IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2007-06-25

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jga23using pymaemo, is there any way to import a pyd?  I get an importerror00:15
melmotha what  ?00:18
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jga23.pyd file00:19
melmothi dont even know what it is :) i have met pyc and pyo00:21
melmothbut i never try to use those , directly. I import the py ones.00:21
jga23basically I'm tring to get to work on my n80000:22
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melmothhey, it says it support 'python install' installation00:24
melmothit then should be failry easy to make a .deb out of it00:24
jga23all I did was copy the directories from my site-packages on my computer to the one on the n80000:25
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jga23worked for simplejson...didn't for amara00:25
melmothwell, do stuff the right way.00:25
jga23hah, ok00:25
melmothuse scratchboxn and build a .deb.00:25
melmothor, to go faster, on the n800 try out python2.5 install /somewhere/handy00:26
melmoththen add /somewhere/handy in the python path (import sys then sys.path.append("/somewhere/handy")00:26
melmothbut i never try out python setup stuff on the n800 directly00:26
jga23is there a way to set up the scratchbox on a windows box?00:28
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infobotmelmoth meant: jga23
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jga23great, thanks00:38
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jga23is there any way to get distutils on my device?07:04
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jkyroinstall python2.5-dev08:45
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mk8Hi to all ...10:20
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JaffaMorning, all10:54
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floriangood morning11:07
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melmothyo konttori11:12
melmothi think i understand why yo do stuff directly in the n800, i had a first look at gstreamer this week end11:13
melmothi ended up playing with it directly on the n800: i was not able to have the same sink on scratchbox than on the n800 :(11:13
melmothlike no esdsink11:13
melmothhow sad is that.11:13
konttoriYeah, I think the only test env should be the device itself (for end user app dev).11:14
melmothit s a shame11:14
Robot101alsasink works on the device and your PC...11:14
melmothi mean, testing is ok. but developping is crap11:14
melmothno emacs, no place, have to use nework, so it sux the battery11:14
melmothit s just crap...I would be happier with a scratchox coming with exactly the same functionnality than the tablet11:15
guardianmorning maemo11:15
melmothi was not able to use alsasink (but that could be my mistake)11:15
melmothso i had a look at ukmp and use the same kind of sink there was there :)11:16
melmothbut pffff, gstreamer aint easy to learn.11:16
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melmothso knottori here is a complicated feature request: gapless transition from one song to another one :)11:17
konttorimemoth: not possible11:20
konttoriThe reason is that the gstreamer component must be rebuilt after each song.11:21
konttoriThis makes some transition period between the songs.11:21
melmothi was thinking of using 2 pipeline, being able to detect with some clock (that i know nothing yet about) when the end is near, and starting to play the second piple line with a low volume11:21
konttoriAnd the reason why it must be rebuilt is that songs with mp3 id3 tags containing artwork mess the dsp playback.11:21
melmothand decreasing the volume of pipeline1 while incresaing the volume of pipeline211:22
melmothand so on11:22
konttorimight work, but does the dsp support two simultaneous audio threads?11:22
konttorifor mp3s11:22
melmothi have no clue11:22
melmothi know -nothing- about sound except the info i grabbed this week end :)11:22
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Robot101konttori: you can play something through esdsink and alsa/dsp*sink11:23
melmothesdsink and several stream worked on the laptop here11:24
melmothbut as i do not find any esdsink on the device :(11:24
melmoththe idea would be to implement that:
melmothyou know, the sound of rain , or wind, or radio noise in loop11:25
melmothwhatever sample you may fancy11:25
melmothwell, anyway, i was not even able to play a single stream twice correctly while playing with gstreamer :)11:25
melmoththe second time it was awful noise, like, 1 sec of noise, frozen, 1 sec of noise..And so on11:26
melmothit s a long way to the top, if you wanna rock n roll (tm)11:26
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janimorning people..11:34
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konttorimelmoth: sounds like a very nice program idea!11:55
konttoriYou might also consider using pygame and its integrated mp3 lib for that.11:55
konttoriIt would be very easy, as pygame is really intended for looping playback11:56
konttoriand Immediate (as in immediate immediate) playback.11:56
melmothnow, that s interesing11:56
konttoriand gapless as in gapless gapless ... not like almost gapless11:56
konttoribut it will use processor insted of dsp, so that's a bit bad.11:56
konttoriOTOH, not really that bad.11:57
melmothok. It may be more easier than with gstreamer then..I ll have a closer look at pygame (at already did a bit, but not sound related stuff)11:57
konttoriit's really easy.11:57
melmothi like easy stuff...11:57
unique311think its possible to eliminate the skin in POSE11:57
konttoriUse ukmp code. there is alternative pygame playback.11:57
unique311located the source file needed to modify the lcd screen..11:58
unique311but not sure how to make it a little bigger.11:58
unique311the new release has the keys mapped to the hardware...11:58
unique311so the sking is not needed.11:58
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unique311skin dude12:09
pupnik_isn't double size enough for the display?12:09
