IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2007-05-18

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unique311java could not create jvm?00:27
unique311so the java stuff don't do gui yet?00:27
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AkkerfriendHey folks02:13
ryanfaermanhey akker02:13
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Markov_i'm trying to train the handwriting recognizer05:59
Markov_but, whenever i "draw" something it says, "Unable to recognize. Try again."06:00
Markov_but, it _never_ recognizes anything!06:00
Markov_what gives?06:00
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Markov_has anyone else had this problem?06:08
Markov_is there some sort of limit to the number of characters you can train?06:09
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Markov_i tried removing others...06:09
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Markov_i guess I'll try flashing...06:29
Markov_a new versino of the flasher is available06:29
Markov_that was fast06:32
unique311what version?06:33
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Markov_latest and greatest06:56
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Markov_it still doesnt work!07:02
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Markov_it's working now07:14
Markov_i went in and removed a shape i had for the ':' character and it started working again :)07:14
Markov_thanks all!07:14
Markov_but only for one character!07:15
Markov_okay. there is a terminal limit to the number of shapes you can input07:15
Markov_i wish it said that instead of "unable to recognize"07:15
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Yaco2somone have tryed tu play gameboy games in nokia 770/800?08:02
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JaffaMorning, all10:49
keesjHi Jaffa10:59
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jku__what is it with this site? won't let me log in, yet again.11:40
jku__Is it just me?11:41
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AD-N770good morning12:00
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|tbb|anyone able to play following stream with bora mplayer ? mms://
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RebeHi, I'm having a problem with maemo2.2 gregale, my rootstrap fails to launch submenu with arm.13:14
RebeAnyone knows what might be the issue here?13:14
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jsmanriquelong time since last time being here :-)13:19
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keesjRebe submenu?13:32
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Rebekeesj: menu inside menu?13:34
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tigertI think the planet layout has something broken with images14:11
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tigertwhich causes the huge gap on the right side between the bubbles and the sidebar14:11
koenthe site layout is broken as well14:12
koenfixed-width is so 199514:12
kulveRebe: Try compiling in SB and running in the device. Running in SB causes always something weirdiness, so I try to avoid it..14:16
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Rebekulve: ok, will do14:40
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fatmanhello, i am fat-man and i weigh 400 pounds.  you can see video of my supreme fatness at www.fat-man.org15:05
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stereoithi guys, how ho I import certificate as user certificate in Certificate Manager? .p12 tells me not correct passwd used even I use correct one, .pem is imported but shows in CA page not User certificates...15:06
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melmothYo.Anybody fluent with gdb and debuging symbols ?15:12
melmothi open the following bug, and am trying to have a more usefull backtrace
melmothso i followed steps mentionned in to build libgtk2.0-0-dbg_2.6.10-2.osso30_i386.deb15:14
melmothas the apt-get installaint it is borked. Now, i have installed the whole lot of recompile libgtk2, but the backtrace still looks the same15:14
melmothi mean, am i not supposed to see all of a sudden the source code file name as well as the line the instruction is in ?15:15
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timelessiirc firefox uses some sort of default seed, so passwords aren't actually plain text, but aren't really protected. don't let people steal your hardware. it's like letting them steal your wallet w/ your keys attached, or your phone that has your passwords in the notepad section15:30
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|tbb|hi, for what the 256k color xterm is good 416:39
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trevarthanOk, simple maemo feature request: Please make the screen unlock dialog buttons jumbo sized for fingers. It's annoying whipping out the pen just to type a passcode, then switching back to fingers.17:58
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Jaffatrevarthan: or copy the iPhone18:00
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trevarthanJaffa: huh?18:04
JaffaI meant the slider, but realise you were talking about passcodes.18:08
trevarthanOk. Never used an iphone...18:08
gla55gesture for a passcode would be fun18:09
trevarthanAh... Just big buttons and us humb18:14
trevarthanThumb userd are happy.18:14
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mgedminyou are now standing outside the irc channel.  there's a forest to the west.  there's a house to the northeast.  there's a little pebble lying on the grass.18:45
mgedmindon't know how to oops18:45
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snuffelsHi. Just tried phoneme on N770. Does anyone know, if there are plans to support UI (lcdui/AGUI) on that platform?18:58
gla55sorry no idea19:00
* dolfun has to leave the channel before he mentions how presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul is the only hope to crush the burgeoning police and war state c.f.
