IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2007-12-25

yabbasI've got a copy of OS2009 running here.  They've clocked the processor to 533MHz.00:00
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Robot101how can I configure the toolbar in osso-xterm to send alt+keypress?00:37
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timelyxalterego: how's my deb? :)00:46
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yabbaswhere do .desktop icons go?00:49
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* yabbas trying to create some00:49
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yabbasanyone? :(00:50
timelyxwhat do you mean?00:51
timelyxdo you want to know where they are cached?00:52
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timelyxalterego: fwiw, oranginalab was using, but afaict the script deals w/ uu decoding00:53
skiburI'm compiling Ktorrent00:55
yabbastimelyx, specified the icon name in the .desktop file.  Now where to put the .png?00:56
yabbasor "doesn't it work like that?"00:56
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skiburI feel like hacking code :(01:02
skiburnot sure what01:02
yabbasello mate :)01:05
yabbasall compiled and working01:05
yabbasjust packaging it up01:05
yabbasand learning as I go!01:05
penguinbaitplease send me a link when its together01:05
penguinbaitkids open thier wii in the morning01:06
yabbaswill do - 1 question - .desktop icons.  Where do they go?01:06
penguinbaitdesktop icons in KDE, or menu icons in maemo?01:06
yabbasin maemo01:06
penguinbait here /usr/share/application/hildon01:07
penguinbaitmight be /usr/share/applications/hildon01:07
yabbasthe pngs go there?  :o01:07
penguinbaitin the desktop file it defines the icon01:07
penguinbaitI think you can just put in full path to icon01:08
yabbasaye done that - or at least I think I have.  But they don't show up :-/01:08
* yabbas tries the full path01:08
yabbasfullpath/icon.png or without the extension?01:08
penguinbaitI had same problem in 2008, but not prior01:08
penguinbaitI am wondering if it now needs to be certain format or size01:09
yabbasthat's what I'm wondering01:09
penguinbaitgrab a maemo icon and make your same size and format01:09
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yabbasthought I did - converted to .png 26x26 which seems to be the suggestion for application setup01:10
yabbaswith transparent backdrop01:10
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penguinbaitI used to just point it at any old image and it would scale01:11
penguinbaitsomething must have changed01:11
penguinbaitso yabbas is that going in the repos, or what?01:12
yabbasdunno yet :D lemme finish it off, lol01:12
yabbasit works though - well the gui does.  Still need to test wminput01:13
penguinbaitI am puttin a website together to host some projects, I would love to mirror your work when its complete01:13
yabbasit's yours :)01:14
penguinbaitbuilding it from scratch, yes just bought a new domain01:14
yabbaswhacha got?01:14
penguinbaitstill working on that, but basically a site of projects like KDE cdrom drivers whatever, its becomming a pain to manage in the forum01:15
penguinbaitIts also going to be directed at tablets, not PC's01:15
penguinbaittablet friendly website01:15
yabbastablet luvvin <301:16
yabbaswhat's the domain? :)01:16
penguinbaitjoin #pb01:17
pupnikn770 shown useful to computer hating dad on christmas:  radio was pickung up the Bach christmas-mass poorly, so n770 was used to stream it from the radio station with improved quality. (somewhat) \o/01:24
yabbaspupnik, score  1 to tablet,  0 to the radio01:25
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pupnikfinding the stream was annoyingly difficult though.  realllly dislike these sites that stream via .wma and javascript applet01:28
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pupnikpenguinbait has my vote for top ten people doin cool stuff right now :)01:30
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joschis this channel right for n770 hacking or is here only maemo app discussion?01:31
pupnikany tablet discussino01:32
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joschso did anyone ever try to run anything else than the nokia OS on the device?01:40
joschare there any documents explaining the boot process? as I understand is it there is no bootmanager but a script that redirects a already booted kernel to a proper rootfs01:41
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penguinbaitthanks pupnik :)01:46
kbsinghjosch: would be interesting to see the wiki pages you come up with :D01:49
kbsinghi guess montavista would be an interesting target to get going01:51
yabbashas bochs been compiled on the N800?01:53
yabbasI'd love to see it boot Win95 in 45  minutes :D01:53
pupniki didn't get bochs running01:55
kbsinghhow about a virtualbox port :D01:56
kbsinghor xen even01:56
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yabbaspupnik, any reason?  have you tried again01:57
pupnikIf we could get a few hundred people donating to a dosbox dynarec, we could get one in 200801:57
pupnikyou can emulate about a 12-16mhz 80286 on n800 right now01:57
pupniki hope some smart ppl will do some dosbox optimizing for ARM in 200801:58
kbsinghis there a problem waiting to be solved here ?01:59
kbsinghor is the effort better spent on porting the app that works now on x86 to arm01:59
pupnikyes, dosbox has a cpu emulator framework that can handle just-in-time / dynamic recompilation of x86 to AMR01:59
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pupnikdepends on what app you want02:00
pupnikbut i would say that improving dosbox into 20mhz 386 class emulation would open up a lot of entertaining oldschool stuff02:01
pupnikhaha wb doc|humbug02:01
pupnikthinking of anything in particular kbsingh ?02:02
kbsinghno, not really - i was going to ask you that :D02:02
wumpusyeah, running some old dos games could really be fun02:03
wumpuslike keen :)02:03
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doc|humbugpupnik: :)02:05
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pupnikright now on 770 dosbox 0.72 with frameskip of 2-4 gives about 4.77-6 mhz 8086 class game compatibility02:07
pupnikwe might also eventually be able to emulate the whole soundblaster on the dsp02:09
pupnikthat'd be a keen project02:09
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pupnik hmm seems Jagged Alliance 2 is open source now...02:14
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joschwell I simply cannot imagine I'm the first one asking this question - I searched the net but couldn't find things like altering the boot process, modifiing kernel boot parameters, swapping the rootfs etc... I don't want to reinvent the wheel02:17
pupnik'fanoush' knows a lot about this - a good search term for you02:17
shackananybody tried airx?02:18
Cptnodegardquick Q: did they ever implement A2DP support in either OS2007 or OS2008?02:19
bmidgleyCptnodegard nokia did not02:23
bmidgleybut it's been added on02:23
Cptnodegardah nice02:23
Cptnodegardgot a pair of a2dp headphones02:23
bmidgleyas a 3rd part thing... check the forums02:23
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* pupnik puts another notch in his 77002:40
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alteregotimelyx, unfortunately I can't install scratchbox on my new machine. So I can't compile anything :/02:45
