IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-07-29

pupnikyes i read the developer thread by ssvb00:00
pupnikso it was interesting that N800 was faster with smc00:00
NeoStrideryou guys told me about the swirl effect on was actually quite smooth00:01
pupnikswirl effect slows down gameplay here00:01
NeoStridersmc has much more logic than pure graphics00:01
pupnikfps drops below 1500:01
NeoStriderits very graphic wise, right?00:01
pupniki don't know the answer00:02
NeoStrider(smw wasnt any slower than n800 on that video...shocking =-) )00:02
pupniki get about 50 fps on smw00:02
NeoStridertake a look at this:00:04
NeoStridermight be useful00:04
N800don't know if anyone suggested this.00:07
N800but if we drop the res on the game don't fps increase..00:07
*** NickDe has joined #maemo00:07
N800smc is at 800x480..00:07
N800drop it down to 640x400 might be beneficial00:07
pupnikmaybe +3 fps00:08
*** greentux has joined #maemo00:08
pupniki tested it00:08
NeoStriderbut it will be ugly00:08
NeoStriderand may bring usability issues00:08
N800found another game..working on maemo..00:08
NeoStriderabout system interaction00:08
NeoStriderwhat game, N800?00:08
N800i have at least 4 to try out. but 2morrow..i'm going to work on them and package00:08
N800looking for a pacman game00:09
N800but any game that performs in fullscreen and descent fps is good for maemo00:10
N800i guess00:10
NeoStridersmw ;-)00:15
N800oh thats a fun game00:17
N800you will like00:17
*** Yaco2 has joined #maemo00:22
NeoStriderI also like defendguin00:22
pupniktemplate works fine here :/00:23
NeoStrideranyone watching the pan-american gameS?00:24
*** slomo has quit IRC00:24
infobotNeoStrider meant: anyone watching the pan-american games?00:24
*** soothsayer has quit IRC00:24
trevarthansmw just moves two, maybe 4 sprites around the screen. that's why it's so fast.00:24
*** slomo has joined #maemo00:24
trevarthanI love their transitions and fades though. I need to learn how to do that for Kagu.00:25
trevarthanthey both use SDL, I think.00:25
NeoStriderbut the [?] boxes also have animation00:25
NeoStriderand the brick boxes00:25
trevarthanvery little00:25
trevarthanit's not a side scroller.00:25
trevarthanThe background doesn't move.00:25
NeoStriderI did a very simple fade with SDL_gfx00:25
trevarthanhow'd you do it?00:25
NeoStriderstatic  void FadeToBlack()00:26
NeoStrider    {00:26
NeoStrider      int c=8;00:26
NeoStrider      while (c--)00:26
NeoStrider  filledTrigonRGBA(SDL_GetVideoSurface(),0,0,0,480,800,0,0,0,0,64);00:26
NeoStrider  filledTrigonRGBA(SDL_GetVideoSurface(),800,480,0,480,800,0,0,0,0,64);00:26
NeoStrider  SDL_Delay(30);00:26
NeoStrider  SDL_UpdateRect(SDL_GetVideoSurface(),0,0,0,0);00:26
NeoStrider      PaintItBlack();00:26
NeoStrider    }00:26
NeoStriderugly, but works well00:26
NeoStriderstatic  void PaintItBlack()00:26
NeoStrider    {00:26
NeoStrider  filledTrigonRGBA(SDL_GetVideoSurface(),0,0,0,480,800,0,0,0,0,255);00:26
NeoStrider  filledTrigonRGBA(SDL_GetVideoSurface(),800,480,0,480,800,0,0,0,0,255);00:26
NeoStrider  SDL_UpdateRect(SDL_GetVideoSurface(),0,0,0,0);00:26
NeoStrider    }00:26
pupnikuse a for code please00:26
NeoStriderwhats that?00:26
trevarthanso... you're basically just painting a progressively darker alpha surface on over the screen?00:26
pupnik to paste code and show it to ppl - very useful00:27
NeoStrideryes, thevarthan00:27
NeoStriderI discovered it acidentally00:27
NeoStriderwhile doing the trails for the bikes in angstron00:28
NeoStriderI will use it00:28
*** Vertoo has joined #Maemo00:28
*** fab_ has quit IRC00:28
trevarthanI might give that a try in pygame. Looks easy enough.00:28
NeoStrideryeah...on 770 its passable00:29
NeoStridernot as good as in desktop, but works00:29
NeoStriderand its easy =-)00:30
trevarthanHey pupnik: do you know of a good ROM choosing interface for snes9x/zsnes/etc under normal linux? KDE/Gnome/etc?00:30
NeoStrideris "dialog" available to maemo?00:30
trevarthanI've been using mythgame, but I can't on this one computer because zsnes segfaults when run over SSH for some reason.00:30
NeoStridersomeone could do a hildon-dialog =-)00:30
pupnikhow the f*ck do i use load-applet-run?00:31
NeoStriderim still learning the basics of hildon00:31
pupnikthere is NO instructions on how to use load-applet-run ANYWHERE00:33
pupnikgod damn it00:33
NeoStridermaemo has , in general, some lack of good documentation00:34
NeoStriderand since mildgard, im quite lost00:34
NeoStriderthats something I would love to help improving00:34
NeoStriderif I only knew how to do things in first place =-P00:34
pupnikthe bastard who made that app didn't write ONE WORD of HOWTO00:35
N800make is outputting errors...00:39
NeoStriderwe got another gold medal =-)00:39
N800but then terminal will not let me scroll up to view the rest of the errors00:39
N800tried make | less00:39
N800that didn't work00:39
NeoStriderand make > log.txt?00:39
N800doesn't make one00:40
guru3because it's using stderr not stdout00:41
guru3you have to redirect the stream00:41
guru3i forget how exactly though :/00:42
pupnik make 2> log.txt00:42
disqis there a way to write a control panel applet in python? normally cp needs .so files for applets00:42
Vertooanyone got an adblocker for the n800?00:42
pupnikVertoo: /etc/hosts00:42
pupnikget a host list of ad servers and add them to /etc/hosts and they will be blocked00:43
pupniksometimes the unix way is the simple way00:43
Vertooi use adblock plus addon for firefox on my pc's  and would like something like that00:43
Vertoooh. ok00:43
Vertoocan i just add like a .txt file or what?00:44
pupnikoh, you have to reboot the device to get the load-applet-run to appear in the icon bar00:44
pupnikjesus christ.  one freaking sentence would have been enough.  the guy puts a .deb up on his website and doesn't write one FREAKING sentence about what it is and how to use it00:45
NeoStridervi is the only text editor available in stock maemo devices?00:45
NeoStriderhum...good point00:45
NeoStriderand console ones?00:45
pupnikit's part of busybox00:45
Vertoocan i just add like a .txt file or what?00:45
NeoStrideri would love some nano00:46
pupnikyou can get pico or nano00:46
Vertoopupnik: ^00:46
NeoStriderhow easy would be to port it?00:46
pupnikVertoo: search around for a hosts file for adblocking and then "cat hosts.txt >> /etc/hosts"  where hosts.txt is the name of the adblocker hosts file00:47
pupnikwhy make a port when one exists00:47
*** erstazi has quit IRC00:47
NeoStrider>> concats?00:47
NeoStrider"you live, you learn"00:48
pupnikok load-applet-run is the greatest utility ever00:51
*** adoyle has joined #maemo00:52
NeoStridernever heard of it00:52
pupnikit lets me run sdl games without menus00:52
pupnikmakes a shortcut item to any shell command00:53
NeoStriderits like the "start>run" on windows?00:53
pupnikbut you can make shortcuts for your commands00:53
pupnikand they appear in the menu00:53
NeoStriderbut the processor-and-memory-graphs applet doesnt allow that too?00:54
pupnikyes that applet seems to be called load-applet-run00:54
pupnikit's still not a good solution for a vkbd00:54
*** Pio has quit IRC00:55
pupnikbecause a fullscreen sdl window covers up the applet00:55
NeoStriderI want to create a vkbd on SDL00:55
NeoStriderto use on my games00:55
NeoStridermy BZK game engine may help me to do it without much to worry00:56
pupnikthat's ok, but a keyboard that works with all games and apps would be more useful00:56
NeoStridermaybe I can do it in a way that would be easy to include on other games =-)00:56
pupnikwell i can bring up a keyboard that works on top of non-fullscreen sdl games now00:57
pupnikwith matchbox-keyboard00:57
NeoStriderits the same hildon apps use?00:57
pupnikno, it's an X keyboard, not a hildon/gtk one00:58
pupnikhold on i make a page for it00:58
NeoStrideryou guys saw that webkit SDL port?00:59
NeoStridera SDL vkbd would be useful for it00:59
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo01:08
pupnik_Monkey: matchbox-keyboard is An Xlib/SDL compatible virtual keyboard
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.01:10
pupnikwelcome back you chimp!  Thanks milhouse01:10
milhouseresurrected an old 10GB disk I had lying around... fingers crossed it holds up :)01:10
milhouseshould rebuild the server really... it's a pile of old crap! ;)01:11
pupniki have to resist the temptation to pollute _monkey with silly responses to one-liners (like "why?")01:11
pupnikor "anybody here?"01:12
milhousei won't stop you :)01:12
pupnik_Monkey: "Can I ask a question" is a superflous question.01:13
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.01:13
pupnikCan I ask a question?01:14
pupnikCan I ask a question01:14
NeoStriderpupnikm Can I ask a question? ;-P01:15
NeoStriderwhy dont you put some pictures on your website?01:15
pupnik_Monkey: "two words" is a test of quoted responses01:15
_MonkeyOK, pupnik.01:15
*** slomo has quit IRC01:15
pupnik"two words"?01:15
_Monkey"two words" is a test of quoted responses01:15
pupniktwo words01:15
pupnikahh i get it now01:15
milhousenot sure why it's not learning01:15
pupnik_Monkey: forget "two words"01:15
_Monkeypupnik: I forgot "two words"01:15
milhouseit's seeing your statements...01:15
*** dillerama has joined #maemo01:16
pupnik"Can I ask a question"?01:16
milhouseif you want to teach _monkey 1-1, try joining #mvhtest01:16
pupnikneostrider, here's the only pic you need :P
NeoStrideri was just browsing that pic01:17
NeoStriderand thinking01:17
NeoStriderin the form factor, I guess the 770 is prettier than the n800, but I would change the side buttons to a N-Gage configuration01:20
NeoStriderN-Gage was darn good to play01:20
NeoStridermy pms are blocked01:25
NeoStriderbut looks nice!01:25
NeoStriderlike blades of exile01:25
NeoStriderknow this one?01:25
*** _Monkey has quit IRC01:25
pupnikyes spiderweb software01:26
*** x-spec-tng has quit IRC01:27
NeoStriderits now GPL01:28
NeoStriderthat game is awesome01:28
*** Pio has joined #maemo01:28
NeoStrider(now Im a registered user! \o/)01:28
*** vudentz has quit IRC01:28
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo01:29
* NeoStrider got a headache and is looking for some cake to feed himself01:32
N800NeoStrider, you working on angstron01:40
NeoStridertrying to fix the rendering01:41
NeoStriderso I can design better levels01:41
NeoStrideryou like it?01:42
N800think i might get gltron working01:44
N800which is tron01:44
N800know in about 10+ minutes01:44
NeoStriderdifferent approaches01:45
NeoStridermy game is more story driven =-)01:45
NeoStriderand more slow-paced01:46
NeoStrider(partly becouse of the slow engine heheh)01:46
N800blood sweat and tears behind yours01:47 is it going?01:48
N8002 dependencies so far01:48
N800opengl or mesa and SDL_sound01:48
N800went with mesa..<--no brainer 3.1 compiled in scratchbox01:49
N800and now currently compiling SDL_sound01:49
NeoStriderif it doesnt work, try arma01:49
N800might run into some issues with it..01:49
*** goloo has quit IRC01:50
N800think the only issue i might have is gltron needing a later version of mesa01:51
N8003.1 current version is 7.0 i think01:51
N800thats a stretch01:51
*** frade has joined #maemo01:52
NeoStriderArmagetron advanced seem to be more updated01:52
N800sdl_sound compiled01:53
NeoStrideri wonder how will it perform on device01:54
