IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2007-06-04

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nomissuihkulo1ki: he can ask for the sources from the party distributing the binaries to him.00:01
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mhzhuhehe , my boss said I need to ask for the source code myself and the redflag sofrware give me no reply .00:03
mhzhu  Anyway , I hope the source of MIDLINUX will be opened when it mass market.00:03
mhzhuASFAIK, the redflag software is the first company that build their product on Hildon framework except Nokia . I think the community need to pay attention to MIDLINUX ...00:04
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edtdoes the n800 handle large sd cards yet (> 2G)?00:19
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zakxedt: it does with a custom kernel00:21
edtdoes latest n800 kernel update handle cards bigger than 2G ?00:21
edtzakx thanks00:21
zakxafaik you can use 8gb sdhc cards with a custom kernel00:21
edthow tricky is setting up to compile your own (I do this locally for my boxes)00:22
edtso it more of a tool chain type of question00:22
zakxi haven't done that yet, but i guess it's a binary kernel anyway00:23
zakxso you should be able to apt-get it00:23
edtno.  There will be binary modules but the kernel should be buildable00:23
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edtthat does make it easier00:24
zakxguess you'll be able to build your own using scratchbox00:24
edtas long as you can trust the source - which is usually not an issue.00:25
zakxbut there are precompiled kernels for that purpose00:25
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* edt birthday is coming up and he has been hinting - she get jewellery I get gadgets... fingers crossed00:26
mhzhuthe video of Midinux(based on Hildon framework) -->   ,  I hope I can migrate maemo to the machine :)00:28
edtthere a few nice things in the pipe line for the kernel.  A new scheduler which works more fairly and new filesystem designed with flash in mind (the current ones have been retro fitted to flash - they were more aimed at images on 'ram' disks)00:29
edtby 'the kernel' I mean the generic linux kernel not one specifically for the n800/n77000:30
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* cesman_away is back.01:33
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Andy80Do you know if there's an updated xchat version available for maemo?02:52
Andy80I found maemo-xchat for os2007, but no releasevfor n770 :( why?02:56
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myrenis there usb host mode yet?03:04
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SeRiwaz up peepz04:14
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myrenusb host mode?04:34
myrendoes it exist yet04:34
myreni've watned a n800 for a while but no way in hell am i getting one sans usb host04:34
myreneven if the only alternative is a cowon q5 running windows mobile04:34
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SeRi@myren somebody posted at ITT ben able to get it working06:07
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unique311holy shit....that all made sense to me when i was a kid....06:54
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SeRiultimate warrior07:00
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unique311that dude was nutz07:10
unique311but was entertaining07:10
SeRino shit07:13
SeRigoing to idle for a bit07:14
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* cesman is away: Gone away for now.09:20
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Mikhonow how does that ultimate warrior stuff differ from wwf nowadays?10:07
Mikhopeople on the video tell over and over again that they don't understand what he's saying10:08
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lubomiris it possible to run gentoo linix on such a device?10:25
inzI think you don't want to compile everything with such a slow processor... ;P10:26
lubomiryes,i want10:26
lubomiri have compiled gentoo,kde and openoffice on a 233mhz pentium-210:27
lubomirhow much ram does that thing have?10:27
sxpertnot enough :D10:27
inz770 has 64 MB and N800 128 MB10:28
lubomir128mb could be ok for kde10:28
k-waylubomir: what kind of gui would you like with that?10:28
lubomircan the ram been changed?10:28
lubomirnormal kde (emerge kde) ;-)10:28
inzlubo, not easily at least10:29
lubomirand beryl would also be fine10:29
k-wayI am kind of interrester perhaps ask on #gentoo-embedded ?10:29
k-wayfine && slow :p10:29
geaarulubomir: i think that it isn't possible upgrade ram of n80010:29
inzlubo, beryl with no hw 3D acceleration == fun10:30
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suihkulo1kiI was thinking the things lacking on the device where a better browser, or some of the usability quirks10:30
k-waylubomir: if gentoo does not work out please also checkout openembedded , it' has the same spirit as gentoo10:30
suihkulo1kibut apparently it's the lack of emerge that is keeping the endusers away10:31
k-waysuihkulo1ki: yes, but are thera realy alternatives for opera?10:31
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k-waysuihkulo1ki: do you  mean the lack of being able to build your own distro and package from source ?10:33
lubomirwhat kind of bluetooth have the N800 build in?10:33
lubomir2.0 + EDR?10:33
suihkulo1kik-way: no, I'm just sarcastic10:33
k-wayI was afraid you where.10:34
k-waywhat kind of tools does mamo use to create all the packages and releases?10:34
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Mikhodoes anybody know how to enable the man command in scratchbox?10:42
dpb__you'd need to build it for it. it's just easier to use man outside of scratchbox though..10:44
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k-waymelmoth so dpkg can build a full distro?10:44
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dpb__maemo package don't have man pages included anyway, so getting the man command there has really no point in it..10:45
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melmothk-way: i dont know how they build the image in itself...but it s a debian, so they use the whole debian toolkit10:48
Mikhothen I won't bother10:50
inzdpb, _most_ maemo packages don't have10:52
dpb__some do? :o10:53
unique311its alive.....10:54
unique311k, best piece of software for me so far...has to be motion.....10:54
unique311i was also able to stream live video....and watch via my notebook, wtf took place in the house when i was out...10:55
