IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-09-09

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frozeneskimoi was wondering if the palm os emulator (POSE) for maemo runs up to speed on the 770?01:26
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pupnikruns about as fast as a 20-30mhz dragonball cpu - afaik01:40
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pupnikfrozeneskimo: if you can test stuff that'd be nice - leave feedback on forums please01:41
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frozeneskimopupnik, it's just that i don't have a 770... i'm trying to decide if i want to get one, and if a palm emulator runs well that just might help me decide :) brb01:45
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pupnikfrozeneskimo: it only emulates up to palmos 4.5 i think. handwriting recognition is too slow, but you can use a keyboard with it01:57
pupnikand an onscreen keyboard... if you have any free software or use-cases that i should test on it, let me know01:57
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micky_Hi all02:12
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micky_I was trying to find out if n800s kernel has the tickless patches added or not. I couldn't find any traces of them02:43
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bernardeHi folks, I just got an N800 and when I plug the charger it always displays a "not charging" message. does anybody has an idea how to fix that?02:59
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Blacksitoxbuenos dias03:11
tru_buenas noches.03:14
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Blacksitoxhola tru_03:16
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Blacksitoxtru_, hablas español ?03:23
Blacksitoxtru_, ¿De donde eres?03:26
tru_suecia, pero vivo en madrid.03:26
Blacksitoxtru_, y tu, ¿Tienes un... n800?03:29
tru_si :)03:30
Blacksitoxtru_, y que tal ? ahora le he instalado un rep. multimedia.KAGU, esta muy bueno :P03:31
tru_a me gusta mucho! uso para un poco programacion con pymaemo.03:32
tru_funciona bien con mi celular tambien. puedo usar el 3g de yoigo sin problemas :)03:34
Blacksitoxah que bien, yo lo uso para todo, para todo un poco :P03:34
Blacksitoxquisiera portar una app a maemo, pero lo malo es que mi ingles es malo, no he podido leerme las guias :(03:35
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bedboihi there.05:36
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setitewhy wont canola stream shit07:37
setiteit never streams anything from orb07:37
setitealways errors07:37
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revcan you flash an OS image on an N800 from an Intel OS X machine?08:15
revi ask because08:15
revthere's no intel binary08:15
revmind you, i've seen a fair bit of PPC bins work fine on intel os x machines08:15
revbut for something like this it makes me a little paranoid08:16
revalso, do you need a special N800 flasher? where to find one for OS X?08:16
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pupnikn800 -> flasher 3.0 iirc08:25
_Monkeyflasher is available from
revso no flasher for OS X then08:25
revthere's no way to flash an N800 with a file on an SD card?08:25
revat least the xp i've installed on another partition will be handy for something! :)08:26
pupniknot heard of one08:26
reva shame, maybe on the next IT08:28
revit's a handy thing, that's how i flash all sorts of things, from my OLPC to my gameboy flash cart's OS/ROM08:28
revdoesn't take any special OS etc08:28
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pupniki doubt you could flash to a mounted filesystem - with multiboot you can easily 'flash' images though08:42
revnot to a mounted filesystem08:42
pupnikyes, but having 2-3 filesystems to boot from makes that a lot easier08:43
revthe wayi t works on these other devices is there must be some other metabios sort of software that does nothing more than 1) reading fat32 rom SD and 2) copying from a .bin file into flash ROM08:43
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LynoureThe maemo repositories are being very slow for me today10:56
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LynoureSo slow it is half of the time impossible to get the indexes and all of the time impossible to install evince11:25
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JaffaMorning, all11:49
