IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-12-23

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timelyxok, i think i have enough of chinook that people should be able to try using my repository00:03
timelyxbe sure to change /etc/hosts00:03
sp3000timelyx: the links in the mxr directory browse want to put a /mxr-test/ element in the path00:05
ol_schoolatimelyx: do i need to make any changes to my repo entries in sources or just reroute the dns?00:06
craftonifconfig is on nettools package, no? I'm trying to install nettools, and gets a conflict with busybox :S00:07
timelyxjust reroute dns00:07
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timelyxsp3000: oops, one sec00:07
timelyxtry again00:07
sp3000timelyx: if the default link for maemo and garage is trunk, what is it for chinook and sardine? (that is, the parentheticals look different)00:07
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kbsinghtimelyx: how are you setting it up ? apt-mirror ?00:08
sp3000timelyx: now it ate the host :)00:08
kbsinghalso, url :D00:08
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timelyxsp3000: um...00:08
sp3000timelyx: i.e. I got to http://maemo/source/contrib/ :)00:08
timelyxkbsingh: wget :)00:08
timelyxsp3000: hrm...00:08
kbsinghtimelyx: humm... that might work, but its not going to do any verify00:09
timelyxkbsingh: yeah, i know00:09
timelyxit's not really designed as a long term thing00:09
timelyxor designed at all for that matter :)00:09
sp3000 ?00:09
timelyxyeah um...00:09
timelyxone sec00:10
ol_schoolahah! isearch just installed from app mgr, billiant00:11
timelyxhrm, no, hacked00:11
ol_schoolaso did maemopadplus00:12
timelyxol_schoola: using standard repo, or my clone?00:13
ol_schoolaapt-get-update gives a 404 not found for r.m.o/extras tho00:13
kbsinghtimelyx: whats your clone url ?00:13
timelyxecho >> /etc/hosts00:13
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ol_schoolatimelyx: your clone ...
timelyxol_schoola: ok, hold on00:14
* timelyx goes to look00:14
timelyxol_schoola: what's log say?00:15
* timelyx doesn't know what it doesn't like00:15
timelyxi could check access/error log i suppose00:15
ol_schoolaFailed to fetch  404 Not Found00:15
ol_schoolahmm, rsync must be in there, not found by app mgr00:16
timelyxhrm, yeah non-free isn't in dists/, odd00:16
timelyxgimme a bit to get non-free and install00:17
ol_schoolaotherwise, it looks good. i'm loading apps like a fool, scummvm just made it00:17
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ol_schoolathis is gonna be one fluster-clucked tablet. built using the chatonka temp and timelyx's hacked repos00:18
timelyxi can actually try to make a .deb to add / remove my things :)00:18
timelyxol_schoola: my repos should be relatively harmless00:18
timelyxchatonka's otoh is certainly a risk :)00:18
kbsinghas long as you can set the repo metadata live really low, it should be fine00:18
ol_schoolai'm not worried bout them, just the chatonka's ;)00:18
timelyxi think the only risk you get w/ mine is that it suggests a .deb it doesn't have yet00:19
timelyxand i'll probably add a script that parses logs looking for those and just grabs them :)00:19
ol_schoolakbsingh: "set the repo metadata live really low"   what does that mean?00:19
timelyxi might even make it so that there's a button you can press on the server "please fix broken items" :)00:19
timelyxs/live/life ?00:19
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timelyxok, non-free should work, give it a whirl?00:20
ol_schoolaah, how do i adjust that? i come from redhat world00:20
timelyxi think that might be a note to me00:20
timelyxand i wouldn't have a clue :)00:20
ol_schoolaapt-get update picks it up00:21
timelyxok, who wants to be the victim of a .deb? :)00:21
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timelyxthis should be loads of fun :)00:21
kbsinghol_schoola: timelyx isnt using a apt-mirror process, things are going to get very interesting when the real repos come alive and you change over back there00:21
timelyxkbsingh: why?00:22
kbsinghand the metadata for the same repo, is different with the packages still having the same md5's00:22
ol_schoolai'm fully prepared ;)00:22
timelyxhe runs apt-get update00:22
timelyxshouldn't it fix things up?00:22
kbsinghit should yes00:22
kbsinghbut you need to do that, and remember that :D00:22
kbsinghactually, not update00:22
ol_schoolaregardless, i have umpteen python pkgs from chatonka that are gonna choke the depsolver next time they are a dependency00:23
kbsinghyou need to clean it out first, then refresh the entire thing00:23
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kbsinghotherwise its going to only look at timestamp and ignore stuff00:23
timelyxyeah, the stuff from chatonka's going to be a much bigger problem00:23
ol_schoolathat was my fear. no worries, i'm not afraid to break out the nokia cable and nuke from orbit00:23
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fnordianslippersthaat's gonna upset a lot of00:24
ol_schoolatimelyx: bring on the .deb! this tablet hasn't keeled over yet00:24
fnordianslipperssheep from itT00:24
ol_schoolafnordianslippers: indeed00:24
ol_schoolawas the temp repo posted ther?00:24
ol_schoolaoh my. there will be much gnashing and wailing00:25
kbsinghgiven the number of people involved and the size of the community around maemo now, i am sure there needs to be a more robust mechanism to handle this sort of a thing00:25
fnordianslippersi resisted the urge out of paranoia, not wisdom00:26
ol_schoolaum, i think they need to start with A mechanism. what they got doesn't seem to be worthy of that description00:26
ol_schoolamechanism implies a complex tool (or series of such) which make a difficult task easier00:27
ol_schoolawhat they have has done the opposite00:27
kbsinghits not really all that difficult00:28
kbsinghthe problem has been solved many times, by many people, in many projects00:28
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ol_schoolaoh, well. such is life on the bleeding edge. too bad for all the joe sixpacks that just bought these things and don't even know what a command line is00:28
* kbsingh thinks of beer00:29
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ol_schoolatrue, this is a young project. i remember how scattered the mythtv community was five years ago when i jumped in and how it has evolved to a well oiled machine00:31
* ol_schoola refers to the community00:31
pupnikpython = ruby = java = visual basic00:32
* pupnik ducks00:32
JaffaC FTW?00:33
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* mgedmin ducks00:33
pupnik:) furevah!00:33
pupnikthey all have their place00:34
JaffaMeh. Java's rich class library, number of other projects and really cool tooling (whether Eclipse, NetBeans, IDEa, or whatever) makes it the "best" platform overall IMHO. But pupnik's right, and I still do most of my hacking in Perl :)00:35
ol_schoolais it just my befouled os install or are other people having the app mgr just shit the bed whenever it wants?00:35
shackanpupnik: they all do, but people writing apps like mythtv and miro in python deserve to be shot00:35
Jaffaol_schoola: is broken.00:36
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ol_schoolaJaffa: i'm aware, even with the r.m.o repos disabled, app mgr just craps out for no good reason00:37
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Jaffaol_schoola: ah.00:37
timelyxol_schoola: ok00:37
fnordianslippersit's died on me after an install occasionally00:37
ol_schoolashackan: most of myth is c++, next would be perl scripts, little python at all00:37
timelyxol_schoola: keep in mind, this might destroy your computer :)00:38
shackanol_schoola: mmmm, ok, just miro then :D00:38
* timelyx isn't testing at all :)00:38
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ol_schoolatimelyx: exactly what is this deb do?00:38
timelyxis the entire deb00:39
timelyxfeel free to read and tell me to correct before you try to use it :)00:39
timelyxideally it adds/removes an entry in /etc/hosts for mxr.maemo.org00:39
craftonwhat exactly are you trying for? any  forum/blog post explaining this?00:39
timelyxi'll create an identical one for repository.maemo.org00:39
shackanisn't the $(pkgroot)/debian/ folder lowercase usually?00:39
craftonseems interesting00:39
timelyxshackan: if you use the more powerful deb builders, yes00:39
timelyxif you use dpkg-deb, no00:40
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ol_schoolatimelyx: like i would know what i'm looking at? maemo is my first deb-based distro ;)00:40
timelyxol_schoola: postinst and postrm are shell scripts00:40
timelyxthey are run by root00:40
timelyxthe scripts could just as easily be tested in any other busybox shell00:41
ol_schoolai see em, but wouldn't know what a properly written one would look like00:41
timelyxol_schoola: give it a whirl ;)00:41
Jaffalooks vaguely right to me, but I've not looked closely00:41
sp3000timelyx: postrm should probably enforce its postcondition, not fail if it already applies00:41
timelyxsp3000: hrm, you mean happily quit if there's no line at all?00:42
ol_schoolammmm, what's the dpkg command again?00:42
timelyxsp3000: ok00:42
ol_schoola-i ?00:42
timelyxbut you could just click the link from the browser00:42
timelyxit should offer to open w/ application manager00:43
ol_schooladpkg: error processing (--install):00:43
ol_schoola cannot access archive: No such file or directory00:43
ol_schoolaErrors were encountered while processing:00:43
timelyxdpkg -i takes a local file :)00:43
* ol_schoola blushes00:43
timelyxit's ok00:43
timelyxyou have to be new at least once00:43
sp3000$ cat > argh00:44
sp3000foo bar00:44
sp3000goat pr0n00:44
sp3000$ XE argh00:44
sp3000$ contents=`cat argh`00:44
sp3000$ echo $contents00:45
sp3000foo bar goat pr0n00:45
sp3000$ echo "$contents"00:45
sp3000foo bar00:45
timelyxooops, that's bad00:45
sp3000goat pr0n00:45
sp3000eh, ignore $ XE argh00:45
ol_schoolatimeless: it barfed because i only commented out the old entry, i'll remove and retry00:45
timelyxol_schoola: don't use it00:45
timelyxright now sp3000 found a bug00:45
ol_schoolaroger dodger00:46
timelyxsp3000: ok, adding quotes (need to finishthe other complaint)00:46
timelyxsp3000: test ! -z "" ?00:49
sp3000test ""00:49
timelyxbut if i need negation, is that how?00:49
timelyx(seems to work)00:49
timelyxol_schoola: ok, try agian00:50
infobottimelyx meant: ol_schoola: ok, try again00:50
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halley[ ! -z "" ] && echo nonzero00:50
halley[ ! -z "stuff" ] && echo nonzero00:51
timelyxhalley: i don't have busybox handy :)00:51
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ekim|dt-linuxHow do you install os2007 hacker edition onto your mmc card00:52
timelyxekim|dt-linux: read the wiki?00:53
ekim|dt-linuxlink ?00:53
timelyxol_schoola: status? :)00:54
* timelyx wants to sleep00:54
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ol_schoolai'd just installed the original version as you warned me not to00:55
ol_schooladunno if that what all the post install complaining is about00:55
kbsinghol_schoola: might be worth checking what script is failing00:56
fnordianslippersekim|dt-linux: search itT for 'cloning'00:56
timelyxol_schoola: try using (it's generally faster than, can you pastebin /etc/hosts ?00:56
ol_schoolakbsingh: little guidance? run dpkg with verbosity?00:56
dick-richardsonis there a way around the corrupted .debs on maemo extras?00:57
dick-richardsondownload them directly?00:57
timelyxdick-richardson: i think my repository might work for you00:57
timelyxif you don't mind temporarily using something unofficial :)00:57
ol_schoola~# more /etc/hosts127.0.0.1 Nokia-N800-50-2 localhost00:57
timelyxecho >> /etc/hosts00:58
sp3000timelyx: set -e; dummy=`false`00:58
ol_schoolanothing else00:58
dick-richardsontimelyx: not at all00:58
ekim|dt-linuxis it required that I have two partitions , one fat and one linux00:58
ekim|dt-linuxbecause I have linux , I can read linux filesystems00:58
timelyxekim|dt-linux: i think the fat is designed to enable you to get normal usb mass storage behavior00:59
ekim|dt-linuxit is00:59
ekim|dt-linuxbut I never use it00:59
ekim|dt-linuxso I want to save myself the trouble00:59
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timelyxhave fun :)00:59
K`zanAnyone got terraserver maps going with maemo mapper?00:59
timelyxsp3000: sorry, what's that mean to me? :)01:00
sp3000timelyx: that FOUNDDNS=`fgrep "$SERVER" $VICTIM 2>/dev/null` may exit01:00
timelyxmay exit?01:01
sp3000if fgrep fails, it exits due to -e01:01
ol_schoolaafter echo'ing into hosts and installing your pkg, i get
timelyxol_schoola: and what's in /etc/hosts ?01:01
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ol_schoola127.0.0.1 Nokia-N800-50-2 localhost01:02
ol_schoola66.33.212.254 repository.maemo.org01:02
*** Dregz has joined #maemo01:02
timelyxcan you change that last line to have 3 spaces instead of 1?01:03
ol_schoolainstead of which 1 space01:03
ol_schoolaor which linbe has the single space i should replace?01:04
timelyx66.33.212.254_ repository.maemo.org01:04
timelyxthe space there01:04
* timelyx should probably use 1 space instead since it seems nokia does01:04
ol_schoolasame as before01:04
timelyxsp3000: so, i should remove the set -e line?01:05
sp3000timelyx: note "repository" != "mxr"01:05
timelyxsp3000: oh, heh01:06
timelyxduly noted <now>01:06
sp3000or sprinkle || true where appropriate01:07
sp3000interesting, false && meep= doesn't die01:08
sp3000-e is confusing :)01:08
timelyxwhat does -e generally do?01:09
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC01:10
*** Dicer42_ has quit IRC01:10
sp3000Exit immediately if a simple command exits non-zero, except if a while until if testm or part of a && || list, or !ed01:11
sp3000but false || false does die01:11
sp3000I guess being part of the list means not being last01:11
timelyxok, so basically there's no reason for me to use it in my scripts01:12
timelyxol_schoola: ok, grab the deb again01:13
timelyxsorry, for the delay01:13
timelyxsp3000: should i switch to 1 space?01:13
sp3000that one's too hard :)01:14
* timelyx siwtches01:14
*** hrw has joined #maemo01:16
hrwsomeone has idea when will work?01:16
timelyxdefine work?01:16
hrwCan't connect to the database.01:16
hrwError: Too many connections01:16
timelyxseems to work for me01:16
hrwthats what I have01:16
timelyx[sanjay]$ ssh bugs.maemo.org01:17
timelyxLast login: Thu Nov 29 11:00:31 2007 from
ol_schoolaNokia-N800-50-2:~# dpkg -i mxr-maemo-org-dns-0.1.deb                            dpkg: status database area is locked by another process01:17
ol_schoolaNokia-N800-50-2:~# dpkg -i mxr-maemo-org-dns-0.1.deb01:17
ol_schoola(Reading database ... 20293 files and directories currently installed.)01:17
ol_schoolaPreparing to replace mxr-maemo-org-dns 0.1 (using mxr-maemo-org-dns-0.1.deb) ...01:17
ol_schoolaUnpacking replacement mxr-maemo-org-dns ...01:17
ol_schoolaCould not find in /etc/hosts01:17
fnordianslipperslol. too many bugs01:17
ol_schooladpkg: warning - old post-removal script returned error exit status 101:17
ol_schooladpkg - trying script from the new package instead ...01:17
ol_schoolaCould not find in /etc/hosts01:17
ol_schooladpkg: ... it looks like that went OK.01:17
ol_schoolaSetting up mxr-maemo-org-dns (0.1) ...01:17
hrwtime to check how many bugs I have reported and close all01:17
ol_schoolasorry folks, the last pastepin ctrl-c didn't take01:17
*** alterego has quit IRC01:18
ol_schoolahere's the new host file
timelyxol_schoola, =)01:19
timelyxok, fix the repository line to use 1 space instead01:19
timelyxand try to install/uninstall the repository deb01:20
timelyxit's next to the mxr deb01:20
hrwok, time to say bye - maybe will be back when n820 will (if ever) be released01:20
timelyxsp3000: should it be possible to install a deb when the exact line is already present?01:20
* timelyx guesses it should ...01:20
solmumahahrw: openzaurus developer?01:21
sp3000probably install+uninstall should be noop01:21
sp3000so I guess
hrwsolmumaha: some time ago yes. then openzaurus maintainer01:21
solmumahaswitching to maemo? :)01:22
hrwsolmumaha: and I officially ended that project in favour of Ångström distribution01:22
hrwsolmumaha: never!01:22
*** Blain has joined #maemo01:22
hrwsolmumaha: after playing with 770 I saw enough to be scared off maemo. dependencies hell, lack of feeds, lack of locale support01:22
hrwsolmumaha: lack of any way to buy maemo powered devices makes me switching off too01:23
solmumahawell 770 isn't really top notch01:23
hrwI know01:24
hrwbut thats what I have and there is no way to buy n800 or n810 in Poland01:24
solmumahahave you tried hacker edition?01:25
hrwand it looks like there are no plans to change it at 'n' company01:25
