IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2007-05-17

X-FadeHmm if you look closely at the picture, a lot of test points are also dented..00:00
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GuySoftum, does anyone know of an irc channel of the openzaurus/embeded linux community?01:00
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GuySoftis there no other linux pda comunity?01:44
gla55zaurus perhaps01:46
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Yaco2im trying to run Gameboy Advance roms in my Nokia 77002:01
Yaco2dows anybody have experience in this issue?02:02
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maddlerYaco2: hello...02:19
Yaco2maddler, im trying to run Gameboy Advance roms in my Nokia 7702:21
Yaco2 have experience in this issue02:21
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trevarthanIs there a gui compression tool for maemo?02:30
trevarthanOr... Decompression at least?02:32
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neostriderhello folks02:50
Yaco2hello neostrider02:53
trevarthanYavo2: need bzip202:53
Yaco2oh, maybe is a dependece of mc02:53
neostriderwhats going on?02:54
Yaco2im experimenting with console emulators02:54
Yaco2VBA is just veeeeeeeeeeery slow on 77002:54
Yaco2Visual Boy Advance = GameBoy Advance Emulator02:55
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neostrideri thought so...03:03
unique311neo, tried out gimp03:03
unique311i couldn't get it to work..and to think i compiled the danm thing..03:03
neostrideri couldnt test it yet03:04
neostridersolving a memory leak on my code03:04
unique311im about to rock some classic genesis games...03:05
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unique311sonic the hedgehog..03:06
unique311i updated my hackintosh today..03:06
unique311and to my amazing alot of stuff was fixed with this upgrade...03:07
unique311so going to see how well emulators do on it03:07
unique311hackintosh= regular x86 pc running osx for intelmacs..03:07
unique311dont say that word..03:09
unique311so harsh...03:09
unique311just borrowed for testing03:10
neostriderok ok03:10
unique311don't ay that word either03:10
unique311unknowing by apple....03:11
neostridernice hehehe03:11
neostriderruns ok?03:11
unique311runs stable03:15
unique311besides my res being 1024x76803:15
unique311i don't mind..03:15
unique311been running osx86 for a year now i think....03:15
unique31110.4.3 to 10.4.903:16
neostriderand how about its limited GUI?03:18
neostriderhow did you overcame that serious glitch?03:18
unique311its not limited...03:18
unique311on my desktop i do 1500x1400...which is coold for apps like photoshop and illustrator..03:19
unique3111024x768 is not bad at all..03:19
unique311most apps that is a minimum03:19
neostriderno didnt get it03:20
neostrideri mean its usability03:20
unique311limited gui03:20
unique311usability is awesome..i want a mac in my life..but too cheap to get one..03:21
neostriderI want a mac running gnome...03:21
neostriderim leaving, man03:21
unique311well thats easy..03:21
neostridertalk to you later =-)03:21
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trevarthanHow do I use the gnome-vfs plugin for sftp/smb?03:40
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GuySofthi, um, does the nokia n800 have handwriting recongnision?03:46
trevarthanDo i have to install gpe after the vfs? It says sftp:// is an invalid protocol.03:46
trevarthanGuySoft: yeah, but very basic.03:47
trevarthanOne char at a time.03:48
GuySoftwhat is basic about it? is it like the palm's grafiti 1?03:48
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trevarthanYou can't get ahead of it.03:49
GuySoftwhat do you meen 'ahead'?03:50
trevarthanOne char at a time. Try to go faster than it recognizes and it'll try to merge two chars.03:51
GuySoftshouldent eatch char be one kestroke?03:52
trevarthanFinger keyboard and pen are faster.03:52
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GuySoftso its worse than the old palmOS devices..03:52
trevarthanUh.... Maybe that's my prob. I assumed it was a multi stroke recognizer.03:53
trevarthanI'll have to do the tutorial and find out.03:54
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GuySoftwell you need to see the ABC style of the device.. in palmOS you had one stroke per char, exept X.. i find it pretty fast03:55
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trevarthanTutorial says it's mulristroke. Just npt the best. Single stroke works better. Thumb keyboard is still faster, trust me.03:58
trevarthanTyping with thumbs now. Sometimes I miss. Thats wwhy my spelling is bad.03:59
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GuySofttrevarthan: your on your nokia now?04:03
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GuySoftif he comes back looking for me, tell him ill seem him some other time, and thanks!04:20
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ryanfaermanDoes everyone here have a nokia internet tablet?04:27
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robtaylorryanfaerman: most everyone, i expect04:32
ryanfaermanI am debating on purchasing the n80004:33
ryanfaermanI have a 3g phone, for when wifi is not available, but wondering how much most people actually use it04:33