NeoStriderindt folks told me minigl was hellish slow on devices01:55
NeoStriderbut I dont know if it was 770 or n80001:55
*** x-spec-tng has joined #maemo01:56
NeoStriderBRB folks01:57
*** sp3000 has quit IRC01:59
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo02:02
*** matt_c has joined #maemo02:03
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*** Zword has quit IRC02:08
*** pupnik has quit IRC02:13
*** Pio has quit IRC02:18
*** unique311 has joined #maemo02:22
disqanybody used pymaemo's rpc_async_run() successfully here? i get segfaults trying to read args in the callback func02:25
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo02:25
*** nslu2-log has quit IRC02:27
*** nslu2-log has joined #maemo02:27
*** TimRiker has quit IRC02:27
*** mvhtest has joined #maemo02:27
*** Juhaz has quit IRC02:28
*** frade has quit IRC02:28
*** mvhtest has left #maemo02:28
Vertooanyone got some good games for the 800? just looking for something to burn time on the go02:29
pupnik_they are spread around many websites and repositories02:30
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik02:30
pupnikname a category of game and i can provide some suggestions02:31
*** N800 has quit IRC02:32
*** czheng1 has left #maemo02:39
*** cktakahasi has joined #maemo02:42
pupnik  << Saving maemo and increasing quality of applications by designing the next-generation Internet Tablet to accomodate a wider variety of uses.02:42
Vertoorpg and strategy games02:48
pupnikWell the FCEU NES emulator has a bunch (zelda et al)02:50
pupnikBattle for Wesnoth is available - takes up lots of room02:50
NeoStriderim back02:51
NeoStriderso, N800 did it?02:51
unique311cannot run02:52
unique311x11 is not configured for the the opengl chip02:53
unique311something to that affect02:53
NeoStrideryeah, but software rendering?02:54
unique311same error02:54
unique311it actually has the choices for it02:54
unique311gltron -O02:55
unique311the error exactly02:56
*** cktakahasi_ has quit IRC02:56
unique311Couldn't set GL mode:X11 driver not configured with OpenGL02:56 rendering doesnt need a configured opengl chip02:56
NeoStridermaybe DRI is not activated02:56
unique311how do i activate?02:57
unique311use to xorg.conf02:57
NeoStriderand this custom KDrive use something diferent for the video rendering of the video player02:57
NeoStriderthe problem is that KDrive doesnt use configuration files, but parameters02:57
unique311well until i get that figured out...02:59
unique311just a waste of space now..02:59
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo02:59
NeoStriderunique...if there was a way, folks @ indt would already be using it03:00
unique311maybe they never had a reason to mess with it03:01
unique311next game03:01
unique311already done by someone?03:01
unique311playing it on scratchbox..03:03
*** X-Fade_ has quit IRC03:03
*** Juhaz has joined #maemo03:03
NeoStriderunique311, they're strugling to get canola without tearing03:04
NeoStriderthey did canola on SDL. I guess they would love to make it with GL. They did something on S60 (they couldnt tell me what)  with SDL but then moved to GL ,as its more powerful03:05
NeoStriderdo you remember keesj and his xmoto port/03:05
NeoStriderwell the actually helped improving SDL_gfx so it could replace OpenGL on 2D graphics03:06
NeoStriderfor the maemo port03:06
*** else58 has joined #maemo03:06
NeoStriderthere is something about OpenGL that I dont like (and its something I once belived too): people tend to think of it as the solution to everything03:06 saves lots of work? yes. But sometimes , it general nature takes performance to the ground03:07
NeoStriderIf I had used GL on my game engine, I would have it finished for ages and angstron would be a past project for me03:07
unique311done for the day...03:10
unique311going to a going away party03:10
unique311should be fun03:10
*** bilboed has quit IRC03:10
pupnikomg zorg would be a great name for a window system03:10
*** cktakahasi_ has joined #maemo03:10
*** bilboed has joined #maemo03:10
NeoStridergood party for ya03:11
NeoStriderzorg ? only if all the windows had 5 colors and dinossaur themed icons03:11
*** unique311 has quit IRC03:11
NeoStriderand once per execution they would unite and create a gigantic icon03:12
NeoStriderzorg is too much power-rangerish for me =-P03:12
pupnikis your game going to be played on a flat plane?03:13
pupnikyou might not need to do true 3D03:13
NeoStridernot always03:13
NeoStriderthere are some 3D arenas03:13
pupnikcan get 5x the speed if you do something like Doom03:13
NeoStriderDoom has a very singular rendering algorithm03:14
pupniki have studied it03:14
NeoStriderits not something you can adapt easily03:14
NeoStriderme too03:14
NeoStriderim not using ray-casting03:14
NeoStriderbut some very unique portal rendering03:14
NeoStriderdiscreet portal rendering of some sort03:15
pupnikI'm impressed by what you've done so far03:16
NeoStrideroh...and it is full 3D, not 2.5D03:16
NeoStrideractually, is not much03:16
NeoStriderive done it in 4 months and for about 1 year and a half im trying to correct it and make it work03:16
NeoStrider2 years of hard work03:16
NeoStriderbut the render only works 85% of the time03:17
NeoStriderim not satisfied03:17
NeoStriderangstron uses a very erratic profile of it03:17
NeoStriderif you notice, I dont have 3D polygons on the same level of the camera, otherwise the visibility order gets messed on some angles03:18
NeoStriderif I use other profile , it works, but is much slower03:18
NeoStriderbut you guys have done great things too03:18
NeoStridersmw is much better than angstron03:19
NeoStrideryou guys picked the right game to port03:19
pupnikunique311 found it, i just did packaging03:19
pupnikunfortunately it uses original gfx and sounds03:20
pupnikso there are copyright issues03:20
NeoStriderI took 1 full year to be able to pack the BZK to the 77003:20
NeoStrideryou did it in what? 2 days?03:20
NeoStriderthe engine that angstron uses03:21
NeoStriderIve been developing it since high school03:21
NeoStriderabout 5 years ago03:21
NeoStriderthis is the third instalment03:21
pupniki started writing games when i was 10 :P03:21
NeoStriderthe first was SDL+GL03:21
NeoStriderthe second was Series60 and did poorly on 3D department03:22
NeoStriderme too03:22
NeoStriderhow old are you?03:22
NeoStriderim only 22!03:22
_Monkeyi guess so is joost worth getting?03:22
NeoStrideryou have much more experience (is that the right term?)03:23
*** cktakahasi has quit IRC03:23
*** bilboed has quit IRC03:24
pupnikyes right term, no not so much experience03:24
NeoStridermy S60 engine:
pupnikbut the nokia 770 made it fun again03:24
NeoStrideryeah...a lot03:24
NeoStriderI was getting tired of it with S6003:24
NeoStriderI was quite unhappy with SDL indeed03:24
NeoStriderthis was the first BZK:
NeoStriderand this was my first game engine ever:
NeoStriderthe nokia 770 is the best plataform for homebrew this day03:26
NeoStriderwell, the N800 too ;-)03:26
pupnikor gp2x03:26
pupnikbut i don't want to spend 200 euro on a games-only device03:26
NeoStridergp2x is too weak03:26
NeoStridernot on the horse power03:27
NeoStriderbut on the software side03:27
NeoStrider(I posted here only thumbnails:
pupnikwell it is useless for most things03:27
NeoStrideryeah...and ok, 770 keypad sucks, but hey...touchscreen worth a lot03:28
NeoStriderI wouldnt trade my 770 for a PSP03:28
pupnikNokia 770 has shown the world that a little device could do everything03:28
pupnikI will have to package UQM soon so you can see it with touchscreen buttons03:28
pupnikit's very nice now03:28
NeoStriderif you good enough to optimize stuff, you can do anything03:29
NeoStriderDoom for 770 shows this well03:29
pupnikhey what's that screenshot8?03:29
NeoStriderwhile the 770 cant handle quake, it can handle lots of other funny stuff too03:29
NeoStriderscreenshot8 was the first BZK03:29
NeoStriderfrom about 5 years ago03:29
pupnikah ok03:29
*** greentux_ has joined #maemo03:30
*** egsavage has joined #maemo03:32
NeoStriderwhat do you do for living?03:33
*** egsavage has left #maemo03:33
pupnikmy last jobs were programming, databases, administration03:34
NeoStriderand now03:34
pupniknot working :)03:34
NeoStriderbetter heheh03:35
NeoStrideri dont know if this is possible03:35
NeoStriderbut I want to avoid corporate computing as much as possible03:35
NeoStriderI work for a public newspaper, doing a system for processing RTF files and inserting them on a database, for publishing03:36
NeoStriderand this is my limit03:36
pupnikcool, i had to do some postscript processing for faxing03:37
NeoStriderthats much cooler than database programming, right?03:38
NeoStriderformal language processing03:38
NeoStriderbakus naum forms03:38
pupnikwow.  i just used regexps03:38
NeoStrideri built a huge C# system, loading XSL stylesheets03:39
NeoStriderthe C# takes a RTF and convert it to a crude XML and the XSL does the hard job03:40
NeoStriderthats why I want to have mono running nice on my sbox03:41
NeoStriderso I can do some hildon love without C++03:41
NeoStriderand create a nice angstron onboard level editor03:41
jonnylambHmm, what's a/the HTML rendering widget for use on the N800? (and in python?)03:44
*** greentux has quit IRC03:48
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo03:52
*** keesj has quit IRC03:52
*** Andy80_ has joined #maemo03:53
pupnikhouws it goin03:54
*** Andy80_ has quit IRC03:57
*** keesj has joined #maemo03:57
pupnikhi keesj03:58
NeoStriderhey keesj03:58
pupnikomg, there's a /var/lib/dpkg/status-old  ... saved my ass!04:00
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo04:05
*** Andy80 has quit IRC04:08
*** nishantman has joined #maemo04:14
*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo04:28
*** erstazi has joined #maemo04:36
erstaziHello, is there any flash player yet for IT2006/2007 (ARM arch)?04:36
pupnikopera and mplayer04:37
erstazipupnik, mplayer works with opera to load flash in opera?04:37
erstaziI keep hearing that Macromedia Flash player has been ported to ARM arch but searching everywhere is no avail04:40
pupnikyou want a standalone flash player?04:40
erstazipupnik, standalone will work if embedded doesn't04:40
pupnik  << seen this? (open source flash player)04:41
erstaziyes I have actually, and they support ARM as well? this comes all a shock to me because the iPhone is ARM arch04:42
pupniki don't know - might be fun to try04:42
*** zyxulnag2 has quit IRC04:42
erstazipupnik, thank you04:43
erstaziwill try04:43
NeoStrideriphone doesnt support iphone, right?04:49
erstaziNeoStrider, heh, thats funny04:51
erstaziI will be reading the wiki hard core tonight, just got this thing in the mail this morning (:04:51
*** zyxulnag1 has joined #maemo04:51
NeoStriderwhat the iphone is good for?04:52
NeoStriderOpenMoko is my phone of choice =-)04:52
pupnikgreat hardware imo04:54
pupnik640x480 phone04:54
erstaziits a decent phone04:54
erstaziI will not go and buy one right away though04:54
erstaziI think the data plans/rates for the USA are way too expensive04:55
*** erstazi has quit IRC04:56
*** celesteh has joined #maemo04:56
*** adoyle has quit IRC05:00
*** kamihacker has quit IRC05:11
*** zyxulnaga has quit IRC05:13
*** dolske has quit IRC05:13
pupniki love fixing bugs going on instinct alone :)05:16