unique311not much takes place when the house is empty...heh10:55
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geaaruhi, there is a jre plugin for opera o minimo that works with N800?11:03
unique311not yet....11:04
unique311java is being worked on....11:04
unique311tis what i am waiting on....11:04
geaaruthank for reply11:05
unique311i get paid to do so,,,,11:06
geaaru:) but there is already a website for project or we are at pre-pre-pre-alpha11:07
guardianmorning maemo11:07
unique311i'll get ya some links11:16
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geaaru;) thanks i see11:19
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geaarui known link of PhoneMEAdvanced... but is for a jvm on system not jre for browser. I installed it.11:23
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guardianis there a command that can help me detecting if the toolchain is arm or armel11:36
guardiani would like to use this as part of a makefile, to put my binaries in bin/i386 or bin/arm or bin/armel depending on which target i compile for: x86,n770,n80011:36
suihkulo1kidpkg-architecture, gcc -dumpmachine11:37
guardianmany thx suihkulo1ki11:39
guardiani always used uname -m before11:42
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du1hi out there12:00
du1does anyone know  where the n0.8k stores the display-brightness and volume...12:00
du1on the kaleo it's in /proc/acpi/dtr_bright/lcd12:01
du1for example12:01
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Mikhook, now it seems xephyr magically stopped working all of a sudden12:37
MikhoAUDIT: Mon Jun 4 12:33:09 2007: 8833 Xephyr: client 1 rejected from IP port 3312:37
Mikhothat comes from the host machine where I ran start-xephyr.sh12:38
Mikhothe error comes when I try start in scratchbox12:39
MikhoXlib: connection to "" refused by server12:39
MikhoXlib: No protocol specified12:39
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inzAnd your start-xephyr passes -ac argument to Xephyr?12:47
Mikhoactually it wasnt. When I pico:ed the script earlier, the $ character at the end of a line wasn't a word wrap marker, it was a regular $12:55
Mikhonow it gives a different error message12:56
*** aloril has quit IRC12:56
Mikhonow it also prints "Auth name: MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 ID:-1" on the server side and12:56
guardianbleh gtype system :(12:57
Mikho"Xlib: Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key" on the scratchbox side12:57
*** lubomir has left #maemo12:57
guardianwanted to use a widget that i already coded as part of a GTypeModule12:57
guardianneeds to copy/paste the code because of the weird type registration stuff12:57
Mikhohow do I define the key on the scratchbox side?12:59
Mikhoxauth add should be the proper command on the xephyr server side but...12:59
inzwith -ac you shouldn't need such auth stuff13:00
du1... another prob: is there a file where i can adjust the display brightness or do i have to send a dsme-msg??? where are the dsme-msgs defined?! HELP!!13:00
inzdu1, gconf key /system/osso/dsm/display/display_brightness13:01
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo13:02
du1inz: and where is that gconf file ??13:03
du1find / -name *gconf* | wc -l13:04
du1    21413:04
du1sorry for my noobish questions13:04
melmothuse gconftool-2 to read and set entry13:04
Mikhook... got a bit forward13:05
Mikhonow the xephyr screen flashed for 0.1 seconds the screen I wanted to see, and again gave a whole new error message13:05
Mikhotime for lunch13:06
du1melmoth: thx13:06
melmothby example 'gconftool-2 -R /apps/osso'13:07
melmothwill give you the gconf settings for all stuff under /apps/osso13:08
melmoththere is also a way to set a key, or have the value of a single key, but i m not that fluent to know how to on top of my head13:08
du1thx for the first... it seems easy...13:10
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Andy80can you suggest me a lighter editor for maemo? vim takes about 10mb on my n770, it's too much for that! :(13:29
inzAndy, the busybox vi?13:31
Andy80inz: vi ? but... does it have the same "key-mapping" like vim or another one?13:32
Andy80I explain better....13:32
Andy80sometimes if I only use "vi" I've that bad key mapping that it's not very intuitive... I cannot use arrows to move in the text eccc...13:32
osfameronthe N800 vi is remarkably usable even just with the onscreen kb13:33
inzAndy, I think arrow keys work in the busybox vi, if you're not in "insert" mode13:34
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Andy80inz: yes, you're right... and... where is the "Esc" key? I need it to leave the "insert" mode usually...13:36
geaaru"Esc" key is on left pad13:37
Andy80thank you so much :)13:39
Andy80another quick question... I tried to contact the manteiner too, but no reply... I see that xchat 2.8.2 is available for maemo, but only for os2007. Where can I find the package for os2006 too? I tried to install the os2007 version but it refuses to install...13:40
*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo13:41
inzskyhusker's xchat?13:41
*** MDK_ has joined #maemo13:42
Andy80inz: at the moment, on my n770, I'm using 2.6.2 release... but it's not "hildonized"13:42
inzAndy, skyhusker has 2.8.0 for gregale13:44
Andy80thanks... I'll install it!13:47
*** krau has joined #maemo13:49
Andy80I think he should include it on the garage...13:50
Andy80the "one click" installation, only gets the mistral version13:50
*** Andy80_ has joined #maemo13:52
Andy80uhm... it doesn't support the fullscreen yet...13:53
*** Andy80_ has quit IRC13:53
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Mikhoit seems I get different error messages every time i try to af-sb-init.sh13:58
Mikhothis time it's "hildon-input-method[13408]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Could not initialize osso from hildon-input-method13:59
Mikhoand "hildon-input-method[13408]: GLIB WARNING ** Could not register the osso_hw_set_event_cb"14:00
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Mikhooh, there's more: "Starting Maemo Launcher: maemo-launcher start failed"14:03
Mikhobut no explanation why it failed14:04
Mikhoon a different try maemo-launcher complained about not being able to "rise the oom shield"14:07
inzYou can ignore that one14:08
Mikhobut anyway I'm unable to get even the brief flash of the UI on xephyr screen14:11
inzthe libosso initialisation probs sound like dysfunctional dbus14:13
Mikhonext problem:14:15
