IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-06-17

trevarthanI'm a little annoyed that he didn't post the code as well. now I've got to watch the video and pause it.00:00
keesjyea , the question is where did he find out how it works00:01
trevarthanHe's on the Hildon dev team.00:03
melmothi think he is one of the guy writing the python wrapper for the hildon plugin00:03
melmothaccording to the comment, this is not alreadt working though, except in sardine00:03
melmothbut may be, in the soon to be released phantom yet anoter firmware to come ? :)00:04
keesjperhaps , in the screen cast he is using sardine00:04
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vnesehello, a have an C language app in gtk+ which run well on linux and how can port it to maemo ?00:15
keesjI don't really understand how it's supposed to work if the new desktop is not python based00:16
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keesjperhaps the skype update?00:17
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vnesesorry, had problems with my keyboard, i have an C/GTK+ app which runs well on Linux, and how can i port it to maemo, i m quite new to maemo ...00:18
trevarthanthere's no /usr/lib/hildon-desktop/ in the 3.1 SDK.00:18
keesjvnese You will need to make changes00:18
vnesekeesj: i installed scratchbox and tried to see the source code of maemopad, but i m confused00:19
keesjvnese perhaps this will help a little
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vnesekeesj: thanks, that helps00:21
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keesjtime to sleep :P00:21
trevarthandammit melmoth. you gave me hope than wrenched it away! I built that home applet using python and yeah, it's not supported. home applets are expected to be ELF executables in the 3.1 SDK. man, that would have been so cool too.00:23
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melmothtrevarthan, it may be usable soon .00:24
melmothkeep the code somewhere, and wait untill the python hildong plugin thingy is in the official os00:25
melmothif i were you, i would mail the author of the demo, asking him if he knows some timeframe.00:25
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trevarthanyeah. you know what they aught to do? They aught to just make a home plugin that allows you to run python code. Sorta like mod_python. But whatever, next release maybe....00:26
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melmothtrevarthan, and you can already use python for regular application, just not fancy applet that stay on the 'dekstop'00:27
melmothit looks to me it just a matter of what sort of windows is you app embedded in, regular (hildon.Program) or the applet thingy shown in the screencast00:28
trevarthanproblem is that I need to write an applet. :)00:28
melmothdo you know when you must have it available ?00:29
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trevarthanasap. :) it's not a work thing. I just want to get it out there.00:29
melmothwell, if it s asap, may be you want to try it out in C00:30
trevarthanis sardine just the trunk/head dev branch SDK?00:30
trevarthanyup. that's what I'll do.00:30
Feronis there an app that can use gps data to tag pictures or videos you take with the location you took em?00:30
melmothwhat do you want it to do ?00:30
trevarthanI'm going to write a canola-like applet for scanning music into an sqlite DB for ukmp.00:32
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trevarthanhmmmm.... I wonder if I should just make it a normal app in python, then port it to Hildon Desktop framework when the next maemo release comes out.00:34
trevarthanThat might make more sense.00:34
melmothkeep it easy :)00:36
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melmothtrevarthan, have you given pyphantom a try ?00:44
melmothit s among the most active project of the week00:44
Blacksitoxwhat client pppoe for n800 ?00:44
trevarthanman... it looks like using pysqlite in a maemo app is going to be challenging. pysqlite3 is in 2.5 by default, but python 2.5 is a third party package....00:44
Blacksitoxnot existing ?00:45
melmothtrevarthan, you want to use python2.5 anyway00:45
trevarthan:) I've got 2.3 on my desktop. and 2.3 ships with the SDK.00:46
trevarthansounds like I want to target 2.300:46
melmothis not ukmp using 2.5 already ?00:47
trevarthannah. It runs fine using 2.300:48
trevarthanI guess it wouldn't be that bad to require python 2.5. It's available for the 770 and n800 via pymaemo. I'm just not sure how konttori would feel about that.00:51
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trevarthanI've got python 2.5 on my n800.... but I'm not sure how it got there. :)00:54
