IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2007-07-16

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CountDownHow do I change the device name of the N800?  I can't find it anywhere.00:08
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gomiamCountDown: that should be available at the Control Panel00:17
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CountDowngomiam: I looked all around, but missed it... can you be more specific.00:20
gomiamIt looks like you can change it at the Bluetooh configuration option in the Control Panel00:21
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gomiamjust on top of "Connectivity"00:21
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CountDownThanks.  Strange place to put it.00:22
gomiamnot so strange, if you think about it.00:22
gomiamBluetooth is the only protocol that really needs the system to have a recognizable name00:22
gomiam(in order to set links with other Bluetooth devices) :-)00:22
CountDownConsidering the wireless interface, file manager, etc use the device name as well, I'd think it would be under something more general, like About Device.00:23
gomiamthe WiFi interfaces uses the device name?00:23
gomiamI thought it was always wlan0 :-)=00:23
gomiamyou are right about the file manager, though.00:24
CountDownI should say the SSH server.00:24
gomiamoh, you mean the N800 host name00:24
gomiamyes, it should be somewhere else, then :-)00:25
CountDownThanks for the help!00:25
gomiamPerhaps we should file a bug against that00:25
gomiamyou are welcome.00:25
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CountDownWhere would a bug be filed?00:25
CountDownAh, bugs.maemo.org00:26
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seattlewebanyone home?00:37
seattlewebanyone there...?00:38
zuhseattleweb: I'm home, but not there00:41
seattlewebright on...00:43
seattlewebso has anyone out there had success in setting up an n800 to boot from an EXTERNAL SD/MMC?00:43
CountDowngomiam: I just filed it as bug 1659.00:44
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seattlewebyeah... i came across that last week...00:47
rwhitbyhaven't tried it on the new firmware yet00:48
seattlewebi'll give that a whirl instead of following the thread
seattlewebhmmm... i've got the new firmware.... i'll give it a try00:48
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seattlewebone thing I've noticed is that /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/current/ is actually /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/2.6.18-omap1/00:50
_MonkeyHmm.  No matches for that, seattleweb.00:50
seattlewebmatches for...?00:50
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CountDownI'm trying to install python package on my N800 that requires GCC to build.  Where can I find GCC?01:07
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seattlewebthe maemo sdk i think is the only way01:07
CountDownYou mean through scratchbox?01:08
CountDownHmmm... I did this a year ago and I don't think I used scratchbox.  Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly.01:08
CountDownDo I just copy over the files once they've compiled, or is there a more elegant way to do it?01:09
seattlewebnot entirely sure... just bought my n800 last week and havent had time yet to dive in 100% to scratchbox01:11
alteregoWhy don't you use the prepackaged binaries?01:12
CountDownalterego: I can't find the prepackaged binary.  I'm trying to install PyUSB and it needs to build against libusb and python, both of which I already have installed.01:15
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alteregoIn which case you're going to need to use scratchbox and do it yourself.01:17
alteregoYou should make some precompiled packages yourself too ;)01:18
alteregoBut don't ask me how. I've not crossed that bridge yet ^_^01:18
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XarkHello.  Does anybody know why there aren't native ports of binutils and gcc for the N800?  It seems to have more than enough speed to make them useful.01:23
* Xark spent years working on Linux with a < 100Mhz CPU and 16MB or so.01:24
CountDownXark: I was just asking that myself.  Can we confirm that there is no GCC?01:24
XarkWell, I have gcc working, but its not a great port.01:24
seattlewebthanx rwhitby man.............01:24
seattlewebI owe you a brew01:24
seattleweblike a retard, I overlooked one important thing.... bootmenu.conf01:25
seattleweball good now01:25
CountDownXark: Is your GCC port available?01:25
XarkCountDown: I just installed some SDK armel packages and it mostly works (occasional internal compiler errors when using -O1 or -O2).01:25
CountDownXark: Oh, which packages?01:25
XarkCountDown: I started with some obsolete info on a forum.  If you install 3.2 libs then these instructions are OK...01:26
XarkCountDown: Let me find the link...01:26
AdmFubarquick question , how do i contact the maemo.or site maintainers? having a problem with the rss feed, keep getting the same few feed articles sent from one contributor.01:26
CountDownAdmFubar: Perhaps submit a website bug at bugs.maemo.org01:27
XarkCountDown: Look here
CountDownXark: Thanks.01:29
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AdmFubarI'' give it a whirl...but was hoping for something a bit more direct... Thanks CD....01:30
XarkCountDown: Now that I have an old gcc-3.4 (and g++) working I am trying to build a new "fresh" toolchain that will target armv6l.01:30
seattlewebniiice... make is compilable thereafter?01:30
CountDownAdmFubar: They're in Finland, that is direct.  :)01:30
XarkCountDown: I am finding it challenging since there is little info on Maemo toolchain (everybody seems to use x86 cross compile with prebuilt compilers)01:31
CountDownXark: Yeah... I don't know why that is.  Seems like you'd want both.01:32
XarkCountDown: Also it appears the N800 binaries aren't using all the features of the newer CPU (unless I am mistaken).01:32
rwhitbyseattleweb: I'll have a Coopers Pale Ale please.01:32
rwhitbyXark: look in OpenEmbedded for a built-from-source toolchain for the n80001:33
seattlewebCountdown: are the 3.2 libs in a repository?01:33
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Xarkrwhitty: Cool, I will (but I have already extensively googled).01:34
seattlewebrwhitby: done01:34
CountDownseattleweb: No idea.01:34
seattlewebi'll look around01:34
XarkCountDown: If you try to follow that forum post, one he missed downloading a package and two like I mentioned check the 3.2 repository for libs (since using older libs causes issues).01:35
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XarkACTION S01:35
CountDownXark: Will do.  I might check out the OpenEmbedded site as well.  G'luck.01:35
* Xark is using a crappy bluetooth keyboard with far too few keys. :-)01:36
* Xark also highly recommends moving the root filesystem to a MMC if you want to use N800 as a Linux box. (much faster and roomy).01:37
Xarkrwhitty: Awesome, thanks.01:37
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rwhitbydunno whether it is version compatible with the vendor libraries thouogh01:38
rwhitbyask koen in #oe about it if you have questions01:38
rwhitby(I've never used it myself)01:38
rwhitbyXark: s/tt/tb/ in my nick01:39
Xarkrwhitby: Yeah, thats one of the issues I am encountering. I can build a new binutils, but its not happy with some libs ( IIRC).01:39
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Xarkrwhitby: Sorry, N800 isn't the ideal IRC platform (with crappy keyboard and squinting eyes).01:40
rwhitbyXark: np - I know the feeling.01:40
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rwhitbyyou can to tab completion on nicks in x-chat though01:41
infobotrwhitby meant: you can do tab completion on nicks in x-chat though01:41
* Xark goes to check the link...01:41
Xarkrwhitby: I am trying sirc (so I can screen in with ssh).  Xchat is decent though...01:42
* Xark moves over to his laptop and ssh...01:42
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Xarkrwhitby: Hmm, so how does one use a .conf file (I am new with Debian style Linux)?  Does openembedded have prebuilt packages in their repository?01:47
CountDownXark: I have no idea.  I was wondering that myself.01:48
rwhitbyXark: you will need to install and build openembedded.  that is a steep learning curve in itself.  See - if you are not comfortable to compiling distributions from source and using cross compilers, then best to try another avenue.  There are no prebuilt packages for n800 as far as I know.01:49
XarkCountDown: Just thought I would ask first before I start digging around.  I would be quite happy with just a clue about what binutils options the N800 requires.01:49
Xarkrwhitby: OK.01:49
XarkSo it appears that OpenEmbedded is another scratchbox-y kind of thing.01:52
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rwhitbyXark: yep, but even more complicated for the first time user01:53
rwhitby(due to it's versatility and range of different platforms that it builds for)01:54
rwhitbyallow at least a month before you would feel comfortable with it01:54
seattlewebsounds like fun01:54
rwhitby(and that's for an experienced developer)01:54
Xarkrwhitby: I see.  Still thats much for the link.  At least I can probably see how they are building the toolchain (which is my current issue - as I have a compiler suitable for a bootstrap).01:55
Xarkrwhitby: Er, thanks much...01:55
rwhitbyXark: make use of the people in #oe - they know lots about what toolchains are used for which devices01:55
seattlewebbtw... n800 running noticable faster from sd boot partition01:55
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eugene sounds interesting02:22
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alteregoInteresting ..02:24
alteregoMy SDK isn't theming applications correctly. Anyone heard of this before?02:25
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alteregoThis is annoying. I bet my Ruby bindings actually work. I just can't test them ^_^02:30
