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Xenon3DNGAIM worked for me, but Pidgin is newer/better, so I'd go with it. Gotta run. -X00:04
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milhousePidgin _is_ GAIM - the developers had to rename GAIM to Pidgin after legal action from AOL...00:05
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ericzso how does one execute the browser from xterm?00:06
ericztrying to make IDEA! work..00:06
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ericzKaylaKaze, how were you browsing the filesystem in opera, again? file://localhost or something?00:40
ericznvm, got it00:41
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omnixhow do I configure it so mplayer opens up when I click on a link for a m3u file in opera?00:53
omnixinstead of using the default audio player00:54
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ericzwhere's the home screen's search app store the past searches/history ?01:09
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milhouseericz: /usr/bin/browser
ericzthanks, i got that part :P how about the last question?01:21
milhouseput an & on the end to background the app01:21
milhousesorry haven't been keeping up... what was your last q?01:21
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milhousehome screen search?01:22
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ericzwhere's it store the past searches?01:22
milhousedon't know, sorry... have you searched the filesystem>?01:23
ericzsort of, but i don't know where to look01:23
milhouseyou could do what i just did - search for something unusual, then grep the filesystem starting in /home/user... I searched for Centauri (Google) and searched using grep -i centauri `find . -print`01:26
milhousemy current directory at the time being /home/user01:26
milhouseand i was root01:26
milhouse./.osso/mis/internet-search-applet.xml looks a likely candidate01:26
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livingtmIm attempting to use boost::asio::ip::tcp to connect to a host, but I am getting errors in scratchbox "Unsupported syscall: 250" when it attempts to connect01:45
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rhyshow long does a n800 take to charge?01:51
rhyswith it s power off?01:51
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milhouse4 hours or so01:54
milhousemaybe less01:54
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milhousemaemo planet screwed up for anyone else?02:08
milhouselooks like the formatting has gone haywire (in Firefox at least) during the first article...02:09
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milhousei think it's the post from Rodrigo Vivi ("n770 with a real usb keyboard") that is breaking Planet Maemo - he's got some two column layout thing going on02:11
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NKUMikeI'm not sure if this is where I should ask for help but I have a nokia 770 and I have been installing applcations on it and they go in folders which are represented on that task launcher thing, does anyone know how to move these?02:37
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milhouseTools -> Control Panel -> Navigation02:38
milhouseoh hang on... you said 770... ummm02:38
milhousewhat i said may apply, it certainly does on an N800 but I can't remember about the 77002:38
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NKUMikeI dont think that works, I can customize the task launcher thing but none of the folders where these applications are installed show up, like I installed ssh and it went into some 'other' folder and these folders don't show up on the cutimization page, do I need to access the filesystem or something?02:42
milhouseDo you have a button marked "Organize"?02:42
milhouseIt may not exist in OS 2006 in which case you're out of luck02:42
NKUMikeyeah I have that and it comes up with like the same folders on both sides, none of the other folders are there02:44
milhousessh isn't normally run from the task bar02:44
milhouseor have an icon02:44
milhousemost gui-based apps go into Extras02:44
milhousessh is command line only02:44
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NKUMikeoh ok I guess that is why02:45
NKUMikebecause I know ssh works from the cl02:45
NKUMikeoh well thanks anyways02:45
milhouseyeah, that's all you get :)02:45
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ericz_there's an organize thing on 200602:48
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* pupnik_ imagines a N900, a N901 with slide-out keyboard and N907 with a 7-inch 800x480 screen03:18
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trevarthanWhat's up bitches?05:28
pupnikreading a comic novel05:34
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Modulushey all, quick troubleshooting question:05:39
ModulusI'm having trouble with my Nokia 770 and my DGL-4300.05:39
ModulusI am able to connect to the router just fine, but when I try to connect to a webpage I get a 'network error'.05:39
ModulusThe odd thing is that I can open up a web page if I just type in the IP address.05:39
ModulusAlso I can connect to a media server on my internal network just fine.05:39
ModulusSo I thought that it might be a DNS problem, so I tried manually assigning the DNS server IP (trying the router, my ISP DNS server, and a free dns server). No luck none of them did anything.05:39
ModulusThe really odd thing is that I am sometime able to connect and browse the web (seems to work more often when I have left the device off for an extended period).05:39
ModulusAlso I am able to connected to a neighbor's router and browse normally.05:39
ModulusI don't know wtf is going on. I've got the latest firmware for the router (1.8 I think), and the latest OS for the Nokia.05:39
ModulusI tried turning on and off every setting on the router that I thought could be causing a problem, but to no avail.05:39
ModulusI really hate wireless, it never works right.05:39
Modulusanyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? I not really familiar with linux, so I don't really know what options are open to me to attempt a fix.05:40
pupnikthat sounds difficult05:42
Modulusyeah I think it is just not compatible with the router. But I wanted to see if anyone else has an idea05:43
ericzindeed it does.. the whole part about only able to access websites with IP, but not hostname, is definently a DNS issue though05:44
Xenon3DNSounds like some portion of your network is blocking UDP -- some kind of firewall problem. That will kill DNS operation totally.05:44
Modulushrmm, well other wireless computers are able to get to the net. Also the router acts as a DNS cache, but like I said, I tried manually setting the DNS server on the Nokia05:46
Xenon3DNYes, but even if you set the DNS server on the Nokia, if all of its UDP traffic to the outside world is getting lost, it won't work.05:48
Xenon3DNNot sure why other systems would work and the Nokia wouldn't, but I'm telling you what circumstances fit your described failure mode.05:49
Modulusbut what about the router acting as a dns server? you wouldn't need UDP traffic out of the router if the router was handeling the DNS... I'll look into it more to see if that might be the problem though05:51
Xenon3DNI'm not specifying where the UDP loss is. Maybe it's between the Nokia and the router. I'm just saying, it smells like UDP loss.05:52
Modulusnoted. Maybe i'll try sniffing the network to see if I can see the packets05:53
Xenon3DNGood idea.05:54
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Xenon3DNI got Canola working with local files using the instructions from k-s. And I have my MP3 share mounted, and configured in Canola Configure. But I have a suspicion that Canola isn't scanning that share. It's so close. I wish k-s were back to pick his brain.06:52
Moduluswtf.. it's working now. I hooked up a spare wireless router as an access point and it was working on that, then I was able to connect to my normal wireless router and get to the net. This is just odd. There must be something really odd about this router + the nokia 770. Oh well, maybe I'll just setup the other router as the permanent wireless access point.06:54
Modulusthanks for your help06:54
Xenon3DNGlad it sort of worked. Would be nice to understand what the problem really was.06:55
ModulusIt has to be a hardware conflict between the two, I can't think of anything else it could be. oh well, thanks again06:57
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*** Wzrd2 has joined #maemo07:44 do I missing lib files07:45
Xenon3DNFirst, form a complete sentence. Missing verb is a common problem.07:46
`0660i bet he's trying to install missing lib files07:47
`0660you'd be better of telling what you really want to achieve though...07:48 do I install missing library files...trying to install xgalaga07:48
Wzrd2what repository do I use?07:49
`0660that's better07:49
Wzrd2what about for general lib files which are missing?07:50
`0660the general lib files (glibc) are installed already07:51
Wzrd2I added there but I couldn't find the missing lib.. hold..let me try again07:51
`0660you have to change to red pill mode to find them07:51
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Wzrd2not general lib files.  I mean is there a place which has all the various lib files you would need for any/most apps/game07:52
Wzrd2red pill?07:52
`0660try "red pill n800" in google07:52
Wzrd2I have a 700...same process?07:53
Wzrd2xgalaga mistral and user07:55
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`0660according to the webpage you need to get to the red pill mode with n770 too08:03
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Dr_NunimIt's just that he was all alone. Always by himself. Never anyone to share the game. A man who lived in dreams -- that's who he was.08:14
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* Xark finally gets the bluetooth keyboard paired! Geez, took many tries...08:29
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XarkDoes anybody have any links to a "native" compiler (runs on N800)?  I found one (g++-3.4) but its flakey and gets internal errors (so much so, it can't build another gcc).08:32
