IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2007-12-18

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doc|homeskibur: abiword can I think00:04
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sgehrmanFM Radio in n810 doesn't do anything00:09
sgehrmanis it suppose to work?00:09
derfI thought the N810 didn't have an FM tuner.00:10
sgehrmannot sure, but the applet is included00:10
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sgehrmanits the second applet in the list of installed stuff.  It would be strange to include it but to not have a chip right?00:12
derfYes. I agree that would be strange.00:12
Vulc|Blehits probably included in OS2008 final00:12
halleyThe N810 does not have FM hardware.00:12
Vulc|BlehIt'd be in there for the n800, and they just didn't remove it for the 81000:12
youamanyone know about the status of the pimlico tools for os2008?00:13
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diver_xhi, is there a way to get or build a kernel module for mppe without flashing the n800 again ? i'm using os200800:35
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skiburis there a .deb for abiword  for OS2008?00:36
skiburWow!  Otopia for N800?00:37
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halleyapt-get often hangs after 'gzip' on chinook/free for some reason; then when I bail it has dupe entries in sources.list to clean up00:39
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halleyDisconnect has a problem.00:41
halley"What we have here is a failure to communicate."00:41
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skiburhacking is all I know00:52
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killfillhi guys00:54
killfillthe "mediastreamer" should see daapd servers, right?00:54
killfillor just upnp's?00:54
killfillanyone?.. :)00:56
devkillfill: afaik only upnp00:56
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killfillwhats a daap client (except for canola)00:57
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killfillmy upnp server is a little buggy..00:58
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killfillwhats up with canol2 anyway?.. :P00:58
killfillany news?00:58
devkillfill: mine works, but mediatomb should be fine too00:59
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killfillits a bug with freebsd or something.. it telling something about the swap..01:00
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penguinbaitits next week, them codes work yet??? :)02:16
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czrhey alterego & all03:29
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alteregoHey czr enjoying your holiday?03:38
czralterego, yup. although today was slightly cold03:38
czrgot sun-burned the very first day, just my luck :-)03:38
* czr looked like a small little piggie03:38
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czralterego, hows things over here?03:39
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* czr continues relaxing ->04:01
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Esworpso, what is scratchbox exactly?04:13
dragorna mix of an emulator, the compilers, and a development environment.04:14
dragornlets you run (most) of the maemo dev as if it were on a device04:14
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alteregoIt's a cross platform development environment.04:15
alteregoIt's used for building customized linux root filesystems and applications for other architectures.04:15
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Esworpi use the gpe caleendar and todo a LOT.  can i expect it to work w/os2008?  wasn't it going to get updated?04:16
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kaieit's unfortunate that device flashing will not reinstall all the apps. how do the maemo developers solve that problem, who probably flash their device all the time?04:30
kaieis there a batch-like mechanism that can be used to reinstall all the apps you want? I guess the answer is to login via ssh and do it from the shell via apt-get...04:31
kaie( s/device flashing will not/data restore after device flashing/04:31
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Esworpi /think/ you can use rsync to basically image things- but as i type that i could imagine that that wouldn't work in the case of a os change.04:38
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Esworpohoh,  i got a question about videocenter...04:42
Esworphow do you add channels/services?  the nokia-provided selection is a little paltry04:44
unique311video center available for os2008?04:47
Esworpdunno.  but it's underutilized in general.04:51
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zerojayEsworp: I've been working on my own selection for single-click adding of podcasts and videocasts to Video Center.05:33
zerojayWaiting for a 2008 version.05:33
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pupnik /lastlog code06:16
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|Rcan anybody summarize the Nokia Open Source License?06:24
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rhykinif you're using the n80006:56
rhykincan you upgrade to 200806:56
rhykinthen back to 200706:56
rhykinor is the hardware change by 2008 going to affect it from downgrading06:56
rhykinand does anyone know ifthe hardware unclock will stay in place06:57
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pupnikyou can downgrade06:59
pupnikno hardware change, all software06:59
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ds3is there a working program that will let me send and receive SMS's with a bluetooth capable phone on either the 770 or N800?07:07
ds3found one but the comments suggest it doesn't work well07:07
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tontsadoesn't gnokii work just fine, atleast for sending07:08
rhykinds3: phonelink07:08
ds3think thats the one07:12
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saroweris there any calendar application for N800?07:28
pupnik_yes GPE?07:29
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sarowerpupnik_: how i can install it in my device.?07:29
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saroweris there any calendar application for N800?07:55
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sarowerhow i can install it in the device?08:02
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saroweris not there...!08:09
saroweris there any calendar application for N800?08:09
sarowerhow i can install it in the device?08:09
sarowerany body please..!08:10
unique311application manager08:10
unique311google can help ya with that.08:10
unique311google maemo gpe08:11
sarower<unique311> but there is a .install file only08:11
sarowerwill it work?08:12
saroweri just double click on it..?08:12
unique311open the link where the .install file is on the N800s webbrowser08:12
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unique311.install files only work from the devices browser08:13
sarowerI have already downlooaded it in the Pc08:13
unique311no go08:13
sarowerThen transfered it in the device08:13
unique311never did it that route..not sure it will work08:14
sarowernow if i click on it.. will it work?08:14
unique311not sure08:14
unique311give it a try08:14
sarowerThanx a lot08:14
unique311another way08:14
pupnikunique311: do you remember what kind of fps you got with desmume?08:14
unique311is to open the .install file in word or notepad08:15
unique31110 max08:15
saroweryah then..?08:15
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unique311open app manager and add the repo links to app manager08:15
unique311when you open the .install file you should see the repo links08:15
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sarowerok thank you..08:16
unique311hope i was clear....sometimes i confuse myself.08:16
unique311pupnik, you can get it higher than 10 i think08:16
unique311just the screen was way to small.08:17
unique311and i only got a couple of homebrew apps going08:17
unique311you know how small garnet vm screen is08:18
unique311desmume is smaller than that.08:19
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unique311let me know if you get it to compile...i tried to get it compiled for chinook, but didn't get anywhere.08:19
pupnik:/ i got it to compile but i don't remember how08:20
unique311remove the gl stuff08:20
unique311i think thats how i did it for bora08:20
pupniki'm not interested in it though.  tak was just asking about it08:20
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unique311what about neopop, had sonic the hedgehog going at 25fps on it.08:22
*** Masca has joined #maemo08:24
unique311if you can get pass the segfaults for the chinook compile, i think you will have descent game emu.08:25
pupniki totally missed out on neopop08:26
pupnikdo you have a tarball of a built neopop?08:26
pupniki see here08:27
pupnikNeoPop is a NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator for the Nintendo GameCube. Currently, it is only available in source code form so you must compile it yourself.08:27
unique311mind you i gave it a go the other day, and only ended up with segfaults...not sure what i'm doing wrong.  (chinook)08:28
L0cutuswhat is the problem with bluez-utils ?08:29
L0cutusi'm unable to upgrade it08:30
L0cutusfrom comman line it claim want to remove osso_software_version :-O08:30
infobotL0cutus meant: from command line it claim want to remove osso_software_version :-O08:30
unique311pupnik here's how sonic look,  don't be fooled by the screenshots on the neopop link08:30
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pupniklooks great :)08:32
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pupnik"A whole range of new apps might be 2008 compatible now that they have improved gtk to 2.10.? + cairo."08:47
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unique311pupnik, i got it to work08:59
unique311just needed to run it with a certain flag08:59
pupnikthe cli version?08:59
unique311ran in in silent mode.08:59
unique311which is -S09:00
unique311and it runs09:00
unique31151 fps with no game loaded.09:00
unique311sonic at 35fps max09:01
unique311not bad at all09:01
pupnikthis is neopop?09:01
pupnikU want me to host it?09:02
unique311need to change some stuff in the source to get a bigger screen.09:02
pupnikok give link pls when you do, source/bin09:02
unique311let me mess with it some more.09:02
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sciboyDang, going to have to return this BT keyboard. =(09:04
unique311n810 will not have any issues with it...slide keyboard09:04
unique311but n800 and 770 users will have  problems i think.09:04
sciboyIt paired but I don't think OS2008 is actually recognising it as a keyboard, just some anonymous device.09:04
pupnikthis the $39 thing sciboy ?09:05
sciboyNo, $19009:05
*** rwhitby has joined #maemo09:06
sciboyThe mac wireless keyboard is bluetooth right?09:06
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limepiwait, neopop?~09:18
limepi!!?@? awesome09:18
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sciboyYep, seems I'll probably grab the apple wireless keyboard and be done with it.09:22
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* konttori has also been considering apple wless09:31
sciboyI'm not just considering it, fact is it's the only practical one available in my area.09:32
sciboyI was hoping for portable/fold-away, but that idea flopped since they're just too hard to come by, and they aren't as stable.09:32
sciboyOnce I return this POS, I'll go grab one.09:33
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|Rwth is this nokia 8800 at 1500$ i see on eBay?! :P09:34
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limepiI considered the apple keyboard09:34
limepibut I have a fabric one. it just doesn't work :(09:35
sciboyOh _that_ fabric one.09:35
sciboyI avoided it since I want something I could use on my lap.09:35
sciboyPlus, I'm addicted to keys that click.09:36
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* timely ponders10:28
timelysuppose itos didn't have application manager10:29
timelywould it be possible to treat the tablet as something that could be safely given to untrusted people10:29
timely(basically just a web browser)10:29
celestehuntrusted like they might stuff it in a pocket and wander off?10:30
timelycelesteh: more like i don't want them changing the system configuration10:30
celestehamy physical access to any machine gives the user access to break in to it10:30
timelyclearly ICD settings would need to be locked down10:31
timelyand about:config10:31
timelyotherwise someone could set a proxy and snoop10:31
sp3000without rd mode you can't install stuff from privileged documents I suppose10:31
sp3000s/rd mode/root access setup/10:32
infobotsp3000 meant: without root access setup you can't install stuff from privileged documents I suppose10:32
