IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2007-05-07

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qgilMDK: i'm sure yopu can wait until tomorrow morning  :)00:08
MDKwill do00:12
qgilgood night  :)00:12
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soothsayAnybody familiar with vpnc-gui? I keep getting an 'unknown host' error.02:40
soothsay(on N800)02:40
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Disconnectany mac client that works with internet call?04:05
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bhima_Disconnect: I haven't found one yet :(04:22
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bhimaI want one though.04:25
bhimaI think that iChat uses SIP.04:25
bhimaI should sniff the link between maemo and ichat and see what's going on.04:26
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vbraunI managed to get the PC<->n800 video chat to work. For the record: You need to have a webcam on the PC, or there will be no video at all.04:51
Disconnectthats cute :( what about mac?04:51
vbraunOr did anybody manage to have one-way video?04:52
vbraunif you have a mac you are screwed I think.04:52
vbraunSame with *nix04:52
vbraunI was trying to debug my firewall for ages, but its just a stupid bug of the nokia internet call beta.04:53
vbraunand for the "offbeat news" section, the "logitech for notebooks pro" driver is 70 megabytes.04:56
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Pupnik_that, and scanner drivers05:09
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Takidentify Tak06:20
Takhah - damn xchat06:21
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tkohmm.. Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition08:36
unique311mobile is good..08:39
unique311wonder if at one point we will be able to dual, triple boot even all these on the n800....hehehehe08:40
zuhAssuming that none of those take up gigs of space, why not?08:42
zuhI'm already booting off my SD-HC anyway08:42
unique311i tried that...08:43
unique311didn't like it much..08:43
unique311saw a video or windowmaker booting of sd08:44
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Pupniki need someone with an n800 to test some code09:44
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Pupniki need someone with an n800 to test some code10:02
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Guardianwhere to report errors on this page ???10:05
Guardianfrom the content of there is no such "3.0" repository contrary to what the other page says10:06
Guardianit's "maemo3.0"10:06
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Pupnikpossibly bugzilla, search this forum's logs10:06
Pupniki need someone with an n800 to test some code10:07
Pupnikeither that, or i need an n800 to test some code10:08
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Pupnikhi konttori10:38
Pupnikgood morning to you10:39
Pupniki am trying to document sdl calls that do not work with Xsp based pixel-doubling and i have a test/example game that illustrates the problem10:39
Pupnikcould you test the program on an n800 for me?10:39
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konttoriumm.. sure10:46
konttoriwill it take long?10:46
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Pupnikhi konttori no.11:02
konttorijust send me the test file and I can have a go then11:02
Pupnikunpack to pc, then copy the aliens_bin_data.tgz over to nokia and untar11:03
Pupnikthen run ./aliens and press f611:03
Pupnikthe (the screen maximize/minimize button on upper left of device)11:03
Pupnikthis will turn on xsp pixel doubling.  the current xsp implementation causes display artefacts on the n770, itos 2005,2006 and 2007 hacker edition11:04
Pupniki need to know if it also happens on n80011:04
* Pupnik salutes11:08
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AD-N770pupnik: nethack don't need it but would be a nice feature have a faster SDL :)11:37
keesjPupnik: and I am very motivated to start xmoto'ing again11:37
Pupnikand i want to make sure that other people don't have the same problems i did with this stuff11:37
Pupnik:)   xmoto is good.  Oh btw, i'm almost done converting Penguin Command (missile command) to 800x480 res11:37
Pupnikvwery fun with stylus11:37
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PupnikAD-N770: your UI for nethack is about as good as i can imagine11:39
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Pupnikfor a game device, it is preferable to the n770/800 for many reasons, but it has no utility as a universal tool (which the tablets do)12:04
konttorioh, here is their SDL:
keesjthe cradle is very nice!12:06
Pupnikgood link konttori - bookmarked12:07
gla55i wish nokia would introduce buttons to other side of the screen and better pads.. (and stop that stupid blocking of the pad to be 4way on their phones expect ngages)12:07
Pupnikagree gla55 - and allow multiple buttonpresses too12:07
* konttori agrees as well12:07
zuhkeesj: With bootmenu:
konttorikeesj: yeah, indeed, it would make sense for n800 as well. Also, there is video output anyway in n800. So, adding that might not be such a big thing for nokia (except maybe because of the epson chip).12:08
gla55pupnik: multiple buttonpresses is software enablable on s60's.. expect for the directional pad which will block itself12:08
Pupnikah..  i prefer tablets to phone-puters though12:09
konttoriBut with tvlink, n800 would be quite a nice full featured device. Cradle could have usb in (for attaching cam) and support usb mouse, kb.12:10
konttoriAnd still not loose any of the portability.12:10
Pupnikwhat is tvlink?12:10
konttoricradle that would have composite output.12:10