ryanfaermanOf course, you all probably use it alot, since you are part of the OS community.04:33
robtaylorryanfaerman: well,i pretty much only code for it, i'm not a huge user as i don't like carrying it round with me04:34
ryanfaermanhow come?04:35
robtaylorryanfaerman: mainly cos i don'twant to loose it/have it stolen, itd impact my work04:37
ryanfaermanah, gotcha.04:37
ryanfaermanso you got a device, and program for a device,that you don't use very much because you don't want to slow down your work on it?04:38
ryanfaermanis it worth purchasing?04:39
robtaylordepends if you generally have the pocket space for it and your phone04:41
ryanfaermani do. I generally wear a scott-e-vest04:41
trevarthanI think robtaylor gets paid ffor it.04:41
* robtaylor couldn't possibly say04:42
ryanfaermanone thing I am concered with04:42
ryanfaermanis the typing04:42
trevarthanI like mine so far. Had it a few days.04:42
robtaylorits actually suprisingly fast04:42
robtaylorit sucks for bash though04:42
ryanfaermanI would imagine04:42
trevarthanThumbs are cool. Bash slow.04:43
robtaylorbut with the predictive text writing is really pretty quick. maybe better than handwriting speeds04:43
ryanfaermanthe demo I was playing with was rather lame, as nothing internet woked04:43
robtaylor(at least, better than my handwriting speed, but i never handwrite)04:43
ryanfaermanI don't write clear enough for hand writing recognitions to work04:44
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robtaylorwell, its 2:45 here,time for bed04:45
trevarthanI use for web browsing from the couch, IM, email, and some SSH. Works pretty damn good for that. Been using PIM apps more lately and like them a lot too.04:46
* ryanfaerman has a macbook pro04:46
ryanfaermanThing is... with a laptop and this... trying to think how much I would really use it04:46
ryanfaermanI've a PocketPC (Dell Axim)04:47
ryanfaermana Palm (Tapwave Zodiac)04:47
ryanfaermani don't use either04:47
trevarthanThen it's only worth it if you don't want to lug around the mac.. Or prefer to browse the web on yyour back.04:48
trevarthanOr you're just a linux geek. It's pretty cool seeing linux on something this small.04:49
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ryanfaermanI am a linux geek04:52
ryanfaermanmac and linux :P04:52
ryanfaermantrevarthan: have you used the bluetooth on it much?04:54
trevarthanYou might like it then. I'm doing my best to use mine  as a laptop replacement. So far it's going well. Only gripe is how hard it is to get a good price on a portable bluetooth kb.04:55
ryanfaermandoes it support a mouse too?04:55
trevarthanA bit. What profile?04:55
trevarthanHID. Probably not though. No cursor.04:56
ryanfaermanah, right04:56
ryanfaermani have wireless broadband on my cell04:57
trevarthanYeah. I  think thats tthe dia;up profi;e. No. Havent used it.04:57
trevarthanI still suck at thumb kb.04:58
ryanfaermanhow do you turn on the thumbKB ?04:59
trevarthanYou tap an input field with thumb instead of pen.05:00
ryanfaermanit realizes the difference?05:01
trevarthanYeah. Slick.05:02
trevarthanVideo playback is nice too. I still need to install mythtv plugin though.05:03
ryanfaermanhow is the battery life?05:05
trevarthanPretty good. Been using since 7. It's 10 now. Have screen on low setting though. Usually less time.05:07
ryanfaermanand it works with skype?05:07
trevarthanDon't think yet. Supposedly later this year.05:08
ryanfaermanso what does it use for its voip?05:08
ryanfaermangtalk, yes?05:08
trevarthanDunno. Haven't Tried yet. Couple of clients though. Use my cell for that.05:09
trevarthanGreat for meetings, or browsing privately without others looking over your shoulder im cubicle land.05:10
ryanfaermani would imagine05:10
trevarthanClaws makes a fine imap client too. Wish the keys were bigger. But verry good still.05:12
trevarthanI think pidgin.  Web. And maemopad are the killers though.05:13
ryanfaermanie notepad?05:13
trevarthanYeah, digital note pad/sketch pad.05:14
trevarthanI use a lot of paper  pads otherwise.05:14
ryanfaermandoes the pad "scroll" to let you draw more in the same document?05:14
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trevarthanLemme check.05:16
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trevarthanNo. But  you can add a whole tree of child pages with two  clicks.05:19
ryanfaermanwhat pim are you using?05:19
trevarthanGpe-calendar is the only one i find useful. I use a flat file for tasks because i like to track completion dates.05:21
ryanfaermanhave you tried moving files back and forth t your comptuer?05:21
rwhitbyryanfaerman: I use the gizmo client05:21
ryanfaermanrwhitby: can you call phones with that?05:21
trevarthanYeah, i was just about to mention gizmo for sip but i haven't tested it yet.05:22
trevarthanI used obex once. Worked ok. Used sftp just now. More painful.05:23
ryanfaermanuh huh.05:23
ryanfaermanI think I am going to get it. I really wnat to test it with my phone05:24
ryanfaermanI hope it works.05:24
trevarthanThere is supposed to be a gnome-vfs plugin for sftp && smb but i can't get it to work with gpe-filemanager05:24
ryanfaermannot too worried, I have a SD card reader05:24
trevarthanIm sure it will. Dialup is common.05:25