alteregoMaybe I should re-install scratchbox or someting.02:31
alteregoMaybe a restart will fix it :S02:33
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alteregoOkay, I was being a giant idiot and forgot '' ^_^02:45
alteregoRuby-Maemo works!!!02:45
alteregoI'm so happy I could cry.02:46
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alteregoBed time :)02:49
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CountDownIs there a way to enable USB host mode on the N800 without reflashing?03:12
XarkCountDown: Hmm, I read a post from a Nokia employee that claimed that the hardware didn't support USB OTG (i.e., host mode).  Where did you read its possible (even with a reflash)? :)03:14
CountDownThe N800 hardware doesn't support USB host mode?03:15
CountDownXark, where did you see this?03:16
XarkCountDown: Right here ->
XarkIts from January, so perhaps its mistaken, but I was just googling and found a few places that mentioned that it didn't work on N800 (for example one project is sticking with N770 because of that [among other reasons]).03:18
CountDownXark: I think that's referring to the fact that the N800 doesn't suppy power to the USB port.  Neither does the 770, but I got it working on that.03:18
CountDownHmmm, that might be bad news for me if it's true.03:19
XarkCountDown: Hmm, looking around a bit more this sounds mildly promising, so perhaps you are correct. ->
CountDownXark: Well, that was my excitement for the day.  Thanks.  :)03:23
XarkCountDown: Hehe.  I am OK for the moment with a 4GB internal MMC with the root system moved to it on ext2 (about 3GB free with a ton of crap downloaded).  Not amazed at SDHC class 4 speed, but its better than the old 1GB card I was using (and way zippier than compressed jffs on flash).03:25
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Wiredlesswhats a used 770 worth this week03:27
XarkCountDown: If you haven't seen this, I recommend it (and it was painless even though  it did reflash and give me a nice boot menu with USB HD option). ->
CountDownXark: Thanks... speed has been an issue, so I might just do with the MMC boot.03:28
XarkCountDown: It bots about 4x faster now (the little blue progress bar). :-)03:28
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CountDownXark: Wow, not bad.  Is the same speed-up noticeable when running programs?03:30
XarkCountDown: Yes, launching web etc. is noticeably faster.03:30
XarkCountDown: Its also nice because you can "hack around" on a copy of the system and always choose to boot the default system if "something goes bad" (I notice N800 is easy to make "not boot" if you mess around).03:31
CountDownBy the way, "sudo ./flasher-3.0 --enable-usb-host-mode" is all that's needed to put the N800 into USB host mode.  No reflash required.03:32
CountDownXark: What's the maximum SD memory size these days?  8GB?03:33
XarkCountDown: Hmm, well isn't that some kind of reflash? :)  Similar to the MMC boot procedure its a "friendly" reflash where you don't have to reinstall stuff.03:33
XarkCountDown: Yes, 8GB (but only had 4GB at local best buy so I went with that for $60).03:33
CountDownXark: True.  I guess just a couple of bytes were flashed.03:33
CountDownXark: You're booting of the internal SD card?03:34
XarkCountDown: The MMC wiki howto installs a little boot menu with "flash boot" mmc boot and USB boot options (as well as a "real poweroff").03:34
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Xark(Actually I get a choice of the partition on the MMC to boot, but I always choose the 2nd where I have ext2 filesystem with a clone+stuff of the system).03:35
XarkCountDown: Yes.03:35
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XarkCountDown: Its faster (I think) because SDHC 4GB may be faster but mostly because ext2 without compression is much faster than jffs with everything compressed.03:36
CountDownAh, that's probably it.03:36
XarkCountDown: its nice to have a large "home" too (I was running out of space from installing and compiling so many apps). :)03:38
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XarkWhat is the internal built-in flash size?  Something like 128 or 256MB I think.03:39
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XarkI should see how hard it is to make a .deb and a .install.  Some of the programs are quite handy and other people might enjoy them (like lighttpd with openssl support for a tiny yet easy to use and "full-featured" web server).03:46
* Xark thinks it would be quite difficult without a "real" Linux box (I am missing a bunch of "dpkg" utilities on the N800).03:47
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Radarhas there been a lack of any new applications and updates since the new firmware?03:48
Radaror is it just me?03:48
XarkRadar: Perhaps everybody is just re-installing and setting up their devices. :)03:49
Radarthere was quite enough of that03:50
Radaralmost back to where I was before the update, except the themes03:50
XarkRadar: Yeah.  Hopefully eventually they will get a more friendly "update" procedure.03:51
Radarthey better03:51
XarkTook me a few days, but I needed the do-over to clean up a few messes I made learning (and booting off the MMC is nice).03:51
RadarI had a very broken app install messing up my app manager03:52
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XarkRadar: Yep, thats a hazard.  Can be difficult to clean up (but I have learned a lot about apt-get "trickery").03:53
XarkI am now much more paranoid about what repositories I let get added (they can bite you in the future). :)03:54
RadarHad to use an obscure dpkg command in terminal to get rid of it03:54
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XarkRadar: Yep, sounds like what I had to do "--force-shut-the-hell-up-and-fix-it" or somesuch. :)03:54
Radareven apt-get was complaining03:54
Radaryep, that's the one, heh03:55
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jonnylambUsing "apt-get update" tells you simply where the problem repo is :)03:55
Radarseems like 99% of the time it's a repo03:56
XarkBusybox is always giving me headaches as it conflicts with a bunch of things (and its tiny versions don't always cut it).03:56
XarkI have (mostly) made peace by compiling "real" versions of stuff into /usr/local.03:57
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jonnylambWell one can easily submit a patch to the Application Manager maintainers.03:58
jonnylambI would, but I suck at Gtk+.03:58
RadarI don't think it's the app mgr, I think it's, heh04:00
XarkRadar: Agreed, although app manager could be a smarter and (at least) have better error messages/handling.04:01
jonnylambAh, sorry. What I mean is better notifications on what repository is causing the issues.04:01
Xark"Something bad happened"04:01
jonnylambAfter all, APT does actually output the error messages.04:01
jonnylambAs one who sorts out APT repositories myself, I cringe when I look at the Maemo one :$04:01
Radarwell, yeah, if it fails on a repo refresh it should keep going and not quit04:02
jonnylambIt's interesting how it says the last successful list is being used. While with APT, that repository and its contents are simply omitted..04:03
Radarhate then, then search to disable the one currently down04:03
Radaryeah, that's what it should do04:03
jonnylambHmm, I'm not so sure about that. I think disabling a repository should be something a user specifically asks for.04:04
jonnylambI think the current `apt-get update` behaviour is good, but hildon-app-mgr is just not verbose enough.04:05
Radarno, not disable it, just skip it on that refresh04:05
* jonnylamb wonders whether there are any app-mgr devs here at GUADEC..04:05
RadarI keep looking for a new app, but I can't think of anything I want except a better browser and java04:07
Radarthat's all, heh04:07
jonnylambJava? Pardon? On an embedded device.04:07
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jonnylambSuch languages as Java and C# (mono) do not go with these kind of devices (maemo, moko)04:08
Radarmy cell has java! (sorta, j2me)04:08
jonnylambj2me != Java.04:08
Radarbut it has a j!04:09
* Xark wishes he could get NPR radio streams to work on the N800 (seems a shame, since it does have realaudio).04:15
* solmumaha wishes he was someone just a little more funky04:18
solmumahacouldn't help it, mr jones was playing :)04:19
RadarI'd like to find a good meadia streaming solution too04:23
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Radarall my music is on my server in itunes04:24
jonnylambDowngrade the version of iTunes, and use Canola with DAAP.04:24
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*** adoyle has joined #maemo04:25
Radarwhat about that mediastreamer app?04:27
jonnylambThat's a little flaky IMHO. However, it does do UPnP.04:30
undefinedis anybody else getting 404s from
Radarit'd be nice to have something universal, to use on non-IT OS's too04:32
*** Yaco2 has joined #maemo04:32
undefineddirectory listings show files, but those files generate 404s04:32
undefinedi've never seen apache do that (almost like a reverse proxy problem)04:33
Radarnot surprising04:33
undefinedRadar: so this is normal?04:33
*** NickDe has quit IRC04:38
jonnylambundefined: 404s is rather normal, but I'm not getting them from repository.m.o04:39
undefinedjonnylamb: lists several files04:40
undefinedjonnylamb: but, for example, produces a 40404:41
undefinedso, directory listings work, but files don't04:41
jonnylambOkay jep, that's a Problem with a capital P, I'd say.04:41
undefinedhow is apache generating directory listings based off of files that don't exist?04:42
jonnylambWell, I expect they do /actually/ exist.04:42
undefinedit's like a caching problem04:43
jonnylambIs it just ncurses that you find fault with?04:43
undefinedjonnylamb: nope, try
undefinedjonnylamb: and
undefinedjonnylamb: that's just a random sample i also tried (but, yes, i'm needing/wanting ncurses-base)04:45
Radarncurses-bin, tje bane of my existance04:46
Radarthat was the broken app04:46
