IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2007-04-27

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Pupnikis flash video as inefficient as the rest of flash?00:22
konttori_New UK MP RC3 just released!00:22
konttori_Insane performance improvements00:23
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Pupniknice konttori_00:24
konttori_Screen update for the smooth scrolling effect went up 4x.00:25
Pupniki will have to check it out00:25
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Pupnikinz, if maemo is the name of the sdk, what's the name of the distro? it2006?/ 2007?00:27
inzPupnik, ITOS00:27
Pupnikthanks.  haven't seen the name used before00:28
inzPupnik, at least and wikipedia use it (Internet Tablet OS <insert year here> edition)00:30
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Pupnikok.  i think people aren't used-to a generic acronym as the name of a linux distro00:32
Pupnikso 'maemo' has more sticking power than does ITOS00:32
kpeli suppose it's a matter of time until ITOS sticks00:32 got more press than itos00:33
konttori_kpel: thanks (if that impressive was targeted to ukmp)00:34
kpelkonttori: yes it was :)00:34
kpelwhat does MP stand for in UKMP?00:35
konttori_I have 4 gigs on the device and man, I love having a good player as well. Now if I could only develop the playlists soon as well.00:35
konttori_media player.00:35
PupnikMore Performance!00:36
konttori_I'm thinking of a new name, but 1.0 version will be released with that one.00:36
Pupnikdecide between media center and media player then :P00:36
konttori_ Oh, was it media center? Indeed. ... yeah. Umm.. Must get some sleep. ;)00:37
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konttori_Fuzzy thoughts on the release before hitting the bed.00:40
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inzWeird, the planetplanet for does read the feeds, but the page is not updated01:33
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kpelgoodnight all01:52
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Pupnikanybody wanna playtest Exult? :/02:31
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Pupnikhi unique31103:48
unique311whats up Pupnik03:51
Pupnikplaytesting exult03:51
Pupnikthere's like almost no drop in framerate from 400x240 to 800x480 with scale2x interpolation03:52
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unique311cool game or what?03:55
Pupniki love it.03:56
unique311working on basiliskII03:56
unique311got it compiled03:56
Pupnikthe mac emu?03:56
unique311now i have to get the correct rom and disk03:57
unique311i just found a site with a bunch03:57
unique311about to test them out03:57
unique311i had the screen with the floppy and the question mark....but everytime i tried the rom and disk image i have it would say illegal instructions03:58
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polpakI'm still trying to get gstreamer to play video08:58
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polpakit's not giving any errors, but it's not playing either, and it's maxing out the cpu08:58
polpakon the device08:58
kulvepolpak: what kind of video are trying to play?09:00
polpakkulve: just a short clip I recorded, then ran through 770_encode.pl09:02
polpakkulve: have you worked w/ gstreamer?09:04
kulvepolpak: not much09:04
kulvemaybe you should try the ad video that comes with the device?09:04
kulvejust in case your video is too high quality or something09:04
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polpaknope, same behavior09:06
polpakI'm wondering if I'm using the right sinks/decoders09:07
polpakas I know there are some which are supposed to be highly optimized for this platform09:07
polpakbut there's really only one decoder option for the divx format 770_encoder gives back09:08
kulveI think there's nothing " highly optimized for this platform" ;)09:08
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zuhIf you are talking about 770, there's the dsp plugin for mpeg videos (can09:15
zuh't remember the exact name tho)09:15
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zuhBut I remember it being picky on the videos it accepted09:15
zuhAnd IIRC it borked so bad that it needed a reboot to revive it...09:16
zuhBut that was ages ago09:16
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polpakit's the 80009:40
polpakI'm not sure if it's the video, or the avi demuxer09:41
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keesjJaffa: did you have a maemo repository up?10:01
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TimRikerI'm trying to upgrade a new n800 from debian unstable. I run the flasher-3.0 but it never finds the device. I've tried both with and without the recommended patch.11:01
TimRikerkernel version: debian 2.6.20 build.11:01
