IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2007-08-03

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Fatalnm, got it00:02
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amrwhat kind of console emulators are available?00:17
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red-zackamr: xterm for example00:26
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amri meant games console, i know there is a nes one00:31
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red-zackpupnik: ich kann "irgendwie" nichts mehr installieren. genug speicher ist vorhanden. meldung "operation failed"  hab auch keine root rechte bislang, also system zerschießen faellt da wohl auch flach.00:36
red-zackhabs nun schon mit knapp 5 installs versucht00:37
red-zackund applivation manager sagt mir, bei installed apps, das keine installiert seien, obwohl da einiges drauf ist.00:37
red-zackals ich das letzte mal reinguckte, war da auch ne menge00:38
red-zackkann alls "normal" nutzen, appz, games, etc00:38
unique311so is someone porting cheese to maemo....00:39
unique311looks really nice00:39
unique311amr, fceu xmame nes00:40
unique311pupnik is working on others i think00:40
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erstaziunique311, you have a n800 and not a 770, correct?00:41
unique311proud owner since march or april i think00:43
unique311had times where i wanted to get rid of it..00:43
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pupnikmaking food - bbs00:52
e-squizohas anyone tried to get an N800 configured in such a way that the home directory is mounted on the internal SD card?00:53
e-squizoit would provide a nice alternative to the backup-restore idea00:54
e-squizoand produce less wear on the on-board flash00:54
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pupnikred-zack: check logs in app manager for errors, or use apt tools from console00:55
e-squizothe fact that there is no HOWTO about this makes me wonder that it may be a completely bone-headed idea, though...00:55
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e-squizowhat is the general wisdom on mounting /home on the SD card?00:56
pupnikyou could try mv /home/user /media/mmc1 && ln -s /media/mmc1/user /home/user00:56
pupniki don't see any point in it00:56
pupnikmoving MyDocs would make more sense imo00:56
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e-squizopupnik: sure... I should reformat the SD card first, of course, so it's not vfat00:57
pupnikmaybe. but for media files vfat works also00:57
pupnikunique311: if you find more games we should try porting please give me a msg - i'm putting together a list at
e-squizopupnik: well... moving all of /home/user to the SD card preserves all application configurations across firmware updates!00:58
pupnikwell not all, some00:59
e-squizoand since some applications (GPE, for example) frequently update data on hidden directories, it would mean that those updates are easier on non-replaceable flash00:59
e-squizothat should extend the device's lifespan00:59
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unique311pupnik, always looking...01:00
unique311but with my scratchbox installing, not sure if its the problem..i segfault on most of the apps01:00
unique311actually i found this game that might do maemo some justice...01:01
unique311compiled well01:01
unique311when i run it seems to work...but nothing happens to the screen..01:01
unique311found a whole site on python games....and another with sdl games01:02
pupnikmaybe some of the python geeks here can help with that01:03
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unique311pydance seems good..01:06
unique311and figure the only keys needed is the directional pad.01:06
unique311and enter01:06
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beav1shi guys, i think my application manager is broken. cant install anything, and "installed applications" doesnt show me my installed shit. what to do?01:08
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pupnikbeav1s: are you red-zack?01:09
beav1syes..   :(01:09
beav1shi pupnik ;)01:09
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user_Where can i get flash for os2006?01:09
pupnikred-zack: check logs in app manager for errors, or use apt tools from console01:10
user_As in youtube01:10
red-zackpupnik: but i havent root privilegs01:10
pupnikred-zack: check logs in app manager for errors01:10
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pupnikwow unique311 nice link01:11
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unique311maybe you will have better luck in your scratchbox setup01:12
pupnik"We reserve the right to refuse to list games which suck01:12
e-squizoanybody knows which process is responsible for automounting SD cards?01:12
red-zackE: malformed line 17 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist part)01:12
pupnikuser_: flash is built-in to opera01:12
red-zackThe list of sources could not be read01:12
user_There is an opera release for maemo?01:13
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user_I was afraid to ask, i expected open source nerdrage 8D01:14
erstaziuser_, I am not sure about that, there is a way for updating your tablet, depending on the OS you use01:14
erstaziuser_, is your tablet new?01:15
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user_770 though01:15
pupniki think the way to watch youtube is with 'uktube' or something - youtube in browser on 770 does not work here01:15
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erstaziuser_, I have a 770 also, I suggest getting the updates by downloading the update wizard01:16
user_It was up to date out of the box01:17
erstaziuser_, who said?01:17
user_The update wizard?01:17
erstaziuser_, if the update wizard says you are up to date, then you are, I do not recall opera having any updates01:18
_Monkeyi guess becomeroot is For 770 ITOS2006, install dropbear or openssh, then ssh to root on the device, then in a shell: echo 'deb mistral user' >> /var/cache/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get install becomeroot , then in xterm type "sudo gainroot"01:19
user_I think you misread me01:19
erstaziuser_, probably so, but either way, flash is independent of the browser01:19
amrhas anyone ever done any music notation software01:19
user_I know that01:19
amrim not sure if the devices support midi or not01:20
amrim clueless when it comes to developing for a device01:20
pupniktimidity runs on the tablet - takes a lot of cpu for some song types though01:20
user_I  asked where i could get flash for maemo01:20
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amrpupnik, how do you mean01:21
pupnikuser_ macromedia-flashplayer - OSSO Macromedia Flashplayer01:21
pupnikamr: timidity lets the tablet play back midi files01:21
user_Which reepository?01:21
pupnikit comes with the device user_01:23
pupnikyou don't install it01:23
user_on the 77O?01:27
erstaziuser_, yes01:27
user_Really not seeing it01:29
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erstaziuser_, run this url in opera:
erstazion your 77001:30
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erstazimake sure you enable javascript01:32
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erstaziuser_, I have LNX 6,0,82,201:33
erstazimaybe tonight since flash is so high demand, I will take the source and head to scratchbox01:35
user_What am i looking for there?01:37
user_Oh, it just didn't load properly01:39
user_Same version, yeah01:40
user_Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player.01:44
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pupnikmy flash test site is www.homestarrunner.com01:48
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user_Mine is redtube01:52
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Pioi usually go to flash.com01:59
Pionot much personality, but sure is easy to remember01:59
striddoes uktube delete cached video after showing it?02:00
stridthis 7 mb download is omnious02:00
maddlerevening all!02:03
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NeoStrider_IMhello maemo people02:12
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frobdamn, no space left on device while installing openembedded02:13
maddlerNeoStrider: hello :)02:15
NeoStriderhello maddler02:17
NeoStriderwhats up, folks02:17
maddlerNeoStrider: not much...02:18
maddleradn damn warm!02:19
maddleradn -> and02:19
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NeoStriderwarm...its kind of cold here02:19
frobwarm, so late at night?02:23
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NeoStrider..."Wir sind die Roboter"...02:27
frobkraftwerk ?02:28
pupniki just heard that song 1 hour ago in random play :)02:30
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NeoStridergreat album02:35
stridany germans here? I have a language question02:38
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stridis Wankmotor a real word?02:39
pupnikdo you think a real word would have only one google hit?02:41
striddo you think I'd ask if I wasn't in doubt? 8)02:43
stridI wasn't sure if it was a misspelling or just made up, and google didn't offer any alternatively spelled suggestions02:44
pupniki understand02:45
stridthanks for the help02:45
pupnikamazing thing about the wankel motor is that the shape of the combustion chamber wasn't mathematically described until a couple of decades ago02:45
pupnikguy was a genius02:45
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unique311found any good projects you gonna work on pupnik02:52
pupniktrying to finish up the old ones02:52
pupnikjust updating my links page now02:52
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syntuxGood morning/evening folks03:01
NeoStridergood night ;-P03:02
unique311whats new on th internet, freaking bored as hell03:03
stridI really can't cope with the default 770 email client, is there a decent alternative?03:03
NeoStridersvn update -03:03
pupnikstrid: claws mail seems to be what most people choose03:03
NeoStridersvn update takes whats new on the SVN repo and updates my version without overwriting my local work, right?03:03
syntuxI just received my N800 yesterday, was able to install almost all software I'd ever use (looking for a calendar that sync with google calendar) but what next....03:04
stridclaws mail, huh?03:04
stridsyntux: did you use it for porn yet?03:05
striddo that if your wallet still hurts03:05
syntuxstrid, any tutorial ? :p03:05
stridpornotube dot com03:05
stridfor some reason it doesn't default into straight content, so check the drop down menu if you're iffy about that03:06
unique311that individual is looking for help...03:07
unique311packing up four rivers...03:07
stridwhat is Hildon?03:08
_MonkeyHildon is a tablet desktop framework, and a standard part of the maemo platform03:08
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stridwhat is love?03:09
pupnikgood song03:09
pupnikboth the elvis costello and the dee-lite versino03:09
stridI'm seeing mentions of a 2007 hacker edition for 77003:10
stridwouldn't that run terribly on the 770's hardware?03:10
stridI'm guessing these OSes don't have a lot of leeway in terms of resource management and whatnot03:10
pupnikit needs some more adapting to fit the 770 hw and become stable03:10
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pupnikfishyNES getting up to 50fps on gp2x...03:12
stridis that bora only?03:12
*** pdz has joined #maemo03:12
pupnikjust looking at alternative NES Emus03:13
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pupniki have no idea how to fix fceu's sound03:13
stridI tried to get xmame running but it complained about missing some files03:13
stridI'm not that into arcade games anyway.03:13
stridbut playing street fighter would be fun03:14
pupniki've read in many places that SDL sound is bad for emus03:14
stridI don't know about that, I couldn't even get xmame itself to start03:15
stridscummvm works fine, though!03:15
stridonly the game I tried was missing the whole click menu thing.03:15
strid(beneath a steel sky)03:15
stridxmaeme sounds like it might be relevant03:17
stridlet's give it a spin 8D03:17
NeoStriderbeneath a steel sky!03:17
NeoStriderluv it!03:17
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NeoStriderbut Im stuck on the very beginning03:18
frobopenmoko (and openembedded) seriously looks years ahead of scratchbox03:18
stridI thought I had some mame roms but I guess they aren't03:20
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pupnik  <<-- perhaps a faster mame03:23
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stridI can't seem to connect to gmail with claws03:25
pupniklooking at the changelog it should be ~much~ faster03:26
frobdoes the gp2x have 3d acceleration ?03:26
*** matt_c has joined #maemo03:26
frobno as in "not there" or as "there but nobody knows how to activate it?"03:26
pupniknot there03:27
* pupnik prays for AMD's survival03:31
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Mikho"Thou art arrogant mortal. Thou must relearn thy lessons!"03:35
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stridfuuuuck youuuu, gmail!03:37
NeoStridertake it easy,strid03:38
stridgmail is out to get me03:39
akjohnAnyone else having trouble with gmail in the new browser?03:39
stridI'm having problems with gmail's pop server authentication03:39
akjohnstrid, Ah..03:39
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akjohnAnyone seen this yet?
