IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-09-29

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rene4jazzhi all00:10
rene4jazzI have installed gregale on scratchbox00:11
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rene4jazznow I would like to install a web browser inside scratchbox, it's possible?00:13
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rene4jazzhow can I install new applications into scratchboxed maemo01:08
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pupnikdamn package with a colon04:13
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pupnikmaemo sdk?05:02
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pupnikFound a linux/SDL M.U.L.E. (strategy game) clone for linux/SDL
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pupnikheh mule compiled08:25
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JaffaMorning, all10:16
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* pupnik waves a flipper10:21
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lardmanmorning all14:10
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mbuflardman, good afternoon14:25
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lardmanhi mbuf14:27
mbuflardman, hi14:28
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grndlvlwow pretty large group here, just got my N800 yesterday having alot of fun loving the Open System15:02
lardmanlots of people logged on, but mostly idling15:04
lardmanglad to hear you're enjoying it15:04
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alteregoSome people are more idle than others :)#15:05
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grndlvlya, I used it too much yesterday and the battery is dead now, away from the house without the charger so that sucks15:09
grndlvlgoing to go pick up some bigger SDmini cards today15:10
grndlvlnot been in the mobile sceen that much whats the largest SDcard out there?15:12
alteregoNot sure if they do mini SD that size.15:13
alteregoBut certainly standard SD cards15:13
grndlvlohh yea15:13
grndlvlthe one thing that i find strange is that, why in the world does the N800 come with a SD mini and an adapter, will nothing else fit it..15:14
gla55_just use normal sd's?15:15
gla55_they probably got sd minis and adapters for cheap15:15
gla55_or had them on stock for some other model15:15
grndlvlso a regular sd does fit the N800?15:16
alteregoYeah, their newer phones use MiniSD15:16
alteregoThose are SD/MMC slots, not MiniSD slots :P15:16
grndlvlwell yea but hey you never know yo, like i said as far as the mobile scene is i am behind, a guy at work walked in with one of these the other day and I was like whoa thats awesome15:17
alteregoYeah, they are pretty awesome.15:18
alteregoDeveloping apps for it is pretty easy too now, with Python and Ruby.15:18
grndlvlyea... i noticed it a GTK interface15:19
gla55_alterego: some use mini, some use micro. can't standardize even on that...15:19
alteregoThe old ones use MicroMMC15:19
alteregoAll the new phones will be MiniSD.15:19
alteregoPlainly because SD is MMC's successor. It's just taken a while for people to adapt.15:19
alteregos/adapt/adopt :)15:20
gla55_alterego: not all new ones use minisd, quite many of them use micro15:20
gla55_e61 is one of the few that use mini15:21
alteregoWhich is unusual, because the E61 isn't that new :P15:21
alteregoWhen I say new, I mean N95 onwards.15:21
gla55_n95 is microsd15:21
gla55_n81 is microsd15:22
alteregoI thought you were talking about MMC.15:22
alteregoMy whole argument was how SD cards are taking over from MMC :P15:22
gla55_ah, my was how nokia didn't standardize straight to one sd15:22
alteregoWhether they're micro, mini or standard it doesn't really matter :P15:23
gla55_all s60 3rd ed fp1 devices seem to be micro though15:23
gla55_it matters when you got a mini and can't fit it in :)15:23
alteregoMicro look _tiny_ though ..15:23
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gla55_yeah pretty small15:27
gla55_nail size15:27
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alteregoThere was me, wondering why osso wouldn't initialize. And I've not even started the desktop ^_^15:46
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Blacksitohow reinstall osso-application-installer ?16:09
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Blacksitomy osso-applicacion-installer its broken :(16:09
Blacksitohelp me :)16:09
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alteregoHow is it broken?16:10
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Blacksitoalterego, :(16:40
Blacksitonot run :\16:40
Blacksitowhat problem ?16:41
_Monkeyi heard problem was that we need a better bot. Not just a monkey....16:41
BlacksitoI use : apt-get install --reinstall osso-application-install problem continue16:42
alteregoWhy did it break?16:42
alteregoHave you tried restarting the device?16:43
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susI want kagu media player (a python/pygame app) automatically launching on startup without the need of nothing else, apart the possibility to switch off the 770. What should I do? I'm not a linux expert, but I can manage to edit sh files in root mode and stuff like that, so please some suggestions...16:58
susperhaps should I add a line at the end of /etc/osso-af-init/real-af-startup?17:01
zuhsus: I guess one easy way would be just replacing maemo-af-desktop binary name with yours in the m-a-d script17:01
