IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2007-08-02

Luriaoh, not the canola00:00
*** Shurik has left #maemo00:00
k-s[AWAY_WORK]disq: you may use that if you want00:00
k-s[AWAY_WORK]~/.canola/canola.db is sqlite300:00
infobotk-s[AWAY_WORK]: okay00:00
disqLuria: well. both authors currently have metalayer-crawler0 disabled in init.d. it would dive into my sardine partition and never come back. some other problems with trev. so, we're only trying to use the "good parts" of the osso-media-engine (like the player)00:00
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Luriaoh, not the canola i wanted to delete it when i try to debug the utf issue00:00
k-s[AWAY_WORK]~/.canola/canola.db ?00:01
_Monkeyit has been said that ~/.canola/canola.db is sqlite300:01
infobot/.canola/canola.db is, like, sqlite300:01
Luria i wanted to delete the db when i try to debug the utf issue00:01
k-s[AWAY_WORK]Luria: that's it00:01
k-s[AWAY_WORK]strace is your friend for these stuff :-D00:01
Luriak thnx00:01
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k-s[AWAY_WORK]strace -e trace=open canola00:01
disqLuria: you had a utf8 issue with kagu-scanner? please do debug or at least send us sample files, we'd like to reproduce00:02
Luriaoops not for canola00:02
Luriadisq, yeah i did00:02
disqi thought i fixed them all :)00:02
trevarthandisq: yeah, I already talked to him about it. he's gonna look into it.00:02
trevarthandisq: no, urllib is still b0rked.00:03
Luriai just havent been home to get hebrew files on my machine00:03
Luriasince it worked with german, im guessing its rtl+utf00:03
Luriabut not sure00:03
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disqbtw did you notice how we get album covers right most of the time (if the album/artist name is right?) :) gotta love audioscrobbler for that00:04
Luriayeah - it even got the arrl morse code instruction cds00:04
trevarthanyeah, it does a pretty good job.00:04
Luriai was shocked00:04
pupnikneed libasound00:04
Luriastill it would be nice to be able to shut off the download query00:05
Luriaas an option00:05
trevarthanLuria: provide a cover.jpg or a folder.jpg and it won't try to download.00:05
disqhopefully kagu-config will give you some options on that in later releases00:06
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Luriabtw, what do debug info do you want? terminal output+sample mp3+dmesg?00:09
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Luriaerr scratch the "do"00:09
Luriacrap, xchat is too small00:09
disqterm output and sample mp3 would be ok00:10
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disq(sample mp3 because we'd like to reproduce and be sure we got the fix right. if you can test it repeatedly again and again for us no need for the mp3 file obviously)00:11
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Luriawatch, it failed on 10 tries last night; now it will work :-)00:11
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rik__hi all. is there a decent flickr mass uploader for the n800 ye?00:18
pupnik_Monkey: libasound2 is binaries compiled under gregale at libasound2-dev_1.0.8-3_armel.deb  libasound2-plugins_1.0.8-3_armel.deb libasound2_1.0.8-3_armel.deb00:19
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.00:19
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pupnik_Monkey: alsa-oss is it2006 2.2 (gregale) binary deb package at
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.00:27
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pupnikanybody have favorite cflags for 770 926?00:36
pupnikfor 770 i am using -mcpu=arm926ej-s -fomit-frame-pointer00:37
guardiancould scratchbox be installed on osx with the help of fink ?00:39
Vertooanyone have experience with gammu?00:39
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_Handful_guardian: I think it's easier to use the Maemo VMWARE image... than trying this : /00:57
*** Tu13es has quit IRC00:58
guardiansure easier but less cool :)00:58
||cwfink is just a way to compile some tools for darwin right?  or a binary repo already compiled for it right?00:59
||cwif all the tools are there, with the options needed, don't see why it wouldn't work00:59
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NeoStriderhey folks01:00
Luriacrap forgot i installed gammu01:00
Luriadarn cli apps01:00
_Handful_yeah : /01:01
Luriaare there any p2p gui apps for the n800?01:10
Luriaother than nicotine01:10
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pupnikP.E.OpS Sound drivers built01:15
*** Pooh22 has quit IRC01:17
NeoStriderwhats P.E.OpS?01:19
pupniksound emu for psx spu01:20
NeoStriderand the rest of the emulator is working?01:20
pupnikit compiles now01:20
milhousehmm... 4.2007 busybox sort doesn't work (ignores sort key)... anyone seen a working version of sort for maemo?01:20
*** xan has quit IRC01:23
pupniknot here01:23
*** Yamazaki-kun has quit IRC01:24
pupnikwhat provides sort?01:24
_Monkeyhmmm... busybox is weak by default01:24
milhouse_monkey thanks01:25
_Monkeymilhouse: pas de quoi01:25
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milhousetrying to sort a list on the first field, which is numeric and sort on n800 just ignores the keyfield (-k1n) yet it works fine on my ubuntu box01:25
milhousebasically, sort seems to be behaving the same as cat... anything i pipe through it is output in the same order... grrrrr01:26
pupnikdebian package 'coreutils' milhouse01:26
milhouseis that available on n800?01:26
milhouseooh... apt-cache says it is... i'll download it now01:27
pupniki see it on 700 - apt-cache search coreutils01:27
milhousethanks pupnik01:27
milhousehmmm, seems it's a virtual package provided by busybox 3:1.4.1-osso2.201:28
pupnikif i build coreutils for you it will have a bunch of unneeded docs and manpages01:29
pupnikyou'd have to remove that by hand01:29
milhousenah don't worry01:29
milhousebut thanks for the offer01:29
*** V-I-P has quit IRC01:30
milhousei was just messing about with a script to check space usage in /home/user and wanted it sorted by size01:30
*** timelyx has quit IRC01:30
*** frob has quit IRC01:30
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pupnikdu -s /home/user/* |sort -n01:32
*** frob has joined #maemo01:33
pupnikdu -s /home/user/* /home/user/.[a-z]* |sort -n01:33
milhousehmmm... why is that sorting?01:33
milhouseyeah, the hidden directories are the tricky ones01:33
milhouseoh joy!01:34
milhousesort -n works01:34
milhousebut sort -k1n does not01:34
pupnikah yes01:34
milhousei'm happy though, i can get by with sort -n01:34
milhousethanks pupnik!01:35
pupnikhappy to be of use01:35
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pupnikIn Bernardo Bertolucci's epic, 1987 masterpiece on China, The Last Emperor, deposed emperor Pu-Yi (John Lone) complains bitterly to the benevolent, fatherly governor (Ruocheng Ying) of the communist prison in which the emperor is being re-educated, "You just used me!" The commandant responds calmly, "Is it so terrible, to be of use?"01:38
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pupnik_Monkey, repositories are not just a job, but an adventure!  Add some for big win!
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.01:40
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo01:40
chai_sangeenhello everyone01:40
*** melunko has quit IRC01:42
NeoStriderhello chai_sangeen01:43
*** dolske has joined #maemo01:44
NeoStriderpupnik, nice to see ppl with knowledge =-P01:44
chai_sangeenif anyone can help, when i "apt-get upgrade" this is what i get, i'm running the latest nokia firmware
pupnikchai_sangeen: i don't know.  suggest you email the package maintainer01:49
pupnikapt-cache show packagename.deb01:49
chai_sangeenpupnik: okay i'll do that right away, thanks... i think these packages are part of the sip client01:51
*** bilboed has quit IRC01:51
chai_sangeenhere is the link to there website
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo01:53
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo01:57
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*** kerwood|afk is now known as kerwood02:09
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pupnik_'Kerwood' sounds like a good name for an RPG02:11
pupnik_i'm confused about sound and oss and alsa02:11
kerwoodpupnik_: heh heh02:13
pupnik_are you scottish?02:14
NeoStriderpupnik_:  whats wrong with alsa and oss?02:15
*** pupnik has quit IRC02:15
pupnik_well /usr/include/linux/soundcard.h looks like oss02:17
* NeoStrider is playing with gcc profiling =-D02:18
NeoStriderI guess OSS is more kernel bound02:18
NeoStridercorrect me if Im wrong02:18
NeoStriderit uses the sound card/chip just like an old DOS game02:18
pupnik_but my emu wants to open /dev/dsp02:18
NeoStriderwhile alsa multiplexes it02:18
pupnik_ if ((so.sound_fd = open ("/dev/dsp", O_WRONLY))02:18
NeoStriderthats the problem02:18
NeoStridersometimes /dev/dsp is mapped to one of this sound systems02:19
NeoStrideryou must check out how it is mapped02:19
NeoStriderI remember when I tried to use sdl_mixer under sbox and I coudlnt open /dev/dsp02:19
pupnik_ok i need to get a file descriptor from oss02:20
pupnik_that is not called with open /dev/dsp02:20
pupnik_but something else02:20
pupnik_ int OSS_init(int seqfd, int buflen);02:20
pupnik_maybe that02:20
*** chai_sangeen has quit IRC02:21
pupnik_"programming by guessing"02:22
NeoStridersome distros map /dev/dsp as a ready to use descriptor...I guess alsa mostly does that02:22
NeoStriderwelcome to the club =-)02:22
*** NeoStrider has quit IRC02:24
*** jjazz_ has joined #maemo02:41
disq_Monkey: for example?02:43
_Monkeyit has been said that for example is 0x00 a valid value for a Java bytecode?02:43
*** forcev_mobile has joined #maemo02:46
*** mikem23_ has joined #maemo02:47
*** mikem23_ is now known as _mikem2302:47
forcev_mobileis it possible to set the default mail app to something elses02:50
forcev_mobilelike claws?02:50
milhouseforcev: someone asked that on ITT recently02:51
milhousei think the answer was no, but it's being looked into02:51
*** jjazz has quit IRC02:52
forcev_mobilemilhouse: thanks02:54
unique311wheres trevarthan?02:55
_Monkeyit has been said that trevarthan is a cowardly programmer who stole an n800 from a baby and regularly has relations with my mom.02:55
unique311where's unique31102:55
unique311where's unique311?02:55
unique311trevarthan, i got a package for you.02:56
*** behdad has quit IRC02:57
forcev_mobiledoes the pimlico addressbook replace the builtin one?02:59
*** andrunko has quit IRC03:00
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*** asdfsd has joined #maemo03:04
asdfsdHi all. When I'm in a dropbear client session, how do I end the session?03:05
