IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2007-12-21

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skiburwhat is wayfinder?00:02
skiburdo I need a GPS device?00:02
timelyxskibur: wayfinder is a mapping service vnedor00:03
infobottimelyx meant: skibur: wayfinder is a mapping service vendor00:03
skiburo ok00:03
timelyxthey're responsible for the Map application in os200800:03
||cwskibur: n810 has gps built in, n800 and 770 need a bt gps00:03
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dskippyI am in the scratchbox and the tutorial tells me after installing it to login and type "sb-conf select CHINOOK_X86"00:07
dskippyBut I get "sb-conf: No such target: CHINOOK_X86" when I do00:07
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CosmicRaynokia bought wayfinder, right?00:10
CosmicRayhrm.  teleatlas then?00:10
thoughtfixOh I just had a FANTASTIC idea00:11
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timelyxthose are the two purchases i know of00:12
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skiburAnybody know who is working on the Qtopia project on the Nokia Internet Tablet?00:16
thoughtfixOkay get this00:17
Robot101OS2008 is so awesome, why ever would you want to do that? :P00:17
Solarionhey Robot00:18
thoughtfixI am going to try to hack my N800 into Access Point mode. Then I will configure the Eye-Fi Wifi SD card to use it and FTP photos to the tablet. From there, I'll have scripts to harvest the photos, resize them, and send them to Flickr or something. Think it'd work?00:18
timelyxFINISHED --14:18:27--00:18
timelyxDownloaded: 313,508 bytes in 139 files00:18
Solarionwhat's the word on the street about when the n810 codes will go live?00:19
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timelyxSolarion: no one really knows00:19
timelyxbut there'll be an annoucement00:19
skiburYEs iT will Work!00:19
Solarionno rumors?  No innuendo?00:19
skiburDo it Thoughtfix00:19
czrthey're working silently on it Solarion00:20
timelyxok, nm00:21
czrobject has no symbol information!00:21
thoughtfixI can try00:22
czrbtw, a friend asked on another channel, does n810/os2008 support wpa tkip? (i.e., the non-aes thingy)00:22
czrwpa2 tkip even00:22
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skiburI don't get it anymore00:22
skiburWhy is the N800 at $129?00:23
skiburwhat is going to happen with the N800?00:23
timelyxskibur: no more production00:23
timelyxthey're clearing out inventory00:23
skiburis that it?00:23
thoughtfixtimeless: You sure?00:24
chandlerwho's selling it at $129?00:24
timelyxbut a price like 129 is pretty much how i picked up my audrey00:24
jga23on the n810 is there any way to programically controll the LED?00:25
skiburDS lite is also $12900:25
chandlerskibur: oh. I assumed $ meant "US Dollars", not GBP00:25
timelyxjga23: sure00:25
thoughtfixI am guessing OS2007 models will be cleared out and replaced with OS2008 models - just how the OS2005 model 770's were cleared out and replaced with a new box/sku OS200600:25
timelyxyou can control the n800's led too00:25
jga23timelyx: is it possible with python?00:25
* timelyx shrugs00:25
chandlerI saw the N800 dipped to $180 on this week, but now it's back up to $230 (the same as I bought it at)00:26
timelyxjga23: iirc you can do it w/ dbus or a commandline00:26
* skibur pondring00:26
timelyxso as long as python can do one or the other00:26
timelyxthat's not 129 usd00:26
timelyxthat's 129 gbp00:26
timelyxwhich is closer to 260usd00:26
* skibur pondering and wondering00:26
* czr goes afk for the rest of the night00:27
czrhave fun00:27
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timelyxok, well, my answer was assuming the 130 was usd :)00:27
skiburso 299 gbp is more the 299 us ?00:27
czrskibur, yes00:28
czrpretty much anything is more than usd nowadays00:28
skiburso this is site took the same numbers for the nokia official site and add gbp ?00:28
timelyxczr: useless00:28
skiburmaking it cost more?00:28
timelyxit's been 2usd to 1gbp for years00:28
timelyxeven before the dollar tanked00:28
ryoohkihas the nokia n810 been released yet?00:28
timelyxryoohki: it was released about a month ago :)00:29
czrtimelyx, I know :-)00:29
timelyxit's a matter of getting it into stores00:29
ryoohkireally? i haven't seen it in the stores in the us yet00:29
timelyxand no one really seems to understand that :)00:29
czrall santa's little helpers are busy delivering christmas presents, none can be spared to deliver N810s00:29
ryoohkiwhat's the cheapest it's been had for yet?  i've seen it for aorun $40000:30
ryoohkiaorun = around00:30
timelyx99usd w/ a dev credit? :)00:30
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ryoohkia dev credit?00:31
ryoohkii have to do a dev project on
ryoohkithen it's $99?  is that right?00:31
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ryoohkihow do i sign up for $99 for 1 credit n810?00:33
kdean06timeless, Nokia is actually offering their developers incentives to use and develop on their devices? They're not unwashed pariahs?00:33
timelyxkdean06: nokia has since the 770 days00:34
thoughtfixThe developer program has been filled for some time now00:34
timelyxbut it is the cheapest you'll find :)00:34
timelyxdon't worry, most devs can't convert their credit into devices00:34
timelyxbecause they can't find anyone who (1) has devices for sale and (2) accepts the credits00:34
timelyxso they get to wait longer :(00:35
kdean06I won't name names but there are some other comapnies who actually expect their developers to purchase, at full price, the "next" device.00:35
kdean06The fact that they offer the incentive, even limited, is pretty neat.00:35
kdean06Anyone know of any US retailers that actually STOCK the n800s or are they all online only? (Immeditate Gratification!)00:36
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Tester_kdean06: ?00:37
kdean06Is there a typo there?00:38
||cwcompusa used to carry them00:38
timelyxTester_: that'd be online :)00:38
thoughtfixback when compusa ... existed00:38
Tester_nokia offline store if they exist in your world00:39
kdean06Apparently their ONLINE store doesn't exist anymore. :P00:39
kdean06Nor does CompUSA (who's site lists the n800 and the n810 for the same price)00:40
kdean06So it seems Amazon gets my money. :S00:40
kdean06Now, which website do I like...00:40
thoughtfixCompUSA got sold to a liquidator00:42
thoughtfixmeaning EVERY price starts at MSRP00:42
timelyx? so it's back to 400+?00:43
thoughtfixAnd then they start discounting it based on ... the phase of the moon or some crap00:43
thoughtfixEvery price at CompUSA anyway00:43
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disqi'm getting md5sum mismatch and size mismatch errors from extras-devel, trying to install canola200:45
ryoohki$410 at Provantage in the USA00:45
wolf08Same here disq00:45
wolf08If I get it installed correctly and my n800 doesn't wipe my packages, I'll try and set up a temporary apt repo.00:46
disqand it's not a "one click install" if you have to click two different buttons00:46
Rocketmanlots of repository trouble...00:46
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timelyxRocketman: do you need something? :)00:47
disqi just disabled extras-devel repo maybe it'll help00:47
RocketmanIs there no way to add multiple repositories from a single .install file00:47
disqthere is with chinook00:47
timelyxnot for 2007 or earlier00:48
disqthen they should make two different install pages00:48
timelyxi suppose if an install file had a .deb that postinst'd a bunch of repos00:48
RocketmanIs anyone seeing an update for the map application as being available?00:48
wolf08Yuck, that's ugly00:48
timelyxand then postinst tried to install another deb :)00:48
disqRocketman: i am, didn't try updating yet00:49
RocketmanOne shows up for me, but the version info shows same as what is already installed00:49
timelyxthat's not good :)00:49
disqi was getting too much timeout errors with earlier, reverted to apt-get00:50
timelyxthis is in application manager?00:50
Rocketmanodd, to be sure00:50
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* timelyx wonders if there's a way to get application manager to explain00:50
Rocketmanwhen I click the blue i info button it is showing same version number, exactly00:50
wolf08Yeah, apt-get seems to be a little more relyable00:50
timelyxRocketman: depends?00:51
Rocketmannone listed00:51
alteregoI think I'll hold of flashing my N800 until my N810 comes.00:51
alteregoI'm happy with OS2008 beta.00:51
timelyxapt-cache showpkg / apt-cache show / ... ?00:51
alteregoFor now.00:51
RocketmanI just don't want to update if I don't have to00:52
Rocketmanas am on a edge connection00:52
timelyxi certainly haven't heard of any plans to update it00:52
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timelyxthe 2008 50 release of course should have included a newer map app00:52
timelyxpossibly enabling some features00:52
* timelyx has no idea what it got00:52
RocketmanSo, what do people think of new Canola?00:53
RocketmanI am running the new firmware00:53
wolf08Once I'm able to download it.... I'd be glad to tell you00:53
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wolf08Most of my downloaded files have a size of 199 bytes00:55
wolf08The rest say failed....00:55
timelyxiirc 199 bytes is an error message00:55
wolf08Ahh, yes it is!00:55
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wolf08"The Service is temporarily unavailable"00:56
timelyxdoes it have "inconvinience" ? :)00:56
timelyxeven the error messages are buggy :)00:57
timelyxi had >800 copies of that file00:57
wolf08Did you ever get it installed?00:57
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timelyxget what installed?00:57
timelyxi'm just downloading the repository, 3 files at a time00:58
wolf08Sorry, I assumed you were trying to get canola200:58
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timelyxwell, i think 3 files at a time, maybe 5 files at a time00:58
wolf08I finally got the repo00:58
timelyxwhich repository is canola in? :)00:58
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wolf08Well, it has packages in both extras and extras devel I think00:58
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wolf08deb chinook free non-free00:59
wolf08deb chinook free non-free00:59
timelyxi don't have *anything* from extras/pool yet00:59
wolf08Those two repos00:59
timelyxand my pool/chinook dir is empty00:59
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timelyxi'm currently getting pool/maemo2.0 :)01:00
timelyxwhich is of course very useful01:00
timelyxi have some part of extras-devel/pool/chinook/free/01:00
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timelyxi'm at free/libp which i'd assume isn't so bad01:01
timelyxit's about halfway through, not counting the source/ directory which will probably be devoid of stuff01:01
* timelyx tries to remember how the source/ directory works01:02
timelyxis it a symlink to .. ?01:02
timelyx15:02:09 (19.10 KB/s) - Connection closed at byte 10651. Retrying.01:03
timelyxHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 206 Partial Content01:03
* timelyx grins01:03
timelyxit's actually quite cool being able to see all these spiffy http codes used in the real world01:03
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timelyxhrm, that's confusing01:05
timelyxwhy is libecore in free/e/ecore instead of free/libe/libecore ?01:05
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wolf08I'm not sure01:07
wolf08But I'm seeing the same thing!01:09
timelyxam i wrong in thinking that's /odd/ ?01:10
timelyxhrm, i don't have extras-devel/distros/* yet :(01:10
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fnordianslipanyone else seeing excessive "javascript confirmation' doalogs in microb when searching google or posting on itT?01:20
fnordianslipDo a log ... <snigger>01:21
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fnordianslipin os2008 to be more specific...01:26
*** eton_ has joined #maemo01:30
theril_fnordianslip: Not anymore in the latest01:30
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ljpskibur: i am working on qtopia01:31
theril_Maemo repositories seem to be quite hosed01:31
fnordianslipoh. k. most broswers ask if you want to be constantly nagged about sending form contents unencrypted, but this one doesn't01:32
theril_fnordianslip: Yes, I used to be annoyed by it too, but it seems to be fixed in the latest release01:33
fnordianslipnot so, for me, unless there's been an update in the last day01:33
fnordianslipnever saw it in th beta01:33
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theril_Are people able to refresh -repositories?01:34
theril_I'm trying to get the new canola, but no luck01:35
fnordianslipthat's a bit ambitious at the mo01:35
theril_Yea, seems to be01:36
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pupnikthe canola guys did an impressive flash page demo01:37
pupnikwith a great music choice (pixies)01:37
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s01:37
wolf08Yeah, the maemo repos are shot01:37
*** asgeirf has joined #maemo01:39 seems to be running on unbelievebly crappy server01:40
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wolf08Has anyone here successfully installed canola2 using apt-get?01:48
k-swolf08: why not?01:48
maddlerwolf08: I was01:51
ccookeI'm attempting it now...01:54
wolf08Ok, if anyone sucessfully installs canola2 via apt-get it means that you still have the install files cached. I can host them for others if I'm able to get them.01:55
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]01:56
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo01:58
timelyxfnordianslip: the dialog title is misleading01:59
timelyxfnordianslip: the prefs for some strange reason get confused, you can try to force the right prefs, either by using about:config or editing ~/.mozilla/microb/prefs.js02:00
timelyxanyway if all you need are the package lists02:00
timelyxi think i have them for most things02:00
*** pdz has quit IRC02:01
timelyxhrm, nope02:01
timelyxi'm missing a piece, oops :)02:01
timelyxrepositories are too deep :)02:01
*** Locutus6711 has quit IRC02:01
timelyxbut right now, is very responsive, so please don't use it ;-)02:02
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*** Tuco has joined #maemo02:03
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fnordiansliptimelyx: thanks. will try that02:09
timelyxfnordianslip: note that you can't edit prefs.js while the browser is running02:10
*** jhassine_ has joined #maemo02:10
timelyx(you can use about:config from the browser)02:10
timelyxthe browser will wipe out prefs.js when it quits02:10
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slapin_nbdo anybody knows if n810 is sold in Finland yet?02:16
slapin_nb(me waits for notification)02:16
pupnikit's sold in germany since about 1 week02:18
pupnikor more02:18
*** jaharkes_ has joined #maemo02:21
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*** unique311 has joined #maemo02:27
fnordiansliptimelyx: tnx ... editing prefs.js worked for me02:27
jumpulamirrors, mirros, on the net02:27
*** Synchronicity has quit IRC02:28
unique311so what exactly is wrong with the repos02:28
jumpulastill another day downtime, wanna bet?02:28
unique311can't seem to install anything02:28
*** Tuco111 has joined #maemo02:28
fnordianslipthey were made of chocolate and melted02:28
unique311anyone in the NYC area want to purchase nokia n800 tablet02:29
*** cambba_ has joined #maemo02:30
timelyxi'm mirroring maemo1.102:30
timelyxwill that help anyone? :)02:30
slapin_nbtimeless, sure02:31
unique311other linux distros  have lots of mirrors.02:32
unique311same should be done for The Maemo02:32
timelyxslapin_nb: do you know what maemo1.1 is? :)02:33
wolf08Lets just say that chinook is maemo4.002:33
timelyxunique311: if you want to build chinook/sardine from sources, i can offer sources for both :)02:33
unique311no...i just want to install my applications.02:34
fnordianslipbig distcc cluster?02:34
wolf08unique311: we're all in the same position.... nobody can use the repos atm.02:35
unique311but is it because everyone is trying to dl at the same time...or just screwed up repos?02:36
*** zodman has joined #maemo02:36
slapin_nbtimeless, I had maemo1.0 on device02:36
timelyxslapin_nb: wow02:36
timelyxi've only had 1.0 on devices because i wanted to get the original movies :)02:36
slapin_nbtimeless, some old stuff but, sometimes useful. not on nokias though.02:36
timelyxice age iirc02:36
slapin_nbtimelyx, oops, last one intended for you02:37
slapin_nbtimeless, sorry02:37
* timelyx is timeless02:37
slapin_nbah, that;s curious...02:38
* timelyx is also timely on occasion02:39
*** gm has quit IRC02:39
unique311thats funny02:39
* timelyx grins02:40
unique311vacation theory might be valid02:41
*** cambba has quit IRC02:43
*** Tuco11 has quit IRC02:43
unique311hmm, wait till midnight....then try to install apps.02:46
unique311i think i will try that.02:46
timelyxwhat time zone?02:47
unique311the americas02:47
*** Luria has joined #maemo02:47
* timelyx ponders02:47
unique311but i'm guessing everyone who just read me saying this might be trying the same thing tonight.02:47
*** K`zan has quit IRC02:47
timelyxin theory, akamai mirroring contnet02:48
timelyxso yeah, you /should/ be competing w/ people in your time zone02:48
timelyxhowever, i'm not sure that's correct02:48
*** gm_ has quit IRC02:48
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*** K`zan has joined #maemo02:50
unique311so right now i'm competing with the american nokia owners, and the insomniac overseas owners02:50
Luriasorry to interject, but is there a deb|repo for abiword on chinook?02:50
timelyxit's only 3am02:50
timelyxLuria: ask gronmeyer (topic)02:50
unique311so around 12 midnight i'll be competing with the overseas nokia owners, and the insomniac american owners02:50
unique311still screwed02:50
timelyxyeah, it doesn't really get better02:50
*** mankod has joined #maemo02:50
*** jhassine_ has quit IRC02:51
unique311i'll try on the weekend.02:51
unique311should empty then.02:51
* timelyx rotfl02:51
hugolpany one has tried mobile mythtv on the new OS2008?02:51
hugolpon N80002:51
timelyxdo you think people are more likely to update from work, or from home?02:51
timelyxwhich means, weekends should be better or worse? :)02:52
Luriaif they own ITs, both ;-)02:52
unique311pardon my french02:52
* pupnik is jealous of unique311's painting skill02:53
Luriagah. app manager has taken to crashing like a kennedy.02:53
unique311i have something i need to upload to the sketchbook02:53
pupnikand you know what's funny and sad?02:53
unique311i'll let you know when its up.02:54
pupnikyou and me found a ton of stuff nobody else found to port02:54
pupnikthat's crazy to me02:54
pupnikthat was some real fun02:54
unique311same here02:54
unique311i really tried at the hildon stuff.02:55
unique311i read, and read02:55
unique311im no good at the coding02:55
Luriawow. when did gronmeyer change to look like that!02:55
unique311i just get headaches.02:55
pupnikyeah but you made pose worthwhile02:55
pupnikyou got gimp running02:55
unique311maybe i influence garnet on the port..02:56
pupnikand the flash games02:56
pupnikbut the problem is, unless something gets finished and uploaded into one of the main repositories - it just doesn't get attention from most people02:57
pupnikbut i think we put some pressure on people to do stuff02:58
*** fnordianslip has left #maemo02:58
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo02:58
unique311speaking of which.....wonder how's the hildonization of Faint coming along.02:59
timelyxLuria: did you make /media/mmc1/core-dumps ?02:59
timelyxgetting cores for app manager crashing would be nice02:59
*** fer_ has joined #maemo02:59
*** leonardof has joined #maemo03:00
*** ferulo has quit IRC03:00
Lurianope. will try and help.03:00
Luriabatt low, brb03:00
*** Luria has quit IRC03:00
*** jaharkes_ has quit IRC03:06
*** TimRiker has quit IRC03:08
*** mallum has quit IRC03:09
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC03:11
timelyxFINISHED --17:10:37--03:12
timelyxDownloaded: 350,253 bytes in 1153 files03:12
* timelyx sighs03:12
*** doublec has quit IRC03:12
timelyxthat's not really such a good transfer speed03:12
timelyxor is that second?03:13
timelyxok, 340bytes/second03:13
*** greentux has quit IRC03:13
shackanterrific, in 197003:13
*** captainigloo has quit IRC03:14
*** kabtoffe has quit IRC03:16
*** kabtoffe has joined #maemo03:16
fnordianslipbut in 1970, where would you store all that data?03:16
fnordianslipon a crt?03:16
timelyxdunno, it's before my time03:17
timelyxi started w/ floppies that if you used both sides could hold 360k03:17
timelyxi.e., what i downloaded03:17
fnordianslipcool for backup then03:18
fnordianslipmaybe they're serving from floppy ;-)03:19
timelyxi still like the idea of using tablets w/ gprs to serve the content :)03:19
shackanwe have bittorrent, we don't have gprs dataplans03:20
timelyxdoes bittorrent really work for repositories?03:20
shackanoh, I tought you dowloaded the OS image03:21
timelyxnah, i have no use for the os image03:21
shackanso the repos are crippled as well?03:21
timelyxthe speed i'm quoting is for the repository03:22
timelyxtechnically it's 1 of five concurrent streams i had03:22
timelyxbut i think they're being serviced fairly evenly03:22
shackanping your boss to get some real infrastructure, seriously :)03:22
timelyxmy boss doesn't care03:22
timelyxbrowser is on garage, and that works03:22
timelyxbesides, i already mirror garage content03:23
shackanhis boss, then03:23
*** salinasv has joined #maemo03:23
*** Masca has quit IRC03:24
*** salinasv is now known as Masca03:25
wolf08sigh... This situation is really sad. It would be nice to have a torrent....03:25
shackanwe have torrents for os200803:26
*** crafton has joined #maemo03:26
wolf08And that's how I got my os2008 =P (and of course contributed at least that much upload back)03:27
craftonhi here. here's a question.. why canola is not opensource? Is strange in a floss env.03:27
timelyxcrafton: asking here isn't useful03:27
timelyxlots of software for the tablets isn't open source03:27
