IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-12-22

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ccookeahh. wasn't sure Â:-)00:00
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ccooke(as it happens, it's height more than anything - I'm 6'8. about 2.04â‚m)00:02
cymacsdoes anybody know how to teach apt to ignore the broken Packages.gz and use .bz2 or uncompressed instead?00:02
ds3dragorn: what about OS2006? now that I have a N800 headed my way, I am thinking of turning the 770 into a portable survey device00:02
dragornds3: os2006?  I dunno.  Depends if, by that point, i care to install yet another devkit.  This is why I generally have a "I don't build binaries" policy00:03
ds3dragorn: are there at least tarballs that are known to work with the 770 using OS2006?00:03
dragornThere has never been a supported kismet build for the nokias, because I never got the quirks ironed out to a level where I'd say random people should be installing it, which is what a package implies00:03
ds3dragorn: how involved is compiling the source? i.e. do I really need the dev kit or would any ARMv5 Linux cross compile setup work?00:04
dragornin theory if you matched the libc and pcap and curses stuff you could do it w/out the devkit00:04
dragornos2007 runs on the 77000:04
ds3oh is that all.. I can fix that with -static ;)00:05
dragornthere are some significant issues still I have to figure out00:05
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dragornlike once you run it, if you don't reboot, you get about an hour and a half of battery life00:05
dragornalso no integration with the GPS nav system, but that's ok, since unless you put it in offline mode things get unhappy anyhow00:05
ds3haha, that sounds like my experience with the USB host functionality00:05
dragorni've had similar fun with that00:05
dragorntho the 770 host functionality was pretty straightforward00:06
dragornthe 800 kernel panics on my device, the 810 actually works really well, but randomly won't enumerate some things and ignores the software mode toggles00:06
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ds3so if I put in 2007HE, is the battery drain problem likely to be resolved when you get the OS2008 done?00:06
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dragorn(random in what it won't enumerate, not random about if it enumerates a specific device)00:06
killfillhey.. whats that name of a mpd server?00:06
killfillcannot find one on freebsd.. :S00:07
dragornds3: yeah, I'm not planning to make a package until the interface stuff is reliable and non-destructive to your normal environment00:07
ds3dragorn: I think that's a problem with the code itself; the driver in the OMAP open source repository does the same thing00:07
dragornds3: and probably not until i figure out how to use navkit stuff, too00:07
dragornds3: Which are you talking about?  The wifi driver is closed, for all the good bits - the oss component is just a wrapper to translate SKBs into hidden stuff00:08
ds3dragorn: okay, so it'll be a while... is there any alternative 802.11b survey software around?00:08
ds3dragorn: I was refering to the USB host functionality problem not the WiFi00:08
dragornds3: The other option is you use a USB card, build a kernel driver, and use kismet with that, though it won't solve the navkit integration being missing00:08
ds3I have read up on the umac.ko situation :(00:08
dragornds3: and I'm considering making some usb driver packages for at least os2008, and depending how much it misbehaves, maybe os200700:09
ds3dragorn: do you know off hand which USB dongles will support kismet functionality?00:10
dragornds3: the problems faced by kismet will be the same w/ any sniffer sw you try to run on the builtin wifi00:10
dragornds3: anything w/ a native linux driver, barring endian issues in the drivers, though they're getting better00:10
dragornI've used a rt73 with the 770 a long time ago00:10
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ds3which rt73 driver? the nextgen one or the original?00:10
ds3seem to recall some prism3 USBs having problems, etc... which is the reason I am asking00:11
dragornwhatever one was around a year+ ago00:11
dragornprism usb is probably a bad bet00:11
ds3both :/ but it is easy enough to a rt73 dongle at work00:12
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ds3thanks for the update; the google results were all over the place00:13
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dragorni spent a while trying to get people to send patches00:16
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dragornbut since getting the 810, i'm re-inspired00:16
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ds3if you can solve the battery drain problem... that seems to be the worse00:16
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dragornwell theres 3.  That, offline mode, and gps00:17
skiburhello hackers00:17
ds3at that point even a source tar ball would be fine, IMO00:17
ds3since I don't have a GPS... ;)00:17
dragornwell, i'll at least make a script and a pkg assist directory, which is what i'm doing for the wispy code00:17
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dragornso people can make packages for builds I don't, if there's enough demand00:17
ds3sources is perfectly fine esp since it is curses based00:18
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ds3and I can make static binaries with a generic ARMv5/v6 dev enviroment, that should be pretty easy to handle00:18
dragornds3: alright, well keep an eye on the svn changelog, i've got enough pending to do a release once I solve that stuff anyhow.00:19
ds3where is the repository?00:19
dragornlink is off the download page on the kismet site00:19
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ds3heh... flasher works so much bettter when the N800 is actually plugged into the system running it ;)00:29
imhotepno kidding00:29
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dskippyWhat does everyone use for GUI builders on the maemo? Glade? Gazpacho? I'm looking to jump into one and I want to know if any are easier to use on maemo.00:36
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richdyhas anyone been able to install the Canola 2 beta?  I get filesize mismatch errors when using the install files from their website?00:48
Jitendskippy: I ended up using the glade that comes with debian and replacing the window and other widgets hildon has it's own versions for in the main code.00:49
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jgaanybody get fceu working on os2008?00:53
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dskippyJiten: Thanks. Sounds like a decent idea.01:00
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LateralusHave any of you experienced any issue with g_thread_pool* not calling a GFunc when you call g_thread_pool_push? Do you have to call something else that I'm just not seeing in the glib docs?01:02
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Lateralusget_num_threads is returning the same number as get_max_threads, before and after I call pool_push. unprocessed() and num_unused_threads() are both 001:03
LateralusI'm using the chinook SDK.01:05
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kbsingh_just got a n810 today, very cool device.01:29
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DeLeOnkbsingh_ i had one in my hands yesterday :(01:30
DeLeOnbut still waiting to order mine01:30
skiburn800 can handle virtuaal mem?01:30
kbsingh_just wondering is there was a way to turn that keyboard word completion bar at the bottom of the screen OFF01:30
dragornkbsingh_: if you figure it out, let me know :P01:30
halleykbsingh_, yes, there's a way.01:30
dragornkbsingh_: I'd also like to turn off the brightness sensor01:30
dragornhalley: on the 810?01:30
kbsingh_deleon, absurdly the only place that has them is around here01:31
kbsingh_dragorn, ok :)01:31
skiburyes on the n81001:31
kbsingh_halley do tell >...01:31
skiburno on the N800 virtual mem01:31
halleykbsingh_, the maemo-japanese-support package (which is scim+anthy, see has a side-effect of killing that completions bar.01:32
halleyIt's not JUST what you asked for, but it's possible.01:32
skiburanybody with a n800?01:32
halleyThough you might want to keep the completion bar... it learns your most common words instead of its useless suggestions.01:32
kbsingh_learning japaneese to turn that bar off :) man how drastic is that01:32
halleyYou don't have to learn Japanese :P01:33
kbsingh_halley, i need mostly ssh stuff, and i really only need to turn that bar off during ssh01:33
halleyThat bar is annoying though, when it shows you your passwords.  :)01:33
kbsingh_ooohh.. does it ?01:34
kbsingh_someone file a cve01:34
halleyb, r, i,  [bright, britain, britneystits34, brilliant]01:34
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kbsingh_actually, i think they are more 36 than 3401:35
halleyI typed 34 at random then thought the same thing.01:35
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* kbsingh_ tries a smaller font01:36
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kbsingh_8pt is way too small01:37
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jacquessuddenly I can download OS2008 at 500kB/s01:40
jacquesthey must have fixed
halleyIf such a strange occurrence happens again, DON'T TELL ANYONE.01:42
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doublecyeah, I've getting 200Kb/s which is 20x faster than I was before too01:42
kbsingh_fantastic to install the cjk support you need to click the icon that has your lang in it01:42
ccookethe repository is still buggered, though :-/01:42
kbsingh_however, i dont know which one is .jp :)01:43
jacquesit's actually at 600kB/s now(!)01:43
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kbsingh_lets try one01:43
jacqueshmm, that sucks about repo01:43
jacquesrepo is kinda important01:43
ccookethe maemo repositories have been broken for at least 24 hours01:44
kbsingh_btw, i have much b/w if people want to download os2998, i can host it01:44
kbsingh_on a couple of 300mbps type machines01:44
jacques4:17 averaging 535.74kB/s01:44
ds3nice OS 2998... does that support OGG yet? ;)01:45
ccookekbsingh_: there are alternate links around. On the other hand (as was pointed out to me :-) the agreement when you downlaod os2008 explicitly prevents you from redistributing it :-)01:45
ccookeds3: nah, slated for 3000 ;-)01:45
hugolpAnyone here got the load-applet (shows memory and cpu states in the applet bar) working in the new OS2008?01:45
hugolpI allways get the messages the file is corrupted. I though it was because the repos where not working properly01:46
hugolpbut now the repos seem to work fine but the load-applet doesnt work yet01:46
hugolpyabbas:  you did?01:46
yabbasload applet works here01:46
hugolpyabbas:  you are with the new OS2008 that was made public yesterday?01:47
kbsingh_ok i have cjk for .jp installed. reboot time01:47
yabbasmade public yesterday!??!01:47
ccookehugolp: yesterday?01:47
hugolpccooke:  I got it yesterday01:48
kbsingh_btw, is there an irssi port for maemo ?01:48
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ccookehugolp: it's a few days older than that01:48
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ccookenot much, but...01:48
kbsingh_would save me ssh out elsewhere first01:48
hugolpccooke:  ok, not yesterda, but last week01:48
yabbasso repos are fixednow?01:48
* yabbas checks01:48
hugolpis it posible that the corrupted load-applet.deb is still on my N800 and so it doesnt update and gets the proper one?01:49
* kbsingh_ brb01:49
yabbashmmm, unable to install  canola2 - installation file corrupted?01:50
ccookeyabbas: the repos are broken01:51
* ccooke is trying an alternative repo for canola01:52
ccookeI'll let you know if it works.01:52
kbsingh_that worked dude, thanks01:53
kbsingh_halley, however now we have another situation01:53
kbsingh_i cant get Fn lock or caps lock anymore :)01:54
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ccookethis *seems* to work for Canola:
Cptnodegardseeing i havent found anything conclusive on google, is there any way of viewing excel files on a N800? OO etc01:57
hugolpbtw, why is everybody wanting to install canola?01:57
hugolpwhat is so good about it?01:57
kbsingh_ yeah01:57
kbsingh_use jpg2ascii instead01:57
kbsingh_there is a perfectly usable term on here01:58
* kbsingh_ gets his coat01:58
yabbasI prefer blinkenlights01:59
Cptnodegardexcel, anyone? ^^02:00
kbsingh_Cpt: perhaps gnumeric ?02:00
richdyhas anyone successfully installed Canola 2 beta ?02:01
yabbasrichdy, seealternative repo link above02:01
kbsingh_richdy: what problem did you have02:01
richdyyabbas, checking...02:02
Cptnodegardthx :) ordered a N800 today seeing it was 35% off in a winter sale of a online store over here, and looking into what the thing can do ^^02:02
yabbasN800's are going for silly prices these days02:02
milhouserichdy: nope, can't install jack shit02:02
hugolpyabbas:  yes02:02
hugolpits great02:02 selling them for £13002:02
kbsingh_cpt, not sure if gnumeric is ported, but if not i am sure you will have a go02:02
yabbasI bought mine a few months ago for £23002:03
richdygetting package checksum (maybe?) errors02:03
*** pdz- has joined #maemo02:03
Cptnodegardseems like it works02:03
richdybad filelengths02:03
kbsingh_yabbas, you will find that are not actually shipping at that price02:03
Cptnodegardgot mine for 360 USD, which isnt bad seeing that both rpices and saleries is twice that of the US here in norway... so basically it would be like 180, US wise. i saw the price on play, sick02:04
Cptnodegardtoo bad they dont ship here02:04
richdyyabbas, I'm sorry, which alternative repository link?02:04
richdythank you02:04
yabbaskbsingh_, they're not?  Two days ago they were.02:04
kbsingh_ i dont think so,02:05
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kbsingh_they had an eta for mid Jan for that price02:05
kbsingh_they never even started shipping the n81002:05
kbsingh_i got mine at misco finally02:05
yabbasI'm still waiting on the dev codes to come through ... it'll happen.  Must be patient.02:06
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Cptnodegardspeaking of, got a 5.6" lcd meant for the old PS2 from there for 18 quids, msrp is 99. They shipped it here even if its electronics because its classified as game. Gonne hook it up to psp, mp3 player or dvd - seeing monitor prices i found it to be a nice deal02:06
TWPEARI have just updated my neighbours N800 to OS2008 - getting repository errors from Nokia - md5sums do not match (for certified) - is anyone aware of this/know how to work around?02:07
kbsingh_humm they seem to have the n810 now02:07
richdyTWPEAR, see channel subject :)02:08
TWPEARtopic does not touch the repository02:08
TWPEARonly mamoe02:08
richdyahh sorry02:08
Cptnodegardinstalling os2008 on a n800, does it support it or is it sketchy?02:08
hugolpCptnodegard:  its supported02:08
Cptnodegardcant wait to get this thing ^^02:09 ...... MD5Sum mismatch02:09
* richdy crosses his fingers waiting on the Canola 2 download02:09
Cptnodegardleave the heavy as hell alptop at home02:09
richdyit's installing02:09
TWPEARrichy - canola 2 has been made available over on internettablettalk02:09
*** blast007_nokia has joined #maemo02:09
richdyyes TWPEAR, that's where I'm getting the repository instructions from02:10
yabbasmust admit,  I installed canola 2 8 minutes ago  -  and ... beta or not ... it's not that pretty :)02:10
richdyworst than 1?02:10
TWPEARI was dissapointed that I couldn't use Upnp with it (may jsut not have figured it out yet)02:10
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC02:10
TWPEARis anyone else getting these errors from the nokia repository - I am getting it on one N800, but not on the other !!!02:11
yabbasthe settings menus are a lot nicer, but the main menu buttons are poo02:11
richdyI liked Canola, because it was the only media player that could scan my media within a reasonable amount of time.  Even the default media player doesn't cache the song list for each screen, so it ... takes ... for ... ever with 1000+ songs02:11
chencayabbas: what you didn't like in this version of Canola?02:11
yabbaschenca, still playing with it tbh.  I didn't like the "homescreen" which was expected because they told us we wouldn't like it (yet) :)02:12
hugolprichdy:  theres a media player at that looks nice and does that as well02:12
hugolpand is getting upnp redady02:12
hugolpfor next version02:12
hugolpcant remember the name02:12
richdyhugolp, which one is that?02:13
chencayabbas: What you expect in home screen?02:13
hugolprichdy:  let me check02:13
richdyCanola 2 is a little pokey.  I hope that's debug hooks02:13
yabbaschenca, fluid gorgeous icons, smooth scrollies, as  much polish as there is in the settings  menus02:14
Cptnodegardany changelog for noobs between OS2007 and OS2008? found a list of file updates that didnt really tell my much02:14
yabbasinterface for the settings menu needs adjusting too02:14
milhousechangelog? if only02:14
milhousea changelog would take organisation02:15
kbsingh_Cptnodegard: i dont see that lcd thing on but i do see a 4gb shdc for £1502:15
kbsingh_milhouse: or discipline02:15
milhousethat too - good point02:15
yabbaschenca, work for intD? :)02:16
*** doublec has quit IRC02:16
chencayabbas: Hey man, the icons in the homescreen are amazing, did you see the Graphite Theme ?02:16
kbsingh_htf do i copy that from term to the browser..... /me might need the stylus02:16
*** pdz has quit IRC02:16
chencayabbas: I'm a project leader of  the Canola Dev Team... but I'm on vacation now :-)02:17
yabbaschenca, lol.  is there a #canola-talk channel?  Prolly best to chat there and give infos?02:17
richdyaw man!  it doesn't download album covers!02:18
shackansomebody resets the repositories pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!02:18
kbsingh_Cptnodegard: thanks02:18
chencarichdy: Album cover download has several legal implications02:18
yabbasthere now02:18
richdylegal schmegal :)02:19
chencarichdy: you can use python script  to download the covers02:19
richdyI guess i'll have to02:19
Cptnodegardkbsingh_: those LCDs is a nice catch, for someone with a car  a 8" lcd for 50 quid ios a steal. the 5.6" is a bit bulkky due to speakers etc, but still useful02:20
richdythanks02:20 probably need to get legal approval to bounce the servers...02:20
milhouseblaming the lawyers is the usual excuse for incompetence.02:20
kbsingh_Cptnodegard: yeah02:21
Cptnodegardwhat does BT keyboards normally cost?02:22
Cptnodegardfound one for i think && USD, free worldwide shipping02:22
kbsingh_not sure about max size supported by n800 or n810 but there seems to be a good deal on the 16gb shdc02:22
richdylook for a iGo stowaway.  you can find them CHEAP02:22
*** mazzen has quit IRC02:22
kbsingh_Cptnodegard: why do you want a n800?02:22
*** dskippy has quit IRC02:22
Cptnodegardas in why did i buy a inet tablet at all, or as in why not a 810?02:23
fnordianslipis that repo for canola on itT kosher? that's a lot of stuff to install from an unknown location. perfect for trojans...02:24
kbsingh_yea , imean if you want a kb to carry around, get a 81002:24
ccookefnordianslip: it's the same group of ackages (yes, lots) that the maemo repos try to install02:24
ccookeother than that...02:24
fnordianslipso 'we' know the host then?02:25
Cptnodegardwell, the N810 over here is 3600 NOK, = 325 GBP. I found the N800 on sale for 2090 NOK, 188 GBP. Cant really afford the dfference :)02:25
*** richdy has quit IRC02:25
kbsingh_ah, makes sense02:26
*** lardman has joined #maemo02:26
kbsingh_i am new to this, but the repo is just an apt repo right ?02:27
*** zodman has joined #maemo02:27
kbsingh_so someone just needs to rerun the metadata create scripts really02:27
CptnodegardIM attending the first year of bachelor in economics and administration, this year i get a lift from a classmate - but hes gone next year, which means bus. And from experience, carrying the laptop bag with books etc in it kills my shoulder after a single walk home from the bus, so i needed something lighter for when i dont 100% need the lappy. was considering the eee pc, and the cowon q5, but then i saw the n800 that cheap and was sold :D02:28
Cptnodegard[/random crap ^^]02:28
kbsingh_Cptnodegard: look at the asus eee pc as well02:28
Cptnodegard"was considering the eee pc" ;)02:29
lardmananyone got news on the codes? Week's almost up02:29
*** l7 has joined #maemo02:29
Cptnodegard299 USD price tag in the us more or less means 599 usd when it launches over here... everythings always 2x the price02:29
shackan2x ? where's that?02:29
lardmanuk for example02:30
lardmantho here it;s £32902:30
Cptnodegardoh, almost forgot. the mplayer, can it play divx that you (dont) download from torrents (because its illegal)?02:30
kbsingh_lardman, diff model.02:30
Cptnodegardmean the standard 350MB per 43 min things02:30
kbsingh_its cheaper in the uk...02:30
lardmanah, my apologies02:30
Cptnodegardn800 is 130 on play.com02:31
lardmanyes, quite a bargain02:31
kbsingh_they decided it was not worth sellin the 256mb/2gb model in the uk02:31
kbsingh_ds3 £02:31
