IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2007-05-21

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AD-N770good morning11:30
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mk8Hi to all ...11:54
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floriangood morning12:10
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guardiandamn i don't like the new site :( like you click on a link and you have the feeling that nothing happened cause you keep seing the navigation menu and you have to scroll down so much to discover that you indeed switched page12:56
guardiannot to mention elements moving and flickering when hovering them :)12:56
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thomsenhi @ all13:09
thomseni'll recieve my n800 in some days and i have got some questions: is there somthing like evolution available ?13:11
rwhitbythere is claws imap email13:13
thomsenwell , mails are not the problem, i need a calendar which can connect to a groupware ( egroupware ) ... perhaps with syncml or ical13:15
rwhitbynothing I know of then.13:16
rwhitby(but I've only had my n800 for a month)13:16
thomseni found pimlico , it seems that there is such thing in development ... but no releases yet :-(13:17
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florianthomsen: Try the GPE packages from Graham's feed. They are quite close to what will be in the next release.13:40
florianThat might be useful.. and if you don't like it you can get rid of the packages easily. :)13:42
rwhitbyflorian: close to the next release of what?  Nokia built-in apps?13:46
thomsenoh, thanx florian, i'll try it as soon as i have my n800 ( hope tomorrow )13:47
florianrwhitby: uh no, the n800 isn't meant to be used as a PDA. But GPE is going to release some bits :)13:48
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Robot101thomsen: I'm sure there are packages of the pimlico stuff for the n80013:49
X-Fadeguardian: Can you tell me which items flicker? An example?13:50
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thomsenRobot: i fount pimlico , but the sync modul is in a very early stage of developing13:54
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thomseni know that the n800 is not a pda... but i think it is better to use native aps than an webinterface ...13:55
florianindeed... in fact it is pretty useful as a PDA :)13:56
Robot101thomsen: yeah, I agree. some syncml loving would be cool13:56
Robot101I keep my phone's contacts and calendars synced to mobical.net13:56
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guardianX-Fade: well font size on the right blockn and also this vertical bar that describes where you are in the menu but disappear when you hover the item13:57
guardianand also layout is kinda fucked up13:57
X-Fadeguardian: Thanks, I will look into it..14:00
thomsenwell, syncing the phonenumbers is ( today in most cases ) not the problem, i'll use the webpad in my buissnes , to search spareparts and so on without carying a large laptop... and so it would be cool if i could enter a task for my purchase if i need something14:01
guardianX-Fade: in fact i did a page refresh and the menu on the right no more flickers like it did : before the refresh, hovering the items changed their horizontal position14:01
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X-Fadeguardian: Well items turn bold when hovered, so they get wider.14:07
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thomseni'll get my n800 tomorrow - can you give me some advicess what to do/try first ? ( updates , nice tools, ... )14:34
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Tonitest if it's water proof? ;)14:46
dpbor see how well it bounces from the floor? :p14:50
zeenixToni: is your daughter big enough to do all these tests for you? :)14:52
Tonizeenix: sure, and my son too :)14:52
Tonithey are fully qualified script kiddies :)14:53
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thomsenwell , ok ... i think this are not informations which intresst me ;-)14:55
guardianX-Fade: are you responsible for the maemo website ?14:57
saimonnhi all15:01
saimonnI have some problems (intempestive reboots) with my n770, is the channel #maemo the right place for discussing about that ?15:02
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saimonnthe reboot occurs just after loading the desktop, while an "update" dbus message appears (I think the message comes from the Mweather applet I recently installed)15:06
jkyro_maybe instability in dbus?15:08
jkyro_the device reboots if the dbus daemon crashes15:08
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xtuchallo, is kismet already portet to the n800?15:40
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jayaramaHi Jamey! Got some time?15:42
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xtuchallo anyone out here using kismet on the n800?16:02
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foodi have a problem running scratchbox16:10
foodmount: unknown filesystem type 'binfmt_misc'16:10
foodmy kernel supports binfmt, but seems there's no fs called 'binfmt_misc'16:10
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trevarthanHello. Can you tell me what formats the maemo video player can stream please? I know it will do mpeg1. I'm looking for a definitive answer on any other formats. Thanks!17:02
cosmo_realvideo at least17:02
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trevarthanyeah, but there isn't a free encoder for that, is there?17:04
