IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-08-05

trevarthanunique311: no, your theme highlights a lot of bugs/assumptions in kagu's theme implementation. That's excellent. Makes them easy to fix.00:01
unique311not sure thats a bad thing..00:02
unique311keeps my thumb of the music list..00:03
*** matmo has left #maemo00:03
unique311notice also the when you quit, the ok and cancel are inside of a white rectangle.00:04
trevarthanoh, sorry, I thought you were talking about something else. Yeah, that's sort of done intentionally.00:04
unique311i manage to hide this for the OK for the music list.00:04
trevarthan:) Yeah, and the pause/play/next/prev buttons use a white rectangle for transparency. That's what I was talking about when I said it highlights a lot of bad assumptions in the theme implementation.00:05
trevarthanunique311: I've always intended to get rid of the OK button eventually and use one tap to stop scrolling and one tap to select an item instead. I'll see if I can implement that for 1.1. Otherwise I'll fix the OK button's white rectangle.00:06
unique311i had to use the light blue instead of the white...00:06
unique311why not just use the play icon there.00:07
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trevarthanunique311: because taps are better. you'll see.00:08
trevarthanunique311: BTW, are you running SVN?00:08
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unique311kagu dev00:09
trevarthanyou're developing with 1.0.1 release?00:09
*** fro1 is now known as frob00:09
trevarthank. it's basically the same thing.00:09
unique311check this out00:09
unique311i just added the classics sixties00:10
unique311about 7 to 8 albums00:10
unique311slowed down loading time00:10
trevarthanyeah, it's got to build the album list.00:11
trevarthanwe should have that fixed for 1.100:11
trevarthanit's not fixed in SVN yet, but that's what I'm working on right now.00:11
trevarthanwe've got a ton of performance improvements coming down the pipe. should be a great release.00:12
unique311so change the green, and bluetooth off  button( greyscale).  green to yellow.00:12
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unique311I love the sixties....00:27
unique311good music back then00:27
pupnikme too00:28
unique311i'm a late 70's baby...00:28
unique311what went on in the 7000:28
* pupnik has browntooth00:28
pupnikDr. TOoth!00:28
unique311i just got this awesome collection..00:28
unique3118 CD's of the best00:28
pupnikpeople only remember and reprint the best00:29
pupnik"New! The Worst Hits of the 60s!"00:29
unique311only need the best..really...00:30
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unique311usually when i buy a cd, which i havent done in about 8 years..00:30
unique311its only for 2 or 3 songs00:30
unique311which usually make it to the best of something.00:30
pupnikspeaking of music, there might be a bug in the repo's mikmod00:32
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tsohmm, i take it there is a known issue with the 770 and net radio dropping out when the device goes into "standby"00:34
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unique311pupnik can anybody program this monkey to retain information?00:48
*** philipl has joined #maemo00:49
pupniktso - you can increase screen dimming timeouts00:49
tsodo not seem to help much00:50
tsoat best it buys me so extra time of music00:50
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pupniktso there must be a solution for this00:51
pupnikwhich player do you use?00:52
tsoand it seems independent of screen dimming time. it appears i get better time if i turn of the option to "turn of network" when cover is over device00:52
tsointernal one. only one i have found to have a desktop apple00:52
tsohrmf. didnt help much either way...00:52
* pupnik is jealous of unique311 and the rest of the 800 owners :/00:52
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tsostrange thing is that it goes to buffering and then fails. even if one wakes the device back up00:53
pupnikjust watching your gimp video again00:53
tsoone have to kill the connection and re-connect for it to start playing again...00:53
unique311i know.00:53
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unique311it can happen..00:53
unique311but i don't think no one wants to take that hildonizing job..00:54
unique311i'm happy with mtpaint..00:54
tsohell, it seems to be very aggressive about disconnecting the wifi when the connection is idle for some reason...00:54
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pupnikyes this saves much battery00:56
oPlesslol, I might have known alp was over here00:56
* oPless waves at amr00:56
tsomaybe so, but it seems to mess up the browsing. sometimes it just stalls on connect or similar. but then i have a feel the browser is buggy as it ignore all input at times except going backwards in browsing history...00:57
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pupniksometimes opera browser or also xterm ignores input from synergy01:05
pupniki think this was fixed in 2007he01:05
_Monkeyi think pupnik is stupid, swap is enabled >_< sorry01:05
Guest59258how the hell to i compile shit for the nokia01:06
Guest59258i want aircrack damnit01:06
Guest59258oh shit im on guest01:06
*** Guest59258 is now known as setit01:06
*** setit is now known as setite01:06
tsoif they could make mozilla or webkit default in he then i guess it would be a valid choice?01:06
pupnikaircrack is available for 77001:06
tsohmm, weird. im suspecting that the player needs to know that the music source is a stream, not a audio file...01:12
tsoi went to shoutcast, clicked the link to the "radio" i wanted, it went into the player. and its still playing. with the lid on...01:13
tsowhen i did this from the saved entry i had in the favorites list it died within this time iirc01:14
tsoreason i started to suspect this was because the factory installed radio seemd to outlast the one i had added...01:14
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pupnik_Monkey: themes is  for recent Bora themes, for the 'Theme Maker' applet,  for tools
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.01:19
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tsogrumble. when i think i have it figured out, it proves me wrong...01:26
*** frob has quit IRC01:28
tsohmm, i swear the factory radio lasts longer then the one i attempt to use...01:30
oPlessis this a dev channel or a general chat channel?01:31
pupnikmostly chat, some dev01:32
rwhitbygeneral on-topic chat :-)01:32
*** setite has quit IRC01:32
pupniki somehow messed up all my themes - white bar on top and bottom of app list01:32
pupnikand reinstalling doesn't help01:32
oPlessis there a scratchbox for OSX 10.3.9 ?01:34
*** setite has joined #maemo01:35
setitehey all01:35
setiteneed help tethering....01:35
setitei have an htc apache01:35
setitei cant seem to get bluetooth dun working but i have bluetooth pan.. can i use that01:35
oPlesshtc apache? wtf is one of those?01:37
setitewindows mobile pda phone01:38
setitealso known as audiovox 670001:38
setiteio should ask rather.. anyone know how to get the nokia to play nicely with a windows mobile phone01:38
oPlessto connect with a 770/8001:38
*** fox___ has joined #maemo01:39
tsook, thats it. im starting to suspect the player. so, anyone have a net radio player to suggest. one with a lite weight ui?01:39
*** mazzen has quit IRC01:39
setiteoooh looks like i have found some threads01:39
oPlesson my htc tytn there's a dun app01:40
*** slomo has quit IRC01:40
setiteah man01:41
setiteim gonna have the same experience on the nokia that i always have with linux01:41
setiteits over my head01:41
*** abock has joined #maemo01:41
setitei have to run some script shit to get pan.. bah01:41
setitewhats the app oPless01:41
oPlessit's on charge right now, and I'm watching heros01:42
Chili2dropbear or openssh?01:42
Chili2what should I install?01:43
Chili2I can find the right version of dropbear but am struggling to find openssh01:43
oPlessdropbear ftw :)01:44
pupnikdropbear seems to reject -c blowfish as cipher - openssh might be faster for scp01:44
Chili2but scp does work in dropbear?01:45
*** frob has joined #maemo01:45
Chili2pupnim are you using os2006 or 200701:46
Chili2pupnik are you using os2006 or 200701:46
pupniknote to self, having multiple OS on MMC helps save device when themes are screwed=-up01:46
tsowell this was a interesting experience. i killed the virtual mem and then tried to uninstall something. now its just sitting there updating the list of installed stuff01:46
*** pdz has joined #maemo01:46
pupnikif you can help make 2007he better, then that is a good project01:48
Chili2ok got root, xterm, ssh what should I try01:48
_Monkeybecomeroot is, like, is easily obtained from [770/OS2006] or [770/OS2007HE and N800/OS2007] or for a more long winded method
Chili2done that01:48
_Monkeyrepositories are not just a job, but an adventure!  Add some for big win!