Cptnodegardwas googling around for mplayer info, but didnt see anything specific about the standard divx/xvid used for TV show rips02:31
ds3oh :/02:31
shackananyway, I scale down videos and they play just fine, even under 350Mb/episode02:31
Cptnodegardso no conversion needed for such?02:32
shackanCptnodegard: because there's no "standard"02:32
Cptnodegardheh true02:32
lardmanCptnodegard: you probably ought to convert02:32
Cptnodegardbut do i HAVE to? ^^02:32
shackanCptnodegard: for sure it's needed02:32
lardmanCptnodegard: ITT might give you a better idea02:32
shackanCptnodegard: I thing I got 1fps on fullsize divx02:33
Cptnodegardthats too bad02:33
shackanaround 20 if you resize to fit the device screen02:33
Cptnodegardfinding a video player that actually plays what you throw at it isnt easy02:33
lardmansilly bots02:34
Cptnodegardresizing would mean bigger picture though... the files i (dont) have are about 630x360 or something like that02:34
Cptnodegardah thx02:34
shackansince r.m.o is unbelievably dead, anybody around with python2.5 debs or do I have to build them by myself? :(02:36
* sp3000 slaps busybox sort02:36
lardmanis extras down?02:36
*** yabbas is now known as yabbas|compilin02:36
sp3000thanks for silently ignoring -k602:36
sp3000lardman: topic02:37
lardmansp3000: aaahh :)02:37
yabbas|compilinI've had great stuff played back on DivX :)02:37
sp3000it successfully gives error pages for many debs02:37
sp3000they don't install well02:37
yabbas|compilinStutters when there's LOADS of action - but on the whole the latest mplayer is _luurverly_02:38
Cptnodegardgot two more q's ^^: 1: doe sthe N800 charge through USB? for external batteries and such. 2: saw a vid aof a dude using a USB keyboard on a Nokia 770 by using mini usb to usb adapter, is that possible with the n800 or does it have to be BT?02:39
lardmansp3000: this may have been covered before, but are the debs at fault or the repo? I can access the repo with a browser02:39
lardmanCptnodegard: 1. No; 2. either is possible02:40
kbsingh_so what email client is everyone using on the platform?02:40
Cptnodegardah thats nice, saves me a lot of money compared to a BT kb02:41
yabbas|compilinkbsingh_, gmail ;)02:41
lardmanCptnodegard: check about how much current a kb needs though02:41
kbsingh_yabbas|compilin: not webmail :)02:41
lardmankbsingh_: claws I think02:41
Cptnodegardah, thats a very good point. the guy in the video used a powered USB hub02:42
kbsingh_lardman: would b cool, where do i find that02:42
shackanlardman: I can browse r.m.o too, but try to click a .deb and look at the fireworks02:42
lardmanthat was needed in the old days, I think now one can obtain some power from the port02:42
kbsingh_also i need to get root on ths thing02:42
Cptnodegardsaw a 770 skin that made the thing look and sound like a star trek padd... god hope that works on the n800 xD02:42
shackanit doesn't02:43
shackan(I presume)02:43
*** Segnale007 has left #maemo02:43
*** Dregz has joined #maemo02:43
*** Dretches has joined #maemo02:43
lardmanshackan: works for me....02:43
shackanlardman: what?02:43
*** Dretches has quit IRC02:43
sp3000lardman: e.g. -- it lists similar sizes for all, but only some yield debs, some result in an error page02:43
lardmanshackan: texinfo was the one I happened to try02:43
kbsingh_rsync the debs off, apt metadata create there and you have a repo02:43
kbsingh_if the debs are gone,that could be a problem02:44
lardmansp3000: that file doesn't exist02:45
shackanwould a rebuild be *that* hard anyway ?02:45
lardmanapt-get update02:45
sp3000lardman: what file?02:45
*** else58 has joined #maemo02:45
shackanlardman: update doesn't work (not for me)02:45
sp3000looks like a directory to me02:45
lardmanignore me, extras02:46
sp3000should I look for a pattern?02:46
lardmanI can, however, download it02:46
lardmanpython2.5-bluez_0.9.1-1osso2_armel.deb that is02:47
shackandoes anyone have a copy of ?02:48
ds3isn't a new version of the garnet vm due about now?02:48
aspiersds3: that was due about 5 years ago ;-)02:48
aspiersds3: oh, you meant the VM ;-)02:49
lardmanshackan: can you wget it?02:49
shackanlardman: nope :(02:49
lardmanwhat, no wget, or not from the repo?02:49
sp3000lardman: download what content?02:50
shackantry to follow the link02:50
lardmanI just downloaded it with Firefox on WinXP02:50
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC02:50
shackan... really?02:50
lardmanfiles in it, etc02:51
shackanlardman: I only get The service is temporarily unavailable. We are very sorry for the inconvinience it may cause.02:51
Cptnodegarddid any of you see the cowon q5 pmp? 5" PMP running windows, has wifi, 60GB, 3g, edge, hsdpa, 800x480 touchscreen <302:51
sp3000randomness ftw02:51
lardmanshackan: try with the browser, otherwise I'll give you an url02:51
shackanlardman: I only get "The service is temporarily unavailable. We are very sorry for the inconvinience it may cause." :(02:52
lardmanstrange, hang on a tick02:52
sp3000ooi, where are you (plural)?02:52
shackanlardman: WAIT02:52
sp3000oh, wait, that file works ok for me02:53
shackanlardman: I just got it using a shell on a remote system02:53
aspiersmy N810 came with 1.2007.42-18 - anyone know how that compares with the latest version?02:53
lardmanshackan: something odd about your connection then?02:53
shackansp3000, lardman: maybe it's a broken mirror, could you check what ip does resolve to?02:53
kbsingh_ /quit foo02:54
sp3000too many files, I get confused02:54
*** kbsingh_ has quit IRC02:54
lardman62.24.131.11 or .1602:55 ( <= BROKEN02:55 ( <= working02:55
*** Gnu47 has joined #maemo02:55
lardmanassuming I've interpreted the WinXP output the right way!?02:55
shackantheir cdn is screwed up then02:55
shackansorry for the noise then02:56
lardmanI also have as the name tho02:56
sp3000 is a set that doesn't work for me, fwiw02:57
sp3000yeah, it's just the ips that resolve to different things02:57
* sp3000 gets a pair of 213.155.151.x02:58
lardmansp3000: I also get "The service is temporarily unavailable. We are very sorry for the inconvinience it may cause." from at least the first of those02:58
*** Dregz has quit IRC02:58
*** Dregz has joined #maemo02:59
lardmanhmm, I now can't get python2.5-bluez_0.9.1-1osso2_armel.deb from
lardmanIP issues02:59
*** Gnu47 has left #maemo03:01
shackansigh, why is /etc/hosts in sbox ignored?03:03
shackansigh, why is also /etc/hosts in the host ignored??03:03
sp3000something about the resolver not supporting updating from that or something03:04
sp3000or something03:04
* sp3000 doesn't recall03:04
sp3000reboot :P03:04
* sp3000 ducks03:04
sp3000although, isn't that just for running processes, not new ones03:05
* sp3000 really doesn't recall03:05
shackan&£%/&£$%/£$%"£!!!!!! I also logged in and out of sb03:05
sp3000yeah, that's probably what I was thingking03:05
* sp3000 asks /dev/random for more advice03:05
shackanand sbox_ctl restart'ed03:06
*** me__ has quit IRC03:07
fnordianslipis it something to do with /etc/nswitch.conf ?03:08
fnordiansliphad to  tweak that to get dns working in sb03:09
shackanunlikely, because other entries in the *host* /etc/hosts are recognized inside scratchbox03:09
*** TWPEAR has quit IRC03:09
shackanbut those were set months ago03:09
shackanhahaha, fail03:11
Cptnodegardepic fail, lolcat style03:11
shackan1) /scratchbox/etc/hosts is a COPY of the original, rather than a link03:11
*** Disconnect has quit IRC03:11
shackan2) (chroot)/etc/hosts seems to be ignored03:11
* shackan shakes head03:12
*** jaharkes_ has quit IRC03:13
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC03:13
*** Lateralus has quit IRC03:14
disqjust finished reading the emacs tutorial03:15
*** greentux_ has joined #maemo03:15
sp3000lardman: can you verify that you don't get debs for the other urls in the pastebin, too?03:18
*** Dregz has quit IRC03:19
*** kornblut1 has joined #maemo03:24
*** kornblut1 is now known as snak03:24
snakhow come the aplicaion manager doesnt list all the apss on
*** matt_c has joined #maemo03:26
*** ttmrichter has joined #maemo03:27
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo03:28
fnordiansliprepos r fried03:29
*** vivijim has joined #maemo03:30
*** zwnj has quit IRC03:31
lardmansp3000: sorry, fell asleep there for a minute, give me a mo03:31
*** vivijim has left #maemo03:31
*** greentux has quit IRC03:33
*** matt_c has quit IRC03:33
*** shack008n has joined #maemo03:33
lardmansp3000: yeah, none work for me, though the other files in the same location do work03:33
lardmansp3000: strange03:33
lardmananyway, bed time03:34
sp3000yeah, I just wanted to verify that it's consistent like that03:34
lardmannight all03:34
*** lardman has quit IRC03:34
* thoughtfix wanders back03:34
sp3000sounds like a plan03:34
thoughtfixHello hello again03:35
*** msanchez has quit IRC03:39
yabbas|compilinthoughtfix, so..when's the next  competition? ;)03:39
*** skibur has joined #maemo03:40
*** zodman has quit IRC03:42
*** sp3000 has quit IRC03:43
snakapp manager complains that there a package missing. Know where i can get my hands on additional packages?03:47
snakspecifically, libxpm403:48
*** aspiers has quit IRC03:51
skiburany fast emulator for mame?03:52
GNUtonskibur: is xmame slow?03:56
skiburnot sure03:56
*** TimRiker has quit IRC03:56
skiburI would like to play galaga03:56
*** Ar-ras has joined #maemo04:00
Ar-rasthere is a new version of IT Os 200804:00
Ar-rasis there any changelog?04:00
snakas far as im concerned its: GUI upgrade04:00
snakbit like getting windows vista04:01
Ar-rasi mean a changelog between the beta and the new version RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin (for N800)04:01
snaki looked for one, and could only find one that was written in half binary - half programming language04:02
*** thoughtf1x has joined #maemo04:03
*** matt_c has joined #maemo04:03
astro76nothing more than package version change info though04:03
snakyeah, thats what i meant04:04
Ar-rasno bugfixes?04:04
snakbugfixes? maemo doesnt do bugs ;)04:06
snakits worth upgrading and checking out04:07
snaki havent had any problems with mine04:07
snakand it works similar to OS200704:07
snakbut i can seem to find bomberman04:07
snakgrrr :@04:07
Ar-raswhat i hate is skype04:08
Ar-rasdoesnt work on the beta 200804:08
snakbut OS2008 isnt beta anymore, and my skype seems to be working ok so far04:09
Ar-rasvoicechat breaksdown after 1 minute04:09
snakah, havent tried that yet04:09
snaki hope it doesnt04:09
snakor im going to find an OS2007 image04:09
Ar-raswell let see04:10
skiburis mame ok?04:10
Ar-rasi didnt found DKU-2 Cable.. so i use motorola C330 Cable :D04:11
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo04:14
yabbas|compilinright..anyone here compile kernel modules before?04:15
* yabbas|compilin needs help04:15
*** thoughtfix has quit IRC04:15
halleyAnyone actually try the Skype on the stock N810 image?04:15
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo04:16
*** matt_c has quit IRC04:18
*** skibur has quit IRC04:20
[pablo]_repo's still down?04:21
[pablo]_halley: stock n810 doesn't ship with skype, you have to install it04:21
*** jtz has joined #maemo04:27
*** alnr has joined #maemo04:28
*** GNUton has quit IRC04:31
alnrafter putting os2008 on my n800 there was a prompt for mobile phone carrier eg tmobile. then it showed up in connections. I had to delete and recreate the bluetooth entry and now the connection is gone. short of reinstalling os2008 how can i get that connection back04:31
*** snak has quit IRC04:31
alnr(which didnt actually work saying it could not contact the phone which is why i redid the bluetooth)04:31
halley[pablo]_, but it came with an installer... that's all I'm asking.  No kernel update required or anything?04:32
*** shackan has left #maemo04:34
*** Ar-ras has quit IRC04:40
*** kst has joined #maemo04:40
[pablo]_halley: yeah, it's on the n800 too now04:42
[pablo]_i tested out gizmo, which worked great, and i've read that skype works great too04:42
halleyI didn't understand why Nokia put both gizmo and skype installers on the stock image.04:43
[pablo]_because anyone who is going to have either one of those as a selling point for buying the tablet already has a preference04:43
[pablo]_if someone has been using gizmo for a year for thier voip needs, they aren't going to switch to skype because it's on the n81004:44
*** l7 has quit IRC04:47
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo04:49
*** iBrat has joined #maemo04:50
ds3do either of those support SIP?04:53
[pablo]_gizmo does04:54
acydlordthe default chat/call app supports sip as well now04:54
alnri'm wondering if i can use my tmobile dash as an internet connection in os2008. the phone pair and I specified 'tmobile internet' as the phone connection, but when i try to select the connection it says 'connection failed to phone..', any idea if this can be made to work in os200804:55
*** booiiing has joined #maemo04:57
ds3hmmm no free04:58
*** Sulis has quit IRC04:58
db48xwhy can you choose to make xterm use a superscript or subscript font?04:58
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo04:59
*** l7 has joined #maemo04:59
*** skibur has joined #maemo05:00
skibur:( Xmame runs slow05:01
skiburtrying out pacman05:01
skiburdoesn't start05:03
ds3seems gizmo is tied to their sip servers?05:03
iBrathave there been any news on porting Java VM to the tablets?05:07
db48xds3: there's an option to log into another sip server05:07
iBratI'm curious about this as I'd love it if this device could also let me log into Pogo so I can play anywhere I've got a connection05:07
iBratit's not going to be a deal breaker for me though, was just wondering if it'd even be possible05:09
*** yabbas|compilin has quit IRC05:10
ds3db48x: oh? the links I been finding says it doesn't allow it... nice05:10
db48xthere's a checkbox on the opening screen05:11
db48xwhat I need to do is find a way to copy my cellphone05:14
db48x's phone book to gizmo05:14
db48xor even just into a portable format05:15
*** celesteh has quit IRC05:15
db48xof course, the fact that my phone is more akin to an ancient artifact from a lost civilization than a modern phone is probably going to be my downfall05:17
[pablo]_db48x: pen and paper =)05:21
*** skibur has left #maemo05:25
*** skibur has joined #maemo05:26
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo05:30
*** jga has quit IRC05:30
*** skibur has left #maemo05:33
*** zodman has joined #maemo05:39
*** GAN800 has joined #maemo05:41
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo05:43
AD-N770hi ppl05:46
AD-N770any one had been able to install the final chinook?05:46
*** booiiing has quit IRC05:47
AD-N770I'm having problems with the repositories05:47
AD-N770last days, but now is going better05:48
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC05:48
*** jaharkes_ has joined #maemo05:48
*** booiiing has joined #maemo05:48
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo05:48
*** Iso has quit IRC05:48
*** Iso has joined #maemo05:48
AD-N770but there's a bunch of debs that seems to be removed on the repo05:48
ds3there is a reason they are brown05:54
AD-N770I'm getting this ( during the apt-get install maemo-sdk-runtime05:54
AD-N770any idea? please could someone send me a copy of this bunch of debs copied from their local cache?05:56
iBratso no one knows about whether java applets could be possible?05:56
GAN800We need Java before we can get applets05:56
GAN800Of course it's possible05:56
GAN800But you need to hildonize Java first.05:56
iBrathow difficult is it to hildonize?05:57
GAN800My guess: if you have to ask, you wont be able to do it. ;)05:57
iBratI'm curious since I'm thinking about picking up the N800, and I might try my hand at maybe porting some apps but lol, sounds like I'd better enjoy it and learn as much as I can then!05:58
GAN800I'd look into Ruby over Java05:58
iBratto be honest, one reason I was interested in Java was mainly because of a gaming site, Pogo...but it'll come when it comes05:59
AD-N770GAN800: could you send me the missing debians?05:59
GAN800Uh, why would I have them? :)p05:59
GAN800Wait a day or two for the repos to settle down.05:59
*** DeLe0n has left #maemo06:00
AD-N770GAN800: ok, could you build a pair if packages for me?06:00
GAN800I don't have the SDK installed.06:01
*** zodman has quit IRC06:02
*** MagicFab has quit IRC06:03
iBratthanks, GAN800...I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this device regardless and I can't wait to hold it in my hands06:03
AD-N770is someone in the channel having the final chinook SDK installed?06:04
*** GAN800 has quit IRC06:05
AD-N770I'll come later, see you06:06
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC06:06
*** GAN800 has joined #maemo06:07
*** Vulc|Bleh has joined #maemo06:16
*** LoCusF_ has joined #maemo06:17
*** LoCusF has quit IRC06:18
*** chenca has quit IRC06:20
*** blast007_nokia has quit IRC06:31
*** realcomix has joined #maemo06:33
*** realcomix has left #maemo06:34
*** eton_ has joined #maemo06:42
*** iBrat has left #maemo06:42
*** dolske has quit IRC06:49
*** lindever__ has quit IRC06:54
*** snak has joined #maemo07:00
snakanyone know how to get skype to ring the speakers when the heapones are plugged in07:01
snaki mean, when someone calls you07:01
snakmaybe that feature is too useful -.-07:01
*** monkeyiq has joined #maemo07:12
*** GAN800 has quit IRC07:15
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo07:19
*** astro76 has quit IRC07:19
*** freakazoid0223 has quit IRC07:20
*** zodman has joined #maemo07:21
*** tjafk has quit IRC07:26
*** philipl has quit IRC07:26
*** astro76 has joined #maemo07:28
*** K`zan has quit IRC07:30
*** tjafk has joined #maemo07:30
*** shack008n has quit IRC07:31
*** pupnik has quit IRC07:31
*** K`zan has joined #maemo07:32
*** K`zan has quit IRC07:42
*** K`zan has joined #maemo07:44
madarhello room, trying to flash a new n810 with updated os but can't seem to get past the following07:47
madarNOLO version 1.1.607:47
madarVersion of 'sw-release': <no version>07:47
madarswitched to static version of flasher but still no go07:47
madarany thoughts?07:47
madarI am running as root07:48
madaron an ubuntu gutsy install07:48
*** l7 has quit IRC07:48
*** K`zan has quit IRC07:50
*** K`zan has joined #maemo07:52
*** dolske has joined #maemo07:54
*** freakazoid0223 has joined #maemo08:08
pupnik_no code...08:09
*** sgehrman has joined #maemo08:10
sgehrmani'm on mac, I can't update08:10
sgehrmanflasher for mac doesn't work08:11
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik08:11
*** unique311 has joined #maemo08:13
sgehrmanmaemo should give up. Android will dominate. Maemo is the new Palm.  DOA08:14
*** sgehrman has quit IRC08:14
*** Vulc|Bleh is now known as Vulc|Sleepysleep08:14
madarfeeling kinda silly just missed the -F when I was typing... lame08:15
*** K`zan has quit IRC08:15
pupnik|tbb| says plugin the usb-cable - shutdown the device - push power  button while pressing the home button then on linux box do ->  ./flasher-3.0 -F RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R08:15
*** DgtlNight has joined #maemo08:16
*** K`zan has joined #maemo08:17
astro76heh what a moron08:18
pupniki was just reading 'omron introduces wimax antenna'08:19
pupnikit's all connected, man!08:19
* pupnik puts on theremin music08:20
*** Pio has quit IRC08:21
*** Pio has joined #maemo08:22
*** mbuf has joined #maemo08:24
*** DgtlNight has left #maemo08:25
snakARRRGH! the really useful finger keyboard has been nerfed on OS2008, its really annoying08:37
*** geaaru has joined #maemo08:39
pupnikthat's odd08:40
snakit used to come up when i touched the edit box with my finger08:41
snaknow i have to hit once to get the normal keyboard up08:41
snakthen double tap it again to get the finger keyboard08:41
snakhow is that usable?08:42
snakam i using this wrong or something?08:43
pupnikfor me, fingers contain too much risk of scratching screen08:45
snakcut your nails -.-08:45
snaki mean08:45
snakclaws :p08:45
astro76you can press the button int he center of the d-pad to switch to finger keyboard08:45
astro76scratching screen? why aren't you using a screen protector? plus really the screen is so durable the stylus won't scratch it without a protector08:46
snakastro76: that seems to work with google, but not in skype08:47
snaki still have to finger the edit box and then hit square08:47
astro76yeah that's what I meant08:47
snakbut it used to be that you just fingered it once, it detected ur huge finger and it can up fingerboard08:48
astro76indeed, and it was deliberately removed08:48
snakwhat? why downgrade that? it was brilliant08:48
*** jacques has quit IRC08:49
astro76finger detection was always touchy08:50
snakbah, they could have atleast left an option to turn it on08:50
astro76I think for the same reason the menu went large size only08:50
snaki never had any problems with it -.-08:50
astro76I always had a hard time bringing it up08:51
snakhope they make an option to turn it back on, i actually like it08:52
snakliked* it08:52
pupnikastro76: i have no protector, use no fingers, have no scratches -- the problem is dirt on fingers and dragging imo08:52
snakdragging with fingers is a pain08:53
astro76you should use a protector, it's a finger/stylus based device08:53
pupnik770 doesn't need one imo08:53
pupnikif i had 800 i would have protector08:53
astro76snak, did you vote on the bug?
