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edtwill the next os/flash drop add codecs to mediaplayer?04:21
edtits current set is rather limited....04:22
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unique311wheres that tutorial to make the mouse cursor visible?06:01
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pupnikunique311: you copy a cursor file over another cursor file08:09
unique311i know...08:10
unique311i remember their was a tutorial..08:10
pupnikmaybe googling cursor+synergy or pointer+synergy08:10
unique311i have little surprise for synergy also...08:10
unique311trying to hildon a bit..08:11
unique311not alot of src files..08:11
unique311but it looks good right now.08:11
unique311want a pre?08:11
pupnikno i am dealing with other things08:12
pupnikanother idea if you're working on synergy.  one could enable the cursor only when synergy is running08:12
pupnikby copying or linking in the standard x pointer when it starts up, and changing it back when synergy gets killed08:13
unique311that might be possible with the gui..08:13
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JaffaMorning, all11:34
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tweghi all, i am trying to play an m4a file using gstreamer like so: gst-launch filesrc location=something.m4a ! demux3gp ! dspaacsink11:40
twegi get some sound out, but the sound is choppy11:40
tweg(cpu usage is low)11:41
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tweganyone have any ideas on how to fix this?11:41
tweg(the file plays fine using the Media player app)11:44
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tweg(the above problem) solved! (after much trial and error):12:46
tweg gst-launch filesrc location=something.m4a ! demux3gp ! dspaacsink sync=false12:46
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BlueGenehola a todos alguien habla espa?ol?13:47
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BlueGeneCould somebody say me if the offer of N800 in 99 euros is ready, please?13:51
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c0ffeeit's over, BlueGene13:53
pupnikanybody have a good czech/english translator?13:54
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BlueGenec0ffee could you explain me it?14:00
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BlueGenec0ffee when maemo start the offer?14:02
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c0ffeethe offer started january 2007 and ended february 200714:06
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pupniki just met two guys in a political channel who happened to get free 770s from Nokia15:37
pupnikhow strange is that :)15:38
Mikhofree 770s from Nokia?15:48
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mbufhi, installed scratchbox .debs on Debian Etch manually, /usr/bin/scratchbox cannot be run as user as it says Permission denied; it is owned by root15:50
mbuffollowing these instructions:, and
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zuhmbuf: Is it owned by the group sbox and have you added the user to scratchbox with /scratchbox/sbin/sbox_adduser?15:58
mbufzuh that step i haven't done yet15:59
mbufzuh, it is confusing with two isntall guides15:59
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mbufzuh, i did sb-adduser shaks, is it the same thing?16:00
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zuhpossibly... That's probably just a wrapper for the one I pointed out. Like the /usr/bin/scratchbox is a wrapper for /scratchbox/login.16:01
mbufzuh, i tried it as root, #/scratchbox/sbin/sbox_adduser user, it says, user account already exists16:02
zuhMaybe you didn't add the user to the sbox group?16:02
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zuhThe sbox_adduser does that only optionally, but AFAIK it's needed anyway16:03
mbufzuh, user is part of sbox group16:03
zuhAnd the /usr/bin/scratchbox is owned by that group?16:03
jonnylambIf you've just added your user to sbox group, you need to log out, and back in again.16:04
mbufzuh, no, it is owned by root16:04
mbufjonnylamb, gotcha, had to logout and login, thanks16:05
jonnylambmbuf: No worries. This is no sbox thing btw. If you ever add a user to a group, that user must log back in (if he or she was already logged in) for changes to take place. (at least on Gnu-based OS's).16:07
mbufjonnylamb, i see16:08
Sho_btw: is it legal to edit /home/use/.osso/menus/ by hand, or will the package manager roll over and die during uninstallation if it doesn't find the entries there? I assume the is generated post-install from the .desktop files, but I'd rather not find out the hardware whether I'm wrong ;)16:10
Sho_*the hard way16:10
Sho_(freudian mega-typo ..)16:10
keesjSho_: I don't know what the is supposed to do16:11
keesjon the maemo website there is a lot of docs and refs about the .desktop files , I think that they don't need to live in the users' home dir16:12