alteregoWell, anything that involves X11 or Gtk ...02:45
kbsinghalterego: why ?02:45
alteregoMental sources corruption.02:46
alteregoThe maemo repository is a bit broken.02:46
kbsinghwell, isnt that working ?02:46
alteregoErm, no.02:47
kbsinghdo you get the same errors with that as well02:47
alteregoFrom what I can tell, the apt lists that hold the headers for packages in the repository is stating different file sizes for the actual deb packages. Which causes apt to die.02:47
alteregoThe maemo repository is the maemo repository ..02:47
kbsinghdrop the i from the url02:48
alteregoThis is a problem of inconsistency with the package list and the packages ..02:48
kbsinghrepostory != repository02:48
kbsinghthe odd thing is someone who has zone file access is obviously able to do something02:49
kbsinghi wonder why not just fix the real to point at stage.maemo.org02:50
alteregokbsingh, they're the same server .. Why would that make a damn bit of difference?02:50
kbsinghthey are not the same server02:50
kbsinghrepository.m.o is off the akamai servers02:51
kbsinghrepostory.m.o is a cname of stage.m.o02:52
* alterego yawns ..02:53
kbsinghwhich seems to be a single machine in .fi afaict02:53
alteregoThey both point to the same files kbsingh02:53
alteregoSo using one from the other, appearantly people prefer '' ..02:53
alteregoRegardless, it'll make no difference what-so-ever ..02:53
kbsinghsure, but stage.m.o does not seem to have those error service unavailable issues02:53
kbsinghalterego: try it02:54
alteregoThat's not my issue though is it ..02:54
alteregoI told you my issue was that the package list appears to report the wrong size for the debs I'm retrieving ..02:54
kbsinghare you able to actually get to the debs ?02:54
alteregoSure, I can download the debs manually ..02:55
alteregoThere's too many for me to bother.02:55
kbsinghtry one02:55
alteregoOne isn't going to help me.02:55
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kbsinghanyway, its your call. stage.m.o is working fine for me02:56
alteregoThere's ~60 packages that don't authenticate the size check.02:56
alteregoI'm not gonna bother manually downloading them. As I don't know their exact file names.02:56
alteregokbsingh, try installing an SDK target from scratch.02:56
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alteregoThen tell me you've got it working.02:56
kbsinghiam on a n810 here, i,d need to get up and turn on the playmachine02:57
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kbsingh /SIGTOOMUCHWORK02:57
alteregoWell then, your advise is pointless ..02:57
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alteregoYou're working on a device, that probably doesn't have the development repositories in it's list.02:58
kbsinghbesides i have a local mirror02:58
alteregoYou're probably talking about extras. Which has nothing to do with the SDK ..02:58
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ixisoHi timelyx03:40
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skiburGetting ready for Christmas in about 4 hours03:45
alteregoAlready Christmas day here :O03:46
skiburlater guys and gals03:50
skiburMerry Christmas03:50
skiburhack on03:50
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ixisoHi guys04:01
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ixisoIs there a workaround for r.m.o when behind a proxy?04:02
diver_xhi, is there a way to do a video call to a pc? and if, which software is working?04:03
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iball@find rawles04:37
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timelyxhi ixiso08:15
timelyxixiso: the trick is to get your own mini proxy that lets you pick the ip address for connections08:16
* timelyx thinks that'd work08:16
timelyxhrm, maybe not08:16
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ixisotimelyx: does your dreamhost r.m.o thing have another alias?08:26
timelyxixiso: um... i suppose i could stick one in..., would that help?08:27
ixisoThat might work since the proxy might have not picked it up yet, i domt mind messing with my sources.list :)08:28
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timelyxixiso: hrm... you somehow need to convince the proxy about the ip address08:29
timelyxbecause if the proxy does its own dns lookup, you lose08:29
ixisoHmm. Your right08:30
timelyxcan you telnet to the proxy?08:30
timelyxwe can fix this today08:30
timelyxwe just need a creative local proxy for you08:31
timelyxbasically you need a local proxy which rewrites requests for to08:31
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*** skibur has joined #maemo08:32
*** hfwilke_ has joined #maemo08:32
timelyxgoogling for perl http proxy or something should turn a couple up08:32
timelyxjust find one that mostly kinda works08:32
ixisoThat was the secret url i was looking for08:33
timelyxthen tinker with it so that it special cases that08:33
* timelyx nods08:33
ixiso:) how much space did the entire repos take?08:34
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo08:36
timelyxmore than i had08:42
timelyxfor one, it has symlinks which means things get doubled08:42
timelyxfor another, there are some nokia files that i don't believe i can mirror08:42
timelyxmy guess is 20-50g, and i had ~8g of space08:43
timelyxi didn't mirror all repositories or all dists08:43
timelyxe.g. there's a thing called "contrib" which i think is some old repo, i never grabbed it08:43
ixisoIc, thats a lot of space08:44
timelyxdepends how you measure08:44
ixisoAnyways, i can manage to fix this by myself now08:44
ixisoThanks for the help08:44
timelyxgood luck08:45
ixisoAnd happy holidays!08:45
timelyxthanks for the proper seasonal greeting :)08:45
derfSo how does one go about getting packages in maemo-extras, anyway?08:45
timelyxhappy holidays to you too :)08:45
timelyxderf: very good question08:45
ixisotimelyx: Im agnostc :)08:46
ixisoGtg now08:48
ixisoBye guys08:48
*** ixiso has left #maemo08:48
timelyxderf: first question: how does one set a pgp/gpg key?08:49
derftimelyx: Yes.08:49
timelyxanyway, time for me to go08:49
*** dolske has joined #maemo08:49
derfHave fun.08:49
timelyxto work :)08:50
derfI stand by my suggestion.08:50
ol_schoolatimelyx: just got back in town, is your repo still the goto?08:51
ol_schoolanvr m ind, just scrolled back in logs08:52
unique311!seen tak08:52
ol_schoolai have some reading to do ;)    season's cheers to everyone, g'night08:53
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC08:54
unique311anyone play around with gngeo yet?08:54
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skiburanybody alive?10:38
* celesteh is undead10:38
skiburCan OS2008 view avi files by default?10:38
Taguapireis there a way to run maemo bin OS image from qemu?10:38
Taguapirei'm trying to run it from OS X, is there an SDK for Mac?10:40
Taguapireit is maemo channel???10:41
celestehthere  is a qemu image around someplace10:41
Taguapireis it*10:41
celestehthat you can use from a mac10:41
celestehi got this to kind of work once, but haven't ha dmuch chance to explore it10:41
Taguapirewhere I can find it? I had search via google, forums and torrent but nothing10:41
*** skibur has quit IRC10:42
Taguapirecan I unpack the bin upgrade image for OS2008?10:42
celestehi don't know very much about scratchbox10:42
celestehi'm trying to remember where i saw the qemu image . .10:43