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Blacksitoxhow installing apps extencion  .install ?01:09
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BlacksitoxIm new in the world n800 and english :D01:09
unique311open the link where .install is located on you n800 browser01:10
unique311and click on it..01:10
melmothjust click on the link to the .install01:10
unique311it will do everything for you01:10
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trevarthanThis sucks. I installed python2.5 in my scratchbox from pymaemo using their recommended method for scratchbox and I can't get ukmp to run.02:09
trevarthanIt dies right after initializing pygame.02:09
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melmothworked here02:11
melmothtrevarthan, try to start it from a term, so you can read the backtrace02:11
trevarthanI did. No backtrace. I get QEMU errors. (sometimes)02:13
JaffaInteresting: (sorry for the link to my own site, but I can't be bothered retyping all the ASUS Eee info out again)02:14
melmothoh, in the scratchobx, i did not try that out02:14
melmothi did not install ukmp in it because i did not find the .deb for x8602:14
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trevarthanyeah, I'm using the arm scratchbox.02:17
trevarthanWhy would you use x86 scratchbox, btw?02:17
melmothi always do, except when i make a .deb for the arm one02:18
trevarthanwhy? for speed or something?02:18
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melmothhabit ?02:18
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trevarthanit appears that it's just pygame that's foobar'd in python 2.5 for scratchbox. I wrote a little gtk app and that works fine. ugh.02:19
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melmothpygame works ok here (in x86 :) )02:20
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trevarthanpython 2.5?02:22
trevarthan3.1 sdk?02:22
trevarthanhow do I switch to x86?02:23
melmothsb-menu i think02:24
melmothonce you log in , there is a short message that tells you to run sb-menu for maintenance tasks and so on02:24
melmoththe choose select target02:25
vnesehello, i try to compile a gnome/gtk+ app, which runs well on my linux, on maemo, i deleted all the line which required gnome library, but when i run ./, it says it need libglade02:26
trevarthanoh.... I'm running over a remote X11 link. I wonder if that has something to do with it. crap.02:26
vneseit s quite important since i use glade to code my gui02:26
trevarthanI just can't win today. :)02:26
melmothapt-get install libglade2-dev02:27
vneseso that means if i miss any lib, i can install it in scratchbox, how about the gnome library?02:28
melmothi doubt somebody 'ported' the whole gnome stuff02:28
melmothbut libglade is there02:28
melmoththen , if you need sometghing not already 'ported', you need to 'port' it yourself (ie just creating the .deb for the arm arch, and here you go)02:29
vnesefor the arm arch? sorry i m new comer and i dont get it02:30
melmothyou cannot install a regular .deb on the n800 because the cpu is not your regular i686 one02:31
melmothwell, as long as you are in scratchbox, yhou dont care that much02:31
melmothso preparre your .deb for scratcbox, and when it works ok, switch to the arm target, and re create a .deb for arm.02:31
melmothand here you go02:31
vnesemelmoth:  thanks, got it02:34
melmothbtw what is the application you are looking at ?02:36
vnesebut hhhmmm, it keeps saying i need libgnomeui-2.0 gtk+2.0, dont you think i should install those lib also ?02:36
melmothlibgnomeui sounds like a  gnome thingy, will be difficult to find.02:36
vnesei have written myself an C/Gnome/GTK+ app in linux02:36
vneseand i try to install it in maemo02:37
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vnesejust to study things in maemo02:37
melmothlibgtk2 is available02:38
vnesewhat i did is : i copied the whole source code, modified it, and compile it again in scratchbox env02:38
vnesewhen compiling, it says it need those gnome and gtk lib02:39
melmothwell, if it works(app run), you probably dont need libgnomeui, then you can remove it from the autoconf/autotools files02:39
melmothfor the gtk, just apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev02:40
melmothfor the gnomeui, it will be more tricky02:40
melmotheither port this lib02:40
melmothor be sure the code does not use it at all, and remove it from the autoconf definition file (most probably
vnesei m checking in autogen.sh02:44
vnesebut thanks for your advice02:44
