IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2007-05-28

unique311i found the file you need to modify in pose to change the window position and size..00:00
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pulsar_has anyone run into an issue where it was no longer possible to start the software manegement tool?01:42
pulsar_the apt database is prefectly ok, and everything works on the shell. but the frontend seems to have some startup issues. sometimes it just hangs and leaves a dead window.01:43
pupnikWhat OS?01:43
pupnikDo you see any errors in the log of app manager?01:44
pulsar_nope. so you did not :)01:44
unique311any deb pack for QEMU...running on the n800/77001:45
pulsar_i have tons of 3rd party tools / apt sources set up. perhaps some of the apps / libs is causing the issues.01:45
pulsar_the funny thing, 1 of 10 attempts the app starts correctly.01:46
pulsar_seems like a timing issue01:46
pulsar_and somethign completly different: the latest ubuntu has some link issues with sdl/ttf. undefined smbol DPMSDisable. Anyone an idea how to get this working again - besides patching sdl sources.01:48
pupnikthat looks like a problem with X, not SDL01:56
pulsar_nah, lib ttf seems to be linked against the wrong x version.01:56
pulsar_as it appears to me at least.01:57
pupniki'm a sidux nazi and ubuntu users are communists01:58
pulsar_yeah, whatever :)01:59
pulsar_lets go back to gentoo01:59
pupnikthis is #maemo01:59
pupnikunique311: forget qemu02:02
unique311not possible?02:10
pulsar_performance will suck for sure, perhaps thats what he meant?02:11
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unique311pupnik pose02:13
unique311whats the status...?02:13
unique311the guys over at #hackndev said go with qemu running palm roms....02:14
unique311better option.02:14
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pulsar_you basically you want to run palm apps on your nokia?02:17
pulsar_how is that supposed to work without the whole underlaying software architecutre?02:18
pupnik_You need to download palmOS02:19
pulsar_or is it about emulating the palmos in the first place?02:19
unique311pupnik made it happen..02:19
pupnik_unique311: found the palmOS online02:19
unique311the screen size..02:19
pupnik_oh yeah i can fix that now02:19
pupnik_just need to do it02:19
unique311when doubled  255 percent of the screen is missing02:20
unique311when in regular mode its tiny02:20
unique311i found 2 files in the source..02:20
pupnik_yeah could you /msg those filenames to me?02:20
unique311i think deals with size..but rotation of the gui is whats needed02:20
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T12UI am trying to install maemo-gpsdrive onto my Nokia 770 running OS 2006 edition and I am getting "Unable to install. Package is incompatible with current software."02:52
T12Uany help would be greatly appreciated02:52
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pulsar_seems its not meant to be used on os 200602:52
T12Uif you don't mind me asking, is there a version of maemo-gpsdrive that can be installed and ran on os 2006?02:53
pulsar_are you using the deb packages?02:53
pulsar_no idea02:53
T12UI have tried to do a search on google but with no solution02:53
pulsar_well, if you get the deb package, you can still try to "force" its installation02:54
pulsar_but that behaviour must be for a reason, so it might cause you more troubles than you can handle :)02:54
T12UI first installed Xterm and then maemo-libpcre3, maemo-gpsd, and now I am stuck on the last program to be installed02:54
pupnikHow are you installing02:55
pulsar_you use dpkg -i <package> ?02:55
pulsar_try --force then.02:55
pupnikif you use dpkg -i, you probably have the wrong package02:55
T12UNo I downloaded each of them from the site that had the tutorial02:55
pupnikthat's why we have repositories and apt-get or application manager02:55
T12Uoh ok. So do you happen to know where can I download the correct package for os 2006 and a way to "force" install it?02:57
pulsar_where is that tutorial page you are talking about?02:57
pulsar_let me have a look02:57
pulsar_hmm.. on os 2007 there is osso-gpsd daemon, is that equivalent to maemo-gpsd?02:59
pulsar_there you have the os2006 / n770 packages03:00
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T12UI'll try to check it out. Thank you for now03:00
pulsar_get them and either open the deb packages in the filemanager which should fire up the sofware management tool or use the console and the dpkg command to install those.03:00
pulsar_T12U: maemo mapper might be also worth a try, did work of of the box (semi-official apt-sources) for me.03:04