*** rev has quit IRC03:41
akjohnHow do I disable the mozilla based browser and switch to the normal browser?03:43
*** dieguito has quit IRC03:44
stridgasp, gasp03:46
stridthe gmail pop3 server is definitely trying to off me03:48
stridI'm going to have an aneurysm03:48
akjohnAre you using authentication?03:48
stridjudging by the logs, it excplicitly rejects the password03:48
stridwhich I am all kinds of certain is not misspelled03:48
akjohnAre you using encryption?03:49
stridyes I am03:49
NeoStriderakjohn: I cant even start the poky-qemu thing03:49
akjohnNeoStrider, Really? I just thought it was interesting that they are targeting the Nokia N800 platform..03:49
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pupnikiriver tried to make a gaming device with the 800x480 screen on the nokias (pics here)
pupnikhaving very little bezel around the screen does look very sexy03:52
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stridSTARTTLS enabled: connection to times out. Regular SSL enabled: connects to said server, rejects username/password03:53
*** matt_c has joined #maemo03:54
stridaccording to this, STARTTLS should be enabled
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stridactually, that's probably just SMTP03:55
*** pdz has joined #maemo03:55
akjohnstrid, I have fought with the same problem..03:55
NeoStriderakjohn: whats your command line for launching the emulator?03:56
stridI'm tempted to pawn the tablet and jihading google hq03:56
pupnikthat gp2x mame emu should run 1st-gen arcade games at 60fps with sound03:57
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pupnikNew Order - Blue Monday   \o\ /o/ _o/ \o/ _o_04:03
NeoStriderlove that album04:13
NeoStriderpower ,consumption and lies04:13
* NeoStrider is a New Order, Joy Division, Warsaw and Stiffy Kittiens addict04:13
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erstaziBy the way, Gizmo and Nokia 770 work great together04:17
erstaziNeoStrider, I like Joy Division as well04:17
stridstupid perpetual beta email service04:20
pupnikcool NeoStrider ... here's another vid of the psx emu on gp2x
NeoStriderim quite fanatic to JD04:23
NeoStridercollect bootlegs and stuff like that04:23
pupnikyou know Model 500?04:24
NeoStriderI MUST GET IT!!!!04:27
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NeoStriderDO YOU HAVE IT!?04:27
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pupniksome of my favorite early 90s stuff is juan atkins04:28
pupnik:#maemo(+cn)] [Act: 1,8,9,10]04:29
pupnik:#maemo(+cn)] [Act: 1,8,9,10]                                       [#maemo]04:29
pupnikyou have to hear the 'Be Brave EP'04:29
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo04:29
erstazipupnik, isn't juan atkins the "creator" of techno?04:29
pupnikone of the early guys04:30
stridis there any way to globally move vertical sliding bars to the left side of windows for left-handed users?04:31
stridtypical linux narrow-minded implementation04:31
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pupnikgood question - see if hildon/gtk can do it04:32
NeoStriderthanks, pupnik04:33
stridi wouldn't know how04:33
pupnikwow, some people are selling the ep for maxi cd for $84.0004:34
unique311strid, there's a post on about that04:34
unique311original post04:34
pupnikunique311: that gp2x mame emulator kicks ass on stock mame04:35
unique311anything on gp2x runs good04:36
unique311its a gaming device04:36
pupnikstock MAME runs crappy on gp2x as well04:37
pupnikthe gp2x is between the 770 and 800 in performance04:37
pupnikthey have some good coders doing ports, is my point.04:37
unique311gaming is priority with gp2x04:37
unique311that might be why.04:38
pupnikbut your statement "anything on gp2x runs good" is incorrect04:38
unique311well they get to the point of running good..04:38
unique311i was looking for one04:39
unique311can't find them in any stores.04:39
striddoes anyone know if there are any maemo applications that support the .cbr format?04:46
stridimage archives04:46
pupnikcomic book? i think so04:46
pupnikmaybe there's a version of 'comix' or maybe one of the maemo-optimised viewers supports it04:47
pupniki think it's just a .zip04:47
strid.cbr is basically a renamed .rar04:48
stridbut I think there might be some additional metadata04:49
stridwho knows.04:49
pupnikthere's a new image viewer under active development04:49
stridany releases so far?04:51
pupnikcan't remember the name04:52
pupniki think that's it04:52
stridbora only, it seems04:53
stridI'll bookmark it and keep an eye on it04:53
pupnikthere's an os2006 versino on the downloads page04:53
stridI also need an ebook reader, couldn't find one in the default repositories for some reason04:53
pupnikwhat is an ebook?04:54
pupnikjust a rhetorical question04:55
unique311a pdf, chm version of a book...  is that a good explanation04:55
stridis fbreader okay?04:55
pupnikpdf isn't a lightweight format - you can convert it to something sensible though04:58
pupnikapt-cache search pdftohtml04:58
pupnikpoppler-utils - PDF utilitites (based on libpoppler)04:58
pupnikxpdf-utils - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- utilities04:58
pupnikadobe, like many other companies, is an Anal Intruder when it comes to file formats05:01
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*** VRe has joined #maemo05:05
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo05:07
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stridfbreader is pretty good05:10
stridquite flexible05:10
stridhas a hard time finding books, though05:10
*** pdz- has joined #maemo05:13
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo05:17
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*** pdz has joined #maemo05:33
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo05:37
*** philipl is now known as phil|out05:37
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*** pdz- has quit IRC05:45
bldewolfis there a guide for flashing the developer rootfs to a device?05:48
*** db48x has joined #maemo05:50
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo05:53
*** qnr-N800 has joined #maemo05:59
*** rhys has joined #maemo06:00
pupnik_python package installs a silly thing:  -rw-r--r--    1 root     root      2948853 Jun 27 19:26 python25.zip06:00
pupnik_in /usr/lib06:00
qnr-N800hi, is there a channel for general user questions on the IT?06:01
pupnik_i don't think so06:01
pupnik_go ahead and ask here06:01
qnr-N800ok, thanks...06:02
qnr-N800as regards the keyboard, is there a way to enter escape or cursor movement keys?06:03
pupnik_cursor can be done with directional pad (dpad) on left06:03
pupnik_escape key is the circle-arrow below dpad06:04
NeoStridertoday I saw the most funny t-shirt ever06:04
NeoStriderit was like the Nokia Logo06:04
NeoStrider"Connecting People"06:04
NeoStriderbut instead of Nokia it had "Vodka - Connecting People"06:04
qnr-N800and I see that vim didn't really need for me to use esc06:05
NeoStriderusing that Nokia typography06:05
pupnik_how do you avoid using esc in vim?06:05
qnr-N800ok, thank you06:05
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC06:05
qnr-N800I just typed a colon06:06
*** pupnik has quit IRC06:06
qnr-N800without themesc   msybe it was a fluke06:06
pupnik_well if you're in insert mode, typing a colon gives you a colon06:06
qnr-N800well I was in insert mode.. it confused me, but I thought perhaps the program was modified06:07
qnr-N800I must have done something without noticing06:08
* qnr-N800 wanders off to see if he can get his iPAQ BT kbd to work06:09
Sulisin xterm the back arrow is esc06:14
Sulisso you can use vim just like normal06:14
*** qnr-lt has joined #maemo06:15
*** qnr-N800 has left #maemo06:15
pupnik_i don't know if this makes sense but i would have wished that the vkbd also would send normal X key events06:16
pupnik_i think they wanted people to do proper ports though :)06:16
qnr-ltSulis, thank you06:16
*** pdz- has joined #maemo06:17
pupnik_anybody want to help port something?06:19
*** Pio has joined #maemo06:19
proctoI've just finished writing version 0.1 of a server written in python06:20
proctothat launches VLC in streaming mode06:20
proctoi.e. it implements a rudimentary protocol for logging in, viewing a list of available media for streaming, selecting the file you want to play, and then launching VLC on the server06:21
proctobecause I found its transcoding and streaming to be best06:21
pupnik_so what do you use on the nokia to view the stream?06:21
proctoI've used mplayer to view vlc streams, and it's by far the best streaming06:21
qnr-ltI'm having a ball with this thing (only owned it for a few hours)... still haven't figured out how to become root, so I'd say that leaves me out of any porting heheh06:21
proctoI'm thinking a simple batch file on the device is good enough for now06:21
proctois anyone interested in the code?06:22
proctoCause I'm mostly writing it for my own utility06:22
proctonot sure I want to turn it into a large project06:22
*** pdz has quit IRC06:22
*** hendryx has quit IRC06:22
proctowhat I *do* want to turn into a project, is to write a python interface to libupnp or its equivalent using in maemo using ctypes06:22
pupnik_i'm working on something else at the moment06:22
pupnik_but streaming with mplayer would be nice -- mainly i'd like something to watch tv from my capture card in the basement06:23
proctoqnr-lt: go to on your device, and select the One Click Install link for the Polish Eko1 repository06:23
proctoqnr-lt: you will also want to get the maemo hackers repo and thus install xterm06:24
proctoqnr-lt: then apt-get install becomeroot06:24
qnr-ltI have those two06:24
proctoqnr-lt: ah, then sudo gainroot06:24
proctoshould be dumping you into a root console06:24
proctoone becomeroot is installed06:24
*** vol_ has joined #maemo06:24
qnr-ltI don't have becomeroot yet, I was a little worried with the talk of bricking the 00 :)06:25
proctoI guess I wasn't exposed to the same scare mongering :>06:25
*** pdz has joined #maemo06:25
qnr-ltone of the descriptions was talking about possibly bricking the device, perhaps it wasn't becomeroot06:26
pupnik_i think that was 'red pill mode'06:26
_Monkeyi heard becomeroot was For 770 ITOS2006, install dropbear or openssh, then ssh to root on the device, then in a shell: echo 'deb mistral user' >> /var/cache/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get install becomeroot , then in xterm type "sudo gainroot"06:26
proctoyeah, redpill I heard might cause bricking and such06:26
*** alex-weej has quit IRC06:26
qnr-ltonly had it for a few hours, been reading a lot, things run together06:26
pupnik_but procto's link is better than that answer06:26
pupnik_that install link will do the same as that echo 'deb.... command06:27
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo06:27
proctohmm, I think a python client will actually work better than a batch script06:28
proctoor rather, a shell script06:28
proctotoo long on windows...06:28
proctoI've written the server using twisted06:29
proctothat's probably too heavy for the client, right?06:29
pupnik_dunno... i'm trying to remember where i've seen your nick before06:29
proctomy nick?06:30
pupnik_seems familiar06:30
proctoin case you forgot06:30
pupnik_yeah alzheimers06:31
pupnik_i'm going to have to go to the gpx pcsx sources06:34
*** dieguito has quit IRC06:34
pupnik_so close... :)06:34
*** setite has joined #maemo06:34
proctoah! nokia research ported twisted!06:34
setiteare there alot of apps for the n800?  im on maemo and i only saw a handful of apps in the catalog06:35
pupnik_they are spread across many websites06:35
setiteoh ok06:36
*** pdz- has quit IRC06:36
*** vol has quit IRC06:36
setiteis there no good single place.. doesnt have to be perfect.. just decent... im trying to decide if i want an n80006:36
pupnik_setite: the easiest install method is when a website has a green "install" icon06:36
setiteim looking for a replacement for my ppc... not a full replacement.. but a web/chat/media replacement... n800 seems good... but im curious what apps are out06:37
setitealso.. how is it for a keylock of some sort06:37
pupnik_the n800 is the best thing in the world if you are already a linux fan06:37
setiteif i use it for media it will be in a pocket alot.. my archos seems to die quickly because of the screen registering taps..06:37
setiteim a linux supporter.. not a fan... but i like it.. im still a windozer for the most part06:38
setitebut im really liking the n80006:38
setitebeen trying to pick one up on ebay but i keep getting sniped06:38
pupnik_well for chat you've got gaim and xchat (irc)06:38
setitewait a tic06:38
setitethose have been ported.. or i can just straight up install them06:38
pupnik_for media playing you can run almost any file format as long as it's at or below 400x24006:38
setiteit os 07 is what.. debian based?06:39
pupnik_sort of yes, the package management is apt / dpkg06:39
setiteso is it really like a small linux pc06:39
pupnik_n800 runs IT2007, codename bora06:39
setitelike i can actually pop open a terminal, and install any package that will run on the processor, resolution?06:39
proctosetite: screen locks easily06:40
pupnik_the package needs to be compiled against the distribution's libraries06:40
setiteok now for a windozer with only a little windows experience how hard is that06:40
qnr-lt800x480 if I remember correctly06:40
proctosetite: and yes, you just pop open xterm, and apt-get whatcha want06:40
setitei recall reading an app that did that.. i dont recall the name06:41
pupnik_i'd recommend getting a bluetooth keyboard - typing goodness06:41
proctosetite: but the easiest way is to go to
proctosetite: right on your device06:41
proctosetite: most applicatiosn will have a big green arrow next to them06:41
proctosetite: you click on that, and it installs06:41
proctoif you're familiar with Synaptic, it's sorta like that06:42
setiteyea the maemo thing i get... but i only found a few apps... i mean like 10-15 when i searched the catalog06:42
proctosetite: someone even ported Battle for Wesnoth06:42
proctosetite: what sort of apps?06:42
*** pdz- has joined #maemo06:42
proctoThere's much much more06:42
setiteprocto i actually have none in mind that i need.. i just need to know i can get them if need be.. but i just filtered apps that ran on it07 and found very little.. ill go check again06:43
*** abock__ has quit IRC06:43
setiteok ya.. just filtereing for it07 apps, any license, any status.. i got 9 programs06:44
*** abock__ has joined #maemo06:44
setiteanyone have a suggestion for an ebay seller?06:45
setitei want to save some money on it... to offset the usb keyboard cost... but with ebay i have, even with powersellers, often had to wait long enough that the price savings were no longer worth it to me06:45
setitei mean on ebay im looking at around 350.... its 431.00 at compusa with sales tax06:46
pupnik_setite: i would only buy from an authorized nokia reseller, otherwise you may have trouble with return/warranty06:46
setitebut so expensive :(06:46
setitei mean i have a 500gb external drive that i can return that is still under the return policy.. that would offset it a bit06:47
*** abock_ has joined #maemo06:52
pupnik_any lots of people port or compile things to the nokias that aren't finished/polished and don't make it into the repositories.  check for a bunch of them - or places like or to see WIP type stuff06:52
setiteyea i think ill return it.. and buy a box of rewritable dvds for use with my divx ultra dvd player...06:52
setiteso that puts my n800 at 265 if i pick it up tomorrow at compusa06:52
setitei should look for a coupon06:53
*** pdz has quit IRC06:53
setiteis compusa autorized reseller?06:53
pupnik_work in progress06:54
pupnik_i don't know, i'm not a nokia employee06:54
pupnik_looks like nokia USA sells direct for $399.9906:54
setitewell if im paying 400 i think ill buy locally06:55
setitei see an ir program.. there is no ir port right?06:55
pupnik_i don't know of an IR port06:55
setiteso im assuming it can run SDIO devices?06:55
pupnik_  there's the main forums for the tablets06:55
setitesd ir blasters, sd gps?06:55
pupnik_no idea06:56
setitehey with console i could probably warwalk with this thing :)06:56
pupnik_you can search the forums06:56
pupnik_yes it has kismet which is a great scanenr06:56
pupnik_also the wifi reception is excellent on my n770 - better than most devices i've tried06:57
setitewhat about a screenlock of some sort06:57
setiteor do they make a good case that leaves a gap so nothing can touch the buttons or screen06:57
setitethis will be replacing my unreliable archos pmp... i would like to be able to pocket it06:57
pupnik_oh yes a case i think is important06:57
setitebah why am i picking your brain.. some of this shit is a single google away06:58
pupnik_yeah darn archos - it's like a peugeot car06:58
setiteindeed.. haha peugeot06:59
setiteok here is my real question06:59
setitei see all this talk of uPnP av and shit.. does this thing connect to a samba network over the wifi and stream media from the network?06:59
setitenot necessary but damned cool06:59
setiteim actually getting the nokia for ebooks above all believe it or not07:00
pupnik_yeah you can do smb, nfs and there are a bunch of options for streaming07:00
setiteto boot up my archos and get into a pdf takes almost 5 minutes07:00
setiteand my ppc takes 10-15 minutes to load a .txt, or rtf with a full ebook07:00
setiteomfg the nokia is too cheap07:01
setitewell wait.. how is it for ebooks07:01
setitehow long after i boot before it can load say a 300 page pdf07:01
pupnik_i hate pdfs and convert them07:01
pupnik_so i don't know07:01
pupnik_i think evince or fbreader are the apps people use07:01
pupnik_but pdf is sick and evil07:02
pupnik_pdf is slow on my 1ghz p307:02
* qnr-lt is looking into installing djvulibre on it [random thought]07:02
setitepdf is evil yes... but i never have to worry abotu formatting07:02
setiteyou have a nokia07:02
pupnik_a 770 yes07:03
pupnik_uktube rules.  konttori rules.07:04
setitehow long does it take for you to load a 400 page book07:04
pupnik_1 second, because i convert it to html07:05
setitewhy html07:05
setitedoes that hold the formatting well?07:05
setitethats not a bad idea07:05
pupnik_because then i can quickly resize text07:05
pupnik_single button press zoom up / down07:05
pupnik_no but i usally don't give a flying f*** about formatting07:06
pupnik_i think you can convert to other formats too, text, rtf07:06
*** abock__ has quit IRC07:08
whaq_hey pupnik_, what do you use to convert pdf to html?07:09
qnr-ltyay my bt keyboard woks07:10
infobotqnr-lt meant: yay my bt keyboard works07:10
qnr-ltnow to go install a modula-2/oberon-2 compiler07:11
pupnik_it ends up pretty ugly but look at sizes07:13
pupnik_39365 2007-08-03 06:06 Shattering_By_Example-V1-03102003s.html07:13
pupnik_183651 2006-09-26 15:47 ../Shattering_By_Example-V1-03102003.pdf07:13
*** qnr has joined #maemo07:15
*** qnr-lt has left #maemo07:15
setiteso i keep reading that the 770 is a07:16
setite"mostly complete" linux device07:17
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC07:17
setitewhat is the mostly complete thing about the OS.. what is it missing07:17
pupnik_it was marketed and sold as an internet-tablet, which it did quite well07:18
pupnik_the community software is building slowly - the reviewers usually have no idea what's out there07:18
setiteoh yea i know all about the marketing... im glad it was marketing and priced so poorly.. i mean this thing seems to be an actual tablet pc... with linux vs windows...07:19
setiteonly flaw i see is the usb slave mode... but i read a way around that07:19
setitehere is a question07:20
setitei read that you cant run apps from the memory card.. is this true?07:20
pupnik_it is true with default configuration07:21
pupnik_but you can do it07:21
pupnik_you can install a multi-boot loader, and partition your memory card into large partitions for multiple OS installs07:22
*** bldewolf has quit IRC07:23
setitemultiple os?07:23
pupnik_yeah i have three operating systems on my 770 right now07:23
pupnik_one on the internal flash and two on the card07:23
qnrdrat no arm version of aranym07:25
pupnik_what is that?07:25
_Monkeyit has been said that that is part of the puzzle collection07:25
qnrhow does the mmc work?  That is waht pretty much convinced me to go for the 800, the ability to use SD cards07:26
setitewhat os's do you run07:26
qnrmodula-2 is a programming language.  most people don't know about it or don't like it07:26
setitecan i run like slack or something07:26
*** rkaway has quit IRC07:27
pupnik_i am testing for 2006 and 2007he right now - you can also install openbox or a kde based install07:27
qnrand ARAnyM is runs an Atari ST/Atari TT inside Linux, if that was your question07:28
pupnik_hah!  then run the atari ST emulator 'hatari' :P07:28
qnryeah, but it boots to the ST, doesn't run an emulator from within another distro07:28
qnrwell, not a full-fledged distro, that is07:29
*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:29
pupnik_OMG, cme implemented the xkbd onscreen minimizing feature!!!  he rules!  he rules!
