IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2007-06-15

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Blacksitoxspeak spanish ?02:50
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dolfunstop the torture04:29
dolfunstop government torture04:30
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slow_any ideas of why I'm getting "Scratchbox devkit debian not found." even if apt-get says that "scratchbox-devkit-debian is already the newest version."?04:31
slow_("" is the one complaining about the devkit...)04:32
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dolfunhi unique31104:35
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dolfunhi hi04:42
dolfuntorture... torture... torture....04:42
unique311tell me about it04:43
dolfunyou can be tortured for no reason now04:43
unique311sucks....i havent been playing with my n80004:43
unique311thats torture...04:43
unique311ran out of stuff to do with it...04:43
dolfunwell ... it's time to say fuck maemo04:44
dolfunand fuck toys04:44
dolfunwe live free or die as slaves04:44
dolfunand the net is closing in04:44
dolfunand none of this maemo shit matters any more04:44
dolfunreal id card04:45
dolfunglobal empire04:45
Blacksitoxwhat the tutorial for installation the maemo in the nokia N800 ?04:46
unique311maybe if n800 came with another OS...the linux community would embrace hacking the hell out of it...04:46
dolfunwe can't work on open source04:46
dolfunif we are locked up in slave camps04:46
dolfunsee there is this freedom thing that needs to be in effect04:47
unique311i don't follow...04:47
dolfunbefore we can talk about fun things like PDAs and Open Source04:47
dolfunif you are locked up in a concentration camp04:47
dolfunyou can't play with your MID or N80004:47
unique311concentration camps..04:48
unique311and this is happening where>04:49
unique311no its not04:49
unique311i live in NY04:49
dolfunthey exist.  They are currently empty04:49
unique311no concentration camps here...04:49
unique311and you know this how?04:49
Blacksitoxmy Nokia n800 :D04:49
Blacksitoxwhat the tutorial for installation the maemo in the nokia N800 ?04:49
unique311hold on Blacksitox04:50
dolfunsorry to spoil the fun.  but we need freedom before we can have nice PDA toys04:51
unique311tutorial section04:51
unique311we have freedom in america..04:51
Blacksitoxunique311, my english is bad :( sorry04:51
unique311may not be the best complete..04:51
Blacksitoxfor the installation ?04:51
unique311but better than most.04:51
unique311try that04:51
unique311dolfun where are you from?04:52
unique311and do you have proof of these concentration camps in amrica?04:52
Blacksitoxunique311, Im from Boliva04:52
dolfunyeah just google them - about 80004:52
Blacksitoxups sorry04:52
dolfunhi Blacksitox04:53
Blacksitoxheya dolfun04:53
unique311dolfun you lost me..04:53
dolfunwe all need fairly free societies to do our happy computer work04:53
dolfunthe bad stuff is coming real fast in the USA04:53
dolfununique311: bad bad things going down in your country04:54
unique311if you say so...04:55
unique311doesn't seem that way to me....04:55
dolfunyou have to spend time researching it04:55
dolfuni won't convince you here04:55
unique311and worry myself..04:55
unique311no thanks..04:55
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unique311i'm happy not knowing what my countries government is doing to maintain the super power status that we have now..04:56
dolfunheh .. 2008... you have a chance to turn it around...04:56
dolfunlast chance04:56
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dolfunit snaps shut like a trap04:57
unique311unless aliens come to earth and fuck with the US...i doubt anything that bad is going to happen..04:57
dolfuni am warning you now04:57
dolfunit happened in germany in 193904:57
unique311warn the government..04:58
unique311not me..04:58
dolfunit happened in the ussr in 191404:58
dolfunyou are the only hope04:58
unique311and the US is doing everything in its power not to repeat history..04:58
dolfunno man you like maemo and the nokia because it is a free OS04:59
dolfunyou can port stuff to it04:59
dolfunthe nokias are about freedom04:59