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LynoureIs there a button-only way in N800 to get to the Application menu?12:05
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milhouseyou mean the navigation menu?12:11
milhouseapplication menu being the menu specific to each application, which can be accessed using the Menu button or tapping the stylus in the title bar area (unless I've gotten the names wrong)12:12
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LynoureI'm not sure what it is called. The menu where you can choose which application to open12:12
milhousethere's no specific button to access the navigation menu12:12
Jaffamilhouse: I'm about to rant a bit more at Texrat ;-)12:12
milhouseabout ipods?12:12
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JaffaMostly about head-in-sandedness12:13
milhouseif so i'd say it's been done to death... there's two sides to it12:13
LynoureThat's a pity. Makes this device a paperweight if the touchscreen ever stops registering touches (N770 you can still use for non-writing things)12:13
Jaffamilhouse: true12:13
milhousei've said more than enough :)12:13
LynoureHmm, my RSS Reader no longer starts12:14
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keesjmilhouse: is your device screen not registering touches any more?12:15
milhouselynoure: probably a dodgey feed12:15
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milhousekeesj: fine since i sent it in for repair12:15
roopeYou can rant to me, also. :)12:15
milhousethat was before 4.2007 came out and fixed it in software12:15
roopeGoes perhaps better into the right destination.12:15
Lynouremilhouse: I have not added any feeds, just removed one of them (CNN Sports)12:16
Jaffaroope: I'll send you a link since I'm hlf way through a replu12:16
keesjyes funny how they managed to "fix" it in software12:16
milhouseyeah, i can understand the argument where they needed people to send in devices in order to pin down the fault but there must have been a point where they had identified the fault and fixed it, at which point they could have announced it and told everyone to hold off sending in their devices.12:17
Lynouremilhouse: if it is a problem with the feeds, is there a workaround?12:18
milhousedo you have xterm access?12:18
lle2keesj: the hw is still faulty, more and better filtering on sw side allows to work around it12:18
milhouselynoure: my suggestion would be to zap your feed file12:19
LynoureAs far as I know, the touchscreen fault is in HW, still, though the fix in sw makes it better12:20
lle2keesj: previously sw simply cut off all samples that fell outside of certain limits, now those limits coul be relaxed because it does extra work to make sense of the samples12:20
milhouselle2/keesj: the fix for the display seems to have knackered the ability to enter shifted letters on the vkb by sliding the stylus upwards (bug 1685)12:21
_MonkeyBug 1685 might be found at
Lynouremilhouse: I'll try to find it...12:21
milhouseLynoure: the RSS Reader stores it's feeds in the file /home/user/.osso_rss_feed_reader/feedlist.opml12:22
Lynouremilhouse: thanks12:23
lle2milhouse: dunno, never even knew of such a feature, although it's possible that the extra filtering is making things slow enough that it no longer works exactly the same. although I'd suspect the real reason to be something else12:23
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milhousei hope it's something else - it's been suggested in the bug that it's the sensitivity change, or another bug, but without any input from Nokia/Maemo we're just pissing in the wind12:24
lle2well you just got input from nokia12:26
milhouseWoohoo! :)12:26
milhousehere or in the bug?12:26
lle2now that I read that it seems the whole feature is totally fucked12:26
milhouseah... the bug would be nice :)12:26
lle2no way12:27
Jaffaroope: random incoherent rant:
milhouseok, how about passing it on?12:27
roopeI don't stand behind texrat's rants, btw. :)12:28
roopeHe is not really associated with our workings.12:28
JaffaI know :)12:28
lle2milhouse: it could be that with a too-fast movement the letter is not getting enough events to detect a movement upwards, I think this is a bug in vkb12:28
roopeAlthough of course everyone can have their opinions, and that's cool.12:28
lle2milhouse: but to be honest I think the entire stylus driven keyboard should be killed12:29