pulsar_i have just compiled htop, tested on n800 works very nice. if anyone is interessted.03:08
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T12UI'm trying to install maemo-mapper - IT2006 and I am getting a "Unable to install. Some packages required for the installation are missing" and when I clicked on details it says that libsqlite3-0(>=3.3.5) is missing03:14
T12Usorry for all the newbie questions03:15
pulsar_switch to the xterm03:15
pulsar_and type:03:15
pulsar_apt-cache search libsqlite03:15
pulsar_if its there, install it by "apt-get install libsqlite3"03:15
pulsar_otherwise you will need to figure out which repository offers it and add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list file and try again.03:16
pulsar_ah, ic.03:17
pulsar_you will need the extras repository.03:17
pulsar_make sure "deb mistral non-fre" is in your sources.list03:18
T12Uwell I tried the apt-get install libsqlite command and got "E: Could not openopen lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/locl - open (13 permissi)03:19
pulsar_close the other application first.03:19
T12Uok I'll try that03:19
pulsar_that software management03:19
pulsar_they do lock the repository so no other application an modify the apt database in while they are running.03:20
pulsar_ btw03:20
pulsar_i'm off, nite!03:22
T12Uok thanks for your help03:22
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trevarthanAnyone here use Bacula?
trevarthanThinking about packaging a bacula client for OS 2007.03:36
trevarthanfirmware level backups don't seem to be working out with 0xFFFF. It's too fragile a process.03:36
trevarthanrsync works. But I'm not having any real luck preserving file ownership when backing up to a non-privileged user on a remote system, so that won't be useful for "bare metal recovery".03:37
trevarthantar would probably do the job, but the tar packaged with busybox is fairly crippled.03:38
trevarthanSo... I'm thinking bacula. It's a beast to set up. But it's automated, I've used it before and know it works quite well for bare metal recovery.03:39
trevarthanI hate doing that though. I'd probably be the only person using it on the n800 due to bacula's learning curve.03:39
trevarthanAny ideas?03:40
trevarthanOh, and I don't think cpio would work either. Something about being incompatible across CPU archs or something.03:40
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trevarthanhmmmm... that's odd. `du -hcx -d 1 /` on my n800 reports different numbers than running the following on the rsync backup I made just now on a remote machine: `du -hc --max-depth 1 n800-backup-dir/`03:55
trevarthanMy remote machine reports 286M as the size of the filesystem, whereas the n800 reports 245.5M as the size. It isn't just one dir that is skewed. They're all slightly larger on the remote machine. What could account for the discrepancy?03:56
javamaniactrevarthan, maybe the filesystem inode size by default04:00
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trevarthanah. I guess that makes sense. Interesting.04:06
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trevarthanok. I guess rsync works alright so long as you run it as root on the remote machine. It preserves the file ownerships then.04:08
trevarthanSo rsync is a good one-off method. I still think I'll attempt to package a bacula client for the n800 so I can benefit from the automatic scheduling though.04:09
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javamaniactrevarthan, i think something like conduit is more suitable for this kind of task, it's in development still but looks promissing04:16
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trevarthanjavamaniac: no, I'm specifically interested in backing up my third part applications. Last time I got the dreaded white screen of death it took 5 straight hours to reinstall them. I want to automate that reinstall process.04:53
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javamaniacmm, interesting04:54
trevarthanhonestly, bare metal recovery is a recurring theme in the administration of any system. Whether it be a linux server, a windows workstation, or anything in between. I don't see why a laptop or a tablet PC should be any different.04:55
trevarthanIn fact, it's much easier with a tablet as there is significantly less to backup and restore.04:56
javamaniacyes, you're right, but think about the little amount of computationa resources of , by example, a n80004:57
trevarthanyeah, backups usually aren't cpu bound. they're usually i/o bound, unless compression is used.05:00