*** dolske has joined #maemo05:18
*** nishantman has left #maemo05:23
*** kamihacker has joined #maemo05:27
*** Sulis has joined #maemo05:34
*** _Monkey has quit IRC05:35
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo05:36
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo05:37
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo05:38
NeoStriderone of my wishes when getting into toronto is to get one05:38
*** _Monkey has quit IRC05:47
*** erstazi has joined #maemo06:00
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo06:01
_Monkeyi guess angstron is
NeoStriderthank you _Monkey06:03
milhousebtw, _monkey now accepts private chats for personal tuition etc.06:03
NeoStridergood to know =-D06:03
erstaziwhich is suggested the most? openssh or dropbear?06:11
milhouseopenssh by me! :)06:11
erstazi(I might write a tutorial for this)06:12
milhousei'd like to see dropbear got rid of... there's really little need for two applications performing the same task06:12
milhousei find openssh the easier to install and use06:12
erstazimilhouse, exactly, I will go with openssh because of its stable and I have never used dropbear06:13
milhousealso it includes more functionality than dropbear06:13
erstazimilhouse, thank you for your input06:13
milhousei used dropbear a long time ago, and found it more troublesome to install than openssh06:13
milhousenp06:13 filling _Monkey with funny stuff =-P06:13
milhousenothing rude! :)06:13
NeoStridernot at all06:14
erstaziis _Monkey a bot?06:14
milhousehe is06:14
erstaziI never saw a monkey as a bot (:06:14
NeoStrider_Monkey, who is NeoStrider?06:14
_MonkeyNeoStrider is daft as a brush06:14
milhouse_monkey be zippy06:15
milhouse_monkey be zippy06:15
_MonkeyEither CONFESS now or we go to "PEOPLE'S COURT"!!06:15
milhouseI think _monkey is daft as a brush...06:15
NeoStrider_Monkey==NeoStrider ?06:15
milhouse_monkey be zippy06:15
_MonkeyFirst, I'm going to give you all the ANSWERS to today's test ...  So just plug in your SONY WALKMANS and relax!!06:15
NeoStrider_Monkey, you use Windows?06:16
_Monkeyi don't know, neostrider06:16
milhousesome random quote thing... a bit hit & miss (mostly miss)06:16
NeoStriderwhat can he learn?06:17
erstaziwell I am happy that IT2006/IT2007 is based on debian06:18
erstaziso far ARM arch debs have been flawless installs06:18
erstaziit seems to be a very good and strong community (:06:18
milhouseneostrider: anything... you teach him factoids06:18
NeoStrider<NeoStrider> _Monkey, OpenMoko is better than pizza and bananas06:19
NeoStrider<_Monkey> ...but openmoko is NeoStrider's phone of choice =-)..06:19
pupnikwhat interesting things have you installed from debian-arm?06:19
NeoStrideri cant help laughing06:19
NeoStriderI acidentally said this before on the channel06:19
milhouseneostrider - start a private chat with _monkey and type "help"06:19
*** spect has quit IRC06:23
* pupnik is playing a new, awesome RPG on 770 :P06:24
erstazipupnik, which one?06:24
*** fro1 has quit IRC06:24
pupnikit's a sekrit!06:24
erstazipupnik, I have only done the basics, ncurses, xterm, xchat, becomeroot, openssh, etc etc06:25
pupnikyou can install a debian-arm xchat and it works?06:25
erstazipupnik, yep06:26
erstazilike a charm06:26
erstaziI got it off maemo.org06:26
pupnikway cool06:27
pupnikoh that's not debian-arm then, but a maemo build06:27
erstazipupnik, its nice, I like irssi but xchat is easier on my eyes on this small screen06:27
erstazipupnik, well is based on debian06:27
*** celesteh has quit IRC06:27
*** MobileSim has joined #maemo06:28
pupnikyou've had enough coffee when you skin starts to crawl06:31
erstaziwhat are yinz favorite ARM word processor?06:32
erstazipupnik, been there done that, then regretted it heh06:32
pupnikthere's ongoing work on Abiword, can't think of anything else06:33
NeoStriderMaemopad == abiword?06:34
pupnikno maemopad is like notepad06:35
erstazipupnik, I was hoping abiword, its light weight06:35
NeoStriderwhat is the maemo name for abiword?06:35
NeoStrideri know the port has a diferent name06:35
erstaziis it wise to change the user password? I already changed the root password06:35
NeoStrider"different" or diferent"?06:35
infobotNeoStrider meant: "different" or "diferent"?06:36
NeoStridermy native language is portuguese =-)06:36
erstazienglish is a horrible language (:06:36
NeoStridernot actually06:36
NeoStrideris quite simple06:36
NeoStriderand it has its beauty06:36
NeoStriderits good for lame poets like me06:36
erstazibeauty haha, I think portuguese and spanish are beautiful (I took 4 years spanish)06:37
erstazihave yinz changed your user passwd?06:37
pupniki changed user password without problems06:37
NeoStriderI took 4 years of spanish in school too06:39
NeoStriderI was quite good, but now I forgot everything06:39
erstaziNeoStrider, its hard to keep up on what you learned, I barely remember the verbs06:40
NeoStriderPortuguese from portugal is the most beutiful language I know06:40
NeoStriderbrazillian portuguese is best06:41
erstaziNeoStrider, it is beautiful, the accent, the women,... oh shut up erstazi you are married!06:41
NeoStridersure...I live near the sea...far from any other country06:41
NeoStriderthe gals are nice...sure...but not what every thinks06:42
erstaziNeoStrider, of course, that goes with everywhere06:42
NeoStrider(at least to me...maybe gals from other places are worst heheh)06:42
erstaziNeoStrider, sometimes, the women here in my state (Pennsylvania) are hideous sometimes, but people from other areas come and drool over them... I feel like slapping them06:43
NeoStriderit depends of your taste for women06:44
NeoStrideri have a very european taste06:44
NeoStridernot "blondes" and stuff06:44
NeoStriderbut the mignon, skinny , whity nerdy women =-P06:44
NeoStriderspecially the ones with spannish blood06:45
NeoStriderand portuguese too06:45
NeoStrider(my blood is mostly portuguese anyway)06:45
erstaziNeoStrider, would you say that the internet tablets have good portuguese translations?06:45
NeoStriderfor Brazillian people, I would say so06:46
NeoStriderbut for portugal, I wonder how good it could be06:46
NeoStriderfunny is that the tablets are not available here06:47
NeoStriderwhat bothering to translate it?06:47
NeoStriderI use mine in english, for concistency06:47
NeoStriderbut I have used it in portuguese in the past06:47
NeoStriderI used to be part of a game development community here06:48
NeoStriderwe had this great .br website06:48
NeoStriderand some portugal people indeed were among us06:48
NeoStriderthey where great contributors06:49
NeoStriderI had a good friend in there06:49
NeoStriderhe was good with SDL06:49
NeoStriderbut we had several language clashes06:49
erstaziNeoStrider, how different is Brasilian Portuguese and Portuguese?06:50
NeoStridermore than british to american indeed06:50
erstaziare the differences like American English and British English06:50
NeoStriderI would say its like australian or irish english to american...06:51
NeoStriderbut african portuguese to brazillian is more like british to american06:51
erstaziI see,... etymology has always interested me, maybe I need to start studying the romance roots more (:06:52
NeoStriderme too06:52
NeoStriderI love going to wikipedia and read about the origin of the nations and languages06:52
NeoStriderthere is a kind of portuguese that is so close to spanish that I had major dificulties to read "don quixote" written on this06:52
NeoStriderits where portuguese emerged06:52
erstazisame here, I use to read encyclopedias all the time06:53
erstaziNeoStrider, have you studied the history of Portugal pre-roman?06:53
erstazieven post-roman is very interesting as well06:53
NeoStridermostly trying to understand the origin of the basque country06:54
NeoStriderthe goth presence on spain06:54
NeoStriderthe connection of the latin culture06:54
NeoStriderand its diferences from the anglo-saxan culture06:54
NeoStrider(btw, you guys know about the pan-american games?)06:55
erstaziNeoStrider, yes06:55
NeoStriderbut there is media converage?06:55
erstaziNeoStrider, ESPN sometimes, it depends06:55
NeoStriderthere was a volley game some hours ago06:55
NeoStriderUSA x Brazil06:55
NeoStriderwe won the gold06:56
erstaziNeoStrider, anglo-saxon culture is limited, most of that culture was faded away by Vikings and Normans (male lineage of the Normans are vikings)06:56
erstaziNeoStrider, congratulations (:06:56
erstazissh is great (:06:57
erstaziI can install faster06:57
NeoStriderhow diferent is the canada culture to the american culture?06:57
NeoStriderssh'ing to the maemo box?06:57
erstaziCanada is more rural06:57
erstaziNeoStrider, yes06:57
NeoStridercanada is much more connected to the old empire...they still have the queen...right?06:58
erstazimost Canadians are very nice... I live close to the border, so I meet a lot of Canadians06:58
NeoStriderbut language is diferent?06:58
erstaziNeoStrider, they are still under the monarchy of the UK06:58
erstaziNeoStrider, only small amounts of words are different06:58
NeoStridercolor or colour? =-P06:59
erstazibut their accent is close to the North (of the USA)06:59
erstaziNeoStrider, that is sometimes... they pronounce some things different like "about" is pronounced "ah-boot" sometimes06:59
NeoStriderhahahha funny06:59
NeoStriderI noticed there is no canadians around #maemo...ever07:00
erstaziNeoStrider, the differences are very small to even be noticed by a non-native speaker07:00
NeoStridermaybe they are more into winmo =-P07:00
erstaziactually, I know many Canadians that are GNU/Linux enthusiasts07:00
NeoStriderand how good is the aceptance to embedded linux in america?07:01
pupnikcanada is mind-numbingly boring :)07:01
erstaziNeoStrider, its starting to change07:01
erstazipupnik, are you from Canada?07:01
pupnikno i drove from montreal to ottowa once though07:02
erstazipupnik, sorry to hear that (: heh07:02
NeoStriderat least they have nice girls who sing =-P07:02
pupnikoh i like canada.  and both cities are beautiful imo07:02
NeoStridershania twain07:02
erstazisometimes, I dislike country music and most female canadian artists are country music singers07:02
erstazipupnik, a lot of small towns, *a lot*07:02
NeoStriderim not saying about their music...only the women07:02
NeoStriderim listening to gary numan,for god's sake =-P07:03
erstaziNeoStrider, of course, she is very beautiful07:03
NeoStriderceline dion =-o~07:03
pupnikbtw for the 100 useless lurkers here, would one of you please figure out a way to pop-up and hide matchbox-keyboard or xkbd?  *thanks*!07:03
NeoStriderpupnik, direct to the point!07:03
erstazipupnik, heh, you must be american07:04
pupnikNeoStrider: it's not too bad, since it can be done from the application07:04
erstaziwhat state are you located?07:04
erstaziceline dion can sing (and she is not country)07:04
erstazivery excellent singer07:05
NeoStriderpupnik, here enters DBUS! =-)07:05
NeoStriderceline dion can kill...07:05
NeoStrideror boredom =-P07:05
*** Tu13es has quit IRC07:05
pupnikif someone who understands dbus can do it, i will be happy.  if i have to do it myself i will do it without dbus or hildon07:06
erstaziis it user/non-free or *something else*/non-free07:06
NeoStrideryou dont have to deal with *dbus*07:06
NeoStrideryou can always use libshadow07:06
pupnikwhat is this libshadow?07:06
NeoStriderits a glueware to make SDL apps talk to dbus easier07:07
