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melmoth 'gst-inspect ladspa'  does not say anything...00:48
melmothIs it not suppose to talk about a white noise generator ?
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livingtmIs it possible to test network connected apps from within scratchbox?04:57
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unique311-04 is not supported by arm compiler05:20
pupnikO not 005:21
pupniklivingtm: yes scratchbox has networking05:21
unique311solved the issue i had yesterday...05:22
unique311fltk was acting not too manly<---politically correct term...05:23
unique311followed some of your old log comments pupnik..05:23
unique311about apt-get source fltk05:23
pupniki said something useful?05:23
unique311which was actually apt-get source fluid05:23
unique311compiled the source05:23
unique311and it worked nicely05:24
unique311and the filebrowser issue pose was giving me is fixed now.05:24
unique311but i'm trying to compile the new build with optimize flags..05:24
unique311but read that 03 and 04 should be stayed away from when compiling for ARM05:25
unique31104 is just not supported..and 03 tends to make larger binaries05:26
unique311so 02 or 0s05:26
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* pupnik pastes the 'O'RLY?' owl into people's brains05:31
unique311i know05:32
pupnikwell it's not going to make a huge difference either way - but it's fun to try out05:33
pupnikpose is gonna be a huge win though05:34
pupnikthink of all the palm users who would buy a n800 if they could run their old stuff05:34
unique311so i'll compile with O205:35
pupnikin fact, it usually doesn't yield noticeable differences05:36
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unique311next question..05:37
unique311would like to make a deb pack that actually unpacks in application manager instead of using dpkg -i in terminal..05:38
unique311how I go about doing that...05:38
pupnikthere's files in the debian subdirectory that need tweaking so the OS version matches05:39
unique311which file is that?05:40
unique311its like 8 in there05:40
pupnikdon't remember... control or rules05:40
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unique311should be control05:41
pupnikMeat Beat Manifesto - "Original Control"05:44
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* rwhitby is going to love pose on the n80006:47
pupniktry it out06:53
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pupnikrwhitby: you can grab unique311's build off the ITT forum link06:59
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unique311working on the skin..m130....will put alot of work into it...before next release...issue with roms&skins. m130 is a little small...07:09
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unique311open with gimp or preferred app, and scale image size to 720x42007:10
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unique311not sure07:17
unique311i dl the skin pack from divshare..07:17
unique311and had issues when i started the m13007:17
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unique311it was small07:17
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pupnikthen edit your ITT post to point to the fixed skin07:30
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pupnik_pupnik is a total idiot.  can't finish his mods to Ur-Quan masters.  Can't get drpocketsnes ported.  He sucks.08:39
pupnik_oh oops08:39
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N800gotta love those geico cavemen can do it commercials....09:45
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SeRi_zZZzIs there any way to uninstall canola?13:55
melmothshould work with apt-get remove13:56
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melmothwhat is the command line you used, and the error message you get ?13:57
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SeRi_zZZzI get no error it uninstalls the packege or so it claims but it still stay in the system fully functional13:58
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SeRi_zZZzlook here for more details13:58
* melmoth is reading13:58
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melmoththis is freaking awful !13:59
melmothSounds like the soft install itself with a lots of cp as a post install task in the deb file.13:59
melmothso, dpkg does not know wich files belong to it14:00
melmothreally sounds like an guly way of packaging stuff. And as canola is not open source, we do not have access to the source deb to check it out, do we ? :)14:00
pupnikglad i never installed it14:00
SeRi_zZZzNot that I know off... This sux! :(14:00
melmothbig style14:01