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Wzrd2so do the red pill thing and then download xterm and ssh?08:51
XarkWzrd2: That worked for me. :-)08:52
Wzrd2and then how do I get the missing libraries08:52
Wzrd2trying now08:52
XarkWz: I missed your orignial question.  What are you trying to do?08:53
* Xark didn't have too much trouble with anything on the "Application Download" catalog with an "install".08:54
Wzrd2get all the missing libraries that most programs need to install like libx ones08:54
XarkWzrd2: Hmm, well my experience is most will install their own dependencies (sometimes asking to add things to the catalog).08:55
Wzrd2i'm trying to install xgalaga08:55
Wzrd2the that someone told me to do didn't work08:56
XarkWzrd2: Hmm, I don't think I tried that one...(but I got most games).08:56
* Xark goes to look at it...08:56
Wzrd2it's missing libxpm408:56
KaylaKazeDungeon Hack would be a good gzme to port to 77008:57
KaylaKazebut since it's not open source, it'd probably be easier to port DosBox08:58
KaylaKazeand play it under thaty08:58
XarkKaylaKaze: Ooo, yes DOSBox would be great on the N800 (assuming its fast enough to play anything).08:58
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Wzrd2do you know how to get libxpm409:00
KaylaKazeit'd be better on the 77009:01
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KaylaKazeI suppose someone could make a new version of Dungeon Hack using D&D 3.5 rules instead of the AD&D 2ed rules used for the originaly DH... I had almost done that for Neverwinter Nights but never got around to it.09:03
XarkKaylaKaze: I doubt the VFP would be useful for DosBox, so I imagine it could work on either (perhaps a bit faster on N800).  I just purchased this N800, so I am not familiar with the N770.09:03
KaylaKazeI only have a 770 so I want everything to run on a 770 :-P09:04
XarkKaylaKaze: I suspected that. :-)09:04
KaylaKazetomorrow I should have my comic book/pdf viewing system done, or at least mostly done09:05
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XarkDoes N800 support realplayer files?  It pretends too, but won't play any NPR (among others).  Anybody know?09:06
XarkSome older format I am guessing...09:06
KaylaKazeprobably not unless mplayer can handle it09:07
XarkKaylaKaze: Is that for specially formatted comic book PDFs?09:07
Wzrd2anyone know how to get the libxpm4 library?09:07
Wzrd2I just did the red pill thing and installed ssh and osso-xterm09:07
KaylaKazeNo, it's for CBR and CBZ files as well as non secure PDFs09:07
KaylaKazebut it requires you to be connected to your pc via network09:08
KaylaKazeabd your media be stored on the pc09:08
XarkKaylaKaze: Interesting.09:08
KaylaKazeand a web server with PHP on your PC09:08
KaylaKazeand Ghostscript for PDF file handling :-)09:08
XarkKaylaKaze: So the Nokia is some kind of client?09:09
XarkKaylaKaze: Where the PC does the "heavy lifting"?09:09
KaylaKazewhat it pretty much does, is extracts a page from a PDF or a CBR/CBZ, and serves it to the web browser on a page with navigation links and book selection and such09:09
KaylaKazeYeah, pretty much. I was trying to find a good image client on it to read comic book pages and noticed that Opera does a WONDERFUL job with that09:10
XarkKaylaKaze: Ahh, I see.  Uses web client, so its basically a specialized HTTP server.09:10
KaylaKazeor a specialized section of an already existing web server09:10
XarkKaylaKaze: Right.  Sounds cool.09:10
KaylaKazethe nokia still takes a little time to render a new page, but no where near the time it takes to render in the PDF reader or Envince09:11
XarkKaylaKaze: So far I am just using the N800 as a (tiny) generic linux box.  Trying to gather as many normal dev tools as feasable (but having trouble with a dicey native compiler).09:11
KaylaKazeI suppose, though, that if you extact your CBR/CBZ/or PDF files into images you could stick them on your MC and browse them with Opera for book reading09:11
XarkKaylaKaze: How long between pages?09:12
KaylaKazefull color, about 5 seconds maybe09:12
KaylaKazemanga, 1 or 2 tops09:12
XarkKaylaKaze: Thats not too bad.  Like a typical web site (if not better).09:13
KaylaKazeI tried to find a way to precache the image, so it's being processed while you're looking at the other and then have it flip like a double buffer, but it seems opera only renders the picture when it becomes visible09:13
KaylaKazethe code double buffers though09:14
XarkKaylaKaze: Is minimo (sp?) any faster?  I kind of liked it but its a bit "too beta" currently.09:14
KaylaKazeI've got it working with CBR files, so I just gotta pop in the PDF and CBZ stuff. Then I have to make the file browsing and make it more intelligent09:14
KaylaKazeI use minimo for my DND character sheet, but I wasn't able to get it started for some reason to test the reader09:15
Wzrd2we need a better flash than 6 on the nokia09:15
KaylaKazewell, minimo seems to be running now so let's try it09:16
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* Xark wishes Google reader got along better with Opera...09:17
XarkWzrd2: OK, I get the same libxpm4 issue as you.  Hunting for it now...09:18
xnixdoes anyone know why i would get this error: /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `regexec@GLIBC_2.3.4'     when trynig to compile the example code at the very top of this page:
*** Xark has quit IRC09:21
KaylaKazethe double buffering works better in minimo09:21
KaylaKazebut the minimo doesn't go full screen :-(09:21
*** Xark has joined #maemo09:21
xnixKaylaKaze: minimo can go fullscreen throguh the menu, but the fullscreen button doest work properly09:21
KaylaKazeoh, yes it does, justg not with the button09:21
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*** Xark has joined #maemo09:22
xnixanyone know about my error just trying to compile the simple example?09:22
KaylaKazewow! the double buffering works REAL goof inm Minimo... but it seems sometimes the pictures don't process right09:24
xnixKaylaKaze: what is double buffering09:25
KaylaKazethe first couple pages don't work right yet, but after that it works good09:26
KaylaKazedouble buffering (along with page flipping) is when you render 2 scenes, one visible, the next not, then you flip them and draw the next scene on the previous "canvas"09:26
xnixjust makes it faster i giess?09:27
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XarkWzrd2: Hmm, I can find the package, for armrel even, but not with the right libc version.09:29
KaylaKazeit'll also make it sqitch pages easier when you're connected over the internet to your home system instead of WLAN09:29
XarkWzrd2: I need to figure out how to compile source packages (if my ricketty compiler allows it).09:29
* Xark is not well verses in the Debian arts yet...09:30
XarkBTW, is there a *working* VMWare maemo development image around?  I couldn't get it past "grub loading"...09:32
KaylaKazeI got one that works09:33
* Xark read a suggestion that it only works with certain host PC CPUs.09:33
KaylaKazebut it's only 3.1 sdk09:33
XarkKaylaKaze: Hmmm, isn't that the latest?09:33
KaylaKazeI have the same problem with 2.2 sdk on it as I do on my ubuntu09:34
KaylaKazeyes, but not 770 compatible09:34
*** Wzrd2 has quit IRC09:34
KaylaKazeI still have to figure out how I'm gonna handle double size pages on the comic viewer...09:34
XarkKaylaKaze: Hmm, but its what I think I need.  I found the image, downloaded it and it unbzip2'd OK, but VMWare player doesn't boot it right.09:34
KaylaKazeweird, my vmware did09:35
XarkKaylaKaze: Probably because my laptop is dual core or something.09:35
XarkI was kind of bummed.  I'll have to resurrect/build another Linux box (eventually).09:36
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* Xark runs off to get in a bit of playtime on his new "Darkness" PS3 game...09:38
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komarovanyone interested in printing on N800? :-)09:58
komarovanyone familiar with CUPS on Linux?10:00
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unique311komarov, how are you going about it...bluetooth?10:04
*** Xark has quit IRC10:04
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unique311might be able to share your printer like you share folders in XP10:06
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unique311this could be usefull10:23
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JaffaMorning, all11:08
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cy-sup Jaffa11:11
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*** fcarvalho has quit IRC11:36
*** lmoura has quit IRC11:36
*** Vudentz has quit IRC11:36
*** Free_maN has quit IRC11:40
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo11:40
*** obergix[work] has quit IRC11:41
*** Cwiiis has joined #maemo11:44
*** sxpert-work has joined #maemo11:46
*** acydlord has quit IRC11:47
*** lsobral has joined #maemo11:48
*** aCiDBaSe has joined #maemo11:48
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo11:48
*** renatofilho has joined #maemo11:48
*** lmoura has joined #maemo11:49
*** andrunko has joined #maemo11:49
*** mk8 has joined #maemo11:49
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo11:49
*** acydlord has joined #maemo11:54
*** jpetersen has quit IRC11:58
*** spaetz has quit IRC12:00
*** spaetz has joined #maemo12:00
*** bmidgley is now known as bmidgley|away12:04
*** unique311 has quit IRC12:04
*** bmidgley|away is now known as bmidgley12:04
*** klausade has quit IRC12:06
*** konttori has joined #maemo12:07
*** rwhitby-n800 has quit IRC12:09
*** bmidgley is now known as bmidgley|away12:10
*** klausade has joined #maemo12:10
*** twogood has joined #maemo12:11
*** florian has joined #maemo12:17
*** pello has joined #maemo12:30
pellowhere is the ESC key ?12:30
suihkulokkithe "back" key in the keypad12:31
osfameronI just mapped one of the hotkeys in the terminal, but that would be useful for vim12:32
pelloyse under vim and n80012:32
pelloseems not to be easy12:32
osfameronthe editor of champions!12:32