NeoStridermaemo-games-startup use it07:07
NeoStriderpupnik...c' hard is to make a vkbd in SDL?07:10
NeoStrideronce you have a click-area-handler, you just have to check when ever the vkbd was evoked, and when evoked, if any tap is still on its area...if its the case, iterate through the keys07:11
NeoStriderit doesnt need to handle caps or other dont usually have them07:11
erstaziI dislike how xterm doesn't let you backspace07:12
pupniktrue NeoStrider07:12
NeoStriderhow come?07:12
NeoStrideri just backspaced on my trusty 77007:12
NeoStriderbusybox v1.0107:13
*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo07:13
erstaziNeoStrider, busybox?07:13
erstaziI have an 770 with osso-x-terminal07:14
NeoStriderblack or white background?07:14
NeoStriderits the old07:14
NeoStriderit had some issues07:14
NeoStriderthe black one, newer, its waaaay beter07:14
pupnikyou have the one with the unreadable courier font?07:14
erstaziso I should get the advanced one with colors07:14
erstazipupnik, yes, I will remove it and add the newer one07:15
NeoStriderI dont know if mine support colors07:15
NeoStriderbut its a complete terminal07:15
erstaziBusyBox v1.01 (Debian 3:1.01-4.osso12) Built-in shell (ash)07:15
NeoStriderbusybox is a common component of maemo07:16
NeoStriderosso-x-terminal just interfaces it07:16
NeoStriderjust like gnome-terminal or xterminal would do it07:16
pupnikNeoStrider: there are two programs, links2 and cow, that don't use sdl, for which i also want keyboard07:16
NeoStridercheckout has some handy tools builtin07:16
pupnikbut otherwise an internal sdl-vkbd would be ok07:17
NeoStriderlinks2, you mean that fb version?07:17
pupnikthe browser, it's xlib based i think07:17
NeoStriderthey ported it!07:18
NeoStriderlinks rocks!07:18
erstazinice pupnik07:19
erstaziI will use that instead of links07:19
erstaziI was hoping for a lynx version so I could just scroll through with the selector on the left07:20
erstazibut I haven't looked yet07:20 wont be using elinks for dandy stuff07:20
NeoStriderfor everything else, a case-insensitive vkbd would do the tirck07:20
infobotNeoStrider meant: for everything else, a case-insensitive vkbd would do the trick07:20
*** vudentz has joined #maemo07:23
NeoStrider3D programming ,sometimes, sucks...07:23
NeoStridermy portals are jamming07:24
erstaziyou guys mean osso-xterm 0.13.mh19?07:25
NeoStriderangstron currently has 4 levels...I cant design anything better than those otherwise it would look buggy with the current render07:25
NeoStrideridont really know07:25
NeoStriderI have this for such a long time...07:25
NeoStriderlet me check07:25
erstaziNeoStrider, thank you for checking (:07:26
NeoStrider24 in brazil means "fag"07:27
*** zyxulnag1 has quit IRC07:27
NeoStrideranything 24 related is followed with mockery07:27
*** rkaway has quit IRC07:28
erstaziosso-xterm 0.13.mh19 is very nice07:28
erstazimuch better07:28
NeoStridermost stuff on my Application manager has version like 0.X07:28
NeoStriderwhats wrong with these OS/FS ppl?07:28
erstaziNeoStrider, alpha/betas heh07:29
NeoStriderwhy having versions then?07:30
*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:30
NeoStriderlinus has some random jumps now and then07:30
NeoStridernames like "bora" and "mistral" makes much more sense07:30
NeoStrideror OS200507:30
NeoStriderwhy not? GaimJune2003?07:31
erstazigaim is gone07:32
erstaziI think pidgin is I don't know, blah07:32
NeoStridernot only stablishes a commitment of releasing stable monthly releases07:32
_Monkeypidgin is, like, I don't know, blah07:32
NeoStridermuch coller icon, indeed07:32
NeoStrider_Monkey, pidgin is actually good07:32
_Monkey...but pidgin is I don't know, blah...07:32
wumpusooh need to see that07:32
wumpusI never liked the gaim icon07:33
NeoStrideryeah, me too07:33
NeoStridertoo...I don't know, blah...07:33
NeoStriderthe new icon is a purple pidgeon07:34
NeoStridervery nice indeed07:34
wumpuscool :D07:35
wumpusI see it now07:35
wumpusnicely done indeed07:35
NeoStriderOS/FS need better icons like that07:35
erstaziNeoStrider, agreed07:35
pupnikwho was asking about an RPG?
NeoStriderbetrayal at <insert a funny name here>!!!07:36
pupnikshould be doable also07:36
NeoStriderI would love to port Marathon 207:37
NeoStriderbut it would have lots of usability issues07:37
erstazipupnik, I was thank you for adding that screen shot to your site07:37
pupnikwas that an apple game like doom?07:37
pupnikerstazi: you should check out if you like oldschool RPGs07:38
wumpuswell yeah the quality of the graphics in OS has increased a lot last few years, seems distributions like ubuntu are going really for looks07:38
erstazipupnik, I might RS-MMC is very inexpensive07:38
wumpusI have all the eye candy on, including wobbly windows07:39
erstaziI agree, from the early days of slackware to ubuntu, graphics have taken a turn07:39
NeoStrideryes pupnik07:39
erstaziwumpus, KDE?07:39
NeoStriderbut is much mure like...hum...hexen07:39
wumpusubuntu (gnome)07:39
NeoStriderbut with futuristic theme07:39
erstaziwumpus, I use both ubuntu and kubuntu.07:40
erstaziI like XFCE for older computers but I don't use them, kids do, so xubuntu as well07:40
NeoStriderKDE is so...I don't know, blah ...07:40
wumpuswith the how is it called, xrender based window manager07:40
erstaziNeoStrider, it is, its very graphical and I dislike that07:40
NeoStrideri use gnome07:40
NeoStriderit rocks07:40
erstaziI use GNOME primarily07:40
NeoStriderbut I also like blackbox and window maker07:41
erstazithe kubuntu is on my wife's computer07:41
NeoStriderwindow maker = Brazillian \o/07:41
erstaziNeoStrider, where in Brasil are you?07:41
NeoStriderunfortunatly, my machine is the only penguin-in-a-box here...07:41
NeoStriderNiterói,Rio de Janeiro07:42
wumpusI used window maker on my 486 in 1998 or so07:42
wumpusdidn't know it even existed still :)07:42
NeoStrider(ofcourse there is my motorola cable modem and my dlink router ...and the 770)07:42
wumpuswas my first experience with linux, under slackware07:42
erstazisame here07:43
erstazimy brother installed it07:43
NeoStridermine was a slack boot disk...cli07:43
NeoStrideron a hd-less old 486 notebook07:43
erstazithen mandrake07:43
NeoStriderback in 200007:43
wumpusI hated kde back then07:43
NeoStrideri used to love kde07:43
wumpusbut then again it sucked then07:43
NeoStriderback when I used "kurumin" (a knoppix based )07:43
wumpusnow it's really good, and gnome too07:43
erstaziI use CentOS on my server07:43
erstaziI sometimes put Damn Small Linux on older computers, it just works wonders.. so does Puppy07:44
NeoStrideri used DSL a lot recently07:44
NeoStriderI even remastered it07:44
erstazioh yeah?07:44
_Monkeyyeah is there a map that kinda puts all that into a table so people new to the maemo scene have an easier time of it? :)07:44
NeoStrideri even wrote a small tutorial on remastering (pt_Br)07:45
erstaziNeoStrider, what were the main points of remastering it?07:45
NeoStriderincluding some handy tools on the liveCD07:45
NeoStriderso if you're a sysadmin with very specific needs, you can always pop a Cd and you're ready to go07:46
NeoStrideron my case , was for a information kiosk07:46
erstaziexactly, I use the live cd all the time07:46
NeoStriderthey had this SDL app and wanted only it to run07:46
erstazimainly to test hardware configs07:46
NeoStriderand nothing else07:46
NeoStriderso I cleaned the house07:46
erstazipupnik, are you Arnim right?07:48
erstazithanks for the links207:48
NeoStriderreal names here?! my eyes!!! my eyes are burning!07:49
* NeoStrider is now blind. bonus +2 on ears, +1 on spell casting07:49
pupnikare you using multiboot NeoStrider ?07:52
NeoStriderdell gave a nice nice windows xp sp207:52
erstaziI am sorry, pupnik, did that offend you by using your name?07:52
NeoStriderim so thankful!07:52
pupnikjust tired07:53
NeoStrider2 AM here07:53
NeoStriderand for you guys?07:53
NeoStridergod save cout and the queen07:53
NeoStridercout saved the day07:54
NeoStriderrendering improved07:54
NeoStrider7 AM?07:54
pupnikSun Jul 29 06:50:45 CEST 200707:54
NeoStridergo to bed, naughty boy!07:54
NeoStrider(gosh...its cold here! 15° C!)07:55
erstaziits 0100 here07:55
NeoStrider100 F?07:55
erstazi1:00 am07:55
erstaziit was 33c here07:55
NeoStriderand Brazil is hot =-P07:56
*** vudentz has quit IRC07:57
NeoStriderif you could choose a game...any game, to have on the 770/n800, what would it be?07:58
pupnikyou know what's a bad typo?  when you want to type rm -R usr and type rm -R /usr07:58
pupnikthat's a bad typo07:58
pupniki managed to recover this pc without a /usr/bin or most of /usr/lib without rebooting/reinstalling though :P07:59
pupnikcouldn't start any new processes :)07:59
NeoStriderbut a terminal child process could be spawned?08:00
pupnikhave a 2nd pc with same OS.  set up a webserver - downloaded libs and bins needed for scp, then scp'd /usr/bin and lib over08:01
pupnikstill finding some version mismatches but it's basically ok again08:01
NeoStrider'cp' is child process from the shell08:02
NeoStriderthere is a fork() call08:02
NeoStriderand a exec08:02
NeoStriderbut this is built in the kernel anyway08:03
NeoStriderif you couldnt do that, you would have a great ambient heater08:03
NeoStriderbtw...after playing smw for 770 was of great confort to heat up my belly =-)08:05
erstaziAC baby!08:05
pupnikdid unique311 get gltron running with mesaGL?08:05
NeoStriderguess no08:05
pupnikthat would be fun to see08:06
pupnikglxgears... :p08:07
NeoStridernot for me...I would end up in tears =-p08:07
NeoStriderbloody tears08:07
pupnikwhat do you think a straight compile of glxgears on mesa would run at on the 770?  at default resolution?08:08
NeoStridermy 3D rendering system is my Bsc Thesis08:08
NeoStrideradd a single gear more and you will have something very confortable to heat your belly =-P08:09
pupnikmy guess would be.... 3 fps08:09
NeoStriderI would guess 508:09
NeoStrideri dont know if it really uses z-buffering08:10
*** SeRi has joined #maemo08:11
NeoStriderthose old school open gl developers didnt relied so much on z-buffering08:11
SeRidamn bastartds stole my N770!08:12
erstazihi SeRi08:12
erstazino way!08:12
erstazidid you slit their throats?08:12
pupnikbah mesa needs quilt08:12
SeRiI want it so bad but couldnt they where 2 slick08:13
NeoStriderhow it happened, SeRi?08:13
pupniksorry to hear it SeRi08:13
SeRithey took it off my new borns diper bag...08:13
NeoStriderwhere do you live, SeRi?08:13
* NeoStrider had a N-Gage stolen too08:13
SeRiHouston, Texas08:13
NeoStriderTX...I wouldnt think of this happening in north america08:13
SeRiI think it was when we went to the park today08:13
SeRiHad too.... Thats the only time I wasent or any of us paying attention to the bags08:14
SeRiwe where all having fun untill I got home08:14
SeRidie die die! I hope the battery gos bizerk and explodes in there hand08:15
NeoStriderrelax...they will try selling it to a pimp as a cellphone08:15
pupnikthey'll probably just fence it08:15
NeoStriderthe pimp will then kill the f*ckers becouse the cellphone "is not working"08:15
SeRiThanks for the laugh08:16
pupniksomeone stole a p2 233 mhz laptop of mine08:16
pupniklike they could do anything with something like that08:16
pupniksame for a 77008:16
pupnikwell sorta08:16
SeRiMy 770 was for fun you know go arround istening to music and watch vids... N800 is for work08:16