milhouselle2: possibly, it would just be nice to know if it's a wontfix (which would be bad, as it was a useful feature but understandable if it means a working touchscreen) or just a freaking bug that can/should be fixed in time for the next release (since it's not aliased to an internal bug ref, I can only assume it's not been picked up by Nokia)12:29
milhouselle2: killing stylus keyboard... would need to see some alternatives before I can comment on that, are you suggesting something like the iPhone vkb?12:30
milhousesomething more finger friendly?12:30
lle2something more thumb friendly, like the thumb keyboard12:30
lle2but with visibility to what you're typing into12:30
roopeanyway, those touch screen filterings ultimately need to go. when moving forwards with more things like gestures etc., we can't have crap like that there.12:30
milhousejaffa/roope - i think texrat is trying to perform an impossible service :)12:30
roopethat breaks even the simplest gestures.12:30
lle2roope: tell that to the hw guys12:31
roopeto whom? ds?12:31
lle2I need at least 15 samples to make anything resembling sensible output12:31
lle2he's not a hw guy12:32
lle2hw guys do electronics and they live in funny place called oulu12:32
roopeAnd this is all their fault?12:32
milhousenot criticising you two guys, but having some progress on a bug as outlined above is surely the reason for filing the bug in the first place... having it ignored is kind of... frustrating. :)12:32
lle2by choosing the shitty ts film12:32
milhouseif someone posted "the vkb is going away in future" would be fine by me...12:33
roopewell, i don't have the expertise to comment to anyone on that particular issue. :)12:33
milhousethat's why i hope it could be "passed along"12:33
lle2but you're willing to remove the filtering? :)12:33
infobotmilhouse meant: that's why i hoped it could be "passed along"12:33
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lle2roope: you guys need to simply work with what we can provide, currently it means that the "sensitivity" of the ts is bad, you only get stuff about 100ms after the pen has touched the screen12:35
roopewell, the things you are providing suck. ;)12:36
lle2and roughly every 15ms after that.12:36
lle2either you can bitch about it or design a UI that works with it12:36
lle2for thumb usage it's more than good enough12:37
milhousejaffa - i hadn't planned on getting a Touch, but I might just have to in order to be able to comment on the browsing experience.12:38
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lle2the vkb probably screws up because it doesn't grab all stylus events for a time after initially getting a pen down12:39
milhousewhatever it is, it used to work fine in 3.200712:40
milhouseunless the stylus vkb is going away with the next firmware release, it would be really really really nice if someone from nokia could identify the cause :)12:41
milhousethe rollmops would be on me12:42
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milhouseinteresting bug 1998 that someone has just filed12:49
_MonkeyBug 1998 might be found at
milhousemaybe, just maybe, the device needs a super user mode?12:50
roopeWell, files starting with . aren't also shown, so.12:50
roopeit's called xterm.12:50
milhouseyes, i'm not sure if the bug filer realises that - which is why i think it's interesting. in some respects, what he wants to achieve is reasonable, but the file manager sanitises his view of the file system12:51
milhousecould the file manager operate in a less restrictive mode if the user has R&D rights? or would that be too much hassle (suspect I know the answer)12:51
roopeyes. :)12:51
milhouseand yes... i suppose xterm is the answer, or an alternative file manager12:52
roopeI can you can install a 3rd party file manager. (if one would exist)12:52
milhousei know midnight commander is out there - never tried it myself. i suppose a third party "power user" file manager would do the trick12:52
milhouseis the source code for the Nokia file manager available? the community could hack it and re-release12:53
milhousemind you, he's also talking about the file choose dialog which is probably a system component12:54
milhousemessed up my regex12:54
milhouseyeah, missed off the trailing / - you only get one shot at it12:55
infobotmilhouse meant: $&icles12:58
milhousehmmm... :)12:58
pupnikre getting rid of stylus kbd...  my thumbs arent transparent ;)12:59
milhousemaybe you need to have finger surgery like that bloke with his new iPhone (ok ok I know it was only a hoax...)13:00