hrwsolmumaha: tried. sorry to say but os2007he is crap compared to os2006 on 77001:25
timelyxok, there are ~12 mysqld's running01:26
hrwsolmumaha: shorter battery life, too often user gets hit by "o.. you have 64M instead of 128M"01:26
*** Screaming has joined #maemo01:26
ScreamingI propose Timelyx gets the "Hohoho-Father Xmas Beard Award" from the Internet Tablet community for his stalwart work in mirroring the repos. Among other charming things he has done for us all this year.01:26
solmumahayes, 770 is nothing like n8x0, way too underpowered01:27
hrwsolmumaha: yes, I heard that too many times01:27
ScreamingDo I hear a seconder?01:27
solmumahabut hardware wise they are so much better than zaurus'01:27
hrwsolmumaha: from my pov 770 should be not released01:27
ol_schoolahasn;t even exploded yet with the bad canola temp metadata01:28
ScreamingThanx ol_schoola!01:28
hrwsolmumaha: and from software side (when zaurus gets openzaurus installed) its when 770 loose01:28
ol_schoolaK`zan: i got terraserver working just now, what ya need?01:29
solmumahahrw: i beg to differ01:29
K`zanol_schoola: Kind of confused about it, the respository I found was bad and apparently I need some other app for that to be able to work?01:29
hrwsolmumaha: os2006 reminded me dependencies hell which I last time had in redhat 5.x times01:30
timelyxok, have fun w/ those debs01:30
hrwsolmumaha: 'to install x you need y' but y is not in feeds01:30
ol_schoolayou need to have proj installed01:30
ScreamingDitto fnordian01:30
K`zanol_schoola: Checking now, thanks.01:31
*** sx|lappy has quit IRC01:31
solmumahahrw: k, can agree on that, but after you add all the necessary repositories, it's really not a problem01:31
K`zanol_schoola: OK, found and installed proj, when I add repository, what URL should I use?01:32
hrwsolmumaha: but why device cames without them preconfigured then?01:32
*** K`zan_n800 has joined #maemo01:33
timelyxhrw: the various repositories spring up like mushrooms01:33
*** VimSi has quit IRC01:33
hrwtimelyx: variuos yes. maemo ones are too often mentioned as 'required' and are not added by default01:34
K`zanol_schoola: Thank you sir, giving it a go now.01:34
ol_schoolaimho, there ought to be Nokia's official repo, and then ONE other repo01:34
timelyxand by default nokia wanted people not to have software that wasn't ...01:34
*** VimSi has joined #maemo01:34
*** felipec has quit IRC01:36
* timelyx shrugs01:36
K`zanol_schoola: It works, thank you again Sir!01:37
ol_schoolaK`zan: glad to help01:37
ol_schoolahmmm, my shell host allows me 2Gb transfer/month with there caching proxy01:38
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo01:38
ol_schoolaerr 200Gb. that would be sufficient to host a repo YA THINK?01:40
ol_schoolasry for caps01:40
*** hrw has left #maemo01:41
dick-richardsonhow do you change the default cli text editor at boot?01:41
timelyxwhat do you mean default editor?01:41
timelyxEDITOR= ?01:41
dick-richardsonyeah, I'm trying to set it to nano, but it won't stick01:41
dick-richardsonsudo visudo still opens vi. i HATE vi01:42
timelyxvisudo would open vi, no?01:42
* sp3000 hopes hrw isn't going on some mass change rampage like he's the oly one who cares about his bugs01:42
dick-richardsonI had changed it before...just unable to remember how01:43
sp3000unless I misunderstood01:43
ol_schoolavisudo will always open vi, iirc01:43
timelyxsp3000: seems to be wedged01:43
timelyxthere are ~12mysqld processes floating around01:43
dick-richardsonit didn't before reflashing01:43
timelyxyou can't load bugs01:43
sp3000yeah, it's been a bit wedgey on and off01:43
sp3000dick-richardson: usually you export EDITOR in a shell rc file01:44
sp3000visudo will or won't care about it depending on a bunch of things, try parsing that manual :)01:47
* timelyx sighs01:48
ccookerepos still broken, I see.01:48
pupniktime to think about things besides maemo01:48
timelyxthere are 109 chinook packages that my server needs to re-retrieve and there are ~100 files in a queue before that01:48
timelyxccooke: you're free to try
ScreamingBehold the power of 40,000 people. They can get whatever they want if they all hit the Nokia server at once.01:49
timelyxScreaming: i think 40 are sufficient :)01:49
ScreamingI thought nokia hhad akamai on the joob.01:50
Screamings/oo o01:50
kbsinghScreaming: they do01:50
kbsinghand i dont think the servers are broken or anything, something in the content is bad one some machines01:51
ScreamingDitto that kbsingh01:51
kbsinghs/d one s/d on s/01:52
infobotkbsingh meant: and i dont think the servers are broken or anything, something in the content is bad on some machines01:52
kbsinghfscking bots01:52
Screamingleave  off the last /01:53
*** felipec has joined #maemo01:54
kbsinghwell, i am more of an rpm person myself, or i'd help get together a one maemo deb repo01:54
kbsinghso there werent like a hundred repos out there, and people could really just feed and manage 1 external repo01:54
timelyxkbsingh: i really don't have enough space to host a grand unified01:55
kbsinghtimelyx: i do01:55
ScreamingUm, kbsingh: I think my N800 would fry if I  even tried  one01:56
timelyxkbsingh: and bandwidth?01:56
kbsinghthere's plenty of that as well timelyx01:56
ccookewhee! installing bash looks to be a bad idea01:56
timelyxhow do you deal w/ conflicts?01:57
kbsinghtimelyx: b/w is easily organised, a mirror network can be put together fairly easily01:57
*** jaharkes has quit IRC01:57
kbsinghScreaming: you mean the repo density would get too high for apt to handle ?01:57
timelyxkbsingh: by default apt has a limit on the number of packages for its tiny little mind01:57
kbsinghtimelyx: surely thats apt on maemo ?01:58
kbsinghand what is that number anyway ?01:58
*** Blain has quit IRC01:58
Screamingkbsingh, I mean it  can't even manage fullscreen videos.01:59
ScreamingIf i try and mirror a repo Im dead.01:59
timelyxkbsingh: my apt on non  maemo has a small default too02:00
timelyxyou can reconfigure the number02:00
timelyxbut at a certain point you have to worry about ram02:00
kbsinghdebian would be up shit creek if that number was too low02:01
timelyxor worse02:01
timelyxdisk space?02:01
kbsinghif a community can be organised around the idea, and have a few people who help manage and tool the project, i can provide about 200 gigs on a 100mbps link as a master, and offer a mirror to that in the .us and another in .de02:02
kbsinghi doubt the maemo repo is > 200 gigs, or even likely to be in the near future02:03
VulcanisNow that you said that, people will make it that large.02:03
VulcanisJust to spite you.02:03
*** pdz has joined #maemo02:03
kbsinghVulcanis: that can only be a good thing :D02:03
VulcanisKb: Agreed.  Gogo.02:04
kbsinghanyway, drives are cheap. the main issue is to get enough open source mirrors to rsync and host it.02:04 actually offered mirror capacity to maemo.org02:05
ScreamingAnd Nokia refused I guess?02:05
timelyxwell, i think the most important piece was the flash images02:06
timelyxand that has some legalisms that prevent it02:06
timelyxin fact, the legalisms pose some interesting problems for people who own more than one device02:06
timelyxat least, as far as sp3000 and I could determine02:06
kbsinghtimelyx: humm...stuff like that can get tricky.02:06
timelyx(we are not lawyers)02:06
ScreamingBl*ody lawyers!02:06
kbsinghbut, an open mirror need not carry that sort of stuff.02:06
kbsinghthose kind of bits can stay on the nokia paid-for repos02:07
timelyxi'm not quite sure i understood the rest of the response02:07
kbsinghi am not very familiar with the way the whole project runs, maybe i should do some research on that first :p02:07
timelyxthere was also a response indicating that nokia was paying for akamai and that it should work02:07
kbsinghakamai is not cheap02:07
timelyxand i happen to agree w/ them there02:07
timelyxthey have to be paying some sizable sum02:08
timelyxif it doesn't work, it should be fixed, and if it were working, there shouldn't be any problems02:08
kbsinghtimelyx: unless the content fed through to akamai is broken :D02:08
timelyxbug somewhere, needs fixing02:08
timelyxi followed the line for a while, but by thursday, i gave up, and now you can grab a .deb which enables you to use a puny mirror :|02:09
ScreamingHmm, Beard award gets doubled02:10
*** sp3000 has quit IRC02:11
ScreamingWas I right about the reindeer perhaps? Finns are still home waiting?02:11
timelyxthere's no snow02:12
timelyxso the finns don't get a white christmas02:12
hugolpwhats the maximum size of the SD cards with the N800?02:12
ol_schoolaaccording to a Swedish researcher, Santa needs to relocate to Krzygstan02:12
*** unique311 has quit IRC02:13
*** unique311 has joined #maemo02:13
ol_schoolayou know how FedEx chose Memphis for it's ideal distribution hub? same thing02:13
ScreamingNo snow in Finland??? Jeez I'm emigrating to Mars then.02:13
ol_schoolaSanta would be most productive if he were based in Krzygstan02:13
ScreamingWe've bust the planet!!!!02:14
*** abrilc has joined #Maemo02:14
ol_schoolaalrighty folks, I'm off in search of eggnog (and brandy)02:15
ol_schoolaa big THANK YOU to timelyx for the hard qwork02:15
ol_schoolas/qwork work02:15
*** mazzen has quit IRC02:16
Screamingol_schoola, Me too, and one for  timelyx too.02:16
*** Screaming has quit IRC02:16
*** pdz- has quit IRC02:16
hugolpcan someone tell me whats the limit for the sd card for the n800?02:17
hugolpcan it take up to 16Gb?02:17
abrilcHugoolp i think it's up to 8gb02:19
timelyxsome part of the repository is still missing02:19
hugolpabrilc:  ok, thanks02:19
*** abrilc has left #Maemo02:21
*** crafton has joined #maemo02:23
*** astro76 has quit IRC02:23
*** Dregz is now known as Dregz3302:24
* timelyx ponders02:28
timelyxanyone have an easy way to find out if a directory only has 1 file?02:28
*** crafton has quit IRC02:29
*** matsk has joined #maemo02:31
xantimeless, test  `ls -l | wc -l` -eq 1 ?02:32
xan(probably crack)02:32
kaltsithat lists also dirs02:33
kaltsifind . -type f | wc -l02:33
timelyxkaltsi: that's fine02:34
timelyxa directory w/ 1 file and 1 dir should be ignored for my purposes02:34
*** Dregz33 is now known as Dregz02:35
*** matsk has quit IRC02:35
*** l7 has joined #maemo02:37
*** Screaming has joined #maemo02:39
ScreamingSssshhhh! Everyone ... look everythings fine. (I just realised, the Nokia bosses just forked out thousands of euros for this Akamai CDS Don't et em know it didn't work! They'll take it away again!)02:45
*** Screaming has quit IRC02:46
*** ijon_ has quit IRC02:46
*** skibur has joined #maemo02:47
*** codeyman has joined #maemo02:56
*** felipec has quit IRC02:58
codeymandoes anyone know how to get screen-video capture to work on n800?02:58
codeymanis there a software for it... ffmpeg?02:58
*** skibur has quit IRC03:00
*** ||cw has quit IRC03:00
*** ||cw has joined #maemo03:00
thoughtf1xVideo Converter demo up now03:01
*** dick-richardson has quit IRC03:02
codeymanthoughtf1x: can I capture video?03:02
halleyI just use ffmpeg for video conversion.  But I think codeyman is looking for a screen-to-movie thingy.03:02
halleycodeyman, the easiest is to run on scratchbox or something and do the vidcap there.  The actual tablet is very poor for video bandwidth.03:03
thoughtf1xsomeone has one03:04
codeymanhmm.. ok.. will look into it..03:04
codeymansecondly no support for bluetooth headset right?03:04
codeymangoogle told me that it isn't...just confirming03:05
*** matt_c has quit IRC03:08
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo03:17
*** Rocketman has quit IRC03:23
*** codeyman has left #maemo03:23
*** fnordianslippers has quit IRC03:43
*** mankod has joined #maemo03:51
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC03:56
*** mankod has quit IRC04:05
*** mankod has joined #maemo04:07
*** mankod has joined #maemo04:09
*** |tbb| has quit IRC04:17
*** fnordianslippers has joined #maemo04:18
*** mankod has quit IRC04:26
*** fnordianslippers has quit IRC04:30
*** mankod has joined #maemo04:36
*** mardi_ has quit IRC04:36
*** mardi_ has joined #maemo04:37
*** adammelancon has joined #maemo04:45
*** jeff1f has quit IRC05:07
*** l7_ has joined #maemo05:08
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo05:11
*** skibur has joined #maemo05:12
*** skibur has quit IRC05:20
*** l7 has quit IRC05:21
*** thefool has joined #maemo05:23
thefoolwell my n770 is toast :(05:23
thefoolit seems I have the "White Screen of Death" issue. Anyone have any experience with nokia an their warranty?05:24
thefools/z/s lol05:25
halleyI dunno about their warranty, but the 770 comes free in a box of Cracker Jacks these days, right?05:28
thefoollol I wish05:28
thefoolstill $100+ usually05:29
thefooleven on ebay05:29
halleyWait another week for CompUSA deals.  ;)05:32
*** slomo has joined #maemo05:33
thefoolI have never seen one in CompUSA and it is not on the web site so...05:36
*** shackan has quit IRC05:40
*** shackan has joined #maemo05:42
dragornCompusa is going away, they've stopped delivery of new items05:45
dragornif yours doesn't have something now, it won't be getting them, afaik05:45
dragornsome stores got the 810s, some thought they were, but aren't05:45
dragornI think is the best deal on the 800s right now05:45
halleyMy CompUSA has had the 770s and N800s but never N810s.05:45
dragornThe one my friend tried to go to in RI claimed to be getting them and then never did05:48
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo05:48
dragornbut he drove to hartford, CT and they had them05:48
halleyYeah, I'm at the CT one.05:48
halleyThe Manchester CT (near Hartford) has no N810s.05:48
dragornThey had 'em a week and a half ago :P05:48
dragornI went to the NYC nokia store, got one of the last ones of the day but they were getting them fairly often05:49
halleyNot that I care... I got my N810 three weeks ago.05:49
thefoolhopefully nokia will take care of it though, I mean this is a known issue and I have only had it a month05:49
dragornhalley: yeah me too05:49
thefoolI am perfectly happy with my 770 and personally I like the looks of it better than the 80005:49
dragornhalley: I had to be in the city anyhow so I just went up to their store05:50
dragornthefool: Yeah.  The 810 is nice though, i think the hw was less rushed than the 80005:50
dragornI'm cranky that they broke USB in the os2008 release though05:50
thefoolalas I am but a poor college student05:50
dragorngoing to have to spend a while trying to figure out how to unwedge that05:50
deejoethey did?05:51
dragornThey did for the devices I'm working on05:51
deejoehow broken is broke?05:51
dragornWell, the wispy2 used to work fine (with, of course, the whitelist errors)05:51
dragornNow it spews a 'couldn't mount filesystem' error, and has "interesting" behavior05:51
dragornwhere interesting is defined as, if you boot the device with the wispy2 attached, it acts normally until you *finish* using the device05:52
*** ekim|dt-linux has quit IRC05:52
dragornand if you boot the 810 without the wispy2 and attach it post-boot, then it enumerates, searches, sometimes works briefly, and then crashes.05:52
*** matt_c has joined #maemo05:52
dragornAnd crashing means, it locks dead for 15-20 seconds and then the watchdog reboots it.05:52
dragornIt's very suboptimal and greatly annoys me that it worked in the beta.  (Though not on the 800.  Now the 810 acts like the 800, ie, borked.)05:53
thefoolI don't see why they don't work to make host-mode work out of the box05:58
dragornWell, the 770 does have host side working out of the box05:59
dragornonly you need aux power05:59
thefoolthought it needed a kernel patch first06:02
*** Tuco has quit IRC06:03
thefoolbah I hate that my 770 just up and died on me. What total crap06:03
l7_usb is working for me in both 2008 releases06:04
l7_under windows anyhow, haven't tried with mac06:04
l7_i did noticed i was asked to install more drivers06:04
thefoollol, I think he is refering to host mode06:04
*** mankod has quit IRC06:05
dragornyes, i was referring to host mode.06:05
thefoolyea that would suck otherwise, try flashing without usb lol06:05
l7_i didn't realize someone got host mode working on the n800 / 81006:05
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC06:05
dragorn"working" since os2008 betas06:05
dragorn(worked better in the beta. ;/ )06:05
l7_yeah, that would be bad :\06:06
l7_what kind of cable do you need for host mode?06:06
* thefool is not sure why he is still on here, no tablet to talk about for a while06:06
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo06:06
dragornl7_: For the 800, nonstandard custom or toggle it w/ software06:07
thefoolnormal cable that you inject 5v into somehow06:07
l7_i saw the crazy setup thoughtfix had for the 77006:07
dragornl7_: for the 810, a micro-a male06:07
thefoolno need for the power?06:07