Taguapirebecause I don't know how to convert it for qemu, and It looks like a prep image for upgrade via USB.10:43
celestehyou want to search for qemu scratchbox in google10:43
Taguapirelet me see!10:43
celestehbut i think it might have been at the maemo garage website10:43
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Phobbesany news on the repository debs? Is there a way to set up a testing environment without them?10:58
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo10:58
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GNUtonmarry xmas to you all!11:09
timelesshow's Marry?11:10
timelessor who's Marry?11:10
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tontsaskibur, yes. n810 comes with preloaded musicvideos that are in .avi11:31
timelesstonsta, can you please explain the difference between:11:32
timelessyes i know the urls are different, but...11:32
* timeless is trying to figure out which is "the real trunk"11:32
tontsai'm guessing someone has had a brainfart there.. and i'd go with the 2nd11:34
tontsasince if you go one level down you find tags and branches from that11:34
timelesstonsta: what's great is that the top trunk has two directories that aren't elsewhere11:35
* timeless sighs11:35
timelesspeople should be required to get a license to use svn11:35
tontsayeah svn can work as cheap webdav-fileshare too :)11:36
*** j0tt has quit IRC11:36
timelessok, i think my svn update is done11:37
timelessnow i just need ot figure out what happened to my rsync, figure out how many trunks/tags/branches i failed to catch11:38
timelessand then push a new version of garage11:38
*** |tbb| has quit IRC11:49
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*** josch_ is now known as josch12:29
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maddlermorning all12:35
*** guardian has joined #maemo12:42
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo12:44
pupnik_a scrabble type game would be fun.  wonder if it would be legal to write a 'clone' of it12:46
glass_there's clones of it at least12:47
timeless e-Scrabble gets Cease and Desist Order from Hasbro12:47
glass_pupnik: some online scrabble works in 810's browser at least12:47
glass_if using a name like e-scrabble i don't wonder12:48
glass_you could change the rules a bit, like on upwords12:48
*** shackan has quit IRC12:48
* timeless ponders12:50
timelessi think you can't make a game like monopoly where all the rules are the same and all the square have the same layout12:50
timelessthe monopoly knock offs that i've seen which weren't official changed the board layout slightly12:50
timeless(the official ones kept the board layout)12:50
glass_as long as you change rules it's not the same game...12:52
timelessnote how park place is not properly placed in that game12:53
timelessfrom memory, that was the only significant difference12:53
timeless(it's not called park place, but i haven't played it in >10 years,so don't expect me to remember the names of the buildings!)12:53
t_s_ohmm, monopoly. i have seen a "variant" with a round board ones...12:53
timelesskeep in mind that monopoly is fairly old12:54
glass_theres lots of official variants with different names on the roads.. but afaik the pricing ratios are the same and such12:54
glass_and placement on those12:54
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo12:55
timelessmonopoly is 1935, scrabble is 194812:55
timelessso whatever you can't do to monopoly, you definitely can't do to scrabble :)12:55
*** hahlo has quit IRC12:56
t_s_oheh, sounds like hollywood have something to learn from hasbro when it comes to regurgitating classics...12:56
timelessglass_: afaik those are generally properly licensed12:56
timelessactually, i think i've played one other knock off12:56
timelessbut trying to remember the name of that variant would be really pushing it12:56
glass_timeless: of course, thus me regarding them as "official" variants12:56
* timeless chuckles12:57
timelessof course, the newest versions use plastic instead of cash :)12:57
glass_new ones have knockoff visa cards you load instead of cash12:57
t_s_oheh, more like oystercards then credit cards but still...12:58
t_s_oor rather, prepaid cards12:58
timelessthey're listed as debit cards in the article12:59
timelesswhich is accurate enough12:59
timelessvisa debit was the us brand12:59
t_s_oheh, maybe so12:59
t_s_ohmm, £2 million. talk about inflation...12:59
timelesst_s_o: well, you don't win 200 <anything> in contests anymore12:59
t_s_otrue that13:00
glass_it's different.. you load the card itself, it doesn't check from itself if the account the card is attached to has any mone(like visa electron)13:00
timelessso can i use a foreign card in the reader13:00
glass_it comes with cards you use..13:00
timeless(i.e., one from another set)13:00
glass_i think so?13:01
*** guardian has quit IRC13:01
glass_not totally sure though13:01
glass_havent seen one13:01
timelessimo that's the proper test13:01
t_s_oi would suspect so timeless, as it probably only stores a integer of the sum on the card...13:01
*** hahlo has joined #maemo13:01
glass_dunno if the cards have chips or just magnetic strips tbh13:01
t_s_ostill, that could be funny. take a us card into a british reader, did you loose or gain, given the exchange rate? ;)13:02
*** NetBlade has quit IRC13:03
t_s_oglass_: if one look at the image i think its just a magnetic strip. they seems to be inserted with the "broad" side first13:03
glass_tso: maybe the balances are stored on the reader then13:04
*** drwx has joined #maemo13:04
glass_not as cool but probably cheaper..13:04
t_s_oalso, magnetic strip cards are probably dead cheap compared to ones with chips13:04
drwxhi, do you know where I can found a xchat package for OS2008?13:04
* timeless sighs13:05
timelessi'm trying to follow an ssh connection13:05
timelessand i foolishly assumed it was done over ipv413:05
* timeless finds the miscreant13:08
*** |tbb| has quit IRC13:21
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo13:22
*** Veggen has quit IRC13:24
unique311this would mean that a path is not specified13:24
unique311   --biospath=(null)13:25
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo13:26
*** MikeL has quit IRC13:30
*** drwx has left #maemo13:36
unique311xmaeme is giving me a error message13:39
pupnik_for what emu?13:40
*** Veggen has joined #maemo13:40
unique311works when i run gngeo...but when i try to run the it from xmaeme13:41
pupnik_is there a fiend in the xmaeme gngeo config where it lets you specify the biospath?13:42
unique311only thing that looks strange is the child procress being called flag biospath=(null)13:42
unique311been at it all night13:42
*** jprieur has quit IRC13:42
unique311waiting on tak13:42
unique311btw, speed is outstanding13:43
unique311games run really nice13:43
unique311missing the onscreen buttons, when i run the gngeo from the terminal.13:43
hahloos2007 xterm utf-8 support how?13:44
hahlodoesn't reconize dpkg-reconfigure locales13:45
unique311pupnik_, best emu so far.  pretty much why i wasted a nights sleep on it.13:45
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik13:45
*** dolske has joined #maemo13:46
hahlocan I connect n800 via usb from linux-pc?13:46
hahlosync files and such13:47
*** bedboi has joined #maemo13:49
unique311the release of xmaeme is pretty new...13:59
unique311going to give the version prior a shot.13:59
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC14:00
