IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-05-27

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nkvermaHi all00:01
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eichihi nkverma00:20
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eichithe n800 usb is only client usb? no chance to make it host?00:21
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trevarthaneichi: there's a chance. My understanding is that the linux kernel only supports client mode for that chipset. Develop host mode in the kernel and it's just a matter of incorporating that kernel into the firmware.00:26
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trevarthanDoes anyone know how to access an SMB filesystem from an n800?02:51
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neostriderhello folks!03:48
neostrideranyone with guts to test my game?!03:48
trevarthanI might try it out. You test it yourself first?03:49
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neostriderim having lots of fun testing it =-)03:52
unique311alternative for osx?03:52
neostriderFLTK is made with GL, right?03:52
unique311know of similar apps for osx?03:54
neostridersimilar apps for what use?03:54
neostriderFLTK is a GUI toolkit, just like GTK03:54
unique311to create apps...03:55
unique311but looking for the gui route.03:55
neostrideryou can always try openstep03:56
neostridercocoa is based on it03:56
neostriderand it is opensource03:56
unique311did you take a look at gimp....03:58
unique311well the source..03:59
neostridernot actually03:59
unique311got kegs compiled...appleIIGS EMU03:59
neostriderive been focusing on juicing my game engine, its sluggish graphics get faster03:59
neostriderI think I just did it run ok03:59
neostriderI will put on the web for you to download...brb04:00
unique311it runs in scratchbox....but when i run it on the device it segfaults..04:00
unique311very mad..04:00
unique311group maemo or n80004:05
trevarthanunique311: what does an strace look like?04:05
neostriderplease, leave the "storage" directory on the root of your mmc card (/media/mmc1)04:06
neostriderand also, please report ;-)04:07
trevarthanunique311: you've never used strace?04:07
trevarthanmight help you debug the segfault. tell you what it is doing right before the segfault anyway.04:08
neostriderbrb - dinner04:08
trevarthanthere's a version of strace for the n800. I can't remember where I got mine.04:08
unique311so run kegs and then strace04:08
trevarthannah, just run `strace kegs`04:09
unique311it'll tell me why its seg faulting04:09
unique311let me get that done..04:09
trevarthanmaybe, maybe not. but it might point you in the right direction.04:09
unique311better than nothing..04:10
trevarthanyou can also attach to a running process, I think, using the -p option, I think.04:11
trevarthanSo if it only crashes after you do something specific, you can start your app, get it ready, then connect and do that thing that crashes it.04:12
unique311i think its a memory issue..04:12
unique311gotta find strace..04:12
neostriderim back04:19
neostrideranyone tried the game?04:19
unique311looking for strace,,04:20
unique311i will in a bit04:20
trevarthanyeah, gimme a bit neostrider. I gotta do a firmware backup of my n800 first, just in case.04:22
neostridernever tried on n800 indeed04:23
neostrideri just got 77004:23
neostrideron the n800 it will rock =-)04:23
unique311the deb pack crashes04:30
unique311it it and crash04:31
neostrider770 or N800?04:34
neostriderthe splashscreen appears?04:34
unique311it plays..04:35
unique311well now its playing nice..04:35
unique311running it from terminal04:35
unique311no crashes yet04:35
unique311start nice...04:36
neostridergood speed?04:36
neostrideror just "playable"?04:36
unique311was it suppose to go in the extras folder.04:36
unique311i placed it in the games folder04:36
neostriderI used to test it on extras, but on my 770, today, i used the games folder04:36
unique311running it from crash.04:37
unique311running that icon...04:37
neostriderreally strange...04:37
unique311i get crashes..04:37
neostridermaybe there is some differences between bora and gregalle04:38
unique311but definitely crashes when i don't run it from terminal..04:39
unique311sound would be nice...04:39