forcev_mobiledoesnt 'exit' work? im sure thats what i use03:06
*** dougsko has joined #maemo03:07
asdfsdYep. It's 'exit'. Thanks!03:07
*** jbinder has joined #maemo03:08
*** dolske has quit IRC03:10
asdfsdOk, I'm working on reliably using sudo on my 770 in the interest of security best practices. So, user root has a non-default password, as does user 'user'. However, I'm having trouble using sudo... For example...03:14
asdfsdI've added user ALL = PASSWD: /bin/su to /etc/sudoers, but sudo su returns "sorry user user is not allowed to execute ' /bin/su -'"03:16
*** dolske has joined #maemo03:16
asdfsdwhy does sudo return that error?03:16
*** sp3000 has quit IRC03:17
milhouseshouldn't you add /bin/su * or /bin/su - to sudoers?03:18
milhouseit's quite anal about how it matches03:18
*** goloo has quit IRC03:19
*** alterego has quit IRC03:23
asdfsdSo the line would look like "user ALL = PASSWD: /bin/su *" without the quotes in the sudoers file?03:25
*** florian has quit IRC03:29
asdfsdSeems to return the same thing with /bin/su * and even with /bin/su - in the file. Is it enough to close the xterm window each time affter each edit o see if the edit has made an effect?03:32
milhouseclosing the session isn't necessary03:37
*** dougsko has quit IRC03:41
milhouseuser ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/su *03:41
milhouseshould wortk03:42
asdfsdAnd then as far as syntax/usage, for example, if I want to edit a file that requires higher priviledges , I would type "sudo su" then hit return, then enter my pw at the prompt then i could do vi filename and hit enter and vi would open foo for editing, correct?03:44
milhouseno... /bin/su * means it needs at least one param03:45
milhouseie -03:45
asdfsdwhat is the '-' parameter do/mean?03:45
milhouseloads a new environment03:45
milhousesudo su -03:45
milhousei just added03:48
milhouseuser ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/su *03:48
milhouseto /etc/sudoers03:48
*** garrett has quit IRC03:48
milhouseand now if i type "sudo su -"03:48
*** jrbl has joined #maemo03:48
milhousei sudo to root03:48
milhouse(from user)03:48
milhouseand if i type "sudo su - user" i start another suession as user...03:49
milhouseno password required due to NOPASSWD03:49
jrblGreetings.  I have recently gotten a Nokia 770 and I'm trying to get the development environment working, using the instructions at, but they appear to be incomplete.03:49
milhousewhat is it you're trying to achieve again?03:49
jrblIs there some other set of documentation that I should be using?03:49
milhouseasdfsd: actually, even "sudo su" seems to work, no need for "-" as a param03:50
asdfsdwell, I wish to sudo as needed to install things like kismet while also making sure someone can't get root access to my 770 without a password. Now, NOPASSWD means that someone could get sudo access without a pw, but would have to be physically on the 770, right? So in other words, NOPASSWD isn't a security risk is it?03:51
milhouseit means that someone has to have comrpomised your little fella first03:52
milhouseby which time any password is pointless03:53
milhouseuser doesn't normally have a password, so you've possible made it more insecure by setting one03:53
milhousechanging the default root password is a good idea, even if it's only theoretical that someone can/will compromise your device03:53
milhousepersonally i don't bother...03:53
milhousethough i very rarely login as root and rely on ssh instead so i should really03:54
asdfsdI frequently have DMZ set up, and DHCP, so sometimes, the DMZ IP could point to the 770, so that's why I am worried.03:54
milhouseby ssh i mean i ssh in as user using a public/private key then get root using sudo gainroot03:54
milhousedo you put your 770 in the dmz?03:55
asdfsdNot intentionally, but my linksys doles out DHCP addys and the 770 could get the address from DHCP that's in the DMZ .03:56
milhouseonly due to a misconfiguration surely?03:57
milhousethat shouldn't happen under normal circumstances03:57
jrblCouldn't you just configure your linksys to give out specific IPs to specific MAC addresses?03:57
milhouseas that would be very bad...03:57
asdfsdThe linksys stock firmware doesn't do DMZ by MAC03:57
asdfsdI'm switching to a wrt distro sometime03:58
milhousesounds like a very good idea... i don't think i'd continue using a dhcp server that randomly put machines into a DMZ!03:58
asdfsdExactly! My only option would be to continue using the stock firmware and use static IPs, which is a hassle.04:00
milhousebut less of a security risk! ;)04:00
*** asdfsd is now known as BcNexus04:00
milhouseIP address is a property of the wireless connection on the 770 isn't it?04:01
*** _mikem23 has quit IRC04:01
milhouseshouldn't be that much of a hassle04:01
BcNexusok, now, I'm going back to messing with the sudoers file after this nice tangent04:01
BcNexusmight come back to the IP issue, i do appreciate this. afk messing with sudoers :-)04:02
milhouseI suspect you're trying to fix the wrong problem to be honest04:02
BcNexusDMZ should be my first priority?04:03
milhouseensure your 770 never goes in the dmz and you'll have to worry less about preventing access to your device.04:04
milhouseadding a password to user has potentially opened up one means of exploiting your device04:04
BcNexusNow how has adding a pw opened up a vulnerability?04:05
jrblCouldn't he just configure the ssh server to disallow login by password?04:05
milhousebecause it wasn't possible to login as user before you added the password, now it is04:05
milhousethat is04:06
milhousejrbl - probably... then why add the password in the first place? :)04:06
jrblSo, should I follow these 2.2 dev environment instructions to the (poorly edited) letter, or can I get away with using the scratchbox packages for Debian, which install the binaries as, e.g., sb-conf and friends?04:08
jrblAnd if I'm supposed to be able to use the packaged version of the software (which seems to include the rootkit and everything else that the docs say to download), then is there some trick to using them?  When I try to run 'sb-conf' I get errors.04:09
BcNexusThis all started when i followed the instructions on al the way until just before disabling root logon with password. Doing all the dsteps until that point gave me the error sorry user user is not allowed to execute ' /bin/su -' when using sudo su - or sudo su04:09
jrblhm.  Bummer.04:10
milhouseffs, i wish someone would just delete those becomeroot instructions - they're archiac04:11
infobotmilhouse meant: ffs, i wish someone would just delete those becomeroot instructions - they're archaic04:11
jrblYeah.  nopaste.  Some channel bots do nopaste, and saying 'nopaste?' will have them tell you the URL.  Nopaste is a web-based dumping ground so you don't spam the channel with pastes of commands and error messages.04:11
milhousejust install the becomeroot package04:11
_Monkeyit has been said that becomeroot is For 770 ITOS2006, install dropbear or openssh, then ssh to root on the device, then in a shell: echo 'deb mistral user' >> /var/cache/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get install becomeroot , then in xterm type "sudo gainroot"04:11
milhousegot to teach _monkey to fix that...04:12
milhouseAdd mistral user to your application manager and install becomeroot package04:12
BcNexusHeh "sudo gainroot" already works for me04:12
BcNexusMethinks I've been spinning my wheels/wasting my time, eh?04:13
jrblSo, can anyone help me get the actual development environment to work?04:13
milhousei think you may be worrying about no a lot :)04:13
infobotmilhouse meant: i think you may be worrying about not a lot :)04:13
BcNexusDvelopment env, sorry, no.04:14
*** rhys has joined #maemo04:14
jrblBummer.  Is there a better time/person to chat with?04:14
milhouseprobably when europe isn't fast asleep04:15
jrblSo around 14:00UTC?04:16
jrblAre most of the maemo devs in Europe, then?04:16
milhouseshould be a good time :)04:16
BcNexusI think I'll remove my changes to the sudoers file then.04:16
milhousemaemo == Finland + Brazil, yes04:16
jrblReally?  I hadn't heard that that was the case.  That's interesting.04:16
BcNexuswow, is Brazil in the EU now too? ;-)04:16
jrblI like Finlanders and Brazilians.04:16
milhouseyes, new member state04:17
milhouseThose blonde haired amazonians are a sight to behold.04:17
BcNexushey milhouse what ssh client do you prefer on your desktop/laptop/what have you? Or what linux distro u runnin?04:19
milhousestandard openssh04:19
milhouseon ubuntu and 770/n80004:19
milhousei avoid dropbear...04:19
BcNexuswhy avoid dropbear?04:20
milhousewhy not? it's less functional than openssh, less standardised (compared to openssh) and seems to cause more problems when people install it.04:21
milhousemind you that's just my opinion04:21
*** Blacksitox has joined #maemo04:21
BcNexusheh good reasons! and you've set up a key pair that allows you to connect to the 770 without a pw in ssh?04:22
milhousedropbear was, i think, the first ssh server/client on 770  which is why some prefer it and reference it in (old) documentation04:22
milhousebcnexus: yes04:22
BcNexusold documentation! hah, documentation seems to spread out and I don't know of any "current" or "new" documentation then!04:22
milhousegetting root is ridiculously easy these days... no need for all the dropbear/ssh as root nonsense really.04:23
BcNexusHow do I sort the old cruft from the new stuff out there? Seems like an intrinsic problem perhaps, for all documentation. Is it all just read and compare and trial and error?04:24
milhousepretty much04:25
milhousea bit of intuition04:25
BcNexusso your 770 doesn't have passwords, nor is ssh logon via password possible then ?04:26
milhouseonly as root with rootme04:26
milhousebecause i haven't disabled root login04:26
milhousebut if i did, then password logins would be impossible04:27
BcNexushow does rootme work again?04:27
milhousessh -l root <device>04:27
milhousewhen prompted, enter rootme04:27
milhouseotherwise i just ssh -l user <device>04:27
milhouseand go strainht in without a password04:28
BcNexusrootme is the default pw?04:28
milhousefor root, yes04:28
BcNexusi plan to use my 770 as a monitor via vnc or rdesktop to control a car computer so it would always be wi fi on...04:29
*** kerwood is now known as kerwood|afk04:29
BcNexuscar computer being a bocx in my car for surround sound music and gps04:30
BcNexusif not surround sound then for better interface with subs and full range speakers04:30
BcNexuscrazy huh? sometime ago, i figure it would be better working on that than wasting my time in the summer watching tv :-)04:31
milhouseshould be an interesting project :) don't forget install Carman too!04:32