*** JohnMeacham has quit IRC12:34
pellothx suihkulokki12:39
*** zwnj has joined #maemo12:49
*** unique311 has joined #maemo12:51
*** rwhitby-n800 has joined #maemo12:53
*** Molagi has quit IRC13:03
*** gwak has quit IRC13:09
*** Xark2 has quit IRC13:12
*** Xark2 has joined #maemo13:12
*** dneary has quit IRC13:25
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo13:27
*** Pinguozzz has joined #maemo13:32
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo13:39
*** zuh has quit IRC13:41
*** kulve has quit IRC13:41
Tu13eswhee, my n800 comes today :D13:42
*** bueroman has joined #maemo13:43
cy-Tu13es: w00t!  ;)13:43
Tu13esgotta love amazon prime :)13:44
Tu13esanyways, off to work13:44
*** Tu13es has quit IRC13:44
*** zwnj has quit IRC13:45
*** kulve has joined #maemo13:50
* pupnik points at DrPocketSnes14:05
*** pello has left #maemo14:09
*** dneary has joined #maemo14:09
janihehe, still working on getting it ported =)14:11
pupnikyou're working on DrPocketSnes?14:11
janinah but i looked it last week when i saw you brought up the topic =)14:12
pupnikoh right14:12
unique311you always pointing at the Dr.14:17
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC14:17
unique311whats the status of your port?14:17
unique311micheal770 you should release the gnupaint source....the 770 version you have on the blogspot does not work on the n800.14:18
unique311give someone a chance to port it for the n80014:18
koenyou mean "recompile"14:19
unique311are you micheal77014:19
*** edistar has joined #maemo14:19
edistaris there an easy way to mount an nfs share?14:19
edistaron the n770?14:19
pupniki think you need an nfs-enabled kernel14:20
pupnikmy DrPocketSnes is a total mess right now - mashing together elements of Snes9X and the gp2x tree14:20
edistarpupnik: isn't there something userland?14:20
unique311who is this micheals77014:20
pupnikAfaik no edistar, normal nfs needs to hook into the kernel's filesystem-handling - to make it look transparent14:21
edistara german ;)14:21
edistarpupnik: thanks14:21
edistarpupnik: is it hard to get that kernel?14:21
pupnikno it's online  - variety of kernels for it2006.  one of them supports high speed mode on the mmc also14:22
edistarthat sounds good ;)14:22
edistarwell, I have to be off, cya soon!14:22
pupniki think i spent about 50 hours on it unique311  :/14:23
koen~seen micheals77014:24
infobot_koen: i haven't seen 'micheals770'14:24
koenlooks like he isn't on irc14:24
janithe biggest issue is still framebuffer to sdl rendering ?14:24
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo14:25
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo14:25
konttoripupnik: How far are you of a working version of that snes emu?14:26
pupniki don't know.14:27
unique311wow, a new weapon called metal storm, can fire 1 million rounds in 1 minute.14:27
pupnikheh metal storm is 2 years old at least14:27
pupnikthey're mainly selling it for puncturing armor - the rounds hit the same spot14:28
unique311re-runs of future weapons14:28
pupnikyou might be interested in 'railguns' too14:29
mgedminhow much does a million tons weigh?14:29
mgedminhow much does a million *rounds* weigh?14:29
*** zuh has joined #maemo14:29
unique311how much does 1 round weight depends on the round14:29
unique311i guess14:29
pupnikit doesn't fire for a minute14:30
mgedminI was just thinking how big an ammo truck you'd need following you if you planned to keep shooting for more than a few seconds14:30
pupnikjust short burtsts14:30
unique311at work14:30
unique311i was thinking the same mgedmin, thats alot of bullets...14:32
unique311to be carrying around.14:32
pupnikin an alternate universe, we'd have /dev/fb014:35
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC14:36
unique311don't we14:40
unique311the its present14:40
koenyou only need to change one kernel config option to make it behave like a normal framebuffer14:41
pupnikstill "try my game! (custom kernel required)" won't be too popular14:44
unique311custom kernel is never too popular with the regular user14:47
c0ffeejust put a patch online14:47
c0ffeegentoo will sooner or later integrate it in their standard kernel14:48
*** rwhitby-n800 has quit IRC14:49
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC14:52
*** ffoegboy has joined #maemo14:52
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo14:53
*** matt_c has quit IRC14:57
*** bergie_ has joined #maemo14:59
*** bergie has quit IRC14:59
*** booiiing has quit IRC15:01
*** ffoegboy has quit IRC15:05
*** booiiing has joined #maemo15:05
*** pdz has quit IRC15:13
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC15:13
*** pdz has joined #maemo15:15
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo15:18
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo15:18
*** Tu13es has quit IRC15:19
*** Tu13es has joined #maemo15:23
Tu13esanyone know where I can download the OS 2006 firmware?15:23
*** guardian_ is now known as guardian15:25
*** edistar_ has joined #maemo15:35
*** pdz- has joined #maemo15:36
konttorifrom nokia n800 support page15:38
*** pdz has quit IRC15:38
*** matt_c has joined #maemo15:39
*** kenneth_ has joined #maemo15:43
*** kenneth_ is now known as kenne15:43
*** N800 has joined #maemo15:44
*** zwnj has joined #maemo15:44
*** edistar has quit IRC15:46
MDKwhat do you need the custom kernel/fb for?15:47
*** matt_c has quit IRC15:48
*** matt_c has joined #maemo15:48
*** luck^ has joined #maemo15:48
*** ian_brasil has quit IRC15:52
*** unique311 has quit IRC15:53
janianyone with 770 in handy ? Could someone provide me any file generated in notes which has some formatting and space characters ..15:54
Tu13esanyone know if there's any way to sync an n770 and google calendar in any way?16:00
Tu13esor, does anyone know of a better calendar app than gpe-calendar?16:00
melmothi have been told 'dates' does it...16:06
melmothbut i never try16:06
gregulthis is interesting
*** rebroad has joined #maemo16:08
*** Disconnect has quit IRC16:11
rebroadhi, is it possible to rotate my whole desktop 180º pleaae?16:11
gregulrebroad:you can turn the whole n800/770 180deg16:12
eugenehey dudes16:12
gregulrebroad:i do not think the X11 server has the features yet16:13
melmothhola eugene16:13
rebroadyes, i'd prefer to hold my n800 with the bulge at the bottom16:13
eugenemelmoth: brother. here i am, going online secretly :)16:14
gregulrebroad:no, this not possible with the current version16:14
* mgedmin wonders whether he should teach rebroad the difference between U+00B0 DEGREE SIGN (°) and U+00BA MASCULINE ORDINAL INDICATOR (º)16:15
mgedminspeaking of which, the nokia virtual keybord doesn't have a degree sign in it16:16
mgedminsurprised me16:16
rebroadif i was willing to patch the xserver myself (assuming it's possible), how easy would it be to share with others and remain compatible with other nokia supplied software please?16:16
*** KevinVerma has left #maemo16:16
zuhDepends how much you modify the xserver16:17
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo16:17
rebroadi'm using the builtin keyboard - quite slow to type!16:17
zuhI built a xserver with composite extension enabled and kulve has it in his debian repo, so all one has to do is to add the repo and then install some program that depends on that particular version (in this case xcompmgr) to upgrade the X (and naturally reboot :)16:18
rebroadshame the dev env needs linux... i have xp as my main os on the desktop .16:19
zuhI haven't seen anything break because of that16:19
gregulrebroad: there are a few vmware-player images around16:19
*** etrunko has joined #maemo16:19
rebroadgregul, ah, that'd help16:19
rebroadruh, what's the composite extension needed for please?16:20
Tu13esanyone know why I can't add m3u playlists to audio player?16:21
*** zwnj has quit IRC16:21
*** cfh has joined #maemo16:21
cfhhi all16:22
Jaffarebroad: funky drop-shadows, fade effects etc.16:22
Jaffazuh: what's the performance like without being able to use the PowerVR?16:22
JaffaSome eye candy would really help sell the N80016:22
rebroadanyone here managed to get orb working with the builtin mediaplayer?16:22
cfhi have bought a bt keyborad but my n800 dont recognized it (it said : no category ) what can i do ?16:23
cfhthe kb is like this
rebroadthanks gregul , zuh for the replies16:24
zuhJaffa: Performance of which, xcompanager or the server in general?16:25
zuhxcompmanager is not too fast, fade-in is only possible with small windows16:25
melmothcfh try  ?16:25
Jaffazuh: xcompmgr/composite in general16:26
zuhJaffa: The shadows don't seem to make a big difference though16:26
cfhmelmoth : ok  thank youu16:26
gregulzuh:do you know if the gfx chipset is upto alpha channels and the like?16:26
Jaffazuh: that's quite cool, then.16:26
Jaffacfh: without looking it *may* not be HID-compatible. Look for "kbdd"16:26
zuhJaffa: I made this little tester app that collects open windows in a grid, it seems to be able to update the contents of those real-time16:27
zuhJaffa: But other than that, I haven't really done any real profiling16:28
cfhjaffa ok in fact my kb is not HID compatibile but is a generic kb16:28
Jaffazuh: exposé like?16:28
zuhJaffa: Far from it, but kind of... :)16:28
* Jaffa would love to play with that ;-)16:28
rebroadi never really understood why one would want an external keyboard for the n800/770. i mean, surely it'd just be better to buy a device that had one included16:28
cfhdo you know where is the maemo map HID  list v?16:28
gla55_rebroad: there is no maemo device with built in kb16:28
Jaffarebroad: what device is the same size shape and runs Linux? netBook Pro was best option but the Linux one was never properly available and cost a fortune. Asus Eee PC looks very interesting, though.16:29
zuhgregul: There is no chip to use at this point, only thing resebling graphics chip there is the LCD controller and that only does some scaling and color conversion AFAIK. The 3D chip *might* help in composting or then not. I don't really know about it and no drivers available so it's a bit moot point...16:30
*** hap has quit IRC16:31
gregulzuh:interesting, thanks16:32
