shared machines and folders across the wireless network but it cant see any of the actual files in those folders21:07
moontigerdoes anybody have a clue how to fix this?21:08
*** Sargun has quit IRC21:08
*** Sargun has joined #maemo21:08
lcukmoontiger - it only views shares which are NOT password protected21:08
* lcuk ponders this as well21:08
moontigerhmmmmmm ok ... i deliberately set the shares to not be pw protected21:08
GeneralAntillesIt'll probably get an update with the next release.21:08
moontigeroh k kinda sux right now21:09
*** Lahiru has quit IRC21:09
moontigerthanks for the info tho :)21:09
*** sxpert has joined #maemo21:10
keesjmoontiger: what kind of shares are we talking about?21:10
*** zerojay has joined #maemo21:10
moontigerwell i tried a samba share and a windows share21:11
moontigerit sees all of the folders and machines21:11
moontigerbut no files21:11
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC21:11
*** seraph1 has quit IRC21:11
*** jeff1f has quit IRC21:12
*** L0cutus has quit IRC21:15
milhousemoontiger: your shares probably needs a password.21:16
moontigerim guessing that too even tho i specifically set them to be password free21:16
Khertanlcuk: for information python guru recommands to use space instead of tabs ..21:16
Khertanlcuk: but i ll look what i can do :)21:16
*** booiiing has joined #maemo21:16
*** DuneSandWorm has quit IRC21:17
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo21:17
lcukkher - thats ok, my usual environment uses spaces - and yours does to, its just the tab key gives 4 spaces automatically21:17
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC21:17
lcukto my eyes 4 spaces = indent level21:17
* czr hugs 2 spaces21:18
lcukits just a pain having to do multiple keypresses21:18
lcukczr i 2 is the default in khertans program as well21:18
czr2 is good21:18
czrfor me at least21:18
lcuk2 doesnt leave enough space for my eyes21:18
lcukive had years of it being at 421:19
lcukhell, i rebelled years ago moving from 8 to 4 ;)21:19
czrI hate when lines go over 80 chars, and with complex code with a lot of nesting, that's a real possibility21:19
lcukkhertan, i will remap my keypad instead21:19
lcukgeneric autoindenting is fine without trying to cludge in something language specific21:20
alteregoAre we talking about this again?21:20
alteregoEveryone who's anyone uses 2 spaces :P21:20
czrhey alterego21:20
alteregoHey czr :)21:21
lcukalter, are you a 4 space man?21:21
czr"great minds use 2 spaces"21:21
alteregoI'm a 2 space man. 4 spaces is just a waste.21:21
lcukbut if its mapped to the tab key its all the same21:21
alteregoI could fit: a=b; in for spaces ..21:21
lcukapart from my eyes cannot see the difference21:21
*** Pio_ has quit IRC21:22
alteregoMy editors know that if they use 4 space chars then they'll promptly get removed from the computer.21:22
infobotalterego meant: My editors know that if they use 4 space tabs then they'll promptly get removed from the computer.21:22
*** tyrionlannister has quit IRC21:22
alteregoI think the basic idea is .. If you use one character indentation, then it's hard to tell whether that is just a line over. Where as you very rarely get 2 spaces mid line ..21:23
alteregoBut some people still use one space indentation levels ..21:23
alteregoThey're the people you should _really_ worry about ..21:23
czrI've not seen those in very very long time21:24
lcukhey - some of the worst developers i know use 0 space indentation ;)21:24
lcukdo you code in a shell window?21:24
czrwhat is a shell window?21:24
lcukdos box21:24
hugolpgtk_scale button is not available in hildon?21:24
czrruns with benzene?21:24
alteregoMy editors don't let me use 0 space indentation :P If they do then they know that I'll probably nevre use them again.21:24
czrdos box? bleh :-)21:24
*** suehtnilaP has joined #maemo21:24
alteregoI code in a Terminal yes.21:25
czrlcuk, you want to ask "do you use graphical editors"21:25
alteregoI've not found a decent graphical editor yet ..21:25