timelyxmap, rhapsody, browser-ui, ...03:28
timelyxit often depends on who wrote the software and why03:28
timelyxand sometimes there may be plans to opensource later03:28
craftonI had confused from today, because the enthusiastic community with canola, always make me think that Canola was floss....03:29
timelyxkomodo is a python based ide most customers use it in open source projects03:29
timelyxand it was built on mozilla03:29
timelyxbut it was only recently open sourced03:29
crafton..and maybe canola in a future would be opened?03:30
k-s[AWAY]crafton: we want to03:30
* timelyx shrugs03:30
k-s[AWAY]crafton: so far we help with lots of free software code03:30
timelyxasking in #canola would be better03:30
k-s[AWAY]crafton: like lightmediascanner, python-efl, fixes to efl...03:31
timelyxasking here is like asking why wordperfect or oracle aren't opensourced in #linux03:31
craftonok, excuxse me timelyx03:31
*** halley has joined #maemo03:31
timelyxok, repository is having serious issues03:32
timelyxit's dropped the last couple of attempts a bunch of my clients made03:32
craftonanyways.. canola seems a great software for the Nokia Tablets... from now... trying to download from repos.03:32
timelyx17:28:31 (13.08 KB/s) - Connection closed at byte 9281. Retrying.03:32
timelyx17:31:36 (5.55 KB/s) - Connection closed at byte 12016. Retrying.03:32
timelyx17:32:06 (0.00 B/s) - Connection closed at byte 46217. Retrying.03:33
timelyxLength: 46,418 (201 to go) [text/plain]03:33
* timelyx needs 201 bytes :o03:33
K`zan:-) this time next week :-)03:33
leonardofis there any chance of installing the full os2008 inside chinook, to try in my PC?03:33
wolf08timelyx what are you dl/ing now?03:34
timelyxiirc it isn't legal03:34
timelyxwolf08: um...03:34
timelyx           => `'03:34
timelyx           => `'03:34
timelyx  (try: 6) => `'03:34
wolf08so basically the entire repo?03:34
timelyx  (try: 5) => `'03:35
wolf08How are you doing that?03:35
timelyxwget in very small pieces03:35
timelyxbut yes03:35
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo03:35
timelyxthat's bad03:35
timelyxi had 2 clients working the same turf03:35
* timelyx wonders how that happened03:35
fnordiansliptimelyx DDOS maemo all by himself?03:37
leonardofCan .install files be used in the sdk??03:37
timelyxleonardof: well.. kinda03:40
timelyxyou're missing a browser typically03:40
timelyxbut if you can convince application manager to open them, i'd expect they'd work03:40
timelyxprobably also depends on whether you're doing armel or i38603:40
timelyxif you're doing i386, odds are people didn't make i386 binaries anyway :)03:40
shackanwhy would anyone make for i386 anyway?03:42
timelyxdebugging is easier under i38603:42
*** Sulis has quit IRC03:43
*** Mozillar has joined #maemo03:43
timelyxhrm, my 770 just rebooted03:43
*** GNUton has quit IRC03:44
shackandid it also greet you with "hello, human!" after boot?03:44
timelyxit's muted03:45
timelyxbut the splash is supposed to be a vista logo03:45
MozillarAre there any irc clients for ITOS07 other than xchat?03:45
shackanMozillar: pidgin03:45
timelyx /proc/boot_reason = 32wd_to03:45
timelyxnot really so interesting03:45
shackanI'm unfamiliar with boot codes03:45
timelyxooh, nice03:46
timelyxJFFS2 warning: (680) jffs2_sum_write_sumnode: Not enough space for summary, padsize = -24003:46
timelyxshackan: google :) watchdog timeout03:46
K`zanWhew, ssh update is missing something but it doesn't appear to keep installed ssh from working...03:47
timelyxArgh. No free space left for GC. nr_erasing_blocks is 0. nr_free_blocks is 0. (erasableempty: yes, erasingempty: yes, erasependingempty: yes)03:48
shackanmmm, ff 3.0 memory usage isn't going through the roof yet, good03:48
timelyx7mb available on /03:49
shackanN-Gage delayed until 200803:50
timelyxthat's good03:50
fnordianslipthat floppy full noow?03:51
timelyxmaybe they'll have time to get it right :)03:51
shackanha, guys never learn not to announce until it's all done03:51
shackantimelyx: have you had any chance to use it?03:51
timelyxyes, it's on my phone right now03:51
timelyxMinimum # players needed (1/2)03:51
timelyxand if you think that text is ok...03:51
* timelyx grumbles and goes to write a rant03:51
shackanwell, 1 really is the bare minimum03:51
shackantext what?03:52
timelyxthat line Min...03:52
shackanoh, right, I forgot not everyone replaces # with 'number' in his mind yet03:52
*** MagicFab has joined #maemo03:53
timelyxso what does that mean?03:53
timelyxplease read it verbatim03:53
timelyxdon't tell me what about spirit/intent03:53
timelyxi've used it, i know those03:53
shackanthat you can play either alone or in pair03:53
timelyxgood guess03:54
timelyxif i told you, that you were wrong, what would you say?03:54
shackanthat they totallly screwed up the wording03:54
timelyxbecause it doesn't mean that03:54
timelyxit means there's 1 person now, and you need 203:54
timelyxit's been sitting that way for 6+ hours03:55
halleyCredits Required (1/2)03:55
*** pigeon_ has joined #maemo03:55
shackanI would have liked some real games on the tablets tough :(03:56
shackanmajhong gets boring after a while03:56
halleyI'm gettin' there.03:56
halleyA real game library.03:56
shackan3d ?03:57
halley2.5d currently.03:57
timelyxshackan: from Nokia?03:57
shackanthe problem is making a game with just four buttons03:57
timelyxmight i suggest crazy parking and Nethack?03:57
halleyThe library is python and supports full 3d but python is slow on arm.03:57
*** Screaming has joined #maemo03:57
timelyxboth are quite good03:58
shackantimelyx: eww, nethack?03:58
shackanisn't it that crazy text mode rpg for Real Uber Geeks ?03:58
timelyxthe version for tablets is gui03:58
*** MagicFab has joined #maemo03:59
*** Vulc|Bleh has quit IRC03:59
*** leonardof has quit IRC04:01
timelyxusr/share/locale/hr/LC_MESSAGES/                 user/games/tuxpaint04:01
* timelyx frowns04:01
timelyxtuxpaint is a game?04:01
halleySomeone was in #pygame yesterday, very proud of their art effots in a weird military soccer isometric game.04:02
*** slapin_nb has quit IRC04:02
ScreamingAnyone notice that on the latest n800/810 image some very bright guy freed up the caps lock key on the vkbd...Smart move.04:03
shackanI might really reflash04:03
timelyxwhat's there instead?04:03
shackanthe beta04:04
ScreamingThey could have put in the desparately  needed ctrl key.04:04
timelyxpresumably they did it to help people transition to the hardware keyboard04:04
timelyxwhere caps is triggered by tapping shift twice04:04
shackandoes the backup tool save installed software too?04:04
timelyxapplication manager can save debs to the internal mmc04:04
timelyxbackup saves the names of repositories and installed packages04:05
shackanthat's enough :D04:05
timelyxbut when you reflash, it defaults to not enabling some things, esp maemo-extras (?)04:05
ScreamingBut instead they chose to use it for something you can get to with two clicks on the bbottom button...Not sso smart!04:05
timelyxwhich means that if you try to restore immediately, things fail04:05
shackantimelyx: but if I restore, doesn't it enable the old repositories again?04:05
timelyxi think it explicitly doesn't enable maemo-extras04:06
*** pigeon has quit IRC04:06
*** pigeon_ is now known as pigeon04:06
timelyxread marius's posts where he explains the behavior04:06
shackanmm, ok, weird tho04:06
timelyxwe're noting it for that reason04:07
timelyxalthough, i should really make sure it's noted in a bug instead of just blogs and irc :)04:07
ScreamingOh well, I guess I will have to learn a second language so I can use the newly bi-lingual keyboard :o04:09
shackanNokia already planning PSP-style N-Gage handset, like an n800 with sane keys running symbian?04:09
shackanops, that should go in quotes04:09
timelyxshackan: if nokia were doing such a thing, either they wouldn't tell us04:11
timelyxor they'd tell us not to say04:11
fnordianslipi hear you screaming. my thoughts exactly.04:11
timelyxScreaming: spanish?04:12
shackantimelyx: just reporting random rumors from teh intarweb, I know your policies04:12
* timelyx doesn't like tar04:12
fnordianslipi preferred capslock. at least i used it.04:12
ScreamingYup. Hardly a bad idea since I live there ;-)04:13
craftonfnordianslip : now, for capslock, i thinks it works with doble-tap04:13
craftondoble-tap on 'Shift'04:14
* timelyx ponders04:14
fnordianslipi'm moaning about what it was replaced with04:14
timelyxari claims the n810 kept him awake04:15
fnordianslipnot that it's gone04:15
timelyxfnordianslip: ctrl would have been much nicer, i wonder if it's hackable04:15
shackantimelyx: singing?04:15
fnordianslipyes indeedy04:15
craftonwell. in that case i prefer language switcher04:15
* Screaming wonders if we can hijack that key .04:16
fnordiansliphackability required then04:16
halleyWith maemo-japanese-support, you get scim-anthy tied to the Chr key on hardware, instead of the lame symbol-finder.04:16
fnordianslipwas a post on itt askingg about decompiiling xml files04:16
fnordianslipthat seemed related04:17
*** Vulc|Bleh has joined #maemo04:17
timelyxfnordianslip: the xml file spec was supposedly public04:17
ScreamingIts supposedly modifyable by some kind of xml file04:17
*** macluvjay has joined #maemo04:17
timelyxi think you can even find a link to it in the logs for this channel04:17
*** mat has quit IRC04:18
*** MagicFab has quit IRC04:18
macluvjayupgraded to os2008 on n800 here and osso-xterm is now black on white04:19
timelyxyou can switch that04:19
timelyxfrom memory, black on white was the default...04:19
ScreamingThere is also a perl decompiler to get from the binary junk back  to to xml. May not work on this version tho.04:20
macluvjayi made xdefaults but isnt effecting04:20
timelyxwhy don't people look through the ui before resorting to evil hackery?04:20
timelyxooh, cool04:20
macluvjaythank you04:20
timelyxyou can reorder the toolbars04:20
timelyxs/s$/ buttons/04:21
penguinbaitI can change the background but ont the text?04:21
timelyxwho owns xterm04:21
macluvjayyeah it does seem that way04:21
penguinbaitperhaps I should upgrade off the stolen 810 os04:21
timelyxin mine there are 2 color squares04:21
penguinbaitor perhaps not :)04:21
timelyxa black one and a white one04:21
*** doublec has joined #maemo04:22
penguinbaitmine only has one,  but again stolen 810 os on 800? pre-beta04:22
timelyxi'm using something from before the n810 os shipped the first time04:22
timelyxit's missing translations for the dialog elements04:23
penguinbaityeah I suppose its getting to be time to upgrade04:23
timelyxupgrade when the repositories work :)04:24
penguinbaitKDE runs the same on either :)04:24
*** MagicFab has joined #maemo04:24
jga23anybody else's gps on the n810 worse after the upgrade?04:25
* timelyx wonders how jga23 defines worse04:25
jga23take 20 mins instead of 1504:25
timelyxi'd suggest buying a real bt gps :)04:26
jga23yeah, I have one...but it's annoying to have to carry it around04:26
macluvjaypenguinbait: I using the update from here
macluvjayonly can change the bg04:26
* timelyx grumbles04:26
timelyxcan someone test something for me?04:27
timelyxclick "Nokia wireless GPS Module LD-3w "04:27
fnordianslipchange the text colour on the fonts settings page04:28
timelyxis the gps i use04:28
timelyxit's pretty good :)04:28
timelyx<disclaimer employer=nokia/>04:29
jga23timelyx: how much?04:29
wolf08timely, what about that site?04:29
timelyx<product used-under=test-promotional-license/>04:29
macluvjaydang, thanks fnordianslip04:29
timelyxwolf08: do you get a product page?04:29
timelyxjga23: dunno, it came in the box w/ my n81 :)04:29
shackantimelyx: only a firefox geek could repeatedly speak in xml....04:29
wolf08I get a "accessories" page04:30
jga23timely: no product page, accessories page04:30
timelyxthe price i pay is 3 months of monitoring on my primary phone04:30
wolf08that has the bluetooth headset.. oh.. haha04:30
timelyxglad to see i'm not hallucinating04:30
* timelyx sighs04:30
jga23timelyx: what do you do for nokia?04:30
shackantimelyx: I could use that, my phone is always silent anyway :D04:30
timelyxi work on the browser04:30
wolf08the webkit based one?04:30
wolf08s60 browser?04:30
* timelyx presumes shackan was hinting to that effect04:30
timelyxno, the n800/n810 browser04:30
jga23microb or opera?04:31
macluvjayis it mozilla or opera based?04:31
shackantimelyx: yes I was04:31
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC04:31
macluvjaymozilla it seems, but I hear talk of an opera one also04:31
*** Mozillar has quit IRC04:31
timelyxfwiw, i've played whack-a-mole on the n800/n810 product page before04:31
timelyxsadly, ime most of the links went to error pages last time :(04:32
wolf08I wonder if we could get a webkit based browser...04:32
timelyxmacluvjay: 2008 ships w/ a mozilla based engine04:32
*** alterego has quit IRC04:32
timelyxwolf08: the embedding api is open04:32
timelyxyou're free to do what you like04:32
timelyxi know someone looked and wasn't impressed by webkit04:33
wolf08I wonder what the prospect of qt4.4 on maemo is04:33
timelyxand yes, before mozilla, nokia shipped opera04:33
*** Mozillar has joined #Maemo04:33
timelyxwolf08: it doesn't make sense04:33
timelyxmaemo picked gtk04:33
wolf08I do know that04:33
* shackan cries04:33
timelyxrunning qt4.4 on the kernel that runs on the device is certainly possible04:33
jga23has anybody been able to download canola?04:34
timelyxbut you're better served by qtopia04:34
shackanas I expected, boost isn't in the repos, this will be a LOOOOOONG night of sweat and blood...04:34
wolf08Hmm, ok04:34
shackanjust like every time I try to build anything04:34
timelyxjga23: i have install files for canola :) - no debs ;-)04:34
*** Screaming has quit IRC04:35
macluvjayjga23: no canola2 for me either04:35
macluvjaygets about 50% through dl and fails04:36
timelyxhrm, repository is starting to be responsive04:36
jga23same here04:36
|Ruhm, did anybody manage to get a sandisk 8GB microSD working on the 810 ?04:36
jga23anybody play quake on the n810?04:38
jga23how is it?04:38
jga23worth getting?04:38
|Roh wait n810... that translated to n800+2008 ;)04:38
|Rbut it's going to be the same...04:38
|Rso, well, i guess :)04:38
* thoughtfix wanders bak04:38
jga23choppy at all?04:38
|Rjga23 : in 400x240 it's quite smooth04:38
* thoughtfix wanders back04:39
|Rin 800x480 it's a bit choppy04:39
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo04:39
jga23|R: thanks, I'll give it a shot04:39
*** chenca has left #maemo04:39
* |R can't get canola2 from the repository...04:39
thoughtfixI don't think anyone can04:40
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC04:40
thoughtfixI have been hearing "broken canola repository" all day04:40
|Rhehe i know, i've been trying all day :P04:40
*** chenca has joined #maemo04:40
|Rbut it's acting really weird04:40
macluvjaythank you all i should spend more time im here04:40
*** crafton has left #maemo04:41
thoughtfixGets a while at very slow speeds, then errors out saying it's corrupt?04:41
|Rsize mismatch in apt-get04:41
timelyxi'd suggest using wget04:41
|Reven with --fix-missing04:41
timelyxit's able to resume from this server04:41
|Rgood idea :)04:41
timelyxbut you'll have to get all the individual dependencies yourself04:41
|Ryeah, that 10 lines of dep ;)04:42
jga23anybody gotten an irc client (xchat or whatever) to work on 2008?04:42
* |R trying a last time... but i don't get why it keeps re-getting libeet0 etc as it should continue04:43
*** magicrobotmonkey has joined #maemo04:43
timelyxthat file i have04:43
timelyxjust grab it from there04:43
|Rjga23 : irssi?04:44
jga23|R: never heard of that one...I'll try it04:45
|Rjga23 : it's console based though04:45
|Rjga23 : or else, just try irc in pidgin?04:45
* |R ssh back home for irc though :)04:45
|Rtimelyx : thanks, but it's not only eet0 that seems to be the problem... apt is acting weirdly :)04:46
timelyxthat's the only eet i have at this time04:46
|R(and i had my n800/2008final reboot weirdly just running one microb and a terminal earlier...)04:46
*** jga23 has quit IRC04:47
|Rsome out of memory reboot or something... 2008 does seem more memory hungry04:47
magicrobotmonkeyis this the right place to ask if the on screen finger keyboard is supposed to be different then the onscreen stylus keyboard?04:47
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo04:47
|Rmagicrobotmonkey : yes?04:47
|Rfinger is supposed to be full screen04:48
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC04:48
|Rlike the bottom image04:48
magicrobotmonkeyi have it checked off in the settings, but cant get it to come up for the life of me04:48
timelyxuse your thumb04:48
|Rtry the middle button of the d-pad04:48
timelyxspread pressure out across your thumb04:48
magicrobotmonkeyim on the n81004:49
fnordianslipxchat on n800 2008 here04:49
timelyxyou need to enable stylus input methods on the n81004:49
timelyxat least, for some keyboards04:49
timelyxotherwise, you don't get much :)04:49
magicrobotmonkeyoh it doesnt have the finger one onscreen at all?04:49
timelyxthey all exist04:50
timelyxbut some won't trigger by default04:50
magicrobotmonkeyhmm ok04:50
* timelyx can't remember which04:50
magicrobotmonkeyso whats the deal with the big update?04:50
timelyxyeah, settings>control panel>text input settings>04:50
timelyxon-screen>Enable stylus input methods: [x]04:51
magicrobotmonkeyif i uncheck stylus and check finger, i cant get a keyboard onscreen04:51
timelyxw/o that, i can't get either keyboard04:51
magicrobotmonkeywith stylus checked i get the little one04:51
magicrobotmonkeyno matter how much i fat finger it, i only ever get the stylus one04:53
|Ri had the same thing04:54
timelyxLaunch finger keyboard with finger tap: [x]04:54
|Ri just switched to clicking the middle d-pad04:54
timelyxis that checked?04:54
*** matt_c has joined #maemo04:54
|Rbecause even when it worked in 2007, it was a pain for it to recognize my (it seems not so) fat fingers :P04:54
magicrobotmonkeyyea got them both checked04:55
*** Mozillar has quit IRC04:55
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo04:55
timelyxhrm, now i can't get it to work either04:56
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC04:56
timelyxi'll try to complain today(friday) in a few hours04:56
*** skrylar_ has joined #maemo04:57
magicrobotmonkeywell i havent flashed to the newer version yet04:57
timelyxkeep in mind, some people take vacations04:58
skrylar_Aww, I almost got excited there.04:58
timelyxi'm using a pre release04:58
skrylar_I got to the EULA screen and then the server went back to bogs :(04:58
timelyxi think i probably had more success w/ newer versions04:58
magicrobotmonkeywould this slowness make fmradio not install?05:00
skrylar_mebbeh I should just put my n800 back together since I don't think I'll be getting the new OS today either :(05:01
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo05:05
*** chenca has quit IRC05:06
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC05:06
*** timelyx has left #maemo05:06
*** timelyx has joined #maemo05:06
* timelyx sighs05:06
timelyxmy irc client got drunk05:07
*** Alphinux has joined #maemo05:07
AlphinuxI know this is nokia, do you know if there is a Motorola room?05:08
*** chenca has joined #maemo05:10
*** matt_c has quit IRC05:13
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo05:13
skrylar_Holy snap, I have os2008 now \o\05:14
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC05:14
* thoughtfix wanders back again05:19
|Rboo :P05:20
|R(as in the french "boo" not the english "boo"... nevermind ;)05:20
*** adammelancon has joined #maemo05:21
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo05:21
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC05:22
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC05:22
skrylar_rsync is handy <305:22
skrylar_Seems like it would get unruly if you didn't keep everything up to sync religiously though05:22
*** Alphinux has left #maemo05:24
thoughtfixcron jobs :D05:24
timelyxrsync is dangerous05:24
wolf08does anyone have .debs for python2.5-edbus python2.5-efl-utils05:24
wolf08that's all I need to finish a canola2 archive.05:24
timelyxif you're unlucky and the server goes bad, you can end up losing everything05:24
wolf08you might have the .debs if you recently installed canola205:25
thoughtfixHey look I got something to install!05:25
thoughtfix... "camera"05:25
*** unique311 has quit IRC05:26
thoughtfixYeah... Cheesy camera app05:26
timelyxhey's it's from nokia!05:26
*** unique311 has joined #maemo05:26
timelyx(not the people who made the platform)05:26
timelyxanother group05:26
wolf08oh boy05:26
timelyxbut, i bet their repository hasn't melted recently05:26
*** qos has joined #maemo05:27
thoughtfixDear Repositories05:28
thoughtfixPlz stop sucking. K. thx.05:28
thoughtfixLove, ThoughtFix05:28
[pablo]the maemo repo's are still down? =/05:28
timelyxi'm getting ~8M/s05:28
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo05:28
timelyxso this is the fastest i've had all day05:28
thoughtfixI am referring to canola05:28
timelyxi'm downloading pool/sardine and extras-devel/pool/chinook05:29
[pablo]thoughtfix: so your not doing the show right?05:29
timelyxhe blogged a cancel note05:29
thoughtfixThat's right.05:29
thoughtfixAre you the pablo I know offline?05:29
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo05:29
[pablo]yeah I saw it, was just confirming because it had no details, and he showed up05:29
[pablo]thoughtfix: the one and only05:30
thoughtfixSweet. Can I borrow your N810? ;)05:30
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC05:30
[pablo]haha for an article?05:30
thoughtfixNo. I just miss my review unit.05:30
[pablo]bite me =P05:30
thoughtfixWould that help?05:30
[pablo]depends on how hard you bite ;]05:30
thoughtfixDude I was really drunk that night and you swore you would never speak of it05:31
*** rhykin__ has joined #maemo05:31
[pablo]woops, my bad!05:32
thoughtfixI am going to give up on my tablet for the night05:33
thoughtfixGo back to installing ubuntu on my Eee05:33
thoughtfixAnd playing Mario Galaxy05:33
skrylar_I think my rsync hung up :|05:34