EfraelI think there are no official plans for N77019:00
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snuffelsEfrael: hmm, too bad. Having a Java platform on the N770 would have been very nice, due to the 800x480px display.19:01
snuffelsEfrael: Maybe I'll try the WinCE version of phoneme19:02
gla55not too many j2me apps are aimed at that high resolutions though19:03
snuffelsgla55: I was intending to code my own apps. so I did't look for any existing stuff. ;-)19:04
gla55ah ok :)19:05
snuffelsgla55: I demo J2ME app talking to my J2EE app would have made a nice showcase.19:05
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EfraelCheck out for unoffici.. or don't19:08
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jsmanriquewhich is last 770 flash image?19:18
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pr0nGuyDisconnect:  thanks19:38
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pr0nGuyI'm waiting to get my Nokia N800 in the mail.20:11
pr0nGuyIs there anything i should know before ripping it out of the box?20:11
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mgedminjsmanrique: you can always look at the firmware files available for download20:15
mgedminthe filenames sort alphabetically in the firmware recency order20:15
mgedminthe first increasing number in the filename is a counter (1, 2, 3)20:15
mgedminSU-18_2006SE_3.2006.49-2_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin is the latest one20:16
mgedminpr0nGuy: I don't think so20:16
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||cwpr0nGuy: test it out, then put the latest firmware on it20:25
pr0nGuy||cw: How is that done?  Where do i find that?  Is it like drivers?20:30
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jameyk-s[WORK], uploaded zimage and initfs with oprofile to
maddlerevening all...20:32
pr0nGuymaddler: you must be in Europe.20:34
kulveand he's not the only one..20:34
kulvewell, maybe gives something else than "europe" for you..20:35
pr0nGuykulve: Europe's alright.  I'll be there next week.20:39
pr0nGuykulve: where are you from?20:39
pr0nGuykulve: reading the link you sent, it seems that I have to have a computer to download updates and then transfer that to the Nokia, right?20:42
kulveyeah. You "transfer" it (flash it) with a tool. flasher-3.0 in linux and some gui wizard in windows20:43
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pr0nGuykulve: damn, I need Windows!  Can I do it on Ubuntu?20:43
*** Yaco2 has quit IRC20:43
kulveit will overwrite everything there20:43
kulvepr0nGuy: read my sentence again..20:43
pr0nGuykulve: i did20:44
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kulve"flasher-3.0 in linux"20:44
pr0nGuykulve: right20:44
derfkulve: s/and/or20:44
pr0nGuyderf: just out of curiosity, what are you telling kulve by "s/and/or"?  I've seen something like that before and I never understood it.20:48
kulvepr0nGuy: he typoed it. It should have been s/and/or/ ;)20:49
derfSubstitute "or" for "and" in his line.20:49
kulvecommon in different scripting langues. Like in sed.20:50
derfAnd I did not. It works perfectly fine in an editor like I said it.20:50
mgedmins/pattern/replacement/ is used in quite a few unix text editors (ed, sed, ex, vi, vim)20:50
mgedminperl too, iirc20:50
pr0nGuymgedmin: substitute "pattern" for "replacement"?20:51
kulve echo foo | sed s/foo/bar/20:51
pr0nGuyIs that what i think it means?20:52
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pr0nGuykulve: that's what I thought you meant.20:54
pr0nGuykulve: both "foobar" and "fubar" are interesting.  :)20:56
mgedminif you find those interesting, you might want to read the jargon file ( sometime20:57
pr0nGuymgedmin: As a matter of fact, I'm reading about it in Wikipedia right this moment.20:58
pr0nGuymgedmin: sounds interesting.20:59
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pr0nGuymgedmin: especially since i met ESR last month.20:59
mgedminI used to adore ESR before I actually met him20:59
pr0nGuymgedmin: we hung out for a little bit until he figured out that he hates me.20:59
mgedmincreepy guy20:59