*** Dregz has joined #maemo08:54
snakoh oh, i can vote on it?08:54
snaki better create an account :]08:54
pupnikDec 21 - Oct 18 equals two months of waiting08:55
* pupnik not happy08:55
astro76what are you waiting for?08:56
K`zanNight all.08:57
astro76snak, bug confirmed by popular vote ;)08:57
*** K`zan has quit IRC08:58
*** mankod has joined #maemo08:58
*** johnx has quit IRC08:58
snakthanks for the heads up astro09:02
*** kst has quit IRC09:03
*** jtz has quit IRC09:04
*** DgtlNight has joined #maemo09:05
*** _z_ has joined #maemo09:09
*** mankod has quit IRC09:10
*** Dregz has quit IRC09:10
_z_I could confirm that apt-get update messes my glibc09:10
pupnikheh like the good old debian days09:11
pupnikastro76: developer discount code09:11
*** mankod has joined #maemo09:13
madaris there something I need to do to install codec packs for the default media player so far not playing my H.264 files (inside .mov container) or mp4s09:13
madarso far this is all I've tested so far09:13
pupnikare there such things?09:14
*** j0tt has joined #maemo09:16
* pupnik ponders soup09:16
_z_after all thinkering, netbsd port to 770 could solve all headaches09:18
pupnik_z_: you had the glibc problem on 770?  this seems new09:20
_z_hm, every time after update of repositories09:21
_z_this morning also09:21
pupnikty for the info.  i updated early 2007, but normally i don't update09:21
pupnikonly individual packages09:21
_z_I like to see the list and never add something09:22
pupnikoh sorry i confused update with upgrade09:22
_z_and wifi stopped to work this morning09:23
pupnikupdate should never change anything09:23
_z_I had to shutdown -r explicitely09:23
*** mankod has quit IRC09:23
_z_something triggers something09:24
*** mankod has joined #maemo09:24
_z_mgedmin thinks it is a ifi memory corruption09:24
pupniki am updating09:25
_z_I failed09:25
pupnikwhat error did you see?09:25
_z_not updated09:26
_z_non-free has no correct gz file09:27
_z_and some gpg09:27
_z_I don't really need it09:27
*** jott has quit IRC09:28
_z_a matter of concept; has to work09:28
*** kst has joined #maemo09:29
_z_pupnik,have you updated list successfuly?09:30
pupnikyes besides the normal repo errors09:30
_z_my case is 'taken old list'09:31
_z_I see those missing also in app manager09:31
_z_I hope n810 could work in console mode09:32
gpdany mirrors for the futsed repositories?09:33
*** greentux_ has quit IRC09:33
*** truent has quit IRC09:33
_z_are they in sync?09:34
pupnikmaybe your status is corrupt09:34
pupnik_z_: cp /var/lib/status /home/user/statusbak && mv /var/lib/status-old /var/lib/status09:34
_z_lemme c09:34
pupnikcorrupt /var/lib/dpkg/status is not uncommon09:35
pupnikyou can also edit it with vi09:35
*** thefool has joined #maemo09:35
_z_found in dpkg09:37
_z_low power now; have towait a little09:37
_z_and no status in /var/lib09:38
pupnikI MADE A MISTAKE09:39
_z_yes, dpkg09:39
_z_have it09:39
*** notsmack has joined #maemo09:39
_z_the same size09:39
notsmackany way to set a WPA key from a terminal on a 770?09:40
_z_pupnik, what do you think I should do?09:41
*** geaaru has quit IRC09:42
pupniki would vi status09:42
pupnikand check for garbage characters09:43
pupnikbut not sure about what to do09:43
_z_looks fine09:43
thefoolare the repos working yet?09:44
_z_good question09:45
_z_manualy, ys09:45
_z_pupnik, 477 kb file looks correct09:46
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC09:46
thefoolbut not with the application manager?09:46
_z_empty it?09:46
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo09:46
_z_ah, just problems09:46
thefoolIt is not timing out like it was before, but it still tells me it could not refresh the list09:47
_z_gpg is wrong09:47
_z_some gz corrupted09:47
_z_maemo guys are missing in the mist09:49
*** sgehrman has joined #maemo09:50
sgehrmanTo flash bootloader, you have to supply  the X-Loader image09:50
sgehrmani'm getting this09:51
sgehrmanany ideas?09:51
*** Tuco has quit IRC09:53
*** DeLeOn has quit IRC09:54
*** _z_ has left #maemo09:55
sgehrmanthis chat is useless.  like maemo09:58
*** notsmack has left #maemo09:59
sgehrmanwhen Maemo dies you guys can get a job at Palm.  Your probably good at working on obsolete poor quality technologies10:03
Cptnodegardi have a mobile crane for rent10:05
Cptnodegardif you need help getting that eiffel tower out of your anus10:05
sgehrmanhow can I flash my 810 on mac.  it fails10:06
sgehrmanlike every other feature on this crappy 81010:07
*** zodma1 has joined #maemo10:07
Cptnodegardit fails because your n810 dont love you, because you call it crap. gadgets have feelings too10:07
*** hfwilke has quit IRC10:09
*** truent has joined #maemo10:11
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo10:11
*** MikeL has joined #maemo10:12
*** DgtlNight has left #maemo10:12
pupnik./flasher-3.0 -F RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R10:13
sgehrmanthat's what I've been doing10:14
sgehrmanbut I'm on mac10:14
pupnikrun flasher first, then turn on nokia10:14
sgehrmani did10:14
sgehrmanTo flash bootloader, you have to supply  the X-Loader image10:15
sgehrmanget that message10:15
sgehrmanthen it quits10:15
pupniki installed multi-boot loader from device10:15
pupnikit's more fun with multiple systems on the mmc10:16
pupnikmaybe check itt forums, or describe problem on maemo-users10:16
*** sgehrman has left #maemo10:23
thefoolhas anyon here used Wizard Mounter?10:26
thefoolI can not seem to get it to mount my NFS share10:26
*** mankod has quit IRC10:31
*** zodman has quit IRC10:31
*** mankod has joined #maemo10:31
*** GNUton has joined #maemo10:35
*** mankod has quit IRC10:37
pupnikmoo GNUton10:42
GNUtonhey pupnik! :)10:43
*** guardian has joined #maemo10:46
thefoolanyone here have nfs-common working?10:50
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC10:53
*** sgehrman has joined #maemo10:55
thefoolanyone have nfs or samba mounting working?10:55
*** p| has joined #maemo10:55
*** sgehrman has quit IRC11:00
*** GNUro has joined #maemo11:11
*** mbuf has quit IRC11:12
*** GNUton has quit IRC11:13
*** mbuf has joined #maemo11:13
*** playya has joined #maemo11:16
kulvefor me the 2008 sees my samba shares out-of-the-box11:20
*** L0cutusM has joined #maemo11:26
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:26
AD-N770good morning11:27
thefoolgood morning11:35
thefoolkulve: unfortunately I am still using 2007HE on a 770 so... good to know thats out of the box in 2008 though11:36
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC11:37
thefoolI am following the directions at but I can't load the modules11:38
thefoolI am getting an invalid module format error11:39
*** Sho_ has quit IRC11:40
*** GNUro has quit IRC11:49
*** GNUro has joined #maemo11:50
thefoolah well, I guess I will come back when there are more people on11:51
*** snak has quit IRC11:54
JaffaMorning, all11:57
JaffaHmm, a "Refresh application list" seemed to just work well. Maybe time for an upgrade11:57
*** MikeL2 has joined #maemo11:58
*** snak has joined #maemo11:58
*** johnx has joined #maemo11:59
*** GNUrante has joined #maemo12:00
blitheCan someone tell me how to leave my n800 when I'm not using it? Twice now, I've left the device with a decent amount of battery, only to come back 8'ish hours later and have it be completely dead.12:00
snakturn if off?12:01
blitheI've been just doing 'lock screen and buttons'...12:01
snakim geussing it would still be connected wirelessly12:01
snakand radio stuff can be a right sucker for power12:01
blitheAye, So I guess it doesn't 'idle' as well as I thought.12:02
blitheI thought it could idle for 5 days or somesuch.12:02
johnxusually it will last for a couple days at least12:02
snaknot while being online i reckon12:02
snaki havent had mine very ling12:02
johnxdo you think there might be something running in the bacground?12:02
Jaffasnak: it should do12:03
snakjohnx: while still connected to wireless?12:03
*** Oloko has joined #maemo12:03
johnxI easily get a day out of mine connected to wireless12:03
Jaffablithe: what extra software/customisations have you done?12:03
blitheNothing special, I had pidgin running earlier.12:03
blitheThe feed reader may have been open.12:03
johnxbut if I stay logged into it with sshd it will kill the whole battery in a couple hours even if the session is idle12:03
johnxleaving pidgin connected would probably do it12:04
snaki havent done much batter tests yet and i havent been out much with it yet12:04
*** playya has quit IRC12:04
blitheSo best practices is to take it into offline mode then I'd suspect.12:04
johnxor just sign out of anything holding open a connection12:05
*** TimRiker has quit IRC12:05
johnxbut if you don't need it online then going to offline mode will definitely improve battery life12:05
snakor you could buy a nuclear battery pack12:05
blitheAight, good stuff to know.12:05
snakive got one for my portable ps312:06
johnxdo you remember a couple years ago there was some talk about a radio-isotope battery pack for laptops?12:06
snakwhat happend with those?12:06
johnxI don't think they ever got anywhere12:06
snakrats :(12:06
johnxwaaaaay too many potential issues12:07
johnxI mean Li-Ion batteries are dangerous enough12:07
snakfuel cells look hard to use12:07
snaktoo fiddly12:07
blitheThanks for the advice guys. Still figuring out my device.12:07
snakhmmm, maybe i could rig up a solar cell12:08
snakgood night12:08
johnxsnak, it'd have to be pretty big12:08
snaki wonder how much power this uses12:08
johnxI think someone did a test on the itt forums12:08
*** Oloko has quit IRC12:08
johnxcan't be more than a couple watts even when charging12:09
snakyoure kidding?12:09
snaklook at the charger12:09
snakthats 4W12:09
snakgood call johnx12:10
snaki was looking all over the web for info and its right in front of me -.-12:10
*** yerga has joined #maemo12:11
johnxcouple good threads on itt: and
snaksomeones done it already, BAH! ive been beatten to it -.-12:13
johnxsorry to spoil it for you12:14
*** GNUro has quit IRC12:15
*** MikeL has quit IRC12:15
snaki might just make one of these12:15
*** GNUro has joined #maemo12:15
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo12:16
johnxI'm really glad to see portable solar power becoming more of a reality12:19
p|johnx, ?12:21
p|ha ok12:21
johnxsorry, referring to things I linked :P12:21
snakits brilliant, its the way it should be12:22
johnxso, what's your interest in solar power? hiking/biking? or saving energy?12:22
snakhow about a never ending battery life? =)12:23
johnxthat would sure be nice12:23
snakhiking and biking too12:23
snaksolar cells have come along a bit12:24
snakfigured i might try something12:24
johnxanyways, I'm off for a bit12:25
johnx'night all12:25
*** johnx has quit IRC12:25
pupnikwhat is it with wives hating large loudspeakers12:28
pupnik"If it doesn't lead to marital strife, I'll leave them in place for a day or two and just listen."12:29
*** MikeL2 is now known as MikeL12:30
youamis there some way to get battery information while the device is on the charger (on os2008)12:31
*** GNUrante has quit IRC12:31
snakwhat information do you want?12:31
youamsnak: how much juice the battery has. e.g., the same information available when it's not on the charger12:33
snakah -.-12:34
snakpull it out and take a look :p12:34
snaki think its normally 1500mAh12:35
youamsnak: that's not exactly the answer i wanted to hear ;-P12:35
youamsnak: erm, no, not how much the battery /could/ hold, but how much lifetime i could get out of the n800 if i unpluged now (without unplugging...)12:36
*** murrayc_ has joined #maemo12:36
snakoh right12:37
sterirepositories seems to download now but canola2 still says at packet is corrupted12:37
steriany tips?12:37
snakit varies so much though12:38
snakthe time would never be accurate12:38
snakbest bet to buy another batter for when that one dies ;)12:38
snaksteri: funny that, ive been getting a few "packets missing" and such lately too12:39
snakcould it have something to do with the topic -> " debs are broken"?12:39
steribut like I said :P now it atleast download that list from there before it didn't even do that12:40
*** Pio has quit IRC12:40
snakdunno. im a total newb12:41
youamsnak: no, we're still talking about different things. i only want to know whether my battery is nearly empty or half full or nearly completely loaded, without having to take it out of the charger to get the estimate. i just want the estimate /while/ on the charger12:41
snakbattery physics tells me you dont know how much is in a battery, ever, but you can tell when its about full ;)12:42
snaki highly doubt it12:42
snakand even if you do get one, it'll be a estimate with a large margin for error12:43
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo12:45
*** p| has quit IRC12:45
youamsnak: well, the device does show one when it's off the charger. i just want the same estimate when it's on the charger12:46
snaktake it off the charger =)12:46
snakit can only tell you if it knows how much power its currently using12:46
snaki know, im not being very helpful -.-12:47
youamit could remember that from the previous times off the charger12:47
*** L0cutusM has quit IRC12:47
*** sxpert has quit IRC12:47
youamanyway, i'd be happy with some information like "nearly empty" / "about half full" / "nearly full" / "full"12:48
snaki cant see from a hardware perspective how that'd even be possible12:49
Cptnodegardis there any rar/zip program for internet tables?12:50
tontsai would imagine both rar and zip work just fine12:51
Cptnodegardsome guy on a forum is pissed at his touch and looking for alternatives that can actually download stuff xD and unzip12:52
*** sxpert has joined #maemo12:53
youamsnak: my laptop's battery remembers how much mAh i put in and take out and can guess how much can fit in and count how much should be in there right now12:54
MikeLCptnodegard: do you have the link?12:54
Cptnodegardto the forum? its in norwegian12:55
MikeLOh, can ask google to translate?12:55
snakyouam: nice, its doable, but considoring the size of the N800, i still doubt it12:55
JaffaDamn. Seems the repositories are still broken, despite App Mgr refreshing properly before the upgrade. I wonder if it's a problem specific to this version of OS2008 - that'd explain the Canola problems as well.12:56
snakfell free to correct me if im wrong there12:57
snakbut you'd have to measure and count the current in and from the battery12:57
youamsnak: i'm not sure. something like  "i was at 10% battery when i got plugged in, last full charge took 2 hours, now i'm on for 45 minutes"  should give a good enough estimate, even when the charge is not linear12:57
thefoolJaffa: unfortunately not as I am having the same issue with 200712:57
Jaffathefool: damn12:58
thefoolfrom trying things manually it seems some of their keys are now different12:58
MikeLCptnodegard: Thanks :-)12:59
youamsnak: anyhow, i wanted to know if there was some way to look at the current status of the battery. apparently there is not, and we're only arguing how one could implement it the best way technically...12:59
snakyouam: well, irc is for geeks, and arguements12:59
youamsnak: right :)13:00
snakand typos -.-13:00
snaki could proove it13:01
thefoolno one makres typos on irc...13:01
snakhand up here who isnt a geek13:01
snakahh, see?13:01
* thefool raises his hand just to tick off snak13:01
*** yabbas|compilin has joined #maemo13:02
snakgrr :(13:02
thefoolI just found out that the default media player can play things off my bluetooth phone without "downloading" them.13:03
thefoolI wish I could get canola to do that13:03
thefoolmy phone has 2gb and my 770 has 64mb so thats really useful for me13:03
thefoolhoping for a mmc for christmas13:04
*** matsk has joined #maemo13:07
*** p| has joined #maemo13:08
*** L0cutusM has joined #maemo13:09
*** krau has joined #maemo13:09
guerbyis anyone successful with
guerbyI tried many akamai IP but they all return an HTML error page for Packages.gz13:10
guerbycould someone run "host" and give me the resulting IP? thx13:11 has address has address
sterirepositories are working fine for me BUT packages are broken :(13:12
tontsa195.58.96.158 and for .fi13:13
tontsais what you get when you do "host" in .fi13:13
steriI got that with sonera :P13:14
tontsai guess it's not geo based stuff then afterall, just random IPs from pool13:14
guerbysteri, thx the .16 worked for me13:15
guerbytontsa, 195.58 seems in the same broken state than what I tried13:17
JaffaIt's ridiculously shonky.13:18
tontsawell i'm not surprised.. it's utfors/telenor network :)13:18
Jaffaguerby: what was your bug number again? Could do with publicising on p.m.o13:18
*** booiiing has quit IRC13:19
*** Freefood has joined #maemo13:20
guerbyJaffa I opened a new one since the image stuff is said to be fixed:13:20
Freefoodis there a way to run s60 apps on the n800 does anyone know? i am a newbie to my n80013:21
*** booiiing has joined #maemo13:21
tontsadon't think there's any working s60 emulator13:23
Freefoodcheers thanks13:23
Freefoodi was looking to get route66 for my s60 working on the  n80013:24
snaksay, you know the "application manager", is repository where it gets all the programs from?13:24
tontsayou mean the default repos?13:25
tontsayeah i guess we are writing diffrent dialects of english and they are incompatible :)13:26
snakim running it through google translate now, but i cant find my native tongue "noob speak"13:26
*** Bastich has joined #maemo13:27
snakthe n800 "application manager", when i get a program off it, does it download it from
snakim curious13:27
Bastichi wish you all good day13:27
tontsasnak, no13:27
snakerrr, where does it come from then?13:28
tontsathe pristine n800 gets stuff from
snakthe quantum void?13:28
tontsathere's certified, non-certified and updates/chinook13:28
*** Rocketman has joined #maemo13:28
RocketmanCan someone help me confirm a Canola 2 bug?13:29
snaktontsa: ummm, that directory structure is sooo fucked up13:30
RocketmanI want to confirm something before I write up a bug report13:31
snaktry it, and if it doesnt work, report it? =]13:31
Freefoodcan anyone recommend gps software for n800?13:31
*** skrylar has joined #maemo13:31
RocketmanI want to make sure the behaviour is consistent on another unit13:32
tontsaFreefood, try maemo-mapper. if not happy with that then buy the wayfinder software13:32
tontsathere's no others i think.. besides the "map" included13:32
*** skrylar has quit IRC13:32
snakeasy, getting put on the CIA terrorist suspect list and use the bug they planted on you to get your location13:32
snaki really should keep my mouth shut13:33
RocketmanIf I have several podcast feeds and I am listening to one of them while I add a new feed, the playing feed stops and that item is no longer playable13:33
Bastichhi, does anyone here have some experience with nokia n810 in a role of a reading device?13:33
steriRocketman: send me the freaking packet so I can test it :D13:33
MikeLRocketman: Whats your bug13:33
yabbas|compilinBastich, whacha wanna know?13:33
MikeLOH see it13:33
RocketmanI can delete the affected item and redownload, but it will still not play when clicked13:34
Bastichi'm considering buying a pda, mostly for reading e-books and i wanted ipaq 210 before but today i found out about nokia n810 so i can't decide now13:34
RocketmanIf I use the ff/rw buttons to get to it, it will play13:34
MikeLRocketman: For info here are bugs already added for Canola2 tracker
tontsaBastich, if you are going just for ebook reading then get n800 instead. you don't need the keyboard for that13:35
RocketmanI tried restarting and my list of feeds vanished13:35
Rocketmanso it appears to corrupt the feed list somehow13:35
