IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-09-08

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_Monkeysalut, micky04:40
mickyany kernel hacker around?04:40
mickyhi monkey04:40
mickyI was trying to find out if the kernel for Bora has the tickless patches compiled in. I can't find any traces of it in the sources04:42
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kriebzstupid Debian05:48
kriebzI might need help flashing my 77005:48
kriebzEtch has something about it that the flasher doesn't work05:48
kriebzcan't find the solution posted reliably05:49
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jaekhey guys, i'm using the media streamer program07:07
jaek4:3 videos play, but non standard ratio videos dont play07:07
jaekanyone have experience with this?07:07
jaeki know it isnt a codec issue cus it plays files using the same codecs but the only difference is the resolutions07:09
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bedboihi all08:07
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konttoriPlease read my blog and have a look at the UKMP 1.7 concept image.11:31
konttoriComments would be really welcome at this stage before I start any coding.11:31
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* pupnik passes sardines around the room11:36
pupnikwill do konttori11:36
pupnikcongratulations on the job!11:37
konttorioh, thanks!11:37
pupnikWhat is your position?11:37
konttorileading part of the data management11:37
konttoriit's part programming lead, part project manager.11:38
konttoriWe'll see how it develops.11:38
pupniklayout looks great imo.11:39
konttoriat the moment it's the "feeling really confused about everything" - position. - No, really, I'm getting the hang of it, but there's a steep learning curve too get adjusted to the workings of a big and well organized company.11:39
konttoriahh. thanks.11:39
pupnikfor some applications, it is preferable to have control elements on the bottom, so the hand does not obscure the screen11:40
pupniki don't think this applies for ukmo though11:40
konttoritrue enough. I'll test that interface on the device. (as a still image) and see how it 'feels' like11:40
pupnikit would best if you had a hardcore ukmp user for feedback - did you post on the ITT forums?11:41
konttoriI did. yeah.11:41
konttoriIt's just that the feedback takes at least 2 days to be fruitfull.11:42
konttoriSo that all the active parties have been to the forums.11:42
konttoriAnd it's also really important to keep the discussion on the front page for all that time.11:42
konttoriso it's quite hard work to get good feedback from there.11:43
pupnikyou are finnish?11:43
konttoriAlthough at work english is the official language.11:44
konttoriSo it doesn't really matter that much.11:45
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konttoriHey punik: Haven't you been doing all those emulators?11:49
konttoriReally good stuff. Did you make the nintendo emu?11:49
pupniki didn't *make* anything yet, except for a simple sdl game11:50
konttoriwell, port11:50
pupnikthanks... there are cooler things coming up11:50
konttoriDid you already fix the flickering bug in the nes emu?11:51
konttoriIt seemed really cool, except for the flickering.11:51
pupnikfceu?  it runs slowly here without flickering11:51
konttoriyeah. fceu11:51
pupnikI will port a full-speed NES emulator11:52
konttoriIn my device (n800) it scales the screen every time I tap on the screen.11:52
pupnikAnd an almost full-speed SNES emulator11:52
pupnikahh do you have a cursor enabled for synergy?11:52
konttoriAnd then when I lift my finger, it goes to normal mode.11:52
pupnikok then this is a new bug11:53
konttoriyou have almost full speed snes?11:53
pupnikunfortunately the maintainer (tak) is very busy right now11:53
konttorigreat stuff!11:53
pupnikno, but it is coming11:53
konttoriYeah, the flickering seems like a really small bug to fix. It happens on the latest firmware on n800.11:54
konttoriI love fceu in that it plays also music.11:54
pupnikok the flickering:  the game display screen flickers to 1/2 size and displays briefly to the center-upper-left corner?11:54
pupnikis that correct?11:55
konttoriHey, I just realized some time ago that if you omit the dpad middle button and allow user to keep it constantly pressed down, the dpad actually seems to work pretty well.11:55
konttoriyeah. When I press the screen, it will scale the image to 2x size.11:55
pupnikyes, that center button is part of the problem11:55
pupnikok this is strange11:55
pupnikwhen fceu runs normally, does the game window take up the full screen height?11:56
konttoriAnd also, on start (from xmame). It does not drat the right side buttons.11:56
konttoriHowever, if I lock the screen and then unlock it, after that the buttons are visible.11:56
pupnikwhen you say 2x, does this mean the image is temporarily twice as large as it should be?11:57
konttoriAlso, initially the emu does not have black background, but instead, xmame is visible in the background. After lock/unlock. background is black again.11:57