trevarthanbacula uses md5sums for incrementals. not sure how slow that will be on an n800.05:01
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trevarthanreally, i probably won't care as long as the backup takes place late enough and finishes before i wake up.05:03
javamaniacok, but please, do performance test , to see how much impact it cause05:03
javamaniacmaybe some tweaks can be made, to make a efficient backup tool05:04
trevarthanyeah, i did the rsync over ssh backup just now and it maxed out the cpu, but finished in less than an hour. don't know exactly how long it took. i'll try to record that next time.05:06
trevarthansoon as i finish walking my dogs i'll start a bacula client compile and then i'll time a similar bacula backup.05:07
trevarthanirssi + thumbs = cool.05:07
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trevarthanIf anyone is interested in my rsync backup method:
trevarthanNote that I haven't tested a restore yet. However, it *should* work. :)05:18
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kennethdtrevarthan: so you set up your n800 user with your linux root account's public key? all of my linux machines disallow root login via ssh05:46
kennethdI think a tar.gz backup might be better?.. can then scp/rsync it to a regular remote account05:48
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trevarthankennethd: no. I use password login on my root account. not public key. I know, it's a security risk, but I think you'll find that it's not all that uncommon in the linux world.06:00
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trevarthankennethd: Yes, tar.gz would be better, if the default busybox tar wasn't crippled. It doesn't support critical options like -p.06:01
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kennethdtrevarthan: also, i'm curious: why choose xjournal over maemopad+ ?06:01
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trevarthankennethd: lots of reasons. First of all, I use the sketching functionality the most, and xournal implements it about 10 times better than maemopad+. In maemopad+, getting a new page is like 3 or 4 clicks. In xournal, it's one click. In maemopad, the page size is limited to slightly larger than the screen size. In xournal, the page size is a full letter size page.06:03
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trevarthanI could go on. xournal is light years ahead of maemopad+ IMO.06:03
kennethdtrevarthan: ahh, I didn't realize that.  that sucks, I just recovered from my 1st need to flash the factory os & have been looking for a backup solution & was planning on using tar06:03
trevarthanwell, I don't like the root thing either. If you find a better way, let me know. Oh, BTW, I discounted cpio too. Apparently a page I read mentioned that it has compatibility issues between CPU archs and memory archs.06:05
trevarthanI'm not sure what that leaves you with besides rsync (and root logins), or some more complicated backup system, like bacula or amanda.06:06
kennethdmaemopad+ is annoying, I agree, I was just curious what your reasons were.06:07
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trevarthankennethd: yeah, try xournal. you might like it.06:08
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pupniktotally offtopic but very cool science experiment08:35
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mmranyone in09:15
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trevarthanpupnik: I prefer the video with the blonde.09:56
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b0unc3good morning11:26
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AD-N770good morning11:40
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unique311i think figured out this rotate for pose12:03
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pnahi *, i'm tring to compile the hildon-desktop within scratchbox but I got many errors, i'm actually blocked with the following:12:08
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pnahd-desktop.c:45:34: hildon/hildon-banner.h: No such file or directory12:10
pnahd-desktop.c:46:32: hildon/hildon-note.h: No such file or directory12:10
pnahd-desktop.c: In function `hd_desktop_launch_banner_show':12:10
pnahd-desktop.c:138: warning: implicit declaration of function `hildon_banner_show_animation'12:10
pnahd-desktop.c: In function `hd_desktop_create_note_infoprint':12:10
pnahd-desktop.c:1050: error: `HILDON_TYPE_BANNER' undeclared (first use in this function)12:10
pnahd-desktop.c:1050: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once12:10
pnahd-desktop.c:1050: error: for each function it appears in.)12:10