Lynouremilhouse: no RSS feed reader starting even without a feedlist file13:02
pupnikaah  im using xvkbd right now...13:02
Lynoureit just shows it's starting for some time, then nothing happens13:02
milhouselynoure - odd...13:02
milhousethe only thing i can suggest you try is use the archive attached to bug 177013:03
_MonkeyBug 1770 might be found at
pupnikit is pretty fast now that i've adjusted to the smaller size of the keys -- less travel for the stylus.13:03
milhouserestore the archive - it's the entire osso_rss_feed_reader directory... as it stands it contains a feed - The Register - which will crash the RSS app when it is refreshed. delete The Register feed and you should be fine.13:04
milhouseunless it's something else crashing your rss app, in which case i'm all out of ideas13:05
milhousei filed that bug btw13:05
Lynourewould it be unsafe to just delete the whole osso_rss_reader configuration directory? Would it recreate it, like Linux programs usually do?13:07
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milhousei don't know, i'd suggest renaming it for now13:10
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fish_*prepairing my n770 for return*13:14
fish_hope that display is not working again after reflashing ;)13:14
Lynourehmm, when I connect to on my laptop, it's fast and works, on the N800 takes age. Same wlan, even.13:15
keesjhttps or not? but I have the same feeling13:15
milhouseslight difference in horsepower maybe13:15
keesjI also have some trouble clicking links sometimes13:16
keesjso and click download does not work and I have to try it many times13:16
milhouseare you trying to download the attachement from the link?13:16
LynoureI would think so, if it was not the "Connecting" part where that happens. Putting in a http request is not so much work.13:16
infobotmilhouse meant: link==bug13:17
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keesjhow about using some links2 browser with an mouse enabled xterm?13:17
Lynoureand other websites come up just in 1 second13:18
Lynourecompared to 3 minutes and waiting...13:18
milhouseor wget.... you should be able to download the archive over http - here's the url
milhouseout of interest, is this 770 or n800, opera or micro-b?13:18
LynoureN800, no idea what the default browser is called...13:19
milhousei'll take a stab at Opera13:19
LynoureSame happens also when I just try to access the maemo repos for a package list13:19
keesjmicro-b on 770 is not supported , so that answers it all13:20
keesjI just tried to install skype on 770 with he, it starts but them stops13:21
milhousesounds like you've got network issues on your n800... i'd suggest having a look at bug 163613:21
_MonkeyBug 1636 might be found at
LynoureChanging browsers probably will not help in Application manager...13:21
keesjis mmppl still agregated on
keesjany xmoto players?13:25
Lynourewlan_sleep_timeout helped13:28
milhousethere's a second setting - should be detailed further along in the bug13:29
JaffaAnyone with some X expertise know of a simple way in a shell script of checking if a particular key is held down? I want to add a delay to the "Eject" key on my keyboard by checking if it's still held down after a second13:29
milhousenot a clue13:30
Lynourehmmm, gah, where is that pesky Documents folder... does not seem to be ~/MyDocs13:32
milhouseit's a hidden directory13:32
milhousels -la ~/MyDocs13:33
keesjJaffa: within a single app?13:35
LynoureNo RSS Reader starting even now.13:36
milhousewierd... have you installed anything since it last worked?13:36
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milhousei don't know if it can be started from the command line, maybe that would shed more light - anyone able to suggest?13:37
LynoureAccording to Home it last updated at 2:38am... after that I installed xterm, dropbear ssh client, omweather and simplelauncher13:37
Jaffakeesj: I want to do something like "checkkey XF86Eject && echo 'yes, still down'" in a shell script13:40
milhouseLynoure - as the "user", just type "/usr/bin/osso_rss_feed_reader" in the xterm window, it should start the RSS app13:42
milhouseif it crashes you may get some idea why it crashes13:42
LynoureIs there strace or somesuch for N800? :)13:43
* Lynoure just loves strace13:43
milhousestrace is on the device13:43
Lynoureoh, goodie :)13:44
LynoureBut the windowsy reboot seemed to help13:45