fatal-does osso or anything else provide an service to play a "beep", ie a notification sound?10:34
timelyecho ^G doesn't work? :)10:35
hahloI did steps like topic said, but last step didn't work: sb2-init -m maemo maemo $HOME/arm-2007q3/bin/arm-linux-gcc10:36
hahlo /usr/bin/sb2-init: illegal option -- m10:36
hahlowhy is that?10:37
timelywow, short topic10:37
lle2hahlo: which version of sb2 you have?10:37
*** harobed has joined #maemo10:37
timelylle2: you want the topic all to yourself?10:37
lle2timely: no :)10:38
lle2timely: I originally intended not to hijack it completely, but pressed enter accidentally before completing it10:39
lle2hahlo: too old :)10:39
hahlolle2: where I get newer? I follow instructions and install it with apt-get10:40
*** asgeirf has joined #maemo10:40
*** toi has quit IRC10:41
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC10:41
lle2hahlo: yup, sorry for jumping the gun a bit with the instructions, but I wanted to get them out before the holidays10:41
lle2hahlo: at the moment you need to build it yourself10:41
lle2it's not hard10:41
lle2the top part of the non-debian guide describes how10:41
lle2just uninstall the version that you have now10:41
hahlolle2: ok, thanks10:41
lle2leave qemu though, that should be fine10:42
lle2hahlo: are you on a 32bit host?10:44
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo10:44
hahlolle2: yes and I build newer sb2 but still older is in use despite make install went through10:51
lle2hahlo: could you uninstall the older one?10:51
hahloI try10:51
lle2and add the new one to the path, $HOME/scratchbox2/bin, if you followed the instructions10:52
hahloI followed this: Partial Step by Step Guide for non-Debian i386 Hosts10:52
*** Zekquel has joined #maemo10:54
Zekquelhello, anybody using maemo online ?10:54
Zekqueli need someone that knows maemo well to help me use it on an arm-based linux10:59
Zekqueli have this:   with a touchscreen-lcd and i want to be able to use maemo and maemo applications with it11:00
lle2that's not trivial11:00
timely"development platform for Nokia Internet Tablets | | | |
*** timely changes topic to "development platform for Nokia Internet Tablets | | | |"11:01
timelyin case you need to fix something in the future :)11:01
lle2although I think we should try to make it short11:02
lle2and have a rotation policy for the first 30 characters, so that it can be used effectively for advertising new stuff11:04
Zekqueli thought that if it is an open-source platform, someone may have ported it .. not really port11:04
Zekqueli run an arm-based linux, exactly as nokia internet tables do11:04
lle2yeah, on an xscale11:04
*** deejoe has quit IRC11:04
*** deejoe has joined #maemo11:04
timelyexplaining what maemo is requires a PhD11:04
* timely doesn't have one11:04
lle2last I checked xscale was bigendian11:04
*** barisione has joined #maemo11:05
Zekqueli kind of know what maemo is11:05
* pupnik has a foggy idea 11:05
Zekquelmaemo is a set of libraries ( sorry for my bad english )11:05
unique311pupnik, mapped a couple of keys, messed with the source and got it fullscreen.11:05
timelyZekquel: i'm not sure i could find two people at Nokia who could agree as to what maemo is11:05
lle2maemo is a process, a metaphore, a state of mind11:05
pupnikcoool :)11:05
unique311uploading a quick video11:05
unique311looks pretty cool11:05
unique311i'll send you the source code, and the bin in a minute11:06
timelyZekquel: i suspect i could probably get even 5 people to agree to my statement :)11:06
*** asgeirf has quit IRC11:06
unique311you can hack away at it a little more.11:06
pupnikwill you make a post on ITT?11:06
Zekquelyes timely, but i have a certain true in my statement that maemo is a set of libraies11:06
lle2Zekquel: it's definitely a non-trivial thing to port maemo to your hw11:06
unique311not sure..11:06
Zekqueldefine non-trivial lle211:07
*** syntux has joined #Maemo11:07
Zekquel( sorry for my bad english again )11:07
lle2something that I would not do in my freetime11:07
unique311you can if you want...if i release it on itt they'll want me to do more work to it..  :)11:07
timelyZekquel: well, does maemo include a kernel? because that isn't a library11:07
lle2and I hack sb2 as a hobby, so that should put it in perspective11:07
timelyand does maemo include binaries? because those aren't libraries :)11:07
syntuxhow's OS2008 with N800 so far?11:08
timelyand each release has a different set of libraries11:08
Zekquellle2, you are right, but i was asking if someone did this before, so i won't have to study it from scratch11:08
Zekquelor if nokia provides enough docs to help me start porting11:08
lle2Zekquel: as far as I know most of the maemo cruft is in openembedded11:08
Zekquelyou see.. it's not really porting11:08
lle2that supports xscale targets11:08
Zekquelporting means to rewrite a program from an architecture to another, from an OS to another11:09
Zekqueland in our case the os is the same11:09
lle2use openembedded if you want to have results this decade11:09
hahlolle2: export $HOME/scratchbox2/bin said bash: export: `/home/hahlo/scratchbox2/bin': not a valid identifier11:09
lle2hahlo: you should do export PATH=$HOME/scratchbox2/bin:$PATH11:10
Zekquellle2 let me see what is openembedded11:10 tells everything11:11
Zekquelyes, i am now browsing it11:11
hahlonow sb2 -v gives
lle2hahlo: since you're on a debian system, you can ignore the rest of the non-debian guide11:12
lle2go back to running sb2-init11:12
Zekquelmy linux is also a debian-based linux11:13
*** celesteh has quit IRC11:13
hahlolle2: sb2-init -m maemo maemo $HOME/arm-2007q3/bin/arm-linux-gcc11:14
hahlonow works thanks11:14
lle2hahlo: great!11:14
*** ZorTiGGe has quit IRC11:15
lle2Zekquel: mine is not. fedora 8 is good.11:15
Zekqueli mean the linux on the embedded device11:15
lle2it is?11:15
lle2then you don't need openembedded11:16
lle2and you don't need maemo11:16
lle2debian is almost infinitely better than either of thoes11:16
Zekquelyes lle2, but i need a graphical package for my device11:16
Zekqueland maemo looks very attractive11:17
lle2do you have X server on it?11:17
Zekquelcan install gtk2 too11:17
Zekquelbut i am not very familiar with the x-server11:17
lle2hmm, in *principle* you could take the hildon & related libraries and compile them to your target11:18
lle2but you're totally asking for a lot of pain11:18
timelylle2: are you discouraging someone from using hildon? how dare you ;-?11:18
lle2you might want to look at how openembedded has integrated them into their build system11:19
Zekquelnever used it before11:19
Zekqueli am a programmer11:19
Zekqueli am working with gps devices, serial communications11:19
Zekquelthe graphic-based devices is a new domain to me, that i have to learn how to deal with it11:19
Zekqueland the company that provides the embedded board does not have any forum to discuss things..11:19
Zekqueland i could not find any embedded-linux dev forums11:19
*** tobmaster has joined #maemo11:19
lle2I cannot recommend simply taking the source packages and recompiling them, as their quality is hilarious11:19
Zekquelyes lle2 i have tried this too11:20
timelyhilarious isn't quite the right word11:20
*** monkeyiq has joined #maemo11:20
timelysometimes you'll feel better being the lemming who walks off the cliff11:20
Zekquelbut yet i have no knowledge about a few things on embedded linux11:20
Zekquelwindows ce is more documented than embedded linux, but me prefers linux11:21
lle2I think you should start by making sure the X server works11:21
astro76Zekquel, also consider your device only outputs 640x480, maemo is set-up for 800x480, touch screen, no mouse or cursor11:21
timelyZekquel: who's your audience, and what do they need?11:21
lle2and after that test gtk2 with some "hello world"ish gui app11:21
timelyif you can afford to pay for the wince/winem license, and or feel that the price is worth the value of the documentation11:22
Zekqueltimely, i am only learning the device for now... no audience11:22
timelythen perhaps the tradeoff is worth it11:22
timelydocumentation is very valuable, people generally don't realize just how valuable11:22
lle2once that's out of the way, slowly start looking at compiling the hildon libraries, manually, with no debian packaging11:22
timelyor how hard it is to buy/pay for good documentation11:22
Zekquellle2 i never heard of hildon libraries before11:23
timelyZekquel: hildon is maemo's ui glue11:23
lle2Zekquel: from what I remember recent hildon libs support vanilla gtk11:23
timelyit's something like
lle2I would prepare to use about a month or two to get the maemo gui stuff built and running11:24
timelyiirc ubuntu mobile or someone actually started playing w/ or using it11:24
Zekqueli will try to read more on hildon and openembedded11:24
timelyalso, is there a time frame?11:25
timelybecause there's at least one other embedding platform that will eventually exist11:25
timelythere's some strange paradox that talks about the best way to do something as being not to start until later11:25
unique311ubuntu mobile for i38611:26
*** Khertan has quit IRC11:26
timelyunique311: but does it use hildon?11:26
unique311not intended for arm, which sucks11:26
Zekquelno time limit.. i started learning embedded as a hobbty11:26
*** Khertan has joined #maemo11:26
*** slomo has joined #maemo11:27
pupniklle2: yes pcsx just uses the vanilla gtk for e.g.11:27
unique311lots of familiar packages11:27
astro76I'd be surprised if they don't target ARM eventually11:28
*** dev has quit IRC11:28
*** BeBraw has quit IRC11:28
*** dev has joined #maemo11:28
lle2I would hope they target x86 first properly before aiming their buggywagons elsewhere11:28
*** veli has joined #maemo11:29
astro76seems to be their plan11:29
lle2spread their bugs far and wide?11:29
*** toi has joined #maemo11:31
*** konttori has joined #maemo11:31
*** cambba has quit IRC11:31
*** cambba has joined #maemo11:32
unique311not sure why youtube won't play my video of neopop running on the n80011:32
unique311don't think i did anything illegal.11:32
JaffaMorning, all11:33
unique311good morning11:33
*** mbuf has quit IRC11:36
*** simon_ has quit IRC11:39
*** Zekquel has quit IRC11:39
*** bilboed has joined #maemo11:40
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:40
*** toi has quit IRC11:41
*** tigert has joined #maemo11:42
unique311there it is..11:43
unique311pupnik, check ur PMs11:43
*** dev has quit IRC11:43
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo11:44
* tigert posted some wallpapers in the ui team blog11:44
*** dev has joined #maemo11:44
tigertfor those of you who are using os200811:44
AD-N770bon dia / good morning11:44
tigertyo mr. dent11:44
tigertI guess it'll be in the planet soon too11:44
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo11:45
protocol_Hi, anybody knows how to use ESD to record sound on maemo platform.11:46
protocol_I am trying a simple example application "esdrec" which does not work.11:46
*** bedboi has joined #maemo11:46
bedboihi all11:47
protocol_It hangs on the sencond read attempt every time I tried.11:47
protocol_"esdrec" works perfectly on pc.11:47
protocol_Any help would be really appreciated.11:47
unique311  Sonic the hedgehog pocket adventure running on neopop emu  (N800)11:48
*** Iso has quit IRC11:53
*** Iso has joined #maemo11:53
timelytigert: nice art11:54
Jaffa has some nice ones which scale up to 800x480 nicely11:56
* Jaffa likes "Dewdrop" in there.11:58
*** simon_ has joined #maemo11:58
*** Iso has quit IRC11:59
jeddy3tigert and jaffa: nice!11:59
*** Iso has joined #maemo11:59
fatal-err.. How can I make some system service to be run as root?12:00
fatal-it seems to be that by default /etc/init.d is being run as user?12:01
fatal-yet somehow some of the services manage to be started as root anyhow12:01
*** red-zack has joined #maemo12:03
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC12:05
pupnikthanks unique311 and merry christmas12:05
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo12:06
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo12:07
*** florian has joined #maemo12:09
pupnikunique311: was fps much better without scaling?12:09
*** Sho_ has quit IRC12:11
floriangood morning12:17
*** t_s_o has quit IRC12:18
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo12:18
maddlahmorning all...12:20
*** maddlah has quit IRC12:21
*** maddler has joined #maemo12:21
*** wplayya has joined #maemo12:24
*** disqk has joined #maemo12:29
*** disq has quit IRC12:30
*** disqk is now known as disq12:30
*** beav2s has joined #maemo12:32
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo12:32
X-FadeHmm I guess nobody noticed the big news? :)12:36
wumpusbig news?12:36
jeddy3os2008 :)12:36
jeddy3just read it...12:37
* tigert is kicking marko in the butt to put his wallpapers in the blog too :)12:37
bedboiX-Fade: which news?12:38
*** florian has quit IRC12:39
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC12:39