NeoStriderthey will push to the pimp as "de so call'd ePhony"08:16
NeoStriderthen the pimp will see the big nokia and cut "use the fingers" on the bandits08:17
SeRihehehe I hope it all comes true08:17
pupniksomeone estimated that around 100 billion dollars a year of goods are stolen in the US to pay for illegal drugs08:18
SeRiN800 in magazine article08:18
SeRiI wouldnt doubt it08:18
NeoStriderfrom outside, US seem to emerged in drugs08:18
erstazipupnik, what do you suggest about synergy-maemo?08:19
NeoStriderits so "aceptable" by its culture08:19
NeoStriderits true?08:19
erstaziNeoStrider, to a point, urban areas are hit with cocaine and weed while rural areas are hit by meth08:19
SeRiI am not from the US I harly go out because of shit like this08:19
erstaziSeRi, where are you from?08:19
NeoStriderfinally someone with beachs better than mine08:20
SeRiyeap I am here because work :)08:20
erstaziSeRi, sorry that happened08:20
SeRiahhh is c00l thanks... :)08:20
NeoStriderlook SeRi08:21
SeRiNeoStrider where you from?08:21
NeoStridernow you have a reason to replace the 770 with a N800 for fun =-)08:21
NeoStriderRio de Janeiro08:21
erstazionly the fact is N800's are $08:21
SeRiahhh nice!!! Now thats the spot!08:21
NeoStrideryeah...but I live in make-belive-land08:22
SeRiYes thats true but I am working on the wife on that :P08:22
SeRioooo :/08:22
NeoStriderindeed , there are no maemo core developers08:22
NeoStridercode just spawned out of pure creater's will and the tablets descended from the skies with a beam of light08:23
SeRiwOw 8)08:23
erstaziI am getting tired08:24
erstaziugh, no more svn tonight08:24
NeoStrider( too...medicine taking effect)08:24
NeoStridersvn is a farway dream for me...08:24
erstazitoo many commits in one hour08:25
NeoStrideri've been expeled from that country08:25
erstazinow its time for some good internet radio08:25
SeRidirtboxradio if you like jungle08:25
erstaziI need some classic rock08:26
SeRiI almost hosed my n800 this week with the hostname bull shit08:26
NeoStridervirgin classic rock it your choice08:26
erstazion a 770, does anyone remember what the default lock code is?08:27
SeRi0000 ? ?08:27
SeRior 123408:27
erstazitried that08:28
NeoStriderthat was something I was trying to remember too08:28
NeoStriderwhen in doubt reflash it08:28
erstazithat also08:28
SeRibingo milhouse08:28
NeoStrider* milhouse is now level 2*08:29
milhouse[29/07/2007 06:28:55] <_Monkey> please don't karma yourself <--- private chat from _Monkey, slapping my wrist :)08:29
erstazimilhouse, you are a god08:29
milhouseoh no - not a geek god! :)08:29
milhousekarma milhouse08:29
_Monkeymilhouse has karma of 208:29
NeoStrider* milhouse is now level 2*08:30
milhousekarma milhouse08:30
SeRi:/ do we have a boot here?08:30
_Monkeymilhouse has karma of 408:30
erstaziok, now I can protect this beast from children!08:30
pupnikopen-source baldur's gate engine (WIP)08:30
milhouse2 then 4... hmmm _monkey can you add?08:30
milhouseah missed erstazi - cheers :)08:30
NeoStridererstazi did it and i did it two08:30
SeRimonkey is a boot?08:30
erstaziyes, SeRi08:31
NeoStrideri did it becouse of the _Monkey existence =-)08:31
pupnikBaldur's Gate on the tablet.  yum...08:31
NeoStridermilhouse summoned _Monkey on a great demonstration of wizardry 5ki11z08:31
SeRi_Monkey you stole my N770!08:31
_MonkeySeRi: i'm not following you...08:31
SeRiYes you are!08:31
SeRi_Monkey Give it back!08:32
_MonkeySeRi: excuse me?08:32
SeRiWTF! _Monkey!08:32
NeoStrider_Monkey: dont pretend you dont know what we are talking about!08:32
_Monkeywish i knew, neostrider08:32
SeRi_Monkey spit it out where is it!08:32
_Monkeybugger all, i dunno, seri08:32
SeRi_Monkey did you sell it to the pimp?08:32
_Monkeywish i knew, seri08:32
SeRiThis is fun08:33
SeRi_Monkey You where probably high than!08:33
_Monkeyi haven't a clue, seri08:33
SeRiWTF _Monkey is that crack?08:33
NeoStriderhe's cleary stoned!08:33
infobotNeoStrider meant: he's clearly stoned!08:33
SeRiinfobot is another bot?08:34
erstazimonkey (so it doesn't save it) must be a supybot08:34
SeRi_Monkey is a bastrad08:34
SeRihe did stoled it and sold it to the pimps08:34
NeoStridernow the pimps will fill _Monkey with bananas...08:35
SeRi_Monkey You there?08:35
_Monkeywish i knew, seri08:35
NeoStriderdynamite bananas08:35
SeRiLOL @ NeoStrider08:35
SeRi_Monkey how in the world u dont know where you are at?08:36
_Monkeyseri: bugger all, i dunno08:36
SeRidamn d00d thats some good shit you smoked08:36
SeRiok enough of that08:36
NeoStriderangstron radar fully funcional!!!08:37
SeRiback to configure Media Tomb08:37
SeRiI had it installed in my 770 :(08:37
NeoStridergosh I love to be myself08:37
_Monkeyangstron is
* NeoStrider is a karma whore08:37
NeoStriderif the 770 had angstron, sure the bastards will have a painful death08:38
NeoStriderthe 770 must be already burnt08:39
SeRiYes it did and you know was worst I only was able to play it once08:39
SeRiI installed it yesterday08:39
SeRiNow tell me how that bastard will die!?08:39
NeoStriderof boredom08:39
NeoStriderthe game is so slow they will fall asleep and forge to breathe and sufocate08:39
NeoStridertell me your impressions, SeRi08:40
NeoStrideryou can tell totally the truth ("bummer!")08:40
SeRiwell is not that bad...08:41
NeoStrideryou can do better than that08:41
SeRiIt did kind of hogh my 770 but not that bad...08:41
NeoStrider"plain sucks"08:41
SeRino no....08:41
NeoStriderI can tell you08:42
SeRiIt was c00l I like action games....08:42
SeRiRacing etc..08:42
*** Kerwood|afk has quit IRC08:42
NeoStriderI was playing a lot more smw than angstron in the last hours =-P08:42
SeRiI dont like that much of still games08:42
NeoStrideryeah...I was missing some action on the 770 too08:42
NeoStriderDoom is cool08:42
NeoStriderbut I cant play that08:42
NeoStridersmooth , sure...but as smooth as seizures08:42
SeRiMan I had a blast with doom08:43
SeRiooo ic sorry08:43
NeoStriderbut I can understand how the controls went so bad08:43
SeRiI just open a project my self... But havent ben able to do shit08:43
NeoStrideryesterday , playing smw, I pressed the wrong keys several times08:43
NeoStriderwhat it is, SeRi?08:43
SeRidamn maemo keeps going down08:44
NeoStriderit is now what is meant for, right?08:44
NeoStriderI guess I saw it08:44
NeoStrideri saw it yesterday08:45
SeRi.... nothing big Is what I will use to release all I have done since the bigining of my 77008:45
NeoStriderbut didnt quite get it08:45
NeoStriderfor how long you had it?08:45
_Monkey770 is so cheap right now.  is there any reason to go for the 800 instead if all i'm doing is running the web browser only?08:46
SeRiI had the 770 since early 200608:46
SeRiprobably the first production set08:46
NeoStridermine too08:46
NeoStriderbut it came with it200508:47
SeRiI was following it since post production :) just like I am with open moko08:47
NeoStrideryeah, me too08:47
NeoStriderI cant wait to put my hands on OpenMoko08:47
SeRiMan I am so excited about that!08:47
NeoStrider_Monkey: OpenMoko?08:47
_MonkeyOpenMoko is, like, NeoStrider's phone of choice =-)08:47
NeoStridereven he knows abou tit08:47
SeRiIs going to be awesome! My whole house runs linux right now...08:48
*** dirty_harry has joined #maemo08:48
SeRiwell media and pc wise08:48
* NeoStrider is jelous08:48
NeoStridermy family *HATES* linux08:49
SeRiI was keeping a win box becuase of upnp but I just found mediatomb08:49
SeRiWorks very well with N80008:49
SeRiNot that simple to set up but works08:52
SeRiI was having issues with uShare08:52
NeoStriderwell my friends08:52
NeoStriderI had great time08:52
erstaziwhat are your guys favorite internet radio?08:52
SeRiNeoStrider why does your family hate nix?08:52
NeoStriderbut I must go to bed now08:52
SeRiok Neo have a G/N08:53
NeoStriderbecouse "resistance is useless"08:53
erstazinight NeoStrider thanks for the talk08:53
NeoStriderur welcome08:53
SeRiyea same here thanks08:53
NeoStridergn all08:53
*** NeoStrider has quit IRC08:53
pupnikwell i'm off08:53
*** pupnik is now known as pupnikzzz08:54
SeRi<erstazi> dirtboxradio and shoutcast08:54
erstaziSeRi, thank you08:54
*** __shawn has quit IRC08:58
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC09:00
SeRiok g/n guys09:01
*** SeRi is now known as SeRi_zZz09:01
*** vmarks has quit IRC09:10
*** dneary has joined #maemo09:31
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC09:32
*** dirty_harry is now known as ryanfaerman09:40
*** ryanfaerman is now known as dirty_harry09:41
*** dirty_harry is now known as ryanfaerman09:41
*** phil|out is now known as phil|sleep10:06
*** dneary has quit IRC10:08
*** koen has joined #maemo10:08
*** mfresh has joined #maemo10:27
*** mfresh has quit IRC10:28
*** MobileSim has quit IRC10:46
*** melmoth has joined #maemo11:11
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC11:22
*** cy- has quit IRC11:23
*** lele has joined #maemo11:24
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo11:25
JaffaMorning, al11:26
*** cy- has joined #maemo11:27
*** koen has quit IRC11:34
disqwe did a lot of work on kagu last night. if you're interested you might want to try the latest11:44
*** koen has joined #maemo11:58
*** goloo has joined #maemo12:12
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo12:23
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*** greentux__ has joined #maemo14:28
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_Monkeyniihau, Andy8014:29
Andy80hi _Monkey14:29
*** pokute has quit IRC14:30
*** zumbi has joined #maemo14:41
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*** booiiing has joined #maemo15:12
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*** jnettlet has joined #maemo15:42
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pupnikzzzi love waking up slowly and while coming out of a dream state being able to grasp a problem i was working on the night before16:00
erstazipupnikzzz, you just woke up? I just did as well too haha16:00
erstazipupnikzzz, what was the problem from the night before?16:01
pupnikzzzsomething Neostrider said about iterating through the keys of a virtual keyboard to test if they were being hit bothered me16:02
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo16:02
pupnikzzzit's an o(n) algorithm where n is the number of keys16:02
pupnikzzzthere is an o(log n) algo for it and i realized it when i woke up16:03
derfI could've told you that if you'd asked.16:03
derfIf your keys are arranged in nice rows, there is also an O(1) algorithm.16:03
derfBut that may waste a little storage.16:04
pupnikzzzok don't tell me!16:04
derfWell, it also works if your keys are not arranged in rows, but then it wastes a lot of storage.16:04
pupnikzzzgood grief!  hahaha16:05
pupnikzzzyes it does16:05
pupnikzzzmy first o(1) thought would have wasted keyboard width x height bytes for a direct mapping of pixel area hit to key16:08
pupnikzzzbut you can do it with less data!16:08
*** acydlord has quit IRC16:10
pupnikzzzno first idea would have wasted ints not bytes16:10
*** egsavage has joined #maemo16:11
*** acydlord has joined #maemo16:13
*** pupnikzzz is now known as pupnik16:14
*** Tu13es has quit IRC16:15
*** pupnik is now known as pupniktest16:19
*** pupniktest is now known as pupnik16:19
pupnika width x height array representing keyboard pixels can contain bytes (ascii values) for any pixel mapped to a key16:21