BcNexusoff by 1 :-( my car is OBDI, being a '9604:33
BcNexusbeing a '9504:33
jbinderDoes the 770 have an airplane mode? Lol.04:34
jbinderWhere can I enable that?04:34
BcNexus96s and newer have OBD-II04:34
milhousejbinder - you mean offline mode? sometimes called flight mode?04:34
BcNexustap the off button, select turn off wireless04:34
milhousein the Power menu04:35
jbinderOh. Ok.04:35
jbinderAnd to bring it back up?04:35
jrblOh, I think I may have the dev thing licked.  But, now I have to go afk; I have an appointment.04:35
*** jjazz has joined #maemo04:35
*** jrbl has left #maemo04:35
BcNexusbye nice 2 meet u04:35
*** Hegemon has joined #maemo04:35
*** Hegemon has left #maemo04:36
milhousecya bcnexus04:36
BcNexusu leavin? i meant bye 2 jrbl...04:36
milhouseah... oh well time for me to get some kip, it's 2.36 here :(04:37
milhousec u04:37
BcNexusI see. Thanks for your help!04:37
*** jjazz_ has quit IRC04:45
*** BcNexus has quit IRC04:59
*** NeoStrider has joined #maemo05:02
NeoStriderhello folks05:02
*** jjazz_ has joined #maemo05:04
*** Blacksitox has quit IRC05:08
*** jjazz__ has joined #maemo05:11
*** NeoStrider_IM has joined #maemo05:13
* NeoStrider punches NeoStrider_IM on the face05:14
*** NeoStrider has quit IRC05:14
*** jjazz has quit IRC05:14
*** NeoStrider_IM is now known as NeoStrider05:15
rhysreminds me. i need to download that05:15
_Monkeyangstron is
NeoStriderreminds me, i need to finish that05:16
NeoStriderjust joking05:16
rhysoff the top of your head, do you know how to search a man page?05:16
rhysman -k will search all man pages..05:16
NeoStridernot really05:16
*** jjazz has joined #maemo05:19
*** mikem has joined #maemo05:21
*** jjazz_ has quit IRC05:22
NeoStriderim pushing more than 39000 polygons on the 770. NICE!05:23
*** NoOneNo has quit IRC05:24
*** phil|work is now known as philipl05:29
*** __shawn has quit IRC05:30
*** jjazz__ has quit IRC05:30
pupnik_GIVE US A BETTER DPAD!05:32
NeoStriderthere must be a way to plug a usb joypad!05:33
pupnik_i was just testing uqm for a few hours and it was hell05:33
NeoStridersmw was a hell too05:33
pupnik_but i could play while walking home05:34
NeoStrideroften I was trying to jump and go left at the same time and hell, I just coudlnt05:34
NeoStrideryeah..this is great05:34
NeoStriderat least angstron works well with it05:34
pupnik_well a better dpad means you can play while standing on bus, waiting for train etc05:34
frob....or crossing the road05:34
pupnik_a seperate controller means *joke* *fail* *no point*05:34
frobwhat about...05:35
frob...using the phone keyboard as a remote ?05:35
pupnik_i am thinking of gluing a ring05:35
frobvia bluetooth05:35
pupnik_if we are talking bluetooth then a stowaway keyboard works fine05:36
NeoStridernice idea, frob05:36
NeoStridernot everybody wants to buy a kb05:36
pupnik_how many hands do you have frob?05:36
frobpupnik_: except it's more readily available05:36
frobpupnik_: lemme count...05:36
NeoStriderevery average joe today has bt on his phone already05:37
NeoStriderboth my parents have!05:37
frobtablet on one hand, phone on the other05:37
* frob hasn't :°(05:37
NeoStriderand if I tell them their phone has java they will ask me who spilled coffe on it!05:37
* NeoStrider doesnt have BT either05:37
frobanyway, *nobody ever* tought about using the phone as an input method for the tablet ?05:38
NeoStriderfrob, its a GREAT idea05:38
NeoStriderit even has diagonals!!!05:39
pupnik_i don't see why it's a good idea05:39
pupnik_oh i got diagonals05:39
pupnik_in ur quan masters i managed to move diagonally05:39
pupnik_it's possible05:39
pupnik_very difficult05:39
pupnik_you have to get the angle perfect05:39
NeoStriderI remember the docs from the 770 launch, explaining what was the key mapping. there was no mention to diagonals05:40
pupnik_i can make a video :)05:40
NeoStridercool. do it!05:40
pupnik_in planet landing sequence when you select where to land05:40
pupnik_you can move the cursor diagonally05:40
NeoStriderfrob, there is a second issue: how to get those on our apps seeamsly?05:40
pupnik_stupid question: are there phones with good dpads?05:40
pupnik_(i have never owned one)05:41
NeoStriderpupnik...its not the phone's dpad05:41
NeoStriderits the numeric keypad05:41
* NeoStrider once owned a N-Gage. best D-Pad ever05:41
*** frob has quit IRC05:44
*** frob has joined #maemo05:44
_Monkeyit has been said that damn is there no05:44
NeoStrider_Monkey: forget damn05:45
_MonkeyNeoStrider: I forgot damn05:45
frobas I was saying, *anybody ever* tought about using the phone as an input method for the tablet ?05:45
NeoStrider_Monkey: damn is a very sad thing to say05:45
_MonkeyOK, NeoStrider.05:45
NeoStriderI guess not05:45
NeoStriderbut the oposite, yes05:45
NeoStriderthere is selfone, that uses the tablet as a handsfree05:46
NeoStrider_Monkey: damn05:46
_Monkeyrumour has it damn is a very sad thing to say05:46
NeoStrider_Monkey: there05:46
_Monkeythere is some app that is drawing a lot of power05:46
frobmaybe it's just me, but I don't like filling the touchscreen with fingertips05:46
* NeoStrider agrees....all that grease on the screen05:47
*** jjazz_ has joined #maemo05:50
NeoStriderhave you guys ever seen Desktop Mario?05:50
NeoStriderim running it on the tablet05:50
NeoStridersomewhat slower than desktop05:50
NeoStriderbut still feasible05:50
frobdo you play games the whole damn day NeoStrider? :D05:51
NeoStridernot really05:51
NeoStriderI just got home05:51
*** __shawn has joined #maemo05:51
NeoStridertake a look:05:51
*** pupnik has joined #maemo05:52
pupnikunless you have three hands05:52
NeoStriderI wish I could work with know...not possible...05:52
NeoStriderpupnik: ?05:52
theeferreminds me from playing Mario on my TI-92+ :-)05:53
NeoStriderthis is not suitable for the tablet per se05:53
frob'designed to be used as a windows active desktop' ??05:53
NeoStriderbut its a good proof-of-concept that a cool tablet game can be written on js05:53
frobthat's like.. 1994 ? :P05:53
NeoStrideryou use it as you wallpaper05:54
NeoStriderstill works05:54
NeoStriderits not confortable05:54
NeoStriderbut works05:54
NeoStriderI did it once05:54
NeoStrideronly to change it back after 5 minutes05:54
NeoStriderbut thats not my point05:54
NeoStriderthe point is: we can write cool games this way05:54
frobit doesn't mean we should :D05:55
NeoStridernot the 3D stuff Im working on, sure, but Im sure some projects like hedgehop could benefit from it05:55 you want to handle all the junk stuff from a SDL app running on Maemo?05:56
*** bldewolf has joined #maemo05:56
NeoStrideralso, what if you "just want to make some cool games"?05:57
NeoStriderIm sure you're going to enjoy some easy gaming on your tablet05:58
pupnikwe are long overdue for a decent genesis and snes emulator05:58
*** pdz has joined #maemo05:59
pupnikthe rpg games would be playable with the horrible dpad05:59
frobwell, I haven't played a game in years, I actually discovered majhong on the tablet by accident05:59
froband because I couldn't sleep06:00
pupnikmajong and marbles are great06:00
pupnikNeoStrider: i looked at marbles - that's how sdl apps should all work06:00
NeoStrideryeah...but did you saw its code?06:00
NeoStridermust be dreadful =-P06:00
NeoStridermaemo-games-startup only gives us the kickstart06:01
pupnikah ok06:01
NeoStriderdesigning something to be D-Bus aware is not trivial06:01
*** jjazz has quit IRC06:01
pupnikone thing about the xsp - i have no problems with the menu button when my xsp window is on the left - then the menu never overdraws onto screen06:01
NeoStriderhum....nice solution heheh06:02
pupnikso if you have a 320x240 xsp window on the left side, you have no problems06:02
NeoStriderI will try this, then06:02
* NeoStrider scratches his forehead before CLISP...06:03
pupnikrun away from lisp06:03
NeoStriderim actually implementing it06:04
NeoStriderLOGO is lisp in a more pleasant lexical06:04
NeoStriderand I actually like lisp06:04
theeferimplementing it for what?06:04
theeferlisp is love :)06:04
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC06:04
pupniki had a university course using scheme, and it was good education06:05
NeoStridertheefer, LOGO as the scripting language for my game engine06:06
NeoStriderlisp is beautifull06:06
theeferpupnik: based on the purple book?06:06
NeoStriderbut can be moody just like a beautiful woman06:06
NeoStriderpupnik, DrScheme is your friend06:06
froband you sir, need a girlfriend06:07
NeoStriderLOGO make this charming moody lady more family friendly06:07
pupnikyes purple book :(06:07
theeferpupnik: nice, best IT book I've ever read (I still need to get myself AoCP..)06:07
NeoStriderI like Cormen...06:08
theeferlooks good too..06:08
*** pdz- has quit IRC06:09
NeoStriderI've got to admit06:09
NeoStriderI learned C++ from "Borland C++ for dummies" hahah06:09
pupnikyes theefer you read purple book, you study data structures, algorithms, operating systems - and then you get a job programming visual basic06:10
pupnikwell some of us06:10
*** jjazz has joined #maemo06:10
pupniknice NeoStrider - i bought the issue of Creative Computing magazine with the first borland advertisement :)06:11
pupnikhe made a better pascal compiler than ibm06:11
NeoStriderpupnik, about VB...maybe I got just a little lucky on that: XSLT06:12
NeoStrideryou know it?06:12
theeferpupnik: I'd rather clean the streets than code in VB for money :p06:12
NeoStridertheefer : isnt it the same thing?06:13
theeferNo, on involves playing around with poo, and the other requires you to be outside.06:14
* theefer is off to lunch06:15
NeoStriderbut both requires messing around with thing nobody wants anymore06:15
*** ajturner has quit IRC06:17
*** mikem has quit IRC06:18
NeoStriderbrb...gotta take a shower06:18
*** NeoStrider has left #maemo06:19
*** jjazz_ has quit IRC06:22
*** Vertoo has quit IRC06:26
*** __shawn has quit IRC06:32
trevarthansent you an email unique311. Took me a while to figure out how to fix it, but those instructions should help.06:32
unique311trevarthan, did you notice the pink pixels i was talking about06:35
*** NeoStrider_IM has joined #maemo06:36
*** NeoStrider_IM is now known as NeoStrider06:37
unique311k got the email.06:38
unique311work on that 2morrow.06:38
*** dolske has quit IRC06:40
disqtrevarthan: hey06:40
disqread the log, also ks's smartsprite class and all that06:40
NeoStriderwas you who asked for a pacman,right?06:42
unique311i tried compile njam..06:43
unique311no go06:43
NeoStriderto possibilities here06:43
unique311pacman-10 no go06:43
NeoStrider1) one made with my game engine: BZK06:43
NeoStrider2) one made on javascript06:43