unique311well yeah..12:09
unique311but the buttons are mapped to hardware..12:09
unique311whats the use for for the skin12:09
unique311get rid of that...12:09
unique311go for 420x32012:10
unique311and which is the highest palmOS does i just found out from hackndev...12:10
pupnik_oh cool12:10
unique311320x320 updated12:11
unique311looking over the source..now12:11
pupnik_so palm apps will work at higher resolutions?12:11
pupnik_i thought most of them assumed 160x16012:12
unique311roms lower than 412:12
unique311<BobOfDoom> ooh that's right it's rom based isn't it?12:13
unique311<BobOfDoom> hmmm12:13
unique311<BobOfDoom> you'd might have to hack the rom then12:13
unique311<BobOfDoom> generally there's no way to autodetect LCD size, so most likely it's hard-compiled into the rom12:13
unique311hacking the rom...12:13
pupnik_if apps are written for lower resolution, they will probably break, even if the OS is hacked to support higher resoultions12:13
pupnik_but you've got palm xperts to talk to12:14
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* konttori just released updated uktube player:
konttoriIf anyone is using uktube, could you try that out before I announce it?12:46
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konttoriIt's a bug and performance fix version.12:46
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konttoriBlog post with change log here:
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konttoriThe blog post contains the same video as for the initial release, so e.g. downloaded videos are stored in mmc1/videos and not in root unlike the video says13:12
jkyrodoes it work on the 770?13:16
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konttorijust fine ... maybe even better than on n80013:20
konttorijkyro: if you have 770, please have a test run and tell me how well it performs13:24
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jkyroI don't have one but my friend does, I can ask him to try it out13:25
jkyroit probably requres gregale?13:25
konttoriUmm... nope13:26
konttorishould run on 2006 os13:26
konttoriyou just need to install proper python and proper mplayer13:26
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lardmanAnother asm question: after dis55'ing an object file (which has been linked against the avs_kernel and then had the avs_kernel stripped away), where would variables be stored?13:32
lardmanPresumably some might point into the data section, but this is not the case13:32
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lardmanSo the stack is an option, I suppose I should look for the stack address and see if this lines up with the address I'm seeing, however nothing actually appears to have been pushed to the stack, so I'm a little confused13:33
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lardmanIs the bss section mapped to memory as is (or rather in expanded form) for variable declarations?13:35
lardmanOr is it just used by the loader to allocate memory as it sees fit?13:35
pupnik_Frankfurter allgemeine reports YouTube accounts for 10% of internet traffic.13:37
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pupnik_heh lardman not many devs deal with low level stuff13:37
lardmanpupnik_: I'd prefer not having to, but it is interesting in a strange masochistic way ;)13:38
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik13:39
pupnikwhat drives your research?13:39
lardmanAttempting to get sound output from the dsp13:39
pupnikyou know there are apis for that13:40
pupniksorry i'll just waste your time with questions13:40
lardmanThere is code that is called to interface with the class then mini-driver, which is what I'm looking at. I don't think it's possible to add a new class/mini-driver to the system without recompiling the avs_kernel13:41
lardmanUnfortunately there is no header file for these calls13:41
* lardman wonders why the bss section isn't returned by dis55 when it is shown by nm55?13:43
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Veggenuktube: What about embedding a browser-component in uktube? ;) Let it find the videos itself?13:51
Veggeneh, konttori.13:51
Veggenoften you have a link, though.13:52
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konttoriVeggen: I'm thinking about that sort of thing13:54
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konttoriWill happen in the future13:54
konttoriBut not yet13:55
konttoriThis is the first step.13:55
konttoridid you try the 0.2?13:55
VeggenHmm, I tried this weekend. Either saturday or yesterday, can't remember :)13:55
Veggen(but the version, I can't say)13:55
konttoriI just uploaded a new one half an hour ago13:56
Veggenhmm. I can perhaps....ssh to my n800, that should be on and on my home network.13:56
Veggenoh, then I didn't try it.13:56
konttoriFixes some bugs.13:56
konttorichanges here:
VeggenI don't really have a use for my n800 at work, so I usually don't bring it there.13:56
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VeggenAnd travel to/from work is by bicycle :) Limited use there too.13:56
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rwhitbykonttori: found any way to get google videos with uktube?13:59
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MoRpHeUzmelmoth: sorry about the delay but I was reading the log about you saying that scratchbox doesnt have emacs, etc..14:17
MoRpHeUzmelmoth: it doesnt need to have..14:18
melmothMolagi, i agree14:18
MoRpHeUzmelmoth: scratchbox is an env of a lot of links and so, you can edit your files outside from scratchbox and then just compile/etc inside it14:18
melmothi edit file in the host machine, not hte guest14:18
melmothbut i was complaining, and am still because the scratchbox env is not the same as the n80014:19
melmothespecially for gstreamer sink14:19
MoRpHeUzmelmoth: I mean: "emacs /scratchbox/users/your_username/home/your_username/files.c"14:19
melmothso i ended up editing python diretly on the n80014:19
MoRpHeUzmelmoth: for that you are right....14:19