lcuklol i probably do21:25
czrneither have I really.21:25
lcukit explains why you worry about length21:25
czror they're just too slow to start or smt21:25
* lcuk flies to the wind and if you don't have a horizontal scrollbar - tough :P21:25
alteregoI like the look of gedit, but it's got really bad indentation rules :)21:25
czrlcuk, it also explains why I don't spend too much time setting up my programming environment when working on "foreign" systems21:26
czralterego, indeed. I use it sometimes though. kwrite/kate sometimes just crash on my old school setup.21:26
lcuki totally understand21:26
*** Palintheus has quit IRC21:26
alteregoIf you use auto indent, and do a double newline. The blank line has a load of spaces/tabs that have no meaning.21:26
*** suehtnilaP is now known as Palintheus21:26
czrbut kate really has everything what I need when doing non-coding writing21:26
lcukin *spit* visual studio .net if you do a double blank line the *beeeeeep* thing reverts indentation back to the start21:27
alteregoKate is nice, but I'm not a KDE fan. So I'd rather not have Qt installed.21:27
alteregolcuk, that's even worse! :D21:27
alteregoAt least it's easy to write a regexp that removes the space from empty lines ..21:27
czralterego, I understand that :-). It's similar for me not want to install gnome unless because of deps :-)21:28
Khertanalterego: hum ... great idea ... in the next pygtkeditor release i ll remove blank space in blank line21:29
alteregoI need a decent soft case for the N810, I can't stand the one that comes with it. So much so that I've just not been using it O_O21:29
alteregoKhertan, good job :)21:29
alteregoKhertan, have you added Ruby support yet?21:29
lcukkhertan - make it an option, and only do it when saving -  otherwise you will annoy people who copy/paste and move around and find out their indents have gone21:29
Khertanlcuk: yes of course it would be an option21:30
alteregoI don't think anyone wants meaningless whitspace.21:30
*** murrayc_ has joined #maemo21:30
alteregoI don't think anyone wants meaningless whitespace.21:30
Khertanalterego: i know ... c# dev21:30
*** Lahiru has joined #maemo21:30
Khertandon't know why ... maybe microsoft style/guidelines21:30
lcuki understand that - but if you do it too soon and i copy a block of nearly blank code which has the space there but then it goes it will become as annoying as visual studio...21:31
alteregoI noticed the maemo notes app does weird things with multiple spaces ..21:31
czrmayeb they pay by the characters written21:31
infobotczr meant: maybe they pay by the characters written21:31
*** fri_ has quit IRC21:31
*** fri_ has joined #maemo21:31
*** fri_ is now known as fri21:31
Khertanin fact now pygtkeditor use sourceview21:31
Khertanas chinook use gtk > 2.621:31
czrdamn. I wont to do something. but I'm still sick. so I know that if I start something I'll just get a headache21:31
Khertani ve recompile it for maemo21:32
alteregoczr, start working on beer.21:32
czralterego, don't have any..21:32
alteregoI'm off to a friends now to have a few beers. See you all later :)21:32
czrbesides, beer isn't the solution for everything (most things yes, but not this particular one :-)21:32
czrlater alterego, keep safe..21:32
*** becksbier has quit IRC21:33
Khertanalterego: do u remember the last time i ve set scratchbox to be able to compile hildondesktop binding for python ... i ve crash my system ... ubuntu powa ... and set scratchbox again ... but now i ve problem with python version in scratchbox21:33
Khertanalterego: do u remember the solution you give me ?21:33
lcukkher - think hes gone21:34
lcukdid he offer solution in chat here?21:34
Khertanczr: right ... beer is the solution for most thing ... vodka for the rest ... :)21:34
czrKhertan, heh :-)21:34
Khertanlcuk: yes but can found it in the log :)21:34
czrI could probably be forced to drink some cognac, now that everybody is forcing it on me..21:34
lcukvodka is best enjoyed in jelly form21:34
Khertanjelly form ?21:35