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keesjJaffa: how about using the "read" command?14:12
keesjor worse "use and pase xev :)"14:13
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_Monkeyniihau, leroutier14:59
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Jaffakeesj: I'd be surprised if Â`read' would pick up the key and the key'll already be down when xev starts15:09
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blablablaPlease help me:
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erstazidoes anyone use irssi on their nokia?19:13
shadovI use it over ssh. Does that count?19:14
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Fatalsame here19:19
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`0660me too19:19
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pupnik_erstazi: yes19:46
pupnik_if there is a program compiled for maemo, someone probably uses it19:46
erstazipupnik_: me! heh19:53
erstazipupnik_: how have you been?19:53
pupnik_umm... 'playtesting' - no maemo work lately19:56
pupnik_summer went by too fast :/19:56
erstazipupnik_: that's no lie there!19:57
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*** gomiam has joined #maemo20:46
*** amr has joined #maemo20:47
amrfor some reason when i start application manager i get an 'operation failed' message20:47
amrevery time20:47
*** micky_ has quit IRC20:48
erstaziamr: have you changed the sources.list?20:48
*** dsiemon has joined #maemo20:49
erstaziamr: what OS do you have? OS2006 or OS2007?20:49
dsiemonQuestion for N800 users.. does your headset plug go all the way in so that the rubber part is flush with the edge of the device?20:50
amrjust tried to running apt-get from xterm20:50
amrsources.list was corrupted or something20:50
amrmalformed lines20:50
gomiamdsiemon: yes, at least me :-)20:51
dsiemongomiam, Do you have to push hard? My stops a few millimeters before the end.  I've pushed pretty hard but wanted a second opinion before I push harder.20:51
* dsiemon doesn't want to break his new toy :)20:52
gomiamnope, I just push it in in one go20:52
gomiamit shouldn't break20:52
dsiemonOK so I was just being overly cautious.  Pushing harder worked :)20:53
Nermalerstazi: bought an n800 :)20:54
gomiamgreat, dsiemon20:55
dsiemonBTW for any Nokia guys listening the N800 rocks. It's so nice to have a mobile device that I actually enjoy playing with.20:55
gomiamdsiemon: now go and install Skype ;-)20:55
dsiemongomiam, Did that. Though I have a thing about not using proprietary protocols so other than a quick experiment I doubt I'll use it.20:56
gomiamdsiemon: as long as there is no cheap way to "phone home" through the N800, I'll have to bear with it :-)20:57
derfdsiemon: Now, go and make a Skype clone using free protocols.20:57
gomiamderf: you mean like openwengo?20:58
*** MaemoUser has joined #maemo20:58
*** guardian_ is now known as guardian20:58
dsiemongomiam, Haven't had a chance to play with that yet.20:59
gomiamOpenWengo isn't P2P, though.20:59
*** MaemoUser has quit IRC21:00
gomiambut since it is SIP you still have POTS calling if you know the right providers :-)21:00
*** pleemans has quit IRC21:02
*** Deformati has joined #maemo21:07
DeformatiHi everyone.21:07
*** Lectus has joined #maemo21:07
DeformatiI cannot wait for my 770 to come it. :D21:08
DeformatiDidn't expect so many people in here.21:08
*** Lectus has left #maemo21:08
celestehthey're all lurkers21:08
dsiemongomiam, Is there a Maemo port of OpenWengo? I don't see anything on their download page.21:09
DeformatiWell, I would like to start development now, maybe even get my favorite compiler working before it arrives.21:09
*** MaemoUser has joined #maemo21:09
DeformatiWhat do I need to do this?21:09
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC21:10
_Monkeyit has been said that scratchbox is a cross-compilation toolkit for maemo application development.  Homepage:   Maemo 3.x (bora/N800) tutorial:  Maemo 2.2 (gregale/770) tutorial:  A walkthrough for 3.x:  Scratchbox Downloads:
DeformatiDoes this tutorial apply to 2.2 as well?
gomiamdsiemon: actually, I don't think there's OpenWengo for Maemo yet. I just mentioned as a fast-track option to get an open-protocol telephony client.21:11
DeformatiNever mind21:11
DeformatiStupid question21:11
DeformatiFound the 2.221:11
dsiemongomiam, OK thanks.21:11
DeformatiDoes the 770 have any opengl support?21:12
`0660i think it has some21:12
