IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2007-06-06

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jga23is it possible to write an applet in python?09:01
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inzjga, in maemo4.0 it will be09:30
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jga23what can I write an applet in then?09:33
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konttoriWill maemo 4.0 be included in the next firmware?10:01
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jga23what is the equivalient to .bashrc on maemo?10:20
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jga23anybody know how to stop dropbear ssh?10:39
geaaru/etc/init.d/dropbear stop10:40
jga23I did that, but I can still connect10:40
* cesman is away: Gone away for now.10:40
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inzjga, .profile is the closest one to .bashrc10:41
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jga23inz, thanks10:42
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jga23is there any difference from installing python or installing pymaemo?11:00
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guardiangood morning11:09
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guardianjga23: judging from the names i would install pymaemo11:09
guardianbut i never used python on maemo11:10
jga23ok, thanks11:10
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AD-N770good morning11:19
nkvermahi all11:20
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loolHey there; is there a way to subscribe to uploads to the archive?  I see I can subscribe to SVN commits, but some teams don't use SVN11:29
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guardian_spent 20 minutes to discover that i wrote G_END_DCLS instead of G_END_DECLS12:12
guardian_the compiler only said "extern" undefined identifier12:12
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MikhoI'm trying to set up eclipse to compile and link using scratchbox compilers, but13:51
Mikhoit seems the linker can't find all the libraries13:52
MikhoI wonder what libraries am I supposed to include in -l and what paths to -L13:52
MikhoI'm trying to run the simple example program in
Mikhothe first linker error is "undefined reference to 'gtk_init'" followed by similar errors to the rest of the functions in use13:55
melmothMikaT, i have no clue....but, i have here an old makefile that used to work (before i switched to python :)) )14:07
melmothHILDON_CFLAGS = -I/usr/include/gtk-2.0 -I/usr/lib/gtk-2.0/include -I/usr/include/atk-1.0 -I/usr/include/pango-1.0 -I/usr/include/freetype2 -I/usr/include/glib-2.0 -I/usr/lib/glib-2.0/include -I/usr/include/hildon-fm14:07
inzit's not compiler issue, it's linker issue14:10
inzAnd you shouldn't hardcode the include paths like that, but use pkg-config instead14:10
melmothwell, the Makefile was generated by autoconf/autotools stuff, and it worked.14:11
melmothbut anyway, i switched to pyhton since anyway, it s just that the file it still there :)14:11
inzMikho, try cc `pkg-config hildon-lgpl --cflags --libs` example_hildonprogram.c -o example14:11
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Mikhogrr, spent a good 10 mins wondering what's wrong when I had typed "hildon-lpgl"14:22
Mikho"cannot find"14:22
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Mikhosbox-arm-linux-cc: pkg-config hildon-lgpl --cflags --libs: No such file or directory14:54
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Mikhohow is it supposed to execute that line pkg-config hildon... etc?14:57
guardianwhich would u use ?15:00
guardianmythtv ?15:00
guardianmediatomb ?15:00
guardianushare ?15:00
guardiani don't have much time to test each one :/15:00
Mikhowhy does it think the line inside '':s is just another input file?15:05
kulvethose were ` not '15:06
Mikhodoes it make a difference if it's ` or ยด ?15:07
Mikhojust that it isn't '?15:07
kulveyes it does15:07
Mikhoit has to be ` ?15:07
kulveusing `, the shell will execute the command inside the `s before running the cc command15:07
Mikhois this a particular shell feature, or general 'nix?15:08
kulvegeneral, afaik15:08
Mikho... you learn something new every day15:08
kulvebut I'm no shell guru :)15:08
dpb__general in bourne shells atleast15:09
Mikhogreat, thanks :)15:09
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Mikhoblah, if I run the linker outside scratchbox, it can't find hildon-lgpl, of course15:15
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pulsarah, that reminds me of something. does anyone use scons inside tha scratchbox?15:16
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inzMikho, some shells also support $(command), but `command` is more generic15:20
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Mithrandirinz: $(command) is POSIX so using that is fine.15:26
Mithrandiranybody using non-posix shells lose.15:26
Mikhothis is so nice: every time I try out a wrong compiling command it spews out thousands and thousands of errors and warnings, locking itself for a few minutes15:27
Mikhodoes anybody know a good IDE for developing c++?15:30
melmothwell,a new emacs has just been released :)15:30
Mikhoseems eclipse with the c++ plugin is just waste of time15:30
pulsaranjuta is nice15:30
EfraelVisual studio \o/15:30
Mikhofor ubuntu..15:31
Mikhoanjuta you say15:31
pulsaryep. its in the repository.15:31
cosmoeclipse+cdt seems to work quite well also15:31
pulsarlacks plenty of features i am used to but it does the job quite well15:31
EfraelThese QT things have something. Maybe KDevelop.15:31
pulsarcosmo: @see above, he already gave it a try :)15:32
MikhoI just can't find out where to insert the `` commands in build settings in eclipse15:32