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neostrideron desktop, we already have music, but sbox doesnt like my /dev/dsp04:40
neostriderany comment on gameplay?04:41
neostridercan you please take a picture? =-D04:41
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neostrideranyone with a 770 can also test the game please?04:43
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unique311hey trevarthan...can u send your copy of strace over here..04:46
neostriderwell folks... i must go to the redmondXP for a, good night04:47
neostriderthanks for the testing04:47
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trevarthanunique311: turn on red pill mode in the application manager. I believe it shows up there. dpkg -p says I have strace-4.5.14-1.osso1, so I think it's a Nokia package.04:51
trevarthanI need to build a new kernel with jffs2 support. Anyone know how to turn it on through menuconfig?04:56
unique311killed by SIGSGV05:03
unique311had issues with that on another app..05:03
trevarthanwhat got SIGSGV'd? strace? Or app manager?05:04
trevarthanummm... you've got serious problems then05:07
trevarthanwhen you run strace by itself? Or when you pair it with keg?05:07
unique311when i pair it..05:08
unique311kegs is dying seg faulting for SIGSEGV05:08
unique311now why i don't get the sigsegv in scratchbox...05:09
trevarthanI wonder if it's using some x86 specific asm?05:12
trevarthanI bet a bad CPU instruction would do that.05:13
unique311gonna check the src..and compile...i compile it with some optimization flags i saw online..05:14
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neostriderhello folks06:27
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* acydlord sighs07:19
acydlordthe next version of debian needs to be out already lol07:19
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dpblol.. wait a few years.. ;)07:20
acydlordi was going to port gtwitter to maemo07:21
acydlordbut then debian decided to yell at me about some ooold libs07:21
neostrideracydlord , what is gtwitter?07:23
acydlordit's a little gtk/mono app for posting to twitter and viewing the twitter timelines07:24
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acydlordyeah, i got addicted to it07:42
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mk8Hi to all ...08:10
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pupnik Rehi unique31108:18
pupnikbeen a while08:18
unique311missing in action dude08:18
unique311yeah man..where u been08:18
pupniki was campaigning online for Ron Paul08:19
unique311whose ron paul08:19
unique311sorry i don't watch the news...08:19
unique311so my current events suck08:19
pupnikit's offtopic here, you can check out #ronpaul for more info, or search youtube.08:19
unique311i have another emu under the belt..08:19
unique311i just got it to start..08:20
unique311apple IIgs08:20
unique311gonna test it out some more..and then share..keyboard is definitely necessary...but i think typing can be done via the terminal..i'm not sure how that came about..08:21
unique311i manage to get fmsx to start also...08:25
unique311not sure what to do with it..08:25
pupnikwhat is it08:25
unique311an old school game console..fromt he looks of i...08:30
unique311i thought it was a sega emu08:30
unique311but its like a desktop/game system...08:30
unique311don't quote me on that08:30
pupnikplaystation portable08:31
pupnikoh no08:31
unique311home computer...08:31
unique311by sony08:31
unique311maybe i08:32
unique311ll invest some time in that also..08:32
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unique311pupnik..with synergy..09:05
unique311my notebook has has to be running the server..09:06
unique311or the n80009:06
pupniki run the server on my desktop pc09:06
pupnikshould work both ways though09:06
acydlordyep, should work both ways09:07
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xbagzhi there, n800 noob here. i just confiugured bluetooth with pand on my n800. right now i could ssh. and do apt-gets on the command line but browsing on the n800 apps doenst work. i already did the dummy iap gconf thing on the wiki. anyone know how to make this work?11:29
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pupnikhi xbagz11:48
pupnikwhat do you want to do?11:48