melmothonce you removed the requirement, you ll need to regenerate a configure script02:45
melmothi think all you need to do is relaunche autogen.sh02:45
melmoth(it s been a while since i have played with those :)02:45
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crotchHi there03:55
crotchAm I the only swede with a nokia n800? :)03:55
crotchHave anyone of you had problems with the internet call activation?03:59
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unique311fantastic 4 ...04:08
unique311770 first big screen appereance04:08
*** philipl has joined #maemo04:10
Blacksitoxthe server ssh how activate ?04:10
BlacksitoxI not have root :\04:11
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crotc1has anyone had any problems with the internet call activation?04:20
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crotc1Ok.. i cant activate it anyway04:21
unique311Blacksitox, you might be able to use babelfish to translate that link....04:21
unique311what do you mean you can't activate it?04:22
unique311you send another person with a gmail account an invitation to chat..04:22
crotc1well.. I allready have a gtalk account. voip works and so on04:22
Blacksitoxunique311,  :D04:22
crotc1no.. before i can do that i have to activate the feature .. and that doesnt work04:22
unique311send someone an invite chat..04:22
crotc1doesnt work. It says that I have to activate the feature first.04:23
unique311hold on04:23
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crotc1so, i press "ok".. and then i have to choose a screen name.. then i press ok again. then it says "activateing".. then it says.. could not activate.. try later.. But i have tried like... 1000 times :)04:24
unique311do you have a wireless connection04:25
*** crotch has joined #maemo04:30
crotchuh.. something happened to my connection04:30
crotchunique311: did u answer anything?04:30
unique311are you doing this while your device is connected to a wireless point04:32
crotchI've tried different wireless points04:32
crotchvoice works fine, but video call doesnt work04:33
unique311did you set up you gmail account04:33
crotchor, at least I cant send an invitation cause it wont activate04:33
unique311control panel>accounts04:33
unique311let me send you an chat04:34
*** ramatieg has joined #maemo04:36
ramatiegDoes anyone's N800 randomly boot up by itself?04:36
*** crotc2 has joined #maemo04:37
unique311u got a bad connection crotc204:38
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo04:39
crotc2i've noticed04:39
unique311maybe you should try activating right next to the router04:40
crotc2Oh.. thats not it. I've tried different wireless connections04:40
unique311whats ur gmail addy...04:41
unique311i'll send you an invite04:41
crotc2iĺl pm u04:41
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Blacksitoxwhat change my pass for root ?04:43
Blacksitoxhow change my pass for root ?04:43
ramatiegAnybody know what 'por' means in /proc/bootreason?04:44
unique311don't bother Blacksitox04:44
unique311don't bother Blacksitox"04:44
crotc2unique: im trying to pm u04:44
unique311you are not a registered user..04:45
unique311you need to register the nick04:45
crotc2newbie :)04:45
*** ramatieg has quit IRC04:45
unique311run    /msg nickserv register "password"04:46
unique311and then run /msg nickserv identify "password"04:46
unique311but before both of those commands..04:46
unique311run /nick "nick you would like"04:47
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*** cortch is now known as crotc104:47
*** crotc1 is now known as dawid04:48
*** rwhitby-n800 has joined #maemo04:48
unique311depending on the client you are using you can make the identify part of the command automatic...04:48
*** dawid is now known as norrvi04:48
unique311well actually with all irc clients..04:48
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Blacksitoxexisting kismet for n800 ?08:36
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florianhi all12:27
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vnesehow can i change my scratchbox theme ?17:44
Blacksitohow installed kismet on n800?17:44
vneseapt-get install kismet ?17:45
*** Tahitibob has joined #maemo17:51
vnesehello, i m in X86 scratchbox environment, how can i switch to arm target?17:53
vneseand is it true that the arm target is the correct environment for tablet device like n800 (i mean do they share the same cpu speed and memory?)17:55
vnese(offtopic : is there any maemo course in espoo :( )17:58
`0660the only correct environment for n800 is in the device itself :)17:59
`0660i had some problems developing in the arm target and the x86 didn't seem to lack anything so i used it18:00