*** cambba has quit IRC12:39
*** Khertan has quit IRC12:39
*** tobmaster has quit IRC12:39
*** barisione has quit IRC12:39
*** lardman_ has quit IRC12:39
*** pdz has quit IRC12:39
*** rev has quit IRC12:39
*** jeremym has quit IRC12:39
*** liia has quit IRC12:39
*** jait has quit IRC12:39
*** jjo__ has quit IRC12:39
*** mikem23 has quit IRC12:39
*** nomis has quit IRC12:39
*** jkyro has quit IRC12:39
*** xan-afk has quit IRC12:39
*** milhouse has quit IRC12:39
*** Justin has quit IRC12:39
*** rafl has quit IRC12:39
*** theril_ has quit IRC12:39
*** ryoohki has quit IRC12:39
*** RP has quit IRC12:39
*** procto has quit IRC12:39
*** thoenig has quit IRC12:39
*** solmumaha has quit IRC12:39
*** Gathaja has quit IRC12:39
*** Jaffa has quit IRC12:39
*** anders_ has quit IRC12:39
*** veli has quit IRC12:39
*** jumpula has quit IRC12:39
*** gw280 has quit IRC12:39
*** MDK has quit IRC12:39
*** fr01 has quit IRC12:39
*** mat has quit IRC12:39
*** rlifchitz_ has quit IRC12:39
*** Firehand has quit IRC12:39
*** sbz has quit IRC12:39
lle2must be the release of sb212:39
*** florian has joined #maemo12:40
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo12:40
*** cambba has joined #maemo12:40
*** veli has joined #maemo12:40
*** Khertan has joined #maemo12:40
*** tobmaster has joined #maemo12:40
*** barisione has joined #maemo12:40
*** lardman has joined #maemo12:40
*** pdz has joined #maemo12:40
*** rev has joined #maemo12:40
*** fr01 has joined #maemo12:40
*** solmumaha has joined #maemo12:40
*** thoenig has joined #maemo12:40
*** jait has joined #maemo12:40
*** ryoohki has joined #maemo12:40
*** procto has joined #maemo12:40
*** jkyro has joined #maemo12:40
*** RP has joined #maemo12:40
*** Justin has joined #maemo12:40
*** mikem23 has joined #maemo12:40
*** nomis has joined #maemo12:40
*** theril_ has joined #maemo12:40
*** milhouse has joined #maemo12:40
*** jjo__ has joined #maemo12:40
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*** xan-afk has joined #maemo12:40
*** jeremym has joined #maemo12:40
*** MDK has joined #maemo12:40
*** Gathaja has joined #maemo12:40
*** gw280 has joined #maemo12:40
*** Jaffa has joined #maemo12:40
*** jumpula has joined #maemo12:40
*** anders_ has joined #maemo12:40
*** sbz has joined #maemo12:40
*** Firehand has joined #maemo12:40
*** rlifchitz_ has joined #maemo12:40
*** mat has joined #maemo12:40
bedboii'm making a backup12:41
*** ol_schoola_ has joined #maemo12:43
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC12:44
*** Mekin has joined #maemo12:48
*** ol_schoola_ has quit IRC12:48
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo12:50
L0cutuswow thanks bedboi  !12:53
L0cutusi'm downloading12:53
L0cutusalso my 16Gb SDHC is arrived today :)12:53
*** rocketman has joined #maemo12:54
bedboidamn it's huge12:54
rocketmanSomeone have a fast download site for the new release for N810?12:54
bedboii don't think it's supported12:54
bedboirocketman: come on, be patient :)12:54
rocketmanOfficial download site going at like 15 k/s12:54
bedboiah cool12:55
bedboii'm stealing all the bandwidth12:55
bedboiit's 120kb/s12:55
*** jhassine has joined #maemo12:55
L0cutus<bedboi> i don't think it's supported12:55
L0cutusyes, i''m using it now (ext2)12:55
bedboiare you serious?12:55
L0cutusplus an 8Gb internal12:56
rocketmanAt this rate, my N810's batteries will be drained by the time it is done downloading and the updater will magically brick my n81012:56
L0cutusso total il 24gb :D12:56
L0cutusi'm downloading at 110k/sec12:56
tontsadoes that update work thru application manager too or you need the cable?12:57
*** rothiel has joined #maemo12:57
L0cutusi don't know if it is 'safe' to backup and then restore all...12:58
L0cutusi have beta 112:58
tontsai have n810 with os2008 already in it12:58
rothielHello World :)12:58
L0cutusciao ro12:59
dpb_tontsa: the new os2008 image that was released today?12:59
L0cutusciao rothiel12:59
tontsadpb_, no of course not12:59
*** konttori has quit IRC12:59
L0cutusdate report today12:59
rocketmanHere is a file change log12:59
dpb_yeah, people here were talking about the new one :)12:59
rocketmanlooks like the gps driver was updated13:00
tontsayeah and i'm wondering if it's just a simple update for n810 folks13:00
rocketmanas well as libbluetooth213:00
tigertthe url lists a changelog I think13:00
tontsagood that bluetooth is updated, cause it's very shaky on my n81013:00
*** slomo_ has joined #maemo13:00
rocketmanand some new themes13:00
cosmo_is there any sensible text editor for device, that can edit any normal text files?13:01
cosmo_and doesn't need huge dependencies13:01
rocketmanI like nano, myself13:01
rocketmanpretty straightforward13:01
* jeddy3 hopes for a canola 2 soon also, that would make my weekend13:01
rocketmandoesn't require reading a book to learn like vi and emacs13:01
L0cutusalso flashplayer and microb13:02
cosmo_is there deb available? i found some nano version which wanted dependencies13:02
*** sarower has quit IRC13:02
cosmo_emacs would be the best ;)13:02
cosmo_i'd settle for something like maemopad which wouldn't be limited to MyDocs13:02
rocketmanSome sip changes too13:02
jeddy3rocketman, you have link to changelog?13:03
rocketmansorry, thought I posted already13:03
rocketmanmetalayer-crawler0 unchanged :(13:04
L0cutushope they fixed also the 'softpoweroff' script13:04
tontsahehe. i have something like 42-19 on mine right now13:04
* rwhitby wonders if they have finally added the GMT+9:30 timezone for Adelaide13:05
*** ijon_ has quit IRC13:06
rocketmanGlad to see chess got updated...cause that was real critical13:06
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo13:06
*** alterego has joined #maemo13:07
rocketmanRSS reader updated13:08
L0cutusdon't know why they don't use torrent files....13:08
* pupnik refreshes13:08
rocketmannewer xterm13:08
rocketmanI was listening to "This American Life" and Ira Glass was bitching about the bandwidth bills and how they were like $200,00013:09
L0cutus88% ;)13:10
dpb_os2008 has xterm installed by default? cool.13:10
rocketmanI wrote a letter explaining in layman's terms the benefits of torrent distribution13:10
rocketmanthey are still begging for money....13:11
tigertcosmo_: I would guess emacs would work just by recompiling the src deb of emacs-nox?13:11
tigertcosmo_: it would be pretty big of course13:11
tigertbut thats emacs for you :)13:11
tigertmicro-emacs might be useful?13:11
tigertanyone remember that one?13:11
tigertI had it on the amiga years ago, though I had no clue what it was :)13:11
_berto_or joe ;)13:12
_berto_with the emacs keybindings (jmacs)13:12
tigertwas fun to discover it again a few years back when I booted my a500 again after a long time13:12
Veggenhmm. download speed not too bad compared to when they released the beta.... :)13:12
tigertjmacs was ok13:12
*** bedboi has quit IRC13:14
*** wplayya has quit IRC13:14
*** wplayya has joined #maemo13:14
*** unique311 has quit IRC13:15
rocketmanAnybody managed to download the file yet?13:15
rocketmanI am sitting at 30% and it is getting slower and slower...13:16
Veggen30 of 134 MB now.13:16
*** GNUton has joined #maemo13:16
Veggen(but I only started a few minutes ago)13:16
Veggenaround 100 KB/sc.13:17
rocketmanIf someone has finished 44_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin could they please host a torrent?13:17
kulveis it legal to host that?13:17
Veggenprobably not.13:18
L0cutusok, flashed13:18
L0cutusit have found my backup data and asked for restore13:18
rocketmanI am always extremely dubious about restoring anything from backup13:19
rocketmantheir backup program basically just overwrites files13:20
rocketmanand it has been known to have extremely subtle bad consequences in the past13:20
L0cutushem :)13:20
rocketmanI basically restore my repositories list and bookmarks13:20
tigertif you have nothing in the device already (just flashed it) there are not much to overwrite13:20
tigertI guess the problems might arise if you have a backup from your 770 os2005 and you want to restore it13:21
L0cutusi have many apps to restore13:21
rocketmanthe point is, the backup program when restoring can overwrite configuration files with older, not completely compatible versions of those same files13:21
rocketmanIt caused a lot of problems with microb for instance13:21
tigertrocketman: yep, I see the problem13:21
L0cutusit is reinstalling all apps13:22
cosmo_first crash with the new 2008 ;)13:25
GNUtonHi! :)13:26
rocketmanOS 2008 - Crash Different13:27
L0cutuslol cosmo_13:27
L0cutusv2 crash different13:27
rocketmanAll hail the new bugs, same as the old bugs13:27
cosmo_tried to install fm radio and browser died. on second time it seems to work..13:27
*** beav2s has quit IRC13:28
rocketmanThis is on a n800, right? N810 doesn't have a radio, so that might be your problems13:28
*** henrique has joined #maemo13:28
cosmo_well, the browser shouln't crash even on 81013:29
tigertthe 2008 has been pretty solid for me lately13:29
alteregoIn an ideal world.13:29
tigertyou havent even seen the first iterations of the OS :-)13:29
tigertits been pretty good now13:29
cosmo_ok, the browser died _after_ installing13:30
cosmo_hm, this getting started demo is fancy13:32
rocketmanOh well, this download is moving like sludge. Going to go get my 3:30 am lunch break13:32
*** codi has quit IRC13:34
tigertit's 1337 o'clock soon again! :)13:34
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo13:34
inzoh noes13:35
inzThe eastern americans have it better, they have 1337EST13:36
tigertinz: did you compile the fancypants xterm for os2008 yet btw?13:36
tigertsince it has the stuff we left out for style/consistency reasons from the included one13:37
tigertI know some people have requested that one13:37
* tigert likes the included one though, suits me better than the tabs etc13:37
rocketman337 right now :)13:37
inztigert, nah, I read the code of the bundled one and got depressed13:38
ccookefancy terminal? got a link?13:38
*** zncbtrn has quit IRC13:43
*** guardian has quit IRC13:43
mgedmin, wasn't it?13:44
mgedmin( is s l o w)13:45
tontsanow just needs chinook build :)13:46
kulvewe really do. The "built-in" is horrible (worse that maemo-hackers version at least)13:48
dpb_better than nothing though..13:50
tontsathe built-in is quite usable13:50
kulveI don't like it at all. It doens't have tabs etc13:51
*** luck^ has joined #maemo13:51
tontsawell my usual use case is just ssh:in to remote host and detaching screen13:51
tontsaso lack of tabs doesn't bother me13:51
kulveI need to attach to 3 screens :)13:52
*** Vulc|Sleepysleep has quit IRC13:52
jumpulakulve: nested screens, different meta-keys?13:52
tontsawell poor you then :)13:52
kulveI had desktop files running xterm + "ssh remotehost", but I couldn't do that with the built-int13:52
dpb_terminals shouldn't have tabs...13:54
*** klausade has quit IRC13:54
*** fnordage has quit IRC13:54
*** toi has joined #maemo13:55
JaffaRelatively big bump in macromedia-flashplayer version (2.30-1 to 2.35-1)13:56
lardmanwhat we need is a bump in the Nokia shop discount code parsing component13:56 reports 'still in stock'13:57
JaffaIndeed. My wife wants this N810 ASAP.13:57
Jaffatablet-browser-controls: 0.1.24-1 to 0.2.2-1.13:58
pupniki just know they'll go on backorder as soon as I get the confirmation13:58
alteregoI feel like I'm in the lowest depths of Hell ..13:58
pupnikyou must be coding something13:59
GNUtonI'm testing hildonmm.. i've compiled a simple application, but it doesn't work.. it crash with this message 'Failed to open "/var/lib/dbus/machine-id": No such file or directory'13:59
alteregoNo, I'm attempting to configure Exim for multiple domains :/13:59
alteregoGNUton, you need to generate that file.13:59
alteregoSo: sudo sh -c "dbus-uuidgen > /var/lib/dbus/machine-id"14:00
GNUtonalterego: ok works! :)14:01
GNUtondone! :)14:01
alteregoWhat works?14:01
alteregoWhat's done?14:01
GNUtonalterego: machine-id generated.. and yhe simple program start..! :)14:01
GNUtonit doesn't crash anymore!14:01
GNUtonalterego: thank you! :)14:02
alteregoNo problem.14:02
*** Rocketman12 has joined #maemo14:02
Rocketman12Sitting at Denny's....freaking Denny's14:03
*** booiiing has quit IRC14:04
Rocketman12Was going to get myself a big juicy burger at Jack in the Box....but the employees locked themselves in and were asleep on the tables14:04
*** booiiing has joined #maemo14:04
*** wnd has joined #maemo14:05
Rocketman12sometimes I hate working the night shift...14:05
JaffaBTW, am I missing something or does OS2008 have no visual indicator any more as to whether a WLAN is ad-hoc or infrastructure?14:06
tigertit has14:06
tigertas far as I know14:07
Rocketman12So, any first responses to the new release?14:07
*** ijon_ has quit IRC14:07
tigertJaffa: should have ·)))) vs ·)))· in the icon?14:07
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo14:08
tigertthough I dont have that exact one installed, but the icons were updated a while ago so I guess they should be in that release14:08
