IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-09-30

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zerojayAnyone else have a problem with knot's player where it just tells you that there's NOTHING to watch?01:55
zerojayIt all appears to be set up properly.01:55
zerojayI connect to the server and it just shows 0 for everything.01:55
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alteregoGood morning punik?06:02
alteregopupnik, good morning :)06:02
* flip^ notes 4am is time for sleep06:03
* pupnik yawns06:03
alteregoflip^, I feel ya ;)06:03
alteregoI've just got back from a friends birthday.06:04
alteregoMet a girl,06:04
pupnikuh oh..06:04
alteregoRealised somethings .. Need a holiday from computers.06:04
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alterego(Half tempted to install windows so I can fully get rid of the computer stiff i'm doing)06:05
pupniksometimes a change is good - but not that06:06
alteregoThat means no work on ruby-maemo for a couple of months06:07
* flip^ grins, yeah, birthdays last ages on saturday nights...06:07
flip^time for rest now though methinks06:07
alteregoflip^, you UK06:07
flip^alterego: yeah, you?06:07
alteregoYup, Cambridge. Yer self?06:08
alteregoAh, :)06:08
flip^not too far away, all things considered :)06:08
flip^I have a friend or two in Cambridg06:09
alteregoDon't know anyone in Canterbury :)06:10
flip^aww :P06:10
alteregoI was out tonight, Freshers week, so many young students. Took me about 10-15 minutes to get a drink every time I went to the bar :/06:11
alteregoThough, they all started early, by the time I'd moved to a late license bar. They'd all be at home puking, and the bar ladies seemed to like me enough to serve me pretty sharpish :)06:12
flip^lol, freshers week was a fortnight back down here... i think i'm getting too old for freshers now though... very much we just avoid them these days. i'm sure they're younger each year06:13
* alterego remembers being a fresher.06:14
alteregoWell, it was only 4 years ago :)06:14
t_s_o"sweet" memories :P06:15
alteregoBreasts ..06:15
flip^lol, only a few more than that for me... i was still hanging out with them til this year tho06:15
alteregoI've always been one for hanging with older people.06:16
alteregoI drink coffee in the morning with old guys06:16
alteregoI'm not a sexual deviant :P06:16
alteregoI was thinking earlier. I windsurf, I swim, walk ski and stuff. But the whole time I'm doing these other activities. I'm always obsessing over my latest programming project.06:18
alteregoIS my life that dull? Why can't I think of anything besides programming/coding?06:18
t_s_owhy does everything have some kind of sexual element these days?06:18
t_s_oits the only thing you have that stimulates your brain in that way?06:19
alteregoI've got to find something else.06:19
alteregoWell, I write music, playing guitar/piano used to keep me stable. But it's not anymore.06:20
alteregoIt just all seems to end up the same. Is the whole world just about programming?06:21
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alteregoAnyhow, 04:24 I think it's time for bed. Good night folks.06:23
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Rebroadhi, anyone know how i can sms from an n800? (maybe some linux version of voipcheap/smsdiscount?)13:08
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gla55_any service that allows it through web should work?13:17
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Blacksitoxbuenos dias16:27
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zerojayThe Knot's player app is telling me that I have absolutely nothing to play... even though I have a shitton of stuff to play in the correct formats with the proper directories added.16:54
zerojayany ideas?16:54
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pupnikzerojay: does it find th eserver?16:58
zerojayIt just says I have zero of everything... even though I don't... and I have all the proper directories added.16:59
zerojayTo the config file.16:59
zerojayWith config properly renamed.16:59
zerojayWith my series... I can understand why it might not pick it up... I have them a bit more buried... but all my movies are top level of the directory I added.17:00
pupnikall mine show17:03
zerojayI even thought that maybe the server doesn't understand symlinks, but it still didn't work when I directly pointed at things.17:04
pupnikwant to see a working config?17:06
zerojayI'm not registering to send pms.. that's BS.17:06
zerojayThe only difference I see is the directories.17:07
zerojayMaybe I just have too much stuff?17:13
pupnikyou can comment out dirs in the config17:13
pupnikyou can also put putc commands for debugging into the server17:14
pupnikor puts or something :)17:14
zerojayYeah, but it doesn't return anything very interesting, unfortunately.17:14