ryanfaermanwhat do you mean by "dialup"05:25
ryanfaermanah, my phone statement05:25
trevarthanIts a bt profile.05:25
* ryanfaerman is being dense05:25
trevarthanI think my biggest gripe is that there is no audible,com client. And no a2dp.05:26
ryanfaermanthat's wireless headphones, yes?05:26
trevarthanBoth of which can be solved with software, i think. But doesn't exist yet.05:27
ryanfaermancool, gizmo is 35 bucks a year for callin05:27
ryanfaermanand 1.9 cents call out05:28
ryanfaermannot bad05:28
trevarthanI think headset [mono] profile is due out later this year. So don't expect sip with a headset just yet.05:28
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ryanfaermanuh huh... but it has a wired headset, yes?05:28
trevarthanComes with a wired pair though.05:29
rwhitbyryanfaerman: yeah, you can dial out at cost with gizmo05:29
rwhitbythe speakerphone aspect works well with gizmo05:30
rwhitby(that's how i use it at home for work calls)05:30
ryanfaermanguys... I think you've sold me05:30
trevarthanMan, this is the energizer battery. Incredible.05:30
rwhitbyryanfaerman: I bought one about a week ago :-)05:31
rwhitby(I have a Treo650 as my main phone/PDA, and am also an openmoko developer and lead the project)05:31
trevarthanWhitestork is cool too. Learning spanish. Helps.05:34
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ryanfaermanrwhitby: cool, I have been looing at openmoko05:42
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unique311can somebody run this src in scratchbox and see if it will compile...06:07
unique311por favor..06:07
unique311its a bluetooth remote app06:07
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ryanfaermanis there anywhere that lists compatible phones that work with the n800?06:21
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sandmanAnyone here have experience with Maemo?06:29
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unique311experience as in?06:33
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bmidgleyi guess uboot was fixed...06:57
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo06:57
bmidgleymokomake is past it now, building x06:57
ryanfaermanwhat is the input voltage and amperage to charge the n800?06:58
* ryanfaerman doesn't have one yet, or else he would look himself06:58
bmidgley5v 890mA06:58
ryanfaermanI was gonna wireup a USB->charger adapter06:59
ryanfaermanbut I would have to use two USB ports06:59
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ryanfaermanonly 500mA per port, max06:59
bmidgleynokia has made a usb converter06:59
bmidgleynot sure what the trick is06:59
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC06:59
* ryanfaerman this thinking... inductor06:59
bmidgleyI haven't seen it for sale anywhere06:59
ryanfaermanI think I can design one.07:00
ryanfaermanI have some stuff, I'll experiment and get back to yous07:00
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sandman_Well, I've been trying to work with ext3, but have been running into problems... if any of you have experienced something similar, I'd like to discuss this07:33
sandman_I can mkfs.ext3, load the appropriate modules, etc... it's when I work with the filesystem that I run into trouble.07:33
sandman_It seems to corrupt itself and such.07:33
dolskeHmm, I just use a cheapo USB->Nokia adaptor I got on Ebay for charging. Works fine.07:35
bmidgleydolske: is it the one that has the useless n90 phone connector on it?08:00
dolskeNo, it's just a retractable cable thing, USB plug on one end and n800-style plug on the other.08:01
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saispoanyone use ? i have no sound when i encode a xvid09:45
saispoanyone have an idea ?09:46
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keesjapt-get remove lua -> bla bla lua will be remove and wxlua will be installed -> error wxlua overrides /usr/bin/lua10:54
keesjbrainless system10:55
koensounds like crappy packaging11:03
keesjI did a wrong package but still I want to remove lua and it starts installing wxlua11:03
keesjthen fails.11:04
*** disq has quit IRC11:11
*** disqk has joined #maemo11:11
*** disqk is now known as disq11:11
keesjit's probabely a probleem between keyboard and chair11:12
*** pleemans__ has joined #maemo11:22
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*** felipec has joined #maemo11:40
inzkeesj, remove also the package(s) that depend on lua11:43
keesjinz thanks . yes that was the solution,11:43
keesjNow I am going to flash again to test if all works well. so if anybody else wan't to test on a "clean" device..11:44
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keesjI is a free day in holland , is it the same in other places?13:43
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo13:46
kulvein finland at least13:47
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kulvekeesj: I have the flash for "stable" stuff. First partition of mmc is normal vfat, second is my "dev fs" (ext3) and the third partition is "fresh fs" (ext3). I use the "fresh fs" if I want to test something on a clean device. This way I don't need to flash my device too often and I should always have a working system even if my "dev fs" gets screwed up. I use the boot menu to select between the three14:36