dolfunapply that to the rest of your life04:59
unique311honestly...unless the rest of the world gang up..i doubt any other country have a chance at war with the US.......04:59
unique311now if you talking self destruction...then ok..maybe....04:59
dolfunyes i am04:59
dolfunthe rest of the world is not a threat04:59
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unique311so how, if you know.....are we going to destroy ourselves?05:00
unique311in theory..05:00
Suliscouldn't china pose a threat to....everyone...05:00
unique311too far away....05:01
unique311they cannot bring the fight to us...05:01
unique311we abosultely can bring it to them05:01
Sulisthey have a navy and an air force05:01
Blacksitoxspeak spanish ?05:01
unique311not as big as we do....05:02
unique311<----  prior navy...05:02
unique311unless your navy have some major aircraft carrier hold no weight..05:02
unique311we have around 1405:02
unique311heard the brits have around 2 or 305:03
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dolfununique311: no preemptive wars05:06
dolfununique311: defend the USA05:07
dolfundon't defend corporate profits05:07
Sulisi think we have 205:07
dolfundon't go to war for the UN or for some corporation05:07
unique311i know.05:07
Sulis<-- english05:07
unique311made that mistake once already...05:08
unique311i did operation afghanistan freedom, and operation iraqi freedom....05:09
unique311OEF...i was all for...05:09
unique311but OIF had some discrepencies i didn't like...05:09
unique311lol chinese aircraft carrier..05:10
Sulisand that seems to be a microlite taking off from it05:10
unique311reading another article....05:13
unique311a flying aircarft carrier...05:14
unique311was amaze to be on one, and it stayed afloat..05:14
unique311one that flies...lol05:14
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unique311the microlite is doing a fly by....05:15
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Sulis...i know, that was a joke05:16
unique3112.5 billion for 2 more aircraft carriers..britains royal  navy...05:18
unique311alot of money..05:18
Sulisis that pounds or dollars?05:20
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Suliscourse it's a lot of money either way05:21
unique311check that out...05:21
Sulisthe next two won't be built for several years though05:21
unique311how do they plan to move it..05:21
unique311oh no....the flying aricraft carrier...lol05:22
Suliswow, so that's actually a building...cool05:23
dolfunSupport Ron Paul!  Read his articles on  Listen to the interviews on antiwar.com05:24
unique311build a building looking like that..imagine the real thing..05:24
dolfunKILL THE SLIME!05:25
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dolfunheh live free06:53
dolfunsupport Ron Paul06:53
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JaffaMorning, all08:50
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tigertinz: around?10:57
*** Zenton has joined #maemo10:58
inztigert, pong10:59
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acydlordi wish my n800 looked as vibrant as the ones in the nokia pics lol11:09
acydlordespecially the whole screen being fully visible in direct sunlight part11:09
X-Fadeacydlord: Yeah, it would have been nice if they used a reflective lcd..11:11
acydlordmight be able to add in via a hack, bit that would be tricky11:12
X-FadeI want to browse websites while lying in my chair in the sun.. :)11:12
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acydlordand now i wish i had $250 laying around for the n800 navicore kit for geocache stuff11:12
*** bilboed has joined #maemo11:13
cosmoacydlord: it's VERY overpriced.. i'd buy it otherwise11:13
X-Fadeacydlord: you can use a cheaper gps mouse for that too..11:13
acydlordthat would be nice indeed, i live in arizona, cant get away from the sun11:13
cosmoyou can get a full navigator device for 199e11:13
*** fab has joined #maemo11:13
acydlordyeah i know, i was looking at the garmin bluetooth gps puck which i think outpost had on sale for $9911:14
cosmoi think there have been bt gps's for sale at 60e11:14
cosmo140e just for way11:14
acydlordthey should offer just the gps device without the navicore software, would probably drop the price considerably11:15