konttoriyeah, that's what I mean.11:57
konttoriIt's scaled 2x until I lift my finger.11:57
pupnikthat is something i've never seen before.  very interesting.11:57
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konttorido you have n800?11:58
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pupnikno just 77011:58
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pupniki am optimizing things to run fast enough on 770, then 800 is guaranteed ok.11:58
konttoriGood idea.11:58
salty-horsecan anyone please explain what the Hildon Input Method is? all the information I can find about it is technical, and doesn't explain the basic purpose of it11:58
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pupnikpurpose is to provide keyboard input to hildon apps?12:01
salty-horseis it just an on-screen keyboard? nothing special about it?12:02
pupniki don't way to say anything inaccurate12:03
pupnikI think it also handles the thumbboard and handwriting recognition12:04
pupnik and it also handles activating the virtual input when you tap on an input field12:05
konttoriYeah. And I think that the instructions are there to help community to build alternative input methods.12:07
konttoriI guess it's there for non-latin alphabets as well as for research use (for really different input methods)12:08
konttoriBut I really don't know anything more about it12:08
salty-horseI initially thought it was a new magical input method that didn't have patents :)12:10
konttoriwell, I think that you can build your unpatented input method using that framework12:16
pupnikit is distinct from X input method.  for e.g. an X virtual keyboard works with SDL apps, but the hildon does not.12:16
pupnikunless your sdl app contains code to handle the hildon input method12:17
revhow much of a pain is that?12:21
revis there any easyish way to use hildon input via a non gtk app yet?12:21
derfI thought that's what the new documentation was for.12:22
* rev isn't sure what new documentation there is12:22
derfMe neither.12:22
revah. i see. i think.12:23
konttoriI added another alternative to the interface screenshot. It moves the toolbar from top to bottom. Can you pupnik (and others) have a look and comment if it should be at the top or at the bottom:
pupnikhow do you handle the different resolution in fullscreen/windowed?12:27
pupnikif the control buttons will get pushed off when at bottom, then it might just be simplest to have them on top12:28
pupnikuntil you get around to scaling the album cover preview for both resolutions, that is :)12:28
konttoriYeah, well, the scaled versions would need to have alternative scaled image. This would result in twice the memory consumption.12:30
konttoriand that is bad (tm) ;)12:30
pupnikoh dear!  nevermind then12:30
konttoriI mean, scaling all the albums on the flu would take too long in the switch between fullscreen and normal modes. And thus it would have to be converted on the startup.12:32
konttorithe sop is indeed better, but the bottom one does look better. Kinda hard decision to make.12:33
pupnikwhen scrolling through album covers, one uses tap-and-drag on the album window, right?12:34
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pupniki mean, unless the top controls really obscure needed data, i'd leave them12:35
pupnikor heck, make it a user settings preference :P12:35
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konttoriI think I'll go with the top controls for now. Unless I get solid reasons for the opposite from the forums.12:44
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keesjapt-get -d install  libreadline413:32
keesjlibreadline4 is already the newest version.13:32
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pupnikEric Boehlert, senior fellow at Media Matters for America and author of Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush, discusses the American TV and print media\u2019s abandonment of the Iraq war story despite the fact that it remains the topic Americans are most interested in.14:12
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disqmorning (well, ugt)15:14
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Blacksitobuenos dias15:34
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* pupnik is setting up n800 to be a remote control for television pvr :)17:17
pupnikn770 i mean17:17
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toedis it not possible to put symlinks on the memory card?18:10
pupnikfat filesystem can not do symlinks - but you can symlink from / to the memory card18:12
toedhow do you mean?18:12
pupnikfor e.g. ln -s /media/mmc1/games/share/biggame /usr/share/biggame18:13
pupnika symbolic link from* the jffs or ext filesystme TO the memory card fat filesystem works fine18:14
toedoh okay18:14
toedbut I wanted the other way :p18:14
pupnikthink about that - are you sure?18:14