snakOk geeks, for 5 points, what are mistral, bora and chinook?13:35
Bastichthe price is not so much of a matter here and keyboard always comes in handy13:35
MikeLRocketman: Not tried podcasts yet myself so cannot comment13:35
Rocketmanno time like the present13:36
tontsasnak, chinook is codename for current 2008. bora was i think beta-os2008 and no idea about mistral13:36
tontsacould be 200713:36
Bastichi was just concerned about the platform, can you get a decent e-reader for maemo?13:36
yabbas|compilinBastich, what tontsa  said .. although I will add.  eBooks, PDFs, etc work VERY well on the tablets.  Unfortunately you MAY find that the screen is too small to be  comfortable.  You will have to zoom into the page, and unfortunateyl that  means it doesn't fit properly on the screen.13:36
tontsaBastich, FBReader is pretty good13:36
snaktontsa: correct. 5 points13:36
yabbas|compilinBastich, default PDF reader is great.  FBReader is great.  eVince is great.13:37
MikeLRocketman: There are already bugs included for podcasts at link I provided13:37
snaknotice how i clevery disguised my own ignorance there =)13:37
Bastichdo they read pdbs as well?13:37
MikeLRocketman: Perhaps one is similar13:37
yabbas|compilinyou can install ghostscript afaik so pdbs should be readable.13:37
glass_pdb's from palm?13:38
Bastichbut no ready to use app?13:38
glass_check fbreader and those others13:38
yabbas|compilinahh the palm stuff...hmm, I thought fbreaderdid that?13:38
RocketmanThere is Garnett, a Palm VM for the NITs13:38
glass_so.. they're readable, one way or another13:38
glass_or just convert..13:39
Bastichwell i thought pdb format was designed for this purpose, to read it on pda devices, wasn't it?13:39
glass_it's no better than having txt files on linux really13:39
* yabbas|compilin nods13:39
*** booiiing has quit IRC13:39
yabbas|compilinor html files :)13:39
glass_i prefer txt ebooks :)13:40
*** booiiing has joined #maemo13:40
RocketmanBastich, think of the NITs as being a desktop Linux box that happens to fit in your pocket13:40
Bastichi'm not much of a linux user to be honest, i always had much respect for it, but all that configuration and stuff13:40
sterioh cry :( I want that canolaw now it still whines about corrupted files13:42
*** L0cutusM has quit IRC13:44
*** alterego has joined #maemo13:44
*** xan-afk is now known as xan13:44
Rocketmanchecked and FBReader supports the Palm Aportis Doc format13:44
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC13:45
alteregoNo N810 then :(13:46
*** L0cutusM has joined #maemo13:46
*** murrayc_ has quit IRC13:46
Rocketmanhuh, alterego?13:47
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo13:48
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo13:49
*** Freefood has quit IRC13:49
snakdoes n800 do wpa2?13:50
Bastichcan the displayed content on N810 be flipped  to vertical position?13:50
snakrotate your hand 90 degrees to whatever you preference13:51
snakgood god snak, shut up13:51
Bastichand it turns automatically?13:52
alteregoRocketman, haven't had an email saying I can order yet.13:52
*** slomo has joined #maemo13:53
snakno, im being a sarcastic bugger/asshole - and i have been all morning. I'm actually trying to be a good boy and stay quiet13:53
alteregoNot doing a very good job of it :P13:53
snakmy thaughts exactly13:53
doc|homeBastich: nope, but fbreader for example can rotate it iirc13:55
doc|homeI don't think the hardware (accelerators) are there to do automatic rotation13:56
alteregoHahah, what?13:56
alteregoThe kernel can do rotation.13:56
Bastichok, so can it be done manually?13:56
alteregoIt doesn't require any extra graphics processing power, not really.13:56
alteregoIt's not possible right now because hildon doesn't work in that orientation.13:57
GNUroalterego: is it possible to use the X11 rotate function?13:58
*** guardian has quit IRC13:59
pupnikand viewing anything serious at 480 pixels wide is of questionable value14:00
Bastichand what's your opinion about the processor, it's supposed to have a 400 Mhz proc, but some of the new pdas coming on the market have 624 mhz processors, don't you think its a little drawback for nokia 810?14:01
alteregoBastich, have you used an N810 or an N800?14:01
Bastichnope, never, that's why i'm so fricking curious now14:02
alteregoWe don't need those extra ticks :P14:02
alteregoIt works fine as is.14:02
alteregoMaybe the next iteration will have a faster CPU ..14:02
Bastichby that you mean that linux kernel on 400 mhz is more efficient than windows mobile on 624 mhz machine?14:03
alteregoNo, I'm saying why compare them if you're happy with how it operates?14:03
alteregoThere's no point in being obsessive over clock ticks. If the system runs fine on the hardware it's on then why does it matter?14:03
sp3000more rpm, better sound14:04
*** guardian has joined #maemo14:04
*** booiiing has quit IRC14:05
Bastichyes, that's my point, i don't insist on those extra ticks, all i want is good operation14:06
*** bmidgley has quit IRC14:07
tontsai haven't had any performance problems yet on n810, everything is very snappy14:07
Bastichgood for you14:07
Bastichgosh, i can't decide now, can't ya swing me to one side or other? :) which one is it gonna be, ipaq, nokia, ipaq, nokia? hell, now i know what ambivalence means14:12
tontsait really depends if you like windows mobile or not14:13
hugolpBastich:  the n800 is a great deal14:13
hugolpI have one for 3 weeks now and Im happier than I though I would be14:13
tontsai personally can't stand windows mobile.. but that's mostly due to it not having good ssh-client that would do copy-paste between other apps14:13
tontsa(i have one HTC unit with WM6)14:14
hugolpI want to see the new HTC with android next year14:14
hugolpI want to see how java behaves speed wise14:14
tontsawhat i read it's not java in traditional sense14:14
tontsathat you need to somehow convert your java bytecode to the android's thingie14:15
hugolptontsa:  it has its own interpreter yeah14:15
Bastichthat's my problem, this is gonna be my first pda, so i have no experience with either, wm or maemo, i'm still unbiased14:15
hugolpBastich:  the n800 is great, specially because of the graphic resolution14:16
tontsaBastich, if your country has concept of mail order that you can return item in 14 days or something14:16
tontsathen order both that way and return the other :)14:16
hugolpI showed to some people and they were really amazed when showing video or pictures14:16
hugolpthey had "the look" in their eyes14:16
Bastichthat's a good idea, it's a shame that there's no other way how to lay yer hands on them before you purchase em14:16
hugolp"the look" = why this motherfucker has one and I dont?14:16
Bastichi understand, i'm hungry for such device for too long now, all i'm doing now is thinking what new software i'm gonna stuff in, no matter i don't own one yet14:18
Bastichi guess there's more open source software for maemo than there's for WM, am i right?14:19
alteregoThere's a lot more software for Windows Mobile than Maemo.14:20
Bastichyes, but most of it is proprietary, isn't it14:20
hugolpof course14:21
alteregoProbably, I don't really know much about Windows Mobile. The idea of it makes my stomach turn :P14:21
Bastichand you maemo guys are living the free software concept14:21
alteregoMost of us did already ;)14:22
alteregoI bought a tablet because I love using Linux.14:22
snaki baught the tablet cause i like the idea of handheld wireless internet14:22
Bastichtablet is like notebook but with touch screen?14:22
snakBastich: havent you got one?14:23
alteregoNot really, it's something new.14:23
alteregoIt's not a PDA, and it's not a notebook.14:23
Bastichumpc then?14:23
alteregoIt's something new and different :)14:23
snakwow, how did someone without a 770, n800 or n810 end up in #maemo -.-14:23
Bastichcan you pass me a link to smt like that?14:24
snakits basically a touchscreen pc14:24
Bastichor just name one, i look it up meself14:24
*** chille has joined #maemo14:24
snakit does everything a pc does14:24
Bastichthat's what i thought14:24
Okkodoes someone else get corrupted packages from maemo repos?14:24
snakand it even looks like it14:24
chilleanyone who knows how to gain root access on OS2008?14:24
snakgive it to the russians for 10 seconds14:25
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:25
Bastichyou just turn and flip the screen on top of the keyboard and navigate with stylus, is that it?14:25
hugolpOkko:  me14:25
hugolpchile becomeroot14:25
hugolpchille:  becomeroot14:25
snakBastich: N800 is better than fiddly keyboard N81014:26
snakand its cheaper too ;)14:26
Bastichyou sure?14:26
alteregoHe doesn't have an N810 and can't comment.14:26
Bastichbut doesn't n810 look neater?14:26
hugolpBastich:  yes, I think N800 is a great deal now14:26
chillehugolp: so i just type that in console and get root? no need for RD-mode or something like that?14:26
hugolpdoes everything N810 does and coust less14:26
alteregochille, it's a package, not a command.14:27
hugolpchille:  you need to isntall becomeroot14:27
chilleah, well, okay14:27
Okkochille: at least on OS2007 the easiest way was to install ssh server and do it with ssh14:27
hugolpchille:  yoll find it in some of this repositories
chilleOkko: but i cant login on root account on ssh, i don't have the password14:27
snakalterego is right, i dont have one, so i cant comment14:27
*** mardi_ has joined #maemo14:27
*** xan has quit IRC14:28
Bastichyes and also has a bigger display, that' what i really care for, i'lll give it a thougt14:28
*** playya has joined #maemo14:28
alteregoThe N810 is a better machine in my opinion. But the price difference is quite a bit. So if you've got the extra and it's not going to hurt the bank then go for the N810. But the N800 is a great deal.14:28
hugolpBastich:  N800 and N810 has the same display14:28
hugolpalterego:  the N810 only can handle one memory card14:29
hugolpN800 two14:29
Bastichnope, 800 has 4.2 while 810 has 4.1314:29
snakjust because a product has an incremental model number doesnt make it better14:29
hugolpbuild in GPS are allways bad14:29
snakati drivers are  proof of that14:29
Bastichso you clearly see the difference of 0.7 inch14:29
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo14:29
Okkochille: the latest openssh should ask for a root password to set when you install it. haven't tried it yet though.14:29
Khertanalterego: still no news about a new release of ruby ? :)14:30
hugolpplus I dont like small keyboards (like the n810 one) but thats just personal14:30
VReIf n810 would be with 2 sd lots then it would have been a clear winner14:30
alteregoKhertan, I've been busy with _real_ work :/14:30
alteregos/_real_/"real"/ ;)14:30
Khertanalterego: no prob ... it s just in case :)14:30
Okkochille: the password on OS2007 for root was "rootme"14:30
snakhugolp: whats that website you posted?14:30
snakit looks like maemo but isnt14:30
Khertanas i still can't install nothing ... i dev :)14:30
Bastichand i'm also concerned that the keyboard might just break off the rest of the device, that's what happended to a friend of mine with her nokia phone14:31
chilleOkko: yeah, but the OS2007 password dosn't work on OS2008, and openssh dosn't ask for a password :(14:31
tontsachille, just install the becomeroot package and then in xterm: sudo gainroot. then change root password14:31
chilleOkko: i have also tried the tools for the OS2007 image to enable RD mode, but the OS2008 image looks different14:31
hugolpsnak:  its a page with repositories (and the packages of each one) for maemo devices14:31
chilletontsa: yeah, i'm working on it :-)14:31
hugolpobviously not all of those repositories are Nokia owned14:31
snakhow is it different from, it looks the ame14:31
hugolpsnak:  its just a page with repositories and the packages they have14:32 doesnt have such a list14:32
hugolpwhats the deal?14:32
*** bmidgley has joined #maemo14:32
tontsasnak just seems to be on turbo-troll mode14:32
hugolpjust wake up and my troll radar is still off14:33
snakoh come on im not trolling14:33
snakim learning about my new n80014:33
snakits just i thaught, if i want something, i go there14:34
snakand hugolp goes and posts an equally good website14:34
*** doc|home has quit IRC14:34 features lots of "3rd party" repositories as well14:34
tontsathe has just stuff from * repos14:34
hugolpsnak:  both websites are good, in youll find more about whole programs and aplications14:34
hugolpint youll find little packages you may need and they are hard to find otherwise14:35
hugolp(as well as the others)14:35
Okko"If the software is not obtained from Nokia, Nokia is unable to guarantee that the software will not harm your device"14:35
snakgreat - bookmarked14:35
OkkoUh, do they guarantee that with Nokia software then?14:35
hugolpOkko:  dont think so14:35
hugolpsoftware is never guaranteed14:35
snaki thaught maemo website was all 3rd party anyway14:36
Okkoexactly, so that warning is completely useless14:36
Okkochille: I just flashed my N800 to OS2008 and am now installing the package "openssh". It asks me to set new root password.14:36
snakso, how come theres 2 places for the same thing O.o14:36
Okkochille: are you sure you are installing openssh and not the bear-ssh14:36
Khertan(stupid maemo repository)14:36
chillewell, now i have installed the becomeroot package, what the next step?14:37
tontsasudo gainroot14:37
hugolpchille:  open the console and type sudo gainroot14:37
snakany other repositories i should know about?14:37
chilleOkko: yes, application manager says openssh, openssh-client & openssh-server and i dont got dropbear in my list14:38
alteregoThere's a list of repositories in the maemo wiki14:38
chillehugolp: and what do i type when it asks for a root password?14:38
alteregoopenssh is better.14:38
hugolpchille:  it shouldnt14:38
tontsathere seems to be diffrent openssh-packages in diffrent repos14:38
Okkochille: then your device works differently from mine, mine asked and is now installing14:38
chillehugolp: it does14:38
*** booiiing has joined #maemo14:38
tontsai managed to install one that doesn't ask for root password14:38
chilleOkko: okay ;o14:38
OkkoI only have the default repos since the backup restore didn't restore the old ones..14:39
chillehmm.. i can try reinstalling openssh14:39
* mardi_ wonders if anyone installed Canola on 2008? 14:40
chilledo i just have to install openssh, or do i need openssh-client  openssh-server?14:40
tontsadepends on your needs14:40
Bastichi've got one quite provocative question, don't give me a kick for that, no offence but is it possible to install WM on nokia 800?14:40
*** xan has joined #maemo14:40
tontsabastich, nope14:40
chillei need both and server and client, so i guess openssh is the choice :-)14:40
chillei just wondering if i need to install the server/client in any specific order14:41
hugolpBastich:  why would you do that?14:41
tontsabastich, unless you get system developer status from microsoft and buy oem/etc. licenses14:41
tontsaand that just costs few hundred thousand14:41
*** monkeyiq has quit IRC14:41
Bastichmoney's not a problem :))14:41
hugolpBastich:  then invest on me14:42
Bastichyou think you're worth it? :)14:42
*** blassey has quit IRC14:42
chilleokay, so now i installed openssh, the only message i get after the nokia-crap-warning is "openssh sucessfully installed" :(14:42
*** blassey has joined #maemo14:42
*** giskard has quit IRC14:42
hugolpBastich:  yes14:43
tontsachille, try disabling repos other than that has * or tableteer14:43
snakBastich: i think you just commited blashpemy in the worst possible place to do it14:43
Bastichi was just worried about the software coverage14:43
tontsaalso uninstall the openssh packages before that14:43
* sp3000 does't see the :( in successfully installed14:43
chilletontsa: okay14:43
Okkofunny license terms they have for mnotify14:43
Bastichwhatcha mean, snak?14:43
snakinstall WM instead xD14:43
Okkolol, can't use mail notify app for that14:44
alteregoBastich, Windows Mobile is crap.14:44
sxpertdon't even think of mentionning ogg/vorbis/theora :-)14:45
alteregoIt's not a full OS like maemo is ..14:45
Bastichi know, i humbly apologize for that, long live linux or gnu or whatever14:45
tontsabastich, if you want to install both windows and linux, just get those Asus EeePCs14:45
tontsathey have linux in the bios-flash14:45
*** playya has quit IRC14:45
snaklol Bastich, no ones slapping or pointing a rifle at you - no need for clutish fanatisism =]14:45
chillewhat version of openssh shall i use? i got 1:4.6p1-5.maemo314:45
Bastichall i want is some realiable e-reading, web browsing device with good software coverage14:46
alteregoYou can't really compare Windows Mobile to Maemo as they're very different. Windows Mobile is a PDA OS. Maemo is a full blown OS stack.14:46
snakN800 with OS2008 has that14:46
alteregoAnd more.14:46
tontsachille, that's the latest in *.maemo org. updated 20.1214:46
snaki have that and its great14:46
chilletontsa: okay14:46
alteregoBastich, you keep mentioning "Software coverage" but you don't elaborate.14:46
snakso good, that i decided to some on here and try and figure out how to make my own programs14:46
alteregoruby-maemo ftw!14:47
snakand thats saying something14:47
mardi_any tips/pointers to how I get Canola to install on N800/2008,  even when Repos respond I get to ~2/3rds of install and fails with "corrupted"14:47
Okkomardi_: wait until maemo/nokia fixes their repos14:47
snaki normally program in C or C++14:48
VReOkko: I hope somebody is working before next next wednesday :)14:49
OkkoVRe: me too14:49
alteregoruby-maemo is > than C++14:49
Bastichuh, yes, my mistake, you know, i'm a lil bit medically oriented, so i planned to use some medical utilities and software for looking up medical infos, like database of drugs and diagnoses and stuff like that14:49
alteregoMore productive ..14:49
OkkoVRe: they do list team members on the user site, maybe we could call them :-)14:49
Bastichbut those are only for pdas and wm14:50
mardi_Thanks Okko14:50
VReBastich: You can run palm programs quite well in emulator14:50
Bastichbut palm and pda is not the same, is it14:50
Okkomardi_: you could try to grab all the necessary packages (libs) from other sources but it would probably take all xmas14:51
snakalterego: i dont know ruby and im not really inspired to learn it14:51
VReBastich: yeah, but there is a lot of that stuff for palm14:51
snakbesides, i dont know anyting about linux, thats probably a better place to start14:51
Bastichbut what if palm will be obsolete in a coupla years, what then, there will be just apps for the hated WM ;)14:52
*** ferulo has quit IRC14:52
Okkomardi_: from maemo news14:52
hugolpBastich:  in a couple of years wm probably wont be a real choice14:52
hugolpBastich:  have you check what are the mobile OS more used?14:52
alteregoYeah, no one will use Windows Mobile except Windows ..14:52
Okkomardi_: see the last comment14:52
infobot"The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is the day they start making vacuum cleaners."14:52
hugolpfirst one is Symbian, second Linux, third dont remember14:53
VReBastich: By then there will be maemo alternatives then too14:53
Bastichi hope so14:53
hugolpand next year Google's android is coming14:53
yabbas|compilininfobot :D14:53
infobotd is Soraya_'s unique version of the n disease. There is no cure.14:53
hugolpBastich:  wm is not a good future choice as is a minoritary choice14:53
Bastichthe future is a great place14:53
VReBastich: If I can run all the palm soft when needed and maemo stuff on top I (coming from palm) see a clear winner14:53
hugolpits only used a bit in US14:53
pupnikTak: saw this?