Rocketman12I think wireless-tools has been released now14:08
Rocketman12so you can get all the details you want14:09
kulveare the ipv6 tools in some repo for os200x?14:09
lardmanI'm probably just heading up into purgatory, trying to tweak the OGG bit reading code to use 16bit chars rather than 8bit. Uuurgh14:10
*** halley_ has joined #maemo14:11
*** halley_ is now known as halley14:12
pupnikwould someone with a clue talk to lardman please?  i can't14:12
lardmanpupnik: don't worry, I'm making progress14:13
*** guardian_ has quit IRC14:13
lardmanpupnik: crc code is tweaked, but there are more functions which need tweaking14:13
pupnikok.  please put comments in - maybe someone else can learn from them14:14
lardmanyeah, I'll do a patch against the original when I get it done14:14
Jaffatigert: you're joking, right? 3 bars rather than 4 is supposed to be the difference? Hollowed vs. filled was bad enough, but how as a user am I supposed to remember which is which (or, if I've only got one type shown, which it is)14:15
*** Vudentz__ has joined #maemo14:16
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:17
*** mallum has joined #maemo14:22
*** Rocketman12 has quit IRC14:24
tigerttwo dots for ad-hoc14:24
tigertmaybe my ascii borked14:24
tigert.)))) vs .))).14:25
tigertadhoc has "two peers" in the metaphor14:25
tigerteven though its not totally correct technically14:26
tigertsince adhoc is not just peer-peer of course14:26
*** vivijim has joined #maemo14:27
*** guardian has joined #maemo14:28
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo14:30
*** ab has quit IRC14:34
*** kenne has joined #maemo14:40
Jaffatigert: ok, I'll try reflashing and checking again. I even RTFMed and it said "ad-hoc connections show X, and infrastructure show Y" - but I couldn't see a difference between X & Y.14:42
*** booiiing has quit IRC14:42
*** Vulc|Bleh has joined #maemo14:43
*** user_ has joined #maemo14:44
*** Esworp has quit IRC14:44
tigertyeah, hmm14:44
tigerti will flash the 2008 on my n800 soon too14:45
tigertlets see14:45
lardmananyone have experience of updating asm code?14:46
lardmanI'm trying to work out whether I'd be better off updating some C54 asm to work on the C55, or just implementing the functions in C and possibly tweaking the asm from there14:46
JaffaMaintenance in C is going to be easier for other developers too, I guess.14:47
*** matt_c has joined #maemo14:47
lardmanyes and there are lots of remark and warning messages emitted about this asm, would probably take a fair while to do14:48
lardmanthough it may be necessary in the end to make it fast enough14:48
*** toi has quit IRC14:49
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo14:51
*** vivijim has left #maemo14:53
*** lardman is now known as lardman|lunch14:57
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:00
*** monkeyiq has quit IRC15:02
*** Skrylar has joined #maemo15:03
X-FadeHmm Nokia triple slider :)
*** guardian has quit IRC15:12
derfThat sounds like either a drink or a baseball pitch... or both.15:12
*** BeBraw has joined #maemo15:12
*** andrunko has joined #maemo15:14
pupnik  Chris dodd courageously stands up for the constitution15:15
*** mbuf has joined #maemo15:17
*** Vulc|Bleh has quit IRC15:18
Skrylarpupnik: :D15:19
*** Blain has joined #maemo15:19
*** vivijim has joined #maemo15:20
*** guardian has joined #maemo15:22
Skrylarpupnik: Britain wants to charge thousands of dollars to invite family in to the country :/15:22
SkrylarFor visits15:23
giskarddo you know when the discount code will be accepted by nokia?15:23
Veggenfuck. "repair card" isn't fsck?15:24
*** konttori has joined #maemo15:24
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo15:25
*** hugolp has quit IRC15:31
*** Skrylar has left #maemo15:32
Veggenmmf. Internal slot of my card is usable from PC (via usb cable), but not from n800. Anyone seen that before?15:32
Veggenit's the slot, not the card. tried switching internal/external card, and several things. things works externally, not in internal slot.15:33
*** hugolp has joined #maemo15:37
fysapower off/on15:39
Veggenremoving battery, I guess?15:40
*** darren has joined #maemo15:42
Veggenhmmf, that did it. Why didn't I think of that? (I just turned off/on via menu, although I should know that's not a full reboot)15:43
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo15:43
*** wplayya has quit IRC15:44
*** blast007 has quit IRC15:44
*** fnordage has joined #maemo15:45
*** rocketman has quit IRC15:45
*** Tuco111 has joined #maemo15:45
*** blast007 has joined #maemo15:48
*** bedboi has joined #maemo15:52
bedboiis there any gui application to turn on/off  usb networking15:53
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo15:56
*** guardian_ has quit IRC15:57
*** guardian has quit IRC15:57
pupnikbah wrong channel15:57
*** fnordage_ has joined #maemo15:58
*** Vudentz__ has quit IRC15:58
*** guardian has joined #maemo15:59
*** krau has quit IRC16:01
*** Tuco11 has quit IRC16:01
*** Rocketman has joined #maemo16:04
*** krau has joined #maemo16:04
*** guardian has quit IRC16:04
RocketmanGot my 810 flashed and reasonably restored16:04
Rocketmanstill working on my 80016:05
Rocketman3.8 KB/sec16:05
RocketmanOS feels much more responsive than that which shipped on my 81016:06
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC16:06
RocketmanWas able to pair my headphones too16:06
*** rask has joined #maemo16:06
*** Atarii has joined #maemo16:07
Rocketmandon't think they are doing a2dp, but wasn't able to pair at all before16:07
*** Disconnect has quit IRC16:08
*** guardian has joined #maemo16:10
*** pyhimys has joined #maemo16:10
*** fnordage has quit IRC16:10
timelessjaffa: ping16:10
*** mbuf has quit IRC16:11
melmothGRumble... os2008 is released16:18
melmothbut i cannot reflash my n800, what am i doing wrong ?16:19
melmothroot@satellite:/home/melmoth/tmp/maemo# /home/melmoth/bin/flasher-3.0-static -f -R RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin16:19
melmothflasher v0.9.0 (Jan 19 2007)16:19
melmothSuitable USB device not found, waiting16:19
melmothUSB device found found at bus 004, device address 01316:19
melmothFound device RX-34, hardware revision 130116:19
melmothNOLO version 1.1.616:19
melmothVersion of 'sw-release': <no version>16:19
*** hmacht has joined #maemo16:20
Jaffatimeless: pong16:20
*** renatofilho^ has quit IRC16:22
*** Rocketman has quit IRC16:22
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo16:22
*** renatofilho^ has joined #maemo16:25
timelessjaffa: /join # please :)16:25
pupnikmelmoth: what is the problem16:25
* timeless notes the irony16:26
*** toi has joined #maemo16:27
pupnikare you referring to me timeless ?16:28
melmothpupnik: wrong md5sum actually16:28
melmothdownloading the image again16:28
sp3000melmoth: you're not specifying a fiasco?16:30
melmoththats true too, when i put the -F it complain about wrong size16:30
timelesspupnik: doubtful, see server notices16:35
*** Astro- has joined #maemo16:35
*** Astro has quit IRC16:36
*** Atarii` has joined #maemo16:38
*** Atarii has quit IRC16:38
*** Atarii` is now known as Atarii16:39
*** derf has quit IRC16:39
*** user_ has quit IRC16:39
*** Vudentz_ has joined #maemo16:41
*** Atarii has quit IRC16:46
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo16:47
*** giskard has quit IRC16:49
*** guardian__ has joined #maemo16:50
*** toi has quit IRC16:50
*** guardian_ has quit IRC16:51
*** z72ka has joined #maemo16:52
L0cutussomeone is using the wireless apple keyboard with n800 ?16:52
pupnik"Unfortunately due to the N800's seperate LCD controller it's practically impossible for it to use the powervr mbx."  - m03ez16:54
*** playya_ has quit IRC16:56
scriptL0cutus: i'm using it w/ 77016:56
*** playya has joined #maemo16:56
L0cutusscript, it is bluetooth right ?16:57
scriptL0cutus: right16:57
L0cutusdoes it work ok ? no problems ?16:58
scriptL0cutus: it works, usual problems ...16:58
L0cutusFn key does work ?16:58
scriptL0cutus: repeating keys etc16:58
scriptL0cutus: what is Fn?16:58
L0cutusFunction keys16:58
L0cutusF1 F2 etc16:58
*** lardman|lunch is now known as lardman16:58
scriptL0cutus: you mean the hardware-keys?16:58
scriptL0cutus: those are mapped to F1...F4 iirc16:58
lardmanpupnik: where was that said?16:59
scriptzoom, home, etc.16:59
L0cutusi have a dell XTBT01, but sometime it 'lost' some key16:59
scriptL0cutus: that happens with the apple keyboard too17:00
L0cutusbackspace, enter etc sometimes 'dead'17:00
L0cutusif i reboot n800 then they back alive17:00
scriptand i don't think thats a problem on the keyboard side ;)17:00
L0cutusdon't know if it is a n800 problem or keyboard problem17:01
scriptthere are even some bugs on bugzilla concerning the problem iirc17:01
L0cutuswith os2007 never happens to me...17:02
*** shackan has joined #maemo17:03
*** guardian has quit IRC17:04
pupniklardman: on a youtube video :)17:04
*** Atarii has joined #maemo17:04
pupniki wonder if the guy knews what he is talking about :)17:04
fysaI believe he's talking out his ass.17:05
*** simon_ has quit IRC17:06
*** Atarii` has joined #maemo17:07
*** Atarii has quit IRC17:07
lardmanpupnik: you have an url for the video?17:08
fysaThat early mplayer 'note' of the slowness of the video subsystem has been propagated to death and hurt our situation more than the original issue ever would have otherwise.17:09
*** Atarii` is now known as Atraii17:09
lardmanwhat is the actual bandwidth limit in terms of what resolution at 30fps?17:10
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo17:10
lardmaniirc we're not able to achieve that throughput as the video decoding is too slow17:10
*** blassey has joined #maemo17:11
lardmanif I were him, I'd get off the tower17:12
pupnik hhaha17:12
fysaEither way, I feel pixel doubling is a perfectly acceptable solution given our insanely high dpi.17:13
lardmanpupnik: you got a login? ask him why he thinks that17:13
fysaThis is what started it all.17:13
fysaThese tests need to be rerun on OS2008..17:14
lardmanhe sent a later email with some figures17:14
X-FadeHmm what is this RX-48?17:15
X-FadeIsn't that the RX-44 ?17:15
lardmanoh yes, sorry17:16
X-FadeRX-48 :)17:16
lardmanmmmm :)17:16
lardmanif [ "$HW" = 'RX-44' -o "$HW" = 'RX-48' ]; then17:16
lardmanso not a typo17:16
X-FadeNo, check the commit message..17:17
X-Fade"added RX-48"17:17
X-Fade  * Added 'RX-48' to the HW-specific part of CUD. Fixes: NB#7847217:18
*** truent has quit IRC17:18
lardmanthat's a rather large bug number17:18
*** tank-man has quit IRC17:18
X-Fadelardman: That is the internal bugzilla.17:18
lardmanstill a big number!17:18
X-FadeNB= Nokia Bugzilla..17:18
X-FadeNah, all bugs these days are that high..17:19
*** jacques has quit IRC17:19
*** skibur has joined #maemo17:21
*** truent has joined #maemo17:21
skiburhow can I  backup all my programs that i have installed on my OS2008 beta?17:21
skiburis there an option?17:21
JaffaX-Fade: don't suppose you could let us know what NB#7847217:21 ;-)17:22
X-FadeJaffa: I'm not a Nokian, so no..17:22
*** czr has joined #maemo17:22
JaffaX-Fade: ah, fair enough.17:23
maddlerskibur: you can use the backup function... :)17:23
X-FadeJaffa: But my guess is: "No support for RX-48 in app killer" :)17:23
lardmanfysa: 800*480*12bit = 560,000bytes. 560,000bytes * 30fps = 16.48Mbytes/s17:23
skiburhow 0.6mb17:23
skiburI backup all my stuff, it is only 0.6mb17:23
JaffaThat script is very odd. "only remove [.osso] if there is a certain amount of free space [3.5MB]"17:23
fysadoes it actually back up your programs?  or just the packages you have installed and the repos?17:24
fysa(the list of packages, I mean)17:24
skiburanybody a seed for OS2008 bin?17:24
Jaffafysa: the latter17:24
Jaffaskibur: N810 or N800 image?17:24
fysaI bet WebRunner/Prism could do some good on our platform.17:25
*** GNUton has quit IRC17:25
* Jaffa 's not yet seen the point of WebRunner17:26
fysaYou could distribute site-specific GreaseMonkey and CSS in a bundle.17:26
fysaa "GMail" bundle.17:26
*** zaphot_away is now known as Zaphot17:26
lardmanhmm, shame the Sandvall patch doesn't include anything related to the 16bit byte stuff, and strange that the mailing list entries pointed to by the Tremor wiki page also only mention a few bits17:26
Jaffafysa: Ah, yeah good point - the GreaseMonkey/Stylish type stuff is an obvious one on our platform.17:27
*** simon_ has joined #maemo17:27
czrhey lardman17:28
lardmanhi czr17:28
fysaI didn't see much point of WebRunner elsewhere, but some popular sites could become much more useful with 'treatment.' -- i.e, instead of requiring apps to use a special API like WebKit (which would never happen), we prepare an environment to make client-side modification of the web app/site as easy as possible.17:29
Jaffafysa: a very neat idea; especially if combined with Google Gears or the Firefox 3 local storage stuff.17:29
fysadrop them in like distributable bookmarks.17:29