[pablo]thoughtfix: i thought you got rid of your wii?05:34
timelyxskrylar_: which are you rsyncing?05:34
|Rwtf, my headset doesn't get any sound now in the 2008 final... everything goes through the speakers... did anything change?05:34
* timelyx didn't think nokia had an rsync point05:34
thoughtfixit's not rsync05:35
thoughtfixIt's a CDN05:35
thoughtfixContent Distribution Network05:36
skrylar_I'm rsync'ing from my other computer ;)05:36
skrylar_But it looks like it hung up :(05:36
skrylar_So I ran a splitter on it05:36
thoughtfixIs it well hung?05:36
skrylar_Though it looks like it's going to jam at 33% no matter what05:36
skrylar_oh noop, there it goes05:37
skrylar_the speed is saddening05:37
skrylar_it goes from 60kb/s to 300kb/s randomly05:37
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo05:38
*** scruggs has joined #maemo05:38
|Ranybody got his headset working in n800/2008final?05:38
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC05:41
*** rhykin has quit IRC05:41
*** zetheroo has joined #maemo05:44
zetheroohi there... I am new to the Maemo community .. but not to the Linux one05:44
[pablo]so what exactly is happening to every one else when they try and hit the maemo repo's? I get a bunch of gzip errors, I assume because of an incomplete download05:44
*** Tuco111 has quit IRC05:45
zetherooI am thinking of getting the N800 .... but I was wondering if its possible to have the latest OS 2008 installed on it?05:45
wolf08What's happening is the server is responding with a "sorry, unavaliable" error, and gzip is saying: WTFMATE!05:45
[pablo]wolf08: fantastic =)05:46
skrylar_hahaha, that time warner business class commercial inadvertently bashes time warner05:46
skrylar_zetheroo: It can run 2008, yes05:46
[pablo]zetheroo: technically, yes, you can05:46
skrylar_N800 and N810 isn't a great difference, from what I've seen05:47
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo05:47
zetherooskrylar: do I have to buy it?05:47
*** jga23 has joined #maemo05:47
zetherooskrylar: so how would one go about installing the newest OS?05:47
skrylar_You'll have to use the interwebs to find it, or refresh the page 80 times a second to get it to download though :(05:47
zetherooskrylar: is it possible to sync the N800 with a Linux machine?05:48
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC05:48
skrylar_yeah, using rsync05:48
zetherooI have a Thinkpad T60 with Ubuntu Gutsy05:48
skrylar_there's a GUI version of rsync for the n800 you can configure, and then you can just run the rsync daemon on your laptop05:48
[pablo]zetheroo: keep in mind rsync is a simple file sync, it won't sync your contacts into the maemo contacts list or anything like that AFAIK05:49
zetheroooh I see05:49
zetheroois there a way to do all of that as well?05:49
zetheroocontacts etc?05:49
skrylar_I don't know that anything does a full sync, save for *maybe* an iSync plugin05:49
zetheroowell I can do the contact and bookmarks manually05:50
wolf08Hey - I know this isn't #canola, but if anyone has python2.5-efl-utils as a .deb for maemo, it's all that I'm missing for a complete mirror of the canola2 libs at
skrylar_I think there's one gnome project trying to do that kind of sync though05:50
zetherooas long as I can sync for file transfer05:50
qoswolf08, sure that there aren't some other dependencies missing?05:51
zetheroodo you install apps on the N800 through the internet connection on the unit itself?.... or do you have to install apps through a computer connected to the N800 device?05:52
wolf08qos: I'm pretty sure that nothing else is missing. I've installed manually with dpkg -i and I'm whittling down the missing libs.05:52
qoshow many files are we talking about?05:53
skrylar_zetheroo: Either one05:54
skrylar_N800's can download files to internal memory or a card, and then install from there.05:54
zetherooskrylar: so you have access to the distro's repos on the unit as well?05:54
skrylar_Through the application manager, yes.05:55
skrylar_In red-pill mode you can even install some of the less n800 specific linux apps05:55
wolf08There were 60 libs originally. I was able to batch-get about 4005:55
wolf08and then another 15 from another user05:55
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo05:55
wolf08so I was hunting for 505:55
zetherooskrylar: sounds good05:55
wolf08and I'm down to the efl-utils05:56
zetherooskrylar: I might just get me one...05:56
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC05:56
*** zetheroo has left #maemo05:57
skrylar_Is the macos flasher mirrored anywhere?05:59
*** penguinbait has quit IRC05:59
skrylar_meh, I should go upstairs and just reflash up there instead of copying the file around05:59
*** skrylar_ has quit IRC06:00
qoswolf08, i checked your files. it seems that there is really just python2.5-efl-util missing06:02
*** DeLe0n has quit IRC06:02
*** jga23 has quit IRC06:02
*** jga has joined #maemo06:02
wolf08I definetely just installed it06:03
wolf08let me check. Did you d/l the tarball?06:03
*** MagicFab has quit IRC06:04
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo06:05
*** chenca has quit IRC06:05
qoswolf08, did you get the last one?06:08
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC06:08
wolf08Yes I did06:08
wolf08Quick question - how does one get root access if they can't sudo gainroot (I can, but others can't?)06:08
*** jga has quit IRC06:09
*** jga has joined #maemo06:09
qosthere is a rootme package somewhere ... but i prefer the --enable-rd-mode06:10
wolf08That's what I use06:10
qoswolf08,  i am now using all your files... and it canola installs like a charm06:11
wolf08sick, that's what I want to hear!06:11
qosstarting up ...06:12
qosusing it right now ...06:12
wolf08It's really smooth =)06:12
qosthanks for your effords ;)06:12
[pablo]wolf08: is the tar file an archive of all the listed files? or is it libraries in addition?06:13
wolf08It's the libraries needed + canola06:14
qosdo you really want to install them all by hand?06:14
wolf08I did dpkg -i ./*06:14
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo06:15
qosok, i moved them in my testing repository on my lan server :)06:15
wolf08I'm going to be going to sleep here in about 10 minutes06:16
wolf08but I can do anything you want until then.06:16
qosbut i can give you the Packages.gz so that others can use your webspace as a temporary repository06:16
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC06:16
wolf08There is the gainroot deb06:16
wolf08Ok, I would love that06:16
*** fab has quit IRC06:16
qoswolf08, ever set up an own repository?06:17
wolf08Yes, once06:17
wolf08Following directions though..06:18
qosWhich OS do you use?06:18
wolf08I used ubuntu 7.0406:18
wolf08My webserver runs centos 4 though.. not my choice06:18
wolf08but I have a local copy of everything as well06:18
*** qos_ has joined #maemo06:19
*** qos has quit IRC06:19
*** qos____ has joined #maemo06:19
*** qos_ has quit IRC06:19
qos____isn't it allowed to send files?06:19
wolf08you can email them to wolf08 at gmail.com06:20
[pablo]canola is pretty sick =)06:22
wolf08qos. I've got very little time left. I'm exhausted and I have exams tomorrow.06:23
qos____wolf08, its on the way06:23
wolf08ok =)06:23
qos____wolf08, i know the problem06:23
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo06:24
qos____wolf08, i was in your position on tuesday06:25
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC06:27
*** matt_c has joined #maemo06:28
*** buffet has quit IRC06:29
wolf08ok I uploaded both Packages.gz and Sources.gz to the directory of the server06:29
wolf08do I need to do anything else?06:29
wolf08or is the deb line "deb ./"?06:29
K`zanI knew it wasn't me!06:31
qos____create the follwing directory structure: /dists/chinook/testing06:31
qos____mv the both files in it06:31
K`zan  I screwed up, claims 67, count is 62 and out of those 8 are missing installs.06:31
K`zanIs screwed up.06:32
qos____then create /chinook/testing06:32
qos____and move all deb files in it06:32
qos____that should be all06:32
wolf08and the deb line?06:32
qos____rep information should be:
wolf08distribution: chinook06:33
K`zanAnd "Fresh" means god knows what :).06:33
wolf08components: testing06:33
qos____dist = chinook06:33
qos____i hope it works :)06:34
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo06:34
qos____wolf08, i missed one thing06:36
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC06:36
qos____wolf08, the both .gz must go to /dists/chinook/testing/binary-armel/06:36
qos____my mistake06:37
wolf08Ahh, I see this06:37
*** Masca has quit IRC06:39
wolf08Ok, we're all good06:40
wolf08Thanks qos06:40
qos____wolf08, it was a pleasure ^^06:40
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo06:42
*** offs- has quit IRC06:42
qos____wolf08, did you test it?06:42
wolf08I am06:43
wolf08Ok, my n800 can grab the repo just fine06:43
wolf08But do I need to uninstall my canola to install it from the repo?06:43
qos____i think so...06:43
wolf08Ok, one sec06:43
wolf08Alright, I have reports from other users that it's working from the repo06:44
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo06:44
wolf08That's good enough for me. Thank you and goodnight06:44
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC06:47
*** Skrylar has joined #maemo06:47
SkrylarHmm. Is anyone else saddened by the fact that OS2008's battery life kinda sucks for playing internet radio?06:47
SkrylarFor normal IM it reads out that I get an extra hour or two06:48
SkrylarBut If I try to make a Gtalk call or listen to web radio, it dumps down to 4 hours on the lowest setting, which is lower than it used to be06:48
Skrylar(lowest setting == lowest brightness)06:49
*** eton_ has quit IRC06:50
*** Tester_ has left #maemo06:50
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo06:52
*** Tuco111 has joined #maemo06:59
*** qos____ has quit IRC07:02
Vulc|BlehSkrylar: Are you using headphones?07:02
SkrylarNo, the speakers.07:02
SkrylarNews makes me sad :(07:04
SkrylarIt's been what, five years? Just now they're going to go ahead and actually try the people in guantanamo. >_> *goes off to do something less depressing*07:05
*** zodman has joined #maemo07:08
*** scruggs has left #maemo07:10
thoughtfixwhen I get an N810 back in the house07:10
thoughtfixShould I do a dissection/reassembly video again?07:10
*** Tuco11 has quit IRC07:11
adammelanconsounds dangerous!07:13
|Rman wtf...07:14
adammelanconwould hate for you to mess up your N81007:14
|Rafter 2nd reboot after a flash i loose my headset for some reasons...07:14
*** jacques has joined #maemo07:18
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo07:18
*** Vulc|Bleh is now known as Vulc|Sleepysleep07:20
*** adammelancon has quit IRC07:21
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo07:23
*** kornblut1 has joined #maemo07:26
*** tjafk has quit IRC07:26
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo07:26
kornblut1can anyone answer my question?07:27
Skrylardepends on the question07:28
kornblut1im begining fiddling with the N80007:28
kornblut1and Im a total newb07:28
kornblut1so if I manage to break the operating system07:28
*** jhassine_ has joined #maemo07:29
kornblut1I want to know if flashing it will fix it xD07:29
SkrylarIf you completely break it you should be able to reflash07:29
kornblut1is that like a factory reset?07:29
kornblut1like, everything07:29
SkrylarBut I try not to break it so I have no idea07:29
*** tjafk has joined #maemo07:29
SkrylarReflashing? It nukes the entire internal drive and resets it to defaults (basically reinstalls the OS)07:29
*** pupnik has quit IRC07:29
kornblut1a bit like format c: then ;)07:30
kornblut1ah good07:30
SkrylarSomewhat, but followed by the installation of linux :P07:30
kornblut1figured d check before i break it and have to buy another -.-07:30
kornblut1hehe :)07:30
SkrylarUnless you're cracking open the case itself, you should always be able to un-brick07:30
SkrylarGranted some situations are harder to unbrick from07:31
kornblut1I read the maemo article on root access07:31
kornblut1and saw the thing about the broken screen07:31
SkrylarI haven't had a need for root access, to be honest.07:32
kornblut1and was just a little worried that i could do something permanent07:32
kornblut1dunno, im just trying to figure out how the machine works so I can tinker with it07:33
kornblut1I dont know that much about linux07:33
SkrylarStay out of root if you don't know much about linux :X07:33
SkrylarPretty hard to screw much up in user mode07:34
SkrylarAt the worst, you might bork your settings and you'd just have to reconfigure stuff07:34
Skrylarand really the only way that's going to happen if if you start doing any rm -rf's :P07:34
kornblut1-.- thats conforting07:35
kornblut1see i figured i'd get it07:35
kornblut1got to start somewhere07:35
SkrylarI once deleted the C runtime from my linux computer.07:35
SkrylarFun times.07:35
kornblut1im geussing that bad07:36
SkrylarEvery single program uses it :P07:36
SkrylarEven the bootloader, apparently.07:36
kornblut1couldnt you just boot it from another medium and copy a C runtime over07:36
SkrylarI think I installed a new distro07:36
SkrylarThat was before I just started using ubuntu for everything07:36
kornblut1theres one way to do it :)07:37
SkrylarI had heard that linux "never crashed"07:37
Skrylarand used Slackware since one guy I talked to used it07:37
SkrylarCouldn't ever get anything installed right, and what was installed was either ancient or borked07:37
SkrylarThe first 3 days of gentoo involved the kernel crashing itself for no discernable reason07:37
kornblut1i've tried ubuntu07:38
thefool_It couldn't have anything to do with you bulding it without the correct flags I am sure...07:38
kornblut1its a very good alternative, but i like my games07:38
Skrylarthefool_: I thought about that, but normally you'd expect the default configuration to work :X07:39
thefool_LOL, um not with gentoo...07:39
thefool_what stage install did you do?07:39
SkrylarOh yeah, Mandrake's sound never worked07:39
SkrylarSo that one was of limited use to me XD07:39
kornblut1hehe, an OS which needs 'fixed' before you can use it07:40
SkrylarDebian, however, was completely painless and everything worked /o/07:40
SkrylarAnd Ubuntu is basically the same thing except the console installer was replaced with a LiveCD07:40
thefool_Gentoo is a compile it yourself for your specific compuer OS07:40
Skrylarthat has a GUI installer07:40
SkrylarSo it's actually kind of nice since the LiveCD supported my wifi card07:40
SkrylarI could be on IRC 'nstuff during the install07:41
Skrylarthefool_: Did you see the gentoo taunt from debian?07:41
thefool_no I haven't07:41
Skrylardpkg spends 8 weeks recompiling *** to find out it runs the same speed as the binaries.07:41
Skrylaror something to that effect07:41
thefool_I have to admit, I was pretty late jumping onto the Ubuntu bandwagon. I was a bit elitist with my stage 1 gentoo installs and my barebones slackware fluxbox setup. But to be honest ubuntu was just better. Sure it didn't have quite the optimization but it was more than good enough, took much less time to set up, and the important things worked "out of the box"07:43
SkrylarI didn't notice that it was worth it (gentoo)07:44
SkrylarThe speed gain was negligible, combined with the excessive need for vigilance in installing Notepad.07:44
thefool_I still use it on m server, but other than that...07:44
Skrylar"Oh noes, I might've botched that GCC flag. I might have to recompile X11 completely all over again just to use notepad!!"07:45
thefool_Skrylar: the speed gains depend largely on how well you profile our system07:45
SkrylarFreeBSD does the recomp from source thing as well07:45
thefool_Skrylar: lol, had that one...07:45
Skrylarexcept um07:45
SkrylarFreeBSD's works.07:45
thefool_hey now...07:46
Skrylarport installs work out of the box, so tweaking it is pretty much just something you do if you really want to.07:46
kornblut1i have a gripe07:46
SkrylarI have a grape.07:46
thefool_Gentoo runs quite nicely on my 486 makes a perfect box to test code on. The way I see it if it does not run  "fast enough" on a 486 it is not production quality yet07:47
kornblut1this is wierd - ive been looking through this root access thing, so some poor git like me goes and gets openssh and the server is automatically configured on the N800. Seeing as you dont set passwords and settings and stuff, in fact, seeing as i didnt have xterm on it theres no options or anything i could set. So without realising it, ive just unwittingly given root acess to anyone who wants to connect to my device07:47
SkrylarAnd then you.. told a room full of hundreds of people.07:48
* kornblut1 looks at his router logs07:48
* Skrylar gives kornblut1 his own spot on the brain crew.07:48
SkrylarOS2008 comes with an Xterm07:48
SkrylarBut.. I don't think you're running 2008...07:49
kornblut1damn, i should have stuck with mIRC07:49
thefool_ok well your first step should most likely be installing a terminal07:49
*** kornblut1 is now known as snak07:49
SkrylarOr updating to 2008 :D07:49
SkrylarI'm not fully sure bout 2008 just yet. Better battery for idling but worse battery for media :(07:50
snakdoes 2008 have openssh server running as default? =]07:50
SkrylarNot by default, I don't think.07:50
SkrylarInstallable, probably.07:50
thefool_I would hope so07:50
thefool_if not though the 2007 binaries should still work07:51
snakYes, sorry, ive got it now07:51
snakits just it was already running07:51
thefool_any word on canola2?07:51
snaksoo umm07:51
snakhow do i turn ssh server off07:51
SkrylarUninstall it? XD07:51
Skrylarthefool_: Imma fraid07:52
SkrylarI tried to install canola but the repository is still being eaten by the bog monster07:52
thefool_to be honest I don't know normally you would turn it off with /etc/init.d/sshd stop07:52
thefool_maybe just sshd stop....07:52
Skrylaryou turn it off with fire07:53
snakIve not had this n800 very long and theres a new OS out -.- is it any good or does it break like all new OS's do07:53
thefool_Skrylar: bog monster?07:53
Skrylarsnak: It's pretty decent so far07:53
SkrylarI think all of the n* devs will be jumping to it since it runs on both 800's and 810's07:53
thefool_:( my poor 770...07:54
thefool_Skrylar: what did you mean by the repository is being eayen by the bog monster?07:54
snakgive the choice between the n800 and n810, i'd have the n800 any day. My sausage fingers cant manage a super small fiddly keyboard - the current onscreen controls are great07:54
snakso, if i want learn how to use or how linux works without reading 50000 lines of source code - any idea where i should go?07:56
*** FengHao has joined #maemo07:57
thefool_how it works is many orders of magnitude more complicated then how to use it07:57
*** FengHao has left #maemo07:57
snakcant be that more complicated than windows07:58
Skrylarthefool_: it's a bit of a joke07:58
Skrylarthe servers are [bogged]07:58
Skrylarby a [monster]07:58
thefool_Skrylar: ah07:58
*** mbuf has joined #maemo07:58
Skrylarso it's the [bog monster]07:58
snakim not a total newb when it comes to computers, its just difficult finding advanced stuff07:59
thefool_I would start by googling for basic linux howtos07:59
SkrylarFirst off, never run rm -rf /08:00
Skrylarthat's bad08:00
thefool_but I think the best way to learn a OS is the way I learned how to use windows, by trying to do something on it. And when I couldn't do something in an intuitive way search the internet a bit08:00
SkrylarActually, running any cryptic looking command you don't understand is bad08:01
*** mbuf has quit IRC08:02
snakoh, i hear if you put sudo in front of it its ok08:02
Skrylar"sudo rm -rf /" gives you cookies!08:02
Skrylaractually it tries to go to the super user and delete your entire system08:02
Skrylarbut then you get cookies08:03
snakyou mean a slightly crispy n80008:03
Skrylarsudo doesn't work outside of R&D mode, or does it08:03
*** asgeirf has quit IRC08:04
snakhow do i try it08:04
Skrylarsudo gainroot <- that's how you get a root shell on the n800, i think08:05
snakit asks me for a password, which - i dont believe i ve set08:05
snakdefault doesnt work either08:06
snaki thaught gainroot was just like a cheap script08:06
Skrylargainroot is n800 specific, or so i'd guess08:08
SkrylarSince I've never seen it anywhere else08:08
snakisnt the normal sudo su08:09
Skrylarsu tries to upgrade to the super user08:10
Skrylarand requires the super users' password08:10
Skrylarsudo lets users trusted by root do things as root using their own password08:10
Skrylarsudo is commonly used for single commands, like "sudo make install" so you don't drop to root accidentally08:10
Skrylarthough it is possible to "sudo bash" which runs bash as the super user, therefore giving you a root shell08:11
snakthe super user is basically root acess08:12
snaki tried it but how come the password doesnt work then -.-08:12
snakwhen i logged in with ssh it worked fine08:12
SkrylarI believe what they say to do, is to log in with ssh and change the password there08:13
Skrylarwhich can be done with the "passwd" command08:13
snakah, im not at that bit yet xD08:13
*** hfwilke has quit IRC08:13
snakdony you need the original08:14
snakpassword to set a new one08:14
*** s1d has joined #maemo08:15
snakhey wait08:15
*** Masca has joined #maemo08:15
snak"root user"=="super user"?08:15
SkrylarAnd in unix, no. You don't need the password to change it.08:17
SkrylarRoot can change anybodys password without needing it08:17
snakthats handy08:17
SkrylarI think though, normal users have to have the password to change theirs though08:17
SkrylarTo keep co-workers from walking by and ninja tricking your login08:18
snakwell, the default passwords not working08:18
snakoh right08:20
*** Segnale007 has quit IRC08:21
snakany way to get the user list on this thing then08:22
[pablo]Skrylar: that is correct08:22
[pablo]and /etc/passwd has a list of all users on the system, keep in mind a lot of services have a user they run as though, so identifying which ones are actually accounts can sometimes be difficult08:23
*** skibur has joined #maemo08:26
snaknice list [pablo]08:27
snakits a little wierd cause sshd is on there and i uninstalled that08:27