SeRi_zZZzI am going to wait for the next firmware release before I have to reflash14:02
SeRi_zZZzthis sux... damn canola.... I am going to try and find a way... if I do ill keep u guys up to date14:03
SeRi_zZZzpeace I am going back to sleep :P14:03
SeRi_zZZzand Thanks for the help!14:03
melmothI wonder if you can know the post install stuff with dpkg-deb show stuff14:04
melmothand from there guess wich file have been installed (if i m right it just cp stuff on postinstall)14:04
melmothgood night :)14:04
pupnikanybody bored and want a nice project? :)14:07
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pupnikDrPocketSNES is a fullspeed SNES emulator. Reesy combined the current SquidgeSNES with the renderer of PocketSNES and now we've got an SNES Emulator that runs most games fullspeed (with some framskip) with sound at 250 MHz - INCLUDING transparencies and partial SuperFX chip support!14:17
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acydlordanyone planning to run ubunty gutsy on their N800 when it comes out?15:33
acydlordwas just reading an article on it15:34
acydlordi'm interested to see how well it runs on an embedded system15:34
N800when they release gutsy they are releasing the embedded version of ubuntu correct, or is gutsy the embedded version..15:35
N800i think thats what i remember reading.15:35
acydlordgutsy will be available for embedded also15:37
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acydlordi'm wondering if they are going to have an arm option for every version after now15:38
Jaffaacydlord: AFAIK there's nothing which says Gutsy will have an N800 port15:40
Jaffaacydlord: UME will be available as part of the Gutsy release, but that doesn't mean either a) ARM or b) an N800 version15:40
acydlordit's been shown on one of the sony arm devices15:41
edtSeRi_zZZz  I suspect that you could reinstall canola and then use find to get the files updated/added by the install.  Then you could use dpkg, vi and rm to remove it.15:41
acydlordguess we'll know for sure in a few months15:41
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edtacydload it would be very interesting it nokia could be persuaded to use gutsy as the base for the N series boxes - might be possible IF it would save nokia money on os development.   They could have a large influence on it direction by having payed devs working on it...15:47
koenwhen ubuntu says 'embedded' they actually mean 'no 8" screen, 40GB harddisk, 1GB of ram'15:48
infobotkoen meant: when ubuntu says 'embedded' they actually mean ' 8" screen, 40GB harddisk, 1GB of ram'15:48
JaffaCor, blimey - when did infobot arrive?15:50
Jaffai.e. UMPCs etc.15:50
Jaffaacydlord: You're not talking about the P990i SE phone are you?15:50
JaffaNow, UME on an Asus Eee PC could be very interesting :)15:51
acydlordi still love how UMPC's are anything but ultra mobile15:53
N800well if ubuntu can't install on the N800, I am definitely going to be trying out angstrom15:54
N800the dude that brings us enlightenment is working on a port for the plus plus15:55
* Jaffa imagines trying to drag a window around on a tiny screen on a moving train... fun.15:55
acydlordew, fox newscorp is trying to get a monopoly going online it looks like15:55
N800should be fun15:55
edtI am surprised just how well the n800 is able to use its 128M,  I do have swap enabled - do not think it has ever had to use it...15:56
koenJaffa: but it will be eye-candy fun ;)15:56
Jaffavery true15:57
pupnikubuntu tastes like lindows15:57
Jaffakoen: iPhone-like eye candy good15:58
Jaffapupnik: ?15:58
pupnik<- debianisti15:59
JaffaAh, so you don't like things easy to use, regularly released, accessible to new comers and with little to no viing in /etc ;-)15:59
JaffaDebianista, I'd say ;)15:59
pupnikyeah that's it16:00
pupnikno, there needs to be a martial connotation16:00
N800hey we speaks english in these need for the fancy stuff16:01
pupnikbtw Jaffa, sidux addresses those issues very well16:02
Jaffapupnik: but then that's just as much Debian as Ubuntu is, surely?16:02
pupnikno, it's pure sid with daily fixes, automagic upgrades16:03
JaffaAh, OK16:03
pupnikthough ubuntu still gets the nod for real noobs16:04
bilboedis there a maemo-compatible frontend for MPD ?16:10
acydlordman, what is with all the good female hosts leaving the vodcast news sites16:17
acydlordfirst amanda leaves rocketboom, now karina leaves mobuzz16:17
acydlordi'll be back later, i've got some work to do16:21
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N800hmmm 20 seconds and the app shuts off16:32
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pupniksurely someone here wants to be l33t and cool and a porting hero?16:58