*** frade has quit IRC16:22
pupnikthe o(log n) idea would use a binary tree for x and y16:24
*** nelson has quit IRC16:25
*** nelson has joined #maemo16:39
tkoconsidering the amount of keys you can have on a keyboard, I don't see much point in spending lot of time trying to optimize it16:43
pupniki think it's a crime that a 250mhz computer feels sluggish doing anything16:45
proctoI die a little inside when our otherwise brilliant chief architect stares at my blankly when I tell him I don't want to have some shit loop twice16:47
procto(java dude)16:47
pupniki blame website designers for the slow browsing experience16:49
*** oil has quit IRC16:50
proctosoftware and software design get slower faster than hardware gets faster16:51
proctoif someone doesn't break out soon16:51
proctowe're going to slow to a crawl in a few years :>16:51
*** SeRi_zZz has quit IRC17:13
*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo17:18
*** melmoth has quit IRC17:20
*** cktakahasi has joined #maemo17:27
Sulisa shit loop...that sounds horrible...17:27
*** zyxulnag1 has quit IRC17:30
*** alterego has joined #maemo17:32
*** zyxulnag1 has joined #maemo17:34
*** erstazi_ has joined #maemo17:36
erstazi_howdy everyone17:36
*** erstazi has quit IRC17:37
*** erstazi_ is now known as erstazi17:37
*** erstazi_ has joined #maemo17:37
*** cktakahasi_ has quit IRC17:42
*** zyxulnaga has quit IRC17:47
*** VimSi has quit IRC17:54
*** VimSi has joined #maemo17:54
*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo18:05
pupniki can't yet find any features that i need openssh for over dropbear18:06
rwhitbyagent forwarding?18:07
alteregoNo warning messages? :)18:07
rwhitby(maybe recent dropbear versions do agent forwarding now ...)18:07
rwhitbydunno about the nokia's, but on the linksys nslu2 openssh is measured to be three times faster than dropbear doing scp with blowfish (the lightest weight encryption algorithm)18:08
pupnikaha!  dropbear scp -c blowfish drops down to very low speeds18:09
pupnikand varies between 100-200kB/s18:09
pupnik(770, writing to /dev/mmc118:10
pupniki need to install kernel with nfs and HS mmc18:11
*** erstazi has quit IRC18:11
*** dirty_harry has joined #maemo18:13
pupniktrying to partition mmc for multiboot18:14
pupnikapt-get install e2fsprogs // E: Package e2fsprogs has no installation candidate  (gregale)18:14
pupnikYour search - gregale "E: Package e2fsprogs has no installation candidate" - did not match any documents.18:15
*** dirty_harry has quit IRC18:15
*** blkhawk has joined #Maemo18:15
blkhawkI need a little help with FBreader18:15
blkhawkI got it installed but icannot find its configuration files18:15
*** oil has joined #maemo18:17
*** zyxulnag1 has quit IRC18:18
blkhawkapparently its the newest version compiled for 1.118:18
blkhawkanybody here got FBreader installed?18:23
blkhawkI need to know where it expects the conf file and in what format18:23
blkhawkI have the default files apparently but i don't know where to put them18:23
pupnikdon't know the answer18:26
pupnikdo you have the deb file for the package?18:26
pupnikyou can list all the files it contains18:26
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC18:29
blkhawkpupnik: remember my 1.1 predicament18:30
blkhawkpupnik: the .deb file does not install18:30
pupnikdownload the older deb18:30
pupnikoh nevermind18:30
blkhawkit is thenewest version automatically compiled for 1.118:30
pupnikmaybe the 1.1 build has different default directories18:31
pupnikyou can list all the files the older deb contains18:31
blkhawkpupnik: it does not let me18:31
pupnikmaybe 1.1 puts them in the same location18:31
blkhawkyes exactly18:31
blkhawkIcannot get an older deb however18:31
proctowhy can't you get an older deb?18:32
blkhawkthe fbreadersite only shows the newest18:32
blkhawkand guessing the name of older deb hasn't worked18:32
*** erstazi_ is now known as erstazi18:32
*** Aceado|770 has joined #maemo18:33
blkhawkpupnik: could you point me to a newer .deb tho?18:33
erstaziisn't fbreadersite on sourceforge?18:33
*** PieZZo has joined #maemo18:33
blkhawki can take it apart and look how the files are put18:33
pupnikdpkg --contents filename.deb18:34
blkhawkerstazi: yes i think so..... i don't know about the maemo packages tho /me checks18:34
Aceado|770Can someone  tell  me if the 770 os2007 he is better than the 2006e18:34
pupnikthe fbreader for maemo homepage is incredibly obsolete18:35
blkhawkpupnik: yes - so is my 770 OS18:35
blkhawkso its all good ;)18:35
blkhawkI mean i run it already18:35
blkhawkbut all menu items look like this: ????????18:35
blkhawkand all icons show broken icons18:36
Aceado|770Anyone ?18:36
blkhawkAceado|770: os2007 is better but needs more memory18:36
pupniknobody can tell you if it's better18:36
blkhawkI think 2006 is better for now18:36
pupnikbecause it depends on who you are and what you want to do18:36
* blkhawk can only use 200518:36
erstaziagreed pupnik, I find 2006 sufficient for my needs18:37
*** V-I-P has joined #maemo18:37
pupniknote the term 'hacker edition'.. i would recommend if you want to try it, put it on the mmc card so you can switch back easily18:38
Aceado|770Ok its just the both minimo and the opaera close itself off when i use them for about 20mins or so like there is a buffer problem or somethink?18:38
erstaziAceado|770, which os do you have again? 2007? opera can crash sometimes, it has happened to me once already in 1 day18:39
erstaziAceado|770, I suggest links218:39
blkhawkok no Sourceforge hosting for fbreader18:40
pupniklinks2 has been stable for me - hacking it for a vkbd would be nice18:40
blkhawkcan anybody get me a current 3.0 or 2.0 version of the deb?18:40
blkhawksomebody here has to use fbreader ;)18:40
Aceado|770I have 2006 not 200718:41
erstaziAceado|770, I would stick with 2006, I am as well18:42
Aceado|770So should i use the links2 then?18:42
erstaziAceado|770, if opera messes up continually, I would use links2 (pupnik has the link) or links18:43
*** andrunko has joined #maemo18:43
*** NeoStrider has joined #maemo18:43
erstazihowdy NeoStrider18:43
*** bilboed has joined #maemo18:43
NeoStriderhowdy erstazi!18:43
NeoStriderhello to you all!18:44
bilboedhi all.18:44
erstazihi bilboed18:44
NeoStriderhi bilboed18:44
Aceado|770Where can i find links2 and am i able 2 view pics aswell?18:44
erstaziI haven't tried the mozilla based browser yet18:44
bilboedWhere can I get a bigger set of gstreamer plugins for the n800 ? The official packages are missing quite a lot. I'm mostly looking for jpegenc18:44
NeoStrider_Monkey: pupnik18:44
_MonkeyNeoStrider: huh?18:44
NeoStrider_Monkey: pupnik?18:44
_Monkeyneostrider: i haven't a clue18:44
NeoStrider_Monkey: smw?18:44
_Monkeysomebody said smw was Super Mario War at
NeoStridererstazi was faster than me18:45
erstaziI couldn't remember it18:45
erstazithen it hit me, browser history (:18:45
NeoStriderme too, so I used _Monkey18:45
bilboedzeenix, ping18:45
*** koen has quit IRC18:48
pupnikbecomeroot is echo 'deb mistral user' >> /var/cache/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get install becomeroot , then in xterm type "sudo gainroot"18:48
_Monkeyi guess becomeroot is echo 'deb mistral user' >> /var/cache/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get install becomeroot , then in xterm type "sudo gainroot"18:48
pupnik_Monkey: forget becomeroot18:49
_Monkeypupnik: I forgot becomeroot18:49
Aceado|770How do i use it?18:49
pupnikbecomeroot is For 770 ITOS2006, type in a shell: echo 'deb mistral user' >> /var/cache/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get install becomeroot , then in xterm type "sudo gainroot"18:50
erstazipupnik, heh, good job18:52
blkhawkok - can anybody get me a recent .deb of FBreader?18:52
blkhawkI am stuck with 1.1 and cannot normally download it18:52
_Monkeyhmmm... becomeroot is For 770 ITOS2006, install dropbear or openssh, then ssh to root on the device, then in a shell: echo 'deb mistral user' >> /var/cache/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get install becomeroot , then in xterm type "sudo gainroot"18:53
erstaziblkhawk, what version do you want?18:53
erstazior desire?18:53
erstaziblkhawk, what os version do you have/18:54
blkhawkerstazi: os200518:55
blkhawkI have a prototype 77018:55
blkhawkI cannot upgrade the bootloader18:55
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl18:55
blkhawkerstazi: any version is fine - the 2.0 version would be best - but 3.0 is fine too18:56
pupniki can't umount /media/mmc1 on itos2006 - and i only have xterm and load-applet-run started18:56
blkhawkI need to confirm the .deb has the sme structure the package for 1.1 has18:56
blkhawkI think the autobilding process is broken on rthat one18:56
erstaziblkhawk, (I only see 0.8.4a)18:58
erstaziI am not sure where else you could find that, I think the repos would be the same as well18:58
pupnikoh i am stupid, swap is enabled >_< sorry18:58
erstazipupnik, heh18:58
NeoStridergot a tester for angstron!!!18:59
*** Cegy has joined #maemo19:00
Cegyhow do i become root?19:00
NeoStriderwhat changed from OS2005?19:00
NeoStriderit uses dpkg and not apt19:00
Cegyso i can use the links2 ?19:00
*** Aceado|770 has quit IRC19:00
blkhawkerstazi: iya well I need the .deb of os200619:01
pupnikCegy: what OS/Tablet do you have19:01
blkhawkthanks tho19:01
Cegy770 200619:01
*** celesteh has quit IRC19:01
_Monkeybecomeroot is For 770 ITOS2006, install dropbear or openssh, then ssh to root on the device, then in a shell: echo 'deb mistral user' >> /var/cache/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get install becomeroot , then in xterm type "sudo gainroot"19:01
erstazipupnik, (I suggest openssh, a lot easier to configure)19:01
*** celesteh has joined #maemo19:03
*** keesj has quit IRC19:04
*** koen has joined #maemo19:06
Cegyi did sudo gainroot in xterm and i says cal_read_block (r&d_mode): size zero, block not found? Enabel the RD mode if u want to break your device19:07
*** Sulis is now known as soul-Sulis19:07
milhousehave you installed becomeroot?19:07
blkhawkerstazi: could you look into ~/.FBreader and ell mewhat you seethere?19:07
_Monkeybecomeroot is, like, For 770 ITOS2006, install dropbear or openssh, then ssh to root on the device, then in a shell: echo 'deb mistral user' >> /var/cache/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get install becomeroot , then in xterm type "sudo gainroot"19:07
Cegyi did that19:07
*** czheng1 has joined #maemo19:07
erstaziblkhawk, hold a second please, I am installing something in xterm19:08
milhousesounds like it hasn't worked for some reason19:08
Cegynot fair19:08
Cegyi want to install links2 but i guess not now19:08
milhousejust set R&D mode...19:08
milhouseyou got a linux pc available to you?19:09
Cegyon windows19:09
milhouseor a LiveCD distro?19:09
milhouseyou lying19:09
Cegyam not19:09
milhousejust download one19:09
Cegybut y would i need to ?19:09
*** keesj has joined #maemo19:09
Cegycan't i do it in the shell to install the links219:10
milhousewell i was hoping to save time trying to work out why becomeroot wasn't working and just get you to use the linux flasher but probably not worth the effort19:10
