IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2007-10-02

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unique311Tkinter available for maemo?00:24
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disqzerojay: there? got some info about jvms in 3650/7650 for you01:41
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zerojaydisq: I am.02:16
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disqhe said they were using an image pool for image objects.. because.. let me open the log02:16
zerojaydisq: The problem on those phones is that they leak memory each time you use GetResourceAsStream.02:16
disqwho's he you'll say, my friend02:16
t_s_ointeresting, my 770 have started to spontaniusly reboot and lock in a early reboot cycle until i pull the battery...02:16
disqapparently it loads the image object's data in OS's heap so when you destroy the object the memory can't be reused02:17
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zerojayThanks anyways... we long ago decided we won't support those two because of the bug.02:19
zerojayStill interesting to get an answer on that. Thanks.02:19
disqthe 3650 was very popular here in turkey so i guess they did some more investigation :)02:21
zerojayOh, you poor bastards.02:22
disqi decided to get the 6120 classic btw02:22
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zerojayI think we got one of those in a week or two ago.02:22
disqthe 6300 is good and looks nicer, and it's a few mms thinner and s40, but the 6120 has hsdpa and a camera flash and qvga video resolution02:22
zerojayYeah, it looks like a solid phone.02:23
disqhe also assured me symbian is not like what it used to be, that it works fast and fine now, etc02:24
disqi had crazy problems with the 6600, like alarms not going off and such02:24
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disqin fact they say the 6120/6121 are the smallest s60 phones you can get02:25
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zerojayMy wife has a 6101... she was excited about being able to play our games on it... until our publisher decided that we won't be putting our games out on t-mobile in the US. ("Too small," they said.)02:28
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zerojayshitty little phone. lol02:34
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satdany1 know how i can install hamachi into n770?03:00
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Tb0n3so, is it just me or is the 770's lcd too sensitive to pressure03:19
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Tb0n3it's like I'm pressing on my laptop screen03:20
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satdif i am trying to access n770 by ssh03:28
satdwhat is the default user id and pass?03:28
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esworpok folks... time to help me drink the Kool-Aid...03:31
esworpI'm totally sick of my lifedrive, and am on the fence about getting a n800.03:31
esworpbut my trepidation stems from that fact that I'm not sur eif the n800/maemo can offe a suitable calendar/datebook app.03:32
esworpany thoughts?03:34
zerojayThere's none from Nokia themselves.03:34
zerojayBut there are 3rd party apps for it.03:34
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satdhow do change to root03:44
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satdin xterm it says i am user03:45
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esworpnot to be a nancy, but did anyone catch my earlier question about battery life?03:58
zerojayPutting yourself into offline mode does save battery, sure.03:58
zerojayTurning off bluetooth if you aren't using it helps also.03:59
esworpwould you say it goes from 3(ish) hours to 5(ish)?04:00
zerojayHard to say, but I would say that it sounds about right. It really kind of depends on how actively you are using the tablet.04:01
zerojayIt'll last pretty much all day with Wifi on if you aren't really using it much.04:01
esworpgotcha.  (obviously) I'm looking to use it as a bigass PDA.04:01
zerojayYeah, but it's not a PDA, so you might find yourself disappointed.04:02
esworpi understand.   I'm looking for what it is (internet tablett thingy), plus a datebook.04:02
esworpI'm migrating /from/ a llifedrive, so I use +04:02
zerojayI don't know it. Never used it.04:02
esworpso i use what I have now as a mdeia dingus and a organizer04:03
esworpI /think/ I'd be happy with it, providing the datebook app choices are decent.04:03
zerojayAs far as I know, GPE's pretty good.04:05
zerojayI don't really use it so...04:05
zerojayThere's another one too..04:06
esworphopefully I'll bump into someone who has/does.04:06
zerojayIt's generally well regarded.04:06
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satdhow do i get root access?04:10
zerojayWhy do you need root access?04:10
satdto install hamachi04:10
Tb0n3how does one xvid canola?04:10
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gnuiteIf I upgrade my app to use libconic, will it work on the 770?04:21
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kupesoftWhen's chinook due?04:36
gnuiteWhy is there no x86 version of libconic0?04:38
satdhwo o i change root password in n77004:43
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satdcan some1 here help me with n77005:03
satdand installing hamachi05:03
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SenileBobHas anyone tried removing functionality from the N800, such as media playback? And adding just their own software to it? Like a kiosk mode?06:57
pupnikyou can add a program to startup script that will run full screen07:04
pupnikas far as kiosk mode... depends if you want to prevent users with device in-hand from accessing the OS completely07:06
pupnikin which case you have to disable the 'home' and 'power' buttons while your app is running07:06
pupnikAlso for your kiosk mode home controller you'll need to implement code, or at least calls, to connect to your wlan without allowing user access to the os07:07
pupniki guess that's obvious07:08