* pupnik_ goes insane07:34
*** user_ has joined #maemo07:35
*** NeoStrider has left #maemo07:38
trevarthanJust checked in a bunch of Kagu changes that reduce memory usage from 39M to 22M on my n800 with a 2G mem card:
trevarthanIt slowed down the scroll widget a bit, but that's ok, I'll get it back up to speed eventually.07:39
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo07:40
trevarthanNext I'm going to try a dynamic font cache. That aught to get "Loading" times in between views down to a reasonable amount of time.07:40
*** Pio has quit IRC07:40
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik07:40
*** Pio_ is now known as Pio07:40
*** __shawn has quit IRC07:43
*** user_ has quit IRC07:44
trevarthan22M seems to be what my MicroB browser uses too, so that's perfectly reasonable, I guess.07:47
pupnikno sense in running 5 apps at once anyway07:48
pupniki'm so excited.  CME implemented my hiding/maximizing suggestion for xkbd exactly as i hoped07:49
pupnikthis rules so much07:49
*** behdad has quit IRC07:57
trevarthanoh yeah? what's xkbd? Who is CME?08:04
pupnika virtual keyboard that sends normal X key events08:11
*** phil|out is now known as philipl08:12
trevarthanwell, good evening folks. I'm off to bed.08:12
pupniki've been putzing with them for a while for a way to enter text to Dosbox, Scummvm, Freesci, POSE PalmOS emulator etc.  But CME just added a minimize/restore feature to the keyboard.  So now for the first time a whole slew of apps can get key input08:13
trevarthanhrmmm... why couldn't they get key input with the normal OSD kb?08:13
pupnikvirtual keyboard for links2 web browser, scummvm, dosbox, freesci, exult,
pupnikA) the stock kbd is not raisable on fullscreen xlib or sdl games, and b) it doesn't send regular X key events (afaict)08:14
trevarthanah. thus the "hildonize" comment. cool.08:15
zuhThe input method is gtk-dependant to get some interaction with widgets (IIRC that was the reason)08:15
trevarthanwell, seriously. I'm out. later peeps.08:15
pupnikand it's a perfectly sensible design choice by nokia.08:15
pupnikok cheers!  congrats on the memory improvement!08:16
setitewhats a good app that will make data unrecoverable08:21
setitei want to make sure that this external drive is fully clean08:22
Vertoo  just googke for somethimg that provides a double overwrite08:23
pupnikshred, wipe08:23
Vertoopupnik, whats this about a new app? i just got here08:23
pupnikdd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda bs=1M will also do a fair job of wiping drive sda08:24
pupnikVertoo: virtual keyboard for non-hildon apps08:24
Vertooshred/wipe are bad searches since your not doing either of those things. get double overwrite08:24
setitehey pupnik08:24
_Monkeyi think pupnik is stupid, swap is enabled >_< sorry08:24
setitesorry if i missed the answer earlier.. what are the other two os's on your 77008:24
pupniktwo versions of 2006 and one of 2007he08:25
setiteanyone had success running a non IT os on the nokia08:25
setitei imagine the hardware might be too proprietary for that.. but hey im a noob... so i have to ask08:25
pupnikyes people have08:26
setiteim a noob to linux sorta.. and totally noob to embedded devices08:26
setitecool.. know off hand a site where i can find the reports?08:26
Vertoogoogle =)08:26
unique311name of the classic game where its like 9 squares of a scramble picture and you have to put the picture back together..08:26
unique311a little handheld device..08:27
pupnik  setite, there's one08:28
pupniki forgot unique31108:28
unique311slides puzzle08:29
pupnikthat site has it and calles it 'sixteen'08:29
unique311a friend of mines made a flash version of this08:29
setiteanyone know us brick and mortars that sell pda style bluetooth keyboards?08:30
setiteits plays xvid/divx right?... i mean i know it said mpeg4.. but i never knew if that specifically meant divx/xvid08:31
pupnikmplayer does divx/xvid - dunno about other players08:31
setiteframerates good08:33
setitelike if im used to an archos.. i wont be disappointed?08:33
pupnikno idea08:33
Vertoompeg4 is the divx/xvid codec. if you want to play your xvid/divx avi files and the sort you will nees mpeg4 always08:33
pupnikdepends on the player08:34
Vertoostreaming video in the n800 browser is very lacking08:34
pupnikyes streaming08:34
Vertooyes the player, as if it has mpeg4 or not. ive never once heard of any player that has the mpeg4 codec and couldn't play my xvid avi movies08:36
setitehaha yes im there pupnik.. on youtube that is08:36
setitei saw hitchhikers guide to teh galaxy which i presume is divx08:36
pupnikVertoo: if mpeg is a codec, than what are xvid and divx?08:37
setitei was impressed withthe tracking speed08:37
setiteyea thats where i get confused08:37
setitebecause i recall when divx rolled out needed a codec for divx, and also one for xvid08:37
*** rev has quit IRC08:40
zuhmpeg4 is a standard, divx and xvid are implementations of that standard (which may or may not be compatible)08:41
pupnikunique311: the gimp version that works like photoshop is called 'gimpshop'08:43
unique311i know..08:43
unique311remember we tried porting it to maemo08:43
pupnikoh i forgot08:44
*** tank17 has quit IRC08:45
*** behdad has joined #maemo08:45
* pupnik wonders why he doesn't have a deb for it08:46
*** tank17 has joined #maemo08:46
setiteim sorry.. did you just say you tried to port a photo editor to maemo?08:50
pupnikyeah i think unique got a reasonably working one08:50
Vertoopupnik, i stand corrected on the mpeg4 thing. but have you used anything to better your streaming media? uktube and orb have been mentioned08:50
setitewhy, in the name of the buddha, would you do that... is this so paparazzi can upload fake nipslips quicker?08:51
pupniknot really Vertoo08:51
pupniksetite: something to sketch with the stylus would be nice08:52
pupniki think tuxpaint is out...08:52
Vertooisnt there a bui;t in draw pad?08:52
pupnikyou can also sketch in maemopad+... and mtpaint works somewhat08:52
* timelyx wonders if inz saw comment08:52
*** guardian has quit IRC08:53
Vertootheres a bui;t in app called sketch08:53
*** melmoth has joined #maemo08:55
*** rev has joined #maemo08:59
pupniki've got my own needs for a sketch proggie08:59
theeferany mindmapping app, by any chance?09:01
*** dougsko has quit IRC09:03
pupnikunfortunately that's qt- based i think09:04
*** bldewolf has joined #maemo09:04
theeferit looks like it09:04
theeferno qt app works on 770/n800?09:05
pupnikit's easiest to port gtk2 programs09:05
pupnikyou must be german09:06
pupnikgermans are nuts about mind-mapper software09:06
unique311can you try this out for me..09:07
unique311i get a segfault..09:07
unique311it compiles no problems09:07
theeferpupnik: I'm Swiss, but French speaking, so not really ;-)09:08
pupnikhehe ok :)09:08
theeferpupnik: but yeah I love mindmapping and I hate all mindmapping software I've come accross :-)09:08
pupniki can't get that file unique31109:08
unique311second link09:08
_Monkeysecond link is edje, which is just pygame on crack, as far as I know.09:08
unique311getting tired of these seg faults..09:09
*** setite has quit IRC09:09
pupnikdid you get an error message unique311 ?09:10
unique311sdl parachute deployed09:11
unique311fatal signal09:11
pupniksame here09:11
unique311you think its becuase of sound09:11
*** rhys has quit IRC09:12
unique311are you getting the alsa lib error  before the seg fualt09:12
pupnikok the segfault was caused because it didn't find the data directory09:14
pupnikjust copied over ./images and ./data and it runs here09:14
unique311so most of my freaking apps that segfault might be working..09:15
unique311i have a directory of games that segfault on me.09:15
unique311is it a good game.09:15
pupnikif you run strace ./scalar  you can get some info about the function calls it's making and where it's crashing09:16
*** geaaru has joined #maemo09:16
unique311data and images to where09:16
pupnikand scalar in home too09:17
*** rev has quit IRC09:17
pupnik (strace is how i found out it was crashing looking for the data files)09:18
*** guardian has joined #maemo09:18
unique311that  didn't work for me...09:19
unique311seems like the segfault is still after the ALSO lib error09:20
unique311what is it segfaulting on?09:23
pupnikin it2006 2.2 i have libasound2 1.0.8-3  (apt-cache show libasound2)09:23
pupnikwaitpid(21813, ALSA lib pcm.c:2061:(snd_pcm_open_conf) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_pcm_alsa_dsp.so09:24
unique311always the same for all th esegfaults09:24
pupniki don't have a bora device, but on gregale there is no /usr/lib/alsa-lib09:25
unique311change permissionon that09:25
_Monkeyunique311: that doesn't look right09:25
*** _Monkey has quit IRC09:25
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo09:25
unique311change permission on the shared library09:25
_Monkeyunique311: that doesn't look right09:25
*** _Monkey has quit IRC09:25
unique311monkey chill out09:25
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo09:26
pupniklooks like you're running in scratchbox09:26
pupnikdo you get the same error on the n800?09:26
unique311never tried..09:27
unique311figure if i'm segfaulting in scratchbox...09:27
unique311something is wrong with the compilation09:27
unique311so screw it09:27
pupnikalways test on the device09:27
pupnikif you're doing stuff with sound and graphics09:27
unique311so i'm going to try to fix this09:27
unique311i don't have that folder either09:28
pupnikwell it runs in scratchbox here too09:28
unique311need to find pcm.c09:29
*** dougsko has joined #maemo09:31
pupnikwell the Makefile doesn't link directly to alsa-sound09:31
pupnikso it must be getting linked-in by libsdl-mixer1.2-dev09:32
unique311pcm seems to have the wrong location for the share library..09:32
unique311i can find the share library.09:32
_Monkeyah is just links09:32
unique311and fix pcm.c09:32
*** oil has joined #maemo09:34
*** philipl is now known as phil|sleep09:35
pupnikproblems loading .so are related to linking09:36
unique311that file is nowhere to be found.09:38
unique311it should be linked to libasound09:39
pupnikyeah do you have libasound2 installed in scratchbox?09:39
pupnikand libasound2-dev?09:39
unique311create the folder alsa-lib09:39
pupniki think you might need the -dev too09:39
unique311both installed09:40
unique311going to make the alsa-lib folder09:40
pupnikwell if you do that in scratcbox, it won't solve the situation on people's n800s09:40
pupnikbut you can sure try it09:40
unique311and then the symlink to
*** Vertoo has quit IRC09:41
pupniki don't see a anywhere09:41
unique311but like you said its a symlink...09:42
unique311pcm.c thinks its located in /usr/lib09:42
*** jsmanrique has joined #maemo09:42
pupniki don't see why it's trying to open that09:43
pupnikhere's what my build of scalar gets linked to09:43
unique311i get the same09:45
pupnikso maybe is mixed up09:48
pupnikthat's the only sound-related library that gets linked to the program09:48
pupnikor maybe your ldconfig just needs updating09:49
pupnikbut that would be strange too09:49
pupnik(running ldconfig command rescans your libraries)09:49
pupnikmy god, this new xkbd is awesome!  it's awesome!09:51
* pupnik plays with xkbd+dosbox09:51
timelyxwhat's the new xkbd do?09:55
pupnikit can hide and restore itself09:55
infobotpupnik meant: it can iconify and restore itself09:55
pupnikand it's got a fantastic new layout09:56
*** __shawn has joined #maemo10:07
pupniktimelyx:  xkbd virtual keyboard running over dosbox :) :)10:12
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo10:14
unique311pupnik, that works with all emu's?10:15
pupniki'm testing them now10:16
*** ramo102 has joined #maemo10:16
unique311i gave up on scratchbox.10:16
unique311uninstalling it and reinstalling it 2morrow10:17
pupnikor reinstall another armel 3.0 target and compare the fresh one to the one you have10:17
X-Fade_Amazing.. Nokia sold more than 100M mobile phones in 3 months.. 1.5M N95 for example. Too bad they don't show the numbers for N800.10:25
disqthe tablets are probably too low to show off10:30
disqwhat's the url for the sales figures?10:31
*** jsmanrique has quit IRC10:31
*** moox has joined #maemo10:32
mooxhi guys ! Is skype working using the hacked edition of OS07 ?10:32
disqafaik no10:33
disqthe codecs have to be rewritten for the 770 cpu so they didn't (gah)10:33
mooxand they are closed source I guess10:33
disqit's skype, so yeah10:34
*** jsmanrique has joined #maemo10:34
mooxso what are the real benefits to get the os07 on the 770 ?10:34
disqthe os07 is better and faster in a lot of ways, though i didn't use one on the 770 so don't know what features really work and what doesn't10:37
disqyou could try reading up on the ITT10:37
_Monkeyi guess ITT is
jsmanriqueI think it is better, but faster?10:37
jsmanriquen800 is faster than 770, that could make software be faster esaily10:38
disqafaik the code and the API's are much more optimized10:38
disqalso better thumb kb10:38
jsmanriqueI didn't know about that10:41
jsmanriquebut sure that last Dates app run well :-)10:42
pupnikthe stylus tapping sound is cooler too10:42
*** jsmanrique has left #maemo10:46
*** jsmanrique has joined #maemo10:47
JaffaMorning, all10:49
*** whaq__ has joined #maemo10:51
*** whaq_ has quit IRC10:52
*** hap has joined #maemo10:54
VladDracso what's the deal with os07 on 770? Does it work? Where can I read about it?11:00
*** pokute has quit IRC11:03
*** izzy_ has joined #maemo11:05
*** izzy has quit IRC11:06
disq_Monkey: os2007on770?11:16
_Monkeydisq: no idea11:16
disq_Monkey: os2007on770 is at
_MonkeyOK, disq.11:16
disq_Monkey: os07 on 770 is at
_MonkeyOK, disq.11:16
disqgood monkey11:16
disqor _Monkey11:16
_Monkeyi am the best programmer in the whole freenode IRC right now11:16
amrwoo, my 770 is here11:23
*** red-zack has joined #maemo11:24
*** nightwriter has joined #maemo11:28
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo11:29
*** nightwriter has quit IRC11:29
pupnikmoin red-zack11:31
pupnikthere are some issues with xkbd-m, fullscreen SDL seems to be incompatible11:32
*** nightwriter has joined #maemo11:33
*** guardian has quit IRC11:36
*** guardian has joined #maemo11:36
amrwhats the first thing i should do ideally with my 77011:39
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:39
VladDracwhat are the main advantages of os07 over 06?11:39
VladDracamr: charge it ;)11:39
amri am doing that :P11:39
amrsoftware wise i mean11:39
amrim lookin into changing my sources.list file11:39
amrthen probably xterm, becomeroot, dropbear ssh server11:40
pupnikexactly correct11:40
*** ArthurDentN770 has joined #maemo11:40
amrcool, what about booting from the mmc when my 1gb one gets here11:40
amris there any need or can i use it as it is11:41
milhouseone step at a time young amr... :)11:41
*** ArthurDentN770 has quit IRC11:41
milhousepersonally no need unless you want or have a need to dual boot11:41
pupnikthere are some advantages, but i was happy without it too11:42
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo11:42