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xbagzi just want to surf on bluetooth... :) my wifi router broke. =(11:50
pupnikoh, no idea11:50
xbagzisok =)11:51
xbagzstill googling =)11:51
keesjxbagz: I have not manager to do that yet, but I really would like :p11:51
xbagzyup.. it kinda sucks without wifi.11:52
xbagzits weird since apt-get on the cli works but the gui manager doesnt work11:53
pupnikthat is confusing to me11:54
pupnik"gui manager"?11:54
pupnik= application installer?11:54
xbagzerr.. application manager11:55
xbagzthe apt-frontend11:55
pupnikthat's strange11:56
JaffaMorning, all12:02
pupnikhi Jaffa12:11
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moglinokiq internet tablets eh?12:22
pupnikmaemo is development environment for them yes12:22
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melmothAny idea how i can ask gnomevfs to switch from passive to active mode (and reverse) for ftp transfert ?13:13
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eichihello, someone here, uses the maemo mapper?15:14
eichihow much space do the maps need? If I want to download all maps from much MB can this be?15:15
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pupnikhi eichi, i am sorry you will have to search the web15:46
wazquiseichi: a LOT!16:00
wazquiseichi: if you limit which zoomlevels and don't need the most-zoomed-in, then you can save a lot of space16:01
wazquiseichi: i downloaded a couple of areas in denmark and i've used 300mb with every second zoomlevel and still not having the most-zoomed in16:01
wazquis(both typo and sat that is)16:01
wazquisi think you can save a lot if you only need typo16:02
keesjeichi: are you serious? I guess it depends on the scale you download but I don't think it will fit any sd-card in the market16:06
eichii have a 2 gb sd card for this16:06
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nomiswell, germany only is not that hard, you could e.g. skip the two finest resolutions16:10
nomisgo from top to bottom and see how fast your space fills up.16:10
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eichinomis: is there a way to see this in linux with firefox?17:30
eichiokay, I see I see ;) it could be get very big ;)17:34
eichiIn the most navi software there are no pictures but geometric data or why there is so small place with such nice map?17:35
gla55most have vector data yes17:36
eichimaybe the free software must work together with openstreetmap.org17:39
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CyorxampLo, I'm an owner of a Zaurus PDA... I used have a HP pdaphone... I want to go back to something like that again (either pda or umpc with phone) but with linux... does nokia only do that one tablet?17:47
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gla55only 770 and 800, neither have a phone17:51
Cyorxamptis a shame17:52
Cyorxampthe only decent devices out there are the HTC ones - but linux is far from ready on them17:52
CyorxampI don't suppose anyone has been replacing symbian for linux on some nokia phones?17:52
EfraelIt would be a huge project17:54
gla55not so far as a bootloader or anything17:54
gla55yeah it would be pretty huge...17:54
Cyorxamplinux just has no hope then atm :(17:55
Cyorxampnot in a total-combined mobile area17:55
CyorxampI don't suppose those tablets allow for those PCMCIA cards that can use SIM cards? lol17:56
gla55well.. some motos got linux.. but. locked so away that it's rather irrelevant that they're linux17:56
gla55no pcmcia slot17:56
Cyorxampatm I'm using a Nokia 6100 with a Zaurus SL-5500.... internet via GRPS > Infrared17:57
Cyorxampwhich is crap17:57
gla55infrared is pretty crap17:58
CyorxampAnd it doesn't work, since I'm not on contract I can't use the GPRS modem for IR use on the phone - grr!17:58
gla55bluetooth is much nicer17:58
CyorxampWell theres no point in me having a bluetooth phone as the PDA isn't bluetooth17:58
Cyorxampand Sharp have pulled out of the american/european market for there linux PDA's - only japan now17:58
gla55well, there's some sd cards with bt for it, right?17:58
CyorxampI could probably get a Bluetooth CF card - like I have a Wi-Fi CF card17:59
Cyorxampbut I'm still left with the issue that I can't use my phones GPRS modem anyways - since I'm on pay&go17:59