Chili2thats next01:50
*** fox__ has quit IRC01:52
Chili2pupnik how do I know what version of os2006 I have or is there just the one..I only got my n770 yesterday01:52
pupnikuname -a01:53
pupnikLinux Nokia770-49
Chili2so it has the normal nix tools then01:53
pupnikmany are stripped-down versions01:54
pupnikwhy can't i mount my mmc rootfs?01:54
pupnikcat /proc/partitions01:54
pupnikmajor minor  #blocks  name01:54
pupnik 254     1    1500000 mmcblk0p101:54
pupnik 254     2     249984 mmcblk0p201:54
pupnik 254     3     249984 mmcblk0p301:54
pupnikmount -t ext2 /dev/mmcblk0p2  /media/mmc201:55
pupnikmount: Mounting /dev/mmcblk0p2 on /media/mmc2 failed: No such device01:55
Chili2do I have to run gainroot to get su everytime?01:55
pupnikyes, or ssh-in to root01:55
Chili2pupnick isn't mmcblk0p2 a swap01:56
Chili2so ssh in to 127.0.etc01:56
pupnikno blk0p2 and p2 are alternate root filesystems i have set up in bultiboot - currently i'm booting from internal flash01:57
pupnikand p301:57
Chili2so is os2007 really buggy?01:58
*** pdz- has quit IRC01:58
pupnikoh, i forgot to insert the ext2 kernel module before mounting insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/current/ext2.ko01:59
pupnik2007he uses bora repositories, but bora programs are made for n800, and a few will not work correctly on 770 hardware01:59
*** philipl has quit IRC02:00
pupniki also had problems running a few emulators on 2007he (dosbox)02:00
pupnikChili2: if you are into emulation/gaming, check my site and help test02:00
Chili2which of these repositories do you personally recommend02:00
pupnikmost of the personal repos only have a couple of programs02:01
oPlessO_o dosbox02:01
*** philipl has joined #maemo02:02
pupnik  dosbox with new virtual keyboard02:02
pupnikif anybody knows what causes those horizontal white bars on the left side of the theme, i'd like to know02:03
*** vmarks has joined #maemo02:05
pupnikcopying-over default themes didn't help02:08
Chili2pupnik is there any one site that would be good for me to get up to speed on what can be done on the n770, like I said I am very new to the device02:12
tsoi realy need to learn to read all those program descriptions on,
tsofound streamtuner, exactly what i was looking for...02:13
pupniki love streamtuner too02:14
Chili2thanks I'll give it all a read02:16
* pupnik restores 'last known good' OS onto a free partition :)02:17
pupnikzcat IT2006_2.2_Working.gz > /dev/mmcblk0p302:17
pupnikChili2: if you work with the device plugged in, you might want to search the forums for increase screen blank timeouts02:18
milhouse - made me wince!02:20
pupnikwhat is it milhouse02:21
milhousewatch it - quite amazing02:21
pupnikok, just because it's you...02:21
milhousetell me if you're not impressed!02:21
pupnikoh yeah i was obsessing over that all yesterday02:22
pupnikit's currently the only video on my 77002:22
milhousei'm surprised he was alive after that let alone walked away...02:23
*** vmarks has quit IRC02:24
pupnikhe threw the first-ever 720 backside across that gap and nailed it02:26
amrdo you know whats gay02:26
amrthat fbreader doesnt read pdf02:26
milhouseisn't that what the PDF reader is for?02:26
amrall my ebooks are pdf but the inbuilt reader is atrocious02:26
*** ffoegboy has joined #maemo02:27
ffoegboywhat is the best 8GB SD card to get for the n*)002:27
tsosomeone talked about pdf to html...02:27
amroh, how?02:27
oPlessisn't there another pdf reader?02:27
amrim trying it on the adobe website but its crashed or something02:28
pupnikpoppler-utils - PDF utilitites (based on libpoppler)02:28
ffoegboyOPPS should read "what is the best 8GB SD card to get for then n800?"02:28
pupnikthe results aren't very pretty with poppler, but the filesize goes down 10x and load times do too02:29
amrwhat does poppler-utils go?02:29
tsogrumble. streamtuner went nuts :(02:29
pupnikpoppler-utils provides  pdftohtml  pdftoppm   pdftops    pdftotext02:29
amroh sweet02:29
amris that a maemo thing?02:29
amror something i do before transfer02:30
oPlessit's part of ghostscript-pdf-tools02:30
oPlesstho I'm not sure what the proper package name is02:30
*** setite has quit IRC02:31
pupnikon my 770 i had poppler-utils in a repository but i usually convert on PC02:31
amrscrew it, its 00:30, ill make do with the poor one built in02:31
tsogrr, this is getting silly :(02:31
tsowhy oh why is that net radio thing broken...02:32
tsotalk about a interesting state nokia left the 770 in...02:32
pupniktso it does sound like a problem that should have been solved02:36
oPlesswho wanted to know about bluetooth DUN with WM5 ? look here ->
tsopupnik: sure do. the bugzilla is full of requests about it to02:37
tsothe strange thing is that i have to reset the connection to get it back into working order, for the next 3 min or so...02:37
tsoi wonder if it could be related to network quality...02:38
tsoas i have surprisingly bad signal...02:38
*** pdz- has joined #maemo02:39
*** HumanPenguin has joined #maemo02:41
*** povbot has joined #maemo02:44
pupnikzuh: "No dsp decoding for vorbis unfortunately :/ (would be nice to get better theora output). Nokia (apparently) doesn't dare to support it officially, and writing dsp code has been attempted but so far nobody has real results as there's no good resources available on how..."02:46
pupnik"lardmanIt would be nice for Nokia to provide a header file so we could access the functions in the avs_kernel (at least some of them)"02:47
*** pdz has quit IRC02:53
*** MDK_ has joined #maemo02:54
*** script has quit IRC02:55
*** Cwiiis has quit IRC02:56
*** HumanPenguin has left #maemo02:57
*** sp3000 has quit IRC03:01
trevarthananyone here from the canola project?03:02
trevarthanI'm curious how you guys handle font rendering in Canola using SDL.03:02
*** MDK has quit IRC03:02
pupnikhah canola uses sdl?03:03
* pupnik wonders why03:03
trevarthanI guess they wanted to make it look pretty.03:05
trevarthanThe new version will use EFL.03:06
tsook, thats it. im officially confused.03:07
*** __shawn has quit IRC03:07
tsoafter i set the data call timeout to 60 min the audio player do not appear to have any problems any more. but the radio applet still drops the feed after a short time...03:07
*** MDK_ has quit IRC03:08
*** melmoth has quit IRC03:10
*** pdz- has quit IRC03:18
*** tso has quit IRC03:22
*** goloo has quit IRC03:24
*** vmarks has joined #maemo03:28
trevarthanI'm a retard. I kept wondering why Kagu's SDL font rendering was sooooooo sloooooow. Yeah. It's not. Font object creation is slow. Geez.
trevarthanAt least it's fixed now.03:38
pupniksdl has fonts? :)03:43
pupnikah pygame03:44
*** else58 has joined #maemo03:47
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo03:49
pupniklmarbles is totally the way to do SDL games03:54
pupnikyou move the mouse offscreen with synergy and it auto-pauses03:55
pupnikthe screen fades-in when you resume03:57
*** ajturner has quit IRC03:58
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC04:02
*** TheNickDe has quit IRC04:23
*** NickDe has joined #maemo04:23
*** MaemoIC has joined #MAEMO04:36
*** BladeRunner has joined #maemo04:38
*** MaemoIC has quit IRC04:38
*** setite has joined #maemo04:41
setitehey all04:41
setitealright now i got irc workign right on windows04:42
setitenow i can work on my n80004:42
setitecoolest device int he world btw.. nice wifi range.. perhaps nothing special but better than my psp04:42
erstazisetite, you can do *a lot* with your nokia04:43
erstazisetite, GPS, bluetooth, its linux so you can use xterm and ssh, VNC, etc etc04:43
BladeRunnerwhat do you think about the origami : ?04:44
*** Sulis has quit IRC04:44
erstazipupnik, you know how I wanted to mess with scratchbox? well I want to port aireplay-ng04:44
*** Sulis has joined #maemo04:45
*** procto has quit IRC04:45
pupnikyes scratchbox is a good thing...  erstazi you saw this?04:48
erstazipupnik, no, checking, for the 770 should I get Scratchbox Apophis?04:51
setitewell all that works so far is wifi :)04:52
setiteonce i get my damn phone to do DUN im set04:52
BladeRunnerhi i'm developing an gui irc client for maemo. somebody knows if already exists? the xchat site doesn't have the source, so i presume it's not finished04:52
erstaziBladeRunner, xchat is available04:53
frobirc support in pidgin is quite decent04:53
erstazifor maemo04:53
erstaziBladeRunner, I use xchat on my nokia all the time04:53
setitei have xchat runninf04:53
erstaziBladeRunner, um... I don't remember honestly, somewhere on maemo04:53
setiteon my n80004:53
setiteits nice04:53
setitei likes it, i like sex04:53
erstazisetite, I use it with my linux desktops as well04:53
setitei used to use xchat on windows04:54
setitebut i like polaris.. its the colors.. they sooth me04:54
setitethe colors of xchat make me angry04:54
BladeRunnerfuck so i've lost one day.. and an msn client already exists?04:54
setitenot sure why.. its subconcious04:54
setitei think there is something for all the main chat ...04:54
setitelemme see if i have an app that does msn04:55
erstaziBladeRunner, do you have scratchbox installed? that makes it a lot easier04:55
setitewhat is scratchbox04:55
_Monkeyscratchbox is like the glue that ties it all together04:55
erstaziBladeRunner, pupnik has a list of ports needed to be done04:55
setitei think i need that04:55
setitemy gaim is brokeshit i think04:56
setitenothing is hsowing up on the protocol list04:56
erstazisetite, its for packaging deb ports for the ARM arch which the nokia tablets use04:56
BladeRunneryeah somebody told me that xchat was broken too04:56
BladeRunnerbut i think it's not the case04:56
setiteand the protocol options tab shows nothing04:56
erstaziBladeRunner, I don't think so04:56
setitexchat works swee5t04:56
erstaziMikho, heh04:56
setitei set up my accounts and even got it to autoconnect and autojoin to some networks/chans whenever i open it04:56
setitei really dont want to buy a new phone or install some damned script everytime i want net04:58
frobsetite: individuals protocols for pidgin (gaim) are installed seperately04:58
BladeRunnerso there is no msn client working on maemo right now?05:00
BladeRunnerwithout bugs05:00
*** matt_c has joined #maemo05:01
erstaziBladeRunner, I thought gaim had a protocol for msn05:02
oPlessis there a decent SIP client for the 770 ?05:03
