IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2007-04-25

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SchAmanehi, anybody knows whats channel is for gtk-webcore ?01:41
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florianSchAmane: I'm not sure if there is one, but we had some discussions about it in #gpe. Kompo is its master there...01:50
SchAmaneflorian, oh, thanks, i found #webkit channel01:51
florianah good to know01:52
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unique311n800 use alsa sound ?driver02:03
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polpakanyone here had any luck w/ gstreamer and playing videos? I cannot get it working02:21
polpakin my app02:21
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po9hi. Is anyone having a problem convert videos in ubuntu feisty?02:28
po9I have a problem with the audio, all I hear is this high pitched sound. Any advice would be helpful02:29
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anthmhi, Does anyone know if there is anything special required to make portaudio see the sound device on the n800?03:09
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fdsdhey guys, what is the new Gnome mobile interface announcement all about?05:51
fdsdwill it work on my nokia 770/n800?05:51
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zuhfdsd: It is already on the tablets :) GMAE is for coordination of the effort that has been happening all over.09:44
jku__fdsd, not interface, initiative.09:54
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fdsdjku__, zuh, what does that mean for us 770/n800 owners?10:02
jku__Hopefully better software... but probably nothing that we can point to and say "this is GMAE stff"10:05
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zuhIf you look at the GMAE platform chart, nothing shown there is missing from the tablets (few of those are not by default, but can be installed)10:11
zuhSo it's not like this would be inventing something new10:11
zuhIt's just coordination and a sort of endorsment that "yes, we do want GNOME tech on embedded devices"10:11
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floriangood morning11:37
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AD-N770good morning11:48
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edinburgermorning guys anyone here use btscanner on an n800?12:54
JaffaMorning, all13:03
edinburgerhi Jaffa13:03
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kkitotomorroy i go to finland :P13:22
glassit's raining here :<13:22
glass(tampere, finland)13:22
dpb_not in helsinki13:22
dpb_cloudy though13:22
kkitoi expect that i can use the n800 anywhere in finland :)13:24
kkitoare there good wifi coverage?13:25
glassnot really outside of helsinki..13:25
glassbars etc have it sometimes13:25
kkitowell it is better than in spain for sure13:26
glasswlans tend to be closed13:27
inzIf you have Hesburger bonus card, you get 10 minutes/day free in (some) hesburgers! ;)13:31
kkitowell if there are enough traffic and if it is wep, then... :P13:31
kkitohesburgers? iit is something like a burger king?13:32
kkitobut mad ein finland?13:32
glasstheir wifi pricing is idiotic13:32
inzkkito, they do have some restaurants in Estonia too, and one mandatory in Hamburg13:33
kkitoi'll visit estonia too13:33
kkitoi dont know if we will go to tampere, because we have some "personal problems"13:34
glassbest places to look for sensible wifi are bars and such13:35
inzSomeone is from turku?13:35
Toniwe have heard rumours that people actually live there13:38
inzToni, in turku?13:39
kkitoglass, do you study on the tampere university?13:39
glasswell, "study"13:39
Toniinz: yeah, but there's no scientific study about it ;)13:39
glasscompleted one course this year..13:40
inzToni, yeah, I concider it a myth...13:40
kkitoglass, i know a boy that is actually doing an erasmus on that university13:40
kkitoa "man"13:41
glassi'm at tech university13:41
kkitohe is 27 years old i think13:41
glassnot at the 'normal' university that is downtown13:41
inzglass, how many cu was the course?13:41
glass2 i think13:41
glassi've been mostly just working13:41
inzglass, a-ha, beat you by three cu!-)13:42
glassi suck at being motivated for studying random courses that have little or no impact on my future work (or are that intresting)13:42
glassi also like spending money :<13:43
inzI tend to lose my motivation if the courses are too easy, hard, slow paced or fast paced... ;)13:43
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inzglass, and I, too, prefer to get paid ;)13:48
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zuhI tended not to have motivation regardless of the content or pace of courses (thank god I'm graduated already)13:48
glassyou had motivation if you graduated13:48
glasstoo bad one can't get study creds from forumo nokia tech days etc13:49
glassi can't type today :<13:49
inzglass, tomorrow will be a lecture on maemo (mobile linux) at TUT13:50
glassknow where / when? dunno if i can make it though13:50
