IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-05-20

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thomsenwell that looks pretty good, and what about printing ?00:41
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unique311thinkt this might be good news..03:42
unique311first anybody alive and have interest03:42
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unique311jvm compiled for ARM03:46
unique311i know they already have java working..03:46
unique311but without jvm03:46
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unique311that guy has a working JVM for arm processor.03:47
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unique311its a ppc src03:50
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ryanfaermanhow do I install gpe pim?04:00
neostrideri had the same problem04:01
neostriderthe system asks for the gpe widgetset04:01
neostrideror something like that04:01
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neostridernight, fellows04:13
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