milhousei'm not really sure why so many 770 newbies go for the mmc option11:42
disqthe promise of speed?11:42
milhousepromise is all it is11:43
AD-N770good morning11:43
pupnikalso, the onboard space looks really small to people who are used to desktop linux11:43
milhousein most casers11:43
infobotmilhouse meant: in most cases11:43
milhouseunless they install the high speed kernel as well11:43
milhousei mean what's wrong with just enjoying it for a while? ;)11:43
amri had no real intention to, i saw a bunch of posts on itt raving about it so i figured that was the done thing11:44
amrexactly! :-)11:44
pupnikthis new vkbd will trash my productivity.  it's tooo fun to play in dosbox now11:44
milhousei never managed to fill my 770's internal flash... but then i probably reflashed it every 2 months and didn't go mad installing stuff11:44
amrmy internet must be slow, its taking ages to get xterm11:44
milhouseamr: my recommendation would be to install Fanoush's high speed kernel, but pass on the MMC option until you have a need for it11:45
*** moox has left #maemo11:45
amrok, im assuming there are how-tos on the wiki for that?11:46
amri've got os2006 3.2006.49-2, do i need to update that too?11:46
disqyou won't have to reinstall everything when you decide to go the mmc boot way btw, so it's ok to keep it for later. unlike regular firmware updates11:46
amroh cool11:47
Robot101hmm, people seem quite excited by pidgin on maemo11:48
* Robot101 is more excited by tp-haze, the Telepathy backend that uses Pidgin's libpurple11:48
Robot101then you can use all of those protocols built-in to the device's IM/Presence stuff11:49
milhouseamr: fanoushs kernel... you can search the itt forums but if you have a linux pc it's a piece of cake. The 770 high speed kernel is here:
amr:-/ download failed on xterm11:49
Robot101maybe I should get someone to do packages and stuff :)11:49
amrcool thanks milhouse11:49
milhouseamr: 3.2006.49-2 is the last (final) version of OS 2006 so you're up to date11:50
disqamr: if you don't have a usb-working linux pc (mine's on vmware, usb somehow doesn't work) there's a in-device flasher somewhere in there too11:50
milhousedisq is correct, although having a linux pc (even a live cd distro) is a lot, lot easier and more useful in the long run11:50
amri have a mac, dunno if that counts for anything :P11:51
milhousei often wonder when reading the itt forum why people mess around with the built in flasher (and whine when it doesn't work) when it's a lot easier to download something like Damn Small Linux and occasionally boot it when flashing or setting device options...11:52
milhouseamr: Intel or PowerPC MAC?11:52
milhouseyou should be ok with any old x86 live cd distribution11:53
amrsweet, im sure i have a ubuntu cd around somewhere11:53
milhousei don't think nokia have released a Mac OSX x86 flasher - only ppc. mind you, will that run on x86 under emulation?11:55
amryeah that will be fine11:55
milhousebtw you can download the flasher binaries here:
milhouseso you may not need a live cd at all :)11:56
amrdo i want the flasher-2.0 with 2006se support?11:56
amrwhats the se?11:56
milhousestandard edition? not really sure11:56
milhousemaybe supported edition!11:56
milhouse(as HE means Hacker Edition which has no support)11:57
amrhaha yeah i read about that11:57
milhouseyes, flasher-2.0.macosx is what you need11:57
milhousethere's no flasher-3 for mac (x86 or ppc)11:57
amrhm, it doesnt appear to be working11:57
amrit downloads a 189kb file of garbage basically11:58
milhousecan't help you there... never used a mac browser.11:58
amroh wait, might have worked11:58
milhouseheck, never used a mac...11:58
*** Pio has quit IRC11:59
amri think i opened it before it finished, for some reason im getting 3kbs speeds11:59
amrnope, still doesnt work11:59
amrmaybe i will have to grab the other flasher11:59
amr:-( doesnt work either11:59
pupnikping timing out here12:02
amrlooks like i will be booting from a livecd then :P12:02
amrdownload failed again on xterm :-/12:02
amrwill that be why?12:02
pupnikdunono.. http worked fine12:03
milhousewhat's the error?12:03
milhousein application manager go to Tools -> Log to see the log12:03
amrjust 'download failed'12:04
amrfailed to fetch from maemo-hacks.org12:05
amrtimed out12:05
*** solmumah1 has joined #maemo12:05
milhouseunfortunately isn't terribly reliable... you'll have to try later and hope it's up12:05
amrwell i installed dropbear12:06
*** solmumaha has quit IRC12:06
pupniknot maemo-hacks12:06
amrthats what i meant12:06
*** florian has joined #maemo12:06
*** pokute has joined #maemo12:07 seems to be up and available...12:09
amrhey, im on the installing screen now12:11
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo12:17
floriangood morning12:18
amrwhich is the best way i should fix root12:20
_Monkeybecomeroot is For 770 ITOS2006, install dropbear or openssh, then ssh to root on the device, then in a shell: echo 'deb mistral user' >> /var/cache/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get install becomeroot , then in xterm type "sudo gainroot"12:21
pupnikthat's how i diddided it12:22
amrW: GPG error: mistral Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5FD45CD3EA68E29D12:23
amrcouldnt find package becomeroot12:23
amrwhat did i do wrong :-(12:26
pupnikmy error12:26
_Monkeybecomeroot is
*** kaatis_ has joined #maemo12:27
pupnikit was /etc/apt/sources.list not /var/cache/apt/sources.list12:27
amrwoah i can't find the hyphen sign on the keyboard12:30
amroh im an idiot nevermind, its next to the 012:30
*** syntux has joined #Maemo12:31
milhouseamr: did you add the repository mistral user to your app manager? you should then see becomeroot listed12:31
amryes i just did now12:31
amrinstalling now12:31
syntuxguys, I guess I have problem in my N800 and I don't know how to diagnose it, I'm not able to make calls with skype for more than 10 minutes and then the whole device just freeze and the only available option is to reboot it.12:31
syntuxany idea?12:31
milhousesyntux - you're not the only one12:32
milhousecheck the itt forums, been reported there. not sure if it's been logged in the skype bug tracking system.12:32
syntuxmilhouse, oh and any solution ? is it skype related or Nokai ?12:32
milhousenot sure - there's no solution as yet to my knowledge.12:32
*** koen_ has joined #maemo12:33
syntuxhmm maybe I should try with Gizmo; that would give an idea if it's Nokia or Skype12:33
amrok so there are no software upgrades i need to do for the os are there12:34
amrjust flash to a fast kernel12:34
*** Veggen_ has joined #maemo12:35
*** Veggen has quit IRC12:35
*** MikaT_ has joined #maemo12:36
*** bergie has joined #maemo12:36
syntuxguys, do you know any calendar that can sync with google cal ? for n800 ?12:36
Robot101syntux: does it happen with gtalk?12:37
*** koen has quit IRC12:37
syntuxRobot101, was calling some land phones and I didn't try gtalk yet12:37
Robot101failures proportional to call length suggest memory leaks12:37
milhousesyntux: skype thread discussing the problem here
milhousenot much discussion exactly - just one other report12:38
syntuxmilhouse, thank you12:38
syntuxRobot101, well, I have the default 128 + swaped 12812:38
syntuxand only skype was running12:38
syntuxso if that amount of RAM wont be enough for a small device what would be enough then12:39
*** MikaT has quit IRC12:39
*** kaatis has quit IRC12:39
amri did that becomeroot thing12:39
amrbut that still means i can becomeroot by ssh doesnt it12:39
Robot101it's not about if it's enough, if it's about whether the program is using up far more memory than it's meant to due to a bug :)12:39
amrlog in directly12:40
milhouseamr: yes, you can still login as root/rootme using ssh12:40
amrif i change the root password that wont affect me doing sudo gainroot will it?12:41
milhousepersonally i just setup a public/private key for user so that i can login as user, and sudo whenever i need root12:41
milhouseamr: no12:41
milhouseamr: no, it won't affect gainroot12:41
*** goloo has joined #maemo12:45
syntuxhmm, whats the default browser in n800 ? is it opera?13:08
*** red-zack has quit IRC13:08
*** matt_c has joined #maemo13:10
amrdropbear server seems to have crashed on me13:19
* milhouse mutters dropbear is a pile of ....13:21
milhousetype this as root to fix dropbear: apt-get remove dropbear; apt-get install ssh13:21
amrhow come dropbear is recommended?13:22
milhouseuh.. where?13:22
amri was just told by others to use that13:22
milhousei'd hazzard a guess whatever documentation recommends dropbear is quite old, possibly pre-dating openssh13:22
milhouseit's subjective, but i prefer openssh13:23
*** matt_c has quit IRC13:23
amrhandily i dont see openssh or ssh13:25
milhouseyou won't see it listed in the app manager13:26
milhouse(unless you enable red pill mode)13:26
amrred pill mode?13:26
milhousejust sudo gainroot then apt-get install ssh13:26
milhouseremove dropbear first though13:26
amrerror: some packages could not be authenticatefd13:28
milhousefine, enter "Y"13:28
amrit didnt give me an option to13:28
milhouseer... error?13:28
milhousenormally it's a warning13:28
amrwarning the following packages cannot be authenticated!13:29
amrinstall this packages without verification [y/N]? E: some packages could not be authenticated13:29
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo13:29
*** homeasvs has quit IRC13:29
amroh hold on, i ran it again and it let me say yes13:29
amrwas probably me knocking something13:30
amrare the errors with debconf normal13:30
milhouseyou shouldn't get any errors...13:30
amrdebconf falling back to front end: teletype. no usable dialog like program is installed so the dialog based front not be used13:31
milhouseoh right, yes... that should be ok13:31
amroh good13:31
syntuxanyone from canada btw ?13:35
*** matt_c has joined #maemo13:35
*** matt_c has quit IRC13:37
amrssh is just stuck after asking me for my password13:38
amrit took a while to ask for it too, its just sat there13:38
amrlogging in locally works13:40
amrover ssh13:40
*** dneary has joined #maemo13:41
milhousewho are you logging in as on the remote machine?13:41
milhouseroot or user?13:41
milhouseuser has no password13:42
amrits loaded now, finally13:42
amri set one13:42
milhouseah ok13:42
amrits sat at the prompt and not accepting input13:42
* milhouse thinks that setting a password on user is less secure than the default13:42
milhousethink about it13:43
amri must be missing something13:43
milhouseby default, the user account doesn't have a password13:43
milhouseso how would you brute force login as user?13:43
milhouseanswer: you wouldn't13:44
amrgood point13:44
milhouseguess what, you've set a password...13:44
amrwell thats not the problem at the minute13:44
syntuxmilhouse, hmm but there is a password for root after flashing it13:44
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC13:44
milhouseindeed, which you can change or disable13:44
milhousethe securest method is to ssh using public/private keys13:44
syntuxbut one can do middle machine :D13:45
milhouseone could... but i might also win the lottery this weekend13:46
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo13:46
syntuxmilhouse, promise me to invite me for pizza if you won13:46
milhousei promise :)13:46
amrshould i try removing and installing ssh again?13:47
*** matt_c has joined #maemo13:47
syntuxamr, no wait, I'm looking for something might help you13:47
amrok cool thanks13:47
syntuxthere should be a way to speed up host lookup13:47
milhousecan you ping your device from the remote box?13:48
pupnikload-applet-run is my favorite thing ever now13:48
amrno :-/13:48
amri used to be able to13:48
milhouseno you can't ping your 770?13:48
amrno i cant13:48
milhousethat's not good...13:48
amrexcellent.. :/13:48
amrwhat do i do13:48
milhousedo you have any firewall issues?13:48
milhousewhat's your remote machine - a mac isn't it?13:49
syntuxsorry, my idea wont work amr13:49
amroh ok nevermind then13:49
amrthanks though13:49
milhouseamr: your 770 has a valid ip address on your local network right?13:49
amryeah, its a static one13:50
amri can access the internet fine13:50
milhouseon your mac you should be able to ping it by running ping in a terminal session13:50
amri tried13:50
milhousesomething is stuffed up then13:51
milhouseprobably explains why ssh isn't behaving13:51
amr64 bytes from icmp_seq=16 ttl=64 time=868.066 ms13:51
amr64 bytes from icmp_seq=17 ttl=64 time=2.081 ms13:51
amrit responded13:51
milhousetry rebooting your 770 just for laughs13:51
milhouseso, back on the mac...13:51
milhousessh -l root
milhousewhat happens? still hangs?13:52
amrits opened now and ive got a shell13:52
amrcant enter any commands however13:52
milhouseso you have the root prompt # ?13:52
amryes, but i cant enter or type anything13:53
amrshall i try the reboot13:53
milhousemight as well - i don't know what else to suggest right now13:53
syntux LoL this is amazing13:54
amrwhat do you know, it works13:55
*** matt_c has quit IRC13:55
milhousehurrah. :)13:55
amrhow bizarre was that13:56
milhousealmost PC-ish13:56
amrnow ive forgotten what i was trying to do lol13:57
syntuxyou were trying to install Windows 95 SP2 on your Nokia N800.13:58
*** vivijim has joined #maemo13:58
Fatalbeen there done that, couldn't find where to insert the boot floppy, so I gave up13:58
syntuxany of you can see the future?13:59
syntuxI wonder if we'll be able to run windows LongHorn using Vmware on Nokia N9178321213:59
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo14:02
*** hein has joined #maemo14:06
*** javamaniac has quit IRC14:06
*** bueroman has joined #maemo14:07
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo14:09
maddlermorning all...14:10
amroh dear, guess whats stopped working again14:11
*** Sho_ has quit IRC14:15
*** hein is now known as Sho_14:15
amr299 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss14:16
milhouseso ping has died too?14:16
*** melunko has quit IRC14:16
milhousesounds like a general network/routing issue14:16
milhouseat least it's not specific to ssh14:16
amrhm, could be my router14:17
amri know its playing up a bit at times14:17
milhouseapple express thingy?14:17
amrno its a wrt54g linksys14:17
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC14:17
milhouseoh a quality router then :)14:17
milhousei've got a wrt54gs14:17
amrits crap, ive got the stripped version14:17
milhousemind you i don't run stock linksys firmware14:17
amrits limited to hell14:17
milhouseget dd-wrt or openwrt firmware :)14:18
milhouseas long as it's not a recent version you can do plenty with it14:18
milhouseversion 1-4 were golden14:18
amrits v5 :-(14:19
milhousecan still be flashed with after market firmware14:20
milhousebut much less onboard memory14:20
amroh, nice14:20
*** mallum has joined #maemo14:24
*** cbrake_away has quit IRC14:25
*** dneary has quit IRC14:25
*** melunko has joined #maemo14:26
*** Zword has joined #maemo14:29
pupniki have a new cool thing14:32
pupnikjust a minute14:33