Sho_keesj: It seems to contain the folder structure of the menu and the application entries, as references to .desktop files16:12
Sho_keesj: Basically I want to move some of the entries around16:12
Sho_(because my "Extras" menu has gotten uncomfortably long)16:12
keesjthe "official" way is to change the symlinks somehwere in /etc16:12
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mbufsb-conf: No such devkit: debian, i have installed scratchbox-devkit-debian_1.0.8_i396.deb already16:14
keesj1.0.8 ? that is pretty recent16:15
keesjand what is i396?16:15
mbufkeesj, that is a type, its 38616:16
zuhSho_: The .menu under the home dir is totally legit file to tinker with (provided that you don't break the syntax of course ;), that's what the control panel plugin does16:17
Sho_zuh: There's a control panel plugin to edit the menu?16:18
Sho_That sounds like something I might be interested in ;)16:18
zuhYes, it's titled something like "panels" IIRC. It's the one with the icon that looks like a button.16:20
zuhWhen you open that you'll see a "organize menus" button16:20
zuhWhich opens up a dialog for modifying the menu with drag and drop (and which has invisible rules against directly moving certain items, which makes no sense at all to me...)16:22
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Sho_zuh: It's a third-party add-on though, right?16:23
zuhIt's included on the device16:24
* Sho_ must be blind16:24
mbufif i am missing this file, /scratchbox/packages/maemo-sdk-rootstrap_3.1_i386.tgz, what did i miss in the steps?16:25
mbufurgh, forgot to copy the files16:26
Sho_zuh: ah, "Navigation" it is, along with "Organize favorites"16:27
zuhUh, it was so cryptic?16:27
unique311anybody in here use synergy with their NIT16:27
zuhAt least in finnish it talks about "panels", but "navigation" makes no sense at all :)16:28
unique311if you do, i found a nice GUI app to make using it less of a hassle....compile with no issues...16:29
Sho_zuh: Much better now -- thanks!16:29
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henktany body knows the best tutorial for beginers of python ?16:41
lmourahenkt, do you mean python for maemo or 'pure python'?16:41
melmoth_THE_ tutorial16:44
melmothonce you are confident with the main python tutorial, dig maemo specific:
henkt lmoura, python for maemo16:48
lmouramelmoth, there's an updated version at pymaemo.garage16:48
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mbufalright, setup Maemo without Internet connectivity on laptop, phew, manual install takes time16:53
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mbufthanks all16:59
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henktcan I test now with few codes of python conectivity of internet from my maimo plat form17:03
henktany body advice me such sample code ?17:04
lmourahenkt, there are some examples in the python-conic17:04
lmouraI don't think they're exported in the package17:04
lmourayou can get them here:
henktok tanks lmoura,I will check them out17:10
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henktlmoura, I got the following meassage when I run test_connect.py17:15
henkt[sbox-SDK_X86: ~] > ./test_connect.py17:15
henktpython2.5[6556]: GLIB DEBUG ConIc - con_ic_connection_send_event(0x80ed408, (null), (null), 1)17:15
henktconnection_cb(<conic.Connection object (ConIcConnection) at 0xb7cc40a4>, <conic.ConnectionEvent object (ConIcConnectionEvent) at 0xb7cc40cc>, aa55)17:15
henkt(DISCONNECTED (None, None, 1, 0)17:15
lmouraoh, I forgot to mention. They just work on the device17:16
henkthow do I get the one I can test on PC17:16
lmourawhile developing it, I had to edit/compile/package in the desktop and switch to the device17:17
lmourawell, I don't know if it's possible :(17:17
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lmoura(and as I was playing with the connectivity, I had to use the device's terminal, no ssh...)17:18
henktI read in maemo tutorial that it is posible to test atlist internet conection but the rest can not be tested unless it is on device17:18
henktbut may not neccesarly be on python. may be on c or...17:18
Alhello there17:19
henktlmoura, ru there17:20
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lmouraI'm cheking the connectivity guide17:20
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lmourahenkt, I didn't find any mention to using the connectivity while on scratchbox =\17:22
Alsorry guys, and girls, of course... someone have any idea how to put short cut on n800 desktop17:23
henktlmoura, wait let me show you17:23
pupnikhi Al, no. i start apps through the menu17:24
henkt     Testing Limitations          There are limitations for testing the connectivity with the SDK. It is possible to make and run Internet connected application inside Scratchbox with the PC SDK rootstrap, but it is of course not possible to test the WLAN and Bluetooth connections in it without the real hardware.17:25