MikhoThe program 'maemo_af_desktop' received an X Window System error.14:15
MikhoThis probably reflects a bug in the program14:15
MikhoThe error was 'BadMatch'.14:16
Mikho  (Details: serial 520 error_code 8 request_code 56 minor_code 0)14:16
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guardianyou better reinstall the whole stuff14:29
Mikhoit leaves all kinds of daemons running on the background14:31
Mikhoand it gives different error messages all the time14:31
Mikhothis is highly annoying14:31
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*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo14:31
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guardianindeed sometimes when fails it leaves daemons running14:38
guardianyou need to do stop14:38
guardianand make sure you kill all running stuff in scratchbox (you can do that from sb-menu)14:39
guardianthen check your xephyr options14:39
*** dape has quit IRC14:40
guardiani use  Xephyr :2 -host-cursor -screen 800x480x16 -dpi 96 -ac14:40
Mikhoyes, the same as in the tutorial14:40
*** dape has joined #maemo14:40
Mikhofinally got it to work!14:42
Mikhohad to do stop AND remove the font path I added the last time to get rid of some warnings14:42
Mikhobetter ignore the warnings next time or I might be in trouble14:44
*** behdad has quit IRC14:44
guardiandon't fix what's not broken :)14:45
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du1does the n800 support 2gb SD's??15:14
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo15:14
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du1i get a 'Memory card corrupted or unformatted'15:25
du1it is brand new - so maybe unformatted15:26
du1can i format it on the n800??15:26
*** lsobral has joined #maemo15:29
du1does somebody know where to attatch scripts wich should be ran when a mmc gets attatched ?? (maybe udevd is involved??)15:30
*** adoyle_away is now known as adoyle15:37
du1hi back adoyle15:37
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du1why isn't fmradio-software shipped with the n800, when the hardware is built in???15:52
koenwhy does the kernel have binary only modules?15:54
`0660why the earth is not flat?15:54
du1ok, ok15:54
guardianwhy doesn't the n800 have a video output to plug it to the tv15:54
du1hey guardian: this one would be really cool!!15:55
suihkulo1kiwhy is there no integrated sauna?15:55
guardianwhy is bugzilla bugged ?15:55
guardiani'm not kidding it is :)15:55
gla55_tv out would be good. tried the tvout on n95 the other day..15:55
dpb__`0660: but the earth IS flat.. who's taught you otherwise? ;o15:55
guardianadvanced search form is fucked up on windows/firefox15:55
guardianworks on linux/firefox though15:55
du1flat earth - see:
guardianwoot, first time i try to access from IE715:56
guardianit says that the certificate expired or is not valid15:57
guardiannever saw this errror before15:57
guardianon any site15:57
du1maybee some MITM is attacking you15:57
Veggenssl certificates are evil.15:57
VeggenWhy can't everyone just be nice instead?15:58
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo15:58
guardianand i hoe the man in the middle gonna fix the bugs also15:58
guardianthx you santa15:58
du1Once I'll get this 'peer' guy - and then I will reset HIS connection!!!!!15:58
VeggenI'm involved in ssl configuration for wap. Specific, a wap banking solution. The bank has a list of around 20 cell phones that has to work.15:59
VeggenI think it's pretty much impossbiel.15:59
*** jpetersen has quit IRC15:59
Veggento get everyone working through the same site, with the same certificate.15:59
du1w00t is impossible?? the mission?15:59
VeggenGetting every cell phone to accept the same certificate.16:00
du1why should it be?? ACCEPT */*16:00
Veggenon a cell phone? good luck ;)16:00
Veggenit's the cell phone end that is the problem.16:00
gla55_would probably need detection of what phone is it asking to give the right to some?16:00
du1are it 20 different phones?16:00
Veggendul: yes.16:01
Veggen20 different phone types.16:01
*** zyxulnag1 has joined #maemo16:01
du1that one could get quite tricky...16:01
gla55_Veggen: i can imagine your pain ;)16:01 tell 'em new hardware is needed - buy everyone an iphone - write your own firmware - *g*16:01
du1they'll be happy16:02
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC16:02
gla55_what makes you think writing your own firmware for iphone is simple16:02
*** ocnarfidW has joined #maemo16:02
du1i don't say it's simple16:02
du1i say it would solve all probs *g*16:02
gla55_telling couple of million banking users to buy a specific phone would be a failure too16:03
Veggendul: The bank has a million customers.16:03
Veggengood luck ;)16:03
du1so how will you solve the prob?16:03
*** vivijim has joined #maemo16:03
du1does anyone know where the 'startmenu' entries in the n800 are stored?? wanna add one for the fmradio16:04
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daliborhi ... i've got trouble connecting to from scratchbox, it tells me temporary failure resolving ... what's the reason for that?16:23
daliborcommand i used was a simple apt-get update16:24
du1is your dns entry right?16:24
dalibormy dns entry?16:24
dalibornslookup works in the console outside scratchbox, if you mean that;.16:24
melmothdalibor:  this is a big classic16:25
du1now i'm interrested too16:25
daliborgood. then i'm looking formward to the classic answer :)16:25
melmotheverything is being looked at in /scratchbox/nsswitch.conf (from the machine hosting scratchbox)16:25
melmothbe sure there is no mdsn entry for host16:26
*** bipolar has quit IRC16:26
*** greentux has quit IRC16:26
melmothsorry its /scratchbox/etc/nsswitch.conf16:26
daliborhosts: files dns ?16:26
melmothfile dns that should work16:27
melmothfile mdns that should not work16:27
daliborno mdns entry there.16:27
melmoththen, double check resolv.conf as well (must point), well anything that is related to name resolving16:27
melmothbut the trick is, not to dot in on /etc/nsswitch.conf in scratchbox, but in /scratchbox/etc/* from the hosts16:27
melmothby example, i once had an entry in /scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf because i was using a vpnc client when i used scratcbox.16:29
melmothi jad no name resolution for monthees untill i understood this was the file to change16:29
daliborhmm ... weird. the /ets/resolv.conf and /scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf differ.16:29
daliboryeah, copying /etc/resolv.conf to /scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf fixed it, thanks.16:31
