IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2007-08-09

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nchntrANYONE AROUND?00:24
nchntrlol, do you know of an image converter app for maemo, need to conver .png to .jpg00:24
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nchntranyone, anyone..... buler00:37
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sparrevening all01:04
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quuxDoes anyone know of a program or mod for the N770 which will allow the screen to stay lit when the charger cable is plugged in?01:58
disq_Monkey: acmonitor?01:58
_Monkeywish i knew, disq01:58
disq_Monkey: acmonitor is at
_MonkeyOK, disq.01:59
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disqhope monkey is saving state between restarts02:00
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MobileSimHas anyone here used the 770's mic with Gizmo? Is it possible to use it reasonably well for phone calls?02:15
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quuxok, now another horrible inappropriate question. Is anyone aware of any sort of desktop cradle for the N770?02:27
quuxoops, hmm, actually acmonitor is kinda useless. You still can only keep the screen lit for a max of 2 minutes02:31
* MobileSim was just reading a review criticising that.02:32
disqquux: why 2 minutes max? that's the max amount you have on the 770?02:34
quuxdisq: yes02:34
quux2 minutes for backlight, 5 minutes to display switchoff, maximum02:34
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disqah, same here in the n80002:35
disqmaybe there's a hack to keep it indefinately (gconf editor?)02:35
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quuxIt's kinda moot without some sort of desktop stand, though. Although I think I could build that02:35
artemisprimei have one simple question02:36
artemisprimei cant seem to find the answer to02:36
artemisprimehow exactly do I install Mistral02:37
artemisprimeon the 770 ?02:37
_Monkeysomebody said on the 770 was jerky02:37
artemisprimecan anyone help me out ?02:38
disqartemisprime: nokia 770 product page should have the firmware updater which will download the latest firmware and flash it to the device02:39
artemisprimei have the latest firmware02:39
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artemisprimedont i need to install Mistal in order for gaim to work ?02:40
disqmistral is version 2.0 of the firmware. latest firmware is 2.3 so it's newer, and you don't need mistral02:40
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artemisprimei get an error when i try to run gaim02:41
artemisprimeor the later version02:41
artemisprimei forget what gaim is now called02:42
disqthat's another thing. did you check the ITT forums? what's the error message? the newer gaim is pidgin02:42
_Monkeypidgin is, like,
_MonkeyITT is
artemisprimethats it02:42
artemisprimei have02:43
artemisprimeVersion: 3.2006.49-202:43
_Monkey3.2006.49-2 is probably the last (final) version of OS 2006 so you're up to date02:43
artemisprimeso its up to date\02:44
artemisprimehow come i cant run pidgin then02:44
artemisprimeVersion: 3.2006.49-2 is the firmware  version or no ?02:45
artemisprimei would assume so02:45
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disqi never installed pidgin. how are you trying to install (.deb download/install from garage or install/download directly from the app manager)? does it install but not run, or simply refuse to install?02:49
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artemisprimedownload the .deb from pidgin site02:50
artemisprime4.7 megs02:50
artemisprimethen i cant run it02:51
disqyou're probably missing a dependency that's not listed in the package's install file. is there a dependencies part in pidgin's site and did you download/install them as well?02:51
artemisprimei thought it was cuz i didnt have mistral at first02:52
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disqif you have pidgin installed try running it from the xterm (probably by typing "pidgin" and hitting enter, tho i'm not sure if that's correct) and look for the error message02:52
artemisprimehow do i get to the xterm'02:53
_Monkeyrumour has it xterm is the enhanced version of osso-xterm from maemo-hackers. It adds font and color selection support, URL opening through context menu, and a sidebar with additional keys such as Ctrl+letters.
artemisprimeso it a new OS i need02:54
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artemisprimei installed xterminal03:02
artemisprimeand that works03:02
artemisprimebut nothing when i type in pidgin from the prompt >03:02
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artemisprimedoes anyone know pidgin's path ?03:06
artemisprimeanyone gotten pidgin to run on 770 ?03:08
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artemisprimei cant seem to find the executable03:08
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artemisprimewhere are the applications installed ??03:12
artemisprimewhat is the path ?03:12
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artemisprime-sh: Pidgin: not found\03:15
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milhouseit's /usr/bin/pidgin on n80003:19
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milhousenot really sure if thats what is executed by the entry in Extras though... running /usr/bin/piding did nothing03:19
onion_sweet.. just got espeak->gst on the 770 to work, pretty nice03:20
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milhouseartemisprime - it looks like the Extras menu does launch /usr/bin/pidgin but quite why it doesn't work from the command line is not clear to me03:22
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artemisprimeits not in my extras at all03:22
milhousedoesn't sound like it's installed03:23
artemisprimethats the problem03:23
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artemisprimei run the install file03:23
milhousedid you install the extra repository for pidgin on 770?03:23
artemisprimeand it says it installs03:23
artemisprimei dont think so03:23
artemisprimecan u give me a link plz ?03:23
_Monkeypidgin is probably
artemisprimebut that page doesnt help me03:24
artemisprimeits not clear03:24
artemisprimewhat i need to install for the extra repository03:24
artemisprimeit looks like i need to install mistrall which i guess is not the case03:24
milhouseyou need the repository listed in #2 below "Where?"03:25
milhousealso the repository in #3 (specifying mistral not bora)03:25
milhouseand finally the repository in #503:25
artemisprime#2 is the install file03:25
milhousethen install pidgin once you've added those threee repositories03:25
artemisprimethen 3 has nothing to install03:26
milhouseadd all 3 repositories _then_ install the application03:26
artemisprimejust a dir listing03:26
artemisprimesee ?03:26
milhousewhat's a directory listing?03:26
artemisprimeclick on the link for 303:26
artemisprimeits not a download03:26
milhouseyou're viewing the reepository via a browser, that's not how the application manager views the repository03:27
onion_artemisprime: you're supposed to add the repository, not click on any links03:27
unique311                                                                                                                        whats the status of java on the N800?03:27
artemisprimewell it bring me to the index of apt03:27
onion_artemisprime: read #103:27
milhousethe app manager will add an additional path to the url you enter... ie. /dists03:28
milhousebut you don't specify /dists in the path.. it's automatic... don't worry, the pidgin instructions are correct03:29
artemisprimeim in the app manager now under new03:30
milhousedrill into the dists directory on and you'll see the bora directory which is where the app manager will be looking when you install the applications03:30
milhouseok so add the 3 repositories as specified on the pidgin page03:30
sparrare there any qte or gpe environments for maemo?  the memory overhead of X is killing me03:30
artemisprimethats the problem i  cant03:31
sparror, same reason, are there any alternate WMs?  maybe matchbox or something?03:31
artemisprimei can only install whats in the list03:31
shackansparr: aren't they using matchbox already ?03:31
milhouseartemis - you're not making sense... what's the problem?03:32
milhousehow far have you got?03:32
sparrshackan: yes, with a very heavy launcher on top of it.  i would hope for 'raw' matchbox.03:32
shackan"Matchbox window manager is featured as part of the Maemo platform as used on the Nokia 770 and N800."03:32
sparrmaemo-launcher is nice and all...  but its overkill imho03:33
shackanI don't think I even know what it does, apart from "launching apps"03:34
sparrim working under the assumption that it also provides the on screen keyboard03:35
sparris there a list/forum/thread anywhere where people keep up with things that can be safely removed from the system?03:36
sparrthe default images/audio/video is an obvious choice, but im talking more deep stuff like the defunct visudo binary03:36
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milhouseanyone willing to help me diagnose an rss feed reader bug? you'll need xterm, and an n800 with 4.2007... :)03:40
sparrmilhouse: 1 for 3, sorry  :(03:40
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_Monkeyhmmm... milhouse is a bit concerned about how the ui eats cpu cycles all the time :(03:41
glizitchthis is artemisprime03:41
glizitchsorr bout tha03:41
milhouselol - how true _monkey03:41
milhousehello glizitch03:41
glizitchso where were we03:41
glizitchi dont know how to specify03:42
milhouseyou were stuck and about to explain in detail where you were stuck03:42
glizitchat the install new apps screen03:42
sparr_Monkey: forget milhouse03:42
_Monkeysparr: I forgot milhouse03:42
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sparr_Monkey: botsnack03:42
milhousenooo..... i liked that quote about me! :)03:42
milhouseok, how'd it go with the repository details in item #2 ?03:43
glizitchin #203:43
glizitchi installed the deb file03:43
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milhousewhat deb file in #2? it's a repository03:44
milhousedid you add the repository to you application catalogue?03:44
glizitchthe 4.7 meg file03:44
milhousedude... have you added all 3 repositories succesfully?03:44
glizitchi guess not03:44
glizitchi dont think i know how03:45
milhousefollow the instructions03:45
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milhouse1. Start Application Manager and choose "Tools ? Application catalogue" from the menu03:45
timelesshello world03:45
glizitchi did that03:45
milhouse2. Click "New". Fill out the dialog that pops up as follows:03:45
timelesshow do i find out if planet is aggregating my feed?03:45
glizitchthere is no new to click03:45
glizitchi mean03:46
sparrmaemo defaults to runlevel 2, yes?03:46
glizitchall i can do is install "New" apps from the list03:46
glizitchno dialog box\03:46
milhouseglizith - you don't have a button marked "New" when you click on Tools -> Application Catalogue?03:46
glizitchthats my problem03:46
milhousei think you are confusing "applications" with "repositories"03:46
glizitchi am in the application manager03:47
glizitchright ?03:47
glizitchi dont have an application catologue03:47
milhouseYes. OK, hhat happens when you click Tools -> Application catalgue... ?03:47
glizitchapplication manager ok ?03:48
milhouse"Tools" being in the menu that appears when you press the application menu button or click in the application title area03:48
milhouseAnyone else with OS 2006 able to confirm the behaviour of Application Manager, Tools -> Application catalouge...? I'm doing this from memory03:49
*** gomiam has quit IRC03:49
glizitchApplication Manager03:50
_Monkeywell, Application Manager is a lot safer than alternatives03:50
glizitchApplication Manager is above control panel03:50
glizitchunder tools03:50
sparrhas anyone tried parallel init to make maemo boot faster?03:50
glizitchim there03:50
*** jyro has quit IRC03:50
milhouseOnce you have started Application Manager, we need to access *ANOTHER* menu called Tools03:50
milhouseOpen the application menu for Application Manager03:51
milhousedo this in one of two ways - press the Menu button, or click in the application title area03:51
milhouseSee a menu appear at the top of the screen with options Application, View, Tools, Close03:51
*** artemisprime has quit IRC03:51
milhousehas he gone?03:51
milhousecool, see the Tools option in the menu?03:52
glizitchi have 3 optionbs03:52
milhousewhat's in your menu?03:52
glizitchi can install new applications03:52
glizitchcheck for updates03:52
glizitchor show installed apps\03:53
milhouseum.... press the freaking MENU button!!!!03:53
milhousethey're buttons03:53
glizitchholy shit03:53
glizitchim lame03:53
glizitchi got it now03:54
milhousenp - but i want to strangle you ;)03:54
*** mmiller has quit IRC03:54
glizitchso now just type in the web  address03:54
glizitchlike that03:54
milhouseuse mistral for Distribution in steps 3 and 503:55
glizitchsorry i just got this thing03:55
glizitchthe other day03:55
milhouseyou probably don't need to complete step 4 unless you want bonjour support03:55
*** greentux_ has joined #maemo03:55
glizitchno bonjour03:55
milhouseglizitch: no problem, we all have to learn sometime :)03:55
glizitchthanx for the help03:55
glizitchill let ya know how it goes03:56
milhousedid you say you had tried to install pidgin previously?03:56
glizitchif ya wanna stick around03:56
milhousei'll be around for another half hour or so03:56
glizitchyes i installed the 4.7 M file03:56
glizitchill uninstall it03:56
milhouseok, you might want to uninstall it if you can find it listed in "Show Installed applications"03:56
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glizitch#3  is that all i need ?04:01
milhouseenter that url in the Web Address04:01
milhousemistral in Distribution04:01
milhousemain in Components04:01
glizitchwait dont i need to add that in that catalog04:02
milhouseyes, fill in the fields04:02
gomiamwould some kind soul try to access (password is "intento", without quotes of course)04:03
milhouseWeb Address =
milhouseDistribution = mistral04:03
milhouseComnponents = main04:03
milhousebtw you'll often see it expressed as mistral main - you should be able to work out what goes where04:03
milhousegomiam - having a go now04:04
gomiamthanks milhouse04:04
milhousewon't accept the password, redirected me back to the password prompt04:04
gomiamok, so it's not just me04:04
gomiamI was running out of hair to pull as it is04:05
milhousedoesn't like me - won't let me in (firefox
gomiamit doesn't seem to be a Firefox only problem04:05
gomiamI've had problems with IE6 and Opera too04:05
milhousesorry i've been distracted by Miss E now...04:05
gomiamno prob04:05
gomiamthanks for trying04:05
milhouseglizitch - how's it going?04:06
milhousethis sounds promising04:08
glizitchits installing04:09
glizitchfo real this time04:09
*** saaib has joined #maemo04:09
milhouseso all 3 repositories added ok?04:09
glizitchi think so04:09
glizitchas far as i can tell04:09
glizitchthis page make much more sense now04:09
glizitchsilly me04:09
glizitchi was trying to "upgrade" to mistral04:10
glizitchnow i see why that is funny04:10
milhouseonce you've installed the main application you need to install your protocols depending on which instant messenger service you want to use04:11
milhousealso install the smilies and sounds :)04:12
sparrhas anyone used initng on maemo?04:12
milhousesmilies == pidgin-emotes-default, sounds == pidgin-sounds04:12
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo04:12
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glizitchi want to use aim04:13
glizitchbut i i am having an error04:13
glizitchim not connected04:14
glizitchmy bad04:14
sparrdeleting the locale file...04:14
sparrnot a great idea04:14
sparrvery humorous04:14
sparrbut not great04:14
* timeless frowns04:17
timelesscan someone please explain what sort of atom feed uris people use?04:17
milhousesometimes i feel i'm the only person in the world without a personal blog...04:18
saaibmilhouse, don't worry, I don't blog either04:18
milhouseat least i'm not alone :)04:19
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo04:19
erstaziugh I hate air conditioning04:20
milhouseanyone with an n800 able to spare me 5 minutes before i blow away a reproducible bug scenario?04:20
erstazihi saerdnaer04:20
milhouseseeing as nobody at nokia seems to give a stuff04:20
*** matt_c_ has joined #maemo04:20
erstazimilhouse, I should just buy a n800 to help you haha04:20
milhousei'd pay you! ;)04:20
erstazimilhouse, on it!04:20
milhouseha :)04:20
* erstazi thinks wife would kill me04:20
*** ajturner has quit IRC04:21
milhousewhere's pupnik when i need him? :(04:21
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC04:22
glizitchits workin04:23
milhouseexcellent :)04:23
glizitchim on aim04:23
glizitchim trying to get in here on irc next04:23
milhouseyou'll be glad to hear that's one of the more complicated setups... most applications don't need any additional repositories or can be installed using the one-click install method (which automatically adds the repository to your application catalogue)04:24
glizitchis there some stuff i can read04:24
glizitchabout repositories04:24
glizitchand stuf04:24
glizitchthis is all new to me04:24
milhousei don't have any specific links but you could try the wiki on maemo.org04:25
milhousenot sure if anyone else has any more relevant links04:26
saaibAnyone willing to spend a couple of minutes helping me to verify a scratchbox setup? I already ask in #scratchbox but everyone is idle04:26
milhousedon't have scratchbox sorry :(04:27
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC04:27
glizitchonly one more problem04:28
erstazisaaib, I can help04:28
glizitchi cant seem to enter text04:28
erstaziglizitch, I can also help you04:28
erstaziglizitch, enter text in what?04:28
glizitchin pidgin04:28
milhouseglizitch: hmmm04:28
erstazioh, hmm I don't use pidgin, I just use gaim04:28
erstaziglizitch, did you install the protocols that you wanted?04:29
glizitchits running04:29
erstaziI am not sure then04:29
glizitchand connected04:29
milhouseand you've logged into AIM?04:29
*** mvhtest has quit IRC04:30
erstazisaaib, what is your question?04:30
gomiamglizitch: are you able to type on other protocols?04:33
glizitchi cant seem to connect to chat.freenode.net04:33
milhouseglizith - i just installed aim... do you have an example chat room i can test with?04:33
gomiamthat's strange. I've tested pidgin on the N800 and it worked04:33
erstaziglizitch, what OS do you have?04:33
erstaziglizitch, its irc.freenode.net04:34
milhouseglizith - use
sparri am annoyed that 4MB of my base image is eaten by locales i will never use04:34
milhouseor wot erstazi said :)04:34
glizitchmilhouse: i am on aim now04:34
* milhouse assumes glizith is in europe which may not be the case at all...04:34
glizitchi am rtmcarthur04:34
sparris anyone here equipped to generate new locale files?  id love to have one with just en_US in it04:34
milhouselet me try chatting you04:34
glizitchi am in the US04:34
glizitchgo ahead04:34
*** matt_c has quit IRC04:35
glizitchmilhouse: are u sending an IM ?04:35
milhouseyes, just chatted you04:36
glizitchi see it04:36
milhousemy username is UBSSuck (erm... a little investment bank i once worked for...)04:36
glizitchbut i cant respond04:36
milhouseyou are typing text in the bottom window?04:36
glizitchthe text box doesnt appear04:37
glizitchlike it usually does04:37
milhousedo you see Font / Reset font / Insert ?04:37
milhousei take it from that AIM chat I just received you found it :)04:38
gomiamglizitch: drop the virtual keyboard down04:38
gomiamresize the type box04:38
gomiamand click in it again04:38
glizitchit was squished04:38
glizitchi could see it04:38
gomiamit's too big at the beginning04:38
gomiamso weird things like that happen04:38
gomiamyou may want to set full-screen too04:39
*** gomiam2 has joined #maemo04:39
glizitchi addes u to my buddy list04:40
glizitchthanx for all the help04:41
gomiam2As you can see from this test, it is possible to use Pidgin on #maemo through the N800 :)04:41
gomiamnow I only need to make the default font size smaller :-D04:41
*** gomiam2 has left #maemo04:42
glizitchim trying the 770 right now04:42
milhousegomiam: that's pretty straightforward, but be aware the font change only affects new conversations (so existing chat/conversation windows will still show the old font)04:42
sparrbuilt-in locale data is taking up 6MB of my base image.  locale data for installed software is eating another 11MB04:43
sparrthis is unacceptable04:43
sparri dont want or need chinese translations of the text on my clock04:43
milhousemy SonyEricsson phone prompts me for the language i want to use when you install new firmware, then it spends the next few minutes deleting all the locals from memory i don't need. i thought that was quite cool, and something nokia could do for the tablets (perhaps with the option to retain all language locals)04:45
sparrmilhouse: i concur04:45
* shackan too04:45
milhouseobviously i need all the timezones, but other languages can be got shot of04:45
milhousei only speak english, and even that only barely.04:46
gomiamglizitch: if you are still there04:46
sparrfreeciv installs over 4MB of locale data04:46
sparrtranslations and such04:46
milhousemaybe file a bug/enhancement04:46
gomiamyou may want to change the conversation boxes' text font to BitStream Vera 904:46
*** Backburn has joined #maemo04:46
milhousewhere are the translation/language files stored on a stock n800/770?04:46
glizitchthis irc client sucks04:47
gomiamand use the Gtk extensions plugin to do the same for the message text box (where you tipe your texts)04:47
glizitchit says it doesn't know the /server cmd04:47
glizitchunknown command04:47
*** milhouse has quit IRC04:47
*** milhouse has joined #maemo04:47
MobileSimMaybe a locale blaster app could be developed.04:47
milhouseok so now i know what the /server command does...04:48
*** Backburn has quit IRC04:48
*** matt_c_ has quit IRC04:48
*** Backburn has joined #maemo04:48
*** pigeon has joined #maemo04:48
MobileSimI've seen such things on a Mac, anyway.04:48
milhouseif someone can point me in the direction of the language/translation files i'll see about filing an RFE in maemo bugzilla04:48
sparrmilhouse: the base base stuff is /usr/lib/locale/04:48
glizitchbut pidgin doesnt04:48
_MonkeyHmm.  No matches for that, sparr.04:48
sparrmilhouse: package-owned stuff is /usr/share/locale (including some base packages)04:48
