IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2007-10-11

Syntra"/usr/bin/dpkg-deb -f'/media/mmc1/openttd_0.4.7jtra-1_armel.deb'00:01
*** TPC has quit IRC00:01
SyntraPackacge must have "Section: user/F00" to be considered compatible.00:01
*** TPC has joined #maemo00:01
pupnikthat's a common error committed by packagers... see if there's an updated package or email the packager00:02
pupnikyou can install it from command line with dpkg -i openttd_0.4.7jtra-1_armel.deb00:02
SyntraOk I'll try that00:03
pupnikyou need to be root though00:03
playyasudo gainroot00:04
playyaan then that line00:04
SyntraSounds good00:04
|Rwhat does gainroot do better than su? :)00:04
playyamaybe you need to enable RD mode00:04
playyabetter pizza00:05
playyano. i cant use su in scratchbox00:05
playyathats why i use sudo00:05
SyntraI got this message when typing sudo gainroot into X Terminal00:06
Tak|workn800 you need to ssh root@localhost00:06
playyaor enable RD mode00:06
Syntracal_read_block(r&d_mode): size zero, block not found?00:06
SyntraEnable RD mode if you want to break your device00:06
lardmanignore that warning00:06
playyano risk no fun00:07
lardmanyou can break it without enabling r&d mode ;)00:07
SyntraHow do I enable R&D mode?00:07
playyaor use ssh -l root localhost everytime you need root00:07
playyahave the flasher by your hand?00:07
* |R confused00:07
SyntraFlasher being the Updater thing?00:08
playyausing win or lin?00:08
SyntraWindows, but I have Ubuntu if needed.00:09
playyai never used the win flasher00:09
playyaand dont know how to install it. it is included in the distribution @ work00:10
disq"ssh root@127.1" is faster to type00:11
lardmanmy n800 predictively fills in "sudo gainroot" for me now00:12
playyado you have some tools under the nokia logo while starting?00:12
disqmy 770 did that. i still didn't edit sudoers, still using ssh (after all these months)00:12
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playyaare there any osso1.1 images available atm?00:14
suihkulokkiplayya: ..from the same place you heard that term from00:15
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GeneralAntillesAnybody want to hazard a guess as to why I can make calls with the rtcomm software (through Gizmo SIP), but all incoming calls disconnect 1 second after being answered (can hear/send audio on both ends, though).00:18
pupniki just love ultima IV to pieces..00:19
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Tb0n3mplayer just wont work right for me any more00:25
lardmanTb0n3: what's up?00:27
Tb0n3mplayer is down, that's what's up00:28
Tb0n3wii update, yay00:28
GeneralAntillesWish they had Bluetooth keyboard support.00:30
GeneralAntilles<3 Metroid, though.00:30
Tb0n3what's the update do?00:31
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Tb0n3add support for browser keyboard support?00:31
Tb0n3internet channel update00:32
GeneralAntillesToo bad we can't get the browser in 1080p00:33
*** mazzen has quit IRC00:33
Tb0n3480p, higher00:34
disqwii development is slow00:34
Tb0n3wii development?00:34
_Monkeywii development is slow00:34
Tb0n3it was developed00:34
Tb0n3now it's just being added to00:35
disqalso, i haven't turned mine on for the last four months or so00:35
suihkulokkiwii is gamecube with a fancy controller00:35
*** fab has quit IRC00:35
|Rwe should get those controller working as pointing devices on n800 haha ;)00:35
Tb0n3wii is awsome with a fancy controller00:36
GeneralAntillesCan't wait for Galaxy and Brawl00:36
GeneralAntillesBrawl + multiplayer will be orgasmic00:36
Tb0n3wifi brawl00:36
GeneralAntillesHa, |R, the sensor bar is twice as wide as the N800.00:36
Tb0n3well you can shrink it, but what's the point?00:36
|Rhaha :)00:37
GeneralAntillesThough I did just discover that the N800 works rather nicely with and they're AJAX page.00:37
|RGeneralAntilles: but you don't need the sensor bar do you?00:37
GeneralAntillesFor pointing00:37
|Roh damn ;)00:37
GeneralAntillesunless you use motion control (ala DarwiinRemote)00:37
* |R only played once :P00:37
GeneralAntillesbut the motion control pointing is a pain.00:37
Tb0n3pointing requires ir00:37
GeneralAntilleserm, their*00:38
Tb0n3pointing relies on the sensor bar00:38
Tb0n3I hate my intel wireless chip00:38
Tb0n3it kicks out all the time00:38
Tb0n3in windows and linux00:38
Tb0n3I should just set it to 802.11b and be done with it00:38
Atariiis there any way to hide the opera statusbar?00:39
GeneralAntillesApp menu -> View -> Show toolbar, Atarii.00:40
lardmannight all00:40
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Atariilol thanks GeneralAntilles00:43
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*** tobS is now known as tobmaster00:43
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Tb0n3for some reason, if I run in Gmode I have to reset my wireless device by switching it off then on in order to connect again00:45
Tb0n3otherwise I can't even connect00:45
*** doublec has joined #maemo00:46
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*** mat__ is now known as mat00:46
GeneralAntillesHa, sucks for you.00:47
Tb0n3I've had this problem for a while and sony tech support tells me to just run in b mode00:47
Tb0n3so just use it in 1/5th mode00:47
GeneralAntillesAdvertised features don't work . . . SUE 'EM!00:47
*** k-s[WORK] has quit IRC00:47
Tb0n3it's broken, and they never told me it was broken00:47
Tb0n3it's their fault and they should fix it00:48
|Rdo you think i could just use an ssh tunnel to secure rtcomm's traffic back to my asterisk?00:48
|R(if it's easy to switch to TCP SIP instead of UDP, didn't look into that yet)00:48
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Tb0n3I'm sitting in my leather chair that's nice and soft00:49
Tb0n3oh god, I just made a <300:49
* |R scared too00:50
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Tb0n3the wii could support dvd playback, right?00:57
Tb0n3just get an update from the wiistore00:57
Tb0n3dvd reader, faster than xbawks00:57
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC00:57
Tb0n3also, for where are .deb files cached?00:58
*** Atarii` has joined #maemo01:01
Tb0n3I had to install flash externally in order to stop it messing up, lawlz, thanks firefox...01:01
*** r2d2rogers has quit IRC01:02
Tb0n3when I'm not doing stuff on my computer I'll be sure to go over to straight debian01:02
pupnikxu4 is gonna kick butt.  just figured out optimal solution for thumb conversation01:02
*** luck^ has quit IRC01:02
_Monkeyit has been said that xu4 is gonna kick butt.  just figured out optimal solution for thumb conversation01:03
pupnik_Monkey forget xu401:04
_Monkeypupnik: I forgot xu401:04
pupnik_Monkey xu4 is the open-source engine for the classic role-playing game Ultima 4, wip at
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.01:04
*** kupesoft has joined #maemo01:05
*** Atarii has quit IRC01:06
*** Atarii` is now known as Atarii01:06
pupnikit's keyboard-only atm01:07
pupnikneeds a new build too01:07
Tb0n3what about wesnoth01:08
pupniksomeone else was doing that01:08
Tb0n3shit, I was going to do something but I forgot what it was01:09
alteregoCook me some steak.01:10
Tb0n3I am steak01:10
Tb0n3Tb0n3 steak01:10
Tb0n3oh, right, linux books torrents01:11
Tb0n3so I can read about linux on my linux handheld device01:11
Jitenwhat's the status with n800's dsp-chip? is it possible to make code that uses it?01:11
pupniknext question: no01:11
suihkulokkithe main problem with programmin free software to TI DSP's is that if you learn how to use it..01:14'lll get hired before you get a chance to finish your project01:14
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC01:15
pupnikit would be nice to have a dsp-based /dev/sequencer01:15
pupnikor a mikmod or sdl-audio lib that can do mod/tracker music on dsp01:15
suihkulokkigravis ultrasound emulator? :)01:16
Tb0n3what's a dsp?01:16
_Monkeya dsp is the same as in 770 and omap151001:16
*** sp3000 has quit IRC01:16
pupnik_Monkey: forget dsp01:17
_Monkeypupnik: I forgot dsp01:17
pupnik_Monkey: dsp is a Digital Signal Processor -
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.01:17
Tb0n3DSP brings you to a list of acronyms01:17
suihkulokki_Monkey: lart network-manager01:17
_Monkeysuihkulokki: sorry...01:17
pupnik_Monkey: forget dsp01:18
_Monkeypupnik: I forgot dsp01:18
pupnik_Monkey: dsp is a Digital Signal Processor -
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.01:18
*** GeneralAntilles has left #maemo01:19
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Tb0n3so DSP is an audio processing processor?01:22
pupnikit can be used for that - for e.g. gstreamer mp3 dsp accelerated playback01:23
*** Gray9Mar has quit IRC01:23
pupniki use it for the background music in Exult01:24
roxfan <- here's what iphone has01:25
*** GAN800 has joined #maemo01:25
alteregoroxfan, the N800 has the same.01:26
roxfanMBX specifically01:26
*** GAN800 is now known as GeneralAntilles01:26
roxfanthere's also some reference to mx31 hmm01:26
alteregoUnfortunately without any drivers ..01:26
Tb0n3god fucking damnit01:26
Tb0n3I hate these ebook shits with "oh the password is in this thing after you sign up"01:26
*** Gray9Mar has joined #maemo01:27
*** rhsanborn has joined #maemo01:28
Tb0n3every single fucking one01:30