[pablo]it doesn't remove itself as a user when you uninstall it08:27
[pablo]is also doesn't remove any known keys in ~/.ssh08:28
*** zaphot_away has quit IRC08:28
[pablo]usually config files stay around too08:28
snakoh dear, its like unclean uninstalls from windows all over again08:28
[pablo]anything you are allowed to modify pretty much stays around, for upgrades and such08:29
[pablo]no, it's by design, it's smart08:29
snakumm, how so?08:29
[pablo]nothing worse than writing a 2000 line config file for qmail and installing a new version and getting it over written08:29
[pablo]and they aren't 'user accounts'08:30
[pablo]they are just dummy users08:30
[pablo]so it doesn't have to run as root, but have adequate permissions08:30
snakoh ok08:31
[pablo]only users with traditional 'accounts' are users with a home directory and root08:31
[pablo]unless you get all tricksy with add user, then you can pull it off08:31
[pablo]but then you wouldn't be needing this explained to you =)08:31
[pablo]so no worries08:32
snakerk -.-08:33
snakthanks for the info08:33
[pablo]no problem, always nice to be able to help, most of the time i just feel useless =)08:34
snakhey, so passwd has the encrypted password for the superuser in it08:40
*** Sho_ has quit IRC08:41
snakseeing as im reading this and im not the super user, is that not ummm bad08:41
[pablo]sort of08:42
[pablo]as long as you can't change it, your pretty much fine08:42
[pablo]but if you give the wrong person a user account who can read it, they could theoretically take it, go and crack it, and come back in 2 or so years with your password heh08:43
snakwoo, owned =)08:43
*** PlasticLemon has joined #maemo08:47
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo08:49
*** PlasticLemon has left #maemo08:50
*** geaaru has joined #maemo08:55
*** skibur has left #maemo08:56
* Skrylar is conflicted.08:58
SkrylarI found an awesome setting for this game, but it also sucks on account of it's missing something08:59
* [pablo] 's dependencies are conflicted08:59
*** shackan has quit IRC08:59
Skrylar[pablo]: @ password08:59
SkrylarHopefully you change your passwords more often than 2 years :P08:59
SkrylarProfessionally speaking08:59
[pablo]yes heh09:00
SkrylarStrong passwords sticky taped to monitors is rediculous looking09:00
[pablo]that's why i was saying it's not to big of a deal that the passwd file is readable09:00
SkrylarBut it works against chinese hackers09:00
SkrylarEven more funny is if you have racist passwords09:00
Skrylarand so chinese hackers look at the crack app09:00
[pablo]as long as a dictionary attack wont work, and your at least 8 characters, you are safe I think09:00
Skrylarand it's bad09:00
SkrylarImma stop this train though, since I'm about to offend someone.09:01
snakinsert some character that arent even on the keyboard09:01
SkrylarYour password is...09:01
snaki heat you can do and Alt+number09:01
Skrylaryou know that works for DOS?09:02
*** shackan has joined #maemo09:02
steriI have stupid question about password :P I installed openssh for my n800 and I dont know the password for it :D09:02
SkrylarI read that you can hide folders by naming it alt+#### something, and windows will freak out and refuse to open it09:02
Skrylarsteri: Welcome to the train09:02
SkrylarTo your left is snak who has the same problem09:02
snaklike i was saying earier09:02
sterithat other ssh-server it was rootme but it doesn't work with openssh :(09:03
snaksteri probably just did what i did09:03
*** playya_ has quit IRC09:03
[pablo]openssh should ask you for a new root passwd upon installation09:03
[pablo]if it didn't, for whatever reason, just install the gainroot package, and you can then change the password09:04
SkrylarThat only works in R&D mode, I thought09:04
snakopenssh never asked me09:04
*** jeddy3 has joined #maemo09:05
snaki did openssh and logged in using rootme09:05
[pablo]worked for me, and i'm not in R&D mode09:05
snaknever asked me to det the pass09:05
[pablo]rootme was default on OS2007, it's not on OS2008, at least as far as I can tell09:05
sterisudo gainroot whines about rd mode :)09:05
snakopen the /etc/passwd file =)09:05
snakor something09:06
[pablo]steri: i've never had a problem with it on my n81009:06
steribah repositories are still overloaded :(09:07
[pablo]yea =/09:07
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo09:09
*** bergie has joined #maemo09:11
*** madar has joined #maemo09:11
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo09:11
madarHello room, is there anyplace faster to pull down the latest for the n810, official link is taking forever09:12
[pablo]there are a few mirrors on it itT forum09:13
madarjust seeing the topic line about it09:13
madarI guess I can wait yawn, no fun tonight...09:13
[pablo]the mirrors are pretty fast I hear09:14
SkrylarI downloaded OS2008 in about 5 minutes once I found a place to get it09:14
SkrylarWhich is kind of scary oO09:14
madarwhere to get it Skrylar?09:14
madarcan you give me a link09:14
SkrylarI don't think I saved it09:15
*** jott has joined #maemo09:15
*** greentux has joined #maemo09:15
[pablo]you didn't save it? what if you have to reflash again heh09:16
SkrylarOh, I saved the bin ;)09:16
[pablo]madar: I can DCC it to you09:16
SkrylarA bunch of people are torrenting the bin file, some are also sending it around IRC09:17
madarI'll look for a torrent then09:17
[pablo]did they finally release a torrent of the n810 version?09:17
SkrylarNo idea09:17
* Skrylar got the N800 version09:17
[pablo]yeah there was a mirror of those up after about 2 hours09:18
[pablo]after a failed 8 hour download and about 6 hours of sleep and a completed download, there still wasn't a mirror of the n810 version heh09:19
madarlame, not finding a torrent, I guess this can wait till tomorrow, should have been in bed long ago as it is09:19
[pablo]i started uploading my copy to my server, and had to leave, by the time I got back there were 4 or 5 mirrors already09:19
SkrylarIt helps if you can get the nokia site to work long enough to get the name09:20
madarwhere are these mirrors? I didn't see links to mirrors on the main site09:20
Skrylarthen you can just copy & paste the "nblahblahblah.bin" in to google and it'll spot one09:20
[pablo]madar: they are unnoficial mirrors09:20
[pablo]nokia doesn't have any mirrors09:20
[pablo]they are listed in the itT forum09:20
SkrylarNo Mirrors == Reason for uberlag09:21
[pablo]pretty much, the lack of mirrors is pissing everyone off i'm sure heh09:21
*** jga has quit IRC09:21
[pablo]downloads have been unreliable for almost 4 days now09:21
[pablo]including the official unofficial repositories09:22
*** TimRiker has quit IRC09:22
SkrylarOff topic but09:24
Skrylarwould anyone like to play gmod? :D09:24
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo09:26
*** celesteh has joined #maemo09:28
*** Pio has quit IRC09:28
*** j0tt has quit IRC09:28
|tbb|who else but me has a n810 and a n800 allready?!09:30
*** MikeL has joined #maemo09:30
steribah, cant find on howto update n800 with linux09:31
[pablo]it's in the wiki09:33
SkrylarIt didn't look hard09:33
steriyea, just found it :P whining in irc always help to find things09:33
|tbb|steri:plugin the usb-cable - shutdown the device - push power button while pressing the home button then on linux box do -> ./flasher-3.0 -F RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R09:33
SkrylarA couple people have even made a GUI for it09:33
|tbb|oh u got it allready ;)09:34
SkrylarIf it's something complicated, I usually ask in IRC and then hit the docs09:34
sterithat nokia site is though jammed also and I cant get the flasher...09:35
SkrylarThe only way I got flashed was because I already had the windows flasher tool :S09:35
*** Skrylar is now known as Skrylar|Gmod09:35
*** K`zan has quit IRC09:35
*** mankod has quit IRC09:36
*** corevette has quit IRC09:38
*** jhassine_ has quit IRC09:40
*** kupesoft has joined #maemo09:40
*** Skrylar|Gmod has quit IRC09:41
*** jhassine_ has joined #maemo09:42
sterihmm it doesn't flashm, it stays on "Suitable USB device not found" and dmesg can see the device09:45
|tbb|im terribly dissapointed of the screen of the n810! i hope it is fixed with the upgrade of the latest os2008. I got both devices white doesnt look as white, it has an yellow touch, (beige or so). Could i send the unit back, if it doesnt change after flashing the device with latest os. VERY VERY ANNOYING. But Keyboard writing rocks09:45
truentkb writing hah09:45
truentwhat a lil girl09:45
truentn800 til i die!09:45
truentjk ;p09:45
|tbb|btw. n800 colors really good with the colors!09:46
truentmy fingers will be arthritic by wednesday09:46
truentanyone have ruby installed on os2008?09:46
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo09:47
truenterr anyone else tired of hearing bitching about downloads being slo?09:48
timelyxtruent: ...09:48
truentenough already, big deal not enough bandwidth.. put the thing down for a few days and say hi to your kids09:48
solmumahaslow is putting it nicely ;)09:49
truentyou aint lyin, it took me 2 hours to get a 9mb canola2 install.. and thats while everyone was at work.. i can imagine people are still screwed as we speak09:49
*** guardian has joined #maemo09:49
solmumahalucky you, i was nowhere near getting it even installed09:50
AD-N770bon dia / good morning09:51
truentsmart people have been avoiding release dates when it comes to repo's for a while now.. this aint much new09:51
truenttry getting the new ubuntu every six months on release day09:51
truentsol: have you found it yet?09:51
truentAD-N770, good morning09:52
steriany tips for that "device not found" ?09:52
solmumahatruent: getting ubuntu on release day isn't impossible, they have mirrors09:52
astro76and torrents09:52
JaffaMorning, all09:53
truentheh i guess you could classify nokia's deal as impossible..09:53
truentalthough an everyday guy who doesnt know how to change repo etc.. is fooked with ubuntu09:53
truentsteri, hang on09:53
steriTrying with that09:55
truenttheres some troubleshooting stuff on there may be your prob09:55
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo09:58
steristill not helping :/09:59
truentyeah thats no good09:59
sterihave to wait until I get my windows laptop back09:59
truent# PC: "Suitable USB device not found, waiting" is displayed on the console10:00
truent# N800: Now plug in the charger to switch on the N800 or switch it on using the power button WHILE holding the Home-button10:00
truentyouve done that?10:00
steriofcourse, I have to usb-logo upper right corner10:01
truenthmm ive never had a prob.. im definitely not your guy if that stuff doesnt help10:02
truentbut so far i'll letcha know.. os2008 is worth it ;p10:02
timelyxtruent: eh?10:02
timelyxthe flashing instructions all say *unplug* the charging cable10:03
steriI have os2008 beta allready :P10:03
sterijust wanted to install that newest version of it10:03
pupnik_Fri Dec 21 09:03:12 CET 200710:03
truent    * N800: Unplug charger and switch off the Nokia N800. Connect the tablet to your computer via USB10:03
truent    * PC: Execute as root (or as a normal user with rights to use the USB port):10:03
truent  ./flasher-3.0 -F RX-34_2007SE_4.2007.38-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R10:03
truent    * PC: "Suitable USB device not found, waiting" is displayed on the console10:03
truent    * N800: Now plug in the charger to switch on the N800 or switch it on using the power button WHILE holding the Home-button10:03
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik10:03
truentstraight from the wiki10:03
truentsteri, gotcha10:04
truentsteri, happen to have ruby installed?10:04
snak is os2008 still beta?10:04
snakdoes it have snes emulator?10:05
[pablo]ruby maemo is pretty slick10:05
truenti have alterego (i think)'s ruby-maemo but the os2008 didnt install.. the maemo3 stuff did10:05
truenterr what he classified as os200810:06
solmumahatruent: used the .install?10:06
solmumahaworked fine with me10:06
truentlemme try again10:07
snakim geussing it doesnt have a snes emulator, in which case, its clearly not finished =)10:07
truentsolmumaha, you have irb?10:07
truentsnak, heh sorry havent seen it10:07
[pablo]truent: i used this version ...
truent[pablo], yeah i got the same thing10:07
[pablo]works fine on os2008 for me10:07
truentit works.. just wondering about some libs..10:08
truentrequire 'conic'10:08
truentdeprecated now?10:08
truentalso my metasploit doesnt work10:08
[pablo]i've only gone through the exmaples, haven't messed around with it much10:08
pupnik  snak ..10:09
[pablo]but it uses the hildon library and gtk for UI10:09
truentthe ruby-maemo stuff is kew10:09
solmumahajust needs a killer app now10:09
snakpupnik: looking good, is the sound the only problem?10:10
solmumahaand ppl using it to catch bugs10:10
pupniksnak: depending on game, speed is between 5 and 25+ fps on N77010:11
pupnikfor a few demos it's smooth, for most real games - like the RPGs i enjoy - very slow10:12
snakneeds optimised huh?10:13
snaktheres something i could do over christmas10:13
pupnikwould be cool.  the gp2x emus are much better candidates though10:14
truentdo it10:15
pupniki could help if you have problems with the hardware accelerated pixel doubling10:15
*** Tuco111 has quit IRC10:15
snakgp2x, never heard of them10:15
pupnikarm9, linux based gaming handheld10:15
pupnikclocks around 250-290 mhz10:16
snakhey wait, didnt the os2008 up the n800 clock to 400mhz10:17
snakdecent fps on os2008 perhaps10:17
kulvedecent fps on what?10:18
snakwith snes9x10:18
kulveah, no comment on that :)10:18
snakalthough is gp2x works, why not try that10:18
kulve(I didn't read the backlog, just started commenting ;)10:19
snakoh, whats with the fm radio10:19
*** asgeirf has joined #maemo10:20
snakis the headphones the arial?10:20
pupnikwell if you're interested in it, sources and bins are up on the site - should be compatible with any ITOS - just dpkg -i it and start from xterm10:20
kulvesnak: the headphones are used as the antenna10:21
snakgoes gp2x work?10:21
*** mankod has joined #maemo10:21
snakkulve: im geussing its for the fm radio only10:21
pupnikgp2x is a hardware platform snak10:22
*** [pablo]_ has joined #maemo10:22
truentahh i know why metasploit wont work10:22
*** celesteh has quit IRC10:22
truentforgot to install activerecord and rails etc10:22
pupnikporting apps requires building against more standard linuxy libs, and often swapping their framebuffer code for sdl10:22
*** guardian has quit IRC10:23
*** guardian has joined #maemo10:23
snakoh err right10:25
snakso, what does it do?10:25
snaki dont get it -.-10:25
pupnikgp2x is like a nokia linux tablet except with gaming controls, low res screen, no wifi, no bluetooth etc10:27
pupnikthe emu coding community for it has some great talent, who make emus that are 2-6 times faster than stock things like snes9x10:28
Knirchmaspandora looks nice10:28
Knirchmas(community GP2X)10:28
*** Tuco111 has joined #maemo10:29
pupnikfor example the playstation emulator i ported gets about 0.7 fps.  the optimized emulator on the gp2x gets about 12-15 fps10:29
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo10:29
snakthat sounds pretty good10:30
Knirchmas <3 hope they realize it10:30
|tbb|anyone has thoughtfix email addy?10:31
pupnikyeah the main dude wrote a dynamic recompiler for the psx cpu to arm cpu10:31
Knirchmashahaha, gp2x seems to have an interesting clientel considering the faq lists: Pandora will not have these, please don't ask: 3) Dvorak (as default layout)10:31
pupnikinteresting Knirchmas10:31
pupnikthanks for the link - that's what used to be called the 'craiginator'10:32
snakKnirchmas: is this made by a company or hobbyists?10:32
pupniksomewhere in between10:33
pupniki've been trying to get them interested in maemo for a few months10:33
pupnikgutsy of them to go with the clamshell - but very practical10:34
*** kupesoft has quit IRC10:34
*** mardi__ has quit IRC10:35
snakif you can throw it across the room cause you cant get past level 4 without breaking it, it'll be ideal for me10:35
*** murrayc_ has joined #maemo10:35
pupnikthose round dials are dual-analog controls10:35
|tbb|again: anyone around who has a n810 and a n800 allready?!10:36
pupnikplus it has wifi and tv-out10:37
snakcan it do divx? =)10:38
*** msanchez has joined #maemo10:38
pupnikof course they'll port mplayer10:38
pupnikdual sd slots10:39
snaki wonder if you can do muliplayer gaming over the wireless without any exra nodes10:39
*** [pablo] has quit IRC10:40
pupnikyeah.  if they would adopt maemo/ITOS we would get a lot of great emus10:40
snakbring it on10:41
snaki couldnt stand carrying 5 different handhelds wih me10:41
sterianyone have that .deb for canola2?10:41
gpd GPG error: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2 :(10:41
*** Tuco11 has quit IRC10:41
AD-N770pupnik, do you have the final chinook devel env installed?10:41
pupniki'm not doing anything until my N810 arrives10:42
timelyxtruent: metasploit?!10:43
gpdPresumably everyone is getting that problem ^^ due to repository crapness?10:43
AD-N770I did the port for nethack and the tuner tool, but I wanted to reinstall my sbox and I can't due the repository problems10:43
pupnikoh dear sorry to hear it AD-N770 - you have n800?10:43
pupniki only have os2006 debs cached and a few 200710:44
truenttimelyx, ? what about it?10:44
|tbb|i wonder why no1 has ever reportet of the crappy looking screen (white looks little bit beige) of the 810 (instead of a n800).10:45
[pablo]_the white looks very white on my n81010:46
*** harobed has joined #maemo10:47
|tbb|do u have a n800 also?10:48
snakproblems with 0S2008?10:48
truentwht looks good on my n80010:50
*** fab has joined #maemo10:50
[pablo]_|tbb|: no i dont10:50
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo10:50
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo10:52
|tbb|truent: i know its looking good, for me also, but when i compared the two devices in dark room on highest brightness level, i cant belive my eyes. the n800 screen looks much better and clearly (color:white)! but i have to say, on the n800  igot the officially (latest) os2008 on the n810 i dont have the latest os10:53
|tbb|i cant belive that will fix it, but hope dies at last.10:53
|tbb|could i send the unit back if im not satisfied with the screen colors?10:53
X-Fade_|tbb|: Walk outside in bright sunlight. Check the N800 there..10:54
X-Fade_The N810 will win for sure...10:54
*** mankod has quit IRC10:54
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo10:57
|tbb|that might be correct, but im mostly sitting on couch while surfing with the tablet and the colors very annoying! btw the colors (white) wont be better on a well lighten room. white isnt white!10:57
|tbb|x-fade do u have both devices?10:57
X-Fade_|tbb|: I'm living in Europe, guess what ;)10:58
|tbb|im also living in europe but what should i guess?10:59
X-Fade_Not for sale here yet..10:59
|tbb|nokia online shop in germany sells it10:59
snakwerent people saying that os2008 is taking forever to download?10:59
snakthis is going pretty quickly here10:59
|tbb|when i hit a nokia salespoint they say they cant order until mid january11:00
tigertsnak: so they fixed the web issues then11:01
snakmy first attempt11:01
Mikhocan anyone access Is there something wrong with the server? It's awfully slow!11:01
snakfrom my point of view i see not problems11:01
|tbb|snak: ive entered my mac and it wont work11:01
Mikhoany nokia workers around maybe?11:01
Mikhokick the administrators for me11:01
*** asgeirf has quit IRC11:02
snakerrrrm, im using the "Nokia Internet Software Update Wizard"11:02
X-Fade_I think I won't get my N810 this year. I can't imagine that they will enable the codes today..11:02
tigertMikho: already done11:02
*** mankod has joined #maemo11:02
snakand the downloads almost done11:02
snakalready :)11:02
Mikhotigert, thanks :)11:03
snakgive them a pat on the back, downloads working fast here =]11:03
snak|tbb|: that website gives me an erro11:05
snakwhy not use the wizard?11:05
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo11:06
|tbb|linux box here11:06
tigertbecause it works on windows only11:06
Mikhook... downloading the 60.1 maemo2.2 image with 12.6KB/sec *snore*11:06
Mikho60.1MB I mean11:06
snakoh yeah, mines done now :)11:07
Mikhoso you're the one who's taking all the bandwidth11:07
*** mankod has quit IRC11:07
Mikhoand both of the connections11:07
snakooooh yeah11:08
|tbb|snak see pm, btw thanks for the hint i will look for a windows box, its a shame to say something like that but there might be not another chance11:08
snakpower to the leechers11:08
*** barisione has joined #maemo11:08
*** t_s_o has quit IRC11:11
* snak is awed by pretty graphics11:11
pupnikwhat pretty graphics11:13
snakjust updated11:13
pupnikyeah it's interesting how less detail in the icons is 'more cool' in 200711:14
snaki was thinking os2008 looks cool#11:15
pupnikthe os2006 and 2007 icons were little pictures of stuff, the 2008 icons are more iconic, abstract11:15
pupniknot saying that's bad11:16
Mikhoargh, would someone have SU-18_2006SE_3.2006.49-2_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin on the hard disk and willing to put it up for download for just a moment?11:16
* snak has a wee look for it11:17
snakdunno where the updater would have put it11:17
snakhey wait11:17
snakisnt that an old one11:17
snaknope, not go that11:18
Mikhothe latest one for 77011:18
pupnikMikho: i'll check11:18
snakisnt the 770 supported for os2008?11:18
Mikhoi don't think so11:18
pupnikit is not11:18
Mikhopupnik, great!11:18
pupnikparse the question properly :P11:18
snakcheeky :p11:18
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo11:20
pupniki am going to be a grumpy person til mid-january11:20
pupnikmy credit card runs out this year, so i won't even be able to order11:20
jeddy3what happens in mid-january? :)11:20
jeddy3aah :)11:20
*** Dar_ has joined #maemo11:21
pupniklooking at when i'll get a n81011:21
snakorder what?11:21
snakive only just saved up for a n800 >.<11:21
pupnikenjoy your dual sd slots and better speaker placement11:21
L0cutussomeone is using apple wireless keyboard with n8x0 ?11:22