milhousesparr: thanks04:48
*** matt_c has joined #maemo04:48
*** gomiam2 has joined #maemo04:49
milhouse4.1M for /usr/lib/locale on a N80004:49
gomiam2Ok, now everything seems to be a bit better. I only need to make smaller pictures:)04:50
sparrabout the same for 77004:50
milhouse9.2M for /user/share/local on my N800 (about 6-7 apps installed)04:50
MobileSimIs there any known attempt (running or finished) to Tangofy Maemo?04:50
sparrthe one in /usr/lib/locale is from posix-locales, and my ubuntu desktop locale apps cant read it04:50
sparrMobileSim: boooooooo tango04:50
pupnik< erstazi> guardian, I am not sure if they have nxserver for ARM arch and debian  << i have talked to a guy who was porting this to a commercial ARM project04:50
sparrthe stuff in /usr/share/locale is package-specific, you can search around.  not sure how big it is with a fresh install, probably 2-3MB04:51
milhousebear in mind though04:51
milhousethat your internal flash is compressed04:51
sparrMobileSim: that said...  no.  feel free to make your own.04:51
erstazipupnik, ??04:51
_Monkeywell, pupnik, is there a nice tutorial for packaing for the N80004:51
milhouseso 9.2M isn't necessarily how much space these locales take up04:51
erstazipupnik, I typed that04:51
milhousein terms of jffs2 space04:51
sparrmilhouse: ive got plenty of other easily compressed data that could take up that [little] space04:51
gomiam2Oh, glizitch, if you don't care much for smilies and text fonting, remove the format bar too :D04:51
erstazibut who asked?04:51
sparrMobileSim: tango doesnt scale down well enough, imho.  very pretty for high resolution vector desktops.  not so hot when i need 8x8 icons.04:52
glizitchgomiam: i just want to use irc04:52
glizitchhow come it doesnt know any commands04:52
milhousesparr - how much _real_ flash memory space are these language files consuming, considering text generally compresses quite well04:52
glizitchlike /join #maemo04:52
sparrMobileSim: the default maemo-launcher control panel and such could maybe use tango icons, but not the WM and ui stuff04:52
sparrmilhouse: the first one, 4MB, is compressed, so thats really 4MB04:52
erstaziglizitch, why don't you install xchat?04:52
sparrmilhouse: the text in /usr/share/locale probably compresses at least 10:1, so that 9MB is 1MB or less :)04:52
erstaziglizitch, in individual channels or pm's with only pidgin, you can't input commands04:53
gomiam2I'm typing this from my N800 (thus my nick is gomiam204:53
erstazithere might be a setting to allow it04:53
glizitchbut i cant connect04:53
gomiamglizitch: are you unable to connect to freenode?04:53
gomiamlet me check my account settings and I'll relay them to you04:53
glizitchi guess i just cant join the channel04:53
milhousei just tar'd /usr/lib/locale to /media/mmc2 and the uncompressed tar consumed 4.1Mb... compressing it now04:54
gomiamyou can by typing /join #maemo on the freenode-connect CTCP window, for example04:54
milhousesparr: slow going...04:54
gomiamyou can add it as a chat on the main Pidgin window too04:54
gomiamok, here's my freenode connection data for Pidgin04:55
saaiberstazi, I downloaded and installer scratchbox, compiled the hello.c and examples, but the hello-world-gtk example won't compile due to unable to find glib and gtk. This libs should come with scratchbox or I need to manually add them?04:55
gomiamProtocol: IRC (of course), Server:, Screen name: gomiam204:55
*** MobileSim has quit IRC04:56
sparrmilhouse: localepurge is a debian package...  it has no binary, just scripts.  it deletes unwanted locales after every dpkg operation.  very Not-Debian-Way, but it could work...04:56
gomiam(I'm typing this from my computer so I can do it faster)04:56
milhousecould work, but the benefit might be relatively small ?04:56
milhouse(still compressing the tar btw)04:56
erstazisaaib, did you make sure you grabbed all the devkits required?04:57
erstazisaaib, I am learning scratchbox myself04:57
erstazibut thats the first thing I thought of04:57
sparri dont think /usr/lib/locale/ is going to compress much.  its only one file (and a bunch of empty folders), and i thought it was already compressed04:57
milhouse-rw-r--r--    1 user     root      4278784 Aug  9 02:51 local.tar04:57
milhouse-rw-r--r--    1 user     root       852158 Aug  9 02:55 local.tar.gz04:57
sparrits /usr/share/locale/* that will compress a lot04:57
gomiamok, it's late enough. I'm going to get some sleep04:57
gomiamhave fun04:57
sparrok, my bad on the precompressed notion...  still, almost a meg, and thats assuming the filesystem compression is as good as hard-core gz, which it isnt04:58
*** gomiam2 has quit IRC04:58
*** Backburn has quit IRC04:58
glizitchmilhouse: u see that ?04:58
saaiberstazi, core, libs, devkit-cputrans, devkit-doctools, devkit-perl, toolchain-cs2005q3.2-glibc-arm and toolchain-cs2005q3.2-glibc-i38604:58
milhousesparr - indeed, it's probably a little less efficient but should still achieve a decent level of compression04:58
saaiberstazi, do I need devkit-debian? (even if I'm not running debian?)04:59
milhouseglizitch - what did i miss?04:59
erstazisaaib, you are running debian04:59
glizitchdid u get a msg04:59
erstazisaaib, both 770's and n800's run a debian-based distro04:59
glizitchfrom artemisprime ?04:59
shackansaaib: yes, all of them (scratchbox is a debian system)04:59
saaiberstazi, well technically, I guess :)04:59
milhousein pidgin? no i logged out04:59
erstazifor the ARM architecture04:59
glizitchno on irc?04:59
saaibI didn't downloaded the devkit-debian, let me install it04:59
erstazisaaib, I had those problems myself but I worked them out04:59
*** alex-weej has quit IRC04:59
milhousenothing received on irc04:59
glizitchim connected05:00
erstazisaaib, make sure you select that devkit when you login to scratchbox05:00
saaiberstazi, besides that the tutorial only has  a reference for the core, libs and toolchains tgz files05:00
glizitchbut i cant join #maemo05:00
gomiamglizitch: to
glizitchdo a05:00
gomiamdid a freenode-connect window open?05:00
glizitchyes indeed do a /whois artemisprime05:00
glizitchim connected05:00
gomiamtype /whois artemisprime05:00
glizitchhow do i join a channel05:00
sparrmilhouse: so, still, its a meg wasted from our 64(?) meg base.  well, 128 for you with n80005:00
gomiam/join #maemo05:01
gomiamtype that05:01
glizitchit will say unknown command05:01
gomiamI just tried it05:01
glizitchon pidgin05:01
milhouseoh, to join #maemo is a bit of a pain... in the Buddy List window open the Buddies menu then select Join a Chat and enter #maemo as the Channel with your IRC account listed... leave password blank. Click Join.05:01
gomiamI've been connected for several minutes, from Pidgin on my N80005:01
gomiammilhouse: or you can add a Chat and get done with it05:02
gomiambut /join #maemo works, as the text I wrote as gomiam2 proves05:02
milhousei couldn't get /join to work either05:02
glizitchthank you05:02
saaiberstazi, so I downloaded and untar'ed the devkit-debian, once i log into scratchbox there is no target, running sb-menu shows no target, should I create a new one?05:02
gomiamwell, then I'm lucky05:02
gomiamone little detail05:03
sparrlocalepurge requires some packages we dont have for maemo05:03
gomiamtype /join no /Join05:03
milhousesparr: i agree it's taking up space you might need, have you run out of your 64MB? I never managed this in 12 months of owning a 77005:03
*** philipl has joined #maemo05:03
gomiamunfortunately pidgin seems to be picky about that05:03
erstazisaaib, what OS are you on?05:03
saaibLinux FC 605:03
gomiam/Join isn't understood by pidgin05:03
erstazisaaib, ah, ok I like RHEL based (:05:04
gomiamwhile /join i05:04
*** mvhtest has joined #maemo05:04
sparrmilhouse: im going to run out really fast if i keep going...  im down to 20MB free and ive put off installing a lot of things05:04
erstazisaaib, did you look in the extracted directory? does it have a configure?05:04
gomiamglizitch: I sent a private message to artemisprime. Did it get there?05:04
milhousegomiam is right... "/join #maemo"  does work :)05:04
milhouseenter it into the freenode-connect channel...05:04
saaiberstazi, yes05:04
saaiberstazi, checking for gtk+-2.0 >= 2.2 glib-2.0 >= 2.2... Package gtk+-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path. Perhaps you should add the directory containing `gtk+-2.0.pc'05:04
*** Artemisprime has joined #maemo05:04
gomiammilhouse: yeah, it's a nag that Pidgin is so picky about letter size05:05
ArtemisprimeHoly hit05:05
saaibthis is while running the script05:05
gomiamcongratulations Artemisprime05:05
erstazisaaib, I didn't have this problem, I had other problems that I had to get pass, I think you need to grab the rootstrap05:05
ArtemisprimeIt  worked05:05
glizitchit was05:05
gomiamyou should be able to talk privately to people with /query username05:05
glizitchthe case sensitive05:05
glizitchwhat a pain05:06
gomiamglizitch: so true05:06
milhousesparr... i guess that's probably a situation you may have to resolve by yourself... the chances of nokia implementing the language deletion trick is probably unlikely05:06
sparrmilhouse: well, im working on getting localepurge to work05:06
glizitchgomiam: it rather annoying cuz it automatically caps the first letter of a word05:06
erstazisaaib, hmm05:06
glizitcheven after the forward slash05:06
erstazisaaib, try installing them05:06
gomiamthen again, glizitch, if it's a channel you are going to visit frequently you are much better off adding a chat in your buddy list05:06
sparrmilhouse: lol...  one of localepurge's dependencies is 10MB  :)05:06
milhousewhile it would be a good idea to delete them, the chances of people running out of space in normal circumstances are quite low (otherwise people would be complaining and they're not)05:06
gomiamglizitch: I know, I know.05:06
erstazisaaib, did you install Maemo_Dev_Platform_v2.2_armel-rootstrap.tgz?05:06
milhousesparr: haha... duh05:07
erstazisaaib, wait, you have a 770 right?05:07
sparrmilhouse: but...  localepurge MIGHT delete most of that 10MB  :)05:07
milhouseand with the n800 increasing the amount of free space the problem is even less likely to be an issue going forward05:07
gomiamglizitch: if you wish, we can check Skype or Gizmo too :-D05:07
saaiberstazi, not yet, it'll arrive on friday05:07
milhousesparr: one would hope it will clean up after itself!05:07
glizitchi dont use them05:08
sparrmilhouse: localepurge depends on locales to get the list of locales...  but locales provides plenty of locale data of its own.  fun fun05:08
saaiberstazi, I haven't installed any rootstrap yet, just verifying the scratchbox setup05:08
gomiamanyway. Time to go to sleep once and for all05:08
erstazisaaib, ah05:08
gomiamgood night05:08
milhousewon't a small shell script do the trick?05:08
erstazisaaib, if you are trying to build and port for the arm arch, you need that root strap because its for the770 for say05:09
milhousecya gomiam05:09
saaiberstazi,  but, since the gtk example is there I would imagine the scratchbox content should be able to compile it05:09
erstaziI am not sure about that part05:09
*** mvhtest has left #maemo05:09
erstaziI usually just follow the instructions it throws back at me05:09
glizitchmilhouse u see that ?05:09
milhouseare you trying to private chat me05:09
saaiberstazi,  that will be to install glib and gtk, which i guess then are included in the rootstrap?05:10
glizitchi just said thanx05:10
glizitchthats all05:10
milhousei think it's a freenode setting to prevent spam05:10
glizitchi was wondering if u could see it05:10
erstazisaaib, well when I got that, I was able to do what I needed05:10
erstaziit worked for me05:10
*** mvhtes1 has joined #maemo05:10
erstazisaaib, normally you can just do: apt-get install applicationname05:10
*** mvhtes1 has left #maemo05:11
*** Artemisprime has left #maemo05:11
*** Tu13es_ has joined #maemo05:11
milhousehmmm maybe not, i've just tested with another irc nickname (not authenticated) and i could chat milhouse with that other nick05:11
milhouseso i'm private chattable :)05:11
milhouselet private chat you05:12
saaiberstazi, can you tell me what devkits do you have in your current Target setup?05:12
glizitchi tried from the PC client too05:12
erstazisaaib, let me check05:12
glizitchno dice05:12
milhousejust chatted glizitch05:12
erstazisaaib, make sure your compiler is cs2005q3.2-glibc-arm05:13
saaiberstazi, i got that05:13
*** dolske has quit IRC05:13
*** pdz has joined #maemo05:14
glizitchyes i chatted back ?05:14
glizitchi mean i did05:14
glizitchdid u see it ?05:14
milhouseodd, not getting your replies05:14
milhouseso you saw my two chats?05:14
glizitchyes indeed05:15
glizitchon my pc05:15
milhousemost odd...05:15
erstazisaaib, cputransp, debian-etch, debian-lenny, debian-sarge, doctools, maemo3-debian, maemo3-tools, perl05:15
glizitchartemisprime is logged off05:15
erstazisorry phone call05:15
glizitchoh well05:15
glizitchdont worry about it05:15
milhousetry chatting _monkey05:15
glizitchall it working05:15
glizitchis working i mena05:15
*** Backburn has joined #maemo05:15
sparrmilhouse: never used dpkg --force so many times in one day  :)05:16
saaiberstazi,  I have all those except the debian-etch and debian-lenny05:16
milhousesparr... eugh, that doesn't sound good! :)05:16
saaiberstazi,  in top of that Target setup you extracted the Maemo_Dev_Platform_v2.2_armel-rootstrap.tgz?05:16
erstazisaaib, in your scratchbox find packages and put that tar there05:17
erstaziand then05:17
sparrI --force'd a package to install despite broken dependencies.  How can I tell apt to ignore those broken dependencies as I do other things?05:17
erstaziwhen you go to select a rootstrap you can select that as the rootstrap05:17
saaiberstazi, ok, unpacking rootstrap now05:19
milhouseam not really an expect on apt or dpkg and fortunately haven't gotten in that kind of situation recently05:19
infobotmilhouse meant: am not really an expert on apt or dpkg and fortunately haven't gotten in that kind of situation recently05:19
*** glizitch has quit IRC05:22
sparri wish the busybox package "provides" instead of "conflicts" with coreutils and debianutils05:23
sparrwould make it easier to install non-maemo packages05:23
saaiberstazi,  woho! no more glib/gtk errors :)05:24
erstazisaaib, yeah the rootstrap helped me haha05:24
erstazisaaib, are you familiar with the debian way of things? (:05:25
*** pdz-_ has quit IRC05:25
saaiberstazi, yes05:25
erstazisaaib, when I first started to mess with debian, I was confused... sudo what? each command? what?05:25
*** philipl has quit IRC05:25
erstaziI still catch myself just typing su05:25
erstazibut I only go as root when I need to be05:25
*** tank17 has quit IRC05:25
saaiberstazi, hehe, you might end up changind the uid of the user ! :P LOL05:26
erstazisaaib, yeah05:26
erstazisaaib, thats not an issue though05:26
saaiberstazi, that's a standar system config if you want to use sudoers file05:27
*** Tu13es has quit IRC05:27
erstazibut there are some crazy combinations people use to become root: sudo -s, sudo -i, sudo su, etc05:27
*** tank17 has joined #maemo05:27
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo05:27
*** Tu13es_ has quit IRC05:28
*** eichi has quit IRC05:29
saaiberstazi, the tutorial includes that Xephyr is part of the rootstrap, but I can't find it anywere, did you do anything else?05:31
sparrok, ive now got two packages installed that dpkg doesnt know about05:32
sparri can live with that05:32
sparrthe ends justify the means  :)05:32
erstazisaaib, I heard a lot about Xephyr and I could not find it05:33
erstazipupnik, did you know where Xephyr is?05:33
*** adoyle has quit IRC05:35
milhouse_monkey, xephyr?05:36
_Monkeyxephyr is basically the X server05:36
saaibah! found it05:37
saaib# tar -ztvf Maemo_Dev_Platform_v2.2_i386-rootstrap.tgz | grep Xephyr05:37
saaib-rwxr-xr-x root/root        775356 2006-09-25 03:06:52 ./usr/bin/Xephyr05:37
*** ab has joined #maemo05:38
pupniknxclient would be great on the 77005:38
erstazipupnik, ah yes05:38
milhouseaha... pupnik!05:38
milhousecan you do me a favour?05:38
erstazipupnik, I have used vncviewer and its not bad05:39
erstazialso I have vnc'ed to the 77005:39
pupnikyeah vncviewer is good i agree05:39
erstazithe input for using your pc is flaky05:39
milhousei want to confirm a bug on an n800/4.200705:39
pupnikmilhouse: probably05:39
saaibI use vncviewer (tightvnc) all days in work...05:39
erstaziin xterm-advanced, it works but in other apps05:39
milhousepupnik: you have an n800?05:39
erstazisaaib, same here, its part of my job05:39
milhouseoh ffs! ;)05:39
erstazimilhouse, pupnik and I do not like the new ways, the old ways with us!05:39
milhousei'm surrounded by 770 owners!05:39
erstazimilhouse, screw you and your two SD cards05:40
Tu13esi have an n800 but not handy :P05:40
erstazis/SD cards/SD slots05:40
milhouseand my lush camera *cough*05:40
saaiberstazi, I use synergy, vnc and rdesktop for all my connectivity solution05:40
*** dolske has joined #maemo05:41
sparrmilhouse: i got localepurge working.  10MB freed (probably about 1MB compressed)05:41
sparrmilhouse: further investigation tells me nokia might be willing to use this...  they have docpurge on the built in image, that deletes man pages and such05:41
milhousewas that purging both local locations?05:42
erstazisaaib, same here05:42
milhouseor just /usr/share/local ?05:42
sparrjust share05:42
sparrthe other one cant be purged05:42
erstaziI sadly have to connect to window NT terminal servers05:42
milhousesparr: oh really?05:42
milhousesparr: that's a bummer05:42
erstazithen vnc again to the computer I am working on05:42
sparrthe one in /usr/lib/locale is a single binary file, i cant find any compatible tools to take it apart05:42
*** Agogo has joined #maemo05:42
milhousealthough it would probably only free just over 1MB in terms of filesystem space05:42
erstazisparr, a sledge hammer works (:05:42
*** Sho_ has quit IRC05:43
milhousesparr: uh ok, that would explain the odd du -h readings i saw but didn't investigate05:43
Agogoany dev working on vid conf support 4 n800 with pcs?05:43
sparr1MB is plenty05:44
milhousesparr: er yes... all the locals are empty and the entire 4.1Mb is in the file locale-archive05:44
saaiberstazi, I feel your pain (TS)05:44
erstazisometimes, I hate security haha05:44
sparri believe that 10MB freed up about 2MB of real space05:44
sparrif df is to be believed05:44
erstazibut remote desktoping from home is a life saver05:44
erstaziinstead of driving 3 hours through crap05:45
sparrwell worth it, in the long run...  will keep saving space as I install new packages05:45
sparrdown side is that i added 1-2 seconds onto every package install.  still worth it.05:45
milhousewell you only do the install once05:45
*** Luria has joined #maemo05:46
*** Agogo has quit IRC05:47
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo05:53
sparri lost 2.8MB to /usr/share/i18n/charmaps/ :(06:00
sparras a pre-req of localepurge06:00
sparrbut a pre-req that it doesnt seem to need past configuration06:01
sparrso, hooray06:03
sparrworking localepurge06:03
*** pupnik has quit IRC06:07
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik06:16
milhousemight help someone if they're in a jam for space06:16
saaiberstazi, so, I can compile now in arm and i386, but in order to test the app an X server is needed. Is my understanding that the arm rootstrap package does not include one but the i386 does, so in order to run Xephy the i386 Target should be selected, however, since only ONE target at a time can be selected 9even while trying multiple logins) how supposed am I going to run the app (arm compiled) while on i386 ?06:16
saaibor is it that the Xephyr server should be ran outside the scratchbox at al? that might be06:17
erstazisaaib, I am not that far with X server in scratchbox, I have dabbled a bit, but you should be able to run it as ARM I think06:18
erstazipupnik, your thoughts?06:18
erstazipeople like milhouse and pupnik  and others have been playing with these for a while, I have only a week of experience06:19
erstazithe ARM architecture is new to me06:19
sparrmilhouse: meh, once i have 50MB of stuff installed i bet there will be 5-10MB of saved space on locales.  freeciv was especially bad06:19
*** jyro has joined #maemo06:20
sparrmilhouse: if i could get wesnoth it would probably be worse06:20
sparrmilhouse: one enlightening point of all this...  now i know what tana_fi_ is for in the menu names :)06:20
milhousesounds finnish to me :)06:20
sparrno idea what it MEANS06:21
sparrbut it signifies a localizable string06:21
pupniksorry i was reading about something else06:21
sparrtana_fi_games is "Games" or "Spiele" or whatever06:21
erstazipupnik, its ok06:21
erstazipupnik, when you are available, can I ask you a question?06:21
*** florian has quit IRC06:21
pupnikyou can run arm apps on the pc with xephyr06:21
pupnikxephyr lives on the host side of the pc, not in scratchbox06:22
*** florian has joined #maemo06:22
pupnikx being a networking protocol06:22
pupnikit is ignorant of the architecture of the app that is talking to it06:22
pupniksaaib: you can run your app from the arm target - just export DISPLAY=:206:23
*** Darksmurf has joined #maemo06:24
pupnikand run on the host side06:24
milhouseTana seems to be a region in Norway where they speak 3 languages (Norwegian, Sami and Finnish)... maybe that's why it was chosen as a "codeword" for the localizable strings.06:25
milhouseNokians seems to like personalising "things"06:25
saaibpupnik,  that's correct, you can run Xephyr from the host while it is installed on the host or using the one from the i386 rootstrap, that means that the i386 rootstrap is mandatory even when the apps will be compiled for arm.06:26
saaibanyway, aside of the X server topic, I just compiled the hello-world-gtk code in arm target, but while trying to run:06:27
sparrany main wiki page editors about?06:27
saaib[sbox-ARM_Devel: ~/hello-world-gtk] > ./hello06:27
saaibqemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - exiting06:27
pupnikdon't know - you can strace ./hello06:28
sparrmilhouse: wiki...  "How to edit the posix-locale data".  stay tuned  :)06:29
Luriaanyone having trouble with sshd on the n800?06:30
sparrdropbear or openssh?  just for information, i dont have n800 to help06:31
saaibpupnik, it dies here:06:31
saaibwrite(3, "[2007-08-09 03:28:54 31068] meth"..., 152) = 15206:31
saaibrt_sigaction(SIGCHLD, {0x8048bb0, [], SA_RESTORER, 0x80499b8}, NULL, 8) = 006:31
saaibnothing meaningful06:31
Luriawinscp->n800(current os2007), just seems to die after 15 sec06:31
_Monkeysomebody said openssh was a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users of the Internet rely on.