*** rlifchitz_ has joined #maemo19:10
*** soul-Sulis is now known as seoul-Sulis19:10
*** rlifchitz has quit IRC19:10
milhouseif you need root you need to work out what has happened to becomeroot19:11
milhousealternatively, install dropbear or openssh (somehow - maybe red pill mode) then root into your device that way19:11
* NeoStrider wonders about dillo on Maemo...19:11
Cegyi can ssh my 77019:11
Cegywith openssh install19:11
erstaziCegy, can you do this: sudo gainroot19:11
Cegyon wat shell or xtrem?19:12
erstazieither or19:12
Cegyroot is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.19:12
Cegyon shel19:12
Cegyand on xterm i get cal_read_block (r&d_mode): size zero, block not found? Enabel the RD mode if u want to break your device19:13
Cegyany idea's ?19:14
*** seoul-Sulis is now known as Sulis19:15
_Monkeyi think erstazi is happy that IT2006/IT2007 is based on debian19:16
erstaziCegy, not sure19:17
*** Sulis is now known as seoul-city-su19:17
zakxCegy: "< Cegy> root is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported."19:17
zakxsounds like you already are root.19:17
NeoStriderzakx...all fingers will point to you19:18
Cegyhow will i find out if am root or not?19:18
zakxCegy: execute "id"19:18
zakxpaste the results in here19:18
Cegytype waT?19:18
zakxabsolution:~ zakx$ id19:19
zakxuid=501(zakx) gid=501(zakx) groups=501(zakx), 80(admin)19:19
Cegyso i type execute "id"19:19
Cegyin wat xterm or shell ?19:19
Cegyam new to this so19:19
Cegyu know19:19
zakxwhat do you mean by "shell" exactly?19:20
Cegyit says19:20
Cegyuid=29999(user) uid=29999(users)19:20
zakxis that the same window you entered the sudo gainroot stuff in?19:21
zakxalright, you're not root then19:21
Cegyin xterm thats wat it says19:21
Cegyok so wats the easy way to become root then?19:22
zakxeasiest way would be to install either openssh or dropbear19:22
zakxthe package is calles "ssh" though19:22
Cegyi have openssh install already19:22
Cegyi can ssh it19:22
Cegyif u mean that19:22
zakxare you logged in via ssh?19:23
milhouseok - so login as root into your device over ssh19:23
Cegydone that19:23
*** zyxulnag1 has joined #maemo19:23
milhouseand you are now root?19:23
Cegyit doesn't say user not it says root19:24
Cegyuid=0(root) gid=0(root)19:24
erstazipupnik, now, what is synergy for? I know you mention it in the INSTALL/README about how you can use that for the virtual keyboard on the 77019:24
zakxCegy: congratulations. you're root then.19:24
erstaziCegy, I suggest changing the passwords for both user and root19:24
erstaziCegy, passwd root19:24
erstazipasswd user19:24
Cegyso i have to ssh it to become root19:24
erstazichange both for security19:24
_Monkeyerstazi: that doesn't look right19:25
*** _Monkey has quit IRC19:25
blkhawkerstazi: did you look in .FBreader  for me?19:25
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo19:25
erstaziblkhawk, doing now, done installing19:25
zakxerstazi: the user account has no password.19:25
Cegyi would like to use links2 but if u can't use the virtual keyboard then its no use to me :|19:25
zakxone shouldn't change that19:25
erstaziblkhawk, I would look if I had it (:19:26
erstaziI haven't installed it yet myself19:26
erstaziblkhawk, you will notice that there are some versions not ported yet19:26
*** jerrell__ has joined #maemo19:27
*** jerrell has quit IRC19:27
blkhawkerstazi: dang - thanks ayway19:27
blkhawkblkhawk:yes but this on is - except for the damn UI19:27
blkhawki miss all the icons and texts19:27
blkhawkotherwise it works fine19:27
*** jerrell__ is now known as jerrell19:27
Cegypupnik how do i use links219:28
Cegycan i use the virtual keybroad?19:28
erstazizakx, I set a password to the usr account19:28
*** jnettlet_ has joined #maemo19:28
pupnik  Cegy, info is here19:29
Cegyso my question u still tell me can i use it yes or no?19:29
Cegysimple as that19:29
erstaziCegy, requires a bluetooth keyboard or synergy (to use the desktop keyboard).19:29
Cegyfucking bollocks then19:29
*** jarno has joined #maemo19:29
erstazipupnik, when you say "desktop keyboard" do you mean the virtual keyboard right?19:30
pupniki use it with a virtual keyboard :()19:30
*** PieZZo has quit IRC19:30
Cegyso U can use the virtual keyboard then ?19:30
erstazipupnik, thats where I stopped last night, I didn't get to installing synergy, I was too tired19:30
pupnikwith that keyboard19:30
*** owentl has quit IRC19:31
erstazity, pupnik19:32
Cegyok so i can become root now how do i move the file to where ever it should be and use it?19:32
*** Dimm has joined #maemo19:33
Cegypupnik ?19:33
_Monkeysomebody said pupnik was stupid, swap is enabled >_< sorry19:33
Cegyok so i can become root now how do i move the file to where ever it should be and use it?19:34
pupnikwhat file19:34
Cegyi will keep on asking till i get the help but am dumb so i nee step by step help19:34
erstazipupnik, you must have had your 770 for a while, or you are a busy little fellow19:34
_Monkeyi think links2 is a lightweight graphical web browser (non-hildon)
*** zyxulnaga has quit IRC19:34
erstazipupnik, either way, you are a god (again)19:35
pupnikCegy: i want to help19:35
erstazipupnik ++19:35
Cegyok :)19:35
pupniki am just slow and also working on other things19:35
Cegyi've downloaded the links2 file19:35
erstaziCegy, did you untar it?19:35
Cegyhow do u do that :|?19:35
pupnikok, you can also install it directly from the nokia web browser19:35
erstazitar -zxvf filename19:36
erstazimake sure you are root19:36
pupnikoh sorry i am wrong19:36
DimmDoes links2 install as mozilla, just a line in menu to select an engine?19:36
pupnikno .deb for links2 sorry19:36
Cegyinstall it from the nokia web browser how is that done then?19:36
erstaziCegy, go to xterm19:36
pupnikforget i said that19:36
pupnikfollow erstazi instructions19:36
erstaziCegy, then cd  /media/mmc119:36
erstaziI am suspecting thats where you saved it19:36
Cegyok 2 secs19:37
blkhawkis there anybody in her willing to get me the contents of their .fbreader directory?19:37
erstazi(that is the external flash)19:37
zeenixbilboed: late pong19:37
blkhawkI really need it to get my install working19:37
Cegyi can only use ssh to become root should i use that to do it ?19:37
pupnikno fbreader here19:37
blkhawkor a 2.0 deb file19:37
erstaziCegy, well, it depends, you can access /media/mmc1 when you connect to the usb19:38
bilboedzeenix, do you know where I can find more gstreamer plugins compiled for n800 ?19:38
NeoStridersnack time! BRB!19:38
erstaziblkhawk, you will have to find a deb that uses the ARM arch19:38
bilboedzeenix, like jpegenc for example19:38
zeenixbilboed: nope :(19:38
blkhawkerstazi: damn - I have got that19:38
erstazis/uses/is for19:38
blkhawkerstazi: but it is broken19:38
blkhawkerstazi: i have it manually installed19:38
blkhawkerstazi: but it is unable to find its resource files19:38
zeenixbilboed: how hard it is for you to get it build? :)19:39
blkhawkso i have no Menu text or icons19:39
erstaziblkhawk, you must be missing some packages19:39
blkhawkerstazi: no I am not - the deb packages is autobuild19:39
bilboedzeenix, scratchbox is painful to install for one plugin... especially if you don't have a debian-based system19:39
blkhawkit broke sometimes after 2006 came out19:39
*** Dimm is now known as Dimm_19:39
Cegyam there at mmc1 nowwat?19:40
blkhawknobody noticed because everybody except me can use 200619:40
erstaziCegy, now type: ls19:40
blkhawkI made sure all packeages and librarays are installed - its a simple configuration problem19:40
erstazitell me if the links2 tgz is there19:40
Cegyyeah u see that file there19:40
*** javamaniac has quit IRC19:41
erstazitar -zxvf links2_armel_bin.tgz19:41
zeenixbilboed: it wouldn't be a bad idea if you file a bug for this19:41
Cegydone that19:41
erstaziok now follow the instructions in INSTALL (do you know about the command mv? mv is move)19:42
zeenixbilboed: i imagine many devels would want plugins for n800 that are not there on the device normally19:42
bilboedzeenix, right19:42
Cegyu need to tell me wat to do as i don't know myself as am new to this19:42
bilboedzeenix, even though it means downloading other packages19:42
erstaziCegy, if ldconfig gives an error about missing in /etc/, then just vi /etc/ldconfig and save it (if you know how to use vi)19:42
erstaziCegy, let me pm you, its a little crazy here, kids not listening right now19:43
*** Cegy is now known as Ceg19:43
Cegyeah i get an error19:43
zeenixbilboed: yeah! who ever wants jpegenc can then just `apt-get install ..` it19:43
Cegerstazi ?19:44
_Monkeysomebody said erstazi was happy that IT2006/IT2007 is based on debian19:44
bilboedzeenix, you wouldn't happen to have scratchbox ready for compiling just one plugin ? :)19:45
erstaziCeg, does it say " doesn't exist" or you don't got permissions or something?19:46
Cegldconfig: Can't open configuration file /etc/ No such file or directory19:46
jarnoWhat was that dictionary software for 770?19:46
erstaziCeg, in xterm type: vi /etc/
erstazithen type    :w19:46
Cegwat :w or w ?19:46
erstazi":w" without the quotes19:46
erstazithen type :q19:47
erstazi(it wouldn't let me do :wq)19:47
erstazinow run ldconfig19:47
erstaziit gave a warning if I did :wq so I just did it separate, by typing :w then :q19:48
jarnoHow to run wmv files? Mplayer only show first frame.19:48
bilboedzeenix, sigh... then I guess I have to install scratchbox after all :(19:48
Cegi can't do anything19:48
erstaziJaffa, you need the codecs for that, and I do not know if they were ported for the ARM arch19:48
Cegit just types it in and now19:48
*** kerwood|afk has joined #maemo19:49
erstaziCeg, I suggest reading up on how to use vi, but all you have to do is type :w then hit enter key then type :q and hit enter key19:49
erstaziand it brings you back to terminal19:49
erstaziCeg, basically, you just made the so ldconfig can write to it when you run the command ldconfig19:49
Cegdone that wats next?19:50
erstazidid you type ldconfig into the xterm?19:50
Ceg-sh: idconfig: not found19:51
erstaziL not i19:51
erstazilowercase l19:51
Cegi mean ldconfig and it doesn'y do anything19:52
Ceglike i need to type something again19:52
erstaziCeg, thats ok, thats whats suppose to happen19:52
*** jnettlet has quit IRC19:52
erstazicd /media/mmc1/links2/19:52
erstaziafter that type: ls19:52
*** Ceg has left #maemo19:52
blkhawkI give up19:53
*** celesteh has left #maemo19:53
*** blkhawk has left #Maemo19:53
* NeoStrider is back19:53
*** Ceg has joined #maemo19:53
Cegyeah done that19:53
erstaziCeg, ok now verify that links2 is there19:54
Cegyeah i can see that there19:54
erstazinow we can move links2: mv links2 /usr/bin/links219:54
Cegdone that19:54
erstazinow go to opera and load:
erstaziclick Libfakekey0 deb and install that first19:55
erstaziafter that is done, then install Matchbox-Keyboard deb19:56
erstaziafter all that is done, go to xterm and type: links2 -g19:56
bilboedI want to set up usb networking, according to the wiki, I need to have a development root filesystem flashed on the device. Where can I find those ?19:56
erstazi-g is for graphics19:56
erstazibilboed, I am not to that level yet, I have seen something on about that but haven't attempted it yet... I only have had my 770 for 1 day so far19:57
*** fox__ has joined #maemo19:59
erstazihello fox__20:00
NeoStriderhowdy fox__20:02
Cegit saying its missing a file20:03
erstaziCeg, oh you need to install that20:05
erstazihold a sec20:05