pulsarif you are looking for a stressless make replacement take a look at scons too15:32
Mikhomoreover, eclipse+cdt is sloooow15:32
cosmoeclipse has automatic makefile generation, you don't need to do it by hand anymore15:33
Mikhoit still doesn't find the libraries automatically15:33
cosmoyou just enter the libs in build settings15:33
Mikholooks like I'd have to type pkg-config in shell, look what libraries are used and then input the libraries manually one by one in the build settings15:34
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MikhoI could give anjuta and the others a try as well15:37
MikhoI hope they have automatic makefile management...15:39
pulsaranjuta does15:39
pulsaruses automake afair15:39
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EfraelA couple of years ago when I tried Anjuta in Ubuntu it kept segfaulting when I tried to create a certain type of project.15:41
pulsarhehe... common problem of many open source programs and linux.15:42
pulsarseems to work fine using ubuntu 7 at least right now.15:42
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EfraelWhen I fiddled with Qt it had some rather cool tool for C++, but can't remember the name. It might have been a little Qt specific, though.15:46
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Mikhothe installation threw an error but it seems to be installed allright15:52
Mikhohow can I make sure it's not broken or sth15:52
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Mikhook, so how do I make anjuta to auto-manage my makefile16:27
Mikhoatm I can't build because I don't have a makefile16:27
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Mikhook, it was a mistake to try to import the project directly from eclipse16:57
EfraelHey, that's actually exactly what I was trying to do when it kept segfaulting16:59
Mikhoit disabled almost all automatic functionality17:01
Mikhobut now I can't find out how to define which libraries and includes are needed17:01
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Mikhowow, it actually generated a nice ./configure:ation script! I thought it was just a hello world program17:06
Mikhoit also processes the script for 14 seconds while looking cool17:07
EfraelDoesn't it use and with autoconf and automake?17:07
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Mikhothere are lot of files but no configure.ac17:10
Mikhothere is a though17:10
EfraelWhat about
Mikhoin this case it's not as simle as to just right click on the project name and type in the libraries and headers17:13
Mikhonow where and what should I write to make the builder find <hildon-widgets/hildon-program.h>17:14
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Mikhooh, there is a file, and it seems to update it according to what I write on the right-button-configuration-dialog17:15 is the old name for configure.ac17:16
EfraelI don't know about anjuta but at least modifying and is useful when trying to include necessary libraries in your build.17:18
*** harleypig has joined #maemo17:20 seems to be in some mystical alien language17:21
Mikhoin the tutorial in figure 6.1 there seems to be a nice project properties dialog, but there's no such thing in my anjuta17:22
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EfraelYeah, it's a whole another world. I found the automake manual quite helpful while autoconf manual was too overwhelming. In automake manual both and are covered.17:23
Mikhoso, I'm supposed to enter straight automake/autoconf syntax in the "Configure Project" dialog?17:24
EfraelProbably not =) But that's all I know.17:25
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EfraelAutotools are useful stuff to learn anyways, though.17:25
harleypigCan I install bash without losing a whole bunch of necessary packages?17:26
Mikhooh... it seems the anjuta in ubuntu distribution wasn't anjuta217:31
Mikhobut just some old 1.2.4a-5build117:32
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b0unc3there is any way to get java run on n800 ?18:28
alpb0unc3: i tried ikvm under mono some time ago, much of the test suite passes and it performs well18:30
*** part has joined #maemo18:31
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b0unc3alp: you can run java with awt or swing ?18:31
alpi didn't try any UI things, the eclipse toolkit used by azureus etc. should work fine though18:32
b0unc3uhm... sounds interesting... any links ?18:32
alpnothing that "I'm feeling lucky" on google won't give you18:32
b0unc3alp: ok :-)18:33
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zyxulnagais wlanconfig available for the n800 ?18:44
*** Mithrandir has quit IRC18:46
dragornI wouldn't expect it to be, that's a madwifi userspace tool18:47
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* TimRiker notices that Someone(tm) is looking at his flashing-from-debian-4-with-2.6.20 bug.18:58
zyxulnagatrying to generate a probe request18:58
zyxulnagadoesnt seem to be possible18:59
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defor80if anyone's handy.. I'm trying to compule some already-existing code, and while I've gotten 99% working, compiled most of the existing cli apps, i'm having issues with the gtk part, specifically, using the normal configure/makefile, i get the error that gtk/gtk.h cannot be found. I've verified using apt-get as fakeroot that libgtk2.0-dev is installed, but i'm still hitting this wall... any thoughts?19:31
dragornlook at config.log and see if it can't be found or if some other error is causing it to fail the compile test with gtk.h19:32
*** pna has quit IRC19:35
defor80config.log doesnt even check for gtk19:36
konttoriHey, what is the command to ask user a question in the postinst file?19:36
defor80it isn't until i run make that i hit the error19:36