gla55cradle would be pretty good12:10
gla55vga out would be even better12:10
maddlermorning all!12:11
* Pupnik wouldn't use tv/vga out12:11
konttoriboth maybe.12:11
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keesjI think somebody should develop a usb-over-bluetooth thing so I can attache my cheap keyboard and such with no hardware hacks. still bt speed is a little slow12:14
gla55well, there might be some ps2(or usb) keyboard->bt keyboard devices.. however, probably cheaper to buy bt keyboard12:15
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keesjgla55 if you have pointers in that direction I would like to know them :)12:16
gla55when bt was fresh there was a lot of such things on market.. bt->lpt and shit12:16
keesjgoogle is very bad when you search such things . it comes back with the opposite :p12:17
jku__not to mention that "ps2" will probably give you very unrelated hits...12:18
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* Pupnik thanks keesj again (i think it was you) for the tip to run maemo-gtk-im-switch xim for synergy on tablet12:32
Pupnikkeesj: that tip should go on to your synergy web page12:33
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Pupnikbtw if anyone has used SDL_UpdateRect(x,y,wid,hgt) with variable sized offsets and sizes successfully with pixel doubling, feel free to show me the code12:46
Pupnikbecause i'm tired of people saying 'it works' without putting their money where their mouth is12:47
unique311dude how do i use synergy...12:48
unique311dude, classic word12:48
keesjif anybody is searching for a little fun should be working on the n800 with the webcam12:49
keesjat least it compiles12:50
unique311does the fun end with a happy ending....i love happy endings, specially after massages12:50
unique311keesj, you have a link to your compiled binary?12:52
keesjI think fun it like life, it is the roead that is funny no the final destinatiopn12:52
unique311i think fun is you sharing ur binary...hehehe12:53
keesjI can copy them from my device12:53
Pupnikare you going to make a project page for basilisk II unique311 ?12:56
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Pupnikfrom what i saw it looks usable already12:57
unique311i should..12:57
unique311but it needs to be hildon...12:58
Pupnikdoes it use sdl for output or normal x11 window?12:58
unique311and i suck at that part of life..12:58
Pupnikgood, then fullscreen 640x480 should be pretty easy to do12:59
unique311pretty cool considering its not like vmac...blacknwhite12:59
Pupniki'd suggest 1) getting fullscreen 640x480 running12:59
Pupnikthe 2) making a deb out of it12:59 did not work13:00
unique311i know13:00
unique311not sure why..13:00
unique311its a group on divshare..13:00
unique311i just opened it to divshare users..not only group members..13:01
keesjtry this :)
unique311wanna save bandwidth,,,use someone's else...ha13:03
keesjcan I thust divshare?13:03
unique311i do..13:03
unique311i started to groups..13:03
unique311n800 and maemo13:03
unique311upload stuff i compile..and videos..13:03
keesjI hava a no limit adsl account and I don't really care. as long as my software is not to popular.13:04
keesjI would prefer to have a machine on a different place13:04
unique311well you can make a group on divshare and keep it locked to to the world..13:05
unique311i like the upload and download speeds on it..13:05
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Pupnik'unsupported' seems to be a code-word for 'broken'13:07
* Pupnik is complaining too much :)13:09
*** Pupnik is now known as PupnikWork13:09
keesjPupnik and what is Community supported?(acoring to you)13:13
keesj"broken but you can fix it yourself?"13:14
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Toniif it breaks you can keep the pieces..13:18
keesjunique311:I  added the files13:22
unique311so run the daemon13:22
unique311and then trackfire?13:22
floriangood morning13:24
unique311keesj its working13:26
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keesjunique311: happy happy joy joy14:03
keesjdo you project on a wall?14:03
keesjor does the cam looks directly at you?14:04
unique311not sure14:13
unique311i see a red dot on the screen14:13
unique311thats it14:13
Stregwith the built in pdf-viewer on n800, is it possible to move to next page with some hardware-key combination in fullscreen mode?14:13
unique311keesj ?14:14
unique311project on a wall?14:14
unique311i see a red dot..14:14
unique311on the screen14:14
keesjdoes it move?14:15
unique311the red dot, yes14:15
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keesjand you can make it move by moving yourself or using a laser pointer?14:16
zuhStreg: I couldn't find one, not when the page is zoomed in so that the horizontal scrollbar is visible (if not, pressing sideways works)14:16
zuhStreg: Evince works much better in that regard...14:17
Stregzuh:ok, thanks. the best option is menu->view->zoom->fit page and then with left-right buttons14:18
Stregzuh:just installed evince, but can you make evince the default launching app?14:19
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kpelhi all14:35
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konttoriStreg: I think that that pdf button problem has been filed as a bug. If you find that annoying, please vote for the bug and comment on it.14:36
konttoriIf you can't find that bug, please fiel a new one.14:36
unique311anyone using synergy with a n800?14:37
kpelwhich synergy?14:38
kpelnot CM synergy, right?14:39 iirc14:40
kpeloh, that synergy. nop.14:41
unique311keesj not sure but lasertraqd is seg that maybe why not getting same results as u14:42