pupnikwow pandora is exactly as wide as 77014:04
*** booiiing has quit IRC14:05
*** booiiing has joined #maemo14:06
bedboiis there any news about discount codes?14:07
*** booiiing has quit IRC14:08
*** booiiing has joined #maemo14:09
unique311i installed xmame 0.1014:10
unique311then upgraded.14:10
unique311and the option for bios showed up.14:11
pupnikwell if I see tak, i'll mention this to him14:11
unique311still no onscreen buttons14:12
*** GNUton has quit IRC14:20
unique311k, fixed that.14:21
unique311blitter set to yuv in gngeorc fixed it.14:22
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:33
*** Nichod has joined #maemo14:44
*** disq has quit IRC14:48
*** disq has joined #maemo14:48
*** diver_x has joined #maemo14:49
*** ijon_ has quit IRC14:50
diver_xhi, is it possible to do a video call from a n800 to a pc? which software do i have to use?14:51
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo14:51
timelessdoes gizmo work?14:53
*** josch has left #maemo14:54
diver_xgizmo is somthing like skype?14:55
* timeless shrugs14:56
timelessin that it's not made by nokia? sure14:56
diver_xno i mean the account-stuff14:56
* timeless doesn't use these things14:56
* timeless just finds bugs in them14:56
diver_xah okay14:56
diver_xthx anyway, will try14:57
unique311gizmo works14:57
timelessin case it's not clear, i'm not actively suggesting you use it14:57
timelessmerely noting that people have mentioned it14:57
unique311for video calls14:57
* timeless provides no warrantees, recommendations, advice, certifications,...14:57
timelessjust ideas.14:57
unique311quality is alright.14:57
diver_xare there any plans for skype video?14:58
unique311i doubt it14:58
timelessask skype?14:58
diver_xi did, no answer14:58
timelessyou think asking here would yield a better answer14:58
unique311just install the gizmo. and be happy14:58
diver_xi think maybe here somebody have heard something ..14:58
unique311they did what everyone thought skype was going to do for the tablet.14:58
timelessunique: make it work?15:01
* timeless frowns15:02
* timeless remembers doing an rsync /somewhere/15:02
* timeless has no idea /where/ it went15:02
*** svu has quit IRC15:10
*** svu has joined #maemo15:11
diver_xi guess gizmo introduced video on pc in versino 4.0 ?15:11
timelessin the beta for 4.015:21
timelessi don't think 4.0 exists15:21
hahlohow I change default locale? utf815:22
timelesshahlo: for apps? a shell?15:22
hahloyes xterm15:22
diver_xi downloaded gizmo for linux, which is 3.1, and there is no video option, then i tried gizmo 4.0 for windows and there is one15:22
timelessdiver: you downloaded a beta of 4.0, no?15:23
diver_xGizmo i chose15:23
diver_xnot from the official site15:24
timelessyou're downloading random windows software from unofficial sites?15:24
timelessenjoy your virii15:24
timelessGizmo 4.0 BETA15:24
timelessWindows Download 2007 Dec 11 . Version . 13.5 MB15:24
diver_xi'm not using windows as productive system15:24
diver_xwell then it's the beta15:25
unique311timeless, make what work?15:26
diver_xi'll boot windows now and try, thanks a lot folks :)15:26
*** diver_x has quit IRC15:26
timelessunique: what did everyone think skype was going to do for the tablet?15:27
unique311so how am i suppose to make this work.15:27
* timeless gets confused15:27
unique311i'm also confused15:28
VeggenI hate skype too. One should, imho, concentrate on getting sip-clients extended by video with standard codecs, etc...15:28
unique311that means that convo wasn't working timeless15:28
timelessveggen: i used h323 >10 years ago for video conferencing15:29
hahlocan n800 become skype supernode?15:29
Veggenhahlo: I should hope not ;)15:30
Veggenor, rather, since I don't use it and don't like it, I hope so.15:30
Veggen(as it's not gonna help skype, I think ;)15:30
hahlook my pc once got skype supernode15:30
hahloI didn't like it15:31
Veggenhahlo: It has to do with resources - bandwidth/connectivity, mostly.15:31
VeggenAnd I know people in IT at a university that absolutely *don't* like skype ;)15:31
hahlonetstat showed lot of peers15:32
hahlobut with skype you can easily call regular phones15:33
hahlotimeless: is utf8 xterm possible?15:34
* timeless considers looking for a device to see what the defaults are15:38
hahlomost linux distros are utf8 now, hard to ssh them with latin xterm15:41
scripthahlo: my 770 runs with utf8, everything fine15:45
scripthahlo: LC_ALL=de_DE.utf-8 i guess ..15:46
hahlook must be generated utf-8 locales then15:46
*** sandyang has joined #maemo15:50
*** oil has joined #maemo15:50
*** t_s_o has quit IRC15:51
*** svu_ has joined #maemo15:54
svu_were discount codes enabled last week?15:54
Sho_I don't think so, no15:55
Sho_At least I have read no excalamations of joy here or in the forum, and thus didn't try myself15:55
svu_15.12 is long overdue15:57
timeless10 is not long15:57
timelessyou're too impatient :)15:57
*** hotgklub has joined #maemo16:03
*** ravious has joined #maemo16:04
hotgklub check out hot girl movies16:05
raviousAnyone know whats up with the maemo repositories?16:05
script *CLICK*16:05
raviousseems like all of them have taken a sheet at once16:05
timelessravious: has a CDN (akamai) that handles the repositories16:06
timelessunfortunately, something went not quite right with that16:06
timelessif you don't mind an unofficial workaround, there are a couple16:06
raviouswonderful ;)16:06
*** hotgklub has quit IRC16:06
timelesssome more likely to be hazardous than others16:06
timelessinfobot deb16:06
infobotsomebody said deb was unofficial, all warrantees void,
ravioushaha, how hazardous?16:06
timelessi believe that some of the suggestions elsewhere will break your ability to update packages when you decide to switch back :)16:07
raviousbah, thats nothing a reflash wont fix16:07
timelesssilly non end user16:07
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:08
svu_timeless: ok, I am slightly overjealous ;)16:10
timelesssvu_: of what?16:10
timelessoh, you're 1016:10
svu_timeless: of getting n810:)16:10
timelessi've been waiting for a present for months16:10
timelessand i gave something first16:10
guardian_ :(16:13
*** guardian_ is now known as guardian16:13
raviousAnyone know of any sip clients that have been ported other than the crashprone gizmo for 2006?16:14
*** sandyang has left #maemo16:18
*** Lateralus has quit IRC16:21
*** L0cN800 has joined #maemo16:23
*** rlifchitz has quit IRC16:25
*** sandyang has joined #maemo16:26
*** rlifchitz has joined #maemo16:27
*** sandyang has left #maemo16:27
unique311made a video of gngeo emu... playing metal slug 2.16:31
raviouslol, nice16:34
unique311it was much better quality....had to shrink it down to in order for youtube to upload it.16:35
unique311loss quality doing so.16:35
*** gletelli_ has joined #maemo16:35
*** Vulc|Sleepysleep has quit IRC16:36
raviousyeah, gotta love how youtube does that16:36
raviouswish divx would release a nix port of their web player16:36
*** tontsa_ has joined #maemo16:36
NichodAnyone know of a java environment port for 2008? Or someone working on one?16:36
raviousIm pretty sure there is someone working on JavaMe16:37
NichodThink that would run jedit?16:37
raviousI really have no idea.. I just remember reading something about someone tryin to port it16:38
scripti've been waiting for java for ages .. don't think anyone tries to port it16:38