XarkYep, I think that one caused me grief too...04:46
Radardon't even know what it is!04:47
Radarwish I could hide non-installed apps in the app mgr04:47
XarkRadar: Ancestor of an ancient terminal handling library (to move the cursor around on serial terminals).04:47
Radarlike all the canola language files04:47
*** philipl has quit IRC04:47
XarkDoes anybody know if its "bad" to leave the charger in the N800 all the time (like will it degrade the battery)?04:49
RadarI think I remember hearing that04:50
CountDownOops.  Looks like I was a bit too eager to remove my /scratchbox directory.  Seems that /scratchbox/dev can't be removed because "Device or resource busy".  Help?04:50
CountDownXark: Lithium Ion batteries don't like that.04:50
XarkCOuntDown: Right, but sometimes the chargers are "smart" and can deal with it.  I wonder if I can remove the batter and just run with main power...04:52
*** Stg has joined #maemo04:53
CountDownXark: Even so, most charges will start recharging the battery after it droops a bit, even though it's best to wait for the battery to completely discharge.04:53
*** NickDe has joined #maemo04:55
RadarI thought the fully discharge thing was no longer true, and actually harms newer batteries?04:55
*** matt_c has quit IRC04:59
XarkRadar: I think LI doesn't like to go to zero, but likes to go to 30% or something like that.04:59
Radarsounds right04:59
*** matt_c has joined #maemo04:59
XarkI'll just run on battery for a while (the N800 is mostly playing internet radio currently).  I don't want to remove the battery and spoil my N800's uptime. :-)05:02
*** philipl has joined #maemo05:03
Radarthe firmware update broke my uptime many times over05:04
CountDownI'll have to brush up on my battery trivia.05:05
CountDownAnyone know how to remove a scratchbox installation?05:06
XarkCountDown: Nope, but perhaps a utility like "lsof" might help you find what process has a hold on /dev.05:06
undefinedokay, works, but doesn't05:10
undefinedthough they should be the same05:11
jonnylambWell sounds like it might be a symlink issue..05:11
undefinedas both mistral and maemo2.0 have the same time-date stamp05:11
*** jga23 has quit IRC05:11
undefinedtime to go edit my repository entries05:12
jonnylambRadar: Looking through the source of hildon-app-mgr, it looks as if the "not enough information" problem might have been fixed.. Well, I can't guarantee it's fixed, but it's certainly been changed.05:14
jonnylambI'm probably going to build SVN Hildon pretty soon when I get back from GUADEC.. I'll be able to see then, I suppose.05:14
*** CountDown has quit IRC05:17
undefinedgrrr... the Packages files for mistral point to maemo2.0, which is producing 404s when downloading files, so changing "maemo2.0" to "mistral" doesn't help05:31
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rhsanbornbah, anyone know if scratchbox has been compiled for amd64?06:19
*** povbot` has joined #maemo06:27
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megabyte405rhsanborn: easiest way is to get the INdT Maemo SDK VMWare Appliance - scratchbox doesn't run well/at all on amd6406:29
megabyte405whereas the vm is perfectly preconfigured, so no muss, no fuss06:29
*** aloril has joined #maemo06:31
Xarkmegabyte405: Do you know if that image is fully up to date for maemo 3.1 development?06:32
Xark(...or is 3.2 the latest...)06:33
*** seebs has joined #maemo06:33
seebsOkay, I am doing something obviously dumb, but I can't figure it out.  apt-get is failing because it can't resolve, but other commands (e.g., arp) resolve it just fine running inside scratchbox.06:33
seebsIs there something special about how apt-get does host lookups?06:34
*** CountDown has joined #maemo06:35
seebs(fresh install of 3.1, used the maemo-scratchbox and maemo-sdk scripts.  nsswitch.conf has "hosts: dns", although I also tried with "hosts: files dns" just in case.)06:35
*** povbot has quit IRC06:37
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo06:37
seebsAhh, never mind.06:38
seebsI was looking at the nsswitch.conf INSIDE scratchbox.  I cannot read instructions.06:38
CountDownI just installed scratchbox 1.0 on my Ubuntu machine.  All I really want to do with it is install Python 2.5, libusb-dev, and PyUSB.  In so doing, a file called will be created.  I'd like to copy this file onto my N800 so that I can access the USB port from Python on the N800.  Does this sound reasonable?06:40
trevarthanFYI all: I just updated screenshots for Kagu:     Things new in these screenshots? 1.) Added Play/Pause, Next, and Prev buttons. 2.) Bluetooth/A2DP button moved from middle right to bottom left of screen. 3.) Added VolumeView screenshot as the VolumeView has just been added this weekend.06:47
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rhsanbornsomeone mentioned vmware as an alternative dev that a gui app?07:09
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik07:11
rhsanbornthank goodness. I'm doing any work over ssh :P07:11
Stgerrr sorry do any one know where is fastmame src ^^?07:11
Stgsorry just ask ^^07:11
pupnikthere is a premade vmware image that saves people the scratchbox config, and allows the scratchbox to be easily copied between pcs07:11
pupnikStg sounds interesting07:11
rhsanborngood. ALthough getting vmware setup is equally a challenge :P07:12
*** philipl has quit IRC07:13
Stgyes ^^07:13
Stgi like updata fastmame to 0.117 ^^07:14
pupnikStg: is fastmame optimized?  or just compiled with Intel's ICC07:15
Stgfastmame optimized ^^07:16
*** philipl has joined #maemo07:16
*** undefined has left #maemo07:16
Stgbut i have no fastmeme src :/07:16
trevarthanvmware isn't that hard to setup. It only takes a few minutes. Not like scratchbox. Nothing like scratchbox. :)07:16
trevarthanI wish that image was available when I set up my scratchbox, man that would have saved time...07:17
pupnik Stg << there are some optimizations for ARM there07:17
Stgfor gp32 ?_?07:18
pupnikyes it uses an arm9 cpu07:18
pupnikof course he doesn't have *my* favorite games working, so blah07:19
rhsanborntrevarthan: I'm using an amd64 cpu and dbian etch. the vmware player can't see my headers. It requires a little fiddling07:19
Stgso why fastmame be a fast is use arm9 cpu ?07:19
pupnikStg, i have not found any page describing why fastmame is 'fast' besides using intels compiler07:20
Stgohhh ok ^^07:20
Stgstill thanks you man ^^07:20
trevarthanrhsanborn: sounds like a problem with debian's packaging of vmware. Or lack thereof.07:20
pupnikStg: here is some possible optimisation
rhsanborntrevarthan: I haven't found a pacakge for vmware. I have to use the packages from vmwares site, which are a little finicky07:21
Stg^^ thanks07:22
trevarthanrhsanborn: ??07:22
rhsanborntrevarthan: that would make me a very happy person :P07:23
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC07:24
trevarthanI don't run debian personally, so I don't have a clue if that works or not. I run gentoo and various redhat distros. Maemo is the first debian based distro that I actually like. (no, I've never tried Ubuntu. I'm sure I'd like it though.)07:24
pupnik<obligatory sidux plug here>07:24
*** jacques has joined #maemo07:25
pupnikSidux is a distro that tracks debian sid and catches problems/incompatibilities in an updater script.  Very fast/light livecd.  Very fast/clean install.  The less-annoying alternative to Ubuntu.  www.sidux.com07:26
pupnik</obligatory sidux plug here>07:26
*** eeejay has left #maemo07:26
pupnikHowever sidux kernels don't work with scratchbox.  Need to roll your own :/07:26
*** rkaway has quit IRC07:27
trevarthan:) Sometimes I love writing code. Everytime I play with my volume view it makes me smile. It's a crappy little thing, but it still makes me smile.07:27
trevarthangobject is pretty sweet for callbacks. Kinda like Javascript's timer thingy (thought far less finicky)07:28
pupnikwell maybe not -  got to check out echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/vdso_enabled07:28
infobot_trevarthan meant: gobject is pretty sweet for callbacks. Kinda like Javascript's timer thingy (though far less finicky)07:28
pupniktrevarthan: could you make a hildon virtual keyboard that pops up on-top and generates generic x keyboard events?07:29
*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:30
trevarthanI keep thinking that I could probably implement Kagu in it's entirety using the dojo Javascript toolkit. (
pupnikthat would be a solution for keyboard input to sdl programs07:31
*** rhys has joined #maemo07:31
trevarthantrue. I haven't needed one yet, but I'm sure I could make one. The problem with pygame is that you have to write all of your widgets from scratch. You sort of take the window manager and toss it out the window.07:32
pupnikthat's one of the coolest things about maemo.  so many projects waiting to be done07:32
pupnikWell for whoever does that, the list of programs that could benefit is huge, including the amiga, C64, atari st, PalmOS and dosbox emulators07:32
trevarthanThat can be a good thing, if you want to do things like inertial controls or funky interfaces, but it sucks when you've got to dupe the already existing onscreen KB. :)07:32
*** rhsanborn has left #maemo07:33
trevarthanAh. I was thinking an app specific widget. I think you're talking about hacking libsdl itself though.07:33
pupnikyeah. All programs can take regular x keyboard events (bluetooth kb), so a hack to bring up the hildon kbd and make it generate kb events would be a universal solution imo07:33
pupnikI'm thinking about a seperate process that wouldn't require modifying any target program07:34
trevarthanYeah, that's what I thought. That's probably not possible though. SDL has no concept of input regions. So there would be no way to determine when it pops up.07:35
pupnikto bring up the keyboard would be tricky though - you'd either need to bind a button on the device, or detect a sequence of button presses07:35
trevarthanWell, if that sneak peak of the n801 or whatever was accurate, it won't be an issue in the future. The n801 looks like it will have a HW kb built in under the screen in a slide out.07:36