TimRikerstrace shows it at least opening the new device as it shows up in the usb layer, but it won't flash.11:02
TimRikerI'm trying image named: RX-34_2007SE_3.2007.10-7_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin11:07
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TimRikerhmm. nite11:09
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keesjhow can I download .deb files (I want to get libreadline4 and libreadline4-dev)11:47
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AD-N770good morning11:49
pahartikkeesj: "gnomevfs-copy" works with HTTP URLs11:54
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keesjI am not runnig gome11:55
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keesjI just don't understand where I can download the binay .deb files for readline411:56
pahartikkeesj: I am talking about default shell of Maemo 2.211:56
keesjyes , it is in this repository bora/free Packages11:57
keesjbut I want a hard copy of the .deb file11:57
keesjapt-get install libreadline4 (works)11:58
dpb_if you've apt-get installed it, you should find the deb file in /var/cache/apt/archives/12:00
jku_if you haven't "apt-get -d install libreadline4" will just download12:00
pahartikkeesj: "apt-get -d install"?12:00
Jaffakeesj: bora user12:04
keesjJaffa: I an setting one up for wx based developent12:05
JaffaActually, scratch that - bora user12:05
Jaffa(anything can go under "bora" or "user" and it should work)12:05
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keesjJaffa:  do you use the reprepro scripts?12:10
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Pupniki wish both n800 and n770 shared the same path to primary mmc card12:14
Pupnikdoes n800 have /media/mmc1?12:15
Pupniki see most people talking about /media/mmc2 for n800, and i want to set a --prefix that's not on root12:15
kulveit's the external card12:15
Pupnikoh good :)12:15
Pupnikthanks kulve12:15
kulvenot well tested, feedback is most welcome:
Jaffakeesj: no (never heard of them, I don't think)12:17
kulve'not well tested', as in "not really tested" ..12:17
Pupnikyou added it to gstreamer kulve?12:17
kulvePupnik: that include codec libs and gst plugins, if that's what you mean..12:17
kulvei.e. vorbis and theora12:18
Pupniknot tremor?12:18
kulvethat too12:18
Pupnikmaybe after testing it will get added to a main repository?12:18
kulvedunno about that. Maybe some day..12:19
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Pupnikkulve, does it change media player so it displays oggs in a directory browse?12:20
kulveit doesn't that media player12:21
kulvebut e.g. file manager shows oggs with proper icons12:21
kulveor "proper". I couldn't think of any good icon for a container which can be video or audio..12:21
kulves,that,touch, ..12:23
Pupnikthat's a very useful/important extension and i wish it would get included in the next it2007 release12:23
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Pupnikfor the n800 users who don't hang in #maemo all day :)12:23
kulvethat won't happen. It's not a big deal technically, so the reason is politic/legal/whatever. And those reasons hasn't probably changed..12:24
Pupnikhas someone threatened to sue vorbis/ogg for patent violation?12:26
kulveI don't know about those things. And I don't really care :)12:26
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zuhApparently the ogg format is _suggested_ to be using patented technology, but nobody has lift a finger to prove it (
zuhThus people like Nokia lawyers will deem it as a too much of a risk to distribute12:55
zuhAlthough (according to that wikipedia article) it's all based on the patent holders vague statement12:57
kulvenice to claim something like that and do nothing to it afterwards..12:58
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zuhWell to me it seems like that's the only way to keep the illusion up. It's open source, if they wanted to prove it, it would be easy enough as the code is available13:01
zuhOr maybe they already know and just wait for a big fish to catch it and then sue for big money13:02
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Pupnikthen this becomes relevant to this channel13:05
Pupniki'd like to take kulve's attitude and "not care"13:06
Pupnikbut ogg is a better format13:08
* zuh doesn't use the mediaplayer for music anymore, and hopefully not for videos later either13:08
Pupnikit hurts me directly, porting games, i can't use the dsp for ogg decoding of music13:09
Pupnikwell for playing music directly there are a number of solutions, including kulve's13:10
zuhtremor takes <15% of CPU so that shouldn't pose a big problem?13:10
zuhIf the game can't survive that, maybe the musics shouldn't be played then ;)13:11