*** ccooke has quit IRC16:38
*** ccooke has joined #maemo16:38
raviousIm pretty sure blackdown has an arm build.. once again not sure if anyone has messed with it16:38
unique311qt port.16:38
NichodReally want something other than vim :(16:40
*** tontsa has quit IRC16:40
pupnikp&|a ! :)16:41
raviousnano ::shrugs::16:41
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC16:41
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo16:42
pupniki wish my stoopid camera would foxus on screen better .. heh nice gngeo vid unique311  ... strange how the buttons don't come up right away16:43
*** Disconnect_ has quit IRC16:44
pupnikso nice to hear clear sound on an emu...16:45
unique311my only issue with it.16:47
unique311but gameplay rocks16:47
*** k`sOSe has quit IRC16:47
raviousnow ya just need a usb game pad ;)16:47
unique311wonder if he can do the same with desmume pupnik16:48
*** Okko_ has joined #maemo16:48
*** Okko has quit IRC16:48
unique311ravious, gamepad not needed.16:48
*** k`sOSe has joined #maemo16:48
unique311maybe for the fight games16:48
raviousthats kewl, so the on screen controls work pretty well then?16:49
unique311the hardware direction pad sucks.16:49
raviousyeah, i tried out the nes emu on my 770.. It worked ok.. but when ya need to run and jump at the same time.. thats when ya had issues lol16:50
*** gletelli has quit IRC16:52
*** shackan has joined #maemo16:53
pupniki feel bad i didn't stick it out and get drpocketsnes working16:53
pupnikmaybe in 200816:53
*** flip^ has quit IRC17:03
*** L0cN800 has quit IRC17:20
*** flip^ has joined #maemo17:22
truentxbox 360 wired gamepad is usb.. it works in linux.. heh that'd be crazy to play a game with that on the n8oo17:26
timelessok, i know someone's trying to use my repository for gregale / extras-, i'm sorry, it's rebuilding now17:29
*** playya_ has joined #maemo17:30
*** itnomad has joined #maemo17:38
itnomadI've checked the troubleshooting section, and the links on joining #maemo. I am getting an error on trying to flash my Nokia 800 with the new os. "invalid FIASCO file header"17:40
itnomadWhat am I doing wrong?17:40
timelessdid you check the checksum (md5sum)17:40
timelessand what file / url are you using, and which flasher, on which platform17:41
timelesscheck the checksum first :)17:41
itnomadflasher-3.0 on a Fedora 8. Will check the checksum. Thanks.17:41
*** Pinguozzz has joined #maemo17:44
*** playya has quit IRC17:48
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo17:49
VulcanisI recently got one of the igo BT keyboards... but it fails to pair17:50
*** gopi has joined #maemo17:50
Vulcanisit is seen in the window, but when I try to pair it, it fails.17:50
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC17:52
*** vims0r has joined #maemo17:52
*** _z_ has joined #maemo17:53
*** VimSi has quit IRC17:53
itnomadtimeless: the checksum did not match, then I realized that I had downloaded two files. the .bin file and a php script. The md5sum matches the php script but not the .bin file. So I am confused. from the instructions on the wiki, I thought I was supposed to use the flasher on the .bin file.17:55
timelessfilenames are randomized by web browsers17:56
*** Nichod has left #maemo17:56
timelesseach browser has its own rather confused view of the world17:56
timelessthe wiki almost certainly works for *one* web browser17:56
timelessbut documenting all browsers is beyond the scope of any normal wiki :)17:56
timelessheck, on average, documenting any one web browser's behavior in this area is beyond the abilities of most engineers :)17:57
timelessanyway, glad you found the file you needed17:57
timelessif the wiki is editable and doesn't tell you to checksum before using, you should fix that :)17:57
*** Pinguozzz has quit IRC17:57
hahloif gecko is supported, it is enough17:57
*** bedboi has quit IRC17:58
maddlerhey all18:03
*** gopi has quit IRC18:06
itnomadI'm using Firefox.  I ran the flasher on the nokia_N800.php and it worked.18:10
itnomadThis new screen is very nice.18:10
*** ab has quit IRC18:10
pupniknew what screen?18:11
VRehmm.. n800 is in rd-mode and sucks battery as a pro, i don't have cables to run flasher and cal-tool can not set rd-mode off18:11
pupniktoo bad18:12
itnomadwow! I'm going to go play... the os2008 desktop i meant. Thanks for the help and Merry errr I mean Happy Holidays:)18:13
pupnikshouldn't enable it18:13
VResometimes I wish the enviroment would be bit more complete on the device, but I suppose on internal flash it is not possible18:13
*** itnomad has quit IRC18:13
*** Olof has left #maemo18:14
pupnikyeah... ability to pop-in different OSes with SD cards on N800 is pretty awesome18:16
pupnikcheapo 2GB OS plus as many programs as you care to install on one card, data/media on another18:17
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo18:17
pupnikone card is usable, but two iz awesome18:17
dragornVRe: r&d mode has an impact on battery life?  Got any docs on that, never heard of it myself.  (I'm willing to be proven wrong here, I'm just surprised)18:17
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo18:18
VRedragorn: yeah, it affects. Some of the power saving options are not in use18:18
dragornVRe: interesting18:18
VRe+ depending what else you have turned on18:18
*** patleeman has joined #maemo18:18
patleemanhello all18:19
VRedragorn: thats why rd-mode is bad on normal use (use the gainroot deb trick), but on devel it might be sometimes helpful18:20
dragornVRe: Hm, like I said, I'm willing to be proven wrong, but I've never heard this.  And I've been running my stuff in r&d since the 770 came out :P18:20
dragornVRe: I'll have to do some tests later18:21
VRedragorn: and never wondered why the battery doesnt last standby for a week? =)18:21
dragornI know I've been able to ruin battery life getting kismet working :P18:21
dragornIt gets mighty sad when wifi power saving is turned off, unfortunately the wifi power api suuuucks.18:22
dragornVRe: Honestly nothing else i have lasts in standby a week, I'd never considered it.18:22
pupnikrd-mode is a great way for noobs to ruin their tablets using the stylus18:22
*** booiiing has quit IRC18:23
dragornheh.  Well, at least I've got legitimate uses for it, I'm just surprised it has that much impact, either I didn't read or it wasn't documented very well back when I started turning it on w/ the 770, I'll admit I've never really read the docs since then :P18:23
VReI have had problems with wifi powersaving with one daemon-process too. Seems some settings in some ap's make incoming traffic go to null18:23
pupnikin other words, if you want to do something, and you think you need rd-mode, reconsider, because you don't need rd-mode18:23
dragornVRe: oh theres all sorts of ways to screw up wireless18:23
dragornVRe: if the AP doesn't behave with powersave frames you can tank client devices easily18:24
dragornVRe: it's a big problem with voip phones too, so at least corporate style APs will generally behave well18:24
VReI had some nice software stack way back which demanded turning watchdog off :)18:24
dragornVRe: ouch18:24
*** booiiing has joined #maemo18:24
VReIt not usable any ways (maybe on desktop) but it was demo.. so..18:25
VRebut 770 with os2006 was a bit slow..18:25
dragornI've got to figure out how the os2008 broke usb18:26
dragornand how easily I can wedge it18:26
*** _z_ has left #maemo18:28
VReatleast serial console eats battery it seems18:29