pupnikif that's the next tablet, i will have to buy it :/07:36
trevarthanme too, I think. I don't mind not having it so much right now. I just avoid using apps with a lot of text input. But having it would really open up a lot of possibilities.07:37
pupniki figured out how one could hold it - the index and middle fingers of left and right hand would clasp the device on both sides07:37
pupnikand the thumbs would type07:38
seebsThe howto for making an application package has a link to hello-world-app_0.4.tar.gz, but that link seems to be dead.07:38
trevarthanNokia is bad ass. I want to move to Finland and beg for a job.07:38
trevarthanseebs: as are many links on maemo sites. if you really need it, google it, or ask around either here or on the mailing list.07:39
seebsWell, anyone got a pointer to hello-world-app?07:39
pupnikit might be in the repository07:39
seebsI am doing an article that covers some scratchbox stuff, and I want to talk up the maemo docs, which are mostly pretty good.  :)07:40
seebsOoh, good catch.07:40
pupnik bora/free hello-world-app07:40
seebsIt is indeed there.07:40
seebsOf course, that's the built version, not the source...07:40
pupnikapt-get source hello-world-app ?07:41
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo07:41
seebsI never knew that one.  (Sorta a debian-newbie.  I'm enthusiastic, though; I figure anything that isn't rpm has to be an improvement, but apt-get is actually pretty nice.)07:41
trevarthanI need a better way to carry my n800 when I'm doing outdoor tasks. It has to be above my waist for my stupid Motorola S9 headset to not skip all the time. How the hell am I gonna manage that and not overheat myself with a backpack or jacket?07:41
`0660haven't that link been down for months already? :)07:41
pupniki think the source repo needs to be in your /etc/apt/sources.list07:42
trevarthanI need a freakin' shoulder holster.07:42
joshinOr a better headset.07:43
seebsIt seems to have been sufficiently around by default in my scratchbox environment.07:43
trevarthanNot sure if there is a better one. s9 is made for sweating people. :)07:43
trevarthanWhen I was mowing my lawn last night I got sick of the skipping and broke out the ipod wired headphones. I was just mowing the lawn, so it wasn't that bad. Can't do that when I'm running though.07:44
trevarthanI need to get a pouch surgically embedded in my chest, like a kangaroo or something. :)07:46
pupnikStg:  there are some comparisons - not very complete though07:46
*** javamaniac has quit IRC07:46
trevarthanThe n800 is pretty big, but I would still strap it to my upper arm if they made a holster that worked for that.07:47
trevarthanI've only seen 'em for ipod nanos though.07:48
trevarthanOh well, I'm gonna go play some Gears of War just to prove that I'm an insomniac. Anyone want to join me?07:49
seebsI've seen upper arm straps for full-sized ipods, I think.07:51
pupnikhmm trev looks like aflegg and penguinbait have windowmaker running "oskey-x is the on-screen keyboard in the second video."07:51
*** rhys has quit IRC07:54
pupnik"The onscreen keyboard makes the system run 100%,"  :(07:56
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC08:01
*** vims0r has quit IRC08:10
pupnikbah no xmkmf in sb08:18
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo08:23
*** X-Fade_ has quit IRC08:38
*** Vertoo has joined #maemo08:38
Vertoohey everyone, has anyone found a good way to stream music from a home pc over the web to be accessed anywhere with internet connection?08:40
*** jacques has quit IRC08:40
*** Komarov has joined #maemo08:44
*** ab has joined #maemo08:48
trevarthanVertoo: I like gnump3d.08:51
Vertooany others that work? my music server is os x09:00
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC09:05
*** __shawn has quit IRC09:08
CountDownIs there a log of this channel?  I need to find a reference mentioned yesterday.09:09
c0ffeesee the topic09:12
CountDownAh, thanks.09:12
*** philipl is now known as phil|sleep09:14
*** Komarov_ has joined #maemo09:20
*** pleemans has joined #maemo09:21
*** jsmanrique has joined #maemo09:23
*** Komarov has quit IRC09:32
*** soleblaze has quit IRC09:33
*** pleemans has quit IRC09:36
CountDownAny tips for installing GCC on the N800 to appease python packages that need to compile against other libraries during installation?09:37
*** koen has quit IRC09:44
*** ajturner has joined #maemo09:48
*** dolske_ has joined #maemo09:51
*** pleemans has joined #maemo09:51
*** koen has joined #maemo09:58
XarkCountDown: That forum link I gave wasn't enough?  It was fairly easy if you want a bit of help...10:04
*** dolske has quit IRC10:04
CountDownXark: Actually, I was just now going through it.  Tried a bunch of other things first, though.10:05
XarkCoutDown: Heh, no prob.  Let me know if you hit any snags.10:05
CountDownXark: It doesn't seem that all the files can be updated to the latest 3.2 release.10:06
XarkCount: No, the actual compiler is from 2.1 IIRC, but its OK just make sure the libs are from the newer one (so the -dev matches what you already have).10:06
XarkCountDown: I just browser the repository giving preference to anything that could be found in the newer one.10:07
Xarker, browsed10:07
CountDownXark: And you're right -- the forum post neglects to mention where the cpp-3.4 comes from.10:07
CountDownXark: Yeah, that's what I'm doing as well.10:07
XarkCountDown: In the end I don't think I had any apt-get headaches (dependency issues like the poster says he had).10:08
CountDownXark: You mean dpkg?  I got some warnings on the packages he mentioned.10:09
*** dneary has joined #maemo10:09
XarkCountDown: Yes, thats what I mean.10:09
XarkCountDown: I don't recall any serious warnings or conflicts...10:10
Xark(Didn't need force or anything)10:10
XarkAt this point I've compiled a great deal with the compiler and its fine.  Occasionally it will segfault on a given file, so far I have always gotten good output by just lowering the optimization level (-O2 -> -Os typically, sometimes to -O1 or -O0).10:12
XarkCountDown: Also remember to make sure /tmp isn't the temp dir for compiles (either use /var/tmp or set TMPDIR environment var for gcc).10:12
CountDownXark: Did you have to add gcc and g++ to your path?10:13
XarkCountDown: It uses g++-3.4 and gcc-3.4 so I added symlinks for gcc and g++10:14
*** dolske_ has quit IRC10:14
XarkDidn't need to alter the path.10:14
*** TimRiker has quit IRC10:14
* Xark thinks the N800 compiles faster than his AMD 486-100 did. :)10:15
*** jpizzle has joined #maemo10:16
CountDownXark: I'm getting errors from g++-3.4 and libstdc++6-dev.10:16
XarkCountDown: Like what?10:16
_Monkeyprivet, keesj10:16
XarkCountDown: Hmm, I do seem to recall having to pick the right order to install things...10:17
CountDown"libstdc++6-dev depends on g++-3.4 (= 3.4.4cs2005q3.2-5.osso3); however: Package g++-3.4 is not configured yet."10:17
XarkCountDown: Yeah, that sounds familiar.  IIRC all I did was install in a proper order.  Can you finish g++3.4 config?10:18
jumpulaif you say apt-get -f install what does it suggest?10:19
CountDownXark: I get the opposite error if I try dpkg -i g++...10:19
XarkCountDown: I wish I had kept a log of exactly what I did.10:19
*** dolske has joined #maemo10:20
jumpulayou might do without the -f as well10:20
XarkCountDown: There must be a dpkg way to install packages with circular dependencies...10:20
CountDownXark: Maybe I have the wrong versions?10:20
* Xark is a Debian newbie (but old time Linuxer).10:20
CountDownjumpula: I'll give it a try.10:20
XarkI seem to recall apt-get check being helpful as well...10:20
*** Wizzard has joined #maemo10:21
* Xark gets back to his coding, mention my nick to "beep" me.10:26
CountDownXark: Hmmm... g++-3.4 is there, but gcc-3.4 isn't.  Do  you have gcc-3.4 working?10:27
CountDownXark: (Oops, sorry for the distraction.)10:27
XarkCountDown: Sure.  I have both working.10:27
XarkCountDown: No problem.  Its "work" so feel free to distract me. :-)10:28
* Xark 's N800 has been distracting him all day. ;-)10:28
CountDownXark: Which .deb files did you use?10:28
XarkOne sec.. lemme double check.10:28
XarkCountDown: I think it was gcc-3.4_3.4.4cs2005q3.2-5.osso3_armel.deb that was right with the others...10:29
XarkHow can one get a list of all .deb files that are installed on a system?10:30
Xark(from CLI)10:30
CountDowndpkg -l or some such.10:30
CountDownXark: Ah, I think I was trying to be too smart for my own good.10:31
XarkCountDown: Yep, it shows: ii  gcc-3.4                                        3.4.4cs2005q3.2-5.osso3      The GNU C compiler10:31
CountDownXark: I installed gcc-3.4-base_3.4.4cs2005q3.2-5.osso3_armel.deb instead.10:31
XarkCountDown: Hehe, I feel for that too.  If you look in that -base thing its just the GPL, COPYING and REAME or somesuch. :-)10:32
Xarker, fell for...10:32
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo10:32
XarkMore like GPL-base.10:32
XarkCountDown: Its the only "up to date" gcc package, so sure I installed it. :)10:32
CountDownXark: I guess I can just leave it in there, yeah?10:33
XarkCountDown: Yeah, no harm (until you get conflicts...)10:33
*** Komarov_ has quit IRC10:33
Xark(just kidding, it seems harmless)10:33
XarkCountDown: Sounds like you are basically there though.10:34
CountDownXark: Installing and checking now...10:34
CountDownXark: Looks good!  Thanks again.  :)10:35
XarkCountDown: No prob.  Enjoy.10:36
*** __shawn has joined #maemo10:38
*** timeless has quit IRC10:46
JaffaMorning, all10:52
CountDownMorning, Jaffa.10:54
*** ajturner has quit IRC10:55
*** fab has joined #maemo10:57
CountDownThe IRC logs indicate there was some sort of problem with python raising an exception like: File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>, couldn't opendir(): No such file or directory10:58
CountDownDid this ever get resolved?10:58
CountDownI'm running into the same thing now.10:59