Pupnikyes it does when the games run too slow as-is.  Take ur-quan masters for example.  There is over 400MB of ogg music available for it, and transcoding that to mp3 is just sick13:11
Pupnikyes computers should be for work only i agree13:12
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kulveI dont :)13:14
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Pupniki can't believe that the offhand remarks of Henri Linde, ""I would say we continue to have some thoughts that it is very likely that they are using some of the Thomson/Fraunhofer solutions in the project...But it's not part of our daily concern."  back in 2001 actually prevent nokia from supporting Ogg13:16
Pupnikif true, that's just sick13:17
zuhIt's less effort and money to play it safe than to prove it either way13:20
zuhIt's free, so probably nobody has enough interest in it to spend the money13:22
zuhBut I'm just guessing of course, for I am not anal...err IANAL.13:23
Pupnikautomake keeps adding -O2 -Wno-long-long13:40
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rambokidMDK: hi, have you released the graff code anywhere yet?13:54
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Pupnikis -Wno-long-long a performance detriment?14:02
Pupnikthis makefile keeps sticking it in there even though i don't define it in cflags14:03
Pupnikit also sticks -O2 in there though i specify -O3 in makefile's CFLAGS and environment14:03
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MDKrambokid: no, it's in very experimental shape right now and I haven't yet checked if I can do it14:13
MDKrambokid: but yes, that's the plan14:13
MDKas soon as it actually shapes up to a level of a serious proposition14:14
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X-FadeMDK: It seemed to create a lot of reactions. Positive and negative though..14:18
zuhMDK: Be careful of having the community start accusing you of secresy ;)14:19
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ignaciushi! I'm having problems installing bora 3.1 sdk14:24
MDKthe "community" here is mostly people who came from digg I guess14:24
ignaciuswhen I try to do apt-get install maemo-explicit14:24
ignaciusIt gives me a lot of problems14:25
MDKthe comments on digg went into "VISTA owns MACOSX" after 10 posts, the usual crap14:25
ignaciusmainly I think related with busybox14:25
ignaciustrying to remove bash and other packages14:26
ignaciusthe repository I have at /etc/apt/sources.list is deb bora free non-free14:27
ignaciusdoes anybody know what could be happening?14:27
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X-FadeMDK: Yeah and comments about combining the multiple efforts for a canvas..14:28
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*** dape has joined #maemo14:40 still b0rked14:42
Pupnikoh duh, it's just a -W warning14:44
X-Fadeinz: Try the test one instead ;)
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inzX-Fade, yeah, it works 'aight15:08
inzX-Fade, it's just a bit too long to type in ;)15:08
X-FadeI guess that a link will eventually appear on the frontpage ;)15:13
inzlinks be damned15:13
inzworse than a long url is not to have a direct url at all15:14
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jordiis there anyone involved in here?15:26
jordinotice the Copyright footer link is associated to the Planet Maemo post, not nokia actually15:26
*** jwb_gone is now known as jwb15:30
X-Fadejordi: Yeah, there are more issues with the footer. That has already been noted on the list..15:32
konttoriBy the way, planet doesn't seem to update correctly. Last post is a few days old in there.15:33
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bergiekonttori: yeah, something wrong with the old planet... the planet on should be operational15:58
bergiet.m.o will be m.o next week anyhow15:58
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konttoricool. thanks16:05
konttoriwill the 'old' one be replaced by the new one soon?16:06
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* Jaffa still doesn't like the speech bubble design, although prettily implemplemented, I still think it's tacky, and the posts (the most important thing on the page) take up only about 25% of the page width...16:08
Knirchbreaks like heck here :/16:15
Knirchbut I guess it's opera optimized16:15
Knirchand my 770 is at home16:15
Knirchhave to go two levels beneath normal to not get overflows16:16
konttoriwhat's the address to test planet?16:16
konttorigot it:16:16
konttorihow can we change the face icons?16:17
Pupniklooks fine to me16:18
konttorijust wondering.16:18
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tigertthat looks nice16:26
tigertkonttori: got my msgs?16:27
inzkonttori, I guess we can live with the default bearded guy, but I suppose karoliina doesn't really appreciate ;)16:28