zuhStreg: It could be done by the evince packages (installing a default handler in the mime system), but AFAIK there is no way to do it from the UI...14:44
keesjunique311: did you change the config?14:45
unique311cp it over like stated....14:46
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keesjI will look at it tonight , thanks for the effort.14:54
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zuh <- Wonders of fixed-width ;)15:37
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inzzuh, wonders of too-long-component-name15:45
Tak|workI like the style of - can we get all of redone with this theme?15:47
inzTak, "view->page style->no style" in firefox ;)15:48
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plaesum.. down?15:52
waitenope up for me15:52
kpelup and running15:53
plaesup now:)15:53
kpeland finally we have rain. yaaaay!15:53
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plaesgah... can someone point me to the example of the tap_and_hold menu?16:01
plaesI just cannot find it :(16:01
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AD-N770pleas: I use tap_and_hold menu on my nethack port16:05 ?16:06
plaesah, thanks Josep16:06
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AD-N770I think that was g2menu.c but I'm not sure now16:07
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kakosI am currently booting my N800 off of my internal mmc.  In addition to the boot partition, it also has a rather sizable partition meant for storing music and such.  Unfortunately, when I plug in the USB cable, it complains that it cannot mount it because the card is in use.  I'm guessing it's trying to mount the entire card rather than the specific partition I want.  I sthere any way to change that behaviour?17:29
*** PupnikWork is now known as Pupnik17:33
s-ndh-cid just use ssh or something, it wont be as fast as usb but it should be ok for transfering some music files17:34
Pupnikthe N800 has mmc?17:34
jku__kakos that's a feature of you desktop OS17:34
jku__...I assume17:34
kakoss-ndh-c: ssh works, but it isn't fast enough for transferring large amounts of data.17:34
kakosjku__: It's definitely a problem on the N800 side of things17:34
jku__so the n800 doesn't umount?17:35
s-ndh-chm its the same here on my n770 if boot from the mmc i cant mount the fat32 volume which is the second partition on the mmc, i think its something on the device which blocks that17:35
kakosWell, it tries to umount the entire card, but since the OS is running off one of the partitions on the card, it is failing17:35
kakoss-ndh-c: I used to be able to do it on my 770.17:36
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*** geoffeg has joined #maemo17:43
geoffegYow, didn't expect so many users here, awesome!17:43
*** ferulo has joined #maemo17:43
geoffegI'm always impressed how active and big the maemo community is.17:43
kakosgeoffeg: It's because maemo is teh awesome.17:44
Tak|workya m34m0 is t3h r0xx0rs17:45
geoffegI'm thinking of testing the waters of GTK/maemo development by writing a pong port. How can a platform not have pong?17:45
Tak|workgeoffeg: there's fceu + efp ;-)17:45
gla55who needs pong if you have nethack17:45
kakosMake 3D pong using OpenGl17:45
geoffegI was thinking of adding multiplayer internet support for pong so you can play against another 770/n800 user.17:46
gla55make a version of shufflepuck cafe17:46
kakosHow about Massively Multiplayer Online Pong?17:46
Tak|workI thought I saw a tuxpuck package17:46
geoffegI need a simple app to write to get used to it.17:46
gla55tak: really?17:46
inzTak, you did, I at least did ;)17:46
geoffeg16 player pong!17:46
geoffegso is this channel mostly users or developers (or both)?17:46
Tak|workyeah, search for anything but 'tuxpuck' @ downloads ;-)17:46
Pupnikpong is for sucks.  space war is the rox17:47
geoffegmy first maemo device arrives this week.. a used 770 of ebays17:47
Pupnikfree for all join anytime left/right/thrust/fire spacewar on network - no weapons upgrades, no scores17:47
inzgeoffeg, I think that the majority is user-developers ;)17:47
*** soleblaze has joined #maemo17:47
Pupnikjust "we come in peace -- shoot to kill"17:47
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kakosgeoffeg: Be sure to install Canola when you get a chance.17:50
geoffegkakos: is it really all that great? i thought mplayer was the most optimized media player for maemo17:50
* Pupnik puts canola in his granola17:50
kakosgeoffeg: But Canola is so pretty.17:50
kakosgeoffeg: Canola has a far better interface, but mplayer is quicker.  But I've never had a problem with Canola on my 77017:51
Tak|workcanola can use mplayer as its backend17:51
Pupnikgeoffeg: depends on what you like.  i like mplayer17:51
geoffegI'd prefer better quality video than pretty. Especially since when I'm watching a video i do it at full screen.17:51
kakosPupnik: Really?  Hmmm17:51
geoffegTak|work: oh, cool!17:51
Pupnikkakos, how much time do you spend with the media player interface?17:52
kakosPupnik: A fair amount17:52
Pupnikthe rest of your time is spent watching the video17:52
geoffegi'll try canola17:52
kakosPupnik: For music, I like to skip around a lot depending on my mood.17:52
Tak|workfor movies, not much - for music, a lot17:52
k-s[WORK]you can try catota, my own mplayer frontend ;-)17:52
kakosSo I will be in the interface a lot looking for the right song17:52
kakosFor movies though, yeah, you're right.17:52
k-s[WORK]it's better than other gtk UI17:52
kakosIf you can use the Canola frontend with mplayer, why not get the best of both worlds?17:53
geoffegI hope Gmyth works well at this point. I'd like to be able to grab video's off my MythTV box and have them re-encoded on the fly for my 770.17:53