melmothyou'r welcome :)16:33
*** livingtm has joined #maemo16:40
livingtmare the mistral repositories still available?16:41
daliborok ... now ... how do i get the debian stuff from inside scratchbox?16:42
daliborah, ... i don't.16:43
daliborit's there.16:43
*** matt_c has quit IRC16:43
*** klausade has quit IRC16:49
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC16:50
*** klausade has joined #maemo16:50
*** abock_ has quit IRC16:51
*** zwnj has quit IRC16:52
*** zwnj has joined #maemo16:53
daliborok ... onto the next.16:54
*** obi has quit IRC16:54
*** obi has joined #maemo16:55
*** Nostferka has quit IRC16:55
*** matt_c has joined #maemo16:57
*** matt_c has quit IRC16:58
*** KevinVerma has joined #Maemo17:02
livingtmim having dependencie issues i cant seem to correct: "maemo-browser-controls: Depends: libdbus-gl"17:03
livingtmlibdbus-gl doesnt seem to exist17:03
*** greentux has joined #maemo17:04
defor^workanyone have time to help me understand what i really need to do to get started in application development?17:08
defor^worki've just got some questions...17:09
defor^workthat the faqs seem to not directly answer17:09
`0660i don't think anyone has time to help you17:19
livingtmis there a way to reset my n770 to factory condition? Ive installed a bnch of 3rd party junk that has my dependencies all screwed up17:19
`0660you could try to just ask though17:19
`0660sometimes people might answer even if they are busy17:19
`0660just like i did now17:19
livingtmdefor^work, im looking to start developing too, if i can get my 770 back in working order :/17:20
sp3000livingtm: yeah, you can re-flash it17:20
livingtmsp3000 is the utility from nokia's website ?17:21
*** |tbb| has quit IRC17:21
*** bipolar has joined #maemo17:22
livingtmfound it.. thanks!17:23
*** fab_ has quit IRC17:27
defor^workill ask in a little17:30
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo17:30
*** fab_ has joined #maemo17:32
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo17:32
daliborok, i'm wondering about g_spawn_async_with_pipes17:33
dalibori've got an app doing that, and attaching something to the iochannel for stdout, in order to read from it when the data is output for reading.17:33
dalibortrouble is that it seems to wait until the spawned app is done.17:34
daliborwhich can take 10-20 minutes, to then read all of the output.17:34
daliborany way to make it work more ... uh ... intuitively?17:34
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:35
*** pcfe has joined #maemo17:37
*** sabotage_afk is now known as sabotage17:40
*** timeless has joined #maemo17:41
Mikhoso what's the difference between "arm" and "armel"?17:42
*** greentux has quit IRC17:42
MikhoI can't run any "arm" programs on my nokia 770 because the architecture is "armel"17:43
zyxulnag1yeah you need the armel binaries17:45
Robot101armel is EABI17:45
zyxulnag1or cross compile your code to armel17:45
Mikhois it a toolchain issue or a rootstrap issue?17:45
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo17:47
zuhlivingtm: libdbus-gl sounds like a truncated version of libdbus-glib-1 (AFAIK there is no such thing as GL bindings to D-Bus ;)17:49
Mikhonow where did I find the list of rootstrap packages...17:50
livingtmzuh just reflashed it :-)17:50
*** pna has quit IRC17:51
*** Tester_ has joined #maemo17:51
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo17:52
Mikhohow do I cross compile it to armel?17:52
suihkulo1kiMikho: by following the maemo tutorial..17:53
MikhoI thought I compiled it to armel already17:53
suihkulo1kithen you missed some step17:53
Mikhonow how did it end up being an arm package...17:54
MikhoI have an armel rootstrap, the target's name is SDK-ARMEL...17:54
Mikhobut it seems there are no armel toolchains17:55
*** gpd has left #maemo17:56
suihkulo1kimy crystal ball says you did not select wrong devkits17:57
Mikhothat's good17:57
suihkulo1kiso your problem should go away be recreating the SDK-ARMEL with sb-menu, and when it asks for devkits, double-check that you select the correct ones18:00
Mikhoi selected debian-sarge, debian, doctools, perl and cputransp and that's all there is18:00
Mikhowhat's the difference betweel all these cputransparencies? There are qemu-arm-version-sb2 and qemu-armeb-version-sb2 and whatnot18:02
*** livingtm has quit IRC18:02
*** dolske has quit IRC18:03
suihkulo1kiMikho: so, why did you select debian-sarge ? the instructions did not say so..18:03
suihkulo1ki(and if they do, it's a bug it should be filed)18:04
Mikhobecause I got lot of nice error messages earlier by not installing something they didn't tell me to18:04
Mikhoor is it a problem with some of the files sb-menu offers to install?18:05
Mikhomaybe it overwrites the armel tools with arm ones or sth..18:06
Mikhoso is there somethin in debian-sarge that's messing my things?18:06
suihkulo1kiyes, debian-sarge does not support armel18:08
Mikhoso, should I choose arm or armeb as the emulation method? does it make a difference?18:08
guardianhuho gmane's broken :(18:09
suihkulo1kiwhat does the instructions say?18:09
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo18:09
Mikhoit doesn't say anything. sb-menu didn't exist during the creation of that tutorial18:10
*** Tester_ has left #maemo18:12
suihkulo1kiit's arm then18:13
*** zwnj has quit IRC18:13
*** zwnj has joined #maemo18:14
*** fab_ has quit IRC18:15
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC18:17
Mikhochecking whether the C compiler works... configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs. If you menat to cross compile, use '--host'.18:18
Mikhobut where am I supposed to stick the host18:18
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC18:18
Veggenguardian: gmane broken?18:18
*** pna has joined #maemo18:19
VeggenHmm. the maintainer is 4 days idle on IRC.18:19 gives 40418:19
guardianso does article.gmane.org18:20
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo18:20
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo18:23
Gathajashould con_ic_connection_get_all_iaps(connection) return all the same stuff that can be seen in connection selection dialog? It seems to return only the on that is connected18:23
Gathaja*only the one18:24
Gathajalike all the different wlan networks that are available18:25
`0660is it possible to scan different networks while being connected to one?18:26
zuhMikho: check config.log for the real error, that usually just means that something is broken in your target setup18:28