CyorxampI never had this issue with the Jornada 928 - just worked... but it ran evil windows and HP abandoned it18:00
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Cyorxamphmm HTC have a mobile computer now with built in phone18:06
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Cyorxampwill the 770 or the 800 play OGG media files okay?18:15
Cyorxampniiiiice :D18:16
CyorxampI think I'm buying one18:16
zuhThough not out of the box...18:16
CyorxampWhats the linux it uses a derivative of?  Debian?18:16
zuhIt uses the package management of debian, but that's about as far as the similarities go. It's pretty custom system.18:17
Cyorxampipkg ?18:17
zuhno, regular dpkg18:18
zuhI guess it's patched somehow, but not sure...18:18
Cyorxampcool, whats the window manager?18:18
Cyorxampso you can use not only the nokia repository then I guess?18:18
zuhYeah, normal debian packages won't work (at least not due to dependancies, the armel port might even be binary compatible...)18:19
CyorxampI'm thinking ditch the 6100 and the Zaurus - get a shiney yet uncomplicated bluetooth nokia - and a N80018:19
Cyorxampso it is ARM based?18:20
gla55there's plenty of info on etc18:20
CyorxampI don't see any mention of the specific tablets on there18:20
gla55if you want to try it out then the dev env gives you a chance(though it lacks properiaty apps)18:20
gla55770 and 800 are arm18:21
Cyorxampwhat has been known to work well (out of nokia phones) with the N800?  as seamless as possible18:22
gla55any recent nokia bt phone should be painless18:25
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neostriderhello folks18:44
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CyorxampDamned PC reset18:48
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CyorxampI was asking what would be a good nokia phone (naturally it doesn't have to do loads, since the N800 would) to put with the N800?18:48
gla55any recent one with bt, you somewhere with 3g?18:49
Cyorxampyeah the UK has 3G everywhere18:49
Cyorxampbut I like a phone that just calls and SMS - nothing over fancy or I feel like Axing it18:49
sxpert3G is pretty useless, considering how expensive it is18:50
CyorxampI know its a stupid thing to ask... a bog standard 3G/Bluetooth phone hehe18:50
gla55sxpert: that entirely depends on your operator18:50
gla55sxpert: unlimited plans are 10-30e here, depending on speed18:50
cosmo_Cyorxamp: i've got samsung z150, it's really small and does everything needed18:50
gla55frm 128kbit/s to max hsdpa..18:50
cosmo_nokia doesn't have small phones18:51
Cyorxampcosmo_: I'd rather go with a Nokia, I always have18:51
sxpertgla55, guess we're being ripped off here18:51
gla55sxpert: i guess. 3g really is useless if you pay per mb..18:51
sxpertgla55, yeah, it's the type of pricing here...18:51
CyorxampSo an uncomplicated Nokia 3G/GPRS/Bluetooth phone?  theres billions of nokia phones - any recommendations ?18:52
gla55Cyorxamp: well, some recent s40 phone then. it really depends on what form factor you want i guess18:52
sxpertthey have "unlimited" that's really limited to 500MB if you read the fine print, and you can't use anything that'd do "streaming"18:52
sxpertand that's 70 eur or so18:53
*** mat__ is now known as mat18:53
gla55Cyorxamp: something like 6151 i guess18:54
Cyorxampthe headphones they N800 come with - they just standard 3.5mm headphone jack ones?18:55
Cyorxampit gives a nokia code for them - which makes me worries18:55
Cyorxampand the tech spec of the N800 I'd hardly say is complete18:55
sxpertCyorxamp, yeah, anything will do18:56
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Cyorxampsxpert: so it's not like its a special nokia port? infact what ports does it have18:56
Cyorxampmini usb maybe?18:56
sxpertyeah. mini usb18:56
Cyorxampand a standard 3.5mm jack?18:57
Cyorxampnormal nokia charger cable?18:57
Cyorxampsorry to be a pain - I can't find any better tech specs out there18:57
sxpertthe only thing I can think of is if there was a connection for the radio antenna on the 3.5 jack18:57
sxpertCyorxamp, get the FCC declaration :D18:57
Cyorxampwhats the internal memory like?18:58
sxperthmm ?18:58
Cyorxampjust says 128mb ram - that includes everything? cuz its a bit crapy18:58
sxpertthat's pretty complete...