`0660nothing a mortal person could take advantage of though21:13
DeformatiHas anyone got Erlang working on a 770?21:13
*** RushPL has joined #maemo21:15
* Deformati goes insane waiting for his 770 to arrive.21:18
* RushPL too21:19
DeformatiRushPL: lets try getting gdc working in scratchbox.21:19
DeformatiThen make some bindings and whatever.21:21
*** pleemans has joined #maemo21:21
RushPLDeformati: isn't scratchbox i386?21:22
DeformatiI thought it emulates arm21:22
RushPL - cross-compilation toolkit21:23
RushPLbut it says also qemu21:23
RushPLso good :)21:23
*** MaemoUser has joined #maemo21:26
celestehthere exists a qemu image and a vmware image21:27
*** MaemoUser has quit IRC21:27
* RushPL will install scratchbox from sunrise overlay21:28
DeformatiThe 770 has 2.221:28
*** MaemoUser has joined #maemo21:29
pupnik_the only graphics acceleration available is 2x hardware scaling of screen regions21:30
* celesteh reinstalls all software after reflashing . . . meh21:30
*** MaemoUser has quit IRC21:31
RushPLDeformati: but I really I would be much more interested in running KDE.21:31
*** andrunko has quit IRC21:31
RushPLa stripped one21:31
DeformatiQT is huge though.21:32
DeformatiI agree with you, but it is hard to strip kde.21:33
DeformatiI think it would be better to rewrite a de.21:33
RushPLgentoo has kde modularized21:33
RushPLbasic kde can be really small21:34
RushPLrewrite which de? :)21:34
DeformatiThe existing one.21:34
DeformatiRewrite parts in D.21:34
DeformatiImproving as we go.21:34
DeformatiMight even put slate on it.21:34
DeformatiSlate should work pretty swee.t21:34
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo21:34
DeformatiSince there is no libc dependency.21:35
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC21:35
*** MaemoUser has joined #maemo21:35
*** MaemoUser has quit IRC21:36
pupnik_You can run KDE on the device.21:37
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik21:37
DeformatiDoes it run well?21:38
*** MaemoUser has joined #maemo21:39
amranyone else find that doesnt load on their tablet?21:39
amri went on the site on my laptop and tablet, pressed downloads on my tablet then on my laptop21:39
amr5 mins later my tablet still hasnt loaded it21:39
*** MaemoUser has quit IRC21:39
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo21:42
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo21:43
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo21:44
pupnikamr i can test21:44
pupnikDeformati: check the kde thread on internettablettalk.com21:45
DeformatiRushPL: I would like kde too, but I dunno, qt doesn't have D bindings... :(21:45 mainpage loads in 7 seconds21:45
pupnikdownloads loads in 5 (opera on it2006se, 770)21:46
eichiis there a guitar tuner tool for maemo (n800) ?21:46
pupnikthere is a guitar tuner tool21:46
amrthe guy who did nethack does a reference tool i think21:46
RushPLpupnik: what about the virtual keyboard on KDE?21:46
pupnikITOS 2006 second edition21:46
amrhow can i tell if i have se? :P21:47
FatalHE renamed?21:47
RushPLhow do you input, if without keyboard?21:47
eichipupnik: whats the name?21:47
pupnikdunno eichi21:48
RushPLoh cool, installed scratchbox and try to login -> "Inconsistency detected by rtld.c: 1192: dl_main: Assertion `(void *) ph->p_vaddr == _rtld_local._dl_sysinfo_dso' failed!"21:48
pupnikamr in xterm type uname -a21:48
pupnikyou should see 770-4921:48
pupnikRushPL, to fix that you need a vdso-enabled kernel21:49
RushPLvdso ...?21:49
DeformatiLol, RushPL, I cannot even figure out the correct downloads.21:49
*** theril has quit IRC21:49
_Monkeyi guess clawsmail is buggy21:50
pupnikRushPL: try echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/vdso21:50
celestehit would be more helpful if you had a url, _monkey21:50
pupnikas root, in your host linux21:50
_Monkeycelesteh: i'm not following you...21:50
RushPLI built my own kernel, probably disabled it if it default.21:50
celestehstupid monkey21:50
celesteh_Monkey, erming?21:51
_Monkeycelesteh: bugger all, i dunno21:51
RushPLI'll rebuild21:51
pupniki don't really-- understand the vdso issue... in the scratchbox wiki it says you need it disabled21:51
pupniksorry i might have been exactly wrong on that21:51
amryep 770-4921:52
pupnik_Monkey vdso is
amrhm, i wonder why mine doesnt load /downloads all the time21:52
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.21:52
*** fab____ has joined #maemo21:52
celesteh_Monkey clawsmail is