pr0nGuyHe was avoiding me like the plague after he got to know me, but he delivered a nice speech here in Michigan at the Penguicon.21:00
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* Disconnect knew ESR "way back when" but he's always been a nutjob21:07
Disconnectone of these days he's gonna have a shack and a bunch of dogs and its all gonna be wrapped in foil21:08
pr0nGuyI'm so pissed!21:20
sxpertDisconnect, he's still a nutcase21:21
pr0nGuyI just noticed that Nokia emailed me with a message that my order for the N800 cannot be shipped until I called them up to verify my id.21:21
pr0nGuyI had to answer some stupid id verification questions21:21
pr0nGuyIt was wierd. I was thinking it was a scam.21:22
pr0nGuyNow I won't get it til Tues.21:22
pr0nGuyThey used a system by verid.  Has anyone heard of that?  www.verid.com21:24
mgedminthe primary function of the nokia web store is to prevent customers from buying devices21:25
mgedmintry living outside the 11 officially supported countries, for example21:25
pr0nGuymgedmin: they needed to verify because I didin't have a plan for my PHONE.  Is the Nokia N800 also a phone?21:28
mgedminno it isn't21:28
pr0nGuyI didn't think so, but the guys at Nokia told me that it was also a phone.21:29
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mgedminthen the guys at Nokia did not Have A Clue21:44
mgedminunless devices that can do Voice over IP are now phones21:44
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matt_cI've had mixed results with nokia/letstalk in the US anyway21:50
pr0nGuymgedmin: I'm living in "The Corporate America" where advanced technology is not recognized.21:51
pr0nGuymgedmin: I'm just a corporate robot.21:52
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k-s[WORK]jamey: it works much better than the version I had before22:15
k-s[WORK]jamey: do you mind if I put link to your repository and kernel/inifs images?22:16
k-s[WORK]on my blog, etc22:16
jameyk-s[WORK], no problem. I'm glad it works22:17
*** bipolar has joined #maemo22:18
k-s[WORK]jamey: what kind of profiling are you doing? And what's your average counter for events, using 500 makes it reboot :-P I'm still experimenting22:18
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ryanfaermanhow would I go about getting my address book from my mac to my n800?22:24
ryanfaermancan I just drop the vcards someplace?22:24
jameyk-s[WORK], I am planning to profile a speech recognizer and a new window manager and UI toolkit22:25
jameyk-s[WORK], you need to link /var/lib/oprofile to the mmc card22:26
jameyI forgot to tell you22:26
jameyI used default parameters for profiling otherwise22:26
k-s[WORK]jamey: ok, fine... btw, which window manager?22:27
k-s[WORK]arghhhh... reboot cycle, damn...22:27
*** Hyperion|n800 has quit IRC22:31
jameynot seen in public yet22:33
jameyworked on by my coworkers22:33
k-s[WORK]ok, fine22:34
*** MishaS has joined #maemo22:34
k-s[WORK]jamey: ah, btw, your kernerl worked, but your initfs no22:34
k-s[WORK]it was causing the reboot cycle22:35
jameyk-s[WORK], hmm. lack of wlan module causes a reboot cycle, maybe it was the wrong initfs.22:36
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bipolarThis is sad... the only groupware client that has all the features I need and is complete is Kontact, and it doesn't have a handheld port.22:53
bipolarI always run into this kind of thing when trying to build a solution22:53
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jayaramaHi jamey! In my N800, I have set the event in opcontrol to CPU_CYCLES, started the daemon, dumped the data, etc. etc. but when i try to generate the report, I get the error: "no sample files found: profile specification too strict ?" Any ideas?23:45
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k-s[WORK]jamey: have you seen this error:23:50
k-s[WORK]insanity nr_node=32e size=20023:51
k-s[WORK]opreport error: /media/mmc2/oprofile/samples/current/{root}/root/test-slow/{dep}/{root}/root/test-slow/CPU_CYCLES.100000.0.all.all.all: Invalid argument23:51
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