NeoStrider1 depends on me finishing the scripting language or figuring out how to make it easily on C++ (not hard, but takes some time)06:44
NeoStrider2 depends on my learing js and the controls being good06:44
pupnikunique311: can you paste the error you had with njam?06:44
pupnikit worked fine here06:44
NeoStrideri guess 1 will be faster06:45
unique311no errors...compiled06:45
pupnik(of course njam does not play like pac man)06:45
unique311 but segfault06:45
unique311been getting lots of segfaults in scratchbox06:45
unique311not sure why06:45
NeoStriderget me this njam code06:45
pupnikapt-get source njam06:46
unique311pupnik compiled it..06:46
unique311said its working06:46
unique311but maps are 800x60006:46
pupnikjust needs smaller tiles, or smaller maps06:46
unique311btw, xmame sucks06:47
unique311no offense06:47
NeoStriderE: Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/repository.maemo.org_dists_gregale_free_source_Sources - open (2 No such file or directory)06:47
NeoStrider =-(06:47
pupnikkeyboard configu problems?06:47
pupnikxmame can't play newer games - only the real old ones06:47
NeoStrideryou mean the good ones? =-P06:47
unique311figured that out.06:47
pupnikgravitar, spacewar, joust, robotron are the real good ones!06:47
NeoStridertempest!!! 8-)~06:48
pupniktempest needs the wheel imo06:48
infobotNeoStrider meant: tempest!!! 8-O~06:48
NeoStriderand tempest should be very playable on that dpad06:49
unique311njam will do with the fix for maps..06:49
*** ccharles has quit IRC06:50
*** ccharles has joined #maemo06:50
*** jjazz_ has joined #maemo06:51
*** alex-weej has quit IRC06:53
*** timelyx has joined #maemo06:53
NeoStridercalm down, pupnik06:56
NeoStriderthe tablets were not even designed for it06:57
NeoStriderwe're lucky they are f*cking great as a gaming plataform , from the software point of view06:57
theefermh, is it possible to record video using the N800 embedded camera?06:59
NeoStrideryes with a 3rd party app06:59
NeoStriderotherwise, no07:00
theefer3rd party and closed-source, or free?07:00
*** frob has quit IRC07:00
NeoStrideropen, I guess07:01
NeoStriderits @ garage07:01
NeoStriderthey released a new version this days07:01
*** jjazz has quit IRC07:03
*** dolske has joined #maemo07:06
*** Chai_Sangeen has joined #maemo07:06
unique311ncurses-bin broken07:07
*** __shawn has joined #maemo07:14
*** Chai_Sangeen has quit IRC07:14
NeoStriderI feel bad07:20
NeoStridergo to go07:20
NeoStriderget some sleep07:20
*** NeoStrider has left #maemo07:22
*** pdz- has joined #maemo07:23
*** jjazz has joined #maemo07:23
*** rkaway has quit IRC07:27
pupnikit's fun to port stuff to the tablets but it sure as hell isn't fun to play anything on them07:27
*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:30
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo07:30
*** rhys has quit IRC07:31
*** jjazz_ has quit IRC07:34
*** pdz has quit IRC07:36
pupnikhey unique311 i'm happy though - the sound modules compiled for pcsx - all i need is the iso/cdrom loader and the input plugin now07:37
pupnikmore than halfway there to the 30 frame-per-minute playstation emulator :)07:38
*** __shawn has quit IRC07:39
pupniknah i bet we'll get at least 30 frames per minute07:40
pupnikhey unique311 did you see that people are starting to run ps2 games?07:42
pupnikit's still really early - will be a couple years before it's solid07:43
pupnikbut right now is the time when you can find ps2 full versions in the magazine shelves for a couple of bucks07:44
*** timelyx has quit IRC07:45
*** bergie has joined #maemo07:49
*** nwp has joined #maemo07:49
unique311going to get an iphone...07:49
unique311my contract is up with sprint07:49
nwpanyone using a 770 with the gregale repos?07:49
nwponly libc6 there has a bash-ist postinst07:50
nwpand I really don't want to go there07:50
nwpnot unless it is now the "done thing"07:51
nwplong version: I want to install + run kagu, but have got in a long saga of installing python2.5, and now find that having installed the gregale repo, and upgrade gives a new libc, which has a postinst that uses /bin/bash08:04
unique311having problems with ncurse bin.08:07
unique311its showing up in app manager that it is install..08:07
unique311but with errrors08:07
unique311i'm guessing because the icons is red with ! in it08:07
nwpdo you have xterm installed?08:07
unique311now apt-get tells me the way to fix is to apt-get -f install08:08
unique311i tried that and it still gives me errors08:08
unique311errors were encountered while processing08:08
nwpwhat's the exact full error message?08:11
unique311this is on my device..08:11
unique311its long08:11
unique311let me pastebin08:11
*** Vertoo has joined #Maemo08:14
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC08:14
Vertoohey all08:16
nwpunique311: the "serious warning" is not a good sign -- have you had a "disk full" at some point while manipulating packages?08:21
nwpcos something looks to have got screwed up somehow08:22
unique311ncurses-bin screwed it up.08:22
unique311i remember reading it was broken after getting the unable to install error08:22
unique311but when i got that error, i thought it didn't install it08:23
unique311i was wrong08:23
nwpwell, /usr/bin/clear is listed as being part of busybox, and the new package is trying to divert it08:23
unique311it installed something that kept it as being installed08:23
nwpwhen divert fails, it just says "uh-oh, can't do this because I conflict with busybox" I think08:23
nwpwhen things break on install it's usually the postinst script being screwy, which means that the package is installed but not fully configured08:24
*** jjazz_ has joined #maemo08:25
unique311i found 1 file from the package ncurses-bin08:25
unique311thats it08:25
unique311suppose to install i think 1008:26
unique311clear is an ncurses-bin item08:27
*** x-spec-tng is now known as Spec08:27
*** __shawn has joined #maemo08:27
nwpunique311: yes, but it seems that the file list for the old version has gone awol, it doesn't know that08:29
nwpand it's also in busybox, so it's getting confused08:29
unique311 actually clear is not in /usr/bin/08:31
_MonkeyHmm.  No matches for that, unique311.08:31
*** timelyx has joined #maemo08:32
unique311going to install it manually08:32
unique311and see if divert plays nice08:32
nwpbest bet might be to check what divert thinks is where08:35
nwpthen if it is confused, fix it08:35
unique311where is divert located?08:35
*** jjazz has quit IRC08:35
nwpwhich may involve removing ncurses-bin completely, making sure diversion is consistent, then installing new version of ncurses-bin08:36
unique311its not installed08:37
nwpnot at all?08:37
unique311i tried dpkg --purge08:37
unique311and it said package is  not installed08:37
unique311at all08:37
nwpsince that error you pasted?08:37
unique311but then app manager shows it as being installed08:37
nwpcos at that point something thinks it is installed08:37
unique311isn't there  a way to forcefully remove apps with apt08:39
nwpuse dpkg08:39
unique311i tried that already08:40
nwpremove it with dpkg and apt should know it's gone08:40
nwpyes, so something got left behind08:40
nwpyou're probably best off trying to find someone who knows apt/dpkg a bit better than I do to work out what is confusing it08:40
nwpwhat does dpkg -s ncurses-bin  say?08:41
unique311not installed no info is available08:43
nwpOK, so dpkg is convinced it's gone but something else thinks it is still there08:45
nwpsorry I have to go now, but I'm probably not the best person to help anyway...08:45
nwpso good luck I guess08:45
*** __shawn has quit IRC08:53
*** forcev_mobile has quit IRC08:56
unique311got it08:58
unique311dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq ncurses-bin08:58
unique311that was the command that help08:58
unique311found it on a here
*** zwnj has quit IRC09:00
unique311finally fixed my apt-get.09:07
unique311feels good09:07
*** syntux has joined #Maemo09:08
*** philipl is now known as phil|sleep09:11
*** bergie_ has joined #maemo09:12
*** bergie has quit IRC09:13
*** jsmanrique has joined #maemo09:17
inztimeless, sure, the memmove could be moved outside the for-loop, but imo it's clearer that way, and the function overhead shouldn't be that large09:20
*** bergie_ has quit IRC09:22
inztimeless, my patch is now in svn (on stage)09:24
*** netx has quit IRC09:27
*** jjazz has joined #maemo09:31
*** guardian has quit IRC09:39
*** jjazz_ has quit IRC09:41
*** bergie has joined #maemo09:50
*** jjazz_ has joined #maemo09:53
*** guardian has joined #maemo09:59
*** jjazz has quit IRC10:04
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo10:11
*** jjazz has joined #maemo10:25
*** geaaru has joined #maemo10:33
*** jjazz_ has quit IRC10:37
*** ab has joined #maemo10:38
*** mk8 has joined #maemo10:39
mk8Hi to all10:39
*** syntux has quit IRC10:54
*** syntux has joined #Maemo10:56
*** __shawn has joined #maemo10:58
*** jjazz_ has joined #maemo11:01
*** erstazi has joined #maemo11:02
*** jjazz has quit IRC11:11
*** bilboed has joined #maemo11:12
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:13
*** netx has joined #maemo11:14
*** unique311 has quit IRC11:19
*** felipec has joined #maemo11:20
*** unique311 has joined #maemo11:22
*** jjazz has joined #maemo11:25
*** timelyx has quit IRC11:26
*** timelyx has joined #maemo11:27
AD-N770good morning11:30
*** ramo102 has joined #maemo11:31
*** melmoth has joined #maemo11:32
*** jjazz_ has quit IRC11:38
*** madam has joined #maemo11:43
*** Pinguozzz has joined #maemo11:45
madamhello all, anyone care to tell me what's happening with HildonNamePasswordDialog in the new haf? the only widget that seems to come close is HildonGetPasswordDialog but i want to ask for the user name as well, of course.11:46
*** javamaniac has quit IRC11:54
*** ccharles has quit IRC11:57
*** ccharles has joined #maemo11:58
*** Pinguozzz is now known as Pinguozz12:02
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo12:03
*** Spakman has quit IRC12:04
*** jjazz has quit IRC12:22
*** jpetersen has quit IRC12:23
*** lardman has joined #maemo12:24
disq_Monkey: example?12:25
_Monkeydisq: no idea12:25
*** dizquierdo has joined #maemo12:26
* lardman has more python questions12:28
*** maddler has quit IRC12:28
lardmanI'm after a scrollable widget to display results of calculations. I was using a TreeView, but I can't seem to get any click events out of it (may be my ineptitude)12:28
madamdisq: yesterday, if you'll remember, i complained about my app not minimizing to the task navigator. i forgot to mention it happened on an oldie N770. this morning i another simple app of mine that didn't osso_initialize() at all. conversely it *did* minimize correctly on N800 (and failed on N770). does this information bring something in your mind?12:29