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unique311you got a minute?07:20
unique311really anyone that knows python pretty well07:21
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SenileBobpupnik: thanks for the replies, i stepped out for a few minutes...08:07
SenileBobcould kiosk mode be done so that the web browser and wlan setup apps still can be launched, but nothing else other than a custom app?08:08
SenileBoband can the app handle hard button presses such as home, and do something when the buttons are pressed, like go to a home screen?08:08
pupniki think you might be able to do 1)08:17
SenileBobgreat, and 2)? :D08:17
pupnikre 2) all the buttons except home key are visible to your app08:18
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pupnikor let me put it this way - i haven't seen any apps that re-map what the home key does08:18
SenileBobok, but it MIGHT still be possible08:18
disqseen powerlaunch? it's exciting stuff08:18
_MonkeyI haven't seen 'powerlaunch', disq08:18
disqshut up _Monkey08:19
pupnikyes definitely08:19
pupnikdefinitely possible for /supergeek/08:19
SenileBobok, sounds like the N800 can do what i need08:20
SenileBobI have one company getting me a quote, but if anyone else is interested in doing some N800 programming for us, please let me know! :)08:22
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pupnikI don't trust my own quotes much less those of others08:37
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jani =)10:14
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zwnjdoes kernel of version 2007.4 support SDHC?10:58
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JaffaMorning, all11:08
Jaffazwnj: yes11:08
zwnjthanks Jaffa :)11:08
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edistaris the release of OS2007 for the n770 useable?11:15
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disqJaffa: check out powerlaunch (thread in maemo-users) it's genius11:29
disq_Monkey: powerlaunch is
_MonkeyOK, disq.11:30
edistarwhere do I find information how to (re-)flash my n770?11:31
edistarwhile I was installing openssh-common it deinstalled everything that had to do with osso* so I am left with nearly nothing11:31
disqITT should have some thread, but it's actually pretty straightforward11:32
disqget the flasher binary, get the firmware from and follow instructions11:33
edistardisq: ok this correct?11:33
disqthe commandline parameters etc are accurate yes11:34
edistardisq: thx11:34
disqbut download the _latest_ OS2006 image (follow the link there, instead11:34
disqerm, looks like tablet-dev doesn't have the firmware images btw i was wrong11:34
edistardisq: do you think the os2007_hacker_edition is stable enough for a bit of surfing around?11:35
disqnever used it, but afaik it is pretty much usable. except for the cover, afaik it won't go into standby with the cover on11:36
edistardisq, thats quite annoying...11:37
edistarI'll test11:38
disqin n800, mce has a "softpoweroff" mode that you can use, to turn the screen and keypad events off11:38
disqsaves quite a lot of power11:38
disqmaybe it could also work with 770, you should check out /etc/mce/mce.ini and /etc/systemui/11:39
edistardisq: ok, I'll check, sounds quite interesting11:39
disqit's one of the programs that control the keypad/screen locking and that kind of things11:39
disq(softpoweroff doesn't exist in OS2006 tho)11:40
edistardisq: sounds nice though :)11:42
edistarI don't like the design of the n80011:42
GeneralAntillesI keep hearing that, and I still don't understand it.11:44
edistarGeneralAntilles: I just love the metal sliding case :P11:44
disqergonomically it's better (dpad location, better screen feeling, etc) but i too missed the 770's cover for a while when i first got it11:45
edistarGeneralAntilles: makes a much stronger impression11:45
disqnot to mention the stupid design of the top buttons11:45
disqbut you get used to both.11:45
edistarI suppose the hardware is better in the n800 :( screen too, but still, don't have that much money and I'm saving for a neo1973 ;)11:45
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edistaros2007 looks quite cool11:48
edistarthe keyboard does ;)11:48
edistarit's really weird!11:50
edistarreally have to get used to it..11:50
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disqwonder why application_top (or top_application) doesn't work with kagu12:08
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edistaris canola released under gpl?12:12
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Naigood morning(~ugt)12:51
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NaiAny body can tell me . N700 or N770 which is correct?12:51
inzwithout N12:52
onionNai: it's 770.. no 'N'12:52
NaiYa .thank you very much.12:53
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Test_good morning(~ugt)12:54
inzdisq, maybe it doesn't handle the top_application dbus method call?12:56
disqinz: isn't matchbox supposed to switch to the application?12:56
disqthough i think it's not involved12:57
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inzdisq, osso_application_top() sends a dbus message to the service and it's up to that service to top itself.12:58
inzdisq, so matchbox is only involved once the topped service calls window_present or something alike12:59
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disqokay thanks13:00
disqcheck out powerlaunch btw :P13:00
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Big_BHi lardman!!!!!!!!!13:01
_Monkeyhi lardman are you here!!13:01
lardmandisq: Any screenshots of PowerLaunch?13:02
disqthe auther didn't provide any, but it's just a window with a cancel button on it13:03
lardmanand that replaces the maemo desktop?13:03
disqthere's a glade file with multiple "windows" though and you can change it to suit your needs13:04
disqno. not the desktop13:04
disq_Monkey: powerlaunch?13:04
_Monkeyrumour has it powerlaunch is
lardman_Monkey: I never thought I'd say it, but thanks, you've been useful ;)13:04