pnaany hint?12:10
pnawell don't know where to find hildon/hildon-banner.h, guess in hildon-libs but not sure12:11
inzpna, libhildon112:12
inzpna, and libhildon1-dev to be exact12:13
pnagreat so actually need to build that, k tahnx12:13
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inzpna, well, you can also grab it as deb from sardine12:16
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melmothanybody know if there is a way to tell gnomevfs to use passive or active ftp ?12:19
pnainz, thanx12:22
inzmelmoth, I'd guess no (I think it only uses passive)12:26
inzmelmoth, from gnome svn: /* FIXME 1464: implement non-PASV mode */12:27
melmothgrumble. That s funny now12:27
melmothmy ftp transfert fails without warning on my development machine, wget fails as well (with 'bad port') except if i use --passive-ftp or something12:28
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pnawow ok i get succeful compiled the hildon-desktop with my changes, build also the deb files with dpkg-buildpackage scped those files to the n800 and tried to dpkg -i *.deb12:43
pnaaand i got many12:43
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pnadpkg: serious warning: files list file for package `MANY PACKAGES' missing, assuming package has no files currently installed.12:43
pnai guess could be some problem with12:44
pnawith some directory with the data.tar.gz file12:45
pnahave I to move the hildon-desktop directory in some specific path to compile it with dpkg-build?12:46
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melmothinz: hmm actually i only experience the problem when i use gnomevfs in scratchbox, in a xen host.12:57
melmotha scratchbox in a real machine works perfectly. Must be a problem with xen bridging(wich i m clueless about)12:58
inzmelmoth, passive ftp shouldn't require anything special (unless you limit outbound connections to certain ports)13:04
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ian_brasil_hi, I wonder if anyone can give a force with this problem..i am trying to install a deb in the SDK using fakeroot dpkg -i jiboia.deb and i get dpkg: error processing jiboia.deb (--install): error creating directory `./home/user': Permission denied13:13
ian_brasil_the deb is lintian and linda clean13:14
inzian, that's because you don't have permissions to /home in scratchbox13:14
ian_brasil_is this for some reason?13:16
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pnaian_brasil_, is your user named user?13:19
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lesouvageI have a nokia770 with Asterisk (voip server) running on it. I am root and things run fine. Is there any way to change the runlevel or a special combination of keys during startup so  the gui doesn't start and precious memory and cpu cycles can be saved.14:04
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maemowhat is the chat client for n80016:21
maemowidely used chat client in n800 :)16:21
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pupnikfor irc, xchat is popular16:22
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* pupnik wonders what to work on16:24
pnahi, sometimes when in ssh on my n800 try to apt-get upgrade or update or even apt-get -f install, then when is time to respond Y or n to the questio, if I'm sure... i get16:25
pna22 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 47 not upgraded.16:26
pnaNeed to get 3940kB of archives.16:26
pnaAfter unpacking 2130kB of additional disk space will be used.16:26
pnaDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y16:26
pnaif i do it on the xterm in the n800 everything goes smooth16:26
pupnikcapital Y16:26
pnaeven with capital16:26
dpbit doesn't matter if it's capital, the capital letter just marks that it's the default option16:27
pnayeah thats for the default option16:27
pnathe same16:27
pnaif i just press enter16:27
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pnamaybe some dropbear problem? some cr that not have to go? maybe some xterm-osso problem? maybe the apt package, i don't know, even i can't understand16:31
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Free_maNnow when i start login scratchbox i have a new error:17:10
Free_maNERROR: '/opt/scratchbox/sbin/chroot-uid' is not suid ROOT17:10
dpbyou did install it as root, right?17:10
*** oil has joined #maemo17:12
Free_maNbut ihave resolved with  chmod u+s /opt/scratchbox/sbin/chroot-uid17:12
Free_maNthx dpb17:12
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Free_maNi don't have in my scratchbox :(18:03
partdid you install the rootstrap?18:04
Free_maNyes part18:05
Free_maNwith sb-conf18:06