hugolpin China Japan etc... its not even present14:54
hugolpand even in the US its not the first OS14:54
snakinfobot: that was quite funny14:54
pupniknews flash: most things google tries are failures hugolp14:54
hugolpso WM is a risky choice14:54
hugolppupnik:  well see, I just say its coming14:55
*** barisione has joined #maemo14:55
pupnikok.  :)14:55
glass_android will take 2-5 years before it's anything14:55
glass_as in marketshare14:55
glass_all the companies in it have other soups as well14:55
*** barisione has quit IRC14:56
pupniki agree.  I am tired of people comparing real things to vaporware14:56
Bastichwell, i like linux, is my fav to be honest, some time back i even installed a debian distro on a 33 mhz machine, would have never thought it's possible to get multitasking on that14:56
pupnikand saying "vapor will do this!  vapor will do that!"14:56
glass_and openhandset alliance is like the 5th mobile linux alliance sammy & moto & others are in14:56
hugolppupnik:  I just said that WM is a minoritary option with lots of competence14:56
hugolppupnik:  would you be happy if I say I love nokia?14:56
glass_wm is fine as far as sw goes, if you like the os itself14:57
*** barisione has joined #maemo14:57
glass_i don't like to use wm devices, but theres lots of apps14:57
glass_so it being minority isn't an issue in that sense14:58
yabbas|compilinright, can anyone help me compile kernel modules14:58
* yabbas|compilin doesn't seem to be having much luck here14:58
glass_it's sdk's arent total shit for app developing14:58
glass_unlike symbians14:58
hugolpI was surprised to see symbian was so popular in china and Japan as well14:59
hugolpbut its by difference the mobile OS used in the world14:59
hugolpand WM was not even present in china and Japan, was very very little in Europe and was the second or the third in US15:00
Bastichi completely forgot, does n800 have gps?15:00
hugolpBastich:  not build in15:00
Bastichso that's the catch, n810 has15:00
*** FunkyPenguin has joined #maemo15:00
hugolpBastich:  build in gps dont work too goo15:00
hugolpits better to have a external proper bluetooth gps15:01
tontsawell it kinda works if you are into waiting 3-5 minutes for fix15:01
hugolpand N800 can have two memory card when N810 only one15:01
Bastichyou're saying that from your personall experience?15:01
tontsaand you never get more than 4 satellites15:01
FunkyPenguinis there a problem with installing canola2 on OS2007? i've been trying for over 24hrs now and keep getting a file corrupt error15:02
yabbas|compilin~seen penguinbait15:02
infobotpenguinbait <n=sage-@> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 17h 8m 32s ago, saying: 'Private messages from unregistered users are currently blocked due to spam problems, but you can always message a staffer. Please register!'.15:02
Bastichhow much is an external gps?15:02
alteregoOnly cold fix.,15:02
alteregoIndoors ..15:02
hugolpBastich:  I got mine for 50 euros but im sure you can find cheaper15:02
hugolpits cheaper to get a gps + N800 than N81015:03
* sp3000 grumbles at people's sucky bug summaries15:03
tontsaalterego, i've tested that gps outdoors, out in the open now in 3 diffrent days. always takes minimum 3 minutes for a fix15:03
Bastichyup, that's what i was just trying to figure out15:03
sp3000"os2008 claimed sd cards corrupt but they work with os2007" != "SDHC Corruption bug back?"15:04
BastichN800 seems to be a very good choice indeed, i'll probably go for it15:04
sp3000"hidden leading dot files hidden, filename extensions too" != "Censorship"15:04
* sp3000 flails desperately at something15:04
snakBastich: that was my conclusion 1 months ago15:06
snakwhen i decided to buy the N80015:06
Bastichi'm gonna order right away, we'll be colleageues soon :D15:07
*** FunkyPenguin has left #maemo15:07
Bastichi'm not familiar with that, what does that mean?15:07
snakummm, good question15:08
sp3000looks like a raised eyebrow15:08
Bastichdragster, aye?15:08
snaki geuss its a bit like that ^^15:08
pupniki hope pandora uses ITOS15:09
snakhere, im getting confused15:10
snakmaemo made OS2008 right?15:10
snak*silence ensues* i didnt know it was that noobie of question15:11
snakwhat is maemo15:12
pupniksee topic15:12
pupnik /lastlog code15:13
hugolpanyone here uses mobile mythtv?15:14
hugolpit doesnt run in the new OS2008 for me15:14
snaki still dont get it15:14
snakcall me dum15:14
hugolpsnak:  what you dont get?15:14
hahlowonder why that mozilla browser install is made so difficult15:14
snakthe "development platform" bit15:15
snaki was under the impression it was a community of open source developers15:15
hugolpsnak:  yes15:17
hugolpand the platform is called maemo15:17
yabbas|compilinsnak, read
snakquick start guide, ah - youre pointing me in the right direction, thank you sir15:18
yabbas|compilinnp :)15:18
Bastichyou know what's interesting there's no mention about the processor of N800 in the product specs, and it's just 320 mhz compared to 400 mhz of n810, so one more difference15:21
yabbas|compilinBastich, they're the same processors TI OMAP242015:22
yabbas|compilinBastich, selectable software clock - which means as of OS2008 N800 and N810 run the same speed (400MHz)15:23
Bastichoh, now i remember that i've read it somewhere, the higher speed comes with the firmware upgrade, true?15:24
Bastichgreat, n800 is still in the game :)15:24
hugolpyabbas|compilin:  thats why OS2008 behaves so much better than OS200715:24
hugolpthat makes sense15:24
hugolpI was wondering how they got N800 so much better with 200815:25
yabbas|compilinhugolp, yuss :) but it's also other stuff too15:25
*** lardman has joined #maemo15:25
Bastichhas anyone tried to read comics on n800?15:26
hugolpyabbas|compilin:  sure theres other work. Visually it has improved a lot as well15:26
lardmanBastich: I did a while back15:26
yabbas|compilin"read" comics? :)15:26
Bastichhow was it? i was hoping to be able to do that with my new pda device15:26
yabbas|compilinis CBR available on the N800... *hmmm*15:26
lardmanI used a program, whose name I'm trying to find now - it reads all sorts, pdfs included15:27
Bastichwell, you always can unrar the cbr archive and view it as plain jpegs15:27
Bastichlardman: i mean, was it comfortable enough, or pain in the arse?15:28
lardmanlarge jpeg rendering was quite slow (in general), you had to scroll which was a pain rather than the app doing it for you, and the dpi is too high to easily read words15:28
lardmanso not ideal15:28
*** MikeL has quit IRC15:29
Bastichas is nothing :)15:29
Bastichsee, that's where faster processor might come in handy15:29
*** Andy80 has quit IRC15:29
snakthats a fair point15:30
lardmanoptimised jpeg library would be good, and I head the image viewer is now faster so perhaps that's what's happened15:30
snakhow come i can read pdf's vertically in full screen mode15:30
*** Blain has joined #maemo15:30
snakthe A4 pages would fit the page better15:30
snakhell, adobe had rotate page button15:31
*** Zaphot is now known as zaphot_away15:31
*** cbx33 has joined #maemo15:31
cbx33hi all15:31
snakimage viewing is nice and fast, yeah15:32
lardmanBastich:, scroll down to the shared-mime-info package if Evince doesn't work for the cbr/cbz files15:32
cbx33in the upgrade from os2008->1st edition, what breaks the app mnager...i did restore a backup15:32
snaki was looking at hi res photos from my camera15:32
cbx33anyway to fix??15:32
lardmancbx33: break as in it won't start up15:32
cbx33no....cant itstall from extras15:32
cbx33and crashes a lot15:33
cbx33i saw a post on a forum15:33
lardmanI think the extras thing is on-going, check the ml15:33
cbx33i heard it was if you restored from a beta backup15:33
lardmanpoxy proxies I think15:33
cbx33it says all my install files are corrupt15:34
snaklardman: can you rotate with that?15:34
lardmancbx33: oh, I don't know then, but just trying to download the files using a webbrowser is hit and miss15:34
snakthe default pdf viewer cant rotate15:34
lardmansnak: evince?15:34
*** db48x has quit IRC15:34
lardmansnak: I think so, can't remember haven't re-installed it15:34
*** p| has quit IRC15:35
lardmanI bet it's in extras too :)15:35
snakyou mean, in the app manager?15:35
cbx33nyone got any more info?15:35
lardmanAny news on the discount codes?15:35
cbx33i can't install anything extra from maemo at all15:35
lardmansnak: yeah, but there are some problems with files from extras15:36
snakyeah, i cant see it in my app manager15:36
snakin fact, there isnt much there at all15:36
cbx33snak red pill mode?15:36
* snak pokes it with a stick15:37
lardmanPerhaps it's not there, might be in its own repo:
lardmancbx33: Shouldn't need red pill to install a user app like that15:37
snakwill that work with OS2008 being OS200715:37
lardmangood point, didn't notice that15:37
snakcbx33: red pill mode sounded scarey15:37
snakwhen i read about it15:37
snakim still a newb so dont know what it does15:38
cbx33gives you more access to isntall apps15:38
lardmansnak: Allows you to see all the packages that are usually hidden from users15:38
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo15:38
snakerrr, so why isnt it on by default?15:38
lardmanso people don't remove parts of the OS15:38
fnordianslipwhy can't we take both pills?  the more the merrier.15:38
lardmanand because it makes for a very cluttered app manager list, with confusing names, etc.15:38
snakwell said fnordianslip15:38
snakoh, right, im not interested in uninstalling though - im interesting in more apps to do stuff15:39
hugolpsnak:  but usually aplication that dont show are system aplications15:39
hugolpor dependencies15:39
hugolpnot really user aplication15:40
hugolpor at least common user aplication15:40
snakso i really should touch it until im ready then15:40
Bastichyou know what would be funny? to run wine on n80015:41
hugolpBastich:  about the comic reading15:41
fnordianslipamazing, more like15:41
snakso why is bomberman - which i see on the nokia site _AND_ on maemos download section - not in the app manager15:41
hugolpthe N800/810 has the biggest and with more resolution screen between all the pdas/tablets/smartphone so its your best choice for that15:42
hugolpsnak:  because it might be in a repository that its not on your machine list15:42
snakBastich: I hear someone got doom running fine, ive yet to check that out15:42
hugolpsnak:  Ive finished doom on the N80015:42
snakoh oh, any good?15:42
Bastichgood job15:42
hugolpthey are actually porting Quake but I havent been able to install it yet15:43
snakcomplete with sound fx?15:43
hugolpsnak:  of course15:43
Bastichi've heard about a port of quake III to pdas, but they only get about 10 fps15:43
Bastichthere's a video on u tube15:43
snakso hugolp, how do i add the repository for bomberman -.-15:44
snakso i can install it -.-15:44
snakand then find someones ass to kick at it =)15:44
cbx33this is annoying15:44
cbx33python2.5 won't install, ukmp won't install15:44
cbx33nothing installs15:44
hugolpsnak:  go to maemo and press the install button, and the repository will be added automatically15:45
snakwhy not cbx33?15:45
cbx33I've no idea15:45
cbx33lardman, what was this about proxies?15:45
snakhugolp: does that mean ill get to see any other programs in that repository?15:45
cbx33I just get Unable to install <package> Installation file corrupted15:45
hugolpsnak:  yes15:45
snakhugolp: that actually explains alot. Cheers15:46
cbx33if someone knows why, it's be greatly appreciated15:46
sp3000can 2GB cards be SDHC?15:46
astro76sp3000, don't believe so15:46
astro764GB are available as both, however 4gb non-sdhc is not well supported I think15:46
snakuse 2 lots of 2gB =)15:47
* snak just got doom15:48
*** giskard has joined #maemo15:48
Bastichokay guys, it's been a pleasure talking to you, have a good day15:48
snaksee you later15:48
fnordianslipcbx33: the repos are still hosed...many different symptoms for same problem15:48
Bastichright later15:48
*** Bastich has left #maemo15:48
*** mbuf has quit IRC15:49
cbx33still hosed??15:49
cbx33from what?15:49
* sp3000 tries to guess if mmc-and-usb "MMC and USB" means "issues relating to mmcs and issues relating to usb" or "issues relating to mmcs with usb"15:50
alteregommcs with USB?15:50
alteregoWhy would that be supported?15:51
*** Segnale007 has quit IRC15:51
sp3000"memory cards mounted via usb" is what's supported, there15:51
lardmancbx33: some of the armel files were missing, and an error message (html file) is sent instead of the file; though some people can download the files sometimes it looks like the error message is still cached15:52
cbx33lardman, what can I do....anything?15:52
lardmanthat's what I read anyway15:52
lardmanno, I don't think so15:53
*** Blain_ has joined #maemo15:53
cbx33so if it's cached15:53
cbx33when will normal service resume?15:53
Jaffawhen it's fixed15:53
*** Blain has quit IRC15:54
JaffaI'm not sure it's entirely a cache issue, unless it's a caching proxy in front of *their* servers15:54
cbx33sorry from what lardman said I thought it was fixed but the fact taht my n800 had cached an error page15:54
cbx33meant it was still broken for me15:55
cbx33but you're saying the cache is at maemo end15:55
mgedminI'm confident that my wget is not doing any caching on this end15:55
JaffaNo, I don't know. I'm fairly certain it's not a cache between me and *.maemo.org15:56
*** Blain_ is now known as Blain15:56
snakcan the n800 connect to WPA2 points?15:56
*** L0cutusM has quit IRC15:56
astro76yes snak15:56
snakgreat, ty15:56
*** db48x has joined #maemo15:57
fnordianslipmgedmin: tnx for the .profile hack for ssh-agent...working nicely now15:57
cbx33so everyone is getting this problem?15:57
*** FunkyPenguin has joined #maemo15:58
*** shackan has joined #maemo15:59
Jaffa has the best info on this15:59
*** yabbas|compilin has quit IRC16:01
cbx33so nothing yet to fix16:01
cbx33hehehi upgraded, but now I can't install all my apps :p16:02
fnordianslipif a bug that i've voted for in bugzilla is subsequently marked as a duplicate and closed, does the vote get transferred to the duplicated bug?16:03
cbx33not sure16:04
fnordianslipmaybe i should raise some duplicates, vote for them and see what happens ;-)16:05
cbx33:( - so much for a maemo christmas16:05
Jaffafnordianslip: no, I checked myself (I'd voted on one of the things I've just closed as a duplicate)16:07
fnordianslipmaybe we should raise a bug against bugzilla16:07
sp3000fnordianslip: what happens when the dup resolution is wrong and reverted?16:07
hugolpfnordianslip:  no, then if you want to vote again, you just open a duplicate vote it and when it gets closed, you have voted twice in the original16:07
*** yabbas has joined #maemo16:07
fnordianslipso your saying that it is correct as is?16:08
hugolpIm saying you have to look for another solution to that16:09
sp3000I suppose additional votes could be set on the dup target, but that would be a bit unreliable in that people could run out of votes so that woudn't happen16:09
fnordianslipk.  just curious.16:09
sp3000transitive vote counting via dups might work out16:09
sp3000(you'd probably want to maintain an actual number for each bug rather than recurse to places every time)16:11
fnordianslipdo you mean that it should show a separate metric for total votes in all dupes?16:12
sp3000the parenthetical was just a performance note16:12
*** n800user has joined #maemo16:12
sp3000whether it's shown separately is another matter16:13
* yabbas kicks himself16:13
sp3000aww, broke16:14
*** jaharkes_ has quit IRC16:17
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo16:17
*** mazzen has joined #maemo16:17
*** ijon_ has quit IRC16:20
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo16:21
sp3000do word suggestions not work in OS2008 xterm?16:23
*** L0cutusM has joined #maemo16:23
fnordianslipseems to have been disabled to prevent password compromising16:24
JaffaTurned off in the latest release to solve the password problem16:24
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk16:24
fnordianslipcan we increase the shell history depth in busybox?16:25
sp3000clearly some people's passwords lack in the punctuation department16:25
db48xit should just be turned off when the shell is set not to echo the input16:26
cbx33sp3000, pastebin.ca16:27
fnordianslipsp3000: good point.  suppose that would stop them being offered16:27
Jaffadb48x: indeed, but apparently that's quite tricky16:27
sp3000cbx33: doesn't help if the content is on :)16:27
cbx33sp3000, hehehe16:29
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo16:29
snaklol at doom16:32
snakit actually works pretty well16:32
hugolpsnak:  :)16:32
snakbut omg it looks so retro now16:32
snakim looking for god mode cheats =)16:33
hugolpsnak:  you may want to check this
snaksome people have been busy16:34
snaksupport multiplayer?16:35
snaknext thing you know, we'll be getting counter strike 1.6 on it16:35
pupnikwhat looks retro16:35
unique311pupnik, who was working on gngeo?16:36
pupniklooks neato, runs fast16:36
unique311i see it in app manager..16:36
snakdoom looks retro16:36
pupnikwill be a nice addition for ppl who like those fighting games16:36
unique311so that mean he got it to work?16:36
snaki like all games16:36
pupnikoh doom.. heh.  well pipeline's quake ports are the best imo16:36
pupnikyeah he did - with sound and high fps16:36
unique311good stuff16:36
hugolppupnik:  the installer of quake didnt work for me16:37
hugolphavent look into it more16:37
snakwell, if it did - id only be whining that theres no keyboard and mouse16:39
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC16:41
hugolpsnak:  you can have bluetooth keyboard and mouse... and play quake in the bus with them16:41
snakomg xD16:42
* mgedmin ponders VR helmets16:42
snakmgedmin: i'd be the first to buy one if you made one16:42
*** frade has joined #maemo16:43
fnordianslipdoes busybox use .ashrc if present, and can i  increase the history depth in it?16:43
snaki cant help but think, doesnt that mean both the keyboard and the mouse would be larger than the pc+monitor combined16:43
ccookeso... repos still broken?16:43
* snak sellotapes an N800 to the visor of an motorcycle helmet, and mods a wii-mote to bluetooth like a mouse and keyboard16:45
*** n800user has quit IRC16:45
*** L0cutusM has quit IRC16:45
*** n800user has joined #maemo16:46
fnordianslipdon't you need 2 N800s for 3D ?16:46
snakdoom is 3d?16:46
fnordiansliper ...16:46
sp3000ccooke: looks like, yeah16:47
*** MikeL has joined #Maemo16:48
pupnikCookie, cookie lend me your comb16:49
*** n800user has quit IRC16:49
*** n800user has joined #maemo16:49
sp3000db48x: hm, if you're doing curses, does that count as echoing?16:51
* sp3000 would guesstimate t doesn't, but as usual knows nothig16:51
*** n800user has quit IRC16:52
*** n800user has joined #maemo16:52
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo16:54
*** jeff1f has joined #maemo16:57
timelyxsp3000: how are the repositories doing?16:58
sp3000timelyx: badly16:58
*** n800user has quit IRC16:58
timelyxsp3000: i think i have some portion of here:16:58
*** n800user has joined #maemo16:59
sp3000fast, but roughtly a fifth of the files persistently give you the error page with 200 OK16:59
*** Blain has quit IRC16:59
snakwhat was wrong with the repositories anyway?17:00
timelyxsnak: too many users17:00
sp3000well, previously they were just slow and a random part in the chain would time out on most attempts17:00
timelyxand what seems to be a misconfigured mirror17:00
snakerk :/17:01
*** n800user has quit IRC17:03
*** n800user has joined #maemo17:03
timelyxhrm, looks like i'm missing all the good stuff17:04
alteregoWe need more mirrors.17:04
alteregoWell, we need mirrors :)17:05
timelyxnah, the CDN just need to work correctly :)17:05
timelyxsp3000: is there an easy way to search for a movie on tv by name?17:05
*** matsk has quit IRC17:05
sp3000content delivery network, e.g. akamai17:05
sterithat timeless mirrors is missing packages.gz :/17:07
alteregoI still think mirrors are a good idea ..17:07
timelyxsteri: which path?17:08
* shackan ponders the possibility of a distributed mirror via bittorrent17:08
sp3000timelyx: hm, dunno17:08
sterimy n800 says at it doesn't have Packages.gz file17:08
steriand it's not there17:08
alteregoshackan, would be nice if you could integrate that into the package manager itself :)17:08
steriand non-free also17:09
*** [1]jeff1f has joined #maemo17:09
timelyxsteri: yeah, sorry, gimme a few17:09
timelyxi'm not very used to building mirrors w/ killing things :)17:09
shackanalterego: yeah, but 1) the protocol isn't exactly intended for that and 2) if it's only a temporary workaround it doesn't make sense to invest a lot of time implementing it17:10
steriwget -r :D17:10
*** jeff1f has quit IRC17:10
*** [1]jeff1f is now known as jeff1f17:10
timelyxsteri: that doesn't work, the repository names start out unlisted17:10
timelyxand it isn't very polite :)17:10
steriI just want my canola2 installed :P17:11
*** n800user has quit IRC17:11
cbx33steri, running into the problem of repo madness?17:11
timelyxok, the files you want are coming through, but i don't know about order, so it'll probably be a few minutes17:11
timelyxcbx33: atm repository is running very quickly for me17:11
cbx33timelyx, really?17:12
stericbx33: yea, installation file corrupted17:12
cbx33lemme try17:12
*** matsk has joined #maemo17:12
timelyxi'm getting >100K/s for 5 quasi concurrent connections17:12
Jaffatimelyx: direct, or through the CDN?17:13
*** matsk has quit IRC17:13
alteregoAny status update of the device program codes?17:13
*** matsk has joined #maemo17:13
timelyxum, probably cdn17:13
timelyxsteri: try again17:13
timelyxi think i have those17:13
* cbx33 is trying now17:14
*** matsk has quit IRC17:14
cbx33downloaded...nope corrupt17:14
*** matsk has joined #maemo17:14
timelyxwhich repository is that? :)17:14
JaffaGET -Ue$RANDOM should avoid any intermediate proxies and is returning 20 bytes for me.17:14
timelyxoh, yeah17:14
timelyxthose lengths are bogus17:15
timelyxhow rude17:15
cbx33anything that isn't mokia17:15
stericbx33: I have the same with original maemo repos but afaik mirror cant help if .deb is broken17:15
steritimelyx: when you have made that copy?17:15
*** zaphot_away has quit IRC17:15
timelyxsteri: the copy was started thursday or so and is still incomplete17:16
Jaffatimelyx: do you know if ferenc et al are working on it? presumably they've gone on holiday, but I saw a comment in Bugzilla which ferenc made last night17:16
steritimelyx: oh :o17:16
cbx33taking longer to download this time....nope corrupt again17:16
timelyxJaffa: they claimed someone from an internal group was supposed to be looking on it17:16