dragornThe 800 and 810 provide *some* power.  The 770 provides none.06:07
dragornSome devices will work on the 8x0.  200mA, lower voltage than standard06:07
thefoolIt annoys me that I could not simply use a powered hub and a normal cable to connect to whatever I wanted06:08
dragornthefool: on a 770 you can06:08
l7_why do the 800 and 810 have different cable requirements?06:08
thefoolits good to hear thats not really a issue06:08
*** mankod has joined #maemo06:08
thefooldragorn: definitely not06:08
dragornl7_: because they're different devices.  The 800 is arguably broken, it's a mini-b with otg sensitivity06:08
dragornthefool: sure can, I've done it06:08
thefooldragorn: you have to send power to the 770 itself not just the device you want to power06:09
l7_oh yeah i forgot the 810 had micro06:09
dragornthefool: set it to host mode with flasher and use a powered usb hub (so long as it provides power back up the chain)06:09
dragornthefool: mine does06:09
dragornthefool: Or just get yourself a powered Y cable from a usb hard drive06:09
dragornl7_: mini-usb A and B are different physical cable shells.  micro-ab can take either, which is what the 810 has06:10
dragornl7_: so you need an invalid cable to pin-control the 800, you need an 'a' pinning in a 'b' shell06:10
thefooldragorn: yea, but thats a little different...most people don't have cables lying around that provide power both ways06:10
dragornthefool: Dunno, i did :P  The random hub I had did, and i've got at least 3 of those Y cables from 2.5" usb hard drives and my evdo modem06:11
dragornthefool: i'd say it's harder to find a battery pack that outputs to USB than to find a cable like that06:11
thefooldragorn: good point06:11
thefoolanyways, goodnight all. I think I may pop in again to see if someone can help me figure out how to contact the right people at nokia to return my 770.06:11
dragornwhat's it doing?06:12
thefoolwhite screen06:12
dragornnothing comes up if you start flasher and plug it in?06:12
thefoolstartup sounds and everything, but just a white screen06:12
thefoolnope, I actually succesfully flashed it but no visual output06:12
dragornah, still borked after a reflash06:12
thefooljust that stupid white screen06:12
dragornthat sounds sad06:12
thefoolyea :(06:13
thefoolhad it less than a month06:13
dragornwas worth a shot to try to flash it if you hadn't06:13
dragornhm, both my 770s are still fine06:13
thefoolflashed it twice just to be sure lol06:13
thefoolwant to mail me one? :)06:13
thefoolI will mail you my broken one and postage lol06:13
dragornheh.  I got one to do gps, etc in the car06:14
thefoolyea thats what I planned on setting mine up for06:14
thefoolhave the GPS, mounting bracket, cables etc all coming in as xmas gifts. Then the stupid tablet dies on me06:14
l7_how good is maemo-mapper's performance in the car?06:14
l7_i'd wonder if the screen is better, and if it is fast enough to keep up06:15
*** thefool is now known as thefool|away06:15
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC06:16
*** Pio has quit IRC06:22
*** crafton has joined #maemo06:25
*** outlawpoet has quit IRC06:30
*** thefool|away has quit IRC06:37
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC06:38
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo06:42
*** kala_ has joined #maemo06:48
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo06:48
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo06:52
*** eton_ has quit IRC06:54
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC06:57
*** kala has quit IRC06:58
*** mankod has quit IRC07:10
*** shackan has quit IRC07:19
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo07:19
*** shackan has joined #maemo07:20
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo07:21
*** tjafk has quit IRC07:26
*** tjafk has joined #maemo07:29
*** pupnik has quit IRC07:30
*** Pio_ has quit IRC07:32
*** X-Fade has quit IRC07:38
*** zwnj has quit IRC07:46
*** crafton has quit IRC07:49
*** mankod has joined #maemo07:57
K`zanSo, is the consensus that the new update is worth installing?07:57
K`zanIf so how much will it break from the last n800 2008 release?07:58
*** GreySim has left #maemo07:58
*** K`zan_n800 has quit IRC07:58
VulcanisK`zan, I'd wait a week07:59
Vulcanisall the repos are slow or down because everyone is trying to update07:59
K`zanVulcanis: Thanks, wilco!08:00
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo08:00
K`zanGot the update already, just don't know how big a job it will be to get back to where I am :-).08:00
*** serj has joined #maemo08:16
*** unique311_ has joined #maemo08:16
serjhello everyone08:16
serji have a question regarding chinook sdk does anyone know for how long it won't be available?08:17
serjbecause my fails to fetch :(08:18
*** astro76 has joined #maemo08:25
dragornserj: considering everyone is complaining and that I don't think anyone in here works for nokia in a position to fix it08:27
dragorni wouldn't hold your breath08:27
serjso the os2008 noise is still going?08:29
serjeh was hoping to start development this xmas but oh well then...:P08:30
serjis there anyone else who has a mirror for the files?08:30
*** unique311_ has quit IRC08:32
*** unique311_ has joined #maemo08:33
*** unique311 has quit IRC08:34
* thoughtf1x wanders back again08:36
*** FoodingSim has joined #maemo08:38
*** threethirty has joined #maemo08:41
threethirtyHello all08:41
*** Crfrod has joined #maemo08:41
*** threethirty has quit IRC08:42
astro76hi threethirty08:42
*** FoodingSim has left #maemo08:43
*** mbuf has joined #maemo08:50
alnrhow do i install hcitool? i had it in os2007, i dont on os2008 (n800)08:54
*** hfwilke has quit IRC08:54
*** serj has quit IRC08:55
*** Crfrodf has quit IRC08:57
*** else58 has left #maemo09:10
*** chrisak has joined #maemo09:14
hahloalnr: you have a os2008 in n800? Does skype work?09:15
Vulcanisit did in beta09:15
alnrits in the menu but i havent used it09:16
*** mankod has quit IRC09:16
*** j0tt has joined #maemo09:16
alnrgoogle tells me nothing about missing hcitools, strange that mine is09:16
hahlook, I had to go to back os2007 cause my skype didn't work in os200809:17
tontsaworks here atleast on n81009:18
chrisakjust tried calling my cell via new os skype/n800 ... Worked ok here... Everythings looking great09:20
* thoughtf1x really really really needs his n810 back 09:21
K`zanNight all.09:22
*** K`zan has quit IRC09:22
*** Vulcanis is now known as Vulc|Sleepysleep09:26
*** jott has quit IRC09:28
hahlowhat about xterm in os2008 (n800) does it work?09:28
Vulc|Sleepysleepit is built in09:28
dragornchrisak: using the nokia as a phonebook?09:29
timelyxalnr: see gronmeyer in the topic09:29
timelyxdragorn: last i checked skype uses its own contacts database09:29
timelyxwhich i believe is stored @skype, so all apps that access a given account share a single contacts list09:30
dragorntimelyx: yes.  Ah, I see what they were saying.09:30
dragorntimelyx: A friend was looking to use the nokia BT tethered to a phone as a dialer09:30
dragorntimelyx: which I haven't seen functionality for09:30
timelyxalnr: so, this url only works if you install a .deb of mine09:31
timelyx /bluez-utils-3.20/tools/hcitool.c09:31
timelyx /bluez-utils-3.20/tools/hcitool.109:31
timelyxbut it says that hcitool is part of bluez-utils09:31
timelyxand is in chinook09:31
timelyxwould be the deb09:31
timelyxis the public equivalent url if you would rather not hack dns09:32
alnrtryin to keep up09:32
hahlowhat about everything else in os2008 (on n800) does everything works? Is it much slower? at least it's bigger09:33
tontsahahlo, it shouldn't be much slower atleast since it overclocks the processor from 340 to 400MHz09:33
hahlook and is still stable even overclocked09:34
Vulc|Sleepysleepsupposedly, it was 400mhz and underclocked for 32009:35
Vulc|Sleepysleepos2008 optomized stuff so it did not need to be underclocked.  Or something.09:35
hahlosounds good09:35
timelyxpower management of sort (specifically dynamic clock speed changing) was implemented in the kernel09:36
timelyxnote that it's never running 400mhz continuously09:36
timelyxfrom my understanding in order to talk to video it has to drop the clock for a bit09:36
timelyxbut it does mean that apps can use 400mhz09:36
timelyxalnr: anyway,you're looking for bluez-utils, which is in chinook09:37
timelyxwould be the path09:37
timelyxbut application manager should find it for you09:37
timelyxif you want to use my repository instead of the official ones, installl this deb:09:38
alnrtimelyx: k, looking for bluez-utils on gronmayer chinook09:38
timelyxalnr: note that i'm cheating, since i have a clone of the repository, i just did find in it09:38
timelyxbut my personal opinion is that people should use gronmeyer for such searches :)09:39
alnri dont see bluz yet09:39
timelyxbluez, not bluz09:39
alnrbluez i mean09:39
truent'search in repositories'09:39
timelyxi loaded
timelyxand enter "bluez-utils" in search in repositories09:40
timelyxand got exactly what i expected09:40
truentnever knew about that site09:40
truentmy new fav IT site09:40
timelyxtruent: we keep it in the topic :)09:40
timelyxnow you know :)09:40
truentthoughtf1x, you now take a backseat ;p09:40
alnrtimelyx: ah search found it09:40
hahlodoes rd-mode also work in os2008?09:41
timelyxin fact rd-mode isn't forgotten if you reflash09:41
timelyxbut personal i abhor it :)09:41
thoughtf1xI do what?09:41
thoughtf1xI wandered off09:41
timelyxif you aren't a kernel hacker, then imo you shouldn't need rd-mode :)09:42
truentthoughtf1x, just sayin your site takes a backseat to my new fav.. ;p09:42
timelyxthoughtf1x: it's ok, you're good for advertising, but for sustaining, gronmeyer's more important :)09:42
hahlobut you see some boottext with rd :)09:42
truentthoughtf1x, you ever get your bluetooth pan workin the way you wanted?09:42
thoughtf1xGave up on WinMo devices09:43
*** Lateralus has joined #maemo09:43
timelyxhahlo: yeah, and whenever i see that, i make the person who enabled it turn it off :)09:43
thoughtf1xMy site is for in-depth stuff09:43
truenti made an alright lil ruby program for os2007.. but all that was turned upside down with os2008..09:43
truentgotta rewrite it09:43
thoughtf1x10 minute demo on the video converter - not just a link to it ;)09:43
* timelyx prefers software that doesn't require porting09:43
timelyxthoughtf1x =~ s/not/now/09:43
timelyxhrm, or not?09:44
* timelyx decides perhaps sleep might be in order09:44
* timelyx just finished reading Runaway Jury09:44
thoughtf1xI was unaware of that site too. Bookmarking for a later article09:44
timelyxand just in time too, because my dvr is scheduled to record the movie :)09:44
hahlothen everything should be better in os200809:44
truentthoughtf1x,  ;P09:44
timelyxthoughtf1x: think for maemo debs09:45
truentif i could get chinook-sdk to fully download and install i'd be halfway through writing a bluetooth pan program already ;p09:45
alnrhmm i'm getting gzip error on those catalogs (chinook and extras) on the install of chinook09:45
timelyxtruent: is this the image or the apt stuff?09:45
timelyxalnr: try installing my deb first and refresh09:45
truentrunning the script09:45
timelyxsame to oyu truent09:45
truentGet:130 chinook/free libssl0.9.7 0.9.7e-4.osso2+3sarge3.osso5 [2013kB]09:46
timelyxnote that it hijacks dns for repository, and i'm not guaranteeing updates09:46
timelyxbut hopefully it'll have enough to get you setup today09:47
timelyxat which point you're free to uninstall the package09:47
truentk when/if this sdk install fails im with it09:47
timelyx+ wget -O ''09:47
timelyx23:45:22 ERROR 404: Not Found.09:48
* timelyx cries09:48
timelyxand just when i was getting to the good stuff09:48
timelyxnot the ?hjk09:48
timelyxthat was intended to force the server not to lie to me09:48
timelyxit doesn't seem to work forever09:48
timelyxand now i have lots and lots and lots of failures after that :(09:48
*** chrisak has left #maemo09:49
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC09:49
truenti just want the sdk and i wont download from you for a while, i promise ;)09:49
* timelyx frowns09:49
* timelyx has no idea how relevant these files are to the repo09:49
*** l7_ has quit IRC09:50
timelyxthings in chinook-beta obviously aren't very important, but...09:50
truentseperate server?09:50
timelyxunrelated repository for a beta product09:51
timelyxwhich no one should be using :|09:51
timelyxall from the same "server"09:51
timelyxbut my original attempt at mirroring collected it too, and  i haven't deleted it yet09:51
alnri put on that dns package but i still get failed catalog with a gzip error, on installing chinook09:51
timelyxalnr: which catalog? (tools>log ?) seems unlikely, since i'm pretty sure people have been happy09:52
alnrit shows me 'maemo extras' and 'maemo chinook' as the failed catalogs09:52
alnrexpanding either one says 'sub process gzip returned an error code(1)09:53
timelyxopen your web browser09:54
timelyxwhat do you get?09:54
timelyxwhat's it say?09:55
timelyxunless it says "Sorry, I can't find that file ", you aren't using my server :|09:56
alnrthe url /jkhkh not found on this server09:56
timelyxhrm, one sec09:57
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo09:58
ds3anyone tried using a bluetooth keyboard on OS2008 on the N800?09:59
timelyxyes, if you don't see Sorry, ... it isn't me09:59
timelyxds3: i've used a couple at work, they seem to just work09:59
ds3cool, wanted to confirm just in case it conflicts with the 810 kb support10:00
timelyxalnr: hrm...10:00
ds3does it still require that daemon/package like on OS2006?10:01
truentUnpacking replacement repository-maemo-org-dns ...10:01
truentCould not find in /etc/hosts10:01
truenterr there was no /etc/hosts10:01
truentso i touch'd it10:01
timelyxoh, ok, i'm an idiot10:01
truentnow theres repository.maemo.org10:01
timelyxhrm, or rather, "that's bad"10:01
timelyxthere's always supposed to be a /etc/hosts10:01
timelyxhence the sanity check10:02
truentscratchbox mind you10:02
timelyxoh, scratchbox!10:02
timelyxok, that case is so unexpected :)10:02
truentim guessing scratchbox still uses the systemwide /etc/hosts?10:03
timelyxit really uses whatever is in its local /etc/hosts10:03
truentok then i just created that10:03
timelyxand similar for nsswitch.conf or whatever10:03
* timelyx tries to figure out what to do w/ this edge case10:04
truenthow would i test to see if im using your repo or not10:04
ds3is OS2008 the recommended OS for someone going to an 800 from a 770?10:04
gpdrepositories still broken!? HMG10:06
timelyxgpd: it's christmas :)10:06
truenttimelyx, i think im getting em from ya.. you sure you have all these?10:07
gpdtimelyx: exactly - the only time i get to play with gadgets - and i can't install stuff :(10:07
timelyxgpd: you can try my deb10:07
timelyxtruent: not sure, but i get logs for everything that's missing10:07
timelyxtruent: at some point, i'll make a button something like10:08
timelyxand have that script browse through its logs and automatically try to collect the backing files from the repo :)10:08
timelyxbut not now10:08
timelyxfirst i want to fix your scratchbox case10:08
timelyxwhich means thinking about umask10:08
alnrat its not me. going to the url ...packages.gz says the service is temporarily unavailable10:09
timelyxalnr: url?10:09
truentim downloading now.. i have the alias for im guessing thats you ;p10:09
timelyxyeah, it's dreamhost10:09
timelyxalnr: my repo seems to have that file, no problem10:10
timelyxit's big and pretty10:10
gpdtimelyx: i'm looking back up the log - but what is 'your deb'?10:10
alnrtimelyx: the url shows up in the browser directory (on my pc now) but taking the link gives that error10:10
timelyxpick the dns ones10:10
timelyxalnr: i'm using
timelyxif you're on a pc, you can do the equivalent10:11
timelyxsudo echo >> /etc/hosts10:11
timelyxyou'll want to remove the line at some point10:11
alnroh k let me try that10:12
timelyxthe package is of course "better" in that it reminds you you've hacked it10:12
timelyxand lets you uninstall it10:12
truentE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?10:12
truentE: Unable to install maemo-sdk-dev on CHINOOK_X86 target.10:12
truentE: Please check the sources.list for errors.10:12
truentnewp same error.. bunch of "Size mismatch" errors10:12
timelyxtruent: um10:12
timelyxhold on10:12
truentwill do10:13
timelyxi don't see any error or access logs since me10:13
* timelyx ponders10:13
truenthang on lemme try your "Sorry," deal10:13
timelyxyeah :)10:13
timelyxi'm trying to think about how you can do that10:14
timelyxsince um... afaiu you don't have a web browser :)10:14
gpdtimelyx: is this deb a special treat for people that moan - ie it bricks your device or similar ;)10:14
timelyxgpd: the first version of any deb i write is 100% untested10:14
truentHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found10:14
truent00:14:29 ERROR 404: Not Found.10:14
hahloOne have to flash os2008? Or does it comes with apt-get upgrade?10:14
timelyxhahlo: flash10:15
truentlooks like scratchbox isnt minding the local /etc/hosts10:15
alnrnow i get the sorry,,10:15
truentConnecting to[]:80... connected.10:15
*** ol_schoola_ has joined #maemo10:15
timelyxmaybe someday, in fact, i believe it's officially on the roadmap10:15
truentnotice the ip10:15
timelyxtruent: *nod*10:15
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC10:15
timelyxok um...10:15
* timelyx ponders10:15
hahlotimelyx: what image I shoulr use, will flasher 3.0 work?10:15
timelyxwell, um...10:15
timelyxhahlo: the proper 2008 n800 / n810 image and yes flasher310:16
timelyxbut no, i'm not a flasher expert10:16
* timelyx tends to use the windows flasher :)10:16
timelyxwhich doesn't mean i don't know the flasher3 args or haven't abused a number of them10:16
timelyxit's just that i don't want you to think i'm an expert10:16
timelyxtruent: well, oh, one sec10:17
gpdtimelyx: it seems you are a genius - i just installed maemo-mapper!10:17
timelyxtruent: try looking at /etc/nsswitch.conf10:17
timelyx[sanjay]$ grep hosts /etc/nsswitch.conf10:17
timelyxhosts:          files dns10:17
timelyxwhat does yours say in scratchbox?10:17
truentsame thing10:18
truenthosts: files dns10:18
* timelyx gives up10:18
truentlol hang on10:18
timelyxfeel free to try changing the global one10:18
timelyxthe other thing you can do if you like fighting app10:18
timelyxthere's an apt.conf.d10:18
truenttried that.. works on my comp.. but not scratchbox10:18
timelyxi've done all sorts of evil stuff there :)10:18
truenthang on.. theres no /etc/hosts file now in sbox10:18
alnrtimelyx: progress, this time app mgr didnt barf on installing chinook. but, i dont see bluez* in the installable apps10:19
* timelyx shrugs10:19
timelyxalnr: probably time to enable red pill mode10:19
timelyxgoogle will find it, but if you're tired, ask, someone here will talk you through it10:19
alnrmatrix, hehe10:20
timelyxmarius deserves massive props for that one :)10:21
*** Lateralus has quit IRC10:22
hahlotimelyx: just one more question, do you know kate?10:23
alnri see bluez-hcidump now :)10:23
truentalnr, does that work in os2008?10:23
alnri have only just gotten it into app manager10:24
alnrdarn it doesnt have hcitool, just hcidump10:25
timelyxalnr: it's in bluez-utils10:25
truentyeah in os2007 i had my PAN device connector thingie scan for devices.. no hcitool in os200810:27
alnrthat got installed, i guess from installing bluez-hcidump, but  hci<tab> does not find hcitool10:27
timelyxbluez-utils-test ?10:27
timelyxsorry, the thing i'm using right now tells me which source package contains files10:28
timelyxnot which binary package :)10:28
timelyxbluez is unfortunately well designed, so hcitool is probably in test where it belongs :)10:28
gpdtimelyx: thank you! :D10:28
timelyxsilly well designed packages10:28
alnri dont have bluez-util-test, is that from chinook?10:29
*** mankod has joined #maemo10:30
timelyxit's in bora, and herring10:30
* timelyx waits for chinook10:30
truenttimelyx, harder than i thought to change the repo for a scratchbox / sdk install.. but i gotcha for the normal stuff ;p10:30
timelyxerr bluez-utils-test10:30
timelyxalnr: ok, odd, i don't see bluez-utils-test in chinook10:31
timelyxno idea why10:31
alnrgot it from boar10:31
timelyxkeep in mind that having bora in your enabled list is considered /somewhat/ risky10:32
*** DeLe0n has quit IRC10:32
timelyxthat said, as long as you disable it before you do anything really exciting, you should be fine10:32
alnrspoke too soon, could not install, missing bluez-utils10:32
timelyxi thought you installed that10:32
alnri did :( it is in the installed view10:33
gpdwell after all that (a completely fresh os2008 install) i am still getting loss of connectivity to my iblue 737 every few minutes... ugh10:34
truentgpd: no!!! i was just about to buy that gps10:34
pupnik_"red pill mode" (n): A way for noobs to break their device with a stylus10:34
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik10:35
timelyxpupnik_: yes!10:35
*** GNUton has joined #maemo10:35
gpdtruent: it was absolutely fine in 200710:35
alnrhmm it wants 3.9 ...51 but chinook put on 3.22....10:35
gpdbut in the beta and 50-2 it keeps dropping out10:35
timelyxgpd: did you file a bug while using the beta? :(10:35
truenthrmph.. heres hopin they fix it cuz thats the one i wanted ;p10:36
gpdno - i had exams until last week :10:36
*** mardi_ has quit IRC10:36
timelyxoh sure, exams are much more important than helping a product you're going to use for a year :)10:37
timelyxanyway, browse through the bt bugs10:38
truentheh i think i remember reading one of the developers of mapper used that one so i figured there couldnt be any probs with that one ;p10:39
gpdtruent: i think the 757 is more common - but mine has been fine too10:39
truentlike 50-60 bucks right?10:40
timelyxhrm, the bt bugs don't have any helpful steps (run x to get me logs)10:41
* ol_schoola_ bolts upright10:42
gpdi installed syslog/klogd in my previous install but no messages10:42
ol_schoola_bejeezus that was a hyelluva lightning strike10:42
* timelyx sees someone tried installing canola10:42
ol_schoola_besides me?10:43
gpdi just did - it worked10:43
timelyxsounds like it was gpd :)10:43
gpdyou didn't tell us your deb was spyware10:43
timelyxi told some people i'd offer a button you could push to ask it to fix itself10:43
timelyxhow do you expect it to fix itself if it doesn't remember what was wrong? :)10:44
ol_schoola_ooh ooh ooh, free East buttons!10:44
timelyxthat's the only thing i intend to do w/ the logs...10:44
timelyxnot 100% certain how i want to do that10:44
timelyxtruent: so we still don't understand scratchbox?10:45
timelyxtruent: supposedly there's /scratcbox/etc/10:46
*** Rip_ has quit IRC10:46
timelyxtruent: if that works, let me know10:46
timelyxi can easily make my debs deal w/ that case10:46
truentyeah i'll try it in a sec10:48
*** Pio has joined #maemo10:52
*** GNUro has joined #maemo10:54
*** GNUrante has joined #maemo10:57
*** GNUro has quit IRC10:59
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC11:06
pupnikKhertan: maybe after christmas11:06
Khertanpupnik: or new year ... :)11:07
*** mankod has quit IRC11:07
Khertanor the week after ...11:07
pupnik2008 will be very bad for me11:07
Khertanwhy ?11:07
pupnikbills begin to come due11:07
pupnikcredit card expires11:07
pupnikbut it's not in my control11:08
pupnikthe state is in control11:08
* timelyx pokes truent11:09
*** GNUton has quit IRC11:09
* Khertan fails to read itt ... to many same posts about people which say ... gnagnagna don't install .... 11:12
* Khertan is going to supermarket ... 11:13
*** Khertan is now known as K_AWAY11:13
*** shackan has quit IRC11:17
*** pleemans has joined #maemo11:17
FunkyPenguinany update on r.m.o?11:18
timelyxFunkyPenguin: it's still somewhat flaky11:19
timelyxi have an alternate trimmed r.m.o knock off you can try using if you feel like it11:19
FunkyPenguinboohoo, im only bitching coz i want to get canola11:20
*** GNUro has joined #maemo11:20
FunkyPenguini uninstalled v1 and cant get it back11:20
timelyxi know two people who have used mine to get canola :)11:20
FunkyPenguintimelyx: ooh, yes please in that case :)11:20
*** visy has quit IRC11:21
*** jott has joined #maemo11:21
timelyxinfobot deb is unofficial, all warrantees void,
infobottimelyx: okay11:21
timelyxinfobot deb is unofficial, all warrantees void,
infobotokay, timelyx11:21
* timelyx prods truent11:21
*** MikeL has joined #maemo11:22
* timelyx wonders why the bookmark importer can't handle google bookmarks11:22
* timelyx sighs11:24
gpdI can't seem to find zip/unzip to look in the backup files11:24
timelyxit'd really suck if this importer is really *this* stupid11:24
timelyxgpd: not included :)11:24
timelyxgronmeyer says extras-devel11:25
FunkyPenguintimelyx: do i install ^^ and then im good to go?11:25
timelyxFunkyPenguin: yeah11:25
timelyxFunkyPenguin: you may want to uninstall once you're done, that should work too :)11:26
FunkyPenguinsahweet thanks. i owe you a stiff drink :)11:26
* timelyx doens't drink but does collect pizza11:26
timelyxwill code for pizza?11:26
pupnikwhat kind of battery life are N810 users seeing?11:27
FunkyPenguineven better, pizza is cheaper than drink11:27
timelyxpupnik: better than my cell phone :)11:27
* timelyx has finally decided what's killing cell phone life11:28
timelyxand it wasn't the n810 :)11:28
* timelyx sighs11:29
timelyxanyone here ever seen a high score board written using a proportional font?11:30
timelyxyou know, so11:30
timelyxthe second score looks longer :)11:30
* timelyx has rank 2 in one of these games :)11:31
* timelyx rotfl11:32
timelyx#4 in one of these games has a negative score11:32
timelyxand in another, 3/4 people have negative scores :)11:32
*** j0tt has quit IRC11:33
*** lindever__ has quit IRC11:33
*** GNUrante has quit IRC11:35
JaffaMorning, all11:35
Jaffatimelyx: did you go to bed at any point, or have I been lazy?11:35
gpdtimelyx: should I bet able to get wget using your magic deb?11:38
timelyxgpd: yes...11:38
timelyxhold on, i'd think so11:38
* timelyx asks gronmeyer11:39
gpdapt-cache search says 'no thanks'11:39
timelyxit claims it's in chinook11:39
gpdbut gronmeyer says it should be in chinook11:39
timelyxit seems to be there11:39
timelyxoh, whacky11:40
timelyxPackage: wget11:40
timelyxFilename: pool/maemo4.0/free/w/wget/wget_1.10.2-2osso2_armel.deb11:40
timelyxyeah, that's there too11:41
timelyxtry apt-get update ?11:42
* timelyx isn't sure where the apt cache is11:42
timelyxthat's odd11:42
timelyxthere's no index.html file in that directory11:42
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo11:43
*** MikeL has quit IRC11:43
* timelyx chuckles11:44
timelyxthere is11:44
timelyxok, here's another rather evil way to figure out if you're using my repository or not11:44
timelyxadd index.html to a path11:44
timelyxif it works, you're talking to a clone11:44
timelyxif it 404's, you're definitely not talking to mine :)11:45
* timelyx frowns11:45
* pupnik frown too11:45
gpdPackage wget is not available, but is referred to by another package.11:46
timelyxi really want to know what's wrong11:48
timelyxthis importer is really lame11:51
*** FunkyPenguin is now known as FunkyGeeko11:56
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo11:58
*** booiiing has quit IRC12:02
*** bergie_ has joined #maemo12:02
JaffaAnyone got the original /home/user/.bookmarks/MyBookmarks.xml somewhere?12:02
hugolpanyone knows when the repos problem will be solved?12:03
timelyxjaffa: see other window12:04
*** booiiing has joined #maemo12:04
timelyxhugolp: only an expert tea leaf reader12:04
timelyxyou could be the one, start practicing12:04
pupniki prefer goat entrails12:04
timelyxthose cost more12:04
hugolptimelyx:  I didint get anything you said12:04
timelyx... really bad movies (anything on USA Network).12:06
* timelyx rotfl12:06
* timelyx misses usa network12:06
*** Rocketman has joined #maemo12:06
timelyxis better12:08
timelyxyeah, sounds like that'll get you started12:11
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo12:11
timelyxjust search for numbers in the tea leaves12:11
*** Locutus6711 has joined #maemo12:15
*** Sho_ has quit IRC12:15
*** msh_ has left #maemo12:17
K_AWAYtimes to make an enemy territory party ....12:30
K_AWAY193.27.10.4 if u want to join me on the same server ...12:31
K_AWAYhum ... noone on the server12:32
K_AWAYso join me on et.clan-life.com12:32
solmumahai'm still amazed how they managed to take a perfect online game like rtcw and turn it to a mess like the et12:33
*** cymacs has joined #maemo12:33
*** eton has joined #maemo12:34
*** barisione has joined #maemo12:35
cymacsany news on the broken debs?12:35
timelyxinfobot deb12:36
infobotmethinks deb is unofficial, all warrantees void,
timelyxcymacs: no news, you're free to try that deb12:36
cymacstimelyx: sounds like it mangles the dns lookup to make it point to a working mirror?12:37
cymacsis there anything that i can use on my host machine to let me setup scratchbox now?12:38
timelyxcymacs: if you can work w/ me in testing, we can try to make the deb handle scratchbox12:39
timelyxi think the file you'd need to change is /scratchbox/etc/hosts12:39
timelyxif changing that works, let me know and i can improve the deb12:39
*** bergie_ has quit IRC12:40
alnri'm trying to get bt pan internet connection to a wm6 phone on my n800/os2007. the first problems i have with scripts liks fanoush is 1) the insmod path doesnt exist. 2nd problem is the pand --connect doesnt do anything (pand --show shows no connection). any ideas?12:41
timelyxalnr: from what i've seen very few people have any experience w/ pand12:42
*** p| has joined #maemo12:50
*** eton_ has joined #maemo12:51
*** chelli has joined #maemo12:52
*** mbuf has quit IRC12:52
* timelyx pokes cymacs12:53
* timelyx pokes Jaffa12:53
cymacstimelyx: the sb installer downloads now12:53
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo12:53
cymacsseems like this will be a merry christmas after all12:54
*** p| has quit IRC12:57
timelyxcymacs: from normal or mine?12:57
cymacstimelyx: when adding the extra line to /scratchbox/etc/hosts12:58
timelyxok, cool12:58
timelyxnow i just need to fix my deb to deal w/ that12:58
cymacstimelyx: it doesn't fully succeed though:
timelyxcymacs: ok, i'll use that list to try to get those files. thanks13:00
*** Xxaxx has joined #maemo13:01
Xxaxxhello :)13:02
Xxaxxis it possible to change symbols on onscreen keyboard ? :)13:02
XxaxxI want to change plus on minus :/13:02
timelyxcymacs: ok, those files are coming in now13:02
Xxaxxplus more usefull for websurfing13:02
Xxaxxserfing :/13:02
timelyxXxaxx: the en-US and en-GB key layouts are different13:02
timelyxtry both13:02
Xxaxxtimelyx: ah, interesting, thanks13:03
timelyxin theory you can build your own (a few reportedly exist)13:03
timelyxcymacs: thanks, that list is now coming in, file at a time13:03
* timelyx goes back to the /scratchbox issue13:03
Xxaxxyeah!! en_GB with minus :)13:04
*** eton has quit IRC13:04
Xxaxxthanks a lot :)13:04
*** amr has joined #maemo13:04
amrwhy is it so difficult to install canola2 on my 77013:04
*** Crfrodf has joined #maemo13:04
amrtrying to install the 'base repository' gives an operation failed13:04
timelyxamr: what os?13:05
amrso i added the bore free non-free on to my tablet13:05
amrwhatever the latest 2006os is13:05
cymacstimelyx: great, i'll continue with my sb/maemo setup after a shower and report any more missing packages13:05
timelyxbora is 200713:05
amrwell the problem is its not showing up anyway13:05
amrin the base-repository.install it says bora13:05
timelyxand it's bora, not bore :)13:05
*** Crfrod has quit IRC13:05
amri meant bora :p13:05
timelyxtypos are common/possible/signfiicant13:05
* timelyx makes enough of them13:06
amri have no idea how to get canola on here now :|13:06
timelyxthere indeed is no canola that i can find in the normal places13:07
timelyxclaims you can add openbossa to get /a/ canola13:07
timelyxcymacs: getting complete, thanks13:07
amri'm looking at the canola2 homepage13:07
amrboth of the 'install' links do nothing13:07
amrinstalling the 'base repo' gives operation failed13:08
timelyxFor Nokia 770 Owners (coming soon):13:08
timelyx- Nokia ITOS 2006 - Gregale13:08
timelyx- Nokia 770 with HE edition13:08
amroh son of a ..13:08
amrhow did i miss that13:08
timelyxCanola works on almost all available Internet Tablets. Please ensure you have a pre-requisite and supported OS version on your Tablet. More13:08
amrwhats the name of the latest os2006, gregale?13:08
amrno, its gregale hah13:09
Xxaxxbtw does anyone knows when advanced xterm will be available?13:09
timelyx# 2.2 - 3.2006.49-2 gregale13:09
timelyxadvanced xterm?13:09
Xxaxxyeah, like xterm from maemo-hackers for os200713:10
kulveXxaxx: I think you can build that from garage yourself.. Not the most convenient way though..13:10
*** Iso has quit IRC13:10
*** Iso has joined #maemo13:11
Xxaxxkulve: yeah, I can code new os, no problem :)13:11
Xxaxxbtw, I was trying to install Garnet VM on 2008(N800) without luck, some problems with dependences, need two libraries13:13
*** murrayc has joined #maemo13:14
Xxaxxneed hildon-fm1/hildon-libs0/libdbus-1-2 for Garnet VM13:15
Xxaxxwhere can I get them?13:15
*** pleemans has quit IRC13:15
kulvethose sounds like 2007 libs13:16
*** andrea has joined #maemo13:16
Xxaxxbut I see Garnet VM link on 2008 site13:17
*** freefood has joined #maemo13:18
freefoodhi all, i am newbie to N800, got one yesterday, have installed a few apps but i cant get maemomapper working13:19