inzacyd, are you still working on the wordpress/sqlite?11:16
acydlordi havent had much time to work on it, got sidetracked with some other projects i had put on hold11:16
cosmoacydlord: you can get cheap bt gps's easily11:17
inzacyd, no pressure, just checking ;)11:17
cosmobut no way getting navicore software11:17
cosmoand maemo mapper is not an option for car navigation11:17
*** jonty has joined #maemo11:17
acydlordmaemo mapper is good enough software for the uses i'd want it for11:17
gla55acydlord: i'd imagine the gps puck to be the same nokia pucks that are available without anything extra?11:20
acydlordi dont drive, so i'm more interested in geocaching11:20
acydlordindeed gla5511:20
gla55ld-3w is 90e here11:21
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acydlordi found a couple for around $70 USD but i don't know if they would work with the n80011:23
acydlordlike this holux GPSlim 240 looks nice, about the size of a large thumb drive, and it's only $8011:25
cosmoi believe any bt gps should work11:25
gla55yeah.. there's not that much differences11:27
gla55this one puck i had for a while sucked though11:27
gla55had to boot it everytime for a new connection to it11:27
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acydlordthis one i'm looking at has road, offroad, and marine navigation, which would be good since i'm getting back in to kayaking11:28
acydlordand they have a decent return policy, maybe i'll pick one up in a week or so11:29
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acydlorddoes anyoen know if anybody has a twitter app in progress or planned?11:31
*** zwnj has joined #maemo11:32
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floriangood morning11:54
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Free_maNhow full saving the n770 ?11:58
*** roukin has joined #maemo11:58
`0660this empty discarding an n800.12:02
`0660osfameron, you don't know pidgin english? :)12:03
osfameron`0660: apparently not :-)12:04
`0660it's quite easy12:04
osfameronoooo!  irssi autocompletes your nick on 0<TAB>12:04
osfameronthat's handy, cos Italian keyboards don't have backtick handy...12:05
`0660just type every word that come in your mind while trying to get something said12:05
`0660irssi <312:05
osfameronoh, I get the principle.  It's what I use while communicating in several languages (often in English too)12:05
osfameronI just didn't get the original sentence's meaning.12:06
`0660me neither12:06
`0660part of the deal is that the same words are repeated as long as required or the other participant gives up :)12:07
roukinhi everybody, I have two N770 and I want them to communicate through the bluetooth. But they don't see each other! Can someone help? thx12:08
osfameron`0660: oh, I thought that was the English technique:  just keep repeating the words, possibly slower and louder.  After all, foreigners are only *pretending* not to speak English.12:08
acydlordroukin, trying to get them to communicate as in sending files back and forth?12:09
acydlordi think you may need to install the obex applications to get them to work that way12:10
acydlordi may be mistaken though, i never tried to transfer files that way12:10
roukinok, I take a look at this, thank you12:11
acydlordyou're welcome12:12
EfraelShould I put my application's custom made 26x26 icons to $datadir/icons/hicolor/26x26/hildon ?12:26
acydlordi think so12:28
zuh$datadir/icons/hicolor/26x26/apps should be fine too (the subdir has no real meaning when searching for the icons from icon theme)12:30
acydlordi think the n800 should have come with the tango icon set12:32
* zuh has it installed12:32
N800i think the n800 should have come with windows...  <---ducks...12:32
EfraelHere here!12:33
acydlordi don't know, i could just imagine it sitting on the loading screen for days12:33
kulvezuh: is it better to install few app specific icons to hicolor or to /usr/share/appname/foobar?12:33
acydlordzuh, did you replace all the default hildon icons with the tango versions?12:34
kulveI have the tango packaged for n800. I added 40x40 and 64x64 icons and removed the svgs12:34
kulvebut it doesn't have links for maemo icons12:34