pupnikyou tap on the categories and you can see your cetegories on the client?17:15
zerojayHitting Series makes my four external HDs come to life... but shows 0.17:15
pupniktry making a directory with one video with a very simple name like test.avi17:16
pupniki used to have problems with some files not showing due to 'bad' filenames17:16
pupnikbut that seemed to get fixed17:16
zerojayBut what exactly entails a bad filename?17:17
zerojayk.. I did get that to come up.17:18
zerojayNot sure why... hmm...17:18
zerojayokay.. what I used for a test worked and streams properly.17:19
zerojayWonder what's wrong with the rest then.17:19
pupniki mass-renamed them to remove strange chars and use only letters, numbers and underscores and hyphens17:20
zerojayAll my files already don't use strange characters.17:20
zerojayUnless spaces are strange.17:20
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pupniki didn't find exactly which characters caused problems17:23
zerojayWhatever I move into the test directory appears to work.17:28
zerojayBut nothing from any other.17:29
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zerojayAnd I'm not about to move 3TB of movies and TV shows.17:30
pupnikmaybe it's a length prob - try just one series - smaller categories17:31
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* pupnik needs help making exult faster17:44
pupnikaye kinna maek her go any fasster kiptin or she'll blo apaaart!17:54
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pupnikanybody have a n770 with 128MB?18:28
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sbzi can't use flasher on my freebsd os :(, moreover the linux emulation compatility doesn't works with binaries flasher-3.0 et -static18:31
sbzi think, my only solution will be to boot on linux live cd :'(18:31
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sbzi need to reflash initfs, because my nokia don't boot anymore18:32
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pupnikflasher should be trivial to build on fbsd18:36
pupnikjust type /quit whoever, and it'll quit them from irc18:36
sbzpupnik: yeah but we don't have the source :/, so we can't build, i'm waiting for nokia source, but i don't think nokia would release it a day :/18:38
pupniksilly, it would take the right guy at nokia like 10 minutes to compile that18:40
sbzi think too18:42
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sbzmaybe they think *bsd is no more famous to build a new flasher binary :/18:43
gcarrierpupnik: same problem here18:43
gcarrierpupnik: free and openbsd18:44
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Tak|homecan the 770 use mini or micro sd at all?18:53
flip^think its only got a RS-MMC slot18:55
Tak|homeyeah - I guess what I'm asking is: are (mini|micro)sd hardware-compatible with rs-mmc?18:56
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Tak|homeprobably only one-way, I guess18:57
alteregoMMC only18:58
Tak|homek, thanks :-/18:58
gla55_mmc's work in sd slots but sd's don't work in mmc slots, as a rule18:58
Tak|homerelatedly, has anyone seen rs-mmc or mmc-mobile in a >2G size?18:58
jonekhi, has anyone got any news about the Jalimo project lately? I would also like to know if there is any cooperation with openmoko regarding a Java 'phoneME advanced' port (where port means some profile above 'foundation profile' so we get some GUI working)19:14
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pupnikwb Tak|home19:14
Tak|homepupnik: hello19:15
Tak|homepupnik: I'm seriously considering rewriting xmaeme in ruby (assuming I got time)19:15
pupnikthere are a bunch of19:15
pupnikoh xmaeme19:16
Tak|homeyes, not the emulator19:16
Tak|homethat would be madness19:16
pupnikdoes xmaeme lack anything?19:16
*** tko has joined #maemo19:16
Tak|homeease of maintainability19:17
pupnikhave you seen Knots yet?19:17
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xandlsobral: make your mind up :P19:28
lsobralxand, hehehe, I am just fixing my xchat configs :P19:29
lsobralnow its ok! :)19:30
Tak|homepupnik: interesting19:31
pupnikif you have problems with it, i've some experience19:33
r-lol internet.19:35
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Tak|homeit doesn't really fit my use case19:40
Tak|homebut still cool19:41
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unique311jaffa ?19:47
unique311the 2 streams work on video center...19:48
unique311bbc1 and bbc219:48
unique311also have a working program guide..19:48
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unique311just waiting on 13:35 to see if a video works..19:51
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pupnikI love knots19:52
pupnikwhat are you testing unique311 ?19:52
unique311xmltv file, jaffa posted on his site in video center..19:52
unique311read thread..