lcukkher was just gonna say21:35
lcukyer, jelly vodka21:35
*** rproenca has quit IRC21:35
czrI drank some jelly shots back some days ago21:35
lcukperfect at adult parties :)21:35
czrserved by a very pretty blonde waitress too21:35
Khertandon't understand what jelly means :)21:35
Lahiruhi any KDE developer here>? I'm gonna port some new applications ...21:35
Khertanjelly ... oh ... 'gellé' in french21:36
lcukwobbly stuff at kids parties :)21:36
czryeah, they stole the word from american!21:36
Khertanright .... always in jelly forms for vodka ... other is a Sacrilège21:37
czrI normally just drink it straight21:37
czranything else is really just spoiling the vodka21:37
czrbut I guess that's just me (I'm russian)21:37
Khertanjelly ... > i m talking aboot let s the vodka one hour in the freezer then drink it ... nothing else21:38
Khertanit s the only way ...21:39
Khertani'm french .. :)21:39
lcukback later im off shoppin21:39
Khertanok there is a russian in my far familly21:39
czrKhertan, see!21:40
*** naba has quit IRC21:41
Khertanchecking for a Python interpreter with version >= 2.4... configure: error: no suitable Python interpreter found21:41
Khertanoups ww21:41
Khertanhum ... maybe someone can help me : so ... i m trying to replace the python in scratchbox by a more recent python2.5, but ... i ve some problem21:42
LahiruKDE developers for n800??21:42
skiburI'm running KDE on my N80021:43
shackanKhertan: don't build it, use the python2.5 packages, so you have the same python environment on the tablet and in scratchbox21:43
Khertani ve try this export SBOX_REDIRECT_IGNORE=/usr/bin/python21:43
Khertanshackan: i don't build it ... i try to use it to build :)21:43
Khertanbut doesn't seems to work as they say in the doc ... snif21:44
*** moontiger has quit IRC21:44
shackanso you already have 2.5 or what?21:44
Khertanyes ... packages installed21:45
Khertanwhich python21:45
Khertanit use the one installed in scratchbox21:45
Khertanor maybe i can look where python is called in building process to replace it ... but can't found21:46
Lahiruskibur: I would like to port some kde apps for n80021:46
skibursame here21:46
Lahiruskibur: looking for some guidance :)21:47
skiburDo you have KDE running at the moment?21:47
Lahiruskibur: yes.21:47
skiburNice, Me too21:47
Lahiruhow can we start porting more apps?21:47
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC21:47
Lahiruskibur: I'm doing some kde devs but not for n80021:48
skiburI'm waiting for PenguinBait to come online for some Guidance myself21:48
Lahiruskibur: so I need some help to get started :)21:48
Lahiruah great!21:48
skiburPenguinBait is the one currently working on it21:48
Lahiruskibur: have u started porting21:49
Lahiruyes I was looking for him21:49
*** bedboi has joined #maemo21:49
skiburI'm working on my environment21:49
j0ttwell the current kde "installation" is not "debianized" so any dependencies (within a deb) would rely on penguinbaits build..21:49
skiburlook for my comment21:50
Lahiruskibur: Thanks21:50
Lahiruj0tt: ah21:51
*** j0tt is now known as jott21:52
* skibur liking KDE 4.021:52
* jott just started to build kde4libs :)21:53
*** becksbier has joined #maemo21:53
Lahiruskibur: jott
*** gopi_ has joined #maemo21:55  --->  Early stages of Pixil on Nintendo DS Lite + Linux + GUI21:55
skiburI was helping with that project21:55
*** gopi has quit IRC21:55
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo21:55
Lahirucool :)21:57
*** naba has joined #maemo21:59
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo22:03
melmothKhertan: dont know if it s related , but yet another python/scratchbox mystery:
mbufmaemo-qemu-sdk.tar.bz2 consists of only binaries or source code as well?22:07
*** shack008n has joined #maemo22:08
* petergunn666 has just installed KDE22:09
petergunn666woohoo! :-)22:09
shack008nhow  can i remove the 'contacts' panel?22:09
GeneralAntillesIn KDE or Matchbox?22:10
shack008nGeneralAntilles: matchbox22:10
GeneralAntillesSame way you add or remove any other Home applet.22:10