zuhacydlord: no, I have manually made few symlinks so that the tango versions are used instead of the maemo ones12:35
kulvei.e. most of the icons will be the same12:35
zuhThere's loads and loads of icons for maemo, and only some of them have similar icons in tango12:36
acydlordthats true12:36
zuhIt would have helped if maemo icons would use the icon-naming spec where applicable, but well...12:37
Efraelzuh: That kulve's question is an interesting one. Is /usr/share/appname/foobar a more.. hmm.. acceptable option?12:38
EfraelThe icons are application specific12:38
zuhEfrael: If it is an icon that only your application uses, yes, share/appname. (I was thinking the icons which show up in the menu)12:39
EfraelIn the application's toolbar actually12:39
kulveso, install icons used in the app to share/appname and the icons used by the framework for the app into icon theme12:40
EfraelIs hildon toolbar part of the framework?12:43
EfraelIn another words did you mean that since I'm using the icons in the toolbar I should install the application's custom icons to $datadir/icons/hicolor/26x26/hildon?12:44
kulveI'm meant the icons showed in navigator's menu etc12:45
EfraelAh, I see. Okay.12:45
EfraelThank you12:46
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acydlordanyone ever notice how websites always seem to only take a dump on you when you're odifying some code?13:09
*** SeRi has joined #maemo13:13
Gathajadoes anyone have any experience on messaging with wlancond with dbus? I'm trying to request scan but the method return message has no params.13:14
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acydlordsure don't, sorry13:17
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Gathajaone problem is that I'm not even sure is the method name right because the constant is not in the files that are in osso-wlan package13:24
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MikaTHi all, could someone please tell me what is the recommended repository to find libdaemon-dev package for Maemo 2.2?14:03
*** zyxulnaga has quit IRC14:03
kulveif there is one..14:05
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*** greedo has joined #maemo15:08
greedoi'm successfully streaming audio using mediatomb15:08
greedoi can use either canola,media streamer or media player15:08
greedohowever i would like to know if there is a linux upnp media server that is able to recode videos on the fly15:08
greedoso that it matches the n800 resolution15:08
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*** mk8 has joined #maemo15:09
mk8Hi to all ...15:09
MoRpHeUzgreedo: well, it's not a upnp media server...but it's going on that way...15:13
greedo"it" ?15:13
MoRpHeUzgreedo: it's called gmyth-streamer15:13
MoRpHeUzgreedo: take a look at my blog15:13
greedois it part of mythtv?15:13
MoRpHeUzgreedo: it can also stream live-tv and recorded videos from mythtv15:14
MoRpHeUzas well another video files on disk15:14
greedowhat do you mean by "recorded videos from mythtv" ?15:14
greedocan't it serve any avi or mpg file ?15:14
greedoah right15:14
greedosounds nice15:14
greedocan i install it from apt-get on ubuntu feisty N15:15
*** vivijim has joined #maemo15:15
MoRpHeUzyes, you can, but it can also retrieve videos from a mythtv backend15:15
MoRpHeUzgreedo: for gmyth-streamer download:15:15
MoRpHeUzsvn co gms15:15
MoRpHeUzit's a beta yet15:15
MoRpHeUzyou'll need mencoder from cvs and gmyth if you want to use mythtv's features...15:16
MoRpHeUzbut some people are doing tests and everything is working 100% until now =)15:16
MoRpHeUzgreedo: if you want, I can help you install it....15:17
greedowell i didn't have a look at mythtv yet, i just installed mediatomb picking it randomly among mythtv and ushare15:17
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MoRpHeUzgreedo: ok...but if you want, gms can stream another content.not just mythtv's ones.. it transcodes on the fly15:23
*** obi has joined #maemo15:23
ajturner_MoRpHeUz: so gmyth can in fact stream mythtv to n800?15:25
MoRpHeUzajturner_: yes!15:26
ajturner_MoRpHeUz: sweeet! to canola and others?15:26
ajturner_that is awesome15:26