ph|berwhat repo has adduser18:29
dragornjust vi /etc/passwd :P18:31
*** ravious has quit IRC18:32
ph|berit is a required package for something18:32
*** macbook has joined #maemo18:33
VRe ph|ber: check the gronmayer link in the topic18:33
ph|beri know the page but i still need to know the repo18:34
ph|bernm just saw the search18:35
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo18:35
*** kpel has joined #maemo18:35
Andy80Merry Christmas to all! :)18:35
kpelhi all18:35
kpelMerry Christmas!18:35
timelessvre: that's why capture-root is your friend18:36
timelessusing r&d mode is only good for killing batteries dead :)18:36
timelessdragorn: serial-console is murder on battery life18:37
timelessi'm not sure about the others18:37
dragornwell yeah i'd expect that, I was just surprised that leaving a device with the r&d flag set would affect it as much18:37
hahlohow you turn off r&d mode?18:37
dragornso serial console, will that get you proper console w/ kernel panics, etc?18:37
dragornhahlo: flasher18:38
hahloand loose all settings18:38
timelesshahlo: personally, i make the person who turned it on turn it off :)18:38
timelesshahlo: no18:38
timelessflasher has some args which don't trigger a reflash18:39
timelessthe r&d flags stuff are among them18:39
timelessread the help from flasher318:39
*** jhassine_ has quit IRC18:39
hahlogainroot ain't work then?18:39
timelessit won't, right18:40
timelessuse capture-root :)18:40
timelessinfobot capture-root?18:40
timelessinfobot capture-root deb?18:40
* timeless shrugs18:40
hahlook, I have wondered short battery life18:41
timelessnote: there are lots of ways to get a short battery life18:42
*** guru3_ is now known as guru318:45
ph|bershit no adduser for 81018:46
Andy80timeless: is it similar to sudo gainroot?18:48
*** Segnale007 has quit IRC18:48
timelessandy80: kinda, sorta,18:49
timelessssh root@127.118:49
timelessalmost as short :)18:50
guardiandoes someone have this file on his/her disk ? is hmm in its usual state :D18:51
timelessthat's one of the few files i intentionally do not mirror18:51
timelessit's i believe the major reason people @n said mirroring isn't really allowed18:51
timelesssorry :(18:51
guardianwhy do i always choose to setup/upgrade targets when it's borked :(18:53
hahloare those usb-host patches usefully to some purpose?18:53
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo18:53
hahloI found some kernel patches18:54
hahloto 2.6.18 omap18:54
hahlojust wonder should I patch18:55
timelessthe sources for the kernel shouldn't be very secret18:55
hahlopatching kernel is fun in pc18:56
*** mardi_ has joined #maemo19:00
*** Andy80 has quit IRC19:02
tsavolais flash9 available for os2007he?19:03
tsavolaand which one should i use, 4.2007.45 or .46?19:03
*** doc|humbug has quit IRC19:04
timelessflash9 isn't legally available if you don't own an n800/n81019:04
timelessif you have an n800/n810 then you have a flash9 binary that could work on an armel device running os200719:05
tsavolacould or will?19:05
tsavoladoes it?19:05
timelessbut you need to put it in the right place w/ the right dependencies :)19:05
tsavolaare the instructions somewhere?19:06
tsavola(i.e. all the files)19:06
timelessi think the general instructions are in the browser announcement page19:06
timelessnote: i'm assuming nothing has changed since then19:07
timelessfor all i know nokia decided to get a license for 770 for flash 9 and it's included in the flash image19:07
timeless(confusing isn't that flash in flash)19:07
timelessbut i think that's highly unlikely :)19:07
* timeless certainly wouldn't spend the money for it19:08
tsavolaand which one should i use, 4.2007.45 or .46?19:09
tsavolathere is a news item linkin to .45 but not .4619:09
* timeless uses 2.1 - 2.2006.39-14 scirocco 19:09
timelessgenerally you probably should use the latest number19:10
timelessi have no idea what's in any of those images19:10
timelessi'm not even sure how to find out19:10
tsavolathanks, you've been helpful19:11
gw280I wonder if it's possible to use youtube-dl to create a standalone youtube video playing app19:12
timelessi don't suppose anyone's seen any leaked urls relating to hacker edition?19:12
* timeless sighs19:13
*** mardi__ has quit IRC19:13
gw280timeless: hrm?19:13
*** MikeL has joined #maemo19:14
*** Lateralus has joined #maemo19:15
timelessgw280: i'm looking for the name of the server that was used to make 2007he builds19:15
*** jegp has joined #maemo19:17
*** patleeman has quit IRC19:22
timelesswhere'd you find news about 4.2007.45?19:23
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC19:23
*** nelson has quit IRC19:26
*** shacka1 has joined #maemo19:27
*** shackan has quit IRC19:29
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo19:34
*** celesteh has joined #maemo19:36
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo19:44
*** Ulysses223 has joined #maemo19:46
*** abrilc has joined #Maemo19:47
*** Sikor-n800 has joined #maemo19:52
*** |tbb| has quit IRC19:56
Sikor-n800hi, is there a tool for linux to convert videos to a format the n800/os2008 plays without choppyness?19:56
Sikor-n800jaffa plugin?19:58
timelessno, jaffa's a person19:58
pupnikgarage, mediaconverter i think is the name20:01
*** Masca has quit IRC20:01
pupnikused to be 770-encode.pl20:01
Sikor-n800any link available to "his" plugins?20:01
Sikor-n800ah thanks20:01
*** mardi_ has quit IRC20:02
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo20:09
*** DeLe0n has joined #maemo20:10
*** MikeL has quit IRC20:12
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC20:13
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo20:14
*** abrilc has left #Maemo20:19
*** Sikor-n800 has quit IRC20:19
*** abrilc has joined #Maemo20:22
*** tjafk has quit IRC20:23
abrilcWhat bittorrent client are you using?20:23
Ulysses223deluge on ubuntu20:25
abrilcOn maemo i would say.. :)20:25
*** tjafk has joined #maemo20:25
Ulysses223sorry, got carried away. No bittorent, but I use nicotine as a soulseek client20:26
abrilcTher's no bittorrent client available on os2008?20:27
Ulysses223Dunno, you probably can cross-compile a couple of 'em.20:28
Ulysses223The original one is written in python, it should'nt be a problem20:28
Ulysses223if you don't mind a console based client, you have more options20:28
abrilcGnome-bt-download could be a good point.20:29
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo20:30
thopiekarhi there20:30
pupnikctorrent works ok.  rtorrent crashing on me20:32
thopiekarsomebody german here!?20:32
thopiekar*transmission is the torrent-client for N800 eva^^*20:33
abrilc thopiekar , n800 with os2007, no?20:34
*** khertan_ has joined #maemo20:35
thopiekarn800 with os2008 or os2007 both works20:35
thopiekaryou can find transmission an the maemo hompage20:36
thopiekarsearch at OS2008 first20:36
*** |tbb| has quit IRC20:36
*** khertan has quit IRC20:36
thopiekaris there a gnutella-client for meamo, too??20:37
abrilc:D, pardon ne, i'm with the it only now, and i asked here for comfort   excuse me again ;)20:38
*** booiiing has quit IRC20:42
abrilcReally, i don't know how install without the click install from maemo website yet too. ... :S20:42
*** jegp has quit IRC20:42
thopiekardo you want to install transmission now, or what?20:43
abrilcBut i don,t have it at my repos...20:44
*** booiiing has joined #maemo20:44
thopiekargo to link
thopiekarnow touch Homepage under Links on your N80020:45