GeneralAntillesGo to the Home menu.22:10
shack008nthe panel icon  on the left bar22:11
Khertanmelmoth: same thing22:11
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo22:11
GeneralAntillesYou don't, shack008n.22:11
Khertanmelmoth: scratchbox bind /usr/bin/python in /scratchbox/tools/bin/python22:11
shack008nit just takes up space, ii don't use the default chat and mail clients22:11
Khertanbut if you change it by a python2.5 ... chmod don't work as some other standart command ... don't know why22:12
GeneralAntillesYou should at least use the built-in client, Pidgin is nasty on the tablets. :P22:12
Khertanso i m trying to tweak the configure and automake file to use python2.5 instead of python ...22:12
GeneralAntillesHopefully rtcomm will release a non-beta update soon.22:13
Khertanbut this not work22:13
melmothKhertan: where did you get the sources/source package from ?22:13
*** mbuf has quit IRC22:13
keesjwhat is rtcomm?22:13
shack008nGeneralAntilles: quite the contrary, pidgin is fine, the default client, even with the beta update, sucks dogs nuts22:14
GeneralAntillesPidgin is gross.22:14
GeneralAntillesGotta keep it open all the time22:14
GeneralAntillesdefault-client is all nicely automated22:14
GeneralAntillesdon't have to manage it all the time22:14
shack008nat least it dooes work22:14
GeneralAntillesrtcomm works fine for me22:15
melmothKhertan: or, can you put your current sourcetree somewhere ? i have nothing to do for a couple of hours, giving it a try could be...interesting.22:15
keesjGeneralAntilles: so "native" irc client now possible?22:15
GeneralAntillesPidgin takes up valuable task switcher space.22:15
melmothplus, i would love to be able to be able to code python applet too :)22:15
GeneralAntilleskeesj, yes, but it's a bit lightweight as an IRC client.22:15
shack008ntry entering an irc channel with more than 200 people sand/or using msn22:15
GeneralAntillesxchat is better22:15
Khertanmelmoth: i ven't any source tree .. but it 's on : svn co
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo22:16
shack008nGeneralAntilles: i can save on panel space without the damn contacts icon22:16
GeneralAntillesEh, well that's not an option right now.22:17
shack008nat least, is there gconf-editor for 2088?22:17
czrgconftool-2 ;-)22:21
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC22:21
*** Lahiru has quit IRC22:22
oil_so, do we have an 'application for masses' irc client for maemo already?22:25
melmothKhertan: if i do 'export PYTHON=/usr/bin/python2.5' at least, the configure work.22:25
melmothohh, but then lots of sem_post22:26
melmotherror message as you mentionned22:26
Khertanthat is the fun ... you need a patched version of qemu22:26
Khertanexport doesn't work on my installation22:27
*** KaKaRoTo has joined #maemo22:27
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo22:28
melmothhappyly enough, my scractchbox is in a xen machine..I ll just copy it and try to aptch qemu.. If i break everything, who cares :)22:28
*** We has quit IRC22:33
*** cgreer has joined #maemo22:34
*** matt_c has joined #maemo22:34
*** barisione has quit IRC22:36
*** |newbie| has joined #maemo22:37
*** _newbie_ has joined #maemo22:38
*** _newbie_ has left #maemo22:39
zuhSwitching qemu versions in scratchbox is as easy as editing /targets/foo.config and changing the SBOX_CPUTRANSPARENCY_METHOD to point to the new one... Pretty safe too, as you can then just revert the change and everything works like it used to.22:39
*** |newbie| has left #maemo22:39
*** Andy80 has quit IRC22:47
*** Iogann_nout has joined #maemo22:47
Khertanit work like a charm22:47
Iogann_noutGuys where do I download this video compressoe for n80022:48
*** edt has joined #maemo22:48
*** edt has left #maemo22:49
*** amrileria has quit IRC22:49
*** Tahitibob has quit IRC22:49
*** edt has joined #maemo22:50
*** Iogann_nout has left #maemo22:52
edtWhat key does microG see the select button on the dpad as?22:53
edtEg left is VF_LEFT what is select?22:53
