IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2007-04-24

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Pupnikhacked Exult to do do running movement with single stylus tap00:15
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Pupnikbroke picking up items tho00:36
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Pupniklooks like the sdl mixer has ogg ?00:58
Pupnikvoid OGG_play(OGG_music *music)00:58
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MacSlowGreetings everybody!02:57
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Pupnikhi MacSlow04:12
MacSlowhi Pupnik04:12
MacSlowPupnik, noch so'ne Nachteule04:12
Pupnikja wenn ich.. when i start getting into code, it's best i don't stop until i'm tired04:13
Pupnikotherwise i forget half of what i'm doing by the next day04:13
Pupnikwhat are you doing up so late?04:14
MacSlowgetting used to clutter and libccc04:15
MacSlowhehe nee04:16
Pupnikare you good with SDL?04:16
MacSlowdas ist 'ne cairo-basierte canvas-bibliothek von Sven Herzberg04:17
MacSlowused it from time to time04:17
Pupniki want to use the DPAD enter key (RETURN) as a KMOD so i can simulate right mouse clicks04:18
MacSlowaehm... pffft no clue04:20
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unique311desmume runs at 10 fps on the n80004:57
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Pupnikhi unique05:27
Pupnikwhat does it do for dual screen?  or is that what the DS has?05:27
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Pupnik_zZzmuhar! found teh pointer alignment probs07:17
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JaffaMorning, all10:46
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mk8Hi to all ..10:55
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zuhhmm, was there a way to make an .install put multiple repos in sources.list?11:34
zuhI guess not11:34
glassis there some deb that would put the usual/most repos in sources.list?11:35
glassi find adding them a pain on the device..11:35
zuhYou could do that with .install files with even less work11:35
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roopegood morning.11:38
zuh(though apparently you'd need an .install per repo..)11:38
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zuhglass: Like this: (but since google serves it just as text, you can't just put it in the browser, you'll need to save it and launch it from the filemanager...)11:51
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zuhApparently you _can_ put multiple repos in one .install (
* zuh goes off to make a "meta"-install for favourite repos12:48
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tigertzuh: please share it :)12:53
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zuhtigert: Any good places in mind? It seems to require a server that serves it as "application/x-install-instructions"...13:13
inzI can share it on ;)13:14
saerdnaerhmm a script with parameters like install.php?repo_deb=deb mistral user&package=foo-app would also be nice ;-)13:26
saerdnaerzuh: can you upload php files on your webspace or use .htaccess files?13:28
inzsaerdnaer, .php isn't allowed as file extension by a-i13:28
saerdnaerand .htaccess files?13:29
saerdnaerapplication installer?13:29
zuhNo, I don't have a real webscpace. That's the problem you see ;)13:30
saerdnaeryes but are .htaccess files allowed on ?13:30
zuhthat's redirection to googlepages, and I think no13:31
saerdnaerhave you tried?13:31
zuhWell, if I can not upload an index.html and have that be the front page, I'll just assume anything like that will not work :)13:32
saerdnaerif you like i can setup a redirect script from my server to your file witch servers the right mime type13:33
Okkosaerdnaer: if says it's text/html I don't think you can fix that on the redirecting side13:34
saerdnaerits possible by modifing the header with php:13:34
Okkowhat header?13:35
saerdnaerheader('MimeType: application/x-install-instructions');13:35
saerdnaerecho implode('',file(''));13:36
saerdnaeror so13:36
Okkooh ok, that's not a redirect then :)13:36
saerdnaeri think the "MimeType:" in header is something else13:36
saerdnaeryes not really13:36
zuhDamnit, the feature would be great. Except it doesn't work.13:40
pyhimysAddType application/x-install-instructions .install13:44
pyhimys>> .htaccess13:44
pyhimysIf you have a htaccess enabled webhost that is13:45
zuhFigures, the multiple repos is some future feature that is not flagged as "wont work on latest firmware"13:46
Jaffainz: surely A-I doesn't care what any portion of the URL is, if the MIME type is correct? Alternatively, Opera should handle Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=foo.install header13:52
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inzJaffa, the content-disposition might work indeed, but a-i really does require .install files :/14:04
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inzHmm, the semicolon in repo_deb didn't work too well...14:06
zuhNo it didn't :/14:07
inzI got a nice repository added ;)14:08
zuhinz: If you look at the bottom of it's no wonder (that's the version in latest firmware)14:08
inz should work though...14:09
inzNow all you need is a click-thru link list ;)14:10
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Guardianhi maemo14:17
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greentuxsomebody knows a pcsc maemo package?14:35
saerdnaerinz: you can separate different packages by an , so you don't need du click-thru several .install files14:37
saerdnaerähm it is an ; not an ,14:40
inzsaerdnaer, and it doesn't work14:40
saerdnaerokay i haven't testet it14:40
zuhwe have :/14:40
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Jaffazuh: cool!15:24
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zuhFun at least, not sure about cool since the performance in that is less than optimal...15:41
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saerdnaerzuh: does this work?
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zuhIt does :)18:04
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Robot101does ALSA work with the DSP on the N800?22:07
ptmanRobot101: i think the DSP is before ALSA22:09
Robot101thanks but no, not really.22:09
dragornyou mean for recording/playback?  I believe it's all alsa22:09
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behanwHopefully this is an easy question to answer for somebody out there.22:31
behanwWhen I start the Application Manager on my N800 it just hangs, and stops responding.22:31
behanwAny ideas where I should be looking for a problem?22:31
behanwif only I had strace installed...22:32
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behanwanyone know if there is a prebuilt package of strace around for maemo bora?22:47
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matt-hebusis it possible to have both the bora repository and normal arm debian repository in scratchbox ?22:54
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thoughtfixGood news: Three N800 case solutions up for review in early May.22:55
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thoughtfixTwo are from Boxwave.22:55
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matt-hebusare "arm" and "armel" the same thing ?23:05
ptmansomewhat, but there are differences23:06
matt-hebusfor example ?23:06
matt-hebusand can I expect packages from debian arm (upstream) to work on my sdk-armel target ?23:07
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matt-hebusthx koen|gprs23:12
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