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toedmaybe you have a better idea: I've got an sshfs mount and I want to access it from the fancy media players18:15
toedthat only seem to look on the memory card18:15
pupniki see.18:15
pupnikdefinitely something to give feedback to konttori (ukmp) and the other authors about18:16
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pupnikwhat media player?18:16
toedukmp, precisely18:16
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toedalso is there a way to go to an arbitrary directory with the plain old file manager?18:17
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pupnikhe was around earlier today - he is going to do some work on it this weekend - please see the recent thread on forums18:18
pupniki don't know - that annoys me too - but i don't use it much18:18
pupnikyou might be able to get that feature in by monday18:18
toedwhat do you use instead?18:18
pupnikthe shell and a keyboard18:18
toedokay, thanks18:20
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* Nermal has just bought an n800 :D18:37
Nermalafter my 770 order was cancelled because they couldn't get hold of any18:44
Nermal£150 off ebay :)18:45
pupniknice Nermal :)18:45
pupnikgreat score18:46
Nermalafter years of wanting one - my last linux device was an ipaq 363018:46
Nermalwhich had 16mb of storage and 32mb of ram :)18:46
NermalI've still got a CRT and my shoes need replacing, but I have an n800 :D18:47
pupnikgood priorities.  where have i seen the Nick nermal before... - kanotix?18:47
Nermaldunno - been on freenode for 8 years now :|18:47
NermalI'm on oftc too18:48
pupnikok then :)18:48
pupnikyou can help port fun software to it?18:48
Nermalhopefully :)18:49
Nermalwonder if bluefish would be a good candidate18:49
Nermala nice code editor would be good18:49
pupnikif it needs menu support, then you want to look at gtk2 programs18:50
pupniki use vim atm18:50
Nermalah.. nice18:51
pupniki just am doing sdl games/emus atm18:52
pupnik is the WIP page18:52
Nermalnice :)18:52
Nermalwoo dosbox - commander keen :D18:52
pupnikyeah 0.70 had too many bugs - 0.65 gives about 4.77-12mhz PC performance depending on many factors18:54
Nermaldoes bb run ? :)18:57
`0660big brother18:57
Nermalit's an aalib demonstration program - quite leet18:58
Nermalapt-get install bb if you're using ubuntu18:58
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pupnikhandles term resizing too19:01
Nermalcool eh ? :)19:03
pupnikmine is all black/white -19:03
pupnikok this must be ported19:04
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konttoriUmm... The easiest way for now is for you to change the code of ukmp.19:06
*** kabtoffe_ has joined #maemo19:06
konttoriJust open the ukmp in leafpad.19:06
pupniktoed: you there?19:06
konttorisearch for /Volumes/OSX/iTunes19:06
*** _Monkey has quit IRC19:06
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo19:07
konttoriAdd your sshmount to the list.19:07
konttoriSave MediaCenter file. (oh, forgot to mention that the file is /usr/bin/MediaCenter)19:07
konttori(and you need to open it from xterm as root) (sudo gainroot . then leafpad /usr/bin/MediaCenter)19:08
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lnx^where can i find my nokia n800's serial number?19:14
lnx^or does it even have one?19:16
pupnikon 770 it's in battery compartment i think - also somewhere in settings menu19:17
pupnikgoogle should know19:17
*** toed has quit IRC19:17
lnx^i can only find the bt and wlan codes in those places and nothing on google :-/19:18
pupnikBoth the retail and development rom images require you to locate your serial number.19:19
pupnikThe serial number is also the Ethernet Media Access Control, MAC, address. Both the WAN MAC address and the BlueTooth address are located on the original box that the 770 came in or inside the battery compartment.19:20
pupniksorry i don't have a n800 specific link19:21
*** rcknight has quit IRC19:21
lnx^so my wlan address is my serial number?19:22
lnx^or what is it in this pic:
lnx^the 'Code'?19:23
*** konttori has quit IRC19:25
*** guardian_ is now known as guardian19:31
lnx^or which of those might it be? sorry for the dumb questions, i just need it to send it to the police19:39
*** Nermal has quit IRC19:43
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trevarthanhey, does garage have a wiki?20:10
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC20:10
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disqooh trev20:22
*** geekflip has left #maemo20:22
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lnx^so what serial number should i report to my insurance company on my n800, just the wlan mac address..??20:34
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_Monkeykagu is
*** Blacksitox has joined #maemo20:58
trevarthankagu is also #kagu20:58
_Monkeyokay, trevarthan.20:58
_Monkeykagu is, like, or #kagu20:58
trevarthancome to our IRC channel!20:58
disq_Monkey: like? valspeak? :)20:58
_Monkeydisq: huh?20:58
disq_Monkey: totally.20:59