*** mrben has left #maemo11:04
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo11:05
nomisCountDown: I have no idea about this, but is the path to the python executable correct?11:05
*** infobot_ has quit IRC11:05
*** infobot has joined #maemo11:06
CountDownnomis: Do you mean the path to the Python interpreter?  If so, yes.11:06
nomisok. No clue then  :)11:06
CountDownThanks for the suggestion, though.11:07
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo11:08
*** koen has quit IRC11:09
*** slomo has joined #maemo11:16
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:24
AD-N770good morning11:26
*** guardian has joined #maemo11:27
CountDownGood morning, AD-N770.11:27
*** jpizzle has quit IRC11:32
*** jpizzle has joined #maemo11:33
*** obergix[work] has joined #maemo11:37
*** melmoth has joined #maemo11:37
eugenemelmoth: not on holiday?11:38
*** CountDown has quit IRC11:39
*** jpizzle has joined #maemo11:41
*** dolske_ has joined #maemo11:47
*** dolske has quit IRC11:47
*** CountDown has joined #maemo11:58
CountDownPython 2.5 under Maemo 3.2 on my N800 is complaining:  usb.USBError: couldn't opendir(): No such file or directory12:01
CountDownThis doesn't happen on my desktop, and the IRC logs indicate similar problems with Maemo's Python previously.  Any ideas?12:02
XarkCountDown: Is this on a jffs, ext2 or vfat partition?12:03
XarkCountDown: Pehaps its not happy with vfat?12:03
CountDownXark: It's whatever the default Maemo 3.2 partition is.12:03
CountDownXark: Not the SD cards.12:04
XarkCountDown: OK, thats jffs, which I would assume has proper semantics.12:04
CountDownI don't even know what would cause such a problem.12:05
*** CountDown has quit IRC12:11
*** florian has joined #maemo12:16
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC12:19
*** cbx33 has joined #maemo12:20
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman12:21
*** VRe has quit IRC12:21
*** VRe has joined #maemo12:22
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo12:43
*** N800 has joined #maemo12:45
*** unique311 has quit IRC12:46
*** pcfe has joined #maemo12:49
*** timeless has joined #maemo12:55
lardmanhmm, Jazelle v1 Architecture Reference Manual requires an NDA :(12:58
XarkCountDown: Are you trying to access a USB device?  Perhaps you need to make some device nodes in /dev on the N800?13:04
Xarklardman: Jazelle == ARM-flavored CPU?13:05
suihkulokkiXark: google before asking :)13:05
lardmanXark: Jazelle is a hardware extension for some ARM processors (like the one in the N800) that allows direct bytecode execution13:06
* lardman was busy with MATLAB13:06
cbx33matlab.  ah that brings back memories13:07
Xarklardman: Right, thanks. Some patented crap in there.13:08
lardmanXark: Yes, but that's the challenge of course :) ;)13:08
Xarklardman: Heh, yes, but its often largely a legal challenge. :)13:09
lardmanYeah, I'm not sure about that. What happens if you manage to reverse engineer the process from publically available documentation + guesswork?13:10
* lardman wishes!13:10
Xarklardman: If its patented, it doesn't matter if you independently invented it 1 day late.  The patent owner wins (and if you know its patented and violate it, it can be more damages).13:11
Xark(wins unless you have $$$ and good lawyers)13:11
lardmanDoesn't that depend on whether you sell it. If you mearly give it away, then is there an issue?13:12
Xarklardman: However, sometimes you can work around patents (although there is often a performance loss).13:12
Xarklardman: Nope.13:12
Xarklardman: If giving it away was OK, then Linux would snarf all patented tech around. :)13:13
lardmanWhat about gif, isn't that patented?13:13
lardmanOr at least the compression used in it13:13
Xarklardman: Yes, and you needed to pay money if you had code that used it (free or not).13:13
Xarklardman: However, now that patent has expired worldwide I believe.13:14
lardmanAh, I see13:14
Xarklardman: Now its JPEG that isn't safe (damn Lucent).13:14
*** Stg has quit IRC13:14
lardmanhmm, jpeg decoding is too slow for my liking, certainly when browsing digital photos13:17
lardmannot related to patents, just got me thinking13:18
Xarklardman: On the N800 or in general?13:18
lardmanXark: N80013:19
Xarklardman: Yeah.  Proably a similar reason as to why youtube is 4 fps.13:19
*** Pinguozzz has joined #maemo13:19
lardmanSounds like a good dsp project :)13:19
Xarklardman: I wonder if Nokia is taking advantage of the vfp in the N800 for that stuff.13:20
*** Pinguozzz has quit IRC13:20
lardmanThe JPEGs that is13:20
Veggenhmm. Does there exist such a thing as a bluetooth USB-converter. That is, USB-thing that talks bluetooth to the computer ? (with battery, obviously)13:20
lardmanXark: No, nothing much is compiled for vfp, certainly libm isn't13:20
Xarklardman: See, now that strikes me as silly.13:20
lardmanXark: Size issues I think13:21
lardmanXark: Should be in the ml archives13:21
Xarklardman: Hmm.  I am not buying it (at least for math-heavy routines).13:21
lardmanXark: To tell the truth, good fixed point code is often faster, tremor is significantly faster than vorbis iirc13:21
Xarklardman: True, it may be for jpeg, but it depends.13:22
lardmanXark: Yes. That'd be easy to test13:23
Xarklardman: I would have killed for the vfp coding for the Nintendo DS. :)13:23
Xark(NDS is ARM4 w/o any FPU let alone VFP).13:24
lardmanWhy was it such an issue? Porting code or writing new?13:24
*** pleemans has quit IRC13:24
XarkNDS does 3D in a similar fashion to an Atari 2600 doing bitmapped graphics. :)13:25
XarkWriting a game (which had 3D elements).13:25
XarkAll nasty fixed point matrix math and stuff.13:25
lardmanYep, easier to understand as floating point13:26
lardmanBut depends on how fast the fp works13:26
XarkNDS is wacky (no frame buffer for 3D).13:26
Xarklardman: I only know of the VFP from drooling over it while reading the ARM doing DS coding.13:26
Xarklardman: Do you know is there a FPU and a VFP or is all float math being done in software on N800?13:27
infobotXark meant: lardman: Do you know if there a FPU and a VFP or is all float math being done in software on N800?13:28
* Xark pats the infobot and tosses it a botsnack.13:28
lardmanXark: There is a hardware vfp unit13:28
Xarklardman: Yes, but is there also hardware FP unit or are all the binaries using soft-float?13:28
Xark(since you said they weren't using the VFP)13:29
lardmanXark: But the unit does not actually perform all instructions in hw afaicr, some are done in software. The binaries all (I think) use soft-float (vfp)13:29
Xarklardman: Interesting.13:29
Xarklardman: Is there any detailed doc about the chip in the N800 available for free (excluding the Jazzy crud)?13:30
lardmanBut if they do as I do, and statically link against a hardware-floting point libm, then some things may use the hardware13:30
Xarklardman: I was under the impression that on arm chips with VFP that was typically used for all HW fp math (but I may be wrong).13:31
lardmanXark: Yes, there's a doc on the arm site about this processor. Take a look at my email about Jazelle to the maemo-developers list (yesterday?) for an url13:31
Xarklardman: Will do.13:31
lardmanXark: I think that the vfp unit only handles a subset of the full instruction set, only those things that are used often13:31
Xarklardman: I see.  That would be very ARM-like.13:32
lardmanthough check that as it's just based on something I think I read a while back13:32
*** Zword has quit IRC13:32
Xarklardman: When looking at the ARM book I mentioned I remember thinking the instruction set was pretty amazing.  That makes sense if they don't have to actually spend all those transistors on it. :)13:33
Xark(VFP instruction set)13:33
lardmanI've not actually looked at the instructions themselves, I was always more interested in whether it gains us anything13:34
Xarklardman: I see.  I am a long time assembly language person (since when it was basically the only option) so I like looking at the instructions.13:35
* lardman is learning to try hacking Jazelle13:35
Xarklardman: Were you involved in the interesting patent discussions recently?13:36
*** Zword has joined #maemo13:36
* Xark can't remember if they were on maemo mailing list or some random google surf he was following...13:36
lardmanXark: If you mean on the ml, then yes, that's me13:37
Xarklardman: Talking about adding kernel exception vectors and such?13:38
lardmanXark: Yes, but I don't think that's needed anymore13:38
Xarklardman: Cool.  That sounded slow to me anyways. :)13:38
lardmanXark: Well Jazelle will do certain instructions in hw, with other infrequently used ones needing to be emulated, so I thought it might work in theory13:39
lardmanXark: But from reading that pdf I pointed you too, it appears that SWI and UNDEF exceptions don;t occur in Java mode13:40
lardmanXark: So the exception vector table can't be the answer (thankfully)13:41
*** eichi has joined #maemo13:42
lardmanhmm, I may be wrong about cfp only doing a subset, googling seems to indicate it does the whole of IEE75413:42
Xarklardman: Does that mean it honors the whole spec, or that its all implemented in HW?13:44
lardmanXark: That I don;t know13:45
Xarklardman: Excepting the PS2 almost everything is IEEE complient these days (and I think Java is even more strict).13:45
lardmanhmm, I seem to remember that software vfp isn't, or at least it doesn't produce the same results as hardware vfp13:47
lardmanthough there is some latitude in the specification13:47
lardmanah no, I was thinking of issues with Octave, right at the bottom, paranoia passed all the platforms as being compliant13:49
lardmanOutputs here:
*** cbx33 has quit IRC13:51
Xarklardman: Interesting.  I need to dig out my ARM book...14:03
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo14:03
lardmanXark: Please let me know if you have any thoughts14:13
Xarklardman: Just reading some google threads regarding N800 vfp and soft float.  Sounds like what you said earlier, it uses a soft-float abi but somehow stll gets win from vfp (perhaps using HW inside GCC lib code).14:16