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zuhThat way the desktop doesn't get in the way at all17:02
susso I won't be able to switch off?17:02
zuhThe shutdown dialog will pop up regardless of the desktop17:03
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susso you're saying I could try replacing....17:03
zuhBut of course replacing the desktop is pretty invasive17:03
susthe call to maemo-af-desktop17:03
*** jonty has joined #maemo17:03
suswith: python kagu.py17:04
sus(of course with all the paths)?17:04
alteregoWhy would you do that?!?!!17:04
susI know, that's just for a one-day thing...17:04
alteregoWhat's wrong with the maemo desktop? :)17:04
susthen I want to be able to restore all !17:05
alteregoSo you can show off to your friends. Look, this is my Nokia N800 python kagu media player :P17:05
zuhsus: ok, then it's better to just add it to the end of some startup script17:05
alteregosus, keep sshd running :)17:05
zuhalterego: What's not wrong with the desktop..?-)17:05
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susso to what startup script should I add the call?17:05
sus(or a safe back to normal)17:06
sus(for a safe back to normal)17:06
alteregoI'd do what zuh said, as long as you've got sshd installed you can ssh in and edit it.17:06
alterego(provided the network is setup correctly on the device)17:06
zuhBlacksito: You might be hitting this:
susoh, well, I have it already installed and working17:06
susI'm not so linux comfortable, I should go into etc/init.d right? or where?17:08
zuhreal-af-startup should be just fine I think17:09
susSo you think I'll continue to have ssh access after rebooting with that file modified?17:09
susif so, I'm going to try. I'll be here crying after if something goes wrong ! :)17:10
Blacksitothanks zuh17:12
Blacksitowhats the problem ?17:12
_Monkeythe problem is that we need a better bot. Not just a monkey....17:12
zuhBlacksito: the actual problem is this:
zuhI don't remember why I was seeing that back then, but the basic problem is that sudo is not working17:15
Blacksitosudo unable to lookup <mihost> via gethosbyname()  <--  zuh17:19
Blacksitonokia n800 # sudo su -17:20
susI'm reading the real-af-startup script and I'm a little scared... can't figure out how I can say "please after you've set all that you need, load python /path/to/". There are so much I don't know where to write and how.17:21
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bmidgleywhen I plug into usb, my n800 always says the internal card is in use17:23
bmidgleyno apps are up17:23
bmidgleyhow do i figure out what is pinning down the card?17:24
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dragornbmidgley: lsof if you have it17:39
dragornbmidgley: otherwise, reboot17:39
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janiafaik, when you plug the usb cable, the mmc is shared automatically as external disk and thus its "used"17:41
dragornexcept if it's already in use by an app, it has to be unmounted by the os on the 800 to be exported17:44
dragornwhich I suspect is the problem he's having17:45
dragornthough you may be right and i'm reading it inverted17:45
dragornbmidgley: So yes - if the problem is, you can't access the card from a pc because it's busy, listen to me.  If the problem is you can't use the card on the n800 while it's plugged into a pc, listen to jani17:46
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* pupnik_ pictures two little animated characters floating on either side of his head17:53
bmidgleyyeah the card wouldn't "export" to the pc17:56
*** henno has joined #maemo17:56
bmidgleyI tried again just now and it worked... maybe maemo mapper was still shutting down17:57
bmidgleywhen I tried the first time17:57
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r-anyone seen a group of themes that actually work with the new os2007 ?17:59
_Monkeythemes is  for recent Bora themes, for the 'Theme Maker' applet,  for tools
rwhitbyr-: plankton18:01
_Monkeyplankton is a good theme eh?18:01
xeosHi folks,18:08
xeosI have a deb package which I can install by `dpkg -i' but not by application manager. Can anyone tell me why it could be?18:09
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pupnikxeos: the 'section' may be incorrect - apps need to be user/foo and not just foo18:18
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pupnikxeos: you can see the info with dpkg -I <package>18:21
pupnikblah i have to fix up some packages18:21
pupnikno rest for the wicket18:23
r-i keep getting install file corrupted when i try to install a theme18:23
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pupnikSconstruct is simpler than automake/autoconf18:28
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xeospupnik: It could be, is there any form of change section without rebuild the package?18:52
*** sus has left #maemo18:53
pupniki can try to find out.  dpkg -X unpacks it - maybe there's a command to re-pack it18:53
alteregoNot from an unpacked package.18:55
alteregoAs it doesn't have the "DEBIAN" directory.18:55
alteregoYou could make a dummy package directory.18:55
pupnikalterego: do you know the policy for maemo 'sections'?18:56
xeosdpkg -e | --control filename [directory]     Extract control-information from a package.18:56
xeosonly extract..18:56
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pupnikaha -e works - created DEBIAN18:56
alteregoxeos, exactly, so make your own rules file which rebuilds the package from the extracted contents.18:56