freefoodi went to the downlaod section on this site and it said fie is corruput when it was installing13:19
*** geaaru has joined #maemo13:20
XxaxxGarnet VM link13:20
pupnikyou might need 2x the file size free space freefood13:20
freefoodumm i put in a 2gb stick yesterday13:20
freefoodi saved the 2 files on my taablet in the games folder wnd tehn tried rumn them and it said part of file missing13:21
freefoodjust reading on tablettalk and it says it could be something to do with server overload on maemo13:23
hahlodoes other manufacturer phones connect with n800?13:26
hahlook, some rea on it didn't accept wince13:28
*** murrayc has quit IRC13:29
timelyxcymacs: ok, i've made a new deb, can you try it?13:32
*** jprieur has joined #maemo13:32
cymacstimelyx: sure, same address?13:33
freefoodjust tried to install Canola2 and it says some application packages required are missing??13:40
freefoodanyone know what im doing wrong?13:40
timelyxfreefood: relying on the official servers :)13:40
cymacstimelyx: fails to install on host system with /var/lib/dpkg/info/repository-maemo-org-dns.postinst: 25: Syntax error: "(" unexpected (expecting "fi")13:40
timelyxfreefood: please wait 5 mins13:41
timelyxcymacs: looking13:41
freefoodis that why nameomapper isnt working too?13:41
freefoodand ive no problem waiting13:41
freefoodi get different error message with mapper though, file is corrupt13:41
timelyxcymacs: try again13:42
timelyxfreefood: the general problem is the repository has missing files w/ various interesting errors13:42
timelyxdon't worry, just wait a bit13:42
freefoodlol cool all i wanted to know was it me not doing something right13:43
* timelyx busy waits on cymacs13:43
cymacstimelyx: seems to work now13:44
timelyxinfobot deb13:45
infobotsomebody said deb was unofficial, all warrantees void,
timelyxfreefood: try that13:45
cymacstimelyx: it's very intelligent, i'll ditch my own modification to make it add it itself13:45
timelyxcymacs: thanks for helping :)13:45
timelyxcymacs: :), yeah, i try to grow intelligence into my scripts13:46
timelyxsadly, they go through many iterations13:46
*** whm has joined #maemo13:46
cymacstimelyx: confirming that it also works without an entry13:46
timelyxok, so, just let me know when there are files that don't turn up or turn up corrupt13:47
cymacstimelyx: yeah, i'm redoing the maemo installation now, i think it got broken in the first run before you added the files13:47
*** Luria has joined #maemo13:48
*** booiiing has quit IRC13:48
Luriaanyone around?13:48
Luriagood to hear :-)13:49
Luriacan someone udp ping / nmap -sU me13:49
Luriasomehow openvpn isnt working anymore13:49
timelyxToS forbids :)13:49
Luriabtw, really?13:50
*** slomo has quit IRC13:50
Luriasilly tos13:50
timelyxnot sure, but i'm sure i don't want to find out i'm wrong13:50
Luriai understand13:50
Luriamaybe i can grab wifi signal13:51
* timelyx can't even find anything relevant13:51
Luriano wonder13:51
Luriathe latency on finger phones is real bad13:52
Luriaesp when using an acoustic coupler13:52
Lurianever mind13:53
Luriagot it back13:53
Luriaopenwrt is a bit too smart13:54
Luriai used to be able to make openvpn connections to my dyndns fwded to my desktop even from within my home network, it would go outside and come back13:55
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo13:56
Lurianow i need a separate config for the local network13:56
freefoodtimellyx what is that file you linked to for??13:56
Luriawell, i should be doing that anyway.13:57
timelyxfreefood: it changes the ip address for the standard repositores13:57
infobottimelyx meant: freefood: it changes the ip addriess for the standard repositores13:57
timelyxfreefood: the one there is known at least to enable installing canola and maemo-mapper13:57
Luriaoh dear13:57
freefoodstill wont install for me13:57
Luriais that what replaced _monkey?13:57
timelyxLuria: not exactly13:57
timelyxinfobot existed for a long time next to monkey13:57
timelyxbut most people didn't notice it13:58
Luriathats because he doesnt have a _ preceeding his name13:58
timelyxfreefood: os 2007?13:58
Luriaway down on the channel list13:58
*** mbuf has joined #maemo13:59
timelyxfreefood: k, give me 10mins13:59
freefoodwhen i go to that file do i open or save?13:59
freefoodi just saved13:59
freefoodsorry opened13:59
timelyxyou'll need to install it at some point13:59
timelyxeither open direct, or save and open later13:59
freefoodye i did install it13:59
timelyxyeah, i saw the logs hence i knew broa13:59
timelyxgimme 10mins13:59
Luriabtw are these app manager "broken install file" errors me, repos, or bad repo traffic?13:59
Luriai still cant get py2.5-runtime14:00
*** andrea has quit IRC14:00
Luriaor ukmp or a bunch of others14:00
timelyxinfobot deb14:00 deb is probably unofficial, all warrantees void,
timelyxLuria: try that14:00
timelyxthe official repo has issues14:00
timelyxfreefood: ok, some files are coming14:03
* timelyx thinks it's time to write the log parser14:03
*** Rocketman has quit IRC14:04
Luriaregexes, double your fun, double your problems.14:04
timelyxLuria: wfm14:04
Luriahence the double your fun14:04
Luriasomething for everyone14:05
freefoodcheers timelx14:05
Luriai wish the app manager mentioned which repo a package is coming from14:07
timelyxfreefood: refresh/retry14:07
timelyxLuria: tools>log doesn't?14:08
freefoodthanks, downloading a moment14:08
Luriai mean in the info window, when browsing14:08
freefoodtouch wood14:08
freefoodits 9.4mb, its a big one!14:08
Luriabefore you start an install14:08
pupnikA slight bezel/rounding on the front would make it look a bit slimmer and more elegant
Luriayeah i was thinking about that14:09
*** alterego has joined #maemo14:09
Luriano BT :-/14:09
alteregoNo N810 :P14:10
*** ol_schoola_ has quit IRC14:10
alteregoI think I'm pregnant. I always feel shit when I wake up in the morning.14:10
pupnikyeah no bt is kind of bad.14:10
pupnikclean the bed?14:10
freefoodlol hungover no?14:10
alteregoWait .. I'm a guy ..14:10
alteregoWell .. If Arnie can get pregnant ..14:11
Luriayou could be pregnant with a healthy growing beer gut?14:11
alteregoI didn't go out last night.14:11
Luriacheck your fridge to see if any naughty bottles got out then.14:12
alteregoI don't keep much alcohol at home.14:12
alteregoIn fact, I don't think I've got any at the moment.14:13
Luriathats an entirely different problem14:13
freefoodtimelyx you legend, both worked for me14:13
Luriaand an alternative explination as to why you feel lousy.14:13
alteregoIt's not a problem. I just don't drink at home much :P14:13
freefoodthanks a million, ill send my sirlfriend around to you14:13
Luriasigh. not giving me much to work with :-)14:14
alteregoSure, I'll take your girlfriend :P14:14
* alterego prepares the dungeon.14:14
freefoodhow you know she likes taht?14:15
Luriano beer, but a dungeon?14:15
alteregoEveryone likes a good ole dungeon.14:15
Luriai hate this app manager.14:15
alteregoWhich one?14:16
cymacstimelyx: just two more packages:
Luriathe default one14:16
alteregoI suppose I should flash the new 2008 image that's been sitting on my desktop for the past 4 days.14:17
timelyxcymacs: fetched14:17
timelyxalterego: i think at this point my r.m.o clone is good enough to provide a useful install base14:17
Luriai wonder if anyone ported aptitude14:17
alteregoIsn't it written in PyCrap?14:18
alteregoOh wait .. iCrap, PyThon14:18
pupnikI personally have influenced the design of that thing, and none of my suggestions got into N800 or N81014:19
Luriaaptitude? in python?14:20
pupnikExperience with the tablets has been the opposite.  pupnik: N770 dpad problematic.  nokia: ok, we'll make it worse for N800.  pupnik: N800 dpad worse than 770.  nokia: ok we'll make it even worse for N81014:21
alteregoWhat don't you like about the d. pad?14:21
Luriaits hard to pull off a dragon punch14:22
pupniknot usable for fast motion changes, or 8-way14:22
timelyxpupnik: can you name *any* nokia input methods that support either?14:22
pupnikwhich is ok.  it just hampers gaming.14:22
timelyxpupnik: the tablets generally recycle current stock nokia components14:23
timelyxif there aren't good components for a given thing, and the thing isn't a major differentiator for the device, they're not going to use non stock14:23
pupnikmmk.  it's just an unfortunate limitation14:24
timelyxthe differentiator for the tablets is the screen14:24
timelyxso that's not stock14:24
doc|homeit'd be nice if you could use the dpad for downward scrolling in the browser. Currently it seems to skip from link to link14:24
timelyxwhich means it's more expensive14:24
Luriai wouldnt mind recycling an n810 xflective screen into my n800...14:24
timelyxdoc|home: either press and hold, or use this deb14:24
Luriaanyone tried such hackery?14:24
doc|hometimelyx: cool, thanks14:24
pupniki have read that the screen is slightly smaller, Luria14:25
Xxaxxyeah, screen will be good14:25
timelyxsame screen in 770 and n81014:25
* timelyx is too lazy to go find an n80014:25
timelyxthey're around /somewhere/14:25
timelyxsame by dimensions, i mean14:26
pupnikoh then the website was incorrect .  hah.  incorrect info on the internet.14:26
Luriai assume the connector is the same14:26
timelyxthat's a different question :)14:27
timelyxpupnik: my favorite is the nokia pages14:27
Luriai mean, it would be stupid to change it14:27
timelyxtry clicking "Nokia 4GB microSDHC Card MU-41"14:27
Luriabut then again, it would be stupid to kill the video bus and not use an onboard 3d chip14:28
*** freefood has quit IRC14:28
timelyxoh wow14:28
timelyxthey fixed the recommend link14:28
timelyxclicking Email your friend used to talk about the n8114:28
*** thefool|away has joined #maemo14:28
timelyxeven though the page was the n810 :)14:28
timelyxno fair14:29
timelyximproving pages14:29
Xxaxxhehe, funny email notification in OS200814:29
timelyxwell, at least the sd card link is still broken14:29
Luriaanyone know anything about modest/tinymail?14:29
timelyxLuria: i know who writes it :)14:29
timelyxdoes that count? :)14:29
Xxaxxyeah, light bliking and mail image in tray14:29
Luriamaybe :-)14:29
*** Iso has quit IRC14:30
*** Iso has joined #maemo14:30
Luriai was wondering about the timeframe for it becoming the default client and whether it would get a tnef parser14:30
Xxaxxbtw, why reboot option turned off in /etc/systemui/systemui.xml ?14:30
Lurianot ms email support, but enough to pull out attachments that have been lumped together14:31
*** jprieur has quit IRC14:31
alteregoXxaxx, because it is.14:31
alteregoMy computer doesn't have a reset button ..14:31
Xxaxxhehe, but why? :)14:32
timelyxXxaxx: be happy the option is even listed :)14:32
sp3000it'd be fairly worthless clutter14:32
timelyxsp3000: i thought that was a buzzword14:32
sp3000flashing is a fiasco! :P14:33
Luriai want to get n810s for network staff at the startup i might be joining... invariably someone sends a winmail.dat14:33
* sp3000 throws his hands in the air14:33
*** rlifchitz_ has quit IRC14:33
timelyxLuria: want something amusing?14:33
pupnikbtw reminder if anyone has a N810 -- xterm commands for speed tests
*** shackan has joined #maemo14:38
pupnikhelp people decide with mini-SD or micro-SD cards to buy...14:39
thefool|awayhey pupnik, did you ever have to return a tablet? I can't figure out where exactly to go14:39
pupnikme never.. contact the seller14:39
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC14:39
pupniksync; time sh -c "dd if=/dev/zero of=/media/mmc1/testfile bs=1M count=100;sync"  <<< write test for cards14:40
timelyxpupnik: micro unless there's some reason to buy mini14:40
pupnikok thx14:40
pupniktime dd if=/media/mmc1/testfile of=/dev/null bs=1M  <<< read test for cards14:41
timelyxmicro is all that works in my e61i14:41
timelyxand it works in my n810 and n80014:41
timelyxunfortunately none of the sd's work in 770s :)14:41
timelyxagain, it's a matter of which components were used in phones14:41
timelyxmy 9300i was using mmc (full)14:42
* timelyx thinks it was full mmc and not rs14:42
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo14:42
timelyxtry clicking on the picture14:42
*** thefool|away has quit IRC14:43
alteregotimeless, or the link ..14:45
alteregoNeither work ..14:45
alteregoIn fact .. Nothing works on that page :P14:45
alteregoThat site is old school.14:46
*** ixiso has joined #maemo14:51
ixisoHi guys any workarounds for the broken debs?14:53
*** csd has joined #maemo14:53
timelyxinfobot deb14:54
infobotmethinks deb is unofficial, all warrantees void,
timelyxixiso: try that14:54
*** t_s_o has quit IRC14:55
hahlodoes usb-cable charge n800 battery?14:56
ixisotimelyx: ok, will check this out14:57
ixisoi just wanted to get my python install back14:57
*** NetBlade has quit IRC14:58
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo14:59
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo15:04
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo15:05
*** sp3000 has quit IRC15:08
*** NetBlade has quit IRC15:17
*** skibur has joined #maemo15:18
skiburGood Morning15:19
skiburanything new?15:19
*** Locutus6711 has quit IRC15:22
timelyxskibur: i'm advertising my repo replacement :)15:22
timelyxinfobot deb15:22 deb is, like, unofficial, all warrantees void,
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo15:22
hugolpinfobot:  do they give warrantees with the oficial software?15:24
* infobot does they give warrantees with the oficial software.15:24
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo15:30
timelyxskibur: from infobot15:35
timelyxhugolp: i think the hardware probably has some warrantee :)15:35
timelyxdunno about the software15:35
hugolptimelyx:  my brain should have some warrantee about not trying to talk to a bot15:36
timelyxs/warrantee/warning ? :)15:36
ixisotimelyx: the ip in the repo package fix doent seem to work15:36
timelyxixiso: um... how so? so far everyone else is happy :|15:37
ixisoDunno but just going to shows the error15:38
timelyxixiso: it's dreamhost15:38
timelyxyou can't go to the ip address w/o specifying a host15:38
ixisoDo you think its a proxy issue?15:38
timelyxseems unlikely15:39
ixisoWill try again15:40
*** jprieur has joined #maemo15:41
timelyxixiso: can you load /etc/hosts in the browser?15:41
timelyxdoes it show the entry?15:41
fnordiansliptimelyx: if i install your deb and then some packages from your  repo, when r.m.o comes back up, is it now just a matter of uninstalling your repo deb or is there more to be done to make things sane again?15:43
fnordiansliphmm. yes it will be sane again?15:44
fnordianslipsounds straightforward enuff15:44
scripthm, is it possible to use Libconic on ITOS2006, too?15:47
scriptat least there's an on my 77015:47
*** fnordianslippers has joined #maemo15:47
fnordianslippersinfobot: repository.maemo.oorg15:48
fnordianslippersinfobot: deb15:48
infobothmm... deb is unofficial, all warrantees void,
timelyxi suppose i could stick an entry for the hostnam15:49
ixisotimelyx: will this work with the /extras repo too?15:51
ixisoIm still getting size mismatch errors15:52
timelyxwhich files?15:52
timelyxixiso: it should, but i mirrored from the same broken repositories everyone else uses15:54
timelyxso unless someone tells me about bad files, it's hard for me to spot them15:54
ixisoic w8 a bit i lost my xterm15:55
ixisotimelyx: here you go
*** csd has left #maemo15:58
skiburanybody using slackware as we chat?15:58
ixisoCopy and pasting is such a chore on an n800 =D15:58
timelyxixiso: ok, this'll take a bit, i need to find a working repsitory15:59
ixiso timelyx: are you paying for the bw for this?15:59
timelyxit's dreamhost, and a friend is hosting it15:59
timelyxat some point, i probably should give him something16:00
timelyx(a lot of somethings)16:00
*** MikeL has joined #maemo16:00
ixisoHaha, i tried looking for a list of mirrors. Google wasnt helpful16:01
timelyxthe mirrors are serviced by akamai16:05
sp3000gpe calendar missing libsoup? why, applications::calendar16:05
timelyxgive me a bit, i'm trying to figure out how to trick wget16:05
sp3000because those are obviously related :)16:05
*** rlifchitz has joined #maemo16:07
amris there an ftpd for the tablets?16:09
*** blassey has quit IRC16:09
timelyxask gronmeyer (see topic)16:10
timelyxbut do you really want to run an ftpd on a tablet?16:10
*** blassey has joined #maemo16:10
amryeah, transfer files quickly16:11
Xxaxxscp ?16:12
amrgood point16:12
fnordianslipi only seem to get about 5Mb/s through my n800 or my NSLU2 via scp/sftp.  I guess ftp might be quicker without the crypto overhead16:13
amrwell its only local16:13
fnordianslipmmm.  is sshfs/fuse avalable for the tablets16:13
amrcopy files ive just edited on my laptop to the tablet16:13
*** geaaru has quit IRC16:13
alteregoHave you tried it with usb net?16:13