snakwhaaa? if you know the 810 is worse, why get it?11:22
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo11:22
L0cutuswhat i have to do to pair it with my n800 ?!?11:22
L0cutusi don't know how to enter the pin...11:22
|tbb|pupnik: for me the sound is better on the n810, but the position of the speakers arent11:22
pupniki would really like to test games and emus on omap2420 device and i'm waiting for the developer discount to be activated snak11:23
pupnikthe code that was mailed november 9th11:24
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC11:25
snakmaybe they dont appreciated developers11:25
|tbb|i wonderr what allready been ported coded etc. if the discounts working on november11:25
snakdiscounts not activated and dev downloads slow xD11:26
snaki figure that most normal people with use windows and hence the updater11:27
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo11:29
snakwell, i g2g - cheers for the help chaps11:30
*** snak has quit IRC11:30
*** jkyro has quit IRC11:30
*** Dar_ has quit IRC11:31
pupnik|tbb|: they sure missed out on using developer excitement for this11:31
pupnikburned right through it11:31
Mikhooh, woe! the download disconnected11:36
*** geocode has quit IRC11:36
* |tbb| just install the new os2008 on the n810 with windows updater, works like charm. Nokia puuuhh!11:36
* Jaffa should do that today.11:37
|tbb|9:30 minutes to go11:37
sterigeez, maybe it was a bit mistake to upgrade that n800 again :S half of the softwares are missing11:37
Mikhooh, but now it restarted with 5x the speed11:38
|tbb|i wonder how the non geeks are disappointed when they received their n810 and trying to install software with the 1 c(shit)lick installer ;=11:39
[pablo]_i wans't non geeky, but it was my first experience with an internet tablet11:40
[pablo]_i was slightly dissapointed11:40
[pablo]_but knew it would come11:40
[pablo]_still waiting heh11:40
steriumm O_o why canola2 package size changed frtom 6.8meg to 9.33meg11:45
Mikhohow about you share the latest 2008 image with each other? Looks like has something like 100KB/sec total upload limit11:46
*** Tuco111 has quit IRC11:47
*** bedboi has joined #maemo11:47
|tbb|how can i install python runtime and canola without needing extra repository of maemo?11:47
steriMikho: if you need the n800 version of it I can upload it to my server11:48
X-Fade_|tbb|: You can't. Not without all dependencies, which are also in extras.11:48
Mikhono, I need the 770 version, but no one seems to have that file11:48
pupnikMikho: still there?11:50
|tbb|some trusted person should mirror the maemo repository (when its available ever again) so we can download the stuff then there11:50
sterithere isn't os2008 for n770? correct me if I'm wrong but that what I have understand11:50
pupniki have it11:50
Mikhopupnik, could you put it up for download somewhere?11:51
pupnikyes am doing - few minutes11:51
*** skrylar has joined #maemo11:51
*** ferulo has joined #maemo11:53
|tbb|where windows will store the downloaded os2008 bin with the update wizard11:53
*** fer_ has quit IRC11:53
*** colinl has left #maemo11:55
*** thefool_ is now known as thefool|Away12:00
pupnik  this would be fun to build12:00
*** L0cutusM has joined #maemo12:02
steriummmmm... now it says unable to install canola2. installation file corrupted :S12:05
*** jhassine_ has quit IRC12:07
*** crafton has joined #maemo12:08
|tbb|got the new os2008 now on my n810 (thanks windows update wizard) but still no really white color on the n810 instead of the n800. on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 is really white like the n800, 1 is yellow) it is 7-812:09
pupnikMikho: pm12:11
|tbb|if nobody confirm this is just normal i will send the unit back. with the complaints (i cant install anything doesnt work) latest sentence just kidding12:11
*** mk8 has joined #maemo12:11
tontsayou have white as yellow?12:14
tontsaon my n810 white is atleast really white12:14
*** jhassine_ has joined #maemo12:17
*** L0cutusM has quit IRC12:19
|tbb|not really yellow but it has a beige touch, first i was thinking it makes me look like that because of the shiny white keyboard backlight, but after i compared it to n800 im very dissapointed12:20
L0cutuslatest os2008 have serious problem with pairing bt devices...12:20
maddlermorning all!12:20
doc|home |tbb| check the brightness levels12:21
X-Fade_|tbb|: It is a different display than N800, so that could be it. The 770 was also more yellow-ish.12:21
tontsal0cutus, i have no issues atleast12:21
tontsai don't see "yellow-ishness" atleast on my unit12:21
|tbb|tonsa, could u compare it to a n80012:21
|tbb|same os12:21
tontsadon't have n800 nearby at the moment12:22
*** crafton has quit IRC12:22
tontsabut i don't see how you could get the white any more white12:22
L0cutustontsa, at least with bt keyboards...12:23
L0cutusi've tryed with my stowaway and apple bt12:23
X-Fade_There isn't any color calibration software for N810 or N800 yet ;)12:23
L0cutusand both have had difficulties to pair12:23
*** mardi_ has joined #maemo12:24
tontsaL0cutus, ok.. i have just tried phones, gps units and hands-frees12:24
tontsaseems to work ok12:24
L0cutusnow i try the gps12:24
L0cutusdoes work with bt headphones now ?12:24
tontsaatleast pairs, don't have any media to test with if there's any sound12:25
*** L0cutusM has joined #maemo12:25
L0cutusi'm using voip12:25
L0cutusso i can try if it does work12:26
*** matt_c has quit IRC12:26
*** matt_c has joined #maemo12:26
*** crafton has joined #maemo12:27
*** Tuco111 has joined #maemo12:29
*** ramo102 has joined #maemo12:33
L0cutusmmm no way12:36
L0cutusmy nokia hs-11w doesn't work with voip12:36
L0cutussound still go to speakers... not to headphone12:36
kulveinz: btw. I didn't (yet) test your xterm but friend of mine told that it works just fine12:37
|tbb|tontsa, could u compare it later for me? highest brightness same os for example the controlpanel screen in a dark room then you will see it significant. in brighter rooms you can see it also but not as good in dark rooms12:40
tontsathat'll go after xmas, not going to office before then12:41
|tbb|x-fade_: if it is screen related than this is one more cons of the disadvantages of n810 instead n800 ;(12:41
*** mk8 has left #maemo12:42
|tbb|tonsa, damn, i have to send it back before doesnt wait this long12:42
X-Fade_|tbb|: I really can't comment on that, I'd have to see it first ;) You need to compare it with another N810 or somebody else who has both devices..12:43
*** Tuco11 has quit IRC12:43
*** thefool|Away has quit IRC12:43
*** L0cutusM has quit IRC12:45
*** shackan has quit IRC12:46
|tbb|yeah but no1 has an internettablet in my near location ;( which i know. the stores also doesnt have a n810 until mid january12:46
|tbb|i would like to ask thoughtfix but dont have his email12:47
*** henrique has joined #maemo12:48
skrylarthoughtfix is probably awake.12:48
*** Ivan_Chelubeev has joined #maemo12:49
X-Fade_|tbb|: I liked the display of the 770 a lot, until I had a N800 and saw them side by side. ;)12:51
*** [newbie] has joined #maemo12:51
*** [newbie] is now known as mk812:53
|tbb|X-Fade i guess you will like your n800 display more if u will see the display color of the n810. (hope im wrong)12:55
skrylarAre the N810 screens bad?12:55
X-Fade_|tbb|: You are really the first one I hear complain about it..12:56
|tbb|not really bad, but the white isnt that white as on n80012:56
* Jaffa thinks it's fine - although I've not done a side-by-side12:56
X-Fade_|tbb|: My LCD on my desk is more yellow than N800, it just has a very 'cold' profile..12:57
|tbb|x-fade: i hope i will be at least the only one!12:57
skrylarMy screen is uglified through the slightly hazy screen protector12:59
*** jhassine_ has quit IRC13:01
*** Segnale007 has quit IRC13:07
|tbb|x-fade_ i have tried both screens against the sunlight, the n810 is a way better readable 10-20 percent, but the colors really annoying if i dont had both devices i could live with that but so13:11
bedboiis n810 display better than n800 if exposed to the sun?13:11
X-Fade_|tbb|: I used the N800 a lot this summer on the beach and it was almost not useable at all.13:11
bedboin800 is quite difficult to use when under direct sunlight13:11
X-Fade_bedboi: N810 is a reflective display.13:11
X-Fade_N95 has that too for example..13:12
bedboiX-Fade_: so it should be better?13:12
X-Fade_bedboi: A lot ;)13:12
|tbb|for reading at sunlight, yes!13:12
|tbb|x-fade do u own a n810 allready13:13
X-Fade_|tbb|: Nope..13:13
X-Fade_|tbb|: I already told you that ;)13:13
*** sergio_ has quit IRC13:13
|tbb|oh i remember, but u speak like u naturally have one13:14
X-Fade_|tbb|: No, but I have seen pictures in direct sunlight and have a N95 which also has a reflective display..13:15
*** slomo has joined #maemo13:21
|tbb|waiting for thougthfix answer, if it is him here in the channel13:26
*** barisione has quit IRC13:26
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo13:27
|tbb|damn, i havent reflash my n800 if i had known that i cant install anything right now (+ that canola is available ) :(13:28
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo13:32
*** jkyro has joined #maemo13:33
*** Pio has joined #maemo13:35
|tbb|will a magnet harm the n810 in any way if i put it on the batterycover?13:37
*** doublec has quit IRC13:39
*** msanchez has quit IRC13:44
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC13:45
ccooke|tbb|: there's no magnetic storage in the n810, so it would be safe from that angle, at least.13:45
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo13:46
|tbb|and the lcd or accu? is that a maybe problem13:46
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo13:46
X-Fade_|tbb|: The protective case for N800 added a magnet to the back of the the N800(IIRC), so I don't think it is a problem.13:47
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC13:48
|tbb|i know that but i think some elektronic geeks should known that for sure. thinking is the one thing ....knowing the other13:48
skrylarthe n800 uses flash memory doesn't it?13:50
skrylarSolid state isn't affected by EMP I don't think13:50
skrylarI know ROMs aren't at al13:50
|tbb|i wonder if someone has told nokia to the issue, that no1 could download anything from repros.  got an n810 with no installable software is near useless ;(13:51
skrylarThe repos cleared up for me, albiet for about 10 minutes :(13:51
tontsai just installed maemo mapper, no problems13:51
skrylarBe glad Nokia doesn't do online activation13:52
JitenI managed to install software ... I just had to wait several minutes per package13:52
skrylarBioshock required a phone-home, and the day it came out they killed the servers XD13:52
Jitenthat was yesterday13:52
*** Vulc|Sleepysleep has quit IRC13:52
Jitenthey should make sure they can handle the phoning home if they use it :)13:52
*** Pio has quit IRC13:53
skrylarThey should just not use phone-home because the amount of pirates stopped is far less than the amount of legit users crippled.13:53
skrylarsort of a "stop 1 lose 50" thing13:53
Jitenyes, likely is.13:54
Jitencould also be, stop 1 make 2 more.13:54
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo13:55
skrylarI saw a list earlier that was some of the theores of stopping global warming13:57
skrylarInterestingly, smog clouds cool the environment down. So we've been inadvertently doing that.13:57
*** MikeL is now known as MikeL[Away]13:58
*** ijon_ has quit IRC14:02
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo14:02
*** ijon_ has quit IRC14:08
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo14:08
*** johnx has joined #maemo14:12
*** mardi_ has quit IRC14:12
*** geaaru has quit IRC14:18
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC14:18
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:20
*** Atarii has joined #maemo14:25
*** Atarii has quit IRC14:25
*** Vudentz_ has joined #maemo14:27
*** Ivan_Chelubeev has left #maemo14:30
*** bedboi has quit IRC14:31
*** Finnnland has joined #maemo14:32
*** kenne has joined #maemo14:33
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo14:34
cosmo_hm, 2k8 says map is updateable, but updating it fails "software contains updates to packages installed from different source.."14:36
*** zwnj has joined #maemo14:37
Finnnlandanyone here that developes for maemo?14:38
halleyjust ask an actual question14:38
Finnnlandah, ok :)14:38
*** luck^ has joined #maemo14:39
Finnnlandwell, i'm trying to poll something with g_timeout_add but it never reaches it unit i close the application14:39
*** yabbas has joined #maemo14:40
Finnnlandin the code it's the last thing initialized before gtk_main();14:41
*** MikeL[Away] has quit IRC14:42
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC14:43
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo14:43
Khertan_TheRealHi !14:43
*** NetBlade_ has joined #maemo14:46
*** NetBlade has quit IRC14:46
*** povbot has joined #maemo14:47
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC14:48
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC14:48
*** freakazoid0223 has quit IRC14:49
*** freakazoid0223 has joined #maemo14:52
*** mgedmin_ has joined #maemo14:53
*** mgedmin has quit IRC14:54
*** Segnale007 has quit IRC14:54
*** crafton has quit IRC14:55
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo14:57
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo14:57
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo14:59
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo14:59
* yabbas notes the topic14:59
yabbasscratchbox 2 - yay or nay?14:59
JaffaNot tried it yet. Looked good in theory15:00
* Jaffa is waiting for more proof15:02
yabbassame here :)15:02
*** matt_c has quit IRC15:02
yabbasthat and the maemo servers to come back to life15:02
JaffaYeah, sticking with OS2008 ...42- until the servers get fixed.15:03
guerbyJaffa, I now wonder if they will ever get fixed15:03
*** geaaru has joined #maemo15:04
Jaffaguerby: I'll probably reflash tomorrow and try the servers then. Not got much extra software installed yet on this N810, apart from mplayer (which I'm not really needing ATM), Canola2 beta, XGalaga (which I won't reinstall) and LXDoom.15:05
* Solarion wants an n810. :(15:05
SolarionI had hoped to have it on my flight to and from Seattle, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards anymore.  :(15:06
cosmo_is there way to use small menus on 2008? like on 2007?15:06
cosmo_it pops up large menus even when tapped with stylus and you have to scroll.. not nice15:07
JaffaNope, no way of going back to small menus.15:07
JaffaGenerally I prefer the big ones over the unreliable method for determining big/small in OS2007. But it should be an option for always big/always small.15:08
yabbasbig is better for me :)15:09
*** barisione has joined #maemo15:10
|tbb|guerby: thats what i say!15:11
*** bergie has quit IRC15:11
*** doc|home has quit IRC15:15
*** matt_c has joined #maemo15:16
*** Tuco111 has quit IRC15:17
pupnikreading some reviews of amp6 and it's not bad at all15:22
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo15:23
*** doc|home has joined #maemo15:24
pupnikYeah has some new class-d audio amplifiers - high efficiency, great sound15:24
pupnikwb doc|home15:24
doc|homehey pupnik15:24
pupnikso i think i'll build the AMP6-Basic over the holidays15:24
pupnikyou catch yesterday's scott horton show doc|home ?15:26
doc|homenah, I can't listen to him, he drives me nut15:26
pupnik  hacking with ramzi15:28
doc|homeI'm taking a bit of a break from everything, back home so just catching up with friends :)15:28
pupnikyah good plan15:28
doc|homepupnik: hahaha15:29
doc|homeoohh, new update for OS200815:30
pupnik  razmi thermites his laptop15:32
yabbasI want to build a tripath amp  for the car15:32
pupnikcool :)15:32
pupnikyabbas - picked a design yet?15:32
yabbasnot yet - I'm wondering about the  feasability tbh.  I don't really understand watts et. al. when it comes to audio15:33
*** Zaphot has joined #maemo15:34
yabbasall I knows is switching amps are better than the old ones - and I drive a 21 year old Scirocco with a 65Amp alternator so I need all the efficiency I can get :)15:34
*** Blain has joined #maemo15:36
yabbaspupnik, the T-Amp stuff is cheap as chips.  But can I power a set of 20cm 170 Watt speakers with them?15:37
pupniksure check and other sites for schematics15:39
guerby|tbb|, I've just sent an email to maemo-users with Quim Gil in Cc on the repo situation15:39
|tbb|oh thanks, i dont hope u where the first one ;)15:39
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo15:39
|tbb|if it is fixed in the next 2 hours then you are ;)15:40
pupnikman those scirocco's are small in side15:40
* yabbas grins15:40
yabbassmall, old and slow...terrible brakes.  I love it.15:41
yabbasguerby, what did quim say re the server situation?15:42
cosmo_hm, i get lot of "file corrupted" errors when installing stuff like ukmp15:43
cosmo_and maemo extras package list can't be fully downloaded15:43
cosmo_most apps install fine15:44
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s15:44
* Jaffa wants to follow up to guerby saying "yet again this is a case of the Maemo team not communicating clearly on maemo-developers. What's this list *for* if not that?!"... but won't, cos I'll wait to see what Quim et al say first15:45
|tbb|cosmo_ welcome to the club15:46
*** GNUton has joined #maemo15:46
guerbyyabbas, nothing yet, I just sent the email :)15:46
*** hillct has joined #maemo15:46
yabbasguerby, Oh I misunderstood.  Thought you said he'd replied with summat.15:47
cosmo_btw is 2008 mail client still the one that sucks or have they upgraded it?15:47
hillctGood morning all15:47
hillctDid the 2008 beta have an automatic expiry date attached to it?15:48
doc|homehillct: I doubt it, why do you ask?15:48
doc|homehillct: although there is a newer version15:48
hugolphillct:  yes, in the 4th of January any machine with the 2008 Beta will explode15:48
hillctI was on my way to the airport the morning of the 18th and found my N800 wouldn't boot15:48
*** Masca has quit IRC15:48
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo15:49
hillctI freaked out about it for a while and given my limited connectivity while traveling for the holiday, I only this morning came across the official release info15:49
hillctso I'm downloading it now (extremely S L O W L Y) and hoping my N800 will flash properly15:50
hillctI was really hoping it was an intentional thing15:50
X-Fade_hillct: It surely wasn't.15:50
hillctthat's not confidence inspiring :(15:50
X-Fade_hillct: Make sure your battery is still charged.15:51
X-Fade_Before flashing ;)15:51
yabbasDoes the issue with the repos come across as "Sub-process gzip returned  error code (1)" or is that something different?15:51
hillctI'd thought of that15:51
|tbb|cosmo, i would prefer modest beta its like built-in with sp615:51
hillctcharged it up all last night15:51
hillctit'll be another 40 minutes before I can get the new image downloaded15:52
hillctwe'll see hwo it goes15:52
*** rothiel has joined #maemo15:52
|tbb|hillct, if u have a windows box then try to install it there it will save much time15:52
hillcthow so?15:53
* hillct has a linux box only at the moment15:53
rothielHello World :)15:54
guerbyyabbas, that is one of the possible symptoms15:55
guerbyof the repo issue15:55
dpb_rothiel: Sorry to disappoint you, but the whole world doesn't fit in here.15:55
*** Segnale007 has left #maemo15:56
yabbasI did wonder.  Just tried  an apt-get clean and apt-get update and 2 of the repos on the failing gzip seemed to disappear.  Odd.15:56
*** matt_c has quit IRC15:57
*** johnx has quit IRC15:57
*** johnx has joined #maemo15:57
sp3000I suppose you could get an error page in place of a packages gzip15:58
sp3000in some cases15:58
sp3000so it's plausible it could manifest with such an error15:59
* yabbas nods15:59
yabbasI wonder if they host any repos on ftp as well as http...16:00
magicrobotmonkeyso is the new version still inattainable?16:04
cosmo_has anyone managed to get fm radio on 2k8 to work? on my tablet it just plays static on all channels16:04
*** shackan has joined #maemo16:06
*** henrique has quit IRC16:07
Disconnectcosmo_: just to cover the basics, did you plug in headphones?16:08
*** konttori has joined #maemo16:09
cosmo_ok, maybe i should rtfm16:09
|tbb|lol my n810 wont turn off after hitting shutdown, first shutdown after os upgrade ;)16:10
*** jeddy3 has quit IRC16:14
*** andrunko has joined #maemo16:15
|tbb|hmmh, ive put the minisd card from the n800 into the n810 and closed the whole thing, but the (dunno the word, call it door) always open itself after 1 second16:16
*** vivijim has joined #maemo16:16
*** jeddy3 has joined #maemo16:17
Jaffa|tbb|: probably not got it inserted right then. I found it fiddly since there was quite a bit of play, and the slot is quite far back in the hole16:18
|tbb|ah k, thx. i was thinking closing the thing will push the minisd card in the right order16:19
k-scanola users:16:21
k-swhich VIDEO and AUDIO formats are missing?16:21
k-sVIDEO: wmv, more?16:21
k-sAUDIO: wma, wav, ra, more?16:22
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo16:23
*** Vudentz_ is now known as Vudentz_AWAY16:25
*** mgedmin_ has quit IRC16:25
killfillhey guys.. i have install becomeroot16:26
killfillhow do i enable root ssh login?16:26
killfillaah nm16:27
*** matt_c has joined #maemo16:32
*** vcgomes_ has joined #maemo16:33
*** andrunko has quit IRC16:36
*** Tuco has quit IRC16:40
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo16:45
Andy80any news about discount codes activation?16:45
*** pemdasi has joined #maemo16:45
* nomis will wait till the next year now anyway.16:45
*** jcayzac has joined #maemo16:47
jcayzacit seems maemo's repository is completely fubar16:47
*** pemdasi has quit IRC16:47
jcayzaci submitted the following bug:
*** krau is now known as krau|away16:47
jcayzacbut even if i don't install nokia closed binaries, i get tons of "size mismatch" errors when the install script tries to apt-update16:48
jcayzac(for Chinook)16:49
jcayzaccan anyone here confirm this?16:49
Jaffajcayzac: it's related to the repository brokenness:
giskardAndy80, no16:51