Tb0n3anybody got a good source for ebooks?01:30
roxfancheap and no drm shit01:32
roxfanwell, for the actual shop01:32
pupnikproject gutenberg01:33
Tb0n3I mean01:35
Tb0n3cheap as free01:35
*** vivijim has quit IRC01:35
roxfanthey have free books too01:36
roxfanover a hundred of them afaik01:36
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC01:37
Tb0n3I did not know there was drmaids in ebooks01:37
*** skibur has quit IRC01:38
Tb0n3you know, like HLCP01:40
Tb0n3or was it hdcp01:40
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC01:40
Tb0n3oh shi- my cable isn't certified so I can't watch me a high def movie01:40
Tb0n3that I bought01:40
*** GAN800 has joined #maemo01:40
Tb0n3hence drmaids01:40
*** GAN800 is now known as GeneralAntilles01:41
*** GeneralAntilles is now known as GAN80001:41
*** gomiam has quit IRC01:41
pupnikmy monitor does full HD w/o hdcp so phlblbt01:41
*** GAN800 has quit IRC01:41
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo01:41
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo01:42
Tb0n3hdcp is required01:42
Tb0n3for high definition01:42
Tb0n3lulz, vistaids01:42
Mikhois it possible to slow down maemo running in my develpment pc so that it matches the speed of 770?01:48
*** bilboed has quit IRC01:51
GeneralAntillesYou could open up your computer and start pulling out random circuit boards until it gets there ala 2001.01:51
pupnik~daisy, daisy...~01:52
MikhoIt'd be nice if I could see from the emulator window roughly how fast the application would run in the 77001:53
*** pipomolo42 has quit IRC01:54
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*** Esworp has joined #Maemo02:09
EsworpHey there. Just got my n800 in the mail yesterday; loving it!02:10
pupnikgive it a good workout02:11
*** spect has quit IRC02:11
EsworpThanks!  Got any suggestions for any 'must have' apps?02:11
_Monkeyosso-xterm is what I use on alterego's N800 and 77002:12
_Monkeyi heard xterm was the enhanced version of osso-xterm from maemo-hackers. It adds font and color selection support, URL opening through context menu, and a sidebar with additional keys such as Ctrl+letters. or for an alternate onscreen keyboard02:12
pupnikEsworp: if you use it a lot you might consider investing in a nice folding bluetooth keyboard to go with it02:13
EsworpThe keyboard is on my list;  bummer i have ppalm's worthless ir kyb.02:14
pupnikEsworp: for discussion forums check out internettablettalk.com02:14
EsworpWill do.02:15
pupnikDo you have any experience with linux?02:16
*** juco2 has joined #maemo02:17
EsworpA little.   I fooled around with the innards of  my OSX machine  (ducks!)02:17
EsworpNothing major . . .  Installed sql, compiled bitchx,  little stuff.02:19
pupnikok it helps to be able to do a few things from the command line02:20
*** matt_c has joined #maemo02:20
EsworpAin't sceer'd.   :P02:20
*** kupesoft_ has joined #maemo02:20
*** matt_c has quit IRC02:21
EsworpA few application manager installs say they need libvte4 and libxau0.  Wassat?02:22
pupniklibxau0 -  X authentication library02:23
pupniklibvte4 - Terminal emulator widget for GTK+ 2.0 - runtime file02:23
*** kupesoft_ has quit IRC02:24
pupnikit is possible you need to add repositories which contain these files02:24
_Monkeyrepositories is  and a searchable index at
pupnik^^ search there to find the repository to add, then in application manager, add the repository name with verbatim info02:25
*** kupesoft has quit IRC02:25
pupnikafter that, the required libraries should install automatically when you install xterm or whatever02:25
*** Tb0n3 has quit IRC02:26
pupnikyour n800 uses the 'bora' repository02:27
*** kupesoft has joined #maemo02:27
pupnikso i don't understand why it's not already available02:27
Esworpwhats the status with the google videochat?  It doesn't work with the one person i know on the client who could use it.02:27
pupnikahh maybe the repo you need is for the libvte4 newer version (1:0.12.2-0mh2)02:28
pupnikno idea02:28
EsworpThat vversion number looks familiar.02:29
pupnikon another tip - if you find an application on the web that has a green 'install' button (an arrow) it will install required repositories automatically if you click on it in the browser02:30
pupnikthat is often the easiest (by far) way to get required repos set up02:30
EsworpYea.  I was really suprised how well the app mngr worked.02:31
EsworpIs pidgin >maemo gaim?02:38
suihkulokkigAIM got renamed to pidgin becase AOL did not like the name02:39
*** pipomolo42 has joined #maemo02:41
EsworpYay for evil lawyering.02:43
LateralusI'm sure that's a term defined in a legal document somewhere02:45
pupnikthat's like IBM suing the developers of lIBMpeg302:45
Lateralus5-2.3.4A: Evil Lawyering - ...02:45
LateralusHereafter ("Lawyering")02:46
EsworpI'm out for a sec..  Lemme try out pidgin.02:47
*** Esworp has left #Maemo02:47
*** doublec has quit IRC02:50
*** TimRiker has quit IRC02:55
*** npt_ has quit IRC02:55
*** SE-Wilco has joined #maemo02:55
gla55well gaim is more like doing a gOS/2. imho.02:58
SE-WilcoI'm getting the NOKIA white screen of death often now.  Any idea why it stats appearing regularly?03:00
SE-WilcoIs there a name for white screen of death which I can search with?03:04
*** fsmw has joined #maemo03:05
SE-WilcoGee we're right.  wsod.03:12
*** doublec has joined #maemo03:26
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo03:28
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*** matt_c has joined #maemo04:05
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*** deejoe has joined #maemo04:23
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|Rcan you disable mnotify temporarily?04:31
|Rother than killing it ?04:31
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC04:36
*** Knowledge has joined #maemo04:39
KnowledgeGuys, I have a quick do I edit the initfs bootmenu?04:39
_Monkeymultiboot is "LILO supreme being - 5th element - protect *you*"
_Monkeyi heard bootmenu was a simple boot-time menu that let's you select whether to boot the OS from internal flash or from the MMC. It requires the initfs described on the BootMenu page.
KnowledgeI read somewhere that I might need to reflash in order to do it....04:42
Knowledgebut I dunno04:43
pupnikit's in the howto for setting up bootmenu04:43
erstaziI need to reflash my brain04:43
Knowledgepupnik: <--here?04:44
pupnikwhat is it that you want to do?04:45
KnowledgeI want to edit the time out, the # of options etc.04:45
pupnikthat's in the howto somewhere or the readme04:46
*** Tb0n3 has joined #maemo04:46
Tb0n3well then04:46
erstazihi Tb0n304:46
Tb0n3I guess I'm getting known?04:50
Tb0n3I'm just the guy who talks alot04:50
Tb0n3a lot*04:50
|Rno offense but, you're a robot aren't you? haha ;)04:50
|R(sorry, quoting a song, can't remember from who ;)04:51
Tb0n3:D yes, robot04:51
Tb0n3no, just autistic04:51
Tb0n3aspergers if you've watched Boston Legal you'll know what it is04:51
erstaziTb0n3: you mean higher levels of brain activity and higher IQ?04:51
pupnik"You have shown me a love beyond all computation." - Robot to hero, 60s Japanese sci-fi film04:51
Tb0n3yeah, but I suck ass at social interaction04:52
|Rwelcome to irc then :D04:52
Tb0n3and yet I work at a staples04:52
erstaziTb0n3: no one is "good" at social interaction04:53
|Rerstazi : trust me, some people are ;)04:53
|R(not me though :/)04:53
erstaziTb0n3: some are just good at "ass kissing"04:54
erstazi|R: no, just ass kissing...04:54
erstazisweet wording04:54
erstazilike a salesman04:54
erstazior politician04:54
|Rwell if you consider listening skils etc a bad thing, i can't argue...04:55
Tb0n3sorry, I was doin somethin else04:55
Tb0n3no monkey?04:55
|RTb0n3 i want that drive :P04:55
*** matt_c has quit IRC04:55
Tb0n3I'd rather not pay a small fortune for my hdd04:55
Tb0n3if I were to though, I'd go for that nand pci-express drive04:56
|RTb0n3 : same here, but i hate anything mechanical... they are the worries of my life haha ;)04:56
Tb0n3100k read/writes per second04:56
Tb0n3I've never had one harddrive fail04:56
|Rhahahah the shaking test is crazy04:57
|Ri would have thougth that by the time the HD stoped, the screen would have flied all over the place04:57
Tb0n3lol, shaking computer04:57
Tb0n3well, guess ur rong04:57
|Rsame here, but i really don't want to start loosing disks now ;)04:57
Tb0n3why hello Ur Rong, how are you today04:57
Tb0n3notice though how it went out of fullscreen04:58
|Rany of you guy going to a /. party? :)04:58
Tb0n3what was that?04:58
Tb0n3so hard the keys were pressing?04:58
Tb0n3/ party?04:58
|R /. ! (aka: slashdot)04:58
* |R sees a rolling ball of grass jumping up and down across de channel... ;)05:01
Tb0n3it's not gras05:02
Tb0n3it's tumbleweed05:02
|Ryeah, but my first language being french i sometime make up for my lack of vocabulary :P05:02
Tb0n3know what, I wish I could find an old macintosh, like an imac05:02
Tb0n3and then put linux on it05:02
Tb0n3people will say to me, omg you has a mac05:02
Tb0n3I'll go "no, I had a mac, I has a lunix"05:03
|Ri already ran a linux terminal over serial on an old Mac+05:03
Tb0n3I hear the powerpcs are good05:03
pupnikanybody here happen to have a defective psion netbook?05:03
pupniki need a motherboard replacement :/05:04
