IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-05-19

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jameyjayarama, k-s[WORK] copy /var/lib/oprofile to mmc card, rm -fr /var/lib/oprofile, ln -s /media/mmc1/oprofile /var/lib/oprofile00:02
jameycan't gather stats on jffs2 files because cannot mmap files in jffs2 MAP_SHARED00:02
jameyneed a script or something in the package00:02
jameyto fix this up for you00:03
k-s[WORK]jamey: I've already this link00:03
k-s[WORK]jamey: I'm trying with another kernel00:03
jameyoh, right, I see that in your error report00:03
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jameythe invalid argument error comes from user space tools00:04
jameydid you restart the daemon after making the link?00:04
k-s[WORK]jamey: yep00:06
k-s[WORK]I've reflashed with my previous kernel to check00:06
k-s[WORK]since I'm not using your initfs...00:06
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jameyI won't have time to look at this until Monday if it needs more debugging00:13
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k-s[WORK]jamey: no problems, I'm also doing other things00:14
k-s[WORK]jamey: if you're interested:
k-s[WORK]I'll try to gather code snippets with good performance, in various areas00:15
k-s[WORK]memory ops, graphics, ...00:15
k-s[WORK]ouch... same error, even with my own kernel (insanity nr_node=32e size=200)00:16
k-s[WORK]opreport error: /media/mmc2/oprofile/samples/current/{root}/root/test-slow/{dep}/{root}/root/test-slow/CPU_CYCLES.100000.0.all.all.all: Invalid argument00:16
* jamey look for that error in the source00:16
k-s[WORK]as you can see, the link is already there00:16
jameydf /media/mmc2 to verify card is mounted there?00:17
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k-s[WORK]jamey: it is, and it's not full00:17
jameyI am puzzled.00:18
jameyI will investigate when I get a chance00:18
k-s[WORK]me too... I'll reset everything, maybe something else wrong here00:19
jameyhave to run, hope resetting things fixes it but I'll be back Monday00:20
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trevarthanIs there a way to keep the n800's backlight on while charging?01:22
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derftrevarthan: Yes.01:27
derfVery carefully.01:28
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trevarthanControl panel?01:28
derfYou can use gconf to change the list of allowable timeouts.01:28
derfAnd add an entry for one that's really long.01:28
derfAnd then pick that one in the control panel.01:28
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trevarthanAh. So youd have to set it every time you went on ac. No fun.01:32
derfWell, if you're really clever, you can write a program to monitor dbus for messages to tell when the AC adapter is connected and disconnected, and maintain separate settings.01:32
derfOR, you could use the one I already wrote:
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trevarthanderf: nice. What sort of config work doees acmonitor need?01:38
derfPlug it in, change your settings, unplug it, change your settings, plug it back in, it goes back to whatever it was last time it was plugged in.01:39
derfIt tracks brightness and blank time.01:40
derfAnd while plugged in will periodically kill to keep your net connection up.01:40
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derfDon't ask me why I said kill.01:40
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trevarthanderf: Dude, it's awesome. Why isn't it on
trevarthanOr, better yet, in the default firmware.01:47
derfBecause I can't log in.01:47
trevarthanYou just wrote it?01:47
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derfI mean, to
derfIt refuses to log me in with my garage account.01:48
derfAnd I wish it was in the default firmware... I had to reverse-engineer the dbus messaging stuff, and apparently it's totally broken in the IT2007 hacker's edition.01:49
derfSo then that would be their problem, as I can't fix their broken messaging.01:49
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trevarthanWell, keep at it man. The squeeky wheel gets oiled. Gripe  till they let you in.01:50
derfI mean, I wrote it back in March.01:50
derfAt this point, I don't care anymore.01:50
derfThe login problems to seem to be well know, or at least I've seen a number of people bitching about them in this channel.01:51
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sandman_I'm trying to use the Nokie Media COnverter, and it fails whenever I try to convert anything.02:11
sandman_It just says "lameopts is not a MEncoder option02:13