amrusb transfer seems to break things and i'm not sure why16:14
alteregousb net ..16:14
*** doc|home has quit IRC16:14
alteregoDon't make me repeat myself three times ..16:15
sp3000fnordianslip, dunno but this case was poking at the tablet from elsewhere16:15
amryou said usb net, if i knew what the hell you were talking about i would answer16:15
* sp3000 doesn't see how usbnet is an answer to ftpd16:15
alteregoIF you don't know what I was talking about you could have said "No, I've not tried USB networking" ..16:15
sp3000since ftpd assumes a network already16:16
fnordianslipsp3000:  yep, but sshfs/fuse would be nice, but methinks it needs kernel modules16:16
alteregoIt was an idea to increase speed sp300016:16
amralterego, i didnt know about usb networking, so no i haven't tried it - my response of 'what?' should have been a pretty big indication16:16
alteregofnordianslip, depends which way. I use sshfs to access my tablet from my desktop.16:16
sp3000alterego: hence the <amr> who? :)16:16
*** jprieur has quit IRC16:16
*** MikeL_ has joined #maemo16:17
amryeah i recall reading that someone was working on fuse but it required kernel modules16:17
sp3000fnordianslip, but only at one end afaiui16:18
fnordianslipalterego:  me too, but i'd like to do t the other way round.  perhaps an sftp client would be easier, especially with intermittent connectivity16:18
alteregoIt requires a kernel module. But only for fuse on the N800. Like I said, I can access my N800 with fuse on my desktop and OpenSSH on the tablet.16:18
scriptok ... libconic works on itos2006 .. great!16:18
alteregoscript, libconic is not a part of OS200616:19
scriptalterego: but it works16:19
alteregoMaybe I'm mistaken.16:19
alteregoI was under the impression it first appeared in 200716:19
scriptalterego: i didn't even reinstall it16:19
scriptalterego: thats what i read too16:19
*** snak has joined #maemo16:19
scriptalterego: but i just tested it on my 770 and it tells me "we're connected to xyz ..."16:19
scriptyes it is - and it saves me a lot of mess i guess :)16:20
*** fnordianslippers has quit IRC16:20
alteregoYeah, good to know.16:20
ixisoIs it possible to make a usb hdd to work on a n80016:20
timelyxixiso: ok, i've asked a proxy to help me out16:20
alteregoixiso, they should work out of the box with a power source and the correct cable/adapters16:20
timelyxnot sure if it's going to work16:20
truentis libconic available in os2008?16:21
alteregoAll my USB storage devices work fine with OS200816:21
alteregotruent, of course.16:21
truenti tried require 'conic' in ruby the other day16:21
truentno gewd16:21
ixisotimelyx: thanks!16:22
alteregotruent, it's there :P16:22
truentruby-maemo broken?16:22
ixisoalterego: cool, this doesnt require cable soldering and all that mess right?16:23
alteregoWell, yes it is. But conic should require okay :P16:23
alteregoixiso, no, you just need a male to male adapter.16:23
timelyxalterego: unfortunately the proxy i found doesn't seem to work16:23
truentit was in irb if that makes a diff16:23
alteregoYou can buy then for a couple of dollars at any decent electronics store.16:23
Veggenalterego: uh, so it'll provide power to the usb port now?16:23
alteregoVeggen, no. I said earlier you need a power supply :P16:23
Veggenah, right. To the USB-port on the n800 too, or just to your devices?16:24
Cptnodegardhah enda en nordmann :D16:24
alteregoIt does supply power. But not much. ~3.3v at 200ma16:25
scriptso ... now i'll try the con_ic_connection_get_all_iaps() stuff ...16:25
ixiso timelyx: hmmm... Thats ok. No hurries16:25
scriptthats what i really need :)16:25
VeggenCpt: Har vært her lenge, ikke så veldig aktiv bestandig :)16:25
Cptnodegardventer på n800 fra cdon :P 3200-> 2089 på vintersalg16:25
* truls bought one from amazon16:26
alteregotruent, require 'conic' works fine for me. What version of ruby-maemo are you using?16:26
Cptnodegardamazon sender ikke hit16:26
*** christz has joined #maemo16:26
Veggenalterego: So a normal usb-powered hub and a male-to-male adapter is all you need? cool, I think I have that.16:26
alteregoVeggen, yup.16:26
alteregoVeggen, the HUB is optional for a powered USB hard drive though. As the large ones have their own PSUs.16:27
Veggenalterego: mm, true.16:27
Veggenwonder if my Nikon D200 does. probably not.16:27
sp3000timelyx: for ?16:27
skiburI just installed pidgin on my Slacky!!!16:28
*** MikeL has quit IRC16:28
ixisoalterego: icic. So im assuming the boot menu that says boot usb disk will also work on 2008?16:28
alteregoixiso, I don't know. I've not setup dual booting yet ..16:28
timelyxsp3000: yeah16:28
sp3000212.23.59.7 and gave me those with ?oh-hi-there16:28
timelyxsp3000: yeah, but i need a proxy server to redirect16:28
timelyxi found a perl proxy server, which i hacked16:28
ixisoIm still staying away from 2008 since skype doent work well16:28
timelyxbut the server doesn't seem to work well enough to use16:28
Veggennuts. give me willpower not to drag out all the stuff and look for the needed parts, today. Just stuffed it away for christmas yesterday...16:29
Cptnodegardguess and a split USB cable will give you on the run HDD support then, if you have a 2.5" external hdd16:29
*** mazzen has joined #maemo16:30
JaffaEugh, clicking "delete" in modest says "are you sure you want to delete message [...]". Need to find that page about undo vs. confirmation and raise a bug16:33
skiburIs Garnet VM open source?16:33
ixisoCptnodegard: ic. I only have a 3.5hdd that will work anyway since has.its own power right? /Me not a hardware guy16:33
skiburWhat do I need to have to install it?16:33
Cptnodegardif you have the ac adapter yes, but then yuou need a ac outlet to use it :)16:33
trulsCptnodegard: joda, bare kjøp fra en amazon-tilknyttet selger16:33
trulsCptnodegard: jeg fikk levert til Japan16:34
Cptnodegard3.5" HDD's use significantly more power than 2.5" ones, which can be run off usb only. using such a battery usb thing would make the HDD independent from a AC outlet16:34
snakskibur: someone tried Garnet VM yesterday. They had to reflash thier n800 as a result16:34
Cptnodegardtruls: nice. a lot of work though :P and for warranty's sake, 2000 isnt that bad from a norwegian store16:35
timelyxsp3000: ok, grabbing on a different box, i'll  push it back once i have them16:35
ixisoCptnodegard: haha. Booting on a hdd will then be my next adventure16:35
skiburo k16:35
ixisoJust need to scrap luks for now16:35
skiburWill wait for the time being.  :P  Thanks for the heads up16:36
snakif you see "thefool" ask him about it16:36
snakhe was a bit pissed off -.-16:36
* pupnik plays some 'sven'16:36
skiburI would be too16:36
*** MikeL_ is now known as MikeL16:37
skiburEspecially with the REPOS issues right now,  downloading is a female dog. :P16:37
timelyxixiso: try again16:38
* skibur = skybur != skeebur16:38
timelyxinfobot deb16:40
infobothmm... deb is unofficial, all warrantees void,
timelyxskibur: try that16:40
timelyxif you have problems, use to give me a list of files that don't work16:40
skiburtrying it out...16:41
ixisotimelyx: same thing still :(16:42
ixisoTried 3x already16:42
Cptnodegardis there a way of charging a N800 with USB? not necessarily through its usb, but maybe a cable that charges through the normal AC hole but from USB16:43
ixisoDoes these repo issues happen often/?16:43
fnordianslipCptnodegard i have such a cable. it seems to charge but not very fast.16:43
Jaffaixiso: nope - this is the first time for this exact problem. But a month or so ago, most of * was broken (excluding the repository IIRC)16:44
JaffaFor anyone who hates "are you sure" dialogues, please vote on
timelyxixiso: try clearing apt cache in application manager (requires red pill)16:44
Cptnodegardfnordianslip: i see. i was thinking for use when the internal battery is flat, run it off usb. is that possible, or doesnt usb provide enough power to run directly off it?16:45
timelyxthe last log entry i have for  bora is ~half an hour ago16:45
sp3000Jaffa: meh, doesn't stop is a bit too certain16:45
sp3000does it have undo for that though?16:45
pupnik"If at first you don't succeed...."16:45
pupnik"... don't take-up skydiving."16:45
Jaffatimelyx: your repo mirror isn't exactly speedy16:46
* sp3000 goes try to find food16:46
timelyxJaffa: it's dreamhost, what speed are you getting?16:47
Jaffasp3000: true - hyperbole on my part. Apologies, I should've said "doesn't stop most people deleting emails they didn't intend to at least once"16:47
Jaffatimelyx: last time apt-get showed me a counter it said 328B/s16:47
fnordianslipCptnodegard: not really sure.  usb gives up to  500mA IIRC.  charger is rated at 890mA.  i've never tried USB charging with a flat battery, just use it for toppin gup.16:47
Jaffatimelyx: 1% [2 libevas0 7240/175kB 4%]                                    713B/s 1h6m14s16:48
sp3000Jaffa: I'd think it should stop an accidental action pretty well, incorrect action maybe not so much16:48
sp3000Jaffa: Settings Saved [OK] :)16:49
timelyxsp3000: did i file that bug16:49
timelyxor just report it directly16:49
sp3000I think it would have been in the direct list16:49
Cptnodegardfnordianslip: IC. I ordered a shoshine USB two way charger and 4 900mAh AAA batteries for it. The usb charger can provide 1000mAh through its USB, and if the charger uses 890mAh, the 900mAh batteries should more or less provide 1 hour of normal non-slowed down charging to the N800. In theory :)16:49
Cptnodegardthat is, the charger is 5V?16:50
fnordianslipCptnodegard: yep. 5v16:50
skiburKDE, Qtopia, Garnet VM, and What Else?   On the N800/N810 projects are Freaking Sweet!16:50
XxaxxGarnet VM don't working16:50
skiburlook great on OS200716:51
Xxaxxunder OS200816:51
snaksaid that already xD16:51
kbsinghall you star wars fans, specially those that like it lego style :
skiburWhich Project will be Kick Butt in the 2008?16:51
snakWHAT!? STAR WARS! YES16:51
ixisotimelyx: dls still broken :(... Though i just deleted all the debs in archives and archives/partial16:52
kbsinghsnak: its infectious16:52
snakskibur: mine, after i install maemo SDK and figure out how to program it =)16:52
halleykbsingh, all you star wars fans, specially those who like it bagpipe style:     ink = pen - self.cooked[-1][0]16:52
halley    far = ink.magnitude()16:52
halley    if far < JITTER:16:52
halley    far = int(far * 3 / span)16:52
halleyErr.  Sorry.16:52
kbsinghhalley: GAH!16:52
skiburwhat is your project Snak?16:52
halleykbsingh, all you star wars fans, specially those who like it bagpipe style:
snakhavent got one yet16:52
snakim in the process of learning to program it ^_^16:53
timelyxixiso: hrm16:53
timelyx62.49.18.154 - - [23/Dec/2007:06:02:44 -0800] "GET /extras/pool/bora/free/p/python-dbus/python2.5-dbus_0.71-1osso8_armel.deb HTTP/1.1" 200 89559 "-" "Debian APT-HTTP/1.3"16:53
kbsinghhalley: grim16:53
timelyxthat's the last record i have of a bora request16:53
timelyxand it's the same one i had earlier16:53
timelyxcan someone please explain what is ?16:54
FMZAny word yet on Videocenter and / or fixes to Canola2 podcast support?16:54
halleytimelyx, oxymoron?16:54
FMZtimelyx: It's where they keep the horses16:55
* pupnik scuttles off like MC-Hammer moving sideways16:55
*** pupnik is now known as pupnik-afk16:55
Cptnodegardrofl, halley, brilliant video16:55
kbsinghthis is the non lego ver
Cptnodegardand the lego thing xD16:56
snaknice star wars vid btw16:56
Cptnodegardtrek > gate > wars though16:57
ixisotimelyx: hmmm... Weird if i put one of the deb in my browser i see the same error. Is it possible that my isp has tranParent proxy?16:57
Knirchmas^ b5 >16:57
snakactually, its trek > wars > gate16:58
Cptnodegardnah stargate pwns16:58
Cptnodegardatlantis ftw16:58
snakno it doesnt, sg1 finished cause it ran out of steam and atlantis is running out of steam too16:58
Knirchmasstargate is one of those series that grow on you. at first, I really didn't like it, but hey, after 5-6 years it got moderetly enjoyable16:59
kbsinghsorry for starting all this OT chatter :/16:59
* kbsingh gets his coat16:59
snakand star wars has lightsabers16:59
youamsnak: "out of steam" after being the longest running scifi show (except dr who, perhaps)16:59
JaffaBest of Trek == Best of Gate > Wars. Unfortunately set(worst of Trek) > set(worst of Gate)16:59
FMZsg1 ran out of steam a few years ago... the damn writers got out and pushed.16:59
KnirchmasJaffa: I take it you haven't sat through the entire TAS then :D16:59
snakFMZ: aggreed16:59
JaffaKnirchmas: I meant set(worst of Trek).isWorseThan(set(worst of Gate)) ;-)17:00
KnirchmasJaffa: and I _STILL_ don't think you've seen the entire TAS :)17:00
snakwhile(1) printf("Wtf?");17:00
Knirchmasthat said, I haven't seen the animated gate stuff17:01
JaffaNot seen all of TAS, no. Seen enough. Some of it (_Yesteryear_ is very cool)17:01
JaffaKnirchmas: It's unofficial and not connected with the movies or the TV series in any way except some of the concepts17:01
timelyxixiso: which url?17:01
timelyxixiso: when i load it w/ my browser, i get;17:02
timelyxdebian-binary ...17:02
Cptnodegardhmm, has there been any software updates for the n800 allowing for A2DP support?17:02
snakatlantis plots have been hit and miss lately17:03
snakthe latest one is rubbish17:03
CptnodegardSG1 isnt finished through :P17:04
Cptnodegardonly the tv series is done17:04
ixisotimelyx: only tried this though17:05
timelyxixiso: seems fine from my side17:05
timelyxwhat does it show?17:05
snakI thaught it got too epic to be any good anymore, it happens to tv shows that go on too long and dont know where to take the plot17:06
* timelyx sees someone trying to get sqlite17:07
halleyIt's called "jumping the shark".17:07
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo17:07
ixisotimelyx: The service is temporarily unavailable. We are very sorry for the inconvinience it may cause.17:07
Cptnodegardi want the LCARS skin that i saw for the 770, when i get my n800 ^^ that looked freakin sweet17:08
timelyxixiso: that file isn't coming form me17:08
maddlerheya Cptnodegard! :)17:09
timelyxixiso: try loading
maddlerCptnodegard: didn't knew you wre in maemo stuff as well :)17:09
Cptnodegardlol maddler you have an IT?17:09
maddlerCptnodegard: you bet!17:09
Cptnodegardjust ordered mine two days ago :p17:09
Cptnodegardstarted joining here to learn about stuff17:09
maddler800 or 810?17:09
Cptnodegardwinter sale, the 810 is way out of my league17:10
Cptnodegardas its 650 bucks here xD17:10
ixisotimelyx: Not Found17:10
ixisoThe requested URL /xx was not found on this server.17:10
ixisoApache/1.3.33 Server at Port 8017:10
* timelyx ran out of disk space17:10
maddleryep... nad OS2008 on N800 is simply great!17:10
timelyxixiso: that's not me :)17:10
timelyxme is:17:10
timelyxSorry, I can't find that file17:10
Cptnodegardyeah have to update to that when i get it... stupid holidays in the way :(17:11
maddlerI'm going to get an n810 with new year... :)17:13
snakjust out of curiosity, how many people here are students?17:15
ixisotimelyx: i dont need to restart to make /etc/hosts work right?17:15
timelyxyou shouldn't17:15
fnordianslipi didn't17:15
kbsinghdepends on your glibc resolver lib policy :D17:15
kbsinghrestarting the app might help, however17:16
Xxaxxscummvm without binds on letters for broken sword 2 :( can't save game17:16
ixisoHmm thats weird17:16
snakim gonna take it theres no students here O.o17:16
ixisomaybe my isp is messing with me17:17
timelyxixiso: it shouldn't be17:17
*** sxpert has quit IRC17:17
timelyxixiso: as long as your computer is correctly picking an ip address17:17
kbsinghtimelyx: might be worth putting together some of this stuff into a wiki page somewhere. in the last 2 days, almost all conversation here seems to be heading down the exact same path17:17
timelyxthe isp can't redirect it to a different ip address17:17
Xxaxxhow can I type something to application without onscreen keyboard support?17:18
Xxaxxany letter :/17:18
ixisotimelyx: oh well, any other ideas?17:18
Xxaxxzoran: console what? :)17:19
timelyxixiso: can you /etc/hosts17:19
* timelyx is confused17:19
zoranconsole app17:19
Xxaxxnope, gui17:19
zoranor graphical one17:19
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo17:19
zoranprobably no way17:19
zoranmaybe on n81017:20
Xxaxxhm, strange17:20
*** eton_ has quit IRC17:20
zoranapp takes input, whatever it is17:20
zoranmaybe some tweak in variables17:20
Xxaxxmaybe some application can send command to X for this17:21
Xxaxx"type letter A" :)17:21
* timelyx ponders17:21
timelyxXxaxx: have you looked at the xbthid ?17:21
zoranline set $INPUT /dev/sda117:21
zoranbut, it could make device unresponsoble17:22
Xxaxxtimelyx: what is it?17:22
Jaffatimelyx: getting much better speed now17:23
zoranbluetooth device?17:23
