IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-05-05

* kakos apparently cannot format it on my PC. :(00:00
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matsavhalevkakos: maybe try in a digicam?00:07
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qgilany flickr users in da house?00:19
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matsavhalevqgil: occasional user, why?00:21
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qgilhi matsavhalev, I was thinking of having a group for maemo, but then a I remembered flickr doesn like screenshots00:23
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maddlerqgil: hello, dude!00:23
qgiland then I was thinking in a kind of flickr for screenshots, but can't remember the url00:23
qgilhi maddler  :)00:23
qgilsharing screenshots (and real screencasts) would be cool, the youtube videos are kinda deceiving many times00:24
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qgilwe could have the gallery in of course but...00:25
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qgil... perhaps it is better for maemo evangelization to have it in a <buzz>web2.0</buzz> type of famous site, dunno00:25
qgiland then link / rss in maemo.org00:26
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maddlerqgil: hmm... dunno...00:27
qgilwell, in fact flickr has "only" >85.000 screenshots:
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qgilI was thinking in flickr because itś something that many people is already using00:27
maddlerI think that if we could have a nice gallery on maemo...00:27
maddlerI think that "we" should support maemo community spirit...00:28
Tak|workhah, I already have a bunch of sshots on flickr00:28
Tak|workwell, where "a bunch" < 2000:28
Tak|workbut none of mine are tagged00:29
qgilperhaps is just a matter of playing rss magic00:29
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kelvarhello i just got the nokia 770 and wanted to install GAIM but it says im missing a protocol any ideas?00:30
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maddlerkelvar: you need to install protocol packages...00:31
kelvarwhere and how do i get thar?00:31
maddleryou should see them in application manager...00:32
maddlerqgil: any chance to get maemo logo svg?00:32
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qgil could be an interesting feed at .....00:41
qgilmaddler: probably tomorrow I will public the draft trademark policy for community review, including the logos (in svg format)00:42
qgilpublic --> publish00:42
kelvarmaddler: thank you... spent all morning looking for it00:44
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maddlerqgil: perfect...00:46
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maddlerin the w/e I'll have a new flyer draft...00:47
qgilcool, thanks - sorry for not having been too responsive lately00:48
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* Pupnik has to mention one of his favorite chill/electro streams
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user_hi friends01:04
user_can someone tell me where i can find the xev command compiled for n800?01:04
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Pupniki used to have one on it200601:06
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user_thanks pupnik01:18
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Pupnikuser_: seems to be part of xbase-clients on debian01:20
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tigertthe new site uses garage accounts01:55
tigertas far as I know01:55
tigertbut maybe there is still some issues01:55
Pupnikneither bugzilla login nor popup window login for works with my working garage login01:58
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|tbb|does the n800 support usb host right now?02:11
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bill20r3not really.02:22
bill20r3supposedly there's some hack, but nothing simple.02:23
* bill20r3 goes home.02:23
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* maddler hits the bed!02:38
maddlerlater dudes!02:38
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k-sguys, how do I associate my planet to garage acount? My feed still display as "Unknown"04:03
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Pupnikk-s: i think somethings not working with account synch05:24
k-sPupnik: but do I need to do something special? I have a garage account from months ago05:24
Pupniki do too05:29
Pupnikcan you log in to normal maemo?05:29
Pupnik -> Log In05:30
k-sah, yep05:30
k-sbut I already did that login when it was on test.m.o05:30
Pupniki can't05:30
Pupnikpossibly my issue has to do with my account, and your issue is related to the site upgrade05:31