BladeRunnerit has but i think gaim has bug on maemo05:03
oPlessgaim has a proper sip client?05:04
erstaziBladeRunner, I haven't noticed05:04
oPlessoh, msn - haha sorry05:04
erstaziI got to go05:05
erstaziBladeRunner, I am going to be doing some scratchbox stuff when I get back, so hopefully you will be on and we can attack it together05:06
setitefrob that sucks05:07
*** philipl has quit IRC05:15
setitewhat is this scratchbox05:16
BladeRunneri think nokia is getting behind with the microsoft origami project05:17
*** matt_c has quit IRC05:17
*** fsmw has joined #maemo05:18
setiteomg i might cry05:19
setitei got it working05:19
setitethis is odd05:21
setiteok net is working05:21
setitethought the phone isnt showing any data connection05:21
setiteim gonna run a speed test05:22
setitehaha i think the pohone crashed05:22
*** N800 has joined #maemo05:23
setitehello N80005:23
*** unique311 has quit IRC05:24
*** N800 is now known as unique31105:24
setitei hopw i get broadband speeds05:24
setiteif so ill be in heaven05:25
*** MaemoIC has joined #MAEMO05:25
setitei just need a non dialup speed05:25
setiteok wtf it crashed the phone twice05:26
setitethis is lame05:26
*** adoyle_ has joined #maemo05:26
*** MaemoIC has quit IRC05:26
setiteimma try to connect the phone ot the net before running th eapp05:26
*** Chili2 has quit IRC05:28
setitedamnit this is not working right05:30
*** Sulis has quit IRC05:30
unique311the browser in maemo, does javascript?05:30
*** Sulis has joined #maemo05:30
oPlessits opera05:31
setiteok i see there is a problem with discovery05:32
unique311files with the extension .js are javascript files right..05:32
setitethe phone queries a service discovery and the n800 fails to answer05:32
setiteso i gotta get root.. blech05:32
*** fsmw has quit IRC05:33
bldewolfanyone know is wrong when "sbrsh: Can't get user information about uid 1000" pops up when trying to do stuff with sbrsh?05:33
setitemaemo wiki says it works with my phone with a softmodem app05:34
oPlesswhats sbrsh?05:36
bldewolfoh, I figured it out.  Needed to install 'etc' files05:36
bldewolfscratchbox remote shell05:36
*** philipl has joined #maemo05:36
*** MDK has joined #maemo05:37
oPlessis there a build I can use on a ppc box?05:37
*** MaemoIC has joined #MAEMO05:37
bldewolfno idea.  Just started toying with it a few days ago05:38
*** MaemoIC has quit IRC05:38
oPlessis there a source distro of it ?05:38
pupnikit takes a while to understand what scratchbox is05:39
oPlessit's a cross compilation + testing kit afaic tell05:42
*** adoyle has quit IRC05:42
oPlesshmm it's for debian?05:44
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC05:45
pupnikthere are debian packages of it05:46
oPlessheh, not a chance for an osx toolchain :)05:49
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo05:53
unique311wonder how that works06:02
unique311     more suitable for the 77006:04
*** adoyle_ has quit IRC06:04
*** pupnik has quit IRC06:05
*** NeoStrider_IM has joined #maemo06:10
*** NeoStrider_IM is now known as NeoStrider06:10
setiteis there a way to get PAN working on the nokia06:16
setitewithout running a script every single time06:16
*** thomasvs has quit IRC06:17
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo06:17
*** matt_c has joined #maemo06:18
qnrwee, I made it to brilliant... Iz iz so martsz!06:29
*** MaemoIC has joined #MAEMO06:29
*** procto has joined #maemo06:31
setitedamnit im so close06:41
setitei foudn a softmodem app06:41
setiteand it works for like 2 minutes then the phone locks up06:41
*** MaemoIC has joined #MAEMO06:54
pupnik_mmm there are some good RPGs (2D) for psx06:54
*** MaemoIC has quit IRC06:55
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo07:01
*** Luria has joined #maemo07:15
setiteok so im gonna install a new custom rom that is supposed ot have BT dun working by default and stably.. so hopefully it works07:15
*** MaemoIC has joined #MAEMO07:16
Luriaanyone have rtl hebrew or arabic working in either browser?07:17
*** MaemoIC has quit IRC07:17
*** ericz_ has joined #maemo07:19
Luriayeah, didnt think so07:19
pupnik_Herbs Obtained!07:25
NeoStriderhey pupnik_07:26
_Monkeyi guess pupnik_ is right, you can use a proxy to get rid of the error messages07:26
pupnik_heh hihi07:26
*** rkaway has quit IRC07:27
pupnik_what's up NeoStrider07:29
*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:29
*** MaemoUS has joined #MAEMO07:31
BladeRunner .07:32
*** MaemoUS has quit IRC07:32
Luriaoff to brick my n80007:36
setitedont brick it07:37
setiteinstalling canola07:37
setiteits either not working or taking forever07:38
Luriapossibly both07:38
setitenah thats no fun..07:38
setitei though when it asked where to go it was done07:38
Luriawell, they arent exclusive.07:38
setitebut after it asked i still have 25% of tbar left07:38
setiteok it finished.. final verdict.. slow as fuck install07:38
setitei think my n800 half crashed07:39
setitethe taskbar on the left is gone07:39
Luriait happens07:39
setitehow do i unhappen it...07:40
setiteomfg i turned off an on and its tripping07:40
setitenow the spot is still blank and th bar is not half an inch over07:40
setitehow do i restart07:40
Luriai usually use the shell07:41
setitewell im not cool enough for that07:41
Luriasecond option is shut off on the power button menu07:41
Luriathird is to yank the battery07:41
setiteis that the same and pressing and holding the power button07:41
setiteoh no.. nvm07:41
setitei see the difference now07:41
setitethe screen on the nokia is beautiful btw07:42
NeoStriderso pupnik_ ,how is the games going on?07:43
NeoStrider(answering to your working on the game engine scripting system...the LISP thingy)07:44
pupnik_i'm playing an RPG right now07:45
setiteomfg full bt dun finally07:45
setitei love you helmi07:45
setitenow i just need a screen protector and a stowaway and im in heaven07:46
pupnik_FLife Vessel obtained!07:46
*** ericz_ has quit IRC07:47
setitespeakeasy speedtest gave me 409kb/s down... 89kb/s up... awesome07:47
setitehaha i can actually torrent with this little devil :)07:48
setitebetter go get some more batteries for it07:48
pupnik_that's about my max dl also07:48
setiteme happy man07:48
setitei was scared bt tethering would be slower07:49
pupnik_the torrent clients are pretty heavy cpuewise07:49
erstazipupnik_, even bittorrent?07:49
setitei would only use it to get new ebooks07:49
setitewhich will be the primary or secondary use of my nokia07:49
setitesad, eh07:49
pupnik_if you find out other ways to lighten-up ebooks let us know07:53
setitelighten up?07:53
pupnik_yes they are heavy07:53
setitewhat best kind of memory card to get07:54
setitesd, mini, mmc?07:54
setiteare the 8gigs worth it?07:54
pupnik_what nokia tablet do you have07:55
pupnik_then some kind of sd07:55
pupnik_Received the Book of Elna!07:56
erstazipupnik_, well, I now realize what I have to do to get aircrack to work but at the moment, I have to put that aside07:59
erstaziaireplay-ng, last I checked, the deb doesn't work on my 770 OS2006, and I think aireplay-ng is only for OS200707:59
erstaziI could be wrong on that though /:08:00
pupnik_not sure what muliner has compiled08:00
pupnik_but compile it yourself - console tools are easy08:00
erstaziaircrack-ptw works by using special .cap files as input where aireplay-ng outputes those .cap files08:01
erstaziby injecting arp packets08:01
wolloperwhat theres wep cracking tools for the n770?08:01
erstaziwolloper, yes08:01
wolloperwhere i get \o/08:01
erstazipupnik_, I might fire up scratchbox tonight08:01
erstaziwolloper, do you know about aircrack-ng suite?08:01
wolloperdo tell08:02
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo08:02
erstaziaireplay-ng is part of the aircrack-ng suite, it injects arp packets and outputs .cap files to aircrack-ptw (which is available for 770)08:02
erstazithen you can bypass a WEP key08:03
*** Sulis has quit IRC08:03
wolloperany like wireless information tools08:03
erstazithe issue is: the deb for aireplay-ng didn't install because of compatibility, but I will verify that again08:03
erstaziwolloper, tons08:03
wolloperim just new with me n770 atm08:04
erstaziwolloper, do you know how to edit sources.list?08:04
erstaziif not, I can give you the walk through08:04
wolloperyeah i do08:04
erstazido you have xterm (advanced) installed?08:04
wolloperi dont think so08:04
erstaziopenssh (prefered by me) or dropbear installed?08:04
wollopernone of them atm08:04
erstazireally, what you need is openssh08:04
erstazixterm (advanced) is for you to use on your nokia77008:05
erstaziyou can use that later08:05
erstazigo to and search for openssh08:05
wollopergot that in my sourcers08:05
erstaziyou will see application catalog, select that08:05
wolloperi have it in there08:05
wolloperand can see openssh08:05
wolloperits late here atm08:06
wolloperjust need a list of what i need08:06
erstazithen locate the ip address for your nokia, are you using linux or windows on your pc?08:06
erstaziwolloper, depends on what you want to do (:08:06
_Monkeywell, windows is a flashy MS-DOS shell08:06
erstazimy list of items are completely different than say pupnik_'s08:06
wolloperi know the ip of my nokia08:06
erstaziwolloper, download PuTTy08:06
wolloperi k08:06
erstaziwolloper, you will need it08:06
wolloperi know how to use putty08:06
wolloperjust a list of stuff plz08:06
erstaziwolloper, sorry, just going off the bases of a complete new user, I can't expect you to know08:07
erstaziwolloper, let me give you a link to my sources.list:
erstaziget xterm (advanced only, not the other one)08:07
erstaziI suggest maemopad (not plus, its slower and bloated and with maemopad you can edit more)08:08
erstaziinstall becomeroot08:08
_Monkeyopenssh is the one I've used08:08
pupnik_someone should teach monkey the urls / repos for openssh08:09
erstazifor networking stuff: iphome, kismet, samba, smbbrowser, smbclient (am I missing more smb stuff pupnik_?)08:09
erstazialso install wget, nmap (forgot that one)08:10
erstaziwolloper, what irc client do you prefer?08:10
pupnik_yeah samba would be very useful08:10
erstaziwolloper, good, install maemo-xchat08:10
wolloperi have08:10
*** Luria has quit IRC08:11
erstaziok good08:11
pupnik__Monkey: xchat is a gtk-based IRC client.
_MonkeyOK, pupnik_.08:11
_Monkeysomebody said xchat was a gtk-based IRC client.