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo14:34
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo14:35
pupnik  gla55 - xkbd layout for dosbox - non-blocking14:40
*** luck^ has joined #maemo14:43
*** jsmanrique has left #maemo14:43
pupnikok so i forgot the 'i' key14:47
inzno one needs that anyway14:47
pupnikoh there it is14:47
inzright in it's place14:48
*** matt_c has joined #maemo14:54
pupnikstill need to figure out what's wrong with fullscreen/mouse apps14:55
guardianhiu maemo14:56
pupnikeach keyboard layout has its own menu shortcut now :)15:01
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC15:05
*** booiiing has quit IRC15:11
amris the built in mail app pretty slow?15:13
*** pleemans has joined #maemo15:13
*** renatofilho has joined #maemo15:14
disqit's rather useless15:14
*** booiiing has joined #maemo15:14
amri was just going to use it so i can get at my important mail15:14
amrset up forwards for certain addresses15:15
amrbut its been sat on connecting for the past 5 mintues15:15
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC15:15
*** OgMaciel has quit IRC15:16
amroh well15:16
amrguess no mail for me15:16
*** ab has joined #maemo15:17
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC15:18
*** matt_c has quit IRC15:18
*** matt_c has joined #maemo15:19
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo15:21
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo15:24
gw280what's the name of the browser binary?15:34
gw280odd, apt says osso-browser-interface is installed, and yet I don't seem to hae that binary15:35
zuhin scratchbox?15:35
amr:-/ trying to download an rtf file and ive tried saving it to the mmc and into mydocs15:36
zuhgw280: It's not supposed to be, since opera doesn't allow that15:36
amrusing browser, but it doesnt save at all15:36
*** kenne has joined #maemo15:36
gw280zuh: doesn't allow what?15:36
gw280zuh: in any case, what about the microb browser?15:36
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC15:37
zuhIt's all about licensing, the wart in software world's buttocks15:38
zuhmicrob was the new mozilla-based?15:38
zuhactually, I'm not sure if the browser binary should be affected after all. It's the engine part that is closed anyway...15:39
zuhBut I don't thing Nokia provides any of the closed source apps for the SDK, not even in the binaries package15:40
*** bergie has quit IRC15:42
*** Pio__ has joined #maemo15:43
amrdoes anyone know whats up with my downloading from the browser?15:43
*** pleemans has quit IRC15:52
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo15:54
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:56
*** amr has quit IRC15:57
*** amr has joined #maemo15:57
*** Pio_ has quit IRC16:01
*** jpt9 has joined #maemo16:03
jpt9does anyone know what video formats the n770 supports on the built-in media player on IT2007HE?16:03
*** madam has joined #maemo16:05
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC16:09
*** javamaniac has quit IRC16:10
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo16:10
amr:-/ this is getting on my nerves16:14
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:17
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo16:19
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo16:20
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo16:25
*** jhdeval has joined #maemo16:26
*** andrunko has joined #maemo16:26
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo16:27
jhdevalOk I have a simple question. I am new to the n770. So far I love it. How do I add the repository. I found how to add one but I can't find anything on that says what I should fill in for the url etc.16:27
*** OgMaciel has joined #maemo16:27
trevarthanamr: your card isn't marked read-only, is it? can you create a new file on the device using some other means?16:27
erstazijhdeval, well, I got the sources.list that is pretty accurate16:27
erstazijhdeval, have you installed xterm and becomeroot yet?16:28
jhdevalNo not yet.16:29
jhdevalI suppose I need to do that?16:29
erstazijhdeval, I would, but first16:30
erstazijhdeval, have you ever used Linux before?16:30
jhdeval:) I have.16:30
erstaziok, sorry had to make sure16:30
jhdevalI use it exclusively16:30
erstazijhdeval, you can find becomeroot and xterm on by searching for them16:31
jhdevalthe osso xterm?16:31
erstaziget the advanced16:31
amrtrevarthan, i cant even save it in my docs folder16:31
amri assume thats not on the card?16:31
erstazijhdeval, the advanced is smoother and black background on white is easier to read on the n770 (I have one as well)16:32
amrim not sure how to check if the card is read only or not16:32
jhdevalSo far I really like it. I am impressed with the speed and qty of apps.16:32
jhdevalI want to write a few of my own.16:32
erstazijhdeval, well, porting is done, which I am *trying* to do16:33
erstazis/porting is done/porting is *needing* done16:33
erstazisleep is my problem haha16:33
jhdevalI am a python hacker.16:33
jhdevalI am not real familiar with c unfrtunately.16:34
erstazijhdeval, very good, there are many apps that are made in python for maemo16:34
jhdevalI saw that and it is very well supported too.16:34
erstazijhdeval, are you familiar with debian based distro16:34
jhdevalI want to play with mono for maemo too. It looked interesting.16:34
jhdevalI have used ubuntu and still have it on one or two machines16:35
erstaziok, jhdeval, your n770 uses sources.list also, (IT2006 is debian-based as the rest of the OS'es on nokia 770's and n800's)16:37
erstaziI have a very nice sources.list16:37
*** cwiiis has joined #maemo16:37
erstazicollected from a forum and I commented out the ones that are not existing always (some are hosted by the actual developer/porter's home computer through like or such16:38
jhdevalI am working on sshing into the 77016:38
erstazijhdeval, I would suggest getting becomeroot first16:38
erstazithen what you do is: sudo gainroot16:38
erstaziwhich, I use ubuntu as well and at first I thought that was completely odd16:39
jhdevalI am following the directions become root 2 it suggests sshing into the 770 I dont have a usb cable with me at the moment.16:39
*** jpt9 has quit IRC16:39
erstazijhdeval, then when you do become root, make sure you passwd user and then passwd root to change your passwords because you don't want someone to ssh while you are using their connection or yours16:39
erstazijhdeval, you don't need to use the usb cable to ssh16:39
erstazijhdeval, do you have wifi at your place you are at?16:40
timelessx-fade, et al....16:40
jhdevalyeah I do16:40
timelessi finally published our blog16:40
erstazijhdeval, do you know the ip address your tablet is using?16:40
erstazigo to terminal on your pc and type: ssh user@replace-with-nokias-ip-address16:41
erstaziyou can ssh over wifi16:41
jhdevalwithout installing the ssh server?16:41
erstazioh poop, I forgot that one haha, go on maemo and install openssh16:41
jhdevalsee I know whats I am doing lol16:42
erstazidropbear is not fun to install, openssh is smoother to install and nice16:42
jhdevaldropbear is no longer available either16:42
* erstazi forgets about some things when only having 3 hours of sleep16:42
erstazijhdeval, did you get xterm advanced installed? also becomeroot? you can change your passwords there as well, I would suggest it16:43
erstaziand yes, I am paranoid haha16:43
X-Fade_timeless: Are you in the planet yet?16:43
*** ramo102 has quit IRC16:44
jhdevalbecome root has no install package on anymore.16:45
erstazijhdeval, I don't beleive that16:45
jhdevaland openssh says not found ahhhhhh16:45
erstazilet me check16:45
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo16:46
jhdevalf@ing hell thats a long url to type in on a peck and find keyboard.16:48
erstazijhdeval, this is from the repository, which the source.list will include outside repos, its truthworthy16:48
erstaziwant the easier way, jhdeval?16:48
erstazijhdeval, let me fire my n770 up16:49
erstaziso I can follow along easier16:49
erstaziagain, I am pooped16:49
jhdevalNO SLEEP TO BROOKLYN!!!16:49
erstazihha, beastie boys16:49
jhdevalHad to throw out a beat lol I bet now you have it stuck in your head.16:50
amrhow do i check on battery percentage16:50
amrclicking the icon in the status bar does nothing16:50
erstazijhdeval, on your left panel, you got web, contacts, and applications, select applications icon > tools > application manager16:50
erstazijhdeval, we use to use that song as a warm up for a band (high school) I use to be in16:51
madamamr: in my experience this means it's full16:51
jhdevalok i am there16:51
erstazijhdeval, now, at the top, you have the upside down chevlon, and Application manager16:52
erstazijhdeval, tap that then > tools > application catalog16:52
erstaziin web address:
erstazidistribution: mistral16:53
_Monkeyrumour has it mistral is a N770 distro, gregale is N800 oriented16:53
erstazicomponents: user16:53
erstazimake sure its checked for enabled16:53
erstazihit ok16:53
erstazi(this is a new one of course, forgot to mention that)16:54
milhouseforget mistral16:54
_Monkeymilhouse: I forgot mistral16:54
milhouse(sorry - that was just me to _monkey)16:54
erstazibots, can't live with them, can't live with without them16:54
jhdevalshit says cannot refresh16:54
erstazimilhouse, hehe16:54
erstazijhdeval, hmm16:54
erstazijhdeval, go back to chevlon > tools > application catalog16:55
jhdevaljust not having any luck today16:55
jhdevali am there16:55
erstazilocate and edit it, disable16:55
*** ajturner has joined #maemo16:55
erstazinow try and see if it can refresh16:55
jhdevalit does16:55
erstazijhdeval, ok locate in your catalog16:55
erstaziedit it, on the web address, change it to this:
erstaziI forgot the sub-directory16:56
*** ajturner has quit IRC16:57
jhdevalthat worked16:57
erstazinow, after you tap ok, then close catalog, then go back to application manager (chevlon) and select tools, refresh packages16:57
*** ajturner has joined #maemo16:57
erstazi"refresh list of packages"16:57
*** konttori has joined #maemo16:57
jhdevalI got it16:57
timelessx-fade: no16:58
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC16:58
timelessi wouldn't know how to get into planet :)16:58
jhdevali mean become root16:58
erstazijhdeval after that is done, go to the button: Install new applications16:58
erstaziand then select All, and becomeroot will be at the top16:58
konttoriUKMP 1.51 is out. It's a bug fix version and VERY recommended to all users. More info and download link from :
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo16:58
timelessx-fade: have you found the feed? :)16:58
konttoriIt also includes uktube update that has support for logging into youtube to access over 18 videos as well as private content.16:59
jhdevalwhat is the password for root when I run become root16:59
_Monkeyi think rootme is the default pw?16:59
*** bilboed has joined #maemo16:59
*** fox___ has joined #maemo17:00
jhdevalrootme is for familiar17:00
erstazijhdeval, when you want the /etc/apt/sources.list I can give it, and I commented out the ones that were not working for me (which is basically like leaving enabled unchecked)17:01
X-Fade_timeless: ?17:01
amrerstazi, i would definitely be interested in that17:02
erstazisome need gpg keys17:02
erstaziamr, I can put it up on my web server17:02
erstaziso far, some are down because they use a dynamic dns service for hosting their home server and some of them are down17:02
*** melunko has quit IRC17:03
jhdevalok I got it :)17:03
jhdevalerstazi: you gonna be here for like 20 minutes I gotta run17:04
madamanyone using xserver-xomap_6.6.3 from sardine? it doesn't react to touching, althought i told it -mouse tslib. ?17:04
*** Wizzard has quit IRC17:04
erstazihas anyone heard of someone doing it or done it themselves: broke the screen to their tablet?17:05
*** user__ has joined #maemo17:05
erstaziI am just wondering how much punishment this thing can take17:06
*** melmoth has quit IRC17:06
erstaziI know some who don't use their screen guard17:06
*** user__ is now known as melmoth17:06
erstazihello melmoth17:06
*** whaq__ has quit IRC17:07
amrhow do you completely reset the device17:07
amrnot restart, i mean like a hard reset17:07
erstazireset? as back to the factory default install?17:08
*** whaq__ has joined #maemo17:08
madamamr: battery out, battery in17:08
amryes erstazi17:10
_Monkeyerstazi is probably rusty on porting to a different arch17:10
amrthat didnt work, battery in and out17:10
*** melmoth has quit IRC17:11
*** melmoth has joined #maemo17:11
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo17:11
amrwhat do i need to do erstazi17:11
erstaziamr, you want to flash your tablet?17:12
inzahhhh... summer vacation17:12
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:12
*** fox__ has quit IRC17:12
erstaziamr, which means reinstall the original factory defaults (as it came fresh)?17:12
erstazianyone who wants the sources.list that I use and I grabbed and improved from itt here it is:
erstazisorry I took so long17:13
erstaziamr, let me find something on maemo that I read17:13
amrok thanks17:13
amror shall i just reflash with the new kernel version17:13
amrfanoush's kernel17:13
erstaziamr, how about this, have you tried the update wizard?17:13
amruhm no17:13
erstaziwhat OS do you use on your pc?17:14
amrbut i can boot into a live cd if needed17:14
erstaziOS X?17:14
erstazigo to that on your mac17:15
erstazithey also list "nokia's approved method"17:17
trevarthanhey, can someone with the normal, non-a2dp build of mplayer on the n800 run `mplayer -ao help` for me and post the output in a pastebin?17:17
trevarthanI need to see if it advertises ALSA even though it isn't compiled in.17:18
amrwhile im doing this shall i flash the kernel too17:19
amrto fanoush's17:19
*** konttori has quit IRC17:20
erstaziamr, this will flash your device of everything, it brings you back to when you first received the tablet as new, nothing installed on it17:23
erstazijust the default installs17:23
amroki doke17:23
erstazino problem17:23
amri hope my browser downloading actually works this time17:23
erstaziyour mmc flash card will still have its contents though17:24
erstaziamr, before doing this I suggest backing up17:24
amrdoing that17:24
milhousetrevarthan - 1.0rc1-maemo.16.n800 doesn't advertise alsa17:24
milhousejust the following17:24
milhouseMPlayer 1.0rc1-maemo.16.n800 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team17:24
milhouseCPU: ARM17:24
milhouseAvailable audio output drivers:17:24
milhouse        esd     EsounD audio output17:24
milhouse        gst     Gstreamer audio output for Nokia 77017:24
milhouse        sdl     SDLlib audio output17:24
milhouse        mpegpes Mpeg-PES audio output17:24
erstaziamr, go to the 3rd icon on the left (which its called applications I believe) and then go to tools and then control panel and then select backup/restore and make a back up17:24
milhouse        null    Null audio output17:24
milhouse        pcm     RAW PCM/WAVE file writer audio output17:24