Free_maNno sb-menu18:06
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl18:07
Free_maNpart this rootstrap ==> Maemo_Dev_Platform_rootstrap_Nokia_Binaries_v2.2.tar.gz18:07
Free_maNit's good ?18:07
partno, that's not a full rootstrap, that's just the non-free binaries18:07
Free_maNwhere is full rootstrap18:08
partseems to be under
partthe *rootstrap*.tgz files in i386 and arm directories18:11
Free_maNit's good18:12
partif you are going for 2.2, yeah18:12
guardianthe simplest method is to let the installer script do its job18:12
Free_maNoki thx part18:12
guardianah 2.218:12
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Free_maNit's good guardian part ;)18:18
Free_maNthanks :)18:18
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user__hello everyone20:01
user__what do you do here ??20:02
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user__i do have an n80020:04
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`0660user__, congratulations on that :)21:00
*** ajturner_ has joined #maemo21:05
*** p13 has joined #maemo21:08
p13hi guys, anyone tried angstrom on their 770 ?21:08
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo21:10
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trevarthanHmmm.... I'm going to try to build irssi with perl support.21:28
mgedminperl was once my favourite language21:29
trevarthanperl-base is installed, but irssi's configure says it can't link with perl's libraries. Where are they located?21:29
*** ferulo has quit IRC21:29
trevarthanPerl's OK, until you start having to mess with cpan. :)21:29
trevarthanis perl something new in os 2007? I read a lot of people wishing that the 770 had perl...21:33
trevarthanbut clearly perl-base exists and /usr/bin/perl exists...21:33
*** rev has joined #maemo21:34
*** ajturner_ has quit IRC21:35
zuhNot on my N800 they don't21:35
trevarthanon my n800: perl-base-5.8.3-3osso621:36
trevarthanmaybe not installed by default, but looks like an official nokia package.21:36
zuhAlso note that scratchbox has one version of perl, which has absolutely nothing to do with stuff on the device21:36
mgedminperl-base is available from some 3rd party repository21:37
zuhWhere does it come from?21:37
mgedminindt's perhaps?21:37
mgedminI don't remember21:37
mgedminor maybe maemo-hackers?21:38
zuhI have one maemo-hackers repo, no perl-base21:38
zuhI have the "official" repos I know and apt-cache search returns nothing21:39
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo21:39
trevarthando I have to run something after adding a line to /etc/apt/sources.list?21:41
zuhapt-get update21:42
trevarthanzuh: thanks21:43
trevarthandoes apt-cache search what is available in the repos? Or just what is installed on the machine?21:44
trevarthantrying to find a way to do something like `yum search perl-base` with apt tools.21:45
zuhHmm, I'm not sure if it looks in the dpkg database... But if you need to find out, apt-cache policy will tell where it originates21:47
tkotrevarthan: apt-cache search searches what was in the repositories at the time you last did apt-get update21:50
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trevarthannot a clue where that deb comes from. I added everything from my n800's /etc/apt/sources.list to my sdk's /etc/apt/sources.list then ran `apt-get update` and then `apt-cache search perl-base` and I still only see the SDK's "perl-base - perl-base from Scratchbox"21:55
trevarthananyway, I guess it doesn't really matter. I can statically link perl into irssi if necessary. I just need to fix the configure issues, I think.21:56
*** rev has quit IRC21:57
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keesjtrevarthan: perpahs it's a configuration issues like "arm" v.c armel21:59
*** svu has quit IRC22:07
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo22:09
trevarthankeesj: perl-base came with the sdk. I don't know how that would be possible...22:09
keesjI could , I guess it depends on how you setup the repository no?22:10
trevarthandunno. I'm going through the configure script now trying to extract the flag info so I can perform the test they're using myself and see if I can tweak it.22:11
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LyndonHi! is there a way to get gps information for python, i've been googling a lot, but didn't get any conclusive answers :/23:54
*** ajturner_ is now known as ajturner23:54
luck^Hi Lyndon! gps binding is in our plans to the next pymaemo release23:55
Lyndonnice, well then i have time to learn more python ;)23:57
luck^Lyndon, for sure  :)23:57
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