Al pupnik, there is IDEA prg, but it s too static, you can t move the application inside the desk17:26
lmourahenkt, I think he means: "You can access internet from scratchbox, but you cant play with the connectivity API..."17:26
unique311anybody want the QuickSynergy deb?17:27
Alsorry, but i m using the n800 only for 2 days i m very noooobbbssss17:29
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melmothAl look on gargae i think there is such an application startup laucnher or something that ley you have 'icons' on the desktop17:31
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melmothI guess it the above one17:32
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Al  thanks a lot... I will try as soon as possibile...17:35
unique311peace time....17:35
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Alsee you soon my dears... I m gooing to install some ulty on my little nokia... have a nice evening..17:38
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henkttanks, lmoura17:39
Sho_I wonder if anybody has ever tried running the free 'Evaluation Kit' of Opera 9 for Devices, which is available for Linux/ARM, on the N800 .. :-)17:40
lmourahenkt, no problem17:40
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Pr370r14n0hi everyone!17:43
Pr370r14n0anybody succesfull working the usb-host-mode in n800??17:43
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Hyperion|n800has any one had truble getting apt-get to update properly lately?19:04
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keesjHyperion|n800: I alway's have :p , usualy it's a repo that died19:22
Hyperion|n800ya i tkink abiword was my offender this time19:26
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pupnikis it can be raep time?23:12
pupnikSongs To Drink and Drive By -
livingtm_Is it possible to use an IDE on the host, and host it compile in scratchbox? I'd like to use kdevelop, but obviously i need hildon libs that are going to be scratchbox-specific23:18
pupnikmaybe you just need to apt-get source kdevelop within the scratchbox armel environment23:20
pupnikand compile it23:20
pupnikbut ... sheesh k-anything is a pig23:20
livingtm_wont I think be limited to the xepher window?23:20
livingtm_and the maemo environment23:20
pupniksome guys ported kde to the tablet23:21
pupnikit's an evil bad lame sick idea though23:21
*** mazzen has joined #maemo23:21
pupnikyou know what i use?23:21
livingtm_its more the build management that im interested in23:22
pupnikand LOTs of windows23:22
livingtm_cause im not really well versed in writing my own makefiles23:22
livingtm_maybe im just being lazy23:22
pupnikoh build environments are scary and scary23:22
pupniki look at packages and get the horrors all the time23:22
pupnikbut then you start to fight through the jungle23:23
jonnylambBeing able to write ones own Makefiles is a skill one will never regret!23:23
pupniki can write makefiles, this is not the issue23:23
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pupnikporting real apps is schwboaaang!23:24
jonnylambpupnik: I was actually talking to livingtm_ :P23:24
livingtm_jonnylamb, yeah i agree23:24
jonnylambThe GNU/Make manual is actually managable too..23:24
livingtm_i was spoiled by visual studio23:24
livingtm_to what extent is automake "auto"?23:24
livingtm_isnt that what the dpkg-buildpackage uses?23:25
jonnylambEugh! I moved over to Linux before it took control over me!23:25
livingtm_jonnylamb, lucky :-)23:25
jonnylambErr those tools are very different..23:25
livingtm_and it was VB too....23:25
jonnylambAutomake compiles the program; dpkg-bp creates a Debian package based on yet more make rules in debian/rules..23:26
livingtm_jonnylamb, I built the maemopad example using the dpkg method, seemed simple enough23:26
livingtm_then i tried to debianize my own package...23:26
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suihkulokkior any other maemo/mono guy awake?23:27
jonnylamblivingtm_: Heh, I feel a 'but' coming on!23:27
livingtm_and started building my 3 file project by hand :-)23:27
* jonnylamb goes for dinner.23:27
livingtm_caus eit was just easier that way23:27
*** kakos has quit IRC23:28
livingtm_Im try to write a tiny little project in C++ with TCP sockets.. is there a recommended tcp socket library that is appropriate for this platform?23:30
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rhsanbornanyone know of an image manipulation package that can be run via script that will run on the 800? I'm looking for something that will take images off a mem card and shrink then so that they are asier to upload to an online gallery23:55
melmothyou may have to port it though23:56
rhsanbornmelmoth, thanks, will look into it23:56

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