melmothand there s no emacs there :)14:19
melmothnor nfs expoert14:19
melmothso i m stuck with vi14:19
MoRpHeUzmelmoth: hhmm...I prefer to do all the stuff in my machine and just test on the device..14:20
MoRpHeUz(lots of scp of course)14:20
MoRpHeUzbut I got your point =)14:20
suihkulokkiwell scratchbox is not *emulator*14:20
kulveMoRpHeUz: what's the gmyth-streamer? How does it relate to gmyth? What do I install to n800? What to my mythtv box? Can I do the transcoding some other computer than on my weak powered media box (mythtv box)?14:22
MoRpHeUzkulve: hi! =) how are you ? hehe14:22
MoRpHeUzlet's go:14:22
MoRpHeUz1 - it's a "transcoding environment"....a "transcoder+streamer"14:22
kulveMoRpHeUz: if you didn't guess, I just got my mythtv box about up'n'running ;)14:23
MoRpHeUz2 - it uses gmyth to retrieve info/data from a mythtv backend14:23
MoRpHeUz3 - just install mplayer to watch the videos14:23
MoRpHeUz4 - you need to have gmyth-streamer and gmyth on the same machine in order to get data/info from mythbackend and transcode/stream14:24
MoRpHeUz5 - yes, you can...but it will take more time to start streaming (but if all of them are on the same lan, it should work well)14:24
MoRpHeUzkulve: =)14:24
MoRpHeUzkulve: and if you didn't guess, I just wrote a How-to and I'm looking for someone to test it =P14:24
suihkulokkiis it possible to tell mythtv to automatically n800-suitable copies of recordings after recording the program?14:26
kulveMoRpHeUz: same lan, the videos are on nfs anyway..14:26
suihkulokkiand then *easily* sync them to n800 sd-card14:26
kulveMoRpHeUz: I'm happy to test your howtos :) (maybe tomorrow)14:27
suihkulokkithe other thing I'd like to do is to use n800 as a remote for mythtv frontend14:27
MoRpHeUzsuihkulokki: the problem is the sync part...but you can say to mythtv auto-transcode files...14:27
MoRpHeUzsuihkulokki: with gmyth you can do that14:27
MoRpHeUzbut the point here is to automatically do all the stuff (including live-tv)14:28
MoRpHeUzkulve: ok, I can send you the how to =)14:28
suihkulokkiMoRpHeUz: the keyword was copy, my understanding is the auto-transcode will not save the original quality video but replace it with the transcoded one?14:28
MoRpHeUzsuihkulokki: gmyth-streamer transcodes on-the-fly14:28
MoRpHeUzsuihkulokki: i think the answer is yes... but with gmyth-streamer the original one will there..and you'll watch it already transcoded...14:29
MoRpHeUzsuihkulokki: take a look at my blog14:30
suihkulokkiMoRpHeUz: hmm, ok. I'll try gmyth as well14:31
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Jaffasuihkulokki: a couple of us use for auto-transcoding PVRred recordings to N800 compatible videos.14:44
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guardiani'm also interested in how to install gms15:07
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MoRpHeUzguardian: I'll post on my blog a how to....15:25
pupnik'Attention, Avatar...'15:30
MoRpHeUzguardian: ok, it's's easier than send to everybody through email hehe =)15:31
guardiangonna try it tonight15:31
guardiandevice is at home15:31
MoRpHeUzok! thanks! please report problems with it ok ?15:31
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* pupnik points at DrPocketSnes again...16:02
pupnik<crickets chirping>16:03
unique311is it up and working pupnik?16:06
unique311anything i can do to assist.....16:06
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo16:08
pupnikno i'm hoping to find someone who can take over the port16:09
pupnikfound a guy who looked at the code for like 5 minutes and found two ways to make it faster16:09
pupnikbut he doesn't have a Nokia16:09
unique311it compiled and is working16:10
*** k-s[WORK] has joined #maemo16:10
pupnikum, not my version16:10
unique311i'm bored...16:11
unique311i'll take a loook at the source...16:11
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janipupnik: too much asm for me to even take a closer look =)16:52
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guardianstatus : resolved16:57
guardianresolution: later16:57
guardianis kind a strange way of expressing "postponed"16:57
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guardianso filtering by status, the bug is resolved ... ;)16:59
guardianand IS NOT at the same time16:59
pupnikjani: well afaict we can ignore all the core emu code - the main issue is with OS interface issues.  The gp2x DrPocketSnes renders to /dev/fb afaict, and this would need to be changed to SDL.  Then there are some issues with filehandling.  My last attempt made a total mess, since i was merging in portions of the stock snes9x code and trying to make that work.17:00
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*** etrunko has joined #maemo17:04
*** bipolar has joined #maemo17:05
pupnikmashing different versions of the emu together produced a lot of broken glass17:18
unique311hey pupnik17:19
unique311i compiled the danm thing..17:19
*** konttori has joined #maemo17:19
konttorirwitby: I haven't had a look at how to process google videos. I may try to have a look tomorrow if I have the time.17:20
unique311you compiled it but it doesn't work...thats the only issue correct?17:20
unique311and you are playing with the code so it will work.17:20
pupnikunique311: i don't remember17:20
unique311well it compiled17:20
unique311when ran17:21
unique311Loading global menu options17:21
unique311Failed to load global options, so using defaults17:21
unique311Loading default rom directory17:21
unique311Failed to default rom dir, so using current dir17:21
unique311Entering gp_initGraphics....17:21
unique311Loading global menu options17:21
unique311Failed to load global options, so using defaults17:21
unique311Loading default rom directory17:21
unique311Failed to default rom dir, so using current dir17:21
unique311Entering gp_initGraphics....17:21
*** jayarama has quit IRC17:22
*** jonty_ has joined #maemo17:26
*** jonty has quit IRC17:27
MoRpHeUzkonttori: did you have time to look at evas stuff from k-s ?17:34
konttorinope. I've been having a vacation for the past 3 days.17:34