alteregoAll you'll beed to do is something like: cp -R $(CURDIR)/package-contents $(CURDIR)/debian/package-name18:57
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alteregoPut that in the install section and you're done :)18:57
*** colinl has left #maemo18:58
xeosokay, I will try it18:59
pupniki am seeing a ton of libraries with Section: libs18:59
pupnikbut a few libraries with Section: user/libs18:59
alteregoThey can only be installed with dpkg -i19:00
alteregoI'm pretty certain that you have to have the user/ prefix for it to work in the application installer.19:00
alteregoI think that's the only real caveat.19:00
pupnikosso-applet-sound_1.3.5-3_armel.deb Section: libs19:00
pupnikosso-backup_1.2.5-1_armel.deb Section: misc19:00
alteregoAh, they are core packages though.19:00
alteregoThat's for _maemo_ not for users.19:01
* alterego is working on a new ruby-dbus binding using the dbus-glib layer.19:03
alteregoThe dbus extension that's already written is kind of broken.19:03
alteregoRather than fix it I thought it would be better to write a new one using dbus-glib.19:03
grndlvlwhat do i need to do to be able to transfer files between the N800 and my mac?19:09
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC19:13
grndlvlok i take that back i do need to know how19:16
Sulisgrndlvl, well you can plug your n800 into your mac and it should mount the two sd cards automatically19:16
Sulisyou should see them on your desktop19:16
grndlvlyea normallly but did not seem to happen19:17
grndlvllet me just try to d/c and r/c19:17
grndlvlthat seemed to work19:19
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alteregosshfs ftw!19:28
grndlvlthat would have worked as well19:28
robtrolol internet19:28
alteregoIt's my prefered method.19:28
alteregoI only use the cable for flashing and when I'm not at my machine.19:29
grndlvlomfq this thing has apt-get on it19:29
*** robtro has left #maemo19:29
alteregoUrm .. Obviously.19:29
alteregoIt's built on debian.19:29
*** robtro has joined #maemo19:29
grndlvlyea i am seeing that19:29
alteregoHmm .. I think I'm going to have to skip the dbus-glib and just do a proper dbus binding for Ruby19:30
alteregoWell, I'll do this anyway and see how it works out.19:32
*** robtro has left #maemo19:32
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pupnikso far the only ruby app i saw was nice19:47
*** xeos has quit IRC19:57
r-anyone here dealt with bluetooth DUN with a blackberry ?20:03
r-i've nailed the issue down to incorrect understnading of the blackberry's bluetooth profiles, but dont know which end the problem is on20:04
r-(does the n800 not understand the bb properly) or (does the bb not notify the n800 of the proper profiles, which do in fact exist on the bb)20:04
pupnikmaybe a forum post would help20:09
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xandis it possible to change the layout of the 770's on-screen keyboard? specifically to make the number keypad the right way up20:33
*** kabtoffe has quit IRC20:35
*** phil|sleep has quit IRC20:35
*** kabtoffe has joined #maemo20:45
alteregoIt is the right way up20:47
alterego_real_ keyboards are the wrong way up :P20:47
*** kabtoffe has quit IRC20:49
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Sulisalterego, depends if you use a telephone or a computer more20:59
grndlvltrying to install libsqlite0, unable to find it in repo, any ideas?20:59
alteregoSulis, I guess so.21:00
alteregoOr a calculator21:00
alteregoSulis, anyhow, yes you can change it.21:00
_Monkeyrepositories is  and a searchable index at
Sulisalterego, it was xand who wanted to know, not me21:02
alteregoOh, right :)21:03
alteregoxand, you need to generate a vkb file and stick it in /usr/share/keyboards21:03
alteregoThat's all I know though ^_^21:03
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grndlvlthanks for the repo lists21:19
*** pdz- has joined #maemo21:30
pupniklua5.1 built...21:33
*** pdz has quit IRC21:33
*** zumbi_ has joined #maemo21:35
alteregoAny bindings?21:35
pupnikno - just compiled it for a game21:36
pupnikgcc -o boswars -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/lib -lpng -lz -ldl -llua5.1 -llua5.1 -logg -lX11 -lSDL -lpthread -lSDL21:36
pupnik/scratchbox/compilers/cs2005q3.2-glibc-arm/lib/gcc/arm-none-linux-gnueabi/3.4.4/../../../../arm-none-linux-gnueabi/lib/crt1.o: In function `_start':init.c:(.text+0x30): undefined reference to `mai21:36
alteregoThat doesn't sound good :)21:37
pupnikyeah same error on host with gcc 4.1.321:42
pupnikthey forgot to compile or link main function21:44
alteregoLooking at that command. .. Where's the source file?21:46
*** greentux has quit IRC21:46
*** zumbi has quit IRC21:46
pupnikthey fixed it in next release21:58
*** amrileria has joined #Maemo22:04
pupnik  Blender running on Nokia 770 :D22:10
bedboithis is something really useless22:14
bedboiwell having accelerated 3d would be cool22:15
*** pdz has joined #maemo22:17
pupnikwith more ram, better cpu yes.  with n800 - very limited IMO22:17
pupnikas soon as you say the word 'opengl' people assume apps will run that take many MB of textures22:17
janiwell, its propably usefull for modelling  but not for actual rendering =)22:25
pupnikyeah modeling worked fine on a cyrix 133mhz22:26
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pupnikbos wars compiles - just need lua and 2.4 source23:33
pupniktoo heavy for the 770 though - anybody who wants to test/play on N800 /msg me23:34
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