keesjkulve: I really need to start doing the same.14:37
keesjwould that also work on the 770 for switching between hackerOS and it2006?14:37
*** povbot has quit IRC14:37
kulvemaybe not. I can change only the rootfs, the initfs stays the same14:39
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maddlermorning all...15:00
*** Molagi has quit IRC15:00
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e-vochow can i add maemo app catalog to the program manager of my n770?15:04
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo15:05
*** karnhack has quit IRC15:05
kulveyou can't (afaik)15:06
kulveyou can add only APT repositories15:06
kulvethe app catalog is just www-based15:06
e-vocso i download the files and install them manually right?15:06
kulveI think most of the stuff in app catalog is found in different repositories15:06
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo15:07
kulvee-voc: yes. Or if it has the "single click install", it will add the repo and then install it from there using the appliaction manager15:07
kulveI'm off15:07
e-voci just flashed it with rd mode, now i need xterm and sshd15:07
*** agoliveira has left #maemo15:07
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo15:12
*** sp3000 has quit IRC15:12
*** sp3001 is now known as sp300015:12
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:15
*** sbaturzioAtWork has quit IRC15:16
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo15:17
*** jamey has quit IRC15:18
*** jamey has joined #maemo15:21
*** andrunko has joined #maemo15:22
*** spect has joined #maemo15:35
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo15:37
kulvee-voc: rd mode doesn't need reflashing, only the setting with flasher (just in case you flashed the whole thing :). And I haven't needed the rd mode for anything. For me it's enough that you can ssh in with as root15:39
e-vocwhat's the red pill mode?15:39
kulvea mode where the applicaton manager chooses to install any armel debian package. In normal mode (blue pill) the Section has to be user/something15:40
kulveyou can install dropbear-{server,client} in bluepill mode..15:40
e-vocand how do i activate it?15:40
e-vocthe program managet told me dropbear is not compatible15:41
kulvethat's weird. Where did you try to install it from?15:42
kulveblue pill mode is the default mode.15:42
kulvedon't install from "normal" repositories15:42
kulveand don't use the red pill mode, unless you know what you are doing15:43
e-vocok :)15:43
e-vocis there a way to have more memory for the n770?15:44
gla55besides swap, no15:44
gla55buy a n80015:45
e-vocya maybe...15:45
*** djcb has quit IRC15:46
*** Rp1 has joined #maemo15:48
*** andrunko has quit IRC15:52
*** GuySoft has joined #maemo15:53
GuySofthi all, is there a way to emulate maemo on linux, so i can see how the system looks like before i go and get a nokia n800? like a VM or emulator?15:54
mgedminnot really15:54
mgedminthere's a development environment, but you won't get to try out the closed nokia apps in it15:55
mgedminlook on maemo.org15:55
mgedminit's called scratchbox15:55
GuySoftwell i want to see the open source apps really, for example 'stars' and see if i can get other things running15:56
GuySofti am just googling and found 'live mamo' is that good?15:57
kulveGuySoft: with SB (scratchbox) you can run both arm and x86 binaries and you will have the proper hildon themeing etc. But I prefer to compile in SB and run on the device. Much easier15:57
kulvebut e.g. speed is totally different when run in SB15:57
kulveso to see how something really works, you have to run it on the device15:58
kulveGuySoft: I'm not sure what "live maemo" is, but at least there's a vmware image which should have everything set up15:58
GuySoftlive mamo is a iso image.. i can run it off qemu and find out15:59
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC16:00
*** sbaturzioAtWork has joined #maemo16:00
kulve"Note: This appears to only be for Maemo 1.1"16:03
GuySofthow old?16:03
GuySofti just want to see how the apps look like, maybe have a look at the input, if posible16:04
GuySoftinput interface*16:04
kulvethat's probably too old for anything..16:04
kulvethat's a bit newer (for n800, bora 3.0 (not 3.1 which is the newset))16:04
*** andreasn has quit IRC16:06
*** andreasn has joined #maemo16:09
*** muzzydk has quit IRC16:10
*** luizirber has joined #maemo16:32
*** makuchaku has quit IRC16:33
e-vocSU-18_2007HACKER_2.2006.47-17_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin looks nice16:47
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo16:54
*** djcb has joined #maemo16:56
*** andreasn has quit IRC17:02
k-s[WORK]jamey: ping17:05
k-s[WORK]anyone managed to run oprofile or gprof in n800?17:07
*** ab has quit IRC17:10
geoffegSo which third-party email client should I use. There's slypheed (or however it's spelled).. and claws-mail.. and....17:12
kulveI would use pine. But I've heard that claws-mail could be something you might want to try out17:14
*** garrett has joined #maemo17:17
*** djcb has quit IRC17:19
geoffegsomething more guiish would be good for the tablet interface i would think17:20
* mgedmin suggests s/pine/mutt/17:20