|RI've ran linux on a old PowerPC 7200/90 ...05:04
|Rthe fun thing back then was that macOS 8.* was such a crappy OS that linux ran netscape 4-5 time faster :P05:04
pupnikspeaking of os8, unique311 compiled basilisk for n80005:05
Tb0n3will it work on OS2007he for 770?05:05
Tb0n3I wanna mack05:06
pupnikyeah it should05:06
Tb0n3I'll haul loads all over these united states05:06
Tb0n3with my mack05:06
KnowledgeI still don't get this...05:06
Tb0n3what? the puns?05:06
pupnikmaybe you passed the wrong memory address05:07
* pupnik dodges the rotten tomatos05:07
|Ri want it with the game continuum05:09
|Rthat and uhm... crystal quest and uhm.... that castle game05:09
pupnikdark castle?05:09
|Rright on :D05:10
pupnikhmm no idea where to find it05:10
pupniki think he put it on divshare a few months ago - check forums05:10
pupnikthere's an arm-optimized cyclone core, i think, which could speed up 68k emulation by a lot05:11
pupnikalso running in a 512x384 window would let you use xkbd for keyboard input05:12
Tb0n3link plx if you find it05:13
*** Dregz|Aloof has joined #maemo05:13
|Ris internettablettalk down?!05:13
pupniklooks like it05:14
_Monkeywell, looks like it is removed since 3.1 according to
pupnikworms are eating monkey's brain05:18
GeneralAntillesTime to whip him and start over.05:18
pupnikthere is a worms clone which could run well on 77005:20
pupnikwormux would require an 800 or better05:20
*** afterburn188 has joined #maemo05:24
afterburn188Hey, anyone in here have experience with the new gmyth project?05:24
pupnikyou want it for live tv or watching archived videos?05:25
|Rhow the hell do you disable an "applet" in the top bar (where you have your sound, battery, wifi etc...)05:25
pupnikno idea05:25
Tb0n3uninstall it?05:25
|Ri mean i don't _always_ want to have a mail notification...05:25
afterburn188a bit of both, i'm trying to get it working on the server end and gencoder keeps messing up it seems05:25
|RTb0n3 : ok fine but that's a bit anoying :P05:25
Tb0n3I liked my cpu/memory usage monitor I had05:27
Tb0n3but it only worked on 200605:27
|Ri have one here in 200705:27
|Rload-applet 0.6.4-2mg205:27
Tb0n3nicotine doesn't seem to work at all05:39
rwhitby|R: Control Panel -> Navigation -> Status Bar05:40
|Rworked here05:40
|Rrwhitby : ahah thanks05:41
|Ri was sure i saw it somewhere, buried ;)05:41
rwhitbyit is very well hidden05:41
|Rsame as the organize button in that control panel05:42
|Rbut that's just me, haven't ran a desktop with icons (even less a control panel) for years haha05:42
|Rhave someone found a working nice(1) util? maemo-nice's repository is empty05:43
|Rpupnik : openbox, but it's pretty much the same i'm guessing :)05:43
|Renlightenment before that05:44
|Rbut got fed up with their "let's rebuild every freaking library for the 132123 time and not release a thing" attitude haha ;)05:44
|Ri love what they do, but it's more of a demo scene fun than a desktop fun it seems :)05:44
|R <- empty :/05:45
pupnikisn't nice part of coreutils normally?05:46
*** afterburn188 has quit IRC05:46
pupnikapt-cache show coreutils says it has nice, but it's not installed05:46
|Rsearching for coreutils on the n800 here gives me only busybox05:47
pupnikmethinks there is a reason for this05:47
Tb0n3oh yeah05:47
Tb0n3XD forgot about that05:47
pupnikI'm surprised the N800 can't recharge from USB05:52
|Ris there actually a way to do this now? (video recording)05:53
|Rpupnik : yeah, would be useful05:53
*** phooky has joined #maemo05:54
*** dolske has quit IRC05:56
*** phooky has left #maemo06:00
*** phooky has joined #maemo06:00
*** phil|work has quit IRC06:01
*** Lateralus has joined #maemo06:01
*** Knowledge has left #maemo06:02
*** NickDe has quit IRC06:03
*** phooky has quit IRC06:03
*** birunko has quit IRC06:04
*** birunko has joined #maemo06:04
*** NickDe has joined #maemo06:04
*** TimRiker has quit IRC06:05
*** javamaniac has quit IRC06:06
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo06:08
Tb0n3it seems like the more things I have running, or the longer I have the 770 running without a flash the lower the 802.11g antenna gets06:10
Tb0n3lower signal06:11
*** dolske has joined #maemo06:18
*** Lateralus has quit IRC06:20
*** skibur has joined #maemo06:22
Tb0n3<3 automail06:23
Tb0n3handheld mail06:23
*** esworp has joined #Maemo06:26
pupnikis automail an email client?06:26
*** esworp has left #Maemo06:30
*** esworp has joined #Maemo06:31
esworpSo, yeah..  Pidgin is way better,  thanks pup.06:31
*** Dregz|Aloof has quit IRC06:36
*** kupesoft has quit IRC06:41
esworpAre the browser out there besides the preinstalled one worthwhile?06:48
esworpEr, browsers06:49
*** Blacksitox has quit IRC06:49
Tb0n3:( pidgen repo isn't working06:51
Tb0n3err woops06:51
esworpEr. repo06:52
Tb0n3forgot the /, I was reading bora user from the above06:52
pupnikif you use bluetooth keyboard and like fast browsers, you might like links206:53
Tb0n3nope, no keyboard06:53
Tb0n3I'm graffitiing06:53
*** straind` has joined #maemo06:53
pupnikMicrob browser might become the best all-round browser06:53
pupniknot sure how stable it is atm06:53
Tb0n3where could I find a bluetooth keyboard and how much06:54
esworpI've used Think Outside's and like it.06:55
pupniki have the thinkoutside stowaway and it's pretty sweet06:55
pupniknokia makes one too06:55
*** straind has quit IRC06:56
esworpI need to check nokia's out...06:56
*** skibur has quit IRC06:56
pupniknever found a store where you could test em06:56
*** straind` is now known as straind06:56
Tb0n3holy hell06:57
Tb0n3almost as much as I payed for my 77006:57
Tb0n3with a 1GB MMCmobile06:57
Tb0n3right, forgot, never get something from the company that makes it06:58
pupniki would like to know why, if the dollar is so weak, nokia tablets are 1.7 times cheaper in the US compared to germany06:58
Tb0n3ok, 77 is better06:58
Tb0n3$140 on amazon06:59
Tb0n3it's funny watching people talk to the tooth fairy06:59
|R <- does this mean that in "camera 2.7" you had video record capabilities and now in 2.9 it's gone !?07:00
|Ri need this!07:01
unique311Tb0n3: 3 links for ya.  basiliskIIGS,  basiliskIIGTK,  basiliskIISDL<--working one i think...god speed.07:01
pupnikunique311: do you want monkey to know those links?07:05
*** skibur has joined #maemo07:05
esworpOk..  Dumb question time:07:09
esworpHow do i install gpe pim?07:09
unique311its a whole lot of them.  When divshare had the group feature it could've worked out..but i'll probably just do a thread on ITT listing all of the links, and then add the ITT link to monkey's arsenal.07:09
esworpRight off maemo.orgs page?07:09
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo07:11
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo07:13
_Monkeyhi, Andy8007:15
pupnikesworp: i don't know - look for a green install icon or search repositories07:16
_Monkeyi think repositories is  and a searchable index at
*** setite has joined #maemo07:18
unique311can we have this already....
*** czheng1 has quit IRC07:21
*** Gray9Mar_ has joined #maemo07:22
Tb0n3that would be cool07:23
Tb0n3how the heck can I make my 770 read/write faster to my mobile card07:25
*** Gray9Mar has quit IRC07:25
Tb0n3which has 52MB/s speed07:25
*** rkaway2 has quit IRC07:26
*** esworp has quit IRC07:27
*** rkaway2 has joined #maemo07:29
Tb0n3untaring basilisk07:30
Tb0n3hope I figure out how to work this thing07:30
Andy80Tb0n3: n770 is slow itself :p07:34
Tb0n3but I saw somewhere a way to highspeed it07:35
pupniksearch fanoush mmcplus07:37
*** Gray9Mar_ has quit IRC07:40
Andy80what is that?07:41
pupniksomeday i'm going to figure out how to start a religious cult that attracts only genius programmers07:41
pupnikAndy80: a kernel that has faster mmc card speed and other goodies07:42
suihkulokkiwhy would you want genuis programmers when you could have young hot women?07:42
Andy80cool :)07:43
Tb0n3do I flash that faster kernel?07:43
Andy80pupnik: how can I know if my mmc is compatile with it?07:43
*** Gray9Mar has joined #maemo07:43
Tb0n3if it has more than one row of connectors07:44
pupnikok, young hot genius female programmer women07:44
Tb0n3andy, mmcplus/mobile has 13 connectors rather than 707:44
Andy80I check now. let me switch it off07:45
Andy80see ya later....07:45
*** Andy80 has quit IRC07:45
Tb0n3much much faster than it was before07:58
|R <- anyone using this version of camera to record video and have it crash at the end ?07:58
Tb0n3oh, where are .deb files cached?08:01
*** twogood has joined #maemo08:02
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC08:02
* czr puts on the straw skirt08:03
*** llanero has joined #maemo08:06
*** llanero has quit IRC08:10
*** nadnad has joined #maemo08:12
Tb0n3I transfered a whole cd of mp3s to the memory card in 30 seconds08:20
Tb0n3that's 60 megabytes08:21
*** juco2 has joined #maemo08:23
*** mbuf has joined #maemo08:23
*** twogood has quit IRC08:24
pupnikgood to know Tb0n3 ... give a holler if you ever see corruption on the card08:26
pupnikhow did you transfer?08:27
Tb0n3it was over usb08:27
Tb0n3but so sosososososososo much faster than before08:27
pupnikregular seems like 380-400kB/s08:27
Tb0n3I try and untar the basilisk tar and it gets a "tar: crc error" after the HDD.DSK part08:27