janithat chip was briefly mentioned in the maemo-devel list this/last week16:36
janiit said that there is a 3d chip in the device but there are no drivers for it. (and i think it also mentioned or atleast, thats how i understood that actually there is drivers but not for 2.4/2.6 kernels and manufacturer of the chip is not interested in porting and/or they are not oss)16:38
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC16:39
greguljani:drag, i imagine that chip could give the n800 some nice bling16:39
eugenemelmoth: have you tried to cross-compile armv6 apps on i386?16:41
melmothwell, the other way around16:41
eugenemelmoth: explain :)16:41
janigregul: well, there was also some discussion about that.16:41
janii'll paste the stuff i find it.16:41
melmothwell , the regular porting stuff. Taking the source, and compiling it on scratxhbox under the arm target16:42
eugenemelmoth: saw your mail, thanks so much :)16:42
eugeneah ok.16:42
melmothwas it not the kind of compilation you were thinking about ?16:42
janiWell the problem is in pushing full frames from internal framebuffer in16:43
janiSRAM to external memory on video chip. This means you won't have best16:43
janiframerate when doing fullscreen updates in 800x480.16:43
eugenethats what i'm talking about16:43
melmothok :)16:43
janithat because of bus and memory bandwidth16:43
melmothIt usually worked smoothly. I compile stuff for arm usually only once everything works fine in the x86 target16:44
eugenemelmoth: i'm trying it out now16:44
zuhjani: It's not only said, there *is* a 3D chip on the device ;) Comes with the package, costs extra to get licence for the drivers. Dunno about how it actually goes hardware/memory wise though, IIRC the whole board is targeted for 640x480 anyway, which I guess is part of the problem for N800...16:52
janizuh: yes.16:53
janii know, i read the thread =)16:54
N800so 800x480 no 3D or 640x480 3D?16:54
janiany mode , no 3d =)16:54
N800because of licensing16:54
N800what if the license part of the problem gets would 3D work then?16:55
*** mk8 has quit IRC16:58
*** behdad has joined #maemo17:01
eugeneis there a scratchbox mirror? gee, it's so slow here17:01
*** bmidgley|away is now known as bmidgley17:04
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:06
*** kakos has quit IRC17:08
*** bear_ has joined #maemo17:15
*** Sho_ has quit IRC17:21
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo17:22
*** tank17 has quit IRC17:22
*** kakos has joined #maemo17:27
*** joshin_ is now known as joshin17:28
*** pleemans has quit IRC17:30
*** cfh has left #maemo17:34
*** lauro|college has joined #maemo17:34
*** lauro|college is now known as lmoura|college17:35
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:35
*** dpb has joined #maemo17:41
KaylaKazeis there a way to edit your app menu?17:51
*** Molagi has joined #maemo17:52
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo17:53
melmothsee the 'Adding Application To Menu' section17:53
*** bergie_ has quit IRC17:53
*** nhdezoito_adrian has quit IRC17:53
*** N800 has quit IRC18:06
*** chrissturm has joined #maemo18:08
*** NeoRex has joined #maemo18:15
NeoRexCan the Nokia 770 's RAM be upgraded? How? Soldering involved?18:16
`0660who would do that?18:17
*** tank17 has joined #maemo18:20
*** VRe has quit IRC18:23
*** VRe has joined #maemo18:24
*** Molagi has quit IRC18:25
*** Xenon3DN has joined #maemo18:32
*** tchan1 has joined #maemo18:36
*** bergie has joined #maemo18:37
*** tchan has quit IRC18:37
*** MishaS has joined #maemo18:45
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo18:49
*** feig has joined #maemo18:49
*** lmoura|college has quit IRC18:50
*** NeoRex has left #maemo18:51
bstockwhat od i have to do to get openvpn running on 2006.3? i've tried following the directions on the application catalog here:
bstockbut it give me invalid installation package18:52
bstocknm, looks like installing from command line fixed it18:54
*** Disconnect has quit IRC18:58
Xenon3DNbstock: I've had packages (smbfs) that refused to install from app manager, but worked from command line. Don't understand why yet.18:59
*** Spec has joined #maemo19:02
Specso...i've installed xterm onto my nokia 770, and bash....i was wondering how to get xterm to default to bash instead of busybox, is it possible?19:02
*** slomo has joined #maemo19:06
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo19:09
*** sp3000 has quit IRC19:10
*** koen has quit IRC19:11
KaylaKazeWell, that page didn't help at all when it comes to editing the app menu19:13
Xenon3DNKaylaKaze, did you see my message last night that I got Canola to work with local media files (on the MMC card)?19:13
KaylaKazeno, but I think it's supposed to do stuff on MMC easily, isn't it?19:14
Xenon3DNSeems to work with anything in the local FS, if you configure it right. Can't seem to get it to see my smbfs shared files though. Nice UI though.19:15
*** felipec has quit IRC19:15
KaylaKazethat Fuppes crashes to much to be useful :-(19:15
Xenon3DNDid you check out SlimServer?19:15
KaylaKazewhere is it's config files? I was looking for them but only found dbs19:16
Xenon3DNI haven't figured that out yet either.19:16
KaylaKazewell, how do you configure it locally? if I can do that, I should be able to get it to do share19:17
KaylaKazethough mplayer does shares no problem except mplayer is cmdline interfadcew19:18
*** Andy80_ has joined #maemo19:19
KaylaKazeI need to find a good upnp server. SimpleCenter alphabetizes everything which sucks19:19
KaylaKazeIf it didn't do that, it'd be good19:19
KaylaKazeappart from deleting everythign from my c:\ on installation, that is19:20
Specso is it worth upgrading from 2006 to 2007?19:20
Andy80_KaylaKaze: to use with media streamer client?19:20
Andy80_Spec: do you have n770?19:21
KaylaKazeor canola19:21
Andy80_KaylaKaze: for win or linux?19:21
SpecAndy80_: yes19:21
Andy80_Spec: me too, and I use os2006, the 2007 is not supported officially and could be unstble19:22
*** Cwiiis_ has joined #maemo19:22
Specbut the 2007 release has spider solitaire... :p19:22
Xenon3DNKayla: SimpleCenter == SlimServer?19:22
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo19:23
KaylaKazeno. slimserver doesn't seem to do vide19:23
Andy80_Spec: .... :)19:23
KaylaKazeon the fly downsampling of video would be a nice feature :-)19:24
*** konttori has quit IRC19:24
Andy80_the only reason I could upgrade to 2007 is to use skype.... if it will run on it off course19:24
*** greentux has quit IRC19:26
*** Molagi has joined #maemo19:26
Xenon3DNAhh. Ok. Too bad on SlimServer.19:26
chrissturmis there a nice podcast client for maemo? something like democracy would be great19:28
Xenon3DNLooks like Canola does podcasts, but I'm not a pod person, so I can't comment on the usability of it.19:29
SpecAndy80_: it's possible for me to cross compile aiseriot(spider solitaire) and repackage it for os06, right?19:29
Andy80_Spec: I think yes... why not?19:31
Xenon3DNAnyone know how to contact "k-s" off-IRC? I think he's involved in Canola, and I need to pick his brains about Canola's config and database files.19:33
KaylaKazeI have canola allegedly scanning my mounted directories now19:35
Xenon3DNIs it taking a long time?19:35
*** Disconnect_ has joined #maemo19:35
KaylaKazebut it would take a long time on my pc accessing them locally... the thing is it doesn't look like my hd is being accessed19:36
Xenon3DNHmm. Mine just "blipped" and finished, which makes me think it didn't succeed. I wonder if it's an ownership issue with the mounted share or something? Canola ought to be able to read it. File Manager can.19:36
KaylaKazeoh, it says it finished19:36
Xenon3DNInterested to see if it worked.19:36
*** dpb has left #maemo19:36
*** Disconnect has quit IRC19:37
KaylaKazeI think it's broken19:37
*** Disconnect_ is now known as Disconnect19:37
Xenon3DNIt's soooooo close though.19:37
*** Cwiiis has quit IRC19:38
KaylaKazejust use mplayer19:38
*** tchan1 is now known as tchan19:39
Xenon3DNIcky UI though. I want something that is usable by n00bs.19:39
KaylaKazego to xterm, type mplayer -playlist "/home/user/MyDocs/mp3s/<playlist stuff>" & and it'll go fine19:40
KaylaKazepr dont' use &19:40
KaylaKaze'cause if that works, you won't be able to control it19:41
*** gregul has quit IRC19:42
Xenon3DNEh, I'll just keep hacking on Canola. Like you, I'd like to get a nice UPnP server set up eventually, to run nice rich clients like that.19:42
*** oil has quit IRC19:43
*** zumbi has joined #maemo19:44
*** bstock has quit IRC19:44
KaylaKazemplayer gave me this message on a video file "Your system is too SLOW to play this!"19:44
Xenon3DNBiiiiig ;)19:45
Xenon3DNNot pulling punches it is. No sugar coating.19:45
*** chrissturm has quit IRC19:45
*** bstock has joined #maemo19:46
*** dneary has quit IRC19:46
KaylaKazethe sound for the video will play19:47
*** melmoth has quit IRC19:47
Specso if i want a program to work on the n770/maemo i just cross-compile for arm architecture?19:47
pupnikyes, in a maemo environment19:48
pupniksee the scratchbox howto19:48
Specfrom or from
*** guardian has quit IRC19:49
Specand how do i know if i'm usiming maemo2.x or 3.x?19:49
*** rev has quit IRC19:49
KaylaKazegrrr I can't get mplayer to shut down completely19:50
Xenon3DNI had that problem too, Kayla.19:50
*** colinl has joined #maemo19:50
pupnikSpec, for a 770 you want 2.2 iirc19:50
KaylaKazeI'm sending it kill -15s and I killed most of it's threads but one is still hanging on19:50
Xenon3DNWhy not kill -9?19:51
*** colinl has left #maemo19:51
*** Andy80_ has quit IRC19:51
pupnikspec, oh scratchbox - nm19:52
*** vivijim has joined #maemo19:53
*** greentux has joined #maemo19:53
pupnikhere scratchbox 1.0.719:54
Specscratcbox = maemo sdk?19:54
Speci'm reading the maemo_2.2_tutorial now19:54
pupnikbasically it is yeah19:54
Spec'k, i'll keep reading this inbetween working19:54
*** melmoth has joined #maemo19:55
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC19:56
pupnikmaemo 3.0 -> OS2007/bora -> nokia 80019:57
pupniksomebody stop me if i'm saying something wrong19:58
Tu13esany of you recommend a specific screen protector for the n800?19:58