disq770 firmware could be very very old? nothing else comes to mind12:29
lardmanI was then looking at a table, with buttons for the equation and result, but can't seem to get that to update dynamically. Anyone have a recommendation for which way to proceed, so I don't waste time with something that won't work?12:30
dizquierdohi!, is there a public svn where kernel used by maemo is developed?12:30
madamdisq: uname tells me it's not a year old (Nov 2006)12:31
*** Iserlohner has joined #maemo12:33
IserlohnerHi everyone. Do someone of you know, where i can get the libsmm package for nokia n800? thanks for response12:34
inzIserlohner, do you mean the hildon-libsmm?12:36
*** florian has joined #maemo12:39
madamIserlohner: google finds it on repo.m.o12:40
Iserlohnermadam: sorry what is this?12:41
inzIserlohner, it in extras repository (deb bora free)12:42
inzIser, or if you're interested in the deb itself,
Iserlohnerthanks al lot for your help12:44
*** Iserlohner has quit IRC12:49
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo12:49
lardmanah, button-press-event12:49
*** Iserlohner has joined #maemo12:52
*** Pinguozz has quit IRC12:53
Iserlohnermadam: another question: i have dependencies on libsigc++ during installing hildon-libsmm do you know wheres the right deb for this too??12:55
inzIser, same repo12:57
inzIser, under libs/libsigc++-2.0/ instead of h/hildon-libsmm/12:57
Iserlohnerthanks a lot again12:57
disq_Monkey: extras?13:02
_Monkeydisq: bugger all, i dunno13:02
*** javamaniac has quit IRC13:02
disq_Monkey: extras is (distribution: "bora" for n800, "gregale" for n770) (components="free non-free")13:03
_MonkeyOK, disq.13:03
*** dieguito has joined #maemo13:10
*** slomo has joined #maemo13:15
timelyxdizquierdo: kernel for maemo is done in git13:24
timelyxbecause kernel for linux is done in git13:24
timelyxdizquierdo: unfortunately there are something like 20 different copies of the kernel intenrally13:25
timelyxand i can't figure out which one is canonical. if i could, i'd stick it up on next to the garage and sardine cross references13:25
timelyxi suppose i could go download the official sourceballs for 770/n800 and cross reference them....13:26
timelyxi might even do that13:26
timelyxgenerally speaking, the kernel team tries very hard not to ship with deltas from standard linux13:26
timelyx(there are some changes to mmc stuff, which is unfortunate, but ...)13:27
timelyxdizquierdo: precisely what problem do you have or are you trying to solve?13:27
*** vidarino has quit IRC13:27
timelyxdo you just want something to read because you have nothing better to do?13:27
timelyxdo you want to follow kernel development?13:27
timelyxdo you want to contribute in some area?13:27
timelyxexplain what you want done, and if it's reasonable, i'll see about helping from where i sit13:28
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo13:28
*** Turjakas has joined #maemo13:28
dizquierdojust follow the kernel development13:29
*** timelE61i has joined #maemo13:30
timelyxfollow the standard kernel development then13:30
timelyxit should be fairly easy to spot the nokians13:30
timelyxor their minions13:30
dizquierdook, I understand, it's the same kernel with brief changes13:30
*** maddler has joined #maemo13:31
inzThe linux-omap might be som'n to follow too13:31
dizquierdothank you very much timelyx for the info :)13:31
dizquierdoand for your time13:32
timelyxyeah. most of the git kernel repos are omap relatives13:32
timelyx(although some have other names)13:33
timelyxbut there are really too many for me to try to figure out which is interesting13:33
timelyxinz: btw, where are you (/msg timelE61i)13:34
inzwrong city?13:37
timelE61ido you ever travel east?13:40
inzSouth sometimes, east rarely.13:42
*** Tu13es has quit IRC13:46
*** kenne has joined #maemo13:47
*** Iserlohner has quit IRC13:58
*** colinl has joined #maemo13:59
*** Gigabites has joined #maemo14:01
*** lardman has quit IRC14:01
*** Gigabites has joined #maemo14:02
*** lardman has joined #maemo14:03
*** zumbi has joined #maemo14:04
*** hein has joined #maemo14:05
*** Gigabites has quit IRC14:07
amri should get my 770 tomorrow morning14:09
amrthank the lord14:09
*** sxpert has quit IRC14:09
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC14:14
*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo14:18
*** lardman|gone has quit IRC14:18
*** bueroman has joined #maemo14:20
*** Sho_ has quit IRC14:22
*** hein is now known as Sho_14:22
*** Zword has quit IRC14:23
*** Zword has joined #maemo14:23
*** melunko has joined #maemo14:32
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo14:32
*** Zword has quit IRC14:34
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo14:41
*** ajturner has joined #maemo14:47
*** goloo has joined #maemo14:50
*** vidar has joined #maemo14:52
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo14:56
*** vivijim has joined #maemo15:06
timelessinz: ping15:08
timelessinz: ive seen you have a control panel applet15:08
timelessi noticed the control panel item doesn't suport the small icon size15:09
*** booiiing has quit IRC15:10
*** krau has quit IRC15:11
*** X-Fade has quit IRC15:12
guardianhmm guess i found a bug in sapwood15:12
guardiangtk_paint_box with a width < 10 fucks up the drawing of the box :/15:13
guardiandoes it ring a bell ? (checking the bugzilla in the meantime)15:13
*** booiiing has joined #maemo15:13
*** jrbl has joined #maemo15:16
*** krau has joined #maemo15:17
*** luck^ has joined #maemo15:24
guardiani confirm15:28
guardianinvoking gtk_paint_box with a style that does not use sapwood engine words perfectly when box width is < 1015:29
guardianbut invoking gtk_paint_box with a style that uses sapwood engine fails when box width is < 1015:29
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC15:31
*** goat__ has joined #maemo15:32
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo15:33
*** goat_ has quit IRC15:33
*** Toma- has joined #maemo15:36
*** felipec has quit IRC15:38
inztimeless, yeah, I've noticed that too, haven't had time to fix it though15:38
*** felipec has joined #maemo15:38
Toma-how can i put angstrom on my 770?15:39
*** felipec has quit IRC15:40
*** felipec has joined #maemo15:41
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC15:42
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:44
*** Blacksito has joined #maemo15:46
*** bedboi has joined #maemo15:47
bedboihi there.15:47
*** jjazz has joined #maemo15:49
*** _Handful_ has joined #maemo15:50
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo15:54
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo15:57
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo15:57
|tbb|hi all, anyone got experience with synergy (mouse + keyboard sharing utility) ?15:58
madamdisq: finally i've solved my problem with iconification.  it turns out not to have anything to do with osso (hence with osso_initialize()); the problem was the missing .desktop file.  my collegue advised me to learn reading and exercising more patience.  can't agree more, doh.16:00
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC16:00
*** k-s[WORK] has joined #maemo16:00
*** jsmanrique has left #maemo16:01
*** felipec has quit IRC16:04
|tbb|pidgin takes up to 70% of cpu power, is that normal?16:06
bedboipidgin sucks.16:06
bedboibitlbee rules.16:06
|tbb|is that ported to maemo16:07
bedboiback in the times of n770 it worked16:08
bedboii don't remember if i just crosscompiled it or something16:08
bedboibtw it worked16:08
|tbb|pff my battery drains a much, cant remember that gaim done that before16:10
||cwpidgin is a desktop app, with 500Mhz+, FPU, l2 cache, and all that goodness in mind, ported to maemo.  only so much can reasonably be changed.  using the all the CPU for short periods should be expected16:10
*** mallum has joined #maemo16:11
||cwwifi sucks on the battery as well16:11
*** dizquierdo has left #maemo16:14
*** _k-s[WORK]_ has joined #maemo16:16
*** k-s[WORK] has quit IRC16:17
*** |tbb| has left #maemo16:17
*** lsobral has quit IRC16:17
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:24
*** lsobral has joined #maemo16:25
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo16:27
dieguitopidgin queries each 5 secs for idle time and screensaver support16:30
dieguitoit's supposed to be fixed on 2.0.116:30
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC16:33
*** Epichero has quit IRC16:33
*** OgMaciel has quit IRC16:40
*** GnuKemist has joined #maemo16:41
*** GnuKemist is now known as OgMaciel16:42
*** red-zack has joined #maemo16:48
*** Toma- has quit IRC16:57
*** fox__ has joined #maemo16:59
*** povbot has joined #maemo17:01
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo17:05
AD-N770someone know why curses support is removed on pymaemo ?17:08
*** andrunko has joined #maemo17:11
*** hendryx has joined #maemo17:11
*** jjazz_ has joined #maemo17:13
*** fox___ has quit IRC17:15
madami'm wandering, what's the relation between xomap, and xserver-kdrive?17:16
*** povbot` has quit IRC17:17
luck^AD-N770, only SDK has curses, not the device17:18
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:18
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo17:19
AD-N770luck^: but, curses could be installed on the device ?17:21
luck^AD-N770, for sure.. but we dont install to save disk space17:22
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo17:22
*** Blacksito has quit IRC17:22
*** jjazz has quit IRC17:24
AD-N770luck^: but it could be provided in a separate package,17:25
AD-N770just for ppl that need it17:25
AD-N770like me today :)17:25
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC17:27
luck^:)  AD-N770, could you open an enhancement request in our bugzilla?17:28
AD-N770luck^: I will do it17:28
luck^AD-N770, we can try to put this in the next pymaemo release17:29
*** Blacksitox has joined #maemo17:35
*** jrbl has left #maemo17:36
*** ppires has joined #maemo17:37
*** _k-s[WORK]_ is now known as k-s[WORK]17:41
*** ab has quit IRC17:43
pupniklardman: did you ever check with the libvorbis guys to see if anyone else has ported an open-source ogg player to another dsp?17:43
*** trevarthan has quit IRC17:48
*** bueroman has quit IRC17:48
*** tchan has quit IRC17:49
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl17:49
*** trevarthan has joined #maemo17:49
*** tchan has joined #maemo17:50
*** matt_c_ has joined #maemo17:52
*** strid has joined #maemo17:53
stridI got my 770 yesterday and I'm a little overwhelmed17:54
*** ppires has left #maemo17:54
*** tank17 has quit IRC17:54
*** _Handful_ has quit IRC17:59
*** melmoth has quit IRC18:00
*** matt_c has quit IRC18:00
whaq_strid: in a good way? how do you like it so far?18:01