Cptnodegardmaddler, do you ever go on pocketables? jenn, who rus the site, has both n810 and n800 - some nice comparison pics. a keyboard is nice, but IMO an extra sdhc port is just as useful for me, since im gonna buy a BT keyboard anyways17:23
timelyxixiso: i don't suppose you have ssh installed?17:24
*** sxpert has joined #maemo17:24
ixisotimelyx: i have17:25
maddlerCptnodegard: no... kever heard about it...17:25
maddlerCptnodegard: url?17:25
ixisoBut im behind a router17:25
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo17:25
maddleryep... tow SD slots are reat...17:25
JaffaCptnodegard: I find the built-in keyboard in the N810 much handier than the separate keyboard I had with my N800. Not as handy as on a Psion, of course; but pretty good.17:26
maddlerJaffa: Psion 5MX was amazing!17:26
maddlerI had two...17:26
ixisodo tne bluetooth kybiards work well on emacs?17:26
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo17:27
ixisoErr sorry for the typoes :)17:27
timelyxixiso: try ssh -v -v -v repository.maemo.org17:27
Cptnodegardmaddler:  - jenn used to write for ABi too, but shes more of a pocketables generally person and not just DAPs, her site is a nice read though. lots of reviews of UMPCs, tablets etc17:27
timelyxixiso: it'll tell you what ip address it picked in the debug output17:28
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC17:28
CptnodegardJaffa: Yeah, built in keyboard is indeed nice. though i'm buying the n800 primarily for school use (instead of that heavy laptop), and carrying a BT keyboard isnt much hassle to get bigger keys.17:28
zoranor nmap, it gives ip address17:29
maddlernice site...17:29
Cptnodegardit used to be pink :p17:30
maddlergray is way better!17:30
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo17:31
ixisotimelyx: done. Password please :)17:31
*** skibur has quit IRC17:34
timelyxixiso: you're not supposed to log in17:36
timelyxdebug1: Connecting to [_what_is_here_] port 22.17:36
zoranport is open,
zoranresolves to 2 ips17:37
zoranand looks like win box17:38
zoranor with samba17:39
*** Blain has joined #maemo17:39
*** snak has quit IRC17:40
L0cutusmaemo repository debs again corrupted ?!?17:41
zoranyes for me17:41
timelyxinfobot deb17:42 deb is probably unofficial, all warrantees void,
timelyxL0cutus / zoran: feel free to try using that17:42
* timelyx still can't figure out why ixiso isn't getting the right behavior17:42
zorantimelyx, I still cannot get correct gregale list from that repo17:43
timelyxgrep host /etc/nsswitch.conf17:43
timelyxzoran: gregale!?17:43
timelyxwhich repo, normal, extras, extras-devel?17:43
zoranyes, fine beast17:43
zoranall of them, probably normal is making the problem17:43
zoranand all non-free17:43
zoranrecalling from log17:44
timelyxzoran: can you the log ?17:45
zorantimelyx, what to remove to try from the start? whatever I do, cannot refresh the list17:45
timelyxzoran: enable red pill mode17:45
zorantimelyx, not this evening17:45
timelyxthen go into settings17:45
zoranand I did17:45
timelyxthere should be some check box for clearing things17:45
zoranwhatever I do, it says " cannot refresh, go to list from 17.1217:46
zoranliteraly everything17:46
*** Tuco has joined #maemo17:46
zoranremoving status didn't help17:47
timelyxtry killing /var/lib/apt/lists17:47
zoranneed time17:48
Cptnodegardok, a Q fo ryou N800 users. Xvid, ~1000 kpbs, ~625x350/~520x380 resolution (16:9/4:3) - will mplayer be able to run something like that well without conversion? I've gotten both yes' and no's on xvid and divx on it, so found the most used spcs with my files.17:48
timelyxmost people pick 400x240 w/ doubling17:48
sp3000gpesummary is apparently apps::feedreader17:48
*** Xxaxx has left #maemo17:49
timelyxsp3000: eh17:49
* sp3000 is just trolling around recent bugs :P17:49
Cptnodegardtimeless: so thats a no on running those xvid specs?17:49
timelyxCptnodegard: *shrug*17:49
timelyxand i'm both, so that's no problem17:49
* timelyx doesn't deal w/ video17:49
sp3000timelyx: well if gpecalendar is apps::calculator, that makes sense eh ;)17:49
* zoran gone to feed dragons17:50
timelyxsp3000: misdirected:<something>17:50
sp3000if there was a risk of misdirected bugs bothering a more focused set of people in this case I'd suggest apps::other to catch these, but maybe that's not a real risk currently17:52
sp3000not nearly enough bugs for that :)17:52
timelyxsp3000: thanks for commenting in the bookmarks bug17:53
timelyxdid i botch that?17:53
JaffaCptnodegard: I just run stuff through <plug> </plug>. Supposedly depending on level of action, 640x368 DivX/Xvid has worked with mplayers, but I transocde to save space anyway17:54
timelyxsp3000: is the -f needed?17:55
sp3000yes, otherwise the arg would be script text17:55
timelyxthe filename would be treated as a script text?17:56
sp3000sed would17:56
*** cymacs has quit IRC17:56
timelyxclearly i never use sed w/ files :)17:57
ixisotimelyx: its getting late here. Il will try again tom. Thanks for all the help.17:57
timelyxixiso: sorry, i don't get it17:58
timelyxwhy your device is behaving differently17:58
timelyxdid i ask you to grep host /etc/nsswitch.conf ?17:59
*** eton_ has joined #maemo17:59
timelyxoh wait17:59
timelyxis your connection configured to use a proxy?17:59
timelyxif it is, then dns resolution wouldn't happen in the client17:59
timelyxand that'd do it17:59
timelyx(in control panel/connections)17:59
timelyxsp3000: can you do some sort of sanity check to confirm whether apt-cache works w/ gregale repos?18:00
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo18:00
ixisohosts:          files dns18:00
* timelyx chuckles18:01
timelyxi suppose i could actually use the 770 that's sitting in front of me (and powered on)18:01
ol_schoolame yawns and scratches18:02
timelyxixiso: i'm inherently lazy :)18:02
ol_schoolatimelyx: sign of a good coder18:03
timelyxapplication manager didn't let me install mxr-*.deb18:03
timelyxok, repository deb worked fine18:04
timelyxcute, trying to install it a second time "just worked"18:05
sp3000timelyx: what sort of sanity check?18:05
timelyxbasically does apt-get update and apt-cache search work for gregale18:06
ixisotimelyx: gtg now. Will get back tom here. Thanks again.18:07
*** ixiso has left #maemo18:07
timelyxixiso: sorry, gregale for / is working fine non-free + free18:07
sp3000timelyx: extras gregale seems to give reasonable looking results in sbox18:08
timelyxextras gregale just failed here18:08
timelyx[Sun Dec 23 08:08:08 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist: /mnt/sidestep/vol/white/postal/timeless/reposit18:09
k-s[AWAY]FMZ: no fixes for canola2 until january, and probably it's end of january18:09
sp3000timelyx: ...oh, your rmo?18:09
* timelyx is out of disk space18:09
timelyxsp3000: yeah18:09
sp3000this was the real one :)18:10
timelyxok. so i need to figure out which things i'm not supposed to have :)18:10
*** jprieur has joined #maemo18:10
*** skibur has joined #maemo18:10
skiburI'm back now18:10
skiburI was just updating my Slacky18:10
timelyxk-s: good, because my repository if it ever updates won't update for a while :)18:12
*** lindever__ has quit IRC18:13
*** mbuf has quit IRC18:18
*** FMZ has quit IRC18:19
*** FunkyGeeko has left #maemo18:20
*** ||cw has quit IRC18:21
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC18:23
fnordianslipwhat was that recently announced website with the apps for internet sharing of music etc?  anyone remember?18:23
fnordianslipi can't find any links anywhere.  it is like i dreamt the whole thing.18:27
alteregoWhat makes you think we know?18:28
fnordianslipoptimism mostly18:28
timelyxsp3000 / Jaffa: what's wrong with these pictures:18:29
timelyx(presumably, they're press pictures or nokia videos, and not the fault of the blogger)18:29
MikeLfnordianslip: webbot? webcat? like orb called something like that,18:30
* timelyx cries18:30
fnordianslipyes.. something like that18:30
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo18:30
MikeLwebot :-)18:32
guardianwoo i got my hands on a N81018:32
fnordianslipwoohoo. cheers mikel.18:32
*** Tahitibob has joined #maemo18:33
sp3000timelyx: isle of man is in a green sea, the stylus is 770's?18:35
sp3000no running app icon, but that's just details18:36
timelyxthey photoshopped it!18:36
sp3000the 664x354 text on top of tn and app is a bit surprising18:37
sp3000those are screenshots from the flash pres that's linked to18:38
sp3000so since that's animated and all I'd forgive them some of it18:40
sp3000the odd text doesn't seem to be present in the flash18:40
*** jeff1f has joined #maemo18:43
*** MikeL has quit IRC18:45
*** Andy80 has quit IRC18:48
*** cymacs has joined #maemo18:49
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo18:50
*** GNUro has quit IRC18:56
*** playya has joined #maemo18:57
cymacsdoes anybody know what the os2008 equivalent of "maemo-gtk-im-switch xim" is? (i.e.: how to turn on regular x input method on 2008)18:57
*** johnx has joined #maemo18:57
halleycymacs, no, but what language do you need?18:59
*** ||cw has joined #maemo18:59
halleycymacs, scim-anthy is in maemo-japanese-support (
cymacshalley: i managed to compile synergy2 for 2008 and i just want to see the cursor :-)19:00
*** mankod has joined #maemo19:06
sp3000hmm, google maps is giving me weird hints19:06
sp3000Katso reittiohjeet, esim. jfk: %1$s 350 5th ave, new york: %2$s seattle: %1$s 98109: %2$s19:06
JaffaSelect all/who19:06
sp3000(did you mean) Tarkoititko: jfk: %1s 350 5th ave, new york: %2s19:07
sp3000why yes I did!19:07
shackanis there a vnc client saner than vncviewer? for some unspeakable reason it insists on sending my keyboard input TWICE19:10
halleySee if there's some duplex setting.19:10
shackanthere's none19:11
skiburDoesn't anybody own a Mac?19:11
fnordianslipi do19:12
skiburWhat is the feature that shows all mini widgets on the screen?19:12
halleyF12 by default19:12
skiburo yes19:12
skiburthats it19:12
*** Freefood has joined #maemo19:12
skiburis there something like on linux?19:13
skiburI mean, Distros?19:13
skiburImage having a Dashboard on OS200819:13
Freefoodis there an easy way to install files from this site19:13
Freefoodor is there a bit of work involved just to install tehm19:14
*** Disconnect_ has joined #maemo19:14
*** Disconnect has quit IRC19:14
shackanFreefood: you can't just click in the .deb ?19:15
*** alterego has quit IRC19:15
Freefoodhave tried it19:15
Freefoodand it says part of file missing19:15
*** Vulc|Sleepysleep has quit IRC19:16
*** jprieur has quit IRC19:16
johnxIt's probably just not downloading correctly19:18
Freefoodcheers thanks19:18
Freefoodthats all i needed to know19:19
*** chenca has joined #maemo19:19
*** DeLe0n has joined #maemo19:19
kbsinghso,is there atleast a place that lists all the various repos' available out there ?19:21
kbsinghI just found out that even claws has their own thing19:21
kbsinghjohnx: thanks19:23
kbsinghhumm it seems to think is online but empty, yet i can see packages there19:25
* johnx shrugs19:25
*** Freefood has quit IRC19:27
*** jeff1f has quit IRC19:28
*** matt_c has quit IRC19:28
tontsain this final os2008 how do you mark text for copy paste19:33
tontsa(in xterm)19:33
sp3000just tap and drag?19:34
tontsai mean its not very reliable.. sometimes it marks some text.. just not the parts you want19:34
*** Locutus6711 has joined #maemo19:36
Dregzi just reinstalled os2008 using linux and in the "about it says tablet and version are unknown, any ideas?19:36
*** jprieur has joined #maemo19:36
Dregzbut loads and operates properly19:36
*** alterego has joined #maemo19:36
*** krau has quit IRC19:37
johnxDregz, That's pretty interesting...I think I've heard of that once before but I don't remember where19:38
johnxif I were you, I'd try reflashing to see if that fixes things19:39
johnxdid you get any odd messages during the flash?19:39
*** andrea has joined #maemo19:39
Dregzmaybe have something to do with the file being saved as a .php and then renamed?19:39
Dregzno errors or messages19:39
Locutus6711Hi. My mew N800 starts only when the battery was not inserted for a few hours. Any ideas or solutions?19:39
*** tbf has joined #Maemo19:40
halleyLocutus6711, so it did restart last night?19:40
hahloI flashed os2008 and installed skype, it keeps falling after few sec call. with os2007 I spoke hours with skype.19:40
halleyLocutus6711, and what does the charge level read?19:41
skiburis nicotine ok?19:41
Locutus6711I mean the battery was not in the device in the last night and I tried it today again and it worked19:41
halleyLocutus6711, and what does the charge level read now?19:41
Locutus67111 hours left19:41
halleyLocutus6711, leave it to charge fully for multiple hours without the screen on.19:42
*** geaaru has joined #maemo19:42
halleyLocutus6711, let it learn what a full charge is.19:42
*** Dretches has joined #maemo19:42
Locutus6711ok, I will try that until tomorrow19:42
halleyLocutus6711, it should get to read something like 8 hrs full use, or 8 days standby.19:42
halleyMaybe more.19:43
Locutus6711it was somehing like that in the beginning19:43
hahloMust be that overclocked cpu which crash skype.19:43
tbfStrange that the route planing app comes without a map. How to test without a map?19:43
johnxhahlo: it works fine for me and lots of other people. Also, the CPU was "underclocked" to begin with19:44
*** Dregz has quit IRC19:44
*** Dretches is now known as Dregz19:44
johnxhahlo, Did you restore your settings from a backup when you moved from 2007OS to 2008OS?19:44
*** Dretches has joined #maemo19:45
hahlono I made new19:45
johnxsorry, no idea then19:45
*** unique311_ has quit IRC19:46
hahlofirst it didn't install until I download it from skype19:46
hahlothen crashe19:46
skiburWoW!  Amarok for Windows?19:47
sp3000tbf, menu -> maps -> dow19:49
*** tbf has quit IRC19:49
sp3000afaiui it requires an mmc2 (n800 internal slot or n810 built-in)19:50
*** Dregz has quit IRC19:51
halleySignatures invalid for
*** K`zan has joined #maemo19:52
*** Dretches is now known as Dregz19:53
*** johnx has quit IRC19:53
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:56
*** LuisLlana has joined #maemo19:57
sp3000that's what 2638 says19:58
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo19:58
*** doc|home has joined #maemo19:58
sp3000(although that's for bora, but afaics chinook gets the same)19:58
*** tbf has joined #Maemo19:59
*** LuisLlana has left #maemo20:00
*** LuisLlana has joined #maemo20:00
tbfHow do i authenticate to smb servers?20:00
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC20:00
*** eton has joined #maemo20:02
fnordianslipare hcitool and sdptool available on OS2008 ?20:02
timelyxfnordianslip: try using bora for bluez-utils-test to get hcitool20:03
timelyx(if you have mxr-maemo-org-dns) indicates that it's probably in the same class20:04
timelyxno idea why bluez-utils-test isn't in chinook20:04
fnordianslipthat url doesn't work for me20:05
hahlotimelyx: should skype work in os2008 too?20:05
timelyxthe installer supposedly is included in os200820:06
hahlomine keeps crashing20:06
tontsaskype works fine in os200820:07
hahloos2007 works fine me too20:07
hahlobut not os200820:07
timelyxskibur: my mac runs 10.3.9, no dashboard20:08
*** LuisLlana has quit IRC20:09
*** playya has quit IRC20:09
timelyxDregz; the image is a binary image, the filename doesn't matter20:10
*** MikeL has joined #maemo20:10
Dregzok, just chane it for use with the installer?20:10
hahlovoice is also bad lot rätinää like in overclocked pc when bus speed is too high20:11
timelyxthe flasher really shouldn't care about the filename20:11
Dregzok i'll try again20:11
timelyxfwiw cat /etc/osso_software_version20:12
timelyxand about: / javascript:navigator.userAgent20:12
timelyxare ways to check the system version20:12
*** eton_ has quit IRC20:13
fnordiansliphmm. can't instal bluez-utils-test from bora due to dependency issues20:13
timelyxfnordianslip: oh20:13
timelyxwell.. um20:13
timelyxyou could probably try forcing it :)20:13
*** zodman has joined #maemo20:14
hahloI flash os2007 back, I already tried os2008 once when beta and went back os200720:14
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo20:15
*** tbf has quit IRC20:15
*** skibur has quit IRC20:16
*** skibur has joined #maemo20:16
*** Blain has quit IRC20:17
*** tbf has joined #Maemo20:17
*** tbf has left #Maemo20:18
fnordianslipnope.  forcing is nfg too.  hmm.20:20
skiburDoes anybody have problems with the UPDATE by RSS feed for Application 2008?20:22
*** hugolp has quit IRC20:22
skiburMy Applet seems not to update at all20:22
skiburanybody have problems similar to mine?20:22
*** Zword has joined #maemo20:26
*** p| has joined #maemo20:27
*** Locutus6711 has quit IRC20:29
*** mazzen has quit IRC20:31
*** zwnj has joined #maemo20:37
*** hugolp has joined #maemo20:38
timelyxskibur: could you provide some specific urls20:39