tigertthe funny part is the bearded guy is actually me :)16:29
X-Fadekonttori: Not sure if changing your gotchi is supported yet. I guess it will be..16:29
tigertbergie: does the planet module support hackergotchis?16:29
tigertthose are pretty essential16:29
X-FadeThe info it gathered from your garage account. So I guess it needs to be added there?16:30
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bergietigert: yeah, hackergotchis would be supported but ATM we have no way for people to provide them16:48
bergieno image upload field so far in garage profile16:48
* mgedmin read that as 'garbage' for a brief moment16:49
tigertbergie: gravatar? :)16:49
tigertlets go web2.0! everything scattered around the web! ;^)16:49
bergiethat is one option... but what email addresses do people have in their garage profiles?16:49
tigertbut its a bit nasty16:49
tigertperhaps make a midgard gallery and then just link it to the planet feed properties?16:50
*** makuchaku has joined #maemo16:50
tigertie, when adding a new feed, upload an avatar and link to it in the feed setting?16:50
bergieor just an "extra account details" editor in Midgard16:51
bergieso people can upload them themselves16:51
tigertthough then it would be yet another place to edit info16:51
tigertwhich is not good16:51
tigertsince the garage is the primary editor16:52
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sussmanHi guys.  I'm running my n800 in 'red pill mode', and have the xterm working now.  My application manager repeatedly fails to install the 'ssh' app, though -- "failed to download".16:56
*** korpios has quit IRC16:56
*** pleemans has joined #maemo16:57
sussmanfrom within xterm, 'dpkg -l ssh' shows the ssh package available, but not installed.   'sudo apt-get install ssh' returns no output.16:57
sussmancan someone give me a clue about how to get an ssh client working?16:57
lardmanSeeing all the talk of umac.ko, doesn't this driver load a binary blob like the bluetooth one?16:58
lardmansussman: dropbear works16:59
sussmanI think I'm having trouble finding dropbear.16:59
sussmanis that a commandline binary to run within the shell?\16:59
sussmanor a standalone gui app?16:59
lardmancommand line16:59
sussmanmaybe I need to add a new repository to get in on OS200716:59
* sussman googles a bit more17:00
lardmanthere's a list somewhere. Equally, is dropbear not in the catalogue, or is this not working atm?17:00
sussmanI see no dropbear in the catalogue17:01
sussmanI see client and server17:01
sussmanwhat the17:01
*** booiiing has quit IRC17:01
X-Fadesussman: Maybe you should first become root with: sudo gainroot17:01
X-FadeAnd then install ssh..17:01
sussmanwhen I hit the install button, it says "conflict has occurred, cannot install"17:02
tigertwhy use dropbear when you have real openssh?17:02
lardmanlook at the installation log, perhaps ssh was installed17:02
sussman"dropbear-client conflicts with packages:  dropbear"17:02
sussmantigert: I'm willing to use *any* ssh client.17:02
sussmanfrom within xterm, 'dpkg -l ssh' shows the ssh package available, but not installed.   'sudo apt-get install ssh' returns no output.17:02
sussmanand application manager "fails to download" ssh17:02
X-Fadesussman: sudo gainroot17:03
X-Fadedo that first..17:03
X-FadeIf you have r&d mode enabled ofcourse ;)17:03
*** booiiing has joined #maemo17:03
tigertyou cannot "sudo apt-get"17:03
sussmansudo gainroot says:17:03
tigertR&D mode17:04
sussman"cal_read_black(r&_mode):  size_zero, block not found?17:04
sussmanEnable RD bode if you want to break your device17:04
sussmaner, mode17:04
sussmanI guess I'm not in R&D mode17:04
tigertthat first line is weird,17:04
lardmanignore the warning17:04
tigertbut you are not, if you havent set it yourself17:04
sussmanI need to go to r&d mode to apt-get install ssh?17:04
X-FadeTo use apt-get yes..17:05
sussmansomething seems a bit odd.  why does application manager fail to download ssh?17:05
X-Fadesussman: It is only for user apps..17:05
sussmanand apparently, I already have a 'dropbear' package installed, that's preventing me from intsalling "dropbear-client", yet 'ssh' is command not found17:05
sussmanX-Fade: ah, ok.17:05
X-FadeYou are trying to install a development package..17:06
lardmanBut one can install other non-user apps without being in R&D mode17:06
lardmane.g. python17:06
sussmanyeah, I have python installed.  works fine.17:06
inzsuss, try dbclient instead of ssh17:06
X-Fadesussman: Are you using the bora repository?17:06
lardmanwhat is it about ssh that stops it being installed without r&d mode?17:06
Okkosussman: are you trying to install ssh client or server?17:07
sussmanaha, dbclient appears to be an ssh client!17:07
sussmanit runs17:07
sussmanOkko: just a clien17:07
inzsuss, now you have both!17:07