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febbhello all06:15
Takgood evening06:16
sussmanhow hard could it be to build emacs in scratchbox?06:18
sussmanI mean, cmon, what could possibly go wrong?06:18
Takzile not good enough?06:19
sussmannever heard of it06:19
sussmanis it like emacs?06:19
* sussman looks06:21
sussmanhm, i see a .tar.gz source06:26
sussmanbut no arm .deb06:26
sussmanfound it06:28
sussmanit's awesome!06:32
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* Pupnik ponders the mysteries of Xsp07:13
vbraunVideo chat n800 <-> PC gives me no video (PC says "Camera off") but audio works. Can that still be a firewall problem?07:14
vbraunPC doesn't have webcam, but should still show the video from the n800.07:14
Pupnikdoes turning the firewall off help?07:15
vbraunI tried to turn off as much as possible, but I'm still NAT'ed behind a DSL modem.07:15
Pupniki see, the modem is the access point also?07:16
vbraunYes. I tried connecting the nokia to another access point (so that not both are behind the same NAT) but that didn't work either. I don't have control over the second AP's configuration, though.07:17
vbraunBut audio works always.07:17
vbraunAnd I thought that audio and video use the same jabber/xmpp tools to tunnel07:18
vbraunThough that might be wrong.07:18
vbraunFWIW, I enabled upnp in the dsl modem router as per the nokia internet call (beta) FAQs.07:20
vbraunbut that didn't help either.07:21
Pupnikif a client needs to connect to a port on the server, i install nmap on the client and run it against the server ip to scan for ports07:21
Pupnikyou can also use tools like net/netcat07:21
vbraunthey are of course "filtered" since I'm natted. Do you think verizon gives me two public IP's? ;-)07:22
Pupnikoh i see you want to do it from the wan07:23
Pupniki can nmap if you want07:23
vbraunthanks, but I've got external machines to try that07:24
vbraunbut, again, because of the NAT I can't connect from the outside directly (with, e.g., nmap). The computer from the inside has to open a port. Presumeably that must already be done for the audio part.07:26
Pupniki get it, so you might have to explicitly forward a port on the firewall/router07:28
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vbraunand nokia lists a bunch of ports in the FAQ (or just enable upnp, as they say). But I still get audio but no video.07:29
Pupnikif they're using the same port for both, then maybe it's an application-layer problem07:30
vbraunnokia's windows program doesn't give me much feed-back unfortunately.07:32
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forcevnot quite the right place to ask this question I know, but the official place is a bit too quite and haven't had an answer yet...10:01
*** sabotage_afk has joined #maemo10:01
forcevwith the new midgard powered site, what was used for --with-midgard-config?10:01
Pupniki forgot the nick of the guy who works on the site10:03
*** jacques has joined #maemo10:05
forcevI appreciate answereing (trying at least) the unrelated question10:05
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MDKaswering vbrauns's question,11:00
MDKthe PC client is dumb11:00
MDKif BOTH sides don't have camera, it'll not show ANY video11:00
MDKin other words, if only one party has a camera, no video will be displayed11:01
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|tbb|have anyone successfully installed aircrack-ng 08 on zaurus?11:27
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* sp3000 tries to find a link to planet on maemo.org11:35
sp3000ah, under "Verfügbare Newsfeeds" on the "News" page11:36
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:36
* sp3000 finds it slightly odd that the plaet content blurb on the front page only links the source of the recent item, but not planet11:36
|tbb|oh wrong channel11:38
sp3000sweet, oldwiki redirection works now11:39
dpb_someone should contact the site people so they'd add the march announcements to the new site...11:48
AD-N770good morning11:56
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* Pupnik has fun making jolly, CANDYlike on-screen buttons12:04
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Pupnikit2007, rebooter edition12:48
* Pupnik lurvs it anyway12:50
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jku_can other people log in to the new site with old garage accounts?12:53
jku_I still can't...12:54
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Pupniki can't12:57
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sussmanI've got scratchbox installed on ubuntu fiesty now, with an appropriam arm-gcc toolchain14:26
sussmanI've also installed qemu14:26
