IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-05-06

k-sqgil: I've talked to ferenc, thanks :-)00:01
qgilk-s r welcome00:03
qgilalright, then I will set up a bit decently this group - flickr users:
qgilor better said:
Takaww, you got in #200:06
qgilthis happens because I'm too polite to ask in advance00:06
Takhah, I thought your announcement was in the vein of, "I created a maemo group; feel free to add your photos"00:07
TakI can remove them if you'd like ;-)00:07
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k-sqgil: too busy?00:11
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qgilTak: "I created a maemo group; feel free to add your photos" was exactly what I meant - busy me? nah00:22
Takok - I don't want to be impolite00:23
Tak(despite my flickr nick)00:23
*** qgil changes topic to "maemo is the application development platform for the Nokia Internet Tablets | Good questions deserve better answers | | irc logs at | |"00:24
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tigert...| My topic is longer than yours! ;)00:51
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qgiltigert: in fact now is shorter since I substituted the SoC url   :P00:57
tigertwhoah, offtopic of the day00:57
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tigertsleep time01:10
maddlertigert: night...01:14
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qgil"Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition"01:39
qgilthis is getting really interesting01:39
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tigertno kidding01:43
maddlerqgil: yup...01:46
qgilwith Intel, what means with Hildon01:49
qgiland what means GNOME Mobile01:49
Takis nokia planning to stick with arm arch on the ITs?  or no word yet?01:49
tigertwhat we need to push,01:49
tigertis a touchscreen, handheld mode of gtk and gnome HIG01:49
qgilTak: my religion doesn't allow me talk about hardware dependencies01:50
tigertthe needs are so different from the wheelmouse + keyboard usecase01:50
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shackangosh, the right column on the planet really takes up a load of space02:49
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shackan(mostly unused)02:49
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Pupnik_it would be nice if maemo / itos / nokia tablets could generate right-click events02:53
*** Pupnik_ is now known as Pupnik02:54
Takgenerally it's click/hold02:54
Takexcept in sdl ;-)02:54
TakPupnik: getting ready to do fceu release - any reason I shouldn't, should wait, or should include something else?02:55
Pupnikoh i didn't know that re clickhold02:56
Pupnikcan't think of anything - haven't been following fceu02:56
Takwell, there hasn't been anything to follow since like Jan02:56
Pupnikare you building in gregale sdk?02:57
Takmistral and bora02:57
Pupnikhave you tried the mistral version in bora?02:57
Pupniki'm still compiling everything in 2.2 and running it on itos200702:57
Taksince scirocco and gregale can generally use the mistral stuff02:57
Takprobably bora will run the mistral stuff02:58
Takbut since I have a bora chroot anyway...02:58
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Pupnik"SquidgeSnes is probably fast enough now (a lot of games run at 60fps)"  </jealousy>03:14
Pupnik"[But to emulate snes graphics hardware properly,] you have to process the graphics a scanline at a time because of HDMA/Window effects/sprites/color subtraction and addition/etc otherwise it just looks crap"03:17
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Takwow @
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Pupnikthe video for the intel MID prototype03:33
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Pupnikcomments:  1) that is typical korean geek prototype hardware design.  2) much as i hate intel it lokos really fast03:39
Takhmm - either that thing is huge, or it's being operated by a six-year-old03:41
Pupniknote he is awkwardly inserting his 'talking points' at the end03:47
Pupnik'powered by intel and linux'03:47
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* Pupnik is happy he discovered how to make 'chrome' objects with gimp :)03:51
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Takrelease complete03:56
* Pupnik tests04:00
PupnikHTTP request sent, awaiting response...04:01
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Pupnikthere we go04:03
Trainwreckdoes anyone know an easy way to get and install xephyr for opensuse?04:05
Trainwreckim kinda new to linux04:05
Pupnikhi Trainwreck04:06
Pupnikis there no xephyr package in the package installer?04:07
Trainwreckum, maybe how do i check?04:08