konttoriI did have a look at the videos17:35
konttoriI was kind of left wondering how heavy the toolkit is in terms of size.17:35
MoRpHeUzhhmm..I'll take a look at it tonight...17:36
MoRpHeUzkonttori: I know about your vacation...I'm here in Finland and couldnt find any restaurant open during these days! haha17:37
*** kakos has quit IRC17:37
konttoriYeah, Finland really closes during midsummers fest.17:37
MoRpHeUzkonttori: hehe...are you from Helsinki ?17:37
inzit's almost like x-mas, but with less snow17:38
MoRpHeUzI'm at Oulu17:38
konttoriand more to drink17:38
MoRpHeUzinz: hehe =)17:38
*** ab has quit IRC17:39
*** saispo has left #maemo17:41
kulveMoRpHeUz: the blog is a bit unclear where to get the debs and how to use the mplayer (or does it see mythtv server directly as there is the mythtv gnomevfs backend?). And what to install to n800 and what to mythtv box (or to transcoding box).17:41
*** Knowledge has joined #maemo17:42
MoRpHeUzkulve: all that stuff is for transcoding box17:42
MoRpHeUznothing to n800....17:42
MoRpHeUzthe debs are not ready yet....that's why I recommend using svn..17:42
MoRpHeUzafter all that stuff set up, then you can mplayer an special URL.....('s kind of hard now, but trust me it'll be easier on the future ;-) )17:43
MoRpHeUzkulve: updated tutorial with your questions =)17:47
*** abock has joined #maemo17:50
kulveI'll do the actual testing maybe tomorrow17:54
MoRpHeUzthank you =)17:55
*** kakos has joined #maemo17:56
*** konttori has quit IRC17:57
*** pleemans has quit IRC17:59
*** fab has quit IRC18:01
*** Yaco2 has joined #maemo18:06
*** svu has quit IRC18:10
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC18:11
*** zwnj has quit IRC18:20
*** zwnj has joined #maemo18:20
*** zwnj has joined #maemo18:20
unique311pupnik the gpe binary gives the same results when ran in scratcbhox...18:21
*** sabotage has joined #maemo18:21
*** sabotage has left #maemo18:23
*** vims0r has joined #maemo18:25
*** MDK has joined #maemo18:25
*** VimSi has quit IRC18:26
*** ajturner has joined #maemo18:26
*** henning__ has joined #maemo18:28
*** Free_maN has quit IRC18:32
dragornIf no-one noticed, 770 for $120 on woot18:33
matt_cdragorn: woot indeed.18:34
*** dneary has quit IRC18:48
*** Hyperion|n800 has joined #maemo18:48
*** vivijim has joined #maemo18:50
*** jsmanrique has left #maemo19:02
*** b0o has joined #maemo19:02
b0oso I've got a nokia 770 coming in the mail.. I looked around the wiki a bit (unsuccessfully) on the new kernel that supports 2gb mobile mmc that a tough setup?19:05
||cwfor those in the US, has a 770 for $135 shipped today only19:07
gla55my non-so-geek friend managed to enable 2gb support by himself ok19:08
b0othat's where I picked mine up ;)19:11
*** unique311 has quit IRC19:11
b0oexcellent, I'm pretty geeky, so I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty19:12
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:12
b0oI was just about to order a 1gb card when I realized I should probably double check if that was really the limit19:12
*** slomo has joined #maemo19:14
*** b0o has quit IRC19:19
*** guardian has quit IRC19:22
*** florian has quit IRC19:25
*** Efrael has quit IRC19:25
*** Vudentz has quit IRC19:26
*** aCiDBaSe has joined #maemo19:27
*** mk8 has quit IRC19:30
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo19:31
*** spaetz has quit IRC19:31
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo19:33
*** greentux has joined #maemo19:35
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC19:37
*** amaury_ has joined #maemo19:37
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman|gone19:37
amaury_hello I have to make choice , nokia 770 or zaurus ? someone can help me ?19:38
*** sxpert-work has quit IRC19:38
||cwamaury_: 770!19:41
||cwnot rally fair to ask here as we're all biased19:41
*** lmoura has joined #maemo19:41
||cwamaury_: main reason though, nokia stillupdated 770 software, somewhat19:41
amaury_and zaurus , community don't updrage the rom ?19:42
amaury_is the virtual keyboard is easy to use ?19:42
amaury_on the nokia19:42
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo19:44
lardman|goneamaury_: (Despite being gone ;) ) ask that question in #angstrom (which is the mainly-developer channel for the current Zaurus ROMs). I think the 770 is a little underpowered, but has bt & wifi built-in, while the Zaurus doesn't.19:44
lardman|gones/current zaurus ROMs/current open-source community developed flash images19:45
*** freenux_ has joined #maemo19:45
* lardman|gone is really gone now19:45
*** freenux_ has quit IRC19:45
amaury_ok for the devel, and the keyboard , what thinking about it ?19:46
*** spaetz has joined #maemo19:46
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo19:47
*** sxpert-work has joined #maemo19:48
*** Yaco2 has quit IRC19:48
*** Yaco2 has joined #maemo19:50
*** Hyperion|n800 has quit IRC19:50
*** Yaco2 has quit IRC19:53
*** Yaco2 has joined #maemo19:53
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo19:54
*** hmacht has quit IRC19:58
*** Vudentz has quit IRC19:58
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:00
*** bstock has joined #maemo20:01
bstockanyone have any good linux scripts for converting videos to n770 format20:02
suihkulokkibstock: google 770-encode20:04
Jaffabstock: (I'm Google for my own stuff ;-))20:05
bstockheh thx20:06
bstocki flashed 2006.2 a while ago on the 770, are there any major improvements since then? looks like they're at 2006.320:11
*** Hyperion|n800 has joined #maemo20:20
Pioim in the same position bstock.. im considering doing the it2007 hacker edition too20:26
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo20:33
*** vidarino has joined #maemo20:35
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo20:36
*** vidaroni has quit IRC20:37
*** Brend[uhway] has joined #maemo20:42
*** guardian has joined #maemo20:42
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC20:43
Brend[uhway]can anyone tell me if you can use active x on the 770?20:43