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:55
*** k-s[AWAY] has quit IRC22:55
melmothKhertan: compilation of qemu fails with:22:56
melmoth/home/user/qemu/qemu-arm-eabi/trunk/linux-user/syscall.c:409: undefined reference to `inotify_add_watch'22:56
melmothany idea if it may be just something like a -dev packaeg to install ?22:56
*** doc|home has quit IRC22:57
melmothlike..kernel dev or something ?22:57
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC23:00
*** edt has left #maemo23:01
melmothKhertan: wich package gives inotify.h ?23:02
melmothhm, i got it /usr/include/linux/inotify.h, so it s naother problem23:04
*** booiiing has quit IRC23:04
|tbb|anyone knows how to clear the display in ossoxterm23:04
|tbb|wont work23:05
jhehow about ctrl-l?23:05
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:05
*** booiiing has joined #maemo23:05
|tbb|from script23:06
*** Tama has joined #maemo23:07
*** chelli has joined #maemo23:07
|tbb|i hate ctrl button of hardware keyboard of the n810 on the left side, ctrl +l for open location in browser is hard to do also some other keystrokes23:08
*** blackmad has joined #maemo23:09
blackmadException exceptions.KeyError: 'dbus_interface' in 'dbus_bindings._GIL_safe_cmessage_function_handler' ignored23:09
blackmadException exceptions.KeyError: 'dbus_interface' in 'dbus_bindings._GIL_safe_cmessage_function_handler' ignored23:09
blackmadI have no idea what this error means, can anyone help me out?23:09
melmoth|tbb|: add a ctrl-l button, you can add button with whatever shortcut you like, just add a <ctrl>l one23:11
|tbb|where you mean in xterm?23:12
|tbb|i mean for all applications23:13
* lcuk watches the keybindings debate intently. i want a tab key on 81023:13
|tbb|again, how can i clear the xterm screen from sh script23:13
GeneralAntillesDon't echo?23:14
*** murrayc_ has quit IRC23:14
jsmith|tbb|: clr23:16
|tbb|nope osso-xterm btw23:17
*** mardi__ has left #maemo23:18
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC23:19
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo23:20
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo23:21
*** _|Nix|_ has quit IRC23:23
* petergunn666 is running an mplayer test to see how long his external battery lasts23:23
*** Jeff1f has joined #maemo23:25
lcukhardware hack:   if i build a pin for pin connection with 2 female usb connections then plug my nokia usb extension into one end and a standard usb keyboard in the other will it theoretically work?23:26
*** mardi_1 has joined #maemo23:27
*** matt_c has joined #maemo23:28
Tamaonly if there is enough power23:28
petergunn666hmmm.. you could just buy a AF-AF connector?23:28
*** rdorsch has quit IRC23:29
lcuki could if the shops were open23:29
* lcuk is impatient23:29
petergunn666I think it will work23:29
petergunn666u still have to do the software hack tho23:30
lcukreading up about usb OTG, it should connect with legacy usb and as long as they dont drain the power it will be ok23:30
lcukpeter - what software?23:30
petergunn666host mode switch23:30
lcukno - 810 is USB OTG by default23:30
lcukthere is no hostmode available on 81023:31
* petergunn666 has n80023:31
lcukyer - i read about the changes needed for 800 - it got in the way of a lot of my searching ;)23:31
petergunn666I think you still need hostmode active23:31
blackmadwhat's the code name for os 2007?23:32
lcukright - ill try it it will either work or it wont23:33
lcukwill report back later23:33
*** Tama_ has joined #maemo23:33
Tama_the internetS went down23:33
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo23:34
Luriano, you just got caught in a downtube23:34
Tama_n810----> powered hub ---> keyboard is a better idea23:34
*** Tama_ is now known as Ddelio23:34
*** Ddelio is now known as Delio23:34
Delionow I have the right nickname23:35
*** _|Nix|_ has joined #maemo23:35
blackmadI'm trying to write a python program to listen on some system signals, but it doesn't seem to be getting any information about the signals -- what am I doing wrong?