*** Pio__ has quit IRC17:27
*** krau has quit IRC17:27
amrok done erstazi17:27
amrill flash the kernel after i come home from work17:27
amrerstazi, how do you see what percentage battery is remaining17:28
trevarthanthanks milhouse. BTW, I saw your a2dp script on ITT. nice work. Anyone care to write a control panel module that allows you to select your a2dp headset from a list of paired devices?17:29
trevarthanIMO, that's the only thing stopping us from making a2dp really user friendly.17:29
milhousetrevarthan: thanks but that's waaaay out of my league :)17:29
trevarthan:) I could handle it, but I'm busy with Kagu, so it's a low priority.17:29
*** krau has joined #maemo17:30
trevarthandisq wrote a control panel applet for maemoscrobbler that we could pillage and rework for our purposes.17:30
milhousethe current bluetooth applet, does it give any clues about the paired devices?17:31
milhouseie. can it be queried to identify the audio headset devices?17:31
trevarthanI don't even know if the source is available, but I'm sure there is a way. either through dbus or some other method.17:31
milhousei'm assuming that paired device information is held somewhere17:31
trevarthanyeah. in the filesystem on a normal bluez system, but it's probably stored in a DB too on maemo.17:32
trevarthanmaybe gconf?17:32
jhdevaltrevarthan: I think bluetooth devices are shown as paired by a hash or hex code17:32
jhdevalLike a network cards mac address17:32
trevarthanAs an initial version, we could simply provide a BT address input field in the control panel, then improve that later when we figure out the API.17:33
trevarthanThe control panel app could just call your script, milhouse.17:33
milhousethat might be dangerous :)17:33
trevarthanlife is dangerous.17:34
trevarthanbe bold.17:34
jhdevalnow theres a man with b@lls17:34
erstazihaha trevarthan17:34
erstazijhdeval, did you grab the sources.list?17:35
jhdevalno not yet where is it?17:35
erstaziit has almost all the working repos of I knowing17:35
jhdevalalso how do you mark and paste?17:35
erstaziif anyone wants to add any, please tell me, I will be happy to add more17:35
erstazijhdeval, I usually add mine through ssh'ing17:36
jhdevalgot it17:36
erstazior if anyone can confirm that any of the commented out repos are completely gone, I can remove17:36
_Monkeysomebody said trevarthan was a cowardly programmer who stole an n800 from a baby and regularly has relations with my mom.17:36
milhouse_monkey thanks17:36
_Monkeysure thing milhouse17:36
milhousetrevarthan - you're right, the currently paired bt devices are in gconf17:37
milhousekeyed on mac17:37
milhousewith services listed for each device17:37
trevarthansweet. that aught to make it easy.17:37
milhousesoooo in theory we just need to pull off the audio device17:37
milhousei doubt anyone will pair more than one audio device but we'll need to cater for that17:38
milhouseie. bail if there is more than one device?17:38
erstazimilhouse, I will just pair more than one audio device to make this harder haha just playing17:38
milhousei'll try to work out how to walk the gconf tree and get back to you :)17:38
trevarthanyeah, actually a guy emailed me stating that he had a couple of different bt headsets and he switches between them frequently.17:38
milhouseit's not a control panel but at least it means the script is more of a no brainer17:39
erstazimilhouse, what language did you use in your script?17:39
milhouseplain old shell scripting17:39
trevarthanmilhouse: you don't have to put it in the control panel. I think it makes sense there, but anywhere would be fine, so long as it's got a GUI.17:39
erstazijhdeval does python17:39
milhousewhat i'll do is modify the script to take a bt address or "auto" and if the latter it will try to grab it via gconftool-2 but bail if there is more than one17:40
trevarthanmilhouse: we can still salvage parts of your shell script for use in the .deb installer. the hcid.conf changes still need to be made, for example.17:40
milhouseactually the default (no param) will probably be auto17:40
trevarthanBTW, anyone care to package that up? I'll do it if I have to, but I'm a bit bogged down at the moment.17:41
milhousealternatively, could the address be determined at run time?17:41
milhouseby a2dpd?17:41
milhousethat way, if the user removes the headset and replaces it with another (after installing a2dp) then it still works?17:41
milhousecurrently they're locked in to a particular headset and need to reinstall if they change it17:42
trevarthanmilhouse: I was thinking the BT address part would be either in control panel or the app menu. that way the user can re-run it.17:42
trevarthanthe .deb would just install the switching tool and run it once for setup, but then the user could run it again whenever.17:42
erstazijhdeval, sorry for "pimping" out your python skills, I can be like that! you will find this community is actually very nice and friendly17:43
milhousebut apart from the rare number of users with multiple headsets, you could automatically identify the correct address by scanning gconf when a2dpd starts17:43
jhdevalno problem. I have been looking for an oss project to work on17:43
erstazijhdeval, its *very* unlike other communities that I have been or currently part of17:43
trevarthanmilhouse: I don't think so. I've got 3 bt devices, and only one is a headset.17:43
erstazijhdeval, do you use python for web-based? ever mess with pylon?17:43
trevarthanbetter to ask.17:44
jhdevalBy skill set is in the business world so I am a db programmer by nature.17:44
milhousetrevarthan: of those 3 devices, how many support the audio profile?17:44
trevarthanmilhouse: and how do you intend to detect which support which profile?17:44
*** timelE61i has joined #maemo17:44
jhdevalI have looked at several ways of using python via the web and I always come to the same conclusion it just isn't mean for the web17:44
milhouseit's listed in the services node for each device17:45
timelE61idoesn't hg use python17:45
trevarthanjhdeval: I'm a DB programmer too. I do PHP for a living. hate it though. love python.17:45
jhdevallol I hate php as well. It is so non intuitive17:45
milhouselet me get you the gconftool-2 code that dumps each device so you can see for yourself - give me a bit17:45
jhdevalpython is a really nice clean language17:45
erstazitrevarthan, same here, I use php but I think python is great for the web17:45
trevarthanmilhouse: oh... cool. so if there is only one device with an audio profile, use that. if two, ask, if none, display a warning stating that such and such program will need to be run after pairing the device.17:46
milhouseyes :)17:46
erstaziI am a web developer and svn is my friend17:46
trevarthanerstazi: I like svn too. I'm not opposed to git though. It makes a lot of sense.17:46
erstaziLuckly, in an odd way, my team and I are developing an intranet based cms/dbms that is going to be released as AGPLv3 soon17:46
milhousebut if you can possibly detect the audio device when a2dp starts then it makes it easier for the user to chop and change headsets without upsetting the a2dp installation17:47
jhdevalI am actually fluent in VB6,VB.Net, C#, Java, Python, Ruby, a bit of php, and some c/c++17:47
milhousealternatively, a simple reconfig/control panel applet will have to suffice17:47
trevarthanmilhouse: ah, I see. You're trying to get me to build that part into Kagu?17:47
erstaziyou guys ever notice how the medical field uses dos apps? we want to change that by giving them a web-based app17:47
jhdevalerstazi: Do you know why?17:47
*** whaq__ has quit IRC17:47
milhousetrevarthan: well... i was thinking more about a2dpd but i guess that isn't compiled by you is it?17:48
*** whaq__ has joined #maemo17:48
trevarthanmilhouse: no. it's part of the bluetooth-alsa project. I don't screw with C/C++ if I can help it.17:48
timelE61iX-fade: so how are things?17:48
timelE61ior perhaps, how do things look?17:48
milhousetrevarthan: what about a wrapper script or pre-a2dp process that can determine the address... hmmm... getting messy... kagu would be the obvious candidate17:49
trevarthanmilhouse: I'd be happy to build that functionality into Kagu, but **only** if a separate interface exists for people who aren't using Kagu and I can hook into that via dbus or RPC.17:49
jhdevalerstazi: That is because through the 80s and most of the 90s the premier language was Foxpro it made DB programming possible unfortunately it never came out of the dark ages.17:49
milhouseparticularly as it's the only a2dp-aware application17:49
trevarthanmilhouse: yeah, but I expect that will change in the near future. we're paving the way here.17:49
erstazijhdeval, oh I know, I work with a former COBOL programmer17:49
milhousetrevarthan: let me get some working gconftool2 shell script code then discuss more17:49
timelE61ihg is the chemical symbol for mercury. Also the short name for Mercurial, a modern vcs17:50
trevarthanmilhouse: k. thanks for your hard work.17:50
jhdevallol My specialty is EDI now. I wrote a full EDI application and server from the ground up.17:50
erstazijhdeval, we always talk "why do they stick with this"... I mean, some still pay for software upgrades for dos apps!17:50
milhousetrevarthan: thanks but i'd hardly call it hard work ;)17:50
jhdevalWhat till they try and make it work in Vista. Thats a nightmare.17:50
erstaziwhy not give them an open source app and if they want support, they can pay for it17:51
erstazijhdeval, many companies are not getting vista17:51
jhdevalOpen Source is only now starting to coming into its own. The business model is finally starting to work.17:51
trevarthanmilhouse: BTW, if you need to reach me, just send me a private IRC message. I've got some paid work I need to be doing, so I'm going to ignore #maemo for a while.17:51
erstaziweb-based means it doesn't mattter what OS they use or browser17:51
*** chuller has joined #maemo17:51
jhdevalerstazi: I noticed that.17:51
timelE61ierstazi: oh sure17:51
milhousetrevarthan: sure will do17:51
*** chuller is now known as greygoo17:52
erstazitimelE61i: oh sure what?17:52
jhdevalerstazi: The web has not reached a maturity to completely replace desktop apps unfortunately.17:52
erstazijhdeval, to a point, true, its moving that way though17:52
greygoohi there, sorry for just dropping in and asking a question, but does anyone here used the kagu player in combination with a2dpd?17:52
jhdevalI fully agree.17:52
erstaziI was against it at first17:52
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:52
greygoomy problem is, starting a2dpd manually and using the mplayer with alsa support work perfectly17:53
erstaziwhen I just built websites and not full applicational intranets17:53
jhdevalI have been trying to rewrite my EDI desktop app as a web app. The problem I keep running into the lack of events in AJAX17:53
timelE61iunless it only works on one browser on one platform at one colordepth in one resolution with  one plugin version17:53
erstazijhdeval, well, I use XHR myself (dislike the buzzword ajax)17:53
jhdevalXHR? I am not familiar with that.17:53
greygoohowever with the kagu player, if i click the bluetooth icon it turns on, but playing music simply does not work anymore (works with local output on n800)17:53
erstazijhdeval, xmlhttprequest is powerful but the power is loss unless you make it unobtrusive17:54
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl17:54
erstaziI was thinking of going to a different server-side for a few projects, I thought RoR or Python17:55
trevarthangreygoo: I'm the original Kagu author. I'm not sure what would cause that. If the command from step #10 of the howto works, then the BT button should work too as it runs the exact same command.17:55
jhdevalSee my problem is. I am looking for a drag and drop solution. The problem is I have multiple items going to multiple locations except AJAX doesn't see components only full objects.17:55
greygootrevarthan: one sec, checkign what command #10 is17:55
jhdevalRoR is nice but the is a steep learning curve.17:55
greygooyepp, that one worked :)17:55
gw280are any of the microb developers around?17:55
erstazijhdeval, normally I don't suggest using script.ul.ious or whatever but have you tried those?17:55
trevarthangreygoo: did the BT button darken?17:56
erstaziRoR, I am ok with steep learning curves17:56
trevarthanwhen you pressed it, I mean?17:56
trevarthanmaybe you're just not pressing it properly. The touch screen is finicky sometimes, and it's a small button area.17:56
*** Tu13es has quit IRC17:56
*** frob has joined #maemo17:56
greygootrevarthan: yes, was "greyed out" when i started, once i clickeed it i saw the "volume control" interface on the screen and after about 2 seconds the bt button was fully dark blue17:56
jhdevalIt is powerful though. The other side is you have to develop your db while building the app using an existing db is a nightmare.17:57
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo17:57
trevarthangreygoo: then you continued to hear music out of the n800's speakers?17:57
greygoothe songs just don;t play from that moment on, it just skips from one song to the next one. Once switching of the bt button, i can listen to the songs on the3 n800 locally17:57
timelE61igw280: what can i do for you?17:57
trevarthangreygoo: ah. I see. hmmm....17:57
greygoodo i have to still start a2dpd when i use kagu or is it started by clicking the bt button?17:58
greygooi assumed it gets started17:58
trevarthangreygoo: are your songs mp3s? or some other format?17:58
trevarthangreygoo: a2dpd is started, managed, and shut down by Kagu and the BT button. Do *not* start it before running kagu.17:58
trevarthangreygoo: could that be the problem?17:59
greygooyes, that was what i did17:59
erstazijhdeval, with RoR I haven't connected to a db yet, so you are saying it would be a pain to connect and query like postgresql or mysql?17:59
gw280timelE61i: how does the EAL register itself with the browser UI so that its engine can be shown in the list?17:59
greygoodid not start it, but I'll try to reboot now and start kagu from freshly booted system so no conflicts are there for sure.17:59
jhdevalNo I mean if you are connecting to an existing db IE something you use somewhere else it is a pain.17:59
trevarthangreygoo: let me know if it works for you now. If so, I'll try to build some safeguards against that into kagu.18:00
timelE61igw280: i'm headed home/offline for the weekend, so ask fast18:00
jhdevalLike a customer db you already have18:00
erstaziI see18:00
erstazigot ya18:00
gw280timelE61i: well, let's say we have a dummy eal18:00
timelE61iI beliieve the list is hardcoded18:00
greygootrevarthan: thanks, i was just curious if its some known problem or some common user error that i might accidently done18:00
gw280timelE61i: and we install it on the n800, how does it register itself with the browser ui such that the browser lets you choose that engine for rendering?18:00
greygooI'll just try in some minutes after its here agein and I'm back18:00
timelE61iit has 318:00