_Monkey...but clawsmail is buggy...21:52
celesteh_Monkey forget clawsmail21:53
_Monkeycelesteh: I forgot clawsmail21:53
celesteh_Monkey clawsmail is
_MonkeyOK, celesteh.21:53
eichipupnik: i got it, thanks21:53
pupnikwhat's the name eichi?21:53
amrman i have terrible luck, mplayer wont even start for me21:54
RushPLI have both NFS and binfmt_misc :(21:54
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo21:55
pupnikRushPL - lots of google hits for scratchbox+vdso or scratchbox+"Assertion Failed"21:56
RushPLyeah,looking into it21:56
amri can launch it from the command line21:56
eichipupnik: "tuner"..thats all
RushPLokay, so VDSO will fix it.21:57
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC21:58
pupnikRushPL: so i was right the first time?  I'm confused.  On sidux i got that error, then built a kernel with vdso, and it worked21:58
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo21:58
pupnikso i don't understand that echo 0 command at all.  Maybe it needs to be compiled-in and turned off?21:59
pupnikok ty eichi21:59
celesteh_Monkey erming is someplace at
_MonkeyOK, celesteh.21:59
Nermalis there a noticable speed difference between a class 4 and a class 6 sd card ?21:59
RushPLpupnik: dunno, I will have to try. Now compiling a new kernel.21:59
RushPLDeformati: -> lol, hilarious22:00
RushPLI just might stay with maemo :D22:00
DeformatiRushPL: looks a lot like GregorR's tablet.22:01
RushPLoy, but it's N800 :/22:01
celesteh_Monkey erming is a tool to sync GPE with google calendar and can be found someplace at
_Monkey...but erming is someplace at
RushPLDeformati: GregorG has LCARS?22:02
celesteh_monkey, forget erming22:02
_Monkeycelesteh: I forgot erming22:02
celesteh _Monkey erming is a tool to sync GPE with google calendar and can be found someplace at
_MonkeyOK, celesteh.22:02
RushPLDeformati: GregorR ^^22:02
*** pleemans has quit IRC22:03
*** pleemans has joined #maemo22:04
DeformatiHmm, I want to start scratchbox, but I don't wanna restart x.22:04
DeformatiOr logout.22:04
DeformatiI have a lot of important windows open.22:04
DeformatiSo eh.22:04
RushPLDeformati: so do I, I would need to reboot.22:04
DeformatiI tryed in a new virtual terminal.22:05
DeformatiAnd it says there are link inconstantcies in ld.so22:05
RushPLDeformati: that's that VDSO22:05
RushPLedit .config, search for VDSO and enable it22:05
Deformati...Shouldn't there be a more automated installer than this?22:05
DeformatiI mean, it's rediculous.22:06
Deformati.config where?22:07
amrrm: .Trashes//501/supertux/images/??'???a??????j.%??2: File name too long22:07
*** killfill has joined #maemo22:10
killfilli was trying to compile maemo-sharp in my desktop.. and it depends on hildon-lgpl22:10
killfillwhere can i download it?...22:10
*** juco2 has joined #maemo22:11
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo22:12
*** pleemans has quit IRC22:12
DeformatiDo all of you develop on your tablet directly, or on your pc then send it over to the tablet?22:12
*** pleemans has joined #maemo22:14
erstaziDeformati: most people use scratchbox on a pc22:14
erstaziDeformati: but I have heard of people compiling on OS200722:15
DeformatiWhat about 2006?22:15
DeformatiI have some pretty extensive x11 development experience, so I wonder if it would be worth my time to make an alternate WM on the 770 or on the pc.22:15
*** MaemoUser has joined #maemo22:16
killfillcannot find it.. :S22:16
`0660you will want to use your pc22:16
DeformatiWhat is needed most on the 770?22:16
DeformatiWhat does it have, and what is it lacking?22:17
*** MaemoUser has quit IRC22:19
pupnikDeformati: a fast snes emulator :)22:21
*** ssvb has quit IRC22:21
pupnikDeformati: if any projects here interest you, let me know
DeformatiIs there any opengl support?22:22
DeformatiI am not a fan of games.22:22
RushPLand zsnes is opengl22:22
pupnikthe rendering backend isn't the problem with zsnes.  The fact that it is 50% x86 ASM is.22:23
DeformatiMaybe I will make an IDE.22:23
RushPLpupnik: ? it's not fast I gather?22:24
pupnikAbiword development could use help.22:24
pupnikRushPL: that particular game is fast.22:24
Deformatipupnik: what about the gui? Gui toolkits? Window manager? System panel?22:25
*** svu has joined #maemo22:25
pupnikDeformati: probably the most interesting alternative WM is 'OpenRox' afaik. has info on it22:25
pupnikSome kind of gnustep thing.22:26