*** bipolar has joined #maemo17:21
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo17:21
kulvegeoffeg: can be (good ui should be better than text based on a device like that). I haven't tried how google mail works..17:25
kulvebut, like I said, claws-mail seem to be active project.17:25
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC17:28
*** behdad has quit IRC17:30
keesjwhere could I find information about the debian/*.install files what program uses it?17:36
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo17:37
*** tank17 has quit IRC17:37
keesjkulve: I did not find it in there17:40
kulvedebian/<package-name>.install file lists files to be put in the package (without the first /)17:40
*** jpetersen has quit IRC17:41
kulve<package-name> is the name listed in debian/control -file17:41
*** jwb_gone is now known as jwb17:45
keesjmy -dev package includes subdirs in usr/include but does not to the same for subdirs in /usr/lib17:45
kulveI think the normal stuff for .install files are:17:47
kulvecat libpackage1.install17:47
kulvecat libpackage-dev.install17:47
keesjbut can/must I do usr/share/locale/*/*17:48
kulveputting just "usr/include" would include everything under that17:48
kulve"usr/share/locale/" should include all under it17:48
*** tank17 has joined #maemo17:49
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl17:50
keesjthanks, back to rebuild :p17:51
kulvethis is how I usually do things:
*** GuySoft has left #maemo17:55
keesjI tried kilikal btw17:57
*** febb has quit IRC17:57
kulvedid it work? :)17:57
keesjit did work.17:58
*** ferulo has joined #maemo17:59
*** behdad has joined #maemo17:59
keesjit' still quite small. I guess it uses the same stuff as the other music tools?18:00
kulveit uses gstreamer, if that's what you mean18:01
keesjI guess so18:01
keesjall the programs I try don't play nice with gmediaserver18:02
kulvegstreamer is quite common media framework on any linux, including the IT200x. So it's there already and kilikali just uses it.18:02
kulvekeesj: try ushare. For me it seems to work better than the gmediaserver18:03
keesjI am still learning gstreamer, I want to play with the webcam18:03
kulvethe basic cases are *very* simple. But if you want something specific, then you need to know some details..18:03
kulvegst-launch is a good for trying out stuff..18:04
kulvefrom the command line. With a few words, you get the n800 camera image on the screen..18:04
b0unc3I'm just trying to stream webcam video with farsight... without success at the moment ;(18:06
keesjI was just trying to get lasertraq working , I want to create some webcam games18:08
keesjif you have a simple v4l2src | screen example to use with gst-launch I would not mind getting it :p18:09
*** sabotage_afk is now known as sabotage18:11
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC18:11
kulve gst-launch-0.10  v4l2src ! xvimagesink18:11
kulveor if you want the camera rotation: gst-launch-0.10  gconfv4l2src ! xvimagesink18:12
keesjYou just really need to change the icons of the kilikali app. it's a good open source replacement of the default player I think18:17
kulvewhat's wrong with the icons? :)18:18
kulvehmm. do you mean the play/stop etc? Or the kilikali icon?18:18
keesjperhaps the buttons can also be bigger so I can use my finders18:18
keesjthe double arrow to switch between volume and controls18:18
kulveaccording to zuh the buttons are useless, since every would be using the devices hard keys..18:19
kulveyeah, that icon is a bit mess..18:19
keesjbut are they supposed to work then?18:19
jameyk-s[WORK], I have oprofile running in n800. You need a new zImage and initfs and oprofile.18:23
k-s[WORK]jamey: ok, I have zImage with oprofile compiled in, so no need for initfs (right?)18:24
k-s[WORK]jamey: where you got your oprofile userspace daemon/scripts?18:24
jameyk-s[WORK], what I found was that the modules compiled with the kernel compiled with CONFIG_PROFILING disabled would not load in a kernel compiled with it enabled18:24
jameyso I had to rebuild the wlan modules also18:24
jameyI used mainstream oprofile plus arm11 patches18:25
jameyI'll see if I can build a .deb18:25
k-s[WORK]jamey: I have one here, but I didn't know where people find... it may be broken and the problem... trying to build it in scratchbox leads to errors due missing binutils dev pkgs18:25
jameyyes, it needed libbfd, so I built that also.18:25
k-s[WORK]jamey: could you put your zImage, initfs and oprofile debs somewhere?18:26
jameyI will do so18:27
k-s[WORK]jamey: thanks!18:27
*** Yaco2 has joined #maemo18:31
k-s[WORK]jamey: I'll go for lunch, brb18:31
* k-s[WORK] is away: lunch!18:32
*** k-s[WORK] is now known as k-s[AWAY_WORK]18:32
kulvekeesj: I haven't really even tried the hw keys..18:33
kulvekeesj: feel free to report bugs/feature requests. They will be reacted on :)18:35
*** djcb has joined #maemo18:36
*** mmiller has joined #maemo18:36
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo18:39
*** flyingfred0 has quit IRC18:43
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC18:44
geoffegclaws-mail ain't bad18:46
*** acydlord has quit IRC18:47
jameyk-s[AWAY_WORK], build oprofile deb, off to lunch also18:50