pupnikhappened to me again last night on my walk.  "this is what i wanted in the 21st centure back in 1988!" :P18:03
pupnikalso the slimness and hardness of the 770 case makes it seem like something from a more advanced civilization18:04
stridwhaq_: I like it, but it's definitely kind of slow18:04
mgedminhave you upgraded to the latest firmware release yet?18:05
stridand I wish the os would use the mmc for applications, and also use more than 64 mb as ram18:05
stridit apparently had the latest firmware already18:05
mgedminyou can create a swap file on mmc, this will reduce the memory pressure somewhat18:05
stridI did that, but it still seems quite slow. Probably just the cpu.18:06
mgedminit is possible to use the mmc for os + applications, but it seems very involved and I never tried that18:06
stridand it was limited to 64 mb18:06
mgedmin(the instructions are somewhere on the wiki)18:06
*** rev has joined #maemo18:06
*** behdad has joined #maemo18:06
stridI think I saw that, booting from mmc? Seemed too complicated to perform without a proper keyboard18:06
mgedminthe 770 is slightly on the "too slow" side of "usable", while the n800 is sligtly on the "just fast enough but could be better" side18:06
pupnikfor horrid icky websites my pentium 3 950 is on the 'too slow' side18:07
stridthe price is what made me get the 770 anyway, getting the n800 was never in question18:07
stridso I'm happy overall18:07
*** oil has quit IRC18:08
stridit seems that quite a few of the applications I install doesn't show up in the gui's menu, though?18:08
striddo they have to be accessed through term?18:08
mgedminI like the design of the 770 better, although N800's integrated stand is very handy18:08
mgedminprobably, if those are command-line apps18:08
pupnikone way to run arbitrary shell commands and hotlink them to a menu is
pupnikrequires a reboot after install18:10
strid"show cpu load, memory consumption, make screenshots"18:11
stridis that the same app?18:11
stridis load-applet-run required as well?18:12
pupnikload-applet-run is what the package is called18:12
pupnikmaybe there are different versions18:13
stridI just installed load-applet and load-applet-run, hopefully they'll get along18:13
pupnikcould be the link i pointed you to doesn't have the run capability18:14
pupniki only installed load-applet-run - sorry if that was a mistake18:14
stridI'll go for just that one, then18:14
stridit requires a restart, you say?18:15
pupniki don't know how to start it manually18:15
*** mallum_ has joined #maemo18:18
stridI'd love to figure out how to run aircrack-ptw18:19
*** syntux has quit IRC18:20
pupnikif you want to clear up space, you can clean out stuff in /home/user/Mydocs/.*18:21
pupnikyou can also free up space with unneeded locales and themes, but be careful18:21
*** matt_c_ has quit IRC18:22
*** melunko has quit IRC18:22
*** kenne has quit IRC18:22
*** hap has quit IRC18:22
*** melunko has joined #maemo18:22
*** kenne has joined #maemo18:22
pupnikwhoah iodine is cool18:23
mgedminwhat is it?18:24
_Monkeyi guess it is a puzzle18:24
mgedmingoogling for "iodine" does not give good results18:24
*** mallum has quit IRC18:34
pupnikmulliner does nice work18:39
pupniki need a media player like with xmodmap binding to a key to quickly flag a song as + or -18:46
*** Blacksitox has quit IRC18:46
stridhow do I use maemoscrobbler?18:49
pupnikmonkey should be taught to respond to "how do I" queries18:52
*** frob has joined #maemo18:52
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo18:53
erstazipupnik, is monkey a supybot?18:53
pupnikis a bot. type unknown to me18:54
stridI guess maemoscrobbler requires a media player to support it in order to work?18:55
*** dolske has quit IRC18:55
*** garrett has joined #maemo18:56
*** melmoth has joined #maemo18:57
*** db48x has quit IRC18:57
*** tank17 has joined #maemo18:59
*** dolske has joined #maemo18:59
erstazihello garrett, melmoth, tank17, dolske18:59
erstazistrid, I never tried maemoscrobbler19:00
melmothhi there19:00
erstazihow are you folks today?19:01
*** dolske has quit IRC19:01
*** dolske has joined #maemo19:04
*** deejoe has joined #maemo19:10
*** mallum_ has quit IRC19:11
*** fro1 has joined #maemo19:11
*** philipl is now known as phil|work19:12
pupnik  << a nice game to port if/when we get opengl19:13
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:13
* sp3000 wonders what format .osso_rss_feed_reader/cache/images are in19:14
erstazisp3000, ssh? what OS version do you have?19:14
sp3000ahh, looks like they contain a header and then the image19:15
sp3000which is why nothing recognizes them19:15
*** space2 has joined #maemo19:15
*** jjazz has joined #maemo19:16
stridjust running aircrack is frustrating19:22
pupniktakes a bit of reading to figure out wtf to do19:23
stridyeah, I wish there was a comprehensible 770 guide for it19:24
stridright now I'm not even sure if I have the right packages19:24
*** frob has quit IRC19:24
mgedminit would be much better to have a polished package that didn't need documentation and just worked out of the box19:25
deejoefinally got my hardware keyboard control panel configured for the right keyboard, so now my bluetooth keyboard seems to work right.19:25
pupniki think it's good that it's not easy to use19:25
erstazipupnik, why is that?19:25
*** jjazz_ has quit IRC19:26
*** mgedmin has quit IRC19:26
*** oil has joined #maemo19:27
milhousekeeps the script kiddies at bay :)19:33
*** deejoe has left #maemo19:34
erstaziah, milhouse19:35
*** ramo102 has quit IRC19:35
*** geaaru has quit IRC19:35
*** space2 has quit IRC19:36
*** red-zack has quit IRC19:37
strid770 doesn't support usb 2.0, does it? copying a 50 mb file to the mmc takes 20 minutes :(19:37
milhousethink it's usb1 only19:37
||cwrs-mmc isn't that fast anyway19:38
pupnikstandard kernel also uses slow/compatible mmc speed19:38
milhouseoh no it is usb 2.0 according to this page
milhouseyou'd be better off a) upgrading to the fast kernel or b) copying using your PC19:39
stridI don't have an mmc reader on my pc19:40
milhousedo you have an SD reader?19:40
stridwait, wait19:40
stridfuck my ass, I think I just found an mmc reader on this thing19:40
stridI'm not sure that was an mmc reader after all19:42
stridand I just know I'm not going to get it out of there19:42
gla55on my laptop getting the mmc card out is bitchy19:43
gla55usually needs a knife19:43
||cwdid you use the rs to full size adaptor?19:43
stridthat sounds safe19:43
gla55or clippers19:43
stridI should've used the fin attatchment that clips on the rear of the chip19:43
gla55you didn't? hah :)19:43
stridoh, it's recognized19:43
||cwthat's what it's for19:43
stridit WAS a reader19:43
stridyeah, but I left it in my flat19:44
milhousemaybe you can clip it on while it's still in the slot19:44
stridI have a stylus and patience19:44
stridno laptop will get the best of me19:44
stridi hate acer.19:45
*** madam has quit IRC19:48
*** erstazi_n770 has joined #maemo19:48
gla55it's bitchy to get out even if it's a fullsize19:49
gla55cause there isn't that thing you have on some readers and pda's that pushes it out if you press it in a bit19:49
gla55at least my acer doesn't have that19:49
milhouse <--- another example of nokia understanding their user base. sigh.19:49
*** jjazz_ has joined #maemo19:50
milhouseHuh? Psion developed Hildon...? Interesting.19:51
*** atla has joined #maemo19:53
atlathe right channel!19:53
atlaare there any speculations yet when the next maemo device (successor of  the n800?) will be available?19:54
gla55milhouse: the article seems a bit weird19:54
gla55milhouse: on saying that s90 lives on "almost unchanged" as maemo is a ..  well.. stretch19:55
milhouseatla: no19:55
||cwatla: I think it will be a monday19:55
milhousegla55: yes, something of a stretch. interesting to discover Psions involvement (assuming it's true/accurate)19:55
milhouseatla: hopefully not for another 9 months at least :)19:56
erstazi_n770||cw, i heard tuesday19:56
gla55milhouse: it might be, but theres a lot of hogwash right there in the article19:56
atlaso no speculations at all?19:56
atlaone year, two years, three years ;D19:56
*** bergie has quit IRC19:56
*** mk8 has quit IRC19:56
gla55milhouse: some s80 stuff compile straight over to s90(7710)19:56
milhousegla55: what is interesting is that nokia seem to have ballsed up their premier product19:56
gla55milhouse: well i've mostly heard the opposite of e90 than what the article is saying19:56
||cwthis is a suprize?19:56
milhousegla55: too much of nokia knowing what the punters need... which sounds familiar19:57
milhousegla55: there were gripes when it first appeared about the loss of fax which seems a surprising complain in this day and age. it could be a case of users not liking change of course19:57
*** erstazi_n770 has quit IRC19:58
milhousei must admit i don't frequent nokia communicator forums so will have to assume there is some truth to the article19:58
gla55milhouse: a lot of oldskool corporate communicator users would hate change..19:58
gla55if i was into qwerty in a phone i'd bitch to get a e90 instantly19:58
milhousegla55: maybe nokia should have realised that19:58
gla55milhouse: maybe.. s60 users are familiar with it though.. of which there is plenty more19:59
milhousegla55: surely they understand how users use their devices and changing that fundamentally is bound to cause pain19:59
gla55also.. a lot more of software19:59
gla55but their strategy is to get everything under the same series..20:00
milhousegla55: true, but that assumes s60 users will migrate to communicators, whereas existing communicator users (the most likely to upgrade) will move elsewhere or keep their old devices20:00
milhousegla55: fair enough, but they should have realised what was good about s80 and tried to layer that on top of s60 if possible20:00
*** jjazz has quit IRC20:00
gla55i for one hated 9300/9500 that hey had just s40 on the outer screen20:01
gla55but anyhow, back to the article, the article is written as if s90 had hildon/totally different ui libs from s80, where they in fact werent that different at all20:02
milhousewell... it is the register20:03
gla55sure, s90 uses a pen but that hardly means that much :p20:04
gla55e90 is a sweet device imho though no matter what. accelerated 3d and the inner screen is high res sweetness20:05
*** strid has quit IRC20:06
*** strid has joined #maemo20:06
stridthat was a pain in the ass.20:06
*** AMH_henry has joined #maemo20:07
gla55milhouse: the article is feels even weirder coupled with nokias record profits and good sales of e and n series high end devices20:08
pupnikmilhouse: did you point me to the register special on the psion (long* story)?