pupnikfame, fortune, and scores of groupies?16:59
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edtwhat n800 program understands vodcasts?17:11
pupnik16:08 < val-o-alto> I remember when win(lose)95 came out -- one of the guys at the school said "oh  look, it's Motif."17:12
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Sho_Hum, now I have that SDict Viewer app but is down for more than a week17:23
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guardianhello maemo17:44
Jaffaedt: none, really17:51
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unique311pupnik: want to add me to the dev list for POSE18:21
unique311so i can upload all the stuff I did today...18:21
unique311working nice...18:21
unique311need the keyboard once and thats to right click on that first screen on startup...18:22
unique311after that right click via the fullscreen key works...18:23
unique311new skins..18:23
unique311well not new...just worked on some more..18:23
unique311oh and it both FLTK and POSE install via the APPLICATION MANAGER.18:25
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pupniki am not finding the link to add new members18:27
pupniktry sending a request-to-join18:28
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pupnikpretty strange18:29
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pupnikwhat's your username18:31
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unique311sorry for the delay..typing a post for ITT18:37
pupnikok done18:39
pupnikBy using JIT technology (dynamically generated code at runtime), video scaling is now a lot faster (up to 8x factor) in the recently released mplayer_1.0rc1-maemo.8 version.18:41
pupniki missed that... crazy stuff18:42
unique311new version..18:42
pupnikno 5 months old, but i missed that note18:42
unique311i cannot submit news unless admin..18:43
pupnikthat's really nuts.  i thought JIT was only useful for emulators18:43
unique311so when i'm done with the ITT post..18:43
unique311you check it out...and write the news....18:43
derfpupnik: You obviously haven't been doing graphics very long.18:43
melmothwhy do i not find any esdsink in gst-inspect-0.10  output ?18:44
derfIt's just like the 386/486 days.18:44
pupnikok umm.  lets see.  i wrote demos for some of the first 2d accelerated pc cards in 87. ergo wrong conclusion18:44
derfAnd you don't remember everyone writing dynamically generated bitmap blitting code?18:46
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unique311the new skins..18:49
unique311nothing that new about them..18:49
unique311can see the minor  changes...18:50
pupnikok i'll cheak18:52
pupnikderf, no i never did any video18:52
* pupnik just dabbles anyway18:53
pupnikif nokia had just sold more units, we'd have real programmers porting the apps i want :P18:54
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MoRpHeUzwhere do you get more themes for maemo ? =)18:56
pupnikgoogle knows18:58
MoRpHeUzpupnik: he may know, but he doesnt know if a theme is good or not...this is why I'm asking for suggestions..18:58
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MoRpHeUzthank you...19:04
MoRpHeUzall I was looking were that themes at garage... (not so good) =(19:05
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MoRpHeUzhhmm...just aqua theme is different..19:06
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pupnikthere are graphical theme makes now.  might be fun to try making your own19:06
MoRpHeUzpupnik: yeah...I'm just so bad doing that hehe19:11
MoRpHeUzmaybe I'll try =D19:11
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melmothanybody here fluent with gstreamer ?20:06
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melmothi m wondering why are all the sink present in the tabler not there on scratchbox ?20:07
melmoththe only way i found to play with it , is thus to code directly in the n800 (i m using python luckyli, so no compilation needed)20:07
melmothbut it s a _pain_, i have no emacs anymore :(20:08
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unique311pupnik you have the pre release file saved on you computer?20:17
unique311I made a mistake..and kind of deleted it.20:17
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unique311the device listed in the /dev directory mmcblk0 is the SD cards20:40
melmoth  /dev/mmcblk0p1 is  /media/mmc2 here (cf output of mount)20:42
unique311seeing if i can get pose to mount it..20:43
unique311theirs an option to mount devices..20:43
unique311seems its for communication...20:45
unique311serial, IR20:45
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