jyrohi guys, i have a scratchbox question06:31
Luriawow. ive never heard a commercial for openssh before.06:32
jyroi am using different scratchbox versions, few recommended on wiki , one preinstalled in SDK VM, etc06:32
jyrois scratchbox aphophis version supposed to work with n770?06:32
jyroor for n770 development06:33
Darksmurfdid they ever get the new opera core to work on the 770?06:33
pupnikdunno jyro, but i don't see why it wouldn't06:34
erstazijyro, thats what I use06:34
sparrDarksmurf: that would be the one with support for flash 9?  i wish  :(06:34
jyrook gr806:34
Darksmurfsparr yeah :-(06:34
sparrmy boss and I got our 770s yesterday06:35
sparrhe wants to watch youtube on his06:35
pupnik770 is a bit slow for that06:35
jyroalso which tar.gz is responsible for giving cpu transparency options?06:35
* Darksmurf would just like to have tabs..06:35
jyrois it devkit?06:35
pupnikyou can grab youtube vids with youtube-dl then watch them in mplayer06:35
jyrook i see specific devkit-cputransp*tar.gz packages06:38
jyrothat's what i am looking for i guess06:38
*** vidarino has quit IRC06:38
sparrnote to self06:39
sparrmake backups06:39
Luriacrap. i made that note once.06:40
Luriai think i lost it.06:40
sparranyone have icebreaker installed?06:40
sparron 770?06:40
Luriapro'lly should have backed it up.06:40
sparror battle gweled?06:40
pupniki'm sure some people do06:42
sparrheres my quandry06:42
sparrthe startup screen is showing non-localized strings06:42
sparrbut I still have /usr/share/locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/ which localizes that string06:42
sparrso im curious if anyone can help me figure out which file i got rid of is it reading?06:43
Darksmurfsparr are there other strings in there that are working? or are they all foobar-ed?06:43
sparrreboot, now all fubar06:43
pupniki've managed to do that before06:44
sparrwhich happened before when i deleted locale-archive06:44
sparrbut i replaced that and fixed it06:44
sparrwell, maybe i didnt06:44
* sparr is getting senile06:44
Darksmurfmy IE and firefox keep crashing. Only had this problem since I installed vmware... :-(06:44
* Darksmurf has been senile for awhile...just sit back and enjoy it06:45
saaibpupnik, I have Xephyr running on host (:2) and while logged into scratchbox into an arm target, while trying to run start I get: Starting Maemo Launcher: maemo-launcherqemu: uncaught target signal 4 (Illegal instruction) - exiting06:45
saaib start failed.06:45
saaibI guess this will be a common situation for all the arm builds? Do I miss something on my scratchbox setup?06:45
saaibI can run it just fine while logged in a i386 target06:46
*** qgil has joined #maemo06:46
sparrreboot time06:46
sparrboot takes too long...  im going to investigate parallel init eventually06:46
*** pdz- has joined #maemo06:47's login scheme is wonky06:48
Luriaanyone see this?06:49
* timeless finally defeats feedvalidator06:49
erstaziLuria, yes06:49
pupniksaaib: no ideas06:51
Luriaoh, i linkified the hebrew howto to the culmus fonts, finally. for some reason i couldnt log in last night to
Luriai just wish the system fonts were oss'ed so everybody doesnt have to patch them06:51
Luriaand could just use a single download06:52
erstaziLuria, haha, thats dreaming06:52
erstazitoo many fonts are proprietary06:52
Luriatwas a mere wish06:52
Luriai would trade oss fonts for a large  proprietary unicode font set06:54
erstaziits default06:54
Luriawhat possessed them to ignore non western sets06:54
Luriai do use arial on my nokia06:55
erstaziLuria, well, UTF-8 is messed up in that aspect06:55
erstaziit supports european language characters06:55
Luriafor the vkb you have to patch /usr/share/fonts/nokia/*.ttf06:55
erstazibut ignores Asianic languages and Afro-Semitic languages06:55
erstazis/european languages/indo-european languages06:56
Luriaand its either hamito semitic or afro asiatic :-)06:56
saaibpupnik, this is funky, the enviroment is falling appart...Now if I run the script it shows a bunch of errors not compiling enymore :S06:56
*** shackan has quit IRC06:57
pupnikwhat does do?06:57
Luriaerstazi, so you are saying the unicode sys font  supports sanskrit06:57
saaib(not even if I remove the hello-world-gtk directory and re-untar the tgz source06:57
erstaziLuria, technically, it should06:57
* Luria is getting annoyingly linguistic06:57
*** pdz has quit IRC06:57
erstaziwhat I know is, UTF-8 encoding does not support Asianic languages06:58
erstaziI thought hebrew was supported06:58
proctoyou can't ever be annoyingly linguistic06:58
proctohebrew is supported06:58
Luriawell, if they supported all ie languages, they would have farsi and thus fix arabic :-)06:58
erstazibut the font has to be able to have hebrew characters06:58
saaibpupnik, it is complaining that cannot create temp files /tmp and /var06:58
Luriautf-8 most certainly supports hebrew06:58
proctoI've used hebrew on my n80006:58
erstaziso its the font's issue06:58
Luriai have hebrew support for nearly everything on the n80006:58
saaibpupnik,  how do I restart the whole scratchbox enviroment? (ummount, remount)06:58
erstaziI just know languages like Chinese and Japanese are left out cold from UTF-806:59
pupnikmaybe you need to run it with fakeroot? (guess)06:59
erstazisaaib, sb-menu then reset a target06:59
erstaziremove basically removes the targets, but reset is a lot less work instead of having to do it all over again07:00
saaiberstazi, nonsense.. if I select Reset a Target, then it prompts back "are you sure to delete all files of target XXX?"07:00
pupnikmaybe it deletes and reinstalls07:01
*** pdz has joined #maemo07:01
erstazihmm, thats what worked for me07:01
erstazisaaib, the manual might say differently07:01
saaibpupnik,  nope, I tried to reset and accepted to delete the files, and still the same errors07:02
sparrmilhouse: sadly, editing locales seems to involve rebuilding the archive from scratch.  beyond me until i get a build environment set up07:03
erstaziwhat were the errors again?07:03
saaibthere are several which didn't came up when it was working07:04
saaib  run info '(automake)Extending aclocal'07:04
saaib  or see
saaibautom4te: cannot create /var/tmp/am4t2791.4276: No such file or directory07:04
saaib at /scratchbox/tools/bin/autom4te line 95307:04
saaibseems to me something realted to mount points of premissions07:04
saaib+ autoconf07:04
saaibautom4te: cannot create /var/tmp/am4t9671.4286: No such file or directory07:04
saaib at /scratchbox/tools/autotools/autoconf2.59/bin/autom4te line 95307:04
saaib+ autoheader07:04
saaibautoheader2.50: cannot create /var/tmp/ah6601.4353: No such file or directory07:04
saaib at /scratchbox/tools/bin/autoheader2.50 line 12607:04
saaiband so on07:04
saaibI'll remove and recreate the targets and see if this fixes the problem07:05
saaibthat fixed the compilation errors07:08
pupnikalias lsd="ls -l |grep ^d"07:09
saaibwhile logged on arm target I compiled successfully, but when tried to run the test, got:07:09
saaib > ./hello07:09
saaibUnsupported setsockopt level=1 optname=907:09
saaibqemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - exiting07:09
saaibpupnik, isn't easier: ls -ld ?07:10
pupnikls -ld doesn't work for me07:11
*** pdz- has quit IRC07:12
*** pdz- has joined #maemo07:12
erstazimaemo-launcher start failed. ugh07:12
pupniki don't test apps in scratchbox any more - always on device07:13
erstazipupnik, I know07:13
erstazijust trying to get that to work07:13
saaibpupnik, mainly because bogus? :P07:14
pupnikbut for games this makes sense - for other apps i can see scratchbox being useful07:14
pupniki broke mine saaib and never tried to fix it07:14
erstazipupnik, like speech to text? (: pocketsphinx is promising, I just need to change the hildon-input-method07:14
pupnikthat's a great project erstazi07:14
erstazipupnik, I got it as a deb, and I have to repackage it07:15
erstazisomething errored07:15
erstaziso I want to test in this so I know whats wrong07:15
saaibwhile logged in arm target I created a new target (i386), and now that I try to select it (sb-menu) I got the message: You must close your other Scratchbox session first07:15
pupnikah i understand07:15
saaibIf I close the session I'll be logged out from scratchbox07:15
pupniksaaib: maybe some process is running in background?07:15
saaibpupnik,  ah.. that's it! had to kill all the processes.07:16
pupnik:) good.  i am off to test games07:17
saaibnow on i386 I re-untar the src code, and now compiles and runs fine...07:17
saaibthe problem now is only with the arm target :S07:18
pupnikyou are fast07:18
saaibahh.. now on i386 the maemo-launcher runs fine07:19
saaibwonder what's the problem on the arm rootstrap07:19
saaiband why the target enviroment gets corrupted all of the sudden07:19
erstazisaaib, did maemo-launcher fail for you?07:21
*** twogood has joined #maemo07:21
saaiberstazi, maemo-launcher is running, some images are missing from the desktop07:22
*** pdz has quit IRC07:23
*** vmarks has joined #maemo07:24
sparrfonts are a hundred years or so behind modern IP practices  :)07:25
*** rkaway1 has quit IRC07:26
pupnik"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."07:26
erstazion the host I get this: X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown). on the scratchbox I get this: X connection to :2.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).07:27
*** slomo has joined #maemo07:27
erstaziI know I set both displays as :207:27
*** rkaway1 has joined #maemo07:28
erstazihi slomo and rkaway107:29
*** unique311 has quit IRC07:30
erstazisaaib, I have the same theme as your nokia but different background07:30
saaibpupnik, lol :)07:30
saaiberstazi,  what's the default background image used by the mameo-launcher?07:31
erstazisaaib, on scratchbox? I cant even get Xephyr to work right now07:31
erstazilearning that part yet07:31
saaiberstazi, do you have tcl/expect on your host box? I'm thinking of redoing the scratchbox with an expect script to make it easier07:32
erstazisaaib, yes, I might just give in and use the vmware app I found07:33
erstazibut not just yet07:33
saaiberstazi, so you have Xephyr running on :2?07:33
erstaziI specifically set it as that07:33
erstazion the host07:33
saaibwhat if you open another terminal and issue: export DISPLAY=:2; xterm07:34
saaibdo you get the xterm in the Xephyr server?07:34
erstazioh shit I see my problem07:34
sparri thought of something i needed to do07:37
sparrand forgot07:37
*** ericz_ has joined #maemo07:41
saaiberstazi, what was the problem?07:41
jbinderCan mplayer play a mkv file?07:42
Luriagrrr... i dont like vmplayer07:42
erstazisaaib, /temp/.X0-lock07:43
sparri wanted to work on a keyboard07:47
*** koen has quit IRC07:50
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC07:55
sparris the xml file for en_us.vkb (the us english keyboard) available?07:59
erstazisparr, I would believe so, somewhere under /home/user/.osso I believe08:01
sparri am doubtful08:01
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo08:02
*** ericz_ has quit IRC08:04
sparrif anyone can tell me where might have moved to, i would be most grateful08:04
*** melmoth has joined #maemo08:09
*** JohnMeacham has quit IRC08:17
*** MDK has quit IRC08:18
*** JohnMeacham has joined #maemo08:18
*** MDK has joined #maemo08:18
*** Rocketman has joined #maemo08:19
RocketmanCould someone tell me what the maemo-launcher process is for and why I have 6 copies of it running?08:19
*** twogood has quit IRC08:20
*** Artemisprime has joined #maemo08:21
ArtemisprimeIm o  77808:21
*** cbrake_a1ay has joined #maemo08:22
ArtemisprimeAny good gaes08:22
RocketmanDid you mean to say you are on your 770?08:22
RocketmanI think someone shouldn't tap and drink at the same time08:23
RocketmanWhat type of games do you like? There are tons08:23
ArtemisprimeWhats a good sitte08:23
RocketmanCheckout garage.maemo.org08:24
Rocketmanthat is the main project hosting site08:24
Rocketmanand check out
Rocketmanthat is the main discussion forum08:24
ArtemisprimePreciate it08:25
ArtemisprimeJust got p08:25
ArtemisprimeIdin workin today08:25
*** cbrake_away has quit IRC08:27
*** Artemisprime has left #maemo08:27
RocketmanSo, anyone else actually want to chat?08:32
Rocketman209 users and nobody is at home?08:32
*** behdad has quit IRC08:33
timelessthat's right08:33
* timeless is not home08:33
RocketmanAh, you are one of those "I'm going to take the internet with me and there is nothing you can do to stop me" guys :)08:35
RocketmanMy N800 is too busy streaming videos to chat with atm, so I am on my desktop08:36
RocketmanI love orb08:36
*** dolske has quit IRC08:36
timelessno, i just forgot to leave work08:36
RocketmanI hate it when that happens08:39
Rocketmanand it happens a lot, given I am my own boss08:39
RocketmanSo, has anyone tried the newly updated version of Nokia's Mozilla based browser?08:42
saaibnite all... later08:45
*** saaib has quit IRC08:45
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC08:45
RocketmanWouldn't even have known he was here if he hadn't announce he was leaving...08:45
*** db48x has quit IRC08:47
erstaziRocketman, I have tried minimo if thats what you were talking about08:48
rwhitbyI think he's talking about microb08:49
erstazirwhitby, ah08:51
*** philipl has joined #maemo08:52
RocketmanYeah, microb08:52
jyrohey pupnik08:53
_Monkeypupnik is stupid, swap is enabled >_< sorry08:53
jyroi got mtpaint compiled and running on my 77008:53
jyrothanks to u08:53
timelesssorry, did someone say microb?08:53
RocketmanYes, I did08:53
RocketmanI was wondering if anyone had tried the new updated version of it? I updated last night, but almost all the bugs I had noted before are still present08:54
timelesswhich bugs do you have in mind?08:54
RocketmanThe keyboard issues, mainly08:54
timelessi have an unreleased list of the things we fixed08:55
timelessthe keyboard issues need to be qad08:55
timelessthey should be qa'd w/in the next couple of hours08:55
rwhitbywhere is the update?08:55
timelessthe fix will be pushed w/ it08:55
timeless(qa just arrived)08:55
RocketmanThere is also an issue with browsing certain sites with flash player enabled causing it to crash08:55
*** xan has joined #maemo08:55
RocketmanNot sure if that one is bugzilla'd08:56
Rocketmanbut try checking out with it enabled. Let the site load up and then try to scroll down08:56
timelessi certainly haven't seen it08:56
Rocketman100% crashing on mine 0% if I disable the flash plugin08:56
RocketmanLots of other people have verified that one for me, but strangely it doesn't seem to effect everyone08:57
*** ab has quit IRC08:57
RocketmanI think it may only apply to people that restored a backup after upgrading to the latest fw08:57
RocketmanBrowsing with flash enabled is like play Russian Roulette08:58
Rocketmanyou never know when you are going to come across a site that will crash it08:58
timelessok, i just went to http://www.escapepod.org08:59
timelessmy toolbar shows me at
timelessand there's no content08:59
timelessi do have an rss indicator08:59
*** db48x has joined #maemo08:59
timelessand my quick flash enabler in the toolbar says flash is enabled08:59
RocketmanI am viewing it in Firefox on my desktop right now09:00
Rocketmanlet me try on my tablet09:00
* timeless rummages for another tablet09:00
Rocketmanloads on my n80009:00
timelessfwiw, the way debian repositories work...09:00
timelessyou'll get whichever the latest version of a package is09:00
rwhitbyI had to uninstall microb due to the keyboard popping up all the time.09:00
timelessand since there isn't currently an unstable repository09:00
timelessthe only real way to test things is for them to land in the public one09:01
timelessso people who've upgraded over the past two days will have slightly newer versions :|09:01
timelessrwhitby: i finally forced someone to fix that09:01
timelessbut the fix needs to be tested by qa09:01
timelessqa arrived, but i have a meeting all day today09:01
rwhitbytimeless: no worries - I know how long these things take09:02
timelessdo you guys know of other bugs that are of interest?09:02
RocketmanEscapepod definitely loading on mine. Goes poof when I scroll down so that a flash object appears in view09:02
rwhitbyto tell you the truth, the keyboard one was so annoying that I stopped using it pretty much straight away.09:03
timelesshrm, tapping the go icon again and now the page loads...09:03
RocketmanHow about the issue with the browser selection menu not appearing on some people's N800's09:03
timelessi'm more interested in bugs that aren't reported in :)09:04
Rocketmanexcuse me, the menu name is "Set engine"09:04
*** _Monkey has quit IRC09:04
timelesse.g. this escapepod one that i can't reproduce09:04
timelessrocketman: sorry, we need info, like what's special that causes the behavior not to work properly09:04
RocketmanTimeless, a lot of people on ITT have reported the issue with flash causing the browser to crash on certain sites09:05
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo09:05
timelessalthough, maybe i can force an engineer here to change the logic so that if it has more than one engine...09:05
erstazi_Monkey is back09:05
RocketmanThe general consensus was that it appears to do that on units that were upgraded to the latest firmware and then restored data from backup09:05
timelessthe menu thing?09:06
timelessah, that'd make sense09:06
RocketmanI think both09:06
timelesswhy didn't someone comment in the bug!? :(09:06
* timeless sighs09:06
erstazitimeless, I can test microb also09:06
erstaziif it works on OS2006 (:09:06
RocketmanA lot of people are seeing strange issues like that with restoring their data after applying the latest fw09:07