*** GNUton has quit IRC16:51
jcayzacJaffa: thanks for the link! i noticed the connection was very slow (although i have a 100Mb/s internet connection) as well16:52
jcayzacabout 50kB/s :-(16:52
*** luizirber has quit IRC16:53
*** matt_c_ has joined #maemo16:54
*** dhdfoo has joined #maemo16:54
Khertan_TheRealjcayzac > you are lucky ... i get 2ko/s16:55
Khertan_TheRealon a 20Mb/s16:56
*** barisione has quit IRC16:56
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC16:56
*** jeddy3 has quit IRC16:56
jcayzacKhertan_TheReal> I would not call myself lucky anyway :)16:57
*** Palintheus has quit IRC16:57
*** Palintheus has joined #maemo16:57
jcayzacwhat's bothering me is that this bug was opened 9 days ago and the problem is still there16:58
*** Tuco111 has joined #maemo16:59
magicrobotmonkeywhats with maemo extras repo?17:00 is screwed17:01
*** birunko has quit IRC17:01
*** kevinverma has joined #Maemo17:01
magicrobotmonkeyyea just saw your link, thanks17:01
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:02
*** matt_c_ is now known as matt_c17:02
*** pemdasi has joined #maemo17:06
*** NetBlade_ has quit IRC17:06
Khertan_TheRealsomeone has already successfully make netword by usb with an n800 and a windows xp ?17:10
*** bedboi has joined #maemo17:11
*** Tuco11 has quit IRC17:12
bedboiwhen extra repository is going to be fixed?17:12
Khertan_TheRealwhen it ll be17:12
jcayzacanyone has a running scratchbox + maemo sdk running on a coLinux install on windows?17:14
_berto_jcayzac: I haven't but if you're looking for a way to run the sdk from windows you can use vmware17:15
*** hexa has joined #maemo17:15
*** czr has joined #maemo17:15
jcayzac_berto_: wmware is a lot more expensive than the free coLinux :)17:16
_berto_s/vmware/qemu, virtualbox/17:16
infobot_berto_ meant: jcayzac: I haven't but if you're looking for a way to run the sdk from windows you can use qemu, virtualbox17:16
_berto_nice bot :)17:16
jcayzac_berto_: i hadn't thought about those!17:16
jcayzacthank you !17:16
_berto_in fact I have a qemu image with sdk 2, 3 and 4 installed17:17
_berto_and it runs nicely :)17:17
jcayzacwill try that! thx17:19
jcayzacby any chance, qould you already have a ready to use image available online? :)17:19
infobotjcayzac meant: by any chance, would you already have a ready to use image available online? :)17:19
Khertan_TheRealjcayzac > there is a free player for wmware ... which is free17:20
bedboiah, even canola2 is on :)17:20
Khertan_TheRealand which can be use to use the vmware image of the sdk17:20
*** jacques has quit IRC17:21
_berto_jcayzac: no, mine is not online, but it's easy to install17:21
_berto_there's a free vmware player, but I'd go for a free software solution :)17:21
*** JussiP has joined #maemo17:21
jcayzacKhertan_TheReal: I suspect the vmware image is on the (broken) repository? :)17:21
_berto_so virtualbox is probably a good choice, I think that qemu in windows is a bit slow17:22
Khertan_TheRealarf ... you are right :) there is one on garage.maemo.org17:22
Khertan_TheRealbut there is a torrent too17:22
*** aspiers has joined #maemo17:25
*** zodman has quit IRC17:26
jcayzacthank you :)17:26
*** Rocketman has joined #maemo17:26
* Disconnect works at a content delivery company.. want 50gbit/sec of cheap content delivery (with temporary-url generation)? :)17:27
jcayzacbtw, i just found this:
* czr peeks17:27
czrjcayzac, I removed the duplicate bug setting from 261717:27
jcayzacI have just seen17:28
jcayzaci marked it as a duplicate since i thought it was the same problem (slow servers)17:28
czrah. it isn't. :-)17:29
jcayzacok then :)17:29
czrit's a "spaghetti monster glue thingy" to fix policy so that source packages are found in the same dirs as the binary packages. applied in a weird way. it causes problems when mirroring.17:29
* thoughtfix wanders back17:29
czrtry using wget -R on the dir and you'll see what will happen (just reserve some time, like infinite amount of minutes)17:30
FMZthoughtfix: Thanks for the mention, man.  Thanks to you I'm famous, I have two Hollywood film studios fighting over me, and 7 women want my babies.17:34
czrFMZ, you have babies on sale?17:35
*** fab has quit IRC17:35
FMZczr: Not on sale... they are full price...  *badump*psh*17:36
thoughtfixSo what is new and exciting here?17:36
FMZNot much, 'twould seem.17:37
FMZI think everyone is just hanging out awaiting mplayer's release on OS2008 :)17:37
JaffaBroken infrastructure; no discount codes; nearly time for Christmas; boring work17:37
jcayzacczr: It was bug 2531, not 2351 !17:37
jcayzacsorry !17:37
czrjcayzac, np :-)17:37
Rocketmanwhat do you mean awaiting?17:37
RocketmanI been running it for quite a while on 200817:38
thoughtfixFMZ: Sweet17:38
thoughtfixI get a cut17:38
FMZRocketman: As far as I can tell, it hasn't been compiled for OS2008 yet.17:38
db48xI think I may end up shooting this n80017:38
FMZthoughtfix: OK, 10%.  And one free baby per year for life.17:39
FMZRocketman: How do you have that working?17:39
JaffaFMZ: It's in extras-devel17:39
FMZJaffa: Ahh, awesome.  I have to go into Red-Pill mode for that, right?17:39
*** bmidgley|away is now known as bmidgley17:40
*** dskippy has joined #maemo17:40
JaffaFMZ: No, you just have to add the repository17:40
db48xfor some reason, after I use scp a few times my n800 is no longer able to connect to that host17:43
* FMZ is proud of himself, as he added the new repo without asking a single question.17:43
hillctWhen I installed the newest OpenSSH package after flash of OS2008, I was prompted to set a new root password. Does this mean the new package now incorporates the 'gairnoot' functionality?17:43
db48xbut wait another 15 minutes or so and it's able to again17:43
thoughtfixFMZ: Okay but can I get mine by Monday? Christmas dinner and all.17:44
wumpushillct: yes, you can always become root through ssh17:44
hillctthis is contrary to my pervious observations using OS2008 beta17:44
zoranmaemo repos are back, but the content is missing!17:44
hillctwhereas what you say was true with OS200717:44
Rocketmanyou should change the password if you run the ssh server on hour tablet17:45
FMZthoughtfix: I... I.... think I just vomited a little in my mouth.  Either that, or I'm salivating.17:45
hillcthaven't rrued yet with the new 200817:45
hillctRocketman: yes, of course17:45
hillctI was just commenting on the nw package installation prompting for that change as part if the installation. Impressive...17:45
thoughtfixDude. I love kids. Especially in a nice marsala wine sauce with mushrooms.17:45
Disconnecthmm. any way to fix the tap rate?17:46
thoughtfixServed over linguini ... mmm17:46
Disconnectsingle clicks (as fast as i can make them) are coming through 2-4 times17:46
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo17:46
Disconnecthmm. it stopped. maybe load related :(17:46
*** Andy80 has quit IRC17:47
hillctdb48x: the likely cause is TCP connection timeouts set too high. Probably on the scp target server. Can you connect to other servers durring that 15 minute period?17:47
*** skrylar has quit IRC17:48
db48xhmm, that's easy enough to check17:48
magicrobotmonkeyumm.. .whats the home button on the n810?17:48
JaffaWhat is it?17:49
magicrobotmonkeysays to turn it on while holding home17:49
mgedminthat's not strictly speaking necessary17:49
thoughtfixThe one that looks like a house?17:50
JaffaIt's the "swap" button17:50
Jaffathoughtfix: it's not a house on the N81017:50
mgedminif you run the flasher first, and only then turn on the nokia17:50
db48xhillct: yes, I can17:50
Jaffamagicrobotmonkey: it's the button on the side immediately above back, below the camera.17:50
*** geaaru has quit IRC17:50
magicrobotmonkeyah ok there it goes17:50
thoughtfixI know17:50
thoughtfixMy bad17:50
mgedminthe home key is needed when you turn the nokia on first, it asks it to wait for the flasher to connect instead of just booting17:50
thoughtfixIt's the one on the front that's not the escape key17:50
hillctdb48x: check the SSHd config on your target server for connection timeout settings17:50
magicrobotmonkeywow that was quixk17:51
dragornI've always avoided the home key problem by having flasher running and looking for devices when I turn it on17:51
hillctdragorn: yeah. same here. The docs I always use explicitly say to start the flasher first17:52
hillctI didn't know the other method was even an option17:52
dragornme either until recently :P17:53
FMZCan anyone recommend some podcast tracking software (other than Videocenter, which isn't out for OS2008 yet)17:53
db48xhillct: there are no server settings for timeouts17:53
db48xwell, there is ClientAliveInterval, but that applies only to active but idle connections17:54
*** _berto_ has quit IRC17:54
hillctdb48x: that's what you're dealing with. it sounds like the N800 is not peroperly closing the connections17:55
*** jcayzac has left #maemo17:56
db48xno, netstat doesn't show any connections still open17:57
aspiersreally stupid question: is there any kind of standby mode on the N810?17:58
bedboiis anyone able to download canola2?17:58
db48xaspiers: the screen turns off when you're not using it, after a configurable timeout17:58
db48xand the cpu frequency is scaled back when nothing much is running17:58
aspiersbedboi: 1 click - doesn't work for me on N810 (OS2008)17:58
hillctdb48x: then I don't know. it was esentially a guess anyway17:58
Jaffaaspiers: OS2007 had a "soft poweroff" which turned the screen off immediately, locked the keys etc. And someone's found a suspend-like functionality on OS2008 by poking some stuff in /sys17:58
aspiersdb48x: that's what I figured, but was hoping for something more immediate17:59
bedboiaspiers: the problem is the actual downloading, it always time out17:59
aspiersincluding going into offline mode for power saving17:59
db48xaspiers: what do you mean by immediate?17:59
db48xyou can turn the delay down to 0 seconds, as I recall17:59
Jaffaaspiers: set the screen dim timeout and tick "dim screen on lock", then just use the slider to lock & dim screen, making it semi-suspended.17:59
db48xhillct: yea, thanks anyway17:59
aspiersJaffa: ahah! sounds great17:59
hillctdb48x: if you do figure it out, please let me know what it was18:00
db48xhillct: will do18:00
Jaffaaspiers: Control Panel > Display. Set "brightness period" and "switch off display" to the same value, then you can just use the lock switch to blank the screen immediately18:00
FMZWhat's the URL to extras-devel?18:01
thoughtfixPodcast software?18:01
thoughtfixwget ;)18:01
FMZ is 404ing18:01
FMZlol thoughtfix18:01
FMZThat doesn't tell me what I've already got and what is new etc... :P18:02
aspiersJaffa: works great, thanks! still need to remember to go offline first though18:02
aspiersis canola2 available for OS2008?18:02
Khertan_TheRealyes if you can get it :)18:02
aspiersok :)18:02
zoranbtw, what is going on with repositories on
thoughtfixzoran: We're all upset by it and we'd all like to know18:03
Jaffaaspiers: that's what the timeouts are for in Control Panel > Connectivity > Idle times18:03
Khertan_TheRealhosting a repository with a 770 by a gprs bluetooth enabled phone isn't a good idea18:03
Jaffazoran: no-one knows and no-one from the Maemo team is talking (or aware of the problem, or cares, or ...)18:03
*** Vulc|Sleepysleep has joined #maemo18:04
*** Vulc|Sleepysleep is now known as Vulc|Bleh18:04
Khertan_TheRealthe next time i ll wait 2 week at least before to upgrade to the new firmware ...18:04
zoranhm, I messed my system with missing libs after trying to update18:04
Vulc|Blehwhats the default root password for OS2008?18:04
*** behdad has joined #maemo18:04
JaffaThe account's locked by default now.18:06
*** matt_c has quit IRC18:06
JaffaJust install becomeroot, or an SSH package which unlocks it by prompting for a new passowrd18:06
maddleryou need to be in R&D mode18:06
* aspiers compiled emacs 22.1-gtk inside chinook scratchbox and is hoping to produce a .deb soon18:07
||cwVulc|Bleh: there is no password, so you can't log in until you set one AND enable root login via ssh18:07
Vulc|BlehAnd how do I do that?18:07
k-saspiers: I use emacs myself, but why do you need it inside sb?18:08
Jaffa||cw: or you install becomeroot, or you enable R&D mode.18:08
dhdfooaspiers: wow, cool18:08
zoranaspiers, there was a zile version for 200618:08
||cwJaffa: it prompts?  hm18:08
JaffaCan we be accurate about the number of different mechanisms to get root please? SSH isn't the easiest.18:08
||cwVulc|Bleh: any reason that ssh as user then `sudo gainroot` isn't good enough?18:08
magicrobotmonkeyare any of the media players daap clients?18:08
zoransudoers file should be read with big glasses18:08
aspiersk-s: I want it on my N810!18:08
Jaffaaspiers: possible to include in ?18:08
Vulc|Bleh||cw: I believe gainroot is installed and it is still giving me problems18:09
* dhdfoo wants it on his N800 too :)18:09
Vulc|BlehI'm going to redownload it now, though18:09
aspierszoran: yeah but I have a load of elisp I want to run18:09
*** jaharkes_ has joined #maemo18:09
JaffaVulc|Bleh: if becomeroot is installed, `sudo gainroot' will work without any prompting.18:09
fnordianslipssh as user was ok with public-key, but the account has no password18:09
*** Sho_ has quit IRC18:09
fnordiansliphowever, since upgrading to18:09
||cwinstall xterm and set a password18:09
aspiersJaffa: I guess so, I'm new to all this.  Built rpms for years but never a .deb before18:09
zoranall those problems are sudo related18:09
k-saspiers: ah18:09
fnordianslipfrom beta os2008, my authorized-key doesn't seem to work anymore18:10
*** corevette has joined #maemo18:11
corevetteis there a new version of HE out?
*** msanchez has joined #maemo18:12
FMZAhh, for all other newbies like me... make sure you set "components" to: free non-free18:14
Vulc|Blehwhich repo is becomeroot under18:15
|tbb|btw what becomeroot do to gain root access?18:15
*** Vulc|Bleh has quit IRC18:16
LoCusFwhat is the command for starting up the browser from commans-line?18:16
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo18:16
*** t_s_o has quit IRC18:16
Jaffa|tbb|: it modifies /usr/sbin/gainroot (IIRC) to not check the R&D flag18:17
*** cambba has joined #maemo18:17
Disconnect|tbb|:  these days you can just install openssh-server and it'll set a root pw - then you can just ssh in and edit gainroot yourself18:18
FMZcanola2 installation file corrupted.... bugger.18:18
Disconnectugh. 100% of the apps i'm trying to reinstall "installation file is corrupted"18:18
dskippyHas anyone recently used the maemo-sdk installation script? I'm getting the following lines when I run it. I have been since yesterday so I think it mustbe me now, not the server.18:18
dskippyE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?18:18
dskippyE: Unable to install maemo-sdk-dev on CHINOOK_X86 target.18:18
Disconnectdskippy: its the server18:19
dskippyIs it?18:19
Disconnect(ooh. only 95% .. mapdownloader installed)18:19
dskippyAny idea if there's an alternative to getting the packages needed for the SDK?18:19
dskippyOr just simply python2.5-runtime for the device itself would help me a great deal too.18:20
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo18:20
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo18:21
*** murrayc_ has quit IRC18:21
|tbb|disconnect: these days you cant install anything, like you could before18:21
*** chenca has joined #maemo18:22
*** cambba_ has quit IRC18:22
*** ||cw has quit IRC18:25
*** cambba has quit IRC18:25
*** cambba has joined #maemo18:26
|tbb|jaffa: how to change the sbin gainroot without having root access ;)18:26
Jaffa|tbb|: it's a deb, it runs as root when you install it. All the packages are installed as root, otherwise they couldn't be put in /usr/bin/... etc.18:27
hillctWOW! The new updated site is really impressive18:28
|tbb|ah k, i understand.18:28
JaffaSo user asks App Mgr to install becomeroot, App Mgr invokes apt-get *as root* to install deb. becomeroot deb's postinst script runs as root and modifies /usr/sbin/gainroot.18:28
shackanFailed to fetch  Size mismatch18:29
shackanFailed to fetch  Size mismatch18:29
Jaffahillct: annoyingly it doesn't solve the repository problem - and possibly makes it worse. Finding a solution to congregate things in extras(-devel) will fall off the radar now [although after this week, ...]. You still need all the right repos installed before all a package's dependencies will be resolved properly18:29
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo18:30
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:30
*** Tuco111 has quit IRC18:30
*** Tuco111 has joined #maemo18:32
*** msanchez has quit IRC18:32
*** ||cw has joined #maemo18:32
hillctJaffa: true. To some extent though I feel that's the responsibility of the repo maintainers. That is, a repo maintainer should assume that a user has only the base repo and his, installed, so any package with dependencies should have all those dependencies resolved using other packages from the same repo18:32
hillctat least to my way of thinking anyway18:32
*** msanchez has joined #maemo18:32
Jaffahillct: oh, absolutely. But if repo maintainers cared that much about their users (on the whole), they'd be uploading the packages to extras and suffering the bit of pain that invokes, rather than taking the easy route of providing their own repo.18:33
JaffaOf course, in the last few days the brokenness of is making me change my mind18:33
* mgedmin cares only for himself18:33
TakI agree @ uploading to extras18:34
JaffaIt's to be expected: OSS is primarily about scratching your own itch, and the barrier to entry to a new repo is lower than that of uploading to extras.18:34
hillctJaffa: I can see that line of reasoning too18:34
Takthat said, I've been submitting my ruby packages to alterego's repo so that people don't have to preinstall ruby from a different repo before using them18:34
hillctbut perhaps the submission process for maemo extras needs to be streamlined somehow to desuade developers from creating their own repos18:35
JaffaIf alterego's ruby port is going to get any traction it'll need to be in extras.18:35
Jaffahillct: absolutely agreed 100%. And the stability of its server sorted.18:35
*** _berto__ has joined #maemo18:35
*** Rip_ has joined #maemo18:36
hillctthat too18:36
Takheh, he's finding the extras barrier a bit hight18:36
Khertan_TheRealstop with this extra repository ...18:36
Takwhat he really needs for traction is 1 "killer" ruby app18:37
Khertan_TheRealit s mainly down !18:37
*** Tuco1 has joined #maemo18:37
*** Tuco11 has quit IRC18:37
Take.g. if canola2 were in ruby18:37
dragorntak: and the 1.9 ruby release (if it performs better)18:37
hillctI haven't submitted anyting anywhere (yet) so I don't know how painful it is personally18:37
Takthe 1.8 release performs at least as well as python18:37
hillctanyway, Gotta run. Later all.18:37
dragorntak: Wow, then python performs really bad :P18:37
Takyes.  yes it does.18:37
*** hillct has left #maemo18:37
dragorntak: I'm using the one ruby app I care about - metasploit - as a benchmark18:37
Khertan_TheRealTak > when hildon-home binding ll get a good garbage ... i ve many home applet to release :)18:38
*** fab has joined #maemo18:38
dragorntak: and having a 50-90 second delay every time a new file has to be parsed is unusable.  And this is the CLI version, I'm not even trying to do rails :P18:38
*** Khertan_TheReal has quit IRC18:38
dragorntak: Not that it's alters fault, ruby 1.8 is pretty horribly ugly about how it does memory stuff which is probably the biggest problem on maemo18:38
Takdragorn: wow, that's painful - I'm dumping vkbs to xml in like 5s18:39
dragornbut until that gets solved, makes having a killer app pretty hard.  1.9 has some very impressive performance results on intel, I have no idea how it might look like in maemo18:39
*** chenca has quit IRC18:39
dragorntak: msf does a lot of string manip, but not in the CLI presentation, so I tend to suspect it isn't the code.  For codegen I expect they're very ugly, but I don't even get to that point18:39
*** _z_ has joined #maemo18:40
*** chenca has joined #maemo18:40
Spakman_dragorn: what memory stuff do you particularly dislike with Ruby on Maemo?18:40
Takincidentally, adding another 64M swap really improved the performance of my 77018:41
dragornSpakman_: Ruby in general does some weird things with how it concats strings, etc, which I suspect is the biggest problem on maemo, since you're doing a lot of memory/bus thrashing18:41
_z_folks, after having a problem with repos, I cannot make libutis to run cause glibc_2.418:41
dragornSpakman_: But it's been a long time since i've looked into it more, I'm just kind of hoping 1.9 acts better :)18:41
Spakman_dragorn: me too. Hopefully not long 'till we find out18:42
*** Tu13es has quit IRC18:42
*** ramo102 has quit IRC18:42
*** magicrobotmonkey has left #maemo18:43
dragornSpakman_: if I recall, adding a char to a string is a second full malloc, mem copy, free, alloc, memcpy back.  Something similar to how java handles non-literal strings.  It's been a while, like I said.  I'm not 100% on the maemo specifics, but embedded stuff often shows sharp performance drops when you're thrashing the memory.18:44
*** rothiel has quit IRC18:44
mgedminwtf is doing?18:44
FMZI'm seeing people talking about Canola2... it's pretty, but... function is less than great right now.18:44
mgedminit returns a strange plain-text file instead of .debs18:44
FMZI can't even seem to download podcasts for later listening.18:44
mgedminnot an error message, just a weird one containing "$filename:\n\n*** Contents"18:45
dragornspeaking of, does anyone know how to get mplayer to behave sanely on startup?  gmplayer seems to be indexing all of my drives, resulting in a 90 second startup - it's definitely thrashing the flash, I can see the kernel threads wake up.  Or is that just price of admission, get faster flash?18:45
_z_mgedmin, is it possible to mess glibc via repo update?18:46
dragornyes, probably.  if you've r&d'd your device, you're not going to want to update packages like busybox or glibc18:47
_z_I did not18:47
_z_after failing update ofvrepos, /lib/libutils is missing glibc_2.418:48