RadarI understood "n800" in that sentence14:17
Radarand that was it14:18
gomiamRadar: lardman talks about "virtual floating point"14:18
lardmanvector floating point14:18
gomiamouch, sorry14:18
gomiamsoft-float is making the calculations without using hardware14:19
lardmanvfp can be performed in hw or sw, n800 has the hardware, but the Nokia software doesn't use it for much atm14:19
lardmangomiam: yep14:19
Radarunless  it is ussed to make a game, not interested!14:19
gomiamRadar: you should be interested in vector floating point14:19
lardmanvfp is a specific floating point instruction set used by ARM14:19
gomiamif well used it can make video/audio treatment much more efficient14:20
gomiamconsider the MMX extensions in Intel processors14:20
gomiamonly translated to floating point14:20
lardmanhmm, well the N800 processor has things like MMX, simd instructions, etc.14:20
lardmanso not quite the same, but right idea14:20
gomiamMMX extensions, IIRC, are SIMD14:21
gomiam(mostly, at least)14:21
lardmanI should repeat that sentence, it could be read the wrong way -> yep it has features that are like MMX, e.g. simd instructions14:21
gomiamyes, the moment you start talking about vector operations, SIMD is to be expected, usually14:22
gomiamwell, I'll get back to studying :-P14:22
lardmanDare I say this assembly programming is quite interesting to learn :)14:23
gomiammy mind isn't parallelized enough yet (working on it, though)14:23
XarkI would say that VFP is more similar to Intel SSE (MMX is integer).14:24
XarkSame kind of stuff though.14:24
lardmanwell hw vfp is a coprocessor, so it's I'd say just like standard floating point coprocessors14:25
*** xnix_ has quit IRC14:25
lardmansemantics anyway14:25
*** melmoth has quit IRC14:27
*** xnix has joined #maemo14:28
XarkI am just talking functionally.  MMX is 64 bit integer stuff.  SSE is 128-bit 4xfloat just like VFP on ARM.14:29
lardmanI wonder whether any of the standard libs use things like the ARM Media Extensions or DSP extensions? (,
XarkE.g., MMX = (mostly) faster blitting audio mixing, SSE = faster 3D math14:30
Xarklardman: Other than perhaps some codecs and other Nokia specific things, I doubt it.14:31
lardmanXark: I was just thinking about making JPEG browsing tolerable14:31
lardmanXark: Another little project to add to the list :)14:32
*** matt_c has quit IRC14:32
Xarklardman: I haven't looked at any of the DSP stuff, but it sounds very promising (unless the DSPs suck or something).14:32
lardmanXark: Ah, these extensions are in the ARM core, not the DSP14:32
Xarklardman: Ahh, you mean the MADD stuff.14:33
XarkLike 2x16-bit multiply add.14:33
lardmanXark: The DSP has a slightly steep learning curve, but I have some code for doing G.711 (my first test case), I just need to convert my short->char function to a int->16bit char function14:33
lardmanXark: Yes, those are the ones14:34
Xarklardman: I think even the DS had those (but they weren't too useful to me at the time).14:34
*** adoyle has quit IRC14:34
Xarklardman: Mostly good for audio mixing and other stuff, but I assume since the load is so low playing AAC and MP3 radio that the N800 has some kind of decent codec HW support.14:35
lardmanXark: Yep mp3 & aac are handled on the DSP14:35
lardmanXark: Video is done on the ARM though14:35
lardmanthough on the 770 video used to be on the DSP too14:36
Xarklardman: Yeah.  I was reading the mplayer threads about how the N800 video bus is 3x _slower_ than N770.14:36
Xark*Bzzt* Wrong direction :)14:37
lardmanSerge/ssvb/Siarhei Siamashka would be someone to talk to about the ARM DSP/media extensions14:38
lardmanHe's been doing assembly hacking to improve mplayer performance14:39
*** else58 has quit IRC14:43
*** MDK has quit IRC14:43
*** MDK has joined #maemo14:46
*** lardman is now known as lardman|lunch14:48
*** Disconnect has quit IRC14:53
*** j1o1h1n has quit IRC14:54
*** sxpert-work has quit IRC14:54
wumpusindeed, the bus connecting the arm to the lcd controller is kind of slow for the N80014:54
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo14:58
Xarkwumpus: Seems noticeably slow even just scrolling in the browser and redrawing the screen.  Do any scrolling games run fast?14:59
XarkAlso, anybody notice that the lowercase "g" is missing pieces at certain sizes in the courier font (monospaced web text).  Some kind of ugly scaling or bad antialising.15:07
wumpuswell I don't think the bus is that slow you should notice, I mean, you can play video in realtime15:07
inzXark, yeah, I was reading a finnish ircquotes site, and had trouble reading some letters, took me a while to recognise it as a g15:08
wumpusagreed on the fonts btw15:08
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC15:08
Xarkwumpis: Well thats why I was asking about a game.  Do SDL games hit the framebuffer directly or does everything go through X?15:09
Xarker, wumpus15:09
wumpusI have no idea, I do know that the framebuffer is 'fake', so if you update it directly nothing happend, it needs to be manually resynced over the LCD bus15:10
wumpusI mean it's not memory mapped15:10
wumpusthis is probably also why the DSP does not decode video on the N80015:11
*** mgedmin has quit IRC15:12
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC15:14
Xarkwumpus: Yeah, so you just play with a block of memory then slowly stream it to the LCD memory.15:17
* Xark thinks back to Genesis, ColecoVision and other VDPs without direct FB access.15:18
pupnikXark: no HWsurface in sdl on nokia15:18
pupnikit's all a copy through X15:18
pupnikare you interested in sdl games?15:19
Xarkpupnik: Not too surprised about that.  Even on desktop Linux is rare to see HWsurface nowadays (other than perhaps 320x200).15:19
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo15:19
Xarkpupnik: I have been toying with it since way back.15:19
pupnikthe hacker who did mplayer has code to write straight to FB mem15:20
pupnikwe could write a sdl hwsurface lib based on his code15:20
pupnikwell i couldn't15:20
wumpusyou can write directly to FB mem. but it won't help you15:20
*** bergie has joined #maemo15:20
pupnikit is possible, but most of the performance probelms are in the SDL games themselves15:20
wumpusit's not the framebuffer of the hardware you're writing to but a software mirror15:20
wumpusas I explained15:21
*** ajturner has joined #maemo15:21
Xarkpupnik: Hmm, I'm sure I could add support for that to SDL (given a glimpse at the code that does the xfer).15:21
wumpusthe kernel takes care of copying the changed parts of the framebuffer via a serial interface to the LCD controller15:21
pupniklook at mplayer Xark... it also has some faster memcpy and memmove15:21
Xarkwumpus: As long as there is a clean way to get X out of the way so you don't fight over the screen (aka fullscreen mode).15:21
pupnikyes there is15:21
wumpusyeah I'm sure you can do that15:22
pupnikit's not 100% solid tho15:22
pupnikkilling the process can leave you with a mess, especially if you have xsp enabled15:22
Xarkpupnik: I will have to see if I can compile native SDL games first (so far only text apps).15:22
pupnikXark: check my stuff at and if you are interested in any of that, i'll give you sauces15:22
wumpuspupnik: it's the same if fullscreen media player dies15:24
Xarkpupnik: Cool.  I am daring to be different and trying to do fully native development (i.e., compile on the N800).  I figure its faster than the AMD 486-100 I developed on for years. :-)15:24
pupnikthere is no excuse to develop on the device15:24
Xarkpupnik: SDL typically had a "parachute" to restore the screen in case of crash/exit (signal handler, really).15:25
pupnikwell get started on something - tons of good sdl apps15:25
Xarkpupnik: Only the challenge. :-)  Besides, I don't have a Linux box set up anymore and want a solid state one.15:26
pupnikfine, whatever is fun for you15:26
Xarkpupnik: I have a working compiler and ssh, so I am mostly happy.  Having trouble compiling a new binutils/gcc, but I can see moving on to SDL.15:26
pupnikpeople who want to get things done don't set up artificial hurdles though15:26
Xarkpupnik: I have the VMWare dev image worst case.15:26
pupnikyou obviously don't have professional programming experience15:27
Xarkpupnik: THe compile time is not the barrier.15:27
Xarkpupnuk: Hehe, why do you say that.15:27
pupnikgoal-oriented attitude15:28
*** egsavage has joined #maemo15:28
Xarkpupnik: This is my hobby.  I am a professional game developer (and am a veteran one - started professionally on the Atari 2600).15:28
pupnikwow ok15:28
pupnikwe could really use DrPocketSNES on the nokias15:29
pupniksnes9x is too slow15:29
pupnikit's form the gp2x tree... i spend a couple of weeks merging the two and its a mess15:29
Xarkpupnik: My goal is to have a nice solid-state linux box to develop little SDL games on for a hobby.  I see no hardware/speed reason that the device is not up to it.  In fact I was shocked that I couldn't just "apt-get" a full dev toolchain.15:29
pupnikif you want to work on it, i can give you my work in progress15:30
XarkI did Linux development on a 3.3 bogomips machine with 8MB for a few years. :-)15:30
pupnikmy first professional work was on an 80286 back in 8715:30
pupnikyou not having a pc for scratchbox is strange and suspicious15:31
*** pupnik has quit IRC15:31
*** N800 has quit IRC15:32
Xarkpupnik: I have a PC, I am doing "real" work on it at the moment (while I ssh to the N800 and IRC on the 2nd monitor).15:32
Xarkpupnik: I just don't have a dedicated Linux box up and running.15:33
Xarkpupnik: I am just toying and learning about the N800 at the moment.15:34
Xarkpupnik: Its currently acting as my ssh/router/web server (so I can get to my PC via it from outside over SSH tunnel).15:35
Xarkpupnik: I am also interested in the toolchain because it doesn't look like the current binaries are taking optimum use of the CPU (with VFP at least).15:36
_Monkeyokay, Xark.15:36
wumpuswell yeah if you want to develop on the device itself why not15:36