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Pupniki don't know opensuse - perhaps it uses 'yast' or 'yast2'04:12
Trainwreckya, im looking into that now04:12
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Pupniklooks great tak04:23
Pupnikquit button very welcome04:24
Pupniknice that screenshots go into MyDocs/.images too04:28
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* Tak nods04:31
Takpress the Home key04:32
Pupnikbrings up list of apps running (xterm) and home04:33
*** philipl has quit IRC04:33
Tak...and pauses fceu04:33
Pupnikhow to restore fceu? do not see an icon in sidebar (it2007)04:33
Takwhat, there isn't?04:34
Taknot even an "unnamed" ?04:34
Pupnikjust home and xterm04:34
Takyou launched from xterm?04:34
Pupniki don't have a it2006 install any more - so i can't test that04:34
Takis it different from xmaeme?04:35
Pupniki don't ahve xmaeme installed04:35
Pupniki see a fceu icon under extras, but it doesn't launch anything04:35
Takyeah, I can't get rid of that04:35
*** Phoenigore has quit IRC04:36
Takthere must be some reason the sdl_wm hack isn't working from xterm04:36
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Pupnikcan't unpause after hitting home key04:38
Takpress one of the onscreen buttons04:38
Pupnikheh "How DARE you interrupt me!" rofl04:38
Pupnikok that works04:38
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* Pupnik will fight to the last to get emus playable on 77004:47
Pupnikif gp2x can do it, so can we04:47
Takwe need one arm/asm -savvy person interested in emulation on ITs04:48
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Pupnikhow annoying - some 'smart' guy changed 'ls' to no longer put my _XYZ directories at the top04:59
Takoh, a wise guy, eh?!04:59
Pupnikyeah and it's not disable-able05:02
Pupnikso i just rename all ^_ to ^0_05:03
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Pupniki should figure-out mud-builder for things like libphysfs-1.0-0_1.0.0-5_armel.deb05:16
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unique311man, alias doest work in terminal wtf06:09
Pupnikalias moo='echo "moooooo..."'06:12
Pupnikforgot the = sign unique311 ?06:15
*** pdz- has quit IRC06:16
unique311thanks dude06:16
unique311what about man06:17
Pupniknp - i do ti too06:17
Pupnikman pages were omitted for space reasons, afaik06:17
unique311kk, gotta go...have to save juice here till 7 in the morning..06:18
unique311gotta make bat last06:19
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chibiacethey still wont sell it in nz :(08:41
chibiacei thought when they released n800 they would try and make an effort but no :(08:42
Pupniktoo bad. how expensive is shipping from europe/japan?08:43
chibiacedunno, their site doesnt let you choose another country for them to ship it. there are sites like ebay but they are a huge inconvenience08:44
*** jmspeex has quit IRC08:45
Pupniki think you have to buy from a reseller08:46
chibiacethere isnt any :(08:46
chibiaceim writing nokia an email like i did before08:46
Pupnikalso ask on internettablettalk forums08:47
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Pupniksimple game to test Xsp pixel doubling here:
Pupnikdoubling can be turned on with the F6 button (top-left button on Tablet)09:20
Pupnikthis is also a good simple game to learn SDL programming09:20
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inzYay, the front page header links have been pulled from svn!09:38
qgilinz: front page? header links? svn?09:39
qgil(be a bit patient, I just woke up)  :)09:40
inzqgil, upon new site launch, the headers on the front page (Announcements, News, Planet Maemo) were not links09:42
inzqgil, and when I mentioned it on irc, X-Fade said that they'd already been fixed in svn09:42
qgilalright, thankas  :)09:42
qgilwell, somebodyy seems to have been working a lot in the last hours09:43
qgilfixed width for all pages, better font usage, the whole thing just looks much better noiw09:43
qgilwiki usable, planet looking good... oh, my, it's like the little men of Köln reparing shoes during the night!09:44
inzBut the content width is now fixed :/09:44
qgilyes, that was decided09:45
inzI've heard discussions on it, but never though it would actually happend...09:46
qgilsimplifies lots of things, sopecially when you want to be as efficient in tablets and regular desktops09:46
qgilI have been in web development for years and this is one of the typical discussions for some is almost religious  :)09:47
inzThe two latest news from the old website are still missing from new website09:47
qgillet me see...09:47
qgiltrue, this is due to our long "transition", I'll fix this now09:48
*** Tak has quit IRC09:54
Pupnikhow many accounts are there on
Pupnikbtw the demo features a .mod tune i wrote 14 years ago :)09:56