*** Brend[uhway] is now known as Brenduh20:43
janiuniq: well, as pupnik said, it uses framebuffer to outputting graphics which should be converted to sdl..20:45
Veggenactive x?20:45
Veggenthat's MS-only-technology, so no.20:45
Brenduhok ty, I have to log in to work using active x, that is why I wondered.20:45
Veggenmy condolances.20:46
janiyeah, activex is ms proprietery extension, who ever made your work is well.. Moron ;)20:46
BrenduhI won't disagree with you there20:46
*** zwnj has quit IRC20:47
*** ajturner has quit IRC20:47
BrenduhI just bought the 770 on woot.  I've been saving up for something like this, I am disabled and there are times when I am confined to bed.  THe laptop can get cumbersome.  Can you use msn messenger (or something that logs in to msn anyway) and yahoo messenger?20:47
*** zwnj has joined #maemo20:48
suihkulokkithere is gaim20:49
Brenduhthat is a software that is on it?20:49
Veggenand there's jabber and the jabber-to-whatever-gateways. I often prefer that, and using the builtin jabber client.20:49
janiits called pidgin ..20:49
Brenduhcan you log into an msn and a yhoo account at the same time?20:50
vims0rpidgin connects to almost everything20:50
VeggenBrenduh: not per default, but you can install it.20:50
VeggenBrenduh: sure.20:50
janiBrenduh: http://pidgin.garage.maemo.org20:50
BrenduhIf I'm bugging you with too many questions, please let me know.20:50
vims0rBrenduh: you better get start learning some linux basics :)20:50
janigaim was renamed to pidgin for some trademark issues ..20:50
||cwBrenduh: check out the application cataloug on maemo.org20:51
BrenduhI have bookmarked maemo, thank you20:51 is nice for 3rd party apps ..20:51
Brenduhlol vims0r, suggestions where to start?  I don't mind messing with software as long as I don'thave to mess with the hardware innards20:51
Brenduhty jani, bookmarking that for some reading too20:52
vims0ri would reccomend testing some live-cd20:52 isn't that bad a place to read, I guess.20:52
vims0ropen suse or better ubuntu20:52
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC20:52
BrenduhI've got a knopix cd.. same thing?20:52
||cwBrenduh: FWIW, activex doens't work on windows mobile devices either20:52
*** Free_maN has quit IRC20:53
Brenduhooh ty ||cw20:53
||cwthe 770 is basicaly just a pda with a large screen20:53
VeggenBrenduh: yah, knoppix is a decent alternative.20:53
vims0rmaemo is kind of simple but if you know your way arround linux some things get easyer20:53
vims0rflashing a new os-versio for example20:53
*** amaury_ has quit IRC20:53
Brenduhif I royally screw up with software.. can I reset it back to it's original configuration?20:53
vims0rthere is some kind of backup-system for your personal data20:54
vims0rund you can always flash the default-os image back on the device20:54
||cwBrenduh: the "upgrade" tool will reset to defaults, and you can "upgrade" the same version20:54
vims0rbut then you have to install the software again20:55
Brenduhso let me see if I understand this.  to use these software available on these sites, I'm probably going to have to install a different os?20:55
Brenduhon the 77020:55
Brenduhthen why the linux?20:55
vims0rbecause Maemo (the 770s os) is based on linux20:56
Veggenuh, because N770 runs Linux.20:56
||cwBrenduh: maemo is linux based.20:56
Brenduhaha ok20:56
||cwmaemo is what the IT2006 OS is based on20:56
Brenduhso sorry, wasn't aware of that.  Don't know why I was thinking window ce20:56
||cwIT2006 is to maemo as Vista is to longhorn20:57
||cwwince will not run on the 770 that I know of20:57
Brenduhwill it run java?20:57
vims0rwhen you get your 770 i would recommend upgrading the os20:57
vims0rand then using20:57
BrenduhI don't want win ce, I just assumed20:57
||cwthere are JRE's for maemo20:57
vims0rto add repositorys with software to the device20:57
||cwvims0r: nice list, if is it validated regularly?20:58
vims0ris just discovered in a german n800 board and the repos there work fine with my 770 and os20007 hacker :)20:59
||cwBrenduh: maemo uses the "software channel" concept.  to install something you don't usually run an installer, you instead add the repository, or channel, and then you can easily get updates all software with one click20:59
||cwI say usualy because a few apps are just .deb files with no repo20:59
*** vims0r is now known as VimS21:00
Brenduhhow do you know what they are?  For instance, OpenedHand Prebuilt Maemo Packages21:00
||cwvims0r: how does hacker work?  I was scared off of it when I was looking to upgrade21:00
VimSworks fine21:00
Brenduhnm I see some of them have webs with info.  That one just had a link to the fils21:00
VimSdidn't encounter any problems so far21:01
VimSonly the buildin memory of the 770 gets a little short :D21:01
||cwBrenduh: google, or search the application cataloge.  inthat case, OpenHand is a vendor that provides things.  when you add a channel, you can then browse the available packages and choose what to install and leave things you don't want21:01
VimSBrenduh: when you've got the 770 you can add the repos to the programm-manager and there you will see more infos about the applications21:02
||cwBrenduh: a lot of this will make more sense with the device in hand21:02
Brenduhoook so if you install one of these repos.. then you get a list of software available from them and can choose what you want?  Do I have that right?21:02
janilike synaptic for "real" linux apps  ?21:02
||cwBrenduh: yes21:02
VimSBrenduh: yes, that's right21:02
Brenduhoook ::lightbulb moment::21:02
||cwjani: more or less, and mostly less, but yes21:03
*** garrett has quit IRC21:03
VimSjani: yes like snyaptic21:03
Brenduhty, I really look forward to playing with it.  I go out of state for medical treatment next month and they will have wireless connections21:03
VeggenBrenduh: I guess it would be very ok for use at hospital :)21:03
Brenduh||cw, do I search for JRE for java software?21:03
VimSit'll be fun, but there are some disadvanteges21:03
VimS770 does not support youtube oder gmail for example... :(21:04