JaffaHas microb got any of the local storage API stuff?17:30
fysadon't know, I'm just getting into microb more now.17:30
*** Dar has quit IRC17:30
fysafinal OS2008 comes with a reasonable microb updated it looks like (0.1.x.x to 0.2.x?)17:31
dpb_Jaffa: well atleast it's based on the same source tree..17:31
fysaupdate, rather17:31
*** NetBlade has quit IRC17:31
fysawould have to talk to timeless about it.17:32
*** shackan has quit IRC17:33
Jaffadpb_: yeah, might be very interesting to combine those features with site-specific greasemonkey/css designed for the small screen with a WebRunner-type thing, as fysa suggests.17:34
*** kkito has joined #maemo17:34
*** wald0 has joined #maemo17:37
wald0anybody has the md5 of 2.2007.50-2 ?17:37
lardmanhmm, no derf17:37
melmoth89e0661318f60420c691f4e1dd0c6ba3  RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin17:38
melmothsee MD5SUMS file :)17:38
wald0thanks :)17:38
wald0melmoth: the server is VERY slow, and actually it timeouts giving me the md5  lol17:39
melmothi have been trying/failed to donwload it for an hour or 2 now17:39
*** hmacht has quit IRC17:39
wald0melmoth: i have a external download found on google:
*** hexa has joined #maemo17:39
wald0melmoth: this is why i wanted the md5 ;)17:39
skiburWhat is microB?17:39
czra very small b17:40
skiburI normally just open the browser and surf17:40
skiburo ok17:40
skiburlol dumb me17:40
wald0microb is on the system of 2008 ?17:40
wald0by default*17:40
tontsamicroB is the name for slimmed down gecko engine17:40
skiburOpera Family?17:40
tontsagonna flash RX-44_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin as soon as the thingie has charged battery full17:41
tontsacame pretty fast17:41
tontsaohh.. you can't use the windows update utility for this, aargh17:42
*** mankod has joined #maemo17:42
wald0mankod: no sabía que tenias un n800 :)17:42
*** konttori has quit IRC17:43
mankodwald0, who are you ?17:43
wald0mankod: thana camuflado17:43
mankodwald0, :O17:43
mankodwald0, a pues como ves que si :D17:43
wald0how are you mankod ? :)17:43
mankodmankos is mankos, are you now :D17:44
*** mankod is now known as mankod117:44
wald0how i upgrade the firmware ? i don't remember... any link ? i have the flasher-3.0 to upgrade my n800 to 2.2007.50-217:46
lardmansearch the wiki for "flasher"17:48
wald0|]/stmp[| md5sum RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin17:48
wald089e0661318f60420c691f4e1dd0c6ba3  RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin17:48
wald0melmoth: seems to be correct :)17:48
wald0thx lardman17:49
skiburI need a torrent on N800 - OS200817:50
*** jhassine has quit IRC17:51
*** Tuco111 is now known as Tuco117:53
*** GNUton has joined #maemo17:54
wald0skibur: im going to put the image on my server...17:57
tontsawhee. 50-2 booted succesfully atleast, forgot to make backup though :P17:59
tontsalet's see if bluetooth works any better17:59
*** guardian__ has quit IRC17:59
fysais there a method for apt-get upgrade?17:59
*** guardian has joined #maemo18:00
lardmandoes anyone understand the Tremor bitwise.c code?18:01
*** wald0 has quit IRC18:07
*** felipec has joined #maemo18:07
lardmanyou can carry on talking you know18:10
lardmandon't mind me ;)18:10
*** kaie has joined #maemo18:12
tontsaapplication manager atleast sucks, it's downloading (refreshing) the repos, but gets always stuck after few kilobytes. the sucky part is that you can't know what repo is causing it18:14
lardmantontsa: there's a log18:15
lardmanlook in the menus18:15
tontsaoh cool. repository.maemo.org18:15
X-Fadetontsa: Everybody is restoring their tablets..18:15
*** Free_maN has quit IRC18:16
solmumahamaybe in 10 hours... :(18:16
skiburNokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard 2007 ok to use for OS2008?  N800?18:16
tontsai used something like that, dunno was it called 2007 though for N81018:17
skiburo ok18:17
tontsahow do you gainroot on this new one18:18
JaffaInstall becomeroot, `sudo gainroot'. Bosh.18:18
Jaffabecomeroot is nice and in a repo, so it should be maintained across reflashes too18:18
tontsayeah would install if i could get any repos working :)18:19
*** wald0 has joined #maemo18:20
dragornif you set it to r&d mode with the flasher you can just do sudo gainroot natively18:20
wald0How i flash n800 to 2008 WITHOUT remove my personal boot loader ? (i have other system on my mmc card), i want to save my loader18:20
tontsathere's no switch in the windows flasher and i'm too lazy right now to boot some linux livecd18:21
*** L0cutusM has joined #maemo18:22
*** Khertan_TheReal has joined #maemo18:23
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone18:23
kulvewald0: since the bootloader might included fixes, I recommend flashing it too18:23
skiburhow big is the N810 bin file?18:24
wald0well, ok18:24
wald0skibur: aprox, yes18:24
skiburwhat about N800?18:24
*** Thanatermesis has joined #maemo18:27
tontsa141227980 bytes with 25292105f0769680828ea2ccd36d6807 md5 (N810)18:28
*** kkito has quit IRC18:28
kulveskibur: maybe you should unpack it and compare the components.. (depending of course why you are comparing them..)18:29
*** ph|ber has joined #maemo18:29
ph|beranyone using an 810?18:29
tontsai am18:30
ph|berwhat all have you installed to it?18:30
ph|bermine will be here today.. just wondering.18:30
tontsanothing at the moment, just flashed it to new version that was released today18:30
ph|bersweet.. is that on
tontsabluetooth seems to work better atleast18:31
*** guardian has quit IRC18:32
*** Tak has joined #maemo18:32
pupnikwb Tak18:32
* Tak set alterego -nonpedantic18:33
Thanatermesisis microb the new browser of 2008 by default ?18:33
Takpupnik: thanks18:33
pupnik  unique311 built a new emu tak18:33
*** unique311 has joined #maemo18:33
Takuhh - isn't that video on an n82?18:34
Takor was the link unrelated to the comment?18:34
ph|bermy phone is the n9518:35
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo18:36
pupnik  neopop emu18:37
Takhmm - is that significantly different than gngeo?18:39
pupniki haven't looked at it yet18:40
Takhahaha..."The decision to ship American games in cardboard boxes..."18:41
unique311just woke up18:42
pupnikright after i mentioned neopop you showed up18:42
*** guardian has joined #maemo18:42
unique311good stuff18:43
Takyay @ directive error18:43
unique311i was responding to a message for the video.18:43
Takso - is that significantly different than gngeo?18:43
Thanatermesiswhat is the default browser on the last firmware update ?18:43
unique311gngeo wont compile18:44
unique311neopop actually does, with no issues.  and runs games at good speeds.18:45
Takhmm, I was almost positive I got gngeo to build18:45
*** jhassine has joined #maemo18:45
Takwell - do they support significantly different sets of games, or not really?18:45
unique311gngeo also looks like the system..18:46
*** rothiel has quit IRC18:46
unique311neopop is the pocket version, like a gameboy.18:47
unique311but if you got that working, can i get a binary...would like to play that.18:47
Takbut it looks like ngpocket had a subset of ng games18:48
Takso I'm wondering if neopop is significantly faster, ec18:48
infobotTak meant: so I'm wondering if neopop is significantly faster, etc18:48
*** rask has quit IRC18:48
Thanatermesishow dosbox works ?18:48
unique311tak with graphics size set to default 1 before compiling it...35fps max.18:49
unique311i compile it with graphics size set to triple18:50
*** slomo_ has quit IRC18:50
unique311which slows down fps,  but then i up'ed the frameskip.  which helps alot.18:51
*** L0cutusM has quit IRC18:53
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo18:53
*** ian_brasil has joined #maemo18:53
liiahow do you type pipe in n810 xterm?18:54
Takit's in the third tab in the default en_US kb18:54
penguinbaitis it next week yet?18:54
X-Fadepenguinbait: nope..18:54
penguinbait:( will it really be this week?18:55
Takfuck, I can't build gngeo anymore - it used to build18:55
X-Fadepenguinbait: I think that all depends on the people operating the online shops ;)18:55
penguinbaitI feel like a kid, and christmas keeps changing dates :)18:55
* Tak curses new bora rootstrap18:55
unique311wont build in chinook also.18:56
ThanatermesisWTF ? i had see a "video converter" on my n800 with chinook and when i try to install it, it try's to download a .exe  lol18:56
*** mankod1 has quit IRC18:56
fnordage_hi all.  what do I need to do to update scratchbox for the latest build? "apt-get dist-upgrade" perhaps?18:56
AtraiiThanatermesis thats for windows18:56
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo18:57
ThanatermesisAtraii, what's windows ?18:58
penguinbaitAre there any games for nokia that would use joystick support, I have my usb wifi logitech rumblepad working but no apps to use it with18:58
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo18:58
penguinbaitwill quake1 use hid joysticks?18:59
*** geaaru has quit IRC18:59
Thanatermesispenguinbait, the OS use joystick, not the games, the OS needs to detect it like a joystick, simply19:00
*** bedboi has quit IRC19:00
penguinbaitso do games, the OS sees it fine, but nothing is using /dev/input/js119:00
penguinbaitIf I test in KDE its all working19:01
Thanatermesispenguinbait, try ln -s /dev/input/js1 /dev/js119:02
penguinbaitQuake2 should work, but I would have to manually add the bunding, which I need to figure out, I wish quetoo had the menus19:02
Thanatermesissome games try to access at the old device tree system19:02
Atraiibomberman wud be good19:02
penguinbaitYou still need something to map the inputs to keys or use the inputs direct19:02
penguinbaitI did notice using the buttons, unblanks the screen19:02
*** t_s_o has quit IRC19:05
Takpenguinbait: xmame?19:06
penguinbaitjoy2key should do the trick, but xmame might also work19:07
solmumahayay, eta only 5 days, can get it flashed before christmas19:10
Takaha, got it built19:11
*** VimSi has quit IRC19:12
*** VimSi has joined #maemo19:12
fnordage_so, will an "apt-get dist-upgrade" bring my chinook target up to date in scratchbox, or do i need to do something else?19:13
Takwith the cyclone and drz80 core19:13
Takit runs, at least the help message - I'll send you the package for more extensive testing, if you'd like19:14
*** elpaso has joined #maemo19:14
unique311ya...send it.19:14
elpasoHi all, I'm figthing with latest 0s2008 on N800. Incredibly, I cannot kill a process as root19:15
Takheh, what process?19:15
elpasoit hangs19:15
elpasokillall -9 maemo-mapper don't work19:16
elpasokill -9 pid neither19:16
nomiswell, then it probably is zombified.19:16
elpasoneed and exorcist?19:16
nomiselpaso: "reboot" is a pretty good exorcist  :)19:17
fnordage_shoot the device?19:17
pyhimys3 ave marias, and reboot should do it19:17
skiburIs it safe to use restore from OS2008 Beta to Official OS2008?19:17
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC19:17
pyhimysskibur just trying to do it19:17
pyhimysso far the application manager updates repositories19:18
skiburI am, but it seems to freeze when It is trying to restore apps19:18
pyhimyshas been for 30 minutes(?) so far19:18
pyhimysskibur: sounds familiar :)19:18
elpasoanother question while rebooting... I've uploaded tuxpaint in extra-devel chinook but nothing happened, shall I do something in order to push it in extra repository?19:18
tontsayeah some repos are impossible to get.. like the one that has becomeroot19:19
skiburDownloading 6kb...    It has been like that for about 5+mins19:19
pyhimysskibur: maybe the repositories are just hammered at the moment19:19
skiburo ok19:19
*** Inil has joined #maemo19:20
skiburI guess I just try later19:20
pyhimyseveryone and their friends are updating at the moment19:20
tontsathey should have released 800 and 810 images on seperate days :)19:20
*** lopz has joined #maemo19:20
solmumahaor maybe get some more bandwidth19:20
tontsaor get those maemo repos atleast on debian's mirroring system19:21
fnordage_so, how do i upgrade scratchbox to match chinook19:21
solmumahamy image is almost here, only 3 days left19:21
tontsawhich image are you after19:21
tontsaoh.. i'd have 81019:21
fnordage_i have the indt vmware vm, and am wondering if "apt-get dist-upgrade" will do the trick19:21
milhousexterm is still as crap as ever... why didn't they just ship the version we know and love rather than tinker with it and balls it up? ho hum. bah humbug.19:22
Thanatermesiswhat is the default browser on chinook ?19:23
milhousethere is not other choice19:23
infobotmilhouse meant: there is no other choice19:23
fnordage_ok.  if my last question was too hard, can someone remind me where to put fonts on the n800.  i have the google android ones, which are nice, but can't remember where to put them.19:23
sp3000surely someone has made a lynx/links package19:24
tontsa/usr/share/fonts and reboot19:24
milhousesp3000: there may have been a version of lynx knocking about for os200719:24