*** pleemans has joined #maemo20:02
*** Free_maN has quit IRC20:03
Specscratchbox is the cross-compilation toolkit/chains, what's maemo SDK? for gui apps?20:04
mgedmina set of libraries for compiling apps for maemo20:08
*** ttuttle has joined #maemo20:08
ttuttleIs it possible to create new input methods for the N770 and set them up in a way that adds them to the Input Method list alongside the standard ones?20:09
Specif i wanted an app to run on my n770, in bash, does it need maemo libraries?20:09
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:10
melmothnot necessarily20:12
melmothbut you want the hildon lib to make it looks nice20:12
Speclook nice? it's a terminal app20:12
*** Tahitibob has joined #maemo20:12
pupnikif you mean a compiled C program, you compile it in scratchbox20:13
melmothif it just print stuff to stdout you dont need libosso.20:13
Spec'k, libosso = maemo lib?20:13
melmothone of them.20:13
melmothyou have the osso stuff wich is about.. heu , like  a dbus stuff , communication between process20:14
pupnikyou have to build in the maemo environment, so your program will be linked to the maemo versions of curses, libc whatever20:14
melmothand hildon, wich is the gui, so hildon is needed to have the same look and feel than other app, or so i guess20:14
*** vivijim has quit IRC20:15
pupnikbut most terminal apps will compile out of the box20:15
ttuttlepupnik: Is there a compiler on the N770?20:15
ttuttlepupnik: And can I get one?20:15
KaylaKazeno gcc that I saw20:16
Xenon3DNYikes. THat would be SLOW.20:16
KaylaKazejust use python20:16
pupniksomeone posted mentioning he had a gcc on it, but that's not recommended20:16
ttuttleXenon3DN: Oh, it's 250 MHz.  I've used Gentoo, which compiles everything, on a 333 MHz box with only 128 MB of RAM.20:16
ttuttlepupnik: It's just for playing.20:16
Xenon3DNttuttle: You don't deny it would be SLOW, however.20:17
pupnikperformance is somewhat equivalent to a pentium 75 mhz20:17
ttuttlepupnik: Really?  I thought ARM was faster.20:17
Specand what exactly is sbrsh for? :p20:18
ttuttlepupnik: Oh, and do you know any general ways to speed up the N770?20:18
pupnikit uses the 770 cpu to compile the arm code.  use qemu instead20:18
florianSpec: execution of binaries from scratchbox on a real device20:19
Specover the tubes?20:19
*** vivijim has joined #maemo20:19
pupnikwhat florian said - i think it executes them on it too - when you run your compiled app20:19
Dr_NunimWe need some better homepage applets.20:19
pupnikwe all want different things.  I want a fast SNES emulator :P20:20
ericzi'd love snes9x :P20:20
Dr_NunimGood luck with that :p20:20
KaylaKazeI want a Fire Emblem type game20:20
Dr_NunimNot enough CPU20:21
*** feig has quit IRC20:21
*** feig has joined #maemo20:21
Specit can emulate GB, right?20:21
ericzseriously though, i want netcat/sendip/telnet, i can't believe there's no port for os200620:21
pupniki compiled snes9x if you want to try it20:21
KaylaKazewell, I have a GBA. I want one designed for it that uses the touchscreen and has online multiplayer20:21
pupnikruns chrono trigger without sound at about 5 fps20:21
KaylaKazeericz: there is20:21
Spec5 whole fps? that's good enough20:22
pupnikDrPocketSnes would be about three times as fast, with sound20:22
||cwhas anyone tried to get a replacement cover the 770?20:23
KaylaKazetrying to find where I saw it20:23
ttuttleWhat exactly is the "maemo 3.x Bora SDK Repository"?20:23
*** unique311 has joined #maemo20:23
KaylaKazetelnet anyway. Had somne other networking tools too.20:23
unique311anybody going to see transformers tonight or already did?20:23
melmothKaylaKaze, have a look here
melmothwith some slight modification (screen size as far as i remember) it works on the tablet.20:24
Specunique311: should i?20:24
*** Cwiiis_ has quit IRC20:24
pupniknot me... did you hear that the movie features a Nokia 770 unique311 ?20:24
Dr_NunimAlready saw it.20:24
unique311how was it nunim20:24
Specthe movie has a 770 in it?20:24
Dr_NunimWorth seeing.20:24
Dr_Nunimbut not like OMG TRANSFORMERS OMG MOMG20:24
SpecDr_Nunim: i was plannin on seeing it on the basis that it failed20:25
unique311well to people who grew up seeing the cartoon..20:25
Specif it's "decent", that's even more of a reason to watch it.20:25
unique311probably is oMGGG20:25
ericzKaylaKaze, the homepage link is 404 and there's no install file20:25
Dr_NunimI grew up watching the cartoon.20:25
Dr_NunimI only wish they used the same voice actors.20:25
unique311SAME HERE20:25
Dr_NunimThat would have been, wow.20:25
ttuttleWhat is "Maemo" itself?  Is it the OS running on the tablet, or the SDK?20:26
*** ericz_ has joined #Maemo20:26
Specttuttle: from what i gathered, it's the OS on the tablet20:26
unique311optimist prime is the first thing i remember drawing.20:26
unique311new voices?20:26
melmothKaylaKaze, is also easily compiled for the n800, and the size screen is easy to change as well20:26
Specare the voices close to original?20:26
*** Molagi has quit IRC20:26
melmothbig problem is... the keyboard20:26
Dr_NunimNo, very different.20:26
unique311so bumble bee don't sound like bumbebee20:26
unique311thats not good20:27
Dr_NunimThey don't really talk that much20:27
Dr_NunimYou'll see.20:27
KaylaKaze has telnet20:27
Specwhy would you want telnet? :p20:27
Dr_NunimThere was a large amount of product placement too.20:27
ericzSpec, i want something i can port knock with20:27
SpecDr_Nunim: can you name some?20:27
Speci thought you used ping to port knock?20:27
Dr_NunimGMC, Mountain Dew, Pontiac, Camaro, among others.20:27
*** _Shurik_ has joined #maemo20:27
ericzyou can't ping a specific port, can you20:27
Dr_NunimI didn't even see the 770.20:29
Specyou could just 'echo moo' > /dev/tcp/$HOST/$PORT20:29
unique311the only reason the 770 is getting so much movie because the N800 wasn't out when those movies were being made20:29
ttuttleunique311: ...and 'cause the N770 is cooler! ;-)20:29
_Shurik_ping a specific port?20:29
_Shurik_I didn't know icmp had a port20:29
unique311next year is probably the year the N800 gets movie time20:29
ericzyeah, heh20:29
Specapparantly it doesn't, i'm hallucinating.20:29
_Shurik_telnet port20:29
_Shurik_should do the port test trick20:30
Spec_Shurik_: the problem is lack of telnet20:30
ericzi just installed the port of telnet KaylaKaze linked, about to test it20:30
ttuttleHas anyone integrated the upgrades between Maemo 3.0 and 3.1 into the Hacker Edition?20:31
KaylaKazeTMNT ANT Transformers at the same time! WTF!?20:31
Dr_NunimI do remember they mentioned a Nokia and someone said it was made in Japan.20:31
Dr_NunimAnd I was like WHAT!20:31
ericzooh, it worked, thanks KaylaKaze20:32
_Shurik_I'd think that iPhone would be a next thing in the movies20:32
Dr_NunimIt will20:32
Dr_NunimNext year.20:32
*** felipec has joined #maemo20:32
Specsure thing20:32
_Shurik_I wanna see "hackers" get into pentagon by tilting iPhone the right way20:32
unique311770 is cooler...lol20:33
unique311to 770 owners...20:33
Specyou have to tilt the iPhone the correct way to hack into pentagon?20:33
ttuttleIs there any development -- official or third-party -- taking place on the Hacker Edition OS for the 770?20:33
_Shurik_and bump it a bit20:33
Specit can't just hack the pentagon sitting flat on a desk? :-/20:33
Dr_NunimNo, you have to tilt it to open ultra secret dev mode.20:33
unique311good hack movie..20:33
unique311live to die hard..20:33
unique311not the best...20:34
Dr_NunimLive Free or Die Hard?20:34
unique311same difference20:34
_Shurik_yes, the movie about viagra overdose20:34
unique311i could've said die hard 420:34
Dr_NunimIt's got that dude from Waiting.20:34
KaylaKazeI wouldn't mind a good Rogue-like game on 770...20:34
*** bergie has quit IRC20:35
_Shurik_somebody mentioned that it would be nice to have supaplex on n80020:35
_Shurik_It's probably so much easier to play on it with a bt keyboard. IT just don't have an action inclined buttons20:36
_Shurik_"Press I then O to fire your weapon"20:36
ttuttle_Shurik_: ROTFLMFAO!20:36
Specdoes the laser/bluetooth wireless keyboard from thinkgeek work with the 770?20:36
ttuttleIs it better to run Hacker Edition of 2007 or the latest 2006?  Are they still maintaining 2006 a little?20:36
Dr_NunimOh that virtual laser thing?20:36
Dr_NunimIt looks so neat.20:37
gla55_Spec: it's just hid isn't it? it should work20:37
KaylaKazethey need some screenshots on the supaplex page20:37
_Shurik_I heard it's not very reliable... but does look neat20:37
ttuttleIs anyone here involved in Maemo development?20:37
_Shurik_(laser keyboard)20:37
Tu13esam I the only one that thinks the laser keyboard would suck?20:37
ttuttleTu13es: no20:37
gla55_Tu13es: nope20:37
SpecTu13es: it's up in the air20:37
Speci'm curious :p20:37
gla55_Tu13es: no tactile feedback..20:38
Speci dont' think it'd be that great - try typing on the desk in front of you w/o keyboard20:38
_Shurik_just like iPhone20:38
Dr_Nunimit looks neat!20:38
Specbut it looks so neat :p20:38
Tu13eslooks neat, but keyboards are about functionality20:38
gla55_it's a neat toy20:38
Dr_NunimIf I turn that thing on a plane everyone would be like, HES GOT A BOMB!20:38
Specit's a neat expensive toy, more expensive than my 770 was i think20:38
_Shurik_I'd rather have a hard clamshell/bt keyboard combo20:38
gla55_like. if it was built in a device, then, sure, it would be a nice thing to have from time to time20:38
_Shurik_that I would buy instantly20:38
Specif it was builtin, that would be the best20:38
Specso how do i know what toolchain i want to install in debian?20:39
_Shurik_iit probably will be for the next model20:39
ttuttleIs there anything newer than the 2007 Hacker Edition that I can install on my 770?20:40
Specscratchbox-toolchain-arm-linux-2006q1-6    ... 2006q3-27 ... cs344-2.3 ....... ct401-2.3?20:40
_Shurik_Yes, the 2007 Doorstop edition20:41
ttuttle_Shurik_: Shut up!20:41
_Shurik_sorry :))20:41
Tu13esanyone know why I'm getting "Cannot execute binary file" when upgrading my n800 in OS X?20:41
_Shurik_My friend has 770, just sux that they dropped support for it. Still a good platform20:41