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pr0nGuyI understand that the Nokia N800 does not support ogg format, but can I downlaod a program to do it?02:36
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neostrider.hello folks02:37
sp3000pr0nGuy: f.e.02:45
* sp3000 slaps with a wet tcp syn02:45
sp3000oh there we go02:45
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pr0nGuysp3000: what does "f.e." stand for?02:46
sp3000for example, I think I've seen other things before, dunno02:46
pr0nGuyi see02:47
pr0nGuyIs there any support for OTFE on that device that you know of?02:47
bipolarAre button presses on the n800 accessable via dbus?02:49
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trevarthanDoes maemo support any 4g sd cards? i.e. This one doesn't say it's sdhc:
trevarthanDoes that mean it works?04:04
neostridertrevarthan...I guess only unofficial system images do support04:08
mmillerSo do you have to use 2 2g sd cards to get 4g of storage?04:09
trevarthanWhat does that mean?04:09
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Disconnecttrevarthan: i got a couple of non-spec 4g cards during the last woot-off. they work fine. but it depends on whether you get lucky, since (by definition) they aren't spec, so they aren't -supposed- to work in anything.04:12
zepharJust received the Stowaway bluetooth keyboard... works great!04:13
Disconnectyah i love mine04:13
trevarthanInteresting. Do we know when sdhc will be available? It's in 2.6.20, right?04:14
zepharThe stand was annoying until I saw in the manual that it comes off.04:14
trevarthanWhy is the stowaway better than the other bt kb from igo?04:15
zepharhavn´t seen the igo..  got a good deal on amazon for the stowaway04:16
trevarthanUmmm... The stowaway is from igo too.04:18
zepharmy stowaway is from think outside04:19
trevarthanSame thing.04:19
trevarthanDo a googlle search for igo and look.04:20
zepharthe igo stowaway looks thinner and all black.. mine seems more solid and has grey keys.04:20
zepharahh.. igo also sells one that looks like think outside04:22
trevarthanFolds in half? Or forths?04:22
zepharand the website for igo says .. formerly Think Ouside...04:22
trevarthanDude. The igo url is Same company.04:23
zepharmine folds in half04:23
trevarthanOk. You've got the older less expensive 4 row model. You like it? Im thinking about getting same one.04:24
trevarthanDisconnect: do you have the same one as zephar?04:25
zepharyep 4 rows... got it for $86 with free shipping from amazon.com04:26
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zepharSo far ... it is working better then a thought it would.  very easy to type04:26
trevarthanNice. Still ain't cheap though. You think it's worth the extra price for the portability?04:27
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zepharIt is a lot easier to use xchat on the n800 with it. :)04:28
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trevarthanI like thumbs for chat. I would use it for ssh.04:30
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zepharany suggestions on developing for the n800?  I already have the vm image and know how to code in C/C++ and java.  plan to go through the tutorials this weekend04:33
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trevarthanIs there a way to get a warning popup before the tablet shuts down due to low battery? I keep getting surprised by a dead tablet.07:18
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`0660i get plenty of warnings09:30
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AD-N770good morning11:25
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trevarthanahhhh...... I went through the trouble of embed'ing the video into a web page, hoping it would keep the extra connection from being created, but I just get a video window. The server tries to serve the video, but then the client resets the connection for some reason. I get no errors in maemo. Just that video window....23:29
trevarthanIs there a trick to this?23:31
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thomsenhi all23:47
trevarthancrap. opera doesn't support video/mpeg4 mime type either. ugh.23:48
thomseni'm new with my n800 and i was looking for a synctool ( like multisync ) are there some thinks like this ? and my second question : is there a port for cups to print over network ?23:49
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thomsenyes, a tool like multisync to share contacts or events in an pim-suite23:50
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mk8Hi to all ...23:53
dolskethomsen: there's this: ...but I've never used it.23:53
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