Thanatermesismilhouse, microb sounds good :) since i can use google services... on opera i can't click on the "items" !19:24
milhouseopera? never heard of it :)19:24
fnordage_tontsa: thanks19:25
Thanatermesiswell, ppl says that opera is very good19:25
tontsai'm very happy with this os update, bluetooth is finally rock solid19:25
tontsahas been up already over 45mins.. before it was just 10-15mins max19:25
*** greentux has joined #maemo19:26
*** xan-afk is now known as xan19:26
milhousethink i might put mine away for the night - updating the catalogues in app manager has already taken almost 10 minutes and not completed... installing applications will be very, very painful19:26
tontsai just wanna get openssh or the becomeroot package so i can install fonts19:27
Inili want install maemo on my n75, i can do it?19:27
tontsainil, dream on19:27
milhouseinil: unlikely...19:27
*** tobmaster has quit IRC19:28
fnordage_tontsa: r&d mode?19:29
timelesslardman: nokia's bugnumbers are small when compared to, redhat and sun19:29
timelessor apple19:29
tontsafnordage_, i'm stuck with windows laptop right now, so no way to flash with options19:29
timelessanyone know why is very slow right now?19:29
deejoebecause OS2008 was just released?19:30
timelesslardman: and nokia is artifically inflating its bug numbers19:30
tontsatimeless, timeouts for me. can get about 1KB and then nothing19:30
fnordage_yeah.  I'm DDOSing it ;-)19:30
timelessdeejoe: hrm, but it's a different server, no?19:30
* deejoe shrugs19:30
*** Ini2 has joined #maemo19:30
deejoethen again, maybe folks are flashing then hitting the repo for fun stuff19:30
*** Ini2 has quit IRC19:31
tontsamaemo extras or extras-devel doesn't respond either19:31
timelessdeejoe: yeah19:31
timelesstontsa: it's the same box, they wouldn't19:31
*** mehd1 has joined #maemo19:32
tontsaoh ok19:32
*** mankod has joined #maemo19:32
timelessi'm trying to write an email to maemo-devel w/ a url into the repository19:32
timelessbut um,... kinda hard19:32
tontsai guess next step is to set up mirrors19:32
*** dhdfoo has joined #maemo19:32
*** mehd1 is now known as Ini219:32
timelessnot sure how doable that is19:32
timelesssome of the nokia stuff isn't mirrorable19:32
Ini2milhouse: impassible?19:33
timelessalthough i'd hope that the repo is19:33
*** DeLe0n has joined #maemo19:34
tontsaohh repos started to respond19:34
sp3000timely, rmo isn't slow for me19:36
milhouseIni2: impossible to install maemo on an n75? i've no idea if the n75 is remotely compatible (OMAP1 or OMAP2?) but chances are it would take a lot of effort - screen resolution could confuse a lot of apps assuming you did get it working19:36
murrayc_not gonna happen.19:37
Ini2milhouse: n7619:37
*** penguinbait has quit IRC19:37
tontsaoh the new openssh package doesn't ask what to set up as root password.. wonder what's the default one19:38
czrrootme is the default one19:39
czrbut the root account is disabled unless you have enabled r&d mode19:40
czrthere are many ways to go around this (check the maemo-devel list for the past week for one package that doesn't require too much hacking)19:40
tontsayep.. last time the openssh install asked what to put as root password so everything was ok19:40
*** straind` has joined #maemo19:41
*** rev has quit IRC19:43
*** mankod has quit IRC19:43
Ini2milhouse: thx a lot.19:44
*** vivijim has quit IRC19:44
*** mankod has joined #maemo19:46
*** vivijim has joined #maemo19:46
*** Inil has quit IRC19:47
ThanatermesisI can "call" from my n800 (chinook) to a normal computer (linux) ?19:47
*** Ini2 has left #maemo19:48
melmothi give up, i ll download the image another day :-(19:50
|Rhehe 12k/sec here... and falling...19:51
*** L0cutusM has joined #maemo19:52
milhouseexcellent - the rss icons on don't work in the latest os 2008... doesn't anyone test this crap?19:52
melmothi have been waiting for weeks, i can still wait a couple of days :)19:52
Mekinmelmoth: there might be alternative ways to download19:53
Thanatermesismelmoth, |R, the mirror that i have posted before is OK, the md5 is correct (imposible to modify it from the original one), and actually im working on this upgrade without problems (im wald0)19:55
melmothi m too paranoid for this.19:55
Thanatermesisyes, "too" is the word then19:55
Thanatermesison the md5, if you modify ONLY one bit, the md5 turns TOTALLY different19:55
mgedmindon't you know that md5 has been broken <dramatic music>19:56
Thanatermesisthe md5 code is from maemo server, then is the original number19:56
tontsaso any ideas how to get RD mode activated without using linux flasher? (or get openssh-server install package ask for root password :))19:56
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC19:56
|Runless you have a good md5 attack tool i guess hehe but thanks (where is that mirror? Though i have to leave now so i'm in no hurry , but for others...)19:56
*** straind has quit IRC19:56
elpasotontsa: need becomeroot?19:56
tontsaelpaso, can't find it in any chinook repo19:57
elpasoI found it on  eko.pl19:57
Thanatermesisim working from this firmware now19:57
|Rthx :)19:57
Thanatermesisand i don't see any problem on the system so far :)19:57
|RGood, i was waiting for a final before reinstalling everything :)19:58
*** lmoura has joined #maemo19:58
Thanatermesisis a PITA to reconfigure again all the system :/19:58
*** deckel has joined #maemo20:00
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:00
deckelanybody with a URL for todays OS update for N810? Got mine today and would like to update before I do much configuration.20:01
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo20:01
*** guardian has quit IRC20:01
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo20:01
tontsai have the image, i can ftp it to you if you /msg with details20:02
*** guardian has joined #maemo20:03
*** K`zan has joined #maemo20:04
Thanatermesisits possible to use the google-talk app for linux too ? (i mean, port it to x86 in a debian system)20:06
*** greentux has quit IRC20:08
Thanatermesisosso-voip-ui, mmmh...20:10
Thanatermesisosso apps are the GPL ones ?20:10
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo20:10
*** ijon_ has quit IRC20:11
*** Anastasia has joined #maemo20:12
*** K`zan has quit IRC20:12
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo20:12
*** guardian has quit IRC20:12
*** rwhitby has quit IRC20:14
*** rwhitby has joined #maemo20:14
*** Tuco1 has quit IRC20:15
*** Tuco111 has joined #maemo20:15
*** Tuco11 has quit IRC20:15
*** vivijim has quit IRC20:16
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo20:16
*** vivijim has joined #maemo20:18
*** guardian_ has quit IRC20:19
*** gomiam has joined #maemo20:19
Thanatermesiswhat are the "extra" repositories for chinook ?20:20
gomiammmm... quick question. won't let me get the new image. Is somebody else having the same problem?20:21
*** lopz has quit IRC20:21
Thanatermesisgomiam, firmware ?20:21
gomiamThanatermesis: yup20:21
gomiamI wanted to update my N80020:21
gomiamand didn't start it yesterday evening because I was at home20:22
Thanatermesisgomiam, the server is very slow, you can use a alternative mirror if you have confiance on the md5 of the file that's the same at the original one :P20:22
gomiamalternative mirrors available at...20:22
Thanatermesiswhat about include that on the topic ? :) lol20:22
* Thanatermesis pings ops... 20:22
timelessdon't mirror that file20:23
timelessyou're asking for nokia's lawyers to send you a nasty-gram20:23
gomiamwait a couple of minutes until I finish downloading it XD20:24
timelessdelete the file now20:24
timelessthe os will keep a handle for gomiam20:24
Thanatermesistimeless, then request to nokia to use better servers :P20:24
timelessthanatermesis: complain to nokia cares20:24
gomiamby the way, Thanatermesis, where are you located?20:24
timelessthat's the only channel i know of that might work20:24
Thanatermesisgomiam, spain20:25
gomiamah, entonces ni caso20:25
Thanatermesistimeless, well, i would like but... i don't have time for things like that20:25
Thanatermesisand i don't think that violates any law since don't has any modification20:25
timelessthanatermesis: i had a large organization w/ a large pipe asking to mirror20:26
gomiamThanatermesis: it all hinges on whether Nokia's Terms Of Use allow redistirbution.20:26
milhousemirroring the file would relieve some of the load on nokias clearly inadequate servers/bandwidth/infrastructure so anyone who mirrors would be doing nokia a big favour.20:26
wumpuseveryone can download it anyway, so why would it matter if you mirror it :')20:26
timelessand in no uncertain terms were told not to20:26
gomiamwumpus: because _not_ everyone can download it. It's not answering right now20:26
milhousejust trying to isntall skype here, it's a waste of time - been trying to download 1kb for 5 minutes20:26
timelessmilhouse: it's better for nokia's servers to fail20:27
timelessand log the amount of unhappy requests20:27
*** behdad has quit IRC20:27
timelessby mirroring you reduce the number of unhappys20:27
wumpusgomiam: I know, I mean why would nokia be against mirroring if everyone is allowed to have the file anyway20:27
timelesswhich reduces the groups' ability to make a proper resource request20:27
milhousetimeless: this happened last time, didn't anyone notice at Nokia HQ?20:27
*** Tuco111 has quit IRC20:27
wumpusso we should increase the number of unhappys?20:27
wumpusno problem :)20:27
timelessmilhouse: dunno, i'm not at all connected to hq20:28
gomiamtimeless: I find your definition of "better" hazy at best, more even so after reading milhouse's comments.20:28
timelessgomiam: *shrug*, the group i proxied has lots of bandwidth and a mirror network, i relayed the request and got the answer20:28
milhousetimeless: reporting problems to nokia is of questionable benefit, at best. just look at maemo bugzilla as a case in point.20:28
timelessand the answer came w/ an expanation20:28
timelessmilhouse: which bugs?20:29
milhousethose that never get fixed from one version of firmware to the next20:29
*** mallum has quit IRC20:29
gomiamcould I see the explanation please? (at least the publishable part, that is)20:29
*** mankod has quit IRC20:29
timelessgomiam: i got the response orally, but i believe the short answer is on the tablet-devs page that i can't load :)20:30
gomiamwoe is me XD20:30
gomiamsomething about "putting all eggs in the same basket" comes to mind20:31
timelessgomiam: nah20:31
timelessthere are 3 or 4 baskets20:31
Thanatermesiswhat is the root password of chinook ?20:31
timelessthey are just all very small20:31
Takalso, nokia has switched to egg substitute20:32
timelessthanatermesis: the root password is still rootme, but unless you enable r&d mode, it's useless20:32
timelessthat package lets you setup ssh to root w/o enabling r&d mode20:32
*** pleemans has joined #maemo20:33
Thanatermesistimeless, what exactly do enable the R&D mode ?20:33
timeless(course, if you can't install ssh, i suppose that could be a problem)20:33
timelessthanatermesis: i wouldn't know, i never do it20:33
*** toi has joined #maemo20:33
|tbb|hi all, what about a2dp support right now, does it work with the latest rls of os200820:33
Thanatermesisbtw, i can set a FIXED ip to my n800 house-wifi network ? i turn crazy everytime i want to ssh on it20:33
timelessand whenever anyone does it to my device, i demand they undo it when they're done20:33
gomiamThanatermesis: it would be supposed to allow you tu su to root, and also USB networking20:34
gomiamThanatermesis: of course20:34
timeless=> |tbb|20:34
gomiamoncce you have your network configuration basics set up, go to Control Panel and Networks20:34
gomiampretty colors, pretty colors, yay!20:35
*** GNUro has joined #maemo20:35
Thanatermesissu to root ? mmh... that's very good20:35
timelessyou could also setup a better dhcp server, but yeah, it's not very hard to do from connection manager or whatever20:35
Thanatermesiswhat you mean per usb networking ?20:36
gomiamyou can connect the N800 to a PC and use the USB connection to set a LAN20:36
gomiamso the PC could act as a router for the N80020:36
gomiam(and perhaps viceversa)20:36
Thanatermesisand how the PC manages this connection ? needs to have a "service" running ?20:37
timelessthanatermesis: just worry about setting up the fixed ip address stuff first20:37
gomiamThanatermesis: you would use the Share connection option20:37
gomiamso it would act as a router, but I've never tried it, actually20:37
Thanatermesisshare connection ?20:37
Thanatermesistimeless, where ? in /etc/network/interfaces ?20:38
gomiamThanatermesis: no, use the interface20:38
timelessgomaim: give him specific steps20:38
gomiamI gather you already have OS2008.20:38
gomiamClick on the four-dot icon, select "Ajustes" and then "Panel de control"20:39
gomiam(you got it in Spanish, right?)=20:39
Thanatermesisyep, let me see20:39
gomiamThen "Connectivity" ("Conectividad")20:40