MoRpHeUzjust received a mail from a guy in UK that is watching live tv in his n800 while he is working hehe15:26
greedoafaik, canola does not support video15:26
ajturner_my mythtv box is borked, so I need to reinstall (was gentoo, probably redo w/ ubuntu), but will play with that immediately15:26
MoRpHeUzajturner_: you can play using mplayer... ;-) but maybe soon other applications will support it15:26
MoRpHeUztake a look at my blog and if you need help installing (it's not easy yet...), just mail me15:27
ajturner_MoRpHeUz: url?15:28
*** vnese has joined #maemo15:29
ajturner_MoRpHeUz: what disto do you use?15:30
MoRpHeUzajturner_: we did tests on ubuntu/suse/gentoo/slackware ...all worked15:30
vnesehello all, i m a comer to maemo, on my effort to install it in my debian, i got 'Running apt-get update on 'SDK_ARMEL'.15:30
vneseErr bora/free Packages  Could not resolve '' i think there is problem with the proxy because I already fix the file source.list15:30
*** fab__ has joined #maemo15:31
MoRpHeUzvnese: take a look at /etc/nsswitch.conf15:31
vneseon my target ?15:31
ajturner_MoRpHeUz: I mean you personally - what do you recommend for your mythtv box? gentoo was really nice, but updating was a PITA15:31
greedoMoRpHeUz: what do i need to get it running ? do i also need to install mythtv parts ?15:31
MoRpHeUzvnese: inside /scratchbox15:31
MoRpHeUzvnese: then make sure you have a line like this: "hosts:      files dns" remove other things in front of "hosts"15:31
MoRpHeUzajturner_: maybe ubuntu... =)15:32
MoRpHeUzgreedo: you just need mythtv parts if you want to retrieve anything from mythtv...15:32
MoRpHeUzgreedo: otherwise you just need mencoder from cvs and gmyth-streamer...15:32
ajturner_MoRpHeUz: no actualy mythtv-frontend on n800? ;)15:32
*** rwhitby-n800 has quit IRC15:32
MoRpHeUznot yet ;-)15:33
*** dape has quit IRC15:33
greedoMoRpHeUz: is it important to have mencoder from cvs ?15:33
vneseMoRpHeUz: delete everything before hosts: ... , i have like : passwd: compat group:   compat shadow:         compat15:33
MoRpHeUzgreedo: yes...otherwise it'll not uses a feature from mencoder that is only present at this newer version (from cvs)15:34
MoRpHeUzvnese: not before, sorry...after...on the same line..15:34
greedoMoRpHeUz: ok15:34
MoRpHeUzvnese: tell me what do you have in front of hosts..15:34
*** rwhitby-n800 has joined #maemo15:34
vneseMoRpHeUz: here you are15:35
vneseand my distro is debian etch15:36
MoRpHeUzvnese: make it be like this
*** ajturner has quit IRC15:39
vneseMoRpHeUz:  it works, thanks15:39
*** fab_ has quit IRC15:41
*** fab__ has quit IRC15:44
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:44
*** ajturner_ is now known as ajturner15:44
vneseand how about the IDE, i currently have anjuta and glade3 for my gtk+ app, do you have any idea for maemo?15:44
*** zumbi has joined #maemo15:44
greedois there a way to configure canola so that items are clickable ? instead of having to click on the up/down arrows ?15:45
*** konttori has quit IRC15:47
*** fab_ has joined #maemo15:50
vneseguess half of the people in this room is Finnish :)15:54
*** zwnj has quit IRC15:54
*** Zenton is now known as Zenton_15:55
*** zwnj has joined #maemo15:56
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC15:56
*** rwhitby-n800 has quit IRC15:56
*** hein has joined #maemo15:56
tigertmaybe half16:00
X-Fadegreedo: Yes there is. You can configure that via gconf editor..16:00
MoRpHeUzanybody from oulo ?16:03
X-Fadetigert: I modified Are there things that you would style differently?16:03
lsobralgreedo, set gconf options: /apps/canola/plugins/uifolder/free_click and /apps/canola/plugins/uicontainer/free_click to True16:03
lsobralUsing command line:16:04
lsobralgconftool-2 /apps/canola/plugins/uifolder/free_click -t bool -s true16:04
lsobralgconftool-2 /apps/canola/plugins/uicontainer/free_click -t bool -s true16:04
*** rwhitby-n800 has joined #maemo16:07
*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo16:09
inzvnese, I'd guess around 20%16:09
*** Sho_ has quit IRC16:12
*** hein is now known as Sho_16:12
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*** zwnj has quit IRC16:16
* tigert looks16:19
tigertI think it looks nice16:19