erstazibtw, gizmo and the 770 work wonderfully, just a tad delay18:01
jhdevalnice I am installing gizmo next,18:01
timelE61iproblem is, ui's expect localizable strings...18:01
jhdevalJust installing pidgin now.18:01
erstaziI can make calls when I am connected to a wifi18:01
*** mgedmin has quit IRC18:02
erstazidoes pidgin need the protocols installed separately?18:02
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC18:02
jhdevalIts for space saving18:02
*** geaaru has quit IRC18:02
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo18:02
greygootrevarthan: so a2dpd uses ~/.a2dprc as well i assume. As i removed the xmms remote control commands, did not expect that this causes problems, in fact keeping them in crashed my a2dpd once i pressed some key on the bt headset18:02
jhdevalabout to be on my n77018:03
timelE61iyou can try: and look in the ui dir18:03
timelE61isearch for webcore18:03
*** _Monkey has quit IRC18:03
*** jhdeval has quit IRC18:03
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo18:04
timelE61iit shouldn't have many hits18:04
erstazihas anyone tried VNC yet with their tablet?18:04
erstazilet me clarify, vncviewer18:04
timelE61iiirc it's packaged...18:05
erstazior similar app18:05
timelE61iso presumably the packager :)18:05
greygootrevarthan: nope, after a reboot the exact same behaviour, just jumps from a song to the next without playing them, bt icon is dark.18:05
gw280timelE61i: hrm18:05
trevarthangreygoo: yes, ~/.a2dprc is a2dpd's config file.18:05
greygoosome way to debug it? I think it must be some very small issue as it works perfectly if done step by step18:06
greygooargl, i think i got it, one sec18:06
trevarthangreygoo: can you open an xterm in the background and verify that a2dpd and mplayer are running when the BT icon is dark and a song is playing?18:06
*** johdeval has joined #maemo18:06
greygooi used alsa:device=a2dpd for some strange reason18:06
timelyxgw280: sorry18:06
greygoowhen doing it manually18:06
timelyxi was typing from memory18:06
timelyxon my cell phone...18:07
gw280timelyx: that's ok18:07
johdevalhmmm can't seem to get pidgin to connect18:07
greygoo*editing .asound*18:07
trevarthangreygoo: you'll need to change that in ~/.asoundrc so that it reads a2dpd218:07
gw280timelyx: I found it, but we've been grepping those sources and not found antyhing yet18:07
trevarthanerr, .asound, yeah18:07
timelyxFound one matching line18:08
timelyx€ line 95 -- gtk_combo_box_append_text (GTK_COMBO_BOX (comboboxentry), "webcore");18:08
timelyx This18:08
trevarthangreygoo: OK, I've opened a ticket for you regarding the a2dpd launched before kagu issue. Maybe it wasn't your real problem, but you're not the first person to do that so I need to address it:
timelyxodd, that's not the right hit18:09
greygootrevarthan: issue solved, works, pilot error18:09
timelyxbut, that's a thing we don't ship18:09
timelyxnote that it hard codes its list :)18:09
timelyxoh heh, and it doesn't include microb :)18:09
greygooworks perfect18:09
gw280timelyx: right18:09
trevarthangreygoo: cool. we're talking about automating that config stuff so user error isn't a factor anymore. hang with us.18:09
timelyxgw280: unfortunately the version on  garage is what was in my local xref when i chose to rsync18:09
gw280timelyx: right18:10
greygootrevarthan: where can somebody open issues, as i found another smaller thing while doing the kagu-scan. I had two mp3 files whoose filenmae managed to crash the scanner program18:10
timelyxand i haven't quite decided how to arrange to do updates18:10
timelyxi think i'll probably have to write a mildly fancy script18:10
gw280timelyx: so where's the code that microb uses to add itself to the browser ui?18:10
*** st0rmy has joined #maemo18:10
greygootrevarthan: I'll test this with every new version i hear about, its the best solution i have seen up to now for listening to my mp3's with the headset18:10
alpyeah, we will need to update that hard-coded list to test the new browser engine in this case18:10
trevarthangreygoo: BTW, you mentioned xmms in the ~/.a2dprc file. That doesn't sound like the latest file. The latest file from the website has kagu in there instead of xmms (xmms is commented out). Can you verify that you've got the latest file? You'll get tinny audio with the older file.18:10
trevarthangreygoo: we're aware of the scanner issue. Can you provide us with a sample mp3 that crashes the scanner? We're trying to fix the issue, but we need raw material.18:11
greygoooh, yes, will check. I just commented out the xmms stuff and i increased the rate value to the max, so if there is anything else new I'll update18:12
greygooup to now the sound does not sound tinny at all ;)18:12
timelyxis where we offer tabbed / windowed views :)18:12
greygooi see18:12
timelyxthe browser chooser is a menu above/below it in the ui18:12
greygookagu - remote18:12
greygooI'll buy it ;)18:12
trevarthangreygoo: so you upped the bitpool setting to 53? The lower value is what causes tinny audio.18:12
timelyxthe svn connection isn't there18:13
greygootrevarthan: yes i guess i raised all values to max or the recommended value if not already been there18:13
* timelyx wonders why18:13
trevarthangreygoo: I don't think those AVRCP commands work in 1.0.1 of kagu. Something about the shell script, I think. But leave those in there. We'll sort it out for 1.1.18:13
greygooas long as it did not get slowwer i kept my changes18:13
greygootrevarthan: ok, you have a tester waiting eager to try new versions ;)18:14
trevarthangreygoo: BTW, look for a 1.1 release late this weekend. It'll have lots of bug fixes and performance improvements, and maybe some seek functionality.18:14
alptimelyx: it would be helpful to the WebKit/Gtk+ porting effort and probably others if these hard-coded browser lists could be made more dynamic18:14
timelyxalp: webkit hooks are already present18:15
timelyxin fact, iirc the webkit code is also in the svn reop18:15
timelyxlots of things might be helpful18:15
greygootrevarthan: will do, i usually play aarounfd on the weekend and don;t touch it under the week. I just started the weekend a bit earlier today :)18:15
timelyxbut in general, instead of saying that, search before suggesting, and post a bug w/ a patch instead of suggesting18:16
alpi am only aware of a port of the old WebCore engine18:16
timelyxis there a distinction?18:16
alpthey are quite different18:16
* timelyx shrugs18:16
timelyxany time i list a deficiency,  please assume i'm aware that it is one18:16
timelyxi don't need to be reminded of them18:17
*** grint has joined #maemo18:17
* timelyx debates running svn update for garage18:17
*** st0rmy has quit IRC18:17
*** st0rmy has joined #maemo18:17
greygootrevarthan: btw. I already mentioned it in the tt thread, if you renice the m,player and a2dpd it gets even better :)18:18
timelyxsvn: PROPFIND of '/svn/bomberman': Server certificate verification failed: issuer is not trusted (
* timelyx wines18:20
* timelyx whines ?18:20
*** bergie has joined #maemo18:20
*** bilboed has quit IRC18:22
*** slomo has joined #maemo18:24
*** koen_ is now known as koen18:27
*** bergie has quit IRC18:29
timelyxwhat would be more useful is for me to find the guy who wrote the doxygen docs for eal18:29
timelyxand get the docs published18:29
*** __shawn has quit IRC18:29
timelyxthat's on my very long list for next week, hopefully early18:29
trevarthangreygoo: that requires root, doesn't it?18:31
gw280timelyx: what's the point in the dummy EAL documentation page if everything's hardcoded?18:31
timelyxgw280: don't ask me18:31
timelyxi didn't know anything about the dummy eal18:31
timelyxwe're lots of independent projects who don't talk to eachother18:31
gw280do you happen to know who worked on the dummy eal stuff?18:32
timelyxeven though i should know about all of them based on my official ttitle18:32
greygootrevarthan: oh, you are right, it does18:32
timelyxwhich i won't disclose since it clearly makes me look stupid at this point :)18:32
trevarthangreygoo: not sure if there is a way to do that when I'm starting mplayer and a2dpd from kagu. if there is, I want to, but I think only root can do that.18:32
* timelyx chuckles18:33
timelyxnice to see the eal docs link to paths that don't exist18:33
timelyxwhy didn't someone file a bug complaining about that?18:33
greygoomh, i'm not sure if only renice needs root, if you start apps with a given nice value i'm not sure you also have to be root.18:33
timelyx(the path is wrong in adition to everything else)18:33
inztimelyx, what's your official title then?-)18:33
Robot101timelyx: we liked that too... :)18:34
timelyxgreygoo: you can generally renice in one direction w/o being root18:34
* k-s[WORK] is away: lunch18:34
timelyxrenicing in the other direction w/o being root ime doesn't work18:34
timelyxeven if you're only trying to go back to the original priority18:34
timelyxwhich imo is a bug18:34
*** k-s[WORK] is now known as k-s[AWAY_WORK]18:35
*** steckel has joined #maemo18:35
timelyxgw280: unfortunately, i really don't know18:36
greygoook, but for the a2dpdmplayer stuff this should be ok, I don;t want to change the values, i just want them to run with nice value of -13 or so18:36
timelyxand from here, i can't check18:36
gw280timelyx: hrm18:36
timelyxgw280: i have <25mins to do various home related things18:36
timelyxand then my day/week ends18:36
gw280timelyx: it just seems a bit of a waste that Nokia spent goodness knows how long creating a really nice abstraction layer for their browser, only to hard code which browser engines could be abstracted18:37
trevarthangreygoo: gimme a sec. I'll test that in
timelyxi tried checking svn but as the directory doesn't exist18:37
timelyx: well... we open sourced the ui18:37
timelyxso anyone could replace it w/ a better one18:37
timelyxpersonally i think the whole exercise is silly18:37
gw280timelyx: where is the UI?18:37
greygootrevarthan: the basi  problem with starting an app with different nice value was the absence of the "nice" command itself18:37
greygooI only have renice available ...18:37
timelyxgw280: the links to are the ui18:37
proctoI emailed the maintainer of the wifi driver like a week ago18:38
gw280timelyx: right18:38
proctobut he hasn't replied18:38
trevarthangreygoo: yeah, you're right. that sucks.18:38
timelyxgw280: if you add .svn/ to any of those dirs18:38
trevarthanlet me see if there is any way to do that using python18:38
timelyxyou can get to the svn paths18:38
proctomaybe he doesn't speak english? I'll get some of my finnish friends to translate18:38
gw280alp: thanks18:38
gw280timelyx: aha.18:38
proctono one here works for nokia? they could go knock on his cubicle or something?18:38
*** zumbi_ has joined #maemo18:38
timelyxprocto: so of us go home for weekends18:39
timelyxwe might stay overnight,18:39
timelyxbut i draw the line at friday18:39
proctohis name is Kalle Valo18:39
proctoI'll wait some more :>18:39
timelyxprocto: bug me monday morning if you need help18:39
proctomy finnish is limited to a single word right now18:39
proctotimelyx: k, will do18:39
*** bueroman has quit IRC18:40
timelyxi don't speak finnish, but i am willing to walk down halls18:40
*** steckel has left #maemo18:40
proctobut you're in finland right now?18:40
proctoat nokia?18:40
timelyxwell, at home, but...18:40
proctoso they hire internationals?18:40
froba lot18:40
timelyxour group has many actually18:40
proctoheh, one of my friends works in the post office night shift over the summers18:40
frobespecially from brazil apparently :D18:40
timelyxprobably more nationalities than most groups in the entire company18:40
trevarthangreygoo: I've got a nice() function in python. Not sure if you can renice your own processes to a higher priority without being root though.18:40
proctoso I keep thinking of finns as having the same timezone as me18:41
timelyxfrob: actually, afaik most of those aren't employees18:41
timelyxnokia also does a *lot* of subcontracting18:41
proctofrob: you probably mean idnt, no?18:41
proctosorry, I mean, INdT18:41
proctoheh, beat me!18:41
timelyxand that's not employees in general18:41
timelyxhence my preemptive strike :)18:42
timelyxindt is at the very least a bit strange18:42
milhouseanyone want to try
timelyxi think it's essentially a company created to partner the university w/ nokia18:42
milhouseshould detect any paired headset18:42
timelyxbut which allows their people to do other stuff at the same time in the same areas18:42
* timelyx doesn't understand it18:42
timelyxit's worse than my failure to understand browser/nokia workings18:43
timelyxanyway, have a good weekend all. search first and bother me monday morning18:43
greygootrevarthan: i can renice my processes, as I AM ROOT (evil laughter in the background) ;) I just thought normal users won't like that power :)18:43
trevarthanmilhouse: Multiple trusted audio-compatible Bluetooth devices available.18:44
trevarthanPlease unpair or untrust duplicate audio devices and try again.18:44
trevarthanmilhouse: I've only got my phone and my headset paired.18:44
milhouseok so it should detect your headset18:44
milhousejust run ./btscan.sh18:44
milhouseit doesn't do anything but attempt to find one device and list it's name and address18:44
milhouseif it finds more than one it outputs a message instructing you to unpair or untrust the duplicate devices18:45
greygoomilhouse: isn;t the btscan stuff available since some time, or is that another bt scanner i constatnly see popping by on different websites18:45
milhouseand if it finds no suitable devices it tells you that oo18:45
infobotmilhouse meant: and if it finds no suitable devices it tells you that too18:45
milhousegreygoo - that's something else18:45
trevarthanmilhouse: I did run ./ that's what it said.18:45
milhousegreygoo - this is just a quick hack to easily identify the currently paired audio headset... doesn't really do any scanning at all :)18:46
milhousetrevarthan - gotcha, right then.. success. :)18:46
milhousefor the time being i'll amend the thread on itt and make available for anyone who wants it18:46
milhousei won't roll into into the install script right now to avoid complication18:47
trevarthanmilhouse: sort of success. :( I bet a lot of people have phones paired.18:47
milhouseit will ignore the phone18:47
milhouseunless it supports the audio profile18:47
trevarthanmilhouse: it bloody didn't.18:47
milhouseah, should have done18:47
milhouseok, i need more info on your phone... mk2 coming up18:48
gpddoes anyone know a good source of 8G SD cards for N800 in the UK?18:49
greygootrevarthan: don;t want to disappoint you, but the buttons on my bt headset already control the kagu player quite well, just the already known delay is visible18:50
trevarthangreygoo: that's fine with me. :) I'm having issues here though.18:51
*** zumbi has quit IRC18:51
greygootrevarthan: i see, yes it's not perfect, but more i ever dared to expect ;)18:51
gpdhmm. they seem expensive (60GBP)... maybe i'll wait18:52
timelyxgpd: personally i wouldn't consider buying them for another 6 months18:52