timelyxcbx33: which path?17:16
cbx33not sure....lemme see17:16
* timelyx tries to figure out how to find corrupt files17:16
steri is missing that packet too17:17
*** zodma1 has quit IRC17:17
cbx33i believe that's where it as coming from17:19
timelyxJaffa: isn't working?17:20
timelyx[sanjay]$ GET -Ue
timelyxContent-Length: 017:20
timelyxcbx33: unfortunately it looks like extras is still running17:21
timelyxi think i have extras-devel :)17:21
* timelyx sighs17:21
timelyxactually, the main reason i didn't do a more top level wget is that i was expecting dreamhost to kill my long running process17:21
timelyxand then i'd have no idea how to resume17:21
*** yerga has quit IRC17:22
astro76dreamhost only cares about actual cpu usage, that shouldn't be a problem17:23
cbx33timelyx, what doyou mean unfortunately....?17:23
astro76I rsync'd which is 2 GB17:23
timelyxcbx33: as in not finished/populated :(17:24
timelyxi've tried using svn to checkout things on dreamhost, and i get killed17:24
cbx33timelyx, i'll wait then17:25
timelyxi'm going out for an hour, i'll look back in later17:26
cbx33thanks timelyx17:27
sterioh ffs now real repos are missing that Packages.gz17:29
*** lardman|afk has quit IRC17:29
sterihmmm did they fix something because now they are back :P17:31
cbx33steri, i just think it's a very unreliable time at the moment17:31
steriyea "installation file corrupted", I just wish at they have time to fix those before xmass17:32
cbx33i don't get it though - i can download on my desktop17:32
cbx33and it seems like there is a 1.9Mb file17:32
cbx33can i just copy across and install that way?17:32
steriif the .dep is broken it doesn't help17:33
cbx33well just have to grab all the deps too17:33
steri.deb ofcourse :) tell me if you succeed and I wanna try it too :P17:34
wolf08are you on a shared hositing account on dreamhost?17:34
cbx33.deb doesn't seem broken17:36
cbx33a dpkg -c showed all files it contains17:37
cbx33just trying to copy across now17:37
snakwhats the difference between a .deb and a .install17:37
cbx33.install tells app manager where to go to get the .deb17:37
cbx33ie which repository to add17:37
snakoh, which means the .install is better cause then i get a huge ass repository to download apps17:38
halleyAn .install is a script that mentions a repo to be added to sources.list17:38
cbx33hmmm not necessarily17:39
cbx33well in some ways I guess17:39
cbx33it just means that17:39
cbx33someone can post a single file which will not only give you the file you want, but will add the repo so that if that file requires deps that are not in the standard repos they get pulled too17:40
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo17:40
*** wolf08 has quit IRC17:41
snakim geussing that, if ever the app was updated - because i have the repositary in my app manager, i get a notification of update17:41
snakand if i just used the .deb i wouldnt get that17:42
snakcause (in this case) i dont have the repository address17:42
cbx33steri, it seems to work17:42
cbx33it threw up an error about some deps17:42
cbx33because I didn't have those packages installed, but it certainly didn't say that the package was corrupt17:42
*** wolf08 has joined #maemo17:42
snakam i right or just pissing in the wind?17:45
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:45
*** shackan has quit IRC17:45
pupnikevery time you apt-get update, god kills a kitten17:45
snakyoure scaring me17:46
halleypupnik, then I usually get a three-for-one deal, as it hangs and dupes source entries and fixes itself.17:46
*** MikeL has quit IRC17:46
* snak goes back to noob corner17:47
ccookehow do I install more stuff than will fit in the 256M rootfs? Is there any 'official' way?17:47
cbx33snak yes that should be right17:47
pupnikyou can install a multi-boot loader and install filesystem to the mmc /sd card coo17:47
snaki hear you can boot off the mmc;s17:47
cbx33pupnik, no where did he say about apt-get update :p17:48
snakcbx33: thanks17:48
unique311i cant get this neogeo emu to work17:48
cbx33pupnik, I've yet to try that17:48
cbx33but running a usb keyboard off it was fun17:48
cbx33and you can plug in usb sticks too17:48
unique311anyone got it to work? with xmaeme17:48
cbx33astro76, that'll be a christmas project I think17:49
cbx33i think when i put my n800 into usb host mode it eats battery life - even with nothing plugged in17:50
pupnikunique311: haven't tried it soryr17:50
cbx33I'll be happy if I just get working repos for christmas17:50
*** massoud_ has quit IRC17:50
*** truent has quit IRC17:51
*** rhykin__ has quit IRC17:52
unique311just keep on getting unable to open rom17:52
*** simon_ has quit IRC17:52
snakbwahahahahha i own at bomberman17:53
*** michele has joined #maemo17:53
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo17:55
pupnikceiling cat watches unique31117:55
micheleso where should I get the debs from if r.m.o is broken?17:56
micheleI am trying to install chinook sdk17:56
Andy80hi michele :)17:58
unique311pupnik, i don't understand.17:58
micheleciao Andy8017:58
cbx33michele, got a good howto for it?17:59
michelecbx33: I am following the INSTALL.txt file17:59
cbx33oh ok17:59
cbx33if you get stuck17:59
micheleI am stuck17:59
cbx33read that see if it helps17:59
michelebecause the packages are broken17:59
cbx33ahh yes17:59
micheleas the topic says17:59
cbx33well you're stuck17:59
micheleare there other repositories available?18:00
unique311pupnik, i shot that cat a while back.18:00
snakhave you guys no mercy?18:00
snakkilling kittens, shooting cats18:01
unique3119 lives18:01
dragornmichele: i don't know of any offhand18:01
unique311more than enough to go around18:01
unique311unless 8 was already used.18:01
pupnikit's vacation time here snak.  no problems are taken seriously18:01
unique311then its just shitty luck18:01
snakheh pupnik, its my vacation too18:02
snakone mans job is another mans vacation18:02
michelehm are you guys really shooting cats?18:02
*** shackan has joined #maemo18:03
unique311snak, my mother tells me that in haiti cats are a delicacy18:03
pupnikit's vacation time michele18:03
snakoh youre mean :(18:04
unique311i'm not the one eating kitties.18:04
pupnikmy aunt has a hobby farm and the cats overbreed. they need to be drowneded18:04
*** k-s has joined #maemo18:04
snakyoure actually kidding18:05
*** Bastich has joined #maemo18:05
unique311i'm kidding about killing cats....18:05
*** lmoura has joined #maemo18:05
unique311but they do eat cats in haiti.18:05
tontsaanimal is an animal18:05
unique311i think in japan, dogs are favored18:06
halleyEr, no, Japan doesn't eat dogs or cats.18:06
snakto eat or to keep?18:06
tontsacountries don't eat generally anything, but individuals might18:06
halleyRural China perhaps.  Decades ago.18:06
tontsacats and dogs are still sold in south east asian markets18:07
snakcountries eat freedom18:07
pupnikwell said18:07
* snak bows18:07
snakso, do they eat or keep them in japan?18:08
snakim trying to get which one you meant unique31118:08
unique311i think eel had to be the strangest animal i ate.18:08
unique311they eat.18:08
halleyEel is good.18:08
snakwrong nick18:08
*** matt_c has quit IRC18:09
halleyRattlesnake is dryer but similar.18:09
Bastichany garnet VM users here?18:09
snakthey eat dogs? thats plain wierd18:09
halleysnak, in Japan, they do not.18:09
unique311snak, halley corrected me18:09
halleyTry to keep up.18:09
snakurg, sorry :(18:10
unique311halley i'm not sure about that...when i was in japan, the rumors were strong on the base.18:10
halleyThe base?  US Military?  As if they'd have a clue.18:10
unique311they pratically run the damn country18:11
* halley rolls his eyes.18:11
snakeh? the US runs Japan?18:11
snakthats news to me18:11
halleyIt might seem that way from the weird perspective that a soldier would have while ON base.18:11
unique311while on base18:11
pupnikHillary will promise a ceiling cat in every house.18:12
halleyIt's like thinking your high school teacher is an important leader in the city government.18:12
snakceiling cat is cute18:12
dragornSo heres something actually on topic (heh):  If I do an apt-get source and dpkg-buildpkg -rfakeroot, I get a package the maemo installer hates but command line dpkg handles fine.  Is there an easy way to resolve that while preserving dpkg-buildpkg making my life easy for me?18:12
Bastichplease, does sb have experience with garnet? does it slow down the tablet very much?18:13
thefoolbut but she was always petitioning...18:13
halleyBastich, why don't you try it and report back.18:13
snakBastich doesnt have one18:13
snakthats why hes asking18:13
* snak is a psykik18:14
Bastichyes, that's right i dont have one18:14
thefooltell you what if you have a .install link handy I will check it out and get back to you18:14
snaksounds like a plan18:14
*** K`zan has joined #maemo18:14
Bastichu mean install for garnet?18:15
Bastichnot exactly an install link18:15
Bastichbut damn close18:15
thefoolbah...making me register...18:16
snakWhy did GarnetVM do that?18:16
snakregisteration are BIG turn offs18:16
thefooland they EMAIL you the install link18:17
snakyeah, insert credit card number first please18:17
thefoolI think there are still a lot of people that don't like the idea of giving away an emulator, and those people setup the install process18:18
Bastichsnak: as for the credit card #, have u seen bender's big score?18:18
snakwhy not just give away an emulator?18:18
snakbenders big score?18:19
*** Brazilian has joined #maemo18:19
snaki dont watch fuurama18:19
thefoolbecause it is their OS that they worked so hard on...and palm is not exactly known for it oss nature18:19
Bastichpity, i couldn't stop laughing all the time18:20
snaki might give it a try18:20
pupnikbender should not be on tv18:20
thefoolBAH, after all this they don't even have a repo just a .deb file!18:20
snakthefool: that mystefies me, lots of apps exist already to do the things you'd install garnetVM for18:21
snakthey are narrowing thier audience - and thus narrowing the reason and importance of thier own existance!!18:21
*** Brazilian has left #maemo18:21
* snak steps off the soap box18:21
pupnikick bin ein jelly donut18:21
*** dick-richardson has joined #maemo18:22
snaki mean, why program software no ones going to use?18:22
dick-richardsonto learn18:23
snakbut if its a company18:23
dick-richardsonto increase corporate spending18:23
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]18:23
dick-richardsonlol..sorry, came into the conversation late18:24
Bastichi already mentioned pdbs? i could justl install isilo for palm os without having to look for some other software18:24
*** K`zan has quit IRC18:24
Bastichand the same goes for just any kind of more renonwned software, you're much likely to find a port under palm os than under maemo18:24
dick-richardsonthat's gotta be the next it possible to run palmos apps while hiding the virtualization layer? Make them look native?18:25
snakhmmm, i can help but feel that defeats the point of maemo a bit18:25
thefoolBastich: it might run grea, but it will still look ugly18:25
snakive never used palm os18:26
thefoolmy only real incentive to install it is that rapier is laggy as heck and I want a better bible app. There are some really nice ones for palm18:26
Bastichbtw if the software listed on is everything what you can have, you have to be pretty modest to make do just with that18:26
thefoolsnak: I really think it was a great has deteriorated a lot in the last few years though18:27
unique311halley sent you a PM.18:28
unique311snak, you also.18:28
snakunique311: got pm but cant reply, cheers for the head up18:28
Bastichon the front side of n810, is that a metalic finish or is that just plastic?18:28
snakeverything starts off good and then goes bad18:29
thefoolhey Bastich, you got any small palm apps I can install18:29
halleyIt's metal with a bluish plastic sealing layer.18:29
snakBastich: i geuss im pretty modest18:29
Bastichcould you try isilo, ill hand u a link18:29
*** shackan has quit IRC18:29
thefoolI already got a nasty little error about connecting to GVM I want to make sure this thing actually works18:30
snakalthough admittedly i havent had it all that long to fully mess with the thing i want to do. But i havent found something i want to do and cant (yet)18:30
thefoolack, what do I do with that lol18:31
thefoolI meant a .pdb or something18:31
thefoolaw well I will google a bit, I feel like booting into windows for this18:32
snakwhat the heck does isilio do?18:32
snakis that an emulator?18:32
Bastichno, it's a pdb reader18:32
pupniksomebody should port Dillo to hildon18:33
snaka protien data bank?18:33
Bastichunfortunately i don't have pdb files smaller than 50 megs18:33
unique311thefool, garnet vm works.  Just has lots of bugs.18:34
snakoh right18:34
unique311certain apps won't run18:34
snakcant you get a pdb to pdf convertor or something18:34
thefooloooh, I just had it lick up my tablet...nasty little VM18:35
snaklook, top link and everything18:35
thefoolhmm I never had it hard lockbefore, how do I restart?18:35
*** kenne has joined #maemo18:36
Bastichi don't know, would you fancy converting a 80 mb pdb file?18:36
Bastichi wouldn't18:36
snakhuh? on my pc, sure18:37
snakwhat do you have? an amstrad?18:37
thefoolI can't believe they released this crap. Something that locks up before even using it...thats like pre-alpha18:37
Bastichno i'm the stonehenge operator18:38
*** jeff1f has quit IRC18:38
Bastichi should make some upgrade, i know18:38
thefoolum seriously how do I do a hard reset on the 77018:38
dragornthefool: Pull the battery?18:39
Bastichbattery out and in again?18:39
thefoolbrutal but ok18:39
snakbut theres quite a few apps there that will do the job, some of them batches so you could do the whole lot overnight - even on an amstrad18:39
dragornThat's usually how I do it, it's not hard to lock it up to where the power button doesn't work18:39
dragornif the hw watchdog doesn't trip in 30 seconds or so, pull the battery18:39
thefoolgarnetvm did that for me just fine...18:40
thefoolnever managed to lick it up before18:40
snakthefool: flash it again18:40
timelyxsteri: the benefit of repositories is indeed the update notices18:40
Bastichman, i'm buying it to make my life less complicated, not the reverse18:40
thefoolsnak: let me kick you18:40
*** michele has quit IRC18:41
* pupnik shoots zingers with a heavy duty rubber-band18:41
snakits what i would do -.-18:41
thefoolbecause it crashed once?18:41
thefoolare you serious?18:41
snakerrr, if it locked up cause of dodgey software18:41
snakwhy notm it wouldnt do any harm18:42
thefoolCRAP I can't even restart it18:42
timelyxsteri: note that you probably only get notices if you check in application manager18:42
thefoolI am just seeing 2 lines down the screen18:42
dragornthat sounds more suspect18:42
snaki hope a message hasnt appeared saying "Should have went with PalmOS you open source nerd"18:43
dragornI didn't even know they made a garnet for the 77018:43
thefoolcome on! this sucks18:43
thefoolso I guess I do have to reflash... I officially hate palm18:43
snakerk, that didnt turn out well :(18:44
thefoolok so BastichI would not worry about Garnet slowing down as much as screwing up your tablet18:44
thefooldo you know how long it took me to get that far in marbles...18:45
snakmy mum always said - you can do it once, you can do it again18:46
Bastichthefool: thank you, i owe you one18:46
*** shackan has joined #maemo18:47
thefoolmind sending me a link to the linux flashing utility + 2007HE rom?18:47
snakim sure you could ask around for a marbles savegame ^_^18:47
L0cutuswhat are the limits for a big file for ext2 ?18:48
L0cutus2gb or more ?18:48
*** dick-richardson has quit IRC18:48
maddlerevening all...18:48
L0cutusi've tried to copy an ISO (3.5GB to an sdhc (6gb) via usb cable connected to a pc18:49
L0cutusciao maddler18:49
maddlerciao bello! :)18:49
L0cutusbut after i've umount and than unplug the cable, my iso is gone...18:49
astro76L0cutus, the cards use fat18:49
L0cutusi have formatted to ext218:50
Bastichaaah, if i had the money i would go for htc shift18:51
L0cutusi think it is a OS limit for 2gb...18:51
L0cutuseven if ext2 formatted18:51
*** K`zan has joined #maemo18:52
snakBastich: still, laptops are big and bulky. Its handhelds for me :)18:52
L0cutusif i try to 'ls' the dir where i have put my iso,  receive the message: "ls: /media/mmc2/SUNSHINE.iso: value too large defined data type18:52
Bastichtrue it's a little bit bulkier, but imagine 7 days of operation in the pda mode18:53
L0cutusvery strange18:53
snakbut i'd have to fork it out my bag every time i want to use it18:53
snakas opposed to carrying around an extra battery18:54
snakgranted not exactly 7 days18:54
Bastich:) i get your point18:54
pupnikcar battery is good18:54
snakim sure -.-18:54
*** Dicer42 has joined #maemo18:55
Bastichcar battery in the backpack and you're fine for a coupla months18:55
Bastichand how much money you'd save on gym admission18:56
pupniki did this on a frame backpack for a while18:56
pupnikbut even a tiny amount of battery acid will eat holes in nylon18:56
snakuuhh, do you have scars on your back?18:56
Dicer42Hi. Can someone point me to the file where the passkeys for wifi are stored in maemo?18:57
Bastichjust but a leaden slab on your back and you won't have to worry about the acid18:57
Dicer42been looking for a while but cant find them18:57
snakpasskeys for wifi?18:58
Dicer42wpa2 passkey for example18:58
snakdoesnt it depend on the router ur connecting to18:58
Dicer42or key or password or whatever you want to call them :-)18:58
Dicer42yeah, but you can safe them, right?18:58
shackanDicer42: they're in the gconf registry somewhere18:59
Dicer42And I want to upgrade from my 2006os (n770) to 2008 without backing up and restoring18:59
snaktheres hard news for you18:59
*** troozers has joined #maemo19:00
snakif im not mistaken - i thaught the 770 doesnt get os200819:00
Dicer42I doesnt. I just got my n80019:00
Dicer42The touchscreen was getting really bad so it was about time anyway19:01
troozershowdo gurus (from my lovely n810 whilst stuck in an airport)19:01
Dicer42and with 2088 out it wasnt a tough decision :-)19:01
snakheh, i normally wait a month or too after the release of an OS to pan out the bugs19:01
troozersanyone else having issue installing apps such as canola?19:02
pupnikaha THERE's the chaser clip...
snakdamn, im sure thats the 3rd time ive heard that today troozers19:02
Dicer42I normally would wait too. But why get everything over from 2006 to 2007 and in a month same procedure again19:03
troozersyeah, seems to be an issue at the moment19:03
*** troozers has left #maemo19:04
snakgood thinking - but im afraid i dont know, i thaught i read an issue with updating to os2008 and restoring your data so you might want to quickly check the blogs19:04
snaki didnt restore mine19:04
Dicer42I didnt restore either. thats why I asked for the storage location of the wifi keys. Thats the only thing I really need. Don't want to enter them again. There are quite a lot of accesspoints I have access too...19:06
snakshare them with me :D19:06
Dicer42Tell me where to find them first ;-)19:06
Dicer42gconf is rather large19:06
snakim sorry, i dont know19:07
snakim sure someone here knows though19:07
Dicer42I'm already digging into it. No luck so far though19:08
cbx33snak, Dicer42, I did restore, but snak you're still having issues right?19:08
*** mbuf has joined #maemo19:08
snaki am? what with?19:08
fnordianslipi think there was a post on itT about wifi keys19:09
cbx33oh....i thoguht you were with the repos?19:09
*** truent has joined #maemo19:09
snakoh yeah theres one of two things19:10
snaksome apps arent showing up, some are corrupted and some missing components19:10
cbx33i see19:10
truenthey i installed scratchbox and maemo sdk (although toward the end the sdk installed said there were a few packages that were size mismatched or something).. but after all that, and exporting the display,.. i cant get this step done.. because the script isnt there..19:10
truentAfter the Xephyr server is running on the Linux host, you can start19:10
truent   the Hildon Application Framework with the following command:19:10
truent   [sbox-CHINOOK_X86:~] > start19:10
truentit said to try apt-get update... or --fix-missing19:12
Bastichis there some way to view ppt files on n800?19:13
*** mardi has joined #Maemo19:13
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo19:15
*** Vulc|Sleepysleep has quit IRC19:15
hugolpBastich:  koffice has just been ported19:16
Bastichhugolp: thanks19:16
timelyxgoogle can convert ppts into html :)19:18
alnranything new in os2008 to allow an n800 to share the internet connection of a wm6 (no btdun,pan only) smartphone?19:18
tontsawhat kind of wm6 phone doesn't have btdun?19:19
alnrtontsa: if i understand right, /every/19:19
Bastichhugolp: but still you have to convert to openoffice presenter19:19
Bastichsorry impress19:19
snakopenoffice uses confusing names19:20
hugolpkoffice doesnt read ppt?19:20
tontsaalnr, so this is not a scenario where you would use your laptop's bt to connect to internet via smartphone's say gprs or edge?19:20
Bastichhugolp: no they don't have ppts among supported files19:21
hugolpthen youll have to do what timelyx said19:21
alnrtontsa: no, i can get my laptop to ics with my tmobile dash, but i would like to make the n800 share the dash, no laptop19:21
thefoolOk crap, I may have somehow bricked my 770...I don't even get the booting screen19:21
thefooland I can't seem to get it to reflash19:21
Bastichhugolp: no need for that, i can open a ppt in impress and save it as open office presentation19:22
tontsaalnr, ics being the windows internet connection sharing?19:22
alnrtontsa: right. it uses bt pan19:22
Dicer42I cant find those stupid wifi keys... And no post on ITT either19:23
truentuhh does anyone else have chinook scratchbox installed?19:23
Dicer42Guess I have to reenter them all :-(19:24
truentdo you have ?19:24
alnrapparently ms deliberately dropped bt dun, and will be putting it back one day in wm6, although mobile provider partners dont want it for some reason19:24
truenti dont have anywhere.. never was installed apparently19:24
tontsaalnr, there's some crude way to get BT PAN on n80019:24
truentalnr, os2007 or os2008?19:24
truenti made a ruby package for os2007.. 4 clicks and you're online with PAN19:25
alnrtontsa: tx, i messed with that but i just could not get anywhere in os2007. now i have os2008, was hoping for something new or something figure it out19:25
truentos2008.. workin on it19:25
alnri'll give it shot in '8 also19:25