*** zyxulnag1 has quit IRC16:21
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo16:26
*** zwnj has joined #maemo16:30
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*** roukin has left #maemo17:50
suihkulokkilooks familiar? :P17:50
X-FadeWow. They moved the directional controls :)17:50
X-FadeThis is a lefty device though :)17:51
inzand raped it with win CE17:51
X-FadeNah, it is all pure photoshop magic..17:52
_Shurik_but.. it has skype17:52
X-FadeWell it is.. Look at the pictures ;)17:52
suihkulokkinotice the first picture is photoshopped from the bloody n800 pressrelease17:52
inzsuihku, they've made a 2D rotating webcam!17:53
X-Fade'Probucts menu' ;)17:53
*** ab has quit IRC17:54
inz"Game, 3D Game, nintendo Game ,flash Game,"17:54
X-FadeWell. They did some things better. The placement of the webcam is better than on N800..17:54
*** rwhitby-n800 has joined #maemo17:55
_Shurik_Not really. It looks like device is watching me17:56
_Shurik_although in Comminist China n800 is watching you.17:57
*** Feron has joined #maemo17:57
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo17:58
gla55well, their other products are the usual china design school too
_Shurik_Game 40417:59
_Shurik_I wonder if they have any other HTTP response code games17:59
_Shurik_500.... 303...18:00
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dpb_Is it known that Marbles on the 770 hacker edition isn't working?19:07
*** phil|sleep is now known as phil|work19:07
*** Cwiiis_ has joined #maemo19:08
_Shurik_you can hardly call Marbles "working". It's more of a "playing"19:08
*** terrex has joined #maemo19:09
dpb_Yes I can.19:10
dpb_When I press play the screen just flashed black and returns with a "Game paused" state19:11
*** terrex has left #maemo19:14
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OkkoHi guys22:53
OkkoAny tips on how to get 2 gigabytes of stuff from a MMC card to be readable on N800? Looking for some kind of a cheap solution that would be mobile22:53
*** ajturner has joined #maemo22:55
*** ajturner has quit IRC22:57
*** ajturner has joined #maemo22:57
nomisOkko: uhm, what prevents you from pluggin it into the N800 and reading it?22:57
Okkouhm, sorry, compactflash card, not MMC22:57
nomisah, ok. No idea then  :)22:58
OkkoI have CF cards in my camera and would like to upload them with N80022:58
Okkothere's lots of adapters to get a SD card inside CF, but not the other way around22:58
*** MishaS has quit IRC23:01
*** MishaS has joined #maemo23:04
*** rkaway1 has joined #maemo23:07
*** avs has quit IRC23:10
*** Alowishus has joined #maemo23:13
JaffaOkko: mainly cos CF is bigger than SD ;-)23:13
JaffaUSB host (experimental) + USB card reader is probably best bet, or one of those USB-mass-storage copying thingies23:13
Okko2cm's of cable could solve the size issue23:14
*** dolske has quit IRC23:14
zyxulnagaOkko: you can use sftp to exchange the data through your pc or laptop23:14
Okkodoes the usb host work on N800 without soldering?23:14
Okkozyxulnaga: the idea would be to leave pc/laptop at home while on the move and still be able to upload photos23:14
suihkulokkiOkko: did you search from the mailing list archives?23:14
Okkosuihkulokki: yes, a bit earlier, but found no solution then. maybe I didn't have the right query words23:15
zyxulnagathere is a software driver that does it but is very unreliable23:16
zyxulnagait software corrects the information rather than doing soldering23:16
kakosOkko: Yes.  The USB Host chip on the N800 does supply some nominal power over the line, so you don't need to make the power injector like you did with the N770.23:16
kakosOn the other hand, as people have been saying, the driver is experimental and, from what I hear, is fairly unstable.23:17
zyxulnagawhy doesnt nokia fix it and release it23:17
kakosAsk Nokia23:17
zyxulnagaI'll definitely get an answer23:18
kakosWell, we don't know if they are or not.23:18
kakosFor all we know, it could be in the next release along with SDHC support and the ability to summon magical unicorns.23:19
Okkoexperimental and unstable is bearable maybe, but "may cause file corruption" is not when it comes to uploading photos :)23:19