glasson the mobile programming course?13:50
Veggenzuh: I've decided that my next class of *any* type should have no work relevance whatsoever, and be done *just* because I want it.13:51
inzglass, Mobile programming, TB109/12-1513:51
VeggenWithout any pressure.13:51
Veggenzuh: Maybe another language.13:51
glassi got some friends on that course now13:51
glasspoor souls beating their head on symbian13:52
Veggenok. I can accept work related courses, but not linked to certifications. I've so far avoided that :)13:52
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edinburgerhi guys anyone know how to set up btscanner or kismet on n80013:57
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inzglass, I've failed the course already... :/14:01
inzglass, mostly due to the fact that I hate symbian...14:01
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inzglass, you could've made second assignment on maemo, but the symbina s**t is still must. :(14:02
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glassinz: symbian shit doesn't go deep enough even of to be much use14:07
glasson that course14:07
glassyou just get the starting pains14:07
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inzglass, I wish my name ended in an L, so I could just Leave... ;P14:21
inz(<humor type="bad/x-symbian">)14:22
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glassinz: if you'd dig deeper you'd find some of the built in functions that don't have L might leave just as well14:25
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inzglass, and I'm supposed to be surprised, because?-)14:27
glassbecause all the sdk's and such are of such high quality!14:28
inzAhh... Of course ;)14:28
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* Pupnik tries to get sdl ogg playback working15:56
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Pupnik"I've been working very hard to kill XSP" heh heh.  i just wish Xsp didn't try to be smart16:17
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* bhima needs to figure out an appropriate way to get two maemo devices online with one phone.16:32
bhima(in a car, so a wifi AP is probably going to be around)16:33
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Pupniki get bad terminal control characters when ssh-ing into dropbear17:11
Pupnikusing vi becomes an adventure - need to ctrl-l frequently to see what i'm doind17:11
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dragornin general, or bad decoding of escape sequences17:18
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dragorni've seen so much stupid of decoding arrow sequences and such I just use hjkl now17:18
mgedminI always thought the busybox vi that comes with maemo was buggy17:19
mgedminI have no problems with vim 717:19
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spaetzthe supplied vi seems to be buggy, yea17:29
spaetzthe screen often gets f*cked up when scrolling and stuff17:29
anthmhi, does anyone know where a strace binary would be for n800 before I go compile it?17:35
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ticapix_hi. Is there a way to cross-compile C/C++ code for maemo under windows ?17:37
anthmok nm apt-get install strace =D17:38
anthmticapix_, downlaod free vmware and that vmware image of a linux box with all the stuff installed already?17:39
ticapix_anthm: this is an option. It these a way to do it with cygwin ?17:40
c0ffeenah, it won't work with cygwin17:41
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Pupnikthanks for the feedback mgedmin i'll install vim17:57
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ticapix_anthm: c0ffee , is it possible to use colinux to build maemo apps ?18:04
dragornyou'd be better off getting vmware18:04
dragornwhich is now free18:04
dragorn(for the version that'll do what you need, anyhow)18:04
dragornand then installing ubuntu18:04
c0ffeewhatever colinux is18:04
dragornc0ffee: It's a weird driver hack to wedge a kernel into ring0 in windows18:05
dragornc0ffee: in theory it's running a "real linux" then, but I've never used it, and it's pretty funky18:05
dragornit'd be quicker than vmware, probably, but my $0.02 is take the performance hit and run it in vmware, the stuff you're compiling isn't that large18:05
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c0ffeesounds very painful18:07
dragornc0ffee: Think of it like a bastard xen18:07
dragornc0ffee: Only way more hackish18:07
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bergieanyone else having problems with garage SVN?18:12
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Pupniknobody's done a dsp/gstreamer ogg decoder yet?19:24
derfI thought there was a package for a Vorbis one, but I couldn't get it to work.19:26
*** myren_ has quit IRC19:26
Pupnikmplayer ogg playback (libvorbis) taking 7-10% cpu on 770 with 2ch 22050Hz ogg files19:30
Pupnikmp3 playback with dsp very little :)19:30
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* k-s[WORK] is away: lunch19:40
*** k-s[WORK] is now known as ks-[AWAY_WORK]19:41
Pupnikogg is so much nicer19:42