_Monkeyde nada lardman13:04
lardmandisq: ah, I see13:05
disqhaving softpoweroff with keypad enabled (and being able to macro it easily) is really nice for media playback13:06
inzdisq, so it implements systemui powerkeymenu and claims to replace it?13:06
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infobotinz meant: disq, so systemui implements systemui powerkeymenu and claims to replace it?13:06
disqyou can make multiple powerkeymenus and switch thru them etc13:06
inzBut you lose alarm, "charging mode"...13:07
disqput buttons on there to run stuff/change settings. or just configure key macros13:07
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disqafaik systemui is the powerkeymenu, nothing else13:07
inzls /usr/lib/systemui13:07
disqalso, it doesn't replace it. it provides an alternative for it. you stop systemui and run powerlaunch at startup13:08
disqso systemui binary is still tehre13:08
disqthere even13:08
inzHmm, I wonder if it's guaranteed that you may "spy" method_calls like that13:09
disqnot sure what will happen if i disable systemui in init.d and run powerlaunch instead13:09
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lardmanhmm, I thought people had concluded that there'd be a software update today, based on the comment in the bugtracker13:40
*** vijay_ has joined #maemo13:41
lardmanin the bug for the SD card problems13:42
*** pdz has joined #maemo13:43
lardman comment #11213:44
lardman#109 actually13:44
inzUmh, there indeed seems to be a "planned" release date13:51
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JaffaI'd be surprised (and impressed) if it was a Chinook-based IT OS, rather than basically a kernel patch for the SDHC issue14:02
lardmanI wonder if the new tablet will be chinook based though, and that's presumably not too far off (though a couple of months is a fair time I suppose)14:05
disqi'm guessing so14:05
*** adoyle has joined #maemo14:12
JaffaAh, there's info on it already available. It's another 4.2007 version containing just the SDHC fix14:13
Jaffalardman: agreed14:13
lardmanoh, so nothing except the fix14:13
lardmanoh well14:14
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lardmanPresumably the kernel fix won't have removed any symbols - just thinking about flashing it on its own to avoid needing to re-install everything14:17
disqyeah i'd like to do that too14:20
lardmanhmm, doesn't look like the new one is on yet14:20
lardman4.2007.26-8 is the latest one14:21
lardmanon here rather:
pupnikit appears i don't need any active scripts on a website to make a debian repo14:24
pupnikjust proper structure and files14:24
pupnikok i didn't know that14:26
pupnikthought i couldn't host a repo on my simple webhost14:27
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lardmansee you chaps later14:51
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disqRX-34_2007SE_4.2007.38-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin up at
*** dwmw2_gone is now known as dwmw215:24
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disqsurprised i'm the one that found about it first15:24
Veggenhmm. if it works, perhaps I should finally get an 8 GB card or two myself...15:25
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_Monkeybonjour, atul15:51
*** pupnik has quit IRC15:51
atulhi i want to know how to sest audio on the emulator15:51
atuli want to set audio for Xephyr using Maemo15:51
atulhello _Monkey15:52
_Monkeyniihau, atul15:52
atulplz reply15:52
gla55_maybe nobody is just here now15:53
Veggen..or nobody that knows the answer ;)15:53
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*** pakos_ has joined #maemo16:29
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo16:30
*** jkridne1 has left #maemo16:31
eichido i ned a special kernel for nfs server and client on n800 ?16:32
*** matt_c has joined #maemo16:33
b0unc3eichi: yes16:34
satdneed help16:35
satdtrying to install hamachi on n77016:35
satdi was told to install as root16:36
satdwhen i do sudo ./install16:36
eichib0unc3: cant i use only a module for it?16:36
satdit comes up with error16:36
b0unc3eichi: yes, of course16:36
b0unc3satd: on the tablet ?16:36
satdSorry, user user is not allowed to execute ./install as root on Nokida77016:36
satdyea on the tablet16:36
pakos_satd: are there hamachi binaries for the N770? :-o16:37
eichib0unc3: than its great ;) i dont want to work with the kernel itself :P - to much stress16:37
pakos_satd: wow, didn't know that, thanks16:38
b0unc3satd: ;)16:38
b0unc3ops.. eichi :)16:38
*** erstazi has quit IRC16:38
*** erstazi has joined #maemo16:39
satdnow i need help installing it16:40
pakos_:) if i understand you correctly, you need to get root somehow, right?16:41
X-FadeDid anybody see a Changelog for the new N800 firmware?16:42
*** oil has quit IRC16:42
VeggenX-Fade: according to it's only 8GB card fix.16:43
satdRun './install' and then 'tuncfg' from under the root account16:43
satdRun 'hamachi-init' to generate crypto identity (any account).16:43
satdRun 'hamachi start' to launch Hamachi daemon.16:43
satdRun 'hamachi login' to put the daemon online and to create an account.16:43
satdRun 'hamachi join <network>' to join the network.16:43
satdRun 'hamachi go-online <network>' to go online in the network.16:43
satdRun 'hamachi list' to list network members and their status.16:43
X-FadeVeggen: Yeah, I diffed the firmwares and I see some more changes though ;)16:44
*** red-zack has quit IRC16:44
*** red-zack has joined #maemo16:47
satdall the gray box are empty for me...16:48
satdwhat browser should i be using16:48
*** Pio has quit IRC16:48
pakos_satd: works fine with firefox, konqueror 3.5.7 and opera 9.23 (on kubuntu feisty)16:50
*** geaaru has quit IRC16:52
satdi am on opera 9.2316:52
satdand all the gray boxes are empty16:52
*** Dar is now known as Dar_HOME16:52
satdi don't see no text in them..16:52
satdshoud i enable something to see them..16:52
pakos_seems pretty standard html for me16:55
pakos_satd: do you have a custom css?16:56
b0unc3no problem with opera 9.23 here16:56