Gathajaoh, maybe I'll take that connect call away and try then18:28
*** mhzhu has quit IRC18:29
*** livingtm has joined #maemo18:30
livingtmwhich scratchbox toolchain do i want for my n770?18:30
Mikhomaybe it can't find the emulator software18:32
Gathajastill there seems to be only one item on the list that the function returns :/18:32
Mikhowhich is logical because I didn't include it in the target18:32
Mikhobecause I wanted to cross-compile directly to the n77018:32
Mikho./configure seems to say the target host is arm, but how do I change it to armel?18:33
Gathajapff, it seems that connections need to be saved18:34
oilhave someone done a script to make an full backup for n800? I seem to brick my device twise a week and therefore would be nice if the application would be there as well :)18:34
Mikhothere doesn't seem to be any reference to armel in /scratchbox/compilers/bin/18:35
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo18:36
*** pleemans has quit IRC18:37
*** tank17 has quit IRC18:38
*** booiiing has quit IRC18:38
zuhMikho: So is there any reason to try to do things the hard way, instead of just setting up the devkits and CPU transparency properly, after which you can just ./configure && make without having to do magic tricks?18:38
MikhoI'm trying to understand this18:38
zuhOk, so you do have a reason :)18:39
MikhoIf my reason says I don't need emulators if I want a package for the 77018:39
Mikhoand still, the tutorial doesn't say anything about installing a cputransp devkit18:39
*** booiiing has joined #maemo18:40
zuhMaybe because the tutorial is written for scratchbox 0.9.x where such thing didn't exist?18:40
Mikhoit's the old tutorial because the new one has tons of broken links :/18:40
*** Andy80_ has joined #maemo18:41
zuhAnd the old one doesn't help you with newer scratchbox (just confuses things more)...18:41
MikhoI'm about to lose all hope18:42
*** Andy80_ is now known as Andy^garden18:42
*** dirty_harry has joined #maemo18:42
zuhBut what's wrong with the target setup portion from the new tutorial?18:42
Andy^gardenhi :)18:42
MikhoI tried installing the transparency and emulator. Got past the last error message but ran into another. Moreover the configure script doesn't think it's cross-compiling :/18:43
zuhIt shouldn't think it's cross-compiling, that's the whole point of scratchbox :)18:43
*** du1 has quit IRC18:44
MikhoI thought it was a cross-compiling environment18:44
zuhIt is, but it doesn't tell the configure script that. It fools it to think it's compiling natively.18:45
zuhAnd since configure script tries to compile a test prog and run it, you need to have emulation18:46
Mikhothe tutorial says something about using sbrsh, hmm18:46
*** abock has joined #maemo18:46
*** tank17 has joined #maemo18:46
zuhThat's only an alternative to qemu, but for 770 it doesn't offer much benefit (you need to setup nfs server etc)18:46
Mikhoso maybe I'll stick to the emulator18:47
Mikhoand think about nfs later18:48
defor^workso to run cpu transparency on a n800, is it necessary to use the full dev rootfs, or can jus tthe required components be installed on the device?18:48
*** livingtm has quit IRC18:48
*** sxpert has quit IRC18:49
*** livingtm has joined #maemo18:49
*** xan has joined #maemo18:50
zuhYou can run it with the "consumer" rootfs too, just install sbrshd and set it up (ie. create a simple config file for it)18:50
*** fab_ has joined #maemo18:50
Mikhowow, now it generated a _armer.deb file!18:50
* Mikho proceeds to install it on 770, with shaky and sweaty hands...18:51
Mikhogreat, it works!18:54
Mikhothanks for help, everyone!18:54
*** KevinVerma has quit IRC18:54
Andy^gardenis there any software for maemo that allows me to send images from my phone to n770 via bluetooth?18:54
guardiancan't you simply use the file manager to access the images on your phone ?18:56
Mikhoit's just that in linux, you solve problems generally by just installing packages and more packages. It seems you have to be careful not to install the packages that break your system18:56
Mikhothis time debian-sarge devkit cost me some 4-5 hours of work time18:57
Andy^gardenguardian, I want to send picturees from my n73 to my n77018:57
guardiandon't know never used my tablet with a phone18:58
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC18:58
guardianbut i assumed that if the tablet's file manager can explore other device's files via bluetooth, then you can copy files from them18:58
*** geaaru has quit IRC19:00
Andy^gardenguardian, ah okok. it's what I need :)19:01
MikhoI'd be glad if you could explain one more thing: what is the rootfs for? Would installing it solve the incredible problems in 770 when getting root access, getting sudo to work etc?19:01
*** Andy^garden has quit IRC19:04
*** Free_maN has quit IRC19:04
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:06
*** gla55_ is now known as gla5519:08
livingtm  <-- under "Installing Scratchbox" they tell you to edit .bash_profile, but dont tell you what to put in it!19:08
*** jsmanrique has left #maemo19:08
livingtmthat tutorial is totally hosed. its missing all kinds of key information19:10
livingtmfor instance, they tell you to download the SDK rootstrap, but the lijnk is bad.19:10
X-Fade_livingtm: Please file a bug against the documentation on the website. That way someone can fix it..19:11
sp3000"Log in to Scratchbox as a normal user with another terminal window using the following command:  ]]>  " heh19:11
* sp3000 sobs19:11
livingtmsp3000, EXACTLY. im a first-timer... cant get real for :-)19:12
sp3000livingtm: you can use
sp3000but yeah, do file bugs19:13
livingtmwhere do i file a bug for that documentation?19:13
*** lmoura has joined #maemo19:13
* sp3000 isn't sure19:13
sp3000bugzilla or maemo2midgard on garage?19:14
sp3000bugzilla sucks less but the latter might be right19:14
X-Fade_It has a special website section..19:15
Andy80livingtm: I wrote a better, cleaner, working howto for n770 sdk.. but... it's in italian language :(19:15
X-Fade_Component: documentation19:15
guardianare the repositories offline ?19:18
guardianthat's what's being said in the dev ml19:18
X-Fade_Works for me[tm]19:20
guardiansame here :)19:20
*** Tahitibob has joined #maemo19:21
livingtmokay, bug filed.19:22
Mikhoso is that there's no recent version of libc6 for armel? Can't install a number of other software19:24
*** defor^work has quit IRC19:24
*** jurop88 has joined #maemo19:25
guardianah another bug related to the migration19:25
*** jurop88 has left #maemo19:25
guardianlivingtm: you just filed this one ?
