IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-06-16

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feigthe freedom mini00:00
edistarhehe, and the other?00:00
feigthe other one i have?00:01
feigit's just an old microsoft bluetooth keyboard, i think their first gen bt desktop stuff00:01
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feigit's big00:02
edistardon't like micro$ eben though their hardware is supposed to be good00:02
feigyea, i don't either, it was a few years ago00:02
edistarI still have a microsoft mouse..00:03
feigand it does work fine under linux =)00:03
feig... actually, if you had something that would hold the 770, somehow attached to the keyboard, the freedom mini would probably be fine00:06
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edistarI'll have a look around..00:12
edistarcause I want to somehow not ruin my screen completely ;)00:12
feigyea, that's probably a good idea00:13
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edistargood night @all!00:19
edistarcya around :)00:19
edistarthanks for all the info:)00:19
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gNicoanybody here ?00:31
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DaniellionWOW im surprised there are this many people COOL01:07
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vnesehello, i am a linux, gtk user, i just move to maemo, is there any book or tutorial about developing gui in maemo, i got the documentation at the main site but still confused and found it difficult01:20
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Andy80I've seen that there's the 0.2 version of Minimo for N80001:37
Andy80is it available for n770 too?01:38
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revhey, anyone here know of either a TI graphing calc, or better yet an HP 48 emulator for the N800?04:35
revbest thing I've found is a port of Free4204:35
rever emu4204:35
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edtwhat happens if the n800 runs out power?05:26
dolskeit turns off?05:28
edtIs like the pilots?  or, as expected, it just saves and you continue when you have power05:28
edtold pilots lost everything....05:29
dolskeno, it just shuts down. like turning off a computer.05:29
edtgood. that  what I expected.05:29
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user_i am on my new n800. this is awesome06:39
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srihi guys09:43
sriI'm having a bit of trouble with my N80009:44
srifor some reason it's stuck at the Nokia screen, blinks and then shows the Nokia screen again09:44
sriand it won't turn off.09:44
sriI cna't seem to find instructions on how to remove the battery09:44
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sriany body have a link to some instructions?09:45
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bmidgleysri: And if it gets stuck in a reboot loop:11:07
bmidgley./flasher --set-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset11:07
bmidgley./flasher --clear-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset --disable-rd-mode11:07
bmidgleybetween those two commands you may need to boot up and uninstall something11:09
bmidgleydoing them one after the other presumes that rd mode is the problem11:09
bmidgleyanyway, google "no-lifeguard-reset" for more about it11:10
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srithanks, bmidgley11:18
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edistarI downloaded the vm image ubuntu/scratchbox and its packed in lots of 7z.o%% pakets... how do I unpack them?13:36
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roopegood morning.16:22
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Snig178I'm having trouble using pygtk in scratchbox. I don't seem to have the modules installed - does anybody know the correct way of getting it installed?17:11
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keesjSnig178: I think it is used quite a lot there sould be some documentation on the garage or maemo.org18:03
keesjI just have a fresh install here so I can not really help18:03
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Snig178keesj: Thanks. I've followed the tutorial on, but I'll have a look around the garage as well.18:48
trevarthanHey, what's a good database to use on flash cards/mmc? Would sqlite be OK?18:49
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trevarthanI want to make a home applet for ukmp like canola's for scanning the filesystem. I need a DB for that.18:49
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trevarthanwell, I'm just gonna use sqlite. If anyone has any different recommendations, let me know.18:52
melmothSnig178, install python2.5-runtime18:53
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Snig178melmoth: I don't have that in my package list.19:09
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vnesehello, i am gtk+ user who just jumped to maemo, can i port my gtk/gnome app to maemo or do i rewrite it from the scratch19:22
derfThe GTK bits will port just fine.19:23
derfThe Gnome bits you will have to rewrite.19:23
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Blacksitoxone question19:25
Blacksitoxhow installin applications in the nokia n800 ?19:26
Blacksitoxsorry my english is bad :(19:26
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melmothSnig178, deb bora free non-free19:29
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Blacksitoxspeak spanish ?19:31
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melmothBlacksitox, you can either use the application manager, or use apt-get from a terminal19:32