timelyxand an idea about what items are missing?20:39
skiburseems not to update on my N800 - OS200820:40
skiburWhen I manually update, I get an error.  Something like, "Update error...".20:41
skiburI'm using the Applet.  The default applet20:41
timelyxfile a bug, applications:feed reader, fill in the url field, explain what you did20:43
timelyxtry to get the exact error message20:43
*** Luria has quit IRC20:43
*** pupnik-afk is now known as pupnik20:44
halleyAnyone know what the GPG status is for tableteer?  Signatures invalid for
*** crafton has joined #maemo20:46
skiburwill do20:46
halleytimelyx, anyone who could fix that is out for New Years'?  ;)20:46
halleyIs this why you're cloning repos?20:47
timelyxi have no idea who could fix that20:47
craftontimelyx, repos are working for me enterely20:47
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC20:48
timelyxcrafton: good to hear20:48
* timelyx shrugs20:48
*** geaaru has quit IRC20:48
craftonare running well for you now?20:49
craftonsee if you have the same problem, i fixed it with:
craftonseems a spelling mistake20:50
craftoni changed it for extras and extras-devel20:50
truentcan i get chinook sdk?20:51
truentbeen tryin for days20:51
*** jeff1f has joined #maemo20:52
fnordiansliphas everyone rushed off to try the typo fix?20:55
truentrepostory eh20:57
truenti can dig it20:57
truentwish i knew how to change that for this sdk download20:57
*** K_AWAY has quit IRC20:58
fnordiansliptruent: what specifically are you after20:58
truentchinook sdk..20:59
truenttheres a script they wrote to download all the latest maemo stuff to your scratchbox20:59
timelyxtruent: what's up?20:59
truenttimelyx, yo20:59
*** madar has quit IRC21:00
truentjust changed /etc/apt/sources.list21:01
truentin scratchbox21:01
truentwe'll see21:01
truentno good21:01
*** amr_ has joined #maemo21:01
timelyxtruent: what error?21:02
truentsize mismatch.. 404...21:02
truentwhen i run the script to install the sdk i think it resets the scratchbox stuff21:02
*** zodman has quit IRC21:02
truentso i cant change it in there21:02
timelyxtruent: well um...21:03
truentyeah, i'm fooked21:03
truentand thats why your /etc/hosts fix didnt change anything last night21:05
fnordianslipan u change the script?21:05
truentcuz the sdk install script somehow resets my scratchbox stuff21:05
fnordianslipblame missing c on macbook pro keybd bug21:05
truenttheres only one place i see in the script21:06
truentand i changed that21:06
timelyxthe top level script?21:06
truentsame name21:06
*** amr_ has quit IRC21:07
*** jaharkes has joined #maemo21:09
timelyxtruent: i don't have any disk space, but which part of the process actually goes unhappy?21:10
jjo__truent: if you want to have a different sources.list at installa time you'll have to provide it to the installer21:11
timelyxtruent: i think the easiest way to make this work is to cheat21:11
timelyxuse -p my_magical_proxy:888821:11
truentif i run / it sets up rootstraps.. checks a few things.. then starts downloading seemingly every .deb in the repo.. fails at number 403 or so of its i think 420 or so debs21:11
timelyxhave my_magical_proxy map the nokia binaries to the real repository.maemo.org21:11
timelyxand have it map all other to my ip :)21:12
timelyxi once had a js proxy that was fully capable of doing this21:12
timelyx(or just about anything else)21:12
*** amr has quit IRC21:12
truentk hang on lemme check the install options21:12
*** leandroal has joined #maemo21:13
*** greentux_ has joined #maemo21:14
derftimelyx: So what am I supposed to be putting in my /etc/hosts file?21:19
timelyxinfobot deb21:20 deb is probably unofficial, all warrantees void,
*** pleemans has quit IRC21:21
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:21
timelyxderf: unless you're trying to do this magical scratchbox setup, the deb will do the work for you21:21
derfNo, on the device itself.21:21
timelyxyeah, just use the deb :)21:21
truentlol timelyx21:21
truenti just want it to work!21:22
derfFailed to fetch  Size mismatch21:22
derfFailed to fetch  404 Not Found21:22
fnordianslipblimey.  repostory eh? worked for me installing canola221:22
derfAfter dpkg -i'ing that .deb.21:22
truenttheres an option for alternate sources.list though like jjo said21:22
timelyxderf: looking21:22
truentthat'll prob work21:22
timelyx /contrib/ ?21:22
timelyxwhat in the world are all these repositories?21:22
* timelyx definitely doesn't have that one21:22
derfWell, what should I be using? I haven't updated my sources.list in many months at this point.21:23
timelyxderf: the libxau one should work now21:23
timelyxderf: most people use extras21:24
derfI didn't see mm 2.2 in extras.21:24
timelyxsays it's in
timelyxgregale | free non-free21:25
derfAha, I only had bora free non-free extras21:25
timelyxoh sorry21:25
derfWell, I already have that.21:25
derfdeb bora free non-free extras21:25
timelyxsays it's in21:26
timelyxbora | free non-free21:26
timelyxnote that extras is part of the url21:26
*** rlifchitz_ has joined #maemo21:26
derfOh, that's a different line.21:27
derf.install files sure make a royal mess of your sources.list.21:28
cosmo_is there a faq about the repository brokennes situation somewhere?21:30
cosmo_oh, there's something at itt..21:31
cosmo_even it was too slow a while ago21:31
timelyxderf: anyway, afaiu r.m.o/extras replaces r.m.o/contrib21:32
derfI had to switch back to the real r.m.o IP to download its Packages.gz's.21:33
derfBut after that it worked.21:33
cosmo_too bad it's holidays in finland.. i doubt no one will fix these things until thursday21:33
timelyxderf: um, lemme go through the logs and figure out what i was missing21:34
tontsamost likely people have taken thu,fri of as well to get 9 days of holiday21:34
timelyxcosmo_: you mean thursday of the new year21:34
derfFailed to fetch  404 Not Found21:34
derfFailed to fetch  404 Not Found21:34
cosmo_timelyx: no, thursday & friday next week are not official holidays21:34
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo21:34
timelyxcatalog/certified ?21:34
derfFailed to fetch  404 Not Found21:34
derfFailed to fetch  404 Not Found21:34
timelyxcosmo_: i'm working monday-thursday this week, at least, i plan to21:34
cosmo_many have them as vacation days though21:35
timelyxderf: thanks... working on it21:35
sbaturziostill trouble in updating from chinook repositories?21:35
skiburStay tune for pics21:35
cosmo_should be broken also?21:36
*** DeLe0n has quit IRC21:37
sbaturziois there a way to get Packages.bz2 instead of Packages.gz when updating indexes from repositories?21:37
timelyxderf: gah, i didn't realize there was an extras in the main thing21:37
timelyxthis is so confusing21:37
pemdasii have a somewhat simple question... where is the rc file for the xterm that comes with os2008?21:37
halleyFor the xterm or for the shell itself?21:38
pemdasirc/configuration file, it's not in the user's directory that I can tell21:38
pemdasiso i figured there must be a global configuration file somewhere21:38
*** matt_c has quit IRC21:39
fnordianslippemdasi: there isn't one.21:40
fnordianslipah.. though you meant ash21:40
jaharkestimelyx, there is even an extras-devel, but i've only needed that once, to install xournal21:40
*** rlifchitz has quit IRC21:41
timelyxderf: ok, i think i got all of those dists21:42
timelyxjaharkes: yeah, i have those three pools21:42
timelyxthe issue is that i'm not doing a full recursive retrieval (i have a quota and have hit it repeatedly)21:42
timelyxso i do layer at a time, and the dists/ especially get missed21:43
timelyxi tend to have better coverage in pool/21:43
skiburis there a quick way to resize 10 images in linux?21:43
timelyxderf: ok, if you have any problems, please let me know21:44
timelyxi'm watching runaway jurry21:44
kbsinghi have an ssh server running on the n810, however, when i ssh in - i cant actually login as root ( or any other user )21:44
kbsinghis rootme still the default root passwd ?21:44
*** halley has left #maemo21:45
*** Lateralus has joined #maemo21:45
pemdasifound it from dpkg -L oss-xterm21:45
jaharkeskbsingh, the default sshd config doesn't allow root logins21:46
kbsinghjaharkes: i thought dropbear did ?21:46
kbsinghjaharkes: however, i am open to suggestions :D21:46
derftimelyx: Failed to fetch  404 Not Found21:47
truentskibur, percent or a certain width x height21:48
jaharkesi didn't try dropbear, just enabled r&d mode with flasher and used sudo gainroot21:48
Jaffatimelyx: seen the comments on #2620 which say pointing at rather than works. Might be better for your patch deb than your own mirror? (Or is your mirror complete now)21:48
skiburcertain width x height21:48
kbsinghjaharkes: what can i do on the device, and only the device with network access to get root  ?21:49
truentskibur, use the 'convert' tool of imagemagick.. dunno if you got it, but it came with my ubuntu 7.1021:51
truentthats what i used last time i had to resize a bunch21:51
skiburcommand line21:51
skiburhow do you post images on the forum?21:54
skiburdo users normally put links?21:54
truentyou host it somewhere else..21:55
truentand provide the link for it when you post21:55
jaharkeskbsingh, use python to create a .deb package and have it's postinstall script copy set up a setuid root shell21:55
truentskibur, try photobucket or imageshack21:55
truentsomething like that21:55
skiburo ok21:56
jaharkesbut maybe that is a little too much work21:56
kbsinghi am more of am rpm person myself, i suppose might as well look at a deb construction as well21:56
kbsinghwhy would I need python to do that ?21:56
truentskibur, why you post, theres a lil icon of a mountain with a sun in the background.. click on that, you tell it where the image is21:56
truenterr when you post21:56
jaharkesthere was a pretty nice packager written in python21:56
truentthat packager rocked21:56
truentpygtkpack or something like that21:57
truenton the n800 right?21:57
*** GNUton has joined #maemo21:57
kbsinghhas anyone done anything to get rpm on maemo ?21:57
truentlast guy that suggested that is still locked up in the basement kbsingh21:58
kbsinghwhy ?21:58
truentLOL JK21:58
kbsinghunlike dpkg, rpm actually works21:58
truentlol jk21:58
* kbsingh digs in21:58
truentmovies time21:58
*** mat has joined #maemo21:58
||cwkbsingh: rpm does not work well on debian based systems21:59
||cwkbsingh: what part of dpkg isn't working?21:59
kbsingh||cw: point21:59
jaharkesworks ok enough if you use 'alien' to convert the rpm to a deb21:59
||cwalien usualy does work, though sometimes requires PATH mods or symlinking afterwards22:00
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC22:00
kbsingh||cw: that was just a troll comment from me.22:00
kbsinghi can dream in rpm .spec files, however, not that handy in .deb building.22:02
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC22:02
||cwad-hoc deb creation is dead easy with checkinstall22:02
||cwif you want to do it right though you need to do it by hand22:03
pemdasiUgh, I am being dumb.22:03
kbsinghyeah, having done a few thousand rpms over the years, i've come to hate checkinstall and alien as well22:03
kbsinghi guess someone should port smartpm over to maemo :D22:03
||cwport smartrpm to smartdeb :D22:04
kbsinghhumm ?22:04
kbsinghactualy smart is all python, so maybe there isnt much in terms of porting required22:04
||cwmight help f I knew what smartrpm is22:05
kbsinghits not 'rpm' its 'smart package managmer'22:05
kbsinghmanager even22:05
||cwoh smartpm22:05
* ||cw slaps forehead22:05
||cwhm, I seem to have broken my esx server22:06
||cwgood thing there's nothing on it yet22:06
*** hugolp has quit IRC22:06
*** leandroal has quit IRC22:06
kbsinghanyone have a vm image of $something with scratbox setup etc ?22:06
jaharkeskbsingh, this may or may not be what you are looking for, i haven't tried it myself,
||cwthere's one on maemo.org22:07
kbsingh||cw: ty, will google22:07
||cwsearhc for vmware22:07
*** hugolp has joined #maemo22:09
*** konttori has quit IRC22:09
kbsinghjaharkes: looking22:12
*** jprieur has quit IRC22:13
*** Segnale007 has left #maemo22:17
thoughtf1xMy next gadget expense may have to be a new espresso machine22:19
thoughtf1xThe heating block AND the pump are misbehaving now22:20
*** K`zan has quit IRC22:20
skiburI used convert to scale my images22:20
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo22:22
pupnikthe browser is top class22:23
kbsingh~ $ uname -a22:23
kbsinghLinux Nokia-N810-42-19 2.6.21-omap1 #2 Fri Nov 16 16:24:58 EET 2007 armv6l unknown22:23
fnordianslipodd.  "ssh-add -D" doesn't seem to remove my key from the agent.  can anyone else confirm this.22:23
kbsinghdoes it need that hostname ?22:23
fnordianslipwith their own agent :-)22:23
pupnikthe gamez are dead22:23
kbsinghfor some reason, its not using the hostname set via dhcp :/22:23
||cwkbsingh: changing host names confuses X11 so no, it doesn't since it doens't get DHCP until after X11 is started22:29
*** matt_c has joined #maemo22:40
*** DeLeOn has joined #maemo22:41
mlpugno matter if you win or lose the N770 and N800 check allways says "checkmate! - computer wins". depressing22:42
*** freakazoid0223 has quit IRC22:43
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:44
*** freakazoid0223 has joined #maemo22:44
pupniki have nothing useful to say22:45
*** drwx has joined #maemo22:45
kbsinghhow do I get a list of pkgs installed, in the install order using dpkg / apt ?22:46
kbsinghi am looking for something like, rpm -qa --last22:47
kbsinghonly, not rpm22:47
BoxOfSnoodpkg --get-selections | grep install22:47
kbsinghBoxOfSnoo: that does not give me install order22:48
kbsinghor date/time of install22:48
BoxOfSnooYeah install order, I don't know22:48
skiburok done22:48
skiburpictures of the Case for N800 + iGo keyboard22:49
kbsinghBoxOfSnoo: why what ?22:49
BoxOfSnooWhy do you want the install order?22:49
kbsinghso i can see it ?22:50
kbsinghessentially, i want install order and dep tree for the last 4 apps i installed.22:50
BoxOfSnoodeb takes care of relationships.  It's nice not to care about that kinda thing22:50
Jaffakbsingh: ls -t /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list22:51
Jaffakbsingh: ls -t /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list | head -n 422:51
kbsinghJaffa: no thats not what i want22:51
kbsinghi dont want stuff that is no longer installed on the box22:52
kbsinghBoxOfSnoo: that has to be some of the most idiotic reasoning I've heard for package management inability, in a long time22:52
kbsinghand i am sure there must be some way of doing this, i just dont know dpkg / apt well enough.22:53
BoxOfSnooidiotic, maybe, but I've loved it for many years22:53
kbsinghok, i shall ask elsewhere22:53
kbsinghBoxOfSnoo: you will love fatbinary stuff22:53
BoxOfSnooI've done slackware tgz, SuSE and Red Hat rpm, caldera's original packages and source tarballs.  deb rules them all22:56
*** crafton has quit IRC22:56
sp3000heh. summary: 0 length [...] packages. comment 0: files are 199 bytes. :)22:58
*** skibur has quit IRC23:02
sp3000ohhh oh oh oh fontgasm23:05
* sp3000 <3 vera23:05
pupnikceiling cat watches #maemo23:05
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo23:06
sp3000ceiling cat is watching me switch xterm to vera mono23:06
sp3000as well he should be, considering it's a "now you don't see text, now you do" experience23:06
* sp3000 goes tell browser about vera23:07
*** doc|home has quit IRC23:07
*** doc|home has joined #maemo23:07
*** rlifchitz_ has quit IRC23:09
*** BoxOfSnoo has quit IRC23:10
*** Tahitibob has quit IRC23:13
*** drwx has left #maemo23:15
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo23:16
* pupnik unleashes a lizard23:17
* sp3000 unleashes a browser-freezing context menu23:18
*** k-s[AWAY] has quit IRC23:18
*** erstazi has joined #maemo23:25
*** erstazi has left #maemo23:26
*** jaharkes has quit IRC23:29
*** Pio has quit IRC23:37
timelyxJaffa: not sure how incomplete my mirror is23:45
timelyxpointing at stage is asking to knock off the primary point...23:45
*** ||cw3 has joined #maemo23:46
timelyxJaffa: can you fix the capture-root entry on ? :)23:46
* timelyx can't figure out how to do it23:46
*** mk8 has joined #maemo23:46
*** GNUton has quit IRC23:47
*** ||cw has quit IRC23:51
*** ||cw3 is now known as ||cw23:52
*** LuisLlana has joined #maemo23:53
*** kpel has joined #maemo23:54
kpelhi all23:54
kpeldo you know if there is going to be a repository with libs, maemo-mapper, etc for OS2008?23:56
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo23:56
shackanthere is one, it simply doesn't work today :)23:57
kpelshackan: you mean, a proper repository with all the apps available for OS2007?23:58
kpeldo i have to add it manually?23:58
kpel(so that i'm ready when the repository is up again)23:58

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