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trevarthanThis is for an open source project. So I need some free codecs. I tried divx. I'm not sure if I'm just not doing it correctly, or if divx isn't supported as a streaming protocol, but it isn't working for me. If I could get someone to say, 'yes', divx is supported. And here's a sample of a working divx video that you can stream. Or 'no', divx isn't a supported streaming protocol. Then that would help a lot.17:06
cosmo_you might want to check out what format the mythtv streaming hacks use17:07
trevarthanSurely someone at nokia wrote the video app. Surely someone can answer those questions for me.17:07
gla55or if helix is open/free enough for you.. could probably be made to stream real17:07
gla55dunno if any nokians are around17:08
trevarthancosmo_: let's leave mythtv out of it for now. Purely a discussion of streaming video. (but if you're curious, the only codec the gmyth folks have working is mpeg1)17:08
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trevarthangla55: Do the helix folks have an open source encoder? I was under the impression that it was just a player or something.17:09
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gla55trevarthan: there's encoding parts too17:10
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trevarthangla55: looks like it only outputs realaudio and ogg. ogg doesn't do video, and ra is a proprietary codec. So no, helix doesn't look like an option.17:18
trevarthanAnyone from Nokia awake?17:18
gla55this is not an official nokia channel in any way17:19
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gla55trevarthan: helix producer doesn't do video?17:19
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: you can use theora inside ogg for video (vorbis for audio)17:19
||cwogg does video17:20
MoRpHeUzogg is the container =)17:20
gla55i'm pretty sure i've seen someone do helix to 3gp stream17:20
guardianX-Fade: 1) documentation is so weak 2) what's this <source> + CDATA markup ? :D17:21
MoRpHeUz||cw: great =)17:21
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trevarthanSo.... does ogg vorbis/theora stream on the n800? Has any tried it?17:24
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X-Fade_guardian: I'm currently only trying to fix layout issues. But I will forward your questions/problems..17:37
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X-Fade_guardian: It seems your bug is already know as
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guardianso the status is "stay tuned"17:49
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X-Fadeguardian: Well, I think it will be fixed soon.17:53
guardiani hope so :)17:53
X-FadeI'm sure Quim will stay on top of that.17:55
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trevarthanX-Fade_: do you work for Nokia?18:02
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X-Fadetrevarthan: No, I do not.18:04
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acydlordos[Linux 2.6.18-4-486 i686] distro[Debian 4.0] cpu[1 x AMD Athlon(tm) Processor @ 1.05GHz] mem[Physical : 250MB, 33.4% free] disk[Total : 26.81GB, 73.60% Free] video[nVidia Corporation NV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro]] sound[]19:02
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trevarthanHello. How do I type the delete key in the maemo terminal?19:07
trevarthanBackspace doesn't seem to work.19:07
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trevarthannm. `echo "set backspace=2" >> /home/user/.vimrc` fixed my backspace key.19:14
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mk8sorry, a little question. How is possible to do simething like a "service discovery" on N800 to connect two application device o application desktop without explicit configuration?19:19
mk8Sorry for my english ... :(19:19
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b0unc3to log in in, can I use the same account of garage ?21:21
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b0unc3uhm... seems not to work...21:22
tkob0unc3: there's a bug open about that...21:24
b0unc3tko: ah ok21:25
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unique311where's Pupnik21:41
unique311where is anybody..21:41
unique311anybody here21:41
keesjit's the Void21:47
trevarthanWelcome to Nokia purgatory.21:52
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trevarthanWhere you will be forever cut off from the face of the Nokia code gods.21:53
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keesjI must say that I am slowly loosing intereset in maemo21:59
keesjit's just that I can no come up with any great ideas to program any more21:59
keesjif we ever get skpye that would be a great bonus again. but I even left it at the office today22:00
keesjI al became a bit more clear yesterday when I filled the tableteer suvery22:01
keesjI WANT to be happy with maemo/opensource and such so at first I gave the project as a hole a 8 or 922:02
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keesjbut as the question passed by I realized that there where plenty thing wrong that I was not willing to fix or was not able22:03
keesjIn september I will go to brasil! but I don't know what gadet to take with's not going to be the n800 because of the short battery life22:04
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keesjperhaps I should just take a book :p22:05
koenkeesj: brasil is a "don't wear watches if you don't want to get robbed" country22:06