dragornthen you've probably got something which is a borked package that doesn't handle os2008 yet - i've seen a lot of things with weird hildon or syslib deps which aren't valid in os200818:48
dragornor it's some other issue, that's my guess tho18:48
mgedmin_z_: maybe, could you be more specific?18:48
b0unc3_guys... why said that wizard-mounter have 3 votes.. but I can't see no one..?18:48
_z_k, using pythonscripts and socat, I use libutils18:49
_z_it misses glibc_2.418:49
_z_repo update messed something18:50
pupnik... this monkey's gone to heaven~18:50
_z_how could I roll it back?18:51
*** blassey has quit IRC18:51
*** blassey has joined #maemo18:51
*** GNUton has joined #maemo18:52
*** _berto_ has quit IRC18:52
mgedmin_z_ was that in scratchbox or on an actual device?18:52
mgedminand did you do apt-get upgrade or what?18:53
* mgedmin wants to know what 'repo update' means18:53
mgedminit could mean 'apt-get update', which is harmless18:53
mgedminin general, running apt-get upgrade on the device is a recipe for disaster18:53
mgedminwhen you've got the SDK repo in your apt sources18:53
*** Rip2 has quit IRC18:53
mgedminsome system packages from the SDK repo are incompatible with the actual device18:53
_z_just repos update, nthing more18:54
mgedminand the actual device doesn't allow you to upgrade certain essential system packages18:54
Disconnecthow do i tell the media indexer to ignore certain paths? (or is there a match that it'll always ignore?) its constantly indexing all my maps and such :(18:54
*** Tuco111 has quit IRC18:54
_z_not upgrade18:54
mgedmin(the watchdog notices an essential service being restarted and reboots in the middle of an upgrade)18:54
mgedminah, repos update = apt-get update18:54
mgedminno way that would break anything18:54
_z_get it18:54
_z_what to do?18:54
_z_python does not work18:55
sp3000Disconnect: how do your maps sound?18:55
_z_nor socat18:55
mgedminhmm :/18:55
mgedminwhere did you get your python from?18:55
_z_mutt uses libutils18:55
Disconnectsp3000: slow :)18:55
mgedminthe sdk python will probably not work on the actual device18:55
mgedminah, ok, interesting18:56
_z_not sdk18:56
*** doc|home has quit IRC18:56
*** _berto__ is now known as _berto_18:56
* sp3000 cotemplates a "where stuff came from" script18:56
*** mankod has joined #maemo18:56
sp3000cotemplate? that's not a word, but it sounds credibly technical :P18:57
* czr gives more templates to sp300018:57
czrmore templates, more fun!18:57
_z_I put mail from mutt to python script and it fails for glibc18:57
sp3000ooh, now we're cotemplatng!18:57
czrco-templace, the next generation. taking templates where they've never gone before (and shouldn't go, now that we think about it)18:58
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo18:58
czrtemplate damn it18:58
Jaffasp3000: you mean, dpkg -S <file> ?18:58
*** lmoura has joined #maemo18:58
czrsp3000, cotemplate might be some new feature in C++++18:58
sp3000Jaffa: pkgs:repos rather than files:pkgs18:59
czrsimilar to coroutines, but even more confusing that coroutines and templates combined18:59
sp3000czr, sounds like a plan18:59
Jaffasp3000: for installed pkgs or something like
sp3000for installed18:59
* czr always thought that ++ operator should increment by two, not by one19:00
*** doc|home has joined #maemo19:00
mgedmin_z_: which exactly os revision do you have?19:00
mgedminthere were three official ones, iirc (mistral, scirocco and gregale)19:00
mgedminperhaps the python deb you've got is incompatible with the one you're running?19:00
mgedminwhat's the version of the python package?19:01
_z_it worked 2 dys ago19:01
mgedminhm, interesting19:01
mgedminwhat changed in those 2 days?19:01
_z_I know19:01
mgedminis there a dpkg.log on the 770?19:01
_z_missing repo at maemo org19:02
mgedminrandom memory corruption?19:02
mgedminthe wifi driver on 770 has it19:02
_z_could be19:02
*** fr01 has left #maemo19:02
sp3000mgedmin: doesn't look like os2008 keeps one, at least19:02
mgedminonce apt-get stopped working on my sister's 770 (complained about invalid fields in /var/lib/dpkg/status)19:02
mgedminI had no xterm on it, and no way to get root19:02
Takwifi driver is fixed in latest 2007HE19:02
mgedminI resigned myself to reflashing19:02
mgedminwhen I finally found the time (a few weeks later), the problem was just gone19:03
mgedminI assume that was it, and there was probably a reboot during those weeks19:03
_z_I write on 770 and it works in general19:04
_z_just /lib/ misses glibc_2.419:05
* mgedmin wonders about
mgedminoh, it's part of glibc19:06
* mgedmin wants to take the 770 back from his sister19:06
mgedminmaybe I should get her an asus eee pc as a replacement?19:06
_z_if u find one19:07
||cwI'm thinking getting an Eee19:07
_z_if u find one19:07
mgedminthere were three in a local shop... a few... weeks... ago... and one was reserved for someone19:08
||cwnewegg has them in stock19:08
_z_k, how could I cp glibc from somewhere?19:08
*** Atarii has joined #maemo19:08
mgedminthe black one is in stock19:08
_z_don't say reflash19:08
*** Vulc|Bleh has joined #maemo19:09
||cwthey even have the 1G/8G but only in perl19:09
*** harobed has quit IRC19:09
sp3000scnr, lame is my game19:09
mgedminin perl?19:10
sp3000Jaffa: something like for p in $(dpkg -l | awk '/^ii/{print $2}'); do echo -ne $p\\t; apt-cache showpkg $p | sed -n 's,(/var/lib/dpkg/status),,p'; done19:10
mgedminwhat are the alternatives? ruby? python?19:10
||cwwoner how hard t would be to dual boot XP on one, most of the time when i use my laptop i use it because I have to have a real windows install, not in vmware19:10
sp3000although, what that will tell you is not where the installed packages came from, but from where the same version that is installed is available from19:10
_z_not an idea19:10
sp3000from from19:10
||cwmgedmin: perl white19:10
mgedmin_z_: I assume you've already tried rebooting?19:10
mgedminah, pearl19:10
Disconnect||cw: not hard (people have done it) but its got basically no storage19:10
Takruby red, python green?19:10
mgedminscaly :-)19:11
_z_yes, but will do again19:11
||cwDisconnect: the 8GB one would be enough, and there's also SD19:11
*** _z_ has left #maemo19:11
||cwor even install XP to a USB disk19:11
FMZAnyone got experience with Canola2?19:12
||cwwonder if you could install windows to a SDHC card19:12
FMZ||cw: The result would be much the same as installing it to a PC... feelings of hopelessness, depression, things that you once enjoyed no longer mean anything to you.19:13
Takheh, we distribute systems with winxp on doac19:13
||cwFMZ: only things I need windows for are "fixing" ipods and reflashing smartphones19:14
||cwi think19:14
||cwof course, that new little everex is interesting too, and has a 30GB hdd19:15
JaffaFMZ: I've used it.19:16
*** _z_ has joined #maemo19:16
pupnik"If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once a week." - Charles Darwin19:17
_z_mgedmin, for some reason, glibc now works!19:17
* mgedmin has psychic irc bugfixing powers19:17
_z_I did reboot fewtimes prviously19:17
*** krau|away has quit IRC19:18
Disconnectughhhh. is returning 200 OK with error pages :(19:18
shackanDisconnect: heh :(19:18
_z_no, you really helped makng the sace curving19:18
sp3000Disconnect: that's how they broke acid2 just now at, too :)19:18
*** abrilc has joined #maemo19:19
FMZJaffa: Have you come across "error during download" when trying to get podcasts?19:19
_z_and non-free isthe problem19:19
sp3000people were all omg fx3b2 fails acid219:19
*** _z_ has quit IRC19:19
*** guardian has quit IRC19:20
db48xI still have a 1920×1440 image in my microb start page19:20
*** Vudentz_AWAY has quit IRC19:20
sp3000db48x: eh, why? :)19:21
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo19:21
*** abrilc is now known as crafton19:23
db48xsp3000: the vagaries of software development, I guess19:23
Takpupnik: excellent news19:23
db48xI needed to test to see if chrome urls would work in that page, and that image was all I had handy19:23
craftonHow are working the maemo repositories now??19:23
*** geaaru has joined #maemo19:24
*** erstazi has joined #maemo19:25
*** erstazi has left #maemo19:25
mgedmincrafton: not very19:25
*** krau has joined #maemo19:26
sp3000they seem to be working pretty well for me in the last hour or so, as it happens19:27
craftonI achieved to install pidgin but nothing more19:27
craftonFrom spain19:28
sp3000try again, you'll probably get something useful every now and then19:28
sp3000for about 15 seconds there I tried to understand what that image is trying to say about repository.m.o19:29
sp3000it was a confusing 15 seconds19:30
Takthe chick is r.m.o - the guy with the sword is the maemo community19:30
sp3000what about the guy in the s/m teddybear outfit19:31
craftonIsn't pidgin on r.m.o ?19:31
Takthat's a different image entirely :-P19:31
* pupnik is confused by Tak19:31
sp3000crafton: yes, extras19:32
JaffaRepos now fine?
Takpupnik: what's confusing?19:32
sp3000Jaffa: for some, aparently19:32
pupnikoh the picture link19:32
pupniknice looking!19:32
pupnikany sound yet?19:33
Takyeah, sound works fine19:33
mgedminJaffa: not for me19:33
pupnikgreat news - looks like best emu so far eh?19:34
Takyeah - the game selection is a bit limited though :-/19:34
Jaffamgedmin: fair enough19:34
*** doc|home has quit IRC19:34
*** mk8 has quit IRC19:34
*** bedboi has quit IRC19:34
*** doc|home has joined #maemo19:34
JaffaLXDoom on the N810 is really cool. I can finally type idkfa and iddqd and do reasonably well. I don't use the stylus anymore either (couldn't get on with it, being left-handed)19:34
dskippyI'm still getting complaints that the python2.5-runtime "Installation file [is] corrupted"19:35
*** Vulc|Bleh has quit IRC19:35
*** X-Fade_ has quit IRC19:35
pupnikhmm i find the quake port has very usable controls19:35
TakI played through metal slug and neo bomberman while my fiancee was at the dentist, though19:36
dskippyAnyone else able to install python2.5-runtime?19:36
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo19:37
mgedmindskippy: is broken19:37
mgedminI doubt anyone is able to install anything from it19:37
pupnikneo geo looks like lots of fighting19:38
dskippymgedmin, I thought someone just announced that it was fixed in the IRC channel.19:38
Jaffadskippy: no, I asked a question based on a forum topic.19:39
sp3000dskippy: the load progress bar gets to about 60% and then complains, yeah19:39
dskippyAwe :( Wishful thinking I guess.19:39
sp3000it's working a lot faster though :P19:39
johnxfnordianslip: If you're still here and didn't solve it yet, check the permissions on /home/user/.ssh19:39
dskippysp3000 I get to the end of the 5.26MB download and then it says it's corrupted.19:39
johnxfnordianslip, mine was world writeable and apparently sshd doesn't like that19:40
Takhaha, yeah19:40
*** zodman has joined #maemo19:40
sp3000oh, tells me The service is temporarily unavailable. We are very sorry for the inconvinience it may cause.19:40
sp3000with the aforementioned 200 OK19:41
sp3000no wonder it works faster ;)19:41
dskippyWell that's at least a quicker place to check to see if it might work right now.19:41
|Rwhich cpu monitoring applet are stable on 2008 ?19:42
*** Pio has joined #maemo19:42
*** l7 has joined #maemo19:43
*** scruggs has joined #maemo19:45
fnordianslipjohnx: tnx  will take a look19:48
*** Henry78 has joined #maemo19:48
*** corevette has quit IRC19:48
Henry78hi all!19:58
*** scruggs has quit IRC19:58
Henry78is there anything i can do about error with apt- get using the maemo repos?19:59
Henry78i get a: "Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1)"19:59
*** _berto_ has quit IRC19:59
pupnikHenry78: they seem broken.  You can download individual files and install them too19:59
Henry78are they going to be fixed?20:00
mgedminwe hope so20:00
Disconnecthmm. any way to automate importing of old maps into the new maemo mapper?20:00
Henry78: )20:00
*** elmarco is now known as elmarco|merry-ch20:00
mgedminpupnik: are you sure you can download individual files?20:00
Henry78^^ just wanted to ask the same20:01
pupnikno, but you would then get the statusbar from wget20:01
mgedminbut will you get it?20:01
mgedminI get a 200-byte long plain text file called something.deb20:01
mgedminbut its contents are silly20:01
*** jprieur has joined #maemo20:02
*** crafton has left #maemo20:05
*** tigert has left #maemo20:05
*** barisione has joined #maemo20:06
Disconnectugh. now canola is indexing my maps too :(20:08
chencaDisconnect: remove the maps dir on settings20:08
Henry78where to remove it?20:09
Disconnectit just offers images, removable card, internal card. am i missing something?20:09
chencaunset the MMC20:09
*** l7 has quit IRC20:09
chencaafter that set internal folders on MMC20:09
*** scruggs has joined #maemo20:10
Disconnectaaahhh. cool got it now.20:10
*** celesteh has joined #maemo20:13
*** pleemans has joined #maemo20:17
Disconnectok now how do i make it actually work? pointed it only at a dir containing 3 subdirs of pics (standard jpeg) .. but it still shows just the maps. (triple-checked hte selections, even rebooted)20:18
FMZDisconnect: It takes a few to show up20:21
FMZMake sure you click the little "eye" icon20:21
MoRpHeUzDisconnect: it maybe a bug that we already fixed...try this:20:21
Henry78how to set the internal folders?20:22
MoRpHeUzDisconnect: click the "eye" icon to "deselect" the folder, select "ok"20:22
FMZMoRpHeUz: Are you part of the dev-team for Canola?20:22
MoRpHeUzgo to photos (there should be nothing there)20:22
MoRpHeUzFMZ: yep20:22
MoRpHeUzDisconnect: than try selecting it again...20:22
MoRpHeUzDisconnect: let me know the result plz =)20:22
*** crafton has joined #Maemo20:22
MoRpHeUzFMZ: chenca, cmarcelo, k-s are too20:23
FMZMoRpHeUz: Any ideas wht I might be getting "Error during download" whenever I try to download one of my podcasts?20:23
Disconnectdelected (slashy-eye) all 3 - photos, internal, external. it went 'updating database' .. still lists the maps20:23
chencaFMZ: No left space on Device??20:23
FMZ700 mb :)20:24
*** philipl has quit IRC20:24
kennewell, I show that when the download manager changes state to error20:24
MoRpHeUzDisconnect: in which folder are this maps ?20:24
Disconnectinternal -> mapdata -> maemomapper -> mapsource -> {maemo mapper # dirs}20:25
Disconnecttrying to get (at a base at least) external -> photos instead20:25
kennei will improve the error reporting20:26
kennebut i will need to look at the download manager20:26
Disconnectif i select external it will go 'udpating database' again but no change20:27
hugolpSince yesterday I installed the definitive OS2008 I cant put the clock on to 24 hour mode. Its allways on am-pm mode20:29
hugolpany one knows where to change it?20:29
k-shugolp: install canola, we just provide 24hs clock :-D20:31
hugolpk-s:  open source canola and Ill install it20:31
hugolp :)20:31
k-sgood one20:31
k-sI can open source the clock, if you wish20:31
*** philipl has joined #maemo20:31
hugolpwe have a deal then?20:32
*** cbx33 has joined #maemo20:32
cbx33hey peeps20:32
cbx33just got my n800 update :D20:32
* Disconnect installed it. its a very pretty interface to view random google map squares :P20:32
Disconnectoooh. bonus. it added the actual pics now too.20:33
k-sDisconnect: ehehehe20:33
*** vcgomes_ is now known as vcgomes20:33
FMZk-s: Do you have any idea why I might get "error during download" when I try to download my podcasts?  I have plenty of disk space.20:33
Disconnectfyi in the dir selector the scrollbar appears when the entries exactly fit (one line too soon - it appears, but there's nothing to scroll)20:33
*** KirG0FF has joined #maemo20:34
fnordianslipdamn. just went to copy 3 files totalling abt 135MB onto  mmc1 from my MacBook via USB, but copy didn't complete20:35
Disconnectand the menu button inside browsing goes to main menu (which is fine) but the 'back arrow' doesn't go back to the picture, it goes to "want to exit?" (i'm spoiled :P ..)20:35
*** Henry78 has quit IRC20:35
fnordianslipn800 rebooted.  now mmc1 keeps going RO and I can't copy files from it into my cloned root FS on mmc2.20:35
fnordianslipany ideas, or should i consult the forums for doom and gloom posts20:36
FMZfnordianslip: Have you checked the physical switch on the card?20:36
fnordianslipnever experienced this kind of problem myself under 2007 or 2008 beta, with the same cards20:37
k-sDisconnect: please report on garage :-)20:37
fnordianslipwell, it seems to work, giving the correct notifications when i open and close the door20:37
k-sFMZ: no idea, kenne wrote that20:37
k-sFMZ: but maybe it's full, as chenca said20:38
k-sFMZ: notice that we try to finda good mmc, but you may end with that in an UNMOUNTED /media/mmc20:38
FMZk-s: I've got plenty :)20:38
fnordianslipoh the switch on the card? hmm..unlikely as it hasn't been out of the device20:38
k-slike you have no mmc1, then canola checks and mis-use it, you'll end without flash memory20:39
FMZk-s: I have memory in both slots... both have over 100mb available.20:42
FMZSo, Canola isn't open source... 'tis a shame, I'd check it out.20:42
k-skenne: is there any log available from your part or download-manager?20:42
FMZIf I can get this part working, then Canola will be running 75% of the time that the n800 is switched on.20:43
k-sFMZ: we need to find out what's the blocker there, as we need to fix it :-)20:43
chencaFM:Z: and the other 25%20:44
k-sactually kenne needs to fix it :-)20:44
*** Soodude has joined #maemo20:44
*** Rocketman has quit IRC20:45
FMZchenca: The other 25% will be the browser.  :)20:45
k-sFMZ: hold on and someday you'll be 100% inside canola :-D20:45
chencaFMZ: ^^^20:45
FMZAre there any plans to support video-casts, a la Revision3?20:45
k-sFMZ: yes20:46
hugolpanyone using Mobyle Mythtv here?20:46
FMZOooh, browser support inside Canola?  I like it.20:46
hugolpits not working for me in the new OS200820:46
FMZk-s, chenca:  I love you guys.20:46
k-sactually, after we release our UPnP plugin anyone will be able to support new data acquisition services20:46
*** Soodude has quit IRC20:49
cbx33why won't ssh-client install20:50
cbx33it says installation file corrupt20:50
Disconnecthugolp: i would be but it doesn't have a mythtv-side for amd64 :(20:50
FMZk-s: An idea... a Canola applet on the homescreen like the RSS applet, for podcasts, etc.20:51
*** KirG0FF has quit IRC20:52
hugolpDisconnect:  theres no mythtv packages for amd64?20:52
hugolpMy computer is actually a amd64 but I run i38620:53
k-sFMZ: great idea20:53
hugolpnot much difference and less trouble20:53
k-sFMZ: I want to provide an easy way to write EFL applets, when I do that I'll write such script20:53
k-ssuch applet, I mean20:53
Disconnecthugolp: there's no mobile-myth app for amd64 (mobile-myth has 2 halves, it doesn't talk to stock mythtv20:54
solmumahahow do i get canola2 installed? i'm getting lots of size mismatch errors20:55
*** djcb has joined #maemo20:56
FMZk-s: Awesome :)20:56
MoRpHeUzDisconnect: sorry...I was away...could you workaround the problem ?20:58
DisconnectMoRpHeUz: sorta. working on someting else for now.20:59
MoRpHeUzDisconnect: hhmm...let's see if on our next release it fixes for you...if not, just ping me ok ? (I just fixed some bugs on canola daemon today)21:00
Disconnectsounds good21:00
MoRpHeUzthanks! =)21:01
*** chelli has joined #maemo21:02
Disconnectgrr. garnet doesn't work on the new os :(21:02
hugolpDisconnect:  I see, so whats missing is Gmyth for amd6421:02
*** skibur has joined #maemo21:02
hugolpDisconnect:  you really think is worth to run the amd64 version? I run i386 on AMD 64 x2 4200. I tried amd64 version and didnt see almos any difference21:03
*** philipl has quit IRC21:05
k-sFMZ: could you fix the issue with podcast? or at least find out the reason?21:06
*** xan is now known as xan-afk21:10
*** zerojay has quit IRC21:11
*** Pio has quit IRC21:12
||cwhugolp: if you have an app that needs more than 2 GB ram or some app that haves a 64bit performance gain (i've yet to see one), only then is 64bit OS worth it21:12
*** Henry78 has joined #maemo21:14
*** L0cutus has quit IRC21:14
*** Atarii` has joined #maemo21:15
*** Atarii has quit IRC21:15
sp3000cbx33: because the repository is being evil21:16
*** Pio has joined #maemo21:16
sp3000rather than slow21:17
Disconnect||cw: these days, the extra registers tend to be a decent performance improvement. esp for multimedia stuff.21:17
sp3000cbx33: probably explains21:18
*** mankod has quit IRC21:18
Henry78another question: is it possible to use claws instead of ossomail?21:18
* sp3000 waves a modest flag21:19
*** matt_c has quit IRC21:19
||cwDisconnect: like dvd encoding?  been a couple years since I tried, but it was like a 2% gain, not worth it for the lib64 issues21:19
sp3000although its background mail check prefs didn't work for me last I tried21:19
sp3000it would check regardless :(21:19
Disconnect||cw: waht issues? and yah, ffmpeg is nicely faster (although it could be even faster, it still generally uses 32bit asm many places)21:20
||cwjust the whole chroot issue when you have to compile stuff that won't work in 64bit for whatever reason21:22
djcbsp3000, please retry with the latest21:22
||cwhaven't had as much of that as I used to though21:22
*** zwnj has quit IRC21:22
||cwdrivers can also be a problem21:22
scriptdamn ... maemo-staff just deleted my .install-files?21:22
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:23
sp3000djcb: will do, haven't gotten to it post-reflash21:23
scriptwell .. they were broken as far is i know *NOW*21:23
scriptand now they are deleted21:23
sp3000script: specify21:23
scriptthis whole thing begins pi**** me off ... i tought moving to official maemo-extras repository was a wise idea21:23
*** matt_c has quit IRC21:23
sp3000after darius, I get funny vibes from anything that says deleted21:24
scriptsp3000: i specify:
scriptsp3000: that damn thing used to exists21:24
*** mgedmin changes topic to "development platform for Nokia Internet Tablets | | | | | os2008 download still slow - it's being worked on | seems to be"21:24
*** mgedmin changes topic to "development platform for Nokia Internet Tablets | | | | | os2008 download still slow - it's being worked on | is down?"21:24
script... seems to be painfully broken .. you meant?21:25