sussmanbut when I set up ' target' with sb-conf, it doesn't show qemu as a 'transparency option'14:26
sussmanthe installation page just sort of assumes that 'qemu-arm' is available  (
sussmanbut I have no idea where to get it;  my googling isn't turning up much14:27
inzdid you install the cputransp devkit?14:30
sussmanwhat's that?14:32
sussmanI installed the debian-devkit only14:32
sussmanI've seen no reference to cputranssp devkit anywhere14:33
sussmanclue me in14:33
inzcputransp devkit is the devkit that allows you to use cpu transparency ;)14:33
sussmanI see it in 'apt-cache search scratchbox' now14:33
sussmanwhy the @#$(* doesn't the installation page list it?14:34
sussmanand then it just goes on to assume it's already installed14:34
inzsussman, the docs are most likely from 0.9x era, whence (IIRC) cputransp was part of core14:35
sussmanok, I'm still not getting a transparency option listed14:37
sussmanI have scratchbox-core, -libs, -devkit-debian, -devkit-cputransp, and -toolchain-arm-gcc installed14:38
sussmanbut sb-conf still shows no transparency optoin.14:38
inzand you selected the cputransp devkit when selecting devkits?14:39
sussmanI now see 5 different qemu-arm options14:40
sussmanvarying from 0.7 to 0.814:40
sussmanalso 'qemu-armb'14:40
sussmanthe irony here is that my entire ubuntu system, under which this arm emulation is running, is itself a Parallels emulation.  :-)14:43
sussmanapr is now building14:46
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Pupnikah devlist now has updated status of the sites... good work and thanks to Ferenc for the work15:02
*** maddler has quit IRC15:03
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daniloOlá everybody. Somebody can confirm me this information? The Link to download MaemoSDK is offline?18:34
*** jpetersen has quit IRC18:37
sp3000danilo: specifics18:41
sp3000stuff got moved around18:41
sp3000of course things should redirect18:41
danilowhere i can found it?18:42
sp3000what exactly and where are you trying, rather18:42
daniloI want to download maemo SDK on my Ubuntun desktop.... I was trying to open this link:,18:43
sp3000offhand I'd say wait til tuesday then file bug in if broken links persist18:43
sp3000danilo: is one18:43
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maddlerdamn... h3g is blocking port 25!19:17
*** Olof has quit IRC19:19
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maddlerhmmm... am I the only one with messed up layout?20:09
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo20:11
maddlerhi sbaturzio20:12
sbaturziomaddler: ciao20:12
*** dieguito has joined #maemo20:12
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MDKmaddler: works for me20:19
MDK1024x768, firefox20:20
MDKthough, the main maemo page is not perfect for me20:20
MDKactually, it just got better20:21
MDKnow planet is messed up20:22
MDKvery strange20:22
*** Vudentz has quit IRC20:23
jkufront page rendering seems to change randomly -- the lower "link bar" is sometimes split on two lines20:24
jkuon n800 it sometimes gets split on 3-4 lines (even if there's space)20:24
*** greentux has quit IRC20:25
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*** zwnj has joined #maemo20:28
maddlerMDK: same...20:29
maddlersounds like some1 is playing with CSSs...20:29
*** bedboi has joined #maemo20:31
bedboican anyone access to's side bar?20:33
bedboii'm using firefox and links in sidebar do not work20:33
maddlerworking here... too...20:37
*** netx has quit IRC20:37
jkuthey are only clickable in the far right side...20:40
jkue.g. "ts" on ""Acknowledgements"20:40
jkudepends on page width somehow20:41
bedboithey are not clickable at all for me20:41
jkuthe same for me now, when I resized the page a little...20:41
jkuare you filing a bug?20:42
bedboiyep if you have big characters it doesn't work20:42
bedboii've decreased the font size and it works20:42
*** Juhaz has quit IRC20:43
bedboiaslo the background of the page looks strange20:43
*** polpak has joined #maemo20:44
*** jacques_ is now known as jacques20:47
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*** Juhaz has joined #maemo20:58
*** netx has joined #maemo20:59
jkuthe links seem to work now... Either someone is at work on a sat night or the behaviour is inconsistent21:01
*** eeejay has left #maemo21:06
jkuheh, Ferenc in a mailing list just a while ago: "This navigation in the right column is creating more trouble than expected..."21:07
*** bedboi has quit IRC21:15
*** andrunko has quit IRC21:16
*** mythi has joined #maemo21:20
*** garrett has joined #maemo21:22
*** koen has joined #maemo21:22
*** nostalg1c has joined #maemo21:24
nostalg1cthis is probably a FAQ, but i couldn't find it on the FAQ/Wiki at :-) is there any way to facilitate browsing the filesystem on the N770? right now, i can only browse my home dir and some virtual dirs21:26