guardiani guess it's strongly related to
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC19:29
*** guardian has quit IRC19:31
*** mk8 has quit IRC19:41
Mikhodoes anybody know what repositories should I insert in the 770 to get new versions on libc6 etc19:43
mgedminah, apt-get upgrading a new libc6 onto the 770?  you must be into extreme sports19:49
*** Milhouse2 has joined #maemo19:51
Mikhowell, it started from wanting to edit sudoers19:53
Mikhofor that, I needed a text editor so I tried to install nano19:53
Mikhobut nano requires newer versions of libc6 and libncursesw519:54
mgedmindo you know how to use vi?19:54
Mikhoso I tried to install newer versions, but the installation broke the existing ancient libc6 version19:54
Mikhono, I absolutely do not. I would rather take the trouble of installing something and updating libraries than learn vi19:55
*** ajturner has joined #maemo19:55
*** behdad has joined #maemo19:59
mgedmindo you have the latest os image for the 770?20:01
Mikhovi might be the antichrist, but seems like I'll have to learn it. Can't get this to work otherwise20:02
mgedminif not, upgrade; if yes, find nano built specifically for your platform20:02
Mikhohmm, I believe I have the latest version20:02
Mikhoseveral packages want libc6 version >=2.5-5 but I can't find the library anywhere20:05
mgedminwhere did you find the nano package?20:06
Mikhofound an armel package20:06
mgedminah, well, hm20:06
MikhoI've had a simple "unable to install" message several times now20:07
mgedminin the olden OS2005 times you could take debian arm packages, post-process them with a hammer, and use them on the 77020:07
mgedminbut those times are past...20:07
Mikhoah, the old times...20:07
*** livingtm_ has joined #maemo20:07
mgedmindo you have a working scratchbox?  recompiling a package is sometimes pretty easy20:08
Mikhomaybe it helps to turn on r&d mode20:08
*** livingtm has quit IRC20:08
Mikhothere was a 2.6 experimental armel libc6, but it just said no20:08
mgedminhm, doesn't have any useful links20:09
Mikhoso if I get libc6 sources, I could compile them for armel and install?20:09
mgedminahoy, web admins, why is so useless?20:09
mgedminwould it be hard to make it redirect to
*** Hyperion|n800 has joined #maemo20:10
*** slomo has quit IRC20:11
mgedmin has a link to a nano .deb for the 77020:11
Mikhooh, how nice20:11
*** slomo has joined #maemo20:11
mgedmin# Repository:
mgedmin# Distribution: ./20:11
mgedmin# Component: blank20:11
mgedminit also says "If you get the Error "Error opening terminal: xterm." you need to install the package "ncurses-base""20:12
mgedminhm, I wonder if that information still works20:13
*** pleemans has joined #maemo20:13
mgedminthe direct link to the .deb didn't20:14
*** djcb has joined #maemo20:14
*** dolske has joined #maemo20:14
mgedminI'll try to make a working .install file20:15
*** eeejay has left #maemo20:15
Mikhoha! found it20:15
Mikho... but missing ncurses-base20:16
mgedmindoesn't work for me20:16
mgedminit finds the package (and version), then says unable to download20:16
*** pleemans has quit IRC20:17
mgedmintry #2...20:17
mgedminit's downloading20:17
Mikho"unable to update nano"20:17
mgedminMikho: you can try
mgedminit worked on my n80020:18
mgedminit it works on a 770, I'll try to update the "install now" link on
mgedmin(assuming the admins fixed the problems with garage logins)20:19
*** dneary has quit IRC20:21
Mikho"unable to install nano"20:21
Mikhocould an error message be any more annoying?20:21
MikhoI wonder what's wrong20:22
Mikhomaybe it's the now-broken libc620:22
Mikhoi'll try to repair that tomorrow, time to go home now20:23
Mikhothanks again for help20:24
mgedminwhat does the log say?20:25
mgedminTools -> Log...20:25
mgedminin the menu20:25
mgedmin(the dialog with the stupid error message ought to have a button "Show details" or something, to open and show the log)20:26
*** zwnj has quit IRC20:26
Mikhooh, there's a log20:26
Mikhoas I suspected20:27
Mikho"libc6 not configured yet"20:27
* Mikho gnns20:27
*** pleemans has joined #maemo20:27
mgedminI'd make a backup and reflash if I were you20:27
*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo20:28
MikhoI shall do that20:28
*** Hyperion|n800 has quit IRC20:29
*** disq has quit IRC20:32
livingtm_is gregale for the n800 only20:32
livingtm_I just re-flashed my n770, so its running mistral20:33
livingtm_should i be installing a corresponding rootstrap?or upgrade my n770?20:34
*** dape has quit IRC20:34
*** disq has joined #maemo20:35
mgedminno, gregale is for the 77020:35
livingtm_should i update the 770 just like i would a debian box?20:36
mgedminthere were three maemo 2 sdk releases (mistral, gregale and scirocco)20:36
mgedmincurrently you cannot upgrade with apt-get20:36
mgedminyou have to make a backup, reflash a newer os image, then restore your data and reinstall extra apps20:36
mgedminhere's how the process looks, more or less:
livingtm_where do i get the newer image?20:37
livingtm_when i flashed earlier the newest was mistral20:37
mgedminOS2006.3 is the latest image, and you can get it at
livingtm_earlier = 2 hours ago20:37
mgedminthat's an interesting definition of "newest"20:37
mgedmin"OS 2006 Edition version 3.2006.49-2" is the newest one20:38
livingtm_well, mistral is the repository, right?20:38
mgedminmistral is the SDK that matches OS 2006 Edition version 1.2006.26-820:38
mgedminah, ignore that20:38
mgedminmistral repositories work for all releases of OS200620:38
*** ajturner has quit IRC20:38
mgedminpackages compiled with gregale/scirrocco sometimes do not work on older OS2006 releases20:39
livingtm_okay im confused. Im used to ubuntu where each repository is a different version of the os20:39