XarkOnce I ssh to it, I can't really tell what device it is (and the window is bigger than the VMWare one on my 20" LCD).15:37
* Xark notices its way past time for bed...ZZZzzz night all.15:39
*** Xark has quit IRC15:39
*** Radar has quit IRC15:46
*** Disconnect has quit IRC15:57
*** ajturner_ has joined #maemo15:59
*** ajturner has quit IRC15:59
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo16:03
*** ajturner_ is now known as ajturner16:09
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC16:11
*** jobi_ has joined #maemo16:16
*** jobi has quit IRC16:17
*** famousjs has quit IRC16:21
*** matt_c has joined #maemo16:23
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*** bipolar has quit IRC16:26
*** obergix[work] has joined #maemo16:27
*** bergie has quit IRC16:29
*** bergie has joined #maemo16:31
*** brlancer_ has joined #maemo16:36
*** brlancer has quit IRC16:36
*** jamey_ has joined #maemo16:38
*** __shawn has joined #maemo16:38
*** brlancer_ is now known as brlancer16:40
*** jamey_ has quit IRC16:41
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo16:41
*** jamey_ has joined #maemo16:42
*** lardman|lunch is now known as lardman16:44
*** matt_c has quit IRC16:47
*** OgMaciel has joined #maemo16:47
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk16:51
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*** abock has joined #maemo17:07
*** ajturner has quit IRC17:09
*** jamey_ has quit IRC17:11
JaffaInteresting announcement on Maemo-developers about Telepathy17:16
*** kakos_ has quit IRC17:16
*** alterego has joined #maemo17:19
disqmmm i'll check it out17:23
*** bergie has quit IRC17:23
disqi just had an idea about the osso-statusbar-cpu17:23
*** bergie has joined #maemo17:23
disqwould be useful if it notified you when some user process was using excessive cpu and prompt to kill it (with an adjustable timeout, that would kill it in x seconds if the cpu usage keeps up)17:24
*** kender has joined #maemo17:24
*** bilboed has joined #maemo17:24
*** alterego has left #maemo17:25
*** bipolar has joined #maemo17:25
inzdisq, I do accept patches ;)17:27
disqinz: i tried but the compiler kept spitting out errors17:28
disqinz: about "Link:: command not found" in libtool17:28
disqdepcomp had it, I deleted it and ran autogen17:28
disqnow it's in libtool17:28
disqwhich sdk did you compile this on? i'm trying with bora (3.0 i think)17:29
inz3.0 it should be17:29
inzTry from svn?17:29
disqi will17:29
disqand also i couldn't figure out how to turn the /proc/stat info (ticks, i think) to percentages17:30
inzticks_process * 100 / ticks_all?17:31
*** kakos has joined #maemo17:31
*** bilboed has quit IRC17:32
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:32
disqmm.. guess i wasn't thinking. thanks :)17:33
*** bilboed has joined #maemo17:33
dnearyany sign of Quim?17:33
disq(i'm new to the idle ticks stuff)17:33
disqdneary: probably in guadec?17:33
dnearyhe is17:34
inzdisq, I've done that in dialog.c17:34
dnearybut they have network in the UK these days, I hear17:34
inzdisq, other thing I'd like to figure out, is how to combine threads under one entry in mem "hogs"17:35
disqthat i have no idea. even "top" confuses me sometimes17:35
suihkulokkisummer holidays. guadec. etc.17:36
suihkulokkidon't expect anything to happen until september.17:36
disqooh the new release is interesting. let me grab my n800 from the charger17:36
disqi had a standard nokia to tiny nokia adapter but i lost it somewhere in the house, i keep the charger in the bedroom17:37
*** suihkulokki has left #maemo17:37
gomiamI carry the charger in the same bag I carry the N800 :-)17:38
gomiammuch easier for drive-by recharging :-D17:38
disqi carry the n800 in my pants pocket. or in my photo bag17:38
gomiamthat's not an option in my case. I already carry too many things in my pants pockets :-D17:39
*** soleblaze has joined #maemo17:39
disq(i have another tiny-plug charger but i also lost the us to european plug adapter so can't use it)17:39
*** abock has quit IRC17:41
*** abock has joined #maemo17:42
*** yerga has joined #maemo17:42
*** VimS has joined #maemo17:42
*** Vertoo has quit IRC17:43
*** bilboed_ has joined #maemo17:44
*** bilboed has quit IRC17:46
*** nelson has quit IRC17:47
*** nelson has joined #maemo17:48
*** Feral_Kid has joined #maemo17:48
*** kender has quit IRC17:49
Feral_KidI installed gpecalendar and now I seem to have a slight problem... When I boot the 770, there is a message that says that it can not open gpecalendar file, at which point the unit reboot and the process starts all over again. Does anyone know what file I need to edit so that gpecalendar doesn't start at boot time?17:50
Feral_KidI figured I would mount the mmc filesystem and remove whatever needs to removed in order to boot properly again...17:51
*** ab has quit IRC17:51
*** fab has quit IRC17:56
*** abock has quit IRC17:57
*** bilboed_ has quit IRC17:57
*** xnix has quit IRC17:58
*** bilboed has joined #maemo17:58
JaffaFeral_Kid: the file in question won't be on the MMC. You could try disabling the lifeguard restart using a flasher17:59
*** bilboed has quit IRC18:01
Feral_KidJaffa> I am not sure what you mean about the lifeguard... There is no file that defines what is loaded at boot time... For instance, when I boot off the flash, it boots with no problem, so there is nothing that doesn't stop applications from trying to start when I boot off the mmc.18:02
JaffaFeral_Kid: Oh, I didn't realise you were MMC booting.18:05
JaffaFeral_Kid: You need to remove the gpecalendar.desktop file.18:05
cy-^^ laulz18:05
*** avs has joined #maemo18:05
JaffaFeral_Kid: /usr/share/applications/hildon-home/gpe-calendar-home.desktop (from
*** avs has quit IRC18:05
*** florian has quit IRC18:06
*** xnix has joined #maemo18:07
*** bergie has quit IRC18:11
*** bergie_ has joined #maemo18:11
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl18:15
*** ajturner has joined #maemo18:18
Feral_KidJaffa> Ok, did that, but what I get now is "event_db_new: unable to open database:/ home/user/.gpe/calendar, and then I click ok, it starts a reboot... I did remove the gpe-calendar-home.desktop file...18:23
*** Sulis has joined #maemo18:23
*** ajturner has quit IRC18:23
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman18:24
lardmanhmm, is it just me or does the browser not open when you click on a bookmark18:25
*** obergix[work] has quit IRC18:25
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo18:25
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo18:27
Sulisjust you18:28
lardmanI must be special then18:28
*** bergie_ has quit IRC18:30
*** Pierre_Tramo is now known as gcarrier18:33
*** ajturner has joined #maemo18:33
*** bergie has joined #maemo18:34
timelesshello cruel world18:34
timelessi have a document that mentions Hildon18:34
timelessunfortunately it was written before Hildon moved to Gnome18:35
timelesscan someone provide a 5-9 word description of Hildon? :)18:35
timeless(hildon to fit in a sugar snap pea shell)18:35
therilIt's a GUI framework that the Maemo os uses18:35
therilAnd all hildon widgets are GTK+-widgets18:35
timelesssorry, that doesn't work18:35
timelesshildon is upstream of maemo, so mentioning maemo in the description is faulty18:36
timelessthat's like me calling Linux "An os for Maemo embedded devices"18:36
timelessi can do it, but millions of people will bite my head off18:36
Sulisit's a gui frame work for mobile devices...?18:37
Sulisthat better?18:37
therilBut maemo is currently the only one that uses it18:37
Sulisthat's not true...18:37
Sulisthere's an ubuntu that uses hildon too18:37
* timeless watches sulis bite theril's head off18:37
therilOh, sure :)18:38
timelessUser Interface framework for mombile devices?18:38
therilBut hildon was originally designed for maemo18:38
Sulisi'm not that bitchy atm, haven't had a caffeine infusion recently18:38
timelesstheril: sure, but describing something by what it was doesn't win points18:39
therilI'm so very sorry18:39
timelessif i called Hildon "Gimp ToolKit based whatever for Maemo"18:39
timelessi'm sure people would bite my head off for the former too18:39
timelesssorry, i know what things were, i'm fixing them to avoid being perceived as out of date18:39
*** fab has joined #maemo18:42
lardmanAnyone have a link to a description of the compression that is carried out for a2dp?18:45
timelessis that SBC?18:46
lardmanno idea, just fishing for DSP ideas18:46
*** abock has joined #maemo18:47
timelessok, back to words...18:47
lardmantimeless: Thanks, I'll have a read18:47
timelesshow do you spell <m><A><e><M><o> cOmUnItY sItE ? :)18:48
timelessor is there no such thing?18:48
timeless(and yes, obviously the case for letters is important)18:48
lardmantwo ms in community?18:48
timeless(spelling also counts :)18:48
timelessheck, while I'm at it, what *is* that site? (url?)18:49
timelesslardman: sure, but, "maemo Community site", "Maemo Community Site", "maemo Community Site", ...18:49
* timeless suspects that this means "garage"18:50
lardmanGood question, maemo is not capitalised on the website18:50
therillardman: Bluez-project has an open source implementation of SBC if that's of any help18:50
timelessi'm pretty sure there's a rule that maemo is never capitalized except at the beginning of sentences18:50
lardmanIf you could do the cool 'e' in the middle of maemo, then keep it all lower case18:51
lardmantheril: thanks18:51
therilAnd A2DP supports also other codecs, such as MP318:52
therilBut SBC is the only one that has to be supported by A2DP devices18:52
therillardman: A2DP spec:
lardmantheril: But I suppose you have to choose your headset if you want only mp318:53
*** Toma- has joined #maemo18:53
*** Disconnect has quit IRC18:54
therillardman: Yes18:55
timelessright... so18:56
timelesswhat is the maemo community site? :)18:56
therilAt least the N800 can do realtime mp3 decoding and perhaps SBC encoding on top, so it could be possible to do it without DSP too18:56
lardmantheril: But it would be nice to be able to output audio to a2dp while playing a movie too18:56