truentdont use that one19:26
truenthang on19:26
*** BoxOfSnoo has joined #maemo19:26
cbx33so people who havn't doe a restore19:26
cbx33do your repos work?19:26
cbx33or are they broken for everyone??19:27
tontsarepos work for me atleast19:27
cbx33on os2008?19:27
tontsabeen installing stuff the last 3 days just fine, yep 200819:27
truentalnr,              fanoush's script will work.. just run udhcpc -i bnep0 afterwards..19:27
cbx33tontsa, did you restore fro ma backup?19:27
cbx33what version of 2008?19:27
truentno developers for chinook in here?19:28
tontsacbx33, no restore. just flashed my n810 with the latest image and added all the repos from gronmayer page19:28
alnrtruent: ok thanks. i will check it out19:28
Bastichthanks for company, see you for now19:28
*** Bastich has quit IRC19:28
cbx33tontsa, there is correlation19:28
cbx33i mean the files seem to be available19:28
*** Screaming has joined #maemo19:28
tontsamaybe if you restored a backup it overwrote some stuff with older stuff19:29
tontsaand you are getting some mixed bora-chinook stuff19:29
Dicer42I did no restore on my n800 and Nokia catalog is not working19:29
truentalnr, check back on itt.. im working on an easy version for os2008 pan users19:29
cbx33Dicer42, interesting19:29
Dicer42md5sum mismatch19:29
cbx33my nokia ones work19:29
ScreamingHi, guys. I figured out why the maemo repos etc were crap.19:29
alnrtruent: that would be great!19:30
tontsaseems to be luck of a draw on which akamai mirror you get19:30
hugolpScreaming:  why?19:30
tontsasome mirrors are broken19:30
halleyBecause is a Nokia 770 serving through the USB port?19:30
cbx33Screaming, ???19:30
cbx33come on19:30
cbx33spill the beans19:30
shackanhalley: more likely, a beowulf cluster of them19:31
glass_anyone looking for linux kernel dev / xwindows(embedded related) job? (would be in helsinki)  /query19:31
cbx33but i get the always seems to download19:31
ScreamingSanta lost a reindeer so all the Finns had to stay home so he could check up on theirs.19:31
cbx33oh ha ha ha19:31
shackanglass_: heh, I wish I lived there :D19:31
* timelyx hit a quota19:31
shackanbandwidth quota?19:32
snakquotas are targets, which mean youre an achiever19:32
snakwell done19:32
timelyxshackan: disk19:34
*** Screaming has quit IRC19:35
*** cbx33 has quit IRC19:35
glass_shackan: i wish you lived there too ha19:35
alnranyone have any strong recs for a bt keyboard for n800? from what i read, they all seem to have issues19:35
*** zodman has joined #maemo19:36
alnris a must for me because rdesktop is unusable w/o an ext keyboard19:36
halleyalnr, yeah, ssh.  ;)19:37
glass_alnr: stowaways19:37
astro76alnr, anything that is bluetooth HID compliant should be good19:37
astro76alnr, yeah the stowaways19:37
astro76if you are in the us, this one is still $30
alnrthanks all. yes i rely on ssh but use a ms desktop as a control pt for lot of things (eg it has its own putty/screen windows running in it19:40
halleySounds horrific.19:41
timelyxhrm19:41 is  >6.7gb ? :(19:41
*** dick-richardson has joined #maemo19:42
mardi_igo stowaway ultra slim BT works fine for me19:42
*** frade has quit IRC19:42
dick-richardsonI downloaded the latest image and ended up with a 145MB file named's that supposed to work?19:42
* timelyx wonders if there's any clever way to trim the size of a repository19:42
astro76dick-richardson, check the md5sum, the filename doesn't matter19:43
alnrhalley: i use ssh, heavy, but i've found that for working from any network including restricted, rdp is the most universal and stealthy19:43
timelyxdick-richardson: the normal filename is listed in the download list19:43
dick-richardsonastro76: kk19:43
timelyxif you have linux/osx, it doesn't really matter, just pass the filename to flasher319:43
timelyxon windows, i believe the flasher will let you browse to an arbitrary file name19:43
timelyxalthough it probably expects .bin or something :)19:43
dick-richardsonusing linux...just put off for a bit by the name19:44
dick-richardsonbut md5 we're good to go ?D19:45
timelyxbrowsers have various interesting ways of picking filenames19:45
*** zwnj has joined #maemo19:47
*** Tuco has joined #maemo19:48
*** snak has quit IRC19:48
*** chenca has joined #maemo19:49
truentE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?19:50
truentE: Unable to install maemo-sdk-dev on CHINOOK_X86 target.19:50
truentE: Please check the sources.list for errors.19:50
L0cutusis possible to mirror ?19:50
dick-richardsondid gps acquisition improve on the n810?19:51
truentanyone have any idea what to do?19:51
timelyxL0cutus: it takes a lot of space19:51
timelyx>>7gb when i last tried :(19:51
L0cutusno prob.19:51
L0cutusafter all it only for the first download19:51
fnordianslipdicer42: thread on itT has details on passkey locations...19:52
L0cutustimelyx, what i need to do it ?19:52
timelyxL0cutus: i'm just using wget19:52
timelyxand it's moderately flaky19:52
L0cutusso i can keep the entire mirror on my tablet :-)19:52
timelyxyou have a tablet that has >8gb of space on it?19:53
L0cutusyes, 16gb19:53
L0cutus(the external one)19:53
*** jprieur has joined #maemo19:55
L0cutusi've also put a little permanent magnet on the back sensor just to be careful about the internal sd integrity (if the sensor is the problem :)19:55
*** Mikho has left #maemo19:59
*** zodman has quit IRC20:04
L0cutusmy free disk space is going low...20:05
L0cutus10mb free...20:05
L0cutus(on n800)20:05
*** zodman has joined #maemo20:05
truentwhat the hell do you have installed20:08
Dicer42fnordianslip: thanks! Thats exactly what I was looking for. I now just need to figure out how to copy those over to the other device. But that should be easy. Thx again20:11
fnordiansliptook  me a while to find it, but keyword search for "daughter" paid off, surprisingly20:12
dick-richardsonhow do I change the default editor?20:12
Dicer42yeah, I was searching for a while there too but couldnt find anything. I was already wondering about your search term :-)20:16
fnordianslipjust remembered the guy talking about his daughter's AP20:17
Dicer42good memory then!20:18
fnordianslipfull of useless stuff though20:18
*** Andy80 has quit IRC20:19
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo20:20
Dicer42yeah! It actually worked to migrate the data! woohoo20:22
Dicer42I think I'll do an wiki entry on that one20:22
fnordianslipcool even20:22
Dicer42probably some people out there who do not want to backup/restore from there 770 to 800...20:22
* timelyx just cats the files from /var/lib/gconf/ ...20:22
* timelyx uses lots of tab completion to get there20:23
Dicer42gconftool --dump /system/osso/connectivity/IAP > /media/mmc1/iap.backup20:23
FunkyPenguinany news on ?20:23
Dicer42gconftool --load=/media/...20:23
timelyxFunkyPenguin: it's responsive now :)20:23
timelyxi'm getting ~5M/s for some files from some point on the cdn20:24
fnordianslipreally? i hadn't noticed20:24
FunkyPenguinreally? i'll try again, chaving major issues trying to install canola220:24
FunkyPenguinand i cant eben re-install canola1 as an interim solution :(20:24
timelyx10:23:42 (4.47 MB/s) - `' saved [55849443/55849443]20:24
Dicer42I still get "Installation file corrupted" on most of the files20:25
FunkyPenguinDicer42: that's exactly the same for me20:25
timelyxwell, i have a canola2_2.0.0~beta1-maemo.1_all.deb20:26
*** felipec has joined #maemo20:27
fnordianslipI get  "zip: invalid magic" and GPG errors20:27
Dicer42FunkyPenguin: At least I can refresh my application list now.20:27
Dicer42That didnt work half an hour ago20:27
mgedminyep, apt-get update works; apt-get install anything still doesn't20:28
fnordianslipi get those errors in apt-get update20:28
mgedminwget shows me a 199-byte long text/html file instead of a 400kb-long deb20:28
dick-richardsonhas aisleriot been ported?20:29
sp3000mgedmin: now get appmgr / apt to add a ?kitten to the end of each url fetched and you're all set :)20:30
mgedminsp3000: it works!!!!20:30
fnordianslipwhat works? tell me! tell me! i haven't sen anything work for ages.20:31
mgedminin scratchbox: apt-get install whatever --print-uris20:32
mgedminthen wget http://.../?kitten20:32
mgedminthen mv file.deb?kitten /var/cache/apt/archives/file.deb20:32
*** barisione has quit IRC20:32
mgedminthen apt-get install foo again20:32
sp3000kittens are20:32
mgedmin/scratchbox/tools/bin/chown: changing ownership of `/var/lib/gconf': Operation not permitted20:33
mgedmincan't install gconf220:33
* mgedmin retries with fakeroot20:33
sp3000did you just forget to fakeroot?20:33
mgedminyup, that I did20:33
L0cutusfunny qt4 apps working :)20:35
L0cutusneed more20:35
pupnik  psx4all running on ipod touch20:35
L0cutusreally... i MUST boot from mmc...20:36
L0cutusno more space on internal flash...20:36
sp3000did you install ooo? :D20:36
FunkyPenguinanyone know how to get canola1? im happy to use that till i can install v220:37
FunkyPenguinthe repo errors out :(20:37
*** Segnale007 has left #maemo20:37
dick-richardsonhow do you change the default editor?20:37
dick-richardsonat the command line20:37
L0cutussp3000, skype,gizmo etc...20:37
pupnik better demo on iphone20:38
lnx^can we somehow make apt-get add an extra ? to the url so we can use the maemo repo?20:43
lnx^wouldn't want to have to dl all packages manually20:43
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo20:44
lnx^especially since i don't even have wget installed!20:44
lnx^what repo should wget be in btw?20:46
mgedminluckily for me, wget is preinstalled in scratchbox20:46
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC20:47
*** cesman has quit IRC20:48
sp3000I wonder if you could replace /usr/lib/apt/methods/http with a wrapper script20:50
dick-richardsonwhy are the python debs in maemo extras corrupted?20:51
sp3000dick-richardson: it's nothing specific to them20:51
sp3000some portion of debs are cached badly in places apparently20:51
lnx^how does that method work20:52
lnx^how does it take arguments20:52
sp3000run it :)20:52
lnx^i did, but i can't figure it out!20:53
*** Dicer42 has quit IRC20:53
solmumahalnx^: want the missing debs?20:53
dick-richardsonsp3000: any idea how long that'll take to fix?20:54
timelyxdick-richardson: we don't even know people who know how to fix them20:54
timelyxand there doesn't seem to be any ui for reporting the problem :)20:54
timelyxwell, you could file a bug in repositories, but i filed one of those, and it isn't fixed yet :)20:55
timelyxand mine's simple :)20:55
sp3000and evil :)20:55
pupnik  Pandora mockup video20:56
*** kenne has quit IRC20:59
*** Pio has joined #maemo20:59
lnx^solmumaha: would be appreciated. where are we supposed to get wget from, it's not in any of the default repos AFAIK21:00
lnx^i don't remember where i got nano and wget from for os2007, but i have the feeling they were in the default repos21:00
solmumahalnx^: lists it on few repos21:02
*** fnordianslip has left #maemo21:03
*** user_ has joined #maemo21:04
*** geaaru has joined #maemo21:05
*** user_ has quit IRC21:06
*** fnordianslippers has joined #maemo21:07
lnx^ah, so we just have to use the bora repository..21:08
* mgedmin has copies of wget for mistral and bora at
*** Dicer42 has joined #maemo21:13
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:14
timelyxif people want to experiment with a broken copy of or mxr.maemo.org21:15
timelyxecho >> /etc/hosts21:16
timelyxoh no21:17
halleyTime to set up your firewall, eh?  ;)21:18
dick-richardsonhe's got time...l33t h4x0rs don't wake up until 3p21:20
dick-richardsonif you get your ip from your isp via dhcp, just plug your modem into a switch and the switch into whatever your modem's plugged into now21:22
dick-richardsonnew mac address = new assigned ip address21:22
glass_just change the mac..21:25
glass_doable with most drivers21:26
glass_even in windows21:26
dick-richardsonglass_: even easier21:26
* sp3000 tries to fork-bomb himself21:27
dick-richardsonsp3000: done that a few times :D21:27
sp3000basically -- when writing a wrapper for something, call the real thing in the wrapper, not the wrapper :)21:28
Cptnodegardhmmmm.... isnt os08 backwards compatible with os07?21:29
dick-richardsonCptnodegard: depends...what are you having problems with?21:30
halleyNot always.21:30
Cptnodegardnothign as i havent gotten my IT yet. but im reading through ITT, and people are talking about something called a repository which from what i can tell is a online application server or something, and one person commented "most of the apps available for 07 is available for 08", which lead me to believe the apps had to be recompiled or something21:31
halleyThey often have.21:31
lnx^did someone manage to write the wrapper yet?21:32
Cptnodegardbeing used to the PSP scene, the whole idea of updating the OS to be automatically sounds like something that will take a lot of work and might brick the whole thing. havent used anything linux before so trying to read up, but its a lot to go through21:32
dick-richardsonCptnodegard: nah, anything that bricks the device is found and fixed before it'd be released to beta21:33
Cptnodegardah ic21:33
dick-richardsonactually, come to think of it...anyone hear of a bricked tablet?21:34
Cptnodegardlooking for a beginners guide to all of this, but so far unsuccsessful wtih the exception of a few threads with tips on what to do, just not how to do it xD21:34
dick-richardsonCptnodegard: what do you want to do?21:34
halleydick-richardson, nothing that couldn't be solved with a reflash.21:34
dick-richardsonhalley: yeah, that's what I rather figured21:35
halleydick-richardson, which is what a true "brick" means (unlike the iPhone people who think "bricked" means "erased my contact list")21:35
dick-richardsonthese corrupted debs make me grumpy. I can't download my podcasts on my tablet directly :/21:35
dick-richardsonhalley: lol!21:35
mgedminhm, I thought "brick" means "even a reflash can't fix it without specialized hardware"21:36
halleymgedmin, that's what I'm saying21:36
Cptnodegardwell as i said, havent gotten my n800 yet. guess it will be here some time after christmas, trying to read up on what i should do with the thing - but with the capabilites of this thing its a bit overwhelming. the whole os07/os08 thing i see is something that just came out, and being used to both my psp and my mp3 player's rather creepy firmware updates that might or might not kill the whole thing, im trying to find out if installing the new os21:37
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo21:37
Cptnodegardbrick means a hardware thing has broken software so it can only be used as paperweight :)21:37
dick-richardsonCptnodegard: if doesn't come w/os2008, I'd put it on21:37
halleyn800 will not be imaged instream to ship with os2008, I expect21:38
sp3000lnx^: meh, mangling apt's http method's input through sed -u 's/^\(URI: .*\)$/\1?cheese/' gives me E: Method gave invalid 200 URI Start message21:38
dick-richardsonthen hang around here and read up at'll find something you want to do21:38
sp3000so I dunno21:38
ol_schoolaCptnodegard: the n800 is a full-up linux computer, just very small with a touchscreen21:38
sp3000(also bb sed doesn't have -u so that just stalls)21:38
Cptnodegardi see that gnumeric doesnt seem to work on os08, i'd be very happy if i could have ms excel files on it seeing i study economics, and fro what i could find out gnumeric is the only choice21:38
ol_schoolait manages it's OS (firrmware) and applications with a user interface application...21:39
ol_schoola..or geeky command line instructions to update, install and remove21:39
ol_schoolajust as any other linux distribution works21:39
Cptnodegardso installing os08 is not scary for a total IT and linux noob like me? :)21:39
halleyIt's not os08, it's os200821:39
ol_schoolathe OS platform is a trimmed down linux distro called Maemo21:39
Cptnodegardyeah i know im just lazy xD21:40
dick-richardsonCptnodegard: no21:40
timelyxol_schoola: not exactly21:40
timelyxsince maemo doesn't like being written in uppercase :)21:40
ol_schoolaos2007 would be like Fedora 7 and os2008 is like Fedora 8,21:40
timelyxand it doesn't really know what it is :)21:40
Cptnodegardever used a linux computer :s *hides*21:40
ol_schoola'tis a learning experience, especially for a non-programmer21:41
dick-richardsonCptnodegard: you will be21:41
*** aspiers has joined #maemo21:41
ol_schoolano need to jide, tho. for good practice, take an old mobo and HD and hobble together an Ubuntu or Fedora machine if you like to tinker and learn21:42
ol_schoolathe wiki at Maemo is incredibly stale with references to older OS releases and mostly uses the 770 tablet as it's base21:43
Cptnodegardbeing more into the mp3 player world, im used to constantly repeating myself to noobs who asks q's that to me are stupid questions... so im hesitant to do the same when im noob at something, but there is just so much to get into with these it's21:43
ol_schoolavery confusing to a new n800 or n810 owner21:43
timelyxol_schoola: the wiki should allow edits21:43
sp3000an editable wiki!?21:43
timelyxsp3000: strange concept, eh?21:44
* timelyx doesn't believe in them21:44
ol_schoolait does, and i should, but i've had a heck of a time just trying to get this thing up to proper 200821:44
timelyxotoh, i just watched the mrs. clause21:44
timelyxsp3000: can you try adding that line to your /etc/hosts?21:44
timelyxi need some advice on fixing up the root page :)21:44
ol_schoolathe fact that so much of the useful needed info is constantly jumbling about in the forums at iTT just drives me batty21:44
ol_schoolatimelyx: i'm now a reflash king, i'll try anything. do you have some kind of r.m.o repo mirror up?21:45
aspiersis it just me or should a chinook scratchbox NOT contain bora repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list?21:46
aspiersthe VMware SDK I downloaded refers to bora in all the chinook targets21:46
timelyxol_schoola: yeah. but i wouldn't guarantee reliability21:46
dick-richardsonaspiers: yeah...there seems to NOT be a clear delineation between bora and chinook in the repos21:46
timelyxif you want to experiment with it, you can21:46
timelyxof course, you'll need to be root once21:47
timelyxand becoming root atm is probably "hard" :)21:47
Cptnodegardim surprised these tablets arent more popular... i first ever knew about them yesterday, was browsing the winter sale of a online store when i tripped over a very weird looking phone :P after a few google hits i realized the n800 wasnt a phone and lashed out the money for it instantly. i dont get the hype with eee pc, this thign does the same for half the price21:47
aspiersdick-richardson: chinook sources.list doesn't even contain *any* references to chinook repos21:47
ol_schoolatimelyx: no guarantees? what???21:47
*** pleemans has joined #maemo21:47
dick-richardsonaspiers: mine doesn't either21:47
ol_schoolajk, i'm all ears. just echo that line into my hosts file?21:47
*** geaaru has quit IRC21:48
aspiersdick-richardson: and you've successfully built stuff that has dependencies despite that?21:48
dick-richardsonaspiers: yep. except gpodder...but that's because the debs are corrupt21:48
derfCptnodegard: The "half the price" thing is fairly recent.21:48 is dead now21:49
aspierssorry for the FAQ - but why *are* the r.m.o debs broken?21:49
aspiersdick-richardson: I'm building emacs-snapshot-gtk, and it wants texinfo which is only in chinook21:49
timelyxaspiers: r.m.o has a CDN which seems to have run into glitches building up its copies21:50
Cptnodegardwell the n810 is fairly new from what i can tell so the n800 is an older model21:50
timelyxat least, that's the best we can surmise21:50
Cptnodegardalthough if its true the n810 doesnt have two sdhc slots, that is kinda... odd21:50
dick-richardsonCptnodegard: it's prettier21:50
timelyxCptnodegard: the n810 is about a month old and the n800 is from mid january21:50
derfWell, I could only ever get one to work reliably on my N800 anyway, so no big loss.21:50
aspierstimelyx: and Nokia folks manage that and they're all on vacation?21:50
timelyxaspiers: i really don't understand how it's working21:51
timelyxand i really shouldn't speak for them21:51
*** matt_c has quit IRC21:51
timelyxaspiers: if you have complaints, please call Nokia Care21:51
aspierstimelyx: I don't have any complaints21:51
timelyx (?)21:51
timelyxgah, that page requires flash!21:52
aspiersare there any r.m.o mirrors I can use?21:52
Cptnodegardderf: sdhc cards? didnt know there was any compatability issues21:52
*** csd has joined #maemo21:52
*** Segnale007 has left #maemo21:52
timelyxaspiers: r.m.o is fronted (?) by akamai (CDN)21:52
derfNot compatibility... I think the internal slot on my N800 is just loose.21:52
timelyxmirroring r.m.o seems to require >>8gb of space21:52
derfEvery time I take the cover off the card is already half-falling out of it.21:53
Cptnodegardah good. i love how cheap 8GB sdhc cards are lately... guess 16GB will drop a lot over the next motnhs as well21:53
sp3000derf, so the locking slide thing slides back on its own or something?21:53
timelyxi don't know of anyone else really trying, as long as you only need some limited portion of chinook, i'm trying to build a copy of it,21:53
*** jprieur has quit IRC21:54
aspierstimelyx: I only need the texinfo .deb21:54
sp3000aspiers: find the url, add a ?foopy on the tail, download21:54
*** thefool has quit IRC21:54
*** pleemans has quit IRC21:55
*** pleemans has joined #maemo21:55
aspiersfound it:
aspierssp3000: not sure which URL you meant?21:55
sp3000aspiers, that of the deb you want21:55
aspierssp3000: what does ?foopy do?21:56
timelyxsp3000: oddly, that didn't seem to work when i tried it21:56
Cptnodegardhow long does os2007 to os2008 update take, btw?21:56
*** GreySim has joined #maemo21:56
timelyxaspiers: in theory it forces the server not to use a bad cached version of the file21:56
hugolpCptnodegard:  30 seconds?21:56
*** Tuco has quit IRC21:56
aspierstimelyx: ah ok, so the value of the query string is unimportant21:57
*** Tuco has joined #maemo21:57
Cptnodegardreading about some guy who bricked his n800 during update, hes talking about 180 minuts21:57
timelyxaspiers: yeah, if it works :)21:57
aspiersResolving failed: Host not found.21:57
timelyxum, "that's bad" :)21:58 is an alias for is an alias for has address has address
steriworking fine21:58 has address has address
steribut those .debs are still broken :P21:58
GreySimAnyone know if there still is a 256 color xterm available, and if so, where to get it or how to use it? I've seen this post, but if the color support is in the current package, vim isn't taking advantage of it at least, and I don't know what else to test with.