vnesehhmm, how about the 1st question, how can i switch to arm target? and can you explain what is the difference between those x86 and arm :P18:02
*** konttori has joined #maemo18:03
vnesehi konttori18:03
`0660use sb-menu for switching18:04
`0660to my understanding debugging is easier in the x86 target but the final application will need to be compiled in the arm target18:05
vneseso, x86 and arm are different processor architectures ?18:06
`0660yes they are18:07
`0660most desktops have x8618:07
`0660and most pda's have arm18:07
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`0660but with sb it's possible to emulate arm18:08
vnesehhmm, i see18:09
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl18:09
`0660you can develop in both targets18:10
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vnesehhmm is there any maemo training course in finland ?18:37
konttoriwhat do you want to do?18:38
vnesei m a student and i m used to playing with c/gtk+, yesterday i was hit by maemo and tried to port my app to maemo and i was successful18:39
vneseand i want to learn sth about the maemo platform18:40
acydlordthere are no training courses that i know of18:40
acydlordmost of us rely on the docs or wiki18:41
vnesei guess i will follow that path too ...18:41
vneseacydlord: one secret question, are you working, and your job is maemo related or is it just a hobby ?18:43
*** vimpula is now known as jumpula18:44
*** pleemans has quit IRC18:44
vnesehhmm, just worried about my career18:45
vneseskip it18:45
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC18:47
acydlordjust a hobby18:47
acydlordsince maemo is opensource, i don't really see there being much call for steady jobs using it. at least not until the market is considerably larger18:49
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tkoI fail to see the logic in the first part, how does opensource or not have anything to do with it?19:15
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rhsanbornis there a port of a telnet client for n800?19:54
feig why telnet?19:57
rhsanbornFriends have setup a server w/ old bbs type games19:58
feigand ssh won't work?19:58
rhsanbornhaven't tried it yet...19:58
rhsanbornNot sure if they setup ssh..19:58
feigoh, i much perfer ssh over telnet, telnet is very picky, and slow, ssh is like your there19:59
rhsanbornindeed. I'll check, but I don't think he set it up19:59
rhsanbornI prefer ssh as well20:00
feigyea, i don't know about telnet, it should be trivial to get working though20:00
*** oil_ has joined #maemo20:01
rhsanbornnot necessarily. Depends on how it accesses the network protocols. I don't know either how maemo or telnet implements this and might require some fiddling to get them together20:02
rhsanbornPlaying bbs games is not worth looking into it either :P20:02
feigoh, ok, didn't know that20:02
*** pdz has quit IRC20:02
rhsanbornoh well20:04
*** Free_maN has quit IRC20:05
*** matt_c has quit IRC20:05
*** Blacksito has quit IRC20:06
feigrhasnborn: looks like busybox has telnet in it20:08
kulvethe stock busybox in n800 seems not to have telnet support20:11
kulveNokia-N800-10:~# busybox telnet20:11
kulvetelnet: applet not found20:11
feigsorry, i have a 77020:14
*** vidar has joined #maemo20:16
rhsanbornthx for looking...20:16
rhsanbornLike I said, it isn't a big deal. I can actually setup my home pc with ssh and then I can ssh to home and telnet to the game if I want to :P20:16
*** matt_c has joined #maemo20:16
feigsounds like something i would do20:17
feigoh wait, no i _do_ do that20:17
rhsanbornI probably should do that so that I don't waste so much time on silly games :P20:17
feiggood idea20:17
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*** victory747 has joined #maemo20:44
victory747hi, has anyone noticed bad battery life when booting off the MMC card instead of the internal flash?20:55
*** c0ffee has quit IRC21:06
*** c0ffee has joined #maemo21:06
vneseok, now i can port my gtk+ app successfully  in the scratchbox, what should i do next to make it in the maemo Task Navigator menu? do i need to create .desktop and .service file ?21:26
b0unc3vnese: yes21:26
vneseb0unc3:  in which folder will i create myapp.desktop and myapp.service ?21:27
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b0unc3vnese: the .destkop files goes under /usr/share/applications/hildon/ and .service file under /usr/share/dbus-1/services/21:28
zuhTo be exact,
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vnesei created those 2 files, restart Xephyr22:23
vnesebut i cant find my app22:23
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