erstazium... links or links2, pupnik_ has a nice solution for links208:11
erstazijust incase opera starts acting up08:12
erstaziwhich it does08:12
erstaziyou can install minimo but I have not installed it08:12
DaniloCesarWho is better: Xchat os Pidgin (with irc plugin)?08:12
*** javamaniac has quit IRC08:12
DaniloCesar* or Pidgin08:12
pupnik_fixed up .debs for links2 and dependencies - if you have problems with it let me know08:12
wolloperi want msn running fine on it08:12
erstaziDaniloCesar, xchat08:12
wolloperthat pidgin is SHIT08:12
DaniloCesarlol... Pidgin rules with jabber and MSN08:12
erstaziDaniloCesar, pidgin opens a new window for every response from freenode and nickserv and chanserv08:13
erstazivery annoying08:13
pupnik_how about voice recognition and a voice-driven ui? :)08:13
DaniloCesarI did'nt knew it08:13
pupnik_and speech-to-text for chat and irc?08:13
erstaziwolloper, I suggest getting gizmo or something simular, because its wonderful to just use wifi and call someone08:13
erstazipupnik_, that would be nice, but I am very sure it would be a resource hog08:14
DaniloCesarspeech-to-text works?????08:14
erstazihow hard would it to take a current FOSS project and port that?08:14
erstazior have you been busy without me knowing pupnik_??08:14
pupnik_i am just saying it'd be fun08:14
DaniloCesarwhere can I found a S2T software?08:15
erstazipupnik_, well, I would be willing to test it and help package it08:15
_Monkeyerstazi is, like, rusty on porting to a different arch08:15
wolloperi dont wana call08:15
wolloperi wana use msn08:15
erstaziDaniloCesar, there isn't any for it08:15
erstaziwolloper, you can, gaim08:15
erstaziwolloper, install maemo-gaim then install the protocol you want08:15
erstazifor the protocol you want it would be: maemo-gaim-protocol-msn08:16
erstaziif you like, get maemoscrobbler08:16
erstaziyou can also install nano for using in xterm (advanced)08:17
erstazibetter get ncurses-base also08:17
erstaziI should write something up about all this08:17
erstazipupnik_, how does _Monkey store its data?08:17
unique311pupnik_, speech to text irc, there is a client...i use to use it,  but the only problem is that not many use it.08:20
unique311when i can remember the name i'll give you a shoult08:20
erstaziunique311, I am going to find a foss solutin, there are ways to edit the input method08:21
erstaziand just add that to the xml file08:21
erstazithere really should be a #maemo-dev or something08:22
pupnik_for serious questions there is a mailing list08:23
erstazipupnik_, well I mean for development, it would spur it more08:24
erstaziSphinx-4 is open source but uses java08:26
erstaziso I think that would be an issue08:26
unique311anybody ever use chatzilla as an irc client..?08:29
unique311the firefox extension08:29
erstaziunique311, yes08:30
erstaziI have used it for a few days, wasn't impressed08:31
erstaziyou can get audicity on a n77008:33
pupnik_i think audacity has stopped being horrible08:36
erstazipupnik_, well, I get bug reports all the time on it08:36
erstazievery day, I get at least 10 bugs emailed to me about *something* relating to audacity08:37
pupnik_you made it?08:37
erstaziheck no08:37
erstaziI just help with bugs08:37
pupnik_good to hear08:37
erstaziI don't have time to develop an app like that08:38
pupnik_i hated the UI at first08:38
erstazinow, I would like to but time is hard to manage anymore haha08:38
pupnik_i spent years using sound forge, so a change in ui is very difficult for me personally08:38
erstaziyeah I can understand that08:39
erstazithat would be like changing favorite editors08:39
NeoStriderim done for today08:41
pupnik_ok cu08:42
NeoStridergot my lispy on step further08:42
NeoStrideras much as the angstron wiki08:42
NeoStriderg'night fellows08:42
*** NeoStrider has left #maemo08:42
erstaziNeoStrider, good night (:08:42
erstazipupnik_, what is flite? doesn't that do speech to text?08:43
pupnik_text to speech08:43
erstazioh poo08:43
erstaziI just read that backwards08:43
*** erstazi has quit IRC08:53
*** MaemoUS has joined #MAEMO08:57
*** MaemoUS has quit IRC08:57
*** MaemoUS has joined #MAEMO09:03
*** MaemoUS has quit IRC09:04
*** erstazi has joined #maemo09:04
erstaziok had to reboot and forgot to start irc haha09:05
erstaziok, now focusing on porting09:09
setiteok it is working for real now09:10
setiteover an hour and the phone hasnt crashed09:10
setitethe update held.. so now i can work on squeezing the fun functionality out of the n800 instead of basics09:10
setiteim gonna get tversity so i can stream sirius09:10
setiteordered a 4gb sdhc on ebay09:11
setitethat should be good for holding tv episodes09:11
setiteis divx/xvid confirmed?09:11
setitei guess ill try canola09:11
setiteare there screen protectors made for the n80009:13
setitei mean the little tab is annoying me09:13
setiteand the screen is too pretty to not have a cover09:13
setitei cant even see the touchscreen grid on it09:14
setitethats nuts09:14
setiteanyoen alive?09:17
erstazisetite, yeah but I need to reboot, brb09:17
*** erstazi has quit IRC09:17
*** MaemoUS has joined #MAEMO09:22
*** MaemoUS has quit IRC09:25
*** erstazi has joined #maemo09:26
_Monkeyque tal, erstazi09:28
pupnik_i hear the n800 screen is even better than the 77009:33
pupnik_that's hard to believe :)09:33
erstazipupnik_, I don't feel I am missing much, except the sd flash memory ):09:37
*** MaemoUS has joined #MAEMO09:39
pupnik_yes, the two slots on the n800 surprised me..09:39
*** MaemoUS has quit IRC09:40
erstaziwell, pupnik_ I can see why they did that, its lacking a harddrive so they had to compensate it09:40
erstazipersonally, I am satisfied with rs-mmc's prices compared to the price of SD memory09:40
pupnik_i think i paid 80 euro for 2 GB09:41
*** MaemoUS has joined #MAEMO09:42
erstazihi MaemoUS09:42
pupnik_also the durability... i love how hard the plastic is on the 770, plus the strong aluminum case09:42
erstazipupnik_, my 770 has taken a beaten so far09:43
erstaziI have been worried about the screen a few times but nothing is wrong with it09:43
*** MaemoUS has quit IRC09:43
erstaziwell, you type hi, they leave09:45
pupnik_do you have a debian based pc?09:48
*** BladeRunner has left #maemo09:49
erstaziso does my wife and the kids use DSL09:49
*** Chiliblue has joined #maemo09:51
erstazipupnik_, yourself?09:51
* pupnik_ is *cough* testing playstation emulators09:51
erstazipupnik_, debian has gone a long way, and honestly, I didn't know it was around when slackware was, because I would have used it then09:52
pupnik_yea i started with slackware redhat back in the 90s, played with suse and gentoo then discovered kanotix community back in 2003 or so09:52
ffoegboyCan anyone tell me what the best 8GB SHDC card is for the n800?09:52
pupnik_since then it's been debian sid09:52
pupnik_anyway nice to hear you have debian experience erstazi  - makes porting stuff easier09:53
pupnik_ffoegboy: no idea09:53
ffoegboypupnik_, maybe they are all the same anyway?09:53
pupnik_i think not - search forums - maybe there are problem reports09:54
erstaziffoegboy, don't let them know you think that, then they will have to come up with another reason ones are more expensive than the others (:09:54
erstaziI use CentOS on my servers, except the one contract I am on, they wanted ubuntu and they got what they wanted09:55
pupnik_tee hee09:56
ffoegboyerstazi, ahmen to that LOL09:56
erstaziwell, sometimes I do say, "I do not suggest this (OS|DIstro)"09:57
erstazibut its rare09:57
erstaziits usually when they say that they want IIS running09:57
erstazithat I freeze up and give the deep stare09:57
pupnik_i hate how microsoft is 'infecting' universities09:58
pupnik_oh well09:58
erstazihonestly, I see a big push for open source anymore, but microsoft offers free discs to students09:59
pupnik_if your kids like jump-n-run games they might like Secret Maryo Chronicles (new 1.0 just hit debian sid)09:59
erstaziI will have to check that deb out10:00
pupnik_needs opengl (any card will do)10:01
erstazisadly, they just like myspace and those pathetic sites10:01
erstaziI might block those sites10:01
erstaziseriously, too much drama these kids are having10:01
pupnik_drama? myspace?10:01
erstaziyes, these kids argue with each other on myspace10:02
pupnik_too much of anything is bad i guess...10:02
erstaziof course10:02
erstaziI was only allowed 2 hours on the pc when I was their age10:02
erstaziwait, it was less than that10:03
pupnik_btw re: "too much of something" - everyone on the internet should read E.M. Forster's 1904 short story 'The Machine Stops' which predicted the internet10:03
pupnik_and the social effects10:03
erstaziduring when school was in session, it was an hour10:03
erstaziI bet that is on ebook10:03
pupnik_heh.. nice10:03
pupnik_it's online in html form10:03
pupnik_it's pretty uncanny - shortly after the introduction of electricity someone evisions a society and things like myspace10:04
infobotpupnik_ meant: it's pretty uncanny - shortly after the introduction of electricity someone evisions a society with things like myspace10:04
Chiliblueerstazi what was the repository you mentioned?10:04
erstaziChiliblue, um, which one?   ?10:05
Chiliblueso do I use the allication installing app and add that to this or just edit the sources.list on the n770 in bash10:06
erstaziI would like to thank Nokia for shipping two styli with my nokia, I use the one as a reason to quit smoking10:07
*** philipl has quit IRC10:07
Chiliblueoh erstazi I ended up with beardrop not openssh....could find the compatible version of openssh for some reason10:07
erstaziChiliblue, first, thats only for the 770, second, I would ssh to your nokia, then copy and paste it into your sources.list10:07
erstaziChiliblue, osso-openssh10:08
pupnik_heh /me will try the stylus in mouth trick also10:08
*** DempaRose has joined #maemo10:08
erstazipupnik_, well, I am a hypocrite, I am smoking right now10:08
pupnik_me too10:08
erstazibut it does help curve the cravings, so does chantix (sp)10:08
Chilibluegood point, I only installed the client not the server in any case10:08
pupnik_american spirit organic tobacco though - no additives10:09
erstaziits a newer drug out there that you smoke while you are on it, and it basically takes away the physical cravings of nicotine10:09
pupnik_yes i read of it10:09
erstazipupnik_, I smoke Pall Malls10:09
erstaziChiliblue, personally, I find it easier to ssh sometimes10:10
erstaziI do, when I am on the road, use the virtual keyboard10:10
erstazimaybe soon I will buy one of the compatible bluetooth keyboards but no rush10:11
*** Chili has joined #maemo10:11
erstazihi DempaRose10:11
erstaziChili, you got a ghost?10:11
DempaRosehi all! Is somebody else having problems with ncursses-bin beeing broken?10:11
erstaziDempaRose, which OS/maemo do you have10:11
Chilierstazi, what I have is the worst DSL line in the world10:12
DempaRoseos2007, the newest version10:12
erstaziChili, I can think of worse haha10:12
erstaziDempaRose, n800?10:12
erstaziDempaRose, as opposed to 770 with os2007 (just making sure)10:13
erstaziDempaRose, with OS2007, I am not sure about ncurses-bin being broken, are you sure you got the right one for your OS?10:13