sxpertCyorxamp, why would 128 MB be crappy ?19:00
sxpertyou're not supposed to run openoffice on that thing19:01
Cyorxamp128mb for all installed applications?19:01
Cyorxampthats only double what my zaurus can do - and that is about 5 years old now19:01
sxpertyou can use a file in the micro-SD as "swap"19:02
Cyorxampand combine the 128mb and 256mb for the rootfs?19:02
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sxpertCyorxamp, no. the 256 are inside the thing, where the OS and apps are installed.19:04
Cyorxampso the 256mb section is the rootfs? whilst the 128mb ram is just normal ram?19:04
Cyorxampoh that sounds better :D19:05
deforhello... I've just started using a n770, but I'm curious, is the 800 really that large a leap in terms of performance, etc? I can't stand the 800's case design, but if it holds that many advantages over the 770, maybe it's worth switching to it...19:06
Cyorxampsxpert: so no one has replaced the OS like they did with the zaurus... its just already flexible enough to do whatever you need with it (he says glancing at the forum, at OGG support... DOOM... etc...)19:07
sxpertwell, yes, it's based on debian19:08
sxpertusing apt-get as package manager19:08
Cyorxampwhich debian ?  sarge?19:08
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Protocol-Cyroxamp: you can boot from the mmc card, I use a 1G card it works great19:13
CyorxampI do that with my zaurus... the internal memory has a bootstrap and OpenZaurus boots from SD19:14
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl19:14
Protocol-to answer the first question, for a good and easy nokia phone 3G/etc.. is the e61..19:14
Cyorxampand it's not going to want to wash my dishes and suck out my brain and attend to my every need when I just need a freaking phone?19:15
Protocol-that's what I use, the OS is symbian that sucks a bit but it does everything19:15
gla55e61 is definetely not just a phone19:15
gla55for starters it has a qwerty pad19:15
gla55multitasking os, webkit browser19:15
Protocol-it has edge/umts/gprs/wifi/bt19:15
Cyorxampok, nm... tbh I'd only be compromising - I want the N800 to already be GSM and 3G (phone and SMS)19:16
Protocol-a functional sip client19:16
Cyorxampso are Nokia planning anything for later?19:16
gla55Cyorxamp: maybe in few years19:16
Cyorxampoh ffs19:16
gla55nothing you should wait for19:16
Cyorxampbut I've been waiting aaages!19:16
Protocol-there is also the e or n 95? but it's really not the cheapest19:16
gla55you could buy a greenphone but it blows19:17
gla55Protocol-: neither e61 nor n95 fit what Cyorxamp was looking for19:17
deforuhm... totally different question... has there been any success enabling host mode on n800?19:17
gla55nice phones, yes (got a n95 here), but not really something you'd use to answer calls and act as modem for n80019:17
CyorxampCan I send text messages from the N800 when connected to another nokia phone?19:17
gla55don't think there's any apps for that.. hmm19:18
Cyorxampblah! Nokia == Phone Manufacturers... WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY PLAYING AT19:18
Protocol-gla55: I use it exactly for this.. to get my n770 easily connected to gprs/3g etc..19:18
CyorxampBugger it I'm gonna stick to my Zaurus + Nokia 6100 combination until someone makes something worth buying19:19
Protocol-I got the e61 for 200 euro 2nd hand19:19
gla55Cyorxamp: they got their reasons for using os's they use..19:20
gla55Cyorxamp: anyhow, you could buy a greenphone today19:20
gla55from trolltech19:20
gla55techwise it's nothing fancy though(imho)19:20
Cyorxampbut its GREEN!19:21
gla55dunno whats the status of neo197319:21
gla55techwise though again it's nothing special19:21
robtaylorthere's telepathy-blue19:22
robtaylornot sure what the status of it is on the n800 though19:22
Protocol-gla55: what makes you say "not really something you'd use to answer calls and act as modem for n800"?19:23
CyorxampNokia, HTC, Sharp - they are all _so_ close... but no cigar19:23
CyorxampWhen someone makes a viable linux PDA/UMPC Phone - let me know19:23
CyorxampBut I'll probably be dead by then19:24
gla55Protocol-: ..that they're more of high end than lowend phones19:24
gla55protocol: featurewise they overlap with n800 too19:24
Protocol-maybe indeed19:25
gla55definetely they weren't the kind of phones Cyorxamp was asking about, where the more lowend s40's fit the bill19:25
*** neostrider has left #maemo19:25
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Cyorxamplol gla55 - my Nokia 6100 already is a S4019:28