`0660_where's the one click install url to that game? :)09:57
*** koen has joined #maemo09:58
Pupnikit's not really worth playing - mainly a programming demo to show how SDL breaks Xsp pixel-doubling in maemo / it2006 / 200709:59
Pupnikxgalaga would be a good choice for a shoot-em-up09:59
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*** sabotage_afk has joined #maemo10:01
`0660_i wonder if the rss reader will improve with the next update10:05
`0660_it has been pretty lousy all the time and for the last two weeks i haven't even been able to refresh the feeds :)10:06
qgilinz: done, thanks (looking at lost pixels you end up mmissing the obvious)  :/10:06
qgilpupnik, can you be more specific about "how many accounts are there on"10:07
Pupnikjust wondering vaguely.  i can't log in using my garage account (ArnimS)10:08
Pupnik"Authentification Required" window pops up and won't let me in10:09
qgilpupnik: so you mean how many accounts has one user in (and not how many accounts-usrrs)  :)10:09
Pupniki suppose10:09
qgilpupnik: this seems to be a bug, can you please report?10:09
Pupniki can't get into bugzilla10:09
qgilbugzilla has different acount, still10:09
Pupnikok i'll try making new accounts10:09
qgilbut garage and have the same10:09
Pupnikgarage login works10:10
qgiland I'm logging with the same10:10
qgilbut I had account before the launch, so this might be the bug10:10
PupnikA Bugzilla account for already exists.10:11
Pupniki'll use a different email10:11
qgilpupnik why don't you just recover your password for that yahoo account?10:27
Pupniki did that once, through the garage interface10:29
Pupnikshould i do that on bugzilla?  or will that reset my garage password?10:29
inzqgil, it was actually noticed by dpb_10:30
qgilPupnik: bugzilla and garage maemo accounts are totally independent10:30
Pupnikok thanks10:30
Pupnikare bugzilla and accounts also independent?10:30
qgilthe family is:  :)10:31
qgilgarage and are brother, bugzilla is unrelated (still)10:31
inzpupnik, garage accounts are accounts10:31
Pupnikthen why can't i log-on to
qgilbecause there is a bug?  :)10:31
inzI can log in10:32
qgilinz did you log to before the site was launched on friday?10:32
inzqgil, well, I have done that, but I have logged in today twice10:42
qgilyes, but it seems that we had accounts created already and therefore we can log now10:43
qgilpeople logging for the first time after the launch seem to be the ones getting the bug10:43
qgilPupnik: let me know as soon as you have reported the bug, please10:44
*** qgil has quit IRC11:03
*** qgil has joined #maemo11:05
jkuI've done that already, reopened my earlier bug about same thing11:10
jkuActually I reopened it before the launch, and then reopened it again because it got lost in the launch...11:11
*** pleemans has joined #maemo11:11
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo11:12
jkuwhat happened with the font size btw?11:13
jkuI have a default font size of 16 in my browser, but a lot of text on is tiny (wasn't yesterday)11:14
* Pupnik is a html dinosaur and can't comment :)11:15
*** phil|out is now known as phil|sleep11:15
jkuguess I'll file a bug on text size too11:19
*** k-s has quit IRC11:28
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qgiljku: I guess the pragmatical conclusion is to use a site like as a reference of good practice in terms of fixed width and usability11:41
qgilfixed width and readbale content in i.e. Planet (there were complaints yesterday) are th main reasons why the fonts got smaller11:41
qgilbut if you find specific cases were the fonts are too small you can comment, of course11:42
qgilthe whole font/style thing needs more revision, probably11:42
qgilyou can always increase size in the browser though  :)11:42
qgilbut i.e I also find too small some fints in the home11:42
jkuqgil: I can't11:42
qgilthe good thing is that playing with CSS is easy11:43
jkubugzilla comment bodies do not respect my default font setting11:43
jkubut I filed that already :)11:43
qgilgood  :)11:43
jkuthey're really small on Firefox 211:43
qgila url of example, please?11:44
qgilor the bug  :)11:44
jkuany bug is an example11:45
jkumy bug has screenshot:
qgiljku: yeah, this is smaller than what Epiphany shows11:50
qgil(the amazing world of supported browsers)11:50
qgilbtw 12 hours after its creation already rocks11:51
qgilhaw haw is this a screenshot or a picture?  :P11:53
qgilmdk you rule!11:54
Pupniki don't see screenshot/cpu monitor applet running11:54
Pupnikmight be taken from maemo sdk11:54
qgilPupnik: yesterday I installed this monitor applet in my n800 and it didn't show either - I thought it was me and I left it for later  .... :?11:55
Pupniki can't install it since i use it2007 hacker ed11:55