suihkulokkiSome older/buggy cards (my 64MB one inluded with N770) may not work and produce read/write errors.08:28
pupnikcan you redownload the file on pc and check the tar08:28
suihkulokkiyou have to choose, speed or reliability :P08:28
Tb0n3I read that08:28
Tb0n3speed, it's a good card08:28
Tb0n3kingston 1GB MMCmobile08:28
Tb0n3well, tiem for bed08:29
Tb0n3well, it was time for bed lon ago, but hey08:30
Tb0n3I dunno how to sleep08:30
* czr loans a hammer to Tb0n3 08:33
*** kamal_gar has joined #maemo08:39
*** pleemans has joined #maemo08:39
*** skibur has quit IRC08:47
pupnikHole up & Camp!08:56
*** pupnik is now known as pupnikzzz08:56
*** philipl has joined #maemo08:56
*** kamal_gar has quit IRC09:02
*** doublec has quit IRC09:04
*** defaultie has joined #maemo09:04
defaultiei keep getting error messages when im trying to install osso-screenshot-tool09:05
defaultielooks like i need some dpendencies09:06
*** geaaru has joined #maemo09:13
defaultiei keep getting error messages when im trying to install osso-screenshot-tool09:13
defaultielooks like i need some dpendencies09:13
czris there any way to get the actual error from LibOSSO when it fails to initialize?09:17
*** kamal_gar has joined #maemo09:17
*** Lateralus has joined #maemo09:17
defaultiewere can i download libs09:17
defaultiefor apps09:17
defaultiei installed it 2007 he09:18
LateralusHas anyone noticed they were receiving CON_IC_STATUS_DISCONNECTED connection events using conic when the connection was active, and stable?09:19
*** mbuf has quit IRC09:19
*** philipl has quit IRC09:25
*** defaultie has quit IRC09:25
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo09:27
*** Tb0n3 has quit IRC09:31
*** VimS has quit IRC09:35
*** kamal_gar has quit IRC09:44
*** tank1770 has joined #maemo09:50
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo09:51
*** sx|lappy has quit IRC09:54
*** sKaBoy_ has joined #maemo09:56
*** guardian has quit IRC09:58
*** nomis has quit IRC10:00
*** n0mis has joined #maemo10:00
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC10:01
*** greentux_ has quit IRC10:02
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo10:04
*** fab has joined #maemo10:04
*** doublec has joined #maemo10:07
*** bergie has joined #maemo10:14
*** fab has quit IRC10:14
*** doublec has quit IRC10:22
*** VimS has joined #maemo10:24
*** tko has quit IRC10:25
*** vivijim has joined #maemo10:33
*** ab has joined #maemo10:37
*** geaaru has quit IRC10:38
*** juco2 has quit IRC10:41
*** guardian has joined #maemo10:42
*** slomo has joined #maemo10:42
*** vivijim has quit IRC10:49
*** pipomolo42 has quit IRC10:51
*** felipec has joined #maemo10:53
*** czheng1 has joined #maemo10:56
*** syosoft has joined #maemo11:05
syosoftHey i bought a 770 a while ago, and i bought a 2gb kingston mmc to go with it. well, all of a sudden the kingston cannot be read. by anything. i've tried the 770 and two xp based pcs, and my printer....any ideas?11:06
*** n0mis is now known as nomis11:11
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:16
*** tobS has joined #maemo11:20
*** harobed has joined #maemo11:20
*** obergix[work] has joined #maemo11:25
syosoftHRm, now that i think about it - it could've been from a failed format attempt...just really annoying that it's completely unusable now...11:25
czrthere was serious problems with some large capacity memory cards with N800. the newest firmware that came out last week (or around then) contained the kernel fix for that.11:26
JaffaMorning, all11:26
czryou might want to check the changelog for the recent N800 image, there's a bugzilla link in there which contains a lot more info syosoft11:26
czrmornin Jaffa11:26
syosofti've got the 770 :(11:26
czrsyosoft, I know. doesn't mean that it doesn't have the same bug11:26
czrAFAIR, the device doesn't support 2GB cards (officially)11:27
syosoftit was working for a while.11:27
syosoftthen just stopped.11:27
czrwhich makes me believe that it is the same bug.11:27
syosoftnot sure i would be able to make sense out of what applys and what doesnt in the change log - and if i did come across it... how to apply?11:27
czrsyosoft, please read this:
syosoftthat bug makes the card unreadable in computers as well?11:28
syosofthrm...wonder if thats waht it is - read only ....11:29
syosoftyea, i'll give it a read, much appreciated.11:29
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:29
czrthe bugreport starts out with multiple bugs11:30
czrbut you might want to read on until it becomes clear what the issue is11:30
syosoftyip, reading on11:30
AD-N770bon dia11:30
AD-N770good morning11:30
*** tobS has quit IRC11:34
syosoftguess i'll try flashing back to an earlier version...11:37
syosoftstill around czr?11:37
*** tobmaster has quit IRC11:37
syosoftany cmds you can suggest running on the 770?11:37
czryou need to be more specific :-)11:38
syosoftwell, just somethign to try to recover this thing.11:38
czrread the bugreport.11:38
syosofti'm not all that well versed in linux...not sure what to ask.11:38
syosofti did. heh, but it's just people talking. no clear way to test for absolute failure.11:39
*** tobS has joined #maemo11:39
czrthey're sprinkled all around the bug-report11:39
czrbut if you're unable to see the card or format it in windows/linux, then the card is done for.11:39
czrI'd suggest you take it back to where you bought it from and ask for replacement.11:40
czrand try to ask around for a version of a kernel for 770 that contains the same bugfix11:40
czrunfortunately I can't help you there.11:40
czrmaybe the hacker edition has the fix, maybe not. /me shrugs.11:41
syosoftyesterday it would notice the card was inserted and said corrupted. today it's not even mounting.11:41
*** pdz has joined #maemo11:42
*** Lateralus has quit IRC11:47
*** fab has joined #maemo11:52
*** greentux has joined #maemo11:52
*** chris00_29724 has joined #maemo12:00
chris00_29724my revenge : see my ex-girlfriend naked on
*** chris00_29724 has quit IRC12:01
*** bilboed has joined #maemo12:02
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo12:03
*** Sho_ has quit IRC12:05
*** ramo102 has joined #maemo12:35
*** pupnikzz1 has joined #maemo12:38
czrhmm. is there a nice mechanism to control the backlight brightness via d-bus/libosso?12:41
czr(not whether it's off or on, but the brightness)12:41
suihkulokki czr monitor the dbus while wedging the brightness applet?12:41
czrsuihkulokki, that would be fine if I wouldn't be writing ref material :-)12:42
czrso I guess not then..12:42
*** koen has quit IRC12:43
*** koen has joined #maemo12:43
*** pupnikzzz has quit IRC12:49
*** florian has joined #maemo12:49
*** syosoft has left #maemo12:50
*** segv_ has joined #maemo12:51
inzczr, the brightness is in gconf12:55
czrinz, ah. so by changing the gconf-key, it would be reflected immediately?12:55
czrcool. thanks12:56
czr /system/osso/dsm/display/display_brightness12:58
inzsounds right12:58
czrat least that the only thing I can find with gconftool -R12:59
czrtoo bad these are not documented anywhere..12:59
inzTry changing it with gconftool -s -t int and see what happens =)12:59
czrI will shortly.12:59
czryup. it works, thanks13:00
czrvery nice gradual dimmin effect too :-)13:00
czrdimming even.13:00
czrhaha. except that now I broke something13:01
czrI set the value to 013:01
czrand now using larger values don't do anything :-)13:01
czrah no. my bad.13:01
czrinz, any idea on what the "use_led" boolean does?13:03
czrunder dsm/display/ as well13:03
inzczr, isn't there a "use leds" or something in the display settings dialog?13:04
* czr checks13:04
*** ||cw has quit IRC13:04
czrah yes there is. it's for the top-left keypad thingy. the blue led there13:05
inzczr, yeah, that's the thing13:05
czrwhat is it for?13:05
czr(must seem like a silly question :-)13:05
inzIt's supposed to give some feedback to user13:05
czrhmm. it just flashed. by itself. how to control it? :-)13:05
inzI think it should blink if the display is off and there's e.g. chat message waiting13:06
czrah. interesting.13:06
czrthat could be useful. any docs on this? :-)13:06
*** mazzen has joined #maemo13:07
*** tobS is now known as tobmaster13:07
inzczr, see mce-dev package, there's something like MCE_ACTIVATE_LED_PATTERN and _DEACTIVATE_13:07
inzczr, and there's some patterns defined in /etc/mce/mce.ini13:08
czrright. I'll add that to my research list if there's no other docs on it, thanks for the info13:08
inzany time13:10
*** sp3000 has quit IRC13:16
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo13:17
*** mazzen has quit IRC13:19
*** netx has quit IRC13:21
flip^has anyone ever managed to break the application manager (on a n800)... whenever i launch it, i just get an empty white window that doesn't respond and can only be closed forcefully13:24
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo13:25
*** booiiing has quit IRC13:32
*** booiiing has joined #maemo13:32
*** booiiing has quit IRC13:48
*** booiiing has joined #maemo13:50
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo13:51
*** klausade has joined #maemo13:52
*** bueroman has joined #maemo13:57
*** matt_c has joined #maemo14:00
*** zwnj has quit IRC14:02
*** zwnj has joined #maemo14:03
*** skibur has joined #maemo14:04
*** booiiing has quit IRC14:08
*** matt_c has quit IRC14:08
*** X-Fade has quit IRC14:09
*** netx has joined #maemo14:11
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo14:15