pupnikHowever, most of the work on the tablets is not towards treating them like little linux PCs.22:26
pupnikthe GUI model is that of a tablet, one that is optimized for stylus/thumb.22:27
DeformatiSearching that site gives me nothing.22:27
DeformatiWell, I will mostly use mine for pdf reading, but I also wish to hack around on it.22:28
DeformatiI like doing ui design.22:29
DeformatiDo bluetooth keyboard work well?22:29
*** canyouscore_ has joined #maemo22:30
*** matt_c_ has quit IRC22:30
DeformatiI have to go.22:30
DeformatiBe back later today.22:30
pupniksorry "Window Maker ROX"22:30
DeformatiWell, I am going to have a lot more to ask when I get back.22:31
DeformatiA few hours.22:31
pupniki wish vncviewer could auto-cut to the clipboard22:32
pupnikam i missing something?22:32
RushPLpupnik: I actually thought about treating that nokia as a desktop. I wondered about the virtual keyboard issue, I think it could be solved by treating the whole screen area as a keyboard, so that if you know the layout, you know where to tap. (optionally it could display a grid)22:33
RushPLI don't know however if X supports explicit drawing, so that you can draw some opaque lines.22:33
pupnikIf you have some experience with X, i could use help with Xvkbd22:34
pupnikXkbd rather22:34
pupniki can get it to send events to windowed SDL apps, but not to fullscreen22:34
RushPLit may be interesting once I get my nokia22:35
amrhelp please22:36
amrrm: .Trashes//501/supertux/images/??'???a??????j.%??2: File name too long22:36
*** slomo__ has joined #maemo22:36
amrthat happens when i try and rm -rf a dir22:36
*** pleemans has quit IRC22:36
gomiamamr: rename supertux to sx22:36
gomiamand then try again22:36
gomiamthat should be good enough22:36
amrok will give that a try thanks22:37
gomiamit's what I do whenever I have some path name length problem in wWindows22:37
infobotgomiam meant: it's what I do whenever I have some path name length problem in Windows22:37
pupnikit works ok with dosbox windowed but not fullscreen22:38
RushPLyeah, I look at them right now.22:38
RushPLI know you can show the xvkb area with fullscreen apps, dunno about getting events.22:40
RushPLmaybe it would be easier hacking SDL lib and doing some sort of 'false fullscreen mode'22:40
pupnikyeah it does show on top of the sdl fullscreen (coolness)22:41
pupnikbut there's some strange issue with getting the events, and i don't really have the X fundamentals to look into it22:42
*** geaaru_ has joined #maemo22:42
RushPLI could hack on SDL, not that much on X.22:44
RushPLanyway, I wait for my nokia, should arrive soon :)22:45
pupnikCongrats :)22:46
*** slomo_ has quit IRC22:49
*** nslu2-log has quit IRC22:54
*** geaaru_ has quit IRC22:54
*** nslu2-log has joined #maemo22:56
*** geaaru has quit IRC22:56
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo23:01
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC23:10
*** tso has joined #maemo23:15
RushPLand i'll just restart23:17
*** RushPL has quit IRC23:17
*** RushPL has joined #maemo23:21
RushPLrush@unimatrix ~ $ /scratchbox/login23:25
RushPLERROR: Scratchbox is not properly set up!23:25
RushPLwhat can it mean? :o I added my username, I am in proper group of course.23:25
RushPLokay, I know ..23:26
RushPLI logged in, yay!23:26
*** W_I has quit IRC23:28
pupnikwhat was the problem RushPL ?23:33
RushPLthere was some scratchpad startup script23:33
RushPLI don't know why it has to be demonized23:33
*** gomiam has quit IRC23:35
pupnikok if you find you're missing libraries when building stuff, let me know23:35
pupniki usually go to the host system, apt-get source <pagkage>23:35
pupnikthen in scratchbox dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot to see what's missing for dependencies23:36
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC23:40
RushPLso hm, if I have this i386 target, it won't be cross-compiling, right?23:44
RushPLI will still have to change targets between local testing and cross-compiling I suppose.23:44
*** svu has quit IRC23:45
*** juco2 has quit IRC23:45
tsointeresting, i didnt know that the hildon desktop supportet a scroll wheel (using vnc to access it from a desktop)23:48
*** slomo__ has quit IRC23:49
*** cypherbios has joined #maemo23:51
*** fab____ has quit IRC23:53
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC23:55
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo23:56

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