k-s[WORK]btw, I'm one of the 3 guys that wrote canola, so I'm not against it :-P17:53
Pupnikthe n770/800 have terrible audio hardware for music, so i use a dedicated player17:53
Pupniksorry not terrible - average for pda17:53
kakosk-s[WORK]: Well, thanks for canola.  :)17:53
k-s[WORK]MoRpHeUz: how well gmyth is working?17:53
geoffegPupnik: how is it not so good? noise?17:53
geoffegk-s[WORK]: does canola use a relatively recent version of mplayer with all the fancy optimizations for the 770/n800?17:54
Pupnikgeoffeg: i think it is average, meaning not very hi-fi (i have 250 euro headphones and was a professional producer) :)17:54
geoffegPupnik: ah, somewhat biased :)17:54
k-s[WORK]geoffeg: canola's support for mplayer is through an optional plugin, it just popen() mplayer process... so you can use mplayer as new as you want17:55
geoffegk-s[WORK]: nice, thanks17:55
k-s[WORK]I'm not working on its maintaince, it was delegated to other guy, lsobral.17:55
k-s[WORK]so you better report bugs so he can fix asap if it's not working as expected17:55
Pupniki need a quad-core soul to try out everything in life17:56
Tak|workI dunno, the cores would still be sharing one soulbus, so you wouldn't really gain any additional lifewidth17:57
geoffegso when i get my 770 should the first thing i do be reflash it with the 2007 hacker edition?17:58
inzDepends on what you want18:05
inzThere may be problems running the 2007HE, but then again it is c00ler ;)18:05
Tak|workI'm going back to gregale until the next 2007he release18:05
geoffegDoes the new OS have a newer Opera version?18:05
geoffegbut there is a new version on the official releases?18:05
kakosgeoffeg: Yeah18:06
kakosgeoffeg: It's a licensing thing.18:06
geoffegstupid licenses18:06
kakosgeoffeg: I wish Nokia and Opera would allow people to download the updated copy for some extra money, but wahtever18:06
kakosI have a N800 now.  I'm happy18:06
Pupnik2007 hacker edition is something we should work on, and it's surprisingly good for the lack of resources behind it - but there are rough edges18:06
inzAnd you can't circumvent it by asking a copy from N800 owner, you'll get invalid instructions18:06
kakosExcept... I WANT MY GOD DAMNED HARD CASE!!18:07
geoffegI paid $175 for a used 770 and i couldn't find an n800 for under $300ish18:07
* kakos sighs18:07
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo18:07
Pupnikgreat deal geoffeg i paid 500 euro for my 770 + accessories last october18:07
kakosgeoffeg: Honestly, I would still be using my 770 if I didn't have the money to spare.  I don't think it was really worth a full upgrade.18:07
kakosBut, i had $400 burning a hole in my pocket so I splurged a little18:08
inzkakos, next time you have too much money, you could gimme some ;)18:08
Pupniki agree with kakos... if i had the cash i'd buy em both18:08
Pupniknokia deserves it for delivering these pioneering products18:08
geoffegkakos: I'm mostly going to use mine for browsing the web on the road (sitting on mass transit) or listening to internet radio at work over my cell phone (EDGE supported).. and I also have a bluetooth virtual "LASER" keyboard thing to play around with18:09
Pupnika better zaurus for 1/2 the price.  Yes thank you.18:09
kakosgeoffeg: Then the 770 will be perfect for you.18:12
geoffegand as you said.. i'd prefer the hard case to protect the screen18:12
geoffegOh.. btw.. is it true there's no sleep mode on the device? that every time you turn it on it has to boot completely?18:13
kakosI ended up cutting out a few squares of hard plastic and just slipped them in my case.  It isn't pretty, but it works.18:13
X-Fadegeoffeg: You don't have to turn it off ;)18:13
kakosgeoffeg: When you put the lid on, it shuts off the screen and turns off the wireless stuff18:14
kakosIn that mode, the battery lasts a very long while.18:14
geoffegok, then one of the reviews i read was wrong.. as i expected18:14
kakosIt's basically like a phone.18:14
kakosYou never turn your phone off.18:14
kakosBut the boot process isn't that bad either.  It takes maybe 20 seconds, if I recall correctly.18:14
geoffegI turn it off on planes (well, ok, I switch to "flight mode")18:14
gla55yeah i like that it goes to "sleep" when you put the cover on18:15
kakosgeoffeg: There is a "flight mode" option in the menu18:16
geoffegI've always wondered why PDA's don't wake up or go to sleep when you remove or insert the stylus.18:16
* kakos doesn't use the stylus that often18:16
*** pleemans has quit IRC18:16
geoffegkakos: Cool, there's an option for that on my Sony Ericsson K790a18:16
gla55geoff: that would be nice feat on palms18:16
geoffegI miss my Newton 2000 :)18:17
kakosMy 770 was my favourite purchase of all time.18:17
kakosI'll miss you, Pathos.18:17
* kakos sheds a tear.18:17
keesjWe love you all!18:18
Pupnikme too kakos18:20
Pupnikwell the psion netbook came close18:20
kakosI used to carry my laptop around with me everywhere.  Now I just carry my Nokia tablet.18:20
Pupnikcomputer with leather... kind of jaguarish18:20
Pupniki was just out in sunlight again and that's not much fun - with any device18:21
kakosCURSE YOU, DAY STAR!18:21
keesj i was just out in in rain, again and that's not much fun - with any device18:22
Pupniki have used the 770 in rain18:22
Tak|workI'm in a basement with no windows, and that's not much fun - with any device18:22
Pupnikthat's the perfect place damnit18:22
Tak|workI'll trade you18:23
kakosI'm in a furnace, and that's not much fun - period.18:23
gla55i'll trade you in 1.5 months18:23
Pupniki love my basement18:23
gla55i'm pretty sure this apartment is going to heat up to 28c+18:23