t_s_o <- :P14:25
dpryohehe, cool14:34
*** geaaru has joined #maemo14:36
t_s_oi suspect the buttons would be better black, but thats me14:46
t_s_obut loved the semi-irregular stripes14:46
*** setite has quit IRC14:47
*** fab has quit IRC14:48
*** luck^ has joined #maemo14:52
*** alterego has joined #maemo14:52
czrmeh. I wonder who is the bright person who mapped "Offline mode" from the device into OSSO_DEVMODE_FLIGHT in LibOSSO device state (instead of using OSSO_DEVMODE_OFFLINE).15:01
*** TPC has quit IRC15:01
*** TPC has joined #maemo15:01
czrespecially when both are undocumented.15:01
alteregoczr, you doing any work on documenting the DSP?15:03
alteregoOr is that too low level for you?15:03
* alterego was thinking of playing with the DSP for a while.15:03
czralterego, hmm, not going to do that15:04
alteregoRight, didn't think so.15:04
czrnot part of the stuff I'm doing, fortunately.15:04
czrcheck the ml, there was someone working on the dsp stuff15:04
alteregoI've found quite a bit of info on it.15:04
alteregoStill, it's kind of scary to me ;)15:05
alteregoAnd I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet ..15:05
czris there a free compiler for it yet?15:06
czrone that does 55, not 54.15:06
alteregoTI released it ages ago.15:06
czrit's not free.15:06
czrit's gratis.15:06
alteregoThat I don't know.15:06
czrat least if it's still the same that I took a look when 770 came out15:06
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo15:06
*** matt_c has joined #maemo15:14
*** mazzen has joined #maemo15:17
*** user__ has joined #maemo15:19
*** matt_c has quit IRC15:19
*** satd has left #maemo15:21
*** cypherbios has joined #maemo15:25
*** skibur has quit IRC15:27
*** obergix[work] has quit IRC15:28
czrinz, you familiar with the device modes returned by LibOSSO hw-state change callback?15:30
czrthey're not documented in libosso api (nothing interesting is), but I'm kind of puzzled what they are15:31
czrI know (by testing) that OSSO_DEVMODE_FLIGHT is the mode activated via the power-switch -> "Offline mode"15:31
czrbut that begs the question what OSSO_DEVMODE_OFFLINE then is :-)15:31
alteregoczr, Have you looked in the file /etc/systemui/systemui.xml?15:36
czrno? :-)15:36
alteregoThat defines that menu that pops up when you press the power button.15:36
alteregoMight have something useful for you.15:37
czrlet's see15:37
alterego(used it to enable a restart function)15:37
czrah I see. sadly no. not useful.15:37
alteregoLong shot. I couldn't remember what it contained.15:37
czrI'd just wish that the stuff would be documented :-)15:38
czr"nothing more".15:38
czralterego, in my darkest hours I did make a screenshot:
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo15:40
*** greentux has quit IRC15:40
*** Dregz has joined #maemo15:42
czrI've found that the amount of irony often increases with the amount of desperation :-)15:43
alteregoI didn't realise that it was that complicated :P15:43
alteregoSure, I've had a lot of issues with OSSO15:44
alteregoIt's lack of debugging information is pretty annoying.15:44
*** Dregz has quit IRC15:44
*** Dregz has joined #maemo15:45
czrthe docs are.. well.. "lacking". and yes I realize I could always read the source code, but it kind of gets old after a while :-)15:46
* alterego tries to think of interesting things to use the DSP for.15:46
alteregoWell, I think you'll be supprised. The source code is pretty small.15:46
alteregoOSSO doesn't really do much ..15:46
czrwhat do you think I've used to actually get info?15:47
czrI've been reading the source code :-)15:47
czrbut for once I'd like to _not_ to read source code. it would be so nice.15:47
alteregoWell, if that was the case. Then you wouldn't need to be doing what you're doing :P15:48
alteregoI have this crazy idea of running a VM on the DSP core.15:48
Jaffathat's crazy15:51
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo15:51
alteregoYes, I'm notoriously crazy.15:52
Jitenis there documentation on how to use the DSP somewhere?15:52
alteregoAll over the place Jiten.15:52
alteregoYour looking for docs on the TI TMS320C55x15:52
alteregoThere's a wiki page on the maemo site which gives a pointer to getting started with the DSP.15:53
Jitenah, right, I should propably pay more attention :) missed that when I was looking through the docs15:55
*** ajturner has joined #maemo15:57
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo15:57
Tak|workthat said, is there anyone who's actually made a third-party project using the dsp?16:00
TPCthe DSP? Isn't that a sound chip? what would you be using that for that you can't do with alsa?16:04
JitenDSP as in Digital Signal Processor.16:05
Jitensuitable for certain kinds of computations. At least very suitable for video and audio algorithms.16:05
Tak|workTPC: decode mp3s in hardware, etc16:06
Tak|workwell, I guess not "in hardware" , but without loading the main cpu16:06
Tak|workalterego: fceu sound driver would be a great use for the dsp ;-)16:07
*** ||cw has joined #maemo16:07
czralterego, yeah, but the funny thing is that I'm not paid to write API documentation.16:08
czrI doubt anyone is.16:08
czrthe API docs just magically seem to appear from nothingness.16:09
*** kenne has joined #maemo16:11
*** fab has joined #maemo16:17
*** k-s[WORK] has joined #maemo16:18
*** romaxa has quit IRC16:19
*** romaxa has joined #maemo16:20
disqi still need someone to test the svn kagu's a2dp switching16:20
disqi should buy a pair of a2dp headphones. wonder if my laptop can emulate that16:20
Tak|worksomeone interested in testing fceu "flickering" fix on n800?16:25
*** bedboi has joined #maemo16:27
*** ian_brasil has joined #maemo16:32
*** Gray9Mar has quit IRC16:35
*** Gray9Mar has joined #maemo16:36
*** pupnikzz1 is now known as pupnik16:36
*** dneary has joined #maemo16:40
*** segv_ has quit IRC16:43
*** _kch_ has joined #maemo16:45
*** fsmw has joined #maemo16:46
*** _kch_ has quit IRC16:48
*** zoran has quit IRC16:49
*** zoran has joined #maemo16:49
*** pleemans has quit IRC16:49
*** matt_c has joined #maemo16:49
*** jait has joined #maemo16:51
*** lardman|gone has quit IRC16:52
*** nadnad has quit IRC16:54
*** celesteh has joined #maemo17:04
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:05
*** Pio has quit IRC17:06
*** krau has quit IRC17:08
*** krau has joined #maemo17:09
*** Pio has joined #maemo17:10
*** gomiam has joined #maemo17:13
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:13
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:14
*** VimS has quit IRC17:16
*** tchan has quit IRC17:17
*** user__ has quit IRC17:17
*** tchan has joined #maemo17:19
*** satd has joined #maemo17:22
*** bergie has quit IRC17:25
*** fsmw has quit IRC17:27
*** lnx^ has quit IRC17:27
*** mazzen has quit IRC17:37
pupnikI am ASCII of Borg. Unicode is futile. You will be ANSImilated.17:41
sxpert-workI am unicode of borg, ascii is futile you will be utd-8-ilated17:42
infobotsxpert-work meant: I am unicode of borg, ascii is futile you will be utf-8-ilated17:42
pupnikansimilated sounds better :)17:44
* czr calls OSI17:44
czrsoon you all will be covered with clouds of omnipotency17:45
czrtickled by X.40017:45
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo17:45
*** philipl has joined #maemo17:47
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:47
*** Devamax has joined #maemo17:48
*** Blacksitox has joined #maemo17:48
_Monkeywhat's up, Blacksitox17:49
DevamaxHi everyone! How do I install opera, irssi and other stuff? apt-get doesnt work, neither dpkg...17:49
*** ajturner has quit IRC17:49
zoranDevamax, what os?17:50
Devamaxmaemo, nokia n800 just bought it yesterday17:51
mgedminopera is preinstalled17:51
mgedmin(in the device, not the sdk)17:51
Devamaxreally??? can't find it17:51
zoranirssi is command line oriented17:51
DevamaxI know17:51
mgedminit's called "Browser"17:51
zoranit is not called opera17:51
mgedminapt-get/dpkg works only if you get root17:52
* czr feels slightly victorious17:52
mgedminfor others there's the GUI application installer17:52
DevamaxYeah, I root throug ssh17:52
_Monkeyi think repositories is  and a searchable index at
*** fab has quit IRC17:52
mgedminone easy way to get stuff is to go to with the browser from the device and click on the green "click to install" arrows17:52
mgedminthis works, but only for packages that aren't broken17:52
mgedminunfortunately some packages are broken17:52
czrand a lot of them don't support .install are for IT200617:53
zoranmgedmin, what is with socat for 2006?17:53
czror are even.17:53
pupnikand every user should send feedback to lazy chumps who make broken packages (like me)17:53
mgedminzoran: I've absolutely no idea17:53
mgedminwhat's socat?17:53
Tak|workpupnik: lazy chump :-P17:53
* mgedmin is too lazy to send feedback17:53
zoransocat takes encrypted conn to and from17:53
DevamaxGuys, you mean - default browser in n800 is opera? Well, it isn't in my case )17:53
zoranit is17:54
mgedminDevamax: how can you tell?17:54
flip^i bet it is17:54
JitenDevamax: what is your default browser then?17:54
flip^it doesn't have an opera icon, nor is it named 'opera', but it is opera under the hood17:54