*** renatofilho is now known as renatofilho^21:25
*** scruggs has left #maemo21:25
sp3000ok, other stuff there seems to exist21:25
*** yerga has joined #maemo21:26
sp3000though I guess I'd still wait for the randomness to pass before shooting anyone21:26
FMZk-s: I could give it a good ol' college try... :)21:26
sp3000mgedmin: doesn't load for you?21:26
sp3000or what do you mean by down?21:26
FMZk-s: I haven't found any other info regarding the problem on the n80021:26
mgedminit loads, but try do download any .deb package and look inside21:26
mgedminit's a text file, not a package21:26
mgedmin"broken" would be a better word than "down"21:27
mgedminbut the /topic becomes too long and gets truncated21:27
* sp3000 isn't sure down describes that well, since the test I would use is to load something, and some things come out just fine21:27
*** Astro- has joined #maemo21:27
*** mgedmin changes topic to "development platform for Nokia Internet Tablets | | | | | os2008 download still slow - it's being worked on | broke down?"21:27
*** sp3000 changes topic to "development platform for Nokia Internet Tablets | | | | | os2008 download slowness being worked on | debs are broken"21:28
mgedmin"unusable" is also correct and descriptive -- try apt-get installing anything in scratchbox21:28
scriptsp3000: do you see any date prior to 23.11.2007 ?21:28
sp3000something like that I guess21:28
scriptsp3000: a "bit" odd?21:28
*** philipl has joined #maemo21:28
*** Astro has quit IRC21:29
*** cbx33 has quit IRC21:29
sp3000you said they were broken though?21:29
scriptsp3000: they used to be broken .. because i have a local copy here21:30
scriptso my guess is: someone recognized that and just deleted them ...21:30
sp3000maybe someone has a magic script21:30
scriptand mabye someone doesnt bother telling any developer their install-files were broken and now completely deleted21:31
* sp3000 doesn't know if such magic could notify helpfully21:31
sp3000if fact, I know nothing relevant at all21:31
MoRpHeUzanybody knows the status of usb-host-mode on n800 ? (chinook)21:31
fnordianslipjohnx: belated thanks. permissions resolved the ssh publickey authentication problem.  must have got screwed up in the backup process.21:33
halleychmod -R 700 ~/.ssh21:34
*** Atarii` has quit IRC21:34
*** Masca has joined #maemo21:35
*** andrunko has joined #maemo21:36
sp3000yays, bugs.maemo gives me "too many connections" a bit too much :(21:37
*** kevinverma has quit IRC21:37
sp3000(not always mind you)21:37
yabbasN00b question:  Does anyone know where to get the sources for the uinput kernel module; and how to compile for N800?21:39
fnordiansliphallet: tnx - fixed it earlier.  now to see if i can get ssh-agent working properly on the n800.  last time i tried it didn't seem to export the right stuff for ssh-add to work.  anyone got it going on OS2008?21:41
fnordiansliphalley even21:41
halleyI never use ssh-agent, dunno.21:42
Henry78i try again: anybody knows if it's possible to replace the osso-mailer with claws?21:43
*** pleemans has quit IRC21:43
*** pleemans has joined #maemo21:44
sp3000I think I've heard of people using claws on the tablets21:46
*** geaaru has quit IRC21:46
sp3000as for replace as in integration, dunno21:46
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo21:46
Robot101Henry78: did you try modest?21:47
Robot101it at least integrates to the notifications21:47
yabbaspenguinbait, just the guy I wanted to speak to :)21:48
*** fnordianslip_ has joined #maemo21:49
penguinbaityabbas !!21:49
penguinbaitwhats up21:49
yabbaspenguinbait, mind if we chat in pm for a sec?21:49
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC21:49
mgedminfnordianslip: I've got ssh agent working21:49
mgedminit's sweet21:49
sp3000djcb: frankly the real problem is I don't have a mailbox that I'd want notification for21:50
mgedminmy .profile has an ugly hack so that I could find my old ssh agent from previous osso-xterm sessions21:50
sp3000that'll take some infrastructure wrangling to set up :)21:50
sp3000(or per-folder notification prefs)21:50
yabbaspenguinbait, doh..should've read the stuff on PM'ing users ;)21:52
* sp3000 does have a "direct" label in gmail (i.e. imap folder) that would like notifications, however the actual inbox with all the bugspam rather doesn't21:52
fnordianslip_mgedmin: thanks.  i'm all over the place right now, sorry for tardiness in my responses.21:52
yabbaspenguinbait, did you get any messages?21:52
mgedminI know the feeling21:52
*** mikmach has joined #maemo21:53
Henry78dorry, missed that, Robot101. no, i'll have a look at it.21:53
Henry78err: sorry21:53
penguinbaitPrivate messages from unregistered users are currently blocked due to spam problems, but you can always message a staffer. Please register!21:53
yabbaspenguinbait, /join #penguinchat :)21:53
*** andrunko has quit IRC21:59
*** celesteh has quit IRC22:00
*** skibur has quit IRC22:04
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:04
fnordianslip_mgedmin: will try that .profile code in a few minutes.  did you manage to get grsync working with it, or have u not tried?22:04
*** crafton has quit IRC22:05
fnordianslip_repos seem to be working.  bugzilla emal notification suggests that the problems are solved ...22:05
Henry78hmm...modest is another mail client (maybe i'll try it out). but i was just looking for a way to integrate claws (which i'm already using) to os2008, so the new-mail notification an the popups relate to claws22:06
*** zodman has quit IRC22:06
*** zodman has joined #maemo22:10
*** mozillar has joined #maemo22:10
*** zwnj has joined #maemo22:11
mikmachhello, where can I find examples of xml files22:11
mikmachfor keys: multiply22:11
mikmachas mentioned in specification on maemo.org22:12
Henry78repos aren't working here...22:12
mikmach"modifier" like AltGr also would be welcome22:12
fnordianslip_hmmm. repos don't seem to be working here either.  just a moment of goodness i guess22:13
Henry78too sad.22:13
fnordianslip_seems like they just fixed the OS2008 download22:13
*** K`zan has joined #maemo22:15
|R <- if any of you have BT kbd or headset problems with 2008 final...22:17
|Rthere seems to be a big screw up somewhere as at least 10 persons have problems :22:17
halleymikmach, the Chr key on N810 is seen as AltGr, at least in maemo's pygame.22:19
mikmachI need this for N800 :(22:20
mikmachTo create Polish keyboard (diacritics etc.)22:20
*** philipl has quit IRC22:21
mikmachSlide would solve my problems but it doesn't work in stylus mode22:21
mikmachworks as charm in thumb mode but in stylus it is broken22:21
sp3000|R: oddly enough I don't see a bug link there22:22
*** philipl has joined #maemo22:23
|Rsp3000 : indeed, me neither... nobody has created one yet. :|22:23
lnx^is it just me, or are there some problems with the maemo chinook repo?22:24
K`zanlnx^: Looks like it has problems to me.22:24
*** DeLe0n has joined #maemo22:24
lnx^for how long has it had problems?22:24
lnx^i just upgraded to os2008 and am too lazy to download any debs!22:25
lnx^it throws me a gzip: invalid magic - Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1) error22:25
K`zanDecided to check it yesterday and it said 67 apps but I could only find 62 and of those 8 are missing install files.22:25
Henry78lnx^: at least the last 3 days, couldn't get it to work since upgrade to os200822:25
lnx^bleh, so we have to download the debs manually or what?22:26
K`zanTried to update ssh and it barked over a missing dependancy, fortunately ssh still works on the n800.22:26
*** barisione has quit IRC22:26
Henry78an instlal of openssh worked fine a few hours ago22:26
| is painful, won't let me login but i can on maemo.org22:26
*** yerga has quit IRC22:27
K`zanDunno, might be because it is overloaded, took a number of tries to get the repos updated...22:27
mozillaris there any way to get java vm on maemo?22:27
lnx^K`zan: you actually got it updated? i've tried at least 10 times, but keep getting the gzip error22:28
Henry78yes: gzip error, for days...22:28
K`zanIt would just hang on one or another of the repos, it it finally did update everything.22:28
K`zanNot sure how many times I did it before it finally got through all of them.22:29
*** GNUro has joined #maemo22:29
fnordianslip_K'zan.  me too.  also have strange dependency problems with an offered upgrade of libglade2-022:29
K`zanPatience is a virtue with 2008 :-).22:29
fnordianslip_just wait til all the new xmas owners start trying to install stuff too22:29
K`zanI'm holding off on the update for a while, everything I need is working so far.22:29
K`zan<shudder> that should discourage the less enthusiastic of them :-(.22:30
Henry78: )22:30
Henry78are repo-server comunitiy powered, or by nokia?22:30
K`zanThat web site is the worst PR for these wonderful little devices.22:30
K`zanDunno, I thought nokia.22:30
K`zanGeeky types will stick with it, but others are going to be disheartened and pissed...22:31
fnordianslip_i'm not sure if powered is the right word22:31
K`zanLOL, toooooooo true.22:31
mozillarwhois mozillar22:32
|Ridentity issues? :P22:32
mozillarI'm new to irc22:32
sp3000lnx^: weeeell, it was slow and intermittent for a few days, now it's fast but gives you error pages for debs :\22:32
K`zanWelcome to the insanity :)22:32
*** lubyou has joined #maemo22:32
lnx^sp3000: oookay, too bad..22:32
K`zansp3000: Sometimes pages don't even load right :-(.22:33
czrthey load left!22:33
czrdamn leftist pages!22:33
K`zanIt is indeed a MESS.22:33
* czr curses22:33
K`zanIf that is the case, I'm selling my n800 :)22:33
Henry78yeah: very sad, the update doesn't work...22:33
K`zanGlad I didn't install it, I thought I'd wait until the dust settles.22:34
fnordianslip_did u see the comment in bugzilla?22:34
fnordianslip_------- Comment #19 from  2007-12-21 21:06 GMT+3 -------22:34
fnordianslip_Firmware d/l seems to be solved, the download speed is back to normal. Many22:34
lnx^where can i get the nano .deb from? doesn't seem to be in the default repos at least22:34
fnordianslip_thanks to the guys at Nokia Download Services, Akamai and Ixonos!22:34
K`zan2007 gives me hope though :)22:34
lnx^oh wait, did i need a red pill for that?22:34
*** MagicFab has joined #maemo22:34
K`zanNeed a page just listing apps, would beat hell out of wading all over the net to find stuff.22:35
Henry78i found nano for 200722:35
sp3000fnordianslip_: well, yeah, that works fine now, doesn't it?22:36
sp3000I'm getting full speed for fw dl22:36
K`zanTake a while to mature, as noted, when it gets to the same place as 2007 stuff life will be good :-).22:36
*** felipec has joined #maemo22:36
sp3000(where full = about 200kBps here)22:36
fnordianslip_so how come the repos haven't improved then22:37
K`zanNokia doesn't really care?  Devs are too busy deving?22:37
sp3000that's a different thing?22:37
fnordianslip_is it?22:37
K`zanAs noted, patience is a virtue with things as they are :-).22:37
sp3000well, if one is working and the other not, clearly it's somewhat different :)22:37
*** |tbb| has quit IRC22:38
K`zanIt will all ultimately be resolved, riding the leading edge of the wave is always exciting :).22:38
fnordianslip_don't get all logical on me22:38
K`zan:-), It keeps me from crying :-)22:38
Henry78exciting...and you fall from time to time22:38
*** mozillar has quit IRC22:38
K`zanYep, true, I can always go back to my PC-1 if I get too worried :-) :-) :-).22:38
*** Blain has quit IRC22:39
Henry78yipee! canola2 starts to install!22:40
halleyWhy o why are people so bent out of shape about media players?  Who cares!?22:41
*** Finnnland has left #maemo22:41
yabbashalley, they look pretty22:41
halleyFull-screen video, or shut the screen off, or do something productive.22:42
Henry78i don't need it for video.22:42
Henry78just pics and sound...nice rock!22:42
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC22:43
sp3000I just got an actual deb from rmo22:43
*** penguinbait has quit IRC22:43
sp3000oh, but not from this directory22:44
*** GNUton has quit IRC22:44
sp3000bug 2609 is evil :|22:45
*** yerga has joined #maemo22:46
czrsp3000, that's only because I'm on my vacation!22:46
*** yerga has quit IRC22:46
czrhah. funny bug that one :-)22:47
czralso, the web server returns incorrect HTTP response code.22:47
czrsp3000, you might check luciano wolfs mail to maemo-devel (just in) about the http response code if you plan to take that bug22:47
sp3000I don't have anywhere I could take it22:47
* czr nods22:48
sp3000except maybe for a walk22:48
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo22:48
czrthere's always that22:48
czror you could teach it The Way of The CoTemplate22:48
*** GNUro has quit IRC22:49
sp3000I could make something up and go troll on some patterns wiki22:49
sp3000and confuse the hell out of people22:49
sp30003. profit22:49
* sp3000 giggles at "To: This is the main mailing list for Python for Maemo developers <pymaemo-developers@garage...>"22:52
*** cizarro has joined #maemo22:52
FMZ1.  Work hard22:53
FMZ2. Don't profit22:53
sp3000consume, be silent, die?22:53
Takthe american dream22:53
* cizarro hates silly little wlan-enable switches on laptops22:53
FMZExactly :)22:53
sp3000I think that's no longer in's motd22:53
*** unique311 has quit IRC22:54
sp3000too bad22:54
*** czr has quit IRC22:54
*** cizarro is now known as czr22:54
*** Disconnect has quit IRC22:54
FMZIt's no surprise they call it the American Dream, you have to be asleep to believe it...  - Bill Hicks22:54
*** mk500 has joined #maemo22:54
K`zanFMZ: LOL22:55
*** t_s_o has quit IRC22:56
kenneFMZ, I heard that you had some comments on the podcast22:57
FMZkenne: For Canola?22:57
*** MikeL has joined #Maemo22:58
Takhmm, anybody have the screenshot link I posted this morning?22:59
FMZYup... When I try to download my podcases, I get an "error during download"22:59
K`zanFound a nice little PSP softcase for the n800, not bad and is MUCH better than the glasses case it comes with.23:00
kenneFMZ, I will add better error reporting to the download manager23:00
halleyI need to find something better for the N810.  It's ugly but functional once it loosens up a bit.23:01
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo23:01
FMZkenne: Cool, thanks man :)23:04
k-sMoRpHeUz: maybe canolad should close(stderr,stdout) and later reopen those to point to logfile23:04
k-sMoRpHeUz: this way we would log lms errors?23:04
*** jacques has joined #maemo23:04
k-sMoRpHeUz: something like you're doing in a hackish way in python, but this time in a proper unix way :-)23:04
*** Henry78 has quit IRC23:05
lnx^what should i use for e-mailing if my inbox has over 4000 messages?23:06
lnx^the default e-mail app lags quite a bit and is unusable23:06
tontsayou should use folders and sort your mail :)23:06
MoRpHeUzk-s: I'm just using python's log system, specifing a file..23:06
lnx^pssh :P23:07
lnx^that requires effort23:07
*** marciom has left #maemo23:07
tontsaseems that it requires effort aswell to find email client that likes your habbits23:07
lnx^how about modest?23:08
tontsahow about microb and some webmail23:09
kenneFMZ, im looking at it right now :)23:09
sp3000modest does take some time (a minute or two?)  to populate my 30k+ gmail inbox on each startup23:09
sp3000it might work out ok on 4k23:09
lnx^sp3000: does it work fine after the startup?23:10
sp3000as far as I can tell, yeah23:10
lnx^the default email app is slow all the time :S23:10
tontsathe default mailapp also somehow manages to disconnect my bluetooth based internet if you set it to check mails automatically23:11
tontsanot always, but very often23:11
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC23:11
*** Tuco1 has quit IRC23:12
db48xtontsa: ouch23:12
db48xI use Gnus for all of my email, but obviously I don't run it on my n80023:13
tontsafor real email i still use ssh+screen+pine23:13
sp3000I'd like to set up things so I can be notified of, let's say, sms-parity email23:14
*** Sulis has joined #maemo23:14
*** hugolp has quit IRC23:14
sp3000I'm not sure if I can really get that with good coverage without setting up a mail server to fetch and filter for that purpose though23:15
db48xmost IMAP servers can notifiy the client when you recieve an email23:15
db48xdunno if the existing clients support that, however23:15
sp3000that's not the problem, having an inbox that gets the mail I want to be notified of only is the problem :)23:16
*** hugolp has joined #maemo23:16
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo23:16
sp3000sms-parity being an importance and frequency class, here23:17
sp3000lag is fine, though iirc modest supports idle (don't know if that applies in the background)23:18
*** luck^ has quit IRC23:20
*** zodman has quit IRC23:23
acydlordanyone having touchscreen issues after the new n800 0s2k8 update?23:24
ccookeso, has anyone been able to install canola2 yet?23:25
acydlordyeah, i installed it about 2 minutes after it went live23:26
*** krau has quit IRC23:26
lnx^sp3000: modest indeed seems to work. can we change the default links to point to it, i.e. compose e-mail message & view e-mail box etc23:26
*** Vudentz has quit IRC23:26
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC23:27
ccookeacydlord: ah. before the repo trouble, then?23:27
*** philipl has quit IRC23:27
acydlordduring the repo trouble, managed to sneak a couple downloads in23:27
ccookeseems to be uninstallable now23:28
sp3000lnx^: not atm23:28
acydlordi may have to reflash if the issues with my touchscreen are an isolated incident though23:28
*** vcgomes has quit IRC23:28
*** k-s has quit IRC23:32
*** philipl has joined #maemo23:32
*** cymacs has joined #maemo23:34
*** freakazoid0223 has quit IRC23:35
cymacshow come that is giving "The service is temporarily unavailable." while Packages.bz2 (and even the uncompressed one) are working perfectly fine?23:36
JaffaFUBAR is as FUBAR does.23:37
*** dolske has quit IRC23:37
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo23:39
||cwwonder what kind of load the server is on anyway23:42
*** magicrobotmonkey has joined #maemo23:42
magicrobotmonkeyhow do you hit alt on the n810?23:43
ccookeare there any alternate download locations?23:43
halleyMagic, you don't.  :)23:43
ccookethere's no alt. what are you trying to do?23:43
magicrobotmonkeycrap irssis gonna be tough to use23:43
ccookemagicrobotmonkey: nah. using it now23:44
ccookeescape - number switches window too23:44
Takthere's always xchat ;-)23:44
Jaffassh, screen & bitchx23:44
ccookeescape is mapped to the lower of the two buttons on the main face23:45
djcbmodest supports IMAP-IDLE23:45
ccookeJaffa: ugh! angry fruit salad ui!23:45
*** DeLeOn has joined #maemo23:45
djcband you can turn off auto-download in your settings23:45
acydlordi <3 modest23:45
Takmmm...angry fruit salad...23:46
acydlordmodest = email client made of less suck23:46
ccookemagicrobotmonkey: also, use screen. then you can remap ctrl-t to tab23:46
magicrobotmonkeyccooke: how do i hit esc number?23:47
halleyHe already said.23:47
halleyThe lower half of the button on the front panel is Esc.  Then Fn+W is 2.23:47
* Jaffa must try it post-reflash tomorrow. Want to know if is fixed23:47
magicrobotmonkeyyea but i have to hit fn, esc, #?23:47
ccookemagicrobotmonkey: see the non-keyboard button like a spiral arrow anticlockwsise?23:47
halleyEsc, Fn, W.23:47
magicrobotmonkeyk let me see23:48
ccookemagicrobotmonkey: I find it usable23:48
magicrobotmonkeygar it keeps exiting term23:48
ccooke(anyone else find the keyboard *much*more usable with clicking on?23:48
*** zodman has joined #maemo23:48
magicrobotmonkeydo i hold esc while i hit fn w?23:49
ccookemagicrobotmonkey: no23:49
halleyYou don't even have to hold Fn.23:49
Takthis is beginning to sound like an emacs tutorial23:49
halley(Unless you use scim-anthy.)23:49
ccookeall-in-all, the n810 is pretty good for irc23:49
magicrobotmonkeyguess i was making it too hard23:49
djcbJaffa, if you set the settings to text-mode, you should get the "> " thing23:50
Jaffadjcb: excellent, thanks23:50
magicrobotmonkeyhow about caps lock or fn lock?23:50
Takgngeo and xmaeme releases up23:50
halleyNo Fn-lock.23:50
halleyCapslock is Shift, Shift.23:50
ccookehalley:  there is23:50
JaffaFn Fn is Fn-lock23:50
ccookeit is fn fn...23:50
sp3000magicrobotmonkey: hold esc means close app23:50
halleyGuess I didn't try Fn Fn before adding scim-anthy.23:51
*** zodman has quit IRC23:51
Takhave a good end of year, all23:51
sp3000so exiting makes sense :)23:51
sp3000you too, and tak it easy :P23:52
magicrobotmonkeysweet thanks a buch guys23:52
*** zodman has joined #maemo23:52
*** kenne has quit IRC23:52
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC23:52
ccookenow all I need is an xterm that'll remember I want no **** bar at the screen bottom23:53
halleyStill want Tab for completions in xterm.23:53
ccookehalley: it's gettable23:53
ccookedo you use screen?23:54
magicrobotmonkeyhow about links in the term?23:54
halleyNo, I don't use screen.23:54
sp3000magicrobotmonkey: tap and hold -> context menu -> ...23:54
ccookehalley: ah. out of luck then23:54
ccookeyou can still tab with ctrl-i23:54
sp3000magicrobotmonkey: mind you, tap and hold on small things can be a bit tricky23:54
ccookebut that's awkward to use23:55
ccooke(ctrl-i is the code tab generates)23:55
ccookeif you use screen, you can redirect ctrl-t to tab with 'bindkey ^t stuff ^i23:56
ccookethat help?23:56
* halley shudders.23:56
halleyCtrl+i is better.23:57
ds3Okay, what is the current place I should get kismet binaries for OS2006 770's? stuff from google seems to be in varying states of development23:57
ccooke(in screen, that's esc-Â: to get a prompt, then the bindkey)23:57
dragornds3: there are no official ones currently23:57
dragornds3: However, being recently inspired to work on it again, I've got base functionality mostly working on os2008, and a lot of that will carry back to os200723:58
ccookehalley: you have smaller fingers than me, then. not that that surprises me - I'm oversized :-)23:58
*** lmoura has quit IRC23:58
halleyI've never met a Cooke who wasn't oversized.  ;)23:58
*** dshep has joined #maemo23:59
*** zodman has quit IRC23:59
ccookehalley: oh?23:59
halleyPun... 'cook'.23:59

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