*** fsmw has joined #maemo16:58
satdi don't have custom css17:00
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo17:01
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC17:02
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo17:03
*** dopper has joined #maemo17:04
*** pleemans has quit IRC17:09
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC17:11
*** GAN800 has joined #maemo17:13
eichisomeone knows, how to install nfs-common on maemo? it seems, that i need some perl extras as depency..someone knows?17:14
*** cwiiis has joined #maemo17:15
*** GAN800 is now known as GeneralAntilles17:15
*** zoran has joined #maemo17:17
*** k-s[WORK] has joined #maemo17:18
*** fab has quit IRC17:21
*** user__ has joined #maemo17:23
*** user__ is now known as eichi_n80017:24
|R <- some is having fun, i'll need to use this to have a streaming feed17:32
pakos_does anyone know, if the opera browser of the n800 is npapi-compatible?17:33
*** edistar_ has quit IRC17:36
*** edistar has joined #maemo17:38
eichi_n800damn apt-get install nfs-common will remove half of my system .... :)17:42
*** eichi_n800 has quit IRC17:44
*** florian has quit IRC17:50
*** krau is now known as krau|away17:50
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC17:52
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo17:53
*** pna has joined #maemo17:56
*** fab_away has joined #maemo17:59
*** Blacksitox has quit IRC18:02
*** Blacksitox has joined #maemo18:02
*** javamaniac has quit IRC18:05
*** czr has joined #maemo18:05
satdhow do i change folder in root18:13
satdto do this18:13
satddo i log in as root?18:13
zoranare u root in this moment?18:14
*** jacques has quit IRC18:16
*** wumpus has joined #maemo18:19
satdits says nokia770-49#18:21
satdtried to install dropbear18:22
satdits says incompatible packages18:22
*** ab has quit IRC18:25
zoranah, you have to set repositories to get them via apt18:25
zoranwhy not openssh?18:26
satdi have run openssh18:27
satdSorry, user user is not allowed to execute './install' as root on Nokia770-49.18:27
zoranit is good, as I see it18:27
satdwhat should i do18:28
zoranmy 770 is bricked in this moment, so have to recall from memory18:28
satdi am trying to install hamachi18:28
zorango out of this and find maemowiki/ApplicationCatalog200618:28
satdi did18:28
zoranso, open puts app in memory18:29
*** tobmaster has quit IRC18:29
zoransudo starts up and lets you to do install18:29
zorandebian way would be to add repository and do "apt-get install my_app"18:30
*** ijon_ has quit IRC18:30
satdnot sure what u mean..18:30
satdi am lost18:30
satdnever used linux anything but windows b418:30
zoranmay I ask, what app u try to install?18:30
zoranremember, I have no 770 at my sight18:30
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo18:31
*** rik has joined #maemo18:31
rikanyone got the cpan module onto an N800?18:32
_Monkeyhamachi is closed source, and there's not version for the ARM architecture, how did you get it to run ?18:32
zorank, found, vpn app18:32
red-zacksatd: hamachi for 770?18:33
satdis _Monkey a bot?18:33
zoran_Monkey talks, as I see18:33
_Monkeyzoran: what?18:33
zoranwhat to answer?18:33
satdred-zack>>yes for 77018:34
zoran_Monkey, found a link for that app18:34
_Monkeyzoran: what?18:34
satdfor what?18:34
_Monkeyhmmm... hamachi is closed source, and there's not version for the ARM architecture, how did you get it to run ?18:34
red-zackfor hamachi?18:34
_Monkeyrumour has it hamachi is closed source, and there's not version for the ARM architecture, how did you get it to run18:34
red-zackshow me18:34
satdSorry, user user is not allowed to execute './install' as root on Nokia770-49.18:34
rik_Monkey: forget hamachi18:34
_Monkeyrik: I forgot hamachi18:34
*** kabtoffe_ has joined #maemo18:35
red-zacksatd: do you have any linux expirience?18:36
red-zacksatd: forget hamachi18:36
red-zackbecause you should compile it18:36
zoran770 has no proper firewall, everything else is of no use18:36
red-zackyes, this is the other thing18:37
satdtar -zxvf hamachi-
satddid that18:37
satdand it unpacked into folder18:37
red-zackok, this is extracting18:37
red-zackbut u need to compile the source18:37
zoranon 770?18:37
satd./install: 7: HAMACHI_DST: not found18:38
satdCopying hamachi into ..18:38
satdcp: unable to open `/usr/bin/hamachi': Permission denied18:38
satdchmod: /usr/bin/hamachi: No such file or directory18:38
satdCreating hamachi-init symlink ..18:38
satdln: /usr/bin/hamachi-init: Permission denied18:38
satdCopying tuncfg into /sbin ..18:38
satdcp: unable to open `/sbin/tuncfg': Permission denied18:38
satdchmod: /sbin/tuncfg: No such file or directory18:38
satdHamachi is installed. See README for what to do next.18:38
satdthats what i get18:38
satdwhen i try into install it..18:38
zoranwe created monster!18:38
zoranwould u "ls"18:39
red-zackwe? u ;P18:39
satdls in which folder18:39
zoranu just opened18:39
satdNokia770-49:~/MyDocs/.documents/hamachi$ ls18:39
satdCHANGES          LICENSE.openssl  hamachi18:39
satdLICENSE          LICENSE.tuncfg   install18:39
satdLICENSE.openssh  README           tuncfg18:39
zoranbtw, may I ask a question, stupid one?18:39
*** r2d2rogers has joined #maemo18:39
satdno question is stupid question..18:39
satdyou may18:39
red-zacklol, many are ;)18:40
zoranhow did u installed gregale?18:40
satdhere comes stupid question.....18:40
zoranit is what I have to do next days18:40
satdwhat is gregale?18:40
_Monkeyi guess gregale is something else entirely18:40
zoranone needs linux or knoppix18:40
satdfrom windows18:40
zoranI have freebsd and nothing else18:41
satdwith flasher..18:41
satdOS version 3.2006.49-218:41
satdthats what i have18:41
zoranI have it on my hdd18:41
zorando, it should reflash 77018:42
zoranwith flasher-2.018:42
satdy do i need to reflash it?18:42
zoranflsher needs linux libs18:42
zoranno, me18:42
zoranI made mistake and let shell go around18:42
satdis gregale is the OS?18:42
zoranno way to intercept it18:43
zoranas I know18:43
zoran(not much)18:43