*** acydlord has joined #maemo18:51
*** andreasn has joined #maemo18:51
*** Yaco2 has quit IRC18:53
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:57
*** djcb has quit IRC18:57
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo19:08
*** philipl is now known as phil|work19:09
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo19:12
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:15
keesjmgedmin: the ssh install fails for some reason on my machine19:20
mgedmin"some reason" may be visible in the menu (Tools -> Log...)19:21
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:21
keesjapt-cache policy ssh gives something back but install fails19:21
jameyk-s[AWAY_WORK], oprofile armel deb is available via deb bora extras19:22
keesjnope nothing in the lods (I am in red pill mode)19:22
*** koen has joined #maemo19:22
keesjit worked yesterday :p19:23
*** abock has joined #maemo19:28
keesjmgedmin: I installed dropbear. the install message is E: Couldn't find package ssl19:32
mgedminI know nothing about dropbear19:32
keesjthe error message from installing ssh from the command line as root after beroming root by using dropbear19:33
*** sbaturzioAtWork has quit IRC19:34
keesjyep , ssl is missing, where should it be downloaded from (what does apt-cache policy say)19:34
*** Zword has quit IRC19:36
mgedminno 'ssl' package here19:36
keesjI had to first install openssl19:36
*** Zword has joined #maemo19:37
mgedminssh 1:3.8p1-3osso7 from doesn't depend on ssl19:37
mgedminalthough it wants libssl0.9.7 that I got from the same repository19:37
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo19:37
mgedminwhich ssh version do you see with apt-cache policy ?19:38
*** dolske has quit IRC19:38
MishaSssl should be part of the device software...19:38
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo19:39
*** sbaturzioAtWork has joined #maemo19:40
keesjunpacking from ssh_1%3a3.8p1-3osso719:40
keesjMishaS: should as in wishfull thinking, or as is part of19:41
MishaSkeesj: i believe some components depends on openssl19:41
MishaSfor certificate handling and https19:41
keesjis it normal that the version is 1:3.8 note the ":"19:42
keesjok I will reflash again then.19:42
mgedminthat's the epoch19:42
ian_brasil__kulve: i  am using the system init scripts to install ogg-support_0.2_armel.deb (using dpkg -i when the system boots....the home page says The codecs are inserted as dependencies...does this mean i need to have for example libvorbisdec0a ??...if so where can i get these debs so i can satisfy the dependencies19:42
mgedmindebian uses those when they need to reduce the version number but have it considered to be newer19:43
* ian_brasil__ hopes you understand this19:43
keesjI have installed it ian_brasil__19:43
MishaSon my device: libssl0.9.7 is installed19:44
keesjian_brasil__ I was something similar this week with the the dh_help 5 package of sbox19:44
MishaS(fyi: my device is n800: 2.2005.51-7)19:45
ian_brasil__so a dpkg -i will work then? does not need any dependencies19:45
kulveian_brasil__: dpkg doesn't install dependencies19:46
kulveapt-get does19:46
keesjI have just flashed with flasher-3.0 -F RX-34_2007SE_3.2007.10-7_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin  -f -R19:47
kulveif you have network on the device, go to http://ogg.garage.maemo.org19:47
kulveand "Or click here for single click install."19:47
MishaSkeesj: so yours is newer than mine :)19:47
MishaSkeesj, where do you install ssh from?19:47
ian_brasil__thx, i am developing in the SDK for now b4 going to the device19:48
keesjI am tring to use the downloads single click install19:48
kulveian_brasil__: but the application manager might not work, if you already tried with dpkg..19:48
ian_brasil__dpkg -i /home/user/apps/ogg-support_0.2_armel.deb19:48
MishaSkulve: after install ogg support like that, should media player be invoked for .ogg files?19:48
kulveMishaS: no19:49
*** Pio has quit IRC19:49
keesjthanks for the help. I will reflash an retry19:49
kulvethe apps must tell, what mime types they know how to open, and most of the apps doesn't tell that they can play ogg19:49
kulveif you install kilikali, it will be opened for .oggs :)19:49
ian_brasil__i am customising the desktop so videos and music oggs are available when system boots19:50
*** Pio has joined #maemo19:50
ian_brasil__by putting files in .videos and .sounds19:51
MishaSkulve: how then can i open .ogg files? :)19:51
MishaSmedia player has a very interesting interface... :)19:51
*** dirty_harry has joined #maemo19:51
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC19:51
kulveMishaS: yeah, the built-in player needs to first find the music with it's own time..19:52
ian_brasil__so ogg support needs to be enabled using an install script which sym links to system install scripts19:52
kulveMishaS: then it will show them. Pretty awful, imo19:52
MishaSkeesj, just to make sure, you install ?19:52
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo19:53
ian_brasil__maybe it is better to install kilikali then19:53
dirty_harryi just bought the n90019:54
*** dirty_harry is now known as ryanfaerman19:54
*** mgedmin has quit IRC19:54
MishaSryanfaerman, n800 turned dirty_harry into ryanfaerman? :)19:58
*** Disconnect has quit IRC19:58
ryanfaermanno, more like I just changed my nick to what it is supposed to be :D19:58