*** florian has quit IRC20:40
gomiamto open the connection manager, and then "Connections" ("Conexiones") to open your known connections list.20:40
Thanatermesisoh.. i  found it, thx :)20:41
gomiamok, so you know the rest of the way20:41
|tbb|timeless: thanks for the link, ive uncomment the line, long time ago but i  still get no stereo sound on my a2dp headphone from motrolla ;(20:41
gomiamyou are welcome20:41
gomiamThanatermesis: do you read my query?20:41
*** TimRiker has quit IRC20:41
|tbb|anyone knows if it is possible to make a call from n810 to n800 with  an adhoc connection for using it as a babyphone for example20:42
*** Iso has quit IRC20:42
*** Iso has joined #maemo20:42
timeless|tbb| the comment says you'd need to do a lot more than just changing one line20:43
timelessfrom talking to him, he basically explained what's written in that comment20:43
timelessnamely to get it working fully they need to do some magic w/ the mixer20:43
timelessbut they are working on it20:43
*** GNUton has quit IRC20:43
timelessof course, they can't give commitments to dates20:43
timelessand i certainly can't since i'm not related to that project20:43
*** ferulo has joined #maemo20:44
* timeless hates trac20:45
|tbb|k hope the will release it soon, tbb thinks to replace his autoradio with n80020:46
timelesscan someone help me try to edit ?20:46
* timeless can't find the edit button20:47
*** captainigloo has joined #maemo20:47
*** ijon_ has quit IRC20:47
* Tak <3 trac20:47
timelesstak: so, where's the edit button?20:48
Takit looks like they have editing turned off for un-logged-in users20:48
timelesslogged in as timeless20:48
timelesswhere's the edit button :)20:48
TakI dunno; I'm not logged in :-P20:49
timelesswhere should it be? :)20:49
|tbb|anyone knows if its possible to make a call from n810 to n800 with  an adhoc connection?20:50
Takshould be at the bottom20:50
*** hugolp has quit IRC20:51
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo20:52
Tak|tbb|: do the calls connect through a central server, or no?20:52
|tbb|not through a server20:53
|tbb|connection only between to devices20:53
|tbb|using it as babyphone, spycam whatever20:53
*** celesteh has joined #maemo20:55
*** bedboi has joined #maemo20:55
Vudentz_timeless, what do you want to change in bluez wiki?20:55
*** harobed has quit IRC20:55
timelessvudentz: spellings mostly20:57
*** behdad has joined #maemo20:57
timelessalsa=>ALSA, plugin=>plug-in, acheive=>achieve, enconding=>encoding, subdirectory=>sub-directory, Handsfree=>Hands-Free20:58
Vudentz_timeless, can you post the change you want, if they are big use a pastebin site20:58
timelessdiff form or just raw inline changes so you can diff?20:58
Takdoes the ?action=edit link give you a permission error message?20:58
Thanatermesistimeless, i have installed capture-root, how i use it ?20:59
Thanatermesisi mean, in what consists ? i dont remember it20:59
Vudentz_timeless, just raw inline is good enough20:59
timelessthanatermesis: it only lets you install if you have a ~/.ssh/authorized_keys20:59
timelessonce you've installed, you can ssh to root@device using any key that was accepted by that file20:59
timeless403 Forbidden (WIKI_MODIFY privileges are required to perform this operation)21:00
gomiamthis penguin goes back home to keep fiddling with his Tablet21:01
Vudentz_we changed the wiki so only admins can edit it, there were some users abusing it21:01
gomiamhave fun.21:01
*** behdad has quit IRC21:01
*** behdad has joined #maemo21:02
* Tak nods21:02
*** Olof has joined #maemo21:03
Olofdoes anyone have a download link for the latest firmware?21:03
Olofnokias server seems down..21:03
gomiamOlof: it doesn't seem to. It is21:03
gomiamoverwhelmed at least21:03
Olofgomiam: ok :/21:03
*** eton_ has joined #maemo21:03
Olofif someone would get me the firmware i could put it a my server21:04
gomiamthere are some unofficial mirrors, but it would seem Nokia doesn't like that.21:04
Olofwouldnt care less about what nokia thinks21:04
Olofif they cant keep their own servers running its just nice that someone else are helping with that21:05
tontsawhich firmware are you after21:05
Oloftontsa: the latest for N80021:05
Thanatermesiswhat is the extra lines for sources.list of 2008 ?21:05
timeless(raw "text" version is at the bottom21:05
tontsaoh. i just have 81021:05
timelessnote that because i can't edit it, i can't get the wikiversion21:05
Oloftontsa: ok :/, thanks anyway21:05
gomiamtontsa: they're the same, AFAIK21:06
timelessso what i have is what gecko converted the wiki into when i select all/copied21:06
tontsagomian, they aren't21:06
gomiamtontsa: oh, ok.21:06
tontsaatleast md5sums differ21:06
gomiamThanatermesis: extra is the repository for, IIRC21:06
gomiamI'll have a look at it later at home, anyway21:07
gomiamhave fun21:07
*** gomiam has quit IRC21:07
Thanatermesisi mean unnoficial, i want to install ssh21:07
Thanatermesisand be f*** root21:07
*** deckel is now known as deckel7721:07
timelessthe default repos include ssh as an installable21:07
*** Tuco11 is now known as Tuco121:07
Thanatermesisi don't see anything on that Packages manager GUI21:08
Thanatermesisonly 6 packages available to install21:08
* timeless wonders if it only includes the client21:09
timelessthat'd suck21:09
timelessok, i'm going21:09
Thanatermesis[sbox-CHINOOK_ARMEL: ~] > apt-build world21:11
Thanatermesisbash: apt-build: command not found21:11
Thanatermesisok... well, how i be root ?21:11
Takhmm, is there a way to clone an sqlite3* instance?21:11
* Thanatermesis turning crazy21:11
skiburwhat kinda of update is OS2008?21:12
skiburIts like the Beta Version21:12
sp3000Thanatermesis: enable the extras repo in the appmgr?21:12
sp3000or did you lose it somehow21:13
*** eton has quit IRC21:13
Thanatermesisskibur, i think that's the no-beta version of chinook21:13
sp3000(not in the going crazy sense :P)21:13
*** cecil_ has joined #maemo21:13
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo21:14
Thanatermesissp3000, erf, now!, i can't have see that thing disabled (of course since im not root i can't edit sources.lsit...)21:14
*** Iso has quit IRC21:15
ph|beris down?21:15
*** Iso has joined #maemo21:17
*** skibu1 has joined #maemo21:17
Thanatermesisnice! a lot of things to install now :]21:17
tontsaph|ber, their backend servers seem down. the frontend proxy still works :)21:17
skiburo I see21:18
tontsatoo many geeks have bought the device21:18
skiburI hope that we will see some cool features on the next update like MORE Brightness levels.21:19
ph|bercan someone put up the new os for the n810..21:19
skiburMy burn when I us the nokia at night at the lowest setting21:19
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo21:19
sp3000I think there might be a bug on that21:20
unique311Tak, AROUND?21:21
Thanatermesissp3000, is there a problem with the "extra" repository or is my connection ? i can't download anything21:21
sp3000Thanatermesis: it's been intermittent21:22
*** L0cutusM has quit IRC21:22
tontsatry every 15 minutes or so and eventually you get to those repos21:22
tontsai have now happily installed openssh+becomeroot and own my device again :)21:23
tontsaalso adblock plus seems to work lot better than in previous version21:23
*** skibu1 has quit IRC21:24
*** cesman has quit IRC21:26
*** Thanatermesis has quit IRC21:26
*** konttori has joined #maemo21:27
*** skibu1 has joined #maemo21:28
*** skibu1 has left #maemo21:28
*** deckel77 has quit IRC21:28
*** wald0 has quit IRC21:29
ph|berwhere are the main howtos?? like howto gain root etc??21:29
*** pleemans has quit IRC21:31
*** skibu1 has joined #maemo21:32
Atraiito gain root i recommend installing the becomeroot package21:33
*** guardian has joined #maemo21:34
*** bedboi has quit IRC21:35
*** jpountz has left #maemo21:35
*** skibu1 has left #maemo21:35
*** Khertan has quit IRC21:36
*** Khertan has joined #maemo21:36
*** _berto_ has quit IRC21:37
ph|berAtraii: where would that be in the software lists?21:37
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:38
*** z72ka has quit IRC21:38
*** jeddy3 has quit IRC21:39
*** henrique has quit IRC21:39
*** felipec has quit IRC21:42
*** zwnj has left #maemo21:42
*** mankod has joined #maemo21:42
*** sergio_ has quit IRC21:45
*** roue has joined #maemo21:47
*** hugolp has joined #maemo21:47
*** GNUro has quit IRC21:47
skiburanybody have Abiword deb for N800 - OS2008?21:52
*** flip^ has joined #maemo21:52
flip^my n800 doesn't seem to like the update to os2008 :(21:53
skiburare you also restoring applications?21:53
flip^i've not even got that far21:53
flip^i hadn't updated to any of the betas or anything... os2007 before21:53
skiburyou can't seem to flash it?21:54
ph|bershit.. i cant even download the new os..21:54
* ph|ber waits.21:54
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo21:54
flip^i've flashed it...21:54
flip^now when i turn it on, i get the nokia logo, and little blue bar runs along the bottom, and then it just hangs21:54
* flip^ has downloaded the image from another source now, and is going to try that21:54
skiburo I c21:54
skiburgood luck21:54
*** Vulc|Bleh has joined #maemo21:54
*** Henry78 has joined #maemo21:55
Henry78Hello ereybody21:55
Henry78just a short question: are the links to outdated?21:56
skiburkde on the Nokia N800/N810?21:57
flip^still hangs >.<21:57
Henry78kde on the n800? are you sure you want that?21:58
skiburif it runs smooth then yes21:58
Vulc|Blehit most likely will not.21:58
tigertdoes it make sense on a handheld? no.21:59
Henry78yes. and it would be hard to tap on all the widgest.21:59
tigerteh, if your use of the device is "I play with it next to my laptop in my desk" then maybe21:59
Vulc|Blehnothing is really finger sized, either.21:59
tigertif you walk around chatting with your friends and surfing the web in the bus21:59
tigertthen no21:59
tigertmovable windows and that stuff do not really make any sense in a small screen22:00
Vulc|Blehalso, the OSK would be fairly sucky22:00
tigertit probably "works" ok22:00
skiburhum... so Qtopia should be alot better22:00
tigertI mean, we compiled and ran enlightenment on N80022:00
tigertit worked reasonably ok22:00
tigertbut similarly22:00
tigertit didnt make any sense except for the novelty value22:00
tigertnot even hack value22:00
tigertsince it was just configure; make; make install -easy22:01
*** guardian has quit IRC22:01
Henry78me question again: is there another source for the flasher and os2008? doesn't work22:01
Vulc|Blehnothing will amaze me more than Quake2 multiplayer on the n800.22:01
Vulc|BlehWhich is... Not that laggy, the times I've used it.22:01
skiburI using 770 version22:04
flip^Henry78: ITT has loads of mirrors, but so far the two i've downloaded have left my n800 hanging and not booting :(22:04
konttorihey, anyone who has recently flashed, can you try to install ukmp from the .install link?22:05
konttoriI just want to know whether all needed repositories are in the .install file22:05
konttoriso, as vanilla as possible is good candidate.22:06
Henry78i thought it is a very genric, easy and straight-forware procedure to install the os200822:06
*** mankod is now known as mankod122:06
tigertHenry78: nothing wrong with the procedure. its just that everyone seems to be wanting to download them at once22:06
skiburI used that one22:06
skiburI have it already22:07
ph|berthe ukmp better than the kagu?22:07
Henry78ok, I just try it.22:07
skiburI downloaded it from this person.  It was zipped at 110MB22:07
*** Segnale007 has quit IRC22:07
skibur15 mins to download22:07
*** thefool_ has joined #maemo22:08
*** Pio has quit IRC22:12
*** Pio has joined #maemo22:12
*** Segnale007 has joined #maemo22:16
*** L0cutusM has joined #maemo22:18
*** Tepa^^^ has joined #maemo22:25
*** Tuco1 has quit IRC22:26
konttoriph|ber: they are different. I'd say canola is better than either of them.22:27
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo22:28
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo22:33
Henry78canola looks nice, i'll give it a try22:33
Henry78see ya22:33
*** Henry78 has quit IRC22:33
*** Tuco1 has joined #maemo22:34
ph|berkonttori: did you get canola on the n810?22:34
konttoriwell, I have tested it22:34
ph|beri tried the download... wouldnt install22:35
*** mazzen has joined #maemo22:36
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo22:39
sven-tekhi! my n800 with os2008 just began to reboot sometimes. It happens with not interaction. And so it did right about now.22:40
konttoriI only tested it with indt device22:40
konttoricanola 2 is not out yet. hopefully they will get it out soon though.22:41
konttoriin the meanwhile, use ukmp22:41
sven-tekhi konttori, i like your converter and audio player :-)22:41
sven-tekits me to say thanks :-)22:42
*** elpaso has left #maemo22:44
Tepa^^^I cannot download scratchbox or sdk installer script from here Can somebody tell me another location from where to download?22:44
*** Sulis has joined #maemo22:45
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo22:45