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trevarthanmy only usability complaint is that the screen hurts my eyes for extended viewing. I love being able to browse the web while laying down though. At first I didn't like the size. I thought it was too big. But it's the same size as a check book and I stopped worrying about breaking the screen. I like the battery life. I think it's good enough, especially when the screen brightness is dimmed to 1 or 2 notches.22:07
trevarthanI think I might prefer a tablet of a slightly larger size for extended use. Something easier on the eyes. But I like that the n800 travels so well. I'll definitely be taking it on vacations with me.22:08
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keesjtrevarthan what is your battery life feeling: I need to charge every "hour , day, few days?22:09
trevarthanI need to charge it every 3 hours, usually.22:10
jayaramaHi jamey_away, got a couple of minutes?22:10
keesjWith the 770 for me it was every few day's, I was really impressed22:10
Pioyeah my 770 does very well22:11
trevarthanBut my viewing sessions are usually much less than that, so usually I take it off hook for use, then put it back on the charger when I'm done. I rarely need to use it longer than it has an available charge.22:11
keesjtrevarthan I like to use it more like an always on device , I would want to run 24/7 irc o it, and other communication tools , gmail notier kind of things22:12
trevarthanI've never been able to get my n800 to last more than a day without a reboot. It's the oddest thing. I'll put it on the charger and it'll be shut off when I come back.22:13
keesjuse it to copy files from my camera to the internet that kind of things22:13
koenkeesj: and when travelling you *really* want the 770 cover instead of the n800 sheepskin22:14
keesjkoen , I don't want to get robbed and don't want to lose my two kids and grilfriend .22:14
trevarthanYeah, I like to use IM on my n800, but the lack of a pidgin IM proxy makes that really difficult for me. So I usually only use IM and IRC when I'm not around another computer that can do it better.22:14
keesjthere is a real need for good proxys22:15
keesjpeople don't want to go offline/online all day , they at least don't want to have that feeling22:15
trevarthanI would love to use my n800 for mp3 playback, but a.) I'm not sure how long the battery would last and b.) there's no client, so my audio books won't play.22:16
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trevarthanIf there was an client then I would be inseparable from my n800.22:17
keesjenabling bt again + connect using gprs + ssh + screen -r  it just a little to much, I am almoost back from walking the dog when finished. that is why I love the radio!22:17
keesjI need a english>portugees speech tool (and reversed)22:18
trevarthankeesj: do you use some sort of cli IM client? Which one?22:18
trevarthankeesj: I use whitestork as a dictionary. Not sure if the n800 has enough CPU + RAM for dictation.22:18
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keesjtrevarthan: no I started with gaim , xchat , but at the end ssh + irssi + osso-xterm beats them all22:19
keesjirssi is a cli irc client22:19
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keesjbut like most here I don't run it on the device but on my home computer sorted inside a screen session22:20
trevarthanirssi looks cool, but I need MSN messenger for work, and AOL messenger for friends. Pidgin folks just need to finish abstracting libpidgin and finish their cli client.22:21
zakxtrevarthan: have you looked into Bitlbee?22:21
keesj the new version of WhiteStork dictionary.22:21
keesjWhiteStork - Multilingual Dictionary for platform. did anybody tries that?22:22
keesjit's not clear for what plaftorm it is22:23
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trevarthanI use it on my n800. not sure what you mean by "platform".22:24
keesjit2007 v.s it200622:24
trevarthanzakx: wow. just what I've been looking for. How do you hook it into MSN and AOL and Yahoo messenger?22:24
zakxtrevarthan: there are msn extentions at
zakxdon't know about yahoo really, but you should be able to use AIM via the builtin ICQ client.22:26
zakxas it's basicly the same protocol22:26
trevarthanzakx: very cool. I'll check that out later today.22:27
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unique311keesj i feel you on that22:40
unique311kinda getting bored with it also..22:40
unique311i was on internettablettalk, responding to post...which sucks...i don't do forums....22:41
unique311irc yes..22:41
unique311forums no..22:41
unique311and irc is dying...22:41
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unique311i do 3 other channels besides #maemo...with less people in all 3 of them than #maemo...and there's more activity in those 3 than maemo..22:42
unique311not sure..200 people...22:43
unique311what gives22:43
keesjat the end it's not such a big world after all22:43
unique311oh its not..22:43
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keesjoff to play more with elive :P22:46
melmothHmm. where can i find doc on how to use hildon file selector widget ?22:50
melmothall my bookmarks dating from the old web site are borked22:50
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* sp3000 grumbles23:04
sp3000file a bug on maemo2midgard aboout broken urls? :)23:05
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* sp3000 slaps maemo.org23:07
* sp3000 sobs23:10
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melmothi was using :)23:14
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