keesjI did it again(flash + install) and now it works , I will have to .20:00
MishaSkeesj, but you had to enable pilled mode, no?20:00
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:02
keesjyes, with red pil. I now first installed ssh , perhaps it was the order in I installed the apps20:02
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC20:02
*** dirty_harry has joined #maemo20:03
MishaSright. i just tried to install it and it 'could not find the application'20:03
* MishaS . o O (behold the magic :))20:03
* MishaS . o O (dirty harry turns into...)20:03
MishaSlast time it was ryan :)20:05
*** dolske has joined #maemo20:09
*** dirty_harry has quit IRC20:11
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo20:12
*** felipec has quit IRC20:15
*** sbaturzioAtWork has quit IRC20:28
*** dirty_harry has joined #maemo20:30
*** alp has joined #maemo20:34
*** jonek has quit IRC20:45
*** yerga has joined #maemo20:46
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo20:48
*** dolske has quit IRC20:48
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC20:53
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo20:56
*** vidar has joined #maemo20:56
* k-s[AWAY_WORK] is back.21:02
*** k-s[AWAY_WORK] is now known as k-s[WORK]21:02
k-s[WORK]jamey: ok, I'll check21:05
k-s[WORK]jamey: hum... missing binutils package21:07
k-s[WORK]jamey: or your .deb/packages is wrong21:08
*** Rp1 has joined #maemo21:09
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo21:09
*** jayarama has joined #maemo21:10
*** dolske has joined #maemo21:14
unique311very entertaining21:16
*** kennethd has joined #maemo21:34
*** Jaffa has joined #maemo21:41
*** Disconnect has quit IRC21:41
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo21:42
*** povbot has joined #maemo22:01
*** unique311 has quit IRC22:02
jameyk-s[WORK], rebuilding without dependence on binutils22:03
*** dirty_harry has quit IRC22:04
*** povbot` has quit IRC22:04
*** xan has joined #maemo22:12
*** dirty_harry has joined #maemo22:18
*** jonek has joined #maemo22:18
*** kerwood|afk has quit IRC22:22
k-s[WORK]jamey: have you uploaded it?22:25
*** andreasn has quit IRC22:29
*** andreasn has joined #maemo22:29
*** e-voc has left #maemo22:32
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo22:38
kennethdthanks kulve, but only has the windows exe, and points to for linux users.  I found the image + instructions @
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC22:39
TimRikerwhat's in the n800 navigation kit? ie: how does it talk to the gps?22:40
matt_cTimRiker: Bluetooth?22:40
TimRikerthat's what I'm wondering.22:40
gla55bt dongle most likely22:41
matt_cI use a BT GPS with my N800 and S60 devices.22:41
TimRikerincludes "Car charger which can be used with both GPS and the Nokia N800"22:41
TimRikerso I expect it is and BT device.22:42
TimRikermatt_c: what software do you use?22:42
*** eXeonical has joined #maemo22:42
matt_cMy little BT device charges via mini-usb and takes nokia-sized batteries which is kinda nice.22:42
matt_cTimRiker: maemo mapper on the N800, TomTom on S6022:42
matt_cI tried GPSDrive once but had issues downloading maps22:43
matt_cprobably my fault though22:43
MoRpHeUzhow much is a GPS bluetooth enabled ?22:44
matt_cMoRpHeUz: I grabbed a Holux 236 for about $100US on ebay, I've seen similar models for less (this was about a year to a year and a half ago)22:44
gla55cheapest bt gps pucks probably start around 70-90$22:44
MoRpHeUzgreat =)22:45
matt_cI've been happy with mine, battery life is great, but I'd love to have something that does on-board logging too22:45
MoRpHeUzmatt_c: are you using your gps with n800 ? (maemo mapper, etc. ?)22:45
matt_cMoRpHeUz: yes.22:46
MoRpHeUzbtw, I'm still trying to find obdII in my renault clio22:47
trevarthanMoRpHeUz: when are you going to relesse22:50
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: gmyth ?22:51
*** tank17 has quit IRC22:51
trevarthanRelease a single click gmyth client installer?22:51
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: well, I can provide .deb's for you...22:51
trevarthanWhats the difference between single click and a .deb?22:52
trevarthanIsn't the single click just a cute text wrapper for .deb's?22:54
MoRpHeUzpyhimys: thanks! =)22:55
*** eXeonical_ has quit IRC22:55
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: ow, ok, now I understand what you mean with "single click" hehe =)22:55
*** behdad has quit IRC22:56
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: we are just finishing some bug fixes...then we would love to "open" it for tests making it easier to install (we are almost there)22:56
trevarthanShould I wait for that? Or dive right in? I'm familiar enough with the n800 that i was planning to give it a try this weekend.22:57
*** behdad has joined #maemo22:58
MoRpHeUzpyhimys: great site! =D22:59
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: if you feel comfortable doing this tests go ahead =)...we have .deb's for gmyth and a couple of tools to test it...23:00
trevarthanWhere do I get the deb's?23:01
MoRpHeUzif you setup mythtv to use low resolution videos, you should even be able to watch live-tv and recorded videos, otherwise you can use another approach..23:02