czrbrowser id is opera. it has the same bugs as opera. hence, it is opera :-)17:55
czrunless it's IE of course.17:55
*** NetBlade has quit IRC17:56
`0660in my n800 the defailt browser is firefox based, not opera17:56
DevamaxDamn ) maybe it is, anyway, apt-get uses repository to search packages, and it doesn't find irssi. How to install it? Or some other irc client?17:56
zorantry app catalog17:57 is the easiest way to find and install software.17:57
pupnikDevamax: i posted a link to a searchable repository index17:57
DevamaxOk, thank you, I'll try it!17:57
Jitenjust point the n800's browser at it.17:58
*** spect has joined #maemo17:58
pupnikJiten is correct - clicking on a green install icon will add needed repositories automagically17:58
DevamaxAnyone uses bluetooth keyboard?17:59
Tak|worksomeone interested in testing fceu "flickering" fix on n800?18:00
|RDevamax : i do18:01
|RTak|work : me!18:01
DevamaxAny troubles installing it?18:01
|RDevamax : nop, works like a charm :)18:01
Jiten|R: which keyboard?18:01
DevamaxWhat model?18:01
|RJiten / Devamax: stowaway ultra-slim18:02
Tak|work|R: dcc?18:02
|RTak|work : sure, i guess i should get it to work18:02
|RWorst case email if that fails ;)18:02
Tak|workI can post http somewhere if that's preferable18:02
|Rwould be easier :)18:02
|Rbut doesn't matter .. :)18:02
Tak|workemail would work too - it's only 441k18:03
Tak|workpick your favorite ;-)18:03
*** lardman has joined #maemo18:03
|Ryou have my email ;)18:03
* alterego always has mail :/18:03
suihkulokkispam spam spam spam spam spam spam18:04
lardman !me18:04
alteregoActually, I get very little, if any spam.18:04
*** geaaru has quit IRC18:04
*** mazzen has joined #maemo18:04
zoranfor pop, one could trim spam on the server18:05
*** Gray9Mar_ has joined #maemo18:05
czralterego, you want mine?18:05
alteregoErm, no thanks :)18:05
czrit could be a nice load test for your device18:05
*** konttori has joined #maemo18:05
*** ab has quit IRC18:06
*** red-zack has joined #maemo18:06
alteregoI'm not a fan of the mail client on the internet tablets.18:06
alteregoTo be honest it's rubbish.18:06
flip^claws-mail :D18:06
alterego(I think)18:06
czrI tried it once I think, and it was quite horrid imho18:06
czrthought of writing my own, but then figured that had more interesting stuff to do18:06
alteregoI use mutt18:06
alteregoYeah, I was thinking of writing a better mail client.18:07
* flip^ isn't relying on anything terminal based until he has a BT keyboard18:07
zoranbetter than mutt?18:07
alteregoI could probably hack something together which would be as good in a few hours ^_^18:07
*** Devamax has quit IRC18:07
czralterego, you and your ruby!18:08
czralterego, does ruby have any nice ncurses abstractions?18:08
czrlike event based toolkits that abstract the hairy spaghetty away?18:08
*** lnx^ has joined #maemo18:09
Tak|workruby is teh awesome18:10
Tak|workkind of sucks to make somebody install a huge framework on a device like the IT, though18:11
|RTak|work : looks fine!18:13
alteregoThere is an ncurses extension.18:14
|Rsame intro display bug as before but that doesn't mather, the button play works and doesn't flickr anymore :]18:14
alteregoNot really used it seriously. It's a lot like doing it in C18:14
Tak|workintro display bug?18:14
*** jacques has quit IRC18:14
|Rwell, uhm, i launch it from mame18:14
czralterego, then it close to useless18:14
alteregoTak|work, ruby isn't really a huge framework :P18:14
|Rand when it starts, i have save load on the left18:14
Tak|workhuge for the tablet18:14
|Rbut notthing on the bottom left or at all on the right side18:14
alteregoTak|work, my packages install to about 6Mb which is similar to Python in size.18:14
Tak|workalterego: yeah, I have the same beef about python :-P18:15
|Ri have to click the home menu for them to show and they play with start/a/b/select so the screen of the game gets resized...18:15
*** Gray9Mar has quit IRC18:15
alteregoWell, mini ruby is only 512K :P18:15
Tak|work|R: hmm, that's weird18:15
alteregoBut it's not very useful ^_^18:15
Tak|workyeah, when you press home, the game pauses and drops out of pixel-doubled mode18:16
Tak|workand then you need to press an onscreen button to restart/redouble18:16
|Roh weird, now when i quit the central screen acts like a zoom18:16
alteregoHas anyone done any work on getting SDL to work in a proper HildonWindow?18:16
*** t_s_o has quit IRC18:17
|Ras if the full screen game isn't resetter and i get pixels doubled over the normal resolution where the game should be18:17
alteregoWould be able to use the onscreen keyboard then ..18:17
|Ri guess i'll have to reboot18:17
Tak|work|R: it's not resetting the display on quit?18:17
* Tak|work kicks silly xsp hack18:18
Tak|worktry restarting fceu and quitting again?18:19
|Ri can't see well enough to know where to click :/18:19
|Ri'm rebooting...18:19
|Rhehe NOKIA shutdown screen was the top of NO ;)18:20
|Reverything was stuck in zoom mode18:20
alteregoI get that sometimes with mplayer.18:20
|R(well center that is)18:20
mgedminpixel doubling is fun18:20
|Rlet me try again with another game18:20
czr|R, you changed the device mode to KIA?18:20
czrbut it only runs when KIA-mode is disabled!18:20
alteregoTask switching out of mplayer is buggy unless you go out of fullscreen mode.18:21
|Rlet's see if contra works better ;)18:21
|Rok at the begining the button works but the whole area is transparent and i see the "desktop"18:22
|Rthat was the first thing...18:22
pupnikany guesses what N900 will use?  1) Xsp, 2) Xrandr 3) No scaling?18:22
czrbtw, when will there be an IT with compiz?18:22
czrpupnik, I tried to ask you yesternight, you sure about the name?18:23
*** TPC has quit IRC18:23
*** TPC has joined #maemo18:24
mgedminpupnik: ask daniels when he appears on irc18:24
|Ruhm maybe sleep mode can fix the doubling, but at least now it's playable, it's a better bug hehe :)18:24
|Ri've got to run, friend over here, i'll be back later!18:24
|RTak|work : thanks, ttyl!18:24
*** Devamax has joined #maemo18:25
lardmanpupnik: would be nice to know whether they've removed the memory bandwidth issue too18:26
*** esworp has joined #Maemo18:26
*** bueroman has quit IRC18:26
|Ractually now it works better, i ll give more queue about it (ok running for real ;)18:26
Jitenmemory bandwidth issue?18:26
*** konttori has quit IRC18:28
DevamaxGuys, a dumb question: I've installed a repository from here: , now how do I install packages from it?18:28
pupniklardman: if we're talking about omap3430, it has native support for higher res framebuffers18:29
Tak|workDevamax: they should show up in your Application Manager now18:29
DevamaxThey don't(((18:30
zoranupdaet them18:30
DevamaxAlready done.18:30
Tak|workyes, have you refreshed the package list?18:30
Tak|workcheck the log for errors?18:31
*** celesteh has quit IRC18:31
*** cypherbios has quit IRC18:32
*** erstazi has quit IRC18:32
DevamaxHm... how to update package list? I reboot nokia and after reboot it were updating it itself for some time, but new packages didn't appera in package list18:32
*** celesteh has joined #maemo18:33
*** erstazi has joined #maemo18:33
zoranDevamax, open app manager18:33
zorantools ->18:33
zoranor via apt-get update18:34
*** twogood has joined #maemo18:34
* Tak|work highly disrecommend using commandline apt-get for anything on the device18:34
lardmanpupnik: I think it'll be a 2420 with a higher clockrate18:34
*** tobmaster has quit IRC18:34
lardmanJiten: screen updates18:34
pupnikWhy tak?18:35
mgedminit's easy to break the system with apt-get18:35
*** celesteh has quit IRC18:36
mgedminapt-get update should be harmless; apt-get install somenonsystempackage mostly so; apt-get dist-upgrade is very likely to break your system18:36
DevamaxDamn( now default browsr crushes with "internal error" message when I start it((18:36
* Tak|work nods @ mgedmin 18:36
DevamaxHelp please anyone))).18:37
zorantry again18:37
Devamaxmany times18:37
mgedminand if that doesn't help, reboot18:37
Devamaxwhat's sync?18:37
mgedminsometimes my browser fails to start if I click on a bookmark, but starts all right if I click on 'open browser window'18:37
mgedminwrong window? :-)18:38
*** philipl is now known as phil|work18:38
zoranreboot helps, however18:38
mgedminthe was an interesting thread on the mailing list18:38
mgedminthe wifi driver apparently can corrupt random memory addresses18:38
mgedminwhich makes some applications crash18:38
mgedminfun fun fun18:38
zoranon 3.2006.49 I didn't have a crash yet18:39
mgedminlucky you18:39
zoranon 39 a lot18:39
mgedminmy sister's 770 with 3.2006.49 had apt-get stop working (error parsing /var/lib/dpkg/status, iirc)18:39
mgedminrebooting didn't help18:39
zoranbut that browser makes me mad18:39
*** guardian has quit IRC18:39
mgedminI thought I'd have to reflash it18:39
mgedminbut when I finally got around to it a few months later, I tried again and the error just disappeared18:40
DevamaxIt still crashes((((((((18:40
esworpIs the built-in Opera the best browser the best option? I notice it crawls on heavy pages..18:40
zoranrelax first18:40
zoranmay I ask for opinions of better browser for 770?18:40
_Monkeyi think minimo is (Mini Mozilla) Web browser, a slimmed down version of mozilla browser aiming resource reduced devices.