blackmadmy callback is invoked every time I plug/unplug the system power, but args & kwargs are emoty23:37
*** playya has quit IRC23:38
*** playya has joined #maemo23:38
*** bees has joined #maemo23:40
Delionot sure but usually args for callbacks are set when you setup the callback -->     bus.add_signal_receiver(handler_function=gdl_changed)23:41
melmothKhertan: same problem with upstream inotifytool, i cannot build the patched qemu.... giving up :-(23:41
sxpertis the fm receiver still there in the 810 ?23:45
*** mardi__ has quit IRC23:45
*** mankod has quit IRC23:46
*** Tama has quit IRC23:46
GeneralAntillesNo, sxpert.23:46
sxperttoo bad23:46
*** cesman has quit IRC23:46
jottwho needs fm if there is ip? ;)23:47
blackmad claims that when I put the cover on my 770, I should see "signal if=org.kernel.kevent; mtd=change; snd=:1.6; dtl=n/a" ... but I don't see that with dbus-monitor --session or --system23:47
sxpertjott, to listen to the trafic info radio while driving ?23:47
GeneralAntillesNo sideband.23:47
sxpert(and where there's no ip connectivity available)23:47
GeneralAntillesNo AM, either.23:48
jottsxpert: just kidding.... and get a decent data plan ;)23:48
sxpertjott, no such thing around here23:48
Deliowhat's the pricing for the 800 vs 810 in the US?23:49
*** eber_ has quit IRC23:49
GeneralAntilles$200-$240 versus $400-$47023:49
sxpertit appears to be 499 eur, so I suspect it's 499 usd (despite 1usd = .65 eur)23:49
blackmadis there something I need to do to enable seeing kernel events?23:49
DelioI saw the price in Euro and I was wondering if the situation was the same for the US pricing23:50
Delioquite the difference23:50
sxpertwe europeans are getting shafted, be if from dell, nokia, apple or any other23:50
*** p| has joined #maemo23:51
GeneralAntillesIt's your socialist tendencies. :P23:51
Deliolol @ socialist tendencies23:51
sxpertGeneralAntilles, ah, no, there's one thing that's better. we don't have to pay through the nose to get medical care23:51
Deliowell, there are things that are better ;)23:52
Deliobut let's not start a flamewar right here shall we?23:52
*** fri has quit IRC23:53
*** Vytas has joined #maemo23:54
DelioI'm happy with my 800 anyway, BT keyboard to the rescue23:54
*** fri has joined #maemo23:55
blackmadis that guy making stuff up when he says the 770 reports cover on/off events?23:55
blackmadI can't see them23:55
DelioI have no idea blackmad23:56
blackmadmaybe it's in a later OS version, and not in 2.x?23:56
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo23:56
blackmadis it worth trying 2007 hacker edition?23:56
DelioDO not ask me I am a n00b23:57
melmothif i had a n770, i ll try it without hesitation.23:57
infobotmelmoth meant: if i had a n770, i would try it without hesitation.23:57
*** Epeloon has joined #maemo23:58
VytasDoes that edition bring any significant improvements?23:59
*** |newbie| has joined #maemo23:59
Vytascause I own 77023:59
sxpertDelio, the sad thing is that an FM receiver device is *really* small.;;23:59
sxpertso, they could probably have kept the thing23:59
EpeloonI've just received my new n800. I upgrade it to os2008 manually using the file on maemo website and using the software updater from Nokia website23:59
sxpertunless they didn't have enough I/O adding the kb23:59

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