Okkosussman: dropbear-client should be available in app manager and install just fine17:07
gla55that you got ssh doesn't mean it would be in path17:07
sp3000what's that, windows :P17:07
gla55at least previously it didn't get installed so17:07
sussmanok, so apparently I had installed package 'dropbear' a week ago, and didn't know how to run it.  :-).   'dbclient' seems to be working... I think17:08
* sussman waits17:08
* sussman wonders if tigert is the Famous Artist by the same name17:09
* sp3000 has never had any issues with the openssh package, go figure (well, except the way it fails when appman isn't set to show all packages is unhelpful)17:09
pyhimysdoes the openssh install allways the server aswell?17:09
sussmansp3000: I only see 'ssh' in the application manager;  maybe my repository target is messed up.  it just says "failed to download"17:09
*** konttori has quit IRC17:11
* sp3000 generally uses the dead-easy tap on the big green arrow method of installation17:12
sussmanyeah, I'd prefer that.  :-)17:12
sussmanhas anyone ported emacs to maemo?17:12
* sussman dodges tomatoes17:12
derfHmm, oprofile support for ARM in
Tak|workthere's zile17:15
pyhimysWhat! There is no ed!17:15
sp3000hm, uninstall + install of ssh worked fine17:16
sussmandbclient seems to be worknig for me.17:16
sp3000but then it doesn't exactly do much wrt repo conf at that point17:16
sussmanthough true openssh would give me warm fuzzies17:16
sp3000anything besides failed to download in the appman log?17:17
sussmanaha, this time it got farther17:17
sussmanappman downloaded 'ssh' package, gave me a status bar showing it being installed17:17
sussmanthen popped up a useless box saying 'failed to install'17:18
sussmanwhere's the log?17:18
sp3000-> tools -> log17:18
sussmanunpacknig ssh...17:19
sussmandpkg died, trying to overwrite /usr/bin/scp, which is owned by dropbear17:19
* sussman kills the bear17:19
sp3000yay for distributed repos without conflict sync :)17:20
timelesswhat's conflict sync?17:20
sussmanmy fantasy is to port an svn client to maemo.  but I'd have to get APR ported first.  :-/17:20
sp3000well, having useful conflicts17:21
mgedminsvn +117:21
timelesssp3000: i think adding conflicts is easy17:21
Veggensvn should be easy enough to compile?17:21
timelesssvn should just work17:21
sussmansvn depends on APR, which is a big portability library17:21
sussmansvn and apr are both ansi C thouh17:21
sussmanapr should just view the OS as linux, I assume17:21
timelessi find that hard to believe17:21
sp3000sussman: don't forget to change the root pw after installing ssh :)17:22
Tak|workheh, big difference between C99 and ansi17:22
sussmansp3000: openssh installs an sshd??17:22
sussmanTak|work: yeah, sorry.  I'm living in the past17:22
sussmanwhat's the standard way to port tools to maemo?  just run a gcc-cross-compiler on a normal linux box?17:23
Tak|workno worries; everybody hates C99 anyway :-P17:23
sussmanfor ARM?17:23
timelesssussman: who needs standards?17:23
timelessmost people use scratchbox w/ qemu17:23
timelessand code sourcery crosso compiler17:23
sussmantigert: I sit next to jon trowbridge at work.  he says he knows you.  :-)17:23
* sussman wants his emacs17:24
tigertsussman: say hi to him :)17:25
tigertyeah, he does17:25
sussmanjeremy alison is also on my team now.17:26
tigertjon: I remember the word "parakeet" now :)17:27
sussmantigert: jon isn't here yet.  :)17:29
*** KevinVerma has joined #maemo17:30
sussmanif I can get svn ported, then I can do python development work on the road.17:30
sussmanthough maybe a bluetooth keyboard would help.17:30
tigertsussman: ok :)17:36
sussmanok, so it looks like if I use scratchbox, I should be able to compile apr/neon/subversion17:39
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo17:45
*** korpios has joined #maemo17:47
*** rambokid is now known as rkaway17:48
*** eniac_petrov has joined #maemo17:48
*** slomo has joined #maemo17:49
*** jpetersen_ has joined #maemo17:55
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone17:55
*** bergie has quit IRC17:56
sussmando people recommend specific bluetooth keyboards?17:57
gla55stowaway sierra17:58
gla55because it has the numbers row too17:58
Robot101thinkoutside ones are nice too18:01
gla55stowaways are thinkoutsides18:01
Pupnikderf, good news18:01
Robot101oh right :D18:01
gla55i got the one without the numbers row18:01
Robot101they have an ubertiny one without numbers, and a magical 3-fold one that has numbers too18:01
gla55and it's superb18:02
gla55but.. it lacks the numbers row which makes it crappier for terminal usage18:02
sussmanwhat the... the stowaway is listed sometimes for $85, sometimes for $12518:02
sussmanthat's a big delta18:02
gla55for irc etc etc it sucks if you lack that extra row18:02