mgedminthere's also microb18:41
zoranfor 770?18:41
zuhI bet all options will crawl on heavy pages...18:41
mgedminwhich is the mozilla browser engine (gecko) integrated into the default browser ui18:41
mgedminah, dunno if microb works on a 77018:41
zoranhm, I dislike turning spaw on18:41
mgedminthe 770 is a bit underpowered18:41
zoranmgedmin, I just like my 77018:42
zoranlinks is fine, lynx would be better18:42
pupnikheavy pages can bring a 1ghz pentium 3 to its knees.  it's the designers fault.18:42
mgedminzoran: when I used a 770, I found that swap helps *a lot*18:43
zoranI never need it with links18:43
zoranwith opera, a lot for fancy pages with picts18:43
pupnikyou have links +graphics and mouse support zoran ?18:44
zoranso, I removed picts18:44
zoranno mouse on 770 :)18:44
pupnikyou can build links with gpm mouse and click on links with stylus18:44
esworpBoingboin.g metakes Opera c r a w l on my (new) n800.18:44
zoranI use lynx on console on my home boxx18:45
mgedminwhat do you mean "no mouse"?18:45
mgedmintaps are mouse clicks18:45
mgedminand they work just fine in terminal apps too18:46
zoranI have one, but don't like to use graphics for that18:46
mgedmingpm is a red herring, it's linux console only18:46
mgedminxterm has its own mouse support18:46
zoranin this moment, for 5 shells, I must to have graphics18:46
pupnikgpm works fine in links2 browser -
zoranno linux, bsd18:46
zoranbut xorg should be the same18:46
esworpWeird that sometimes the hildon widget messes up like in my last entry18:47
DevamaxDamn. Deafault browser doesn't work. How to uninstall a package with apt- ?18:47
pupnikapt-get remove ...18:47
zoranhe would make in unusable18:48
zoranmaybe from teh command line18:48
zoranDevamax, does 800 have ps or something?18:49
zorando you have opened something liek browser?18:49
DevamaxI try to open a deafault one, but it crashes18:50
zorancould you try to find processes on the device?18:50
zoranps aux or ps -ef18:51
DevamaxYeah, but what procr18:51
Devamax*processes should I find?18:51
zoranmaybe it is open already and does something18:51
zoranif it memorizes the session...18:51
zoranif you find browser proc, just kill -9 id18:53
zoranor some connection outbound18:53
zorana long list?18:54
zoranadd | grep browser or simmilar18:55
DevamaxHm... I've done the following thing - removed from console a package I nstalled ( osso-browser-opera-somethingels ) and now it works18:55
DevamaxVery odd )).18:55
zoranmaybe you should change order in your path18:56
DevamaxErr.. actually, not quite. I'll try to reboot...18:56
DevamaxNo, now it starts, doesn't load pages and crshes in a couple of minutes18:58
zorancould you call it from command line?18:58
zoransomeone could point you to the binary, to manualy change it in /bin or whatever18:59
zoranhow is it called on 800?19:00
DevamaxI'm afraid I dont know... it is written just "web" on an icon19:01
alteregoLook at the service file.19:01
zoranhm, if osso-browser:19:02
zoranwhich oso-browser19:02
zoranls -l /bin/osso-browser19:02
*** Dregz has quit IRC19:02
zoranmaybe you don't have binary file19:02
*** Dregz has joined #maemo19:02
DevamaxI cant find something conserning browser in /bin19:03
Devamaxjust sh commands there19:03
lardmanhas anyone looked at adding more gstreamer components, so it can play things like divx?19:03
zoranDevaman, install minimo and try from there19:03
zoranor someone knows correct rep for osso-browser19:04
mgedminDevamax: most of the stuff is in /usr/bin19:04
*** Atarii has joined #maemo19:04
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC19:05
*** Dregz has quit IRC19:06
DevamaxHow to install it? I dont have minimo in repository, and microB needs some library19:06
zoranI found minimo on brasilian site19:07
*** sKaBoy_ has quit IRC19:07
alteregoDevamax, dbus-send /usr/bin/browser
alteregoThat will start the browser.19:07
DevamaxThanks, I'll try now!19:08
*** guardian has joined #maemo19:08
*** Lateralus has joined #maemo19:10
*** ramo102 has quit IRC19:10
DevamaxThe same thing(((19:10
alteregoWhat crashes?19:12
_Monkeybrowser is, like, open sources19:13
zoranis /usr/bin/browser a link?19:13
alteregoTry this: dbus-send --type=method_call /com/nokia/osso_browser/request
Devamaxto maemo invoker19:14
alteregoYup, same for me.19:14
*** florian has quit IRC19:15
*** esworp has quit IRC19:15
DevamaxIs it possible to reinstall it (browser)19:16
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:16
*** Dregz has joined #maemo19:16
zoranmaybe you just broke a link19:16
zoranalterego's way sounds fine19:17
DevamaxTrying it19:17
*** Dregz|Aloof has joined #maemo19:19
DevamaxIt launches, but does'nt loadages19:20
Devamaxand now it's crashed(((19:20
zoranwhat is memory footprint of opera - minimo - microb ? I've read about slowlyness of last two19:22
*** Atarii has quit IRC19:23
DevamaxI think I have to reflash )) Is it difficult?19:28
zoranno, but why not try to solve the problem?19:29
DevamaxHeh ) I don' know how to ).19:30
*** javamaniac has quit IRC19:30
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo19:30
zoranif you could install another browser, point /usr/bin/browser to it...19:30
zoranI just saw thread with similar prob19:31
DevamaxCould you give a link?19:31
zoranpeople said it should be changed in .browser hidden from false to true19:31
zoranI closed the site already19:32
DevamaxHidden? ) what do you mean?19:34
zorandunno, I recall it from the page19:34
*** harobed has quit IRC19:34
zoranand cannot find the site now19:35
sp3000that sounds completely unrelated, but maybe it's just me19:35
zorancannot remember the exact link19:36
DevamaxThank's I'll search it!19:36
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo19:36
sp3000I don't think you mentioned how it broke19:37
sp3000something about apt-get but not what you did with it19:38
sp3000or something else19:38
DevamaxIt broke after I installed opera with apt get19:38
Devamaxand probably after reboot19:38
zoranI think also that Devamax broke some dependency19:38
zoranmaybe some new lib19:38
zoranDevamax, what os version and what rep version?19:39
Tak|workuh, how do I transfer a file via bluetooth?19:39
* Tak|work bluetooth noob19:39
Devamaxos is 3.2007.10-719:39
sp3000ok so upgraded some random package that has somewhat incomplete dependecy information and probably isn't visible through app manager anyhow19:40
Devamaxrep... how to check it?19:40
sp3000Devamax: you should flash a newer release anyway19:40
zoranrep list19:40
* zoran bbl19:40
Devamaxwell, i've dowloaded and installe19:42
*** henno has quit IRC19:42
sp3000afaiui there are cases where upgrading some browser related package without upgrading some other one could break things19:42
DevamaxWill reflashing help?19:43
sp3000of course19:43
sp3000you want 4.2007.38 for your N800 anyway19:44
sp3000various fixes and whatnow19:44
sp3000whatnot even19:44
* alterego wants to install chinook.19:44
Devamaxoh I see. Thanx!19:44
*** Atarii has joined #maemo19:44
DevamaxI wounder if there's russian version of this flash19:44
sp3000afaiui there are no separate versions19:45
*** henno has joined #maemo19:46
*** toi has joined #maemo19:46
DevamaxWell, mine is russ - although maybe lang can be switched in prefs somewhere19:46
DevamaxHm, I've installed with apt-get install osso-browser-opera-eal and it seems, with no errors, but how to launch it? no opera related files in /usr/bin19:49
*** zwnj has quit IRC19:49
alteregoDevamax, what are you doing?19:49
alteregoIf you want to launch the browser, then click on the menu item.19:49
Devamaxbrowser crashes19:50
Devamaxwith intrernal error19:50
sp3000"installing browser-eal or tablet-browser-controls (which depends on browser-eal) without installing tablet-browser-ui and friends breaks the browser" quoth a bugzilla bug summary19:50
DevamaxOk, reflash19:50
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:50
sp3000but since you're upgrading anyway, that's academic until you break it again ;)19:51
alteregoHave you tried launching it from both points? The bookmark plugin and the applications menu?19:51
sp3000Devamax: yeah language is in the first startup wizard and in the control panel19:51
Devamaxrussian19:52 included19:52
Tak|workugh, finally figured it out19:52
DevamaxFigured what :) ?19:52
Tak|workbluetooth file transfer19:53
*** fab_away has joined #maemo19:53
* Devamax wonders if he installs other opera dependenses, will in work?..19:54
* Devamax got used to gentoo :) just "emerge package" and forget about dependaces nightmare19:55
*** vivijim has joined #maemo19:55
sp3000the theory of stuff not breaking should hold pretty well for appmanager default mode19:56
sp3000beyond that there's some chance of versioned-dependency mishaps I suppose19:56
DevamaxYeah... I can see it NOW19:56
DevamaxThank you guys for help anyway19:57
DevamaxI'll Refla19:57
Atariibtw Devamax i had the exact same problem19:57
Devamaxreflash it tomorrow19:57
Atariistarted after i updated some browser stuff through the repository19:58
Devamaxhow did you fixed it?19:58
Atariinow browser crashes on startup19:58
Atariii havnt :(19:58
Atariireflash for me also19:58
sp3000the bug summary seems to imply installing "tablet-browser-ui and friends" could help at that point :)19:59
sp3000but, dunno19:59
Atariiill just reflash19:59
Atariia lot easier19:59
DevamaxIn theory, does PC Debian versions resolve dependances automatically?20:00
sp3000no, the package maintainers try to mark dependencies correctly and sometimes fail20:00
sp3000(sure there is some automation to that end of the work afaiui but...)20:00
*** lmoura has quit IRC20:01
DevamaxFrom this point of view, port-based *nix are better ( gentoo, freebsd )20:01
sp3000in theory they never fail of course20:01
sp3000nor in practice to any really noticeable extent20:02
* sp3000 expects ports version dep tracking to not really differ, but icbw20:03
DevamaxWell, I've newer had problens with dependances on gentoo. In FreeBSD, sometimes.20:04
*** mazzen has quit IRC20:05
*** pleemans has quit IRC20:07
bedboiany information about chinook?20:09
bedboii mean, any release date?20:09
mgedminnokia's policy appears to be "if we never announce release dates in advance, we won't lose face if we're forced to delay them"20:10
* mgedmin is not a nokian, so this is complete speculation20:10
bedboiit can be20:11
gla55or they don't have dates20:12
gla55or have but don't think of them as achievable20:12
bedboii guess that they just release when ready20:12
bedboiand announce when releasing20:13
rodarvusthat would still be (much) better than announcing a release date 4 years in advance, and still managing to miss the release date - as does Microsoft.20:17
*** Dregz|Aloof has quit IRC20:18
JitenDevamax: The reason I switched to Debian a few years back was to get out of the dependency hell. It does resolve them automatically and the tools can. The difference with maemo is that when you install stuff, you mostly have to get it from unofficial repositories.20:23
Jitendebian has nearly everything you could need in the official repositories20:23
Jitensame as gentoo I suppose.20:23
Jitenif there was a centralized repository with rules in place like debian's, dependency problems would pretty much vanish.20:24
pupnikthat's true20:25
Tak|workthere basically is, but everybody ignores it20:25