milhousepupnik: i may have done in the past, not today though20:08
milhouseit was also discussed during the tablet advocacy thread on itt20:08
milhousegla55: i think the author is just pissed that the real targets for the device have been ignored20:09
*** fro1 has quit IRC20:09
pupnikah... i got into psions late into the game - but they are beautiful pieces of kit20:09
milhousegla55: that nokia now pander to the gadget crowd when the e90 is a business tool.20:09
milhousegla55: i can see his point, but don't think he's going to achieve much. the only way nokia will make any changes is if nobody buys the e90, but any losess to corporate buyers may be shored up with gadget purchases20:10
*** timelE61i has quit IRC20:11
*** frob has joined #maemo20:12
gla55apprently they have already20:12
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:13
*** space2 has joined #maemo20:16
*** space2 has joined #maemo20:16
_Monkeyhello, space220:16
space2can I ask programming questions here?20:17
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo20:17
*** djcb has joined #maemo20:18
space2I tried to compile fltk with scratchbox, and it was successfull20:19
space2I copied a binary to the N770 (fluid), started it... and it works... but20:19
space2there is no icon in the left side task list20:19
space2so, the question: how can I make it appear there? because right now if I click on a different program, I cannot switch back to the fltk app20:20
pupnikwhat fltk app?20:20
space2but I tried the sudoku test as well20:21
space2it's the same20:21
*** jjazz has joined #maemo20:22
pupnikok this is a general porting question20:22
pupniknot fltk-specific20:22
space2yes, I guess20:22
pupnikyou need to read up on the porting-to-maemo howtos20:22
pupnikgetting your app into the menu and task list20:22
space2ok, thanks20:22
pupniki haven't done it yet myself :)20:23
space2hehe, ok, then if I found it out, I let you know ;-)20:24
pupnikit's all in the howtos really20:24
pupnikyou need a desktop file and you need to tell the windowmanager 'hello! i'm an app running!'20:25
pupnikok remember .mods?  there's this group of guys called just 'Reed' who make AMAZING mods.
*** tso has joined #maemo20:29
gla55speaking of mods, assembly07 is this weekend20:29
gla55too bad can't afford to go20:29
*** bergie has joined #maemo20:30
*** _Handful_ has joined #maemo20:30
tsoim attempting to install pidgin 2.0 on my 770. it seems it fails to read the pidgin repository for some reason. any ideas?20:30
*** bldewolf_ has joined #maemo20:30
bldewolf_hey, anyone know how to get the wireless connection thing to give more information on why it failed to connect?20:30
`0660tso, i have the same problem20:31
bldewolf_I'm snooping my wireless traffic, but all I see is a probe request, a probe response, and then it fails20:31
`0660it seems that Packages.gz has been moved to a folder called xxx20:31
erstazibldewolf_, how many bars does it have?20:31
`0660maybe the admin wanted to prevent people from installing it?20:32
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo20:32
*** jjazz_ has quit IRC20:32
bldewolf_I'm able to connect to another SSID on the AP, but I'm trying to authenticate using PEAP20:32
pupnikgla55: this one's better Reed-Devoted.mod20:33
erstazibldewolf, is there any WPA or WEP encryption?20:33
bldewolf_it should be able to do WPA, but no WPA220:34
bldewolf_not sure about WEP20:34
erstazimight be a DNS issue with the router20:34
bldewolf_how so?20:34
erstaziis the connection saved by chance?20:35
bldewolf_I'm able to authenticate using my laptop with PEAP...20:35
erstaziif so, we can find out some more information20:35
erstaziwhich nokia do you have?20:35
erstaziok good20:35
erstazilet me check something, hold a second please20:35
tsoheh, this will not help the pidgin issue. some genious just put a blog entry about it on planet maemo...20:36
stridoh, is there an fps/fxp client for maemo?20:37
*** qgil has joined #maemo20:37
erstazibldewolf_, these posts are from 2006, maybe something came up about it:
*** florian has quit IRC20:37
erstazibldewolf_, I think the issue is, WEP with PEAP support, WPA with PEAP is ok but not WEP with PEAP20:37
erstazibldewolf_, mail list: (again, older)20:39
erstaziI am sure its added somewhere in the repos20:39
erstaziI am just not sure20:39
erstazichecking for ya20:39
bldewolf_yeah I think I've seen those posts before on my google searches :-/20:39
bldewolf_I'm just annoyed cause the 770 is quitting because of something in the probe response, but it doesn't tell me what20:40
erstazibldewolf_, its a tablet for a reason heh just playing20:41
erstazibldewolf_, I think its because the connection you are trying to connect to is WEP w/ PEAP support20:41
erstazior is it WPA w/ PEAP?20:42
erstazibldewolf_, do you know?20:42
*** gw280 has joined #maemo20:42
erstazibldewolf_, this looks promising:
*** bergie has quit IRC20:43
gw280I can't seem to dist upgrade my maemo 3.1 rootstrap inside scratchbox to 3.220:43
gw280it has unmet dependencies for core packages because the dependencies aren't installable20:43
bldewolf_erstazi: no, it's failing way before authentication20:43
*** akjohn has joined #maemo20:44
erstazibldewolf_, go to the 3rd menu item on the left, the menu thats vertical, thats called applications I believe20:44
erstazithen go to tools > control panel > connectivity20:45
erstazithe middle button is connections, select that20:45
akjohntimeless, Hey just wanted to say thanks for the help.20:45
erstazibldewolf_, then find the connection and edit it and follow the instructions in the last URL I gave you20:46
akjohntimeless, A reflash did the trick. I wish we could have figured out why.20:46
*** _Handful_ has quit IRC20:46
*** bedboi has left #maemo20:47
*** Spec has quit IRC20:48
*** Spec_ has joined #maemo20:48
erstazihello Spec_20:49
gw280has nobody upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2?20:49
pupnikcorrect, nobody has20:50
*** TimRiker has quit IRC20:50
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo20:51
*** TimRiker has quit IRC20:52
*** tank17 has quit IRC20:57
*** Zword has joined #maemo20:58
erstazipupnik, can I pm you for a second?20:58
tsois minimo available for 770?21:01
*** Tu13es_ has joined #maemo21:03
*** Tu13es has quit IRC21:03
pupnikerstazi: sure21:04
*** kosola_ has joined #maemo21:05
tsohmm, that "old"21:06
erstazitso, well its been that old for minimo being available21:06
erstaziI am sure its somewhere on maemo, let me check21:06
tsoso the recent news was just about it being ported to n800, or am i confusing mozilla and minimo now?21:07
erstaziminimo is in and that means its under further development21:08
qgil" To avoid any confusion, note that this browser engine is not coming from the Minimo project. The Minimo project targets mobile devices with a reduced set of features, but bases on the same Mozilla components as the new browser for tablets."21:09
tsofigures. no wonder i was surprised when looking over some stuff at i came across minimo...21:10
qgilbut both developments have nothing to do and are separate21:11
qgilerstazi: the mozilla based browser released weeks ago is also in garage and also is under further development21:12
qgila difference is that the last one is developed officially by Nokia while the Minimo development is a community project wioth no official involvement21:13
erstazi[14:08] <erstazi> minimo is in and that means its under further development21:13
qgilerstazi: yes, this is why I wanted to specify that21:13
*** space2 has quit IRC21:14
*** kosola has quit IRC21:14
*** FunkyPenguin has joined #maemo21:16
unique311anyone has this running yet?21:17
akjohnAnyone know what timezone Timeless is in?21:18
unique311erstazi, busy?21:18
erstaziunique311, what's up?21:19
unique311i have the package....21:19
unique311think i did a good job at breaking it down  so colors can be changed without much effort..21:19
unique311still have issues with the pink21:20
milhousethat chippy bloke on umpcportal is an arse...21:20
akjohnThe package... Hmm that sounds curious..21:20
unique311erstazi, should i email it to you21:20
milhouseunique311: do intel pay him to run that site? ;)21:21
erstaziunique311, please do, I will look at it when I am not working21:21
unique311don't know about umpcportal21:21
akjohnAw, not going to let me in on what the package is?21:21
unique311i just saw the article on the new browser21:21
unique311nothing special21:22
milhouseunique311: he used to cover x86 and non-x86 ultra portables but no just focuses on x86 as "they're the future"21:22
unique311just a theme package21:22
qgilakjohn: timeless is in GMT +2 (whether he follows or not daylight houirs is none of my business)  ;)21:22
akjohnOh well..21:22
milhousei just thought that article was a little backhanded21:22
akjohnqgil, All right.. Thanks.. I just wanted to thank him for the help yesterday.21:22
unique311how is stated the browser is sloe21:22
akjohnmilhouse, Depends I guess. I found the browser a bit slow when I started using it, but when I found out how nice it rendered pages for the size and weight of the device I forgot about the slowness.21:23
milhousehe's not saying the browser is slow, he's saying the device is slow21:24
sp3000qgil: +3, it's dst21:24
milhousejust seemed unecessary to me21:24
akjohnmilhouse, Ah. Well it is a little slow, but it is so capable for its size that I do not care.21:25
qgilsp3000:  thanks, is good to have around people knowing where their feet stand  ;)21:25
milhouseakjohn: quite21:25
erstaziqgil, heh21:25
tsowhats the prefered way to transfer files to and from the 770 using linux on the desktop?21:28
milhouseanyone getting the midgard stacktraces (orange boxes) on this page?
akjohntso, My preferred way is via dropbear..21:29
milhousetso: scp :)21:29
milhouse(using openssh)21:29
akjohnmilhouse, I did...21:29
unique311milhouse, when comparing the N800 to the umpc's he has on his page..i guess he is being a dick.21:29
milhouseakjohn: thanks. quim... shall I raise a bug for Ferenc>?21:29
unique311but whats out there that the N800 can be compared to...21:29
tsook, i have the dropbear server in place. what else is needed?21:30
_MonkeyIPHONE is a flashy interface made to suck money out of people on outdated technology and walled gardens21:30
akjohntso, Just need an ssh client on your desktop..21:30
milhouseI'm with _Monkey21:30
akjohn_Monkey, Yeah, but it sure is sexy to look at and use and _way_ over priced.21:30
_MonkeyOK, akjohn.21:30
akjohn_Monkey, I do like flashy though..21:31
_Monkeyakjohn: i'm not following you...21:31
akjohn_Monkey, The iPhone..21:31
_Monkeyi heard the iphone was a flashy interface made to suck money out of people on outdated technology and walled gardens21:31
unique311can you honestly compare the N800/770 to a UPMC that has a 1Ghz chip in it...21:31
milhousedouble the size, triple the weight, quadruple the cost... sure on that site you can.21:32
milhouse_monkey  forget Yeah, but it sure21:32
_Monkeymilhouse: I forgot yeah, but it sure21:32
unique311not sure its fair to the N80021:32
erstaziwhat arch does it use? ARM?21:32
akjohniPhone uses ARM I believe..21:32
milhousethe original UMPC is dead21:33
erstaziiPhone does21:33
unique311iphone is arm21:33
erstaziafter using ARM for the time I have, I cannot believe how efficient ARM is21:33
unique311the UMPC i showed the link to pentium M21:33
milhouseintel are getting there, but it will still take a while longer21:33
milhousemoblin and the intel MIDs will be interesting mid next year21:34
erstazimilhouse, does intel still have a deal with ARM?21:34
milhouseQuim - can you let Ferenc know about the Midgard bug or shall i raise another bug?