ttuttle_Shurik_: Yeah, but is anyone outside of Nokia maintaining it?20:42
_Shurik_not that I heard :(20:42
pupnikSpec one moment20:42
_Shurik_see for all the last stuff on 77020:42
*** djcb has joined #maemo20:42
_Shurik_but I heard that Hackers edition is the last thing out there20:43
ttuttle_Shurik_: What are Sardine and Herring then?20:43
ttuttle_Shurik_: says they're for the 770.20:43
_Shurik_honestly, I don't know then... I might be misinforming you20:44
_Shurik_but then again it could be just a canned fish talk20:44
ttuttle_Shurik_: This looks promising, but I have a nagging feeling that the page is just out of date.20:44
_Shurik_btw, what is stopping you from going n800? Did you just get 770 recently?20:44
pupnikSpec i have cs2005q3.2-glibc-arm here - might be outdated20:45
ttuttle_Shurik_: had the 770 for $130.20:45
_Shurik_770 is great for reading as I hear. Might as well keep it for that, and get n800 for latest stuff :)20:45
Specttuttle: that's where i got mine20:45
_Shurik_ah okay, so you just got it20:45
_Shurik_got ya20:45
pupnikSpec and cpu transparency qemu-arm-0.8.1-sb220:45
Dr_NunimI don't see the point to upgrade to n800.20:45
Dr_NunimWhy not just wait until the n900?20:45
Specpupnik: cpu transparency?20:45
_Shurik_Dr_Nunim: might as well20:46
Specpupnik: scratchbox-devkit-cputransp?20:46
pupnikyeah... you can run native N770 apps on your pc using cpu transparency20:46
Dr_Nunimn800 is like the second generation ipod, sure it's good but is it really worth upgrading?20:46
_Shurik_but it might be 990 as far as we know20:46
Specpupnik: oh, i dont' have X/i don't want to run native n770 apps on my pc20:46
pupnikright, but i just followed the instructions and that's what i have20:46
Specn800 looked sleek and nice, but i like my (new) 77020:47
Specpupnik: heh, k ;)20:47
pupniki'm keeping my 77020:47
Dr_NunimI think the 770 is better cosmetically.20:47
_Shurik_yeah, n800 is definitely a mid-experiment20:47
_Shurik_I hope they will make something new that's much better in all aspects20:47
_Shurik_and damn, get it a 600+ mHz cpu already20:47
Dr_NunimThat's what we'll all upgrade too.20:47
Dr_NunimMaybe it'll have first party support too :p20:47
_Shurik_who knows20:48
pupnikbattery life is pretty key.  the arm cpus are great for that20:48
Specwhat about using a geode?20:48
_Shurik_basically, if it will have a screen that can be visible in direct sunlight, faster CPU and a wimax or a sort... who needs cell phone???20:48
Specbut leet.20:48
gla55_pepperpads use geode iirc20:48
SpecOLPC uses geodes20:49
Dr_NunimAren't pepper pad around 1000?20:49
*** ericz_ has quit IRC20:49
pupnikI agree, a dual mode screen that could use reflected light would be sweet20:49
*** guardian has joined #maemo20:49
gla55_Dr_Nunim: ~500 if you find a good sale20:49
*** ericz_ has joined #Maemo20:49
Dr_NunimI don't like the Pepper Pad design20:49
Dr_NunimI wouldn't mind having a OQO if they weren't so expensive.20:51
_Shurik_Pepper pad is a size of a frigging laptop20:52
pupnikfor me the 770 is darn close to perfect.  What sucks is being too stupid to code well.20:52
_Shurik_nobody codes well20:53
pupnikThe guy who did the mplayer port does20:53
_Shurik_I'm pretty sure it has few bugs somewhere20:53
pupnikok you're right20:54
Specthis tutorial is really annoying:
pupniknobody codes well20:54
_Shurik_so my point is... everyone can code well enough, just need to be very methodical about what you do20:54
Specoften times it'll say things like: "When you have created both PC and ARMEL targets, you can toggle between them with the following command:" <next section>20:54
Specit leaves lots and lots of blanks20:54
_Shurik_error handling, error handling, error handling20:54
*** unique311 has quit IRC20:54
_Shurik_OQO is $170020:55
_Shurik_I love my n80020:55
suihkulokkiSpec: if you can formulate your griefs to a bugzilla report, they will improve those sections for the next version20:57
ttuttle_Shurik_: Yeah.  I've used an OQO, and the N770 is more fun ;-)20:59
KaylaKazeSpec: Use "View Source" there are lots of HTML coding errors on the page21:00
_Shurik_still looks good!21:00
*** b^j has joined #maemo21:00
Dr_Nunimwhy doesn't the linux flasher like me21:00
b^ji'm having some problems with bluetooth networking on my n770, is this the appropriate place to ask questions?21:01
Specyeap, source looks much better21:01
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo21:03
pupnikyes b^j21:04
pupnikthe maemo-users and maemo-developers mailing list archives are also good21:04
Dr_Nunimon the 770 I should be using flasher-2.0 right?21:05
b^jcool, i just got my n770 and i have not been able to get it to work with my phone (stupid windows mobile 6 switched to use PAN instead of DUN).  I got PAN working to connect to my laptop but i can't get it to work with my phone.  The bluetooth connection drops after a few seconds.21:07
b^jany ideas?21:07
b^jthat is, my laptop can connect to the phone, my n770 can connect to the laptop, but the n770 won't maintain a connection to the phone21:08
pupnikno, and getting results for a search on your phone + 770 might be hard21:09
pupniksince there are many phones, and not so many 770 users21:09
b^jpupnik, yeah, that has been my issue with finding help on this21:09
*** feig_ has joined #maemo21:09
KaylaKazeThey probably sold more 770s in the last week than in the entire history of the device21:10
b^jgood old woot21:10
Dr_NunimWoot sold 800021:10
KaylaKazeand buy.com21:10
*** florian has quit IRC21:10
Dr_NunimI think buy sold something like 1/2 that.21:10
b^ji gotta say, so far i love the device, if i could just get it to connect to my phone it would be perfect21:10
b^jthere seems to be a real good developer community for it21:11
Dr_NunimI always thought was like a scam21:11
Dr_NunimI mean comon, it's called Buy.com21:11
KaylaKazeI'll love mine more when I get more memory and hopefully then it won't crash all the time21:11
pupnikb^j: maybe it would help diagnosis if you ping the device continuously once it is connected21:11
*** feig has quit IRC21:11
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo21:11
*** feig_ is now known as feig21:11
b^jpupnik, good idea, i will have to look at that, i am fairly newbish as far as bluetooth goes21:12
ryanfaermananyone want an extra n800?21:12
Dr_NunimFor free, sure :)21:12
Specryanfaerman: if i'm forced to, i'l take one21:12
Dr_NunimHell I'll even pay shipping.21:12
Dr_Nunimbut remember, you owe me.21:12
Xenon3DNHow is it "extra"?21:13
ryanfaermanargh, i'll brb, my client decided not to display anything21:13
ryanfaermangotta restart it21:13
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC21:13
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo21:13
*** felipec has quit IRC21:14
SpecDr_Nunim: heh21:14
ryanfaermanokay, it workes now21:14
ryanfaermanwhat did whoever say to me?21:14
Specryanfaerman: if i'm forced to, i'll take one21:14
Xenon3DNSO, why are you getting rid of one.21:14
ryanfaermandoes that forcing include forcing some money from you to me?21:14
Dr_Nunim[14:12] <Dr_Nunim> For free, sure :)21:14
Dr_Nunim[14:12] <Spec> ryanfaerman: if i'm forced to, i'l take one21:14
Dr_Nunim[14:12] <Dr_Nunim> Hell I'll even pay shipping.21:14
Dr_Nunim[14:12] <Dr_Nunim> but remember, you owe me.21:14
Dr_Nunim[14:13] <Xenon3DN> How is it "extra"?21:14
Specryanfaerman: like shipping? >:)21:15
ericzextra as in just some pieces of one? or extra as in fully operational and working? :p21:15
ryanfaermanextra for whoever wants to buy it21:15
ryanfaermantotally working21:15
Dr_NunimWhere'd you get it?21:15
ryanfaermanperfect condition21:15
Dr_NunimBecause they have junk there :o21:15
ryanfaermani just don't use it so much21:15
*** Okko has joined #maemo21:15
ryanfaermanwhen i do use it, it is mostly at home21:16
Okkohi, is jakub here?21:16
ryanfaermanjust using it because i can21:16
pupnik~Every n800 is sacred... every n800 is great... If a n800 is wasted, god gets quite irate.~21:16
infobot_pupnik: okay21:16
ryanfaermanexactly, so i am trying to make it not wasted21:16
pupnikno money here sorry21:17
Dr_NunimWell do a trade, I'll give you this box of stuff from Hong Kong for the n800.21:17
ryanfaermanDr_Nunim: that is worthless for me21:18
pupnikwhat are they going for? $280?21:18
Dr_NunimHK stuff is pretty fun.21:18
Speci do have money, however, the n770 > n80021:18
Speci can't use the n770 has a usb host though, can i?21:18
Specie: connect iPod to n77021:18
ttuttleIs anyone still developing Hacker 2007?  I saw a big whiny thread about it on the mailing list from April.21:18
pupnik   Spec21:20
ryanfaermanso what does a n800 go for, slightly used?21:21
pupnikdepends on country21:21
pupnikthere's this thing called ebay21:21
ryanfaermani don't care where it goes, but the currency is US dollars21:21
ryanfaermanyea.. well shit, literal shit, sells for hundreds21:22
pupnikI know.  I've gotten burned on a few auctions.21:22
Specpupnik: oh, it looks like it needs rd-mode, which sometimes produces bad things?21:22
Specand the iPod doesn't need power via usb, does it?21:23
b^janyone know a good place to ask bluetooth questions?21:23
pupniki haven't used a n770 with host mode21:24
b^jspec, i read that it was possible but i forgot where21:25
*** Xark2 has quit IRC21:27
*** Molagi has joined #maemo21:29
*** abock has quit IRC21:30
*** Molagi- has joined #maemo21:31
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC21:31
*** livingtm has quit IRC21:39
ttuttleDoes anyone know if there are any plans to continue development on Hacker 2007?21:40
pupnikit's a community project21:40
ttuttlepupnik: How active is it, and how much support from Nokia do we have for fixing bugs in closed parts of the code?21:41
pupnikand there's not a lot missing21:41
pupniki don't know21:41
pupniki run 2007 and besides a few glitches it works21:41
ttuttlepupnik: I mean, it works fine for me, but I am somewhat angry that Nokia is not supporting the 770 themselves despite the fact that it's still available.21:42
pupnikmost of the stuff i run i compiled under 200621:42
ttuttlepupnik: I get a few reboots a day, but nothing horrible.21:42