vnesederf: i follow this one, and find it s quite difficult to integrate that way, is there any tool or script to do so19:32
derfvnese: No.19:33
Blacksitoxmelmoth, whats the firt step for installation applications maemo in n800 ?19:34
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vnesederf: any idea, please19:34
melmothBlacksitox, wich application do you want to install ? The easiest way is to use the 'application manager' program19:35
Snig178melmoth: Thanks19:35
Blacksitoxmelmoth, I do not have xterm, I arrive myself yesterday recian, as I can install xterm firstly? Or that is what I must do before everything19:40
melmothDon't panic !19:42
melmothit will take some time to get use to a new gizmo, that s usual :)19:43
Blacksitoxmelmoth, but I want to use applications of maemo, and not like installing them in my n800!19:45
Blacksitoxmelmoth, thanks,19:45
* Blacksitox reading xD19:45
melmothwhat do you mean with 'use application of maemo' ?19:46
melmothlike installing them in the scratchbox environment ?19:46
melmothuse apt-get19:46
Blacksitoxmelmoth, but I do not have xterm, where I execute apt-get?19:47
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melmothi dont understand you Blacksitox , what are you trying to do ?19:47
Blacksitoxmelmoth, I want to install xterm19:48
melmothin your n800 ?19:48
kulveI rarely use xterm. I just installed sshd and log in as root over wlan..19:50
Blacksitoxmelmoth, thanks :)19:52
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Blacksitoxyeah, installed xterm in n80021:11
Blacksitoxhow installing aircrack in n800 ?21:11
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kulveI don't know anything about the issue, but google found e.g. this:
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trevarthanfor the n800's successor, nokia needs to add a 3d gpu. that would allow for some sweet ui's. a fingerprint scanner would be nice too,  as would a cell phone onboard, but i think 3d would be the biggest bang for buck.21:50
koentrevarthan: the n800 already has a 3d gpu21:52
feigi don't care about cell phone, becauase i'd rather have the two separate21:52
feigmostly for battery life21:52
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feigthe n800 has  3d capable video?21:53
zuhfeig: Yes, but no drivers for it...21:53
feigfair enough21:54
zuhIt's not fair! :)21:55
feigno, but it explains why i read so much about video playback issues on the dev mailing lists21:55
* zuh wants to do OpenGL ES on N800...21:55
feig... i do too21:55
feigbut, i think that the n800 successor will have some pretty steep competition with the next gen umpc's and mids, as Midinux is looking really nice, and ubuntu's mobile distro is on it's way too21:56
feigthey will both support opengl21:56
feigand intel is backing them both, so 3d will be enabled21:56
feigany idea of how capable the n800's video hardware is?21:58
zuhUMPC:s have a sore point in the pricing though... Then again, I wouldn't have bought the N800 for the real price either. I'd need a very good reason for buying something for 400€ and N800 offers basically none for me21:59
feig... that's the other thing, the next gen mid's will be around the $500 pricepoint21:59
zuhfeig: "how cabable" is too broad question :) but the mailing list has threads on some benchmarking22:01
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zuhBut basically only hardware-accelerated operation available is scaling and that's fullscreen-only IIRC22:02
trevarthani'd buy a $500 tablet. but it would need a lot more than the n800 and have to run linux apps really well. i like the n800 formfactor.22:04
trevarthanthe n800 does a lot for  me.22:05
feigthat's one of the prototypes, i've been following these things a lot on the tech blogs22:05
feigthey look really promising22:05
feigbut i think they're about 6 months to a year out22:06
trevarthani do wish it had a phone though. i'm starting to feel like a borg carrying my n800 in one pocket, my phone on my hip, my credit cards in my other pocket, and my motorola s9 around my neck/head.22:07
trevarthani don't want to give up any functionality, so consolidation would be nice.22:07
feigtrue, but that's why i got a small crap phone22:08
Blacksitoxyeah! aircrack installed!22:08
feighow do you like the s9's? i've been thinking about picking some up, i have the larger ht820's22:08
trevarthanmine is small too. motorola v710, but not small enough.22:09
feighah, yea, i'd really like to see wimax all over, and integrated into a device, so i could ditch the phone alltogether22:09
trevarthans9 is ok. skips a lot. not sure if that is bluez's fault or the s9. worst is that it has **no** bass. that sucks bad.22:10
* cesman_away is back.22:10
*** cesman_away is now known as cesman22:10
feigprobably bluez, i've been playing with the source for that22:10
feigit's an issue right now22:11
feigno bass?22:11
feigoh, that stinks22:11
feigthat what i really liked about the ht820's over the crappy ipod buds22:11
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trevarthannothing to catch on my seatbelt. that's nice. makes looking up difficult though. radio jabs me in the neck.22:12
feigoh, huh, yea, seems like they'd be more comfortable around the ears though, as the 820's are not22:12
trevarthanoverall, i love the idea of the s9. and i like the freedom, but i feel like the implementation could be better.22:13
feigok, i feel better now about waiting till the next gen comes out22:13
trevarthanear comfort is ok at best. radio puts a lot of weight on the ears, which can be annoying.22:14
feigyea, but i don't think they even considered that when they designed mine22:14