aspiersresolves differently here, but I still get host not found21:58
*** DgtlNight has joined #maemo21:58
GreySimErr, uh, this post rather:
timelyxGreySim: have you tried changing TERM ?21:59
GreySimNo! No I haven't. Thank you. :)21:59
sp3000timelyx: soo what do you need wrt 66...22:00
timelyxsp3000: advice :)22:00
timelyxlike, how to reorganize the left column :)22:00
timelyxatm it's really eclectic :(22:01
timelyxshould i switch to a table?22:01
aspierssteri: I just managed to download the .deb I need - in what way will it be broken?22:01
timelyx(-moz-columns: isn't really available)22:01
*** MikeL has joined #Maemo22:02
timelyxhrm... it probably shouldn't say landfill on mxr.maemo, eh? :)22:03
aspiershmm, wget works fine from outside the scratchbox22:03
steriaspiers: afaik when I try to install canola2 it whines broken package and someone said at it's python which is broken22:04
*** zodman has quit IRC22:04
*** doc|home has joined #maemo22:04
ol_schoolatimelyx: i get a r.m.o host not found even after adding to the host file as per above22:05
* aspiers installs wireshark to see what's really going on22:06
timelyxol_schoola: my echo?22:06
ol_schoolatimelyx: correct22:06
steriyep, still it... "installation file corrupted"22:07
*** jeff1f has joined #maemo22:07
Cptnodegardthe n800 has USB host? miniusb?22:07
Khertansteri: it s only the repository which is overloaded22:07
sterino it's not... i can install alot other apps and I can even access it with browser without lag22:08
Khertani found that canola is a bit slow ...22:08
Khertani ve the same thing many times22:08
steriif you lookt the topic | debs are broken22:08
Khertani had22:08
sp3000timelyx: you could use magic to only show some roots based on http host?22:09
Khertanand this night at 3pm ... it had worked22:09
timelyxsp3000: yeah, i can22:09
timelyxi'll do that shortly22:09
sp3000timelyx: another would be, copy the sidebar content into the normal part, shrink explanations from sidebar and link to them as anchors below22:09
sp3000but I'm not sure if that'd rellay help find stuff22:10
sp3000it's just a lot of content :)22:10
*** sx|lappy has joined #maemo22:10
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: slow in what sense?22:12
*** DgtlNight has left #maemo22:13
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: visually/feel slow? Takes too long to do something? Slow video playback?22:13
Khertangui ... slow visual22:13
Khertantransition is not fluid22:14
Khertani can see lag ...22:14
k-s[AWAY]which screen?22:14
Khertanand this without anything22:14
k-s[AWAY]was it ok before and now it's bad?22:14
Khertanmain -> audio22:14
Khertank-s[AWAY]: i haven't use canola before ...22:14
Khertanthis 2.0 beta version22:15
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: we know that the first time you do that it's a bit slow, but others shouldn't22:15
k-s[AWAY](first time after you start canola, but this repeats if you restart canola)22:15
steriKhertan: overload has nothing to do with "libdownloadmanager0_0.1.0-maemo.1_armel.deb Size mismatch" :P22:15
Khertanhum ... first time after launch ? of the first first time :)22:15
k-s[AWAY]first time after launch22:16
k-s[AWAY]this is because I load all plugins for sub-screens at this point22:16
Khertanhum ... i found that it s a bit annoying too that the fullscreen button doesn't work :)22:16
k-s[AWAY]ie: load the plugin that implement podcast, local music, photocast, local picture, ...22:16
Khertanarf of course22:17
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: it work on screens that implement fullscreen, like picture or video22:17
GreySimAha, found my problem, vim wasn't using it because you have to set t_Co=256 for it to pick up the colors.22:17
GreySimThanks guys.22:17
*** GreySim has left #maemo22:17
Khertandoes cover should be download automatically ?22:17
Khertanor there is an option somewhere ?22:17
aspiersugh, scratchbox doesn't even have host/nslookup/ping ?!22:18
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: [+]/[-] buttons are also just working on video/audio player, we'll make them always control the volume in next version22:18
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: check ITT, we wrote about it there already :-)22:18
Khertanoups sorry ;)22:18
k-s[AWAY]lots of info/discussion there22:18
*** cesman has joined #maemo22:18
halleyIt better only control volume when the media app is active.22:18
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: can you confirm that now it's fast when you click Main->Audio?22:19
Khertanyes it fast after loaded a first time :)22:19
k-s[AWAY]halley: when you're viewing an slideshow, would be good to change the volume22:19
halleyIf I'm using a mapper or website, +/- are for zooming.22:19
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: it's my bad, I'll fix it in January22:19
k-s[AWAY]halley: ah! sure! inside canola I mean22:19
k-s[AWAY]halley: we have no access to other apps22:20
Khertank-s[AWAY]: you have make too many plugin ... just make one to read wav file only ;)22:20
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: ?22:21
Khertanin fact i ven't use canola1 because i ven't like it. but Canola 2 is a great app ... the better app writted in python i ve seen22:21
k-s[AWAY]you mean detect wav files? I wrote one for LightMediaScanner (used by Canola), just need to package and ship :-)22:21
Khertank-s[AWAY]: a bad joke22:21
k-s[AWAY]ah :-D22:22
Khertani mean first time is slow due to many plugin ... so let s only one ... it ll be fast :)22:22
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: about python apps, are you kidding, lots of great apps are in python ;-)22:22
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: I see22:22
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: :-)22:22
Khertank-s[AWAY]: hum ? what app ?22:22
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: lots of web apps, like youtube22:23
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: also apps like eric3/4 (IDE editor), freevo (pvr)22:23
Khertank-s[AWAY]: for me youtube isn't a good example :)22:23
* aspiers finally gets scratchbox to apt-get update - /scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf was broken for some weird reason22:23
mgedminit usually is22:24
k-s[AWAY]blender is part python, part c++22:24
*** zs_ has joined #maemo22:24
Khertanah i don't know for blender ... :)22:24
Khertanbut it vent a nice gui :)22:24
k-s[AWAY]but thanks for thinking canola is great python app :-)22:24
Khertan /s/vent/haven't22:25
k-s[AWAY]maybe we should request python to publish an article about it? ;-)22:25
aspiersmgedmin: resolv.conf is usually broken?22:25
Khertani ven't look yet into the code ... but i think you should22:25
k-s[AWAY]INdT want to have more people writing Python+EFL apps, it's a good combination!22:26
Khertanand one more thing ... why using a daemon to parse file ?22:26
mgedminI think scratchbox copies the real /etc/resolv.conf (produced by your dhcp client) into /scratchbox/etc22:26
mgedminand then you move to a different LAN and your copy stops working22:26
*** Bastich has joined #maemo22:26
k-s[AWAY]Khertan: guess how many guys and time we needed to write Canola222:26
k-s[AWAY]the app itself, not fixing bugs with platform and like22:26
aspiersmgedmin: nope, my sb resolv.conf was broken precisely because it *wasn't* the same as the real one22:26
mgedminI prefer to install dnsmasq and echo nameserver > /scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf22:26
Khertank-s[AWAY]: if they need python programmer in france ... it ll interest me :)22:26
mgedminaspiers: my theory is that it once was, but then the real one changed22:27
* Khertan think that he need to upload the 2.0 version of pygtkeditor ... with python-gtksourceview binding22:27
k-s[AWAY]mgedmin: I think resolv.conf is generated at install time, so if you change networks, it breaks22:27
mgedminthat's what I think too22:28
aspiersmgedmin: nope it was looking at some bizarre 172.x.x.x address which is nothing to do with any network I've used22:28
sterianyone have working copy of this file? libdownloadmanager0_0.1.0-maemo.1_armel.deb22:28
mgedmin172.16.x.x is one of the reserved ranges for LANs22:28
aspiersI originally had the VM interface as NAT then changed to bridged22:28
mgedminlike 192.168.x.x22:28
aspiersmgedmin: I know22:28
mgedminoh, vmware22:28
aspiersmy vmware setup does not use 172.x.x.x anywhere22:29
mgedminsteri: are you trying to download it from and failing?22:29
mgedminyou can step around the broken caching proxy servers by appending ?something to the URL22:29
*** crafton has joined #maemo22:29
sterisize mismatch22:29
* mgedmin nods22:29
Khertandoes someone use pygtkeditor here ?22:30
craftonHi.. somebody can send me a complete chinook sources.list file ?22:30
JaffaExcellent. My "send URL to tablet" method seems to be working :-)22:30
timelyxJaffa: nice22:32
craftonthanks.. my problem was that i have some duplicated repositories.. but now i read how fix it, thanks again Khertan22:32
*** csd has quit IRC22:32
*** mardi_ has quit IRC22:35
*** mardi_ has joined #maemo22:35
*** matt_c has joined #maemo22:35
*** skibur has joined #maemo22:37
sterigaah, every single package grom whines about that size mismatch.. it takes a week for me to install canola2 :(22:39
*** kbsingh has joined #maemo22:39
unique311at least you got it installed22:39
unique311failed at every attempt22:40
steriit's not installed yet22:40
unique311so i do what i do when shit gets on my nerves.....22:40
unique311say fuck it22:40
aspiersis it only ARMEL .debs with size mismatch? I am happily installing stuff into i386 scratchbox22:40
craftonunique311 chinook too22:40
kbsinghhumm the repos still down ?22:40
*** zs_ has quit IRC22:41
unique311well i only tried installing canola2 with the new update.22:41
unique311from application manager i get package corrupted error22:41
unique311from the terminal i get size mismatch.22:42
kbsinghdoes anyone actually know what is being done to fix the repo's and/or what is the process involved in fixing them ?22:43
mardi_Canola installed fine for me using this Repo22:44
mardi_Name: Chatonka Canola Repo (TEMPORARY)22:44
mardi_Web address:
mardi_Distribution: chinook22:44
mardi_Components: testing22:44
unique311this is canola2?22:44
mardi_yep, Beta22:44
craftonWhat means size mismatch error?22:45
mardi_disable other Repos when you install, especially  "Extras"22:45
mardi_will grab the Python bits you need too, from same place22:45
mgedmincrafton: it means that there's some sort of a proxy server between you and that serves cached HTML error pages instead of real packages22:46
timelyxsp3000: reload?22:47
*** mbuf has quit IRC22:47
craftonWow.. true. if I acces the file mismatching.. there's a big body HTML saying.. "The service is temporarily unavailable. We are very sorry for the inconvinience it may cause."22:48
craftonThis means, there's a part of the repos still down22:49
timelyxsucks, doesn't it? :)22:49
kbsinghcrafton: example of a file that is not working for you ?22:50
unique311thanks mardi_22:50
kbsinghoh.... akamai serves up repository.m.o22:51
kbsinghcrafton: works for me here22:51
kbsinghtry this22:51
kbsinghactually, you cant try that :D22:52
kbsinghyou cant hit the ip directly22:52
kbsinghbut, maybe you can fudge something into /etc/hosts22:53
kbsinghand have it only hit the one machine that is actually working fine22:53
*** Locutus6711 has joined #maemo22:54
craftondon't worry.. i'll retry later. I only was trying to install kagu. But well, can wait.22:54
sp3000timelyx: yeah, seems to be working22:54
kbsingh[kbsingh@zafarnama ~]$ host repository.maemo.org22:55 is an alias for is an alias for has address has address
Locutus6711hi, I have a problem with my new N800. i can't start it anymore22:55
kbsingh and both of them seem to be working fine for me at the moent22:55
Locutus6711can somebody help me?22:55
kbsinghcrafton: which part of the world are you in ? from a machine, try doing 'host' and see what ip's you get22:56
craftonok. I'm in Spain. gonna try it.22:56
sp3000Locutus6711: what happens when you do what?22:56
Locutus6711I have switched it off and now it did nothing, when i hold the startbutton22:57
Locutus6711only black screen22:57
sp3000crafton: does work for you?22:57
* sp3000 is curious since it either does or doesn't, apparently22:57
timelyxsp3000: i think it depends on which unhappy server you get22:57
timelyxmine is a "doesn't" :)22:58
sp3000Locutus6711: try removing the battery?22:58
kbsinghtimelyx: 'host' ?22:58
sp3000plug in the charger?22:58
unique311bang it around a bit22:58
craftonkbsingh: and
*** skibur has quit IRC22:58      CNAME   a515.g.akamai.net22:58
Locutus6711i tried with the charger, nothing22:58       A       A
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:58
* sp3000 has
kbsinghcrafton: try this, : sudo ' echo ""  > /etc/hosts '22:59
kbsinghcrafton: you need to get the quotes right22:59
kbsinghtimelyx: you try that as well, the .199 machine is indeed working fine for me, for that python deb23:00
sp3000kbsingh: erm, do you want to overwrite hosts?23:00
Locutus6711The device is absolutly new, i have switched it on for the first time 5 hours ago23:00
MikeLLocutus6711: how did problem start, have you left it charging for a while after removing and replacing the battery23:00
timelyxyeah um > is a *Bad* idea23:00
timelyxespecially, on os x where supposedly it'll break the world :)23:00
kbsinghtimelyx: really ? you have much in the hosts file ?23:00
timelyx# Host Database23:01
timelyx# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface23:01
timelyx# when the system is booting.  Do not change this entry.23:01
kbsinghumm.. i'd have thought you were doing this on the device23:01
* timelyx shrugs23:01
timelyxthe echo command is compatible w/ lots of platforms23:01
timelyxand i ran an echo command on my mac :)23:01
kbsinghyeah, well use >> in that echo then, and see if it works for you23:02
MikeLLocutus6711: so has it ever worked, did you leave it charging long enough?23:02
Locutus6711First I charged it totally. then I installed some apps and used the webbrowser. then I swiched it off. Replaced the SD-card by a 2GB card and tried to switch it on again23:02
kbsinghmight need to refresh the repo metadata once23:02
MikeLLocutus6711: hmm, removed the card you installed etc. and still nothing?23:03
Locutus6711yes, i tried to insert the old card again. then i tried with no card. but both didnt work23:04
* timelyx frowns23:04
timelyxsp3000, do symlinks get resolved early or late in execution?23:04
* timelyx guesses early :(23:04
craftonkbsingh same prolem23:06
MikeLLocutus6711: thats strange for sure.  leave it charging for a while perhap battery was totally flattend by a bad programme running when you thought it was closed23:06
craftonmmm...  wel well23:06
craftondoesn't saved at /etc/hosts23:07
craftongonna write it manually23:07
dragornoh good.  The os2008 final release breaks usb for my devices.23:07
*** shackan has quit IRC23:08
Locutus6711no idea?23:08
MikeLLocutus6711: sometimes a bad prgramme can flatten battery when you leave it on standby for an hour or two...but normally with charger connected you would see some life and charging on the display etc.23:08
kbsinghcrafton: interesting.23:09
kbsinghcrafton: when you ping you get the ip you just added to /etc/hosts ?23:09
Locutus6711when i insert the charger nothing happens23:09
craftonkbsingh, the same ip, but still can't downloading those files23:10
*** matt_c has joined #maemo23:10
kbsinghare you behind a proxy perhaps ?23:10
craftonOfficialy not, I have a cable-modem connection, with ONO, but If i were behind I proxy.. this doesn't surprise me.. they are popular for restricting p2p and some staff23:13
MikeLLocutus6711: Take it back to shop, you might just be unlucky, cant believe that just changing the SD card hosed your unit?  (so it was working prior to changing SD card in external/internal slot) back cover is on etc23:13
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo23:14
craftonIs possible that the isn't totally updated between others servers yet?23:15
ol_schoola kbsingh: i can concur with crafton . same behavior. no proxy, ping returns ip from host file23:15
ol_schoolasame happened with timelyx's ip23:16
kbsinghcrafton: you dont want .1823:16
kbsinghthe ip you want is :
Locutus6711it was the internal slot and back cover is on23:16
ol_schoolakbsingh: i'm using that with no results23:16
*** Crfrod has joined #maemo23:17
kbsinghol_schoola: wierd. that machine does work for me just fine23:17
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:17
craftonreally i have .199.. :)23:17
craftonat /etc/hosts i habe .19923:17
ol_schoolai've never suspected a comcrap proxy before, hmmmm23:18
craftonbut you should be right...23:18
MikeLLocutus6711: Charger not working?23:18
ol_schoolaan apt-get install of problem apps gives me size mismatch23:18
craftoni putted .199 but when i did the host   got .18 and .3423:18
ol_schoolai can wget the debs using the ?kitten append, tho23:19
craftoni gonna change23:19
MikeLLocutus6711: try with another charger?23:19
mgedminol_schoola, crafton: AFAIU the proxy is there on the nokia side23:19
mgedminisn't it?23:19
ol_schoolasurely they have one, i thought we were trying an end run, must go back and rte-read the logs to see what i missed in this adventure ;)23:20
Locutus6711i will try it, i have to search another charger23:20
kbsinghthere should'nt really be a proxy, the repo seems to come from akamai servers, which will load spread23:21
ol_schoolai DID however get a clean install of battlegweled using the app mgr23:21
craftonmgedmin, oficially, am not behind a proxy23:21
craftongotta go.. see you later23:21
*** crafton has quit IRC23:21
ol_schoolacrafton: the issue is if we are still hitting up against Nokia's proxy23:21
kbsinghcrafton: the host command wont use the /etc/hosts by default, so trust ping instead23:21
*** GNUro has quit IRC23:22
Locutus6711MikeL: I have no other suitable charger23:24
Bastichwould abiword run under maemo?23:25
* sp3000 tests something random23:25
MikeLLocutus6711: Obviously only try it with another compatible charger, was thinking you could go to a mobile shop or something and ask them to let you try a compatible charger. or perhaps a friend has a new Nokia phone with same type of charger.23:25
sp3000hmm, no, propending your username with label: doesn't get only mail for that label with pop ;)23:25
MikeLLocutus6711: this is purely to narrow down the problem23:25
K`zanWhere are the logs kept on the n800, /var/log is empty, it has to get dmesg from somplace :-)?23:26
Locutus6711yes, but i think it can't be the battery23:26
MikeLLocutus6711: Why23:26
kbsinghK`zan: dmesg does not come from /var/log/ does it ?23:26
kbsinghdmesg is the kernel log buffer23:27
K`zankbsingh: I thought so, but evidentally I am wrong.23:27
Locutus6711because I switched it off, when it was still charged and I tried to switch it on only one minute later23:27
kbsinghmost of dmesg is normally also put through syslog and diverted either to disk or remote...23:27
K`zanwhich brings us back to the original question, where does the n800 hide the logs?23:27
timelyxyou have to install sysklogd23:28
fatal-in the memory only, I believe23:28
timelyxby default it hides most of them in /dev/null23:28
K`zanscp is failing and nothing in dmesg.23:28
K`zanSigh.  Ok, thanks folks.23:28
kbsinghwhats scp got to do with dmesg ???!23:28
timelyxuse scp -v -v -v23:28
K`zankbsingh: You tell me?23:28
kbsinghunless you have selinux getting in the way or another kernel level acl :D23:28
K`zantimelyx: Thanks, appreciate the help!23:28
kbsinghor scp -vvv23:29
MikeLLocutus6711: Oh well in that case you seem to have no option but to return your device, sorry cant be of more help.23:29
Locutus6711yes, i will have to do that. thank you.23:30
kbsinghok, dinner time! later, i shall try to apt-mirror the repositories to somewhere else.23:31
MikeLLocutus6711: your welcome23:32
timelyxsp3000: ok, reload23:34
timelyxi think i got most of the bugs out of my mxr.maemo23:34
ol_schoolaoh no. i just brought in Canola2 using the chatonka temp repo. didn't save the log during the install. when r.m.o gets fixed, the depsolver is gonna go nuts when i re-enable the official repos, no?23:36
timelyxyou're in trouble23:37
timelyxbecause updates will not do what you want23:37
ol_schoolaof course not23:37
*** cbx33 has joined #maemo23:37
* FunkyPenguin needs to get canola running - either v1 or v223:37
timelyxthe only correct way to use a different repository is make sure it has the same paths23:37
timelyxand then hack /etc/hosts to lie23:37
cbx33how are the repos doing?23:37
sp3000cbx33: same old23:38
* ol_schoola bangs head on asker43r8wehdewriy23:38
FunkyPenguinhow come the canola1 repo was removed?23:38
*** dolske has quit IRC23:39
sp3000timelyx: the descriptions for maemo/maemo-all vs garage/garage-all are a bit randomly different23:39
* ol_schoola carves "ALWAYS svae the logs" into his forearm23:39
timelyxsp3000: yeah... pick the best, i'll fix23:39
sp3000as well as the headings23:39
cbx33timelyx, did you get your repo setup?23:40
timelyxcbx33: i think most of it is up23:40
timelyxyou can try it23:40
cbx33not got my n800 to hand23:40
timelyxcbx33: use a random scratchbox or fake debian :)23:40
ol_schoolatimelyx: after I reflash ;)23:40
cbx33oh timelyx I havn't got my sb box at the moment23:40
*** dolske has joined #maemo23:41
timelyxsp3000: ok, ?dsfkjhk is working :)23:42
*** crafton has joined #maemo23:42
* timelyx goes to rebrand23:42
cbx33do any maemo staff hang around in here?23:44
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC23:44
timelyxinfobot seen ferenc23:46
*** cbx33 has quit IRC23:46
infobotferenc <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 30d 4h 21m 40s ago, saying: 'bye all!'.23:46
timelyxinfobot seen qgil23:46
infobotqgil <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 96d 7h 19m 33s ago, saying: 'we have completed the upload and we are doing the last testing before announcing the release'.23:46
timelyxinfobot seen bergie23:46
infobotbergie <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 12d 5h 3m 3s ago, saying: 'hi'.23:46
timelyxinfobot seen jake23:46
infobotjake <> was last seen on IRC in channel #norganna, 118d 22h 12m 9s ago, saying: 'any one there'.23:46
timelyxwrong jake23:46
timelyxsp3000: *OOPS*23:47
timelyxso, um23:47
timelyxsymlinks are *bad*23:47
*** fab has quit IRC23:50
timelyxok, um... what do you want changed? :)23:50
sp3000maemo-all should probably mention the all versions (/tags/branches) thing23:53
sp3000... or that23:54
timelyxsomeone want to explain what sardine is? :)23:55
timelyxor chinook for that matter :)23:55
*** Locutus6711 has quit IRC23:55
*** shackan has joined #maemo23:59
*** MikeL has quit IRC23:59

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