cecilpity it isn't support out the box19:44
cecilthere is no excuse for it not to be either19:44
cecilhopfully Nokia will address this in future releases19:44
derfI think they are waiting for the open source community to do it for them.19:45
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Pupniki used to have a NeXTstation that used a TI dsp19:47
Pupniksomeone made a fractal viewer using it19:47
bill20r3calculated fractals using the DSP?19:48
bill20r3I had a mono slab, it was not fast.19:48
Pupniki think mine was 24mhz19:49
bill20r3same, I think the "turbo" one was 33mhz, and the others were 25mhz.19:49
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Pupnikyeah it had a lot of work to do.  but that eps postscript was pretty fast given what it had to do19:54
Pupnikthing had fast dma etc.  i used to do some screensavers in eps19:55
MDKhmm, anyone recalls what's the non-breaking PKG_CHECK_MODULES equiv?19:55
MDKtko to the rescue...19:55
MDKerr, I mean a macro that does the check and conditionally does something (or not)19:56
inzJust give it more parameters ;)19:57
MDKPKG_CHECK_MODULES(GTK, gtk, do_something, do_something_else) ?19:57
*** Pooh22 has quit IRC19:58
inzfor example: PKG_CHECK_MODULES(HILDON, hildon-1, HILDON=1, [PKG_CHECK_MODULES(HILDON, hildon-libs)])19:59
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:59
inz(I think it should work ;)19:59
*** pleemans has quit IRC19:59
tkocommon autoconf pattern.. FOO(check_something, action_if_success, action_if_failed)19:59
*** Phoenigore is now known as PHoeNiGoRe20:00
*** noahj has joined #maemo20:04
MDKyeah, I'm actually building a more complex pattern20:04
noahjHi, does anyone have bluetooth working on hacker edition?20:04
MDKwhere package can be build with several --with options depending on various libs20:04
MDKand the --with options override auto-detected settings20:05
MDKapparently, I even managed to get it working20:05
noahj(bluetooth devices, specifically; I'ven't really tried anything besides attempting to install the OS 2006 applet, it pretended to work fine and then didn't.)20:06
noahj(of course.)20:06
*** KevinVerma has quit IRC20:08
MDKhere is the snippet if someone is interested:
MDKin this case the package will be build with conditional cairo support if available20:10
MDKstill you can override it with --with-cairo=no to disable it20:11
MDKbut if you specify --with-cairo=yes, and it's not available, it'll nicely break20:11
MDKit can be simiplified prolly20:11
MDKbut I guess having two autotools wizards in one office might turn out violently20:11
MDKso I'll leave the plasure of being the one to tko ;)20:12
*** eeejay has quit IRC20:12
*** eeejay has joined #maemo20:12
*** Daelus has quit IRC20:13
anthmare any of the pcmX devices free at normal runtime20:13
*** booiiing has quit IRC20:14
*** booiiing has joined #maemo20:15
*** dpb__ is now known as dpb20:17
*** koen|gprs has joined #maemo20:19
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* ks-[AWAY_WORK] is back.20:34
*** ks-[AWAY_WORK] is now known as k-s[WORK]20:34
*** chenca has joined #maemo20:35
*** pleemans has quit IRC20:36
*** pleemans has joined #maemo20:36
*** konttori has joined #maemo20:37
tkoMDK: :)20:38
tkoMDK: AC_ARG_WITH(foo) implicitly defines $with_foo so you wouldn't need to check withval yourself20:39
tkoMDK: gtk has lots of optional things if you want to copy something :)20:41
*** PHoeNiGoRe is now known as Phoenigore20:45
MDKI usually copy from gstreamer20:47
*** mgedmin has quit IRC20:47
tkoheh.. I'd like to have someone who really knows auto-fu appoint one project for good source to copy stuff20:48
Pupnik770 survives drop onto concrete.  film at 1120:49
tkoor maybe even document how the thing is supposed to be used20:49
tkoI had to drop my nokia phone to floor several times before it cracked even a bit :)20:50
derfI keep telling myself, "It has no moving parts."20:50
*** lsobral has quit IRC20:50
Pupnikheh, don't have tac?  sed -n -e '1! G $ p h' filename  will reverse a text file20:51
MDKa standard element of nokia hardware tests these days is running the hw over with a hummer20:52
MDKthan it has to survive 2h mud fighting20:52
tkoPupnik: been reading sed oneliners lately?20:52
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:52
MDKthan a special elephant named "nokii" throws it to the air with his trumpet20:52
MDKthis is where the quality comes from20:52
bill20r3that's where the magic happens.20:53
*** koen|gprs is now known as koen20:53
tko -- uhh...20:54
*** Daelus has joined #maemo20:55
Pupnikreading blog - looks like he got xrandr and rotated mode running20:56
inzPup, yeah, that's from IT2005 days...20:57
bill20r3I accidentally left my N800 on overnight, and it still had 2 bars of battery this morning.20:57
inzIs that good or bad?20:58
*** lsobral has joined #maemo20:58
*** pleemans has quit IRC20:58
tkoit is20:59