pupnikstill it's not like a windows OS running on millions on machines21:42
pupnikthere are pretty severe econimic constraints21:43
ttuttlepupnik: Oh, can you get Marbles to start?21:43
ttuttlepupnik: I can't, for some reason.21:43
pupnikran on 2006 and 200721:43
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo21:43
ttuttlepupnik: Well, it starts, but when I click "Continue" or "Start Game" it flashes for a second and then returns to the "Continue"/"Quit" screen.21:43
*** KevinVerma has joined #maemo21:44
pupnikill try it21:46
pupnikgame paused menu21:48
pupniki was just running it with synergy and when i moved the mouse off the screen, it pauses the game21:49
ttuttlepupnik: Hmm.21:49
pupnikbut when i play it normally - tapping on the marbles - it works21:49
ttuttlepupnik: Hmm, maybe I need to reinstall it.21:49
ttuttlepupnik: Is it in a repo, or only the flash image?21:49
pupnikit's in a repo21:50
ttuttlepupnik: Oh, Nokia's?21:50
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:50
ttuttlepupnik: What is it called?21:50
ttuttlepupnik: I can't find it in either installed or installable apps.21:51
ttuttleAll I have is osso-statusbar-cpu and osso-xterm.21:52
ttuttlepupnik: Or do I need to use apt-get remove?21:52
pupnikcan you ssh to the device21:53
ttuttlepupnik: Sure.  Or I can be root in an xterm.21:53
pupnikwell i don't have it200621:53
ttuttlepupnik: Neither do I now.  I'm running hacker 2007.21:53
pupnikapt-cache search marbles returned that package21:53
pupnik#maemo:name extras.maemo.org21:54
pupnikdeb bora free21:54
pupnikmaybe your $home/.lmarbles_state is screwed up21:55
ttuttlepupnik: Let's hope not.21:55
guardiandoes the n800 have asian fonts installed ?21:55
ttuttlepupnik: So what's the repo again?21:56
pupniki don't know actually21:57
pupnikapt-cache show and apt-cache policy don't tell me where it's from21:57
ttuttlepupnik: apt can't find it to reinstall :-\21:57
pupnikcheck our sources list - maybe you need extras21:58
pupnikcat /etc/apt/sources.list21:58
ttuttlepupnik: What's the URL for it?21:58
pupniksee above21:58
*** Molagi has quit IRC21:58
ttuttlepupnik: Yeah I've got that.21:59
ttuttlepupnik: I'll refresh the list.21:59
*** behdad has quit IRC21:59
pupnik#maemo:name maemo-hackers22:00
pupnikdeb bora main22:00
pupnik#maemo:name mg22:00
pupnikdeb bora user othe22:00
ttuttlepupnik: Which of these do I need?22:00
pupniki don't know22:00
ttuttlepupnik: mistral or bora?22:02
pupnikbased on that i assume it should be in the main repository22:02
*** Andy80_ has joined #maemo22:03
ttuttlepupnik: Do I need to pull in as mistral too?22:04
pupnikosso-lmarbles Installed: 1.3.42-022:04
pupniki don't have mistral in sources22:04
ttuttlepupnik: Okay.22:04
pupnikthere's my sources.list22:05
ttuttlepupnik: And you have a source available for osso-lmarbles, but you don't know which one it is?22:08
*** alex-weej has quit IRC22:09
pupnikno, what's the command that shows me the repository for an installed package?22:10
pupniker, "yes, i don't know which one it is"22:10
*** Pinguozzz has joined #maemo22:11
ttuttlepupnik: I don't know.  I don't know if there is any way to do that, or if it even tracks that.22:11
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo22:11
ttuttlepupnik: I'm adding mistral for all the repos and trying to find it.22:12
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo22:12
ttuttlepupnik: Should I have any components other than "free non-free" for repos?22:12
pupnikthe repo is repository.maemo.org22:13
pupnikBut i'm surprised you don't see it22:14
pupnikNokia-N800-48:~# apt-cache search osso-lmarbles22:14
pupnikosso-lmarbles - Osso LMarbles game22:14
*** bueroman has quit IRC22:15
ttuttlepupnik: I'm trying your sources.list for now.22:15
ttuttlepupnik: That's showing up because you have it installed.22:15
ttuttlepupnik: I uninstalled it, and now it can't find where to reinstall it from.22:15
pupnikhah you're right :P22:16
ttuttlepupnik: Yeah.22:16
ttuttleHey, can anyone here make a deb of osso-lmarbles for me, and, I guess now pupnik?22:16
*** abock has joined #maemo22:17
*** koen has joined #maemo22:17
ttuttlepupnik: Oh, and apt-cache can find it.  Not apt-get, though.22:17
pupnikok definitely an IT2007 problem22:18
ttuttlepupnik: Can you find the package for IT2006?22:19
pupnikPackage osso-lmarbles is not available, but is referred to by another package.22:19
pupnikThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or22:19
pupnikis only available from another source22:19
pupnikHowever the following packages replace it: osso-graphics-game-lmarbles22:19
pupnikE: Package osso-lmarbles has no installation candidate22:19
pupnikso that's borked22:20
*** ericz has quit IRC22:20
pupnikwriting him a letter22:20
pupnikttuttle: can you do the same - might help22:21
ttuttlepupnik: okay22:21
ttuttlepupnik: What's the opposite of "user" in the last field?22:21
ttuttlepupnik: You know how the last field in sources.list has "user", "free", or "non-free" in it sometimes?  What is the opposite of "user"?22:22
ttuttlepupnik: Wait, do you have osso-graphics-game-lmarbles available?  Try installing that.22:23
ttuttleDoes anyone here have a hacker edition 770 nearby?22:23
ttuttle(And xterm skills?)22:23
* Jaffa yawns22:23
JaffaTu13es: you pinged me?22:23
pupnikthere's no opposite of user22:23
ttuttleJaffa: Do you have any way to make a deb of lmarbles?22:24
Tu13esJaffa: yeah, was wondering if the 770flasher app works with n80022:24
Tu13esi ended up using the cmd line utility, though22:24
Tu13esso no worries :)22:24
pupnikthere must be one online ttuttle - at least for the it200622:24
JaffaTu13es: I belive it does, yes.22:24
*** sp3000 has quit IRC22:24
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo22:25
Jaffattuttle: I'd suggest - but I'm biased22:25
ttuttleJaffa: I was wondering if you could build me and pupnik a deb of lmarbles, since we both uninstalled it.22:25
pupnikJaffa, do you need a account to get your package added with mud-builder?22:25
*** abock has quit IRC22:26
*** abock has joined #maemo22:26
*** ericz has joined #maemo22:27
*** florian has joined #maemo22:27
ttuttleJaffa: ...?22:28
keesjpupnik: yes22:29
keesjttuttle: I did not follow it all , but I have been quit active with mud22:30
Jaffapupnik: in the sense that you need to add a patch to the patch tracker22:30
ttuttlekeesj: Follow what?22:30
JaffaWell, to contribute it to the project anyway. You could always keep it to yourself.22:31
ttuttleericz: Hey.22:31
ericzttuttle, hey, how you liking hacker edition?22:32
ttuttleericz: Good, but I accidentally uninstalled lmarbles.22:32
keesjperhaps we should create a mud debian package?22:32
*** Andy80_ has quit IRC22:35
pupniko(+cn)] [Act: 1,3,4,5]22:36
ttuttlepupnik: That's source.22:36
pupnikttuttle: you're a hacker, compile it :)22:37
_Shurik_marbles fun on the first level22:37
ttuttle_Shurik_: Do you have a 770 or an 800?22:38
_Shurik_after that it's too difficult22:38
_Shurik_well, so is chess really. Get's compicated after E2-E4 move22:38
Jaffattuttle: ah, I wondered why you were asking me. I just expanded the tarball ;-)22:38
pupniki don't see why marbles isn't in the bora repo though22:38
ttuttlepupnik: Me neither.22:38
ttuttleCan anyone here find lmarbles anywhere, as a deb?22:38
ericzmarbles is too hard.22:39
ttuttleericz: lol22:39
ericzon easy, i can't get past the second level22:39
pupnikstumps me too after a few levels22:39
_Shurik_I think I got to level 422:39
_Shurik_but it was difficult22:40
ttuttleDoes anyone have a 770 with lmarbles and xterm and a way to get files off the device?22:40
ttuttleOh, a 770 with hacker 2007.22:40
_Shurik_so I'm waiting for Doom3 port to n80022:40
ericzi have a 770 with os 2006 and xterm and lmarbles and a way to get files off the device.22:41
*** Xenon3DN has left #maemo22:41
ericzthink there's any difference in the versions of marbles?22:41
Speci have a 770 with os2k6 and xterm :p22:41
Specwhat's lmarbles?22:41
ericzthe marbles game22:41
Specyou mean the hard one?22:42
ttuttleSpec: Can you get files off the device?22:42
Specthat involves logic?22:42
ttuttleSpec: Yeah.22:42
Specyes, xterm + ssh = win22:42
_Shurik_what I'm actually curious is how the hell did they do a port of StarControl 2 to maemo22:42
_Shurik_was the source released or something?22:42
Specmarbles rocks :o)22:42
pupnik_Shurik_: yes,22:44
pupniktoys for bob kept control of the source22:44
pupnikand they released it22:44
pupnikusually the publisher retains those rights, but in this case the creators demanded they keep rights to the source22:44
_Shurik_toys for bob?22:44
pupnikthey created Star Control 222:44
_Shurik_ah okay22:44
_Shurik_hmm, interesting22:44
Specwhat is Star Control 2?22:44
pupnikit gets even funnier22:44
pupnikbest game ever, Spec22:45
_Shurik_Spec: you don't know SC2?22:45
ttuttleSpec: Okay.  Can you run this: eval tar -cvzf lmarbles.tar.gz `cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/*lmarbles*.md5sums | awk '{print "/"$2" "}'` /var/lib/dpkg/info/*lmarbles*22:45
ttuttleSpec: And then send me lmarbles.tar.gz?22:45
Specit's os2006, not hacker22:45
_Shurik_it's like Marbles, but 1,000,000 times better22:45
ttuttleSpec: That should be okay.22:45
pupnikTheir publisher demanded they release it and the programmers stole away with the development boxes and the source and HID to finish the game.22:45
pupnikThey went underground.22:46
_Shurik_ah I see22:46
ttuttlepupnik: I think that script should let me reinstall it, as well as convince dpkg that I have reinstalled it.22:46
pupnikThat's awesome.  Anyway it turned out to be one of the greatest games of the 90s.22:46
_Shurik_there's just gotta be so much stuff that can be ran on maemo22:46
*** xan has joined #maemo22:46
_Shurik_after proper porting22:46
pupnikWell i'm working on On-Screen buttons for StarControl 2 so combat will be playable22:47
_Shurik_oh really?22:47
_Shurik_also, it might be a bit naive of course, but it surprises me that n800 can't emulate NES all that good22:48
pupnikhow is the framerate?22:50
ttuttleSpec: Has it finished?22:50
Specttuttle: no22:50
_Shurik_seems like 330 mHz vs 3.5522:51