thopiekaran download this file:
thopiekaryou have got OS2008, right?20:46
thopiekarif you have OS2007, download this:
Ulysses223Is there anyone here who downgraded from OS2008 back to OS2007 on the N800? Just curious...20:47
thopiekaryeah me20:47
thopiekarbut the "filerestore" doesn't work20:47
Ulysses223Would you mind to tell us why?20:47
thopiekarhmm, i don't know20:48
thopiekarbecause of this I Upgraded back to OS200820:49
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo20:49
*** doc|home has joined #maemo20:49
thopiekarhi tim20:49
thopiekarhi all20:49
thopiekarHas somebody Canola2 on his/her N800?20:50
timelessi know people have installed it, why do you ask?20:50
thopiekarI can't get the libarys and phyton-packages20:50
timelessinfobot deb20:50
infoboti heard deb is unofficial, all warrantees void,
timelessif use that deb, you shouldn't have a problem installing canola220:51
thopiekardoes it waork??20:51
timelessfeel free to remove the deb at any time20:51
timelessi've had a number of satisfied customers :)20:51
thopiekarthanks man^^20:51
*** abrilc has left #Maemo20:52
*** DeLe0n has quit IRC20:53
*** doc|home is now known as doc|humbug20:54
*** barisione has joined #maemo21:01
*** barisione has joined #maemo21:01
thopiekartimeless , I Installed your deb-package21:02
thopiekarbut it doesn't work21:02
thopiekardo i have to reboot?21:02
*** Phobbes has left #maemo21:03
Ulysses223Does OS2008 has PPTP support? On OS2007 you had to reflash the kernel with MPPE encryption support.21:04
*** massoud has joined #maemo21:05
acydlordthere is a pptp app in one of the repos21:06
*** mankod has joined #maemo21:07
Ulysses223ok, but do you have to use a 3rd party kernel?21:07
acydlorddon't believe so, let me check21:07
acydlorddoesnt look like it needs a special client, installed and ran fine21:09
acydlordit's called pptpclient21:09
Ulysses223good news, thanks!21:10
acydlordit's in the repo21:11
*** khertan_ has quit IRC21:11
*** khertan_ has joined #maemo21:12
*** barisione has quit IRC21:21
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC21:25
*** l7 has joined #maemo21:30
scriptdamn ... ConIC automatic-events aren't working on OS200621:31
RST38hAnybody knows what I have to do when building a package to make Maemo "find" my application icons ?21:31
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo21:31
RST38hRight now I am getting "Icon 'name' not present in theme"21:31
scriptok .. its named automatic-connection-events there .. *confused*21:32
scriptRST38h: tell your configuration-management to put them into the right place21:34
scripte.g. /usr/share/icons/hicolor/21:34
scriptnot pretty but icons work ;)21:35
*** jprieur has joined #maemo21:35
RST38hI already did21:35
RST38hThey are there, but still do not show up21:36
RST38hIs there anything I have to do other than placing them into those directories?21:36
*** chenca has quit IRC21:37
scriptRST38h: where do you want it to show up? window-manager?21:37
*** thopiekar is now known as thopiekar_21:38
scriptIs there anyone who can confirm a change from "automatic-connection-events" -> "automatic-events" (3.X -> 4.X)21:39
scriptlooks like the documnetaion is incorrect21:39
RST38hscript: the application menu21:40
RST38hscript: I guess in Extras submenu where my application is21:40
scriptRST38h: do you have a proper desktop file?21:41
pupnikwith a top hat and tails?21:41
*** macbook is now known as Segnale00721:42
scriptmaemo-select-menu-location xyz.desktop?21:42
scriptgtk-update-icon-cache maybe?21:42
RST38hdone gtk-update21:42
RST38hdid not do maemo-select-etc21:42
timelyxmaemo-select is an install thing that merely lets the user pick the folder21:43
timelyxit's uninterestin21:43
sp3000timelyx: what am I considering in bug 266?21:43
timelyxsp3000: the question was do i resolve as FIXED because 2008/microb has what the user wanted21:44
timelyxor wontfix because opera isn't being fixed21:44
scriptis there any "standard" way of escaping characters in gconf-keys?21:44
* timelyx picked fixed21:44
RST38hIs it ok to paste .desktop file here?21:44
timelyxRST38h: pastebin.mozilla.org21:44
scriptRST38h: use pastebin instead21:44
timelyxor some other pastebin21:44
RST38hProper fmsx.png files have been placed into 26x26/hildon, 40x40/hildon, scalable/hildon21:45
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo21:46
VulcanisAnyone here had luck with bluetooth kbs in OS2008?21:46
timelyxinfobot deb21:46
infobotwell, deb is unofficial, all warrantees void,
timelyxRST38h: can be moderately helpful for comparing what others do21:47
timelyx /maemopad-2.1/data/maemopad.desktop,21:47
timelyx    * line 8 -- X-Window-Icon=maemopad21:47
timelyx    * line 9 -- X-Window-Icon-Dimmed=maemopad21:47
timelyx /maemopad-2.1/data/icons/26x26/maemopad.png21:48
timelyx /maemopad-2.1/data/icons/40x40/maemopad.png21:48
timelyx /maemopad-2.1/data/icons/scalable/maemopad.png21:48
RST38hyes, I have seen this many times by now21:49
RST38hin fact, you can see that I have copied these lines, just changed icon name21:49
*** l7 has quit IRC21:49
RST38hstill doesn't work - that's why I am asking21:49
sp3000timelyx: hum, picks the weirdest text21:53
timelyxit was supposed to pick the description line21:55
sp3000you're expecting a description body?21:55
timelyxisn't that a requirement?21:55
* timelyx sighs21:55
timelyxi claim that file is buggy21:55
timelyxhowever, yeah, i can try to do something about it21:56
*** l7 has joined #maemo21:56
sp3000dunno if it's required, but the following like is not a continuation so structurally it's validly not there21:56
infobotsp3000 meant: dunno if it's required, but the following line is not a continuation so structurally it's validly not there21:56
* sp3000 wonders if line 7 is valid21:57
timelyxthe blank line?21:57
sp3000oh, it's a record separator between the source and package records, nm21:59
sp3000I think21:59
* sp3000 shrugs :)21:59
*** jprieur has quit IRC22:01
*** l7 has quit IRC22:01
*** shacka1 has quit IRC22:04
timelyxok, got it22:04
timelyxi was expecting foopy: not foo-py:22:05
*** shackan has joined #maemo22:06
* timelyx frowns22:06
timelyxit doesn't seem like garage should have both it2006 and it200822:06
timelyxwhose clever idea was it to have trunk/foo6 and trunk/foo822:06
*** RST38h has quit IRC22:08
*** MikeL has joined #maemo22:12
timelyxsp3000: ok, i've deleted it2006 and it2008, you'll have to use unified to verify it's fixed :)22:12
timelyxthat's odd22:13
timelyxthey suck22:13
timelyxthere's no control file in unified22:13
timelyxuse that to verify :)22:13
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo22:17
*** K`zan has joined #maemo22:18
*** Segnale007 has quit IRC22:22
timelyxsp3000: ok, i've fixed the double spacing22:23
timelyxthat was a stupid thing22:23
*** playya_ has quit IRC22:24
timelyxsp3000: how's this for a file:22:25
timelyxit's 1 byte :)22:25
sp3000oh, they're including it, too :)22:27
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo22:27
timelyxi'm trying to figure out why that stuff is double spaced22:28
*** t_s_o has quit IRC22:32
timelyxok, i found the problem22:33
VulcanisHas anyone had any luck with bluetooth kbs and OS2008?22:42
timelyxVulcanis: most people seem happy w/ them...22:44
VulcanisI recently bought one of the igo ones, and for some reason pairing keeps failing22:45
VulcanisI believe General reccomended it, so I think it should work22:46