Brenduhyes, much better than a large laptop21:04
Brenduhoooh no gmail21:04
Brenduhoh well21:04
VeggenVimS: well. youtube support is coming along nicely with uktube.21:04
VimSdoes that work on the 770?21:04
||cwBrenduh: is there a certain java app you want to run?  many java things won't run due to the limited resources21:04
||cwBrenduh: gmail works in html mode21:05
VeggenVimS: I think konttori said so.21:05
VimSna silly my21:05
VimSgmail works fine21:05
VimSgoogle calendar doesn't21:05
Brenduhoh good21:05
||cwyou can downlaod gcal to the calendar apps21:05
* VimS is afk21:05
Brenduhcan you upgrade the memory?21:06
||cwno, but you can use the mmc card as swap21:06
||cwmakes a very big difference21:06
Veggencw: well, yes and no.21:06
*** ericz has joined #maemo21:07
Veggenit won't work well with an app that wants 100 MB memory runtime :)21:07
Brenduhi will invest in a large mmc card... I think I have one in my old mp3 player.21:07
||cwneeds to be RS-MMC, the kind made for cell phones21:08
||cw1GB cards are pretty cheap though21:08
Veggen2GB requires a custom kernel, no?21:08
||cwnot sure21:08
Brenduhahh ok21:09
BrenduhI'm not finding anything about java21:11
*** dirty_harry has joined #maemo21:12
keesjVeggen: 2 gig no, but more yes21:13
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo21:13
keesjBrenduh: check the mailing list there is a java project alive
*** Kozbenims has joined #maemo21:15
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo21:16
Brenduhthank you all for your information.  You've helped quite a lot.21:16
*** Brenduh has quit IRC21:17
*** feig has quit IRC21:17
*** mazzen has quit IRC21:17
*** djcb has joined #maemo21:18
*** Kozbenims has left #maemo21:18
*** obi has quit IRC21:22
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC21:27
*** ajturner has joined #maemo21:27
*** konttori has joined #maemo21:39
tigertaccording to maemo mapper, I just rollerskated 1030km/h ;)21:44
tigertsomething in the gps signal was not quite ok :)21:45
konttoritime to send that bug report ;)21:45
tigertoh, that was gps signal foo21:45
tigertit does this "zoom around" thing indoors21:45
roopecombine that to some sport tracking application.21:46
koenmaemo-mapper also has redraw problem21:46
X-FadeHmm SIP & N95 is quite buggy still.21:46
koene.g. going from 100km/h to 2km/h give you 102 or 100221:46
*** ttuttle has joined #maemo21:48
ttuttleYou guys do know that N770's are on sale at for $130, right?21:48
tigertyes. only for continental US21:48
ttuttleYeah.  Sorry.21:49
tigertbut yeah21:49
tigertsomeone mailed the list21:49
ttuttleHow hard is it to program for an N770?21:49
||cwttuttle: if you know how to program for gtk, easy21:49
ttuttle||cw: I could learn.21:49
||cwttuttle: has some docs to get you started21:49
ttuttle||cw: Okay.21:50
*** florian has joined #maemo21:50
ttuttle||cw: /me is soooooo excited, he's getting an N770 from Woot.21:50
ttuttleOh, and is it true they run Kismet?21:50
||cwincluding emulating the 770 on your desktop for compiling/testing21:50
ttuttle||cw: Oh, that's AWESOME!21:50
pupnikthat's extremely cheap21:51
ttuttlepupnik: Yes, it is.21:51
||cwkismet is ported, yes21:51
ttuttlepupnik: I figured, I could get a palm for $130.  Why not get an N770?21:51
ttuttlepupnik: N770's are cooler, after all.  And Linux-powered.21:51
pupnikthat's a serious company?21:51
ttuttlepupnik: Yes.21:51
pupniki paid approx $350 7 months ago21:52
ttuttlepupnik: /me tries not to smile.21:52
melmothhappy christmaaaaasss :)21:52
* ttuttle is happy.21:54
melmothkontori i did not find any mixer.init stuff for pygame in ukmp21:54
||cw130 is a good price, not not way cheap.  $150 is not hard to find on ebay21:54
melmothI cannot generate any sound without having to init the mixer (i have an error message otherwise), but fail to do so :(21:55
pupnikwal mart has them for $229 or so21:55
ttuttle||cw: For new?21:55
||cwdidn't look that clode21:55
ttuttleSo what's the first thing I should do with my N770 when it arrives (after I open the box, charge it, turn it on, etc...)?21:57
ericzhow hard is typing on an n770? what are the options for like a "real" keyboard?21:57
ttuttleMmm, good question.21:58
ericzthat's my only issue with getting one, [saw the woot deal too]... everything i could really want, it has, but a keyboard21:58
ttuttleericz: Oh, just buy one ;-) they're cool.21:58
ericzhaha, i'm poor21:58
ttuttleericz: But it's an awesome gadget!22:00
ericzit looks like it. but it would not be awesome to type at 3 words per minute22:00
ttuttleericz: It has word completion.22:00
konttorimelmoth: it's there.
||cwericz: onscreen isn't too bad, and most bluetooth boards work with it22:01
konttoriand then :
ericzwhat if i wanted to program? :P typing php/html/css surely wouldn't be completed22:01
konttorithat's all you need in pygame22:01
*** booiiing has quit IRC22:02
melmothwell, on my laptop yes.22:02
melmothon the n800 it dies with a 'mixer not initialised' error message22:02
konttorihey, is there any way to make mplayer zoom (or crop if you will) the played video?22:02
melmoththe _same_ code :(22:02
konttoriAhh... damn. maybe that's missing from the python in the device.22:03
konttorinever tested it on the device. I just supposed it would work.22:03
melmothkonttori, but were you successfull on ukmp using pygame for sound and not gstreamer ?22:03
melmothohhh. ok22:03
melmothi m doomed.22:04
*** booiiing has joined #maemo22:04
ttuttleIs pygtk 1) available on the N770 and 2) any good?22:04
melmothwell, the next option is to kill the neighboor if i cannot use a white noise engine to sleep :)22:04
melmothttuttle, yes (i think so, i have a n800, but with the hacker edition you should have python2.5 that comes with pygtk and pygame (without the sound apparently))22:05
konttoriIf you use ogg, you should (maybe) be able to put songs on queue and get the ogg to play them in loop.22:05
melmothand yes, its good :)22:05
ttuttlemelmoth: hacker edition?22:05
melmothmhhh, there will probbaly be this little gap, plus most of the sample are in wav (well, i could encode them if needed)22:05