DempaRoseno, n800 with os200710:13
DempaRosencurses-bin 5.5-1mh2 is the version10:14
erstaziDempaRose, are you trying to install it?10:14
DempaRoseit's installed but broken10:15
*** ffoegboy has quit IRC10:16
DempaRoseupdate available but refuses to install due to breakage with the installed version10:16
erstaziDempaRose, you might want to reinstall it10:17
DempaRosetrying to uninstall it just gives me an error10:19
erstaziwhat does it say?10:19
erstaziseems like you need to reconfigure the package10:20
DempaRose“could not remove package ncurses-bin“10:20
erstaziDempaRose, do you have xterm?10:21
erstazihold a sec10:22
DempaRoseapt-get remove ncurses-bin tells me too reinstall before uninstalling10:23
erstaziyou might need ncurses-base10:23
erstazitry apt-get install ncurses-base10:23
sumawhich Media Streamer in linux is good for nokia 770 ?10:26
DempaRosefails, mv: /usr/bin/clear no such file or dir10:26
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo10:26
erstazisuma, the one in the repos or maemo (same thing) are good10:27
erstaziDempaRose, odd10:27
erstaziDempaRose, check on for ncurses-base10:27
erstaziI think that might be your problem10:27
erstazibut I could be wrong10:27
sumaerstazi: Media Streamer Server to serve files to nokia 770 !10:27
DempaRoseok, hold on10:27
erstazisuma, haha sorry, I would use slimserver (I use that) or xmms(2)d server10:28
erstazislimserver is nice though (:10:28
erstazihi saerdnaer10:29
*** jhe has quit IRC10:29
*** kabtoffe has quit IRC10:29
sumai see, i have gmediastreamer but for somereason it did not work10:30
sumai will check it out10:30
DempaRoseno ncurses-base at when I search :s10:31
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC10:32
erstaziok, I am going to read The Machine Stops10:32
erstazinight all10:32
pupnik_:) cool - cu10:34
*** guardian has joined #maemo10:35
*** Chiliblue has quit IRC10:38
erstazioh christ, its on audio as well, I can stream the book being read to me10:38
erstazisaves my eye sight!10:38
erstaziok good night10:38
*** Dibblah has joined #maemo10:38
*** oil_ is now known as oil10:39
setiteanyone here10:43
setiteim curious if anyone has experience using two routers10:44
setitei wanna use my second router as a wireless AP>. but im trying to see if i can get it to connect to the same home network as my wired computers... without wiring them to the same router10:44
bldewolfin what way?10:44
setitei had it set up in AP mode10:45
pupnik_use the router's LAN port10:45
setiteseemed to be working but then it stopped10:45
bldewolfI have a wireless router setup like that, kind of.  Turn off DHCP and plug it in to everything else through a LAN port10:45
setitewell if i dont set it to AP the second router goes and plays in the corner by itself10:45
setiteok... problem now is i think i changed its webadmin page and now i cant get into its settings... stupid me10:46
setiteim gonna have to hold the reset button longer10:46
bldewolfthe other way is to plug in the wan port and let it play like it's on its own network, which works if you just want to get out to the internet10:46
DibblahOn a more Maemo theme, has anyone made a set of udev rules for external keyboards, etc on the N770?10:46
setitenah bldewolf thats no good.. i need my n800 to see my other home media10:46
bldewolfyeah, I figured10:46
Dibblahmaemo-gtk-im-switch, etc...10:46
DibblahHaven't figured out udev yet :((10:46
bldewolfsetite, I have my wireless router as and my main one is, so I can still get to the config page.  Then adjust the DHCP range on your main router to exclude that IP and you're set10:49
setiteok i got it to reset now i can work on making sure the settings are right10:49
setiteso disable dhcp10:49
bldewolfyeah, your main one does DHCP right?  two dhcp servers tends to cause chaos10:50
setiteyea it does10:50
setiteimma turn on access point mode10:50
setiteits odd because canola worked sorta for a minute10:54
setiteit saw the orb service that is on my home network10:54
setiteso i installed tversity.. trying to figure ou thow it works10:54
pupnik_that lets you switch channels and transcode live video ?10:55
setitesomething like that10:57
setiteit will transcode the media on my system10:57
setitenot sure its actual tv capabilities10:57
setitehow many of you utilize a dyndns for a home server10:57
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik11:00
setitethey sport automatic configuration for the n80011:00
setiteim tryign to use dyndns to set up a simple way to access my media11:02
setitei have the dyndns working11:02
setitebtut whenever i access it all i get is the webadmin page for my router11:03
pupnikdo you have other wlan devices like a laptop or computer with wlan?11:04
setitei should.. having a helluva time finding my usb wifi stick11:04
setitebut right now im working on being able to access from anywhere.. ive abandoned the home network thing when i realized i didnt need it11:05
pupniki'm not sure i understand 'dyndns'11:05
pupnikyou mean dhcp?11:05
setitetversity should give me a nice gui on the web... so if i point it to the right url tversity's gui should show up11:05
setiteno dyndns.. for accessing a pc from anywhere.. i basically made a url for my pc11:06
pupnikoh i get it11:06
setitelike and my router has the credentials and will update the ip associated with that whenever it changes11:06
pupnikit can be hard to test from inside your network11:07
setitei think i may take the credentials off the router and update dyndns from an actual software app.. i dont need to access my router admin from a remote location... it would be nice to do if my router could be restarted from there as it often stays running but stops routing11:07
setitewell it works11:08
setitei can access my router's admin page from any pc11:08
setitei tried it tethered to my cellphones data11:08
pupnikah ok11:08
setitebut i cant figure out how to access my webserver from outside the network11:09
setiteso thats a problem11:09
rwhitbysetite: what type of router is it?11:09
rwhitbyif you can run openwrt on it, then you're set.11:09
pupnikdid you set up a rule to forward port 80 to an internal pc?11:09
setitei should be able to access my media two ways right now.. through tversity's gui which will transcode for me.. and through an apache webserver where i can actually download the media11:09
setiteyea from what ive read openwrt wont work11:10
setiteits a linksys befsr41v311:10
rwhitbywhat router is it11:10
rwhitby(cause what people read is usually wrong)11:10
rwhitbyok, you've probably read right for that one :-)11:10
setitei think there was something about my model not having enough ram.. or there was more than one model and the way of determining if it was the right one was too tedious and i said phuck it11:10
setitethis si not really a routing issue.. at least i dont think so11:11
rwhitbystep one in buying a router is to make sure there is open source replacement firmware for it ;-)11:11
setitewell this router was bought like 5 or more years ago :)11:11
setitewasnt thinking about openwrt then11:11
rwhitbywell, if it could run openwrt, then you could one of the built in dyndns agents, and use the x-wrt gui to do all your firewalling and port forwarding in a user friendly manner11:11
sumacan someone suggest Media Streamer Server to serve files to nokia 770 ?11:12
setiteok well removing the credentials didnt chagne anything11:12
setitethis is what its going to do.. so i need to find a way to perhaps put my webserver on the outside11:13
setiteim scared of DMZ though11:13
* pupnik is still too happy to have linux on a pda11:14
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC11:14
pupniksuma, i don't know.  i set up a shared directory on pc and play the media that way11:15
setiteok i read wrong11:16
setiteit works through canola11:16
setiteso lemme open canola11:16
*** DempaRose has quit IRC11:18
setitehey pupnik can you help me with canola11:22
setitei have no idea how to use it11:22
*** melmoth has joined #maemo11:22
pupnikme neither11:23
* timelyx cries11:25
timelyxwhat am i supposed to say to this guy?11:25
setitetell him to piss off :)11:27
melmothask him how to reproduce the problem11:27
setiteman i am at a loss for why my maemo is on crack...11:27
setiteask him to buy you a blueberry bagel with philadelphia cream cheese.. lots of creem chees11:29
setitecream cheese*11:29
setiteok my canola is definitely acting up now11:32
setitewhen i go to view shared video or audio.. the loagind circle never stops turning and nothing shows up11:32
*** dolske has quit IRC11:33
sumapupnik: you need samba client to access those ones right ?11:33
pupniksamba or nfs11:33
*** dolske has joined #maemo11:36
setitei liek nfs11:37
setitebut its evil11:37
setiteits not made for windozers like m11:37
setitei mean im not an idiot by a long shot.. despite how stupid i seem on here.. most of my questions are more of me thinking out loud than asking...11:37
setitebut nfs proved to be a pain in my ass to set up without a step by step guide11:38
pupnikboth works11:38
setitenfs is so much better11:39
setitestreams HD transport streams11:39
setitesamba doesnt11:39
pupniki didn't know this11:39
setiteyea streaming is alot of what i do11:40
setitei like to be able to stream to every toy i know11:40
setitei have an hd projector.. and strreaming hd content over samba simply didnt work for more than about 3 seconds11:40
pupnikwaah i want a projector too11:41
pupnikeventually i would like to control my pvr throughout the house with 77011:41
setitebut NFS not only moves through all the menus as if you were browsing directories from the same device.. but starts up the streams almost immediately and doesnt stutter on hd11:41
pupnikset recording times, preview stuff11:41
setitethat would be known as a upnp remote?11:41
pupniki don't know i have to see what people are doing11:42
setiteoh canola has a room here11:42
setiteoh man.. that channel is a joke11:42
pupnikdo you run a pvr type device for recording tv?11:43
setitei wish11:44
setitei need a better pvr11:44
setiteonly one i have is a gay scientific atlanta hd cable box/dvr11:45
setitebut its a pretty locked down device11:45
setitei suppose when i figure out how to use firewire i can start getting shit off it11:45
setitei should ask you11:45
setitewhats iwth firewire11:45
setitethere are more than one types.. like the amoutn of pins or something11:45
pupniki bought a hauppauge dual analog card which should be good enough for low-bandwidth captures11:45
setitei have a fusion hdtv 3 hd tuner card and a wintv 1500 methinks11:46
setitei have them in a rig that is supposed to be a htpc11:46
setitebut i made the mistake of installing vista11:46
setiteand its been fighting me because the new samba implementation doesnt play fair11:47
setitemade my hd media box worthless since it doesnt support the new protocol11:47
pupnikmicrosoft likes to break their compatibility with 'improvements'11:47
setitehow do i restart my n80011:47
setitei seem to be missing the manual11:47
pupnikthere's this power button on top11:47
setitewell i mean like really restart it11:48
setiteis that a true restart11:48
setitepressing ans selecting shut off11:48