konttoriI would like to ask user a question at the end of install19:37
konttoriand then act accordingly19:37
jonnylambkonttori: Using debconf?19:37
*** lmoura has joined #maemo19:38
konttoriAhh.. this should do the trick: maemo-confirm-text [title] file19:39
zuhThat's _very_ annoying if one is installing something over ssh ("hmmm... why does it take so long to install this..?")19:42
jonnylambDebian policy insists that package installation *must-not* be interactive.19:43
partkonttori: what do you want to ask from the user?19:44
konttoriIf he wants to delete previous cached images19:45
konttoriFrom previous install19:45
konttoriBut hey, even nokia apps ask user to accept license agreement19:45
partkonttori: and that's annoying too19:45
konttoriBut it makes sense.19:45
mgedminjonnylamb: are you sure about that?  because some packages (like libc6) are very interactive on upgrades, and don't use debconf19:47
konttoriHey, how do I get the exit value of that command call (maemo-confirm-text)?19:48
partmgedmin: libc is a pretty special case, as it's necessary for just about everything else to actually function19:48
konttoriSorry for asking such a silly question, but you guys probably know it immediately.19:49
melmothif it s in a shell $?  i think19:50
melmothif the maemo shell works as bash that is :)19:50
jonnylambmgedmin: Sorry, I'm an idiot- I meant *building* the package must be non-interactive.19:50
melmothkonttori, yop, 'echo $?' works as with a regular bash19:51
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harleypigIs there a way I can get rid of all language packages but my own?19:56
*** ajturner has joined #maemo19:57
harleypigOr is there a better irc channel to ask these types of questions?19:57
*** dape has quit IRC19:57
dragornif you back up your device first you can try just removing them19:57
harleypigYeah, but that won't help when upgrading.19:58
harleypigIn gentoo there is an options to set which languages you wish to install for.  I was wondering/hoping that there was something similar for debian.19:58
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:58
dragornwell, no, you'd have to do it again every time19:58
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harleypigIs aptitude available in a repository somewhere?20:10
*** tolgam has joined #maemo20:10
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defor80ok.. another random question.. is there a proper way to mount a mmc as /home, so as to not run the internal flash out of space?20:17
*** krau|away is now known as krau20:17
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*** fab has joined #maemo20:20
harleypigHmmm ... I don't remember how to fix a BADSIG error on an apt-get update ... anyone got a quick pointer for me to fix that?20:21
dragorndefor80: I think theres a howto on the maemo site for extending root onto a card, don't have the url handy, I think it was either in the wiki or in the developer portion20:21
*** melmoth has quit IRC20:26
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harleypigARGHH ... how can I keep a ssh session from timing out on my n800?20:29
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC20:30
*** Pio has quit IRC20:31
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*** Pio has joined #maemo20:32
TimRikerharleypig: I keep ssh sessions open for quite some time using the dropbear packages. I've not noticed them timing out.20:32
harleypigI'm not using the dropbear package ... I couldn't find them for the repositories I have.20:34
harleypigOTOH, I'm only using repositories for IT2007 ... can I safely use IT2006 repositories?20:35
*** djcb has quit IRC20:36
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jonnylambHow come ~ is copied in the rss feed reader's cache?!20:45
jonnylambs/cache/image cache/20:45
infobotjonnylamb meant: How come ~ is copied in the rss feed reader's image cache?!20:45
*** defor80 is now known as defor_work20:46
jonnylambHmm, indeed infobot.20:46
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pupnik CNN had a 'who won the GOP debate' comments section and they DELETED it21:25
pupnikbecause Ron Paul support was dominating the comments21:26
pupniknow they redirect the page to another page21:26
pupniksee for yourself21:26
derfYeah, everyone online has Ron Paul winning.21:27
derfToo bad that's not where the election will be conducted.21:27
pupnikI apologize for the offtopic but that makes me grrrrRRRRRR!21:28
pupniknice to see someone here knows what i'm talking about :) hi derf21:28
derfThe distribution of people online (who comment on political articles) is not indicative of the distribution of the voting population of the country.21:29
derfAlso, the election is over a year away.21:29
*** vivijim has quit IRC21:29
pupnikthis RP campaign has totally derailed my maemo work :/21:30
pupniki'll stop talking about it here.  anybody interested can check out ##ronpaul on freenode, efnet or undernet21:30
EfraelGOP sounds no un-OSS ;)21:34
EfraelI mean *so* un-OSS21:34
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pupnikis there a way to increase TX power on the 770 wifi chip?21:51
*** Nostferka has joined #maemo21:52
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo21:53
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*** HJP_Away is now known as harleypig21:59
zyxulnag1pupnik: I think in the connectivity manager advanced options22:02
zyxulnag1in the n800 you can22:02
* zyxulnag1 powers up his dusted n77022:03
zyxulnag1you could max is 100mw22:04
pupnikthat's what i thought22:05
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toresbepjustice: :)22:40
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mk8Hi to all ...23:58

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