melmothttuttle, yep, an unofficial os edition with goodies not on the n770 official os22:06
ericzn770 does do WPA too, right?22:06
ttuttleawww, the 800 looks *cooler*.22:07
melmothwell, it has no hard cover ..wich is not cooler.22:08
ttuttleOh good, mine's better!  *yay*  ;-)22:08
ericzbet you can't get it for $130 either :P22:08
ttuttleericz: Yeah ;-)22:08
melmothhmm... may be i could let my laptop on all night long, with the pygame code that works, so i could listen to the rain sound in loop for 8 hours..with the sound reall really loud....22:09
ericzhrm, i don't really go out enough to need a tablet :/22:11
*** djcb has quit IRC22:13
ttuttleericz: Nah, you need one.22:13
ttuttleericz: ;-)22:13
ericzodds are i would sit an use it in my computer chair.. right in front of my desktop.22:13
ttuttleericz: Take a walk, do some warwalking, get some fresh air.22:15
ericzeh.. too much work22:15
*** k-s has joined #maemo22:15
ericzthough my neighborhood is filled with wireless signals.22:15
ttuttleSo has anyone written an IDE-type thing for the Maemo, with an input method specially designed for code?22:16
ttuttle(Where is the app directory, anyway?)22:17
melmoththe what ?22:17
ttuttleDirectory of applications for the N770.22:17
melmoththere is no such thing as a 'directory of application'22:18
melmothit s a linux box with binary and data scattered all around, and a hildon library to have a nice and shiny menu to launch the app22:18
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo22:18
ttuttleIs a "plug-in for Hildon Desktop" the equivalent of an app?  Does pyphantom run on the N770 itself?22:18
melmothnan, pyphantom runs on you desktop22:19
ttuttleOh :-(22:19
*** _gpg_ has joined #maemo22:19
melmothit s like an editor that will setup up most of the regular needed file to package yorur python app easily22:19
ttuttlemelmoth: But it said it's based on libhildondesktop -- what does that mean?22:19
melmothttuttle, you dont want to code on the device directly (well, except if you want to trst gstreamer stuff :) )22:20
ttuttlemelmoth: You sure?22:20
melmothit means it create the menu files needed for hildon on its own (i guess)22:20
ttuttlemelmoth: I've been known to code on crazier devices.22:20
melmothwho wants to code somewhere emacs is not ported ?22:20
ttuttleOh, is vim ported?22:20
melmothyes yes22:21
ericzew vim :P got a gui text editor?22:21
melmoththere is leafpad as well22:21
melmothand 'notes' or whatitsnameagain.22:22
*** cesman has quit IRC22:23
*** cesman has joined #maemo22:23
ttuttleSo what other cool apps are there?22:23
*** dneary has joined #maemo22:24
ericzi saw this thing called autoscan on somewhere22:24
ericzi got the desktop linux version of it, looked awesome, i bet the n770 version would rock for random wireless networks22:25
ttuttleDoes anyone know how long woot normally takes to deliver?22:25
*** zwnj has quit IRC22:25
ericzi always look at woot, but i don't even have an account, this is the first purchase i've ever considered22:25
melmothttuttle, well, you can browse them all on garage22:26
ttuttleericz: You should totally get one ;-)22:26
ericzit probably would encourage me to go outside.22:26
ttuttleericz: Yeah.  And getting a new toy is always fun.22:26
ericzi suppose..22:27
*** MDK has quit IRC22:28
melmothttuttle, :)22:28
*** MDK has joined #maemo22:28
ttuttlemelmoth: Oh man, I'm so excited.  Thanks.22:29
ericzooh *boomarks*22:31
_gpg_i dont know from where i can start, but let's give it a  try :)22:32
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:33
*** matt_c has joined #maemo22:33
*** zwn1 has joined #maemo22:33
_gpg_i'm working on  realtime embedded software for automotive (telepatics)22:33
*** zwnj has joined #maemo22:33
_gpg_i've just discovered maemo and would like to know if some one thaught about extending its features to automotive domain22:34
ttuttle_gpg_: carman.22:34
*** konttori has quit IRC22:36
*** TimRiker has quit IRC22:36
_gpg_ttuttle seems to be just a monitor, not something to embed to the vehicle, i'm i wrong ?22:37
*** greentux has quit IRC22:40
||cw_gpg_: maemo currently only runs on the nokia 770 and n80022:40
*** greentux has joined #maemo22:40
||cwit's also not "real time"22:40
pupnikhow does woot do those low prices?  do you sign up for a cellfone contract?22:41
pupnikdo you sign-off your firstborn?22:41
pupnikthat is too cheap22:41
ericzhaha, woot's just awesome.22:41
pupnikumm.  i've been in computer/electronics distribution22:41
_gpg_||cw i know, some of my projects arnt realtime too, but still run using qnx and other rtos22:41
ttuttleericz: You gonna get one?22:41
pupnikthat's a suspicious looking price22:41
ericznot sure.22:42
_gpg_||cw this why i'm looking for other solutions22:42
||cwpupnik: they buy overstock lots, probably compusa leftovers22:42
pupnikhm ok that could explain it22:42
||cwI doubt woot makes much per unit, but they move a crap load of stuff in a single day22:43
||cwand when you are only packaging one item, it's much faster to do the packaging22:43
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo22:44
||cwso they cut costs that way, and cut deals with fedex since they are shipping out a bunch of stuff all the same size and weight22:44
ttuttleAnyone bought from them before?22:44
||cwI have many times22:44
ericzshipping's $5 to all 50 states, i think, for everything.. right?22:44
ttuttle||cw: How's the shipping time?22:44
ttuttleericz: 48 states.22:44
||cwttuttle: sometimes it takes a few days for them to ship out, but packaging is always good and fedex delivers well here22:45
||cwit's 3day I think22:45
ericznot like 4-6 weeks? :P22:45
ttuttle||cw: Where do you live (approximately) and how soon do you think I'll get my order placed today?22:45
||cwst louis22:45
||cwno idea, it varies from a couple days to a week22:45
|| is the same way22:46
||cwwoot is reliable though, when they say "new" they mean it.  they also stand behind it, if you get and something is wrong they will make an effort to replace or refund22:47