setitecanola site says11:48
setiteAfter installation, reboot the device without the cable plugged in11:48
setiteHold the fullscreen button while touching the arrows to make a "page end" or "home"11:48
pupnikyou can send it to me, i'll restart it for you11:48
pupnik(might take a few weeks though) :)11:49
setitecan i plug in the headphones but still make audio play throught hte speakers11:50
JaffaMorning, all11:53
setitemorning Jaffa11:53
pupnikdon't know11:53
setiteuse Canola Jaffa?11:53
Jaffasetite: yes, but only in the FM Radio IIRC11:53
setitei thought so11:53
setitei saw it make some error saying failed to swithc audio...11:53
JaffaRebooting after installing Canola is something I've never done (well, immediately anyway)11:53
setiteany idea why my canola decided to stop working11:54
setitefirst time i ran it it saw my upnp servers perfectly11:54
Jaffa770/N800? What OS versioin and what does "stop working" mean?11:54
setitenow it just searches endlessly11:54
* Jaffa finds UPnP in any implementation flaky so tends not to use it, TBH.11:54
setitewell it used to find the servers, aka tversity and orb, now it doesnt11:55
setitewell without a mem card as of yet.. no choice do i have master jedi11:55
JaffaThe servers *are* running, you're connected to the same network as them etc.?11:55
timelyxsetite: WONTFIX: "no we can't let you know when the bugs are out"?11:55
setitenice timelyx11:55
setitewell thats where the confusion is11:55
setitenow i havent changed the way my network is operating11:56
setiteso my answer to that question is yes11:56
setitei have two routers11:56
timelyxmelmoth: that's the alternative11:56
Jaffasetite: UPnP only works on the same subnet AIUI11:56
timelyxbut is it really worth it in a bug that starts this bad? :(11:56
setiteone acting as an actual router with all the trimmings.. then a belkin pure shite 2000 wifi router in AP mode... connected to a lan port on ym wired router11:56
setiteyea jaffa i think i am on the same subnet11:57
setitei mean it worked earlier11:57
setitemy orb upnp server showed up11:57
setitebut orb is the devil you know11:57
Jaffatimelyx: want me to comment?11:57
timelyxJaffa: please11:57
setitethis fm tuner is cool11:59
setitei wish it was better though11:59
setitei didnt expect it to pick up the weak stations though11:59
setitecan the n800 get better12:00
setitei mean the touchscreen response is amazing12:00
setiteif i stick my arms out it picks up a station my clock radio cant12:01
setiteoh shit12:01
setitethey have a webstream12:01
setitei should use that12:02
setitegotta figure otu how12:02
setitedang the lack of talking from all of you makes me feel like a channel jacker12:02
*** behdad has quit IRC12:02
Jaffatimelyx: done12:03
* Jaffa likes ranting at other people's users, it seems to be the best for everyone :)12:03
timelyxheh, yes12:04
setitehey how do i play off12:05
timelyxsetite: you need to install gstreamer-ogg or something12:05
setiteok so i need to add a repo to app manager?12:05
zeenixJaffa: you sound like that vogon guard from h2g2 who was setified with his job because he like the 'shouting at prisoners' part :)12:06
Jaffazeenix: I had a bad week at work and I'm doing more of it today.12:06
timelyxzeenix: unfortunately, it's an important job12:06
JaffaFortunately, I don't have to put up with cow-erkers on a Sunday at home, just damn UTF-8 issues.12:06
timelyxhitchhiker's guide12:06
setitei thought thats what you mean12:06
setiteoh galaxy12:07
setitei got the h2.. the g2 had eluded me... get it now though12:07
timelyxtmtla ? :)12:07
setitezaphod is my kind12:07
setitetimelyx how do i install gstreamer-ogg12:07
timelyxanyway, it's a lot better for non owners to do the shouting12:07
setitedo i got find the deb or is there a smoother way12:08
timelyxsetite: good question12:08
timelyxi tried downloads.maemo.org12:08
timelyxand searched for "ogg"12:08
timelyxthe third hit has a green arrow and seems promising12:08
timelyxnote: i have enough problems w/ lawyers as it is, so i'm not installing it :)12:09
timelyxin fact, my todo list includes replacing ogg code w/ gstreamer code12:09
timelyxin case anyone's interested :)12:09
_Monkeyrumour has it erstazi is rusty on porting to a different arch12:11
Chiliok got ssh and xterm etc, have tried xchat..not sure that is really a go-er, also installed nano which would be ok over ssh but not much use with the virtual keyboard12:12
Chiliwhat next12:12
JaffaDepends what you want to do, Python sounds like something you'd want; maybe a better text editor (I'm happy with the built-in vi)12:13
timelyxpersonally i only value xterm+ssh12:14
timelyxfor everything else, use a real computer12:14
Jaffatimelyx: and your browser, presumably ;-)12:14
timelyxJaffa; well, ... sometimes12:14
setiteyay i love the n9800 again12:14
timelyxsetite =~ s/9//12:14
setitejust added my first web station to it12:14
* timelyx pokes a bot12:15
setitethat auto completer is cute12:16
_Monkeywell, which is why there haven't been official packages for it12:16
timelyx_Monkey: forget which12:16
_Monkeytimelyx: I forgot which12:16
timelyx_Monkey: which is <reply>12:16
_MonkeyOK, timelyx.12:16
timelyxgood bot12:16
timelyxgood riddance too12:17
*** jhe has joined #maemo12:17
setitei havent listened to this station in ages12:17
timelyx(how to silence a bot in 2 easy steps)12:17
timelyxyou can try it in one if you're brave12:17
*** jjazz has quit IRC12:17
* timelyx wonders which other words this bot picked up12:18
_Monkeyrumour has it this is worth chatting with the ubuntuites about12:18
*** jjazz has joined #maemo12:18
timelyx_Monkey: no, this is <reply>12:18
_Monkey...but this is worth chatting with the ubuntuites about...12:18
setitewhen i download a .install it saves the repo to my list right12:18
timelyxdarn :(12:18
timelyx_Monkey: forget this12:18
_Monkeytimelyx: I forgot this12:18
Jaffa_Monkey: forget this. this is <reply>12:18
_MonkeyJaffa, I didn't have anything matching this. this is <reply>12:18
timelyx_Monkey: this is <reply>12:18
_MonkeyOK, timelyx.12:18
setitegod when will i stop getting so giddy over this thing12:19
setiteok testing ogg support12:19
timelyxthere is supposed to be a no verb somewhere in infobot lore. but i see to have lost memory of how to use it about 5 years ago12:19
Jaffasetite: when the battery runs flat faster than you want, it's in your room at night and constantly bleating at you to recharge it12:19
timelyx(well, perhaps calling it a verb is wrong, command?)12:20
setitestill a no go12:20
timelyxJaffa: i like the part where it glows and pulses waking you up12:20
setitejaffa ya that reminds me i need to buy a new battery for this thing stat12:20
setitei finally took it off the charger to start seeing how long it will last me12:20
timelyxsetite: how bright is your screen?12:21
timelyxi turn mine to 1 or 212:21
* Jaffa wouldn't mind a docking station so it could just be dropped in to charge rather than having cables lying around with 18 month old toddlers12:21
setiteok so where do i get protocols12:21
timelyxJaffa: can they shock themselves w/ the charger plug?12:21
setitei have it halfway12:21
setitewhich is surprisingly bright12:22
setitethe battery life calculator doesnt seem to respond to that12:22
Jaffatimelyx: theoretically, but fortunately that's not happened. More likely is him seeing the shiny gadget and running off with it.12:22
setiteits on 512:22
timelyxJaffa: heh12:22
timelyxsetite: it should if you give it a bit of time12:23
timelyxit's not the fastest update ime12:23
timelyxbut i definitely had it respond at times12:23
* timelyx fondly remembers when the idle time was shorter than the active time :)12:23
setiteok i need to install protocols12:23
setitei need my aim and msn12:23
setitegaim has neither.. apparently for gaim and pidgin i have to install protocols seperately?12:24
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo12:24
setitefbrreader doestn do pdf??? wtf12:24
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC12:25
setitespeaking of pdf i need to get the harry potter book in it so i can test the lopad times12:25
* timelyx just finished hp this morning12:25
* timelyx started friday evening12:25
setiteload times12:26
setitei finished it the friday before it came out12:26
setiteand then my preorder showed up in the post the following day :)12:27
setitekinda sad.. i started to reread the hardcopy but got bored12:27
* timelyx tries to decide which flavor evil12:29
setitecool the new phone update made OBEX work too12:29
setiteok now i can sleep12:30
setitethe n800 makes the perfect bookreader12:30
setiteopens a pdf almost faster than my dual core gaming rig12:30
setitewoot... night all12:30
setiteor morning all12:31
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo12:35
*** jjazz_ has joined #maemo12:38
*** Toma- has joined #maemo12:39
Toma-i cant install bash :S "  bash: Depends: base-files (>= 2.1.12) but it is not going to be installed"12:42
Toma-using mistral repos12:42
*** jjazz has quit IRC12:43
*** frob has quit IRC12:46
__pvsetite: you're aware that you can use msn etc via jabber gateways12:49
__pvso the native n770/n800 im client can grok them12:50
*** twogood has joined #maemo12:51
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo12:56
*** goloo has joined #maemo12:59
*** tank17 has quit IRC13:04
*** tank17 has joined #maemo13:08
*** slomo has joined #maemo13:12
*** axhixh has joined #maemo13:15
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo13:17
oilgreat upnp is working. streeming video from home linux to the n800.13:18
oilno only need to wait for couple of days to convert my movies to the correct format :)13:18
__pvare there transcoding-cabable linux upnp servers?13:19
__pvcouldn't find any13:19
oilneither did I. I'm using ushare as  the upnp server13:20
__pvI think mediatomb has something in the works, but it isn't ready yet13:22
*** MDK_ has joined #maemo13:25
*** MDK has quit IRC13:28
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC13:30
*** Chili has quit IRC13:30
*** Chili2 has joined #maemo13:30
*** Toma- has quit IRC13:31
*** MDK_ has quit IRC13:34
*** __pv has quit IRC13:51
*** __pv has joined #maemo13:51
pupnikmythtv transcodes, don't know about upnp14:00
* pupnik just had a wonderful drive through a scenic countryside in a classic mercedes roadster14:01
solmumahai use vlc via http14:02
pupnikoh duh, that's the reason to have a media server - transcoding on the fly14:03
pupniksomehow forgot that14:03
*** Sho_ has quit IRC14:05
solmumahamediatomb should have something on next version but i wouldn't hold my breath14:05
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC14:06
oilI remember I read somewhere that mythtv would support upnp as well14:06
oilI tried to put mythtv some year ago. failed to make it really work and forgot whole thing.14:07
solmumahai have an ajax rails app that uses vlc via telnet to transcode movies/live-tv14:08
solmumahakind of like orb works (i guess)14:08
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:09
oilwhat is ajax anyway. I heve heard the term nowdays. but never did a wiki search for it.14:12
oilmaybe should do now14:12
oilah. java stuff. better to keep out of it ;)14:13