mgedminyes, compared to Ubuntu, maemo is a huge mess :(20:39
livingtm_edgy / fiesty, etc20:39
livingtm_oh opkay20:39
livingtm_as long as i know that they are different :-)20:39
*** zyxulnag1 has quit IRC20:39
livingtm_so what IS gregale20:39
livingtm_and scirocco20:40
mgedminit's a code name for a SDK release20:40
mgedminthere was a glossary on the wiki...20:40
*** pna has quit IRC20:40
livingtm_okay, well I flashed the device to the latest on the nokia site this morning, so i will install the gregale sdk20:41
livingtm_bora is the n800?20:43
livingtm_yes, I finally clicked on enough links on the website to confirm that20:45
myrenis there host usb support yet?20:57
myrenson o fa fucking bitch what the hell is taking host usb20:58
myrenlike i'm gonna buy your device if it wont talk to any other devices20:58
mgedmindid you buy it already?20:59
gla55most pda's don't do host..20:59
myreni have not purchased it21:00
myrenstill waiting for usb host.21:00
`0660be patient21:00
*** terrex has quit IRC21:01
myrengla55: the thing is, i dont look at a n800 as buying a pda, i look at it as buying a small computer21:01
mgedmindoesn't the lack of a VGA OUT discourage you?21:01
gla55it's so good that you're pissed off that it's not a laptop?21:01
mgedminor a built-in DVD-ROM drive?21:02
myreni've never owned a laptop with removable media drives21:02
myrengla55: usb host is a standard feature on every embedded platform i have ever seen21:02
myrenits about the bare minimum required ot connect a device to the ecosystem of other devices and peripherials which exist in the world21:03
myrenits not that its not a laptop21:03
konttoriI thought it was possible to just reflash the kernel to support usb host21:03
`0660i think myren wants it out of the box21:03
myrenits that the n800 will not play with the millions of usb devices that make up the computing ecosystem21:03
mgedminthere were experimental kernels with usb-host support, but I didn't see a complete success story yet21:03
myreni'm willing to reflash21:03
Andy80mgedmin: what are the differences between rootstrap and rootfs in the SDK 2.2 ? What do I need to install in my scratchbox? both?21:03
myrenindeed, its hte lack of happy endings from the reflashers tahts still keeping me from buying21:04
MikhoAndy80, tell me if you find out21:04
mgedminAndy80: AFAIU rootfs is the thing you flash onto the actual device (in addition to the kernel, bootloader and initrd), while rootstrap is the thing you install inside an empty scratchbox target21:04
*** sylvande1 has joined #maemo21:05
Andy80mgedmin: so I don't need this to develop applications in my scratchbox...21:05
gla55usbhost is however pretty much nonexistant in any comparable to 770/800 devices..21:05
mgedminAndy80: ah, that one?  you may need that21:05
konttorithat link contains usb host patch21:05
mgedminAndy80: I think those are the closed-source binaries taken from the rootfs that previously were included directly in the rootstrap in older versions of maemo SKDs21:06
mgedminerr SDKs21:06
Andy80mgedmin: yes, that one. I was referring to this two files: Maemo_Dev_Platform_rootfs_Nokia_Binaries_v2.2.tar.gz and Maemo_Dev_Platform_rootstrap_Nokia_Binaries_v2.2.tar.gz21:06
konttoriapparently after that, it's also powered21:06
mgedminoh?  now I'm confused21:06
mgedminI don't know21:06
Andy80mgedmin: these one: :)21:07
myrenwhat is the EFIS project?21:07
mgedminAndy80: try reading the documentation :-)21:07
*** RealNitro has joined #maemo21:07
Andy80mgedmin: I was trying to do it :P but the tutorial is very very (someone help me to say "very") bad written ;)21:08
*** terrex has joined #maemo21:08
livingtm_I am following but am not able to get xephyr to start. "Xephyr cannot open host display. Is DISPLAY set?"21:09
livingtm_is that DISPLAY internal to scratchbox?21:09
mgedminah, well, the last 2.x SDK I installed was 2.1, and it didn't have a separate Nokia_Binaries tarball21:09
Andy80mgedmin: last time I installed there were two separate tgz, one for platform: i386 and armel21:10
Andy80mgedmin: two different rootstrap I mean21:11
*** guardian has joined #maemo21:16
livingtm_is DISPLAY suposed to be set to :2 as in the tutorial, or is it supposed to be the same as my main X display?21:17
*** melmoth has quit IRC21:25
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo21:31
*** Andy80 has quit IRC21:35
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC21:40
*** bmidgley is now known as bmidgley|away21:44
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo21:46
*** vanhoofp has joined #maemo21:48
*** zwnj has joined #maemo21:51
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo22:00
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC22:01
zuhlivingtm_: Yes. ( DISPLAY=:0 Xephyr :2, the first is where the Xephyr connects to and the second is where the clients for the Xephyr connect to)22:08
livingtm_zuh, i cant get xephyr to start22:08
livingtm_zuh, Xephyr cannot open host display. Is DISPLAY set?22:09
livingtm_xephyr should be started outside of scratchbox?22:11
*** sxpert has joined #maemo22:12
*** disq has quit IRC22:12
*** disq has joined #maemo22:13
livingtm_ seems to have a solution, but xephyr wont start for me unless i set DISPLAY=:022:15
*** Nostferka has joined #maemo22:19
*** pleemans has quit IRC22:19
zuhYes, and after that you can set it to whatever the Xephyr provides (in the example :2)22:21
*** bmidgley|away is now known as bmidgley22:25
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo22:26
*** bmidgley is now known as bmidgley|away22:34
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*** pleemans has joined #maemo22:50