therillardman: That could be done by gstreamer18:57
therilAlsa has a plugin that can act as a a2dp sink18:57
lardmantheril: In terms of cpu usage though18:57
therilAh, sorry :)18:57
lardmantheril: I was thinking of an SBC dspsink18:58
lardmantheril: Though it may be rather hard18:58
Toma-can you change the window manager on the 770?18:58
*** VRe__ has joined #maemo19:00
*** VRe has quit IRC19:00
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo19:01
*** ajturner has quit IRC19:01
therillardman: Is it possible to get the encrypted data back to the pipeline from the sink?19:01
Jaffatimeless: Definition of really shouldn't change in your doc. What've you currently got?19:01
*** pumpkingod has joined #maemo19:01
*** ajturner has joined #maemo19:02
*** bergie has quit IRC19:02
db48xI've got scratchbox set up, but when I go to compile something more complicated than a hello-world type program, I find that I haven't met all of the dependancies (things like flex aren't installed)19:04
therillardman: Paper describing how to implement SBC in DSP:
db48xhow are these dependancies generally met?19:04
therildb48x: Does apt-get install flex work?19:05
timelessapt-get builddep foo19:05
timelessor something very close to that19:05
timelesstheril: db48x would die trying to do it by hand19:05
timelessdb48x: you actually want a meta package19:06
db48xapt-get install flex doesn't work, no19:06
*** jsmanrique has left #maemo19:06
timelessthere shoudl be one or two nice ones available19:06
timelesslemme see if i can find the one someone gave me last week :)19:06
db48xsure, anything to speed things alog19:06
db48xwhoa, apt-get build-dep flex wants to remove 59 packages19:07
db48xhildon-this, hildon-that, maemo-launcher-whatsit19:07
*** __shawn has quit IRC19:07
timelessdb48x: nice :)19:08
timelessyou don't want build-dep flex19:08
timelessyou want build-dep {thing you're going to work on}19:08
timelesswhich almost certainly isn't flex :)19:08
db48xoh, right19:09
db48xwell, that's what I did, and it told me it needs flex19:09
timelesspersonally i like living in the dark ages19:10
timelessif you're using some platform newer than 770, well, life gets err, more interesting :)19:11
*** philipl is now known as phil|work19:11
therildb48x: For build-dep to work the package must exist in your repositories19:11
therilWhat are you trying to compile?19:12
timelesstheril: he can't say19:13
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:13
proctomy n800 shipped! It'll be here on wednesday19:22
*** matt_c has quit IRC19:30
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:30
*** ajturner has quit IRC19:33
lardmantheril: Thanks for the link. Looks like it wouldn't be a quick project19:34
lardmanc u all tomorrow19:35
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:35
*** Toma- has left #maemo19:38
timelessso, is it "GTK", or "GTK Toolkit", or something else?19:41
db48xsee ATM Machine19:43
db48xor PIN Number19:43
*** Pio has quit IRC19:44
*** Pio has joined #maemo19:45
*** __shawn has joined #maemo19:47
*** dolske_ has quit IRC19:47
inzMaybe Gtk+ should be renamed to Gtk+ ToolKit (instead of Gimp ToolKit), so we'd have one of those oh-so-fun recursive acronyms19:49
*** Hyperion|n800 has joined #maemo19:51
mgedminhow about Gtk+ Isn't a Toolkit for an even more funny denying-the-obvious recursive acronym19:53
disqinz: where's the osso-statusbar-cpu svn/cvs located?19:54
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo19:57
*** Feral_Kid has quit IRC20:01
*** pleemans has joined #maemo20:06
*** X-Fade has quit IRC20:11
*** etrunko_lap has joined #maemo20:18
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo20:19
*** Atp has joined #maemo20:21
disqah, m-h20:22
*** yerga has quit IRC20:24
*** gorlov has joined #maemo20:24
inzdisq, for performance reasons, it might make more sense to monitor the overall cpu usage, and only if it is too high for an certain amount of time, it would investigate who is using it20:28
*** Pio has quit IRC20:28
*** Pio_ is now known as Pio20:28
disqyeah that's the way i'm planning it20:29
disqafterall the high cpu monitor is to save battery20:29
*** dolske has joined #maemo20:30
*** TimRiker has quit IRC20:47
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo20:48
*** gorlov is now known as gav20:56
*** vmarks has quit IRC21:03
*** melmoth has joined #maemo21:06
*** vudentz has joined #maemo21:08
*** db48x has quit IRC21:08
*** db48x has joined #maemo21:08
*** vmarks has joined #maemo21:13
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo21:16
*** eichi has quit IRC21:17
*** timtimred has joined #maemo21:27
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo21:35
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*** TheNickDe has joined #maemo21:42
*** NickDe has quit IRC21:42
*** __shawn has joined #maemo21:45
*** cbx33 has joined #maemo21:50
cbx33can anyone help me setup an n800 scrathbox environment21:50
cbx33The following packages have unmet dependencies:21:51
cbx33  bluez-utils: Depends: module-init-tools21:51
cbx33  dpkg: Depends: coreutils or21:51
cbx33                 textutils (>= 2.0-3) but it is not installable21:51
_Monkeyi already had it that way, cbx33.21:51
cbx33i can't dist-upgrade21:51
*** etrunko_lap has quit IRC21:51
*** gav has quit IRC21:52
cbx33_Monkey, ?21:52
_Monkeyi haven't a clue, cbx3321:52
cbx33been trying this for days now21:53
cbx33it's this step where it fails21:54
cbx33PAGER=less fakeroot apt-get dist-upgrade21:54
cbx33in the 3.2 INSTALL.txt guide21:54
cbx33any one know why?21:54
*** bmk789_ has joined #maemo21:55
*** dirty_harry has joined #maemo21:57
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC21:58
keesjcbx33: what kind or errors do you get?/ setup do you have?21:59
keesjdid you try to find out what that module-init-tools is?21:59
cbx33keesj, that's just the start there's like 20 pacakges it can't install22:00
cbx33want a pastebin?22:00
cbx33the main one holding things up is pkg-config22:00
keesjand "apt-get -f install" does not fix it right?22:02
cbx33no tries to remove too much22:03
keesjwhen I run apt-cache policy pkg-config ( on 3.1) I get
keesjdid you install by hand? does 3.2 requires the creation of the virtual packages just like for 3.1?22:04
cbx33  Installed: (none)22:04
cbx33  Candidate: (none)22:04
cbx33  Version Table:22:04
cbx33no idea dude22:05
cbx33this is a 3.1 install22:05
cbx33hoping to upgrade to 3.222:05
keesjdid you install it be "hand" or did you use the installer scripts , is your install debian based or not?22:05
cbx33if i remove the /scratchbox dir I can start again right22:05
cbx33i used the installer scripts22:05
cbx33or so i thought22:05
cbx33lemme ty something22:05
disqinz: the averaging last x samples code is ready, just calls a hildon_banner now. moving on to the process detection thingy22:06
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo22:07
cbx33ok keesj starting again22:08
cbx33let's see how this goes22:08
*** dirty_harry has quit IRC22:10
*** kakos has quit IRC22:12
*** bmk789 has quit IRC22:12
*** kakos has joined #maemo22:13
*** pipomolo42 has joined #maemo22:13
*** eichi has joined #maemo22:19
*** anderson_ is now known as anderson_s22:24
*** Yaco2 has joined #maemo22:26
*** Yaco2 has quit IRC22:27
*** script has joined #maemo22:27
cbx33should the maemo 3.1 installer, setup the targets for you too?22:28
cbx33i installed the maemo-scratchbox-install_3.1.sh22:29
cbx33do I now need to do
cbx33might be getting there22:31
keesjthat more like it !22:34
*** Zword is now known as Zword_AFK22:36
cbx33now I'm getting the can't resolve repository22:46
cbx33I edit /etc/resolv.conf22:47
cbx33and nssswitch.conf22:47
cbx33but it's still not resolving any ideas?22:47
cbx33that fixed it last time22:47
*** polac has quit IRC22:47
*** bmk789_ has quit IRC22:51
*** Hyperion|n800 has quit IRC22:51
keesjcbx33: yes22:52
keesjvi /scratchbox/etc/nsswitch.conf !=22:53
keesjvi /etc/nsswitch.conf inside sbox!22:53
keesjchange the line that contains22:53
keesjhosts with22:53
keesjhosts:          files dns22:53
_Monkeykeesj: that doesn't look right22:54
keesj_Monkey: So it's ubuntu  you are running :p22:56
_MonkeyOK, keesj.22:56
cbx33thanks keesj22:56
cbx33forgot that22:56
*** Zword_AFK is now known as Zword22:56
keesj_Monkey: can you please stop?22:57
_Monkeyi haven't a clue, keesj22:57
*** rZr has quit IRC22:57
cbx33it's updating22:57
keesjtime to stop , now it's stil working :) bye22:58
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:58
cbx33ok cool23:03
cbx33so now i have these things working23:03
*** slomo has quit IRC23:04
cbx33how do i cross compile stuff23:04
*** rzr has joined #maemo23:04
*** slomo has joined #maemo23:04
*** vudentz has quit IRC23:06
*** TimRiker has quit IRC23:13
*** pipomolo42 has quit IRC23:13
*** newell has joined #maemo23:14
*** matt_c has quit IRC23:14
newellI am looking for anybody that has any information about btscanner on N800, OS 2007... the libbluetooth1-dev debian files are GONE from the mistral repository on ;(23:15
disqdid you try the gregale and scirocco repositories? tho you should try the bora rep first23:17
disqeach release has a different codename in os2006 and that makes things complicated23:17
newellyeah is there a map that kinda puts all that into a table so people new to the maemo scene have an easier time of it? :)23:21
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:21
*** Andy80 has quit IRC23:22
*** Zword has quit IRC23:27
cbx33if i gcc something in the pc sdk of scratchbox23:32
cbx33how do i compile it in the ARM one?23:32
*** CountDown has joined #maemo23:32
*** mlpug has joined #maemo23:34
CountDownI'm getting a strange Python error on Maemo that I don't get on my Ubuntu machine: usb.USBError: couldn't opendir(): No such file or directory23:35
CountDownAny ideas?23:35
*** ericz has quit IRC23:36
*** unique311 has joined #maemo23:42
*** V-I-P has joined #maemo23:47
*** ericz has joined #maemo23:55
*** egsavage has quit IRC23:59

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