b0unc3satd: gregale is the codename for the sdk... not for the firmware18:43
satdhow do i install this hamachi?18:43
zoranone way could be to put bin on usb18:43
zoranah, sorry18:43
satdthanks bounce18:43
zoranb0unc3, what would be repository then?18:44
satdbounce>know any way i can install this hamachi...18:44
satdbeen on this for 3 days18:44
czranyone aware of any big snags with chinook (beta)? running the installer now.18:45
b0unc3zoran: I use mistral and gregale on 770 with the latest firmware version18:46
zoranI found link to hamachi year ago, but goes nowhere18:46
b0unc3satd: I have never installed hamachi...18:47
zoranname of poster was whyte tygre18:47
zoransatd, why do yo need exactly that?18:47
zoranb0unc3, how could I make "./flasher" if it is on ntfs partiotion?18:48
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo18:49
zoranI could go to friend and ask him to start up knopoix for me18:49
b0unc3zoran: why you have flasher on a ntfs partition?18:49
zoranI don't18:49
zoranI have some old knoppix in my nands18:49
zoranand freebsd on hdd18:50
zorannothing more18:50
zoranno win, no linux18:50
zoranhow to manage with friends box with win?18:50
*** NetBlade has quit IRC18:50
zorannokia has some genuine flasher, I think18:50
b0unc3I think you can run the flasher on freebsd18:50
zoranno, I cant18:51
*** kabtoffe has quit IRC18:51
b0unc3ah k18:51
zoranasks for linux libs18:51
zoranpain in the ..., with this libs dependencies18:51
zoranif I start live cd, where to put flasher and bin file?18:52
zoranusb stick could be the issue18:52
czrlive cds run from RAM18:52
zoranmount usb stick and look at it to start flasher18:52
zoranyes :)18:52
czrso normally it's enough to put the flasher where ever you want (if you download it within the live cd session)18:53
zoranbut flasher is on my fss hdd18:53
zoranlinux does not see fss partition18:53
zoranbsd file system18:53
czrah. can't you redownload it?18:53
czror just put it on FAT on an usb stick, or smt.18:53
zoranto ext2?18:53
b0unc3zoran: yeah, put them on a pendrive and mount it without noexec18:53
zoranah, usb 1.018:54
zoranbut, nice answer18:54
zorangonna try it when I have my usb back18:54
*** philipl has quit IRC18:54
rikcpan, anyone?18:55
zoranwith lemone, please18:55
rikyou tell me how to install it on my N800, and i'll bring the lemon18:55
zoranhm, install what?18:56
GeneralAntillesWe get a real change-log yet on the new firmware?18:56
rikthe cpan modules.18:56
riki just want ot get some perl modules working.18:56
zoranbelieve it or not, I just copu them to the device18:56
rikthe modules?18:57
zorancpan likes their own way, via make...18:57
zoranmake test etc18:57
*** wacky_ has joined #maemo18:57
zoranno diff, if you ask me18:57
rik is what i'm trying to get working.18:57
zoranlemme c18:58
wacky_Is there a SIP/IAX phone that can be plugged into an Asterisk box, ready to use on Maemo right now ?18:58
rikwacky_: top of the news. yes.18:58
wacky_rik: what is it ?18:58
zoranthere is some device to do just that18:58
rikwacky_: keeps track of assets in a data centre.18:59
wacky_hmm.. I would have expected the name of a software project as an answer :)18:59
zoranhttpd or smaller18:59
wacky_did I miss something ?18:59
zoranI would choose ssh rather19:00
zorandb could be the prob19:00
rikdb is fine. it sues SQLite19:00
zoranmemory enough?19:01
rikshoul dbe.19:01
zoranweb serv, db...19:01
riksession. singluar.19:01
zoranu have to trim all modules and services you could19:01
zoranI saw ad for litle device doing just that19:02
zoranlinux journal, september, porb19:02
rikdoesn't hel pme so much.19:03
zorank, make new directories for HTML, DB...19:03
zoranand let modules sleep there19:04
zoranin the path for perl19:04
zoranDBI driver19:04
zoranwhat is that?19:04
rikthe non-database-specific DB access librayr for perl.19:04
zoranu have tiny web server in reps19:04
zoranrik, it could work!19:05
zoranall stuff u already have19:05
zoranhow big it is and in what language is written?19:06
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:06
rikperl. and not huge...19:06
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo19:06
zorank, about 60k19:06
zoranI c no data about auth method19:07
* rik looks at the source.19:08
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:08
zoranrequirements say nothing about auth19:09
rikthat's why i'm looking at the source.19:09
zoranI have a glass device, called a ball19:09
zorannothing there, for now! :)19:09
zorank, no auth19:09
zoranwhat call method?19:10
zoranor, what port?19:10
rikit's a cgi script.19:10
*** jsmanrique has left #maemo19:11
zorandoes it _really_ manages anuthing?19:11
riki don't know.19:12
zoranor shows statistics?19:12
rikfor the third time, this is why i'm looking at the source.19:12
zoranlatter, probably19:12
zoranyou could telnet or netcat to any port and get all those data19:13
zorantelnet 8019:13
zoranget / http/1.019:13
zoranenter 2x19:13
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik19:14
rikyup. looks likeit relies on the web server to authenticate, but not to authorise. doesn't look like there's much in the way of state.19:14
zoranso, let it go19:14
zoran(fish is too small)19:15
*** wacky_ has left #maemo19:15
zoranrik, how many boxes would you like to manage?19:16
riknot sure19:16
rikdoesn't reall ymatter though. that data resides on disk19:16
zorank, install "screen"19:16
zoranssh to particular node19:16
zoranopen in screen as many instances as you like19:17
zoranssh to all of them19:17
zoranfrom 770 as a charm19:17
zorancould be tricky to use screen on 770, since it has no hw keyboard19:18
riki'm usinhg an N80019:18
riknot a 77019:18
zoranbut I used that way to connect and do what I want19:18
rikand ssh has nothing to do with this19:18
rikalso, there's no connectivity when you're in the data center19:18
rikthat's why i want this on hte N80019:18
zoranwhat is a diff?19:18
*** Pio_ is now known as Pio19:18
zoranif u use wifi...19:19
zoranu connect to router19:19
zoranget your ip19:19
rikthere is no wifi19:19
zorango out to the wild19:19