gla55yeah.. buying direct from them is expensive18:02
gla55amazon etc got it usually for good price18:02
*** zwnj has joined #maemo18:04
Pupnikthe small bt stowaway is fine for chat and email, but painful for shell, coding etc18:04
sussmanPupnik: oh?  why?18:05
Robot101you need punctuation too often18:05
gla55pupnik: yeah18:05
gla55sussman: you need the full kb'ness when coding , shell or etc18:06
gla55the extra row really helps..18:06
sussmanso the the original stowaway has no number row, but the stowaway 'sierra' has the number row?18:06
* sussman reads more articles about it18:07
gla55and if you use extra kb with 770/800 you probably want the full pc experience instead of just typing text for some chat18:08
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC18:09
maddler\/wg 2118:10
*** jpetersen has quit IRC18:11
*** greentux has quit IRC18:11
*** booiiing has quit IRC18:13
*** booiiing has joined #maemo18:15
*** Knirch has quit IRC18:20
*** Knirch has joined #maemo18:24
sussmanhm, that looks like the sierra, but the description doesn't say 'sierra'18:28
gla55yeah it looks like it..18:30
*** cworth has joined #maemo18:31
gla55that's amazon for it, 85$18:31
* cworth puts his n800 into a tight reboot loop by flashing Maemo_Dev_Platform_v3.1_armel-rootfs.jffs2 . :-(18:33
bill20r3 :-(18:35
tkothat's bad...18:36
cworthAnd reflashing the non-developer Fiasco image has now put it into a tighter reboot loop...18:37
cworth(Before I'd get "NOKIA" then "SDK" and the scrollbar would progress about half way. Now I just get "NOKIA" flashing up for a few seconds.)18:38
X-Fadecworth: Is it possible that your battery is now close to empty?18:39
cworthX-Fade: It's plugged into the wall, so...18:40
X-FadeIt shuts itself down if it is low on power..18:40
kabtoffeHas anyone else noticed how well the Nokia N800 is suited for screen + irssi use?18:40
X-Fadecworth: It is only able to charge when it boots :)18:40
Tak|workI use xchat + dircproxy18:40
cworthX-Fade: That's... uhm... :-(18:40
kabtoffeEspecially with a bluetooth keyboard.18:40
cworthX-Fade: Previously it had been plugged in and unattended for many days, (and I think it had been booted that whole time, but I can't be totally sure I guess).18:41
*** greentux has joined #maemo18:41
X-Fadecworth: Problem is that booting uses a lot of energy. I'm not sure if it can recharge at the same rate..18:44
*** pleemans has quit IRC18:50
kabtoffeSomeone should make an irssi-toolbar for the x-terminal.18:50
bill20r3I wish the n800 didn't turn on when it's done charging.18:51
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC18:54
*** zwnj has quit IRC18:55
*** zwnj has joined #maemo18:56
*** RpJ has quit IRC18:57
derfbill20r3: What? Mine doesn't do that.18:58
bill20r3when I leave it on charge, it's on the next day.18:59
*** zwnj has quit IRC19:14
*** zwnj has joined #maemo19:14
Pupniknew version of Exult Ultima 7 remake up at  Fixes: config issues, install directories, savefile name generation, dsp mp3 playback handling19:15
Pupniki'm really curious to hear how it runs on an n80019:15
*** fuelfive has joined #maemo19:17
bill20r3I could try, if'n I had the "data from the original DOS game"19:17
fuelfivehow come my iwconfig link quality always reads something nonsensical, like "43/0"?19:17
sussmanPupnik: it's a ... game?19:18
*** ocnarfid has joined #maemo19:24
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC19:35
*** bipolar has joined #maemo19:35
jku__pupnik: are you serious? Is Exult playable?19:37
*** koen has joined #maemo19:38
gla55dunno why shouldnt it?19:39
gla55exult was playable on a zaurus after all19:39
jku__I just read the release notes and it does look pretty good...19:40
*** ajturner has quit IRC19:40
*** ajturner has joined #maemo19:40
*** greentux has quit IRC19:40
Pupniki've been playtesting for several hours now, and it's real fun :)19:41
jku__gla55, I didn't mean it couldn't run on the hardware, I was wondering about the UI, music, etc.19:41
Pupniki converted music to mp3 for gstreamer playback.  Ui is workable now, but not yet optimal19:41
jku__Pupnik, you may well be responsible for a failure on my exams on monday...19:41
PupnikYou gotta see it - it's beyuutiful.19:42
gla55fellowship must die19:42
gla55i've lost my ultima 7 cloth map tho :<19:43
jku__I believe you U7 was amazing when it came out and it's still pretty nice...19:43
jku__gla55: why, they seem like such nice guys? :)19:43
* Pupnik still has his U4 and u5 maps :D19:43
*** ocnarfid has quit IRC19:43
*** behanw has joined #maemo19:44
jku__I'll have to dig my Black Gate from a backup somewhere19:44
PupnikI mapped the top-row buttons to shortcuts: combat, eat, and map19:44
jku__or is it easier to find on the net?19:44
behanwI'm having issues with the scratchbox install for the maemo dev environment19:44