RocketmanHey, do you know if the on screen keyboard still appears and then disappears if you click on a text box in fullscreen mode (with the latest updates that haven't gone through QA)?09:08
timelesssorry, it works for me on 3.200709:08
timelesswe're not pushing that deb until it goes through qa09:09
*** dolske has joined #maemo09:09
erstazihi dolske09:09
RocketmanZerojay on ITT experiences the same issue with with flash enabled09:11
timelesspage = 21 ?!09:12
timelessyou guys are nuts09:12
* dolske waves09:12
dolsketimeless: isn't 21 pages about the length of your review queue? :P09:13
timelessdolske: pending? i think it's only 909:13
Rocketmanhehehe, what else do we have to talk about while doing "The Internet Walk" ?09:13
timelessor 7 depending on how you render it09:13
*** behdad has joined #maemo09:13
timelessdolske: and i don't have to read my own queue09:13
erstazihi behdad how are you?09:13
timelessanyway, fwiw, flash disabled itself on escapepod09:13
RocketmanI guess it is the reason so many of us have dents in our foreheads from walking into poles09:13
timelessit probably ran out of memory and was nice to me :)09:13
behdaderstazi: great.  thanks.09:13
behdadxan: so, you're learning how to earn points ;)09:14
RocketmanWhen it poofs on me, I get an error message saying:09:14
Rocketman"Internal error. Application 'Web' closed."09:14
Luriaoh yeah, love that09:14
Luriai get lots of internal errors09:15
Luriaweb and rss are usually the culprits09:15
RocketmanLuria, try seeing if browsing crashes your browser09:15
Luriak one ce09:15
Rocketmanwait for it to finish loading and then scroll down09:15
Rocketmantry it both with flash enabled and disabled09:16
behdadxan: my script is your friend
Luriaalso, anyone have a thing with disappearing home screen applets?09:16
LuriaRocketman, microb or opera?09:16
_Monkeymicrob is the nokia sponsored gtk2-cairo hack of gecko for use by /usr/bin/browser via eal on n800 (4.2007)09:16
*** bergie has joined #maemo09:17
Rocketmanalthough it does the same thing in opera I believe, once microb is installed09:17
Luriaone sec, n800 is going nuts09:17
RocketmanPlease tell me _Monkey is a bot09:18
_Monkeyyes, Rocketman?09:18
_Monkeyyes, Rocketman?09:18
RocketmanYup, definitely a bot :)09:18
Luriayou should have seen the openssh ad it gave me09:18
Rocketman_Monkey climb a tree09:18
_MonkeyRocketman: i'm not following you...09:18
erstaziRocketman is a person who likes to spank the _Monkey09:18
_Monkeyhmmm... Rocketman is viewing the script in nano right now, but not sure what I need to change/add09:18
*** jsmanrique has joined #maemo09:19
erstazi_Monkey, forget Rocketman09:19
_Monkeyerstazi: I forgot rocketman09:19
erstazi_Monkey, Rocketman is a person who likes to spank the _Monkey09:19
_Monkeyi haven't a clue, erstazi09:19
erstazi_Monkey, Rocketman is a person who likes to spank the monkey09:19
_Monkeybugger all, i dunno, erstazi09:19
Rocketmanare you trying to teach it dirty tricks?09:19
rwhitbyRocketman is a person who likes to spank the monkey09:19
erstaziI usually PM it09:19
_MonkeyRocketman is a person who likes to spank the monkey09:20
Luria_Monkey, shoot a rocket09:20
_MonkeyLuria: what?09:20
Rocketmanerstazi is a person who doesn't speak monkish09:20
Luriaescapepod is ok09:20
erstaziRocketman, the best part is, when people are typing to you, and they put your nick at the end of their statement, it will show09:20
Lurianever mind09:20
Luria(for those of you who shoot)09:21
RocketmanIt crash for you Luria when you scrolled down?09:21
Luriaafter a little bit, yeah09:21
RocketmanNow try viewing the site with flash disabled (disable it and then restart browser)09:21
timelessit crashed09:22
timelessno space left on mmc to create core :(09:22
Luriaok, plugin unchecked, closed. restarting09:22
Luriabtw, anyone having trouble with disappearing home applets?09:23
RocketmanI haven't seen anything of that sort, Luria09:23
Rocketmansorry :(09:23
Luriaok, loading epod09:23
RocketmanIt always sucks when you have a "unique" bug all to yourself09:24
Luriascrolled up and down09:24
Luriacant wait for 4.0, i think09:24
Luriaof course, updating will be a two day process and none of the apps will work09:25
Luriabut hey09:25
*** Artemisprime has joined #maemo09:25
erstaziLuria, heh09:25
erstazihello Artemisprime09:25
_Monkeyhey, Artemisprime09:25
Luria_Monkey, go spank yourself09:25
_MonkeyLuria: huh?09:25
RocketmanArtemisprime is a monkey looking for games to play09:25
ArtemisprimeIs there a complete repository09:25
Luriayeah, still up and running with escapepod09:26
Luriawith !flash09:26
erstaziArtemisprime, for which device?09:26
Luriaseems ok09:26
ArtemisprimeSo i can run all ths sruff09:26
erstaziArtemisprime, 770 or n800?09:26
RocketmanTimeless, Luria is reporting the same behaviour with flash as I and others have been seeing09:27
Luriaon scrollback, did i see that there is a slighly newer microb?09:27
RocketmanLuria, did you do a restoration of a backup after flashing to OS 2007.4?09:27
Luriaalmost certainly09:27
ArtemisprimeThe first one09:27
_Monkeysomebody said the first one was simple... :)09:27
Luriaoh sure09:27
erstaziArtemisprime, do you know about sources.list?09:28
Luriai ran into the package bug09:28
timelessrocketman: yeah, i reproduced it here09:28
timelessbut my mmc was full09:28
Luriawhen you restore it wants to use your previous proxy settings09:28
RocketmanI think only people that did a backup restoration are experiencing it09:28
ArtemisprimeI dont09:28
timelesswait, which problem09:28
timelessthe flash i got09:28
Rocketmanthe flash issue09:28
timelessi haven't done backup restores in recent memory09:28
erstaziArtemisprime, do you have xterm? is openssh or dropbear installed?09:28
RocketmanI don't want to reflash my unit to check, though09:28
timelessthe problem i really want help tracking down is the set engine one09:28
ArtemisprimeJuust wannt aomplete repository09:28
Luriano, i was remembering that i did the restore because i had a bug with the package manager09:29
Luriait "restores09:29
erstaziArtemisprime, I am going to tell you how to get a complete repository09:29
Rocketmantimeless, I had to edit some file to add that menu option on mine09:29
ArtemisprimeIhave xterm09:29
Luriait "restores" your proxy settings and wont change them... which is a problem if you use privoxy09:29
timelessrocketman: yeah, but the question is why didn't the magic properly get you that item09:29
ArtemisprimeThats all09:29
erstaziArtemisprime, can you ssh to your nokia?09:29
ArtemisprimeI dont know how09:30
erstaziArtemisprime, ok09:30
Luriabetter question, can we ssh to your nokia?09:30
erstaziLuria, I was thinking that09:31
erstaziI got a nice sources.list for the 77009:31
_Monkeyit has been said that OS2006 is pretty stable09:31
ArtemisprimeI dont think i have open ssh installed09:31
_Monkeyopenssh is, like, a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users of the Internet rely on.
timeless_monkey forget os200609:31
_Monkeytimeless: I forgot os200609:31
Luriait has been said that _monkey is unstable.09:31
erstazitimeless must think that os2006 is not stable haha09:31
erstaziArtemisprime, ^^09:31
timeless_monkey os2006 is the second ABI (armel) for the Nokia 77009:32
_MonkeyOK, timeless.09:32
timelesserstazi: my 770 cmae w/ it09:32
erstazitimeless, is _Monkey your bot?09:32
ArtemisprimeWhat do i do09:32
* Luria gives _monkey a banana 09:32
* Luria does not specify where it goes09:32
erstaziArtemisprime, on your 770, click install09:32
erstazion that page there is "install"09:33
*** xan has quit IRC09:33
RocketmanTimeless, I think I had to edit /home/user/.browser and set hidden=true to get the Set browser menu back09:33
Luriadidnt they fix that in the release09:34
Lurialike two days after the beta went public?09:34
erstaziArtemisprime, is the install done?09:34
RocketmanI wonder if the installer for microb doesn't overwrite this file with a known good copy during installation09:34
ArtemisprimeWhat address09:35
Rocketmanand is using an older copy that doesn't have all the right options enabled or something09:35
erstaziArtemisprime, what operating system does your desktop pc have?09:35
erstaziArtemisprime, let me make an install file for the sources.list I have09:37
RocketmanAnyways, TTYL all. I got to jet, literally. Picking up a friend at the Airport09:37
erstaziRocketman, ttyl09:37
Luriathank god for VMs09:38
ArtemisprimeThanx erstaz09:38
ArtemisprimeWill this take long09:39
erstaziArtemisprime, transferring to my server now09:43
ArtemisprimeJust add to the catalogue ?09:44
erstaziArtemisprime, no, I am making a simple install all repos09:45
erstaziI got a list of good repos09:45
Artemisprime Wesome09:45
Luriayou posting or dccing?09:45
erstazissh'ing to my server09:46
erstazithats what haha09:46
Luriaoh, very cute.09:46
erstazinow testing09:46
*** kulve_ is now known as kulve09:46
erstaziArtemisprime, on your nokia 770, point your browser to
erstazithis will add all the repos I found to be good and add the repos to your sources.list09:49
erstazithen you can just go to application manager to install instead of searching for them on the web09:49
erstaziand to clarify those who know about install's, I took precaution with the spacing and lettering09:50
erstaziand if anyone has any other repos to add that are *working* please let me know09:51
ArtemisprimeNow what09:51
timelessrocketman: so um09:51
timelesscould i possibly get you to use to report the flash crasher?09:51
ArtemisprimeNew catalogue09:51
erstazitimeless, rocketman is out09:52
ArtemisprimeInto in09:52
erstaziArtemisprime, did it load up with text?09:52
* timeless grumbles09:52
timelessok, my meeting's starting09:52
timelessmy day's dead09:52
X-Fade_timeless: Do you ever sleep? :)09:52
erstazitimeless, if I had a n800 and microb Iwould do it09:52
timelesserstazi: to be honest, there's enough info in the forums for you to file the bug w/o a device09:52
timelesslook at the bugs i've filed09:52
timelessone of them was based on forum posts09:53
erstaziArtemisprime, ok, go to where it says Web - and then tap that, go to web page then save as09:53
ArtemisprimeCan i load alll  at once09:53
erstaziArtemisprime, I am showing you that09:53
erstaziArtemisprime, remember where you save as09:53
*** konttori has joined #maemo09:54
erstazithen go to your file manager and locate where you saved it and double click all (OS2006 will hide extensions so .install will not show)09:54
erstazithen it should load, hopefully09:54
erstaziI tested it and it worked09:54
erstazitimeless, enjoy your meeting (:09:54
erstazihi konttori09:54
*** UKP has joined #maemo09:55
erstazihello UKP09:55
erstaziI need to sleep soon, ugh09:55
Artemisprime I guess it wokd09:55
timelessok, it crashed, yum09:55
erstaziArtemisprime, now go to Application Manager and refresh your catalog09:56
erstazitimeless, what crashed?09:56
_Monkeyi heard escapepod was ok09:56
erstazitimeless, do you work for Nokia?09:57
erstazimust be fun (:09:58
timelessi'm the poor soul who writes
ArtemisprimeWhat can i think it only installed the lst oe on the lis09:58
erstazi"Even writing for blogs costs money." haha09:59
erstaziArtemisprime, I am lost by what you mean09:59
ArtemisprimeI know09:59
ArtemisprimeI thhink itt only istalled the last one on th list10:00
erstaziArtemisprime, I can give you the full sources.list and you can go into xterm and run: nano /etc/apt/sources.list10:00
ArtemisprimeWhatevers clever10:00
erstazithen paste into that10:00
erstazithen ctrl+O then ctrl+X10:00
erstazithen go to application manager and refresh your catalog10:01
erstaziI really need to put this stuff in its own directory on there10:01
erstazimaybe even give a few people privileges to use svn10:01
ArtemisprimeCan i just edit witth pc?10:02
erstaziArtemisprime, you can10:02
erstaziyou say you have WIn XP right?10:02
erstazido you have PuTTy?10:02
erstaziPutty will allow you to ssh to your device10:03
ArtemisprimeI can download from the web after i10:03
erstaziyou will need to know your IP address of your nokia10:03
erstaziwhat are you talking about10:03
erstazidownload from the web what after you update?10:03
ArtemisprimeHol on10:03
ArtemisprimeGo to pc510:04
*** glizitch has joined #maemo10:05
_Monkeyhi, glizitch10:05
erstazihi glizitch10:05
glizitchthis is artemisprime10:05
erstazihow are you this lovely day?10:05
glizitchon PC10:05
glizitchmuch better10:05
glizitchkeyboard and all10:05
erstaziok, now PuTTy /is/ a great ssh tool for windows10:05
glizitchive heard of it10:06
erstazianyhow, you need to know your IP address for your device10:06
glizitchwhats the address again10:06
erstazithen you can open putty (I don't have it in front ofmy eyes10:06
glizitchnow that im on PC10:06
*** jyro has quit IRC10:06
erstaziyou have to input your ipaddress into putty then make sure its on ssh10:07
erstazithe ip address of your device that is10:07
erstazithen connect and it will ask you for your username10:07
glizitchhow do i find ip addy of nokia ?10:07
erstaziI don't think you have becomeroot installed do you?10:07
_Monkeyrumour has it becomeroot is is easily obtained from [770/OS2006] or [770/OS2007HE and N800/OS2007] or for a more long winded method
*** philipl has quit IRC10:07
erstazithe first one listed is what you want for your nokia10:08
glizitchdo i need thaty ?10:08
glizitchi need becomeroot ?10:08
erstazinot right now10:08
erstaziits 03:08 here heh10:08
glizitch2:08 here10:08
erstaziok I am assuming that you have your dns set up as 192.168.1.* where the * wildcard is the individual ip address of the machine10:09
erstaziam I right10:09
erstazithats pretty much default10:09
erstazihold a sec10:10
glizitch192.168.1.2 connection failed10:11
erstaziI think you need iphome10:12
glizitchi dunno10:13
erstaziI didn't write that one to _monkey yet10:13
erstaziglizitch, that was a command to _Monkey, sorry10:13
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo10:13
*** Artemisprime has left #maemo10:13
erstaziignore this next input here10:14
_Monkeyrumour has it xterm is the enhanced version of osso-xterm from maemo-hackers. It adds font and color selection support, URL opening through context menu, and a sidebar with additional keys such as Ctrl+letters.
glizitchcan i send u my sources.list10:14
glizitchthen u can edit10:15
glizitchand send it back10:15
glizitchwould that be easier10:15
*** jacques has joined #maemo10:16
erstaziglizitch, if you can access your sources.list then you can take the one I have and edit it10:16
erstazijust copy and paste, it includes the default repos and the extra ones I found and others found helpful10:16
erstaziit would be redundant for you to send yours to me10:17
erstaziglizitch, do you know about applets on your nokia's desktop?10:17
*** Pierre has left #maemo10:17
glizitchi think i can send it to myself10:17
glizitchon pidgin irc10:17
glizitchor aim10:17
glizitchwhat is path again10:17
*** Piezzo has joined #MAEMO10:18
erstazipath to sources.list on nokia: /etc/apt/sources.list10:18
erstazia great applet that goes on your nokia's desktop:
erstaziit tells your ip address10:18
*** Pierre has joined #maemo10:18
glizitchill get that next10:18
erstazithen you know what ip address to ssh to10:18
*** Artemisprime has joined #maemo10:20
*** UKP has quit IRC10:21
glizitchi cant10:23
glizitchsend it to myself10:23
glizitchi cant see it10:23
*** keesj has joined #maemo10:24
kulveyour local IP address is also shown in connection manager10:24
glizitchkulve: where ?10:25
glizitchno ip addy shown10:25
glizitchon 77010:25
erstaziglizitch, if you go to the top10:25
erstaziConnection Manager and tap that10:26
erstazithen go to internet connection > ip adress10:26
erstazikulve, I knew it was there, I didn't see it right away10:26
erstaziforgot about the menu10:26
glizitchill try putty now10:26
erstazithank you kulve10:26
glizitchconnection still refused10:27
glizitchthis sucks10:28
erstaziglizitch, did you get asked for a username?10:28
glizitchjust refused10:28
erstaziyou might need to reset your connection by dropping the connection and restarting the connection10:28
erstazidisconnect I mean10:29
glizitchon which device?10:29
erstazithen connecting again10:29
*** Artemisprime has left #maemo10:29
erstazisometimes that happens10:29
erstaziglizitch, we missed an important step, you dont have openssh or dropbear installed huh?10:30
_Monkeyhmmm... openssh is a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users of the Internet rely on.
kulveto check if your ssh server is up'n'running on the device, try "ssh root@localhost" in xterm10:30
erstazikulve, we missed that step of installing10:30
erstaziits late here so I am losing my mind10:31
kulveiirc, dropbear can be installed in blue pill mode and openssh requires red pill mode10:31
glizitchhu ?10:31
kulvethere are two ssh servers: dropbear and open ssh10:32
erstazikulve, are you serious?10:32
*** Artemisprime has joined #maemo10:32
kulvehmm.. about what?10:32
erstaziI didn't enable red pill mode and installed openssh10:32
keesjGo on monkey tell us about red pill!10:32
erstazikeesj, I didn't set that yet10:32
kulveerstazi: ok, then maybe the situation has changed now..10:32
_Monkeyit has been said that dropbear is a small install10:32
glizitchso open ssh ?10:32
glizitchit is ?10:32
glizitchor dropbear10:32
_Monkeydropbear is probably a small install10:32
erstaziglizitch, lets do dropbear hold a sec10:33
kulve_Monkey: shut up10:33
_Monkeykulve: huh?10:33
_Monkeysomebody said dropbear was a small install10:33
kulvedropbear is a ssh server/client. A bit lighter that open ssh10:33
erstazi_Monkey: Dropbear is a relatively small SSH 2 server and client.