unique311hopefully the admin from does the same...and then videocenter will probably be a nice hit for maemo..19:54
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unique311Trying to figre out why i'm getting Stream URI not available...19:56
pupnikit's free and it works on the tablet?19:56
pupnikdoesn't work with firefox on pc19:57
unique311Not sure its suppose to.19:59
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r-lol internet again20:10
unique311should help out in configuring channels for video center.20:11
pupniki'll look into it sometime -ty20:13
pupnikbugwhacking atm20:13
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pupnikif anybody wants to try bos wars, i got it built20:14
pupnikhangs on a 770 though20:14
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pupnikcan i send a suspend signal to maemo-launcher when starting a game?20:44
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bipolarCan someone please tell me which arm toolchain to use with scratchbox? I see 6 diffrent ones for ARM in the scratchbox deb repo20:54
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alteregobipolar, mayb you shou read the installation isntructions. Then you'd know.21:01
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bipolaralterego: funny... which ones?21:08
alteregoIt wasn't a joke21:08
bipolaralterego: becouse the doc's on the scratchbox site tell me to install packages that don't exist.21:08
alteregoMaybe you should look on the maemo website under documentation.21:08
bipolarthats how I got here21:08
alteregoJust read the SDK install instructions21:08
alteregoWhatever ..21:09
alterego2005cs glibc21:09
alteregoNot 2.521:09
bipolarthank you21:09
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sp3000konttori: math is hard21:30
_Monkeyi already had it that way, sp3000.21:30
konttoriwhat are you calculating?21:30
sp3000konttori: getFileDetails21:30
milhouse_monkey forget math21:31
_Monkeymilhouse: I forgot math21:31
milhouse_monkey math is <reply>21:31
_MonkeyOK, milhouse.21:31
sp3000konttori: it looks like in crop mode if the video is 33% too wide, you crop by 33%21:31
sp3000which is wrong :)21:31
konttoriumm... media converter?21:31
_Monkeysomebody said media converter was
sp3000konttori: yeah21:31
konttoriahh... yeah, could be. I haven't really debugged it too much21:32
konttoriso, the correct would be to crop it by 6621:32
sp3000it should be 1- 1/1.33 = 25% roughly21:32
sp3000or something21:32
_Monkeyrumour has it something is wacky here21:32
konttoriAahh... I get it now.21:32
sp3000but math is hard :)21:32
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pupnikwhen i run a sdl program in gdb from ssh, i get no keyboard input via synergy22:52
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nokipuparf arf23:19
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arjhi, anyone using vnc viewer?23:30
*** milhouse has joined #maemo23:33
arjI have the problem that I have created an X server using Xvnc with the correct resolution but still the buttons up and down moves the screen around when I hold down the button. Anyone know anything about this?23:33
*** eichi has joined #maemo23:42
eichihello, will there be a enlightenment 17 port for maemo any day? why the libs are ported to maemo?23:43
*** smok has joined #maemo23:43
nokipuparj how could the screen move around if the resolution is correct23:45
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:46
arjnokipup: that's what I thought, but it does. The area above and below is just black23:46
nokipuphi eichi23:47
arjI specify -geometry and -screen23:47
arjboth to 800x48023:47
*** smok has left #maemo23:48
nokipupi have no idea which vncserver is best23:48
nokipupi have debian vncserver23:48
nokipupbut i see a vnc4server too23:48
arjwell it appears to be a problem with vnc viewer for the nokia23:49
nokipupworked fine here iirc23:49
nokipupyou maximized to fullscreen i assume?23:49
arjXvncserver also?23:50
arjXvnc i mean23:50
nokipupi don't know which client i had23:51
nokipupi think so23:53
nokipupon a 77023:53
*** pdz- has quit IRC23:54
arjthat's odd23:55
arjthe icon is a small read V, blue c, green n?23:55
arjand is named VNC Viewer?23:56
*** Tahitibob has quit IRC23:56
nokipupdon't remember that23:57
arjI have this application running on my server and I'm going insane each time it moves the screen up and down :)23:57
arjcould you check? I really want this to work ;-)23:58
nokipupcheck whether it scrolls when holding dpad buttons down?23:58

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