behanwAny ideas why DNS lookups would fail inside scratchbox?19:45
behanwresolv.conf and nsswitch.conf are both correct.19:45
koen /etc/resolv.conf19:45
behanwIt's fine.19:45
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo19:45
behanwWhen I run apt-get under strace, there are no nss lookups at all.19:45
behanwIt's like it's not even looking at nsswitch.conf (and therfore not at resolv.conf)19:46
behanwI'm stumped.19:46
mgedminbehanw: /scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf19:46
mgedminand /scratchbox/etc/nsswitch.conf19:46
* sussman downloads exult770 to his n80019:46
behanwThose ones.19:46
mgedminmention of mdns in nsswitch.conf breaks DNS lookups for all Ubuntu Feisty users19:47
behanwThey are /etc/nss.. and /etc/resolve.conf when in scratchbox right?19:47
behanwNo mdns in nsswitch.conf.19:47
behanwAlready checked that.19:47
behanwThis is very annoying. :(19:47
jku__behanw, they're not the same19:48
jku__/etc/* in scratchbox and /scrartchbox/etc/*19:48
jku__check /etc/scratchbox/nsswitch.conf19:49
jku__my hosts-line is19:50
behanwThank you mgedmin and jku__19:50
jku__hosts:          files dns19:50
behanwThat's the issue.19:50
behanwI knew somebody here would have the answer...19:50
behanwThanks guys.19:50
mgedminit's a faq19:51
mgedminshame there's no faq list someone could update with this answer...19:51
behanwmgedmin: I checked the forums and such, but I wasn't checking the right files....19:51
behanwHow about the wiki?19:51
mgedminyes, that's tricky19:51
sussmanPupnik: hey, I need to find the original DOS game to try it out?  to get the original data?19:51
mgedminis the wiki editable now?19:52
mgedminwas the migration to competed?19:52
behanwI assumed it was.19:52
mgedminI missed the announcement19:52
behanwIs it not?19:52
behanwWikis to me are editable. :)19:52
mgedminthe old wiki was made read-only a month or two ago19:52
mgedminbecause someone was working on migrating the data to the new site19:52
behanwI'm new to maemo as of a few weeks.19:52
behanwBeen drooling over it, and finally made the plunge.19:53
behanwI'm very impressed with the N800 I bought.19:53
behanwThat's why I'm keen to get the dev env working.19:53
Pupniksussman: yes19:53
* Pupnik lives daily with n800 envy19:54
*** nhdezoito has joined #maemo19:55
behanwI am also very impressed that it uses dpkg/apt-get.19:55
behanwNow it's only my cell which doesn't run a Debian derivative. ;)19:55
Pupnikbut i'm not upgrading.  I can make things run acceptably fast on the 77019:55
behanwebay the 770 and by a n800 :)19:56
behanwDoes the 770 have an IR port?19:56
*** sussman has quit IRC19:56
behanwCurious.  I thought I saw a universal remote app somewhere for the 77019:57
behanwI wondered.19:57
*** sussman has joined #maemo19:57
*** sabotage_afk is now known as sabotage19:59
*** nhdezoito is now known as nhdezoito_adrian20:00
behanwExcellent.  The maemo install worked this time.  Thanks for the help.20:00
* Pupnik needs to figure out how to use the virtual keyboard from an SDL app 20:03
Pupnikif you find issues/bugs with exult, please drop me a message, or post here
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo20:06
*** Guardian has quit IRC20:06
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo20:06
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:10
*** ssvb has joined #maemo20:11
*** herzi has quit IRC20:17
*** nhdezoito_adrian is now known as test20:17
*** test is now known as nhdezoito_adrian20:17
*** nhdezoito_adrian is now known as test20:18
*** test is now known as nhdezoito_adrian20:18
*** nhdezoito_adrian is now known as test20:18
*** test is now known as nhdezoito_adrian20:18
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*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo20:20
Pupnikhello ssvb20:21
*** obergix[work] has quit IRC20:22
*** czr has joined #maemo20:22
ssvbPupnik: hello20:24
adoyleis there some way to make the 770flasher on Mac OS X enable R&D mode?20:24
Pupnikwhat are you working on nowadays ssvb?20:25
Pupnikadoyle: don't know, what does the documentation say?20:25
adoyledocumentation? :)20:25
adoyleI'm asking because I realize I can still use 'becomeroot' from on the N8800 but worry about whether that's the right thing to do20:26
Pupnikwhat do you want r&d mode for?20:27
adoyleto 'sudo gainroot'20:28
Pupnikoh, i just ssh to root for that20:28
adoylewell, I used to do that, but then I discovered the sudo gainroot thing... I guess I'll go back to the ssh route20:28
ssvbPupnik: I'm going to make an optimized YV12->YUV420 convertor and try using it on Nokia 770 (instead of YV12->YUY2) to accelerate video output a bit20:30
*** dape has quit IRC20:30
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:31
Pupnikinteresting stuff.   i guess transferring to YUV420 allows omap to accelerate rendering to framebuffer20:35