Pupnikprecisely.  basements are better in summer18:23
Pupnikbrains do not work well at 30+deg celsius18:24
keesjthe n800 is fun outside , that is if you like radio18:24
keesj(and I happen to like that)18:24
Pupnikhow is interference from cpu on n800 keesj ?18:24
Pupnikcan you listen to weak stations?18:25
Pupnikdigital electronics interfere with analog receivers18:25
keesjamsterdam has no weak stations18:25
kakosPupnik: I haven't noticed any interference18:25
Pupnikdo you get fm multipath interference walking between buildings?18:25
Pupnik"fzzwwtbzwaaawp" sounds?18:26
keesjno , I did not notice anything strange18:26
Tak|workI think that is the best textual representation of an indistinct sound that I have ever seen18:26
kakosThe one issue with the FM radio is that it uses the headphones as an antenna, so you have to be aware of how your headphone cord is positioned.18:27
*** Zenton has quit IRC18:27
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo18:27
keesjthe other problem are my ears , they are not compatible with the ear thingy's so I have to put them in again very often18:28
keesjbut I guess that it's "unsupported"18:28
Pupnikearbuds are often problematic - ultimate ears earbud microphones can be custom fitted by doctors18:29
Pupnikbut it is expensive18:29
kakosThe biggest problem though is there is no way for the Nokia N800 to jack directly into my auditory cortex so I don't have to deal with the nuisance of headphones.18:29
keesjkakos: you have no bt connector?18:30
kakosSadly no18:30
PupnikWilliam Gibson - Neuromancer18:35
unique311The is down...18:35
Tak|workup for me18:35
unique311i want to check out your trunk page for c64 emu pupnik18:35
unique311i think Tak might be viewing cache18:36
unique311any of your emus..18:36
unique311that you got fullscreen working for..18:36
unique311Tak|work, hmmm why is it working for ya..and not me...18:36
unique311you special or something..18:37
Pupniksdl fullscreen... look at exult18:37
Pupnikor fceu18:37
Tak|workI have a direct OC8 connection to the maemo server18:37
unique311hmmm18:37 works18:37
unique311i think is not working18:37
unique311planet and garage are18:38
unique311try Tak18:38
Tak|workI did, and it loaded18:38
Pupnikunique it's basically one line to set fullscreen18:38
Tak|workminute later, I hit reload nocache, and it's hanging now18:38
unique311garage and planet are working18:39
unique311one line..18:39
unique311but where does that one line go..18:39
Pupnikif it's a sdl app, it does SetVideoMode somewhere, probably18:39
unique311want to compare the source from anything...really.....and i guess another emulator would be the route to go18:39
Pupnikunique here's the simplest sdl game i've been mucking with:
unique311k, gonna look at the source for basilisk...which might take a while..then i have to recreate the way i compiled it...tell ya the truth i'm not sure how i went about it..18:41
geoffegmy cell phone's screen actually works pretty well in direct sunlight.. there's a few display types that work well in the sunlight or using the backlight18:41
unique311i think i took the 1.0 src for gp2x18:41
unique311and the makefile from the zaurus src. and went about it that way..\18:41
unique311the zaurus src is still at 0.918:41
Pupnikthe simple sdl demos and games really are nice, they are much less confusing than hildon or gtk18:42
Pupnikthat whole game is just 15kb of code18:42
unique311well will it help me in my quest to get fullscreen18:42
gla55geoffeg: yeah my phones not that bad in sunlight either18:42
Pupnikyes it is why i recommend looking at it18:42
Tak|workunique311: hmm, finished loading for me18:43
unique311did for me also..18:43
unique311but blank18:43
Tak|worknot me, I got the full page18:43
unique311k, its up again18:43
*** konttori has quit IRC18:44
unique311it was down for a few..18:44
unique311i'm not going crazy now18:44
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC18:45
*** gnrfan has joined #maemo18:47
*** ferulo has quit IRC18:53
Pupnik"What is your one purpose in life?"19:00
Pupnik"To explode, of course."19:00
*** unique311 has quit IRC19:02
gla55starship titanic?19:04
*** shackan has joined #maemo19:05
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:10
* zeenix imagines Riker & Troi at the edge of a spaceship19:10
*** polpak has joined #maemo19:11
*** unique311 has joined #maemo19:11
Pupnikit's from the movie Dark Star (1974, i think)19:14
Pupnikbest music samples ever are from meat beat manifesto19:15
gla55i know the movie19:15
dpbDark Star is great19:16
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo19:16
Pupniknice analogue synthesizers for the soundtrack too19:17
*** hil|sleep is now known as phil|work19:17
TimRikeris the external SD slot on an n800 supposed to be spring loaded? How do you get the card to eject?19:17
Pupnikalso the inspiration for Ren and Stimpy - Space Madness19:17
bill20r3heya Tim.19:17
* TimRiker waves19:17
bill20r3I just pull it out w/ my fingernail19:17
bill20r3<-- bill at xmission19:17
* TimRiker nods19:18
MoRpHeUzsorry for the delay19:18
bill20r3there's so many bills.19:18
bill20r3when did you get an N800?19:18
bill20r3I've had mine maybe 3 months, I love it.19:19
MoRpHeUzk-s[WORK], geoffeg: gmyth is working great (100%) at desktop and still have some issues regarding playing on the device....we are working on it right now..19:19
TimRikerpicked up 2 of them a week ago for a friend playing with video conferencing.19:19
MoRpHeUz(regarding live-tv)19:19
bill20r3have you found a linux desktop app that'll talk to the n800 video conf app?19:19