jlbrdif you want to browse your filesystem, in your browser, enter the address «file:///»21:31
*** garrett has quit IRC21:31
nostalg1ci was thinking more along the lines of the common file open/save dialogs etc21:31
jlbrdbut this way allow only the viewing and not any modification21:32
Pionostalg1c, in a terminal, run "ln -s / ~/MyDocs/Root21:32
nostalg1coh, just doing a symlink works?21:32
Piothen you'll see a Root folder in the save/open dialogs which will bring you to the fs root21:32
nostalg1cthanks a bunch21:33
Pionp.. someone else in here told me about it, just passing it on :)21:33
*** behdad has quit IRC21:34
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:37
*** Rp1 has joined #maemo21:40
nostalg1care stuff like the file manager etc from n770 also open sourced?21:44
jkuthey aren't virtual dirs btw, they're just hidden under ~/MyDocs/21:45
jkulike ~/MyDocs/.documents21:45
nostalg1care they predefined? or can i add some21:45
`0660_why would anyone need to browse the other directories?21:46
jkuwhy would you want to look under the hood of your car?21:46
`0660_yeah, it's dirty21:47
*** jlbrd has quit IRC21:52
*** chelli has quit IRC21:53
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*** jlbrd has joined #maemo21:57
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*** k-s has joined #maemo22:06
*** phil|out is now known as philipl22:07
k-sguys, how do I get my planet associated with my garage account?22:19
k-sI have both website, garage and planet registered for a long time22:19
jkuthe only things that have had a login were wiki, bugzilla and garage, AFAIK22:24
jkunow garage account should work for everything except bugzilla22:25
jkudoesn't for me, but it should...22:25
k-sjku: website had when on test.m.o... I had an account there and it was successufuly migrated22:28
jkusure -- do you have something on that account that needs to be preserved? IOW, can't you just use the garage account?22:31
*** concept10 has joined #maemo22:37
*** concept10 has left #maemo22:51
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:15
*** Vytas has joined #maemo23:19
k-sjku: I can use my garage account fine...23:27
*** pdz- has quit IRC23:28
k-sjku: I just want to know if I need to do something in order to link my garage account to planet23:28
jkuOk, Now I understand... it's the hackergotchi you want to link to your garage account (I was wondering how a planet could have a account)23:32
jkuFile a bug on planet I guess...23:33
*** Bipolar has joined #Maemo23:34
k-sjku: no, it's not the hackergotchi23:35
k-sjku: my planet accout shows as "unknown"23:35
Bipolaram i blind, or is there no link to the rss feed on maemo planet?23:35
jkuthat's what I meant, k-s23:36
jkuBipolar, on the right hand menu -- "Available feeds"23:36
*** jlbrd has quit IRC23:37
Bipolarjku: ugg.... it doesn't look like that on opera on my n800 :/23:38
Bipolari got it though23:38
nostalg1cis there a decent ftp client for the N770?23:39
jkuPupnik, are you here?23:39
jkuI tried exult, but it won't start. should I have a exult.cfg somewhere?23:39
jkuIt complains "couldn't find exult.flx", but AFAICS I've got it installed just like instructions say...23:40
jkuwhoops, found it. disregard that.23:44
*** pdz- has joined #maemo23:45
b0unc3uhm... if I have a sw for ITOS06/07, which .install I would have to put in the downloads page ?23:48
*** twogood has quit IRC23:48
qgilalright, so by accident I created a maemo group in flickr:
*** koen has quit IRC23:51
qgil"by accident" I mean it  :)  Yesterday I was playing with flickr groups and today I realized the groups was there23:52
qgildo you think it might be of any use?23:52
qgiljku ask about your account & planet - in principle he sent an email to all the bloggers aggregated23:54
qgilk-s I guess you were asking the same question23:55
k-sqgil: actually I'm have the problem, jku just prompted to help :-)23:55
k-sqgil: does he need to update and link these together manually23:55
*** KevinVerma has joined #maemo23:55
jkunot even much help...23:55
*** pdz has quit IRC23:56
*** jonty_ has joined #maemo23:57
qgilmmm as far as I know is Ferenc as planet admin who makes the links, you need to write him telling that your garage userid is linked with your feed23:57
Takamusing - your group didn't come up in a group search for "maemo"23:58
qgilTak: flickr says " This is a public group."23:58
qgilTak: perhaps because it's totally empty23:59
Taknot anymore23:59
* Tak deflowered23:59
qgilwhy am I always too late?23:59

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