*** konttori has joined #maemo20:38
tigertremember, when you install ssh, to change your root password20:39
tigertsince it installs sshd also20:39
*** sp3000 has quit IRC20:39
adoyletigert - definitely!20:40
*** bergie has joined #maemo20:43
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:50
*** ignacius has quit IRC20:53
*** sussman has quit IRC20:54
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo21:00
Pupnikheh, how apropos.  The Guardian is the final villain of the Ultima series of computer role playing games. He is also the series' most frequently recurring villain, being the only character to feature as the main villain in more than one game.21:04
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo21:04
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo21:04
* mgedmin remembers playing Ultima IV for hours...21:08
Pupnikmgedmin :)
mgedminhow do you type text? :)21:09
behanwPupnik: this is seriously cool21:09
Pupnikbt keybd :)21:09
behanwTalk about memories.21:09
behanwAnd I thought lxdoom on this platform was retro.21:09
Pupnikheh i just compiled akalabeth (ultima1) and tested it on the 77021:10
Pupnikcan't get much older than that :D21:10
*** bipolar has quit IRC21:10
derfHow about Doom in Javascript?
behanwHow about pong? ;)21:10
Tak|workthe guardian was cool in ultima underworld 221:12
Pupnikthe UW games were surprisingly good despite the crude 3d21:13
Tak|workespecially #2 - it was amazing for my 48621:13
Pupniki just played em recently.  good plots21:15
Tak|workwell...the plot for #1 was iffy IMO21:16
*** Guard][an has quit IRC21:17
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC21:17
Pupnikyeah two sticks in my recollection better... though i never finished due to a plot bug21:17
Tak|workplot bug?21:17
Pupniki don't recall the details TBH..  some conversation point refused to turn up21:18
*** behdad has joined #maemo21:19
Pupnikpuzzles, adventures, RPGs... games i think fit well with the nokias21:20
gla55uw1 and 2 were great21:20
gla55system shock of course too21:21
gla55though in both of them you could fuck up the game by losing some stuff21:21
mgedminan npc once blocked my path and I was stuck in a corner of a room somewhere in ultima vii21:22
mgedminthat was annoying21:22
Pupnikthey did that in older ones too, sometimes.21:24
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo21:24
Pupnikthat doom in javascript is pretty amazing21:28
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:29
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo21:30
behanwAre there a libmysqlclient dev libraries already packaged?21:31
behanwfor maemo that is?  Anyone?21:32
Pupnikdon't see one but here's a howto
behanwThanks.  I was just looking at rebuilding the debian version of mysqlclient for maemo.21:35
behanwThe gmyth project has a package, but no dev package.21:35
maddlerevening all...21:36
*** fuelfive has quit IRC21:37
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo21:40
TimRikerI have a n800 that says "Not Charging" whenever I plug the power into it.21:44
TimRikerany fixes to get around that?21:44
TimRikerthe same battery and charger will charge in another unit. this one just runs the battery down to nothing and then dies. pluggig in the charger shows the same "! not charging"21:45
TimRikerbad unit?21:45
Pupniksounds like it21:46
*** behdad has quit IRC22:00
TimRikeralso, I can't get the flasher to see my devices. using flasher-3.0 on kernel 2.6.20 under debian unstable with or without the path fix. strace on the patcher shows that it does get notified of the new usb connection, but it still does not report that it sees the device.22:07
TimRiker(note: trying this on a different n800, that works fine)22:08
*** dolske has quit IRC22:13
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:19
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo22:20
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo22:22
*** greentux has quit IRC22:49
*** greentux has joined #maemo22:50
*** Sulis has joined #maemo22:52
*** dolske has joined #maemo22:53
*** wasabi_ has quit IRC22:54
*** Vudentz has quit IRC22:55
*** myren__ is now known as myren_23:03
*** fuelfive has joined #maemo23:06
*** pleemans has joined #maemo23:09
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo23:14
*** sussman has joined #maemo23:17
*** sussman has quit IRC23:21
*** fer_ has joined #maemo23:24
*** kpel has joined #maemo23:24
*** luizirber has joined #maemo23:27
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:31
*** fer_ has quit IRC23:41
*** pdz- has joined #maemo23:41
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*** pdz-_ has joined #maemo23:52
*** pdz has quit IRC23:54
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