_Monkey...but dropbear is a small install...10:33
erstazi_Monkey, forget dropbear10:34
_Monkeyerstazi: I forgot dropbear10:34
erstazi_Monkey: Dropbear is a relatively small SSH 2 server and client.
_MonkeyOK, erstazi.10:34
kulve_Monkey: what are you?10:34
_Monkeywell, i am the best programmer in the whole freenode IRC right now10:34
kulvethat's nice :)10:35
erstazikulve, haha10:35
*** koen has joined #maemo10:35
erstazikulve is the one that _monkey flings poo at10:35
_Monkeykulve is the one that _monkey flings poo at10:35
glizitchwhat do i want to dl10:36
glizitchfrom this page ?10:36
erstazithen locate dropbear10:37
erstaziits the 3rd one down on
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo10:38
erstazihi sKaBoy10:39
erstaziglizitch, and once you do install becomeroot, make sure you change your passwords: passwd user10:39
erstazithen: passwd root10:40
glizitchim installing dropbear10:40
glizitchnot becomeroot10:40
erstazionce you do10:40
erstazifuture tense10:40
kulvedo you need becomeroot? Can't you just "ssh root@localhost"..10:40
*** Luria has quit IRC10:40
erstazikulve, yes but rootme is the default password for root10:41
erstaziand thats pretty given10:41
erstaziso even so, change your password10:41
kulveyeah, the passwd must be changed10:41
glizitchdropbear taking a while to install10:41
erstazieither through xterm or ssh10:41
kulveglizitch: it's generating the keys. That takes time10:41
glizitchi just saw the small size10:41
erstaziI need to install UKMP sometime10:42
erstaziI keep forgetting10:42
erstazikulve, do you port apps yourself?10:42
kulveerstazi: nope, not port. I've involved in kilikali and I made ogg-support for n800 (well, that's porting, I guess)10:43
glizitchits still installing10:44
glizitchis this hung up ?10:44
erstaziglizitch, have a cup of coffee10:44
kulveglizitch: it takes more time if it doesn't get enough random numbers. It may help to browser net or something to make more randomness..10:44
erstazikulve, I am attempting to port pocketsphinx10:44
glizitchnow dropbear needs a repository10:45
erstaziglizitch, can you ssh to it?10:45
keesjerstazi: did you look at the mud package for that? I know they compile10:45
kulveerstazi: nice :)10:45
glizitchi dunno10:45
kulve(had to check what it is)10:45
erstazikeesj, yes10:45
glizitchi cant run dropbear10:45
glizitchnot from the menu anyway10:45
kulveglizitch: it's command line "app"10:45
kulvei.e. "ssh"10:45
melmoththe only way i found to incirease entropy was to write stuff on the memory card with vi10:46
kulvethe server shouldd be running after install10:46
erstaziglizitch, go to putty now10:46
glizitchi have xterm10:46
erstaziuse the ip address10:46
erstazimake sure you are selected on ssh10:46
erstaziwhen the window pops up10:46
erstaziinput root as the username10:46
glizitchlogin as?10:47
glizitchthen pass ?10:47
erstazithen password... it should be: rootme10:47
glizitchim in10:47
erstazioh god10:47
erstaziget your kevlars10:47
erstazihow copy and paste
glizitchi cant ls10:47
glizitchhow ?10:48
erstazido you have a browser on windows?10:48
glizitchof course10:48
erstaziview that URL in a browser10:48
erstazicopy and paste the text10:48
glizitchwhere to paste ?10:49
glizitchi cant ls10:49
erstaziok now back to putty's window10:49
erstazicd /etc/apt/10:49
kulveglizitch: ls should work just fine..10:49
erstazinow ls10:49
glizitchcant cd to etc/apt10:49
erstaziwhat does it say?10:49
glizitchmy mistake10:49
glizitchits fine10:50
*** UKP has joined #maemo10:50
glizitchi can ls10:50
erstazinow type this: vi sources.list10:50
erstazinow listen, in the sources.list I provide on my site, it has the defaults10:50
erstaziso hit the letter I (eye) on the keyboard when vi loads sources.list10:50
erstazithat means insert10:51
erstazilets be safe10:51
kulveerstazi: or just "cat > sources.list" ?10:51
erstazijust incase10:51
erstazikulve, what timezone are you in?10:51
glizitchhu ?10:51
kulve10:51 < kulve> gmt+310:51
glizitchi see the file10:51
erstaziok its 03:51 here10:51
glizitchbut cant paste10:52
kulveerstazi: :)10:52
erstaziglizitch, ok, yes, did you hit the letter i?10:52
glizitchcan i download sources.list10:52
glizitchand edit in text editor10:52
erstaziglizitch, yeah, hold a sec10:52
glizitchguess that wont help10:52
kulveerstazi: another suggestion: install winscp and use that to copy the sources.list?10:52
erstazikulve, putty works also, I was going to give him scp10:53
erstaziscp should work in putty10:53
erstaziback and forth10:53
erstaziglizitch, in windows make a directory in C:\ called nokia or something10:53
*** ab has joined #maemo10:54
erstaziglizitch, you need to know your ip address for windows, its on the taskbar by the clock10:54
erstaziyou know the network icon10:55
glizitchnot there10:55
glizitchu mean10:55
glizitchmy local ip10:55
glizitchlike 192 etc10:55
glizitchor my real ip ?10:55
erstaziyour local ip10:55
glizitchi think i know it10:56
erstaziyour Local Area Connection10:56
erstazior you could go to start menu > run > cmd then type ipconfig10:56
erstaziand it will tell you10:56
erstazinow, I am on my last cig10:56
glizitchits what i thought it was10:56
glizitchi just quit10:57
glizitchit sucks10:57
*** eichi has joined #maemo10:57
erstazichantix baby!10:57
erstaziI already quit once then started up about 3 years ago again10:57
erstazibig mistake10:57
erstazi2nd time is harder, so says doctor10:57
glizitchnever quit b410:57
glizitchguess so10:58
glizitchi know my ip10:58
erstazilet me spit the command10:58
erstaziin putty10:59
erstaziscp sources.list WindowUserName@WindowIpAddres:C:\nokia\sources.list10:59
erstazithat sends it to windows10:59
*** koen is now known as koen|gprs10:59
kulveerstazi: assuming there's an ssh server on the windows..10:59
erstazikulve, oh duh11:00
erstazisee, I already have that set up on my windows box11:00
erstaziI am not thinking11:00
kulvejust get winscp :)11:00
erstaziyeah just get winscp11:00
erstaziand have a few beers haha11:00
glizitchi got it11:01
erstaziglizitch, once you have all this setup, its easy as a Tahiti hooker11:01
*** greentux_ has quit IRC11:01
*** Rocketman has quit IRC11:01
erstazior thinking about it, you could have just connected your device to USB and transferred it to your mmc111:02
glizitchi have winscp now11:02
glizitchhost name11:03
erstaziand then unmounted and in your putty, cd /media/mmc1;mv /media/mmc1/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list11:03
glizitchuser name and password11:03
glizitchis that the nokia nfo ?11:03
glizitchip address etc ?11:03
erstazithe host would be your windows box11:04
glizitchip address ?11:04
_Monkeyip address is, like, a property of the wireless connection on the 770 isn't it11:04
glizitchof the windows box ?11:04
konttoriIs Marius Vollmer around?11:04
erstazikonttori, what is his nick?11:05
konttoriI have no idea11:05
*** greentux has joined #maemo11:05
AD-N770good morning11:06
erstazimorning AD-N77011:07
erstaziglizitch, I am sorry, put your info for your 77011:07
*** geaaru has joined #maemo11:07
glizitchhu ?11:07
erstaziglizitch, your nokia11:07
glizitchip ?11:07
erstaziand username andpass11:07
glizitchcan u see the query ?11:08
*** Artemisprime has quit IRC11:11
AD-N770I prefer openssh11:12
*** koen|gprs has quit IRC11:13
erstaziAD-N770, so do I11:13
erstaziI never used dropbear11:13
*** koen|gprs has joined #maemo11:13
AD-N770to add the repo to sources.list use just echo "repo" >> /etc/apt/sources.list11:13
AD-N770and after red pill mode to install it11:14
erstaziAD-N770, I have a sources.list i am giving glizitch11:14
*** bilboed has joined #maemo11:14
AD-N770erstazi: it's big and most of them are useless, do you believe that's a good idea ?11:16
*** pleemans has joined #maemo11:17
AD-N770I prefer add just the needed repositories, depending on the version that I'm running on the device11:17
erstaziAD-N770, the ones that are not working are commented out11:17
erstaziAD-N770, also, most of the ones I have listed are ones with apps most people require11:17
AD-N770I've seen that are commented, probably I use less app on my devices11:19
erstaziAD-N770, I don't install of the apps, just most of the apps I have come from at least one of those repos11:20
_Monkeyi guess nano is a tiny text editor. Needs xterm/ssh.
floriangood morning11:25
*** Dar_HOME is now known as Dar11:25
erstazimorning florian11:26
*** koen|gprs_ has joined #maemo11:26
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo11:33
*** greentux has quit IRC11:34
*** koen|gprs has quit IRC11:36
*** greentux has joined #maemo11:36
*** koen|gprs_ is now known as koen|gprs11:36
*** Piezzo has quit IRC11:39
*** zodttd has quit IRC11:43
*** dolske has quit IRC11:44
*** goloo has joined #maemo11:46
pupniktv is the mind killer - it is the little death11:59
*** amr_ has joined #maemo12:06
pupnikand fucking acmonitor is not gardiani.us12:13
_Monkeyacmonitor is N800 version at and N770 version at
*** bipolar has quit IRC12:22
*** bipolar has joined #maemo12:23
*** greentux has quit IRC12:26
*** gomiam has quit IRC12:32
*** Zword has quit IRC12:33
*** cbrake_a1ay has quit IRC12:36
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo12:41
*** saerdnaer2 has joined #maemo12:44
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC12:44
*** dazgard has joined #maemo12:52
dazgardhi here12:52
dazgardim searching for a dapp server for my n800, any idea please ?12:52
devdazgard: there is daapd and mt-daapd, don't know if there are ports for the n800, as an alternative I can give you an UPnP server12:55
JaffaMorning, all12:56
devgood morning12:57
*** syntux has joined #Maemo13:02
dazgarddev: that's cool13:06
dazgardwhere is the upnp server pelase ?13:06
devdazgard: https://coherence.beebits.net13:08
*** bueroman has joined #maemo13:15
*** Zword has joined #maemo13:17
*** saerdnaer2 has quit IRC13:20
*** saerdnaer2 has joined #maemo13:20
*** greentux has joined #maemo13:23
*** dazgard has quit IRC13:27
*** X-Fade_ has quit IRC13:29
*** mrflibble has joined #maemo13:40
mrflibblecan anyone tell me whether it is normal on a 770 (2006) with syslogd installed to find quite a few "JFFS2 notice: check_node_data: wrong data CRC in data node" errors in kern.log?13:44
cosmomrflibble: not sure, but i get those also13:44
*** dolske has joined #maemo13:44
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo13:45
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo13:46
mrflibbleCosmo: thanks. I know that linux devices often get filesystem errors that are completely harmless.13:47
mrflibbleI take it that /var/lib/dsme/stats/32wd_to is a counter of the amount of times it's booted due to a lifeguard reset? My device is 2 days old and I'm on 238.13:47
cosmoor maybe it is a common hardware fault caused by broken flash or something.. dunno13:47
*** matt_c has quit IRC13:55
*** Tu13es has quit IRC13:59
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:05
*** adoyle has joined #maemo14:06
*** UKP has joined #maemo14:08
RobHuIs there a way to get a digital clock always visible on screen?14:15
*** adoyle has quit IRC14:16
*** adoyle has joined #maemo14:16
*** matt_c has joined #maemo14:18
*** koen|gprs_ has joined #maemo14:21
melmothHi there RobHu14:29
melmothi think i saw a clock as an apllet in the up task bar somewhere14:30
melmothbut i dont remember where :-(14:30
trevarthan:) This is cool:
florianmelmoth: that's an extra package... nomis should know where the package is :-)14:31
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo14:31
melmothsearching for clock also gave
*** koen|gprs has quit IRC14:32
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo14:33
|tbb|trevarthan: hey everything ok? what do u mean exactly with this iss cool?14:33
florianmelmoth: ah, the first is what you want14:33
trevarthan|tbb|: I got rid of the OK button in Kagu. I've been wanting to do that for a looooooooooooooong time. :)14:34
melmothi what robhu wants :)  i m happy with my current clock setting14:34
Jaffatrevarthan: see that the newest mplayer build has PNG/JP support (for thumbnail generators) and ALFA output.14:35
*** bmidgley|away has quit IRC14:36
*** Zenton has joined #maemo14:36
*** UKP has quit IRC14:37
trevarthanJaffa: Yeah, I instigated the ALSA support.14:37
Jaffatrevarthan: oh, there was a discussion yesterday about the kinetic scrolling and the jumping at the end. I believe a lot of people will say that the snapping is an integral item, but I'd agree that it looks messy when it snaps at the end. The solution is to do all the calculations before hand and tweak the acceleration curve so that the scroll will always stop on an item boundary.14:37
Jaffatrevarthan: thought you might have done.14:37
trevarthanJaffa: that changeset I pasted does away with the OK button and snapping.14:37
trevarthanIt's not necessary when there is no OK button.14:38
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo14:38
trevarthanI like the acceleration curve idea, but I don't think it's strictly necessary.14:38
*** eichi has quit IRC14:38
disqwhen kagu-config comes around we could make it an option though, if not too hard. otoh making ui behavior customizable will require more QA with each release14:38
*** bmidgley has joined #maemo14:44
*** senuxis has joined #maemo14:44
_Monkeyniihau, gla55_14:44
senuxisis there an unzipper for n800?14:45
Jaffatrevarthan: ISTR reading that the iPhone's scroll snapped and this was for "good reasons". But I dunno what they were. I suppose you could say something about muscle memory when items are the same size. But losing OK is excellent :)14:46
JaffaHow's unique311's theme coming?14:46
trevarthanhaven't heard from him in a few days.14:46
trevarthanwe're using the theme in SVN right now though. A version of it will be in the next release.14:47
* Jaffa short start hacking on it, TBH. Question of finding time, though14:49
trevarthanmake time, that's what I do.14:50
*** matt_c_ has joined #maemo14:50
trevarthanI say work on what interests you though.14:50
trevarthanThe only real sin, IMO, is not working on what I enjoy because of other obligations. That's a shame. :)14:51
trevarthanLuckily I enjoy Kagu most of the time, so that's why I'm here.14:51
* Jaffa also enjoys earning money, watching TV and spending time with Mrs Jaffa & Jaffa Junior.14:52
trevarthanyup, me too. Mrs Jaffa is hawt. :)14:53
JaffaShe is, it's true :)14:53
*** koen|gprs has joined #maemo14:56
*** koen|gprs is now known as koen14:57
*** kenne has joined #maemo15:00
*** matt_c has quit IRC15:06
*** saerdnaer2 has quit IRC15:07
*** biedro has joined #maemo15:08
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo15:11
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo15:11
*** vidar has joined #maemo15:11
*** bipolar has quit IRC15:12
*** matt_c_ is now known as matt_c15:12
*** ajturner has joined #maemo15:15
*** booiiing has quit IRC15:15
*** booiiing has joined #maemo15:17
mrflibbleon IT2006 is it possible to disable lifeguard_reset without using the flasher?15:19
*** luck^ has joined #maemo15:20
*** koen|gprs_ has quit IRC15:20
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:23
*** senuxis has quit IRC15:24
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:24
*** guardian has quit IRC15:27
*** jsmanrique has left #maemo15:31
mrflibbleIf bootreason is 32wd_to and lifeguard_resets has maemo_af_desktop as the cause, is the most likely candidate an installed applet on the home screen?15:31
mrflibble(770 IT2600)15:31
*** NickDe has quit IRC15:34
*** NickDe has joined #maemo15:34
*** krau|away is now known as krau15:35
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC15:36
*** saerdnaer2 has joined #maemo15:40
kulvemrflibble: yes. Buggy home applets lead easily to reboots15:45
*** vivijim has joined #maemo15:45
*** |tbb| has quit IRC15:49
mrflibblekulve: thanks15:56
*** Zword has quit IRC15:58
*** qgil has quit IRC15:58
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo16:04
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC16:05
*** k-s[WORK] has joined #maemo16:05
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo16:05
*** eichi has joined #maemo16:06
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC16:06
*** bipolar has joined #maemo16:06
*** fsmw has joined #maemo16:15
*** adoyle has quit IRC16:16
*** OgMaciel has joined #maemo16:35
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo16:37
*** zaf has joined #maemo16:39
*** andrunko has joined #maemo16:39
*** londo has quit IRC16:40
pupnik  snd-rawmidi.ko16:47
pupniksome intruiging modules16:48
pupnikunder mnt/initfs16:48
*** adoyle has joined #maemo16:52
pupnikwe should take down to generate some traffic in channel16:53
*** adoyle has quit IRC16:53
zafpupnik, is that why the faq is down? ;)16:54
pupnikhiya zof16:54
pupnikwiki works16:55
eichiwhy there are GPE aps on ? can i use them on maemo?16:56
pupnikyou are correct16:56
*** londo has joined #maemo16:57
florianeichi: Yes, looks good - Graham submitted these.16:58
eichiwow ^^16:59
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:05
*** ab has quit IRC17:10
*** lsobral has quit IRC17:11
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo17:13
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo17:19
guardian_is something such as /var/log/messages on the device ?17:19
*** guardian_ is now known as guardian17:19
*** spect has joined #maemo17:21
*** biedro has quit IRC17:23
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:25
*** konttori has quit IRC17:28
*** UKP has joined #maemo17:33
scriptguardian: maybe dmesg is enough17:33
*** bergie has quit IRC17:37
*** konttori has joined #maemo17:39
*** bueroman has quit IRC17:42
geaaruhi at all, there is a porting of libnotify for n800?17:44
*** bueroman has joined #maemo17:45
*** NeoStrider_IM has joined #maemo17:45
*** NeoStrider_IM has left #maemo17:46
*** tso has joined #maemo17:46
*** bueroman has quit IRC17:46
guardianhmm can't remember how to get my device ip17:47
guardianifconfig on the device (xterm) does not work17:47
*** philipl has joined #maemo17:47
pupnikifconfig works here17:48
VladDracit should17:48
UKPdo /sbin/ifconfig17:48
VladDracbut then "does not work" is pretty vague17:49
pupnikhe's probably not root17:49
VladDracyou don't need to be17:49
sparrwsbin isnt on user's path17:49
VladDracmore likely yes17:49
sparrw"does not work" is "command not found"17:49
guardianit works with /sbin/17:50