rikthere is no router.19:19
zoranconnect to the server19:19
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC19:19
zorangot it19:19
zoranhow could u go to the net?19:19
riki can't.19:19
zoranso, no nokia?19:20
rikoh. i have the N800 here, but when i'm in the data center, it won't have internet access.19:20
zoranrik, why?19:20
zoranno wifi ap?19:20
rikbecause there's no internet access int he data centers.19:21
rikno wifi.19:21
rikit's a secure environment.19:21
zorango out of the room19:21
rikdoesn't help.19:21
zorando you have ip address in a public19:21
rikthe *building* doesn't have it.19:21
rikthere is no connectivity.19:21
rikstop talking about using the internet.19:21
zorannot at all?19:21
rikno. not. at. all.19:21
* czr sends internet to rik19:22
czryou can install it on the N800 now19:22
zoranme too, please19:22
czrseriously though, you could run tcp/ip over bt, assuming you'd have at least some server in the room that would act as an gateway19:22
czrat least technically, didn't have time to look into it properly though.19:23
koenit's czr!19:23
czrhi koen :-). indeed it is19:23
rikthere is nothing19:23
czrevery time I try to get away, they pull me back in!19:23
zoranstay with us, would you?19:24
czrzoran, my plan to escape failed. I'll try harder next time.19:24
czrkoen, still working with maemo I see?19:24
zoranu want to say that you like chicks better then our talks?19:24
czrI have nothing against chickens19:24
zoranone shows 770 to the chick and chick goes crazy19:25
zoranand say "I nefer saw shaver like this"19:26
*** Gray9Mar has quit IRC19:27
zoranfolks, what will be with that wimax story on the next device?19:27
* zoran gone to feed dragons19:29
*** zoran has left #maemo19:29
* czr types af-sb-init.sh19:29
czrfeels like I never left.19:29
czranyone running chinook sdk?19:31
czr(just to confirm one thing)19:32
*** bedboi has joined #maemo19:32
*** dwmw2 is now known as dwmw2_gone19:33
*** satd has quit IRC19:37
*** philipl has joined #maemo19:37
koenczr: yeah19:38
czrkoen, to which question? :-)19:38
czrhmm. for some reason after doing stop, I can't switch sb targets. complains about 'sb-conf: You must close your other Scratchbox sessions first"19:38
Mikhodoes anybody know where I could get a ftdi-sio driver for the 770?19:38
* czr remembers why he liked maemo so much now19:38
MikhoI have the ftdi-sio driver sources, but I need various kernel files for compiling19:39
Mikhoat the moment I'm trying to find the .config file that's supposed to be found from /lib/modules/<kernelversion>/build/19:40
_MonkeyHmm.  No matches for that, Mikho.19:40
koenczr: that I'm still doing stuff with maemo :)19:41
Mikhounfortunately the /lib/modules directory is empty inside my scratchbox19:41
czrkoen, ah, cool. nice to see "old" faces. was worried that the whole channel had degenerated to single letter words like 'u', 'r' and 'y'. :-)19:41
koenI got most hildon stuff to build against a stock gtk+ today19:42
koenabusing some ubuntu-mobile patches19:42
czrso sw using hildon building against ume?19:42
koenI had to copy headers containing the private api to the include dir though19:43
koenso got still killed a kitten19:43
koenno, ubunty-mobile has some patches sanitizing the maemo stuff :)19:43
czrwell, private api here or there, who cares :-)19:43
czrI've been totally out of the whole mobile-gui stuff for a year or two19:43
czrworking on high-perf i/o-stuff19:44 great interview right now19:45
czrmeh. what's up with sb not allowing me to switch targets.19:45
* czr applies a patch called hammer to sb.19:45
*** Gray9Mar has joined #maemo19:46
* czr applies the same patch against himself19:47
czrfigures, had another session open to sb over the network19:47
*** dneary has quit IRC19:48
MikhoHmm... I just need the configuration file that's used in vanilla 770 kernels19:49
czris there a term package for 4.0 anywhere?19:52
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo19:56
*** lmoura has joined #maemo19:56
*** adoyle has quit IRC19:56
*** adoyle has joined #maemo19:58
*** adoyle has quit IRC19:59
*** cypherbios has quit IRC20:00
*** adoyle has joined #maemo20:00
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:04
*** pakos_ has left #maemo20:05
*** sus has joined #maemo20:06
*** skibur has joined #maemo20:06
*** sus is now known as alabama20:07
t_s_ohrmf, looks like i got hit with wsod :(20:09
*** krau|away is now known as krau20:10
*** tank1770 has quit IRC20:12
alabamahi all. Problem here: trying to ssh -X from ubuntu (client) to 770 (server). Both using openssh. The app I pass as a parameter is a python one. If I try it directly on Ubuntu or on 770, it just works. When I try to run it through ssh using 770 as server, it gives me an error in the import gtk line. Same with another app I've tried. What could I try?20:15
alabamaPS: if I do the contrary, that is Ubuntu server and 770 client, the app works and I can use it from the 770.20:16
alabamathe error is: "global name '__gtk' is not defined"20:17
luck^alabama, maybe you need to use before python program.py20:17
alabamai'm trying...20:17
alabamajust a moment...20:18
luck^alabama, ok20:18
alabamamm thanks luck, it's better now... but:20:19
alabamathe app runs on the 770: this is not what i want.20:19
alabamaI'd like to see the app on Ubunutu (client)20:19
luck^alabama.. hmmmm20:21
alabamawhy the behaviour is different if I do the reverse? in the other case I can use from 770 the app running on Ubuntu, with the same command line (apart from the thing)20:21
*** mallum has quit IRC20:22
alabamaohps, damn I must go. luck are there any quick clues you're pondering on?20:22
luck^alabama, this script does all the initialization of variables inside scratchbox/770/n80020:22
*** guardian has quit IRC20:22
alabamaluck^: (waiting)20:23
luck^alabama, you're running your application directly inside ubuntu?20:23
alabamainside ubuntu the app works20:24
alabamabut i want it running in 77020:24
alabamabut seeing it in ubuntu20:24
alabamaluck^, which script where you talking about?