fnordage_you could try the vmware image. it is  over 1GB but at least it isn't on :-)22:47
*** msanchez has quit IRC22:48
*** shackan has joined #maemo22:49
*** svu has quit IRC22:50
*** doc|home has quit IRC22:50
*** svu has joined #maemo22:51
L0cutusMTepa^^^, wait few days, all are downloading os2008 these days ;)22:51
*** greentux has joined #maemo22:51
maddlerevening all! :D22:52
maddlerlocutussulo! :D22:53
maddleroff topic: any good suggestion for a virtual server provider?22:53
*** roue has quit IRC22:55
*** syntux has quit IRC22:56
*** mk8 has joined #maemo22:57
*** dick-richardson has joined #maemo22:59
dick-richardsonis there a changelog somewhere for the os2008 release?23:00
*** overrosy_ has joined #maemo23:01
fnordage_maddler: try "rimu hosting".  i found their name so funny, I gave them a go, and they are good and cheap23:02
maddlerfnordage_: thx...23:03
ph|bermaddler: hostgator23:03
*** elpaso has joined #maemo23:03
maddlerph|ber: thx :)23:03
ph|beryou already on them??23:04
*** rask has joined #maemo23:04
ph|beror have heard of them?23:04
elpasoHi, anybody knows the icon size for the .desktop file?23:04
* sp3000 plays the end user experience game with tablets-dev.n.c23:04
elpasoIn maemo 4 is bigger than before?23:04
ph|bershit.. i wish nokia would kick their servers in the rear23:04
sp300016 requests, I already have 4 out of 623:05
maddlerph|ber: heard of them... but never tried...23:05
* sp3000 is still missing the file table, and the image23:05
ph|beri host there.. really fast pipes and cheap for what you get.23:05
sp3000s/table/table (second pass, not cached)/23:06
fnordage_its just one big DDOS at the mo  ;)23:06
ph|beri get like a tb of space and tb of transfer a month for like 9 bucks.23:06
maddlerelpaso: are you from Turin?23:06
elpasoNo, monza23:06
*** Atraii is now known as Atarii23:06
maddlerelpaso: oh... ok? :)23:06
maddlerelpaso: your name misleaded me :)23:06
elpasomaddler: Why?23:06
fnordage_maddler: rimu give virtual root servers if that's what you're after23:07
fnordage_well, rent, not give23:07
maddlerfnordage_: exactly...23:07
ph|beranyone have probs downloading through the wireless????23:07
maddlerelpaso: there is a squat in Torino... El Paso :)23:07
ph|bertrying to dl openssh says 687kb but taking forever.23:08
elpasomaddler: I will move to Piedmont next June23:08
*** jeff1f has joined #maemo23:08
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo23:08
mgedminso, os2008 final is out and appears to be completely slashdotted23:08
blitheWoo! Finally got my n800!23:09
mgedmincan't nokia afford decent bandwidth?23:09
* blithe does a little dance.23:09
ph|bershit.. figures....23:09
ph|berno wonder i cant get to it.23:09
* mgedmin grumbles about corporate paranoia and scalability of torrents23:09
jeff1fis there a torrent?23:09
ph|berthe /. effect sucks.23:09
mgedminno, nokia is paranoid and requires your device ID before it lets you to download the image (slowly)23:09
ph|berthey should mirror everything they write on.23:10
fnordage_they should write on mirrors23:10
ph|berand you are linked to their mirror.23:10
*** mgedmin is now known as angrymg23:10
angrymgmirror-writing is hard to read23:10
fnordage_redrum redrum redrum23:10
fnordage_i can't even install nano, and it's tiny23:12
ph|beri could just kick /. in the ding ding23:14
fnordage_probably quicker to fetch the source and compile it myself23:15
blitheAre the maemo repos down for anyone else right now?23:16
ph|berslow at best.23:16
ph|berblithe: .23:16
* angrymg used 'slashdotted' metaphorically, and now wonders if slashdot really linked to
*** Tuco11 has joined #maemo23:16
ph|berangrymg: i thought you were serious.23:16
angrymgI was23:16
angrymg'slashdotted' to me means 'melted down under heavy load following an announcement of some kind'23:16
angrymgand I mean 'melted down' metaphorically, again23:17
*** jhassine has quit IRC23:17
ph|beris there a repo for canola for the 810?23:21
*** anders__ has joined #maemo23:27
*** teradome has joined #maemo23:27
*** anders__ has quit IRC23:28
*** Tuco1 has quit IRC23:28
*** BeBraw has quit IRC23:28
*** skallen has joined #maemo23:28
*** skallen has joined #maemo23:29
*** lmoura has quit IRC23:29
*** Tahitibob has joined #maemo23:31
*** kaie has quit IRC23:32
*** teradome has left #maemo23:37
*** dolske has quit IRC23:37
blitheAnyone know where I can get additional keyboard layouts for an n800?23:38
skiburI'm back23:38
* halley ducks.23:39
timelyblithe: the wikis probably list a couple, do you really want a random layout23:39
timelyor do you have a specific one in mind?23:39
timely,pst [ep[;e dpm23:39
timely^ that23:39
blitheI need a dvoark layout.23:39
* sp3000 took a break and is now at http request #1823:39
timely's a key layout23:39
skiburskibur throws rocks at halley23:39
timelysp3000: nice23:39
*** Webspot has joined #maemo23:39
blithedvorak rather23:39
*** konttori has quit IRC23:39
Jaffatigert: it's interesting what you say about movable windows on handheld (rather than laptop or desktop) computers: I completely agree and have found the movable home applets on OS2008 a right pain for moving when I don't want them (as well as the bug where they don't move when you *do* want them to)23:40
skiburhacking is all I know23:40
WebspotDoes anyone have a mirror of flasher-3.0? I can't really get to it on nokia servers at the moment, with the mass demand for os2008.23:40
JaffaBTW, 800x480 background for people who want an iPhone:
sp3000Jaffa: yeah, not having a checkitem in the menu toplevel to lock items is weird23:40
halleyJaffa, is that a "free" image?23:40
Jaffahally: it's not the iPhones directly. It's something similar done by someone else AFAICT23:41
* Jaffa makes no guarantees blah blah blah. But given all the OS2008 firmware image download URLs knocking about, (c) violation of a picture should be the least of this channel's worries ;-)23:41
Jaffasp3000: agreed, "lock layout" would be *really* handy23:42
youamWebspot: one second23:43
Webspotyouam: Cheers23:43
timelysp3000: we refuse to emulate the good features from windows23:43
FMzSo, does anyone know when the planned release date of OS2008 for n800 is?23:43
sp3000FMz: uh, today23:44
fnordage_when the servers start working23:44
angrymgtimely: take the one from gnome then23:44
halleySo, does anyone know when the bot will be given ops to kick those who ask for the planned release of OS2008?23:44
sp3000FMz: welcome to 11 hours ago :P23:44
tigertJaffa: yeah23:44
tigertJaffa: one does kinda want to arrange the home applets though23:44
Jaffatigert: not all the time though23:44
* angrymg already downloaded an amazing 7 megs of the new os2008 image in just 45 minutes!!!23:44
*** felipec has joined #maemo23:45
tigertJaffa: but I agree - it is a bit nasty. there is a move threshold though so they shouldnt move too easily23:45
tigertbut its a bit painful, I kno23:45
FMzhalley: I have checked on the maemo website every day for a week, and hadn't seen anything on there about it, also the Nokia site.  I figured someone here would be able to give an answer faster than doing 2 hours of searching.23:45
sp3000tigert: so windows toolbars in various places have had draggable handles and a lock in the context menu forever23:45
Jaffatigert: are there internal bugs?23:45
AnastasiaAnyone got this as a torrent yet, I have been spinning for quite some time now with the page still not loading :-(.23:45
timelyJaffa: they're not worth reading23:45
flip^hmm, seems a memory card was corrupt that stopped it from booting :S... os2007 was fine23:45
tigertJaffa: about this?23:45
Jaffatigert: yeah23:46
Jaffaor whether I should raise an RFE23:46
youamwould it be possible to upgrade via the programm manager thingy / apt-get if the servers where available?23:46
tigertJaffa: will have to check23:46
timelyJaffa: file it23:46
youam(from the latest beta, that is)23:46
AnastasiaErr, the links finally loaded, it looks like it is for the n810 rather than the n800?23:46
tigertJaffa: but file it yeah23:46
timelyit doesn't matter whether an internal exists23:46
timelywhat matters is that an external must exist23:46
* Jaffa offers it around as his karma's pretty good ATM ;)23:47
tigertyouam: no23:47
sp3000Jaffa: ...what thy said, the external bugzilla is a fine todo tool for people to check for internal bugs23:47
sp3000they even23:47
sp3000I use it :P23:47
youamtontsa: too bad. why not?23:47
tigertsp3000: yeap23:48
youams/tontsa/tigert/ argh23:48
*** Webspot has left #maemo23:48
tigertyouam: because it is not tested23:48
dragornAnyone know if this means they've unlocked the navkit for 2008?23:49
tigertwe suck :) but maybe someday it will work23:49
*** rkaway1 is now known as timj23:49
timelytigert: are changelogs considered public?23:49
sp3000hey, the final downloads twice as fast as the beta did23:49
* timely tries to figure out why someone would want to read a global changeset delta23:49
youamtigert: argh. welcome back in the early nineties of linux distributions23:49
timelysp3000: really?23:49
timely2K/s instead of 1K/s ?23:49
sp3000(that's, uh, 2.5h vs 5h)23:49
tigertyouam: I know23:49
FMzJaffa: Are you going to host it somewhere?23:49
*** Atarii has quit IRC23:49
*** Atarii has joined #maemo23:50
JaffaFMz: what?23:50
sp3000so 14 vs 7 :)23:50
halleyI need to find/work out a good pygame-hildon wrapper, such that the minimize/windowcaption/dbus junk is taken care of cleanly.23:50
AnastasiaIs this the right page for the n800?:
dragornyouam: because the kernel and initfs are different portions of the flash.  those aside, it's unfortunate that the user portion isn't more easily upgradeable23:50
tigertyouam: in theory it might, but I think a) the non-free packages do not exist on repo's and b) nobody has tested it23:50
timelyAnastasia: "no"23:50
sp3000Anastasia: look at the part before .php23:50
FMzJaffa: I saw you say "I'll offer it around"... thought you might be hosting... ;)23:50
sp3000the N810 part specifically23:50
timelytigert: last i checked non-free indeed do not exist on repositories23:50
tigerttimely: then only b) applies I guess23:51
youamtigert: i think i don't want most of the non-free anyway ;)23:51
Anastasiatimely: I am confuzed, I think I'll wait until this gets sorted out and will download in less than 2 day :-).  Thanks.23:51
tigerttimely: or wait23:51
tigertI read wrong23:51
sp3000Anastasia: you want for N80023:51
JaffaFMz: I meant, I'll offer the chance to raise the "there should be a way of locking home applets positions" bug around, to gain extra karma which'll contribute to some future N900/N820 device programme, if such a device - and such a programme - exists.23:51
*** elpaso has left #maemo23:51
FMzJaffa: Ahh, k... sorry for the misunderstandin mate23:51
JaffaFMz: no probs23:51
*** timj is now known as tjafk23:51
*** Atarii has quit IRC23:51
timelyFMz: as far as we're concerned mirroring is forbidden23:52
timelyAn error occurred while processing your request.23:52
timelyReference #97.d1a4f57.1198014644.259b37df23:52
sp3000he'll host the bug on bugzilla, that's what ;)23:52
timelysp3000, how's that for a root page? :)23:52
dragornmininova seems to have torrents23:52
FMztimely: May I ask why?23:52
sp3000timely, I have several more of those23:52
* angrymg got Reference #97.d1a4f57.1198014445.25945c2a23:52
angrymgfeels like a lottery23:52
timelyFMz: you're free to ask, but the answer is on a page i can't read23:52
angrymgwhat's the winning ticket?23:52
AnastasiaArgh, another hour waiting for the n800 page to load, sigh.23:52
JaffaI'd guess at licencing of third party software - primarily Flash now, I guess.23:53
sp3000oh, actually, I kept two, and then got bored and started just counting requests without copypaste23:53
FMztimely: Ahhh... k.23:53
proctoanyone know if Carman runs on OS2008?23:53
timelysp3000: heh, i printed my previous error page23:53
timelyi figure i'll frame it23:53
timelymaybe outside ferenc's office :)23:53
sp3000I got through the obstacle course of front page, mac form, agreement form, file list, md5sums, file list again, image in just 20 requests it turns out23:54
timelysp3000: do you have a cache for those things?23:54
sp3000hmm which things?23:54
timelyprobably agreemoent form23:55
infobottimely meant: probably agreement form23:55
sp3000I think they mostly don't like to be cached23:55
timelyok, would the next person who sees that form please keep a copy? :)23:55
sp3000(hence the file list twice)23:56
felipecthere are some torrents for N8x023:56
dragorntimely: Which form are you looking for?23:57
*** luck^ has quit IRC23:57
timelythe agreement that you have to click through to get the file23:57
*** Tahitibob has quit IRC23:59
AnastasiaAn error occurred while processing your request.  - might be worth waiting on...23:59
*** krau is now known as krau|away23:59
dragornah.  I'm just trying to get the md5 for the 810 image actually.23:59

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