erstaziguardian, 770 or n800?17:50
erstaziguardian, /sbin/ifconfig works?17:50
guardianyeah /sbin/ifconfig works17:50
erstaziok nm17:50
guardiani thought changing the bluetooth name of the device was enough to ping it by name17:55
guardianbut it does not seem to be the case17:55
pupniki need aalib for mplayer on 77017:56
* pupnik ducks17:56
guardianand in fact, the device is registered in dhcp with a blank name :(17:56
erstazipupnik, why do you duck?17:58
pupnikaalib is silly :)17:58
gla55_quite silly17:58
erstazipupnik, for ascii art?17:58
gla55_i wonder which demoparty it was, that had aalib quake compo17:59
pupnikyeah i watched most of star wars IV in ascii17:59
*** fsmw has quit IRC17:59
erstaziare you serious17:59
erstazithats great17:59
pupnikwith a small fontsize.. it's fun17:59
*** saerdnaer2 has quit IRC18:04
*** bergie has joined #maemo18:06
*** vidar has quit IRC18:12
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo18:19
*** infobot has quit IRC18:20
*** jacques has quit IRC18:24
*** alex-weej has quit IRC18:26
*** quux has quit IRC18:27
erstazihi bergie and saerdnaer18:27
*** garrett has joined #maemo18:29
erstazibergie, are you using unobtrusive javascript?18:30
bergieI haven't done that calendar :-)18:30
erstazibergie, oh18:31
erstazibergie, who has?18:31
erstaziI am not sure who is Jerry Jalava18:31
pupnikerstazi: anything i can help with on the debian packaging stuff?18:32
erstazipupnik, make me a nice jack daniels with two ice cubes18:33
erstazipupnik, I try to usually attack that at night time here, which is EST (GMT-4)18:33
pupnikheh ok18:34
* pupnik has some westmalle trappist ale - tripel (9.5% vol)18:34
tsowhat available filemanagers can show hidden dirs?18:34
*** geaaru has quit IRC18:34
pupnikthe default one shows the hidden dirs in MyDocs18:34
floriangpe-filemanager should show the other ones...18:35
erstazipersonally, I like alcohol to be 40% at least18:35
tsoso your basically suggesting i use the internal manager for the mydocs area and the gpe one for the rest?18:35
*** bergie has quit IRC18:36
*** bilboed has quit IRC18:36
pupniki use cp & mv & ls18:36
*** philipl has quit IRC18:36
erstazipupnik, and df18:36
erstazican't forget that little bugger, it tells me I have my / is 76% filled18:37
floriandon't forget rm ;)18:37
erstaziflorian, safety first with that command! haha18:37
tsono way am i using commands unless i have a proper sized screen and keyboard. and no, i dont feel like ssh-ing into the device every time i need to move some files around...18:37
pupnikwhy are you making hidden dirs then>?18:38
erstazipupnik, I don't think tso is making hidden directories,.. just accessing existing ones or newly installed apps18:38
erstazitso, you get use to those commands, real short18:39
*** pauliukas has joined #maemo18:39
erstazicopy and paste on the 770 isn't too bad either18:39
erstazihello pauliukas18:39
pauliukasJust received my Nokia 770 today :-)18:39
pauliukasIs there any way to set DNS servers out of the box...18:39
erstazipauliukas, do you use linux on pc's?18:39
pauliukasBefore I hack the living hell out of it.18:39
pauliukaserstazi: Ubuntu on laptop, OS X on desktop.18:39
erstazipauliukas, does your router have dynamic DNS?18:39
erstazipauliukas, ok good18:40
pupnikwell dhcp will handle it18:40
pauliukasI have a custom linux router thing.18:40
pauliukasThat's the problem, I set it to not do that.18:40
pauliukasI need to manually set the DNS servers for my wifi.18:40
pupnikthen add your NS to /etc/resolv.conf  ... or does that get overwritten...18:41
erstazipauliukas, then you can set the DNS servers yourself, go to the 3rd menu icon (called application menu I believe) on the left then tools > control panel18:41
pauliukasI'm there - it's the first place I looked.18:41
erstazithen double or triple tap connectivity18:41
erstazimiddle button is connections, tap that sucker18:41
erstazifollow through with filling you info in18:42
erstazithen at the very end, there will be advanced above the gray buttons18:42
pauliukasoh sweet.18:42
pauliukasI found it.18:42
erstaziI have had to do that myself a few times18:43
pauliukasBecause I didn't find a single mention of DNS in the manual.18:43
erstazipauliukas, do you want all the *decent* repos?18:43
*** lsobral has joined #maemo18:43
*** ajturner has quit IRC18:43
erstaziI have a sources.list that has all the major ones and I commented out the repos that their site was down or similar18:44
pauliukasCan you pastebin that or what?18:44
erstazido you have openssh or dropbear installed on the nokia?18:44
pauliukasI have nothing installed.18:44
erstazipauliukas, first things first18:44
pauliukasI just literally took it out of the box.18:44
pauliukasI heard it runs Debian, but I need to flash it.18:45
erstaziit runs a debian-based distro on the ARM arch18:45
erstaziplease realize this before you get too crazy18:45
erstazialso the desktop environment is Hildon, which is basically an embedded version of gnome18:45
erstazifor tablets18:45
_Monkeyi think hildon is a tablet desktop framework, and a standard part of the maemo platform18:46
erstazipauliukas, _Monkey is my friend... sometimes (its a bot)18:46
erstazipauliukas, once you get your connection tell me, I can give you a list of apps to get to be set then you can install your sources.list18:46
pauliukasI got it up.18:46
erstaziok good18:46
pauliukasI'm already in the browser.18:46
_Monkeyi heard xterm was the enhanced version of osso-xterm from maemo-hackers. It adds font and color selection support, URL opening through context menu, and a sidebar with additional keys such as Ctrl+letters.
pauliukaserstazi: I'd love having a terminal, heh18:47
erstaziinstall xterm18:47
erstazithis is the xterm advanced app, not the other xterm, (you can backspace in this one heh)18:47
*** greentux has quit IRC18:47
erstaziafter you install xterm, I am going to have you get into red pill mode, its for more advanced users18:48
pupnikyou have 3 months to play with your nokia and then you must begin porting apps to it! /me puts on leather cap --
*** bilboed has joined #maemo18:49
erstazipupnik, haha, I love scratchbox (:18:49
erstazipauliukas, is that installed?18:49
pupnik:) arbeiten!18:49
pauliukasno. I have no idea how yet.18:49
pauliukasI heard I needed to flash to get root access?18:49
erstaziyou can18:49
_Monkeybecomeroot is is easily obtained from [770/OS2006] or [770/OS2007HE and N800/OS2007] or for a more long winded method
erstazipupnik, too quick for me haha18:49
pauliukasSo I download that in the browser?18:49
erstazisvn is slowing me down today18:49
pauliukaswow, that's easy.18:50
pauliukasLet me try18:50
erstaziand it will open in application manager18:50
*** greentux has joined #maemo18:50
erstazipauliukas, first install xterm and then becomeroot18:50
erstaziwhich becomeroot lets you do this: sudo gainroot18:50
erstazipauliukas, everything ok?18:55
pauliukasinstalling right now...18:56
erstazionce those two are done, install openssh (then you can ssh to your nokia from a pc)18:56
_Monkeyopenssh is a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users of the Internet rely on.
*** Zword has joined #maemo18:56
* timeless sighs18:56
pauliukasyeah, I know18:57
erstazitimeless, ?18:57
_Monkeyi guess timeless, is there a way for the user to choose between rdf and atom feeds?18:57
timelessok, looks like we'll try to push a browser tomorrow18:57
pauliukasWhat happens if I ask a genuine question?18:57
erstazipauliukas, go ahead18:57
pauliukasI wanted to see if the bot would respond :-P18:57
erstazipauliukas, this is a great community, the people here are very friendly... why else would I be willing to package?18:57
* timeless was going to ask that18:57
erstaziah I see18:58
erstazitimeless, did your meeting go well yesterday?18:58
erstazior wait, this morning18:58
pauliukasbrb, going to get something for lunch18:59
pauliukasthis is like Christmas in August.18:59
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:00
timelesslooks like it does the wrong thing19:01
timelesserstazi: today19:01
*** bluehash has quit IRC19:01
timelessended shorter than expected19:01
timelessthey arrived late, so i was annoyed19:01
erstazieveryone has to be pertinent19:02
timelessin short, i had made a prediction over a month ago, and i was right19:02
timelessfairly useless19:02
*** oil has joined #maemo19:02
pauliukasmeeting for what?19:03
erstazihi oil19:03
_Monkeyniihau, oil19:03
zafhmm, so my 770 just came in, where do i start? heh19:03
erstazizaf you are in the same ball park as pauliukas19:04
zafoh yeah (reads scroll)19:04
* timeless sighs19:04
erstazizaf, let me get you on par with pauliukas while he gets something for lunch19:04
pauliukaserstazi: So here's a question...19:04
erstazitimeless, are you depressed?19:04
timelessour feed handling is fairly broken19:04
pauliukasI heard the 770 is running OS 2006. And that you can upgrade to 2007. Is it worth the trouble?19:04
erstazitimeless, what server side do you use?19:04
erstazipauliukas, well, you *can* but I haven't19:05
erstazipauliukas, you can even dual boot19:05
erstazipauliukas, pupnik does that last I knew, am I right pupnik?19:05
pauliukasBut, I mean, does it have advantages?19:05
pauliukasMore features... more optimized?19:05
erstazipauliukas, well, OS2007 is optimized for n80019:05
erstaziI hear it does perform more sluggishly than the OS2006 but why fix (upgrade) it when it aint broke?19:06
pauliukasoh eww. I want speed :-P19:06
zafhmm, does the wifi connect to wpa?19:06
pauliukasI heard that people said that this thing is slow... But it's a speed daemon.19:06
pauliukasThe Opera browser on the DS takes 3 minutes to load slashdot.19:06
erstazipauliukas, its all relative to the person, I find it efficient19:07
erstazizaf, last I knew yes19:07
pauliukasThe only slight thing which is annoying me is...19:07
timelesserstazi: server?19:07
* timeless is confused19:07
erstazitimeless, I am sorry, what server-side language do you use?19:07
pauliukasWhen I tap the screen, it does this LCD screen thingy. As if I'd be tapping the LCD directly.19:07
zafhmm, apparently i mistyped the WPA key then, and it's not prompting me to retype19:07
erstazifor the feed19:07
erstazizaf, do you have linux experience?19:08
timelesserstazi: it's perl19:08
timelessand it's not server side19:08
zaferstazi, yah19:08
erstazizaf, do you have a pc with linux on it?19:08
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo19:08
timelessit's just run before committing19:08
zaferstazi, yeah, the laptop i'm hooked up with usb to the 770 with19:08
timelessthere's a newer version which will happen tomorrow19:08
erstazitimeless, can't you revert?19:09
pauliukasnew version of what?19:09
erstazitimeless, how about doing a base vs head19:09
timelesserstazi: oh, i haven't broken anythingpublicly19:09
erstaziits all development I am sorry19:09
timelesserstazi: i'm talking about microb having bad rss/atom detection19:09
erstaziI thought it was production19:09
erstaziso it meant urgent19:09
timelessit is19:09
timelessthe microb engine is stupid19:09
timelessas shown by two pages of mine19:09
timelessindex.html and news.html19:09
timelessfor index.html it shows *two* RSS *cough* links19:10
timelessfor news.html it shows only an RSS *gag* link instead of at least the ATOM link19:10
timelessindex.html only has one RSS link..19:10
timelessanyway, i'll file those two bugs into tomorrow when we push the newer browser19:10
timelessthe source for article 4 is about 100 lines of ascii19:11
erstaziso far I haven't had to file a bug report19:11
*** shackan has joined #maemo19:11
timelessin contrast, the previous articles were 50-75 lines apiece19:11
timelessand basically it's a list of all the fixes w/ a short prelim19:12
timelesss/prelim/executive summary?/19:12
timelessglood bot19:12
erstaziI understand19:12
timelessanyway, i need to grab a map from the railway station, grab dinner, and play volleyball (in that order)19:12
erstazihaha have fun and enjoy your meal (not in that order)19:13
pupnikexecutive summary = "give that to me in captain dummy talk" - Firefly19:14
erstazizaf, did you catch up on pauliukas and my discussion?19:14
zaferstazi, beginning to, had to figure out how to re-enter a bad wpa key19:14
zafso first get xterm, right?19:14
pauliukashmmm. Gmail gives me "unable to complete secure transaction"19:14
_Monkeyxterm is probably the enhanced version of osso-xterm from maemo-hackers. It adds font and color selection support, URL opening through context menu, and a sidebar with additional keys such as Ctrl+letters.
pauliukasI gotta get the root thing now.19:15
erstazipauliukas, make sure you enable javascript in opera19:15
erstaziat the top, it says Web - whatever, tap that and it brings up a menu19:15
erstazithen Tools > Settings19:16
pauliukasI hate these reviewers. They said that "multitasking is inexistant on the 770". I got 5 programs open and it's going smoothly.19:16
pauliukasThanks for being so helpful, btw.19:16
erstazino problem19:16
pauliukasIt IS enabled.19:16
erstazipauliukas, I like also how the reviewers said that the handwritting tool sucks, well they didn't teach the handwritting tool their handwritting!19:16
erstaziit might just be google19:16
pauliukasthe one in Ars Technica did,.19:16
pauliukasHe said that he spent an hour teaching it.19:17
pauliukasAnd that it worked only slightly better.19:17
erstaziyeah, that happens19:17
*** Yamazaki-kun has joined #maemo19:17
*** saaib has joined #maemo19:17
erstazihi Yamazaki-kun and saaib19:17
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo19:17
erstazihi megabyte40519:17
pauliukasI also need to find out how to customize radio stations...19:17
saaiberstazi, morning!19:17
erstazihow are you folks?19:17
erstazipauliukas, thats easy, lets get xterm, becomeroot, openssh all setup then I can tell you where those files are19:18
*** mmiller has joined #maemo19:18
pauliukasLet me get to it, then19:18
saaiberstazi, starting the day... I screwed up my box yesterday while trying to rm -rf /scratchbox with some mount point stil enabled (LOL)19:18
erstazisaaib, thats why I installed deb's19:18
saaibso I had to reboot to recreate the devices19:18
pauliukasUhhh darn. I'll need to find these URLs again19:20
pauliukas_Monkey: becomeroot?19:20
_Monkeybecomeroot is is easily obtained from [770/OS2006] or [770/OS2007HE and N800/OS2007] or for a more long winded method
*** xan has joined #maemo19:21
erstazipauliukas, once you get the sources.list I have and refresh the catalog, you will have an easier time installing, tap and install bam use haha19:21
*** UKP has quit IRC19:21
erstazihi xan19:21
zafanybody ever tried the zimbra web interface on one of these?19:21
erstaziI have heard that name before but I don't know about that19:21
erstazizaf, do you know debian-based linux well?19:21
erstazizaf, I am giving pauliukas my sources.list that I find efficient and full, setting up xterm, becomeroot, openssh will allow you to edit the sources.list19:22
pauliukasokay... installing...19:22
zafbeen a while since i've done debian stuff19:23
zafi usually stick with red hat / fedora19:23
erstazizaf, I run CentOS on my server19:23
pauliukasCentOS ftw.19:23
erstazizaf, but if you have any questions, any of us will be very glad to help, same with you pauliukas19:23
pauliukasWell... what do I do next?19:23
pauliukasFor OpenSSH.19:24
erstazidid you install it?19:24
pupnikthe postinstall script shoudl start the daemon19:24
_Monkeyhmmm... openssh is a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users of the Internet rely on.
*** syntux has quit IRC19:25
pauliukasokay. let me do that19:25
*** konttori has quit IRC19:26
pauliukasit gave me a not found error...19:26
erstazipupnik, I forgot, does that script include "make host-key"19:26
pauliukasI'll try installing from the repos.19:27
pauliukasdarn. it's not in the list.19:27
pupniki dunno... ssh to the device and see if it works19:27
pauliukasit didn't even give me the ability to install it...19:27
pupnikclick to install didn't work?19:28
pupnikno idea why19:29
pupnikthe repo claims to be repo_deb = deb mistral free non-free19:29
erstazithats default I thought19:29
erstazipauliukas, we can add that real quick19:29
erstazipauliukas, go to the application menu > tools > application catalog19:30
*** ||cw2 has joined #maemo19:30
pauliukasapplication manager, right?19:30
erstazithen go to the top where it says Application manager and tap that19:30
erstaziTools > Application catalog19:30
||cw2how cool would that be...19:30
pauliukas||cw2: Too bad we don't have Sprint in Canada.19:31
Yamazaki-kunI heard they were scaling back their WiMax.19:31
erstaziselect new and input for the webaddress:
erstazifor the distribution: mistral19:31
erstaziand the components: free non-free19:31
Yamazaki-kunGuess not.19:31
erstazithen check enabled and hit ok19:31
erstazithen go back to the applications manager at the top and tools > refresh catalog19:32
||cw2pauliukas: yeah, but once wimax is in the hardware other services will pick it up... assuming wimax in the area, but applies to sprint now anyway19:32
erstazium I mean refresh list of packages19:32
erstazipauliukas, you don't have cingular either? its owned by sprint19:32
pauliukasrefresh list of packages?19:33
pupniki think the dpad on that successor looks like it might be a low resistance kind suitable to gaming movement19:33
pauliukaserstazi: Nioe.,19:33
||cw2Yamazaki-kun: they did, for the sprint own AP's, but they are partnering with another company to make that back up19:33
erstaziok now go to install new applications19:33
erstaziand select openssh to install19:33
Yamazaki-kunWish we had some WiMax in the UK.19:33
pauliukasI don't see openssh.19:33
pauliukasI went into the "all: section19:33
zafhand's about to fall off trying to get becomeroot.. tinyurl ftw :)19:34
erstazithats correct19:34
erstaziI missed that step19:34
||cw2Yamazaki-kun: at least you've got a lot of 3G19:34
erstazizaf, of course (:19:34
_Monkeypoint is that it does it internally, without rubbing it into Mikho's face19:34
erstaziI should convert _monkey's url to tinyurl haha19:34
pauliukasno openssh in here.19:34
Yamazaki-kunAnd Vodafone bumped up their "unlimited" plan to 3G from 1G, so now there are two carriers to choose from.19:34
_Monkeyopenssh is probably a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users of the Internet rely on.