*** joejaxx has quit IRC20:25
luck^alabama, yes20:25
alabamaok... sorry I must really go20:25
alabamalet's see in another round. Bye, thanks very much20:26
*** cwiiis has quit IRC20:26
luck^alabama, ok! see you20:26
*** alabama has left #maemo20:26
*** Pio has quit IRC20:27
*** Pio has joined #maemo20:28
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo20:28
*** joejaxx has joined #maemo20:31
*** febb has joined #maemo20:32
*** slomo has joined #maemo20:34
*** satd has joined #maemo20:37
*** harobed has quit IRC20:37
*** kabtoffe has joined #maemo20:51
*** Pio has quit IRC20:54
*** Pio has joined #maemo20:55
satdi got hamachi running my N77020:57
satdnow i don't know how to use it20:58
czrsatd, but at least you have it20:58
czrit's more than half of the victory, you know.20:58
gla55_it's like getting a girl to your apartment and stopping there20:58
czrgla55_, or going to a bar and knowing that you could order beer at any point, but not bothering to do so?20:59
czrit is.. a powerful feeling..20:59
||cwan open bar even, with free beer20:59
czroh yes. very very powerful.21:00
pupnikthe dosbox guys are so helpful21:00
gla55_czr: no. more like going to a bar and not knowing what to do there21:00
satdwhat is the command in ssh to rename folders21:00
gla55_bothering is no the right word21:00
czrgla55_, who told you that! I'm not always like that..21:00
gla55_it implies choice21:00
pupnikmv name1 nam221:00
satdalso i can see the root in my file manager but can't see the foldering i created using ssh21:01
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC21:01
satdand also can't copy or move files to my root using file manager21:01
satdany way around this?21:01
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo21:01
*** if has joined #maemo21:02
pupnikuse midnight commander or some other file manager21:04
pupnikor the command line21:04
pupnikbut you should be sure of your actions when changing things in the rest of the system21:05
*** VimS has quit IRC21:05
satdhow do i make user have root permission?21:05
*** dolske has quit IRC21:05
*** kabtoffe_ has quit IRC21:07
*** dolske has joined #maemo21:09
satdis there way to create bat file in n77021:09
pupniksudo gainroot21:09
pupnikyeah look up shell programming21:09
satdwhen i run it will run bunch of commands21:09
pupnikany command you type you can put in a text file21:10
pupnikthen execute that file21:10
pupnikwith "sh filename"21:10
*** andrunko has joined #maemo21:10
satdbut thats in xterm rite21:10
satdcan't run that file from the gui21:10
pupnikyou can21:11
pupnikbut you need the load-applet-run or osso-screenshot applet to run them21:11
_Monkeyi think load-applet-run is John Costigan's awesome toolbar applet to monitor cpu and launch programs:
pupnikit would really help to spend some time with a linux 101 type course or book - before mucking too much with the nokia21:13
czrbricking in the ultimate teacher!21:13
*** Blacksitox has quit IRC21:14
satdif u brick it..21:14
satdno way to bring it back?21:14
satdeven by flashing?21:14
_Monkeyi guess flasher is available from
satdso it can be fixed?21:15
satdany1 here has hamachi on their n770?21:17
*** Blacksitox has joined #maemo21:18
*** Gray9Mar has quit IRC21:18
*** Troseph has joined #maemo21:18
*** Gray9Mar has joined #maemo21:19
Mikhosorry about swearing but...21:21
*** VimS has joined #maemo21:21
MikhoI DAMN to HELL everything about linux drivers. Impossible to install a simple ftdi-sio driver to get a gadget connected to my 770 usb port21:22
zuhMikho: You mean alternative OSes would have better ones? Like WinCE?21:23
Mikhofor that I need kernel sources, configuration scripts and black magic to get something to work21:23
MikhoInstructions say run make and then insmod. Except that make spews out thousands and thousands of error messages that have little to do with the actual problem21:25
czrMikho, you could always write your own os21:26
* Mikho goes for a beer... or two21:26
MikhoI just want to plug in something to an usb port and be done with it21:27
*** rkaway2 has joined #maemo21:27
*** guardian has joined #maemo21:28
t_s_oi think thats the worst that apple and microsoft have done to the computer user community. made them think that computers are dead easy to use...21:28
*** kupesoft has joined #maemo21:29
jumpulaapple is usually elegant and there's logic behind everything21:38
jumpulai can't honestly say same about microsoft21:38
Mikhoactually there's lot of things in microsoft OSes that work21:42
Mikhoalso, my ubuntu desktop installation recognized the usb memory stick I inserted into the port, which is nice21:43