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: you can install gmyth on the same pc as mythtv and also "gmyth-streamer"23:02
MoRpHeUzthen you should be able to play the videos directly from mplayer on your n80023:02
trevarthanSo.... No n800 client? Just streaming?23:04
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: you have both approach's...depends on what you want =D23:05
trevarthanSouunds a lot like the old mythstreamtv mythweb plugin.23:05
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: the second method yes..23:06
MoRpHeUzbut mythstreamtv just worked with wmv/asf files23:06
trevarthanSo you *do* have a client available?23:06 I said, you can choose from 2 approach's.....23:07
MoRpHeUzthe point is that you can run the same client on n800 and on your pc..23:07
MoRpHeUzbut if you use dvb, you just can't play videos of that resolution on your n800, so  you need to transcode it before...23:07
MoRpHeUzthis is why method 2 exists (gmyth-streamer)23:08
*** mallum has joined #maemo23:08
trevarthanWell, i thought youd have to transcode with #1 too. 802.11g doesn't offer enough bandwidth for raw mpeg-2.23:09
jameyk-s[WORK], I just uploaded a new version that should have the binutils version removed. I have to run, email to let me know if it works or not.23:10
jameyhave to run23:10
*** jamey is now known as jamey_away23:10
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: if you are using dvb dont...but here in brazil we still have analog tv and myth automatically transcodes it to mpeg4, so we can use #1 directly23:10
trevarthanAh. I have analog Tv here in the US. But i record to mpeg2 because it looks better. So... I'll have to use gstreamer.23:12
trevarthanOr mythstreamtv.23:12
trevarthanCan you watch livetv over gstreamer?23:13
MoRpHeUzmythstreamtv is no longer maintained23:13
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: gmyth-streamer is able to use gstreamer or mencoder...but must have gmyth+gmyth-streamer to make it work23:13
*** acydlord has quit IRC23:14
MoRpHeUzthe best setup is to have: gmyth-streamer+gmyth+mythtv on the same machine23:14
*** acydlord has joined #maemo23:14
MoRpHeUzand then just use mplayer to watch on your n800 or even through the internet...23:14
MoRpHeUzgmyth-streamer streams over http and provides an easy way to select vcodecs, acodecs, resolution, etc.. for your encoding..23:15
trevarthanI was hoping you inserted a piece into the frontend network layer to do onthefly transcoding. But that's cooll. At least youve made a repplacement for mythstreamtv. Sounds like an impprovement to it too.23:16
*** krau has quit IRC23:16
trevarthanIll definitely check it out asap.23:16
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: the idea was to do something like that but mythtv guys are complicated ;-)23:17
trevarthanYeah, they are.23:17
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: I have some patches waiting approval for about 6 months...and we couldnt wait so long for another patches so just changed our approach to solve the problem hehe23:17
trevarthanWould require a ton of backend and frontend cpu too. This way it can be load balanced, i bet. Does gmyth support multiple simultaneous clients?23:19
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: yeah, it does, but not for livetv (because just one instance can use the tv card - this is a hardware limitation)23:20
*** chpe has joined #maemo23:20
trevarthanVery cool. Cant wait to try it. Thanks!23:21
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: with gmyth you can request videos sotred on your harddisk, request videos on diferent backends, etc..23:21
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: if you have more questions, please ping/email me! I would love to help you setting up your environment.23:21
trevarthanYeah, very nice. What file formats will it transcode? Ive  got some mpeg2 vids in my mythvideo collection. Will it stream those too?23:23
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: can transcode from/to any format supported by mencoder/gstreamer23:24
*** unique311 has joined #maemo23:28
trevarthanMoRpHeUz: What if you want to fast forward a stream?23:29
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: then we have a problem =P23:30
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: maybe for version 2 ? =P hehe23:30
trevarthanI might help with that. Sounds like once you have FF working you no longer need  the frontend and all can be web based.23:31
*** tolou has joined #maemo23:32
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: for sure =) that would be great =)23:33
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo23:35
trevarthanDoes gmyth look like just another frontend to backends? Is it like a complete alternate frontend?23:36
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cartoon_natehello guys, quick question, I'm wondering if I can run the maemo platform on an x86 device?23:47
MoRpHeUztrevarthan: I think gmyth is more a library to make it easier to develop frontends...23:47
cartoon_natealso... I'm wondering when you guys port apps, do you make it so all the dialogues are usable at 640x480?23:47
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