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*** monteslu has joined #maemo23:09
*** Nostferka has quit IRC23:10
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*** dolske has joined #maemo23:12
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo23:15
livingtm_When I run it says "failed to connect to 0:0" even though DISPLAY=:223:19
*** ryanfaerman_ has joined #maemo23:20
tigertdid you export it?23:22
livingtm_i ran "export DISPLAY=:2"23:23
tigerton the same sbox shell you run the af-sb-init in?23:23
tigertecho $DISPLAY23:23
tigertwhat does it print?23:23
*** Alowishus has joined #maemo23:26
livingtm_Im confused because i am following  but i couldnt get xephyr to run, and i found a post that says it is supposed to run OUTSIDE the scratchbox, and then it does run23:27
*** melmoth has joined #maemo23:27
*** disq has quit IRC23:28
*** disq has joined #maemo23:29
livingtm_tigert, yeah?23:30
tigertrun it outside23:30
*** djcb has quit IRC23:30
livingtm_tigert, the tutorial wasnt clear on that.. but im with you so far23:30
tigerttigert@kryptonite:~$ cat bin/start-xephyr.sh23:30
tigert#!/bin/sh -e23:30
tigertexport LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${prefix}/lib; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH23:30
tigertexec ${prefix}/bin/Xephyr :2 -host-cursor -screen 800x480x16 -dpi 96 -ac23:30
tigertyou need to set your prefix to whatever your target is I guess23:31
tigertand this is way old thingy on my machine23:31
livingtm_yep did that23:31
tigertyou have xephyr window open?23:31
livingtm_so i ran that script with :2 and the xephyr window opens23:31
livingtm_then i start scratchbox and export DISPLAY=:223:31
*** ocnarfidW has quit IRC23:31
livingtm_then i run start, and it fails with the errors in the pastebin23:32
tigertif you open a shell,23:32
tigertoutside sbox23:32
tigertand say export DISPLAY=:223:32
tigertand run xterm or something23:32
tigertdoes it open inside xephyr?23:32
*** dirty_harry has quit IRC23:32
tigertand your sbox is in the same machine23:33
tigertand not in vmware or something?23:33
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC23:33
tigerttry export DISPLAY=
tigertthough :2 should work too23:33
tigertin sbox yes23:34
tigertthough the cat: /home//.osso/current-gtk-theme: No such file or directory confuses me a bit23:34
tigertsomething else is weird too23:34
tigertyour username is not set correctly or something like that23:34
tigertbut I wonder if that could cause X to not work23:34
tigertmaybe it does23:34
*** koen has quit IRC23:34
livingtm_nope, that didnt work23:35
livingtm_i get s segfault23:35
xanare you running scratchbox as root?23:36
livingtm_no im not23:37
livingtm_i just run /scratchbox/login23:37
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo23:37
tigertwhat target is this?23:37
*** jpetersen has quit IRC23:37
livingtm_Im trying to follow
xanit's somehow failing to get the info for your user23:38
livingtm_but it doesnt match exactly. For instance, i set up the target via menu's rather than the command line like they show23:38
*** behdad has joined #maemo23:39
xanyou have "sb-conf" ?23:39
xando sb-conf install --etc (or sb-conf --install etc, I forgot)23:39
guardianare you using gregale or bora ?23:39
guardianand why don't you just use the install scripts that are provided with sdk releases ?23:40
guardianmanual install won't get you that far since you creating the virtual packages by hand for what's provided by scratchbox is a big hassle23:40
livingtm_guardian, all i have to go by are the tutorials on Im obviously very new at this :-)23:42
livingtm_icf theres an easier way im all ears23:42
xanlivingtm_, sb-conf install --etc should really fix it23:42
guardianah sorry, indeed gregale is manual install23:44
xando restart instead of start?23:45
xanor use as tigert said23:46
livingtm_AH that worked23:46
livingtm_restart did it23:46
livingtm_so what happened?23:46
*** __shawn has joined #maemo23:47
*** tchan has joined #maemo23:47
*** vivijim has quit IRC23:47
xanthe installation wasn't finished... and for the restart, your session was broken :)23:47
xangoing to bed, bye23:47
*** xan is now known as xan-afk23:47
livingtm_xan thanks!23:47
livingtm_in the UI, are all of the menu's supposed to be empty, or are the applications all supposed to be there?23:50
tigertthe sdk is empty23:50
tigertjust controlpanel and maemopad23:50
livingtm_tigert, okay, then Im good :-)23:50
*** mk8 has joined #maemo23:51
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:56
livingtm_can I run svn from within sbox?23:56
tigertyou probably should not23:56
livingtm_okay so I would need to get out of sbox, svn the sourcecode into my sbox user directory?23:57
tigertjust do everything outside (ln -s //scratchbox/users/yourlogin/home/yourlogin/ ~/sbhome/23:57
tigertoops the double //23:57
tigertbut just do a symlink or such to the sbox homedir so you can go there easily23:58
tigertie, have two terms open23:58
tigertand one runs sbox and another normal shell in the same folder23:58
*** greentux has joined #maemo23:58
guardiani don't use a symlink23:58
tigertI guess there are ways to do it otherwise too23:58
guardiani rather mount bind23:58
livingtm_its starting to make sense :-)23:59
* tigert wonders what was the thing to get networking inside sbox to work23:59
tigertdns seems to cause problem for me23:59
guardianah maybe on late ubuntus23:59
tigertand its been a while I figured this out last time23:59
guardianedit /scratchbox/etc/nsswitch.conf23:59
guardianso that hosts is only file dns23:59
guardianand also edit /scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf to match the host23:59

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