*** rkaway has quit IRC21:43
*** red-zack has quit IRC21:44
Mikhohmm... maybe it's an issue with just this one driver I'm trying to compile21:48
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo21:48
*** konttori has joined #maemo21:53
*** adoyle has quit IRC21:53
*** kpel has joined #Maemo21:54
Mikhowhat is "kernel-package"?21:57
* pupnik just found the cvs commit that breaks dosbox on nokia21:59
*** tko has quit IRC21:59
*** tko has joined #maemo22:02
*** TimRiker has quit IRC22:02
*** RP has quit IRC22:05
*** t_s_o has quit IRC22:14
Mikhowhoa... scratchbox complains about missing host-gcc pakage with error message: "Too many open files"22:16
Mikhoin programming, misleading error messages are most perilous22:17
*** cypherbios has joined #maemo22:22
skiburanybody have OpenWRT?22:24
*** kpel has quit IRC22:24
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo22:27
*** JussiP_ has quit IRC22:30
*** bedboi has quit IRC22:36
*** user__ has joined #maemo22:37
*** trevarth1n has joined #maemo22:37
*** Thanatermesis has joined #maemo22:41
*** pleemans has quit IRC22:43
*** roxfan[work] has joined #maemo22:46
*** slomo has quit IRC22:48
*** trevarthan has quit IRC22:51
*** bilboed has quit IRC22:52
*** konttori has quit IRC22:56
*** roxfan has quit IRC22:58
*** konttori has joined #maemo22:59
*** RP has joined #maemo22:59
*** user__ has quit IRC23:01
*** krau has quit IRC23:08
*** fsmw has quit IRC23:12
Tb0n3rfor some reason when I try to install things on my 770 for some of the things it says it doesn't have the libglade package that much is dependent on23:14
Tb0n3rare these n800 items?23:14
Tb0n3rbut it doesn't seem to be in the list23:16
Tb0n3rwish it automatically resolved dependencies23:16
pupnikyeah sounds like someone goofed23:16
Tb0n3rwho goofed?23:16
Tb0n3rthere's a lot of them23:16
pupnikthe person who packaged the program23:16
pupnikyou can find libglade here23:17
_Monkeyrepositories is  and a searchable index at
pupnikit does seem to be in my 770 repos23:18
*** Nermal has joined #maemo23:23
*** fsmw has joined #maemo23:23
satdall of sudden my n770 is slow23:23
satdeven loading application manager takes forever..23:23
satdwhat could of caused it?23:24
Tb0n3roh man, lots of repos23:27
*** krau has joined #maemo23:28
pupnikyeah the world will be complete when each tablet owner has his/her own repo23:29
Tb0n3rwish I could figure out how the 770 knew that the jacket was on backwards for standby23:29
* Nermal charges his n80023:29
pupnikit's a magnetic switch23:29
Tb0n3rI thought it might have been23:29
flip^does the 770 have the same problem with that media crawler as the n800 for cpu time...23:29
Tb0n3ranything I just HAVE to get for my internet table23:30
_Monkeyclaws-mail is good.23:31
Tb0n3rjust a pop client?23:31
flip^or imap23:31
flip^but it actually works well, rather than the rubbish that ships with the device23:31
Tb0n3rI couldn't get that working with gmail23:32
flip^can't say i've tried a gmail account23:32
*** javamaniac_ has joined #maemo23:33
flip^Xournal is pretty nifty23:33
*** javamaniac_ has quit IRC23:33
*** Troseph has quit IRC23:34
Tb0n3rdidn't show up in the repos I've selected so far23:34
Tb0n3ror does search suck23:34
*** javamaniac_ has joined #maemo23:34
Tb0n3roh, nvm, refreshing package list23:35
Tb0n3rkinda weird though how the screen is sparkly23:35
Tb0n3ron black23:35
Tb0n3rat a slight angle23:35
Tb0n3ris that just the touch screen?23:36
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC23:36
pupniki think that's the touch screen23:36
*** pdz has quit IRC23:37
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC23:37
pupniki can see them in macro snapshots with my camera23:37
Tb0n3rlol microscope23:38
pupnikmy scopes are packed in crates23:39
Tb0n3r:( my repo update is stuck at 6kb23:39
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:41
*** javamaniac has quit IRC23:42
*** javamaniac_ is now known as javamaniac23:42
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC23:44
Tb0n3rany easier way to move repositories into the system without having to type them all in?23:46
Tb0n3rah, apt23:47
pupnikyes, you can click on .install links23:48
pupnikthese will add repos23:48
*** pdz- has joined #maemo23:49
Mikhomikä ihmeen viinakortti?23:54
Mikhosorry, wrong channel23:55
erstaziMikho: you can still talk in any language you desire (:23:56
Tb0n3rforgot, no root23:56
Tb0n3rwhat's the root password on these things?23:57
Mikhooh, ok. Anyway, it was a response to this
*** adoyle has joined #maemo23:57
Mikhoit has absolutely nothing to do with maemo23:57
*** cypherbios has quit IRC23:59

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