MoRpHeUzif we talk about recorded videos, you can already use transcodes for you, then you can download and watch at your device19:19
*** sabotage has quit IRC19:19
*** fer has joined #maemo19:19
TimRikerone of them won't charge, so I had to send it back. Nokia will fix it, but I have to mail it in at my expense and wait 2 weeks for them to get around to it. All this for what is obviously an error on their part.19:20
TimRikernot very acceptable in my opinion.19:20
bill20r3that sucks, lots.19:20
TimRikerthat and all the web forms insist that I enter in the "cell phone number" and "provider" for my n800.19:20
TimRikernot found a linux app to talk to the video yet, no.19:21
*** tank17 has quit IRC19:21
*** Pupnik has quit IRC19:22
TimRikerfighting with getting vpnc running now. the web instructions want me to add a package source and install. sound odd to you? "if you can't get online, just go online and download this package"19:22
bill20r3I guess you could download the debs to a card, if you can get all the deps too.19:23
TimRikeris there a way to use bluetooth to a laptop and get online that way? (linux laptop of course).19:23
gla55they probably mean that if you cant get online with the device, you should get online with some other computer and download the .deb19:23
gla55timriker: yeah.. google might serve you with that19:23
bill20r3I dont know aobut that, but probabablly.  You can't get online with wifi?19:23
TimRikerbill20r3, gla55: nope. the deb tree where vpnc-gui is, is not browsable, so I've not yet been able to find the deb from another machine.19:24
TimRiker  has
* bill20r3 looks19:25
TimRikerno eject on the SD slot is just lame. the internal is fine. the external slot is lame.19:25
florianTimRiker: indeed19:26
*** konttori has joined #maemo19:26
TimRikerthe touch screen shows scratch marks from the included stylus. how lame is that?19:26
*** jonty_ has quit IRC19:28
gnrfanhi there everyone.. are you aware of industrial / data capture uses of N800 in a business / factory enviroment?19:28
TimRikerwhile I'm griping..... battery life sucks, and the firmware upgrade won't work for me from debian unstable 2.6.20 kernel.19:28
MoRpHeUzTimRiker: does your n800 still have the screen protection ?19:28
gnrfane.g. What do you think of connecting a USB barcode reader pistol to the N800?19:28
TimRikerMoRpHeUz: ? is there a sticker on there then? perhaps that's it?19:29
MoRpHeUzTimRiker: comes with a screen protection...take a look....19:29
TimRikerMoRpHeUz: ah! that must be it. I tried to pull off any sticker with the little tab it came with, but nothing came off.19:30
gla55gnrfan: for industrial use it's probably better/cheaper/practical to use specialised devices for such19:30
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo19:30
gnrfangla55: not necessary.. in this application they were using previously a laptop computer running Linux19:31
bill20r3Tim, my battery life has been great.  how many hours are you getting?19:31
TimRikerthe tab was on the inside edge, not the outside. so should I remove the "protector" that gets scratched? or will the screen get scratched then?19:31
gnrfangla55: app is a simple Python/GTK data captura app the reads barcodes19:31
TimRikerbill20r3: doing video conferencing? about an hour.19:31
bill20r3gnrfan, there are no stable usb host-mode drivers yet.19:31
bill20r3tim, ahh, maybe the camera sucks batteries.19:32
TimRikerperhaps it's closer to 45 minutes.19:32
bill20r3I haven't used it much.19:32
gnrfanbill20r3: oh! I see..19:32
TimRikerand that's NOT constant calling. just that much time playing with it and I need to plug it in again.19:32
bill20r3last week I accidentally left mine on overnight, and had 2 bars of battery in the morning.19:32
gla55gnrfan: ..which is inferior to using a specalised device meant for commerce19:32
bill20r3of course it was just idle, but still not bad.19:32
gnrfangla55: specialized devices are generaly way more expensive19:33
gla55can't see them costing 500+ really19:33
TimRikerbill20r3: really?!? I'm getting nothing like that. I left it on and dropped it in my laptop bag the other day. 1 hour later, the battery was dead.19:33
gnrfangla55: they provided mostly the benefit of being much more protected If they hit the floor or some accident like that19:33
gla55there's the work of getting it to work too, of course it all depends on use19:33
gnrfangla55: but other than that this device would be great19:33
bill20r3Tim, they're the same batteries as nokia phones, off-brand ones are cheap( < $10) on ebay, maybe you should try a different one.19:34
gla55gnrfan: some 200-300$ phones could quite probably be coded to read barcodes adequately19:34
Tak|workTimRiker: are you autoconnecting to a wap?19:34
TimRikerbill20r3: are you running the new firmware? I'm still on 2.2006.51-6 as the updater does not work for me.19:34
gnrfangla55: you mean something like OpenMoko/neo1973 or nokia phones?19:34
gla55gnrfan: symbian nokias19:35
TimRikerTak|work: auto: no. but when testing voip I was using a wap.19:35
gnrfangla55: previous version of the app is in Python/GTK so N800 looks like a great option19:35
gla55gnrfan: neo1973 isn't really out is it.. and can't see it being 200-300 either19:35
gnrfangla55: so mayor problem with N800 would be USB host19:35
gla55does n800 need the 5v injected?19:36
kakosWell, it will have usb host once someone compiled the kernel and posts it19:36
kakosgla55: The n800 does have a nominal voltage running on the usb port, but not enough to run anything.  So you need to connect it to something that has its own power or a powered-hub, but you don't need a power-injector19:37
*** dolske has quit IRC19:37
bill20r3tim, I'll add that apt-source and see if I can figure out the paths19:37