trevarthanyeah. i think it's only going to get better with time. s9 just isn't quite there yet. if they had decent bass then i would overlook all the shortcomings, but they don't.22:15
feigso, how much trouble was it to get bluetooth-alsa going on your n800?22:16
trevarthanoh, it's damn hard to pair with multiple devices too. i got it working once, but haven't had any luck since the battery went dead a day or two later. wants to pair with just my phone or the n800 now. have to turn phone off to use n800.22:17
feigthat's funny22:18
feigi have issues pairing to my phone if the headphones are enabled on my phone22:18
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trevarthanalsa is easy. i made a howto for you:
feigso, i just restart the bluetooth radio on the phone, so it's not paired with the headphones, then connect to the nokia22:19
Yamazaki-kun#join #cl-gardeners22:20
* Yamazaki-kun shoots keyboard22:20
trevarthani just use mplayer right now. not convenient. i plan to add a2dp support to ukmp once i get somw housekeeping done in ukmp first.22:21
feigyea, that's cool, i don't mind mplayer, did you map the buttons for avrcp too?22:21
*** rev has quit IRC22:22
trevarthanwell, volume works out of the box. i don't know how a2dpd is intended to  be used in the context of pause, ff, rew. so i haven't tried yet.22:23
trevarthani plan to ask around on the bluez list  when i'm ready.22:23
feigoh, well, it's a separate profile, called avrcp, put i think it's included in the a2dpd22:23
feigi don't know how it works exactly, but it shouldn't be that difficult to tell mplayer to do that stuff22:24
trevarthana2dpd seems buggy too. if you restart mplayer without restarting a2dpd then you get cpu starvation from the a2dpd daemon too. not sure why that happens. suspect a bug.22:25
trevarthani'm just not sure how a2dpd's avrcp support is intended to be used with other apps.22:26
feighuh, i haven't experienced that22:26
feigoh, here's a question, what bitpool are you getting? 53 or something lower22:26
feigi had to edit the source to get a decent quality for mine22:27
trevarthanit seems like a2dpd is either multithreaded or forking, and the old threads/processes aren't being killed properly.22:27
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trevarthanwhat's a bitpool?22:28
*** ajturner has quit IRC22:28
*** ajturner has joined #maemo22:28
feiguh, it's a factor of the baud rate that is being sent to your headphones, and determines what kind of sound quality you'll get22:29
*** ajturner has joined #maemo22:29
trevarthanhow do i query it?22:29
feigthere's a flag in the ~/.a2dprc22:30
trevarthanyou caught me reading some sqlite docs on my n800 so i'm pecking this out with thumbs. excuse the slowness.22:31
trevarthanturn that on to print bitpool?22:31
feighah, no problem, setting flags=1 will dump out the bandwith used22:31
trevarthank. gimme a minute and i'll fire it up.22:32
trevarthanoh, i see. avrcp commands are in .a2dprc.. huh.22:34
feigso, i'm not sure what the proper command would be, but it should be trivial to do22:34
feig-for the avrcp stuff22:34
feigplus there's the mplayer config file that you could mess with too22:35
trevarthandamn. i'm out of xterms. i'll have to log off and back in to start mplayer. brb.22:37
mlpugcan one take a picture with n800 built-in camera from xterm command line?22:39
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trevarthan Bandwith: 26703 (208 kbps) 3222:42
trevarthanis that good?22:42
trevarthangetting an unusual amount of skipping today, odd.22:43
feigoh, you can ramp that up to a bitpool of 53, which will give you a noticably better sound quality22:43
feigthe skipping might get worse though22:43
feigmight/might not22:43
feigwell, it really depends on how luck you are22:43
feigif you're lucky, you can change the number in your ~/.a2dprc file from 32 to 5322:44
feigif you are unlucky, you can edit the source, which i can help you with, recompile and reinstall22:44
trevarthank. brb.22:44
trevarthan Bandwith: 35554 (277 kbps) 4422:46
feigthat's better22:47
trevarthani set it to 53 and got that.22:47
trevarthanskipping went away.  :)22:47
feigso, what's happening is that a2dpd is polling your device, and your device is saying that it can only go as high as 4422:47
feigi know mine will accept 53, but you have to tell a2dpd to ignore the poll22:48
trevarthanor alsa is only encoding 44?22:48
feigno, it will do higher22:48
trevarthanplugin-rate setting?22:48
feiguh, i don't know what that is22:49
feigin order to get it higher, you'd need to edit the source22:49
trevarthansays it's disabled, so nm.22:49
trevarthanI'm pretty happy with 44 though. for now.22:50
trevarthanso long as it doesn't skip.22:50
feigok, good22:50
trevarthani just wish i could figure out how to get more xterms on t22:51
trevarthanhis thing!22:51
feigi've only had a couple running at a time22:51
feigso, i haven't run into that wall yet22:51
trevarthanwell, thanks for the help. i'll check out avrcp stuff shortly. need to finish readingabout sqlite right now though.22:54
feigok, yea, i need to finish my book22:55
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trevarthanis it possible to write home applets in python? Or do I have to write those with C/C++?23:49
*** saiam has quit IRC23:49
melmothtrevarthan, never try it but it seems to be possible23:50
melmoththat is , if 'home applet' means 'hildon plugins' :)23:51
Blacksitoxpython rulz!23:51
trevarthan:) sweet23:51
trevarthanYou just made my day melmoth.23:51
melmothmhh. Not sure it s already working for os200723:54
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:56
keesjcool demo!23:57
keesjmy only real problem is that I need a treatment agains gtk gnome and python.23:58
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