Pupnikare you the pilot qgil ?11:55
qgilI had it running in previous IT OS 2007 versions11:56
Pupnika couple of maemo people seem to be pilots.  one designs airplanes too11:56
qgilnot me, definitely11:57
qgil(I did hundreds of airplanes on paper when I was in school, but I guess you refer to something more sophisticated)  Pupnik  ;)11:58
Pupnikme too.. do you know who Burt Rutan is?11:58
* qgil googles11:58
Pupnikhe was designing some of the first homebuilt aircraft sold around the usa back in early 1980s... beautiful canards - Vari-Eze etc11:59
Pupniklol half of the maemo flickr photos are food12:00
qgilI was more in the line of
Pupnikoh nm, i got on MDK's pics12:01
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PupnikHyvaa huomenta12:06
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo12:06
inzPupnik, here's some dots for you: ....12:06
Pupnikthanks!  never know when those'll come in handy :)12:07
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*** jait_ is now known as jait12:09
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roopethree dots and you're out.12:11
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AD-N770good morning13:12
PupnikBom dia!13:13
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qgilPupnik: AD-N770 won't tell you because he's a polite guy but for your language improvement: bon dia  ;)13:58
Pupniki thought 'bom' was odd :)  got it from a website13:59
AD-N770hi qgil and pupnik14:00
*** jku_ has joined #maemo14:00
* Pupnik is ponderously rewriting event loop to handle onscreen buttons14:08
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Pupnikyaay i figured out how to do the one-time shots and the key held stuff14:45
Pupnik<picture of retarded kid running>14:45
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sussmanPupnik: hey, is there a way to make the n800 read a usb disk?15:27
sussmaninstead of "act like a usb disk"?15:27
Pupniki think it is possible, search n800 + "host mode" + usb15:27
zuhOnly with some patching to the kernel15:27
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sussmanoof, looks scary16:32
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Pupniksomebody was asking for penguin command?  i just got it running in 800x48019:50
Pupnikstill some screen alignment/scaling issues remaining19:51
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qgilmaddler: ping20:03
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Pupnikabout 80% finished20:51
Pupnikquite a joke really... the game is full of hardcoded coordinates20:55
*** garrett has joined #maemo20:56
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*** kpel has joined #maemo21:36
kpelhi all21:36
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*** philipl has joined #maemo21:45
*** philipl has joined #maemo21:46
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*** Tak has joined #maemo22:06
TakPupnik: buttons look good22:06
*** jlbrd has joined #maemo22:08
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*** tortoise_ has joined #maemo22:39
tortoise_Does anyone know how the maemo-mapper gp22:40
tortoise_Does anyone know how the maemo-mapper gpx driving directions webservice works?22:40
tortoise_Is the source available somewhere?22:42
*** bjv has joined #maemo22:44
Takhas anybody made a lynx build?22:44
*** ab has quit IRC22:44
* bjv has a plan.22:45
bjvinstead of servicing my n770 to fix the broken 3.5mm jack, one could buy a battery powered jack & connect it with bluetooth?
bjvanyone use bluetooth headphones with their nokia?22:46
gla55fixing the jack would probably make more sense22:48
gla55does 770 support stereo over bt?22:48
bjvi did not see the word 'stereo' in the wiki article on bt22:49
bjvi assume that part of the protocol would be handled in software?22:49
bjvbt revisions seem to majorly involve making more bandwidth available22:49
vbraunyou need a2dp for high quality audio. Don't know if the bt profile is supported...22:50
*** dolske has joined #maemo22:55
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vbraunanybody using Scratchbox on FC6? Is there any sane way to do so?23:00
*** ian_brasil has left #maemo23:05
bjvi see that a2dp has only been built to work with alsa, not esd23:08
*** pdz- has joined #maemo23:24
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*** kb7sqi has joined #maemo23:28
tortoise_any maemo-mapper gurus around?23:29
*** Rp1 has quit IRC23:29
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MDKqgil: you rule, the new site finally up!23:46
MDKqgil: anything special I should know before editing?23:46
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:47
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