bill20r3Tim, I'm not running hte newest firmware yet, but I did do a flash once (from windows)19:38
MoRpHeUzTimRiker: it's better to keep the "protector"...19:38
kakosgla55: for more information19:38
*** Knowledge has joined #maemo19:38
*** bhima has joined #maemo19:40
bill20r3tim, if I dry-run-install vpnc, it doesn't want any deps(that I dont have allready, anyway)19:40
*** konttori_ has quit IRC19:42
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo19:42
*** twogood has joined #maemo19:43
bill20r3Tim, I figured out this:
TimRikerMoRpHeUz: ok. thx.19:49
TimRikerbill20r3: ah. thx. I was trying pool/mistral/main/19:50
*** etrunko has joined #maemo19:54
*** konttori has quit IRC19:55
*** luizirber has quit IRC19:55
*** _guardian has joined #maemo19:58
TimRikerhmm... want's libgpg-error-minimal and some others. nice that the error messages don't wrap so I can't see them all.20:00
TimRikerahh. that was in there too, I just didn't copy it to my sd card. trying again...20:01
* TimRiker is frustrated trying to eject the sd card again...20:02
*** Guardian has quit IRC20:02
*** _guardian is now known as Guardian20:03
TimRikermissing libxau0 now.20:07
bill20r3you dont have any 802.11 there?20:09
bill20r3maybe you could set up usb networking.20:09
TimRikerbill20r3: I do have 802.11. and I need to run the cisco vpn once there, or I get nothing.20:10
TimRikeris there a howto on usb networking?20:10
*** bhima has quit IRC20:11
*** dolske has joined #maemo20:13
*** lmoura has joined #maemo20:15
*** sabotage has joined #maemo20:18
TimRikerhmm. well I seem to have it installed now, but not the gui.20:21
TimRikerhow do I get a root shell?20:21
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo20:22
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:22
*** dape has quit IRC20:23
bill20r3there is a package 'gainroot'20:24
bill20r3then 'sudo gainroot'20:24
bill20r3or you can ssh in as root, if you have dropbear installed20:24
bill20r3the password is 'rootme' (p.s. change that)20:24
* TimRiker ughs and looks for yet another package.20:24
TimRikerso it's not rootme till I install gainroot?20:25
koenyou use flasher to set the R&D flag for root access20:25
bill20r3it's always rootme, but there's no way to log in until you install ssh.20:26
TimRiker/etc/passwd has SU.odxvRwp3Vs20:26
TimRikersudo sh won't work?20:26
bill20r3afaik, there's no 'su'.20:26
TimRikerthere is a su, but it's busybox su and busybox is not setup correctly for suid support.20:27
*** alump has quit IRC20:27
TimRikerif you set it up wrong, it won't work. and maemo is setup wrong.20:27
*** kosola has quit IRC20:27
*** kosola has joined #maemo20:28
TimRikerah. ssh root@localhost worked. (I have dropbear and xterm installed)20:28
*** florian has quit IRC20:39
*** fer has quit IRC20:41
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:42
*** Donut_ has quit IRC20:44
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:44
*** kosola has quit IRC20:44
*** jonty_ has joined #maemo20:51
* TimRiker gets ssh working. yeah. still curious if there is a way to get bluetooth networking from my laptop.21:06
unique311got os8 running on basiliskII now...colorized21:06
*** behdad has quit IRC21:07
unique311well 7.5.5 is color, but minor...21:07
unique311gonna try and find os921:07
bill20r3is there a deb?21:07
unique311i have the binary21:07
TimRikerchmod u+s /bin/busybox will fix su21:07
unique311and all the files needed.21:07
unique311let me fix it up..21:07
unique311and up it21:08
unique311or you want to wait till i find os921:08
*** molkko has joined #maemo21:09
bill20r3nah, let's have it.21:09
||cwis the "mac II" a ppc or just a faster 68k?21:11
bill20r3no idea.21:12
||cwbasiliskII says it's a 68k emu, I don't think os9 runs on 68k21:13
||cwhm, actualy i do see a couple references to it21:13
*** bdoin has joined #maemo21:14
*** jonty_ has quit IRC21:16
* bill20r3 waits with os8 anticipation.21:19
unique311gonna take a minute...i chose the bluetooth route..21:19
unique311need to write some quick instructions...21:21
*** tank17 has joined #maemo21:21
dragornthere were a lot of mac IIs21:22
dragornbut they were all 68k of some variant21:22
dragornI would be surprised if OS9 worked on a 68k box21:22
bill20r3I have a bt kb, if that helps.21:22
dragornthey stopped making new 68k hardware around OS7.521:23
*** |tbb|_ has joined #maemo21:26
*** konttori has joined #maemo21:27
*** konttori_ has quit IRC21:27
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo21:28
||cw9.2 requires a G3, but I don't see any other min req lists21:33
||cw"68k computers with Apple logic board upgrades are supported"21:34
||cwso os9 will not run in that emu.  period21:34
*** |tbb| has quit IRC21:35
bill20r3I'll take the os8, as long as I can play that paper-airplane game.21:35
||cwI'll take win98 over OS8 or 921:35
unique311writing instructions..21:36
||cwI have one os9 system that runs some crappy software.  the software does what it is supposed to, the OS is a stability issue21:36
*** chenca has quit IRC21:38
bill20r3it's basilisk inside bochs?21:38
bill20r3ahh, k.21:39
unique311i was saying he want win9821:39
unique311compile bochs and give it a try21:39
bill20r3I heard someone did it, and it took a half hour to boot.21:41
*** djcb has joined #maemo21:42
*** behdad has joined #maemo21:42
unique311i included my prefs file and xpram file21:43
unique311both start with .21:43
unique311you can place them in your /home/user folder21:44
bill20r3can I put them in a subdir, or should they be right in ~ ?21:44
unique311only the prefs and xpram...21:45
bill20r3oh, dotfiles, ok.21:45