pauliukasThe only thin I see is dropbear19:34
Yamazaki-kun(The others don't have reasonable data rates so don't count.)19:35
erstazilet me tinyurl that19:35
zafmuch easier :D19:36
Yamazaki-kunWhat we still don't have any of is FTTH.19:36
pauliukasso... I saved the .install this time19:36
erstaziwell, I put the download url from maemo so it would be easier for people to read19:36
zafftth coming in my area, from the power company :)19:36
erstazipauliukas, locate the install in filemanager19:36
Yamazaki-kunClosest FTTH to me is IIRC Switzerland.19:36
erstazimost likely it went to documents19:37
Yamazaki-kunBT's got a "21CN" in Cardiff, meanwhile most of the country's in the 19th broadband-wise.19:37
pauliukasI double-clicked on it.19:37
pauliukasbtw, it's only 1KB.19:37
pauliukasAnd it says "Not found?" and an OK button19:37
erstazi? odd19:37
erstazilet me check that out19:37
pauliukasAnd yes, it also has a question mark after the word found.19:37
pauliukasListen... I gotta make a run to the hardware store.19:38
pauliukasI'll brb in a few mins.19:38
pauliukasokay. brb19:39
zafok, got xterm up19:40
erstazizaf, now do becomeroot19:40
_Monkeybecomeroot is is easily obtained from [770/OS2006] or [770/OS2007HE and N800/OS2007] or for a more long winded method
zafgot it19:41
zafran it19:41
*** dolske has quit IRC19:41
Fatalwho to bug concerning broken links on the page? is full of "site:" and "community:" hyperlinks :/19:43
zafhmm, is this charger the same as a nokia phone?19:43
erstazizaf, I don't know19:43
erstazizaf, now install openssh
erstazipauliukas, I found the deb for openssh
erstazithats the one I used19:43
erstazithen when you are done with that, you need to run /var/lib/install/sbin/setup-ssh.sh19:44
erstazistart the server immediately without requiring reboot run as root by doing this: sudo gainroot      then run      /etc/init.d/sshd start19:45
*** shackan has quit IRC19:48
*** shackan has joined #maemo19:50
*** infobot has joined #maemo19:51
zafhmm, says package is not compatible with current software19:51
pupnik << this guy made an excellent little stand for the 770/800 (and some USB tips and tricks)19:51
erstazipupnik, nice19:52
erstazizaf, do you have the 770 or n800?19:52
erstazithats odd19:52
erstazizaf, oh shit wrong package19:52
erstazithat was for OS200719:52
erstazilet me grab the other one19:52
pupnikFatal: not sure - but those links should be fixed19:53
erstaziI am sure someone has connection with that19:53
erstazizaf, did you get becomeroot?19:54
erstazigo to xterm and type: sudo gainroot19:54
erstazitell me when you are done with that19:55
erstaziI just found out that its in the bloody repos19:55
erstaziapt-get install ssh19:55
*** greentux has quit IRC19:55
Fatalfrustrating, nowhere (where I've been able to find anyway) is it described the difference between armel and armel-minimal rootstrap (ofcourse, the armel minimal rootstrap is labeled i386 to add to confusion) :)19:55
erstaziFatal, I always used armel rootstrap19:56
erstaziwhen scratchbox'ing19:56
pupnikoh very cool  - /etc/osso-global-search/locations.conf specifies what directories get opened when you get a filebrowser dialog - now i can move it from $HOME/MyDocs to $HOME19:57
pupnikcan also specify additional mountpoints for other partitions wooohoo19:58
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo19:58
*** shackan has quit IRC19:58
pupnikwell it's not working for me yet - maybe i'll need to restart19:59
erstaziso if you change it to $HOME it will point the filebrowser right to ~/ instead of ~/MyDocs (which is annoying to type in xterm)20:00
zafcool, sshd is running now20:00
erstazione of the 100 reasons I use Linux primarily is because of different cases in directories and filenames20:00
pupnikyeah i was hoping for that20:01
erstazizaf, you can find your ip address for you nokia by going to application menu (3rd icon on the left) then Tools then Connection manager20:01
zafgot it (just ran ifconfig)20:01
erstaziah ok good20:01
erstazizaf, I forgot that you had root (:20:01
erstazizaf, do you like vi? or nano?20:02
zuhifconfig doesn't need root20:02
erstazizuh, are you sure? I thought it needed root on OS200620:02
zuhIt doesn't anywhere AFAIK. It just isn't in the users path by default.20:03
zuhbut /sbin/ifconfig should work anyway20:03
erstazizuh, /sbin/ifconfig will work, but not ifconfig in normal user20:04
erstazizuh, thank you for mentioning that20:04
*** florian has quit IRC20:04
erstazizaf, here is my sources.list:
*** UKP has joined #maemo20:05
zuhOh, and naturally if you want to *change* something with ifconfig, you'll need to be root20:05
erstazizaf, the commented out ones are ones that need gpg keys or are none existing (some of these are hosted on home servers through or similar dynamic dns servers20:05
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:06
*** vmarks has quit IRC20:06
zafso how can i ssh into the 770?20:07
erstazizaf, do you have linux on a pc? or do you have windows?20:07
erstaziif you have windows, google for PuTTy, you can ssh that way20:07
zafi mean what login credentials20:08
erstazior use WinSCP which lets you connect to the filesystem20:08
erstazioh sorry20:08
zafsorry :)20:08
erstazizaf, ssh user@your-ip-address20:08
erstazissh root@your-ip-address20:08
erstaziI suggest to run passwd  on both of your user and root20:08
erstaziafter ssh'ing20:09
zafwhat's the default pw?20:09
erstazifor root? rootme20:09
erstazifor user... I do not remember that one20:09
tsoanyone using the "idea" launcher? it seems to not launch email correctly20:10
erstazitso, I think I installed idea but never used it20:10
erstaziand since df says I have 76% used on / I am going to uninstall idea20:10
zafhrm, when i ssh in, it just sits there after typing password20:15
erstazizaf, hmm20:16
*** renatofilho_ has quit IRC20:16
erstaziwhat username did you use?20:17
zafboth root and user20:17
*** omnix has joined #maemo20:17
erstazizaf, go on xterm and type sudo gainroot20:17
omnixhow do I right click in rdesktop?20:17
erstazithen type: passwd user20:17
erstazimake a new password20:17
zafdid that, heh20:17
erstaziomnix, I don't know about that20:17
disq funny20:17
erstazizaf, hmmm, try it again on your pc20:18
zafsame thing, after typing password and pressing enter, i get a newline, but nothing else20:19
erstazizaf, hmmm wait a bit?20:19
erstaziwhat OS is on your PC?20:19
zaffedora 720:19
erstazidid you reset your connection to just verify that the tablet is connected to your wifi?20:20
zafpings and all20:20
zafand if i ssh and type the wrong password, it re-prompts me20:20
erstazizaf, read up on this
erstaziI would read that on your pc20:21
erstazinevermind that site zaf20:23
erstaziits not what I was thinking it was20:23
zafit's like ssh users aren't getting provided a login shell20:24
erstazizaf, ssh user@ipaddress20:24
erstaziuse the changed user password20:24
erstaziand then sudo gainroot20:25
*** renatofilho has joined #maemo20:25
*** senuxis has joined #maemo20:25
erstazizaf, sometimes I get this when my tablet goes to sleep and I just need to reset the connection20:26
amr_can you use media convertor to convert dvds?20:26
erstazibut if that doesn't work for you, reinstall the package
amr_oh it appears you can20:26
senuxiscan and will there be tv-out for the n80020:27
erstazisenuxis, I am not sure about that20:28
erstazithe ITT forums might have a discussion on that20:28
senuxiserstazi: what do you mean?20:29
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo20:29
erstazi_Monkey, ITT is
_Monkey...but itt is
_MonkeyITT is
zaferstazi, that one says incompatible package. should i remove the ssh that's installed now?20:31
erstazizaf, hmm20:31
erstazi is incompatible?20:31
erstazioh crap thats for maemo420:31
erstazithat link is wrong then20:31
zafoh ok20:31
senuxiserstazi: i've already checked there & they're mostly pessemistic20:31
erstazisenuxis, pessimistic on the idea of a tv out?20:32
erstazisenuxis, that would require a lot to achieve that, I think you would be better off VNC'ing to your tablet from a pc or laptop20:33
senuxiserstazi: thread-starters are optimistic but thread-contributers dismiss it and say what you've told me20:34
erstazisenuxis, well, it is possible that is achievable, people connect usb hard drives and usb keyboards20:35
erstazimaybe a usb tv out?? with a ported driver?20:35
*** fsmw has joined #maemo20:36
erstazifsmw, hello20:36
fsmwhi erstazi20:36
erstazizaf, let me check this deb20:36
*** behdad has quit IRC20:36
*** amr_ has quit IRC20:37
zafshould i try the one on
erstazizaf, yes, try dropbear and see how that flies, follow the instructions20:37
erstaziI never had anyone have trouble with openssh, thats why I suggest it20:37
senuxiserstazi: i'm thinking of too20:37
erstazimaybe busybox is not installed?20:38
erstaziI find that odd if it wasn't20:38
zafbusybox is there20:38
erstazizaf, wait20:38
erstaziit gave you that prompt?20:38
zafwhen i'm using xterm, it's busybox20:38
erstaziBusyBox v1.01 (Debian 3:1.01-4.osso12) Built-in shell (ash)20:38
erstaziEnter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.20:38
erstazizaf, when you ssh do you get that?20:38
zafwhen i ssh, i get nothing20:38
erstazithats beyond me20:39
zaf]$ scp user@ .20:39
zafuser@'s password:20:39
erstazilike I said, no one had a problem with it20:39
*** cbx33 has joined #maemo20:39
zaf(then nothingness)20:39
erstazizaf, and hitting enter does nothing?20:39
erstazihi cbx3320:39
cbx33hey all setup my scratchbox environment, how do i get python gstreamer working?20:39
zafjust empty newlines20:39
erstazicbx33, in scratchbox, did you add the armel rootstrap?20:39
erstazizaf, did you restart your nokia?20:39
erstazicbx33, did you install python20:40
erstazicbx33, I am sure you did haha sorry20:40
*** amr has joined #maemo20:40
amrok does anyone know how to rip dvds with media convertor20:40
erstazizaf, btw, that install worked for me20:40
cbx33pygst isn't a module, neither is gst20:40
cbx33but it is ont the n80020:40
cbx33even though it doesn't work right yet20:41
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC20:41
erstazicbx33, maybe your sources.list for scratchbox needs updated with more repos20:41
cbx33deb bora free non-free20:41
cbx33deb-src bora free20:41
cbx33deb file:/home/pete/maemo-sdk-nokia-binaries_3.1 bora explicit20:41
cbx33is what I have20:41
zaferstazi, asks to update, then says incompatible20:42
erstazicbx33, I have an sources.list but its for OS2006 ):20:42
erstazizaf, yeah I udpated mine and it worked20:42
zaferstazi, should i remove the existing ssh package?20:42
erstaziI had an existing one20:42
erstazizaf, maybe you need to be in red-pill mode20:42
zafhow's that?20:43
amranyone at all know?20:43
erstazizaf, go to application manager, then select the menu at the top and go to tools > applications catalog > new and type "matrix" in the web address without quotes and hit cancel20:43
erstaziamr, I don't rip dvd's with media convertor20:43
*** fsmw has quit IRC20:43
erstaziamr, did you read the manual on media convertor's docs?20:43
erstazior site I mean20:44
erstaziI would help you on it but I do not know enough about media convertor to help20:44
amrmy bad i didnt read the docs no20:44
erstazicbx33, I suggest looking on ITT for a sources.list that is adequate for the OS200720:44
_MonkeyITT is
cbx33thanks erstazi20:45
cbx33anyone know if there is any progress on bug 1204?20:45
_MonkeyBug 1204 might be found at
erstaziI think I might have to buy a n800 for bug and porting testing and to help the n800 users haha20:45
amrdoes it have a site erstazi, besides the garage page20:45
erstaziamr, the garage page should list a homepage20:45
erstazicbx33, _Monkey is a nice bot,... here is a banana!20:46
* cbx33 gives _Monkey a banana20:46
zaferstazi, making progress now that i'm in red pill mode20:47
amrhmm i dont see any docs about dvds20:47
erstaziok, time to run to the bank20:49
erstazithen drop kids off... buy liquor from the kids driving me nuts20:49
erstazis/liquor from/liquor because20:49
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:52
cbx33[sbox-SDK_ARMEL: ~] > python gst2_001.py20:53
cbx33Traceback (most recent call last):20:53
cbx33  File "", line 3, in ?20:53
cbx33    import pygst20:53
cbx33ImportError: No module named pygst20:53
cbx33[sbox-SDK_ARMEL: ~] > ls /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/20:53
cbx33README    gtk-2.0   pygst.pyo  pygtk.pyo20:53
cbx33gst-0.10  pygst.pth  pygst.pyc  pygtk.pth20:53
cbx33[sbox-SDK_ARMEL: ~] >20:53
cbx33whoops sorry20:53
cbx33was meant to be in a pastebin20:53
cbx33how come it can't see that module20:53
*** ajturner has joined #maemo20:54
zuhwhat does python --version say?20:54
cbx33it seems it's still using python 2.320:55
zuhThat's probably the sbox internal version20:55
zuhso use python2.5 directly20:56
*** ajturner has quit IRC20:56
*** ajturner has joined #maemo20:56
zafhmm, the same thing seems to happen when i ssh FROM the 77020:57
*** Dar has quit IRC20:57
tsohmm, it seems the latest gpe releases are not showing up on app manager yet21:03
*** Tu13es has quit IRC21:04
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:05
*** unique311 has joined #maemo21:07
pauliukasSo what did I miss?21:12
pupnikwb unique31121:13
pupniki miss the right to trial by jury and habeus corpus21:13
unique311what up21:14
unique311starling crashes.21:15
unique311nice music player....i like the music sheet feature21:17
unique311 but it crashes..21:17
unique311fix it21:17
pauliukasSo how can I get OpenSSH installed?21:20
unique311application manager21:22
_Monkeyrumour has it application manager is a lot safer than alternatives21:22
pupnikpauliukas: you have the repository afaik, so apt-get install ssh should work21:23
unique311or application manager..21:23
_Monkeyapplication manager is a lot safer than alternatives21:23
unique311i got it listed here21:23
pauliukasnot openssh?21:23
pupnikthe openssh in the mistral repository is called simply 'ssh'21:23
pupnikthey should have named it openssh IMO21:24
pupnikNokia770-49:~# apt-cache search ssh21:24
pupnikssh - Secure rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement (OpenSSH)21:24
pauliukasBut does that include the server?21:24
pupnikafaik yes21:24
pupniki currently use dropbear21:24
pupnikdropbear-client - lightweight SSH2 client21:24
pupnikdropbear-server - lightweight SSH2 server21:24
unique311koen, whats the status of anstrom on the device, any good news...i would like to try it out on a extra mmc i have21:25
colinlpupnik: do you also face a dead dropbear server from time to time?21:26
pupnikno, but dropbear is missing some features21:27
pauliukasWell, because erstazi recommended me OpenSSH.21:27
pupnikopenssh has more features and takes up more space21:28
*** forcev has joined #maemo21:28
koenunique311: haven't tried it yet, ask ljp for details21:28
pauliukasmy browser stopped working.21:29
pauliukasIt just doesn't want to load anymore.21:29
*** matt_c has quit IRC21:29
forcevis there an easy way to factory reset my n800?21:30
*** behdad has joined #maemo21:30
Enokforcev flash it21:31
pauliukasuhhh guys... what should I do.21:32
pauliukasThe browser refuses to start.21:32
forcevEnok: i was kinda hoping i could do that21:32
X-Fadepauliukas: Did you do something special to get that effect? :)21:33
pauliukasonly installed xterm and the getroom21:33
pauliukasAnd it worked after these.21:33
pauliukasIt jus stoppd right now.21:33
X-Fadepauliukas: did you try to reboot?21:34
_Monkeyi guess N800 is much better than a desk phone :-)21:35
X-Fadedoes xterm work?21:36
pauliukasOkay... weird...21:37
pauliukasI put it in battery mode.21:37
pauliukasAnd when I started, it even showed me a progress bar.21:37
pauliukasAnyways, now it works.21:37
erstazipupnik, I cannot imagine there is a *huge* difference21:38
erstazipupnik, difference between dropbear and openssh in size that is21:38
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo21:39
unique311pupnik, here is the paint program....21:40
unique311better suited for the n800 or 77021:40
*** tchan has quit IRC21:40
unique311compile straight thru with no problem.21:40
unique311disq, not sure how many projects you working on...but you had a hand in maemopad+21:41
unique311can you take a look at rgbpaint source...21:41
*** [g2] has joined #maemo21:42
unique311its pretty much hildon'd on compile.21:42
pupnikIt is a fork of mtPaint.21:42
*** Piezzo has joined #MAEMO21:42
unique311but lighter21:42
unique311much lighter21:42
pupnikmtpaint was 640kb21:43
*** mallum has joined #maemo21:43
*** mallum has quit IRC21:43
unique311rgb is 80 i think21:43
*** mallum has joined #maemo21:43
*** bilboed has quit IRC21:44
*** bilboed has joined #maemo21:44
erstazithey got a paint app down to 88kb?21:44
erstazithats not bad at all21:44
pupnikjust compiled it21:45
*** tchan has joined #maemo21:45
erstaziI will have to compile it myself21:45
pupnik106k here21:46
unique311it will compile with no errors.21:46
erstaziunique311, you say it works with hildon decently?21:46
pupniki think i'm missing a config - lots of blank boxes in lower left21:48
unique311it compiled and the gui is hildoned somewhat21:48
unique311pupnik i know..21:48
unique311i couldn't figure that out21:48
unique311but when you run it as root the colors show21:48
unique311in the blank boxes21:48
unique311i guess it is a config issue21:49
pupnikconfirmed that - running as root i get colors - and a totally different look21:49
*** zwnj has quit IRC21:49
erstazimaybe chown?21:49
pupnikrunning as user the rgbPaint icons were themed with my hildon theme colors - (how?! amazing!)21:49
unique311first bug21:50
unique311hopefully disq will take a look at it..21:50
unique311his nick is all over maemopad+21:51
unique311i think21:51
erstaziunique311, did you post it?21:51
pupnikwhen the mtpaint maintainer implements a decent airbrush i'll get interested21:51
unique311i doubt the maintainer will.21:51
*** adoyle has joined #maemo21:51
unique311its meant to be a very light version of mtpaint.21:52
*** vidar has joined #maemo21:52
pupniki need additive airbrushing for my style of painting21:52
erstazipupnik, Picasso?21:53
pupnikdunno - gimp does it21:53
*** vmarks has joined #maemo21:53
erstazipupnik, ah21:54
unique311mtpaint does airbrush.21:54
unique311thats another descent running app on the N80021:55
*** adoyle has quit IRC21:55
unique311did you get it working on the 770?21:55
erstaziI would run scratchbox and compile and install it but I am working21:55
*** adoyle has joined #maemo21:56
pupnikno crashes yet in rgbpaint - trying larger images now 1000x1000+21:57
pupnikboom crash21:59
pupnikunique311: try making a 1000x1000+ image, doing a bucket-fill with black, and then sketching into the window22:00
pupniksame problems i had with mtpaint22:01
*** Piezzo has quit IRC22:01
unique311no crash here22:02
unique311going bigger22:02
erstaziunique311, you must have a horse in that, n80022:02
unique311still going22:03
unique311no crash22:03
pupnik  yeah you didn't have problems with mtpaint either, if i remember right22:04
*** [g2] has left #maemo22:04
unique311still going22:05
unique311k, crashed on 5000x500022:06
pupniki bet some people would like to be able to process/resize/filter their digicam images on an n80022:08
pupnikcrop, rotate, resize, adjust curves22:08
erstazi2megapixel isn't over 1000x1000 I think22:09
erstazioh wait22:09
cbx33  File "debian/python2.5-gtk2/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/", line 70, in _init22:09
cbx33NameError: global name '_gtk' is not defined22:09
cbx33hmmm after using 2.5 directly as suggested22:09
erstazilast time I checked, 2mp is at 1024x76822:09
pupnikmegapixel = million pixel = 1000x100022:09
unique311guessing if you going over 2000x2000 you should be using somethink like gimp or photoshop.22:10
unique311not even 800x60022:10
unique311if you feel you need to go any bigger on the the size, then use gimp or PS22:11
zaferstazi, good news, my ssh problems are due to the wifi router here22:11
erstaziI wondered22:11
zafbrought it home and it worked fine22:11
erstazizaf, I thought I was losing my mind and having a moment like I did at 0400 (:22:11
unique311going to try out some more drawing programs i just stumbled upon22:11
pupnika lot of cameras are 4-8 mp, so if you want to process those you need over 2k by 2k22:11
erstazizaf, NAT router?22:11
erstazipupnik, oh, I was talking about the onboard camera22:12
*** nelson has quit IRC22:12
*** zwnj has joined #maemo22:12
cbx33zuh, ping?22:12
*** nelson has joined #maemo22:12
zaferstazi, actually it's a sonicpoint. you may not have heard of before22:12
pupnikfor e.g. you're on vacation with your camera and n800 - drop in the SD, crop/reduce your pics and upload them22:13
erstazisonicpoint... like the makers of sonic wall?22:13
erstazitrue pupnik22:13
zaferstazi, yah22:13
erstaziI forget the n800 has "different" features (:22:13
zafsonicpoint is their managed access points22:14
pupnikyeah the 2SD slots are nice22:14
cbx33if the card slots stop corrupting my cards22:14
zafthey're set up kinda weird22:14
cbx33if they worked right22:14
cbx33they are awesome22:14
erstazizaf, we used sonic walls where I interned22:14
erstazithe previous guy use to turn off the sonic wall, and he forgot to delete the logs22:15
erstazior modify them22:15
*** guardian has quit IRC22:15
cbx33seriously though22:15
cbx33anyone here got some advice on how to make sure that your sd card doesn't corrupt?22:16
pauliukasNow, how do I make this thing standbye?22:16
cbx33or certain brands that work well?22:16
zafcbx33, what do u mean?22:16
cbx33i'm constantly hit by bug 120422:16
_MonkeyBug 1204 might be found at
cbx33on my 1Gb card22:17
cbx33which makes my n800 a lot less useful22:17
zafwhat if u run "sync" ?22:17
cbx33havn't tried22:17
zafdunno if it's on the systems either22:18
cbx33dont think it'll make a difference22:18
cbx33it sucks22:18
cbx33there must be something common in the cards that's making it do it22:18
cbx33for example22:18
_Monkeyi think for example is 0x00 a valid value for a Java bytecode?22:18
zafmaybe not enough power for them or something?22:18
amrdoes anyone know if there is a sega emulator?22:18
cbx33I have a card that works linux22:18
cbx33on my pc22:18
zuhcbx33: hmm?22:18
cbx33but if I try and use ot on my n80022:18
cbx33half the files are missing22:18
erstazicbx33, what format is the sd card?22:19
cbx33and some directoriies are showing up as unknown files22:19
zuhcbx33: Is that only on the external slot?22:19
cbx33nope both22:19
cbx33normally a diferent type of corruption22:19
cbx33erstazi, format as in? how is it formatted?22:19
cbx33and running a fsck on it yields the following22:20
erstazisvn'ing/vnc'ing/ssh'ing so I am wacko right now over a contract22:20
erstaziI need to put a loo in this room22:20
cbx33something about expecting something but got something instead at 1638422:21
zuhI took the Philip's kernel and just yesterday copied ~2Gigs of videos to the internal slot without problems...22:21
cbx33philips kernel?22:21
zuhThat one isn't slowed down22:21
erstazicbx33, let me check that out22:21
zuhLike the stock kernel is22:21
zuh"stock" as in the one in the firmware image22:22
cbx33well i don't know what's doing it22:22
cbx33but it's very annoying22:22
cbx33fsck on linux shows no problmes22:22
cbx33last time i used it it b0rked the partition table on the internal slot22:22
cbx33and i had to physically recreate from scratch22:22
erstazicbx33, I hope you don't go sleep walking at night and end up going to a tattoo parlor and get bug 1204 tattooed haha22:22
_MonkeyBug 1204 might be found at
cbx33the internal format NEVE Rworks on that card22:22
cbx33erstazi, hehehe22:23
cbx33no i don't sleep walk22:23
cbx33just fall asleep when i'm not supposed to22:23
zuhIf you could try that kernel and see if it makes any difference, that'd be a valuable data point for the bug...22:23
cbx33how hard is it to change the kernel on the n800?22:23
zuh./flasher -f -k sdhc_kernel22:23
zuhnot that hard22:24
erstazicbx33, that might be your option there, I would try recreating it but I don't have a n800 or your flash card (:22:24
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC22:24
zuhAnd restoring it is just as easy, from the image: flasher -f -F firmware.bin --flash-only kernel22:24
zuhwell, that one from there, yes :)22:25
cbx33so mmc_blah blahb22:25
cbx33insteaed of sdhc22:25
cbx33what happens if it b0rks22:25
cbx33that doesn't kill the ability to reflash does it?22:25
cbx33I like22:25
* cbx33 saves this conversation22:25
cbx33I'll give that a try later22:26
cbx33i just hope it doesn't kill my n80022:26
erstazicbx33, you can always reflash to default, so it won't officially kill it22:27
erstazicbx33, and last I knew, the flasher with ubuntu works efficiently22:27
cbx33yeh yeh22:27
cbx33just worried about the kernel damaging the hardware22:28
cbx33I had to pay for my little n800 unlike a lot of people....22:28
cbx33not saying you guys didn't :p22:28
cbx33but i know a few people who got one free22:28
erstazicbx33, I had to pay for my 77022:28
erstazicbx33, I know a few22:28
* zuh paid, but not full price... :P22:28
erstazisome had their companies pay for a theirs22:28
erstazizuh, haha...