`0660it's not java stuff :P14:13
`0660javascript != java14:14
oilanyway it includes the scary word ;)14:14
sp3000<3 the sun & netscape alliance of yore14:15
`0660for me javascript is more scary than java :)14:16
solmumahawell it updates the pages without complete reload, only the part that needs updating14:17
solmumahabehaves like a normal program14:17
*** senuxis has joined #maemo14:31
*** wollop has joined #maemo14:32
*** oPless^ has joined #maemo14:32
*** andreas_ has joined #maemo14:35
andreas_hello @ all14:35
_Monkeysalut, pupnik14:36
*** andreas__ has joined #maemo14:37
*** script has joined #maemo14:37
andreas__i#ve got an elf binary here which i want to run on the nokia 77014:37
andreas__but nokia 770 means "unknown filetype"14:37
andreas__if i run from terminal it tells me there's a permission problem14:37
andreas__the binary is arm compiled, so it shall run without problems14:38
pupniknot necessarily14:38
pupnikis the binary located on vfat on mmc?14:38
pupnikmove it to /home/user and try again14:39
`0660and do you have the executable bit set? :)14:39
andreas__ok i will. its a programm called milkytracker ( a music tool14:39
andreas__see you later, my wife is waiting with meal ;)14:39
pupnikguten appetit14:39
andreas__starting by ./milkytracker - right?14:40
* pupnik afk eating lunch too14:40
andreas__@pupnik: derjenige mit dem ultima port?14:40
andreas__with this i also had the problem that it didn't start14:40
andreas__same prob as with milkytracker14:40
andreas__but i will try...14:40
andreas__thanks so far14:41
oilhei, should 770 also support upnp. at least the default audio and video players doens't seem to do that?14:41
andreas__(moved to debian 2 days ago from xp ;)14:41
*** andreas__ has quit IRC14:41
*** matt_c has quit IRC14:49
*** wolloper has quit IRC14:50
*** andreas_ has quit IRC14:54
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo14:56
*** strids has quit IRC14:59
* pupnik waves a magic wand over a black hat and murmurs incantations to summon zodttd15:01
pupnik... PRESTO!15:01
pupnik(no doubt about it, I gotta get another hat)15:01
*** tso has joined #maemo15:03
pupnikwb tso15:04
tsodid some more testing about that net radio, and im starting to suspect its more a issue with my net connection or something. some times it plays nicely for ages, and others its problem after problem...15:04
*** wollop has quit IRC15:07
oPlessprobably a dodgy router15:09
oPlessmy belkin keels over every so often15:09
*** colinl_ has quit IRC15:10
*** X-Fade has quit IRC15:12
Chili2is there a standalone wget.deb for OS200615:13
*** booiiing has quit IRC15:14
tsooPless: not unlikely. but it have worked nicely, more or less, when used with laptops.15:14
oPlessyeah, but how does it cope with laptop streaming?15:15
*** booiiing has joined #maemo15:15
tsoheh, only tested with so far, and i think it has done well imo15:15
tsobut then the antenna on the laptop is probably larger then on the 770 ;)15:16
oPlessalso it's not unheard of that wifi aps get bugs tickled by 'unusual' (read non-windows) wifi devices (eg. iphone)15:16
tsoas i see the signal % is below 50 most of the time15:16
oPlessyou don't get to see S-N ratio either15:17
oPlessS-N is much more important that signal strength :)15:17
tsohell, right now its below 20% :(15:18
oPlessmy mac goes apeshit when there's other APs about on the same channel - even if it only sees them due to the odd reflected signal15:18
oPlesstime to add another AP to your home network :)15:18
*** ajturner has joined #maemo15:19
tsolooks that way. and thats a bit strange as its at most 2 rooms between me and the box right now15:19
oPlessI've one in the office and one at the other end of the flat15:19
oPless2 rooms is more than enough15:19
oPlesstho I'm talking about british construction where we use brick :)15:20
*** Giuliastro has joined #maemo15:20
tsotry wood, scandinavian wood ;)15:20
*** Giuliastro has left #maemo15:21
pupnikmaybe you're near a radar installation? :)15:22
Jaffasolmumaha: is the app available? I was thinking of doing one before coming across gmyth-streamer but until that stabilises and I get around to doing a Freevo-backend...15:23
tsoor maybe its a issue with the old cabling in this house or something. basically i have no clue. i just hope to test it in other places soon15:24
*** Toma- has joined #maemo15:24
tsook, now i know why i love this radio "channel" :P15:26
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC15:28
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo15:30
Toma-trying to encode a video into a 770 friendly format, but the audio keeps going distorted15:31
JaffaToma-: what are you using?15:31
Toma-using and n700encode.sh15:31
Toma-following that basically15:32
* Jaffa wrote 770-encode, so doesn't have any problems.15:32
JaffaWhat's the source video and how distorted is the result?15:32
JaffaHow up-to-date is your mencoder?15:32
Toma-source video .avi: RIFF (little-endian) data, AVI, 512 x 384, 23.98 fps, video: XviD, audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (stereo, 48000 Hz)15:32
Toma-MEncoder 2:1.0~rc1-0ubuntu9.1 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team15:33
Toma-basically, it sounds very digitised distortion15:33
Toma-output audio is  audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (mono, 44100 Hz)15:33
Toma-is there another codec that might work better?15:35
JaffaDoes it play properly in mplayer (the original) on the same box?15:36
Toma-original is fine, converted is not15:36
Toma-(using mplayer)15:36
JaffaTry changing: "my @params = ( $inFile, '-o', $outFile, '-srate', 44100 );" to "my @params = ( $inFile, '-o', $outFile );" - that might help15:37
solmumahaJaffa: no, it's full of hardcoded paths etc15:37
Toma-ok thanks15:37
solmumahabut one could easily make a proper version of it15:37
Jaffasolmumaha: fair enuf15:37
solmumahaif there's interest15:38
pupnikfor animated stuff i use:  mencoder -srate 22050 -channels 1 -oac mp3lame -lameopts lowpassfreq=10500:mode=3:vbr=0:br=64 -af volnorm,channels=1 -ovc lavc -xvidencopts bitrate=400:vhq=4:lumi_mask:cartoon  -vf-add hqdn3d=09:0:10 -ofps 12.5 2> /dev/nul  (i think)15:38
solmumahafor me, mythtv is a too big depency15:39
Toma-Jaffa: same problem15:39
Jaffasolmumaha: indeed, the advantage that gmyth-streamer will have (AFAICT) is that it will support multiple backends, not just MythTV.15:39
pupnikhmm where's the -vcodec15:40
*** xtuc has joined #maemo15:40
*** Chili2 has quit IRC15:41
*** Chili2 has joined #maemo15:41
solmumahaJaffa: sounds good, vlc works ok, but using a browser for selecting media is not the nicest solution15:42
xtuchow can i ping as user? i get this: ping: permission denied. (are you root?)15:42
JaffaToma-: ok. Can you paste the output of the "starting mencoder" line?15:43
*** axhixh_ has joined #maemo15:44
pupnikxtuc: you can see the permissions of your ping command with ls -l `which ping`15:45
Jaffaping needs to be run as root.15:45
pupniki don't even have a ping on this 77015:45
Toma-Jaffa: heres the whole thing
saerdnaeror use sudo15:45
JaffaGenerally doesn't on a desktop Linux as the binary can be setuid root, but as this is busybox ping, that'd be a bad idea.15:45
JaffaToma-: hmm15:47
xtucok, thanks, but how to get root in the X Terminal? if i do su - user , i get su: applet requires root privileges?15:47
Toma-i agree. hmm. :)15:47
tsolooks like i most definetly have a wifi issue. just tried to stream some realmedia from bbcworld, and if failed badly even at 56k :(15:47
pupnik_Monkey: gainroot?15:47
_Monkeypupnik: bugger all, i dunno15:47
Jaffa_Monkey: becomeroot?15:48
pupnikwho erased gainroot from monkey?15:48
_Monkeyi guess becomeroot is is easily obtained from [770/OS2006] or [770/OS2007HE and N800/OS2007] or for a more long winded method
pupnikoh duh15:48
sp3000wow, that wiki page looks amusingly broken15:48
xtucgainroot brings: chroot: cannot change root directory to /mnt/initfs: Operation not permitted15:49
*** vivijim has joined #maemo15:49
tsoi take it becomeroot is well tested? i dont feel like bricking my 770 :(15:50
oPlesshow hard is gainroot to get? install dropbear ssh to device as root/rootme, and then edit a file15:50
Jaffatso: becomeroot has never caused any problems for me, or anyone else I know.15:51
oPlessadmittedly if I was doing it for myself I'd have just edited sudoers or changed the su password15:51
*** Giuliastro has joined #Maemo15:52
oPlessgainroot seems a little banal15:52
JaffaoPless: because it's easier to install one package than install one package, open xterm, start sshd, ssh to localhost, edit a file and hope you get it right?15:52
JaffaoPless: it's not necessary, it's just *easy*15:52
oPlessJaffa: no I mean running 'gainroot' - why not just su ? or is that not +s ?15:52
JaffaoPless: ISTR there isn't an su, just sudo. And a locked down /etc/sudoers.15:53
Toma-Jaffa: can i change the audio codec?15:54
*** Giuliastro has left #Maemo15:54
oPlesssu is part of busybox, hence not suid15:54
JaffaToma-: yeah, but to what I've no idea :-/15:54
*** hendryx has joined #maemo15:55
tsowhats the command to start dropbear. the one on the wiki dont seem to do much...15:57
pupnik/etc/init.d/dropbear start15:58
tsooh duh...15:59
*** axhixh has quit IRC15:59
*** matt_c has joined #maemo16:01
*** senuxis has quit IRC16:02
*** axhixh_ has quit IRC16:05
tsohmm, i started. but no info about what port...16:06
Jaffaor 2222 if non-root IIRC16:07
tsoneither responds...16:07
*** cktakahasi has joined #maemo16:12
tsohmm, no route to host?16:14
tsoweird. it seems that the datacall setting affects how long 770 keeps the wifi connection open :S16:18
*** wollop has joined #maemo16:20
*** cbx33 has joined #maemo16:23
*** frob has joined #maemo16:23
cbx33hi how do i debug gstreamer with python on the n80016:24
*** Zword has quit IRC16:27
pupnikyou don't16:27
*** krau has quit IRC16:27
devcbx33: use the GSTREAMER_DEBUG environment variable16:28
cbx33dev cool.......example?16:29
*** Toma- has quit IRC16:29
cbx33not GST_DEBUG ?16:30
cbx33or does it have to be compiled with it?16:31
devGST_DEBUG=*:5 should give you a lot of output16:31
cbx33i get nothing16:37
*** VimS has joined #maemo16:38
*** Zword has joined #maemo16:46
cbx33that's my code16:50
cbx33the dynamic pads bit doen't print16:50
cbx33but it works on a normal pc16:51
Chili2whats the best pim for 0s200616:52
*** cktakahasi has quit IRC16:55
devcbx33: yeah, I recall having had a lot of trouble with that too16:56
*** _Andreas2 has joined #maemo16:56
*** Chili has joined #maemo16:57
cbx33dev, if you could take a look at some point i'd be most greatful16:57
devcbx33: only help I can give you at the moment is to point you to my pipeline
*** matt_c_ has joined #maemo16:59
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:00
devit works, and as I've been told that the gstreamer parts will get some revision for one of the next release I haven't invested too much time in it17:00
cbx33when is the next release scheduled17:02
cbx33are thete any maemo gstreamer gurus any one knows?17:03
devthis only Nokia and time can tell :-)17:03
devbut to be honest, I've no idea17:03
devthere are quite some around17:03