_Monkeyrumour has it mud-builder is "Maemo Unofficial Debs" - an autobuilder for simple source ports that hosts them in a single repository.  Forum at
Jitenand it's made easy to ignore.20:25
*** slomo has quit IRC20:26
pupnikwhat does mud stand for?  i keep thinking multi-user dungeons20:26
*** slomo has joined #maemo20:26
disqmaemo user something i think20:27
disqerm. "Maemo Unofficial Debs"20:27
mgedminthere's also Maemo Extras which is sort-of official20:28
Tak|workno, I mean maemo extras20:28
Jitenit's too easy to ignore so it gets ignored.20:29
*** gomiam has quit IRC20:30
Tak|workhow is the ease of ignorability any different than with the debian repos?20:30
Jitenthe .install files I think20:31
disqmaemo extras isn't official. it's just "hard to get access to" and "hard to configure" :P20:31
Tak|workhard to get access?20:31
disqerm, i'm talking about garage extras20:31
Tak|workcompared to debian?20:31
disqhard to get access = you mail the garage maintainer and he sets you up with a garage repo "invitation" which then you upload your pgp and ssh keys20:32
|RTak|work : what did you corect in fceu bora4-b ? i didn't get the weird doubling since the first time though...20:32
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:32
disqbut there's no mechanism to check the debs, once you're inside you can upload anything (provided you sign the deb first)20:33
Tak|work|R: try something for the initial button show, doublecheck that doubling is disabled on shutdown20:33
|Rok, first part didn't work20:34
|Ri have to hit home, cancel, and then tap de game screen, start, game screen and it refreshes20:36
|Rgo figure :)20:36
|Rthe button are "their" though..20:36
* |R and his english ;)20:37
Tak|workhm - if you just start playing, they never draw themselves?20:39
|Rlet me see...20:39
|Rdoesn't look like it20:40
|Rnop played and quited after and they never showed up20:41
|Rgotta leave again, ttyl :)20:41
lardmanbye chaps20:43
*** lardman has quit IRC20:43
alteregoHas anyone used GtkTreeView in a maemo app yet?20:44
*** geaaru has joined #maemo20:45
* Tak|work shudders20:45
Tak|workdifficult enough to navigate with a standard mouse20:46
DevamaxGuys, reflashing destroy all files on filesystem? Should I pull out sd cards?20:47
sp3000it only affects the internal flash20:47
alteregoDevamax, you shouldn't have to, but if it makes you feel more secure do it :P20:48
DevamaxInternal - you mean built-in, do you?20:48
alteregoHe means _inside_ the device.20:49
alteregoThe flash memory that stores the OS.20:49
Devamaxyeh, i meant it20:49
DevamaxThank you!20:49
*** zwnj has joined #maemo20:50
*** Lateralus has quit IRC20:52
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:53
*** ajturner has joined #maemo20:53
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo20:55
*** mazzen has joined #maemo20:57
*** Lateralus has joined #maemo21:00
Tak|workis there a way to derive a HildonWindow from a GtkWindow?21:04
*** guardian has joined #maemo21:05
*** playya has quit IRC21:06
*** r2d2rogers has joined #maemo21:10
*** Dretches has joined #maemo21:10
nomisTak|work: it already is derived from a GtkWindow21:15
Mikhowould anyone have any idea what "Global symbol "$me" requires explicit package name at /scratchbox/devkits/debian-lenny/bin/dpkg-checkbuilddeps line 82." means? I'm trying to make a debian package (with 'make deb'), and it has worked perfectly for a very long time, but now it suddenly stopped working with that error message21:16
DevamaxDamn again. I'v left usb cabel at home. Now I have to work instead of reflashing :))).21:17
alteregoOkay, I wasn't going crazy ..21:18
alteregoMaemo Gtk has disabled the arrows in GtkTreeView!21:18
disqalterego: see maemopadplus source on how to circumvent that (it's basically installing a gtkrc file and calling a gtk func)21:19
Mikhoso... is it just because I happened to install the debian-lenny devkit? The same files compile perfectly into a deb package on another computer21:20
Mikhohow can I remove installed devkits from a target?21:20
* alterego wonders whether that changes in chinook.21:20
alteregoDamn connection.21:20
Tak|worknomis: I mean, given a GtkWindow instance, to create a HildonWindow instance using it21:21
alteregodisq, right. It doesn't really matter. I thought there was something broken in my ruby bindings :/21:22
disqno, it's just maemo that's broken21:23
alteregoI was hoping that was the case :)21:23
alteregoWell, now I've sorted that ..21:24
* alterego starts writing some build scripts to automate building of ruby-maemo for all dists and architectures :)21:24
*** czheng1 has left #maemo21:25
*** celesteh has joined #maemo21:27
_Monkeyprivet, celesteh21:28
DevamaxTut i nashi est :).21:28
Mikhook... I just needed to 'setup' the target again. It removed the old devkits if I didn't choose them21:28
*** Dregz has quit IRC21:28
*** alterego has quit IRC21:29
*** Dregs has joined #maemo21:33
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:34
Devamaxwhat's broken packages?21:35
DevamaxI recieve an error "package unistallable" and "E: Boken packages" errors.21:36
nomisTak|work: no, that is not possible.21:39
nomisTak|work: at least not with a *lot* of poking around.21:40
nomisTak|work: do you have control over the code creating the GtkWindow?21:40
Tak|workheh - what I've done for now is reparent the window's child to a HildonWindow21:40
Tak|worknomis: I'm using libglade :-/21:41
*** Pio has quit IRC21:42
Tak|workI wish hildon automagically rendered GtkSpinButtons as HildonNumberEditors21:42
nomisTak|work: I was about to suggest something similiar: omit the creation of the GtkWindow and just create the container.21:43
nomisTak|work: using libglade of course then is shooting yourself in the foot.21:43
Tak|workmanually writing hundreds of lines of gtk boilerplate is shooting myself in both feet21:47
nomisactually I don't know libglade, maybe it allows you to create a sub-tree of your widget hierarchy21:47
*** bedboi has quit IRC21:48
*** alterego has joined #maemo21:49
*** Dretches has quit IRC21:51
alteregoMy HDD just crashed ^_^21:51
alteregoThat's never happened to me before.21:51
gla55there's always the first time21:51
gla55totally dead?21:51
alteregoJust had to replace it.21:51
gla55doesn't spin?21:51
*** Dregs has quit IRC21:52
Tak|workwhat I would *really* like to do is create an alternate glade layout using a hildonwindow and some hildonnumbereditors, but libglade won't see a HildonWindow if I drop it in21:52
*** Pio has joined #maemo21:52
alteregogla55, nope. Dead as a door post. It clicked and died.21:52
alteregoI tapped it, hit it a bit harder but still no life.21:55
gla55alterego: tried the freezer method(if it's stuck bearings)? i never had anyone i knew try it21:55
*** straind` has joined #maemo21:55
alteregoOh well, luck I had a space.21:55
Tak|workhmm - sardine will have libglade-hildon :-/21:55
alteregogla55, I might experiment wih that if I get the time.21:55
alteregoNot really any point. I've not lost anything.21:56
gla55dunno if i'd bother either if i hadnt lost anything21:56
alteregoWell, it might be interesting to see if it works.21:56
alteregoI've always wondered about that freezer thing ..21:56
alteregoAnd this is the first time I've had a hard drive fail on me.21:57
gla55i havent had no spins21:58
*** Blacksitox has quit IRC21:58
gla55just things like one hd that apparently one disk surface shot etc21:58
alteregoMy dad used to use a drive that every now-and-again stuck. So you had to hit it pretty hard to get it to unstick and spin up.21:58
alteregoThat drive is still in use today I believe.21:59
gla55dunno if i'd use it for actually storing anything21:59
alteregoProbably only a 250Mb if that.21:59
gla55and i'd go on using pretty crap hw22:00
alteregoI've got what I'd like to call a "distributed filesystem". It basically works in a similar fashion to me having say, 10 bedrooms.22:00
alteregoYou see, _I_ know where everything is :)22:00
alteregoAnd there are multiples of multiples everywhere.22:01
gla55my current choice of usb disk
alteregoAlso, I have revision control, because at least one of my machines will have an old version of a file.22:01
alteregoSo I'm sorted ^_^22:01
DevamaxYeeeeee I've installed another brouther).22:02
_Monkeyi guess browser is open sources22:02
DevamaxI mean).22:02
* alterego wonders what files he needs in his debian directory.22:02
DevamaxGuys, how to make icons on the desctop? some soft ala linux fbicons?22:03
alteregoDevamax, look for "IDEA!"22:04
alteregoIt's a neat desklet that allows you to make launcher buttons.22:04
DevamaxThank you!22:05
*** straind42 has joined #maemo22:06
*** straind has quit IRC22:06
*** straind42 is now known as straind22:06
DevamaxOh my god. There's apache and bind in repository... it can be a web and dns server 0_o I wounder about php and mysql ))) And I'll have LAMP on a palm ))))))).22:06
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo22:08
alteregoDevamax, yes, all that is available.22:08
alteregoNot that I'd recommend it :P22:09
DevamaxBut the fact itself is... empressive, I would say ))).22:09
Devamaxor impressive ).22:09
alteregoI'd say it's more interesting :P22:11
alteregoSure, I can understand wanting to have a HTTP server on the device. But Apache?22:12
alteregoThe DNS server I don't get. Though probably because I'm not doing any weird networking things with my devices.22:12
|RTak|work : you've got mail! haha ;)22:18
*** pdz- has joined #maemo22:18
DevamaxWell, the point is - you can get with linux what you'll never get with win.22:18
DevamaxOn such devices.22:18
DevamaxBTW, in Moscow nokia sd cards cost 100$ for 2 GB, and, for exaple, kingston 2GB cards - only 30$. I've bought one nokia and one kingston - and I don't feel any difference for now. Is it market specific question, or nokia cards a really better?22:22
*** dockane has joined #maemo22:22
*** straind` has quit IRC22:23
gla55probably not any better22:25
gla55it reads nokia though22:25
gla55some people want to buy brand in everything so  "it'll work for sure" or whatever22:25
Devamaxkingston is also rather famous brand//22:26
Devamaxram and so on...22:26
gla55yeah it's a good brand, but it's not a kingston device you were buying it for.  i guess the logic being here that nokia provides nokia cards to whoever wants to buy them22:27
Devamaxprobably :).22:27
*** pdz has quit IRC22:28
*** massoud has quit IRC22:32
|Rand it's probably rebranded anyway :P22:34
*** playya has joined #maemo22:35
gla55of course22:36
|R(from kingston haha ;)22:36
RobAtWork[14:28] <gla55> probably not any better22:37
RobAtWork[14:28] <gla55> it reads nokia though22:37
RobAtWork[14:28] <gla55> some people want to buy brand in everything so  "it'll work for sure" or whatever22:37
*** Pio has quit IRC22:40
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo22:40
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*** Pio_ has quit IRC22:48
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo22:49
*** Pio_ is now known as Pio22:50
*** fab_away is now known as fab22:51
* |R wish busybox would support ctrl-r22:55
*** dneary has quit IRC23:01
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*** TimRiker has joined #maemo23:19
|R2 sec, restarting :P23:19
*** booiiing has joined #maemo23:21
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