erstaziamazon is running some great deals on the n80022:28
zuhNope, the developer program when N800 was published22:29
erstazi$330 makes me tempted to buy one22:29
zuhGot mine for 99€ or so22:29
erstazinot bad22:29
*** bergie has joined #maemo22:29
cbx33$400 for mine22:29
erstaziyou paid 70USD more than I did for 770!22:29
erstazior 34 guid22:30
*** matt_c has joined #maemo22:30
erstazisleep is so worth it22:30
cbx33well at least i got a bit of hope22:30
cbx33gonna try that kernel22:30
zuhHonestly, if I hadn't got the discount, I definetly wouldn't have a N800. My policy is to avoid any consumer electronics that are >100€22:31
*** UKP has quit IRC22:31
erstazizuh, agreed22:32
*** UKP has joined #maemo22:32
erstazion ebay, the 770 kept passing the 160USD mark when I knew was running a great deal22:32
erstazizuh, do you still have your 770?22:32
zuhI never had one22:32
erstazizuh, oh you just used scratchbox when you developed?22:33
erstazior vmware image?22:33
zuhSB, and I got to play around with those at work22:33
erstazigot ya22:33
*** UKP has quit IRC22:33
erstazia lot of companies are picking up these tablets, very versatile22:34
erstazinever knew that the ARM architecture is so efficient22:34
zuhcbx33: Btw, I never had problems with the previous (non-official) sdhc kernel and I didn't want to burn my 4Gig card just to test the official one so me having no problems with the newer non-official kernel isn't really telling anything...22:37
zafso what mail client is everyone using mostly?22:38
*** fsmw has joined #maemo22:39
melmothclaws too22:40
erstaziclaws is a popular one22:40
cosmoand only good one22:40
*** UKP has joined #maemo22:40
*** TimRiker has quit IRC22:42
*** __pv has quit IRC22:42
Okko_New version or is wimax supported in all N800's?22:45
tsoim guessing new version22:45
tsocustom for sprint and only sold by sprint...22:45
*** svu has quit IRC22:45
cbx33there test will be if it can just read the card ok22:45
cbx33i know the card is ok22:45
cbx33and the data on it22:45
cbx33we'll see if the n800 knows that22:45
cbx33and whether it can format it22:45
cbx33last time i tried it just said the card was corrupt22:45
cbx33I put it in a pc and it still had all the data on it22:45
tsoheh, just had the 770 "crash" on me...22:45
erstazitso, heh what was the error/bug?22:46
tsonothing, it just rebooted22:46
*** vmarks has quit IRC22:46
cbx33that kernel is for the latest n800 image right?22:47
cbx33zuh, ?22:47
_Monkeyrumour has it zuh, is it working22:47
cbx33zuh, my n800 was a present to myself after getting paid for writing the edubuntu chapter in the official ubuntu book ;)22:47
*** __pv has joined #maemo22:47
erstazicbx33, nice22:47
erstazicbx33, I am an ubuntu and edubuntu user so I appreciate that22:48
erstaziI have it for the kids on a box22:48
cbx33ahhh cool22:48
*** syntux has joined #Maemo22:53
syntuxGood evening.22:54
*** zodman has joined #maemo22:56
*** zodman has left #maemo22:57
zuhcbx33: Yes, it's for the latest firmware22:59
cbx33ok cool23:00
cbx33just about to flash it23:00
Fatalis there an unbroken version of the maemo 2.2 tutorial? the one on got broken links and missing examples, commands etc :/23:01
Fataldamn, disheartening, all related bugreports only have had reassignement actions for the last 6 months23:04
*** guardian has joined #maemo23:04
Fatalcan someone at nokia please send me an n800 instead so I can enjoy working manuals? :)23:04
infobotFatal meant: can someone at nokia please send me an n800 instead so I can enjoy working tutorials? :)23:04
*** geaaru has joined #maemo23:05
syntuxI'm building development appliance that works with vmware; and I'd like to consult you of what to put it in before uploading and sharing it with Maemo folks.23:06
Fataldamnit, this is frustrating, someone knows of a tutorial that explains what needs to be done to setup scratchbox and the rootstraps?23:06
Fatal(for 770/maemo 2.2)23:06
syntuxbut not sure if that one would work with 770/2.223:07
syntuxFatal, however, there is a link in that file to older installation tutorials.23:07
Fatalto those are broken23:07
Fatalbut looking23:08
syntuxFatal, in this one
Fatalthat does not explain how to set things up with maemo23:08
Fatalwhich is understandable23:08
cbx33ok here we go23:09
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:10
*** UKP has quit IRC23:11
*** UKP has joined #maemo23:11
cbx33still doesn't read it right23:12
cbx33damn this is annoying23:12
*** melmoth has quit IRC23:13
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo23:13
*** bergie has quit IRC23:15
cbx33now it's getting IO/Errors23:15
cbx33on the card23:15
cbx33i guess it's screwed23:15
cbx33damn it damn it damn it23:15
erstazicbx33, hmm, who makes the card?23:16
cbx33silicon power23:16
cbx33guess i should get a better manufac card eh?23:17
guardiangood evening23:17
erstaziI am not sure if that is supported but I could be wrong23:17
zafwhat about a sip phone on these things?23:17
cbx33what do you mean erstazi ?23:17
erstazicbx33, let me check something and clarify in a sec23:17
cbx33which cards are supported?23:17
*** Cwiiis has joined #maemo23:19
*** vmarks has joined #maemo23:19
erstazicbx33, that list I am trying to pull up, I only remember looking at the 770's23:19
erstazicbx33, I might be hallucinating so don't mind me23:19
erstaziall I remember is people talking about "confirming functional on" *23:20
*** pdz- has quit IRC23:21
erstazi"Two internal memory card slots, compatible with SD, MicroSD, MiniSD, MMC, and RS-MMC. Supports memory cards up to 8GB. SD cards over 2GB must be SDHC compatible."23:21
erstaziwhat size is this silicon power sd card?23:22
cbx33is that a problem?23:22
erstazithe n800 supports mmc23:22
cbx33i know23:23
cbx33but it doesn't seem ot like this one23:23
erstazicbx33, I am looking at ITT they mention 1gb rs-mmc cards giving problems23:23
guardianah crap23:24
erstaziwill paste url in a sec23:24
guardiannokia updater does not install23:24
guardiancrashes at install time23:24
guardianhooray and it requires .net power plant framework 2.023:24
guardianjust to install a dumb flasher23:24
guardiani don't have my linux box at hands :23:24
cbx33erstazi, thanks just looking23:25
erstaziguardian, yeah .net framework 2.0 is like a 80mb+ download23:25
guardiani have it23:25
erstazicbx33, I can't pull that url up23:25
cbx33no me neither23:25
cbx33did yo ugoole for it?23:25
*** senuxis has quit IRC23:25
guardianthe nokia updateer installer is just borked23:25
erstazicbx33, I am going to look up the cache23:25
erstazicbx33, yes google23:25
cbx33my thought exactly23:25
*** UKP has quit IRC23:25
guardianand i guess since it tries to install a driver23:26
guardianit gonna ask for reboot23:26
guardian... brilliant23:26
erstaziis ITT down?23:26
_Monkeyit has been said that ITT is
glizitcherstazi: it worked23:26
erstazithank you monkey23:26
glizitchthanx a lot23:26
erstaziglizitch, what did?23:26
glizitchi learned a bunch23:26
milhouseerstazi: seems to be here too (UK)23:26
*** Tu13es has quit IRC23:27
tsoanyone had any luck installing gpe 2.8 onto a 770?23:27
*** pdz has quit IRC23:27
glizitcherstazi: last night23:27
cbx33ahhh i've seen that post before erstazi ;)23:27
erstaziglizitch, oh yeah you were the one from last night, I have no clue what I talked to you about haha23:27
cbx33it's very annoying23:27
erstazicbx33, no suggestions on it?23:27
glizitchupdating sources.list thru putty23:27
tsohmm, i cant see why people like claw-mail. the ui is insane!23:27
cbx33can't remember tbph23:27
glizitchit was  pain23:27
erstazithis is a serious issue23:27
cbx33erstazi, what is?23:27
erstazitso, I uninstalled it23:28
glizitchthanx again23:28
erstazicbx33, rs-mmc's giving problems in n80023:28
tsothat i can understand erstazi23:28
erstazino problem glizitch23:28
cbx33this isn't even an RS23:28
cbx33it's just a standard mmc23:28
*** UKP has joined #maemo23:28
erstazimy bad23:28
cbx33well i have a brand new kingston card23:28
cbx33but I'm scared of it killing that one too23:28
erstazidoes it work on ubuntu?23:29
cbx33i don't know what to do23:29
cbx33yeh works fine23:29
cbx33fsck.vfat reports no problems23:29
erstaziboth do?23:29
cbx33well i havn't tried the kingston one it's still wrapped up23:29
cbx33as it's not really mine23:29
cbx33it's the missus23:29
erstaziwell I mean the one that is giving issues really23:29
erstazinot both23:29
cbx33yeh it works fine23:29
glizitchanyone installed fceu ?23:30
glizitchon 77023:30
*** konttori has joined #maemo23:30
glizitchnes emulator ?23:30
cbx33as i said, normally running an fsck.vfat gives an issue ofr23:30
cbx33got 900000 instead of 9000000 at 1638423:30
erstazihave you tried running that on your tablet?23:30
cbx33that's whatit gives23:31
erstazimust be the tablet then23:31
tsoyou need that xmaeme ui to access the emulator glizitch, but beyond that i havnt tested23:31
glizitchtso: thanks23:31
tsothe closest i came was attempting to run a gameboy game using the gameboy advanced emulator. didnt work so well23:31
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:31
unique311pupnik better news23:31
unique311pressure sensitivity23:32
unique311mypaint..compiled and working..23:32
unique311opens 3 windows23:32
unique311but looks great23:32
cbx33erstazi, GRAHAHA !23:32
tsothats it, summer is officially gone. i can hear the birds going south right now23:33
glizitchtso: ill let u know23:34
glizitchas soon as i get some roms23:34
tsothanks glizitch23:34
guardianok enough is enough23:34
tsoi dont know if i can give you a page for that ;)23:34
guardianthis device won't update from windows23:34
guardianenough maemo for today, i'm fed up :)23:34
guardiangood night23:34
erstazicbx33, ?23:34
_Monkeycbx33, are you using hildon.Window or gtk.Window?23:34
cbx33hildon why?23:35
erstazicbx33, _Monkey is a bot23:35
erstazi_Monkey, forget cbx3323:35
_Monkeyerstazi, I didn't have anything matching cbx3323:35
erstazi_Monkey, forget cbx33,23:35
_Monkeyerstazi: I forgot cbx33,23:35
erstazidon't need to be sorry23:35
erstazino banana for _Monkey23:36
erstazicbx33, the lock function is not turned on the card is it?23:36
cbx33no it doesn't have one23:37
cbx33maybe ubuntu screwed it up23:37
cbx33i dunno23:37
cbx33it first broke when i connected to the pc23:37
erstaziIt might be set to readonly23:38
glizitchanyone know where to get nes roms anymore23:41
*** pdz- has joined #maemo23:41
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:42
tsoto bad that many devs seems to have jumped to N800 now that the 770 is so cheap23:42
tsolike that nice iphome applet. i see that the N800 version have a feature i would love for it to have on the 770...23:42
erstazitso, maybe it can be ported for OS200623:44
erstaziwhat version is the new iphome?23:44
erstaziI have on my 770: 0.2-123:47
erstazilet me see if I can get an update23:47
tsoonly real diff is that the 0.4 switch to displaying the currently active connection iirc. but that would make it oh so more usefull ;)23:47
erstazitso, I thought it did that already23:48
tsoi dont think mine does23:48
erstaziwhat does it display?23:48
erstazido you mean changing a connection?23:49
tsoit can show wlan and similar, but it does not automatically switch to showing it (from showing lo when nothing is connected)23:49
erstazitso, oh, you have to tap it23:49
erstazithe new version doesn't require you tapping it?23:50
erstaziI see23:50
erstaziI just always tapped it23:50
erstazilet me see what I can do :evil laugh:23:50
tsosame here, but it gets anoy over time given the aggressive disconnect that the 770 keeps up23:51
erstazitso, I think the 0.4 is also for 77023:52
*** pdz has quit IRC23:52
glizitchtso: pacman is even running slow23:53
tsoglizitch: outch!23:53
glizitchits kinda playable23:54
glizitchbut its not right23:54
tsoand thats the old 8-bit nes...23:54
glizitchfce is flawless23:54
glizitchon the pc23:54
glizitchmust be a bad port23:54
glizitchi know the nokia has the power to run it23:54
glizitchsound is distorted too23:55
pauliukasI LOVE MAEMO23:55
* pauliukas goes back to his corner23:55
glizitchmegaman1 is more playuable23:56
glizitchoddly enough23:56
glizitchsounds like shit tho\23:56
glizitchpaul: what do u play ?23:56
glizitchon maemo ?23:56
tsothose nes games usually sounds like shit23:56
pauliukasI just got it today.23:57
pauliukasOnly played mahjong so far.23:57
glizitchi meant xmaemo23:57
pauliukasIs there something like a simcity clone?23:57
erstazipauliukas, on pc's23:57
pauliukasno. For the Maemo.23:57
erstaziI know23:57
erstaziI don't think for maemo23:57
erstazithats pretty resource extensive23:58
pauliukasOn the PC, I play Simcity 423:58
pauliukasIt's great.23:58
*** OgMaciel has quit IRC23:58
tsoi think i have seen freeciv on a page23:58
glizitchthe sound is slow23:58
pauliukasIt's just slow for no reason.23:58
erstaziI play SimCity 3000 but I have SC423:58
glizitchi mean on fceu23:58
erstaziits just like me owning Civ4 and not playing it23:58
tsoas in delayed glizitch? so that its played some seconds after the action?23:59
glizitchjust crawling23:59
glizitchdrawn out23:59

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