ttuttleSpec: Okay.  Is it working?22:51
_Shurik_well, it's lagging slightly. Not horribly, but still22:51
_Shurik_I understand hardware scrolling and sprites... but still seems like it should kick it's ass. Oh well22:51
Specttuttle: i don't think backticks work22:53
ttuttleSpec: Oh.  Are you sure?22:53
ttuttleSpec: They worked here.22:53
suihkulokki_Shurik_: thing is, it's not enough to emulate the HW accelerators.. you have to emulate in a bug-to-bug compatible way, including making sure timings are identical to the original hardware22:53
ttuttleSpec: Well, do you know enough shell to work around it?22:53
ttuttleSpec: Okay.22:54
suihkulokki_Shurik_: since game developers really used to exploit every last bit of hardware22:54
Specbut it's slow going as i don't have ssh-inbound access to my 77022:54
ttuttleSpec: Ah.22:54
ttuttleCan I get things like make, binutils, cpio, and so on for the N770?22:55
Specweird that ` don't work22:55
Specbut $() does22:55
ttuttleSpec: Yeah.22:55
_Shurik_suihkulokki: makes sense... I know there is a reason why it is that way, just saying that still appears strange... oh well22:55
ttuttleSpec: And I got ` to work on Hacker 2007.22:55
melmothttuttle, it will be easier and faster to compile your app in scratchbox, where you will have make22:57
ericzwow, i can't believe there's an item for Idea applets thing in control panel, all that time i spent yesterday editing the xml file in nano..22:59
_Shurik_Hm, I wonder if using standard stereo 1/8" connector does any harm to device22:59
Specttuttle: bash?22:59
_Shurik_as it has 4th connecter for mic22:59
_Shurik_but then again.. probably not22:59
Specttuttle: I just did: echo `cat /var/lib/dpkg/status` to no avil, yet: echo $(cat /var/lib/dpkg/status) works just fine22:59
* pupnik ponders23:03
*** edistar_ is now known as edistar23:03
Specttuttle: eh, sorry, hold on23:04
Specttuttle: waiting for network to start working again23:04
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo23:04
* pupnik points to sdl... points to HWSURFACE... points to mplayer framebuffer hack...23:05
pupnikduno how much speed could be gained23:07
_Shurik_pupnik: you're talking about emu?23:08
Specttuttle: 'k23:08
pupnikSDL games23:08
Specttuttle: got an e-mail addy?23:08
pupnikand emus23:08
_Shurik_I see23:09
_Shurik_well, just need to ask Nokia to give us Geforse video on that thang23:09
*** yzf600 has joined #maemo23:09
yzf600hello all23:09
*** ericz_ has quit IRC23:11
ttuttleSpec:  How big is it?23:12
Specttuttle: do you count binary on your hands?23:12
Spec'cause you can go up to 31 on your right hand, and up to 1023 on both. :)23:12
ttuttleSpec: lol23:12
ttuttleSpec: thanks23:14
pupniknice Spec23:15
Speci haven't done anything nice yet23:16
ttuttleSpec: First time I tried, it rebooted.  Let's see if it works the second time.23:17
ttuttleSpec: /me grumbles.  It always reboots.23:18
Speci've never had a problem yet23:18
ttuttleDoes anyone have an N770 with hacker 2007 and Lmarbles?23:18
ttuttleSpec: Hmm.23:18
ttuttleSpec: Probably a library issue.23:18
Specyou could set up a dev environment and compile it23:19
ttuttleIs it possible to back up the entire system somehow?23:19
ttuttleSpec: Yeah, but I need the graphics too.23:19
Specgraphics too?23:19
Speci meant compile it for the hacker 200723:19
ttuttleSpec: Yeah.23:19
ttuttleSpec: I need the graphics package too.23:19
ttuttleOr is there any way to loop-mount the hacker 2007 image?23:20
Specso...anyone know if it's better to use sbrsh or qemu?23:24
yzf600Does anyone use gaim for yahoo IM?23:25
yzf600My install can't login and I tried to uninstal it and I can't23:25
yzf600Is running an ssh server on the 770 and logging in remotely the easiest way to get to a command line?23:27
Specyou can install xterm and use that, that's what i do23:27
Specbut ssh would be so much easier23:27
Specbut my wireless and wired networks are separated for security :-/23:27
yzf600Spec: can I then use the dpkg utils to force gaim to un-install?23:27
*** MishaS has quit IRC23:28
Speci'm not saying it's a good idea23:29
Specbut you can :o)23:29
Specdpkg --purge --force-whatevers-not-working <package>23:29
yzf600Spec: yea - at work we have the same deal. We have to run a windows only vpn client to get into the corp network23:29
Speci could probably vpn in23:29
Specbut i don't think i have vpn software on my 77023:30
Specand i'm pretty lazy23:30
ericzis their vpn software for the 770?23:30
Speci would assume23:30
yzf600or something like that23:32
yzf600ok, so I just installed dropbearssh-server23:36
yzf600it complained that It could not install23:36
*** greentux has quit IRC23:37
melmothuse apt-get insted of the graphical installer...And if it still fail, you may have to be in 'red pill mode'23:38
edistardo I need to reflash if I want to have a new kernel?23:40
edistarseems like a lot of trouble..23:40
yzf600melmoth: so how to I apt-get if I don't have a terminal window like xterm yet?23:41
*** tank17 has quit IRC23:41
*** xan has quit IRC23:41
melmothinstall a xterm :)23:41
melmoththis should work with the gui23:42
melmothactually dropbear should work as well, but i think it needs to have the gui installer in 'red pill' mode to be installable23:42
ttuttleIf I show all packages in red pill mode in the App Manager... can I safely accept upgrades to those packages?23:42
melmothi m not 100% sure though23:42
yzf600melmoth: yea - I just found the 2006 ssh page where it says for the openssh to install, you have to install becomeroot or get into r&d mode23:43
edistarthat is the red pill mode?23:43
yzf600is r&d mode the same thing as 'red pill' mode?23:43
sxpertthere's a 'red pill' mode ? what does it do ?23:44
melmothred pill is something you set in the application manager stuff. r&d is somehing you set with the flasher23:44
*** nate12o6 has joined #maemo23:44
sxpertmelmoth, ah right23:44
nate12o6has anyone here successfully got pptp vpn working on there n770?23:45
*** Zword is now known as Zword_AFK23:46
*** greentux has joined #maemo23:46
sxperthaha. the root password to the iPhone is "dottie"23:47
yzf600cool - I'm in red pill mode now23:47
edistarsxpert: no, its alpine..23:48
_Shurik_sxpert: I don't get it23:48
sxpertthat's the pasword for the "mobile" account23:48
sxpert_Shurik_, what don't you understand ?23:48
_Shurik_why "dottie" is funny23:49
_Shurik_I think it's that time of the day when all caffeine has worn out23:49
sxpert_Shurik_, more like "this thing will be hacked in no time"23:50
floriansxpert: Some guys in #unixag found out the same this morning...23:50
sxpertflorian, haha.23:50
sxpertflorian, the guys on full disclosure took all of 16 seconds :D23:50
_Shurik_aaah that's what you mean, got ya23:50
yzf600wheeee - I have a command prompt on my 770!23:50
* _Shurik_ sloooowwww 23:50
floriansxpert: ok, fast machine...23:51
_Shurik_yzf600: congrats23:51
nate12o6has anyone even tried to get pptp or any vpn capability working on there nokia?23:51
_Shurik_now what you gonna do with all that black screen goodness?23:51
_Shurik_nate: I thought hamachi was possible23:51
nate12o6it is but i would like to stay away from that.  i would like to vpn into a network not to a computer23:52
yzf600so has anyone used their 770 to make a voip call yet?23:52
nate12o6i have23:52
nate12o6its very cool23:52
_Shurik_me too23:52
_Shurik_yes, very cool23:52
yzf600what service did you use23:52
nate12o6just need to get pptp and im set23:52
_Shurik_calls from a weird 7xxxxx number23:52
nate12o6i use ipkall to get a free incomeing23:52
Specnate12o6: free incoming?23:53
nate12o6and right now im trying to set up voipbuster to gett free outgoing23:53
Specfree outgoing as well?23:53
nate12o6check out ipkall.com23:53
nate12o6works awsome23:53
nate12o6no just incomeing23:53
Specdo you get a phone number or is it ip only?23:53
nate12o6phone number23:53
nate12o6out of washington state23:53
_Shurik_We don't sell equipment or service, there is no charge for registering or for connecting your calls to IP, and we do NOT provide any customer service.23:53
Specso you get free incoming, but no free outgoing?23:53
_Shurik_sounds like I'm back in Russia23:53
Spechow much does it cost to make calls?23:54
nate12o6im still working on setting up voipbuster to get free outgoing23:54
nate12o6vb is free23:54
nate12o6to 100 countries23:54
nate12o6but i have not succefully made a call with the 770 yet23:54
_Shurik_is anyone getting a reeeeeeally long conneciton time with VB?23:54
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:54
_Shurik_I waited for 5 mins and it never connected to US number23:55
Specnate12o6: well, keep us tuned in23:55
_Shurik_kept ringing23:55
nate12o6sure will23:55
*** rwhitby-n800 has joined #maemo23:55
nate12o6but i would definately recommend ipkall.  It works flawlessly with gizmo project23:56
Specgizmo project?23:56
Dr_NunimThe VOIP application23:56
nate12o6gizmo project is the softphone that is ported to maemo23:56
Specnate12o6: so with ipkall i could receive calls on my 770, assuming it had webernet connectivity?23:56
_Shurik_what did you use to register: or
Speci'm working on getting webernet connectivity wherever i am (aircrack-ng suite)23:57
_Shurik_or is that even neccessary?23:57
yzf600so how would one use the built in voice call app?23:57
nate12o6Spec: yes.  and if you are not connected to the internet gizmo will take a voice mail and record it as a missed call.  it will also email you an mp3 of your voicemail.23:57
yzf600when I go to setup an account, all it allows is jabber and google talk23:57
nate12o6_Shurik_: i used gizmo to register. I just fowarded ipkall to my gizmo account.  I like it this way because it handles all missed calls through the ui.23:58
Speccan you get google talk to dial/receive phone #rs?23:58
nate12o6on the 77023:58
Specso gizmo is a service?23:58
*** melmoth has quit IRC23:58
nate12o6yes. service that supplys a softphone23:58
nate12o6yzf600 you must download the gizmo project and install it23:58
nate12o6Spec i didnt understand your google talk question23:59
Specgoogle talk is voip?23:59

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