timelyxsp3000: how's look ?22:48
* timelyx sighs22:49
timelyxthey suck22:49
timelyxthat's so bogus22:49
*** NetBlade has quit IRC22:50
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo22:50
* timelyx sighs22:53
* timelyx forgot to fix the index22:53
*** mardi_ has joined #maemo22:54
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo22:58
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo22:58
thopiekarhey timeless, are you there?22:59
timelyxParent directory - Dec 25 10:10 <insert up to 60 chars description>22:59
timelyxthopiekar: yeah23:00
* timelyx sighs23:01
timelyxsp3000: check out23:01
thopiekarI want to install canola2 , but it doesn't work23:01
timelyxthopiekar: load in the browser on your device23:01
sp3000timelyx: :\23:01
timelyxwhat does it say23:01
timelyxsp3000: someone clearly didn't read the packaging instructions23:02
timelyxsp3000: otoh, overall, w/ very few changes, the parser is a lot better23:02
*** ijon_ has quit IRC23:02
timelyxi still need to fix README23:02
timelyxwhich ends up as README">README :(23:02
*** playya has joined #maemo23:02
thopiekartimelyx: the browser says:Sorry, I can't find that file23:03
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo23:03
timelyxthopiekar: oh good23:03
timelyxok, so, you probably just need to flush your cache23:04
timelyxsp3000 can probably better explain how to do that :)23:04
thopiekartimelyx: how can I "flush" my cache?23:05
*** frade has joined #maemo23:06
*** mardi__ has quit IRC23:07
sp3000package cache? I guess that's rm /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb or "clean apt cache" in redpill mode appmgr settings, or default in normal mode23:07
*** doc|humbug has quit IRC23:07
*** doc|humbug has joined #maemo23:08
*** guardian has quit IRC23:08
timelyxsp3000: i'm thinking the package lists stuff23:09
sp3000does refresh give wrong answers?23:09
timelyxdunno :)23:10
sp3000i.e. cache hits for broken content?23:10
sp3000thopiekar: does it work if you refresh package lists?23:10
sp3000oh, and which of the various "it"s work?23:13
*** s4kito has joined #maemo23:13
thopiekarthere are no messages about a problem with a repo23:14
sp3000does the install work?23:14
* sp3000 doesn't even know if it works for others :)23:14
thopiekarof canola?23:14
thopiekarno the installlation of the eva-packages doesn't work23:15
thopiekarthe installation of the python2.5-runtime works very well23:16
*** mardi_ has quit IRC23:16
*** Masca has joined #maemo23:17
*** shacka1 has joined #maemo23:17
thopiekarhow can I install the eva-packages now??23:18
timelyxthopiekar: give me a few secs23:18
timelyxgah, stupid 199 files23:19
timelyxthopiekar: i need to kick a few things23:19
*** troozers has joined #maemo23:20
thopiekarto get I work or what?23:20
sp3000ah, Evas is a hardware-accelerated canvas API for X-Windows that can draw anti-aliased text, smooth super and sub-sampled images, alpha-blend23:20
timelyxthopiekar: ok, evas should be available in a minute23:21
*** troozers has quit IRC23:21
timelyxtry now23:21
thopiekaryes and this is needed for canola223:21
thopiekarok I need to refresh the packagelist now right?23:22
timelyxi don't think so23:22
* timelyx shrugs23:22
*** Dregz has quit IRC23:23
|tbb|could anyone pm me? i would like to know if pidgin sounds work 4 me23:23
*** ijon_ has quit IRC23:23
*** shackan has quit IRC23:23
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC23:24
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo23:24
*** Dregz has joined #maemo23:25
*** Dretches has joined #maemo23:26
thopiekarthe osso-packagemanager crashed23:26
thopiekarI will try I now for a 2th time23:27
thopiekarthe installation of libevas0 work I will try the others, too23:30
timelyxshouldn't you just install canola2 and let it figure out the depends?23:30
*** l7 has joined #maemo23:30
timelyxif specific things fail, please let me know, i'll fix them23:31
thopiekarthe simple installation of canola 2 by installing it with package at the osso-packagemanager fails everytime...23:34
thopiekarI will search now which pachage cause this bugg23:34
* timelyx sighs23:36
* timelyx kicks some files23:36
*** mankod has quit IRC23:37
*** celesteh has quit IRC23:37
*** celesteh has joined #maemo23:37
timelyxthopiekar: sorry... i need to write a script that monitors file quality to catch these stupid 199s23:38
timelyxok, all the files in the last 5000 hits should be ok23:38
Jitenah, os2008 update server's load seems to have settled :)23:39
VulcanisDoes anyone know if the pcsx port works with os2008?23:39
thopiekaryeah it works23:39
thopiekarI love you all23:39
timelyxthopiekar: thanks for helping23:40
thopiekarno problem man^^23:40
thopiekarthank you too23:40
*** thopiekar has left #maemo23:43
*** MikeL has quit IRC23:44
*** mankod has joined #maemo23:45
timelyxsp3000: opinions on the 1 line desc for:23:46
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo23:48
thopiekarhi there again23:49
thopiekarI've got a problem with canola223:49
thopiekarit ddoesn'tt run23:50
tontsa_if you start it from xterm do you get any hints23:50
thopiekarso I decidet to use the xterm23:50
thopiekarBusyBox v1.6.1 (2007-09-27 18:08:59 EEST) Built-in shell (ash)23:50
thopiekarEnter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.23:50
thopiekar~ $  canola23:50
thopiekarTraceback (most recent call last):23:50
thopiekar  File "/usr/bin/canola", line 18, in ?23:50
thopiekar    import ecore23:50
thopiekarImportError: No module named ecore23:50
thopiekar~ $23:50
infobotsomebody said $ was a dollar sign23:51
tontsa_so you are missing some python dependancy23:51
thopiekarwhat can I do now?23:51
*** Dretches has quit IRC23:52
tontsa_install python2.5-ecore from mameo Extras23:52
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo23:52
|tbb|could anyone pm me? i would like to know if pidgin sounds work 4 me23:52
*** mmr7 has joined #maemo23:52
timelyxodd, it looks like he already got that23:52
mmr7any experts online23:53
timelyxjust us fish23:53
mmr7who uses mplayer23:53
playyaupdated the package list?23:53
|tbb|for what exactly the dictionary packets under webaddons are?23:54
*** celesteh has quit IRC23:54
timelyx|tbb|: spell checker?23:54
* timelyx doesn't believe in audio/video23:54
mmr7but anyone else23:55
*** oil_ has joined #maemo23:55
thopiekartontsa_: python2.5-ecore is installed23:55
|tbb|while writing emails under web interface?23:55
tontsa_thopiekar, i guess something has gone awfully wrong then23:55
timelyx|tbb|: or bug comments, or blogs23:55
mmr7come on23:56
timelyxsp3000: something's wrong here :(23:56
thopiekartontsa_: reinstall?23:56
tontsa_thopiekar, you might run into dependancy jungle.. worth a try though23:57
timelyxtontsa_: does python have a cache?23:57
tontsa_not that i know of23:57
mmr7alright so noone then23:57
*** freakazoid0223 has joined #maemo23:57
tontsa_but if this is related to your dnshack, the dnsmasq has cache23:58
sp3000timelyx: athena looks fine?23:59
sp3000what's with examples?23:59
*** mmr7 has quit IRC23:59
timelyxsp3000: for some reason the line counting stuff broke i think23:59
|tbb|i would  like to install om weather but before it downloads it progmanager says installfile corrupt,any idea whats wrong?23:59
sp3000hm, README">README!!!23:59
timelyxthere's supposed to be a cutoff23:59
timelyxsp3000: that's the oldest bug in the book23:59

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