ttuttle||cw: Cool.  Their page sounded like they were sorta lazy about returns/refunds, and really didn't like them.22:47
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo22:48
||cwthey do prefer to defer to the manufacture warranty if possible22:48
*** feig has joined #maemo22:49
ttuttle||cw: So they're in Dallas, you're in St. Louis, and I'm in Boston.  So my shipping is likely a little slower.  (Although if it's 3-day, it's 3-day.)22:49
ttuttle||cw: Do they start shipping during the day a product sells, or the next day?22:49
||cwit's "fedex express saver"22:49
||cwdon't know22:49
*** feig has quit IRC22:49
||cwmaybe depends on the couple days before and how many they sold22:50
*** Andy80 has quit IRC22:51
ttuttle||cw: Fedex thinks it will get here Thursday if they ship today.22:52
||cwI don't think they have ever shipped same day22:52
*** Hyperion|n800 has quit IRC22:53
ttuttle||cw: Awww... so maybe friday.22:53
||cwmaybe if the prec day was slow and you ordered at midnight22:53
||cwat best, friday22:53
*** Yamazaki-kun has joined #maemo22:53
ttuttleOh, I *hope* Friday...22:53
||cwi woulnd't count it22:54
ttuttleDo they ask Fedex to deliver on Saturdays?22:55
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo22:55
||cwlast thing I got i order on the 19th and they shipped on the 2222:55
||cw19 was a saturday though22:55
||cwin fed i ordered on the 10th and they shipped ont eh 11th though22:55
ttuttleThe fact that they're not sold out yet surprises me.22:56
||cwme too, especially since it's so much cheaper than ebay22:57
ttuttleI should've bought 2 or 3.22:57
ttuttleBut I didn't want to risk the extra money, and I've never used eBay.22:57
||cwif I wasn't tight for money I'd buy 3 and turn them around on ebay22:57
||cwlikely woulnd't be a huge profit though, $20-$30 after fees22:58
ttuttle||cw: Can I change my order after submitting, and add another to it?22:58
ttuttle||cw: Well, depends where you sell them.22:58
||cwnever tried22:58
ttuttle||cw: eBay's competitive.  If you found a place where you could mark them up more (for example, sell them to friends for $180) you could make more money.22:58
||cwif I had friends with money :D22:59
ttuttle||cw: ...yeah.22:59
||cwlooks like 1 to 3 days is typical processing time22:59
||cwfrom my purchase history (gmail seatch FTW)23:00
ttuttle||cw: Okay, that's reasonable.  1 to 3 days, plus 3 day shipping = this Friday to next Tuesday.  Sweet.23:00
bstockis there any sound at all for the 2007 hacker os or just no screen tap noise23:00
*** pleemans has joined #maemo23:01
ttuttleOh, what media player is available?  Can I install MPD?23:02
melmothi would recommand ukmp23:03
melmothopen source, plays ogg and mp323:03
melmothplus you can nag the developper here if you find some bugs :)23:03
||cwthe built in nokia player is ok for mp3s, it's nothing special though23:04
ericzwoot gives you a tracking number, right?23:04
||cwthey will email you when it ships23:04
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo23:07
*** melmoth has quit IRC23:12
ttuttleIs there a good IRC client for the N770?  (Realizing that IRC on it is painful.)23:14
pupniki'm pretty happy with how the buttons turned out23:14
ttuttleHas anyone ported Dasher?23:14
ttuttlepupnik: Looks cool.23:14
pupnikirssi and xchat23:14
||cwand gaim, or whatever they are calling it now23:14
ttuttle||cw: pidgin.23:15
||cwi'm never gonna remember that name23:15
*** matt_c has quit IRC23:15
*** matt_c has joined #maemo23:16
*** bipolar has quit IRC23:17
*** k-s has quit IRC23:19
*** bipolar has joined #maemo23:20
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo23:22
*** thaukko has joined #maemo23:22
ericzttuttle, wooted it.23:25
*** slomo_ has joined #maemo23:25
bstockok, when flashing and the flash command finishes, the n770 just sits at the white NOKIA screen with a green bar. do i have to unplug the USB or something nwo?23:27
ttuttleericz: Congrats and welcome to the club!23:27
ttuttleericz: /me hopes they ship them quickly.23:27
ericzhaha, i hope so too23:28
*** slomo has quit IRC23:28
ericzdid you get an extra sd card or anything?23:28
ttuttleericz: Nah.  Apparently NewEgg sold out of RS-MMC cards today as a result of this listing on woot.23:29
ttuttleericz: I'm gonna see how much space I need first, and how much I can get away with online storagew.23:29
ericzthe woot side deal thing is at
ericz2gb sd cards there23:29
ttuttleericz: Ewww, tigerdirect.23:30
ttuttleericz: SD, not RS-MMC.23:30
ericzohh. duh23:30
ericzhaha, i got a laserprinter from there though, what's wrong with them23:31
ttuttleericz: Er, Newegg is cheaper, and some people have complained about them.23:32
*** _gpg_ has quit IRC23:34
*** luck^ has quit IRC23:35
*** luck^ has joined #maemo23:35
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC23:37
*** |tbb| has quit IRC23:37
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo23:40
ericzttuttle, i want it now :(23:42
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC23:42
ttuttleericz: Me too. :-(23:44
ttuttleericz: Let's go fly to w00t's offices and see if we can pick them up ;-)23:44
ericzdallas? k23:45
ericzi'd want my $5 for shipping back though23:45
ttuttleericz: ...of course.  And a T-shirt for your trouble, right?23:45
ttuttleericz: ;-)23:45
ericza tour even23:45
*** thaukko has quit IRC23:45
ttuttleericz: Yeah.  They'll probably make you pack and ship a few orders though.23:46
ericz"see what we have to go through?!"23:46
ttuttleericz: Oh man this is gonna ROCK!23:48
ericzlooking into usb keyboards now23:49
ttuttleericz: You know you need a special (probably homemade) adapter to use USB devices with the N770?  It's intended as a USB device.23:49
*** jayarama has joined #maemo23:49
*** zyxulnag1 has joined #maemo23:50
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:53
*** _crez has joined #maemo23:53
*** baa_ has joined #maemo23:53
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:55
*** Hyperion|n800 has joined #maemo23:57

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