erstazipupnik, I forgot where I got libgpm from20:05
erstaziis it in the repos?20:05
pupnikdon't remember20:06
Cegi have it alright i think20:06
erstaziCeg, ok20:06
Cegit came in the links2 tar file20:06
erstaziCeg, oh I thought already moved that20:07
erstaziCeg, sorry20:07
pupniki'll put a libgpm on the links2.html page - don't see it in repos20:07
Cegso how do i do that?20:07
erstaziCeg, back in xterm, make sure you sudo gainroot again20:07
Cegi am20:07
erstazissh or xterm doesn't matter20:07
*** Pio has joined #maemo20:08
erstazicd /media/mmc1/links2/usr/lib/20:08
*** spect has quit IRC20:08
Cegi need to untar it again20:09
pupnikstrange, i don't see a libgpm deb anywhere now20:09
erstazipupnik, I can try to make one20:09
erstazifor the ARM arch20:09
erstazithen we can submit this to maemo if you want20:09
Ceghow do i untar again?20:09
erstazitar -zxvf links2_armel_bin.tgz20:10
erstazimake sure you are in the correct directory20:10
erstazitar -zxvf /media/mmc1/links2_armel_bin.tgz20:10
Cegdone that20:10
Cegi'll do cd /media/mmc1/links2/usr/lib/20:10
Cegdone that20:11
erstazithen type: mv /usr/lib/
Cegwats next ;)20:11
erstazipupnik, should it be: mv libgpm* /usr/lib/libgpm*20:11
erstazipersonally, I did: mv /usr/lib/
Cegstill get the same error20:11
erstaziCeg, should it be: mv libgpm* /usr/lib/libgpm*20:12
Cegi don't know20:12
pupnikthen i think you want to ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ && ldconfig20:12
Cegam ne to this20:12
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo20:12
pupnikok you can also copy several files20:12
pupnikthat works too, ldconfig might complain about it though20:12
Cegnah it works20:13
Cegjust can't get the virtual keyboard to work now20:14
Cegi've installed it and that20:14
Cegor do i need to restart it?20:14
*** spect has joined #maemo20:14
erstaziCeg, that should be it, now type in xterm: links2 -g20:15
erstaziI thought we did matchbox-kbd20:15
Cegyeah links2 works but no virtual keyboard20:15
Cegwe did20:15
Cegi'll reinstall them, 2 files again20:15
*** theril_ has quit IRC20:15
*** fox___ has quit IRC20:17
pupniklibgpm deb package is up on links2.html fwiw20:19
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC20:19
erstaziI cannot get the matchbox-kbd done but I need to wash some dishes here before I get some company coming20:21
*** erstazi has quit IRC20:23
*** erstazi has joined #maemo20:24
Cegstill can't get the virtual keyboard to work20:26
pupnikif you type matchbox-keyboard in an xterm what happens?20:26
pupniki should alias that to 'mbkbd' or something20:27
Cegstill don't work20:29
Cegit works20:29
Cegshit tho20:29
Cegas u can't hide it20:29
pupnikthere's no hide/restore button20:29
pupniki want it to hide to a corner of the screen (a little icon) that you can click-on to restore it20:30
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo20:30
Ceguintill then its pointless i think20:30
pupnikrefresh the links2 page, i linked to a thread that shows you how to hide/restore it20:31
Cegif it more typeing that no thanks its pointless20:31
pupnikthis is all brand new stuff, so it's not userfriendly yet20:31
*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo20:32
erstaziok time to do the dishes I will be back20:32
*** jarno has quit IRC20:32
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo20:32
*** Ceg has quit IRC20:34
*** spect has quit IRC20:41
*** zyxulnag1 has quit IRC20:43
*** Phoenigore_ is now known as Phoenigore20:50
_Monkeyi think ssh is a massive overhead for the N800's tiny little processor though20:57
_Monkeyrumour has it ssh is a 'secure shell' client/server.  It lets you get access to the linux shell on my Tablet.  See
Robot101ssh isn't a massive overhead, that's nonsense20:58
*** Pio has quit IRC20:59
Robot101the reason it's slow is because the wifi antenna is only powered up when the tablet is sending, so incoming connections and keypresses fall on deaf ears20:59
Robot101the solution is once you ssh in, run ping on the device20:59
pupnikusing dropbear and running ping, i only get 100-200kB/s with scp -c blowfish21:00
*** Pio has joined #maemo21:00
pupniki'll have to test a comparison with nfs someday21:00
*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo21:03
pupnikwhile running a scp -r -c blowfish from rootfs to PC i see about 57-67% cpu21:04
pupnikthat speed figure was on it2006 with writes to mmc btw21:05
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC21:06
Robot101hm, I was thinking of ssh literally, rather than scp21:06
Robot101writing to the mmc/flash is pretty slow though, comparing to ramdisk might be interesting21:06
Robot101and -c none21:06
pupnikis -c none an option?21:06
erstazinfs on the 770?21:06
*** erstazi has left #maemo21:07
Robot101there's definitely a way of turning off the encryption, yes21:07
Robot101it might not be that though21:07
pupnikhmm it accepted -c none21:07
*** erstazi has joined #maemo21:07
pupnikoh Ignoring unknown argument... dropbear doesn't even know the -c command21:08
erstazioops, little x means close21:08
pupnikerstazi: there are alternate kernels compiled with nfs support for it2006 - i haven't used it yet21:09
pupniki am still using a potato as a 770 stand with the power-jack plugged in21:09
erstazioh mine came with a little stand21:11
kamihackerRobot101, turning of the encryption on ssh? I highly doubt it, it wouldn't be scp/ssh then21:11
*** jonty_ has joined #maemo21:12
kamihackerRobot101, if you don't want encryption use plain old rsync without piping it through ssh21:12
Robot101you can still do host identity checks, passwordless login, etc, but not encrypt the stream21:12
erstaziwhy do you not want encryption?21:13
*** phabulosa has joined #maemo21:13
kamihackerRobot101, maybe with dropbear, I doubt openssh does that21:14
kamihackerRobot101, in fact I think it would be out of the RFC21:14
Robot101erstazi: for performance if eg scp is CPU-bound on the 770/N80021:15
pupnikerstazi: would appreciate faster filetransfers over wifi21:15
Robot101if you're copying a file over your LAN from your PC to your tablet, the chances of a MITM by your next-door neighbour are slim, especially if you have a WPA network, which has the benefit of being done for you in hardware21:16
Robot101(well, some of it)21:16
phabulosaHI! I am absolutely a beginner and I need your help21:16
phabulosa I tried to run all installation scripts for maemo 3.1 dev environment, and it works somehow. My problem is that I cannot run "apt-get update", it says cannot be found, but I can "wget" anything from inside scratchbox successfully. Any clue?21:16
*** philipl is now known as phil|out21:18
erstaziI see21:19
pupnikif you come up with the definitive answer please teach _Monkey21:20
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo21:24
phabulosapupnik, thanks, now my apt-get update works!21:26
pupnikphabulosa: what URL had the best description of the solution?21:26
phabulosapupnik, I followed the first google hit:
*** MaemoIC has joined #maemo21:27
*** MaemoIC has left #maemo21:28
phabulosapupnik, that link does not has any explaination, do you have some? what does nsswitch do?21:28
pupnikit tells the order of how to resolve dns queries21:28
pupnikso when you try to connect to it usually first checks /etc/hosts, then sends a dns query21:29
phabulosaand then? but what I cannot understand is why "wget" can work, but not "apt-get"21:30
*** erstazi has quit IRC21:31
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC21:31
pupniki don't remember21:32
phabulosa:) pupnik, I will do some research and I will let you know if we meet here again next time.21:32
pupnikok cheers21:33
*** dev has quit IRC21:34
*** _pcfe_ has quit IRC21:37
*** GrumpyOldMan has joined #maemo21:52
*** keesj has quit IRC21:57
phabulosaI was trying to upgrade from maemo 3.1 to maemo 3.2, but the package "module-init-tools" was kept back, does it matter?21:58
*** Andy80 has quit IRC22:02
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo22:02
*** GrumpyOldMan has quit IRC22:05
*** suma has joined #maemo22:09
sumahi i got a problem when i try to run asterisk on maemo22:09
sumaNokia770-49:/usr/sbin# ls -al asterisk22:09
suma-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root       717528 Dec 11 23:26 asterisk22:09
sumaNokia770-49:/usr/sbin# ./asterisk22:09
suma-sh: ./asterisk: not found22:09
sumalooks funny to everyone, can someone please help me on this22:09
*** dillerama has quit IRC22:11
pupniksure it's an armel file?22:16
sumapupnik: how would i check that ?22:17
pupnikhow did you install asterisk?22:17
sumapupnik: i download from this link
sumaand installed with tar22:18
sumaor with the instructions mentioned over there
pupnikit's for IT200522:18
pupnik"arm" is for it2005 and "armel" is for it2006 afaik22:19
sumai c22:19
*** phabulosa has quit IRC22:20
sumayou have any idea where i can get the armel for asterisk for IT2006 ?22:20
pupnikno i'm sorry - finding packages is a real pita22:20
sumapupnik: i understand22:20
pupnikalso it might help the world if you emailed the guy who runs that page22:21
pupnikask him/her to update it with a new build, or at least mention that it's only for it200522:21
sumapupnik: is there is anyway to get the development environment to get setup in powerpc processor ?22:21
pupnikif you have the scratchbox packages and qemu, maybe22:22
*** alterego has quit IRC22:26
*** Dimm_ has left #maemo22:27
*** ||cw has joined #maemo22:28
*** vivijim has joined #maemo22:28
*** vivijim has quit IRC22:30
*** vivijim has joined #maemo22:31
NeoStriderpupnik, arm is for it2005 only (confirmation)22:32
*** Zword has joined #maemo22:32
*** Pooh22 has joined #maemo22:35
*** seoul-city-su is now known as Sulis22:37
zeenixbilboed: if you can wait till tomorrow, i can do it for you22:39
*** Andy80 has quit IRC22:40
*** dev has joined #maemo22:49
_Monkeyhmmm... multiboot is "LILO supreme being - 5th element - protect *you*"
pupnikBom apetite!22:58
*** erstazi has joined #maemo23:00
erstazihowdy everyone23:01
pupnikEip? ole n?hty aikoihin23:02
pupnikdid that come out as "Eip?"23:02
pupnikor Epia with a curly over the a?23:03
erstazithe former23:03
pupnikok thanks23:04
erstaziI have UTF-823:04
pupnikthat "was nice to see you" in finnish, mangled by synergy and rxvt23:04
pupnikI, for one, welcome our new Finnish overlords!23:04
pupnikoh no - "long time no see"23:05
pupnikso erstazi are you happy with your new device?23:06
*** erstazi_ has joined #maemo23:08
*** erstazi_ is now known as ersrazi23:11
*** erstazi has quit IRC23:11
*** slomo has quit IRC23:19
* pupnik cranks The Boredoms23:22
*** ||cw has quit IRC23:25
*** tko has left #maemo23:25
*** else58 has joined #maemo23:28
*** ||cw has joined #maemo23:31
*** yerga has quit IRC23:38
*** ersrazi has quit IRC23:41
tigertpupnik: actually it means "wow, we havent seen for ages" literally23:41
tigertthough the meaning you said sure does fit23:41
tigertor, yes, "long time no see"23:42
pupnikhow complex instructions and how much local memory does the dsp have?23:47
pupniksilly question i suppose23:47
pupnikcould a SB16 emulator run entirely on the 770 DSP?23:48
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NeoStrider"<pupnik> Bom apetite" NICE!23:56
pupnik  i wonder what could all be done with that DSP23:57

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