milhouseerstazi: no, they flogged that business to Marvel21:35
*** Zword has quit IRC21:35
qgilmilhouse: do you have the bug link at hand?21:35
milhousesee above21:35
milhouseit's in the archives section of maemo announce21:36
qgilmilhouse: I mean the bug report URL (I'm not in the office, I have the right to be lazy)  ;)21:36
milhousehit the url above and you'll get a stacktrace (at least I do, as does akjohn)21:36
milhouseah, i haven't opened it yet - wanted to know if it was worth it21:36
*** pipomolo42 has joined #maemo21:36
qgilwell, in fact is about reopening one since this bug was in principle solved21:37
milhousenot sure we need a new bug every time there's a midgard stacktrace do we?21:37
qgilmilhouse: I can tell is the best way not to forget21:37
milhousedo you think this is the same as the one i opened when showing the revision history?21:37
milhousewhich was fixed by tweaking some user permissions21:37
qgilmilhouse: from my user point of view the problem is the same; you don't show stacktraces to users21:38
qgilno, there was a bug specific rto the archive21:38
qgilooook, I'll go find it21:38
milhouse:) thanks21:38
*** guardian has quit IRC21:39
qgilmilhouse: in fact it's open
milhousebug 1500?21:40
_MonkeyBug 1500 might be found at
milhousehey presto :)21:40
qgilmilhouse: ah no, it's resolved at fixed but not closed yet, feel free to reopen it providing the buggy URL(s) you find21:41
milhousei'll add a quick comment, thanks quim21:41
FunkyPenguinis it a known bug about the rss reader freezing21:41
FunkyPenguinthe home applet hangs during refresh, and you cant start the app proper :(21:41
FunkyPenguinso far this is the only real flaw i can find with my best mate21:42
* FunkyPenguin should get a life and some _real_ friends21:42
milhousearchive totally stuffed - every archived page with any news causes a stacktrace :(21:42
qgilok, comment and I'll assign severity major21:43
* qgil ... well, whatever21:43
milhousecomment added and reopened.21:45
*** thirdhandinfo has joined #maemo21:45
milhouseFunkyPenguin: you've been lucky! ;)21:45
milhouseThe RSS app is... special.21:46
FunkyPenguinyeah, ive noticed :)21:46
FunkyPenguinit's the only app that i need that i cant rely on21:47
erstazithe rss app is very special... it loves me and I love it back with verbal statements21:47
FunkyPenguinis there any other rss app that i could try?21:48
erstaziFunkyPenguin, I saw a few on http://maemo.org21:48
qgilmilhouse: added my comments as well21:49
*** djcb has quit IRC21:52
unique311 i have 7 grandcentral invites...anybody need one?21:54
*** red-zack has joined #maemo21:55
erstaziunique311, sure, you got my email, I appreciate it21:55
erstaziI have no clue what grandcentral is21:55
akjohnWhat is grandcentral?21:55
akjohnHey! Someone sped up the finger scroll speed of the menu! Sweet! Thanks whomever did that!21:56
Fatalamazing, I keep losing my stylus on a _CLEAN_ desk21:56
unique311google forwarding service.21:57
FunkyPenguinerstazi: i can only find bloglines77021:58
unique311provide you with a number that you can forward to your home, cell, work #21:58
unique311what i find really nice about the feature is that when my cellphone rings and it is forward from the grandcentral number, i have the choice to listen to the voicemail while its being recorded, or answer take the call21:59
erstaziFunkyPenguin, I must have been drunk then (: I swore there were at least 321:59
*** kosola_ is now known as kosola22:00
erstaziah, I see, so I could have my cell forward to my nokia and talk on it22:00
erstaziunique311, yeah please send that to me, I would appreciate that22:00
unique311you can have your grand central number forwarded to your cellphone.22:01
unique311with my22:01
FunkyPenguinthats the same as with gizmo22:01
unique311i have my grandcentral number forwared to my sip number22:01
unique311from freedigits22:01
unique311yeah FunkyPenguin22:01
unique311gizmo or skype22:01
unique311if you have a number with them22:01
erstazithey both cost a bit don't they22:02
FunkyPenguinmy pref is gizmo as its openstandards22:02
thirdhandinfoanybody know a good solution for running a web app on the N800? i need to run a CGI script22:02
FunkyPenguingizmo isnt that pricey22:02
unique311well thats why i went with freedigits22:02
unique311freedigits gave me a working incoming and outbound number22:02
FunkyPenguinbut it's only a us number right?22:03
unique311yes i think so..22:03
FunkyPenguingizmo will provide you with any country number which can give the impression that you have a global presence22:04
thirdhandinfois nginx of any use?22:04
FunkyPenguinand you can have multiple registered22:04
unique311i like free.22:05
erstaziFunkyPenguin, is gizmo free?22:05
FunkyPenguinto download yes22:05
FunkyPenguinso far it is the only cross platform app that does the job22:06
FunkyPenguinideally id use openwengo22:06
erstaziFunkyPenguin, how much does it cost a month or what ever the periods are?22:07
FunkyPenguinit all varies22:08
*** Blacksitox has joined #maemo22:08
stridis it a bad idea to put os2007 on a 770?22:09
FunkyPenguinthey have several options and the call costs are cheap - i think it's about USD35 ayear for a local number and they have quite a large list of countries and sities/towns to choose from22:09
erstaziFunkyPenguin, I might take it as an option22:11
FunkyPenguinim thinking about it myself22:12
*** Pio has quit IRC22:12
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo22:12
erstaziunique311, so I could use grandcentral with a wifi and have like gizmo forward to grandcentral so my nokia could be a "cell"?22:12
FunkyPenguini have it on my linux boxes, my n800, my n95 and win box22:12
erstaziFunkyPenguin, so in turn, you could use your n800 as a cell right?22:13
FunkyPenguinerstazi: you wouldnt need grand central if you use gizmo22:13
*** Pio_ is now known as Pio22:13
*** vidar has quit IRC22:13
*** vidarino has joined #maemo22:14
*** __shawn has quit IRC22:14
unique311i only use grandcentral, as a means not to talk to someone if i don't feel like it22:14
erstaziFunkyPenguin and unique311, you folks got me excited22:15
unique311i've been using my N800 to make calls with the freedigits number22:15
unique311and recieving them22:15
erstaziwith no cellphone connected to the loop?22:15
*** frob has quit IRC22:19
*** guardian has joined #maemo22:19
unique311openwengo for the N800/770?22:21
FunkyPenguinunique311: yeah i would love that22:22
FunkyPenguini think it uses qt which would make it a bit of a pain to port if im not mistaken22:23
unique311Off topic, The flavor does last too long..22:29
*** Yamazaki-kun has joined #maemo22:32
erstaziunique311, besides RTCOMM, what else can I use?22:38
unique311gizmo, but i could never get freedigits to work with gizmo22:39
amri have this ^[0-9] regular expressions, this just works for 0-9 obviously, but how do i make it so i can use any number22:39
erstaziamr, that will work for any nubmer22:39
amrit doesnt with php :-(22:39
erstaziamr, are you using POSIX or Perl regex?22:40
amruhm, i'm using the function ereg22:40
amri assume perl as its php22:40
Pioereg is poix22:40
erstaziamr, thats posix22:40
Piopreg is perl22:40
Pio[0-9]+ will work in either..22:40
erstaziamr, ^[0-9]+$ means *one* or more22:40
amrcool thank you22:41
erstaziwhen I say one more more, I mean total count of numbers, like "5" will pass, "333" will pass, "" will not pass22:41
erstaziamr, ^[0-9]*$ means 0 or maybe more22:41
amrhmm, its still only looking at the first char22:42
amrim doing echo ereg("^[0-9]+$",$var)22:42
erstazitry ^[0-9]*$22:42
amrnope, get the same thing22:42
erstaziamr, ereg will show true or false22:42
erstazihold a sec22:42
amroh christ im an idiot22:42
amrusing preg_replace and [0-9] works22:44
amri am a massive idiot, thank you22:45
amrno it doesnt22:45
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo22:51
*** guardian has quit IRC22:54
*** guardian_ is now known as guardian22:55
*** phil|work has quit IRC22:56
*** vol has joined #maemo22:57
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC23:00
*** Pio has quit IRC23:02
*** __shawn has joined #maemo23:03
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC23:07
*** Pio has joined #maemo23:10
*** melmoth has quit IRC23:10
*** Pinguozzz has joined #maemo23:15
*** Pinguozzz is now known as Pinguozz23:16
*** tso has quit IRC23:16
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*** Sho_ has joined #maemo23:18
*** gla55 has joined #maemo23:18
*** gcarrier has joined #maemo23:18
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*** mat has joined #maemo23:18
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*** NickDe has quit IRC23:20
*** TheNickDe has joined #maemo23:20
pupnikmore netbook pros going for 230 euro on ebay - would be great little maemo boxes when the linux kernel port is finished23:22
*** gla55 has quit IRC23:22
*** gcarrier has quit IRC23:22
*** svu has quit IRC23:22
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*** AMH_henry has left #maemo23:23
guardianevening maemo23:23
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo23:23
*** gla55 has joined #maemo23:23
*** gcarrier has joined #maemo23:23
*** svu has joined #maemo23:23
*** mat has joined #maemo23:23
pupnikn770 down to 169 eu in germany23:24
erstazipupnik, I only paid $129 usd for mine23:24
pupnikvery nice23:25
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:28
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo23:29
*** _pcfe_ has quit IRC23:38
*** pdz- has quit IRC23:38
*** pdz has quit IRC23:39
*** slomo has quit IRC23:40
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:42
FunkyPenguinerstazi: $129 = £65 =)23:45
*** pdz- has joined #maemo23:50
*** melunko has quit IRC23:55
whaq_buy from expansys uk, 75 euro or so23:57
Fatalhmm, in which repository is libosso-help023:57

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