gla55yeah, i figured some s40 with bt and 3g would have been a good replacement19:30
Cyorxampcoudlnt' the N800 just run a form of GNocky or Nokia Data Suite ?!19:33
Cyorxampthus access via bluetooth the ability to send SMS and get access to the phone directory?19:33
Cyorxampmaybe even sync that directory with an LDAP server? :D19:33
Cyorxampor am I thinking too quickly for slow pace of industry? :D19:34
gla55i guess it could19:34
gla55it would be nice if nokia ported it's pc suites functionality to it19:35
Cyorxampphone are cool - I get that... grab your phone - go off for a night out19:35
Cyorxampgrab your phone and tablet - go to woek19:35
molkkohow do you find out the "namespace" of dbus. i mean what messages make sense to send to dbus19:37
Cyorxampwhat is Gnokii was ported?  www.gnokii.org19:37
Cyorxampit's already GTK+19:37
molkkowho is listening dbus19:37
Protocol-Cyorxamp: there is gnokii already I think19:37
Protocol-wait, or gammu/wammu?19:37
Cyorxampso you can already send sms's and access your phone book ;D19:38
Cyorxampgammu wammu? wha?19:38
gla55gnokii commandline is ported at least19:38
Cyorxampit's a start!19:39
Cyorxampok I thinks its time I jumped off the sinking ship of angstrom/openzaurus19:39
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*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo19:47
Cyorxampgla55: 6510, 6310, 8310, 6310i, 6360, 6610, 6100, 5100, 3510, 3510i, 3595, 6800, 6810, 6820, 6820b, 6610i, 6230, 6650, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7600, 6170, 6020, 6230i19:48
CyorxampI will check them all - but off hand ... know if any of those have bluetooth?19:48
CyorxampNokia has faaar too many phones lol19:49
CyorxampThey are the ones that Gnokii is known to work with19:49
sxpertCyorxamp, lol19:52
sxpertnokia starts with the assumption that everyone will want a different phone19:53
gla55Cyorxamp: are those the only phones? not newer s40's?19:54
gla55nokia has just few platforms.. but a shitload of models19:54
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CyorxampNokia sure does have some horrid 3G flip phones21:08
Cyorxamp6292 looks good21:09
zakxYour search - "nokia 6292" - did not match any documents.21:10
Cyorxampah lol... 6290 hehe21:10
Cyorxampit's a flippy bluetoothy 3g-ey... thing21:11
zakxgot the 6280 since yesterday21:11
Cyorxampmight be a good companion to the N80021:11
zakxdidn't try 3G with n800 yet though21:11
Cyorxampgotta ditch my two official nokia stands with the phone as well :(21:12
*** oil has joined #maemo21:17
CyorxampI still think I'm gonna hold off - at least for now I know Nokia are worth watching in this area21:20
CyorxampI like a PDA that has a keyboard and cover built in - my Zaurus SL-5500 had it and my Jornada 928 did21:21
CyorxampI'll be back in umm 6 months - xmas :D bye21:21
*** Cyorxamp has quit IRC21:21
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tigert_wow, what happened to my nick21:37
*** tigert_ is now known as tigert21:37
* tigert likes the thumb keyboard a lot21:38
tigertits very clever idea21:38
zuhIt could be better though, specially with situations where you want to see some context too21:40
zuhBut it's The IM on the device for sure21:40
roopeThe context issue is a problem. I was looking at the ubuntu things. the transparent keyboard.21:51
roopeWe also studied transparency, but it's really hard to make it work, hard on many levels.21:57
roopeeven on the UI level, not to mention the technical problems.21:57
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Robot101roope: actually updating the display is so slow you can have any amount of pretty graphics you want on the CPU, and not affect the speed :)22:20
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Andy80a question about maemo mapper... I'm using latest version (1.4.5) on my 770, and I've a Bt77 GPS receiver. I can download maps correctly and I can connect with bt77 without problems. The question is: since maemo mapper knows the gps position, how can I display my position on the map? I only can see the map and the coordinates in the gps info, but I would like to see a simple "point" on the map that shows where I am. Is i23:01
Andy80t possible?23:01
unique311java working in mono, anybody made that happen yet...23:26
unique311i tried but cant understand some of the instructions..23:26
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