_Monkeydisq: excuse me?20:59
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DiZELHi. What codecs should I specify on Asterisk for Telepathy-SofiaSIP?21:05
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pupnikvalgrind (ahem)21:21
celestehhi all21:22
pupnikhi celesteh21:22
pupniki'd like a 770 view onto my existing X desktop21:22
celestehso, i enabled red pill mode and all was good and i was very happy with the beta browser21:22
pupniknot start a new X session on this computer21:22
celestehand then, gaim hung and i rebooted21:22
celestehand the screen says "nokia" and the progress bar progresses, but then the screen stops changing, even as it plays the nokia chime and eventually makes the sounds it should make while running (clicking when screen touched, etc)21:23
celestehso must i reflash my n800, or is there some magic fix?21:23
celesteh(kids: let this be a lesson to you.  always backup before going to red pill)21:24
pupniki've never enabled red pill mode - it is unnecessary21:24
celestehit's more fun, i think.  the mozilla-based browser is way, way better21:25
celestehalso, i like ot fancy myself a hacker21:25
pupnikyou don't need red pill to install that21:25
pupnikcan you name anything that requires red pill mode?21:25
celestehthe list of things to install got much, much longer when i went red pill21:25
celestehthe application manager sudden listed some java stuff and this new browser, etc etc etc21:26
pupnikfrom application manager?21:26
celestehi'm lazy.  i like the application manager21:26
pupniki didn't realize that - thanks21:26
celestehof course, it's suboptimal that i seem to have broken something21:26
DiZELApplication manager removes deb-files after each operation. How to tell it not to remove the files?21:27
celestehthis all happened just as i was about to order pizza via the internets :(21:28
celesteh(well, actually, maybe sushi instead.  is it a bad idea to get sushi delivered?)21:29
pupnikinteresting, where did i get from...21:30
pupnikDiZEL: no idea - you can download them from xterm if you want21:31
*** toed has joined #maemo21:35
toedpupnik: I'm there now21:36
celesteheh, so sushi aside, i have to reflash, don't i?21:36
pupnikdid you see the instructions toed ?21:36
pupnikcelesteh yes21:37
celestehbummer.  thanks pupnik21:37
*** DiZEL has quit IRC21:38
pupnikin this channel21:41
toedno I guess I missed it21:42
pupnikdid you get my private message, toed?21:44
toedgot it, thanks21:44
toedseems easy enough to do, I'll have a look later21:44
*** Zword has joined #maemo21:47
*** Ivan_Chelubeev has joined #maemo21:58
*** ttmrichter has quit IRC22:03
pupnikvncviewer on 770 is such a *joy*22:04
*** ttmrichter has joined #maemo22:06
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo22:06
*** red-zack has joined #maemo22:08
CardinalFangThat new OS for the 770 makes it possible to install Skype, but it wigs out with "Binary corrupted (o)" 30 seconds into running.  :\22:14
CardinalFangProbably some machine-specific copy/crack protection, you think?22:14
pupnikskype isn't warez22:15
CardinalFangBut it's proprietary and they go out of their way to hide how it works, silly.22:16
pupnikhave you gotten it to work at all?22:16
*** erstazi has quit IRC22:16
pupniki'm curious about the echo/feedback cancellation22:17
CardinalFang(There's a rumor that some russians have it 90% reimplemented.)22:17
pupnikmm... well i'll bbl22:17
*** pupnik has quit IRC22:17
CardinalFangpupnik, No, I haven't seen it working at all.  It's supposed to be for the N800 only.  I have a 770 + yesterday's new OS.22:17
*** pupnik has joined #maemo22:23
*** smok has joined #maemo22:25
*** slomo_ has joined #maemo22:32
*** minnam has joined #maemo22:32
*** minnam has left #maemo22:34
*** slomo has quit IRC22:46
*** erstazi has joined #maemo23:01
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:03
*** red-zack has quit IRC23:07
*** konttori has quit IRC23:12
*** fer_ has joined #maemo23:18
*** Blacksitox has quit IRC23:35
*** ajturner has quit IRC23:36
*** geekflip has joined #maemo23:38
*** setite has joined #maemo23:39
setitehey guys23:39
erstazihi setite23:39
setiteim trying to find that project that lets me use my n800 as a keyboard for my pc23:40
erstazianyone know of a good type of computer to computer within network calling besides Skype?23:40
erstaziit only allows 5 users at once23:40
*** geekflip has quit IRC23:40
erstazisetite: X ssh tunneling?23:40
erstazisetite: or VNC viewer?23:40
setiteno its a project23:40
setitethats just for making the n800 into a bt keyboard23:40
erstaziI am not sure, I never heard of that23:40
setiteive run into it liek 20 times and now i cant find it23:41
*** grosa has quit IRC23:44
pupniksetite: is it synergy?  running the synergy server on the nokia?23:45
setitesome guy made it... its based on some on screen keyboard that he modded and using some bt module he uses the n800 as a keyboard23:45
pupnikwhat a pervert :)23:45

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