timelyxor at least until 5.2007 ships (if such an animal happens to go out the door)18:52
timelyxit's a bad investment/gamble imo18:52
gpdtimelyx: ok - top tip - thanks18:52
timelyxsome other maemo forum will explain why i consider it such...18:53
trevarthangreygoo: they're telling me on #python that there is no way to nice the process at startup, and I need to be root to raise the priority after startup, so we're out of luck there.18:54
trevarthangreygoo: BTW, the SVN version of kagu goes into a low CPU mode when it is placed in the background. That should help a lot with skipping and multi-tasking.18:58
trevarthangreygoo: as of last night, the SVN version uses a lot less RAM too.18:59
trevarthanfeel free to check it out (instructions on the kagu home page, all you need is the SVN client from and give it a spin yourself.18:59
trevarthanit's all python, so there's nothing to compile. just check out and run it.19:00
*** st0rmy has quit IRC19:02
*** garrett has joined #maemo19:03
*** Pio_ has quit IRC19:03
*** Hyperion|n800 has joined #maemo19:03
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo19:06
*** Pio_ is now known as Pio19:06
erstaziwhere are the playlists stored for audio player?19:08
*** garrett has quit IRC19:09
erstaziah got it: /var/lib/gconf/apps/osso/osso-music-player/%gconf.xml19:10
*** syntux has quit IRC19:15
*** rev has joined #maemo19:16
*** fro1 has joined #maemo19:16
*** garrett has joined #maemo19:20
*** philipl is now known as phil|work19:21
*** frob has quit IRC19:21
*** fro1 is now known as frob19:21
*** alex-weej has quit IRC19:22
*** behdad has quit IRC19:23
*** vmarks has quit IRC19:35
*** Tu13es has quit IRC19:38
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo19:38
trevarthanhey, anyone want to re-implement milhouse's and in python for us with a nice GUI? Once we get a GUI on it, we can roll a nice user friendly version of bluetooth-alsa on
johdevaltrevarthan: I can probably convert the script to python but I am not familiar with hildon yet19:41
trevarthanyou don't need to be with python. there are only like 2 or 3 calls you need to make. the rest is straight GTK.19:41
johdevali haven't done much work with gtk in python but I can certainly try19:42
trevarthanyou can check out for some simple examples:
*** teabeer has joined #maemo19:42
johdevalwhere do I find the script you are talking about?19:43
*** phil|work has quit IRC19:44
trevarthanjohndeval: milhouse's is here:
johdevalwow its gonna require a little bit of work. Do you want a true python implement or are system calls ok?19:45
milhouseor from (latest version)19:45
trevarthanjohndeval: true python please.19:45
milhousei'll update that thread shortly19:45
johdevalI cant work with it right this second but I will give it some love this weekend.19:46
milhouseactually to avoid noise i'll create a new thread for the "simplified a2dp installation"19:47
trevarthanSounds good. put all the requirements in there. first person to code it "wins". :)19:47
trevarthanthen I or someone else will roll all of the bluetooth-alsa packages along with the new python app into a meta package and put it on and everyone will be crazy happy.19:48
johdevalI have a dumb question what does this script help you acomplish?19:50 will identify your paired bluetooth headset address19:50
*** melmoth has quit IRC19:51
milhousecurrently the user has to run hcitool scan while the headset is in pairing mode which is a bit of a hassle19:51
milhousethis should make life a (tiny) bit easier19:51
*** behdad has joined #maemo19:52
milhouseso now they pair their device, run, paste the address as a parameter to, run a second time as root (no parameter) and in theory they'll have a fully working a2dp system installed.19:52
*** spect has joined #maemo19:52
*** zumbi has joined #maemo19:54
johdevalSo technically btscan and install should be one app?19:55
*** cbx33 has joined #maemo19:58
cbx33hey peeps19:59
cbx33dosfsck 2.11, 12 Mar 2005, FAT32, LFN19:59
cbx33Got 98304 bytes instead of 994048 at 1638419:59
cbx33for my internal memo card19:59
cbx33it keeps losing files19:59
*** ab has quit IRC20:00
cbx33and sometimes won't save20:00
cbx33what's up with it20:01
*** eXeonical has quit IRC20:01
*** eXeonical has joined #maemo20:01
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC20:07
pcfeis it just on my end or did go belly up?20:07
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:08
bldewolf_has anyone tried porting keepass to maemo?20:08
erstazipcfe, it seems there server is down20:15
erstaziI am wrong20:15
erstazipcfe, what do you mean belly up specifically?20:15
*** __pv has joined #maemo20:15
*** svu has quit IRC20:20
*** svu has joined #maemo20:22
*** cwiiis has quit IRC20:23
*** DempaRose has joined #maemo20:24
*** mallum has quit IRC20:26
*** madam has quit IRC20:30
*** erstazi_n770 has joined #maemo20:34
pcfeerstazi: it's back up. I got a redirect error20:36
cbx33any news on bug 120420:39
cbx33it's doing my nut20:40
erstazi_n770pcfe, ok20:42
*** erstazi_n770 has quit IRC20:46
*** erstazi_n770 has joined #maemo20:46
*** erstazi_n770 has quit IRC20:48
*** Blacksitox has joined #maemo20:50
*** cbx33 has quit IRC20:55
*** trevarthan has left #maemo20:58
*** Jhdeval has joined #maemo21:01
*** hendryx has joined #maemo21:02
JhdevalTa dum logged inroot21:02
JhdevalVia pidgin21:02
JhdevalCant see what i am typing though21:03
*** Jhdeval has left #maemo21:03
*** Giuliastro has joined #maemo21:06
*** renatofilho has quit IRC21:07
proctois there an app that can draw/sketch that I can actually edit colors on using the color picker?21:08
proctoi.e. not just pick one of 12 builtins21:08
*** _Handful_ has joined #maemo21:11
johdevalAHHHH I am so tired of my internet we just lost dns resolution21:12
*** renatofilho has joined #maemo21:12
milhousenew a2dp install instructions:
milhousefeedback welcome :)21:14
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC21:15
*** vmarks has joined #maemo21:15
*** Blacksitox has quit IRC21:24
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo21:29
*** guardian has quit IRC21:30
pupnikprocto you can try mtpaint21:30
pupnikneeds work tho21:31
*** grint_ has joined #maemo21:31
johdevalam I still here?21:31
*** syntux has joined #Maemo21:32
*** grint_ has quit IRC21:36
*** user_ has joined #maemo21:40
*** user_ is now known as jhdeval121:41
jhdeval1WOW ITS small21:41
milhouseExactly what are we talking about now? ;)21:42
johdevalThe text in xchat on the n770 is tiny21:42
milhouseoh right... gets mind out of gutter.21:42
johdevalsm@rt @ss21:42
proctopupnik: thanks, I'll check it out21:42
pupnikso the xkbd has trouble sending to fullscreen sdl apps i've tried21:45
*** Hyperion|n800 has quit IRC21:46
*** grint has quit IRC21:46
*** frob has quit IRC21:47
johdevalOMG Gayest thing ever21:52
*** William has joined #maemo21:52
pupnikneed more data21:53
*** jhdeval1 has quit IRC21:53
WilliamHow do i install Skype on my Nokia 770?21:53
milhouseas root, apt-get install skype21:53
pupniki wonder if the keypad filter Z4300 prevents the multiple keypress, or whether it's a software limitation21:54
WilliamHow do i become root? I have installed xterm, and "sudo su" does not work21:54
_Monkeysomebody said becomeroot was easily obtained from or for a more long winded method
milhouseWilliam... I was kidding. You can't install Skype on a 77021:57
*** DempaRose has quit IRC21:58
*** onion_ has joined #maemo21:58
William:) - How do i install Gaim?21:58
*** xan has joined #maemo21:58
milhouseInstall Pidgin21:58
*** onion_ has quit IRC21:59
*** onion_ has joined #maemo21:59
_Monkeyi guess pidgin is
*** onion has quit IRC21:59
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC22:01
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo22:01
amrhow do you see what percentage battery is remaining??22:05
WilliamWow i need to add a lot of mirrors :P22:06
WilliamIsn't there an official mirror with pidgin?22:07
milhousewilliam: that page is it, i think22:07
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo22:08
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo22:08
WilliamYes - But i have to add some unofficial mirrors, which i don't like.22:09
milhouseno other options i'm afraid22:10 is quite safe22:10
milhouseit's been around a _long_ time and doesn't host anything nasty22:10
milhouseyou can always disable the "third party" repositories once you have installed pidgin, although that may mean you miss any udpates22:11
Williamok - But I also need to add other mirrors i see22:12
milhousethat's the main pidgin site for this build...22:12
milhouseie. the authors site22:12
*** tso has joined #maemo22:17
WilliamThanks :)22:27
Williamsee ya22:27
*** William has left #maemo22:27
*** zumbi_ has joined #maemo22:31
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC22:33
tsogrumble, file transfer, grumble...22:33
*** homeasvs has joined #maemo22:35
*** Giuliastro has quit IRC22:36
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC22:36
*** Giuliastr1 has joined #maemo22:37
*** Giuliastr1 has left #maemo22:40
*** Yamazaki-kun has joined #maemo22:43
*** zumbi has quit IRC22:43
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC22:46
*** nchntr has joined #maemo22:47
amrno one answered me previously, how do i check the percentage of the battery22:47
sp3000amr: what do you mean? what are you?22:51
amrwhat am i?22:51
_Monkeyyou are a massive idiot, thank you22:51
* sp3000 rofl22:51
sp3000useful bot22:51
sp3000amr: if you're human, you look at the statusbar battery indicator...22:51
sp3000if you're a program, you ...dunno22:52
amrthat doesnt say a percentage22:52
amrit shows a tiny representation of a battery22:52
sp3000I'm not sure why a finer granularity is interesting22:53
`0660well maybe amr is developing a program that would use it...22:58
nchntrlol, i am new to the whole maemo thing, but in all of my experiences i have seen nothing better than a bar indicator22:58
amri would just like to know something a bit more exact22:59
*** MDK has quit IRC22:59
*** spect has quit IRC23:00
nchntrwould be a nice feature, maybe one of the system plugins or status applications would have that, i found a few with CPU and MEM usage as well as more info on wifi signal etc..23:00
`0660in my experiences the percentage changes so quickly that there's no need to know it with better granularity :)23:00
nchntrmy battery lasts about 4-5 hours i think a better resoultion on battery strength would be usefull to some peeps23:00
nchntrbut i'm not stressing needing it23:00
amrwell im not going to monitor it, id just like if i could click the icon and get told the percentage23:01
tsois there a non-root way of doing file transfer (that dont involve bluetooth, it has its own issues)?23:02
tsobtw, the maemo stuff on setting up ssh no longer match the available tools imo23:03
nchntrI USE MaemoFTP23:04
tsoduh, how on earth did i miss that one?!23:05
*** homeasvs has quit IRC23:05
nchntrhehe, i am still trying to get the Samba stuff to work23:05
*** homeasvs has joined #maemo23:06
*** zumbi has joined #maemo23:06
tsoi have smbrowser installed but it fails to see a laptop i have a share active on :(23:06
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo23:07
nchntrmounts shares (if lucky enuff to search them out) and i see them in file manager all directory structure is there, but files copied are only on my Nokia wont place them to the remote dir. as well none of the dir contents on the rem. share are visible23:07
*** Pio has quit IRC23:07
*** Pio_ is now known as Pio23:07
nchntri put off researching that till time permits..23:07
nchntron a good note.. i bought a bluetooth gps (Pharos) and installed maemo-mapper.. works like a charm :) downloads maps from google on the fly, never more than a 1/4 black bar on the edge of screen (waiting for maps) while i cruise23:09
tsohmm, is down?23:11
tsonope, so its only my 770 thats having issues23:11
unique311disq, ???23:12
_Monkeydisq, is there no repo? just install deb from the side....?23:12
unique311where is disq?23:12
_Monkeyi heard disq was correct, although having a linux pc (even a live cd distro) is a lot, lot easier and more useful in the long run23:12
erstazitso, I can check23:13
tsoworks now23:13
erstaziit kept going on and off23:14
unique311erstazi, i figured out my mistake with the theme..23:14
tsofor some reason it went into eternal connect when i tried to go directly to
nchntrdoes anyone know/have a theme with really big fonts?  18+ i have been looking and cannot seem to find one (other than AquaOS and i dont care for that)23:15
sp3000_Monkey: forget disq,23:16
_Monkeysp3000: I forgot disq,23:16
tsono wonder i missed maemoftp, it was in the wip section...23:16
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC23:18
tsohmm, is there a applet or similar that can show the devices current ip?23:20
nchntryes there is a systool that gives detailed wifi info23:21
nchntrhas anyone here gotten their n770 to boot fom MMC yet?23:21
erstazinchntr, pupnik has23:22
*** philipl has joined #maemo23:24
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:31
tsowhat would the name of said ip address systool be?23:32
tsoforget it. how the hell did i miss that one all this time?!23:33
tsojust wish there was some way to put that on the "desktop"23:34
nchntrits ok im looking now23:35
pupnikwhat is ip address sytool for23:35
tsoforget it. gigant typo :P23:35
nchntrdownloads/system/ IpHome homepage plugin23:35
*** Balo1 has joined #maemo23:36
tsohmm, im surprised i missed it. i had allready checked that page atleast ones today...23:36
*** homeasvs has quit IRC23:37
*** Balo1 has left #maemo23:38
*** homeasvs has joined #maemo23:38
*** balo1 has joined #maemo23:41
pupnik  << virtual keyboard for any application23:41
*** pdz-_ has joined #maemo23:41
tsointeresting "theme"23:42
pupnikit does interfere soemwhat tho23:43
_Monkeykeyboard is, like, important to have23:43
pupnikyeah running the keyboard preverts me from opening 2nd level menus23:44
*** chenca has left #maemo23:44
pupnikahhh maybe i found the problem23:44
*** pdz- has quit IRC23:44
nchntrkeyboard?  USB or BT?23:51
pupnik+on screen23:52
nchntrpupnik, any insight as to getting my n770 to boot from MMC (with the least amt. of system mods)?23:52
*** javamaniac has quit IRC23:52
pupnikthere's a howto23:52
*** pdz has quit IRC23:52
nchntrlol there are a few or many.. not sure which is best approach, figured someone out there might have some suggestions23:53
nchntrcurrently im considering the one that has you Pipe copy the os to a ext2 partition, then use flasher to boot from mmc23:53
pupnik_Monkey mmcboot is How to EASILY Boot from MMC card at
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.23:54
nchntri have also seen one which uses unionfs23:54
pupnikbleh @ unionfs23:54
pupnikless reliability23:55
tsohmm, got maemoftp going, but it just sitts there spinning when reading the home area of the suer i log in as...23:57
pupnikcan you ftp from other clients?23:59

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