cbx33i just really want to get this working17:04
devbut most of them are on #gstreamer17:04
devit looks like there are some bugs in the current gstreamer parts on Maemo17:05
devI had to bring down the pipeline every time to not get the dsp into some undefined state17:06
*** oPless^ has quit IRC17:06
_Monkeyniihau, greyg0017:07
greyg00niihau;) you're chinese ?17:08
tsoheh, you know there is something strange when a bluetooth keyboard is more expensive then the device itself...17:10
greyg00mh, i paid 69 euro for mine ...17:10
tsointeresting, expansys have removed their 770 offer :)17:10
tsowhat brand would that be greyg00?17:12
greyg00some noname thinngy from a german online shop17:13
_Andreas2hi there17:13
_Monkeyque tal, _Andreas217:13
_Andreas2how can i run a simple elf-programm on the 770?17:14
greyg00its not bt hid but serial, so i guess its the worst available, but good enpugh for my needs17:14
_Andreas2theres no shortcut or so17:14
greyg00i mostly use synergy anyway17:14
pupnikgreyg00: any problems entering text into first browser window with synergy?17:15
Jaffa_Andreas2: if it's not the ARMEL EABI, you can't run it on anything later than OS 200517:15
pupnikcorrection: into the address entry field17:15
_Andreas2for example the tool xournal from the repository...17:16
*** Chili2 has quit IRC17:16
_Andreas2runs well thru menu shortcut but not from term17:16
greyg00pupnik: not realized yet if there is any17:16
greyg00afk again ...17:16
pupnikgreyg00: might be an issue with the version of synergy i have installed.  last time i ran synergy with it2007he i had no quirks on entry (after setting the xim input method)17:17
_Andreas2@pupnik: you've got pm ;)17:17
pupnik_Andreas2: your nick needs to be registered to send pm17:17
pupnik /msg nickserv help for info17:18
pupnikor join channel #andr17:18
*** ajturner has quit IRC17:26
*** bilboed has joined #maemo17:29
*** MaemoUS has joined #maemo17:30
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo17:30
*** cbx33 has quit IRC17:30
*** pupnik is now known as arnimzzz17:30
Chiliis ther a smb client for os200617:33
*** MaemoUS has quit IRC17:33
*** __Andreas__ has joined #maemo17:35
*** __Andreas__ has quit IRC17:37
tsohmm, converted a pdf to html. but when i try to load said html into fbreader, the program crash...17:38
*** guardian has quit IRC17:39
*** guardian_ is now known as guardian17:40
*** _Andreas2 has quit IRC17:40
*** t][s][o has joined #maemo17:42
*** MaemoUS has joined #MAEMO17:43
*** VimS has quit IRC17:43
MaemoUShi somebody knows what to do for the scrollbars follow the bottom of a textview?17:45
melmothwhat do you mean by 'follow' ?17:47
MaemoUSwhen the a line is appended on the textview the scrollbar move down fl17:48
MaemoUSfollowing the text17:48
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo17:49
melmothi think it something like putting a mark at the ned of the text, and tell the textview to go to that mark17:49
melmothwith scroll_to_mark()17:51
t][s][ohrmf, tried to run FBreader in the xterm just to see what the error was: killed17:51
*** guardian has quit IRC17:51
*** guardian_ is now known as guardian17:52
MaemoUSthanks ill try that i m using textbuffer but sometimes the scroll don~t follow17:52
melmothMaemoUS, what kind of stuff are you writing ?17:54
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo17:55
MaemoUSan irc client i~am writing from it17:56
*** VimS has joined #maemo17:56
*** UKP has joined #maemo17:56
*** monteslu has quit IRC17:56
melmothhmm, may be there is something more convenient than scrolling to a mark for a never ending sort of text stream such as irc stream17:57
*** tso has quit IRC17:57
*** t][s][o is now known as tso17:58
MaemoUSyes i was trying to search some property for this but i don~t find a good documentation17:58
melmothscroll_to_iter seems more fitted17:59
MaemoUSfor every message i would have to scroll down in every window channel17:59
melmothi am afraid that s the way....18:00
melmothyou may want to have a look in xchat sources to see how they do it18:00
melmoth (and devhelp are your friends if you are not already aware of this :) )18:00
*** Sho_ has quit IRC18:03
MaemoUSthanks i ll try to look there18:03
*** vmarks has quit IRC18:03
*** Chili2 has joined #maemo18:11
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo18:11
MaemoUSwhats the devhelp URL?18:18
melmothit s not a url, it something you install18:18
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo18:18
melmothapt-get install devhelp should do the trick18:19
MaemoUSi ve already have installed hehehe thanks18:22
*** bilboed_ has joined #maemo18:23
*** bilboed has quit IRC18:25
*** xtuc has quit IRC18:27
*** bilboed_ has quit IRC18:27
*** Chili has quit IRC18:29
*** vol has joined #maemo18:31
*** matt_c_ has quit IRC18:35
*** rtcm has joined #maemo18:37
tsohmm, that pdf reader works ok, ones one have learned how it operates...18:38
*** vmarks has joined #maemo18:42
*** vol_ has quit IRC18:43
*** bilboed_ has joined #maemo18:45
*** danillo has joined #maemo18:45
*** danillo has left #maemo18:46
*** juco2 has joined #maemo18:47
*** rhsanborn has joined #maemo18:52
rhsanbornany python gurus here?18:52
rhsanbornPython apparently has a built in function that allows for basic image manipulation, such as resizing, and I'm curious if that function is included in the build for the n80018:54
devrhsanborn: that the PIL module python-imaging18:54
jonnylambRead this for info on the removed modules in pymaemo:
*** __shawn has joined #maemo18:55
rhsanbornfirst, I'm going to open a py console and try the image resize command to see if it's there. Gotta figure out what it is though18:56
rhsanbornThat alone would mean that I could use my tablet for everything I need and I wouldn't need to buy a laptop :P18:57
*** W_I has joined #maemo19:02
rhsanbornI ran the command import Image, I suppose if the image library wasnt present, it should have given me an error?19:03
jonnylambYes, and ImportError.19:04
infobotjonnylamb meant: Yes, an ImportError.19:04
rhsanbornthanks, thats very good. Now I just need to write a quick and dirty resize script. That will be perfect19:05
rhsanbornThanks guys19:05
*** rtcm has quit IRC19:07
UKPI'm trying to compile xchat (because I want enable plugin support) using the vmware dev appliance, and I applied the 2.8.0 patch the guy made earlier in the year, but getting linker errors on the touchpad stuff - any chance someone can help?19:12
*** guardian has quit IRC19:22
*** eichi has joined #maemo19:23
*** bilboed_ has quit IRC19:25
*** zwnj has quit IRC19:29
*** zwnj has joined #maemo19:30
*** guardian has joined #maemo19:32
*** ajturner has joined #maemo19:33
*** feig has joined #maemo19:40
*** Chili2 has quit IRC19:40
*** senuxis has joined #maemo19:42
*** qgil has joined #maemo19:42
*** ajturner has quit IRC19:47
*** ajturner has joined #maemo19:47
*** melmoth has quit IRC19:47
*** hendryx has quit IRC19:48
*** Chili2 has joined #maemo19:49
UKPsuccess, got xchat to compile with plugin support19:53
*** rhsanborn has left #maemo19:53
*** senuxis has left #maemo19:58
*** MaemoUS has quit IRC20:00
*** juco2 has quit IRC20:03
*** rhsanborn has joined #maemo20:04
rhsanbornThe python imaging library appears to work. I havent looked at the images that it spits out yet. The only problem is that it takes at least 2-3 minutes per picture. To do a large batch would kill the battery before it finished20:07
*** vivijim has left #maemo20:08
setitehello everybody20:10
eichithere is no airdump app on my maemo..I installed aircrack-ng and aircrack-pwt and wirelesstools..what do I need ?20:11
setiteManchester United!!!20:12
setitehey eichi how did you instrall aircrack20:13
setiteim a little nublet...20:13
setitedid you grab a deb for it?20:13
setiteor did you compile it20:13
*** UKP has quit IRC20:13
*** rhsanborn has left #maemo20:16
eichifrom apt20:18
setitewhat repo20:22
*** Chili has joined #maemo20:23
*** vmarks has quit IRC20:31
*** matt_c has joined #maemo20:32
setiteoooh bootmenu20:33
setitethats how you boot to alternate os20:33
*** colinl has joined #maemo20:33
setitegod i love this little devil20:33
*** gomiam has joined #maemo20:34
*** amr has quit IRC20:36
*** amr has joined #maemo20:36
*** Chili2 has quit IRC20:40
*** Chili2 has joined #maemo20:40
*** jerrell_ has joined #maemo20:41
*** jerrell has quit IRC20:41
*** Chili has quit IRC20:58
*** mazzen has joined #maemo21:03
*** feig has quit IRC21:03
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*** melmoth has joined #maemo21:08
*** mazzen has quit IRC21:15
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*** mazzen has joined #maemo21:15
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo21:15
*** mazzen has joined #maemo21:16
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo21:16
*** Chili has joined #maemo21:17
*** jnettlet has quit IRC21:17
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*** jnettlet has joined #maemo21:23
*** NickDe has joined #maemo21:26
*** guardian has quit IRC21:27
*** guardian_ is now known as guardian21:27
*** andreas__ has joined #maemo21:28
*** Mycrof1 has joined #Maemo21:30
*** Chili2 has quit IRC21:31
Mycrof1?- ctorrent won't install on n800 with the latest firmware. Any alternatives?21:32
*** Chili2 has joined #maemo21:32
*** mazzen has quit IRC21:33
*** molkko has joined #maemo21:33
*** Mycrof1 has left #Maemo21:34
*** setite has joined #maemo21:37
setitewhat are some good phones to use with the n800 that are cheap21:37
bldewolfanyone around with scratchbox experience?21:39
`0660the scratchbox experience :)21:40
setite::french accent::zhe experiounce21:40
*** andreas__ has quit IRC21:48
*** Chili has quit IRC21:50
*** florian has joined #maemo21:54
sumahow can i access my samba share using nokia 770 ?21:55
sumausing nokia 2006 os21:55
sumasomeone please help21:55
*** eichi has quit IRC22:00
*** jerrell_ is now known as jerrell22:04
amrsuma, in the wiki there is a guide22:09
amrwindows cifs iirc22:09
*** vmarks has joined #maemo22:09
*** Chili has joined #maemo22:10
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:11
amrwhere can i find some cool radio streams22:15
*** kerwood|afk is now known as kerwood22:21
sumaamr, got it worked fine22:21
sumaamr anyway to get openvpn working ?22:22
sumawith the compression22:22
amrnever tried vpn sorry22:23
sumaamr thanks for the help22:23
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC22:25
*** Chili2 has quit IRC22:28
*** molkko has quit IRC22:33
*** frob is now known as shackan22:36
*** zumbi_ has joined #maemo22:42
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*** pdz has joined #maemo23:01
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*** eichi has joined #maemo23:25
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*** MDK has joined #maemo23:33
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*** MDK has quit IRC23:48
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo23:52
*** pdz- has joined #maemo23:53
*** senuxis has quit IRC23:55
_MonkeyGuten Tag, sbaturzio!23:55
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo23:58
*** senuxis has joined #maemo23:59

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