unique311if its not found in /home/user it will create them21:45
*** vivijim has quit IRC21:45
unique311but you can follow the readme and get results...i think21:45
unique311don't forget to chmod BasiliskII21:46
unique311the size is 67MB unpacked...21:46
*** vivijim has joined #maemo21:46
bill20r3heh, I guess it's going on a card.21:46
unique311the binary goes in /usr/bin21:47
unique311everything else you can leave on card21:47
unique311if you boot up in black in white....don't worry..normal,,you just have to change the settings in control panel in os821:48
unique311what else21:48
unique311well just have to wait until you start..21:48
bill20r3now to see if my wifi will stay up for a 34meg transfer21:49
bill20r3and then if my n800 will unzip it today.21:49
unique311do all this on you computer21:50
unique311why the n80021:50
||cwunzip on the pc then use usb to put it on the card21:51
*** frade has joined #maemo21:51
unique311must faster21:51
unique311gonna make a video21:51
unique311and upload it for you guys21:51
*** bhima has joined #maemo21:53
bill20r3do I need the __MACOSX stuff?21:55
unique311my hackintosh makes them..i don't know why21:56
unique311guess a mac thing21:56
*** dneary has quit IRC22:01
*** kosola has joined #maemo22:08
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo22:10
unique311bill20r3, you good to go?22:14
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo22:23
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo22:26
*** pleemans has joined #maemo22:29
*** frade has quit IRC22:39
*** molkko has quit IRC22:40
*** nostZZZZZ has joined #maemo22:47
*** Disconnect has quit IRC22:47
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC22:48
*** KevinVerma has joined #maemo22:48
bill20r3back from lunch now.22:48
unique311hows os822:49
unique311made a video22:49
bill20r3havent got it to boot yet.22:49
bill20r3well I did, but it didnt like the disk I'd chosen22:49
bill20r3what should the 'unix root' field say?22:49
unique311  /22:50
unique311and you should create a disk...22:50
unique311and add the os8.hfv22:50
unique311create on called MacOS.hfv on the sd card somewhere22:50
TimRikerdoes the chat/video/voice conferencing use the proxy for the connection? or does it need a real public IP?22:50
bill20r3create it how?22:51
*** djcb_ has joined #maemo22:52
unique311when you run BasiliskII22:52
unique311setting should pop up22:52
unique311and under the Volumes tab22:53
bill20r3so, add the os8.hfv to that list?22:53
*** djcb has quit IRC22:53
unique311yes ad os8.hfv22:54
unique311and then create macos.hfv22:54
unique311os8 i provided..22:54
unique311macos.hfv is 100MB no way was i going to provide that..22:54
unique311you can make it any size you would like..22:55
bill20r3os os8.hfv is the installer medial?22:55
unique311pending on how muany apps,game,utilities,etc you will be install22:55
*** ajturner has quit IRC22:55
unique311os8 is the OS22:55
bill20r3but is it an image of an allready-installed OS?22:56
unique311but for some reason it requires a hardrive disk22:56
bill20r3or is it an image of the install disks?22:56
unique311so macos.hfv is the HDD22:56
*** waite has left #maemo22:56
unique311an image of an already installed OS22:56
unique311which is os822:56
unique311the video is not that good..but it'll help22:57
keesjwhat is os8?23:02
unique311people are eating up the video...23:02
unique311might be slow...think 9 people are dl ...23:02
unique311old macintosh23:02
*** pdz has quit IRC23:03
bill20r3ok, it's starting up now.23:03
bill20r3so do I create MacOS.hfv within basilisk, or some other way?23:04
*** nostalg1c has quit IRC23:04
unique311Volumes tab gives you an option to do so....23:05
bill20r3and it'll just show as another drive in the finder?23:05
bill20r3and then I can install stuff to it?23:05
unique311you will not be able to on the system drive which is os8.hfv23:05
bill20r3because it's full?23:05
unique311but i'm not sure..might be able is hfv and not dsk..23:06
unique311yes and no23:06
unique311but i'll test it out..23:06
unique311you can try and get internet working...23:06
unique311and all that good stuff..23:06
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:06
unique311not sure how to use i gave up23:06
unique311gonna look for os8.1 i think they added the bar at the bottom on that one..23:07
unique311sheepshaver will run os923:10
TimRikerugh. I don't understand why there is an initrd at all.23:11
unique311for the decor maybe..23:13
unique311anything bill20re?23:13
TimRikerthat and why they leave /mnt/initrd/proc and sys and tmp ugh.23:14
TimRikerwell, at least there is a lot of room for improvement here.23:15
*** lele has quit IRC23:21
*** lele has joined #maemo23:22
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo23:22
bill20r3311, works fine.23:23
bill20r3speed isn't too bad either.23:24
unique311speed is actually better than half an hour to boot...23:28
unique3117.5.5 is supposed to be faster...23:28
unique311but you be the judge.  the same for me..23:28
unique311do you have a keyboard?23:33
*** bergie has joined #maemo23:36
*** florian has joined #maemo23:43
*** booiiing has quit IRC23:45
*** booiiing has joined #maemo23:46
*** cecil has joined #maemo23:47
*** cesman has quit IRC23:48
*** bipolar has quit IRC23:50
*** dolske has quit IRC23:51
geoffegAre you guys trying to get MacOS running on the 770 or 800?23:56
geoffegnatively? that's just silly! :)23:57
*** dolske has joined #maemo23:58
||cwuh, i think they are using an emu23:58
geoffegnot nearly as cool as porting MacOS to ARM23:59
*** dolske has quit IRC23:59
||cwto port something you'd have to have the source code23:59

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