PupnikThe XSP support in the Xomap server is broken, which causes the server falsely to report that the DSP area has been overrun. This causes unwanted pauses to the video playback. So, we need to patch and recompile the X-server. The required changes are provided as patch [WWW] #531. After recompilation, copy the new server binary over the old one.20:59
*** Daelus has quit IRC21:00
*** wasabi has quit IRC21:00
bill20r3it's good.21:03
*** krau has joined #maemo21:03
*** mproctor has joined #maemo21:05
*** mproctor has left #maemo21:06
*** bmidgley has joined #maemo21:07
Pupnikur-quan masters really needs 15 fps to be playable in combat21:07
*** pleemans has joined #maemo21:13
*** shackan has joined #maemo21:13
*** Phoenigore is now known as PHoeNiGoRe21:16
*** PHoeNiGoRe is now known as Phoenigore21:16
*** booiiing has quit IRC21:19
Pupnikapparently gprof gives inaccurate results, i need to compile an oprofile kernel21:19
*** MikeJ_ has joined #maemo21:19
Pupnikor does anyone have one made for it2006?21:19
MikeJ_anyone around know how to use sound device via alsa or oss on the n800?21:19
*** booiiing has joined #maemo21:20
*** Phoenigore is now known as PHoeNiGoRe21:22
inzMikeJ, I guess you should use gstreamer or esd21:24
*** PHoeNiGoRe is now known as Phoenigore21:25
MikeJ_we have a bunch of stuff already written that uses alsa or oss... was hoping there was a way to do it without having to write a bunch of code..21:28
MikeJ_I had indications that you could use alsa to talk to esd21:29
MikeJ_but no clear info21:29
Robot101MikeJ_: was talking with anthm about this in msg, my guess is that portaudio is using alsa in such a way that it won't end up using the alsa<->dsp plugin21:33
*** ccjoe has quit IRC21:33
MikeJ_hmm.. how can we tell?21:35
*** Chelli has joined #maemo21:36
*** VRe has quit IRC21:36
*** Phoenigore is now known as PHoeNiGoRe21:37
*** VRe has joined #maemo21:37
*** Tak|work has joined #maemo21:38
*** Chelli has quit IRC21:38
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo21:39
* Pupnik has only partial success with a low-cpu usage timidity21:40
Robot101MikeJ_: well, gst-launch foo ! alsasink works as expected21:41
*** ccjoe has joined #maemo21:41
Robot101MikeJ_: as in, it loads and uses the pcm.default plugin, so talks to the dsp21:41
MikeJ_yeah.. aplay is working..21:41
PupnikRobot101: does gst-launch foo.mp3 use the dspsink?21:41
MikeJ_looks like portaudio need mmap support... or it won't work21:41
MikeJ_on alsa...21:41
Robot101Pupnik: you need to specify the pipeline for gst-launch21:42
MikeJ_playing with combinations now to see if we can get any to work.21:42
Pupniki see no gst-launch in my path - is there a package for it/21:42
Robot101Pupnik: so gst-launch filesrc location="foo" ! dspmp3sink will play MP3 out through the DSP21:42
*** lmoura has quit IRC21:42
MikeJ_does alsa on the n800 support n800 emulation?21:43
MikeJ_oss emulation21:43
Pupnikthanks Robot101 i am searching web for gst-launch but not found it yet21:43
Robot101Pupnik: look for a gstreamer0.10-tools package21:43
Robot101MikeJ_: it won't, no. because the alsa API is implemented userland with the dsp plugin21:43
Robot101MikeJ_: and you need to be in kernel land to do a good impression of OSS. the LD_PRELOAD wrappers never support mmap.21:44
MikeJ_is the user space alsa code oss?21:44
Robot101hm? no. it's an implementation of the alsa device API in a plugin that libasound uses.21:45
Robot101but it's a device that won't support mmap21:45
MikeJ_I really don't want to have to write somthing custom to talk to the dsps//21:45
anthmthere is an mmap_emulation option i saw21:45
Robot101if it's just mmap, making a codepath in portaudio's alsa backend to work without mmap will do it21:46
* Tak|work has had the best luck with esd21:46
MikeJ_Tak|work, was that an offer to write an esd implementation for portaudio ?21:46
Robot101but you should try and work out if that's exactly why portaudio's not liking the alsa plugin21:47
Robot101esound is a crapfest, and gives you no way to read in audio, I'd avoid it if possible21:47
anthmit starts by ignoring any with no mmap21:49
anthmi can get past that with the mmap_emulation true thing21:49
anthmin the alsa.conf21:49
anthmbut then it fails to open it21:49
anthmi'm gonna try to see how aplay can do it but pa cant21:50
Pupnikanybody know a way to get multiple streams of mp3 decoded by gstreamer?21:56
*** PHoeNiGoRe is now known as Phoenigore21:57
*** florian has quit IRC21:59
*** osfamero1 is now known as osfameron22:02
Robot101Pupnik: it will be hard on the device, there's only a hardware MP3 decoder, not a software one22:03
Pupnikok music will be mp3 and speech will be ogg+libvorbisidec -> sdl mixer22:05
Pupnikthat is working fairly well right now22:06
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo22:06
Robot101if you play one thing via esound you can use gstreamer to play MP3 via the DSP22:06
*** _follower_ has quit IRC22:09
*** ajturner_ has joined #maemo22:16
*** felipec has joined #maemo22:17
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keesjhmm This is the Postfix program at host
keesjI don't like the sound of this :p22:21
*** k-s[WORK] has quit IRC22:28
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