kakosTheoretically, I would hope mounting a file system read-only wouldn't corrupt your CF card.23:19
zyxulnaganot when connecting wireless usb sticks23:20
*** bencer has left #maemo23:22
Okkohmh, my card reader reports 500 mA of power need to Windows, wonder if it would even work with the 100 mA of N80023:22
*** Sho_N800 has quit IRC23:24
zyxulnagait depends on the reader I think, and the resulting speed you get23:26
Okkosoo anyway, nobody has found a direct adaptor?23:29
Okkothat would be the most hassle-free if it would exist :)23:29
*** edistar has joined #maemo23:32
edistarhey, please don't kill me like the debian folks, but where exactly can I find information about setting up a dev-environment for maemo?23:33
edistarcause I want to start porting apps..23:34
Okkoedistar: sorry no pointers from me, but I think the easiest way is to use a ready-made vmware image for the environment23:34
edistarwhere can I get one?23:35
edistaror can I use scratchbox?23:35
Okko from there for example?23:36
Okko(just googled it, haven't used it)23:36
edistarok, but vmware can't emulate ARM, can it?!23:36
edistarcool, looks good23:36
Okkoyou can run the scratchbox inside linux inside vmware inside windows/linux :)23:37
edistarcrickey ;)23:37
edistarso I'm running debian/vmware/ubuntu/scratchbox/maemo?23:38
Okkoyes i think so23:38
zyxulnagaedistar: it emulates arm23:39
zyxulnagaand you can compile armel binaries in it23:39
Okkoit's not the vmware right? it's the scratchbox that emulates arm?23:39
zyxulnagabut its limited if you want to access n800 hw and test that23:39
zyxulnagaI was talking about scratchbox23:40
*** feig has joined #maemo23:42
edistarI just want to compile simple programs for my 77023:43
edistarmaybe port tiemu to the nokia..23:43
edistaranyone tried this before?23:43
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo23:43
feigi wouldn't mind seeing that23:43
feigalthough octave works really well23:44
etrunkoedistar: for 770 try INSTALL.txt in this page:
edistaroctave... is there a port for maemo?23:46
edistarbut it doesn't have such an easy gui/keyboard ;)23:46
feigwell, you run it under xterm23:46
edistarbtw, can anyone recommend a good bt keyboard?23:47
feigbut it works fine23:47
feigeven some of the gnuplot stuff (i think)23:47
feigwhat size keyboard?23:47
*** yerga has quit IRC23:47
edistara little smaller than normal23:47
edistarfor taking around too..23:47
feigoh, i have a full sized, and a tiny thumboard style23:48
*** ajturner has quit IRC23:48
edistarthumboard sounds cool23:48
feigthe thumboard was basically a waste, although it works fine, it's not exactly easy to type, especially while holding 77023:48
edistarwhich one is it?23:49
feigfreedom mini or something, lemme check23:49
edistarI am a pianist, so maybe my fingers are exact enough..23:49
feigthe one in the first pic on that page23:50
*** matt_c has quit IRC23:50
edistarbut you can't recommend it? bad quality material too or not?23:51
feigi just thought it was a bit cumbersome to use, trying to hold the device and the keyboard, and type at the same time (esp on the train)23:51
edistarhehe, I'd use it in the train too..23:52
feigi actually tried to thumb with the onscreen keyboard, and found it pretty usable23:52
*** matt_c has joined #maemo23:52
edistarI tried too... but it's to slow for me...23:53
edistarand my screen is already dull where some keys are by the pen..23:53
*** tko_ has joined #maemo23:53
feigoh, gotcha23:53
*** rwhitby-n800 has quit IRC23:54
edistarso I'm looking for an 'external solution' ;)23:54
feigbut, it looks like they ditched the mini in favor of the 'slim'23:55
*** dolske has joined #maemo23:55
*** rwhitby-n800 has joined #maemo23:55
feigwhich looks a lot like the input on a razr phone, which i really don't like, as it's really tough to figure out what key your finger's on23:55
edistarthat is true23:55
edistarI don't like lazered keys because you can slip so easily23:56
*** yerga has joined #maemo23:56
feigi really wanted to try one of those23:56
edistartry what?23:56
feiga laser keyboard23:57
edistarit's like the razr ;)23:58
feigyea, that's why i got the one that i did23:58
edistarwhich one was that again?23:59

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